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Cranbrook Herald Apr 19, 1917

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THURSDAY, APRIL lilth. 1!»17
tl-i ri. tnli, .   Vpr.-tfiT*-*
Former Well Known KrsUlnil nf Crnnbrook Jlnkcs flic Supl'l'llio Sue-
rlflco for his fount ry.
It is dinililliil
ocont eiiHiinUlos
id rogrol ihan thai ro
last Mondny .■
oil thai "llorf
Homowlioro in
wllllo in* wns
oj ('iiiiiidlaii tr
II il   WOB  :i   IV
hrnnh nud wm
• id.
r <Hld(>i
nl C'ran*
nud lili-h
ith whom
oclnlly ni
ly ostopuiod hy evory mi
in* enmo in eontncl nltlu
otherwise, ami his irlonUs are legion
lie always tool, a vory proinlnenl and
active purt in nthlotlc sports oxcotllng j
prohnhly in lacroaso, and ha luvnrinhly I
mado   himaolf   conspicuous   hy   lho
gentlemanly and Bportsnmnllko man-
nor  in   which   ho conducted  hitmen |
mi nll occasions.    Ho was an exeep- j
tlonnlly powerful mnn, but was novm
known to take a mean ndvnntag*a or
his linusunl strength to gain a point
over  an  adversary   In   'he  field  of |
sports,   lie was particularly nntsd f>r
his fine physique and it is doubtful if
there ever was or could ho found ■,<
finer specimen nf physical mnnl ood
to dou a military uniform,   II** m >voi
to Kernie ahout ton or eleven yoar*
ago where he was, previous to *».:-'-
Ing with tho 225th, snperlntendeni of
the Morrisaey-Perni * and Michel Railway, running between Hip Coal Mines
and Pernie.   Shortly after enlisting ho
was promoted to the rank of captain
but his advancement was quick and
lie soon  rose tt) the rank of major.
His many Cranbrook friends sym-
pathlzc very deeply with his bere
wife aud two little children who are
lift to mourn his loss.
I. 0. I). Y.
"The Kusknnook Chapter of tho 1. 0.
1). E. gratefully acknowledge the
following donations towards the flannelette fund for April:
Per Mrs. Patterson 50c, Mrs. Mlloa
25c, Dr. Miles 25c, Mrs. MacPherson
50o, Mrs. A   It. McDonald $5.00, Mrs.
Attridge ^c, .Miss P. riarko 10c. Total
$0.85;  por Mrs. .1. S. !trak«*   Mrs. T.
Roberts 26c, Mrs, Wallinger 25c, Judgo
Ryan 25c, a friend 25c, Mrs. Bowhess
r.0r, Mrs. 1*\ H  Morris 10c. Mrs. .1. M
Couttes 26c,   Mrs. Duponl 10c,   Miss
Klmpton 10c, Mr. Coo, or BOc.   Total
$2.25.      Per Mrs. Manning  -2'm; Mrs.:
Dnlns 2Bc, Mrs   McFarlane 10c, Mrs.|
McCallum 25c, MIbs Chalmers 25c. Total $1.10.     Per Mrs. Sarvis   Mrs. lv .
Cnhtpholl 25c. Mrs. .1. Roy 25e, Mrs.,
<;   W . Willis 10c, Mrs. w   McKenilo
The annual meeting of the Ladles'
I Onward Bible Class of the Methodist
Church wns held on Tuesday evening
of this woeli at the homo of the retiring teacher, Mrs. A. Slater on Norbury Ave
\ splendid progrnm of musical and
literary uumhors wns rendered in
which Mesdnnies Adlard, BnSBQtt, Wat-
sou, riic iii, shankland and Bnoko
all figured with considerable ability.
The roports of lho year's work were
rend and proved very interesting. The
class has grown to almost double Its
memhorshlp and attendance during tho
yoar    I   a   splendid   spirit   Is   heing
evinced b) the class. Over fifty dollars has been raised by the class aud
a sowing class has almost completed
four quilts which ure to he sent to one
of tin- rodomplloi, homos belonging in
'I'lir Methodist Church in Edmonton.
Tli.' election of ullicers resulted ns
follows: Mrs. E. A. Christian, president: Mrs. t'liestr.'r. teacher; Mrs.
Bassett, vice pros.; Mrs. Adlard, secy.
treas.; Miss Baker, organist; Mrs.
Messenger, assistant organist. Mrs.
Panning, .Mrs, Smoke, Mrs. Disney
were elected as convenors of the
various branches of work to be undertaken hy the class.
At the conclusion of the business
dainty refreshments were served and
a social time indulged in and tlie
meeting brought to u very happy end-
G001) I.I ( K TO THI. HUiKSTltY
The Forrestry Battalion from Creston en route for Overseas with Major
Mallandaine in command, pa^od thru
Craubrook on Saturday Hth. Tiiere
was a good crowd down to see them
mg tlie Cranbrook men we
'. He v. Hunt, Hob st Clair,
,i. Venus Tlie very best
tli,. Cranbrook 'it!/*:)* l-o
Forestry Battalion.
IS M DEO 0.5.0.
22 I iiliiidiuii OBlcers l.leeu   Military
Creeses--*,'on*CommlsB!<med Officer     Tee th,.
Also Oets This Uicieratli.n
lt will be appreciated It every!
j person receiving news of or from
!our  Boys  will  kindly notifv  the'
"Herald.'' I
tt , ,
Oditor, Cranbrook Herald.
Dear Sir—While on business at tlie
Detailed  Ulster)
Prohibition in
The Fair Directors, at a meeting on
.Monday nlgllt, discussed tlie question
of holding one day's racing on July
1st. Wllllo no definite action was
taken, tho directors are strongly In
favor of it if the husiness men nnd
others will support tliem. There are
unite a number of good horses In the
district and no doubt an excellent
day's sport can be pulled off.
Chas. Knockle, W. K. Worden, Dr.
Rutledge, A. Doyle. Dan Burton and
others liave good harness and running
horses and tho Indians have u number
of good runners. An auto parade and
race wnuld he a big item too.
Hock drilling among thc miners is a
big event and always draws a big
Another meeting will he held shortly
nnd in the meantime any suggestions
will Be ulaflly received by the Directors. A race meeting at this lime would
put the horsemen on edge for the
races at tha big Pall Fair.
2fic; total $1.8
—06c,    Miss
Cherrington    .
Mrs. Miles
Dr. King $l
city $2.26,
Pnriw $1.01
Mrs. Hnln c
Mrs. Mnnle
r. Mb
;   total   $1.00,    1
Mrs .1 Campbell i
Balance of cnnvai
ss 50;   Mrs    Pra
Amsterdam. Anv*] 9. The frcutie:
orrespondent of the Tclegraaf bur-
-■sis that the recklessness shown hy
Ierman submarines is due to th*? bin
inanchil rewards offered the crews
>• the German Government The men
.ho man the submarines pet ten per
itit higher pay than those in any
ther branch of the National Service.
nd   receive   in   addition   substantial
until red Bhlp Is
value of
tl n
rile  1. O.  D   K
of Wn
IdroBBing r public meeting in
tho Parish Mall on Mondny, Mrs. Anderson gi-.ve a detailed history of the
fight for Prohibition in B.C. Iter statements wen* based upon evidence admitted at the enquiry hold before Hlr
Richard Mc"ride n I .mini, ny tin
Presiding Offlcora who tooh the polls
of .'.oldiers' votes in England and
Franco in Decemher. 1916.
She slated thai the evidence was
tuken down by an official stenographer
who was sworn to faithfully record
and transcribe tlie proceedings. These
admissions are contained in tlie official record, a copy of which is deposited with the Hon. Provincial Secretary,
I Notice to the Public- Regulations
governing the polls wero passed by
Order in Council dated Aug. 3rd, 1016,
requiring that "notice specifying the
day. hour and place where the presid
lng officer will take vol.*: must be glv
en as much publicity as possible." Pre-
siding Officer Dick admits that he
came across some B. C. men "on tin
road" nnd summarily took tlieir votes
As to the rest he "went to the Commanding Olllcer and got an orderly
who took bim around to pick up tho
ballots. Presiding Olllcer Trim put
up a notice on the polling booth when
he commenced to take tlio poll "B.C.
Soldier's Poll. Officer Wellband "told
the Commanding Olllcer tliat ho bad
come to take the poll and then put
up a sign on theliolllng booth. None
of the officers pretend that tbey gave
any notice of the day. hour and place
as required.
Ballot Boxes ami Receptacles.—The
Orders-in-Council required that   tlie
ballot receptacles musl   be sealed at
the close of each poll and Immediately
forwarded to the Agent-General In
London. The Presiding Officers were
required to semi by separate post a
certificate for each receptacle showing what ballots it contained and
when and by whom these wen- taken.
Presiding Officer Wellband testified
that he did not receive his ballot boxes
or receptacles until after Christmas
and that he did not put the ballots
in them and seal them up until December ::ist He commenced taking the
bnllots December Tth. Ofllcor Dick
admits he did uot seal tlie Ballol receptacle at the close of th.* nrtdarem
ceptacle at the close of the polls. Says
'■lie does not know when he sealed
them." Says lie "did noi see any reg-
ulatlons for taking the polls"   Presid-
among her
raptors, rive per cent, to the commander ot tho submarine, five tn the
rhlef engineer, fifteen to tho remain*
ins   officers   aud   twenty-five   to   the,
, : ini: Officer Trim admits that lo* did not
crew.     Percentages    for   torpedoed!
ships are based on the insurance value
of the vessel    In these cases the sub-
■.;:... Miss Down
Mi- While '■<
Mrs McKlunon
McKinnon   Mr
Judge   Ityan   2
tne connu
noler gets one per rent.
rhtfef cug
ii i r one, the remaining
ni i'i
ers four.
nd the crew ten.   There
aKo extn
rewards for special ex.
Inn   Cress   Despatch.
Proposed Constitution for
the Non-Partizan League\tiZ,TZlw
London, April 17.- Award of the
Distinguished Service Order to one
and the .Military Cross to 29 Canadian ollicers was gazetted to-day.
Lieut.-('ol. It. D. Davles of the infantry is the officer appointed to the
Military Cross of Kergt. .Major
Wm. H. Mursden of the Infantry. The
1 Military Cross bus been hitherto almost exclusively ati honor reserved
fur ollicers performing gallant and
conspicuous service. A list nf those
: it'corBted follows:
Distinguished Service Order—Ueut.
i Col. Reginald Danhury Davles.
, .Military Cross—Lieut. Geo. Albert
i Allen, Lieut. Thos. Brown Bnrrle,
! Lieut}. John Marshall Baker, Capt.
| Douglas Cann tell nol, Lieut. William
'Albert Duwe, Lieut. Wilfred Derby-
I shire, Lieut. Andrew Duncan, Lieut.
; P. Charles Gilllngwater, Lieut. Chas.
Ridgewny Gilpin, LfftUti David V.
Kotcheson, Lieut. Jas. Arthur Murphy,
Lieut. Melbourne P. Noilly, Lieut.
Hubert N, Pitcher, Lieut. Samuel
Rooves, Lieut. Harry lUeras, Lieut.
William C. Robs, Lieut. John Henry
Grassett Strathy, Lieut. N. W. Sy-
monds, Lieut. Maurice It. Thornhlll
and Sergt.-Major William Henry
Mursden, all of the infantry; Lieut.
Prederick G. Bird, engineers; Lieut.
Robert I). Harkuess, machine gun
corps; Lieut. Conn Smythc, field nr-
tilery.—Nelson   Dally   News.
[We nre proud to claim Lieut..-Col
Davies as an old Cranbrook boy.
