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Cranbrook Herald Jun 11, 1914

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*■"■*'•'. I ,-
THURSDAY, JUNE llth, 1914
Hecortl   Crowd   Turn   Onl   to    II mr
J. K. Terry IHacuss tlte Merits
t.r «i»iady."
The pootpoued tuoetlng of tbo o anbrook Poultry ami Pet Stoi it ancoobi-
tlon on Monday brought together one
ot the largest gatherings the asBoclit
timi Iuih had.
Among otlier ltoiliB ot busim . (lit
posed ot wan tlio election of a vice-
proBldout to Buccood Mr, tfl. ii. Bluter,
whoso .removal tiie deprived the an*
soolatlou nf ono ot ll moat faithful
menthora and onterprlslng oiileor i. Mr
11. T. Wllllum:' WRB IlllKllli-ioitsly uloct-
ud to thr iiosttlon, ivlthout u dottl I an
appointment that will h ol greal advantage to tin* association.
Tlm aBBOQlatlon volod to donate certain special prices of ribbons and
cash to tin* price list of tho Cranbrooh
Kail Fair.
Tbe secretary roportod the largest
member ship yot on tbe as oi i .Uon
At tiie close of bunlneas tbe chairman culled on Mr, J, li. Terry, chief
poultry Instructor for tho B. V. gov-
ernment, to addreae tho moi ting,
Mr. Terry in bin usual manner gave
a very practical talk ou evory-day
matters in rearing young stock. His
talk was strictly to the point onvutll-
ity work, Bpeclal emphasis being laid
on cleanliness and free rang). Tin
greatest need of young Btock ls pli nt.-
of exercise on clean earth aa early as
possible in life.
Three years' Mr. Terry give:; a the
business life of a ponltryman who fails
to provide absolutely clean quarters
for his young stock, and well matured
breeders to save Iii.-; hati hlng ggi
At tbe close of his talk Mr. Torry
answered a large batch of qu<
to the  satisfaction   of  tin   qii
after which one of tlie hest m
ever held In Cranbrook adjourn
il. E. Health* I* President ot tW Law-
ninth* Oil nnd Gm fa.
Announcement has been made ot
t ig organisation of a new oil com-
pony hi tlie Calgary district, the promoters of which ure nearly all Cran*
hrook people. The new company is
known as tbe Locomotive OU ft Gas
Co and Mr. It. B, Beattie, of t .*
Ueattlo-Murphy Co., Ib the presided*.
Bi uml other Cranbrook people, It Is ^(-'jl
nnderstdojl, are on tbe board of dlrec-
Make Several Requests—Long Program of Business Transacted
at Last Session of Council on Monday Evening.
tl IS.
Mr. Iteattb* bus heen in Calgary for
tlte past lew weeks and has secured
some valuable 1 runes in the Calgary
nil district The new company afe Is-
- ll lug stock at pur vulue of $1.00 per
share and wlll commence drilling
operations us soon us thoy have disposed nt' N5,000 worth ot Mock.
Tin- prospectuses of tbe new company, which wus only Incorporated
iM'. w.eb, ure not at hand and full in-
formatloti will be given later.
Since the opening of the stock ei-
chongo at Calgary many of tbe stocka
liave slumped In price and a few have
gained, Further finds are expected
to be made in the next few months. If
otlier wells ure brought In within the
next sixty days fortuncB will be made,
by some ou the upward trend of the
stock. Much Cranbrook capital has
already been invested in Calgary oil
and this latest move ot the Cranbrook
people to get lu on the ground floor
may mean fortunes for those Interested, providing they are lucky enough
to locate property which will have
oil in commercial quantities.
Tlie Alberta oil fields are much in
tbe nature of a gamble as yet, with
every indication of fortunes for the
lucky ones und complete losses for
tbe unlucky ones.
Mouday evening's session of the city
council was visited by numerous delegations, tbe crowd In the city bull being the largest for yearn at u council
(Vs tbe visitors tiled in tbe
aldermen were eommeuclng to wonder
tf lt was u recall organization. However, everything passed off smoothly
and tho various delegations were ull
upiwreutly sutislled.
city curfew bylaw.
Petition of Joseph Woodman et all
for new sidewalk on burwell avenue
was referred to tlie  board of  works
with power to act.
Communication wus received from
Mrs. J. R Deane re creek ou Edward* street and same was referred
to health and relief committee.
Finance committee reported the foi
Addition to Poultry Rullding   Rlbhous
In Live Stack Classes.
Tbe directors of tlie Cranbrook Ills-1
trlct Agricultural association have
decided to give a good ribbon with tho
prize in all live stock classes, Ribbons will also be given \u poultry
and dog classes. A fine addition lo
the poultry building is on der way.
Work will start early . next."month. ,
The Standard mill has kfndls offered
3500 feet of lumber and 8,000 Bhingles,:
the Kust Kootenny Lumber company
3500 feet of lumber and the King
mill 2.50H feet and several oddn and
ends of material. No others have been
asked as yet, but the directors see no
difficulty in raising tlie balance of
6000 feet nnd S.000 shingles.
The agricultural department has
promised to make a Bpeclal grant of
at least $200.00 if the dlre< tors - * ad
an c(|uul amount.
The gifts of lumber will w 11 ni
their part of thc bill.
Up-to-date  con;.-,   win   be   In ' Lib
and then tiiere will be room for almost twice the poultry they had lasi
year.    Even  thai   will   be  nam   too
much  according   to   pn
tlons.   The fair book nil! I    i
next week, so mail Foi  your - op   af
Secures  si\   Mouth-   Berth   Iu  Pllj
Jail for Soiling nnd Smoking
Archie Herrtgnn, thc night  ■(!    i o
the local police force, pul one over ou
Mnb  BUig  on   Wednesday   afterni on
When   llO   succeeded   hi   an
capture for opium smoking, <
the Celestial witli tbe good   fin     m
The officer set uji d thu i Ini. thai
opium   was  again   being   smoked   in
Chinatown   and   one   Im.! 1
under suspicion the oflli ei
ed to gain an onl  nice but roun I the
doors all locked     \ i om ■
urapb  pole  ivai   ut»i ovpred
tn front and while Chi i
uptown Herrlgon quietly cllmbi \ lhe
pole and eniu'.'l through
finding Mali sing on a In
tlve dream** from the pO| . ■   He was
taken Into custody.
He appeared before Magi itrato *vr
nuld on Thursday morn inn >*"(i " be-
Ing his second appearance on the mi
charge lie was given a .fine of |60 and
costs or six months in gaol,
NEXT  WEEK   '■'' -mnllim »■' Space Asked far at the
Dominion Exhibition nt
The board of school trustees met at
the city ball lust Friday evening,
.hose present being Chairman White
rind Trustees Fink, Qualn, Laurie and
Minutes of previous meeting were
read and approved.
Tl.e secretary was Instructed to
omiaunicatc with Mr. Gilpin with re-
;atd to proposed school at Kootenay
Orchards, asking him to appoint a
committee of three to meet school
board on Tuesday evening, June 19th,
at thc city ball.
Tho resignation of Miss Suttahy
was accepted nnd tbe secretary was
instruted to write ber expressing the
Those present officially pot Mayor  lowing accounts, which were passed
Taylor, City Clerk Huberts, City Ku-  and ordered paid:
gineer   Olenday,   Aldermen   Oeuest,
Leask, Campbell, Hickenbotham and
The minutes ot the previous mooting were road and approved.
Rutledge's report      .,..yt Vlhoul
Dr. Rutledge, who was appointed assistant sanitary inspector tor the Inspection of the dairies,' appeared before the council with bis report. He
stfiied that all the dairies wore endeavoring to live up to the requirements of the bylaw.  Sume of tho dair-
1). C, tiuzotte  i
Beattie-Murphy Co	
c. c. s	
Cruubrook Exchange 	
Cranbrook Susb & Door Co..
O, 1». II. Telegraph	
Cranbrook Trading Co	
City  Trunsfer  &   Warehouse
City Clerk's sundries 	
Cranbrook Foundry 	
Curs well  Co	
lea were not yet up to the stendard City Uyery         40-50
but he hoped that at bis next report Cronbroo*I Cartage & Trans-*
fer Co     134.80
Cruubrook Electric Light Co.
Dentil, V	
Kink Mercantile Co	
I Kootenay
Telephone    Lines,
he would be able to report every dairy
In good shupe. Tbe milk tests had
been very nntfatfnetory except in a few
cases. In one or two cases unless Improvement  was  shown  In  the  next *l Mt'Ht *Mar-tt't  	
month he would take steps to stop HeraId l',lbM»h**nB **■*»■
dairy from selling ln the city.    The !Hanwu  Gar_uge
tuberculin tests had been made by
the government Inspector and all the
cows of the district were reported free **l •■•-'dy* J. K	
from this disease. jKin* & areon 	
Mr. Ira It. Manning beaded a dole-; n*nnl"K- l™  	
gatlon   from   the   Cranbrook  Retail  McNe11' n- s	
Merchants* Protective association and  Mcllridc, J. 1)	
presented a petition to the council  McCrtwy Bro»	
asking that preference be given   to cit* «,*-«->l«!'',« l»«>roll  tsew-
local white labor fn tbe construction |    **r*K«)   	
of the new water works system. Mr. rit>' «o*lnMr'8 Payroll  (gen-
Manning stated thut of his own per-     eru,)     1087.40
sonal knowledge there were numerous  Pol!ce Wftoll      856.00
families  living  In  the  district  that Vity oH-chUn     .126.00
oi ditch. In crossing Smith creek In
E. Dewur lane it was necessary to
curry sewer over creek in u box.
Concrete piers were built on each side
of tin- creek and box curried over on
txii Inch timbers from one pier to
the other. Two manholes were built,
one at the Intersection of laouls und
Vun Homo and one ut the Intersection of Van Home nml 10. Dewar lane.
Sewer iu 1*3. Armstrong lane was
practically blocked up und hud to be
broken Into and cleaned out, about
seven cubic yards of silt being taken
Eleven leaks in manholes were repaired. Where grudlug was done
seven manhole covers hud to he altered.
Distributary trays over primary niter
at tin* disposal works were cleaned off
4S50 feet of sewer was cleaned out
during tbe mouth ot May.
Twenty leaks were repaired on the
main at a cost of $51,110, averaging
$2.58 per leak.
Ten leaks were repaired ou mains
78.50 [ in town ;.t a cost of $.!ii.s5, averaging
1(1.60 112.085 per leak.
Levels were run from Lumsden
avenue to dam to get correct delation of water In reservoir referred to
city bench mark. |
Health and Relief
Owing to large quantity of refuse |
tukm to tbe nuisance ground it wus
uecossary to put on a force of men
to burn tills up und clean up roadway.
Cost of work $58.00.
J. C. Olenday,
city Engineer, |
New Hill Provides for Thirteen S«ts :
for  British  Columbia
Ottawa, June 10.—The redistribution
bill introduced in tiie commons this
afternoon by Hon. Robert Rogers after consideration for the past three
montlis by tlie Bpeclal commons committee will, it Is expected, be passed
through the house before prorogation,
at the end of thc week, with but comparatively mtle modification,
In Ontario there is some objection
Ddnionlon liiilti.trfni Association Mill
Cen.nr  Hiittltiitlis i'l' nil Stock
KtliiMintuii, Alta
tlons of u!l stock in thi
trict in tlio luturo will *
, censorship ot ti.'' 15 li
: triul Association, n bod:
sentatlvs buslnoss men
I to protect tho Investing
.    8.11
p   8.- -Flota-
i-ity und dls-
ii.. under the
nton   InUus-
>:' Tim ropro-
in an effort
abllc agnlnst
questionable  and  mcrltless  schemes
and assist the attorm y general's department of Albertu in i-uuiIuk "wild
cattera" atul dishonest uromQters and
uiji'ni.-..   At tlie request ,.i prominent
broker* and lease lioldor; in tfiis district and representatives o( companies in the southern part of the province, William J.  Mafratb,  president
lay appointed
a committee f« Investigate the various
propoMikms offered to tbe public,   li
consists of (i.ciiB'' l!  O'Connor, barrister; p. j. Mullin. eonl merchant:
A. T. Ilarrer, ba
1C,   Anderson.   11
1.25 j
on the Liberal sldi- to tlie boundaries
of the constltuencv of Kent which. It
is claimed, sliuuid bo reduced In size
by the elimination of two or three
So far as Western Canada is concerned there H no dispute with the
exception of Nanaimo. In British Columbia. The Liberals are asking that
the mining district of Columbia be la-|0' lhc or*-"»"!z»ll"l!
ollldcd iu tills constituency Instead of
being placed In the new Comox-Al-
IM!. Kalns sis Seals
Ciider tlie new bill there are to be
224 constituencies lnstcud of 881, aa at! and August Wolf
present.   Nova Scotia and New llruus-      The committee
wick lose two Heats each und Prince  at once, issuing bullet
Kdward Island one.      Ontario   loses ! to time to advise the
four scuta, Manitoba gains live, Has- [merits of the various P
katCllcwall six. Alberta live and British i;oluiubla six.
