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Cranbrook Herald Dec 15, 1910

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Array ^1 Lew'stat/i/j
Section I
?°*[A, B. C*^
Pages I to 8
VOL. U Ml*   18
rilANllltOOK.   BIUTISH   COI-.HM KIA.   ill I'USD AY. OKI 'KMltlill  13. 1910
NO. 43
To Examine Every Stock of
Fancy Goods at Your
We Will Be Satisfied
with the result lor we know we have thc very bcsl
stock shown in tbe interior of Canada.   Wc have
taken in stock during the past sixty days.
$7,000 worth of New Goods
All bought direct from the best markets and for cash.
You gel the benefit of Our Big Buying at Ki«lit Prices.
During the past year we bave shipped any old stock we
had and Everything is Clean, New and Up-to-date.
You Will Be Cheated
If you give your friends a piece of old goods lhat has
been laying around a store lor five or six years. ,
We are Particularly Proud of
Our Large Stock ot Dolls
Every one is new.   Not an old one in Ihe place and llic
prices will surprise you.    Compare our prices, quality
considered witb any dolls offered hy the mail order
Brass is Fashionable
And our Brass is fashionable because il is new and
up lii-daic.   Every person is complcmcniini; us on ilu-
selection and the price.
Books Are Our Silent Friends
A Hook is appreciated and remembered Inn*; afler il is
read. We have more books and a bigger variety ilian
any store on Ihe line Look them over: chouse, and
have il neatly wrapped in a handsome hollj box. ll
looks Christmassy and enscy.
Miss McKerlie is a Book Expert and will assist you
in your choice.
Now Don't Forget
Wc don't want any snap judgment on our stock. We
want you to sec Ihem all: then Innk al ours and wc
know what your judgment will be, quality considered,
for we don'l handle any cheap imilation. shoddy goods.
Everything is just as represented nr vour money
Your Safety in Our Prescription Department
during the holiday rush will be sale guard-d by Frank
<i. Murphy.    Thai is sufficient guarantee for anyone
who knows.   Those who don't know should ask their
Beattie - flurphy
Company,   Limited
The Santa Claus Store
Your Mall Orders arc appreciated here.
Cranbrook's Christmas Cheer
Progress of city during past year and outlook for the future, discussed
by representative citizens
Wide-Awake Merchants of City Announce their Holiday Offerings in this Issue
Tin-    Christmas  season is at hand
ami Cranbrook's stores contain ample '
tv iii onee ot iis near approach    Map
pll)' ilii- past year has lieen nm-      o( I
such consistent progress uml prosper- J
ity for this community, ihal one .iml |
ul) can regard iis approach with   unqualified delighl     Tin- columns     nl {
this    issue ol tin-   Herald amply tes  j
tify in tlio spirii in which thi-   mei  -
chants of Crnnhrook are entering in I
to the    huslness    ol the restive sen I
son.    Cranbrook  people will lie    as
well    provided  for as    those in any
other section of the Dominion   N'evcr
More    have    Cranhrook merchants I
inuih* sut-h    lavish preparations    for
thin season   nml the reason therefore,
is simple: Cranhrook has enjoyed    n
good year ami has iln- hesl or     rea
sons lor   anticipating an even bettei
one next year.
The Herald has secured the views
tif Three prominent citizens on this
aspect ot the situation, Ihose of lhe
mayor, ilu- president oi the hoard nl
Hade ami nf Ah. \ llwle Maker, the
sou or the father of lhe cily ami bim
■If one of its oldest residents;
His Worship Mayor Kink says:
"In reply to your tjuer> as to my
ideas as to the future nf Cranbrook ami Kast Kootenay, would say
that I ant, perhaps, more optimistic
iban tin* average man, Imt when 1
look hack over the pasl thirteen
years and note Hie progress made
during ihai linn-, I tliink nne is justified in saying the district is only
in Its infancy. I arrived in Wan!
wr. B. C, September 20th, 1807,
alter three day* of hanl driving
from Kalis|H-II. Mont. Now one can
homes. They have kepi Hie price uf
Vancouver in eighteen   hours     ami
Winnipeg in thirty-six hours. And
in making an) of these journeys
one can enjoy the comforts ot the
most palatial trains on the \mcrican
continent Twelve years ago Cranhrook had nm- smalt saw mill, thai
of tlie Cranhronk Lumber company,
wheii was located about nne mile
above town on St. Joseph's Creek.
I was informed that this mill, with
a capacitv of perhaps 1500 feet per
day. would cut all Hie timber in the
Ustricl in live years Sot* there
are twenty-thru- saw mills, one lie
mill ami six large lactones in the
district between Vahk on the west
and Klko on the east These twen-
ty-lhree   mills   have u totnl average
daily   rapacity     uf at   least  700,	
feet during six lo eight mouths ol
each year with live to twenty years
supply ol Umber each
.Mr. wllllam Hamilton and other-*
have demonstrated beyond doubt
that the land Is well adapted [or
fanning and Irn:l growing Mining
i.s a very grent factor in the upbuilding of ilie district Tin- hig
St. Kugene and other mines at
Moyie. the hig Sullivan and North
star at Kimberley, bave been stead*.
shippers fur a number ol years Tin-
building ul tin- Kootcna) Central
railway will open a magnificent [arming ami mining OOUfttt) to tin-
north ol Cranhrook The large electrical pOWCI pl.ltil of the Hull ItlVi-i
Power and l-lgbl company, which |i
neuring completion, will do much
toward the advancement ol the different Indus tri.- of Hn- district
Mum of ui bave grievances against
the railroads, imt, notwithstanding
this, we must admit much credit is
dm- the C.P K ("r the pari they
have played in opening up thi*   part
of tlu* province    Tbo C.P.R    have
lieen exceeding!) good to Crtnbrooll
in many ways It is due In the
company that we hale in manv nice
reach Spokane In about seven bourn,
real estate low and at terms that
enabled most anyone tn hulM and
own their own home Thej have
given Cranhronk as good Freight
rates ns any town In Hie Interior ol
the province They established and
maintained sttopi here which. I am
told, nre second tn none m the
west, nnd have employed as line a
hody of men »s there is to be
found in the whole ol Canada.
Cranhrook is iust entering upon a
very rapid and healthy growth and
I do not believe thnt I .tm overestimating when I say she will, inside ot hve years, have a population
nl nt least ten thousand. Her
school,     hospital.     churches, bulges.
homes, banks,  mercantile I tea and
hotels will compare \vr\ favorably
wilh any town in Camilla mth Hie
same   populutinn Compare     the
price ul   real estate     In Cranbrook Prairie"    was   n   heathen      Chinee Ip till the 10th the sales for   tins
with uthei towns ol   the wcsl    with known bj  Hie nam.'    ol thc captain, month   amounted    to   $3600,     Tin*.
equal    population nml   resources and eommonl)  supposed lo hate been   in showing the need fur extension       of
joit   will liml    ours   nt lonst 50 per L-omuiiiad ol a pirate junk, othei   rt- business quarters and residential re
cent  lower.      We have every reason ports, rather confirmed b) his    own quirements.
to   feel   proud of "Beautiful     ('ran ver) lucid narratives, had it thai hi The country    surrounding      Cran
brook." occupied    tin- proud pos tion ol pub- brook is gradual!)  settling up    with
.1   P   Kink, Major lie executioner, details ol which   oc- farmers,    the   backbone of any eom-
  eiipatiou he was fond of telling,    es inunity, oui  sawmill enpacivj   is be
H    T      UltVMNKIt,    PUKSlDliXT peciallj    tlte end which was summed Ing   Increased, our   mines arotwork
IIOA KD OF TIIAl'K up in a favorite expression, ''enl him lug,   .ill   contributing    a share    to
The year whieb has iust closed has head oil quick." maintaining and gradual I)  extending
been a most satisfactory one in everj      The Cnilhraiths and  the otbei two the    business and   with it the pros
line ni business       The  lumbei  busi were at  thai  lime thr onl)  resident! pcritj   and  growth of our  town
ness has   been in hotter shape   than ol whal     is    now   the citj   of Cran- 	
for some time   past, mining is look brook In furthei evidence ul the real pro-
lug up ami uur retail merchants t«*
porl a bumpci year. \ new high
water mark has hem reached in the
year's building.
The several changes which have
taken place in ilu- face nf uur business streets have been, m all cases,
in the tine of progress and failures
an- practically unknown.
The starting of ilu- construction of
tin- Kootenay Central railway has
given au Impetus in business up tin
vallej of which t'ranbrook is getting
its full .share.
Too much attention cannol be
given to the wnrk ol publicity which
ilu- board uf trade has endeavored in
carry out Ihis year This Is a
movement frum which it is nol possible tn get Immediate cash returns,
hut it is evident lo every far-seeing
citizen ibat the future ot oui i ll >.
depends upon tin- united efforts nf all
Hit citizens Then- is mi reason
wh) Cranbrook should not in- au Important distributing point and wit)
wholesale houses should not make as
great a success as has hern the re- i
ward uf our retail merchants in the
pasi Wc have lois of -room lor n
hig city here and -very new Bet Hei
Cteans an increase in business ..- .-'] j
lines To net new settlers - ■ i
let the world know wnnt we Ime    ;
Joseph's Prairie twenty-five years
ago consisted of the old Oalbralth
ranch, log dwelling house and store, j
stables ami cattle sheds    and        •
small log building occupied bj     Mi  J
John   (iastauis Norrts, tbe customs
bouse ol-floei
One     other        resident       ol  "The
Ii.  1886, ;. j    fathei. the ' ■"■   I
one) Baiter, purchased • •   raocfa and
named   it;-- place   .-;   r ai
II) property in Englan       L'nti   . ■ ■"
Cranbrook was run   as a cattle ranch
and farm, and was mon   or li --
rendezvous   f-*r       ner   and
Irom the Moyie, Pern Creek and St
Mary's  countries        The  p ■ :. latioi
of   the    countn    at large c nslsti
of a   few scattered farmers and miners,      and   one arid all   wait-ii .
such   time .t* some railwaj
pan) saw fit lo come and build       a
road    through   what      -•■■•■ all knew
was a rich country
The rich eoal deposits ..f the
Crows Nest Pas ntually tbe
cause nf the f P R building tbeh
present line, a l - ... ■ -■''-1
tears of -constant endeavori of j
father, wlm mad' man) trips to ice
different railway mei to tel
of our wonderful i o intrj ai.ii the
enormous possibilities Ii i thc railwa]
thai   got   I
It came aftei years ol wai tii - •**■*
with the advent ol the   road    i.. .
the business   -.*    ai    ol I •■:    v.!." located in Cranhrook and have      made
ll the g I town it I ■ todaj
The   conservative     management <<\
the towns! tc has   been tbe meani ol
preventing a hooi   al an
instead   "i Hie    -; .   rooi      ,•■■■■ th
common    to   mosl     wi  tci n towi
Cranbrook   has grown steadily    and
substantial!)     giving     it a t.: Inei
standing iccond to none In thi  i oun
To give an idea ol the ronfidrnce
iii the future ol our town, tbe
■ales ol town lots during thi nontb
nf October last amounted to 117,500
■ ** and splendid    future prospects
city arid district, we have obtained Iron     Mr     K  Elwell, of the
■ •■■'.:. real estate firm ol Beale
ell, ol this city, a copy of
irt un the local real estate*
:.  .supplied   to  the   Hank        of
■-:.*. which reads as follows:
Replying to your inquiry as to
Ibe business conditions during the
pasl year regarding real estate. I am
inform you that business
has lieen good generally in connection
real estate, particular!) there
-..-.   been s decided detnand fur   cheap
(•improved lands, which have been
: quite eonslderablj throughout tb*- district in largo tracts, and I
think tlie general idea on the part of
the purchasers ;s to Improve and develops tbe cheap lands and place.
them "ti tbe market at a hlgtiej
price This movement has been,
throughout tire district from Klko"
up • ■ (lolden and also between
Kingsgate and this citv It is difficult 1!>r me i-u estimate the n'mn-
■*: at r«-s ol cheap land that has, '
bul I feel quite satisfied
In stating that it will cover at KiVi
; 5,000 acres — "
With regard to town property
there have been a great nurobci pf
satet. In ' ranbrooli r--.il estate, more
- (ban evei before, and thi*-- city
never appeared to be In a more
prosperous condition than at 'he
presenl \s    you    ar*-   doubltes-
aware, value ol propert) in      cranbrook i-   b'-iil   todaj    far ui
proper value In comparison srith  >t*b*
■r cities Mf th-»- same size, and      tho
'Continued on paw- two )
commi.kci;. ami is Till-: DISTANCK, Till-; M-:u PUBMC SCHOOL HUIMMNCI
11 \ N K    i )V Till.   CKXbKOOK    U.EKALD
Cranbrook's Christmas Cheer
same conditions of prosperity, anil
the public ure only just realizing,this
tact, with tbe result that the imiiu-d-
■-" late demand for property is conslder-
Dbble. There hove been u few sales
witb outside points, Fort Steele,
Waldo, Elko, Kimberley, Moyie. hut
t-btse are more or less Incidental.
There bas been very Utile activity
ia tbt; sale ol improved lands or
tarms, but I consider that the time
has nut yet come when high prices
can be asked and obtained for these
lands, but undoubtedly it will only
be a very short time before tin exceptional value of our lauds will »e
unoerstood and appreciated lit the
general public, when from 816.00 to
110000 an acre will he qulto a common price per acre fnr Ian I iu tills I
■rtistrict, As soon as the Kootenav j
Central railway is complete! I    ex-
(Continued from page nne.)
remarkable expansion, attributable
.directly to the growth of the city
ami the increased settlement in the
surrounding districts,
Iu face of these facts, ami they are
facts, carefully gleaned from Impar
Hal sources, is it any wonder that
Cranbrook's citizens an- entering a;)
on the Christmas season with well
satisfied minds ami renewed confidence in the future?
Incidentally it may be remarked,
that there was not a'single ease of
business failure in this city during
tin- past year, and only ol nne in the
surrounding districts, ami that was
due morn to Inexperience on the purl
of the operator than to any lark of
orders m payments un tin- same.
t'ranbrook is very much alright,
.progress uf     tlie cily, so, in      like
!milliner, his own    drug, hook, faucy
goods and   stationery business    was
expanding   in    even a greater ratio.
Willi Important Interests iu      every
inti-rpri.se knit up witli the progress
ol   the city and a vast number   outside nf il, In- found il necessary     lo
hnve mure fsecdom   from the uay in
nml   day out     attention to business
; and lo forward   this end In*   creilml
I the Heat lie-Murphy company, whercol
, | tan). Murphy    (.-son of Daniel      K,
1 .lurph) of   the    C.P.U.) whom    lie
I trained   uinu r Ins own oyo nud guld
mice, forms what may'In-   called the
jiiuior, or hanl working, end ol     tie
combination,   Prank Is a mosl highly
i[iiulificil druggist and what he   does
mil Know    about    Hie details of   all
the olhor depai I men la of   tho       big
stun- is    imt  worth talking   about.
situations, liis lordship luuud toi
the pluintili and gave judgment
against the company fur SaOO and
costs. M. A. Maid on aid appeared
for thc plalntin and C. R. Humll-
tuu, K ,C, for the company.
-?***j**-"-5**. **&!*£
pert to see a numbei ol farmers
i-crnx in and take up valuable Iambi,
which are situated on its route and
look'forward to a greater production
of hay and other commodities "
Building activity has been marked
throughout the year, but more particularly towards its close Rough-
ly.-estimated, and exclusive of many
private structures, the total ol mon
ey invested in new buildings in
Cranbrook this year exceeds WOO,
000, a very considerable increase over
tbe total expended fur the same pur
pose last year. Buildings of a per
man-eat nature an* now becoming thc
rule in tbe principal huslness sec
tion, and in addition to those erected
tbis year there is promise of at least
three more during the early pari ol
neit year.
Every business man in Hie citv, in
l-er viewed on the subject has ex
pressed practically the same view
•ilth regard to the business outlook.
One and all agree that tbe past
twelve months have been the best in
the history ol the city and that the
immediate past three months have
shown larger turnovers and a   quite
Tbe man who can pull the development of Cranbrook after him must
have initiative and strength of character away above the average. Robert E. Beattie, better known nH
Bert, Beattie, is the man wbo :,■■
eomplished this feat. Five or sis-
years ago the post ollice formeil
pare of bis drug store ou the corner
rrccntl)' vacated hy the Imperii:
hank. Wanted elbow room be hulll
where the Beattie-Murphy store now
stands. It was away out In the.
brush then, hut soon the Kink Mercantile and the government buildim;-*
were built beyond it sn that 'he line
ol expansion followed the post ollice
as the center ot thc city's activity
Sunn the premises became dangerous
ly narrow so that the postal department bad to overflow into the
quarters now occupied by the Ru-
ivorth Bros, and once again the
pressure ami increase of business
compelled the post office tj mo- c
to the present new building where
it is the literal truth, the summer
snipe were breeding two years ago.
While the volume ol tbe post olliee
transactions was increasing with the
\   very lev;    years     agu we all knew
him as ii singularly, bright, civil ami
; absolute!) straight young let low.
lie is very young, still for one Killing such a large interest in a big
i ntorprlse, bul he is the snme
Prank we always knew him. He
may possibly Improve, but he      na-.
bo need tn.
"I!. !■:." says he is thinking id
Inking ii holiday fur a mouth or mi.
It is tu be hoped lhat in the meantime nothing uf moment affecting Hie
progress of the city may arise lor
whenever elear-headed, long-sigh!1? I,
reliable advice, backed wilh ban;
cash, is incited, li. R, B. is the man
ttllO    can he relied ou   to deliver the
\ greal Liberal in polities, he is n
greater liberal In other relations    o!
life, where    lhe helping hand can   be
i ktended withoui parade ami blowing
nl    trumpets.       Ho   bales hcarlni
: people, friend ur loe, traduced behind
iheir backs and he    is n holy terror
lo all    kinds ol   cauf nml hypocrisy
I Thos.- who know    him best  like   aud
[admire him lhe must, ami when   all
I i. said,  he and Prank  are a  might)'
I combination   ami a   power in       tbe
j land
Firat case called was tbat of
WatUburg Lumber company vs.
t'-ooke Lumber company, nf Kaslo.
Action to recover $4000 damages Ior
loss of a boom of logs, which tbe
plaintiff charged were allowed to escape through tbe negligent e of tho
delyndant in moving them As u
material witness for the defendants
Mr'. 0. R. Yates did not appear the
■ action on tbe application uf the
titfea-ianta was postponed till tbe
Ftbruar? sittings, the defendant s
paying tbe costs of the day and
witness tees.
U. A. Macdouald lor plaintifls, W.
Proctor Lumber company, the ite-
icndant, Watts, accepting Ihem as
purchases in lieu of Hcrnm and consenting tu tbe assignment Tart nf
ihe lund on which the mill was
erected was leasehold property, held
under lease from (ieorge Alexander,
uf Kaslo, and tbe lease contained a
eoiivenant not to assign without his
consent. At tho time of the -sale tu
Her run Alexander was away ami bis
consent not obtained, Her ron ue
ceptlng the agreement without this
consent It was believed by nil
parties tbat on Alexander's return
ibis consent could be readily obtain
nl. Alexander, however, refused tu
give bis consent unless certain con
ditions were complied with, vi?'
that the Proctor Lumber company
should sell lumber to residents in
ami around Proctor lor two do!
lars a thousand less than Nelson
pi Ices.    The defendant Watts offered
ments uml recover the $20,000 paid
und   Ibe COSis nf      Improvements      In
.in* property, The defendant counter
claimed fur the shortage in stuck ami
damages lo the property while tbey
wen* in possession, Judgment was
reserved, .las. O'Shen ami VV. I).
Karris fm the plaintiffs. M. A Macdonald lur ilefelidaat
iill.I.is     \s      VAN  KOI MINIMI
This was a claim for damages
hroughl by -lus. tiillis, who was injured iti the defendant's mine at
New Denver on llecember Huh, UK)!!
(Bills was working at No. 7 ehuli
drawing ihe ore (herefrom and al
lowing it in puss Into a chute he
low, a distance uf tin feet on this
lower chute a staging was construct*
ed on which the phiinlifl was obliged to stand while performing his
work.      Ih- bad uo previous exper
A   Macdonald, K.C, for tbe defend
This action commenced on Tuesday
morning and continued for four days,
The defendant in October, 1907, sold
bii-jnllling premises and timber lands
at .-Proctor, B.C., to R. II. Herron.
ol Cobalt, for $80,000, upon which
MO.OOO was paid. in February,
IM,1, Herron assigned his agreement
tot purchase to tlu* plaintiffs,      the
it-nee, being sent to wnrk ai thc
place in question a half hour before
the accident. A large piece ol ore
came down the chute, striking a
plank   on    which   lie   was standing,
io indemnity tbe Proctor Lumber
company against this provision ami
also om-rtd to sublet lo them ur
bear the costs of any action brought
by Alexander.      This    the Proctor. ,„   	
Lumber company were not willing to J breaking it and causing him to fall
accept. In the meantime they Into the lowot chute He sustained
continued in possession and reduced Injuries to the right leg, which In*
the slock, the defendant claimed, to capacitated him (..r four months
the extent of $20,000 or mure ami Plaintiff alleged that the singing
finally abandoned the properly In i was defective and Hint the foreman
September, 1009. They then brought in charge, knowing the work was
ibis   ai-tloa   to    rescind thr agree ! dangerous, did not give him full In
MI-O-NA Will lure Vou.
Black specks floatlig before your
eyes—dizziness ami sick spells, prove
lhat your liver is out ol order, your
digestion bad and your internal machine rj general!) out "1 order. To
remedy tlris stato ol alliilrs you must
go to the seat of tlie evil and tone
ip the stomach.
\ll-0 s'.. Tabids uro a petlecl
stomacli tunic ami will relieve indigestion "i join Tin y do mure
limn Ihi hu thej nlso run- biliousness, vuu n ing ol piegimncy, sea or
cn sickness and stuitittcli disorders
caused by excessive indulgence.
UI-o-NA cures hj strengthening
and invigorating the stomach, It is
guaranteed hy The UcatHo-Murphy
i ii., I,id., who will refund your mon-
r-j if ii fails A Inrge box costs
vmi ."iiu-. (ium yum druggist or postpaid rrom The It. T Itoolll ('•>.. Limited,  .-''ill   Krie. (in!
(In Saturday, Deeemhei l.ih, the
public will have a chance lo see the
public school children   al the   opera
ni: i. when thej will present a
< hiislinas cantata "Around Hi
World  with Santa  Cl.ius."
The children Ime been working
.■ Haul, as well as the faculty, li
produce an enlertulnmenl Worthy of
Hie patronage of Cranbrook's ever)
i,i,i:., and ii i- i» In- hoped that
he Opera house will he filled to its
it mosl cnpacit) na this occasion
Tlie public s< hnnl is perhaps the
musl Important institution in thc
eitv, as the city's future depends
largel) upon thc coining generation,
and the work of the public school,
whether it be educational, or of the
social klort, should arose lhe keenest
interest of every loyal, fair-minded
citizen. As will he seen by thi
announcements around town, the proceeds will he devoted to HlC purchase
of a plnno for the school's use,
something which is needed very bail
ly, ii the children ore lo have any
kind of a musical education, and it
spenks well for the enterprise of
both faculty and scholars, iluU tbey
-.InmId undertake in suppl) themselves iu this wai Tickets arc
elling fur JiOc. inch, with a limited
number of reserved seats at 75c,
The programme will he found here
with, and judging from its contents
iroiniscs one of Ihe must Interesting
events of thc season Oivo your
school children an encouraging
hoost, by filling ihe Opera house for
them on Saturday night.
The following will be lhe pro
Chorus—"Hitig, King, King" 	
            The School
Song—"From Christmas l*'nr Away
•Song—"We're   Children   From Siberia"        Siberian Children
Sung—"Japan'.-, Welcome" 	
•Inpanesc Uir
Song-"\Ve're    lulled    the   Island
Fairies"   Island Fairies
'Song—"We're Shepherds prom the
liethlebeiu Hills'-     Shepherds
Song—"In    Honor   of uur   King"
Miss Maiutic Short
Dull ami Speeialt) • ..Spanish Cirls
Guitar Solo Miss Mabel Strug
'Music by (leu   |), Ingram.
Sailors ..    	
Hoys from  Mi    Cranston's   Itoom
Siberian Children   .......
 From Miss Henley's I toon
■Japanese Girls ..   	
  From Miss It. Alward's Itoom
Uland Fairies 	
From Missis Hamilton and Pator
  Krom Miss Alward's Itoom
Spanish (Jirls 	
... Frnm Miss Hick's Itoom
Lancers     Prom Miss Baton's Room
From Misses Paton, Hamilton ami
Mist Henley's Itoom.
Scotch Qirls
Prom Miss Alward's Itoom
Kngllsh fllris 	
From Mt. Cranston's Room
Produced t ndei  Musical Direction ol
Hen   1*   Ingram.
I  Wh a.
Pianoforte Duel . "SWlclta"
\h .   I ml  .u I Master Kink.
I.iinu'1 ■■ 11)   the Wee  Totfl
■\\r      -.ui    Beneath    tho
Xmas Stars" Sailor
specialty und Kong      	
"O'Coptaln"         Hrowntcs
Scotch SpCClalt)   and Song	
"Burns and Braes" ... Scotch Girls
Highland   Fling    hy    Misses    Ithoda
Wright and Dorothy McVittic.
Specialty    March    ami   Flag Drill
by Knglish (Jirls
Drill Leader, Miss Frances Drummond,
Chorus—"Cranbrooh Public School"
 The School
Words and music by Geo, D. Ingram.
(loll Save the King.
Santa Claus—Mr. Sidney KImer.
Captain of Ship—Mr. Raymond Arm-
si mug
Scene—Deck of lhe Xmas Ship on its
Xmas Voyage
News of the District
Written by. Bright Correspondents and Gleaned from Newspapers
(By Fred Roo.)
Blessed are they that expect nothing for thev shall not be disappointed.
The way some men [iee/.e onto
money would make a safe deposit
vault look like a sand hank.
Read all about Tobacco Plains in
iie\t week's Christmas Herald for
tin-   in-; celebration    at the   Indian
vi lingo near Roosvlllo, ami he convinced thul no person could be saved
Hum drowning it there wasn't any
Mr. and Mrs. Kred Wnyli.lt, ui
"The Palm," Kernie, are visiting
with Mr. and Mrs ll. Oldlaml, Knob
Hill. Kred will take .. few leaves
back with him.
Tin- Columbia Concort company
played iu Klko .Saturday night, December 10th, to a full house. The
musical critic being away south on a
duck hunt, iis Impossible to give on
nut hen Ue report on the merits of
lhe performers, but the hoys toy
that Emily is sun- a Pippin on thc
Hill Comlosscl, the pumpkin 'nisei-, from the Kootenny river, was in
Klko Sundu) looking as humble unl
home sick as a shccplicrdcr on i cow
Three big game hunters brought i
twelve big deer Monday evening
frnm the South Fork ami left Tuesday morning on the west bound ins
sengcr for Cranbrook. Klko is llic
most talked of town along thc Crow
today* See Klko and Bless Hnd
from whom alt blessings flow.
Mrs. .1. Thompson, ol the Colum
Ida hotel, was visiting her daughter
at Passburg, Alta., last week
A grass widow is nne who makes
hay in thc moonshine.
Mr .lohn Todhuntcr, ol
river, is visiting his family
berland House, Riverside P
An old maid is merely a woman
who has been engaged once too seldom.
Miss Beauty   Blue fI roust
Elko Hits   week frnm   Wedding Cake
mountain and left fur Cranhrook.
.Jimmy Miller, manager of thc Pat
Hm ns long clear bacon ami summer
sausage comedy company, Kernie
was visiting Krag, Waldo and Elk)
W. c. I.cacey is away to Nelson
ihis week, in consequence Klko is
tilling up with back door comedians
They seem to know when Bill's
away. There'll he a scattering
when he returns.
Decorate your center table with a
copy of this great family paper.
Miss Lonely tiirl wishes us to say
that the clothes pin social will take
place some time after New Year's,
ami those having Invitations will be
notified as tu the dale ami she promises a rip roaring time.
