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Cranbrook Herald Feb 18, 1915

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,*.* **r
Pupils  ol Kiss Bnmsey nnd  King
Edward's School Hold the     '
Boards at Auditorium
Embryo Shakespearian tragedians,
youthful Maud Adams, Mary Gardens,
Tettraslnas, Eddie Foys, Joseph Jef-
fersons and Pavlowas were seen at
tho Auditorium lust Saturday afternoon ln tho entertainment furnished
by tho pupils of Miss Rtinisoy, dancing teacher, and tho King Kdwnrd's
school ,
No criticism could bu offered on thu
whole show, whicli comprised twenty
numbers, as everything went off without n hitch and evory number on tlio
program was meted out a full round
ot applause and several numbers were
encored by the lurge audience present.
Thero was a great vnrlety of costumes, and the youthful actors uud
actresses wore kept busy doing quick-
change acts behind the scones. In
every numbor those participating
showed thorough training and tlio success of the performanco reflects great
credit upon the untiring efforts put
forth by Miss nuniBey and Miss Cherrington.
Tho dancing numbers on tho program were especially well received
and Miss Patricia McDermot proved a
child-wonder in this difficult art,
greatly surprising the audience by her
clever work.    She Is only nine years  __   _
of ago and ln Saturday's  program' u happy ending "«rHb *Htte wtrrtag
The patriotic dance was one of the
hits of the program, the various patriotic costumes being well received
and the appearance ol little Billy Oreen
In the make-up ot John Bull, accompanied by a bull dog, furnished the
climax to this Interesting number.
The Scotch reel and tho Irish jig In
representative costumes were also
features of the dancing part ol the
program. In the Irish jig little
Kenneth Campbell and Nancy Nisbet
created great amusement. These little
tots followed the older boys and girls
with exact precision, doing tbeir part
very cleverly and carefully.
The action songs by the pupils of
King Edward's School were all good,
showing careful training and with
considerable theatrical knowledge behind the numbers.
Many of the children taking part
aro   deserving   of    more    special
mention which space forbids.    Tbe
llerald congratulates all of them.
In tho part song, "Ode to Venice,"
thu children gave one of the most
musical songs on the program, their
voices blending harmoniously In the
various parts.
Thc children's playlet "The-Washing Day," was a very clever little
comedy capably handled hy the young
ladies and young men, there being
six wives and six husbands. Some
of them appeared quite youthful, but
wore exceedingly dignified. The
husbands rebelled against the washing day, declaring It Interfered with
tlieir rights and that British bus-
bauds never would be Blnves. Fairy
Goodadvlce opportunely appeared upon tho scene nnd the playlet came to
factions reconciled.
All present have expressed themselves as thoroughly enjoying the
performance. The long program of
twenty numbera took nearly three
hours to present The children were
all happy with their success and although tired after their hard work enjoyed the excitement aad the applause their efforts secured.
The minuet given by several Cranbrook young people was a very dainty
and artistic performance ln tbe costumes of ye olden tymes.
The performance closed with "0
Canada" by the entire number of those
on the program.
The following waa tht complete
gave a repertoire of dances embracing the most difficult steps as well as
classical and accomplished posing.
She danced the Hornpipe with Mr.
Tighe Mecredy, going through without
a break and rendered the "Imp's
Bevel" with every touch of the true
artist In the latter numbers she
was tendered a floral tribute as well
aa the' vociferous opplause of the
audience. She Is a natural dancer
and a favorite with the Cranbrook
Mr. Tighe Meredy was seen for the
first time by n Cranbrook audience and
proved himself a capable dancer and a
student of the finer capabilities of the
art, having mastered this accomplishment In so short a time under the
direction of Miss Rumsey.
1. Action Song—"There Was An Old Woman Who Lived
in a Shoe."
King Edward's School
2. Dumb Bell Exercises King Edward's School
(Taught by Miss Rumsey)
Nature Song  , Ring Edward's School
Dialogue "Oeeae"
?•*» • Malsie Small
Neighbor  Marion Robertson
Scotch Reel
Patricia McDermot, Doris Wallinger, Ethel
Atchison, Muriel Wallinger, Lillian Jackson,
Norma Wallinger, Elsie Beattie, Jean Corsan,
Maisie Small, Hester Thompson, Phyllis Small,
Alex. Nlsbot, Betty Green, David "
Alice Fransen, Harvey Dixon
6. Recitation   "Ur, Nobody"
(Junior Pupils of King Edward's School)
7. Pierrot Dance. .Patricia McDermot and Mr. Tighe Mecredy
8. Action Song The Duck and the Kangaroo
King Edward's School
»•   Dance "Imp's Revel1
Patricia MoDermot
Part Song—Odo (o Venice Verdi
Trebles—Alice Fransen, Jean Corsan, Maisie
Small,   Rachel   Madden
Altos—Doris   Wallinger,   Muriel   Wallinger
Irish Jig	
Alex. Nisbet, Ethel Atchison, David Mecredy,
Betty Greet), Phyllis Small, Lillian Jackson,
Harvey Dixon, Hazel Jackson, Kenneth Campbell, Nancy Nisbet
Song  "Dainty Domestics"
Alice I'Yansen, Joan  (.'orsan,   Maisie  Small,
Doris Wallinger,   Muriel   Wallinger,   Muriel
Patriotic Danco	
Soldiers—David Mecredy, Alex. Nisbet, Phyllis
Small,   Harvey   Dixon,   Kenneth   Campbell
Countries—Britannia, Hetty Green; Belgium,
Patricia McDermot; France, Lillian Jackson;
Japan, Ethel Atchison; Russia, Nancy Nisbet;
John Bull, Billy Green
Selection by the Orchestra
Grecian Dance 	
Rachel Madden, Maisie Small, Elsie Beattie,
Jean Corsan, Phyllis Small, Betty Oreen, Ethel
Atchison, Lillian Jackson, Nancy Nisbet,
Kathleen Nisbet, Harvey Dixon, Alex. Nisbet,
David Mecredy, Kenneth Campbell
Solo  Patricia McDermot
Hunting Dance Mr. Tighe Mecredy
Action Song "Madam Will You Walk?"
(Old English Folk Song)
King Edward's School •
Hornpipe Mr. Tighe Mecredy and Patricia McDermot
Norma Wallinger, Hester Thompson, Phyllis
Small, Harvey Dixon, Alex. Nisbet
Volunteer Club Entertain Friends at
Fourth Keglmeatal Dance tt
the Auditorium
Informality was tbe password at the
mammoth dance given Monday at the
Auditorium theatre, under the auspices of the Cranbrook Volunteer Club,
it being their fourth regimental dance.
The Cranbrook public, as well as fortune, believes In helping those wbo
help themselves. When, therefore,
Monday evening they were accorded
this pleasant opportunity of again assisting the work of 'he Volunteer Club,
the response was all the more spontaneous and generous because the club
had already done so much on Its own
Initiative to supply tbe soldiers with
welcome accessories to the usual
At the dance hearts were trumps.
St. Valentine's Ib a day of (east at
which Dan Cupid rules, and hearts
play the leading part. Being Cupid's
day, love making must be the theme
or lt la robbed of Its meaning.
Having resolved ln Informality there
waa no receiving line, but the dance
committee resolved themselves into an
Informal reception committee nnd
exerted themselves all evening to add
to the pleasure of the guests, seeing
that they were introduced to congenial groups. This was important ln
making the dance a success, ln fact
this Ib an outstanding feature of all
club dances given by the 107th Regiment
As tbe Johnny Canucks and their
pretty partners gradually gathered In
the ballroom, and couple after couple
joined in the gracefully circling
throng, the hall was transformedtao
throng, the hall was transfigured with
that half-barbaric glamor of soldiers
which Intoxicates the Imagination. It
was a night long to bo remembered.
Tbe Cranbrook orchestra, led by Mrs
Arnold Wallinger, discoursed an excellent program ot music to the delight
of the many dancers.
On thia paragraph we must use
the soft medal. For decorations, lt
was advisable to have the color scheme
either rose, scarlet or pink. Rose Is
emblematic of hope and happiness and
scarlet is tho color of the heart and
lnve'a passion. Hearts and likenesses
of the little love god were used ns decorations. Shields festooned about
the walls and around the balcony, with
clusters of hearts hanging In each festoon were decidedly pretty. Tbe Auditorium was transformed into a bower
fit (or the god of love, and we understand he waa given full sway. Dan
CupW ruled.    It was his night
Tbe ladles of St. John Ambulance
Corp bad charge of the refreshments,
bad again provided a repast which
reflected great credit on that organisation.
Htwsta    Remembered   by
Its Fellow Workmen-A Social
A Urge number of the Brotherhood
of Railway Carmen of America met
Tuesday night at the residence ot W.
H. Jones to commemorate the occasion of tbe leaving for the front of
one of their number, Hr. W. Hewson,
who waa preaentcd witb a handsome
safety shaving outfit, neatly engraved, with "B. R. C. of A." The presentation waa made by Bro. R. Rota,
who, In a neat little speech, said he
was sure Mr. Hewson would give a
good account of himself at the front
He wished blm, on behalf of Kootenay Lodge, No. 173, the very best the
firing lino will produce. Bro. Hewson replied with a few well chosen
words, saying he felt It his duty to
go to the front When the country
needed men be (elt It his duty to be
In line.
A number of other Carmen spoke
on the Bubjcct, a number of patriotic
addresses being given by several
of the brethren. All said they would
eagerly watch the movements of Mr.
Hewson on the battlefield, and all
wished him a safe return to the city
ot Cranbrook.
A social time was then passed by
the assembled guests. The wanta ol
the Inner man were looked after, the
whole affair being In keeping with
tbe occaalon.
A similar event occurred when Bro.
Fred Woodward left with the flrat contingent       	
George Bear, Well Known Here, Killed
ta Beeeat Battle tt Toil
run discus
Live Stock Commissioner Hire Speaks
on tbe Subject—Tho Farmer
as a Bookkeeper
At a meeting of the Farmers on
Saturday last President A. 0. .Smith
presided over a meeting attended by
about fifty farmers and ethers. The
committee appointed to interview tlie
Express agent re opening on Saturday mornings, reported thut the ollice
was always open except durlug the
time tbe agent was at lunch or us on
Saturdays when lie hud to visit the
bank. They considered thut no blame
attached to him at all. A motion accepting tho report of the committee
was passed.
The secretary reported thut he was
awaiting an answer from the depart-
ment re killing of cattle on tlie railways, and so had not taken further action ln that matter.
It was decided to have a register
prepared showing the stock, crops,
etc., that each farmer had, so that It
would be on hand for reference when
enquiries wcre made for various farm
Discussion of n plan for a farmers'
evening, where en agricultural course
could be taken, covering farm carpentry, care of farm machinery, live
stock lectures, crop diBcussionB, farm
arithmetic and bookkeeping, milk testing, etc., etc., was deferred until tlio
next meeting.
The committee was instructed to get
quotations for Burhank, White aud
Carmens No. 1 seed potatoes.
Over thirty entries were taken for
the Field Crop Competitions.
The following resolutions were passed:
1. That it ls desirable that separate
homestead Inspectors be appointed tor
East and West Kootenay and that
copies of thc resolution bo sent the
agricultural department uud to thc
Conservative association.
That steps be taken to havo a
crop convention at Cranbrook on
March 6th, as one ls to bo held at
Creston on March 5th.
3. Tliat a letter be sent to the Conservative association urging them to
get the member for Cranbrook to support legislation for the compulsory
stamping of eggs with the place of
production and tbe date.