Tho bill provldos tliat In Brilisli
Columbia there shall be 13 electoral
districts, each of them to be represented by om. member, as follow::
I   Tho oloctoral district of, Comol-
Alliorut, comprising tho provincial district or Albcrul, Couioi aud ull lhat
(Continued on page four).
ntractor; 11.
stocks,   The
co inn
ajihirili'iiet   1
f the
end 11
(rur and th
II  b
rrom tunc
illc of the
Ions ,■( oil
1 liav. tlio
dal reels-
Mes-rs.   Itive,  Terry  and   XMdlrton
like Valuuhle NiiKfre<itlon<t ud
Information to Crnnbrook
School Children
The  censorship  c
I Kdmonton  Ad.  clnb
1 merged witb the Bdr
association. ■*a\.-»i fully $75,000 t
merchants   of   this   city   Inst
through   railing   to   approve   r<
, adfertlatog   sch< nu ■*    iirojM led
itinerant solicitor^ and Dtliers
association  also  Induced   Hon
Dobctty, minister ol Justice for
ada. to prepare an amendment i
1 Dominion criminal i ode ,
ulent advertising. Thia
cently passed the Benat
pending in tbe senate.
i i now
100 to Uie
i;i-i year
o   certain
alnst rraud-
DMsurc re-
uud is now
.Motion by Hickenbotham nnd
Horie carried that lire and police committee have Unlit on Hanson avenue
moved to the corner of Kalns nnd
Horie and Leu.sk offered a motion
thought that a largo number would I •J""1" Electric Co      15.00 tbat the tire Inspector be Instructed I to bo staying over night ni the capital
respond.   Mr. Manning was followed Russell, K. A      10.00  to Inspect buildings in the city and j o( Kll[St  Kootenay. on their way to
by Mr. Hougham, the secretary of tbo Roberts, T. M      25.00 report to council concerning places I Baynes Uke.   These gentlemen kind-
association,    who   Htatod   that   he Ward & Harris      117.90 having    Influmable    material    lying hy consented to address the pupils, ol
thought        a        large        uuraber School board payroll   1672.08: around.   Carried. i tlie fourth reader, tbe potato boys nnd I
were In destitute clrcumatancea and Firp dopartmejit payroll ....
that the men complained that they Prospector Publishing Co, ...
could not secure work.   If they wore Provincial  government   (Nol-
given the opportunity of working on      H0U^   	
the   water   works   construction   he j Parks, P. & Co,
Uudol the auspices of tbe Cran-
■ brook Farmers' Institute, Messrs. Dexter and Webb were successful in ob-
talntug the services of Messrs. Hive,
: Terry and Mlddleton, who happened
would be willing to work on tho
Job if ihey wero given tho opportunity
and tliat ln ease they did not make
good tbat they would be discharged,
Action of the mayor and Aldermen
Campbell, Hickenbotham, Horie   aud
but that he thought the council should  u.aMk   m   dtopwlllg   of   the   Wttter
give tbem tho opportunity
Mayor Taylor assured tho delegation tbat the council was in sympathy
with the petition and thut tbey would
bo board nt ber departure  *ork *,™«^.0,,e_]i_ne8 in 81K!ndluR  fJllow
the Bchool staff.
acceptance of Miss McLennan,
Non, as primary teacher on tho
BtnlT was received and Hied.
works det>euturen to Terry, Brlgg* &
Sluyton ut .94 waa continued.
The city engineer's report was received and Hied and in part was as
1 finance committee reported the
■ Ing accounts, which were pass-
ud ordered paid:1
hers' salaries  $1,280.85
tli officer        41,66
li 11 lo Muriihy Co., Ltd	
ranhrook Steam laundry ..
ranbrook Electric Light Co.
ranhrook lirug H Hook Co..
i'..ti' ore llros 	
'.ul.- & Co	
Kootenay Telephone Linos ..
.     3.60
i.iy  was  Instructed  to | „„ mor(. w,tw would he furnished to I ward street by the Catholic rectory to commence when notified.
and on .Martin avenue from Edward     Alderman  U'usk gave notice that
al the noxt meeting he would intro-
|.Mr, dun- a bylaw regarding boulevards.
Twenty 12-foot park benches wcre     Alderman Horie gave notice of inn-
Pink und Quuln were ap-
a   rniiiniittee  to  aee  Dr.
regard  to  supplying   an
11 rgi 11c)  medical chest.
notlfj iiir Biiperintoildant of education dial the board would like reser-
vi il a wall apaod of 120 siiuare feet
and table space of 70 square feet ut
.  Domlnli vlilliltlon ul Victoria.
'flu- collection of exhibits wan re-
i!   I tn Mr. Dexter and Mr. Webb
..nii authority to serure such asslBt-
n,   ;i   may di' nreeusary.
ii.-  Htcrotary   was  Instructed to
notify Janitor Rumoli of the South
. ;i' l   i liiinl that Ills services wlll Dot
. 11 -ii.iri'il after one month from this
Board adjourned.
 Motion by Horie and Campbell that   the   competitors   lu   the   Craubrook
$0420.00 sanitary Inspector be Instructed to ! Uoys and Ulrls' Chicken Raising
more rigidly enfurce provisions of tlie competition. Mr. Itive. spoke of the
sanitary and sewerage bylaws. j need of an Increase In the milk and
Alderman Hickenbotham brought up butter production In B.C. He said
thc iiui'stlon of the city lieulth oltlccr I every man with laud, whether bis
making weekly visits to tlio local! aim be poultry, fruit or garden pro-
butclicr shops during the summer I duco, should keep one or more cows
months.   Thc matter wus discussed.  ■ and a few pies.   At the present time
Motion by Campbell and Hlckcn-; B.C. Is Imiiortiug 1- times as much I
bothuni thut mayor appoint a com-1 hotter us It  produces.   The speaker
\rrept Imltatieii lo I ompele In Shoot
at Nelson During < haliko
lieti"ral meeting ot the Cranhrook
Rille association was held Wednesday
eveulng at the government building,
Mr. A. H. Webster occupying the
chair and in tbe absence of the regular
lecretary, Mr. J. L. Walker was chosen as acting secretary. An Invitation
was received from tlie Kelson Chahko
Mika to send a competing team, ami it
was decided to send a team to Nelson
at that time. It was also decided to
hold a shoot in Cranbrook on July
first and Kernie was asked lo send u
competing team.
The  executive  of  tbe  association
increased. Messrs. II   11.  Hicks
mlttee of three wltli himself to bo! also drew attention to tlie fact that IanU *• *'   Be""""  being named as
known as a special water committee i tho Shorthorn  is a meat and milk i additional members.   It was also de-
chargc of the work of In- cow, has great vitality, is a good for-!'1'1'''1 ,0 ni»k'' a charge of two cents
the water works money. ...
O. H. Thompson addressed thc coun-1 ■***■ ««d hum
ell asking that the grades on the re-      during thc month of May a consld-
sldentlul streets bc llxed so that thc "able amount ot work was done, new lo ,lu,
boulevards could be built aud also streets being opened and lanes grad- Btalling thc new water system. Car- uger and gives u good supply of milk: ] P"' r'",ni1 tr"m a" members after
asked or suggested to thc council ed. Kains street was stumped and a r|,,,i. Mayor appointed Aldermen : the Holsteln, a pure brwd for over j w> r"»nd> have been Bred. The gov-
that they make provision for main- 20 foot roadway was put through Campbell, Horlc and Hickenbotham. 12000 years, ls a large cow, giving a I t*imm\ furnishes 100 rounds free
talulng boulevards after they were from Van llorue street to Lumsden Applications were received from j splendid flow of milk when the pas-! ■**"' !'or an(l a" members shooting
built, and in case this was done he avenue, a distance ot about 4,300 teet. engineers McCnllough and P. O'Hara j tnrc Is good, as It Is on thc B.C coast.' mun "'"O that amount will hereafter
was sure that a large number ln thc Clarke avenue was stumped and grad- f()r ,|„. position of engineer for the I and Is also well able to withstand i **« reipiired to pay two cents per
residence districts would construct >d considerable, cut aud nil heing construction of theuew water works the cliUly damp winds that often ob- j round,
their boulevards and that tbis would made on this street nnd n roadway nygtom. Motion by Campbell and tain here, while. Uie Ayrshire, a newer
make a great Improvement In the ap- put through Pooley avenue. Hump iu Horie that the city clerk be Instructed j scotch breed, Is well uble to rustle on
pearance of the city. His second ro- sidewalk on Edwards street by the ^, ,,„,„,. into agreement with Mr. ;:, rongli range und still give a good
quest was that the pound bylaw be Catholic rectory wus cut down and McCullough according to thn terms of i account of herself when milking time-
more rigidly enforced as tho cattle spoil used for 1111 ou the opimslte side Ma i,.u,.r f„r supervision of Instulla-  conns round.
and horses that appeared In tho city of the street by the guaiii property. ,|(II1 „t wut(,r ,vorks system.                    Mr Torry dealt with the five ../cat
Applications for the position   Of divisions   of   poultry:   The   Asiatics
time and Isiokkecper were received  with feathered tegs and yellow flesh;
at various times were a menace to the     The following lanes wcre graded:
safety of children and a detriment to: Uue In block 33, E. Watt lane, E.
lawns and boulevards.
On motion by Leask and Horlo Mr.
Thompson's requests were referred to
the legislation committee.
Motion by U'ask and Compbell car-
liewar lane, K. Clark lane, E. Harden
lane, block 23, and E. Burwell lune,
Edwards to Baker streets.
Sidewalks were generally maintain-
rled and rescinded former motion that I ed and new sldowalk wus laid on Ed-
froin   Walter  H.  Brown,  Fred  Pye,
F. A. Russell and ll. llollinger.   Mo-land legs:
tion by Campbell und Genest that the | and legs
application  of  D,  Holllnger be accepted  and  that   wuges  be   llxed  ut
$8,76 per day for working days, duties
COM I Ml Til
Two Hundred Old Country Bottlers
Uracil IVinnipi":
Winnipeg. June 10.- limine, the
week ending June fitli. 1,660 immigrants arrived at ocean ports for
Western Canada, of those, 906 were
British, 111)11 mid and southern Europeans, 70 Seiiiiiliuuvliuis and 20
Throe hundred and ten Immigrants
arrived today; 2(io British, •ir, Polos
and 65 Russians. The hulk came by
the Ansonln nml Letitln vin New
York and tlio remainder by Uio
Most of llie British were Ilckotoil
through to British Columbia, a con-
•Iberable number  going  in  tho  la
The remains of the late Erl Etemla
Bytto'n, who died nt the Cottage hos-
pltal last week, were laid to rest In
(lie Church of England cemetery, on
Wednesday eveiiing,
Tlio i iinernl services were conducted from the church ot Kngland by
Kev. !•:. p, Flewelling, the rector, assisted by Rev. Tupper, precentor of
Worcester Cathedral, England, Messrs.
"Zollinger, Hoggarth, Beale, Clark,
Crebbln nnd Cock wcre the pall bearer;.. Tlio services were held at five
o'clock In tlie evening and were at-
tendod hy the muny friends of the de-
coasod lu the city.
Thc city clerk was Instructed to en-1 ",r«'e' '" ""msey's cal
ter Into contract witli Ur. >'. R. Miles ;
and Chus. McDonald for the supply ot
water oa the same terms as given
other residents outside tbe city
A delegation from Uiyul Orange
lodge appeared and Mr. R. S. Oarrett
as spokesman asked for the use of the
city band stand and seats for the use
of speakers on July 13th and for the
privilege of paradlug on the city
Motion by Hickenbotham and Horie
that requost of l/iyul Orange lodge be I
tbe American breeds wltli yellow flesh
tlie English with white flesh
tiie French  with tiie extra
toes: the M, dlterrnnen.-. or egg type
with white eggs and white earlcbes.
Tlie speaker said that B.C. produced
six eggs per head of population, but I
consumed  six dozen ogga per  head
leaving tho balance of five and a half • ^r(ltt
Inxen tn he imported.
Tlio speaker also guv  the boys
obtained from the Cranbrook Sash It tion Hint at the next meeting he
Door company. These benches were would Introduce a bylaw governing
placed   arouud   the   bundstand   aud
for  wood and weight for
Umasr limunds
Lacrosse grounds behind government building were levelled off und
rolled according to instructions received at thc lust council meeting.
The cost of tills work was $54.70.
si:wi:R.t(iK UKi'Aitr.MiM
onl offered for Mile or sold by dialers.
Alderman Hlckenbotliani gave no-
granted was carried. |    It being necessary to lay 832 feet of
A resolution  passed by the W.O.' sower to complete the sewerage, work
T.U. asking that thc curfew bell be [ was started May 14th, on Van Home
rung ss last year, was read and on
moUon by Campbell and Uenest carried that the resolution be forwarded to tbe school trustees with request
that school Janitor be Instructed to
ring curfew bell In accordance with
street.   Thc digging on   Van   Home
street  was through  a  small  loose
little advice as to tho care needed to
make birds fit for exhibition.
