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Cranbrook Herald Aug 19, 1915

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miniirs first
n vote of thanks wns moved hy .Mrs. nrn     III
l.euninn, tlie past president, and see- UVU     W
onded hy Mrs. Shaw, secretary, to ull u-"•    "•
who imd contributed to the program.
Ten wus Immediately served, keeping the dlreeturs busy meanwhile.   .
Mention    should    l».    particularly,	
,    ,.,,         ...   ,.,, ...I,,,.,, „.„,. „r [tody I iiiiiii in n< ciiuii ( nu Saturduj
iltorla of Women') Institute Crowned made ot the candy stall which waB ar- '„,      '                ,   „,
ranged under n   veritable bower    ol 1 nileriiiker llenllj tailed lo
llowers.   The work wus carried   out Preiuue Body fur litiriiii
under tho capable  management    of 	
Mrs. Lester Clapp and Miss Klmpton.     ,;,.„,.,. w   wil   Perch    win
here of tho     The prlxo winners are us follows: reglBlor„] ;i, lnc    )■.,,,   ..',, |'   , ',
''•■■ "''■■■'''    v' ■'" ;i       '    ■""       I'loneis. Hunts and Vcgrtn ) Tuesday, met a   tragic   death enrlj
class Friday   marning,  ni u   Fernie,  v/hei
1    Collection   of    house    plants— it ls thought
1'oi.ice coaraissiox
will SOT ifKiuri: loitt'i:
Deride Matter at Hooting Held llun-
uay afternoon   Other Hatters
Taken (ji h) Commission
Willi Success   l.lst ol Prize
Women's institute hud
need lu li" proud of lho roi nils ot
tlieir efforts es displayed In the Maple
hull ou Tuesday nftoruoon, Tho
only defoct, and ono lhat can eoally
he remoillcd nnothoi tlmq, wus luck
of Bpnne, botli im- exhibits uml onlookers
Tlio hall was crowded f" Us rnpn-
olty   l!i,' il ' wilh    people und lhe
benches will, products ni the garden,
Hi. kitchen and tin sewim i in,  The
director! did uuinngo in koop n space
losopli Ryan responded to the su
:t nl' Ireland and its attitude iu tl
ir Mr. Ryan came from Tippera
,ni Ireland had always toughl i
mocracy and Ireland hud mai
irr.-at military leaders.    He referred
First Quote ot lien   Lelt   Yeslcrihiy ,„ „,,.. Duk,   .„■ Wellington.    Ireland   Irrnngc nl
fur I aly- I'nlrintlr llemoustru*       imd now 1SO.000 troops recruited oi
linn nt Curling Kink of a population ot aboul 1,009,900, Ti
  Kaiser had thought the Irish would I
... ,   ,,.,,,        traitors but they had responded nobly
Eleven I a urn reservists   eit (ran- ,,   .  , .,., , , ,
nei    Wlridgi aud Banflold, Chief of brook on Wsdnmday for JFernte wh r C" empire.   He said the        u entries for the annual handicap
Pn ei   vdams and Secretary Roberts ,. .,,  .       .   ', ,        ,    .
they will be joined by ubuul sixt
.i :,   pn ii nt    Th j  s the lir-l meet- , ,       . ,    ,.
iinir,. iruiii thut city and rroti
. ■■ il i   board liir   hold Blnci  Ap
Tho police commission held u meet
ing    in     llii'-     lily    iiuii    ut
,,' lock   Monday afti mc in.    Coramis
iiinplrtcd     for    the
tnnmil llnndlcup Tournament
ul' Tennis Cluh
tt- wur wus declared Ireland tournament closed on Tuesday last
inun ami was ready. ire- '-11" we '.ire glad to hear that in
.1 lii-lii Hnly i„ regain
  laud would help Italy lu regain her "bite of tin- wur and hard times the
r J' '      ,n i       bs,  th,  mayor Com-  "^JT^^.TlJlT^ U* *rou„d.   He asked the in, ,s tn even. Is proving a, popular as ever.
Prlzo awarded by the Doparttnent   of from the early    mcrntng    |,i
Agriculture, Victoria;  hrst prise In-  tr.tin,    The gnu scovcryofhii ' "  Utridgi   wo
tornatioiial Conk  Book, won by Mrs   body hy men working mi tlu  section, '■   ■"
Cnmpboll; second, prize awarded hy  in ,i lad.)  decomtHi . .1 stal . led to     Tin  clerk read Hi"
Department ul' Agriculture,  Victoria,  nn   Investigation   by  thi   uutlior'liei pre' meeting,    w
ll,null k on Nursing, won by Mrs.   Investigation disclosed the facl  thai m >'     ".' the coiuinl   Ion Italians, who participated in a tare-
Spoucu. the victim's  -li wus broken and tlu      Lengthy  roporti    n  ihe chief   ul   we!l   which  was tendered Hum     in  ti'
■•.   Colloctl if cut llowers   FirBt Lonlp bndly bruised und cut up. police, covering th    work of his de- """ city on Wednesday evening.
prise, $1.00, won hy Mrs. Hall: boc- |    Ii is raported tli" secUon mon saw pnrtment for tlu pn • . « mouths, wore     '" u"> days ""' second party   will  ^"^ ^j ^'j",',^,' ' Tn'Thot™ litt
leave Kootenay for  Italy to join
elected to tho the nghtlng forces   of their   native
country.   The party which left Cran-
ilnutes of Un-  brook   was  accompanied   hy    Frank
ii    wcre ap-   Provensano uml  several other  local
the  lllhhll,
ry nicely di
In. hall
il tables
in : Hi"
on wllldl
after ii nn
vliy any
ily ul i.'l
nl' llowers
1 lh" 111
inly cities
by lhe Dopartmont ot Agrloulture, Victoria, Willi by Muster Stewart Mc-
Qluro; second book prlzo awarded by
,'  ih'  Department uf Agriculture, Vle-
lo -lu. "The Molting of Molly," won by
',   Miss Edith Couldwell.
-t.   Collection of vegetables—t var-
' | lolios—First f 1.00,    won by,   Mrs. F.
(".ark;  second, 50c, wnn by Mrs. J.
Judges—Mrs.  Harshaw and W.  S.
Bhould nut he nu
Iii li. O, Nelson specialises ou n
Several vartotios of rones do well i
but tn lhe production of Bwcot i
slocks, asters, marigolds nnd a dozen
oi!i.ts cranbi k can do us well
the host.    If tlio show bo well tab!
only acts us an Inspiration in our fellow   citizens  then     we    nro sure tlie
members of the Institute will feel well
The committee*,  In  charge uf   the
arrangements were: ,,        „.   .   „
,,   ■ ,,   , •     Funcr Work Department
Decoration committee — Mesdames '
Burton, Kennedy and Miss Muystiv.     j c]"ss-
Flower and vegetable committee—I '■ Embroidery in while (solid)—
Mesdames Fenton 1 eainau -inil 1' V i First, Mrs. Coutts, 50c; second, Mrs.
Ilrake. Tisdale, 25c.
Culluary'coiumlttee-MesdamesSnr- "- Embroidery In white (eyelot)-
vls Spence and II  Palmer. | First, Mrs. Shackieton, 50c; second,
Fancy  work committco—Mesdames
Tlsdnle, .1 S. Brake and Coutts.
Candy   stall   .'diss    Klmpton   ami
Mesdames Clapp nml Clark.
Refreshment   tables —   Mesdames
I, hook prl/.,' awarded by Depart- I the man   on    Friday   morning   and presented  bj   Mr. Adams.     The re- j,oava  whieh  will  take ubout
nt Df Agrloulture, "Tho Shepherd thought ho was taking n sli op, ai thi ; ui  i covi red tlie \ irl performed by i """"ns trom   tlie   Cranbrook    dls
lhe Hills," won by Mrs. .I. R Ken-1 body wns   partly   concealed In   tin i     prisouen  on tn t   nnd   lanes, 'r'c''   "'"'   detachments   also   inn:
ly.                                                  brush,   Saturday morning they again cutting of woods,   mlscellaneoUB 10"">r  Points.    Altogether  It  I
:;.   Collection of wild  llowers  (by
hil.ii'. in   First, book prize nwarded
Hug disclosure above mentioned. a mutter wnrthv ,,r   in in,   r„. I frw weeks
Mrs. Shaw, 25c
'■'..   Wallachian embroidery in white
—First, Mrs. Hill, COc; second, Mrs.
Tindalo, 25c
t.   1 pr. embroidered towels—First.
Couldwell. Campbell, : nnderson, Mnc-|Jlls' •'• s- Bmke' 60o-i second, Mrs.
Millan, Smoke. Sarvl8' 26°'
Gatekeeper—Mrs. H. H. McClure,     I    B'   Drawn thread work-First, Mrs.
The presldfnt, Mrs. W   li. Mi Fur-  ■'  s- ,irnkp' 500'   N'° sccon(1-
lane, after the singing of "Tl.e Maple I     "'   (:ros8 8tltcl'    Work-First, Mrs.
Leaf," opened the meeting with a neat   '<"''"«».   50c;    second,   Mrs. J. S.
little address of   welcome.     She ex-   "' ''"'■ 26c'
plained the reasons for holding the      7'   *nk    embroidered   on    linen-
show and expressed the pride felt by   ''"''sC Mrs. Shaw,  50c;  second, Mrs.
her fellow workers i„ the   splendid   *v "• McFarlane, 25c
way the members had come forward     s'   "ottenburg lr.ee (linnd made)—
With exhibits First,  Mrs.    J.   S    Brake.   50c     No
To Mrs. King, on the Invitation ol
the pri sideiit, fell the honor of opening the show In doing sn she congratulated tho Women's Institute   on  ""''•
the Bucceas they had aitai ].   ami'    :"'   Embroidered   tea  cloth—First,
thanked them  for tlieir donation     of! Mrs' Tisllil|e. 50c    Xo second.
tho goto money towards the funds   of     ;l    °'"' !"'■ P'"0" l;us"'s embroid-
tlie 1. O. D. 14 ''' ''    First.  Mrs.  Shackieton,  50c
display of crochet work
Hrst,   Mrs.     .1.     S.   Brake.,
il. Miss  Maystre. 50c
i.   Collar and cuffs (cfnbroidered)
"ir>t. Miss Arntlield. 60c,    No sec-
 '■'    "" ".-   .'"-'    "e"." ■ ".'  '.;:    ',     ,...,1-.    mill    iseeeiiiiueouw  " ••       WaleS   ■-! |,l   i||(l,e,|   |...   erolul   of   her
noticed the body in the same position work performed by'the guests of the >,ucte0 lh,il "l,"»t 12s "'en wlll,leave B0|)a     ,,„  ,   ,.
and Investigation revealed the start- city was brought  on!  In  (In- ropoll "lls '"strlet for Italy within th xl .   '  .      .
..    _ ,   ..    . . I".,,,,  hid... "'SO   leleireil   (0   llie    "l.| lit*-
remember  Oaribaidl  and  told  them Altogether ;;.'. entries have been re-
they were Dghtiug for tlie -a cause celved fur the different events.
whieh uaribaldl fought for   He wish- '"■■•' tournament will .-tart on sa-
"il "very Italian a Bate return to Cran- tl|rday ufternoon-, ihe :ist Inst    and
brook wh, ii they  would !„■ welcomed wl" colltluui   until Saturday, tlie 28th
every mail, woman ami child    in 1"~I     !i'' grounds have never been
e , ity in in iter order, and with weather per-
Mr.    W.   Ollchrlst resiionded    for uiltting the tournament should prove a
I, great success
e try tliey  had  raised    the Royal
Welsh Fusiliers which luol more Vii -
loriu Crosses than any other r. ni at
Wales Bhould Indeed be un
irthy of note In Un   re-  '
The   departing Italians   were ten
Chancellor" Lloyd
ei un Tuesday Inst
and handicapping.
Ladle, Singles
Miss   II.  I've    in vs. Miss  McBrldo,
■ l:.
Miss K  Mecredy    30 vs. Miss Wood-
Uudcrtakei   w.   R.  Beatty, of tins  part was tho fuel ihu llie eity was |    -•■;    ■•"•■• - - »   »«■» v,„-     m,m |)avk,s
eity,' was  summoned  hy  the  F, r ', sdlns Its guests at times as. low as "■''"' » *"">**' «' '!"' curling rink in , t        |nl(|                   ' Mrs   „   Q   Mecred    B„   vs   s„ss
authorities to prepare tho   body for   31-2ccnts.   Thcio haB aot been a kick Cranbrook on Tuesday   evening   by thlB alatrlot    He thought the Italian Hewitt, ser.
burial, ..nil went down on the early  ri gistered ngalnst lhe meals thus far. j ""'mu,'rs "' «'« I0711' regiment. There  „,.,.,,    |llH. „m|v                    . MlM    ,;„......ri,h   ,-, j.j    vs     Mlas
morning  train  Sunday.    At  present  The reports covered   the months   of ™" a ""'K0 >""»"<* <" »l"*cns   ttf.mk „„„„     „„u„r „         Alexander -15.
Pornte is without an undertaker, lionet*  m
the Bummonlng of .Mr.  Beatty from
Cranbrook. ...
There i i quite a lot of speculation   w
aa to whether tli" :becaaod'a came is  Bj,
Abbott or Wilson, and it is quite ]
hablf that neitlii r U- ccrr-jct.
The victim camo fo Cranbrook 01
Tuesday and registered at
us Geo. W. Wilson, of Pern!c. Whlli
there he cashed a cheque on the Haul;
of Montreal Tor $62.00. The eltequi
was marked "accepted" and Mr. Stew
ard casliod it, giving  liftn
und an I. O. t*. for the bal
It 1ms since developed that Wilson
was in  possession of a stamp use)
April, May and June.
