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Cranbrook Herald Jan 30, 1913

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We are well equipped tu
turn out the heat class
of work.
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case of k timm
Up for Discussion   in House of Commons -- Minister of Labor Crothers Severely Criticised
and Censured
Ottawa, Jan, 28.—"1[ tho minister i Breton.
Almost upon the lirst 00-
of labor had heen us anxious to 'fusion of which the minister was
force tho C.P.It, to comply with tin- I culled upon to administer the act iu
findings ol the hoard in tlie ease ul u serious case he had failed,
the Canadian Hrothorhood of Unil-1 Premier Borden spoke briefly, and
way Employees as he was to force was i,f opinion that members should
the O.T.I'., hy holding up its legisla- | reserve criticism until they had seen
tion in the house, to take hack ikiul tho correspondence. Il is believed
reinstate its men, this dispute would here, however, that the premier is
have heen settled satisfactorily long considerably worried over the mat-
ugo. 1 arraign Hie minister ol labor tor, and that he purposes himself go*
and no other man, and I believe thai ing to Montreal ut an early date in
if lie had used the Influence which he | the effort to bring about an agfee-
passesses, with the Canadian Pacific, ment between tho company and the
Ihe provisions of the board would men.
have been carried out, and In fact tlie
strike would never have occurred. Tho
minister's conduct in this matter has
constituted an injustice to the men
and a pervcrsflfo ot the Industrial
Disputes Act."
Such was tbe opinion expressed by
Frank Car veil, of Carlton, In the
house last week concerning lite repeated refusal of Hon. T. W. Crothers. minister of labor, to grant a
board of conciliation in the dispute
between the Canadian Hr other hood
and the C. P. R. and his subsequent
inactivity in bringing about the enforcement of the findings of the
board after it had finally been appointed.
For the greater part of the afternoon the minister sat with hat pulled down on his brow, while a do/en
members of the opposition delivered
an attack against the policy which,
in this case, he had pursued, iron.
Itodolph Lemieux precipitated the
delft.tr by a motion ' for the correspondence, after which thc minister
felt constrained to give some justification of bis action to parliament.
lie waa obviously not prepared and
his attempt at justification did not
satisfy the opposition.
The application .of the Brotherhood,
said the minister^ bail not irevn technical^ incorrect. The organisation:
composed a largd number of classes.
Their grievances numbered 21). it
would have taken long to investigate
the matter—therefore, the hoard had
M. I). Carvell declared that under
the provisions of the act the minister had no discretion in the matter
of granting a board. In thc matter
of enforcing the award when made
the minister had pursued the same
dilatory methods which be had em
ployed for the past year with the
men in the face of a threat that
they would strike.
"The minister," declared Sir Wilfrid Laurier, "may have made a correct idea of the meaning of the law
but bis view did not constitute substantial justice. He says that hr
refused to grant thc board because
Ihe men had 2,1 grievances. WliU it
they had u hundred, The more
grievances they had the greater the
need for investigation."
The discussion interested Hon,
fleorge 1*. Graham, because the civ
had been raised against him in
the Renfrew by-election thut he had
done nothing to settle the Oraml
Trunk strike, and yet bad nothing to
do with tbe labor department. This
very organization was recognized hy
thc government on Its own line, the
Intercolonial. When it ennie to recognition on a company line, the
government did not think they
should have it. The 20 grievances of
the men were such as were contained
in every schedule, which was never
submitted to the railway company
W. A. Buchanan, of I.elhbridge, declared that there was an opinion in
the west tbat the C.l'.H. had the
ear ol tbe government and that its
employees need not look toward Ottawa for assistance. Was it any
wonder that such an impression went
"If this court is only to Ire opened
when the arbitrary opinion of the
minister of labor shall decide," said
W. E. KiiowIcr, of Moose Jaw, "then
the usefulness of this act will he
takei. away. Once tbe suspicion is
created that the department is not
an impartial tribunal, the department might as wl'11 go out of business. The minister of lahor should
err, if he errs nt all, on the side of
the weak party and not nf the big
"The minister owes it lo this
house, and to the'people, to let them
know where he stands on this mat.
ter," said E, M. Macdonald, of ,Pie-
tou. "If the act Is not good, docs
he Intend to repeal It? If It is lacking in certain features, docs he Intend to amend it? Or does he prefer
to nullify its provisions by refusing
to put them into force'*"
If the act was not a workable act,
Ottawa, Jan. 22.—The short Wed-
hesday sitting of thc commons was
marked by a discussion of several
matters of general interest.
A long debate hinged on a motion
by Hon. Rodolpho Lemieux for thc
production of papers relating to the
application ol the Brotherhood of
Railway Employees of the C.P.R.
for a hoard .of conciliation. The minister of labor was criticised for not
having appointed a general board by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, F. B. Carvell,
Hon. Geo. P. Graham, W. A. Buchanan and others.
The government's defence was
made hy Hon. T. ,W. Crothers and
Premier Borden, who, in the course
of a short speech, said that fhc minister had acted in what he conceived
to be the best interests of the men.
He asserted that the government had
nothing to conceal in regard to this
matter, and that thc papers would
be produced.
Hon. Redolpbe Lemieux, in moving
for all the correspondence between
the department of labor and the C.
P. R. bearing on the application ol
the Brotherhood of Railway Employers for a board of conciliation,
expressed .,'.vrpri:re teat the minister
had not named a hoard under the
Disputes and Investigation Act.
While not desiring to discuss the
question until the papers had been
brought down, be would ask the minister to make an explanation of thc
matter to the house.
F. B. Carvell, speaking in support
of the motion, expressed surprise
that the speaker should suggest to
secure competent men at wages ranging from $30 to $40 per month. He
claimed that the minister had disregarded the act; that thc application
having heen made in proper form, he
had no Choice but to grant the
"As I construe the law," said Mr.
Carvell, "the minister has no discretion in the matter. He Is compelled if he respects the law, to
carry . it out. Tlie act distinctly
states that he 'shall' name n
board." This be had refused to do
in the face ol the statements of the
men that tbey would go on strike if
a hoard were not granted. Finally,
In ord*r to escape a row in parliament, he had capitulated and named
a partial board, applying only to the
Ottawa division of the system. This
board had sustained the contentions
or the men both as to claims for increased wanes and lor recognition of
their union. Since the report of
the board was made public six weeks
have elapsed and yet the men have
not been taken bock. It was difficult, Mr. Carvell said, to reconcile
•ondiiet of the minister with   iffc
winter rum SHOW
The new year of the Cranbrook
Poultry und Pet Stock association
has now   opened and the directors at
recent mooting have mapped out
a programme for tho year that promises to be of much interest. They
hope to have breed studies and .induing classes of tho different breeds at
the meetings witii good warm discussions ou the same. Several
papers are scheduled for delivery and
demonstrations on dressing fowls,
egg testing und other lines of work
will be given.
A strong effort is going to be made
to so strengthen the association this
year as to justify holding a winter
show next season, and to that end
every utility poultry man, every fancier, whether actively engaged .it
present or only   a past master      in
the work, and every citizen willing |and treatment when tieccssar
to encourage the building up of an porto(j p|itllts js incalculable
industry that promises much for
the general good of Cranbrook and is
especially adapted to the district, is
urged to come along and extend a
helping hand, by attending tin
meetings ^nd swelling the membership list. The meetings arc interesting and becoming more lively each
The association also intend to
carry an adv. in thc local press during the breeding season informing all
interested that the secretary will
supply on yquest a list of meniiiiers
of that body with the breeds kept
and prices for eggs, thus placing the
stock of each member before the
purchasing public at small expense.
lot the Division ol Entomology, It
may be obtained free on application
to the Publications Branch, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, The
laws and regulations of the Dominion
government and of the governments
of those provinces possessing such
legislation, namely, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince
Edward Island are given. \ full
explanation is given ol the regulations which must, h" observed by
persons importing nursery stock,
which comprises trees, shrubs,
plants, vines, etc , into Canada and
Into the provinces mentioned.
A perusal of tin bulletin, even hy
those who do not Import or intend
to Import plants, will afford the
leader      an      excollcnl     idea    of  tlie
strict supervision ami core thai is
being exercised' to prevent tho Introduction of further Inseci pests into Canada. Utile than half of Mir
serious pests of Canada are noi native to the country but have heen Introduced or have migrated hither.
The object of this legislation is to
prevent furl her introduction and
spreading mid the bniclit which is
resulting from the careful Inspection,
, of Inn
and is
the means of saving Ihe country
enormous losses.
The house committee ,of ways and
means of the United States congress
heard evidence on January 12th in
connection with the tariff on wood
products. The duly of this committee will he to take evidence in
connection with the tariff on all
classes of goods and to report to an
extra session of congress which will
Mien take its own aotilon upon th,
matter. It is important to note,
however, that according to the evidence taken on .lflnuary/13tli there
were strong indications that the
committee will recommend tho removal of the tariff on rough ami
dressed lumber:, hewn and squared
timber, shingles, lal Ii and fence
posts. It was apparent from the
evidence presented that the direction
of tlie report of the committee will
he towards securing more revenue
from luxuries and casing the tariff on
Edmonton, Alta., .Ian. 28.—Six
hundred qualified teachers are required to fill existing vacancies in
the public schools of Alberta. The
need is so pressing on account of thc
rapidly changing conditions throughout the province that the school inspectors have recommended a modifi-
Mr. J, S. peck, who has heen conducting an employment and brokerage business in this eity for I be past
eighteen months, (under (he lino
name of .1. S. Peel; ,v Co., has sold
out to Mr. II. .1. Scott, who look
possession on tbe jLylli Inst.
Mr. Peck has been a resident of
this city for the past live years, and
became well and favorably known to
the public through his long connection with the C.t'.K. as ticket ageiit.
His courteous treatment of the public at that time is no doubt responsible for Ihe success which he has
achieved since going into business for
himself some eighteen months ago,
By strict attention to business, uniform courtesy and integrity, Mr.
Peck has succeeded in butiding up an
enviable business. He is leaving in
a few days to accept an important
position in the passenger department of the Canadian Northern railway company at Edmonton. While
regretting to leave Cranbrook, anil
the many friends he has made here,
Mr- Peck states that ho has heen offered a position with the above mentioned railway company, which      hj
cation of the present regulations    i<f cannot afford to turn down.   He W
Public Opinion Iteing Aroused From End lo End
of Dominion as to Urgency of Practical
Steps Being Taken for the Encourag-
ment of This Essential Industry
Owfug to other engagements it was
impossible for a representative ol
Ihe Herald to attend the hall at the
Tourist hotel, Bull River, last Wednesday night, January 22nd. How
ever, from enquiries made of those
who were fortunate enough to be
present, the Herald learns that this
function proved eminently enjoyable
There was a line orchestra from Fcrnie, tbe ball room was large, prettily
decorated, and everything possible
was done to make all comers wel
come and at their ease.
This new hotel will rank among tin
institutions of special importance In
Ibis district. It is u finely built
frame building, very spacious, fitted
throughout with electric lights un!
hot water. The cuisine is first
class in every respect, and the bar
contains all the best ot Joy waters
and smokes. The proprietor, .James
Bates, knows a thing or two about
the conduct of a high class hotel. 11:
has able, assistance and the expectation is the Tourist will quickly lie-
come a favorite stopping place for
commercial men and week end holiday makers.
Tim the whole country, more or
less, is aroused over the necessity of
doing something practical for thc eu-
couragemenl of agriculture, becomes
daily more apparent. Debates in the
dominion and provincial parliaments,
at meetings Ol boards ol trade, etc.,
ofc, ail testify to the same (act
Hon. Maltin Burrcll, niliilstei of agriculture, appears (o be the one minister really awake to the situation.
He has brought in n measure to provide the sum of Sin.fHW.OOO, tube
spread over len years and to lie div-
d proportionately among the several provinces, the money to he used
exclusively for the encouragement
and development ol the agricultural
Industry. In this province, where
the need of practical assistance to
the bona fide settler, in the matter
of laud clearing ami of stocking his
land is so serious a situation, some
little attention is at last being given
the ease. The constant resolutions
adopted in agricultural associations,
hoards of trade, etc., are telling upon the supine McBride government,
and ii    is quite possible that      even
admit American teachers under certain conditions. These recommendations are beiog considered by Hon.
J. R. Boyle, minister of education,
who said today:   .
''The department found it necessary Inst year to issue permits to
Wo teachers to enable them to tab?
up schools. .Some of them had no
qualifications. We have also allowed teachers from other provinces in
Canada and from Great Britain to
take schools, though their standards
were not as high as our requirements; but it was thought to be
better to keep the schools open than
to have tire pupils deprived of all
educational facilities, t'ndcr the
present system Americans, no matter how well qualified, cannot teacli
school in Alberta."
attitude of a year ago, when he was
anxious lo compel the Orond
Trunk to take back its strikers. It
would be hard for the minister to
convince tbe people that he Is not
more concerned over the Interests ol
the C.P.R. than Is good for the laboring people of Canada.
Hon, T. W. Crothers, in reply, said
that this notice of motion had been
on the order paper for several weeks
and he had come to the house prepared to diflCUBS it. Todayi however, he did not have tho papers.
He considered thnt the member for
Rotivillc should have given him notice
of his intention to bring it up.
Speaking from memory he said he
had heard nothing about this application before August last, The
Brotherhood ot Railway Employees
was broad enough to include practically every employee of the Cana-
dlnn railways. It was made up of
3B classes and the application Included 2fl grievances tn each case.
Mr. Crother dissented from the view
that he was obliged to establish a
board as the act states that the applicants muflt satisfy the minister
that, they ^present the majority of
thorn affoetrd. A statement had
been   received from several thousand
All persons who are accustomed,
or intend, to import trees, shrubs,
plants and 'other kinds of vegetation
into Canada, or to ship such trees
ami plants from one province to
another, should make themselves
thoroughly familiar with thc regulations ol the Dominion and Provincial
governments in this matter. If this
is not done inconvenience and possible loss may result owing to the
neglect to comply with the renuire-
ments of Dominion or Provincial
governments, which requirements are
necessitated by the danger,.always
present, of the importation of dangerous pests into Canada or their
spread from one province to another.
The regulations governing the importation of vegetation ot various
kinds into Canada and thc Dominion
and Provincial laws under which they
have been passed have been collected
in a convenient form and published as
a bulletin with explanatory notes by
the Dominion Entomologist, I>r. 0.
Gordon Htwitt. This bulletin, entitled, "Legislation in Canada to
Prevent the Introduction and
Spread of Insects, Pests and Diseases Destructive to Vegetation
with Regulations Regarding the Importation of Vegetation Into Canada" Is published as Bulletin No. II,
second series, of the Experimental
Farms Branch of the Dominion   De-
he greatly missed hy a wide circle ol
friends, and particularly among mem-
bers of the Masonic body, of which
Ige he has held the position ol
secretary for unite a considerable
time. He will also be missed by Ule
members of tire Methodist church,
where Ire has officiated at the pipe
organ since it was installed some
time ago. His successor, Mr.
Scott, has been a resident of Cranbrook for several years, and Tor the
last two years has heen engaged in
the real estate department of the
Cranbrook Agency company, in which
capacity he has become well and favorably i known' throughout the district. No doubt Mr. Scott will continue to meet the same success
which his predecessor has had. The
business will be continued under tire
old ruin name of .1. S. Peck & Co.
The Kpworth League meeting on
Tuesday evening provided a very interesting programme comprising
among oilier items solos by Miss
McBiride, Mrs. Chapman and Mr.
