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Cranbrook Herald Aug 1, 1912

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'(Illative Ai
-'( /I
We are well equipped to
turn out the best elate
ol work.
KO. 31
Por several un iii lis pnst contractor-; Imw Iii'in busy Inn Id in I*, it new
wInk lo tlie St. Rmrhhi hospital,
Imi Uml is hy no means nil that lias
■Imiii ,nhleil tu Ihi:, institution in tin'
wuy nl iiptu-tl'ite improvements. Ah
a uiutitM of fact ilif entire iirruiiKr
Imve lieen ovorlinnled uud put in first*
rljiss s-liupc, matins tin* St. l-.tuvn.'
an even mure commodious resort lur
M\e sick mnl injured limn it has always Im'ih in I lie past.
The ailditiini.il Whig, ]iist completed, Is a solid brick structure, 4 slurry* high, 01 (eel Inns Iiy .17 leet
wHlr, (milt ol loeal lirlek throughout.
The IU nis ure ol politdied maple. A
wide rent nil hallway runs down the
rentier of each lloor. Tlie new litiild-
inn ran In* shut oil from Hie old by
automatic lire doors.
On the ground floor of the new win£
itlirre are suites of private apartments, chapel and vrstry, and a suite
of apartments contributed and lur-
nished hy tlw Knights ol Columbus,
the principal room of which has a
specially designed paif-itet floor, witli
the arms of ttie order as a centerpiece.
, On the lirst door are situated the
operating, sterilising and doctors'
rooms, as well as several private
wards. The operating section is
finished with white enameled walls
and tilnd floors, as also arc tlie lavatories.
On the second floor are situated the
maternity wards ami a -manlier ul
private wards.
Tlie tup lloor is devoted to nurses'
Tin* whole of the sanitary and
plumbing arrangements are of the
most modern type, ami thc ventilating arrangements have been carefully
considered and carried out.
Witb thc .wMitim of the new   wing
liast Thursday evening George Oolitic peacefully passed away at tbe
St. Eugene hospital. Tlie old man
fell Into what appeared to Ire a i--w.ee-
ful sleep, and those sitting hy his
bedside could hardly believe thut he
had breatlied his last.
The deceased wus one ul Ihe foW
remuliiiiig old timers ln the East
Koolenay distriet. Twrnty-tihree
years ago be rami* mil to Windermere
where he conductetl a store, I-ater oil
he was appointed government agent
at thut polnl ■ Thence Ih- was transferred to Kurt Steele and siil:Ko-|ticiii-
ly to this city. Hefore taking up
government work, Mr. UoWie for a
time wus in charge of the late Colonel Baiter's store here, He wus unmarried and bad no known relatives.
Mr. Oddie was of Scottish descent,
born at l.apruirie. Mow Quebec
city in 1832. During his early mom-
hood lie resided in Virginia and served under General \.ew Wallace, as
i ummissariat officer in the North aud
Smith war. He held high rant*
thc Masonic order, being a Kt. Templar.
Tbe funeral took place at Fort
Steele on Sunday afternoon, being
largely attended by Cianbrook citizens as well as by residents of tbe
surrounding districts. Itev. E. P,
Flcwclliitg officiated and W. R. ilenity had charge of tbe arrangements.
The pall bearers were Messrs. II.
Mathers and AI. Doyle, of Fort
Steele, and Messrs. E. H. Small,
Oeo. Hoggarth, I. 0. McCallum and
Frank Dunn, of this city.
camps. In his opinion there ii
enough pasture going to waste on the
logged-nil lamls ul llie Koutenays to
supply all the cattle in British Columbia, ami also part of the prairie
herds, fnr eight months iu the year.
('.   II.    ItKI'DKH, (It'    SPOKANE,
ItltoiiK MEN.
N'uin'hrr of candidates
CIAI,    MEET1NO     OF   I'lTY
One ul tlie lurgcsl    ileals iii several
yearn in thr Crows Nest distriet,   in
liritisli Ciiluiiiliiii, h»s |ust lice* completed by F. .1. Hlmiben, s Spokane months, starling
real estate man, whereby Charles  (I. hundred dollars.
Renter, ol Spokane, sold to a syndl- M">'i<'' w'"'ra ''"' several ye.ns      In
cite nl    Spokane and Cranr-rook, B.   worked as a   miner, iillcrwurds    lie
('., mnn 8917 aeres ol land lor »112,- coming Interested    Willi A. I), (am
I    Lisl   evening  a  special  meeting     III
Un- eil) council was held, those pre-
sent being .Mayur Bowness ntui Alder-
men l'laji|i, Cameron ami Cnnipbell,
! Afler ih,- disposal of some routine
work, eoiisidorntioh wus given ii» the
loilowiflg resolution, outlining (he
eeiiienl sidewalk work to he laken
in hand this year:
j Mined by Alilcrniaii Clapp, sceoitic
ed l,y Alderman I'uliitvon*.
| "That the Municipal Council ol
lie came here (rom i\w Corporation, ol the City ol Cranhrook in council assembled resolve
llial llle following loeal Improvements
he made, Unit is lo say: .
The management of the WVntworili
hotel changed hiuids losi Tuesday,
wncn.li.hii MoTavish sold-oul toll.A,
Melloualil. The deal has been penning lor some weeks. Tile price Involved is SUM  lo lie close  lo $11,111111.
Mc'i'avish hml heen in chargo of    the
Wentworlh      tor      al I      eighteen
with only a      f.-w
| marks 1,000.
Ill; passed, ti ^^^^^^^^
I Bertha A. Hurry, ill; Vera M.
Iluscroft, 058; Kffie F, Arrowsinjt'i,
018; Itoy .1. Sloeks, 5K7, Mclva I..
Cartwrrght, SIM; Ethel C. llusoroft,
Advanced course, junior grade; max-
iiiiiim marks, 1,iiiiii. Number of can-
ililljltes,  I; passeil.  t.
Clara II. Knott, .ISO.
Full ionise, junior inraile, maximum
murks, 1,011(1. Nimil.-r of candidates,
h, passed, 0, |
ooo.      Thc   )«iyer« arc .1. A. Sand- clm>. "f"1 In lhe CtaTOopolttar, hotel |   \ 12 i00|
grcn, railroad contractor ol Spokane; **d "•*• '"
-\. II.   Macdonald, Isirrisler, ol Cran- 'hut t»»'»'
brook, and VV. II. Supple, manager  ol  Hi»l In tlm ' tsc ol a few years    he
the Imperial hank ol Cranbrook. l»»s cleaned up u snilg mile fortune,
The properly is known as tbc Itock Mf- and Mrs. McTuvish Intend going
Creek lands, and is located along the *"cL.' •« Amprior, Onl., ula.it tho
Crows Nest division ol the Canadian ,m "' August, anil will spend a
Pacific railroad lor six miles. Tlu- '»* months in Hie loealily in
svndlcatr has taken the land merely «*•* Mr- MeTavish was horn an
as an investment, and negotiations nilKi- T,M'V wi" ""■" probably re-
arc now pending with capitalists In turn to, British Columbia ami locate.
London, England, who will |>r.**tsals*sv I . 'I|K' Wefltworlh hotel lias passed in
eventually take over the tract lur l<1 WWII* capable hands. The eoii-
cotoni/ation purposes. , dnetlng ol a hotel    is no experiment
New Westminster, July
lenipt lo decide whether
lo build u highway across
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ..llieiil  sidewalk       eom-
tho Kootenay hotel    tn-'menclng from    tlie alley ou     South
ll will   thus   be seen linker si reel und   Van Home, thence
to the corner ol   Baker ami Hanson, \ e and        .,„,„,   j;
111 block ill, also alotlR the s-oulh siilej
of     Halter   si reel  in    block   OU, also
along the south side of    Halier street
iu lilm*!. Hi), when* required.
Also along tin- si ui tb siile of Baker
Tbe eighth annual convention of thc
Alberta and Kastern British Columbia Press association took place last
week end at Nelson and Kaslo aad
[proved iui<iualt (hilly tbc most enjoy
'ublv gathering this ass.viaUon btu
us yet held
Nelson cUiteas, aeiivoiy led by  thtt
Nelson   press  club, ti«- board      ol
1'i.idt* di,,'. Uk- local wotnon's organi;*
ufiLL IsWons, put forward tlieir best  eflotts
iu   piovi.lt*   f*'i  llu* visiting      w**k-
p.ipi-iiiicii a   thon ughly   g«N-«l     time,
und thai   tbey    'MiciYedtil WSS      the
uiuuiiniotis     verdict ol all  in attend*
rtnoe.     Not only  were \ery generous
and thoughtful plans made for      lhe
comfort and convenience ol tbc neWt*
Uii' project 'jiapennen, but etxxa special arrange*
I'aiuda   l» inwtrts had Imvo made
lo ■ made uimnent^^^^^
Icrbert GlWey,    oil    VrrtMtiK   lo    Nelson   on Thtirwluy
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:        - t*nrns;. formal   business  pt\ww%!ings
Ims   "I late years taken tip motoring wore Immediately
as a hobby and   who is well in.wlilled 'hall, wbi.-h
ACROSS Mill i, lino:
An at-
ibis fall hy Mr
this city, a reiiied lumberman
for the enter*
cs of the visitors-
On Sunday last Lorm* Adair, employed in* the Cl'.It.* tie camp nl
Hull Kivcr.jucl insUuit death whilst
more space has been provided In   the i-ngaged in    slacking ties. It appears
..I.I portion of the hospital and   con- t^t   ht*,    jwith. another man. weter
sMlerahle alterations have heen car
riii! out there, such as enlargement of
rooms, opening up wider hallways,
hardwood floors have been put down
hi the hallways and better facilities
generally have been provided.
The basement has been enlarged,
providing electric storage and machine room for the electric elevator.
ami considerable underpinning of the
walls and strengthening of thc structure generally has been carried out.
An electric elevator, of thc most
modern type, is heinK installed, to
convey patients Irom floor to lloor.
The solid brick shaft 1. r the elevator
has nlroady beon built.
Mr. Oeorgo i.eask is the general
con t ract or (or t he hiiHding, w Inl st
Ibe heating and plumbim*. contracts
have lieen carried out by .1. D. Mcllride. Tbe wb.ili work lias ticcn
tletfgned and siiiiervisiil in Mi. .1 .1,
O'Oara, architect, of Calgary and
this city.
In addition to tin- foregoing extensive improvements ((, tin* main
hinldiiH*. an isolaiimi hospital has
been ereoled, adjoining the main hospital. A neat, attractive, hotnelike
little laiildiirK, wWeb war* erected hy
tVtotraclor D ■'   .lohnson
stacking ties in # a pile against       a
standing   tree.       Smldciil.     tin- tree
cracked and ..started  tn fall.     Adair
was deaf and   did not hear the crack
and continued to work, whilst       his
companion jumped to.safety. The tree
fell   and   struck     Adair on thc bead,
killing    him   outright.    Adair    was
about .'{,"i   years    of age,    unmarried
His parents    live    al  Fendon Falls,
iHi!., where lie   was Ihuu, ani|      thej
body will be sbip|hd there bv I'ndi-r
taker Macpbi-rsou. t
 f .
.street in hliK*k 88, ti   Kctiwick avenue,
also along the   north side of     Baker
street to  south cast    corner ol block,. . .
!»■'!   on    Cranhrook   street, and then',...
along lite not (li   side of Baker        iu
 block til to the sun!li easl corner   ol
■Tlie land Is considered oftFoi    the  wllto   IKhi   McDonald.   For    several jot 13."
best tracts lor colonization in Hrilish  v,'nrji ** ran llte.Manltolrti hotel     iu;   Qii   motion ol    Mdernieti t*antpbcll
Oolurntfa, ami will make ideal    fruit   ■■•'•• -'"y. ami his house enjoyed      a nnd t'ariieii.ii it wus resolved      that
land," said Mr. Blomberg. splendid patronage.    Then he      soil when Hie appropriation* of (lie board
"Most r.l it is unimproved laud   at  «•-■ •" ^men Bn.wn am! wml    back   0f Wtiy\is f,,,. stn.,.t    ttllll(
the  present)   lime,  and   about   -inno ■" l*-r'''t,   Mich.,   and was eitgngtul up ail further work on thc
acres have   been   logged-over.      The •'• ■*»   manufacture     ..f   antoiiioliilo K,,s|n-ndiil
Crows Nest Lumber   company,       ol *'••«'i'™-      But the Inn* ol Ute
whieh peter Lund, formerly id Spok- «»>•« l'rt»"i-r-'- him to Crnnbr.
nne. is manager, located at Wardncr,  «*>•**• "• hili ,,1"li,,r   nativities
B.C., has the contract to remove all Wentworlh   under   his   nhle
the Umber,    which tbey own,       and m'nt wil1 sim «W««ue In In
llH-ir contract   calls for the clearing/'' «■** ]**t •">'',|« '" tVanbro.
opened at Un  olfcj
had been placed    at   tht*
dis|K.«,ui ol the convention    by     the
city    council.     Umiiifd   ttw* evening
Mayor Annabte attf-toded raid exte***ded
to thf visitors ,, eordi.il   welcome lo
ley, and the start is to bc made Iromjthe Queen   Lily   ol Uu     Kootenays,
Halifax some time during August   orabriefly    acknowledge!
in undertake the, ard'iiiis duties oi
trip so fraught  with physical difficult
ties.    Mr, (tilley is to be accompan-l
bis brothel,   (I.  Kmersou Gil-j
VAitn kmii'm: *
(Spcolal lo the lleinld).
Elko, B. C, .luly BI.—Prom far-ofl
Missouri    comes now n call for       a
sample    shipment of     ibc mammoth
strawberries grown  on the Itooavllle
Iriiiib lamls. 4*. N, Ironside, writing lo Oscar Wolf, cditot       of      the
Eureka -Journal, nyi thai fruit   oi
this kind measuring °) ittclnn in
circiiiufcicnce seems incretUble to the
natives of that Illustrious common ■
wealth, .Hid Mr lionsidc wants to
"show" I hein. Mis call lor the
HooHYitlc lierry tame too late, as
they have Imi-g since passed oil the
market for this season, hut next year
be will be temeiiilNicd with a p'ner
mis supply.
Tbe berries referred to were grown
on the Conner ranch at Koosvillc.
A. large and enthusiastic meeting
nl UM W.C.T.C. was hehl nt the
hum* ol Mrs. .1. Bennett on Burwell
avenue. Mr. Albert Slater, who
attended Uie convention at Vancouver, gave B very gratifying report of
the progress made. In moral and soc*
iul reform work throughout the
province. She also visited' Uie
Coi Mr m's home, where eighteen ol
Cranbrook's unfortunate children arc
eared for, and waa very much pleased
with-Urn good care. Uiere. The WC.
T.IT. hope that Uie riUrena of Cranhrook will (five Mr. C. J. South
•ome lUbtUaUal aM ia Uk work.
Encouraged by personal experiment!
stealing over several vears, Mr
Peter l.und, managing director of thi
Crows Nest l*nss Lumber company
Ltd., Wardnei, B.C., nsnith organ
i/iil ilie Lund I .and
uml Bevclopmcut etmipain.
to secure conl ml of logged-over lands
for funning ami laucliim; purposrs.
Already tract.s lurgrrgating ovei
20,1)00 acres have been ICOjUlrCd, and
it is intendid to secure fully 100,000
acres in' order to carry nut Oh* plait*
formulate. The company will dear
a large Million of laml antuiaMy, pull
out all slumps, ibHiild irrigation ditcher where necessary, and Una divide
the ana into live ami ten acre plots,
which will he sold to Inci-ming ran
diets and fruit growcis at a price
Lhal will enable the buyer to make
au assured living. Kootenay Und is
in Rood demand owing to the soitahil-
it\ of thc climate nml soil lor Iruit,
ijam ami vegetables, and already the
company has hud cupuuirlcK for more
laml than is at present In shape to
locate upon.
Adjoining his tine .home at Wardner,
Mr. Lund has n block of 2,11)0 acres
of loggcd-ovcr laml, Itut acres ol
whieh—cleared ami under crop—pre-
scut a lim' appearance. At Marvs-
ville, in Cranbrook district, Mr. Lund
1ms another block of 2,100 acres ol
loggod-off land, ol which 200 acres
were put in crop this scut-ton, hfing
irrigated hy means of a seven mile
flume down the mountain side. At
Wardner about 1,000 apple trees are
being set out each year, In adlltion
to other varieties. Ot potatoes alone
Mr. Lund expects about 000
tons, as well as enormous quantities
of onions,.cauliflower, cabtiages, pars*
nips, mangles, etc., while a large
acreage is given over to clover, millet, timothy and coarse grains.
Everything produced will be consumed in the camps of tin- Crows
I'ass Lumber company, during
d all the land inside of two years
Tin' laml is grown up with pine und
t .ini.irack. 11 adj.tins the Baynes
tract, which already has been taken
up-tor cob n j/at ion purposes.
"Tlie Itock Creek lands are well served by railroad lines.    In addition to'
the   Crows    Nest division, on which
ibc    lamls   are   located,   the  Waldo.
branch of   the Canadian Pacific   rail-]
road also runs through Uh1 tract, antl,
tht' new East    Kootenay branch      of
the same company will join the main
line at Galloway, whicb is located ou
the tract.
"Negotiations    with     tbc   London
apitalists have been under way for
some time, and a representative of
tlte company, will be in the city   ln-
ide of thirlv davs.     The initial pav- a*j*^.JJJJJJJJJJJJJii.I------------<---------------*------------a
ments already have been made hv the J"*"-"" *«*"   ani\mv
Leal syndicate- tmt¥i » sllorl     dl»tonco tum
ure     used
streets bc
'ostj :\ communication from .1. (i. Me-
tbe Callum, contractor for the post office
Tho bt did ing, re the fence, at present cti-
unge- dosing that structure, wns read and
one carefully discussed, tlm outcome being that tbc   matter was referred lo
Although a i
coast for many \
maintained two
lotto county, N.
t lun.i-
Last Momlay morning
10.45 o'clock the body if
man named Lim Chong was found on
the railway track in the (I* It.
yards with his licad mashed to a
jelly, the yard engine having passed
over him. It is believed to liavi
been a case of dejiliciate suicide. The
|   Tbe body    was renn vol to lhe un-
dcitaking parlors of    K. M. Mcpher
son, and Dr. Bell, coroner, held     ai
^^^^^^^^^H .inquest Tucsdai A
' |.I. R. McCreery, A. I). Smith, .1  n.
PRAR   THAT   BAILWAY    RATES Murray, John D»vll and    M. E. Pal-
WILL SHIT DOOR OF CANA-   |»ier, comprised the jury.     Matt Bar
MAN TRADE   TO WASH- «•?• engineer on the yard engine, tes
L INdTON MILLS. j tilled that   be did not see the    body
.(■■-■ [until Ills attention was eallnl t
Spokane, .luly 51.—Except oo the hy one of thc yard men. ■*•
matter r.l railroad rates thc entire! A Chinaman was next called, Who
tone of the half yearly meeting of identified tbe body ol the deceased as
lis* Western IMne Manufacturers' as- that of Lim Chong. He had known
smiation yesterday was permeated by **** 'or oVer ° Vl'ar* hut bad nol
a buoyant and hopeful spirit. The -wn him during the past week. He-
general feeling given expression to ceased had a wife living in China,
was that lhe lumber business, after a He had no money.
long period of depression, was on the! R- J* Reburn and .1, K. Belanger
upward way. itoMof finding    tbe body between lho
At tbi-   morning session  a railroad  -"alls    afler Uie    engine
or Bowness and   Alderman .lohn
j son,' with power to act.
On motion of Aldermen claim   undi
'., .t       «.•     ...... *■     journey,
Cameron bylaw    No. Ill, Regulating|
jLtltlndries and Wash Houses    in   the|
city of Crunbrook, was put through
Its   several   readings.        This bylaw i
.limits the    location of laundries     tu
ihlocki 35 and 30, and that portion of
block 111, occupied by the Cranbrook
:.Steam Laundry, and provides for the
reiuovul of laundries already established outside the districts specified,
as occasion demands.
I On motion ol Aldermen Campbell
ami Clapp, bylaw No. 112. dealing
with the hypothecation of debentures
issued under bylaw No. 102, t« provide funds lor tbe erection of' a
Manual Training School, whereby the
city is authorized tn hypothecate tb,*
unsold debentures   for fan amount not
'lo exceed SO'iiHi, authority so to   do
■sident of'the PaclAc
%nl Mt. Oilley has
homes, one in Char*
     I and the       other
in New Westminster, spending the
Mimmcr ou the Atlantic coast. IK*
left for bis annual eastern nip lasi
week and it is his Intention td spend
-i few weeks visiting bis parents and
friends before embarking on ht> path
I finding journey.
Tlie official llag of thc Canadian
i Highway association is to be dis,-
j played on Mr Ollley'S machine—*a
of Canadian make*—the entire
^^^^TJfar as the Ia.es will
permit him to travel. He will tUo|
cany the emblem ol the Westminster
Automobile club.
Hi'-: trip is different from that ot
probably every other transcontinental
(path-finder fn that he U not making
I this* journey for the purpose of ad
[vertising any particular make of au-
j tr-mobile or tire, nor yet as a party
I to a wager. With hlm the enterprise is a pioneering trip pure aa£
simple, undertaken on behalf of the
(Canadian Highway association at ihe
jicuuest ot President W. J. Kerr. As
I no attempt is to he made to break
I the speed record between any    giv»V
by   president
point, convenience and comfort    will
be considered   whenever awl wherever
Somewhat of a retiring nature, Mr.
Part of the evening's business wa**
tite election „i officers for the ensuing
yiW, which resulted as follows:
President—M. R. .lennings, of tbe
I.d;i:-*i.;on Journal.
First  Vice-President—^Oeorge     (lordon, Ponoka Herald.
Second  Vice-President—W.    <1.  Pos-  '
,r. Nelson Daily News.
Third  Vice-President—S.   R,     Hod-
>n, Okotoks Review.
Secretary-Treasurer— c. K. Hayes,
Kdmonton Bulletin.
Executive Committee — .1. fl.
WOoda, Calgarv Herald, A O. Ter-
rfll, Medicine Hat News; F. W. Oal*
braith. Red Deer Advocato, Vernon
Chapman. Oolden Star, Charles llay-
den   Calgary  News-Telegram.
Following the ekcttOfi of (officers,
tbe question of the next place of
meeting was COOiideml, and a ballot
being uk*-*?,. the city of Edmonton
mas chosen for the convention of
other matters of special Import to
toe printing trade were discussed,
wben the meeting adjourned until 10
a.m. Friday morning-
Friday's proceedings were e*cep-
tionally enjoyable, tbe morning being
devoted to business, followed by a
luncheon at the Hotel Stratheona,
when W A. Buchanan, M.f»., Lethbridge, Aita., delivered an address on
The Mission ot a Newspaper." This
being given the mm ^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^m^m^m^m^m^m^m^.^.^m^
|   Hvlaw No. 110 was finally  read „ml f''lleV d0CS ,0t T^'' ."'* ^*tif^i *° " * ""** dd9rtM Ulkl
j " tpd advance westward   nor is it   his   in- in     the course of which Mr. Buehan-
I  Mayor  Bowness here rais.si     thc'trutio\l0 •""SL"*"1     I*  -^l" **k    with lht rttatlon- ol      *
^m^m cities throu*4h which he \u:-n.^.     The newspaper   with the political parties
onlv reward which will Ih* his in   the .Whilst Mr.   Buchanan did not believe
event of   the   trip being   successful^that a newspaper   could Ik* independ-
i.iEotiatcd. is the gold medal put    up ent of party, it should be indrpn.dt.-nt.
some months a^o by Uw Victori-* Ao-jbe declareiii, within tbe party it
•'.Ltd.    He spoke   strongly • on    thc
subject      and     his   comments   were
heartily  endorsed   by Ute   aldermen.