A man can rim a stun- without advertising aud lie can wink al a *iirl
in the dark      Bin what's the use
Thc woods around Klko are filled
with 'ti' *ut Binokeless humming birds
Elko is forty-five miles Irom Cran
brook ami nineteen miles from Fer
nie, but the way Elko is building up
Hie distance will lie much shorter ir
a little while.
Miss Ruby Red Wing aud Miss Fly
ing Hawk, who have been in tin
east the past two months visiting
the Pagans, returned home Wednesday.
Bobby Burns said: "Man was made
tu Mourn." Ami then- are dozens of
women iu the world who see that he
at Cum
(Special correspondence.)
The opening id the Baptist church
look plan- un Sunday morning. The
Presbyterian ami Methodist churches
were closed, theii respective ministers taking part in ilu- opening ser-
v it e Tin- choli supplied muilc,
which was belli beautiful and ap
propria tc      a dinner ami entertain
ment were held on Mumlav even
The people ol Kernie won- mournful dices nu Saturdaj when they
beard ibe m-w.*. of ihe terrible explosion at Hellenic Manv people
here can truly sympathize with the
friends ot the deceased.
Mrs. .1. K, Rudniiki returned frnm
Ituiifi lust week, where she has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. C. C.
11. I,. Blnckstuiie, ngmt of the (I,
N. railway, has resigned bis position
to accept one with the Western Pacl-
Ifie railway at Sacramento, Cal.
Mr. Blaekstone is to he congratulated on his promotion, but Fernle
Is sorry to lose him and his genial
wile from their midst. They lelt
this week Ior iheir new homo.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. B. Turney, of
Lethbridge, t Isi ted Kernie friends
Inst week.
L. P. Eckstein attended tne civil
sessions ol the supim* court at Ncl
son last week.
The fittings arc being,installed in
the new court house this week. Contractor il. Brolcy expects to have
tho building completed by the New
Hr. Corsaii is down at the coast,
Hr, (ieorge, provincial veterinary
inspector, inspected the local dairies
last week.
Triweekly night schools are being
held In Kernie for the foreigners
who have no other means of becoming acquainted with our language
Rev, Father Mlchols teaches the
Kieneb and Belgians, Kather Tulles
lhe Italians and Mi Rudulcki, of the
Home Bank, the Slavs, Poles and
Russians. These classes are held iu
the class room al (he Central
school overy Monday, Wednesday and
Friday ovening
The new ollieers uf Klk Rivet lodgi
Nu Ha, Al' ,v A M.. were elected
tut the coining year
W  M.—Dr. Corsnn,
s  W.-.\lex. 1. Fisher.
.1, W.—.1. S. Volume
Secretary—tl. (I.  Henderson.
Ti ■'usurer—Samuel Oraham.
Tyler-W. 11, Whlmster.
The annual election ol officers
Crows Nest Chapter, No. 137, Royal
Arch Masons, was held in the Ma
sonic hall on Tuesday evening o
last week:
Z-.I. A. McEwiog.
ll.-.l. s. Volume.
,1,-Robt. Buthtc.
s. K.-F. C. Dubois.
s. N—Samuel Graham,
Treasurer—(i. (i. Henderson.
P. S.-.I. II. Marshall.
•Ian.—W. II. Whlmster.
lu the early autumn everyone was
dreading an early and hard winter
but now we are in great fear ol
having too short a one. The weather is loo mild for Ice so we iust
hnve to sit bac k and wait with a
pleasant smile, as the weather is
something that Fernie people cannot
(Special correspondence.)
Mrs. Lottie Olendennlng and Mrs
Benedict went to Wardner last
Thursday to see the ears.
Mr. and Mrs. Bohart and daughter,
ol Wardner,   took advantage ot    the
sleighing the other day and drove t
Bull River Kails.
Peter Regan, the C.P.R freight
man, who has beca troubled wilh an
ingrowing toe nail for some time
had the misfortune to have a horse
step on it, which caused bim such
great pain that lockjaw set In, and
he was conveyed in Hie Cranhronk
Herman SchuU, oi Madison, Wis.,
one of the directors of the company,
reached camp last Friday evening
Wc are always pleased to see Herman drop lo on us at any time, and
miss bis pleasant countenance alter
be takes his departure. He is very
much interested in thc affairs of ill
company and always comes loaded
for business.
Joe Hurling went to Cranbrook
last Saturday after his daughters,
who have been at thc Cranhrook hospital for several weeks, where the
youngest bus been under treatment
fur blood poison.
While Ham Henderson was driving
nails through a lioard lie held his
knee against it to make the driving
of the nails more solid ami in consequence lie bas been nursing a lame
leg Hie past week, just because tin
nail was too long and bad no other
place to go only Into his knee cap.
('sear llcliNcin. who hns been
the employ of the Power company,
has ben havini* In-ijiient sick spells,
went to Cranbrook last week tu consult a doctor, and wns advised ti
change climate, as this high altitude
has a bad effect on his heart.
The first real destructive fire in
our camp occurred last Sunday after
noon While Mr. Armstrong was
performing tonsorlnl work upon n
patient, his shuck caught mi lire am1
us the ron! onl) consisted of a tell I
top, it rct-niicd but a moment
until his covering was the cttnop) ul
llic heavens, (ireat excitement pre
vailed, but the Bull River lire com
pany did some excellent wnrk Onl)
one accident occurred, Hurry Mender
son receiving a severe hum ou bis
Prof. Richardson and wife, of Fort
Steele, ealled on their many friends
in camp last Sunday, and in the
evening Mrs. Richurdson rendered a
number of vocal selections very ac
ccptahly tu many Interested listeners, who appreciated the entertainment very much indeed.
The weather is very moderate lor
the Reason of tbe year. A person
would scarcely realize (hnt It ts a
winter month, only thnt the calendar
makes the declaration. The company is taking advantage of it and
pushing the work at thc big dam.
Kvery day brings It nearer completion, and when finished it will be a
mammoth sUittlurt
MARYSVILLE       '*>
.T.T„, , i
(Special correspondence.)
A surprise party paid a visit to
tho homo of Mis. 13, Bidder on Saturday lasl, it being the anniversary
of bet birthday. Among those pre*
sent were Mr. and Mrs. .1. Bennett,
Miss B. Bennett, Master Humid Ben
licit, Mrs. II. I.. Sawyer, Mrs. p
Hundley, Miss N. lliiudtey, llurvcy
llamllev, Mrs. Kennedy, S. .lones.
Mis. 1,. Ilciebmer, Mr. II. Webb,
Mi ami Mrs. (i. Hawkins, Mr. uml
Mrs. Hoiirnili, Mr. und Mrs. W. Bid
dn, Ernest and Harold Bidder, K
llawkes, R. Ersklnc, .1 Miller, Mr.
and Mrs. (i James, ('has. tfnteriumi
und others, Each person bringing
with ihem cukes, fruit, etc The
early part of the evening was spent
in selections on the grnmnphouu,
singing, games, etc, Tbe remainder
of the evening being spent in dancing. -Mrs. Kennedy rendering "Silver
Bell," accompanied by ('has. Waterman on the guitar in line style.
Qiurtcllcs "Love's Golden Bream"
and "Footsteps on the Stairs,'' were
given by Mrs/ K. Bidder, contralto,
Mrs. llorman, soprano, .1. Ilormau
tenor and 0. James, basso. Mr. J.
llorman also contributed n few
clog dances, which were greatly enjoyed by those present. 'The music
was supplied by Messrs. .lames and
Musical Charlie and A. Quay were
up Hie river for a couple of days
deer hunting, but returned with thc
same old cry "Nothing doing!"
P. Lund has several teams on
sleighing down ties from Matthew-
creek to the depot here.
1 Special correspondence.)
Miss Amy Steenerson, of Gateway,
accompanied her friend, Miss Louise
Idiiiau, as far as Rexlord, Mont., on
Lemuel Carpenter was a visitor in
Kalispel) during last week and returned to his ranch near Gateway on
Mrs. S. P. Johnston returned to
Gateway on Saturday alter a visit
to her old home In Colfax, Wash.
Mr. Clarkson, ol Eureka, Mont.,
was a visitor iu town on Sunday.
Many of the young people ot (iate-
wuv have been enjoying themselves
skating for the last two weeks,
Mr. Fred Roo and son were callers
in Gateway from Roosvlllo on Saturday.
(Special correspondence,)
Mr. James Downey, photographer,
wus iu Fertile this week on business,
Mr. Anderson spent Sunday with
his family in town.
.Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shnrpe have
returned to spend tbe winter months
witb their daughter, Mrs. R. A.
Green, alter doing homestead duties
on their ranch near Lethbridge, Alta.
Henry Binland, formerly of Wardner, is spending a lew days at the
home of Mrs. J. Martin. Henry is
recovering from an attack of typhoid.
.Messrs. I.nudbom, Wilson and Pen
nock were in Kernie last Saturday uti
Miss Minnie Service and Miss
Drummond, id Cranbrook, spent sun
day in town, lhe guests of Mr. ami
Mrs   it   \. Orecn.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Smith were
wilh Cranbrook friends last Tuesday.
Miss \cina Kmhree returned from
Cranbrook a few days ago, when* ibe
has been spending a lew days wilh
lu-r 11 ii-nd, Miss Wright
Mie iitto Winer, ol Cranhronk,
spent u couple of days this week
wilh Wanlm-i friends.
Mr. Levi Fein was in Cranhinok on
Friday last visiting Mrs. Fein, wlm
Is very ill with typhoid fever al the
Si. Kugenn.
Mr. R. Alkin, ol the Crows Nest
store, was in Crnnhrook last Saturday.
A masquerade ball will be held on
the evening ol Thursday, December
..-Jiil, in the Library hull. Everybody is invited to lie present thut
Jack Elmer, of Cranbrook. met
with n serious accident here on Friday evening last. While putting up
electric fixtures, lie missed his footing and fell a distance ot about 25
feet, causing an internal injury. Br.
Lees vvas called and took the injured
lad to Cranhrook hospital, where his
injuries were promptly attended to.
Latest reports say that be Is doing
nicely. THjE    CRANBROOK    Hh/KAI.T)
Ut will pa^ tgou
to   shop
last minute
choice is not
I>u you want yunr gilts
lo bo thoroughly appro
c iii ted? If uo, give so uio
lliiug I hul is ol value uuil
Ebe mt tbat fits a longing
is tbe (Sift tbat flMca-jcg most
The whole store li « vast
lis iim directory of us.*f ul
Xmas ttifj-,: you cannol
i ii mi without being richer
in  iilt'u-j uf what to give.
The Merrie Christmas will soon be here with the Old Yule Log, the jovial Santa Claus, and tlie spirit of good will prevalent among all.   You no doubt find it difficult to decide what
to give by way of a remembrance to many of those entitled to your favor.     It is a time when suggestions are helpful.     The list given below represent many of the choicest lines in
stock, especially selected for the gift season.
Purs—-Nothing delights   lhe   heart   of women mora than stylish, comfortable  Furs     In  our large
assortment we hnve something th'it will just suit her.   Sets from $lu.i>(l to $160.00
A (.ood Parasol     All Btyles of handles, including silver, gold  plate, gun  metal, nnd the different
woods.    Kvery girl delights in a good Parasol, $1.60 to $8.00
iV Dressing Oase of solid leather, containing every necessary article.   Uur prices ure most  reasonable
up to $18.5(1
A Hand Hag    Useful and Stylish. A large assortment to choose from direct from New Vork, up to $16,011
A Silk Waist, Handkerchiefs, a Sweater Coat. Some choice Fancy Linens, a Glove nr Handkerchief tio.v
A Fancy Cushion Top   Every conceivable style and pattern, some stumped  for working, others already
worked.   35c. to $4.50
A ported host of Faucy Goods. Hat.pin Holders. Hair llecuivors, Itlottiug  Puds.  Pin Cushions. Handkerchief Bags, etc.
A Stylish Coat, Suit, or Dress--what would be appreciated more?   Our prices are worth  investigating.
A Pair of Gloves-All colors, all guaranteed, lined aud unlined.   $1,511 to $11.00
A Fancy Collar or Jabot —Every eonceivablu style, all dainty and pretty. 26c, to $.t.iw
A Silk Shawl    Always appreciated, warm, handsome, and useful, 75c. to $4.00
An Opera Scart—A beautiful display of these scarfs, including some exceptionally  handsome styles.
A  Kimoiia    We show a large assortment, iuclu.liug wiml. eiderdown, and padded silk, $2.iK'i to $14.00
A pair of Slippers—Boudoir Slippers in pink, red, sky. nn.l black kid.   $1.60 to $1.66
Felt Slippers—All colorB and styles. 75c. to $11.25
lines.    A gift of Ihis
All  the  newest
Ti.* Hack Curved wood and embroidered Ilium. Very pretty designs. A must sensible gift. 86o to $1.60
A Collar ling Mad.* of burnt leather, and hand embroidered liueu, a most useful present, 76c to $1.60
A Leather Suit Case or flub  ling    We show some exceptional values  in. these
nature wuuld surely please him.    Prices up to $25,00
Traveller's Case    Nicely fitted with brushes, combs, razor, etc.   $0.5(1 and ^1 -.U*'
A Lounging Robe    llenuliful patterns, nicely made. $5.50 to $11.60
A Knitted Scurf Many styles including the famous Bradley Muffler. 60c and 75e,
A Sweater Coal    All colors and styles. $1.7.". lo $5.00
.Veckweur   I lur Ties will surely please him.   Thousands of them lo pi. k from.
ami patterns with "slide easy" bands, 25c, to $1 50
A Good Shirt    A new lot bought sjjecially for tho Xmas Trade, $1.25 to $2.(«'l
A New Suit   Nothing more acceptable than one of nur Fit-lteforui Suit*,. Kvery Suit Guaranteed. $10to$30
A pair of Fur-lined (.loves    A source of constant comfort.    Kvery pair (guaranteed    $1.50 to $.1 7,*
A Silk Muffler   All qualities and colors, $1.00 to $2.7*")
A pair of House Slippers-  tn felt, leather, and fur-lined. $1.00 to $3.00
A House Coal   Good designs and Well tailored. $5,110 and up.
A good mini! Overcoat In plain black or fiiiiey tweed. What gifl could he more practical, from $10 lo$80
'I.'ravelling Slippers -Something onl of the ordinary, in brown leather wiib leather ••■is.*. $4.50
Kskimo Dolls   Something they cannol break. 38c, lo SI 2".
Fancy Caps. Toques, eie... 25c to 7.V.
Mittens, Gloves.  Stockings.   Boots. Shoes.  Neck  Wraps,  iintiiu
Kill > mi, Knitted Jankots. Carriage Ruga, Crib Blankets, etc
Coats. Bonnets, Inlying*. Dainty
Pric.s ranging from 25c. to $6.00
Cranbrook's Dry Goods
and Clothing Store
Mining in East Kootenay
Operations of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Co. in this District During the Year 1010
During Un- ii-ai 111]" there have
been tew change*. *>i note in the St,
Kugene    mine    ami mill Tin*" la
largelj due to tin- fact that ilu- ex*
tensive improvement a orlfctnall) plan
in-il in ihe company were praetleallj
all I'ompii in! belore tin- end ol 1000
The im ir.iM'it .ill round efficient} in
work nhtnini >i through Ihese Improvements, hns bi en one ■ *f tin* no
ttccnblc features ol ihe year, Ihougl
separate Instances ol this are hardly
spectncillni enough lo call l<n in
dividual mention, in spite ol
Hat tablet or j nature
In thc mini', developinen
been Bteatij along routine Iim-*, and
have resulted, an usual, In lhe (Hi
cover) ni inn. ti now ore Some nn
prise was expressed al tho appar
ently small figure given, In tin- com
pony's aiiim.il   report, (ui ore     ro
nerves    al   Julj  i-i nely 20, *
ton li should in- noted thai tins
is a technical estimate, allowing
nothing im tin- future Aa u nml
in ol lacl Hi-' mine has, since that
dale, shipped a quantity, to tbo
mill, i.n in excess of thai amount,
ami has nevertheless improved in ap
During the summer a fores! lire
raughl some ol the buildings at Iho
uppci st Kugene workings, and did
extensive damage to the high level
flume, destroying loui miles il it
lu the mill work during tin- year
has largely been along routine lines.
Tin- number ol men employed In mine
ami mill 1ms heen from 175 tn ftOO,
Tin- must Important addition tc
tho general plant during the year has
been the Installation of a complete
plant [ur making concentration and
other ti-sts of ore on a wutking
scale, in fact it is a complete concentrator iu itself with machinery of
full working size, and differs from an
ordinary mill chiefly in tin- larger
variety of machinery contained in it.
The old slimes building, on Hie shore
of Moyio lake, has been Utilized lo
house tbe equipment, which Includes
the following: Ono Itlakc crusher 7x9,
set of rolls 15x21, automatic Ve/.in
sampler, three trommel lines, two
elevators, one I compartment jig    of
t-il i
the new Richards type, one i com i
partmcnl Man. jig, two Hodge Jigs, j
two ffllflcj tables No 3 and So "-.
-tVltfle) siimei. one Overstrom
table, one Km** vanncr, one llehrend
iry separator, one Ping elcctrlr
magnetic separator, i-.ui screens stm
itai to callow screens, one dilation
tank, and several settling lanki and
.lasslAcrs u present a Wethcrlll
nagnctk scparatoi is being install
ed, and a unit ■ i thc net, M*.- ■.
process, a combination oil nml ■ ..i -
netlc separation system, will shortly
follow In addition there is run
slderablo smaller tpparatuN onabllag
smaller sited testa to be made lo
determine the suitability ol ores
amalgamation oi ryanldlng
l.atr iii |00fl operations were com
mcni'cil on the   Sullivan mine,      at
Kimberley, bj thr Consollda
pant, wbo havo operated the
steadily throughout the year
ments f«t tin- year, Including an   es
ttmato tor December, will amount to
J,.,uiin toni
Operations al the mine bave ion
listed in stoplng and development
work nml a considerable amount ol
diamond drilling \ good deal o
the year's shipments eamo from uu
finished portions ol tin- old Sullivan
company's Slopes, ami some from uti
oro body in thc lower part ol tin
mine, which bail only been sloped to
a small extent hy the Sullivan nun
A considerable amount of m-w  ma
chlnery bus been Installed during thi
year, as follows: At  tho lower     ter
initial of the t rum way, connecting lhe
mine witb   tbe railroad, a skip hoist
has heen installed.     Tbis is opera I    j
hy a juw clutch from the hull wheel !
of tbe tramway, which operates un a I
grade steep enough to generate    ex '
cess power more than sullieient       to j
operate tbe hoist.     This hoist Is for!
the purpose of raising coal nnd oth'"
supplies Irom the level of the    rail
way trucks to tbe level of the tramway buckets.     \ storage of znn tons
is provided     for at    the lower ter
tnlnnl and n bin of 100 tons capacity
has been built  Cor coal al   the tlppci
| At the mine electric lights have
been put in for the surface plant, a
new skip has been *put in tho shaft,
doing away witb the hoisting of mine
..us on tin- cage, as formerly, ami a
belt conveyor lias been put in, on
which on- from the mine is hand*
sorted prim to .shipment. A rake,
attached to a double drum hoisting
engine, has been pul In underground,
ami irs used tor rapid mucking in
slopes or raises where tbe slope ol
the footwall is not steep enough for
the ore t>* run down hy gravtt)
iliv l-\ Jacobs i
ih<' district ui i-.ast Kootenay,
which Includes the Golden, Windermere ami Fort Steele mining divisions, comprises an extensive area,
embracing tlw eastern,slopes of the
Selkirk .uni Purcell mountains, the
uppei Columbia ami upper Kootenay
valleys, and the western slope ol the
Rock) mountains. The area thai
has heen productlve,ol minerals has
been confined ohlclly to parts of the
Kin Steele division'and, in very
much smaller degree, of Windermere
division, lu the western central
part ol Kort Steele division thenar.- several mines that have produced
comparetfvelj large quantities of
lead ami silver, ami many partially
developed mining properties, some ol
which give promise or proving productive. There are also some deposits "i /uie Numerous mineral
claims nn which ores, chiefly of silver nml lead, an- known to occur,
hnve ii'i-n located In Windermere division, .mil siiii others in Golden division. Placer gold has lieen mined
on Wild Horse, Perry, Flndlay,
Moyie ami other creeks, Indications
of both lode gold nnd copper haw*
been found iu various places, hut
little of these im-Uils has yet It-ceil
produced The. coat fields of Kast
Kootenav are among tbo largos! and
mosl important in Canada, though us
yd onh coal deposits in the southern
part of the. Crows Nest Pass region
have been worked .unl made productive Seepages of oil in the extreme snath-eastern part of the
district, in what is known as the
Kluthca.it nountry, have been reported
for about twenty years, hut no commercial production of oil hns yet
taken place.
The commencement »>f mining operations' in Kast Kootenav district
dates hack to ISlif, tn which year
discoveries of rich placer gold de-
pus ts were made on Wild Horse
creek, a Irilmlary, of Kootenay river,
the confluence of these streams being nt Port NtouJc. It has been stated that official tfstin-uti". placed    tbe
Au Ideal Hair Tonic.
Parisian Sage is compounded on
the most advanced scientific pm.
ClplOB, und nothing on the market tola) can compare with it. It accomplishes -**o much mure than ill-
ordinary tonics ami docs it so quickly that users are astonished,
Parisian Sage kills the dandruff
germs and eradicates dandruff, stops
falling hair, Itching of the sculp and
splitting hair in iwo weeks or we
will   refund  your  monev.
Parisian Sage gives a fascinating
lustre to women's hair und makes ii
beautiful, It makes tlte hair grow
luxuriantly; it is tho dantlest ami
most refreshing hair dressing thai
science has produced, ami has nol a
particle of grease or stickiness in it.
Parisian Sago costs 50 cent-, al your
druggist, nr postpaid from the pro-
prletors, The Glmux .Mfg. Co., Kort
Krie, tint. Thc Girl wilh the Auburn Hair is on every package. Sold
and guaranteed by The Heattie-Murpby Co.. Ltd.
yield of gold from ordinary placet
claims along two miles nl Wild
Horse creek at from $2(1 to 130 to
the man per day, nml tlmt from
lstil to 1866 lully Sflon persons
wen- engaged in placer mining tn
Kast Kootenav Hy the cl ■ ■ of the
latter year most nf tbe white miners
had abandoned the locality, leaving
chiefly Chinese on the diggings In
later years the old workings were
hydraullcked, but since then, opera
tlons, although still carried on, havo
been more or less Intermittent wilh
the yield ..( gold cra.in.illv dwindling.
In ISNs attention was lirst directed
lo quart/ mining, und in that year
102 mineral claims were located in
Golden and Windermere mining divisions, hut practically no important
discoveries of lode metals were made
until 1802, vv hm the North Star
mine, in Kort Steele division, vvas
found. Mining operations were commenced al this mine in 1803, and in
September. lWfl, two ears of ore
were shipped via Jennings, Montana,
to the smelling works at Kvorett,
Pug. t Sound. Washington I'i >m
that ore gross returns wire ar (ho
rate nl Iflfl Tb per ton. In 18118
mining in n systematic wny was
commenced at both the st Kugene
and Sullivan lead-silver mine--, nnd
these properties are being worked loday.
Next to placer gold, conl seems to
have been longest known as occUTlng
In Kast   Kootenny,    for In   the late
seventies the outcrops of coat In the
(Owtlnusd un page tti.)
(By (ieorge Ade).
The story came from the victim
himself. Hi* offered it, not ns an
exposition of wondrous facts encircled hy holly and mistletoe, hut
merely as uu instance of sure-enough
hard  luck.
The man who told it had lieen a
law-breaker In most of tho States of
tin- Mississippi Valley iu which laws
were heing broken at the time bo
happened along. He dealt largely In
games of chance, with tho element Of
chance     removed At    the      old
settlers' reunion lie toiled carelessly
above a folding-table—really a sewing-table, given as a premium by
the fashion magazine for one new
suhscrihi r. i'lu- properties were
ibree halves of the common Kngllsh
walnut and a very small sphere of
soft rubber At tho district fair
he sold buggy-whips and bought them
back at Increased prices, and then
■.old other whips and did not
buj then back, involving
himself in a series of complicated
transactions which left thc purchasers bewildered, as thc livery ri.: disappeared up the pike.
Chicago was headquarters for the
practitioners of graft long beforo the
word gol Into politics and began to
symbolize a cheaper form ol Indirect
Thc lean years came after tne close
<d the Columbian exposition, the
long Rtrikc hv tin- railroad men, and
cure twenty cents u bushel delivered
.ti Hi.- elevator Let him tell nhout
••l landed in with the flrsl snowstorm, and mv nd! was a lone wrapper around an old glove, if ihey
haven't got It, vou can*l ta'e ii
away from 'em. Clark street was
bottle i up—a reporter wai tin' in
over) hallway lo spol a stud game
and then write about  tho carnival uf
crime      Tbo   pawnshops were goin
along, hut everything else was cold."
■■Mv nne Idea all tho time I'd beeu
out 011 the circuit had been to brine
home, over and above rent, coal an I
groceries, tlie price of a piano which
was already wearin' a ticket with nu
name on it Susie vvas goin1 on nine,
and everybody tlmt heard her sing
said sh.- belonged on the stage My
wife had picked out a teacher thai
charged live an hour."
"Welt, instead of a plnno, I slipped
Susie tho 'Swiss* Family Robinson,'
and my wife told tin' I cachet 'hat
we'd derided tti wail and tako her
to    Paris Sav. do v
thai     Winter?  Manv   n
Baker Hill Residence
and Two Lots
7 Rooms. Water. Etc.
Hunt   up    friend to tap   for paltry I years
case-note and he'd beat yon to U. I *
"About the time tbe chain followed
tin- watch. Susi.- began to wonder
what she'd gel for •'!.:. tn as, and i
was wonderln' just as hard as she
was We'd wi rked up tl •- Santa
Claus thing   and it was all 01
level with her,    (lot b      ai
and wife, withoui sayin' a word,
hands mt letter addressed to Kanta
Claus I'd taken the kid along
State streel and bowed her the
window - .in 1 nu be wa put tin' In
an order [or the big doll with the
blond hair and Ih laci 'ires-; that
vwM stopped nnd looked at for so
long, because ll dldi '■ 1 I anything
Tlie Santa t'laus order* had alwa,
gone through, bul this doll proposition made it look .is ll wi 'd have to
take hei aside .i1 d do .. Utile explaining W talked it on*. and
wife started lo 1 tl up, and that
settled it. 1 rememben'd that a
monev order was com in' from Kansas (*it>. and i made the id-iff tbal
I'd bring home the doll.
■■Next morning l went down lo the
department stori The prtcc was
fourteen dollars 1 told the girl
I'd took around and come back Say,
nobody in the world had fourteen
dollars that dav' A million people
janunin' around those big stores,
spend In1 a nukel at a time. I went
tu everybody  1 over knew, and    the
speech  WOS  all  right,  hut--well,    vou
remember I remember that winter.
lhat had     "Can vou see me—Christ man Eve—
got used to sqtiarin1 up to b porterhouse was holiliu' a bluo ticket nud
wait in' his turn at    the soup-kit clini.