Gardner, and the debate on "The
Naval Policy of Mr. Borden." Mr.
Cameron, ol the Y.M.C.A., representing the arguments in favor and Mr.
K. Chapman tlie Opposing side of the
question. Considering that both
speakers apologised for being grcen-
horns they presented their sides ol
the question very Well, each being allowed fifteen minutes by tire chairman, Mr. -I. n. McBride, and then
live minutes for replying to his opponent's argument'
The judges,   Mr,    Adclard, Mr.
Turnlcy and Mr. Burdi, did not consider their verdict as a body, but
presented individual ballots to the
chairman, who declared the result to
be two for the resolution and one
It is hoped more of Ibis form of entertainment will take place in tire
in that direction something will be
doing before long t-> turn to proper
account thc vasl areas „t unoccupied;
or onlv partially developed lands, in
alt sections of lire piovincc.
An Interesting discussion on tires*
nml kindred subjects took place lathe
house ol commons tho other day. a
brief report of which will be timely,
at least it shows that some of tbe
members are awake and alive to the
requirements of the most important
element iu their country's population-,
the farmers.
V summary of the report referred
to above, reads as follows:
Ottawa, -Ian. 27.—The preparation
of a programme for the discussion of
important phases in the relations between the producer and the consumer
was advocated by Major Currie, of
Simcoe, in the agriculture and colonisation committee last week, and
steps will be taken at once for the
formation of a sub-committee to
carry out the plan. The committer
generally agreed 'hat its scope
should be enlarged to include work of
a more practical nature than former-
h. Its opening session was well
attended hy the farmer members of
'the house, nearly every individual
1 present giving his views of the problems of greatest importance in various parts of the Dominion.
Kour important subjects, in thc
opinion of Major Currie. merited consideration. He would first suggest
tbat the question of cooperative
methods should he considered. In
former days neighbor helped neighbor, but the system was now going
out of fashion. A second subject for
discussion should he tire lueb cost o)
living. Investigation should be made
as to the reasons for the present
spread in prices between the producer
and thc consumer. Tire farmer did
not appear to he Retting a price for
his goods proporl ionate to that
guests retired to the grill room ot |charged to the consumer. Witnesses
the    Monroe   cafe, where a splendid I should be called and examined,     awl
About 150 people attended tho
complimentary dinner and banquet
given by Cranbrook lodge, No. 1049,
Loyal Order of Moose, at the Monroe cafe on Wednesday evening, January 29th. This banquet was given
by the lodge to celebrate the closing
of the charter. Thc lodge room was
filled to its full capacity at nine
o'clock when called to order hy W.
M. Krlcr, who presided over a splendid programme of SpngS, speeches
and    recitations.      At    11.30      t he
banquet had been laid.
flood speeches were again
vogue, Kred W. Swain acting as j
tnastmastcr and the following toasts
and responses being offered: "Thc
King." This toast was followed by I
a speech by the chairman who is also the Dictator of the lodge. Mr.
$waii. was vigorously applauded,
"Our Quests/1 response by C. It.
Ward. "The Order," response by
W. M. Brier. "City of Cranbrook,"
response by Aldermen l-cster Clapp
and Ross C. Carr. "Tire Press,"
response hy V. M. Christian "Th
Ladies," response by Wm. Macdon-
rinnald. "The Maple Leaf Forever."
From the remarks made by
various speakers we learn that tl
lodge is in a healthy and flourish ng
condition, starling oIT with 281 members iu good Standing. Nearly 200
more applications have been received
for membership. The merits ol 'in-
order, as a protective, benevolent
and fraternal organization, are tbe
best and ftps the predominating features. Cranbrook lodge starts with
every prospect of greater success in
tire future.
practical results would follow.
A third matter for inquiry, in the
major's opinion, should be as to how
to bring most effectively agricultural
training to tbe gate of thc farmer hy
the existence ol demonstration
work, etc.
The decline In the export ol dairying and farm products generally from
Canada was a further subject which
would warrant Investigation. Inquiry should be made, for instance.
into thc reasons win Australian butter, New Zealand mutton, etc , hod
to Ire Imported into Canada (or local
consumption iu an agricultural country,
Major   Currie  was
f lire opinion
lllP', that this work cf investigation would'
I he boltet done bj Ihe members than
ia commission " \ commission."
'he said, "is stmplv a cyclone cellar,
I High paid experts are employed, they
[go away for a couple of years, and
then come back and write a book
which no one reads Tire members
loi this committee could do the work
'far better and with better chance ol
.result-, than any commission. Efc-
IpcrK and witnesses ran be called
•here for Investigation purposes."
;   'ii|.  inbers of   the committee in-
CARI) OF THANKS. Fifteen    thousand homesteads were
'taken in Alberta last year, according
to a statement Issued by thc provin-
My mother   and 1   wish to jointly eial department of agriculture, There
employes disclaiming their desire tn
then itshouW be removed, wns    the |Htrika while  those   who went     out [part ment of    Agriculture.      It also
opinion of W. F. Carroll, of     Cape ' (Continued on pagr six). forms Entomological   Bulletin No. 6
thank the many friends and sympathizers for their kindness and
floral offerings to our late son ami
brother, nlso for their kindly assistance to ourselves,
1). Y. IWnkley.
Is an average   of 3.10 persons      per
dtllged in free discussion during the
session, Dr. Xehatiirer, of Soiiris,
was of tire opinion that the important problem for the committee was
the improvement of farm conditions,
homestead. This means on increase and lie referred to certain conditions
in ihe agricultural population of the |n ManitoUft which might Ire Im-
provinco    of   nearly 60,000,      These   proved,
facts should bo taken lo heart in1 .lohn Webster, ol llmekville, relcr-
Uritish Columbia. red to tire   necessity ol Investigating
not only agriculture but transportation. He instanced how dairy products, fruit, etc., were delayed on
the way to their destination through
lack, nf cars on many occasions
through failure on tire part ol
shipper t( procure the proper kind of
cars. The member for Dnrek villi*
was of thc further opinion thai the
live stock Industry would ire improved and stimulated bj taking ofl the
tariff which was now proposed by the
I'nited     States. Canada    should
make herself ready to lake advantage
of that.
"How about allowing the,i cattle
in here mv"'" a member asked. Mr.
Webster smiled and evaded the question.
Donald Sutherland, or South Oxford, was of the opinion that one of
the chief problems lacing the committee was to teach the western
larraei how to farm They were
mining their land out there, he averted and they should be encouraged to
go into mixed farming,
"Wc nl   the    west," retorted Levi
Thomson, practical farmer from Qu'-
Appelle, "an*   accustomed to .hearing
lectures   from the east on the proper
metbods < I (arming in our own country, and we have come to smile     at
this advice.      You may safely   leave
tbe problem of   solving    the western
[arming difficulties to the westerner.
lit ha* taken us many years tn know
|how   to    grow wheat,    hut we   are
learning.     In Saskatchewan we have
many able   demonstrators who know
more of western conditions than   the
east can teach       Our great problem
s that of export.     The local market
s too small     "Speaking ol the fruit
ndustry,"   continued   Mr. Thomson,
"we are   consuming a large quantity
ol fruit in our own country but    we
would consume more if wc could get
it at reasonable prices and in    good
.1. If. Douglas, of Strathcona, said
tbat the great problem ln Alberta
was the scarcity of labor. Many-
acres had been unharvested this year
on account of the impossibility of
getting men. He advocated the appropriation of a large sum of money
for a careful system of assisted immigration.
Ihincan Ross was also interested in
the apple industry of tbe east. Ho
had seen good apples rotting on the
ground in Middlesex- county while
there was a fruit famine in the west.
It was a lamentable fact that most
of the apples eaten in Alberta came
from Washington.
Major Currie advocated the formation of exchanges among the fruit
growers of Ontario and the building
of warehouses both jn the province
and at Winnipeg.
A motion was introduced to tbe
effect that tire house be asked to
refer that part of the report of t1»
minister d agriculture dealing with
the fruit industry to be taken up at
the next meeting, and that a subcommittee lie appointed to plan an
agenda. Certain dates will be set.
when the various topics will be discussed and witnesses called
Hon. Martin Burrcll has introduced]
his hill to provide for the expenditure
during the next ten yenrs of ten
million dollars to aid agiirulture. At
the outset he said that it was based
on a promise made hy Mr Borden
when in opposition, that if elected
to power be would grant assistance
to the provinces in agriculture.
\ preliminary step had been taken
last year, but before outlining his
complete statement, Ut. C. C   .lame!*
hail been appointed lo make a thorough investigation of the whole subject. Dr. .lames had consulted with
the various provincial gomnmcrits
and the men in charge ol the various
agricultural Institutions, and the fault ol his work would be found in
the terms of the bill Mr. Burrcll
went on to say that tire problem
which confronted Canada today Is
the ever increasing cost ol living and
the • increase of urban as against
rural population. In Canada we
take a natural pride in our great and
growing cities, hut we should be
poor citizens if wc did not try to
mitigate and avert the attendant,
evils which follow undesirable expansion in that direction.
The minister then quoted figures to
show that while in lire past ten
years the urban population Increased
by 48.8 per cent the rural population
increased hy only l.fi per cent. In
Western Canada, the urban population increased by 222 per cent and
the rural hy 14,8 per cent. It would
be conceded, be said, that despite the.
(Continued on page six). THE   CHANBHOOKHKItALU
Hy ihe Herald   Publishing Company,
K.  J,  Deane, Managing Editor,
C1UNBR00K, R. C, January 38, 1913
Owing to schedule changes in the
legal rate at Victoria and consequent changes in tire various papers
throughout tha province the Herald
announces that beginning with January 1st, tho following charges will
he made for advertising all legal notices: Application for liquor license,
$8.00; liquor license transfer, $8.50;
land purchase, $7.00; land lease,
$7.00; certificate of improvement, 10
rents per line first insertion and B
cents each    subsequent Insertion; de
llnquenl i ivncrship notice, io cents
and "> cents; duplicate certificate, in
cent.-, and 6 cents; water notice, 10
cents and 5 cents, coal and petroleum
notice, JB.ni). 51-U
Petorborqugh    Tiwling Co.
hardware, etc	
WilimT     Mercantile    Co.,
hardware, etc	
r. u.    Itdddon,   hardware,
Columbia    Valley    Supply
Co., hardware, etc	
Uke    pinil   Co., hardware,
Joha Mcllnttlc, blaoksmith-
W, lluupt, blacksmlthing...
!•:. U. Np'lson, blacksmithing
Columbia    River    Umber
Co., lumber 	
R, A.  Klmptou, lumber   ...
.1. Anderson, lumber   	
II. Bryaaton, lumber	
Invermere Lumber <.'»., lumber 	
(!. W, Taylor, lumber   	
Thou.    Allen,   covering for
|{. I.. T.    Galbraith, Biito
1'ppcr    Columbia Transfer
Co., fares, otc	
\. c. Hamilton, horse feed
,1. ]■:.   Sloriiln.it, repairs to
A. Hlakolcy, moving camp...
\V. Clemcs, hauling 	
IMulloy   Harrow,   auto not-
n.iii:.in   Henry Binklcy, a    young
hiil formerly in thc employ of tho C.
I'.    K.     hi tins   city,   was recently
transferred to   Kiugsgutc, where    lie
was     taki'n sick.        He    was moved
back for   tronlmonl In tho SI      Eugene hospital, where he died a day or
two ago "f peritonitis.    The funeral
io.,I,   pl.nc    ppii    Monday   aftoraooh
from the   Hnptisl church and    there
wns a largo   attendance ol members
ui the   newly organized  Brotherhood!
of   C.P.R.   Employees.    Uev. O. E.
Kendall conducted tlie funeral      ser
vices anil    K.    M. Mucpljorsoli       luul
charge of   tho   arrangements.      Tho
body was shipped to Ponoku,   Alta.,
where the laii's grandfather resides.
■ I. Irvine, ol Elko, died at the
St. Eugene hospital this morning ami
his body was removed ti, the undertaking parlors ol F. M. Macphcrson
and his people notified.
Thomas Dcnnison, an old timer
hereabouts, passed away at the St.
HSugeno hospital a day ot two ago,
cause ol death being heart failure.
Deceased was .'HI years of age. Ilis
wife died in tins city some three or
four years ago, and bis two daughters were sein home tn the care of
their grandmother in Belfast, Donni
son's birth place, Klnal arrangements f"r tlie funeral have not as yel
heen completed, hut Mr. W. 11. ileal-
ly, who is in change, understands
that il will take place on Sunday afternoon al 2.80, He . E. I'. I'lew
elllng officiating.
J. IV. Connor, powder
Ii. Mcintosh, hay	
723. 5
I 11.(HI
The provincial public accounts loi
Ihe year ended March 31st, 1912,
have jusi come lo hand, and below
" we give In full detail, the expenditures in tin- Columbia, fernie and
Cranbrook districts:
Pay lists,   labor  and team
work $02,030.42
Sundry   persons,   labor and
learn work        824.08
• I. A. flood, road superintendent, 3111 days «i. (ii;
horse allowance, $578; expenses, $737,711      2,835.70
W. .1. Wright, road superintendent, 2 months (t $125;
I days at $1; iiorse allowance $31, expenses $130,511       127.50
P. ('   Lang, clerk to super-
lendenl, 60 days   lie $1 2311.mi
Ii. Ii. Fornorl, clerk lo
superintendent, 2 months
2 days 	
H.   ConncM-Moore, clerk lip
II. (I. Parson, Ltd., hardware, etc	
Field Trading Co., hardware, etc 	
C, A.   Warren,     hardware,
.1.   f.     Pills,    hardware,
1114. on
Pay lists,    labor and team
work  $110,8(11.75
I). McN'eish,   road   superintendent,   322   days « $5;
expenses, $83(1.05      3,436.86
I. II. Quail, hardware, etc. 557.43"
Duthie Co., hardware, etc.. 378.21
Trltes-Wood Co., hardware,
etc        358.211
L. E. McDonald, hardware,
etc        202.03
Agnew - McBain   Hardware
,t Trading Co., hardware,
etc         158.85
A. 1..    Fletcher, hardware,
etc         71.110
Dennett    Bros.,   hardware,
etc  2(1.28
Fred Roo., hardware, etc. . 1.33
CHant Powder Co., powder,
Itise, etc  '    1,9110.71
■ I.    D.     McBride,   powder,
fuse, etc    1,095.28
lliirns and .Ionian, powder,
fuse, etc       370
Canadian   Explosives, pow-
dor,  fuse, eie         1111.(111
I'orbin Coal anil   Coke Co.,
powder, fuse, etc  11,00
llosmer Mines,    Ltd., powder, fuse, otc  7.nn
N'orth   Star     Lumber Co.,
lumber        5(10.H7
Fernip' Lumber Co., lumber      311.87
Elk Lumber   Co.,   lumber...     337.In
New Michel Saw   Mill Co.,
lumber       220.011
Kennedy anil   Mangan, lumber        290.20
Downs Lumber Co.. lumber       (18.81
Sparwood Lumber Co., lumber   '      47.7(1
II. .1. Cole, lumber          39.31)
Crows   Nest   Pass Lumber
Co., lumber          15.311
.1. .1. Scott, hlacksmithing,
etc        98.75
A. Chibault, hlacksmithing,
etc  20.50
(1.    Ross,     blacksmithing),
etc  20.25
.1. McCool,    blncksmithing,
etc         11.75
M. A. Berrigan, hlacksmithing, etc  2.59
llreat North   Western Railway line, freight   charges      533.74
Morrissey, Fernie and Michel      railway,         Ireighl
charges   18.48
Dominion   Express Co., express charges          12.99
Dixon Mfg. Co., tents         494.09
A.   Cummings, services  as
surveyor        188.79
W. Hathorrjc, road    signs...        90.99
A. Riw.uti,    Drayage,   etc.        83.25'
Ross   Saskatoon     Lumber
Co., repairs to -plow 4.no
T. Fletcher.- horse hire   .... 2.59
0. Rarton, hauling powder,
etc         15.50
Kootetuiy   Telephone    Co.,
plant   1.80
I. Ilreckenriilge, 10 prr cent
commission     on     cost
($11,453.90)    roaJ Michel
to Wardrobe,    1,115.39
Norbury Avenue
Sacrifice Sale
1112 fool frontage on N'or-
litiry, nml 122 foot on Ed.
ward. Positively the beat
available close in corner
in tho City.