The general,  tenor   of   the complaint' "".. ' """  I ,
cn,, lex ami
i/iestion of.the city's right to register complaint, in au effective manner, of the iuadci|uatc and unsatisfactory service now being rendered
by the    Kootenay    Telephone   Lines, ]
was that since last fall Uh1 service
supplied was very unsatisfactory, li
, was resolved that the city clerk ijc
.Instructed to communicate with the
(president of the company, asking for
an     immediate   improvement, failing
whicli section     H,    of hvlaw No. 98,
™»„,i„«.w.„„^n,T....ii«ra.o-.ri.. * „ ^^xvz"z:i,:i^::zt^7
leet to.
bird; ('. I». I.iislsli'y .ii«l A. W Laird ITMnamsui s slmrt time.belore aruuiul
was appointed to limk ihoumntilv In- Uie cats tbat Ibcv «re« spoltiraK
to lhe rallrcad rat,- quesllon. wbii-h. Krons tlw poslllon rf the body Iluy
il was reported II was likely lo l*> **t* "' •*• optohm the, dremsrd hml
willed Iwlh on Ihe Canwiiaii rail- "ol been knocked down, hut hod
way* and in Interstate iinnnierie ad- dejitieralely si.I mi tin- Hark in
venrly to the Inlerrat* 11 the west- I'nnt rf the harWlii! inislnr and hail
ern lumber troth*. .lain diswn with    hi* heail oh the rail
The proposal rf the enmpaaies,    It  ■<■ ><*ait his late,
was reported, would be lo •utonvsti-1    •*• iutr ri'lurned    a vonliri ,1 m-
eally raise the rale by a rhtarwe     In ctdmtal deslb, whlih was II nil
classification, pine    under the      new toursei   open   to them under Mm Mr-
arraiiKi'iiHiil* lieinn classed wilh eed- ciimstanee*.
ar instead  ol    with pneral lumber. I   Ootf llow, chlel    nl police,     htHs
Tbis would raise the rate rf western, eonlldent that Mm Ch.un! is Ih.' same
pine lo V\iniii|M'R Irom SI to « cents lYdnaman he hail in custody i.hc.iil a
and  etlM tnally shut llie door rf fa- >'•" asjr..    The China I      llwi
nadian Irade to the prodiR'ls ol loeal. l'**» "»« menially rlerangrd, hut al-
mill,. jter tsdnK Is'ld lor auhih'siiiiiial    in
It   was also stated Ihat a      new tecorcr.
('(Miiiiil irsii niljourni*!.
i:i:si i.ts is I'IMNBltooh' iiii.ii
The result, ol the Jam
lions Im-IiI in thr hitfh icho
Iprovihee wen Diade public
partmcnl ol editratlon last
ila ul
h)  the
tarill has Nw-n Died at Washirmtwi,
11. ('., Ihe eflot nl which will be to
raise Ihe lumber rates Ihrounhoul
the country. The committee will
make every inquiry Into these matter* and lake such steps wllh Hie
.nil Mole commerce eommlssism an 1
other aiillmrilles as may he necessar"'.
It was reported that owing lo   the
enrprnters nl Han   r'ranciser relusInK      _—-,,—iiii™rji.^.jj.jjjjjj^is^^
Nest lo work with any liiinhr'r not llnlshed (tradually  through Ihe nlnht and    II
tlio,!!! local mills,   operated with    union:was realised that    death W«I almost
Toklo, July .11.-The emperor .1
.lapan died at 12.1.1, .lull 30, tlio
Crown Prince Yoshihilo hns sticm-il-
ed to the throne,    ills mujrstv sunk
eotnlnK Iall ami winter. In tlw- course jj<*aiir, orrirnn and   Washh-i(lon dress- wre
ol a lew vr-.ics It is hoped that l.fllW'rd liimher was practically boycotted
aeres ol  eaeh block    will he cleared' on lire San    Krandsco market.      A
and  under    crop. '   Mr.   I.und aims'slron., resolution, drawn up by II. M ,
eieatually lo raise and fatten rmurIi|Cornwall, was    .inanimmi.ly passed,.who enloyed lo an einplinnal
bed aad polk la supply Ihe mills aad prulcstiaK aaaiast Ike boycott . gn> Me legard rf bis people.
within a cismurativi'ly hrlel
time. Ilibhc livllnit i* unsilly de-
pressed as llie late ruler wa*
t'ltANnitOOK CBNTEll
I'ii.nlirn,ik superior school: i'lil'iii-
liiiuy course,  Junior grade-i maximum
iniirks, l.lKill.     Suiiiln i nl randidalcs
II,    JSISSt'll.    5.
Thomas It. Pcnnclalher, 7ni. Ilulli
M. Slepliwis. (ISO, .1. Willri.l ll.illas,
(.77. .lessie McDonald, 037; 11. Edith
Cnslake, Ml.
Advunceil emirs,'. Judloi priuh-;
iii.iviintiiii marks l.utin. Vm,l/'i of
raniliiliilis.  I. passed  I.
Sarah I'aliucr, UM. .lessie Kennedy,
5113; Sybil |i. While, r.K7, Marslial II
II. Hatton, 5MI.
I'riv.ile study: Preliminary course,
junior srndc; iiia\lmiiin marks, 1,00(1.
Niunlicr nf canilldnli's. 1.  passiil, li.
Crouton nipnlor seliooi; Prrliimu
ary    course,   junior Kradc; matiiuu;:.
tomoblle club as a trophy lor       lhe ported;   newspapers    should lead and
first   automobilisT travelling       trrpn'nrt be M bv a party.
Winni|K'K to Vicloria.   ncarlv  all  oil   And    newspapers    should   criticiM
lhe journey lo he made over Canadian arcn their own party when In    pow-
should take a free and iod"
No ureal difficulty will he found m.pendent    pesition,   supporting   what
the prairie provinces as the* raid Irom
Winnipeg as lar as Macleod is pass-
ahle. which is about as much a, can
Ih- said for many roads In Manitoba.
Alberta ami Saskatchewan. Alter
crossing Hie boundary into Hritish
Columbia and reaching Cranbrook an
autornohtlc can now travel probatdr
as lar as Yahk, but from this ..point
it may be necessary to gn south to
II*' international hnundury Une. rroa-
sine, at Kingsgate and so to Hound
Prairie, which  is about ten       miles
was right and helping their party to
do so.
Ile agreed with Mayor Annahle
that one ol the greatest missions ol
the press was to aid in the assimila-
tion of the foreigners making their
Itone-s in the Dominion. They should
aim to (build up a strong Canadian
spirit and strengthen tbe connect inn
with the British empire, and he did
not know of any influence that could
tr stronger toward this end titan that
if the pew*     H>' believed that      all
south ol   tlw line.      From      Hound [papers should present these ihtftrius
Prairie Ibc   road swings north again In I    Canadian sentiment ami a closer
nnd into Koolenay Valley will       he.Hritisb connection,
slvli.n mill's   north coming up      to!   The more people learned      rf    tho
Creston. system of government In Canada and
Krom Creston the road into Koote-.the Hiitjih em|>ire the more aniiou,
nay Landing a. (he Summit. Crunk would they lie to become citi/ens.
routo—the present outlined Canadian Canada's metbials ol enforeenmit ot
llighwav—is impassable now. The the |a»-, nf which Canadians were
roads in the Kootenay districl are!particularly proud, were, he briieved.
lanu Improtfed at the prcsifit nn'c.^rcntly appreciated. In ttie I'ttitid
Imt it is not anticipated thai there states justice was Ireqiiently rlilav
will he much difficulty encountered nv lory;, cases ran along lor lengthy per*
Ila. transcontinental motorists when hod. and then often ended in the
Ihev reach this point. The greatest criminal escaping. ' But In Canada we
natural harrier in his way will lie have, the most representative govern-
the llo|ie mountains, over which no ment and thc freest country ou
wheeled vehicle has yet traveled l"r earth," declared Mr. Buchanan,
a distance ol sixty-three miles, j Canada's place would always Ha
Whether tbo Hope mountains can he with the British empire aiid he bo
crossed by an automobile is seriously lieved that that place would be elos-
i|iieslione«l hy all tlie packers wko'er to the heart ol Ihe empire than
know the trails In that section, ever before.
The data lo he oollcoted    on   tlils|   He was proud rf lhe power ol   tha
(rip by tlie Messrs. (lillcy    will     be press.    It wa* a newspaper, tla' CM*
turned over to the Canadian Highway eago,Tribune, which had for the first
Bsaoclatloti   as also    will he tbc log time accomplished a    few weeks ago
kepi .l'iimi- thc trip. (the'driving nut rf a member ol     the
I il'mud StatM senate. It waa due   to
,, . u ■> ^     ■     u. . 'hi* paper's cinnsure ot the senator's
Hubert Brown, her daughter ...      ,        ...       .,._.   .
... ...   ui.. n l .    ic.   corrupt character and the methods by
iiucst. Mi** Baker, rf   tar-    ., . .    .   . ,      .,_, . .^_. .   .   .
which he had Ussi elected that he had
and her 	
iiijiu. Man., lelt   tor the coast today,
wbcic ihey will enjoy a vacation.
(Cuatiaucd ea page eight) THECRANBBOOK.   HEBALD
l*' sweet, refreshes the farmer who
builds a
Concrete Well or Tank
' I ""HE FARMER, above all others, appreciates good water. He drinks
■*• more water than the city man. The city-dweller is dependent upon
the public water-supply for the purity of his water, while the farmer can
have his own private source of water, and thus he sure that it is pure
and healthful.
A/TAN hasn't found a better drink than cool water, properly collected and stored.    But in order to keep
ivx water fresh and pure, a tank or well casino; that will keep out every possible impurity must be used.
IT i, absolutely water-tight,
kinds,   It cannot  rot or e
and water, in,'end of causing it
asing tliat will keep out every possible impurity
you would
f\UK  Fawn
^*' purlmonl v
rn'   Injurmuliaii
ti lu th
'it,ii' lu buililun
in ii /in
'lep tu ii tlio,
Tlm Ml-Vl
:«ra Sr
you don't tvu
/int.* lu
bulla.   WAim,.
ha Infi
ation Department.
lectins your water frum neriuirc uf ull
i!e. It i*i easily .leant;,! itisitir*. Time
.Ic.-'iy, actually nuke ii itrougtr.
Addrass Publicity Manager
ure scores ol oilier mel for roticrete on your farm—on every farm. If
il like to know tilt hem, write for our .took, "What tlie Parmer Can
Do With Concrete."   Tlie hook li abiolutely free.
Canada  Cement  Company
TAFilENyuu gu iu buy eemtiit
" tenure thai tht, tabe.lt* on
every bat uml burnt. Then
yuu know ymi uie netting the
eenteit. Unit lhe Jurmen uf
Canada have fmmd to be the
Extracts from Treatise Issued* by Live Stock
Branch of Department of Agriculture
('oiiiciuYiil wiih 11 -iumlin "( other
active agencies designed l" rovlvc tho
sheep raising Imltislr) in Canada,
(then*   has lieen   Issued  by  the Live
some thousands, The quality ul
these sheep wus improved hy the Importation front time to time ol well-
Im-il rams Irom (Ireat Britain via j
Cape Horn on sailing ships, which
In ought lor ttie eotnpanies their annual mail and fresh slocks ol goods.
When the thbundary line was finally
agreetl mi these    flocks were disposed
.Stock  Branch <>f the Ih-iKtrlmi'nt    of
Agriculture a new edition "1 that ex-
hotist (ve    and      pract teal       t rent ist*
"Sheep   Husbandry       in    Canada,"
wliirh received bucIi a warm receplioti
some four years   ago.     This work oljol, a large number of sheep going
120 pages, whieh eonstitutes a report jOngon*   where they played .mi      mi- j
as well as a helpful bulletin ol      In- portant part in founding the      great Aoclis arc to he found.    Range flocks
struetion,   covers the history       and sheep   industry of that state,      Bad|"» not nearly as numerous ns might
condition   «-f the sheep industry      in'from tliere were scattered about   Upfba expected, due largely,
every province, pointing out the weak'neighboring states.     It will thus    lue'tlie fneb   that   sheep arc
the (.iilf of Georgia, nntl some trait
in sheep begun wilh Uie American
possessions in that region. Kor
some years after the settlement of
the San Jtlan Islands' dispute by
arbitration, when that island was
t-eded to the United States, consider
able smuggling of sheep and Uini-lis
was carried on among these islands.
The extraordinarily large numbers of
lambs market i-d in Victoria from
small flocks of owes in some of the
Canadian islands, wns a great surprise to many wlio were not familiar
with tlie conditions, and spemod tot
peak volumes for the prolific (?) Canadian ewes.
Since that time the quality of the
beep has lieen greatly Improved, and
several lirst quality flocks have been
established principally un the coast,
• ml scattered over the lower main-)
lain! and upper country, n few    farm
no diiultlt, to
not allowed
prints ami offering useful Information J seen that the early Hritish aottlenjio pasture on public ranges in cattle
for the guidance of older shepherds as'were among the lirst promoters of districts. On ninny of the islands
wil as those who are jusl beginning, improved sheep husbandry iu the'where sheep do particularly well a
or   ih-sire   to begin,   raising mutton Pacific Northwest. , tow passed in 1888 limits the numujer
ami wool. In this wrrk the author, (iu the establishment of a Hudson's *° ,K! &'an'li c" eroWn mmIs* TWa'
who is a trained sheep man. l*i:,gs Bay ,mst uu tl.e present site ol | wm,pd wilh thc «rmvth llf t,m ,ruil
out clearly the great advantages of Victoria, li. C, at the southern en,.atM **W*& ■*•'"*•*■<*• -•lls rtt-urod<
keeping sheep from tbe dual stand-ol Vancouver Island, in 1849, fern* ll,° num;ber oI s!,wp ikc,,t* ^ *'•*
point id direcl profit in cash returns, were located by the two above com-1 |,ri"'K fm ar™
ami tbe even more Important imlir- panics and sheep brought from Kort
ect one of cleaner farms and better Nls^ually t0 stock tbem. These sheep
crops. Then there is n special sec- were principally ol the Merino, SoutU-
tlon, "-Krom tbe Block to the Table," 'down and Leicester blood and were
designed to popularize Um ooammp-, tlte foundation oi the Bheep-biceding
tion of mnl ton, and lamb, other
tions deal with weed destruction
ence over the long wools, although the
latter also do very well. Thc foundation of nearly all tbe flocks in this
region are Down grades, on whieh are
used .Shropshire, Southdown, Oxford
Down, Leicester and Cotswobl rams.
Owing to tlie mild winters, comparatively little winter feeding or shelter
is provided, in tbe worst winters only/
a few weeks lieing necessary. More
liberal winter toiling could lie done
generally with advantage.and would
give good returns. In tbe island
districts for the production of mutton the flockniasters aim to have tlm
lambs arrive in April and May, wben
the grass is good. For the lamb
market tbey come during 'January,
February and March. The yield
here, as under farm conditions generally, runs from 100 to 150 per cent
ami upwards. Kant lambs are usually castrated at from three to four
weeks old.
(Irowing lambto for market is one ol
1!h* most profitable lines id the fleck*
master here. Tlie lambs are usually
disposed of when weighing dressed
from 25 pounds for very early, to
n5 pounds for late summer ami fall
These lambs bring   Irom $1 to $0 per
(Continued on page seven**.
slurp, diseases,  wool, bousing, enem- neat and within the pa-sent bouudar
Industry in tbis province.   They   did
larms situated I-1""1 '"r""'">-
the  coast    ami
ell    ou these
ies, breeds and breeding, feeds and
feeding, and other Important matters.     Under "Tho Industry  in   the
Diflerent Provinces,'' some startling
new facts, concerning the profits
made from sheep, an* broughl out.
It is shown that a (loch of about 160
ewes worth $0 each, after bousing,
fi*Mlmg and care were . li.ti l p <1 ngtoinst-
llx-ii, gave iu (Oil a profit of more
than (600, Tbis occurred on a Manitoba wheat farm.
A special feature of tbis bulletin is
its main l^mtiful Illustrations in
sepin lints, many ol which are worth
ftaming. A large issue has ttivu
printed to bo supplied Ireo to thoso
who apply f«r it I.. the Publications
Branoh, Department nf Vgrtculffia,
Below we reproduce lhe chief portions of the treat-lse dealing wllh
sheep liiiNh.imlrv in ibis province:
It. would be Impossible to properly
outline thf early history ol tin* sheep
Industry in British Columbia without
tirsi giving n short account ol its
early development in lho PnclfiO
Northwest imrtli ol the Columtfa
In Ibe early part of the nincitecnth,
century the Hudson's Bay company,
and lalcr tlm Pttget Sound Agricultural company, the latter largely
composed of Hudson's Hay employees, established farms at Fori Nis-
Iiu.i11v, mi the plains nf what is now
WusMingloii State, a few miles dis-,
tnnl from ibe present city of Tae**
oma. At that time tbis territory
was under the control of the Hudson's Hay company, and the internal*
tlonnl boundary ln-tween Ibe 1'nited
States ami     the    llritish possessions
ies of the city of Victoria, und ' Hi
ts Ml numbered several hundred bead-
Thoy suffered sumewbat (torn the depredations uf panthers, wolves aw*
sears, and occasionally from vagrant'
dogs. Tbe sheep were herded by
armed Indian shepherds in tlie day
time nud coralled at night. Indians
from early times showed tlieir appreciation uf a change o( diet Irouu
lisb and vonison by occasionally raiding flocks, Tills love ol mutton
made a little British Colunvhria his.'
dory in the eacly lilties, when a warlike baud of Indians swooped down
rom iheir village a short distance up
the coast of Victoria, and raided
(lock, murdered the sheplterd, and
carried on a tiumW'r nl sheep- Their
village, was visited hy a British gun
I oat from Victoria some time after
ds nnd the murderers captured
and hanged tm a tree ncarbf. This
lirst experience ol British Justin*
mode a deep impression on the natives, winch was shown by their
(.living and painting a large figure ol
a British marine standing at utteu-
tlon. This lulorned a prominent
spot in Hie villuge for years afterwards.
Some time after sheep were first
brought to Victoria hy the Hudson's
Bay company a nuniUfr of private
Hocks were established near Victoria
hy employees. The Hudson's Bay
and Paget Sound companies imported Improved rams from (Ireat
Britain, and thus raised the quality
pf the flocks. During this time soma
sheep were also imported from the
Hawaiian Islands. The first Importations nf-rm re-bred sheep hy private, individuals was In the early sev-
nlies, the first. Mug I-elcesters Irom
Imd not been finally derided tnn    thi
pari ol the continent^      Sheep driven Oregon, soon followed hy Soiitbdowns
from California   were pun-hnscd      by from Ontario.
the amenta of the   companies, until In About this time a number ot (locks
lhe early   forties the flocks numbered were estt4illshed nn lht% islands       In
produce, such as hay
mil grain, and   the rapid growth    ol
dairying along tin-   rich bottom lands
of the Fraser valley,    Imve kept    thf
Sheep industry    from developing as it
should,   though of late both breeding
'ami feeding are lieing followed    more
The rich pastures  of
un Vancouver Island
make this business always a sale ami
profit able one.
Despite the fact tbat sheep raising
is a paying industry, over sixty thousand head ol live sheep are imported
annually Irom the State uf Washington and a number from the province of Alberta to help supply - the
Britisn Cnlunlbfo trade. Besides
these, millions of pounds of frozen
unit ton are each year Imported from
The consignments arriving at British Columbia ports fnuu Washington
are composed ol mixed lots consisting of half wethers and the balance
full-mouthed ewes. They weigh ou
being landed at Victoria or Vrincou-
\i*r about '100 pounds each. Freight
from tbe ranges to the docks is
ali.'ot 50 cents per head imd the duty
is $1.10 per 100 pounds] Thus the
local man has nu advantage o( $1.02
per bead in competing with Imported
The price of these sheep on the
coast docks ranges Irom "» to 7 emits
per pound. They sell in tlie market
al from II to IA cents per pound by
the carcass. Australian miitUui sells
at Irom 11 to 12 cents per pound hv
the carcass.
As the industry is carried on under
such diflerent conditions awl circumstances it will be necessary to say
something of management on the
farms or the islands, tbe lower mainland, the interior and on tbe ranches.
On Vancouver Island nnd the islands of tbe (lull of fleorgia tin- keeping of flncks of Irom twenty-ftve to
four hundred head Ims always been a
profitable business. On account ot
the rainy winters tlie medium and.
short wool breeds have taken precwl-
can  lw cured by  the great fruit I id
ncy and liver remedy,
Brentford, Out., Aug. 13, 1911.
Your medicine, Fig Pills, lias work.
i'il wonders (or me. Tbe rheumatic
pains have entirely lelt mc and 1 owe
everything to your remedy. You are
ut lilK-rly to publish this.
R. II. Oailraan.
At all dealers 25 and SO rails i,r
mailed by Tie Fig 1*111 Co., St.
Thomas, Ont.
Sold by   Tbe t'ranbrook Drug    and
Honk  Co.,  Ltd.
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
BY-LAW NO. 100.
A by-law to raise the sum ol
Twenty Thousand Dollars by ileum
I'lri-s tu complete the sewage system
ol the t'ity ot t'ranbrook.
Whereas by By-law No. 00 ol the
City ol Cranhrook certain monies
wire authorized to be raised by Ibe
sale nl debentures tor tbe purpose ol
installing and constructing a sewage
system in and in tbc vicinity ol the
City nl t'ranbrook, and
Whereas it has been ascertained
tliat llie sum nt monies sn raist.l is
nul sufficient to complete the said
work, and
Whereas it Is ihrmcd expedient in
iHliall nt the said Municipal Council
In complete lhc said sewage system,
Whereas Inr tlw purpose aloresaid,
ll will lie necessary to borrow the
sum ol twenty thousand dollars.
And whereas tbc amount ol the
whole rateable land or improvements
or real property ot thc said City,
according to the last Revised Assessment Roll, is uie million seven hundred and. eleven thousand, nine lum
dred and      ninely    dollars ((1,711,
And, whereas it will lie requisite to
raise annually by rale tlw sum ol
one thousand Iwo liunilrid and sixly-
lii'e   dollars   and    twenty-six    cents
($l,2r,5.2fl) Inr paying the said   debt'Fnr a License to Take ami l'sc Water
and Interest. I -—
Anil wlicrcas the present debenture NOTICE IS HKRKBY OIVKN
IndHlteilness nl llw City nl Cron- that Oretta Vicars Burden, nl Tn-
lirisik is two liunilrnl and lorty thou- ronln, Ontario, spinster, will apply
.sand seven hundred ami seventy-seven lor a llir*** tn take and use i cubic
dollars and    thirty-six  eral* (IHO,- leet par arenas) ot water out ol Lewis
And whereas the Municipal Council
has power lo pass by-laws lor contracting debts, by borrowing money
or otherwise and lor levying rates
ot such debts -on the rateable lands
and Improvements, either or both, or
rateable real property ot the Municipality lor any purpose within Uw
jurisdiction ol the Council; but thc
aggregate ol such debts, except lor
works ol local Improvement and tor
HoMool purposes, shall not exceed
twenty per cent (20 p.c.) ol thc assessed value of the lands nod Improvements or llw real property ot
the municipality according to the last
Revised Assessment Hull.
And whereas tlw present debenture
Indchtrdness ol the City ol Cranbrook, other (ban tho indebtedness
(or works ol local Improvement ami
fnr school purposes, Is two hundred
nnd seven thousand, nine hundred
nml tnrtv-scvon dollars und twenty
nine cenls («207,017.20).
Now, therefore, the Municipal Conn
eil ol thc Corporation ol the I'lty ol
Cranbrook, In Council assembled, en
acts ns follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful tor
the mayur of the Corporation ot the
City ,ol Crnnbrook to borrow money
upon tlw credit ol the said Corpora
tion by way ol debentures hereinafter
mentioned Irom any persun or persons, body or bullies corporate, who
may lw willing to advance t,hc same
as a loan, a sum ot money not exceeding in thc whole the sum ol
twenty thousand dollars, and lo
oause all such sums so raised or
ceived to bc paid into the hands o!
thc treasurer ot the said Corporation
(or the purpose and with thc on'cct
hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful fnr tho Mayor
nl Uie said Corporation to cause nny
number ot debentures to bc made, executed and issued (ur such sum ur
sums as may bc required lor the purpose and objects aforesaid, not .exceeding, however, the, sum ol twenty
thousand dollars, each ol tlw debentures being ut thc denomination ol
live hundred dillars, ami all suoh debentures shall be sealed with thc se.al
ot tho Corporation ami signed by. the
Mayor thereof.
