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Cranbrook Herald Mar 7, 1918

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N'l'MHBR  10
White Fish Creek, sometinies called
The third annual general meeting I Meachen Creek, after William J. Ilea-
ot the members ot the Cranbrook Golf chen, the owner of Ihe Meachen
Club was held In thc City Hall on "»ncll, I stile largest of tho affluents
Monday evening. There wa< a large »' the St. .Mary. It drains an area
attendance Including the north, slope of the White
' After the minutes of the last annunl; "roust Mountains and the portion of
meeting were read and adopted the "'"' '•"<:' Wns *">mi the head or
secretary presented lhe financial re- deal River. It Is a country most export which showed the Club to be In I lonslvely mineralized and again, as
a satisfactory financial condition, | lu the case of the south side of tho St.
having a surplus of t»n.6S. ! Mary valley, the tnlnernlteatlon Is re- j
Tho secretary stated thut the clubihmd to the Intrusion of the dlorlte
had a membership ot 43. a slight In- sills and dyke. These, according to
crease over thc previous yenr. He re-'lhe geological theory, heaved thcin-
ferred with regret to the loss Hie Club i »clves up In a plastic condition trom|
had sustained by thc death of I wo nf
Us most enthusiastic members, Mr.
tl. W. F. Caller und Dr. Moore. He
pointed out thut the Increasing membership warranted the consideration
of enlarging the Club House and improving the course, but It Improvements were decided on, it would be
necessary to Increase the membership
The constitution was amended by
adding Honorary Vice President to
the list ot officers and the position
was tendered to Mr. A. C. Nelson.
The election of officers resulted as
Honorary President, Mr. V. H. Baker, re-elected; Honorary Vice President, Mr. A. C. Nelson: President, Mr.
Jas. T. fcildlaw. re-elected; Vice
President, Mrs. F. W. Green; Socy-
Treas, Mr. M. A. Beale, re-elected;
Executive Committee: Mrs G Hogarth
Mrs. A. B. MacDonald, Mrs. M. A.
Bcale, Mrs. G. H. Thompson, Mr. B.
K Howard, Mr H E Seaman, Mr. A.
B. MacDonald, Mr. C. 0. SUples;
Captain, Mr. C. 0. Staples, re-elecien;
Auditor, Mr. J. M. Miller.
The ladles Tea Committee will be
selected by the Ladles' Executive
Membership fees were decided upon
as follows: Men $15.00; Lady Players. $10.00; Tea Members $5.00; Outside Members $5.00; Green fees 60c.
The new arrangement will permit
any visitor in Cranbrook to use the
Golf course on payment of a fee of
fifty cents. Tickets may be obtained from tho Secretary or at the Crnnbrook Hotel
the superheated regions in the depths
of thc earth, and following Ihe lines of
least resistance, s(|Ueesed themselves
into the bedding planes ot the quartz-
Ites In horizontal sills or Into thc
fissures of thc formation forming
dykes. This will suit ns a very general statement, but it should be said
that many of the sills, or what were
horizontal sills originally, nre now
standing up almost as dykes owing to
thc tilting of Ihe strata of which they
form a part, this tilting having been
occasioned by surface shrinkage as
the world cooled down from the semi
molten mass in which It once existed.
That shrinkage Is still going on hut
on a vnstly reduced scale. It Is a
highly interesting fact that some of
these dlorlte sills are mineralized with
copper, silver, cobalt und nickel. Not
far above thc White Fish Creek Falls
one of the sills we are speaking of
shows like n great cliff, about four
hunderd feet. In height, on the left
hand side of the stream. The centre
for a depth of some 110 or 70 feel is
mineralized and thc ground has been
staked by thc Evans Brothers under
the name of the Alliance Group. The
writer hnd an assay of some of the
mineralized portions of the dlorlte
from these claims and found it ran
slightly over 2r'r copper, with X ounces
of silver to the Ion. Since that time
a mining engineer named McC.uiness
made an examination of the claims
and found the copper content much
as stated, but he informed the writer
that the rock carried about $10 to the
ton in nickel. Ho got a hint of the
existence of this metal from the fact
The "question of improvtments wnsl11"1' *• r°cks weather to me reddlBb
left In the hands of the executive to! I'lnk of cobalt bloom. The reason for
be dealt with. i ,1,at 'S| wherever you find cobalt you
After the usual vqt-« of thaiiHs.thc':m i°Mi l0 IM n1""0'-   Tn«!' «*»*
meeting adjourned. together as regularly as lead and sll-
  I ver.   By the way. there are some mln-
< crologisls and chemists wh osny thai
IAKVER8' INSTITUTE .VOTES     , ,ca„ „ a_  „„„.„„„.   ,„.„„„„ (rom
! radium-thai what was once radium Is
The. Superintendent   of   Institutes , icnA „nw   nr iV.( „„„,|,cr ,,.,*.   that
has advised me that he will   supply: ,.,,   dement   radium  changes to the
!,._ following laUergiam wa1 sen-
iy the members of die Cranbrook
Di ard of Trade to Tne Hon. Ur, J. H.
Cranbrook, B. C, March 4, 1918
"The Executive and Members of the
Cranbrook Hoard of Trade desire u
extend to the Ministers and Members
01 tho Provincial Legislature their
heartfelt condolence for the great loss
they have recently sustained by the
death of their honored and beloved
Premier, the Honorable H. ('. Brewster. Kindly convey to the bereaved
family of the deceased Premier our
expressions of sincere and deep sympathy wiih our earnest prayer that
Almighty God in Ills infinite goodness
may bring speedy relief and consolation to their sorrowing and afflicted
A. L, McDermot, Secy.
In response to a telephone call between eight and nine o'clock on Monday morning Chief of Police Hersey
proceeded to a shack on Van Horne
Street where he found the dead body
of Fred Buker, The coroner ,Dr. P. W.
Green, was immediately notified and
directed that a jury be summoned.
The Chief made a thorough Investigation but there were no signs of any
struggle having taken place, nor was
there any evidence that would indicate
foul play of any sort.
At the Inquest on Tuesday, the jury
comprised of G. B. Brown, (foreman)
\V, I). (Jilroy, W. G. Hayward, A. L,
McDermot, It. Dixon, and W. F. Doran
brought in a verdict of death from
heart failure.
The deceased had lived in Ibis district for a number of years but the
police have not been able to get ln
touch with his relatives, who, its far
as can be learned, live in Ontnrlo.
Magistrate Arnold had an offender:
under the B. ('. Prohibition Act, before j
him on Monday; when Guaton Silver-!
spar was charged with having liquor'
in his possessoln contrary to the Act.;
Hi was fined $50.00, the cash being I
"Gopher Death" Tablets to Farmers';
Institutes on requisition of secretar-
lea as to quantity  needed, at cost, i
cash on delivery.   This wilt be about!
$1.10 per box of 1100 tablets.    Mem- {
hers get busy and send your require-;
ments In at once.        A. U. Smith.
Grain requirements coming in fast
tardy members please speak quick.  !
The Institute expects lo bring   in j
three bulls for the members In   the|
near future. 2 dairy and 1 beef.
Mr. H. 1-. I.oilRf und family wish to
express their appreciation of the many
marks of sympathy shown them In
their recent bereavement.
Nen (trail la I hni Applies tn Iteeralllig
la R. F. C.
New regulations recently issued by
tha Mllltla Department covering draftees under the M. S. A. deprive al)
young men of the free choice they
have hitherto  had between  infantry
i lenient lead, a statement which if it
'e a fact, leads one to question the
t'octrine of the indestructibility of
i -itter. In Addition to the All';.nee
Oroup the Evans are interested in the
body on the Alliance Croup The
Home Group on the opposite side of
of the creek where they have done an
enormous amount of work on a body
of copper ore occurlng much as the
body on the Alliance Croup. They!
also own the Achilles and the Kelly!
Basin Groups which all who have ex-;
Etmtnod them believe will turn out big
producers, The lead on the Aahllles!
Is from 12 i» tli feet across and shows'
Some extremely high grade copper,
Native copper also occurs, some of it
in minute leaves, fine as gold leaf, in
thc minute cracks and fissures in the
quarts, Following this lead In the
direction of the Kelly Basin they ran
on to a fine lead of galena of as high
grade as any that ever was found in
the country. The writer never got
over the pass into the Kelly Basin but
by all accounts tlie claims which the
Evans have staked in there are of
greater promise than anything they
have at this side. Speaking of these
elnims. Dr. Schofleld, n. Ph., who
made a  study  of the   Purcell   Range
Collections for the Canadian Patriotic Fund for the month of February!
1918, amounted to $1,106,06, which;
brings the total for the three months, I
from Dec. 1st. 1917, to Feb. 38th, lalS
to $3,613.1T.
Included iu last month's collections
were    the    following    from    outside!
Crows Nest Pass Lbr, Co. Ltd., $184.50
Otis Staples Lbr. Co, Ltd  436.25
Yank Lbr, Co.', Ltd      73.00
Wattsburg Lbr. Co,, Ltd      08.25
Canadian Pairiotic Fund.
Cranbrook Branch,
H,  C.  Seaman.  Treasurer.
service and the air service.    At the I silts nnd a very exhaustive study of
H. r\ C. Hecrultlng Headquarters
statement was handed out explaining
that these rules now make it absolutely necessary for men who come within
the provisions of the M. S. A. first to
Join their Depot Battalion. They may.
If they are anxious to become aviators.
make application to the commanding
officer. With that officer's consent,
Ibey may re-eulist with the H. F. C
This change In the regulations,
naturally, presents some difficulties
to men aspiring to flying pftlcer's
rank, though It Is felt that any young
man who possesses the essential
qualifications demanded by the U. F.
('. will readily be grunted the chance
to enroll. The effect of the new regulation wilt be that an accurate record
nf all draftees will he held by the
Depot  Battalions.
At  present  no  indication  can  he
them on the Evans groups of claims,
says in Memoir No. 70, The Cranbrook
Map Area, now unfortunately out of
"The Evans groups of claims are
situated on the western slope of Evans
Mountain, al nn altitude of 6,000 feet
The mountain is composed of easterly
dipping Aldrige qiinrlzites Intruded
by three diorite sills, the upper one
forming the summit of Evans Mountain.
The lower claims contain a tunnel
200 feet In length driven Into a low-
grade ore body of the differentiate
typo contained hi a gabbro sill about
400 feet thick nnd forming the lowest
of the three sills. The ore consists of
pyrrhotlte and cupriferous prrlte impregnating a coarse grained harn-
blende grnnlte. The upper claimB consist of a fissureveln about 4 feet wide.
given ns to how this new procedure' striking N 45 E in a sill of normal
will affect the numbers of recruits  hornblende: gabbro, which forms the
applying for enrollment In the n. F. ] middle o ft he three sills, tho ore eon-
C.   While the change makes It harder, slsls of cualcopyrlte, pyrlte and some
for a man to enter the service. It Is   pyrrhotlte   and   nntlve   copper  In   a
presumed  that  the  fascination  and quartz calotte gnngue.
romance attaching to the flying man's'    Work   is   being   pursued  on   both
work appeal so strongly to tho Can- groups of claims with a view to de-
adlan spirit that most men  will be  (ermine the size and relation or the
keen enough to muke the extra effort  two typos of deposits."
to Join.   This conclusion Is based on,    At the time when Dr. Schofleld made
the fact that even though enlistments, this report tbe Evans had not found
In the  It.  F. C, nre  voluntary, the! the ore in the Kelly Basin.
training  school  in  Toronto Is  kept'    The day will unquestionably come
filled to capacity. when these claims will be txplolnttd
to the full and a new horizon of mining prosperity opened up In that most
interesting and  beautiful area.