Colonel Davies left Cranbrook as n
lieutenant in tho 54th battalion.1
British Columbia House yesterday, l
spent a few minutes in the reading
room, and not being able to see a
('ranbrook Herald. I picked up a Pernio paper and read quite a long
article on the trip of Nelson and Ferine company of the 225th Battalion
from New Westminster. II c, to
■d of
Captain H. A. Pearson who has been
o\erseas on Y. M. C. A. Military Work
visited the Association on Thursday of
Inst week roinalnlng over until Friday. On Thursday evening lie addressed a meeting in the Rex Theatre mi
the work being done among the Can-
adl.tu Soldiers in Prance tiy the Young
Men's Christian Association. Tlie Address was; Rreatly appreciated by all
those prevent though unfortunately it
luul to be cut short on nceount of lack
of time. Captain Pearson has been
travelling in Canada for the past five
months conducting campaigns in the
larger towns and cities to raise funds,
aud has been successful so far in raising almost half a million dollars for
the overseas work of the Y. M. C. A.
while there is still a large number of
places in which campaigns are to be
put on.
To the Kditor. Crnnbrook Herald
\ great deal of misgiving hn i- i n
occasioned hj the use „f the Non-Par
ttiau Longur lo certain members of
tho old political faiths, each soctlon
trying i» blame the other ror trying
to ileal n march out the othor, hy
,* i.ibi ix .i  pnrtj   inimical organ
lllll till)    i"   diatonic
Tlmt the logltlmacj of thc no« bom
infant umv bo established, tho pro
posed constitution is hore appended
for Uio benefit ol all  who wWi to
know   the   fact-  of   llie   case
Proposed t'onitltiiUan for lhe >mi-
Ptuilsnn League.
Name   Tlie Organization shall   be
known ns "The Nnn-Partlsaii league
of Kast Kootenay, It. C."
Object (it At furthering Boclal and
political reforms on a non-party basts;
(2) At gathering Information relative wl,° |H «°t a regular member of the
to political, social und Industrial con-I•onSu0 in ff°od standing.
ditlons and tho dissemination there-' Powers of Executive—The executive
of as widely as possible; (3) At tho| shall have power to transact such
business ns is committed to it by the
league, and such as Is deemed by the
president to be of such urgent char-
actor as to demand Immediate action.
It shall have power to fill sueh vac-
cur hy death or roslgnn-
rnnks nf thfl officers.    It
annual membership fee of ono dollar,
Pile ai loclnto membership shall consist  of such  persons ni desire to p  r-
tlclpntc In lhe benefits of the loafftio I boforo
wit hon I forfeiting their membership ... ,,.,,
In an) other parly organisation, As-'
oi Inlc iu om h rs ihnll not be eligible
lor office of any kind in the league
nnr shall they VOtO on any Issue tie-
lori ihe league The fee for nssn-
■ late members shall be 7.", cents.
Officers The officers of Ihe league
shall comprise a president, three vice
presidents, recording secretary, corresponding secretary and a treasurer.
Executive- The executive committee
shall he composed of all officers of
Un* league nud the convenors
of all standing committee:! thai
the league may find necessary tn appoint to properly carry out their program.   No person shall hold nny office
securing of such legislative action as
the Investigations would seem to warrant.
Membership- Membership shall bo
of two classes, viz: Re^olnr and Associate.   The regular membership shall' uncles a
consist of sueh per Bona ns liave (l)   tlon iu i
No alliance or membership In any   "hull  appolnl   tlie  members of   tlio
party political organisation, (2) lieen  various standing committees after tlie
nominated hy two regular mombers In  convenors hnve been elected as else-
good standing and elected thereto by i where provided for.
n vntn nf the lengue, (.UsiiWrlbiMl an | (continued  on   page four)
! seal   up   his
' "after Chrl
admit that they s<*ui no separate certificate respecting the ballot receptacles io tin' Agent-General.
On the fifth day of the enquiry re-
■ • ptaeles  weii   opened without    any
certificate wi'slevor shawmi tne time
oi place whtre the same wcr- =caled.
'll*e ballot*, contained in tin .-i   were
minted.    NOTL   Tin   Importntict  of
itueut tin- 'ie* acnit-
trenernl might be in receipt of ballots |
sent in by any person who could get
the stationery io make up a receptacle,
Tiie Oath Qualifying the Voters   The
statute provides thai every volunteer |
■Ing a ballot shall tnke|
au ontll which was printed on the ]
ballot envelope proviiiK that he was
a BrltlBh subject residing in British
Columbia six months before he ellllst-
ed Presiding Officers Wollband nnd
Dick admit tliat tin y did not administer Die oath at all
Notice to Scrutineers. The Order-
iu-Councll required thai tlie "presiding Officer shall notify the scrutineers at tlie same time ns lie gives notice for holding the poll and such
notice shull when practicable, he given nt least n week before the holding
of any poll. Officer Wellband testi-
j fins that "he gave no notice of his
polls to tlie scrutineers, and that he
did not know that it was liis duty to
give any such notice." Officer Dick
admits that he cave nn notice to the
scrutineers. Officer Trim also admits
that he gave no notice to Serntln-ers.
Officer Douglas (in charge or wholo
Prench vote in December) admits that
tin* Prohibition Scrutineer hnd no notice of the Polls taken at. Bmay. and
other places nor of the polls taken
during the last few days in December.
Douglas appointed a large number of
deputy presiding offieor to take polls
In Prance, uud he admits that hc gave
these no instructions to notify seruti-
neer« ns to their polls.
(Continued ou page 8)
On Tuesday, April 17th, thc Annual
Meeting of the Association was held,
at which reports were given of tlie
year's work, ending March 31st.
The past year has been a very suc-
cossfnl one not only from a financial
standpoint, but also in its influence,
through service rendered to those
whom the Association has heen able
to reueli. The Auditors statement of
tlii' year's business showed a gain for
tlie year of $054.00 In the financial
stnndinj,; of the Association while the
building equipment has been greatly
Improved in many resects. A statement of statistics read by the General
Secretary also showed that the Association lias been of greater service In
the past year than ever befor.
|    Por the present homelike condition
...  1 of the building credit is largely due
nt   | tn the members of the Ladies' Auxiliary who In tlie past year under the
leadership of Mrs. J. \V, Spence have
supplied  linen, towels, curtains, etc..
I and in this way have added greatly
to tlio eoziueas of the rooms and the
«oui fort of the men  who make the
: Association their home.
The Board of Directors were re-
elected by acclamation as follows: —
' A. A. MacKinnon. President;  Wm. S.
j McDonald, Vice Pres.. W, J. Manley.
] Recording Serretary;   P. A. Robson,
i Treasurer; J. L. Palmer. Auditor, J.
| II. Beaton, W. D. Gllroy, II. J. Reid
W. D. McLeod, S. T. Kvans and H.
WILSON    TO    Till:     KING
Kxpre-.-ed on Behalf of the
American  People,
Nothing whatever was ni
the Cranbrook boys which of course
j was quite natural, hut I think it quite
; In order to suy that In spite of the wonderful flue trip we had, we certainly
hod one just as good and from reports
a llttle bettor. With the exception
of Major Davey. our company com
iiieinder, and Capt. Archer, nur adjutant, we were all Lieutenants, and the
only lieutenants who did not stay with
us were Messrs. Ronnie and Cart wel,
both of Nelson.
At Calgary we had some Cranhrook
friends to meet us and 1 assure ynu
It was good to see them and the
boys felt that they were not forgotten,
1 cannpt remember having m>vn any
Pernie people nt Calgary that morning. Our hoys are scattered around
now and I suppose some of tliem are
In Prance. 1 have transferred to the
Canadian Machine Gun Depot and I
brought a few of our boys over with
me. The last time 1 saw Jim Brechin
he was goiiiK to some camp tn Lake
another course In bnyouet fighting and
physical training, Prank Richardson
is, 1 believe, taking bombing somewhere else and I don't know whal Ima
become of Bill Harris.
I saw Eddie Doolan ahout two weeks
ago, he has returned from France to
take an Officer's Training Course.
Speery Phillips is taklnK tlie same
course but I haven't seem hlm either.
Please remember me to all tlie Craubrook poplo and hoping to return soon.
I am. Yours truly,
Mr. Seaman, manager of the Royal
Bank, has received the followlnjs' interesting letter from his brother Lieut.
Seaman, who was accountant witli the
Imperial Bank in Cranbrook.
Prance* Sunday, March 25, 1917
Well old man, here I am at last well
started towards the game. I am still
at the base but am going up the line
tomorrow and so I will not hnve another chance of writing In tlie next
few dasy. We had quite a rough hut
otherwise uneventful trip across tlie
channel and I made my acquaintance
with sea sickness hut not off with a
very light attack.
We have spent a few very happy
days here at tlie base. It Is Just a
big re-union, as you meet boys you
have met before In all sorts of places.
If you see the Hognrths tell them I
came over with Harry Banfield and
he went up the line yesterday so I expect to see blm again in a day or two.
There is an officer still nt our reserve
at Seaford who came over from Canada with the 225th, Whattaker. his
name Is. He was a preacher of sorts
In civil life and a fine little chap.
He was married to n Pt. Oeorge girl
and Ills wife and family ere up there
now so I thought probably you may
know hlm.
We. got a great send off from Sea-
ford as the colonel and all the senior
officers came down to see us away,
sailed from Southampton.
So far my Impression of Prance is
very favorable as the country about
here is very beautiful and fairly hoary
with age, as some of the boys say ln
their letters home, it has whiskers on.
My chief job here has been censoring
letters as we all spend pnrt of our
morning at that job. The men are
simply wonderful the way they keep
themselves within the limits allowed
to them in letter writing und it is quite
funny the things they have to say
alKiut the censor,
I wish you could see me decked oul
In my tin hat and my pack upon my
back and yon wnuld be Rind to see me
doing a bit of work at last. 1 can tell
you It feels great to he really setting
Into the game nt last though. We
all feel so horribly fit that we hardly
know how to contain ourselves, I
have got to get to my nest though
right away as I huve to he up with the
birds In the morning for fear there i-
an order for ns to move at once. If we
I do not go early In the morning we
j know we will not get away until tic
the evening as that is the usual time
i for ns to start our journey up.
j    With kind remembrance to all kooi!
j Cranbrook friends.       Yours.
U.ndnn. April fl.—Thnnks to the
King for his 'inspiring words'' In
greethiK America's entry into the war
was expressed by President Wilson
in tlie following message received by
the King In-day:
"Your eloquent message comes to  Governor nf   Maine   Require*  Them
mo  nt this crltlral moment   in  our'       Tn Appear Within II Hours.
national life ns proof of a community; 	
of sentiment arumm the free peoples | Augusta, Me., April u, Governor
of the world, now striving to defend j Mllllken tonight Issued a prodama-
their Ideals, maintain the blessings of! tlon requlrinR all citizens of thn Ger*
national Independence, and uphold the! man Imperial gnvernnieni  to nppear
rights of humanity.
In tlie nntne of the American people and the Government to which they
within 14 hours before town clorki ■
boards of registration and reglste
Otlier persons are required to give In
New Palm Beach
sKHiTS Illl  CEXTS   PER   V 11(11
New Wash Blouses
l.l\s TRIMMER WITH I.U I VXD l\si;n-
TIOXN AMI ItlAl III I I I *, I *.|Hlilllll-
KRO.ll  »1.50TO*4.50
New Millinery Arriving
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Kill Them Quick
Easy to use ,:..!•,. .: right     Onr  <; ;..-r  Poison  i-  sold
m.ile.r a money bach guarantee. !: you ar*- HssaUsfled «iili rwults
anil   leave,   followed   dlreetlons, •  •■:.   return   :■  .;-,t*..   and   we-   will
refund money.
Now Is tne time, when the Gopher, are beginning m aie^ar.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
H. j. ATCHISOJf, Manager.
The 1917 Ford Touring Car
$495.00 f. o. b. Ford. Onl.
You pay less feer ihis ear hul ii gives ynu more
enjoyment, more milage ami longer servii o Hum
those which cosi more.
Tli.. touring ear gives ill" Utmost iu iiulieimi-
leile* value., pride ni ownership ami economy.
