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Cranbrook Herald Aug 26, 1915

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i Has Well  Kept Garden,  ■villi Neat
I'iirrii   Buildings -Everything
S|ilck nml Spun
nl carried the liroporly for
si I
no unproductive
asset, however, in thc hands of Capt.
'   .:. Rodgers, who le the present own-
i r and one ot tin* mosl n imtable ami
'.: ■ rlenced mining • ugini era of the
Kred    Wolf    Tells    Ills    a rlcan
Cousins About Ituads in Cran-
In i.ok III trie,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred L Wolf uml
daughter, accompanied by OBcar Wolf,
editor ur Uio kluroku Journal, arrived
In  Kallanell yoBterdny afternoon vin
auto.   I'l". ti I.. Willi' Is II lilnr nl' llio
Nowport Minor,    Thoy  lefl   Nowport
last 1'iiihiy morning, coming lo Kulls-
liell Viu   Hi ri. I'Vrry. I'nrlli
Moylo City, crossing tlio ll|io i
Lust week a Herald representu-
tlvo dropped In nt tlie farm of W. B,
Bardgett, Just outride tile city limits.
While tln< acreage is small, being
undor live iirros, Mr. Bardgett uiaki's
use nl' every Inch of groiinit. Uo
lias four arros III' hay, and hail jusl
linislu'il cutting tlie second crop. Tin1
flrat cut nvornged olghoen tons to the
uero.   Irrigation Is itsod, although Ilils
yeur tiioro Ims I n uu need whafovcr
I in roaorl in urtlllctol means.
Ou litis farm arc somo sovouty-tlv.
Placer Deposits to be Workei
lain B. E, Rodgers Tuke
the gold dovolopmenl mi Perry cn i li
we mull wltli    the lode   gold, wit!
special relation to tho claln
by the Cranbroolt    Hon lal
; t>
i iii
.   r
Moylo Ulty, Urnnhvook,  I,, u-l of Block, uud ton of tin* prettiest
., Gale
tn   Ki
i !,;■
Mr. w.iir sUilo
tremely b
tho Goal
cling up wttii ih,' Canadian
"It'll I
id i
tin* distance, making ii
ii Por.thlll to Burelca. Mr,
38 that this roatl is uu bx-
lautlftil one, passing through
ttver canyon and Goat river
igh the Moylo river valley
i   and   along   tlte   Moyle
't- is tl
130  |v u
lakes, ot which there are two, tho upper and lower. These streams nnd
hikes abound in the finest foiling anywhere throughout the northwest The
road, so miles from Cranbrook to
Eureka, is the typical Canadian dirt
uttle calves thut nver graced a farm lu
Kast Kootenny, Mr, Bardgett escorted the Bcrlbo through the several
farms, ull spick and spun uud an
bright as a new pin, shoWl ng that
tlmo and attention hud been given to
this end uf the business, Sanitation
keynote, everything being noat-
ingod from the woodlot to the
gate, thi the tour of Inspection u
monster hull bellowed out a hello
whicli, for the moment, was almost
Tn mention the Bardgett farm without reforonce to Mrs. Bardgett, would
in deed be un Injustice, This lady
hi!.-; a neat garden, handsomely arranged, and is as pretty as u picture.
Mrs. Bardgett take:-, great pride In her
si rdeti plot, as do also her daughters,
who assist in  the    work.      Flowers
British <
rond. kept in the very finest nf condl- |„ profusion greet the eye on all
si les. Sweet pens, hollyhock, ('anti rbury belles, and Belles of other
names adorn the garden. Mrs. Bard-
gi tt lias arranged her garden so that
a l'air amount of profit may be derived therefrom, and with this end in
vi iw a promising patch of Irish
apples may be seen, which will aver-
^^^^^^^^^ ago SO bushels to the acre.   There is
Kingsftalc,   Cranhrook   and   Eureka, | fl  fine collection of   carrots,   beets,
Iriven through
unihia over these Canadian
roads huve some idea of what this
road offers to the tourist.
"I believe," said Mr. Wolf, "that
there are two of the most scenic aud
beautiful ro.uls out of Spokane into
Glacier national park of uny ia tlie
northwest—the    one    via    Porthlll,
Into Kalispcll. 1 l'ave heen over tin
road flrst mentioned and am returning by tli,. hitter. I will leave Kalis-
pell ;:t t.'ii o'clock tomorrow morning,
stay over night at Libby, and drive
home the following day. If the
people of Kalispcll   realized  what    it
onions, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., in
fact everything which represents a
ful dinner pull for next winter.
Wealthy apple trees loaded down
with nice, juicy, red apples, was a
treat to behold, aud a lesson to the
low who Is always shouting "Vou
moans to open up the rond from Kails- ,can*t grow anything here."
pell to Enreka, connecting up with tli
bin commercial and scenic mad*, tn
British Columbia, it would not be long
until the road between Kallspell and
Eureka was put in tine condition. I
made the trip frort) Eureka tn White-
fish In a little more than four hours. 1
found some very bad mad. lt Is my
opinion that there is between twenty
and thirty miles of this mad between
Whttefish and Eureka thnt need re-
pairinj:. With this mad repaired and
the completion ol' the west end of the
mute in nritish Columbia, tiiere will
be opened a northern mute through
Canada Hint will compare with any
road ol' a like distance in the north,
west. I apprehend tliat there is not
a piece of road thnt will compare with
lt for scenic beauty and first class road
conditions If (he tourist is not In a
hurry he can visit the beautiful Elk
river canyon at Elko, B. C, which offers somd of the greatest scenic at-
Mr. Bardgett's son, known far and
mar as just plain "Ike." assists in all
the farm work and looks after the
herd. As the Herald man was leaV-
ing the house, under the cover of
night, the voice of the genial "Ik**"
could be heard calling the roll,
"llossy" was there, the first "Browi
Cow" on the farm was there and as
we nep.rcd the skating rink the big
luill was heard to answer the roll.
pany Wh shall, a
deal wltll the placer
which first attracted
the miners   tu thia
promised, inn*,
■ ■■ I
very   Important
y-nluer   oi  CnUfor-
i MiloiL.tmn    of thi
U   ■       '■■! ill     II:
a*) did ni i entirely
ipectlng in tin bed
Bather they tested
und CiHii and in
'oak came In ror Its
Tho   treara do-
MO to limn Men Engaged In the Lumber Business- Big tinier** for
Grain Boors
the nortl
Steele is
be found
life is alt
have lies
road t'mr
gor, Thoi
mn going
to lie
ed ;
where in
and    Bonnet-*    F.
ih,. co ei.. ration nf Plathead nnd l.ln
coin counties m getting tlie road u
Kuril.,i in firsl class condition, th
stated thai tbe new mad, largely built | for the tlmo being
by Mr Dahlberg, had cul down tbe distance  between   Kalispcll  and  Enreka
about two mites, and that their machine regli tored 78 miles between
ISureks nnd Kail pell "I believe,"
' said Mr Wolf, "thai if the road wtu
opened up between KaUapoll aud
Kiimkn tiiere would ba n large nuni*
ber of tourli i ears i omlng Into Olnc
lor pnrk from Fori Bteolo, Cranbrook,
Kiln, and iloiihtl.-.. I lar north     fl	
Banff park Tlie road this y.*nr from ting taken tt. develop tho pra'rlo de-
Banff park will bo completed down tin mnnd for British Columbia lumber
Kootenny rlvar to Gateway, sffordln* i, ,*.,. naturally glvon rlae to much In-
lourlsl n first-class opportunity for teres) tn n district wbooe mill.- de-
one of the flnest automobile tours to be j, ..oi ro largely upon prairie orders.
found in the United States This road Mu\ favorable comment has been
parallels the Kootenay river ami i .,.,,,-,.. ,,,| ,.,,,,,, t|1P nv\m ...,.,,., hy
large number nf beautiful hikes    of th.* government,
Victoria, B. C., August 25.—Some Interesting Items are recorded in re-
IMirts recently received hy the Hon
I! i  Minister of Lands, upon conditions I
n the Cranbrook district. Crop pros-
.   cl •    and    favorable   weather   give j
very hope that the i ralrle demand for!
lumber this fall will be good, especially as present Btocks in the prairie
yards are light   The amount of cur-
r nt   business   done   hy   the   mills   Is
showing sonic Increase, and it is ostium i ' that th,*:-* ure from 000 to
luuti i i M engaged nt the present time
ii the lumber Industry in tho dls-
Iricl With a scarcity of labor, owing
to lhe temporary withd'^wal if men
to work as harvesters, the -ate of
a igen stows a tendency to Increase
________ One of the larpe.'
orden now being filled by the mills
ai present Is composed of grain doors.
one mill alone liav*ng an order which
will conenrao ono and o half m'lllon
ft i i ' lumber, another mill having n
till larger order, and » third turning
oil) considerable qtuint'tlos ot tlio
lame i rtlclo, A tlmbor Bilo area containing throe and a half million feet or
timber has beon rocontly applied for, I
iail cruised.   Tho stops which are b
When Uie Port
iiiu started ihe
famous   Wild   lh
Bprlng ol 1804, ii
confine their  pro
of thai stream,
every stream urn
this way Ferry Cr
share of attention
rlvea its name from the
tin*   French-Canadian   m
from one of the earliest,
tnal earliest of the mi i
gold In the gravels a  s
above Old Town.
It Is said that thero w
to the cubic yard on Pen
on Wild Horse, but th.c |
latter was far easier to
men had to work hard
Creek—how hard can bi
by walking   up to   tho
stream.   Right and loft c —.  .
great boulders piled hero and then
which were taken out hi the coursi
of the sluicing. Considering thai
everything wus done by hand it is
wonderful what tli * men accomplished. At otic point near the Soar
Dough Camp there is an old wooden
water wheel which provided >■■■ "
for the pumping of one, or [uKsibly
more, of the shafts sunk to get
down to the "old channel.*' The "old
channel" is tin* dream nf your true
placer miner. If lie lie getting a hundred dollars to (lie bucket he believea
wlil get live hundred if he can
only get the "old channel." The old
wheel is a curlonlty in ils way. Then
Is not a nail or a bolt in it. The entire structure is dowelled together
with yew dowels, more enduring than
steel. If the water were turned on
the antiquated contrivance tomorrow
ft is pretty certain It would groan and
complain but it would do the work it
was built for over forty years ago.
•Clow* by the Sour Dough camp thc
right hank of th,- creek show,; unquestionable sfgns of the existence nf
what was tiie old eonrst of tin
stream. It looks as if there were at
one time a huge slid<* between (he
point wliere Falls Creek i*= shown on
head of Valley creek, which flung the
the triangulation survey map and :!:■
main body of the wafer round by tin
track of the present Ferry Creel; Falls
and so on down its present course
ln time tiie old course oi the stremn
became silted up and thc only evidence of Its previous existence cosies
in the little lake, now rapidly drying
ii]i, and the shallow depression lying;
at the back of the high gravel hills
along the right hand side of Perr)
Creek above tin- Falls. Valley Creek,
whicli conies into Perry t reek ;.
little below Old Town, confirms the
general soundness of the theory thai
the old track of Perry Creek wa*
through the Uttle dried-up lake and
down along Valley (reek. What is ol
Importance from the placer mining
point is that all the Burface formation
between Vallej ami Perry Creeks is
gravel, gold-bearing gravel. There
is enough gravel tiiere to ali'ord food
for hydraulic monitors  for many    a
In   Doctor S. .!.  Si* ho field's recent
Memoir 76 of the Bureau nf
i  :       i ittawa, ii'1 Btates tlmt "placer
i ... [ti   have    been of   considerable
■ tarn ■■ in East Kootenay and tliat
■ •  gold has he'N obtained mn of
i .1 crei ks, the moi I Important be-
■ ■  Pi rrj   Creek.  Palmer Bar, Moyie
River i nd Wi aver Creek.   Continuing
! ■   i   rollov, i. "The gold In the
, | io It    i     ■ -1 lently derived
from tin- gold quart* veins which oc-
li   i i   Udrldgi    and moro par-
'. rly iu   tbe   Crei ion formation
o ii is found i'i the weathered
of iho ■        ni ■ nu    Perry
where they reach u width   of
;   i    It mii*lii he recorded thai the
i tlle) .walh of I'eiTi rnck. Hie rich-
i -f   placer   gold   creek   within   the
Brit*. Issued Asking For Itcclslon
Contract Fur Sale of Kootenaj
Orchards True s.