Mr Mlddleton complimented the
Isiys ou their enterprise in undertaking the potato competition work, lie
advised tin.tn to slick lo the cultlva-
tlie tluit at the next meeting he would  lor till they could no loo gar get be
move a resolution to repeal bylaw  tween tin
Xo. tfl'. entitled "Road Tax Bylaw,"        lone aft,
Motion by Hickenbotham und Horie that thli
thut llie mayor and clerk draw up an   k ipt Uie
agreement with Uio city engineer, and
that  his  salary  be  Increased  from
dun to 6125 per month.   Carried.
The chief of ikiIIcc was Instructed
to carry out the  provisions of the
bread bylaw, which provides that all
loaves offered for sale must weigh one
On Wednesday. June lulli, the Cran-
. brook lacrosse team ventured to Fernie to play and came home victors to
! the tune ot 7—4.   it was a nice, clean
! game, as not a player nn either side
I was ruled off   A- the Cranbrook hoys
hare heen practising hard. Hoy were
In le-tter shape and stood the pace
much better than tbe Ferule boys. The
play  was fast iu  the  it-i  quarter,
Cranbrook scoring four goals in tin-
first seven minute., took the had and
kept It to the finish. Pernie irl-,1 hard
to overcome the lead, bul as Barney
at is,Int. It was useless. The
gulne was played in the evening and
it  was  almost  dark   before  gelUng
The cultivation lo be
r each ruin,  lie pointed out
Increased   the   plant   food,
soil damp aud at the same
time kept down  thc w Is.     As re-
irnrd- show potatoes u good average
ilted potato <>f good shape, smooth
mil clean and shallow eyed was the
one to pick. N< ver he tempted to put
in tlie big. overgrown rougi; fellow.
gravel, with a mixture of sand. Water pound and the weight plainly mnrked The pupils express, d their hearty
was struck at 3'6" and It was neces-  nn each louf. appreciation  In  a good hearty clap
sary to close Umber about 300 feet of     Motion by Horie nnd Hickenbotham  ond are looking forward lo another
ditch on account of caving of side's curried tliat council adjourn. visit In the near future.
   The Cranbrook isituto boys are still
  ~ ~~  i'l
; start.,! For Fernie, Bert Black was
i the -tar. and deserves credll for tin-
i way he treated tlie boys Billy Matthews was the only man Injured, net.
. tlug lilt with llie hull  nnd of a sUck
1 In t y,.
The cranhrook team lined up a* follows:
final, McKay: point, Scott: cover
, point, Huffy: first defence, BaUilo;
second defence. Leitchi third defence,
Powors-Lelleur; center, Chamber!;
third homo, Crowe] second home,
MoDonaldi tir-t home, McMillan; outside home, Matthews. inside home.
Manahan; Milt Kastner. referee
Heed  Prograai  fur  >evl   Hand  (on.
cert   by   Loral   IL.juI-in.-ii
PROGRAM FOK jSong   Mrs. Russell
WOMEN'S INSTITUTE  Recitation   Miss Vansiyke
_J  Song   Mrs. J. Kennedy
The socials given by tho Wonon's j Quartette .... Odd Fellows Quartette
InsUtute have always been a great
success.   The InsUtute will hold another on the evening ot June llth.
The following wlll bo part ot the
Opening, pianoforte nolo
Vlctorln. B.C., June 10.—Hon. It. E
Young stated today that the contract
for the Brst buildings ot thc t'nlver-
slty of British Columbia  would be
cultivating nnd luckily for them their
Next Sunday evening tho city bund
potatoes were Just starting under the will play their weekly concert, coin-
ground when the touch of frost crept menclng at 8.45. On account of the
through thc valley oa Saturday night cold weather last week the selection
last, so tliey, like Charley's Aunt, are: "Bohemian lllri" was not playod, nnd
still going strong. Is Included in next Sunday's program,
I which is as follows:
LOCAL FARMERS WILL Morch-The Brawn Coin McFall
Victoria, B.C., June 4.—The provin
clal government wlll extend an ofll
i lal  reception  to tho two Japanese j Bong Mr. Muir
cruisers   which  arc coming to  Es> j Violin and plonoforte duet	
qiilinnli nt the end ol Jaw.
The Oolden Crescent....
Montreal, June 9.—The first claim awarded In n few days and the Duke , _— I      Miller
arising out of thc sinking of the Em- of Connaught will be notified that the     The next meeting of lhc Farmers'  Watties—The Seraph Lacerty
  Mrs. Dr. Kennedy I press of Ireland waa settled In Mon- work will be sufficiently udvanced for  Institute will be held on Thursday | Selection—Bohemian Cirl Bolfo
Seng   Mrs. Macpherson i treal today.   It was for over 614,000 hlni tn officiate at the laying of the  next,   June   lath, In   the   old   gym,: Idyl—The (How Worm l.lncke
Duet.. Mrs. Quain and Mrs. Paterson  for registered mall.   The lost puck- foundation stone when he comes to Cranhrook.   For each, fee of 60c. paid j March—In Close Array... im.
ages   contained   commercial   bonds tlm coast In August.   The governor-  boforo tl nd of June the government I
which the bank waa sending to Eng- .general has promised Sir Richard Mc-1 gives a grant of 60c.   Come to the I
'.Bride la take part ta the csvemeay •meeting and par up '
Ood Suve the King
James Austin.
THURSDAY, JUNE llth', 1914
W. B. WOHDEV, I'rop'r
66   PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
.1. MILNE, Manager
1. II. THOMPSON, Kditor and Manager'
io Montlis
.    1.00
Advertising Hates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per
Column inch.
Rending Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line. I
I riiiilitmik, It.t „ June lllll, 1914
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard si. ami Trenl We.
11' the Canadian senate ivi-ruis the
hill which recently passed the house,
making tin* government roKiioiiHlble
to i Ik* depositors who lust In the
Farmers' Hani, [allure, they will prove
tin- good ollices uf thnt astute body In
curbing Ul-advlscd and hasty legislation. The lunctliiii ol' the senate Ik to
net it.s ii curb on tin* more .-.I'litiinental
representatives of the people who
compose th(! lionsc, The uiutlvi'H for
reimbursing tin* depositors who lost
in llie Farmers' Hank full tire amy
huve been lofty ones, urged and sustained hy tho sentiment ot the members who represented the people who
lost, hut should the government establish such a precedent, they might soon
find theinsolvos face to face with the
problem of reimbursing all who tost
in any kind of private business. lt
wns hasty and ill-iidvlsed legislation
and the senate will do well to veto.
A invUrn equipped Uafn ai luinte
Rate, 11.00ami ii| lay
Our Ihis tueitts nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
I'Hnl'HI nulls
JABOH QOE'IZ, President
HtKRY F. Btett, Secretary
This week there was Issued from
[ the presses of tho  Herald oftlce the
1 prize list for the Cruubrook District
| Kail   Fair.    The   prize   list   will  be
. hound and he In shape foi* delivery
, early next week,   Thu prizes for most
I of the listed classes in every department have been increased tills year.
The Fall Fair has become a Cranbrook
Institution  and one  in  which  every
citizen  Is Interested  and should assist in Its success.    The list covers
over eighty pages and may be secured by anyone Interested by applying
to the secretary.    As the printing of
the prize list taxed the capacity of the
Herald's  mechanical   foree  we must
ask the public to kindly overlook the
lateness  and   brevity  of  tills  week's
digested thought? When people ure
too busy to digest their porridge they
ure indeed too busy to think, aud
nowadays the public digestion is left
to cereal munufucturers.
The man whose Ideas an* usually accepted Is the mail wlio first gets them
uu the market witli sufficient noise.
Although In ufter years lie may bc
discredited, for a time he reigns supreme, lu the rush und turmoil of
business, only business is remembered, Even In the schools and universities very little is done to promote
Individual thinking. A prescribed
course of pre-dlgestod thought is
laid out and the student who best
memorizes the work of others Is the
star pupil of the year, No
sooner does he graduate thnn
all is forgotten In tlie pursuit of
a living. It does much good, no
doubt, but the system is as ancient
as learning itself.
There are plenty of editorial writers who are quite willing to express
their opinions on every occasion.
Tlieir views may be valuable and they
may not, according to the information
ut the disposal of the writer. It does
not may to take them too seriously.
for they are only human. Many consider it their mission In life to create
public opinion, yet tills seems an arrogant attitude. Does It not seem more
worthy to present the facts of tho ease
and let the public form its own opinions?—Pa. in day Sunset.
See Samples in
Our Window
From $1.50 to $5.00
** *
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Furniture
kThc Dye thut colors ANV KINDI
1     of Cloth Perfectly, with Ihu
m NoC'hinonf \|i*t.<ki*. Cltan i-nil 8lmpf>
■ Alk yuur n-liaf-l*.' cir Driller. Srnii fur Himk
r Tb« Jubiimii-Hii :!■■(iL'.n CO. I.ui'.ilt'il. Monti • -I
1               A   Rl.i1   Lover   Bi mutation
<©      /■r'''/'''":'"'?It;
,W^^af\ K5»V«'3'"S
>    ■    <   t.I.n   ml     i
1 lm*   il.-      Wt  cit*wt   mri   ii>  Ull   1   i'   (rlindi
■ thn.l    ll-    in*    ifaq*    thtfm     tli    'wailful     mm,.*!!
llB   COM     t"'U'    -ini     >         .    K..     '■-.!,■'!.      \,„|
•Um                i       	
Experimental work has started on
(he c, a. llogan ranch near Moscow,
, Idaho, by tlio forestry department of
thc University of Idaho, for the removal of stumps aud the condensation uf lar aud acid from which byproducts will be secured to more thnn
; ay tho costs of clearing the land, if
tlie methods of Dr. C. H. Sattuck
urovd successful. Tlie process burns
tho stump slowly under a hood con-
necte'd with attachments for the con-1
legation of the crude turs used In the
manufacture of many wood by-pro- i
ducts, and a demonstration waB wit-
nessed early In January by a deputa-
tion of British Columbia lumbermen,!
who propose to start a plant In Cranbrook for tlie production of wood dls-
"!t is only after a person sees from
Till to GO gallons of these distillates
taken from one large yellow pine
stump tliat he can conceive of their
being about 2.000 gallons to the acre
of ground/' states Mr. Hogan. "If we
can commercialize the treatment nnd
manufacture tlie many things this tar
can be used for we can have a profit
after clearing logged-off lands. This
would mean the saving of millions of
dollars ami would create a demand for
logged-off lands."—Western Lumberman,
1 take this opportunity of deeply
thanking all those who have been so
kind to me iu my bereavement. 1
have mot nothing but consistent
sympathetic kindness and help In my
Mrs. Etemtla Kyton
(From our own correspondent)
On Monday last two fatal accidents
occurred ut tlie Ross-Saskatoon camp.
One man was run over by logging
cars and iiad one leg cut off, and died
before reaching the hospital. About
two hours later, one of the logging
train crew, whilst attending to a
brake, got Ills arm jammed In some
way and Itwas nearly torn off. Ho,
poor chap, reached the hospital only
to die shortly after admission.
The Kootenay Is very high and
beeps tlie lumbermen busy watching
their booms. The old Island Hotel
property is under water and the new
owner had to get out of the house,
and like Noah's Ark had to seek
higher ground.
Ou Thursday Jowiuid Singh, a
Hindu, was fined $15 and costs or 30
days lu default, for a common assault ou Assail Singh.
This week we have had good
rains, which liave done a lot of good
to gardens and crops.
Three parties from Klko. Waldo and
Baynes took advantage of the line
Sunday to picnic at the Hock Creek
dam. lt It reported that tlte fish suffered but little, as no bis catches nre
| Ladles and ganUomon's lints
renovated, remodelled and re-
blocked, in anv Btyle and material.
IIHi'si word and satisfaction
IS Fi-nwh-k Ave.       Plume '.Mil
('. P. Mill)
nf    tlie    Methodist
'culvert Pupils for
Pianoforte,  Voice
Methodist Church
Do people think?
ll is many years since the learned
gentleman penned the words "Plain
living and high thinking are no
more," Hut has tlie situation changed
lor tin-better? It Is doubtful. Thinking seems to be limited to the select
few who make lt their profession.
Otherwise it has developed Into a
im re turning over of the brain In n
narrow groove. Most people today are
content to let others think for them.
Tliey read or hear the opinion of another and promptly take it to themselves as tlieir own. People think In
herds. Individual thought Is practically unknown.
A man with healthy lungs and a
sublime belief fn his own wisdom can
sway the multitude. He has but to
make a clamor and a thousand tongues
are wagging to repeat his words. Perhaps he is a preacher, a politician or
a mere cracker-barrel philosopher,
yet the very power of his lungs creates
a following. One often reads the
phrase, "Public opinion." What Is
this mighty weapon other than pre-
A teacher of 15 years Kuropean practice wishes to give
leHHonn hi French. PMral pupils
$4.oii a month; eight lossons.
He uses the mosl modern
method of teaching.