# * *
In the general direction of the strike
on the Achilles vein, but about 1,000
feet lower, are three crown granted
claims, known a sthe Pollen Group,
a short distance from thc Mackay Cabins on White Fish Creek. On one of
these claims a big lead of copper
thrust its face right out of the forehead of a rock bluff. It challenged
development and Major Pollen—he is
now doing his bit with the Royal Engineers in Englnad—had the vein
drifted on. A fine body of pre was
taken out for a distance of about 80
feet or so. and this ore ran right
across thc width of the vein, say five
or six feet. Thc ore was stilt there
in the face, but for some extraordinary renson, or what was more likely,
for no reason but to "make work" for
themselves, the fellows the owner had
to do the work turned off to the left
along what might be called a "false
wall" right Into the country rock and
kept along In this blind, insensate
fashion for perhaps 200 feet. This
work was costing the unfortunate
owner probably $15 a foot. Having
got so far without finding any hint of
the existence of the ore which they
left behind them in plain sight, they
began to cross cut to the right and
cress cut to the left. Nothing resulted.
They quit. Major Pollen had another
item to put to the credit of his extensive experience account. That appears to be thc tale of about tho stupidest piece of bad mining to be seen
In this country. The claims are second to none In the East Kootenay
country and most thoroughly worth
cnreful examination The moral of
it is, that not every man who under
takes to do assessment work ls a
miner, o rthe thirty first cousin to
one tin either his father's or his
mother's side. Many of them seem to
leave their brains nn the surface when
they get under ground.
The following letter from Cpl. J.
Bird has been received by Mr. Louis
Pearron, who has kindly handed it
to us for publication.
Ward 10, No. i Hospltui,
Exeter, Devon. Feb. (J, IMS
Dear Louis. —-I was*, very pleased to
get your letter ot Dec. 5th, after it
had been Chasing over France and |
then b*ck to this uddres*. Well, I
suppose you would hear all about j
my misfortune from Mrs. Bird, 1
got it from mustard gas shells when
up near Passchendaele. h made me
blind for ::bout 10 days and 1 suffered
terribly with my throat und cheat t'or
nearly three weeks, losing my voice
also. Am glad to say. however, that
1 got riu of it from my lungs and
don't suppose I win jave my ill
effects left. Mustard gas makes one
liable to bronchitis. My eyes are
still pretty weak, so wear a shade at
present. Tomorrow I see the oculist
and he will say whether I need glasses for a while or not. You will be
interested to know that 1 have been
awarded the Military Medal, which
came as a great surprise to me, as I
only got* the news on Saturday last,
tn a letter of congratulations from
our Brig-General. What a treat It Is
to be over in "Blighty" again. Today commences my third month here
aud this hospital has been a real
home. Everyone is so nice and kind.
1 managed to get my "Blighty" leave
at the end of last August after being
in France just over twelve months,
I have had a number of "Heralds"
sent to me ln France but they were
not returned to me here so have lost
the local news. I met Percy Adams
one day near Vpres, hut bad only
about a couple of minutes speech
with him. He Is Lieutenant in a
motor M. G, Battery. I did not see
much of any of the Cranbrook boys
for some time before becoming a casualty. You appear to have bad
quite a few Interesting changes In tbe
Department since last writing. It
was quite a relief to know that Mrs.
Bird and Jac.ky arrived back in Cranbrook quite safely. I see they have
gone to stay with Mrs. Bamford at
Waldo. Now I will close for the present time and will be pleased to hear
from you again soon.
John Bird.
(Copy of leter from Brig.-flencral)
 th Canadian Inf. Bde.
Jan. 14th. 1918.
No. 443165; Cpl. J. Bird,
54th Can. Inf. Bn.,
My Dear Bird.—! am very pleased
to learn that yon have been awarded
the Military .Medal iu recognition of
your   good   work  at when   you
were on duty at the Brigade O. P. at
 on the night of Nov. 16th. and
when the S. O. S. went up, In spite
of the very heavy shelling and your
serious condition as a result of the
enemy Ran, you sent In reports v/nich
were ot great value to the Brigade
% ommatuler in assisting him lo form
un idea of the situation, in doing so
vou performed your duty at a considerable cost to yourself. Tills, however, is only In line with your general
conduct, for. during the whole period
you have beeu with thc Brigade, you
have shown the same fine qualities
as you di/.playrd on this particular
Pie-Lie accept my heartiest congratulations on your well deesrved
(Sgdl Victor W. Odium..
Seaford, Sussex, England.
Jan. 4th, 1918.
Miss Nora Finlay, Cranbrook, B. C.
Dear Nora.—Just a few lines of
thanks to the Junior Red Cross Society
for their kindness in sending me a
Christmas parcel; also many thanks
to yourself for packing It. I received
it. last night, O.K., it came In fine condition and thc contents very lovely.
Quite a number of tlie Cranbrook
boys here received the >;ame parcels,
so I thought I'd drop you a Hue to let
you know I received It with thanks.
I met your brother West before I
left France he sure has grown since
1 saw him lust in Cranbrook, and
am pleased to hear he Is still .veil
and enduring the hardships In France
this winter. I'm very lucky to be
over here but most likely will be
going back in tbe spring.
I won't stop for more so with very
best  wishes  to  all  your  people tt
home  nnd  yourself,  again   thanking
you for the parcel, with best wishes,
Pte. Percy R. Nell, 442750,
54th Canadians,
3rd C. C. Depot:
There was an attendance of 123 at
the regular monthly meeting of the
Cranbrook Women's Institute at the
Parish   Hall   on   Tuesday   afternoon
After  the  adoption' of the  minutes
j of the preceding meeting the Secre-
1 tury, Mrs. J. W. Burton, presented the
; correspondence,  which  included  let-
| ters of appreciation of Institute par-
j eels  from  several  ot  the  boys overseas,    Including   Charles   Morrison
Percy Adlard, Norman Grtswold,  B.
W.  Attree, Cam   Lindsay, aud T.  H.
Hronstou.      Notices    were    received
from the Army Post Office regarding
parcels sent to Pte, A. Edging ton, 931*
2.13. who had returned to Cannda and
Pte, J. Birch, 307899, who could not
be traced; these notices demonstrate
the care taken to ensure delivery of
all parcels.
A letter was read from Hon. Dr. J.
11. King acknowledging 'receipt! of
copies of resolutions endorsed at the
last meeting and stating that they
would receive careful consideration.
A suggestion from the Secretary of
Adylsory Board regarding establish-
ment of a labor bureau was read audi
the Heeretary will communicate with
the Department of Labor in this connection.
The net proceeds of the Valentine j
Social amounted to $40.0!) and a dona-
tion of $5.00 for purchase of yarn was
received from Mrs. Norman McCluro.
The directors accordingly purchased j
yarn to the value of SRO.OO and this'
has been distributed und will shortly
be on the way overseas in the form;
of socks.
Mrs. Q, H. Thompson reported that
3fl pairs of sacks had been completed
during February making a total of
8ti pairs this year.
Mrs, j. p. Leslie, convenor of the!
Patriotic Committee, stated that she!
bad cut nut 318 personal property'.
bags. These were distributed to be j
made up. Mrs. Leslie mentioned that
the Red Cross authorities are asking!
for 20,000 of these bags monthly sol
that tbe need is urgent.
The Resolutions Committee, wlip
with the assistance of Mr. (}. j.!
Spreull. had prepared reeommendu-
tion regarding certain laws that effort ■
women aud children unfavorably, presented a report, which was adopted |
and will be forwarded to Hon. Dr
The concensus nf opinion was that
Mrs. H. A. McKowan's paper on "The i
Conservation Problem" wns the best
paper that had ever been presented
at an Institute meeting. Both as a]
literary effort and a treatise on a sub-1
feet of vital Importance the paper was
of a high order. It had one Immediate
result inasmuch as the Institute',
promptly decided to practice conservation at their meetings and the tea I
ind cake which linve nppenred at all'
meetings in the past will be dls-'
pensed with in future.
An instructive debate followed the
reading of the pap<*r aim Mrs. F. B.
Miles, Mrs. Erlckson, Mrs. W. II. Wilson and others, presented a number
nf "War time menus" which it is
hoped to publish at an early date.
A resolution of sympathy and con-
dolence will be sent to the relatives of'
the late Premier Brewster. •
The  Quarterly  Question  Box  was
opened  and   considerable  discussion
ensued.   Members can put questions'
In this box at any time and the box :
Is opened every third month.
One of the questions, raised the ar-!
gument that whooping cough should
be listed as an infectious disease with
a view to overcoming the prevalence1
of this complaint.
There were several questions on Food
Conservation, one enquirer being anxious to know whether the authorities
were setting an example In conserve-'
tion at Mcrrissey Internment Camp?
The general feeling seemed to be that
conservation was not being studied at'
the Camp.
Seven new members joined the Institute.
In addition  to the  usual  musical
items of a  patriotic character, Mrs.
,f,  Thomson   rendered  a  solo  "Joan
of Arc They are Calling You."
(Note—The paper on "The Conserva-j
lion Problem", by Mrs. McKowan. will |
appear In our next Issue.1
New Sprin
ess vjoo
Provincial Library uf
Bntia i i liiv _la, Aug 8-1S
Charming Dress goods of wool
and silk mixtures; also fancy
Dress Silks in all the new shades
and combinations of colors.
New gingham and j rints for
house dresses; also muslins, voiles
beach cloths and gaberdines for
the better dresses.
Cra:ik?*-Wc-£Jf,.7rT7jh-,-,-.,,  Cr-fturng sXori
<Jn tn Work nitli Sew Vigor—Throw  off thai Keeling ot
Weariness nnd Fatigue with
Penslar- Dynamic Tonic
For overworked men a. d v imen, for feeble folks of
old age and for delicate chtldn n this tonic is recommended highly.
Let i( help yon—it surely will ii pro] ,-rly taken.
Cranbrook Dru^ & Book Co.
Phone U.  Night Phonei 411        396      W, J. ATCHISON, tfaaaftt,
No. 849641, DUver K. Jonm.
"A" Battery, C. R. A.
Wit ley Camp, Surrey.
Jan. 20th, 1918
Dear   Miss   Kelsey:— Just   a   few
lines to thank you so much for the
{very much appreciated parcel which
( I received a few days ago from the
; Junior Red Cross Society, packed by
yourself.   Ah perhaps you know tney
nre certainly appreciated over here,
particularly when they come as a surprise, which, I must say, your parcel
did un 1 dhl not even think anyone
hart my  art-lnM*.
We are having bad weather over
here at present, rain or bhow every
day and as a consequence lots of
mud which makes driving rather difficult and almost an Impossibility lo
keep anything like clean. I expect
I we will be in France in about ten
] duys time and guess we will strike
more mud over there.