Iiuy a Kuril ihis year and Bave money
$560.00 Cranbrook
CRANBReeOK.   8 C.
look for gulitauce, I thank you for  formation of thr* prestnet ot tlormiiuei
yonr Inspiring woreJa " ■. knUAngs, ukitrr tkilr control.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of I'aniiila, Limited
Olllco, SmcltlriK nnd Refining Department
S M fl I, T fl II S   A N II   It E l' I N E It S
THURSDAY, APRIL 13th. 1917
'I Mis for 25c
I'or l.h. 12Uc
toi' air also reduclnit onr
price on
fur lhc lioncfll of our ninny
^ 1   nirklv   by   Tin.   Cranbroub
llornlil, l.lnillcil.
n. V. liny, Killtur nud >lun»tr<.r
< ini,i.r....l,. IU'.. April Ullli, imj
thi: seed ni' I'lioiinno.N
Tlie i .'nt rapid rise in whoat ciuo-
tinii'. and lho continual Increase In
p price nt' nil foniis emphasizes the
iperattvo need of Increased t'nrm
oductlon. Every small plot of
omul utilized I'eer growing potatoes,
Ions, carrots, etc., evill help to till
a market with llie necessary pro-
cts. »ill help in feed the starving
Icinlis. will help In win tlu1 wur.   If
■ uf iiiiiI,' tn riglil wi> ran pay—if
> nr,* iiiinlilt. tu puy - wc cun grow
tntoea nm] Mill [eel wc hit "doing
r bit"    There nn1 acres of vacant
. in Cranbroolt which could lie*
li/, il for ttih purpose, there arc
mil',il. ut acres ul' land especially
united I'm- vegetables lying imilovol-
od within n radius ul three nlllea of
■ , My ll evory utile limlii'd man In
niibrnoli would undertake to ctiltl-
te a linlf hit. uf land, If- lent wo
vi- salel riiuiiieii   why mil?
Mil,nil.US'   VOTE
mother c.
: of Mrs,
mnn will In; mad tin
Anderson em the alii* in taking tlm sol-
- wlll
Wc can snvc ynu innncy
un uur Siilni'ilii) Spi'iiuls.
Ill It    ALII
i'ikim; hi
witli Mn- princlpl
uf tin- majority.
adopted 1
a comml
of ru
ie nil
Iiy tlle
111 III
ngly g
plo ley reforon-
prlvtlego end
il.-il ngalnst the
irruption. If nn tlie
irrupi niatleeids wer.
-. tin-1 oldlors' votcp.
Hit l>,> appointed tu
i tu tli, bottom, and
Columbia but the
.~ set rlghl by tlie
and punishment eef
i lugging i-iuiuinU*
pluy :
in Van-
iged plugging
i taint on thc
vinee which
tiie least poK-
coplo want i>-
nn politics.
lon't forgcl tin- Voters' list closes
Mne-  lull, only mi more voting
.-.-. Mrs, Horsey wns tlm flrat lady
take ndvnntagc -*r tin* franchise,
1  register.    Women!  get  In  line.
I't lenvo it Illl llie Inst dny.
I. O.O. Fa
Ki;v CITY LODGE, Nn. 12
Meets   every
Monday night
tZ&^ZJ^bm9    at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
lv II. McPhee,    \V. (I. Robinson,
Secy. N. G.
Crunbrook, 11. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
tlio Fraternity Hall
It. C. Carr, C. C.
P. dc Vere Hunt, K. It. & S.
P. O. Boj D22
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
M* womon
if Vlctorln have, asked
i In amend the Muni-
i \ii by im
rotlticing tin* words "or
ile" nfter
every  occurrence    of
I.*."    Tin-
ct sn amended would
women tin
ri»*!it In net as mayors
nr i
heroism mid
slrnycd tin- I
saved Paris i
Empire and I
Subscribe tn
Delglan Roll
helps In suv
the Belgians! Their
sacrifice nf country de-
ormnn plan nf campaign,
.nd preserved the llrltlsh
icy aro starving tn death.
tin* Crnnbrook  Herald
t'f Fund.    Every dollar
• a lif".
Meets in Maple Hull nec.oni)
Tuesday of evt;ry montii at 8
P. m. •*■*
Membership op<*n   to   Uritish
Visiting   in'inhers   cordlully
K. Y. Brake,        J. P. Lower,
President. aocrctury
*,, Meets in  the
^h,.   W Parish     Hall
.'-•v. ..--a* -:v .** (irj.(   Tuesday
s afternoon   of
every   month
nt " p.m.
PreB., Mrs. W.
B.  McFarlane,
Burton, P. 0. Box 021.
n-dially invited.
l.ast week we reported the theft of
a bath tub and wash basin from a
vncnnt house. This week a corres.
pandonI reports another serious house
breaking exploit Vandalism is lie
coming rampant in the city. A strong
effort Bhould b<- < xerted tn catch the
perpetrators nf such outrages nnd n
palubrlous punlf-i'.ment mo-'od nn!.
■*>.*%%.*>■      —
\. M. (. \.'** 1H.AHTY SUPPORT OF
While roports from all ovor Can'
ada show an increasingly heavy drain
Upon tlie regular V. M. •'. A. member
ip and Hu* staffs, through enlist
ment, tlu- National Council have felt
Hint an official announcement uf their
hearty approval and co-oporatlon in
this movement nhould be mado. A
resolution lias lieen passed unit is being sent out in the Local Secretaries,
drawing attention to "the pressure be*
in brought In bear Iiy the (inv'Turnout
nn iiu' manhood nf the country for
National Service" and declaring that
i' .■ Ituatloti demands 'hat tin- v. M
r \ "which Is highly patriotic In
thought and purpose, should take no-
tton in rognrd to the selection of its
employed force t-> enlistment and
National Service," Tiny strongly r**-
commend therefore in the Boards of
Directors nf Canadian Asi idatlons
'■tliat every facility he given tn the
unmarried ami eligible men on their
Ptafffl   Will)   feel   |)m*   tliey   M.lll.ll   cn-
;■■■■) mnl that oacV 1" .ird ctnfer with
employed men with a vl »w to dls-
rinc   Hie   nui
11 may 11
this time nf ne
made appli 'il'le
mneil staff
: ffecllvi way In
1 serve tho Kmpire
. " Tli.* resolution
also to the National
Biilai ik i III i" M ■ ".i f., n boi orlhrwifor
»in -ii in nil Prus .im.**. r,r mnlleil to nny
tddrojiaiiiirircui lot price.   Tilt Hcomi. Initn
Co ,
; lncr«MU''KM'/
■-.fa a boi
Mil   1,11 ftjffl
■ -., ,H"  .,  (   ll      -
lUHlt-T ■;,! Mum      vf lllll J ip.HHDOl   r.r  i   "
wo i'T j. nt limit hinr-'H or ity limit onrooalpt   lii-.nlln
•I|tI'"    Itin, HUOPtl.t DBUeGo.,Bt OM'mrlo**,
"w*   amount. Il wlll help
now open nnd contri-
■arnesHy   desired.    All
□ lhe nbove fund should
• Kdlinr", tlie ('ranbrook
llerald. Crnnbrook, ft   c.    Acknmv*
ledgemenl will he nnd,- In Ibis paper
from week to week under the above
Nn matter Imw small    tin*
WY dn md hold ourselves responsible
for oplnlnus expressed by
To the Editor nr the llerald:- Dear
Kir:- Did you ever live upon a ranch
outside ni' tins eity, und did yon over
come to town for the winter, lock, bar
and bolt ynur house securely as you
thought, lock nil the doors and then
put on padlocks, nail drwn all tli •
windows and then hoard tbetn all up
right to the very top, and then make
occasional visits to see that all was
it' jou liave done this, sir, ymi
wilt understand how one feels whin,:
after doing all these things, ynu re-'
cetve. word that padlocks have heen
broken off, bonrds wrenched from'
windows and window:- smashed, nnd
things that were left in the heme,
things of intrinsic value, have been
wantonly destroyed, overy cupboard
ransacked,,and boxes completely emptied, and the contents strewn all ovor
the rooms? Can it he possible, sir.
that nur hoys have forgotten that there
Is a law In this country, and that the
arm of the law is far roachlng, nud
wlll sometime get them; hnve tbey
forgotten so soon, the punishment
meted ont to one hoy who was cnught
In his wrong doing? I wish to sny.
sir. tlir.t should I he fortunate enough
in securing the arrest of the culprits,
the law will have Its swing, regardless
of the cries of the mothers of these
paragons of virtue.
A. Rancher.
In the course of a well written letter
from a correspondent (signed "A
Prospector") the claim is made that
the prnspectnrs of the province are not
getting a fair show. Our correspondent claims that the prospector is de-
splced and forgotten and yet his work
is worthy and important.
He says, in pnrt:
"His are the greatest battles, his are
are gravest dangers, but his arc the '■
grandest achievements of our whole I
pioneer tribe.   There is not a piece of
metal, from the sewing needle, to the j
locomotive or the dreadnought, there
Is not a piece of material shaped for.
any service, from the beautiful statue
to the weaving of the silken fabric for
Hie advancement of nature's supreni*
est beauty, true woman kind, that does |
not represent the fears, the pains ami'
the persistent   energy  of   the   pros-!
He continues, "It was a thing   of
small   moment,   that   three   starving
men. hurried to stake a very indifferent discovery in this valley some years
ago.   But It Is a very different thing
to know that the  Sullivan   Mine  is J
wortii over a hundred million dollars.:
with a likelihood of still greater value i
by further discoveries.   The work of:
theso  men  and  those   who   followed
them  on   this  property  (represents ,
one of tiie most powerful factors in ;
the mighty conflict now raging on llie
plains of Kurope, and is one nf the
great stepping stones to final victory
for the liberty of the world.   Why the
people of this country should persist-,
antly disbelieve  in  their country.  Is,
hard  to  understand,  but  why  they i
should disregard, disbelieve and constantly   belittle  their  prospectors  Is j
unfortunate for all, to Hie last degree,   i
While the prospector asks  for no |
favor, he still hopes to be considered
human nnd pleads for nothing more
than should fall to those who deserve
as he deserves, hope as he hopes, and
work as be works."
"A pnosprccToit"
BREJjp, Hj
mm is tiu'i: i> \triotism
All liiil Two Bojeg in School Enlist,
nml 'I'liiy Arc. I'iiiIit Aifc.
Miiliiii. Idaho, April 6. —Patriotic
torvor ut in students Ims rosultod in
t- - disruption ot tin. iiiKii school.
'I ■..- in young ni-ii. comprising the eu.
i.u- muii. soctlon of tho sciool, ti-
| iiuy presented tlmnisplvcs ut the army
recruiting station vlth the Intention
''enlisting. Fourteen were a::ei)ted.
i'ln two nthrri wore rejectej on ac-
ccunl nl" being undo..' ago,
t\ ii ii it: I
"7. What experlencea has the new
appointee had ln this work?
Hon Dr. King replied as follows:
"1.   Yes.
":.'.   November 26, 1916.
"II.    Yes.
"■I.   March 17, ley department.
"i'i.   ln tin. public Interest.
"6.   0. It. Leash.
"7. Builder and contractor; many
years* experience."
—Ml     Sir  Edward  Carson.  First  Lord of
NI-.IVS OF 'i ,:t:  IVOU1.K       tin. Admiralty, uttorod n gray wurn-
iiiB tei tin. nation at a lunchoon glvon
tt in iiim by iii- Aiii«.vi-ii cii,b i ontly,
Subscriptions lo lhc lliird Canadian  "l"lor "10 n'H'Ifniiiushlp ot Lord North.
"■nr Imii iiii.-ii s-.'.;i;.7is,::ii(i. coming  ''""''•
'nun nun-,- ilimi in.nnu   ubscrlbors. '''"' "'IV-V- Kil' Hklward Carson said,
luul ii. grnpplo wiiii now probloms,
ll""',';  ■ i   : -  "I --.'ini iniiiiiiilly   mnl li,. confessed  they  luul not yet
'" '" '"' |l;,i'l l>! "i" Dominion Gov     satisfactorily Bolvod thoBo probloms.
