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Cranbrook Herald Apr 3, 1913

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 ff r*v?
.      APfPa I9l9
We are well equipped to
turn out the best class
ol work.
' In the
10c. u
NO.  11
America's Host Conspiclous Financial Figure
Passes Away After Several Days Illness
Rome, April 1.—J, Plorpout Mor-|
Kan, the New Votk financier, died
hero yesterday n low minutes alter
noon. Kor months his health had'
been declining, hut tho symptoms be-'
came greatly aggravated about a
week ago, and since Wednesday last]
he had hern in ,, scmi-eumntosc con-!
ititlon. Tonight bis body, lying in
the death chamber, is Bur rounded hy
flowers, of which many are pink carnations. Mossages of sympathy
have la-en received from King Victor
Emmanuel, officials of slate, the diplomatic representatives anil from
many personal friends in all parts
of thc world.
The official statement prepared by
Dr. Giuseppe BastinollI, Dr. M.
Allen Starr and Dr. G. A. Dixon,
the attending physicians, indicates
that a gradual general collapse, foi-1
lowed a condition of nervous prostration which prevented the digestive
organs from performing? their functions and affected the mental faculties. I
For fivo days Mr. Morgan received
artificial nourishment, but was unable to assimilate food. As n result,
he very rapidly lost strength.
For many hours prior to his death
ho was in a. state of seini-comatose,
which prevented him from recognizing those about him. His end was
without suffering.
Mr. Morgan's daughter, Mrs. Herbert Satterlee, who has been in con-!
stant attendance, was at the bedside.
She held the hand tf her father and
tried to obtain some recognition. Shot
thought that, when tbe supreme moment came he faintly pressed her
hand. Mr. Satterlee and tho physicians carried the weeping woman out
of tbe room where friends tried to
condor: ho* I
Tlte Alfierijan nmbnss:, lor nnd Mrs. |
Thomas J. O'Brien, the secretary of
the embassy, George 1'. Wheeler and
Mrs. Wheeler, who went to the
hotel this afternoon lo inquire about
Mr. Morgan, were there when the
death was announced, Tiny remained to oiler their services and
express condolence. All the Rome
newspapers publish tributes lo Mr.
Morgan, expressing thc deep sense of
the loss felt hy the Italian people.!
It has been suggested th.it Mr. Morgan's body should be taken to the
United States on board a warship,   I
•John Pier
.; place probably will be in the mausoleum In
Codar Hill cemetery, Hartford,
Conn., which ho had erected -.ears
'inory nt his fathei and
New    York, April
poni Morgan's last t
mother.     When  tho  body ol
Morgan reaches hen* from Rome it is
OJtpcctod that the funeral services
will be held in the cathedral of    st
John the  DlVlne,   lowawl   the        eon
struct ion (,f which Mr Morgan was a
largo contiibnl.il
III the financial district, Ihe stock
exchange and the consolidated exchange passed resolutions of respect
to his memory, and Hags everywhere
were dropped to,halt-mast, 'lite offices of >l. I'. Morgan and To. closed
as soon as the news of thc death
was received. The statement was
made that business would be carried
on undisturbed by the momliers of
the firm. The morbid were in force
in the vicinity of, thc Morgan home,
and at ono time reached such proportions that it became necessary to
request the police to disperse them.
The immediate, effect on the machinery of Wall Street of Mr. Morgan's
death was comparatively! slight. On
the stock exchange the news from
Rome had largely spent its force
within fifteen minutes alter the
opening of tho market. Mr. Morgan's illness had prepared thc financial district for the end, and every
caution had been taken to guard
against a serious break in prices.
Friends pointed out another reason, in addition, to the warning given
by his illness, why thc financier's
deatli was not seriously disturbing.
His career, they said, was rounded
out, he.had accomplished virtually all
he had started out to accomplish.
For some time the Morgan firm had
refrained from large new enterprises.
All that human foresight could dictate had been done during thc last
year or so to safeguard the business
and financial world against calamity
when Mr. Morgan's last hour came.
■I. I'ierpont Morgan, Jr., has been
his father's understudy for years,
and is classed high in financial ability. His preparation to take his
father's place in the business world
has been thoroughly worked out.
Tb? extent of Mr. Morgan's philan-
iiDpnit- guts inoimmy tPfli never' be
known- Probably his largest gift
was $l,50n,ono toward ihe building
ol the cathedral of St. John the
Divine in this city. For the
founding of lhe great lying-in hospital near St. Georges church, of
which Mr. Morgan was a warden, he
donated $1,300,000. Harvard benefited by lus munificence to the extent ol $1,500,000, with which was
built the medical school in Boston,
Trinity college was given $250,000
for a library.
As ;1 patron ot art. Mr. Morgan
wns as famous as in the world of
finance, it was only needed lot
him to see some painting, statue ot
other work ,.f art that struck his artistic fancy nnd he would buy al
once. His- collection iu lhe Metro
politan Museum of Art has been estimated to be worth $40,000,000.
His private museum next to his pri
vate home holds paintings, carvings
tapestries, hooks, manuscripts, bron
cs and antique gold and silver wan
valued at many millions. In his
Collection of early editions are thir
tv-iwo I'avtons valued at 11,850,000
mm hied
San Diego, A pi tl I.—Through I'rc-
finlent  |).   I'. Collier, Ol the Panama
California exposition lo be held here
in LOIS, the Canadian governmeui
has been Invited to participate In
that celebration of the completion
of the Panama canal. Letters and
memorials wero addressed to His
Royal Highness, the Duke of Con
naught, Itt. lion. R. 1.. Horden, the
Canadian premier, Hon. Martin Burrcll, minister of agriculture, the
mombers of parliament and commercial organizations in Canada, embracing tlie invitation to participate,
No other International exposition
ever held was built upon the ideas
governing that to he in 1015 at San
Diego. In ordor to make the celebration one of intense human interest
and insure a large attendance, tho
theme of the displays, instead ol being products, js one of processes.
The plan is not tn show the things
man produces, hut to portray the
history of man's progress through
the agca hy exhibits of the methods
employed, ut all stages of his development iu all kinds of industrial pursuits the arts, und, ho far ns possible, tn uthnnlogicul ami anthropolo-
gioal studies,
This theme is to be presented in a
setting nf extreme beauty Spanish'
Colon-lal, ot "mission" architecture
will Ik' employed in every building on
the grounds This Is n guarantee of
harmony in design, while permitting
the widest latitude in development of
details The exposition will he
open for n whole yeai beginning January* I. WIG, mi exhibition period
poMlblo probjibh   only in Bon Diego
or all the cities of the I titled States.
Ii wtil he tin1 lirst exposition I
open for an entire year in tIk*    hi
lory 11 such celebrations.
The prime Object of the San Dtt1
exposition is to show the homescok
er nml the capitalist the opporttml
ties now existing for the develop
ment of homes and natural resources
throughout the western coast of the
American continents, Neatly, every
western state will have elaborate
exhibits, demonstrating tlieir
sources and attractiveness to the
prospective settler. Nearly all o
the countries ol Central America.
and several iu South America, reaching out for immigrants and capital,
also will install exhibits. The purpose of the exposition is to show to
all visitors a place where he may
find conditions suited to bis temperament and his finances. Tbo management of the exposition felt that the
story of the opportunities of the
west would lie incomplete without nn
exhibit from Canada.
Tho suggestion is made to the Canadian officials that -, collective exhibit, of Canada's resources—agricultural, mining and forestry—lxi made,
uViiroimtratiiin to the honreseeker and
investor the splendid opportunities
awaiting them in Canada, particularly in the Canadian northwest. Thc
opening of the canal is expected to
direct to the western coasts hundreds of thousands of desirable Immigrants from Europe aud doubtless
thousands of these will seek new
homes in the Canadian northwest. As
the San Diego exposition is designed
lo direct these to places of greatest
individual opportunity. It is believed here I hat Canada would add
greatly lo the population development of the northwestern provinces
by a demonstration uf the wonderfully rich opportunities to he found
Missionary K. Baynes, formerly of
Kootenay, who is now lecturing for
tho Hritish Columbia government in
the old country, has forwarded to thc
publicity commissioner, tlie following
from a Manchester newspaper, in
which a tribute is paid to the fruit
of this province:
British Columbia might, well be
described as the paradise of the fruitgrower, for never was there a liner
display of apples than that seen on
the stand of the British Columbia
government at the Manchester winter
exhibition at Rusholmc and considering the fruit) had travelled a distance of 0,500 miles and had been
previously exhibited at Vernon, 11.
C, it was really wonderful that it
was in such a magnificent condition.
Although the industry is still in its
infancy there is every prospect of a
greal ami successful future for fruit
culture in this, Canada's largest, and
perhaps most fertile province. The
stand, which hy the invitation of
Hon. Price KUisoit, minister of finance and agriculture in Hritish Columbia, is in charge of II. S. Sa-
ville, of Lynn, is one of the most
attractive in the exhibition, and
crowds of people visit it daily to
see thc produce of this prosperous
province. The fruit which is of both
the desert and cooking varieties has
been principally grown in the Okanagan and Kootenay districts and fruitgrowers in this district should not
miss the opportunity of visiting the
exhibition to see thc great chances
there arc of 'making good in the
The death ol Dr De Laval last
month at Stockholm, Sweden, reminds one that it is just thirty-five
\ears since thc first cream separator
was Invented. Up to is;s the only
method in use for separating cream
from milk was the gravitation process, setting thc milk in pans or cans
and allowing the cream to rise to
the top. Ir» that year Dr. De Laval
perfected and placed upon the market
the first centrifugal machine for separating cream from milk, and set
in motion forces that have effected q
revolution in dairy operations the
world oVol This was not his only
invention, however. He later Invented the steam turbine whidh hears
his name, the milk tester, the centrifugal churn, an emulser, a mechanical cow milker, and other machines nol directly connected with
daining. His work in behalf of
dairying, however, stamps him ns
one of the chief inventors of his time.
Remove the centrifugal cream sepnr-
tor from the dairy field today, and
the Industry would drop back a
quarter of ,. century, the production
cost of butter would be increased,
and dairying generally would be less
profitable than It is. Dr. Dc Laval's work tltereforc will live as long
as a cream separator is in use. It
docs its work so perfectly today
that it is difficult to see how it can
ever be replaced as an effective machine for quickly and economically
separating tlte cream from milk. It
has conferred untold benefits upon the
dairyman, and through him upon
every consumer of dairy products thc
world over. Many honors were bestowed upon Dr. Dc Laval. From
the King of Sweden he received distinguished honors, and his work received recognition from scientific societies and other societies in no unstinted form.! He not only invented
the cream separator, hut early identified himself with its manufacture
nnd became the founder of the separator concern whieh bears his name.
W.M. I*
W. M. Parks and Co. ate opening a
general harness and saddlery store iu
the Worden building on Haker street.
They propose carrying a full line of
harness and saddles and all goods required  bv  that   trade.   Besides        Ihis
they will manufacture to order and
are prepared to do all kinds of repair work.
Mr. Parks is ;i practical harness
maker and has been in charge nf the
harness department of the Cranhrook
Trading Co. for the past several
years and is well acquainted with the
trade nf the district and conversant
Willi every particular of the business.
The store will he opened on Monday next and lhe interior is being
decorated and cleaned up this week
and the new display racks being installed. Mr. Parks returned from
Calgary last week where he ordered
a complete si nek and as soon as
everything arrives and is placed, Mr.
Parks believes he will possess as
complete harness aud saddlery store
as can he found in Western Canada.
Messrs. Cameron, Howness, Milne
and Chambers, tin* Cranbrook curlers
who participated in the bonspiel at
Vancouver Irom .March 17lh to 25th,
have returned home. They report a
most enjoyable time, although they
returned with only one trophy, third
prize in the P. Hums and Co. com
The eloest and most Interesting
game of the meet wns in the P.
Hums and Co. competition when
Savage of Calgary won from Cameron of Cranbrook, H—fl, tho last stone
dividing. A large and interested
crowd witnessed this game,
Sixty four rinks attended the bonspiel, one going from Stonewall,
Manitoba, and one Irom Seattle
Wash. Every event was closely
contested, the three open events being tlu* Kelly-Douglas, the P, Hums
and Co., and tin* Grand Challenge
M. P. Cotton. The latter event
was won hy Whalen, ol Vancouver.
ln the Alt-Comers event ten teams
from Vancouver played against ten
outside teams and won the event
101—37. Due handicap for the outside teams was tlie artificial ice
which was iu goi,d condition hut
considerably different to the natural
ice and handicaps tin- players until
they become accustomed to it.
A large crowd witnessed the con-
testa every day nnd the bonspiel was
reported by the Vancouver papers as
being one of lhe most successful ever
held on the coast. The* visitors
were shown a good time by Hie Van
couvcrites notwithstanding the wet
and stormy weather which continued
throughout the meet.
worth. Hut the Cranbrook public
are used to these short, one-sided
boxing contests and all had good na-
turedly gone home. The boxers wen
matched to appear again at Fernh
on April 17th,
Previous to the main event, two
preliminaries were put mi between
Clifford McNabb ami Nate Bernhardt
and .lack Canton and Harold Hyslop,
four young amateurs of the city.
OUTLAY   OK   $81,205.03   NKKhKIt
The city council met in special session at the city hall on Wednesday
evening to pass on the estimates foi
1013, After working for some time
adjournment was taken to one o'clock
this afternoon when the following estimates were passed:
School board appropriation   $10,578.50
Finance committee        10,11.0.00
Fire and police   11,130.00
Waterworks      7,117.12
Health and relief      1,800.00
Debenture payments  20,00-1.41
Sewerage operalbn         1,015.00
Water committee    IH.UOO.OO
Total ....
Tto rale (
I lava
Ion Mill he as [ol-
Health    ...
  i mill
  7 mills
DotxmtuTo ..
  II mills
    12 mills
Total   31 mills
Another special meeting of thc city
council will he held on next Monday
evening to pass the rate bylaw and
act on the applications for the position of city engineer.
The management of the Rex
Hieotre announce that commencing
today programme will be changed
dally. In addition to the service already provided by this popular little
picture theatre, they have secured
tin- well known Ambrosto Mm, one
of the pioneer producers oi feature
lilnis. This film is produced by an
Italian company and the exclusive
rights of thc city have been scented
by Johnson Dros. In addition to
this feature films of the Ammex,
Kay llcC, Milano, Pilot, Ryno and
Pa the will be shown. A complete
change of programme will be shown
every night. Matinees will lie played every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
and Saturday afternoons.
Painters and   paper bangers have
been busy nl the   Royal hotel this
week    repairing nnd   painting thc
entire interior.
The death of Donald, the infant Bon
of Mr. and Mrs. Hedley MoLetfd occurred at the family residence in this
city on Sunday, March 30th, 1013,
alter a short illness. He was aged
one year, four months and eighteen
days. Funeral arrangements were
in charge of Undertaker Maepherson
on Monday afternoon at 8.30 o'clock
from the family residence, lhe services being conducted hy Itev. W. K,
Thomson, pastor of the Presbyterian
With a crushing blow hist under
the heart, Charles Hobiinson, of Winnipeg, knocked out Oscar Mortimer
in the boxing contest at the Auditorium last Friday night. Tho contest lasted just ninety seconds.
