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Cranbrook Herald Sep 27, 1917

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THURSDAY,  SEPT.   27,   1917
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
Victoria     number a.
British ci'i mnn  ~ :
The four tli Annual Conference of
tlu* Kootenay and Boundary Districts
of H. (', wiih opettod Wttll prayer, In
the Parish Hull on Tuesduy night.
by the Hev. Mr. Wright, and with tlio
song "<> Canada." Mra. Mcrarluno,
President oi the cranhrook Institute,
gave Un* delegates a warm and frlunu-
ly welcome She expressed grout
ploasure in having an opportunity to
on ter tain them, with ua especially
prepared progrnm! banquei ami nuto |M
rldo. Mm, V. II. Johnntott, of Nelson, „0
occupied llu* chair, Performing her .
duties tn a very capable Milliner. Mrs
Howe voiced lhe gratitude of lho
visiting mombors In n vory pleasing
lminner. Mrs. It, I.. Upset broughl
greetings from the Okanagan Institutes; Mrs. Hlack -wood Wlleinau
brought greetings from Vancouver
Island Institutes, and Mr:;. \V. V.. Davles, greetings from the Lower Mainland Institutes, all of which were very
interesting. This was followed hy n
musical number by Cranbrook Choir,
"We'll never let   the Old Flag  Fall."
Institutes, whom tin
"The British Lion i
lout; looltod for l«
began his iililr udilr
<ni tha gront worti
tne BOOO  women  ol
• t <  togolltor  uud
"Love, Homo nnd Ci
is stronglh,"   ii
ask   nf   Iln-   gOVC
tilled   lu   their
I'll   lo.
au named
on ventlon.
»t last,"
i with a eulog)
ccompllahod by
t. c.  who inui
lin*   motto of
In I'i
y lu
<i  I
or's Ins
heing ih
bullets. Wo ui
forty por conl los
ductlon in menlt
thing raised is a
flu of Knlserlsm.
tivate   the  Cod   \
i nnythlng lo
nnii'iii. ii thej wore
roiiuoat, they would
le advised them to
possible wiih I'Vrm
Patriotic work was
illver and fooo
gol along with
f I; Increase pro-
iiml grnin. Kvery-
tiit tack in the cof-
And above all. Ctll-
iven   spirit  of optl-
The following telegram was received n few days ago by Mrs. Ada Foot,
of this city:
Ottawa. Sept. 6th. 1917.
Mrs. Ada Foote, Cranbrook. B. C.
Sincerely regret to Inform you, nine
three mic seven nought five, Pte.
James Foote. infantry, officially n-
i ported admitted lo 56th general hospital. Etaples, August twenty fifth.
nineteen seventeen, wounded Will
-end rurthor particulars when received.
Din ctor of records,
Pte Footo is now in the Kitchener
Military   Hospital,   Brighton,  Sussex,
Presented  With Silver Suiter Prior
to iii- Departure For
si. John, X. B.
On Wednesday evening n large and
representative gathering of the citizens ut i: ran brook and the District met
; at tho City Hall ti> bid tarewell to
Mr .1 M Chrlstlei oti hli departure
from Cranbrook
Mr Christie, for nearly rivo yean .
has been restdenl in Cranbrook as the
Manngor of tin* Canadian Bank of
Commerce, and is now leavlna for St.
John, N it. Iiavlng heen appointed
Managi r of tlto Bank In thai city.
During tin- time lis has heen In
Cran brook, Mr. Christie has tuken u
very ai Uve Interest lu both civic and
nl affairs
i n
Mn tiers    of    Impn^luiice
mlstu; what does any tiling matter
excopl getting on with this wnr.. Now
we liave conscription. Magnificent
results had been obtained from thc
Voluntary system hut it. had given out,
more men are needed.    A great    '"
which Ms very creditably rondered.  Jusl*(v -„„• ,, , ,.,„„„.,,, wllm „,,
The next on the program was an address hy Mrs. K. W. Ch.'.lmeds of
Thrums, on "Salvage of Pood Waste,"
a subject of great interest at the
present time. • This very Interesting
address wus Illustrated hy lantern
slides in which was demonstrated several ways of cutting down the cost of
living. A solo, "Goodbye Summer," by-
Mrs. Kennedy, was much appreciated.
Mrs. Jas. Johnstone gave nn Inspiring
address  on    "Conservation   Pledge."
en i
suffrage.   Though
men w
tlle sky tit present Is overcast we can
see the dawn ami hope tn emerge
a better aud nobler nation.
"Keep the Home Fires Burning" by
the Cruubrook choir and "The King
und Our Men" brought a profitable
evening to a close.
On Thursday nl Si a.m. opened with
Cod Save the King and prayer for our
Boys at the Front by Uev. Thos. Key-
worth.    Resolutions   were  read  and
The meeting closed with .the singing   )Hs(.l1SS(l(.    D|MUM|0IW took place on
Institute Competitions. Fruit Picking
Problem, Patriotic Work. Mr. Scott
and Prof. Davidson were present.
Thoro was an auto ride through the
country in the afternoon to he tollow-
dtiy night
.■ auaplcei of the
d short addresses
v the following
f each of thc or-
i;ie], Mr. Christie
(Crowded out  of Inst week's Issue)' ]l!iS been actively associated:
The specinl General Meeting of the      Board of Trade: !*:. II. McPhee; Pal
Hoard of Trade, held In the Council i r|()li,. society: W. 13. Worden: Agrlcul-
Chamber, City Hall, Tuesday evening| ttiral Society: .1. I'   Fink: Crnnbrook
Club: (i. J. Spreull; Qolf club: C. 0.
was held  under
Board ot Trad.' .
were     delivered
as  representative
■ ganlzrttlon.  with
ed by a
he  repo
led   next
Owing to lack of space in our la
issue we wore unable to give a d*
tailed account of tbo Creston
hihit ~m thi
Fail Fair.
They had Jl' boxes
plates, the wealthy a
ating with 12 hows
Celllna Pippin ."» box
apples ni
des predentin*
nd L'l plates:
ami 3 plates,
re  Snow
' Napoleon.
Crabs consisted (
plates; the Hyslop .
U plates of Pears
ciapp's Favorite .
IU plates of Plu
variety shown.
Tomatoes   _ i rati
Vegetables chleflj
Carrots, Cabbage. I
golds. Turnips, also
melon and string bei
In rod.
lu Flowers then
Fancy Work 7 en
cooking, huttet   aiu!
Out of -ti ranchei
the Creston Roan]
Mr Jni kson heade
entries    Mrs   Walt
i  I boxes
nd Transc
and i
chiefly Bartlett,
I Flemish Beauty,
ns   nlmos)   every
■ and '
ts,   Ma
id Mua
of thc "National Anthem.
The Wednesday morning session
opened at ft o'clock with the Boll Call.
"The Influence of my Vote upon My
Home and Country.*' after whicli was
an address given by Mrs. Johnstone,
chairman. "Political Economy fnr
Women." was the subject of an able.
discourse, by Mrs. Mohr of Nelsofi,
There was a discussion on labor problems and social subjects, The reports
of the Committee were made and discussed, followed by a solo by Mrs.
Adlard. The Committees were then
appointed and the reports of-the Institutes tuken. Those on the new
Committees are:
School Committee: Mrs. Wilson,
Harrop, Mrs. Hubert, Berton. Miss
Allison. Robson: Patriotic Committee:
Mrs. Putey, Kuslo, Mrs. Donaldson, The otlier articles
Nelson, Mrs. Gllroy, Willow Point, j Astrakhan. Mclutc
Library Committee: Mrs. Pennock,
Arrow Park, Mrs.. McLenon, Hock
Creek. Mr Hurton. Cranhrook; Resolution Committee? Mrs. Downs. Creston. Miss V. i'ooie. Nnkusp, Mrs. Ash-
by, Boundary.
The afternoon meeting on Wednesday was opened with the sinking of
thc "Maple Leaf." followed by an address by Mrs. Blnekwood-Wilemnii on
the subject of "Dumb Friends League"
In which she spoke of the splendid
work the Ulne Cross were doing.
Miss Allison nf Rnbsou spoke on
"Houehold Leaks," which was also
discussed, nfter which Dr. Qreon gave
a very interesting and Inspiring a !
dress on "Public Health." Hc spike
from uu Individual standpoint ami
took for his subject "The Prevention
of Premature Old Age"   After this
utile discourse. Dr (Ireen was tendered u vote of thanks by tlie Indies
Tlie "Penny Bank Scheme" was discussed an.) "Mothers' pensions" wus
also broUglll Up. Mrs. Jack Thnmp cn
Rang "Tiie Call of the Motherland'
and wus encored, and sang ''Lnihlifi
111  Khaki"
The evening meeting opened, with
the singing of "0 Cnnai(n" and "Rule
Rrltanla." Mr. Wallinger tnok tho
place of Mm Mayor who was npsenl.
ami gavii a very appropriate greeting
Mrs    Hubert  of  |b*rtnn   made a   suit
ubi» reply,
After a few humorous remarks nn
the probability of the Onrden of Hden
having beeu In the Okauagap, Prof
Davidson began his Illustrated '""
Dire on "Wild Flowers and Poison
huh Plants of British Columblu" which
wus followed throughout with keen
Interest as the flowers and plants,
native und Introduced, were thrown
upon the screen and their economic
uses In fibres, drugs, fodder, fertiliser, ete... carefully explained, also K. Hurry; plums, Italian prunei
fungun and insect pests, nnd thc pols- k. HoBklns, nm ,in. Campion; voge-
onous plnrts more or less dung rous tables, citron, Hnd, A. Cameron, not
to stock, but from which well fed A. Saniuclson: horses, saddle horse,
stock suffer less, He hud found the, 2nd, Chas. Clapp. nol W. K Worden:
silver lupin In Cranbrook. Oun-pow- vegetables, cabbnge, 2nd, .1. Levett.
der In water was the remedy for belli-j not .1. Mltcholl;  poultry, it. I. "Rods.
of lust week for the purpose Of In
Ing new ideus. wns well attended and
proved decidedly interesting to tliosi
present. New ideas were broached,
discussed and passed upon und, when
carried out, should prove of groat
benefit to the City und District generally.
After iiie reading and acceptance
of tlie minutes of tlie previous meeting tlu* secretary reported on the pre
sent standing of tiie Flour Mill Pro-
posit ion. Tlie Committee appointed
to look ufter tliis matter, itad gone
carefully into conditions in tin* vlcln
ity aud decided to recommend tliat untiling he done in this connection until
the spring of next year when the
proposition should he gone a lieud
with energetically and, as conditions
would Indicate, successfully.
Letters were reud from F. W. Sterling, of the C. P. R. re gruln rates. 13,
L. Xewcome, Deputy Minister of Justice, B (1. Hamilton, Secretary of the
Windermere District Board of Trade.
11 D. Brown, re the forming of au
Athletic Association and the use of
the Young Men's Club Building, and
from tlie Creston Bonn! of Trade extending an invitation for represents
tion nt the Reclamation Congress and
Banquet to he held in Creston on the
38th and 20th inst.
After husiness arising out of those
communications had been disposed of
the meeting was thrown open to air-
Staples;     Hnilkoi
Lumbermen; IS,
speakers in their
fal tribute to tin
Mr. Christie aud
-:   II.  E,    Seaman;
L.    Staples.    The
addresses, puid spee-
btislness ability of
ixproBsed the appro*
crnnhrook  Agricultural i *.,lK „(■ ne'wMdeas
The   Rev.   Mr.   Keyworth   suggested
il S-i   that we try to induce Mr. Jumes W.
! Gerard, late ambassador to Germany
i trom   tlie   I'nited   States,   to   Include
I Crnnbrook    In his itinerary    of this
lt,':~'   Province.    The .Secretary wai
hi 1 I T liooi
and K. Macho
.■ Board of Tn
■ responsible f
ni gre
f Trade auspices
the list with i'i!
ile. and Mrs M.
Mrs  Geo  Cnri
In, W. <:   Little
^^^^^^^ gel Into touch with
Mr. Gerard by telegraph to this end.
iln Mr. Wilson's suggestion a committee was appointed lo draft and forward a resolution to tlie Boards of
Trade of Vancouver and Victoria supporting them tn their application to
the Provinclnl Government to liave
the Rule of the Road changed to conform with the otlier Provinces and to j
those In force on the other side of
the International Boundary.
