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 Legislative Assembly
April 21-11
We are well equipped to
turn out the beat elasB
of work.
"*- »un*~r\
ffifefl a g
■"■Ro! 22
Presentation of Address to Archbishop of Vancou-
couver and Reply—Dedication of Indian
Mis (draco, Uho Right Reverend
Timothy Casey, l>.I)., Archbishop of
Vancouver, arrived in Cmnbrook lust
Thursday nw\ wits mel at Uio sta*
tit'ii by niomibcrs ot the Catholic
clergy and laity. lit* was escorted
to ttt. Eugene hospital i in Mr. C. ll.
Pollen's tar, by a squad ol si. Eugene Mission Indians on horse back.
Lator in the afternoon ho was driven
out to St. Eugene Mission, where he
officiated nt the Corpus Christ! services.
On Sunday morning at ID..'hi a.m.
the church of Hie Holy Name was
tlie scene of a most impressive ceremony, being the administration of
the Sacrament of Confirmation by
his grace to a number ot children
and adults.
The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion nml his graco occupied a throne erected (or him in
the sanctuary. Uev. father Michael
olTlctated at lijgti mass. The choir
rendered .1. It. Labelle's Kyrie Elel-
son, Gloria and Credo.
Solo, Sanctus, (by Hcri ini)*—Miss
M. Kennedy.
Duett, Hniedieliis, (by Herlini)
Messrs. McDermot and Howard.
Ai the Offertory Mr. and Mrs. a.
I.. McDermot sang Saochlnl's "0
•lesu Dons Magnc."
Immediately after high ma*ss his
grace administered confirmation lo
the following children and adults:
Russel St. Eloi, Clifford St. Eloi,
Eddie Brown, Marty Doris, Allen Lacey, Wilfrid Kennedy, Willie Daniels,
Dan Daniels, Howard Armstrong,
Milo Drummond, -lessie Ito, Kathleen Has.sie, Lorottn Armstrong, Augusta Doyle, Bemadctte Doyle, Dorothy Mac-key, Henrietta Moffat,'Margaret St. Eloi, Frances Drummond,
Ellen "McColdric, Mary I.acey, Sadie
Lacey, Graco Doris, Vigil Santo,
Mrs. Wallinger, Mrs, Kitting, Mrs.
Santo and Miss Blurton.
At the conclusion of ihis ceremony
his grace was presented with an address ot Welcome hy Mr. A. 1.. McDermot, on beliall of the parishioners
or the Church of the Holy Name:
cuimon ok  Tin-: noi.\ \ wit:
Cranbrook, B. C,
Maj 25th, HU3,
To   the    Mosi    Reverend   Timothy
Casey, D B .  Vrchbtsli-np of   Van
May it Pleai
Vow Oracc-
I hi
On beliall ot the parlshto
Cfluiroh ot tin* Holy SNime, Cmc-
brook, we beg to leitdei J n i our
most ItcQi'tfctl welcome on ihe occasion of this your first visit amongst
Tin* warmth ol out greeting la en
hant'i'd by the intelligence with li pre
coded the cooitng of youi Clroco, thai
yoin sympathies are Irulj Catholic
in i licit democratic universal I tj ami
that your life is attuned to the general life nml lhe Joys ami sorrows nl
your people,
Your grace "ill be glad to know
that it is tun intention lo have qui
own Roman catholic schools tore In
Cranbrook, whore oui children shall
receive the sequel to the faith i">
planted in llnin ut the knees ol I hell
mothers. Bj no other means can
wo secure the earl) training which
makes foi enduring Cotliolle stead
fastness and glorj in oat faith to'
the sake of that faith,
We hope, under God's good provid.
enoo, lirst to meet our schools, and
then (o build a new cltorcli, as our
present edifice, owing to the Increase
in our .lumbers, is growing loo small
for our requirements.
Wo respectfully solicit Uio sympathetic co-operation of your OraCo
iu our endeavors, nnd wish to as
sure your (iraee that in all matters
in which you ate concerned, whether
spiritual or temporal, our active mid
practical sinypathy will lie ever at
your command.
Finally, we ask or your (trace your
Wi'ssing on our children and ou ourselves, that we, ns a community,
may continue to he blest with the,
ministry of our exemplary and deeply loved pastor, Father I'humondoii,
and abide in peace and reasonable
Signed on behalf of the parishioners.
.Joseph Brault       .1. A. Genoa!
II. .1. Scott •'. E. Kennedy
• Joseph Ryan W. E. ('line
A. L. McDermot
His Grace replied to the address In
the following terms:
My Dear People of the Church of the
Holy Name of Mary, Cranbrook:
Then1 is nothing that you could
possibly say in your address that
could give me greater pleasure than
the words in which you have just
expressed your fidelity and steadfastness to your holy faith. Splendid
good not only to preserve tlie sacred
treasures of your holy faith that
have lieen hundod down to you from
generations, but to educate your
children along the same lines. Education, my dear friends, will preserve
the faith in your children unto further generations. I'nfortuuately we
liud people in the world, thank God,
not so commonly out here as in other parts, who are afraid to acknowledge themselves Catholics, somewhat
timid of the principles of their holy
religion. They are the most pitiable*,
and tlio most ignorant creatures in
the world, because they blush at that
Catholic faith, whieh Is nothing less
than a heritage from the saints and
a gift from God. When I say that,
I do not wish to quarrel with those
around us, not blessed as wc liaVo
beep. This faith which has como
down to UK from the saints should be
our greatest pride, instead of a subject of fear, because it was founded
by our Divine Lord. It is I'hc faith
that our Divine Master Himself
brought into this world awl imparted
to men. And if that faith has been
tampered with, it is all the more dc-
placablo for those who an* unsettled
and filled with doubts in consequence.
Kor fifteen hundred years there was
only an occasional heritie arising
here and there. But in the sixteenth
century many began to dispute the
Catholic f.iitr^nd many have pone
on following those heresies. Now o*""
care must be to save our children
from those heresies that have been
scattered throughout the world. You
propose to erect schools for the education of your children; these arc the
most pleasing words you routd address to mt*. Education without religion is like training a soldier without n gun, and what is the good ol a
soldier who Is not armed for defence'1 Very often criminals are
those who have boon educated without God, because education without
God only makes men more careful
and shrewd in the pursuit of evil,
lhat is why the church lias always
insisted that the children shall have
religion taught them in her schools.
Education is not simply to learn
hem to read and write. In addition
to tins we must cultivate in them
Ihe knowledge of God ami of His
church. Therefore, I say again. II
gives me great comfort to know that
you aie living to preserve the holy;
faith io your children. I would say
the school before the new clench.
it is quite evident that tlie present
church will soon bo loo small to hold
the rapidly increasing congregation,
inn the needs ol a school are greater
Ulan lhe needs ot a new Church. You
tan always divide up some way, and
all assist at the holy flaorlilco ol tho
imiss, but itiii cannot noglcct your
children, liecause you run tho risk ot
their losing ih.it gift of faith beyond
coni rid. Winn il comes time to
teach them (he truths ot their religion, they are already poisoned with
I thank you for your expressions ot
good will towards mvselt and assure you thai you will always have
a [dare in my prayers and sacrifices,
and also your children. In testimony of tny affection for you, I beg
God to bless you and your children's
children into future generations.
At 3.30 p.m. Sunday his grace
went out to St. Eugene Mission
where he officiated at the dedication
services and opening of the new Industrial school just completed.
Ills grnco presented nn address
which eulogized the government for
the'erection of the magnificent building and the authorities who supervis-
id its erection- Mc was replied to
by Indian Agent R. L. T. Galbraith
on behalf of tho Indians as well as
the government.
Col. Dougherty, of Kort Stcolo,
brought over a sample ot the gold
he is punning from Wild Horse these
days. The colonel feels considerably
elated over the bright prospect's lot
his mining property and lhe probability of an impetus to the mining
game this season,
This fair Dominion hless
With peace and happiness,
(> (rod ot love.
Thy faith may we embrace,
Aad ever seek thy face,
Thou Lord of life and grace,
On throne above.
—A suggested third verse for the National    Anthem hy a citizen    of
Last Saturday was a propitious
day so far as (the weather was concerned for the celebration of Empire
day on the elaborate scale planned by
the local committees. At 9.40 in
the. morning the school children gathered at the school building and each
was presented with a Union -lack
with the compliments of Mr. Short.
They then marched to the government building, headed by the Hoy
Scouts, iwherc a programme was
Little Miss Oaven unfurled the (lag
which sailed gracefully out and the
breeze caught in the folds and waved
the patriotic colors vigorously to lh|
hearty applause of the children. A
few remarks concerning the world
significance of the occasion were
made by Messrs. N, A. Wallinger
and It. Y. Drake.
Tin* songs were rendered hy the
children with ardor and they then
marched to the Auditorium, where
they were treated to a picture show.
They again assembled at the government building at 1 p.m. where a
score of automobiles conveyed them
to the grounds, where the racing
programme was being held. The
children enjoyed ihe day Immensely
ami the programme of sports provided in the afternoon hy the Overseas
Club was contested enthusiastically.
The programme of sports given by
thc Turf association was as follows,
the two harness races ljeing called oft
on account of there nol being enough
entries to make these events interesting. There were six hundred
people in attendance besides the
children, who were admitted tree.
The first race was an exhibition
race against time, won by Wild Rose
owned hy -lames Brown, winning a
purse of $150 aud the Kink Mercantile company's cup. This cup has
been won by Mr. Brown for the third
successive season and was presented
to Mr. Brown hy Mr. Pint* on behalf
of the Kink Mercantile Co.
Thi> half mile dash was won by
"Angelica," owned by Louis, second
money going to 'Thillipsburg Boy,"
owned hy Krancis, and third by
"Dreadnought," owned by Uias. MeDougall.
The Indian pony race was won by
"Shoestring," owned by Paul, second
"Dob," owned by Michel.
Local pony race was won hy "Ida,"
owned hy Sissons, second "Rainbow"
owned hy Hardgctt.
Three-quarter mite dash, won by
"Angelica," owned by Isolds, second,
"Phillipsburg Boy," owned by Krancis.
The one mile toot race was won
by Sam, an Indian, second, A. Elwell.
Relay race was won hy Tug. Wilson, second, Krancis, and on dispute
being settled, second money was
also given to Ralph Vroom.
10ft yard dash was won by M.
Murray, second, Kerdinand.
Eollowing was thc programme ot
children's sports under the auspices
ot the -Overseas club at the fair
grounds in the atlernoon:
Bovs and girls, \ to fi years, 5ft
ynrds-lst, R. McMillan; 2nd, E.
Chapman; 3rd, N. Moore.
Hoys, « to 8, 100 yards—1st, Ed,
Stone; 2nd, -lames Logan; 3rd, Harold Dow.
Girls, 6 to 8, 100 yards—1st, Alice
Brake; 2ml, Nellie Siunmertnnd; 3rd,
Patricia McDermot.
Boys, 12 to 14, 100 yards—1st, G.
Orr; 2nd, M. Drummond; 3rd, B.
Girls, 12 to 14, 100 yards-lst,
Annln Orr; 2nd, E. McDonald; 3rd,
M. Sindall.
Boys, 10 to 12, 100 yards-fl. Orr;
2nd, G. Argtie; 3rd, M. Drummond.
Girls, 10 to 12, 100 yards-lst, Annie Orr; 2nd, 1*:. McDonald; 3rd, M.
Boys, 8 to 10, 100 yards—1st, A.
Taylor; 2nd, E. Maclxran; 3rd, V.
Girls, 8 to 10, 100 yards-lst, M.
Cameron; 2nd, M. Mann; 3rd, A. Mc-
Three-legged race for boys, 8 to
14, 100 yards—1st, G. 'Argue arid W,
Laurie; 2nd, S. Whitlnker and II
Bradley; 3rd, T. Laurie and .1. Pat-
torso n.
(Hits in pairs, 8 to 14, 1011 yards-
lst, V. Drummond and l>. Greaves;
2nd, M. Turner and      li.   Ilicke-nbolh-
am; 3rd, K. McDonald and G, McKay.
Girls, 13 to Hi. mo yards*— Ist, E.
Boytei, and, O. fflckenboihwn.
overseas club, married women—lit,
Mrs. T, E, South; 2nd, Mi.-. .1
Hoys. 13 to Hi, inn yards—Ul, M.
Cameron; 2nd, T. McNeil
Single ladies. DI0 uirds-lsl, D
Gre&vcs; 2nd, !•'   Drunumond.
Three-legged race tor girls, 8 'lo 11
loo yards—1st, D. Groave* and KratVi
cis Drummond; 3nd, K. McDonald and
G. Hickcnhoiliam. 3rd, M. Turnei ami
G. McKee.
Considerable credit Is due lo 1 iu-
Overseas Club and the Veterans' As
sociatton for the £reai Intcresl tbey
displayed und the vast amount ol
work performed for lhe cnjoynirnt
and pleasure of the children.
The dance in the evening was well
attended and proved a lining climax
to the enjoyment of ihe day. The
music was splendid mid Hie large
crowd present en oyed all Hie numbers 'and continued dancing until1
The CrnnbroOH city hand will give
their weekly    open air concert  Sunday, .lune   1st, commencing at   1.15
March—"The New   While House"...
Overture—"The Golden Orescent"..,
Waltzes—"On  the Mississippi"
Medley—Selection ...  .A it.  by  Dryer
Caprioi-Oavoiitc— "Beaumiaric"   	
March—"Washington   Times"   	
God Save the King.
-lames Austin,
Calgary, Alta., May 25.—Luther
McCarty, heavyiweighl champion ol
the world, died in the ring here \es-
terday from a chance blow which dis
located his neck, the end of his battle
with Pelkey coining after 1 minute
and 15 seconds of lighting. There had
been one or two mix tips of an inconsequential character, then came a
clinch. Referee Eddie Smith separated the men. Doth squared off in
pugilistic, altitudes. Neither seemed
the worse foi the clinch. Suddenly
McCarty was seen to double up in a
crouching attitude. To the spectators it looked as though his crouch
was simply a lighting position. But
he continued to go over, bis eyes rolling in his- head, tlien Ih* collapsed
and Tell full length on tbe floor of
the ring.
The referee, assuming that^he had
heen knocked out,, stood over him to
count off the fatal seconds.
It was the final count of the young
champion. Arthur Pelkey, winner of
the heavyweight championship at
such a heavy cost, stood at one side
of his fallen adversary. He could
scarcely realize what had happened.
By this time the referee had become
alarmed. Me called for a iloctcr,
several responding.
The Royal Northwest Mounted Police were called in to clear the ring
of the crowd, which bad swarmed
over the ropes. The physicians
worked over the s-tricken man tor
eight minutes, when they pronounced
hint dead.
There was probably ten thousand
men in tho arena when it became
known that McCarty was dead. What
a few minutes before he had been a
crowd whetted "with the lust of
battle by the two or three preliminaries that hail been fougjlit and by the
encounter of the two champions,
had now become a howliog mob, hut
thc news put a quietus on the spirits
of the Spectators and they tiled quietly out of tho arena, shocked beyond
expression hy lhe tragic ending of
the battle.
Pelkoy, who is out on bonds of
$10,000, furnished by Tommy Burns
and E. C, Lowes, absolutely declines
to discuss ihe I raged*.. He is very
muoh distressed over the unhappv
ending of his encounter with McCarty.
Irnmedlalely after Referee Smith
had made his decision, awarding Pel-
key the decision on what every ' one
thought was a knockout, Pelkey Wns
hurried oul of the ring, jumped into
a motor oal     anil was driven to the
ciiy. He had scarcely reached town
when he was advised that McCarty
was dead, He hurried hack to the
arena and on arriving there was taken Into custodj bj the mounted    pa
Hums' arena, the scene of Saturday's tragic event, when Luther Me
Cartj lost [Ms life, was totally destroyed In  fire at an onrly hour   this
 nung. The origin of the lire is    a
mystery. Four oilier deaths were
narrow!j averted. Wesley Benson, his
wife and two children wero asleep In
the coiner of the building and esenp
oil just as the (lames commenced lo
lick up the portion of tlie building
which they occupied. The building is
covered by insurance.
Accidental death was the verdict of
the jury which Investigated the deal!)
of Luther McCarty, heavyweight
champion pugilist, who died in I hiring on Saturdaj after less than
Iwo minutes of lighting with Arthur
Pelkey. The jury was unable to ii*
responsibility for the death of Mc
('arty and exonerated Pelkey. This
iloes not mean lhal Pclkey's troubles, us f.ir as this unfortunate affair
is concerned, are al  an end, ll  is
understood to be the purpose of thc
crown io arrest him on a formal
charge of manslaughter.