Tho question of roiluclng tlio city,
police force from throe to two men,
was next discussed  by the commissioners.    Commiscloner  Bnnflold  felt
teat a competent force could not bo
maintained wltli the staff cut to two
11   in ih,  the  police  having to  perform
;hor work besides policing the city,
ammlssloner Attridge   thought two
en  would ho unable to handle the
tuation    satisfactorily,    stating     it
a working 12 hours u day
'■ attendance to bid tliem Godspeed and
u safe return after they had successfully accomplished their purl in the
big war. A train load of the sons of
Italy arrived from Wycliffe in the
evening aud assembled near the Provenzano store on Proncli avenue, wliere
about oue hundred lined up and
marched to the curling   rink under
ash  govei
Miss Kdith Murgatroyd. on behalf oi
the W, 1., then presented Mrs. King
with a lovely bouquet In thc colors
of the Institute,    white,   green and        '   ""st "ls|",'y   '"   li,,lt«"'; <ln
!(1 wool)   No  Hrst     Miss Maystre. soc
io.I. ad-
Mr. Alb. H. Webb, secretary m tin
Cranbroolt   lilstriet Agricultural  As
Boclatlon, was next called upon.    He
at once si I al rest   anv feeling    of
Jealousy that may liave been present
between   the   two   bodies   by   wishing
(lavs  ii   week,     lie  believed  the
ml a mosl elllclout police force
lould try and miiuteln It,   The
 Ing  resolution   was  moved  by
by the banks for marking cheques and Commissioner Banflold, necondod by
used it on thia cheque. Commissioner Attrldze ami parsed;
A I'rtnter by Trade "While ihe commissioners fully reul-
About 10 o'clock Thursday night Mr i'<"' 'he need ol economy, they regret
Wlsor. visited the'composing room of 'bey cannot comply with the request
the Herald and asked for a printer's of the council wlthuul Impairing the
stick, saying he was a printer and i lilch ncy of the police department,
wanted to set a little type. A copy of The" would further polul out tn the
tho Kootenay Arrow stood on tjie case mayor and council thut thoy have aland Wilson set   Hue of type out of " '»'.v  effected  a   saving  111 Ji'idOII  per
a u point ease.      He was   familiar month in salaries and that the work
with the various mimes of type and °' milk inspector is now performed by
showed at nine ho was a printer,   II" tho pollco without salary, thus saving
said he was iu   the employ   of the :l further eum of $30.00 per month."
tluelph Mercury for three years. When The question of the painted hoau-
asked If be hnd a printer's nnfon card th   rom Hill tin visiting In the city nt
he produced two   trainmen's   cards all hours of the night and dny, was
boaring the name -,i  j, Abbott." and   i mo  which received the attention
asked If it  was any    good.   .Wilson if the commission.'  It  was felt that
carried a miscellaneous lot ui' articles tiie old rule, allowing the "babes"' to
on his person. Including : Icctrlc visit the city at glvon hours each day
Hash light and a live frog     Tl;,- stick  should be enfoi d. ami the clerk was
ln which be set the type is now mis- Instructed   lo wr
sine nnd it is quite probable Wilson authorities to that
the   provincial
4. llest display ot crochet (111
wool) First. Miss Maystre. Tie. Xo
16 llest display of a sofa pillows-
Pi rst,  Mrs   Shaw.   76c;   second.  Mrs.
'"""'  '  '"'■'""«'"■>' rugea-Mrs  D   Er|CK80„ ;„,j Mr,
inn ami pointing "ut Unit ii mis Im- Martin McCreery
possible for lhe Agricultural Assocln . ,,"
Hon lo hold a real good llower .how, "l"""r,   "''l""-""''"l
ns  iheir  dales    wire loo  late.      lie '     lVlll"> ''read. I loal'-   Krist, Mrs.
lhal Inoi heen
I'a'mer. rale.
,'ouii. Mrs. Chapman,
like   Firsl. Mrs.
pointed out the e
made in a verj   few weeks ,"i    Mr I;'"'
Uualli's property and also at Ihe post '      '     Whole  wheat    bread.  1    loaf -
offlce grounds, under Mr  fyles' ear,-.  p"l,'»1' Mrs Shaw, rule.   Xo second.
sii.vIiik that no one need he nfratd of      ;    T'" Wsottlte, plate of i;   First.
results if ihey only mil in the n.-ees-   *'f" " P'Johnson.'BOc; second, Mrs.
Miry work Shaw, 16c,
Mr. A   ii  smith, presldenl „r~ '■   wnUe i""1   '««
Pnrmors1 institute, expressed i h .' un
nt the success that tile Bister Institute
was nttnlnlug iis fir t uit, mpl ll.
ahe i', ferret! to lhe way hi wlll ll thi
vnrlous public he,lie- in Cranbrook
teniteii to 'eei together" nowadays, as
against Hie lime, not far past, when
tbey were always at loggerheads;
nml hoped that lhe w. I   would Illl us
Hie   Poultry      Association    hold     one
show for education ami the nexl for
Mis 11 Palmer nexl traced Hi" his.
tory of His w I from it- birth In
1SI17 ha, I, In Ontario up t" Iti     	
nieliihei's 111  s,,n |,ranches at  Hie pre.
sent t      The mollo of Hie \\    I   i.
"For Home ami Country " The H r
colors ai,. white fer snow, urging the
members to aim high uml pure: greon
fur lhe forests ami seas. Ill, ttiII1- tile
members t,, l„. kliully ami tender one
wltll Hi" olher; iiiiiI isold. for the minerals deep down In llie earth, n linn
much toll uud thought lu realize.anything or value from tbem. Ilnis pointing out lhe path to habits of thouglit-
fulless nml helpfulness so needed 111
our western life. Tlie speaker compared the iilil way witli the Institute
wny.    In lhe old way u house-wife
took it nloim wilh lilm as a souvenir
of this ollice.
A motion was passed thai the police
on,mission meel the second Monday
l ranbrook railway men know nolh-   i„ eaci, m,mtll .„ 6 „V],„.k
11,mission adjourned.
inn ot" the m
that he was using these
sist him over the countr
r in,
arils to
K'chlcrn Cranbroolt  Men  Lefl  Hon-
dill   ti'lerniiiin i'ur the
Large Shipment nl Hoods forwarded
I"   Men  at  lhe   Irani    Willing
Workers fur lhc Week
The ladies of the  I. o. 1). & have
A largo number of Cranbrook .vonn„
men are 1 avian tor the Alberta bar- '''"'k''' "'"' 8UlPPcd two boxes of Red
vest Holds, when cod usees and six rr"ss «nTO"«« '""'' 'he front. The
weeki work can he had On Mondav''"!X'" contained thirty-two pairs of
eighteen lefl tor Milk River, sta\,.|,y |,Jj;:'"'"!- r",,r dozen large bed pads,
ami otlier points. From reports all , seveut.v-threo Held pads, live and a
over ihe west there appears to bo a lm" ''""'" "''("iK"1"' blindages, two
Mis     ihristlan.    60e.;second,| dearth of men  to work In lhe fields.  do,ena l'nlra'Pillow cases, three flun-
II is unfortunate arrangements were n<''""e nightshirts, two surgeons
mn made for a harvesters of excur- gov"1.' slx 's"reh'al shirts, :us mnntli
sion from lids point, as a cumber of'wi|"'s '""' tour ''"'•"" raco cloths,
men slgnllled their intention of railni;""'"' w,ri' ":lshed hy Mesdames
lo help harvest the crop had proper !*,»l,et' Barney, 1. X Baxter, D.ltoney-
organliatlon work been completed. '"''"' '' H Taylor and I.. J. Palmer.
A few weep,, am, Mr. .1 p. Fin'k roads Donations hnve been received as fol-
u Buggeation to the effect that every, low's: $6 from Mrs. Harshaw, linen
merchant In tlio city snare one em- 'rom Miss Klmpton and Mrs. Lnurle.
Piovee 10 work iii the harvest Holds Wlll ladles bringing donations kind-
owing to the gnat scarcity of labor ' ly put their names on them hi cuse
ami Hie extraordinary heavy yield of any are overlooked  inking noun In. People who ridiculed ihe sac- ' know-lodgments
gestlon at thai time are nol so loud In i Tl„. ,nr ,„„„„,, „„„„,,„ „,„„,.
heir condemnation today,    i, win be lng „,„ ,„. ,„„, ,,ri  A„gu„ ,,7ll,
li'iniil belore nianv davs no bv that it   „  ,,     ,, , , ,      ,     ,.,
„, , h      ■   '.       "   Will   nil   members   he   011   hand   with
will be necessary to organlxe to save   ,        ,        ,,   .       ....
' • dues,  also  collectors  of  the  ten   cent
the- crop as there is a great scarcity ot ,    , .   , , .„
• "-        fluid are requested to bring einitrlbu-
liilior now ami harvesting operations  ,( .,   ,    ,, ,        ,      ..,   ,    a
, , "   ' tlons so that all can b-L acknowledged,
have only comnienci'd.
— _ ;    Tbe servers ut the ited Cross renins
SPECIAL MEETING for ihe   week   ending   August nth
7.    Fruit    cuke   First.   Mrs. Shaw,
'ah . second, Mrs. v.. V. ilrake. 2r,c.
-    Collection  of cookies, « vnrie-
tlea    First. Mrs. Tisdale. fine; second,
Mrs  Coillduell, 86c.
:•    Tails, plate of   6—FirBt,   Mrs.
sli.,iv. 50c ; see I, Mrs. Pulnier. 260.
in    Doughnuts, plate of   1;   First.
Ml". Spence. BOC!  second. Mrs, SIlOW,
11 Lemon pie Firsl. Mrs, Tis-
dnle, :ne : second, Mrs. Christian, 26o.
!'-' Apple pie Firsl. Mrs Tis.
dale. 60c; second,   Mrs.   Couldwell,
11 Fruil. I varieties- First. Mrs, .1.
1 S. Ilrake. 7r,c.; second, Mrs. Camp-
hell. SOc,
:    16    Jolly,     f •     varieties—First,
Mrs (iibb... 76c.   Xo second.
17.   Butter, ll  lbs.—First, Mrs, F.
j Clark.   No second.
is. iobrs, best plate of,6—First,
Mis. F. Clark, 50c; second, Mrs. Pulnier, "r,c.
Judges—Mrs Paul .Handley and
Mil. Bennett, Marysville
gn with tliem llllll  light  tli,   c,„„| fight
with them. He thought it fitting tliat
Hie citizens of Cranhrook should give
the Itnllan residents a rousing send-
off     lie told of ihe 54th batoll ll
Vernon. Baying a numb, r of men «■ ri
needed t" bring the battalion up te
war strength,    Mr   Davis stated    hi
1 Waa   toill'hlg   the    Kootenav-   tn   '.:-,
co mini of c. Ucaatr , Italian agent    .
. .... I stimulate  recruiting.    II-  felt  that
■very inun who could enlist should ,1,-
ui al once.   Canndlans w. re tie t,. •
Iglltcra on the face of the earth, ami
II 1;
ttcnts' singles
Mecredy   SO vs   a   1!
J   Wl
Mill     ■  I.".   Is   F    W     W,
S   Uu
i;   w
Hi e.
ti-ey. -er.
llillger. sir.
('..-.rrett-   SO.
at Fernl
Arrangements  hud  been   hurriedly
made for the smoker, Hie Ci nlttce
In  churgo only having    twenty-four
hours In which to prepare tl nter-
tainnient.    However,    Captain    TIs-
iale und staff hnd refreshments    in
Creerj   15,
dn    10.
-    18 vs.F.H Ryder, +16.
Mixed Doubles
Mrs. Halsall and s   Rumsey,
at this time the best  was i I. il    II
said the light wa- in tl e great causi ' "
nf democracy.   II.   wa- clad to hear M,M Hewitt an* a   Raworth, ser.
the previous speaker speak -,, w.'l of n   Mi-I'y.  and C. B. Garrett—30 3-0
uidanc.'   and   a   program   which  ,,al„s    „„         „, :l\v,,.];maI!  .,, Mles M, Pride and Bo„to„ +16 vs.
proved to be exceedingly Interesting. congrntulated „„. ,„,„ .. M«redy and A Fairbairn-40.
lt was the Intent! f tli
proved to he exceedingly interesting., oonerotulnted the Italia,
iommittce wn8 g|.u| to s,,.   10
to hold lho smoker In tlie Kdison. hut
j in the assembh d audi, a.
.Mr. Kinil c  Kuhnert r.
1,1   l0; Russia and pointed oul 1
at Russia is doing In 1
Mrs. H 1;  Mecredy—16 vs.
- Glegerlch  and G.  McCreery—15.
Ladles Doubles
Isa Alexander and Miss Woodland
i v-   Mr-   H  (J. Mecredy and Miss
procession  wus    mude by    Mr. J
Murlpodu. ,.   ,
'       „ 1 Oods d.
Mayor Howness acted ns chairman
ut tlie evening, welcoming the Italian
boys to tiie farewell and wishing thel
God-speed on tlicir Ion;; journey ar
tlie arduous duties which lay before
tliem. He said tliey *were among our
best citizens and be would be glad to
see tliem return after the war.
Mr. X. A. Wallinger wus then Introduced and asked to speak for Kng-
Innd. Mr. Waliinger briefly- outlined
the part wliidi Kngland has been playing In this war and stated thut the
chief attribute nf the Englishman was
characterized In tlie British bulldog
and the motto, "What We Have We'll
Hold."    He believed  that  with  the  „ r8 for each of the man
Allies  would  finally rest a complete j Ood S[lV„ tho K1
victory.   Kngland would light until the i — ^~
Hal.-aH   and   Miss   Mecredy—
vs.  Mi>,.  I've and  Miss Krick-
nving to the sultry weather and othe
:onditloiiB It was found in1
irrange for Hie curling rink, where I
the smoke could curl and circulate benent"to'"all" thTothlr'TilnvT "n
freely, as If In the open. WM „„„ . ' ;;  »«
    ""llu"   "'"<    m"1     «"= thins fairly well.       He    Uoped    to,
speedy success ami wished the kalians ro
Gents DoubleH
"njl"1      Mr.   Frank   Provrnzann.  on   behau]    K;iWI>rth    and    McCreery—3-6    vs,
of the Italian residents of ('n;nbro<-*k. f"1 irh-[rn BD*1 Wallinger—30.
..   .         .       ,,   .    ,                             thanked thosp in oharp<? of the enter- B-  "   Mecredy and Rumsey—15.
I',.   ^.i.mJ^lr. ,0"f ,j°:irn0y .and  tahi..H-nt for th, splendid smoker pro- • Woodland and Boynton +15.
vi'led for tie- ni.n at.-at is I:,-.-  ::;. '  ;  '"    - '■     M, Kwan—1', .'i-i;    vs.
district for the si-n.  ot battle   Ever) :--e and Wilson -15.