The matter of the Tourist Traffic
through British Columbia during the
past year and the certainty of a still
greater traffic during the next few
yeara was introduced by the Secretary \*- the Old lanes for tills traffic.
in Europe, will lie closed for some
years it will naturally turn to the
scenic parts bf Canada and tlie Western States We, In this district, nro
BO familiar with the many beauty
-pot- and scenes of rugged grandeur
thai   we scarcely realise the nppeul j
elation of the courtesy and fair deul-
Ingwhlch always characterized liis actions. Fnch one was happy in the
knowledge (lint his Hunk had recognized his abilities nnd had honored
him with well deserved promotion.
Not only was tlle departure of Mr.
Christie from Cranhrook a loss to the
business community hut al! those organizations with which both Mr. and
Mrs. Christie had been associated
would greatly miss their counsel nnd
Mrs. Christie during her slay in
Craubrook made a host of friends,
who will sincerely regrel her departure.
.1. It. Met'.-, ry, *.*! o acted ns chairman prevented Mr. and Mrs. Christie
on behalf or the oltlaeps of Cranbrook,
with o sliver salvor .vs . slight token
of their esteem, in reply tu tho presentation and address, Mr. Christie expressed hi:; thanks and his regret at
iiavlng lo leave so many friends and
hoped that he and .,'rs Christie would
lie honored hy the visit of ally of Ills
friends who chanced to travel In bis
.d sli
C   Glbbs
ickson n
d Mess
. Qlbbi
e   I.
II    K
and W   V   -Iii
Mr-   W   .1;
and Jncktion
As evidence oi the rapidly Increasing prqdimtlon »l ihe Crmton Valley
in I OKI Creston whipped I7.M0 crates
of strawberries, 5,2110 crates «if raspberries, lUlln crates ot plums. 87,800
boxes "f npplos, il Slid boxes of tenia
loe-. IIM' ItoXCfl i'l pear-, :i."inii th- of!
honey, also quantities nf elder
i:i(HOHN     W'Pl.AIUMi    IN    I-A8T
WEKK'N issi I   oi   Till   PAU,
Apples, Mcintosh Rods
, cron, not Huggons, oi
tlravensteiiis. Snd, IV I'u
1st A. Carnal; apples
man. not P
tiny would have to the tourist look
Ing for .iust sucli effects, if properly!
placed beforo him. To this end it
was tioelded t.. apply to the City to
arrange for Parking Space for cars j
remaining in the city over night Tlie J
Board also nppolnted a committee to |
secure cuto of the many beauty
ppots i'i tlo- vicinity in order to have
reprints made from them to be used f
hy ttie merchants, associations and
people generally ns enclosures tn
iheir letters, This ought to prove n
cheap ami effective wny of advertising, nnd should secure results In
bringing a cluss of people into the
country who will, In turn, advertise
its resources, climate and scenery.
In connection with this idea uud in
order io facilitate  its carrying out
a committee was appointed to draft
a resolution und submit it lo the Hon.
Dr. King. Minister of Public Wo.ks.
urging the curly completion of the
Nnttonnl Highway through this District.
At tiie puhlic meeting called by-
Mayor Clapp on Tuesday evening at
tlie City Hall for the purpose of
selecting a new committee for the
Cranhrook Branch of the Returned
Soldiers' Aid Commloslon of British
Columbia, tin* following were elected:
Mayor Clapp, chairman; W. A. Nisbet, Secretary; Executive Committee:
Messrs. Simon Taylor. T. .\i. Roberts,
C. O. Staples, .1. K. Cram. Geo. Leitch.
c. M. Pennock, E. v. Brake. J. R. Mc
Creery. P. Robson, .1. I'. Pink, w. !■;.
Worden.   M   A.   Beale,   \V.   II.  Wilson.
.1   It   McCreery and  It. lv Beattie.
An effort was made to include three
representatives of tlie Women's organizations on tiie Committee, which
was frustrated.
At tin* Executl
ing  following  tin
wus decided thut
he Financial, Employment, Convalescent, nnd Reception, llie members of
the Sub  Committees to  be appointed
by the chairman.
Committee meet*
mbllc meeting, it
e Sub Committees
Accounts Ordered Paid—City  Emrin.
eer\ itejmrt Read
Tlie   City   Council   held   their   regular meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13th,
Present Aldermen MacKinnon,  Kakin
and   Balment.     The   following     accounts were ordered paid:
1     Beattie-Murphy    Co.    $3,76,    Cran-
br.ink Drug ,*.■ Hook Co. $3.66, C .P. It.
$1.50.  Crunbrook   Meat   Market   $8.3!..
Cranhrook   Sash  &   Door  Co   $10."..77,
, Cranhrook Cartage A- Transfer $7S.fift.
Cranhrook Electric Light Co, $200.63.
It  Fn  |5,fi0, Hanson Garage $5.90,
Kootenay    Telephone    Lines    $20.45,
Little & Atchison $8,60,   Mentis, Lid..
$0.38,  Ira  Manning  Ltd. $85.05, J   A.
Molleur $2.75, .1   D   McBride    $22.85,
! McAviiy  ts-   sons  $41.00,   Puyrolls
; city    Engineer   $270,(i0,   Fire Dept
', $287.26, City Officials $207.60, School
| Board $1682.97, Police Payroll $29f(.00;
T. N   Parrett $10.00. V, Parks & Co.
$24.90, Sundry Cash payments $115.56
Sullivan's Quick Print ta, St. Kugene
Hospital $63.76, Charlie Wing $4.60.
The   ciS.    engineer   reported     us
To the .Mayor and Council of tha
City  of  Crunbrook:
Gentlemen—I   beg   to   submit   my
report for the month of August,
WATER- Maintenance work on the i
water system during the month was
as follows: four leaks In the main
wore repaired, tliree valves were re- I
paired, and the defective parts re- j
plnced; two service connections were
repaired;   one   now   corvieo conncc- ■
thin was mude; the construction of a
■nek crib below the dam at the city
reservoir referred to In a previous _
report as being necessary to prevent ; ^C
erosion by backsconr was completed, j 1
In connection with the question of!
water supply, It muy be mentioned |
that the flow In St. Joseph's Creek I
continues to diminish, several meterings taken at the city reservoir dur-
lng the montii showed the average
amount of wastage on the spillway to
in* approx. 1.90 cubic feet per second
us against an average of 3,06 cubic
feol per second lost montii. Two
plumbing permits were Issued.
STRKKTS The muln streets were
cleaned and weeded. A survey wus
mud" on Kalns St. in connection with
»lo question of effective drafnuge of
this Btreot and ndjsoent avenues.
SIDE-WALKS Sidewalks     and
bridges were maintained In repair.
!_■. feet of new eight-foot walk wa*?
laid' on  Hanson  Are.
SEWHR9 Several visits to the
disposal works showed the same to
be in a satisfactory condition. A
quantity of sludge from the septic
tanks was disposed of. Three sewer
connections were made.
Your   obedient   servant,
Wm. H, Essie, city engineer.
A letter from Wm. Dickson of
Pernio offering to sell the city a
rock crusher, elevator with chain uud
trough for $a75.00 f.o.b. Fcrnie wns
reud und tlie offer accepted subject
to a clear bill of sale being made.
The Board of Workr, were authorized to expend an additional sum of not
exceeding $1000 In addition to their
original estimate.
The council recommended the
Police Commissioners to have the provisions of the Road Tax enforced by
tbe Police.
Accounts were presented by Mr.
Ross Cnrr for repairs to his house,
the damage having been caused by a
leak In the -water main. The
accounts amounting to $197.?fi were
ordered paid.
:~£_J New Millinery
Ladies' Wear
linn*  iiililiil   mini)   mu
I   Illl'   III*.!
.  \^L*S	
tew (lit)'*, mnl ii iiiii*.! ililiii-I-
Iiii: Hispid)    (if    Hi!"    sennfln'*
mosl exclusive ili*,lgns unit lute-
rl,**< un* here for jemr Inspection. Prices nre mosl rni-.uu-
alii., mnl \\ ill v ii it everyone.
iVeu> Shoes for Fall Wear,
Indoors and Out
Notwithstanding the
Munlty nf materials
and hiu'li prices, we
hnve heen fortunate In
iffttini: good deliver)
nf a mosl I'liniplcte
stuck nf stylish, relinhle
I'nntneiir lit popular
Ynu will find tin* Shoes
ynu wanl here, either
fnr evenlnir, street nr
McCreery Bros.
Cnabrook't Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
_ —.».«..
Cod Liver Oil Preparation
A palatable preparation uf Wine, F:.trait «i Mult. Hj-jtOHbos-
ptutte** of Iron, Quinine. Strychnine, nnd Hingsnese irftli Wild
(hem   Bark.
I neijualled a» n remeil) for .rule and I limine roughs, I old*,
It rune h ltl*«. A»thema and Pncnnonan   Troubles
Prescriptions a Specialty,
Prompt Service Onr Motto
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
W. I. ATCHISON, Xanwr.
CHANIUtOOK   SI 111)111.s   HAVK
liARGK KMIOI.I..MKVI' l\ Iili:
QtllET   WKliniMi   TAKES   PI.Af E |
■ ,\   Mil
ollocl, Mlm
nre.ll.'il.   MIhs M.
I'linilhel. Mis- II. O'-
Dlvlalon 2.   32   enrolled,
Woodland, Tooolier,
Dlvlsl    28 enrolled, Ml
nee*, tencltor,
Dlvtalon I.   49
White, tiwliir.
Division ■'..
Cartwright, tea.
lllvlslem 11.    1
Hriien. tenclior,
lllvlshiii  7.- II    flirt.] 1.
Simpson, tencher.
Division S.- 4li enrolled. Ml
Donald, (eacher,
Division a.—*12 enrolled, Miss A. Mi
l.e'lhltl. tearlli'l*.
Smith  Ward Net I
Division 1.  -30 unrolled, Mrs. I.cc
IlilKhle Wnhn was bofore Magistrate | teacher.
Mr. A. J. I.al'd'iiT and Miss Florence I
lllfklnlii.lham Married in Hilo
Allred James Lafferty, of tlle Hilo
Railroad Company, and Miss Florence
M. Hlcklnbotham, private se-eretary of
Lorrin A. Thurston of Honolulu, were
nuletly married at the home of Mr. and
^^^^^^^^ Mrs. Wallace D. Stone on Walanuenue
Central Scliool j av.-nn.- at ii oVloe*li last evening.   The I
Division 1 Entrance <'la.-s. 38 en-1 k,.,-. rjeo. Laugliton of the First For- j
rollod, n S. Shields, 11. A.. Principal. ,.|Bn Church officiated and only n few!
reseller. '    j iriends of tho ye.ung couple were pres-1
rp"» t*Hf*m itsfirtsss s*t\fmm   iW/l ll     l*s*mm,mfls7tt*S,i*ls*.n nfls*s*tt
Auditorium 2Mfi^
TUES., Oct. 2nd
pin,in: (tn kt JfOTEfi
boro polaonlng..  Men were sometimes | piiUol. 1st, J. Mltcholl, not Mrs. D. | Arnold on Monday last, charged, with |    Division 3.-81 enrolled. Mrs. Deane
polHoncd through eating birds, pnrtlc-! Hurton; poultry, orplngton hen, 1st,
lllarly grouse thnt hnd oaten tht. ■ K. T. Coonpr, nol heonard Hurton;
mountain laurel. Tret'!!, shrubs nnd preserves, prosorvetl fruit. 1st. .Mrs.
flowers or the moist iron and, the: I*:. T. Cooper, not Mra. T. s. um,
arid, dry belt regiona received, ntlen Omitted from l.iisl Week's Issue
tlon. Prof. Davidson aluo had n flpfc i f'la»B 113, Sec. :,, Pair socks knit
collection of fl. C. flowem and plants: (girls under IB) Bvn Armstrong, 1st,
exhibited in the hnll. Class 07, sec.  I, Bull lorrtor bitch,
Miss McHride rendered a solo, Donald Dnllas, 1st Class 40, hoc I.
"Somewhere In Prance" which was , phetiHiinls, nuile. A. M. Boattlo. Wuldo,
encored. \ Ut,   Class 40, sec. _. pheasants, fe-
Wm.  E.  BeoU. Superintendent of mule, A. M. Ueattie. Wuldo. lat.
bolng drunk nnd disorderly. Hughle
pleaded guilty aud Is being taken eare
of, out of tiie way of temptation, for
ten days.