Price $2,000.00
Butter Bee this at once,   Kxclu-
sivoly by
Chapman Land 4lnv Co.
Twndmra from the Itox Theatre
M. H.  Stvwurt,    hardware,
ttc,   10.00
Cranbrook l-:ii*lMU|[,r, haul
ware, »tc         10.00
A. Mellur,  hunlwan*. etc... 7.00
M.       Mct.eod,      hardware,
etc  f».5fi
s. .1. McCartney, hardware, etc  4.00
VY. II. F, Crosby, hardware,
elc    2.30
Kurt Steele Livery, bard-
ware, elc  1.50
Cranbrook Wash and Door
Factory,  lumber        455.07
T. Eccles, Imnher         127.ini
Bridges    Lumber Co., lum-
j    ber         108.78
.las.  Whitehead,  lumber   ...        84.41
! Taylor Lumber Co., lumber 	
Taylor Lumber Co., lumber        50.12
Porto   nii'o     Lumber Co.,
I    lumber         15.29
IF. Murphy, lumber         44.94
[ Skotteherg    Lumber      Co,,
|    .'.miner          41,49
Standard Lumber Co., lum-
|   ber         41.00
Otis   Staples   Lumber Co.,
I   lumber       2;uo
Tank Lumber Co., lumber .        14.08
| Leask and   Johnson, lumber.        11.64
[Wattsbtirg    Lumber    Co.,
umber          B.7fi
Crothers Lumber Co., lumber   8.S-.
P. Lund, lumber   2.88
Wardner Tic and Lumber
Mill, lumber   2.48
.1. I). McBride, powder,
fuse, etc.     2,744.56
\V. K. Worden, powder, fuse,
otc    l,2:,:..0fi
Consolidated MininK and
Smelting Co., powder,
fuse, etc.        377.38
(Gateway Mercantile Co.,
powder, fuse, etc         44.40
IL W. Drew, powder, fuse,
etc  15.00
Fink Mercantile Co., tents..      407.50
C, I'. R. Co., freight
charges        200.75
B. i!. Taylor, freiqht charges     4.25
W. .1. Nnhle (paid) charges   42.75
City Transfer and Warehouse Co., Cartage, etc..., 8.68:
(ieo. Ilougharty, post signs,
etc        150.00
B. II. Short, post signs,
etc         41.00
A. Doyle, blacksmithing,
etc        71.75
.1. Wickstrom, blacksmithing. etc  1.50
0.  F.  Desaulnier, coal    .... 7.50
Cranbrook Garage Co., auto
hire          20.00
N.  Hanson, autn hire          50.00
Prospector Publishing Co.,
printing notices   8.50
McCreery Bros., rubber
hoots          36.50
City  Livery,    horse hire ...        25.00
(ieo. Roiith, boat hire         10.00
A. W. Cameron, moving
camp   7.00
C. Itedpath, oil   0.25
B. W. Wcrden, empty barrel 2.01)
A. MacKinnon, repairs gasoline engine          48.95
McCreery Bros., rubber
boots     8.50
An English Chemist Has
Discovered How to
Grow Hair.
In Kngland thc ladies have entirely
abandoned wearing rats, which is due
entirely to this new disc&very.
It has been ' proven that Ifcuna
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contain this long lookod for article is
proven every day.
The Americans are now placing ou
thc market a preparation containing
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This preparation is called SALVIA
and is being sold.with a guarantee to
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to import this preparation into Cranbrook and a large, generous bottle
can be purchased for 50c.
2,172 01
Pay lists, labor and team
work  $71,380.87
Sundry persons, labor and
team work      	
John Heid, nmd superintendent, 13 months #i
$150; expenses. $222.01  .
Fort Steele Trading Co.,
hardware, etc	
F   Dezall, hardware, etc, ...
F. Parks and Co,, hardware, etc       424.50
Cr.iiibrook Trading Co.,
hardware, etc       299.00
W. F. Boron, hardware,
etc        203.85
Crows Nest Pass Lumber
Co., hardwire, etc       115.04
I. W. Fitch, hardware,
etc         34.20
.1. II. McLean, hardware,
etc         31.90
Cranbrook Foundry, hardware, etc         25.35
It, Campbell, hardware,
etc         24.45
las. Roberts, hardware,
etc.        15.00
In addition   to    the above expenditures in   the Cranbrook district,   the
following items are contained in   the
"Miscellaneous" (not detailed in   estimates) items:
\. Hanson, Wasa, for labor
and material on the Kootenay     liver   bridge    at
Wasa  $ 5,500.00
The Prospector, advertising   1,675.55
Dr. .1. H. Bell, medical services          32.00
Beattie-Murphv   Co.,  drugs,
etc         27.55
Cranbrook    Electric Light
Supply Co        167.88
W, E. Wordan, coal        82.50
Staples Lumber Co., wood.       37.42
Quain Electric   Supply Co. LOO
Davis Bros         14.29
s. Maodonald, secretary
Cranbrook - Fernie Farmers' Institute         25.00
Cranbrook     Garage,     auto
hire          45.00
Kootenay   Telephone Co. ...    1,057.40
C. B.   Watson,   forest protection      1,217.85
■ las.   Bates,     deputy game
warden     t ,223.80
Cranbrook Dally Kntertain-
er  '.      3.00
The Prospector   2.00
Burial of 1« indigent persons        352.00
T. T. McVlltle, cruising
and reporting on expired
timber limits        380.00
(By   II.    Mortimer-Lamb, Secretary,
the Canadian   Mining Institute,
Within the   last twenty or twenty-
live years, the  science of geology has
developed in   a direction that      has
brought it into direct and serviceable
association     with     those   classes of
commercial   enterprise that are    dependent on engineering.    While
is especially, true     in respect of mining, jl    applies almost   equally      to
railroading,     municipal   engineering,
and other    activities of a like   nn-
ttlro.    The  dependence of mining on
variably included on the permanent
staff of every mining corporation of
importance; and the demand in recent years for the services of capable men to occupy such positions
bus been (|Utt0 out of the proportion
to the supply. It is recognized universally, in short, that the debt of
the mining industry to geology is
enormous, and the obligation continues to increase steadily. This
largely explains the circumstance
that the invitation to the International Geological Congress to hold
the next meeting in Canada was
made, not only at tlw instance of
the t Canadian and Ontario governments, and of the Hoyal Society of
Canada, but at that of the Canadian
Mining Institute, an association representative, in a truly national
sense, of jthe mining Industry of this
country. It is believed that this
meeting will immensely benefit mining in ihe Dominion. From the educational and the scientific standpoints, much is to be expected from
the interchange of views on Canadian
conditions and problems, hy men
(if international reputations. On purely commercial grounds, the interest
and attention that will be directed
to the mineral resources and to   the
When something goes
wrong which   will   require the services ol a
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fix things right. It will
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Hardware and House
plication and significance. The coil-
gress endeavors to .provide, (or example, for the adoption of uniform
systems of mapping, nomenclature
and,classification of rocks, fossils and'
minerals; and in other directions
broadens the boundaries and extends
the usefulness of geological science.
One achievement in particular ihat
may be mentioned, is the compilation of a geological map of Europe,
shortly to be issued; and it is now
proposed to undertake thc preparation of a similar geological map of
the world.
The records of the meetings,
which are usually held evert- three
vears, arc shown in thc following
Vice Countries
Congress. Year. Country. Enrolled. Attending. Delegates.
101 f,
Mem bers.
I'res.  Ropre'sd
is 23
opportunities for the investment of
capital in mining undertakings in
Canada, in themse.ves fully justify;
I lie extensive preparations that are
being made and the expense that is
being incurred in anticipation of   the
f* vill be noted, the congress, so
far, has met only twice on this side
of the. Atlantic.
Socially and scientifically, the lasti
meeting in Sweden was notably successful.    The opening session      was
event. Judging from the character | Mended by the King of Sweden ...
of the attendance in the .past, almost person, while at the session devoted
every civilized    nation will be reprc- I to the   discussion  of economic prob-
sented at thc Canadian meeting by
men of recognized eminence, including distinguished government officials,
geologists and mining engineers in
consulting practice, geographers,
great educationalists and writers of
text-books.      Thus surely never     a
lems, a number of the cabinet ministers proved their interest and sense
ol the importance of the occasion by
their presence. The arrangements
for the conduct of Ihe meeting, for
the entertainment ot the visiting
scientists, and iu connection with tlie
better, a more effective opportunity several excursions, were planned anil
has presented itself of providing for carried out with extraordinary ahil-
the wide-spread disseminations of ity and precision; and it will require
authorativc information on Canadian j every effort on the part of Cana-
resourecs and potentialities. jdians to even equal the standard  set
On these grounds, a general appeal by Sweden ln these respects. It is
for sympathetic co-operation is made | scarcely necessary lo say, however,
to all    classes    and    to the mining, that no pains arc being spared by an
community in particular. The Congress has held many meetings in other countries. In all, it has heen
welcomed with open arms. That
record must be at least maintained.
Meanwhile, before proceeding to re-
eaergetic and' representative executive committee, to which has been
entrusted the task of preparing a
programme for the twelfth or Canadian meeting of the congress.
Tbe  excursions, more especially
count what progress has been made the occasion of recent meetings, have
so liar with the arrangements for the been given special prominence. These
meeting and for the instruction and have two main purposes; one to illus-
entertainrtent of the visitors, a trate, so tar as possible, the sub-
word or two should be said concern- j jects discussed; and the other to
ing the International Geological j afford visiting members the oppor-
Congrcss itself. In the year 1876, tunity of studying the features of
at the International Exhibition in j geological interest peculiar to the
Philadelphia, there was displayed
collection of    geological maps
♦ "
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country in whieh the, congress ;is-
und I scmbles. In connection will, the nr-
and , rangements tor    the Canadian meet-
im-' ing, provision Jius been made lot
who j over thirty excursions to milling dis-
ad- Iricts and other localities <pf gcologi
sections from both* America
Europe. It had the effect of
pressing on geologists
saw in        il the
vanlage ol providinn opportunities 'cat interest in Canada, lielween Humid means lor comparative study; extreme east and wesl of tho contiu-
and in consequence, in August, 1870, ent, and northward us Inr us Dnw-
al tla- annual meeting of thc Amerl-'son. It is computed, on Ihe basis of
can Association for the Advance- j the numbers In attendance, at former
ment of  Science,   at    Buffalo, under   meetings,    thai the    representation
tlie   presidency nf Prof, William    H.   from abroad, at   Ihe Canadian  I-
Kogers, the project of the foundation ing, will not he less than, and may
of thc congress wns broached, re- exceed, seven hundred. Knch excur-
celved    favorably, and   a committee sion will be under the leadership ol a
duly qualified guide, who u. ill also bo
competent to point out and discuss
the     phenomena     constituting   the
was appointed to arrange for tlie
first meeting, held two years later
in Paris-.       It is   worthy of remark
that the secretary ol   the committee point   of   interest In   each instnnc
in question   was   that distinguished Obviously, the planning and effective
chemist and geologist, Dr. T. Sterry conduct of a series of excursions   on
Hunt,   who from 1847 to 1872    was this  scale   is no   light undertaking;
chemist    and mineralogist to      the but with   the  assurance of local oid
lhls ecological Survey ot Canada.      The and     co-operation,    the   difficulties;
objects of the congress may be   Very should not prove insuperable,
hiielly and succintly summarized    In The Swedish   meeting was marked
the general statement that by means especially by   the publication'of     a
of the   periodical meetings the     re- monumental   work on "The Iron Ore
geology is attested, for example,   by suits ol knowledge acquired   In   any Resources of the   World," to    which
tla< hurt  that a urologist, is now  in- one country are given a universal ap saporta on the   distribution and sup-
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ply of iron in the respective countries were contributed by eminent
aiitflbrltiet;. The executive com-
! uiittec of the twelfth congress are to
he very heartily congratulated on the
derision to emulate this example by
undertaking tho compilation of a
companion work on the ''Con! Resources of Hie World." Incidentally
this repot I .should serve to direct
wider attention to the magnitude!
and value of Canadian resources. The
subject of croiit resources ami supplies will, moreover, form one of the
j principal toplcn for discussion at the
meeting in Toronto; while other topics of no less economic interest, not-
ably that of the Influence of depth on
I lie character of metalliferous deposits, ale to he debated.
It is unnecessary here, however, to
further discuss details, the purpose of
the present notes being to give merely a general idea of the aims ami
work n' th- congress and of the significance attaching to its meeting in
this cnimfry. With n prnoer realization of the importance of the occasion, the mining men of Canada, no.
less than the public generally, may
he trusted to cordially co-operato
with tho congress officials ln making
the Canadian meeting un unqualified
success. '
Further Information may be obtained by applying to the secretary,
Twelfth International (leologioal Congress, Victoria   Memorial    Munewa,
The corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
GIVEN that th* Court ot RtvMoa
will sit on Wednesday, March M,
1912, at the hour ot 10.80 a.m. (Meal
time) at tbe Municipal Billdlin,
Cranbrook, B.C., tor the purpose at
correcting and wvisusg the asMsa>
ment roll ot tbe City ot Cratbfeajk.
Any person complaint*! ot an scrot
or omission in the said roll shall f lv»
notice of his complaint io writitf t*
thc Assessor, and the grounds ot kit
complaint, at least ten (10) *ayt bo-
fore tbe sitting ot the said Coirt.
Cranbrook, B. C,
January sOtk, 1111.
Cranbrook DiatcM.
TAKE NOTICE tbat Aura lbs>
auley, ot Cranbrook, B.C., owns*,
tion nurse, intends to apply hsr ••>
mission to purchase tb* lollanrta|
described land:
Commenclog at a post plantti it
the N. W. corner ot Lot 1008), a. 1.,
thence north 90 chains, more or tan,
to tbe southwest corner ot Los) Hit,
(1.1.; thence east 40 chains; thews
south 00 chains, more or less, to tht
N, E, corner ot Lot 10018, O.l.j
thence west 10 chains, mora tr lew
to point of commencement, MStsaV
ing 200 acres, more or lest.
Annie Macauley, Appllsttt.
.1. $. Cummlngs, Agent.
Slaked DM, luth, IBIS. M-lt*
Ottawa, Ont.
Tlie Cumpnel! Kealti (Y.tupnuy tl
Winnipeg, Man., will let a contrast
lor the clearing and stumping of II
acres and tlie building of two roots
20 teet wide; to be cleared and
graded through I heir property
known as Cranbrook Orcbarda. The
roads are approximately two mires
|p,n«. Tho 25 acres to he clcnVs
and stumped in time lor spring
Money to be paid on approval ot
work of our representative, Mr.
James Latdlaw. Thc lowest or any
j tender not necessarily accepted.