Supposed  Deal Mule Took One Too
Main  ami  I.el  the Cut Oul
of thc Itmr
I  Hutu's Appeal
A  Utile drum
a   uf   tt'i
■stern   1
lir- waa Btarted
tliis we
"1, by a
ber uf Cranbro
uk  in,-)
murks a new et
a in llie
on wan
in et   a   poi
'Ugf|ed   road,
•uggllng to i
16 load.
.Miss    t.ieuerich     Wins    Secretary's
Prize in the Championship-Keen
Interest  in  Matches
The Cranbrook Tennis club opened
ur-* Us annual tournament last Saturday
■et weather.   The tournament
I push
of thc
' ranbrook   map-are
greutest    number   >
contain the
irold .-nartz
nportant and
■ity. and gl
iiiiit umtanci
dor aerloue conslderat!
as moro "old
Doctor Seliofleld the
y ('ruck tlitin
tract from the report
snivel on tin-
work,     Tlio
nf .Mini's fur tlie via
beam nut liis views.    1
Fleet Robinson, llie
st lia Judged
bod of Hi,'
oraloglet, who is ■.:•: .
lie is able In llie |iai'lie
 lean-lies, made nn
n gh
if the Minister
• 1913, whicli
Iu that year \V.
Provincial Mln-
onservatlve as
ilar field of his
■xamillation ot
thc placer deposits along tlie creek
-nd reports as follows: "The 'Falls*
occur In a canyon which cuts through
a bluff of rock, the old channel of the
stream having apparently passed on
one Mile of tills" (Tills is tiie old
channel already referred to as forming part of the old. dried-np lake with
IN continuation Valley Creek).
•CertainI) on (he rig'ill hunk of the
creek there Is nu nl<| channel en
which, ut the level of (he creek, below
lhe Fulls, a tunnel, the old Mont
fJenis tuiini"!, wns driven In for 1,0.10
hi* 2,000 fret, wl Ir certain workings In
connection therewith of which no plan
is known to exist. Whatever Die
course of (his old channel may have
been, it apparently emptied Into the
present creek below llie Falls, as Hie
eld drifting praposi hm meutiimcd
proved, ii nt! lids work has also prov*
cd that there is a paystreuh whU'lt, ar*
cording to the old time miners, was
not down to bed or even rim-ruck, as
bed-rack «ns noei* reached by the
tunnel. Tluit tlie cold In this old
channel Is not conliiiMl to bedrock,
uas demons ruled by the old tunnel
workings In Hie first place, while biter
prnspecUng work bus revealed two or
three paystreaks In Hie overlying
hunk, not rich enough for drifting, but
sufficiently so to Induce a company te
hydraulic the whole hunk,"
The company was the perry Creek
Hydraulic Company, 1. d   and for the
purpose of their enterpiisu they put
b flume sonn  four miles in length
'torn fn* lutike, four teet wide and
accommodate iw
it i. or equivalent
In* r idea wus   tu
ba*]'  uf gravel on
oi ihe creek from
the ' .'"'k buck to
Cn  1: and beyond
■ ntlng ihe race nf
lontlnues the I'ro-
t    in    the   report
of development and upbuilding
country. There was a time when the
lands adjacent to Cranbrook ware considered worthless for agricultural
purpoBes nnd even within tin- last few
years we have hoard tiie old-timers
BCOlitlng the Idea that this would over
make an agricultural country But
this district is producing more this
year than ever in Its history which
quickly disposes of that argument,
A few yeara ago Kootenay Orchards
was placed on the market, the lauds
miiug j being offered as fruit lands at the
gives j then fabulous price of from *?"."> to
$l^*i per acre. Cranbrook was advertised extensively in the east hy
this and other companies as a fruit
country and in a very short time new
settlers began to arrive for the five
aud ten acre tracts. The idea caught
on In Cranbrook and in a short while
the cltlsens here began to believe that
Cranhrook was destined for a great
commercial fruit country and many
transactions were made at lop figures,
collapse of tl
Remember this maxim, s.-> good and -<>  | n   continued all week.
tin*. Tne matches are now reaching the
Do  unto others as  you   wo .'      avi   . i...: stages,   The finals will lie played
tliem do unto you, on  Saturday  afternoon,    after  which
Due.. 1 was happy, Joyotl        I ''.■   ; n/< •■ will be presented by Mrs.
No sorrow or Badness ever darkened  0   Krickson to the   successful   com-
iny way, potftors.   All members who can pos-
But alas, i am deaf and dumb for life,   stbl)   manage to eome are roquested
;i.- you see, to be on hand.
And tiiere is nothing bul Borrow and     Some very Interesting matches are
Badness for me expected     Minn  Mecredy    and    Miss
Both my parents are dead, and wher-  Glegerlch   will   play    fn  the    ladies
ever i go finale    a creat game f.- expected be-
I  am  forced t>. aak  strangers some  tween ihesi two brilliant young play-
ktndnesa to show, I i ra     Mi---  Mecredy'a  powers  as     a
Ho pray give me something my wants   tenuis player are well known.     Miss
to relieve, ,\| i i - .i\  bsi   won   eight  matches    in
And remember it is more bb    od to     iccessfon In Uie championship, and
ni\e than receive. Is In splendid form   The hater player
  has already won the prise presented
by Mr il t; Mecredy In the championship Mr Fairbairn and .Mr. ft, Q,
M redy »ill play tor the highest
Honors In Blngles Mrs. Halsall and
Mlsa Mecredy won the ladies doubles,
in the final on Wednesday after a
hard fought match,
The  above  la  a  -ample  of the  card
handed out on the streets of Cranbrook last Saturday nlghl by Peter
Rollins, a smooth one. who was looking tor something easy, and wbo eventually found it There i on ethlng
in tlie appeal handed out bj r •■ r
that   would   melt   the   hardest     ■. rl
Wltll   the
stern real
tnto boom the  bottom  fell  out  of
Ich of Cranbrook fruit tracts,   Sev-
j eral of the purchasers came out and ■
[ Bottled on  the tracts and some have .
I had some measure of success, but not
as  commercial  fruit growers.    Fruit
(-all  be raised in this district but not
as  profitably, according to many of!
our farmers, as diversified products.
Tills week Messrs It. T. Williams, ;
John (illpin and II. J. Stephens have
issued writs against .1. c. shields, of
kamloops, vendor of the Kootenay Orchards sub-division, for reclston of
contract on the grounds of misrepresentation. This move has beeu contemplated for some time, tlie contract
holders acting jointly. The outcome of |
this case will he watched with con
sfderable interest by many Cran
brook people, as it will to some ex
tent fix the value of lauds In this dls
trlct or settle as to what price maj
reasonably he charged.
hook for ih,. lasi t
Let   US   lOOk    01
this apparently ba
i ci
ay   during   the    tournament   has
very good  indeed, and are fre-
'.'     heard   the    remark.    "How
> *•    lias Improved "   Tea will be
I ol  c.t- grounds Saturday titter-
>T I
leet   deep   to
L'hes of w
Ighl haul sid-
'rentage along
nir of Valley
r as the gravi
ho bank repre
old channel,"
ul Mineralogi
Peter strolle.l into town .*. few days
previous to tiie Saturday  In q u  i
and   found   his   bearings     Saturday
afternoon,  however,  he  pn led   t<*
lubricate and nil  up.  I len,-!'  so H'at^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
his longm* began t<< wag freely audi First Hound
lo- became a nuisance.     He   surely      Miss  B    Pye   heat   Miss   MrUhdo
needed assistance "to carry ids bur- j **—0. 6—3.
deiisonie   load,"   for   I   h.oi   -'il'-< i.-nt j      	
oil for several tank-    He » is thrown   '    ]- ,:   -'
out of several places hy kind hearted      Mrs*    Gordon   Mecredy beat   Miss
citizens who took   pity   on him. end  Hewitt, 8—6, 7—$.
who would net (iili tiie police.     H>       M vS Qiegerlch beat Miss Alexand-
did  not  like the  way  the town  wa
run. everybody was talking war    H
wanted to talk fight.
Peter was given the freedom of th
Ki M ; i-   in    MATCHES   I'l.tVl.n
tills IVBBK
Udles sinirle*.
.Miss Mecredy beat MIbs Woodland.
I ij^l _
M   -  '.!■. redy beat Miss Pyo, 6—2,
■    I
^_^_^_^_i                               Qiegerlch   heat   Mrs.  Gordon
■ity until Saturday night  when     or,   t-. ...,.,iv   ,^_0   g 3
Gents Single*
First Round
Maker    street  iu*    handed  out  his
cards to the passing throng.   He wa.-
duiMiiy then and mum was th** word
Word Kecched Here Announces Sad
F.nd of Cranbrook Man With
First Contingent
A.  G.  Mecredy  beat  A.   Raworth.
4   ■   ■-   i'. 6—3.
P   H.   I^lng  beat   J.   Lalng.  3—6.
The following letter was    received
this   week  by  James   P,   Lunn,  from
Oeorge Cameron, u  brotlicr of Jock
Cameron, who left Cranbrook with tlie |
first Canadian contingent.
The letter is self-explanatory:
Dear Jimmle: —
It is wltli deep regret I have to
write and tell you the sad news that
1 received from tlie Canadian Itecord
ollice of Jock, who died a prisoner in
Germany of gas poisoning on the 27th
of April and was burled in Itoeselave
there. I need not tell you how we nil
have felt it.
I remain, your auld friend,
Oeorge Cameron.
Just  when  think'-   were  i omlng  hli
way,  in the money line—he was grab-j
bed by the cruel hand of tlie law and   e    „   .,
run  in the newly  kalsnmined cooler _        . „
.... ... S'-cond Round
Peter enjoys tin- mstinction of belne       ,   ,,..,        ,        „   „,    ,
the first guest to occupy the pity cell.   (,LT.       ""' F  Wood"u"'. '-"•
since house-cleaning took place. Friday evening the city cells      re   i    ly
for the first time In years     In  Mr
Rollins tbe city has a most charming -_
guest, especially  .it this time of ti..       ,    .. . .   .      . „   ..
.  ' . , -*    f-i-iroaia-ri  b-at    P.  H.    Ryder,
year when the social season i- ^t :t-   ,.   . r_.
Monday morning at lo o'clock Pe  _^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_m_m
was  brought  before  Jtifle--    Arnold v-nii*FInal»t
when he told a beautiful Uie of how .,    Fairbairn    beat C. B.    Garrett,
lie Imd looked on  tie- win.'  when  ■■ •    .        ;
was red.   He had a Blck wife    Somi H   <■   Mecredy b'rjt G. Wallinger.
mean cuss had given him the cards ' g  j__5
••am a few easy dollar- v. [th—and they Ladies Double's
didn't work.   Judge Arnold could not Un   u   Q   M(,(T(.dv and Miss Gi(J.
Bee eye to eye with the bold Pi U r ind g ::, h h...lt Mi,, woodland and MIsh
doled out sixty day- for professional ■ Lender. £—6, S—6.
lla"lianilli,liV' Mi~- Mecredy and Mrs. Halt-all beat
  MiliS j.y<< and    yIia    Er|ckson   (*_!_
Wallinger beat S. Ramsey, 7—5,
B. Garret b*-at George McCreery
H  ';  M credy beat J Wilson, 6—4,
lakes are nol
r their beauty
cost of repair*
Eureka   ami
which the Win dormer
surpassed anywhere f
1 do not think that lh
lug ihi-* road betwoci
Knllspell wi
would not  i
amount of trnllie. it would ereato bi
tween   tlie   two   counties   of   Klattiend j il
nnd Lincoln, besides, I believe a great | sc
many  tourists   would  he  pleased  t>
Sm- \.. Pain Since July 2Mth
Tiie flre hazard !n this district gives
tausc for anxiety, ocpootolly n-i nn
rain has fallen since July usth. ami
Id be so greal thai    11   the prevailing hot and dry weather Is
y. owing   to the   large  ripening vegetation to v.   dangerous
degree.   Fires so far liave boon oas-
ontroiicd, but. unless rrvin fills
soon, the situation    will   be fraught
_____________________„ with much danger,    it is hoped    tu
have nn optional route for   a return ! hum further areas of clash as soon
trio through Canada from Glacier na-
i the weather permits this to be done
tlonal  nark and that    such a    rond ! without undue risks being taken, and
would Increase the tourist travel very |s0 reduce a source   of trouble    ond
The Wolf brothers,    Fred  1...    at
Newport, and Oscar at. Burelta, run
two of the liveliest   and   most wideawake papers In fhe nor
1,.  Wolf  is  one  of   liliilK
men nnd along with Frank
the big road booster oi Spokane, lion
done more for tlie road business In
northern Idaho and eastern Washington thun any otlier one man. The
Dally Inter Lake, Kullspc-dl, Mont.