Thero was bad leeling between the
boxers and tlte minute they were inside thc ropes they were at it hammer and tongs. A furious minute
nnd a half and then a blow on (the
jaw reeled Mortimer and a second
later at terrific smash sent him out
tor the count. In fact, it wns several minutes before lie became     con
When he came around be wnnUd to
mix it some more, claiming tho public badu't befu given tbeir     monry'i
-Till-; TRADES THAT AUK     '
N.lson. H c\, April 1 -With the
exception uf the carpenters, all thc
members of the Federal Labor union
—acting on tbe orders of the Trades
and l.abin Council—went on sinke
today, and what amounts practically
to a general strike fs now in force in
Nelson. Included in those on strike
are bricklayers, painters, pipelayers,
qunrrymen. mortar mixers, bricklayers' and carpenters' helpers, hod carriers, plasterers, machinist*? and el
eetrieiaJis. The demands, which the
employers refused to grant, include
higher wages and shorler hours
Employees of the city are included
in the strikers, and civic work js
practically closed up. It is not yet
certain whether the employers at the
civic power plant will come out If
they do. the civic Ughi Bnd power
supply will be cut off.
Early in the morning; Hie strike
was nol as general as expected, but
the men working were Interviewed
by thc unionists, -and all eventually
threw  down their tools.
The C.P.R. is delivering cats lo
warehouses where trackage is available, and this minimizes the effect <*(
the teamsters' strike. Few of tho
teamsters driving merchants' delivery
wagons, are members of thc union,
and supplies are being delivered to
houses much as usual.
At the Nelson Iron Works. Alderman W. M. Cunlfffe and R. W. Hin-
ton. directors of the company, both
practical men. are dome machinists'
work. Directors of tlie Kelson
Transfer company are also driving
teams, and fulfilling mall contracts
At a funeral today one team was
driven by an undertaker, and another
by a director of the transfer company.
One or two fight have occurred,
but no. serious trouble is anticipated.
Both sides are determined, and de-
elan* their intention to light to the
hitter end.
Rev. W.  Kelman Thomson, pastor.
Morning service at 11 o'clock
.Subject The Place and Value of
I)ou ht "
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock
Subject: "Christian Candor."
A violin solo by Master Vincent
Fink   will be played at the  evening
One of tile best attended and most
interesting meetings of the city Women's Institute ever held in this city
was held at Carmen's hall on Tuesday afternoon and was attended hy
about fifty ladies.
The matter of providing free seeds
Tor school gardens, which are provided through the Women's Institutes by
the government, was dropped on account of the school grounds of the
city not being enclosed.
A revision of the culinary and ladies' department of the Fall Fan
prize list was made. Th * Institute
will provide a number of prizes for
subjects ol especial interest to 'heir
Mrs. it. Brown gave a demonstration on making dark layor cake
which was exceptionally Interesting
and much enjoyed by those present.
The monthly fancy work class will
be held in the Carmen's hall oa
Friday, April 11 Ul, when tlie class
will take up the making of several
articles of fancy work fur exhibition
at the Fall Fair.
The officers   of the Institute      ar
elated over   the good attendance     of
ladies at the meetings this year, several times as many attending as last
Washington, April 1 —Walter I!
Page, of Garden City, Long Island,
editor of the World's Work, and mem
her of iHiubleday, Page and Co , publishers, hns accepted  President     Wil
son's  onYi    to be   ambassador U
deal Hiitain
c. s. Johnson, of the Wasa h it J,
was in    the city today on bu
II.     Miller, of    Wasa. was in the
city today.
Wm. Van Arsdale, ol   Perry l reek,
was in the city today on business.
S |. Coop, of the Kootenaj Telephone Lines, Ltd.. was a business
visitor to Fernie on Tuesday.
Peicr Wood.-., nf I'hetrv < n-ek
r,in<b. left today for Hr- prai:i< to
get another rar or two oi i si
w. H. McFarlane returned '"day
from Taber, Alta . where he !>< nl
several days on business*
A marriage license has been granted to John Lei- Handlcy and Marion
Jennings, both of Cranbrook
Beale and    Elwell offer two bousoa
anil t.wn   Juts    |ub)   north    of   the
school   (Ot       -$860 "f    pai abb    Moo on
i Bah, balance six and twt he i
WaltCl Rui lell l)oolej ami Mar-
garot Scanlon, both of Kan Fran
cis<o. were granted a : ia Triage license at tli:- lu i nsi- bureau lodaj.
Tht re will be a meeting of tbe
Farmer's institute oa Wednesdaj
evening, April "tb. at 7 SQ in the
old gymnasium hack of the Methodist
Church.        Interesting papers will    be
given.    Everybody welcome,
The regular meeting of th* Veterans' association will be held at the
Hoynl hotel on Saturday evening for
the purpose ol perfecting arrangements for the whist drive aud dance
to be held this month.
Fine cello for sale, J5..">". \pph
King Edward's school.   • lilt
Fretl .1. Smvthe returned today
from Spokane, after spending several
days in that city. Me reports btisi
ncss conditions quid in Spokane, lie
will remain in Cranbrook Indeflnltcl)
He reports considerable e\co,emon'
at Movie over prospects ol a rich
strike on the Society (tirl mining
The primary line of the Cranbrook
Klectric Light Co. was changed this
Edwards and Armstn ng.
U K. Nafe circulated a petition to
the city council this week lltl ]R.naif
of lhe tennis, lacrosse, football and
baseball clubs asking that the city
provide a park suitable for the playing of all games <f athletic interest.
Thomas u. |,eask, of the firm ot
I.eask and Johnson. Klko, B.C , was
in the city Monde; Thej have
been operating their mill through the
winter and have several months'
work still ahead, aud will then
move, their mill to a new location,
Thej expect ,, very prosperous season
this  v.-ar.
The  lilst   ueekh   dance ,.[  the    Hex
Theatre orchestra held at the Masonic hall on Wednesdaj evening was
well attended aud n good time enjoyed by those present Another dance
will be held there on next Wednesday
and every Wednesday following. These
dances are invitation and programs
are provided. The music furnished
b*. the orchestra Is exceptionally
good ami the management assure all
who attend that thc> will be shown
a pood linn
Frank Roselli and Cseat Fiedler
had a narrow escape Irom what
might have been a serious accident
today. They were coming to town
from HalsaU'e farm when the pole
fasteninc brote and the buggy was
overturned Mr   Koselll  sustained
severe bruise- and ., nasi) wound on
his shoulder. The overturned buggy
was draped along for about a mile,
!**ing finally stepped by a workman
along 'he road.
At a meeting ol the directors Mon-
day •■! ".!» Men's Club, it was decided to extend the privilcgvs of the
club to ladies- h was decided that
the swimming pool and the gymnasium be reserved lo: ladi* > every Monday aftern(K>n from i to 6.30, and
every Thursday evening Irom 7 to 10.
Membership tor ladies will be Sa.OO.
Among those attending tli-' entertainment and dance at Fori Steele
last night from Cranbrook w^re: Mr.
and Mrs. R. T. Brymner, Miss Uol-
di.\ Miss Iiarlim:, Messrs. A. Ha-
worth, Dr J. II M. Hell and R. W.
Henry. They report the entertainment given for the Diamond Jubilee
hospital a success Kverythinc pas-
««d off smoothly. a large ctowd attended and dancim; w-as continued until the nee sma' hours.
.;:■ nut .iMiouneing a
unique event, a sock s<n*ial. which
will be held in Fraternity hall on
Hednf-sday evening, April f*th, under
th-- auspices of Maple Leaf Itebekab
lodge. No. I". Mi OF Socks in
different colors and sizes are furnished with tb? invitations and the recipient is asked to place in cents inside the sr--k ^n amount equal to
five limes the number of sock worn.
Thi» will serw' as an admission fee
to the entertainment. A programme
has been prepan*d and refreshments
will be served and a gf">l lime is
assured to all who attend.
'Me- time for the registration of
voters closes on next Monday, April
7th and those wbo have not yet
made application tf, be put on tne
list should do 10 a" <-n"- C is the
duty id everj good citizen 'o see
that his name is registered on the
Hal rf voters in ordei to rote at any
Dominion or pro". i:.<\n\ election. Vigorous rfforti have b<-*n made by tlie
partv workers lo tee that ail names
.,:■     aii n*l on    the new   list The
time being v. short man) will bo
■ ...,* |t : hi ;•■•'■ that -i good
:,,,-. , ntativi list ol Mre elector! of
this district will have been filed by
Mnodaj next
sp.i ial preparations f'-r the er,u*r-
Uinment of the usitm^ delegates to
the ttlstrlcl convention ol tlw Ancient
Ord'-r of Foresters will be made by
Court, Cranbrook No 8943, The
meeting will t«- held in Carmen's
hail on April lOtA in the alternoou
arwl m Hie evening th*- lodge has arranged for tlw Auditorium and a
number of invited guests will meet
with the delegates in a social cven-
inu. A programme is being prepar-
i-d, dammg will be indulged in and
refreshments will he served About
twenty visiting delegates from southern Alberta will be in attendance.
farm on the Kootenay Hiver near
Mayook, !M| acres cleared, fi.r» under
cultivation, good buildings of all
kinds, dice 16500.00. See Beale
and Elwell
WANTi;ii.~H\ April 20th single
man to work t-n ranchc, must tm
able to milk nnd drive Wages (HI
per month and board, steady job for
right partv. Apply Dawnall, Hull
Hiver CO., Fast Kootcuav, British
The Voters' Lists have been cancelled, and all must register
before APRIL 7th.
will be open from io a.m. to io
p.m. until April 7th, where Commissioners will be ready at all
times to take your application.
Of tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
F. .1. Deane, Managing
CRANBROOK, B. C, April 3rd, 1913
Being excerpts from an article recently published in Canadian Colliers
concerning the premier ami the political plight, of the province.
II Hritish Columbia were blockaded, wen* the C.P.R.'s single track
dynamited, and the American bonier
blocked—she. eoiihl he starved lo
death in a lew weeks. That is
something for the premier's imperialist and militarist Iriends to think of.
When Sir        Kiohanl        Mc
Bride feelingly exclaimed
"How can yon expect me to
protect this coast if Mr. Horden does
not give me ships!" ihe proper answer would have been: "And where,
good Sir Itichard, would you get
bread and meat, which is quite as
important as ammunition for those
ships if you bud 'em'.'" II would all
depend on the passes being open to
the C.I'.It.—a thing any despised -lap
would .spoil with a single .stick of
dynamite. With a pathetic wave of
a plump hand and n dash of "grand
manner," the little premier exclaims:
"Heboid my great province"—and behold: "it pays more taxes per head
of population than the Indemnity
Germany exacted from France
amounted to per bead—because amateur statesmanship overlooked, in its
anxiety to please capitalists, the
tact that even real estate sharks eat
porridge, and bread, and a little bee!
We eastern Canadians say iu our
hearts: "Hritish Columbia is Conservative!" It comforts some and disturbs others among ns. When election rumors 11 y broadcast, like lire
over the short stubble, and we begin
forecasting results, we say lirst:
"Hritish Columbia and Ontario go
Tory, of course." We do not argue
on this point. It is a custom, a
habit, an unwritten law that Ibis
should be so.
Every few elections do come to
British Columbia, and a ragged procession of frost bitten Liberals   mar-
Going Up!
Real Estate values climb higher
every day. It will pay yon loin-
vest now; then you can hell to good
advantage later, realising u handsome profit.
" Back to the Land "
ia a cry that many are heeding
ihcne days. You know you can't
lone by tire or thieve** if yon invent
in Real Estate,  Talk to oh about it.
Chapman Land & Inv. Co.
Two doors from lhe Rex Theatre
PHONE 401 P.O. Box 426
chew round the walls of this Tory
• lericho, blowing political trumpets,
and otherwise electioneering. Tin-
walls da not even tremble. If n
brick or two fall from thc top of the
wall and n Liberal candidate actually wins* •! British Columbia seat,
the Liberals feel that there must almost he something wrong about il.
They look upon this province as a
political incorrigible. They reeog-
ni/.e the inevitable. They have no
iiuarrel with Kale.
Yet Hritish Cujumhla j.*; not any
more Conservative than lhe parchment was Liberal upon which the
proposed reciprocity pad was writ-.
Icn. The average Pacific coast, Tory
ward man would nol know Sir John
A. Macdlnald from Sir Wilfrid Laurier. In bis ears even the Ht. Hon.
It, L. Borden is only a dull sound,
a muffled report from Ottawa. Those
clubs* which they arc pleased to call
Conservative clubs arc as innocent of
real Conservative principles ns a
SI wash brave in liquor. They would
not know offhand whether their political ancestors were Roundheads or
Cavaliers. They are Tory neither
hy tradition nor principle—only by
practice on polling day. But hr this
ihey are so consistent thai if (he
Liberals promised everything British
Columbia could dream of wanting,
and even showed signs of carrying
OUt the pledges, lhe voters of till!
province would still mark their lial-
fots with the same persistent, monotonous accuracy for the other parly.
Thc Pacific province heeds neither
parlies nor politics, for she stands in
our sisterhood of provinces the betrothed of a man, Sir Richard McBride. For other voices she has no
ear. Oilier names nre mentrlnglcss,
That Sir Itichard Mcllridc happens
to be a Conservative, and that,
therefore, she favors Tory legislators
is mere accident. Wen* McBride
liberal she would ho Liberal. Were
In* Socialist even, Victoria would return a Socialist M.L.A. ft is true
certain chagrined gentlemen say McBride is only tho ambassador of another lover mimed Bowser, whose
power is such that, for reasons of his
own he subjugates British Columhl
to his lH'iichman, Thc situation n
minds other disgruntled gentlemen of
the usual'beautiful maiden obeying
thn commands of the usual cheap
hypnotist—whom they describe with
unkind particularity. Btil lo the eye
ol the world the relationship is only
(he happy one of I'oVcr and bethotll-
ed. Hritish Columbia, therefore, is
not to bo held responsible Tot bit
political actions any more than she
would |» to blame if Mdlride tomorrow attached himself lo the Liberals.
British Columbia is the most pro
mlslng, the most likable, the most to
be admired of our provinces, No
other has more right to Ik- proud, It
is peopled, generally Speaking, with a
number of lhe best Canadians: per
sons of at least some means, because
il takes more money to get lo Ibc
Pacific coast than mere inelhcienls
are likely to have; nun of what,
might he called social courage, because it is a long way from lhe old
smooth-worn grooves of civilization:
men of enterprise, energy, and resource, because there is greater need
and greater opportunity for the exercise of these qualities here. It is
rich in varied resources, nnd it fends
lo breed tncntnl "boldness, moral
courage, temperamental vim, dash,
and vivacity. 1
You mlghl expect from these   con-,
ditiotts,   and     after having hr
the line air   of this province,
filled your eyes with the glory
hills and the in reaching arms of
Votes for
Our Mr. Uarvoy sizes up tlie
movement us follows :—
But think of n Suffragette lire
department. Picture to yourself a
house iu Haines. The nlurni is
rung in. Eight dainty little lire-
women sit up in bed, rub their
sleepy eyes, and lifter n successful
search for klmonas and other
"mysterious rugs," begin tu do up
their hair.
lioys, are you with me, or am I
alone ?
But finally they are off. They
reach the scone of the fire The
ehiefess says, ''CiirlB, isn't that
Lizzie Bean's house V" " Yci
"Well, let it bum. I hale the
He will be buBy next week
checking off a largo shipment o:
Mr. HaynoB has promised to p|iv<
us his views on votes asubovo next
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
mandlng eye. Yon might expect wit,
humor, depth, breadth, or genius!