Mr.  11.   I).   Fi
Brltanta   High   ^^^^
Principal of the High Scliool and Miss
John Mansfield appeared the samel W. II. Fellows. B. A., oi Vancouver.
day on a similar charge and was fined | will arrive this week end to assist
ten dollars or fifteen days. Tho fine him. The enrollment Is 37, the larg-
was paid. j est  since High School  work  was In-
Aloxander Kolly was sentenced to nugurated In t'ranbrook, nnd it will
three months with hard Inbor In tho | bo necessary for the Sel
Miss Lillian  M. Osgood, A.  H. of
Honolulu, was the maid of honor, and
j .Mr,   Stone  acted   ns   best   man.     The
D-   otlier guests  present   were Mr. and i
| Mrs, I  IV. Killer. Mr. and Mr*. Charles
Hitchcock. Mrs. A. Stone. Mr. and Mrs.
It.   a.   Devlne,   Mr.   and   Mrs..   (;.-o.
Laugliton.  John   It.   /.iniriernian  nnd
Mrs. \V, I), Stone,
Following tlie ceremony a delight*
ful supper was partaken of. The
tables as well ns the large dining hall
were decorated with a profusion of
flowers and other gay colorings. Dur-
Ing supper the best tiiat life can give
was wished on ttie young couple.
Shortly .n-fter the party was seated    m
a   Wireless    was received    from the | ^
bride's parents in Westminster, Can-
nda,   ex tending   congratulations   and
th.  M.  A.,  late of   best wishes to them during their mar.
onl,  Vancouver.  Is   rled life.
Mr. and Mrs. Lafferty left last night
for an extended visit around the Island. Or. their return they will reside
lu Putfjo.—Honolulu Advertiser.
The Great
And His Excellent Company
Oriental Mystery
Stupendous Feats of Magic
Manifestation of Spirit Power
Transmission of Thought
Cabinet Mystery
Mr,   Oeorge   A   .Mclntyre.   u   well
1 Hoard to j known and popular commercial trav-
Wlson Jail for supplying Intoxicating j take immediate stent- to provide larg- j etter   nf Vancouver ls    transacting
liquor to Jnrfhui. tr quarter*. fcmai____M Ib the city Mtfi wMk..
FREE DANCE after the Show i
PRICES, 25c, 50c, 75c
«**%' **•*%• m*A" <***%! ***%> PACUDTWV
II Mutters Xot What Ymir
Requirements nre in
Wn tiro iilniijs ul your
Sit i lie
Wc iiii) tiie Cliolcosl Uiii
I'liiiii tin. Local liiiiii'lit'is.
Vim ine* using ln'iir
'Cho Sign of the Shamrock'
rntiNi: in
"I J nil I iiy A Sit, in"
P. BURNS & Go.
■ ***
Buying on
Is almost a necessity In buying
viniie articles of jewelr) He
wise; make yoill* tnirchase
from a reliable I se like this.
Nexl Iu the I'flsl Ofliee
('. P. It. Wuirii liispeetbrs
P. A. Iiuy, Mnnniier.
\.   Iteule,   Seerelnrj   nud   Kill to
I rnuhniiik. it.!.. Sepl ember 'J 7 Hi. IblT
v. m. c ji. «ricc
Hours tl n.m. to 8 p.m.
I teg u lur Dinner k Short Orders
■ -lieaSohaliiii WicCs
Special   Table   for   Ladles.
Itoht Frame* Prop.
Krcsli Hn-.nl, Cakes, Ties
iiiitl 1'Hstry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.       Opp  City Hall
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall,      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
E. 11. McPhee       VV. C. Adlard
Secy. N. G.
Cranbrook, B. €.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tho Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box 622
VlHltlng  brethren cordially  Invited to attend.
ovi:ksi:as club
Meets lu Maplu Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
P. m. *m
Membership open   to   British
Visiting   in 'inhers   cordially
tt. V. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
tin: homuvs nsTniTt:
It is perhaps a little late In the day
or week to say welcome to the host of
fair visitors who havo come to our
clly   Ki   attend   Hie   sessions   ol'   thc
Fourth Annual Conference of the
Kootenay and Boundary Districts
Women's Institutes of Hritish Columbia,
\\'e may be in time however to say
that we appreciate your visit ami trust
that during your stay i.mongst us you
have found our hospitality to he sucli
us has cheered yiinr hearts nml made
yonr visit to us a thing or very real
pleasure, and thai the fellowship afforded yon iiy onr people mny hnve
proven a tonic thut will at least give
Invigoratlon for the return tti the common taiks of a common lot.
We could wish (hat wc hud a lew
public Institutions, such ns u park,
library etc., to placo at your disposal,
hm let us say that we have hopes that
ere .von visit us again lhal some of
t lies,' defects may he remedied, but
again we hope thai what we luck in
this direction our people have more
than made up I'or hy their personal
attention and good -comradeship.
Of the good thnl your visit has been
to our city nud district we cannot
speak too highly, or even mnke a faint
Vour message of economy, efficiency, patriotism nnd education cannot
full lo bring us nearer together In a
common purpose und with a common
spirit, wee from political hla.. and
'StfrclftrgBn Vi.Ii 5 sense of'gruve responsibility to Ood, Country and Home,
the conference bus given expression
io a lone of life and thought thut there
ennnot he too much of In this time
of national crisis uud nil too prominent party strlfo,
After all the problems of the nation
are hut those problems of the individual ami the homo In aggregate, and
any conference thnt undertakes aud
succeeds as this one has done to constructively contribute to the solution
of these problems right at their root
source is nu inestimable boon to any
To say that tho sessions have been
a delight to our people is but to acknowledge In a very formal way a
sense of gratitude tliat. is Inexpressible
hut which carries with it to atl the
visiting friends a cordial welcome to
return to us ul not u very distant
Me*e'ts   111   tlie
Porlali Hull
i|e*st Tuesday
(every niontli
at :i p.m.
Preeee., Mrs. W.
II. MeFurlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Due-ton, P. 0. Boi Ml.
All lneife.*e cordially Invited.
Al llio nubile mooting le.'lel in tlie'
Clly Hall on TueBday evening, a new
committee wees clioBen to curry een
tiio work of tiie Cranbrook Brnncli eel
tlie Roturnod Soldlor'a AM Commission of Brltlsii Columbia.
Tlio Commission is a department oi
tlio Government ni Hritish Columbia
and line cities and towns tliruu**lii)iit
tlie* Province aro asked to co-operate
by tlio organization e»r local branches.
Tin. primary object ot Uio local
body Is tlie finding oi employment for
discharged soldiers, wbo iiieeeu tlieir
return to Canada arc physically aael
othorwlso fli to assume sucli employment,
It is also the duly of the local
liranch lo furnish tin* Military Hospitals CammiBston with particulars of
llii' local fncllltlos H'lllcll will he n-
vaiiith].' im- iiie purpoBo of Inking
card eef nnd providing tor all return-
eel soldiers Wbo for any cause are
Incapacitated ior employment o
wlm roquiro Bpeclal training or treut-
ment be'feerc being able to undertake
of I il"*v ''mido.vmpnl anil ll is particular-
private hospital
Licensed ley Prov. Government.
Special attention given to Nervous uiul Rheumatism cases by
Violet lluy Trouliiiont
lluilil up the eysl.-ni and
Htendy tlle nerves through rcinc-
trlc Vibration, Internal Hxerclse
Violet Kuy and Ozone, a pnr-
fectly natural process.
ly lieslreil Unit tlie Committees of the
local branches he formed with u view
to co-opernttng to tlio fullest possible
extent wltll llie local Patriotic Societies.
Wliilc iiie local Committee solected
een Tuesday night is a fairly representative one, we think a mistake was
mode in not including representatives
of lhe Women's Organizations eef tlie
The Women of Greal Britain nini
Canada have demonstrated boyond a
doubt tlieir fline'ss to enter a larger
sphere of activity,   Tliey form to-day
a great part of the army behind the.
| army; tliey have rushed to the rescue
iiml saved thc duy uiul tlm war can-
| nnt be wnn without tlieir help; the
I responsibilities and burdens tbey are
assuming sre Increasing, their ud
Soptombcr 6, 1017.
Mrs. .1. P. Leslie, Cranbrook, li. C.
Dear Madam.   In roply to your let-
it August we . I Id greatly pro-
'■oiii' Chapter to mako tlieir socks
riling to tho Instructions given lu
THURSDAY,  SEPT,  27,   11)17
mlnlslrnllvc ability has heen proven
by the unqualified success e.r the
various pntrlotlc societies under their
control; and thoy are nol only on :.
titled I" hul hnve domonstrnted tholr
fitness to til li.- their place In nil rep-   i
resenlaliv •gaiiizulloiis;   and   it   is   f
granted, we arc sin-.', wlthoul auos- a
Hon, thai the women of Cranbrook "War Work" so that tliey may ho of
arc not mee' whit behind In iln* noble a good size. Mrs. Piumptre feels very
work tliey arc performing. ' strongly thai ii is much better to gee
The appointment of women to pub-, by the' official Instructions. Of course
lie offices may be more or less a ■ ii ymir '.'.'ork,-is woal to use wooden
new departure, hen tie' time Ib not needles tbey can put ou fewer stitches
far illstani when llieir usefulness nnd imi we iln not find ihe smaller socks
capabilities will be more generally ■ as gooil as those which are' nuere ani-
rocognlzod and we may yol  look in; pie.
see women members of the Bonrd of1
Trade am! Women Councillors in lh"
City of Cranbroolt, : I gbl
Tlie work of iiie Returned Soldier*
Commission is already of great importance. It will Increase as tlio
war progresses ami will roach lis di
Ilia*, al   lhe Close of lhe war.
The duties of iiie Cranln I, branch ;
ine ai  present  light, bul ihey mil)
he Increased al any moment, ami 11
is 'essary I'm* il innllttco lo keep
Ihcinsolves alive ami i , ,,l.-n
Tin* Inclusion of representatives "I
ih,. Women's Orgiinlsnlloni on   Unit
committee wnuld have, at least, hi" a
u guarantee that ils member,
not full asleep.
Repeat from X till nil the sl itches
are worked off.
X. B.—Each stltccb must be gone
through twlco. slip off when knitting on front ueedlo. slip off when
purllug on hack needle,
In finishing off cud eif yarn run
yarn once down the toe so as not to
make a ridge or lump.
The Catholics of America wlll hack
lhc United Slates through the war.
It would appear as if Kerensky do
elded lie had noi enough troubles ie
trying tee keep tiie Russian Kiupin
together   he gol  married.
The  Irollblo   wilh  some   I.i 'ills  is
lhat   they  are   n I  of "bockbbono",
Ihey are all right ,n heart, hut they
are afraid to say what they think anil
Ii is a good thing for French Can-
aeliiilis thai Quebec 1s not iu llie
States: there a loan  was hangeil tn a
railroad trostlo for culling soldiers
'Uncle Sato's Si-alis in Uniform."
The War-Time .lections' Act litis
heem passed Iiy the Senate, ihe amendment finally accepted .alls fm*   tin-
 king of the Usi- hy enumerators,
who will use the latest provincial li-l
as Iheir basis for their work.
Nol since lhe year 18IIII lia- llle distinction of possessing two lull moons
fallen tee lhe lot oi any month, There
was  a   full   moon  nn  September   let
mid ihere- will lie on i September
The Kaiser says he wants a place
in lhe sun. Judging from his plans he
wants not only a placo in il, but the
whole   sun.    ill.  stars,  heaven   ami
.'arili.    Ile has, undoubtedly, proved
his right* lee Hell.
Tiie Honorable Pr King anneiunicil
at the recent Liberal Executive meeting  in   Cranhrook   lhal   he'   steeoel   pat
with 1 rlor and his voluntary on-
'istineiil policy.   We are sorry to hear
'.hut as we always II ghl lhc Doctor
was a uue Britisher.
These are the days of independent
thought ami action; we admire the
man linn tint his opinions! who conscientiously is against conscription
and is iiiil alt-aid lo say so; hut we
despise lhe man Who talks ngalnsl
conscription because Laurier la
against it.
Millers!   Think   nf   Sillily   of Oilier
Ori'lipilllls eef Cur tvllt'll (eelltl	
pliiiiitie il Grossing
Vonr- miiy.
Mailing Dept., per E, G
,1  the   [Cmpirc, Toronto.
Iiivlriiclinn-   Socles
Tin*  Canadian   lied  Cross  Society
! have n  considerable Block of yarns
especially unliable ior Iheir rouulre-
i ni. in,   nml   wlll  Bond  samples  and
j prleoB ..I either  upon  application.
I    llonwnrlli    I nly (lm- worsted yarn.
KlngBVllle    ;; ply     woollon     Mini;
! make, n ennrsi r and lionvlor Bock
Socks om- I lum* a ridge undor
Iiie heel  uio* al  the end uf lhe loi'.