"n"""" "" "i"'1"' I'.*' "f Hi" "Hi-  He- urged thorn to pay no attention tn
,   (Wa ' ll"'1' "' Hi ■ Canadian forceee   u lour rtrateglsts wbo woro always
Among e ■ torpedoed by dor-   'V1"'y ''"'' " K"'"W"'    " "" snn,b1'"'
mo bmr.rlno   wero two more Boi     "'"'' '""' "''''' "'"' ""' ,'!""''1'' r""'Ml-
it would in- tin- nui uf uur Empire.|
flu- situation threatened tlm food of'
the [eooplo lu an extent Hint no one
could lmvo anticipated.   He moro than
A Herman nlrpli  bombarded tlu   lli»1"'1 "' lurther drastic action in the
eoasl uf Kent uu the nlghl uf April   "'">' |,f restrictions, and said he bc-
5th, eight bombs bolng dropped,  si   Hevod thai If tbo people realized that
uf which Ml in the open.   Thero wore   '" »'-"• '- question uf their "sticking It
nu casualties, and no da ge was done  "in" in- tin. Germans "sticking It out"
beyond tlie. breaking uf sum., glass.      all would sny. "No matter what thoy
I,  was ofllciully  eunced in  Uu-   ""'5' ''"' "^ *'"* " °"'"
llrltlsh House uf Commons un April
Sth that six l.nsnll.l .1 , l   i       *"K     .'HANHH....K     IIRIDGE
torpedoed o
An Irishman gave a little dinner nnd
luviteul a few of his Intimate friends.
A chicken wns set on the table and
Pat began carving.
"Well. Mnry", he said, "nnil what
part would you like?"
"lli'dad, Pat," says she, "I'd like a
"And yon, Mike?"
"Muslin, Pat, I'd like a leg too."
"And wlint part would you favor,
"I'd Ilk,, a leg. lun."
"Allhall." says  I'al;   "du ynn  think
II'h a spider I'm carvln?"
I Diversion and Hue)
I    TAKE NOTICE that The Conaolt-
date-il Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada, Limited, whose address Is Trail,
I B. C„ will apply for a licence to take
and UBe 25 e-ubie feet per second ol
water out nf Mark Creek whicli flows
easterly  and   drains  into  St.  Marys'
■ Hiver about Marysville.    The water
wlll he diverted from the stream at
a point nbout the power house on Mark
; Creek Mineral Claim and wlll be uaed
I for mining, milling and power pur-
| poses upon the land described as mill-
site on timber limit 6tl2".
This notice wus posted on the
ground on the 36th day of March 1917.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto nnd to tho
"Water Act, 11114" will be fyled ln the
office uf tlie Water Iteeorder at Cran-
lirouk. Objections tee the application
may be fyled wilh the said Wnter Recorder ur Willi llie Comptroller of
tVator Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, II C. within thirty days after
Ibe fli'ui appearance eif ibis notlco In
a local newspaper. The date of the*
first ;,ul,II,-nili,ii nr this notice Is April
lull till?
The Consolidated Mining and suu-li-
Ing Co., nf Canada, Limited,
iiy .1. k. cram, Agont.
of thc
second  I,.
before tlie
n April
ispllal ships have 1 n
lined Iiy tin- Central
Powers since the beginning uf the
wur. causing tin- loss id 247 lin-* nnil
injury to 7" persons.
Th- a
Why Sceitt was Let Oul.
The following art* the questions ask-
■il in the Legislative Assembly at Vic*
nf Mrs. Alice Whcoldo
and Mr. uiul Mrs. Alfred Mason wli.,
wero convicted uf conspiring lu kill   ""'l!1 by ,' "' Scl">(1(!***. member   fori
.Mr.  Lloyd Qeorge nnd either e-ablnut   Tra"' "'"' ""' Osiers of Dr. J. H.
ministers In,., been refused, nnd they   l%lllk':
Will undergo lum: I  -in- uf inim-isien-       "L    ""* Pr"nk  R S™" becn ,"'t-
meni lng ns a bridge foreman in Cruulirook
, riding?
The Uui-.-ii-ii Provincial Government     '"-'.   When was he appointed?
Ims ri pealed nil law- actually in force ?    "".   lias lie been dismissed?
Iiiiiiilii:* tin- rights ur Russian citizens      "4,   If su. when anil hy whom?
regarding creeds and religions.  At tho     "6.   What were the reasons for his
same time ihe Premier, Prince Lyoff,  dismissal?
announced to n di putc.th r women '    "«.   Who has been appointed In ills
thia women will in- allowed to vote in epince?
Hi.- elections to the Conctltuenl An-         —
inlily.   Russia is surely marching een. - ^***m*m******t*****m^K^SS*lW**M
When Women are Weak
Women who feel weak, languid and depressed—
who look pale and dull-eyed, and have lost appetite and fresh looks—need a tonic that will
purify the blood, help the organs of digestion,
regulate the liver and bowels, and strengthen
the system.   It long has been known that
are a blessing to weak women, for they quickly correct
womanly ailments, improve the appetite, purify tbe
blood and re-establish healthy conditions. They are
safe to take as they are purely vegetable and without
any harmful drug. A few doses will bring better
spirits, improved health and a feeling of fitness.
Worth a Guinea a Box
Prepared only by Thomee Beecherr  St. Helena, Lancaahire. Eofland.
Sold .vary where in Canada nnd U. 3. America,   ln boxea. 25 cenla.
Queen Elizabeth of Hi Igltini, who
recently vlBitod the Vatican, told Pope
I'., n.-ili-i    personal^    of    Belgium's
plight under (ler n oppression uml
of German atrocities, fully authenticated by iilheiiil Inve.-tlgatlon, liis
Holiness listened attentively tu her
eloquent recital uf lho snfferlngc uf
her i	
Confidential reports have reached
Uu. Vutlci ii showing Uu- political situation iu Spain nud ii is fear un upheaval is inevitable. German agents
are credited with a propagandn wl ich
hat- enlisted the sympathy uf conservatives nnd reactionaries, i-tni lhe army
is said lo be pro-Germe*..    Alfonso's  M d Wj Wynndel,  B. C
throne Is believed lu he tottering nnil     * J
Sjiain trouble rut- a^pg^_gm_m
Pedigree Strawberry
Hardy northern grown *twt.
of the f'lll.iwhiir ...rii'tles:
Senator, Dunlin-. I'tirs-ms Wen*
nt.i, .•|cn Nary, Goo-tcll anil
Mu^flOll, Om- limttlri'il filuntH
|iiis||iiilil fur ifl.'iO; one limns.
and pluuf* f,o,b. lien* %7M.
Oiijrraiit nnslios, Kay I'mllfic
(red) ami Itlnck Naples lartrt'
two yenr old plants #l..',0 per
doz„ piislpaid. or -1*7.1 '* pit
liiiiiilrt'il f.n.li. here. Disc-mint
of Hi pi-r cent, fur cnsli In full
.villi iinter.
FOR YEARS the H. ('. Dental Council has followed the policy of "Keep Out The Dentists" in order to prevent
leiritimiite competition. Is this fair to the residents
of Hritish t'oliiinhin.
Hon Fur Oo .Many lU-sldents of Yonr Section Have lo Travel In Order
To Obtain Dental Service I
As tho result of this policy, tln> number of uVntists in D, (*. is less,
in proportion to population, than in any other portion of t'anada or the
The proposed lit.Mon (tf Tbt' Dental Acl Aims To Make Thc DenUl
Council l.iiiik To The rnblh- Interests.
To-day, Dental Service is offered in II. C. at only 25 points outside
of Vancouver and Victoria,
Write your Representative In the House To-day, Asking Hlm to Support
This Revision When tbe 1*eitMiitl.»n I'miies Before tlie Hoiim*
(Iermany lias not done wlint it In-1
tended to do. but it lias done some astounding things which It did not design.
In Oreat Britain a pacific Ministry,
bent udoj .'eocial refoPti, was converted into a war Ministry, tlie form of
British tiovt-rnment was radically
chaused, and a greal leader of the
democracy was made Prime Minister,
An army of five million men was or-
ganized, and large armln; were raised '
in the Dominions.
Tlio C/.rr was deposed and eutocrncy
destroyed in ItUHsia. In the I'nited I
States, a man who was re-elected j
larn.'|>- because "he kept us out Oi the
war" hui; become a war-President,
Tho American navy will lie Krently |
enlarged and strengthened, aud tiiere I
will hr vast armies Instead of a mere I
handful of soldiers.
QOrtnnny did tint intend tliU Its |
plan was to be tlio urnieii dlctatOI fori
a defenceless World,    The Alii''- an*
determined to make it -i good citizen of!
a world with Just OROUgll armed force i
to exact obcdlonce to li w - Toronto j
I.. .1
Whitter--On April 12th, nl the Cotti
Hospital, tn Mr.    and    Mrs
Whitter, a daughter.
Hailing—On   April   14th,  at   Cottage
Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs, A. Hailing.
a son.
ahi: ni:i,i,in<;
iiv  thi:
Got Strength To Do Her Work
Pair Haven, Vt—"1 was sn uorvous
and run down that 1 could nut do my :
ImuiH'werk for my little family of tlireo,
I   had  doctored  fur  nearly  two  years
without help.   Ono day  1 read about
Vinol, and tliankn to it, my health hus ,
In.i'ii   restored   so   ]   am   doing   all   my .
lioiiHPwork once inure.    I am telling all
my frli-ndri what Vinol ha* done for me."
—Mr*. James II. KonY.
Vinol  In a  combination  of  famous
touica   which   we   guaruuti-e   to   Imi Id
up the weak and run-down.
Cranbrook   Drug A   Hook  Co., Cran-!
brook. It, ('., also nt the host druggists j
tn all llrltlsh Columbia town*
for the
Blue Signs
one interested in Furniture to come and look
over our Stock.
The Great Money Saving Sale
is now in tull swing and lower
prices were never made.
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
In hands of the
White Sales Company
m:<|i no:.
Consider This!
Can you think ol u tima- delightful gift tor HEM thnn n
dainty Bracelet Watch, lee thoro
anything whicli worn] gtvr/inore
renl pleasure and service, or
grow moro Indlspenslnlc, thn n
one' eel these beautiful timepieces?
We. hnve. tli.-in in gold rille'il
hi-iie-i'le-i anil ense al (IB and $18,
.ils,, in Sullii aold from *.36 ni>.
All havo flnoly iidjustod lli
Jewol movemonl, nud all enrry
the. WILSON guuritlHoc n-e In
sorvlce nnil reliability, llracelot
Watches ev-iili loutlior strnps ns
low as liisil.
W. H. Wilson
8      PHONE     8
Vim Wnnt
Fresh Killed Meats
We lune tliem all (hi*
I' i iim*
iti:i:i'. PORK & in i"ION
For Breakfast
lies)  Olllllltv
Cranbrook Meat
Kilby frames pictures.
Mrs. nnd Miss Cherrington arrived
ionic on Saturday from Seattle.
Judge Thompson and Miss Hester
Thompson left on Monday for Seattle
We  hurry   with   Shoe   Repair?   at
the Star.
Doctor and  Mrs.  Lawton ot    Bull
Ilivcr were in tlio city Monday.
Mr.  it. ,l.  Rgburn  returned    from
Bpokana Friday.
Miss  Phyllis   Lyne of Crouton    Is
visiting Mrs. BrlckBon.