Mr. R. T. Williams cave an Interesting and able paper buitio Co-Operative
Marketing of Eggs . He showed how
such a system benefited the producer
by evening the prices a little the
year round, how lt Increased the
quantity and quality of the product
ln any district and how several other
tilings of great interest to producers
could be worked in with the scheme
After a short discussion it was laid
over so as to allow Mr. Rive, thc live
stock commissioner to speak on the
milk and creamery question. A lively
discussion followed this. The result
was that ln the matter of co-operation
along the dairy line was laid over as
thc district is not quite enough to
support a creamery. Mr. Rive pointed out tbat unless enough milk or
cream could be regularly supplied,
venture in that direction would bc
sure to fall. He urged those present
to go further Into the livestock brunch
as tbat was tho most certain and safe
branch ot the farmers work. Cranbrook needed more clearing, more fodder crops nnd then with that settled
tbe creamery would bc quite a safe investment
Extraordinary meetings of the
Farmers' Institute will be held on Saturday, February 27th, in the old gym.
The meetings are free to all. At 4.00
p.m. Mr. Upton, of the poultry department will demonstrate on the killing
and preparation of fowls for market.
At 1.00 p.m. Mr. Hopkins, of tbo live
stock branch, will speak on Live
Stock, followed by Mr. Upton on
Poultry. All Interested In the ubove
are cordially Invited to tttend.
Mr. Tighe Mecredy and Miss Amy Rumsey
Mr. Septimus Rumsey and Miss Woodland       •
Mr. Fiedler and Miss Alexander
Mr. Wilson and Miss Wellman
Mr, Oordon Mecredy and Miss McBride
Mr. Garrett and Miss Mecredy  .
20.   Children's Playlet "Tne Washing Day"
Six Wives—Jean Corsan, Alice Fransen, Muriel
Wallinger, Phyllis Small, Norma Wallinger,
Hester Thompson
Six Husbands—Maisie Small, Marion Robertson, Doris Wallinger, David Mecredy, Alex.
Nisbet, Harvey Dixon
Fairy Goodadvlce—Betty Green
Song O Canada
God Save the King
St John's, Nfld., Feb. 17.—News
was received horo today that Newfoundland's second contingent, numbering 250 men, has arrived at Liver-
Thsy will proceed at once to Fort
Qeorge, Inverness, where thc flrst contingent Is being tralnod.
Word bat been received in the city
Stating that Paul Oeorge Bour, formerly In the tmploy of the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber Company at Wardner,
,was killed In action at Toui on January 17th.
Mr, Bour was a sergeant hi the
<3Srd French Infantry Battalion. He
.reported (or service it Vancouver
When tha call to arms was Issued. He
was a reservist ot a Nancy regiment.
Mr. Bour was well known In Cranhrook, having visited this city on several occasions, and was universally
wall liked. Oeorge Bour bat laid down
bit lit* ln tbe defence of bit country.
what mon eta -aortal rata dot
Vancouver, B.C., Feb. 17.—Mayor
Taylor this morning was declared
disqualified and a new eleetlon (or
mayor was ordered, but no dato has
yet been fixed. Mr. Justice Clement
agreed with a petition that Taylor's
property qualifications wero (anlty.
Ottawa, Feb. 16.—Hon. Rodolph Le
mieux has given notlco ot n resolution
providing for tho sending of all mall
matter to Canadian soldiers on active
service tret o( upstage.
Good Five Act Bill Presented at the
Auditorium Heels With
The Pantages show this week presented a splendid bill. It was so
well balanced that it was hard to
pick the best one. Every act scored
a lilt with the large audience.
The opening act was by Rencllo
and sister and this pair did a cycling
stunt whioh was new to Cranbrook.
They both proved themselves masters of the wheel and Introduced a
three-wheeled cycle which has not
been seen hero before.
Ilcnnfngs, Lowls & Co. offered a
comedy skit entitled ."Mixed Drinks,"
whicli was really a musical melange
wltll comedy, singing, Instrumental
music and dancing jumbled together
Into a very pleasing number.
The Morton Jewell Co. Introduced
some new scenic effects for their en-
tninco and proved to bc a quintette
of jugglers beaded by Miss Morton.
Tliey Introduced some very clever
feats, mixed with several up-to-
date songs which added to the novelty ot the number.
Oibson & Dyso, proved to be two
very eccentric and versatile comedians with an act thr.t had snap and
ao from beginning to end. The hydra-
iieodcd policcmau and tho young
man who was about to bo married
greatly amused the crowd.
The bill closed with tho melo-dramu
entitled "Outwitted," which was excellently staged nnd proved a most unusual drama full of pathos and unusual situations. Miss Netta Qtiiiin,
Mr. Ronald Bradley p.nd Edward
Hearn presented tlio playlet in a
most convincing manner.
(food Bill Next Week
The Auditorium theatre will offer
next week "The Serpent of the Nile"
the headline attraction. "Thc
Serpent of tho Nile" is presented by
Botliwell Browne, who appears ln per-
son as Cleopatra, assisted by Francis Young and a bevy ot dancing girls.
Tho opening scene shows the Throne
room in the Temple Isls, where the
queen In a meditative mood, is waiting for the coming of her lover, Anthony. She has a presentment of
evil and offers up incenso to the gods,
then performing the dance of Incense.
The Gods, however, are not appeased,
for a slave brings hor the news that
Anthony Is dead. In a passion of re-
morso Cleopatra has the Serpent
brought to her and ln a wild fantastic
dance begs It to give her the kiss of
death, which he docs, colling around
her throat. After a short struggle
'Cleopatra's life expires at the foot of
her throne.
Musical comedy will be contributed
to the hill by Archie Nicholson and
company, while the sketch number
wlll bo presented by Kelcey Conboy
and Rose Marston. "The Claim
Agent" Is a little comedy ot every-day
life. A pretty waltresB without
funds tries to beat the railway com-
pnny on a take accident claim. The
act ls full ot funny laughs and situations and played thirty-eight consecutive weeks ln Greater New York. The
characters In tho sketch are: the
Waitress, which Is portrayed by
Miss Marston; a lawyer, an Irish
woman and tho Claim Agent, all
three of which are played by Mr.
Other acts on the bill Include Jimmy Green, comedian, nnd Grace La
Dell and company in a Parisian
shooting act
Connecting Links lo   .Be  .Finished
This Vear in Oreat Interna.
tlonal Highway.
Tho Eastport road, which Is the
wagon rond between Eastport and
Banners Fery on the American side,
is now an asured fact and will be completed this year. The U. S. Forestry
Service hus had the matter under advisement for some time and have estimated that tho rood would cost
$18,000 to complete. Last year a very
fine ncw Bteel bridge was constructed
near Eastport. Recently the Board
of Trade In Cranbrook was advised
that the county commissioners at
Bonners Ferry had appropriated
•.5,000 for the road which together
with the appropriation secured by thc
Forestry Service, will insure Its immediate construction.
Tho matter Is now up to the British
Columbia government to complete the
•ond between Cranbrook and Klngs-
cato. Thomas Caven has the matter
in hand and lt Is hoped that a large
enough appropriation will be mads to
finish the road on this side of the line
nnd thus connect up two very rich
dsltrlcts locally.
When completed the road will connect up the mislng links between Spokane and Calgary In what will In tbe
future he one of the most Important
International highways In the western
part of the continent, a road that wlll
eventually become the tourist's chosen route. Tho scenic grandeur of
fs route cannot be duplicated any-
ere iu North America and Its completion will be of vast Importance
commercially Unking up the prairie
country of Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Manitoba and Eastern British Columbia with Spokane, Washington and tho
other western states.
Many .Mutters ol Importance to be
Discussed Next Wednesday
The annual meeting of the Cranbrook Board of Trade has been called to meet at the council chambers,
City Hall, on next Wednesday evening next, February 24th, at eight
There are a number of matters
which are of great importance to the
city and district which wlll come up
to be dealt wltli by this meeting.
Reports of the officers for the past
year will be received and discussed.
The election of ollicers for the coming year will be one of the duties of
thc meeting.
This is a meeting which every citizen of Cranbrook should attend, and
not only attend but lend their Influence fn the right direction. Cranbrook citizens have a habit of standing back und criticising the Board of
Trade as If the organization was
effected only to serve the purpose of
a handful ot the citizens, lt Is the
handful which keeps the Board of
Trade alive, but that ls because many
citizens shirk their duty. The Board
of Trade has come to be recognized
In most Canadian cities as an Integral
part of their municipal life aud its
meetings are as Important as the city
council or tbe police commission.
Hoards of Trade are incorporated under tlie provincial law and tlicir powers and duties outlined. A properly
working Board of Trade that has the
shoulders of tho people behind It can
accomplish an immense amount of
good. Its best Work Is done in times
snch as we are experiencing at thc
present In good times It Is not so | Cranbrook
Important for the citizens to co-operate but in these times It Is actually
imperative to swim together or singly
Hen   From   Kimberley,   Jtarysvllle,
Fort Sleele and Bull Hirer ta
Tliird Muster
Cranbrook's quota to the third
Canadian contingent is being mobilised this week and dally drills are being made by those who are forming
this contingent.
Col. Mackey. of Fernie, waB here
thc first of the week with orders to
begin the mobilization and the local
ollicers of the 107th regiment were
soon ln touch with the men who bad
expressed their desire to go and most
ot them had arrived ln the city yesterday. Col. Mackey inspected the
men nnd pronounced them a fine body
of soldiers.
The thirty men who comprise
Cranbrook's share of the third contingent are all members of C. and D.
companies, Craubrook, although some
of them have been working ln outside points. Men from Kimberley,
Marysville. Fort Steele and Bull
River are in the third contingent
It is understood that this contingent will not go through the same
amount of training as have the other
contingents. Tliey expect to leave
for Victoria next week and will
therefore shortly follow the second
contingent, which is just now leaving
for Kngland. The men who are composing the third Canadian contingent
may bo on thc fighting line within
three months.
The following is the list of those
who are volunteering for service with
the third Canadian contingent   from
Attendance Last Saturday tbe Largest
Ever—Brisk Buying Feature
ol Market
('. < empaej
Sgt Martin T. Harris
Corp. T. laldlaw
Lance-Corp. Sidney S. Paul
Pte. Chas. F. Millo-ln
Pte. Peter N. MacKinnon
Re. Wm. A. Alley
Pte. Michael Chas. Mackey
Pte. Stanley Bristow
Pte. Hubert Heard
Pte. Wm. Cowan
Pte. Clifford Kelly
Pte. J. W. Stewart
Pte. Henry Arthur Fowkes
Pte. Horace R. Cook (married).
D. Company
Sgt Louis Tbeobold
Corl. D. V. Dunlop
Lance-Corp. T. H. Bronsdon
Pte. John C. Malcolm
Pte. William Hewson
Pte. Valentine Goggs
Pte. Frank Goggs
Pte. John Smith
Pte. Wm. Gray
Pte. Thomas Goode
Pte. Herbert Varley
Pte. G. H. Merrick
Pte. Edward A. Walsh
Pte. Alexander Sutherland
Pte. Horace Chapman
Pte. Geo. S. Macdonald
Last Saturday's market in point of
attendance was the largest since the
opening. Lively buying characterized Saturday's market The demand for meats, such as beef and
pork continued during the early part
of the morning.
The following pricef prevailed during Saturday's sales:
Pork-.-.-.-- ~ 16c. to l"c.
Honey 76c. jar
Butter  36c. Ib.
Chicken 76c.
Milk '.  10c. Quart
Honey Doc tin
Head cheese  12ttc. Ib
Lettuce  Mc. bunch
Rabbits  60c. pair
Pork sausages 17-Hc. Ib.
Pork pies  lee-
Bread  3 loaves (or 25c.
Eggs  60c. doz.
Chickens  60c. and 76c. I
Bee(   I'e-i
Veal   «•**■
Currant loaf bread  Me. I
Candles  35c. and tte. lb.
Currant buns  16c. dozen.