I a   lc ii II  coarse yarn mi  fine
Never finish a iee by placing stitch-
,*.  on   two   needles  xiii.!   calling   "l'l
from boll eilles together: never du
this undor tlie heel,
Break any knots in the wool, ami
join again  by  ri lng each end inlo
Hie oilier Willi ii darning needle [or
aboul six Inches.
To make Iln- heel more durable
white Dexter knitting cotton, No. 20,
prii-e :, cuts per bull, may he knitted
In  wilh  the  wool,
Always wash Ibe socks carefully
before giving tliem in.
Illl)      Sock   To     avoid     blood- |
poisoning    from   dyes,    wash  yarn
thoroughly     in   boiling   waler,     and
rinse in several waters, before knit- j
I'ast on loosely round lhe top of!
lhe leg
I nii  n[  inoi   when   finished   11 ■
i;1- OS, of l-|dy fingering (Bonwortll) i
 lies   No.   IJ.  nr   T   oz,   Klngsvllle
wool   yarn,  needles  No,   III.
CnsI 1.1. ill Btilohos, rili av_ Inches,
*.' plain, -' purl. Km plain S inches
Ull-   ill   lllll.
Heel   Knii  plain 32 Btltches mi tu
nne I ille. turn, purl  buck these 32
stitches, turn, knit plain, repeat these
two row- (always slipping tlie first
-tin-In.    II limes (15 in alii.
With tin- inside of tin* bed towards ymi. inui is stitches, port 2
together, purl I.
Turn, knit n stitches, sli[> i. knil
;. purl slipped stitch over knit I.
turn, purl 1 stitches, purl '! together,
purl 1.
Turn, knit s stitches, slip I. knit I.
mill slipped Bitch uver. knli I, turn
purl ii stitches, purl : together, purl
Turn, knii in stitches, -Hi. I. knll 1.
pull slipped stitch over, knit I. turn,
mnl II Btltches. purl l' together, purl
Turn, knil [2 stitches, slip I. knit 1.
pull slipped stitch over, knil l. purl
IH stitches, purl tl together, purl I.
Turn, knit lt slitches. slip 1. knit 1.
pull s'lppeil stitch over, knit 1. turn.
niirl 15 Btltches, purl '-' together, purl
Turn, knit HI stitches, .slip 1. knit 1,
pull slipped stitch over, knll 1. turn,
purl 17 stitches, purl II together.
Turn, knit 17 stltch.es, slip 1. knit 1.
pull slipped stitch over.
Pick up and knit the 111 stitcehes
down lhe side eef tlle heel piece.
Knil tlie 32 Btltches nf lhe frnnt
needles on In nne needle. Pick up
and knll lhe 10 studios at tlie other
side nf tlie heel piece. Divide tlie
heel stitches on tn the - side needles,
and  knit   right   round  again  In  lhe
"''litre    heel.
Plrsl     n lie.   knit     in   within   3
stllehes or the fronl end nf side
needle, knil 2 together, knll 1.
Fronl  needle plain.
Third needle, knit 1. ..Up l. knit 1,
pnl! slipped Blltch over, knit plain to
end of n lie.
This reducing In he done every
other  row until  there are 112 sllteh-l
HOW In keep automobile drivers
froni recklessly attempting in e-reiss
tlie truck ahead of oncoming trains Is
one ot the problems just now In the
process of solving hy operating of
flclals of ull railways.
During the pust six months there
have been Bevornl deaths in the Wesl
din. directly lu the fail Unit an nuto-
inoblle driver miscalculated the distance of a railway train from llu*
crossing and ulsee miscalculated the
speed al which Ibe train wits running.
', .    , , ,,,„ | es  nn   the   needles   (front   needle  "2.
There seems lo be nn law to stop this '
,   , ,        ,        „  ■ side neciiles   IS enehl.
recklessness, anil drlv is ilo mil seen	
to realize that il  Is f 1 .„ try cut,-i ,  ™ljM  nut  fool  fron	
elusions wlih it railway engine.
ANM'AI,   Jl-KTINU   OF   THI:   ST.
The third annual mooting nf lhc St.
John Ambulance Association was held
ill lhe V. M. I'. A. ou Tii.viliiy evening
September 18th, IPIT.
The President, Miss Green, culled
the mooting to order nnil nn behalf eef
the   Assnciall Mended   tlie   warm
est thanka in all clllzcns uf t'riin
brook who huve usilsled in various
ways iii make lhc pasl year such a
successful  one  ill  e*cl*    way.
'I'hc Secretary Treasurer. liaVllK
lead llie iiilli.il.   . whicli '.'.er loplcil
a- rend, gave the following report mi
Hie  work ul llle  luul  year:
Aribl hipped: 201 pr. socks, I ll
suit-   pyjamas,   81    lint    Wider   bottle
eovoi'B, r. pr. pillow 1II11-. los |i1u
porty    ba;*-.  101   bnndngi ■-.    mouth
wipes,   bed  mil-    apron..   < le.     'lull,I
'I'hc balance on hand al tlie I  of
iiie b'.i-t  annual  ting mis $<|5.03
uud llie deposits for Ibe year amounted to ?asi).7i"i making a totnl of }1020.-
•i:: whhb was expended as fallows:
$6.00 iliiniiliuii to V M. C, A ; $32.80
Crnnbrook Butter i'n..; ■fiiluii crnnhrook Orchestra; $0.00 Ronl Parish
Hall; $101.82 Canadian Field Comforts Commission; $13.50 Crnnhrook
Snsh .t lloor Co.; $3.75 t'lty Transfer
ft   Warehouse  Co.;   $7.20  Sullivan's
Quick Print; $182.60 McCi ry Bros.;
$150.11 Red Cross Society, for wool;
*7.lli Crunbrook Herald; $13..|5 W. 1'.
Hill ,V* I'o; $15.66 lleatlie-Mut'i'liy Co.;
$3.80 T. E. Austin; $06.00 Rent Auditorium anil Ilex Theatre; $6.50 Mrs
Stevens: $H.uu Cranbrook Motel; $.",.
;,n Mrs. Coleman; tflti.-n Hospital in
Kngland. per Miss Erickson; $120.00
St. John Ambulance Brlgado Hospital.
Etnbles, Prance; $1.00 Vi. Ie. McFarlane: $1.00 Crnnbrook Drug A* Bunk
i'n.: $27.00 Pink Mercantile i'o.: $8.55
11. P. Moffatt; J2.S0 Dominion Express
i'o.: $8.60 r. s. Parker: Sl.Tii Martin
Bros.: $1,50 Chi nan. muklng fires
in rooms; $15.04 Red I'mss Society,
Vancouver, "Apple Appeal"; $00.20
Belgian Relief Fund; $07.20 Prisoners of War Fund; $1.58 Bnlnace in
hank.    Total  $1020.43.
The  President  then  called  fur llie
election   of  officers   inr   ll nsiillig
year. Tho following officers were
elected: Honorary President: Mrs.
.1 II. Kins: President: Miss M. A.
Green: Vice-President; Miss A. McLennan; Secretary-Treasurer: Miss
11. Harrison; Executive Committee:
MisseB D. Drummonil nnu vVooillund.
Several new members have joined
ind it Is hoped tn mnke ihe coming
year even more successful thun the
east nne. As ihe funds ate very low
arrangements were mnde tu bid.I a
"Tag Day" uu Snturdity, September
The meeting then ndjourncd.
The accounts for tlie pusl year were
audited Iiy .Mr. P. W. Hurgcss and
found correct,
If you can buy a nion* practical, convenient nud efficient telephone [nteusl-
fler than our 1017 Baryphone al any price. Increases (In* sound wonderfully. Makes bad connections good, Conversations nn distinct ua tu tlte same
room with yoti, distance no matter. All noise excluded. Allows the hard
hearing tlie use of the telephone. Permits 2 persons- or mort* to hear a
message simultaneously. Always adjusted nnil ready. Leavos tlu* band
free for annotations during tlio conve!rsat.on. Indispensable tn all telephone users. Founded and based upon scientific principles. Lasting longer but guaranteed for 2 years. Sent by insured mail for V- Mid till- ad.
Satisfaction guaranteed or nwney refunded.   Particulars free
Agents Wstvnted  Everywhere
The Baryphone Co. 174 Front St. Portland. Ore
"Electric blasting
saves money
a farmer writes us. "It
cuts clown the quantity
of powder required and
the stumps eome out cleaner when 1 fire the
charges by pushing down the handle of your electric blasting machine. 1 have found that whether
1 fire with a battery or with fuse and cap,
goes further and does better work than ordinary
stumping powders."
Giant Stumping Powder—inaile in Canada fur 32 years—
has been used for years by tbe leading fanners in this section.
Many of them tried otlier makes but their tests have shown
that Giant «;ets the stumps out
cleaner and cheaper.   If you are   r~"—' ——^
not already usingGiantStumping   I   Ft*pf* POOK   I
Powder, specify Giant the next   j
time you need explosives.
Have you
our book?
I   Coupon   {
It von haven't,
write for ii todaj.
It contains44 illustrations of the most
effective methods of blasting. It show**
how to do many kinds of farm work in
the cheapest, easiest way. Mail the
coupon or a post (
Slump Blaatina
Boulder Blaalina*
Head Makieii
tree Bed Bla.lina
Ditch Blaaling
fl Mini... -Quarrriua
tKTItIN   SAI.i:   (II    LOT'S   IN
hIMIItlll.lV     TIIUVSITi:
lhole will lee' offered leer sal.* hy pull-
He miction nt tlu* North Star Hotel, |
t.t Kimberley, B. ('.. on Moiulny the*
IS day of October, 1017, at 3.30 o'clock
in * he afternoon, certain lots in the
Townslte of Kimberley, list und i.lini
nl' which can !>" soen al tie. Qovernment Office, Crnnbrook, B. .'. mil nt
iiu Nortli star Hotel, Kimberley, II C.
'I'i mis: Om* hull' rash und li." balance
in twelve months, with Interest set
e;'. jeer annum.
Crown Grant Poo Stn.oil.
Iiiitcil nt Crnnb-i*' li  ll. ('.. Be-plem-
..*.*• 26th, 1017.
X. A. Wallinger,
Government .\i*e*ni.
The number of ncetdenlB al country
road crossings Is growing, ns w.-n a:
those within tlu* corporate limits eel
towns uiul .illiiiies, mnl how le* slop
ll Is something railway operating officials hnve nni yel I n i.l.ii* i i
-wer. An enginoor sees n molor car
approaching n crossing nl n spood llml
he knows will mnke n collision 11 eon
tliiui'il ley the 111.iii.r car. The ri.il-
rieuii engineer caunol slop.   Absolute
reelllCKSIiess Is nll Ihis i'llll !»■ cn.llod
Even If cureless drivers put no vnlne*
on their own lives, they might thiiil.
back >.r the heel measures ie Inches.
To Decrease for Tne   Knll 7 stitches then slip i. Ui.H  I. i'iiii slipped
lUtCll    I.V.I*.    knll    7    -lil. lies,    slip    I,
knll I. pull slipped stitch uver. Ite-
pi'ui ihis round llio 3 ne. les. Thon
linii >; rows plain, then Knll ■*. stitches, slip I, hull 1. pull clipped stitch
over nml ropont round llio n noodles.
Th. n I plain rows, then knit II, slip I,
Lull i. pul slipped stitch uver. repeal
r I lhe ::  lies, and thon il plain
news.  Then knll 'i. slip I. knll 1, pull
slipped stitch over, roi i lu end of 3
needles; then *.' rows plain, then knll
of and  become  respuns   fur  theM' »"n >  I'"*'   '■ I'"" » 1 stitch
lives uf ihose riding with them. "1'1'1'* n'1"'"1 "' H"* "r *'• -■08e tlle»
| l plain row.   Then i rov decreasing
twice nu the I'rnnl  ii lies mill unci
:i  ouch  nl  the  hark  noodles.    This
I iuive boon conducting u publicity
campaign In Southern Albortn during
tho Inst your, endeavoring to «'■' the'
prairie farmers nnd ouillo nion Inlcr-
csted In grazing lands, etc.. In East
will leave about s stitches mi fronl
needle nml 4 uu ouch of the hnck
nei.'illes.    Slip llie buck stitches on tn
l needle.   Break off the wool, leaving
allien!  12 Inches.   Threud tills Into n
Kootenny.   There Is no ilcmnnd for  tlnrnlng noodle, put li  through the
largo tmets at present, hul tlioro nro j "rst stitch ini fronl noodle as If leer
numbers nf people who are niixlnns in ■ purling I'm do nol take the stitch off.
procure n piece of choop Innd in th
Thon   pul   the  darning  needle
joiinlaln district where lho business I through Hie firsl stitch on the hack
nl rnlslni* live stock enn be oiikiisoiI : needlo.ns If fur knitting nnd do not
In. I nm In n position to usslsi nny [ lnko "l'l. Then through the first
one In Ensl Kootonay wishing lu ills, j stllcb un fronl noodle again linlilhiK
pnse of Iheir Innd nl u price tli:.I will and slip off. Through the second
Jnsilfy lis purchase for ki*.*,*-.Iiib pur j "tUdi "" '™ut '"'''die' purling mm dn
poseB.—Address P. I.niul. llnx 180, uot tako off. Through the first stitch
l.othtirlilgi*. Alberta. • |"" ""ts* »••«•, purling and take off.