At the meeting of the Partners' In-\_j_   WhMfMiN   MAKFS
a tlm to held last night It was decided
to give a bonus ol one cent on gopher
tails. This should if- an Incentive for
the boys in "get" the gophers
STVIMUM.  m ui >ll NTS
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent at
Heale tc Elwell's, and the only absolutely safe place tor valuables ii .1
Steele lined vaull
.Mr. and Mrs, U F Pownall and .Miss
A. Pownall of Pish Luice, motored into
the city lost Friday and ret urn "d home
Saturday accompanied by .Mis*: Muriel
Wallinger, who will visit at their home
. short time
On Monday. A, rll U
byterlan Manse, Ml h
Cranbrook wa   unit  I
Nina   Ouenb     Ho
The ceremony was   -
Uev  Uillla Wright
elardi of
(Continued from page 1 >
Mrs. Anderson further stated
1.    That   lin* result    ol    the
whicli the prohib'tlon scrutineer attended In Prance were as follows: For
[iroiiihition I-tu-i. against 101G; the un-
scrutlnlzed polls In Pram e rei lilted:
Cor prohibition 143, ugalnsl 2563
These figures tell their own rtory,
2. More than 45O0 votes were taken
in Kngland and France in Decemb 1
without notice to tlie prohibition scrutineer. At tin* saint* time the liquor
agents.Capt. Turk and one CHntzber-
ger, were given letters to the mllltarj
autborltlea, from Sir R, McBride, pro-
Wo don't  keep you waiting for repairs ut tin* star.
Mr  11  I. Pitt   ui ''..tu
I and   popular   represent
Don'l tergal the Unzoozl at the Audi* | ?U»'°P Tin' ;i
lorlum April 20th, afternoon and evening,
;  III    till
Ity this
itor frati
Hi.' genial
- . : the
■ mpai >. ij
1111 ding io
-.I ■
Working  Men!  try the Cranbrook and re,,aWe r,rrtl
Saitdlory for gloves and mitts.   Wo I
■y right ami sell right. ,     TllB »r*  |)(1""'   S(-'llfl
__ I city made ii- appi aranci
last. Tli
MrB. K. W, CJreene spent tlio week-
ind in town the guest of Mrs. M. A
oil &  Rtacl) Qrand  Piano    Tor
Apply to Heale & Blwoll.
i by Mrs. Jos.
eased with her
uiiiiiiu- 'md finished appi
ing different from other
Indil a
Miss Roberts, who has been spend-      Tho Mothodlst >-*d»e« Ai,i
ing a few days at Proctor, returned   Cookery Sillfl ilI,li "ftwnoon tea    a
homo on  Saturday. | Saturday, April 28th, In Mr. Worden
vacant store on Baker Stri
Wood—Quick delivery on wood
Phono 183, t'ranbrook Trading Co.
Can you think of any reason why
there should nol he one in your
home ?
The W. C. T. U, will meet at the
home of Mrs. Argue, Burwell Ave., on
Thursday. 26th, at 3.30.
Mr. Herb. (i. Rallly of Victoria was
a visitor lu the city Thursday and
Friday of last week.
We are carrying a full tine of boots
md shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. W. C Woire of Moatreal arrived
In the city last Friday and was a guest
at tlie Cranhrook Motel for a couple
of days.
the evening will be prepared to serve
the husiness men and tholr friends
with supper from .'. to 7.30 p.m. for the
small sum of 50 cents.
Owing to continued ill health I will
sell my undertaking husiness out right
or separately. This is nol a cut rate
proposition as I do not intend to renew
my stock. Thero is no set price on
anything I have, Goods are new and
somo of them have nol heen unpacked.
No reasonable offer refused.
W, It. Beattie, Undertaker.
Mr. H. A. Oswald of Vancouver. As*
Blatant Censor and Inspector of Moving Picture Theatres arrived in thc
eity last Saturday 011 ofllcial husiness.
—  Mr, Oswald was profuse in his oxprea-
Qardon    Seeds,    Implements,   Car-   slons or gratification and delight  in
rlnges, Wagons.— Cranbrook Trading t finding conditions sn satisfactory   in
('°'                                                          every respect at the Rex Theatre un-
                            der the competent and efficient matt-
Shoe Laces of all kinds at the Star I agmcnl of Mr, X. B. Stevens.
Shoe Shop.  ,
Mrs, T. W. Hundy of Wardner and
iter sister. Mfss Ella Dow of Creston.
spent the week end In the city the
guests of Mrs. Bamford,
Acl, Yi, 1. Doran, Cranbrook Exchange
A   novel   wedding   took   place   last
Saturday when Sergt   Nelson   Kdward
Mauer of Creston. was united
riage to Mis.- Mnmle Irene Fault, of
Great   Falls.   Mont    Th,-   ceremoii}
" j was performed on th" nccn train mi
Safety Deposit Vault at Benle & KI-   w,*,c» ,he groom wa>. travelling with
weirs-Deposit Boxes, to rant at nom-  |,|a battalion    (Tbe Forestry Bnttn.i
1,11,1 rates' to their eastern eainn.    The Rev. if
  ; '.'."right officiated.
Mrs. Coates of Calgary is in town ■ 	
visiting her husband who is here In A Bpecia, meet*n8 of tha Bft)Hl8,
charge ol the Cranhrook Co-operative Ladies Mission Circle met al the home
*'nr<}< of Mrs. w. Brown, the ocension being
*  to big fnrwell to the la e president,
We are carrying a full line of boots   Mrs   U   Pain
and    shoes.-- Cranbrook    Exchange,    ,,_.,• M
Vrmstrong Ave. , 10in
leaving the cl
, Vancouver    I
and ;
Specials for
this Week
Fresh Killed Local
Illl Ml     HI 11>     IMV.IVS
ll\   11 \ V II
I.IM   I'M  e  1 ill tl
Cily Meat Market
II. 11. Ill K It. >li* 1.
-.'    1)0(1 UN    Ml si    HI     11111
I'lHISI'll Tllll IIU III
I'iiiim: '.ii;
ug Rap
■ Circle
Mi-  Allen Wllmot of tie Kast Koot
• nay Lumber Company, aJffray. was    lin'ss WflS lv'"1 fU,t* ■'
transacting husiness in the city last sentetl on behalf cf the
Friday and Saturday. i though all  realized tlie
 , leaving  will  mak,' in  1
Fire Insurance is an urgent neces-   -oa*- *'*■• ''.* other's gain.   During t
ally    Don'i put it off until tomorrow, evening game- were Indulged In and
bul phone Beale A Klwell at nnce for l a v,'r>' pK-nsant time spent, after which
ratos, '■■ refreshments were served.   The party
 , ; broke up by singing "Blest be the Tie
Mr, it  K. Benedict of Victoria, Pro. Thot Binds" and "Auld Ling Syne"
vlncial  Chief   Forrester,  was in    the •	
■ Ity recenUy taking the examinations '. The Sale of Work held by the Oram!
of applicants for the Forestry Dept.       International Auxiliary to Brotherhood
,  nf Locomotive Engineers, was a much
(efficiency contest extended until Sat- better success than expected. The
itrday, April 21st, See prizes in win- dance In the evening wns well pat-
dow and get particulars f Parka ronized. tho music, which was furnlsh-
R r,i U j °d  by  Mrs.  It,  Kdmondson, and Mrs.
  ; A. Wallinger being excellent    Mr. K.
13.00 ;i box for some very fine Wag-' V' Brake made an efficient floor manner apples, eating or cooking, -Cran-: a8°r nn(l ,1,■' time wenl all too quickly,
hrook Trailing Co ,    After serving refreshments the tray
 _ , which has boen on exhibition al Bln-
The Kager Heart Club is entertain-   Bl-lW   |l,r   tl-0   ,;isl   two   weeks   was
Ing its frlenda to tea and display ot raffled.   Two locomotive firemen Mr.
-physical drill and musical items on v   Pry  and   Mr.   \    Davidson    were
Tueaday, May 1st chooaen '<> conduct the raffle,   The
—  number drawn by Mr, Fry, who was
Thc meeting of the Merchant's Aaao- blindfolded being 70, Mrs   Frame   of
■ latlon, called for Friday. April 20th.: the Home Bakery holding the winning
haa been pastponod until Monday, number. Part of the proceeds from
April 23rd, on accounl of the Red tbo above sate and dance will bo used
Cross Ball for patriotic purposes
narrieii*   to hiding them with facilities for organ-
ij    Mexii 1  j bring the polls.
The authority under whicli officer Trim took vote*- jn Sussex In
December was mailed to lum by of-
fii * r Pyle In a letter written In tin
Agent-General's office In London, on
Ullli .lanuary 1917. AFTKR tlle poll
were 1 losed
Tho prohibitionists 1 utlrely object
to thi-  pretended outhortt>
•l a statement was prepared bj
the military authorities and cominunl.
cated to Sir l(, McBrldi h> Sir Geo
Perley High Commissioner for Canada
showing that then* wen- only ■j:,:\;\
unvoted men in France at tlo* begin-
iug of December, Tli' Agent-Oeneral
spent 10,000 ballot papers [0 tnki
these votos and 1132 alleged ballots
were returned, nil of which wire
.". The military authorities at
Hastings ami Crowborough, have
checked the list of names on the ballot envelopes collected at those camps
with the military lists and certify thai
7.V t of Ihe supposed voters ace not
ou the military lists.
tl. Kpsom! More than WA of ihe
names voted at Kpsom are not on the
military lists. We also have affidavits from twenty-elghl soldiers who
voted at Epsom, showing Hint they
never lived in British Columbia.
These men resided in Xew Vork,
Pennsylvania, Kentuekoy, Mlchlgni:
Minnesota, pntario. Manitoba, Ne\
Brunswick. Quebec, Nova Scotia,
Saskatchewan, and  Alberta
7. Ii is proved hy mnuy affidavits
of soldiers that they voted twice upon
(lie   Invitation   of   presiding   officers
who Mated thai   ;i  "rovote" luul  1 11
ordered, ;,s balloi boxes containing
tlieir votes had gone down iu a submarined vessel. Tliis wi *. of course.
absolutely untrue
8. Over 0000 ballots were contained
iu receptacles which were not sealed
at  Hie close of the poll,    The officers
admitted at the enquiry Hint they kepi
these ballots iii their rooms and ..sed
them to make lists of tlie names voted.
In conclusion. Mrs. Anderson said
"Prohibitionists take the ground that
these are not soldiers* ballots, many
of these polls were secretly and dishorn stly held. The referendum has
been perverted by faked ballots toilet-
ed or made in Decemher. The mutter
requires the most searching investigation. In the meantime in justice to
lhe bona fide voters both at home and
abroad it is necessary thai Parliament
take steps to bring iu the Prohibition
Act which has been passed hy a large
majority of all bona fide votes cast.
At   the  conclusion of  Mrs.  Ander-
eon's -1 cli n motion was passed urg-
Ing tho governmenl to pass a Prohibition War Measure.
Itev w, II Bridge, win. presided,
urged drastic and determined action
iiy the women who now hive a weapon
in their hands which politicians would
respect He spoke indignantly agaiu-t
the dirty hack door methods that had
heen   ndO| led   hy   llie   agents   of   the
liquor people. A strong committee
was eh ited to draw up a petition and
to canvas tin- district.
Finest Quality
In .'low eel Un.- proposed now mining
legislation In whicli diamond di'llllus
is to play so Inrgo a pnrt, ll may I r
interest tei tlu Initiated to   know
The drilling and cutting Is clone by
a minting, hollow drill lell or Inlee. In
wliiili nre usually sel olglil pieces or
e-iirliein al its fai-e. or end. four e-arlions
Bllglitly prolruiiing fnmi tlto luslele
"t tlie Iill. and lour slightly protruding inmi tlio oniside surface.
'I'iii. i-nrhon used Is one of the liiird-
osl 1.1 known suhstiun-es. being harder
even than tho "brilliant" or crystul-
Ized diamond.    It  is found in on.- or
two s 11  districts in  llrazll ami In
lute years has ndvunced in vulue until i
now il is one of tho prlnclpul Hems of
e-ost  in  drliiinr, operations.    As the -
carbon varies greatly In siz,. and qtinl
Ity, it makes selection of pen-feet Btonos
very difficult.