Steamed hrown bread.. 2 loaves for 16c j 	
Jam Doughnuts 30c. doz ;    Vancouver, Feb. 17.—Hundreds of
Ginger snaps  Me. dosen | men are enlisting daily for tbe third
Cookies  10c. dozen j contingent to be   enrolled in   Van-
Doughnuta  16c. dosen j COurer for the front   The men of tbe
Spiced buns  16c. dozen | second contingent from Victoria have
pics 30c. each
Roll s Mc -dosen
Potatoes W-M cwt
Buttermilk       Wc. qt
Pickles   16c. pint
Rhubsrb  13Hc. lb.
Cabbage  3c. lb.
Bread  ste. lost
Garden peas  10c .lb.
Marmalade  35c. pt 66c. qt.
Steamed white bread. .2 loaves for 15c.
Cranbrook Xen  Witt  Second  Con-
tlngeat Leave on Special Trele.
(or tbe East
Another Old-Timer Answers the Last
Boll (all-48 Years It East
J. C. Stacy, one of the oldest settlers
In East Kootenay, died at the home
of Mr. J. Taylor In this city lost Friday morning. Mr. Stacey first came
to this dlstilct 40 years ago, then a
very young man and sought his fortune tn mining and farming, devoting
his latter years In farming exclusively.    He was 83 years ot age.
He owned a farm in the Skookumchuck country, which he Bold a few
years ago at a fair price and has
since lived in retirement, although he
purchased some land near Cranbrook
but never improved it.
Funeral services wcre conducted
from the Beatty undertaking parlors
and Christ church on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock and interment made
in the Church of England cemetery.
The last rites were conducted by
Rev. A. B. Lane.
Deceased was an olu soldier, belonging In years gone by to tho Life
Guardsmen. Ho drew a pension from
the government Ills long years of
residence In this district baa given
him a very extended acquaintance
and he was esteemed (or his sterling traits ol character by all who entered tht honor ot hit friendship.
left for the east In three special
trains and thc Vancouver section of
the second contingent is expected to
leave In a few days.
London, Ont, Feb. 16.—Col. Deal-
son, commander of tbe 4th Infantry
brigade ol the Canadian expeditionary
force, Is in the city nlapectlng tbe
troops of the second contingent. Col.
Denlson said he expected the second
overseas force would leave lor England any day now.
Kootenay   Presbytery   Elect   Ttsaf
Waldo Clergyman to Preside
Iw Tear
At the meeting of the Presbytery of
Kootenay, held at Nelson Tueaday,
Rev. C. L. Cowan, ot Waldo, was elected moderator for the ensuing term.
Rev. Mr. Cowan was boru and educated In Scotland and, having In bit
youth attended college nl Glaagow. In
Canada he graduated from Manitoba
College in 1912 and since his ordination he has been minister ol tbe
Presbyterian church at Waldo. Ht It '
well known ln literary circlet.
Buesnos Ayres, Feb. 17.—The Oerman steamer Holgcr, witb tbe crews
and passengers of British steamers
sunk ln the Atlantic by German warships arrived horo today. Among
those on board was thc crew of the
British steamer Highland Brae, which
sailed from London January 3rd for
Buonos Ayres. It was a vessel ol
7366 tons and belonged to tbe Nelson
Steam Navigation company of Loa- tsVe* FOUR
L. P. Sullivan, Editor
1. st, Thompson, Basinets Mtnager
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Cranbrook, B.C, February 18th, 1915
This may be called the Pink
Lemon fade) edition ot the Cranbrook
Herald.     Preserve it.
Mrs. Charles Hilton, ot Yahk, arrived ln tho city on Tuesday for a few
daya visit with her mother, MrB.
Mrs. Maystre celebrated her 65th
birthday on Wednesday afternoon, n
large number of friends calling on her
and extending congratulations.
The veil is gradually being lifted
on the "Buy Canadian Made Goods"
recently given a lot ot publicity
throughout Canada. The Canadian
manufacturer will now reap his reward.
The members of tho third contingent are being entertained at tho Rex
theatre tonight by thc management of
that house. Tho pictures are of a
military character, being scenes at
Valcartler camp and the sailing of tho
first contingent The men wore escorted to the theatre by tlle officers of
the 107th regiment.
There Is no one objects to the
payment of wnr taxeB, but the manner In which the war taxes for Canada are being applied are worklng'a
double nnd unnecessary hardship on
every man, woman and child in the
Dominion. The total amount of
taxes scheduled to be raised by the
new program amounts to about ROO
lor every man, woman and child In the
Dominion. Customs duties have
been raised 5% on preferential and
ly,c/r on general tariffs. This oppllos
to practically everything, Including
most ot the necessities of life. The
result wlll be that these articles, although they may be manufactured in
Canada, wlll immediately rise in price
6 or 7Vs7r. The government will got
some revenue but thc Canadian manufacturer wlll enrich himself at the
expense of the people. Luxuries, such
as silks, automobiles, etc., aro not
given any Increased taxation but fail
Under the same rate as thc necessities
of life. With the exception ot
special taxes on notes in circulation
of chartered banks and taxes on
tickets, both railroad and steamship.
both of which can be collected trom
their customers, the moneyed Interests of the country have been let severely alone and will not have to pay
any more taxes than the poor man.
Letters, postcards, cheques, telegrams, etc., must all have war stamps
annexed. The principal objection of
the business man ts the collection of
taxes on stock nlready In hand, stock
that has been paid for and advertised
lor Bale at given prices. The assessment ot war taxes without somebody
being scorched ls almost an Impossibility we admit, but the fixing of
taxes on necessities of ltto is something we believe which should have
been avoided and the luxuries of tlie
country made to yield a little more
In discussing tlie terrible European
war which is in progress the question
that ls most olten debated Is, When
will It end?
That Britain and her allies will
eventually come out lop dog is never
tor n moment doubted. Experience
nnd past history coupled with tho
knowledge that the empire has almost
unlimited resources to draw upon to
aid her in her task, inspire a feeling
ot confidence in the Britisher's heart
that to win is beyond the realms of j
question—the only thing tn doubt Is
how long will lt take to crush thej
Prussian tyrant.
If the same confldonce could fill the
heart of the South Vancouver working
man as he wends his way up to the
municipal hall these cold, frosty
mornings what a happiness would bo j
reflected on his countenance
ln a vague sort of way he feels that
tho only way he can be employed at
tho present tlmo Ib by getting a Job on
tho roads, or the waterworks, laying
sidewalks, or some other form ot
municipal work.
Arriving nt the hall he meets with a
crowd of his follows who ore on the
same errand. Some of them propose
that they interview the council and
demand work. That is done and the
only satlsafctlon gained is In being
told that the reeve and council are
doing their level best to find money
with which to provide the necessary
They come out of the municipal
chamber with a crushed look and
with a sad heart thoy contemplate
their lot
These were the men who were attracted by tho lurid pamphlets clrcu-
describlng and dilating on the
wonderful        El Dorado       ln
in the old land, describing and dilating on the wonderful El Dorado ln
the West that only needed them to
come out and help develop lt.
These wcre the men who nttended
cinematograph shows In the old land
where films supplied by the authorities at Victoria depicted glorious
scenes in British Columbia orchards
and unrivalled scenery on her rivers
i where the red salmon was being
I picked ont ot the water.
j Those wcre tho men who wcre led to
believe that no man need ever want
, employment who was willing and anx-
\ loiis to work.
' These were the men that were
told through government pamphlets
that there were no poorhotiocs in B.C.
—there was no need for them.
The working mon in Oreater Vancouver who came out from the old
land came with tho avowed intention
i or improving their position—in many
j cases sacrificing good, lucrative posts
iu order to carry out their laudable
their   friends   rich   and   now   they
would throw you. on the scrap heap.
Get after them and make thorn disgorge.—Greater Vancouver Chinook.
A Britisher came Into our office this
week und told us his troubles. For
twenty-fivo yenrs thlB man worked at
Ills trade in the old country drawing
good wages and enjoying the comforts of life, although unable to
amass any great competence, he had
managed to save a few dollars.
To oxplaln hla affluence while there
he told of ordering two tailor made
suits at once.   Think of it!
Don't worry over spilled milk,
stock had to be watered.
February has only 28 days, but
the rent comes round just the same.
The high cost of living has given
way to the high cost of fighting.
Even n train ot thought Isn't always
on time.    The Herald, for instance.
Instead of Imagining trouble why
Finally   he was attracted by tho „„, ,mlg,M bu9me88 ,, g00d.   Tfy
The Btreet sales of the Herald last
week was 210 copies, and not a scandal mentioned.
This is the happiest country in tbe
world. If we only had the money Joy
would reign supreme.
Where one Cranbrook man la pushed to the front a thousand othera are
pushed to the wall.
A dye famine Is feared. And so tbe
cost of dyeing Is to be added to tbe
high cost of living.  Get tbe ropet
This will be a good year ln Cranbrook for crops. The crop ol
rumors is the greatest feature so
The trade-at-home movement Is taking In Cranbrook. Encourage the
good work, Mr. Business Man, by ad-
Tbe Farmers' Institute meeting
on Saturday, elsewhere reported, was
largely attended and evinced a liveliness of interest we have not always
seen at these meetings. Mr. Williams' paper laid before the meeting
tbe needs ol some better system of
disposing of local eggs and the advantages of an egg depot were well
presented. Mr. Williams Is a pleasing and capable speaker and clearly
makes his points without waste of
effort his remarks merit carelul consideration and the matter should come
up again after lt has had such. We
believe much good has been accomplished by the discussion on the milk
depot, creamery, etc. We regretted
to hear several declaiming at the lack
of action and accomplishment by the
meeting, but we believe Messrs. Soren
Johnson and W. P. Macdonald were
sound In their remarks that much
work was yet necessary before we
are ready for a creamery and that the
establishment of a milk depot would
not at present effect enough of a saving to the producer to make lt profitable either tor him or his customers. It certainly was most opportune and served a good purpose to
have the dairy commissioner on hand,
as bis remarks re the need ot certain
supplies have put before the ranchers
In an authoritative way the mistake
ol prematurely undertaking the handling and financing ol a co-operative
establishment ot any kind tor disposal of dairy products till the product ls In sight Aside from the
present lack of money for such, Is the
even more serious lack of supply of
produce. Four hundred or upwards
of good cows tho year round means
the ranchers must got a linstlc on. A
splendid purposo was served, we believe, by the directors having Mr. Rive
here and getting outside authoritative opinion to clear the air and see
what It before ut.
The first iar usually came after they
bad been about a montll In the country
—Just becoming acquainted ln a little
way with the conditions as they found
In place of being able to go and
settle on thc wonderful valleys of B.
C. they bad read so much about—about
tho only hope of helping to develop
thc province's resources lay along the
car tracks, the sidewalk or the sewer.
Train load after train load ol some
of Britain's best manhood came rolling
in, depositing its human freight on the
city plattorm, Irom which it wended Its
self to some rooming house or perhaps rented a house, but left severely
alone so far as guidance or assistance
was concerned ln Its loyal attempt to
help make the British Empire more
prosperous by developing the resources ot the province.
During tho time this was going on
tho Provinclnl Government was busy
handing out all the agricultural land
to speculators who knew thnt from the
land cometh all wealth. When the
worker went to enquire as to the best
way to locate himself on a piece ol
land whereon ho would be nble to
make a living tor htmsell and some
others he was staggered with the conditions under which he would have to
work. Very soon ho got his eyes
opened and the farther he looked the
more he was convinced that so (ar
as the land question was concerned
it was a dead Issue lor him.
Tho real estate boom was at Its
height and lor the time being he
could get plenty of employment one
way or another.
But the question always came to
him when he went down to meet some
friend who hnd come ln with the last
train load:   Where will It end?
These are tho men who we meet
trudging their way up to tlio city
halls, to the municipal halls. The
visions of a nice comfortable little
farm or ranch where there would be
peace and plenty has vanished and in
its place looms the dread spectre of
want and misery.