; dnllin' up and down in fronl  of doll
I department—gotlln1 ready  to do   mv
lirst sneak''      High das- loi twenty ' dealer
nd tjrindta' up in the doownat
1 The twin sister of tbe
one In tbe window was staadln on
a table right by the aisle. II was a
iwell doll, all right. It was -smiltn'
at mc and boldln1 out both hands. 1
waited till *■**-■ girl was around th>
corner, nnd then oalck!*—under the
coal and started to beat it to tbe
street, t never had itopped to fig
un* out that a doll eotttn1 toi '*•■
dollars won aeceCltrll) something
more than plain doll. I w-urc/ed it
da! against m** and M let out a
'Ma-ma* that was 0m btuni • I
tbing yoo ever fc**ar**J. People ;--
ed and turned to l**'k ** me. and I
,, •* i to res Hw lottet 1 ran
the harder I sqoc-ned, and tbe more
I squeered tlie louder i» called for
help \ floor ••talker headed nu- off
at tbe «wirc:n* doors, and then I
took n 1 fir.ft nd»* In the blue
"We hod .m awful time tquarin1 it
with Susie We told tier that Santa
Claus brohr hn >leigh tryin* to Ret
across th<* Madison Street bridge and
that papa had been in Cleveland visiting his cousin. Tlie department
stoic threatened to make trouble
for a while, hut T knew a couple ol
Croup is most prevalent dunn<t the
drv cold weathet of the early winter
months.      Parents of young children
should be prepared fnr It.     All that
: is needed     is a    bottle of  Chamber*
■ Iain's Cniigh Remedy,      Many moth-
] era   are     never   without tt in their
I homes and It has never disappointed
B them.    Sold     by all druggists    and
37-lf I
TttUi   UltANHItOOK    ItttttAlJl
if. the Herald   Publishing rmupany,
F. J. Deanr, Managing Editor,
CIANBIOOK, B. C, December 15, I'HO
We feel satisfied tbat this issue of
the Herald fully sustains the spirit of
optimism so noticeable throughout
the city at present. Whilst it is
true that every business firm is nol
represented in these columns, such a
showing is math1 as cannot Tail to
convey to thc outside world n rea
sonably accurate Iden nf the good
times prevalent in Cranbrook. out
facilities are limited, both Iti the
mechanical and business departments
hence it has not been possible, In nm
issue, to deal as adequately as wi
should have liked to do with al
phases of tho commercial and industrial life of lhe city. However, wt
feel confident thai n creditable start
has been made and we hope in nut
next issue to make good auv and al'
deficiencies iu this. The co opera*
tion of every citizen Interested in
judicious publicity is cordially Invll
Municipal politic-- continue (piles
cent, although Um-m- i .1 good ileal
uf  more   01    less   hole in tbe cornel
critisisin of the presenl council going
on. The Herald, whilst perfectly
willing at all limes lu publish mil
and reasonable comments upon tin
work nf the cnuni 11, whethei favor
able or otherwise, decidedly iitijeet»
to taking note ul slreel gossip iu
this connection \t the Maine Mini
it rccogniz.es thai much of the gos.si-
now being indulged in should hi
dealt with decisively, one wny 01 tin
other. The members of the city
council an- entitled lo tlie most per
feet fair play. Thev nerve the city
without pay and necessarily have 1
devote a good deal of their Iim
to civic affairs Whilst this cond'
tion of affairs does not entitle then
to freedom from criticism, ii shoul
secure to them absolutely st'iiar-
treatment. We feel, as we havi
frequently hefoie stated, thai Uu
wisest    course,      undei    tin-   cireiiili
stances, would hi- for iln- ratepayers
to    demand   a   public   meeting,   ni
which the mayor ami aldermen should
give an   account   of   then  steward
ship and submit  to fail  cross-exam
iuation   by their   constituents       I
this   way only,   as      far as we can
Bee, can   a great deal of the   stree
gossip,    now   going the   rounds, 1
fairly met, substantiated or disproved.     The Herald lias bul  one objei
in view in   this connection, ami th
is to secure for   tin- city   of   Crtti
brook the best council possible
Special attention 1-; directed to the
article dealing with tin- lumbering in
dustry in Kast Kootenay, written
for the Herald hv Ui I1 Lund
Coming from this source it will In-
accepted in all quarters as an nulh
oritativc and accurate statement of
conditions now prevalent, Time will
not permit of detailed discussion 01
the various points raised by Mi
Lund, but that they demand the
serious attention of every person
concerned in tho welfare uf this
great industry will bo freely ac
knowledged by every lumberman lit
this district We invite the earnest
consideration of Ihis article hy thc
lumbermen of ibis district ami glad
ly undertake i<> co-operate with
tlirm iu any and every efforl to set
things in better shape. The ll.rald
recognizes the supremo Importance
to Cranbrook and lhe ilistrict at
large of the welfare d( the lumber
Industry and it is prepared to actively participate in any wisely planned
campaign for the removal of any and
every obstacle standing in its way.
Just before going lo proas tin
lowing names wen- handed in to us
as those of citizens who were prepared] to contest thr coming municipal
elections. The Herald was informed
that these gentlemen had consented
to accept nomination upon the soli
citation of a representative body of
Kor mayor—lames Finlay
Kor aldermen—.I l: MA abb,
Simon Taylor. <* tt Patmore,
Frank Detail, . *. to Klnnon,
Frank Mc Retina
Twenty-one of the miners who lost
their liven in the Bellcvuo dlsostci
-were buried at DIalrmore on Tues
■#«y afternoon. Many miners and
othtm arrived Irom Cob-man al
noon. A train of twenty ears
brought the dead and manv hundreds
of mourners nnd friends from Itelle-
vue and Frank.
;Flags were nt half mast Two
bands met the mournful procession
The dead were burled in three
treaches, fifteen In the Prott tnnl
Mnetrry and six in the Catholic
Miners of all the pass towns were
present and tin- Eagle lodge from
Cnlenait     and a    thousand     people
marched behind tbe dead.
people everywhere spoke in sub
ilucd tones, there was no hilarity. A
fearful loss of life bereaving so many
widows aud orphans bad touched the
people's hearts. It wus a day never
to be forgotten in DIalrmore.
The service in the ease of several
of the men was conducted by Kev.
T. I), .lones, of Hellevue, assisted by
Revs. Murray, Coleman, and Lang-
lois and Hunter, Illairmore.
Service vvas also rend bv I'res id cut
Powell, of District 18, t'.M.W. cf
The body of John Doskar, tho last
of the victims to be found, was recovered 011 Monday evening In one of
tlie workings and will be buried later.
The very fullest possible investigation is being made by the Alberta
authorities Into the causes and conditions surrounding the mine disaster
at Hellevue, with the horrors of
which that province bas been daily-
Thin information was given to the
Alberta legislature on Monday af let-
noon by Premier slftoa in answer 10
a question from ('has. O'ltrlvii. he
Socialist member, at the ipening of
the house, as to what stops were being taken
After being lost sight of for nearly
n year, Money, Griffin and Foley, thc
three desperadoes who held up a
C.P.It* train near Kamloops and
made their escape into tlu; Cariboo
district, after shooting Special Constable Ike Decker at Ashcroft, have
again been found, and with the police
oti their trail are now somewhere in
the Boundary country.
The three men had a narrow escape
at Lundbreck on Thursday, November lli, and the details of their escape and the subsequent chase by
lhe Mounted police are just beginning
to leak out.
Well mounted and heavily armed
the trio were seen in the vicinity of
Lundbreck on the date mentioned
A detective -who located them called
on the Mounted Police for assistance.
Accordingly Insocctor Belcher of
Pincher Creek was ordered to take
the trail, and with all thc available
officers he set out to capture Ihr
murderous trio.
The posse he gathered together
were Constables Beach, of Frank;
Lee, of Lundbreck; o'Connell, of Pincher Creen, and Moorehead, of Lille.
Hiding hard, the officers covered over
four hundred miles in ten days, but
the desperadoes were better mounted than thc police and managed to
keep so far ahead of them that they
gave them the slip over the British
Columbia boundary line.
II is believed that the gang hnv
accomplices in some of the mining
towns, as although the men were
seen right in Lundbreck on one
caslon, they were able to get almost
a day's start on the officers, and
were apparently informed of the he-
ginning of the chase. The police also have a theory that the men have
a cache in the hills of the Crows
Nest Pass, and that they were contemplating another daring hold-up
when they were forced to thi* ahead
of the officers.
The statement of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce for the year ending .November 20, 1910, makes a good
showing. Thc net profits for the
year amounted to Sl.MH.Ottf, as compared with $1,610,695 for last year.
With 1722,139 balance nt credit of
proiit and loss account brought for-
watd from last year, there was a
total of -12,560,201 available for distribution (tut oi this the sum of
-M,000,000 wus added to the rest,
which now amounts to "$;,000,00f),
dividends took fsoo.ooo, there was
written ofl bank premises Moo,mm,
and transferred to pension fund $.r»0,-
000, leaving a balance carried for
ward of S310.204.
The net profits for the year were
equivalent to 1H.3R per cent on Ihe
capital and 11 .41 net cent nn tin
average combined capital and reel
durum the year.
The general statement shows thut
the bank's total deposits amount to
no less than tU6,*34,853, an in
create during the year of SO,847,276
Call und short loans In the United
States have been reduced 19,525,7*8,
being tl 1,M1,842, as against 121,-
li-r-5,.;3fl last year, while current
loans and discounts have increased
$10,900,314, being $91,212,440, as
against $80>.<H2,09tt last year.
As there has been considerable dis
cusslon of late among those poultry-
men who hanker after the dollar n
do/en egg In and about Cranbrook,
concerning tbe advisability of using
artificial heat In tbelr poultry-
houses and as some are proposing to
1I0 this the coming winter, It might
not he out of place to call attention to thc results of experiments In
two of tbe coldest States In tho
l'nion In n bulletin lust to band
from Maine State einerlnu-atat    sta
tion the poultry manager says: "We
decided In luus to abandon the heated
house belonging to the poultry plant. I
It has not been used in recent years
except for storage of cockerels. It
i not a satisfactory bouse for
cither laying or breeding birds ..ml
have therefore returned it to the
college and it bus since been torn
down for the material contained in
In another bulletin of earlier date
from     the same  station they .-■tat'*:
When tho Maine station began experiments in 1897 a warmed house
150x10 teet vvas erected. This warmed house, while constructed after the
most approved model of the lime,
has never been a satisfactory house
for laying bens. It hns now been
abandoned entirely in favor of cur
tain front houses to bo described he-
These conclusions were arrived at
after years of work with this aoitse
by tbal leading poultry experimental
1st, tbe late lamented Professor Gilbert Oovvcll, who iu planning a private poultry plant of bis own to curry two thousand laying hens, built
one house to contain tho whole, which
wus IHO feet long by 2(1 teet wide
containing twenty compartments, all
on the curtain front, unhealed principle, and my latest private advice
from this plant is that it has been
remarkably successful In producing
winter eggs.
I have before mc also a bulletin issued last May from the .Minnesota
farm at Crooks ton, .Minn., .surely a
situation cold enough to be a criterion. In this the poultry man of
tho station, after discussing d liferent
styles of houses says: "House No.
*i is really a colony house made of
singly ply matched lumber covered
with prepared rootling. This house
might he called the 'extremely cold
style.' We wintered pullets of Orpington, Rock nud Leghorn breeds in
it and they continued tu lay well al)
through the season, on one occasion
the thermometer registering twenty-
eight degrees below zero inside Unbuilding, and with the exception of
the Leghorns the birds did not suffer
In thc least, some of the Leghorn
combs being large were frozen. This
house was practically free from
dampness, owing to loose fitting
doors and windows. A common remark of visitors was "How healthy
those fowls look." These fowls were
fed in the same proportion ns in the
other houses and the egg yield was
equally as good, one Leghorn pullet
laid twenty-five eggs in December.
The experiment with this house leads
us to believe that poultry will stand
a great deal of cold, provided their
quarters are dry, and that it is impossible to get dry, pure air if the
house is very warm. The old idea
of heating a house—as most of us
know—is a failure, owing to the difficulty of maintaining an even temperature aud when we can get good
results from a eold house why go t*.
heating It."
These opinions are at least dcsorv
ing of some consideration nnd ttt*-u-
tion by those who are making ebon
ges this season, and are, I believe, a
fair summary of the conclusions -b
taimd in all the experimental stations iu the northernmost tier cl
states as well as the Canadian
ones, in most of which the winters
are surely more trying than In thi*-
A. II Smith
Sundays—Low mass ut 8.30 a.m.
high muss, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday schoo
from 2 to 8 p.m.; Rosary and Bene
diction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obltga
tion—Mas* at 8 a.m.
Weak days—lUaa at I a in   at th.
Kather I'Umondon,
December 18tfa.
Morning service at 11 Sundav
school and Bible classes at 3.
Epworth League devotional serv in
at 7.
Evening service nt 7 30. Subject:
"The Life of Mary Baker Eddy.
Founder of Christian .Science."
All are Invited to attend these set
vices who go to no other church
Ladies are requested to remove theii
hats for the comfort nnd convenience
o| the entire congregation, during th*
Tuesday—Epworth League literary
evening ut 8.
Thursday and Kriday the -and
singer-- will sing in different parts oi
the city. A part of the proceed*,
will Im- sent to the Children's Home,
Cases of distress should be report
ed to the pastor, and as In other
years, provision for such will h*
made at Christmas tide.
Children's entertainment ami
Christmas tree, Monday, December
Subject lor morning nervier: "Tbe
Sword of the Spirit," of special Interest to llaraca und Phllethea young
people. In the evening there will he
a "Sea Song Service," with tho
new 1200 edition of S.S.S.
Hible school with I'hilethea ami
Buioca daises tor adults at ti pin
Cured by Booth's Kidney Pills.
T. fc.. Foster, of St. John St.,
Frederic-ton, N.B., says: I have found
more actual relief from Booth's- Kidney Pills than in all else I have ever
tried for rheumatism. The pains in
my limbs have lessened greatly and I
am better and
stronger than
in years previous. My npjH'-
tltc has built
up and I eat
and sleep belter than I have
in over three
years. My general health is grontly Improved and
I can credit this only to Booth's
Kidney  Pills "
This i.s the Booth Kidney PUI way.
These wonderful pills are sold under
a guarantee to refund your money If
they fait to relieve any sufferer from
Rheumatism or any trouble having
Its origin in the Kidneys. They cure
Backache, dull shooting pains, thick
and cloudy urine, gravel and stone,
rheumatism nnd all diseases of the
kidneys and bladder.
Booth's Kidney Pills are sold by
all druggists and dealers, 50c. box,
or postpaid from The R. T. Booth
Co., Ltd., Kort Erie, Ont. Sold
and guaranteed by Tlie BeatiltvMur
phy Co., Ltd.
Strangers always welcomed.
Monday   ami   Wednesday, R p.m.-
Meetings as usual.
Der. 18th.
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sun
day school at 2.30 p.m. Bible class
at .'. p.m. livening service at 7.30
Voung People's (inild on Tuesday
at 8 p.m.
Sunday school Christmas tree,
concert and visit from Santa Clans
on Thursday evening. December 22nd
at 7.30.
C. O. Main, Pastor
NKW LAID EGOS that we absolutely guarantee.—Little and Atchison
Frank Christian, of the Herald
staff, leaves for his old home in Eng
land tonight, being hurriedly called
there owing to the .serious illness 01
his father, lie will be away several
.Mrs. Doran has returned   home   1
Cranbrook after a prolonged visit   in
(be east.
NKW LAID KOOS that we absolutely guarantee.—Little and Atchison
Canadian nnd Knglish Stilton and
Oorgonznla cream brick, Ingcrsol,
McLaren's, Imperial and Limherger
cheeses.-—Campbell nml Manning
There tsan ever increasing tendency
to give Christmas Oifts that will 1*
useful. A Kilt designed to be nts>
fill to the recipient »- more appie-
elatetl than any other kind. What
i« mote useful than a goo«l ItsngeV
A housewife, who has, perhaps,
Nen getting along for -loiiietinie
with u More that has been working
badly, would Im* innr-a than delighted to receive * new one ss n
ChristmasOlftl, Cook your .Xmas
Dinner witb 11 Sask Alia Rang*,
Why should any annum "pendthe
l..--*t part nl h holiday in -< hot
kitchen, living to cook dinner with
a tlefecilvp stove. A S-.il. Aim
Woll.h DO TIIK WORK for her.
It would hen itift tlmt wife or
mothei would most appreciate.
X«w if the lime to make your
"Ths Range Store"
General Blacksmilblng
Sleigh Repairing
Logging Sleighs made to order.
Large Slock of Hardwood Run*
ners on hand.
Winnipeg, Dec. 14.—Local option
was voted on Tuesday in several
towns und all the cities of Saskatchewan. From the returns received
so far it is seen that local option
carried in only one place, namely,
the city of Moose .law, where it was
given a majority of UK) out of n vole
of 200O.
In Regina thc measure was defeated by only Rl) votes.
Saskatoon went In favor of lhe
wets by a majority of 1100 while in
Prince Alberta, local opt Inn was defeated by a majority of 321. Hoslh-
ern, Weyburn nml Indian Head also
voted wet.     These are all lhe places
heard from ut present, but it     lookt.
liku u general defeat for tbo dryv
Mrs. Hitchcock, widow of Commander Hitchcock, of tbe U, S. navy,
and president of a permanent club in
j New York, lias written to the Cocos
Island Hydraulic and Treasure company thut she wishes to make 'he
trip, probably accompanied by ono
or more eminent scientific men of
Ne w York, Mrs. Hitchcock has
ado .searching empiirjcs iliiring the
last number of vears and Is possessed
of un abundance of data which has
convinced her that the treasure will
he discovered
We have several oars of good
timothy and upland hay on the
road which we can sell very reasonably . These can be diverted at any
station. Anyone In need of these
call or write Cranbrook Trading
Many school children sutler from
constipation, which is often the cause
of seeming stupidity at lessons.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets arc an ideal medicine to give
a child, for they are mild and gentle in their effect, and will cure even
chronic constipation. Sold by nil
druggists nnd dealers. 87-11
Xmas boxes of chocolates nt file
flcCallum & Co.
J-£earty  Xmas   Greetings   to   our
Friends and to such valued enemies as we may have.    This is
not the time to discriminate.   A Merry Christmas to all and a
Happy new year.    Thank God for the Feast Days, which prompt a
backward as well as a forward look; and a look inside to see where we
have been, where we are going, and what we are.
Our Hearty Congratulations on the backward look, and the
outlook; and for the coming year we would solicit a continuance of the
patronage with which you have favored us in thi past.
When  this   pupej' gol's  to  press yojj will have
over     u      week     t.<      liny     some    ot    those
Presents  for  Him, Her or Them
below wi* ullVr a few siiugeslious
Table Cutlery, Pocket Knives, Carving Sets, Scissors, Childs Sets,
Razors and Safety Razors, Nut Cracks, Skates, Hockey
Sticks,   Carpet   Sweepers,  Food   Choppers,
Nickel-plated Kettles, Cold Meat
Forks,   Sugar   Shells,
Berry Spoons,
Butter Knives
McCallum & Co.,
Ihe Hardware
ii" ww ••"•"a"* w amaewmmw www w*w*w*Wwm*w *a*a>wv
Japanese Toys. Fancy Goods. Hand Fmbroidcd
Japanese Silks
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.1. S. Mi'tmie nnd M. McEachcrn
will conduct service in the Kort
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S. F. Moriey has gone down to
Victoria, where he has accepted a
government position. Mrs. Moriey
will follow nrit month.
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Albeit Art Photo Studio.
Moms chain, 17.85.—C  C. s
The following telegram speaks    f...
itself: North     Pole,   Dec   lit, 1910
I Superintendent Knox Sundaj  School
Deal sir: Expect to arrive Cranbrook
Thursday, December Mod,    Will   be
in Presbyterian      school   room     N
o'clock       Haw* all your b-ns       and
mrls on band   to meel me      Santa
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Daring tha week Mis .tame-., Mrs
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vii Handley were in from Man**
Villi to meet Miss Handle] ***. cousin,
Miss House, who is visiting In ('ran
brook, her home being In (Ireal
Kails, Montana
Recitation and Carols.. Mr tho
dist Church, Sunday night.     '8-81
When selecting a box* of chocolates
for your friends go to tittle and
A Merry Xmas — C C S
Thos. K (tillmer, a native ol Will
nier City, North Dakota, died at Lhe
St. Kugene hospital of typhoid lever
last week, aged Bt. Deceased bad
lieen in the employ of the Crows
Nest Pass Lumber company nt
Wardner. A. N. Cook, a brother in
law of thc deceased, took the remains back home last Monday
A Merry Xmas.—C. C. S.
Herman Schulr,, of Madison, Wis ,
nne of thc directors of the Hull Itiver Power company, was in town this
week en route home after u visit of
inspection tn thc plant. Mr. Si bul,'
Informed the Herald that work was
progressing satisfactorily and that
he had every reason to anticipate
that the plant would be In operation
early neat year.
Wilson, the jeweler, has just received some beautiful lj, U, IJ nnd
2 carat diamonds. Any one would
make a beautiful Xmas gift.
Recitation and Carols. Methr>-
dbt Church, Sunday night.    13-21
Vdvlnd Hyomei lot Catarrh,
J. Wilfred Hrown, of Watci St.,
Campbcllton, Y B., says: "Hyomei
cured mo ol a severe cose ol catarrh
.ui.i asthma alter lout years ol suffering. I wai constantly hawking ami
spitting and the catarrhal droppings
that came from the bead Into mj
throat affected mv stomach and I
could not enjoy my meals. Chief
Crawford having tin- same trouble
advised mc to in Hyomei i did
so and soon I was withoui n sign
of the health racking disease tbal
had I roublcd mi loi so long, I nov.
recommend (Iymnei to nil catarrh
Hyomei (pronounced High>o-mo) is
guaranteed to cure asthma, bronchitis croup, cm.^ti*. and colds A
complete outfll consists of a hanl
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Hldgway's five o'clock tea—the kind
Used by Royalty—at Kink's Pure
Kood (Irocerv.
"Old ilack" Thomson is down trom
Barbcrvllle. Ho is a partner of H.
L. Kdwards in some Cariboo propor-
tics, and will bo returning there after
Christmas, Tirst going down to Vancouver io order certain machinery n-
I quired in their mining operations.
"Old Jack" was one of the Perry
Creek pioneers, and he is known far
and wide as one of the genuine type
of prospectors.
j    Still time   for that Xmas photo.—
| Albert Art Photo Studio.
Pnpha.ii Bros., Robert.son Bros.,
Neilsen's, Webb's and Stewart's
chocolates in fancy boxes at Little
and Atchison's.
A municipal court of revision wns
held on Saturday lost, Dec. pith, In
the government building, Mayor Kinl;
presiding.      There   were   only lour
j names objected to, in tbe ease       Of
three objections were not sustained
and they were allowed to stay on
the list; thu fourth name, that of
M. li. Thoimison, wus struck oil, ns
he had been living for some time outside of the city limits. Moved by
Aid. Campbell, seconded by Aid.
Hunt, that the list, as prepared by
the city clerk, be adopted Carried.
During the past week Dave Elmer
closed a deal whereby two local men
purchased of Andy Good, of Crows
j Nest, twenty-five square miles of
(Flathead coal lands Thc local parties interested do not wish theli
names mentioned, but they undoubt
Idly have shown their faith in a
district resource in no unmlstakeablo
manner. It is a healthy sign, when
local people -..-ill invest their money
nt home.
Recitation and Carol** Methodist Church, Sunday night.     13-21
Mixed nuts hy the barrel at Little
.v. Atchison's.
Duu't let Santa Claus persuade
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After dinner mints in tin boxes al
Kink's pure Food Grocery.
Table raisins, figs, and dates nl
Little and Atchison's.
It is very gratifying to tho many
friends of tho injured lad and of his
parents that young .lack Elmer has
completely recovered from the accident that hefel him af Wardncr last
Friday. Young Elmer was engaged
at the time jn fixing a lamp nn a
high electric light, polo in the C. N.
P. Lumlier company's yard. Hy some
mischance he slipped and fell about
25 feet, landing first on a pile of
lumber. He was very badly bruised
und shaken up, and it was at first
thought that he was internally injured. However, such proved not to
he the case. He was brought in to
(lie St. Eugene hospital as speedily
ns possible, where, under skilful medical attention ami nursing he soon recovered and today was allowed to
return to his home. He will have
to rest up a bit heforc returning tn
work, otherwise he is practically
none thc worse for his bad spill.
Cp-to-the-minute delicacies lor
dainty dinners nt Fink's pure Fond
See C. C. S windows for furniture
Cranberries at Little and Atchison's.
The Columbia quartette, ui Fernie,
delighted a large audience at the
Auditorium, when tbey appeared
there last Tuesday evening, under the
lUSpIces of the board of trade. The
musical programme rendered was excellent in every respect, save lhat
most of those present would have
liked to have beard Mr tl. F. Stevenson in .something it little better
suited tn bis line basso than "Love's
Old Svvecl Song." Not Ibat he fulled to make lhe most ''f this pretty
little ballad, but Hint on the rare occasions, such an excellent voice is to
he heard here, one would have liked
to have heard it in something less
commouplacc, Mrs C K. Stevenson has a well cultivated soprano
mice and knows how to use it to
good effect. Mr. R U Webb and
Mrs. IL II. Dcpew, likewise proved
vocalists of merit. .\ word nf special mention must be devoted tn
\lons K. d'Estabclle, 'lie talented
young violinist, who assisted Ibe
quartette. His rendition of several
selections was admirable and showed
an exceptional master., of his Instrument, Miss Emit) I'ini. the accompanist, carried OUl lnr part of the
programme with iim- Intelligence Ai
tin- conclusion «>i Mir • "■■" rl '.he
ilonr was cleared f.*r dancing, which
was kept going until long nfler
midnight to the strains oi the ("run*
k    orchestra.        Dainty refresh
ments were served ni midnight Altogether thc board nl Irndc maj he
congratulated upon providing u ver;
pleasant evening's entertainment, as
well as upon securing ;i substantial
sum to aid in lhe valuable publicity
work the hoard bus taken in band.
riincu Pies, nnd Chrisim*..-* Cheer
VU-ttin-tist Baza.ir. D-ximner 17.
We have already taken orders foi
over twenty bricks of Ha/elwond's
famous ice cream for Ninas. Bo-n't
he too late with yours.—Little and
Atchison, 'phone 75.
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Xmas Price $12.50.
Phone Orders receive Prompt Attention
Phone 17.
Wholesale Wine Merchant
Cranbrook, B.C.
Maritime Magistrate's Ca.sc.
.Mr. C. B. Sandford, of Weston,
King's Co., N. S., a Justice of the
Peace for the County, anl a Deacon
of the Baptist church in Berwick,
says: "I bave used Kam-Buk for
Piles air-d foiin-i. It a splendid remedy.
It cured me."
Mr. Thomas Pearson, of Prince
Albert, Sask., -writes; "1 must
thank you, for tne benc.it I have received from thc use of Zam-Buk.
Last summer I had n teVer, which
left me witb piles. I started to
use Zam-Buk, and found It gave me
relief, so I continued with it. After
using three or tour bom, it effected
a complete cure."
/.am-Huk will also be found a sure
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frost bite, ulcens, eczema, blood
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burns, bruises, ami skin injuries generally. All druggist* and store*, sell
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Buk Co., Toronto, Ont., upon receipt of prior*. Yoy- are warned
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"Zam-Buk" on every package before
hands and garters, all neatly done
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Their stock of ties is complete.
Price 20c, 50c., 75c. and 11.00. All
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NEW LAID F/tOS that we en a run-
tee at Little and Atchison's.*
.lie   MOKl.KV. S. F ' _ ... Rmttnai
335    A'HITMORE, VV. A.
Tho members ol (Jit»*»*ii Alexandra
loiljn* L.A, tn B. ol R T. ar.. pleased to be able to report thai tbelr
councilman, Mr.    F. Pat
ton, has sufficiently r.*-
coverod Irom bis recent accident to
he able to leave the hospital. A full
attendance ol tbe I.. A. to II. "I
It   T. Iv especially requested       on
Friday night, as the officers (or the
ensuing j*ear are tr. be elected thai
The Odd Fellows .were busy put
ting on the second degree ihi*, week,
a good number ol members being
presenl The Installation ol oncers
has been postponed until tbe firs',
meeting night of tbe new tern. '
\ more than usually lam.* number
a I tended Tuesday's meeting •■!' the
Knights ol Pythias This wa-, perhaps owing i" tin* beautiful and Interesting work 1111,nnled Willi the
admittance ol a new member Into thc
rank ol Esquire. .\e.i week will
see the same member instructed In
thc rank ot Knight. There was r,*
ported lo Hi,* meeting the death of
Uro. Oillmer, nf Uantry lodge, No
"2, North Dakola, which look place
at thc St. Kugene hospital, rran-
brook, on Sunday morning at six
o'clock. The body was shipped on
the Flyer on Monday nighi ta bis*
home in North Dakota, the service
being held In W. P, H.-atty's undertaking parlors. The sympathy ol
the local lodge was extended thc family of the deceased.