Made Strong; By Our Vinol
I-'il.vi.lt, vill,., X, (,'.—"My ntl^. daueli.
l''r  «.' I"  1 r health, delicate an.l
•0 wi-xlt it made iim very uneasv. I
lie-iir.l aleout Vineel and decided to trv it
and the results were marvelous; her
appetite improved, ahe gaineil ia weight,
and Is now one of the healthiest children
ne town. Mothers of dolioate children
should tryVlnol.'v-M«s.Oo»t».vJiissi-p.
e eiie.l   is   a   constitutional   remeely
whieh creates nu appetite, aids digestion imil makes pure. Ii.-althv blood
All children love to take it. Trv- it on
our guarantee.
Cranbrook Ilrug & Book Co.. Crnn-
leroeek. II. C, also at the best druggists
in all British Columbia towns.
uUnges and two lots on Cran-
Iti    for sale al $500.00   on
Apply to Beale * Klwell
1 nill'iii;uiii\   ill   Till   I 111   ut
I lltMIHIIllr.
I'll)  Oiginror
Applications will he ri Ivod by thc
undorilgncd on or before the -Isi of
April for tin- position 01' city Engl r
for the city o( Crnnbrook.   Applicants
will kindly Btnto experience and salary
T. H. Roberta, City clerk.
April Illh. 11117. 18-21
Tenders for Strcel (leaning nnd Street
Slreet Clonnlng tendora win bo ro-
reived hy tin- unilerslgiied nu or he-
fore April L'lst nexl fur lhe cleaning
of Streets. I.aues uml Alloys,   Snei-lfl-
enllona cllll 1 hlnlned al lhe nfflco or
the City Clerk. Tenders fur slreel
sprinkling of streets in ihe City of
Crnnbrook during lhe coming aeaaon.
T. M. Roberta, Clly Clerk,
April llth, 1917 I6-2t
I HltlST I III 111 II
S a.m.- Ileely Coiniunnlem
  i    11 a.m.—Mattlns A l.ltany
Mr. X  Hanson, who hns been on the :    :l   p.m—Sunday  School   and   llilile
lick list for several weeks left lost    Class.
Tueaday r.er Spokane nnd Soap Lake'     7.30  p.m.- Bvensong.
win-re he will  remain for some time;     Intercession for tlle War. Friday ill
In the hopes of regaining his henlth.    "..in p.m.
W. ,11. Bridge, i tor.
The Hon. It. !-\ (Ireen stated in   a
tologram to the seeretnry of the Con-
sorvntlve Association, that he would
be  passing through  Crnnbrook    on
Thursday. April tilth, en route to Ot-'
Tondora will I*' received up lo
April -'"-th for digging holes fnr Telephone poles alone the Government
Road between Cranbroolt and Wycliffe.
Specifications and all particulars can
lie had hy calling at the Telephone
Office. All tender;- must be in writing, and directed to the undersigned,
Kootenny Telephone Lines. Limited.
Cranbrook, it. C,
Itawit**. Lake School
SEALED   TENDERS,   superscribed
"Tender for Baynes Lake School." will
be received by the Honorable the Minister oi Public Works up to li" o'clock
noon of Friday, the 4th day of May.
mi?, for the erection and completion
of a iarne one-room school-hoiiM* and
outbuildings at Baynes Lake, in the
Kernie Electoral District.
Plana, specifications, contract, and
tonus of tend *r maw be seen on ami
after the HI th day of April, HUT. at the
ffices   of    it.  Hewatt, Government
Agent, Fernie; .Y a   Wallinger, Qov-
arc tuiioreij to your measure in any
of our many new Spring models.
We.havc hundreds of exceptionally
fine fabrics to choose from.
The prices are moderate.
- *-* >»*JV^A*V«A*S*N*,»-*VVV^MVM^VVS
It is well known that the percentage
of fat in milk varies considerably, and
for various reasons; but If an average I eminent Agent, Cranbrook; J. Radford
is io bo struck for any cow. it must be  Secretary of  School   Hoard.  Baynes
... , ,       , ,.     .     ,„. I Lake; and ih>* Department of Public
ou   the  known   total   weight  o|   milk   wiu-k-   Victoria
Hnd fat, Then an owner can say
(and not till then can he .-peak from
actual knowledge) "this cow averaged
a 3.0 lest last year, aud thai cow
avoraged a test of 3.9". The total
weights can be estimated from three
days' weighings per month, and one
monthly test taken from samples of
thos,. weighings, during tho full period
of lactation,
The 3.0 average test may mean mor.
weight of fat per year or again it ma;
not.   One thing is certain, it Is only ' ,',f
lly .'ppllcr.tlon t-. the undersigned,
contractors may obtain a copy of the
plans : ud specifications for the sum
of ten dollars fioi, which will be refunded on their return In Rood aider,
Each proposal must be accompanied
by an accupti d bank cheque on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable
to the Honourable, ti o Minister   of
Public Works, ror a sum equnl t.. 20
i-i  ■ ut. of tender, whicli shall be
forfeited if the party tend*.ritia doollnc
. | to , nter  into contract  when  called
. j upon t-i do so. or If he fall to com| lete
work contracted for.   The cheques
ssfui tenderer   will be re-
possible to know  by weighing    and   turned to them upon tin
sampling rogularly   ''au von say dof-  ,h:: contract.
initely  that   each  row   you   own   gave
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on llie forms supplied,
over .Md pounds of fat last year'.' B|Bn(M|  wlt(l  ,i„. act„a|  .p..tllt[,M-.   „f
Record forms for milk can be ob-    Hie tenderer, and enclosed In ti..  entailed free of charge on application to  volopos furnished.
the   Hairy   Division.   Ottawa.     I,    will ( ,'%^[ "  an>'   ,""*l"r   "'"   ne"
pay every dairyman   to  take  up cow v ,.*   pORMAN.
testing, keep bis best cows and In- Public Work*- Engineer
crease the total and average yield of ■'"ll,l<   Worlw Department.
the whob- herd Victoria. B, r . April lOtli, IMT   apl2
High Class Job Printing
at Reasonable Prices
mi: ii i u: rm most non-ui i;
•lllll I'IMMIM.  I'l \M   IN  ( IMIMI
11. I.I Ml I IN IIINIM.I  All. ( I.ASSKS
oi  noun io im. iioiih.
OKIIEN Hi I'll! K, I II I II' Till.
I'oilll \rn Hi I'HIM I Iii MM nil!
ill' Willi III >   AS    in
T.he Cranbrook Herald
Word bus been received that Sergt.
Hugh MacKay has been dangerously
wounded and Is seriously IM. Snrgt
McKay is attached to the '20th Battery,
Held Artillery. He enlisted in Lethbridge over two years ago.
Thn monthly mooting of tlm Cran-
brnok Poultry AsHncintlon will be
held on Friday evening, April 10th at
8 P-m. at the City Hull. All members
■"i'l poultry knepers are Invited to
Wash Away
Skin Sores
D. D. D. the liquid wash, has become a household word, It lins proved
Itself a remarkable remedy. If you
aro a sufferer from skin disease, Including ulccs, pimples, acalea, crust
or Krzenia in nny form, this remedy
will not disappoint, you. It lias stood
the test and today is the master preparation for all skin diseasos. Trv
D. D. D.   We guarantee it.
Crnubronk Book * Drug Co.
Crnnbrook, B. C.
D. D. D.
After Every Meal
The Flavor Lasts
THURSDAY, APRIL 19th, 1917
(il'ltll A SI'lil III,
llarrlstors, Etc.
Yi. V. Um il        ii. J. Spreull
1>|{. I'. 11. MILES
Ollle-Q in  Iliilisteri Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 jim.
Slutcrnirj i.e.l Oeneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Te-enis on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Plione 2r,9
P. o. Uox sir.
Clill uml mining Engineer*.
II. ('. l.iinel Surveyors
The Shoe Specialist
SnlNi'iie-tlieii IJunranlceil
HcaeJiiuartcrei for all kinelie of
thi: hotel wnii a
Thia liouBe lias the
happy distinction of lee-
lng tlio favorlto uto'i-
plnr* place In Spokane
for the peoplo of Ilriti-eii
Columbia Wc appreciate.,
this patronaRie and ilo
everytliliiR ln our power
to mako you comfortable
Our location la excellent —
clone to llrent Northern Station
and 0. W. ll. A N.—Milwaukee
terminal, nne! within a nillint.-'.i
walk from the principal buatnoas
houses and places eef amusemont
Sec  Slt'iiiiiHliIti (in   Itoof
lirs. Green * JI
Physicians anil
Ollice  at   residence
Forenoons   9.00 to
Afternoons 11.00   o
Evenings  7.110 to
Sundays  2.30 tee
B. C.
F. si. mai:i'iii:iisox
liny I'lione Him, Mght Plume :i.'>
Norbury Ave, next to City Hull
Kootenay Dance Orchoslra
Piano - Mrs. It. W. Edmondson
Violin - - W. Thompson
Drums    -    -    A. J. Parkor
Phone 2211 P, O. llox 280
Forwarding  and   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and GreenhiU Coal
Imperial OH Co.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
I On .vin ir nml Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone G3
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phono 244
Spokane, Washington
U ' Sunclaj olti moon, April LGtb,
I , engine und tender of the C, P, R.'a
way-freight dltchc-d ut a point about
one half mile nortli or Wycliffe. Tho
working-crew under thu supervision
of Mr. V- •'■ Bruke, wore hurried to
the scene and succeeded in clearing
tho line beforo the following morn-1
ing. No one wns hurt, and slight data- ,
age done to the locomotive and tendor,
Tho beun supper and social given
by ilif local brunch of tlie Rod Cross,
iu the Club-house on the evening of
tho twelfth, registered u net gain of!
$68.10 in addition to the enjoyment
provided to all participating, A good
program oil games, followed by a'
dance, was the order after Bacchanalian feaBt. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the entertainment
was tin dancing and acrobatic contortions rend'red by Messrs. 11. L.
Mini/, r and 11. Caldwell, In the roles
of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle respectively, although said performance
did slightly Bhoek tho moral reuse
ni' several of those |iresot»t, who have
l ii endowed witli a puritanic torn-
Mr ami Mrs, It. similes returned
in.in Portland. Oregon, last week.
Mr flobi ri Baxter is back from liis
hurried  trip to Seattle.
Teacher of
Cranbrook, 11. C.
IE vou want satisfaction
with vour washlne
send it to
Snecial nriccs Tor familv
Hi... MacDonald spent Kaster at
A large stall' ui men camo in from
Rossland this week for the purpose of
wrecking some of the- buildings ai the
S Iter here, the lumber, ete., tuken
down eiill he used ai tlio Concentrator which is in he built adjacent
tu town.
Paul Handley lias purchased a mi?
Mode] Ford from tin- Hanson Oarage!
and will as soon ns travel permits i
run a stage daily between Cranbrook
and Klmbl iky. '
.Mrs, Ellon Didder, who recently mi-
dcrwenl a Berious operation at the
St. Kiiie.-iu Hospital, Is progressing
Miss Ivy Bidder nl cranbrook spent
Easter with relative's he-re.
Visitors to Cranbrook this week
win : w. Bartholomew, Peter Roblchaud, I'. Handley, A. U. .lames, W. J.
Clifford, Mr*. Barclay, Mrs. James.
II, p. .1 Bidder. Hen, McDonald, O. B.
Constable Shlpman was called lo
Meadow Brook mi Saturday on official
business. .
Mis. Newman, llie school teacher at
Meadow Brook, spent Kaster with Mr.
and Mis. II. I.. Sawyer at the International   Hotol,   Klngsgato.
Ed.  Erleuke, who has tor the nasi
year boon located at lhe Hul. returned
! borne last week.
chas. Evans lias been appointed a
Commli loner for taking affldhvits
under th,- Provincial Elections Ae'."
The llaliee given by lhe- Red Cross
ladies proved a great success, the
baskets wore sold from 51.50 to $i;.00.
', $30.00 was made from the basket sale.