.1. Tlw said debentures shall beat
dale tho 21st day ot August, 1912,
and shall lie made payable within
lorty years trom the said date, in
lawful money ul Canada, at tlw office
ol thc City Clerk ol the City ol
Cranhrook, in Cranbrook aloresaid
which said place ot payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,
anil shall have attached lo them
millions lor tbc payment ol interest,
and llw signatures to thc said cotillons may lw cither written, stamped,
printed or lithographed.
t. The said debentures shall lienr
Interest at tho rate nl live per cent
I'i p.c.) per annum Irom the date
thereot, which interest sballxbc payable semi annually at the saijl office
n( Ihe Cily Clerk of Ihc City ol
Cranbrook in Crnnbrook aloresaid, in
lawful money of Canada, nn tlw 21st
day ol August, ami lhe, 21st day nl
February, in each year during thc
currency llwreol, and it shall lw expressed in said di'lirlilures and coupons tn lw so payable.
5. It shall lw lawful tor the.
Mayor ot the said Corporation to
ncgoljatc and sell the said debentures or any of them at nnt less than
ninety per cent ol Iheir laic value
alter deduct ing all brokerage und
commission charges incurred in thc
sale thereof.
0. There shall lw ra sed and levied
in each year during tlw currency ol
said debentures, the sum cl one thousand dollars lor payment ol interest
and the sum nt two hundred and sixty-live dollars and twenty-six cents
Inr payment nl the debt due upon
suid debentures by a rate sufficient
therefor on all Ihe rateable lands or
improvements or real property in Unsaid Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful tor the said
Municipal Council to repurchase any
of the said debentures upon such
lerms as may lw agreed upon wilh
the legal nobler or holders thereof,
or any part thereof either at the time
of sale or any subsequent time ol
times, and all dolwntures su re-purchased shall forthwith lie cancelled
and destroyed and no rc-issne ol debentures so re-purchased shall lw
made lu dmseuiiencc ol such rc-pur-
8. This bylaw shal take eflei-t on
and oiler llw 2IHh day nl August,
0. This hi law may lw citod lor all
purposes as the "CranbriM* Scwae,:
System Cninpletinn Bylaw."
Head the Iirsl, sreinul ami Hiiid
lime ihi lhe loth day ul .luly, 1012.
TAKK NOTICE Ihat llie above Is
a true copy ot the proposed hyluw
upon which thi' vote nl Ibe Munieipnl
ity will lw taken at the Municipal
Offices on Norbury Avenue, In the
City ol Cranbrook, on tlw 7th day of
August, 1012, between the hour ot 0
o'clock (10 n'l-lnrk local time) In the
morning, and 7 o'clock (8 o'clock,
liK-al lime) in llw eventhg.
Thos. M. Roberts,
C. M. I
Auditorium Theatre
Sat'y Night, Aug. 3
Burk's Big
A Mammoth Amusement Enterprise
People Engaged
A Grand Spectacular Production
More Moil, Women nml Children !   Moro Horses, More Poilil'B,
More Donkeys
The Big Two Car City Show
A Concert Band and a Symphony Orchestja
The Big Free Street
Admission   •   $1.00, 75c, 50c, and 25c
Crook, which flows in a westerly di-]grmind on the linn day ol .luly
rectlon through Lot 7210 and other. 1012, Tlw application will i»- file
luls and empties into Kootenay river  in the olliee ol the Waler Recorder a
•ar Wasf, ll.C. The water will lw
diverted at a point about two miles
Irniu mnnlb nl Lewis Creek and will
jic used lur Irrigation purposes on the
land described as , Lot 54S", Oroup
One, blast Kootenay dislrict, l'rov
line nl llritish Columbia.
This notice was posted on Uw
ground on the llllll day of July,
1912. The application will lw Tiled
in the ufliee nf the Water Recorder at
Crunbrook, ll.C.
Objections may lw liled wilh Uw
said Water   Recorder or wilh
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may be fihil with       lb
said Water    llccordcr or with       Ih
Comptroller nl Water Rights. I'arlii
ment nuililings, Victoria, B.O.
Richard .1.   Ploskott  and bxigar    1
Burden, Applicants,
by Gordon ft. Johnson, Agent.    :iu
, that Richard   C. I'Uiskell and Kilgo
*lw Livingstone Burden, holh nl Tiirnllti
Comptroller ol Water Rights, I'arlia- j Ontario, Travellers, will apply Inr
nielli Iluildings, Vicloria, B.C. license to take mid use I wo cubic fei
llretla Vicars Burden, Applicant ||h?r   second ot    waler   out it Lewi
by (lordon It. Johnson, Agent.     | Cm*, which   Hows in a westerly d
3Mt rci'ljon thriiugh Lois 72111 and   nth.
luls and empties into Kootenny Kii
cr near Wasa, ll.C.
Tho water will lw, diverted nl,
point    at* ut   two miles from       tl
mouth of Lewis   Creek, and will    I
Kor a License lo Take ami tsc Water
Ihat Oretta Vicars Burden, ol Toronto, Ontario, Spinster, will apply lor
a license lo lake and use two cubic
lift per second of waller out of Woll
Creek, which flows iu a westerly direction through Lots Hi and other
lots and empties into Knotenay River near Wasa, B.C. Tlie water will
he diverted at a pnint nliont 11 miles
frnm the mouth ul Wolf Creek and
will lw used Inr irrigation purposes
en llw laml dcM-rilml ns l.ot SIS7,
Oroup One, Koolenay District, Province ol llrilish Columbia.
This notice wus misted on Uw
ground on the Imb day ol July
1012. The application will lw tiled
in the nHlcy ol the Wat** Recorder al
Cranhrook, ll.C.
i Hijeetinns may tn- liled with      thc
said Wain  Rccoiilcr or with       the
Comptroller ul Water Rights, I'arlia-
mint  Buildings, Vieluiiit, B.C.
(Irettu Vicars Burden,   Applicant]
tiv flnrdnn R. .loluisull, AcV.ll..
GIVEN[ used lor Irrigation purposes on
Knr a License lo Tata and Use Water
ami described as Lul 8627, Oroup
Kcotcnay District, I'rnvlnce of Iln
ish Columbia.
This, notice was posted on ll
ground on the ltith* day of Jul;
1012. The application will I*' lib
in the office ol lhe Water Recorder i
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections may he filed with      II
said Water    Recorder or wiih      II
Comptroller ol Waler Rights, 1'nrll;
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Richard J.    Ploskott    and Edgar I
Burden, Applicants,
hy Gonlon It. Johnson, Agent.
that Richard J. I'lnakclt and Edgar
Livingstone Burden, both ol Toronto,
onlariii, Travellers, will apply lor a
license in take and use Iwo cijtic leet
per second ot water out nl Wnll
Creak, 'which llnws In a westerly dt-
rctnn through l.nt 10 and otlier
lots, and empties into Kootenay
River near Wasa, B.C.
The water wit be diverted at a
point about 1;. miles Irom tho mouth
ol Woll Creek nnd will lw used lor irrigation purposes nn the laml described as Lot 8527, Group One, Koo-
tenay Distriet, Province at British
This notice    waa posted on      Uw
For a Liconso In Take and Ulc Wai
that the Lund Land ami Devolopmeii
iu, Lid., nl Oranbrook, B.C., wi
apply lor a license In take nml lit
75 miners' inehes nt water nut nl u
unnamed creek, which Hows In
north-westerly direction lliroitp.h Li
0118 and sub Lot 85 of Lot I Mill all
empties ineo a sWBmp on S, L. lit,4
Lot 45110 and Lot 281. The wall
will he diverted ot Ihu spring on Li
0118 about sixty leel south of 11
north line ol said I.i I nml will b
used lur Irrigutiiui purposes on tl
land ilcNcrihi.l ns sub-Lot 85 ol' Ll
This not iii' wns posted on. lb
ground on thc 28th day nl lum
1012. Tlw appliealiun will In- Hie
in the office ol the Waler Recordi
at t'ranbrook, B.C.
Objections   may lw lib-il with    Ih
said Water   Recorder or wlUi      th
Comptroller ol Waler Rights, I'arlii
ment Buildings, Victoria, B.C. '
The Luml Land and Devclupiiicnl Co
Ltd., Applicant,
by Arthur B. Keawleh, Agent.    28-1 THE   ORANBROOK    HERALD
Tin* roi low in*-, communication from
deputy ml ii inter ol agriculture, W.
E.   iScott,  tvddroflsod   to   Secretary
Halsall, ol Xhe. iHinrd nl trade, Is boII-
fx plana tory:
ivpari'int'tit nf Agriculture,
Victoria, B.C., ,18 -luly, 1913.
21-2(1, 1HI2.
Sir: The provincial government,
through this department. Imve de-
inli-il Iii make a laier display ut llie
riiitiieoinifig Dry Farming Congress
lo lie held at  Lethbridge on Ootober
21—211. The assistunee and CO-Oper-
at inn nl boards ol trade an* in vl tell
towanlH securing an exhibit that will
prove ii credit to the province, and
cllleieii-lly iwlverlise Hie great natural
iisiiiirees ol the province.
The depart men I will lie prepared
to take over at poind, ol shipment
any exhibits collected by hoards ol
trade,   pay all     costs ol transporta
tion to Lethbrtdge, efficiently stage
Uto same, and take care ol tiltom
during tbe time the exhibition IB in
Tbo disposition of Uie. exhibit al
the conclusion of the Congress will
Imi undertaken as directed by each
board of trade. Eaeh exhibit Will
be stagfMl separately and Uto districl
from whence it was secured will be
properly advertised, The whole will
appear as a provincial exhibit.
Cards, notices, etc., must Ih* hi
nished for this purpose by exhibitor
TJW space to Iks occupied Iiy each exhibit must not exceed 10'xlO'. Tin
exhibit to Ini shown by Uto provincial
government through this departmeni
will ol course not In; open for competition, nfl displays will be CoUcotf
ed Irom districts whieh do not ionic
under tlie rules ol the oongfesa '■■
■".aiding dryJarmlng motbodB nntl
Tlie only exhibits lhal can be
entered in rom|tetltloti arc those
grown under dry (arming inoUioils,
I.e., without Irrigation and wilh natural rainfall, where Hie ml pre-
eipilatloii for lhe year, Hint is, pr
ipitutitm minus evaporation po
contflgo, does not tmike more than
2D". It would therefore lie ailvis.ibli'
Hint printed eards giving precipitation tor eaeh district be sent wilh
eai'li exhihit.
The co-opcr&Uon ol your iwmnl o
trade is invited towards making i
largo ami succcsslul display at Loth-
bridge.    Otlter  provinces are get Iins
in line for this purpose, and it would
not do for our province to fall he
hind. Wc therefore Iioih* thai ymi
will lw able to supply a suitable exhibit Irom your district. I should appreciate hearing from you,-at the
earliest possible moment oottocniing
this matter.
I    havo Uie'honor to lie, sir,   yuur
oiredient servant,
Wm. E. Sooit,
Deputy Minister,
One of the most up-to-date plants
iii the** mountains is ih.it of the Dak
cr Lumber Company, Lid., al Waldo,
in the Klk Valley. Erected iu 1906,
and started sawing in Uie lollowlng vt'rV o(t*n< aS Iorl
year, llie plant bits probably eut as '•>' "' druggists
much   lumbei in the interval as
mill In, tliu Interior,     being op**ratcd'    NoWbro's ll.-rjiicide   hai
mosl of the time   on a 2il hour schi-   '"»« ■•■'*l favorably known
Tbere is nothing "jusl us good
Newbro's llerpicide. Some dealers
will even go bo lar ;is to tell you
they have something better.
That dealer has an (USD to mind.
You can's s'top his grinditi . bul
you can prevent him grinding M al
your exjH'USe.
Tbere is one sure, swift  way to di
(In wliere ynu can gel what you ask
•Vou   won't     Ih* obliged    to do llth
ii,ilely tin* major
lunii-sl ami
i   Newbro's n< *j>-■  '■    ' a   boon
I lhe
glrml dandrufl germ deatr
nm* should be deceived.
dule. Tlie IU hour eapaeity is 80,*
mm feet, The planing mill bus a
number,of fast  machines,    the stock|   When V*1" wood n ban rami
being Mimed ittt    in the best       pos- ll""'t tti*"1 one wlllol irelj  i
sihle shape.     'Die townsite, wbieh    is
owned by tbe company, comprises   a
that m
block ol 800.acres. The linn's Umber limits extend along the Kootenay
river,,giving a   very   short haul   and
es to kill the dandrufl
vent lhe hair from falling.
You want one lhal will do it.
llerpieide dots it.
The hair beootnes sofl  and luuln
permitting of cheap logging. Tlie Thore ls ,IIoi "'■-•I' -"•*■ beauty where
big plant and other buildings on the fotmerl-ff Ibe. hair was dead, dull and
lownslte  arc lighted wiih electricity brittle.
41 Market Company
Wc liaiullo nothing lint thn finest quality
Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
A trial order will convince yon of their excellence
Try our Brookfield Creamery Butter
Western IResibcntial Schools
Distinctively ChrittUn - Non-agenomln-ttion *l
A iiif-Ii-i-Iuk-h mtdenttal and day school
tor girl* ot till n-*.*n.
8hiiiiglin*>rtii,v llei-jlitx, Vanepnver.
I.nrjte j*r. in mix. inittfiiiri* >>nt luiililinim,
witli every modern oiiplimtiv tur lieiilth
I" lid riiHlfiirt.
Rtiifliim'i|uiilli*il; every teacher a hjh*-
eiitlinl in her own .l.'imrt in-'i.t.
A tf+iilwitiul niul .Iiy ivhonl lor lioye.
Filtmi mrrp, atlj'iiiiinj*,   Hbailgbnetaj*
IIi'ichiH. Vancouver.
Buildings, ftnlmilyiiiff tlii- lateat Ideas
in M'lmol urrhiit'iiiiti-. tu accommodate
BOO l'iiyn.
l-Mtn-ntionnl ilendnrd ol tbe blgbecl.
Full | iruvir-imi Infill lil' tun.
Both schools open this autumn.   For particular* address
Dr. E. D. HcLAREN, 4 Stanley Court, Vancouver, B. C.
Is at its best a hard proposition.   Let us
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us iip'and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
Vie. ROLLINS, Mur.
Phone : Seymour 7!KH)
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -      B. C.
Two hundred elegantly furnished roonii. Every mod,'.™
convenience. Elcvutor Berviae. Onto in eonncctirm. limnr.ni
$1.00 |ier day niul upwards.
Up-country visitors lo the Terminal City will find every
convenience and comfort at tlio Granvillo Palace, special
attention being paid to tlieir wants.
generated on llie premises, tIk* itu|iti-
lur manager, Charles McNuli, Iras
lind a luiij. anil successful experience
in IuiiiIk'I niaiillfaeturilig.
Tlio Ailo;ph.I.iiinber Company, l.iil
Hiiviics    Lake,   in   tlte Klko Valley,
started   their sawmill    about    May. Hcrplolfte anil
15th, tho    planing   mill  having been »***>*■ the hair
kept in o|icratlon most ol   -        '    '   v"'-''"-"'°    '
Applications of lliis wonilcrlul pri -
phylaclie may he obtained at llm Iu's!
harlier shops uml Imir dressing parlors.
Send ten orals in postage or silver
lo Tho Herpicide Co., ltept. II., Detroit, Mich., lor 11 nire BStnplo ol
n liookli't tolling    nil
the   win-1   Newbro's    Horplcidc
50c, mnl
Le neren do Voltuiro, l'nlili(- Mi-
Knot, celuidout Urii . diBiiitdiiiis
su correspoiidiiiicelitli'riiiri' (J propos ile son hisloire ile l'Kinpiro
Ottoman) i I'onclo ayant nccapari!
toute lu liintiere subtile, ne lui a
liimse que le cttpttl iwnluiim. se
tiiiiivnit un soir ehez lo j,rr,'iiiii phi.
losophe, en corapnguie do sa Bceur,
Miulume Donis, etquokiues iuli-
mi's : i> un moment domic* (inutile
leilire par niegnrdo, enr ces cbo-
si'S-lii iinrrivf.it jiiiiuiis iiulreiiniil.
en soeiele tout nil' moiiisl. il lui
r"lin|i|ii', 1111 ile ces lirnila iiiiilson-
iiiinls, ilrjsigno duns notro In-lit1
Inngiie, ji.-n- uu tonne moiiosyllnbi.
pie, niiusoiilioiiil.  et quo   los Rons
li.'ll   ,'I,-.\',''S, llppi'lll'lll    llu VOI'llllll'
plus musical do Boupir; (un soupir
line noire • ) c'est il'iine fori
mde logique, cardans uu ens
piiri'il Pon no so voit ordinaire,
ment pus blnnc ; tjuolqofois, mul-
iir,'. des elfortB surhumains, le sou-
pir se ehauge ou point d'orguo,
rs. Iii, e'est le ilesustre iri'i'-uii'-
mablo 1 los cerveaux les plus cal.
mi's, sont liautes par des iileesile
iiiieiile 011 ile fuito rnpiile. Ininii"
1110 les yeux couront niToles, ii In
reelierclie il'iiu trou de oavo on
autre, iIuiib lequel on pourrnit Won
se I'ourrer ot. ilispiiinitro,
Notre noveii. se toiirrmit et se
rotouriinit sur su chaiBO, jioiir ilou-
ner le ohaiige, dt faire oroire.il nn
**'* * * *'4 * * 4 4 4 * 4 * * * * 4 ***** 4 4 4. 4
lir, as customary.     Tbc sawmill  is!"-00 slzcs ls sn,|l by nil ilrali'rs who vogue eraquonient ilu barrenu, qui
eiDiipped wilh double dciilar niul guai'iintec It to l«. all Uml is
lusl li**! carriage, the output being'•*■ " Vou nre not snllsneU
50,111111 It. imt 10 hours.   About seven I '"""cy will be retundotl.
million leet ol logs were taken    out]	
lust winter.
y 011 r
The   eut   ol this well-
kiuiwn plant always is In demand on territory is covered bj    Iheso sigbl-
thc   prairies owing   to Uu' sli*-k lie-'seolllg parties.    During Ihi' |iast wccki
ing r.iii'iiilly iiiumilai'liirtil ami bniul- Hini' id   them    worthy    nl eai>ccloljitovc.l
led, Irom the saw to tbe ear.    Ship   mention have   passed Uii"iirIi    lii'ri'.'|'alili,'.,
meats  can lie made    over the Cana- Tiro lirst   composed   Arthur I'Yiuvirii'
ilinii    1'acifie  .railway   and      Ureal, mnl   family, en    route li       Porl
Northern railway, which means that Steele, II. C, to Missoula, Muni.).
•S arc always avallalde Inr hurry-,tbc sccoml conslslcd of I'nrllaml pnr:
up orders. " K. W. Adolph, Ibc gen- lies in two autos, on a neven weeks'
cral manager ol tin* eonipuny, bus a tour, embracing Mcn-tllr, Kverett,
lipalile assistnnt in IV, II. (Irillilh, a  tlii'liic Ihrmigh Clark's Inrh lo Kalis
liiiiilH'rinnii ol tones experience and an
Mlepl in woisl operations,
At Hni'k Creek, lour miles Irom
Elko, llie Itock Creek Lumber Company, Ltd., nlinnl a year ago erected
a new sawmill of 35,000 ft. rapacity,
(lie machinery having liciti removed
by lhe owners, -las. Joyce and It.
yee, trom n plant which tliey bad
operated near Mayook, east ol Cranlirook, lor a cif.iple ol wears, when'
lhe supply ol timber gave out. Ill
tla-ir new location Messrs. Joyce
have six years' cutting ol yellow pine
and lir in sight, and are negotiating
for additional Iiniii*. Tbe mill was
rnirdetcd last season in time lo
make a cut cl 4.500,000 leet. Mure
olil weather set in,
if which none was
hipped owing to thc failure ol the
UMI. company lo complete tbi'
ialloway-Waldo branch line twelve
niles down the valley. This spring
ho mill started cutting the lirst
vi-ok in May, on a hank of logs confining over 4,000,000 teet taken out
luring lhe winter by a camp ol 40
rn. and about ten days later the
in|iletion ot iMallnsljng on the tap
ie enabled Hie management to lill
their lirst hatch ol prairie orders,
whieli have been coming in steadily
"CI since. The entire outftt, ol
iiiuriiiiicry was furnished by thc Wal-
rrotis company, including 100 h.p.
Iioiler, 80 h.p. engine, and planing
mill equipment.
uiiruit pu siiiiver In situation, ou
tout uii mollis, fniro ualtro lodotib
fnvonibli',-- suiif 'odour -, umis
Voltaire, d'un sarcaeme impitoyu-
llle. lirrelll    net, ei'lle   potito gym.
nistiquo : ,So tourimnt vera son
inutile de l.i.it olicroher,
III n'on Iroiivernu   pjiinl lu
I .a lelt re liie. Illllis I'ospril	
no vivilio pus toujours.
A. tlAI'lil.
•   P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Ajrent
«       .   Phone 139 Cranbrook, B. C.
* 0mo.
444444 4444444**4*4****** *'*'* 4
' Imperial Bank o! Canada
IIIMII   ,»,?.-.,-.,.   mnA.»a
pell, Eureka,   Roosvllle, Hi.,     am!
lo'inie; Ihc third was Mr I   Mrs.
X. C. McDonald, J. .1. Cameron and
J. Melealf, mi route from Calgary to
1.1'llibrldge, via Nelson, Penile, i')ur-
eka ami Klko.
Iteali'/ing that Ibis new nuln route
will be of inestimable value to Tobacco Valley, the Tolmcio Valley
Development association «,n devote
a groat deal ol attention lo lis mills
In this section during the nexl three
Hotel International
I'm. I.mm,nit-. I'roprlntt.r
Onoof tlio.Hjatliotolfliti BHHfIi
Colllliiltiu, l.ui-itlt'ii on tin* Itnint-
ilurv Lino, between iln* United
Sluti'H nml Onnailn, in n spot nf
ime Rcenio lii'uniy, wl (tame
UtKiiimlsHiiil YMi nre plentiful,
GoYrespomlenco of touriste
promptly answered
Kuteti Reasonable
KINC1SQATE        .        B. C.
(Special to Die Herald).
'Iko, 11. ('., July -ll.-AI a meeting id the Tobacco Valley IK'Velop-
meiil nssoelalion last Friday evening,
(urllHT plans were discussi*! relative
In Ihc projected autn highway
through Flathead ami Lincoln counties via the Stillwater ami Tobacco
Valley, to connect wilh the trunk
highway* being established hy the
llrilish Ci liuiiMa government. For
the twenty mile* traversing the
prairie section nl this valley the road
is already in Ihe best ot condition
lor autn travel, and wllh very little
work nml expense lhe kulispcll-
Kurcku road ean In' placid on aa excellent basis. Just what is necessary lo be dene In that direction will
soon bc determined, as President J.
T. Tctraull, ol tho association, and
Secretary I.. 11. Ilradburn, have
volunteered to gn over the ground
and report In detail Its requirements.
This inspection will take place at nn
early date.
Thc route ol this proposed neWi
auto highway" will connect with ono
cl the trunk lines ol the American]
Automobile association, known as
the Northwest Trail, whicli will
touch Hinder National park ami the
Flathead. |
Klko and Tobacco Valley Is tho
gateway tn the, scenic Kast Kootenay
and Ronsville pass country in llritish
Columbia, and already many touring
parties are making this point In tbeir
Ittaemry.       IMtea a Ur§» scope    ol
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them ;
Cranbrook, B. C. Phone 5  !'
*************************** '.
P- BURNS & CO., LTD.il
I » I I
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats arc Government
Head Office.  CALGARY,  ALTA. *
I). 11. WII.KIK, President.
■ in any part of
.ooonnto   oE   Corporations,   ofnniolpalitiea,    Merchants
I!armors ami Privnte Individuals invited.
Drafts uin! Letters uf Credit issued avnilnb
tlio world.