Workers of Greater Vancouver, It
Is not your mayors or aldermen, your
reeves and councils who are responsible for this condition of things. They
are no more responsible than you are
The blame lies a tthe door ot the
Provlnclul Government who brought
you hero on false pretences, misguided you, ill-treated you, and now, when
you are Btarving, turn round and Insult you by telling you to "Have Confidence."
The councils are doing their level
best with the limited resources at
their command to palliate the evil but
even they aro powerless unless you
yourselves help.
You have a right to live. Thc only
way you can live is to work. Demand that right, but demand it from
the proper parties, tho parties who
havo robbed you of somo of the best
years ot your life. They brought you
out hers to make Uiemaelvoa and
lurid advertising of the faraway u
Dominion of Canada and especially
British Columbia. The wages he was
receiving was only about halt what
he could get In this country. After
considering the matter for some time
ho finally resigned his position and
one day set sail for the west with his
His first stop was at Winnipeg,
where he waB induced to invest the
major portion of his savlngB ln some
land. A few months after this purchase the land was taken from him
because the man who sold lt to him
had no title and he had pucrhased
with the advice ot a solicitor.
After this experience he secured
a few weeks work at his trade and
came on to British Columbia, where
he was told that ten acres ot fruit
land would make a man rich In a
short time.    He came to Cranbrook
and secured some of this land.    After
some experimentation he decided that JerUsfng'youVprtMiT
fruit (arming on that particular piece
of land was a failure.   He manageB
to securo a lew weeks work each
year now at his trade.    On his last
year's work he still has a balance ol,
c   . -™       .       -j ...'. ... ... doub(le) the score at a bowling meet.
about $300 coming nnd can t get one | ___
cent. His three sons both lost their i Res|deIlt8 „, c,anbrook street are
lobs and the family are now In very i gettmf up a peUUon a8klng ae c|ty
straightened clrcumctances. j mmca to tan,ta them wlUl a „fe.
He hasn't any money to get out of; Dont unui'after the snow bas dlsap-
tlie country, there ls no proBpect of ^fed,
work In sight, he cannot farm his 	
land without capital and If he had he, Tlle new „„,. mcrea,es tbe rate I wtth the ***«M>,-P; **•« confidence nnd
doubts whether he would be able to 0n post cards and letters one cent It Jth8 ,f'l^m °f 'he w.hole cMXlKi
make a living. He never worked so _ D0 aKamr, to plaCo a war tax world; ' •"**"' Wself on my noble
hard ln Ills life before and never en- stamp on a „,,,„„. How about tbe! al,c;st,ry' 0** *}»„*_ %*—_ w"
dured one-tenth the hardships.   He Is I local Btamp, I'»™» '"«> »hlch I had descended. My
Intelligent and capable and willing to■   ne0P'e were abounding ln prosperity,
work but from appearances the only! Laboratory tests Indlcnte that rad-lthelr ■hlP« »°«ted ""to every port In
recourse left htm is starvation or; lum may be used as fertiliser. IfUie worU. »ud their manufacturing
charity. $160,000 worth of radium Is used to! P1"""* "'o 'belr wares In every mart
Where arc those visions so luridly' treat a cancer, how much would be'. <"-» P">«. tllwat sunny In the loved
painted by thc government of British ; needed to treat a rundown Cranbrook ta»d °« W» fth and my people were
tiuwtcu uj   mic bui #._--• tnflkln*   IntellATtiml    nrnrrpaa      mnra
Columbia to the Old Country work-; tnrml ^
ingmen"   His story IsMrat,.onein ; ^
another form of thousands of other ,   t,'. .,,„„
immigrants who have been induced to \ei 8ll"«"> »•» '** »,to»r- The'e
come out to the great west J™   **, 8   J™*"*   'r°V   IT
,       ..     .   I "scraped," In the process of making
He Is now tn mlddlo life and has to | B worla,8 mmi    He ,num , cM_
start over again some place providing , (c tafb    m „,, worU to
a.   . s.      sst-.      -t—_—     Ao     rtnsl Ua " *
It Is well known that railroaders
; In  Cranbrook have to "double tbe
1 hill,'
but It is  something new to
A sad, misshapen thing, grim vlsag-
ed, and with blood-shot, deep-drawn
eyes, came trembling to my door ln
the dead ot last night, and knocked co
toebly tbat I scare did bear the summons. Startled at tbe apparition
which confronted me on opening the
door, I could not repress a shudder
and an exclamation ot dismay as this
terrible object In human form tottered acrosB my .threshold and sank
trembling ln the flrst convenient
The long, gaunt frame had once
evidently housed a man, but now
emaciated and worn by privation anu
dissipation tt was only a walking
skeleton, with tbe deep marks cf depression and sorrow on (ace and head.
An old and tattered uniform beat
feebly against the shriveled limbs nnd
a long angry scar across his face but
relieved the impression of an un-
washod face and a blood-clotfed beard.
A sword was sheathed on the one sldo
and a revolver swung In Its Holster
upon the other. The wreck seemed Incapable of using either.
"Stranger," I said as he sat musing
bofore my grate, seemingly without
absorbing any of Its warmth, his gaunt
frame shaking ns he gated at tbe red
coals, "whither thou goest and why
have you called here at this unearthly
"I came," he said, "because I am
starving, and seeing your light st such
an hour thought that perhaps here I
might find food, although I am denied
by all my former friends and by all
the world."
"HeavensI" I exclaimed, "forgive my
unthoughtfulness and I will hnve a
bounteous repast before you as soon
as possible."
"Calm yourself," replied the visitor,
"while my aching vitals require sustenance there Is food greater than
that which I most desire."
"Stranger, I do not understand you."
The visitor drew himself up and Bald:
"Only a tew shnrt days ago I was one
j ot the proudest men ln the world.   I
was In a position ol high authority,
he can get the chance to start.   He { ^ or ag rMor(,
says that he thinks that a white man j y  ,
comes fourth In British Columbia.: Tho prmtlng department ln the Ohio
After the Japs, Chinese, Hindoos nnd; state pr|BOn was dosed for the rea-
other allenB are provided with work i „„„ that there was not a printer "do-
the Britisher can have a chance at inf, time." If a number ot delinquents
what ls left He has been grafted and ; t0 the Herald dont toon "come
preyod Upon by unscrupulous capitalists until he ls despondent, sick at
heart and has lost his faith ln mankind.    Who is responsible?
The British Columbia government
for whnt has happened ln this province and the Dominion government
tor the whole of Canada.
Has there been any Britlsb justice
in the way thia man has been treated?
There aro thousands like blm.
On February llth the Would-Becs
mot the May-Bees In the Y.M.C.A.
(hive). Upon this game second place
In the league depended and consequently both swarms were out for
the honey. The May-Bees set a
merry pace and their opponents followed to a man. An outstanding
feature ol the game waa the tact that
the loser's score was sufficient to
have won any previous game In tho
league and this lact alone says much
for the May-Bees tor tbey won out
winners by 6 to 3 pins.
across" with a lew dollara on back
subscrpitlon we Intend to apply lor
the Ohio job.
The average audience atartt aueh a
scramble at the conclusion ol a concert that the Guelph Mercury says
people seem to think the tint verse
of the National Anthem runt like
"Now get your overshoes,
And grab your overcoat
And do It quick.
Then get up Irom your seat,
And beat a quick retreat,
Don't let folks think you're 'sleep
Get a wiggle on."
"People who live In glass bouses
should undress In the dark." This
little squib wns printed list week
with the Idea ol persuading t certain
gentleman to lower his blinds at night
when he decides to retire, and bit tht
hay. When a man wanta to admire
his shape before a looking glut he
should be tlone with hit vtnity. II
ho entertains the Idea that ht It t
perlect "September Morn" bt tbould
try the stunt down at the creek, the
scene Is very Incomplete without a
little water.
The decision ol the Lethbridge
Board ot Trade to change the name ot
the Belly River wlll meet with approval, at least by tbe editor ot this
paper. Some eight years ago, when
"Old Man" Simpson started the Lethbridge Herald, the present editor ot
the Cranbrook Herald, then t common
printer drawing a salary ol |I4 per,
1E4 131 124 but now an editor getting a whole lot
loss, went to Lethbridge to help es-
The C.P.R. and tho Drummers met tubllsh the plant. On tbe first Sunday
on the Y. alleys on the 17th, the play | afternoon, while strolling around the
being close nnd exciting, many of the then almost unknown burg, tht printer
eventually tound himself down at tbe
river. Being nnxlous to learn something of the place, be asked t young
lady, who waB leading a little child
by the band, what the name ot tbe
river might bo. Tbe young lady colored up and said, somewhat btth-
fulty: "I know but I don't like to
tell you." This seemed strange, but
the nnswer came In t short while, lor
nfter the young lady htd gone on about
fifty yards she turned and, putting ber
hands up to her mouth tt II to
guard her words bo tbat no one else
might hoar them, said: "Mister, tbe
name of that river la the Belly River."
And with that tbe made a hasty retreat. Ever since tbat time we havc
been firmly convinced that the Belly
River should not be paraded before
the general public, M least not lo
that seemingly naked style. Change
.It. please.   It surely needt fixing.
Abbott  ...
Hanna  ...
Burker ...
Hockey   ..
fans had to
tie down their
hair to
avoid losing It     Tho boys
on both
teams played for all they were worth.
L. Barnes starred for the Drummers
and H. Stevens (old reliable) put tbe
on the map with tn In-
Mal effort of 61 pine, the final scores
were 810 to
323 in favor ot tbe C.
P .11. by 13 pins.
C. P. B.
2     3
E. Stevens
H. Stevens
82    14
48    81
60    83
138    78
2      3
Walsh   ....
45     30
(8     82
Turnley ...
36     28
id   Mt    10
malting intellectual progress, were
doing better things for themselves
trom day to day, were performing an
altruistic service for mankind nnd
were enjoying the good tavor of humanity everywhere. From millions ot
happy homes the daily smoke curled
upward, and busy housewives were
flitting to and (ro with laughing
children about their knees -and hungry husbands homeward bound at
evening met the children at the gate,
way tor tbe daily romp. In all my
loved land only happiness end.peace
"Now, all It gone. The work ol the
psst century ta economic progress has
been lost The good name I possessed
before tht world It Irretrievably lost,
and tbe proud heritage I always
boasted Is being trailed In tbe dust. I
have been at war. I have invaded my
brother's borne, I have despoiled his
country, I have murdered blm nnd
burned hla house and laid waste bis
cities, I have been a red glutton and
for days have bathed ta the blood of
fallen toes. Priceless works ol human
genius and beautiful monuments of
historic times have fallen under my
ruthless hand and hare been destroyed. I have left behind me only homes
battered In ruins and tbeir sons dead
In tbe streets. My own country Is a
sea ol widow's weeds and sad eyed
"Having town my whirlwind I am
now reaping tbe harvest Tbe world
Is turned against me, my passion Is
dying within my breast, and to my
mind comet only tbe horrible nightmares produced by tbe result ot my
reckless folly and Its awful algal-
flcance. At night tbe black spectres
seem beating, beating, beating at my
brain and aa tbe rising sun lights the
day It only brings back to me more
vividly the realities of the horrors
through which I have lived. I
thought I waa strong, I find I am
weak. I trusted ln the strength ot
my strong right arm and It has tailed
me. Not only nm I losing my all,
but the work ot all the great countrymen ot mine Is doomed to oblivion, because ot my over-sealous haste. I
have wrought an inexpiable domnatlon
upon the earth and darkness and
murder are my only resources to the
end, whioh I now foresee will be
with the screaming curset ot millions
ol starved, outraged and slaughtered
women and children and tbeir murdered husbands and lathers to greet
me In the great beyond. I crave the
world's pardon. I would give my life
gladly could I step back again upon
tbe proud pedestal ol a tew days ago
But my crimes have been too many,
too sordid and vicious lor any hope
but an ignominious death."