The blue print ol the proposed
work can he seen at Ileale and El-
well's office.
Address all communications to H.
J. Wells, care Campbell Realty Company, 745 AotMtwt Balldiaf, Wharf-
Ptf, "•» »™ THJS   CRANBB'
CAPITAL, $13,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce, are a safe, convenient and
inexpensive method of remitting" small sums of money. These Orders,
payable without charge at any bank in Canada (except in the Yukon
Territory) and in the principal cities of the United States, are issued at
the following rates:
$5 and under    ;t cents
Over    5 und not exceeding $10    &    "
"     10      •' " 30 10     "
"     30       " " 50 15     "
should ba mada by means or our SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS and MONEY
ORDERS.    Iaauad without delay at reasonable rates.
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B. C.
A  Qood   Home
is wlmt is iloar to every man, A home
is whore J'oitoo, Comfort, Contentment,
und I'lp'iity iu found. Thut is tho roiison
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"Omnlirook" iu montioncd think of tho
provisions .las. Ilruiilt lute umdu for un
idoitl homo ut tho
Canadian Hotel
A Wise Legislator once said:
" If I hnd my way. 1 would write tho word ' INSURE'
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Two hundred elegantly tarnished rooms. Every modern
convenience. Elevator service. Oafe in donneotion. Rooms
$1.00 |>or day ami upwards.
Up-country visitors to the Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort at tho Granville Palace, special
attention being paid to their wants.
| Commenting on the pending tariff
revision measure in congress, the
New York Run says:
j "Whatever else is on the Democratic Tree list, it should include
meats and tood animals. The revenue
lo he lost thereby is negligible, tbe
advantages are great. The population of the I'nited States has been
and will keep on increasing, the entire meat supply has been diminishing
and will keep on diminishing. Mexico,
Argentina, Australia, New Zealand
and other sources of supply must be
tapped. The United States must
have foreign cattle and meats because it has not and cannot have
enough of its own and because it is
destined to be more and more industrialized and populous. Free meat
is     for     the     greatest  good Ol    the
greatest number,    it is a necessity.'1
A year and a ball ago Canadian
producers Ol cattle were offered free
entry for their products into this rich
UtilUjd States market and a preference in that market over and above
all other countries iu tbe world. The
I'nited States offered to remove all
duties on Canadian live stock, while
maintaining such duties against the
rest ot the world.
Ranchers and other cattle raisers
in Western Canada were extremely
anxious tn accept the advantages of
this splendid offer. The Liberal
party did accept it and the Laurier
government introduced a bill iu parliament containing Canada's acceptance of ft. But the big interests of
eastern Canada opposed the opening
of the United States market to
our people. These big interests insisted that they and they only should
he allowed to buy, handle and reap
profits on the cattle ot the west.
And seeing his chance of political
gain, the emoluments of office audi
j the sensafion of power It. L..Borden
entered into a compact with these
big interests pledging himself to oppose freedom for the producers of
the west if they, the big interests,
in retain would put up a big enough
campaign fund" to buy the way (if
j the Tory party into power.
! This deal, as nefarious as any
known in the history of the Dominion
of Canada, a deal in which the liberties of thc west were bought and
sold, was successfully carried through;
and this country was denied one of
tbe greatest boons ever offered it.
The triumph of the big interests, the
■placing of Mr. Borden in bis coveted)
position of power, cost the people of
Western ^Canada untold millions nf
dollars. Beef alone has been selling
at three dollars per hundredweight!
higher in Chicago than in Winnipeg.
Ranchers and other Canadian raisers
of cattle have had to sustain this
loss in order that the big interests
might wax fatter and Mr. Borden
plume himself as prime minister.
It may be tbat congress will shortly remove the duties on meat and
food animals, and that Canada will
greatly benefit thereby, but the gain
to this country will not he what it
would have been under the reciprocity agreement. tinder reciprocity
Canada was granted tariff concessions accorded to no other country,
but under the proposed tariff irvisioni
measure this country will only receive the same advantages given
all other countries.
Canada lost, and lost heavily,
the defeat of reciprocity. And
person has yet been able to point
an) single thing) this country gained
by the rejection of the policy of
free trade and wider markets.
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats arc Government
Head Office.  CALGARY,  ALTA.
If You Want
Your house connected with the new Boworane system,
PHONE 'MO. Our work, piainnteed. Estimates of cost
cheerfully given.
The Crfvnbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing
•vrvd Heating Company
W. F. JOIISSON, Proprietor ,
P. 0. BOX 004
Information has readied us, remarks the London, Eng., Daily News
and Leader, of recent date, whieh
throws nn important light upon the
present manoeuvres of the Unionist
party in regard to food taxation.
We understand that when Mr. Hor-
den, the prime minister of Canada,
visited this country in the autumn of
last year in order to discuss ihe naval position with the government,
there wert. important communications between ihe heads of tlie Unionist party and the Canadian premier.
The net result of these communications is that the Unionist party hi
this country is, more or less, bound
by an understanding with the Conservative government in Canada that
they will, uphold the policy of imperial preference ln this country.
Since that policy cannot be carried
out either with Canada or Australia
without taxing food, it follows that
the Unionist leaders are now bound
in honor to remain faithful to the
policy of food taxation.
Viewed in thc light of this information, several matters become very
much clearer. One is Mr. Honar
Law's new policy of submitting tlie
whole question to a conference of ihe
oversea dominions. It follows that if
the Unionist lenders have already
been in informal conference with the
prime minister of Canada, it is but
tlie natural sequence of that action
(hut, they   should  be ready to niter
into ;t colonl
discussion afd
The seconj
becomes c
hint ,\'hich
cert ail  ferv
|al    conference for      the
incision of the whole
1 inter-
Oftscure matter that,
larer is the mysterious
fliiS been thrown out in
Hit quarters on tin. subject of an obligation of Un* t nionist
leaders to tne Canadian government,
Mr. Garvin, for instance, writing in
the "Obscr-er," has seveial times
referred verj mysteriously to
promises made to Mr. Honirn.
new information shows what
promises probably were.
We i.nderstand that in tlii
change of views between tbe Conservative partjf in Canada and the
Unionist pari' in England Mr. Hor-
den pouted o'lt (hat the Canadian
govern!) est lu.il come into power on
a pledge to upttold the policy of preference t i (heft Britain as an alternative lo rec.uiocily to the I'nited
.Slates Hut if clearly intimated
thut the nuiiite'.ance of this position
would depend uj.on the practicability
of imperial pferoien'ce.
The Hritish Liberal party being opposed to .preference, it followed that
If the Unionist paity gave it up the
policy would he, for all practical purposes, practically dead on this side
of the Atlantic Hinder those circumstances the Canadian government
would regard themselves as having a.
free hand to reconsider the situation.
They, too, might turn their hacks on
the imperial preference already established in Canada (a 83 per cent preference to certain classes or Hritish
It follows, therefore, that the
Unionist leaders cannot possibly
adopt the policy of the "Daily Telegraph" and postpone the question of
fooil taxes until after the next election, for the reply of Canada would
probably he that they could not wait.
Imperial preference would be given
up in the Dominion, and it would he
impossible /or a Hritish .party to re>
sume the policy in this country. Tlie
policy would he dead.
Visiting Kngland iu thc summer ot
lftil, .Sir Wilfrid Laurier warned Ihe
Liberals in this country ol a possible
combination bet,wren the Protectionists in Canada and the Protectionists
In Great Britain. lie has himself
suffered very heavily from that combination, and his policy of free
trade on tbe North American continent has been defeated.
Tlie trusts have won in Canada,
and they are doing their best to
help the.r friends ii> England. The
result in Canada lias been—we arc
credibly informed—to give a serious
set-back lo the prosperity of the
wheat fields in the far west, where
the farmers cannot1obtain their natural market towards thc south for
Canadian wheal. What is to be the
result in England? Is this sinister,
combination between the Protection**
ists in the various parts of the empire to succeed in raising the price of
the cost of thc food of the Hritish
people? If so, then it will be the
greatest blow that has ever been delivered to the very existence of tbe
British empire.
Read What  a  Herpicide
Enthusiast Says.
You are becoming bald. The hair is
getting thin nn the top of your head
aud unless you take my advice you
will, before long, lie as hairless as- a
croquet ball. Remember too that
chronic baldness is incurable.
It is all due to dandruff. I can tell,
because you always have daudrufl
on your coal collar- Besides being
an indication of Impending baldness,
it also suggests untidiness,
Newbro's Herpicide will kill the
germ that causes dandruff, checks
further accumulation of scarf skin
anil stops falling hair.
i'OU are not taking any, chances
uhen Kiu purchase Herpicide and you
are tempting fate when you use anything else. Herpicide has thousands
upon thousands ol satisfied users
who testify to its germ destroying
and hair preserving qualities.
The best, barbers recommend and
use il.
Semi lOc, in postage (o The Herpicide Co., Ik-pi. K., Detroit, Mich,,
for sample aud booklet.
Newbro's Herpicide iu 50c. aud
$1,00 sizes is sold by al) dealers who
guarantee il to do all that is claimed, If you are not satisfied your
money will be refunded.
Heat tie-Murphy Co., Lid., Special
lions will he the means of securing
much scientific data of value ami
assist iu opening the far north coun
try. The stations would also he ol
value to the meteorological department, giving the obsrvers a wider
field from which to make forecasts
and placing them in touch with a
now almost unknown territory,
north of the 55th parallel.
The EpworLli League will meet on
Tuesday evening next at N p.m. in the
Methodist church, under the direction
of tho citizens' department. A debate on the subject of "Canada's
Navy Question" will be Ibc principal
diversion. Mr. A. Cameron will
speak on the affirmative and Mr.
Fred Chapman on thc negative. A
hearty welcome to all.
Toronto, .Ian. 28.—Members of the
Dominion Orange, in their thirty-
eighth annual session at Victoria
hall last week listened to some
traidi and stirring statements from
Henry Qlcndcnnlng, master ot tlie
Orange, in his annual review ol tbe
conditions and problems affecting the
interests of the farmer.
Th? master again demanded reciprocity with the United States in natural products, urged an increase in
the British preference, opposed the
construction by the federal government ol leading roads throughout the
country, favored the inauguration, of
a parcels post, local option in assessment reform and a referendum on
the navy question. He denounced
militarism in the schools, and in
general spoke of injustice buffered- by
farmers in many lines of taxation to
assist favored interests, monopolies
and so-called infant Industries to
pay large dividends on stock, much of
which is water. He sighed for the
good old days before the lure of the
city and modern inventions interfered
with the intimate relations of neighbors, substituted the city daily <for
the country week paper, and depopulated the rural districts.
In order     that  every  reader of tho
Herald who may not  have heard     oi
this   wonderful   "Home   Treatment"
may have an opportunity io test this
(ciliated   medicine, the now famous
ientist, Dr.   .lames W. Kidd. offers
i give absolutely    nee a full    size
$1.00 package to five hundred readers
if this paper, to prove the wonderful
latins   which have been made foi it.
In    making this  olTer   the   scientist
aid  "I know   that there are    many
leoplc who have been suffering      for
years with some chronic disease   and
ny ui     them   have spent      large
ins nf   money   seeking a cure       l
know that these people hesitate abouti
nvestlng   monej in medicine because
they have    despaired of ever getting
veil.      Thousands have told tne thai
tor) and many   thousands oi      the
amo    peoplo   have   lold   mc ,.n r-
wnrds that   my treatmeni hnd cured
them   after   doctors and   everything
Isq had failed.      1 want  to prove to
a   limited   number—no   matter what
Ihe disease, no matter bow long they
nun* have suffered, no matter       bow
blue and discouraged—that my treatmeni   really   and actuall) does    ao-
cottipllsh Hie   wonderful results    ih.it
have been reported."
Who ate "Just Ready to Drop."
When you are "just ready to drop,"
when you feel so weak that you can
hardly drag yourself about—and because you have not sbmt well, you
get up sb tired-out next morning as
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Miss Lea Dumas writes from Ma-
lone, N, Y., saying: "I waa In a badly
run-down condition for several weeks,
but two bottles of Vinol put me on
my feet again and made me strong
and well. Vinol has done me more
good than all thc other medicine I
ever took."
If the careworn, haggard men and
women, the pale, sickly children and
feeble old folks around here would
follow Mfss Dumas' example, they,
too, would soon be able to say that
Vinol, our delicious cod liver and Iron
remedy, had built them up and made
them strong.
It Is a wonderfully strengthening
and Invigorating body-builder, and we
sell It under an Ironclad guarantee
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Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
East Kootenay District
Take notice that Alice Oertrudi
.{orris, married woman, ol Cran-
rook, D. C, intends to apply to
urcbase the following described
Commencing about 40 chains south
and 120 chains cast ol the south cast
orner of Lot 0070, Group One,
thence south forty chains, thence
west eighty chains, thence nortli,
orty chains, thence east eighty
Alice Gertrude Morris.
'J, G. Cummiugs, Agent.
Dated December 7th, 1912.
Edmonton, Alta., Jam 2fi.—Traders, freighters, homesteaders and
officers of the Royal North West
Mounted Police in Edmonton and
Northern Alberta arc unanimously
iu favor of the proposal to establish a series of wireless stations
from Athabasca down the Mackti'ii/.ic
river and from there to Ratnpart.
House, in thc Yukon. This plan
was discussed at Ottawa recently at
a conference between Dr. Thompson,
M.P. for the Yukon, Bishop Stringer of the Yukon diocese and Dr.
King, director of the astronomical
department. It is said here Uatf
the establishment    of a chain ol a, a-
East Kootenay District
Take notice thgt   Stewart  Mori
urvcyor's    assistant, of Cranbrook,
B.   0., intends to apply to  purchase
thc following described land:
Commencing about forty chains
south and eighty chains cast of tlie
south cast corner of Lot 0f>70 C,
thence north forty chains, thence
west forty chains, thence south lotty
chains, thence east forty chains.
Stewart Morris,
.1. (L Cummings, Agent.
Tttted December 7th, 1912.
Famous Scientist  Who Originated  the  Now  Wonderful " Home
Treatment " Offers $1.00 Package Free to Sick and Ailing
People who suffer from Rheumatism, Kidnev Trouble, Stomach
Trouble, Liver or Bowel Disorders,
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Piles, I'rinarj Disorders, Female
Weaknesses of any kind the weak,
worn out, broken-down and despondent will be delighted a1 the effect of
a few doses This wonderful treatmeni creates a fine appetite and
helps the digestive organs to carry
on their functions as ihei should. It
strengthens the kidneys, too, and
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blond a- ii bj magi. Thai Is why
people who tr> it become bo on-*
Aii\ reader o the Hen Id who will
trj this evtraordtnarj medicine that
has created s<> much excitement by
Its cures can obtain absolutely free
a full $i.oo treatment bj simply
Oiling In thc coupon belou or writing ,i lettei desci th n*j lh< il ''.is,- In
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[Toronto, Canada No money need
be sent and no charge ol BUJ kind
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j Is this offer is limited, you should
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I receive yout free  treatment-
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U» Api-ipi. Wuipte,! Ea-srrwlim
Frtse expert advice to fiuit growers by Prof. A. Van Holderbeke,
Ex-State Horticulturist of Washington
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We bave some Gilt Edged Original Prairie Xowusites
(not sub-divisions), which apix-.il to the intelligent investor, and we intend to put on an extensive advertising campaign in CRANBROOK <*ib soon as we complete arrangements with a first-clasB man, who can follow up inquiries.
