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Cranbrook Herald Sep 13, 1917

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THURSDAY, SEPT, 18th, 11117
BRITISH mi.| lim l    —
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
Accounts   Paiel Slt'w  Tent'bei's   An.
peeinteil    ('OtlllllttlCC   I'eel'ineil   te.
Limit lulu School Harden
Tin*  regular monthly i liim  of
iln* School Trustee! am i old on I'ri-
day, Bopli -iiIiit Til.    I'rcEcnli Chnlr-
inun  ll   White, Tn,     Ilenilerson,
Miiiinlnii and  Wilson,
Tin*   f.ill....ir,,   ncc iii   v.m* or
ilorcd ii. I..* paid:
Teaehara   *. Inrlos,  Jl;'    Medb al
Officer, 141.115; Bccrolcr) >*'■"•: Jnnl
tors, |I35; lloattlo Mini i j .*„,. fill r,u
Crnnbi I. I'nn & Uooli I'n , *> * I;,,,.
i' r ll Tolertraph, IS.ilO: t'lty Trans
for #1; e'l'niil.nml, |.'|octrlc l.liilil i'n..
|9;  le   I'Tiilny
Tclephono I .In
,.. In Miiiiiilnn
ride. ',
,.*: 1*
I'*,**1.- „ i
i lore
. :;i r,0;  'l'l
" s"".
*'.  Wing,
in    1
iported  Un
1    Miss
nui be
., Ill-.l'OllltOe] In 1
1 vision
m   i
y ni
J7B.00;   .\i
ss  ie'-
1,   -lire'
"il Miss I've ut
$7n nu.
1   M
8!     Sil
iu  succee
I   Mis;
.11   $70.00,  :i
,1 II ,' Mr.
0  Ills
unable u.
like on
111   Scl
.nl   •
■urli bad a
■  M
ii,;   Instrui
a s
Imy ,
( ss:
 ml Hi.,
y '.
is  Ins
il tn write
to  Mr.
enn fir
this arrnn
ipi olr.tcd
ing e
f Trustoer,
n uml
erson to in
oli Into
>  IIU
stillll   1
f ..
elio.el gard
n with
port  bach
lu   llie
vas  Instrn
ted   tn
lie a
i ord©
the materia
ty tl
e   31
nual Training In-
,„'   11
ue  le"(,u*.*lit
up i.i"
Of   I'.
e!'  t!ee exlilbils ill
■ Mn
nnal 1
ib School,
nd tlie
was 1
lid u
ver until i
e xt
Owing in Uu* Impossibility ol dealing cxcepl in Hue mosl cursory
n,.Hiiii'i' wiiii llu' Full*, ii bus been decided Hun The Herald bo published us I'u.riy us possible un Thursday  rnlng uml to devote in,*
Issi i' iiu* :'niit Instant almost entirely to u review and ;, n porl
uf pl'uhably Hi,,  st successful l'air ovor held here.   H i. miiy rlghl
in suy Hun Hie outstanding siicceas Is In ;i very greal ■ nnner dm to
H,.' ap|, i did en uporntl ' mn* Creston aad luvormoro rrleuds.   Tin-
roriuer lmvo so.nl   h Irods mnl  1 Iredi   ,u   iplendld exhlblti   ol
fruits, grains and flowors whllo the latter lmvo brought mi excep
llunnll) »|il lid ,*\liibii which under Uie   uporlntBiidence uf Mr. Mm*
l<h « , llaplnycd to lho fulloal advnnlngo. Tlio local exli*lit>a aro uway
beyond the nvurogc of evon nnr b.*si years, lu n word uml a word h
nil ».* can dovoto in the nintlor in this Issue   the fair is u huge -,,,
'■■■ss    I iu ii*. ndopl llu* sin-inn nf Hin spuluiiii' pcopl 1 cry "Go In
li"   l..*i every   go.   Thoro is i thing for ull lo learn
ai iln* hour ui' mis writing the lu.rs.-s, lire stock, uruin-. grai ■■
lu,lies' fancy work, nrl uml scliool oxlilblls Inn,' I u Judged bul tin*
bulges' Imi,lis lmvo not boon yol turned in to the i ingomenl
Tin' t'ru ■nni; Unsebull   Team wns successful In cnrrylnj off firsl
prlne laurels, winning fr  Wnrdnor iu Hm  'nine -    I. and from
Kimberley in llu* afternoon 13   I. the Inlter gi  ending before lin*
finish of Hm sovoii innings.
As a very considerable mi it nf lho proceed! will lm devoted in
Iho lied Cross funds ii is Hie duty, nml wo know il will be tin* pleas-
uri' uf nil in "iiii tu It." Hn tu llm t'uli* nn Thursday uml bring wiih
yuu .vin thoso wlii) do imt think it within them in make Hie exertion
in climb Hn* bill. There nre jitneys Bulnre to dn Hn* hauling nl
len cents the haul anil llie money geens tn nur poor wounded boys al
tbe Front. Dm*!' more "Uo To It." Tlie Fall* Is n tremendous success,
Help to iiiake it a still greater one.
t nun i nisi in: in-nu riiiiMMiivs ur tiik act as it ivii.i.
tilllT   I'lll.  I'l'tll-I I. lit   IIMMIIilMIK   (Ml IIISTIIH'T
*m%*****m}fj/SS SS*sto.m**\tLpt SS*slmf****\Pi
■ i>
h, order thai  tlie people ol  Cran- Uie  leader of. tin*   Opposition,    Tin*
brook muy understand  thi   effen  i *l' Board of Selection fur the whole of
tin- new Military Service Acl n brlel Brltiah Columbia consists of The Hon.
!'■■  ime ul the 'provision         llu     ft \ H. P. Green, M. J', and The Hon, .1  II.   J -*
■ •■  rorth, King, Minister or Public Works,   This
Parugrup   2  ten               ■    erson Board of Selection appoints one mem-
llable for   ervlce     Kve y male Mn ber of our Local Tribunal, tin* other
Hsii  Biibjecl   w mn     K-hliiii   the member of our  Local Tribunal will
provision   ol |mi ign         nnd Ih or bB  appointed  by   His   Honor  Judge
dinar!!) u resident In Canada or linn Thompson.   Theso appointments have
been ii  I'psldenl  In Canada      the nol yol been made, bul bolh tho Board   I *
fourth di.)   of   -hiruhI   11)14  I    I In bl i of Selection    and Judge   Thompson
ror milltur)    ervlee ell ler I   be have received Instructions ii» appoint
.Mind Camilla mil-               especially tholr nominees as soon ns possible.
Exempted b) tin   Vol or renehei  the Any person appointed by either the
, ..*.■ nf torty Nve before H i« i In h to Hoard *>r Selection or the .Indue must
which lie belong* Is culled out. There ucl unless be Is relieved In \yritlng by
not  Ihk   however   I           bp|   ti the authority appointing hlm. and if
; revent nn)  man from voluntary pn lie does mil bo net without reasonable
listing. 'Musi', lie is Mable on summary con-
The classes an  divided into six: vlctlon  to Imprisonment of mu  less
Class One   Cnmnrrled men or wld* than throe months and not more than
owers   withoul   n   child,  of    twenty tliree years,    li   is  the duty  (,r the
.1   earlier Local Tribunal to hear applications
for exemptions.   The applications are
mmo age to be made in such manner ami on
e widow- Btich forms as may be set out in proclamation.   The Local Tribunals will   j >
three   Unmarried   men    nr [ sit   in   the  places  appointed  and   In
a  without   children, horn  in such oilier places as the members of
y/fcCreery SSros,
take pleasure in announcing   ihe
**^all  Onnn/na
Provim ini Library .,f
liritisii Columbia, Aug ;mt
Be and   born
ar 1883.
.   Mon  of i'i
■rrli'il ur who
child or chilli
Queens Hold A|e|ieul
As   reiiaiilleil   from   telegrams   des
notched al the end ..I' August.
Last Juno tlie Police mode a raid iii>-
nn   the   Queens   liotel   and   arrest *d
widowers  wiilinut  .'iili i*
lho yearn 1878 lo 1 sm* I
Class tour- Married i
j owers wltli n child or cl
in tin* came period.
i Clans I'lvn- I'limiiri'leil
owers without cchllilran,
years 1S72 tee 1876 Inclusive,
Class six Married inun and widowers 'villi ii child or children, born
within Uu' same period.
Any mnn married after 8th July
1917 shall bo doemed to bc iinmnrrlod
for llm purpose of the Act.
..The (inrrrnor (Icneral in IHiincM
has the rlirlil tu cull mil un active
service ai y class uf men and from llu*
diislve,       j tlie Tribunal may deem expedient,     | *
in i,r  ivld- j    Se'tlun 7 eleals wltli Application Trl-
lilron, burn j iiiimils.   The A|i|illcntlon Tribunal is
I appointed by lhe Chief Justice eef tho ,
n*:i rn* will- Court uf Appeal. Mis Lordship Chief , '
)0rii lei the Justice Macdonald assigns iu llie Trl-
bunnl nm. Judge of any Court of sue'li
Province mnl distributee all appeals  I (
rrom   llm   .-uses  staled   ut   which   111.'
Registrar of the provlneo has notice.
n   is  nm  yol  known  who will co
stltuto llm Bcpnralo Courts nf Appt
1 imi probably the County Court .leulue's.
Section  8 or tho Acl   directs tin
appointment nr nm* of tin' Judges of  I [
Hm Supromo Court e.r Canada in he
tin. Contra! Appeal Judge,
1VOIM.I)  lll-oi'lN |,VM\ASir>l
The Editor, Cranbroolt Herald.
Hear Sir.—Having been approached
by partiei  hi lown wlm are Interested
...   mt- TOl .n..Mien   in   :.      ..ii.ii i..    n>.   .
einHo.i, tl.e writer, during the last ten
days, has been gathering ■' few statistics relntlve to iln* enst of again opening   the gymnasium   and swimming
I Interviewed Mr, till], lhe owner,
Inst woek am! he will rent ihe building together with ils privileges and
paraphanalln for wlim ii conl hlm for
rent and Insurance.
Tin* idea Bcems to be to organize
the association nm
Huh headquarters, for Hm* llall Team.;
nor  General
Atlantic   Provinces
seven men upon a charge of unlawful I    In PHnce Edward Island the hay date of llie iirnclmnntloii the persons
gambling.    The   ease   came   beforecrou  WflB  ll(1|lVipI'  than  anticipated. Cnlllnfr wltlitn Hie cIbiw no>nllril nnt
Police  Magistrate Arnold, the Chief  PoBta liavo reduced wheat 20 p. c. be- -hall be deemed  lo  he soldiers en-
of Police appearing for the prosecu-1low averaBe*   0lIier grains are full listed In the Mllilarj  forces of Call-
tlon, and \V. A. Nisbet for Ihe defence
\ftor honrliiK the evidence Hie Judge   ''litfhieil    areas, should    yield above | for Ibe duration nf the lvnr: thej are | Either the person called out or any
convicted and lined the nccusd $30.00  RveraSe'    F"n  ,,n,» <'■' foots, vege- required   le  I mine.I Intel)   "M'lirt  for  person authorized by the Minister of
. ' - •      (RDiea nnrj com   [„ xova Scotia nil nellve  -ervlee  nn  llie  procliimfttfon   Mllltin and Defence has the right of
vn inneul wns taken from this de-  ,m|"' ,nnde excellent growth.   Labor -et- forth, nod until thev >n report application  to appeal or ir the two
clslon'toHls Honor Judge Thompson   s,lim'    ,m>',n*? 8low   ,,,,, ha>' beln8 H"1,c   ,,M'-V ■"'   s,,Wvrs 1,"'*v   ,irc  members or the Local Tribunal can-. -
and'the case came on for hearing on   stored In-good condition.   Plnx ripen-1 deemed  lo  hc on  leave "f "'"""■','1' " ■■.■■.■.,,„.,-.■■ .,-„.i.i » ■'- Ryji  i_yunrr^ftl   i^ff"    Vr~   -^"  iVb-
Monday    W   \   N'isnet appeared for  lng nlcly. hemp fair grouth. consider- r"'  -  - -      ' -  -■■■■■•    •
" ,, , n   i  t,       m r ..  ahle rut.   In New Brunswick, tUigust i
,.„(,, wnaiiier do we   and warm foir besth'
the respondents.   A great number of
,,,..,. ...        ,,    erop  yields.    Wheal   am   oa s  below   tion   i<>r   exempnon   ai
technical  objections   were  tnken  by I _     .... .       . ... '      . ..
Counsel for eaeh side, and the argu
By Section !i a Registrar for each   ( ,
provlneo  is  to bo appointed  by  the | <l
WJitlinery, Coats, Suit's and
.Dress Soods
Jtriciay and Saturday
September fourteenth and fifteenth
and fo/lott'i/ty   dayj
Tt Cordial Snuitation is extended to all
pfly. As soon as tliey report ■ must come np before the Court of
'■ soldiers under imy. Any Appeal, There is further appeal to
led out may make an appllca- the Central Appeal Judge, who must
long as be a Judge or the Supren e Court or
plication  or any application  Cunnda. or If the Governor
McCreery Bros.