As my guest recounted the awful
details ol bis horrible deeds, I lelt that
something human waa missing Irom
tbat bleak frame, that something vital
had slipped In tbe brain machinery of
this guest and that only somewhere
In the great unknown wns tt possible
to comprehend the abasement and degradation to which this thing had
sunk. I opened the door and he
passed out Into the deep black night,
tad at ht vanished I taw written upon
bit hairnet tht war* "OtnaaBy."
Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
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A Butter Special
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Saturday specials
Miss Helen Harrison, secretary-
treasurer of the Cranbrook Branch of
tlie St John Ambulance Association,
Is In receipt ot the following letter
from the provinclnl headquarters at
Important Circular    ~
The Grand Priory ol the Order ot
the Hospital ol St. John ot Jerusalem
In England, of which yon have tbe
honor of being a member or associate,
baa forwarded a circular letter saying that the Army Council has approved ol an otter Irom the Order to
provide. and maintain lor service
abroad or at home, tor a period ol not
less than six months, a fully equipped Oeneral Hospital of 625 beds, to
bo designated ns "The St John Ambulance Brigado Hospital."
Sir Herbert Perrott, secretary of the
Oeneral Council of tho Order, states
that the probable cost ot each hed will
be £100 lor the year, and expresses
the hope that all members ol the
Order and associates will, by personal contributions and otherwise,
make the proposed hospital a complete, success.
Any person contributing $'.00.00
would have a bed bearing his or her
name. Any town or city raising that
sum could have a bed dedicated to
them, or the province as a whole may
contribute sufficient to have one or
more beds known as the British Columbia beds..
There are over 2,000 certilieate
holders In B. C. If enrh one contributes 11.00 or moie, accnrdlng to
his means, a handsome sum could be
realised lor this laudable purpose.
He would have tho privilege, tt a
very small cost, ot contributing to the
welfare of those who have bravely
gone to the Iront. We expect tbat
our Canadians will soon be In the flr-
'ng line, and no doubt many ol them
will be wounded, and It will be a satisfaction tb know that wo are helping In no small way to relieve their
suffering. We have no doubt thnt
oach ono ol you wlll make a contribution which wlll enable us to equip
at least lour beds lor this worthy
Wt would request therefore, that
you send a contribution without delay to the Secretary of your center,
who wlll in turn forward lt to the
Honorary Secretary of the B. C.
Council. It Is hoped that all contributions will be ta before February
28th, 1915.
Contributions may be sent to Miss
Harrison, Box 101, Cranbrook, who
wlll f -, to Vancouver.
Are we treating our volunteers
right? Besides contributing freely to
the patriotic lund and Red Cross
work, Ci anbrook has raised over $900
tor the volunteer company there,
They presented eacb departing volunteer with a ten dollar gold piece. They
were tnd are tireless ta advancing tha
Interests ol the corps. The cltlsens
pnid an Instructor to drill and Instruct
tho men. Comparisons art odious, to
thoso who suiter by tho comparison.
Tho Daughters ol the Empire, tbe
llobokths, W. It. Wilton and t tew
othera hive done t great deal tor our
men. Tho cltlsens generally have
done but little. It Is trut that tbey
have patronised patriotic amokera and
concerts, but If we art correctly Informed, the proceed! ot one smoker
have been placed In a bank, probably
because the bank was ta need.
The officers ol the regiment have
been most unfairly burdened with expense, especially during tbt difficult
period of establishing tbt corps ud
sending away contingents. Tht blllt
naturally gravitate to tbem. Now the
uniforms art coming ud eaeh officer
bas a considerable personal expense
The government prescribes tbe regimental badge but allows each corps
to design and pay lor its own. The
badges tor tbe Fcrnie corps will be
here within I wtek. This ts iust t
sample ot the many expenses that the
men are up against Art the people
treating them quite right at a tlmo
Ilka this r-Fsrnls Free Praaa.
■ ■■-:■!m agm
Mmmammma ■mmi
WmOlmWSmi. FEBRUARY Ittb. 191*
r*01 THRU
is a very delicate business.
It requires experience, a
knowledge of optics, and
the necessary instruments.
We are fully equipped in
all these particulars, and
can determine with the utmost accuracy when a person should wear glasses,
what sort of glasses they
should be.-and we will supply them at the lowest possible cost, when these advantages are so handy
don't you think it would
be a mistake to do without
W. H. Wilson
D. McQlnnls, of Wardner, was tn
tbo city Wednesday on business.
Oeorge Stevenson returned Monday
from a short business trip east.
N. Hanson returned Tuesday from
a short business trip to Calgary.
C. H. MeDougall of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co., Kimberley, was a business visitor on
Mr. and MrB. Tom Herron returned
last Monday trom a sleigh drive to
Skookumchuck whore they went to
Inspect some of their mining claims.
The regular monthly meeting of
tbe W. C. T. U. will be held at the
borne of Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon on
Garden nvenue on Thursdsy, February
25th, at 2.30 p.m.
Roy Wadman, of the Cranbrook
hotel staff, left Tuesday on a few
days visit to Spokane. Roy his
been overworked lately and will en-
Joy a much needed rest
We hive them going, the Pooh-Bah
ot Wattsburg, Is suffering with cold
leet. The lumbermen ta the valley
are taking up a subscription for him.
—The Tobacco Plains Bugle.
Dr. F. W. Oreen hss received official Information of bis appointment
at surgeon lieutenant with the 107th
regiment and bas been Instructed to
form a bearer section attached to tbe
army medical corp.
Malcolm Horie, ex-alderman ot
Cranbrook, was In trom the Eaat
Kootenay camp west of town yesterday on a hurried business trip. He
states that the company will probably start their mill about March Ilrst
Charles H. Wells, of Conlsboro,
England, and Mary Ellen Morrison,
of New Westminster, were married
at the Methodist parsonage on Wednesday evening, February 17th, 1915,
at 7 o'clock by Rev. W. E. Dunham,
the pastor.
Moyle valley ranchers will receive
I visit from the provincial government men, according to advices received here. At Glenllly school on
Saturday, February 27th, nt II o'clock,
T. A. F. Wrancko, W. Newton and M.
8. Mlddleton wlll visit that place.
Cam Lindsay and Corporal McKay
arrived In the city from l.eilibrldge
Tuesday on a tow days furlough. Mr.
Lindsay ruports things shaping nicely
md tho call mny come at auy minute
to go forward. Mr. McKay Ib a
brother of Mrs. C. J. l.l-tlo and Mrs.
W. J. Atchison.
Tho Companions of the Forest, Ancient Order ot Foresters, held a social and danco In the Maple Hall on
Wednesday, February lith. A big
crowd turned out and everybody
danced until the small hours of tho
morning to tho good music and time
ol the Kootenay Orchestra.
Mr. James Chant, late of the Raworth Bros., Jewelers, of this city,
left Wednesday last for the coast,
where he will reside In future. Mr.
Chant has been ■ rosldent of our clly
lor several years, having been apprenticed to the watchmaking business with Raworth Bros.
The Maple Hall Dancing Club held
their regular dance Tuesday even-
lag. February 16th. There wit t
good crowd is usuil. This dance It
becoming more popular each month
and with music by the Kootenay
orchestra everybody Is assured perfect dance time. The next dance will
be held on March 2nd. Everybody welcome, subject to tbe committee
-By permission ot the administration
ol tht diocese, the rector ot Christ
church wlll leave today tor coast
points on a short vacation. During his
absence be Will attend tbe Cathedral
ta Victoria, at the consecration ol the
Hrst bishop ol Kootenay, February
24th, tbe festival of St Matthew. The
bishop bit pieced tbt Hit. A. B. Lane
It taaponry chart* of tlw parish.
Ted Attree waa ta town several days
tbis week from bis ranch at In.
Mrs. F, W. Burgess will receive on
Thursdsy, Fehruiry 26th, from S to 0
Rev. W. K. Thomson wit ta Nolson
this week attending i meeting of the
Born—On Sundny, Februiry tbe
14th, to Mr and Mra. Oeorge Morrison ,of this city, a daughter.
The third dance In the series to be
given by tbe Masonic Social Club wlll
be held next Thursday evening.
P. DeVere Hunt, deputy sheriff, returned Tuesday trom Nelson, where
he bis been on officlsl business.
With the Imposition ot tbe wtr tax
on foodstuffs the Cimdlin workman
It thut deprived ol mother meal.
Mrs, C. 0. Bennett ol Creston, Is
visiting In tbe city this week, it tbe
home ot her parents, Hr. ud Mrs.
Ous Erickson.
Fred Coffey lelt this week lor Fernie alter a visit with his family here.
He Is now travelling auditor for P.
Burns k Co.
P. DeVere Hunt bis been notified
thnt he has been appointed deputy
sheriff for East Kootenay by Sheriff
Tuck, of Nelson.
Mr. Robs, ol Nelson, manager ol the
P. Burns k Co. there, waa ta the city
last week overhauling the refrigerating plant ta tbe local market
Houston Ptlmer, plumber with J,
D, McBride, left yesterdiy for Bull
River, where he his t two week't Job
at tbe C.P.R. mill on their blower sys-
Robert Sainsbury ls back from tbe
Windermere country, where be went
on business matters ta connection
with tbe Dominion government experimental farm.
A. W. Collins, chief constable, bat
volunteered tor tho front. Mr. Collins has served twelve years ta the
British irmy. He bit seen service
in Egypt md South Africa. Ht nerved with tbe Scot's Outrcs.
M. A. Beale left today for Oolden
md will visit then for a ftw daya
returning tbe first ot tbt week. He
will be accompanied home by Mrs.
Beale md children .who hive been
visiting tbere for tome tint.
Tbe Cranbrook Farmers' Institute
It to discuss I suggestion that special
courses be btld it which farmers
would leirn carpentry, bookkeeping,
the cart ot machinery, milk testing
and other subjects ot Importance to
tbe mm engaged In agriculture. Tbt
Idea it excellent md little difficulty
should bt experienced ta putting It
Into effect—Nelson Newt.
The hall wit picked md Roo, tht
coming member tor tht Federal
house it Ottawa wu tt kit beat He
handles niked facta without prayer
or apology. He dott not tattle, nor
cough, duck, dodge or wiggle. Ht
can canst your tears to low or your
fact to radiate laughter. Ht't got
tbe mark ot tbe mister politician upon
his brow. He expects to bombard
Cranbrook md the Windermere Valley next week.—Jim Thistlebeak, ta
Tbt Tobacco Pittas Bugle.
Oeo. Hoggarth. proprietor ol tbt
Cranbrook hotel, returned Monday
(rom a lew days business trip to
Moose Jaw md other prairie points
He aaya tbe people oa tbt pralrto art
nil optimistic md everyone It planting
ns large acreage aa possible this
year. V. Hydo Baker, who accompanied him to Moose Jaw, after it-
tending to some business there, continued tbe Journey to tbe Old Country, where he will spend some time
visiting it his old home,
Ted Nell, ■ Crnnbrook boy, who bis
been on n visit to his pirenta ta this
city, returned to Calgary Sunday afternoon to rejoin bit regiment, the
31st Light Infantry. Ht waa accompanied to Calgary by kit brother
Percy, wbo wlll also enlist md wbo
hopes to go to the trout Ted md
Percy Noll ire two ot Cranbrook's
most popultr young men, hiring
been residents ol this city lor years.
Both are big, robust follows md tbe
Lord help a Oerman wbo crosses
their path.
Tbe executive committee ot the
Overseas Clnb (local branch) bid a
meeting In tht V.M.C.A. hut lata*-
dsy evening. A good dttt ol Important business connected with locil
milters md suggestions from head-
quarters, London, won takes ap.