Frank II. Newnhnm, lately manug-
ng-edltor of the Fcrnii* District Led-
est,    Fi'i;)! i;er, which paper has ceased puhllea-
promlnont tlon, passed through the olty Monday
on route lo Vernon.   Mr, Newnhnm Is
lof the opinion that conditions will lm-
I prove lu Southern   Hritish  Columbia
and the Ledger, tho only organ of the
worklngmen  In  Kast  Kootenay,  will
again be reuurrccted.
The Idea pressed itself on (
who looked over the ground.
Colonel .lames Baker, It. L. T Qal-I
bralth and their associates many a
year ago took up tbo ground and
started tunnelling opt rations to try to
get under the bed .if tho old lake already referred lo. Tin main tunnel I
"dried ou Uie rignt bank of Perry
" 'ok and progress \1 to failure from
* cause or another under tin nanu*
the -.Mui't Conls Tuunel." It is
there still, but Iii a dangerous condl-1
linn. The idea prompting Its son«
sirnction was sound, the spirits of
Ihose concerned wen willing, but tin
(tuaiices and Uie fearful costs of alt
manner of supplies in those days killed the project. Utter on tin* perry
Creek Hydraulic Company took up
the ground and tapped the creek
some four miles above the Palls for
power, They run their flume down lit
a point below the Mont Cenis and din
a considerable amount of work, during the course of which gold iu very
fair quantity was taken out. The Inverted syphon which carries the water
of the Hume across the shallow valley under Falls Creek caused trouble
from the beginning, owing to tlte
manner of its rf vetting and general
construction, but the enterprise, as a
whole, would have been a proven
money tanker long since but for
death of two of the parties most
largely Interesled In its promotion
Their estates were wound Up ut fifty
cents to llie dollar with the result Lhat
the entire strain wns thrown on one
or two of the directors who found it
quite Impracticable to pa) their own
allotments and carry the wi Ighl. of the
responsibility of tho deceased members.    They, therefore,   cloned   down
^^^^^^^^    been cleared of tim-
b i to Its summit.   Tliis hank is about
400 fi et high and is composed of line
gravi I. Bill and some day, which will I
wash  cheaply and  quickly, but will |
have to be handled very carefully as
It has a tendency to Bllde j
Willi judicious handling the property !
bas a good chance of becoming u pro-!
duclng mine during '.Ills next season."!
Readl-g those expert and carefully,
considered reports of public officials,
ono Is puzzled to know what could be
wrong with tin* property, or what was
tho case at the hack of its not being:
'i volopcd? The answer is, the polo
fault with the propoi ition is that It is I
not along    somo  back    trail    In  the
ilush-and-niusli country of the depths
of Alaska, If It wore, men would ,
pawn their etornnl iouIi to gel to It,,
and men  of Lhe Jack   I-on dun  type'
would write glzzard-ci rvlng shocker'-
about the parka-chui men who, haulod
and dragged by huskies, fought snow
blizzards and chewed dog flesh to get
first on tlie ground.   Just because  ll
lies at our door, within ton miles   of
the C, P. It. track.;, it was neglected;
of men.   "Mineral propi rtios of high ;
value arc not without value except In
t'.eir own country."   it really looks
like that all the world over.
Now  Captain   E.   B,   Rodgers  has j
taken hold of lhe proposition and In a ,
little time*  people  will   wake up and 1
discover that he has discovered, or
rather, re-discovered something In lhe |
gold mining line really worth while.
It came about In  this  way:  He was
asked about a year ago by his fr!end
;W  Duff llaynie. of Chicago, to conn*
In and make a report on the holdings'
of whet Is now ,he Cranhrook Home- j
stake Company. Tho captain came and jL
• having got through with tho business' gold creek In the Cranbrook map-nroa,
! if his friend he looked around on the  be lost no time in putting himself in
ptacen  and   considered thoy   looked communication with tin* owners. Tho
good, (examination proved them bet-; propel ly, with all water and other
'ler llian good and when he came to the, rights. Is now in Ids hands aud do-
Lime conclusion ns Doctor Hchoflcld, I velopnmnts wlll be made public In lho
I lhat Perry Creek Is tho rlohe.it placer I near future as occasion warrants,
There are different
grades of mixed pickling
spice. You can get it with
8 or 10 varieties or you can
get it with 15 or ltj. Pickling spice can be cheapened and rendered less effective in making your
ketchups and pickles by
using a number of the
cheaper spices and none of
the more expensive varieties. These are the ones
thai give the finished product that delightful flavor
that brings it praise from
every member of the family and every visitor.
It N because our Mixed
IMrkllnir Spice contains the In nre number of varieties nnd
because il gives the
pickles, ketchup*, and
sauces Ihe tlutnr you
so much desire that
we urge you so strongly to use it.
The price is 3d cents per
Cranbrook Trading
I.nriil Hunter*. Should Carefnllj He*A ,
tlie following lluli. Dealing
Willi llie Gnme Lnnrs
n  Halsall and Miss Mecredf b<'»t
11   ti   Hecredj. and Miss (11,-Bfr-
6- 2. I -f,, 8—4.
jQenll Double.
Garrett and McBwan  Wat Wilson
 and l.alnff. 5—1. C—2.
■^H Double.
Mr. A   A   Ward, garni   .varden tor     M|M f!1,^rl,.tl   and   ,.,.or(,„   Mc.
this district, haa  n kind enough to ,.r,.,.rv li,.a( Mr  ,,|fJ Mrh  „  „ Me_
furnish this ofllce with tl... garni  re-   , r,,,jv .  s g .
gulatlons lor the year 1915 Thi „,,", M"; r'|J%' iih„ ralrba|rn b,.al
rules which wlll apply In the Cran- mi., ji.-lin,!.. and Hoy»ton, 6-0, «-0.
brook electoral dlatilet are as    foi- I liumplon.hlp
'"w": '.' Glegerlch beat Mr». Ilalsall.
.    iiprn geaion fur Game Blrdi        	
Geese  open   September   1st,   1915, ||0)ru || \ K f |{y
and close March 31ot, 1916. ,.,,'  .,'..
Duck,  and   mlpe  open   Septembe. BBCBIVB8 A 8C0BCHDffl
Ist, 1915, and closi Jonuarj  J i  Illl ...     ,,   ,    .   ~
Oro.   ,, Bopteniber 16th, 1916. Hr"  '"rl)   >l""1"'   *"n"" " ""
md close November 3    1916 S|""' "' ,,","'rt  '"«"'   ,i»*"1
Prairie   chicken   open   Bcni Work of Brigade
ir.tli. 1916, nnd   'I    October 16lh, 	
1915, Granbrnok cltliani wen awakansd
N.it more than twelve chickens   oi from  UtBlr slumbars    '-iirly   Sunday
tw.lv.. grouse may b.  killed or had In morning when tin- shrill note of the
possession In om  daj '  thi   C   I'   It   suit forth U»
 in s „ (or  Big Game ""r"""-' "' ::'" »  m    Tl"' l,r",wa"
iu the imiidint: occupied by the Home
Hule und WhlteUll deer  n Sep- ,..,hl ,.v „„  N„r|l||r). .„,,„„„      mm
terober let 1916, and close December   „,„,„ „,ls t|,rni.d |n ,|]c „,,, ha|)
'""'• ""'' ,i m«k! hcild on the building, the fiery
v,t """•" "  ",r"   ''•"' "! '""■ tongues bursting through the windows
kind, over one year In nge, ol mon |n n,e rear 0( u,B building and tlirough
than four In all may be kl  ,,,„ r()of   .,.,„. „rp „ |„0|lgl,t ,0 „av(,
81,013 *n September 1st. 1916. and |tttrtea |n tll„ ,,„t preM ond caten
close November 16th, 191E „. u,,v ,„,,, „,„ _B |Portlon of „|c
Goat and caribou "p. n September funding
1st, 1916, und close  December  16tb, The flremen made a qulok reiprdiin,
• and had Rtreanifl or water piuylng nn
The flesh of nny gama legally kill- tlll. bu,1(||ng ,„„r ,„„„„,,„ „„„ Ul„
''' ""'J' '"' l""1 "    ''"'   iL  rm was turn n.   After a stub-
perlod or six weeks aft. r sucli open tani „fn. „.,„, Ih, „r„ dpm„n ,„ „„.
'"'a'',0 wards 'ii half an hour, the hla/,' was
Sal,- of Game gotten  under ccntrol, the fire being
Deor may bo bought oi I   be- confined lo tho building In which It
tween Beptomber  Int.  1916, and Oc- originated
tober ir.Ui. i*il r.. and mil I 1*   bucks     The d nge lo the stork nml fls-
ovcr one year in ago, lures wlll amount   to Hon or   *.f>uo,
Ducks, geese and snipe ran) bo sold which Is covarod by Insurance.   The
between October 1st and Ootobor 81st, building   Is   owned   by   George   It.
1915. I Leask nnd is fully Insured. PAGE TWO
L. I". SolUran, Editor
J. B. Thompson, Business Manager
D. WoBrldo at 2.30 sharp on Mondny, I NELLIE CRAWFORD
August 3oth.    Every member Is re-1 GETS SI\ MONTHS
quested to attend .
Tlie Ladies .
erhood of Uu
liold a dance
Bupscrlption Bates
Otss   Tear     12.00
•li Months          1.00
Three Months    50  tlie lirst ul
Advertising Itates
Display   Advertising,   2a   cents   per
j    Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
; eenta per line.
Policeman  Venus und the put l.inly
Had Mighty Struggle-A Case
.  With a History
Auxiliary to tiie Broth-
llway    Trainmen     will
at the Auditorium on
of the fair,    Tlie ladles   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
announce a good time tu all who at-!
tend. Arrangements are being made I Tlle Cranbrook police force made ,,
for a first chtss stpead, for which no''""" ln •*•• <"irl>' l,oul's "' "lls ",or"-
extrn clinrge will be mude. Further | •"'* whe" Ne,,1e Crawford, a lady ot
announcement  next week.
Cranbrook. II, V. August 211th, 101,1
Daddy, Mother, Joan and Baby
ouch and ull find health in
The gentle but sure laxative
Pleasant to take, and therefore very desirable for
children. Mild and easy on the system—effective—just
what is wanted.
Kexull Orderlies are Made in Canada and suld in convenient
metal boxes at 10c, 25c and 50c on u straifcht money-back guarantee by Rexall Stores, everywhere.   Get a Box Today from
Manitoba lias Imd its Royal Commission, uud their report has just been
published, lt makes very poor reading for Conservative politicians, it
brings a blush ot shame to avory hon-
ost Canadian, it lias cast into shadow
the horse deals of Nova Scotia, thoy
being only petit larceny besldo Manitoba und thn Roblin regime.
Fez m
those  foes
family   rx
tesHoa sad Biliousness
t f  cam fort  and   well-being,   thero  is   one
icdy   universally   regarded   ns   the    best
cf   deranged  conditions  of  the   organs   of
_.„._..       IVr : t   suffering   is   relieved   promptly,
and    worse   sickness  prevented   by   timely   use    of
Let this wonderful remedy t::ie your stomach, stimulate
your liver and kidneys, regulate your bowels and
you will feel improved throughout your entire system.