I had six days leave parly In Dec-
ember and must say I enjoyed it to1
j the full.  1 was In London for two days
j and while there visited Buckingham
Palace  and   was  shown   through   tlie
! stables and  a I*" saw  tha  different
j state Coaches, umouj- tinni being the
! Coronation Coach, but  If I was the
j horses 1 think I would kick at having lo haul tbe latter coach as there
Is  enough  bronze   work  and   Rlatucs
on It to sink  a  battleship,  it  must
weigh several tons.   The r<st <.r my
leave  I   spent  around  Glasgow  and
Kdlnbnrgh and It would surely make
you laugh to Hear the language they 1
Before Storing Away
Our Few Remaining Heaters
Look Us Up.    We aie offering Special
Inducements to Buy.
J. D. McBklDB
Bfcsr  OLLUO cheapest
Our Prices the Lowest Qunlltj the Highest
Any person- Uiirkel (fnrdein,. Kurmei «i liMilutJon wishing oeeri
In ii'rm or small t'linnlttfes, • Inrlted le mall m a lis! of their re-
q it Ire men Is ami tve will protnpli) relum it trtfti Ho- lowest market
\   1.i ill If   ni    KMflMin    MAI   SAV1    FOI    MAM   Iinl.I.WIS
might  just  as  well talk Chinese bi evtral air mid*, among tliem being
far as I  was concerned n bronte Han. al the base of a Btatue,
We are Rltuatcd In b  very pretty which    had   s    hole   driven    clean
Boctlon  of the country, in  n  valley through It from a piece of a bomb.
completely surrounded by hills, which I   am  on   duty   this atternoon, so
Is ihe reason, I have heard, Ihat wo l mil I doie, thanking yon all again
linve no air raids on this camp ai on and  "I"   host   wlaho* to you all, I
DCCOltnl of the bills It is almost  Im remain,
possible to see ll from the air.   While Yours sincerely,
was In London I unw the effects of Ernest Joms.
TIIK   CRANBROOK   HI'! It AMI j that If we were satisfied that we have
i    '   ■■'■ ■"      —=..:,■".'- =       -      ■ s\ tlie great stores of iron and steel wc
talk   so   enthusiastically   about,   we
should be able to develop them our-
. A. Beale, Editor und Secretary
It.  A. hay,  Manager
Cranhroolt, It. ft, March 7th. 1»Im
is usually sealed with a suitable ring,
and the better grade it is the better
the young lady likes it. Wo have an
infinite variety of fine Engagement
Kings, at all prices, and you could
nol gel better values elsewhere. We
Uave a full lino of Kino Jewelry of
all kinds, from Watches. Chains,
Bracelets Ear-Rings, Etc., to Silver
Table Cutlery,
Rawortk Bros.
selves.   The object of developing our
resources, he pointed out. was not to
make tnultl-mllllonaires of non-resident money-lenders, but to help ourselves.   Because we have not done so
in the past is the reason for our now
being tied up and unable to develop
The news of the sudden and untim-, our resources as we should do.    He
ely death of Premier Brewster was, ndvoralcd thiU tllP government step
received with a universal feeling   of I lfi .;nd lIlkc „ hand *n industry    He
sincere regret throughout the Pro- i H|)oke of tlie anomaly of reduction of
vince.   Although the tenure of his of-|2B<7(  in mineral production for 1917,
Kubt. Frame, Prop.
?resh Urentli Cakes, Pies
1)11(1 Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp  City Hall
Meets In Maple flail second
Tuesday of every month at 8
p. m.
Membership open to Britten
Visiting members cordially
K. Y. Brake,       J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
(Ice as Premier was of short duration,
barely fifteen months, he had succeeded in winning the confidence of the
people of the Province by his sincerity and honesty of purpose.
It was undoubtedly the intense and
unvarnished sincerity of his character
which was so evident to all with whom
he came In contact, that was largely
responsible for the success of the Liberal Party In the last election.
Premier Brewster's entrance Into
politics was In response to a sense of
duly rather than a desire for tlie emoluments of political prominence. The
man did not seek the office-—the office
sought the man and it was his high
sense of duty and his steadfastness of
purpose in fulfilling it that undoubtedly undermined his constitution and.
prevented him from overcoming the
attack of illness which caused his
death, so it may be said of him as of
any soldier, that he gave his life for
Ids country and the Province is the
poorer in the passing.
It ls men of his calibre that we can
111 afford to lose in tbe political life
of the Province.
The deepest sympathy of all will be
extended to tho sorrowing members of
his family.
and the world crying out for increase.
He protested against the long hours
that some men working In the coal
mines of Ihe Crows Nest have to work
—from the time they leave their
homes to ihe time of their return at
night being from 13 to 14 hours, in
| suggested tiiat tlie government rem
shadowy. He would like to see something suggested that would Improve
thu conditions of the working man:
giving him relief from Industrial dls-
enses; co-operative market lug; tax- j
atlon on a scientific basis and amendments to the Educational  Act.
Mr. C. Nelson, member for Slocnti,
explained the difficulties the mining
Industry was laboring under In the
Slocan, owing to the changes made by
the smelter at Trail that shut out almost the whole of the Slocan—closed
them up as tight as a land slide. -Slo-
cnu, he claims, leads in the production
of silver, lead, und zinc, but the Industry has been practically wiped
out of existence unless some arrangers'-: nts can be made with the Trail
smelter to relieve them. He had a
solution for the returned soldier problem that requires elaborating to be
We do not hold ourselves responsible
for opinions expressed by
Meets in the
Parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
nt 'A p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W
it McFarlane
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621
All ladies cordially Invited.
The decision of the members of the
Women's Institute to abstain from refreshments at tlieir monthly meetings
Is to be highly commended, The women's Institute have set a worthy example.
LAID LAW & iikwolf
Civil and Mining Engineer**
11. C Land Surveyors
Mine Examinations nnd Reporth
J. I, Y A It K K R
Mining Engineer
208-2'OD   Herald Pig.,   Calgary,
and Elko, Ft. C.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washiim
send it to
Snccial Drices for famllv
It took eight months to make th*
machine to make machine guns though
they knew how to cast and build those
machines from the first. Vet our
overfed can only ask In slippered, armchair comfort, "What Is the Food Controller doing?"
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge and GreenMU Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutlon Can a Specialty.
Untying and Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 88
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00  o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4.30
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for alt kinds of
Day Phone 288, Night Phoie .15
Norbury Are. next to City Hall
Slttt Metropolitan Illdg.,
Day  Phone,  Seymour 4462
Night Phone, Falrmount 301C
Head  Office. 312  Hlbhen-Bone
Building, Victoria, R. C.
Phbne 3412
Montana Restaurant
Meals at All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
ody this barbarity by legislation. He
submitted that In developing thc Iron j
and steel and oilier mineral industries,
the lumbering and fishing, the agricultural industry should also be developed. He would localize production of food as close to whore tbe Industrial centres were as possible, so1
as to keep down the high coat of
Mr. R D. Barrow, member for Chilli wack, who seconded the address,
spoke from the standpoint of a farmer.
He protested against tampering with
the prices of food stuffs. The farmer
did not want the price fixed for his
products. He was willing to sell in
the open market without any interference with the machinery that moved
the product from the farm to the
consumer by the food speculation.
He said there was too much talk
about the potential wealth of the province and too little notice taken of the
fact that we were the heaviest taxed
province in the Dominion. The increase in the production of food stuffs
was occupying a big place in the public eye just now, but suggest ions toward that end were for the most part
impracticable. High wages in cities
had taken away a good deal of farm
labor and Hie problem, which will not
be acute this spring, will be a very
difficult one to solve when the crop
Is ready to be harvested, He said
"indentured coolie labor is nol acceptable to the farmer." The Chinaman
was now too great a competition for
the white farmer. He said, "we are
Ih-i people that produce the goods,"
aud referred to the $1,100,000 worth of
renl wealth taken out of a productive
i soil In the Chilllwack valley in 1017
Co-operative effort ir, required to In-
] crease production—make every stroke
'. count. The farmer must find the aolu-
-     — * ■*• 'Hon to his problems himself,
This is not charity, this thing, Food > one else is so vitally interested in his
Control.   It Is war.  The Allies have a \ own welfare as himself,
rlahUp^emand it.  They have a right ]    Mr# R A  pa--jln0i member for Sa
«Wfc»jtf» at only what Is "left
The Qormaus seem much concerned
about the welfare of the Ukrainians.
This undue display of disinterested
friendship may be likened lo the wolf
iu sheeps clothing, an unbecoming costume for lhe ravishers of Belgium.
Tt looks us if the Qermans have no
desire to attack in force on the Western front. They realize the strength
of the opposing forces and may decide
that discretion is the better part of
oWr" Those who are fighting a com
ninn battle for civilization and common protection have a higher claim
than Lazarus had to only tbe "crumbs
that fell from the rich man's table."
The Canadian people must get thc
right ethics of wartime Food Control.
There is some Individual who is unknowingly dependent upon you for
life. It may be a soldier ln the trenches, it may be a little child, it may be
a peasant woman, who will not have
anything to eat next spring if you do
not think of him or lie.- n* .•■' — Mrs
Herbert Hoover.
As   Heard    From   the   (Jallery
(By One of the gods.i
anich, confined his remarks to the
iron and steel industry and If his state
ment that there is no reporl in ex-
Istanco that shows the value or extent
of the iron resources of the province,
that there are many mining claims
that have been recoided for over 2;!
years and not a thing done to prove
them; that nothing has been done be-
yong holding the iron deposits for
speculation, then there has been serious neglect somewhere nnd very little to back up the agitation on the
coast for the establishment of an iron
1 and steel industry.
j Tht first critic of the government
I was Mr. Ralph Jones, member for
! South Okanagan, He referred to the
j increase hi the independent forces In
thf house, with special reference to
Mrs. Smith and gave as one reason for
the government's defeat, their slowness to make up their minds, tlieir unscientific taxation was another am)
the camouflage they had adopted to
hide their real motive for political ac-
tion. The P. Gt 13. a year ago was a
going concern, now it is out of operation and except for the efforts of the
Vancouver Hoard of Trade to help the
government to arrive at a solution
with the railway company, it would
very soon degenerate into a pile of
He referred to the futile ef-
fSpecial  to the Herald)
There were not many gods in the Junk.
gallery  when  the  D.  C.  Legislature j (°rts of the land department to de
resumed Its sitting on Tuesday. February 26th, after an adjournment on
Monday, February 11th to permit the
Premier to attend a conference of
Premiers at Ottawa to discuss cooperation between the provinces and
the dominion in speeding up food production, sltip-bulldlng. aeroplane
spruce cutting, etc., so greatly needed
in the vigorous prosecution of Canada's part in tiie war. The small
attendance may be accounted for by
the fact that tlie Victoria press had j
announced that Mrs. Ralph Smith,
junior member for Vancouver, had
hied herself away lo the east on war
matters and would not be present, but
she was present and looked every bit
as comfortably seated as any member
in tlie House. It Is true she kept her
hat on, a-* does (lie Minister of Mines,
and when she arose In her place on
vise a policy that would help the
farmers in the Okanagan over their
difficulties, and a district that last.
year grew $2,500,000 wortli of food
stuffs was threatened with extinction
as a food producer because of the inability of the government to foiynulnte
a policy In regard to irrigation that
would render a very necessary assistance to the farmers in eight electoral
districts of the province. He charged
lliat while ISuropo waa on the verge
of famine and an emergency call had
gone out to Canada to increase production, the government had no policy
in this direction, except to Increase
taxation. The efforts of the agricultural department have misdirected
their efforts. Two thirds of the
world's products, he said, were grown
on Irrigated lands, and there were
fl'O.OOti.uon worth of orchards at stake
Spurs,   Burrs,   and   Roqnets.