You might be a little disappointed to
find: Kignre? Ordinary. Brow? Not
bad. * Bye? (rood enough. Wit? fas-
sable. Humor? Scanty, Depth.' Politically! unfathomable. Breadth? t'n-
limited. Statesmanship? Very little.
Hut; bolng British Columbia's lover,
whose chubby aim encircles her
sweet waist, it is for no man lo
throw stones. A had man? No, only
a plain unassuming little politician.
Disappointed? You may be, but then
love is blind,
That is the situation from
ouiside. We easterners have
into the habit of accepting it.
when    a federal Conservative
h Columbia
di Columbia
wants the voles of Briti
he docs not go to Briti
for them, but wires Sir Richard McBride.. ll is with him the bargain
is made, lie is British Columbia.
This may seem like comedy from lhe
outside, hut, if you look closely
enough, il is .serious. Men have the
right lo wonder what, after all, is
thc real relationship between Sir
Richard McBride nnd his province?
Is it, for good or for ill that the
province should Ik; •under a dictatorship'.' And—of deeper significance-
is British Columbia's acquiescence iu
lhe arrangement real and voluntary,
or is it forced? Prom across the
prail'les comes tlie answer: "You bet
it's real! Our little old Dick is sure
somo dandy! Believrj ns!" But
from lhe more thoughtful people of
British Columbia conies no answer,
Sir itichard McBride is their greatest
By one means and another a pedei
tal lias been built under the feet of
Sir Richard McBride, so that he now
looms large in almost every Conservative situation. By judicial press-
ngcnl work, and hy one or two successful gallery 'plays, such as the
lime when Sir Richard ordered a
liflcen-l'housand-dollar reception given Sir Wilfrid Laurier by Hie province, he has become a widely known
figure, London receives him whenever he can make an excuse to get
away. He gets publicity other men
cannot gel.
British Columbians will sometime*
recite lhe. history of this man to
you in a manner as much o£ to say:
"What do you easterners make of
il?" lie is a little over forty, and
yet iu all Hhoso years has mil done,
Ihey say, one thing— except his own
mi nf political courage already referred to—to justify the position he
holds. Born at New Weslminslsr,
son of the Irish warden of the provincial Jail, he passed an ordinary
boyhood, ,an ordinary career at
school and at Dalhoiisie university in
Nova; Scotia. IBs advent in the
practice of law in British Columbia
was most modest, not lo say obscure. IBs achievements la his fusty|
ollice, and before whatever tribunals
his eases led him, were prosaic. Few
people knew of Richard McBride until as ".ludney Dick" he resigned
from thc Dunsmuir ministry on a
minor point, and on the fall of the
Prior ministry, shortly afterward,
was asked to form a government by
Hie lieutenant-governor, because tbe
older, wiser, and seemingly more able
politicians were busy arguing among
themselves, Hesitating, they, were
lost, and McBride found. |
There may be nothing actively  bad   examples,
about the administration. There   arc   ish Columl;
least unrest and opposition, but in
British Columbia popular opinion is
"doped" by the smell of sweet promises; and the opinions of the more
solid and more critical members of
thc community are made ineffectual
by the party machinery.
Visit Victoria. Take the night
boat across the straits lo the capital, breakfast and lunch at the Empress, according to the routine of all
visitors to the island of Vancouver,
and then visit Hie gallery of the leg
Islatlvo chamber. In all that assembly below you there are only two
men i], imposition, and Ihey are Soc
ialists whose very extravagance of
language nullifies ihe slight service
tbey might render the country. These
two members of the "opposition"
cannot even call for a vole, because
three men are required by law. Suppose tbat for some reason tho imposition" wished to leiit, the
feeling of tin* legislature regarding an
ael of I lie prime minister and his
cabinet, the prune minister could
deny them even thai formal privilege
What, then, is lhe use of all these
members tlf the legislature? They are
unnecessary as a "support" to the
government, because the government
needs no supporl beyond ils own political organization outside tho chamber. Most of them are engaged in
hugging close lo the person of the
prime minister and the attorney gen-
oral in order thai at convenient, seasons they may lip Hie ears of these
gentlemen toward their own supplications for public works in Mieir constituencies,
Nol a breath uf scandal has ever
touched Sir Richard McBride and his
cabinet. How could it, with two
lonely Socialists representing the
only possible source of criticism in
the country? The Liberal papers, a
valiant two or three, have long since
worn oul their voices. A young Canadian who went west and took active charge of an opposition paper
was made lo feel the disapproval of
lhe august government, and by the
means of a little judicious pressure
upon his employers, ]iis services were
dispensed with.
Look down. A man has risen in lhe
chamber lo address the assembly. It
is the premier. Beside him—an uneasy figure—sits lhe attorney-general, Mr. Bowser. The premier is a
man rather shori for his weight,
with a large, broad face. The innulii
is small and rather Hon lipped; above
it is n good bold nose and good ey
You can see where it is Ins press
ngenf finds the "distinguished look."
He stands erect wilh chin, slightly
uptilted so as to suggest courage,
spirit, firmness, and aloofness.; Thc
hair has been carefully trained to
resemble Sir -lohn A. Macdonald's or
Sir Wilfrid Lauder's. Beyond these
superficial features there appears no
distinction in lhe man. He is a
plain little gentlcmnn. in a high
place, laboring hard lo make
This gathering of men has control
of enormous revenues and of crown
lands which other provinces arc not
allowed to control for themselves,
Would you believe that last year the
gentle minister of finance had to appeal to his whips to coax him a
quorum out of ihe corridors so that
he niiKht legally present his budget?
Bo you know that a budget, covering
the expenditure of over sixteen n
lion dollars, was passed in one evening with scarcely a word of comment
and no debate? They say that there
has not been a meeting of the public
accounts committee of the legislature
of British Columbia for eight years!
How many eastern Canadians would
want to trust their funds like that,
even with all the money Brilisli Columbia has to spend?
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Tin' constitutional means for controlling ami checking tlio administration <>f tin-, province arc practically n
dead letter. What other factors of
control aiv there? Public opinion is
stultified ami popular opinion drugged. There is nol ami cannot bo an
opposition worthy of lhe name,
simply because the I'machino"—which
is ;i story by itself—docs not want
an opposition. All thai stands between Hritish Columbia and maladministration of its affairs is tlw personal Integrity of Sir Richard McBride and his advisors, ami their ability ;is statesmen. |
Granted tbo Integrity of these men
is proof against tin* enormous temptations to which they are submitted
every minute of every day by lhe
very fact or their uncontrolled power, their wisdom as administrators
is open to assault. For this 1 have
the word of thoughtful non-partisan
British Columbians, bached by a
number of interesting facts, And
granting even thai tlieir Judgment
and executive ability are sound, how
long, asks the Hritish Columbian, can
it be before the frailty which lies in
every man's heart overcomes him nnd
lie overreaches? I
They answer their question with
\o municipality in Brit-
i is safe from the   mod-;
provincial government overruled him
and made an excuse to appoint a
commission to Investigate the religious whims of the colonists, Again,
When thei preachers in Vancouver
had at last roused a feeling against
Mie open vice of the scgregjalod district, and 'when a duly qualified
court In the city, with and by public
approval sentenced twenty prostitutes to the penitentiary at New Westminster, the Mcllridc administration
wired tho jailer not to admit tlio
prisoners; the committal papers were
destroyed, nnd   the women liberated!
These incidents, trivial in themselves, seem to show that already
too much power has upset lhe judgment of the ministry, but the errors
nf the administration do not end
there, Take thc story of the land,
the story of the farm, in British Co-
knnbia. It is In that that, the misfortune of what is potentially the
greatest province in Canada is made
You can buy the best farm land in
Ontario for a thousand dollars an
acre. .You can obtain .some of Hie
best land in what Ontario people Ilka
to call "she Garden of Canada," ia
the Niagara district, for less. Yet so
apparently unaware is the British
Columbia government if the pustules
of sound economics that a farm reasonably near a good market in British Columbia Is worth anything from
$100 to $1,000 an acre, and its products are proportionately valuable.
And British Columbia, remember,
contains some of the best fanning
country in the world. It has uncounted fertile valleys. Fruit from
one or two of them is already famous in the shops of London. Its potatoes are the wonder of the C.P.R.
dining cars. Its vegetables have a
flavor belter far than ever Ontario
vegetables can boast, and yet tlio
products of the farm In Vancouver
and Victoria ale almost as valuable
us flour iu n winter-bound mining
camp. The man Who owns even 0
few, acres in British Columbia, and
can get his goods to market, has no
need to bay oil shares or gold stock.
A good cow is better than a patenl-
modlolno factory, A wife who can
make butter may soon buy all tin'
fussy bats s*he can see on Granville
street. But amid thousands of
acres of Unexcelled soil, nourished
hy a henelieicul sun and a versatile
climate, farms are a rnritj!
The population of Brilisli Columbia
has gone ahead rapidly, but not     In
the  country,
tion has been In
crease  in   tho ci
In 11)11   British
$28,000,000   of
which sh»    had
half.      In 11113
sea, thnt the man tn who
pledged its trust would be <
of a hero; big, striking, wol
a line figure, a   noble brow
aud |
of i,<
i il has!
omothing <
h While; I
some cases of    duty neglected,    and illing tendency of the provincial gov-
one in particular which is very   srr- eminent, as. for instance, in the ad-
lous—of   which I wish lo speak     In ministration ol the license law    the
Ihis article.       But the state of   the cities and   towns arc under control—
machinery   of legislation ami admin- as I shall endeavor to show in     the
isl ration is sumciently abnormal to
warrant tho uneasiness felt by
thoughtful, nonpartisan British Co-
!himbians, Under the administration
of Mr. Diaz, in Mexico there wns    at
second article—of the heart of tho
Conservative machine. tn another
Instnncc, when n magistrate attempted to deal wllih an act. of lose majesty committed by certain settlers, the.
Too large a propor-j
the cities—an    in-j
uisiiming population. I
Columbia ate about
farm     produce,   of ■
to import over oul
she ate about $34,-J
000,000,  of which she product il   her-,
self about    $20,(1110,000 worth—a per-]
centage of   the    domestic production
was, of  course, exported.,   Most   ot
Vancouver's   butter comes from New
Zealand, and even that, was five cents ,
a pound cheaper   when   I was there,,!
In -lanuary, than the domestic milter
that nad not paid freight nil One way
from     the   antipodes.     Milk, in    a
house I   know of, was costing fifteen,
cents a quart.       Thsy bought potatoes hy the    pound.      la short, al- ,
though tht scale of wages and salaries is higher iu British Columbia
than in .Toronto or Montreal, tho
cost of living is much higher. 1
hesitate to state the price, the grocer
quoted on new-laid eggs, for fear 1
may have made some sort of mistake
in my notes.
If tho farmer receives high prices
he must also pay high prices, as I
have already indicated. A number
of families from the south of England have taken up farms in Vancouver Island at astonishing eost./rhey
have the means. They like the
climate. It is their privilege to pay
what) they please. But the plain
working farmer who has to slave,
and slave hard for his living, cannot
afford to pay those prices. Land is
too dear.
The only possible explanation runs
this way: Sir Richard McBride, finding himself with a rich province under his hands, with vast areas of
crown lands, such as other provinces
have not been given—and with no one
to caro what he did—did what any
amateur might have done, neglected
tho farm. lie gave away timber
rights,.' mining rights, fishing rights,
and so on, because it made him
Iriends and caused 0 spectacular increase of population in British Columbia. Also, it was thfl easiest
thing to do. As a result he has
made real estate a paying business*
and that, is about all. This doughty
little general left his commissariat
behind, and although mine, and forest, and sea may yield millions,
British Columbia must send an,enormous proportion o[ its total millions
back to tho.se countries where men
have not forgotten the importance of
keeping food in the house.
A land settlement policy and a
railway policy were the first things
Hritish Columbia required. The railway policy she has, at a price, but
since money is no object to t'lie
province, and if has u balance id
about $7,111111,1X111 lying idle iu the
bank, that point is easily dismissed.
But land'
"Who," asks the amiable minister
of finance in his 1013 budget speech,
''is to bold as to maintain that agriculture has not made great strides
in our province'' In 1008 there were
eight officials in our agricultural department. In 1012 there were twenty-four.   .   .   ."
Astonishing facts! You can, moreover, get. all soris of Information
about how to spray apple blossoms
and kill bugs if you are a gentleman
fruit "Rawncher" in the vicinity of
Vernon, for example, hut that is
about all. The answer to the finance minister's declamatory out-
hurst came from one of the lone
Socialists, II. C. Brewster, who rose
in his seal iu the legislature. a'"!
"1 challenge any minister lo go into anv public office of the government and get; information where to
(hut good land to settle on!"
That i.s thc point: Good land to
settle on.
And the. challenge was taken, up
only hy a Liberal1 newspaper, Who
sent a reporter to find out, and found
us hundreds of .others have 'found,
no tiling.
If a man want.*    land tor ftiriiiing
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jd British Columbia, he must either
pay a fancy price for il from (speculators, or he must choose at his own
risk a piece of land, clear it, cultivate it, build his home on it,i and all
on the chance that at lhe end of a
year, or two years, or three, lie
would be told that thc laud had been
claimed by another matt—probably
somebody's political friend—and that
he is a trespasser.
I went over to Victoria nnd applied for informal inn regarding lands
open to net Hers. I wanted to
settle What maps had they? What
lands were open lo Battlement? What
terms could I get ii on? The terms
were easy enough. Sq Itlllcll for wild
lands, and so much Tor prairie, etc.
Kor maps—Ihey handed mo C.l'.H.
'folders. What lands were open to
settlement? Nobody knew. Von Bottled at your own risk. There were no
maps or records covering lite prov
llico so us to lei the settler know exactly when* he could pie ompt a
I heard on good nUlhorltj ot a
limn who trekked into a certain wilderness where he discovered n very
fertile valley. He slotted h'insell ,\
claim according to the law, und Wen*t
out to tile it.    before he got    hack
the valley had been slaked nil around
him. Within a low days he beard
from the government that he had
made n mistake— had staked some-
fcody else's claim, and must needs
yield io that prior right. In
short, there is no ready moans ol
knowing in Hritish Columbia whether
the land you think is yours nus not
been slaked by somebody else. The
safe way to do is to become a violent supporter of the McBride administration, anil do not hide your light
under a bushel either. Otherwise the
machine might forgot thai you knew
the password,
(Continued on page six). THE   CRANBUOOK    IIJSIIAJM)
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elckljr. and was a constant source of
worrlment. Several months ago we
commenced to give her Vlnol. I Immediately noted an Improvement ln
her health and appearance. I gave
her three bottles of Vlnol, and from
the good It has done her I can truly
say It will do all you claim."
This child's recovery was due to
the combined action of the medicinal
elements extracted front cods' livers,
—combined with the blood-making
end strength-creating properties of
tonic Iron, which are contained In
Vlnot will build up and strengthen
delicate children, old people and the
weak, run-down and debilitated. We
return the money ln every case where
It falls.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
School Report
~    . 8     ui 9
Teacher . S      rt "2
~ li il
&      5  *      *  *
Division 1.—
J.    L, Cranstan.. II     12.03   85.9.1
Division 2 —
35     20.(10   82.80
.. 20 21.00 75.51
. 48 37.(10 78.33
11 32.23 78.61
11 32.30 78.78
17 30.00 82.0
Mr. Dexter   ..
Division 3.—
Miss Darkis   .
Division •!.—
Miss Bcchtcl
Division 5.—
Miss Suttaby
Dlvislon 0.—
.Miss Richards
Division 7.