A largo parcel was sent to Calgary
lieaitquuirtcrs containing one, dozen
nml a half towels. Mrs. Jeffcry; Mrs.
A .1. Miller anil family 23 face cloths,
1 day., pillow .slips. :i pair soe-l.ee. It
pair operating Blockings; Mrs. c West
il pair of pyjamas, I pair socks, half
ilea*. towolB; Mrs. P. chirk. II pair of
Blockings; Children ol Moyaso School
:e!l fm i- cloths; Mrs. .1. Crowe, *i doz.
towel; .Mrs. Jensiou, l-l wringers;
Miss Turnbull, 1 doz. towel; Mrs. H.
Taylor, I comfort bugs, ii porsoncl
property  haes. :.' pair Bocks, 1 pair
Mrs. Miller of Ta Ta Creek was a
Wasa vlsilor this week, also Mrs. Jen-
siiui atul Mrs. Beach.
C. w. st of Wasa spent Monda) and
Tuesday In Cranhrook.
I',  Vallloncourl  spent Tuesday l.ipt
In Fori Steele.
Mrs. Jeffrey Ih spending n few -lay. in
Fort  sti-.-l.'  with   her  mother,  Mrs.
Mr. Ilnsely has le'ft for ('news Meat
wliere he will tale.- up Ills work again.
Mr. anil Mrs. Quartley returned
home Saturday from Calgary when
they hav.- been spending lhe Easier;
Robert Crowe is spending -i lew ]
davs wilh his sister. Mrs. Jaffory.
Mr. anil Mrs. s. Cumoron, Wasa, are;
rojoicing over llie arrival of ii baby !
Mrs. Johnson of Calgary I; lho
guest of h.-r sister. Mis. Cameron.
J. Walsh of Fort Steele passed '
through Wasa on Saturday.
The Kootenay Central was nine
hours hue at Wasa Friday last b iot!
ditched between Canal Flats and Wasa
Miss Jones, the new teacher for
Moyaso School, arrived Friday night
trom Vancouver vin Oolden.
Mrs. WnrmBley gave a tea at her j
home on Saturday in honor of Miss
Jones of Ta Ta Creek.
Mr. Crowe is moving lo his ranch :
at  Mayook.
The Crows Nest Lumber Co, is loading Ions nl Wnsn em ears. hiking them
to their null at Wardner. The logs
an- being eut and hauled by .1. Crowe
,t Sou.
A. Fan wick of Fort Stoolo .-..ine
rrom Fort Steele Friday with a load
of men for the Yahk 1.limber Co.
Hr. (Ireen wns at Wasa Saturday]
illicit, returning Sunday,
II. Llddlcoat anil .1. Iliiehiuau
passed through Wasa last weok een
tholr way to W. Kay's camp wl ere
tbey are employed.
W. Kay spent Monday lust iu Fort i
2c per word fur first week, and le per
word for each week after.
1*1 Vno   fm- sale, second-hand, #7.1
cash.   Old CurlosiLy Shop. 16-2t.
W'ANTED   (•arihii roller,cheap* for
ni,. or hire.- Plione -IHO.
I'OH SAI.i: Dim* Sttidebuker road
ear iu mi.nl condition. S. VY. Udds,
or Cranbrook Trading Co, lfi-lt*
Unlet. Frame, Prop.
Fresh lirend, Cllkcs, I'los
nml 1'
Norbury Ave.
8 37
Opp  City Hall
I'I ANO for -ale or rent; mission
oak finish; $200 cash,—Old Curiosity
HUt SALE King mulberry plants
$3.50 per 100. Apply .!. Delmer, Uox
755. 1.V21*
I'l ANO t'oflngc, wn laul oaKc, iron
frame, splendid condition, great bar-
iruiii, |75.   Kilby, Armstrong Ave.
Widow I.inli. "iili spare time would
he willing ti) go to ladies' homes to do
plain sowing or mending either by
day nr in mr. Apply- I'. O, Uox 010 or
12*1 Hanson Ave. 1*0-18*
Tlie entertain ment given In Ross';
Hall ou Wednesday evening last un-1
der the auspices of the Ladies Aid nl'
the 1'rcsbyteriuu Church proved t > tie
a huge success despite the inclemency
of the weather. Some UOO pcopl took
In the show, and $1-0 waa cleared,
Mr. Archie Prentice or Fernie, West- J
em Canada's "Harry Lauder." gave
the audience a little hit of Scotch in J
his own Inimitable way, and the I'nl-
lowing three sketches were put on-*
by local talent, namely, Gertrude Ma- i
son, M. I)., Feed the Brute, and Ici i
on Parle Francais. All three plays:
were well received by the audience, j
especially "Ici on I'arle Francais," j
which fairly brought tin* house down, j
The talent which was displayed in all i
three sketches speaks volumes for thej
performers, and it Is to be hoped that j
entertainments of a similar nature
may be Riven more regularly in lhe
The Dramatic Club of Haynes Lake
wlll give a play on the evening of
April 20th, entitled "Too Much Mar- j
ried." Having been let into the inner
secrets of this playlet, we can vouch
for It as being a rea! "humdinger,"
and it is hoped that u bumper erowd
will be in attendance.
The Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co.,
started to saw in their mill nn Monday morning. Tlie Maker Lumber Co.,
have been Bawlng for several days.
The lumber trado is very bright at
present, and the mills in this di. trict
look forward to a very busy season.
Mr. A. C. Pye, Manager of tho Waldo
Mercantile Company, spenl tlie weekend witli his family iu Cranhrook.
Mr. Brown of Newgate brought in
120 bead nl' cattle this week from Calgary. Mr. Brown Intends going Into
tlie cattle raising business nn an extensive scale.
Bert. Irwin, who was in the employ
of the Baker Lumber Co.. for several
years as millwright, left tbis week for
Wycliffe where he intends tn reside
in  future.
How-lard Jordan has finished his
logging contract with tlie Roos-Saak-
atoon Lumber Co.. and intends 1o^-
ging for tlie Bridge* Lumber Co., at
Fort Steele, this summer.
C, Burgess left this week fnr Nelson with his daughter, who Is going
to attend school in tliat city.
Miss McGlllivray is visiting at Krag
for a few weeks, the guest of Mrs.
L. M. Smith.
Frank Harmer of Natal. B. C, spent
several days in town this week.
Miss Clrace Hockley lias gone tn
Flagstone on an extended visit, the
guest of Mrs, Ell wood.
Miss M. G. Thompson spent tlio
Kaster holidays with friends at Koch
Cecil Boss returned last week-end
to Western Canada College after
spending Kaster with  hs  parents.
Mr. W. Heath of Vancouver client
several days tliis week visiting his
mother at Baynes I-nke.
Mrs. Jones of Vulcan. Alta.. Is visil-
Ing with her sister, Mrs. J. W. Hoss.
Jim Thistlebeak savs lhat just because his friends, J. Ii. Doyle and Krnie Small gut Government jobs, they
wen? more than entitled too, ihe Conservatives at the coast are making a
anise that sounds Uke lulling pigs.
Archie Prentice nf the Crows Nest
Trading Co, was down from Fernie
lasl week and said the air of Klko was
a blessing, and the sunshine a benediction and regretted he couldn'l take
one of our beautiful sunsets hack with
Illm tn Fernie.
Word received from Corbln says the
door knobs are still frozen solid yet.
Jim Thistlebeak says if Premier
Brewster don't give them sorehead
Conservatives their Jobs hack they will
havc to go to work sunn. If Premier
Brewster hadn't swapped his hack-
hone for a hamo strap he would fire
the whole works and show them that
In* was running things. Let mi, Me-
Dllff, etc., elc.
Several families who left Klko last
summer and fall have returned wiser
and In iter citizens, "Fanned by the
gentle breezes of Heaven wnlched bv
Ih- silent slars nur beautiful little
city innves onward and upward."
Mrs. Fnil Itoo Willi Iwo of her sons
drove in  from  Roosville this week.
Messrs. Sherlock, Booth and field
were in CM o last week wltll a till I
line ni' ramllj foodsluffa and othor
In.a ohold urgenls, all uf them wearing
lhe Intesl stylo in He- retail meat
dealers haircut They lefl with thc
Kootonay Squaw Line tu attend a
meeting nf the Mutual Admiration
Society al  Bull Hiver.
John Damer, Vancouver, was iu Klko
this week wilh a nifty line of fleece
lined slippers.
Mr. Finley Klingensmlth of Creston moled for ils strawberries and
government olllclnls) was in Klko ihis
week visiiing his brother Charlie ami
the Burton Copper Properly which
is being visited hy prospective buyers
sn much that It makes the liotel keepers think the tourist season has opened up already.
Mr. Lou Folsey. machinist, opened
up ail auto garage in the Merchant's
Bank Block. Klko, and will carry n
full line of repairs and a big slock
nl' gasoline for tourists.
Dave Henderson of West Fernie,
was down in the Roosville Valley last
week and broughi a driving horse
irom the Clydebank Stock Ranch foi
his dairy.
Trying to live a married life without loving, and trying to do business
without advertising, is like a fellow
throwing kisses iu the dark; he may
know what he is doing hut no oue
elso does.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Baird nf Waldo
motored to Elko Sunday, meeting the
lady principals nf Waldo Rural Temple
nl' Learning; who were returning from
tlieir Easter holidays.
Co. (Irani Lands. Title tn same re-
vested iu United States by Act of Con-
, gn bb dated June !t. mn;. Two million three hundred thousand acres to
, I pened lor Homestoada and Sale.
i Timber and Agricultural Lands con-
< tabling snme of the bust land left In
, United Stales. New is the opportune
time.    Large Bectlonal maps showing
j laud and description of soil, climate,
rainfall, elevation, etc.    Postpaid one
: dollar. Grant Lands locating Co.
Box  010,   Portland,  Oregon.       lfitf.
icasril hy Pmv. Government.
ieclal attention given to Norms and Rheumatism cases by
Violet Ray Treatment
Build    up    the   system   and
.oady tho norvoH through Elec*
i'- Vibration, Internal Exorcise
lolct   Hay   and   Ozone,  a   |ior-
Clly natural process,
We sincerely hope that these few
lines will help BRIDGE thlngK over
for a while for the editor of this great
family weekly, until people warm up
and Bob Biatchford moves out wesl,
Northcllffe made his millions by giving the people what tliey wanted to
reud and lots of it. What happened
to Jones and why Smith left home,
don't interest everybody, and there is
no law in Southeast Kootenay that
rompels you to read these notes. Still
if yon want to renctl the public you
must cater to tliem; if ynu don't then
the paper is no more good as a sell-
j lng proposition than a box of Zam-
Buk would be to a mermaid, Th"
Editor that pleased everybody died a
long time ago and went to heaven, etc
Those who once knocked at tie'
moving pictures for a change; and
you will notice, says Jim Thistlebeak,
the trees continue to grow despite all
that little woodpeckers do,
On account of the bad roads anil the
wet weather the Patriotic Itance at lhe
Roosville School House; Kaster Monday wns sparsely attended from nut-
side points, although the ranchers In
the Valley turned out en mnsse "ml
a very sociable dance it. was.
school house was decorated with •'■
flngs of the Allies. Bunting and bonnets of wild flowers the Valley is
famous for, and the music was a special feature of the occasion; the leader of the orchestra was a returned
veteran, nnd they fox-trotted, they
tangoed, they two-stepped and crow-
hopped, they swayed and dpped, and
slithered and slid: the music seemed
to get fnirly Into their blond, and they
danced till the cold daylight began to
splash in nt the windows. It was a
social, if not a financial sucr-ss. the
proceeds nmounting to someihing over
$20, and the genial secretory says that
its onlv a mntter of the mails drying
up when he will call another, ami give
the outsiders a chance to enjoy a good
dance and a lunch thnt woulfl luste
good to an Angel.
K. S. Dickey of Kallspell was lu
Elko several days this week looking
over nom<* tlmlx-r limits fnr tlie
Conrad ItnilV.