# . SAVINGS DKPAtt'fMENT -Special attention
o -riven to Savings Hnnk Accounts. Deposits of sM.u0 mid
;, upwards received ami interest allowed trom date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: !i. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦»••♦»♦♦ **********************
The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd.
I'.  U Mi.  I'llKSIMIN'T
Head Office      •  '    Cranbrook. B. C.
.See us about lands in the Beautiful
---—   Kootenay Valley 	
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at Wardner, B. (_'..
and M.irvsville. Ii. C.
H. I.. BTEPHES8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Inrurpi-.r**,**'. 1*«'j
Capital Paid Up $6,350,000 Reserve $7,450,000
Total Asseti, $110,528,513.10
IL S. HOLT, President      B. I,. PBABB, General Manager
.Vviiimi** nf Firms, Corporatio&i slid [ndifidoali lolidled,
Oot-ol town bastnssi rscelres sren sttenUoo,
savings DEPARTMENT -Deposits of %).») ami Howards received
mill [nteresl sltOWed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A 'itmeral Hanking Rusineflatraneart'*,,.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
* **********************
Apples, Plums, Pears and
8,111 us your name und uddresa and vie will mnil ynu our
New C'ltnliii/jii!
BlUblhlKd in l"«l.   1!S Acres
F. H. WORTHINUTON, Local Agent
A Good   Home
is what is dear to tvrety man.   A home
is wheru IV'/iot*, Oomrott, Oonfenttnent,
and I'lwity is fouiiiL That iti tin* raMOD
mon tlirooghoot Hritish OoInmblAi when
"OnnbfDoE" is raontionad think ol tho
proviitona *Ios. Hrault lias mado f<»r an
Meal home at the
!! Canadian Hotel
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. P, JOHNSON, Proprietor
*******4*t**t*»4*****4*********************4 THB UHANBKOOK BBBALLI
By ibe Herald   Publishing Company,
K. J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CK4NBH00K. B. C, August 1,1912
The discussion o[ Britain's naval
policy and Canada's contribution
thereto is becoming infinitely wearisome. The old country newspapers
-lilati* at greal length upon x\\\a subject, wilh particular reloronoo to
Mr. Borden's anticipated action. Mr.
Borden lias issued a statemont that
all tin* reports in Uie London datttesi
referring to liis attitude on tbo naval
ijnestion "are absolutely incorrect.'1
It Is rcasonuj^ly c.-*ar tlmt Mr, portion lias not as yet decided winav
course io pursue. Hi' knows that a
straight cash contribution would be
mii>n|mi.ii* in Canada, In* also realizes
the diiru'iiUy ol securing Canadian
participation in tin* imperial councils,
sn lar as tho decision U r ot against
war is concerned. Mr. Borden probacy realizes Mint in* will have to
adapt ihc Ladder policy, with cor-
taiti modincaiions, "lo wive his
face," nud until lit* returns In Canada would gladly lie rid ol tbr
('(instant interviews to wbieh he is
bciiiH subjected in regard to Cana-da'n
I,ihe ourselves, the Victoria Colonist appears In be heartily tind ol
tin* long drawn out controversy over
this naval ipiestinn, and is anxious In
sir something doing. Iu *i late Issue
tib* Colonist says:
"To conclude', lot Canadians i
to talk ahuiii how loyal tliey
Let ihem demonstrate to tlie world
that thc empire is one and indivisible, thut pressure from witiioul will
only make il mon* solid. The'British
fleet is the worlil'a besi guarantee ol
peace. We Ollgbt to he pioud as
Canadian*.' lo share in the task ul
making that guaruntco good beyond
nil room for doubt."
Our esteemed contemporary, the
Fernie Free Press, devotes some two
columns of its editorial page to a
slashing denunciation of ourselves Ijc-
ralisd ol recent comment iu these
columns upon lhe totally Inadequate
land policy ol the McBride government. The Free Press, ddubtless,
considered our comments in the nature of a censure upon its Idol, Hon.
W. II. Boss, minister of lands. The
Free Press feels that the Hon. William can do no wrong and it hastens to assure its readers that tin
Herald's comments have/no mon
foundation than excessive partisanship. To our thinking it is very
satisfactory tbat the Free (press
should, have tarn thus amused lo
consider Un- question at all. There
lias been too little said by'the government orpins regarding the land
policy, -or rather lack of one, ol
Premier McBride and his colleague***,
mid any discussion cannot fail to
serve a k«*n| purpose The* facts ate
so flagrant, it Is so almndaniPy n\t-
vious that ibe hest Interests of lhc
province are being Bpcrificed gi suit
the selfish alms and greed ol bin
corporations mid speculators, that
the very efforts-jof government organs to defend tbe government most
inevitably serve to arouse public
interest   and  must   ultimately  compel
ibe government    to adopt    methods
better calculated to settle up tInland and, In some extent at any
rale, reduce tbe cost of living. Othei
provinces and countries Imve grappled with tbis land question and
dealt .with it In a manner Ihat bas
proved beneficial to llie masses ol
the people. A similar move can In-
made ia British Columbia, wbieh will
Inr 11k- hind from the grasp o(| Mr
eorpor.it inns and speculators and
place ihem within way reach of a
desirable class,nf settlors, men who
will cultivate the same and endeavor lo supply the pressing nn*ds nf
the province in the mattei ..f agricultural and garden produce. There
are vast areas of the finest soil in
the world awaiting CUHIVaUon in
Ibis province and no government, bc
it Conservative ur Liberal, is doing
iis duly that docs not make encrge*
lie ami businesslike efforts tu bring
tbat I .nut under cultivation.
 , ^_^.
The recent convent-ion ol Alberta
and Kastern British Columbia news-,
papetinen at Nelson was an interest-j
ing event in so far us it tended to
show the friendly relations existing
lined ween the two provinces and to enlighten the Alberta newspapermen as
to the groat industries of this section of the province and the community of interests existing between
the two provinces. The citizens of
Nelson, led hy Mr. W. G*. Foster,
editor of tlie Dally News of that
city, certainly did themselves and
Iheir fair city proud iu ttie manner
of tlieir entertainment of the visiting
scribes. The sanle remarks applies
to the oltiizcmsiof Kasto, Al Nelson
s]K*«ial efforts were put forward 'tn!
enlighten the Albertn newspapermen
as to*conditions surrounding the lead
mining industry and tlie justice of the
oiKTators' demand for an extension
uf tin lead bounty. Mr. S. S. Fowler, and other speakers, made it* perfectly clear that Albertn was deeply
concerned in the prosperity of the
lead mining Industry in south eastern
British Columbia, a (act pressed
home in a practical manner by the
visit to the Blue Bclltjiiine. In another direction Alberta newspapermen
were keenly. Interested in an important British Columbia Industry, tbat
of fruit growing. An address hy
Mr, .lames .Johnstone, tltr, iwell
known pioneer fruit grower of the
Kootenays and a visit to the, famous
cherry orchards around Kasl-,. lett
impressions Ihat will not readily lie
removed. From a publicity point of
view, tooth Nelson and Kaslo undoubtedly did a great stroke of business in so generously, and wholeheartedly * entertaining the visiting
newspapermen. A special word of
thanks must tie extended to tlu
ladies of both eilies for their active
participation in the various entertainments! and for the special efforts
they put forth to make thc visit of
the wives of the newspapermen entirely enjoyable. The convention, as
a whole, was an eminently enjoyable
and withal, a businesslike proceeding,
which certainly did 0 very great deal
impress upon the publicists ot
both provinces thc mutuality of
their interests.
Congratulations of the skicerest
haractcr- are due the teaching stall
if Cranhrook public school Ior thc
•xcc-Mcnt showing their pupils made
in the recent high school examinations, t'ranbrook has long held an
nviable record for its public school
teaching results, and this record is
materially enhanced hy thy results
published elsewhere in tbis issue.
On Wednesday next, August. 7th
ratepayers will Ik called upon to
vote for the new loan bylaw to
raise additional money (or tlie com*
plot-ton of the sewerage system. This
is a work so entirely in the Best
interests of the city that every ratepayer, should take pleasure in regis-
lerlng his or her vote In -good time,
iu order to secure the passage of
the by-law by a substantial major
it v.
her ot addresses on adolesence, tbe
importance of gripping) the life ol
the child and implanting tbere high
ideals, which, when worka! out, made
the boy ami girl fit to take up the
great task of noble citizenship. The**,
studies so ably led by Mr. Westmua
were simply invaluable to parents
and teachers.
Hev. Dr. White, superintendent ol
B.C. Missions, presented thc problem
the church is facing in the Home
fields. This, led to a wide discussion
of the necessity of introducing
stltutlonal methods in all ol the
up-country work of the church.
Before tbe breaking up of camp, it
was unanimously resolved to, ar
range for a larger school of tho sum-
nature in the same place next
There were forty persons In at
tendance at the school and It 1'
expected that double this number
will go Into camp next year.
Tlm Summer School held at Moyle
last week by thr East Kootenai
district nl Hk Methodist church, was
nn unqualified success.
The camp   was situated at Aurora
>ve, on liie opposite side od Ilk' lake
Irom Moyie. The location was an
iiliniralile one, and owing io the
generosity ol Mr. E. A. Hill, who
with his gasoline launch met every
I rain, no inconvenience whatever
was experienced because ol the isolation of tlie camp.
Tlie department nl Ilible study under Ihe direction ol Itev. K. A.
Smith, was a grand series on the
ol Paul, Mr. Smith dealt with
his subject in a "cry bn ail way. His
viewpoint wus Ihat ol modern scholarship, which linked with a sincere
spiritual interpretation1 made every
lecture an inspiration. The geniality, comradeship and wit ol Mr.
Smith had no small part in making
Hie si Inn I as a whole a splendid success.
llev. W.    Irwin, ol the department
I Social and Moral llelorm, prc-
lentcd lhe social problem, lacing the
church in a truly scientific treat-
iiiciil nf lhe whole field of economics In,in a Christian viewpoint.
Tliese lectures created considcralilo
discussion and laid Ihe claims and thc
field ol Socialism clearly belore the
llev.  .1.   |\    West man  gave a ntllll-
Tto Irmlc bouae fly lay. from (SO to .50 eggs al a lim., aad (bat Mature In
WMks.   links *.*orable cinilitions th. descendants ol a single pair will Dumbs, 1
In lbs*, noalhs.   Tb.,sf<i,c .11 nQUMkccpt ,s shuald conunenct using
Mlt? ta tto Mmtoo. in-] ihiH cm->iT» Ure** propo-thm at Ihc .umtwt uwp.
The l-.pworth League of the Melhodist church ■gave a novel social evening last Tuesday night, when Miss
Clara ,Bonner, elocutionist, rendered
un interest ing programme in the
tihurch, impersonating the several
eiiuracters of tlie play "Esmeralda."
After it he programme adjournment
was mado to the parsonage lawn
w-lierc refreshments were served. The
youtiw people bad tastefully decorated
booths set here ami there, and thc
surroundings were replete with bunt
ing, and the grounds were brilliantly
lighted, Miss Bonner gave a short
programme on the lawn in ber inimitable way to ihe delight of u
large company.
The innovation of having a prides-
tonal entertainer provide the entire
programme was a pleasant departure from the ti p-worn, stereotyped garden party.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to ,1 p.m.; Ilosary and lleue-
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Han at 6 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I
• Free
■ Saks
Sunday morning 11 o'clock
ness meeting.
Sunday alternoon, ,1 o'clock
and easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8    o'clock -
lion meeting.
Ilible lesson: "Inconsistency."
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock   — Salva
tion meeting.
Thursday night, 8 o'clock—Holiness
Friday   night,    8    o'clock—Praise
meeting. .
An invitatifn is extended to all.
Rev. W. Elson lHitmaiu, pastor.
Sunday services; The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "A Series cl
Ilible studies—'The Epistle ol
•lames.' " ,
Evening subject: "Friendship,
Charity, Henevolenee."
Tlw evening service will he devoted
especially lo the Knights of Pythias,
who, with tlieir Iricnds, will attend
lis' church ln a body.
Watch tor Ihe Rebekah social
August 15th* Further particulars
To many old Menls ami acquaintances in this city the news ot the
sudden death nt Mrs. Nortlicrt, mother of Mrs. .lames Ryan, will come as
severe shock. Mrs. Northert, with
her daughter, Mrs. .las. Ryan, was
out nt English Hay, Vancouver,
Saturday last, apparently In good
health. As they were resting lor a
while on a seat, near the .beach,
Mrs. Norlhert suddenly leaned
Iici daughter's shoulder. Mrs. Ryan
asked il she was sick, she received
no reply, her mother bad quietly
breathed her last.
The remain* will I*. taken back tc
the old New Brunswick home lor interment, accompanied hy Mrs. Ryan
ami another daughter, Mrs. Noble.
>       ■ ■
A very interesting visitor in town
this week was Mr. (Hdcon Ik wells,
ol Spokane, an old gentleman, who
will reach his 88th year in September next. The Herald represent*
live, who enjoyed a long chat with
Mr. Howell*, never encountered a
more youthful old man Ihan Mr.
Howell*. He told in a matter ol
course manner that he was en route
tn Wasa, where he would put in sonic
time doing assessment work on his
claim on Tracy creek. The lllufl I*
the name nt Mr. Unwell* claim,
which was located lor him a lew
years agt, by W. II. Shlra. Ile has
secured very good samples ol copper
gold ore. running as high as 158,
and ha* every confidence that he
has  something  rich   in sight.      Re-
That Maohela, Nature's Scalp Tonic
bas * record ■ lor growing hair—95
liases out ol 100. It is the only remedy ever discovered that is similar
to the natural hair foods or liquids
ot the sealp. Removes dandrufl.
Prevents tailing hair. Each package
contains a packet ol Maohela Dry,
Shampoo Powder. Price lor complet
home treatment, 11.00. Sold and
guaranteed by the Cranhrook Drug
and Book Co.
Mr. Samuel Augjhey, innile an examination of Hie property for Mr. How-
ells and his report was eminently
satisfactory in every respect. In the
course ol this report Mr; Aughcy
"The property, il developed and
worked in a businesslike way, as 1
believe il lias Is'en hitherto, cannot
(nil to become highly rnnunoratlve
uml enrich the stockholders." Tliu
property Is located a little south ol
Tracy Camp.
Mr. Ilowclls, despite his many
years, Is going iu to do Itis'assessment work bimsell. He talks and
nets like a vigorous young man of
some thirty or forty summers and
fully expects to pass Ills liuwlri.ltli
year above ground, actively] engaged
in mining activities.
Wardncr won both games Irom thc
Crunbrook boys here last Wednesday.
The game in tlie alternoon by a
score ol 12 to 0, and the osrc in the
evening by a score ol 7 to 5. .Corbett
and Kerr were tlie battery lor the
home team in thc flrsl game, anil
Burr and Kerr in tlie second.
Lund and McDonald were the,battery
for tlie visiting team.
The Cranbrook ball team have ar-
ruuged to go to Bonne's Ferry and
play on the 7th and 8th ol August.
The Cranhrook juvenile ball team
went to Creston last Monday. Thc
hoys Irom the banana belt put it over
Uie boys in the strawberry zone
by a seore ol 11 to 8.
Shirts worth $1.00 closing nut at
' Many old residents will learn with
pleasure that former police magistrate .1, D. Anderson has won nut in
a real estate dispute, involving a
large amount ot money. Particulars
of the case are contained In the tollowing despatch:
Vancouver, July 30.—A cable has
been received that an appeal in the
use ol Anderson vs. Ralston, which
had been carriid hy thc defense to
tln> privy council has been dismissed
with coots. Tile case is the mosti
important real estate action ever
tried in British Columbia and tlu? decision will prolisbly altcct upwards ol
110,000,000 worth ol property.
Anderson, who is an ex-mayor ol
Vancouver, was in the early days thy
owner ol a large tract, ol land in
South Vancouver. He allowed it to
be sold lor taxes in 1900. Two years
ago bc brought an action to recover
lhe property nn the ground that the
sale was illegal. In the British Columbia supreme court the action was
dismissed: in tbc British Columbia
court ol appeals It met thc some
late, but tho supreme court ol Canada took the ground that Anderson
was right and ordered that he get
bock his land. Yesterday the privy
council decided Ihat the Ralston interest bad no ground lor appeal,
which ends Ihr ease. Anderson will
now take possession ot the land,
valued al (500,000. It was sold lor
unpaid taxes originally- lor 1102.50.
Mr. J. II. Anderson was Cranbrook city's flrsl police magistrate
and judge ol tbe small debts court.
He occupied this position Irom the
lime nl incorporation until 1908 when
he was suenrded by His Honor Judge
Crescent lodge, No. 33, K. ol P.,
will on Sunday next hold Iheir annual Decoration services. All members and visiting brethren are requested tn be at tbe K. ol P. hall
not later than 3 p.m. on Sunday,
August Ith. An Invitation Is extended tn the publie at large In witness this Impressive service.
There will Ik a church parade at
7.20 p.m. Irom the K. ol P. hall tn
Hie Methodist church.
will plenso note that wn
linve 11 complete stock of
We Imvo tlie lend, mnile
nf uriiile of jsiwiler niul
iii/c of shut yuu have
lici'ii luiikiiiK fur.
F. Parks & Co.
$0.95*wlll liny un 518.00 suit
tlio C C. S. dosing out sale.
Any person requiring their hath
room* toilets, etc, connected to the
sewer should sec Kd. K. Johnson.
Ksti mates furnished. Cull 'phone
207. 28-tf
A distressing accident occurred
Uw C.P.R. yards on Sunday, when
George Lynch, acting yard foreman,
was caught hy the yard engine and
had both his feot run over. One foot
was severed below the ankle, and the
other below,tbe instep. lie was, immediately taken to the St. Eugene
hospital, where he is doing as well as
can be expected. Lynch is a married man and has an infant child.
If yon want a good investment,
buy lots in Cranbrook Heights. They
are only six blocks from Hnkcr
street, and beautifully situated. They
are selling at $125 a lot; (25 cash,
$10 J»cr month.—Corwln Hruee Investment Co.
*».»5 will buy an $18.00 suit
the *'. 0. S. closing out sale.
It. •)■ Maiiiim, of Moyie, met with
a pirn* of hard luck last Saturday,
when two of his .horses were killed by
the eastbound Soo-Spokane train.
Mr. Man km, who has a contract tor
taking out timber at Aldridge, turned his horses loose Saturday night
and they wandered along the track
to thc railway bridge which crosses
tlie lower Moyie river. Here both
were struck by the easthtHtud Oyer.
The horses were valued at StiiHi.
What will it profit a man to pay
$18.00 for a suit that can In- bought
at the CCS. for $9.95.
Mr. A. McNeill, chief of,Dominion
Kruit Division, Ottawa, says: -sThc
only province nf Canada which can
produce fruit of the 'fancy' class is
llritish Columbia, and 1 have ft mc
to lhe conclusion that tlie best tlistriet in Hritish Columbia (or it, is
the Kootenay. The soil and climate
are wonderful, unetyiallid anywhere in
Canada/* Five acre tracts in l.uen.i
Vista Gardens, a mile ami a ipiarter
from the post office, for sale on
easy terms bv thc CRANDROOK
We must make a clean-up hy Ocfhb-
er lst.-C.CS.
Win. Hamilton, who has one of the
best Improved farms near Crnabrook,
Is at present making'a dally ship
nmit of Irom twenty to twenty-live
crates of black currants In Calgary.
He also has.- a splendid *r..p td raspberries and picks of these some twenty crates a day. Kor the raspberries he finds a ready market ,i\ home.
Mr. I1.i,milt- n expects to take 250
crates of rasp-l^rrics Irom a halt amid land. He had fourteen acres nt
land under cultivation, and is carrying on a highly profitable buiiin<*ss.
Halsall & Co.
Ladies' Black Lisle Hose, Lacework
and Embroidered Hose
Regular value 7!ic, $1 00, $1.2B
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Uroys, Iiii'.   RoRiilar value iOo,
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Utility Silk Hose
In Blacks niul l.iclil Tans only.   Pure Silk linlf loiigtli.
I.inli' heel uml toes,   Hitsos Nl, 11, '.i'i, ID.
Splendid value at 75c pair
Boys' Heavy Ribbed Hose
Reinforced knees, li™lu ami loon.   All Bices,   li.-i-.nlrir
value '100,
Saturday Special, 25c pair
Girls' Princess Hose
Iu Pinks, lllups anil Oxlilootls.   Sizes li to S.   S|ilciiili<l
value ii|) tu IOc.
Saturday Special at 20c pair
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
R. T. Brymner, flanager Cranbrook, B. C.
II you wait a irllable and reasonable jab ol plumbing done ar sewer-
agc connect ions made, rail uri I'd. K.
.Minion, 'idiotir- 287. M-tl
Win 11 In nini call Illondy. Phone BI,
Investigation iirovra everyUrlng.
Gel onr prices on 11 suit before pay-
in; (30.00 or WS.OO lor something
no hotter thnn wc are ' siOUnp at
Mr. DeVcrc limit, lormer maynr
ami secretory ol tin- Cranbrook As-
riviilliiriil Aflnodation says: *'l know
of uu better property than Ituena
Yistti.diirileiis mnl I am advising my
Iriemls to buy it." Five aero travls
lor sale l.y the Crabrook Agency Co,
Yon can make no error In Inlying a
11.00 sliirt at l.ic.-C.l'.N.
Tlie social club ol Knox church entertained their Iriends al an opening
social on the manse lawn on Momlay
evening last. A goinl musical programme was followed hy relrcsh-
ini'iits ami games. There was a
large" attendance and a very enjoy-
ahle evening was spent. The club
wislies to extend a vote <*I thanks
It those Iriemls who hclpid make the
eiiterlainmitit such a pronounced
success ami extend a hearty invitation t(. any young people, not connected with a similar society, to
become members.
You can make no error In buy inc. n
tl.00 sliirt at I5c.-('.<'.S.
Mr. Fred Ilussell, the well known
realty broker ami manager ol the
Cranbrook Agricultural Association,
"The sell in Ilucna Yisla Gardens is
excellent and llie location Is niajiiuii
rent. Thc ease with which water
Can !*■ obtained, ami close proximity
to market, make lhe property especially desirable lor anyone requiring small tract*." For sale by The
rralitrTook Agency I'o. un easy payment!.
You can dress as well as 11m- other
fellow at hall lhc price II you will
lake the trouble to look through our
•lock ol clothing.-l'.C.S.
lliii ns
fori*—real  genuine closing out   prices.
•lolin K«-i,l, superitita'mleiil of road
work in this district, is now busily
engaged iu cotislriiclin^i a first class
wagon road between this city
Gateway. For a time il
thought Uuil 11,1k work was lo
discontinued ami. the ijucstiou
r.iist.1 by the Herald, as I
Tlie Fernie Free Pccss came back
with tlie .following'. "Incidentally,
Iln' Herald gels sliglilly iiumsI in iis
geography when it says that the business Irom Gateway should naturally
conic to ('ranbrook. No amount of
road buildingi will ever make Cranbrook Uh- natural shopping point lor
Greenwood. Nol only is lhe distance (si Cranlirook larlhcr Ihisir il
Is to Fernie, but people do not drive
Oily mile* over mountain roads I.i do
business wlien they can ride lorty
miles on a railroad to their natural
shopping polnl." However, it a»-
ponrs that the Herald lutd been misinformed ami that tlie Free Press
simply jumpisl at a chance to give us
a crack. Mr. lleid says Uie Wagon
road will I*' pushed through this kill
and lhal it will provide an oicellnil
means cl communication between tlii--
city ami Gatrway. The road runs
Iiy way ol Gold Creek, and will 1m>
well under lorty miles in length.
Shirls worth Jl.00 closing onl
Tlie I'ranbTitik Lacrosse club made
a big KilrccHX ot their dance at the
Auditorium last evening, lu l.nt expressions were Iriily giv,n tliat II
was the last dance held iu I'ran-
. brook this year. Special at lent ion
— (Was given  to   the   hall decoralions.
Aiitoi    are,Inciming so thick      in There    were   hunting, .lapancsr lau-
Cranbrook that Manager I).' Y. Molt, |inns,.mil    lacrosse slicks   in prolu-
and the members ul Ih.'    cnin-
company, aion.
the agency Inr a flying mil Ice   win.    had this work in hand
Thc Ladles Auxiliary ol thc II. It.