Miss Hiucocks
Division 8.
Miss I'artwrijrJil 38 30.37 82.07
Division 0.
Miss Faulkner ... 88 31.10 88.85
Division 10.
Miss Macdonald 3d 31.13 86.4S
Division 11.
Miss Roihnie    .. . 51     37.53   81.2ft
415   331.10   M.2li
Division 1\. (MtfiB KanlVnei
tcaditr) wins tlie Nelson Shield lot
highest percentage ol aWondancc,
Division 1.
WlllrW Dallas.
Jessie Kennedy.
Tom lYnnclal her.
Ash ton Powers.
Division 2.
Prank Datnford,
Viiuriit Flhk,
Hoberl nuroh.
Arthur lluieh.
McUoid t'aisoii.
(HatUs llicki-iil)o(iiatn
(Iraeie Hlggtns.
Irving Leask,
Marion l.cilch.
Prances Drummond.
ilesslo Hunter,
Division 111.
Philip Drtggs.
Alice Brown.
Mina Carson,
IVIin Carson. •'
Itnssel St. Eloi,
Winnilml Webb.
Herbert Pyles.
Division 4.
Howard Armstrong.
Melville Dallas.
Mary Dunning.
Hugh Fraser.
Agnes Reekie.
Margaret St. Eloi.
Division 5.
Muriel Baxter.
Irene Beech.
Mali Bing.
(lladys Hrookcs.
Kddle Brown. ,
Ng Wai Hoy.
Dewey McNeil.
Violet Simpson.
Keith Wasson.
Florence Rutledge.
Mabel McOoldrle.
David Watson,
Division 6.
Nina Belanger,
Allan Brown.
Christine Carson,
•Jennie Hopkins,
■leannette Jones.
Wilfred Kennedy.
Joe Pattlnson.
Cecil Readc.
frarftold Taylor.
Verne Woodman.
Division 7.
Mamie Bartlam.
Malcolm Belanger.
Robert  Beaton.
Kathleen Brown.
Charles Clapp.
Marion Drummond.
Hugh Hannah.
Gertrude Hopkins.
Margaret Lacey.
Russell Leask.
Barry MacDonald.
Pearl Pratt.
David Reekie.
Donald Dallas.
Everett Williams.
Ella McGoldrlc.
Joseph Swain.
Division 8.
Norman Beech.
Norval Caslake.
Artlmr Gill.
Gab rid la Hamilton.
Sam Watson.
Stanley Fylcs.
Margaret Mcl.auriu.
Division 9,
Cordon Armstrong.
Vera Baxter.
Stanley Blower.
Thomas Hoggarth.
Eneas Hoggarth.
Vera Lister.
On Mow.
San Moon.
Kitty Rosindale.
Gilbert Simmons.
Division 10.
Gerald Bartlam.
Bonnie Blayncy,
Harold Dow.
Dorothy Davis,
Sibyl Macdonald.
Roland McLean.
Margaret. Parr.
Bernlce Pratt.
Ernest South.
Raymond St. Eloi.
Division 11.
Heotot Donaldson.
Jack Kirkland,
Samuel llayakawn.
George Coleman.
John Drew.
Jean Donaldson.
Division 10,
Jack Murdoch,
Him Hint1,
Ruby Lister.
Kdna Freek.
Ernest South,
Hugh Willard.
Dorothy Davis.
Sibyl Macdonald.
.limmic Mediums.
Don Kwin.
Walter Freek.
Gerald Bartlaui.
Harold Dow.
Doilgl&S Russell.
Helen Hreiiinicn.
Dorothy Dulortll.
Helen Me.Goldrie.
Eva Coil walloper.
Stanley Kemball.
Walter' Lee.
Norma Wallinger.
Promoted   from   Second Primer
First Reader.
Ella Kendall.
Vein Baxter.
Patricia McDermot.
Michel Moore.
Frank Roberts.
Jack Ward.
James Logan-
Jack .Stevens.
Annie Johnson.
Thomas Hoggarth.
Eneas Hoggarth.
Ida Dunning.
Kitty Rosindale.
Gilbert Simmons.
Gordon Armstrong.
Christopher Ducheriug.
Phyllis Small.
On Mow.
James George.
William George.
Isabel Parker.
Mary Sommerville.
Una Brogan.
j Promoted     from    Junior   to Senior
First, Division 8.
■ lames Mcl.auchlan.
Norman Beech.
Ruth Simpson.
Faith Kwin.
Maude Malcolm.
Louise Kelsey.
Freddy Brlggs.
Dudley Stone
John Moore.
Sam Watson.
Stanley Moffat.
Margaret McLaurin.
Promoted   from Second Primer
First Reader.
Oabriella Hamilton.
Lcnore Hill.
Jackie Moffat.
Kathleen Atchison.
Artlmr Gill.
Faye Dow.
Alice Brake.
Margaret Carr.
Stanley Fyles.
Lenorc Little.
Ethel Clapp.
.Nettie Johnson.
Ivan Burch.
Charles Musser.
Roderick 'Kennedy.
Wilma Parks.
James Kemball.
Elizabeth Chapman.
Howard Brogan.
March Report. *
Order ol
Div.      No. on Roll. P.O. At. merit
1 5 70. 7
2 14 06.8 1
3 12 70.8 II
Sr.4 7 B4.3 3
■111 18 64.3 4
4 18 01.(1 3
fi               20               77.5              4
Alb. II. Webb.
oil, and is to (ly for about eleven
hours at ninety miles anjiour f< r the
Azores tii)). Then be will lake on
lour thousand pounds ol gasoline, and
the flight to Halifax will last twenty-two hours at a somewhat slower
Speed. This German transatlantic
! machine is to be a monoplane ol no
less than 33 feel in length and 5Q
feet spread, having a supporting surface of 540 square feet. Tho weigh!
nf the aeroplane is 1.500 pounds,
and the framing is of steel tubes.
It is to have two revolving-cylinder
motors each driving^mo propellor.
Wireless apparatus and searchlights
will In* carried on hoard. This may
be another east*    where wireless will
prove useful al   sea.
I Nit'
I Hi
■ Itcf
■ly ntttnn* Bray lin
! pit bo.   IT IS NOT A DVE.-111.1 will noi in-
Jure the nculu.   Suiisfniii,»ii Kuumnttwl ormoiiuj
refunded,   Prlcaone dollar.   Sent post paid.
Dept. 13. Toronto, Ont.
Date of the admiralty memorandum
which Mr. Borden said disclosed  the
London, October 25th, 1912.
Karliest-daie on which this memorandum could have reached Ottawa	
November 2nd, 1912.
Date oa which the Borden cabinet
decided to give the emergency contribution of $35,000,000	
October 17th, 1912.
Date on which Hon. F. D. Monk
resigned, writing Mr. Borden,
"I regret to find I cannot concur
in the decision arrived at by the
cabinet- yesterday 1o place on lie*
hall of Canada an emergency contribution of $35,000,000 at the disposal
ol tho British government for naval
October IRth. 1912.
How can the public understand the
dash between Mr. Borden's statements and the facts'
Albany, Ore., March 25.—Dr. Harvey W, Wiley, for many years chief
chemist ol the United States de-
partiueat ol agriculture, spoke in
Albany tonight.
He said human life is the cheapest
thing there is; that five times as
much is spent for the care and improvement of animals than for human beings. Dr. Wiley urged strict
medical and dental inspection ol
school children to ward oil disease,
nnd declared; ''Children do not have
to have measles and .whooping
cough, their mothers just think so.
They will not have them unless they
catch them somewhere. The same
is true ol tuberculosis and typhoid
He said the average age ol people,
now 44 years, could be made 58
years just as easily hy scientific eugenics adopted in each community.
Calgary, Altn., March 26.—Calgary
Typographical union, which Is back
ol n movement to bring th* 1911
convention of tho International Typographical union to tbis city, today wired President Lynch, International head, suggesting that they invite Dr. Friodniann to Colorado
Springs, where the Printers Home is
located, with tho idea ol treating
tubercular printers with his scrum
for the cure ol tuberculosis. Accompanying the suggestion was
oiler of $100 towards a land, to
which it is proposed all tbe typographical unions in the United States
and Canada shall contribute in tho
event of Dr. Friedmann's acceptance
ol the proposal.
Tho aviator Bccktnann, of Cologne,
is preparing to make a sensational
flight across the Atlantic next
spring Irom Europe to America. He
intends to start from the Da Rocha
Gape in West Spain and fly aceoss to
Fereheira, the first of the Azores Islands, or 1,009 miles. From there lie
is to attempt tlte flight across the
ocean to Halifax, which will mean
about 1,800 miles. He wilt take on
board 2,00(1 pounds of gasoline    nnd
l ween the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north of a point one ,nile east
of the intersection of the east side
line of the Mclnnes Group and the
north side line ol the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being lhe initial post ol A. K. Way-
land's claim and marked "A. 12.
Wayland's northeast corner,'' thence
80 chains south, thence Kit chains
west; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains east, to place ol beginning,
containing 040 acres, more or less.
Located .lanuary 21, 1913.
A. E. Wayland, Locator,
Datlce Lameroux, Agent. J)-lit
Every mother ■houl.l realize
. (hat ihe I It In of her baby is io
tender tuai the lecretlom of
tho body often lend to rn-thes,
eruptions, etc., all oi which may
be removed by 2,>m- Juk. Scorei
of reitleii, crying LnMea, upon
•Xatminat'on, are found to he
tuff3Tlr.* from some farm of skin
Irritation or "heat " Don't i>t
tho little one mifcr when Zum.
Bu!; will cure I
Mr*. 1.. I.o d.of H'> Aloximdot Avenue,
W in.lp,tf, Mitt: *l lime provul tin:
Tahiti ' i /hiii-link wiii'ii upplicii lu
oblldren'4 nuron. Homo uo»iy mjio» \i oko
out --.round iny fonliy h inunlli, ami <:i -■■■: ,>
all tlio iircpaml !»iw iimul. tluty rufi.M it tu
.ie..l.   I Uiori liiin tn.S:. liomf.i,-,! Iiimi-i ul
mil no remained t|i«ire fur two wo k«.
At the ami o*'tbat time Iujwuhiio b*Ui-r,
and we nBiin tank him liuim*. I wan
thenadrlni-d to trv/iim-link mid obtained
a supply. Tiic effect of i ho Aral few uppll-
cations wiw very uratifylnp*, and I coil*
tinuud wltbtheuiQOt Ibo luilm. A Hale
Mrs. K. Corker, of Yorkloti, Suk,,M*/i: "My
Kttlfl itby Klrlhurtft Imtl niniiiti.* iort* r»!l iwr
htr liUU eh in. A few applknl iom ol Zuin-lnil<
hr*.\*ti tlie sore In inch a perfect manner thut
no rear w*. k-ft bvhiail."
Bcorri of •iniilar cues could l* *]iiot#d,
Z*iti-Huki*»l«ioliilfly pure '■oiiuiiihiiiiiuiiii'!
anlnal faU, no mineral onlorinK muttT, no
Htrin-ftiit poboni. It I* the ideitl balm fur
Bak cum taema, ruhei, riiipwnttn,
' haiidi, •cilrvv.liei.t rutin, cuts, tiiirni,
ittoera, diKharrinf aorei, and all akin injuria
aad (ti»fkw«t. CrUc. bo\, all drneL-i-ih and itnrta.
•r ZaaiBuk Co., Toronto, for price, Oun't
take UMriakof mlDf harmful itniiatlonil
tliat the Canadian Pacific Railway
Com-pany, as Lessees and exercising
the franchise of the Kootenay (
tral Railway, did on thc 28th day
of February, 1913, deposit in the
Nelson Registry office, as Number
759.J. Plan, Profile and Book ol Reference of a portion of tlio Kootenay
Central Railway trom a Point *rx
Lot 8107 t0 a Point in Lot 120,
Kootenay District "Revised Location," Mile 27.951 lo Mile 33.89.
Dated at: Winnipeg this 2uth     day
nf March, 1913.
P. Mcpherson,
Right ol    Way    and     Lease   Agent,
Western Lines. 13-21
thirty days alter date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District ol
Kast Kootenay for a, license to prospect (or coal and petroleum on thc
following described lands, situate on
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific   Railroad and lying    be-
Aplin, of Baynes Lake, B.C., Rancher, intends to apply for permiss
In purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted
at or near the southeast corner ol
Lot 6231, Group 1, Kootenay (lis
triet, thence south *19 chains; thenco
west 40 chains; thence north 10
chains; thence east. H) chains to
point of commencement, containing
190 acres, more or less.
Dated March 22ml, 1913.
P, J. II. Aplin,
Clarence W. Muirhead, Agent.
Located March 7th, 1913.       13-101
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands for the District of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc
following described lands, situate on
the North Fork ol Michel Creek,
about six miles north of thc Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted af
A. E. Wayland's northeast corner,
same being the initial post of R. G.
Belden's claim, and marked "R. G.
Belden's northwest corner"; thence
80 chains south; thence 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains west to place of beginning,
rontaining 640 acres, more or less.
Located .January 21, 1913.
R. G. Belden, Locator,
Batiee Lameroux. Agent. 9-fit
ItiAirunrotMl 1R6D
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $11,500,000
ll. S. HOLT, President      E. L. PEASE, General Manager
Accounts of Pinna, Corporations apil Individuate solicited.
Onl-of town business receives every attention.
SAVINGS DKI'AltrMENT-Depositeof 11.00 and upwarda received
aud interest allowed at current rate.   So formality or delay In
A General Banking Rueineat transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
A Good   Home
is wlmt is 'lour to overy ninn. A homo
is where Pence, Comfort, Contentment,
und Plenty is (omul, That is tho reason
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think o( tho
provisions Jos. lirault hns made (or an
ideal home at tho
Canadian Hotel !
il If You Want
Your house connected with the new sewerage sj'Btcm,
PHONE .140. Our work guaranteed. Estimates of coBt
cheer(ully given.
The Crtvnbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing
tvnd Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
CAPITAL, $15,000.000 REST, $12,500,000
Issued by Tlie Canadian Bank of Commerce, arc a safe, convenient nnd
inexpensive method of remitting small sums of money. These Orders,
payable without chur^c at nny bnnk in Canada (except in the Yukon
Territory) and in the principal cities of tlie United States, are issued at
the following rates:
$5 and under    3 cents
Over     5 and not exceeding $10      H    "
"     10      " " :to .10    •'
"     30       " " 50 15     ■<
should be made by means of our SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS and MONEY
ORDERS.    Issued without delay ul reasonable rates.
R. T. Hrymner, Hanager Cranbrook. B, C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED - $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 6.685.000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 6.eo5,000.00
TOTAL ASSETS         - - S72.000.000.00
D. R. WILKIE, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations.   Municipalities,
Farmers anil Private Individuals invited,
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
(lie world.
SAVINGS DKa'AUTMENT - Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Do|>o8its of 11.oil and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit,
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
*■♦♦<><>.>.,.».•..%>•>.!♦ >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *********:   ************
No iluiimr "f luportlllg |K*tS.   No u-;ury tr.itn fiitnignlixt.
Notifying out in conm ol •-iupm'-m
All mir ir«-«it urw M*fstand in fri)et-[iri*'E ■ *-llar*.