We mail the district thoroughly. Tin* riulit man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and very profit*
able position. Apply H. W.McOurtly, 502 Temple Building, Toronto,
Kast Kootenay District
Takp notice tbat II. f\ Miller.
.married woman, ol Hossland, II. C,
j intends to apply to purchase the foi-
[lowing described lands;
| Commencing at A. i*!. Morris'
'north   east    corner,    thence   south
eighty  chains,   thence  east    eighty^
chains,    thence north  eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains,
j H, 0, Miller,
'J. 0. Qummlngs, Agent
Slated December 7tb, 1»I2.
lin i.r(...nitc.l   l-i,it
Capital Maid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $12,500,000
II. S. HOLT, President       K. L. PEASE, General MsnBxer
Account* ol Plrrae. Corporations and tndivldnali sohciiwl.
(iui-'if town bnilnesi receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Deposit! of $1.00 snd upwards received
uti.l Interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay In
,   withdrawing.
A General ilaukintc I-uwini-HHiruuHHi-ti-il.
I      Cr«nbrook Branch : T. B. 0'CONNELL, Manager
taM»MM>>MMMMMM*ttttttttttt++-r"f THE   CBASRBOUr HERALD
:    News of the District
[By Fred Itoo).
Vlarj bad a little luii,
Nut bigger than ;l stopper;
Wary soon gut nil of that,
Hit present hat's a whopper.
.1. s. T, Mcxaader, S. M. Roveni-
ment agent, Kernle, was in Elko last
Tho Winnipeg Free Press announces
thin th- milliners of Manitoba capi-
tiul an' torniing a tpust. No doubt
thesB people are planning to raise the
price of a 65 real bat Irom MM to
. $15.75.
Mr. .(ones ol Uio Oak Lavo Manitoba company was in Klko this
week. "Mr. Jones is ,i groat travel
ler and lias already crossed Ihe
lantlc 13 limes ami ihe Elk
The   early bird     may catch
worm    all   right, hut   there's
few worms crawling    around
these mornings.
Vlcx. McCabc, presided! nf
Pine Tree Tup Loaders association,
was in IClko last ,w*ek and remained
until he had nolhlns. Icfl ''^'<,''!,• il
Dalton Hughes, one <>f Elko's most
popular vi ling men, left Thursday for
Sacramento City, Oil., in work in
l|((. First National Hank. Quite a
!arir,c crowd assembled al the Great
Northern dopol in wish him goodbye and when the train pulled out
the band played "It's Hard to Leave
Ycv.ir Girl Behind." His jovial personality and pleasing manner will
prove a great asset iu the land nf
cast iron dollars aad wooden nutmegs. With the rest of liis friends
we wish him every success.
McDonald,    the   specialty traveller
for  the Cranbrook Jobbers,  was     in
Elko  Saturday.       Sylvester   Bradley
is still doing tbe heavy work.
Ripley, Manitoba, because there   is
' only one lawyer in town is the most
peaceful   town in the world, says thc
Winnlpog Telegram.     Perhaps that's
whv heaven is  such a peaceful place.
If ihe railway commissioners    are
not dead but. only sleeping, when
they wake up tbey should look into
Hie way the CP.lt. pay their claims
aud tbe time it takes them.
The telephone is the medium for
many large financial deals, but for a
short date loan nothing equals the
personal touch,
A Vancouver shoe pedlar was in
Elko last week and was as interesting as Timothy Hard racket Eaton's
last year's catalogue. It's simply
awful the freaks some of (lie wholesale houses   send on the road      anil
! keep in their credit departments.
j (*. (' . Snowden, nf the Standard
Oil company ol Calgary, was in Elko
and sold several carloads of oil, gasoline, soap, grease, and other   toilet
[articles last  week.     He is Ihe t'bes-
' leriield of the road and bright ns the
bottom of a new tin bucket
{Richard Carvel, Ebon Holdeu, Rock,
of Ages, etc.
Under tbe direction uf .Mr. Rose
there is positive assurance that "The
Rosary" has been provided with a
carefully selected company who portray the characters tine to life.
The scenic and electrical effects are
now and novel, close attention having been paid to every detail.
Messrs. Rowland and Clifford have
spared no expense iu carrying out the
brilliant ideas furnished by Mr.
Ruse, and therefore offer the public
•a beautiful play, elegantly mounted.
This great play is to be put on at
the Auditorium on Monday evening,
February 17th, and will prove a genuine treat io all theatre ^ocrs who
like clever, modern drama capably
1   Mrs.   Kred   Roo, ol Roosvillr, was
in Klko and     the Pass cities      last
, week.
!    Mrs.  Kerr, of Marysvtllo, was   the
' guest nf Mrs.  Moss, Springfield t'ot-
' tage.     Hherside    Park,    Klko,   last
j    Writing from Rodondo Beach, CaL,
Charlie Klingeusniith says it's great
fun watching tbe fishermen catch deviled crabs.
Miss Hello Thomson and Master
Jim were Fernie visitors Saturday.
The girl who writes her name on
an egg in order to catch the fellow
slip lias never seen always settles the
question witb us. That tbe girl is
fresh if the egg isn't.
Report    says   the box social      at
Galloway last week was rather      a
j damp affair.
Mayor Bowness and wile were Elko
jiisitors lasl week, inhaling the pure
lair of heaven and getting a few
.pointers on how to keep his powder
| We kiuow wc are here in FJko to
help others, hut what in the name of
; Klijah's grandmother are the others
liere for?
.1.   M. Agnew and   family returned
from the east last week.
T. Raton   is not going to      build
n Elko as announced in several east-
rii pii-pcrs.
mm vs.
TO     MEET,       IN     PARIS   NKXT
Calgary, Alta., .Ian. 2K.—Tommy
Burns vs. Luck McCarty, iJune,
PM-'I, Paris, France. The above will
in all probability be the next boxing]
attraction upon which the eyes of
Ihe sporting world will be focused,
At least it will he provided Luck
McCarty will agree to box Burns,
Ii>r the local man agreed to terms
with Richard ('. Klegin, representing
race track and other interests in
Paris, France, to box McCarty, on
the day before the Grand Prix,
which is tin- chief racing event iu
tin* French calendar.
\ wire was sent to McCarty anil
Klegin will remain in Calgary until
McCatby either agrees to meet tlie
former world's champion or refuses
flatly. Klegin has all kinds of money behind him and the figures .of the
terms are to have no consideratinn
witb him. lie came here under instructions to get Burns' signutur.- tn
box iu ParU and was not to leave
until be did so.
Klegin is the man who popularized
the game of boxing in France a few
years ago, taking a string of American lighters. He is also behind tin*
scheme of introducing professional
baseball in France and his name is a
byeword among the sport writers
and followers iu America. He canio,
all the way from New York to g.-t
Burns' signature. When be started
out his aim was to get Burns to
agree to meet Bombardier Wells in
England. When be got as fat as
Chicago be heard that Burns and
Wells were signed to box in Calgary but he < tttnu d on his way
and after getting instructions Irom
tin* men who were behind him, decided in try to i-el Bums to ineel tbe
winner of the McCarty-Palzer bout.
lie arrived in Calgary just in time
to read the accounts of tbe former
Calgary lads victory over tbe big
I own n.
The following wire was sent lo the
Calgary White hope:
Luther McCarty, champion boxer,
Care Tom McCarty, Los Angeles-
Will you box Tommy Burns • 20
rounds in Paris first week in June
for white championship of the world''
Burns is willing to meet you. Waiting
heavy weights   who    have ever    pel'
formed in the ring Tommy holds tlie
| premier position.
"If I matched McCarty and any
other white hope in Paris I would
lose   money,"     explained Mr. Klegin
I last night.     "Rut just as long      as
' Tommy Burns is one of the men 1
am sure to   win.    Tommy has    ap-
j pearcd both in Paris and in England.      He beat the champions      of
I both places and   the name ol Tommy
! and the word 'champion' are synonymous in those places. The bout between Luck   McCarty and Burns will
'draw fans from England and Ireland
| as well as France.
"In Paris Tommy lights under the
name of Noah     Brusso and is intro-
! duced as thc French-Canadian champion. This takes with the Frenchmen. In Ireland Tommy is known,
as the Irish-Canadian champion and
anyone in Ireland will argue thai
Burns is an Irish name aud so
Tommy must be an Irishman."
i Although the terms offered Burns
have not been made public it is   well
j known that Tommy has repeatedly
slated that he would not box unless
iffered a purse of $25,000.
reply, naming
your lowest  terms.
Richard Klegin.
To some   pci
pie   the announcement
of Tomrm Bur
I   itial  be would     get
bad    Inln the
,i .,■■ sn-meii anything
bill   serious,  hi
l  ibe truth of the old
BO)in-  thai a
irophel is never wilh-
out honor  wiv.
,i,i Ins own country
WAS ik'I 'nine evident. In Kngland,* I
Ireland or in France Tommy Hum;'
iu a popular   hero   and of all      the
The story of the Rosary,
Bruce Wilton lias amassed a      untune    which   he lavishes oi his wife,
Their household is a happy one bul
into it creeps a note of menace. N >
one hears it at lirst, ,<tu c Father
Kelly, i> priest, the former tutor of
Bruce. Quietly he RO :i tn work
witb bis sharpened mtMltnl '-na-v to
find the person who is causing tin
adverse Influence iu Hie household,
Almost on the vrrge id (Uncovering
tire cause, calamity descends upon ihe
Wilton House. Ilruce's fortune is
swept away, and in such a ir.uiint
that he believes bis wife was the
cause of his ruin.
Husband and wife ..le separated,
tho home is destroyed aud yet tlie
cause of all this disaster is unknown.
But Father Kelly, with a faith
that moves mountains, goes ou
quietly, serenely, confidently, with
but one purpose in view, tbe happiness of those he loves.
lie solves the mystery and lets the
white light of truth Into the minds
that have been darkened by evil.
More than this,     he finds the
who has caused all the misery
restores Ibe home.
The author of "The Rosary,"
Edward E. Rose is one of tbe foremost authors and stage directors of
the day, having written such successes as The Prisoner of Zcuda,
.lanfce Meredith, Alice of Old V.n-
cennes, The Spenders, The Adventures of    Lady   I'rsula,    Duvjd llurunt,
III up
Wo could not afford to so stronglyj
endurse Rexall "93" Hair Tonic and
continue to sell it as we do, if it did
not do all we claim it will. Should
our enthusiasm carry us away, and
Rexall "83" Hair Tonic uol give
entire satisfaction to the users, tbey
would lose faith iu us and our statements, and in consequence our business prestige would suffer.
We assure you that if your hair is
beginning to unnaturally fall out or
if you have any scalp trouble, 'Hexali
"H.." Hair Tonic is without (question
tbe best remedy we know of to eradicate dandruff, stimulate hair growth
and prevent premature baldness.
Our faith in Rexall "93" Hair
Tonic is so strong that we ask you
to try it on our positive guarantee
that your money will be cheerfully
refunded if it does not do as we
claim. Two sizes, (iOc. and $1.00.
Sold only at our store—The Rexall
Store, Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Y. M. C. A. Notes
"Characteristics of Great Men
Which are Worthy of Emulation,''
was the subject handled at the R. R.
Y.M.C.A. last Sunday. Messrs.
Oeorgc Furlong and K. \V. Turnley
were the speakers and they, in the
brief time at their disposal, gave us
some splendid points which wc could'
do no better than follow. It was a
splendid meeting from every point of
view. .Mr. George Stevenson was
the soloist, and his rendition of
"King David's Lament'' was something long to be remembered and a
treat very much appreciaU-d by all.
His re-appearance at our meet.ug
will long be looked forward to. The
singing of the body of men who attend these meetings is a feature and
the assistance of Mr. .lack Kettcr-
ingliam at the piano and Messrs. Reg
Hockey and A. JOliffo on their violins makes the musical part most
attractive. This meeting will be
held every Sunday at 16,15, starting
on time and finishing at 17k.
prompt.     Come and bring a pal. .
The men's short hand class will be
held on Thursday night this week,
hut next week Tuesday, February*
■lth, will resume its proper evening.
Every man who wishes to rub up or
lake this study from the beginning is
welcomt to come around.
The bowling tournament started in
earnest last night. The teams represented were the Thistles and the
Tigers. Although it may not sound
possible, the Tiger sat down on the
Thistle with evident enjoyment. However, it is to be hoped it will see the
point in the near tuture and not be so
rash. The players were: Tigers,
R. Brown, with scores of 145—131—
133; R. Mansfield, 1111-114-98, P.
Hrault, 135-100-112; II. E. Steplv
ens, 171-101-105, and the Thistles,
Oeorge Grant, 110-113—150; P.
MacAskill, 110-147-159- .1. Wilkinson, 105-120-131, and W. E,
Stephens, 110-150-178, making a
total score for thc Tigers of 1671
and for the Thistles of 1631. The
next match will be on Thursday
night at 20k when the Dread noughts
will meet the Ramblers.
Any employers of labor of any kind
will confer a favor on the management if they will inform the secretary of any help they need as many
men come in here asking for work of
all kinds and we will be pleased to
send them around.
Ottawa, Out., .Ian. HI.—The establishment nl a joint Pacific licet by
Hritish India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to protect mutual
Interests in the Pacific Ocean Is the
plan being strongly advocate by
Australia and New Zealand, according to the statement    ol Mr. Henry
f\V\v Zealand,
it- capital.
■Josltm, ot   Wellington
who has been visiting
The greatest .uteres £jhas been taken by New Zealand iui ^.iiiada's naval
contribution to Greu/^.titain, said
Mr. Joslcii, who is a ^.,, nber of a
large wholesale linn. As u general
thing the Canadian government's policy is splendid, but a et-liug is growing that, as regards a permanent
policy, Hritish Indi>, Australia,
New- Zealand and I aada should
unite and establish a Met in the Pacific ocean which, iu Mr. .losleu's
opinion, is the one to la* guarded, in
view of the "yellow peril."
"We are somewhat more ia sympathy with the Vnited States in
New Zealand thai, you are," said
Mr. Joslcn, "Ami we would expect its help ii case any danger
should a:ise fi 'oi i Oriental invasion."
There was a lrrge aad increasing
trade between New Zealand and
Canada aud it would probably be
broadened as the result ol tariff revision now before the New Zealand
parliament, which is looked to result
in a preference to (Ireat Britain and
its colonies.
"I, myself, am here to open negotiations wilh Canadian exporters,"
he said.
Machela, Nature's Scalp Tonic
contains one ingredient that supplies
nourishment to the hair root, on
that kills the dandruff germ, and
another that puts life and lustre into the hair. Each package contains
packet of Machela Dry Shampoo Powder. Price for complete home treatment, $1.00. Sold and guaranteed by
the Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
For Sale
One Oxford Engine^ 11 x 11. Price
$850.00, May be seen at Benedict Siding, one mile oast of
Mayook, B. C.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, complete with rack feed, il blocks,
H post dogs. Price $250.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxford Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulleys. Price $150.0(1. at
■nt Elko, B. C.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elko, B. C.
It makes no difference nli.it you fljfiirt on
plautliig till!- si-scull—we r-ini lupplr you,
snd Willi tlie flm-u quality uf nurr.ery btock
•rer gtuvro.
All tretc, plants, tines, Itcrrtct, ilirutie,
ererireetii, mscs, etc., mid Lj ui aro i-j.ir-
It will p»j run to «?<■*. In touch with ui.
32 PAGES,       IO*G5TAMPS)
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator;never fails. Tlinc
pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating tht
generative portion of tne femalesystem. Refuse
all cheap Imitations. Dr. da Yta'a are told at
£6 a box, pr three 'or 110. Mailed to any address.