J. II. HawUhornHhwnitc promises
to be a tho-r. ln the side of the Prera-
i!i'. Hon. J Jin Oliver.
• * •
lion. John Oliver, Mui Premier, Is
■ie busiest man In fit province. As
master of tiie Administration and Act-
Ing-Attorney-General (as per W. J.
Bowser) Minister of Railways and
Minister of Agriculture, he has now
added the duties of General Manager
of the first B. C. Government railway,
the recently acquired P. G. E., which
the Government has purchased at a
premium of six million odd dollars.
What the Minister is going to do with
it now that he has got ft. Is a question
we would nil like to have answered?
* * *
The goddesses in tho gallery, at
least, a number of them, are again
busy with their knitting, gray wool
yarn into Red Cross socks.
# * *
According to Mr. Fisher, the government is to he congratulated in
a *                 *
The member for Fernie dubs the
government the Radlcal-Democrat-Llb-
eral Administration; why not add "Independent" and make it complete?
* * «*
Fisher and Ross took a fall out of
each other on the floor of tho House-
result, a chaw.
<j * *
There is not much electricity In the
atmosphere of the Legislature yet; but
a few sparks have already begun to
fly—a portend of lightening flashes ln
tlie near future.
• » *
Gallantry is not dead. The mere
men members have paid homage to
Mrs Smith who reigns as queen. Some
I ^ve congratulated the Homo becan0.!
of her presence; some have congratulated her upon her election, and some
have congratulated Vancouver for being thc first electoral district to send
a woman to the Legislature.
# ' * *
It would save a lot of paper If there
was not so much red tape in introducing messages from the Lieutenant-
Governor. It takes seven distinct
notions to get them befcr-? thc House.
» * *
In rushing business through the
House the Speaker should have a
phonograph, It would relieve him of a
good deal of voice frlutlon and it
would never go thirsty
* * *
It was up to the Speaker on Thursday, to say his own prayers (at tht
clergyman appointed to the duty was
late); but for once he was unable to
rise to the occasion.
# *■ *
Heard in the gallery: Bowser baa
them all buffaloed, and he uses nothing hut jaw bone to do It.
« * *
The government has got oft to a buu
start. The first bill to reach the com-
ivlttee stag.' was one to authorize the
loan of seed grain to farmers. It has
been used as a target by all the different parties in the House and shot to
* * 4
There are too many lawyers in the
House. If the members of;the bar
were barred, a bar to progress would
be removed.
Editor, Cranbrook Herald:
Sir.—Would you kindly grant me
space in your valuable paper to openly discuss tlie Employment Office
business. I notice we have in town
three men whose specialty is furnishing labor for Mine Operators, Lumber-1
men, etc.; these are the people who!
believe in labor theatrically, but not
praotlcatly, who are ever willing and j
eager to take the dollar from the
lumber-jack nnd the hard rock shoot-!
er. It is my intentions in writing this,
letter to prove the system of buying
a job Is altogether wrong and valueless to tbe community s nd thc state;
It seems strange to Ihe writer that the
Dominion Government can handle the
llt'ge machinery of warfare but
baulks at taking over or handling better methods for the distribution of
labor to our Mines, Mills and Factor-,
iea In such times as these when we
arB led to believe that every man ami
woman should be engaged steadily
In work that is beneficial to the country.
The system In vogue at tha present
of buying a job is disgraceful and out-
is not a man with an ounce of grey
matter who would buy a job; just
ponder it over in your mind, Mr. Reader. There are several camps who will
not hire a man unless he has an employment ticket, therefore it Is plain
to be seen the method of distribution
shipped out every day nnd a man who
was not capable of Working bin", could
handle the job.
The art of furnishing labor by these !
employment sharks is a failure and a
disgrace to an enterprising town like
Cranbrook and sholud be ubaiiiioncd
Immediately. One would think on s-ee-
Iiik: these sharks in tlie company of
lumbermen and mine operators that
they were partners or stock-holders
in the firm of Senrs Roebuck Co.,
In conclusion Mr. Editor, I sincerely hope the time is not far distant
when a- free labor bureau will be at
the disposal of the workers and every
man will be employed at work which
is beneficial to tlie country,
Thanking you. Mr. Editor,
Yours truly
"Agricultural Relief of Allies Committee asks me tn convey tlieir thankB
to your Excellency, lo Doctor Robertson personally and Canadian Committee working with him for efforts in
connection with February Campaign
for Funds. English committee watching Canadian activities with much
interest feeling sure result will materially help reinstatement of stricken
farmers of our Allies,
The campaign to obtain contributions from farmers for this fund Is in
full swing under Provincial Departments of Agriculture In co-operntion
with voluntary organizations of farmers and Women's Institutes. Recently
the British committee sent to France
many thousands of young fruit trees
to replace those ihe Germans wantonly destroyed during their retreat.
Jns. W. Robertson.
Charge of i!**r Pound Inadequate
Ottawa, February 20th, 1018.
li has been found that the charge
previously stipulated (2fic) for the
forwarding of correspondence frnm
Canada to enemy and enemy occupied
territory through the medium of Thos.
Cook * Son. .Montreal, does not cover
the costs of such transmission, and
in future the charge for forwarding
such correspondence will be 36c per
This amount is to be remitted by
means of a Postal Note, together with
tho letter which is to he forwarded,
of labor is valueless as we have men ' ,0 T|]0S_ Voo]l & aoni Mn sti father-
good men, who will not pay for their j inc strpot West, Montreal, In accord-
job, as I undestnnd a tradesman whose anc6 with the instructions which may-
salary amounts to or around $100 per bo obtained on application from Thos.
month, if he is looking for work must rjook * Son.
pay these sharks the sum of $2.00 and An enquiries on this subject are
a position which does not require spe- j ,,, bo made to Thos. Cook & Son, 530
cial skill or training, the fee is $1.00. j St. Catherine Street West, Montreal,
One can hear the employment business ; ffno .vi-* furnish a copy of the regu-
dtscussed by the workers and practic-j |a,|n„s l0 |,e observed in sending such
ally nil of them arc in favor of the correspondence, When writing Thos.
abolition of such a system which iu \ cook & Son a stamped addressed en-
the writer's opinion is rotten to   the
Division 1
j     I'erfeci   Attendance:   Bessie  Eakln,
Post Office Department, Canada, |Mnoh Hor,(!> Albort JonnR0--. Ernest
Laurie, Lucy PasOUSSO, Edgar Sanderson. Samuel Shaw, Willie Taylor, F.
Tito. Amy Williams, Jessie Cnssels.
Honor Roll .Third Reader: Amy Williams, Rita McBurney, Samuel Shaw.
Senior Second: Frank Tito, Dorothy
Hailing, Kenneth McNeil; Junior 2nd
Pat McDonald. Edgar Sanderson, Mack
Horie. M. K. Lees, Tencher
Division 8
Perfect Attendance: Florence Finley, Hettie Card. Frank Malone, Col-
vln McBurney, Evelyn Owen. Stanley
Owen, Grace Tito, Jessie Tito. Honor
Roll. First Reader: Bert Laurie. Leslie
Satnsbury, Grace Tito; Secon Primer:
Florence Finley, Clara Hailing, Jessie
Tito; First Primer: Stanley Owen,
Colvin McBurney. Roy Llnnell; Rec.
Class: Evelyn Owen, Josephine Mara-
podi. Walter Barrett.
Buying a job would have been practicable 500 years ago but to the average man in the twentieth century in
this age of enlightenment and progression, it is entirely out of date and
should be abandoned immediately. Under a free employment bureau men
would not hesitate In accepting a job
because they would have nothing to
lose and all to gain, but with tbe present system In vogue tlie man hesitates before accepting thc job. sometimes ft Is not represented as it should
be and In accepting it he has to pay
railroad o rcore-fare whatever the
case may be and the usual graft foes
of the employment shark, so we must
have a system whereas the worker
c m get a job without miylng It
volope must be enclosed if a reply is
Too much attention cannot be pain
to the regulations governing this correspondence, as any item which contravenes these regulations in any wny
will nol  be transmitted.
R. M. Coulter.
Deputy Postmaster General.
On Friday. March 1st, to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Topbnm. a daughter.
Feb. 13. 1918.
employment offices In Cranbrook are
run by able-bodied men and any eld-
erly man who would he of no use to
perform the daily tasks of n mine or
mill worker could easilv f.il th? bill
as a representative betwee.* labor and
Perhaps tbe city fathers could spare
a few dollars from the treasury o-
charge a very small fee to the worker
as there are quite a number of men   for Agricultural Relief of Allies.
And Invigorates Old People
Any doctor will tell you that the
ingredients ol Vinol as printed below
; contain the elements needed to improve the health of delicate children
and restore strength to old people.
T> Cod Ltvtr and Beef Peptones, Iron
■   -.nJM*ii|-*iir»-»P-!)>tonai«B. Iron and
Ammonium   Citrate,   Lime   tnd   Sod*
OtyurOf tiMpl.-ueu, Cattarifl.
Those who have puny, ailing or
run-down children or aged parents
may prove this at our expense.
Beside*-the Mpd it does children
further appeal and the aged there is nothing like
Vinol to restore strength and vitality
to weak, nervous women and overworked, run-down men.
Try it.   If you are not entirely satisfied, we  will  return  your  money
without   question;   that   proves  our
fairness and your protection.    Mll-
Tlu  following cablegram has been  iions 0{ people have been convinced
received by His Excellency t!ie Gov* this way.
ernor-Genoral, rfom the Duke of Port-       Cranbrook Drug & Rook Co., Cran-
land, Chairman of British Committee  brook. B. C,   nlso at the best drug-
A campaign conducted by the Provincial Departments of Agriculture is
In full swing throughout the Dominion, in order to raise a substantial
sum as Canada's donation to help
these farmers In Europe to get a new
utar! In life again. The sum of nearly
The  $1400 00 has bfcon already contributed
by our furmers  but n
!•• being made t ■ them.
Ottawa. Ont
Wm. K. Scott, Fm.,
Deputy  Min.sctr of
Victoria, B. C.
| alsts la nil B. C. towns.
Wednesday tn address the Speaker,] In U'*-' Okanagan and threatened with
without removing her head-gear, he I ntin owing to the inaction, and where
did not reprove her. so it can be taken ! I"6™ was any action at all, the de-
for granted that the conventional rule] ]Wed ""on. of ,lie Boye
regarding hats will he relaxed where
the lady member Is concerned.
Tbe week has bee:; ,;pent iu (le'or.t-
ing the address in reply to the speech
of His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
at the opening of the session. Tlie
mover of tbe address was Mr. A. I.
Fisher, the Hon. member for Fernle.
He struck a note of ttie need of co<
Mr. F. Mobley, member for Atlin,
took up the matter of road making !n
his district. He referred to the special taxes of the government ns being
unpopular but excused them on the
ground Hun no tax was popular. Ai*
lin is progressing, but fs being held
back because so much mining property Is being held by speculators.   He
Every householder in Canada can
and will be a Food Controller. They I
should realize that It Is only the luck
of geographical position which p'aces!
them in the fortunate condition of:
having a home to control. Why:
should Fortune not have placed them;
in Belgium, Northern France, Serbia.
or any other fuir land on the face of
the universe which Is now devastated
and laid waste by the Hun?