H    Qf  Therefore prate
inn>e]f by I'livimi uur Trrr»
aii-I I'riiv Lint to
KtttuliI.H.ifi, 1000,   One bnnilred ami twenty-rive *.<:**••
Representative: F. H. WORTH!NOTON
N.B.—We have DWARF stock in Mdnto*h Red, wealthy, .innathnn, Coxa
Grunge. Ontario, Northern *•[ y and W:igTUtT
Are tb'' rrafeonfl for my groat inceeaa in ..11 ■! **;■.**+' f m»*r. ■
i k»«>*.> abreast ■,( the tin.*?' nn'i adoptatervBtn rueiho*! *
that lui- proved neeeatfnl.   Tbi* explaina whj I Haul- t
titiltrMt ipecinllit in 8pokane aiifl hate b»wii (or wren ynr* j
in the ia me location,  Nocaae turned aaejf, uril*>*v> [thi in- t
ROrahle.  l trekomaeaaea that otb*n have tailt**! t<. r^flere. J
My uwu ■pedal methodacan arbm* atben fail. i f
OURIUUSTRATEDBOOKin I Visit °ur Ff«      «h
FOB THE ASKING       |    Anatomical Museum j jj
[f j«iu cannot vit.it tnt* penonalljr.da «•* hanii**-]-
oibfpt liiive done aad «rt* doing.   v\ rfte me full -ietHii* c,f
your cobb and I  trill pmcrib* my tn-ntmHtm thntar
(filiinintt'nl t,i rtir»every •■ai* thin ic not  iocnrnblfl     N
1'iirc— no pay.
210 Howard St.
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have some Gilt Edged Original Prairie Townsfbw
(not stib-divisionst. whirli appeal to tbe Intelligent invus-
tor, nnd wc Intend to jmt on an extensire advertising cam.
luiitiii in OBANBROOE as soon as we complete arrangements With h fi-st.class man, who can follow nn inquiries,
We mail tlie district thoroughly, The riidit man who will
apply himself can make tliis a permanent anil very profit.
able position. Apply II. \V. McCnnly, 602 Temple Bnild-
ing, Toronto,
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Arzent
Phone ijo Cranbrook, B. C.
**************************** TIIE   OBANT.ROOK   HERALD
The Blue Amberol
is a New Record for the Edison Phonograph
It is not only proof against
injury, but will never be worn
out by constant playing
But the most wonderful record you can buy. You
thing about the Blue Am- must hear a Blue Amberol
berol is its perfect tone and to appreciate its true
the lifelike quality of j|*i*\ worth. Your Edison
its reproduction. In uS iff dealer will play some
this respect alone it pgf! I for you on an Edison
is superior to any    | Phonograph.   Ask
other phonograph   J him today.
Thomaa A.Ediaon, Inc., 100 Lakeside Ave, Orange,N. J.,U.S.A.
A completa line of Ediaon Pbonof rapha and Recorda will be found at
"The Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd."
"the Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd."
News of the District
.dh aa\ aaVa* AAA AA AAA A AA A AA AA AAA A A A A A A t
(Special correspondence),
Thc Angela Murray Gibson show
gave a very pleasant performance on
Wednesday, niRlit, tu a large mid appreciative audience. It was good
Irani beginning to end.
Mrs*. <»corge I lay ward had her
little son into Cranlironla Thursday
to see the doctor. He has never
clearly recovered irom the measles,
M*r. P. Lund left Wednesday morning on a. business trip to the coast,
poses   could be used for lhe fair and
fur a horse show,      If arrangonicn
aro  completed     tlie   Country    club
would    'lake over   lhe grounds
which   the   presenl     race I rack mid
polo grounds are situated.
A general   meeting  of ibe Wind.
I mere   District    Hospital assueialion
has been called for next week when
j ii is anticipated -that the arrange-
. ments for tlie stalling of the    eon
structlon of a new thoroughly up-lo-
; date hospital on the presentation
I site in     Invermere Heights will    be
lohn Martin railed in to   the   hrnughl to perfection and the    work)
hospital Thursday night.     Mr. Mar
tin is worse again.
Mrs. B reckon ridge and Mrs. P
liUml were ut Pernio Friday last.
-lack Heric, Henry La Point and
Elmer Carver look in tho Robertson-
Mortimer, sorap at Cranbrook Friday
The season tor tlie taking ol
mountain trout opens mi May 1. A
little hard on our ambitious ones.
Billie Barclay, salesman for lliL.
company, visited with friends al
Cranbrook Saturday and Sunday.
Oscar Buck, of the store stalT, was
with Cranbrook friends Saturday.
Charlie Martin dropped oil a few
minutes Sunday after seeing his
lather at, Cranbrook.
Mr. Carlln, of Fort Steele, was in
town Monday. Seems good to see
one of the old timers around again,
Billie Green is once more in our
little town seeing old friends. W
arc always glad to sec the old boys
Mr. and Mrs. Chase for some lime
employed with P. Lund at his ranch,
left Wednesday fur Calgary. Mr.
Chase has been in very poor health
lor some time.
The church choir intend nndering
the much expected song service in
the very near future. A good attendance would, we feci sure, greatly
encourage them in the work.
Ml. Coffee, ol P. Burins and Co.,
Cranbrook, called Tuesday iu thc in
forests of the firm.
(.Special to lhe Herald).
Invermere, H. ('., March .'11.—The
Windermere District Hoard of Trade
held their annual ball this week, Tho
music was good, the floor perfect ami
the attendance large.
Baseball clubs have been formed
this year iu Athalmere aud tills
place. One has boon in existence
lor several years past in Wiliiiii,
which immediately adjoins ihe tw
places mentioned, These three clubs
will form a local league;
The secretary of the Windermere
District Agricultural association has
been busy with the directors for
some time past in tbe preparation of
a prize list nnd a set of by-laws for
the governance of the oncoming fair
and the general ruling of the association. These have now been com
piet-iil and are in tho printers hands,
The prize list will be ready for distribution in sufficient time to enable
prospective exhibitors to determine
what they had better specially cul
Wv'ate in order to compete at the
fair, whieh takes place on the 1st,
2nd and third of September. With
the end in view ol having a plac
ready for the exhibition the director
nt the Athalmere Hink Co., Limited
A movement is also on foot to perfect the Country club for the district in order thnt Ihey may get up
their proposed buildings which would
include tin- erection of » large pavll-
llnn  which in addition to other pur-'
shortly afterwards gone on with.
Owing to tibe proposed work on the
Kootenay Central railway it
thought that tbo present hospital
is creditable and all though it is, will
not be sufficiently adequate to meet
the requirements and stand for the
added strain put upon if by lhe
great 'influx of population, Tbe plans
for lhe new building have all been
(From the Creston Review)
Miss Lena Cartwclght is spending a
week at her home at Krickson.
Miss Creelman spent her Faster
holidays with friends at Kitchener.
The C.P.R. has a train at work on
this line, which is widening tbe
dumps all along the line.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Carpenter and
family left on Tuesday for Hamilton,
Ontario, where be has been called by
tlie serious illness of his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Browell, of Canyon City, spent a few days in Creston this week, tho guests of Mrs.
Hrowell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.
IT. Hickey.
G, M. Gunn, formerly provincial
constable of Creston, hut now of
Trout Lake, was q Creston caller
couple of days this week. He lefl
Croflton on Tuesday fur Ottawa, Ontario, where he experts to transact
some legal business.
.!. J. Grady, who lus been spend
ing a few mouths at Ogden, Al
herta, returned to Creston Wednesday. He says (hut it secins quite
good to get to Creston again where
Ihe climate is warm, as at Alherta
there is nnich snow, and thev tin*
having the best sleighing of Ihe sen-
son Ihere at this time.
It. L. T. OWbrallll, Indian agent
from Fort Steele, wns a Creston
visitor this week. He reports that
the conditions at the mission ale in
very good condition ut the present
time and expects thai everything
will go <>n peaceably in the future
He also stated Ilia! lhe matter nf
enlarging the reservations nl different places throughout tho province
was placed in the hands of live men
who will have sole charge of lhe sit
nation and it will probably he about
a year and a half yet before they
will be able to reach as far as Creston,
The body of an unknown man, evidently a lumberjack, was found by n
section foreman along the track between Port. Hill, Idaho, and Cope-
land, which bad apparently .been dead
several days. Identification was
impossible. Search disclosed a hat
and an open razor, badly rusted, on
lhe hill among the trees about ISO
feet from the body. The mini was
aboul five feet four incites, wilh gray
hair and wore u dark suit of clothes,
rubbers und while socks. lllooil
stains on the clothes and other articles indicate that he cut. his throat.
Ottawa, April 2.-In tbe fifteen
years during whjeh the late Liberal
government' held office, the numbers
of postmasters dismissed for all
causes was 1,810. In the lirst fifteen months of the Horden regime
lhe number of postmasters dismissed
was no less than 1,170. In these
fifteen months there were also dismissed 120 other post office employers. Judging from his work so
far, tho present postmaster general,
Hoik L. P, Pelletier, Nationalist
btils fair to beat the fifteen year record of tho Liberals in two years
In Saskatchewan the number ot
postmasters dismissed between October H, 1911, and February :.,
1913, was 74; in Alherta 41; in Manitoba 541; Hritish Columbia IB; Prince
Edward Island 59; New Brunswick
I 111; Nova Kcolia 213; Ontario .129,
and Quebec, no less than 472.
Spokane, Wash., April 1.—After
ten years'* legal battle fought before state and federal supreme
courts and in congress, for possession
of right-of-way up the San Poll
Valley, in Eastern Washington, thi
Great Northern has announced its
withdrawal, leaving the field to the
Spokane and Hritish Columbia railroad.
In announcing ils withdrawal t(
.1. M. Johnson, agent for the Col
ville Indian reservation, the Great
Northern oners to pay all damages
caused by ils surveys and attempts
at construction work in Indian al
Last, summer congress passed an
act giving both roads equal rights
tho much-sought valley. The withdrawal of the Great Northern leaves
clear right-of-way for the Spokane
and Hritish Columbia from Spokani
to Miles, Wash., following the Spokane river, and from Miles to the
south of the San Poll, following the
Columbia river, and from tlie mouth
of the San Poil lo Republic, Wash
following the San Poil valley.
All residents of thc province of
British Columbia who wish to carry
firearms, to trap, or act as guides
must first obtain a license.
The following arc tho fees which
will be charged:
Ordinary license, $2..r>0.—This license only permits the holder to
hunt birds and deer (but not moose,
wapiti and caribou).
General License, $5.—This license
permits the holder to hunt birds
and all -big game.
Special License, $10.—This license
permits thc holder to hunt birds, all
big game, and also to trap.
Guide   License,    $5.—This   license
only allows the holder to act
a guide.
All licenses are issued subject to
the provisions of the "Game Act,'
and expire on March 31st ot each
Farmers must have licenses. The
"Ordinary License" will, however, he
issued to them free of charge, but
only holds good on the land
which they reside, a description of
which must he on thc back of the
Prospectors .must have licenses.
The "Ordinary License" will, however, be issued to them free of
charge, but only lo hold good during
(lie open season and while they ate
actually engaged in prospecting.
Indians arc exempt from all licenses.
The Canadian mililia are exempt
while on duty.
Licenses can be obtained from the
provincial game warden, any deputy
game warden or government agent,
or other persons hereafter authorized
to issue same.
Any resident can obtain a license
by sending the necessary fee, which
must he accompanied by proof of his
being a resident. (Qualification is,
being actually domiciled and in actual residence in the province for six
Farmers applying by letter must
give the number of acres and a description of their land.
Prospectors applying by letter
must give tho number of their miner's license, date of Issue, >and by
whom issued.
Licenses will nol be Issued to boys
under 16 years of age unless at tho
request of a parent or guardian, who
must undertake that the boy will only carry firearms under his supervision or that of some responsible li-
censo bolder.
Pump or Repeating Rhot-Guns.—
The Use of automatic guns is entirely prohibited. Pump or repeating
guns mush not have magazines capable of holding more than ono cartridge.
Pit-Lamps—It is illegal for nny
person In have in his possession
headlights and firearms between one
hour after SUnSCt ami one hour before
Dogs —It is unlawful to allow dots
For Hair Health
If Rexall "93" Hair Tonic does
not Improve the health oi your
acalp and hair, v/e will pay for
what you use during the trial.
We could not bo strongly endorse.
Rexall "03" Huir Tonic and continue
to sell it to tho mime people if it did
not do all wo claim. Should it not
prove entirety rotiafnotaiy our customers would tow faith In us, wo
would lose their putronogo, nnd our
business would Buffer.
I If your hair is fiillinn out or you
Buffer uny scalp trouble, we bclicvu
Rexall "iM" Hair Tonic will do nioro
to eradicate the dandruff, give health
to the Bcalp, stimulate new hair
growth and proven! prematura baldness than any other human ugi'iicy*
We want yon Id make us jnovo
this. We ask yon lo rink no money
whatever. I3uy tl bottle of Hexali
"93" Hair Tonlo, use it according to
directions for thirty days; then if
you are III I entirely BftUaHcd, come,
and tell us and wo will promptly hand
back the money you paid us for it.
We won't ask you to sign anything, nor even lo bring tho iKitllu
back,   \Va won't obligate you in
any way. Wo will take your meni
word. ('Mild iinyt'iiiig he more fair?
Could we do anything more to prove
our belief in Hexali " 03 " Hair Tonic,
und our honesty of purpose iu recommending it to j on?
Hexali "03" QntrToutalsns pleasant to 11.10 as sjit-iiif; water and lias
but a faint, plcnaing odor. It cornea
iu two sizes of bottles, 60a and $1,00.
You can buy Rexall "03!' Hair Tonto
in this community only at our store:
Cranbrook llr..in., Columbia
Th* %#att, Stor*
Tbem in a lU'inll Store in neatly every town
niiii oily in llu- United .suite;,, Cuntula unit
Great Britain. There U a dilTcrent ltd all
Remedy for nearly every ordinary human ill —
•such especially ricfiRnod for lhe particular ill
for which It is recommended.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest
Drug Stores
lo run deer at any linir or to hunt
birds between April 15th and August
Prohibition of Shooting in Vicinity of Vancouver and Victoria.—Further limitation ot shooting on saltwater In the vicinity of Vancouver
and Victoria have been made. Sec
'"Gaine. Act" or inquire for particulars.
A. Hryan Williams, J.P.,
Provincial Game Warden.
We, the undersigned members ol
the late (Inn of Campbell and Manning, wish to thank our many friends
and customers for the patronage they
have extended lo us during thc p
six and a half years we were in
business nnd ask that a continuance
of same be granted lo the junior
member of the firm, Ira It. Manning,
who has taken over the business.
.1. P, Campbell.
I. R. Manning.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable Prench regulator: never fails. These
pills nre exceedingly powerful ia regulating the
generative porlimi nf tlte female system. Refuse
nil cheap imitations. Or. da Tan's are sold at
•5 a box, or three 'nr till. Mailed to any address.
Th* loobell Drug Co., St. Catharine*. Oat
For Bait) at   ifeatte,   Murphy   h  Co.,
Hardy Northern Grown Pedigree
And other leading varieties, best
suited to this district
Express charges prepaid and 10 per
cent, discount allowed on all orders
with icmiutuice in full received before
March 20.
Catalogue Benton request
Wynndel, B*. 0.
District of   South    Division,   East
TAKE NOTICE tnat Phineas DeVere Hunt, ol Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Agent, intends to apply tor
permission to purchase thc following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted nt
tho nortli west corner of Lot 5805,
Group 1, Kootenay district, Mast
Kootenay; thenco south 80 chains;
thence west 20 chains, more or less,
to lhe oast boundary of Lot (1315,
Group I; thence norlh 80 chains;
thence cast 20 chains, more or less,
lo lhe place of bepiinniiig. containing
80 acres, more or less.