In these days of tremendous financing, with tlie war costing the British
Empire billions of pounds, with the
advent of a colossal loan to the Allies
uf live billions uf dollars to be raised
by tlie American Government, we have
to re-adjust our comprehension to enable us to realize ami grasp tho Mil
significance of these figures. An American billion is merely the addition
of-three ciphers lo a million— in words
--one thousand millions, and yet there
havo been barely a billion minutes
since the birth of Christ.
A striking point is made by the
statistician .when he observes that we
all comprehend the speed of the ordinary rifle-bullet, that is. about half a
mile a second. Now, lie supposes, if
a rifle a billion miles away was shot
al a man (granting that the bullet
would carry the distance), thc Intended victim aud ail his descendants
for twenty-four generations would
hnve plenty of time to pack up their
household goods und move to tlie
other side of the world to dodge the
bullet, for it would nut arrive for
eight hundred years.
If a railway train, proceeding at the
rate of a mile a minute, hnd been, at
the dawn of the Christian era, started
around tin* earth on a straight track,
its object being lo run 1,000,000,000
miles witiiout stop, -U would liave
been necessary fnr that train lo circle
the earth -10,000 times, and it would
not have come to tho cud of ils journey until nearly Now Year's eve. 1028
—sixteen centuries afler Christ was
horn. During its frantic flight It
would liave seen the Saviour live and
die; Rome rise, flourish, and decay;
Britain discovered and vanquished by
the Human legions, ami Loudon nnd
Paris built. It would have proceeded
on its journey throughout the dark
ages. It would have witnessed the
birth of Columbus, the discovery of
America, and have a couple of hundred years yet to continue.
This Is in accordance with the
American calculation of a billion —
the English billion being a million
NtoroSEU   constitution   for
(continued from page one)
Nominating Committee— A committee of three persons, one of whom
shall be the president elect, shall be
elected at each annual meeting for
the purpose of preparing nominations
for the next annual meeting for eacb
ollice in the league, In the following
manner. Kor the offices of President,
Sec, Cor. Sec, nnd convenorshlp of
each standing committee, at least two
persons shall bo nominated for each
position; I'or the positions of vie.
president at least five persons shall
be nominated and voting shall be by
ballot and election by majority vote
it shall be understand thnt any person nomtnatod for any ofllce and not
elected thereto, shall automatically
become a nominee For any unfilled
Any person nominated in writing
by six members nf tin* league, such
nomination to he given to the convenor ni' tiie nominating committee
prior to the i mil meeting Bliall be
included by the humiliating committee
in their nominations inr that ofllce.
Klerlinns Klecliuns shall be niadi
at ihe annual meet lng in harinuny
will)  the  preceding section.
Quorum A quorum for tho transac*
lion of business shall consist of a
majority of those concerned.
Duties of Ollicers It shall be the
duty of the president in preside at
all regular and special meetings of
the league and the executive, nnd to
take the general oversight of tli, welfare of the league. The vice presidents shall preside at such meetings
mentioned above, in the absence of the
president, in the order of their standing at the elections nt the annual
meeting. Tliey shall also be ready
to assist tlie president at such times
as called upon by that otlieer. The
recording secretary shall keep a careful record of the proceedings of all
meetings of the league nnd executive
of all committee reports, which shall
be sulunilted in writing by the conven-
ros of such committees, and shall
keep a correct list of the niembershiii
in harmony with section nf constitution
thereon. The corresponding secretary
shall conduct all correspondence of the
league, keeping a record of the samo
and shall keep on file ail correspondence sn ordered. The corresponding
secretary shall call meetings as the
president shall request. Tlie treasurer
shall keep a careful record of all
receipts and disbursements of the
league and shall hold nn account
with such bank as the executive com
mittee shall designnte. The convenors nf committees shall preside at
all meetings of their respective committees. All reports shall be signed
by the secretary of the committee. It
shall be required of all officers and
convenors of committees, with the
exception of the vice president, to
present written reports of their work
a! the annual meetings of the league,
which report shall be dealt with a:
the league determines.
Notice of Annual Meeting—The date
of the annual meeting shall be determined by the executive eommittee but
shall be in the montii of March fn
each year. It shall be the duty of the
cor. secy, to notify all members of the
league at least seven days before date
of such meeting.
Order of Business—1, Heading of
minutes of previous meeting; 2
finishel business; 3 treasurer's report,
•i reports of committees, 5 communications; ti, new business; 7 elections
Amendment of Constitution— The
constitution may be amended from
time to time nt tho discretion of the
league upon the following procedure
Notice of motion to amend the constitution she.ll be lodged with the president of the league who shall submit
the same to the executive committee
whieh shall if deemed necessary call
a special meeting of the league for
thc discussion and settlement of the
question. If a special meeting Is not
eonsiderod necessary then the matter
shall con-e before the next meeting
of tlie league and be disposed of. In
any case the executive shall i*;lve a
pronouncement on the question. Any
resolution to amend the constitution
must secure a two thirds vote of those
voting in order to become effective,
The adjourned general meeting of
the Nnn-Partizaii League will be hold
on 25th of Mils month in the Muph
Hall. The meeting is open to the public but only signatories of tlie organization card will he allowed to vote.
Mr. Spreull will give a paper on the
"Laws of B. C. relative, to women and
Obtainable at Christ Church Public
Library- Lodge's latest book "Raymond." This book has caused excitement throughout the rending world.
Vou cannot afford to leave It unread.
Also works by Ian Hay, Jeffrey Far-
no], Ralph Connor, Winston Churchill,
Marie Corelli and other popular
writers,. The library is open to all
on equal terms at a nominal tee of
BOc fur six montlis.
Paslor, Rev. Thos. Keyworth
Pianist, Mrs. Whltehouso,
Services at  11  a.m. and 7.110 p.m.
Sunday school and ndnlt class It p.m.
Tho pastor will prench   at   both
Any question of the rupture of re
lations between the United States nnd
tiermany is of the gravest importance
to the Belgians In Belgium, the grent
I mass of whom ure fed either partially
or entirely through the means of the
American Pood Commission fur Relief In Belgium, "There is," snyR thr
Telcgranf. "a supply or food sufflclen'
for about five or six weeks and It !•
of the utmost Importance that then
should he no interruption in the or-
; ganizatlon or the Belgians might BUf
| fer tragically." At present, accordine
to Mr. Oeorge Barr Baker, member
of the Relief Commission, three mil*
; lion ont of the ten millions who are
; receiving help get only a piece of
bread and a bowl of soup every day
Ho declares thnt America, who has
; given eirht million dollars for the
feeding of the Relglan people, has not.
in comparison, done so much as Great
Britain and Prance. The British
Covornment gives Belgium five million dollars n month, and Prance gives
; four million dollars. Moreover the
people of Great Britain and her colonies subscribe enormous sums for Belgium, n great part of which is administered in occupied Belgium by thc
American Commission. It takes between ten and eleven million dollars
a month to feed ton million men, women and children In the north of
Franco nnd HH(-lum.
For  thirty-two  years  Giant
Powders  have   been  made  ill-
Canada. Thsy '.e/eve the first high,
explosives raanuiacfui'ed in th#
For years the Giant chemisU studiesd tht
needs of British Columbia land clearer*.
They prepared an explosive especially
for stump blasting—Giant Stumping
Powder, the; first of its class. Hundreds
of tons of this improved explosive art.'
used every year, by British Columbia
farmers, lumbermen, nnd contractors.
Be sure to get the.' genuine
winch goes further and bream
up thc   stumps   better  than' ;
ordinary explosives. .
"The fanner." aays Piol, O. E. '[
B.iili*y, "ahould use an expionivt ..
prepared especially lor his work[ !
one* tint laaniiN oil'ordinary shodM-k
ot bundling and transportation ■n*S ,
docs not easily ireese,"
Thousands, at farmers have taken ;
this advice and have lound that 1
Giant -Stumping Powder always I
Aovta them money, time and labjpr.jj
f Free Book i
Coupon   I
sent free
Mark and mail the coupon today and we will
send you our valuable
illuttrated book which
■hows how to cut down
the cost of celling out
Ihe stumps.
Vancouver. B. C.
SruJ mc i-oiii hook, "Belter Faimlnf
with Cum siumpitiE Powder." I im
Inieteited in die iubjecii whuh I tine
milked X:
D Stump Blailinr
H Boulder Blaitin**
Ll Road M.kim 100
□ Tree Bed Blaitini
U Ditch Blaitini
[_■ Mining—Quarryini
A "2 in 1 Shoe Poliih" it made for every use. For Black Shoei,
"2 in 1 Black" (paste) and "2 in 1 Black Combination" (pasteana
liquid)) for White Shoes, "2 in 1 White Cake" (cake) and
"2 in 1 White Liquid" (liqui.!); for Tan Shoes, "2 in 1 Ton" (paste)
and "2 in I Tan Combination*' (paste and liquid).
10c Black-White-Tan 10c
F. F. DALLEV CO. OF CANADA LTD.,    .      Hamilton, Cn.
Safety First
Nothing is moi
i luni-^t—Kt-iml'lo— Responsible—Safe
Fur HuuteU.
"Ship to Shubert**
thn lamest bi-usH in thu Wur'rt deallm
I'xcln-iv.'N-  in   Auifiicnn Huw   Fun,
■....,:. ,,-.. i .i i.lv. i ri'e-t'i.'i* ail Areuraia
niiill.ile.r.il A *,,.i'in.!'.('.'H;i'lie'--(Mit*k.'t
iTiri-K i'nl il'ti usi. 1 'Thubart" Kflicirnt,
*.*[,<... ih. i a*..n .-.met aarviea.
WHta for tin* Intest edition of "Wil
#ij.ifirrt tM-iliprr" t-ont-iiiiinir valuable
MarMat Information you must huve.
COimrDT   t        25-27 WEST AUSTIN  AVE.
SHUBLK1, Inc. DePt cm,Chicago,u.s.a.
nidi, ^%_ Qhvb-tf 11
Get overseas at once by joining
The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve
PAY $1.10 a day and upward,—Free  Kit   Separation alleiweeiice aa in C. E, F.
No experience eer.eaae.ey    Coeeelidatesremal be son,
ol natural born British lubjexla    Ace. IK lie 38.
A|i|il) to lhc Nmui'sI Kiiv.iI Itccriillhig  Mjiii.hi.
or to (lie Naval RecruiliiiK Secretary, Ottawa,
TENDERS will In* recfllvod un or
bfifore tlio first of May tn clonr ton
(10) acres (if laml.
Jos. Brault, Can tul Ian Hotel.
Crnnbrook, it. c.
Term commencod un April tfitli. Tin*
school Is now practically full. Kven-
iiif- classes commenced ifltli.
Notirp ia hereby Riven than on April
lOtli, 11117. it was ordered by His Hun-1
or (ienrge H. Thompson, Esq., Judgo nl'
tiie County Court of TCasi Kootonay.
that James A. Arnold, Official Ad-
niinlstrator for tbat portion of tho
County of Kootenay Included in the
tilt-rtnral  IHatrirl of Cranbrook  be
i Administrator uf nil ami slngulnr the
[obIiUo uf Andrew llilRi'ijii, Alias Andrew llalgron, deceased Intestate.
Evory person Indebted to ihe paid
tlcconsod i« required to mnke payment
forthwith tu the undor signed.
Every person having In possession effects belonging tn the decensod is re-
uutrod loithwith tu notify tin* undersigned, Every creditor ur other person having any claim upon or interest
In the distribution uf the estate of thn
said deceased is required to .semi before the L'^iul day of May 1017. next,
hy registered mall addressed to the
undersigned, his name and address
and full particulars of his claim or
Interest, ami a statement of his ne-
ennnt and the nature of the security
(If any) held by him. After the said
last mentioned date the Administrator
will proceed with the distribution of
the estnte having regard to those
claims only of which he shall have had
Dated at Crnnhrook this 10th day of
April 1017.
J. A. Arnold, Ofriclut Administrator.


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