At thc December meeting ol North
Star lodge, A.F ,t A.M., Fort
Steele, the following officers were
elected lor the ensuing year:
W. M -Wor    Uro    R, T. Richard
8. W.-IIro   11   S, Mather
.1. W.—Bro.  Jos. O. Tannhauser
Treasurer—It. I,   T, flalbrallh
Secretary-tiro. Hugh Watt
Tyler-Hro. .1. E. Harbtrd
These officers will be installed at
the regular meeting. St. John's
night. Tuesday, 2ithe December,
when also the appointive offices will
be filled. The ceremony will b(» f"I
lowed by a banquet at which
'isiting brethren will be huartilj*
welcomed Intending visitors
oblige hy -.ending names to the secretary. Dr   Hugh Watt
ni:h laid BOOS thai we guana-
tee nt Little and Atchison'*
London, I>ec 11—The election continues to drag wearily along The
jiuhiic has lost ir.u-rest and thc newspapers have given up publishing late
editions Fleet street and other
points where the returns are shown
are deserted The standing of the
parties tonight is as follows
(Jovernment coalition-
Liberals   na
Nationalists   5S
Independent Nationalists ...     »
l.ahoritcs   36
Total      3(12
I'ninnlsts  .•'310
Total elections   „ 512
To he held  12k
There were forty-two pollings today, but the results in only six constituencies were announced tonight
No change was r.-corded ' in these
The coalition, therefore, has one gain
to the good In   the election so tar. THE   l.KAN UU0-U-K.   jUJBSU.Lt)
•**»***>*****»»f*****>*>*V*»*MM**>**?  «-» ****************** ************** ** ** *******
fWW>«MM«tMMI> MMMMIMIIMM<t»MtMM<» MlMMt»»M>'»'M>M*»WM»»»»»t'*M<>»IIH»»>»»»IM'> **********************
During thc Past Twelve Months The Herald
Has spared no pains to record adequately and fairly the things done in the City and District.   It has been able to keep you posted as to
the various new developments and substantial evidences of progress that have characterized the City's and District's history during 1910.
The Herald wishes to be able to continue along these lines in the future and to be in a position to give even better service
during 1911.   We want the Co-operation of every citizen and resident of the district in this work.
If you are not at present a paid-up subscriber, don't allow the year to close without becoming one. Remit us at once $2.00,
which will pay you up to December 31st, 1911, and will also entitle you to one of our handsome Maps of the World.
A Timely Suggestion
Many of you have relatives and friends in the Old Country, in Eastern Canada or the United States. What more
welcome Christmas offering could you make them than a year's subscription to the Herald, keeping them informed as to the doings
in the new land where you have made your home ?
********************** MMMMHMMMMMMMMMMMM ♦' M «MMMM»IMMMMMM*»yMM^   „ 	
(Continued Irom page three)
('rows Nest I'ass valley had been
observed. Subsequently the value of
tlw measures was computed by Ur.
Selwyn, whose conclusions were in
eluded in a report ol tbe Geological
Survey of Canada for the year 1891,
some prospecting work having previously done by Mr. Wm. Fernie, then
ol Fort Steele. Contemporaneously
with1 the beginning of construction,
iu 1897, of the Crows Nest railway,
which eventually gave connection
with the Canadian Pacific Itailway
compan>'.-. main line ol railway near
Medicine Hat, Hasten. Alberta, in an
easterly direction, and Kootenay
Lake, Hritish Columbia, to the westward, the work of opening tbe
Crows Nest I'ass Coal company's big
deposits of coal was commenced, and
by tbe time the railway reached the
mines in the summer of 1892, some
10,000 toos of coal had been banked
out and more than 4000 ft. of limning driven. Tbe construe.ion ol the
railway bad a stimulating elTect on
the mining industry uf South Kast
Kootenay, reviving interest In its
mineral resources and prnvldl-ig
transportation facilities for ihe shipment of tode minerals as well* as
eoal. Tbe eBwt has been shown in
the great increase of mineral production since then, the value of production having been as follows: In
1896-8, 11,020,834; 1900-1, $12,211,-
857;  1905-9,  $25,627,953.
There Is little of interest to record
in connection with tin- history of
mining in Oolden ami Winder mcre
divisions of Kast Kootenay. However, now that there seems to be n
reasonable probability ol tin- Kootenay Central railway beiug constructed, tbe outlook for Improvement is
better than at any previous time
since the cessation of lode mining
operaeions on various properties in
Windermere division, some of which
have been productive, though under
conditions adverse to profit earning.
The provision of less costly transportation facilities may be expected
to encourage a resumption of work
and a consequent output of ore in
moderate quantity
In his report on "The Coal Fields
nf Manitoba,   Saskatchewan, Alberta
and Eastern British Columbia," published last year   hy the' OeogTaphlcal
Survey    Branch of   the Cnirado De-
partrnent ol Mines, Mr. B, B   Bowl-
ing, one of the most prominent   coal]
geologists of Canada, gives estimates j
of   the area and coal content of the j
sevital pro-item dealt   with by him f
in tbat report. Tbe total estimate
for the three provinces named and
tlie eastern part of British Columbia
is an area of approximately 22,f>00
square miles containing 143,490,000,-
000 tons of coal, tbis including 65,-
330.000,000 tons of anthracite, semi-
anthracite, bituminous and lignau-
coal, and 78,ltj0,00O,O0O tons of lignite. Of ttie bituminous coal 30,-
000,000,000 tons, contained in 370
square miles of coal-bearing country
is British Columbia's estimated proposition. Mr. Bowl ng remarks:
"The problem of forming an estimate
of the coal content is exceedingly
difficult, and the aim in this review
is to give what might be called
the maximum value from the knowledge we at present possess. The
minumum will be arrived at only
after years of prospecting, and will,
we hooe, be well up to tbe present
Mr. Bowling says the coal Is found
in three distinct horizons. Of these,
the Kootenay formation is tho only
one of the measures found lo occur
in British Colombia. "Exposure of
these measures nre to be found in tbe
Klk River valley, which heads near
the Kananaskls. Tbe field, which
has been generally known as the
Crows Nest area, coat-atns 230 square
miles ot coal lands; estimated to
contain 22,000,000,000 tons of bituminous- coal. North of this, on tbe
upper valley of Klk river, on additional area of 140 squire miles bas
an estimfttitt content of 14,000,000,-
1.110 tons."
Concerning the Klk river or Crows
Nest lu-ld, which, he says, In passing,
is "perhaps* the most important in
Canada," the following Information
is given; "Tbe areas in British Columbia on the Klk river are divided
Into two portions. The southern
one—for which Fernle is the largest
shipping point—has a length north
and south of afcout 30 miles, and a
maximum width of 12 or 13 miles.
The coal-bearing rocks have in several section*a been found to have a
thickness as great as 4700 feet. In
this area there are 22 workable
seams, with a total ot 216 feet of
coal, 100 feet of which are estimated
as workable. This would give a
total workable coal content for the
district of 22,«0»,000,000 tons. Thc
coal is a high-grade bituminous, oc*
easionally ranning Into anthracite.
Tbe coal from the majority of tbe
seams is used for the manufacture of
coke, but steam coal is a product as
wll. The colHerles are situated at
Coal Creek (near Fernie) Michel,
Morrissey -and Hosmer.
"The    nor Ihem part ot this    coal
field extends from about 21 miles
north of .Michel creek to the height
of laud at Kananaskis river, n distance of nearly lorty miles. The
width does not exceed seven miles us
a maximum, and toward the north
diminishes to a vanishing point at
the source of the Kananaskis. Tins
area has been computed to Ih* about
140 square miles, and the number or
workable coal seams is large. In
one place, Aldridge creek, for example, it is estimated at It! square
miles, with a total thickness of IM
feet of coal. It 100 feet be extracted then, on the assumption thnt the
whole area of 140 miles is of equal
value, the total coal may le estimated at, say, 100,000,000 tons per
square mile, or » total of 14,000,-
000,000 tons."
Tlie provincial mineralogist (Mr
W. F. Kobertson) prepared un account ol these coal fields for the
"Annual Iteport of the Min sler ol
Mines," for 1809. This is printed
ou pp* 103,183 of ttie report, and
contains many interesting particulars. This is the most recent official information available,     lie says:
Both the coal areas in British Columbia are tributary tn the Kit.
river, being located on its eastern
slope and on tributary streams flowing in from tlie east. These two
areas nre, undoubtedly, of tin* same
geological horizon, and were probably at one time parts of a continuous
series ol beds; hut subsequent geological action nnd denudation huve
removed a section ol the measures,
until now they are separated hi
interval ol about 21 miles of
country, barren ol coal. tlm*. making
two separate eoal fields—the Soiith-
ern, or Crows Nest field, and the
northern, or Upper Klk river, field.
The former field has la-en extensively
prospected, and has been under active
development for the last twelve
years; it is amply provided with
railway facilities, and has Iseen for
eleven years a constant producer of
coal. The latter field has been
pretty well surveyed and mapped, but
as yet has only been prospected, and,
although considerable work has been
done there, it has been of a nature
merely to prospect the field but nol
to produce coal."
From Mr. Robertson's Introductory
information it is learned that this
coal area extends in an east nnd
west direction, from the Klk river
eastward to the summit ol the
Rocky Mountains, which Is the''
boundary of the province, and thence
farther eastward Into the province ot
Alberta to an extent only small by
comparison.    In a north and south j
direction the field extends northwards from the hills south of
Morrissey creek, to and including the
hills north ol Michel creek. Work
done siihseqiieiit to the publication of
Mr, McEvoy's report, 1900, has proved the coal measures to extend
farther eastward than was then
known, which might somewhat Increase the area beyond that then
given. The coal in this area is
all bituminous, and most of it suitable lor coke-making, although that
of gome of the large seams at Morrissey will uot make coke, as it is
too high in fixed carbon and too low
in volatile matter.
Itailway transportation facilities
are provided by Iwo railways. The
Crows .Nest branch of tlie Canadian
Paeiiie railway, crossing over the
summit of the Itockies from Alberta, follows down .Michel creek, which
creek cuts right through the northern
edge of llie southern eoal field, and
continues down the valley of the
Klk river. From these streams and
tin* railway all the coal seams are
accessible by short branch roads. The
railway Rives connection with the
metalliferous mining camps of Nelson, Itossland and the Boundary,
while a branch line, starting at
Curzon, furnishes an outlet for the
cnal to Spokane, Washington, and
the country tributary The second
line is that const met ed by the
(ireal Northern Railway company
from Kexford Junction, crossing the
International boundary at Gateway,,
following up the valleys of the Kootenay and Klk rivers, and continuing
pasl MorrlSSCy and Fernie to Michel,
at which three points it makes connection wilh the Crows Vest I'ass
company's branch lines to tlie mines.
This Oreat Northern brunch hns been
buili wilh especial regard to easy
grades, and, having a continuous
down-grade to main line, if Is not
unusual for one locomotive to haul
a train of 78 10-ton ears down, or
iou empty cars up.
As to railway distances, the tallowing informal ion will give approximate distances to various points to
which coal Is sent from Crows Nest
I'ass collieries. Thc CPU. company's Crows Nest branch leaves its
main line at Dunsmulr Junction, Alberta, reaches l-ethhrldge at 107
miles, the boundary op British Columbia at Crows Nest on the summit of the Rocky Mountains at 210
miles, nnd Michel at 222 miles.
Point*- reached farther on are Fernle
nt 210 miles, Morrissey .function
nt. 2.1) miles, Cur/on nt 351 miles
(the C.P.R. line from Curzon to
Spokane is 149 miles long) and Koo
tenay Landing near tlw south end
of Kootenay Lake at 392 miles.
From Kootenay Landing to Nelson
the distance is 53 miles by water,
but freight cars are transported on
large.barges or scows only 31 miles.
to Proctor, to which place rails have
been laid from Nelson.
Smelting points in liritisli Columbia readied b> thc Canadian Pacific
railway are distant from Michel ns
Marysville, Hast Kootenay     101
Nelson, West Kootenay    223
Orand Forks, Boundary    IliS
Greenwood, Boundary  311
Boundary Falls, Boundary  311
Cuke is made al Fernie us well as
.Michel; the above mentioned smettiug
points are twenty-three miles nearer
to Fernie than Michel From Michel to Montana smell ng (-inters, via
Lethbridge, Alberta, thc several distances nre:
To Great  Falls  122
Helena  -131
Butte  •"•■■JI
Anaconda  530
Connection is made with these
places over the Great Northern Hail-
way company's Great Falls .mil
Sweet Grass line.
Placer mining in East Kootenay,
judging by the olflclal returns of the
gold recovered in inntt-only $8000—
was a neglected Industry last year.
It is* reported thut more attention is
being given tO',ptncerlng this year on
Perry Cnek, if not elsewhere iu the
district In 1890, fifteen years ago,
Has! Kootenay's yield was recorded
as having been $21,07(1; thereafter it
was less, varying down to $10,000
until 19U2, when a total recovery ol
$.13,000 was placed on rn-ord. For
tin* two next follow im: years it was
credited with 120,000 each year, but
since then Its yield has heroine less
and less until in 1909 the minimum
amount tor between forty nnd titty
years was recovered.
Wild Horse creek lirst uttracecil
plum miners of Kast Kootenuy; that
was in the sixties. Since then
Flndlay, Perry, and other creeks, upper Moyie river, nnd Bull river, hnve
all had more or less placerlnq done
on them. Several years ago three
companies were hydraullcking on,
Perry Creek, but two of them nre
not now operating. As to Wild
Horse creek, there are widely differing accounts of the total value of
the gold recovered from It. About
six vears ngo the Cranbrook tteruhl
published a special number, in which
was printed some Interesting inform
atlon    concerning   Robert   C   Bore,
one of the discoverers of gold
Wild Horse creek.    From the
Count of a lung talk with Mr
the following   excerpts have
"I was the first man to put In a
hydraulic plant on Wild Horse creek.
By the same token, il was on tin-
site of the nickel property we have
just seen, that the first nozzle ever
stirred dirt in British Columbia. The
pipe 1 used was similar lo the fin* engine
hose, but it wus six inches In diameter; it was rotnforced on the outside
with heavy rope netting, so that it
could resist a pressure or 250 lis. to
the square inch. 1 never worked at
such a pressure, hut wanted to
make sure ol my gear. 1 had it
specially made Ior me in San Francisco, and 1 need not say it was
terribly expensive between the cost
of n special style ol plant to turn it
out and the freight rates of those
times. All ttie same It paid for itself ten times over. By 1870 by
gulch had seen its Ik-si days Uy
that date it hud ceased to be a
poor man's camp, as tho shallow
gravel had all turn worked out. The
general appearance or things hns not
altered much since then. Speaking
ol what amount of gold came out of
Wild Horse creek, 1 put it at about
$15,01)0,0011. The official figures are
nowhere near true, nor do they approximate the truth by millions of
dollars. I know that men paid duty
on iirobubly a tenth of what they got
out ■•! the dirt.   Many never paid   a
cent \s tor the future, ,.l! I
can say is Hint (here is ns much
cnlil iu tlie gulch as ever came out ot
it.       You see around   mountains of
untouched gravel."
(It the lode mines of Must Koole
nay, the St. Kugene near Movie
lake, has for years beep tar and away
In the tend. The Sullivan and
North Star has also yielded ore of
large total value, but not nearly so
great an amount as that ot the St.
Kugene. The total value of all ore
taken Imm the St. Kugene up to
Jlltte "" of the current year, is
$0,903,4*0; by now   tht* toenl Is    in
 ss of $10,000,000       The tonnage
of ore united to thut dale was 1)51,-
11.") tons. The quantity of crude
ore and concentrates shipped to the
smeltery was 180,125 tons, and the
metal contents 5,055,133 ot. of silver nnd 210,004,251 lb. of lead. The
output tor the fiscal year ended
June 30 last, was 111,13(1 tons; the
concentrates shipped to tlie smeltery
totalled 17,98" tons, containing III,-
093 or. of silver and 22.182,011 tb.
ol lead, tbe total value was $1,028,-
740,      Tlte year's production      was
! smaller than that for the immedialc-
1 ly preceding fiscal year, during wliich
155,058 tons of ore were mined, and
| 23,260 tons   ol concentrates shipped;
j the metal contents    were -035,5911 or..
lot silver   and   30,07*8.-180 tb. "I lead,
[and the total value $1,41-1,138,
There is an   interesting story  connected with the location of tlw    st.
Kugene uml adjoining Peter   mineral
claims on   .lune  20, 1893,    bv Itev.
Father Coccola, of   St.  Kugtlit* Mission, near Fort Steele, and .Mr. .las.
Cronln, who afterwards developed thc
mine, these having lieen taken to tin-
place where the ore outcropped   by a
Mission   Indian   named Pocer,      tin-
tinder of the "chlcamon stone,"   but
it     may   not bo told in   detail hen-.
Turning   to     practical    matters—a
short  account of    the mine and      n
description ot the concentrating mill
may be found   in the provincial   department of mines' "Annual Report"
for    1909      (pp.    K.   88-92),  together
with information    relative   to other
Kast Kootenay mines
The North Star mine, the tirst Irdn
mine in Hast Kootenay, to Ik* worked ou a large scale, was located in
.lune, 1892. A large body ot ore
was exposed in 1893, and in 181)5
two carloads were shipped lor test
purposes. Buring 1896 and 1807
about -miihi tons were hauled bv
horse teams to Kooft-nny river uud
shipped tlicncc to Great Falls, Mon
tana, lor smelting. Freight chargos
to Great Falls wen* $18 50 pel ton.
and smelling ctmrges 517 per ton for
galena and (if* mi tor carbonate on-
Total output has lieen probably about
110,000 tons Dividends paid total
between $300,01111 and $400,000,
The lotal production ol the Hull I
van mine to .lime 30 last was 03,110
tons of ore containing 781,088 ot.
of silver, and 38,053,397 It. ol lead.
tho total value was $1,931,220. The
Sullivan lead smeltery is at Mnrys
Other mines in the district have
not yet been productive to nn important extent. Among them aie
the Aurora and Society Girl, near
Movie; the Kstella, on Trncy creek;
paradise, Ptarmigan, B. C, and
Tilbury, Belphine, Hot Punch No. 2
ami Lead (Jueen, In Windermere dlvi:
slon; and Monarch and Giant in
Golden division.
There are several water powers iu
Fort Steele division, thc development ot which Is having attention.
Among these are one on Bull River
and another near Elko, at both of
which thc establishment nf hydroelectric generating stations has been
arranged tor.
• i
• f
• i
• >
• i
• i
aaaaaaaaaaajia eeeeaeaeeaaeaa immmMMnHMiii iMinii»«M«i»miMiiiiiiHMtmnii«i»miiMninn
  ■  "■ rriMiiMfiiiiiiiiiirijiiimiMimiiuiiiiiuxi-
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Phone 23
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f •
Wardner Waxes Wealthy
Little Lumber Town on the Kootenay River
Growing; Apace
Fire Protection for our Forests
Wardncr lies in tin* rich Kooteaay
vallev between two magnificent
ranges oi mountains, with tlu- Koot
i-imy river on tin- right ut tin- town
Tins hull burg, wbicb, (or a time
seemed to do ;is thc pocl hai laid:
"to tun liatf tip tin- lull and then Mt
down i<> rest, .is ii to say, 1 climb
tm [arthei upward come what may "
V (though ilus was apparently tlir
rase yel II is astonishing t<> nol rhe
rapid strides M hns taken during thc
past   ymi
I.i i us note these advann b brief!].
Two new. streets bate been opened
up and gi aricd, i>n uni- 11 these
street*- n sidewalk hai been built
which extendi) from tbe t' I' 11 de
put almost i" the company's big
sawmill mi the hank ol ilu- rivei
A Rplcodld watei system, extending
from one end ol the Crows N.st
I'ass l.umbei company's propert] to
the other, has been Installed Tins
watci   is   piped  from    a small lake
back   among   tbe   i lulls        The
lumbei compan] pre, at present, |uat
completing tin lighting, bv elect rl
city, "I then big store, lumbei yanl,
tollers, bunk houses, library, board
|og house, cottages, mills, etc
Siniai cottages have been hulll bj
tlit- company dm no; tin- put few
months These are all of an up to
date chamctei .out would be a credit
ton place nn mmli larger than
Wardnei 'Hns,' are all wpplled
v.iih plent] "i good watet und elce
ttli- lights
Heal estate changed bands unite
briskly foi a time daring tlu* present
year and cottages have been built on
sol in- o( the lots pm chased by private parties. Among these beimt; Mr.
Lund's beautiful new residence,
utiirli Ik not excelled in grandeur In
(my of  thc large cities ot the west.
Two new Testatum ts ban- been
started recently, one by Pal Kelly
nfld the other by Mr. and Mrs. (He
Holmes. Mr. Rant/., proprietor of
the King Edward hotel found it
necessary, a few months ago in order
to nccommodatc thc public, lo build
a large new addition to his hotel.
It. II. Holiarl. also built a flat to
his already large nnd eimimodlous
During thc past year the 0, I*. It
sawmill bas undergone several vary
import apt    changes,     aaaely,    tbo
building of a large circular burnt t
upon a cement foundation Th--
building oi this structure employed
several skilled workmen most of thc
summer months and cost in Ihe
neighborhood of $>.oii*.
The C.P.R, bare also built a largi
wing to their depot, which proved u
he very much too small for the
amount of k»hhIs that tlmt officials
have to handle hen- Thev navi
now completed the large (oui span
ium railroad bridge across tin- river,
doing awn) with tbe old woodi n
budge at lormer times. In addition
to this the> have built a spur line
from the iit-oti depot, extending ovei
to  the   lliti       and  down   tlte h-nk     .1
considerable distance This is [01
tlu- Bcoommodatlon ol the Prows
Nest Pass Lumber company Theli
logs arc hroucht in irom Gallowaj
on flat ears, run in on tins ipui mud
thin dumped Into the river lo be
floated down to tht- mill
On either side o| this sum the Kon
tetUl] Central railway hate built
large warehouses, In which In store
their >,"M,ds before hciru: t.ik, n .1. n"...
the iivrt to theli numerous <on
it ruction campi
Tin- government has built a large
wooden Ma-**", bridge across the
Kootaoaj at this point which adds
very much to the in-lustti of tin-
town, as a m-w mad lias been graded
and gravrit-f-i, connecting vrtth    tht
old stage road from (lolden t<> Kalis
pell      A stage runs dailv from    Hull
River to Wardner, carrying mall and
Situated ns tt is. there is no   rea
BOO why    Wardner in the near      lu
ture, will not occupy a very import
ant plan* tn thc commerelnl nnd   in
dustriul life ot Kast  Kootenay.     lis
resources and climate nre such ns to
make any man    enthusiastic,       hut
something must be done   by the government to prevent the occurrence nl
the disastrous forest fires which have
destroyed so    much vnluable proper
ty as well as scenic beauty.     It   i-
nnt only the present immediate   loss
that has to be considered, hut     the
destruction of young timber thai  in
a few years years hence would      lie
ready for the    mills,    tt saved from
the (lames.
Kor sweet, juicy oranges
nasi AtcftlsvaV
t|> I.itlle
Fires In our forests occur with
such frequency, that the notices of
tnem in tlu- public press attract
but little attention Only those
who haic been within measurable
distance • ■( .1 forest can realise the
terrific nature ol such a calamity;
and nn dwellers as a rule (ail alto-
gethei to appreciate the magnitude ol
these conflagrations and tlie enormous
1 no nr, loss tliey entail in American Korestrj some details are pse-
seated concerning the tires- of the
togetbei with valuable
1 tggestlons bj Forester Henri s
Graves, ol tbe United States department ol agriculture, as to the
measures to Im- taken if tbt waste of
roresl resources through nre is to be
promptl) .md effective!] checked.
Hon ilu fires ol last August were
fought, la related bj Assistant His
nm Kon iter I . SUcox Uls-
tricl one, ol the forest service, to
which Mr, Silcox is attached, has
its headquarters at Missoula. Montana, and Includes all tin- national
toresti m the panhandle of Idaho,
.md in  Molilalia. North Dakota,  Min
ntu ami Michigan, aggregating
10,018,013 acres Ovei S part ol
tins \,isi .m-.t travel is fairly easy,
ouirm to tin- small amount of un*
nVrgrovi th, hut in Sorpjweatcrn
Montana and Northern Idaho, owing
to tin- underbrush ami wind-fallen
timber, travel with ,1 hone wlthapl
nails Is a physical Impossibility, and
lit (ool with a pack on one's hack, a
most arduous and tedious task Kire
control in such a territory as this
is a mosl wrlOUS and ditlicult problem. Elren, to lie controlled, must
Ih* discovered when small, and when
discovered it must he possible to ,-ci
at tlit-m. Many of lhe large mountain tires are 15 to 100 miles from
railroads1 there are no trials; and
when trails lune to be cut file miles
a dai is a high average fnr trail
work. Each national forest is a
unit of i,noo,non or more acres,   re*
presenting a tract of laud about
78 miles long by lo in .in miles fn
wid Hi, nr 1800 to 3500 square miles.
An adequate patrol force should contain ut lensl one man to every
.10.uon ot 1.0.nun acres in the heavily
timltt-red forest and one to every
50,000 acres in the lightly timbered
oim-s To    patrol.      go-id  lookout
I points on the prominent peaks nre
selected,     and     trails    nlong   open
I ridgaa un-    used  wherever possible.
J lust as in a city, engines, men anil
horses are maintained to fight fires,
so in our forests there must be
men, tools and pack-trains immediately available when a fire in discovered.
Owing to thc absence of spring
rams, there were serious fires burning hy thc fifteenth of July jji tho
present year on ncarlj every forest
west of the continental divide. Mi
tbe middle ol .July our 3000 extra
laborers were employed on the fin-
lines in North-western Montana ami
Northern Idaho. To condense Mr
SUcox' interesting narrative;
"Bj the middle of August our
3000 small fires had been put out
and over w> large ones brought under
control. On thc afternoon of August --■ a hurricane, which continued
for 2-1 hours, fanned everj fire in its
path into uncontrollable furj Tin-
roar oi them was heard for mites,
nnd was likened b) son ■■ oi Uu
rane«*rs to thc noise ol n lliousaml
freight trains At some points (Ires
leaped rivers a quarter mile wide.
Within 18 hours on \11gnsi *.» and 21
a strip ol country along the Hitter-
root Mountains 100 miles l-.nn, by
20 lo ■'.."■ miles wide was burned aver;
71 temporary laborers were killed
and as many more Injured.*'
Answering the question "Is lire
protection for our forests worth
while?" Mr. SUcox gives the following figures.
"The estimate of valuable limber
in tlie present district nl periodical
tires in the national forests nl
Northern Idaho and Nnrehwcatern
Montana is about 80 billion leet, representing a mono} value ol sum,.
$30^,000,000. Tin* recent ore covered two watersheds when* sales
bad actually been mode Bggi stating
in stumpage value IMO.coo. Tins
timber has alt been killed bj fin-, re
presenting a loss tn the Ration of
over MW.OOO.''
Forester Craves points oul thai
tlw* forest protective force is altogether inadequate, ami that the Ural
thir-K required is a rapid cxtcuston
of the system of trails, nre lines,
nnd telephone lines. \ fundamental
principle in lire protection is that
(here must be an organlr.nt.nti to
prevent the starting of flrcs and
not merely one to put Ihem nut. The
essential things to make tin- location
and control of tires in the national
forests possible nre summarized as
■'(1). A comprehensive system of
ridge nnd steam rails which ex
tend over the entire tbresl These
trails average iu coql Irom $1.0.00 to
SI00.OO per mile, with an I* inch
trend am) h   foot clear lur Each
1 forest should eventual I]  hare    trom
21111 to M'O miles of trail.
"(2).   A     system ol     well-selected
lookout points and ridge rrails,      so ;
co-ordinated as to give primary con- i
irol   ol ali    districts    for locating
"(3). a co-ordinated system of
telephone lines extending up the main
streams and tapping bj trlbutarj
lines the lookout points.
"Mi. The purchase and maintenance ot pack horses fully equipped!
with pack saddles. Thcso horses can
In* used for building trails and, when
the emergency arises, put on duty
packing lire supplies.
"(5), The location of caches ol
tools throughout the forest at
strategic points. These tools shohlil
consist ol mattocks or grub-hoes,
saws, axes, and shovels, enough to
equip tin men from each cache.
"(ti). A patrol on heavily timbered areas ol at hast one man to
30,000 acres, and in the mon open
regions of one man to 50,00(1 or
011,000 acres.