I Stores ,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
time or  otherwise  may  or*  prstiifd.   person tu to in possession of "his cer-
or ir the claim for objection Is on con-   tificate lie may be imprisoned for six
ment on these points ami quoting of
eases iu supporl took up most of the
day, Finally His Honor cave Judp-
ment on fhe technical objections, and ;
disallowed nll Df tliem and derided
thai he would hear the appeal.
Evidence was then given to the ef-1
feci  tbat the Police, acting under a
late  hlipht   redneine  crop  prospects in connection therewith he is
emeil   f<
'fl   !
■es fit, on the reei
General in ' ■clentlous grounds then he is exempt  months.
commendn-  froni pomI,etent 8erv*ce- but he ma>'     Section  12
to nbout 80 p, c. of average yields. ■ tn be
Idler on  lea\
Hoots promise well.   Very heavy hay
eroii    Pastures good.
Rlmouski;   Abundant yield of bay;
grain and potatoes hav,. fine nppear-
absence  tlon of sueh Judge of the Supreme
without pay.    Anyone who is railed Court of Canada, he may appoint one
out, nnd   without   reasonable excuse nr more other Judges of any superior
fails to report is liable on summary Court to assist him.
conviction   to  Imprisonment   not   ex-      section   ll  deals  with  the exemp-
ceedtng five years w       hard labor. U()lls nntl principles upon whieh ex-
deals with the r«»pi.lube called upon for other service. If tion? which published in the Canada
a certificate Is granted on the gHounds Gazette or other papers which the
of continuance of education or train- Governor General may see fit and
ing or on the ground? of exceptional have tlie sam-e force and effei I j- li
financial or business obligations or they were part of the Art.
Domestic   position-by  a   conditional ^^  ^^  „  ]f |Q  relat|o_ rf
iiiiiiuins aro to bo granted, a.s feel
certificate only ami when tlio objec-
ihe Act any qnestlon arises respective
. Soarcli Warrant, ileniaiided admission.
In' iiviii. ;1S ll i ; e'i*ali
lie ii .'orliiin riiiene  n tho li.elol. but tlio ;   .
* ripe but In bad shape nineti*-!1 ,\,,-
Mockey  Team,  .er  nnje  otlic.   [cnm I «oor was locked nnd they wore not ad.   s)Ve rainfall    Cor Rouge:   Hay trop
"tteil f.o* several minutes.   On enter*
creaftcr bo
town, .'
future nml
lie   uggce
tor a meet
fthbb now i-.. ni* i:
Tbo wrltor would wolconn
tu place Ibis before thc i
public mooting, In the nnu
tin* Mint purpose v,.,i!i,l
tlons us to Hm. mnl ptj
I lm*.,* n s. li,.Inlo iiii worked out relative tu oo-I. ot. wnlcb ,0,'ni*. four.-
able but whli b I .".i'i'.'. would bo crltl
clitotl very fio.ly. bul tlii- criticism i**
Jin.i what I would like to hnve .1 meel
lm*. lor
It in,* association rould no, Its ->.ii I
1 loin* 10 ib, ii*. men physical in ' 'in
lion, uml pari ol it - ov.n e'ofl. :n re* 1
gnrd to rarotnklug, elc, 11 would mnl-1
erlnlly reduce the coal oi operation, In
fuel litis Is ,1 husluess man's 1 ropo 1
Hun nnil should bo handled ai   111 li
II »
nl lahor.
ce: plums geiod. apples small nml i    Paragraph   6  of  thp   Ait   of  it
montii lato.   f.ennoxvllle:   ronsld- Courts of Trlbunnls, they conslsl ot: ,„„'s.   A.-That it Is expedient fn the ""'i Is removed frum any ease whatso- ,0 tne n„,'f0'ur matters mentioned the
ay 1101 out mid much gjrnln      A.   Local Trileunnls. Xntlonol Intoresl that tbe pcrsun eal- ever* lhe ll0,der "f such  r"r"'";'"'   burden of proof la npon the person
B    Appeal Tribunals. ,,„, ,„„   ,() ,|(. mvity9i ,„ ., work ln may be called uleon Immediately for
'-Central Apptal Judge. ;„.„,,. 1, haWli,ally engaged,   ll.-"'""    servlce'    A    *'<'r,l'ic:"e ™>
Pbese Tribunals are authorized '"  -,„, „ ,, , „_„, t_ ,,._ x,-#, , ,.. transfer a man from one class to a
Harvesting i
Ir fiinliiiL**-
aken from \
■ Judgnienl  nr the  Local Tribunal  i
l Krain crops are giving a   ll,1,i"- '"' ""' I'°r;l1 Tribunals.   Locn
: heaviest in years but not yet nil in Hiese   rribunals are
lng thoy found seven men lu the room,  am! l|mi|ity not  good owing to rre- receive evidence, make
several packs of cards and some chips  ,,,„.„[ Pa|n8    An pr.lfn ,„,„,!, ]„.],,„. and unlcsa an appeal
hidden away; there were alsn some   normal from same cause   Silage corn Ihe Tribunal, It  is th
emptj beer hi>itb*s    Evidence for the   mnl potatoes poor; apples only half Military Authorities t<
defence -vi- given to tlu* effeel thai [ a crop
the accused were engaged in playing
:i game of pitch, .nni that tin* low man       Ottawa
paid Tor the drinks,
Hi- Honor gavi  ludgraent tn tin*
feet that there wa   no proof whal
over thai either the Queens Hotel or  shorl    Peterbp
rootn 26 In the Hotol. which was occu    :*»*1 on^ yielding high; gra
tiled bv the accused, was a common
":'"mu: '"'"^     ""  ' '•*■•■•■;-   ^  _ |nii  rt_^   „__»„,,„_  j.ldermere.    A   Board  of
nol he sustained. The bppc
fore was allowed and llu* c
very fair Meld:   potatoes, roots and  Tribunals are established by procla-        «
.... motto..   In   wii. li   nlntssst,  ..<   tli,.  Mitii-tci*     s,'ri<Mlh
led oul. to he employed in a work In
1 wlilch In* Is habitually engaged.   B.—
That it is expedient in the National Interest that he should In- employed in
work  In   which  he  wishes to  bo en-
gaged and  for whicli he  hns special
! qualifications.   C.—That it is exped-
• lent in the National  interest that lie
should   continue to  be  educated  or
trained for any work for which lie is
being educated or trained.   D.—That
lower class and the certificate shall
state the conditions upon which it js
granted It the conditions cease to
exist or his time or exemption terminates, the holder must within
three days jzive notice in   writing of
such cause to the Ueiiistrar and if he
fails to do sn lo- may he fined $250.00
charted to ;>rov-
A— That be dots not coine within
tin; class called out.
B —That lie has duly reported.
i".—That he comes within any of
the exemptions.
D.—That lie has been duly exempted.
Section I', provides that when a man
- has obtained a certificate of <*x.-iii|.-
>rtiricate ma;
be ('Imaged renewed or withdrawn at
The condition  on  t'u
rn   ar ,g   well;   pastur ro . '-'ion in su, 1, „1up-h :,* .He Minister   «■""»» Hards-hi-,   .n  ensue If the
gli:   Wheat, barley •' *••'"•• ™>y es llsh.   In the Die-  »»»   Mr, Placed on act lv, service ,,„„ ,    .„_ ,.,„,„, Tr|b„na] ,.,,„
,„ „,„ trlcl ol Kast Kootenay the followingM'**-* l" ''s exceptional financial or ^wA .,    „        _ m^ a fa)M
, ' Triliiin-iK   hnve   bcfn   patnblished'   -   business obligations or domestic pos- ...      ,,,,,,..
gaod  sample;   mangels,  turnips and   lnm-"aia   "ave   ",'n   eaiauiwnea,        »                            i repltlon he Is liable to Imprisonment
'cranhrook, Fernie. Golden and Win-  it,on*   '"•■   ni health or infirmity.   I*.
The conviction couli   potatoes doing well; corn large acre
nge and heavy crop; pastures good:   der re'    A   l!l
apple crop light.    Oslmwu;     Yield or   e8
wheal and i>:it- above average. I<odg-
ed oats decrease erop and double lahor, otherwise a record crop.   Qoirley
' tion he must produce it whenever
called upon by uny peace offlcetr or
person having authority for the purpose and must answer truthfully al!
questions as to his compliance or noncompliance with any provisions of the
.liition of tin
tnmons.   Thi.
That ht
ctlve set
sclentlousty objects for
and Is prohibited from
for one year.   If he makes application   Ar[   .. hfi iU)f;H rJOt ,Jt mav hl. firil.(J
to more than one Tribunal he is liable
.100.00 or i.nprisonn,e..f for one
Appointments for the local irlbun
a! uu.ler the Military tiorvlce Acl arc
nol yel romplelod bul wc nnderslnnd
Uu* following wlll be appointed b)
Hi-.  Honor Judge Thompson:
Mr H U Poraler, for UA Golden
Mr, T C Rioi kdnlo, ror tho Wlndor-
nu'i'e Division.
ut $10.00 per year. Imt dnes could ■'•
pnld ntnuthl) a the at boi latton, Itnv-
hn: nn assets, rotilcl have mm HahlHtli
nnd would have tn bo run nu a eush
bat.Is This matter can be gone Into
furl hor however nl the meeting.
When firsl lho mutter watt hrom lied
li wn * only cnnii mplated in open tin*
gym, hul • iii'i* then n much broader
and comprehensive arrangement ts in
I'linti-iuplatioii. namely, lo organize mi
,i ■ ni Inllon to bo known as tho "I'rnn-
brooK   Athletic   Assoelallou."   which
shall embrace ibe ttlmie dlstrlcl midI    Mr, it. i„ T Qnlbrnllh, for the Per*
use the gym for lis bend rtors,
There   I:    pl'Olmbl)   no   town   iu   Hie
|>oaa which hus ns good a rouudntlon
for Me ii a elnli. anil the privilege ol'
having such n firsl class building as
liendiinurler*--. which only needs a very
fow ropalra lo put it in firsl class
Bhapo, Is something every town should
consider n groal privilege, uud show
its appreciation in some tangible form.
other than to let II Ite Pile ns il has for
the lasl three years,
Without going further Into tho nuttier ai the present tlmo, 1 would like
to stnte lu closing, that I nm willing,
for the present, to continue the work
which in now started, end do all In my
power to organize ihis association, nnd
im soon as It is fairly launched tho
nsBoetntlon will naturally want in
pled Its own officers and secretary.
We hope to he uble to make a definite nnnouneeuH'tit  next week.
(i. i> Drown.
in sto.k, grain HkIiI : barley grain
small, corn late and may not mature;
potatoes nnd iroota good.   Larue acre-
;n i of foil « t win be sown if pos-
nlblo Pelroiea Ideal harvest weather; all grain crops harvested except in p. f nf oats, Hest season for
years Increased acreage brliip sown
to fall wheat
Brandon: Dry weather has continued throughout August, Cutting
completed, tlweflhluf) begun. Yield
better than was feared, and quality
excellent. l*'rnnklln- Conditions
much Improved during month. Wheal
tile Division. j will  yield    very   lair,  good    sample.
The Cranbrook appointment will be Oats nud barley a little light. N'o
either Mr, tiny Pownnll or n Cran- dnmngo by frost. Harrowby: Wheat
brook merchant and will lie made harvest well along, K» bushels per
to-day. acre,   (hits and b.'.rley -io p. c. cut for
Mr. PorBlor was an Independent feed. Wlll thresh LT. bushels; potatoes
Conservative for tho Columbia riding  80 p. c of average.
I Senate and House of Commons    This   doing so hy the tenets and articles of
1 *,,.,,     r, ano nor more man fi.uuu.uu and me   „...„ MMip_.«nH nnv nnrt of the  \c
Board of Selection has already been   faith in effect on the 6th day of July        ,.   ,,     .       ,. M    » contravenes anj part or .... .\.
established and consists nf two. one [lift,   of any  religious  denomination "J"1"""""1 ,8 """ and ™,d"   u (ltl>   for whlc
r ■     mnd "nnK  nominee  Buggcsted  by  the Qovern- existing and recognized ln Canada l.
 "'menl and one nominee suggest-1 br[ sucli date and to which he, in good «"««*• '" '*"«»'>• r""r's"",s W»«>l«|l«" ""- >"""> """ »»« ™
'aitli. belongs.   Under this section tiie iis a person to whom a certificate has' $500.00 or one year's  Imprison menl
conditional   certificate  either  as   to been granted, nr allows any unlawful fContinued on page four)
to a penalty of not less than llOO.nn      ^^^ ,(. proy|dea ,.,.„ ;[I1>. peri0
nnd not more thnn  $1.00000 and the
application Is null ami void.    If any
person alters or tampers with his eer-   vlded shall be liable to a fine or nol
in the lasl Provinclnl House and !«
a well known rancher in the Columblu district.