Phineas DeVere Hunt.
per   Robert   Williamson Henry,
Dalcd February 1, 1013. 6-10t
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11x11. Trice
$850.00. Alny be seen nt Benedict Siding, one mile oust of
Mayook, B. C.
One Oxford Hiiw Carriage, complete with rack feed, li blocks,
it post do«s. Price $2r,0.00 at
Elko, B.C.
Ono Oxfonl Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulleys. Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. C.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elko, B. C.
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cars
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.P.  & A.  M.
iteitidur meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ot every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Cbebcent Louue No. 83
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at N p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christine, K, nl ll.&S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at   Now Fra-
 ternity   Hall,    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
R. Dixon, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meets first  and    third Wednesdays
ia each month.
A   cordial rcceptioa extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December 31st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially invited.
Mrs. Alma Liddicoat, NO.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at 8
p.m. sliarp.
J. McLachtan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets in Carmen's Halt lsl and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
E. Y. Brake, I.. Pearron,
Prcs. Sec.
Box C18
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook  Lodge
No. lull!
Meets every Wadandu
ar h p.m. in llnvul Black
KniRhth' Hull, linker
b tract.
Fin:it. W. Swain. Diet.    It. S. GARRETT, Srr
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions of tne Forest.        '
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd aad 4th
Thursday of each month at 9
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Whittakcr, CO.
Mrs. A. 13. Shaw, Secretary.
P. 0. Box  112.
Visiting Companions cordially welcome.
LODOE, No. 1871
Meeta 1st ami.inl Tiiurs-
daya nt S p.m. in Koyul
llliickKiii^'litfiof Ireland
Hall, BakerStreet.
FitKM. W. Swain, W.M.
S. L, Williams, Sec.
H limb."*, no ilHTiTfii'*** "li.it jim IlKiiri* on
lililltll,:     I III 4     MUM II      «f     |.;in     M||l]ilr    JlJII.
iinl Willi tlio flu«..-u i.uiilli*/ of niiTM rj  Mnr)f
t»*r iruwu.
All trm, jiiuuK vim"'. livrrlM, slirnlii,
■Tergrretii, mm1*, elc, mltl hj m iro r/iiiir-
It will pay jim to gut In Ian,!) wilh ui.
,,   KVf-HY I'l.AY.r.it NURDS OUR HOOK—
32 PAGES,       IO*(STAMPS)
II you want satisfaction witb
your washing;  send
it to
Special prices1 lor family work.
0|i|KiBitf im'.u. sum,ui
THE    PLACE    TO     OUT     \
Hotel International
Geo, Lohq^BI, Proprietor
Situated at Kingegate, B.C., on
tlie Boundary Line, in a Bpot of
rare ecenie beautyand the Bportn-
man'e paradise.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B. .C
Electric Restorer for Men
PhoSPhonoI restores every nerve lo lhe bud y
 —     tn lis pruper tension; feature!)
vim nml vitality. 1'renmture deny ntul nil sexmil
we-lltneM nvcrtud .it once. Phtwphonol will
in.iki' von n new in:iu. 1'iice 18a botU or two fur
IB. Mailed bonny uddrau, TimHuobellDrug
t :<»., Ml. <'»Ui»rttifiH, Out.
For Bale at Ural lie -Murphy Co., Ml
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modem equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates $1.00 and up per day
Comer of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our buB meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB Q0ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
Rohkbt Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Carries a full Btock of
Repairs for above always
in stock
Successor to F. T. F. PERRY
I     AND CALT COAL     „
* E0.S2 J
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Knrty years In use, 20 years the
standard, prescribed and recommended by pbyslclans. Kor Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martel's Kemale
I'llli, at your druggist.
President: ,1. II. ftfoGliCftl
Secretary: 8. Maodonai.i*
( For information regarding lai.dn <
and   agriculture   apply   to the •
He-cretary, Cranhrook, IS. C.
Every etcoml Wednesday
rrewidrnt: ('. Fl. 8hi:itahii
Meeta regularly tlie iir**t Friday evening eacli
Information on Poultry mattttrHHiipplit'il
Aililri'MM the Swretary,
A. B. SMITH, Box 8.VJ
Ill'llllmiHtTWO:  Mm ('MKnHINIITOX
AwdBtanti Mis* Hodqbon
Boarding Fn* ■       •r,*0,) P1'1' "«*
(Bxcltialvo of tuition)
Bdiool Fern • W.flQ per wet*
(Including stationery, ubo of lionka, etc.)
Kindergarten ■        II 8Ii     "
Hnln Bitrae:
Fremli, r.Ot*. pM »«k i MtJite, nOcptrwnk.
IT     I
Many Good Men Robbed of High
BuBitiesntnl Social Standing
hy Drink
Cured at
lit tliri't* iIiivh
Box 835, Cranbrook, B. C
Of Spokane, Wash.
Dentistry and Oral
Will be located in the offices
formerly occupied by Dr. Hall
over Parks & Co.'s Hardware Store,
APRIL 5th TO JUNE 1st, 1913
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
OBm it Rnldnca,  Armstrong  tn,
Forenoons 1.00 to 10.09
Afternoon! - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evening! ■ ■ ■ ■ 7.80 to 8.80
riutrdays .... 9.80 to   4.81
CRANBROOK :i    ll    ii    h    1. O,
9 to 13 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   B p.m.
Office in Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. 0,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 25!) Matron.
P. O. Box 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
i?,i°No°M38 Cranbrook, B.C. |
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    ■      B. C.
A M. Cnn. Soc. C. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Ollice over Cranbrook Drug ami Book
Co's. Htore
Telephone Ml
P. 0, Boi 37
W. H. Bsattr, riiaaral Dlracto,
Cranbrooa B.C.
Pliono 840
Norbury Ave., neit to Cily Hall
Day I'lione 2:13 Nighl I'lione II5C
Frank Provenzano
General Marehanta
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
Graduate of l^ondon College of
Music, England
Visits and Receives Pupils for
Also representative for Mason &
Rissli Pianos
Is Quality a Greater Consideration in Purchasing Drugs than
Price ?
We believe it is, and insist that all
our drugs and chemicals be of the
highest grade. As a result you
lake no chances in purchasing your
drugs from us.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 1?exa£C Store
Cranbrook - - . B. C.
Do You Find It
Difficult to Read
By artificial light? Or to new '.'
Or to do any wotk that require*! a
good deal of eye work '?
Headaches follow, more than
likely accompanied hy dizzy sensations.
It's your eyes, without a doubt.
The symptoms are well known
to opticiatiB, and they mean that
the eyes are weak, or that they
have heen overworked.
Let us investigate.
It in almost it certainty that
glasses aif needed.
If you will call some day we
will tell you all about it.
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
Meet mc at Bob's Place.
K. Howard, of Fori Steele, was in
tin* city on business Tuesday.
Tlie C.C.S. prior on linoleum Is
55c, and fi2 l-2o. per square yard.
Customs collections for the   month
of March, 1018, weir $8,828.73.
W. \. Nlsbct was a business vlsi-
loi to Nelson Uw firs! ol the week,
The C.C.S. price i>u linoleum is
65c, and ii2 l-2c. per square yard,
Horn.—In Cranbrook, on Thursday, March 37, lo Mi and Mrs Vi
Tyler, a son.
Itorn.-To Mi ami Mrs. .1 D Murray (.11 Monday, March 31, 1813, In
Ibis cily, a daughter.
Tho C.C.S, price on linoleum fo
55c, nml (ill t-2c. per square yard.
Arthur Kcnwlck drove bis auto over
from Fori Steele on Tuesday, spending a few hours in the oily.
iiniii --\i Cranhrook on Thursday,
March 271b. mm:), to Mr. Qnd Mrs
1:  11. Small, a daughter.
Wagner collapsible go-carts at ibe
C.C.S, Tbey aie the best lor the
money •
On Sunday last Cranbrook rifi/.rns
wore picking crocuses on the hillsides
just north of the cily.
Mr, and Mrs. Chester 0. Staples
havo returned homo alter spending
the winter in California.
TO RENT.—Furnish ed bedroom
with all modern conveniences. Apply
Mrs. .1. Leask or 'plume 188.     M-tf
Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Stevens, of
Wasa, wero In thc city for a
couple of days tho first of tho week.
White Wyandotte Eggs for
Hatching. Record layers. $3.00
setting.   0. W. Patmore.     1 l-2t
W. M. Krlor left Monday for l'Vr:|ie
whore be will organize a lodge of tho
Loyal Order of Mouse.
Wagner collapsible go-cnrls at the
C.C.S. They ore. the best lor thc
Meet me at Bob's Place.
A. .f. Williams, of. Wardner, was in
tlie city Wednesday.
Mrs. Moore, of Calgary, is visiting
■her son, George Moore, ol the Canadian Pacific railway commercial telo-j
■graph office staff.
S. L. Dunlop, of Fernie, was a
Cranbrook visitor Wednesday. He is
thc local manager for the Kootenay
Telephone Lines, Ltd., at Fernie.
PJOR KENT.—A front room, all
modem conveniences. Apply Mrs.
Hurgoine, Hanson avenue. 14-11
Horn.—To Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Macpherson, at the Cottage hospital,
on Wednesday,   April 2nd, 1913,     a
Rev. Father O'Neill, of Fcrnie, and
■Rev. Father Mclntyre, of Rossland,
were in the city this week the guests
of Rev. Father Plamoudon.
Sea thc Wagner collapsible go-
earts at the C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest.
All kinds of seed for lawns—clover,
white, red and alsike; also Timothy
seed and special lawn grass seed.—
Cranbrook Trading Co.
A. li. Grace assumed bis now duties in tho Internal revenue service
nn Monday. The flttniturc for his
ofllco has not arrived, but lie will -bo
found on the job nevertheless,
■RMNT on Cranhrook St. from April
lf>th; $.10 per month. Apply Mrs.
L. P. Sullivan. 14-tf
Chick food, oyster shell, grit, charcoal, alfalfa meal, green bone, beef
scrap, cracked corn, wheat, etc. Also
Incubators and nest eggs.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
T. E, South, whose place of residence is just outside of the city,
has rhubarb up in his garden. He
also has a nice bunch of Iceland
Poppies in leaf.
See tlio Wagner collapsible go-
calls at the C.C.S. They are the
most durable, eomfortable and cheapest.
Mrs. it .!. Binning entertained a
mipihci (if ber lady friends to afternoon ten on Friday afternoon in boner nf her sister-in-law, Miss lYdiih
Dinning, of Listowcl, Ontario.
See the C.C.S. for the collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and eomfortlihle go-cart on
the market.
Mrs, I.orne I.angin, Mrs. II. A.
Fraser ami Miss Fraser were at
Fort Steele on Wednesday evening attending tho home talent play and
FOR StALE.—An organ, in good
condition. For particulars apply
pgone Ml or P. 0. Box 572.        14-2*
The roads are rapidly drying up
and will soon be in fine shape for
teams as well as motors. A number1
of maclrinifi have heen brought out
this week and are being run about
the city.
Sco the C.C.S. for thc collapsible
Wagner go-cart, thc cheapest, most
durable and    comfortable go-cart on
thc market.
For your ineulmtor you want an
oil 'that -will give yotu satisfaction.
Try Lighthouse, It. is guaranteed
thc best. Case: $3.05, or $3.65
cash; can: $200, or. $1.85 cash.—
Cranbrook; Trading Co* __
WHEN your clock
is out of order it needs
a doctor as nnu-h as
you do. We oondnot a lios.
pital for sick clocks. No
matter what the trouble is,
bring your clonk in here or
lot us know anil we will send
for it. Our ohargea are reasonable,
.See thc Wagner collapsible go-
carts at the CCS. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Tlie April meeting (>f the Cranbrook
Poultry association will bo held in
tho gymnasium in the rear ol the
Methodist church tomorrow (Friday)
evening at 8 p.m. sharp.
See the C.C.S. for the collapsible
Wagner go-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart on
the market.
Trade licenses were due and subject
to renewal on January 15th and
Chief of Police Cory Dow wishes to
notify all those who have not renewed to do so at once and save
themselves further trouble.
WANTED.—A competent housemaid. Apply Mrs. Hoggarth at
Cranhrook hotel. 13
Owing to the Annual District Convention of the Ancient Order of Foresters being, held on April 10th,
there will be no meeting of The
Pride of Cranbrook Circle, No. 153,
on that date.
White Wyandotte Eggs for
Hatching. Record layers $2.00
setting.   G. W. Patmore.    14 2t
FOR SALE.-Pure bred White
Pekin Duck eggs lor hatching, from
the kind that, lay an egg every morning. $1.50 for ton.—W. J, AtehUon.
city. 13 ll
W. J. Atchison,: of tbe firm of
Little and Atchison, received telegraphic advice from Missoula, Mont ,
Saturday last stating that his
mother was seriously 111, Mr, and
Mrs. Atchison left immediately for
that plaee.
FOR SALE.—House and two lots
in tbe city on Dewar avenue, two vacant lots on Wait avenue; also Yet-
erans'a grant of ltil acres in New
Ontario. For price and particulars
apply to     A. C.   Pigott, P. 0, Boi
aas, city. o-tf
FOR SALE.—Two 4x8 pool
tables—.las. Scott, Columbia, British Columbia, t3-2t*
J, C. Cummings was up from
Cranbrook this week running some
levels for A. MeDougall on Fairy
Creek. Mr. MeDougall is obtaining
data as to the power possibilities of
the stream.—Pernio Free Press.
Magistrate E. A. Hill was called
to Movie on Tuesday morning aud
sentenced .Joseph Marks, night operator al that point, to four months
iu Nelson jail for being drunk on
duty. The case was prosecuted by
the C.P.R., Percy Adams, of Calgary, appearing for the prosecution.
FOR SALE.—A Hall safe in good
ondition. Applv City Clerk at
city hall. 7-tf
Tho following members were chosen for elders in the recent election
at Knox Presbyterian church: II.
White, Simon Taylor, Frank Dezall
and Hugh Campbell. Tbey will be inducted at a special service to he held
in th:1 church next Monday evening.
Their service in that capacity will be
for life.
Pure White Rock eggs $1.50 per
13 or $4.50 per fifty.—Pearson Bros.,
Esterhaay, Sask. 12-3t'
G. II. Taylor, of Wetaskwin, Alberta, has succeeded O. M. Barton as
express agent at Cranbrook, taking
over the position on Tuesday. Mr,
Barton has been transferred to Creston and will leave in a few days for
his new location. The family of
Mr. Taylor will arrive the latter end
of the week.
FOR SALE.-Pure bred White
Pekin Duck eggs tor batching, Irom
the kind that lay an egg every morning, 11.50 tor tm.-W. .1. Atchiwn,
city. ES-K
-Builds up a Run-Down
System --Hen and Women of Cranbrook may
now be Strong and
Healthy — Cranbrook
Drug and Book Co. Have
it and Guarantee Every
VIGOROL is the latest invention.
A new lease of life is guaranteed to
every man and woman who takes
VIGOROL. The complexion js made
clear, every blemish will lie removed,
the blood made pure, the nerves made
strong, and every organ will he
placed in a healthy condition, Rheumatism will he entirely driven oul uf
the system, that tired feeling removed; new ambition and energy will he
yours. You will be able to compete with the world. Get a bottle
of the wonderful tonic today. VIGOROL will remove that pain in tho
back and give you a healthy appetite,     Price $1.01) a bottle.