Ry marketing, and not telephoning
0-rders, the housekeeper of Canada can
do more to control prices by compe-
tltlon than any other agency we have.
Regarding proflterlng, hoarding, and
illegitimate trading, It will be the duty
of the office of tbe Food Comptroller
to combat and to stamp out such con- ]
ditions, wherever it can be shown that i
they exist. At the present moment we
arc licensing the trades of Canada and
getting them under regulation and
control as rapidly as possible. Thei
fish dealers, the fruit and vegetable
dealers, tlie cereal package manufac-:
Hirers, the bakers, the grocers, the
piroducc and commission men will
soon all be under license, but Canada
fs a wide country, and the people must
be patient.  They are not as Impatient
operative   financing.     Hundreds   of' W0ltlf- Buggest tlmt a man who holds
millions of money were raised by the' mining  porperty and  cannot give  a         _       _ 	
people to float the Victory Loan to -"cason why he does not develop it.; ~~ 'Wfi a"re' (0"'K"e't ~h|fl WQ~^ iQ^e mu
carry on the wnr. and the people were' H'lnU,d forfe" " l» tllP P»°Hc Interest. I rcft(i0t.flbie men know that orgonlza-
Jnst ns able to finance themselves in ,,p W0»W eliminate speculation until Hons of th,s k(nd cannot be built up
developing  their  natural   resources. I nfl°r •■■■- «"*>' «* 1ea8t- in ft night, and regulation and control
In   Hpeaking  of the  development of;    Dr.    Rose,   member   for   Ntlsmi, I cannot be obtained by a strobe of the
I the Iron nnd ateel Industry be Hold  thought  the  apetrh  was  vague and   pen.
A Truck for the Farmer
FARM equipment which will effect a time and labor-
saving, and therefore a money-saving, must be carefully considered by every good farmer now-a-days.
The farm wagon, which for years was the most useful
of all farm equipment, is now being replaced on the best
farms by a sturdy, dependable motor truck. The truck
will haul any farm product—fruit, grain, vegetables,
stock, fertilizer, or wood—around the farm, or to the
town or city many miles distant, in half the time, and
at a much lower cost
The Ford One-Ton truck is a rapid, economical and
very serviceable means of transport. One of these on
your farm will save you weeks 01 time in a single season
and will enable you to pass through a crisis of labor shortage with less difficulty.
The Ford truck is supplied as a chassis only. This permits you to select any of the many body styles especially
designed for the Ford truck and already on the market.
Thus you can mount the one which suits your individual
Price $750 f.o.b. Ford, Ont
thtftt tht many body ttyln Out may tt noun**** tht For* truth ehtarit
Hanson Oarage — Dealers - Cranbrook TUB CRANBROOK HERALD
should occupy our attention
now. Not regret for time
losi, but resolve to make the
best of the time to come.
eLt us examine your ejes
today if you are doubtful a*
bout them. Let us give your
eyes the best assistance possible — ease, relief, clearer
vision, greater capacity for
work. We guarantee a satisfactory service.
m. U Milsoti
^JiiiiuiitiA-iiiiiiiiiiiflii.iiJ:! i i/-,' jj '■ "iij . mriuiiii'Viiiiumpjiifji-J
Jhi Never Fail
5 Gallon Oil Can
Take this can home und use
it. If It is not satisfactory,
bring it buck ami your money
will be cheerfully returned.
We claim It is the best can
Nothing better for Coal Oil or
Too man) in stork* regular,
*2.:.i..   while they last for
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Crahbrook     -     R.C
Kilby frames picture-*.
Warehouse and Stables   to   let. —
Apply to Beale & Klwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wilmot of Jaffray
spent Saturday In town.
Hard Times Dance at Wycllffe on
April 6th, Club Hall,
Mrs. J. G. Cummings arrived home
from Vancouver last week.
Modern up-to-date residence to let.
Apply to Beale & Elweli.
Get an Aladdin Kerosene Lamp,
Highest Award Panama Exposition,
at Pal more Bros. 10-2t!
Dr. BoiiiH.II of Fernle spent the afternoon uf March 1st with members of'
tbe G, W. V. A. here at their rooms,
Mrs. Martin McCreery returned from
Montreal on Saturday after an absence
of several months.
The monthly meeting of the Farm-i
(its' Institute will be held in fltli
We ure carrying a full line of boots |
mil   alines.—- Cranbrook    Exchange,
\rmstroug Avo.
Ills Honor Judge Thompson left for
Nelson today for another of the Mill-!
lary Appeal Tribunals,
Beale & Elweli for Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance.
Sale of Home Cookery, etc., at tho
Palm, Saturday, March 16th, by the
Ladles of St. Marys Church.
Parker's Orchestra—open for engagements. Danco work our specialty.   Phone 311.
Word has been received from tho
Officer Commanding. Clearing Depot,
Halifax, N. S., to the effect thai the
following men—list as below—arrived
at Halifax from Overseas and pro-
ceeded to Quebec for disposition, en J
route to tlieir homes in British Col-
ttmbia: on February 16th, Private U.
Porter, Private A. Bratshar, Private
J, I'inkerton.
The children of the Union Sunday
School at Kimberley gave their teach-j
or superintendent, Mrs \V Wells a very I
pleasant surprise the other evening it
being the occasion of her birthday. !
They presented !:er with -i handsome,
cut glass water jug toget'.er with n ■
felicitous address to which the names
of all the scholars were attached. Refreshments were served and a sleighing party made up afterwards.
henpecked  husband  who Innocently
Cots into .i number   >f compromUliig
situations that cause further henpoak-
ing much io his disgust.   The story is
told in ;i very novel and out of the
ordinary  way and is a scream from
-Hurl to finish,   A number of the late
song hits will in- Interpolated during
thc action of the piece, by the differ-,
ent principals of the company and the
| "Sunshine Girls'" chorus,   The Unit-
1 ed Producing Co., Ltd.. who are con>
.trolling this attraction, are offering
I it io theatre patrons with full confidence that it will prove a decided;
i novelty and will give more than usual
I satisfaction.    It   will be seen at the,
; Auditorium. Friday night, March 8th.1
•-« i
small and jolly supper parties, Much
of the pleasure of the dance was due
to the yenial fioor manager. Mr. \V.
The following Resolution was pass-1 y- Cam, -on Among the many miosis
ed at a meeting held by the Cranbrook ! P»"«« v e'« Mr' nild Mrs- W '':it"-
Brnnch of the St. John Ambulance | *ron, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Blaine. Mr.
Association on February 19th:- Re- «ml Mr* & '' KI*io. M!w Jflnet R,ch*
solved. That the Cranbrook Branch of U^SOO, Mrs W, McKay. Mr. and Mrs
the St, John Ambulance Association; J w- Spence, Miss E. Macdonald, Mr
will do all In Its power to conserve |
the foods required by the Allies by dls
com inning the customs heretofore
practised, namely, raising money by
moans of Teas. Cookery Sales, etc.,
until the food situation becomes less
Tlie   Knox  Church   Young   People's
and Mrs. E. Brown. Mrs. W Uf id. Miss
Mary" Terrace. Miss Wait. Mlsa Phillips, Miss Alice Fransen, Mis;, 0,
Hlckenbotham, Miss Beryl Cameron,
Miss Gladys Spence, Miss Mnbe1 Cameron. Mr, and Ml"». Len CUri. Miss V.
Simpson, Miss McGee, Miss A. Woodland, Miss MoBrlde, Mr. mil Mrs. H.
Brown, Miss Humble, Mr. and Mrs. B.
Guild ls fortunate in the literary abll-1 McKay, Mrs. L. Langin, Ml is Gladys
ity of its members.   The weekly meet* | Brooks, Miss Stover, Miss C  M. Bon-
Notice |o OwPel's of Bogs
given to owners of dogs that tiie Dog|
License Fee Is now due aud payable i
at the office of the chief of Police.)
Persons railing to take out the
License in this behalf by the 16th day!
of March will h, subject to immediate [
prosecution. The practice of the
Police making a personal demand for f
this fee will nol be adopted this year.]
Pcr.-ons wishing lliclr dogs to be!
destroyed arc Instructed to bring)
same to the office of the Chief of:
Polhe on the Utlj and 15th of March!
By Order of tho Police Commission-J ,(
Cranhrook. K. r.. February 28, 1918.
ity of its members. The weekly
ting on Monday evening proved in
every way a success. Two Rood papers
were read, that by Miss .1. Dewar being entitled "An  English   Village in
War Time" and Mr. a. M. McKenaie  B- Stevens, Mr, c. B. Garrett  Mr. W.
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one In your
IV.    Benin,    I'rnnhrmik    Agent
j There were a number of Fort Steele j
j visitors in town on Saturday for the]
! Prisoners of War Tea.
j We are carrying a full line of boots
| and shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange,
[ \rmstrong Ave,
| Beale & Elweli, Notaries and Conveyancers, Safety Deposit Boxes to I
rent at reasonable rates-.
The open meeting of the Mission
Circle will be held at    the Baptist
Church on Thursday, March 14th, at
8 o'clock.   All welcome.
Sale of Home Cookery and House-
plants and slips of various kinds at j
the Palm, Saturday, March 16th, by!
the Ladies of St. Marys Church. lO-2t \
Keep Thursday. March 14th tree for:
the performs ace of." Puss in Boots")
and "The Turning of the Shrew" at I
the Auditorium. 8-tf.|
A St. Patrick's dance will be held at
ihe Parish Hall on Monday, March 18,
from 9.30 to 1.3ft under tho auspices
of the Tennis Club. No invitations.
Tickets $1.00 a couple, extra lady 60c
Business was suspended In tiie city
from three to four on Tuesday afternoon as a mark of respect to the late
Premier Brewster whose funeral was
held ni thai hour in Victoria.
Commencing March 1st and continuing until October 31st. the Curfew
Bell will ring at 9 p.m. instead of at
S o'clock as lias been the custom during the winter mouths
net. Mrs. H. Munroe. Miss L. Ltiask,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Caldwell, Dr McKin-
non, Mr. J. R. McCreery, Mr. ,i, Martin, Mr.  H.  Re;d, Mr. A.  Moran. Mr.
Halpenny of Calgary, Mr. ,1 Armour.
Mr. E. Davis, Mr. Davidson, Mr. A.
Burch, Mr. W. Rlnwood of Philadelphia. Mr. C. It. Puley. Mr. W A. Taim-
hauser, Mr, R. C, C'rprc, Mr, M. Leak,
Mr. w. C, Lenmun, Mr It Leask, Mr.
F. Morris and others. The sum of |f>
remaining after sxpenaei were paid
was donated to tha funds of the (.real
War Veterans Aswclatlor..
Spokane, Washington
This bouse has Ult
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for tbe people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
nod 0. W II. ft N.-Mllwanke
terminal, and within a mto-.ta't,
walk from the principal business
bouses and places of amusement.
(toe Hteaoiflhln 00 Roof
Beale A Elweli will buy McQlllt*
vray Creek Coal and Coke Stock
also International Coal and Coke.
Holders of these stocks who desire to
sell should communicate at once with
Beale * Elweli.
The following names were omi'ted
from the Christ Church Honor Ro'.l
Issued last week: Rumsoy, Jack;
Rnniscy. Septimus; Wilkinson, E. H.
Bnd Lieut. Correction, Kettertngham,
Ed. Lieut. M. M.