Mr. stockdale is a  morchant    nt
Invermere and manager of tbo well
Ilosthern:   Most wheat win grade
1    ami    2.    Yield    _0 to HO bushels,
Scott:    Wheat  will  probably average
1-3 bushels, barloy :io. onts :\n to 4f>.
known Paradise Mine, and nlso Pros- Sufficient laborers for Immediate ro-
Idem  **r the Ubcrnl Association for  qulramonta nt ?•! per dny.   Mora help
the Columbia  Riding,
Mr. ii. I.. T, aalbrallh is an old
time resident of Fort Steele and Indian Agent.
wanted threshing,
The Alberta Department of Agriculture reports tlmt crops hnve greatly
ills   Honor  .Initio  Thompson,   wo  improved on nccounl of genoral trains.
understand will be appointed by his j frequent Bhowors nnd favorable won-
Lordship chief .Tnstlco MacDonald
to nil on the Court of Appeal under
the Military Service Acl bill fnr whal
district  hns not yet been  decided.
ther conditions, H is now eBtlmntod
that the yields will he a good nverace
if not a little better, nlthoUgll the pro
duced average ovetr a conal lerabte
area. With the .-\< <i tlon of a number
nt destructive hnllstorms there has
been im damage to crops by t'ro-t or I
othorwfBe.. Harvest operations nro
now general; in tbo lighter districts
SO to .'< p c. of grain has been cut.
Threshing wlll bo general hitter part
•: nexl week >' irofct yet; all eer-
enls will grade higher 'lum n-uiat!
roots and live Btoch In excellent condition. Uthbrldgo: Harvosl well
advanced in Boulbeffn Alberta. Vleidj
generally are Bomewhnt lighter thnn
anticipated. Oats and barley rather
poor. Serious hailstorm at Hyde
Park,   No frosl recorded.   Ucombo:
Harvesting in  central   Alberta rnther
inore advanced than for any previous i
season for len years.    Yield of grain '■
below average but Btipertor In finality.
llrltlsli Columbia
Agnsslz:     August   dry   and   hot.
Drain medium crop, no dnmngo Rrom
rain In stock: root crops and pastures
badly need  moislure.    Sutnmertand.
Apples 10 p. e, more than Inst year:
and of best quality.   Oraln not well
filled.    Serious  water slio-rtage.    Invermere:     Cood   second   cuts of alfalfa nnd   clover tinder   Irrigation,
roots    and  corn    bave made    good
growth.    Sidney:    All grain nan-vested
In excellent weaiber.   Vlold nol heavy,
forngO crop:;, foots and pntntOOfl will
he light; apples and other orchard
fruit   below   overage,   pastures   vnry t
vluna  dry   weather   permanently  re-   short uiul rain much needed.
FREE!      FREE!
Edison s New
ReCreated Music
I.Men to lhe latest popular songs
of the ibi,(, bear Ihe now diner records,
li-tei, io Hie nen hand selections, some
fine tnudetille recilnl*. tim!
..Bring your iriends the.*, nili In* re*
freshed by thl* delightful music,
We "ant ten lfl be -keptiinl: We
Hani yon to demand proof thai tin*
Xew Kdison Is what we claim it to
he. We shall show you actual photo-
graph* of great artists singing and
playing in direct comparison ohh
Edison's ltd reatlnn of their work.
. Then we -hull n"k foil lit listen mid
Judge far yourself.
We aj'e content to abide h*  tour
Cranbrook  Drug &  Book Company
Vi. i. ATHIISIIM, Hmsstet. PAGETWv,
THURSDAY, SKIT. Ullli. 1017
ll .Hatters Nni Whnt Yonr
Requiremouts nre iti
IVe* an* iiIimijs ill your
Me* Illl)  Illl* I'llllll'CSl  Itrcl
from lh,. I iii Handlers.
liiil'.S Tin:
Vim in* ini; hear
'tjhc Sir/ti of the Shamrock'
It we.* i.... IiiiiI owing tee lack of In-1 ==.
torost ill.* |en,|.eiseil lellill lo secure Hi.
agrvlcn   "i   !■•"■  I'o*   I'niiliiin  W. .1
Indloy. who made se. e*e I an lm
■erosslon al I ie Clmntauqiin Festival,
to ilollver n series of loclul'es in tills
District ..ii ii.'' subject of "Wln-the-
W'.ii*" IiiiiI iii be drooped.
The Reign of Thuggery versus
The Reign of the Common People
story  ley  A.   B.   WATTS)
phone 10
QiiiiIIIj .V Service"
. BURNS & Go.
■» tm*f
CHI ss ituniKvrs
>n st (iioiisi:
Buying on
1- alio.-*.* n I'm* - • In hu)l»»n
Mime ar Me les ot jetvofr} lie
nisei make your iiurchuse
from a reliable house like this.
Nexl In I lie l'"-i (ii'iiev
CI'. II. \\ llllll  lie-lii'l'lin*.
rm: ritANiiHOOl. iil'llAi.l)
n.  I. Kny, Manaee'i*.
ll.   \.  Heale, Seerrlnrj   nml  killlnr
show Itsell
of eonscrliillon, A to
ana file .1 Liberals stoort there
never been serious doubt. The ro
Criiiilirnnlc, II. I.. Ni'liti'lilbl'l' 111, lull
Ml UTAH \ SKllVK i   ui
Tin' general --u,-v,-> nf the Military
Service Acl which ive inibllsil in ll.i*-
oilltlon m' Th.- II, i.ihl sbnnlll bo
read and studied closely ley nil in
order thai the Acl may be fully un*
dorstood. bul imrtlculuriy ley men
between the ages of Jn and 34 who
in*  widowers  without lilldron as   tin
nn*  nn riled   mi  .Inly Mil.  1H17.
Iiresenl .nl! is limited in mon "
tlii.. clnss. Tin' penalty I'm* fnlliir
in report evitliuul I'l'asonablo excus
i*.   imprlsonmeiil   nol   cxeeeiling   (lv
iimmiiisi:   1111,1,
ordinary clrciimstnnces
Hill ii- presented ivntlld
nliuhle  Is for *. gem rnl
lent llii'..* lire '< vl'lt
ill times, nnil llii' powor nl
ichlsc inusl I.,* Buri'oiimlod
'ptluiml limitalions fur 11
if i!..' nation, il is purely a
Hill .1,1.1 will I... iiini-i'xisi
iln* war.
dug ni ii wm* , im,. eloctlon
iri. i* nml bis rapld-
Mii Inn
oral lm
Iheir <'<
Fr 'liis,
mil 'Till
ii.',. M,s.rs Wirris nnil Hud*
made is un,* thnl overy Mb-
I., rm*.'. Thoy .*iin abandon
,'letlons nnil follow Laurier;
ur iii,.y can abandon Lnurler and Blay
wiiii their convictions, en*, to strlko
closer lii.ni". limy can desert Laurier,
rn* they can dosorl lho boys in iln*
Too, thoro can bo no avoiding a
dcclslun ley refraining from voting ns
those gentlemen announce tholr Intention Df doing If need be. Tn remain
away from tlio polos Is oqulvalenl to
voting null-conBcrlptinn. lie* who is
nui for us is against us in tliis case.
and the situation is too serious to :iel-
niii of nny "stocking."
Willi il xcoptlon i.r a few case-
imrdoned Grits locnl Liberals are
making nn bnnes uf their Intention to
forget party cnnvletions in the i-eem-
Ing contest nml if. ns announced In
llu. press nl nm.liiiiitiiin-i'einvi'nliiin
time, Mi*. Anstie proposes In win (lilies,' em llu* Winnipeg platform, if
other pans in tiie constituency nro in
the same humor as Creston Valley,
the Liberal candidate mny ns well
prepare for iln* worst. Hereabouts
ii„ wil! hardly net emieunli votes in
w:ul   a   cun.   Creslon   Review.
by Sir Wllfi
ly dwlndllm
v. m. e. h. -Rice
[foura 11 n.m. to S p.m.
Regular Dinner it Sheer! Orders
Reasonable Prices
OPEN Til tiik rime
Special  Table  for   Ladles.
|| honor :
I; ii,.. im.
of  pan
is .'list and
Itself; ils
placed in
' iiml il li
'   Hun   iln
111  tbo inline* country
nii' nnu'*
1.1). (I. K.
Meets every
Monday ulglet
at Fraternity
Mall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
I*: il. McPhee W. C. Adlard
Secy. N. Q.
Cranbrook, H. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Frateralty Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Boi 622
Visiting   brethren   cordially  Invited to attend.
Meets lu Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. m. il
Membership open   to   British
Visiting m*mber*i cordiaily
lil. V. Brake.        J, F. Lower,
President. Secretary
j iirulizi'il Canadian of o
:>i * 1]    v'lem •    .i;/ii!iiiiili
iiu* l.-ss Willi iiu* laud nf Hull'
birth. Aliens wlii. lun*.' been naturalised I'm' nun*.' than 10 yonrs and
nlso aliens  win,  hnve  enlisted    nre
' imi affected by this 1.111 sir Wilfred
Laurier is convinced thnl lhe majority ul' nlien citizens would mil turn
trallnr lo iln* land . f tlieir adoption
inn Sir Wilfred lias more llinn
i.in-" proved himself i fnlle |iro-
phol   nl   critical   singes,   and   1'iis
Tin- oxtontlon of llu* Franchise in
the wives, mothers nml daughters of
llie overs.'ns soldiers is but right ami
Just; wlm we,nlil deny lu Biich iln*
right to spunk un llie- one' great issue'
before tho i lu. n greater right leo-
longs unly iu mn* vallum defenders.
The rlghl lu si oak fur Hi" largi' major
iiy ni the Fronl who will ho unable I"
Bpoak fm* themselves; the rlghl to
speak for those who have Is, i.i down
their liv.'s in the service nnd fnr Hie
protection of ili"ii' country, who lie
in u Boldlor's gravo "Somewhere lu
Franco;" lho rlghl in speak fur tho
mon win. are suffering the torments
of lull as n'rtsoni rs in flormaliy. II
is a sacroel rlghl which belongs lo
Ihe " women Ly rea on of Hm sacrifice the., I in, i I,- iiml Uio sufferings thoy ;,,*,' enduring.
iiei    ;.i i-i
■ssifti, *-fe
Meets  In  th
Paris],     Hull
■n   11
e   vi
1  il i
'1   1
Ur      |l
■ ■      Sir
Solectlvc Conscription wlll noi tain
men from uny vital Industries sueh ni
agriculture, lumbering nml farming
Imi they inusl re| ,,,*! to trlbunnh
War Pilot, lu iln* Dally Mall,
"Contact patrol" Is grin,  work.  If
i* ,*."ii of Um  il is Inui for the Intnntrymnn inline**
cultural ills-i tee "push" un tho ground below, whal
•argor Hum1 is ta I'm' Hu.s.' who havo lee fly jusl
PART III. ! which tbey ure held iu li Kalser-lllie
bondage to the few.   And nil the pro-
New Chains e,f lliinilugi' r'orgcil feer ueuing ilussus suffer under this sys-
Purniers. luni and mure especially tlle Farmers,
as thu sequel will show,
erallsni is beginning to     Political   machines   aud   Govern- (Continued next week)
mlsinltahly on tin* side  ments under thu spells system spend
rank ! Iheir time principally in seeking the
l,„a   way, 1 means nf maintaining tholr   IV.lTClllXfl  ,1 "l'l Sli" PIMM TIM:
,nt  power, nnil union**-! tboBO thu most **"l
i Winnipeg, however, put easily exploited nn* tho Indlgont Far-,
som ■ tho Bo-callod Liberal leaders   morB, tlio torm may leu objected lo   (B
in i,i, awkwiird predicament, nml i, Ib   but it is i*iilto applicable when om
only now that thoy aro finding It up to  has learned Iiy siaiistics Inborlousl;
thoin iu state Just exactly where they  obtained thai nol
aro at in tu,,,is lhal pormll <<t no mis    llomestendors iu ;
Interpretation ' "'''' ■" Hritish Col
■I-,,,,  thT|   ,,,  take  tills  stand  nr»   llrltiilnl    nro    able tu    extract  tho  abovo it all. .iml win, hav i hr*..
Premier Xorrls uml Attornoy-nenornl   nienni  nf keeping 1 y nnd so - i •■ ■""'"'" '" ■■•■' rospoeislblllty tor the|
Hudson rn* in,. Manitobu government,  gotlier  if  llieir  landed  uBlntos,
i.u i whom ,,,,» doclnie thoy nro  mil liec'imso in,.   is Inciipnblo .ef
ran   io  supporl   stralglii   Tory   con-   producing, bill fr enlists which can
scrlptlon unmini.it's il n.'.'.l lm. If the bo Uncoil uml fixed mi tho mucliluo
Liberals fall to remove sir Wilfred politicians on both sides. Tho simple
l.iiurii'r m. loader uml eome mil foui | farmers aro an ens) mark, notwlth-
n Hug tl,,. I'aui thai Ihey bold lhe
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It tins a pleasing
It is tnliarco scicn-
tilically prepared
for mini's use.