Box Nl I'lione IO.'i
24 It
Slnr.liand, Stenography, Book-keepiig |
Cranhrook, P.i.
ptr wwk
<Vmi>"n;Mir  nr*..    • I'lliO
litli Rnlinnl Cmiras        ... «. no
Minn) neiinw •      •            • 1150!
KMwgnrl"!! •      -      *     - IM
I'rlvnto 1,'mwih .... i.oo
llaadtnlslrtHi Mm* v. m. ('hkuunuton
Phon* aim
(Special  correspondence)
Arrested at Wardner and brought
to (Veston for trial, Isaac Ilaugen
was convicted of the theft of a saddle
and bridle, the property of H. S. Mc-
Creath, local liveryman, ami sentenced
to six montlis imprisonment with
hard labor. Tlie prisoner was taken
to Nelson on Saturday by Provincial
Constable Forrester.
In the police court on Wednesday
Jess Wiles was lined jr..(ill and costs
for having wild ducks in Ids possession.
Mrs. O. B. Henderson und family
have returned from u visit to friends
lu Toronto mid eastern points.
William Burton returned Sunday
from the Carrot river district iu
Saskatchewan, wliere he Ims taken a
homestead. He will leave shortly with
a car of effects for Ills new homo,
Tlie berry season has commenced.
It Is estimated that Duck Creek will
produce 4,«0<) crates of strawberries
this season.
Shirley McDonald, principal of llie
superior school has tendered Ills resignation.    Tint Creston schools have
attained a high state of efficiency
since Mr. McDonald took charge, and
It Is with deep regret the citizens
learn of his Intended departure.
H. K. II. Bedford lias heen appointed Inspector of noxious weeds.
Mr. Hall, of Erickson. is now assistant C.P.K. agent here; vice T. W.
Bundy, transferred.
Confidence In
the efficacy of this thoroughly tried
home remedy ia never misplaced. In
every way*—In health, strength, spirits and in looks—women find themselves  better after timely uso of
Mrs. C. West left a few days ago for
a visit with her sister at Kamloops.
Mr. und Mrs. Dryden arrived from
the const lust week, and have taken
up their residence lu Marysville. Mr.
Dryden is tlie newly appointed policeman for the district of Wycliffe,
Marysville and Kimberley, and entered upon his ncw duties June 1st.
Mrs. Sadie Hope wus tbe guest for
a couple of days of her sister, Mrs.
Dick Moore, of Cranbrook, last
Ben McLeod, a recent resident and
old-timer of this section, left Kimberley some time ago to look over
the country adjacent to Kamloops
with a view of locating there, but
did not find anything that just suited him and hus finally located on a
farm near Creston.
Mr. Wells, pastor of the Knglish
church here, sslsted Rev. E, P.
Flewelling at the services at Christ
church iu Cranbrook Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Staples, with
their young son, arrived home Sunday from Ann Arbor, Mich., where
they liave been on an extended visit
of three mouths.
Hev. Jos. Herdman preached his
farewell sermon Sunday, and wlll
leave In a few days for his new location near Kamloops . Hev. Herdman
will be greatly missed In this section
of the country, as he has made many
friends during his pastorate here of
about a year.
Within a radius of four miles of
Wycliffe, there have recently been a
number of pre-emptors located on the
laud which they Hied on May first, and
others are commencing operations In
the way of building houses and
breaking the land. James Malcolm,
formerly bookkeeper for the Beattie-
Murphy Co., Cranbrook. with his family, liave been living In a tent on
tlieir homestead since the middle of
May. Mr. Malcolm has a log house
In the course of construction, and
already has a well dug. It. E. Beat-
tie ami Geo. Stevenson, of Cranbrook,
have laud adjoining Mr. Malcolm, and
expect to spend the summer there.
Mr. Edmundson, also of Cranbrook,
has some lund right in this section,
and will be there at an early date.
Mr. Freak, another Cranbrookite, also
pre-empted not far distant, but has
not yet started building. Mrs. Bidder
and sou Alf. of Marysville, have already made a good start. Handley,
the hotel man of Marysville, had
some of his ground broken some tlmo
ago and has u crop of oats and potatoes In. Jack Horman, also of Marys*
ville. Is among those who ure busy
building, c. F. Conover und Wm.
Flemmlng. of Kimberley, with their
families, ure living In tents on their
land, hut expect to soon occupy their
houses now under construction. Tho
former filed on land when* one of the
Staples Lumber Co. camps was lo*
catod, All these people are most enthusiastic over the "simple life" and
look forward to the time spent In improving tlieir homesteads as a plea*
sure and not as u hardship.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Edwards returned the lust of the week from a
camping trip up In the Windermere
country. Mr. Edwards has almost
completely recovered from the effects
of Ills  recent accident.
I    The Ladies Aid society of the Meth-
1 odlst church met on Wednesday last, j
i when the meeting took the form of a •■
"busy  bee."    The  ladles  thoroughly
cleaned the church. i
Mr. Joseph Norton, of Rossland, arrived on Thursday and held his first
sorvlceB In Kingsgate and Moyle on
J. Parkin, of Wattsburg, spent Sun-
ilny lu town.
D. Robertson returned to Moyle
Inst week from a trip west.
A Saturday evening dance was held
In Brenner's hall.
At a meeting of the Moyie Miners'
union held Saturday evening the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President—O. E. Hummer.
Vice-President—Oeo. Ewlngs.
Financial Secretary—J, Taylor.
Recording Secretary- It. S. Hrown.
Treasurer—Jamos Roberts.
Conductor—A. Cameron,
Warden—Mike Kiuilck,
Parker WillluniB, Socialist, M.P.P.,
for Newcastle, B.C., wlll hold u meeting here on June the ISth* and In
Cruubrook June the 19th,
Harry White, of Cranbrook, and
W. H. Laird, of Moylo, were passengers on the westbound train on Saturday en route to Victoria to attend the
grand lodge of the I.O.O.F.
The Catholic Sunday school Is now
being held lu the morning.
Arthur Pitman, as delegate from
Wlldey lodge, No. 44, I.O.O.F., Ifaft on
Sunday to attend the jubilee celebration of Odd Fellowship In Victoria.
Mr. S. McFarlane also left on Sunday
for the same place.
Mrs. Margaret Lee left on Sunday
for the Cranbrook hospital.
Mrs. A. Pitman aad children left
for Silverton on Monday to visit
J. Norton made a business trip to
Craubrook on Monday.
W. P. Scott wus a Moyie passenger
on tlie east bound train.
E. A. Hill,' of Cranbrook, accompanied by his wife and children, Lenore
and Ray, motored into Moyie Tuesday
on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. W. Fitch.
J. T. Browning mnde a business trip
to Kingsgate on Tuesday.
A special meeting of the Miners
union wns held on Monday evening,
when lt was decided to hold a Dominion day celebration. No definite arrangements have been made as yet.
Tuesday was the St. Eugene payday
In town.
Born.—In Vancouver to Mr. and
Mrs. H. Greaves, a daughter. Mrs.
Greaves was formerly Miss Blackburn
of Moyle.
(From our own correspondent).
Mrs. Silvester and Miss Castanler
entertained a number of friends at
the Silvester farm, a few miles from
town un June 3rd. The guests present were Mrs. L. Home, Mrs. J.
Whitehead, Miss Boisjolic, Miss Martin and Miss McLean.
The Moyleitcs hold a number of
picnics on June 3rd.
J. Whitehead and family moved to
their ranch near Aldridge on June
A meeting of the shareholders of
the Society Girl Mining company was
held on Thursday. A consultation
was entered upon for a resumption of
work, which tlie company hopes to
begin shortly.
(By Fred Roo.)
The summer has come.
Cranbrook Herald readers will be
pleased to know now they are buying
up all the Flathead oil land, that tin-
old Dewdney trail from Elko ls open
and In splendid condition, thanks to
the lands department, who are always
doing something good for Elko.
There Is a good wagon road from
Elko to the south fork of the Elk,
and a splendid trail up Uidgcpole
Creek, crossing the meadows, which
makes an ideal place for camping
and getting a few of the elusive aud
gumey trout. You cross the Flathead
ridge and strike the Flathead river
about two miles from Flathead town-
site, near block 7750, and lot 7754,
and about two miles south of McEvoy
creek. It's the shortest road Into
the Flathead and a great many people
will outfit at Elko this summer, on account of lt being passable so much
longer than the Corbin or Crows Nest
Passes. The fact of Elko's up-to-
date stores and expert packers will
make It the favorite outfitting place
for those making the trip Into the
Flathead country, no matter whether
Its for pleasure or profit. Go into the
Flathead via Elko.
BUI Newendorp, the ball tosscr,
was down to Flagstone this week
visiting  his  parents.
Messrs. Lee and Wilkinson, of
Baynes Lake, spent the King's birthday in Elko.
C. H. Conner. "Tlie Roosville fruit
grower," and Smith Fredcrlckson, of
Itoosville, were Elko and Femle visitors this week.
At the Indian village. Tobacco
Plains, near Roosville, lu honor of
Miss Sally Two Kettles, who wlll become the bride of Voting Chler Wills-
tles-Llke-Wlud, some time In July
and will spend the first part of their
honeymoon at the Cluihku Mika
Mrs. Four-Sky-Tliunder entertained
with a swell luncheon parly Monday
afternoon at her summer house, 4OB
Tepee avenue. The decorations were
curried out by nature In green and
white, the center piece on the table
was a large clothes basket filled with
the best thc Roosville Cash Store
could provide; also calf's heart, pigs
fry, sheep kidneys and liver and
bacon, and none of tlie guests, we
are pleased to say, suffered with
coperzootlc, caused by too mush of a
muchness, and the way they went
after tho good things would have
done credit to a steam shovel.'Those
who enjoyed the afternoon wero Miss
Wotr Robe, Miss White Bear, the over
charming and dashing Millie. Moccasin String, Miss Two Moons, Sally-
Slcep-in-tlie-Sun, Miss Wild Horse,
Miss Four Weasels and Miss Hattle-
HoIo-iu-Her-Ptocklng. A skooUum
time was spent.
The annual meeting of the Ladies
Guild was held at Mrs. E. B. Hol-
brook's, post offlce block, for election
of ollicers, Mrs. E. B. Hojbrook wns
elected president and Mm. H. ilirtz
secretary-treasurer for the ensuing
Hanson, of; the Han-
Cash Special
Take your choice of any SILK WAIST
in our store for
There are about 36 in this lot, and they
are all sizes and colors.
The regular prices on these waists were
from $4.50 to $6.50.
Halsall & Co.
Gentleman wim Im** rrotili'd abroad
una* Ih thoroughly rotivernant with
iIn- nbrfve Inruiing'H. ■If-itlrw. a -h*
|>ii vale | mi ii Is I'ri'imriitiiui lor
cxiiun-. et«,—For I'liiii.tiliim npi'ly
Box 7, RernldOffice, U It
1• —LIMITED - « J
on the
The Household Remedy
LW A Y S   keep a bottle   ol  Eno's  in
the house in readiness for an emergency.
' There ia not the least  danger  of any   ill
effect or improper use in any case, as its action
is entirely in accord with Nature.
Eno's  "Fruit  Salt"  contains   tbe   valuable
constituents of ripe fruit in a portable, agieeable
and simple  form, and ii in  every  respect as
harmless-as tha juices of the fruits from which
it is obtained.
Sold in   all the principal  towns and  cities  of
Prtpnrcd on/'' by
J. C. ENO, Ul, "FraHSitt" Wsrki,Los-tea, Est,.
Aisals far Cutdi:
Hank) F. Ritekis * Co., Um\t*4
Packers and Provisloners
Niw Zealand anil Sliamiork Creamery—
4()i: per Ib. ur 2 lbs. for 76c.
Empress Crown Creamery—
:i.V|iei Hi, or :i Iba for 41 fin
PORE LARD-8'a, 65c|   6'a, 86cj   I0'u
fl.iu; 2ii'e, (:i :io.
COMPOUND I.MIII-fl'H. I.v; 6'«, i6o|
10'«, |I.J6; 2UV, t:'.60.
*********************** i
WINNIPEG, JULY 10 T018,1914
" /7/c Meeting Ground and Marktl I'lmr In limn East and II '< st"
\ itr.nl I.im "Murk Ksnoaltlon
W 1 .|,tillc un. l-lnuiiii' lli'iiiiiiiNlnilliiti
li'iiiili'l'iiiKxi'i'ioiii'iiliilK'iriii Kilillill.
iii'.t'a Minn.i-i lliiii' I'ruKTiHii
IHiArlll'.V, Win-Ill I'lirniiiiH Avli.tiir, I.«H>1'1 Nd'I'll l: l.iinl' AMHI.l IM: I I'M UK
'I'l li.I''Hill I'  I'V SI",.'
•"IV Hn|i.'ul lU'llil'1
Tin' \v> I'nrnlvnl
Bii.lmu Minlil.il Un- I'liimm.i I'l I
*7r.,<mi> for PnnlUMii Pitmeianil ah nullum.