A few doses will prove to you why, for the
common  and  minor ailments  of  life, Beecham's Pills
Are the Right First Aid
Prepirr-tl only by Tl
Cumuli, ■nil U. S.
Helen.,  I.ancaihire,  I'.nllnuJ.
America,   ln bum, 25 cenl*.
A man doesn't necessarily need lo bo
a politician or ovon :i groat student
of Canadian history to know tbat wltli
Liberals In power Canada has good
times and prosperity and with Conservatives In power times of depression, Idle men and commercial stagnation. This isn't only the case just
now but has been repeated so often In
the last hundred years that it has be-
come a genuine political barometer
of business conditions.
The old-fashioned mother who
taught her boy that honesty and virtue was the best policy and would always be rewarded, would have some
hard shocks were she alive today. This
ls the day of political pull when thc
distant relationship of sume politician
Is worth more than all Die ability and
Integrity one man could possess. The
inun wbo believes in honesty and virtue ts walking in the lowly path:; of
duty, while nincompoops are Bitting
in the easy chairs trying to, dictate
lifs course, Witness Canadian military affairs for example.
j It Is again rumored that a provincial election will be held In tbe near
, future, tlie date reported to having
, lieen llxed for October flth, Tiiere Is.
: however, no official announcement.
Premier Mcllridc is reported to have
i said some time ago that he knew tin*
! date for the election but that he was
not telling anyone. We wonder if It
is possible that we may waken up
i some morning and find tliat the elec-
j tlon has been held. Premier McBride
[ and his machine may slip a good one
over on tlle dear public and hold their
lown election. It is quito evident tlu
I voters' lists, tlie cause of the delay.
I nre about ready.
On Friday night a patriotic dance is
In ing held at Jaffray, when the residents oi' that town arc giving a dance
lo assist the patriotic society. The
.laffray people look for a good number of Cranbrook citizens to be ou
hand, us it lias been pointed out that
.laffray has al wills patronized anything of a like nature held in Cranbrook.
dovornmcnl Agent N. A. Wallinger
has nottlieil us thnt t'unndlnns travailing to lhe llrltlsh Isles must have
ii passport to return and It may bc
necessary oven to land. The Minister
of External Affairs. Ottawa, Is the
only officer authorized tu home passports uud persons Intending to ro to
Kurope should communicate with
liliii  before tliey depart,
Humor has it that the Ilrst afternoon of tbe fair wlll witness one of
tin* most closely contested events ever
pulled off on the grounds of the Agricultural Association. The entries
will lie small but enthusiasm and rivalry will make up for thut point. In
fact it is not safe to walk along Armstrong -and Baker streets Just now,
Vou may be held up to express an
opinion or even to bock lt If need be.
 Cranbrook people aro. honest,   Let
| tills bn said to tholr crnillt. Klsn why
| should they be bllknd by every
! smooth-tongued rogue that drifts
through. Only honest men would be-
lleve all thn sensational and tragedlcal
Btorles Invented by the sure-thing man
on his cotcli-eui-fliilck dash through
town, Wo have many of them every
yoar in somo disguise from the sail
1 nynd youth who Is down and out and
j wouldn't havo his patrician relatives
know his condition lor the world, to
the follow wltll tho rush act who has
u cheque to cash as he has to catch
a train In four seconds. The more In-
creillblo the tales the mum quickly
thoy are believed. People acquainted
witli the methods of tiie under-world
fur making n living wouldn't be gulled
by these fellows and that's why we
claim Cranbrook people generally arc
the most Honest—and Innocent—In tlm
world. Them's a .good ninny Crnnbrook stories worth the telling bul
as they would be treading ou somebody's corns, we will relate oue that
happened to a Golden man Inst year,
lie's too far awny to shout us. An
alleged C. P. It. man drifted Into Oolden and hired an automobile at $40,00
per day to take hlm through the Windermere country where he was going
to buy lands In huge trncts. Thn
garage man drove him for two woeks
over lilll and dalu and each day ndded
Hfl.flfl to the amount In his little
memorandum book and told his friends
whom ho met that he would soon have
his cor paid fur. When the man
flashed a roll nr bills anil asked hlm
If he needed iiinney to pay for gasoline, etc.. he snld nn he preferred tn
have It all lu one big cheque. After
travelling In apparently aimless ill-
motions fur two weeks, inking In
Cranbrook and Fnrt Steele, they returned tu Oolden where the plausible
flniineior wltll the 0, P. II. behind hlm
was to meet his wife. The next duy
he hud disappeared, Ho was finally
locatod mid given 1: term behind tho
bars, which, however did not tlniui-
elnlly benefit the automobile owner or
11 string nf hotel men up uud down
the Kootenny valley.
'Ii-- Hazel Flower mil Appear at th*
Auditnrlum Wednesday
Kvening Next
Miss Hazel Fleener. contralto, wlll
appear at the Auditorium on Wednesday evening next under the auspices
i.i' thn St. John's Ambulance Assocla
tlon. Proceeds nf concert wlll go to
Roil Cross  fund.
.Miss Fleener Is a Hritish Columbia
girl and while having received her
general oducatlon in Canada her
musical training has been obtained
in the United States and Europe.
She is n graduate nf thn Xurth-
western Conservatory of Music, of
Minneapolis, and has 'recently re-
'.urncd from two years most successful study In Berlin under Madame
Schoen-Rene and Kapellmeister Fritz
Undmnnn, who Is the accompanist of
Iil'l Lohmann and conch of many
famous singers. He predicted for
Mies Fleener a brilliant career as
concert singer, and under his dlrec-
tlon she appeared as soloist In Liszt's
'Mlssa I'horalis." jit the Deutsche Ly-
i ei in  Cluli null  various concerts.
thi: fall fair
Wednesday, Sep'ember 8th.
Boys under S years—First prize,
baseball glove, ti. v. Moffat; second,
box chocolates.
Boys under 12 years—Pair shoes.
\V. F. Doran; second, watch locket, S.
Boys under lfi-Shoes, E. A. Hill:
watch fob, S. Koury.
Girls under 8— 50 yards dash, gold
rhi!*r. Koiiry;  box chocolates, Frame.
Oirls under 12—75 yards dash.
prlKG given by Miss McLeod; book.
It, P. Moffat.
(iirls under lfi-Shoes. Doran; silk
belt, S. Koury.
Thursday, Sept. Dili.
100 yards dn'.h— $10.00 watch, W,
If. Wilson. $3.00, -2.00.
[tunning high jumi>—$3.00,, H2.00.
Pole vault—Suit "Golden Fleece"
underwear and pair fancy neckties,
\V.   It.  McFarlane,  $7.50, $3.00, $2.00.
220 yards dash,—$5.00, $3.00, $1.00.
Tug-of-war—107th against all com-
[ the painted cheek, and two coin|i
Ions. James Connolly nnd John McAuley, were gathered within the
clutches of the law. This task fell to
the lot of Policeman Venus. Nellie
weighs somewhere in tlte neighborhood—roughly — of three hundred
pounds, which she used against Hie
olllcer when he attempted to arrest
her for being drunk and using language unbecoming a holy of hor standing. Just what she told the olliccr of
lhe law we are compelled to omit i
order to get tills Issue Into the tnait, !
It may be said for the bcnellt ofj
Herald readers, however. Unit she can !
swear beautifully, her delivery being
so soft aud sweet.
After resorllug to every means to
persuade Nellie to gn along peaceably
tlie olllcer was compelled Ij us • toreo
ho he "got out and got under" his
load of struggling humanity, Wh whs
game and despite tlie fact tliat Nellie
had a kick like a mule and lauded
several deadly blows, Venus held out
until assistance arrived, when the fut
lady was safely landed at tlie station, Chief Adams assisting Policeman
Venus. Connolly and McAuley were
afterwards gathered in.
At the station Nellie was apparently
looking for revenge, when her cyetf
rested on the typewriter in tbe offlce"
and ln the twinkling of an eye tbe
machine lay a wreck on the lloor.'
Nellie had at 1 eaat succeeded In tills
Une of attack.   .
Thursday morning at 11 o'clock the
trio appeared before   Judge   Arnold.
John McAuley was the Ilrst man up.
John said lie hnd been drunk, coming
to town  with $30 In ids pocket.    He
wanted  to  stuy  around  town  a  day
longer,  as  he  was    nervous.      The
United States officials at the interna-:
tlonal boundary line had turned hlni!
back, not considering him a desirable;
citizen, so he thought lie would hc able j
to make good  in  Cranbrook,    Judge ;
Arnold sent hlm up for thirty days to
get over ills nervousness.    After being  sentenced   McAuley  asked   if  lie
Joined the soldiers anil became a real j
fighting man could lie get off with I
suspended sentence.    He was told he !
could join the soldiers after liis thirty j _,
days was up.
James Connolly, was next brought
up aud placed in the box. James wns
more noisy than his pal and displayed
considerable ability In tlie box. Like
ills friend he also had heen refused admission Into tlie United States. He
bad been in jail before. He also admitted being drunk. The Judge gaije
hlm sixty daya in which to reflect on
liis past misdeeds. He asked that suspended sentence be given. Asked by
tin* Judge what lie knew about suspended sentence. Connolly said he had
been there before.
Nellie Crawford, the fat ledy in !
black, was the next prisoner up. She)
was charged with being drunk and;
disorderly. She pleaded "Not guilty." ;
Chief Adams swore she was raising '
seven kinds of particular mischief and '
held high carnival. He told how siie
put the typewriter on the blink and |
resisted the police. She did not remember doing anything of the kind. |
| She said she hud driven up to Hill j
| 60, to Bee a "girl" she knew up there I
who was holding the trenches. She
thought life up there too slow for her j
so she decided to come to town aud
| huve a decent time. She said the !
United States officials had prevented j
her from crossing the line. She had !
been in "Toronto the Good" and Cobalt, Ontario. Judge Arnold fined her
$50 und costs or six months In jail.
JUST ARRIVED--A fresh shipment of
Put up in attractive half, pound and
2-pound boxes ranging in price from
50c to $3.00
These are the only Forkdipt Chocolates
Made in Canada
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
ne QtAfssotL Stare
Tungsten Electric Lamps
15 to 25 Watt 85c.
*0 to 60 Watt 40c.
Pocket Flashes from  $1.75
Electric Torches from $1.7,">
Batteries from  , 411c.
"Canadian Beauty" Electric Iron, complete with reversible
rest.    By reversing this rest Iron can be used as a
stove; will boil kettle in a few minutes. Only $4.50
J. D. McBride
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—In the most modern plant In
the West—Government inspected—approved by careful
housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OK
SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter.
Eggs, Sausage—wherever it appears.
P.   BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
"Viva la Italia."
On Sunday afternoon thirty Italians composing the second quota
from tin* Cranhrook district will
leave for New York, where they will
i inbark for Italy. Transportation
has boon arranged for thirty men.
!\ large number of the men are from
Wyelinv. where tliey have been In the
employ of lumbar mills in that vicinity
DOROTHY BUJtTON with 1015 KOMJES, Auditorium Aug.80th
A Jllgb €lass IteBidential and l»ay College for
Boys and toting .Wen, Girl* and Ywinu Women-Won Sectarian
BUSINESS CIjASSES—Booltkooplng, Stenography, Accounting, Typewriting, etc,   music--Full Conservatory Course, Vocal, instrumental
and Theory.   ACADEMIC -Public and High School Grades, Preparation for the University and Teachers,   Ladles College Course for QtrW,
French conversation  classes.   PINE ART--china Painting, Water-
colors,  Leather  Work,  Etc,   EXPRESSION AND  PHYSICAL CULTURE- Dramatic Art, Public speaking.   HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE.
Kor full Information and calendar apply to
REV. OEOnOB W, KERBY, B, A., D. D„ Principal,
The Rex theatre gave a free picture show to the school children on
Wednesday afternoon exhibiting i>
special program of British war pictures.
Cnmin.-*ncing thia week the Kfinhi r-
ley train will run every day. Sunday
excepted. This haa been made ne
cessary owing to tho henvy traffic on
that line.
Dave Sutherland and J, n. McBride
are hack from (heir fishing trip to St.