Th* iMbell Drag Co., St. CftVuirlot* Oak
For sale at Beatit, Murphy A Co.,
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cars
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.K. & A. M.
Itecular meetings ou
the" third   Thursday
of every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Ckesuent Loiiuii No. IM
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at s p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, 0,0.
F. A. Stride, K. ol 11. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New I'ru
tcrnity Hall. Sojourning Oddlcllows cordially invited.
H. E. Stephens, W. M. Mains
N. O. Sec'y
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
ia each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st
H. White, Chiel Patriarch
D. F. Rodkey, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wed'
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially in-
Mrs. Alma Liddicoat, N.fl.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec,
Meets in Cannon's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
J. McLachlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets in Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday ot each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, lire. Sec.
W. B. McFarlane, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
N. A. Wallinger,        W. C. Crehbln
Pres. Sec'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially welcom
No. 10)
Mppfts every Wetlnesilay
fit, N (l.in in Upp.vppI lilfll'k
Knights'   Hull,   linker
b treat.
R. H. CiAHIir.'rr, »n
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 163,
Companions of tne Forest.        >
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday ot each month at 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whittakcr, CO.
Mrs. I, Heigh, Secretary.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome.
Miri" Cn Kiini Miii i.v
Mmx Hoiiiis(i\
General Counw -        *il..'ii per week
Kiaderfinrteu •        (125     "
Frencli ami Mimic: Sole Bxtrna
Next term will be-jln on Jan. 0th,
Dr. Martcl's Female Pills
Forty years in use, 20 years the
standard, prescribed and recommended by physicians. For Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martcl's Female
Pills, at your druggist.
Cranbrook Land District
District of South East Kootenay
Take notice that Greorge S- McCreery of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot 656 G.
I., thence west 80 chains, thence
north 20 chains more or less to the
south boundary of Lot 1235 O. I.,
thence east 40 chains to the southeast
corner ot Lot 1235 G. I., Kootenay'
District, thence north 20 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
20 chains to the point of commencement, containing 200 acres more or
George S. McCreery.
Stewart Morris, Agent.
Dated 16th ol l)rcemher,1812.
PraMent: .1. II. McOi.urh
Secretary: S, Macdonald
For information regarding lands
and   agriculture   apply   to the
1 ' Secretary, Cranbrook, B. C.
' ' Meeting—
Kvery second Wednesday
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol'«'«« w«| Pjrvp'»•!"■ body
r 10 ita proper tcntHim ; t.-tmri
in ami vitality, Prematu.ro d. ,	
weaiknens amted at ence. Phsaphonol will
make von a new man. I'rlce Ilia Imx. or two for
•A. Mulled to any fttsitreM, TheMMMll Oral
«Jo„ St. CalharlBM. Ont.
For sale it Beattie-Hurphy Co., Mi.
(Section 18).
Notice is hereby   given
that on the 15th day of February
next, application will be made to tin*
Superintendent ot Provincial Police
for the grant at a license fur tbo
salo of liquor by wholesale in and
upon the premises known as iny
store, situate nt Cranbrook, li, p.,
upon the land described ns Lot 21.
Block 8ft, Baker street, Cranbrook,
Dated    this loth day of January,.
1813. ■
A. L. McIkTinot,
4-41 Applicant.*'
Hotel International
Gkii. LoNftPHB, Proprietor
Sitiiult'il at Kingpgnte, B.O.| on
tin* JJuutiilnry Line, in n spot of
urn* pconlu buautyand the sports-
iiiuii'h paradise.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B.      .C
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe ut moiierntt1
Kates |LIK) and up per day
Comer ol Howard St. and Front Ave,
Our bun meats all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB Q0ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
Robert Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoo Specialist
Carries a full stock of
Repairs for above alwayi
in stock
, ,       Successor to F.T.F. PERRY
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with HjittiH.   -Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day
and up
District of South Mast Hlootcuay.
TAKE NOTICE that .lohn Stanley
Peck, ol Craulironk, II. I'., occupation. Employment Agent, inU'inls t.>
apply fur permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing   at  a post   planted
about 21) chains iu a westerly direction Irom the north-west comer of
T. I.. (1575; thence 80 chains west,
more or less, tn the east boundary ot
lot 028tj thence north -10 chains,
more or less, to the south boundary
ol lot 11230; thence east 10 chains,
more or less, to thc northwest corner ot lot 02,11; thence south 40
chains, more or less, to the southwest corner ol lot 0231; thenco cast
80 chains, more or less, to tho point
due north or the point of commencement; thence strath 10 chains, more
or less, to thc point of commencement, containing 200 acres, more or
.lohn Stanley reck.
Dated November 33rd, 1912.    4Mt
|     f'ROFESSIONAI. CARDS     |
Many Good Men Robbed o( High
llusines and Social (Handing
by Drink
LCurepl at
in three plays
II.pi 320. Cranbrook, II. O.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money tu loan ou favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Mppiip')' to Loan
Maternity Nurse
Graduate of Queen  Oharlolte'i Hospital, London, Kiiprhuul
Patients utteinleil, Town or Country
Address 1'. O. Hoi 112, or I'lione ;|;||I
Physicians and Surgeons.
Omc. at Rnldeaos, Armstrong  iva,
Forenoons - - ■ . 1,00 to 10.01
Afternoons - • • 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings - • • - 7.10 to   0.80
dandays ■ ■ ■ . a.SO to   4.M
CRANBROOK :t    n    ii    H    I. O,
• to II a.m.
1 to  • p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Offtee in Hanson Block.
CRANTmooK        -      -      - B. O,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 251) Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ara
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
?..0'No°i«8 Cranbrook, B.C. 11
B.  C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
A M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Cranbrook Prue. and Book
Co's. Rtore
Telephone 381) P. 0. Boj 37
W.  R. Baattr. a'unaral Dlracto,
Cranbrook B. C
Phono 846
Norbury Ave., next to Oily Hall
Day Phone 888
Ni||l>l PhonmjC
Prank Provenzano
Genaral Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0, MX 194 PHONE M4
II you want satisfaction with
your washing;  send
it to
Special privet for family work.
Opposite C.P.R. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     OET    A
25c — 25c
See Our 25c Window
We have a very pretty line of SOUVENIR CALENDARS we are offering
now for 25c.
and the three handsome pictures that go
with it.   All for 25c.
We also have a few BARRRETTES,
regular 50c. and 75c, that we wish to clear
out.   Here's your chance to buy one for 25c
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 5l©Xa£C Store
Cranbrook • - . B. C.
If not, yon can find a
splendid assortment right
here And let ns remind
you when buying a watch,
make sure that there is
something more than ap.
pearance to recommend
it. The inside is by far
the most important consideration, and yet you
procure both outside
beauty and inside quality when buying one of
Wilson's Watches..
Come in and let's talk
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Mrs. A. ('. Hartbaw will not receive until further notice.
Colonel Pyne, of Waldo, was in
town during tbe weak.
0. O. Jewell wai In Irom .lafli.iy
a* WahhMNlay.
Ed. Elwell ia away on a business
trip to Vancouver.
Harold Darling h, away al Ciares-
kolm AHa.
('. D. McNab waa in from Waldo
during the weei.
The masquerade ball at tbe Auih-
torium has been postponed until Friday, Slst Inst.
Special priori! on winter stocks of
«lci|rh», cutters, robet, blanWets, cU\
—Cranbrook Trading Co. 5-tf
Mrs. N. A. Wallinger and Miss
Rliinner were visitors to,"Spokane tbe
first of the week.
W. II. Wilson, tbe jewfler, was nt
Spokane on Monday and Tuesday on
Among. Kimberley visitors in town
this wrek were Mrs, Fred Rge, Mrs.
II. McKenrte, Mrs. T. Evans and Mr.
11. Gamble and wife.
R. I,. T. flalbralth, Indian agent,
was over Irom Fort Steele during
the early part of tbe week.
A sonp was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Ilivrrrard on Saturday, January
mill. Mother and iulant arc doing
Foil SALE.—Improved Hamilton
inoubotor, oulte new. Apply at Herald office. Trice 116 lor quick
sale. 5-
A heavy stock ol feed of all kinds,
especially poultry supplies; buy
rhjrht.—Cranbrook Trading Co.      5-tf
Hon. Price Ellison, minister of
finance and agriculture, Is confined to
a hospital in Victoria witb a severe
attack ol appendicitis.
Wc have had several llres lately. It
may be your turn next. Arc you insured? If not, see Heale and El-
well at once.    Phone 20.
Ask anyone using Hillside Dairy
milk what they think ol it. 4-ti
E. Chant, ol Durnham, Somerset,
England, has arrived in the city to
accept a .position on liaworlh Bros,
staff, Mr. Chant is thoroughly
trained and experienced jeweler.
W.  F.   Cameron,  skip, and Frank
Chew.  Pya aad Jaa. Ofsnv
day composed a rink ol curlers, leaving Monday for Trail to attend the
annual bonspicl for West Kootenay.
A session ot thc county court will
be. held in this city on Monday, February 6th, His Honor Judge Thompson presiding. There Is a lengthy
roll of cases to be disposed of.
Surprise soap shipment in from
New Brunswick, 4 bars for 25c.
More soap for money than any other
on tho market.— Cranbrook Trading Co. 541
Wanted quick, good housekeeper and
cook.    Wages $35.00.    Box 5.   5-tf
The Rovers defeated the C.P.R. in
a game of hockey at. the Arena rink
last night, 5 to 4.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
I.OST.-On the Wyclilfc road, between the six mile post and the two
mile post, a brown fur muff. Finder
please return to Miss Hodson, 'King
Edward's Shool, or leave at Herald
office. 5-tf*
Miss Nortb, who has been the
quest of Mrs. Halsall for the. past
two months, has aceeptrd an excellent position with the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Co., at
Ed. Ismay left Wednesday for England to join his wife, who left several weeks ago. He will receive a
legacy ol $35,000 an his visit and
will return to Cranbrcok in Ibe
spring with bis family and invest in
local business firms.
The Veterans' Brigade will give a
whist drive and dance at Carmen's
ball on Saturday evening, February
1st, for tbe benefit of the Veterans'
relief fund.
A sleighing party will be belli in
connection with the Methodist Kp-
worth League on Tuesday next, February 1th. Skelghs will leave tV
church at 7.15 o'clock. Tickets, including supper* nt Fori Steele, $1.00
Come and bring a friend. 5-lt
On Monday .afternoon Mrs. H.
White gave one of tbe six chain teas
whieh are being) given under thc auspices of Knox Church Ladies Aid
during the month. The afternoon
was spent in social intercourse, which,
was enlivened by several vocal and
Instrumental selections.
W. 11. Wilson returned from Spokane on Tuesday, where he went ■ to
look over the new Stuilebaker cars.
Mr. Wilson pronounces this year's
models the best value in the market
and believes they will have n very
ready sale in lliis district. He has
already placed aa order with thc
Sludebaker 'company for fifteen cars.
Ayrshire milk from Hillside Dairy
contains the most perfectly balanced
form of food obtainable. 4-tl
Have you ever considered what
would haopen if your house was destroyed by lire ami you lost all your
valuable title papers? It would mean
endless trouble and ex|rense which
can he safeguarded against by renl-
ing'one of Healc and Elweli's safety
deposit   boxes   at a   nominal rental.
Healc and Elwell have houses tip
Don l'ritehnrd was'given four
month." by Judge Ryan Tuesday
morning for resisting arrest. Monday
Policeman Baxter came upon 1'ritch-
ard and another lighting on Raker
street, • He ordered them to desist
and one obeyed, whhereupon Pritch-
ard sailed into the stalwart policeman, who soon put him on bis back
and as Sheriff Morris happened along
with a cutter, loaded his prisoner ln
and carted him to jail.
! The regular monthly meeting of
tbe Women's Institute will be held in
the Carmen's ball at 3 p.m., February 4th. There will he a stocking
.darning competition, a prlar to be
Wiven by one of thc directors. Also
on February Glh a sleigh ride to the
McOlure ranch, and nn February 14th
tbey iatend holding; their second   an-
What's the   use   of
Baring a few cents and ruin,
ing your watch? if it i* nut
keeping time it needs repairing—
list the same as your hotly needs
doctor when you aie sick. Ami
ike your body, unless it is doe
tored &t once it will go permanently wrong.
Bring that Watch in to-day
Satisfaction Ouaraiiteed
bringing into effect such changes ;is
are denned advisable will, m a|j .,r,,_
bability, be introduced in parliament
ibis session. While the act is generally conceded (o lie giving excelleiil
results as it is at present, the Ins-
sons taught by a few years nf its
application to many hundred disputes
make a number nf changes desirable.
It is understood that some of the
clauses of tbe old labor disputes act
will be incorporated in the present
act. Other amendments are bring
drafted with the object of giving
some of tlie clauses greater etlect, so
that they may define more elcarly
and attain more easily their real intent and purpose.
FOU SAlyE.-Wen matched team,
mares, weight 8(H) each; age 7 and
8 years; very gentle; ride or drive.
Apply 10 W. N. Stewart, Gateway
B.C. ;Mt'
uiiiil Valentine social,
Hillside Dairy is always open for
insiwction as to feeding, milking or
handling the milk. 4-tf
The members of the Young Peoples'
Social club of Knox Presbyterian
church held a sleighing party on
Tuesday evening from the city to
the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. II. Mc-
Clure, three miles out of thc city.
About forty participated, taking two
sleigh loads. An enjoyable time
was reported, .the party returning to
the city about 2 a.m.
The members of tlie Tennis club
were hosts at a very enjoyable dance
in thc Masonic hall last night. The
attendance was large, an excellent
programme of dances was provided
and with the music of Mrs. Wal-
lingcr's orchestra, things went with
a awing. The ladies' committee iu
charge of areangements certainly
worked hard and successfully, the
committee consisted of Mesdamcs
Erickson, Gurd, Brymner, Darling
and Miss Patterson-
Meet me at Bob's Place.
On Thursday last at Waukesha,
Wisconsin, Mr. Arthur Herbert Skey,
of Kamloops, where he fills the position of manager of the Dank of
Hamilton, was united tu marriage to
Miss Agnes McLean, daughter of
Dr. and Mrs. George K. Peterson.
Word has been received from Chicago, that Day Staples is married. In
his message he gave nd details, save-
to say that the ceremony took place
at Aurora, III., a town about 37
miles west of Porkopolis. Mr. and
Mrs. Bay Staples will arrive at
Wycliffe in the course of the next
three or four weeks.
The regular meeting of the Cranbrook Poultry association will he
held on Friday, February 7th, at 8
p.m. in the vacant store alongside
the Imperial hotel. The report of
the delegate to the convention will be
received, and a breed study and judging class on Brown Leghorns will he
held. All fanciers are invited to
Use Hillside Dairy milk for that
young hopeful in your house and give
him a proper start in life. 4-tf
The Baptist I'nion of Western
Canada in session at Calgary has
brought down the following budget:
Ontario ami tjuebec missions, $20,-
000; Women's Baptist Home Missionary Society of Ontario, $3,250;
Indian missions, $650; Maritime
churches. $3,000, United Baptist Women's Mission union, $3,225; Manitoba, $lt,500v Saskatchewan, $7,000;
Alberta, $18,000; British Columbia.
$IB,500, German churches, $1,200;
Scandivanian churches, $1,200; Uus-
sian, $275; Swedish conference, $2,-
400; specials, $10,000.