Thlt clnb It now la excellent shape
and booming ta sn extraordinary manner md British cltlsens, naturalised
or otherwise should Join tht local
branch. Ba British. Tht next
meeting night It Tuesday, February
IS, la Maple Hall. There will ht tht
regular monthly duet. Non-members
mile, toe., ladles lie.
Mr. Oordon H. Thorpe Is a welcome
visitor to Fernie this week.
fanny Crosby, the hymn writer,
died at Bridgeport, Conn., Saturday.
Miss M. E. Colllngs left for Fernie
the latter part of the week on a visit
N. Hanson returned Tuesday from
Calgary, where he has been on a few
days business.
0. Ronald Furlong la In town for a
tew days. He ta now living on bis
rucb at Baker.
Mrs. Jas. Brechin and children left
Monday for the coast on an extended
visit with relatives.
Harry Drew, proprietor of the
North Star hotel at Kimberley, was
ta town ths Hrst of tbe week.
Billy Orearea It out of hospital. He
was successfully operated on at St.
Eugene hospital lbr appendicitis.
Miss Lily Conrad haa returned to
Moyle after a visit at the home of Mr.
Tom Hedigan, E1008 Nora avenue,
Miss Enid QUI waa a visitor to
Moyie, the lakeside city, the end of
the week, the guest of Mrs. J. T.
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the
lire tday of Lent Services ln keeping
with t/e day were held In St. Mary's
Tbt mild weather of the past fortnight has Induced the pusles around
tbe Moyle lake to lift their tiny heads
md blossom forth Into lower.
A small bundle arrived by parcel
post Friday last for Mr. and Mrs. H.
Corbett It contained a tiny mass of
humanity to gladden tbeir home.
Roy Myers, of Cherry Creek, a dairy
tanner ot that section, was In the
city Saturday. Mr. Myers donnted a
quantity ot beet to tbe Sunshine Society.
A patriotic concert will be held at
Kingsgate on Saturday. Tbe affair
will bt conducted under the auspices
ot tbt Moyle branch of tht Overseas
Rer. C. L. Cowan, pastor ol the
Presbyterian church, Waldo, wu ta
tbe city liat Monday on bis way to
Nelson. He expects to return home
W. H. Houston, ot Nelson, was In
tht city Sunday. He was accompanied by bit two sons. Mr. Houston will
visit it hli old borne ta Alton, Ont,
lor some time.
Archie Logan, chauffeur lor Burnt
ml Jordan, contractors for tbe Koote-'
my Central rallwiy, wis tn tbe city
Saturday. Mr. Logu Is on bis way
to Spokane, tha work hiving been
completed .
Oa Saturday, Februiry 27th, H. E.
Upton, provtadtl poultry expert, md
8. H. Hopkins, live stock commissioner, will pay Cranbrook m official
visit Farmers generally hire been
looking lorward to thia visit for tome
Sergeant L. T. Once of the Medicine Hit Cavalry, Is visiting In town
with Mr. md Mrs. N. A. Wallinger lor
lew days before leaving tor tbe
front. Mr. Once wu formerly tn
tbe employ ol tht C.P.R., being connected with the engineering department.
The Marysville md District Farmers will have a visit trom government officials on Monday, March 1st
The speakers will be S. H. Hopkins,
who wlll speak on mixed farming,
and H. E. Upton, poultry superintendent Tho meeting will be held ta
Central hall, commencing at 2 p.m.
Thtt the stores ot Cranbrook art
offering some tempting prices wu
Illustrated this week, when t tady
who hid sent u order into tht null
order house it Winnipeg wrote cancelling same, on learning sba could
purchase tbe same article here—right
tiers ta little old Cranbrook—two
dollars cheaper thu tt Winnipeg.
The buy-at-home movement nu converted mother to Its ranks.
Little Marion Carr, tbe Ive-yetr-old
daughter of Mr. ud Mra. R. C. Carr
while playing near ■ pile of loga on
Wednesday wat ciught under a large
log which ta some manner rolled off
the pile. No men were near at the
tlmt ud her mother, assisted by
mother woman, managed to extrl-
cite tbt little girl titer considerable
difficulty. She wu not dangerously
Injured, although badly bruited by
ber unhtppy accident.
Then wu t very Urge crowd In
attendance at tbt opening ot Little
* Atchison on Tuesdiy iftornoon. Tht
guests were served tat In tbe new lot
cream parlors, which hive been
handsomely finished md furnished,
md they expressed admiration of tbe
atw store and lu ippointments. While
muy ot tbe Inns old customers it-
tended tbt opening there wu also i
Urge number of new faces wbo have
been attracted by the opening of the
hew store oa Biker street The
ittractlveness of the store, tbe better location ud their idvertlslng hivt
been getting results for this Irm
which It not complaining of bird
tinea, tat report! business "Better
W. C. Jackson ,of Victoria, representing the Dominion department of
agriculture is ln the city today arranging for a meeting with the farmers and stock breeders on Saturday
evening, March 6th. Full particulars of the meeting will be announced later. "*
Miss Florence Johnson has
signed her position as teacher of the
Moyle public school. Miss Johnson
has been seriously Ul In the St. Eugene hospital for some time past, the
recent sad death of her sister weighing heavily an her nervous system.
Miss Johnson has been one of the
most successful teachers Moyle has
had, and the residents of that town
learn with regret that she has been
compelled to tender her resignation.
A very interesting game of basket
ball was played off on Monday evening In the Young Men's Club at 8
o'clock, when the Beavers severely
defeated the Athletics with a score of
26 to 17. "Bill" Hopkins refereed the
game to the satisfaction ot both the
warring factions, whilst Mr. Mirams
kindly acted bb judge of play. The
next game will take place on Monday
evening next when the Heavers wlll
try md down the Stags. Mr. Vopy
Rlcards acted as doorkeeper.
Mrs. J. M. Mains, ot Toronto, Ont,
wsb a Cranbrook visitor last week.
She Is grand officer of the Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood ot Locomotive Engineers. On
Thursday afternoon Mrs. Mains Inspected tbe local Auxiliary, who
met In the Orange hall, ud was
greatly pleased with the work the
ladles put on. ln the evening a banquet was given ln honor ot Mrs.
Mains ud a splendid Ume was spent
by the Engineers and their wives. Mrs.
Mains was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
0. M. Barney during her visit in the
London—"The man who dies at
home doesn't know the pleasure of
death, and I would much rather die
here thu tn tbe most comfortable bed
you could rig up at homo."
This ls what a dying Irish soldier
ta a rough field hospital at Ypres
told Lieut H. R. Watson of the Highland Light Infantry.
The soldier came of a long line of
fighting stock. His father died on
tbe battlefield of Abu Klea (In the
Soudan) his father's father at Isandl-
whana (South Africa) Mb parental
great grandfather at Alma, and his
grandfather's father at Waterloo. An
own brother tell In the Boer war at
Olencoe and another now lies wounded ln a military hospital.
"I know I'm dying," aatd the soldier, "but I dont mind. It's always
out ot luck ud runs In the family like
wooden legs. There Is a Joy ln fighting tbat appeals to ne, and I wouldn't
miss this set off tor'ill the world."
The man's last words to his officer
were: "Oood-bye, old chap; you
were my superior n day or two ago,
but at death's door all men are
The warm weather of the past few
days has put a quietus on the curling
tor tbe time being at least and has
likely Interrupted the sport for tbe
season. During the put few daya
tbere were a number of bird lought
ud Interesting matches pulled on the
local Ice. Topham defeated Bowness
In tbe Inala ol the Grand Challenge
which wu the om*y event finished.
Bowness md Harris are in the finals
tor the Corby snd the Fink was Just
getUng started. President Campbell
has been successfully defending the
Cosmopolitan cup against all challengers.
On account ot some extraordinary
delay ta a freight shipment of news
print paper which Is somewhere
along the line ot the C.P.R., we are
compelled to Issue this edition on
wrapping paper, wall paper md various assortments ot colors md
sixes which we have In stock. Tbe
chsnge Is not caused by the extra
wtr tax, nor nre we endeavoring to
Introduce "Pink Journalism" Into
Cranbrook. We wlll issue again next
week on tbe usual stock. Meanwhile
we hive made arrangement! with
W. H. Wilson, the eye specialist to
look titer myone suffering Irom
color blindness caused by this great
purveyor ol thought
It. per word tor Irat week, ud lt. per
word for tub week after
Special for one week, on sale
Saturday morning.
Special This Week
and Next
JlL      Ladies' silk and satin  underskirts
in all colors, including black.
Regular Price... 11.75
Regular Price',. .$8.75
Regular Price...$8.00   SALE PRICE
Regular Price...»3.50   SALE  PRICE
Regular Price. ..M.00
SALE  PRICE    $1.85
Regular Price... M.S5 SALE PRICE.13.00
Regular Price...M.50 SALE PRICE.. 18.15
Regular Price...M.00 SALE PRICE..(3.50
Regular Price...*5.50 SALE PRICE. 18.66
Nearly all sizes are included in the lot but to get a nice selection it would
be well to come early,
Sundays-Low mass at 1:30 a.m.,
high auu, 10:10 a.m.; Sunday School
Irom I to I p.m.; Rotsry md Benediction it 1:11. p.m.
Moadaye ud holy days ot obligation— Mut at I a.m.
P. Plamondon, O.M.I
Putor, W..K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"Your King and Country Noeds You."
S .8. nnd Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service ,7.30 p.m. Subject:
"Jesus Christ and the Social Question—Jesus Teaching Concerning the
Anthem—By choir.
urar warms
On Saturday, February 20th, at S
p.m. we shall continue the song
service entitled "Bessie and the
Sunday at 11 a.m. a holiness service.
Afternoon at 3 p.m. the Sunday
Evening a gospel service st 8 p.m
Everybody Is heartily Invited to
these services.
Capt. and Mrs. Hustler.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Putor.
Services 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning topic—"My Substitute In
the Battle of Man-Soul."
Evening topic—"The Revelation of
Jesus Christ snd His Glorified
Sunday School and Fellowship Bible
class, 3.00 p.m.
Weekly Social Prayer Service Wednesday. 8.00 p.m.
"He thnt is not for uie is against
, Me and lie that gathereth not with
: .Me seattereth."
W. E. Duatiam, Putor.
j    Sunday services:  Thc pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
|    Morning subject:  "The Conquered
; soul."
Subject of talk to children: "God's
Key to Life."
Evening subject: "Tested Reserves.
As a Fighting Unit."
Tbere will be special music at eacb
j service under the direction of Mr.
Chas. F. Nidd, choir leader ud organist
All are invited to the above services.
house ta Armstrong avenue.
Ntal Institute.
torn mm mrm ton
rent  Apply Ed. Shackieton, plione
ill. tl-s>t*
to MHf cMaT
. ware,
targe ud dry, ft> per
Apply W. J. Atchison. (Ill
wANtei) t6 bi'v RAbV t'kkaikOE
—must be ta good condition. Apply Box 478, Cranbrook, stating
print .etc. 7-lt*
WILL EXCHAMJK pretaclng il-
berta wheit linds ud toot cub
for Improved stock ranch Incited
either ta the Kootenay Valley north
ot Fort Steele or ln tha southern
portion ot Columbia Valley. Preference will be given to going concerns with necessary equipment ud
small bunch of stock. Only such
valuations as sre In keeping with
existing conditions will be considered. Send lull particulars re price,
location, lot number, range, icre-
age ud acres Irrlgtted, etc., In
tnt letter to Box WA, Herald
tttat. frit
Wednesday Evening
February 24th, 1915
at the Council Chambers, City Hall, at eight o'clock.
Matters of the greatest importance to Cranbrook and district
will be dealt with.
The reports of officers for the past year will be received and
The election of officers for the coming year will take place.