Mary's hike. A good story bearing
on tlio manoeuvres Is crowded nut of
this Issue but will appear nexl week
A general meeting of the I. O. D. E.
will be held on tbe lawn of Mrs. J
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service 11 a.m. Subject:
'A Study In lllble Character**.: Jere-
ni.ili tin- Melancholy."
s s. and Bible cinss ut 3 p.m.
livening service at 7.110 p.m. Subject
•The Will of the Father."
"it is a good thing to give thanks
unto the Lord."
8 a.m. holy communion.
11 u.m.  .Matins and holy communion.
i:'.'- p.m. RvenponR.
Sermon: "The Soul of the Empire,"
Preacher. Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A.,
L.lh (Rector).
Sunday school. 3.00 p.m.
Salvation service, 8 p.m. Mr.
Seott lllll wlll address the evening
Week-day tnectin<*;s Tuesday, Thursday und Saturday at 8 p.m.
W. Kerr, C. O.
Saturday, August 28th, will be a Red
Letter day in the history of British
Columbia. Ou that date the public
of this province will demonstrate to
the world their ability and willingness
lo provide their wounded soldiers at
the front with most prompt and efficient aid which human Ingenuity can
The 28tl) wilt be "Tag Day" hi aid
of the B. C, base hospital, and In every
nook and comer of the province residents will be given a chance to glvo,
according to their menus, to this wur-I
thy cause. From some localities when'
the tag dny is an Innovation, Inquiries have been received by the base
committee In Vancouver as to the
price for which the tags are to be
sold. Tbe sole Idea of a tag day Is
llint It gives everyone a chance to
give according to his means, whether
these be great or small, The donator of
five cents Is just as entitled to a tag
as he who slips $50 Into the box. The
"wldow'H mite" Is welcome, and the
amount of each donation must be determined by the conscience of the no-
Auditorium   Theatre
"The New
1915 Follies"
C. Hllllam,
William Sanler,
Cast  Inrluili's
Dora Illgnold,
Anne Lochead,
Dorothy lliirton
Arthur Sonnies.
Henry Auntie.
Prices 5(lc, ".">('
anil Iho  front rows down
stairs  Kl.00
Our Saturday Specials—
il enamel pie plates for... ,25c.
Nickel plated folding garment
hangers, regular 25c. on Saturday 2 for 25c.
Windermere District Agricultural
Association   and Farmers'   Institute
Fall Fair
Will be held in the Dominion Government Experimental
Station, Invermere,
Htli aud ISth September, 11115
Classes   for  Horses,   Cattle,   Poultry,   Fruit   Kami
Produce, Domestic Science, Etc.,
Many Special Prizes and CupB.
Full particulars from Mr. E. Tunnacliffe,
Fair Secretary, Wilmer, B. C.
Secretary. THURSDAY, AUGUST 2Gth, 1915
Fountain Pens
Known Hie world over as
tha best article produced
by any Pen Manufacturer.
It's a broad statement but
nevertheless it's true. Have
you seen Waterman's new-
est selfcflller, with the clip
oji llie side'.' It's simplicity Itself. Touch the little
clip and the pen Is full. No
soiled lingers and guai'an-
leed never to leak. The
price is the same the world
ovor: $-.r>d and wiiii tho
clip cap if-.'tn.
W. H. Wilson
Horn—On Wednesday, August 25th,
1915, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard, at Port
Steele, a daughter.
Hanson Garage for auto repairs.
Miss Grundy was an  Elko  visitor
this week.
Economy  fruit jars  at  the    Cranbrook Trndlnj- Co.
Born —On Saturduy, August 21,
11*15, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright at
Dull River, a daughter.
Nurse Kimball, who has been eon- j    Vulcanising* tire* and lube** at tbe
nocted with the St. Eugene hospital ' Hanson Garage,
staff, hus gone to Eureka, Moot.,     to 	
take the position of special surslcal i    James McGovern is renewing old ac-
nurse In tbe new hospital which has j qualntances in the city this week.
I just been opened In that eity.
Mr, George Richer, shed foreman at
the C. P. It., is taking a two weeks va-
nr. .1. II. King, Dr. F, B. Miles, C.
R, Ward and T M. Roberts left today [cation,
for St. Mary's lake and a trip of In- \ 	
Bpectlon to the Evans mining prop-1 Mr. Leon Snyder, of Eastport.
i rty in that district. They are ex-1 Idaho, spent the week end visiting
peeled hack on Sunday. j with friends In the city.
(lottery and  ignition troubles uur!
•pceiitlty.   Hanson Garage.
Pickling vagotabP
Cranhrook Trading Ca
Charles Howard ivas
city yesterday from W
.Money orders for ll;
purchased at tlte local
.1. Lower am) Ea'mll)
visitors the first of tli
.Mrs. Percy Adams 1
.Moyie (in a week's viol
Preparations are bell
placing of salmon fry
lulu* next year.
niiiiy for
her par-
i Tor the
King Ei)ward school, kindergarten
and evening classes will reopen on
Monday next, August 80tlt, for the
autumn session.
town rones
Hansoii Ciinmc for unto repairs.
The "CrlBlB iu it. c." for salo at tin*
Horatd ollice.   Pr-ce 6c.
"We gnurnnlre nil our repairs Illinium Garage*
Friday night last the Cranhrook jail
was without a prisoner, the first time
'in years.
Adam DalBlel, who left today for
Vernon to jolu the 54th battalion, Is
tho 17th man to go from Loco.
Charles M. Mutch, of Vancouver, representing thc Confederation Life Association, was a visitor in tho city this
Fred Ryekman returned Monday
from Klko and Tobacco Plains, wliere
he has heen on business connected
with the Indian department.
Misses Madge and .Marion Robertson returned home the hitter end of
the week front West Kootenay wliere
they Bpeut a month's camping.
Sold onl
Ltd.. Th
BOc. box
ated women Hnd Rexn
i   gentle,   natural   la:
by The Beattie-Murpl
i Rexall Store. 10c, 2
Mr. Luk
Bchauic i
a Fish
m the (
•ay, returned lu
xtended trip to
r.    district    master
anadian Pacific rail-
t Saturday from an
Seattle,    Cortland
and VanC'
Mrs. Ed.
ten on We
of Miss Bt
week   for
to train tc
II. F. Kyle, local manager or tin
C, I* It. telegraph ollice, returned to*
day from a live months' vacation which i The W. C. T, U. will meet ut the
he spent at Low I ston, Mont. Miss home of Mrs. J. M. Robertson. Nor-
McLeod, who has been relieving dur-1 bury avenue, st 2 o'clock  Thursday,
ng Ids absence, Ih leaving ln a fow | September 2nd.
lays lor Kdmonton.
Vinegar, you get the bent fur pl>
liiiK from us. -Cranbrook Trading i
The IfnnMni Track for plcni
ties.  Tortus reasonable
IC par-
Horn To Mr. and Mrs. W. E. CHne,
22 Con wny Court, Kennedy street,
Winnipeg, on Saturday August 21st,
IMf., a baby boy. Mr. ('line was formerly chief dcHpatchcr here and Mrs.
CHne (nee Miss A. C, Macdonald) a
well known and popular school
teacher in the Cranbrook public
"The Call of the Kootenay," the
latest song hit of the season, has
Just been published. The song
throughout Is full of heart interest
and has a swing that li bound to
tuke with the music-lovers of Oranbrook. The words and music are
hy J. S. Hahood.
Mrs. (Rev. Dr.) Scanlan of Port
Elgin, Ont.. arrived In the city last
Saturday and vi.slted for several days
with Mr. and Mrs. Atlee Bridges, the
latter heing a niece of Mrs. Scanlan.
Her huBband Is a welt known Mctdo-
dlst clergyman and Mrs. Scanlan Is a
famous Canadian singer, having been
hoard In all the prominent churches
in the country. She left Tuesday to
(return home.
Mr. M. ti. Blatchfcrd, the smiling re-
pieuentntlve of the International Cor-
n opondence Schools, was a visitor ln
Cranbrook yesterday. Mr. Blackford's
headquarters.are at Lethbridge, at
which place he was formerly lit the
employ of. tbe Lethbridge Herald.
Mr. Blackford ia bubhllng over with
optimism as to the future succcs*: of
tic Lethbridge district. He say^ the
■rying need now is for more men for
tie harvest fields.
Mr. I-ouis Perron expects to leave
the Ilrst of the month on his annual
holiday tour. He will spend the time
along the K. C. R.
Miss Dora Russell, of the Cosmopolitan hotel dining room staff, left Sunday for Spokane, Wfcsh., where she
will spend her holidays.
Mrs. A. C. Blaine was taken to St.
Eugene hospital Friday, where she
waa operated on for appendicitis. At
this writing Mrs. Blaine ls doing nicely
Mrs. Allen, who has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Pringle, for
the past year, left on Wednesday for
Albany, Oregon, to make an indefinite
visit with a brother.
Mr. C. E. Benedict, of Bull River.
arrived In the city Monday via auto
from an extended visit in Los An- <
geles, California. Mr. Benedict attended the big Panama fair.
The regular monthly meeting of tiie
Ladles Aid Society of the Methodist
ihurch will be held at the home of
Mrs, J. H. Argue, Bnrwpll avenue, on
Wednesday afternoon. September 1st.
at .1 p.m.
Miss Cox, Captain of the Vancouver
Salvation Army, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. I).
Cox, of Buena Vista Gardens, for (lie
past three weeks, left for home on
purgatives for c
leal laxative is Rexal
Ul only hy Tlie He;
. The Hexali Stye,
PaterBon gave
Inosday nftorno
Ickson, wiio is 1
Sugland where
r a nurse.
The harvesting of an 80 h\u>i>
the acre wheat field at Wycllftt.
attention to the possibilities oht
fi rming in the Cranbrook dls
section whicli is destined to (i
one of Hritish Columbia's he.
agricultural producers.—Nelson .
Bert am
1'. n j 1
.: h
in from
Qreon   M;i
■ today,
■■■   lh
y    are
if n camjdi
will return tomorr
.Mis.   T
M.   11"
lift Wi'iln
•sday fu
r B
rn Lake, Al-
berta, wli
re she
iil for some
llllll.   Willi
her jmr
Mrs.  .1.
1).   Hoi
Lake, win
re. they
for tlie pn
st seven
Miss Grace Finley of tho local post
office staff, lc spending her vacation at
Trail, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dune.
McLean, former Craubrook residents.
Mrs. Peter Woods anil sou returned
homo on Thursday last from several
weeks visit with relatives in Edmonton and oilier  towns  in   vicinity.
Dnn Hollinger left Sunday for Swnl-
wel, Alta., when* In* will visit with
his brother for some time. Mr. Hoi-
linger will In all probability locate In
Tlte Hun son Truck for picnic par-
Hon*  Terms reasonable.
American Lady Corset
Stands second to none* We absolutely
guarantee them to be equal to any
made and to give entire satisfaction.
We show many styles, suitable for
any form, at prices that are reasonable
for good goods. Just one trial is all
that  it  requires  to prove their worth.
... .->      ^
-/-■ ■-'     ,'    .-■ ■    ■-'^A'%
Mr. Joseph Campbell
.Manning returned Tm.:,
from   Kitchener,   when-
few days fishing the sir
id   Mr.   Ira
.' afternoon
ey  spent a
ms in that
Mrs. J. H. McLean and
daughter and Mrs. c. Bldd
daughter have just returned from
tlieir summer holidays after spending
an enjoyable time at Mrs. .1. Harman's
ranch, Marysville.
Mr, .lohn Haslan
nne. Wash., spend:
his holidays in Ui
main. He has I'm1
aid a picture postcard
grand- court house, a very be
*    and . which has a very invlt
via*.' next j
6 intends !
i'il Wasson and wife rel
turday last trom tt month'
nt proctor. Mr. Wasson i
good time with ideal w
during tlte entire trip.