"The question will be raised as to
whether it is possible to protect
these areas Irom fires and whether or
not it is worth while Appreciating even thc full significance ol thc
i-.ii.cI roptie of this .ear. there Is
not the slightest dotthl hut lhat
with an adequate trail, look-run,
and telephone st stem, and a sullieient equipment nl t.wtts. the tires can
be controlled The fundamental factors n the whole situation are telephone communication, trail trnns-
- ion und man patrol
-,*. Korester Ounces very properl]
the mam burden of protect
Ing forests Irom fire must be borne
bj the public. The purpose of for*
pstrj  1- tf.   scene     certain boneflti
to the rommunit]  and to th m-
trv as a whole it is therefore rn-
Hrclj propei that the principal
cost ot protect inc mir (uresis should
(all upon those who an- benefited.
WANTED.—A competent maid or
housekeeper; quod wages Apply
to Mrs. p .1. Pbane, Armstrong
avenue 43-tf
Lame hark comes on suddenly nnd
**• extremely painful. It is caused by
rheumatism of the muscles. ijuick
relief la afforded by applying Chamberlain's Liniment, sold hy all
druggists and denlers. ST-tl
We lieg to Inform nur numerous
customers thnt we Ium- taken over
lhe premises on linker street Intel]
occupied by Raworth Bros., Jewelers
Thanking our customers for past
favors and trusting (nr eontlnuanci
of same -(iti (Meaning and Dye
Works ia-2t
Coming Calgary of the Crows Nest
Frod Roo Tells oi the .Magnificent Future in Store
for "Picturesque Elko'*
Picturesque Klko, the Hand ol the
Crows Nest i'ass, the Switzerland ol
tbe Kootcnays, situated .it the
mouth of the canyon making it the
Oatcway to the famous and fertile
Tobacco Mains. It-, location n-akes
it au irrcsistabh attraction for
tourists and a summer resort for the
residents of" the big mine towns ul
the Pass.
It has   two   railroads, '..iih eight
passenger     trains   daily,   an I  ■-■
more are projected, it will be Bee
sary ior   them to pas**, the hyacinth-
tinted and picturesque town of Elko,
The year 1010 has been a good >«-.,:
for Elko. Tb:* Merchants Hank of
Canada, one ..f the greatest banking
institutions In the Dominion ot Canada, had their experts out looking
for new fields, with thc result
thnt mi March Uth, a branch was
opened up, business better than the]
evei expected and 'his month 'bev
arc moving into a tine new nloek
on the cornel ol Man. an.! Market
it rei ts river) merchant in lowu
was compelled to build additions
to cope with thc Increased business
The .1 M Vgnev. <'••.. hardware,
rn.. building ■■■ large a*arehou»   10s
00 and Marling .1 new itore b-r the
small anre, ."•- to, ihrei stories Ths
hotels have doubled their capacitj
uud still have to ns * Quite a
large munber ol nun residences havi
been built during tho summer and,
while there was no boom mi t
real estate changed hand tl in tu
in [ore in the last ti-.e years The
It C governhjenl built a fine wa--;on
bridge across tbe Klk at this ." lot,
■i \. Thompson ha< Ing charge of
the work, and it is without doubl
one ol the lineal bridges In the interim The Progressive lave trai nl
Co. have made considerable improvements on their land one mite wctf "I
the town It Is the nearest fruit
land to the greatest markets in the
Dominion Six hours nearer than
Creston     Iron deposits lo the --.est
01 us Tin- greatest eoal HeWs In
the world North und east ol us
roppet m nlng is carried «>n in the
mountains, lying cast ol the Tobacco
Plains, and the forest wealth tn
hutari is the ntcatesl In the pass
At thr. old historic hurg tiH- Elk
rner falls 200 feet through a canyon
ol solid roek. making it one of    the
..r'-at'-st wd\;i prwer pr*jpj/s'',.r,-.- |
the liest province lr; ti* I)' m
The climate is ideal, no day is -v>
hot as to t* nnoomlortable at.d no
nlgbt so --vann as to w-arrai.*. discarding the r,lar.ket-t.
Within -I.'- next five years, Elko
will ta to the Crows Neat Pasa what
Calgary is to Alberta. Its hills and
kopje**- will be coien-d with handsome n-sidt-r.ee-s of Um nr-h. Tbi;
admired plateau wh n* Elko
ii*.w .strtnds will tf/f-n a*, :.—•.- '■■
nine :• portion of the town, and
here the dull sound of the tom-
■■■'. ■:.-- I r:.is[-*-d **.•»■ w-ird 1;.*■;>.:..-
tion f"r the Indians to tear and
nutflatc thetnselvea, tne sh.«r;. dang
ol Fernie. Klko and RooswII*- street
conn's will eause the citi/en to
accelerate bis movementa.
The Tohac&i Plains, yielding
golden harvest   <-f   rrain aad fi
fai beyond tne wildest dreams      of
peculation, will mid a remunerative
market   at     Klko   aw!     Um   Pats
Hkj-acra|Ing   h-nldings   will   ileal
the mouneain peaks in cas'in.* grai
Inl  hadoi   aerosa  tin earth.
In   tlie cotton wood grovi
the river, plcntci will be neM
(amp : -s'ti:,.-' will    bold tbt I S -
n.al revivals and tat sky pi! I.
nnd handv   the clear, c-otd trater   ••:
the    Klk  rival In which to immerse
'heir converta,
The ton*«;oinii i** only a brief out-
Um of Elko's future, mucii more
could ns said, if we were gt-reu the
space Nert week we shall write
about tin- Tobacco Plains and Uu-
country south of Elko. Introducing a
small sketch of an Indian celebration, thai to**-**, place on Hi** reserve
a few days ago.
Fred Roo
WANTED.—A (tood reliable boj tn
learn the fewdrj trade. Appl) t.
W   H. Wilson. ' 19
The old, old story, told times
without number, and repeated ovei
,ind our again for 'he last 88
•.tars, hut It ir always a w-r-lromo
story to trm-je in Mfch of health—
Then is   nothing in the    world that
euros ooiigln and colds ss qniokly «s
■ !*.iiiit»«'t lam's Couitti Remedy*     Snld
b)  all drugitlsts and dealers       .',7*t( THIS   CRNBROOK   HEBAJLO
******************************************************************** 1
Wholesome, Reliable and Pure, Fancy
and Staple Table Delicacies
Can Always Be Found at
Ui* havo givun sp.'.-ii.l ami <-t»r<-fill ntliiitioii to
(jvei'yUiing In Our Christum* Stuck ami you will
lind ii rojiipletc in fivary detail. Thn ruiuolest
piti-ls of the eurtll uml the tin, si hot Imnsi's In
* ■ 11 r own lund will give »p their toll for yonr
benefll; lint un added charm will be given lo ilu*w*
epicurenn .UbIiuk it tliey are served in thr delieiite
China we ur.- ilispluying. and in thi*. we cull jil.-aa.
tht* must fustldeous,
The   Famous   French   Limoges   in   white   and   gold   and   baby    rose
- stock patterns-also many odd hand painted pieces in this ware.
Wedge-Wood in white and gold, purple and gold,  and blue   and   white
csiors with dainty designs.
Japanese Five O'clock Tea Sets.      Cocoa, and Cream and Sugar, Ccifee
and    Porridge   Sets.      Cake   and    Bread   and   Butter  Plates.      Odd
Cups and Saucers. Etc.
Full Lines ol Austrian, Bavarian and Tuscan China   Toilet  and Dinner
Sets withoui number-all useful and beautiful presents.
We will have   th:   It'gest   and most beautiful display  of   Cut Flowers
ever shown in   Cranbrook,   R)i!i.   Violets,   Chrysmthemums, Carnations
and Hyacinths, also a few choice potted plants.
Ganong's Chocolates have a peculiar delicious flavor that makes all others
seem tasteless.   We are sole agents lor the city.
We henrlily thank ynu all for the punt si-asou's
Imsim-ss and we wish to advise you wt* ur.- here to
stay nn.l expect to iucrease our bushier.*, in the
future us in the past, by courteous treat mt-ijl un.l
full value for every cent you spend with us.
j Campbell & Manning
If yuu want to free your head or
liatrtlrufi anil stop falling hair, you
must sooner or later resort to Newhro's Herpicide.
Uy using Her pic hie tirst you save
yourself worry, which is desirable,
you save money, which Is a consideration, anil you sale your hair, which
is   the mosl important of all.
Why not |iii-li. hy the experience of
Mrs. li. A. Lee, of III) South Ith
St., Ulclilimml, Vtt., who writes;
"Emir years' n-siilent'i- in India
ruined un huir until it was twii two
Inches long mid very thin. T tried
even liiu., in Kuni-M- and America
without Irt'iielll uitlll I was Induced
i- Ilerpicitle. My Imir is now
long, sofl and silky and natural
;olor, while beforo it was ijplto gray.
My frlemls never tire ol admiring my
hair "
.Mrs  l-ee's story is n typical    his-
iry nf hair troubles. Afler ovury
thing else (ails Newbro's Ilcrpicidc
brings relief It would he just us effective iT used first.
Newbro's llrrpit'iib' kills the dan
IriilT germ and prevents falling hair,
It stops Itching of the scalp almost
instantly. Nn mutter what the
lainis ot others, Merpieide is the
only genuine original da nd in IT germ
Oue dollar si/e bottles guaranteed.
Sold by all druggists Applications
ii good harbor simps.
Send Hie for sample bottle to The
llerpieide Co., Dept. K. Detroit,
ltoyal Edward cluster raisins at
Kink's Pure Oood Grocery
Horn-At  the   Home    hospital, tn
Mr. and Mrs   .1   A   Palmer, a dnugh
ter, December Mth, lOIfl
Mince lie*, and -whristmas Cheer
Method)-*! Bazaar. December 17.
Tbe Arena It Ink is in be thrown
open tu skaters on Monday evening
next. If possible Hu- eltj hand will
he in attendance
Prime Christmas beef at .lolIffe's
Central Meat Market
Raworth Bros., Hu- jewelers, have
presented the hnnl fire departnj,"iit
with an eight-day clock fot theli
You are keeping .Monday evening
next free to attend the grand musical entertainment nl the I-'ink
Mercantile company's store
Kresh California cauliflower, toma
tues and cucumbers at Campbell nnd
Voting on the Introduction 01     ihe
Seott Art took place on Tuesdaj   ..1
Cbitltwack and Prime Ruperl .iml 11
both   places tho     electors   dcelnri
against the measure
l.eave your orders loi mistletoe at
Kink's Pure Food tlrpcery.
lames Finlay proposes ereeling n
m-w building on tlte site nl the
Prospector otlice, a permit fot tins
purpose was granted him on Novcm
ber Hth last, hefoie the new lin- liy
laR came Into cffcel Tho building
ll to cost 12300.
D'eased Dolls. Xmas Presents,
flcthodlst Ba/aiir. December 17
Cranbrook's citizens will doubtless
mark their appreciation of the hospitality of the Kink Mercantile "Company by attending in large numbers
thi-musical entertainment tn be given at their store next Monday   oven
We have the pick n| Hie ho| houses
fnr cut flowers and vegetables, such
as, lettuce, radishes .nut parsley —
Campbell ami Manning
Ladles will welcome the addition 0
a "■■■T.st" room to the numerous ntlt
rr conveniences of tin- Kink Hoi
candle company's    upti.ii.ite   ton
11 will he thrown open on Mondnj
evening nelft.
Headquarters ior 1 la/el ivo-mI
Double Jersey buttermilk, Kresh
supply arrives every Saturday.—
Little and Atchison
The proceeds of tin- public school
concert are to lie devoted exclusively
to the purchase of .1 piano [or the
use of Ihe children. \ report, go
ing the rounds, io the effect that the
proceeds were lo In* used for lhe
payment of Mr. Oeo, I). Ingram's
services is utter!) fouudatlonlcss,
Mr. Ingram has devoted much ol his
1 ime and talents tu traininh 1 he
children entirely  gratuitnusl}
If you     want a good    second hand
waii.ii. go lo the Old Curiosity Shop, .
where n large selection is lieing sold
cheap for cash.
Mr. .1. li. Murray, manager of thej
Kootenay Produce and Pro. Isloii
company, secured n permit last
month to huil'l an addition to his!
present premises. He has since been
notified thai in view of the new nn-
limit bylaw- tie cannot proceed. .Mr
Muii.n has ontcrcn a molest against
mii h ireal men), in \ie\\ of the treat
ni*-in    meted out io others slmllurh
Hunted, and the matter is now he
ing Investigated
Christmas frit I is ai Tin- palm
The ladies of ihe Methodist rhilHi
.un hold a bazaar ou Saturday af
leruoon next, In Mr ti. (.cask's new
store, lo kind permission, on Nor
bury avenue, nearly opposite the Hre
hall. Dressed dolls, fancy articles,
mince pies, und other Christina!
good cheer will be sold. Afternoon
lea will be served, All who have
gOOlls lo give are reipiesteh to photii
Mrs. fleorge Powell or Rev. It
Hughes, and the things will hi- sent
tor on .Saturday morning.
Harry Webb's English plum pud
dings at Kink's Pure Kood Grocery
Tin- chief and members of the ritj
lire department will ho.tl an at hoiiu
ut the lire hull on New Year's Day,
from 2 p.m. till in p.m. Refreshments will he served The cltiXcns
of Cranbrook and their friends nre
I extended a heart v invitation to    re
i new the friendship which bus existed
in the past     Any doimtioiis will   he
accepted with thanks to make     thli
occasion u success.
Leave youi orders early foi cut
dowers. The flrsl order will receive the lirst choice.—Campbell and
The reception to he held nl Hn
Kink Mercantile company's im stun
on Monday evening next, at x o'clock
promises to Ih- a very enjoyable and
well attended function. \n eycel
lent   musical programme has     heen
prepared  for Hi 1 as ton,  and       re
freshmen ts .iill be served The en
Inrgements to and the improvements
made m ihis enterprising company's
store, make of ii one of ihe most
commodious in ilu- Interior, and Hn
public ai large will appreciate thli
opportunity of viewing ihe change*
made and of Inspecting ilu- Inrgi
and well assorted slock of Chi ist
-tias wares      No goods "ill he   sold
during the    evening, but tlie entln
staiT   will he on hand to attend     li
In inftii t of guests
Kngllsh sun.ui cheese ai Pink's
Pmc Kood Orocerj
Editor The Herald:
Mir; tt is Hie intention ol this dc
part ment to establish turn packing
schools in the various fruit districts
of (hi- province in order to teach up
to date ami prartUnl im-lbods 1 if
lurking and (-.railing fruit. As an
experiment this work was started
last season in the Okunugnn .alley
and the results obtained have been so
satisfactory and encouraging that il
has hccli decided, to further extend
ihis work so as to give uil Hie
principal centers of fruit product ion
tin* lii-m-fit which will be derived
from ihe establishment of a fruit
packing school
1 take pleasure, therefore, iu    suh-
inltting herewith a circular is* 1 by
this ileoartment to representative
bodies nver the province in this eon
DCctlnn nml would ask your kind cooperation  b\ giving ii  due publicity
tlir.nh'ii lhe medium of  youi  paper
Vours truly,
Will    K    Scott,
Heputi   Minister of Agriculture
Victoria, II.C, Dec   It, 'in
lu accordance with the policy of
the department of agriculture, which
to educate fruit growers in the
production id the highest class of
fruit, the fruit branch of the depart
ment last winter conducted a series
<f five packing schools for Hu- teach
inn; ol the proper nnd most up-to
date methods of packing ami wrap
ping fruit This work proved very
popular nnd undoubtedly met tht
ds of the districts in which th
packing schools wese placed. Fruit
growers of the province will then
ion- I.r pleased to learn that thi
work will he continued and furthe
extended this year so as to establish
these schools iu fruit districts of tlu
province where desired and whew •
lUfTtcicnt number of pupils ean tm s<*
Kor this work Pr. Berkley, of Ver
non, and Hr. Olbb, of Kclowna, hav.
heen secured. I»r. Berkley was thii
year in charge of a branch of tht
Okanagan Fruil union, and packed
tin* lirst pri/e mixed-carload, at tbe
Canadian National Apple Show at
Vancouver, which also won second
pri/e sweepstakes He conducted
(.•in packing schools fnr the depart
ment last year and gave cfftrcmely
good satisfaction .Mr. liihli, of the
Kclowna Farmers' Exchange, has had
vharge of their fruit packint* this
year, and hail the dicteiactlon ol
packing the winning sweepstakes car
of Jonathans at ihe Canadian Nn
tlnnal Apple show. Me also gave
excellent satisfaction in packing
school work fur the department last
year in the Okanagan. The .standing
and experience of these men is such
as to guarantee the highest class 1
Instruction and the fullest satisfa
linn in the work ihey undertake, and
the fruit growers of the province
will feel that iu securing these men
Hu- department of agriculture has
heen fortunate.
Frnm many districts in the prov
Ince Hie demand for packing schools
ihis year is quite urgent and it
mill by spreading out the money
avallahle for the work tbat even a
pari of them cah he accommodated
The nmount of fruit to be packed in
reuses very rapidly each year     und
'call ties now bencht hy packing
cliools, where a year or two age
ihis work was quite unnecessary.
To bring before the public tin
method in wbirh this work will he
administered this circular has been
issued, outlining tlie terms on which
packing schools will he arratiged for
m aay district. This circular will
In- placed in the hands or a icspon
Bible hody, to whom the local ad
nlnistration of   the packing school
11 Hie mu of Securing the leipiis
tc pupils, fruits, a packing room,
tl . will bo left This bod) will
ilso he required 1o guarantee
tiinimum attendance ot pupils Thi.1
plan has been pronounced very satis
nctory by organizations in a number
if districts.
The department of agriculture pr
ides the Instructor and pays bis
xpcir.es The department will beat
he cost of packing pniier, fruit and
llher legitimate expenses except that
•f the puekibg tables, which will be
eft at each point after the school i*
The responsible hody in each case,
Khctlu-r a municipal hody, Farmers'
Institute or Fruit drawers' association, will be required to guarantee a
mimimum of twelve pupils, but    not
e   than fifteen, al n fee of three
dollars   (I'l.tHl) each, to take twelve
lessons of   two and   a half   hours 11
•sson; in other words one week,  lul
limited   number of      districts   a|
iiubic packing   school can he     arranged   for in   which the   minimum
guarantee   will be   twenty-tour    pu |
plls, hut not more than thirty,      for
pi SJ
i/l •
3 iti
.•: 1
■ ""
pi ~r
-j .:
■■■ :•
ra .
The Quain
Electrical Supply Co., Ltd.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Maurice Quain, lieneral Manager.
Electrical   Contractors   and   Engineers.
Wholesale and   Retail  Electrical   Supplies.
Estimates  Furnished  for  inside and   outside.
Electric   Generators.  Motors,  Supplies
and   Fixtures.
Special   Quotations  given  to
Mills  and  Mines.
Write Us For Prices.
afgjaiaEHSIiSliiyS. >.;■.■' '.'. :SI5y?)J"i:arrjS^.^ir:.-^^il*LHf^
". .^ajsj-sjaiajaraia^^
the same period Arrangements can
he made for an evening or late afternoon public demonstration nu
apple packing for the benefit of the
distriet at large.
About three boxes per pupil is
necessary. The hardier varieties,
such as Hen Davis and f'ano arc preferred. Fruit must be in falrlj
goud condition but need nut he grail-
ed. Associations should at once secure fruit, or if none is now left in
the distriet, this should be stated ut
the time application is made ami the
department will look after it
Two tables, ItJ'xl' ami 3' high with
burlap top and rests for boxes ure
required, for fifteen pupils These
tables cost about $K.r>0 each when
made hy a carpenter They are un
necessary where fruit packing assoel*
atioiis can provide their tables In
cases where these tables musl lie
pinviilcil please advise tbe depart I
ment and full Instruction* for eon
st ruction Will be sent
For fifteen      pupi.s    ii hull at   least
HO'iIS' and well lighted is necessary.
It miirt tic heated so that fruit will
not freeze at midil ami lu prevent
cbilliiiK ol the lingers uf llie pach
chilling of the lingers nf Ihe packers
1. Practical and thorough instruction in actual commercial packing
will he given. Packing schools hape
proved very successful because each
pupil is engaged in actual packing
under the personal supervision of an
tne true tor who knows and can teach,
ommereial paeving.
2, Pupils will have an opportunlt)
to learn the method ami equipment
used by up-to-date and progressive
associations,    for lhe most eeonnmi
ill picking, grading, packing, wrapping, wrapping and handling nt fruit
:i. Instruction will be given in the
operation of the Frtlll Marks Act, in
the proper marking of different nixes
and grades ot fruit.
1 Incidentally, Instruction in ex
Iiiiui ion packing will be given
City Transfer Co.
W. E. WORDEN, Prop.
Ifvou want
pul iti> fnr Summer
Conl rin'Uirs for
Excavating, Moving Buildings, Pianos, etc.
I'bouo  Olliru No. 'i'i       tiesidonco No. 185
iiltii*i*   Omnbrook HUk. linker8troot
a.   Packers who are given a    si •
of 75, efficiency in the packing school
ami wlm pm up a creditable puck lhe
following year, will he entitled In
diploma, certifying the same,     from
the department  ut agriculture
ll. Fruit growers in the district
may visit the packing school at nil)
time ami secure iuformutiou iu this
way. Tin* evening demonstration
and Ir- 'nre on com men i.il tmii
packing will also lie valuable ll Is
Imped that the provincial horticul
turist may he present ut some nl
least of these meetings.
In view of the large demand for
packing schools and the fact that
wnrk must start curly in January-
districts which aim to avail themselves of tbis nppdiiiiiiii, should
semi application as soon as possible
to Mr. Winslow, Provincial Hortlcnl
turist at Victoria.
Wm. E, Seott,
Deputy Minirtcr of Agriculture
<**i*i. ni
's   (Vlilml
H. B. K.
Ripless Gloves
■in- (iiiiirantecd
NOT  TO  RIP Section 2
9 to[16
VOLUME   1.1
CRANBROOK.   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,    I II l USD A Y. OKI 'E?il 10311 15. 1010
NO. 43
Cranbrook Trading Co.
P. O.   BOX   "A"
PHONE   183
Mclaughlin, cockshutt
Carriages   and   Cutters,
Implements* Wagons
Give us a trial, we know you will come back
Ganbrook Trading Co.
4**************o. *************** ********,****
Cash is Cheapest
Below Is Proof  in   Prices
Phone 124 for other Prices   r
Our aim in business is to please, By pletmiiig ymi in the
•Quality nt'tio.t-.is is not alt what wo want tn do. we umltiavor tu
pleas.* in the delivery of nur goods nml general service of thu
store. Kvorv man in our -employ is just eager lo do hla best fnr
V< H'. In Groceries and General Merchandise * 'urs are the liest.
Notliiiii* but tlte Host is kept iu stock. We deliver only the Best
The store is full of nothing but the Heat*
Here we prove what We say about Cash
Punch Snuiv. nut* 1-ottU*
Cowan's Assuriiil l.-im*.*! pits
loing Siijjiir. 1 lli.
I'lirninls. 3 pkts.
li.usins. S pkts.
Oranberrtaf, I Ih,
Mixed Peel, 1 lb -
Kollog'a rotatetl Com flakes, :i pint,
Salmi Droning, I bottle
Totliy's or lliiiii. I.nl a Ti*a,:'. lb. tin
Maglo Baking Powder, I tin
1'iirilnn ..        |   ..
Patterson Worcester Smog, I jiints. 'J bottles
Coffee, Polo Bpooitl, .1 Ihs.
Wetbey'a Mlnoe Meat, :i pkia
S«i*i'i Older, I ipiurt
A im t liiu,*, *, Milium**.. I ||n
Ptimpklne, 1 tin
l 'lifjll
$        M
i i»*
*7 86 *;> *ii'
Grocers and (ieneral Merchants
We Guarantee Quality
J. Leask & Son
3 Minutes Walk Prom Hospital.
Kvery housewife is advised to stull
ht*r ('hi ist mas turkey or goose with
•lolitlc's superfine sausages. Kor
sale exclusively .it the Central Meal
As evidence ol Creslon's growth,
or of someone's nidi sere tion, that
thriving little town now boasts of
two weekly papers. The latest re-
l.ult is the Creston Valley Echo,
edited by It. (I'll. Kit/geruld. It Is a
healthy looking infant and in view
oi the rapid growth oi Creston and
the prosperity prevalent there it may
enjoy a prolonged existence.
We have just received Irom TOP-
HAM BROS., VICTORIA, a shipment of Iheir delirious big choco
lutes in   fatty   Luxe*-   and in bulk - -
Little and Atchison.
The cxhtntion ol brass ware in the
Iteatty-Misjphy company's window Is
the brat eaer seen fn the town. A
varieby of articles in Caledonian and
other styt's, all admirably suitable
for Xmas present* are to be seen.
Thc firm fc*. to bo congratulated ou
the excellence of tho display.
You wife would appreciate a good
range for Christmas. Try the Old
Curiosity Sbop.
The a .stent ion of persons sending
Christmas parcels abroad Is called to
the following regulations which gov
irn the parcel, post service: "No
parcel .vldressnl to Kngland may
exceed tfiiity inches in length, nor
be more than twelve inches wide or
deep If tuWrcssc-d to other c-oun
tries the umiiBiuiu Irngtfc allowed is
twenty-four inches, width and depth
the samp as for Kngland. All port
age fees must be fully prepaid. Su
parcel may contain any explosive or
similarly dangerous article. Kvery
parcel, except small packages of a
few ounces iu weight, must huve u
customs declaration relative to its
contents attached. The purcel post
late to the I'nited Kingdom is 1.1
cents a pound with a weight limit
of eleven pounds. Weight, and rates
to other countries vary, and may he
ascertained upon enquiry at any
post ollicc. Letter rate to the I'nited Kingdom and its dependencies Is
two cents lor each ounce, and to
all other cauntries five cents for the
tirst. ounce, and three cents each additional ounce "
Marsh mallows at Ibe I'utm
Review of Past Year's Operations with a Forecast of Future
Clear Exposition of Difficulties Surrounding thc Industry by one of the
Leading Lumbermen of British Columbia
I-.-ditor cranhrook Herald-
Dear Sir; In reply to your tetli r
o[ 2n.t inst., rei|ui!sting a review >*f
the IimhIht Industry in tin: Interior
of Hritish Cotumhln during the |m..t
\car, and   also a    fo
rorecosi of fin
, l Leg tn si
; during tin* |
ic c msldcri d sat -
lit-gilliiiir-. nl"    Hi ■
nppnrent demand
In this- conueeHoi
that    the   buslnca
ear ean scarcely
tslaclory.    At the
year   there was .it
or all   the lumlier anil lumber pin-
ducts that were then in the hands ol
the manufacturers, ami a   very sntl»
fftctory     huslness    continued    unl I
nhout- -inly 1st, when, owing to tic
excessive   drought     in    the   pruir.t*
provinces of Canadn, and tin* niisat--
Isfactory conditions existing    among
the   American    mills,     which fore il
large quantities of foreign lumlier In-
iiir markets, a decided cliaii',e {
took place in tho general conditions
affecting the British Columbia manufacturers. Prices fell to a point
considerably below the actual cost
of production, and, owing Lo thc arrangements made hy the majority
of lhe mills for a largo output,
there has been, In my opinion, o\ i
100.000,000 feet or lumber sold during the present year at a price In
low the actual cost.
It is quite ditiicult to Judge us to
the future, excepting that with n
normal demand In our prairie provinces, and a good export and local
trade on thc cast, all the lumber
that is now in existence in Hritish
Columbia should he absorbed during
the next nine montlis. It would, of
course, be folly to expect to run
the mills- night and day during Iflll,
and expect to dispose ol thc lumber that Is now- on band and also
that which would he cut during thai
year, as the population that tie*
British Columbia mills have to
serve, in competition with the spruce
mills in Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the western
pine mills ol Ontario, and our American competition, is too small at the
present time to enable the British
Columbia mills to run full capacity more than four or five months
in   thc year
In dis cussing bricllj tin- lumber
situation during the past year, nnd
a vague forecast ot the luture, (I
might also he well to discuss lotne-
what the actual conditions surrounding the lumlier industry of the interior of British Columbia at the present time.