Toronto is   to   have a twenty-one
storey building, Canada's highest, on
the north   eastern   corner of    King i
and    Yonge   streets,    three storeys
higher    than the   Canadian     Pacific j
railway   structure across the corner. |
It is to be the     Royal Bank    build-j
ing, and plans have been already presented hy    the controllers.    The sky j
scraper   is to cost $2,500,000,    land
and building.      It will have a frontage of 112 feet on Yonge street aud
81 feet on King street,
Purity, cleanliness and high food
value are tlie points we emphasize at
Hillside Dairy. l-tf
Approximately $1,155,000 was
spent by Toronto citizens last year
at the motion picture theatres. These
statistics are contained in a report
on moving pictures prepared by a
special committee of the Toronto
boys' work council. There are 1,025
motion picture theatres in Canada-
There are 246 in Ontario, there arc
fifty-five in Toronto. The average
attendance per day in Canada is 616;-
000. The average attendance per
day in Toronto is 38,500. The attendance for the year in Canada is
approximately 184,550,000. The
attendance tor the year in Toronto
iu round figures 11,550,000.
The amending of some of the clauses and sections of the Lemieux Industrial Disputes Act, it is understood,
is engaging the attention of Hon. T,
W. Crothers. minister of labor, at
the    present    lime.        |,egiiIatiou
The long-awaited   lirst report      of
the    Hadiuui   Institute   of   Loudon,
England, is    published in   ihe latest'
issue of the British Medical Journal,
It indicates that in addition lo       a ,
long list of minor uoii-muliguunt con- '
ditions, such   as birlhinarks, eczema, j
tubercular glands radium often cures I
and almost always impriAcs cancers
of a deadly type. The following!
summary is given of patients treated: Apparently cured 53, cured 2H,
improved 215, not improved 70,
abandoned treatment 88, dead fiD,
Thc term "apparent cure," the report explains, when used in relation
to cases nf cancer, means that all
traces (tf the original disease disuii-
peared. There were no signs of any
recurrence, and patients, so far as
can be determined, are free froiil any
indications or symptoms of (lie lis-
ease. The "ahandoned treatment"
group includes those caarts in which
the patient had to leave London and
those who could not afford to tn-vel
repeatedly from the country In the
David Lloyd George attained his
fiftieth birthday two days after the
Insurance Act benefits came into operation, lie was the recipient of
i housands of congratulatory messages from all classes, for his aggressive am) ambitious policy has won
the admiration even of his political
opponents. "Fifty, not out," is the
sporting message of the Tiverton
Liberal association, the allusion, of
course, being to ihe game of cricket.
it continues: "Making big hits with
old age pensions and insurance acts
and still soaring." Other messages
were from domestic servants, lace
workers, silk, workers, in fact, people
from .ill walks of life. Mrs. Chur-
hill, wife of Winston Churchill, sent!
a message signed "Clementine Churchill." She said: "To wish you
many happy returns." The chancellor of the exchequer spent his birthday overwhelmed with business at
the treasury until noon, then, meeting the committer of imperial defence. Afterwarh he went to . the
house of commons to speak on Welsh
disestablishment and in the evening
uttended (lie dinner id Ihe Liberal
insurance committee, where he made
another speech.
FOR HFXT.-Store 44x25 ft.,
possession December 1st. Apply W.
.1. Atchison. 46-tf
For a good many years it has lh*en
felt that tbe west should have some
direct means of producing pure water
other than those bottled brands shipped from Eastern Canada and the
States. Most of the lar^'r western
cities have experienced difficulty in
obtaining a water supply for general
use even, which i- not contaminated.
Witli these fads in view a new company has heen organized, known as
the Banff LiUiia Water Company,
Limited, and it is their intention to
commence activities in their new
plant in BanlT early this summer.
This compady will bottle BanfT
Springs water and by-products, and
their location in Canada's National
Springs water and by-products, and
their name throughout Canada and
the United Stales, where they propose to market their waters. The
optimistic directors of the company
anticipate a big demand, and are
preparing to meet it iu a very capable way.
That the demand for, B. C. lumber
on the prairies ibis year will exceed
the supply is the prediction made by-
Mr. W. If. Uusiring, head of the well
known Calgary lumber firm of dishing Bros., and member for Calgary
in the Alberta legislature, who is
.spending some days in Vancouver to
arrange for the Immediate supply of
the greater part of the senson's lumber from tlie mills (f the British Columbia coast. While admitting
there was no scarcity of lumber in
the prairie provinces at the present
time, Mr. Cushing slated Ihul it was
gcnerallv anticipated that the demand this year for prepared lumber
would he so great that the inillr
east of the mountains would be hard-
pushed to supply all the lumber needed for building purposes. "There Is
no doubt that all the mills will he
kept working nt full blast Ihrough-
aut the entire season," said Mr.
Cushing, "as the building operations
in the prairie towns arc more extensive than ever before." Calgary is
in the throes of a building boom
according to her legislative representative, who is authority for the
stotemcnl that things move along so
fast in Calgary that it is n hard
matter to keep posted on the phenomenal development of this go-abend
waiter ii city.
The Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., the Up-lo-
date Druggists, has
scored another point.
They have imported a
large stock of that
Great French Tonic
and has been made the
sole agents for Cranbrook. Every bottle
Being always on thc lookout for
the best in everything in tin- drug
line, the Cranbrook Drug and Book
Co., has placed in stock iX large consignment of the Great French Tonic.
VIGOROL. Every day nature is
providing us Willi something new.
Tin* latest medicine on the market in
Canada is VIGOHOL. Weak and
run-down men, women and children
can now be made strong and lieal-
hy. Every home should contain a
bottle of VIGOUOL-the Tonic that
| is a Tonic. The whole human svs
tern is at once toned up, Tbat tired, dragging feeling disappears and
life becomes a joy. If you are not
just feeling you rsetf, go tot lie
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. and
get a bottle ot VIGOROL. If you
don't feel better in twenty-four
hours, go back and get your money.
VIGOROL acts on tbe kidneys, liver
and blood and is a powerful flesh and
system builder. Price $100 bottle,
or six for $5.0(1.
WANTED.—Girl for general house
won-. Apply to Mrs. 1. It. Manning, Garden avenue. 1 If
Pastor, W. Kelmnn Thomson.
Young  People's   Hay,
Morning service,     II a.m. "Itepre
sen I alive Men  of the Bible—Daniel "
Evening   service, 7.311 p.m. Living
stiwic  Centenary. "Tbe Houlbonrer,"
David Livingstone.
Young People's Day.
Rev, O. E. Kendall, pastor.
Services 11.00 a.m. and 7..'tu p.m.
'f'he topic for consideration iu the
morning will be "An Early Church
Revival." In the evening the pastor
will preach the third In the scrhs:
"Conversions in the Acts," viz "The
Conversion of Five Thousand and ihe
Truths that Converted Them." A-
half hour service of praise will be
held during tho first half of the even.
Ing meeting.     Come and enjoy it.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
The pastor will start a series of
four sermons .Sunday morning next
the general theme will be "God's
Fellow Workers."
The subject will be divided as follows:
Sunday morning, February 2nd.—
"God's Scheme of Redemption."
Sund.iv evening, February 2nd.—
"The House Not Made With Ilamls."
Sunday morning, February flth.—
"The Building Under Way."
Sunday eveninig, February 0th.-
1'Laboring with the Divine Architect."
Special music will he provided at
every service.    All are invited,
Glance at these comparative trade
The wealth or Great Britain has
been one of the wonders of the modern world and may he looked upoo
ns something  of   a mystery. Statis-
11 ics recently published stale that
British commerce in 1012 reached tbo
enormous     total     of $H,llil,0r)2,.r>fcu,
''And the year   was by no means     a
J smooth one;i there were industrial
strikes   and   political    disturbances,
I and yet the volume of trade exceeded
that of the previous year by 5490,-
000,000.       In  the past ten years the
1 growth of British commerce has been
$2,210,000,000. In     the     I nltcd
States during the same ten years the
increase of commerce was $1,915,-
A goodly number attended the find
annual meeting of the Overseas club
in the Carmen's hall on Tuesday
night last. After the secretary had
read his annual ropi rt the auditors
of thc club gave their report, when
it was found tbat the financial status
of the club was most satisfactory.
The election of ollicers ftien took
place, the following iK-inui elected for
the ensuing ypar:
President—E. T. Brake
Vice-President-C. A. Cock.
Secretary—L. Pearroc-
Treasurer—Mrs. .1. S. Brake.
Committee—Mesdamcs Marshall,
St radian, II. Grldloy, Haley and R.
V. Brake, and Messrs W. C, Marshall, N. A. Wallinger. II. (Iridlcy.
Auditors—Messrs. ,L T. Smith aud
Cleo Sims.
Are you getting your share of the special
inducements that we are offering ? Inventory
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and other lines in which we are overstocked in
are being sold at fabulously low prices.
Liulii-s' mid t'l.iltlrci.'a Mil.
limry ul
Half Price and Lets
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und Misses al reductions of
Ladies' Sweaters
Extra special inducements
arc offered to clear lip these
All Remnants and Odd Lines
arc being offered, in  many
eases at
Less than Manufacturers' Cost
Ladies' Shoes
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Men's Shirts
values, while they last, al
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Imperial Bank ol Canada
I). B, WII.K1E, PreaUem.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities. .Merchants
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
tbe world. '■
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT- Special attention
glved to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of I1.U0 and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: !). W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Lust Monday evening the Arena
rink was the scene uf a very pretu
i ml effective gathering of masques
Upwards of seventy couples graced
the ice, whilst about twice thai number ol spectators watched them
skating. The city hand was in attendance.
The prizes for best dressed participants were awarded as follows:
Lady and gentleman—Mr. and Mrs
11. T. Hrymner.
Young lady—.Miss Marion Leitch.
Young hoy—Master McNahh.
Comic—Miss Bertha Drown.
One other very commendable c'.s-
tuuie, was that worn bj Mr V.
Attnldge. lie waa garbed as a
.Scoleman, with fine iiovung kilts
and a bandso'mQ red coat, with ail
the perquisites suitable to a Highland laddie's proper appearance on
the hall room floor. This costume
was graced by Mr. W. Attridge,
whose tall, manly figure it suited admirably.
Indicates indigestion, constipation
or liver trouble. FIG PILLS will
regulate your system and build up
the nerve forces A that you can
sleep and enjoy life. At all dealers
25 and 50 cents or The Pig Pill Co.,
St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co.. Ltd.
i1brbe11t kkkt-'k wins   may.
ihmltv-   with     recohi)
majority—dr.   annie
TO st'ilKH. HOARD.
Nelson, B. c , Jan, 28.—By one ol
tbe largest major!Mex ever given g
mayoralty candidate in Svlson,
Alderman Herbert Keefe and his ai-
dertmuiie tlcloftt were elected at the
civic fleetiiiii*- w.vierdav, defeating J.
\. Irving and his aldermantc slate
who entered the field as advocates
of mota! reform polity in suppon of
which tlie ministerial association has
been carrying on a bitter and vindictive campaign -inc.. early last fall.
Although Keefe's election was gen-
eialh expected, tlie large majority of
one hunhred ;.hd eighty-nine which he
secured w;is a surprise as ii was not
anticipated that tho mitral reform
proposals would be so emphatically
A featuie of the election was the
large numbei nf women voters who
lurtied out to the polls. This vote
was claimed largely by the moral reformers bul the rcBiill seems to In-
dicafe] that the women must have
voted with their husbands. It was
Irving's third defeal as mayoralty
candidate. Keefe.'s alderinanie slate
includes     .lames    Johnstone,     well
known railway and mining engineer
who is now ranching near Nelson;
A. A. perrier, prominenl business
man; .lohn Bell, local lumberman, for
many years resident in Nelson and
Aid. w. m. Cunlifle, director of the
Nelson Iron works and member of
last year's city council. Other al-
dermanic candidates elected were:
Aid. I. A. Austin, nominee of the
trades and labor council and el-
Alderman Edward Kerr, apartment
block proprietor, who ran as an independent.
Members of the Anti-Arthur ticket
elected are: Ex-Mayor .lohn Hamilton, Dr. Annie Vera .lones and William .Johnston, they now have control of the school
board. It vaj against
Dr. Jones that the energy nf the
Arthur forces was chiefly concentrated, because she has advocated, as
member of the board foi the past
two years, reforms which the Hamilton ticket is pledged to carry out.
School officials and teachers got into
tbe fight and canvassed foi votes for
the continuance of the Arthur regime and the bitterest rf feeling was
! aroused.      Arthur   some time      affi
tiroatencd he  would resign if     Dr.
.tones were re-elected but later withdrew this statement on 'he ground
that      he  had  entered     tibel action
I against Dr. Jones, arising oul M assertions made during the campaign
and proposed to remain on thc board
(until matters were settled by the
Cranbrook Kindergarten
K,iwpir«l Slrwt
Cprttltcatari T 'har, HpIipph) mm lor l.«»n.],,,i
ll.or.: Ill Inl'.!;  Jin I
TERMS: $:l :, Il„r l.,i,r wwls
(Continued from page one).
d only about as inatij
he applicants did not .
iiy evidence thai they
n behalf of a majority.
Did they not
; do not think so.
am Informed other
Mr.   Carvell:   '
tbat thej diil?"
Mr. Crothers: "
Mr. Carvell   "I
sir Wilfrid Laurier asked ii 'bis
wen* the reason given for the refusal
of n board.
Mr. Crothers replied thai tbe principal reason was thai it was impracticable, to grant one The minister then spoke ot thc finding of the
partial beard which hail been warned
This board, he staled, bad approved
<>i bis action.
r Wilfrid l.ai
nut satisfiei
made hv   tli
sail! thai
■1th the
i      he
linrdlj ;i propei objectlmi thai tli
«etc 30 different classes to be
quired Into. Ii there were one I
died classes, thai would be all ihe
more reason for action The other
principal reason given by the minis
ler was purely technical, H Hie
application made by the men were
not correel the minister Bhoaild have,
said' "Your application is «ol technically correel; make it correel Htn1 1
will granl you tile board."
In ibi.. respeel thc minister had
nol properly discharged bis duty,
Sir Wilfrid said il would have bei'n
belter if Ihe board finally named bad
been allowed to inquire into conditions over the whole line. The net,
he said, should be administered in as
conciliatory manner as possible.
This bad been the mile in the past
and it had done much good. In conclusion he said he would suspend final
Judgment in the matter until all the,
papers bad been brought down.
Premier Borden agreed that tbe
question could not be properly discussed without the papers Tbe op-
posltion should have given notice
thai the motion was to be discussed
In dealing with this matter he said
the minister of labor had been Impressed Willi fncl thai such an Investigation as was proposed might
nol resiili in the most good to the
men. In appointing a .partial board
Ibis minister had also been impressed
by Ibe fact that it might be belter in
ihe interests ol Ihe men thai tbe
merits of Ihe ease should be ascertained with thfc least possible delay.
Tbe government, be said, had nothing to conceal in regard lo the matter and the papers would be produced.
, He reuretted that some of the employees who bad gone on strike are
still without their positions and expressed the hope that this condition
would not continue.
Hun. Geo. P. Graham said tbat ihe
attitude of the minister revealed a
remarkable change In the last few
months. During the South Renfrew
by-election he, as former minister of
railways, had been accused nf not
being true lo the Grand Trunk employees because he had failed to secure their reit.stalrmeiit. lie could
no! see, therefore, how the present,
minister could expeel to escape
blame. The government was in
peculiar position because Ibis brotherhood which had been refused a
hoard insofar ns the C\p H. was concerned, had heen recognized by thc
I.C.R. a government-owned railway.