Billy McCarnoy, Mccarty's manager, aud Eddie Smith, sporting editoi
of the Chi.ago Examiner, who refer*
ied lhe bout, will be asked lo give
the authorities assurance lhal tlioj
will he hen* when the matter comes
up tor trial. li is possible thai
McCaruey will furnish bonds and return to the United Stales. W R,
Hearst's Chicago representative has
advised Smith lo remain in Calgary
until Ihe matter is settled.
The testimony of the surgeons who
performed the autopsy was to Lho effect lhat the vertebrae of McCarty's
neck had been dislocated. A medical
expert, called in by the defence, testified lh.it this dislocation could havo
been caused in some former fight.
William McCarney, McCarty's manager, while giving his testimony, broke
down and cried like a child.
A. F. & A. M.
.1. M. Rudd, or Nanaimo, grand
muster of tlie A.F..V.A.M., arrived in
this city last Tuesday, being on his
annual official visit through the
province, lie met with Cranhrook
'lodge, 'No. 34, on Tuesday evening
and a very interesting session was
held at the Masonic Temple. Following the regular order of husiness
a banquet was held at the hall and a
programme of speeches, songs and
music given. The grand master addressed the meeting, his speech being
one of tho most interesting numbers
on the programme.
On Wednesday evening Jive automobiles'were loaded with about twenty-
five members of the local lodge and
ihe grand master was escorted to
Kimberley, where the official visit
was made on Selkirk lodge. A very
happy meeting was enjoyed after
whieh the* members all repaired to
the North Star hotel, where a banquet was served by Mine Host Drew.
This proved a most sumptuous and
joyous repast. The tables were
beautifully decorated and every delicious viand known to Hie epicurean
art provided. The toast-master kept
the members busy.aid several good
speeches were heard. After ihe ban
quel the return journey to Cranbrook
was made, rhe motorists reaching
this city at 2.30 a.m.
Grand Master Rudd will visit Elk
River bulge at Fernie tonight .mil
North Star lodge a1 Fort Steele on
Friday evening
Edmonton, Alta, May 2i;.—Mrs.
-John G. Luroski, who was formerly
Mary Koholsky, was declared tlu*
winner in a lerpsiehorean maraihou
in Edmonton South the other1 night',
when she danced with 171 partners at
the celebration following her wedding. Incidentally, the brWe leathered in $'112, each partner paying S:!
Tor the privilege ot dancing with her,
in accordance with an old Polish ens
loni. The celebration started shortly after tlie noon hour and continued
until dawn tin- following morning.
The director of ceremonies said that
such a thing as censoring) the "chicken scratch," "gri/zly," and "buna/"
were out of the question. Mrs. Luroski, who, is a Comely young woman,
recently from Poland, told several of
her country women that, while sin-
is proud of having established a now
"tango" record in America, she will
novel dance again.
Sir  George   Ross.   Liberal   Leader   of   the Senate,
Hoves That Bill Go To People Before
Being Passed
Ottawa, May J7.-"That this
house is nut Justified in giving ns
assent io the hill until it has been
submitted to thc country." such is
the form of the amendment lo the
motion for second reading oi the
naval hill, moved in the senate feyl
Sn George Ross, the Liberal leader, |
and seconded hy Senator Rostock.,
That lhe amendment will be adopted!
there is no reasonable doubt, .The!
effect of its adoption will mean that
the hill will he discharged from the
order paper for Uic session, and not
having Iwcm passed bj both houses bv
inoperative for the pretaut.
lu the earlier pun of his speech Sli
George Koss gave as Ins reasons '■■ i
opposing ihe lull main of tbe argu
muits advanced hy ihe Liberals in
the lower house. Towards tli- tlosv
he dealt with thc references made h\
Premier Uorden in his Toronto
Bpeech io the senate. Ho denied
lhal the ma on", [u ih. sen.U.
would hut echo the views ol Sir, \\:\
trid Laurier In the comi ■
"Wo arc   nni    here," if -a d, ' I i
suit any prcmdi r or '.col. r
position.     Wo are bete to do as   wi
pleas.* according to o'ir conscti noes.1
Mr went, mi lo say thai  Mr. Bordci
had said in a Montreal speech that H
his hill was opposed he would aPPc.1;
to the people.    "I am not concerned
whelliei he   docs or not." said     Sir
George,    "lui'  I   am coiwern.-d tint
legislation   whirl,     comes in        t-hls
house    should   1m- i;i     harmony with
public opinion.     When a bill arrives
in this bouse in regard to which public opinion is unsettled, then M i-   a
safe;     principle    to   adopt that wej
should  take   suofc action OS       would'
show what public opinion is."
"Allow me to offer my eoiigr^ula-
tions to the leader ot tiv government (Hon. I- A. Loueheed) on tht
calm, tuckj and comprehensive statement he ha** made to us yesterday
upon the hill now under consideration II.- spoke, reeling, do doubt,
the respansibility of ron^idenni: wit!,
jusl ice and in a comprehensive and
impartial manner th? bill now before
the M-nate. Allow me to K*.n w.'h
him in expressing ,( rinrflai sens ol
responsibility and at ihe outset ,i--
sure the senate tnat I approach the
discussion of the bill with a deep
sense of my responsibility to 'iv -ti-
atc and th* country. I realize what
I shall say may tie r,-ad and .considered beyond this chamber and that
in the mother country, as well as in
the dominions • beyond Ihr sea . all
eyps are turned toward Canada at
this moment.
"Unfortunately, the voice in which
we sp«-ak on this uuettlon ia b) i ii
cumsbances for which I am not responsible construed as tbe voice ol
partv rather than the voice ol the
country. It is not for me to question tin* loyalty of those who disagree with my view-, and I hope that
those who read our speeches maj believe that we are equally anxious,
though by different means, to 'nan
tain the iolldnrltj of the Hritish empire and to strengthen thc bond'- of
defence and attachment which for
ov,-r 100 years have hi.und I -aoada t<
the mothermnd. Maj I adopt lines
In which Tennyson, Knglai d' real
est poet lam.-al-'. welcomed the
queen mother, when a** bride of the
Prince of Wales, she turned ber face
low aid England, and said:
•For Saxon oi- Dane oi Korman   arc
Teuton or fell or whatever we i <
We are Unions   all     in our love for
Hue. Urittania.'
"On thc question of defence that we
owe tti   .ourselves and to thc empire
we are all agreed from (inter (,. cir-
cumterence. Canada fo lhe home ol
patriotic   citizens.       Wc are feeling
our way1 in n large sense for Uu*
firs-t time ai to how wc ehn hest express thai patriotism. The line Ot
cleavage between the two sides appears to be whether, as tli- hill says,
to increase tin* effective naval fores
of the empire is a licHcr expression
of our loyaltj Ihan the permanent
policy which combines lhe defence oi
Canada and her commercial routes to
Greal Hrltarn by the creation (,f a
Canadian fleet,   serviceable at      bite
csame lime for the defence of the empire wherever its integrity mat be
Sir George reviewed lhe origin ol
the question of naval defence and its
development during the last lew
years.        Tht- lirs'  motion l<'r uaial
defence was made by lion. George I*).
l*\>Mer. in thc commons in 1909, in a
resolution declaring that Canada
should I,,, longer dclaj in assuming
her proper share of the responsibility
ami financial burden incident t„ the
suitable protection of her exposed coast line and great seaports.
With amendments fo Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, then leader of the government, and Mr. Horden this resolution
wos unanimously concurred in. Sir
George s^ud he was sure every inom-
bcr.of the senate would agree with
the declaration of the resolution than
the tune had come for Canada to
''assume In larger measure the ro»
sponsibilit) "f natural defence." It
would th1 s;.*:d Sn George, intoler-
ttble It, wnli oui wealth and great resources and qui abundant prosperity,
we should look idlj on at the motherland prepared lo tight Un* battle ot
the .*::■!::'■ and to light our battles.
"1 speak for the senate when I say
that we concur unanimously in \bn
proper action u> which unanimous
consent was given in tlte other ol*a.m-
» ii Maul:. IM9 That resolution
was drafted bj the band of patriotic
]- asserted that t'aifada
pared    to co-operate in    full
• paih] -■■ •':: tbe Hritish navy in
::;.! :| a ng \- safety of the empire
and ihe peace of the world- That
resolution wa~ read irom ocean to
ocean. 1 believe," said Sir Geoegti,
"the sentiments e\press<d therein
sent a thrill through t'anada and
lhat she entered upon a new era. It
was a new coronation* to her. like
that of the day when she was initiated into the family of nations some
forty years before she was able to
take her place l*-side her royal mother to defend the constitution which
so long cave Kmiland life, gave England liberty, civil and religious, and
in which «e share so generously and
so freely. And I may note the
chronological fact thr,t this resolution was adopted on OctobcrK29,
1909—the forty-second anniversary of
lhe day on u-hich her majesty Queen
Victoria signed the British North
America ict, the < hart, r of I'anadian
Continuing, Sir George noted that
the three men who sio«>d sponsor for
that resolution were Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Right Hon It L, Horden and
Hon. G K. Roster, He quoted ex-
tracts from tbe speeches of the two
Conservative leaders in support ot
that1 resolution. Mr Horden had
said that be was entirely of the opinion In. the first plarv, "that tho
proper line upon which we should
proceed was the line of having a
naval force <A our own.".Mr. Horden
had ;.iuifi noted thai tie- policy of
contribution had nol mei with the
approval oi tne Australian people,
that the policy of contribution would
lead to entanglements and friction
with the admiralty and that pennan-
t-nt co-openation could only be along
the Unci oi a constitutional ami an
autonomous development of the Dominion*. Mr. poster has emphasized
•>i. '..,■• that ,, policy of contribution
was not '"n '>r,,,M v.rh (^anadioa na-
tinnal pride and would leave novreui-
due and strike nfl roo'. The opinion
and police enunciated, said Sir
George, tutted bun exact!) It suited
tin then both sides oi the house It
-iiit.il Canada as | whole     Out ot it
iacw   the,   Naval  Serviee   \ct  of  1910,
Kor that ad the preacnl government
was now responsible, since they   had
not !e|M-,,ii-d it ,,T amended II Under
that act ihe government could do all
and mini, nion' than it was now prtv
posed to du under the present bill.
Thirl*.-lue millions or thiee times
thai amount couW he voted by parliament for increasing the effective
naval forces of the empire, if this
was an emergency all the government!
had io do was to bring in an estimate for Sin.oon.nnn (ir $i5,nnfi,fioo nf
monej to start immediately upon the
construction of battleships wherever
they ctYild In- const rueied best and
moke an annua! vote until they were
completed. Thai was lhe principle
whieh had always guided parliament
hitherto in making ,,ppropriations
oven larger than the one now under
consideration. *
Touching but briefly upon lhe nues*-
tion of an emergency. Sir GeortS'
noted lhat tin* admiralty memorandum did RDl declare that there wan
,iii tvnorgoncv, hut •imply said that it
(Continued on page six). THE CRANBROOK HERALD
Bt the Herald   Publishing Company,
J. H. Thompson, Editor and Manager
CRANBROOK, B.C.,May M. 1913
Premier Horden, speaking at Toronto stated thati Sir Wilfrid Luur-
ier's naval proposals wcca "undts-
guisedly ot a separatist tendency."
II so then than four years ago 'Mr.
Horden must have heen a thoroughgoing separatist.
Hinging with truth, ringing with
the soundness of real loyalty, real
(lean and blood defence, real n°rvo
tingling patriotism, and at the same
w it'll clear, cold, dispassionate, reasonable logic, Sir Georgt Ross, tho
Liberal leader oi the senate, has
moved that the naval bill be reterred
to the people Now will come a storm
ot protest! Irom the Canservalive
press, defaming tlie senate and defaming Sir George, because It has
been the policy ot Premier Horden to
keep this naval policy from being referred to the. people. The senate is
useless, their mission defunct, because they ask thai. the.voice of the
people be,heard. Between, thc irrational frenzy of Premier Horden tc
gag lirst the house and then the
people ftnd force his obnoxious policy,
arises in mighty majesty the Canadian senate and in cold, measured -,\v-
cents declares tliat the voice of the
people is supreme. Let the people
he heard from and on one will question the decision.
Patriotism and love of country are
parts of character which, it is said,
if properly taught to children, will
like other good things, grow up wilh
them and become part ot their character. iBut the absence ot grownups in demonstrations like that of
Empire day, is poor encouragement
lor the youngsters. To assimilate,
prido in country and flag, which
children should, can only be accomplished by tho younger ones witnessing a strong interest in these
things by elders. Not one of the
speakers turned up Saturday morning and there was only a meagre
handful of witnesses present, at the
exercises given by the children. One
or two school teachers and a couph
ot the local pastors were in evidence, their presence made conspicuous
by the. absence ot the great bulk ot
parents. Very poor enthusiasm on
which to mold patriotic Canadians of
the next generation, or even lo
keep alive the holy principles of love
ot freedom, God and country and the
great) historic achievements for
which tho dag and government
stands, even In this generation.
We heard only the other day that
in a certain city men would guarantee a prospective buyer that the
price would rise to such a height in
thirty days. And the guarantee Was
.Justified by tlie immediate event,
though nol by the growth ol the city
or of the country around. So, you
presently discover millionaires who
have lost the raculty ot writing
three-figure checks. And they wonder what Is tho matter with,their
fortunes. The fact is that their
fortunes aren't there — like the
prices on which they were based.
They are out of sight. It you'll
leade 'em alone they may cotno home,
leave 'om alone Ihey may come home,
and bring tlieir tails behind thorn.
Hut meantime taxes have got to he
paid, and payments arc tailing due,
and the real estate millionaire
doesn't care to look on his limousine
when it movoth itsell aright, if he is
a very far-seeing man, tie senses the
Balkan war as the cause of the constriction in currency. Your millionaire who has go-own up In a night
from financial obscurity, never
dreams that it isn't the Balkans that
is worrying him; but thc simple
little fact that he has been piling up
prices and bricks taster than tho
farmer has heen growing the grain, a
suburban property, farm lands, village
premised or city real estate that we are
carrying on
Why not have us liHt your property?
Whether yon want to buy or sell we
can bo of service to you   Call any time.
Chapman Land & Inv. Co.
Two doors trom the Hex Theatre
MONK401 P.O. Box,25
small percentage of which must pay
lor all the services the city can render him—and there is nothing else
Oil which the city can flourish.
What might wclj he termed the
bankers' band act is all ready (or a
third reading at the house ot commons. It is now a foregone conclusion that it will be passed with ;
comfortable steam - roller majority
and Canada will find itself at the
mercy of a small group of financier*
and worse.
There was a great deal of talk
with regard to the necessity of
amending the bank act, so Hon. W<
T. White, minister of finance, took it
upon himself to amend it. The cOtt
scquonco was that he consulted hi*
intimate friends who control tb*
hanking system of Canada, and
tween them fhey worked out ., serial,
of amendments which give the final
cial institutions greatly increased
power. The present administration
will go down in history as the most
offensively "Hig interest" government which ever crushed the people
of the Dominion. The money trust
was strong enough before, but with
Mr. White as finance minister it has
an ally which makes the combination
The Conservative party is not
tireiy composed of wealthy men, but
it seems to he a characteristic ot
thnt party to bow to tho will of the
leader, no matter to what lengths he
may go. The amended bank act is
perhaps the most disastrous legislation of the session as far as the
common people are concerned. They
do not realize, apparently, the meaning ot the amendments, or the legislators would be petitioned by every
constituency in a Canada to light
against it. Tho hanks arc given the
opportunity to charge any rate of interest they see fit to charge, and to
collect it in advance. 11 is useless to
believe or try to believe that they
will not grasp at the opportunity-
All this is the result, ot the appointment ot Mr. White. It was
known at the time that he was liand-
in-glove with the financiers, but surely thii premier never imagined that
he would dare go so tar. Another fivtj
years ot the Horden government
would place Canada in the most uncomfortable position possible, wrecking the freedom of all but moneyed
men who nre Independent ot the banks
aud bankers.—Saturday Sunset.
Steel FishingRods
Mr. W. .1. Armstrong, who recently sold out his stock of jewelry at
Sixth street and Third avenue, has
entered into partnership with Raworth Bros, the new firm name being
Raworth Bros, and Armstrong. By
taking this step Mr. Armstrong
shows his faith |n the future of
Lethbridge. He has been iu business
here for eight years, and he thinks
the city is just beginning to find itself. It had been rumored that Mr.