Kntrlran Iiiiiefiifml.  INUe Ll.l mi Aii|.iir.iti<>ii
Gel Ready and Come.   You'll  Be  Inlereeled Kvery Minute
FIIKH J, II. t'OXi I'riKi'li'iil. A. « . I1BI.I,, Hi'1'niinr.v nml Mannum.
son Garage. Crnnbrook, near Wutta-
bnrg, im'ftBOd tliroiiRh IClko Sunday,
\viin two brand new cam fur Natal, j
Mra. It. Joyce ami Mra. Hay Hlrtt i
ure {spending a few daya out at the (
Hock Creek I'lnerlca flailing and ure
I'lltrhilig file lisll.
Tlie.Ladles Aid la giving a cookery j
.sale In tlie Presbyterian church j
grounds on Suturday, June 6th.
Tlio ' Kallspell Chamber ot Commence got out a very handsome folder tor the benefit ot automobile tour-
tstn. It shows the open routes tor
cars from Klko on the north to the
placet wliere Villa Is cutting the mustard In tlio south. Write to P. N.
Uqranrd for coplei.
Nothing stops the stlnfilng,
■marlingjind Itching like Zam.
Buk. Don't let thc children, or
yourself, suffer longer. Apply
Zam.Buk and bc "bite.proof I"
Stk lui. .tl llrutstl, anj Si.,..,.      1
u THURSDAY, JUNE llth. 1914
•mt y«ia>XJi>w
Tbe More with a Hejitltntion
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Where It Pays to Dwll
MAM UK In he liu
Apply   Herulil  ol
A. K Joss.
I'lione 11811
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
l.i'l a. liu.it.* Ynu I'rii'i
Vnu lluilil
Hihi as alum! your (lonorete innl
HiiHi'ini'iil Work
MA X Y shrewd person*
BUVQ their nimiev hf
buying diamondB set
In rings, pint, ami
other uttirles (if jewel*
iv. You run always HelUiliaiuoinl
at a fair profit— l! you buy right.
Purchasing diamond a will not
only, thoejore, enhance your
pet BonnI appearance, hut iave
your money mid bring ynu a
reasonable profit,
Ciiiiiu in innl have u look over
our iifiiniifiti sulsetlon. tivery
■..•it, Kin*ami Weight tn'iiiit all
Ni'.l In tlm I'nHl Ollli.'.
SI'MMKK I IIITll.i: III! lilll SK KOll
rent.      Apply    Smetlle,    Proctor,
B.C. 81-8t*
Hill S.U.K.- l.iif 17, >>liii k 87, cp.
poHito MaBontc Tomple, ,600.00. Apply Herald office. 21-at
TOR AH.rOllMS.OF    .
Tight away—the first day ymi start to
take KHEUAfA—-the trie Acid poison Iw*
p^ns to dissolve and'leave the safe ji
;:id muBcles.   Its action is little less
magical   50 cents a bottle—guarantee ..
Judge Barhorst «•" Ft Loraime, Ohio,   of
Bays; "After treatment by three doctor!   Un
Without result, I waa cured of a very bad   981
f_ase of Rhejvnitiani, by using two bottle*   for   tli
of RHEUMA? energ;
Beattie-Murphy Co* ltd- Agents,
Notice of Abdication for Appro wil nf
Plan* of WOijrt
TAKE   NOTICE   that   the   Crow's
Neat Pass Electric Light and Power
Company, Limited, will apply to the
Comptroller of Wuter Ktghta for the
dmuBcles.   Its action is little l.ss than   approval of the  plans of tlie  works
to  he constructed for the utilization
Ohio,   of the water from Elk River, whicli
ppltcnnt is, by Board Order No.
authorized to toko, store and use
generation  of e 1 u etr leal
Does Your
Clock Keep
That's what onr clock
repairing department
is for—to repair clocks
that need it. Use your
phone. We send (or,
put the clock in good
shape and return it to
yon. Just a reasonable
charge for repairs —
nothing for delivery,
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
WANTED—A ><>■■"**' g
children and house i
vant.    'I'lione 260.
rl lo help -.villi
r ilniin'stie ser-
private board If desired; centrally
located.     I'lione   -141. 2*Mf
em; in best residential Bectlon. Ap-
ply tn Heal.' &  Klwell £4
I'OK THAtlK. Maw* 16,000,00 i-|iiit.'
In const property. What have you
to offer? I'lione ::is, Kd. shackle*
t»n.  H-tt*
Meet uie at Bob's Place.
A. C Howness made a business trip
to Moyie today.
Born—To Mr. aud Mrs. Moore on
Tuesday, June nth, a daughter.
Two thousand dollars ims heen appropriated by the Dominion government for improvements tn the local
post ollice building.
FOK SALE-Uue miIIi! mik roll top
desk and chair; a bargain for cash.
Apply Mrs, Bissons, Fenwick
MINT.- One lut> mare, IS Imndi iiiuii.
branded white bind feet Kinder
rewarded. Iinx   BS2,   Craubrook,
B.C. 23-lt*
Parker Williams, tlie only member
opposition in the provincial house,
1 is hilled to speak In ('runbrook nn
June 19th. Mr. Williams Is a Socialist
and while tlie only opposition makes
himself beard long *•"•• o'ton at Vie*
tor-la, and is snuifthlnK of it tlioru in
the side of the government.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
I'OH HALE-A Hrst-class plana, 9100
cash.   Phone 4(15. 24
Mr. Hicks und Steward Morrla loft
this morning for Sheep Creek, where
they have several dnyB surveying.
P. M. Dean, of Calgary, branch sales
! manager   for   tlie   Ford   automobile,
| spent lust week In the city assisting
with Ford sales at the Hanson Gar-
uge.   Mrs. Ford accompanied him.
M. S. Mlddleton, of Nelson, waa a
' visitor in the eity Tuesday, passing
j through on his way to Waldo and
j Baynes on business connected with the
I department of agriculture.
I    Don't forget the W.C.T.U. cookery
I sale to  be held on  Saturday,  June
j 20th, at the vacant C.C.S. store on
•Itmstrotig   avenue.    Afternoon    tea
Roger Moore, u white-haired
pioneer of the Wild Horse, near Fort
Steele, was iu the city ou Tuesday
being tht! guest of John Levett. Mr.
Moore is one of tiie oldest pioneers
of the oldest settled part of Kast
Kootenay, having been a prospector
| TO HENT-Tuo story house, with nil  0n the Wild Horse over forty yearn
of Iratli
llox 844
uiul telen
or pliulii'
\|i|ily   to
—fjlipll.) nicul
woman;    lull' 1
Howl  reference!
o|o Herald olll
modern conveniences, iu perfect re-
pair. Up-to-ilnle furnace. Suitable
for large family or roomers. Apply
R„ Herald ollice. 22
ron s.u.n.-iii'i") iiniii
horses tor S52.r'0 or will exchange
for milch cows or young cattle.
Must sell quick. Box I,., Hera.d
ollltv. 23-lt*
FOR HAI.K.—Owner leaving tiiwn. Pen
of Buff Orpingtons. Fine yearling
cock and six yearling l"'iis. Three
winner*. Provod winter layers.
Apply X., Herald olueo. 21
Dave tinier, a .former citizen, nnd
   the nillll "..■• niflilo Kl Hiiro fuuiout,
f work arrived from Vuncoaver the tlrst of
the week and was greeting old friends
tor a few days. He reports times
quiet ut tlie coast hut looks tor an
Improvement most any .day, He Is
mi optimist and no amount of present iluy difficulties call keep him
from seeing the sun shining tomor
Bl'SINKSS FOB SAI.K.—Owing to III. Sergeant-Majur Behoof, formerly of
health the owner Is compelled to the Hoyal Northwest Mounted Police,
sell tobacco ond cigar business Ham- „.nl vraKh ,„ „,,, Methodist church
.""tore!"""1 "9        S                   W '" b'"" ""lcm "ext S,""'">'     Ho lB
"  uii route home from Mexico and will
The plans and particulars required
by Section 73, and subsections thereof, of the Water Act huve been tiled
with the Comptroller of Water Highs
at Victoria, with copies thereof for
tiling with the Water Recorders of
every district affected.
The territory within which the Company desires to exercise the powers
conferred by the said Hoard Order us
hi the Fernie mid Cranbrook Water
Objections to the application may be
mod with tlie Comptroller of Water
UifiM-. Parliament IlulldlngH, Victoria. Ht'.
Dated al pernie, U.C., this 27tll day
of May. 1UM.
COMPANY, Limited.
It. M. Young, Secretary.
>ih iit sr (Hrmii
Pastor, Itev. \Y. 10, Dunham.
Sunday services; Gustav 11. Behoof,
formerly Sergt, Major tn the Hoyal
Northwest Mounted Police, wlll speak
at 11 a.m. and 7.110 p.m.
Sorgt, Major Schoof Is en route
home from Mexico, where he has witnessed the horrors of thc natlonul
tragedy, now drawing to a close. He
has ulso had a wide cxporlonce lu
Morning subject: "Missions lu Africa."
liven In R subject: "Missions In Mexico."
Onward Bible class at 8 p.m.
All uro Invited to the above uor-
Sergt. Major will give his strong
lecture on "The Truth About Mexico" iu the church Monday evening ut
H o'clock.
.".. :^_i':;"_'.:
"r_'„::: ::•:..
■fl  B
Sfff'--  **':»yEtJE8
Nervous Drinking
Cured in Three Days
.    The
ii. il inking mini.
the  ii
ill Ink
llll    W
r  lint
hi lui, in lake n
e   Incnklasl,   nml
e  aflor  1 .I.i.l.
ami i
will li
of till*
iloiilg iii"'I.u.",
'Iv 1 -' THREE
relieves  iliem  ,., -
1 .-"'IvillMIlk
um fn
r iiiiv
IIII '..'
i-ain-e, », i   lake,
al nei
es-iiv loi liiinoi in
SUV fl
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ************** »»»«ll,
Imperial Bank ol Canada i
capitai Authorized     -
capital paid up
reserve and undivided profits
7,000,000 uo
I;., I;. IVI I.M K, President.
Ili.ix. KOBGKIJkftHtW, Vice.**!
Accounts of Corporations, Mniiicipalitirs. Mi rolmn
FiiriniTS iuiiI Private Individuals iuvit«l.
Drafts .-tm! I.i'Hits of Crtilit issiuil uvailnlili' in niiv IWrl <
tin- wiirll. •-...-.
(*iveil to Siiviiixi lUnk AooounU. Ik'posifs of I1.1KJ an
upwiintp r liveO and inlcrcst allowed from date of ileposit.
Cran brook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
' ♦
****************4>**4}+************** **********
i I V
A  Good   Home j
IIAI'TIST ciuiini
O. K. Kendall, iiuutor
wili"ii'e"sc"rveil, alBoI strawberries and | SOOTIIIMI-I'KKAM   BALM  CI'liKS tell ol his experiences there In a lee-      Morning   worship,   11.00k.   Tonic:
Catarrh, Huy Fever,  Sure Throat, tiire iu tlte Metliorlst chiireli Monday  "Choosing the Way of Life" or "Ood's
Headache, Piles, Ecucma aad all In- evoll|llg ,lt s u'(.|ot.k.    Ti„, title Kiven   I'lan tor My Life.'
K^VHcSWS1   *:, h"™oo  lh. lecture Is "The Truth About Max-
Clayton St.,Stin Francisco, Cat. Ieo."   Admission to lecture, 26c, Chil-
drrn li'c.
Meet mc at Dob's Place.
Try our dry cleaning departments
Cranbrook steam Laundry.
Try our dry cleaning departmont.-
Craabrook Steam l.atitnlry.
Try our dry cleaning departnirnt-
Cranbrook Steam Laundry.
Try our dry cleaning department'-
Cranbrook Steam Laundry.
Mrs.   V.   l.lddleoutt   and   Miss   N.
Baker left last Friday to attend the
i grand jubilee ot tlie Rebekah aad
' Odd Fellow Assembly at Victoria, B.C.
; Tliey   expect   to   be   away   about  a
A special meeting ot the Ladles Aid   _  	
Society of the Methodist church will I |,0ST—Naturduy evening, neai
he held on Friday afternoon, June the j uin,.,.. Black Cocker Spaniel pup: six
, sliarp. at the home of weeks old. Please return to Little
A full attendance1 Davenport llestaurant and receive
i reward. Any person found inn hurls reiiuested. ing this pup wlll he jOTseoutoLJt
dotte pullets; ulso While Wyandotte and Rhode Ishmil Red lions.
All from nrst-class stock. Would do
well on free range. Can be si
ut 2:iii Dewar Ave. Phone 4B2.   24-tt
Sunday school 3 o'clock.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Evening worship, 7.30 p.m. Topic:
"Seeking the Lord While He Is Near."
Maptfst Young People's Union Mon-
119th; ut s p.m.
Mrs. lra Manning.