Mr. William Stewart and
Ryekman left yosterdaj t
where they were called as
In connection with the trng
,1. J. Abbott, found dead n
lied Sa- I
Mr. Kenneth Greene Is building a
lest! frame house ;i2x.lt'. on his newly nc-
ews. j quired property near Wycliffe. Mr
j Every farmer on St. Mary's Prairie; Greene expects to have everything
j will take off his lint to the editor of! nicely fn shape before the cold weath-
the   Nelson   News   for   his  generous j er sets In.
iftorlnl  comment.    It  sure  Is some 	
'hi.    Dr.  Russell's Miracle    Wheat i    Oordon    Sutherland,    of    Medicine
is the seedmsed. | Hat. arrived in the city the first or the
j week and accompanied by L. Fisher
I visited St. Mary's lake on Mondny and
M** I Tuesday catching some fine fish. He
returned to Medicine Hat Wednesday.
IV E, Carman
rived inline fron
ami started imm
California.   The;
md Philip Hrlfl
Halifax en (
•dial, ly tor ,s,>
members ei the (ranbrook
Local Conservative Association
hereby notified that the regular
Uonthlj meeting nlll he held on
: Friday, September .Ird at S p.m. In
'lflppN Hall, over the Cigar Store.! a donation consisting of 12 hospf-
itn-ltiess of importance to the As* tal shirts and 12 pair pajamas has
.(elation will be taken tip. Appllfa- i been received by the St. John Am*
Mans for membership will be rewired. I hulanco sAsociation from .laffray for
VII memhers and those desirous tif the Red Cross work. The money to
breomlng members are requested to \ purchase the material was donated
attcnit* Ml by the men of Jagray and the ladies
 ~ of that town made the same into the
articles above mentioned.
-it ir
In thi
id  I'll-
id i
take   ii   i
In   V
hy rail and returning
'■^     nOXt     wee
rty.   i Iranbroi
lews   this   w..
n her brothe
iit Porl Artbi
nt heavy Hooi
Lena t arlow, v
Texas, when. H
wrought Mich fcavoc nnd carried    a
heavy death toll wltll il.      Mr. Carlofl
reports he i-  Bate, lust escaping thi
deluge in Cn  ni' i. ot lime
ICight rocrull l< tl Ci mb, i. i h
week for Vernon lo Join the Htli battalion Oo Mntidaj I' Cahlll, Di n <"■
Mai ken Ub ■i<,;'» Cunnit gliam and .1
BhflWham U fl for Vernon and i ida)
William Joy, Adam Dalslol ami T. 13
Drown left in charge ol Sgt Malcolm
who returned to Join the regimen I
Men ure *lill needed nml Llotil Green
will examine all who apply
.\n order has heen received trom tho
militia department giving the L07th
the authority for recruiting in ISasI
and Wesl Kootenay for the r, it r* battalion. Col. McKay, or Pernio, was appointed chief recruiting olllcer and
the following wore named ror the various local olliees: Fernie, Capt. Stalker: Cranhrook, Lieut. W. Halsall; Nelson. Lieut, Vs. C. Wraggo; Windermere. Cupl. Richardson.
The Misses Laura .Montgomery and
I. tin Kelly, of Montreal. 1'. Q.. arrived j
in tin* eity the rtiTt or the week for a !
visit with friends. The ladles have]
[tisl returned from a visit to thc
ia fair. They were much Impressed witli tlie many beauty spots
in.nnd the eity and district, particularly St. Mary's lake, where they
-pi nt Monday and Tuesday eamplng,
fishing and boating. While In Crnnbrook they were visiting with Mr. and
Mis. John Cringle and the Martin
i llros They left on Thursday afternoon's train for home.
have been responsible for the placing
of another large order with tlie Otis \
Staples Lumber company at Wycliffe.:
Saturday that company received an !
order from tlie c. p, n. for 2"l,noo
grain doors. A full crew Is being got
togettior nnd will work day and night
tltltll the order Is completed.      Tlii:: is
tiie second order this company has
had this Boaaon, having recently completed an order for a like number.
■line ion frouble nlth i<*tir starting
system!    If so,   go   to the   Hanson
on Wednesday evening Miss M. K.
Paterson entertained tlie memhers of
il i- St.  John's  Ambulance Corps In
honor of Miss Florence Krickson, who
I envoi for Bin gland on volunteer ser
rice on  Wednesday next.   The mem
Iberi  of tlie eorps    presented    Miss
, Erickson  with n fountain  pen, as a
I slight token of thanks for her excel
lent work while a member of their as
soclatlon.   Miss Krickson was ono of
! the  most  active   workers  of tbe  St.
j John's Ambulance Corps since Its organization, always   coming   forward
; and putting her heart and time Into
every  movement   when    extra   work
was required.   Although the St. John's
Ambulance Corps regret to lose such
a   valuable  member as  Miss  Erickson,  tliey are  willing to make  the
sacrifice  for  so good a cause, and
tliey are proud of n member who Is thr
first  lady to go to Kngland as     a
volunteer from Cranbrook.
away at Spok-.
(he balance of
Ham's fair doled to the Her-
of tin' Spokane
autiftii building
Miss Luollln Lee. cousin of Mr. Ted
Stevenson, driver of tiie Dominion
Express company, arrived in Cranbrook Tuesday from Revelstoke, accompanied hy .Mr, Stevenson, who
journeyed to that eity to accompany
her to Cranhrook,
The heavy wind storm which passed
over the city this evening did con-
std'.vanic damage n ihe inn.! distituce
Mm of Ui. Kootenay Telephone Lines,
Ltd. About three-quarters 'if a mile
of line on the Fort Steele road was
put out of commission, tlie wind break-
inn the poles oltat tlie ground like so
much match-wood. A crew of men
under .Mr. Rush Adamson are at work
repairing the damage,
Tlie Cranbrook schools opened Monday morning for tlie fall term. There
was creat hustling and hustling in
every home In Craubrook, when the
children were busy collecting their
books. One man told ns lie was up
at 5 o'clock Monday morning assisting
the children. At tiie >., hool everything
went along smoothly, every teacher
p being in his or her place. At the
schools Monday morning tho children
! gathered at 9 o'clock, where greetings
! were exchanged hy both teacher anil
A. J. Miller and son, of Wasa, were
In town last Saturday and Sunday.
.Major Davles left Monday for Vernon after a recruiting lour of tin*
George Stevenson lias purchased a
new Ford touring car from the Hanson Garage.
Mrs. Fred Uryans, of Lethbridge.
arrived hi the city Tuesday on a visit
with friends.
.Mr. J. D. McBride returned to tlie
eity Sunday from a ten days' business
I visit to Vancouver and Victoria.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Burgess returned the first of the week from a
few days holiday spent at Banff.
W. S. Santo and family have returned from Falrmount Springs
whore they spent several dayB camping.
The Man who has
been there before
never ucglecta to take a supply
of our Lltiuor* or i aiuarj Bottled Keer when ho gets on a
foiling trip
\ I'ackutrt- oi tier Calendars
that got lost In shipment last
winter has turned up. Any of
our patrons who did not receive
. ne of, these bt-autiful calendars
:: ,iy have <>ne by applying at thc
A. L. McDermot
Wine iMerchant
Burns ^ i'o
irb geranium
Tiie ('ranbrook stores will bo open were raised with tl company a ter-
on both of the Fall Fair nights. Wed- titizer. These Bow rs are beauties
nesday and Thursday. Soptomber 8th and are B good adi rttseroent for the
and 9th, [manner in whicli they wer   grown
Ht and Mrs Alex. Taylor, of Kim-
Tley. B C. announce tbe engr.ge-
-nt of their only daughter. Isabella
Taylor, to Mr. Campbell C. Snow-
in. (rf Calgary, Alta., the marriage to
k" j .a. ■■ in September,
The Grand  International  Auxiliary
to  the   Locomotive   Engineers,     nre
holding a sale of useful articles   and
home   cooking     on   Saturday    afternoon. September 18th, at the Ry. V.
M. C. A,   Afternoon ten will be served      Mr.    Matthe
from .1 to fi p.m. and a good musical I passed through tl:
programme  will  be    rendered.       A j route home from it
Bpeclal invitation is extended to all j The honeymoon    w
and bride
Monday en
eddlng trip.
in thc
Mrs. J. K. Kennedy, In honor of her I blow.   Mr. Mnrr:
niece, Miss Eva Conley, who is to be
married In September, gave a miscellaneous shower at her home on
Garden avenue, on Tuesday evening,
August the 24th. The shower table
was prettily decorated tn green and
white with a large table center of
white sweet peas. Pink and white
peas formed the floral decorations.
Miss Conley opened each parcel, read-
In*-; the cards, some of which were
very appropriate, and passed them
around for each guest to see. Hand
embroidered linen, cut glass, silverware and cooking utensils were the
shower gifts. A musical program
was then rendered. Mrs. Anne Ken- j ■,'1,no
iiedy  and  Miss  Florence  Relau  gave '•
.'14-lt | Maritime Provinces down hy the salt
sea waves, where tlie gentle zepliyis
In the employ
of the Canadian Bank of Commerci
Nelson, nt whioh city the young couple
will start housekeeping and live
happy forever. Mr. and Mrs. Mnrrny
were Tonner Cranbrook residents. Mr.
Murray being with tlw- Bank of Commerce, while Mrs. Murray inee Miss
Hamilton I was fn tin* employ of Me-
creery Bros, millinery department
per word for fir,"t we
word for each   w.
k. and lc. per
"lc after
Mrs. Hogarth.
for   Kent,   Apply at
piano solos.   Miss Conley, Miss Delia I TO BENT  CHEAl'-Rafement ward
Greaves, Miss Marlon McLeod and I
Mrs. T. C. Phillips assisted with i
vocal solos. Luncheon was served j
after which Miss Conley was the re-'
cipleiit of the heartiest wishes of tlie j
largo   and
Apply W. J.
dry,   $5   per
Atchison. 61tf
Sowing: Done at Home or
by Day
SSS IUoiob At«mc
Open for HhnIik-nk hn Ilgual
Ftrftt'ClRH* Ctgar» and Billiard
IW Wl SlMfr U COMMtltlK
light wngon for sale cheap. Apply
Joe Belanger, city. 22-tf
STAWLK TO BENT, for four horses,
electric llcht, warm, well ventilated
with Inrjre liny loft and out bin.
$fi,00 per month, apply Herald
offlce. t.t.m!
Furnished house to rent.—Four rooms
with bath; fenced; close In; newly
papered and painted; piano If desired; no children preferred; careful tenant only; SKS per month, Including water. Apply Herald office. 30-tf
nowly papered and painted; $12."
per month, Includfng water. Apply
L. P. Sullivan, Cruubrook tit PA (IH KOUR
(By Kred Hoo.:
X* Loyal   Orougfj
• l  . ! edge
: •   ; No.  1811
\ • ■■.. Meeti Ilrst nnd tVrd
' Thursdays at i p.*.
In      Hoyal     Bla.l
KnlghH ol Ireland Hall, laker
R.  S.  Oarrett. »H.
T. O. Horsuian, lice. Sec.
■ . J U e e t s   every
*«nK Monday night
ot Fraternity
Bail?' "sojourning Oddfellows
eordlullj Invltod.
11.  \V. Russell,
V. M. Harr
Cranbrook, H.C.
Bests ovi        i ido* ais *"■*•■lm
i   i    rati ralty Hall
ri   .    Carr, O.C.
r   m   . tirl turn, K. It. & S.
l'   0, Box ill
VlHiy-'.; ijrdilirr.H eordlallr m-
rlted to attend.
/    Packet of    N
1   WILSONS   \
\$8°-°W0RTH 0>.:.ANY /
. im
n« i
Harris-tors, Solicitor! anil
lloney to Loan
lapuiul Bank Building
you miser.
ii Elko and
• itiiui
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday at Fraternity Hall
Hojouniius Helwkalifi ssmmSsi.
ly Invited.
Si    .    Bi nnct, N. li.
ii,. .\   llii i, :■■'i tlinm, Sn'.
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Harristw,    Solicitor    and
P. 0. Hoi SbH
;,i .u  ii.   Uaple Uall aoooad
and.  f.jiiiiii   Tuwday  »t  every
montli ai .  p i.i
liip .pai  to  Bftttsk
K v. Brake,        I f. Uwer,
President senrotan
Visiting    membert    •ordlaUl
Physicians  and  Surgeons
•Use at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons    9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Bvwlngs    7.3(1 to   8i!0
Sundays    2.30 to   4 30
Cranbrook,  B.C.