Armstrong was pjoing to move to
Vancouver, but he says that lethbridge will he good enough for him,
for some time yet. Raworth Bros,
have been in business In U'thbridge
for two years, coming here as a
branch Irom Cranhrook, where they
still have a. .store and where they
act as waU'h inspectors for the Crow
division of the C.P.R. The business
will be strengthened by Mr. Armstrong's entrance, and a complete,
new summer stock is oxpeoled any
day. Thc store will be improved in
many ways, and new fixtures will be
installed.—lethbridge Herald.
the arrival
fresh, clean
of  a
Rods, Lines, Reels
And Your Favorite Plies
Are Here
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
building, further amount required,
$5,000; accommodation for -assistant
general rccolvcr, $50,000; Castor
public building, $10,000; Edmonton,
customs examining warehouse, $100,-
000; Grand Prairie, Immigration
hall, $5,000; High Hiver, public
building, $20,000; Medicine Hat, public building addition, $35,000; lied
Deer, public building, further
amount required, $30,000; Strath-
cona, public building, $5,000; Vermilion, public building, $25,0110; Wain-
wright, public building, $5,000; We-
taskiwin, public building, to provide
for government t*harc of cost, ol sewer and sidewalks, $270.
Ottawa, May 26.—The supplementary estimates, which were brought
down recently, contain an item ol
$50,000 fur a public building in Maclcod.
This is a re-vote of the old grant
ol $10,000, which had elapsed, ami
$10,000 additional.
It means that when thc structure
is completed the Town of Maclcod
will havo u $75,000 government
building, to house the post otlice,
customs office and land office to
match up with the $100,000 municipal
The site has not been fixed irtvvok-
ably. The government is willing to
put it up wherever the people nt
Maeleod -want it. It will iu all
probability lie on the public square.
Tin' concensus of opinion is in flavor
of a site on the west side nt the
square, about opposite Twenty-second
street. Others tavor the northeast comer. Some sort ot a plebiscite may yet be taken to decide.
Other Alberta towns which benefit
under the estimates are: Athabasca
Lauding, immigration hall, $4,500;
Athabasca Landing, addition to public buildings, further amount required,    $a,0(|fk,    Calgary
A new era in the musical life of
Cranbrook will be opened on Fri
day evening with a concert to lie
given by the Craubrook Choral
Society. The successes of the
Operatic Society's productions
during the pnBt three years hnve
prompted those interested to go
further into the realms of music,
and the result has been thi! forma,
tion of a society which has for its
object tlie consideration of musical
works entirely.
The society, which numbers
about fifty members, has been
practising for the last two months,
and the work done ha» been so ex-
cedent that the executive has deoi-
ded to present to the music loving
public thc result of their efforts on
Friday evening.
The numbers taken up by the
society nre quite varied in style
and present good opportunities for
thi; exposition of fine choral singing. A mong the heavier works are
the " March" from " Tannhauser,"
and " Hail bright abode!" by
Richard Wagner; and " The Song
of the Vikings," by Eaton Fanning.
The lighter numbers include "O
(iladsome Light," from the " Golden Legend," by Arthur Sullivan ;
the gipsy chorus from " II Trovn-
tore;" and " See how the darkness
of night dissolves." The following
part songs, which give abundant
opportunity for finished choral
singing, aro also on the program :
"O hush thee, my baby," by Arthur S. Sullivan, and "Good night,
good night, beloved," by Ciro Pin-
The concert will ho immediately
followed by a dance, which promises to bo the last of the season.
Mrs. Wallinger will supply the
orchestra and refreshments will l>e
served. The tickets, which include l)oth concert and dance, are
for sale by the members of the
society nnd at Beatty-Murphy
Co.'s drug Store.
Winnipeg, May 27.—"The immigrants destined for all points in
Hritish Columbia, who have arrived
in Canada from ocean ports and passed through the city ol Winnipeg,"
said J. Bruce Walker, commissioner
tor immigration this morning in a
short interview, "arc numbering
about one hundred each day,"
"About 00 per cent1 ot these settlers am of English or Scottish
origin. Hritish Columbia is there-
lore getting a far higher proportion
of Hritish settlers than aro 'the
prairie provinces. The itamigrants
going through to Hritish Columbia
are nn exceptionally fine class of
people, and are usually better heeled
in the way of cash in hand than
tliose who drop oil In the city of i
Winnipeg or proceed to Saskatchewan'
Immigration or Alberta points."
$10,000   GRANT   RE-
Zam-Buk Will End It.
For skin rashes, eruptions, eczema,
etc., cither in adults or children,
there is nothing known to science,
which equals Zam-Buk iu the quickness and certainty of its curative
power. Mr. Raymond Webber, ot
Alkmburg, Ont., writes: "I have
tried Zam-Buk for many ailments,
and every time have found it successful. Somo lime ago I had a
bad rash all over my body. 1 tried
home-made salves, herb salves, and
various home-made preparations, and
those proved oi no use, but when
tried Zam-Huk I was oared m
quarter of the time that I had been
experimenting in vain with other pre
"On another occasion 1 had one of
my lingers crushed, and in that case
also Zam-Huk Mas the only remedy 1
used. It healed tbe wound splendidly-
"My boy had boils, and once again
Zam-Buk brought about a complete
cure. We have also used it as a
household balm, for the injuries and
skin diseases which are comtmOn to
every person, and can say that
our ex|ierience there is nothing to
equal Zam-Buk."
Zam-Buk owes , its unique healing
power to certain herbal extracts it
contains. Unlike most ointments it
contains no poisonous coloring matter, no animal fat, but is purely herbal. For eczema, piles, blood poison, abscesses, ulcers, cuts, burns,
and all skin injuries and diseases it
is without equal and should be in
every home. fjOc. box all druggists
and stores. Use also Zam-Huk
Soap, 25c. tablet.
Attorney-Gcncrat Bowser was held
responsible by the Methodists in conference at Vancouver last week for
the nonretitorcemciit of law in Hritish
Columbia, nnd reiterated that appeals to him had been in vain time
after time in regard to law enforcement concerning the segregated district, gambling, lotteries, betting at
race tracks, etc.... A committee appointed on the subject brought in the
following scathing report and finding:
"In regard to the social evil your
committee regrets to have to reporti
that Irom two sections ot this prov
ince information! is before us as to
the existence of conditions which call
for immediate action on the part of
all citizens who have the well-being
of this province at. heart.
"1. In- the Kootenay district
there are no less than fourteen cities
'and towns in which the social vice is
either segregated or tolerated. The
police commissioners ot one ot these
cilies publicly declared that they are
in iavor ot the non-en force ment of the
low against vice. In one case thc
police forcer were restrained from the
enforcement of the law by order of
one of the commissioners.
"2. In the city ot Vancouver there
is a recognized area oi segregated
vice which seems to enjoy immunity
from the criminal code of Canada.
An incident of tlte campaign against)
this vice deserves special comment,
■Prosecution under the law was taken
by the police of Vancouver awl certain offenders were convicted hut
when taken to prison were refused
admission by the warden, thus setting at naught his majesty's authority in this province. Protest against
this state of affairs was brought by
important delegations to the provincial government, but as yet no remedial action of which we are aware,
lias followed. We greatly deplore
that such things are possible in this
enlightened province.
"These facts are sufficiently appalling to call for aroused and united
action. But wc have to lace further
the fact thai in thc states of thc American Union adjacent to this province vigorous action against this social vice has been taken recently, and
this province is liable to have,an in
flux of professional prostitutes. Moth*.
ing but a rigid enforcement of our
just Canadian laws against this vice
can save our province from tearful
moral degradation.
"We respectfully request the government to instruct its officials to
vigorously enforce thc law."
As to gambling, the committee deplored the continuance of practices
which arc prohibited by the criminal
code ot Canada and are successfully
suppressed in "ther provinces, especially betting on horse, raws, the
sweepstakes and raffles. "In this
matter much responsibility is thrown
upon the police commissioners. It
4s, therefore, imperative that men
chosen to this office should be only
mon known fo uphold the criminal
code of Canada."
London, May, 2(1.—Tim Canadian
cadets won the Duke ol Wellington's
cup and gold medals for rapid firing,
lieing eighteen points ahead of tain
Civil Service, ln two other matches Canada was beaten by. Lord
Robert's boys.
Sir Charles Wakefield gave a luncheon at tlie (luildbnll on Saturday
tn the ten cadets Irom Canada.
Itcv.tO. E. Kendaii, pastor.
Morning worship, 11.00k. Topic:
"Jesus is Coming"—"Tho Importance
Attached to His Coming bv Jesus
Evening worship, 7.3uk. Worshipping with tho Presbyterian church.
An invitation is extended to all.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor.
Morning worship, 11.00k. Worshipping with thc Baptist Chun*.
Evening worship, 7.30k. Topic:
"Jesus is Coming" — "Tlie Manner
of His Appearing."
Rov. O. ■]■!. Kendall will be tbo
All arc invited.
The congregations of tho I'resbylci-
ian and Baptist, churches are uniting
for' worship during the first three
Sundays of June- Rev. aV. K.
Thomson is attending the meetings of
the General Assembly in Toronto,
Ont. Rev. O. E. Kendall, of tho
Baptist church will minister to the
united congregations, beginning thc
first service In thc Baptist church
next Sunday morning and alternating
between the. churches thereatler.
Pastor Kendall announces a series of
sermons on "Jesus is Coming," running the three Sundays. The subject
will be treated, viz: "The Superlative Importance Attached to His
Coming by Jesus Himself," "The
Manner of His Appearing," "Tho
Work Jrsus Will Perform at His
Coming," "Jesus, tho Coming Judge,
Sitting in Judgment," "Jesus, tho
King of His Kingdom," "The Signs
of His Coming—Is thc 'Time at
FOR SALE.—Twenty acres of tlie
very best of fruit land, two miles
from town. This land has a good
supply ot firewood on it and there
are good springs ot water on the
property. Land in this circle is
selling, at from S100 to $200 per acre.
Government road runs through land.
Land adjoins the famous Bucna Vista
Gardens tract. Can be bought at
the remarkably low price of $50.00
per acre, half cash, balance to suit.
Speak quick, as this is on the market for a very short time. -For particulars apply to E. II. Heed, Herald;
Relieved by Vinol.
Strength and even life itself depends upon the nourishment and
proper assimilation of food, and unless
digestion Is good, the whole body suffers.
Mrs. L. D. Cook, Vineland, N. 1.,
says: "I was sick five years with Indigestion. My stomach seemed to
have a heavy load in it, and at other
times it seemed to be tied ln knots.
Nobody knows how I suffered.
"I tried a great many doctors and
a great many kinds ot medicine, but
nothing did any good until I took
Vlnol. It has helped me wonderfully.
I am Improving fast, feel better and
am getting my flesh back again. Vlnol
has done me a world of good."
We know the great power of Vlnol,
our delicious cod liver and Iron
tonic without oil, in curing chronic
stomach trouble and building up
all weakened, run-down perrons, and
that Is why we guarantee to return
your money It It does not help you.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
» 1
Mr. ami Mrs. E. U. Tcdford, ol
Fresno, California, passwl Ihioupli
Cranhrook last Friday afternoon in
an automobili1, having covered the
entire distance of G.200 miles entirely in their machine, with the exception of about 11*1 miles between
Portland ami Tho Dalles, Oregon,
They left Fresno on April 22, and
when tUicy arrived in Cranbrook bad
averaged a distance of too mtles per
Their destination is Mortlack, Saskatchewan, ami they are tho pioneer
automobi lists over tlw route l/hcy,
covered. The experiences of the
trip and their troubles with roads
and the machine would make a lonpj
interesting story.
Near Kingsgale they eneountercd
some very bad roads and made slow
time to Cranbrook. They complain!
more ot the roads through Idaho
Mian anywhere else on their trip.
Before aftiving in Cranbrook they
were forced to camp for the night a
few miles this side oi Moyie, where
•the? were (held up by a bad slough.
This they drained and planked otter
a Few hours work and passed thc car
safely over.
The trip was made in an Overland
ear and except for the mud ot travel
tlie ear seems to have stood thc trip I
well. After a visit with friends in
Mortlack, they drive home, probably |
east and over a moro southern
route. !
Ilalsall & Co.
Warm Weather Suggestions
Now that the warm weather is assured, we
wish to draw your attention to our excellent
showing of
New Sunshades
Sunshades for the Children
At     25o, fillc, lilte oaob.
Sunshades for the Older Folk
At $1,25, M.50, $1.75, $2llli, $2,60,
$8.00, nml $8.60
The New India Shape Sunshade
In many colors
At     $2.50, $8.60,14.00
The Last of the
Suits at $18.00
Just 10 Suits left to clear at
$18.00 per Suit. Whipcords, Bedford Cords, Tweeds. Etc Sizes :
16 yrs; 84, 86, 38. Regular values
$25.00, 827.50, $80.00.
[Clearing at $10.00 per Suit
Saturday, May 24th, this Store will be closed all
day.    Open late Friday night
FOR SALB.-Chalr go-cart, almost new; very cheap. Apply Herald.
that in pursuance, oi a resolution
passed in Council assembled on tho
28th day ot April, 11113, the Municipal Council ol the Corporation oi the
City oi Cranbrook, intends to eon-
fit met the following work:
"A 10 foot cement sidewalk on the
cast side 0f block 90, on tlie east ami
west side of block 8!), the west side
of block! 88, and the south
side of block 88, from the west cor-
ner of the block to tlie west side ol
tlie alley, and on the south side of
block 89, and on lhe south side of
block ill), from the east corner of the
Tho lands to be Immediately benefited by tho    said works and      improvements are as follows:
Hlock.    Lot;        Ft. Frontage
88 1 25
88 1 123 (on Louis St).
88 2 25
88 8 25
88 4 25
88 5 25
88 li 25
88 7 25
88 8 25
88 !l 25
88 10 25
88 11 25
88 11 25
88 15 25
88 Hi 25
88 17 25
88 18 25
88 111 121
Hlock.    Loi. Ft. Frontage.
8!) 1 25
80 1 122 (on Louis St)'.
80 2 25
80  ' ,') 25
80 4 25
80 5 1211
80 5 126
80 0 25
8!) 7 25
80 8 25
80 II 25
80 10 25
80 11 25
81) 12 25
80 13 25
80 14 25
80 15 25
80 10 north   12' 0"
80 16 south   12' II"
80 17 25
80 18 25
80 10 121
80 20 25
80 .10 25
80 31 25
80 32 25
80 33 25
80 34 25
80 35 25
80 30 25
80 37 25
80 38 25
80 39 25
80 40 25
80 41 25
80 42 .115
(on Louis St).
00 31 25
00 32 25
90 33 25
90 84 25
90 35 25
90 30 25
90 37 25
90 38 25
90 39 25
90 40 25
00 41 north     0
00 41 south  10
90 42 25
90 43 25
90 41 25
90 45 25
90 40 25
00 40 122 (on Louis St).
EN that tlio report ol the City Engineer and Assessor made in pursuance to the Local Improvement General By-Law is open for inspection
at thc office of the City Clerk at the
Cily Hall, Cranbrook, B.C., during
office hours, and that it is tbe Intention ol the Council to make such
assessment upon said, land1 or real
property immediately benefited lor
lhe works or improvements as in the
said report set out and for tho
amount set out in such report.
tiiat all persons concerned are hereby
notilieil that unless the majority ot
the owners of the land or real property to lie assessed or Charged in respect of such work representing at
least one-hall in value thereof, petition the Council against such assessment witiiin 15 days after publication of this noliee, sueli works shall
be undertaken and proceeded with by
Ibe council and the costs thereof assessed against the property affected
ns provided for by the bylaw in Mini
Mialf and by the, said report ami
resolut ion.
Dated this 15th dny ol May, 1913.
21-2t City Clerk.
Special Offerings
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate Agents
Cranbrook, 11. O.
12-roomcd Modern Dwelling, ono
block from Post Office and 4J
lots. Comer property. Suitable for tirst-cliiBs boarding
house. Price considerably less
than assessed value. Very easy
10 Acres, one mile west of P. O
3J acres improved nnd under
cultivation, 2-story modern
house. Land under irrigation.
Price $8,600 cash,
Beale & Klwell
Cranbrook, B. O. THB   OBANBKOOK   fl KRAI,!)
The old folks are never lonesome—they always
have company when there'* an
Edison Phonograph
on the table.
For them and the young folks, the scope of the new Blue
Amberol Records includes everything, from old
time favorites to present day tunes—popular and
The real fun and enjoyment afforded by an
Edison Phonograph is unequalled by any other
instrument made. A call on your Edison dealer
will convince you. U
Thomu A. EdJun, Inc. lOOLalmul. At*., Oruc*. N. J., U. S. A.
A complet* line of Ediaon Phonograph, and Record, will bo found nl
"The Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd."
"The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd/'
j    News of the District
(By Fred Roo).