Ottawa, July 11.—Thanksgiving Day
will fall nn Mondny. October S. This
wus lhe official declaration ot tbo secretary uf stuie department given uul
today. Owing to llu* misunderstanding nn the part of the department nf-
I'li-hils or newspaper men. It was an-
nnutiicii in many ul the papers that
Thnnbsglrlng Hay would be on October 1. However, lhe official statement nf die slate department shows
this t<. have I  an error. Lethbridge Herald.
Illl! Till: Itlll'MI Tltll*
Tickets nn Suit' (Id. .1 In s
Itiliiin I.imil Od. III. Iili;
,   i —LlSHT-t* - •
on llio
Mori Is
Travel   by   "The   World's  Greatest
Highway."   Tickets, rule nud Tull information rrom nny O, I'. Agent.
District Passougcr Agent,
gl.lm.tlg rill lor Wuiiu-n. jr. u bos or tlir_-o ft»«-
|,U. I-U..I nt nil Urn;,* btO.et, or mailed t" miv
ti'i-i11'— -"II ■ .-:■*-LJ■ r i'I ITH .*     TlIK ScoH  tale DmiU
Co .,»t ('.itlinrni.**. Oiitirm 	
im 111111
VlUIItv;for  Nerve nml llrain: |l.CMMU''gr-_),
Rirt,tter".aToiili' ~.vlll litiilil yon Up, I- it I'Ot.or
two for (.*>, nt ilniK ilorea. nr hy, twill on ittwlpt
»r j-r I ■ -■ ■     I ni, SOOBIU I 'ii in i'n . St. CiiUiirlQM,
CAI.CAltV.   At.TA.   "ntorlo.
Native Hawaiian Troubadors
ONE N 1(1 HI
Wednesday, Oct. 3rd
This Company is booked from Orpheum Circuit
One of the biggest Hawaiian Musical Novelty of the season
SHOW STARTS 8.30 p.m.
Prices==25c, 50c, 75c
Unserved Seals San an Sale ut
IIKAITII-Ml 111*11 V lllll ti STORK THURSDAY,  SEPT.   27,   1917
A Beautiful Gift
Tlu* Woman who beautifies
lier home—who delights iu the
possession of things thut nt-
tract and please the eye—will
appreciate us u gift n piece of
our Cut Glass, There Is no
nicer souvenir ot a visit und nothing moro suitable for birthdays nnd anniversaries.
Our show cases contain a
vory wide choice of pieces nnd
is well worth looking through.
Wc  cordially   invite  ynur   Inspection,
W. H. Wilson
Jl HI Illl
The Toughest
Guy:- !
Thin Finish nlll tvltli-
sliinil I hi' severest
wear und teui*. Very
Imicli iiiiiI elastic, sets
[ree from ilust i-uickl)
anil dries Inirtl in a-
limit I liirt j -six hours.
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
KLIlt/ frames pictures.
Mr. lt. ,1. Abbs of Toronto ivn
visitor In tho city on Tuesday.
Miss Stuart of Bull River was a
visitor in the city lust Saturday.
The Undies of St. Marys Church intend holding :i Bazaar tm Wednesday,
December 5th,
Mr. Robert S, Hay of Victoria, B, C
is iu the City conferring with Ills
agent, Messrs, Beale & Blwell.
  Remember the Knox Chur
I .Mrs. Roberts und sons lelt on Wed- Aid Sale of Home Cooking and Candy
| nesday to visit Mrs. RobertB' Bister It) ■ in tha Sunday School Room, Saturday,
! Stealer, Alberta, i afternoon,   September   20th.    After*
  noon tea will be served    Sale begins
I    Mr, uml Mrs, -\. B, MucPonald uud   al 3 o'clock.
' Mrs. ti, ||, Thompson torod to r-i
Hie on Thursday. The Methodist Ladles Aid will hold
  a supper iu the uld Qym mi Saturday,
We aro carrying a full tuiu ot hoots   October Bth, to tho business men of   l,,e('Kei1 "M'" '" Be"
A"m8troTgH'Avear0"br00k    IB",,aBi■,   Anbrook and their friends,   Supper  u "   ''*  '
'-_™__ will to served rrom 6 o'clock to 7.30
Mr, und Mrs.  Howard  Bonwoll of   I1-1"*
Cal fax,  Wash,  were visiting friends
lu the city on Sunday. A Hallowe'en card party and dance
will in- given hv Christ Church Guild
shipped tt» Fernie. containing the following 44 pieces: ii dressing gowns,
"> suit:' pyjamas, 11 mens crotchot
ties, I Bcarf, is pairs hand nmde sucks.
The i. 0'. li. E. gratefully acknowledge the, following donations to tho
Flannelleto Fund, received during the
Mr.  A.  ii.   Lnngley  nr  Revelstoke  in   tIlQ  |,llI'hh   lli,M  on  Wednesday,
lllll'ill! I. tl. II. |.
Kast Kootenay Chapti r I. 0 D K
held tlie regular monthly meeting,
September Bth, with n verj good attendance "f members.
Mrs. Hnrdman ol Elko, one *>r -Mir
members, contributed $32.00 to the
Chapter funds, ihis being tht* nnt proceed* <»f a very successful dance, gut
up by Mr.-. Mardman
The Secretary read appeals for
money from various organizations; a
Bum nf $15.00 wns voted io v M c. a.
military work, and $10.00 was voted
fnr the War Widows and Orphans
The collection taken at th.> patriotic
service In August was donated to St
Dun stuns Hostel for Blind Soldiers
and Sailors; this amou.ited to neany
$10.00 and was made the even sum by
Plans   were   discussed   fnr   raising
more money as besides contributions
to  varloui   needs,  the diopter  has
I $36.00 u montii
und, Bread Puna
and "Adoption" Fund,
The Baynes membon of lhe Chapter
agreed to arrange some affair to raise
funds beforo October.
A parcel of Red Cross supplies wus
in-.' ei»» ui tlii'lr h>"*t.    II ymi
llllll-     lint     ,,1't     lll'i'll     »*tt,l|ll!|.|l
Illume ns .e.iir nrilrr ut nni'i' hs
I In* ilie.lci' -I.irk  will  sin.ii In*
■e.'lif:     let'   (tlso   leim*     H   Huml
slock ni
Little & Atchison
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
Tt h;i_ a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
was a guest at th
mi Wednesday.
Crunbrook Mm.-i
Mr, um! Mrs. McCreery, Mr. Nisbetl
anil Mrs. Tweed returned nu Tuesdn>
from a motor trip tn Si
Octoher Hist. Cards from 8 in in
Dunclng from Hi p.m. to i a.m. Admission 50 cents Including supper,
Crnnbrook  Orchestra   in  attendance.
\   social   dunce   will   he  given   in
mm :i  motor M'lli to Snodihe i      ■*-    .-«• »«■    u«,ni-    nm    uo    (-,.■--,!    ...
__"_' ' Matli 's Hall on Friday nlgllt, Sept.  mol,tl,:   Scml»r*v Clioutnuqtiii A»sn-
Mrn. Brymner and clillilren nf Lelli-! -**'" "' •*'. when everybody -vill lie '"«'"'»■ •": Bock■i Anctlon  per Mrs.
i .„„. ,„,„        „ |,*,„,._1„„. r.,.,.1,<,_,,.,- nr I •>■ S. lira lie. $1.75   Mrs.     ai'shnw. 50c .
If , n*n   ..,.,.    vUitini'     Mrs      Vfni-lth     ll-*-    ■  wClCOlUe.      I IH*   KCllltCIIil)   UM'llestia  Ul
il HIM'   'in     Vimmig     HI**,    -tl.lI Ull    .»Il ,  *sjivf.      p.. i..,,,..      Rft,,.     M«n     Milll,      r,i\,,.
•I   .,l.,„,   I    li,.r I        1)..,'  I,_      .'ITS.     I .lllll' I,     .Illl   .      .WIS.     U1II1S,     OUI   .
i Rxpert piano and orgnn tuning, re-
I pairing and regulating. B. A. Parker,
j pbone .ill. P. O. Bnx 528, Cranbrook.]
Mr. \V, W. Taynton, a very popular
and well known citizen oi Invermere,
was a visitor in tlie city nu Mondny.
Mr. .lames Maitlami of Winnipeg,
was transacting business iu the clly
nn Tuesday,
Mrs. S. h. Burgain of Salt Lake City.
Utah, was ii visitor in tlio city on
We nre currying a full line of hoots
and shoes.— Cranhrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Can yon think of any reason why
then- should nol be one In your
home ?
Mr.   J.   ll.   Del-iOng   of   Vancouver
High School  Inspector, paid an nf
flcial    Visit    in    llle    High    School    ot
Saturday uml again nu Tuesday.
pieces has heen engaged. Refreshments will in* served. Admission,
gents SO cents. Indies free.
Tiie Bowling Alley at the Railway
Y. M. C, A. will open on Monday next,
Octobor 1st. The allies are iu good
condition ami it is hoped that many
will take advantage nf tliis opportunity to spend u few pleasant hours at
tiiis popular form nf recreation.
Mr. I). (*. Betts of Calgary, representing the Calgary Brewing and
Malting Company Is in the city this
week endeavoring to Interest tlio
loeal hotelmen wltli his _', beer as
the Prohibition Acl goes into effect
Monday Octoher  1st.
Mrs Watts. 50c; per Mrs. Sarvis Mrs
Clapp. 10c; Mrs. W. O'Hearn, Hlc; Mrs
tl. IV Willis. 10c; Mrs, a. A. Cameron,
26c; Mrs. .1. s. Kuy. 25c; Mrs. Hartnell, 50c; Mrs. ti. W. Johnson, 50c;
per Leonard Hurton. 2-5c, Mrs. Onrtor,
10c: Marjorie Burton. 10c; Mah Kong,
26c; Jim my Logo n. 25c; M rs. Bn r-
tholomew, 25c; per Mrs. Manning-**
Mlss Chalmers, 50c; Mrs. McCallum,
5()c: Mrs. J. Mackey, 50c; Mrs. Dnllas,
50c; Mrs. Dale. 25c; Mrs. Manning,
SOc.    The Golf Club, |fl.l0.
Cbc masa fic.cl
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist Investment £o.Dd
Armstrong Avcuue       I'Hhmhim      CRAXHKOOK, II. ('.
UAH-H.-Vr.      V. K (il AltAMTi: ill If WORK.
1,1 NTS
tl 50 in*
(1.60 up
,ui in. 2-pieee Suii      (1.7,-i
3-|iiece Suit       *■-' 00
Paula   Tr.
Overcoats    *.
llii...*.*-   l.V - 25c Sulla   Crossed    75
We clean LACK (THTAINS.    I'ORTIKRS,    III*.
im tun nl' town orders we pay  transportation  one  way.
I'ulilli*  Aiii'lliiu
Notice Is  hereby  clvon  that   pursuant  in  a  resolution   nussed ut   u
l> IICHiilll Ul raeetlUB ol llie Council held on Aug
ust ilsi 1IH7, I, lhe uiiiliTslKiti.il. will
-,■11   hv  Public Auction  ut  the City
In loving memory o( my deaf son.   --„** „„ Monday, October tsi at the
Trooper s. (I. Watson, lllli C. M. ll.,   hour nf lun ti.nl. (City time) the tol-
Sliiiriliaiiil, Typewriting and Bookkeeping ;it Klnc Edward's School.—Al
day attendance $10.oo n montii; Evening classes, Mondavs nnd Tliursdnyi
trom 7 to II p.m., Jil.no u montii; Dull)
and evening nttendnnce $1*1.00 n montll j
Classes will open on Monday, Aug. 27. Inserted lee-
Mrs. T. D. Caven mm young daugli-   Pl,lrat8 1(,ssong *,y a-.ra„gpm,.„, I Slutorvlll
win, died ui tlio St. Eugene Hospital,   lowing properties:
September 16th nnr. 1,l("'k '•' '■'" ■*,*-, ,.