T. had the pleasure ot entertaining
Ihe Ind vice-president ol their order
this week, Mrs. Mary Cusark, ol
Toronto, who is paying an official
visit to the western lodge* On Tuesday alteration Mrs. Cuaack paid an ol Hie Kootenai Garage
official    visit   to   Queen   Alexandra ha* accepted
lodge, No. 414, and delivered, an in- machine. Ile will provide any pet-'are deserving nl the highest credit,
structive address to Ihe assembled ' son with a modern, up-to-date French At. midnight a very tasty supper was
members. In the evenng Mrs. Cu-'flying machine lor tlJKHl. Yral.id.iy sirnsl un Ihe stage id the Auditor-
sack was entertained at a social In' lhe Kootenay Garage company re- lum. (lucrrard'* orchesl ra tarnished
Carmen's hall, when dancing wa* ceived a carload ol six new Fords excellent music. Tlie dance »as not
indulged in, music lor which was lei distribution in this rity, Nelson given by the club as n money-making
supplied by the        l-Jllson and Trail.      Four    id Ihe hall dnrcn'proposition, hut merely lo show   np-
orohestra. The        visit ol gn to   local   people, vis: Thos. Otll.'prorlation to lhe palrnns who    have
Mrs. Cusack proved very enjoyable]'luhn McTnvish, Mr*. J. Fingal given material assistance in Ihc pant,
and helpful. Mrs, Cusack Ml Inr Smith, Mr. Kd. lsuiay, ol the Davis • Miss May Small is visiting in Fer-
Ihc east yesterday. lllros. Klectric coni|iany. Gnc goes   to nle.
| | Nelson li r Messrs. McQuarric      and __
Shirts worth 11.00 rioting mil   at llobertscm, and    thc other In It. II.'   We are giving prices In all      lines
cently a well known Spokane espnt,lUe.-C.C.S. |.Sfoirart. ol Trail. that Craahrook never heard ol      he-
.lti»t recently there was a leal ne
ititnplisli,*) near Fori Steele .tune-
lion that has hein very rarely prr-
lorim-d in rccci"! yeats, ultln ugh al
une lime ol ratlin frniueiit ori'iii
rence. Some three weeks or tnoie
ago a young horse,iH'Inngilig to
Clifford Sissons got away with the
saddle on, lhe lirst lime lie'liad liccti
Ire since taktm off lhe rutigc Allci
many attempts lo round liim up in
wlm* lie mil run all Ibe horses
brought out lo cHpltiic bim. orders
were givifi In Hie Indians lo In the
leal uf creasing him. This Is dniie In
shooting    wllh a rift.- In lhe      neck
close enough to Hie npitml i I      to
slim lhe animal wilhoiil ntrerli tlie
cord and as may be supposed de
iiiamls some marksmanship. 'Isaac,
Irian the SI. Mary's,reserve, alter' a
good ditil uf lalM i sun I'lilcil on Sa
tiinlny last ill approaching within
about 00 yards ol the renegade ami
brought hlm to lhe ground, uls'tc
he lay unconscious for about, five
mlnules thus affording an opportunity to secure hlm wllh rills'* hrtorn
he came to his senses. On Tuesday
In- was once more mil Inr exercise
and can bc seen wllh Ihe bullet hole
Hirmitli his neck carrying,his owner
and otherwise Utile llie worse tor his
Shirls worth H.Ofl closing mil
WANTEIX-Girl lor general luaisc-
work. Apply Mrs. (I. W. Patmore,
•ity. SI" THE   OBAN JB^OOK ..JUJji«AL,0
A Ploy that appeals to all i'liissi'6.   Coin,, nml sen this
liruut drama.    Special large Orchestra and Band,
A Safety Razor for
a Dollar
II will pay you to Invest in n GEM JUNIOR, with
ni'vi'ii DiuiiiiBkoeiio liliuli'H. nr nn EVER* READY, willi
twelve blados,
lixtra Blades, 75c. n do/.
nil tlio olhor makes Inn,  im
('•nni' in niul lot im allow ynu
Wo hova nil tlio olhor innkos loo, luoludlns THE
ZEPP, ni $3,60,
Also The flem, Anco, and Griffon
Automatic Stroppers
They nre moiioy hiiv.th
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The ^OXoJiii Store
Cranbrook - - - B. C.
It's the
Condition of
the Eyes
Not tho x\\\\>. of the person
which dotortn fries whether
glasses nre needed or not.
Wi*;ik eyes sliould l>o assisted
mado Btrong* Cilnssos will
do it if thoy arc the right
Wearing ulaflsos constantly
in after lif»i may lie avoided
if tlie cyi's have early attention. < * 1 i r opticians' work
and prices will suit you.
Eyes tested free.
W.H. Wilson
I        'JEWELER   ANI) 1
Kail need    wheal nml    rye — rrnn-
iitonk Trading Po
Mi*- Hrymnei is enjoyIn*-, ,, wn ni
Miss Pfttloreot) Is sppndln
Willi Mis   IV  IWeie llunl.
N. A. Wallinger 1ms returned from
liis vacation ut Skookumchuk.
Huckleberries at Fink's Pure Food
Mr. ami Mrs., A. I.. McDermot re*
turned homo today Irom a visit Lo
It. .1. Bodkin, of Lho C.P.lt. land
department, van in from Calgary
during the week.
$1.0(1 shirts 460.—O.C.S.
Mrs. Harold Darling nnd llu- children1-have gone ilown io Kitchener (nr
a few days vacation.
Customs collections for tin* month
nl July amounted tn 616,408.36. A
record month's collections.
Try the   Economy   Preserving lars
at Ward ami Harris.
Berl Ross has returned Irom sev-
•iiii (rocks vacation In tin* coast clt*
Paul   Ifanloy, hotel proprietor  and
liveiMiian of Marysulle, was in town
Blaeberries at Fink's Pun* Food
R. ■! Bodkin, o! the C.P.R land
department, oame in from Calgary on
Kxperl piano tailing and repairing;
first class diploma. T. Heat tie, Flak
Mercantile ''■ St-ll
JI RO shirts  160.—CVS,
I'm is given at the Fall Fair    Im
hint   pul   up    tn    Economy |wi
Preserving    neaehea,   plums     and Cmnbmok Trading Co.
cherries at Ward  1 tlarrti 	
 ■ |   ,\.   !■:    Watts, ol    Waltshui t, ha
\\    \. McBcan, druggist from Ores   boon a   vlsitoi In town during      the
ton, was in town Monday. week.
■lolin s. Fisher, merchant .•(   Kim
lierlej. waa in town Tuesday,
JI un shirts -iSo.-C.C.S.
A dance will be gUtu at YaW. in
day evening.
when in need call Blondy. Phono W
Messrs. Leask and .lohnson havi
Mnwii tiirir saw mill plant trow Ma
root to Klko.
Mis  Frank Gutodon and Hlsri Bols*
llir  l-r.-Tiit  wnl sn  goal.     And  llio cnuk-hit good wife
promptly null nil AnOtllctf Mob of tho snuir good Hour from
Which it was ui.-ido
Thorn IS somclliliig in tlml olil saw tlmt "the way to
ronoll a iii'in'* lii'iirt is lliroiiiili liis sloinni'li," nml tin-re's
Hint liiuli qnnlily in our Hour whii-li unfailingly limit, llu-
A siimli'B.'ii'k will Biilisfy ymi tlmt ymi mn'l Imv Mter
ll,,,,r.   THY IT. *      *
Cranbrook, 11. C.
win) BOruttnUea any one uf lhe
iiiui'hiHii.' Diamond Huihh we ure
offering tor Bale, ol necessity pro-
niiiitiri'H il lobs |K!i*i-li!i.f in <'U't*i-,n
nml lhe atone of tlm first water.
\V« cany none hut hlgh-olasi
Jewelry ami wv are in a position
in gns rail lee every article wo
offer for vh1«-. lu Goldand Silver.
Jewelry, IHamondi, ami other
Goal's, we save you money.
Jewelers and Opticians
jolle, of Moyie, were visitors in Cranbrook during tbo week.
Uaxawa tea at 35c, 50c. and flflc.
per lb. at Ward and Harris.
A new six drawer olcotrloally opor-
ted National cash register was    installed this    week   in ihe dm*; store
ol Hn* Beattie-Murphy company.
II.    Meliougall, II. S. (Iambic
N. W. Hurdetle oamo down trom
Marysville in Mr. MeDoUgutFs 'car
last Saturday.
$1 mi shirts -15c.—0,t\S.
Mrs, Kohl. Brown left lor Vancoti-
cr yesterday,   "where she will attend
directors' ntooti^g of the Provincial
'oultry association.
Important Clearances from
McCreery Bros.
A little money goes a long way at this store.   We are preparing td receive new Fall goods which
will commence to arrive soon, hence the reason for these particularly low prices.
Tempting Prices
on Blouses
Wr cannot doncribe theso blouses to do
them justice, However Ihey aru ou ilis-
plny uml tha regular price with tho rcilucsl
price marked plainly. Such sterling values
were never offered before
Extra Special
Whitewear Values
Corset Covers, Drawers ami Nightgowns
selling in ninny cases below cost of manufacture. You'll be astonished ut these
wonderful prices.   Come ami see.
Women's Tailored Suits
Hut these are great bargains fur
the purchaser. All the season's
approved styles. Tliey will goat
prices like these,
$37.5(1 Suits for   $26.50
$HO.OO   "      "      21.50
$22.mi ■•    "    14,50
Women's Dust-Coats
Made from natural color linen
anil repp. They aro full length
coats und trimmed in a variety of
Men's Oxfords, $3.35
Bettor values iii np-lo-ihile Shoes were
never offered. Onr whole slock of Low
Shoes, priced regularly nl $4,50 to $9.00,
now beiiiL' sold at
Men's Summer Underwear
It's not often you get value like lliis.
Extra line quality in while, black and
Brown,   [tegular $2.00.
Now, per Suit, $1.35
Natural color Balbriggan, nil sizes, regular $1 00,
Now, per Suit. 7S«
Pleas*) rememher that you
may lmy any hat at qxnetty
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Arrow Brand Shin
New skill
ol these i
$1.50 and $2.00
it" altnoat weekly
known finite loi
Mull River Tuwdfty. Mr. Desaulnter
is now engaged in the gents' furnishing business in Hull River witli .1. 11.
I'hassny, formerly of Cranhrook
This week   devoted
to    si,IIis  I
Slinsi.ii's livery stable has    passed
into tlie possession ot n. .1. Murray.
limn*  McLean has taken charge
same fur llie time being;  •
The infant son of Mr. and Mis. I*,
l>wyi-i, of Hull Itiver, diet) on Sunday
. last ;.inl lhe luneral took plan* from
.f tin* Roman Catholic church iu this
ity on Tuesday. W. R. Beatty had
harge ol (he interment.
Tin.-apple Juice al Kink's Pure Food
I. s, Teet, secretory ol the Y.M.
('.A., is able to he out ami al»mit
a cam anil wilt return to regular work
nexl week.
Wii ,t ( are you pat ing fur your
Hour? Your neighbor is only paying $..'"> tor Mother's Favorite.—
rranbrook Trading Co.
Call up Rd. P. -lohnson, lia-nsed
plumber, ami get tn -jailmate ol the
eosi i>f \onr setter connections.
l'hone 2fi7. 28-tf
.1. IV Kink let! (or the COJWI Tues
Jay via Spokane, lie will be away
foi aboul three weeks, mid will probably go up t4> Kort (leorge before
he rot-urns.
$1 uu shirts 46C—C.C.S.
I.. H. DoVebet, manager of the
Hank ol Muntrnal al Nelson, stopped
il fi»r •*, day in Ctanhr.uk tin* first
of tin* venk on his return from Hosmer.
Jl 00 shirts 450.—C.O.S.
Professor R. P, Marker, nf the
okanagan College, Summerlaml,
spool a tew days in town, a guest nt
the Y.M.CA. last week end Mr.
Barker left on Tueodaj.
i: n. Smith's nud Sberin's Ontario grape juice; tla- ln*st in the
world at, Kink's Pure Pood flrocwy
This wei*k    devoted
to   shiits and
Miss Blafa VatiSlykc, who has,
In-Ill a position as stenographei in
the office of Beab and Klwcll lor sev-
ral years, is now holding a similar
[Mrsition with the Corwin-Hruce Investment company.
Keep in mind the C.C.S. closing
out nale.
Bums and Constance, the singing
and dancing vaudeville artists Imve
been delighting Auditorium audiences
all this week. Nevt* week Manager
(iueiianl has Becurod another clever
couple, t-lH* Seaman* Bros., acrobats
ami tumblers. Roller skating is going strong at the Auditorium tliese
days. ,
We must make a clean-up hy Ot "Iter Ist.-C.O.S.
Prof*. Mills, of the Ouelpb Agricultural College, says: "1 bavc never
seen anything finer than ttie fruit
of thc Kootenay district. You have a
fruit country     unsurpassed by     any*
—  thihg in tbe Dominion."x Choice   live
The regular monthly meeting ot thc acre tracts for sale in lluena Vista
Women's Institute will lie held on Hardens hy lhe Cranbrook Agency
Tuesday   next,     August    Mil,   at   3 Co.
o'clock, in the Carmen's hall, when a    Keep   in   mind tbc   C.C.S. closing
It-inonstrutiofl will to given on salad'out sale.
All ladies cordially llivit-
This week    devoted
to   shirts and
Oeorge Moth, id Lethbridge,
wife nnd family, have arrived in
the city. Mr. Moth is acting trainmaster here in place of Mr. C
Hood, who is filling Superintendent
I'ren's place, during Hie latter's air
If you want a reliable and reasonable job of plumbing done or sewerage connect ions made, call up Kd. V.
Johnson, 'phone 2i»7. 28-tf
A meeting of the Cranl.roi k Voui-
try and Pet Stock association is
called for    Friday evening next    and
[ull attendance is ivipieste-l as up*
on this occasion an interesting and
instructive paper will he read hy
Mrs. Doran.
Have you a house to, sell? Ho you
want to buy one? Does your tire insurance expire soon? Have you an accident or sickness policy? If so, sec
ns We will please you.—Corwln-
Ki ice Investment Co.
R. Cantpbell has closed out liis
general stock of goods, and a boot
and shin*, store^will be opened in the
same premises on Norbury avenue,
opposite the fire hall. The firm
name will be Campbell   and Garrett,
nd tta* store will be run on a
strictly cash basis. Tbc store will
Is* open lor business about Saturday.
The Canadian Mortgage
Investment Company
Loans on Farm Properties
Advances made at enrrant ratei of interest
to Improve (arms, boy more bind, build
bdtttea or Lams, buy atocfc or machinery,
pay off ex.sling claims.
• itorrowers ate   given   THB   ikiviieoe   or
BBOCCtxa Tiitnt MOBTOiOSS by annual repayment ? on account of ptiiicipal, interest
ceasing on amounts so r.;;.i--.
Beale & Elwell
Ksrp   in
mil salo.
miiiil llm    f'.C.S. cli'Miu'.
\l n ini.,1 In? nl lho K.tillillinn iii
rf.'lnrs Mil* wprlr Un- rnnlraci for
li'iuillj! llir criiillnts WSS im.llilnl    In
Messrs, iinkir nd BsnOeM,
Wor* fomm Irom Vicloria tlml
Miss iViiiniiii.i Atmilrong, iluni*iitiT
'1 Mr. .1. P. Ariii*triinir„ Ih riiir,air,i*l
In I*' marrli*l lo a son ol Dr. Porsr,
rl Hml fit)'.
Win n In nml rail Mondjr. Phonr G2.
Mr. nml Mrs. fl. Krlrkion nro lip
.it Wimliriniro, where Mr. r.rLks.m
ulll nivnril n I'oiilriieS for anotbor
section ol Mie K.C.It.
Tho no*.! regular imailtily meeting
nl Hit' I'rnnhronk INnillry nssrelation
will ho lii'lrl on Krlrlnv ovonlng, Aiir-
lisl 2nd,    in thr gnreramrnt Imililinc
;|l   Siill   o'l'lili'li.
chiiiii' f'liln.i' Chiiin' I'rlees re-
(irdlms ill i'okI it Kink's. See tho
i'viv|itit>i,.if v.iliios on Ihr. I.V. nml
2rn\ tahlw-KInk Moronnllle Co,
.1.   !■:. Ih'Miilniii    ws*   up   Ircsii
Mr. anil Mrs. ,1. (1. I'uiiiiiiiikxs anil
Mrs. tlreen, Mrs. ('iiiniuini;*' sister,
ire leaving in n iluy or two l„r Now
Ih'iivor, where Mr. riniimings will
pill in n season's snrvoyiiu work.
Do not nils* tlio bftf**.lM in ihina
Wfl are oflerlng—ynn oannot nfloril In
—pretty pieces at half tlio original
i-ost~all gnosis. In lliis iliViirtiiionl
must  go.—Tlm Kink  Morrnntllo t'o.
Dosloarils showing oxlroimiy guil
views of the Hanson hloek, Imperial
hunk. Central public school, St. Eugene hospital, puhlic buildings, Maxima' temple, Canailian Dank ol Commerce and lho V.M.C.A. havo roomily been imported direct (rom l-'.nglanil
by lhe HraUle-Miirpliy company
Call up Ed. K. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get au estimate ol tbi
cost   ol   your     sower   connections
Wo must, make a clean-up hy (kioM-
• Ist.-C.C.S.''
Dr. Kletcher, ol the Dominion Ex-
peiiinontal   Farms,    Ottawa,    says:
My judgment is Ihat you have a
roniliination of soil and climate
uliirh enables you to grow all kin-Is
il Iruit, whieli, lor uunlity and i|iian-
tily, rnnnnl lie excelled on lhe
American continent." The..Cranbrook
"agency Co. nave five acre troel* in
lluena Vista Hardens lor sale on easy
Keep   in
.nt sale.
mind tbe   C.C.S. dosing
A. A. Ward, ol this city, hss lieen
notified of his appointment as deputy
game warden lor this district, In
place ol .lames Dates, who-lias rc-
stge.i.1 lo engage In tbe Imtel business
al Hull River. Mr Ward is' well
known throughout the district ax
man who will spare no liains In
eiifnroe the strict observation nl tho
game laws.
Any person requiring their bath
room, lollels, etc., connected to ibe
sewer should sec Ed. K. .lohnson.
Estimates furnished. Cull 'phone
267. 28-tf
ci!    Commerce
for some time
l'hone 2B7.
y.i.K will buy an tlfi.riu sull
28-lf the C. C. S. closing out sale.
Hoy Iliirge wns in town this   witV K.   0,    Matpw,     who   for several
Irom I'erry Crock lor tli,*. pnriiosc  nl years was .manager of    Ibc Canadian
meeting a party ol eastern men, who Dank ol   Commerce    here, wa*      InjsijPPly
wish    tn examine  tlw placer       nml Cranbrook Inr   a lew hours-last. Kri- pjUms,
Why leave your money
in lhe bank where it is earning a mere pittance?   Put it in real
••Htato whore you Imve ,-i chnncs to make soi	
lliiriL'. At preterit we have0 munlier nf is|*-
clslly (-rxjil investments whloll offer fair interest
with a spli'iiiliil outlook if jon wiih lo «ill,
Come in and lol ns talk ii over.
Many fortune, have been bull, by aenatble
people who have made real eela.e Iheir bank
at   Portland, Oregon,
$9,05 will l.iiy on SIK.00 suit
tlw v. c. s. cloning onl 'sale,
(i. it. Willis, manager
Bast Kootonay   Qtoenhoiise company
in Sliiti*rvilU'(,e\|M*cts lo lit ready to
iIm people -with rarit.iU'ins,
ferns      uti'l nil    sorts of cut
then i^-   16x11 and
14X36  leet.
tin*   other      is
ipiarta HiiowitiRs tn Uml locality, day. Ho and bis wlio wwa, vtsltlng JAowms liyt^Hj^cr pari ni this
They aro not saying any Ull ng alu-iit ulth OHs Staples and,family at Wy*tmonHi He is now InlUHWg a he.it
large lovcstimnls, bnt tlM-y wnnt to cfltV. Mr. Mai pan has lifttiiiii charge Ing system in the two hothouses
get bold ol sotm'thlnR giHat. of llie branch ol    the Tanadian Bank J whu h are almost, ComplriM, Om   al «» '»'0 near future,
Yastislti Yamazakl, editor and
proprietor of the Talrlku Ni|>i>o, the
Japonose dally newspaper puhllshcil
in \'.(neouvei, called ut tlie Herald
oiTle*1 yostetday in search of information oonoemtng tin* eiiy ol Orafttrtook
an-i tho surrounding dtstrlota, Tho
Herald bonded out thi* licsi it had
avattablo and ■■»'pes to see columns
of good slufl   in Un*  Talrlku Nippo, THK   (JBANBHOOK   HEBLDA
News of the District
resulting in   a score    ol 12 to ' '"
llie   aflernoon    game, in favor      t
(Special correspondence}.
Mrs. a. Shcppard and ohildrcn,
Prank ami Dorothy, were visiting
with friends in Cranhrook last Tuesday.
Mr. and 'Mrs. P. Luml returned
from Tacoma this week, while Mr.
Lund was called to attend -A Inisiiu-ss
Miss Verle Martin and Charlie
Mai tin spent the week-end visiting
friends in Cranhrook.
Miss Edythe Lund spent the wool.
end in Cranbrook with Mr. and Mrs
Harold Darling.,
Mr. .J. T. Martin, who has been ap
pointed, secretary-treasurer of tb
new Wanlner school board, received
this week, iu answer to enquiries
mode,by him regarding tho school,
the lollowlng letter, signed by tho
superintendent ol educatii n:
.1. T; Martin, V.st\., Sec Sohool
Roard, Wardner,, B.C.:
Sir: 1 am iu receipt ot your letter
ol the 22ml inst.. addressed lo the
honorable the minister of education,
ami in reply hog to .state Ural I had
today wWtton to thc public works
engineer urging him to use all cae-
podltlon in completing the school at
Wardner in order to have it ready lor
the pupils on tho 26th ol August,
I Imvo the honor to be, etc.
Alexander Holiinsou,
Sun. of Education
.1. T. Martin, Ksi*., Wanlner, ll.C:
Sir: In reply to your letter ol the
22ihl inst., I hew t'> state that you
are hereby empowered ami autluui/i*d
lo employ a second teacher In the
Wardner school wben the school reopens on tlie 20tb or August, 1012.
I   have  tbe 11 Olio I   to  be,  etc.,
Alexander Robinson,
Sup.  Ol   Kduc.it ion.
Mr. and     Mis-    BurCOW, laic        ol
Waldo, have    rented the cottage   recently occupied by Mrs. fttnhtcc
Mfss llesslc Glcndcnnlng, of Taber,
Alia., Is visiting for a time with
frieinis in Wanlner.
The many friends of Mi Sltrad, of
Hull [{iter, will he glad l(> know that
he is Improving.
Mr. Buhl, who has been a resident
nf Wardner,loi* a little-more than a
year, moved his family     this   week
out  to     the   C.P.lt. tie eamp, where
he has scoured a position.
Mr. .lames Kcarns and .family hate
taken up their residence in the house
lately vacated by Mr. and Mrs.
Shook, who left here n tew days ago
If r the north.
Mrs., (ieo. Wilson, accompanied hy
her sister, Miss Shcppnrd, arrived
home a few days ago after visiting
with friends at the COasI for a
couple of weeks,
llcnhjert Bradley, who is -employed
at the C.N.P.L, company's lumber
camp, No. 8, was called to Spokane
a few days ago by the sudden death
t*t bis sister.
The Wanlner brass band gave a
dance in the Library hall last Friday
averring. The music was furnished
by Mr. anil Mrs. fiiierrard, of Cranbrook, and was especially good, The
usual number ol dancers wen* present
and tin* hoys realized a tc.irly goml
sum. I
Mr. Chapman, engineer on lho
Kootenay Central railroad, leaves on
Monday to engage In steam shovel
work im the line from Oolden, H
C. Ile will be gone about        Iwo
months.      Mrs.  Chapman  and family
will  remain in Wardner.