Italian In the building greatly    an- Tb« following matches will be play-
preclated the honor sliown th.-m and ": ' :- -~;-f "lay. tin- opening day:
would light all Hie better for it    H- (Al
then addressed tiie Italian- in tin-ir -''    Miss Mecredy vs. Miss Wood-
mother tongue and. well, we are -in- Iant]
able to say anything further regarding 'h*1
bis speech.    Ho was merited a bearty J   Loing vs. F  Kyd'-r.
round of applause at t . . : -.    | |... if i
address. 1.30   MIsi   .'.: credy and  Mrs.  Hai-
Tbe   meeting   closed    with    t' ree '             ,:      •'>' -nd Miss Erickson.
irrett and McEwen vs. Lalne
light until the'
Cranbrook schools
im'kx momiav mxt
er of "B"  vs.  A.  Fair-
I liil.lrcn   ltei|iie-te,l  ti,  lu.  in   Place. ""	
to Answer Hull (ail   The CRAXBROOK RECRUITS
Teaching Slafl POR KOOTESAY I1ATT.
got a recipe and kept It    In the III-      ,,,,.,,,, A  ,,„„„,,„ |,„s ,„„,,,
slitntc way n lunisewlfe gets a new
reclt e or some oilier useful wrinkle
nnd Is luitli eager end willing to puss
It along for lhe good of the Institute
At  Intervals  between   the   speeches
an  excellent musical    program    was
lered bis re-
Bignatlon us secretary uf the Cranhrook Farmers' Institute, na Ile ts
leaving the city for an Indefinite per-
l.i.l. Mr. Itnsscll left yesterday afternoon fur Brandon, Man., where tie will
spend n couple nf   montlis nnd   will n00" Cllmmlnga,
Pass lly-Lan. l,rFu7cl,ns,, Additional     MononsV-Moadames Green, Camernn.
Lund for Sewage Disposal Christie, Laurie, McCr -y. McKowan
^ynrit,, Phillips, Burton, ilrake ami Leader.
  Tuo&doy—Mesdames Atchison, Cem-
At a special meeting of the city ''run. Hell. Salmon.
council hold Mondny afternoon nt 3 Thtusday—Mesdames Ilalsall. eon-
o'elock for tlie purpose of passing the vener, llniicyman, Junes, J. S. Taylor,
necessary bylaws for the purchase of Erickson, Leslie, ll. Palmer, Finlay,
six acres of land at tlie disposal i Mi s Alexander nnd Miss Huberts,
works, there were present Mayor f ,..,.,,,.„._ Me8domoa Barney, ennven
lliiwness, Aldermen Leask, Clapp, Ban- (,r   ij. rshaw   t
Held. Cnmpboll and   Balment,   city's.,	
Clerk  T.  M.  Robert
last ditch
Mr. D. Dlcartrl, of Femle. was then
introduced and addressed tlie Italians
present In their own language, bringing round after round of vociferous
applause. Just what this gentleman
said to these little men from Sunny
Italy we are aaable tn say. but we do j 	
know that lt had a wonderful effect. Cranbrook schools wi!! open acai:. Thi : Mowing new recruits left
His address seemed to strike right!0" -Monday morning next. August Cranbiook on Wednesday for Vernon
into tlie very hearts of the Italians. -:lr(l ut 9 °'c|oek witli the following to Join t.-e r.tti, battalion:
a blind man could tee that every word stalT "' "'nelurs: It. ]|. A: 1,more. Ernest W. Turnley. clerk; next of
uttered wus driven home with sledge M,A" Principal ol high school; ll. H kin. Mr-. Jam's Turnley. Liverpool,
hammer effect shields.  II.  A.,  principal  of Central   England.
Rev. W. K. Thomson wos then asked I l™bllc school and teacher for division I Harry Ashworth, gas engine cngl-
to speak for Scotland and said that '•■ lvor Itassrlt. assistant principal, neer; text of kin, James Ashworth.
the Scotchman went farther than thcI dlvlnlon II : Miss E. M Bechtcl, dlvl- Moose Jaw. Sask.
Englishman. He not only bold what'"'"11 i"-- •VIiss " Giogerich, division Jo ph Corn, soldier; next of kin.
be had hut was looking for what be I ,v-; MlM J- " Hi' hards, division V . M .uiu. Berdichefsky, Detroit. Mich.,
thought ought to bc bis. At the out-1 J"BS " ,>!'1'- dlvlclon \'I ; Miss E four >. ar In C s army hospital
set of tlie war bo said tbe Allies were   El«hor. division VII: Mi-    \   Faulk- corp.
up against thc lighting machine of tiie ' l,l'r- division  VIII.   Mi-  a   McLcl-     Chailes E. Uwls, bollcrmaker; next
world.   Some people had been unkind  lano' division IX.; A. H   Webb, man-1 of k:■.,.  Mr.    Lydla  Nourso,  Boston,
enough to class hlm us pro-Germon.  ual tralnln* Instructor; Miss A Wood   M       ten years c s. navy.
He thought the Scotch were tlie buck-'l:""'- l""li" ipnl South Ward school and |     Doi ,    FrancoU    Franio,      laborer,
bone of the llrltlsh army and ciiniion. i Mls   •'   ■*'   Deane, assistant;    Ml     V     a, Braill
ed the fact that England was brought  Da,"y   McCallum,   in   charge  of  tie
too much to tin- fore In the newspaper | Kl"''""u>' Orchard school
reports concerning the war.   All thej    ll I" requested thut all pupil, bs In
Allies were    llgliiitig   for Hie   same  ll,"lr nllice" "" Moi,d,y ii, ing for
cause, a  great  light    of    deniiic-ncy j'',,r"11 '"■  k"  that  t	
iigalint militarism,    lie    urged   the  '■"' tu"> ""■'"■i1"-'' '■" "■" '""'i
Italian* to light with all the Ood-glven I >MSS PATRICIA JIcDERJIOT
strength at their    co and. hut    t,,l
fight fair. He concluded by wishing i
the Italian! Qod-speod and a safe re-1
turn. i Leads  All  ContestAlt'S  hi   lhe  Iher.
lir. J. H. King was the next speaker whelming Miiim-iii
on tlie subject of Canada, lie said 110,000 Voles
that   while   Italy  was  just  now  get-, 	
wins rex poxy ro.vn.si
Till: lVIliV CUPID
SCORES lt;.tlN
I re.I.in   li u  l.iiil)   and  < ranbrouk
Mull Bullinll Iii  little
' Briton Samuel Hester, of Craa-
hr.iiik. and Ml-. H.-ssle Framklln. nf
Creston, were married at Christ
church on lust Sunday iniirning.
August 16th, 1018, ai nine o'clock by
Hi- roctor, th. it,,-, \v H Bridge,
Wm li. St j.hens and Mn.. J. H. Argue
Taylor,   Spence,
Snrvls, .1. Burton. Sbaw. Henderson
and city Engl-  |,„„ie|. Toah, MacKinnon, Scott Mae-
Of the cutting committee Mrs   Hal
ting Into tiie war Canada had been iu j    Saturday night  brought t" a  elo-
from the beginning und proposed to the pony contest at tin- Rex theatri
stay In until tlie finish.   He recorded A keen interest has been manifested   *"'' ,l" witnesses.   The wedding was
some of tlie achievements of the Ca-1 In this affair ever sine., the announce-1 '■' v"r-v ,|lll"t ulT"lr-
nndhin    Iroops     In    Fhinders   and ment sume two    nths  ago.    Both     ""' .room Is a   rancher residing
thought the deeds at Uagemarek and | young and nld look an active interest ' '   " Cranbrook and the young couple
St. Jullen would live In hlstnry.   Tho In lhe contest, and    up tn   the lust . ""' ''-"I   mi Hie farm
Canadians had been In the light from  minute  worked   for  ilnir  respective
the start and would remain In until I candidates. Saturday night, when the
the Inst gun was fired. Canadians result was announced, and it became
were a peace-loving nation and had known that Miss Patricia McDermot
nn inclination for warfare, nevorthfi* daughter of Mr. and Mrs, \ I, Me-
iess they cotlid fight when Dcrraot, wns are winner of the pony,
thc time enme. and nre now everybody agreed tliat this young hnly
ill Europe until victory laid well merited lhe reward Mis-
nil, Mra. Clayton and Mrs, King have'has been wrested from the barbaric I'at McDermot had a total ut 110.000
German.   He imped Hint the Italians votes above her   nearest   opponent.
Tin l.a.li.1 Auxiliary to tlie I!, nf It.
T. liave arranged to give a (laace at
tin- Auditorium on the first night of
the Cranbrook Fall Fair, Wednesday.
Septi i.,!„r Rth. The ladles nre work-
in;; hard lo make this affair a sue-
' end with tlic'r well known reputation In this line ihere Is m,
doubt thai a good social tine will be
venluiilly gn tu Winnipeg, wliere be:    The Innil for this necessary work Is
rendered   Those who gave their cor-! will visit with relatives and friends, bolng purehasod from   lhe townslte
vices so freely nnd curried nut this  II,. expects to return  In Cranbrook company for $;ir..no per ncre. and Is      |        ^        | t
part of the program III Biich nil oh'-  iiiino time before Christmas and speml. "r D"' l"((',lt formation lo permit the -
mannor wero; Mcsdninos King, J. 13. tho rest of his days In tho valley ot waste matter from tho works perco'l-     Tho mooting of the I O. D, b. ,ur,»-».-  ■ -»-   •■». »      ■	
Mr   \  ll smith wllli nt'ng through     Tl io ting wi - Friday, August U7tli, will bo moat lm-- usslst In making Canada a great coun- good showing In the contest.     HIM n nts will bo served and good music
Jonrned until r, n'cliick Tuesday di ii- portniit, lis committees will bo formod try. McDermofs total   vole   was 206,0?li, provi     The tickets are to be sold
Ing when the inutlcr wus llnully parsed '«' handling the refreshments nt the     Messrs. Scotl and South gave    a  while that of Benny Murgatroyd WM at 11.00 per couple with a charge ot
| Fall Fair. I banjo and guitar duet which wus much | lf.r,,»25.                                                 12.r.e for cxlrn lady.
Kennedy, IS. I. I'literson. Muclliorson, the Koontcniiy
Coutts,  (Dr.I    Kennedy,   Thompson, look ufler the uffulrs uf the Funners'
Downs and Miss Eva Conley. j Institute until a successor to Mr. Itus-
At tho conclusion nf thc program \ sell has boen named.
upon. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY,  AUGUST 19th, 1915
HERALD men ready ot their own tree will to By tho way, 1 believe tho United States have  dealt, almost as a matter ot
ni.nALi'   ■*>-"•■  »*-*•. _.....  „    ...,.„„  nn ri   nf   mill.ni>   in  litittloK. huv nn** of which
L. P. Sullhan, Editor
'I lioinpaoui Business Manager
SupscriiitiuB Kate*
Qua   Year    	
Six Months     	
-Three Months   	
it.iuiMaiuf   lUtes
Display   Advertising,   2S   eenU
Cotuiuu inch.
lUadii ;•■ Noiices or Classified Ads.
««iit£ per line. 	
0K, H. <*. August UHli, 1815
Announcemi nt lias been made within the post fow days that wages for
lRbore] on th« i ■ '■ tt, have been
raised, , ■ lumber companies have
uIm) announut'd a raise of titty cents
j„       . ,. algim of tlie times
Wh.i . ; id cati thai better conditions
ar.' returning, Prom every ovldonce
I .. , ! -. r 111 j t Columbia wlll
have ;i brtti r ca on during the tall
and winter than la l year, Tha great
nuaibi r of men who have gone to the
front will create p scarcity of labor
which will m-iii tliat higher wages
in;, i i nsuc The well paid laboring
man helps the merchant and is the
most Important factor in creating
prosperity when he bas the money
with which in buy.
The sue
tlets ii
the bP
tin.' d<
hr bm
lust 'i
Of till
powi I
tlons t
which attended tho In-
tbe Women's Institute
ower show and exhlbl-
- work is a well earned
efforts made by these
lies for boosting the
ng what is being done
dbu line*-. The hIiow,
•u nr elaborate, wus
ts myriad splendor of
ly of exhibit, A large
fers were shown. lt
>• hi Hie season fur the
it litis display wns also
■i- branches of the show
■iiteii anywhere. These
in earn for Cranbrook
of possessing the most
nml needle work ar-
nd anywhere. Such is
.dvertlsing anil such Is
■on u tallon when It can
II. I, ji show ils thut of
The Instructive value
ill no doubt assist in a
nnother season. Mon;
ladles and congrttula-
nitiative and public-
own In their successful
In a recent speech at the coast, N
W. Howell, tin- Liberal leader of On-
taiio, mude a striking statement:
"Our empire confers its privileges or.
all; it imposes responsibilities on
none." H ■ was referring to tho fact
that in ordi i to do its share, Canada
should have 600,000 mon in the field,
and t-i thi necessity of all discharging their re ponctbllities.
Nothlng*but dire calamity, we presume, will ever drive tho country or
tho empire to compulsory service,
und y< t. uuder our present system of
la.* it c
by a
d.i >
approaching a con*
litcii was described
award the close of the
1 Wur:
ig, tho unprincipled
cowe.rdly politicians,"
lm says, "ground up tin* choicest seed
co 'a of ..ii nation, cousumed the
young, tho patriotic, tho Intollfgcnt,
thc gi m rousi the bravo, and wanted
tin' beet moral, euclal and political
eh : ts of tin r- public, leaving the
cowl rds, fihirki rs, ca tints and money
mak i to tuy at home ami procuate
their kind."
t, too, that In
we lmvo encouraged the
ol our rich lands or men
i Un necessary defence of
religious or Qcml-rolfglous
Of tbo 1,000,000 men 08-
Mr. Rowoll as eligible In
Canada, over 200,000 wen.* born hi
foreign countries and 100,000 have
not bi' ti naturalized.
Wo sui" ' lhal when the wnr iV
ovi i the men who went to tho front
will bo d ioscd to Insist on their
own i ig] t and in that of tlieir com-
radi I protest is silenced hy
death, Thai tho eagor and patriotic
Bhnll no I m r sai rlflce their lives to
give tin Ir vote and eocurlty to those
who decline tlirvt duty, and that the
rlglil to ■ '•■ ul l<-i-t cbatl carry fume
mou ii ol i (possibility It necessary
to I U c Fruit and Farm.
War to (hi' Hi ni It Against the INiner
ol Darkness -Peace) .More Ter-
rlulc  Than Any War
Canadians may well take to themselves what Itudyard Kipling, speaking ut South port, Lancaster, a few
daj • ago said In part: It seems to me
unfair and unbusinesslike that after
ten months of war we should still be
raising men by the same methods as
wo raise money at a charity bazaar;
but clumsy and unfair us that system Is, it Ii the only one we have, and
Wo must work it.
Wo committed ourselv
defend their country
Our belief was justified in the past. J
The mistake we made—ami it was not;
fur want of being warned—was that
we did not conceive a war on such n
scale as that which we face today. The
system by which we ure meeting that
war has shown Itself to be grossly unfair; hut since we chose It of deliberate intent, in the face of grave warnings, we cannot, now that it is being
put to the test, shelter ourselves behind its defects.