! llli>i*ll 27 l.eit III  Mil?
lllul'k 110 l.iet :l-(
Block .hi Lot r.-7
Block 20 Leet IS
We mourn his loss nnd woll we mny;
Ho was my ilevir sou t'riiin day In iiuy
Wltll kind deeds uml words or love,
«'•• ml--- iiie.. ii.,ei ii,- .- it above, j Bj™jj |*J '■'* ^j" w
"An Opening"
i Open  the sealed end
with your finger nail
 ther mnl tamtly,
t.-i* Marguerite returned mi Friday
from Spokane where they luni been
visitiiii; feu* several days.
Mr. J. F. Armsirong ot Victoria, II.
r. ciiiilri-'.u.i ..r tbe \V:it.*r commission i.-
A. Bonte.
Messrs   Hi'llior uml  Gardner  who
Perry  Cri
gresslng i
Mr. I'cleg Howlnnil ot Toronto,
Prosident, Impcrlnl Hank ol Canada,
.mil Mr. «'. Moffat, Assistant Cleneral
Manager, arrived in Cranbrook trom      Every home lu Canada should'have
p Hie Const on Satig-iiay lasl and stayed ';l mi t the great nreu in Europe to
Ion Is visiting His dnugliler, Mrs. M. over-nlght. molorlug ti. Femle on : »oe wliere mir Canadian buys are
Sunday, Mr. B. E, Howard, the locul Hgbting. The colored map offered
Manager, accompanying lliem. free "iili    tho Family    Herald and
  ', Weekly star of Montreal Is complete
e* nt the hydraulic mine j ,*, special meeting ot the Farmers' In every dotal). It Is Uie lei*si map
k reporl the work pro- j institute will be held .eu Friday. Sep-', yet published. Tho subscription jirlce
tember ZStlt nl S p.m, at wlilch Mr.; of th.* Family Herald Is now $1.25 ii
w. I*:. Scott, Superintendent of tnstl- >'?ar, but to mnke up the difference
tutes nnd Dejiuty Minister ot Agrlcul- to tbeir subscribers this great map,
inn* will bc present and address the ■ "bleb could not be. produced ijiidcr
members. It is hoped thai a large j
turn out will li.* present,   s.nne lm-1
Ladies who have not st-nt in the
tins of jam for thc soldiers jam co
lection »ili kln-il* leave same ,n tl
Iti'd fro-.- rooms un Friday,
evt, .Inliars a   copy  except  In  such
arge tinantitles, is given free to all
igt, IV. r*. lie.ran. Cntnlir-mk Kirlianie      Mr.
••  porlanl  questions  will  be tnken  iiii
Large iMieiiiini* house on Armstrong   with Me-  s.-ntt while Ifre.
Avenue to let:  roomers may be retained if tal,™  ....T before end  of      \    B,„„|    vvl)r,i    |9    coming    to I
month.   Appl) to Beale .v Elwell,       , Secretary  McDermot  end  the othor
responsible    Fair   officials    for   the
subscribers new ami rencwi
a  year's  subscription  $1.25
wlm pay
It Is a
ul Mrs   A   Raworth ol Leth-
11... have '"'.'ii li-itiu** Cran
brook for the past week left ..n Wed-
Little Davenport
j.i:ai,s at ai.i, hours
Ink.'   in   lh<.   I,. II.  inter
tlio Show,
AI.I. WHITE inoi.r
Mr .1 Jordan of Spokane, lhe "'.'11
known contractor lhal built the Kootenny Control, and Mrs Jordan, wen
visitors in the ,u> on Wednesday.
Mr Oeo E. Oreene of Hamilton,
Ontario, was a visitor In tin- city-
last Tuesda) a guesl at ibe Cranbrook
Mrs Al, lllllllto nnd family. Hi*..
All-Ill. ami family, .1 crisapio, ami
Oeorge He- I.ma. all nf "Little Italy",
Fernie, motored int.. the city lnsl sun
■*reat big bargain indeed.
evor-reoily help accorded and ilie uni-
forin courtesy shown during tin* exhibition. The utmost cordiality pre- August 28th, 1017
vnlled iliruiisiiieiii thus ensuring the Boar Mrs Brown.* I have just re-
mutual satisfaction the . vent lias glv-! eelved wr.ni of the death nf your gul-
.*!! Excellent and nil a. was Cres- lant son, Cpl. R. C. Brown, as n result
ton's effort  this year,  tbe splendid | °f li'3 w-ounds received on the 20th.
encourag onl    received    will,   un-,    Vour sun was as fine a soldier as I
dotibtedly. assure s greater, grander  hnve ever hnd In my company.    He
and moro gigantic efforl in 1918.   So  'Irst enme particularly lo my nntli*"
mote  ii   bc    Creston   Review. one day nn the parade ground when
,  j Iho battalion was out uf the llii".   He
Thc Women's Insiiiut*-. alearod n ,vas teaching n section musketry und
very substantial sum of money nl tho "'" staking hold of the class so well
Knit- tirtiuiiils last week which is In*-: tluit next day I hail him made u lance
Ing devoted lu Christmas parcels ror corporal und about two weeks later n
Cranbrook hnys serving overseas.       ; corporal.
Tho jitney service wns a tremendous     On the 20tli he took pun in a suc-
llloek 22 Lot IS
Block 22 Lot 27-2S
Hlock 83 Lot III
lllncli 24 Lot 1-2-2
Hlock SB Lot HI
Block 86 Le.l 21-22
Block 211 Loi 12
IlloeiU 811 Lot 17
llleeck 811 Lot '..111
Block 3U Lot 20
Hlock 311 Lnl 30
Block 38 Loi  I
Block 28 Lot 4
Hlock 30 Lot MlH-le'e
Hlock 1(1 Lot 111 lee 22 nlld 2.i tei 32
Hlock 87   Lot 17
Block S7 Lot 21
Block .18 Lot 34-35
llleeck SO I.ol  Villi
Block HO Lot 14
Hlock 111  Lot  pt 24-».r.
Block 01  l.nl 20
Hlock 02 Lot 17
Blink 112 Lot IS
Block 112 Lot Hi
Hlock 82 Lot 4S-:,8
Block 84 Lot 0
Hlock 114 Ut 7
lllncli lir, Lot 28
Block III! Lot 7-S
Hlock In; Lot 22-23 I
Block 14.'. Lot IB
illock 14.'. Lot 27
Block 14'. Loi 28
Block 200 Lot 7
Hlock 300 Lot 8
Conditions nf Sale may be obtained
from tlie undersigned.   Terms Cash.
Crnnbrook, H. C, September 14th,
T. M. Roberts
City Clerk.
JT4 °    ~. PERFECT Cstmrj-■ :j
»^^/-'>/r.yf___'_>* .
1 Push on the other end
to make sticks project
i Pull   out   one — push
the others back in
■ Unwrap    the   double
cover   and   see   how
, surpassingly delicious
and full-flavoured it is.
sinc.'ss netting for the Institute $60.10
,nni ih,. best tiuiiiiis »■> rondored to
tiie im.ii Indies nml gontlemen who bo
'•h'-'.s in I. 1 ll.'tltli inui hum 1 hV
Mra     All>«'M  .lii)iii-..n    nnd
1 kindly i-
cesBful raid <"i tlio eneniy'n Irencli.
\Vhen tlu* officer in clmrge was
wotnidod In* carried nn and brought
Sunday. HOth S_ritt*mber.
Morninp Bervlce, II.—subject: "The
J'i*o|ik* who do tin* Work."
Kvpiilnjj      service,      7.30.—subject:
"Sin's Eternal ProWem
PrencliiT: Rev. James Ounlop.
Made in
The Flavour Lasts
Chew it after
u every meal!
daughter, Morgnrol. of Burwell Ave...
lefl la-i Saturday i.u* Ubby, Mnnlnun
ah, it iii,, ivlll moko an extended vill wlih frlonds ami relnllves,
i    Mrs. liurgos nr l'erry crook lefl on
, Thursday tor un oxtouded vlsll in her
, ilnugllltT, K K 11111.01' Knllaiiel, Monl
I'ln-   11 1  at   Perry  Creek   wlll  he
.losi'.l for tin* winter.
Th.. Prosldont, i !'ls men Bafoly tliriuigh their work and .
Mrs Vi, ll McFarlane, also desiros in I nut of tl lomy's trench,   n wa- then
glvo special credit i<> .Mrs. Hi... Smith  ho was hit.   tint* scouts resetted lilni j
wlm convened Hn- refreshment coin* | uml   we rushed hlm   off  to hospital.
mlt  ami tho many ladles who ns- [ However, hi- had evidently inst tun
slsted so scntoiiBly towards tin* splen-! much blood nnd died on tlu- 28rd.
did ri*-nits achieved.,  Tliunks urn nlso j    I Bympnthlso wiih you In yonr great j
duo io tin* local tradesmen nnd cltl-  loss of Bitch a fl_j son.   Von have in :
MUcimth ImiHirlinK HI«mhI Cnrtehliig
Gives to weakened) rnn-down poo-
pie tlte  very  support  and  Btrongth
If he cannot Biipply you, send ONB
DOLLAR, and il largo bottle will lie
Hent post paid.
Write for n ropy of "How to Kal
und What to Eat",   Sent to nny iid-
dreHH In Ctinuda KRI'.K.
11(10 Homer Street      VAN! Ol VKIt,
y.i'tis   who   so   generously   donated: leoRt die com fori of knowing in* died
money nnd goods nnd to all who help**  for » great caiiBo, fighting for King
.■il lu any way to mnke the effort an ' and country nud Home,
unqualified biicccsb,    Altogether ap* Sincerely yours,
,     Messrs. T. M. Roberts, C   It. Ward, ■ l,n,1<hl,llt,,|>' *2Efl wnB »oltpd* A  y- Wood< Mi,j(,r* °- r n r°
| John Cholditeh nnd Dr, r. it. Miles -—JilJiwpiT!—  "	
| returned Saturday trom n motor trip| ' ^_" ,,,„,.. jnjTHODIST VllVUVH
l 'owe! I's   performance   mn rks  t ha
dawn of u new era of legerdomnln ;       Pastor: Uev. Thos. Keyworth,
Soo his baffling, mystifying, thrllllntt Rally Day Services
work ut the Auditorium Theatre, Oct-'    Specinl features of the morning ser
obor 2nd, next. vice include n children's Choir which
up the Wlndcrmorc Volley. Thoy
motored t\n fur ns Golden nnd report
a  very  onjoynble outing.
The Methodist Udlea Aid will hold
u supper in the old Gym ou Saturday
prior to Thanksgiving, lo tba bunt-
IIOSS   men   of   Crnnhrook   and   tholr
Tlie hest show of tlip season bended   will give chorus nud boIo items, scrlp*
y "The world's greatest  Illusionist turo nnd othor recitations hy tho chit-
frlonds,   Supper will hc
"t p'ctock to 7..10 o'
veil from I nnd magician." Tho great Powell and dren and a Bpeclal address by il»»
I company, carrying special Betting that pastor. Service al 11 a.m.
In gorgeous and presenting a series of i At three o'clock in the afternoon n
The "Tag Uny" held hy the St. John ' experiments thut liave never been of- i monster rally of scholars, parents and
Ambulance Association on Baturdny, forod here before. The great Powell frlonds will take place when a pro-
Sejitemher L'_nd, was a great success, alone Is worth the. admission fee, Ills Rtnimne of unusual character will he
The sum of $230.00 balng realized of cabinet work nlone I* simply Btirprls- j rendered representing every depart-
whicli iBfi.OO wns collected by the lu^ and his spirit slate writing is Won* nient' in the Bchool.
Misses Robertson and Mcllridc dorful, MoBsngcs from tin* spirit lu the evening at T.:tn the pastor
Who visited Wycliffe, Fori Steele, world, transmission nf thought uud will ngain deliver a special nddrcsu
Wasu. the  Yahk  l.nmher Company's  spirit pictures. und sovoral interesting Items will be
enmp nt Wasa ond the llridges l.uin-;    Do sure you see him.   Al the Audi-j given by the children,   A good day,
b«r Company'*** camp nta* Fort Sluete.   torluni, Tufnilay, Octobfr 2nd. I A hit, day, A profiri.hU day
• Big CROCKS • Little CROCKS
See Our Window  For Crocks
THURSDAY,  SEPT.   27,   1917
in nn \ sruKi'i.i,
llariislei's, Hlc.