Waldo entertained a large crowd nf
people at the Empire Day celebration. Special f rains were run from
Eureka, Montana, and Elko, tlie best
town on tlie Crows Nest Pass. (G-al-
loway visitors came down on the
Cranbrook local and those from l*Yr-
nie, Ilosmer and Michel came west to
Klko on tho Nelson boat train. The
northern visitors arrived by tho
U'aitnut Valley and K. C. railway
and took the special from Elko* to
Waldo. Tlu* Eureka brass hand
played Dixie and the Maple Leaf in
ragtime. Elko's extreme upper
crust went down in automobiles, the
rest drove or took advantage of ih,.
excursion train, and others wlin had
business to attend to, went down on
the regular 1.80 o'clock south bound
cold molasses, limited. The day
was an ideal one for the celebration
and the crowds seemed well satisfied
With the hospitality of Waldo's four
At Elko a large crowd of sighters
came down from Prank, Coleman,
Lethbridge and Fernie, and picntecd
at the Elk Falls.
On Sunday, .1. A. Cameron, ol
-Winnipeg, selling metal goods, angle
bars and fish plates, entertained a
parly of yoiitna ladies and gentlemen
to a trout dinner al Rock Creek.
Tbe Elk river is rising rapidly and
at this season of the \e.u il is easy
to see why the untutored Indians referred to the Elk as the Big Muddy,
Born.—On Tucsdnj morning lo Mr.
and Mrs, Funk Putnam, twins, n
boy ami girl
Mr. ami Mrs. St. .lean, of Mullnn*-
Idaho, nrrivwl In Creston on Thura
day last, being called here hj tlw
death of ber lather, Mr. s. s. Fair
iK'ad.    They were accompanied     1 >>
iMiss St.  .lean, of Chicagp,
On Snturdftj last, Oeo. Prlchard,
who has been a lesideni of Creston
and Vtcintt] tor a number of years,
was united iu irurriago to Mrs. Michael, of Port Hill, Kev. W. u. Blake
olllciatiug. The happy couple have
many friends both in Creston ami
Port Hill lhal wish them a L"iig
and happy mariied life.
.1. A. Crompton rolurnod ou Wed
nesilay from a trip to Cranhrook a"d
surrounding places where he lus been
eiigagx'd iu tuning pianos. ;lle report}* having a wry successful trip
ami also having booked many orders
for the fall. He also slates that
the fruit lives in tbe Creston district*
nre much tllftiter advanced than in
Eawt Kootenay.
A. E. Waits, of Wattsburg, has
bem In the valley lhe past Meek ou
bus-mess. While hen* he went to
Port Hill and raised the steamer
Idler, which has been partly under
the ice all winter and towed her to
the lake with a gasoline launch, lie
says that tho company now intends
to build their mill on Hie old Yale-
Columbia Lumber company's landing
about u mile north of Port Hill.
A very quicti wedding took place
on Wednesday morning at the Church
of England, when Mr. Clsel Erlo Howard, of Erickson, and Miss Nora
McLaupfhlin were united in marriage
by thc Rev. Flewelling, ol rian-
hrook. The happy couple lift oil the
noon train Wednesday for a trip east.
Both the bride ami groom have many
friends and relatives here that wish
them a prosperous married life.
A very successful bazaar, followed
hy a well attended dance, was held
in the Auditorium last Friday in aid
of tho I loly Cross church. Dyers)
t hroc-picco orchcsl ra from Nelson,
the expense of which was borne hy
Mrs. W. H. Johnson, of the King
George hotel, was in attendance, and
played during the afternoon and
evening, and also for the dancing,
The .success of the undertaking was
due to tin1, following ladies, \vh0
cheerfully undertook the hand work
necessary for the occasion: Mcsdamea
Corbett, Crompton, Eagan, Hay-den,
Heron, McCarthy, Price and Tim-
nions, and thc Misses McCarthy,
Tiomhly, Burton, Hayden, Agnes
Flynn audi Gertrude Chanuvy and also Mrs. W. II. .Idhnson, who so generously provided the music, sandwiches and coffee for the sapper.
Goat river js overflowing near tlie
•Great Northern railway bridge and
doing considerable damage to the
roadway and some of the ranches.
Daniel O'Neill moved out of his
home on Sunday morning and the
water is now up to the lower windows. If the warm weather continues exceptional!} high water is
Robert McFarlane Beid left on
Monday Tor Rcvelstokc to attend the
Liberal convention.
The Uev. (J. W. Blake left on Monday morning for Toronto to attend
the general n&SOmbly. Mrs. Blake aOd
family accompanied him.
Ten automobiles weni in Creston
on Empire day.
Empire day celebration here was
an unqualified success, there being an
exceptionally large crowd in attendance. \ special train front Bonners Perry arrived in the forenoon,
bring a jolly crowd of over three
hundred people. The band, Mutt
nml JoH, accompanied them, the latter creating considerable amusement
for the small bo*,s. Both, ball games
were won hv Bonners Ferry, the
iitbletic prises being nearly iv-nally
divided between local men and the
Idaho town. Tbe sports committee
bad everything well in hand nnd nil
passed off without a hileli. For such
a cosmopolitan crowd the day was
remarkably free .from any disorder,
the police Inning a genuine holiday.
D. S. Davis, I'nitnl Sl-atcs immigration inspector ol Bonners Ferry
was a Visitor lo Creston on Empire
Another barber shop has been
opened iu Johnson's pool rooms.
(Special correspondence).
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Nixon left' on
Thursday afternoon for Calgary, Alberta, whero they intend making
their home.
Mr. Marshall, of the Great West
Saddlery Co., Calgary, Alta., called
on friends in town Wednesday.
Mr. Gilo Wlsner is away to Calgary for a few days, having a little
business to clean up. Geo. Renlck is
handling things at the planer in his
The ball hoys are in possession of
their new suits, which are eft-am jynd
blue. They mnke a very smart appearance.
Mr.    Robson,     of    Fernie,    called
Thursday on business..
Mr. Walter Magoon. took ailvanta^n
of   the holiday, visiting with friends
in town.
Graham Donahoe, Billy Anderson,
Alfred .Johnson and A. Lund enjoyed
thc music furnished hy the Bex
orchestra at Fori Steele Friday
The intermediate ball team journeyed to Cranbrook Saturday to
play the boys of that town, the result was 18 to 5 in favor of the
Cranbrook team.
Si Swanson   and Miss .lanie Bam-
say enjoyed the sports held in, ('ran- '
brook Saturday. i
The regular meeting of tbe Ladies
Mission Guild will he held Thursday
afternoon al three o'clock in the
Presbyterian church.
ReV W. Stephens lefl on Monday
morning for Toronto to attend the
congress being held at that place,
Mrs. Stephens, ol Cranbrook, joined
him at the Wardner station.
A. C. Howness and friends motored
lo town Sunday afternoon.
The Kootenay is not only seen but
lienrd these days. The hot weather
has greatly increased the size of the
Pete Matboson, of Cranbrook, and
parly, wen; Wardner visitors Sunday in their auto.
Mrs. Ix'n Bcnwick and son, of
Manistee, B.C., spent Friday aud
Saturday at tlie home of her mother,
Mrs. Otto Wlsner. Mrs. Wisner returned to Galloway with Mrs. Reri-
wick in the afternoon.
Boy Anderson is home for the
holidays. He has been attending
school at Spokane.
Saturday, the 21th, passed off very
quietly, with only the usual Hag
flapping, nearly all our citizens being
at thc sports held at Cranbrook,.
Mrs. Geo. Wilson bad the misfortune to injure her ankle while enjoying a picnic with friends on big Sand
Creek Saturday.
Mr. Whitelcy, jr., was with friends
in town for the holiday.
Mrs. John Martin, jr., and child,
left on Monday morning for her homo
in Idaho, after spending some days in
Mr. Achesmi has kindly consented
to lake tho services at the church
during the convening of the congress
at Toronto.
The sawmill started quarter time
in addition to the day shift on Monday.
Mr. Bates was around saying farewell to his* friends Monday morning
as he passed through for Cranbrook.
Mr, ami Mrs. Bates intend making
their home at the coast.
Mr. .lohn Lawson* spent the holidays with friends at Wycliffe, B.C.
The Cranbrook junior hall team are
scheduled to play on the local diamond on Saturday evening. Our
boys are full of confidence in regaining the lost prestige of defeat.
.lohn Fead and Mr. Westbrooke,
government engineer, of Nelson, were
in town Monday on business.
Earnio Dirsgrnan called on friends in
town Monday afternoon.
The .laffray ball team made their
initial appearance on the local diamond Sunday afternoon. The boys
expected a ban! battle as evidenced
in their line-up. Tlie home team
played fine ball from start to finish.
Tlie result was as follows: Wardner,
runs, 21; hits, lf>; .laffray, runs, (1;
hits, 10; batteries, Wardner, Major,
Lund and Brown; .laffray, Erickson
and Davis, Karkoff and Graves.
This is the first real test tbe local
boys have had, ami the fans have
every reason to feel satisfied tbat
the team is being handled to get the
best results.
Art Major for some lime in the
barber business at Bull River, has
opened up for business in town.
Shorty, our local artist, having gone
to Bull River.
George Wclesby enjoyed a few days
with friends at Michel.
Mr. Digby, resident inspector of
public schools, was « Wardner visitor
on Tuesday.
Miss,Florence Heric is spending a
few days holidaying with friends at
Messrs. Skoad and Rankin were in
Fernlo in connection with Nordine's
damage suit this week.
Causes Much Disease
Advice about Stomach Troubles
■nd how to relieve them.
Don't, iiejdcii indiaeation, fur it
miiy li'i.d fi all aorta ul ills and oom-
f)liciili.m3. An eminent phyalciun
once fiiiti that ninety-five jut caul of
all ills have their origin hi u di*.
ordered BtomMh.
Our experience wilh Rexall Dyspepsia Tabloid leadB us to behove
them to be one of the most dependable
remedies known fur iiidiaeatiou and
chronic dyspepsia Tlicir injjredi-
cnU arc aoothinu to the tnflanied
membranes of Die Btomaoh. Rich
in Pepsin and Bismuth, two of tho
greatest dlgostivo aida known tu
medicine, tag relief they afford is
very prompt. IJHcd persistently and
regularly for a short time, they tend
to relieve puius caused by btuiimdi
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablet* help
insure healthy appetite, aid dilation, and promote nutrition. As
evidence of our faith in them, WO ask
you to try tbem at our risk, If they
do not give entire satisfaction, wo
will return tho money yon paid us
without question or formality. Throe
aiies, 25 cents, no cents, and $1.00.
YOU fan buy Hexali Dyspepsia Tablets
in this community only at our storo:
Crmilir.i'ik lirill-.li Columbia
Tht Tbttclt Store
•«■■■§■»■■«■■»• I
TLcrria n JU'iall Htorc in nrarly every town
nml city in the I rated Btstes. Canada awl
Ureat Britain. There) in n different Itrwill
Itcmedy (or nearly every ordinary human ill —
each especially ilesinricd fur the particular ill
far which it is reconimended.
The Rexall Stores are America's Greatest
Drug Stores
IN THE MATTER OK tire Admlni.s-
tion Act
IN THE   MATTER   OF thc.Official
Guardian's Act
IN THE   MATTER of.Uiu estate of
Thomas 1-1. L. Fenwick, deceased.
Notice is hereby given pursuant to an
order of tbis court made in this matter <m tho 2(ith day of May, 1013,
that the Administrator of the estate
proposes to sell Lot 117, Group 1,
Kootenny District, exclusive ol Kootenay Central Railway ri^ht-of-way,
comprising about two hundred acres,
more or less, and unless sufficient
cause to the contrary lie shown the
administrator will, after the expiration of ono week from the ilrst publication of this notice, to wit, Ibc
tith day of June, 1013, convey the
said hinds for the consideration
agreed on.
Objections to the proposed sale
must be in writing and deposited
with the District Registrar of tbis
Court at Cranbrook, within tho time
above specified, and such objections,
if .any, shall state fully tin- ground
upon which the objection is based.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., tbis
27th day of May, 1013.
William F.,Gurd,
22-1 Solicitor for thc Administrator.
that I have appointed Henry Sehvynj
Banwell, Esquire, clerk of the Small
Debts Court of the Electoral District of Cranbrook and all instructions for proceedings In the said
court must in future be given to him
at the offices of Messrs. Wilson, Iler-
chmcr and Hurley, Hanson Building,
Before any proceedings are instituted in the said court the fees for the
issuance, service and hearing of the
summons or other matter must first
be deposited with the clerk of thc
court. No exception whatever can
be made in (he observance of this
Dated   this first day of May, 1!»13.
■Joseph Ryan,
10-lt Police Magistrate.
.t I
The European division of the International Congress of Farm Women, to be held at "Ghent, Belgium,
-lune 18-15, will have as one of
star speakers Prof. George A. Putnam, ot Toronto, Canada. Prof. Putnam has charge of the women's farm
institute work in Ontario ami he lias
lieen asked to tell the women of Europe how it is done. Prof. John Hamilton, farm institute specialist of the
U. S. department of agriculture at
Washington, D.C., will cover tho
same subject for the United States
in a paper which Ire has written to be
read at the Ghent meeting. Dr. H.
M. Speechly, of Pilot Mound, Manitoba, is also on the programme for
an address on "The Kitchen Garden." Special reports of the session at Ghent, whieh will be attended by delegates from a dozen nations
of Europe, will be given by Prof.
PUtfiam and others at the Third In-1
ternatlonal Congress of Farm Women
al Tulsa, Ok la., October 22 to November 1, 1918.
through tlio
Is offorlnfl suhstuntiiil
assistance to any ranchers desiring tu purchase
pure-bred male animals
for improvenent of their
stock in Bulls, Rams, or
or Boars,
Pull information can
be obtained by applying
Secretary Farmers'
For Sale
One Oxford Engine, 11x11. Price
$860.00, May bo seen at Benedict Hilling, one mile east of
Mayook, B, C.
One Oxford Saw Carriage, complete with rack feed, 3 blocks.
8 post dogs. Price $2,")0.00 at
Elko, B.C.
One Oxford Friction Feed, complete with cable and sheaves and
drive pulley"- Price $150.00, at
at Elko, B. C.
For further particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elko, B. C.
Cranbrook     L.od|re,
No. 34
A.F.  & A\  M.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
F. B. Miles, W.M.
J. L. Cranston, .Sec.
Cbescent Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
Alec. Hurry, C.C.
]•'. M. Christian, K. ol R.&S.
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially iuvited.
R. Dixon, W. M. Harris,
N. Q. Sec'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to December ,11st.
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
II. White, Scribe.
No. is.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rehekaba   cordially invited.
Mrs. Alma l.lildlcoat, N.O.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second ami
Fourth Thursday ot each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
J. Mcl.achlan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and 3rd
Thursday every month at 8 n.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Prcs. Sec.
Box 018
Visiting members cordially wclcora
Cranbrook Lodge
No. lain
SWts every Wednesday
nt N ii.tn.in itovnl llni'-K
Kliiiilns' Hull, ll,il..-i
let.    It. S. Gaiuik.tt, &'«■■
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions of tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Thursday of each month at 3
p.m. sharp,
Mrs. L. Whittaker, CO.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secretary.
P. O. Box 412.
Visiting Companions cordially, welcome.
LODGE, No. 1871
Meete Ut and 8rd Thursdays at 8 p.m. in Royal
Black Knights of Ireland
Hall, Baker Street.
Fiiiin. W. Swain, W.M,
S. L. Williams, See.
I'ri'Hiilpnt: C. R. SHBITiltD
Meeta regularly the ll ret Friday evening each
Iiilormiitmr, mi I'miliry mattflM supplied
Addrew tbo Secretary,
A. B. 8MJTH, Box 852
Ii you want satisfaction witb
your washing:  send
it  to
•Special prices for family work.
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cars
Opposite C.P.R. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     ORT    A
President: 3, H. McGi.tiRH
Secretary: 8, Maodowalo
For information regarding lamln i
and   agriculture   apply    to the i
Hecretary, Cranhrook, It. C.
Every second Wednesday
Hotel International
Situated at Klngegate, B.C., on
tlie Boundary Line, in a spot of
une pceule beauty and the spurts,
mini's paradiBe.
Headquarters for Commer.
cial Men and Tourists
B. .C
Electric Restorer tor Men
Phosphonol rmtyn»ev«nrfttw in He 1><, ly
 ! to us |,r.,per tension j restore.
vim Hint vitality. I'leinmuni d-irnv ;,ii-t n.l s..\i;J
weakness .retted at once. Phusphouol v>;,l
make inn new man. I'tice III a b >i. ,,| tw> It
Iff, Mailed to any sddreu. ThoScobeU Uriuj
, „.,hi. < inli.M 1 ,,<■-, Ou*.
For sale at Ueattie-MurphT Co., Ltt\
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave.