In tin* tirst place, I think I am
safe In saying that up to the present time the actual lumbering
operations in the interior uf Hritish
Columbia have nol, in the aggregate, been profitable lor those engaged therein There may have lieen
some profits made hy brokers, speculators and investors In procuring,
buying and selling standing timber, but, with a very lew cxccp-
tlons, profits have not heen shown
by those who are actually engaged
In the industry of produc ng and
manufacturing Idmnei and lumber
The principal reasons being:
1st,—Tin* inadequate and unstable
and.—A steadv and continual increase lu   the cost of production.
3rd-—Tbe   rough aud   mountainous
I*   I.t NM.
Managing   Director    of the    Crows
Nest I'ass Lumbei Company
-ndltion of    the country.
ith.—The large percentage of small
Umber growing in the mountain
districts and the accumulation ol a
surplus rd low grade lumber.
ih —Tlie comparatively small
stand ol merchantable timber per
acre in the interior of Hritish Columbia.
(•th.—Tlie continual annual destruction of thc most accessible timber
hy bush lires.
7th—The high carrying charge in
the matter ol ground rentals, royalties, etc.
Mh.—Lack of adequnto car --ir-
ricc and transportation facilities
•Mii.—Lack of adequate protection
against foreign competition
10th.—The heavy investments ul
capital required in    the business
In the first Instance, the great
timber areas of British Columbia,
Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan ;■ il
Manitoba, have become occupied, ami
have reached a high state ol exploitation during a comparallvelj short
period M is true that during tins
same period, Western Canada lias received a rery heavy Immigration
indeed, and In consequence thereol
ha** enjoyed a period ol unprecedented prosperity, it is true never tholes* that Hit- lumber Industry has
grown In proportions to a much
greater extent than hai either the
transportation facilities or Immigration, and it is a fact beyond dis-
puto thai the present producing c.
pacitv ol the mills In Hritish Columbia, Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario, is sufficient to supply the requirements of .ill Western Canada
until Ms pnpulntlon shall have reached several limes its present numbers.
Lumlier seems to In* one of the few
staple commodities thai continue to
(Itictuatc in price with every changing condition In thc lumlier business it is eiiher a feasl nr n famine.
It is a fact thai the lumber
manufacturer who owns ,i largo
quantity ol standing timber will
show greater profits in holding it
and safeguarding iis growtb and perpetuity frnm destruction by tiro and
other causes, than he will by manu
faeturlng it into   lumber, undei   the
present conditions.
During   tht- last   thrct years :t < re
has Is n a  ilea ly locrease In i    •
every commodil;
■■ with oi   ■    the    •
lion o| iuml r and lut   ier pi  '
Saw    and   plui
rubbi i and leather .   ' i
creased fi      pi _'•-';•■
Will        Hoi ■■■-     .■■   ■•  - ' •-_'
■ -   I h\ ■ ■i ■ -.
creas il fi toll) I      lla
thut  wa*   ■   .     .
ill*.  ,v  ! Ml ■•-■"
■"l.'i I.II        ;.    -    '
■ J',  IM    *,.,..'
formerly   :■■■■:..■    tl        Us ai
am) -   ui    fi .   "'■     to *--'■ ■ I
per ton. f»*■.. .    ■ | ■
'li.on      I:   ,;    ..    i . ■
2d per cent; baci n .. d Iroi
\ egetables, li cl Iii - ■' ' es, ■ v..
Increased In prh •■ d irli. ■' last
three years    10 ;- r ceni rated
fruits, canned .     •   and nearly   all
ther  st.'ip!-
Increases; ard the seal*- of •vagc.
that is ing paid t        ipet
enl !. ishmen and   mill bai ds, I    am
safe in   -a> Ing. t;."** Iw n a rd ii
average,    -"   pei     cent  ts       thr
Logging        thi    ioui tain di trlcl
of British     Col
expensive    and     *l!:i cull      • - it
Koad ■"■,  rtructl
talnous country, is a    large item ol
expense, and  a i   tbr timber I   being
cut or burned trlbutar]   '    Us   rail
way and thc mills, the loggli.
atlons Iiavc {a be i  »ved ba
the mountain districts   where     the
com   vt   operaiion    li   rnon    than
doubl**, in   addition   to the     *.ir e
amounts   of     money that    .   ist be
used    tn    providing   *' •   :     ■*- •
means of transportation r-f IfHts     to
the mills      Kither cost i
wagon road*,   most   be constructed
or   railways n list be built  or rivers
and mounts n  itres
made   suitable   l(,r   the transport i
Uon and storing oi the I
Thc itandlng tlmbei I tbfl Interior districts ol British ' 'olund is
w.il   cut, in      the   sggregatfl, Iron
1,000 '••  ;  leet  ■■■ *   li re, and in
order   to   "'ii.' ;. thi     quantity. I"*s
musl i-e takei  flos n lo s rer,        I
illai ici •.   which     iw *>■
mills    will sccitmulatc   a     :
sin.ill dimension ard :  *
In-r.   In other   word    li       iparl
with the   ci ■. ;.* oi   the Pacific
C |      Mi' re    the jroui I    contains
usually from 10 000 lo SOfl 000 feet
lt.M (h-i ;n re nndvlngs are not
taken that measure under \2'' at thc
small end. th-' balance Is left In tl •
woods io be consumed hv hush
lires \ greal many of lhe mountain mill men, in order to obtain a
supply nf logs, have to take Umber
that will average well In -t ., with
the logs that the coast lumbermen
leave in the woods to decay oi t..
in- consumed by thc hush Ores ard
which are considered worthless
In this connection, t mlghl say
that the charges made hv the governnienl against tin1 mountain lumbermen in thc wav of ground rentals
and royalties, are unfair compared
with conditions thnt prevail on the
Pacific coast or west -.i tlie Cascade
mountains, where h seems tlmt   iba
foundation tor all legislation in
connection with standing timber is
based In the Pacific coast district, a lumberman is allowed to
bold tl I" acres of land containing
from 26,00o tn 50,000 feci ol tho
finest timber in earth lo tlie acre,
for very nearly the same annual
ground rent as tlw mountain lumberman must pay for a limit which con
tain* rrom 3,000 to 10,000 feet per
aci, of ,1 very inferior quailtj of
niiiin t. ui- which he also pays the
sain crown dues or royalties per M.
II 1! .\i as is paid In the I'acllle
coasl   il Ntl iet for   lumlier thai       la
d ile u,.' value,
A not hei great   drawback dclrimi it-
t.il t"   the l^iberman In the Interior, .-   Ihe   wanton annual destruction oi Ins timber   suppl]  by    bush
■r.**    In the niajoriti of cases,    the
tenvlest loss by    nre is In thc vicinity of thc railways and mills       or
*et tleuieni.*-. where   the mosl access
ble timber is destroyed     In [act, 1
i'n safe ir. saying, that during      my
,.*•■•  iiar-   residence in tlie Kootenays, there has been tO.tHtn feet     of
merchantable timhet destroyed       b>
bush   fires,   where    chere    has been
1,000 feet converted    Into merchantable   lumlier, and     unless some adequate means can be arranged        to
prevent lite*** l-ring started by      railwav    locomotives,     logging  engines,
campers, hunters, fishermen, settlers,
etc . it will not I* manv vears until
the available   timber supply in   the
Interior ol British Columbia, will be
largely,  if   not   totally,     destroyed,
and  one of tbe    greatest   Industries
and  BOUtcei   of  nevpnue will be lost
to   thr p»»plc     1 consider this feature n imports;.!    *o the continued
prosperity ol the people In this province, that any effort or expenditures
thai the government might make, or
that  might Ik- found possible In       a
campaign ol   education among      tbe
jvoplc "f   the pr.rtinci, a*s well     as
in   establishing   am! maintaining    a
strong and well   equipped fire light-
in,; force    during    the  hot summet
months, would tie fully justified.
Another     feature    that   is usually
rlooked      Is       that     fn      the
nterior      of      British      Columbia
we   have        practical)!-     only    one
source oi transportation.   This       is
in the hands    of one concern
■ r     company, namely, the Canadian
Pacific Railway  compan-*      While It
■»■  me that  tin** company  is
' lag Its utmost in providing      tin
:   essari  transportation facilities, it
rertbeless    a (act   that when
ther   I** a heavy   demand for lumber,
*,:.-*■■ i*-     also an abnormal demand
".ad- i.pon thc railway company    for
transportation,    car suppl>,  etc., m
DCS,   pich as co-al.  the    ship-
ol Hn str-cL. heavy Immigration, and    .am but not least,       the
•aoving    of ehe heavy and increasing
grain crops In   the prairie provinces
TVrefort,       the     lack    of adequate
transuortatlon  facilities,  when   there
is s lively    demand [or lumber, is a
continued sourc*** of loss to the lumber rnaaufaeturers     Every mill   will
be r -.r.ir.g to its full capacity in   an
endeauor to take advantage of     the
demand for lumber, tbe nulls       artfully manned with man drawing large
salaries, and af*  usually equipped for
shipping double    the amounl ot lumbei    tha*    the     available car supply
will enable them to do. >hif*h is na-
I irally a    heavy U*. against     their
annual output.    I do not wish it to
•- nndenrtood   *hat   this is   always
the *~a*-. a-- at   certain seasons     of
the year when   the demand for lumber is    ehrara    light, for instance,
fr'.::. November l*t until March 1st,
lbs mills   have usually a lull   supply
of car*., and more oflered Them  than
•hey can 'jse    In fact, during      that
season ot the year,   the mills       arc
mall] closed down
I might   point out another feature
under which tbe Canadian lumbermen,
especially  those in   Western Canada,
are Nufiereti       tt is a  well known
tact    that  If    we   su-rced fr. ohtain-
tng an i ril-j-r for luml«er for       fchlp-
men- lo t'Mearro, S*   Louis, or oth*
er : atted StatM points, sre have to
pay a   heavy penalty for encroaching
■.  ericaa Industries, who claim
to be emptoying Araericu laboi and
under tht American trttUta are protected.       On the other hand, whenever a -surplus ut   lumber has aecu-
mulated    at any ol      tho American
mills, whose location is ncfa as   to
enat.li- them     to reach   the Canadian
markets with their product, they arc
invitt-d   Into    the Canadian markets
with their surplus, the dealers usually citing to the liritisli and Canadian
manufacturers ehe low- priies quoted
bj Hh* American mills in times     of
an over-product inn on tbat side      ol
the line, or or. an accumulation     ot
certain !n-es that would he dcsirablo
to dump On a foreign market, rather
than demoralise with it the prices in
their own country.
Vnothri feature which Is not generally understood by the public in
connection wilh the manufacture of
lumber, t** the heavy invcstm-iils
that are Mcestftfy fn order to establish ami maintain n permanent
business in this line      In  the    Oral
[Continued on pifn eleven ■ 10
mi"   ClIAMlltOOK   UKltAlaD
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Money Jo I'lim mi favorable luniiH.
Mvery care and comfort
A   home from   home
Special attention in caeca of
Maternity, Rheumatism
and Pneumonia
Terms  moilurulu
MRS. E. BENT, Matron.
P.O. l)oi Plinno 270
Tsui'linr ill striiui nml
Slllll.lllll)   IllHllllUI'lll*.
Miss "-"abel Wellman
1  anisl anil Teacher
l',.**lill.;i'i*,l |IU|lll Ol
<;,,I.r. ill.* M..II.I „l Winlltpil
 lar, 1'» ""«I'*
F.C. Bwsiinell, D. L. B„ B.O. I,. 8,
A. 1. Robertson, B.C.I.. S.
Dominion mnl BrltlBhColumbia
P.O. Drawer 7113 VICTORIA. B.C
THK    PLACE    TO     OCT
Cranbrook's Christmas Cheei
By   un arrangement     with Mr. II.
A. Fergusson, who recently canvassed llie huslness men of this city, tin
following    vVrlto-ups appear iu these featu
columns.      Mr.   Fergusson prepared hotel
Ihora uml in ado nil nrrnngomenls foi   [sis
(Continued from first f-ecUon.)
tlie East Koolemu    nre proud ol the | Vic.    Itollins     formed B partnership
II Is a recognized   and    leased the   Hold   Cranbrook.
Headquarters for nil kinds of
Satisfaction Gimruntecd
Tho Slim* Speoiulist
Physicians and Surgeons
OBIcs •• Reeldeice,  Annstriini  *.»«
Forenoons -
Klenlnita -
.Sundays - -
■ ■ vuu to up im
. a.mi to 4.00
. 7 30 to R.30
- 1.311 to 4.30
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B.C.
P. 0. BOX 184 PHONE 244
"History is but tho essence if
hiogrnphy, and biography is a record 1
of the doings of the people Individ- i
ually uml collectively." In chroulcl-1
ini', in this Cliristmns edition tho
careers and labors of men Identified
with tho growth nnd prosperity ol
Ornnbrool. ami cho ISnst Koolonay ',
distriet, it is with pleasure thai
prominence is given lo n brief rotor-!
ence to the popular proprietor ol
the    Hotel Cranhrook, with special.
Hotel Cranbrooh
fact that the mosl advantageous I which they successfully conducted up
of n city is a first-class i to the first ut May last, when Mr,
When travelling men or tour-; Iloggarth bought out his partner's in-
i, about   Un1 first topic    of i tcrcsts.
lion is the hotel!*, 4ml j Mr. HOggartli may Ih- sad to bo ti
00 much [iraise could not he natural horn hoteltnon. He has tlu*
lie Hotel Cranbrook. Tlw happy faculty of handling lo purfec-
lii*-, 1 ravelled nil over the Hon the travelling public, lie is ii
iu ! never has been better genial litis I anil every guest Is used
or butter served than nt this   light  loyally nnd afforded tlio   best
Obksuent Lodge No, 8B
mention     of    the
over  which he si
excellent host*
genially preside:
Ii yuo  want satisfaction witb
your washing   send
it  to
Special prices for family work.
.1.   w.   RUTLEDGE
Qr-a-l'-ate   nf   OntnHn   Volorliniry
Onlt-BKO, Tm i" i« l*--"1
ftrit'liiaiofilidMeilalllBl «.f UoKilHp'H
Vuti-riii.ti■/ 0 iltei***   ■'lii-'iiito.
in in 0
Nnit!  I'eniU 4'X|i*-Mi-i  in  Vi-i.-riniiry
Ollice—next Jn-ir tn Cost office
Pboie 1J9 CO, lhu IM
Night uuil—11. II. Slori'B Iti-p-iil *«
R.  K.  FUTA
Timothy and Oats
ow        ota's Ranch, <' anbrook
thla Boason .:■.
I tu 12 «m.
I to   G p in
7 tu   I inn
Onus In new Bel* Block
CIIANIIROOK -       - H.
Notary Public
lu Cosmopolitan lloiol
,VlcV'r   e   &    PARKER
Orniilirook nml Fort Steele
wuK' Cranbrook.B.C.
PRICE  50 0.   EACH
Hours 1 to 6 p.m.
Saturday ioh.iii. to r> p.m.
Special limirn can lie arranged wlion
Hanson Avenue
Phone 317
* The Cranbrook Employment }
and Real Estate Agency   J
MvS|,.*.iiilii.v ii- lurnlHliltiu Inlior lur ,
Lumber I'liniiiiitilwi, Itnilruml i'i
rncto's, ii..i.*1h. null Uuilitera
.1. Armour, Proprietor
1     Ilea. Das    P.O. Iiu-i!
I. prepared to supply help, skilled oi
unskilled, on shortest possible no
tlce; to find employment and guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms and to sell
you Iruit lands or other property lor
a small commission.
Addresi:-W. Parker, 312 Baker St
NELSON, B. O. 4S-ly
Cranbrook, b. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J. M. Boyes, C. 0,
T. II. Jones, K. ol R. St. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
1.0.OF., KEY 011'Y LODOE, No. 41
Meets every Monday
night at   Now Fraternity   Hall.    Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited
W. ,S. Hall, (,'. .1. Little,
N, 0. Sec'y.
I'liuibrooli     Lodge,
No. 31
A.F. Jt A. M.
Regular meetings ot
tilt   third   Thursday
of every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
W. P. Altrl        tt'.M.
E. W. Connolly, Secretary,
No.  ID.
Meets every second and   lourth Weil
nrsilay at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    I'.ehekahs   cordially Invited.
Miss I*'. Johnston, N. G.
Miss llickeubotham, Sec'y.
Judged by nny standard ynu please,
Cranbrook is admittedly thoroughly
modern    and   up-to-date, jiossessing   nothing is lefl i
hotel. Thc lobby is large, comfortable and handsomely furnished. Special mention must be mode, too, ol
the extremely homelike atmosphere
Ihal prevails. The guest is made
to feel ;it case immediately on
crossing tin threshold ami absolutely
,t* to cater to his
B.   C.   anj   Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •      B. C.
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there i. nothing
so wholesome nn.l so pore a.
llismovi.,1 his Ofllce from Baker street
to N'.rlui'v avenue, nexl door
to Binning! Photo Studio,
IE   I1..JIMV. hinml DlrMtor
Cnuibronli ll 0.
•> •>
■» ER AND CHEMIST.-Charies* .;.
■> Oold, silver, copper or lead, tl •>
•> each;   gold-silver, ll.JO; silver- *
* lead, 11.50; gold-silver, with ♦
•> copper or lead, 12.50; sloe, W; •:•
•:■ silver-lead-rinc, 13. Prices lot •:•
•:■ other metals on application. ■:•
•M.ong   distanoe 'phone 67.    P.O. <•
* Boi, C1108, Nelson, B.C.   M-ly«
•;• •:•
S59 Georgia Street
I.-mIii*-. uiul (Jiiillt-riifn |—
I wi-.li t*> iiniiiiuri- thul 11mvc i...iv.-.| mv
m-w Iti pui i '.i..il..-.*'ii-.i'i-l I'riri- Mil i.f lhe- \.-r>
Intent mylt-n in ll:tiri;.»lrt. Witr-i. 1..iii-*fi. TlWll
format inn I'nmi'H'lonrn. V\m\
furl*,   wliich I will mull fni-
RpBfflnnber **oi
m) ot i
i But i
.-Is.-   Why etui >• -ti boy for !•■ i ni y T   li.viiu.-n-
l nuke■ i-iH-fiiil'V In manuhettirtn**, onl**, I mi-*.-
mako ti|> Mwit.-ln'*- mil nf ji.iir own i unilni k-
fri.ni tl.OO (O W,.V'. Sine up vour <-• n.liimr** ami
nml tlit-rn n> tin- II. ■** Ilmr Ui<al». Wt* pa} Inxh
|iri.-,-.   Mail ordvria ipMwl]*.    i'iUmIiicu' mhi
Leo. Mullcr, Prop.
L. I* C. M.,   R. A. M.
iiiifi.i.i 'i anil Cmmutfl Knot Churrh.
Tfarlnnif I'iuimf.irti*. lirit.m
Tlu*orj*   itii'-i    VotCi I'tiUun*.
Foil Ttrm nuw commi Rtln-r.  Puplli pr.-i iml r-.r
■PhoM Ni>. B58
TAKK NOTICK thnt 1, .lohn T»l-
arico, of (louttrll, H. C, oCOUpQ'
tion .Section Foreman, inten.1 to ap*
ply for permission to pnrchnse I lir
Following desoribed lands:
Comnu'iii un; nt n post plnnt-i-il
about 10 chains east ot N. K. corner
ol Lot 10101, thence west 20 chains,
thence north 40 chains, tin nee cast
.:■) chains, thence south -10 chnlns to
point ol coinniemement, containing
80 acres, more or less.
John Talnrloo, Locator,
Charles Romano, A Rent.
Dnted Octolier trfl. 1910        iMt*
facililii-s ami nccommoilations superior to nm*.! other cities or the same
size anywhere on thc continent, Tt
is probably truo that a town or city
is more trcqucnely Judged from the
standpoint ol its hotel accommodations than any other, and the numerous One hotels open lo the public v..
('ranlMoi*!.- are of such an uniform
excellence thai i.s rarely encountered
Hotel Crnnhrook is the city's lead
ins hostelry, and enjoys practically
ill the commercial trade. It is a*-
tnowledgcd to be one of tbe hes!
■ondiiited In tbe interior In f.u t
this bouse would open tbe eyes
»l the most fastidious easterner and
be would marvel to lind n a town ol
■ his si/e, in the heart or tbe Rockies, such a well appointed, large nml
altogether comfortable and commod-
needs. The service Is prompt, polite
and obliging. Mr. Iloggarth can in-
dced be congratulated ou his well
il rilled and intelligent assistants. The
table would satisfy an epicure. The
hesl markets arc ransacked to place
before patrons tlie most tempting
dainties and thr finest viands. Nothing is too good for Hotel Cranbrook
guests and the service is on n par
■■.iih tbo sumptuousness of the tabic.
The dining room is tastefully      ami
I anl iv furnished.
Mr. Oeorgc Hoggarlh is nn im-
portanl figure In the hotel trade of
the city and district. He bas resided in B. C. since 1880. He
launched out in the business during
Ibe time of railroad construction and
conducted    the     Kll:    hotel at Klko
from 1807 until 1003.    In .lune      of
ous caravansary.
Cranhrook     and   the latter year Messrs   Iloggarth and
money can buy. Ho is progressive
nnd liberal to a degree, always ready
with practical assistance fo r anything calculated to advance the city's
interests. Many jokes nre told on
genial (Ieorge IToggarth, mine host
the Hotel Cranbrook, and one among
the many, that has travelled far ami
wide, must not be omitted here. A
commercial traveller, a guest for tbe
first time, left a call on retiring
for Ihe early morning train. To accommodate his guest, Mr. Iloggarth
sat up and entertained a group of
drummers through tbe wee sma oours
playing cards, losing each game purposely and providing refreshments
for the sake of keeping tbe hoys
with him for company. At i a.m.
"(ieorge" proceeded to call liis
guest, who, after he had been aroused, responded that be had changed
his mind am! would not leave until
the afternoon. "George" responded
that he had not changed his mind,
alter sitting up all n;(,ht to call
bim and that his guesi must get up
and catch his train. He stuck to
his post ami the traveller caught
the early train.
Meets in    Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. R. and C.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Any   available     Dominion    Lands
, within the Railway Belt in   liritisli
I Columbia, may he homesteaded    by
| any person who is the sole bead of a
family, or any male over 18 years nf
age, to   thu    extent of ono-quarter
section of 100 acres, more or less.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land ollice tor the ilistrict
lu which tho laud is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, he, made oil
curtain conditions by the lather,
mothei, son, daughter, brother or
sister of an Intending homesteader!
The homesteader is required to por-
for, the conditions connected thoro-
with under one of the following
(1). At least Bin months' residenco
upon ami cultivation of the Iuud in
each year for three years.
(2). ir thu lather (or mothor, it
tbo father is dccoasod), Oi the
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity uf the land entered fur,
tlie requirements us to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with tho father or mother.
l-I). If the settler has Ins permanent residence upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements ns to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said laml.
Six months' notice in writing
should bo given to the Commlssii tier of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
Intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a period uf twcnty-uiu.
years at uu animal rental of $1 per
aero. Not more than l!,o70 acres
■shall he leased to une individual or
company. A royalty at thu rate of
flvo cents per ton sliall be collected
on tho merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior. 2!)-l!t;t
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at &
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
L. Rent. Secretary.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
We must lay special stress on our
hotels, as the stranger must lirst of
.ill seek accommodations. For tuna te-
ROI.l.lNS, prop.
Tbi' Royal three months ago gave
white cooks a trial aud the experiment was so successful that only
white labor is now employed in the
kitchen, and tor thc bote! operations. This Innovation is a good
example i'-i hotel people nil over
II. (!. The ltoyal is in (act une
ut the l.n .-si and best furnished
hotels iu the Kootenay country. It
is an cscccllenl family hotel, with
Imi and cold water, baths, etc.,
ami the rates ure but one dollar and
a half per day, and $.!<> per month.
Mr. Rollins baa operated the Royal
two years. He bas bad six years
experience in tho business and formerly conducted the Hotel Went-
worth, for four yenrs. Mr. Rollins
is a genial host to meet and if you
slop witb him ynu will lie used
right royalty, and have tbe best of
everything, al tho most moderate
rales consistent with commercial
stone     unturned    to   accommodate
ly our city is welt npiippisl in Ihis
way and wc wish to state emphatically that the Royal is a well managed, comfortable nnd thoroughly
first-class house, it bears n good
name and guests are made to feel
at home. The Royal hotel Is a
modern establishment, thc table is
excellent, service lirst rate, and the
rooms nre nicely famished Many
milling and lumbermen stop there
and guests on leaving have n good
word for the Royal, \t present
the accommodations are often overtaxed ami    Mr   Rollins leaves      no
Tin* many friends and depositors iu
Ihis sound ami well managed bnnk
would certain!) look lor mention of
llm Canadian Hank of Commerce in
these columns its record here has
been excellent nnd every year sees
new Increases in its business. Since
the cstflbllshmenl of the Canadian
Hank of Commerce forty-four years
ago, It hns moved steadily along
Ihe path of safe, conservative progress uml the Cranbrooh branch
has hnd n large share in erecting and dition
sustaining •>«• city's reputation      in   dealers
the financial circles of the west.
Only the safest kind of banking is
transacted by the Canadian Bank of
Commerce and thc Institution has
kept pace witb thc city's growth and
development. Scgaclty, energy aud
the most honorable principles characterize the management of this concern and it enjoys the most complete confidence of our people. We
note that unfailing courtesy is extended all depositors, whether large
or small, and no requisite of an up-
to-date, solid, progressive bank
lacking. A general bank business is
transacted, interest allowed on time
deposits, collections made, and
choice securities carried for parties
seeking investment, Thc Cranbrook
branch was established in lv'3 and
was thc first bank in Cranbrook
R. T. Brymner is the gen al manager. The bank which he represents
has over $10,000,000 paid-up capital
with a reserve fund of $ii,U0O,U0O.
This institution is thoroughly
identified with Cranhrook. Its career has been one of striking success
and every member of i In* cominun-
iey takes pride in it. Tin* Royal
Rank of Canada is une of the
strongest ami most progressive financial concerns in our lair Dominion,
and this institution reflects shinine;
credit on our city, A general banking business is done ,*t the
Cranbrook branch, which i.s ably
managed by D D. Mcl.aws .Mr.
UcLawa has had nearly ten years experience iii the banking business,
The financial Institution be represents is capitalized at s,.\ million
two hundred thousand dollars, witb u
reserve of six million nine hundred
The Royal Hank of Camilla was
incorporated in IKfiO. Tbe head office is at Montreal, Quebec. Tins
hank has branch offices scattered
over the principal cities and towns
ol Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, .Manitoba, Hritish Columbia,
New Hrunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,
Cuba nnd in Hnrbadoes, Porto Rico,
San .luan, ns well ns in .New York,
London, Eng., Port of Spain, Ponce
nnd Trinidad.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday ol each month at
S p.m, sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu Hay ward,  Ret*. See.
Mrs. Isaac Baxter, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren  made welcome.
j        President: T. ■*-. t.n.i.
X        Secretary: S. Macuo.sai.o
p Kor information regarding lauds *#
and   agriculture   apply    to the ♦
. Cranbrook. it. C.
second Vvcdnea
***************** ,.•****
{Presbyterian Cburcb |
Sunday morning service at 11 ♦
o'clock ♦
Sunday   evening    service
7.30 o'clock
Sunday     School   aud    Bible J
Class at 3 o'clock ,
Presbyterian    Guild, Tuesday, '
at > o'clock ,
I Baptist Cburcb
I Pastor, Charles W. King.
- Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Pbonc, 281.      P. O. Box J87.
!!i'*;nUr Services:—Sunday, 11 (
a.m.    and    7.30   p.m.;   Bible <
School    with     Young   lavties'
Plillelhea    and    Young   Men's
llilili* Class, 3 p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   11
Wedneedsy, Mid-Week Meetine.,
A cordial   Christian welcome *
****** ********** * *****
TAKE NOTICE tbat Annie Mur-
ington, >f Cranbrook, B.C., occupation, .Married Woman, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Couiineueing at a post planted at
the south east corner of Lot 10097,
({roup One, East Kootenay district,
thenee west 20 chains, more or less,
to the enst bank of the Kootenay
river, thence south easterly along
said hunk a distance ol thirty
chains, mure or less, to thc west
boundary of Lot 315, Group One,
thence north along the said west
boundary a distance of twenty
chains, more or less, to point nf
commencement, and containing forty
acres, more nr less.
Annie Merington, Locator
J, (!. Cuminlngs, Agent.