\Y. F. (luni II. J. Spreull
Drs. Green & MacKiunon
Physicians uml Snrgeieiia
Ollice tit  residence, Armstrong
Forenooua  9.00 to 10.00
\tt".rnooiis 2.00 .0   1.00
!'M*iiiii*-H  7.30 to   8.30
3unday8  2.30 to   4.30
News of the Surrounding District
FORT STKKI.K | visit tu Calgary tlila week.
  \ Itndsliinil mau lolil ;i veiling wii-
il,,ti over imi.i luel week I num Hm' lie iveinlel marry If lie could
Word lm*. jnsi been received [rom get a ivlte wlm would In* willing to
Jack Kerrigan nt Grand Prairie, Altn., | de. nil tin* washing ami nil tlie other
lute uf Fori Steele. He slates that hard work around the house, "Whal
his household und horses arrived] yon wnnt i.- a'woman with a weak
safely. Jack Kerrlgp.n Is located on * mind", said the girl,
a quarter-section nt land, nearly nll Mrs. Jtitues Hueaton eif Blalrmore i-
leluel* loam, near Urnntl  Prairie, and1 visiting Mrs. .1. McKee, this week.
a short ilistniie*e from u railroad,   Mr. 	
Kerrigan  states  tluit  the  pasturage IXVKRMKKF
around  iln* distrlet  Is gooil,  mostly 	
vetch or pea-vine.   Kerrigan proposes | ,oniltted front lnsl Issue)
Some   changes   havo   been taking
Illl. P. II. MII.KS
Ollice in Hanson Block
II to 12 n.ui.
1 to   5 p.m.
Licensed Iiy Provincial Govt,
•tliilfrim) 1.1.1 (ieneral Nursing
Macsage nnil Rest Cure, Highest
References,  fair  terms. Apply
MRS. A. SALMON. Matron.
Phone -60 P. O. Box 1145
Address.Oardon Ave.. Cranbrook
to put eighty acres under cultivation
next season.
Mrs K, Qretney uiul sun huve returned from the Private Hospital in
Cranbrook, and un* slaying with Mrs.
Johnson, Mrs. Cretney's siste>r. Tiolh
mother nnd child un* doing well
'I'ln* steam sltovel Is ut work tin
the Kiel.'imy Centrnl four miles south
nf Fort Steele, uiul feeur miles north
uf Fenwick,
Mr II Kershuw. postmaster nt Kurt
Steole, received a telegram  Monday,
slutlng thnl "Colonol" lli'lliliTson. nil
old ti r ol Fnrt Steelo nml district,
died ut Kaslo, ll   i'. whore lu* nml
his wife wero residing,
Tin* subscriptions to tlu*  Patriotic
Fund I'm' .lulv ere ns follows:   North
Slur  Lodge, A   I*'.  uiul  A.  M.  (25;
II. I.. T. tinlhinllli. SB: A. Doyle, it'.:
j Chas. Muir. (6; ll. 'i'. Richardson, $2.-
60! Ilenrv Kershaw, (2.60; It. Baiter,
' $2; (1. s   Baker, Jl; A. .1   OroK, *l;
place in the stuff uf tlu* Oeneral Hospital hero, Miss r. MacMillan wlm has
b i inatron-lu-ehargo fm* over n year
hns resigned uiul bus gone in Ontario
tu visit ii sister. Miss Felkcr uf Cranbroolt Is tilling the posltioi lil tin*
ond uf Uie month aftor which nursi
llei'llin Downing ui llie l.nl;.*-iile uml
Heuerul Hospital, Nolson, n ('.. In
schediiloil tu mile charge
Mr .1. IS, Cornwall. Int.- ninnuger uf
Hi,, iiuuli uf Montreal, nl Alhalmer
Is now in ehurge fur ibe time being ul
the branch nl Trail
Amongst  ihe  rt ui   visitors  here
huve been  tlie  Hon   .1    II   King nml
Mrs. King: A. li McDonald; Dr. I*'. W
llreen. Mr. uml Mm. Snddler uf I'run
brook; Mr. Thulium Allan, with Mi*
Allnn nml Ward Allan fr 'nlgar)
Mr. Norman M. Marples uf Uu* Iiu
minion Experimental Station here lefl
lust week wllb u Inrge uiul varied es
thut chronic skin diseases which
lmvo dolled nil uther treatments
yielel to Zam-Buk ?
It is becnttso Zam-Buk Is genni-
elilal, und nlsn has Bitch power of
penetration tlmt it  reaches dise.isc
In the underlying tissues uml euros
from tbe " rem " ut'. Thut Is lhe
only way a permanent cure can bo
Mr. H. C. Buckley ot ICI E. Bronel-
way, Portland, Oregon, says: "For
chronic skin diseases there Is
nothing like Zam-Buk. For Cu'teen
yours I had eczema, uml I tried au
endless number of so-called ' eczema
cures,' but nothing was capable uf
eurlng me permanently until I used
Zam-Buk. Ten months' use of Zam-
Buk bus offected u complete cure."
Fur ulcers, abscesses, bolls, ringworm, blood-poisoning, piles, burns,
senilis ami cuts, Z -link Is eitiinlly
good. All ih'lllers or Znm-Bllk Co.,
Toronlo.   r,uc. box, 3 fur $1,25.
Cltll uiul Mining Engineers
It. I'. I.iiihI Surveyors
Mrs. F. li. ('linn, fiOc; , ,
A picnic wns held lnsl Sunday at   >••■>»  Illustrating  experlinentiil
Pr i* Lnlie.   Among tlinse iireseni   fn the Dom in Oovernment I
were Mr. uml Mrs   II. L. T. Hull..' I "« »'" »!■«,»" the fairs 111 Hi
Mrs. F, li. Conn, (leu. Judd, Mr. .and I nioutate| Intorlor ol the proylii-
K. Altree nml Miss JonnettO Al
Mine Lvilliiilinlli.lis llllll llepurls
.1. I,. I* A II h i: II
.Hilling Flighted'
L'us-21111   Herald  Pic.   Calgary,
Herald  Pic
and Elk
I. ('.
lluy Plume 2(111,  Nlgllt I'lmiii 35
Norbury  lie, next ti> Clly Hall
Teacher uf I'lanufnrle
Crnnbrook, ll. ('. Boi Ml)
Joe Harcoitrt of Toronto wns   in
Elko Ibis  week looking over some of
the new* mineral sinkings, surrond-
ing tlie (llil Historic Burg. He was
nccompuntotl by Prof, .lunes, the well
known rubber man.
Only ii few more days nml Prohibition wlll he in lull swing. Piny
■"Surety FirBt." "Don't Worry", hut
"Minil your own  Business".
If somebody gives you a pat on
the back, imss it nn.   Lei somebody
else have u Inste of the sinai'k. puss
lt un. If il heightens ynur couruge,
nr lightens ynur puck;    If II kisses
v * soul, with ii sung iii tiie smack;
Mnybo su body else hus been dressing In block,    Puss It On.
(luvl Engineer .1. tl. Cummlngs nml
Supt. of Roads Win. Itniusiiy. were
down Ibe Rossvllle Valley last week
surveying n new cut nff between Rt
Miiiiliinii Ki'sliiiirinil
Meals ill All Hours
Uigurs, Cigarettes nnd dimly
Oppoatle the Bunk ot Commerco
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washiur.
send it to
Sneciul nrices for familv
Forwarding  and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and Oreenhlll Cod
Imperial Oil Co,
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
liruyiiitr nnil Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 63
li nil Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O   Uox 108 Phone 244
lluuil Crew is working on llu* Elk
Hiver griule uml putting In more
erossings. so the poor farmer etui get
his produce to market nnd pay   his
There is u big demand for quartz
miners around Elko theso duys. Bless-
I'll is tbe uiiiii Unit brought In the
sheep, thut cut llie seriih ood uncovered sume of the richest mlnernl finds
in II. C.
Mrs. Horner, u muster plumber's
wife of lOurekn. wus lust in the tiloun-
talns lusl week. She gul struyed uvviiy
from her husband uml pnrty nml evns
found by tlle Copper King Mine peiiph
xblhll. being en
u month.
The seventh mutual fair for llu
Windermere Distrlet wn- o pronounced success. The' exhibits In live stocli
were this year larger I linn uny hereto lore uml some marked advance If
breeding was shown In some of tin
nnlmnls exhibited,   'l'l xblhll   wai
held on Ibe ground*, of Hie  Exporl
nii'iititl Station hero by 'tesy or tin
Department nf Agrlcullitre ns represented by Mr. (I. I*:. Pnrhnm. Uu- loco
nuitiili'il from lust Issuel
Invermere, 13. C- Tin* Seventh
mini Pnir. held umlor lho. niisplr
the   Win.ler me re   Dlstrlcl     Pan
Inntltute  nnil   Agrtcuiurr.il   Ass
tion hus lieon brought to n nucci
flosu   nnd   the   affairs nretty
wound up fur tin* Reason,    An
mred with prev
llt„*,, birds; nml with besl mule uml
;,.. ;  |\ n, ,i(. ||j;hi - ,v. i:-: noeonds wltl)
,„.;   ([ ,,- :   ., [H um" [iiillets; and liosl
bmwn i kks: bronil bonus;
',   ,. ■     Ln'.. l ti ; Rlobo 1)06.8!
first v i; i. r Mil'., while his dnugll-
.,■■•. I-, l-'/v. i   i, rirsi witli collection
.f wiui riowei
.lames Uuubi rt, first with throe
j-eur old heifer beef strain; Hrst imd
second with sirer* ot thn mimo chur-
actpr:  snme witli beef flitter;  snme
wtth I i calvi -: second wiih span of
ronitslerH, nnd special prize for yonr-
llng. (Specinl mention slioiild be
nmde nf Hi" I'-nt thai -Mr, Lambert's
exhibit wns of entile nit' tbe rmigo
' uml iu order in show tin* ono which
he did. ii wn." necessary in bring iu
nenrly iii- whole herd which imd tin*
honor nl' :in  enclosure ull by tbem- ■
,    Captnin   V 11. MneCnrthy, of Knr-
■ mnx ranch, flr La in early ruse pota-
ti)":*; squti'ili; celery; yellow trniifi-
imr ul npples: Swede turnips; buns:
mnl seconds in rhubarb; cucumber;
lettuce; ypllow onions; wealthy
mi les;   e-mail  fruits;  sheaf cf onts:
■ heaf of wheat; parsnips; lirusseis
sprouts; yellow unions: bovee pota-
toes; parantps.
N. M. Mnriiles, firsl with mill-: cow;
Wyundottc cocli: yellow turnips; pre-
: -i-rvcii   gooseberries;   sum,*  raspberries;  Inyer cake; .home made jelly;,
i reserves   wltboul   sugar;   preserved
and Flagstone,   The Oovernmonl j „at Qdvnnee in exlilbl
boen in the Incrense iu the numbei
of entries of live stock. As in the
pust twti yenrs the grounds ol' tin
Dominion Government Experimental
Station wire thrown open for Ur
uses of Hie exhibition nnd u mosl Interesting exhibit from the Central
Experimental Farm al Ottawa formed
■ uie nf tin* nttractlve feature.-, of tin
occasion. Another specinl lent nre
.vas thc magnlflcenl display oi worh
by Indians for which Beparnte prize?
were triven.
Great credit  Is ngain due  to  tin
lirectors who have worked untiringly
tbe details oi tbe fair mnl
who-fore packing in their winter sup i(!ir,t,.uiarlv in this connection must
ply t-Vom RooBVllle store, aftor hav- cpod|, h(1 Riven ,„ Mr_ (i *.; pftrbnm.
lng bien ont two nights and without t]l(, pPog|dent, mid M; \. G. Cuth-
food. Search pnrtleB were out look- *,,,,., t]l(1 Association's nble Secretary.
inn f'>r her. qq\ow js given a lisi of U
,lim Thistlebeak, granulator of gloom   winners showing exactly how
was invited out to dinner last week   dividual    woo  out.  rather    than,  as j
for n kind of a little bano.net.   It was ■ is generally llu* way. us tn wlm won
very late  when  he got  borne,  und.    the  prize  for the  particular article |
trying  his hest to  get to his  bed- I exhibited:
room without being beard, he stepp- Prize h\*i
ed ou the pussy cat's tull and thc Axel Anderson, first for three year
cat did the rest. 'Mini"'yells his wife, old heifer: specinl fm* yearling: mid
•'You've been drinking." "Nothing first for globe beets,
of the kind, my dear old college chum. Harvey AylifiV. first for two year
nothing of the kind, 1 tell you. At- old draft horse; second for geutle-
ter the banquet, a few of the very besl j mnn rider: second tor cow pony (est. 1
of ns went down to the Cnfe-Lauricr. it. Randolph Bruce, first in Gen-
and had sonic frogs-legs, nnd It must eral purpose tenin hitched to wng* ]
he the hops you smell. gon; second fur beef cow: same for
.Mr. and Airs. I'amell of the Coinp- vegetable marrow; firsl for sweet ;
ton Farm, Itoosville Valley, were In corn and satm* for Wee McGregor ] o- !