Meets   In    tlie   Maple     Hall
first Tuesday aftornoon ot every
:i.. i :
i. Mrs. W. ll. McFarlane
l, Mrs. .lnlin Shaw
1'. O. llox 442
lies cordially Invited.
Bit. F. B. MILES
•See In Hanson  Block
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
T to   I p.m.
Went—A. 11. Smith
etary—Alb. 11. Webb
for Information regarding
lands ami agriculture apply to
the Secretary, rranbrook. B.C.
Meeting The Second Saturday nt 2.30 o'clock.
Batxraatr ud dcuorul Nursing
Qardeo Ave.
Terras on Application
KM. A. SaUaMON, Matron
Pkue IH tf. O. Boi 845
ia oi'i'ii for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Airs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranbrook, B.C.
Phone 34« P. O Boi tits
Funeral Director und Euibalnier
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Ncur Baker St.
uml    Distributing
Agent for
l.ctlibrldge  Coal
Xl-Ito Ponder
Imperial (111 Co.
g and Transferring
■a prompt attention
Pbone 03
Is  opi ii   tor engagement
for dances, socials, etc
For ti rms apply to
Cranbrook, II.C.
a.U tnd Mining Engineers
B. C Land Surveyors
•far Phone 131 Night Phone 36
Horfciry Ave., next to City Hall
Headgunrtara  for all kinds of
HAtUIaotlon  Guaranteed
The Bhoe S|toclall«t
Phone 105 P. O. Box 33
Organist Methodist Church
Receive. Pupils tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio i 23 Norbury Ave
■   '
■ Imitations
on the
I    Merita
Boot. Frame, Prop,
Freak Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Fbons IT
MMknry Ave.       Opp. City Hall
DR.DeV  N'i
null, i     . ,
IWO i"   ;
Oli.rl..      I.r
ll nn r..... I [.a
Co .St. ilalliariset,
Buttle Uurpllj Co., U4,
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Haa Juat purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Testod)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
We  gearaatee  te  Pleaee
If  you  want satis fact ion
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
General Merchant
■apltyatali Agents
r. e. Boa 101 Phons 144
The Joyce lir
mill at Flngstoi
If your relia
uble, change It nnd emu
enjoy a week's fishing.
Miss Kimball, ttrmlir.il
ed through Elko to take
Eureka, Tobacco Plains
Mr. and Mrs, C.   O    Beard, of tli
Slocan country, are visiting frlenda in |
Klko and Waldo this week.
Sergeant Nash, Corporal Nasli and
Rough Rider .1. Roberta are hero on
leave irom Calgary, Alta,
Mr. J. Broley ianif In (rom Saskatoon ami motored to Roosville Hondas
taking several capitalists along,
l'1-..l liuo returned from thu south
cuuntry where In- had boon visiting tor
several days. Mrs. Roo returning with
Mr. uiul .Mrs. Milts, of Vulcan, Al-
luitii, wilh Miss ll. Seldenstahl, was
visiting Mrs. C. ii. Bcott, of Roosville.
this Week.
Mr, ami Mm. Allen PattorBon, of
i-aiiirosi- uiul Lethbridge, arrived and
nre camped In Riverside Park, tor tho
rest nl' tin- season.
Fred 1. Wolf, editor ot the Kowpnrl
Minor, Washington, and Oscar Wolf,
editor ot tho Eureka Journal, and
tholr families are motoring through
tho district.
!      Tlle   lllriiii-   Urns,   with   tlli-ir   wives
.nni families who have tor the Inst
' month been cninpod on  Rock Creek
pursuing tin- elusive and annoy trout.
I returned to MSdlcine Hut.
Mr. and Mrs. Woods, of tlio Fi rnie
Candy Kitchens; are spending u few
lays at the big railroad i r, colled
, Klko for short, and T. Caven, Ml'..
says wliere tin- suit always sliiin--'.
I    Conductor Fred Unco, C. P. It.. Cnl-
| gary, and Mr. Renwlck, ot Maeleod, or-
i rived on the Spokane Flyer and left bj
puck train for tiie South Fork    and
lodge-pole creeks tor a week's fishing
|    lir. MacDonald and family, of Medicine Hat, arrived via motor and have
1 rented   Roselent   Cottage,   Rlveralde
Drive, (or the balance of tho fishing
season.   Roport says the doctor is a
humdinger with rod mid line.
Mrs. Stevenson and Win. Stevenson,
mother und brother of Mrs. .1. D.
i'liouitison. train dispatcher, Elko
witli Miss Ytilll, from Almonte, Ont.,
are spending a week with the Thompsons on their way back from the
Frisco l'air.
Mr. Fred Anderson, one time manager of the Merchants Hank In Elko. I
and now manager or u branch in ;
Northern Alberta, Is hack lu Klko for
a two weeks vacation. Tiie boys havi i
heen expecting Fred for some time |
and he got a royal welcome when lie j
Jim Thistlebeak says there Is    n
bright   Sid.-   to   everything   In   Ihis |
world, oven tn dark lantern, so cheer
up: If you haven't a smile get one off
-om,.body and  wear it as your own.
If you can't get one where yon live
eome to  Elko, we havo    tliem    four,
inches,  to  the    width    of a    sadill. i
blanket.  A person who docs not laugh I
is not healthy.    You can cure disease I
and kill Ihe devil wilh laughter.   Trj
Candid advice t Ivcd (rom a mall i
order house in Winnipeg by an Klko.
urs    il
Phoebe  En
M   Pel
w. J. Holmes uud Miss
i    Hampton,   both    of
married, ami departed
l- ti'niti for tin- Coal city
icre tliey will make iheir
lull ln-.vls aud Miss Klhel
llii. city wero united lu
a Monday ovenlng hy Rev.
,: They wore attended at
■ ci ri ei"n> by Mr. nml Mrs. James
llowny. 'I'lii- young couple wlll roll- iu Penile. .
L' .,1 'I timer, of Waldo, was In
ivn on Wi'iini inlay looking for men
:■ the Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co.
'■ prospects lor the lumber Indiis-
.- i. looking much brighter and tin
nnees are Unit nearly all the mills
II put la bush panes this winter,
Hr. s. Bonnell, captain iu tbe 5th
any Medical Corps, Macaulay
a-iis. arrived in town on Monday
il o.i Wednesday, accompanied by
rs.  Bonnell  and  the children, left
I. where In- will rejoin Ills
li ir way to Europe about
tin' luonth. Mrs. Bonnell
ini- home at St. Stephen,
t lh.- doctor's absence.
.'.I. in
Sec. Snl. Boys' anil Oirls' Potato
tompetltlon. To the competitor show-
ng tlie inst sample of 12 potatoes
.lum a competition plot: $2.25. To
In. in 'lit best sample. $1.25. Given by
'rimlji'ook Farmers' Institute.
See. 821,   For tlle hest collection of
■■nil's :nd fodder plants (not includes roots) in sheaves of not less than
ex Inches in diameter: A good Ayr-
-nil-, tirade Heifer Calf. Given by Mr.
I. A. Pringle, Ilraeinar Stock Farm.
See. SU. Milk:- Special for prod-
errs. Given by U. C. Dairymen's
Vssn. llt-st gallon of milk in quart
bottles. 1st, Senle or Milk Fever Ollt-
■'. ami Milk Pall. 2nd, Scale, 3rd,
12.00; fourth, sinn.
See. 121.—Best lien of three bacon
iocs, any breed or cross, live weight
180-220 His. to he Judged as bacon
'ions. (iiv.si by is. ('. Dairymen's
Nssn. 1st. $10.00, 2nd, $5.00 Exhlblt-
irs to become members of B. C. Dalry-
men's Assn. before August 1st. 1915.
>iilk Pall. Exhibitors to become members of ll. r. Dairymen's Assn. before
Ulgust 1st, 11115.
See. 211. To llie breeder making
the most points In any one of the fol-
lowtng elasses in the poultry depart-
nnnl: Barred Rocks, White Wyan-
dottcs, Siuglo Cpmb Reds, Rose Comb
Reds, White Orpingtons or White Leg-
lady Vou must semi il,,. money in ad I '"rl1B P!rBta mi !''»rei"ls t0 comt
vanee to give us a chance to get thi I '"'"• »"'aais one-Daily News for one
witli    yoar ' !'';ir' "'"'" ''-v llil"!' Xl'ws Publishing
Little & Atchison.
11.   For the best fonl 1915
value $10.00—Raworth Bros.
881. Best piece or woodwork exhibited by boys under 16 years, tools to
value $5.00—F, Purks & Co.
801. For the best collection of roots
including potatoes, folding butii, value
$12.00—Patmore Bros.
861. For the best exhibit in Sec.
1, white bread, 2 loaves, kitchen utensils  value $5.00-J. D. McBrldo & Co.
931. Best collection of photos on
Velox paper (amateur), goods value
$5.50—Beattie-Murphy   Co.
932. Best collection of photos on
Solid paper (amateur), gouds value
$5.60—Beattie-Murphy Co.
941. Best pulr of socks (handmade,
grey), goods value $5.00— Hnlsall &
802. To tlle lady making most
points in see. 5-10 Inclusive in eluss
su (cookery), its lh. Back Purity Flour
and 1 Hi. Hldgway's tea lra Manning
614.   Besl dozen    eggs  (white   or;
hrown) at the full-, goods value $2 nil
Cranbrook Trailing Co.
041. For tlie liesl pleee of .111-
broldiry worked by u girl attending
school in Cianhrtiok or district, over
13 years old, $3.00 In goods Fluk
Mercantile Co., Ltd.
942. For best piece of embroidery
worked  by  pupil   under   lit  yeara  In
t'ranbrook or district, $2.(111 lu goods
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
la. For the hest dressed and groomed horse on tlie grounds at the parade,
$10.00 In goods- Cranhrook Drug &
Book Store.
250. For the best pall- of ducks, $2
goods—Crunbrook Trading Co.
810. For the hest collection of eut
flowers (live varieties I $5.00 goods-
Ward & Harris.
822. For best collection of farm
nrodiicts, together with u statement of
tho way in whieh the various parts or
tlie exhibit were produced, such as
notes on the position of land, preparation, fertilization, cultivation, costs,
First—Sliver shield lo he held one
year. Given by Mr. A. E. Watts, and
live dollars in casli by Imperial Bank
of Canada.
Second—Ten famous Vanderpool
Red Apple trees, hest of keepers, given
by British Columbia Nursery Association, Vancouver.
Witnessed the impressive Ceremony
of tlie K. of 1'. Order un
Sunday, August l.Mli
j goods   rrolti   tin-   factory
money, meanwhile you will have t.
. wait patiently a (ew weeks becdusi
ithut Is our business method.  You must
apply to your local dealer ror nid anil
j credit, iis we dn not know you, nor
j care to . Get your neighbors to buy
! rrom us as we need the money, uml
', the less money there Is left in  your
community, tin- sooner we can put
'your local ninrclianl out of business
i anti charge you  nny old    price   w
T.   Dawson,   capitalist, Laldlaw i
Blancltnrd,    barrlBtcrs-at-law;      Mr
Hayes, civil engineer; nil of Modlclnt
■Hat, witb Messrs. Forbes and I'lalk
| of Calgary, arrived In Klko this week
and are camped on tin- hanks of lit.
' Elk. where tlie trout J p high.    OnC-
l.ilng-Sain Is acting as minister of till
Interior und Is putting up a bill of fan
that makes these railroad dining ears
! look like a V, lunch counter.     Mr
j Dawson Is negotiating (or a block ol
land adjoining tin- old historic burs
laml iut.-niir. building summer cottagei
ami bungalows. Tin' whole party h
greatly Impressed with tn,. beautiful
siirniiilidini's    ami    ai nliiiisiusti.
over the good roads In Mils   district.
' n.. Nelson, 11. C
212.   Se! 1     children's     poultry
■ompetitlon. Prizes given by tlie
Cranbrook Poultry Association. First.