Staked   Nov.  5th.  1810. 38-Ot*
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms with BatliB.   'Phone in
every room
Barber Shop on the premises,
Thoroughly np*;to*datc,
Rates $2.00 a day and up.
ORO. P. WKl.l.s, Proprietor
B. TOMKIN, Manager
wise, iinvi", emu*.
Chop   Suey   Noodle
A Qulek Und and .(Job*] Mm!
I havo opetli il ii|p in llilllllioil
in my reuulnr Livory. Pucil uiul
Suit's MnliU* an
Employment Office
and Dray Line
I am propural in furnish work
fur iiii'ii anil ti-aiua anil will
guafutitoo Bati.-jfai'liou nr niontjy
J. Kenny, Prop.
When a cold becomes M'tllnl In the
system, it   will   (alio    t,,v,ral dnys J
treatment to cure it, nml tin*      best *>
remedy   to    use    is   Chamberlain'.* X
1'ougli Remedy,    It will cure quicker *
limn nny other, nail also leaves   the *.
M'stcm 11 a nntitrnt and healthy con- *♦*
♦ •♦■
| Dry Tamarac|
! Wood for Sale I
Sold hy all ilnn-i'lst',   ami
Lengths to Suit.
ti-u ♦
iw-ii ■»♦;*♦ fH.'M.fH.ftmt+f-*-*'-,
A Resident Agent to '"rite
I'ir,; i-isur.ina in lhe District.
Only   Good   Producer   need
Apply*   Giving full particu
lar! with credentials.   Good
commission-   Applications to
be forwarded to
laiHiaiaisiBisiasiaiEi    ,*,.*i
Soloman Koury
j|*i Dry Goods, Men's Furnish- |
ino-s, Jewelry, Witches,     n
Ladies' Wrappers and       i*
Silk Kimonas
Sia*fcll[.J|J|i;.i,ilC1JK,*,,JiH^I||*.jF',.li.J TH£ CKANHKOOK Hli'lAO-D
This Splendid   Opportunity to Purchase Lots in a First-Class Town in the Best Farming
District in North Eastern Alberta.
The Present Terminal of the Lacombe-Castor Branch of the C. P. R.
Castor with a population of aooo, has 2 banks, 3 hotels, good stores, solid stone school costing $30,000, 7 lumber yards,  coal  mines   and
an unlimited supply of building stone.
The North Castor Subdivion which adjoins the C. P. R. townsite is one-half mile from the centre of the business section of Castor.
************>********** **********************
BLOCKS 11, 13, 13, 14 NOW ON THE MARKET Exceptional Terms and Price*
PRICES : Blocks 11 and ia, $135 for corners, $100 inside; Blocks 13 and 14, $100 for corners, $75 inside.
Terms: One-third Cash, Balance six and twelvemonths, Interest eight percent-
Daps, Etc., in the Cranbrook Herald Office.
604 Centre Street
Calgary, Alta.
Cut this .mt mnl furwiiril with remittance
■1. P. M. Pinkham,
Hill Centre Streft
. Cn
.. .    _
Dour Sir.
Enclosed pi*
Snd *   .
XMUg t,
payment on
in   block
t'nstor Suli-.livisiun 11
event of tl
**se lot
- being
sold, kindly purchase
he next *n.*st
-      *   -
-   - -
I*, r. Brymner, .'l-magcr Cranbrook Branch
Mfc.    1fl-,<.t-»\|-.'<l
■ Ll* Vl^Vrt'l^Jrt.^WrUiR .TOP.
I       ...    1      .11.    .,...*m...    *J»'.rSlfclll*--a.**«-l.    VI       ||U».«.-.II*..M.PJ»
Eastern Canada
Law Nam.! Ttip M-.1--1 T»
Ontario, Uucbt-v and Maritime
itic Dec   1 lo Drc 81, In-
,..,h, iii return within tin*.**
Ticket*1 Issued iu cttiiiM'tiiiti Kiih At
Untie Steamships will bo on n\e Iron
N-iv. 11 mnl limited lo Ova monthi from
•lute of IsiUe.
1 in oft Kqitlpment, Ktandard (-'in-i-Class
sleeping Can mil Dinning Canon iht*
llirongli imiti*. Conipiimiieiitl.il.rtuy-
3-Through Express Trains-3
\*- ,*.*■*> iiVtnntprgiUllyii33.I0kifnnklnp
•' Mi--.ft-iii.ii*- id   r»nnitfi for nil point**
l.in*t mnl  Went thereof.
Thoulmperli1 Limited" leaves Winnipeg dully »t B.85k, nnd iln» Xtlnnllc
Kipramial lQOOki daily, mnkin-* ton*
nootlom nt   Montreal for  nil ••"ini**
Kit ft lliure-nf.
Ai-idv t*. llieiienrrt-1
C.P.R.. Ticket Agont
F»r Full InTornaUo •■
(Continued from j'.ic nine.)
LUMBERING IN THE INTERIOR   I p***** ** « *«**»** nm. compatctt
  j with   the average lumberman    who
goes out into   Un-   mountains    und
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   ties     up from     -tad.OOU.OO to $100,-
placr, as previously sfated, we must | twiO.flO in saw logs, which an* to   be
acquire    ami    provide   a   sullieient j driven to tbo mill tho following sea-
| son, -sawn    into lumber, which      is
amounl of Standing timber in order
■to justify tlio construction of mills.
logging equipment, and other appliances for a successful lumberinji
operation in the interior of British Columbia. It is necessary to
sequin tremendous areas oi    ground
1, Thomas Win. Harnes, intend to
apply (of pirti.i--.Moii to purchase
.tighty (K") urns of land bounded U
riHiiuiein nn;   ut    this post (being
plant-ril nt tlw si.nth-east corner of
l.nt HUM-., Qroup I, Kootenay Dis
triet), therm*- east 10 chains, thenee
north IU chains, thence west gO
chains, thence smith -10 chains.
Thos. Win. Harms.
nth Ontobw, i«io. sni
OemttOHT* Ac.
r*.,n.i-,.ii»i lUNQtOOl  .      •
1 rpti*******/ tbtjmmTnMpmlOUitr
tlir-K-rfh Munit A Lu. t*..*-l-:t
^. ,_..    ih->*Jil -charwn, tn th«*
Scientific JUmrlcait.
A ***«*imi-*>it Waattam ww**.   Ut-ml . it
lllllimi  ■>(  Hit   Ms-lilfli    v innii.     trtnn   Uf
t'tnMis-*, atn *. jr«. i*****.* i>i<-imul. mt i.#
.it a hiph annual rental. 111 order to'.,r $20.00 per M
liold even a limited amount of tim-
hcr, owing to the tight and sparse
grow th in the interior mountain
llatrlcts. it is then iieces-sarj to
build railroads or wagon roads into
these timber districts at a tremendous cost. The sawmill must then Inbuilt and the neoessat) finishing
planes, all of which entail a large
outlay of capital. Hut this is not
all. in a large lumbering operation,
Um logging camps are usually started about October 1st ami are in lull
swing until April 1st. in providing n
slock of Ions for the m ll for the
following summer. In th-** spring
these logs nre either railed or taken down tin- streams to the mill,
where they nre usually sawn into
lumber, which is placed in the lumber yard to dry. The following season this lumber is put through the
planers or tinishing plant and distributed throughout the Country among
tbe different dealers and consumers,
payment for which is usually ev
pected some time during tbe end of
ilnit -4'ason or the season following.
Consequently, the money that has
been tied up in n winter's locpitiR
operations is added t:> by the next
season's sawing nnd piling operations, nnd is still further added to
hy the following season's planing,
finishing and marketing, and in ease
of a crop failure or a financial depression, the lumberman is asked to
Will for his money n further p er-
iir-d. or until such time ns the country produce! n grain crop, or some
other crop, Irom which sufficient
money can lie realized to pay tor
the lumber.
I do not wish to appear pessimistic, or to say anything that wilt
tend to discourage industry, energy
or enterprise, Imt you have asked me
for my opinion, and 1 nm giving it
to you in all frankness, un I am
anxious thnt your readers, or the
public at larfrr, shall know more
about    thr    -lumber    business    than
piliit in the yard lo lie manipulated I
aud marketed the following season. :
wlchout knowing when he is cutting (
these logs whelhei hu is going to
receive (or the lumber, approximate- j
ly two years   from that date, JI
The pollcj of tho people, and that
of their government, should be to
Uscourago production of lumber excepting under favorable conditions,
and so regulate the charges against
standing timber that u lumberman
or Umbel holder could afiord to hold
his timber and spend the summers in
protecting ii Irom destruction ly
lire (or an Indefinite period; dis-
oourage and abolish all legislation
that has a tendency towards indiscriminate cutting and destruction of
standing timber, in order to obtain
Immediate returns required In meet-
lumberman or timber owner should
ant ground rents. Tbe government
should aim to levy their charges
against the lumber when produced
for Hn* purpose of meeting legitimate demands, and no! b) annual
rentals levied on virgin forest, Thc
or over-production of lumber, in "r-
be encouraged In husbanding Hn
standing timber undi r his control
for future exploitation, aa a demand
would warrant, and charges should
never be levied by any government
that would tend to t*>:*>- operation
gestlon, which Is as operative .is !■
der to meet annual    chargi
timber hold-inns.
Vours very trul-
I1   I.und
they do at present.
1 feel thnt the averag** gambler
who bets bis last penny on thr turn
of a card, should be considered        a
Tin- adjourned meeting "f ihe city
council was held on Friday night,
Present, the mayor, Aldermen nreen,
Campbell. Patmore, Johnson and
The clerk read a communication
from the secretary of tbe school
trustees, asking for five hundred and
twenty five dollars, the amount of
the witness fees fn the action
against the Kernie Construction company, im Hie advice nl the city
solicitor Hie clerk was Instructed to
write the Rchool trustees stating
thnt it was not within the power
of the council to make anv specific
grant to   tin- school board that was
not in their estimate hut that any
order issued will be considered ir.
the usual manner
An application from the King
Lumber .Mills for a reduction in the
water rate was referred to the water committee;
An application from R. s. Garret 1
m regard to publishing tbe annual financial statement was refcrnd
to the finance committee.
(ieo. I.eask, thc contractor lor the
eity hall, asked for an advance of
live hundred dollars on cement purchased tor work In the original
scheme, which, owing to the delay,
he would not now be able to use
till spring- Moved by Alderman
Hunt and seconded by- Alderman
Johnson that IN* clerk be instructed
to issue a voucher to meet thc
On the motion of Alderman    Hunt
seconded by Alderman Green, the Ore I
chief's    request  for     a hose testing j
pump and     six    hundred feel *-f new
hose was complied with.
The ofier of W.  K. Word*-ii for tl.t \
right  to     cut ice on the city rcscr- j
\oir was    refused, the council think-
Ing it     undesirable   to ha.r     work
taking place on    the ice owing       to
posslbllty of contamination.
The following accounts uert* passed
f»r   payment.     City Kngimrr's payroll, SSM.M;   School   Hoard orders, ,
IU00.0S; salaries, $■»;.r.n, u*.\\tx salaries,   1405.00;    fire     department,]
1325.00; Can. Fairbanks Co.,   $30 M
Cranbrook Foundry, M0.50; Saab .\
lioor Co., -IM.M; P. W. LWO, U.D   '
(10.00; T. M. Roberts, returning of-
Jeer. S85.0O; C   A. -Pock, HI cMk
110.00;  city   clerk, sundry expenses,
S 13.20. Kast  Kootenay I'riduce Co., j
S15.83;   K    .1. K. Perry, **«T 55; T '
V  I'arrett, 16.75;    t'ranbrook Tr.vl  j
uil: Co . WI.05; it. s. Oarrctt, $1 00,
McCallum   and   Co.,   $32.85; Herald
Publishing Co., $87.15; A   H. Orace,
$45.25; «. K. Leask and Co., $115.10;
Vancouver Rubber Co, $4.75; C. A
Dow, expenses to Nelson, $20.00; I".
D.   Johnson.   «2.no, t'ranbrook Drug
and Hook Co .   UM, (J. II. Thomp
son, registration    feet, $9.10;  W    \.
Itollins.    $17.75;     McDonald   Hrov.
$7.50; Crane    and   Orhy, Jit ns. \\
llalsiill. $2.50; (Junto Kleetrical   Sup
ply Co., $20.75;   ('rnuhro*..*. Electric
Light Co..    $211.10,    Kootenay Teh-
phone Lines, Ltd., $25.80; .1   D  Mc-
Hride, $155.15; Frank Dexsll, $55.55
W.    R. Worden.    $84.60;  Ur/dd and
ftoherU, nM- Frank Detail, «!««"
Fink Mercantile -Co., 1154.25; F.   I
F. Perry,   school 'debenture account,
tin oo, total. Ji.ir.i3-'
tjrc   "\     THC
TAKK KOTICE tha' tb** BridfMJ
Lumber Company, Limited, intrmi t...
apply [oi permli Ion to poreban the,
following described lands.
Commencing at a r"st planted st
tlie north-cMl e rner ol Lot ■jnfio.j
thence followint; Lot 51 easterly 201
(mains, then, • th 25 chains, thence.
IS chains, moro *-r le**, to K C. R ■
rmht-of-vav ttortbetly to sonlb-OMt
rinhtoMnv northerly t« toBth-mtl
corner ol Lot 5050, Itnmca nortb]
following eastern houndarv ol Lot]
■OtiO, (o point nf Commencement, con- j
UtlnlnK i" seres, more or lei
Dated .it Fort Steele, It t . thli
28ml day nl October. Ill"
The Bridges Lumbei . o , Ltd ,
.1  y. nridnes, Locator.       zt* n
- r4t     NlW    RCMtDY    V O *t
Nervous Exhaustion
Kctvooj f*x;..iiistion, thc -ailment
ot the agfati results from the 'Ic*
strnrti.iii of nerve cells by overstrain farter than they art* rebuilt.
Tho only ranedy is Pood, Htt/t
and increased ner\*e repair. ''At*
AYA*KsuRAiA" is -Mid make*1
possible this cure.    It feeds) th<
iitn'es, induces sleep,(|tiickciisL]ic
appetite and digestiou, restorer
buoyancy of spirits. $ 1.50 perl-ot
tic.   Obtain from thc followin-r
Carnatloas, chrysantl-eintnn-, and
roaet f**r Xmu -Cimpbell end
Manmnr THJS   < KANIlllOOK   HIOKAU)
|r|^^re^^^ g S. S.WWW vvvvvvvv^v-v-v^vvvvvv^vv^^g^
items atl
year's holj
scale tha
purchase j
seeing ouij
separate I
Christmas Presents Ihal arc
useful. Something lhat combines the practical as well as
the beautiful.
A   visit through our big. new
furniture room will give you ninny
suggestions (or your holiday purchasing, it ia lilleil to overflowing
with all that ia good, anil new in
House Furniture and Furnishings.
Anil what ia  more  appropriate
more acceptable, than furniture!'
(loud furniture   stylish, well made
hut  not   necessarily expensive
stands centuries, becoming an heirloom and with Ihe
        associations that cling lo il. becomes pried, ss ill value
Above all it you consider quality, prices arc extremely
y reusouable.
• lur stock of Brass Heils wus never niori. complete than at the present time,   'liny ure
priced ut l&'I.OO to $100.110.   They make acceptable und useful gifts.
Adjoining the bed section is the Bedding here you will find warmth and comfort stored
up for you in those soft, fleecy white and grey blankets, cotton and down quilts, aud
j II   ows from stL-JO to flO.OO per pair.
Second Floor, Right.
A New Scale Williams Piano
Is tho supremo Christinas fiifl because it brings yciir-iu-uiul-
year-out pleasure to every member of thi* family. The case
designs possess a ran* beauty lhat appeal to refilled people,
and musically (In* Piano >s perfection in advance of Piano
building. A veritable masterpiece. It is easy lo own a New
Scale Williams; we sell them on easy teims, und allow liberal
discount for cash. Please call, examine our slock, and let us
explain our plan In vou. Be sure and see the SI.u0.IJO Player.
We have iu stock ;, large quantity of player music, ul reasonable prices.
Second t-loor, From.
Any of lhe following
articles will make
appropriate and useful presents. Book
Cases. Buffets. Side-
lioanls. Kasy Chairs,
and Kockers, Parlor
Suites.   Clielfonicrs.
Ladies* Desks, Dressers. Dressing and Sewing Tables.
Hall Hacks, Jardiniere Stands, Lounges, Davenports,
Magazine Stands. Hull and Mantel Clocks, (.'ont uud
Hat Racks, Tea Trays aud Stands, Parlor and Dining
Tables, Dinner Wagon*., Library Tallies. China Cabinets, Music
Cabinets, Parlor Cabinets, Smoker's Cabinets. Ccllercttcs. Kitchen
Cabinets, Sleighs and Cutters, Office Chairs uud lesks. Brass nnd
Wood Poles, and Polu Fixtures.
A Pretty Picture Present makes a
lastiiiL' remembrance. The collection
shown here is all new and oonsists of
prints. Steele engravings and oil paintings.
All veil framed
www mii fBBSgBSSt
S?ffi^^^B9 •» Rnu  i»a gift that is sure to he uppn*
VX\WV^l*Sffl *• cialed.    It is u present whose mission is nol list
^^^^^^SJl' after the holidays.*  but is a    istailt   remind, i
^g5BG?SS?mm»»,i „f  t||e g(mi  u.iH||(,8 of t]io Bondor for yenre |u
come. It is hanl to realize, until you have seen
this stock, lo whal degree of perfection lhe
Ctu.i'liuu uud Knglish Manufacturers has brought
the art of rug making.    We  havo a remarkable
pretty   collection  iu all    Herts  of arlisli I.>r
effects, aud assure you of quite lhe lies! values
in the city. We are also showing a large ruilgo
of Mats.
The range of luce
curtains, curtain
clothes. |Kirtiers,lnble
covers and linen
shown here is unsurpassed in the
West, and our prices
are the lowest.
A full ll
and ilomestl
Ihe latest J
signs. Fiinf
coats made
models, cul
made to |»l
best skilled f
city. I'rie
Every Sul
Something New
Asbestos table covers
and Mats.
-^•^^^ SI **« wa w mggggg^^^^m sSBsmgjSmgSm ^^-^^ sgsSggg -^=; TiU.   <!«AJSBHOOK    HKltAI.D
|*y of this great Christinas Store is running smoother and better than ever
improvements   have  been   made  during the   year   and   all   have   been   made
le main thought — more room for store comfort and more room
greatest   Christmas     Stock     ever     shown     in     Cranbrook.       The    book   of
[i.ppiness" is written here in strong, bold faced type, and it is a story of
eat, things good to wear, and things for the home to make it brighter and
store   is   a   book   that   will  give   you  a   Christmas   message    which    will    help
Iie    door   of   some    heart,   deepen    friendship, create    happiness   and    goodwill.
Store  Will   Remain  Open   Kvenlngs-'December iq to 24.
Christmas Comes But Once a Year,
And when It Comes It Brings Good Cheer.
Fancy Unices, Garters and Arm llaiidsin beautifulfuncy boxes.
Hanging in price from $1.2"i to $.1.00
Special Chiistmns Silk and Poplin Neck Scarfs in all shapes
and patterns from 75c. to SSI.UI>
Jnegor ami Bradley Nock Wraps iu all colors, at
SiUe. and 75c.
Iristmas Neckwear
reparation we present  ihis
didly rich holiday showing
rfs regarded botll as a term
Iise "Holiday Neckwear."
ivelty weaves in the new, si
1 designs all of which are
-all in the woll liked fonr-
I widths and the graceful
beautiful individual Christ-
g in price from 75c. to$2.50.
Christmas Handkerchiefs and
The fame of ihis firms Handkerchief
Section is multiplied greater variety of
stock and better values than ever before.
You'll pronouce this the largest and tastiest
display in the city, in plain white with fancy
borders and all the Persian effects in all
Hosiery iu fancy silks, lisle, cashmere
and Jaeger wools. All of these in great
I*   V>i     -*'
Christmas Slippers
Slippers will always serve as
appropriate Christmas presents as
long as the Vuletide thought
means the giving of comfort and
pleasure to the recipient. A gift
of slippers reflects wisdom and
judgment. Hanging in price from
#1.1)0 to S2.50.
I.tmas Gloves
ways important Christmas
and preparation for this
l.iness have been on a vaster
Ijfore. If you've gloves to
listmas tokens: don't miss
Ineiit. Fowiies ftirlined in
1 .CO to $1.511
Smoking Jackets and
Dressing   Gowns   in
jrreat   variety    from
$6.00 to $16.00.
Fancy Coat Sweaters
from $1.50 to $4.50.
The Season's Latest Hals
The •• Hawes Von Unl" Famous Hats
$8.00 to iM.Oti
The J. II. Stetson from
S*l no to $10.00
Thc Harrington Hnt
$2.50 and $8.00
Clothes For Men and Voung Men
We made   special    preparations for /'   ££5
Christinas   in   Suits  and   Overcoats. j
Nice Fancy Tweed Suits $8.00 to $15.00 f\.* v??K
Nice Fancy Worsted Suits $15.0(1 to $25.00 ■-•''•*- * **
Special liiu,* Serge $15.00
Special "Indigo" Blun Serge $23.00
to $28.00.
Xo. I lllack Melton Overcoat wilh raw
edge and volvel collar $21.00
Faucy Tweeds and Blacks, ranging in
price from $10.00 to $25 00
All alterations nre mad.* byonrown
experts and pressed noatl} lieforc leaving
our store
|- Tailoring Dcpartmenl
nipnrtcd Hk
,n in all ,(v*,r.
and  de. .    ! ' .•■■*,
id < »w*r   "'.   f>
I     latest **»
|icd    and
by tie-
In   iu the
iHO;00 I,
ItiI. . .1
Ti.'.'l >..>'
Trunks, Suit Cases and Hand Bags
as Suitable Christmas dills
Baautiful Suit Cases and Hand Bags, with fittings, in different
leathers, all sizes,  with  sterling silver mountings, ranging  iti
price from $15.00 to $80.00,
An old adage u true one when
ample and appropriate provision is
made for the great festive day aro
you prepared? If not. just come to
Our Store aud let. the appealing
suggestions which arc visible oil
every hand help you complete your
many requirements.
Men's Shoes in Oreat Variety
Never before have we prepared so elaborately. Never
lieforc hnvo we had such a
wonderful assortment of t'p-to
Date Footwear to offer you
such ns
Thc "Hart*"
The "Jefferson"
" American Gentleman*'
Prices from $8.50 to $7.50.
This season we have made Iho
greatest preparations In the history
of Our " Pun* Food Grocery " Store
to promote good cheer to everyone
who visit us The classiest of high
class delicacies offered for sale sr*.
here iu tlte greatest variety for your
choosing you press the button anl
leave the rest  to us.
Your Christmas Dinner
will not be complete without a brewing of Good Tea or Coffee and when you
know you can get Ridway's (which by practical test has won thc highest awards
whereever  demonstrated);   why   bother   with  the  less reliable   brands.
liidgway's     'Five   o'clock''     Tea
ami "After   Dinner"  Coffee  have
been adopted    as the  standard  by
Tea and Coffee Connoisseurs through
out the entire world.
Select Christmas Fruits
We have little to say regarding the above for since arranging our window display
of imported and domestic fruits the general verdict of the good citizens of
Cranbrook is that they are the finest they have ever seen We arc glad
indeed that our efforts have been appreciated so as to merit such general approval
and trust to have the pleasure of catering to a goodly portion of your holiday
Exquisite Christmas China
No  Gift    is   more    appropriate    than  a    piece    of   pretty    china—we    feature   the
High-Grade   Kind.
The latest creations from tbo renowned
Old World Potteries arc gathered here in
immense variety. Classified to fuciliutc
There are hundreds ol pretty gifts in this
this spacious department that you will like-
that your friends will like they ar** »inning
and inexpensive. Pihequos, \'ases. Berry
Howls,   etc.
Libbey's Rich Cut Glass
Do  you   realize   that   every  lady   prizes   her  pieces  of  flashing, scintillating   cut  glass
above all  else   that   may  grace   her   table   or   buffet
There Is* Distinctive Charm About Libbey's
High-    Grade.    Deep    Cut.    Handsomely
Polished:  every   piece   cut    from   strictly
First Class  Quality   blown  blanks.
Nothing tells the story of our China and Glass Offerings so well as an occular
demonstration—our collection must be seen to be appreciated, and we invite you
all to visit this department before making your Christmas   selections.
When in doubt about a Gift buy Cut Glass.
L\^VVV\A^*l*lVVl*l^^ II
********************** **********************
Imperial Bank ot Canada
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED - $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED - $5,905,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5,575,000.00
RESERVE FUND          - - 5,575000.00
li. U, tt'lLKlE, President.
HON, HOUEltT JAFFUAY, Viccl'mhlsiil
Acoonnts'of Corporations, Municipalities, Metcliants.
Farmers nnd Private Individuals invited.
Drafts anil [jotters of Credit issued available in any purl of •
the worl I,
SAVINGS DKI'.MITMIONT -Special attention
given to Savings Hank Accounts. Deposits of Sim' and
upwards received and interest allowed from date of rioposit.
Cranbrook Branch: »-. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦•»»»♦•♦• •♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ **************
;j Stoves   and   Ranges j
i *
• i
i *
We have jiibI placed in stock ti full line of MolTul's National
Stoves. Air-tight Heaters. I'ox .Stoves, Word Bntuels,
Wood or Coal Combination and Coal Burners,
A full line of Cook Stove'
reasonable and  vv<
md   ttitnges,   I 'ur prices are
guarantee the goods.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C. j
•■»•♦•»♦•»♦•♦«♦»♦♦♦*♦♦* •«.*•»**»■>•> ***************
I! A  Good   Home i
is what is dear to .-very man, A home
is where Pence, ('unfurl, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. Thnt is the reason
mon throii-tfliout liritisli Columbia, when
"Cran brook1' is mentioned think of the
provisions Job. Brault hns mnde for an
ideal home at tin*
Canadian Hotel
******************* * ** ***********************
II. I.  .-TKIIIKXS, |'ro|i.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Motel with "lhe Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
•*********'************ **********************
*<:: •***************** ********** ************
It is the Same Place
'1'he Place that is Popular
Good as the   Hesl
Heller than the Resl
The Cosmopolitan jj
If you coine once.
i on will come again.
Iv II SMALL, Propribtob
********************** ************************
Christmas Poultry and Game j
.-.in \*r *eeu at im \*>'t |h*m».   I'm
rlrJayour Christmas table with It
iiu.I y.-u uil enjoy lha l.i.«'**t iln*
market »ff> d*.   Tlw poultry i**
nil v ij*. i !■-I i kllfol iml hi ml
[dcietl. The gained Jmt rijrht
tor eating rn* ton*ll egr-re when
vmi ttivl-- il. I'ltiiry .|iiulily w i TI * -
"nt fancy pi tee-** i- nut Mil*- .-veil
in OhrlRtmsiUtnr.
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.!
TAKK NOTICK that Davis Mc*
Eacbcrn, ol Porl Steele, Hritish Columbia., occupation Teamster, intends to apply lot permission t<>
purchase the following described
Commencing at thr notUh-feit cor-
n-f-r ot     Lot 115, Uienre south to Uw
Kootenny river, theses upstream to
a point due west of thr* point ot he*
ginnim*.. thence to thr pol&t ol    be-
Davn Mi Bacben
Half.I     oetofacr     20th A     D.
Ill* H4%
If you slop at the
Hotel VanDecar
when you leBTS the C.P.Il. Station
ask for a Car going 'lown Westminster Ave., the conductor will
tell you where lo Rot Oft*.
is.]   Rooms, motlom equipment.
inislernte rales.
L. B. VanDecar & Sons
Cranbrook's Christmas Cheer
Here is an enterprise tlmt must
not Ix; overlooked. The Cranbrook
l-iiun.liy nnd Machine Shop is conducted liy Messrs. .MucKiunon ami
Clark. Tliey are moulders and
founders ol wide experience and while
tliey do not manufacture un entire
sawmill ot engine, they make ■•I* tlio
principal parts. Their plant is Well
equipped tor turning out anything
wiiii despatch connected with machinery repair work. Messrs. MacKinnon and Clark nit1 long in tin'
business ami understand il in all its
phases from llie ground up—or from
the engine room tn luming out
ila- finished product. Mr. Clark is
an expert tool maker and worked
some t tm- wilh tho Long Manufacturing company, one of the large ami
tul'slautial linns of our fair Dominion.