\ modern equipped Gate at moderate
Rates $1.00 and up per day
Our ini*! inectB all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB 00ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
The Home Bakery
Robrrt Prams, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Carrier a full stock of
Mccormick mowers
Repairs for above alwayi
in stock
Seedsmen to Hi? .Majesty the Kinjf
Sole Agents
612QraavilIoSt.     •     VANCOUVEB
615 Fort St.     -     •      VICTORIA
'   Many Good Mod Robbed ot llish
liiisinee and Social Standing
by Drink
Cured et
In Unto days
Boi 836. rranbrook,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at  K.sldfirs,  Annsttoni Ava,
Forenoons - - - - 9.00 to 10.0*
Aftemoona - - - i 00 to   4.80
Erentage - - - - 7 .10 to   8S»
Sundays - - - - 3 SO lo   4.1*
CRANRROOE   I     II     H     H     ». 8,
I to 12 a.m.
l to  • p.m.
7 to  tt p.m.
Offloa in Hanson Hlock.
CRANBROOK -       -       - B. 0,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
lYruts "it Application,
Phone 259 Matron.
P, 11. Bot 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook ami Fort Steele
|    J. Q. CUMMINGS    I
:d?k2?H3* Cranbrook, B.C. X
For a License to Take and Use Water
that .John Lawrence Sowerby ami
Henry Washington Barr, of Lewis
Creek, Wasa, will apply for a license
to take and use two cubic feet per
secon'l of water out of Tracy Creek,
which flows in a westerly direction
and sinks on lot 2M7. The water
will be diverted at east line of 2807
and will he used for Irrigation and
power purposes on the land described
as lots 72n<) and 126fi.
This notice was posted nn the
1018. The application will lie filed
ground on the 21st day o( April
in Hie office of the Water Recorder
at Cranhrook.
Objections may he filed with the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
•John Lawrence Sowerby and Henry
Washington  Barr,  Applicants.  17-6t*
Aplin, of Baynes Lake, B.C., Rancher, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted
at or near the southeast corner of
Lot 8231, flrcup 1, Kootenay district, thence soulh -10 chains; thence
West 40 chains; thence north 40
chains, thenco cast 40 chains to
point of commencement, containing
IfiO acres, more or less.
Dated March 22nd, 1013.
P, .L H. Aplin,
Clarence W. Mnirhead, Agent.
Located March 7lh, 1913.       13-JfR
Citif and Mining Engineers
Briii&b Columbia Land Surveyor!
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
W. R. Btttttr. f-j.T-nl Dlraeto*
Cr»>,brm.k B. C.
Phone 346
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Day Pbone£
Night I'lione 35C
Frank Provenzano
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
P. 0. BOX IS4 PHONE 144
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
■ -..'.)■■-
nsvorftttt. TfaeH
p,::i ut ctttciit.x'-Y pontnul in regulating tht
gttftratHn i^ rl ■-11 U * Ita ik mlin. Kefuse
sic**-: i-i :>■ * Or, «le Tan't ire B-jld tt
».'.» ., ••■■'-' i | 'i. *,U ..:•..'.'. «']''rci».
Tba H'oIhII Itrag f;»., Mi. C*MluDrlaea> Oofc
Por  aalc   at   Iltktitt,   Murphy   &  Co.,
X        Su„„«„,r l„ F. T. P. PBRRT
l     AND GALT COAL      «
* w.r,2 X
Goods called for and doll verod.
GcxhI work only,   Prompt   J
Telephone No. 4051
P.O. Box793
rks : Armstrong Avo. THK    CKANBBOOK     HERALD
How Concrete
Work Was Made
Easy For You
Thi* Label it your assurance of
tatisfacttry concrete work
UNTIL a lew yean ago farmers considered concrete a rathel
mysterious material, that could be ustd successfully only by
experts. They knew that upon the quality ol" lhe cement
depended much of the success of concrete work. 1hey had no
means of testing cement, such as big contractors employ, and so codJ
not be sure o'jh quality.
Yet the farmer needed concrete.
He was kept from using this best and most economical of materials by
1. Lack of knowledge of how to mix and place concrete.
2. Lack of a brand of cement upon the quality of which he
could absolutely rely.
Canada Cement
has supplied both these requirements.
We employed men to make a thorough investigation of the farmer's
requirements; to find out where and how he could use concrete wilh
profit to himself; to discover all problems he might come across and to
solve them. This investigation was expensive. But when it .was
completed we had the material for our campaign to show the farmer
how and where to use concrete,"and we printed a book, "What the
Farmer Can do With Concrete," for free distribution. That book
makes every farmer who reads it a concrete expert, as far as his needs
are concerned. He finds that there is nothing mysterious about concrete—that a few simple rules supply aH the knowledge required.
At the same time we met the farmers' second objection—inability to
test the quality of cement—by producing cement of a quality that
does not need to be tested.
The Canada Cement that you buy by the bag is the same Canada
Cement lhat is sold by the bain-load for great elevators, buildings and
If you have not already done so, write for ihe booh
"What the Farmer can do with Concrete,"   It is Free,
Canada Cement Company Limited
If your way ot lile carries you in
those days to the great public dinners and functions ol tin* London season there is ono figure that will bv
more memorable to you than any
other. It stands out, from the background ol conventional figures like a
solitary snow peak from the browns
and greens ot the valley. It seems
divided Irom all the rest hy an immeasurable gulf of years. The. figure
in bowed, but still agile, the head, a
splendour ot white, hair white as
the driven snow, heavy white hrows
overhanging the keen and searching
eyes, white heard, complexion white.
This is Ijord Strathcona, and it is
from tho frozen shores of Labrador
that he brings tho snows uf winters
of long ;.[?..
Sydney Smith said of Mncaulny
lhalt he was "like u hook, in
breeches." Ono may say of Lord
Strathcona that he is like Canada in
swallow tails. He is not so much a
man as a legend—tho legend of half
a continent, You shake hands with
him and it is as if you shake hands
with a section ot tho British empire. You talk with him anil it is
as il Canada is before you telling
lii-r astonishing story. And if the accent still betrays some hint of lho
Highlands that only makes Ihe impression more complete, fur, says A.
0. 0. in 1'he "Daily News and Leader," thc eminent Canadian usually
1ms his roots in Scottish soil. Micro
have, been two gtcat currents westward from these islands across tho
Atlantic. One has (lowed from Ireland to the United Slates; one trom
Scotland to Canada. Hoth have had
their sonny in thc same tragedy—
the tragedy of the land.
And In tho track ot the. exiles of
the eighteenth century followed tin;
adventures of the nineteenth. One
day, seventy-fivo years ngo, about the
time when the girl Queen Victoria
was being crowned in the Abbey,
there reached Labrador, to take up
duties under Hie Hudson Hay company, a hid from Kuril's in Moray
shire — his name Donald Alexander
Tin- lad readied (he solitudes nt
Labrador alone, unfriended and poor
It was thc loneliest out|K>st of i
lonely land. Canada, three-quarters
of a ccnlury ago, was still an
discovered country, far more remote
than Australia Is today. The sail-'
ing vessel that carried young Donald <
thither had occupied six weeks over
t-ho journey, and it was not until
later in the year that thc first passenger steamer from Kngland, the
Great Western, arrived in New York
harbor. West of the settlements on
thc St. Lawrence there stretched a
solitude to lhe far Pacific shores.
Over the vast territory, afterwards
known as the province of Ituperts-
land— tbe Manitoba, Alberta, and
.Saskatchewan of today — the Hudson Bay Company held dominion.
Here and there, hut at incredible intervals, a little fort of the company
was planted in tin* trackless wilderness—one, as it were, in Kent, another in I/anenshirc, a third in Scotland. Outside these tiny shelters,
thc primeval forest and the wandering Indian. One of tin' chief of these
oases was Fort Garry, With a white
population numlH-ring a few score
Today Kort Garry is the great city
of Winnipeg,     the Center of the chief
agricultural industry in thc world.
In this mighty transformation no
single influence has played so great a
part as Lord Strathcona. Canada
would havo developed without him,
of course. Hut it would not have
developed so rapidly or in the same
direction. He brought to it at a
critical lime a constancy ot purpose
and a steady faith lhat were of incalculable service. lie himself
would he the last to claim any kinship with tin; superman. "A mother's early training," he will tell you,
"has everything to do with a man's
career. 1 know mine had with me.
She taught me to work -when I was
young, and lo save money—two very
important things in it man's life."
There are other important things
which were not forgotten iu lhal
humble school. He learned lhe lesson of generosity. Hut it is not his
ureal henefaclions—tlie gift and endowment of the Victoria hospital at
Montreal, the equipment ot Strath-,
conn's Horse for the Boor war, thc
millions he has spent on the McGill
University and other Institution**;—
that ate the true witness to his gCtti
croNity; but (he habits of a lifetime.
THE C. P. K,
Hul after all it is his steadfastness
that has been bis chief contribution
to Canada. And the supreme memorial of that steadfastness is lho
Canadian l'aeilic railway. The late
Sir Charles Tapper once publicly declared that but for l^ord Strathcona
that railway would not have been
constructed. The idea of driving a
railway through thousands of miles
of pathless, forests and mountain
ranges to a desolate shore— for
where Vancouver wilh ils noble
streets and hustling life stands today, there was then not even a log
cabin—was one before which the
most courageous adventurer might
quail. H was a more daring idea
than lhe Cape lo Cairo railway
which united two great centres of
world activity. The Canadian Pacific was a plunge through nothing to
nothing. It was a stupendous guess
ut thc future. But Donald Smith
never faltered for n moment. He had
reached middle life and an affluence
that would have turned most men's
thoughts to repose. Thirty years of
work and thrift had brought him out
ot the wilderness and made him the!
financial King of Canada. He was
supreme in the great company that
had Ireld half Canada in fee but had
now surrendered its sovereignty to
the state, and through the Bank 0f
Montreal he controlled with Lord
Mount Stephen the only resources at
all adequate to the enterprise. He
slaked everything upon the venture
wilh a quiet fortitude that has few
Thc story of bis Intervention in
the first Louis Uiel rebellion, where
one rash word would have set the
country in a flame, he won the
people from the rebel leader so that
when later Sir Garnet Wolscloy appeared at the bead of a military expedition the lirst Kiel rebellion Was
at an end—all this stands as a witness not only to bis practical wisdom hut also to his personal and unaffected courage.
This Grand old Man of Canada is
thn  sublimation    of tbo indunl rious
apprentice, and he remains today
with his vast wealth, his palaces on
both sides ot tlie Atlantic, his pictures and his great reputation, unchanged in intellect and mitral out
look from the honest lad who sailed
westward to make his fortune long
before you and I were born. His
moral philosophy is still that of the
frugal hunm and the frugal mother.
"Kvery mother should teach her
children lo he honest and work and
save their money," he says. "Great
wealth cannot bring happiness. Heal
liappiness must come from a eon
tented mind and hard work. Clreat
wealth is a burden, for one has to
think very hard how to make the
hest use ot his money. I would not
advise arny man to strife after great
wealth. I would rather be a very
good man than a very rich man."
ing on the activities of our finite, individual minds. I
J ti is quite another thing to adopt
a scientific method of placing ourselves at one in thought with the infinite mind that created thc universe
and allow that Mind to do the work.
This latter, and by no means the
former, is the principle hack of the
starting and effectual Mind-healing
that now is sweeping the continents.
To know thnt you and L and alii
things that live, only reflect tbis]
one, immortal, omnipresent, perfect
Life—that is tbe secret of the 'new ,
Mind-healing. I
And in proportion as we know this
certain truth, and hold our minds to
it until there is no room left. iu
thorn for anything-of an opposite nature to disturb or contuse, in that
proportion we arc healed.
This is not emotionalism; nor is it
It points rather in a dcfmi'U' rule
of practice that is fixed and scientific
and complete.—Sunday Morning Tribune, Los Angeles, California.
Thc circus people have requested
the mayor, chief ot police and city
council to give them police protection during the unloading of Kongo—
thc huge elephant just imported from
India. He is unloaded about six
o'clock each morning. Is considered
very dangerous, and if proper officials
arc present) there will he no danger
ot anyone being injured. They hav
also requested that all traffic upon
streets to the circus grounds, over
which "Kongo" will have to travel
will be suspended during lhe hours of
six and seven in the morning. Iu the
event the big Ijeast would meet a
team of horses, a cow, a dog, or
some animal not known to him, he
might prove too much for the ten
kieepers who ate employed to guard
and fight him. He is heavily chained and every precaution is takVn
with the big boast. "Kongo" has
elephant instinct, however, and will
accept pcanuis from menagerie patrons and is seemingly very happy
when in the menagerie tent with the
other animals.
"Kongo" is with the Yankee Robinson circus which shows at Cranbrook ou Monday, .lune nth.
A new kind of healing is gripping
men's attention.
A few nights ago, here in Los Angeles, before an audience of at least
000 people, a nian declared that
toiv many years he had been a victim
ot tuberculosis. Well-known physicians bad diagnosed his ease, pronouncing it hopeless because he had
reached tlie last stages of lhe disease.
Then lie turned to the new healing
and in an incredibly short time was
A woman said, before the same
audience, that one ot her arms had
been withered since childhood. She
applied tlte new healing and her arm
was lengthened and she stretched it
out as well as thc other.
Many persons testified to tlio restoration to health ot eyes and ears
and the banishing ot illnesses ot different kinds, and there was a spirit
ot quiet jubilant inspiration about
the meeting and pervading thc hall
that was itself a healing influence.
Who is this new doctor who is
walking abroad iu our land, and other lands, for the same enthusiastic
meetings of thanksgiving are Ijclng
held in Asia aud Africa as in Europe anil America? Who is this new-
old physician of apparently limitles:)
power wbo uses no knife and carries,
no bag and passes no pills and serums and rubbings of modern Invention as unnecessary?
Yes, his name is Mind-healing; hut
let us gel this correctly, for there
are two kinds of mind-healiug in the
One of them, spelling mind wilh
little   m,    accomplishes results that
ate Insignificant.
The other spells Mind wilh a capi
till. M, and this kind of Mind-healing
is nothing less than a doctor ot omnipotent power who can heal a world
of men born blind, and straights,
limbs, and replace lost organs and
even raice the so-called dead as eas-
even raise the so-called dead as eas-
first place, and sustains it for ever
by Ihe breath of his power.
Many people, when they speak ot
mind-healing, refer to tire first insufficient kind o! force, which is
bound up with the cells of thc linile,
human brain. And they conclude,
very likely with truth, that this
mind-power is good only for nervous
or disordered imagination.
But the scientific Mind-healing that
heals the shriveled arm; and regards
the word "incnrnble" as both impertinent nnd sacrilegious, has nothing
in common with this linile force of
the human will. It is at au opposite pole.
It I* 000 thing t-n depend for lienl-
Victoria, B. C, May 2fi.—The
fourth session of the itinerary for tho,
labor commission bus been planned
as follows:
Golden, .lune fi; Athaloior. Juno '*,
Cranbrook, June 10; Kimberley,
June 11; Fcrnie, June 12; Michel,
June M; Kaslo, June 18; Nelson,
June 13; Queen Mine, June 20; .Sal-
mo, same day,; Silvcrton, June 21;
and Nakusp, June 25.
M. Frost, of the City or Spokane,
the parties from whom you purchased did, by assignment .dated the llth
day of May, 1912, assign all their
right, title and interest in and to
the said Contract of Sale to P. W.
Newman and .1. B. Martin, of thc
City of Winnipeg, in the Province of
Manitoba, whereof you have received
duo notice and all payments under
tho said Agreement of Sale arc
properly payable to thc said P. W.
Newman and J. B. Martin.
We, P. W. Newman and J. B.'
Martin, atoresaid, HEREBY GIVE
YOU NOTICE that you havo madci
default in payment of nn instalment
of principal of One Thousand
($1000.00) Dolkws due under the
said agreement on thc 1st of January, 1013, and also interest Irom i
tho 25th day ol July, 1911, on the
unpaid purchase money ol ((1000.00)
Four Thousand Dollars, and wo demand payment ot the said Instalment!
of principal still remaining unpaid
and interest on thc said sum of Folic
Thousand ($1000.00) Dollars being
the total amount of principal outstanding from thc 25th day of July,
1911, at tlie rate of six (0 per cent)
per annum until payment, nnd unless
the said instalment of principal and
the said interest be paid within
thirty (30) days from the date of
this notice, the said agreeimrnt shall,
at the expiration of the said thirty
(30)- days be null am! void and of no
effect, and we shall lie at liberty to
re-possess, re-sell and re-convey the
said lands to any purchaser as if the
said agreement had not been made
and all monies paid under the said
agreement shall be absolutely forfeited to us.
that this notice shall be,well nnd
sufficiently given if delivered to you
or by mailing tbe same post prepaid,
addressed as follows:
Charles Plester, Esq.,
Elko, B. C
Dated    at   Cranbrook,   B.C., this
flth day or May, A.D. 1913.