The Misses Matron, of Spokane.
nre visiting their uncle, Mr.. Walter
Magoon,  Itiver street.
Wo are sorry to report the accident wbieh happened tfi one ol our
band Ir-oys, a tew days npo while
engaged at his work at the planing
mill. He was cloantng out one of
the saws when his hand was drawn
Into the saw ntui was twite badly
CUt. We hope to hear of liis speedy
Mr. Mncklnder, butcher Ior thc
CN.IM.. Cos's meat market, moved
his family tbis week into the house
recently occupied by Mr,#and Mrs.
We are very sorry for the.removal
from our town of Mrs, Kmbrce and
family, who left, this week ti spend
lhe rest of the summer with Mrs.
F.mbree's mother, at Hanbury, B.l\
Mrs. Bmbfeo has lived here for the
past two years and has rniried on ,\
very successful dressmaking establishment.
Wardner and Bonner's Kerry baseball teams played n double headed
game on July 21th. The visitors
were outclassed in all stages of the
game, at no time having even a
single chance. The score for Un-
first game, was 15 to 0 in favor of
the Wanlner team. The batteries
were Lund and McDonald and Clay
nnii Zimmerman. The score for the
second game was 12 to 4 in favor of
the home team. The batteries were
Clay and Baker and Luml and McDonald. , Tbe Bonner's Ferry .l^iys
with theie friends returned home the
following day.
The, Wardner baseball hoys with   a
number of friends Journeyed to Galloway last  Sunday and again  returned
victorious, the score being116 t«n fi
favor tit tho Wardner team.
(Special to the Herald).
Ottawa, July SI.—The annual convention of the Canadian Forestry association, for the lirst time since
1906, is to lie held this year on the
Pacific coast, the place being Victoria and the dates, September -I, 5
and 6. Mr. James Lawler, ol Ottawa, secretary of the association,
has just returned Irom tlte coast
whero arrangements are now well under way for the mooting. . In addition a number of prominent men in-
torcslod in forest conservation in thc
east',   both   lumbermen   ami   others,
  have signified their intention of being
Wardner.plttyod two games ot    bnll'present.     The railways have granted
nt Cranbrook om Tuesday,  July BOth,'specially low   rates to delegates, und
Wardner. The batteries were Luml
and McDonald and Corbett and Kerr.
The second game resulted in,a score
of 7 to 4 in favor ot Wardner, Luml
and McDonald and Hun* and Ken*
were the batteries. The Wardnor
boys played good ball and the Cranbrook boys, were simply not in it.
Irom beginning to end.
The body of a young man who was
killed while at work at tlie C.P.lt.
camp No. fi was brought into town
on Monday morning. 'Theiuutortun-
ale young fellow was struck by a
tree nnd killed instantly. Tho Undertaker Irom Cranbrook was called to
town to take charge ol lhe body,
which was sent to CranhrooU the
same ovcnlng.
It, Is useless to make a fuss ahoul
the hot. weather. No iVod can come
of it. Keep a calm temperament,
and ptersplro as freely as you can.
The blazing sun no doubt is uncomfortable, but it is doing an enormous
amount ol good. It in the greatest
money maker in     tbe world.    It    is
ipen-ing the crops, that  will feed    us
II after next haevest.
as tlu* subjects discussed will be of
Importance tn all parts ol Canada,
il is expected there will be a large
ateoiidaiice. A number ol well Known
forest engineers and lumbermen from
lhc United States will also attend.
FOR RENT.—Two furnished rooms;
ai modern condenienc.es. Apply Herald office. 23-tl
Best Dentistry
(By Fred Boo).
You can't Keep these Calgary
people Irom dealing iu tall figures.
|A chemist working for Bert Beattie
there has figured out that a cold
storage egg contains five million
bacteria. Vou can liear the Item
cackle thai lays the eggs we sell
ami we believe it pays to advertise
if you know bow. Then* is nothing
good enough to get along without
advertising. Klko is a nice,place,
but who would know it if it wasn't
fur advertising.
Mrs.    Beactei;     of     old (ialloway
ar Manistee, B.C., save in your
presence, was in Klko this week visiting Iricnds.
Mrs. K. B. Holhrook and a large
party of friends, are spending a week
lulling on Lodge Pole creek,
A bull pup witb an imniisitive nose
caused trouble tc a young couple
that were holding bands nn a log
down by the tails last Sunday. The
nose poked into a yellow Jackets nest
under thc log.
A. F. Kraplel, ol Medicine Hat
was an Klko visitor this week.
The Kalispell Automrbile club's
visit to Tobacco Plains last Sunday
July 59th, proved a big ad. Ior Klko.
On Momlay several cars visited ,the
Roosvllle Falls ami two cars came
through to Klko. Among the visitors was P. W, Bezdhrd, secretary
of the Kalispell chamber of commerce, and wife; Ike Bnsey and wife,
Frank D. Stoop and , wife, C. A.
(Ionian and wife, I). Hoover and
SherilT Haney. Several. months ago
Secretary Bernard was getting information as to tbe roads through
1 liis scenic section of B.C. It is the
Intention Of the Kalispell Automobile cluh to pay a visit to Fernie
in tbe near future.
The visiting motorists say: "A
good road is more to to chosen than
great ditches.*'
The dance given by the Ladies.
Guild li-M Friday night was one ol
llie beat and one of the most snclnhlr
ttHalra ever pulled off in Klko. The
ball was crowded and everybody was
made welcome nnd the Ladies (iuild
c entitled to all the pretty compliments paid them, as tbey worked
hard to make it what it was—a social and  financial SUCCCgS.
Leask ami Johnson, lumber men,
are moving tlieir mill from Three
Weasel Meadows to Klko, the best
town on the Crow. They will employ between lorty nnd one hundred
and fifty men. The sporting element In Klko wltl, witb the talent
coming) in with this new firm, iv.it up
some go,Kl hall games, and we understand that tbe wizard with the
tennis bat, P. (J. Leadley, will be
cb-ief accountant with the new firm
ind iu future, as iu the past, will
reside at Cumberland House, Riverside Park. Alt we need now is the
waterworks, and we hope to get definite information any da)'.
The Holt families, who have been
ivist.eating   in    Klko     the   last  two
ecks, returned lo Lethbridge. They
intend coming back in tlie fall lor
i big game hunt.
i Reasonable Prices |
H        I'nr thi' ni'st :in iluys I ||
1    will give n 10 PER CENT. I
|    DISCOUNT on "ll work it' |
a    yon bring this nnnounco- pi
I     incut. j;!!
I Dr. L. S. Eastman f
|        11 &'.155o"glor Block |j
I N. K. corner nivcrsliln nml llomiril l|
b       SPOKANE, WASH. 1
ISEIBISHI.'ili'!,'].:* r'i.., 'i. li-„-!,Ji,'/Hii'i'»!;aiH
Nothing so Quickly Darkens
the brightness of life as tlie inability to sleep. It is generally
caused by exhausted ueives.
The first step towards recovery
from this condition lies in rebuilding the worn out nerve fibres,
which can best be done with Lecithin, the form of phosphorus required for nerve repair.
iTHE     NEW     REMEDY     F O R]
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) and
makes possible this cure.
It feeds the nerves, quickens
the appetite, aids digestion, and
full uerv»vitality is restored.
The beneficial effects nre evident nnd tlie ability to sleep returns almost with the first dose.
l.os. l„,ltl,'. lllilnya' lr.atni.nl. J1..V
obtain frum llic local uncus.
DniKijists, Cranbrook, It. C.
Ila .Is Rt Lawrence? Co., Snle Slfr... Montreal.
Write them for free lawk on Nervuu.
IN eilE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION for tlm issue ol a tlupli-
rale Certificate ot Title to aa iiiidiv-
Mnl 1-3 ol Lots 20, 21, 22, 33, lllock
1; Lots 10, 11, 12, 13, 11, 1
111,     18,     10,      20,      21,     22,     23,
21, 25, 20, 27, 28, 20, 30
35,     30, 37,   Block   3; Lots 8, 0, 10,
11, 12, 11, 15, lfl, 17, 19,
20, 21, 23, 21, 25, 27, Block
I; Lois 11, 15, 10, 17, 18,
10, Block lir, Lots     15, 10, 17, 18, 19,
22, 23, Block 0. Lots 1, 5, 13, 15,
10, 17, 18, 19, 20, Block 7; Lots 1
2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, Block
8; Lots 0, 7, 0, 18, Block 10, Lots 2
7, 8, 10, 23, Block 11; Lots 8, 0, 10,
10, Block 12; Lois 0, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
12, 13, 11, 15, 10, 17, 18, Block 13*,
Lota 0, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, Block 14;
Lois 0, 7, 8, 0, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 17, Block 15; Lots 0, 7, 8, 0, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 1C, 17,
18, 19, 20, Block 18; Lois 0, 7, 8, 9,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 10,
17, 18, 19, 20,    niork  19; Lots 6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 29, Block 20;
Lots     6,     7,     8,     B,     10,     11, 12,
13, II, 15, 10, 17, IS, 19, 20, Block
22;   Lois   3, 1, 5, 6; 7,   8,   9, Block
23, Town nt I'iiiilici-lcy, Map 664,
and all llial pari ot Lot 1358, Oroup
One, nol Included in lho said Town-
tliut it is my intention to issue at
tlte expiration ol one month alter lhe
first publication hereol a duplicate ol
tlie Certificate ot Tillf lo tile above
inenlionrd lot in llie name ol The
Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
Limited, whicli Certificate is dated
lhe 23rd day ol April, PH0, „nil
liimiliereil 3I65K.
Sain'l R. Hoe,
District Registrar.
Nelson, R.C.,
22ml July, 1912. 30-11
tlml 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chlel Commission
er ot I^inds and Works for a license
to prospect tor coal nnd petroleum
on the lollowlng lands, situate ln the
District ol South East Kootenay,
British CSluniliia, la Block 4593:
Commencing nt a post pluntsd at
or near 3 miles east nf 28 mile post
on C.P.R. survey in Blncki 4593 and
being the N. E. corner post ol Kootenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, Ihence
south 80 chains; tliencc west 80
chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence .east 80 chains to a point nl
commencement, making filfl' acres,
more or less.
Looated this 14th dav ol Mav,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Koolenay Coal   Co.,   Limited, Locator. 38-5t
Semi-ready Suits
■t US sad ,1,
T OOX foi Ih. pilce-sna pstM-ttir*
^ In lb. (wcket-alwar, tl,. ..tne.
Aik rout Cloililei ,nJ lend lot ,1.1.
book ,B. Mmul. ol"Kins', Own"
..tSSSt.lO. Send dli,cttoS.mI.|esdr,
Limited, MoDlte.l, lot book ..111]..
".Ill" If rod cinuot sn It 1. town.
•tod-rtnilii Otflerba}
(*,. Frea Johnston, Pernio, n. C,
♦ 4*********** *.
«    THE »
* n>
* Columbian     »
* »
4 in a ifiinrniilood (nilloy. 'Hint ia, *
ta eiitiflfnutioi) In guaranteed in every -
^respect.  The #
J Nelson Ironworks*
*lla(» iin ever increasing stock...
_. Write lliem forpartlculaiB.
Nelson's Leading Motel
IIimhhh with Itittlia.   'IMione in
everv room
llrtrlwr Shop on thn prom .am.
Thoroughly up-ln-laio.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UKO. I». WELLS, Proprietor
fi. TOMKIN, Manager
If .vmi 1*0018 Ul
c\ | i,    tn    lie
nii'i-il If other*
hav* foiled oxpHtt
me tn run) yon.
I'hWh I know
iiml l cab cure
you I will imt no
iv|it yonr ran*,
mnl in every hi*
mi iini-i* 1 twit l.y
liiv uwn iiriuimil
mlvnneeil nml
-r-ii'iitill.- method!,
Spermatorrhoea, Or|iik Wcakaesi,
Loat Vigor, Varicocele. Hydrocele, Colluded Disorders. Specific Blood Pol mi.
Plica aad   Strictures — restoring   nil
«ffecleil oi -iun*- limni-uiiil Htnl healthy
action in thi1 chorlest poBdihle epacu
of time,
ftm ill I tlio fortnl *'f l-i--r.ii.rti nf .Mill.
r.ii.miltiitii-ii nn.) imtnwtlva I kl»-t Ire*
at iiIH.-i-i-t hv mail.
810 110 WAltD 8TKBET
AM-meir-niti-if anl-tli-h mid dctcrltillmi nn
flnti-kir Hsoetlaln .mr tn n pt$ phmmt *\a
liiVHiillun lii>r<>linlil->pii(i " "
lldiKRlrlclljrrisiill-Joiitul. ,
■cut froe. (illicit utner (ori*. __
I'iiIi-nti taken ilir-iuch Munn lu
tptcial rottet, without caarM, la tbo
Scientific Jlmericait.
A han-toii-flr Htntntrd wwkli*. Ims*** Hr
i illation ut 'hit •s-k-i.lll!'* Journal. Imua tur
('an uh. 9A '■• -. rear* iHataifa ineiiaU. hold Lf
all u-w»tl, j'.na
Makat Short Wot* of
Deep-Mated and ft!
ftppt-wntl-- hopilwa e
mylfldst once to Abba
fiirmio*f Rheurnatiimylflrl stance to Abbott Bnw.
Rhtuniatic Kvimdr. Liko aa aaftJ ot aurcy tt
lifted them from bedi of aiony aad for B tarn
hai been eurinur men, women and children for
whom there teemed no help. Juit • few bottke
have cared ea»*a**M from » to 60 yeara' duration
and today It itsnda unrivalled aa a quick, oaf* aad
*il.win tfly reliable treatment for all urie acid die*
ea8i-»,weakkidnpyi,eto.   Let a dollar bottkof
Abbott Irjt, HhtiiMtlo Wwttdf
<n,l your paina *t  . __. .... „-..
.tint iirapald l» AtUH Ink Til S. DaubaraBL.
Chicago. Ul-. If your drain!., dow rait hatr. H.
Sold Iiy   tbc   Cranbrook   Drug   and
Hook Co,
l East Kootenay     ■
®        Butcher Co. •
MEAT tUmtl »
" m
llcnlora In ®
Kri'slt niul Cnntl (g
iMi'iiIb. g)
Poultry, (liim,! nml Kisli   ©
in Si'iibtin. ®
« East Kootenay     |
Butcher Co. •
I      The Old P. Wood's      |
® Business. ®
liii|,i,it,.,l in llio iirlirlliul Hfitli'tl imitltlltH
fniut Sutton Si shittH, III. Klllfr'H S«ul*lllii|l,
ll.'iliiin.', Mllltlllllil.   Sen,I Inr utllfllnsllii.
A. J. WOODWARD. Sole Agent
M'J(lrlltlvilli'!U.. Vill Itvi'l'.  Alan Victoria
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
AF. & A. M.
lingular iiu'i'lint',s tm
tlm  tbird  Thursday
^ ol overy iiioiitti.
Viniiiug lirt'tliri'ti wi'li'iiiiii'il.
I). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Pock, Secretary.
CiiiiBOIINT Ijiiihii; Nu, ll.'l
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meet*   every   Tuesday at H p.m. al
Fraternity Hall.
N. S. Houston, O.O,
F. A. Stride, K. ol II. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
tu attend.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSDhonol restore* every nerve In the botly
 ! tn Its proper tension; testotea
vim und vitality. I'reniatiito decay and nil .usual
wsulcness nvirted nt once, riioaphoaol uilj
make vou !, new mnn. Pr Ieo .Ila hns. or two tor
I',. Mailed lounv nddre.J. Th.fjoob.11 Drug
,:.,.. Hl.Ctttlutriu.a, OnS.
For sale at Beattie-Murphy Co,, Lti.
Tlio Loading Business College
of llie Northwest
Whore young pooplo fun receive
n thorough business training,
Is in session twelve months ill
tlie yenr.
No entrance osmniniilloiiB,
Board ami room nt very reason.
llllll' lltll'S.
Wit  secure   piiHllions  lur  our
lim- new liciiiiiiliillv llliistratod
'I'llliilngue seiil Iree iiiitiu tci|tlc*l.
IVlileliilil NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1st *t Mutlllon    -      8POKANH
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited.
IL J. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. O. See'y.
Meets first  and     third Wednesdays
In each month.
A   cordial reception ei'teinled      lo
visiting brothers.
Oulcers July lst to December 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scribe-W. M. Harris.
No. ID.
Meets every second and   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning,  Rebekah*  cordially invited.
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Beattle,   Rec. Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at 8
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Drst aad
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu llayward, Rec. Sec.
W. 0. McFarlanc, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
Ith Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citl
N. A. Wallinger, W. C. Crctibln
Pros. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially wclcom-
! Presbyterian eNrcbf
Sunday morning service at 11 *
Sunday   evening    service   at 4
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School   and    Bible
Class at S o'clock
I'resUikterlaa   Guild,  Wednesday, at 8 o'clock.
Archie Waller!
i    Builder and
♦     Contractor
Scptii' '1'ntikn ami Concrotc
Work gonornlly n .
n|*'i'iiiUj'. i
! Estimates   Freely  Given, t
P.O. llox Md
Cranbrook, B.C.
Opposite CP.lt. Station
THE     PLACE     TO      0«!T    A
Ili'inli|ii;iili'rs for nil  kimls of
Satisfaction Guarantee*:]
Tlio Shoe Specialist
Prank Proven/ano
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     ■     B. C.
P.O. MI 194 PH0MM4
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Special priced tor dimity work.
Curries a full stork of
Iti-paire for above always
in stock
.Baptist Cburcbf
| ; Fastor, H. S. Speller.
i > Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
i > 'Phone, 284.      P. O. Boi M7.
il   .
; ' Regular Serrlces'-Sundaf, 11, ,
, , a.m. and 7.S0 p.m.; Bible i,
i , School with Young Ladies' i i
i i Philethoa    and    Young   Men's < >
i Bible Class, S p.m.
|   Honda)',   Young Peoples',   I ]
', , p.m. . i
, ,    Wednesday, Mid-Week Meeting, i >
>    A cordlaf   Christian welcome' '
' to an.
President: T. S. Gill
Secretary: 8, MAcrniNAl.il
i For information regarding lands
i and  agriculture   apply   to tlie
> Secretary, Cranhrook, ll. C.
Every second \Vctlne*,lny
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed and recommended tor women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven w«rth. Ths
result (rom tbeir use is quick and
Permanent. For sale at all drugstores
RnnmsortoF.T. V. I'KKIIV
White Leghorns
Well known for I
To keep np  tin- sliiminii I* llie
greatest (iriilileni of llie lircetler,
I  1
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms,
Barristers, Solicitors and
-lililll')' III Lost!
Ill ll
IKMiier IB] »7.0il|icr'*H'i: ||2.00 a
per 100,1100 |«rlJ300. p]
Cowlcltan, V. t.        6-tl |j
Physicians and Surgeons.-
Offlce at Rssldsacs,  Aniistroui   ....
Forenoons - - - - mm in in no
Allernoima - - - 3.0.1 tn   ..IIII
Evenings - - - - 7..10 to  8.90
••Sundays .... IM tn   ..Ull
OHANIIRGOK  :.     II     I*.     I.     B. 0,
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Olliee in Hanson Hloek.
t!RANBROOK -       -        - B. C.
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown nml liriilnu Work
n specially,
Oftico over F. Parks Hardware-
Storo, BnktT Htrci't
I'lione No. 2'.I0
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
TtTins nn Application.
Phone 2.V.I Matron.
P. (). Bos 8J5   Armslronij Ave
Cranbrook anil Fort Steelo
•V.:'^^8 Crnnbrook, B.C. j
B.  C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
A. M. Can. Soc. 0. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect'
Office over Oranbrook Drag nml Hook
Co'*. Store
Telephone :iso
P. O. Box "7
J. Q. Mitchell
(lame Heads. Birds, Hugs, Fish
W. R, Bfltttv. Pun.nl llln'rlnr
Cranlinaik 11.11.
Phomi il II!
Norluiry Ave., nexl to Oily Hall
Hay I'lione 188 Niv.1.1 Phone i.'io
For lamlly iwn tlinre In ntilltiiiK
mi wlittlt'Ntnne ami an iiuni n*
Electrical Engineer
Isnl.'itiil Plants for I.inlit nml
Powor in Mills, Minos, Kir.
Munii'i|inl Installations anil
R. C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A tellable French rtfuUlor; never falls. Tlicne
pllli are eiceeilingly nnwcrlul In n-ciilatitiK Hie
(fi'iieralWe portion of tlie female syMrm. Kefufie
■II cheap Imitations. Ore da ml nre n«l.l at
Mi boi, or three 'or IHI. Mallet In any arlflt-nm.
nm ■ejihatt Hrra-- cio„ W. iMtorln-M. n*iL
For Mle at Itcatiu, Murphy * Co., THB   OBANBROOK   HERALD
M (association reoci
As an
Ocean Port
"As an ocean port ALBERNI will compare most favorably with Portland and San Francisco."—From Official Bulletin No. 24.
Read That Twice
Think ot what thin fact alone means lo ALBERNT, situated ns she is on the WEST
coast of Vancouver Isliind 8 to 21 miles nearer Australia, Hie Orient nml Ihe PANAMA
CJANAIi Iiniii iu Vancouver.
The lawost vessels
not excepting iiiiinsili'i'B of llie ''Tilaniu" class — enn easily dock
Anil in a very few years vessels of this nizo WILL lie stcuiiiiiiK up Alberni canal to
CiiiiiiiIii'u iiiniit Western |mrl.
Bridge to the Mainland
Vancouver Island will soon lie connected Iiy bridge willi the Mainland. Tlien mails,
express, freight and uassongers from foreign purls will lie transferred at ALBERNI to the
transcontinental trains of tlie (!. P. It. and llm Canadian Northern, uml start their Eastern
journey over ten hours sooner than limy now tin.
Predicts West Coast Metropolis
Not long ago a prominent raiwuv otlieial - in close touch witli Vancouver Island and her
future p-redicted tiiata WEST COAST PORT, lind not Victoria, will lie tlie future metropolis of Vancouver Island.
And when you stop to think of it, why not V
Such a port-and ALBERNI ls the only one possible. It is an easier and nearer
harbor for ocean going vessels thnn is Victoria. Vessels entering Allierni canal and harbor
do not have to puss dangerous ('ape Flattery or go through the treacherous straits of Jnnii
de Fucn.
You Should Act To-day
ALBERNI offers you au opportunity you should not overlook.
Soon prices will be higher and your chance will be gone. A handsome liooklet on
ALBERNI will be freely given to you on request.   Ask for ono to-day.
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
a provincial gov-
sheep wmm
hb nil
(Continued trom page two).
In*;*!, with a brisk demand Inr     anything In good rendition.
To handle sheep in larpv lr.ts in
the interior of t-he province without
fence it will he necessary tor the
prospective (lock master to select
those parts where oaitto ranching is
imt being carried on to any iiv.it ex-
lent. In order to secure ■ largo
enough ranto with tin- necessary]
mojidow for hay rutting it win .»> m*-
cettarjr to co to the sparaelj setttcd
districts as nil iho older 1tt9tr.rU,
have largo numbers -*r cattle grating
in them. No vm largo (locks oi
sheep aro kept undei range condi-
tnms*j (Krom 1,00(1 lo 1,600 hf*d aro
the largeal and thead nre tew in num-
b>*r.   Thr range    management dlffera
rons'ideialily   frnm  that  already    di-s
i-iihjti    Tis* foundation stack ot   tlm
range Ibands nn* prtndptlly Cotcwold,
two ti) throe puiiiids ol mixed «l-'Vc*4
and timothy hay per day, with Uie
addition nl a few roots and Mime
■-i.iin for tlie breed hit; stock.
The pun>bred Hocks are round principally on Vancouver Island and    tin-
islands of the Cult uf Georgia,     the
districts trtbUtar]  to the Fraser riv-
I er and in the Okanagan valley, proli-
laldy lift)  llivks in til, nud with from
'llw to fifty in a flock.       The breeds
represented are   OotawoW, l^scnter,
Lincoln,  Shropshire, Southdown, Or
fond Down,   Hampshire, Suffolk, Dor-
ael and Tunis.      Prices ot pun-brad
ram Iambi range tr.nn about t<-n   to
thirty-live dollars, yearlings from nl-
teen to forty, ewe lambs from ten   to
twenty-flee eaeh.     Tba breeders   an*
In this province the sheep Industry
suiters in a greater or less degree
from dogs and other predatory nni
mais, such as timber wolves, Hears
and lynx, hut the damage done hy
these animals is comparatively small.