How do matters stand In regard to
recruiting today? There is, of course,
a small, pernicious minority who do
not intend to inconvenience themselves for any consideration, but I am
convinced that the overwhelming bulk
of the men who have not yet eome
forward to enlist argue, "Why should
I go when my neighbor stays behind?
Make It equal all round, and I'll go
gladly." That is a detail thut should
have been settled in time of peace. It
is Illogical to complain of it now. if
tt ts changed, and changed soon,   su
much the better, hut ineantlliie WO
must reap what wo liave sown.
(icrimiiiM Well Prepared
The Qerman has spent quite as much
energy lu the last forty-five years preparing for war as we have In convincing ourselves that wars Bhould not bo
pand for. He has started this war
h a magnificent equipment whicli
took him time and heavy taxation to
get together. That equipment we have
hud to face for tbo last ten months.
We have had to face more. The Germans went Into this war witli a mind
which had been carefully trained out
of the idea of every moral sense or
obligation—private, public, or international. He does not recognize the
existence of any law, least of all those
he has subscribed to himself, in making war against combatants or miu-
combatants, mon, women and children.
H«! bus dont! from his own point of
view very well indeed, All mankind
bears witness today that tiiere is no
crime, no cruelty, no abomination
that the mind of man can conceive
which the Oerman bus not perpetrated, is not perpetrating and will not
perpetrate If bo le allowed to go on.
These horrors and perversions were
not invented hy him on the spur of the
moment. They were arranged before
bund, their outlines are laid down In
the Oerman war-hook. They are part
of the system in whicli (Iermany bas
been scientifically trained. It is the
essence of that system to make such
a bell of the countries wliere ber armies set foot, that any terms she may
offer will seem like heaven to the
people whose bodies she has defiled
anti whose minds she has broken of set
purpose and intention.
in the face of these facts, it Is folly
for any tit man to waste one minute in
talking about what he would do if our
syatem of recruiting were changed,
or to wait on, as some men are waiting, in the hope of compulsion being
Introduced. Wo shall not be saved by
argument. We shrill most cortalnly
not be saved by banging on to our
private Jobs and businesses. Our own
strength and our own will alone can
save us. If these fall, the alternative
for us Is robbery, rape of the women
stravatlon, us a prelude to slavery.
Nor need we expert any mlrr.de to
save its. So long as an unbroken
Qermany exists, so long wilt life on
this planet be intolerable, not only for
us und for our Allies, but for all humanity.   And humanity know.: it.
At present six European nations
are bearing the burden of the wur.
There Is a fringe of shivering neutrals almost under the Oerman guns
who look out of their front doors anil
see. as they were meant to see, what
has been done to Belgium, the German guaranteed neutral. Hut how-
over the world intends to divide it-
solt, there are only two divisions iu
tho world today—human beings und
Germans. And the Qerman knows it
Human beings hnve long ago sickened
of him nnd everything connected with
him—of nil he does, says, thinks, or
believes. From the ends of the enrtll
to the ends of the earth tliey desire
nothing more greatly than that this
unclean thing should ho thrust out
frum the membership and the memory
of tbe nations.
The German's answer to the world's
loathing Is "I am strong. I kill,
shall go on killing by all means in
my power till I have Imposed my will
mi nil hiininn beings." He gives m
choice. He lenves no middle way. It
has reduced civilization and all that
civilization means to the Blm pi
tlon of kill or be killed.
of America suppl
that food, lu return tin
ed to work at the point
If thoy object ihey ar
factories, their houses,
lir buildings have long
ted, and everything In
valuable or useful bus I
und sent to Germany,
more propi rty, and n
than  cattle:  and  they
hand to protesl  tho hi
nl b
■ tli
were   one  oi   no
prosperous of tl"' nations of the earth.
There has been nothing like the horror of their fate in all history, and
thia system is In full working order
within fifty miles of the Knglish coast.
Where I llvr 1 call hear tho guns that
ure trying to extend it, Tho Bamu system exists in sudi parts of Franco and
rt of'rout.nc, in battles, any one of which
lumpell- in the old days would have made the
bayonet, marvel and the glory of a generation.
Tlieir Tbey have endured us never British
elr pub- troops huve boen called upon to endure
..ii gut- tin- most amazing devices of warfare,
bat was and the unclean malice of the enemy.
irked up Tliey have proved themselves through
have no all these things heroes without a
e   rights   stain.
,1 Hi'i ;i The counties know, the great cities
of their know and the little villages where
ago they they mark the name:-, on the church
ized and duor know, what their neighbours and
li(l earth kin have done. Then* is no part of
the land today which lias not its now
reverence und pride in our Armies'
achievements. But tho need—the Empire's great need Is for more men of
ihis mould.
In 0<
whatever has hi
glum, France, un
land's fate ten-ft
Ho- Germans, Tli
plundered, robboi
Belgium wil	
the matter
No Tern
Tlinv    al*e    ripe.
German mind wh;
ally am! inentall
honored beyond a
nl   to   lh
I Pol
id If i
n wi
ill to
bo Bug
all bo br
■ first i»i
1 all other people w
legrnded till those w
urcelj dare to look en
ht. Be perfectly su
If the Germans are v
refinement of outrs
Bhould l'e |
vive may se
other In the ti
then fore, that
torlous, every
whicb is within the compass of the
German imagination will bo inflicted
mi ns In every aspect of our lives
Over and above this, no pledge we can
offer, no guarantee we can give will be
accepted by the Germans as binding
She hns broken her own most solemn
oaths, pledges, and obligations, anti
obligations, and by the very fact of
her existence she is houi.d to trust untiling and to recognise nothing excopl
Immediate superior force backed hy
Illimitable cruelty.   So you see there
■ Allle:
u the globi
in escape from tin
s enemy of mankind
.hiidish talk tbat tin
are no terms poBSl
Realise, too, if th
there will be no
wliere n soul car
domination of tl
There lias been
Western hemisphere would offer a refuge from oppression. Put that
thought from your mind, If the Allies
wen* defeated, Germany would not
need to send a single batle'shlp over
the Atlantic, she would Issue an order and It would be obeyed. Civilization would be bankrupt, and tl:
Sec   801,    Hoys'   and   Oirls'   Potato
Competition. To the competitor showing Uie hest sample of IL' potatoes
from a competition plot: $2.26, To
He next best sample, 11.25. Given by
Cranbrook Farmers' Institute.
Sec. 821, For the best collection of
grains and fodder plants (not Including roots) iu sheaves of not less than
six inches In diameter; A good Ayrshire arade Heifer Calf. Given by Mr.
.!   A. Pringh, Uraeuuir Stock Farm.
Sec, sn. Milk:—Special for producers. Given hy ii. c. Dairymen's
Assn. [test gallon of milk in quart
bottles. 1st, Scale or Milk Fever Out-
lit nnd .Milk Pail. 2nd, Scale, 3rd,
f2.00;  fourth, $1.00.
Sec. 121,- Best pen of three bacon
hogs, uny breed or cross, live weight
150-220 Ihs, to he judged   as    bacon
hogs.    Given   by   B.   C.   Dairymen's
Vssn.    1st, $10.00. 2nd, $5.00   Exhlblt-
! ors to become members of 13. C. Dalry-
i men's Assn. before August 1st, 1915.
i Milk Pall.   Exhibitors to become members of li. ('. Dairymen's Assn. before
; August 1st, 1015.
1 Sec, 211, To the brooder making
j the most points in any one of the fol-
1 lowing classes In the poultry department: Barred Bocks, White Wyandottes, Single Comb Beds, Rose Comh
: Beds, White Orpingtons or White Leg-
1 horns. Firsts and specials to count
two. seconds one—Daily News for one
; year, give:: by Daily News Publishing
Co., Nelson, B. ('.
• Sec. 822. Silver shield donated by
1 Mr. Watts, of Wattsburg, also 12 Van-
derpool Bed apple trees, 1 year old
on three yenr roots. Fruit will keep
I till June. Given by British Colum'
i bia Nurseries Co.. Vancouver. Tbe best
At a meeting of the directors of the
Cranbrook Agricultural Association
held today it was decided to have a relay race, 1-2 mile, two changes, two
horses, loop cinch. Prizes, Ilrst, $20,00.
second, $13.00.
The ladies of tho I. O, D. 12. have
succeeded in selling eighty membership tickets and have as yet only canvassed about half the city. If they
sell another seventy they will have ill
the concessions at the fair free of
| charge.
! Messrs. Fink and Riches approached
! the retail merchants on behalf of
the fair committee und succeeded in
! obtaining support that is quite satisfactory to the Agricultural association,
The farmers nre tlio next on tho
list, the merchants and citizens aro
doing a fair share and tf only the
tarmers themselves follow their example   hy   subscribing     u   little     and
exhibiting much, success is practically assured this year.
The Dominion exhibit  will I	
lurge one and should prove both u
source of Instruction as well us of
pleasure to those who attend at the
fair grounds.
vice on any terms
cho g It i cnu "■ it in
fortablo and roloasei
tlons which might li
time, our plon nro,
We believed lhat In
.-■Ives to it in
we decided that
e national ser-
whatever.      We
do ns more com-
us from obi I gave t nt Into our
mil our money,
he hour of dan'
ern world would be taken over with
the rest of the wreckage by Germany, i
the receiver. So you see there is no j
retreat possible. There are no terms j
and no retreat in this war. lt must I
go forward, and with those men of
Kngland who an* eligible for service.!
but who have not yet offered them-'
Ives, the decision of the war rests !
The Need for Mon.
Let us look at a few figures. Like
yourselves, I have no deflnate Information; but, as far us one can estimate.
rather more than 2,000,000 men have
joined the army up to date. This is an '
Impressive record till one remembers .
that the population of these islands is
ither more thun 45,000,000, so thut'
the present proportion works out as
ibout live per cent of the total pop-
illation, nnd ten per cent of the total I
male population. We do not know '
how many soldiers we shall need to
end the war. but we do know that we
do not need ninety per cent of the
male population to make ammunition
and carry on the necessary work of
the country during tho war.
People who won't look facts in the
face ask sometimes; "What's the use
of piling in men before one has the
arms and equipment for them?" The
answer is quite simple. You can use
equipment the minute you get it, but
you can't uso a man till he has been
trained. That is why the supply of men
must always he months ahead of otlier
supplies. And we need n steady unbroken (low of men-young and without domestic ties for choice—always
coming ou into training.
Once again I admit as freely as any
ht you here the Immense unfairness
of our system, which has beeu well
called conscription by cajolery; but it
Is lhe system wo have chosen, and
till we have another we must work it
Those who believe in national
can take comfort from the thought I ■
that If the Government has not yet]
brought it In, they must he quicker
ihan the Government -(this Isn't difficult)- and bring themselves In.
Those who believe in lhe principle.,
of voluntary service must realize thai
now Is the oue time for them to show
what an excellent system It Is by voluntarily shouldering tholr responsibilities.
Heroes Without Main.
In the meantime, public opinion I-
hardening every day against tlie eligible men who have excuses which
ure not reasons for not enlisting.
Puplic opinion is hardening against
those parents, wives-, und relatives.
and employers, who, directly or indirectly, are keeping these men back.
You can't expect people who have
given or lost their own llest) aud
blood In tills war to be patient or
sympathetic with people whose families are still untouched and unsep-
arated. Tluit feeling may he reasonable or unreasonable, but It Is one
result of our system, and as more men
join it will Increase.    What's the good
collection of farm products, together
with a short statement showing how
the various parts of the collection
w ire raised, or made.
21 2. School children's poultry
competition. Prizes given by the
(''■anbrook Poultry Association. First,
.S7U0; second, $3.00; third, $2.00;
fourth.  $1.00.
Pi rcentage batched  too
Per. cent raised of those hatched..100
Oeneral  health and vigor 100
Show points  ioo
Record sheet kept by competitor. .100
224 tickets sold at iiOc. eacb.. .#112.00
Printing  .,.... 77..,. ."TTT '"$"":'!2.ri
Refreshments     108.40
Draying         4.00
Decorations       1,36
Deficit balanc-
I want to thank every hoy and girl
In Cranbrook who helped me in tbe
pony contest at thc Hex theatre, the j
druwlng taking place last Saturday
night You know thero was only one
pony to be won and there were sev- !
eral of us after it. 1 was, like the
other boys and girls in the contest,
after the pony, but failed to have
enough votes to take it borne with me.
My little friend, Patricia McDermot.
won the contest, with a large number
of votes. I wish ber the best of luck
with the pony.
Bennie Murgatroyd.
Miss Patricia McDermot wishes to
express her very sincere thanks to all
those who so generously assisted her,
not only hy contributing their own
votes, but by using their Influence on
her behalf, which had the gratifying
result of returning ber an easy winner In the recent pony contest, held
at tlie Hex theatre.
ger Hure would always he
Imagine Germany Victorious
Up to the present, as far as we
find out, Germany has suffered Eome
three million casualties, she can suffer another three millions, and, for
aught we know, another three million after that. We have no reason to
believe that she wlll break up suddenly and dramatically, as a few
people still expect. Why should she?
She took two generations to prepare
herself In every detail, and through
every fibre of ber national being for
this war. She is playing for the highest stukes In the worldi-the dominion
of the world. It seems to me that she
must either win or bleed herself to
death almost where ber lines run today. Therefore, we and our Allies
must continue to pass our children
through fire to Moloch until Moloch
perish. This, as I see It, Is where we
stand, nnd wliere Germany stands.
Turn your mind for a moment to i of watting till it breaks bounds?
the Idea of a conquering (Iermany. | This Is for us. In truth, war to the
You need not go far to see what It I death against the power of darkness,
would mean to ua. In Belgium at, with whom any pence except on our
this hour, several million Belgians are own terms would bo more terrible
making war material or fortifications)than any war. Words cannot begin
for their conquerors. They are given ' to do justice to the devotion and
nougli  food to support life as the | bravery of our men who have already
gainst  that   power.    They
Total points  500
No entry fee of any kind will be
taken on this competition.
013, Kor the best pair of dressed
poultry at the fair. $.100 cash.—John
S40. Kor the best sample of but-
M r in class S4, goods value $5.00—Mc-
Creery Bros.
51. For the host dairy cow on th*?
li'ld. OS Ih. sack of Royal Household
Flour and 1 tb. Victoria CrosB tea—
Little & Atchison.
II. For the best foal 1915, goods
value $10.00—Ilaworth Bros.
881. Best piece of woodwork exhibited by hoys under 15 years, tools to
value $5.00—P. Parks & Co.
801. For the best collection of roots
Including potatoes, folding bath, value
$12.00—Patniore Bros.
MIL Kor the bust exhibit In Sec.