P. W. Newman.
J. B. Martin.
By Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald an,l
Nisbet, their Solicitors.        IfMt
Wills, Tide Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
Transportation of live fish is an expensive matter from tbe fact that it
requires from 1 lo 1 gallons of water per pound of fish, according to the
kind, so that a railroad car having
ten tons limit for tbe load can transport only one half to one ton ot live
fish. Messrs. 3dir and Audige now
use a method of freezing the fish in
blocks of ice, according to IMctet's
experiments, and can now transport
large quantity of fish in a relatively
small weight of ice. Tho fish are at
(list contained in a large amount of
water, then while the tank is placed
In a dosed space, oxygen under pressure arrives upon the water, so that
the greater part can now be drawn
oft and the fish remain in good condition in a very small amount ol
water, as Ihe oxygen supplies their
re.spirationu Freezing is now done
by plunging the vessel with the fish
into a refrigerating tank, and in this
way an ice block is obtained in,
which the fish are Irozeii, but will
come to lite again when thawed out.
The block is wrapped around with
suitable coverings anh on the outside
is put a heat-protecting jacket, then
the hlock is ready to be placed on
the car. In practice, such blocks
can be piled up iu refrigerator cars
whose temperature is kept near the
freezing point. Vpon arrival at
their destination, thc fish are put
through a very slow thawing process, which lasts for about ten
hours. The inventors claim that
this saves heavy and bulky Mquid and
there are no complicated or costly
devices needed, the process being a
simple and cheap one.
To Charles Plester, Esq., Elko, B.C.
I>ear Sir: Under and by virtue of
the provisions in that behalf contained in tho Agreement ot Sale made
between you, the said Charles Plester, of Elko, in the Province , ot
British Columbia, ot the onej-part,
and the Progressive Investment Company of thc other part, which agreement is dated the 25th day of July,
under which you agreed to purchase
and tbey agreed to sell you tracts
numbers 30, 2D, 28, 47 in sub-divisions 12, 13, 14, of lot 321,.Group
1, Kootenny District, for the price
aud upon tho terms contained In  thc
j said Agreement.
| AND WHEREAS the said Progressive    Investment)   Company, and W
For. a License to Take and Use Water
that thc East Kootenay Lumber Co-,
Ltd., of Jaffray, B.C., will apply for
a license to take and use 10,000 gallons per day of waler out, of an unnamed spring on Lot 4087, Kast
Kootenay. The water will tie diverted at about 500 feet east of the
easterly boundary of lot 48(}7 and
will he used for industrial purposes
(running sawmill) on thc land described as 80 acres of said lot 41187,
Group One.
This notice was posted on the
ground on tho 2fith day 0t April,
1013. The application will be filed
in tho office ot tbe Water Recorder
at Cranbrook.
Objections may be filed with the
said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
East Kootenay Lumber Co., Ltd.
by W. F. Gurd, agent. 18-tt
For a License to Take and Use Water
that the tEast Kootenay Lumber
Co., Ltd., ot Jaffray, B. C, will apply for a license to take and use 5
cubic feet per second of water out of
Penvine Creek, which flows in a southerly, direction through Lot 4591,
East Kootenay and empties into
Moyie Lake, near its head. Thc
water will tie diverted at 3 points
along tho middle part of sub-Lot A,
Lot 4501, and will bo used tor irrigation purposes on the land described
as sub-Lot A, ot Lot 4501, Group 1.
This notice was posted on lhe
ground on the Oth day of May, 1013.
The application will bo filed kin the
ollice of tho Water Recorder nt
Objections may be filed witti    the
said Water   Recorder or with      the
Comptroller 0f Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
East   Kootenay    Lumber Co., Ltd.,
by W. F. Gurd, Agent. 20-11
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
B. R. WILKIE, President.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants
Farmers anil Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 und
upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
I Cure Where Others Fail
Many fly-by-night tuiacltB advertise <*iin>n nnd treatments thnt prove only n temporary stlmulnnt, m d it in
only n matter of tlnis :1" ihe old symptoms return. My
seven year* tn one locution proven ilirtt my motlioils tire
genuine and my cured lotting. .Many of my pat leu t a hove
eomethronub thi* recommendation of their friends whom
I have cured. My sixteen yearn'experience enables mn to
diugnose your case proper); nnd effect *i permanent curs
All diseases nf men my specialty) regardless of how Iuhk-
To Out.of-Town Patients
I invito your correspondence nnd enn proscribe fur you
by mall as well us If you saw mt* personally, ah letters
In Iii cnnililentiiU unil glveu my closest pei-Hoiml attention
Visit our Free Anatomical Museum
Write lor Free Booklet
210 Howard St.
For a License to Tako nml USo Water
that tile Kast Kootenny Logging
Railway ' Co, ol Cranbrook, ll. C,
will apply for a license to take anil
use 10,000 gallons per day ot water
out,of spring anil creek, which Hows
in a southerly direction through lot
5459, Cranbrook Water District, a"d
empties into Pcavlno Creek, near S.
B. corner of sub lot A. ot Lot 1501
The water will be diverted at center
of lot 5159 and will be used for Industrial locomotive purposes on the
land described as Company's line oi
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 26th day of April,
1913. Tho application will be Wert
in the office of the Water Hecorder at
Objections may be filed with     the
said Water   Hecorder or with     thc
Comptroller of Water Rights, I'arlia.
ment llulldings, Victoria, 11.C.
Kast    Kootenay   Logging    . ail war
by W. P^ Ourd, agent. IMt
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We have some Gilt Edged Original Prairie Townsites
(not sub-divisions), which appeal to the intelligent investor, nnd we intend to put on an extensive advertising campaign in CRANBROOK as soon as we complete arrangements with a first-class man, who can follow up inquiries.
We mail the district thoroughly. The right man who will
apply himself can make this a permanent and very profitable position. Apply H. W. McCurdy, 502 Temple, Building, Toronto.
*» »
*   Fruit Ornamental »
«       Trees Shrubs       »
* _===== s>
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent
Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C.
********* **********
A  Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Oouifort, Contentment,
and Plonty is found, That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions <Tos. Brault has made for an
ideal homo at tho
Canadian Hotel
*******************i******At******************M THE   CRANBROOK   II KHALI)
Now is thc time to feed
the Gophers with
Mickelson's "Kill-em-Quick"
Gopher Poison
This is the best, cheapest, and
surest Guaranteed Gopher Poison
on thc market.
THREE SIZES: 50c, 75c, AND $1.25
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The ftoxaJlL Store
Cranbrook - - - B.C.
We also have a quantity of fresh B. W. Strychnine at a k°cm1 prico
No Man Can
the subtle beauty of the lily,
aud it is equally impossible
for us to adequately explain
the appearance of
Our Cut Glass Display
The best we can do is to tell
you that it is artistic beyond
the average, that every design
is a work of art. and that we
are offering surprising values.
Just received another large
shipment, and included in
this are some of tlie new
floral and maple leaf designs.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Mrs. Robert Brown will not receive
until the fall.
Mrs. A. ('. Ilarshaw will not receive again until the autumn.
Sale on of trunks, suitcases, etc.—
Cranhrook Trading Co.
Mrs. H. J. Randall will not receive on- Friday, .June 6th, nor again
this season.
Mrs. G. P. Pownall and (laughters,
of Plsk Lakes, left this week on a
visit to Victoria, B.C.
Dr. J. II. King was called to Windermere the first of tho week on professional business.
See our largo range of men's
straw hats.—Fink Mercantile.
Peter Hull, of Skookmiichuck, was
transacting business in the olty on
The Poultry association will meet
in tho old gymnasium on Friday
evening, .lune 6th.
See    our    largo   range    of men's
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        slraw hats.—Fink Mercantile.
Frank Foley, formerly    barber an** f '      "
bartender in this city, was    charged     Ml"  aml  Mrs' R- T- Brymner and
in police court on  Wednesdaj     with  Miss Slw»rt motored to Windermere
bssault   on  Ida   RoinBOD, a colored. the ,irsl ,,f the *eefc.
woman.       A. H. Macdonald appeared I '
for tho   defendant nnd entered a plea'     Mr- *"& Mrs.   Browning, ol  Moyie,
of guilty, and  admitted thai tho eon-   w,'ri' shoppers in the eity last     Sa-
duct     uf   defendant  In   ttic past  had   ^fdaf.
been reprehensible.     He was given al ~
s-entetxe of siv months at hard laboi °vfl,,,i "nderwear for men. the best
in Nelson jail and sentence suspended °)'rr fot sumlner.-Ptnk Mercantile
on agrcemenl   thai   ho leave    Cran-j l °'
brook never to cetum. ~"   '
I    Mrs. w. H. McFarlane will      nol
I receive on/the first Friday In    >luno
Birdie Fraser,   ,i    colored woman,'
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
was charged with being drunk and[
•lisi.i.lcil\, plead gulltv, nml un lined US.
Ma Kim Lung, an Innooenl appearing Chinaman, was charged hy Louis
BiftUlt wiiii theft     Me bad gone  to
the form of lhe complainant  to   pu
ehasc chickens and no one being hoi
walked into   lho   kitchen and appro
printed a walch he lotiml hanging  on
the w«ll,    whnh   be sold to W.  F.
Dornn  for   W.00.       lie sold      he
bought lhe watch from a while man.
Louis     Itrault said lhat he had been
lo his plaee     previously Ito purchase
chickens    and  had stolen  two. Tho j Trading Co.
nexl time heicame ho was chased off
the  plaee       llaikei   Ch.une.in,      who
purchased Lho watch for Mr. Doran,
Identified the property and Chinaman, who was sentenced lfl three
mouths in Nelson jail.
nor again unjil tu ether notice.
vY.iB McFarrnno is expected to re
turn on Saturday from a busincs*-
ti ip to tho coast.
See our large range of  trunks and
ips —Fink Mercantile Co.
Bricks of icecream, nuwlejto order
on three hours notice, 80o. iht
quart Mirk—The palm.
Hm your ice cream at Tbe Calm
b) tho quart, only 60c.
Stump  pullei for sale.—Cranbrook
Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. F Smith left this
week for Toronto and nt-hrr eastern
points on q few weeks' holiday.
llotn-On Monday, May lfl,     1B18,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ | ip this city to  Mr. and Mrs   IV.   M.
13. MeMamiK, on eojopl.iinl of    lit.; Harris, a son.
J. W. RutledgO,   was charged     with, —
driving his automohile ncrofis cross- Oxford underwear for men, the best
ing at a dangerous rate o! speed, ■ ever for summer.—Fink Mercantile
and lined (25. I Co.
The Man of the
likes a handsome dining room.
It somehow makes the meats
taste better. You can have
ono ensily enough. Let us
show you our oBinn closets,
sideboards, tables and chairs.
You'll be delighted with their
richness nnd amazed nt thn
prices we have placed on
The Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Limited
DIDN'T you know
there was such a
thing as a lucky wedding ring V Ask your married friends, or inquire of any
lucky couple who have been
joined in holy matrimony
with a ring bought at this
Wc have them nt all prim
ami iu all weight**—hvitvoiic ii
tiiiriiiiinri*r nl «imt) Im k. Game
in — hot li ol vim.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
The regular monthly meeting ol the
Ladles Aid of the Methodist church
will be held at the homo of Mffs.
Sarvis, Hanson avenue, on Wednesday afternoon, .lune 3rd.
Repairs arc being made to the roof
of the Canadian Hank of Commerce.
Waller and Liddicrtat have the work
in hand.
See our large range of trunks and
grips.—Kinfc Mercantile Co.
A. B. Macdonald was (hastily called
home last week on account of the absence of Mr. Nisbet, arriving from
Victoria on Sunday.
David Griffith, a prominent old
settler on the Wild Horse, was over
Monday transacting business in the
We are showing a large range of
Kindcl Davenport beds. Hest in*, the
world—Kink Mercantile Co.
-lohn Lawrie, of Winnipeg, spent
the week end in the city the guest
of his daughter, Mrs. K. M. Mac-
Miss Mildred Blaine, of .Ottawa,
has arrived in the city for au extended visit with her brother, A. C.
Blaine and family.
.lune 1st stall and give us your
grocery business, Most value foi
your money. Only good pay customers wanted.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Father Plamondon accompanied
Archbishop Casey on his departure
from Cranhrook on Tuesday as far
as Nelson, where he remained for a
few days.
Simple fat reducing treatment. No
more worry aboul being too fat. I
can reduce your weight without starvation diet, or dangerous drugs.
Write for particulars to Anna Sharp,
IMmomls, B.C. 22-U
\V. M. Krler, organirer of the Loyal
Order of Moose, this week received
the charter for the new Fernie lodge
and will institute there within a few
.1. E Davis of Vancouver, father
of Uu Davis brothers, arrived
this week for a fortnight's visit with
his family, Mrs. Davis having preceded him by a few days.
Stenographer wanted. Apply Bos
flllft. 22
]•;. A. Kctteringham, of London,
England, is a new arrival in the city,
this week, coming directly across the
Atlantic to visit his brother, It. W.
Keiteiingham, who came last year.
Mr. W. Moss and Mrs. Lee, who
httVO been visiting for the past month
al Kamloops, have arrived back in
Ihe eity and are the guest of their
sister, Mrs. W, F. Ourd.
We are showing a large range of
Kindel Davenport beds. Hest in . tbe
world.—Fink Mercantile Co.
OtlSS. R. Ward, dec Hoggarth, T.
S. Oill and .T. E. Kennedy are representing the Cranbrook Liberal association at the. provincial convention
which convenes in Revelstokc today.
Archie Loltch was badly burned
about the face by an explosion of
acid which occurred while he was
working with the lights on ,iIr new
autombile last Monday. Something
went wrong with the lights and lie
struck a match io Investigate the
trouble, ihe flame caught in thc acid
and the light exploded.
Miss Nairn, of the American Red
Cross hospital, will be found at Mrs
Blnkley's.     Phone I87. 22-2i
Harold Creese, of Lethhrldge, ha:
arrived in the city and accepted i
poaitiun   with     Ibe   Kant Kootawy
OreeubouBo ooinpauj He is an ox-
pert florist and will be m charge of
the green houses in future, giving the
manager, Mr. Willis, more time to
attend to outside busitu ks,
Meet me at  Hob's Place.
■lust received.—A huge shipment of
English and \ Canadian rugs.—Fink
Mercantile Co.
W, \. Nisbet was called suddenly
by wire last Thursday to hie old
home in Algonquin. Ont., which announced the accidental drowning ol
his brother, Mr. Bcrl Nisbet, In VI-
gontiuiii Lake.
Al   thO   IN'X  theatre  llieir  is    being
shown an advertising slide foi Hie
Quain Electric Co., which is an actual photograph ol the from window
colored, and is ;i hlghlj Interesting
production of tfhc ait of photography.
■I(Ml acres al Mayook, mosltj level,
railway forming northern boundary.
Price $12.50 per acre. Terms of payment over 10 years —Heale ami 131-
well. 32-11
At ihe Cosmopolitan hotel Mils
week carpenters are changing      the
front ollice, making more room for
thc use of customers and moving the
register nnd counter farther from the
.lust received.*—A large shipment of
English and. Canadian rugs.—Fink
Mercantile Co,
Ham Mon, a Chinese cook, who bus
been employed as cook in one of Uu;
C.P.H. tie camps, died last Saturday
and was buried .Monday. He was
born in China and was fill years of
age. Funeral services were conducted from tin* undertaking parlors of
W. R. Heatty and was attended by a
large number of his countrymen.
Miss Grace Thompson, of Oakland,
California, was ben* the past week,
the guest oil Mr. and Mrs. T. C.
Phillips. She will be here mil il the
end of the week before continuing her
journey through lo Boston, Mass.,
where she intends lo spend tin* summer.
Anyone Inning books belonging lo
tlie library ..f Ibe'late F. .). Deane
please return to Mrsj Deane as soon
as possible.
Rev. W. K, Thomson, pastor of tho
Presbyterian church left Tuesday for
Toronto to attend the general assembly of tlie Presbyterian church. Ho
intends to bo absent aboul six weeks.
For the lirs*t three weeks his congregation will join In union* services
with the Baptist church nnd then
with the Methodist church for the
next three weeks.
.See   our    brass beds
Fink Mercantile Co.
at 515.1
High waler al Vahk the first of
the week washed out six bridges of
the logging road of the King Lumber
Mills. All'of the force were Immediately laid on' and the mill in ibis
city was closed on Wednesday night,
until such time as tbe damage can
be repaired and logs delivered again.
It is estimated thai il will lie six
weeks before the company will In*
able to resume operations.
Young English lady wishes position
as nurse-companion; thoroughly domesticated, would travel. Apply
Miss Watte, general delivery.   22-11*
Mr. and Mi's. -lames Hates, who
recently disposed ol their hotel property at Hull River, were in the eity
for a few days this week making arrangements lo no io the coast, where,
they will reside ire future. They have
resided in Cranbroek for several
years. Mr. and Mrs. .1. McTavjsh
left for Hull River last week and
took over Ihe Tourist hotel on Monday.