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
Church will hold their monthly meeting on thi afternoon of Tuesday.
March 13th »t the home of Mrs. Ira;
ll Manning at 3 o'clock A full attendance is requested.
To users of Aladdin Lamps-Pat-(
mon Bros, have taken over the Al-i
addlu Agency and will carry a stock |
Of Aladdin Lamps and supplies,   Id-IM
Aladdin Lamps aud Supplies at |
Patmore Bros. 10-"i
Lieut. Robert M. Eassir, Cauadinn
Forestry Crops, was married on Saturday. March 3rd at Glasgow to Miss
Christina Smith Lory ton, daughter of
the late Charles E. Loryton. Lieut.
Eassle formerly resided ln Fort Steele
and Is a brother nf W. H. Eassle, our
city engineer.
On Thursday evening a party of
Masons visited North Star Lodge at
Fort Steele to bid farewell to R, W,
Bro. Richardson, District Deputy
Grand Master, who is leaving shortly
for Saskatchewan to Join the Army of
Grain Growers. After the business
session, supper was Berved, giving
thoso present an opportunity of qx-
pressing their keen  regret nt  Bro.
, Richardson's departure and testifying
to the high esteem In which he is held.
Among the visitors from Cranbrook
I were Mayor Clapp and Aldermen MacKinnon and Shankland; Messrs. White
I Worden, Palmer, Beale, Beattie, Wal-
I linger, Flowera, Henderson, Leigh,
Rabun and Jones.
having for his subject "The Kaiser".
The musical program Included vocal
solos by Mrs. F, M. MacPherson and
Mr. J. Palmer with an instrumental
selection by Miss Irene Beech.
Word has been received by Mrs. L.
Van Stavern of the death of her brother, Richard Johnson, who died on
Sunday, March 3rd, at his home in '
Wntertown, South Dakota. The deceased was a resident of Cranbrook up till
about two years ago. when he left
here with the rest of the family for
Wntertown where the family is now
residing. The sympathy of the community ls extended to Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson and relatives of the deceased
in tlieir sad bereavement.
A large party of friends assembled
at the station on Wednesday to bid
farewell to Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Brown
and daughters, who left on the west
bound train for Spence's Bridge whore
Mr. Brown has been appointed station
agent. Mrs. Brown, though not a long
resident of this city, has been an active
worker in the Methodist Church and
has endeared herself to a host of
friends both in the church aud out of
it, who bade her farewell with great
regret. Her good influence among all
who knew her will live after her.
The Cabaret Tea at the Cranbrook
Hotel on Saturday afternoon for the
benefit of tlie Prisoners of War Fund
was a splendid success. An exceptionally large crowd was present and
the ladies who had charge of the
tables were kept busy from three loj in Canada. His early theatrical train-
five-thirty. The tastefully set tables; lug was received in Scotland but for
were arranged down tlie sides and end j the past few years be has been seen
of the dining room, leaving the centre In Canada with such attractions as
cleared for dancing. The ladies were) "Alladln", "The Cilrl From Nowhere,"
also conducting a raffle, the winners 1 "Floradora." etc, Mr. Oswald with
being: Mrs F W, Green, knitting bag; 1 tills attraction has been surrounded
Mrs. A. r Nelson, handpalnted pic- with a number of first class artists
tare: Mr T. C. Phillips, crochet yoke, including Katherlne Sheldon, an old
The program was under the direction! favorite in Western Canada. Beatrice
of Mrs. N. A. Walllnger and consisted j Carmen, another former member of
ot dance music by Mrs. Walllnger and the Alladln company. Claire Coupez,
Mrs. Whltehouso; a vocal solo "Sun* Chas. Bates, Phil Ainsworth, and n
set" by Mrs. Tweed, Waltz. Chopin, I big "Sunshine Girls'" chorus. The
by Miss Wanda Fink, dance music by I plot of the play Is farchl and deals
Mrs R. Edmondson aud a fox trot by   with the trials and tribulations of a
Performances iu past years by the
pupils of King Edward's School have
established a reputation for entertainments thai really entertain, and the
presentation of "Puss In Hoots" by the
younger pupils, followed by n shortened version of "The Taming of the
Shrew" to be given at the Auditorium
on Thursday. March 14th, will, if possible, enhance 'he reputation of Miss
Ch&rrlngton's pupils.
The program Will Include dances in
fancy costumes by pupils of Mrs. Van
Brnam, also several musical numbers,
both vocal and Instrumental.
Arrangements are being made for
some exceedingly attractive stage settings, etc. The curtain will rise
prompiy at eight oclock.
Pastor, Rev. thos. Keyworth
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Adult Bible Class
at 3 p.m.
Tiie pastor will preach at both services.
Tlie church of the cordial handshake, I
Vou will be welcomed.
Rev. Hillis Wright, Minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on   Monday)
nights at 8 p.m.
Strangers and visitors lo our City
are   Invited   to   make   Knox   their
Church  home  while  In  our" midst.
Seats am Free
Everybody made Welcome
{tiintitu,- HI] lur Winiitii. iSn l-oi or.ttlrCtfor
flu. Sold nt nil Priii* Ktort*, or maile-t t-> any
-.<lilr"HS'in rci'M-.iui prioS, Till ScoB .Ll. Dll'U
Co., St. Citluiriiiffi Olitiirto. _
Vitality;for Nerve and Br*in; iiicnum "$ny
matter" .jiT'Fiiii- -will i.ujM you up. tl *> boi.ur
two for |,-i. nt (IniK Mnrei, or by nn.il ourtcttpl
Billy Oswald, the famous Scottish
comedian, who plays the part of the
henpecked hiisbpnd in "Henpeckied
Henry", is without doubt the best
and most favorably known comedian
Trappers, Farmers,
It docs not cost yon anything to
on your furs.   Express them to us
over a '.i.oti valuation.   Wp make
>*,u oar offer
for your re|ily.   rrtiirniliK them
if not purchased.   Try ns.
Ill Business Since lsss
Send for Price List
Special price paid for Dark Martin
Mackay & Dippic
2IK sth Avenue, Calgary, Alta.
Miss j. Richardson and Miss MoBrlde,
Those who were present at thc
Whist Orive piven on Wednesday
evening by the Great War Veterans
Association at their rooms in the
Royal Hotel spent a most enjoyable
evening. Tho rooms have been very
nicely fitted up and the large photos
of men who linve left here in the different battalions are particularly Interesting. The president, Mr. S. S.
Phillips ncteri as chairman iu calling j
for the different items on tbe program
which were: Vocal solo "God Speed
Vou,   Pear"  by   Miss   Edith   McBHde;
piano solo "Murmuring Zephyrs"   by
Miss  Marjorle    Fallows;     vocal  solo,
"The Diver" by Mr. .7. M. Coutts;
piano solo. "11 Trovatore" by Miss
Wanda Pink; vocal solo "Joan of Arc"
by Mrs. J. Thomson; vocal number
"Tlie Tanks that Broke the Banka" hy
' Mr. J, Venus assisted by I-t. Phillips.
Mr. Ed. Brake acted as master of ceremonies for Hie whist drive, twelve
tables playing. The crowd wan larger
than the number of tables would accommodate so many persons sat and
looked on. The ladies present being
in the majority some played the part
of gentlemen and when the prizes
came to be awarded all went to ladles. ,
The prizes were won: ladies first, Mrs
A. Strachaiu ladles consolntlon, Miss
M. Humble; gentlemen's first, Mrs. H.
Wood house; gentlemen's consolation.
Miss Alice Brown, and were distributed after a delightful supper served by
Ihe Veterans.
I One of the most enjoyable dances
ever given in Cranbrook was that held
at the Masonic Temple on Friday
evening. The floor was In splendid
condition and Parker's Orchestra of
four pieces rendered music that was
irreslstable. Dancing wns disontin-
tted while supper was being served
under the direction of Mrs. W. McKay
and Miss Doris Kershaw. Small cables
wart set and Ihe gusts   aaadt   vp
Worth a Guinea
a Box
m a remedy (or the evil effects of quick
eating, over-eating and strenuous living. The medicine that meets this
need-that tones the stomach, stimulates the liver, regulates the bowels- is
1.0. O.K.
Meets every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. II. MoPhoe W C. Adlard
Secy. N. 0.
"IS.I. ol An M.di.m. In lb. World.
-    ..wywhtrt.   In boio*. 25 c.nta.
■ort sti:ki.i: tiiwxsitk
Notice is hereby Riven by the under,
signed, aetltiK under the provisions of
ihe Hisim.-.y Ai-i Amendment Act xaiT
of his Intention to close « portion of
North Stsr Avenue frcm the South
West boundary line of Hncky Mountain Avenue lo Ihe North rln°l boundary line of (lalliraltli Avenue, shown
In firei-n. nnd to substitute lands ud-
Jolnlng taken from Blocks 22 anil 23
tn lieu thereof, shown in red and yellow on plan' deposited with the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
.1. II. Kinii.
Minister of Public Works
vicinrin, Gth February, mis.       7-st.
in miration uf the (it) il (nullum li
conn (if nrvisiox
NOTICE Is hereby given llinl the!
first hilling of tho Court or Hevnion.
fur tht tiui'imse of correcting an,i re-
'[sine [tie assessment roll of the City
of Cranbrook anil the Cranhroolt i
School District, will be held nn the
18th ilav of March 1018 In the City
Hall. Norbury Avenue. Cranbrook. It.
C, at 10.30 a.m. clly time.
Tersons having complaints to make
against the assessment nre required
lo hand snmi, In writing, to Hie Assessor, al least ten days before the above
Thos. M. Roberts,
Cranbrook. B. C.
rtbrnarr l'th, 1*11. 7 It
Private Mursliig Hump
Licensed by Provincial Covt.
tlaicrnitj und (General Nursing
Massage and Itest Cure. Highest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford. .Matron
Phono 250 P. O. Box 845
Address, Harden Ave. Crnnbrook
Cranbrook, B. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p in In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
C. II. Collin,:, |{. R   H s
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
(illtl) & SPREULL
HiiitMhs. Etc.
IV. P. (lur,I (.. j. Sprrnll
Office. In Hanson Block
9 to 12 am
1 to   5 p.m.
New Voile
\^E have just
received a
Large Shipment ol Ladies' Blouses
made ot excellent quality material and
in the most beautiful designs we have ever had
the pleasure of selling.
The Prices are Very Moderate Considering Quality.
During convalescence,
and when appetite lass
brings to the hot. dry
mouth a freshness
and a soothing balm
that coaxes back the
enthusiasm of health.
Thousands of soldiers
in Europe have cause
to thank Wrigley's for
its tonic effect. *uw™
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cauda. Limit***
nfflce, Smelting aud Refining Department        ^
The following is » list of lhe pupils
of the Fort Steele Public School who
imve attended perfectly during February.
IM vision 1.
Isa. Cameron. Fdith Kershaw. Annie Wirth, Esther Clialander. Thelma
Henderson. Amy Bun Quan, • Pearl
Division 2,
Sylvia Baker, Ethel Kershaw, Arthur NtCOl, Leo Walsh, Helen Wirth,
Marguerite Henderson, Geraldine
Archdeacon Beer of Kaslo officiated
at the Communion and Christening
services on Sunday last at Fort Steele
Mr. and Mrs,. P. Jenson of Wasa
were guests at the Imperial Hotel
'Monday and Tuesday.