Bounro on coinpnlsory millta
bull o  of  luting  pi.wur   If   milled.
The modus opornndl eef iln* machines
in handling Hun pnrl ul lho community  demonstrates  thnl   although
(l\   Tllli  SIllliWAI.li
'■?''.'ttVs? *'""•    '''in*.lay  _
/-■W%{*\ ■*""r""""   ';' w. li ii,,..-. m . i'. I'.. „r F„n (loorgo,
/., e-?a£"A.Y*s uve rv    me.iitl, .        „
r.*\  **/r.y at *. .,m tea- boen donated an cnllrn coating of
^ 'Ct ***^ Pres., Mrs. w.
li   McFarlane,
I   Ml     .1   W. Ilurlein. P. O. llnx 021
All ladles ee.-iiially Invited.
wliltownsh; Hil- Is a com dlly which
Booms tu I a-il.   procured  in tin1
politic larkot.
What   many  of  us  require   is  u
bucket ,,f Inspiration 1
1 view Hm national polio
: spirit ami BOinotlmos v
, enable us m
' neod an out-
Licensed by Prov. C.overnment.
Special attention given to Nervous uml Rheumatism eases by
\ Inlil lluy Treatment
Build    up   the   syste'tn    nnd
Bteady the nerves through Elec-
trlc Vii,ration, Internal Exercise
Violet Kay and Ozone, a per-
fuuily nntural process.
i,i„l   burn:    Premier
Atliolstnn   and   Arthur
slnteel for death.   The]
' nounco  tho  doom   nf
Sir   Wilfred  Lnurlei
| ully regrets thnl a .*ur
liis    Majesty's   subjer
denied tho prlveloge nf
lb* knows Uml  nvury
'I.u in murder
Borden,   Lord
Molghen  are
melhoila pro-
lln   nntl-con-
qulto   nntur-
iiln portion of
niMivsi: sin l,o.,Ni;n to ai.i.ius
IIY 1. S.
iim franchise.
voin for Qor-
ninny would it,,'in, a vo
o fm* Lnurler
VVashtngtoo, Sopt. 0.   '('lie loiui sums' 	
Lhua far ndvoncod by tho United States Tlie Llbornls npponr tfi tie between
h, Entonte govornmonU follow Groat the tlovll end tli- t\?t>\t Boa; wltli the
Britain $1,105,000,000, Vrmu-o *r,:to.noii- rfiajorlty it 1s n cnae nr otthor follow-
000, Rilflala $276,000,000, Italy |200(0(KI- lng tholr convlrtlonti mnl deHertlnR
ooo, Bolgltim $58,400,000, Herbla $U- T-flur|or, or following T,nnrlor and do-
111)0,000. I HcrtliiK tholr i vlotlons.
ivory wnerc.
Time   An>  time tiny or night,
Promlnenl l-ibernl: Hello, .0.1 boy,
how's ymir party?
Promlnenl Conservative: Hotton!
how's y *s?
I1. I.:    Damned rotten,
p. c:   How's tlmt?
p. [.: nii: Uie gang; gang law;
gnng rohbory; gangrene.
P. <': Same here! overythlng is so
putrid lhat only three or [onr of onr
worst scoundrels can stand near Hie
machine. They elect each oilier to
ill the offices ami will shortly nominee a candidate. Say! somo democracy this!
P. I.: Well, boy, I've worked for
the old Liberal machine for twelve
years;   hut.   hy   goall!   the   little   cnti-
3cienco I've Rut left don't stand n
look in. While Daddy llrowster was
iireaoblng rlghtoousncss and non-pat-
ronago, Doc. King wns banding onl
lobs, Say, it gets me: I Hlccd King;
I thought him straight, hm what can
yon say iti face of llie guillotine?
They're  fired.
Why? Well, un on.* is snch a
blamed ass us lo believe the official
treasons; let's be honest and say. thoy
were conservatives. And look at the
I'm a Liberal and I tell yon. Sir.
I couldn't (in over llu* ground I travelled over with Brewster and party
last fall: I aiul pot tin* gall to I'a.-e
llu* men we fooled; Hint's Hie truth.
P. i': (Consolingly) Y.'^: you're
right; Hie people voted out a lot of
ilanmi'tl fools when tliey pit rid of us,
and voted in a lot of damned scoundrels when Ihey voted your bunch in.
p. i.:    What's io in* dono?   Horo's
Canada, and llu* War. and Hie people;
there's some good left!
P. (': (Slowly) 1 don't -know!
Hm mnchln's «"t the cinch.
P,   I. :     Ami     a   lawyer'.-     gol   tin
machine. .
P. C;     I've gol  ll!     Let's write Mr,
Michael Hark or niiei" Justice Mnn
mankind" ii is uo concern of political
machines which are usually run by a
few un scrupulous and ilcicr mined
specimens of polltk.nl heelers in ihe
A*- so many people have uo conception of the inner working mechanism
Pniiti.'iil Machines
it may he Interesting to follow the
analysis to diagnose the disease and
then consider and apply the remedy.
The foundation of tlie disease we find
is haseil on human selfishness run
"amuck" unchecked, restored and encouraged hy those neur the throne of
power, both parties contending for
Hie prize have political associations
with branches throughout the country. These bodies in theory are elected hy the mass of their supporters,
hul as a matter cf fact Hie favorite
custom is to select and not elect
'hem. and the most numerous body of
electors, the fanners, seldom gel "a
look in." Tli 'fleers of tlie associations under whose paternal care are
ihe recommendations for appointments, Govornmenl Jobs, etc. etc.. nre
supposed lo he elected each year, but
there is no necessity to trouble with
such trivial details, it' Hie persons are
faithful machine men they sometimes
keep on holding office without even
calling their suppcrters to consult
onco in five years or more if the
patronage holds nut and If ihese persons are the rankest kind of grafters
nud the leader a persona grata nt
headquarters no mntlor how much
their followers or the puhlic kick, tho
flow of the patronage end its emoluments continue to run their way T
will   quote   one  ease   illustrative   of
success of a "pusn '.'
Only jusl  a  few  I iindreil   feet   alio.
Ihe  heads of He- lOPIl   below, lhe  pil
pit.lie   up ami  down   Ills   section    •»
lllie..     His  dUty   is  to   keep   toiU'll wil
Ihe Infantry, to walch how a push
proceeding, ami  ,*i  roporl   (■*    Horn
quarters,   His is not. of course, ih
ole  method  of  ropo'*llng  progross
.ul   still, he Imi lo ilo Ills -hare.
In Ihe eon-uslon and chum of
hi pie. when "siratn" is muHtpllod j
ten, twenty, f ly Hmos above the ■
normal, when he* Urrngo \fi railing
■- few yards in P'nnt of the men,
when counter hr-irngo is trying to [
stop them, and tiie Bpoutlng earth
makes one nlnw-1 think tli3 end >f
*he world lias come, then have the,
pilots on "contact patrol" to keep a
clear nnd culm iye on events.
No rehears p*. .an depict for certain just how l.'u battle wl'. really
'■'ork out. Pe'iia *s just n couple of
machine guns, 'ki'fully hldlen dur-
ini' the days of preliminary bombardment or escapi'.-: miraculously from
that general ooltterntlon, ar* holding
thc men up on tjome section of the
iine. Dnngerouci sn'tents may he
'I he "contact pi 'op' pilot musl s ■<
it aud report.
Perhaps agtlii., in all thai Incred
Pole uproar, a part ot the advancing
tn ops lose ;llM-t < il or uct in th-
way of tlicir irtn tire. Tli iv may he
:i, danger of being i nt off nr cnughl
. y it. Agntn Hn pllol must come to
'lie  rescue
As each Bec'.!_-t loncllOS it' ,'.ppo!n.-
■i objective the pilot m«Bl watch
'.:■ its siunals an 1 teport tret  loo.
And all the while sheer hell is
whistling around him. He is Hying I
perhaps at BOOtt., and our own shells!
no less than the enemy's, are a perpetual source of danger. A machine
caught by a 15ln. shell simply vanishes In splinters.
Kor this reason it is even questionable whether ns high as 500ft., is not
more dangerous than 300ft. or 200ft.
One pilot stated he believed it would
he best lo fly at only 100ft. about
30 yards off the ground—point-blank
range for any rifle bullet!
And. In addition to all this, there
Pol Lids .ind know where to
find   them.
"Does the work cheaper,better"
is what W. H. Ileideinan writes. "A ton of ordinary dynamite had been used witli very poor results," he said, "and
„;,„>• others mm unite n number of  Is  the Intense discomfort  ,.f  flying   fi    j.     j qj        Stumping   Powder   to   test   out.     It
innnio nre crniverannt wltll tlie facta    n    tils  low  altitude.    Ste  ne*,ir  Illl'! '-""";      .•**.,     . ,i*l    1     1     _   11 I I   »
 "         ' ground i. pilot in.*, no room .„ snve   gave entire satisfaction and did the best all-around work.
1-roimil a |il
Hon*   llrnflci's Hold    Pusscsulnii of iitmaeft If ieo Rets into dltflcultli
A  notorious  M.  I',  who mado no
Hundreds of land dealers in every
part of British Columbia always tell
their dealers or institutes to order
Giant Stumping Powder for them.
. Tliey have found that Giant, being
 -    He Rrntmel.    No  pilot   Hunting   ■■• | mad[* especially for use in this section,
U-.i.U-,1  l,"m" ™n>' ''"•°s t0 b0 '""*•"•'" ,rast I always gives better results than pow-
,,   1,000ft.   nut a mini on voimter pat-   dera made to meet general conditions.
' rnl'   inusl   (toiler,   hllhi'i*   anil   Itilln't'      _, 1       L _•
" with „o elbow room „i nii. . Get our stump book tree
you are up in the air- you slide up
.,,,„   and down them as a mailer of course,
bones about ids grafting propensities 	
.         , ,„, .so long a* you are well away from
and had the effrontery to brag about j,, ,*   M      ,, _   , ;    ,  _,
il. the lads were so patent that Hn
hotter class In the ci
i.i put up a weii ■*nnwn
highly rospecteil barrister for nomination, although it was not in
my dislrict 1 was Invited to assist In
leaning up the awful state of affairs
1 spent several weeks in that attempt
nnd could see that the machine element
uld In* loo strong unless the
local power wielded by the M. P. was
dipped; the usual machinations were
In progress and I presented the ense
io the then Premier and begged of him
to usi* his prerogative ami to insist
upon tho nomination being conducted
strictly according to the printed rules
knowing that that course would return Hie barrister who was nn old
schoolmate <>f tlie Premier's and a;
closo personal friend and whom tlto
Premier snhi. would he a valuable
member of Parliament, and I inter-,
posed Hint he would certainly add an
air of rospoctnblllty miicll needed iu
thnt assembly. The Premier expressed hip deepest sympathy and wlshe."
for success, bal owing In eertain
lor or some man big enough to smash I reasons (l am nol nt liberty to pnh-
linth or* marhino*. hel*. get to- high as tliey wero told confidentially)
goihor Hn* best men in both parties, I u would never ilo for him to Inter-
ami no pert)',    Let's break away frotn   ferrv
Hie I lors and gel nut as Ci Hans.      Woodless to say, that tlio convention j
nis packed according to the tnste of |
he  "Tllllga"    with   employees    and
■i hers receiving or hoping for some
f the emoluments from the machine.
It is work tor the pluckiest men.
The fighter, tbe reconnaissance pilot.
the bomli-ilropper. may all have their
height—nt any rate n\, to the last
moment -ami nothing is more prec-
lt contains many illustrations showing
you how to save explosives in loading
stumps. It explains how you can get
the stumps out cleaner and easier with
Giant Stumping Powder. It also tells
ions to a pilot than height.   But these' how to do other kinds of farm work
others arc deprived even of that.
Cbc KJasa fiotel
Hunting and Fishing
HATl.'S   Hr:ASOIVAl,Lt:
Unioniti lnvesimtnt€o. Cid
with explosives.   Mail the coupon and
this valuable book will be sent free.