Deorge nurv. vice-president of thc | IHI'KOVKU FAIIH IVWTIll)   Winil-
Cranbrook ;    ed to trade a small hotel and livery
C.P.H.. passed through
last Sunday evening at 5 p.m. on a
hurried trip to the const from Winni-
pog, only remaining in tlte city for
about ten minutes.
barn or Improved Saskatchewan
farm, for a small Improved farm
near Cranbrook. Apply Herald offlce   or   A.   SlBVanls.it.   PaBWlgefl,
J. It. Terry and 11. Hive, representatives of the provincial department of  day, s.oo p.m.   Missionary meeting.
ti  agriculture, were visitors  here  the     Social prayer meeting Wednesday,
first of   tlie   week,   addressing     tlie   s.00 p.m.
post   Poultry   association   und   tlie   school      Junior B.Y.P.U. Friday, 4.15 p.m.
boys and girls.   While In the city tliey      Week-end meeting for supplication,
visited a number of the local poultry  Saturday 8.00 p.m.
and dairymen.   Monday morning they      "Conic thou with us and we will do
called at the Cranhrook Hairy, owned   thee good for thc I.ord hath spokeu
by   W.   11.   Bardgett,   Inspecting   his   good concerning Israsl.
herd.    In the afternoon they were
driven out to It'. T. Williams' Reliable
Kgg Fa nit. to Atchison's poultry and
dairy  y.i'iti,  to the (Jartside  poultry
is what is dear to every man, A home
is where Peace. Comfort, Oouteutme&t,
and Plenty is found. That in the reason
ni"ii throughout British Columbia, when
"Granhrook" is mentioued think uf tin-
provisiuuB Jos. Brault has uuide for tm
ideal home al tlie
Canadian Hotel
KNOX 1'KI.MRYTf.ltlAN I'll! Kill
Pastor- W. K. Thomson
Morning nervier, 11  a.m.  Subject:
Safety deposit boxes to rent
to Beale & Klwell.
Book to Europe by tli
Next Thursday evening will be the
regular meeting of tlie Orange lodge,
ut which time nil degrees from the
Orange to the Hoyal Areh will be eon-
Wliite Star- (erred. Following the business n
Heale & Klwell. Steamship social time will be had with fife and
drum and inualc on the bagpipes.
farm a rift to tiie Hillside. Dairy.   They
were    much     Impressed     with     the   John, tlie Baptist.
FOR SALE.—Young   mate harness growth the district has made in the      Kvening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
necessary.   Now for six months work  building.
ut tlie longest, they ure paying to an Sidewalks have bean repalri d, also
outsider approximately $6,000.00, crossing at the corner ol Louis street
which is an eqtrfy/Uent to tlire«* years and Garden avenue, and bridge re-
salary of a city engineer^'who would -paired on Garden avenue.
have undertaken,the whole of the Thi,Ti. wa, also B fenw and gatfl
city's works.. JwaUK-b the My:, water bulu around the property hi tin rear
installation, whereas Mr. MeCuHoogh of Uie clly ,m]K aml t)il. oll, fr.ll)1 fence
will be only tnterestedvm' the new ta|(eD jjo,,,,
water works. Number of hours  wnrkfd  by pris-
1  understand Mr. Olenday's salary oners:
has been Increased. I am glad to hear   Hourii   f^yj Per ,j:iy       Amount
at SS
and buggy.
Apply    Box    l|
very cheap, suitable for warehouse
dry, electric light.   Apply Herald.
Benle A Elwell will book you direct
from Cranbrook to all Kuropean
Place your valuables in one ol
Beale & Klwell's deposit boxes. Absolute security,
James Finlay left Tuesday for the
coast for u short business trip.
Mr. Qnrbutt, of Jerome, was a city
visitor oil Wednesday.
Miss Patterson has returned from a
Visit with friends at Kaslo.
J. Q, ('uniinliigs was ut Kernie (he
first of the week on business.
John Leask Is Spending a few days
In Spokane "'is week on business.
Mrs. Hawkey, of Nesou, is here visiting her daughter, Mrs. P. K. Wilson.
A. Bi Macdonald spent several days
the past week ul Kernie ou legal bus!
Chester Staples, of the Staples Lumber company. Wycliffe, wus In the city
today ou bu sin ess.
Miss    Maud    Hiekcnbolhaiii.    after 'OK SAI.K
.seven years as stenographer with the flir Mle *' °-
Hnu of Hurvey. McCarter, Macdonald    —	
A Nisbet) left last Friday for Hono- itlit:ssv\klM<
lulu, Hawaii, where she has taken a TAILORING.*-LadI
similar position.    Before leaving she and   prosed;   Chics
Apply Hen
llerald   ,,RSt year and expressed their plea-   The Pathway to Conviction—John "0:
2-tf       sun*  lu  being able to visit the dls-   17 vs.
trlct. Selections by choir at each service.
Choir Leader—Mrs. E. Paterson.
Organist   -Mr. H. Stephens.
S. S. und Bible class, 3 p.m.
Knox  Debating and Literary Soc
ety ou Wednesday, 8 p.m.
ost $166
i.i.      tf
llarolii Darling, accompanied by H.
w Henry, left on Monday for the
coast, where he will take a much
needed rest. Mr. Darling suffered a
nervous breakdown here laRt week
brought on by overwork and waslRANCH TO RENT Comfortable
confined to the hospital for several I house, stable for six horses, about
days before he was able to undertake io acres broken, good grazing land,
the journey, i plenty wood and water.   Apply Her*
—4— aid Ollice
Mrs   ii   Hickcnbotham,  Miss Ada! ,
lllckcnhuthnni   and   baby   wlll   leave
aexi Wednesday on an extended visit I    Mr. and Mrs I) Couch, of Spokane,
In   the   old   country.     Miss   Hlcken- ! spent  the  week-end   In   tlie  clly   the
boi ham   is   stenographer    with   the | guests of Mr und Mrs. O. M. Harney,
t'.l' It   of thls.clly. and will be relieved by lor sister. Miss Oladys. who has
HONT PAY ROT.-tt> will build you
n house to order, bfty tlie lot and
build to suit -you. If you want a
home of vour own. drop me a curd
Box ABC, Herald ollice. lS-tt
Advertising is an invitation—to
come in aud share the best the world
has to offer. Nut to read advertising
Is to suffer the costly embarnssment
oi ignorance. The business today that
ims something to sell is unsuccessful
 " ~*    if it either has no expert advertising
OK SAI.K CHEAP—Young matt, man on Its stuff, or does not place its
four years old, very gentle, harness, advertising through some agency,
buggy, cutter, will work, Just the Today an up-to-date business man has
thing  for  rancher,   Apply   llerald h|s advertising expert just us he bus
lu-purt of Prisoners
To His Worship the Mayor and Pollco
commissioners   of   tbe   City   of
Gentlemen. I hav*- the honor to eub-
mlt for your approval  my report oi
the city police for the month ending
May ;:ist, l&H.
suits     cleaned
.  experience.—
presented by her employers with  Miss Baker, near Loask'fl store.   13-tf
tch bracelet nnd $60.00 in gold.	
his legal expert. John Wunamaker
said: "If there is an enterprise on
earth that a qtllttcr should leave entirely alone. It Is advertising. To
make a- success of advertising one
must be prepared to stick like a
barnacle on a ship's bottom. He
should know before he begins that be
must spend money, und lots of It."
Next Monday evening the Cranbrook
city baud  wlll give a social on  the
club have   lawn at the. residence of (J. p. Tin-
dale.   All kinds of refreshments such
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Hill motored to
Moylo on Tuesday, spending the day
there vlsltlug friends.
oi Mrs. !■:. A. IHU of this city, passed
through Cranbrook Wednesday on
llieir way home to Moyle. Tbey recently started for Goderich, Ont., to
spend the summer but were taken 111
Mrs. G. Erickson returned Tuesday  on their arrival at Calgary, and de-
from  Creston,  where  sho  has  been   elded  to return  to Moyle and post*
visiting her daughter, Mrs. 0. O. Ben-   pone their trip.
  !    G.   Leitch,   of   the   East  Kootenay
The Cranbrook Ucross
ms. completed a business course with 1,w"" "ubmlUod i. proposition^ by the
,,, , , ,' , „ „ „ ■ d rectors or tie Nelson chahko Mika as smnwierries. ice cream aim tase.
"""r "  <""'*"■ 8|"*"""' ! S „ mm, i„ iltm , uy during lh. **, will bo of hud be.ltltH . nun-
Mr. John iiiiii.T ami Ml» PMrt o.-ilblMon. u I. noi known »et be.* ol otli.r l»t«re»Un, booth.. Tf,.
Hillier. of Moylo, mother tnd .toter «"helli«r tho local rlnli will nco.pt "„n.l lit. bMrhpr.|»rlni * large ro-
  piTloln' of choli'i'  Hi'li'i'tlons  nml  n
Mrs. W. K. Tlioniiun Is leovlng tomorrow for Kdmonton, where she will
spend the next two months vlBltlng
her parents.
Lumber eompany, JafTray, B.C., was a
recant business visitor to Winnipeg.
While In the city Mr. Loltch paid a
visit to the Western Lumberman office, anil stated his intention ot court. W. Kettrlngham left tho first of i tinning his trip south.   He also said
the week for Dull River, where he t|lnt ]||B flrm expected to do a large
lias accepted the position of assistant [ ,im„mit „r business this year In the
station aKcnt with the C.P.Il. Middle-West.—Western Lumberman.
Whut prouilKi's tn bc of tlte hot- lung program Will be rendered during
tost contested  baiobnll   iimni's  ever tho evening.. There will be nn charge
witnessed In the Crow will lie imlled fur admission tend lt Is hoped tlmt 11
off lu Cranbrook on July fourth, he- Inrge number wlll turn out and pat-
tween picked tennis from tin' Amer- ronlze  the band.    Don't  forget  tlw
lean   employees  nml  Canadian   cm- date,   next   Monday   evening.   June
ployees, of the ('.I'll. ISth.
Kditor Craubrook Herald:
Dear Sir:
KHttOXY I 1 l
I shall feel obliged If you will kindly grant me space In your paper to
place before the ratepayers of Cranbrook a matter of considerable importance to them.
When the city council assumed office
"Economy at any price" was their
motto. After carefully digesting tht
following remarks I think the ratepayers will judge otherwise.
Wltli regard to the new water system about to be Installed I understand
.Mr. .McCiilloiigh, ot Nelson, has been
retained at a fee of W'r ln the cost ot
the works to supervise the carrying
(mt of the work, aud as tlie total 68;
tlmated inst will lie between 9t»O,0O0.0U
and $100,000.00 •tlio fees to be paid to
iilui  will he close upon fri.000.00.
While I, and 1 nm sure the ratepayers will wish Mr. McCullough all
he is fairly entitled to ask your civic
representatives if they have done their
best tu the interests of Cranhrook lu
I this Instance especially as the ratepayers   have to  fo.»t  the  bill.    How
much of this *."., »»« will It; ipeot lu
cranbrook? Wlll uny of the storekeepers benefit by it to the extent of a
cent? Why should this money bo sent
out of Cranbrook when It would
greatly beneflt the city at the present
time. If some portion at leant were
spent In the city.
Again, why was lt necessary to go
it, but again where does tin* so-called ^,
economy come in? This Increase must
also be taken into consideration with
| the expenditure of the above 15,000.00,
when if the council had had a city engineer who would have been responsible for the whole of the city's works
the new water scheme Included the
total expenditure would not have been
more than $1800.00 a year.
After reading tbe above i tbi&k the   n, cells at  midnight April
ratepayers of Cranbrook  win agree        jj,^	
with me that the canned have neither   Received d'irintr the month
considered economy nor the. Lest interests of the citizen*,  of Cranbrook
In   dealing   with   this  matter  In lhe
biased   manner   in ■ which   they   have
done, and they were Influenced kyvia-
sous other than, economy ;.when. they
dispensed with my services anti im-     Xota
posed a load of $6,000.00 In tlie rate-   Prinon
payers for.what would liave been part   Whit--
Discharged daring the mon
[u cells at midnight of May
i classified a** followi
of the day'i
work for me.
.Vpurs truly,
v O'Hara
To Ills Worship the'Si.tvor and Police
Commissioners   of   the   chy   of
CronbroQkjrE) U     . . ■. .   ,
Qentjembn;Tha'vVlfie l",jlor iKuti-'
mlt  for your approval  my  report of
the   work   done   by   prisoners   under*
goliiK sentence hi t|ie city gaol for the
month ending April roth, lfl-J
During the month tha prison en havo
been  .WOtklng, OD    Ulg   rond-       Tlo>
havi   .been   dlggjng   pt|t   -Lump
Kalns,* street (fteanfnf up and NueHin
m Maker itreet, |ouUStreet, Kdward
itreot, Norbury sy< njfe and'Armstrong
I'lillee a!Garters have also l»eu kat-
somiiifil. and (he ceils white-washed,
and arl ashes cleared away from the
prison.yard. ,,■    , ...
Number Of hours'worked by prison-
White-, females U
Chinese, males ....... ]
Japanese, mala l
Total  61
During the month  Boos  paid into
court amounted to $200 M
Pound    fees    during    th     month
amount, d to $88 $0.
•Vccounti received foi i
May 81st,  1914
Ward A Harris  .