See   our   brass beds
Fink Mercantile Co.
al $15.00.-
Word was received in the city this
week of the serious illness of John
Breckenridge at Calgary. He was formerly associated with P. Lund in
the firm,of BreekenrMflo and l.und.
railroad contractors, who built several stretches <.f road in this district
both on the C.P.R, and tlie Soo-
Spokane. His doctors give little
hopes for bis recovery, I lis m;1nv
friends {throughout the district will
be shocked to leatn of his serious
Two line specimens of grizzly hear
skins from Wm. Rankin, Hull River,
and a black bear from 0. Longpre,
Kingsgate, were received this week
by J. O. Mitchell, the local taxidermist. The grizzly skins are the finest ever received hen', according lo
Mr. Mitchell, who also says thai
bears seem to be numerous Ibis season. A bear wuih two cubs was
seen a low miles oui of the city on
the road to 'Kimberley ibis week by
a traveling motorist.
A number of solid oak sectional
book cases for sale; nlso other kinds.
Apply ■!., Herald office. 22
The Sullivan lead mine, operate,) by
the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company or Canada, js the only
metnfliferoiis mine In Kasl Koolenay
district thai is now making „ comparatively large oNl.piil of ore.      It*.
production, during three months end
ed March 81, was approximately 10,
000 tons, containing about thirty pei
cent lead St. Eugeuc production
has been small, only 303 tuns having
been shipped to Hie company's smelter at Trail during the lasl quarter.
Kitchen utensils of almost every
kind were given at the "Shower" in
honor of Miss Vera Krickson, which
was held at bhc home of Mrs. Harold
Darling last Thursday afternoon, and
attested strongly to the greal popularity     of    the      bride-to-be,     whose
marriage to Mr. Rlenard R. Bennett
nf ihe Canadian Rank uf Commerce,
tu take place in tho fall, was recent
ly announced. Tlie shower was
largeh attended and was followed hy
an enjoyable dancing, party in the
Car nf new furniture just placed In
stoek.-Fink Mercantile Co.
Hei leaving Cranbrook Mr  B. II.
Short, purchased live hundred Hags to
be given lo the school children on
Victoria day. These flags arrived
lasl week and were without slocks
aud so the manual training school undertook the) job of providing sticks.
Last Friday, therefore, thc school
presented a Very busy scene, thc
boys taking a vivid Interest in
mounting the Hags, and succeeded 'n
accomplishing the lask in one day.
Relays of boys sawed out the sticks,
another relay planed and shaped
them and a third relay tacked on the
Union -lacks. The Hags were all
ready Friday night and were presented to the children on Saturday.
The regular monthly meeting
W.C.T.C. was held al lhe boa
Mrs. .1. R. McNabb Thursday
noon, .May 22nd. The chief b
was the election of ollicers.
elected were as follows: Pre;
Mrs. John Crooks; 1st, vice-presi
Mrs. E. O. Kendall; 2nd vlco-p
ent, Mrs. \V, K, Thomson; 3rd
pros-Went, Mrs. \v. E. Dunham
retary, Mrs. K. II. Patmore;
urer, Mrs. A. Slater. Mrs. tt
McFarlane was appointed tlclegi
lhe convention," which metis at
Westminster in .lune.
>f tbe
■ fter-
Idem I.
vi ce
te  lu
(Hood saddle or pack pony for sale,
will also drive or work. Applv
■Herald. 22
Following (the installation of ollicers at Cranhrook lodge, No. 10'IQ,
Loyal Order of Moose last night refreshments were served hy the social
committee, The lodge recently voted to make application to tho Grand
Lodge for the re-opening of the charter for a period of ninety days, during which time it Is proposed to
make a whirlwind campaign for new
A. A. Johnson, manager of tbe
Rex theatre, deplores the fact that
ho was unable to show the feature
films advertised last week, lie explained to the reporter.with a letter
which stated that the gentleman
wlio was to have exhibited the films
here was 'suddenly called hack to report at headquarters and was therefore unable to come to Cranbrook.
Mr. Jcflinson was very much disappointed in not being able to fulfil his
advertised programme.
Another medal contest will he held
under the auspices of the W.C.T.C
ne.vl Monday evening, in the Methodist church, .1110?. 2nd. The juniors
and cradle roll contestants will contest for tbe silver medal. A good
programme of songs, duets and comic recitations will be rendered as
well. Don't. miss this excellent
programme. Come and help to encourage the children i in this good
Before Judge Thompson on Monday
was beard the case of Tom IleddiiMii
vs. the Crows Nest Pass Lumber
company for damages for breach nl
contract. P. ]•]. Wilson and J. W.
Dell. Karris appeared for the complainant and A. B. Macdonald tor tho
defendant. Peter Lund was tie:
only witness called on the defense.
Judgment was reserved and tho solicitors to prepare written arguments. Mr. Hcddigan had a
contract .signed by Magooo, a superintendent for the company, and
trouble arising the contract was
cancelled. The technical question m
the ease is whether Magoon \had
power to make lhe contract.
Mayor Howness returned on Saturday from Calgary and tells of the
success of his son, Arthur, at the
tenth field day of sports of the Western Canada College at Calgary on
Thursday afternoon- Arthur is but a
young boy and entered the events in
class A, which means weighing 85
pounds or under. Arthur made IS
points out of a possible 20, losing
the 50-yard dash, owing lo a poor
start, by about six inches. Among
bis victories for the day are tbe
broad jump, fi ft. fl} inches, high
jump, 3 ft. 10 In., and 150 yard.dash
23.1 seconds.
Car of new furniture just placnl in
slock.—Fink Mercantile Co.
Prompt action on the part of the
city Ore department'Vasl night probably averts a had bla'/c, which
started in one of lhe outbuildings at
lhe rear of tlie Royal hotel. Tim
alarm »«h sounded about II o'clock
ami wlim the department arrived   the
Slabtee' Suite
Bt 3Biq IRcoucttong
We must clean up on Ladies' Suits at once
and are making prices do it. There is still a
good selection left in Navy, Tan Brown, Grey,
and Royal Blue. They are all this season's
styles and are made on smart models. They
are going at
25 '.OFF
flMlliner\> Sacrtficco
Any Trimmed Hat at a reduction of 25 per
cent. This means everything in stock. Smart,
distinctive styles.    Buy your second hat now.
ftteui IDvcsscs
Charming Summer Dresses in Lawn, Ratine.
Bedford Cord and Marquisette. A splendid
array of beautifully trimmed dresses as well
as plain tailored effects.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
To cleanse the system ol undigested food, foul gases, excess Inle m
the liver and waste matter in the
bowels will impair your health. Tbe
best system regulator is FIG PILLS.
At all dealers 25 anil 50 cents o:
The Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
wboli* north end of the building was
in flames. I! was .-<"*n under control. The building is used at *.he
front for storing trunks and general
storage room, and at the rear is used
as a stable. It is thought that the
blaze was caused by some one dropping a match in tne barn which
caught in the straw.
Fen: s
-l'air ,il
good (ll
young, s
and pirtl
',    will drive
Singh oi
I.!.', also
-\  Hall
safe in
pply City
city ha!!.
Kiist-elass*     rVavy i
sale   cheap,     almost
llerald office.
Gordon Davis, sr-n ,,f Mr. and Mr*-
C. T. Davis, of this city, and who
recently was wen in tbis city at the
local theatre in his own comedf-
playlet "Alia- Tri\ie Kir," has
writttn home to the effect that be
is now fin ployed wi:h tbe Mi r >sce
Pr.HliiL'ii.g company (formerly tbe
Belasco company) at the Mew Moro-
see linwitre, i.os Angf'!1'-. California
Mr. Davis was here last summer and
bis many friends in ii.;-
pleased to learniof his ieo > In
connecting with BO      ;>*"i  a   er:;pany
as thi* Morosco, which fo one of thr
best stock companies on the Pacific
coast. After leaving Cranbrook be
toured successfully viih the playlet
to Chicago, afterwards going ■ Los
Angeles. Arthur Cyril,
with Mr. flord'.n. is also ir. Los \tr
ireles placing tvlth tin* Powers Photo
players, a new moving picture company.
FOR SALE.—Sis In-. and 10
roomed modem d.i.dli:^, l. ■ d
avenue, St, .Insejih\ Creek running;
through the property; also stable and
shed. Price HOW See Benle and
Elwell. 22-n
'in RENT.™Comforlnblc foui
roomed cottage with bath, fbiinc
tight, phone and all modern eonTCH-
lonc al o large cool and wood
shed; good location. Po i I m
about  July  1st. 22
TOR HALti <IIi:\P-l bureau
and washstand; i chi l ■ I dra rcn
and '■■■■'■! lai I, I Bel nous, cloth .-■
horse, elc , kitchen table, stretcher
and mattn bs, iron bed, m ittn
and springs, wooden bed, mati
and Bprlngs, toilet Bet's, etc. Apply
I let aid
Ron S IMS.—Good net democrat
harm -. almost new; also side saddle
and bridle.     Applv Herald 22
WANTED.—Famllj sowing bj the
da) or week. ftpph phone 8211,
cm. 2Wt
Second band law mill maelHncry,
boxes, pulley and largo drive belt,
bo\es, pul,ey and large drive belt,
feed gear, bead bloeks and carriage,
about fi(Mnch circular saw and trimmer. Also ii" to 100 horse power
water wheel with 300 feet feed pipe
Please m-iid full particulars of anv ol
llifl'obovo io liov B7, Hossland, lie.
W WTKD —Young    man -of    quiet
■ board     in private family.
t25 pei montb.    Apply     at
TO RENT.-Oood stable foi
bore 5,   verj warm and drj,
oat bin. ha]    loft and clectri
D light,
$5.00 per month.
Good     pack    pony for sab
Apply llerald.
Furniture ((,r sale at very reasonable price, dressers, wastotaods,
tabb^. ennirs, • toilet) sets, irons,
clothes horse, etc. Apply Herald
office. 2t-«
FOR SALE. Single Comb
White Leghorn Eggs, headed
with 2nd Cockerel at Provincial
Fair. iou. S3.10 per i.v Also
Haby Chicks for Sale, $20.00 per
ieo. or $5.50 for 25; E. A. Orr'a
famous strain. E. H. Slater,
Plione 39a. I7-tf
FOI! RENT.—Four - roomed fur-
r.i^h-'d }i..ii- nn Cranbrooli St., $30
per month. Apply L. P. Sullivan,
tU   office. 21
:-.: •- lasi bearj democrat lor
sale, almost new. Very cheap. Apply llerald 21-tf
Pair f.f new   leather chappea   with
v! pockets.      Applj this office 21-tf
FOIl SALE.—Baby carriage and
bath, almost new, $8.00 ti,e two.
f;:.iy used d short time. Apply lloi
1. Herald. ' 19-tf
POH    SALE OR    RENT.—Urge
warehouse1 with Irost proof base-
ment sad electric liKhi very largo
dry.      Apply Boi 3, llerald.     19-tf
TOR SALE - One hav horse, n
■.r.ir- ,,ld   ffeighl about 1300 pounds,
, ■ ■ and disc harrow, Apply Frank!
Qodderls, llox 105, city. tMV
Typewriter, Fox, 12 inch wide car-
ri.i<-. Absolutely perfect as new.
\ splendid mscofDe, $7fi. llox '/..,
llerald office. IMt
Five acres first class land wi*hin
ilin.. hundred yards ,,i new school
house, south end ol cily. Well sunk.
No clearing. $1,200, 'ash or
tern —losepb Ryan, Rawotlh
Hlock, Cranbrook. 19-tt
Sprinc hides wanted —The Taxider-
mlst, P, 11. llox .112, Cranbrook,
111'. 19-Ct
ROOMS TO HFAT, prltate tara-
lly. All modem conveniences. Phone
199. 21-tf
FOR 5ALE. Single Comb
While leghorn Eggs, headed
with 2nd Cockerel at Provincial
Fair, 1012, $,).im) per 1.). Also
Uahy Chicks for Sale, $20.00 per
100, or $5.50 for 25; E. A. Orr's
fnmoiis strain. E. H. Slater,
Phone 202. 17-tf
Typewriter, Fox, 12 inch wide carriage. Absolutely perlect as new.
A splendid machine, $75. llox ?,.,
Herald office. IMt THE   CRAKBltOOK. HKKALD
(Continued from page-'one).
immediate, aid was, to be given it
should take the form of the largest
nnd .strongest ships of war which
science can build or money could
The first, objection he had to tbe
present bill was on constitutional
grounds. Under tho British North
America Act the parliament was entrusted with defence. The present
bill Bought to put under control of
another government, money that
parliament voted for defence purposes, Thus the conclusive jurisdiction; conferred by the British Ninth
America act was being surrendered In
pari at least.
A second objection was, as Mr.
Horden himself bad pointed out in
1809, that the placing of the control
of the money voted in the hands of a
British minister nol responsible lo
Canada woutdj lead to friction. It
was a doctrine foreign to the whole
trend of constitutional development
under Hritish institutions. The third
objection to the bill was that it did
not provide for any permanent naval
force in, Canada. To use the words
ol Mr. Foster: "There are no home
to it, no Canadian flesh or blood nor
menial attitude'." It provided merely
empty ships. A fourth objection
wdfi that tbe bill did not provide for
any Canadian training nor navaL service in Canada, astdld the naval service acl in IfHO. In the ono case
Idle governmcnl proposed merely io
place ships nl Ihe control of the admiralty.
"Tho ships are lo be given to
Groat Britain," said Sir George,
"merely as empty shells. That idea
is abhorrent to tne. That the ships
are to be maintained! by the British
taxpayers. The poor, Impoverished
purse of Canada sends to Great Britain three empty shells and n-sks Britain to man tbem, and I hen Canada
sits hack and keeps.out of the way of
all harm."
Moreover, then* was no provision
for the construction of ships in Canada or for dockyards. Was Canada
less advanced in engineering skill
than -Japan or China, or Spain
Italy, or Austro-llungary'.'
141 havo confidence," sakl Sir
George, "that u country that has
exorcised the administration of i
third of the territorial expanse of the
British empire is equal to every
deavor of industrial achievement. Let
us not depreciate ourselves."
In an eloquent peroration Sir
George said: "What should we now
do? Kind out what the will of the
people is anil obey that mandate. Tin
dny of small things is past and-gone,
Wo are no longer walking timorously
in the path of destiny; our pulse
beats stronger and our step is (inner, for thu strength.of young man*
hood ta in our \o\m. Hut by. shirking from tire responsibility of man's
estate, not only by listening to
the feeble lone of mediocrity, tmj by
cloudbursts of patriotism will Canada) he admitted into the family of
nations. It is for the statesmen of
today to set the pace for the nexl
generation as well aa for the present, and lo give lhe national ehar-
acter an impetus which will tir(, il
wilh a nOW-ltorn enthusiasm for
higher national ideas. Is there anything in the hill to produce thut effect? Shall our children of twenty
years bene*;' read the history of Canadian naval defence, and cover I heir
faces when Ihey discover that it was
proposed in tbe senate of Canada In
place at Ibe disposal of the Hritish
admiralty a certain number of "modern battleships, but not a single Canadian to man them? Win-*, we
fought for the empire in South Africa we did*- not send empty uniforms. It, was not Nelson's ships
that won the battle ol Trafalgar,
Nelson did not say: 'Englandiexpects
tins day that every ship will do its
duty.' Nelson said: 'England experts tbis day lhat every mun will
do his duty.'
"This bill caHtf lot money, not
men; for models of steel tmd iron,
not for courage and daring; it appeals to no man's flesh and blood; it
offers no Victoria Cross for lives
risked on tho battlefield. Empty as
an exploded cartridge and soulless as
its plated sides, it arouses no sympathy, no sentiment, no emotion of
joy or glory. Should a bill like
this he submitted tor tin* assent of a
royal scion whose ancestors for
man? generations honored the British
constitution us the palladium of liberty and self-government? Our feelings, our judgment, our sense of duty
to our country all combine lo ash
for further delay in the hope that
even at this late hour we may decide
to show to the world that the disrupting forces of party warfare have
been submerged by the loyally of q
United nation, acting for the naval
defence of Canada and of the i empire."
Sir George concluded by moving,
seconded by Hon. Hewitt Bostock:
"That all of the words after the
first 'thai' be struck out and the following substituted: 'This house is not
justified In giving its Assent to the
bill until it js submitted to the judgment of ihe country.1" ■
Hon. Joseph Holdue, replying for
th<! government, said that both t.idrs
of the house seemed to be united in
the desire to assist Ibe mother country. The difference was as tu the
methods. The object of the bill Was
simply lo secure the mainteiiauce of
peace by adding three ships to Britain's guarantee of naval supremacy.