A new sidewalk Is being built this
week from the corner of Fenwick
avenue east on Dennis street to connect with the new sidewalk on Watt
a«„ut   Ttaiwddmik.  .The Great French Tonic
being   built by   tlie  government :1ml1   _.
are a great advantage to Un* peoplo
living along Dennis street In tho
south part of the city,
Mr. H. S. Haines, of the staff of
F. Parks and Co., has imported a
trio of Light Brahmas, Mr, Haines
was under the impression that Light
Brahma eggs for hatching could nut
be purchased in tibia city. Moral,
Poultrymen, it pays to advertise
youi eggs in this paper. The Herald
covers the field.
(hie man wanted In each town or
village to start a Cut-Kate Grocery
business loi large mail order house,
No experience or capital required.
Position will pay $211 weekly, Contract given, outfit free—Tin* Consumers Association, VYindsoi. on
tano. 11-lt
FOR SALE.—One pen of pure bred
Barred Hock; six pullets and cock
bird, Miller strain.—W, J, Atchison,
city. 13-tf
Miss Vjney Doris, who has been
spending the Kaster holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Doris, has returned to Nelson to resume her studios at St. Joseph's
Key City Lodge, No. 12, I.O.O.F.,
will celebrate the IMth anniversary of
tho founding of their order, which
occurs on April 20th, by attending
tbe Methodist church in a body on
the evening of Sunday, April 27th,
Itev. W. I*!. Dunham will deliver the
address of the evening. Further announcements later.
FOR SALE.-House and two lots
In the city on Dewar avenne, two vacant lots on Walt avenue; also Veterans' grant of KM acres in New
Ontario. For price and particulars
apply to A. C. Pigott, P. 0. Box
515, city. O-tf
Although the crowd at the City
Hand dance on Monday was not as
large as anticipated evoryone present
reported a very enjoyable time. The
baud played the first few numbers on
the dance.programme until the ar-
rival of the Kdison orchestra. Refreshments were served at midnight
and dancing continued until 2 p.m.
Thc band hoys appeared in uniform
and dispensed music or coffee, looking
after the entertainment of their
guests in a most thorough manner.
New show eases and dust proof
cabinets for clothes havo been Installed at the, Parisian Cleaning and Dye
Works this week. The cabinets are
provided with glass fronts which
show the goods to advantage. Mr.
Smith, the proprietor, claims that
his increasing business justifies his
making every modern improvement,
which be intends doing both" in the
show,room as well as in his workshop.
FORT GEORGE, thc new payroll
eity; openings for business and professional men of all kinds; also carpenters, builders, bricklayers, brickyards, sawmills, lumber yards, sash
and door factories, and every kind of
business, line hundred million dollars will be distributed iu the next
four years by four railways now under construction to Fort George,
which has been selected as thc main
payroll center and the location oi
main passenger divisions and terminals where shops and manufacturing
plants will be located. Eleven railways are building or projected to
Fort George, which will be the distributing point and center of one
hundred million acres of rich agricultural, timber, mineral and coal
lands in Central Northern British
Columbia and the Peace River district. One thousand miles of navigable waterways on which seven
steamboats are already plying from
Fort George, cheap electric power
and cheap coal; school, churches, hospital, public ball, waterworks, and
all conveniences. Thousands of construction men now on the ground.
You can secure a business opening
now. Don't delay. Official information given free—Natural Resources
Security Company. Ltd. (.lolnt Owners and Sole Agents for Fort George
Towns I to), Kd m on ton, Alta.: 103-
404 Moser-Rydcr Btk.; Fort George,
B.C.; Central avenue. Address or
call Vancouver office: «24 Vancouver
Block. Vancouver,  B.C. 1 l-2t
The chicken thief has commenced
spring operations. Last night an
attempt was made tq enter a poultry house in the oast end ot town,
but with rather sad results. The
seat 0! a pair of pants found near
the hen house, told how thc faithful
dog had guarded his master's interests.
To cleanse the system ol undigested food, foul gases, excess bile m
the liver and waste matter in the
bowels will impair your health. The
best system regulator Is FIG PILLS.
At all dealers 25 and 50 cents or
Tbe Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Ther. 5tb, 47 degrees above zero.
Ther. 20th, 21 degrees below.
Depth of snow %i Inches.
Ther. March 31, 50 degrees above
Ther. March R, 2 degrees below
Bust Hying second March,
Snowfall -H inches.
Ther. March .'.1st, 02 degrees above
zero. '
Ther. March 1st, 2 degrees below-
No depth of snow recorded.
March, CM;,, 21 days recorded
March, 1012, 23 days recorded
March, 1911, 22 days recorded
In the past year, according to the
statement of the chief forester, over
twenty per cent ol the fires which
Ine forest rangers had to fight were
caused by campers.
The list which appears in thc annual report of the forest branch
shows that fires originated as follows:
Campers  38
Railway locomotives  34
Lightning  23
Donkey engines  11
Railway construction  11
Public road construction   0
Uncontrolled permit fires   8
Smokers   7
Accidents  0
Logging railways  6
Prospectors  3
Indians   3
ltow many of the 188 (ires of which
the causes are still unknown were the
result of an untended camp fir(. is
open to surmise, hut as in most of
the other risks such as railway aud
road construction, and logging operations the existence of fire is at once
known, the camper may be Justly
held to account for a very large proportion of the season's conflagrations.
Stringent regulations have been
passed hy the Board of Railway
Commissioners of Canada to cover
the risk of new railroads under construction in the province, the patrol
has been doubled on thc rights-of-
way, and every possible precaution
urged upon logging operations, The
forest branch is endeavoring to cooperate in every way with those
who have work to perform which is
attended   with danger to tho forest
But the greatest danger of all—that
of the man who is careless with his
camp fire—still remains open, and it
can bo removed only by increased
watchfulness on tho part of every
individual who uses the woods for
pleasure or profit.
Tbis year tin* officers of the forest
branch expect a harder season than
ever before. The very conditions ol
dampness and consequent heavy
growth of grass and weeds whicli
made the year 1012 one of the host
in thc history of the province from
tlie standpoint of fire protection, will
combine to make the great fire hazard this spring.
The rangers now appointed by the
branch are being given particular in-
StruCtlOhs With regard to warning
campers and securing their co-operation in keeping down tho danger to
thc forest.
Thc six simple rules which the
rangers will impress upon all those
they meet in thc woods are:
1. Be sure your match is out before you throw it away.
2. Knock out your pipe ashes    or
Attractive Suits
and Coats
These handsome garments represent the Newest Styles
and are made from Bedford Cords. Tweeds. Serges and
Diagonal Suitings. They come in navy grey, brown, ton,
Copenhagen and black.
$15.00. $18.00, $20.00. $22.00.
$25.00. $30.00, $35.00
Spring Arrivals in
Wash Goods
popular material in rich shade
uf Ian ami skv. as aye- ,.j
well as white.. «3C \<1
CREPE CLOTHS. In grey, pint owl
l>]ut' stripes nml plain tan ami
ttrey. \Ve are also showing
plain White Crepe, suitable for
;;',;!;r 25c and 30c yd
Smart Footwear
for Women
We are showing some extremely
smart shoes. They come in high
top tan and gun metal button and
also black and tan pumps in new
Colonial and Custom made effects,
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
throw your  cigar 01 cigarette stump
where there is nothing to catch lire.
■I. Don't build a campfirc any lar
gcr than [s absolutely necessary. Never leave it. even for a shorl time
without •putting it out with watei 01
1.   Don't build a campfire agah -
tree or log.        Build A small       1 1
where   you   cart scrape away        ihe
needles,   leaves   or grass from      all
sides ol it-
5. Don't build bonfires. Thc wind
may tome up at any time ami star;
a fire which you cannot control.
u, If you discover a fire, put it
out if possible; if you can't, get word
of it to the nearest forest ranger
or fire warden as quickly as you
possibly can.
— ♦ .
The Canadian Handicrafts Guild is
again organizing a prize 'competition,
in connection with its bi? exhibition
in the Arena, Montreal, next May.
This evhibition will be on a far
larger and more ambitious scale Than
anything hefore attempted by the
Guild. Good specimens of handicraft work arc wanted from all over
the Dominion, and there will be a:i
excellent chance for tlie sale of all
work that comes up to the requisite
There is no entrance fee of any
kind payable.
A circular with all details will be
sent on receipt ui a stamped self-addressed envelope. Address the honorary treasurer, Canadian Handicrafts Guild. 303 H'inch Building,
Vancouver, B.C.
London, March 31 —Professor
Charles \\. Wallace, American Shakespearean scholar, has proved himself an especial lerroi to Hritish
keepers of publu records In recent
years, according to evidence given
before the royal commission of pub-
lie records. His first acci mplish-
ment was to show them that the*,
knew nothing aboul their own treasures by making his notable Shakw-
pearc finds among sacks of nt. h■arched documents [n the record office of
Chancer) lane.
(jately, il seems Irom thc tetti-
mony ol Dr. 1:   H. Sharpe, ol     lhe
Guildhall    r (|    ollice.   that      l'i,:.
Wallace has been attempting to invade the priceless treasure house cf
the city of London. He said that
Prof, Wallace has been worrying him
about searching for possible Shakespearean records and he admitted that
such records might exist anions the
large quantity of unexamined papers
at Guildhall.
The mayor's court records which
Prof, Wallace is yearning to eon-
suit, extend to the thirteenth century, hut according to Hr. Sharpe,
nobody can read them and if Ihere
were persons who could decipher
ihwn the city corporation would lei
Dr. Sharpe want ■-, lo train a man
to read thorn, bul .cannot got an ap
propria tion   fnt  llu*   purpose   He ex
plained thai ever) provincial lown ol
Germany spends more than tlie cily
of Londao in looking after its records. All of this could be remedied lie said by (he cit) giving up
every year one ot its frequent ban-
In the ineanUuie Prof. Wallace
will continue to make life uncomfortable lor those recotd keepers nol in
.1 p. -i*.. •:. tn assure him that they
haw no references to the haul of
Avon among their archives.
that by an assignment in writing
dated 31st day of March, 1913, Alfred Charles Pye, Junior, nl the City
ol Cranbrook, in the. Province oi
British Columbia. Merchant, did as-
sign to Thomas Mason Roberts, of
the same plan-. Broker, all his real
and personal property, credits and
effects, which may be seized or sold
or ,ittaciK-d under execution or the
execution act. or attachment in pursuance of the Creditors' Trust Deeds
the creditors of the said Alfred
Charles Rye will be held at the offices of P. E. Wilson, Hanson Block,
Baker Street, Cranhrook, B.C., on
Wednesday, the 16th day of April,
A.Ii. 1913, at the house of two
o'clock m tbe afternoon, for thc purpose of giving directions with reference I., the disposal of the estate.
All persons, firms or corporations
having claims against the said Alfred
Charles Rye are required to forward
particulars oi the saint*'duly verified,
addressed to tbe undersigned at his
address, Baker Street, Cranbrook,
B.C., on or before tlu said 18th day
of April, 1918.
FURTHER OIVEN tint disposition
will be made of the assets of the said
estate after the said 16th day or
April. A.D 1613, among tin* creditors of   whose debts or 'hums       the
assignee shall have received notice,
and the assignee trill nol be responsible foi thi ai '■' or any part
thereof to an*, creditor! nl whose
debt or (fair;, he shall not then have
received notice.
Dated   at     rranbrook, B.C.,    this
1st da) of April, 1013,
11-lt Thomas \l   Roberta,
For Sale on Easy Terms
Owner of six-roomed, modern and
comfortable residence on Ganlon Avenue wishes io n?ll same snhjecl to delivery on or iftfcf JmiS 1st. $■">' 0. ■lo** n and
("th. p<-r month until balance is paid; or
$1500. down nnd *&'>- per month on balance; or $2000.down and $16. per month
upon balance, Any reasonable proposition secures tlie proj.etiy. Present
owner wi.I guarantee a year's leaseat
$10. per month payable quarter ly in advance to purchnser upon either of the
above propositions. Here Is a chance
to make a good investment with no risk
Address Box A. Cranhrook Herald.
Bandsmen lo His Majesty lhe Kinx
Soli' Agenta
612 0rativilloSt.     •    VANCOUVER
(lilt Fort St.     ■     •      VICTORIA
Label Means ?,   >
It means cement ol the highest possible quality.
it means cement tested by experts whole authority is final at all our mills.
k meant cement acknowledged bv engineers, architects and hundreds of thousands
of (aimers to fulfil every requirement of scientifically made Portland cement.
It means a cement that is absolutely reliable, whether used for a great bridge or
for a concrete watering trough.    You can use
Canada Cement
with complete confidence that your conciele [work will b« thoroughly aa!i.factory.
You ouaht lo have this confidence in th„ cement you use. because you have nol tli.
lacilitiea for teating ita qualities, such a, arc at the disposal oi the en0ineera in charge ot
big contracting jobs. _       ,
These engineera know thnt when cement hu. paaaed lhe tes:s made upon it at Uinada
Cement railla, it will pais all their tests.
And thia same cement ia aold to you (or your silo, your Foundations, your leetlmg-ltoor.
your milk-houee or your watering-trouKh.      ......       . •■ r ...j.
LWd accoraia, t. lh. diraerton. ia ou, baa I™. "Wh.i H,. r.,m., .m ,b^,,, Co,c,.i, Canada
C™.nln..en.il.to,i.e.-.l,.l«clo,y,c„,li,. Wnl.lorA. book, I ant eelv tolls >. a J"JJJJg
.ad cl.ee eonciala. bul will alio SU.iasI ■«■„:. ol u.e. lo,, emiwn (arm, «-"!■ »n„ °> «"" aaluaua
to sou.   la asking loi the book you do not incur tlie .ushte.t obligation.
Tkara la  a Canada Camenl Dealer io Your Neighborhood
Addrrm: FanMrf In/ermalion llurcau
Canada Cement Company  Limited,  Montreal
trom 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary aud Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and   holy days of obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week   days—Mass at R a.m. nl the
P. Plamondon. O.M.I.
(Continued from page two)*.
But to he a real success you must
form a syndicate, send an agent or
two to Toronto, Seattle, Chicago,
Winnipeg, Vancouver, Tacoma or Victoria, authorize them to buy at $1
each, or less, thc "right to purchase" which any crowd of loafers
may have. Stake out'as many acres
as your "rights to purohase" will
cover. Present your certificates to
thc provincial government, together
with credentials   showing whose
friend you arc, if possible, and you
may then stake thousands of acres,
and sell the same to credible persons
in England, or even to the v
"sucbers" whose "rights" you
bought so cheaply, and reap your
profit before you have even had to
pay over the initial acreage charge to
thc government, It is noteworthy
that while the bona fide settler may
choose wrong lands and he ousted
from them, these syndicates never
seem to have any difficulty securing
vast tracts. It is also noteworthy
that in Alaska syndicates that tried
the same, trick in regard to coal
lands got into very serious trouble
with tho law—even the United
States law. A certain man happened to sec in the cryptic publication,
the Hritish Columbia "Cassette,"
that his young son had applied lor
"What's this, son?" lie said.
"That, oh, why I don't want any
land, father, hut a man came up to n
bunch of us the other night anil
wanted us to sign some papers about
our rights to buy farm land, lie gave
us each a dollar and—well I signed
because thc other boys did.,What's
wrong about it, dad?"