41 Meat Market
' ndlng
DurltiK  the  month   4 :
been Issued to prisoner   si an svi rage
»,»  of i;:'.,. cent- |((.r meal
During the month prisoner! undergoing sentence hav. been working on
the roads stumptog, eti
There has also been erected t fence
it the rear of the city hall.
I have the honor to be, firs, your
obedient servant.
Percy Adams,
ciifef of Police
328   ■;
J'er. day   .
'at    $2.00
Anion nt
Miss Prest, who has been spending
the past three months visiting at Toronto and St. Paul, returned Tuesday
to the city and wlll return to McCreery Bros.
Rev. Tupper, precentor of Worcester cathedral In Kngland, has been In
the city tlm past week, visiting with
outside the city for professional ad
vice  when there are three  resident May  Itepiirl
civil engineers with their families In To His Worship the Mayor and Police
tho'clty, who would no doubt have '      O'ommis.simiers   of   tbe   City   of
gladly carried out the work, and would i       Cruabrook, li.il   „ ....
Gentlemen: I have tlit'- honor lo sub-
Thlrk,   Soft,   Fluff),   itnd   fm   Dandruff -Dae Parisian Sage
If your hair is losing lis natural
color, coming out and splitting, or
lacks tliat enviable softness, gloss
and beauty, do not despair—pretty
matter of care, [f
It Is too thin make It grow.   If It is
A pretty woman may enhance her      Newbro's Hefpl.ud; is the Original,. 	
beautV and  a  plain   woman   become acalp   prophylactic.    All  othar   hair ! "*« *iwnt their remuneration here to
good looking by the proper care of remedies claiming  to. kill  the  dan-1 the benefit of the city generally. Why  mlt for your approval my  report of  hair is largely
her hair. drult. germ are simply trying to trade  WPre these engineers not invited to- the Worfcj,pt*^Pn*Vte)P^i5fiRfiPvHI: ll ■■ l0° thfn make it grow,   it it is
Nice hair, pretty hair, growing r.n upon the reputation of genuine Herpl-, tfi|lder (or lhfl work of tlie prflHm|„try  dergping sonteM™ city 'gaol for  "a"1 'an.d,J'" "f*J^J. !„"';.  ;'^( *
^e'^^esrtSllier:110  "'  ^ ' ^ Applications-' may   be  obtained   at ^ -t.mate and super.ntend.nce ot the  the month .feUfr kwifM ; ^^Sp^l^M UL
,    Tho  kind  of  Imlr  wlilcli  ulw»y« gooil barter hIioph and hair dressers,  work?   Possibly   thi*   would   have      Ourlns   tha  mmiili tlio   prisoners .,llr.   Praalien up the scalp v/lth Par-
intakes us look tho corond time, foi- Send Mc. In imslaije to tho Her-! done the work for a less fee.   Hy In-ihan> been working on tho roads each Man. Sage   all   dandruff disappears
If your Bi.lt does not look fresh ! t*Vif^Vffi*s*%>' C W anSl.okrcit.1""'""' Ml°"''' "*• Ulf« »™ « ™"', ""^ !""' > T'\ ?* k'T" & T'l'T '' SBtSh tattt^ '
send it to Ihe new dn rlCMlnit     Th   SlU'Slrt    rSr »P* ' NotWs MSS-to   SDc.   and  U.e eounell had no confidence In then :-t..,m« on Kali.- sir...... alto   n the.' ,,,„„„„   g,          ,„   ,„   „„„,„,.
a     J,       .      i,    .,      Wulx   pllS'lons of NowoVa HoriTlcldo aro $1.00 *0o» W adld-by alt dealers who lo tholr piofosalonal detriment       .   I lane, at Watts aVonno ami l-rench ,Murpl,y Co.. Limited, and stall -lr,.K
.Icpnrllllilll     Ol    llie     *"»*"" | often. wonderful.    It not only oloano glinnintee ll.lo.iln all that Ik clalmod.      When the council dispensed with wy uvenur.           ,      .    i.    .                 counters, Is Ju»i  wnnl
IIKOOK    STEAM    liAUNPRV the scalp  entirely   of iluuilrorr   hut   fCyou aro noS'satlsflod,your money  s,.rv|(.PB. In addition to their economic
Iter. E. I', riowelilng. being on »throo j and we will make It look Hk» J tuater 'anil' luxiirliiiicc wiii.-h are
i' vacation.
I new.
onilnn mil. ailils to It Uf.
i luster and
24-411 essential tn hair lunilty
main m-rals aiiil avenues large bottle costs bull MfHi
BwSuedilwyM Col Ud, Special I HUnd,»lnl, they considered In tbeir j have been pleanoifj Weeds .cut on j S'.X M abundant Vou '
,enu ■■''" I wisdom, tbat a cttr ngln-er waa an-1 Baker street and near the government lb
wlll be nninnvd
•laapointed In Parisian Sage
1 ll
THURSDAY, JUNE llth, 1914
tf*Jb> ■     -■■'.'• .i*i«»T**ie»*iaBi^^»
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. M
,„        A.F.  & A. M.
:/v* ilemilar meeUoga os
~Si the third Tbureda,
ol every mouth.
brethren welcomed.
Illokonbotham, W. M.
1,. Cranston, S«o.
Lodge No. 33
Crnnbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. it tbe
Fraternity Hall.
(1. Donahue, C. C.
I-'. M. Christian, K. ol R.*9-
I'. 0. DOS 522
VI lllns lin'ihreu   cordlallj lavlta<
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
S6J Richards St.,
(Iwasssw to W. V, ovan)
Barrister, Solicitor, tat Notary
r. n. Do, «•
CsUNBftbOK, H.C.
Barristers, Solicitor* He)
Honey to Loan
Builder and Contractor
P.O. Box 183 Cranbrook, B.C.
Manufacturer    of    Cement    Blocks.
Chimney Blocks and Porch
Concrete Work a Specialty
Prices Right
1.(11).|.' , K i:v CITY LOUOK, No. tt;
Meets every Moate)
light at   New Fraternity   Hall.    So
ing Oildlcllows cordially Invito*
I. Turnloy, W. M. Harris,
(I. Sse'j.
«6$SS z
1)111 HI.11.   KM A.MPMKXT  .Ml.  .It,
Physician* and Surf-eons
IBs* al UsaMsan, Arutooa* its
owcr* hours :
fonaom IN to U.M
Altirossos • - ■ I.N to «.M
Evaatsts - . . ■ I.M to *.**
.leotlays .... I.M to   t.M
KSNBROOI »    a    ,
J. TAYLOR., Praprl.lor
Has just piiri'liHst'il ii car of
High Grade Cows
(All Tuboroulin Tested)
Milk and Cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
Just'ordered a Olnrifyinu;
a, *
in,I third H'eilueadays In I
nlial   Invitation   extended   to
;  W. Itussoll, Chief Patriarch
White, Scribe.
No It.
Meets every second and   lourth Wed-
ncsday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    Kebekahs  cordially In
Sis. Ma Ilaxtsr, N II
Sis. Ailu Illokonbotham, Ree. See.
Meets   in
Maple Mall
sil.iv i if each
Second i
month at s
t le II a a.
1 to  I *.u.
T to    I 0.B
oasts as Haa-aa Mock.
rUNHWM'K ■ S   t
Elected Graad Master ef the Provln-
clal Graad Ledfe at Victoria
(Special to: tbe Herald).
Victoria, B.C.,' June 11.—Harry
White, of Key City lodge, Cranbrook,
waa elected Grand Master of the Provincial Graad Lodge ot Odd Fellows
at the session of the Grand Lodge hero
yesterday. The session, In point ot
attendance, proved the largest ever
held In thia province. Mr. White wlll
return to his home town the first of
next week.
"Saturday Specials"
Cranbrook Cotlsge Hoipital
"U1-.t-.HY  4H» jjWJgAt WIMIIW
Terms oa Application
Phone Mt Matrou
P.O. HoxStS Garden.Ave.
Certilieate of Improvement
St. Mary's aud Cobalt Fractional
mln ral claim, situate in tlie Fort
Steele mining division of East Kootenay District.
Where located: On Luke clock,
about IH miles northeast of McDcr-
mld's ranch.
Take notice that J. T. Laldlaw, Free
Miner's Certificate .No. 411,47:1 l). Intend, slaty days from dale hereof, to
apiily to tlio Mining Hecorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purtiose of obtaining a Crown (Irani
of the above claim.
And further take notice tliat action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before tlie Issue of uticli Certilieate of
fluted tl'ls 14th day of April, A. ll.,
1914. 1U-91
.1. Illrd, C.R.
i,. Pearron, Sec., Boi SIS.
iltlne; brethren made welcome
Meets in   Maple Hall lad   aad ttfc
Tuesday over? month at 8p.m.
Mei snip    open    in Hritish    eitl
E. Y. ilral
imaATioN CNaiNui !
\ iiimiNKiN «w naviNCiAL urn *J
WkfJ* CrMbfsek.B.C,
Pearron,    .
nailers cordially welcom
Civil ssd aialai tailssersi
ftrUM CeleaMe Lead Sarvsyers
cisNiaooK   •   a. e.
Mo. Ill
up to $3.50 in value, at
ii1 H p.m.
.|,v W.iliiwili.1
in Itnyol Hlaet
Hall,    tlitk.1
Win. Matthows, Dictator
Frank Carlson, See., Box 766.
Gnakrat It
PhoneS4H. P.O Box MS
Pride . i ( iiinlirnok Circle, No.liS
Meets iu Carmon's Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday   of   each
month at 3 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C.C.
Mrs, A. (Juthrle, See.
P. O. Box 602
Visiting Cunipaulons cordially
Norbury Ave., nest te City Hall
Certificate ef   Improvements.
Moylo Fractional, Ben Fractional,
Trail.Fractional, Eric, Pine, Annie, Ken, Winnie Fractional, X.
L. Fractional, Liny Fraction 1,
Korl, Mineral Claims, situate ln
the Fort Steele Mining Division
of East Kootenay District.
Where Located: On Sullivan Hill,
near Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of
Canada, Limited, per C. H. MeDougall,
Agent, F.M.C. No. 61262B., Free Mln-
er's Certificate No. 61257B., Intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for thc purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claims.
. And further take notice that action,
I under section 37, must bc commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of  Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of March, A.D
1114. 14-l)t
Day Phone JUS
Night Phoa. S*
Frank Provenzano
General Merehente
CraslOf monl Aionte
CN AN BROOK     -     B. C
1     *      L0DQE, Nu. 1871 |
J  ,
.':■'    .1 Meet) l»l ami:lnlThurs-
. days al s p.m. in Hoyal
'•'3i lllaek Koiglitsol Imlanil
li llllll-TT, W.M.
II, ssl.N, Rae.Hec. I
Meets in the Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuo iii. afternoon nl eicry month at
8 p.m. ami tlie lancy work class
imi's nn Brd Friday evening la the
same ploce al 3 p.m.
Mis  E, II. lieamaa, Pree.
Mrs. ,1   Shaw, Sec. Treas.
I'. 0, llox IU
All I arlloi cordially? invited.
Forwarding and Dia-
triballng agent lor  '
Given prompt attention
l'i. if.Inn : A II surra
tin Iv tlio in-' Kriiliiv svenlageseli '
i Pniillri aiiilt.niHupiitifil
OH, l'..i. Drawer41111
Unods i»ll«l (or anil delirrawd.
Good work only.   Prompt
Service r
| Telephone No. 405
P. 0. Boi 7»S
Works: Armstrong Ave.
Application for a license tu take
and use water will be imide under the
"Water Act" of British Columbiu, as
1. The name ot the applicant ls
Florence Edith Tibbetts.
2. The address of tho applicant ls
Marysville, B.C.
The name of thc stream Is: Unnamed spring rising on Lot No. 10307,
Oroup One, Kootenay Diatrlct. Spring
rises on south-cant corner ot said lot.
The stream has Its source In IM
10367, and flows In a south-westerly
direction, and sinks about 100 feet
from rising point on Lot 10368, Oroup
One, Kootenay District.
-4. The water is to bc diverted from
the spring where It Minks on Lot 10307,
76 feet from northern boundary line of
Lot 10368, Oroup One, Kootenay District.
5. The purpose for which the water
will be used Is Irrigation.
6. The land on which the water ls
to be used ls described as follows:
IdOt No. 10308, Oroup One, Kootenay
7. The quantity of water applied
tor Is as follows: Five (6) inches.
8. This nutlet* was posted on the
ground on the 20th duy of May, 11*14.
8. A copy of this notice ami an
application pursuant thereto and lo
the requirements of the "Water Act"
will be tiled In tlie olflcu of tlie Water
Hecorder at Craubrook, II.C. Objection* may be died with the Hald Water
, Recorder, or with tin* Comptroller ot
I Water Rights, l'arlluuient Iluildlugs,
'"      "    II.C.
Florence Kdith TlbbcttH.