Wm. Anderson returned from Fer-1
nie on Monday's train.
Thomas Cameron of Mayook was In
town to-day on business. \
George Judd left Fort Steele Monday for Spokane, Wash.
Mrs. E. Cretney of Sheep Creek
is sptudlug a holiday in town.
The Fort Steele Masons nre giving
Mr. It. T. Richardson a farewell ban-
quot to-night,
Lovlck-Hafstad-Mr. Cr.rl Lovlck of
Llbby, Mont, and .Miss Louise Hafstttd
of this city were married in Cranbrook last Thursday, Fob, 28th, Miss
Hnfstad put quite a surprise over on
her many friends when the wedding
was announced. The bride lias been
employed in tlie Crows Nest Pass Lbl
Store for a number of years. The
groom is employed as Sawyer lu one
of tiie big mills at Llbby where the
young people will make their future
home. The people of Wardner unite
with us in wishing them much happiness and prosperity.
Tin play "Too Mitch Married" to he
given In Wardner soon by the Wardner Stock Co. Don't Tail to lie present. You'll laught your money's
worth.   Watch for the date.
The ladies of the Red Cross Society
were entertained al the home of Mrs.
Thos Bandy last Thursday afternoon.
Miss Lottie Leask of Cranbrook
spent a few days in the city last week
visiting MIob Dorothy Feldhnusen.
Mr. tins Kay is still holding down
tiio night operators job in the depot
Mr. Carl Lovlck of Llbby, Mont.,
was in the city on a business trip
last week.
Mr, Jack Bratthwalte gave a fine
course dinner party at the Wardner
Hotel last Sunday evening.
Mr. (lus Kay spent last Sunday in
Mrs. Henry Johnson aud son Harry
of Helena, Mont., is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Law son of this place.
John Little of Cranhrook has accepted a position with the Crows Nest
Pass Lumber Co. here.
Clark McKenzle is home again after
spending a few days vacation in Mon
Mr. Cleo. Sinclair returned from
White Sulphur where he spent a few
Mr. K. T. Coop, r of iiu* Kootenay
Oarage, Cranbrook. was in town this
week on business,
Mr nnd Mrs. J. Eastman arrived
from Lethbrldg^e this week. They intend making their home here.
ami vou
that you ■■.in soon sei rlil ot tlie
agony ol chapped lunula Hy using
Zam-Buk, Mrs. William Klstone, ot
Hallburton, Ont., writes:—
"Last winter my tiunda were very
badly chapped. I used a lot of different so-called remedies, but my
ha-ids only seemed to get worse.
Finally I tried the great herbal
healer—Zam-Buk—which completely healed them."
Mrs. M, A. Batesoo, ot Sonrls,
Man., writes:—"I have used Zam-
Buk for chapped hands, aud know
of nothing to equal Its wonderful
soothing and healing powers."   •
Zam-Buk is also unequalled for
chilblains, frost bites, cold cracks,
and cold sores; as well as ecrerua,
scalp sores, old wounds, ulcers,
blood-poisoning, piles, burns and
scalds, cuts and all akin Injuries,.
50c. a boi. i All druggists and
• lores, or Zam-Buk ro.. Toronto.
| highlands, their Bhakoed heads nod-
i ding with the brave vehemence of tho
tunes,   The drummer, in his leopard
I skin, whirled bis wrists to the thunder
; Ihat run through the old airs.   Then
| they swung to "Tipperary," lo "Marching Through Georgia," and to "Yankee
Doodle."  wiiii an accompaniment  of
j cheers.
i There was Hurry, standing before
, them, as the last piper filed into the
I wings. He twinkled at them, stepped
i forward, and raised his hand to check
j the applause. Thoy were silent before
i the man who bad given his son to the
common cause. He jested with them.
j "1 hope you don't, want me to sing|
; and dance for you today," laughed
j Harry. "I hope you are nqt all Scotch.
j for n Scotchman always wants somo-
i thing Tor nothing, and usually gels ii."
; The soldiers laughed with him.
Utile nf the Comic In His Address.
Um there was llitle of the comic in
i the swift, moving address that fol-
■ lowed, aud, for all that lie gave, Harry
I Lauder got good measure in return-
| tor time and again they shouted tlieir
approval or cupped his vehement cob
' vlction with outbursts of hand-clap-
* | ping.
From the scotch comedian's address
forth two Integral factors—that it Is
a high privilege to fight for freedom,
aud that hatred, consuming and Implacable Is the due of lhe Hun until
victory is achieved for democracy,
"Well, now," began Harry, with the
burr of Scotland clinging to bis talk.
"1 have been on this Coast for iliree
weeks, and I have met nothing else
hut, an absolute, immediate response.
I'm expecting the same thing today.
"I'm awfully Kind my audience Is
composed mostly of soldiers, because
1 am here to add my word against
anything and everything that is going
to impede victory for the United
States. All along the line I have
Insisted that the soldier shall have
all the assistance the civil population
can Rive him,
"Yet, farther from the battle front,
plrii of carelessness.
Wc want to be inoculated with tho
serum of sacrifice. Wo want to remember today that we are citizens of
a great Nation, and that you are what
your forefathers made you, freemen!
"Does the word not thrill you?" be
asked.    "It does me—to know that I
(To he comiuued next week)
Mrs. (Billy) Williamson passed
through Elko for Haynes Lnk' Saturday returning from the Coast where
she had been visit inc her husband
who is in the Military Hospital there
for wounds received In Prance,
Mrs. Jack Ingham and daughter
Jean, of Cranbrook, spent tin week
in Elko thc guests of Mr. jiajl Mrs.
Ray Hirtz, Dreghorn Villa, Riverside
Jim Thlstlebeak Bays, train your
mind to delight people; don't follow
the crowd but *tfp softly among
human hearts; stop wailing over
flowers that will never blossom on ihe
north side of your house, go around
to the south side and start a new gar-
don; decorate your centre table with
a copy of this great family paper, and
he convinced that no person could he
saved from drowning if there wasn't
any water. You can run a store without advertising and you can wink at
a girl in the dark—hut what's the use.
Music as advertised In a Vancouver
paper: "Come where my love lies
dreaming." with illuminated cover,
35c. "Trust her not," for 7Ge. "Home
sweet Home," In one flat, 15c.
Messrs. Broley and Nolan who own
the mill one mile north of the Roosviiie Post Office, and 12 miles from
Newgate, motored to Flagstone and
took thc train for Pernie and returned
the next day with the south bound
cannon ball. They started cutting
last week and are nutting the best
clear cut lumber ever seen In these
hills. They expect to he shipping
from Flagstone lu a few weeks and
this will make Flagstone a shipping
point for 3 mills.
Mr. James Fin lay of Shawnlgan
Lake, was down to Flagstone visiting
with the Joyce Brothers, The Rock
Creek Lumber Co.. this week.
Scalp Sores
If you want speedy help try the D.
D. D. Prescription. oS easy to apply,
not greasy or messy. It washes into
Ihe scalp and the relief is instant. Try-
it today on our guarantee.
TIxg LicLuidWciali
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co,
fend for Cut Mate
Price List
Vice President Grant Hall of Win-
nlpeg, General Manager of the West-;
era lines of the Canadian Pacific Rail
way, nnd F. W. Peter1;, Superintendent of the Pacific division, are expected to visit Cratibrook Friday afternoon.
ri:Mri;itvirhi: record
For the Week Kuding March fith
Thursday, February 28    40
Friday, March  I       39
Saturday, March 2      4(1
Sunday, March 3      36
Monday, March 4    29
Tuesday, March 5     32
Wednesday, March ti      33
WANTED—To buy used Ford C<f,
In good condition; apply Herald Office, j
FOR   SALE -Two   good    Aynliile
mule pups, cheap; apply Robt. Pye,
FOR SAIE-HoWeta Hull, coming
three years; good milk strain; Lund's
Ranch, Wardner. 7-4t*
FOR SALE—Cheap, ;» passenger
Touring Car in good shape. — Tlie
Kootenay Oarage.
Kaiser Declared to be Enemy of (»otf,
Deyond Pale of Aught bul Human
Hale   Barbarities ol Germans
FOR SALE - Seien Roomed House
with bathroom; two lots; gbod terms
and bargain price. -Apply A.. D:
WANTED By nn experienced Englishwoman, a post to look after Poultry and Bees, references—Miss Sells,
611 34th Ave. W., Calgary. 10-lt
FOUND — Sorrel   driving   mure,
branded op  near hip, white Htreak
down face, owner can have same by
paying expenses.   James, Mary.,vllie.
j By Ben  Hur Lampman
A little man, fearless of front,
whose eyes twinkle right merrily
behind glasses—shrewd, good natured
eyes, that make friends at a single
glance. The years have taken their
toll ln baldness alone, He Is sicdy
as any lad of 20 years, In his brown
sack-coat and the plaid kilt.
At noon yesterday, and for an hour
before, Vancouver Barracks poured a
steady stream of olive-drab through
the entrance of the Helllg- Theatre,
until ouch seat was held by a soldier—
officers and men who came to hoar
j Harry Lauder speak of the world wu'r.
Pipers   skirted shrill   airs of   the
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It has a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Jim Thlstlebeak says, that accord'
ing to the papors.Thal city of the | totho soldiers of the North
Plains,  known  as  Calgary, seems to
have an overdose of Imbecile Sunday
Observance Kill Joys.    Do these people know  that  Christ  stopped every
funeral thai came Itis way and sent
the mourners home singing'.'   Funeral
sermons   were  too  sad  for   Him  to
preach.    Every sick room He entered
became   a   health   resort.    He   made
graveyards   unpopular.     We   wonder
whttl   Ho   would  ihlnk  to  UittO  Kill
Joys  whose looks would rci'ilnd you
of a seven year's famine if He came
to Calgary  to-day?    Reporl  says He
visited Victoria.   Do they know that
i In   Kingdom nf God is Joyl   You've
heard o£  tho  minister  who   was  so
chilly  when  he- said grace, it froze
his coffee,    May God have mercy on
Mrs.  J.   P.  Stocks,    Clear Springs
Farm, Roosviiie, It. C„ expects to leave
shortly for Ottawa and points In Nova
Old   Man   Simpson,  editor  of    the
Kamloops Standard Sentinal, who in
the early days of Cast Kootauey kept
cranbrook on the map with hot air,! ■ have lound
lake  front scenery, and banana trimmings,  is  now  inviting the  residents
nf the coast cities to move to Kam-
loops if I bey want to get in ibe sunshine.
Miss 10. It. Pnterson who is teaching school al the Kootenay Orchards
near Cranbrook, and was for two and
a half years in charge of thc school
Roosviiie  where the Big Red Apples   »'•> *<  freeman and that   I  will never
grow, tells a good slory of the first   in any degree bow to Prussian mill-
fall she was there and shortly after   tary rule!    Xo man should lose his
the deer season came in.   She told   a   in,,,,.,,. ,,„, „.,.,, ,,.„ ,.-„     ... ,,,„„„ ,
certain  pupil to compose a brief es-   liljfrt>  bu   wltl h ■ ,lfe"     ' ,here ls
say in which he should say something ■ tl "ution Ihat should tight for liberty.
about all the days In the week, and! ll is the United States, because that is
thc youngster turned in tlie follow-  your symbol."
ing:   Last Monday, my brother Dick
and I killed a deer in    the    cabbage
patch,  aud  mother  told  us  that the
meal  would last over Tuesday, Wednesday.   Thursday,   Friday,   Saturday
and Sunday.