Long Bonch, Onl„ Stay 2(i.- Too
weak to uphold the burden of nearly ten thousand human beings assembled for the festivities of the
Hritish Empire Day celebration,
the land end of the bin double-
decked pier in front of tho city
auditorium collapsed hist Saturday.
Hundreds of people on tho top
deck were dropped down on the
heads of other hundreds crowded
on the deck below,
The lower deck then uave way
and all were dropped down a chute
of shuttered woodwork to tho tide-
washed sands 25 feet below.
Thirty-six persons—mostly women—were killed by the shivered
timbers, or crushed to death by the
falling bodies. Fifty more were
seriously injured, whilo hysteria
and paralyzing fright disabled
A section of the auditorium also
went down in the crash and  the
debris   from it   was added to tli
wreckage that fell  ou top of the
injured and tho dead.
The victims were subjects and
former subjects of Great Britain,
resident, in Southern California,
Prospective damage suits ng
gregating probably $1,000,000 or
more and a grand jury investigation, engaged the attention of city
olbcialB as tlie most probable outcomes nf the disaster.
A searching probe to place responsibility for Saturday's disaster
is promised by Captain John D,
Fredericks, diBtrict-uttorney for
Los Angeles county. Experts will
be retained today to investigate
the cause for the collapse of the
approach to thc structure and the
manner in vhicta it was inspected.
Evidence thus far gathered by
Fredericks and Mayor J. S. Hatch
of Long Beach indicates that tli
supporting approaches! which bent
and snapped under the weight of
the thousands of people who were
endeavoring to piiu entrance to
the building, had been weakened
for some time, and portions of rotten wood were found immediately
beneath the floor which gave way.
How this condition escaped tlie
attention of the ollicers commissioned to inspect it is the question
that will have to be answered to
the county probers.
Coroner Hartwell is Co-operating
with the district-attorney in the
K. S. Bevun, of Creston, was in
the city Wednesday of this week
interesting the Cranbrook Auto-
mobilu Association iu tlie proposition of applying to the Government for the completion of the
road between Yalik and Erickson,
a distance ot '.\\ miles, which would
complete the road between Creston
und Hub cily. This matter was
brought up ut a meeting of the
Creston Board of Trade on Monday
night and u vigorous letter was
addressed to the member, Mr. J.
II Schnlii'lil, of Trail, asking that
the government make every effort
tn have this piece nf road com-
pleted by .Inly 1st.
The attention of the Creston
Board of Trade wns culled to this
mutter by the arrival in their city
on May 21th of ten automobiles,
loaded and seeking a route through
to the prairie. After un investigation of the roads, tho party returned to Spokane. If this roud is
completinl ut this time, the Board
points out, it will make the natural
automobile highway from south
and west to the prairie and the
Windermere country. If left to go
later other routes may be adopted
advance and Cranbrook and
On ston left off the regular route of
travel. The Nelson Board of
Trade has also lieen asked to concur in this effort to complete tins
road at the earliest possible date,
The local automobile association
is heartily in favor of using all
available means to have this work
completed soon. There aro number
of motorists in the city who are
contemplating trips to Spokane,
and as the Idaho authorities are
Blow in completing a roud from
Kingsgato to Bonner's Ferry, the
next hint thill); would he to go by
way of Creston, the road from
there to 8|H>kurio lieing in passably
good shape.
Although all' Americans .are proud
of. the gceat engineering feat fast
nearing completion, few people, fully
realize just what the opening of Jhe
canal uvill moan to tlw world. In
spite of the- fact that the public
press has kept us informed about the
progress of tin* undertaking! '■ the
complete data'aro nOOO the less impressive.
The extreme length of the canal .is
SO miles and the minimum depth is
II [cot. The channel, varies in
width from 300 to 1,001) (oet. The
great (laUm dam is K.000 feet along
the crest,' is 2,100 feet in extreme
width, and is 30 feet above normal
lake level. The t'ulchra Cut is nine
miles long. At Gatim, there are
three double .sets of locks 28 1-3 feet
average lift; at IJcdro Miguel, one
double set 1,000 feet long; and " at
Mir alio res, two double sets llO-f&t
wide. It will require eight 10 ton
hours for a ship to pass through'tllio
canal, three hours of this time lieing
consumed in the locks. The,area of
the canal /one is 436 square miles,
and its width ten miles.
The total number of men employed
is 10,000. The entire excavation has
amounted to 105,323,3711 cubic yards.
Four million five hundred thousand
barrels ot cement have been used in
the construction of the locks and
dams. The estimated total cost is
Hut what this great accomplishment means to the world at large is
best expresstd in the number of
miles saved in transit between the
chief ports of the world.
-xr-WM-'O in M-r
in ~r oe cj-v oo tt\ -* «_ » —, ift
a~i-T >ft ■> w « m* t** i- <© s>"
' - i« t- a w e i
© in ©
—* — x   .       .    ..	
r«. if* i*> mot <s oe_ «__ 'ft *m
ia" (p r-T oj i-T a *flT ft- f» oo «
•*  if
I       ' u  '   : 2 = J
.    I § ,| g 3 » I 2
i-a** |i31|i
:-3o Ui g,** *" v
3 * ;* £ 8 > ;
•j  o  o  o o £ g  § « ■
J p o © o c g 2 £
< •* •* r* r* >* Ee, U, Ex.
'* % it '* 'fi a a c
'A 'A Z Z Z W «• W I
It. P. (Int'n, M.P., has returned
[nml Ottawa and js mure than ever
convinced ol 1lic great future toward which this province is advancing with such rapid strides, lie taM
considerable credit to hiniscll Inr the
amount ol the appropriations [or this
district which total $887,000 us follows:
Cranbrook}—Public buildings, $2!i,-
000; public buildings   renewuls, $16,-
I'Vrliir— Drill hull, $2(1,(100.
(lolden—Public building, $36,000.
Rovolstokc—Public building, $60,-
Trail-Public building, $20,0110.
Ainsttiuth—Wharl, $8,200.
Beaton-Wharf, »s,B00.
Boswell—Completion ol wharl, $1,-
Columbia and Kootenay rivers—Ini^
provements, $20,000.
Columbia river—Survey to ascertain   navigability    from  Boundary,
Kast Arrow Park—Wharf, $7,500.
Gray Creek—Wharl, $5,000.
Harbors, rivers, bridges, general repairs nnd Improvements, (80,000,
Invermere—Wharl, $20,000.
Kaslo—mart, $18,000.
Kootenay Bav—Wharl, $7,500.
Needles-Wharf, $7,600.
Rcnata—Wharl, $7,500.
Shuttv Beach—Wharl, $0,000.
Willow Pointr-Wrmrl, $10,000.
Supplementary estimates for 'Kootenay are as follows:
Columbia and Kootenay rivers-
Wharves generally, $25,000.
Crawford Bay — Wharl Improvements, $1,500.
Sllvcrton—Wharl, $8,600.
Windermere—Wharl, $1,500.
New dredging plant lor .Kootenay—
Muny ladies an*, and many more
should be, ashamed when they look
i" a ghms and see their hair.
The condition ol some is almost a
disgrace. It simply shows thai
while they may be scrupulously neat
in every other way, Ihey are careless
about their hair.
Thin, scraggy, whlspy hair generally indicates dandrull which is due to
a germ. Newbro's Herpicide will re-
mope the dandruff mid keep bue scalp
clean and healthy- This permits
the hair In grow naturally and luxuriantly and in tal*;r on that gloss
and beauty which ill Way 8 follows the
Intelligent use of Herpicide. That annoying itching of tlu* scalp which
always goes with dandruff stops almost with the lirst application.
Von may sonn'timi's 1m* offered
''something jusl as good" but you
will he bettor, satisfied if you insist
upon    having the    original dandrull
germ killer, Newbro's Herpicide. If
ynu wish to try this scalp prophylactic send 10 cents ln postage, or silver
lo Tho flerpioide Company, Dept.
R,, Detroit, Mich. You ■will receive
a sample size bottle of Herpicide a»d
a booklet telling all about the care
of the hair hy return mail.
Newbro's Herpicide is sold in 50
cent and $1.0(1 sizes at all drug and
department stores. Applications <.b-
lained at the better barber shops and
beauty parlors.
Hut, a trial isn't necessary. There
is no guesswork about Newbro's Herpicide. .lust buy a bottle and USO
ot. The results arc sure lo be heller than you expect. Furthermore.
satlrfactlon is guaranteed and bIiouWI
it. fail to produce the results claimed
your dealer will ri'lut'n your money.
Heattie-Murphy    Co., Ltd., Spe
A saying has obtained currency to
the eflect that Scotsmen have no
sense of humor. Many stories have
been told to dlsprovs the libellous allegation; perhaps, however, the
Scotch newspapers furnish the best
evidence in show how greatly tlhe
people nortb of Hie Tweed are maligned by anyone who accredits them
wilh possessing no stable characteristic hut Ihriftiness and "dournvss."
The Paisley Daily Express has a
Dominion correspondent, presumably
in Ottawa, but assuredly owing his
birth lu the "Land o' Cakes." In a
recent letter in which he is dealing
with emigration he advises lhat if
any Paisley bodies are thinking of
emigrating to Canada and especially
ir they have the ambition lo enter
the Dominion parliament, they must
Ir* able to sing, lie says tliat at
tin* present moment there is a great
debato on about the best method of
helping the empire from a naval
poinl of view, aud Ihe funny thing
about the debate is lite manner in
which il suddenly transforms itself
into singing competitions. Premier
Horden makes a speech and sits
down. Instantly his supporters
jump up and sing "Rule Britannia.'11
Sir Wilfrid Laurier replies, and his
peroration is tin* signal for the singing of "God Save thc King" by the
Liberals. Hut it must not be supposed that so limited a musical repertoire will meet the demands of
the house, for on a recent occasion
the government supporters startled
everyone by singing "The lied, While
and Hlue," and the Liberals, on re
covering from lhe surprise, responded)
witb '■() Canada!" Sir Wilfrid l^iur
ler beating time. The Conservative!
were not to be beaten and Struck up
another air, which the Scotch correspondent diii nol recognize. This, he
says, proved loo much for the opposition who retired routed, ami the
Conservatives then turned to the gallery and san^ as a dosing ditty
"■Good night, Ladies." The veracious correspondent with a sense of
humor {Scotch) winds op with the
adjuration "Von will thus see how
necessary it is that you must.be able
to sing anil also know the words    oC
the song before you lake, part In Canadian politics." After this let n((
man say tbat Scotch correspondents
or Scotch newspapers lack a siiise of
humor. They, have been the means
of showing us the real reason why
the debate on the naval resolutions
has dragged along for six months and
•incidentally furnished an illustration
of what must have been in the mind
of the poet (Scolch) who sang:
"Oh wad the power some giflie    hie
To sec nursels as itbers see us."
-The Week.
tbat the partnership lately subsisting between Thomas 11. Christian
and Albert E. .Jones, of Cranhrook,
under the firm of Christian ahd
■ tones, was dissolved on the 23rd day
of May, A.D., 1813, by mutual consent.
(Signed)      Thos. II. Christian.
A. E. .Jones.
Witness: .1. A. Arnold.
Cranhrook, B.C. 22-2t
A. E. .lord's will continue- the
business as contractor and builder,
and trusts the former customers and
thc public will accord him the same
generous support as heretofore. All
work will be promptly attended to.
Phone 386 or Box 193.
Must You Be Bald?
What have you done to stop your
hair from falling? Have you tried
Reiall "93" Hair Tonic? Knot, we
want you to try It at our rUk.
If you luivu dandruff; if your hulr
is fulling out and yuiir sculp fo not
Ulasod and shiny, if ynu u*ju Hexali
"U3" Huir Tunic acuordiiiK to directions fur thirty days, und ut lhe end
of thut tiiut! you an* not thoroufthly
Bulistit-d with tho ruaultH uad will tell
ua mi, wi* will iiumediutuly biuid buck
your money. Wu won't uak you to
pninii.se aiiytliimt. Wu won't uvea
question .vim. Wo will take your
mcru word und return your money.
noun't it •*-*.und to ruuiton thut
Rexull "li'.i" Huir Tonic inunt bo u
mighty Kood rctuudy und have given
lircut mUUfai'lioii to our cuutoiuers if
we endorsu it like thin? Wu know of
no similar remedy thnt is us good. It
ii bceuuno of what Kcxull "98" Huir
Touic lias (Idiiu for others that wo
buck it with our mvii money.  .
Why sufiVr H'.'ulp and hair troublo
or bo buld, when Kcxull "u.'l" Hair
Tonic will remove duudrulT, make
your seulp eoiufortublu und healthy,
promote huir growth and tend to
prevent baldness — when wo will
pay for tbe treatment should it full
to please you?
Wo don't obligate you to anything.   You simply buy the treatment;    use  it,  und  if  nut  pleased,
come back to mt empty-handed — unci
we will bund back wlmt you paid us.
Two siies, otji: and $1.00 a bottle.
You can buy Kcxull "93" Hair Tonlo
in this commnnitv only at our «*oro:
Cranbrook Itrlllih Columbia
7»» JkggK Stort
There ■» a Rexall Store in nearly every town
.mil oily in the Uulted States, Canada and
Great  Britain,   Then  ta a  different Rexall
Remedy (or nearly every ordinary human Ut —
each .■■jpeoially dexiiincd for tbe particular ill
for which it ta recommended.
The Rexall Stores aro America'! Oriatest
Drug Stores
1 have tbe following machinery lor
sale and in order to clear them out,
ofter them at the prices heI6w, which
arc about ono-filth the price that
new machinery would coat:
1 Chandler and Taylor firebox boiler, 54"x!8' long. Pressure 80 lbs.
last B. 0. inspection, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., (175.00.
1 Atlas Return tubular boiler,
56"xl4' long. Pressure 80 lbs. last
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., (175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cut-on
engine, ll"xl6" stroke. Price at
Cranbrook, B. C, (200.00.
1 saw husk complete with top saw
frame and mandrels and saws and
20 teet extension shaft, '$250.00.
1 lour saw edger with saws. Price
at Cranbrook,, $200.00.
1 Hoyt planet and matcher, 24".
Price at Cranbrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity ot* shafting, etc.
Apply to
Elko. B. C.
Completo I.ineol
Harness, Saddles, Bridles,
Blankets, Robes,
Whips, Etc.
Trunks, Valises, Grips,
Bags, Etc.
Complete Repair Shop
If You Wai\t
Your house connected with the new -sewerage system,
PHONE 340. Our work guaranteed. Estimates ot cost
cheerfully given.
The CraLtibrook Plumbing, Tinsmithintf
a.r\d Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
Tim Canadian Homo Investment Company, Ltd., the oldest and
largest ."i per cent, loan company in Canada, 1ms appointed u resident
agent in Cranbrook, who will be pleased to explain whereby this established company are makiug ii per cent, loans to its contract holders
from coast to coast.
You wish to build ?
You have a mortgage at a higher rate?
You want to make a safe investment?
Then Investigate the C. II. I. C. System to-day
|ht annum
BEALE & ELWELL, Resident Agents
II. C.
ileiid"oihei; Pacific   Bldg. SwiimrVTiior
Branches throughout Canada
New Sleeping
Car Service
Loaves Cranbrook     22.20
Arriving at Calgary    11.50
Incorporated IHiili
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $12,500,000
II. S. HOLT, PrcBitlent      K. L. PEASE, General Manager
AccountBof Flrma, Corporations and Individuals solicited.
Out-of town business receives evory attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-DepoBltBof $1.00 and upward? received
and InterdBt allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
Acknowlalitckl Ch.m*
i'i.mi Uily ITIn.'liMl
fnsljmri Ijiiii-ii.
Ross AskcnlCs Blgb-ScbMl lorses
. lunui  i,  liin'klne
nroneo I'l'i'  <>i il"
Ui.imrl.in SIIK'Sloil
ul the Wmlil.
"TIE HAV.ra 01'
TBE I0HSI   rllEr."
KONGO 7Lar9C81 iss!Inal Wa,ks~L'"'?.er 'il"1 imbo
Vanhte Rnbln«m. Tc»i» Hill. Konito. Thi Larxot l-lephant an Eirth, Thc World'* <lt«"1
Hartbatk HUem. ImluJInit Albert Davenport, Prid ant) Hernia Coilello, Maria Davenport., Mile,
Sw«ney, Ralph Howitr. H«l A*heralt*a HI th ..School HOTMI. Capt. Bwck'a Sea Utfll, Pinion a
Zouave*, loiitlhcr with .mo Circus ArtlMi, Cow hnys, Cowgirl*. Canuck*. Indian*, Meilcmi Hull
Flichier*. and the Oreat cut Hunch ul Huckhft Broncn* ever I Inhibited,
Two Shows -Circus and Wild West-For One Admission
  Wilt POWiMiy IMHIBIT jmin o* WWW	


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