Panthers and coyotes are the great-
Ml source of loss. On the smaller
islands nf the (iiilf of Georgia there
nit* ik predatory animals, tin Vancouver Island panthers give tta- most
trouble, Tha government has increased the bounty to 115 pn head,
which should keep thnn in check. In
the Interior tho tunds kept under
rang-* conditions have to U* coralled
ut night aud herded hy day to pro-
teol them from the attacks of panthers, wolves and COfotea. Hanthcr?i
art* ran*, and wolves hut  rarely     at-
ii.ii aide to supply thc demand, which tm.k a nocl(  hut coyolefi d(.Spil(1 tho
good, more especially foi high
clan stock. To assist in imv ting
Iins i|,*mand the live Stock (trawl,   of
ihi* federal department of sgrloultors
Iin 1800 sent a carload ol purr-need
Mams ;Mid owes from Ontario Into the
province and sold them at pmJv auc
I ion.
ol Improved animals horn llie cast,
(south ami from Oreat llritain. Kxhll|
'.(tors     usually     slum   their    atnm.iH
bounty ol $2 per head, seem to l>e almost as plentiful as ever. In some
lnrgi< thrt-ks Xto loss runs as I null as
Ave per ceoU So far eoyottvproo
win* fewes have not lieen us*d in
llritish t'olumbia, hut have Iktii sue*
cossfully used in some ol the A mem
ean states.
Very little   dipping is done.
eminent grant ui $350 |yr yi*ar.
The opport uni lies oHered  by       Uld
slteop industry in many parts of   the
province arc excellent. The market   is
first-class at present, anil when      we
consider that the vast mineral,    limber, fisheries   ami agricultural       i
sources ore just beginning to bo    il
veloped,  with     available agricultural
land small in proportion in the are
of the province, the prospects tor   Hi
future of   the sheep industry     seem
bright Indeed,     Consider, again-, that
it is estimated that Xto province hai
less   than    80,000   sheep at present,
and that Its   area   is neatly   800,000
square   miles,   and    lurtber comment
seems unnecessary.
This is tho first time tliat the puhlic have had nn opportunity of seeing
the "New Version" of "Undo Tom's
Cabin," the greatest <lramafi/ati*in
of this popular piny over written.
Mrs. Stowt-'s hostoikal play lias over
been a favorite with the women aud
children, and they always go to see
it whenever an opportunity presents
tsclf. HniVs big "Uncle Tom's
Cabin t'o." has the distinction of being the largest organization ol its
kind ou (he mad, Hit!) carry a speeial train of their own eats to Hans
port their people, horses, pontes, dpn-i
keys, dogs, chariots, and other pnrn-
phernalia necessary lo present the
only grand spectacular production of
this, the most successful drama ever
written. The characters uf Uncle
Tom, Kli/u, Little I'.va ami Marks
are all ablv presented I.v a competent
cast, and the large contingent ol
singers and dancers, blood bounds,
etc., give a realistic ami sensational
naturalism to the performance, Tbc
scenic ami mcchauicL.l el'n eta nre
good, and the picturesque transformation scene forms a fitting finish to
the whole. So carry Hie news and
tell your neighbors. The only big
show com i no will exhibit nl tbc Auditorium   Saturday night,  -insist :inl.
scab at ether contagious disease is t IJ"" l'i""'t
I*' (iitiiitl in tlio ptoTinoe since       il«i ha'"*
Inpccl ion   11 sheep   at tlm American
boundary lias lieen cntoiccd.    IMpplng
Lincoln,    SoulMt ivii ami Shropshire!
grades,     will,     | small a'liniMiiie otl   The bmsliiu. nl purebred sheep   has
Merino,     ttoa.hu- ino, weigh al»ut|'*,,Ul '''*  "weptlon*, lull™ Into r«h1
IM pounrl* nob,    On thene nn Med I lm,"ls '"  "ris »«•*•*"**■ It* bwilw"
iislonl,    Shrotunlra    nntl   ivisv.ol.li'"'I'""'' ,lu*ir l,0<*Vs hi  ii,u>..si..nt>ns
Imi'ks at   tlie rate ol  lillv else*    per
Al lamliiiii'. II ,   which is    almnli
lho  middle    ol   'April,   tlte brccdim; W"» P"****- ••»* '« <"m|-lil>o..,"'f «**• -*1**"'1' ><"*<""<■ "* *•**■ ««
ewn aie ke|i|    close to h.a.luuiitt<rs'»"'' ImPortwl <"""• nl the lair* hero,
ami Um llial have lambed nl*    N't "'"' ""' U*ta mi   '''"," Blll',,*U",°
l„   llrnisolii'S,    helrr| removed     Iron! »'      I*"***"*,    ""'*!"".   ■■<*    *"-**"
the main     Hoik morning and evening
as the Iambi are dropped. Rwtl with
twins an* placed iu   a separate biiiith
for a   lew    d.iys   until   Ihey Income
aceiiatomed to their laml^. Twins arej Tlu* average wool clip ol ccaat
inaikid so that it Utey lose theiruhrrp is from ft to 7 pounds lor thr
mothers there is less difficulty ex- small breeds, while small (lucks of
periroivd In   n-stf.rlng them.    Lambs [iho'heavier   bjreeds   will     sontetimes
On tlie ranges
SAYS HF.     HAS    WOO,!
Ubicago, .luly 2'.l.—-.lack Johnson,
ehampii u heavyweight pugilist of tlu*
world, announced tonight thai In: bad
fougfat his last fight.
I'll never draw on a glove again
us long as I live," dctluieil the champion, as 1m* lounged in a Inrp? upholstered chair iu his new cafe. "The
promoters won't give me m\ price
for fighting now and if I wait a
year I'll probably not lie in condition
to put up a fight worthy of a champion. So it's goodhy to John Arthur   lohiis.li, champion ot Ibe wnrid."
Asked id hi* intended to retire in
lavor ot any fighter, as .Tcftihs illd
lu tin- case of Marvin Hart, .lohnson
"No; let .lennuetle, 1.am.tford ami
McVcy fight it out. I think MeVey
will thrash any of them, but that li
their trouble. No white fight el can
if these     men n       good
'tbnt  they were eapalde of successfully
limpet in-*, witb the beat,
l.ambs the hi-avier
are eastralrd   at Irom two tn    three average 10  pounds.
weeks old with n-mparatlvely    little
The marketing ol mutton sheep'
lakes place from .lime to Deoeoblcr.
Frnm .1 to Si cents Is the price paid
at Ihe railway station, flood shepherds nre scarce, they are paid about
YS0. per month. In their herding lh**y
lire assistiil hy two nr three good
dogs, which   are   valuable in keeping
*■<votes   away and   In driving       thojskins bring from 80 cents to $1,
"hrrpa ! pending on ijiialitv and   lmjth
In mild open winters feeding ht not wool.     As the industry develop
absolutely necessary, hut better     re- woollen factory would Improve
stills can be obtained* by fccdli* hour conditio* ol Uw wool market.
mer with lienefit. On umo low lying umlenlrainrd (arms Liver Fluke
does considerable danugr. In some
districts where the rainfall is Iravy
nnd sbitp are not given shelter wc
find them aOivtetl with snuffles, a
catarrhal condition id thr nasal membranes I'arasitic bronchitis, ol
lioose, is occasionally incouuleiiil
The ofgpni/atlon    r.l the Vancouver
Island Flock Masters' association at
shearing costs 8 cents per bead, and
from (I to R pounds nf wool ol good
tyialitv is the average. In the.early
years of thr sheep industry in llritish
Columbia wool brought 80 cents per
pound- The general cpiallly nf the
wool fa goml, hut it Is often sent to
market tn   poor condition, coiitaiitint*.
Johnson has saved liis money.     U<
said tonight that he is worth $200,
ono, thc greater part of which Is wel!
The'net h»ss from all sources ol
tlie operations ol tbe Crows Nesl
Pass Coal company tor the year 1811
was $200,6SI. The COal mined ilui
ing Ihr time the mines were in nper*
ation—and there w.is a strike ilurtni
the greater part ot the yeat -amounted to 85ft,tSii tons, .is compared uiti
1,20tl,7ti2 tons the previous year.
The coke productd during the. same
period was fiO.RSO tons, which   com
Duncan*, II. tt, lor Iln' purpose      ol I™™ »'"« w-m '*"'" ln """■ TlM
sliit-p ha* done a vnfct amount ol
Komi, ami lhe orffAiil/alion nl .similar
associations In oIIht part* ot the
province wouhl greatly help the in
iliiKlry. This association wa* form-
nl In ljH'2 lor llie purpnie nt imprnv
caiwe* a
ol   various
ktndt.'tng Hi,' quality ol sheep In the     rlis-
Shtvp Iriel.
,    iliiil
the i.su was l*2J,IJ-.       Di-vrltijinii'iil
work wa* earrlisl    on during
strike, ami Ihe amount clutrnl
thi*   aceriuil     iliiiur.', Ihr yeai
KOIt   HALE.-Ofw small man-
lour months old mare coll.  M -•
They inipnrled iierligressl ram*  lleim«ial anil harness.     Applj  lo I".
which Ml, renM tn memlars nt   «n I'othell, t'ranhroolr, IU'. :il-2
much per ewe.     Thev gave nn eilro,   ...  ..,,.,,,
.      .   . .t     i., . ,   .,     .,   I  WANTKIi.-l.nily wishes work    hv
bounty tor panthers kilM In tlie  nls-'^ faf        Ap|(|y ,„ Mfs  „    |onn
Kiel, ami rillered ptemlum* lor hIhtp MlM „,„    t-i.i»|stM-ll ami   Manning's
nt lain wilh etcellent rnnlt*    Thin .Uire 31-11*
CATION lot Un- issue nl a duplicate.
rcililicate nl Tiile i„ i.uis i ami a,
Muck 11, Town nl Wardncr, Map
t hat it is my Intention to issue nl
the expiration ot one month after tlio
lirst publication hereol a duplicate ol
the Certificate ol Title to lho above
mentioned lol in the name of IV. M.
I.ccl.c. which ceitilic.ile is dated    lhe
2nth dav of
J ulv
Nelson, B. C,
27lll July,
ISfIS, and liilllll^;-ri'l
Sain'l It. Hoe,
Districl. ik'iiislrar.
on C.I'.H. survey in lllock 15n:i an
toiling the S. 13. corner post ol Koolenay Coal Co., Led., claim, tliencc
north sn chains; Ihencc wist Si)
chains; thence soulb 80 chains, tlinno
east 80 chains, lo a point ol commencement, making tilii acres, more
or less.
Looated    this   10th    day   ol  Mav
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Koolenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, locator. i'.8 5t
Kor a License tr, Take and I'se Waler.
llial tlie I.uml Laml and Ihivelopmcnt
i'i,., Lid., ol Crnnbrook, B.C., will
apply lor a license to take and use
.I'iii miners' inches of waler oui of
Horse Shoe Crook, whicb Hows in a
westerly direction llirogli l.ot 311 ami
i-iijlilics inio ii swamp on Lot 311.
The water will be divorced about
where tlio tinrtli line ol l.ot 311
crosses llie creek and' wil be used Ior
irrigation purposes ou On land des-
iiilred as sub-lot :r, ot l.ot tiri'lll.
Tbis no!id! was j.„.,i,,l „n tlie
groiiod   'rn   lhc 38th day ol     Juno
1912. The application will bo liled
in the office of the Water Recorder
at Cranlirook, ll.C.
Objections may be filed    with    lb
lid Water   Recorder or wil*      tho
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
The Lund Land and IVveloptnent Co.,
Lid., Applicant.
by Artliui 11. Fenwick, Agent.   28-lt
Kor    a    License to     Take ami     L'sc
Ihat Peter l/.tnd, of Cranbrook, B.C.,
will apply lor a license Ir, lake and
use 811 miners' inches ol water out ol
Mud Creek, wbieh (lows in a westerly direction through Lois 1IUI3 and
111, O. L, ■ Kast Koocen.iy dislrict
nml duplies into lhe Kootenay River
on Lot No. 11-1, 11. 1. The water
will he diverted at lhc east line, ol
l.ot, 1(103 mid w.1.1 be used for irrisa
tion purposes on the land described
as Lot 1003.
This notice was posted on the
ground on   lhc 2tsl    day ot    June,
1913. Thc apiilicatlnn will If tiled
in thc, olliee ot the Water Recorder at
Cranlirook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with tlte
said, Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights,* Parliament Buildings, .Victoria, B.C.
Peter Lund, Applicant.
per P. Lund. 27-lt
Kor  a   I.'C'nsc  to Take   and
tliat Edward Andersen, ol Wardner,
B.C., will apply lor a license to take
and use 1} cubic leet ol water* out
if Ha Ha Creek, which Hows in an
easterly direction through applicants
and empties into an unnamed lake,
near Wardner, The waler will bc diverted at west iKiundary ot applicants lands and will lu iis.il lor Irrigation purposes on the land      des-
ribed as Lot 5982, C.rcup 1, Kootc-
liay Districl.
This notice was posted on the
ground on tbc 21th day cl June,
1912, Tho application wil lie Died
iu the ofllce ol thc Water Recorder at
iinjections may be tiled with the
said Water Recorder nr with tbe
Comptroller ol Waler Rights. Parliament Buildings, Vicloria, ll.C.
Edward Anderson, Applicant,
hy Harvey, McCartcr and Mac-
doiiaid, Agenls. 27-Bt
iiml io days alter date I Intend to
apply to the Hon. Chlel Commlssiin-
ch ,,l Lands ami Works for a license
I,, prospecl tor coal and petroleum
on the lollowlng lands, situate in the
Pislrict ol South Knst Knoteo-iy,
British Columbia, iu Block Mill
Commcni-ilig at a post planted at
or nisir I mile east of :iu mile nasi
,,n C.P.R. survey in Bloc*. 1503 mnl
b.'ing Ibc S. W. coiner post 11 Km
lenoj Conl Co., Ltd., claim, thene,
nortb  80   eliains;  ihence    east 80
chains;     tliencc      soulb    Ml eliains,
Ihence   west 80 ehains, lo a point
'r itiMel cement,    uaWiti:     lllll    ifl
more nr less.
Located this llilh day nl May,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenny Coal  Co.,   Limited, Li
tor. 28-al
tliat 30 days alter date 1 intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for a license
to prospect lor eoal and petroleum
mi llie following lauds, situate in the
Histrict ol South Bast Kootenay.
liritisli Columbia, in Block 4.193:
Commencing nt a post planted nt
or near 1 mile east ot 30 mile post
mi t'.l'.R. survey in lilnck 4593 and
being llie N. B. einncr post ol Koolenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, lliencc
si ulii 80 eliains; thence wesl 811
chains; I hence north 80 ehains;
thenco east sn chains to a point of
commencement, maMng out acres
more or less.
Located    Ibis    Kills    d.,v 0|     Mav,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay  Coal   Co.,
Limited, l.ora-
Unit 30 days alter dale 1 Intend to
apply to tho Hon. Chiel Conunlssii iter of Lands and Works lot a llcensfi
lo prospect lot coal and petroleum
oil the following lands, situate in the
Distriet ol South Kast Kooicn.y.
liritisli Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a posl planted at
or near 1 mile east ol 30 mile posl
on C.P.R. survey ill Block 4593 and
icing tbe N.W. corner post ol Koote
nail Coal Co , Ltd.. claim, tlu-t.ce
soulb 811 eliains. thence east RO
bain*,,       On ni.     north si)     chain:
Unit ill days after dale I ii.u-ud to
apply to the Hon. Chlet Coiuiiiisslcii
el of L.kiids anl Works lor a lu'ensu
io   prospecl   lor coal and petroleum
ui tbc following lands, situalc in thr
lislriel of South Kast Kiailenav,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
omnsenolng ai a   poal   planted st
or near 3 miles cist ol ;td mllo post
ui C.P.R. s'Uiei in Block 159.1 aud
being tbe N. E. cornet post ol Kootenay Cisii Co , Ltd.. claim, thenco
souib su chains; tbence wes* Rti
eliains; - iln-iiu' north mi chains,
tbenro east 80 chains   to a point   ol
■omineiioeiiietit,    making   340
more or less.
Looated   Ibis    15th day    of
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Kootena)  Coal   Co.,    Limited,
thenco  west 80
lore or less.
Located   this
Ro, Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal Co.,
-bams to a P'
making    610
ll,lb    day    i.f   Mai.
Limited, Loca-
tnat 3n days after date 1 intend lo
apply to the Hon chiel Cotumissicn-
ei ol Lands and Works tor a license
to prospect Ior eoal and petroleum
mi the following lands, situate in the
liistrict ol South Kast Kootcniy.
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted a-,
or near 3 miles east of 28 mile posl
in C.P.R. survey in Block 1593 and
lieing tbe N. W. corner post ol Koolenay Coal Co., Ltd , claim, thence
oiith 8lt chairur tbence cost £0
chains; thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to a point ol
commencement, making 610 acres,
more or less.
Located this llth day ol Mai,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenai  Coal   Co.,    Limited, 1 i-ca-
tor. 2s-»t
inat 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the linn Chiel Cntnmissicn
er ol Lands awl Works for a liSensi
to prospect lor coal and pettoliuui
on the following lands, situate in lhe
liistrict ol South East Kootenay.
llritish Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post plants-d at
or near I miles cast ol 28 mile post
on C.P.lt. survey in Block 1593 :ml
lieing thc N. W. corner post crl Koolenay Coat Co., Ltd, claim, tknea
smith 80 chains: tbence easl 80
Chains; thence noith 8n (-bains*
tnence west 80 chair* In a point ol
eomminceiiient, making 340 aires,
more or less.
Located Ibis 15th da) nl Mai,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenai- Cnal   Co.,   Limited, '.fla-a-
tor. *iS-5t
tliat 30 days all. r dale I intend L-
apply lo the Hon. Chlel Cunimissi.n
er ol Lands and Works tor a licsM.
tn prcsprct Inr eoal and pet.nl.nm
on tin- (ollnuittg lands, situate in th,
Uisltict ol South East Kootcnn
lliili-.li Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing nt a P0t*t planted    at
lo prospect lor coal and petroleum
on llio following lands, situate in ibe
Districl ol Soulb Kast Kootenay,
llrilish Columbia, in Hloek 1593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles east of .'lo mile post
on C.P.R. survey in Block 4593 and
lieing llie s. B. corner post ol Kootenai Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thenco
ninth 80 eliains, tbenee wesl 80
eliains; thence south 80 chains) tbence
last 80 chains to a point ol commencement, making lilu acres, more
or loss.
Located lliis 15th day il May,
Roy Allen, Agent Ior
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited,  l.oea-
tor. 28-5.
I oca-
t-jjat 3n dais ,,i',,t ,iatv I inu-nd to
apply to lhe Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands ami Works lot a lif*.'.i».
to prospect lot coal and fMstroleUui
on tlie tollowing lands, situate in the
District ol South East Kootenay,
British t'olumbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
01 near 3 miles east ot 2l> mile post
on C.P.R. suney on Block 45a:i and
being the N. K. corner pest ol Koo-
enav c,.al Co , Ltd., claim, tncnoe
.initb 80 chains tbence west 30
•hains. thenco north 80 chain*, thence
-ast 80 chains t.i a point ol commencement, making till acres, mure
or less.
Licatcd this lllh dav ol May,
Rev Allen, Agent Ior
Kootenai- Goal   Co.,    Limited, Locator. 28-St
tnat 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon Chiel Comrnission-
I - oi Urrds and Works Ior a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
nr. tbe following lands, situate in thc
District ol South East Kootenay,
llritish Columbia, in Block 45M:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 3 miles past ol 26 mile post
* C.P.R. survey in Block .593 and
i-ir*3 'he N. W. corner post ol Koo-
.tiay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, th(«e
south 80 chains, tnence east 80
i bains, ibence north 80 chains thence
west 80 chains to a point o! coui-
iitc-nceinent, making 610 acres, more
or less.
Located Has llth day o! May,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay coal   Co.,   Limited, L«a-
tr.r. 33-St
tnat 30 days alter date 1 Intend to
apply to the ID*. Chiel Commissioner oi Lao's ai.l Works lor a licenso
in prus|iect lor coal and petroleum
on the following land., situate in lhc
District ol South East Kootenay,
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or w-ar 1 mile east cl 28 mile Jiost
Ot CPU. suney in lllock (593 and
uuig thc N. W corner post iA Koo-
t'tiay Coal Co., Ltd., lUltn, tbence
south 80 eliains. tbence cast 80
chains; thence north W chain*.
tlaD'-e wrst 80 ..bains lo ,, point ol
OU.IIIOimOaSlaia.l, making CIO acre*,
more nr Ims.
Located tins nth day ol Mav,
Ri.y Allen. Aeent lor
KooPlM]  Coil   Co.,   Limited, Locator. 3S»t
.llial 3il davs alter date I Intend to
or near 3 miles ea»l nl 30 mile post|ip))i, t„ th,. Hon Cbiet CoromlBslcn-
on C.P.R, survey in Blot* 4593 and- r 1|( , am)s anfl wor,, >or % |iomM
being the S. W. comer pnst of Koo |,
tenav Coal   Co., Lid ,  claim, thenee-1 r
prospect    for coal aad pclrolrum
■ti the lollowlng lands, situate in the
norlb   80     chains; then**,    east   30 „HtIi(.t   o)   SoilUl    East Kootenay,
bains: tlicnce soulb 80 chains, thence nritista Columbia, in Block 45*3:
tnat 30 days alter date 1 Intend to
apply lo the lion. Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and Works fnr a license
t., prospect for coal and petroleum
on the lollowlng lands, situalc in On'
Districl ol South Easl Kootenay,
British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at a poet planted a
or mu I    mile eaal ol 30 mile Poet
west 80 eliains tt ii point ot
inenccmcnt, making 340 acres,
or less.
Located   this   l*5th   day   ol
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenny Coal   Co.,   Limited, t.o'a
Crmmeocing at a post planiul at
. or near 3 miles easl of 2" mile post
on C.P 11. survey In Block 4593 and
|l«'ing thc S. W. corner pet) nl Koo-
Iteiuy Coal Co., Ltd, claim, thence
north 80 chains; thence cast 80
ehains; thence south 80 cbalas.
M'5l!lhon<T wesl. 80 chains: lo a point ot
 'eomnienceinent,   making   840    acres,
imnrc or les*
Located    thi*    Uth  dat nt  May,
that   in days alter    date I Intend In Roy .Mien, Agent Inr
apply to tlie Hon   Chlel Commission- Knntenay Coal   Co.,   Limited, l.ora-
er ot l«Mh ud Worka lor a Ite*-** tot. •»-»•
Tbe banquet was ]ua| about aa fine
un affair as could be Imagined. After
ample just ice bad been lioue tbe    liX*
(t'ontiiiuid Irom page one)
been driven   nut
hail been held    ami he bail bee
nnt guilty of"the oliarges, but
newspaper bad     cqiillmieil   lb
mid had won.
By tliis aolilcvemetitl be l>c1ieveil
thai lhe CMcogo Tribune had done
more tn purify public life than any
other movement ot tlie city, because
public men had been shown Ihat an a.lei*uat
eagle eye was watching their ruUoi»s.   ,.,-,*.,. (|f
It was most Iniportanl thai news
papers shoul.l, stand tor cleftnUnesa In
public lite not only in public men
but- in methods ot election.
There Imd l»en aa Instance o! llio
power ol the press in Alln-ila ■'■
which tho Oolgnr) HernHI, n C'onsor-
vatfve newspaper, bad aided q \.\tor-
al policy hy Bland tag oui yew* ago
for the necessity (or ral I roods to do-
velop ihe province.
Another   instance was tin* Winnipeg I
Proo Press,   which had l«en jsonduot-
[ng n   very strong campaign against
the high     frei^hl   rales    iu  liie west
and had nvaile oui a strong case.