1. white bread. 2 loaves, kitchen utensils   value $5.00—J. D, McBride & Co.
031. Best collection of photos on
Velox paper (amateur), goods value
$5.60    Beattie-Murphy   Co.
032, Best collection of photos on
Sollo paper (amateur), goods value
$5.50   Beattie-Murphy   Co.
''orli '* j    OU.   Best puir or t:ocks (handmade.
service | gPey)f smfls valm, $5.00~Halsnll &
802, To the lady making most
points iu see. .-,-io Inclusive In class
sti icookeryi, 08 Ib. sack Purity Klour
and I lb. Rldgway's tea—lra Manning
014, Best dozen eggs (white or
brown) at the fair, goods value $2.00
t'ranbrook Trading Co.
941, For the best piece of em-
broldery worked by a glr! attending
school tu Crnnbrook or district, over
13 years old. $:t.oo lu goods—Pink
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
.ill'. For best piece of embroidery
worked by pupil under 13 years In
Cranbrook or district, $2,00 In goods-
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
V>. Kor the best dressed and groomed horse on tbe grounds ut the parade.
$10.00 In goods-Cranbrook Drug &
Hook Store.
250, For the best pair of ducks, $2
goods   ('ranbrook Trading Co.
M0. For the best collection of cut
flowers Hive varieties) $5.00 goods-
Ward * Harris.
E. Godderis, alias Frank Foster,
charged with sedition, and A. A.
Johnson, charged with having illicit
connection with a young girl of tender years, will be taken to Nelson goal
tomorrow (Friday) by Constable
J. P. Pink and James Martin
are at Bull River on a short business
Sunday, August 22nd
Holiness at 11 a.m. by Capt. Kerr.
Salvation meeting 8 p.m.   Capt. Cox
of Vancouver, will bc present all day
and uddress the evening meeting.
Week-day meetings Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday ut 8 p.m.
W: Kerr, C. O.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service 11 a.m. Subject:
"Tbe Temptation of Christ."
S. S. and Bible Class at 3 p.m.
Evening service at 7,30 p.m. Subject
"Jonah, The Narrow."
"God ls our refuge and strength;
a very present help In tronbl?."—Ps.
8 a.m. holy communion.
11 a.m. Matins and Litany.
7.30 p.m. Evensong.
Preacher, Rev. W. II. Bridge,
L.th (Rector).
1 I.
iiati[ Herman thinks it Htuiutil lie supported ' Bono
(in Monday a large crowd assembled
nt tlie station to nay good-bye to the
Crnnbrook men going to tlie old coun-
try t , work in tbe munition factories.
Tho iiiuncs of tbe men are John Hue.
Sanilll I .Mm iloimld, David Lclth, E.
.1 Kllwoml. W. P. M'lci'.onnld, R. S.
Doblnaon, O. w. Draper, O. A. Porter,
o. 13. Shaw, T. I*. Carrlok, B. Pearson, I
J. ile (irottc und Arthur Morrison.       I
Three-coat enamelware,  the
bent made. On Saturday we will
I live quart puililiiiir pun.
worth     !l.ie.
1 four quart pudding pan,
worth   80c.
I three quart pudding pan.
worth   25c.
See Window
For Protection
against the serious sickness so
likely to follow an ailmentof the
digestive organs,—bilousness
or inactive bowels, you can rely
on the best known corrective
OW UrjMt Ub **i Aaj UUkim k IU W-jrfrt)       |
Salt rwrMHTMfcm,  U Win, IS
Are You Ready
For School?
We are and have just opened a full range
of Slates, Scribblers in new attractive
covers, Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Rulers,
Paints, Crayons, School Bags and Text
Our Prices are Right and
Our Service the Best
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
' ne fttVXCsll Stsr,
End of Season
Cleanup Prices
on Refrigerators, Ice   Cream   Freezers,  Garden
Hose, Screen Doors and Screen Windows.
Saturday's Special, 20 pc. off
Are you going fishing.    If so, look us up
Best selection of flies, etc., in town,
J. D. McBride
Summer Excursion Fares
firflp Tftlir ThmiirJh A  sPlendid  vacation  trip  tor
■vlllIC IUUI IlllUUgll teachers and others.   Very low
ReVelStOKe and fares from all stations.   Good
KflfltCnflV '"' tnree months.   $22.00 from
To Eastern Canada £5^H£?fc
and Prince Edward Island at
low fares. Liberal limits, stop
overs and diverge routings.
Panama-Pacif c and ?fced ,fare,s'«""a11 p,°,nts-
c       n-  j   r in      When going to the Expositions
Sail Diego Exposition „r n,e pacmc coast, it wm
„   ,„  ,     . _        ,        profit you to   travel   through
Pacific Coast Excursions your own wondeiland _ ,,„.
Canadian Rockies — visiting
Banff, Lake Louise, Field,
Glacier, thence via Vancouver.
Co!| thp firpat I ak**« 0n the Kour Favorite Palatial
mi m Ureal LaAeS steamships, "Alberta," "Assini
Superior and Huronboia" "Manitoba" and k«
r watin."
They make four round trips
each week.
"Aliwrta" "Annlnlbola" "Manitoba" "Keewatiii"
Lv. Pt. Arthur Sun. 3 p.m.   Tues.2 p.m.     Sat. 2 p.m.     Pri. 2 pm.
Lv. Ft. William Sun 2 p.m.   Tues.il p.m.     Sat. 3 p.m.     Frl. 3 pin.
Ar Pt.. McNlcoll Tuea. 8.30 a.m. Thur. 8.30 a.m. Mon. 830 am. Sun 8.30
Try this route; it offers an Ideal change anil rest to tlie traveller
bound for Eastern Canada and the Eastern States.
Particulars from nearest Agent or from
R. DAWSON, District Passenger Agent, Calgary.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most, modern plan! in
tlie West—Government inspected—approved by careful
housewives everywhere. SHAMUOCK IS THE SEAL Ol1'
SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Buttor,
Eggs, Sausage—wherever it appears.
P.  BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
A High Class Keslilcntlal nd Pay College for
Hoys and Young Men, tilrln and Young Women   .Nun Srrlarlan
BUSINESS CLASSES—Bookkeeping, Stenography, Accounting, Typewriting, etc. MUSIC—Full Conservatory Course, Vocal, Instrumental
und Theory. ACADEMIC—Public and High School Grades, Preparation tor the University and Teachers. Ladles College C'ourHC for OlrlH.
French conversation classes. FINE AKT—China Pointing, Wutcr-
colors, Leather Work, Etc. EXPRESSION AND PHYSICAL CULTURE—Dramatic Art, Public Speaking. HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE.
For full Information and Calendar apply to
HEV. OEOKUE W. KERBY, B. A., D. D., Principal. THURSDAY, AUGUST 19th, 1915
Save Your Sight
Eyesight, the most valuable of all senses, is the
most neglected and the
least understood. Many
surfer from ills thul upon
examination can be traced
directly to defective sight.
While all cases of impaired
vision cannot be cured liy
glasses, by (ar the greater
number can, if lhe lenses
are correctly prescribed
and properly lliicil. Wa
know how.  Results count.
W. (1. Wilson
Ford repairs our specialty,—The
Kootenay Oarage.
Mrs. J. MoTavIsh, of Hull River, was
In Uio eity the latter part of the
Miss Margaret Kennedy, of Ferule,
was a visitor in tho city Saturday and
Chief of Provinotal Constables Welsby, of Fernie, was in the eity Saturday on bualness,
For Ignition, self-starters and battery troubles, set* Cooper at tlie Koo-
tenuy Garage,
Roxall Orderlies make you feel line.
Vou will feel better and live longer If
you'll keep your bowels regular by
tbe occasional use of Rexall Order-
James Joyce, of Klko, ib In tlie olty
Wc sharpen lawn mowers   rat more
Father John, of Creston, camo in
The "Crisis in B, c." for sale at the
Herald ofllce.   Price 5c,
Prices are Reasonable and tho work
guaranteed at the Kootenay Garage.
Mr. ami Mrs. A. P. Powell, of Kimberley, came in Wednesday on a short
Miss Flsljer, leather In the public
school, returned Wednesday from her
Miss Gertie Heard, nurse, of Fernie, is visiting in the eity, the guest
of .Miss Mackey,
Joseph Walsh, constable at Fort
Steele, was in the city yesterday on
official business.
Mrs. John Fluhrer and family, of
Spokane, Wash., are visiting with Mr.
und .Mrs. Fred Kummer.
Dr. Rutledge, veterinary surgeon,
made a professional visit to Michel on
the early morning train Wednesday.
Crescent Lodge. Knights of Pythias,
take this opportunity of thanking all
those wlm st) kindly donated (lowers
for Decoration Day services.        33-lt
Mr. P.oy Myers and wife left yesterday for Medicine Hat. Alherta. tn
harvest his grain crop. .Mr. Myers
expects to be away about six weeks.
Constable McRae, formerly stationed at Michel, passed through cranbrook yesterday on his way to Vernon, having Joined the 64th battalion.
The little town of Michel is doing
Its hit in the way of furnishing recruits.    Nine t'niin  that   plaee  passer!
through Wednesday for Vernon camp.
Prairie chicken are getting so numerous that tliey are now sporting themselves mi the lawns of several Crnnbrook people ill  the early llOHrs i'l  Hie
Miss Dorothy Webb, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs A. 11 Webb, Is leaving
Friday for Nelson, where she will enter the Kootenaj Lake general hospital t" train for a nurae
Frank Foley, who has been vlaltlng
wltli friends lu the eity from Vernon
camp, hied himself back en Tuosdaj
fer hi- finishing touches bi fore going
out in wrestle with the Gorman foe
Mrs. Joseph .lackson and daughters
Hanoi uud Lillian are expected borne
tomorrow from u six weeks' visit with
•ehlllves in Fort William. (Hit., and
ither eastern points.
if children are feverish give a light
nxutlvo like Roxall Orderlies which
iflen removes tiie cuiise. Sold only
by The Heattie-Murphy Co., The
Rexall Store, lllc, 25c. & 60c. boxes.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor of Knox
Presbyterian church, who has hem on
a three weeks vacation to the coast,
returned Saturday and conducted the
•gnlar Bervlcos at the church Sunday.
Mr. Fred L. Wolf, publisher of the
Newport Miner, at Newport, Washington, was in tho eity Saturday. Mr.
Wolf Is motoring through to Eureka,
Mont., where he will visit with his
brother for a few days.
Mr. W. D. Hill, formerly a resident
of this city, arrived in town the latter
part of the week on a brief visit. Mr.
Hill Is looking In perfect health and
•ling optimistic as to the future'suc-
ss of British Columbia,
Mr. Frank Parks has located his
it cat through the ad. placed in lust
*ek's Herald. Tlie cat with the little
black spot on its tall is now comfortable at the Parks home. This is another little instance tliat it pays to
.Mr. A. B. Grace, of the Inland revenue department, wbo has been ill
for the past fortnight, and who has
n convalescing, being ln his ofllce
the lirst of last week, took another
bad turn Sunday which will necessitate his remaining at home for some
For auto lepalr work see Cooper at
e Kootenay Garage.
.Mr. H. S. Haynes Is now a bosom
friend of ye editor's. Mr. Haynes
Informs ns tliat sinee the appearance
oi tbe last issue of this paper, be has
been kept busy receiving the con-
u*i at illations of bis numerous Cranbrook friends. It surely pays to advertise.
Mr. It. S, Shields returned Monday
from Toronto, at which place he has
been spending his holidays. Mr.
•shields is now principal of the Central school and Is busily making arrangements for the opening of the
school term. He was accompanied
m his return trip by his mother. Mrs.
Thomas Shields, who will make her
home hero with ber son.
Oa Saturday n large consignment of
berries were shipped to Calgary from
this   point.     Twelve   eri'.tes   of   black
currants from the Bennett ranch,
MaryBVllle, was Included In the *hip-
m nt Tin- fruit was large and of an
Inviting appearance, Calgary people
ire taking a liking to CranbrtHik fruit
ind the gruwera of small fruit here
.an in luture depend on this market.
provided, of course, thej go after it.
R, ,1. Long, uf Ore
ton, v
bu Si
lens vicltor tills w..,.|,
M. A. Beale lias r
1 fr,
lt!      a
visit al llii' coast, wl
ero li
• 511-
it t''!l
To save money on auto repairs see j
Cooper at the Kootenay Garage.
Miss Delia and Jimmy Greaves have
turned from Banff-
Mr. James .Martin is in Calgary on
H  btlSMeBS trip this Week.
Miss A  Nult. of Moyie. is visiting in
.•■ '-ity with Miss EJnld (Jill.
Hr  F w. Green left Wednesday for
: Bpokane on a few duys business trip.
  Miss lioris Wallinger. who has been
Born   Oa Thursday,   Augus!   I2tb. iponding hor vacation at Canal Flats.
lB1B- at «w Cotta"    **t»l. "' M'   hasretnn to the city
and Mrs. H. S  Halaes, twins, boy and 	
girl. Mr  Sandy Cameron, who has been
  visiting In tin- olty ror a fow davs.
Mrs, .1.  I)   McBride and  Miss Mc* naB gone to Bull River
Bride returned tm Wednesday frum a 	
two weeks camping trip to St Mary's ■'   M Christie and family left today
lull,. on ii six weeks vocation, which will be
Mrs   Brown, of   Jaffray
spent in tin
who has  Po-nts
Okanagan    and    coast
been   undergoing   treatment   nt    ii..
Cottage hospital, returned   home   on MIm  Edythe Macdonald   and Miss
Wednesday, Ortnn McNabb returned Tuesday from
  Calgary,  at   which   placo  tbey  have
A   donation   of  thr-*.'   pi    ot   socki ,.,.,.,, visiting with friends,
has beiii received by tie- st. John's	
Ambulance Association from Mra. It r-npi   Kerr, of the   local Salvation
Islip, Burton, ti. C. (\rmy corpa, returned from Vancouver
Bargains! Bargains ! Bargains!!! ?e mi "f the WOeb "h"r" l,fi llBfl
Vou will lind the real thing at Solo- '""" BP°ni-ing a fortnight recuporat-
inuii Koury's   store.    Valuable goods   ":': '""" " n>'''nt •>.|t'r-t'""*
11      Private  W.   W.   Boss, or tho  64th
Kootenay battalion arrived iu the city
ties week enjoying a few day:;   fur-
Bill looks tit as a soldier and
3 a handsome appearance In the
are   marked    down
Jack Kettringham, formerly a member of the Cranbrook bond, now with
the 12th 0. M. R. band
n the city ou a furlough,
old friends.
it Vernon,
visiting iv
Messrs.  C.   Wolile.  H.  K. Crawford m
and Gale Smith, Spokane mining men j js
here in connection   with  the sale uf j„
the Homestake mine al Perry Crock, m
arrived this morning and went up to
P:*rry Creek.     They will return    to
Spokane tomorrow. ,..,
Hilly Alyward, of the r,4th battalion,
in the eity on u brief visit with his
my Cranbrook friends, Mr. Aylward
cook witb B. company and it must
said to his credit there is not a thin
in in the bunch.