$7.00; second, $3.00; third, $2.00;
(ourth, $1.0(1.
Percentage hatched  100
Per. eent raised of those hatched. .100
Oeneral health and vigor 100
-how points  100
Uncord sheet kepi by competitor..100
Total points  500
No entry fee of any kind  will be
taken on this competition.
613,    For the best pair nt dressed
poultry ut the (air, $:i.00 cash.—John
SID.    For   tile   last   sample  of  but'
ter in class 84, goods value $5.00—Mc-
Creery Bros.
ni. For tin' li.-st dairy eow on tlie
Held, 98 Hi. sack of Hoyal Household
Flour nml  1   lh. Victoria Cross tea —
IFrom th
• Fertile Flee
Ill   Won
. of tlm Wlgw
Is uor-
y 111.
ry   how
ot Crnnbrool
. w
as    In
days this weei
s. dree
. of Bonner's
ry.    Is
ng ber
sister, Mrs. F
F. lluill
ickl lias taken
a posilion
In I
with the Hanson   Gur-
hi    Wi
sby    wns iu
days llils  wi
up e
-lilenee In n local erlml
I,. T. (
allirallh, of F
i and A. Mutz, »f Viilcini, Attn., were
In   town   mi   Tuesday  Htti'ntl.nn     a
! mooting uf   tlm   Fernlo-Fort   Btcoli
Brewing Co.
.1 w Donnott, lute nf tlu* nintr.pt
Lodger, haa tuken a position ns traveler for Robin Hood Flour. This Is
tlie position occupied by Tommy Dawson  previous In nilittlliiK  wltll     Hit'
1    On   Friday   last    nt  tin*    Motlindltit
The following communication Bd-
dri'sscd to tlie chief officer of tlio local
K. of ti. lodge, is self-explanatory:
Dear Sir: Being u stranger to you
and your little city, I first wish to
niKilogize for tbe liberty of thl.-, com-
111uni1.nt.011. The cord of universal
brotherhood and friendship wus 1m-
prosoed bo thoroughly into my heart
nu Sunday morning that I cannot help
but communicate to you, and through
vim, tn your little bund nf brnthers,
my appreciation nnd deep sense of
human gratitude for your noble ex-
empllflcatlon of u virtue tlmt should
and must worm the heart nf every
trui> mau.
Tliis is how it ull happened;
Taking un enrly Sunday mnrnlng
stroll, 1 accidentally became nn uninvited ns wt'ii us unobserved) hut must
intorostod Bpoctator, tn a eoremouy '
siiuii ui'vi'f, novor forget.
Btlindtng <ni tlm brow of the bill
imir ymir fair buildings, looking over
tin* city und valley bolow.whon t<ud-
donly 1 hoard tlu* chant of "Noaror My
Uod tn Thoel" On climer obm-rvatlon
I saw bolow ini* a cemetery! Standing in a triangle round some gravos, a
Imiu-h nf men, singing the above hymn.
Then I observed them going from
grave tn gruve, BOomlngly muklng
mystic nymhols und pluntlng anil
strewing beautiful (lowers at eucb;
again tliey stuod in prayer, assembled
around the lust grave, heads uncovered, with thought (1 Imagine) of the
long, long ago. Finally the little band
nf men silently went Its way towards
ihe city, Kuuwing to be unobserved
but very much interested, I, aftpr
while descended this hill to satisfy my
curiosity us to the object of this
strange eurly morning ceremony
On investigation I found a number
of graves just covered with plants and
Powers, and u little ting at tlie head,
indicating deceased to have been a
brother K. of P, or some relation of a
Now. tlie idea of this unusual early
morning ceremony came home to me
mo3t forcibly, ns ! looked toward the
fust vanishing branch of K. P.'s.     I
52. Best bull on th, Held, lirm,^ ' s:iid to m>'8t'lf: PtM< j,1St rrlo»d8-
medal given by the Canadian Bunk of *«? *}\\ll0W ™n* ot w ™"™ t,,iH
REAUY DEtlGrlTFUij'.^.j';
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons in
every 5,10 and 25 cent
©Ijitlrt Package.
Inrentlon lllirtily Trained hy the Ollicers at thf Front—Has Many
The following from the Rtwelstolj
Mall-Herald will be read with intere
Percy Bent Is u son of Mrs.  15. Bi
this city:
"Leo McKinnon, in a letter recetv
on Thursday by J. McKinnon
knowledges receipt of a periscope
made for him by Percy Bent and forwarded to him at tho front. Tlie periscope, which is collapsible, has been
highly commended by ollicers at the
front aud Leo McKinnon says that
It is the best yet been used. The letter says:
" 'In regard to the periscope it is a
dandy, quite tlie best we have seen
here yet and 1 showed it to one or
two of the officers and tliey were
quite enthusiastic over it. It embodies a very necessary quality, tluit
of being easy to carry around and tliat
by turning it you can use it with
your hack to the parapet is another
very useful quality. Tell Percy from
tne that he ought to write some of tlie
old country firms thut are manufacturing this class of goods for whereas
I do not think It would be possible to
patent the idea It would maybe bo
worth enough to them to cause them
to be generous. Honestly, it i» the
best thing In that line that I havo yet
debt of the true meunlng of friendship.
Tlie purpose of tliic letter, sir, is
simply un cncourascnient us well as an
appreciation of your noble work by a
stranger in a slr.'.nge city, and who
was not supposed to be on watch for
deeds tliat liave no hidden or uncertain
Sincerely yours,
An Appreciative Stranger,
Well  Known  Vninleiille Company in
Appear al tlie Auditorium en
Next Monday
Hurry Auatlo and hin 1015 FNjIHoh
will come to the Audi.orlum Monday,
August BOth, fresh from triumphs lu
the greut west. The company la ii'**'
except for some of the very boat tnl*
ent, which was Included In the hist
Follies whloll' visltOtl this eity
B. c. Hllllam, plonUl supremo,
heads the company and contributes
much amusement ntached to the three
purt progrnm Including musical comedy, song, story, drama and farce
comedy par excolonco,
The cast Includes B. <'. Hlllam,
Henry Anstie, Dora Rlgnold, Arthur
Sonnies, Dorothy Burton. William
Sauter nnd Anne Lochoad. The first
portion of the progrnm is token up
by "The Folies Themselves" nnd presents a most diverse number ol' fea*;
tures. Tlie second portion constats of
a most powerful dramatic playlet,
"The Man in The Stalls" by Alfred
Sutro. It is intense in its plot and
the climax is as novel ns tt is unexpected.
"A Pantonine Rehearsal" forms tbe
closing section of the entertainment
and ts participated in by Dora Ilingold
Arthur Soanes. William Sauter and
the remainder of the "Folies" east.
In each city visited Mr. Amtie, the
manager, of the new ISlTi Follies, donates a liberal percentage of Ms profits to the local Red Cross fund. S-uts
are now on sale at Beattle-Murphy's
for Monday evening next.
To Mary McQuistoa, Registered and
Assessed Owner of Lot 21, Block
K7. Crunbrook City, Map titiit:
TAKK NOTICK that an application
lias been made to register Aulder
Clarke Bowness as the owner In fee
simple of the above lands under Tax
Sale Deed from the Collector of the
Corponition of the City of Crunbrook
ami you are required to contest the
claim of tbe Tax Purchaser within
forty-live (45) days from the lirst publication  hereof.
Dated ut thc Land Registry Office
ut Nelson, B.C., this -.Ird day of
August, 1915.
Samuel It. Roe,
District Registrar.
Date of first publication August 26,
r»lo. 34-4t
Miss   Mabel   A.   Kolievts
Ccrtif.   R.A.M.   (London,   Eng.)
Will be prepared to take
pupils In Voice Culture ami
From 7th September
Address: The Rectory
PI la
"ill-" "-TV
IN THE MATTER OP AN APPLICATION for the Issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Lots I, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Block 96, Cranbrook City. Map 669.
is my intention to Issue at thc expiration of one montll after tile first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to the above mentioned
lots in the name of Tho Lund Land
und  Development Company  Limited,
which Certificate Ib dated the 24th day
uf October 1912 and numbered 1169-1.
OlBtrlct Registrar.
Nelson, B. C„
6tll August. 1915. 32-4t
I.ou1b Dore, of 20S Montgomery,
Spokane, Washington, nnd It J. Mc-
Karland, of 1450 Portland Avenue,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, or Great
Kails, Montana, aud to all persons tu
wlimn It muy concern.
TAKE NOTICE thut Daniel Joseph
McUinuis, of Waruner, British Columbia, hereby gives notlco tlmt he demands payment of tho sum of *.:i:!0.U0,
being tlie amount of principal and interest due to hlm under u certain
Indenture of Mortgage dated tlie 1st
day of July, 1910, mnde between the
above-named l.uuh Dore of the one
part and Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis of
tlie otlier part which mortgage was registered in llie Laml Registry Olll it
Nelsor, on the llth day of Mnv. lllll, on
District of Last Kootenay, mure par- JZ «„„i,„„i,er   i»ii
tleularly known as Bub-dlvlslon B Of JJ?ma
Ut    325,    Group    1.      AND    1*AKE**'UA' Samuel It  Itoe
NOTICE that unless payment of fhe I l«.tr etite.lsirar
said mortgage money und    Interest, L. .„.   I1(, DUtrltt Heglstrar.
costs nnd expenses  be mado  within «?«, i„J,n   ,o,r, so.lt
one calendar montl. from the time of _ A"r"' '9'5-
your being served herewith, tlie suld i -
Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis will proceed. NOTICE
with or without any consent or con-  .
currence on your purt and without uny   ,,,,,.  ,,,,,,,.,.,.u mim.'Hai   CLAIM
further notice to you to enter into pos-   inU  S"  i»     Tm     PORT
Land Heglslrj Art
IN TDK MATTER OP AN APPLICATION for the issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to Ut 24, Block
43, Cranbrook City, Map 009.
It Is my Intention to Issue ut the ex
plratlon of one montll after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of thc
Ccrtlllcuto of Title to the above mentioned lot In the name of Corey Allen
Dow, whieh Certilieate III dated the
•nd numbered
Yoifwil! tlntl relief in Zam Buk I M
It easel the burning, Btlntjing t
pain, stop* bleeding and brl igs
•ate. Peneverance, Willi Zam.
Buk, meant cure, Whynotprova j
IMS?  MBrtsxUs^th-trrtu-^
am f_
Capital Authorlied   .. ..»l(i.imiUHio.0O
Capital Paid Up    ;,000.0DO,M
Reserve   and   Undivided
froUta       8,200,000.00
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers anti
Private individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
available ln any part of the world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
counts. Deposits of 91.00 nnd upwards received and Interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A branch Ib also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the manago*
ment of Irving C. Wedd.
Cranbrook Branch
H. VY. BIU'H.E, Mnmigrr
limn    itlitnuld    will.    Illl.',    Follies
Auditorium, August Mth
Besslon of the said premises und to
receive and take thc rents and profits
possession of tlie some, to make nny I
thereof; and whether In or out of
lease or leases of the same, as hlm the
Daniel Joseph McUlnnis shall see lit;
DISPOSE of the said lands and premises either by auction or private sale,
or partly by auction and partly hy
private sale as the said Daniel Joseph
MeGlnnis may deem proper either for
cash or upon auch term of credit ns
the auld Daniel Joseph MeGlnnis mnv
think proper, and to convey und assume thu Bunie when so suld, unto
the purchasers thereof, aB they ahull
direct or appoint.
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., tliia 4th
day of August, 1915.
T. T. Mceredy,
11-41 Solicitor for, the Mortgagee.
B.  C.
TAKE NOTICE that Angus Mc-
Usod of Fort Steele, B. 0., Free
Miner's CortWcate No. 79907B, Intends, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the 'purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 21, must be commenced iotore the issue of such Certificate at Improvements.
Dated Oils l«h oar ot July, A.D..
M16.      . WM
Spokane, WuhIiIiikihh
We believe wo
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel In Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Rla-
tlon. Close to all places ol
Interest. Rooms eleganlly
furnished. Rates as low
m at the more ordinary
Bm Steamship oa the Bool


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