Free Book
i."   I a
Why. inun. we'd nond the vile
machines and all iheir onglnes «
to Mill lo help the Knlsor there.
p. i
And l\o
I'our hand on It:  we will:
to Canada ami lhe boysl
ami Ihis poor specimen of humanity
was foisted upon the people ns their
—— What   I   wish to Impress  upon  the]
Tho wt.r map issued by The Fan       aasses. wlm have the power but sol-
ily llerald and Weekly Star of Mont-1 d.un use it. is the fad thai it is the
real  is certainly a great map and a j class alluded In who yell and shout
greal help in following war news.   It; that   Canada   must,   have   a   straight
is   greatly   praised   iiy   relivmed   of- ] party fight on ihe question of doing
ficers  and   men.    The   price  uf  the Dur duty to nur soldiers, and It wlll
Family Herald Ik now $1.25 a year, a   he noticed that some of the papers
smaller increase than  was expected,  In  Hint  class preach the same doc-!
ami   with   the  map given   with   each   trine, and iRiiore Hie  fart that their j
subscription it is cheaper than ever,   leader pleads for n Union or National*
Tho mai) alone would cost ar, much,   (lovernment    composed  of    the besl j
The paper and map nre given to both   men   from    both   parties,    and   this j
new   and   renew:1!   Rubsctrlptions   at   would  eventually  lend  to  the com- i
SI.'jr. a  year, hut the. map cannot he   •■i.-.tp abolition of thc putrid political
fiocuretl otherwise.   The Family lbr-   patronage  system,  whicli  1  mny be
aid  Ih Hie greatest  family and farm ; permitted   to   repeat,   is   responsible
paper on the Continent nnd a groat far the violation of the rights of the
er-dlt to Canada. I peoyU, ond  Is the direct means hy
Open For Business
Star Cleaning Works
C. E. BOOKOUT, Propiielo.
ii nr ri) uiiii .'niniiniok Weaning WorksO
I Respectfully ask a trial order.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol Canada, Mmlivil
Ofllco, Smelting and Refining Deienrtraenl
Pi mc three
Should be
Exactly Suitable
They should be jusl wlmt
ymir eyee need. They should
enable you to Bee easily—with
the least effort. With tliem you
should get the best service your
eyes can possibly give.
To supply you with glasses
made exactly tu your noi-ds,
occupies our every care. The
smallest tletnll receives lis necessary attention. If you urc
anxious aboul your eye... call
uiul let us examine thorn. We
will advise you frankly us la
whether you need glasses or
H 'hli
W. H. Wilson
till:. iil'l'Miw
j    Kilby frames plcturea,
I    Mr. W. W. Tuynioii of Invormi
ii town.
F. B. Luwton was in Cranbrook lust
weok end.
Mr. uml .Mrs. Smith of Calgary were
in Crunbrook on Wednesday.
Wo aro carrying a full line of boots
md shoes— Cranbrook exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. I.. Fletcher of Nelson wus registered ut the Cranbrook this week.
Mr. D. ii. McKotiklc of Lethbridge
was iu town mi Monday,
Mr. mid Mrs. .ins  Bryan of Jaffraj
wore  in  town on Tuesduy,
Mr. mnl Mrs It Hooley .it femle
wen* visitors in town ou Tuesday,
Mr, .1   llrndtdiaw of Calgary  was a
nbronk   visllor  ibis   week.
EATS     fk
MADE IN    $
CANADA       f
£''       AC**
^/***^\Wt  ffii-r*
*\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ r^*—-i,w*J '
ill i
C.  IIIIT. soil)
attention in
potnah con-
II   i.r-.,. .--.*    ley   which   t
ton! ol tlie feldspars . .n w |„. rG
covered ns :i c icrclal propoi iii n
li would I.e. well If Hi*.*.* Interested li
minerals   v
Importanl n
..■•in* rocks .
ii.iy    ll is
* - or very
i  peg-
ti.*il gran
Pern I reck Plat
Mills l\  I I IIHH li   I Illl IIS
.*  Mlsa
brook I
elnii lo enable tlle
liydrnullr  work on
Let us Fix You
up with a
Hardware 4 Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     H.C.
.Mr. ii. .lolniBon i.I Klmborloy wn
own Inst Satimlny.
Mr, W. «. Mills eer Clnlowny wn
iln* clly lnsl wi...|i.
hundred   sere     situated   be-
n tlie Palls on Perry Creek and
Mill  i'i k nml  which formerly
iged I., ill.* Perry Creek Hydrall-
llolog Company, nnw belongs to
Wild   Horse  Creek   Gold   Placer
tt   Mining    'Vim y    vvhareof    Mayor
to in* preached In Clapp Is the president, Archibald Bn-
Patlior J. P. Raynolds wm,!! vice-president, Commissioner
"f Edmonton will lake place in en* '' R, Ward, director and Joseph Ryan
n.iii'i* ii  lend ol   November     Ii   will   '*  '"" "«*relar> Iren    rer     \  small
begin Sunday, nm.  7 nd end on   '""  "'  "" " '"'•' ■"-••  engaged    In
s ne. un   llii,    Thti date   la nnw I PMltlnn the  Hum.'  In   proper coudl-
setilod unless some uiili.iiii.il for a**
.■i.li'iii   requires    n   change      T on
will bn sorvl  both  morning    and   ","'1"1'
ovenlug overy dny In the week.   The      This enterprise wai  originally tin-
lnsl   mission   preached  lo the Colli-   anced ley parlies from Wisconsin who
Mr   I', i*I I   of Klmborloy   Bpenl   kneu   vory   little  nlinul   the   mining ———	
■■'' a)  in lown     In  future in* will   bnslnoss   and   who    pom    tiling   deed, nll line groun .uke Creek
llv'' "I 0 »n* "**'   """•  "" " ;"      ''* '" Ina'all-   „.,,„*, j, „.,.*• r„r ,.ari.f„| pr0,pMt.
nlles ot Cn * i woa given by Pn    Ing their flume whli     I   ovor tl*roe   illK    it Is proving n really wondartul
■I""' Boi ID'    H !■ hoped mat the   miles   In   length,   putting    iclr    ,„,,,, .„,,.,     „ ,, „,, m,„0,.a||Zea,
unexampled success that then result-   camps  ai nipping   llie   pr rty  Xoxl „.,,,,*, 80mot|,|ng wln be salel ot
oil   wlll   In    repeated   this prosent | «H |w    I Hydranls,   iierlul | llle   ynnkco Olrl and   lilne-k    llllls
in begin
uml next
Preserving Fruit
,lmuf Suptumlfcr i::ih or 11
-vi* expect u -hi|iiiii*iii of I '-
lierlii iri't'stiint* I'onrln's Italian Prime Plums nnil HarNett
.'ears for |ii*ewrring. This
fruil »ill lie nil uf lhe firsl
■ I ua I in   uud   Hn*   price   niiHnin-
I.rl us hate your cider
carl}   ;i- tlie  Mipph   In  limited.
Little & Atchison
Get Ready for the Fall Fair
The Purity Four .llllls aro ufforiuy: I lie following prizes
I'.'r llu* iirsi linn.I ilnnl,* from Huir Hour nl tin* Iran-
iiruiik Fair:—
1st Prize *.' lis |||. sinks I'lnih Flour
-.'ml   "      1 Ils II).	
llrd   "      I 111 in.	
4th   "      I Jl II).	
Staple Groceries-. Hay, Grain, Feed, Ete.
Iliou-and   uiul
Export piano und organ tuning, ro
(wiring and regulating.   E. A. Parker
plione SU, P. 0. Box 528, Cranbrook.! year. tram, bi
  |     irather .1.  Welch, O.M.I., who paid (lll,i  other   matterH
Mr. P.  H. .Miner *»r Victoria  was  a  Bhorl   visit   lo Crnnbrnolt al    the ,l|lir  operations.    N
registered at tho Cranhrook Hotel on  beginning of the  week,  Is expected w"h the conditions evei u.. '»-.i iii.u
Tuesduy. i to  return  Saturday  and   will   likely tili'.v would maki
n ry
luliiis  which   pretty  wall cove
«if the vi nturc. hul want oi lutein
gent management and or nkillod op
oration proved fatal.    No on
  officiate ut High Mass, ut in a.m.
.Mrs, Forester uud Mrs. Hayes of Sunday. This is to mark tlie ro-o]
Creslon were visiting In the city this! (ng of the church after repairs h
week. | boon    completed,     Father    Kennedy   wllllt ninount of gold
  will preach al  the evening service,    ,ll(' "'Irl" "'' wound
.Mrs. II. K. .MaeKeii7.it* or Kimberley ]     The curd  party at St. Mary's Hall   ,lt- l,llt  tn,m  whatovi
wns stopping nt the Cranbrook Hotol
Mr. J. W. Ross and fumily of Waldo
were Cranhrook  visitors nn   Wednes-
Mis. G. K. Spreull and infant
daughter went Io Proctor on Friday
for a  short visit.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes.— Craubrook Exchange,
\rmstrong Ave.
C*en vim think ol any reason why
tie-Tie should n..i hc one in your
Iumiu* ?
taken from
iilly oporot-
ivor cause arising,
een   Wednesday   lust   wus   till'   Aral  eel'   ""' company oenHCll I" early .in  tlieir
ii scries eef entertainments lee be Blv- "'"'k ;""' 'l"'1 ""' country,
en every two weeks by the e-uimuit- i    li  is ngr I by nil iln   theological
toe nr Indies In cliol'gc. Tlio Misses exports thai l'erry Creek al one lime
Frances Drummond mid Alfreds flowed along tlio .-...13-r.■ ,,r whal is
Drummond, asslstod by Miss Helen locally called Valley I'reek. The
Doris, rccolvcd the guests and sorv- track of llu* e.1.1 channel Is now i vied refreshments at ten o'clock. The denced by tho presence ol n small
prizes of the whist drive, won. award-! lake, ur tarn. sunn. few acres In ex-
i.il by .Miss Alfreds Drummond to tent which Is slowly silting up, Tliis
Miss Simons ond .Mi*. Prey. Tho mil- take Is covered by the leases lo the
sie* fur llip dancing wns supplied by new c | uny and Is expected to yield
the Crnnbrook Orchestra.   The next j n mighty harvest e.r gold when tho
ontcrtalnmcnl will be on Wednesday bed rock under its boltom is nporat*
Mr. D. B  Murphy lins recently re-J  Hth. <•'■ ■»' ""' monitors.   Muny yenrs ago
turned rrom Wlnlpeg where ho lias [    Klsior Jusllnlnn. tlio principal   nf n  drill   wns  run  Iii   under lhe  Hig
been   for   Lho   Inst  few   months,  oil   the Indian Industrlnl School nt M's- Bank   in   an   attetnpl   lo  got   under
liusincss. | slim,  has  boen   seriously    ill    with tills '.i.I  cha I. Inn   the  workers,
  pneumonia and plenresy fm* severnl ^ after finding some highly profitable
Commencing Wodnesday, September   iays  |ms,     ,,,,,.   |11|[||V   [r|onds  nre ground, encountered  whnt wns ovl-
5th, card parties nnd dances will be|pravlllg „„x|01ia|j. for |10r recovery, dently lulls on H Id creek.   They
The   Udels  nf  the   Altar  Society lumed tie the rlghl nnd tho lofl of
held tholr   usual   monthly   meeting tho ridge of irock over which the pre-
at tin* rectory e.n  Wednesday a^ter- glacial stream had I'nll.ii Inn railing
*  noop,   Mr-, .in-. Jackson, tho prcsl- <"» catch tlio old channel tliey guvo
Mrs. Q. II. Thompson and daughter  ,,,.„, n, lh(, SOC|ety    occupied    the H   "!'•   'n»s drift  wns called    llu
Phyllis nuel    Mrs.  M. A.  I'.-nlo    nml   L.h.x-n   ,, w_g ;1 „os, ploas„„, Ba,■„,,.. Slolll   Cenls, or    Mi.titiiziunn  Tunnel
diengtiTcr* Unrlenrn hit for Proctor on   |nf,   ._d   .„   „gr6eaDl(,   B,*rm.|se   [„-1 ll lins fallen in loug since, bill tllor
Sunday for n fortnight's  holiday.      .,„   „.,,„„   MrB    -   L    Drummond »"• '■'i'1 '  '"'" l'»V s'reaks it
brouglil nut iho toncups and refresh- tbe gravel above It.
Mrs. Waldron McKay relurned   on  e(1 ,,„. „T!,rv „*,„.*;,,,.. Capital   I-  being   subscribed  gon-
Siinelny attar a weeks visit in Wyn-      Mr.  (.rai|;. ., rn,slnn wi„ _)v(, g ,.„u,,|v i„ (*WcaB0 ,*,„. „„„ |„,.„, c„
ndel, ll. ('.. the guest o( Miss Florence  H„..l|     fc  ■ h       Wednesday, Oct :i terprlse.
Bnthlo. Chicago 1
The Methodist Udles Aid will hold Ihomsolvc
n supper In the old Gym on Snturdn}
prior tn Thanksgiving, to the bualness men ol Cranbrook nnd ihe'ir
friends Supper will In* served fr.me
:. o'clock tee 7.30 ee'e*.
' ground mi tlio south enst side nt the
. butte.
Thi' lllsmillli ( hiliii-.
Passing montton wus mnde In these
iiulos somo weeks ugee of the Bismuth
claims In tin* vnlley nf llie SI Marys
A Little Stick of
resumed iu St. Marys Hall to be given
every two weeks; admission: gents'
! Ml cents, ladies _r» cents.
li is stated on good authority
Mint parties from the went of us nre
endeavoring to secure this highly
valuable properly. The property
carries both molybdenite and bis-
iiiuthlnilo. The latter is wortii nl
|.resent prices about $11,000 a ton..
Makes the Whole World Kin!