,i ii Quartly, manager of tin
Unionist       InvcBtmonl     Co,        at
Wasa, was a city visitor on  Wednesdaj*,  making  iiuni  nrrangemonts  for
tin* printing or the prltfl llsl  for Mn
W.is.i f.iir .
Mi- \ ti mil .oui two daughters
are spending a few weeks visiting
with frli ndl in Calgi ry and Maeleod.
Tbey will also xi.M nl Stavely, Al*
bortanl the homo of Mrs 1.111*1 father,
Mr    X-'OH    Chllds
.i.u I. IlaBlam has gone te Fi nii'1 on
his holidays Mr llailnm pays r« rnlo
regular visits ami Is   now going   to
i i ;i fortnight tiiere.   The editor
of thr Fi rate Free Press should l p
his eye mi John, as be furnishes good
material for a front page sion
Sergeant .! n. Malcolm, ot tlio B*»th
Kootenny battalion, who has been (u
the city on a brief furlough, has been
iippointetl to assist in the recruiting
in this city for thc Mtlt, Anyone desiring io join the 64th can secure ail Information from cither in*. Grooti or
•Sergeant Malcolm.
News items will be greatly appreciated by the Herald. If you have
anybody visiting with you we believe
they would like lo do their name in
print. We would also appreciate
news iti-nis nf marrlagos births, boc-
lats, Sunday school picnics, anything
of local news value.    Phone IS.
'At a meeting of the executive of the
Cranbrook Retail Merchants Association held this weok it was decided that
the stores will observe Labor Hay.
Monday. September fltli, dispensing
with the Wednesday luilf-bollilay for
that week. They ylll also dose at 2
p.m. on Thursday, September llth, the
last day of the Fall Fair, opening
again at 11 p.m. that evening.
Forty Dukes passed through tiie city
t'uesday en route for the harvest fields
oi VIberta and Saskatckuwan, in con*
'.'Ts.ition witb some of their friends at
tbe station, they intimated that ou
'heir return tbey will settle on block
si.', creslon, arrangements being practically completed for the purchase of
''aim* li bj the intention to start a
tarn factory ami live in peace ami harmony   with   the   residents  of Creston.
All members »t tbe rrnnbronk
Local Con Donative Association nn*
hciebj notified Unit ibe regular
niontbl) meeting nlll he held un
! iMil), September .'Ird al s p.m. In
' hipp\ Mall, mer Hie Cigar More.
HuslnOSI of importance to the \%*
soclatlon wlll bc taken up. Applied*
Hens for membership wlll he received,
til members nnd those iiesiroiiN of
becoming members are rei*ue>teil to
a I tend. :m
Alex. McLean, who was fished out of
tin* creek Sunday evening, as the good
people of Crunbrook were wending
tholr way to church, is out of the
coop. After serving four days Alex.
discovered to his great amazement the
sum of $ft in his Joans, the exact
amount or his flue, and is today enjoying Hritish liberty. He says fishing along the creek on Sunday evening Is bad business and will reserve a
sent on the water wagon for the next
six months.
Wandering and prowling dogs unresponsible for the loss of a large
number of chickens according to some
of our friends. One man is now standing guard over his pen every night
armed with a rifle and declares vengeance will be his before long.
The Overseas club will hold their
monthly dance in Maple hall on Tues-
y next at !i p.m.   These dances are
very popular and a good crowd Is ex- I
pected.      Outside    friends    are    welcome to join In and have a pleasant
.Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of the Cranbrook branch of
tbe St. John Ambulance Association
acknowledges tbe following contributions to the Red Cross Work Fund:.
Amount acknowledged, $ Bill,70; col- j
lection at Christ church on August
4th, per C. A. Cock, secretary-treasurer, |4.05; making a total of $113.75
P E. Carman and Philip Briggs left
for Halifax on Monday where they will
enjoy a vacation down by the briny
deep. From tiiere they will go to the
Panama fair, where they will take hi
the many sights of the big fair. Pleasure will be the outstanding feature of
this trip aud all comforts by both rail
and water will be taken advantage of.
Little Joe Litlle th,* four->var-nld
son of Mr. and .Mrs. c .1. Little was
accidentally run over by an automobile at the Presbyterian picnic grounds
on Wednesday evening. Tin- litth fallow was knocked down ami the car
passed over hlm, the wheels, however,
not touching him. He was badly
bruised and frightened but not seriously hurt and wilt soon be around
Miss Qwendolin Kilby. daughter of
Mr W. W. Kilby. the welt known barber, arrived Tuesday and will make
her home In Cranbrook here with her
father Miss Kilby. who is only 17
years of age. travelled all the way
from Birmingham,    Kngland. making
tlm voyage across  the Atlantic  with- '
out the fear of Gorman submarine attacks, her one desire being to reach
A neat and somewhat unique baby
carriage arrived iu Craubrook the
lirst of the week. Tills pretty little
turnout is for the twins of Mr. and
Special Prizes at
Ganbrook Fall Fair
by School Children
Any School in the District
First prize for work by child 13 years and over
First prize for work by child under 13 years
A full line of materials carried by
.Miss Symes, of the Pink Mercantile
Co., left Wednesday for Canal Flats
'md the Windermere! where she will
spend   her  vacation   visiting   Iriends.
Maurice  quain.    Tbe carriage I dl1*1 was accompanied by ber noplu
! Danny Brake.
(instructed that the baby girb
an sit side by side
j    A treat Is fn store for mimic lovers
a member j 0f cranbrook on the evening or Wed-
day, September 1st,    when    Miss
meeting of the directors of the
Cranbrook Poultry Association held
at the home of Mr. K. T. Cooper on
Tuesday evening it was decided to
donate four prizes to th
fair In various poultry
C. R. Sheppard ami .Mr, R T. Cooper
Wlll assist at the poultry building on
fair days an dwill arrange the poultry show to the best advantage, working with the show superintendent. Mr.
W. .1 Atchison, Mr. Benjamin Palmer, president or Ibe association, wlll
be on baud to answer any Inquiry in
reference to tlie various breeds and
will be looked upon as tin* "daddy" of
the show. Other business transacted
at the meeting of the directors was
the passing of a vole nf thanks to the
city council for the use of the council
chamber for meetings of the association on tin* third Friday In ench
month,   The books ot the association
A. T. Roberts, formor
of the C. P. R, stall' in this c'ty, arrlv
here lust Friday from Edmonton on
Ills way through to the coast enjoying
iiis annual holidays, He spent a
couple of days here renewing old acquaintances and then proceeded on
hlo journey.
-Mr. W. J. Atchison on Tuesday purchased a new live-passenger Ford
touring car from the Hanson Oarage
and has now joined the procession
which swiftly moves to and Trom the
many beauty spots around the city.
He bas already mastered many or the
liner points of the machine and drives
like an experienced chauffeur,
Tli" Cranbrook District Automobile
Association have decided to run a
Patriotic Jitney Service to the fair
grounds on September Dth, the last
day of the fuir. Starting at 1 o'clock,
cars will leave post offlce, where
tickets may be purchased, the fare
each way to be five cents. Entire pro-
e >eds will be donated to Patriotic
W. H. Wlh*on and family and Mrs.
I). A. Sutherland left early the Ilrst of
the week for St. .Mary's lake, where
they will camp for onotber week. Mr.
Wilson returned yecterdny and Mr.
Sutherland left tie- the camping
grounds, where be ex a cts to exceed
his former early season record as a
fisherman. There won't be any use
to (ish in St. Mary's lake after this
week as he left loaded with nil tbe
latest appliances for attracting trout.
A. I'. .Noble and family returned
Sunday froim their camping out trip
at Perry Creek. .Mr. Noble says the
triji was all too short and tbe end of
two weeks came ull too soon. A num-
ber of beautiful pictures were taken
of Bcenes in and around the famous
Perry Creek, which is now very much
in the spotlight. Mr. Noble selected a
spot in the heart of tlie virgin forest
and here with his family they set up
housekeeping for two weeks surround-
*d on all sides by tbe beauties of nature.
Hazel Fleener, will give a musical
evening. The entertainment Is under
the uuspices of st, John Ambulance
Assoeiction. Tlie proceeds of tlie concert go towards Red Cross fund work.
Major R. 1). Davles arrived lu Cranbrook Tuesday evening, being on a
trip over tlie district in the Interest of
recruiting. The large demand*-' made
by drafts oi: the f,4th battalion are
leaving large holes in thr* ranks which
must be filled if the battalion is to remain as u recognized military milt.
Many more men are needed. Much of
•he red tape concerning physical fitness bus now been removed and
many men who were turned down
previously will now be accepted.
I-ark Langin, of Pincher Creek, Alberta, is in the city on a brier visit.
Mr. I^angan Is very optimistic over the
bumper crops in the Pincher Creek
district. On his farm he has monster hay stacks every 20 feet apart,
and so high that tlie sunlight can
hardly get In. He cays lt is dangerous
to go Into the field without a compass
for fear of getting lost. There Is no
question but that the crops are good
at Pinchcr, but you should sec the St.
Mary's Prairie country, Lark, they
sure are humdingers.
Mr. A. A. MacKinnon, of the Cranbrook Foundry, has relegated his old
motor car to the scrap heap and on
Tuesday of this week purchased the
new gray flve-passenjer McLaughlin
of the Hanson Garage. Mac now bits
the puce with the fastest and allows
nobody to pass him on the road. His
old car was one of the first to arrive
in the Kootenays and possesses quite
a history. Everybody knew his car by
sight or at least by sound. While it
is several years old it is still able to
cover the ground and has stood many
hard knocks that would huve incapacitated many a poorer machine.
Just a Taste
,.f th,. WINES anil 1.1-
Ql'ORS .-I'M here will s;u-
Isfy yon ol their excellence
Tin" trial will lie easy for
our prices are way below
the ordinary.
Don't overlook thai order of CALGARY BOTTLED BEER
The .Malt lleer of Canada,
A. L. McDermot
Wine Merchant
luiox Presbyterian Sunday school
coming fall [ held tholr annual picnic on Wednesday
lasses. Mr. afternoon tn the prove about two and
n half milea north or town, The
children ami parents were conveyed
by nutos. leaving the church after
o'clock In the ovonlng, There were
about one hundred ent! ninety children I
and fifty adults who took advantage
of tbo outing, and ill report having|
a Joyful time. The only mishap was
to little Joe Little, the young son of
Mr. nnd Mrs C. J, Little, who was
knocked over by a moving car In the
evening nbout 7.80, Fortunately he
fell fair In front or the cur and received only a slight bruise or two.
The dance given In St. Mary's hall
last Friday evening for the henefit of
Mr. Rellly, was largely attended and
thoroughly enjoyed by those who were
fortunate In attending. The music,
which was furnished by Messrs.
Thomson, Van Stnvcrn and Thompson
was of a high-class order, and was a
credit to this aggregation or musl-
' | clans, who offered their services free
for this most worthy cause. The
dunce was given to raise funds to assist .Mr. Rellly In business wiio is ii
shoemaker by trade and is anxious to
start in business for himself and earn
his own livelihood. The dance netted
the sum of $24.^5 to Mr. Rellly, after
naying all expenses. The amount
taken   for  the  sale  of  tickets   whs
I$35.60, the expenses being III:
to purchase stationery for tb
his office.
Sowing Roue at  Home or
by Day
232 Hanson Avenue
The members of Crescent lodge. I A wireless from the Auror.1 at Moyi.
Knights of Pythias. Sunday decorated ! reports Mr. Bert Parker as having a
audited nnd were marked with the gravec or departed members. At [ rattling good time at Oreen Hay. where
the O.K. ot the several members com- -1 o'clock the members or the lodge I he Is camping witli a party ot Cran-
poslng the committee assigned to that'''eld '■ service fn the K. of P. hall and brook people, it Is suld Bert has tin-
work. The secretary was authorized 'llt lu O'clock marched to the cemetery.' Hah so tame In tlie waters or the lake
0f where flowers were placed on the ' that tbe fish will come and eat out of
i Braves or members, Each plot was I his hand. There is one fish in par-
=s , beautifully decorated witb a profusion
or (lower.; as n mark of esteem to
'those who have passod into the
shadow. The members marched in a
body in command or Knight A, Hurry,
followed by ii carriage bearing the
(lowers. In command of .1. 0, Kelly.
A number of graves, former friends of
the order, were also decorated, Flow-
Open for Hlislnoss ns I'siinl -
thnlar which Bert strokes on the
head every morning. Tuesday morning Bert did not make his usual
rounds of his favorite fishing holes, the
party Bleeping In that morning. Imagine Mr. Parker's surprise on being
awakened by a voice shouting out:
"Bert! Bert! Get up. You're not
working on tho Linotype In the Her-
This well known residential and
day school for boys at Calgary lia-
just closed another successful year.
the twelfth since it was declared open
by the Hon. Chief Juatii •■ Haul tain
I then premier) in 1903.
During this session the high standing in work ami discipline for which
the college is so well known baa beeo
vigorously maintained. The different
departments of the coilee*. report
marked progress. The installation
one year ago of technical m
training marked another Hep : i
draughting and manual work* Arrangements ar«'also being made for i
preparatory department for small
Some years ago a separal gymnasium was equipped and ., -special Instructor was engaged ro give i.i-
whole time to physical training and
proper discipline. Two years ago ,,
well arranged shoot ini-' gallery was
built for the special use of tbe Cadel
Corps. These additions haVe won new
favor among the parents and friends
or the Western Canada College boys.
The results an* noted In the testlmon)
of tbo District Commanding Officer or
the Militia of Alberta He dei lared
the College Cadet Corps to le- the best
he had inspected and he did not except the militia.
The College continues its succi -- In
Bending boys to the Universities; Into
business, and the various leading If ni •
of occupation. A Western Canada
boy won the highest prize on graduating from the Royal Military Collegi
in June of last year. This h 0 pei u*
liar honor, for ull the best residential
schools send many ol their besl boyi
to this Military College This bo)
was for more than five yean s Hrholai
in Western Canada Collegi In thi
results from McQHI University Mat
riculation just published Wi tern
Canada College does particularly well
: in English Bubjecta, Dl fourteen senl
■ up thirteen pased and some <>f thesi
made excellent marks. It Is a trlbuti
to the careful work of this well known
residential school and college It li
! manifest that th- splendid r< putatfoo
it has earned In th- west la being
wen maintained hr MacReu and
bis stafi* will he *.-ratilieri that Western Canada College, whose graduate!
have won such high honors in McGIU
University, .Alberta University and
1 Royal Military College, li til! keeping
1 to tbe fore.
tm account of the  t
ther i "ii- go or university in Canada
.:. - .- \% such a high percentage.