There was no reason why a general
board should nol have lieen granted.
It was the work nf the department
of labor to settle strikes. II bad
nothing else lo do. \s for himself,
he bail been enthusiastically lied
about Tor months but recently many
evidences had reached him that the
rnllwaymcn were beginning to realize
who were their Mends and on which
side of tbe house Ihey were to he
w. \. Buchanan, Medicine Hat,
said thai ho had been accused of being a partisan of the minister of
labor, because he had approved of bis
action in going west to study labor
conditions. He was sorry, therefore, to have lo critici.se him in regard lo this matter. The minister
should have been anxious to encourage this labor union, as Ibe government had encouraged it in giving it
recognition on tho I.C.It. In Western
Canada, he said, there was much
complaint   ;■>   to   wanes    paid   this
class    iff   emlil'i--"■;   1 y   th"    Cl'.R,
Tbe western men had gone on strike,
bui had expressed their willingness
lo go back to work as soon as a
board had been promised for ihe west
if tli.* eastern inquiry did not
settle Ihe matter,
Mr Crothem Interrupted to any
that Ihe understanding was thai if
the eastei n board did nol gel all
the evidence, one would be named for
the west, but a hoard had nol     Iipph
Stops pain at Ouee.
W E, ICnowles, Moose -law, said
that incidents like this would make
working men believe thai the tribunal was not impartial, and to have
that impression created would bo This is the verdict of all who have
fatal. | tried /.aui-Huk.     The woman in   Hie
]■:. M, Macdonald, I'iolou, said that homo knows best its value. A, bum
if the act were a good one, it? was from the stove, from a flat-iron, or a
up to the minister to enforce it, but hot pan, is instantly soothed by
that if it wen* not a good act it '/.am-ltuk. When tbe little ones fall
was bis duty to amend it, and he and cut or scratch themselves, '/am-
would like to know where the minis- Huk stops tbe pain and, incidentally
ifr stood.
I'ape Breton,
W. F.    Carrol
similar ground.
Richard Main, Reel
the fact that though the opposition
resolution was for tbe production of
the papers in connection with the
case yet they were procoeding at
once to discuss the case. Tbey were
anxious to get something upon which
in condemn the minister rather than
lo assist Ibe C.P.R. employees. As
,i matter of fact, he said, a board
bad heen granted. Those having
grievances had submitted their eases
and a decision had been banded down.
If thai decision were to be questioned, that  was quite another matter.
Hon Mr, Lemieux referred to a resolution passed at thc recent labor
congress in Guolph, Ont., calling far
the repeal of tile act, and said, that
one reason adduced for tbe action
was the administration of the acl
by the department of labor.
Hon. Mt, Crothers: "The labor congress was held Ipng before the refusal of a board and consequently the
refusal had nothing to do with, it.
The motion as n matter of fact, was
based on the Montreal street railway
dispute and that was brought before
the department before we came into
Mr. Lemieux continued that the objection of the labor men was as to
tbe delays and technical objections
raised in the department. He thought
ii was the duty of the minister to
put the measure into force whenever
possible and to give it bis sympathy.
The minister should not fear tbe
magnitude of the case, it. was quite
true that labor sometimes had imaginary grievances but it should be easy
for the minister to find out the particular grievance showing where Ihe
shoe pinched."
''This act," Mr. Lemieux said, "in
spile of the resolution ol the labor
congress has within the last five or
six years been the means of settling
ninety eases out of every one hundred submitted to it. It would be a
ureal pity indeed if through undue
leanings loward tile corporations,
i hough with this 1 do nol charge the
minister, the department should defeat the very ends of this legislation."
Ml Ituih.iii.iu remarked thai
board named had found in fav
the men. If the minister and the
government bad used their Influence
with the C.P.R., In bidding up the
increase in their stock' issue, as they
proposed to hold up the Grand
Trunk legislation lasl year, good re
suits    might   hale been  accomplished
In conclusion. Mr. Huchannn pointed
in the fact thai Mine wore mam
clan's nf labor 111 Western mines,
hut that Inqnlrlen by boards ol conciliation had   resulted iu much good
(Continued from page one).
ureal increase in the rural population
of Western Canada there had been a
much greater increase in the urban
population. If this goes on Indefinitely, where will il hind us? ashed
Mr. Burrcll.
He proceeded: "We, in this parliament who are making the laws of the
nation, may well ask. ourselves 'in
[it way can be,best solve these
questions of great national concern'.'"
It will not be denied that the safe-
n-iarding of its productive classes is
i matter of fundamental importance
to tbe nation. But in regard to the
tgricultural life of our country il is
not alone a betterment of economic
conditions that we should aim al,
mt something liner—the creation of a
rural civilization which will at once
induce n fuller and happier life to
those in its midst, and prove a
source and fount of strength to the
slate itself.
I nsofar as I bis federal government is concerned, we have come to
the conclusion that we can besl bring
ibotit this work by freely assisting
the agricultural population. If we
are told that this is an innovation,
we answer that il is the people's
money, drawn from them, and it is
not only defensible but desirable
tlinl such money be spent in the
most efficient way to oBtaln the
objects referred to.
"In choosing education or Instruction as a desirable line which federal
expenditure should take, we are
following the best method of the
most progressive countries. Practical-
It no advance was made in. agricultural progress in the great German
nation until the system if secondary
and elementary agricultural instruction was organized during the second
half of the last century."
Mr. Burrcll then reviewed nl some
length what bud been done along
educational lines for the farmers in
Great Britain. Denmark, Belgium,
and France.
11 i-- proposed by thc bill to
strengthen nil lines of instruction
and educational work. The scientific researches of the past half century have revolutionized agriculture,
but the full benefits of these researches bgve not reached tlie great
multitude who today till the fields of
Canada. Too often the spectacle is
witnessed, pathetic and pitiful of
easeless, laborious toil bringing
distress of mind and body, and even
after long years, bringing no reward,
solely and simply from lacJi of knowledge and iiiisdlrnetiMl energy. Help
given iu an educational direction will
their crying. The best proof of this
is the fact that children who have
once bad Zam-Buk applied come for
it again.
For more serious burns, too, it is
unequalled. Mr, .lohn Johnston,; of
731 South Marks Street, Fort William, Out., a moulder in t'opp's
Foundry, says: "Some time ago I
burned the top of my foot severely by
dropping some molten iron from a
ladle I was carrying, A large hole
was burned through my shoe and into the top of my foot. 1 .was taken
home, and Zam-Buk was applied to
Ibe burn directly. Il was surprising
what relief ibis balm alTordcd. The
hum was so deep and so serious that
it required careful attention, but
Zam Huk prevented other complications arising, and as it was daily
applied, soothed the pains and allayed the inflammation- In the course
of two weeks the hole burned iu my
foot had heen quite healed."
Mr. W. B. Gibson, of Belleville,
writes: "Wc have tried Zam-Buk often on cuts and sores, and T think
lliere.is nothing   that can equnl^lt."
Zam-Buk wilt also be found o sure
cure for cold sores, chapped hands
frost bite, ulcers, blood-poison, varicose sores, piles, scalp sores, ringworm, inflamed patches, babies' eruptions and chapped places, and skin injuries generally. All druggists and
stores sell at TiOc. box or post free
from Zam-Buk To., Toronto, Tor
not only mean better farming, but
better farmers and better and happier men and women.
"The particular form such assistance may take," said Mr, Burrcll,,
"may vary "with the special needs
and conditions in each province. It
will embrace the increased efficiency
and eqiiipiiu-ni of our agricultural
colleges, the establishment of agricultural schools, of horticultural
schools, tbe establishment of short
courses in agriculture, the initiation
of agricultural teaching in the public
schools, and work by travelling or
qualified instructors. It might well
include valuable work carried on by
means of demonstration trains, traint-
ing of the teachers in nalure study
and the invaluable work of domestic
science, concerned with tbe women
and girls of our communities, whose
influence will always constitute one
of the most, potent forces in solving
Ihe problems we are considering.'
"We restrict the hill to education
because hy so doing we get at the
hue base of successful production!. As
ait educational work to be effective
must be continuous, we propose to
make the policy cover a period of
ten years.
'From the consolidated revenue
fund it is proposed to set apart the
sum of ten million dollars to be expended over the period mentioned.
The sum of $700,000 will be allotted
the first year, and this amount will
be increased by $100,000 annually until 1017 from which year until 1923,
SI,100,000 will be provided annually.
The gradual expansion and growing
equipment of the provincial organizations will be met in this way more
helpfully than by starting at the
million mark),
"Speaking broadly, we have adhered to the principle of division on a
population basis. The slight modification of this principle which have
been adopted will, I trust, meet the
approval of the house.
"Thus in the first place, we set
apart $20,000 a year to he divided
between such veterinary colleges as
grant degrees and come up to the required standard. We do this on
the ground that from the character
of our veterinary work and for the
reason that students in these institutions are drawn from all provinces
iu Canada, they might be regarded
as having a purely national com-
"On this I will speak further when
Ibe bill is before the house.
"In addition to this $20,000 we
propose lo allot to each province, regardless of population, the sum of
$20,000. It has been urged—not
without some reason—that support,
should he shown to those provinces
whose rural population is of large
proportions, whose source of revenue
is limited and whose agricultural development greatly needs stimulation.
"I might tnk>e the tar eastern and
far western provinces us examples.
Prince Kdward Island is purely agricultural, with no minerals or timber to draw on for revenue. The incessant call nf the west has resulted
in a continual drain on its population, and agricultural development is
a matter of the greatest importance.
In tbe case of British Columbia we
have a new province of immense
area, small as yet in .population, just
starting to develop .her resources,
ind where the cast of living is perhaps highen than in any other portion-
ot our Dominion. I might touch thc
'ftse of other provinces, hut the arguments will sufllce tor the present, ami
we feel there is justification for the
step proposed.
"With the     exceptions   mentioned,
P. E. 1
N. B. ...
Alta. ...
B. C. ...
Man. ...
N. S. ...
Sask. ...
Quebec ...
Ont.    ...
the amounts allotted will then be
ditided in proportion to the population and on tlie basis of the bill tbe
provinces will share as follows:
1913. increase. 1917-23
..? 86,528 $ 1,300 $ 31,753
..$ 44,509 $ 1,002 $ 49,117
..$ lli.OUl $ 5,219 $ 06,970
,..$ 47,331 $ 5,467 $ 69,202
...$ 51,780 $ 6,346 $ 77,114
..$ 54,288 $ 6,858 $ 81,719
..$ 51,206 $ 6,850 $ 81,733
...$150,182 $27,840 $271,068
.,.$105,733 $35,417 $336,310
The balance of Mr. Burrell's speech
was devoted to outlining the working,
of the bill, which includes reasonable
federal supervision over,the expenditures, and asked for the co-operation
of the provinces,
Hon. Fi iik Oliver,said be approved
of the gran'.. He thought the minister was Irving to make a spectacular play because thc vote for the
year was only $700,000, and not ten
millions. The grant would do good,
but the government would not discharge ils full duty to the farmers of
Ibe west unless it got, for them the
best available market.
Word comes from Toronto that the
couductovs, firemen and engineers, in
fact, eVeryoue employed on the railways throughout Canada, will demand an increase of 10 per cent.
Several poultrymeu in the city
have a number ot clucking hens. This
looks as if spring were bere.
STUMP PULLERS, earth augers,
well boring, take-up, cables, fixtures, self-opening and shutting gates
and doors, etc., manufactured. Write
409 Burnside Road, Victoria, B. 0.,
Special 5-year arrangements to settlers for stump puller outfits, capacity up 36-inch green stumps, 6 ft.
trees; large area cleared at each sitting; 30 minutes to re-sit; prices $50
and upwards. 2-5t
I have the following machinery   to
sale and in  order to clear them oul
offer them at the prices below, which
are about   one-fifth the price      that
new machinery would cost:
1 Chandler and Taylor firebox boiler, 54"xl8' long. Pressure 80 lbs.
last B. C inspection, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at McXeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 Atlas Return tubular boiler,
56"xl4* long. Pressure 80 lbs. hist
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at McNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cul-olT
engine, 1 l"x!6" stroke. Price al
Cranbrook, B. C, $200.00.
1 saw husk complete with top saw
frame ami mandrels and saws and
20 feet extension shall. $250.nil.
1 four saw edger with saws. Price
at Cranbrook, $200.00.
1 Iloyt planer and matcher, 2lM.
Price at Cranbrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity of shafting, etc.
Apply to
Elko. B. C.
Proposed C.P.R. Improvements
In the West during 1913
.New lines this year 	
Miles of double track 	
Miles of track built last vcar .
Kootenay Central, Skookramchuck 	
Coronation to Sedgewick	
Kootenay Central	
South of Golden,   standardization of Kaslo and   Slocan  railway from
Whitewater to Kaslo .'■
Snowilake west	
Lacnmbe east to Kerrobert	
Stirling east  25
Suffolk southwest  25
Weyburn west H*>
Vssiniboia, first division point west of   Weyburn     new  yard, Bassano
to Knipress    11K
("i'inili to Hiverton  26
Kemnay to Yirden  ,         '.  to
Whitewood to Broadview  ! 151
Broadview, to fJrcnfel   16
Indian Head to Begina :  "
Chaplin to Swilt Current  57
Swift Current to .Junction Point with Swift Current northwest       6
(ileichen to Shcpard  '"
In addition to the above double tracking there will be 81 miles ol
double track huilt in British Columbia from Vancouver to Ruby Creek,
A portion ot this, between Vancouver and New WestminsU-r -function, is
already built ami in operation, the balance to Ruby Creek will be completed this year.
The terminal of North Transcona will be further developed during
the year to provide for increased traffic both east and west.
Visit  DR.. KELLEY'S   Great
Museum of Anatomy-Free
(Kpcenllj enlarged nml rearranged)
('urelul attention given tn every pntlent.   All  luOHt
methoiln emptoyi'il.   "flllfl" Specific for Mmi'l dim-ill*.    No
CUM too m?veiv and nil 1'iin-H ifiinruMM'il tu remain pur*
iiiiiuciit.   UlilMt Special Nth) Spokane.
ninth' a Hperialt*/. Seventeen yeiiiV expt-iienri- enable* me
to handle your earn in a way that will ineurea liwliiti*
cure. Avoid qmirkn and trim! yntimlf to it mini «ti<> will
give you eoiirwiwitioua treatment.
| Hiiecial treatment by mail tor out*nf4«wti patient m.
I Wrjtf uw your tronb)f» to-day.  AllletterMi-tjiiHdeiHiiil
aio Howard St.
Veteran's Brigade
Whist Drive and Dance
Saturday Even'g, Feb. 1st
Large Basement Warehouse, 20 x 100 ft.
Very warm and dry. $7.00 per month if
rented for 3 months or more. Apply at
Herald Office. tf
Men. don't buy anything
until you have examined our
stock and compare prices.
Our stock is much too
large and will have to be reduced to make room for the
spring stock.
Money may not talk, but
it will have a great effect on
our clerks.
« •
*   Fruit Ornamental »
«       Trees Shrubs       »
       =±=      .. »
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent
Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C.
Slaughter Sale
China, Crockery and
$2,000.00 Stock to be cleared out to
make room for New Goods
$20.00 DINNER SETS reduced to $12.00
10.00 TOILET     "
3.50      "
25 % Off
All stock patterns and Fancy China
and Glassware
A Lot of Odd Pieces at
BARGAINS that Yoir Can't Afford
to Miss
^ Campbell & Manning
For all the News read the Herald


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