These were a few examples of Uto
power of tlie press and tbe manner in
which newspapers spenl largi* sums
of money iu the inlcrest.s of the'pub-
Newspapers did n ureal work for
tbe public and Mi*. Ilurftanan declared
that be believed mure could he done
In lhe In teres lfl of Ibe peopli
hill of fare, songs and speeches occupied several hours. There were
several excellent speeches delivered,
all breathing tbe same tone, a United
,\n investigation (iftnfli:tfl| loyalty to the British empire.
At midnight the steamer returned
lo Nelson, conveying those of tin
visitors, wlm -were returning homeward hy way of Kevelstoke.
In the foregoing hurried resume   nf bored in iis   display of
proceedings at the   convcmUoti it has decorative work of iis It
been impossible tn do anything     like the use i.f natural waode
justice either to the ltospl- lor which the
the Nelson and Kaslo clH-    The
are' gnage or laws and the spe-vtal privi-
tht* legee enjoyed by nut chinch we are
Lo, 1,011ml to the stalwart supporters   ol
lhe  British crown. •
"No minority in the wide      world
enjoys as many privileges as the
i*\er| Kronen-Canadian Catholics enjoy un-
will'der the British llag. We practically
•w*, I have an   established    church   in  the
province ol   Quebec which can collect.
growers in that province win
looking wii.h wistful eyes i
11it-iijL11r11 lisl and making plai
capture Ibe valuable hum mi
ami implements offered.
it itisb   Columbia is collecting
largest ntui finest  exhihil it his
[il.tiiiien In   stage, and while n
not compete in  ninny nf llw da
Iff'iii' desirous of showbg Hull x
esy to oxlilhiting stales ami nations, Its tithes by law and which can tax
il will put before the eyes of the'the property of the faithful lor the
delegates a   slghl   loi.*g to be renwm- construction   and     maintenance    ot
/ens. who literally spared no troubb
or e\|M»iise     In etilert'iiining the visiting newspapermen, or    to the excel- prl'i
tin' deliberations,     cither in business lime
lhc   deliberations,    either in busiiiesi
.session nr     around  Ibe festive |**i>iml
ng. October
fruit, and the
ooths through
ami minerals
: famous,
ou Saturday
nml eii'iv i*x-
cbiirebes. We have a special law for
lhe maintenance of the parochial
system. Th.* Usbops are appointed
directly trom Koine without any In-
lerfeience fn u . the civil authorities.
WO   have a    separate   school system,
hibit will have been judged aud
Innors    announced by
Exhibits  musl i»' In
ready for judging on tho evening
Thursday, October  I7lb.  In view
ll  musl     suffice to   add tbal NHsitn Ihis   setting ahead   of     ihe dates, so
i iti/etis,  under Uh* leadership nf   Mr. Unit the distimyiisbetl foreign visitors
W. (I.     Poster, editor of the     Daily may   see   llu-     wide-awake,   hustling
News,    excelled themselves in    their methods of   the Canadians ami    may
hospitality and     lhal     lllth*    Kaslo tarry home wilh litem lhc mosl     ih>
mote    than    upheld its proud record [cresting     reports aboul lhe progres
Tor   generous    enlcrtaiumeiit td visl- slvc spirit of the people and llie won**
ims. dirfiil resources of the country,  it is
A special   tea I ure    of tlio* business desired thai all oxltlbitors prepare to
sessions of  the association  was     the bc on   tbe   spot  as early as possible.
attendance td Mr.  .lohn  Imrie, secie- To facililale the exhi'hilnrs the Cantt-
iarv of the Canadian    Cress asso<*ia- dlan I'acilie  railway has arranged for
tion,, win,  in several balks, gave the
Alberta and Kaslern  B. C. Press association n   clear, convincing insight tindcfrslond
into the     Cost  System for coml-ii
a 9|teclal rate for Hum under    eondt
lions Ihat are   exceedingly plain     It
They can purchase tick-
lions in the province.*
all while in tlie courts tho old (French
that- law and Kiench customs still pro*
place vail. \ I these have heen embalmed
Im kn pe ria I --ini-iilis, and the Prench*
Catiadlaiia I now full well that the
hesl guarantee to maintain those
privileges lies In the very strength
of Ibc l!iilirh empire.
'Mr. Bnurnssn, who is an educated
man, but a very erratic one, knows
all.that, but because he has not fttlc-
eeeditl in- arousing Hie people with
his Imaginary grievances he now insidiously preaches annexation. If he
had a IIMW common sense he would
remember that there was once a
Prench province iu the Tailed States,
Louisiana, and that a week ago the
last vestige of the Prench language
in thai stale was wiped off ,tbe statute hook. French laws, tla* Code
newspaper olliee thnn in thc house  of
flc had always found Ihat It paid
for a newspaper lo have upili ons and
lo express them. "It** a very narrow man who will cut out bis ad-
\citisemeiit because you happen to
criticise something with which he is
"I think many of us have formed
Ihese ideals that aim to serve the
public and Hie publie interest and
tnat wc arc going to help Canada
and do well for ourselves in a financial way. I do nol Know of anv
better way ili.ui to build tip a
string Canadian' sentiment, loyally
lo our institutions and loyalty to the
Hrilish empire."
Following the luncheon the visitors
hoarded a special train, which conveyed them lo lloimingtou Falls.
veto if au inspection was made of the
West Kootenay Power and Light
company's extensive and tboroughlv
modern plant. Thence tbey proceed- fn-[t
nl to the famous rainbow trout  pool a|sn
newspaper ami job offices, as lust itut*- of   Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Albeiia   Napoleon, are still In existence
ed by tbe Canadian Press association, and   British Columbia, good for,   the Louisiana., hut tliey are printed       in
Mr.  Imrie umlerslaiuTs    his    business round trip, at tbe one way lirs.--cli.ss   Ciiglisb aud pleaded before the court
thoroughly and discussed  Hie  import
Uclohpr inth to
ly to liis auditors.
fore the convention adjourned
portunity was laken bo present
l.v.h  i,t. a ■ in lOnglish.    There are now hut very
ant financial questions affecting     the I presentation of ,t e-lUiieiic from the tow families in Louisiana where   the
prosperity of the printing Industry in secretary   of the    Ory-l-'arm. ig Con-j French language is spoken, and New
a simple,   forcible manner that     ap- gross,    This certificate will be      iv Orleans   is    practically 'on Knglish-
peoled Btrongly to liis auditors.,   Be- sued by the   secretary and forwarded  speaking .eily. . If we had annexation
up-  upon request, bul  lhe applicant  must   the    Krcnch-Canadiaiy;     as     a    race
Mrs.  ill making the request send in his en- would soon     disappear'in Ihe Ameri-
witb a handsome cut glass vase try blank properly tilled oui in order can vortex.      Tbey would   have, no
light   mark of tbe appreciation that   a number may he assigned 1dm.  separate schools, uu special (privileges
nil  by lhe newspapermen of ber bus- The official premium list is ready for for their church, nor   would tWere be
distribution,  and. together with    the a    chance for any Catholic to     ever
official entry blank, will he suit     to attain the highest   olliee In the land
any farmer or intending exhihitor up- as has heen the case In Canada.
on H).ijiest to    John T. Burns, secre-,    "-But,"    continued   Mr.    Lcniicux,
tary, Lethbridge, Alberta. "why should f present any ohjections
, i to   annexation?       The Krench-rana-
idian with ordinary wit or head      or
below Slocan .function, where a 'la*
ligbtful afternoon was passed in
lisliing and in injoymenl of lhe
charming scenery, This little outing
provided an experience for tlie Alber-
Imml's able addresses,
Another very Interesting feature nf
the convention was an address by Mr.
S. S. Powlcr, the well known mining
man, upon the-lead mining industry
and tlie need for an extension of
llio lead bounty, something tn which
the Alberta newspapermen -tpiicMy appreciated the mutuality o! interests,
air! Ihey wiW render active support
to Hie lead mine operators of Kaslern B.C- in their application to Ottawa for renewal of the bounty.
An address by -lames Johnstone, of
Nelson, one of   the pioneers of      the
industry in this   province, was
cry interesting and instructive.
M. K. .Jennings, tin- new president
of Xto association, is editor nf the
Kdmonton Journal, a newspaperman
of wide experience and great originality, lie will prove a hard worker
ta newspapermen that  they will long ,,ll(| members of the association   may
Returning to the city in time foi
dinner, the next Item on the programme was a smoking concerl at
Um* Nelson Boat mid Launch com
pany's pavilion. Whilst the men
were thus enjoying themselves, tlio
ladies of the party were guests at
a reeeptir.n at thc Hotel Stratheona.
very charmingly presided over by
Miss Phfttr.
Karly Saturday morning lhe entire
party left by speeial steamer for
Kaslo. Tlio time of the trip down
tbe latj' was spent in a business ses-
session. rpon arrival at Kaslo the
visitors were greeted hy a large
gathering id citi/ens and escorted to
thc King Kdwanl hotel, where they
partook of an excellent luncheon, as
the guests    of Die    Kasto hoard        Of
trade aud Xto mem-tors of lhe various
loeat Women's organizations,
The lUtlChOOn reflected the greatest
credll Upon thc caterers, It was a
very elaborate affair, admirably served, A feature of this pleasing event
was the supplv of handsome baskets,
safely anticipate a busy and successful yenr, following upon the splendid
(-/invention of last week, tbe success
of which must in all fairness Is* largely credited to W. 0. Foster, editor
of tlte Nelson Daily News.
The growing interest in the Internal tonal Dry-Fatmed Products Imposition at Lethbridge, Alta., next
October assures tbe largest exhibition
of grains, grasses and root crops,
farm machinery and implements ever
hehl in Western Canada, and probably',
I.KMIEFX    IN     REPLY      Tl
liis shoulders novcr dreamt ol il. Mr
llourassa, , as I sniil before, is «
bright Frcnch-Camidiun writer, but is
essentially erratic, lie musl destroy
iiml tear down. That is liis aim in
life, lie eannnt be constructive or
become a builder. Hi' has captured
ii lew yr.ung ini'ii nml wilb Ibetn lias
created a Nationalist party, who
through their union with the jingoes
nl Ontario otisinl Laurler from pow
cr tost September.
"You will remember thut the jingoes anil lb.' Notionalists were all
Hag-wavers, tin- Union 'lack being
used iii (iiitnriii nnd lhe Tricolor in
Quebec Mr. llourassa hollered "No
navy" in Quebec, although be knew
indent s rpicry „| ,hf same lime that In Ontario the
: i! 1 i lull- demand was for an increased expenditure on the mny. He may have
will known, Mr. Henri llourassa, has MK,wl|e,| i„ helping to defeat L-jlt-
Iiih'ii carrying mi a campaign for the ,,,,., ,„„ ,l(. ,,.,„„,, mmf(l ,,is all||),x.
past few weeks in Invor ol (he an- „,.„„ ,.rv ,,,,„,,„. „„, , lt), 1)( h,s
ncvation nf Ibis province to this ,,.i|ntt. Frenchmen, wlm ore living
1 nrtcdiStat.es. Thnmsli the medium |m|1|,|t,. „„,, ,,„.,„>. „,„,„ „„, ,()|,|s
of bis paper, I.e Devoir, be claims lo (,rt|u. Brithsh llag.'
!»• represent inn tb, sentiment of Ilia "n„| |i,„irassa aiwavs ,,as a ,,olr
Prencli-Oanadlan electors. Tbe lion. ,,,.. T,„, „1|l(.r d w|| ||(>Mlv WM
Mr. Lomicujf ridicules this contention ^bo Natio
nud   unlicsllatinglv states that     Mr
"No   minority
in    thc  wide worlil
Liiiovs as    man
- privileges as      tho
('a i hoi ies enjoy un
der the Itiilisb
crown."    This stale-
ment  was made
t.-ilav bj   the    Hon.
Itodolplrc    l.i'inii'iiv,   lormer minlslcr
of marine .uni fisheries, in reply in a
Toronto   (llobc c
regarding the all
Canadians towards annexation. As is
m.ilist party; Inter en.     at
lhe time ol ihi' Euctmrlsllc Congress,
llinirussa .speaks unit   fnr bui'.sill.        |,e ilriiiinl ol   n Catholic center      cl
"I have nol Uie slightesl hesitation „hi.-ti 1„-   would    lie tin' chiel figure.
in saying that   Mr.   It,..trass,, speaks T„ti.iy   „   is    „„„,.„,,(„„, tomorrow
mily lor himself, lie wants lo 1 nine j,,,,,,.,!,!,,,, ,.K,( „,,.„r,|ill(r ,„ ,,is vaK.
notorious  again.      His   Nntionalist „,ira      „,.   mlls| w ,n ()|l,     )im(v_
inovcmenl bus   collapsed, awl us     a ||g„t,    |je doesndl know what
leader ol publie opinion he has been a j,,,, eonsislenl ineans."
complete tallure.    lie .ts now seeking i .
tn create a iiioicini-iii nniong bis lel-
Ii.iv-i'ounlryiiini which would simply
he suicidal. He shows what Utile
sense In- bas, al,'! how  fi.lul be is   of
playing with Iin-.
tin- largest of its kind ever held
lilli«l wilb lioinejjrowii cherries, for u», American continent, Applications
whirh Knsln is deservedly famous. A [or entry lorms have lieen received by
lusk'cl wns provided Inr every lady Chairman McNienl, nl 11h- exposition
present. IV. H. Zwlcky, president of commilfee, from neurly every uuartcr
the Kasl,, i«,iml nl trade, pfralilcil, ,^ n,,. globe, an,i advices through dlp-
nnd Mayor Oarland, il Knsln, ami intnatie sources are to the eilect thai
Minor ..unable, ot Nelsnn, were nlsn nearly all ol llie Soulb American
present, countries,   Australia,   Hungary, Tur-
Atter luncheon Ibe    visitors    were key, Russia,   ami   the United Stntes
given Hieir   choice ol lisilinu        Hie will send exhibits.     It is slatisl thai
local orchards or ol enjoying a  trip  th,. United Stales exhibit will ecllps.'
rn the lake In lannehis supplied   lor anything that has ever lieen undcrtai--
lhe   occasion.        Apparently   most  on by Uh- department ol agriculture,
everyone wanted to sit whence    Uto while tbc Dominion ol Canada    will
fine cherries bad come from.nnd very collect nml    stage an enormous slzial
soon     the whole parly were od       to (.sbilrit   ol the     prmlunl*   ol the soil
lhe surrounding orchards.  In    which !,,„„ ||„. experimental l.irms ami   Hie
Ihey were   ai'cotib'il   wclcoroo ailinis- („irs, and lhe provinces ol llrilish Co-
sum, wilb lhe    Invitation to pick lor luinbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
themselves all the trull they desired. Alberta Mil have exceptionally large
This kimllv Invitation wns taken ad- ami Interesting displays.
vantage    ol    ami   the   whole party    Throughout  Allierta nml Snskntche-
i|iilekly enem-ed in striping overladen wan great interest is lieing inanilost-
Irees nf their burd™   nl lovely cher- ,.|1, mnl in    many sections the tarni-
rles.       I.nte   in the alternoon      the ,.rs bave arranged lor and carried nut
vWtorn   letiirniil to the steamer and tbis spring and slimmer n system   of
proceeded lo Rlonddl, where a thor- plots,    by  which    each   man raises
align Inspection    ol the lllue      llell soinethlng   diHerent tlmn his nelgl.l(nr i
mine was iniule. under the guidance ol on one  sijinre red, and pays particu-
the manager, S. S. Fowler, and   Ihe iar attention lo the product with   n
foreman,   0. F. Sherwln.      This ex- ,|cw (0 having the very best possible1
perience proved specially emjoyable to t„ !*■ grown,    ln Saskatchewan   the I
the   Alberta   vlsilnrs,    it being  tbc department ol agriculture    has lieen1
first visit any nl them bad ever made very ncllvc  in encouraging thc tnrm-'
tn a big   mine    in  nellve operation, ers to make an extraordinary provln-
Prorri Illondell the steamer proceeded rial exhlMt, as well ns district-     ex-;
in llallniir, where the visitors    were hlbtta, nnd lhe  Snskntihewon     com- j
entertained at a grand banquet,     as missioner,   Pre*.   11.     N. Thompson,!
guests   nl   the   Nelsnn    Press  club, bns applied Inr 1(1.0111) stpjiarc leet    ol
This new   hotel nt llnlfoiir Is owni.l space, ami   served    notice that    hi*!
ami operated hy the C.P.lt., wbirb Is rce-iilrements   will   without doubt ex-'
n gnoriuiitoo ol iis i-vi-i'lleni-e in every ceeil this In view nl the large hUmtpr I
respeel.       llnlfoiir is n lieauty spot, ol farmers who ure preparing Individ-,
nml the holel is siliiiite,! so ns      to uni exhibits.
aHi.nl   Visitors   the best oppnrtitirlty    ManHobn Is not l*'hlnd In nny    ex-' "I.ITTI.E HVA'
(ll lawn,
Inly M-Mr. Alex.
No persni, in ihi* province (hints Nl'il, ""•■'i-t fruil Inspector of
of annexation or even dreams of il, government, reports that then
unless Mr. Hoiimssn himself.. ' I am "*'? Imllcntlon of n splendid
confident lhal if a plehlscllo were ""I1 Ihronghout Ihc country,
laken today there would nol be five Hritish    t'olumbia crop  is especially
hundred peopli', sane | pie, vole lor lnnr*i Uu[ '" Ontario Is lair,, while
II.    Traditionally we nre againsl nn- ""' Nm'a Sl'"lia erop promises to be
nivaliin, and lo    snleguard our Iun-,""' largest ou record.
ol Inking In Ihe lovely illrrollndlngs,   lent, Inr    tliere arc scores ot    grain
Our slock is too heavy for Ihis season of thc year, and in
order to make room for our Fall slock wc arc offering any
Suit in the store at
25 % Discount
We have some very choice patterns left.
We make our own alterations.
Wc are offering any
Oxford in the slore at
Our stock   includes   Patents,   Velours  and Tans in
Button and Bals.
See Our Special Table at $2.75
AU Goods
All Goods
True to expectntioras, the Fernie
and Craiihrooki lacrosse teams gave
an exhibition al the Agricultural
lilouiids lasl Thursday evening thai
went to show that lb,- famous Carta-
itinn game tan be plain! in Soulb
Kast Kootena); In a maiinen Hint
would lie a credit to many of the
old time lacrosse strongholds in the
Dominion. Thc game plain! here
was deserving nl better patronage,
and it is to lie hoped that when the
next outside team visits here the
people ot Cranhrook will show their
appreciation by giving more liberal
While the Fertile boys got it put
over them by a score ol 8 to :i they
were true sports and never uttered
a complaint. They expect witb u
llttlo training tn trip I'lanlimnl. anl
all other opponents with cam' and
The following Fernie players were
in action: lliack, Miller, Kastner,
Itussel, Todhunter, (larlnill, Taylor,
McGcc, McAllister, Oillcsple, Wallace,
Kirkpatrick and Cody.
The   lollowlng comprised lhe Cran-
FOIt SALE.—Young pigs. Apply J.i
llruiilt, Canadian hotel. 30-21
FOU  SALE.—Baby carriage $7.00,
Apply llox .1, Herald olliee.       31-11'
FOI! IIF.NT.-Three
nieiil, partly Iiirnishi
Iieighl  sheds,
room aparl-
ll,   near      the
W. It. neatly,
wheeled English cart and single harness; in Iirsl class condition. Apply
Herald olliee, llox A. 2*>-tl*
FOU SAI.E.-lilO ucres on K.C.K.
wiib improvements and water rights,
going cheap as a whole, or in smaller
luls. Address, .1. (I., Herald olliee,
Cranbrook, ll.C.
FOU SAI.K—Singer's machine,
drop be.ul, Mission finish stiuud; only
twice used; in pcrlcot condKloh; will
sacrifice lor HO. Apply T. Beattie,
Fink Mercantile Co. .31-11'
FOIl SAI.K—Wutcrhoiisc cugiue,
mounted on wlieels, 20 h.p., 10 inch
.stroke, center crnnki, 50 It. turn inch
brook team: McKay, goal; MePhce, ,„,,, Also carriage, saw and other
point; A. Mteh, cover point; I'uHy, I ,,„.,„ (,,r sawiuill. Apply lo C. A.
first defence; 0. Lcltch, second     de- MannPrS| Cranbrook. 30-4t
lenee; Chambers, third defence; Pye,
center; - McWha, third home; Ha-thic,
second home; Callahan, first home;
Matthews, outside home; Garrett
inside home, Helium, spare, playing
part ol first and third quarter.
For Cranbrook Matthews scored
tbree goals, darrein two, Callahan
Iwo and Hcwirn om-. For Fernie
Miller scored Iwo and llussell one.
The Home Bakery
Hi,loan FniMC, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.       Opp, Oily Hull
|    FOR SALE    j|
I Lot 9, Block 94 fj
l'|      Terms: One-tliirxl Cash      g
1     Balance 1-2-8 at 0 %.      ijj
I A.l.lri'ss: |
t-l        2312 Market St..
II St. Louis, Mil. I'.S A. I
1 =■■'='•!?-!
LOST.—A Collie pup, agnl six
months, answers to the n.nne ol
'-Sundy.'f ' lias long red hair, lour
while lift und white throat. Please
return to Herald   olllcc.     Iti-.van!.
Mrs. .1. S.   Minnie
Ell. — Apply   to
l.iunsden avenue,
A return game will be played      iu city.
Fernie next Monday. I ■
II. S. (Inrrelt, scctetary ol thei Several miles nl telephone wire, in
Crnnbrook learn, has recently rccelv-IlM lect liiiglbn, siillabhi lirr lencing,
«l two ciuiimiiiiicallons. One Irom can In pnreliawil al Imrgalu prices
Iln' Itossland laerossi' club trying lo from the Koolenay Telephone Lilies,
airunge lor a game here August 7tb;|.ii|. Apply to ,1. It. McNulih, uutu-
iiiiiI the other Irom the manager    ol  ager. :io-tf
the Spokane   Interstate lair with re-| —.
Lake View
l'\l'\, HANIX.EY
St. Mary's Lake, 11. C.
lliiisls convoyed frnm
.Mnr.vsvilli' lolin1 liiilol
Iiy liiotor cur nr leniu.
excellent Fishinx Resort
(i.-IHIililll-    llllll    ll"W
lliuits fur Hire
uu nu |-I
gard tn playing a match with
Nelson team at Spokane ilurinis
forihfuinltig lair.
TO 11KNT.—Wanhouse or slore-
iihiiii spine at rciisniiuhl,' rates. Furniture,      pianos,      I riinks,    .buggies,
sleighs, elc.,
Dr. and Mrs. Sleeves, nl Salem,
Oregon, were In Crnnbrook during ,,|lono ,8
the pasl Week ns the guests ol
Mr. and Mrs.. K. II. Smell. Thoy had
.been, through the Yellowstone Park,
andiare now on Iheir way to llmili
lor au outing.
stored in   good      dry
Apply ul. Herald olltcc.
WANTEIK-Stenographer tor com
merelal house. Apply with leleren
ces at Herald olllcc. •      HI
WANTED.—A nurse maid to help In
light housework; cook kept. Apply to
Mrs. V. Hyde Baker. 27-H
WANTED.—Oood   general   Renrniitx,
Box,small    lamlly;   duties In   commence
AT Till: Allpl-
AGENTS WANTED. - II you oaal
hustle apply la   writing   to     Sales'
Agency aud    Adjustment  Co.,      	
316, t'ranbrook. 31-tf August lsl, 101 J.    Apply Mrs.    I'd
i I ward Paterson. 28-11
Collections.—Ut   us collect    yout 	
.Id accounts.    No charge II we don't    WANTKD.-lly the    W.   C, Tt 0.,
collect-Sales     Agency and   Adjust- mothers for the young girls, whk> are
Co.,    llox    3I(,
ll-tl 1 able young men.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A moilniti eiplipiieil Cain at tumlm-nlc
Kale* |l.IHI nml np per dny
Corner ol llowanl St. arid From Ave,
Onr bu* meets all train*
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB (10E1Z, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary


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