Conl mining rights nf tlie Doluln-
imi, iu Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and iu a portion nf the Province of British Colum- j
nla, may ho leased for a term of |
twenty-one years renewable for a fur-
lliii* term of L'l yenrs nt an nn- ■
una) rentnl nf $1 nn ncre. Nnt more
than 2.6C0 acres will be leased to ono
This famous chewing
gum aids appetite and digestion, quenches thirst,
keeps the teeth clean
and breath sweet.
Fresh, clean, wholesome
and delicious always.
No wonder WRIGLEY'S is
used around the world, whenever and wherever people
want lasting refreshment.
...---,, ■ v7.-.
:;.'.-..   *.-••
v*.    ■$*...'
Miss McLeod wish,*-; to announce to
the ladies of Crnnbrook, her Tall Millinery Opening on Thursday, September 20th, with all ihe latest styles in
Ut. \\* ?. Hm uu, CranbrAOk Exchange  mlllliiery
  _         Tl'
Little Davenport
•*.l VI,**.  AT  Ml.  IHU'llS
'liil.c  in  llu'  I.. H. ni'lii'
tin* Slim*.
rotlowlng were registered al
the Cranbrook llii** week: 11 T
Voung. Toronto; ll Mortonaen, sp..
knne; T w Morlnl, Nelson; 11. n
Heed. Victoria;  Mr. .1   Qrnbba. Cal-
ill  is  pariieiilarl,   reqiiested  tlml   *'
lliiev  Inlcresleil   lu  lhc   nilnlu-i   In-  "
'Ill-He     Wllllld    Villi    te.    The    llirnld
-.hurl notes nl nn)  in*,, ilevelo|iinrul
eer new discover) iiooiirliifr in Hie Hi..  !"
trlcl.   These neita.s will lie earii'uiij   k
eerillen  up  nml   will  appear   in   this   al
Application for a louse must be
■nude by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dislrict lu whicli the rights applied for
in* situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
lie described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and In unBurvey-
™l territory the tract applied for shall
ho staked out by tho applicant himself.
Each  appllcatloa  must be accompanied by a fee of ta which will be
refunded It the rights applied for are
nnt available, but not otherwise.   A
in men of I royalty shall be paid on the mercb-
visited Crnn-  antable output of the mine at the rate
rinding oul for "' "ve crlUs I'er ton.
s of tho i.lniei*:    The person operating the mine shall
linn*    Inil- I 'ur"*a** tlie Agent with sworn returns ———————	
i,i. ,i        ...ii    accounting for  the full quantltv of! .    ,. .
" '• '""'!'-   merchantable coal mined and pav the s,hou'(1 be maoe t0 the Secretary  of DR DeVAN'S FRENCH PILLS ;*.'*'."'
Hi the fact that royalty thereon.   If the coal mining  ",e Department of   the   Interior.  Ot- „:„..,..:i .„»■•.._,-,   o.boi or three lor
ve  I ii   ninilo ! rights nre not being operated such re-  tawa* or l" "'' A*e"t or Sub-Agent ite .j*-;t_ aiaii ,'''«5 ,*e_u.">.or in>iie.i to any
terprlso which | turns should he furnished at least once
■ t'.n ts il-i nol more than Justify,
lhe I'ink <;riuip near Jlarvsvlllo
it ■ nml stltl nu.ro v
repri *cntntlons 1
h regard to the e
of Dominion Lands.
",eor' _      „*• w* coif.      PH0SPHON0L FOR MEN. ^'_»
The lease will include the coal mln-      _  ^Deputy Minister of the Interior,  viuiiirio, Hers, sad umln; loemae>'.cny
The Polasli lliiiiui'i*
its i.en grenl constituents .if i
nael reproduction are nitrogen
ll lii'ini tn   in   IMI'IIOVI 'II NTS
Null,',* ..(   tiMillnllinll
"Alii ■" Mineral 1*1 iln
"Clambl     Ml *■ ml i'luini.
i   nun " Mln nl ("tali i.
"Killlh" Mineral Claim
  h'rni lloiml" Ml iern! Claim
■ ii,,' kit I'rn. Id nol" Mil oral Claim
"Nellie |.'mctionnl" Mlnernl Claim
"Khim i*'ra.*ii.*ii il' Mlnernl Claim.
"Crnlckslinnk" Mineral Claim.
•Mn,.i.   Mlnei il Claim.
"Jul," Mlnernl chin
"W'nhli."  Mlnernl  Claim.
Bltiinlo in Hi" Ciifi Sleole Miiilnn
Ulvli lon rl Kni Kooteuny Dislrict.
Whir,* l.i.-ileil im Sullivan lllll.
Khliborley U. C.
Lawful Holder The Consolidated
Mining S amoltlng Company of Canada, Limited.
Number of lho holdor's Pree Minor's
Take notice Ileal I. .1. K. Cram, Pree
Minor's Certificate. 00811-13. noting ns
agent fnr tlio Consolidated Mlnlo.* &
Smelting Cnmpnny nl" Canada, Limited,
Kreo Minor's Cortlflcalo, iiosiiT-li. Intend nt the end of sixty days from
tlio dnto hereof, lee imply to the Minliia
Rocordor fnr a Certlflcato eif Improvements, fnr tlio piirpnse nf obtaining
Crown Grants nf tlio above Clnlms,
And further tnke notlco that nrilnn
under Section sr. nf tho "Mlnernl Acl"
must lie commenced bofore Iho Issu-
nnee nf Bllcl]  Cortll'lenle of llll|il*nve-
Hated this lOlh elry of .lllly, 1017.
The Consolidated Mining A Smelling
Company of Canada. Limited.
I'er J. K. ('ram. SB Hi.
I*. iMul1]i nf three    claims    wns
oil   ill   August,   10IC.   to   the   Sel-
Mlnlng Company e.r Spokane. A
of work In thc sinking line hns
since been done nnd the second pay-
ini'tii has boon made on Hie property
within lhe pasl week.
Tbis exe*"lle'iit property lies hour.'and r.*|.rinliii linn are nitrogen mnl, tween the ilia Butte and Vordun re-,
gary r. O. Valance, Calgary; S. D, potassium. Tin* former is derived contly bonded i» thc Victor Company
Hevts. Nel.,.ii. from the nit* both by natural and also  of Port  Steele*  ami  the  Pedro.    In
—— by artificial  means,    immense elec-  the cose of iln* Big Butte tbe   vein
The  Uev   \v   11   Bridge nml  Mrs   nl...I powers arc tis,.,i for fixation of  occurs In the ouartzlte whll i the
Bridge   leli   nn  the  mum   train   on   aerial   nitrogen    In   lime   which is   Park nnd  iln*  Pedro thc veins nre
Tuesday ror Moscow, Idaho, lee which   spread on the land as fetlllscr.   By a   strictly fksures in the dlorlte. All the
lit.   Mr   Bridge hns accepted n call, chemistry of tlieir own H lovers,  ground around the butte lying to the
Mr Harrison, lho newly appointed ' alfalfas and other plants of Unit order, north ol the McClure Ranch, and, in-
roetor of t'lirlsi Church, is expocted colled the nitrogen from the air nnd
tu nni\e iii the .'it. nn 1st October, distribute ii to tho exhausted sotls.
In the deep sens tho kelp collects pi t-
Commoncing Wedncsdny, Soptember nsh rrom tit wotor nud holds it in its
Bth, card parlies mid dunces will he liBSites. It is now smight to oxtrncl
resinned in SI Marys Hall In he given tlii- potash from grenl hods of
every   two   weeks;   n.llielssinn:   gents   kelp    nlong  Slllllshewn     Itlh't   111   the
:.n cents, ladlos :':., cent*, J t) i Chnrlotta Island.   An Immense     -— — _-— _._,_, _.._
  ' niiieeiint nt cnpilnl is being invested in
Mr   li   K  Murphy. C.I'.R  cm-inner, this enterprise though many sclentlsta
t.'luni.sl     Inline    Salurilay.     llie   8th   nre lllelilieil tn llle opinion thnl very
Insi. nil.'i* nu extended vlsll to Win- -.'reiit difficulty will be encounterod In
nlpog as dolegnto of the trnlnmon. dealing with the problem, Up to the
Mr. ,1. A. eienesi who nlso went   to outbreak nf the  war Qormnny  was
WlimlpOg  Is OXpOCtCll homo this COIII-   lhe grOOl  SOlirCO nr the potnsll nf the    U,,„| Sala »f Air M.dkina h,Ilia Wf,14.
Ing Saturday, world,   Tiiere li is ting by the mil*
  linns of tuns from the big deposits in t	
Mr. ,1   M  Christie, Mnnnner nf the  8trnafurt, whence It wns shipped nil j Mil HI
local brancll of the Canadian  Hunk ovor tho world for tho malting ot gtin-
of Commerce ims received wind of] powder, high explosives, s up and es-  lie Overdue I'nytnenls on tpiillcnllnni
his appointment as niaiiuger of the  pcclnlty fertiliser.   When Mils sourco     in l'ni-,.|i»s„ Crnwil llrniil Lands
Bank   nt  St,  John.  Now   Brunswick. I of supply wns enl off tho chemists In Brilisli I'ollllllblll.
ng rigllls onlv. N. B.—Unauthorized publication   of   a-tt.r'   .Trsmte—-ri .i*el,i) >*.,*i *i*,. .aa.-oi.or
this   ariwarrlaMnent   wilt   nnt   ha   . .ta   -"° lof V   al ■'■' ' .- :>   ■ ■ by mail on n
Por    fill  Information    application  {„' 'M-"ru,«,lml  *"» »"« " *"* «*.««- Ts, Motsu D.r. -
The next time you suffer with
headache, indigestion, biliousness or loss of appetite, try—
Ml S>U of An Mediein- Inlht W
•aid ntrrwliwt. labosii,25..
ami oxiirt'ts to lonvo iii nbont two
weeks, Mr. C. W. Hnllnmoro nf tlio
St. Joliti branch will sneccod Mr.
ClirlBtlo nnd is oxpoctoil to nrrlve
sliortly aftor.
Shorthand, Tyiiowrltlns nnd Book*
N'otlce u hereby given that, under
turned aa we nee t<> koln and are now
patenting i.rortws by tho doxon for (tlu, provt8lon8 of tlie "Soldiers' Home-
tlio production of potash from tlio ; stead Act Repeal Act," any person wbo
feldspars of Eastern Canada.  No won-! did not apply  under  the "Soldiers'
dor thai Ihis is so.   Potash lins reach-
Homestend Act, IBM," to complete his
application tn purchase, either hv pay-
oiJ almost fabulous prlWa. Wlmt used mon, |„ (Uu or by the selection of a
to sell at $:t"i lo $l» n ton now Bells - ; proportionate allotment, may, by prov-
koeplng at*King iildwnrd's Scliool,—All I If ono can got It at alt—nt from 1880 ln8 his Interest and paying up in
day attendance $10.00 a mnntli; Even- to $400 n ton, Thorp nro feldspars \i\ Jj^ ViVx<■ s'11!''V*Tro'ftlY.V :?i"t' December
Iiik classes. Mondays ami Thursdays plonty all tbrough British Columbia, ton, obtain a Crown grant If proof
from 7 to ii p.m., $fi.nn a month; Dally it takes knowlodgo of the subject ami \ satisfactory to the Minister of Lands
knowlodge or tbo minerals to find I is furnished that such person is suf-
ClnsRes will open oa Monday. Aug. 27. i tlilH niatoiinl, but it will bo found and j [Prm* ^1^^,^!', l a"8e,1Cfl "f ll'"
tho finder will reap n reward In pro- And further thai the Interest In un-
portion to tlto growing scarcity or this; completed   amplications  lo   purcliaso
Id Iiy nny person on Active Service
and ovenlug attendance $12.nil a mnntli | knowlodge of tbo minerals
Classes will open nn Monday. Al
Private lessons by arrangement,
< KWItltOOk   IIAPTIHT  (HI Htll
Sunday Ifith Soptoinber
"Heaven's drip of Human  Affiiirn.'
Evening   Borvfce,   7.80—Subject:
"Th« WIm Knol."
most.   Important   mlnernl.     At lent Inn
was called lo this matter in the .luly
may In
rotoctcd hy notification to tlio
, Land-   Dopnrtmenl  oi  th,.  fuct  that
number of tbal most useful pnbllcn-Luch person Is "» Active Service and
tlon Tho Monthly Commercial   Letter; hy the filing of proof of the Interest
Only two Weeks More
Ami   Prohllition
Win lie In
hurio in II. I ■
tlie*n wines and spirits mast be secured from ouislile* the province,
price will lie mure than doubled.
■vliie-li   means   Uue   til
Lay in a stock eu' relliililr Ifi.nier-. |,nreliaaeel  from    a    relial.le    li.nl*'
iihlcli haa a choice atnek mi luni.I.
I Htll II!