Wrong.      Nothing    wrong.    Jacob
worked that game years ago.
Of course, men who own established farms near good markets like
Victoria are not always averse to
maintaining conditions which make
tho value of their acres soar, I met
a storekeeper in Nanaimo who l"1'*
0( buying 150 acres on Gnbriolc Island, thirty acres of ii cleared, for
$3,500. in fifteen months he sold it
out for 57,500, and now (a year later) the owner refuses 515,000. Farm
land is indeed a commodity in a province where iL premium is placed
against, settlement, and the prices of
produce and land alike go kiilini*,. The
storekeeper in bis conversation expressed no disapproval ol tlio Mcllridc inefficiency which permitted
him his little profit.
From lhe standpoint or lhe would-
be settler, the difficulty of getting
lands does not matter. He can easily
drop over into Alberta and secure all
that lie needs without running risks
in British Columbia. Hut the
householders of Vancouver and Victoria are the ones it hits hardest.
They have tn pay the grocer and
Pat Burns. When their profits begin to fall, and business comes down
to a nearer normal basis, these
people will feel the lack of A land
settlement policy and the presence of
high prices, and will squeal. Some of
them may even leave Hritish Columbia for places where food is cheaper.
The answer of Premier Mcllridc to
attacks on ids lack of a land settlement policy would undoubtedly lie
promises and excuses, but those who
have observed his career answer I hat
it is too late to promise, The new
hired man who forgets that horses
go in front of plows seldom succeeds
iu convincing people that lie* is a
farmer, no matter how ho explains or
promises. Far be it from tliis article to "knock" Hritish Columbia.
There are not enough adjectives t'»
describe ils worth.* Far be il from
this article to hold Premier McBride
The Rex Theatre Is Going
To Change
Tho management of tho BEX THEATRE hits obtained
through the Enterprise Film Co. of Citlgitry the principal
releases of the Ambrosio Film Co. (Italy), who are recognized
as the greatest independent film producers of the world, being
pioneer producers of feature lilms. Besides the Ambrosio films
we have secured the choice releases of the AMJIIOX. KAY-
Films.^ This programme, added to the one already exhibited at
the REX, will give our patrons a programme second to none in
[a an follows:—
-■ NAT00SA.  Indian Romance
up as a brigand. Mo is as far from
hcinij a Rood brigand as he fo far
from being a statesman.
What conlruls the chief executive
and chief legislator of British Columbia? That Sir Richard's vanity is
vulnerable is demonstrated by tho
fact that a little flattery properly
used goes t(l his head like wlnn and
makes him. indiscreet—as witness an
interview with a certain well known
Liberal political writer, in which, as
a climax to his utterances, he made
the now famous remark: "How can I
be expected to protect this coast it
Mr. Borden does not give me ships?"
Thati    he is    neither  discreet nor
brave is shown hy the fact that    he
repudiated    the,    statement in what
j seemed to lie a Panic the moment tlie
Horden naval policy became known.
There is n legend that when Mc
Bride goes to London men turn to
look at him in the Mall, British
statesmen driving in thc Row send
their footmen to find out who he is,
and having heard, at once hurry
along dinner cards. Tradition has it
that noble audiences sit spellbound
under his addresses, and that the
London papers run oil stop.press editions in order to catch his last sentences.
Another tradition has it that once
upon a time certain rebels in thc
then Conservative opposition at Ottawa sought to oust their old leader,
and plotted a banquet at which Sir
Richard McBride was to deliver a
speech, which, in contrast with the
oilier speeches of thc everting, would
so outshine the old leader and his
old lieutenants, that leader and lieut
enauts would be shamed into resigning, the British Columbian premier
would take over the office and let thc
bars down lo the hungry cattle, McBride spoke, Borden spoke, and Mr
Foster, and from that night on Premier McBride has been dead to ()ltawa
politics, and the rebels sit in i
chastened   row, behind   the old lead
One small, harmless, little spider
may, in its innocence, spin inniimer
ftblo silken threads about the limbs
of ji sleeping (jiant whom it mistakes
for a dead fly, hut the giant will one
day awake. Sir Itichard is a gentleman. Ho looks as though lie would
he fond uf children and good to dogs,
but he is not a statesman, and In
British Columbia they need one, one
would almost think, urgently.
Rev. O. K. Kendall, pastor..
Sunday: services, 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m. The topics of the discourses for the day will he: "The
Power, of a Changed Name," in the
morning, and in the evening "A
Contest for a Soul." An invitation
is extended to all. ,
A special feature of the morning
service hereafter, will be a five minute sermon for boys and girls under
tin* auspices of "The Church Attendance League."
Sundays—Low mass at fun a.m.;
high mass. 10.3(1 a.m.; Sunday school
In addition to the work which will
bo done this spring and summer by
one of our scout cruisers in patrolling the North Atlantic steamship
routes and reporting the appearance
if ice, the board of trado has announced that the "Scotia," formerly
employed in the Scottish Antarctic
expedition, has been placed on thc
service. The "Scotia" carries a
long-range Marconi wireless plant,
which will enable her lo koop In
touch with tho stations at Newfoundland and Labrador. The cost, of this
scout service is shared jointly by the
principal Atlantic lines and the British government.
Salvia is a Hair Preparation That Will Grow
Hair Abundantly.
This is an age ot new discoveries.
To grow hair after it has fallen out
today is a reality.
SALVIA, the Great Hair Tonic
and Dressing, will positively create
a new growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from Dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
SALVIA is guaranteed to slop
falling hair and restore the hair to
its natural color. The greatest
Hair Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by expert
Watch your hair ir it is falling
out. If you don't, you will sooner
or later be bald.
SALVIA prevents baldness by
•fastening the hair to the roots.
Ladies will lind SALVIA just tho
hair dressing Ihey are looking for. II
makes lhe hair soft and ilnlTy and is
not sticky.    A large bottle 50c.
Sold at   the Cranbrook Drug
Book Co.'s store.
Edmonton, April JS,—Short-term
prisoners will hereafter work out
their lines ou a model farm, to be established by tho municipality at a
cost of $13,000 on a plot of land
near Big Island, on the Saskatchewan river, -twelve miles southwest
of here. This will be the lirst prison farm in Western Canada, Frederick W. Lyons, now in the employ of
the provincial government of Ontario at Ciuclph, will be superintendent of the institution. Eight thousand dollars of the'cost will be borne
by current revenue, the balance being
raised hy the sale of debentures, run-
ring ten years.
Mr. Lyons will have two assistants on tho farm, fifty acres of
which has been under cultivation.
The prisoners will assist in erecting
lhe necessary buildings, in addition
lo replacing those already on the
ground, and will clear the land of
fallen frees. The wooded portion ot
the farm will be cleared and cultivated, tho hillsides being reforested. The
land will be used for dairying,
truck farming, poultry growing and
gardening, the output being sold in
local markets al prevailing prices.
There are several large deposits oi
gravel and sand along the bank of
the river, the products of which are
to be used for building purposes. Investigations also will be made to de-
termine    the existence   of   clay
manufacturing purposes.
R. B. Chadwick, head of thc
part ment of neglected children
Alberta, who has had a varied
perience with delinquents of
classes, says Mr. Lyons will give a
good account of his work, predicting
also that the model prison farm will
be a success, at the same lime saving thousands of dollars to the
people of Edmonton,
Almost anyone wilh a garden or
farm in a temperate climate can
grow tomatoes with greater or less
success but there is a great difference
between the extent and quality of the
crops grown by different persons in
the same locality. These differences
arc due to several causes among
which the varieties grown nnd methods of cultivation practised are perhaps the chief.
According to experiments carried
on for years at the Experimental
Farm at Ottawa, Earliana, of which
llhoro are several strains, is the best
early sort but Bonny Best, Chalks'
Early Jowcl are also good early
kinds. Of later varieties Matchless
Trophy, Livingston's Cilobe and
Plentiful rani*: high.
It is the early fruit that makes
the profit. In growing plants what
should be aimed at Is the production
of a stocky, sturdy plant whuch will
have some fruit set upon it when set
in the field. After planting the
chief work is cultivation which
should he done both ways in the
In order lo protect tomato plants
from diseases, of which there arc
several, they should he repeatedly
sprayed, even when quite young,
with Bordeaux mixture. These and
many other points, which cover practically the whole field of tomato culture in the green   hOUSO as well    a*i
in the garden and field, are fully
treated in pamphlet No. 10 of tlu'
Central Experimental Farm prepared
by tho Dominion Horticulturist, Mr.
W. T. Macoun. This work is for
free distribution to all who apply lor
Ili to the Publications Branch of the
Department of Agriculture at Ottawa.
RAISE $300,000,000.
All ol Sit William MnckewVs
many trips across tlio Atlantic; liilli-
orto on financial missions lor the
Canadian Northern railway ami other
Mackenzie and Mann interests bid
fair to lie eclipsed on Hie present
pilgrimage ol tho Toronto railway
magnate to Europe, lor it is stated
that his present mission lias as its
object the final financing or co-ordinating of the, finances of the entire
Mackenzie-Mann interests, which will
rennire a sum probably greatly in
excess of two hundred million dollars.
The refunding (Relations necessary
to effect a final and definite bond and
stock issue or issues covering all
outstanding Canadian Northern obligations of this great transcontinental system now nearing completion,
must be on such a gigantic scale as
make other Canadian financing of recent years appear insignificant. It
is said that Sir William and his associates have all thc arrangements
well under way and that contrary to
expectations the bulk of the great
undertaking is to be in the hands of
Amsterdam bankers instead of in the
hands ol London bankers.
It appears that the !'. N, li.
stock and bond issue are outstanding
to the amount ol $118,709,423, nut
including the C.N.H. Interests in B.
O. for which it is seeking federal
guarantee bonds to tlio extent of
Morrlsburg, (Inf., April Bl.—At lhe
annual meeting oi the DumUs County
Co - Operative Poultry association
held in Morrlsburg yestorday the
president, Mr. .1. W. Mtucollus, ol
Inmdela, expressed lhe view that before the lapse of ten years it would
hi, unlawful to offer for sale in Canada any eggs but tho.se bearing
stamps. The government "was now
educating, and would soon supplement education with legislation anil
enforcement. This, he said, would
be iu the Inllcrest of conscrvadinn
and serve to jsrevenf what is now a
heavy national loss, because etfgs
that can be traced through stamps
back to the producer arc likely lo he
m ttt ut tu m m tn ?» us
m ttt m m m m ttt nt nt
m s$$
nt Efi(isH tt.%
SSS S.C.I!.I. fiHIlS.—Eggs from ttv.
ttt pure brad slock. Pen head- SS'S
SSS ed hyi cook winning cup at $S4
$$$ last vcar's Fall Fair. Eggs Ml'
ttt $2.00 per 13. $S1
SSS —A limited number of set- MS
SSS lings al $3.(10 for IS. $$$
SSS Box 483. Cranbrook, B.C. $S$
tit SSS
$$$ $$S $$$ $$$  $$$ $8$ $$$ Kt $$$
m $$$ $$$ $$$■ ttt sss s$$ if $ $m
HIS two button, blunt
cornered sack in one
of the new
Campbell's Clothing
Not extreme in any way,
but with enough style and
distinctiveness to raise it out
of the ordinary.
properly marked. At present • the
annual loss in Canada through had
and broken eggs is very heavy. Only
stamped eggs, amounting in all to
about flinty thousand dozen, ■were,
si,Id by the Dundas association during tho past year, and lhe price
realized was over three ecnls per
dozen more than the figure paid by
stores for ordinary stock, AH of the
eggs went io Montreal. The retiring officers of lhe association were
■ \ k i is*\
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c.
ohatc'i i-.-.il iVserim Ion nmy
iiilon free vnollior bii
...l-'.'lltln.    I'l-ltil,111!,!,-)',.
rV-j'-iMfonS'ii -j
' r :■" i .-urn luiciii'i.
.Wi.n ,*; CM. ifCL-1-fi
trct'iiil rotice, wltlmut mw.-o, m inn
Scientific mwlmi
A linrrtsotraly MnflratrM mffcly.    LMWrt df.
, illAM.Il   ot   n:iy   (■<•lriii.Hi'   i '-n,.. .      !<■[■.,*   Lit
i'...f..L<ln. *:i.-5 m jvm, instants [•reiKii'l.   NJld by
nl MWMUtlBIts
liranoh tifflce. (38 V SU WMblfigton, 1> O
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner nf Lands for the District of
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands, situate ou
thc North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Caaa-
dian Pacific Railroad and lying between tin* Mclnnes Group and thc
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
R. CJ. Belden's northwest corner,
same being the initial post of R.
Covington's claim, and marked "R.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thence Sit chains north; thence SO
chains east; thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains west to place of he-
ginning, containing «10 acres, more
or less.
Located January 21, 1913.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batiee Lameroux, Agent. 0-Gt
Cranbrook Kindergarten
Edward Street
LVrtirtuitod Teacher, School B'd fur London
Hour*: 10 to 12; 2 to 4
TERMS: $■'' •"' for four \wfcs
Somthing You Have
Never Seen
Nor Even Hoard of
In Europe it is used this year as a
little Easter present, or, rather, a mark
of cotirtcey to friends and relatives.
Its value as a token Uee more in tlie
novel idea than in the price of tho article, it fo arranged bo that it can be
sent just like n poHtetird, fur a cent, or
iwo. to any place in Canada or the
United States. The endearing idea
about it, fo. tbe embedded
which will fibilie all night h>m.".or in
any <irnJ; room) in a
Glorious, IlystiCt Ulue Light
after you have exposed It to daylight
for n few mtmiteB. Tbu price Is ho low
that anyone in enabled to ho convinced
of ItH real nature.
It i-> indeed an article whieh Is held
in liiith esteem by any Christian family
or person* The shining Cross fo made
of ti alone, whieh fo found only near
Jerusalem, and of which tlie Bible
speaks as the LUMINOUS BTONK iu
picturing Solomon's Temple.
Prices are 15c each ; 2 for 25c; 5
for 50c; and 12 for $100
832 Yonge St.,    TORONTO, Ont,
Solo Agent lor Cnnniln and U. S.
A list of local poultry bfeuders,
with varieties kept, will lie supplied
froe to nil inquirers by applying to
tho Secretary of tho
Address A, B, Smith,
Box H52, City.
I have the following machinery for
sale and in order to clear them out,
offer them at the prices below, which
are about one-fifth the price that
new machinery would cost:
1 Chandler and Taylor firebox boiler, 51"xl8' long. Pressure 80 lbs.
last li. C. inspection, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at McNelllie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 Atlas Return tubular boiler,
5C"xl4' long. Pressure 80 lbs. last
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cut-oil
engine, Il"xlO" stroke. Price at
Cranbrook, B. C, $200.00.
1 saw husk complete with top saw
frame and mandrels nnd saws and
20 feet extension shaft, $250.00.
1 lour saw edgor with saws. Price
at Cranbrook, $200.00.
1 Hoyt planer and matcher, 24".
Price at Cranbrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity of shafting, etc.
Apply to
Elko, U. C.
thirty days attar dale I intend lo
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands for the District of
Mast Kootenay for a liconso to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands, situate on
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Group und the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
(. O. Belden's northwest corner,
same being the initial post of It.
Covington's claim, and marked "R.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thence 80 chains north; thtnee 80
chains east; thence 80 chains south;
thenco 80 chains west to place of he-
ginning, containing 010 acres, more
or less.
Located .lanuary 21, 1913.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batiee Lameroux, Agent, 0 (it


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