Come Everybody and Boost
for Cranbrook
J. P. FINK, Secretary
A. C. BOWNESS, President PAOR   TWO
nn ouioMV
Loyal Orange
no. im
I Meets flrst ud tklrd
■^"4.**, r' Thursdiyi it • tm.
WSS-JiW in Hoyal Blaeh
Knights ot Irelmd Ball. »»»r
| ttreet „ _u
p.. 8. Otrrstt, W.M.
T 0. Horamu, Ree. Bee.
1 I.O.O.F.
I   s*sfu%\m\\\H*m Monday  night
<SiffS5*wV  at    Praternltr
JjT^SoMnlng   Oddlellows
aordlally Invited.
£a Racklyeft J. P. Broughton
no. **■•"
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary^
NO. U. I.O.O.F.
Meets flrst and third We*****-
daya In each month.
A cordial invttatlea sateadtl
to visiting brothers.    ^^^^
B. W. Russell, Oblel Palritrta
H. White, Scribe
Cranbrook. B.C.
Mssts every Tuesday at • p.m. I»
tha rrateralty Hall
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M. Christian, K. R. k S.
p. 0. Box ill
Tlslthag brethren strdlallr *•-
vltsd to attend.
Metts every seeondaad*#/or*»
Wednesday it ***•**">* i£
goiournlng Rsttktbt tortW'
81s. A. E. Jonea, N.O.
lis. Ada Hlektatothua, list. Mt
ovEBsiAs eun
Meeta ta Miplt B*U **m**
ind louttb Tasaday et tvery
month at I p.m. ^^
Membership open tt «"»
S. T. Braks,        J. >**"*»•
President *KK2
Visiting members terqiasty
Meets   ln   the  Maple    Hall
trst Tuesday afternoon tl tvtty
month at 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. D. McFarlane
Socretary, Mrs. John Shaw
p. 0. Box Ml
All ladles eordlilly tavtta*.
Rresldent, B. Palmer
Meets regularly tbe Irat Friday
evening eaeh month
Informstlon on poultry aittsrs
Address tht Seeretary
A. H. Pigott
Barrister,   Solicitor,
362 Blcliards St
(Successor to W. F. Qurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P. O. Box 859
(Special corresponoence).
Rawlttora, Solicitors and
Money to 1-oan
Imperial Bank Building
Physlelaus and Surgeoni
Oflee at residence. Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to U.M
Altornoolis  3.00 to   4.00
■venlngs    IM to   8.80
Sundays   8.30 to   «.80
Cranbrook,  B.C.
omee ta Hanson Block
8 to 13 a.m.
1 ta   < p.m.
* to  8 p.m.
Maternity anl General Surslif
Harden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Flume Ml P. O. Box Ml
Phone 346 P. O. Box 685
Funeral llirectur and Embalmer
Building Contractor
Dealer In Real Estate, Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
CIvH anl Mining Engineers
B. C Lint Surveyors
Mr. H. H. Ross Is down on the
prairie on a business trip .
Mr. C. D. McNab, manager ot the
Baker Lumber Co., arrived home on
Monday after having visited Moose
Jaw, etc.
Mr. Donald McPherson left on
Monday last tor Prince Rupert by the
O.N.R. He will visit relatives in Spokane en route.
Jim Squires has been very sick
recently. Double pneumonia might
have claimed him as its victim but for
the constant and efficient care of Dr
MrB. McNab and Mrs. C. Burgess, of
Waldo, gave a whist party on February 16th for the purpose of getting a
tew dollars to add new windows to the
upper school.
MrB. Brown of Winnipeg, who has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. J.
W. Ross, left on Sunday for homo,
visiting on the way her other daughter, Mrs. Jones ol Vulcan. MrB
Brawn gave a son to fight for the
Empire. He went with the Ilrst contingent and It ls expected that he Is
now dratted Into France.
Billy Carmody, who worked with
the Ross-SaBkatoon Lumber Co., sent
a post card photograph of himself and
others dressed In regimentals from
Salisbury Plain. Billy helps to operate a machine gun and as be says,
"wlll be one ot the first to receive s
Jack Johnson In the face." We wish
Billy better luck and a safe return to
Mr. Crosby will be pleased to
show the picture to nnyone.
What is regarded as the finest entertainment ever given in Waldo was
presented by the Daughters of the
Empire In Ross hall last Friday evening. Mr. Madden was In the chair
There were vocal and -violin solos,
readings, duets, quartettes, quintettes,
and character sketches all ot a first
class character. Altogether there
were twenty-live items on the pro
gramme. What largely drew thc
large crowd was the play entitled
"The Know it All Club." It was one
roar of laughter trom beginning to
end. It is evident trom the acting of
Friday night that we liave budding
Forbes-Robertsons, Ellen Terrys and
Harry Lauders. The program was
lengthy but no one grumbled and
each left the hall more than content
saying that we had received a dolar's
worth of pleasure tor twenty-live
cents. The proceeds reached the
neighborhood of 160.00 and will be
used for patriotic purposes. Thanks
ate due to those who used such strenuous efforts to make the play such, an
excellent success.
(From the Fernie Flee Press)
(By "Cleric")
"A mighty man that cannot save."-
Jer. 14:8.
In the verse preceding the text the
Lord ls spoken of as the Hope of
Israel. In the text Jeremiah asks a
question ln his prayer: "Why shouldst
thou be aa one astonted, as a mighty
man that cannot save?" And the reply comes: He cannot save because
'they have loved to wander, they
have not restrained their feet." Thus
we aee that men have the power to
limit the Eternal, to make It Impossible for him to save. Ot course the
unthinking uk: Why does Ood not
compel men to submit to His beneficial decrees? To such we must reply
Oils Soothe  Skin   Disease
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DJ).B. is Hade ta Canada
qulCKiy neui. -
OO.D for is Year*—The Standard Skin RetnesJy
wn tropic, straes her eyes Into silts that constrained obedience ls not com
   ---....-_i.i, .-„„ wlll    Tlm Israelite!
like the coin grave In a gum vending
machine. But still she sits. The
irdent moon bathes her near-seal pelage In Its subdued radiance, and lights
up the form of a lover on the high
board fence. The call of a cayote on
tho hills disturb ber not Tbe snowball ot the passing kid passes unnoticed. What ts she thinking nf, this
hermit cat that bas placed herself
high above the contact with mundane
things? Is she doing penance for
some tormer feline folly? Has she
gone up there to meditate on the
gosh-awtulness of existence tn a
country where the mice are starving?
Has ahe had a row with the "old
man" nnd is taking that way ot bringing him to Mb senses? Whatever reason, she ls certainly "sot." Later—
The cat came down. She was a he-
(From the Creston Review.)
Prssldent—A. B. Smith
Sterttary-Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands snd sgrlculturt apply ta
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Bay Phone W3 Nlgbt Phona M
Norbnry Ave., next to City Hall
Oeneral Merchant
Employments Agents
P. O. Box 108 Pbont ttt
Hat Renorator
Remodelling Ladles Hats
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
Forwarding   and   Distributing
Agent lor
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-lle Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braving and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Pbont 63
Bobt Frame, Prop.
Vreih Bread, Cakei, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 87
Ntrbnry Ave.      Opp. City Hill
Public Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -
Hudquirters lor ill kinds ol
Satisfaction Onuaittel
Ilia Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,   Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Ete
ta Hen, Toes, aal Thin. Er'gi
from 7 to 9 o'clock. 18 psr month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
High School course      t.H
School Bourse      I.U
Kindergarten       l.SS
Private lessons       I.M
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phont 190
The wedding ot Arthur M. Owen,
manager of the Imperial Bank of Canada, Fernie, B.C., to Miss Oreta Pitts,
of Windermere, B.C., took plsse on
February 1st, and the hippy couple
are spending tbeir bonyemon In
Seattle and Portland.
A heavy consignments ot drunks
was brought down trom tbe bill on
Friday and Saturday and assessed 810
and costs. Before tbey were tried
they were on 810 cash bail and one
man refused to turn up at court. It
cost blm another 81 and costs.
Alexander McMillan died in Wardner
-n Monday. Constable Dickson of
that place brought the body here on
Tuesday night. Deceased haa no relatives In this country but his mother
Is living' at Stratford, Out. Interment will take place in St Margaret's
cemetery from Thompson's undertaking rooms.
Col. McKay received a wire today
from Col. Ogllvle, D.O.C. at Victoria,
instructing him to recruit at once 100
men from the Eaat Kootenay Regiment for the third overaeas contingent. This will be welcome news
to a large number of men who are
eagerly awaiting an opportunity to go
on acUve aervice. As an Indication ol
the anxiety ol many ot the men to
get to tbe front, lt may be mentioned
that Ave ot the men trom here who
were turned down it the cosst tor
trilling physical deficiencies, were
taken without question by tbe recruiting officer at Plncher Creek laat
week. As a matter at lact the ollicers
and men ol Bast Kootenay regiment
hnve volunteered is ■ body. Dr. Corsan, ot Fcrnie, nnd Dr. Oreen, of
Cranbrook, have been appointed medical examiners of recruits.
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has just purchased a car o(
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk tn
If* guarantee lo Plea**
The ? his been isked, "Why does •
chicken cross the road?" The answer
Is easy. The third boy Irom the top
ol the line may answer. But what
makes a cat climb a telephone pole?
Easy again, says you. Dog, maybe,
Maybe another cat ol a larger calibre.
Very well. But what makes that cat
stoy up there once she gets there?
Pause tor reply. Silence. Last Sunday night, while hall ot tbe 'eity slept,
unbeknownst, as it were, a cat climbed
a telephone pole near Dobson k Wll-
Ilngham's warehouse. The elevating
force behind It, or ahead of It, Is a
mystery. Howsomedever, up she goes,
Birth—ln Creston, on February 4,
.o Mr .and Mrs. Torche, a daughter.
Mra. C. O. Rodgers was a Cranbrook
visitor a tew days tbe early part ot
the week.
Mrs. J. D. Oilmour, ot Cranbrook, is
i Creston visitor ,the guest ot MrB. It.
J. Long.
MrB. O. Erickson, ot Cranbrook, ls
here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs.
3. O. Bennett
H. Pitts, ot Windermere, Masonic
D.D.G.M., will pay Creston lodge an
official visit on Friday evening, February 26th.
Dan O'Neil has started work clearing another tract of land on the Was-
ton ranch. He expects to finish the
!ob by early May.
Mrs. R. D. Cosson, of Vancouver,
who is here on a visit to Mrs. F. H.
lackson, Is spending the week wltii
Cranbrook Iriends.
MrB. F. H. Price, who was taken
'.o Cranbrook hospital on Tuesday of
'ast week, has had her knee operated
on and ls recovering satisfactorily.
T. W. Gilpin, whoso health bas been
anything but robust for almost two
months past, left on Wednesday for
Cranbrook, for hospital treatment
A. B. Stanley, of Erickson, la busy
ills week erecting a log stable on his
ranch. He ls also doing considerable
land clearing tor 1915 cultivation.
Frank Jackson Is claiming the 1815
record tor an early batch ot chickens
One of his clucking hens produced a
small family of chicks on February
7 th.
Muriel, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs.
John Ilobden, was taken to Cranbrook
hospital by her mother on Saturday,
where she was operated on tor appendicitis, and ls making n very satisfactory recovery.
Hr. and Mrs. J. Fulmer who are this
week moving from Creston to tbe
Healey ranch at Erickson, entertained a number of their town friends at a
house party on Monday night which
was thoroughly enjoyed by all present
Albert Jefferson endorses Mr, Mc-
Murtle's statement tbat there Iti
money tn (poultry. Last year bo
realised 8400 from about 100 bens.
After deducting 8200 tor feed he
claims each hen netted him 82- He
sells most ol the eggs to the trainmen.