THE (101.11  SEAL  I.1MITRII have what yon want.   Tlie-y deliver  It  ,,t    e
chargca prepaid, with nee cltarces i'or w;,r ..tamps. Jng nr packages,   We* bear al! theae charge
"•(•nil Tnilnt leer Special Sfiplcinlicr Price Mnl
Scotch WliUkr
.in p.hi.i
'i lm ■ Illfltlnnil
Cnnnillflii M'lilskj
I'.lter'.  A   n   0
Gold s.-nl iii.lii Bond 18-
year-old lllaliliinil Mall *■*.*•«
I'.tllart     Henelerson's     in.
year-old Home ol Par-
llnnicni   *«,»•
John Walker's Kilmarnock *II.(MI
Old  I iiL'iinc   llranili   ami
Overprnnl It	
iIn Ihtlki Per Oallon
Martin    k    Rogee    XXX
Old Cogni e  llranely fur rt'.'.tl
linl.l Bond 4-venr.nl.I I'lll*
Cognac XXX grade . . 18.1)0
Rlgatt'a    XXX    Special
Mark       18.50
Hennesv's Famous Throe
Star Pale Cognac fnr *UM"i
(lold S.-nl and Hudson Hay
Old Oemararn and Jamaica Overproof Rum
IT.IKl.   **e."0.    M.0O
I'.r e ;,..*
Beagrai W .*■■* oi Q
*.■ w    even year-old lor HMO
Gold Seal l*'..ni.'ii- Brand
.iKiii-v ar-old '• I'le-tHiiii
whisky)   *1».»"
Qold Seal Limited Reserve
Imperial, oval .|ili.M- ' '.
L'Sllriti*. to case)  '. -r  . .  $10.fkl
lanaillan  Whisk)   (In   Hulk I
Per Oallon
Seagram's. Walker's, fl n Gold   Seal.   Thr
W„  Corley's  and   B.  ('. nine  year*,  t
distillery (imperial *-al- q_|,|   iiond.   1
lum. fur.. *i.imi. *l.:.n. *;..imi ami mellow
All Hoods shipped In
plain case same day
order Is received.
(' del   Bond   K.-year   Ca.
adlan    Ity.'.    Imperii,
oval 'inart i*i gallons ,
Per Gallon
ree    Seal
1       *.•■.!.•.
j                 Telegraph
mill   he
senl  n*.
iRHiicd by thfl Canadian Bank of Com-
merco.   It wan ther.' utated that pot-
I'retu'luT: H*n. Jtim«» DuoloV- uh which wtd lufurt* tlm war at |3«
of unrli porHon..
Purthor InfornuitIon will he furnlah- j
cd ou requeat to tho Deputy Mfnlnt«r
uf l-iiiiiln. Vlitnrla, 11   0, PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, SRPT. 13th, 1917
111 III) A  SI*Iti;II.I.
Unrristors, Etc.
IV. i: Gurd G. J. Spreull
liis. Green * MacKinnon
physicians ami Surgeons
Ofllce at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00  o   4 00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4.30
News of the Surrounding District
I I'll!' STHKI.K ;is'nt late di
j eel, nml  .in -1  i
ll_.fi uver f■*. ii ! clock struck te
Mrs tl  s  I; i   i ol Furl Steele re-  wife Barcastlca
calved   .i    ioi v, nlr   the   other  Jasl henrd wlm
day  ".    end    a tin  old country,  n't you?     Ami
It i   .i i.i le froni pari of the grow angry.   "That's right, lie hursl
aluminium iru * * of a Zeppelin thai Lm   "that's llu* way wltll a  woman,
was  broughl   down   In  tlu*   louth    of j ,„ til^,. ,h(, „,„.,| ,„ a dinky litlle old
England recently,    li Is made to re-   ,*„•-.,,. ,llui 0 *m*[ alarm clock against
present s Zeppelin, and oil it is en-  tl  t   t ,     Illlsbantl."
graved  * I. 21    ol   whli li  it  Is  part
The  i lo of    Fun    Steele    art
pleased to know   lhal  the road men ! ,"""
' hum
The   Hi
o Elko Wator
held   naother
Zani-Uuk's   soothing   and   healing
power.    " Zam-Buk lias been our
lilt. 1*. It. JIll.HS
lu  Hansen Block
office iiouna
a tu 12 am.
1 to   5 p.m.
household balm for fourteen years.
and we could not do witiiout It,
aaya Mr. George A. Kllburn of Swan   ;
 _ „.,, ,  ,   ^For'ec-Te'ma and akin troubles of
Fort   Steele-Bull       ■• llm  Thistlebeak      all hinds Zam-Buk has np euuol,
River road, that was in such a had : ,,."'''''.'. .„''  „■'",   '.',' !   , ,'..   _  0 for old aorea, ulcers, abscesses.
l"mli,i"" '«;„..",,; '     *,  ,„•,,    *,    i,     '   botls,plmples,blood-potsonlng,plles,   ,
There I- yel  nnother    rond    Hint i *s*"m" '■    '-'-'  "';*' *' "'"' ,''' ;"'"       ....... burns, brulseB nnd scuhls.
needs   repairing,   lhe   road   betwi    tana gave threi  cheers for   hm-     ',,', _,,,ier» or Znm-Buk Co., To-
W ermen   nnd   Fori   Steele. er and the surgeons havo been pick-        *       00c box j tor J1.25.
Mr   K   I    T. I 'nl I    Fori    "n«  '« »ho( oul of hint eve*   '       '
Steele erecolved n iel am yesterday  "ml  the ull  lilghcsl  is begin
stating   thai   I'le.   II. V .'lurk,   late    look like a nickel will, a lioli   In It.!    V I      J
a r froni Craubrook has  n ro   II   will   he  ull   over   with   r >nv I        S*im*m
moved rrin ipllnl III Fl'nnro to   when the fulled Slal	
Kngland.  and   i -ngreaalng   fuviir- 1    Mr. and   Mrs.   Fred   Uo
ilily. I lllll!   are   visiting   Elko
: this weok.
rOlllO.    ..HC. UU-, 0 I'"   *	
ul   Ferule
wll'SI'll Al,
i.h, teed by Provincial Govt.
.Malernrr*. i.eul General Mursiug
Macsage and Rest cure, Highest
Ilel'erenie.-e.    tail'   lerins.   Apply
Mils. a. SALMON. Matron
Phone 869 P. O. Box S45
Aeiiiri'.ss.iiardeii Ave., Crnnbrook
I'l.hi)   Mills   IIY   llllll   Hull
Ir, .imi Mr     *■
i    vi hlng  El
en   hi-  two
Civil nml Minim: Engineers
It. C. l.nii'l Surveyors
Mrs. Kllburn l.uiin i
wore vlsltlug wltll Mr
son,     Itullway   Aveni
Iter how po
| lie,  Ills   inothrtr-ln-li
i, ,,i *i*.   ! room  for linprovpnient,
,,, i,    Mr j    Mr. nml Mra, Letcher nnd dm
..   wet   nl     LlllU,      Of   III"      S'tltiire    Hull    I
Itoosville   Valley,   lefl   lu*  Okotoks.
if  ih.. i Miiei't.i. Sunduy.
il   l*'. run   j    Minim* Is very active nrnuntl Elkn        *
i  in*  i .ui    Sheep   Mountain   ami   the   Roosville   I  *
'reclt   fWl   I Valley, the lOBl   two   Weeks, nnd enn     I	
I ii     I  lies i .lilernhle   claims   hnve   heen    slaked. : „|,u
.... Lull   i*. j from   lloosvlllo   have   been   I led.      ,
i-  •un .      Miss .Nellie Terrace of Cranhrook
an.l Mn.* ! is vlaltlng with .Mrs. Ilnrdmn  Hi
Telephone Exchnngo this «
ui. Waldo, |     Then,   nre   u   greal   nnu
i ii man may ,     \ c*,**, ui|\\ mniw u\ Till:
nlways   s  M n.Tlx
Suggests 1'iihlle l.lbriiries (nr the j
l hoaiillful day u fow weeks linck
I   the   Winkers   of  n   hive     uf j
I i  easting  nui   the  ilr.iiies,  for  the |
moinenl I nlmoBl wished Hint modern
civilisation mlghl tulopl the snme
Gennnnlc rutlilcssness with tho
ilacker nnd social parasite.   Al least
In   the   i-Nteill   Hinl    'In*   \V(il*kel*s.     the
producer, nf the human itive mlghl
rank Swan- , Mabel, thai ilriv
Klko,   Ihis   ihe principle nn
1     It's  mine  ul'
ur  lu
Hay I'lione 21111, Nlghl I'lmac 118
Nurhiiry Ave, nexl lo City Hall
-ri  Mum, ibe man  whose I r   tlm Ii  c. papers they don'i seem
Milwaukee j s, Into m' Fer-   have pulled anything on our old c
low i.r Vulcan, Alberta, wns In ' lego chum, w. It. Hoss. onl nl  F
im   nun
Is, VAN STAVI'.ltl'.N
Teacher ol I'hinnl'nrtr
Cranbrook, ll. C. llnx 880
of Uu* uld timers
Jim Tlilstlehenk
ovonth ei.tniuanil-
'lllllid yum* own
i*    tl levonlh
llu*  heavenly  way
III the iniltter nt tile lies! laid pint)
tor miee ami nun. sayi Jim Tlllsth
beak, in Film the ni" seem tn lun
the advantuge, for tliey huve th
women buffaloed.
Cable    despatches    received    las
week   in   Elko   sl s   lu   Mrs.   E    J
Brewer thai two of her suns, sin.t
Fork Ranchers, wor
Molilalia Iteslauraiil
Mculs nl All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes ami Candy
Opposite tho Bunk eef Commerce
Miss Agnes Allen nr Ferule is Visiting tlu* Thomsons nl tho Coluinbhi
Hotel ihis week.
T    Kliicai.nl all  uld timer  from
Sweel Grass. Montana, was down tin
Roosville   Vnlley   Ihis' week,   talking
over tho old buffalo days wltll Jim
Thistlebeak. I < Met
Pence  lin-   I n   restored   in   litis  | tag    i
ii I everything has settled down. | They i
phi.ii t: ciiniT notks
■Mux    Mine.    Boi'lturd    Sen
Isilll .1   Mux   I.evine   we
miller    nrresl   Wednesday   'noon
1 «le' Hersoy  i chnrge of ohm
 ler   l'nlso   prctenc
up for trial ludiiy.
Of dy
read; down to a j    strul    Itnbiiuivitz    ullas    Char
 ile. bombs
Ink, bul   hm nmiitli from his production far
' model* toinforl   ami  a  little  lol-
luet  hy   sure to eniuy It.
I do nol know thai I am always
like the man who, when asked his
politics "reckoned he was (always
agin lho government." Bul ihis
mlghl with reason be the politics of
the country woman of British Columblu.   Tl ountry woninn and   tlio
country child eef this province nre not
getting ii square deal.* And the province in years to eome wlll reap a
* ' scnnl linrvest becnuse or lis present
meagre sowing.
We hear Ontario Bpokon eef us the
queen prevince nr the Dominion, thai
, ugrlciilture is tiiere so stable, In fuel
1,1  thnt the uld homesteads back ens, nre
■"'   the backbone nr the Dominion.
*•'      The Ontario form 1ms sent her hoys
throughout Hie world equipped  with
'"'*   college    *iliil     university    edlicntton.
Life mi  tin* uld  Ontario farm  was
nol luxurious, but the homes   were
id   gencrnl   ro
If vou  want satisfaction
with vour washini'*
send It to
Soeclal nrices for familv
I trate Ariml
rt- I* 'nnys -1,, i",.- :;;";"thi.:r ■
lnsl   week,   nne  of  ihe   business '
wns Into In  getting   ne and I "iiindud for eight
wife   upbraided   him.   c'W'hy   II !
Smith, was arraigned before magls-.,.„,„,„,.',.,.,*„ .,',„■ there was enough.
the 12th, charged with I ,, „._, ,.&m „s ., nmiier nr course
:|'':'' "'""' ""' I1*'1'*"'"   iiml the boys and girls would receive
The accused was ve-1 „.   *e0))*   „   H|gi,   seln.nl  education.
■nniiila   ludiiy   has  the easte.ni   tnrm
  to thank for ntiiiiv nr the men nt nleil-
irillSKKr    IIIIIMJI    AT   XtT.ll.
ability   throughout    her
^ ^      ~ i provinces.
I'l-ine, Sept. II.   a  rir.* broke oul      -(„■  |V|m| |3 tho status nf country
terilay in the w sole liquor store  Ml',. in B0„t|, eastern British Colum-
Steadman li Lockhnrt, at Natal, a   *,•„•.    What  percentngo «r the farm
homes nre beyond tlio veriest ilrtul-
CHAS. 8. PABKfilt
Forwarding  and   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge uud llreenhlll dial
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrhutlon Curs a Specialty.
Iiriiiiiu.* ami Transferring
Given prompt atteutlon
Plione till
2c per word for first week, and lc per j sraa" town a lew miles front here, nm
word for each week after.             the biillillns mu! mosl uf the content -or..