Folli icing  tbe example  of similar
tial    in-titutions    the   College
Corporation seeks to remove from tlie
• onl aes ol the city and build on their
■   il  new    property sonic    four
ut in the country.    Unfortun-
.;   tbt   continued financial string-
.1-  compelled delay.      Sketch
...   however,  hav*:-  been   prepared
tor ;.• w huildnigs to be erected on the
new  -•;•   of :',', acres.      Before these
were drawn a    number of tiie    best
r  -::■-• al -■ ."'-i- in Eastern Canada.
Un   ;.: '-r.-,  United States and Great
r«   rlsfted and studied.
'.. -  College needs the!-,; improve-
for it it the largest, tbe oldest
• known college of its kind
in    Canada   between    Winnipeg   and
i<: per word for first week, and lc. per
*ora  fur each  week  after
Piano for Rent. Applj at Herald
office :;o-tf
TO lU.Vr  CHEAP—BtMMtat  ware-
bouse, large aad dry, J J, per
month.   Apply w. J. Atcblsoa. frltt
light wagon for hale cheap. Apply
Joe Belanger, city. 22-tf
1 ni; .mi.I.. Phonograph, Kdison
diamond point! also fifty Blue Amberol records. Applv Herald office. ::::-]f
LOST. On Wednesdaj evening- a
brooch shape «f a bosket <>i flowers
with colored stones; finder rewarded.    Apply Herald office. 88-U*
(iood   stead j   000k   want**   position,
.,h,in <»r witb wife, as helper; hotel
or camp. Write Uox a. Craubrook
(braid. ;i:i-:'f
m IBM TO BKJfT, for four bones,
electric light, warm, well ventilated
with large hay loft and oat bin.
16.00 per month, apply Herald
office iM
1 nmlulled house to rent, lour rooms
with bath; fenced; close in; newly
papered and painted; piano it desired; no children preferred; careful tenant only; lis per month, Including water. Apply Herald of-
Rl 0 .io-tf
RENT—Flre rooms)
newly paperet
and painted;   (12,00
per mouth. in<
ludlng water.    Apply
i. c Sullivan,
Cranbrook St
Klrst-l'InsM Clears nml IIHIEnnl
TiiMcs     '
Itttrhcr Shop In Connection
ers were placed on the graves of Bros, ttld this morning." Bert went outside
W M. Park, .1. Noble, James McUad j the tent and round hla pet fish, so the
ami 10. Roberts; Mrs. A JollitTe. Baby story goes, practising on bis dummy
Woods, Baby Hill, Mra. P. llnVere j keyboard, which he took along with
Hunt, Mra BownOHB, M. Park, W. Hall, blm to help pass pleanantly the holl-
I1D. P. Klewelllng and F  R. Morris,    'daya.
in  fthlch
tin* Old BoyB have scattered during
the twelve years of tlie existence of
Western Canada College, it i- Impossible to obtain a full or complete list
of those that have enlisted. New
names turn up every little while, nnd
front     most     unexpected     qunrten
: Enough mimes, however, hnvi bi en secured to show that ovor twelve pm
cenl of the different hoy.- lhal liave al
tended Western Canada Colleg     ..*.-
I purposed to light for the empire .md a
large number nt these bold regular
commissions.    It  is doubtful  if any
LOST,   (hie Persian Cat, tiger murk*
ed, wore engraved collar with silver tag marked B. G. Gwynnc. Finder wlll be rewarded on return to
Herald office,
. bands dull-,, IDS lo um per month,
and iu leu dn>» ne "ill need (lfl)
harvest bands per dm. good wages*
Hal| a- Hub, Employment office,
Calgary, Alta.
FOK svi.i, cheap, Saturdnj or .Mon-
day only, one good range with hot
valer front ami connections, one
heater, one bed and set of spring!
practically new, and several other
articles of furniture,   owner leav*
Ing   town.     Apply   P.O   Box   317  or
Tel, 4..H. nt PA tin FOUB
Loyal Ornnp.
Bj           No.   UT1
il Meets drat and third
■  Thursdays at » b.m.
... iu      Koyal     ttlMk
■>t Ireland Hall, Bakar
S.  narrctt, WH.
3. llursinan, Roc. Sec.
KE1 (HV LODOE. Ho. 41
_jftM7?J4;L_ Moats stsrt
&. )*- *?Tfi Monday nigtat
WK WCS'S' at Fraternity
HaU. Sojourning Oddtsltows
sordlally litvlted.
\V. M. Harris,    H. \V. KUBsell,
t ranbrook, B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 *.*■ la
ths Fraternity Hall
Ft, c, Carr, CO.
F. M  Christian, K. It. & S.
p, o. llox tit
Vlsltiftg Ljrothr.ii oordlally am-
vll.J to aitt-tiJ.
LODGE. !S0. 19
Mftts every sprnnd aad loursa
Wednesday  at  Kraternlty Ball
SoJournttiK Rebokahs serdial.
ly milted.
SI    C. Bonnet, N. li.
SI    A  Hickentotbam, Sec.
Meets  ln   ktapls  Hall  saaud
and  fourth   Taasday  st avery
ujoiitli al b p.ni.
Memhorahip  aipoa ta  IMMik
I. Y. llnike, 3. T. l»JW«r,
Prosident iosraaar.
Visiting    momhars    aardasallr
Meets in Uio Mania Hall
Rrnt Tuesdny afternoon si erery
ment la ut 'A p.m.
Prosident, Mrs. W. Ii. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs, .luliii Shaw
P. 0. lioi „2
All ladies cordially tavltad.
President—A. II. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands ami agriculture apply to
tlie Secretary, Cranhrook, B.C.
Meeting   The  Second   Satur-
ii:iv nt -.ii') o'clock.
THE    <  It A Ml ROOK
0 HC 11 EST It A
is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
riiiiM: im
t'raiilii'ook, B.C.
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
Irllihiidge  Coal
XI.lie Powder
Imperial Ull Co.
l'.;r.;lini and Transferrin*;
QIt.ii prompt attention
Plume 63
is  open   for  engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For terms ;i|iplv to
>llts. 1!. IV. EDMONDSON
Cruubrook, II.C.
(Special i" the Herali
y'     Packet of   ;]\
\ $8°-° WORTH OF ANY _
The Waif
be ll. I.I ..n  Hi
loii Exiicrinic
anil 16th ol S
list Is being
■villi thc worl
,l Fair will
Hi,: Domin
eered.    I
nt the Doi
M.Vt 1I0NAM)
Barrister*, Solicitor! and
Uonuy to Loan
Imperial   Hank   llulldinf
CKANB1100K, B.C.
olll el.
Cluh li
lii'tli in
. laud.
(Successor to W. F. Gurd)
Itarrlstw,    Solicitor    and
P. 0. Box 859
B.  C.
rb'slolans  and  Surgeons
•Use  at residence. Armstrong
Perenooas   9.00 to 10.00
AJternoous  1.00 to   4.01)
■Tealngs    7.30 to   8.30
■aadays    2.30 to   1.30
Cranbroolt,  B.C.
•ffiae ia Hanson  Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 te   t p.m.
■ateraUy and Oeneral \iirslng
Ctardea Ave.
farna oa Application
KM. A. SALMON, Matron
Pkeae HI P. O. Box 845
Phone 348 P. O. Box 685
Funeral Director und Kmhulmcr
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near linker St.
01,11 and Mining Engineer,
B. C. Land Surveyors
■ay Pbone 313 Night Phone 35
R-aTfcvy Ave., lext to City Hall
lUaduuarters   for  ail  kinds  ot
' tail ..;■!!'.ii   linaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
U-MG*t\t\ iifll  GENUINE
M     Beware
(tall ImltatloM
H „' .
on the
?'. ,i hot er tlirocfo'
i... er muilril lo any
... |.r     Ins s. uiiki.1. Iiaeo
Co ,atl unurfo  ,
Vitality;for N iw ... i Brnlni Ineraawi "srey
miill.r'   i.'l.s.ir   ...ill.sli,I j p. lanbof.nr
two p.r J', .it .'i is hS.i..s, or l.y Mini) ull r<-i'i'l|tl
of (.rise Tim. Sous] ..I. I'Hiii I '. , I r„tlmrin«,
UeatUe-Murphy Co., Ud,
Phone 105 P. O. Box 33
Organist Methodist Church
Recelvee Pupils tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
If  you  want satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
flensral Merchant
Imaloynents Agents
P. O. Boi 101 Phone 2(«
Bebt Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
•id Pastry
Phone IT
Karkary Ave.      Opp. City Hall
. 1. Taylor, Proprietor
Haa Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
■Ilk and cream twice daily
Batteruiilk twice a week
Tha only clarified milk ln
Wa  gaaraaloe  ta  Pleas*
mi Country
r,. now completing tholr ur
ents tor n district tournament
Is to tuke place on the fourth,
,1 sixth of September, Tlie tilt-
events at poateil nre nn open
Hi,,.. f0t h ,:>. . [ bIx player
.iisiri.i  , ... i  ited by  tin
. I.. Pedlar, writtug "rom Mncan-
ITnlni., says: Hoc. in hero and moat
rybody else. We may not get
ty for a couple of weeks yet. Mra.
n. Mrs, I'enraon and
here tliis week. Tliey
nni., Gorlo was out on
1 um official pot washer
i sweet-scented Job, Am
I .irh.ile   down.     We
Monday for some route
. is bottlg prepared now.
ll,  P.
,iy. II is
etc from
e nut on
rch.    Urn!
a is,   nuit.'h   Play,   "I"'"   sln«
medal piny, open ladies singles, mi
play     ach ev.ni valuable In.llv
unl prizes will nlso I..' given,
tournamenl opens on Saturday am
is expected thai representatives ■
ami also hope Is held oul thai otl
will be present    trom   Culgary
Banff.   The course is a nine hole
of the ilistnn if a little over one
a half miles around.                   ,
l" tills
t- much
clopment  Ims
ly   Q   --In
Bill] 1
mid li"
is lint
Uie de'
during whicli
I'rnin here by boal
profitable to go ,,n
ment,  but  now   witli  th" com;
nml operation of tlu- Kootenny <
railway conditions have changed ami
:t. lias nil along been considered Blnce
that time Unit tin* greatest hindranci
in further work being carried cm with
the shyness of capltallstc to embark
their niniify in nny new undertaking
This with tin* high price which h' be-
Ing paid for lead nnd coppi r is undergoing a change.   Quite recently there
have been exports in here on behalf
nf one ot the largest mining companies operating in Western Canada who
have been looking   closoly into   tin
prospects of tlu* better known propcr-
ln> n Hod overcoats look nnd fool Hki*
use collars. Have boon Innoculatod
reo times and vacclnatod onco. Am
vnli.ii*.; /on of bacteria, Mayor
nughl im' n feed ut McCooVb hotel
n Sunday. W'o swim with great Joy
jcci pt when frosh .^rtnis two shot Into
i, Had d terrible tlmo tin* other day.
mi can Imagine what It is to park n
iin-lti man around In a utrc-t'-hi-r In
,..< hot sun. . Wall, I did lots of Unit.
•ii Hn other duy 1 wns a casualty iny-
olf and had the pleasure of letting
tbers pink mo. it was so Jake In the
tretcber tluit I wont to sleep and
.-h.it do yuu think 1 dreamed. I
ireamed l wus carrying tin* darn
hing, Wi* received today the gosh-
l.irmlt'st jack-knlfo you ever saw. It
us om- big blade, one can opener and
i Bplke ubout 6 Inches long. What the
i vil it is for no one knows. The
loots un* Jake, but the underwear was
nadc tor un Arctic expedition. Noth-
ng startling happens anil I guess
nothing will till we bit a boat from
lero, I am black as a raven; so ts
lib. Black In skin 1 mean; other-
,vlse colorless.
Mrs. H. B. Downs loft on Wednesday on a visit to friends ut Crunbrook.
Mrs. W. ti. Dutton, who has been
visiting with Mrs. Chas. Moore, re-
turna to Seattle this week.
Miss Ellu Dow left yesterday for
Victoria, where she will attend tbe
provincial normal school this term.
Miss Laura Kdnvmihon left the hitter part of the week for Vancouver,
where she wil attend normul school
this term.
I'ercy Neal, with thc 54tli battalion
at Vernon, a former clerk In the drug
store here, spent tlte week-end with
Creston frleids.
Creston brass band is donating its
services for tbt* Ited Cross lawn social
at Mrs. ti. Cartwrlf'.ht's, Brioltson, on
Wednesday evening.
M.  McCarthy  left on   Monday     to
taken plnce. Jean received a scalp
wound which necessitated the summoning of Dr. Henderson, while Mrs.
1'ow suffered sprains aud bruises,
which confined her to her bed for several days.
Hill John's and Bill Alyward our reil-
heuded cooks
Are walking about with   sonic   very
black looks
Mill Aylwe.rd is g.'ttlng us fat as a
lllll John's does nothing but growl like
a dog.
i They   say   that  the   cause   of  their
I        trouble uud grief
onic work
i line just
(By Fred Koo.]
Charlie Ayre, of Cainrose, Alberta,
j visiting bis parents this week.
The employees of the Kernie hotel
.ive a basket picnic; to Klko Sunday,
A. B. Trites, of Fertile, gave several
utomoblte parties to Klko this week.
Mrs. Wm. Hutchison and daughters
It for Vancouver via the Ureat
« tlie
t tl
s ami though t
oysters aw to
Ar examinations have
neral under-current s
e way to tin* reports I
able nature. Some
nlng properties which
lopment made upon th
tilts o:
yet tlu
:in* now under cot
being -further woi
Queen, tin* Pnrad!
mond. tin* Mot Pur
, the I
the largor
uve had de-
i and which
ou and alBc
e th"  Lead
Black Dia*
nyon, tin
3. P. Newnlmm lost 'J
months old son on .1
leral took place tin* I
aturday i
(From tlie Ferule Fine PresHj
The city has put the ban on 1.
swimming in tho park.
tieneral Otter, chief of staff of
teminont operations, is expected
visit Fernie in a fow days.