Tbe  Downs and  ileinecke  Lumber
(o., Roosviiie Valley, who have   been
sleigh hauling all winter to Flagstone
and made their last haul last week,
will put on several tractors when the j
roads   permit.    They    are    shipping
their lumber to Claresholm and other
prairie  points and are getting fancy
prices'on account of the high grade
lumber they are shipping,    It  Is ex-:
peeled thai   another mill   will  go In
about three miles north of tlie Roosviiie post office and that tho Govern-
ment will build the short cut off from \
ihe  Valley  to  Flagstone  which  will
also be a great help to the farmers.
Notable among the social events of j
tlie week was the annual meeting of
Elk Canyon Chapter of the I. O. 0. E.
which was held at tbe home of Mrs. |
Lou Foisy, Cardigan Place,   Canyon
Park.   Tbe new officers are elected as
follows:   Regent, Mrs. II. C. Waters;!
1st  Vice  Regent. Mrs. Tom  Roberts; |
2nd  Vine Regent, Mrs. Ruymond   O.
Ulrtz, Seey.-Trnns, Miss E. May Roe;
Standard Bearer, Mrs. F.li Cooper.;
I There was a largo attendance and the I
i affair passed off us smooth as a Wed-
nesday evening prayer meeting. At ■
t the close of the meeting which was
voted one of the best ever held in the :
i old Historic Burg, Mrs. Palsy asslHt-!
, ed by the newly appointed Officers, en-;
tertained them all to n most delight-:
fill tea, which was greatly enjoyed by
all   present.
Naw.WdMKffM    ''(
$300,000.00 Stock of Liquors
Must Be Disposed of By April I.
Telegraph your requirements and   receive   spociitl   low
quotations hy wire.
Chevrolet 490 A.
Because il combines the efficiency and economy of the li;jhl car, together wiih lhe comfort
and up lo dale equipment of the high priced
The Kootenay Garage
Ken port Wine Co., Ltd. agents
Kehport Ulilg.. 285-28! Kennedy Street. Winnipeg;, Man.   \ §       A|s0 Agents for    DODGE   BfOS.   CafS
ii I'MHICIIS of It, ('. citizens linve recently heen badly "Slims" bv semling orders for liquor to unknown eastern
*     I Middle West concerns.    In return they received slilpnients which nre short on case lots—contain i<oods other
Hum Unit ordered and paid for—and liijuors not of lhe brand or strength quoted.    Substitution is 11 general iirnctlcc and
sinirious brands common.
HOST lll'V LIQUORS FROM CONCERNS VOC POST KNOW   Gold Seal. I.Id., lias been in business In British Columbia Inr
over 2b yenrs.  It is a responsible ilrin.   It stands hack of its goods.
We Ship by Express and Pay Ali Charges
Coal mining rights ol tiio Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and \
Alberta, tlie Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and Id a portion of tho Province or British Colum-
bin, may be leased for a terra of
twenty-one years renewable ror a further term of 21 years at au annual rental of ?i an aero. Not mon1
than 2,660 acreB will bo leased to one
A ppllca t inn for a lease must be
made by tiio applicant lu person to
tho Agont or Sub-Agent of tlie din-1
trlct, in which the rights applied for
aro sltuuted.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described hy sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, nnd lu unsurvcy-
ed territory tho tract applied for shall
be Btaked out by the applicant himself
Ivicli application must be aecom-
punled by a foe of $6 which will be
refunded If tlie rights applied for are
not available, but uot otherwise. A
royalty shall be puld on the merchantable output of the mtho al the rate
of five cents per ton,
Tho person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for thc full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tlie
royalty thereon. If the conl mining
rightH nre not IK-Ini- operated Biioh returns should bo furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only.
For fill Information application
should be made to tbe Secretary of
the Department of tho Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—-Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not bo paid
Price     Net
per      Case
Dottle Price
ml re w  Mackintosh,  Dundee.  Old  Perfection  Scotch,
r. cases only,   Until sold, per case   #23.(10
liie & Co., Lagunvulln, White Horse Caller .ihipper.
old Islay Scotch, ordinary size li> cases, ease 84-00
Imperial Oval Quarts (50 cases), cuse  JilMIO
J. M, Macpherson's Extra Special Highland Scotch. 4n
eases.    Until sold, case   27.00
A case consists of 12 quart bottles.
standard proprietary brand of cased Scotch Whisky advertised
in this to be absolutely genuine. Hottlcd in Scotland in Government Bond, exported from the United Kingdom in eases.
stored in Canada in Canadian Government bonded warehouse
"Black and White"—Buchanan's most popular
lino in tlit world, wonderful flavor aud quality #3.50   #;tt).(HI
Peter Dawson's "Extra Special"—One of the fin
est whiskies shipped; 15 years old; limited
quantity ■ :t„',ll
Bulloch, Lade & Co., distillers of finest Highland
malt whiskies;   white Inbet;   standard of all
brands   8*25
lied Label, very line, 20 years in wood 11-50
Cold Label; limited quantity; purest and oldest 4.00
"D. 0. L."—Controlling Burns. Laird & Co., Old
Scottish Hard, in Imperial oval quart bottles;
very fine 3.75
Andrew Usher's Special "O. V. G."; in Imperial
oval quarts; direct Importation; limited quan
tity; wonderful value ,	
MncDnnald & Mulr, Leith. "White and Gold"
a liqueur Scotch; well aged and excellent In
John Dewar's "Special"	
King peorge IV 	
McConneil's Old Orkney Double O.O., pure High-
laud malt; bottled before the war; very fine;
110 eases, until sold 	
Watson's Dundee, No, IU, original importation;
a standard favorite; bottled before the war;
B0 casts 8.00
Grant's Stand Fast, a very popular whisky fn England; 36 cases   3.00
4.00     45.00
Wo guarantee lo deliver your
orders tor liquor true to brand,
full count to case, full strength
as noted on specific guarantees below, pure as to quality.
Your order will be filled Just
as carefully and rigidly as tho
you were selecting and examining the Roods over the counter,
Old Orliitoj (». 0. Wltinltj at #30
per ease at :t0 U.P., bottled in
Scotland is not worth $15 per
case nl id U.P, bottled in Canada. Dewar's Special Scotch
al $3(1 per case at 111 U.P., bottled hi Scotland, is not worth
$18 per case—$1.60 per bottle
- at 40 U.P. bottled in Canada.
Uennessjr's Three Star
CogllHIs— 1 hot, #1.00;
3 bottles #11.55, cases
of 12 buttles #15.00
Distiller) Bottled
Price Net
per Case
Dottle Price
.3.00     Jttl.lio
llcKii>pii\ MNniOlt'
l.'ciiewi- Large sUe, 12
bottles in case, most
famous line in the
world—1 bottle $8.00, :i
bottles t&5J>, case #33.
"Canadian Club". Hiram Walker's;  very famous #2.25
"Imperial" Hiram Walker's   2.00
Gooderliam & Worts' "Special"  2-25
Gooderliam & Worts' Ordinary 2.00
Joseph Seagram's No. S3   2-25
D  C. Ordinary, full strength and flavor, until
sold 2.10
II. Corby &  Sons. Gooderliam & Worts, Hiram
Walker & Sons, B. C. Distillery Co.—All special
bottling; limited supply; until sold, case 	
Gooderliam & Worts' Special, bottled in B. C;
distillery label package  	
(A case consists of 12 quart bottles)
NOTE—We guarantee the distillery bottled Rye quoted a-
bove to have been bottled at the distillery and to have the
Canadian Government's revenue stamp ns to quality and age
affixed over the capsule of every bottle.
We Do Not Substitute
I (In
l-Oill. Jug
A famous olil brand, ll'iucur — lltUtl
Old  Jamaica Rum—36 over-liroof,   Government
Oldesi und purest possible lo obtain, Bplendld .
Fine Demerarn Rum—38 overproof, Govt rnmont
Dark Navy Rum, oxcellent  	
Pure Jamaica Rum—Horace ('lark. IB over-proof!
H. B. Old Demerara Navy Hum-17 over-proof ..
Flue Jimmies Rum- London Dock, proof strentilli
Demerara Rum—Stnndnrd line, proof stretiutli.   I
I. Jug,
11 ..Ml
While Horse Collar
I'l't'T  Dawson's "Perfection"-- A   very  fine old  liquor
'cokm mini
It nous, or cos,*"*
Moukow X.XXX Old Vintage Cognac  tll.llll
I'll. Richard's Cognac, V. S. O. I'  IS .till
Gold Seal Old XXX Brandy   I2..MI
Bissau's Old Private Stock—Special vintage 1878    Ifi.511
Milan's XXX Old Pale Cognac      11.00
"Gold Bond" Pine Old Frcncli Cognac Brandy   Spoclal HUM
1-Gi.l. Jug
Bond & Co.'s Klne Old Tom Oln  * S.IIII
"Custle Brand"—Genuine Holland Oln   10.0(1
Holloway's London Dry   11.00
Gordon's Old London Dry     IS..10
John DeKuyper'B Geneva Holland   . 1 l.liO
'eacher'a Highland Cream—A favorite; standard   IS.ftll
".Mountain Daw"—The fnosi popular Scotch Whisky In
Wesiern Canada, very fine   HUM
"House of Parliament"—6, Henderson & Co., ten yen!*
old, very uniform quality and flavor   11.110
Wo guarantee every gallon of ihe above wondorful brands
or pure Old Scotch Whisky to lie exncity as roproeonlod, Im-
poriod from Scotland In ouk casks and absolutely pure. We
guarantee the strength to he nol less Hum "" U P. Canadian
(iovenillieut lest.
l-Hlil. Jug
"Tlll'ei Seal" II- year-old; very fine and special ulcuil .# 7,ftd
Uoodorham A Worts' Special; standard all over Cannda ■ ■ S.00
B. C. Special; II years In una; limited quantity  D.IM
Pun Canadian Mali White hWisky; s years old   ".00
flooderham « Worts' 8-year-old Bpeclal shipment, fine. :.S5
Jos. 13, Seagram's "Waterloo", 88 U.p  HJHI
Walker's Canadian club   SJHI
Walker's Imperial   S.00
"Hold Bond" Canadian Rye—12 years old; oldest und host
possible to obtain      SJH>
lllram Wnlker's Old Canadian Rye   7JHI
We guarantee tiio age and quality of every gallon In the
above list, full strength not less than 25 I'. P. Canadian Government test.
"Black und White"—
Buchanan's moBt pop
ular line in the
world; wonderful fla
vor nnd quality— 1
hot. *V,II. I! hot $111.-
0,1, case mill,
We   lie   lint   substitute.    Be
careful of deceptive ndverlls.
inir. Many firms arc offering
liquors who ran not supply
the brands quoted, but will
send you very Inferior grades
Ho not send money to out- ,
side firms unless you know
who they are. Many persons
have been very badly treated.
h'tlll   111,1,   I'ltlt K   LIST  WIHTK  TODAY   TO
18! WATER ST.,
NOTE? On all above brands
deduct on orders   when   all
goods are shipped at one time
only i
Three bottles or more —liie
eueb bottle.
Six hollies or more -2,'ic each
Twelve bottles or more—Case
price net, no deduction.
(One kind or assorted)


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