■=-*----*-=-- I wet*,, destroyed,    The Vonuzls hold      whnl pel ntngo of tho children ot
TO ItBXT   Hnieii slulile, Inrge hut ! allli Selgglcs cent-* furnishing store the outlying country are tnking ad-
loft, electric light.   Phono 395.   :i; l'l I were ulso biirneil.   The 11, ■firtu „,„,.,,,,,' „(   tho   Cranbrook    High
 had been doing u big business ship- school?    It you nre Interested ask
I'OH    SAI.K   ,V|islilng    iiinchliics   Plug liquors to points in Alhertn. the school  trustees.    Vnu will find
great bargain m $-1.00.   227 Burwell |                *  the answer Illuminating ns to   the
These cigars must
please or we pay
for the smokes
We simply invite you to try El Sidelo Cigars.
Smoke them critically from tip to butt. Note
their mild delicate flavor, their rich fragrance, their even burning. Then if they
please   you,   well and  good,   if  not, we   pay.
Here is our guarantee
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House Size). Smoke them. Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and the
value given, return the bands to us and get your
money back.
~     CIGAR        v
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for SOc
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada
gi !■•
W: A
ti A3
l>. ,1. IM.MIIt.  H. ('.SALES MA Villi: It. Mix ALIIKI1TA STUKET, VASCOI Villi, II. ('.
.   K'lintinileil rnui
An..*   person   who  lie
(.I'lii'inl .llerrliunl
employment Agent
P. O   Uox  108 Phouo 244
Tin. Shoe Specialist
.Mil: HAItAl'lllll
SillIsl'iiitinn illlurilllleeil
Heu.ltiunrters for all klinls eef
I'IIII   Mil     lluiiM'luilil.   el'l'ei'K.
A|.|ilv     In    Mrs,     U'liileluuise,     Hiiriel.
AVi'lllle. 37-lt,
I'llll sll.i:   ihu. hour, hm sines,
nml  nine young  pigs.   Apply Crnn
hrooh Trading Co. 30-tf
WANTED—A  driving hnrse, light-
tlomocral nnil sluglo hnrness, r. A
foot, Klmherley, B.C,
l.l.OVD   I1KOIK1K   SI'CAKS   Ol'
Iteeht. Inline, Prop.
Cakes, I'ies
uml r
PI10110 37
0|i|i   t'lty Hall
Spokane, Washington
Tin: 11011:1, with a
This houso Ims Uie
happy dtstinotlon of being Uie favorite stoji-
plug piuuo in Spokane
for tlio peoplo of Brltlsii
Columbia Wo appreciate
iiii-. imtroimgo and do
everything In onr power
ti» mako you comfortable,
Our location In excellent --
dono to Great Northern Station
nml o. W, R. A N.—Milwaukee
terminal) and wltMn a minute's
walk from the principal buaineea
Iiousgb and places of amiifloment
Sit   Sti'HiilNhiu   Oil   Moot
educational nnnltficattons of the ru-
ral populntlon oE this dialrlcl fifteen
  yenrs rrom now,
London,   Sept.   ii   Premier    Lloyd   '  Despite the flowery phrases of the
George, in ;i speech delivered at the   pre-wnr real  estato booster,   nature
_________ Welsh eisteddfod held nl Birkenhead,  ,ioeB no_ respond entbuslnaticaUy to
HMt s.l.i; Suenecii foldiiiK earn-1 said Lhat Gormnny had not as yel fell t]l(- tirst efforts of the pioneer farm*
sra, almosl new. plcturea 2H * I'l*- ""' li,lil1 strain of wnr. When Bhe did, (,r illl(| the wilderness is as tenacious
•.pply llerald Office. she would  realize the binding value   .,.. u pind; birch stump.
of ronl freedom.   If Uussln Imd enjoy-      | win wager thnt 'his year of poor
ed inun1 ir lorn In time of pence she   ,.ro,,s  without   tho  consideration   of
wnuld have been more united in time n1(, siu-tax there are many women
nf war, for unity of action wns imt racking their brains and plying their
suppression «>r freedom but Its highest needles In desperate but almost hope
expression. ]eBa endeavor to provide decent   and
romrortnblo clothing ror tlie kiddies
 I OHKKN    CIIOSKN    KOll    IIIMTISII   lllirinK the niltumn and winter months
I    H.tvn:i>   A  wall ress    for Hold, I roiJMItIA of achool.
references reuulred.   Apply, Tho Uu- ■  Wc henr of economy nnd consorvn-
| ionisl Investment i'n., Lid, Wa-n. H.i'.' *••*••*'*•   By   Sir   Knberl   ltd rd Oil   for   vaii.m  nf  food  preached on    every
— j   fteticnil   Selertlnn   Board--l-niirler    ,i,|,.    {** \\ economy to sell th io
i    Snap   Ti reul, alioiti lenaciTs, sail-1 Chnsc Hon. J.  II. Klnu dairy cow or one of a very few to the
rile for g.irdan or chlckan rsi.ing: Ottawa, Sept. !i, K. P. Green, M. hutch er al this time? This is how
ten mlnutos wall; fram I'osl Office; P, for Kootenny, hns beon asked by the sur-tax musl be raised on more
Cheap.   App'y   Martin   riros.      M3-4t  Sir Uoborl Borden to acl ns member   than one raw farm in iliis pnrt, Plon-
 -*     .of the Iiriiish  Columbia general  so-   eor llfo hen- Is to bo pinched lor any
IVAXTKll   Mill   Wood   and   Slulw, lection  borird  which  will  name one   justifiable levying of extra tax.
also Cordwood for Bhlpmont In ears   member of each of tho local exomp-      11 would havc heen Infinitely more
Write giving quantity, kind and prico draft oet.   County eourl judges will   io the credll of our statesmen if In-
' in box. :;•_-(,!. name the other member of each local   Htend of levying n sur-tax they had
 . . board.   The government  hns chosen'Instituted small Intorchnngenble pub-
KOIt SAI.i:    \  a l  driver, iiorfrri I half the members of tho gonoral se-   lie libraries in the outlying districts
condition, five years old, wolghl 1000 locftton board ami sir Wilfred Laurier The-!' ponld be kopl In tho country
i pounds; also hnrness and buggy, good boa chosen tho other half. The com- bcIiooIh and under the control of the
condition.   Por more porllcutars wrlto  Plate llsi i-. ua followa: tencher and Inspector.   Tho number
to Nick Marunchuk, Wycliffe, D. C. 51       For Ontario    V R   Krlpp, Ottawa;   ot books In earl 'I nol bo great.
j   . W. A. Mny.*. M, p., sir John Gibson,  nnd could I"  exchanged with that of
roitsw.i: Orgnii,llomliiloii Organ Hamilton, nnd A. B. Lowe, Ottawa another school nl the end of six
Co., piano shope, in splendid eon For Quebec Josoph 11. Iininvilb*. months <-r n year. The addition of
ditlon, n top ■■ knee swells, com M, P., St. Lambert; It. Lnnglols, K mibscrlptlona to n good review, n
1160; for quick sole $46.. -Apply Kilby C Quebec; lion. N s. Parent, Mon- i^ouplo of standard magatelnea and
Armstrong Avenue. ::::-tf,   troal!    and    Hon,    Sydney    Ptsher.  one of the exci llent women's Journals
 .- Knowlton, Quebec would go far to mltlgnto the mono-
POSITION   WANTKI)   StcnngraplioJ',     Por Nova Scotio   (Jennie s. Camp-  (ony of Btormy Sundays   and    \on$
two years'experience, bent references,   bell, K. C, Halifax;  M. A, Cameron,   winter evenings.
grndunto Kingston, Ont. Business Col- | Sydney. Sometime ago the remark was made
lege.   Apply   Leask Cottage,   corner     Kor New  Brunswick- M,  O, T*   '    'hat tho country woman took no ln-
.Vorhury Avenue and Kdward St., or ] St. .lohn: .1. .1. McCoffery, Predorli      eresl  In anything beyond her   own
ton. Immediate concerns. That the major-
For    Manitoba   Senator    W.    H.   Ity of the farm women In the Immod-
Sharpe and Sir Donald Macmillan.     late vicinity of Crnnbrook take   no
writien or printed communication,
publication or article ov by any oral
communication or by any public
speech or utterunce advises nny person to contravene the Acl or regulations or resists or Impedes, or pur-
sundos, or induces any person or class
of persons to resist or Impede the
operation or enforcemenl of this Act
or attempts to do so or pursuadea or
induces tiny person to refrain from
mnklng applications for certificates!
of exemption or attempts to do so
shall he Imprisoned for not less than
one year nor more than five years.
Any newspaper or pamphlet ndvlslng
whieh   is ruled against may lit; sum- '
mnrily suppressed. No conviction,
however, in a Court of Criminal .luris-
dlctlon for nn offence again sl the AA
shall be made uub-ss the proscnilioii
hns been assented to or approved by
the Attorney General of Canada.
In the Schedule to the Aol certain
exceptions are made none of which
would effect tho people of this district except that the Clergy of denominations existing in Canada nl the
time of the passing of the Acl are exempted.
llerald OfflCi
' When using n
'*.r_S)    EXACTLY/.
Far more effective than Stici.y Ply
Catchers. Clean io handle, Sold by
Druggists and Grocers cvi rywhere
Fruit Fair
SEPT. 19-20, 1917 j
All Visitors to
the Big Fair
next Wednesday and Thursday, are invited to make this
Store their Headquarters; meet
your friends here, use our phone,
write letters andask for information which will be Cheerfully
given or obtained for you .Special accommodation for Ladies.
Having on display the very
latest productions in Ladies'
Coales, Suits, Sweaters, etc.
Men's Clothing of all kinds,
Furniture, Rugs, etc.
The Tailoring Department is well stocked with the latest and besl Suitings
to \i:i,so\. ii. c
i.ami run sai.i:  i.iii iik:, iinut<
1. Kootenny District, containing r.or,!    Pm. s;isk*n,*lii.*.v;m   s .lur W.  II pari   In   the  Woraon'n   Institute  eer
ncroB,  ]..e**iii*il  tlirco  miles   u-evt   of Laird, Reglnn, nnd Arthur Hitchcock, other community Interests.   Tlio In-
Crnnbrook, ll. ('. rnllrond runs thru  Moose ,lu»*. terenco wns glvon thnl the Bponker
one corner e.r llu* properly.   The land i    i,*.„r Alhortn   It. H   Dennett, M. P., consldorod 11"' country womnn dull ^^^^^^^^^^^^
adjoins thnt on which the Enst Koote-  rjnlgnry; A   II   t'lnrke   11   P   K   r nnd nneor ond of dlftcrent cloy (rom I
nny Snw Mill Is located.   This Is ex   Calgary. hor extremely capable   sister,   tho   Return l.lmll Sept. 22llll.
celh nt grazing nnd agricultural lund.,    Fm. British Columhln- It. F. Oreen lownswomnn of nTfalrs.   If this were | (liiillir Hule*. Sept.   17 t<> Hi
nilli I ''>' "f °Pon range adjoining,  m. p., Koolocr.ayi  Hon. .1. II. King] lhe ease It would not. he unnnliirnl. j 	
To settle me an .tal", I offer a i-lr*ui* ' vti'lorl.e. The overworked plough horse Is 111-  | Trml'l till
title to this land for J3.00 per aero,     ,,.„,.    ,|„.  • y„k-„   ,, ■ .,.„,      v VVnya dull and stupid, Is It neei"
Rash.   If you wnnt grazing land, all I Thompson, M. p.; p. c. Wade, K, C,     II bohoovos llie country womnn lie
Hilt Till: IIIHMI Tllll*        " 7 '.
ynu have to el.. Is to go and look al j vnncouvor, use* her vole   underitnndlngly,   ami I
It and you will buy ll    P.. T.iind, Box |    princo Rdwnrd Islnml   W. T.. Col without fear or prejudice, to gel   nl
mn,  lethbridge, or W.  P.  Bnrgoan,  ,,„,, cbarlottotown i  .1. .1. Johnston, sqnar nl for tho country homo.
Oranbrook, II. O. 88 If. K  ,., charlottotown--Nolioo News. A   CANADIAN WOMAN.
i If you can buy a moro practical, convenient ami efflcfenl tolophono Intonsl-
I fler Ihan nur 11* 1T Harypluene nl any price. InareaseB tho sound wondorful-
; ly. Makes imd connections good. Conversations an distinct nti In the samo
room with you, distance ho matter, All nolso excluded. Allows the hurd
hearing the use of the telephone, Permits U persons- or more—to hear a
massage simultaneously, Alwnys adjusted and ready. Leaves the hand
^^^^^^^^^^   | free fm* annotations during the conversation,    tndlspensablo  to all  tole-
CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY   ,h '"*'"'■   ^ami"'1 *'*■"' hd"''] "<"'" nclenttric principles.   Lasting long-
'lit guaranteed for - fUM*,  Sent hy Insured mull for $- and this ad.
The World's Orrulesl lllglnvny"   |
11.  DAWSON,
Ulatrlcl Poasongor Agent,
t'ulienry, Altn.
Satisfaction gunrnntooil or money rofunded.   Partloulnrs fi	
Agents Wa-nted Everywhere
The Baryphone Co. 174 Front St. Portland. Ore


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