C. A. Lafferty, one of the district's
well known ranchers, ls wintering a
Dock ot 180 Shropshire and Blackface
sheep. Ho claims they are a very profitable sideline and urges every rancher to keep from 60 to 200 head. Tbe
rushes on the bottom lands
vide excellent feed.
President J. W. Dow wns In the
chair at tbe annual meeting of the
Creston District Liberal Association
held In Mercantile Hall on Saturday
night Practically tho only Item ol
business beforo the meeting was the
election of ollicers, the following being chosen for Illl: Hon. President,
H, C. Brewster; president, J. W. Dow;
vice-president, F. Rose; secretary-
treasurer, W, V. Jackson; executive,
T. Harris, J. H. Doyle, E. Cartwright
V. Romano, Jas. Long, R. Telford, O.
lartwrlght, It. M. Reid, W. K. Brown,
M. McCarthy. Aa soon as redistribution Is finally settled organisation
work will be taken on In view ol the
approaching provincial contest
and unless she haa eome down, there
she be. The fact that she was sUll
I there when this was written, on Wednesday, gives color to the supposition
that she's there yet. Perched on the
cross-arm, with the human river
(crook) ebbing and flowing beneath
her, with the telephone orders, lnvlt-
I atlons, denunciations, date-makings
and general gossip palpitating past
her unheeded ear, with the mow likes
fluttering softly by or fiercely driving
through ber whiskers, she sits, ind
sits, snd alts. Soma titter I Thear-
dmt na, returning boat tha tootb-
patlble with tree wlll. The Israelites
had the power ot choosing the good
or the evil way. They chose tho latter. It ts true that Ood could havo
prevented this choice; but to the extent Is he deprived of the power of
doing right! And so because ot a
deliberate choice of evil the hands
ot the Lord were tied. He was a
"mighty man that could not save."
History records different ways ln
which the hands of the Lord wcre
tied. We mention three.
1. By unseemly strife.
In the flrat century the young
church waa broken up by divisions.
Some said: "We are ot Paul;" others,
"we are of Apollos"; others, "We are
ol Cephas," while others contended
" We are ot Christ" Do you think the
power ot Christ had lull sway ln a
church rent asunder by factional
In the second and third centuries
the work was again hindered.   The
fight this time was ovor questions of
.gnosticism and Monorchism.   Whilst
'churchmen brawled.over such points j
as, Waa'Christ a mere man, or an
emanation from Ood? nnd, Was Christ
distinct, or was He not distinct from
the Father? the real work of God
was   neglected, and   Christ's   hands
were tied because of wordy polemics.
The fourth century saw men In the
broiling bent ot the famous Avian
controversy.   Was Christ ot the same
essence is his Father, or like essence?
Men fought over this as if the salvation of their souls depended on s
settlement of the question.   Even emperors entered the wordy battle, and I
for fifty long years It waged hot and
bitter.   But what of the Pagans surrounding tbe angry churchmen? What
even of their own morals?   It ls sad
to relate that points ot doctrine were
ot more Importance to the disputants.
From that time onward tbere have
been tumult and disagreement much
to disadvantage ot spiritual progress
In the church, and during these times
the Lord baa been straightened not In
Himself, but In those who professed
to serve Him.
2. Because men hive net been able
to real the Bible la tte language tbey
spoke. I
At one time tbe Bible was a sealed
book to all aave tbe learned. The
Sacred Book must not be translated
Into the vulgar tongue (aa tbe English
language was once called), said the
church authorities. Just Imagine the
state ot tbe masses existing on a second-band Interpretation of tbe Book
that Ood intended should be for all
and not for tbe monopoly ot a lew.
This naturally led to abuses ot a flagrant kind. The great body of the
people were In darkness and Ignorance
of Ood't message for tbem. Here
again do we aee tbe hands ot Christ
securely bound.
. .*.. .They wen also tied ta regard to
foreign missions
No rice may claim Christ as belonging especially to tt He Is Lord
ot tht tropics is well is the artlcs.
. Augustine was a Roman, Calvin was
I French, Knox waa a Scot; but Christ
waa and ts universal, and all races
may claim him as Savior, yet none
I may say tbat he Is Savior to It alonel
That meant then tbat Christ has no
•foreign" missions. To him all are
home missions, although for convenience we use the word "torelgn."
Strange that although Jesus com
manded His disciples to "go Into all
tbe world and preach the Gospel" the
church bat been slick ind occasional
ly resented the command. Take one
Perhaps I am stark crazy, but there's
none of you too sano;
It's Just a little matter of degroe,
My hobby is to hunt tor gold; it's for-
tressud In my brain;
It's life and love und wife nnd homo to
And I'll strike It, yes, I'll strike it;
I'm a hunch I cannot full;
I'vo a vision, I've a prompting, I'vo a
I hear the hoarse stampeding ot an
army on my trail,
To the laBt, the greatest gold camp
uf them all.
Beyond the shark-tooth ranges sawing snvagc at the sky,
There's a lowering land no white man
ever struck:
There's gold .there's gold ln millions,
and I'll find tt If I die,
And I'm going there once more to try
my luck.
Maybe I'll fall—what matter?
It's a mandate, it's a vow;
And when in lands ot dreariness and
dread , I
You Beck the lone frontier, far beyond
your frontiers now,
You wlll find tho old prospector, silent, dead.
You will find a tattered tent pole
with a ragged robe below lt;
You wlll find a rusted gold-pan on
the sod;
You will find the claim I'm seeking,
with ray bones as stakes to show
But I've Bought the last Recorder, and
—Robert W. Service.
"Teach me that sixty minutes make
one hour, sixteen ounces one pound,
and one hundred cents ono dollar.
"Help me to live so that I can lit
down at night with a clear conscience,
without a gun under my pillow, and
unhauntcd by tho faces of those to
whom I havo brought pain.
"Grant, I beseech thee, that I may
earn my meal ticket on the square,
and In doing thereof that I may not
stick tho guff wliere lt does not belong.
'Deafen me to tho ilngle ot tainted
money and the rustle of unholy skirts.   *
Blind me to tho faults of the other
follow, but reveal to mo mine own.
"Guide mo so that each night when I
look across tho dinner table at my
wife, who has heen a blessing to me, 1
will have nothing to conceal.
"Keep me young enough to laugh
with my children and to lose myself in
their play.
"And then when comes the smelt ot
llowers, and tho tread of soft steps,
and the crushing of the hearse's
wheels In the gravel out in front of my
place, make the ceremony short and
the epitaph simple: "Here Lies a
Man."—Homer McKee.
Capital Authorised  ....*l*mM*M
Capital Paid l'p    7/mMMMt
Reserve  md  Undivided
"Billy" Sunday, twentieth century
evangelist, one-time star base runner
and center fielder of "Pop" Anson's
old White Sox, has the staid city of
Philadelphia eating out of his hand.
The klud of gospel thc Reverend
"Billy" Is handing out to Philadelphia
Is something quite new to that town
and probably to any other cast of the
Rocky Mountains, except those which
he has already awakened and which
have wltnesed earlier what he calls
"The Chautauqua salute to God," with
which he. opens his extraordinary revival services. The huge tabernacle,
which was built for the occasion, holds
60,000 persons and it la crowded to Its
capacity at every service. Here are a
few samples ot Billy's pulpit oratory
that Is arousing Philadelphia's religious fervor:
"The Clay and Webster and Calhoun
and Douglas and Lincoln type of American citizen has been supplanted by
the good for nothing, God-forsaken,
lick spittle, peanut headed, weasel
eyed, whiskey soaked, rum guzzling,
gin guzzling politicians of our day."
"Down here the devil lias forced
the issue, but the devil would have
cold feet and pneumonia in twenty-
four hours if we'd get busy and live
the first twenty verses of the Sermon
on the Mount.
"Some would-be Christians are bo
stingy tbat they would steal files from
a blind spider. There are others so
mean that they sing through their
noses to save wear and tear on their
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers ud
Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters ot Credit Issued
available ln any part of the world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
trom date ot deposit,
counts.    Deposits ot 8100 ind upwards received and Interest allowed
Cranbrook Branch
II. W. SUPPLE, Manager
ls open tor engagameat
Dances, Soclalt Eta.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Walllngtr
Cranbrook, B.C.
Pbone 106 P. 0. Box 81
Organist Methodist Chunk
Rietlvtt Pupils tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Vole*,
Studio: 23 Norbury Art
Hours: 2 to 1
Evenings by arrangement
Biiii'iSni* rill (or Wuuivn.  JS a. bo* or Umte
[ILii. (Hii* Rt ml limy Binns, or nim war
tddresson rcjat.'-i'' Vice.   Tit* RCOMU MM
Co.et,(*»ihnr...r***,Ontario. ,, -,.|.
I Vitality; lor Htm nnd Bi*1d; iBftinWf*
1 .•*•-■ for $3, nt rime slwo. or by ull mmm
; 0! pric?   I'm scobkll I>ia-a Co., It CbNMt
! Ontario.
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd.,
Dear Darling Delinquent:
Our precious subscriber ln arrears!
You aro so shy! Do you think we have
sold out and gone* No, little sugar
plum, we could not get away lt we!
wanted to. Wo are still at tho same
did stand dishing out advertisers on
sweet promises and bright expectations. They make an excellent diet,
darling, with a little pudding ftavor-
u ...d vWWUH.uw    ea- wmj a wora 0[ encouragement to
In 1796 the proposal to Bend | serve as dessert.     We are waiting
Good Spirits
:an only be enjoyed by those whoso
ligcative org!* work naturally and
i :gulurly.   Tho bc;t corrective ar.d
revenUve yot discovered fur Iwgtv
. i-or.':ial-yni:t!cnofrU>nt.c!i,livortr
ind., ia Ln.™ ••: tho world ever bbe
M..v.ir.a.n. .WbamaUuau
the doipel to the heathen waB condemned at tbe Oeneral Assembly tn
Scotland. One minister, Dr. John
Ersklne, was under deep feeling, and
from the word ot Ood showed what the
duty ot tbe church was, but all in vain.
It was trgued against foreign missions
tbat tbe religion of the heathen waa
adapted to tbe heathen, that civilisation must precede evangelisation, that
so long as a man remained In Scotland unsaved they ought not to consider other peoples, ln voting down
the proposal they tied the hands ot
Christ, ud io do all others who do
Spue forbids me to give but the
briefest detail bow Christ's hands are
bound today.
1. By personal sin. "Be clean" Is
God's command to ua. If evil holds us
we circumscribe the power ot God In
our Htm.
1. By Indolence. There li no room
ta the cbureh for the lasy man. We
should plow deep while sluggards
sleep." Tht Indolent mm Is a tragedy—Ood cannot use him.
3. By unbelief. Doubt discrowns
Christ, distrust creates in itmosphero
ta which It la Imposlble tor the Spirit
! ot Ood to work. Christ It crippled by
unbelief. Wt see then bow. If we core,
1 v*i mm V* Oa trade at Cort*.
and watching for thee, our turtle
dove. We long to hear thy gentle
footstep and to hoar tho ring ot
happy dollars In our ofllce, Dear
one, we feel unusually sad and
lonely without you, dear. Now little
Die-crust will you come? Do we hear
you say ln a voico so sweet and beguiling "I'm coming," or Is It only the
winds that around our ollice roar!
We pause for further develoi'iuent
It you want aatiefactloB
with your washing
tend lt to
Special price* tor family
MlitEBAl ACT      ■
CctUllcate ot Improvements
Where   Located—On   Sullivan   Hill,
Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that the Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co. of Canada,
Limited .Free Miner's Certificate No.
75935B, Intend, sixty days trom tho
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ot tbe above
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must bo commenced
before the issuance ot auch Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day ot Februiry,
A.D. MIS. Mt
Spokane, Washington
We believe w*
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let u*
show you why
this ls true.
Opposite new Union Station. CloBe to all place* ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship aa the Bool
■ ■


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