George Bell, of the Imperial ti.-
Calgary, Is holidaying in Fernlo.
says business is quiet but prospi
■i iver better,
-Mr. am: Mr
little sixteen
31st.     The   I'l!
, lowing Sunday.
s. F. Wallace Bpent
Sunday in Spoka: e.   lie was accompanied by bis son  Bruce, who went
down to consult an eye specialist.
Matthew   White!; w.  .if  the   Western
Canada strff. was united in marking!
on Saturday last to Ml--*; Mary Pater*
son, itev. w. .1. MacQuarrio officiating
.Mrs.   Mable   XeNof,   who   ha*;   boon
visiting lu Kegtna, returned ibis week.
She was accompanh :i on he'- return
hy Miss Connie Dry, vim will spend
i f. v wi i Its in '.own.
Di tl Kvnm anl 1111 -11 i ■  McUughlln
are having a mlxup in court over n
Halting   trip   on     lA/.v.M't]    Creel;,     it
i Is alleged that D'ld used a club to
prevent trcspoBBlng on his pr.-ptrty.
Judgo Stalker will  try'the case.
ll. Warman, u driver employed   by
tin* Fernle-Fort Steele Brewing Co.,
to the until
I held i
Warsr.w on H;
Welsby |,el,| a
and   found   th;
dismissed from the Browors' Union
I thus forfeiting his job ut tlie brewery
and that no evidence of a celebration
of the inii of War
covered. Tlie men employed were in
the habit of toltlng home a kog of
beer and enjoying themselves overy
Saturday night and the occasion reported was no different from any other Saturday night affair.   The Fernio-
Fort  Steele     Iii- v.!li:*   Co.     Is  01 0  of
F'Tiih's big industries and reports of
the kind Bpread broadcast arc very detrimental to business Rumors of this
, kind coming from !*n ox-employcc
11 Bhould be taken with a grain of salt.
Scotty Young and Ernest
vere visiting in Klko over
\itli their parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W-. Kerr, of the Klk
lotel, entertained several friends to a
hlcken dinner this week.
Nd matter how high thc cost of
Ivlng soars, Jim Thistlebeak believes
t will still be worth the money.
Mrs. Doctor Barber, of Fernie, Is
•Isiting witb Mrs. Oeorge Scott,
toosville valley this week.
Mrs. K. ti. Holbrook, post-mistress
i id general merchant, left Saturday
'or Lethbridge and Alberta points.
Jim Thistlebeak says: You can
.vorry yourself a big lot, but you can't
ntiId a happy home on the lot. Get
lint Mabel?
.Miss Grace Koss, of Krag, was the
•uest or honor at a automobile party
,-iveu by Mrs. C. A. Klingensmlth this
■veek to Fernie.
While driving to Waldo the otlier
lay with some travellers Sandy Blr-
.iie (tin* Barney Oldfleld of Klko)
.un over a porcupine, the result being
i blow-out. Sandy said the porcupine won on points.
Mv. Brown, civil engineer of the
Great Northern, with headquarters at
.Vhiiellsh, Montana, and several assistants are registered at the Colum
nia hotel this week. It looks as If Klko
.vill get thc union depot yet,
Mr. and Mrs. Whiffen returned to
Medicine Hat this week after visiting
friends here and the Itoosville valley
for the last month. Mrs. Whiffen Is
in expert angler and caught some
beauties while here. Mr. WhllTen had
better luck wltli a can opener.
Home from the south, Bluck Cloud
md family have returned from an ex-
tended visit to Dayton   Creek,   Mon-
1'iia, where tiny were the guests of
Paul Prairie Chicken and Mary Blue
Irouse, returning via Glacier National
•irk and the Roosvtlle-Flalhead rail.
They ri port splendid crops in the Flathead valley.
Superintendent Bert Black, of the
\l. F. .**■ M, was an Elko visitor Sun-
dny, bringing a p:*.rty of the Ferule
unbalance Corps on the report re-
■ i Iveil In Ferule that his brother Dave
was badly bitten by Rainbow Trout lu
l^odgo Pole ('reek nnd near drowned.
I'here are places along this creek
that Its policy to ball your hook behind a Iree.
The Sunday school picnic from
i oal ('reek to Klko hist week was the
InfgCBl of its kind ever visiting the
old historic burg and the dny was
hienl for the occasion. Mr. D. Martin, mayor of Coal Creek, was with the
party and Edward Mills, government
botanist of Fernie, was wltli the
[tarty. Two young ladies from the
Fernie Annex was discussing religion In one cf the Klko stores in the
afternoon, uml one snld that her pa
prayed until he wore holes In the
knees of his trousers, and the other
mid be ills-1 remarked thnt her pa had worn his
pants out entirely back sliding. There
must hnve been over 400 people all
hi gala attire and their presence made
the town look like old times before
the wnr broke out.
handle the steam shovel ou
the c. p. K. Is doing on tb
south of Culgary.
Marshal Barton, lhe Dominion Express meBsongor ou the c. p. u
steamer Kolwuiec. spent Sunday and
Monday at his home here.
Miss Kdnn NIchollB, who wav. opor*
uti-d on fo:* adenoids nt Cranhrook on
Sunday, returned homo on Momhiy, accompanied by MIbs Algulro,
Misses Phyllis and Francis Lyne,
Vivian Moore and A. Kbbutt loft on
Wednesday to join tho Stark's houseboat party ou the Kootom :■'.
A gang of men are busy at present
Mttlng the thistle trop along the K.
V. line. We hear $100 lias been appropriated for the work. Better late
than never.
The Farmers' Institute unl.iaeded
another car of deed this week. If the
present rate of business Is maintained
L.dgate will handle at least thirty
cr.rloads tills year.
Miss Georgian Cnrtwrl^ht has sufficiently recovered from tbe effects of
her operation for appendicitis at the
hospital at Cranbrook, to he moved to
the home of her sister, Mrs. McKowan,
Mrs. George Nichole, whose Illness
with bronchiul trouble we mentioned
last week, was taken to Cranbrook
hospital for treatment on Saturday.
Her sister, Miss Algulro, accompanied
Up to the hour of going to pre-:
Great   Northern   wrecking  crew
not commenced operations tearin
tho'.r   rails,  etc.    NYither  have
Doukhobors completed tho  purchase
of block Si::.
I.ast Sunday marked the season as
llsh day, the river being lined for eight
miles. A party of six from Cranhrook
spending thc week-end here opened
the day by reuching the four-mile post
In the wet hours of the morning.
Cranbrook hospital was well supplied with Creston sweet peas and
otiier llowers last week. All the
posies carried by the girls In the children's parade, on August 4th were sent
to the hospital by the Red Cross
What appears to have been tbe lirst
bicycle trip between Cranbrook and
Creston was made tbis week by Frank
Bamford and Krr.cst Jones. They left
the former town Sunday evening, arriving here shortly after noon on
Monday, returning Thursday. They
were guests of Dave Dow.
There will be no Issue of The Review next week. Wo are taking a
week off for a little mental and physical relaxation—and to do the annual
window cleaning and have the offlce
towel laundered. The net receipts
from tbe sale of the towel-washing
by products will be donated to the
machine gun fund.
A family picnic d\itlng which Hev.
R. K. Pow gave the family at Arrow
Creek on Saturday had a very painful
and almost fatal termination tbe early
part of the afternoon, while at play
Jean, the second daughter of the
manse, accidentally fell over quite a
high bank Into the wuter below, und
but for the prompt action of Mrs. Pow
In jumping over the bank after the
little one a    drowning would    have
Is tlie order concerning their issue of
It seems it's tholr luiblt to try every
CHEWING GUM'   vi/-.
On your Vacation—
Hid ill ft I'iphiuii Moh.r-
In*— Driving — Shooting
—Cn in pi nil ont—llierf Im
nothing Hko n plentiful
supply of the Dainty
Freoh Mtnt-flavureu
cut out (ht
a wny.
T-llone  uud  hide  It
Then aftor they've denned up sn 1 fed
all the Uno
They go after those T-Hotte's and have
a good time
Hut now these new orders hnve stopped uil tholr fun
Tbey must cut wltli tbe boys ln a broiling hot sun.
So Johns' said to Alyward. say look
hero ohl sport,
This isn't the j:ib that yon and 1
Hut Ay I ward just said In a sorrr.wful
What in h—I sha'.l be do without our
Then tbey figured and argued to fix
up a scheme,
To get out of feeding on bacon and
But it all came to nausbt for they
could not agree
So they both went to town on n h—1
of a spree.
—Woodyard Kindling
Vernon, August 10th, 1915.
Here's to the mau I love best,
Here's to his eyes of blue,
Is the heart that Is ever lander
Loyal aud kind and true,
Here's to the smile unfailing,
The greeting when dny Is done,
The strength to forgot the burden of
That was lifted when day begun.
Here's to the hand thut Is ready,
To help some poor soul along,
Whom the thorns of life are piercing
Once more he may be Btrong.
So here's to thc muii I love best,
And here's to his eyes of blue,
May all men be us noble.
As dear and as good as you!
—Marie Hrown
Ci anbrook, ti. V.
Shipbuilding activity, due to the
heavy demand for vessels sinee the
! Kuropean war began, Is greater In the
Culled States than It has been for several years. More steel vessels were
being built or wcre under contract
July 1 than at any time In any yeur
since 1901, and there was a greater
tonnage of wooden vessels building
than since 1870. Department of Commerce statistics issued recently show
1.J5 vessels were building July 1.
Sixty-live vessels were steel ships, aggregating li!iS.42fi tons, and sixty were
wooden vessels totalling 288,701 tons.
snnmt skix troi/kleh
Sunburn, blistering, and irritation
ure the commonest form of summer
skin troubles, and Zum-Buk ends
these very quickly. It works In two
ways. As soon us applied, Its untt-
Beptlc powers get to work and kill all
tlie poison in a wound, a sting or a
sore. This generally ends the smarting and the pain. Then Zamliuk begins the heeling process, and fresh
healthy tissue Is built up. For sore,
blistered feet, sore bunds, heat
rushes, baby's beat spots, sure places
due to perspiration, etc., you can't
equal Zam-Buk. It also cures cuts,
ulcers, abscesses, piles, aud all In
tlamcd and diseased conditions of skin
and subjacent tissue. Druggists and
stores everywhere sell Zam-Buk, BOc.
box. Use Zam-Buk Soap ulso, 25c.
per tablet. All stores, or Zam-Buk
Co., Toronto, Ont.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands not lator than
noon on the 21st day tf August, 1915,
for tbe purchase of License X475, to
cut it-Kt.OOO feet of Douglas Fir and
Larch, on Lot 12020, Kootenay District, west of Waldo.
Two  (2! years will  be all
removal of timber.
Further particulars    of tl:
Forester, Victoria, B. C.
Sealed tenders will be receive'' by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 21st duy of Auguet, 1915,
for the purchase or License X484, to
cut 988,000 feet of Douglas Fir and
Larch, on l.<ot 12022, Kootenay District, west of Waldo.
Two (2) years will bc allowed for
removal of timber.
Further purtlculurs of the Chief
Forester, Victoria. B. C. U.l-lt
tlon over the fall or
■day night! Chief
jelling investigation
Warmtui   had   been
(From the Creston Review.)
Mayor Litlle Is predicting un early
winter.   Poultry Is already moulting.
Louis Dore, of 208 Montgomery
Spokane, Washington, and It. J. Mc-
Furlund, of 1450 Portland Avenue,
Minneapolis, Mlnnesotu, or Great
Falls, Montana, and to all persons to
whom lt may concern.
TAKK NOTICK that Daniel Joceplt
MeGlnnis, of Wuriiner, British Columbia, hereby gives notice that he demands payment of the sum of $380.00,
being the amount of principal aud interest due to hlm under a certain
Indenture of Mortgage dated the 1st
day of July, 1910, nmde between the
above-named Louis Dore of the one
part and Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis or
the other part which mortgage was registered In the Land Heglstry Ollice ut
.Nelson on the nth day of May. 1911, ou
the following property, namely In the
District of Kast Kootenay, more particularly known us Sub-dlvlsion :i of
Lot 825, Group 1. AND TAKK
NOTICK that unless payment of tlie
said mortgage money uml interest,
costs and expenses be nmde within
one calendar month from the time of
your being served herewith, the snld
Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis will proceed,
with or without uny consent or concurrence on your part and without any
further notice to you to enter into possession of the snld premises nnd to
receive and take the rents and profits
possession of thc sume, to muke any
thereof; and whether in or out of
lease or leases of the same, as him the
Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis shall see lit;
DISPOSE ot the said lands and premises either by auction or private sale,
or partly by auction and partly by
private sale as the said Daniel Joseph
MeGlnnis may deem proper either for
cash or upon such term of credit as
! the said Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis may
think proper, and to convey and assume tbe some when so sold, unto
the purchasers thereof, as they shall
direct or appoint.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., this 4th
day of August, 1915.
T. T. Mceredy,
ai-« Solicitor for the Mortgagee.
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION for the issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Lots 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Block 90, Cranbrook City, Map 669.
Is my Intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the above mentioned
lots in the name of Thc Lund Land
and  Development Company  Limited,
which Certificate Is dated the 24th day
of October 1912 and numbered 1159-1.
District Registrar.
Nelson, B. C,
5th August, 1915. 22-U
Land Heglstry Art
IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION for the Issue of u duplicate
Certificate of Title to 1,ot 24. Block
4.1, Cranbrook City, Map 609.
It Is my Intention to Issue at lhe expiration of one mouth after the first
publication hereof a duplicate or the
Certificate or Title to the above mentioned lot in the name of Corey Allen
Dow, which Certificate ls dated the
7th  September,  cm, and numbered
Samuel R. Roe,
District Registrar.
Nelson, B.C.,
24th April, 1915. 30-4t
B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that Angus McLeod, of Fort Steele, B. C„ Free
Miner's Certificate No. 79907B, intends, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grunt of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, muat be commenced before the Issue of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of July. A.D.,
1MB, IMt
Sealed tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lu.ids i.ot Inter than
noon on the 21st day of AuguBt, 1015,
for the purchase of License X488, to
cut 968,000 feet of Douglas lir and
Larch on Lot 12021, Kootenay District, west of Waldo.
Two 12) yenrs will be allowed for
removal of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B. C. .13-lt
Capital Authorised   ....$10,000,1100.00
Capital Paid Up    7,000.000.09
Reserve   and   Undivided
Profits       8,200,000.00
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
available In any part of the world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
counts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received and Interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A branch la also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under tho management of Irving C. Wedd.
Cranbrook Branch
11. W. SUPPLE, Manager
Bpokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel ln Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this ls true.
Opposite new Union Station. Clone to all placea ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
8m Steamship oi the Reef


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