(Continued from page one).
poitlon of the provincial district of
Richmond, bounded on tbe east by
tlie cant boundary of Richmond from
thc northeast corner thereof, thenco
southerly to tne northwest corner of
the provincial riding of Dewd:iry,
thence In a southwesterly direction to
the mouth of the east branch of the
Squumlsh river at the head ot Howe
Sound, thence tn a southerly direction
along the easterly shore of Howe
Sound to Burrard Inlet.
Kast -Kooteaay
m Kast Kootenay, comprising the
provincial ridings of Cranbrook, For
nle nnd Columbia.
West KootfMT
:t   West Kootenay, comprising the
provincial   ridings   ot   Nelson   City,
Vmir, Rossland City, Slocan, Kaslo,
and Revelstoke.
4—Nanaimo, comprising the provincial ridings ot Cowichan, Esquimau, Nanaimo City, Newcastle, Saan-
icb aud the Islands.
6—New Westminster, comprising
the provincial ridings ot New West-*
minster City and Delta and all that
portion of the provincial district ot
Richmond lying south of Burrard Inlet, excepting Vancouver City, South
Vancouver and point Grey.
ti Westminster, comprising the provincial ridings of Dewdney and Chilliwack und the portion of the provln**
lal riding of Yale adjoining the provincial ridings ot Chilliwack and
Dcdwney, bounded by a line commencing at the southeast corner ot the provincial riding of Chilliwack, thence
easterly along the International boundary to its point of Intersection with
thc westerly boundary of the provln'
clal riding ot Similkameen, thence
northerly following the last mentioned
boundary to the northwest corner of
the provincial district of Similkameen,
thence In a straight line westerly to a
point on the north bank of the Fraser
river one mile east of Yale, thence
following a straight line to the north- j
east corner of Dewdney.
7—Vancouver center, comprising
ward l of Vancouver City, with Stanley Park and words 2, 3 and 4 of the
8—Burrard, comprising wards 5, 6,
7 and 8 of Vancouver and the portion
of Richmond provincial riling which
lies within limits commencing at the
northwest corner of Dewdney provO-
clal riding, thence in a southwesterly
direction along the easterly shore of
Howe Sound to Burrard Inlet, thence
In an easterly direction along the
northerly shore of Burrard ialet and
In a northerly direction along the
western shore of the north arm of
Burrard Inlet to the northerly extremity of the arm, and northerly to the
point of commencement.
it—Vancouver south, comprising the
municipalities of South Vancouver
and Point Grey.
10—skeena, comprising the provincial ridings of Skeena and Atlln.
11—Victoria City, comprising the
provincial electoral districts ot Victoria City.
12—Cariboo, comprising the provincial ridings of Cariboo, Lillooet, Kamloops and Yale, excepting that portion of Yale contained In the New
Westmlsnter district and Including
the city and district municipality ot
Salmon Arm.
13—Yale, comprising the provincial
riding of Okanagan, excepting Salmon
Arm, and the provincial ridings of
Similkameen, Greenwood and Grand
The lot contains many colors,
styles and sizes to choose from.
Come early and get the best selections.
north   80   chains;    thence   cast   SO
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to a point of commencement, making 040 acres, more
or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T,  C.  Witherspoon,  Locator.
Of Location of Claim No. 2
30 days after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum nn -
the following descrihed lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, ln Block 4693:
Commencing at a post planted ut
or near the S. E. corner of C. 1..
1708 and being the N. W. corner puxt
of the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
south 80 chains; thence east SO
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains, to a point of commencement, making 040 acres, more
or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
Witness.       . 28-51
Of Location of Claim No. 3
30 days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum ou
the following described lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, ln Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted ut or
near 1 mile east of the S. E. corner
of C. L. 1708 and being the s. W. corner post of the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains to
a point ot commencement, making
640 acres, more or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1014.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.  C.  Witherspoon,  Locator.
Witness^ 2:i-r*t
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
Hy Modern Method**
My motto: Quick, lastingcurw guaranteed at mo'lerato
pri ea.    Bipert nmdieul examination (r.*e    Ft xatnln*
tion of urine when niri'iuiury. Commit me— fr**«> tnli'i
nVliiy, IKI-1-.h are ilniijiemin.. pull or write. Prw lunik*
h*t. Kvcr.uhiiig eniithlential. Houre: ll a.m. lo ftp, in.
SmiiittyH, Ui a m. to 1 p.m.
210 Howard SI'OKAKK
■■■-***       ^^^^^^
Presi.lnlil i A. B. Smith
<..,..,.l„rvi Al.ll   II. WWW
For  [nltirtllAl/.Ott   it^Hnl'lin Imiils S
Still    ., [ricitllUlfl     apply     to   tilt f
fi •■■ hiv (linnbrooft, II. C.
Mnrtlng -Tlm :lr-l Thnrniaji nf
oncli inontli. Ht ..1,1 Gym . * p.m.
The Home Bakery
H.ibsbt Kims, Prop.
Frtifc Imd, Ciku, Met, ui
PHONE « :.
Norli«-» An.      0|ip. Clt* Hall
. if r.
I'l.Aim    TO     OUT
.if II I. MEAL AN'
HeariojairWu* for all kiwi* of
H-.tiihctioii Oiumntr*!
Tb» 8bo» Bpwiriitt	
II ttt   ft it i iti if action witi
your washing  send
ll to
Hpaoial pri.'ss (or (amily work.
(Section IS).
on the (th day of July next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
transfer of the license for the sale of
liquor by retail and upon the premises known as the Wasa hotel, situate
at Wasa, British Columbia, from Peter
Jensen, Agent for the Unionist Investment Co., Ltd., to Ernest H. L.
Attree, Agent tor Unionist Investment
Company, Ltd., ot British Columbia.
Hated this 26th day ot May, 1914.
Peter Jens.-n,
Agent for Unionist  Investment Co., ... .st.r.itii«riii'»rosui
Ud., Holder ot License. PHOSPHONOt Ff
Ernest H. L. Attreo
Agent for Unionist Investment Co.,
I Im I the Canadian I'acltlc Hallway
i'um puny (as Lessees and exorcising
the Krsuchlse of the Kootenay Central Railway) bas (In pursuance with
the ri'iiulrements of Chapter 115 of
tlie Navigable Waters Prateetion Act)
il.'imslti'il with the Minister of Public
Works ut Ottawa and on tha nth day
of April, 1114, with the Registrar of
li.-.ils at Nelson, B.C., aa number
litis (Bridge Plan number li) plan
nml description of Ibe site showing
l.r.ipnscd diversion ot the Columbia
River In I>ot 2078. Group 1, Bast Kootenay District, near Mile H of said
Kootenay Central Railway. '
Dated at Winnipeg this sliUenth
day ot May, A.D., 1114.
P, Mcpherson,
RlKlit-of-Way     and    Least    Agent,
Western Lines,         21-4t
Of Location of Claim No. 4
30 days after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect tor coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
in the District of Southeust Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the S. 10. corner of C. L. 1708, and being the N. W.
corner jmst of the T. 0. Witherspoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 chains to a
point ot commencement, muklng 1140
acres, more or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T. C.  WlthiTspuon, locator.
Witness. ; 23-lit
Concrete walks
need no repairs
fHEY are not only best nt lirst l»ut
are cheaper in the end than nny
otlier kind of walk. They are clem,
permanent and safe. There is nothing to l>ecome loose nor are they sli i-
pery. They improve the general appearance of a house and are a source of
great satisfaction to every housewife he-
cause they keep children out of the
mud, prevent colds from wet feet and prevent dirt
from being "tracked in" on Hoors and carpets
K'lually important it the fact that they never wear
out ami never need repairs.
This free book "What the Farmer can do wilh
Concrete" tells all about concrete walks and how
tn build them, and a score of other things needed
on every farm.    Write lor it tn-d ly.
Farmer's Information Bureau
Cinadi Cement Company Limited   —r-
831 Herald Buildlai \;>«
Location ef Claim Xo.
Hi' I.Million of Claim No,
OIVEN that
III Loralion of I lui in >
ii. II
Of Localise ef Clala
.10 days after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, BrIUsh Columbia, In Isjock 4M3:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the 8.E. corner of C. L. 1708,
und being the 8. W. corner post of
the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
illltliif Fill IM WPMI.   SIif*
.   .  Bolil lit til Drag fltorW at
■'ItlwiaunrcnlptstpriM.   Til
Ltd., AppHcut for Transfer. 22-6 llKSi.
Vitality; fur N*rt« end Into;
iimttcr''; k Tunic -will billM fan
two ftir fi, ai rlrn« air***, sr hr
•ii.ricr  tutcmatm^
no flnyn ultrr flati* I Intend to tipply In
tlm Hon. Clilt'f CommlMiloiH-r or
UuiiIh unit WorkM for a llQflDM to
IiroHpiTt for ron! and petroleum on
the following dewrilwd IiiihIh, Kltiinti-
Iq thn DlHtrlrt of Boutlieattt Koote-
nay, HrlMnli Columbia, In Ulork 4608*:
('oniini'iirliiK at a pout planted nt nr
near the N. K. corner ooHt of 0. I*
170K und Ih'Iiik tho B. W. corner iiuttt
of the T. C. WltlHTH))ooi) claim; tlicnoo
north 80 chains: thenco cast Mi
chain*; thonco south HO HihIhh:
thence went 80 chalna, to n point of
commencement, imilciiiK (UU norOI
more or 1«hh.
Located thia. 14th day of April. 1014.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.  C.  WitherHiwon,  liticator.
WltneKH. 23-Bt
! "nVtor" IntiT 1* intt'ii J'to aMily * to I JO dayw after date I Intend to apply to
on,   chief   OommlHloner  of «io  Hon,   Chief   commlMlonor   of
BO day
tin*    II
Uuidj nml W'orl.H for ii lleeiiHc to
prasnoct tor coal mid petroleum on
tin* rullowlnn i|'*M-ribed IuiiiIh, altuato
In the Hi-1rirt of Houtheaat Kootenny. iii-iit*<h Columbia, in ltioik 4r>9»:
Conmooolug at a imxt planted nt or
iifjn m nnli'H "iii.t of the S. K. eoruor
or C.I.. 1710, and heing the N. W. corner pu.i of tho T. 0. WltlierHpoon
claim; thenco lottth Kocimiim; theuco *I'\TJ."Vi'"
odat   so   clialm;   thenco   north   80 °"»H»»*A'"
chains; thence weit mi chalua; to a
ixiiiit of commencemetiti making 640
acres, more or loot.
Located thi.. l&tli day of April, 1014.
Jiilm Virgo, Agent for
T. C.  Wltliernpoon, Locator.
WltnosB, 23-6t
UiiiiIh and Works for a llcanio to
proapfct for coal and notrolouni oil
the following deaerllii'd IiiiiiIk, BliUOtO
III the hlhtrlet of HoiltlieiiHt Kootenay, hrlilKli Columbia, In Rtock 4C0B:
coiiiini'iieiiig nt a post planted al or
near 2 iuIIch cunt, then I inllo kuiiIIi
of tho B. K. corner of C. I,. IT III, and
Mug the N. K. eornor poM or T. c.
Witherspoojt claim; thenco -»u\\\ >n
wi-.i mi iiiiiiiis; thonco
north   80  chains;    thenco   eani   mi
Of Location of Claim No.
I jitlitit of Claim No.
30 days after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works Mr a license  to
prospect for coal and petroleum o» . uWr'foliowhYK deVnilbed lands, situate
the following described londa, Bltuato  in Uh, District of Southeast Koote*
30 days after date 1 Intend to apply to
tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of
l.nndH and Works for a license to
prospect for conl and petroleum on
In the District ot Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 450!1:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near 2 miles eaBt of the S. E. corner of C. L. 1710 and being the N. E. I
corner post of tho T. C. WlthorRpoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains; tlience north s.<;
chains; thence east 80 chains to &
point of commencement, muklng fj|0
acres, more or less,
Located this 15th daj of April, i-jh.
John Virgo. Agent for
T.  C.  Wltbewpoon. Locator.
A 2Wt
iiuy, British Columbia, In Block 4693:
CnniiiH'iKiiiK nt a post planted at or
near 2 lulled oast of the S. E, corner
of O. L.  1710, and being the B. W.
corner poat of thc T. C. WltlierHpoon
Claim; thence north 80 chains; thence
eaat   Mi   chulus;    thenco   south  .80
chulns; thenco west 80 chains; to* a I
point of commencement, making 640
acrea, more or less.
Untied thia 15th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent tor
T. 0. Witherspoon,  *
chains to a point of commoncomont,
maklng 1140 BCrOB, more or less.
l-ocutud this Kith day or April, IHU.
John Virgo, Aj-cnt for
T.  C.   WltherHpoim,   Lotiitor.
Witness. 2:l-5t
Of Location^ Claim No. 10
30 days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 4503:
Commencing at a post planted ut or
near two miles east, then 1 mile
south ot the S. E. corner of C. L,
1710, and being the north west corner post of T. C. Witherspoon claim;
thence south 80 chains; thenco east
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
thenco west 80 chains; to u point of
commencement, making 040 acres,
more or loss.
Located this 15th day of April, 11)14.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.  C.  Witherspoon,  Uieutor.
Witness. 23-H


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