Klko this week. Tbe I'arnells have ; tn to; second for Swede turnips,
three sons and one son-in-law. some- I     \. <;, Cuthbert, first for Dili
where in Frun
Gordon Taylor, chief accountant at
Camp s. Sheep Mountain Pineries,
gave ii motor party to ('ranbrook and
Klko lady friends to tbo Haynes l.nke
The price of eggs is becoming quite
prohibitive. Tliey are advertised In
Fernie at *■ cents apiece. Hut don't
mention whnt they cost whole.,
The Uev. Mr. Fortune of Prohibition
1 Fame and well known in ('ranbrook.
was visiting   Klko  nnd  Baynes  this
last   week.
Oldenburg apples: second for Transcendent crab apples; first for Hyslop
crap apples; second for dahlia-;
same for sweet peas; and first for
general exhlbil of garden flowers.
F, I. Edgell, second for while cock
eral; same for sheaf of clover; first
fnr borne made candy; same for home
made fruit cake; and second for pic-
serves with sugar: preserve'; witiiout sugar, preserved Btrawlierrles and
preserved gooseberries; and Hrst for
preserved raspberries while his
daughter   .lunn  Edgell  iv.
.1. L. Parker, mnnnglng director of   prize in the butter muklng compel!
the Burton Mine, Klko, left for a short ' \\m,
The Sinn* Specialist
,101. MAU wo in
Satisfaction •.•uuranteed
Headquarters for all binds of
Spokane, Washington
tin: hotel with a
Tliis house IiaH tbe
imppy distinction of being tlie favorite stopping placo In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronagu and do
everything lu our power
to make you comfortable
Our location Is excellent —
close to Oreat Northern Station
und O. W. R. & N.*— Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
houses mid places of amusement
Hue  HtrniiislilD  on   Honf
Se per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
t.mn>   COAli   IIKATKJI   for   sale
cheap.*  Apply   llera'd. 88-tt.   annuaj    flower
OIRI, WAXTKIl   forueiicn.l hou-c-
1 work, good Wages.    Apply to .Mrs. VV.
j E. Worden. Armstrong Avenue.   SO-tf.
I.I lis mid Stoddart, first prize for
general purpose brood mme. also
firsts with foal; as gentleman rider
cow pony competition; white eggs;
sheaf of Alsyiiike, mid clover; und
seconds for draft team; saddle horse,
mnn*. and prize tor best collection ol
on- exhibited.
Miss lletrbe Femru won first foi
tlnee   pieces  or   crotchet   work.
A. K. Fisher, firsts for brown eggs;
dahlias; sweet peas; table decoration,
parsley,    und  the
special prize offered by the Hoard ot
I   ..1. .   a    . a, a , '1  HllIC       fill'       t)0St       COllCCtlOII       Of       |lllOtO
TOtt M,'h     ,m,,r* '»" W,HS' graphs of the District; In seconds In
and  nine young  pigs.   Apply   ('ran- wcm  ihe  brown  egg   prize;  on.-  for
brook  Trailing  Co, :iti-tr. green  tomatoes,   one   for  ripe  lonm
,  toes; and for Red Cross sacks; nnu
•*•» ""■   •*"••'"•••«'   SiiiT'LSn'tlowc™ "	
bed. extension loung-. two rockers. Thomas Fratro, secoud tor barred
Apply Herald Office. M-U» | rock    cockerel;   -smnT    for  crotchet
work; mid firsts for needle work mn
home mnde bread,
A. <.. U ran ilo. firsl in sheaf of ai
fulfil: cabbage; bottled slrnwhorrlc
and se nud wiih fruit cake,
H. <;. Hamilton, firsl for ducks; »o.
ond.; for best milk cow and same i >i
best milk calf: second for beet collection of photographs Illustrative of tho
I). Howell, first for pickling onJ
and brood sow;  second for vegetable
marrow mid three ycur old beef heller.
James S. Johnston, firsts In one
year uld draft horse; Whitney eral)
apple; small fruits; short carrots;
cucumbers; Logan berries und cherries; seconds With general purpose
brood inure; draft foal; yellow transparent apples; sweet corn and purs-
Joljn Jones, firsts In sweet corn:
timothy iu sheaf; Uncle Sam potatoes,
Cambridge rilBSOt potatoes; any other
variety of potatoes; span of roadster;*; saddle horse; and second with
garden pens nnd Woe McOregor potatoes,
F. c. Ken ward, first with gonoral
purpose single driver; two seconds
iu yearling specials; second and first
respectively with Whlto Wyandotte
cock and ben; sum* with white Leg-
FOH S.U.I-:- Organ. Ilnmlnton Organ
Co., pfuno shape, in splendid condition. 11 stops. 1! knee swells, cost
$lfift; fnr quick sale $45.,—Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue. Iia-tf.
LAM) FOR 8A1X  Lot «S7. Route
1, Kootenny District, containing Bflfi
j acres, located three miles west of
| Cranbrook, R. C. railroad runs thru
one comer of the property. The Innd
; adjoins that ou which thc East Kooto-
| nay Saw Mill Is located.   This Is ex
■ cellent grazing and agricultural bind.
: wltli plenty of open range adjoining.
j To settle up nn estate, I offer n clear
; title to this bind for $3.00 per acre,
Cash.   If you want grafting land, all
■ yon hnve lo do Is to gn nnd look at
I It and you wlll buy It. P.. Lund, Box
j 180,  Lothhrldgo, nr  W,  F,  Burgess,
rranbrook, B. V. 33-tf.
iregetanlps; linger
male fowl; nnd first and second
nrlzes with rabbits; nnd extracted
honev, Mc also won lhe second in tiie
upeelal prize offered by Mr. R. Randolph Bruce, 0. K. V. It   0. S
Alfred Mitchell, firsts in wax beans;
brand beans: long red carrots; red
onions; yellow onions; green tomatoes; ripe tomatoes; citron; field cnb-
haee; and second in short carrots.
in addition to which he won n prize
for cherries.
li. li. Peters, lirst in sheaf nf nats;
sheaf of pens; ten pounds threshed
wheat; wealthy apples; runner beans;
home mnde butter; heifer calf: butter
making competition; second in mangold wurtzcls red; and first in the
social prize donnted hy it. Randolph
Bruce, c. K., |*\ K. <;. S.. and second
In |be P. Burns Limited special prize.
Miss Dorothy Pitts, first in exhibit
if Red Crass work.
T. A. Pope, first for pen of cockerel
and pullets; same for pen or cock and
hens; bast female bird: best male
bird; plucked fowl; trussed fowl;
hrown onions; Ited Cross socks; lemon pie; fruits preserved witli sugar;
and seconds for three year old heifer;
Wyandotte hen; table deccVntlbns;
Bweel pens; green beans; cabbage;
re(| onions.
li. '• Rayson, first for sugar beets;
second for mangold wurtzels;
Alexander Ritchie, first for team of
draft bors.  .
Doris Sainsbury, needlework.
K S\. Sandllands. first wilh single
drlvi r: preserved meats mnl preserved
fruits: second with Cambridge russet
potatoes: lemon pb* and preserved
E. F, W. Sollentln, first witli wheat;
si (oiul wiiii wax beans.
Helen Spencer, second lu needle
William Stewart, first In barred
rock cock: .second with pen of cock
and bens; same for cauliflower; Hrsl
und second for barred rock lien. His
son. Noel Stewart, won second prize
in Hanker-- competition for young
Fred Thatcher, first in cauliflowers;
second in home made buttor and white
Leoiiard Tinner, first nnd second
wiih boar: second wiih sow; second
iu butter malum.*. Miss Dorothy Tur-
m r won firsl  In needlework
Hr. I' VV Turner, first in vegetable
marrow; with his daughter, Miss Bf-
fle Turner, first in layer cake,
Arthur .!. Walker, first ri>r beet
cow; Duchess of Oldenburg apples;
White turnips; peas; long beets; red
mangolds; yellow mangolds; mnl sec-
niiil> wii!. Hyslop crabs; pickling
onions; sugar bets; field cabbage;
Held cum ts: while Miss Margarol
Walker won first in butter making
competition; mid Katherine Walker
.-.on lir*.i in Bankers' competition for
riih and •-.■(ond for young pigs.
Keith Udgell, fourth prize for calf
under Cnuadlun Bankers' Association.
smah Howell, 2nd priz.. for calf In
-; i. i.ii awarded by Canadian Bankers'
\   uelnllon.
peggj Konward. !lrd prize for call
:■- awarded by tlm Canadian Hunkers1
THANKS   FltO.ll   PltlS. ,|.  P. FINK
The Fall Fair is over am! wo have
th.- satisfaction of knowing it was a
great sue" •. the biggest nnd best
, ver in!-! in Kusi Kootenay.
Tin' reason why tbe Fair was greui-
•r and better this ycur v.-;*s the iincni-
Briefly speaking that's our guarantee; and it's
just as broad as we can make it. In fact, it's
so broad that unless El Sidelo Cigars please
your taste and win your approval, they cost you
absolutely nothing.   Here is our offer:
Step into a cigar store
and buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or Club House size). Smoke them critically; note their mild, delicate flavor, and
rich fragrance. Judge them from the standpoint
of your own likes and dislikes. Then if you are
not thoroughly satisfied, return the bands to us
and get your money back.
et Si*el0
**     CIGAR        v
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf.
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada.
Actual Siza
5 iiKli.*.
xt. i. SALES MANAGERi mis vi,iii:i!TA stki:i:t. nTscoFVEK, B.C.
yr..Every lOc
y  "■■packet of
\$80-0WORTH OF ANY /
I'Iruii to handle. Snld by nil Drug-
*_i;!:., Groccni and (jcncnii bturci.
nious support of the farmers, without |
which the Fair would be an absolute '
failure, no matter how hard the Fair'
officials worked.
The display of Cattle. Horses, Hogs.
Chtckens, drains. Fruits, Vegetables,
etc., WOS wonderful ulltl wus evidence'
enough tint the country is going a-
hend Instead of haokwoid.
At one time the Directors were urged to cancel the Fair us it was predicted a failure; a special meeting
was called and. characteristic of the
true East Kootenay boosters, the
Directors said no. the country Is ai-
rlght, and tlie knocker bus no place In
it, we Will hold the Fair and. with tbe
co-operation of tho fnrmers, of which ;
they were assured, make it a success. ■
The stock barns wore ull filled, the
poultry building wns filled to overflowing and extra coops had to lie
provided, the big main building wns
jammed full from top to bottom.
1 wish to express my gratitude to
our gootl friends from Creston, who
carted off mosl of our Jewelery for
tbeir display of fruits and vegetables.
I wish them good luck ..nil hope they
will come again. Their wonderful exhibit will spur our people to do greater things next year and will give our
rreston friends n harder fight: tliey
are all good sports und we can rest
assured tbey will give n good account
of themselves. I appreciate tlie help
of the farmers of tliis district: they
came out to win cud 1 um sure the
many words nf praise were well deserved and tlieir efforts next year will
he greater,
The Ladles with their display of
Cimkery. Preserved Fruits, and Vegetables, Fancy Work, etc., were u greM
factor iu the success of the fair and j
words of praise were heard, and 1
wish to thank them loo.
Thc School Children's display wus
wonderful and witiiout it the Fair
would have been Incomplete; und I
also wish to thank them and trust next
J'Onr they will do even belter.
I   wish   to express   my   I hunks   mid
giutitiide to tlie Secretary and Directors for their hard work and hearty co-
Ini conclusion I wlih to thank those
who look part In the sports; tholr
assistance and good fellowship made
it easy to adjust any dlflctilttos wlilch
arose and, unfortuutttoly, some misunderstandings nre bound to creep lu.
I hnve heard nothing hut word* of
praise for Fair In general nud 1 am
sure, wiih the snme co-opcralion nnd'
au  early  start, nexl  year's  F:ilr  will
surpass this om*.
Again thanking every one. 1 am,
Yours very truly.
.1. I'. Fink, President
Bright Eyes
indicate buoyant health. When
the eyes are dull, liver and bow<
els need regulating. Quickly
restore healthy conditions with
a dose or two—in time—of
l**»mst Ss- W Aar MtJbtMfe** Wtolft
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Ofllce, Smelting tod Refining Department


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