Mr.  MacKinnon has fallowed     the
business in its various branches   for
rcr twenty years.    This concern is
prepared to figure on job worl.     and
on tracts ol all kinds. They do      n
great deal ot important work      for
umerous enterprises in lhe district,
(Continued from page ten.)
highly esteemed citizen. He leaves
uo stone unturned to "boost" for
Cranbrook and proclaim to the wide
world the wonderful resources stored up in llie vaults of the mountains awaitinii the magic touch of
eapilal to unlock them.
(•I WIS     Kl.ECTRlCAI,     KITIM.Y
CO.,  LTD.
Cranbrook is well in the forefront
of modern cities, and conspicuous
among Its enterprises is the above
named siibiistaiitial concern, engaged
in the electrical business. This company was established here last May
and is au Important (actor in tlie
electrical work of the city. They are
electrical engineers nud contractors
and do "everything electric." They
do all kinds of jobbing, repairing,
armature Minding, iustal electric
lights and telephones and the largest
electrical machinery. A fine lino **f
electrical accessories is carried In
stock and always on hand for customers. Kvery housewife should
call and see Iheir electrical washing
machine. It is the best ever thus
tar in electric Inventions.
The capacity of the company to
consummate any job or contract in
their indicated lines is well ro-
i-ngnized, as may be gathered by a
glance at some of tbe important
contracts with which they have been
ilentilled. Their capital stock is
lifty thousand dollars and Maurice
Jlialn is general manager. Mr. Qualn
has operated here since 1897. He
is superintendent of the Kootenay
Telephone Lines and the Cranbrook
Klectric Light company, and presid*
■nt and manager oi the Quain Klectrlcal Supply Co., Ltd. Mr. Quain
was fourteen years with the Hell
Telephone company at Ottawa and
was their chief inspector for fi
rears prior to leaving there. Their
■line is in the Itaker building a few
doors below the Hotel Cranbrook.
Mr. Short is tlie leader in bis line
He is au expert painter and decora
lnr and has had nearly a quarter of
a century's experience in the business He has operated eight yeara
in Cranhrook, and is tbe pioneer in
tlie exclusive wall paper business.
lie carries an excellent stoek of Kngllsh, Canadian and American wall
paper and moulding, Mr. Short puts
an artistic finish to his work that is
not excelled and lie gets a large
part of tlie trade, lie has developed a large trade in paper banging,
painting, kalsomlning, etc. He
makes gold lettering and siir.ii painting a specialty.
Mr Short is president of tbe Cran*
brook band, lie started the band
and was tmniTtn aster for a number of
rears. He is a lover o. music and
has done a great deal to train and
delielop the musical talents of a number of our citizens.
IVrsnnally Mr. Short is long —
sighted and progressive from the
word "go." Ile believes in "printer's ink" and in dignliien Journalistic work, aiming to build up and
develop the wonderful resources ol
the Kootenay district.
Cranbrooh has seen much develop*
ictit in its retail trade ami especially is tbis apparent in the jewelery
line*-, Ibe prosperous times we have
been expertenciDg in-mg seen and
ft-ll in the purchasing pm\ei nf the
people for jewelry and ornaments tot
llic home and person as never lie-
fore. One of thc most complete
stores in this line is that conducted
liy \V. II. Wilson. Thr stock shown
in the handsome show cases covers
every item that can be properly
classed as belonging to that of nn
up tit-date jewelry store and consists of watches, clocks, silverware.
<ut glass, precious stones-, diamonds,
electric fixtures, toilet articles, etc
Mr Wilson carries a $111,000 stock
and he enjoys a splendid custom. Ile
bus had sixteen years experience in
business and has operate.) in Cranhronk nearly nine years, lie Is a
graduate ol the Opthalmic Institute
of Montreal f('anadn). Mr. Wilson
has his own grinding plant lor the
various departments of his work in
filting lenses or in polishing nnd
fitting stoma tot pins, rings, studs,
rhnrms, etc.
He is tbt-   \ in* president       ot    the
hoard ot trade and a
I'AAll'l.l-.l.l.  AND MANNING.
Our grot* ry establishments must
figure largely m this Christmas edition of lhe Herald, fur they fill a
conspicuous pari in our commercial
lib-. Me si■*. Campbell and Manning r ii ,i very nourishing store and
tbey hn ■ develui ed a brisk trade
by haul -Aiiil., courteous accommodation ami treatment,' of customers and
are giving good value overy time.
The> carrj a choice line ol fancy
ami staph' groceries and as they
are shrewd buyers their prices always suii the tunes. They have au
i-xn-lh'iii grasp of the grocery line
uud then- is very lltt.o If anything,
about it that Hit-y do not know.
Their store is mat and attractive
ami they are both gentlemen of energy and Integrity, who believe in doing their pari to promote the best
iuti rests uf Cranbrook.
They also cany a beautiful line of
•liiua, crockery and glassware, fruits
and confections. Those gentlemen
have operated here over four years.
Mr. Campbell is one of the popular
town fathers and Mr. Manning has
officiated as assistant lire chief since
the organization of the brigade, They
were both born in?New Brunswick,
Cranbrook's pi sltlon as a commcr-
al factor of the interior rests not
solely upon the development of its
material resources and the upbuilding
of iis trade in the essential commodities of lite, hut embraces as well
a must valuable traffic in wares
that represent au advancement from
ihe first stage ol a young city's development. Typical of this may be
Instanced, the rise of such a concern
as that conducted by Raworth Bros.,
wntehmnkers and jewelers. This
stoic i.s well stocked with a general
line of Jewelry, which includes silver
and gold ware of all kinds, ordinary
and precious stones, watches, clocks
and timepieces of every description.
The business done is of unite a select
order and in set and unset stones the
firm enjoys unite u custom. The Raworth Bros, have had fifteen years
ex|wricncc in the business and have
operated two years in Cranbrook.
Ihey are successors to Tate, the
jeweler, and are the oflicial C.P.R.
watch Inspectors. These gentlemen
are skilled artists iu watch repairing
or any class of work iu their line
Thej have recently moved into their
in w quarter?, tno new building where
tin- old post ollice formerly stood,
having outgrown their old quarters.
They arc progressive young business
men from tbe word "go." Kaworth
Bros, have just issued a splendid
large new catalogue, illustrating
llitir jewelry stock, witb quotation
of prices of each and every article.
The catalogue will be gladly furnished free upon recelpof of a postcard.
• I. Manning can rightfully
a creditable place in these
us he is a business mau whose
Integrity is beyond question and he
has built up a trade of which he
may well he proud. Mr. Manning is
a verj hard worker and knows tbe
groeerj line from top to bottom
ami as he can quote as low prices as
any oilier reputable firm in the town
bis success is therefore not to lie
wondered at. His stock, both as to
prices and quality, suits our people
cxactlv ami every year sees an
crease in bis custom. Mr. Manning
has developed his trade by entcrpris-
Ing, honorable methods, close application to the needs of customers and
sterling honesty.
Kveryone dealing with hint is assured of the fairest treatment and a
child could trade with him as safely
us a grown person could. Mr. Man-
nine is a brisk, active gentleman,
with a pleasant word fur everybody
nnd he has manv friends as well as
a large business connection. He has
operated his store seven years and
has followed the business twelve
years tn Cranhrook
A h. Bridges is manager of the
Cranlirook Trading company and is
numbered among the most active,
encrgrl le, honorable and successful
business men lie is wide-awake and
always on bund to lookout for
trade Tbe company handle Hour
and feed of nil kinds, harness, saddles, farm implements, logging
trucks and supplies. They ure up-to-
date and establishing a substantial
trade as they are progressive in
their business methods. Their name
is constantly before the public ami
they   are skilful advertisers
The result Is .seen in the busy
trade they bave built un. personally Mr. Bridges is a pleasant, liberal gentleman ami can I*1 depended
on in every way He enjoys a most
Creditable reputation. His father,
Mr. .1 V Bridges. Is president ol
the company and V IT. Dc/al) Is
vice president, nnd A. I> Brdges la
manager and wen-tan ,   This   house
bus been established four years uud
needs uo encomiums of tie press. It
believe*, in playing its part when
worthy movements are on foot boosting for a "greater"  Cranbrook.
W. M. I'ark, the harness maker,
has been with the firm for several
years, ami has done a lot to
build up the successful business. Mr.
fl. VV, I.adds, the delivery man, is
altso well known and liked.
"Co-Operation" is nature's iiuiver
sal law." Tbe Cranbrook Cooperative Stores deal in clothing, men's
furnishings, shoes, crockery, sewing
machines and furniture. The house
has established a substantial trade
in t'ranbrook and vicinity, anil cadi
mouth sees a marked increase iu
the volume of business. Tbey occupy large premises nnd thoro is
nothing lacking that up-to-date merchants should have in their lines.
The store is known by the large
letters ou the sign: "C. C. tt."
(Cranbrook* Co-Opcratlve Stores).
W. B. McKarlane s thc progressive
and enterprising president of the
company and general manager. He
ts a gentleman of wide range of
vision and can give as good values
in bis store as any man in the
west, anywhere. He is a keen buyer
and goods bought right are half
sold, as they meet the needs and demands ot the people ot the community. W'c are firm believers of the
excellent motto: "Patronize Home
Merchants" and home industry of all
kinds and the Co-Operative Store.-;
represented by Mr, McFarlane make
il possible for the home people to
get goods at "right prices."
This edition gives tbe ten commandments that the people of the
community should follow and become
a commercial center and town of Importance.
t3    \rm9
4-  i m$
Arc lhe PATENT TIPS on
tht* fingers and thumb of the
i li**-:-.'* tips are protected by
extra pieces of It allier wliich
i he only practical n»<l reliable glove made because il
i:s poeili*, ly guaranteed
l*;:li 1 liicr glov™. Hi * Ion*
.'it ii is worn, tin* grpntor tin*
protection lo llio HtitoliiiiK, con*
Hoqnontly iii** I***" likclilt I of
RIF. li is hirUti} .in
Senilis inside lo hurl Iho limul.
N :tt in *!;i;:;* U'illU'i*.
Comfortable Z Hand
More Inst ing than nny other
glove ever made.
On snle by leading ileal era
llii'oufflmnl Canada,
Made and tfiinruntcod by tho
The Expert Glove and  Mitt Makers uf Canada.
• *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■*>♦♦♦♦
James K- .innlan ranks prominent
ly among tlie enrerprising huslnesi
men of Cranbruok, and he hears ai
excellent reputation, both in a bust- j
ness and a personal sense, that is |
most i'mi it able to him. Ile operates
a flourishing business, dealing in
new and sceomt-hnnd goods of all
kinds, and horses. Ile is successor
to Mr. VanWormer. At present tin-
business is managed by Mr. It. S.
Chapman, in the absence of Mr.
Jordan, who will lie away for some
months. Mr. Chapman is a live,
energetic, and genial young man, who
buys and sel'*- anything from a
toothpick to a steam boiler and engine.
His premises an* stocked from one
end to the other and what you don't
see ask for. This house pays (air
prices for everything it buys and is
satisfied with a reasonable margin
of profit. A house of this kind is a
great advantage to every community, as articles* of furniture und home
furnishings can generally nlwnys lie
bought at half price or less, pract -
calh as good   as new.
Incorpomtcil l*"»i
Capital Paid Up j.6,20o,<>n» Reserve J6,goo,ooo
Total Assets, Over $05,000,1100
IIOI.T, President      ••'■• I*. l'KASK. (ieneral Msnsjjer
"Iluy a lol! Iluy a house! Uuy u
(arm or timber elaiu.! Iluy any one
ol these jiropositions Irom us anil
you will lind thai you have not the
proper place to invest yuur money
(or a quick turnover."
0, II. Ward is the enterprising
younj; manager ol ttie Crantiro.ik
Agency company, lie handles jir.|i-
ertics and lartns in various sections
of the west and is in lucl un agent
who is prepared to give au investor
lntormalion on lands and land values
in any part ol the Dominion, as
his ulliiv is a central agency Ior 11.
0, Mr. Ward has (acuities lor acquainting himself with (arms lor sale
in any part ol   the west.
lie also handles loans*, writes insurance, makes collections, looks alter estates, conducts an employment
bureau and operates a customs brokerage business. Owing tn the up-
to-date method ol bringing their
clients into touch with tin* newest
and jiest chancel lor Investment, this
firm is on a lair way to make
a record (or Itself. .Mr. Ward hns
been mniinger ol the concern nearly
two yenrv l'rlor ts. o|N*iilng ii|i in
this line Mr. Ward lollowwl civil
engineering. He Is well ii|i ns a
surveyor and lias diine considerable
railroad worl. Kor Iiirttu-r Information on investutrnts iu the Cran-
brooli section ol II. (' call on or
write tlie Craniiiit*nk Agency company, Crnnhrook, II. O,
Nature is no liuggard In 1st work
and seldom does things by halves.
When she has **jms;(l work to do she
bas a man ready fnr the purpose
nml when tho man is ready lliere
are at his command llm lieiitiiiuiiis
and assistants iwccssajry lor its execution. Tn Cnesar she gave Mnrk
Anthony and I.nhlenus; to Napoleon,
Ubelore and Nev; tn Washington,
Knoi nnd lltdiilton; nnd in our day
in much grealnr sptorcs, she is preparing thc rare for greater nml
grander Irilnaplis Inasmuch as "he
who eoiitrolntli (conqtierelhj Mmscll
Is greater tlm he who stornetli a
city "     "ADj-plicd   Natural Science,"
Aucountsol Kirras, Corporations and luuiviiluals .oliciied. ♦
Out-ot-town huslness receives every attention. **
RAVINOri DEPARTMENT-Dcposlts ol ♦1.00 nnd onward, reee \nl *
ami Interest allowed at uurient rato.   No lorninllty 01 delay In T
withdrawing. *
A tlcneral Ranking Business transacted. ♦
Cranbrook Branch: D. I). McLAWS, Manager }
[3 pi
ia s
m 0
iP p
1   Hotel completely furnished   !.
1   and all modern  convent
:   ences;   also    has    Steam    ■'
S I?
I    Heat, Electric Lights and   |
v,   Water.   No encumbrances   [S |
L<1    attached. For further par <
I    ticulars apply to
-a a
I -J-tf   |1
New Year Holidays
For the  Round   Trip
Between nil stations on tin* Mniti
Lino, Port Arthur lo Vancouver
and  intermediate   bronuli  lines.
Tickets  on  Siik*   December --.
llilo, tn January  -. 1011, Bnnl
return limit January 5, I'.'ll.
Wo beg to announce to lhe
pnblia 1 h.it wo have taken j
over tlio btiloher business of 1
tin* Kast Kootenay Batcher I
Co, which will now In* run 1
under the linn niiuioof Tvsou
Urns. .Meat Mnrkit.
Wi* haven branch business in
Trail uml linv.* bml consider- |
abb* experience in the butcher |
business Ilirnuclii'iit II.C. nml *
will ni nil times lu* prepared '
to inooi your requirements,
For hirtlior particalan npplj ta
.1. W. 8PENOK
Tlckot Agent,
Canadian I'i*....» kallvray
to&chefl tin- untvctNl law ut iug-
gestlon, which is as operwtve as is
iiu- mathematical i-nnripi.- in tin*
uloncc ut numbers.
Professor Fergusson dcmonstrAte-d
the law ol Mif-grHtiun in our city
iInriiiR thr |»;isl v.it'k nnd shmv* *l
thnt he wns a pant Rrand mantcr in
the art nl psychic phenomena drnioti-
stratlons. The law -ni suggestion
npplied consciously and scientifically
in thinking, spi-nkinp nnd lining, In*
conUtndodi was tu tree tk- individual
trom disease, poverty, Accidents,
sin (and even death itself) and wuuld
enable the race to become masters
(kings and priests of the empire of
nature) like unto the Oreat Muter.
The Master, he said, was a prophecy
of the possibilities and potentialities of each and every man and woman of thc entire human race.
If this he true, Un most ot us
bave ijiiitc a way to travel yet.
Truly lilt to a
if you   npprocioto n ijun.
H'-iiikiiii;., buTOTngi*. Tln-h*
in not (mother brand so woll
klloWII lis
Ymi mny order nny flavor
ymi lib', ono is ptjunlly nn
u-.i.tl nn another. If you
liavi. n.'vrr litslnl (>ur
Drinks, you aro surely
losing n treat. •* Irdor t * iln v.
East Kootenay Bottling
Japanese  laborers  desire job   In
bush, with or    without teams; work
by    contract        Itni 17)3, Calgary.
Alia. »-;*• THE   ('laNBI'IOOK   IIKIIAI.1)
No Alum?
No Lime Phospkie
i      i      i
' M$*$
)./    "Alum in fond must therefore act as a poison." V\/Tfe>i .
-IW. Jofaarn, I"** (hiMnily.   " (T* WBt]
Rc-ic/ ffce label.   Buy no    JL
/taking powder unless tho    k\Jj\
Cream of Tartar guarantee /%..-7
I* ff/ven. V7'
A slr-ilght, honest, Cream of Tartar
Baking Powder. Made from Grapes.
Makes better, more healthful food.
Sold without deception.
II i     ... i ■■-.- 'i *ti ;.i mo (.f whether vou
v..-.. :. ' ...,-.- balary—■ il** a linrtl con lition
... j -,i • tust '**■ c i > | rote ■' j ■ ir-
*'   :c i! |)en*rlcnt uj on you.
■ ■ ..'   .'..'.'       y '■• don'l   rani
li      i     * !;\var!. you mu : ro fonor I—
is, j        ■.:;•,;■:*...
■    ■ - men: ■  h* Iding n 1 etu*r
i *.".:*. nre, I; ., pint   *. .*- i .. ^     (   ,- ■*•*
TIi-n * ii -nn thi .- nd* ■* ho once held low,
;* :*,.-•       ...-;, I , ■', salaries as .i
..   t! D   I .   : UN . ■ ION \:   CoRRKl COND-
■■*.     ■ in hm, to accomplish the
c!. ■:.     ye.irnhom l.otj istudents vol-
ui rq-orted i ien am   in Fabry amounting to
ovet tv. 11 til . n dollars!   Ever)- month an average of 300 men voluntary
report (n       . Ivaneemenl  in positi n nnd earnings.    Why
Yi.-'jy.    .  ■■■     .■    ■
HOW 10 00 IT
thi ■** i h to ■ Ci nre,
:-..;, l' .
■  ■■  ■ ' iTTcspond*
to  adapt   .i
* . ir individual needs
You ve got to earn more money,
the I C. S- wilt help you.
Will yett take the start today?
Boi '.'>. BUttANTON, TA
■           '    '   a
■   :.,..■-,   -.
**.,.*  i*.
i *
■   i    .
Nil    .   ' ■ .
I'    St**.**
'   St   A   \..
; citi
Obstinate Coughs Cured
Perhaps ymi Imagined your cough would wear off
cure  itself — .md  now  have  developed  a  nasty,
clinging cough,    It  would have
-■**!»!       heen  lictler to start  sooner,  Imt
*•' even now quick relief will lie given
by iisiiij;
ol Tar and Col Uver Oil
whieli at once relieves coughs, colds
and other throat troubles, and not
only cures the disease, but thanks
to its tonic properties,builds up the
system   against   the   recurrence.
W'lirri* there is lever willi the colli Like
.Mnttiicu's Nervine Powders tn reduce llie lever
anil relieve the jiain.
Atl ileateri sell Millllieu's Syrup of Tar slill
Cotl Liver Oil and Btathieu1. Nervine l'owilers.
Norvlno Powders
13 In Iwx 25c.
... ^....";ii**r.>vawMW
Foley Bros, Larson & Company
Winnipeg, Rdmonton, Vsnceavsr, SashatMa.
Cranbrook's Christmas Checi
Uur real estate men arc vitally in-
ti-n-si.nl in Uil* furthor development
of oui cltj and provinee, for it is
thev who lirst profit bj the infills i»f
capital ami scttlera
Tltis gentleman is to tin- ion- in
this business and lie lienrs n Bhlning
reputation, Ho 1ms .i complete
knowledge nl tin- Iim- and belongs to
tho progressive typo of realty operators Mr. lionet! el is n man til
tin- highest clinrncter nnd ho lina
Implicit confidence in the growth and
development oi the Kootenay, pinning lus (niih firmly to ('raubrook.
Prior io launching oui in llm n al
estate line Mr Honed let was for
live yctus    manage)    ol tho Mayook
hum lie i company,    lie is ; xperl
nccountnnl nnd is ncorclarj ol lhe
t'ranbrook board ol trade Hn is n
genial uml pleasant gcntloman to
meet, highly Intelligent ami moreover never Inns behind when worthy
movements are on toot to boost Ior
t'ranbrook Ho, in fact, always
simids iu the front rank and ou his
merit, alone commands distinction.
The real estate activities of the
cltj of Cranbrook, although they
have been vigorous for years, show
no signs of abatement. This Hrm
has been in tho thick' of the real
estate, timber nnd mining, opera-
lions for Uu- past seven years, and
in tbat time have passed vast quantities of properly through their
hands. The business of the linn is*1
general real estate, insurance, mining, brokers, buying ami selling
real estate, both city and country,
farm and timber lands, collecting
rents, negotiating loans, and writing
insurance. Messrs. Arnold and
Roberts have a thorough knowledge
of all elements that contribute to
make values aud are well posted nn
the Kootenay country. Tbey were
both born in Chester, Kngland, nnd
nre well known In t'ranbrook as
being men of sterling character and
qualified to give advice on all matters tniicliinj* real estate. They are
agents for the best insurance firms
operating In tbe country nnd control Iheir share of the business conducted iu Cranhrook and vicinity.
These gentlemen have operated    in
the hardware, mining and mill supplies Iim* in Cranbrook during the
past seven years and their mercantile eareer i.s one ol which they
may   well   feel   proud.      Their   estah-
llshmenl is a model one, and it is
operated on the highest commercial principles Tbey believe thai
the Im st is none too pimd for our
people ami the striking success titer
havo met with shows they are nu the
right track. Tliey do business in
exactly the proper way, charging
fair priee.s and treating everyone in a
liberal,  accommodating  spirit.
They carry a full line of shell and
lea.. hardware, Including sporting
goods, stoves ami steel ranges, iron
pipe and fittings, blacksmiths' sii|i-
plies, paints, oils, glass, etc., etc.
We might add that they are wholesalers as well as retailers in the
above lines They have had sixteen
years experience in the business and
understand it In all its phases. Mr,
McCallum, the senior member of
the firm, is well known ns an
\l builder and contractor. lie
erected the government post ofllce
building at Kerne, It. c . and has
just recently completed the contracl
ior ptittinc "p the Y.M.C.A.. a
tine, handsome structure, in Cranhrook, located opposite the Cranhrook hotel.
Mr- McCallum resided for some
lime in Slocan City prior to locating in Crnnhrook. Ile was a mem-
hcr ol ihe first council nf thai
"august" burg, when it was incorporated and also was on the school
board lie has always taken an ac-
iive part in educational work and is
chairman ol thc Cranbrook school
board      Prior to locating in Slocan
(Continued rrom page fourteen)
('it> in 18»7, Air McCallum resided
several years m Calgary, lie -at
on lhu council four years In thai
city and wus president of the Liberal
association. Mi Mi Callom, personally, is a large, whole-souled, keenly
intelligent gentleman to meet, and a
typical Highland Scotchman, born ai
Argyll*, Scotland
Mr Kourv was born In -Jerusalem.
Hi has followed mercantile life fi ur-
tecu years and has operatod ui ai Ij
one yeni in Cranbrook, He is Im uteri
on Armstrong Am- nnd carried .i
nice slock nl ill i goods j men'' fur*.
nishfugs. jewelry,     waU lies,   ladies'
.■,rappers and silk ki ties, IU makes
friends catillj   bj   hii   liberal meihod
of treating cust *. ■ ami ho believes
in the piInclplo that it pays to be
honorable ami alio.-- board ''wry
day   jn tlie year  u Ith one and       all,
Mr Kourj Is nlwa) * pleased to
show customers goods whether tlicj
purchase or nol and liis prices are
as low i-s the lowest.
His stock represents tin- latest
weaves and designs and present popular fashion Solomon Koury nays
he ean heat Timothy  Raton any day
ami    every     day   in  tin    year lor
prices, and qunlitj ns well. .Money
should In- spent with homo mer
chants rather than sent to "out o|
town" concerns and any one of our
Cranhrook merchants will do belter
for a home trader than a house several thousand miles distant. Solomon will he glad to have you "call
This is a millinery establishment
that merits a Rood word. The Intcsl
hats and bonnets arc here displayed
and prices are never too high. There
need he no hesitation iu snyfng that
our ladies can do just as well nl
tbis establishment as they ean do al
any other place in thc provinee.
.Miss MacLeod bus excellent taste and
she deals only with llie leading
firms in the millinery line. She has
the latest styles as soon as Ihey
arc out and she takes grenl pains
to suit her customers. Her parlors
arc well stocked with hats and bonnets that would pb-ase ibe most
fastidious. Miss      .MacLeod also
handles fancy dry goods and ladies
ware. She has had fourteen years
experience iu the business and has
operated for six years in Cranbrook.
she carries a nice stock of novelties,
art goods, ami is the only exclusive
milliner hen- sin- is a lady ol refinement and sound business Judgment
and is doing well Miss MacLeod is
a native horn Canadian nnd hails
from Ontario.
These gentlemen hate been    in the
plumbing and   tinning business seven
years, and    their career is one      ol
which     the;       may    well   feel   proud.
Their establishment i^ fitted out
with modern machinery, and apparatus im the successful operation ol
..m ii business llesidcs a general
plumbjng business tliej also deal in
.loves, railnes, furnaces, gasoline
i ngines. cream separators, stump
pullers, bicycles and go-enrts rhcy
also do all Hilda of sheel metal
work, nnd are experts on plaining
mill exhuust systems This firm
earrj a lull line of plumbers' sup*
plies ami sitiidrlet
Tin j do business in exactlj the
right wny, charging fair prices, nud
treating nil in a liberal, straightforward way Thej have executed
many In.n \ contracts nml no
work m thclt line is too inc for
them t" undertake, The firm rnnki
among the most progressive and
honorable operating in this city.
Tin-re are three brothers, namely;
K. IL, .1 C and CLW. Patmore,
who is one of Cranbrook's city
fathers, and who has made an excellent record during his term n|
office. The (inn aro nil native
sons of our fair dominion nud hail
from Ontario.
Mr. Um. Kerr, thc manager of
this establishment, knows atl about
horses and his rigs an- as good as
any in Crnnhrook Mr. Win. Kerr
is- a gentleman who is always as
good as bis word His premises are
well located and be is always on
hand to sec that business rocs just
right. He has lived in Cranhrook
several years, having formerly been
employed at ehc Koyal hotel und in
other local enterprises. He has boon
proprietor of the City Livery two
vears, and has the best ol teams,
rigs, saddle ami pack horses, and furnishes drivers for all parts ol the
district Mr     Kerr is a      genial
gentleman to meet, and "forward"
is his watchword Should you want
a rig at any hour of the day or
night, phone 90. The City Livery
makes a specialty nf outfitting
drummers and travelers for tlte interior, nnd pack trains for hunters and
fishing parties. Mr. Kerr is a
genial gentleman to meet and is a
firm believer in "printer's ink" nnd
in a "greater" cranhrook.
oue of the mosl important of our
business interests is thai of supplying the public with good, wholesome
meal, and ben- is a concern lhat
needs no Introduction to the people
nl Cranbrook, or in fact anywhere in
II.C. The firm is recognized as first-
class iu every respect. At their
markets may Is- found tlw chncesl
steaks, the jucicst roasts, On* tender*
est chops, and at prices consistent
with good quality. The firm is
thoroughly experienced in everything
relating to the business ami tbey
Know what is necessary to lune in
an up-to-date meat market. Cleanliness and neatness are strong points
of this establishment, ami it is always kepi unto ibe very highest
standards. Mr. .1. I. Dickson is thc
popular manager of the Cranbrook branch store, and has been
with ihe P. Hums company nearly
six years. There an- eight employes in lhe firm's butcher shop in
Cranhrook. Fred Coffey i.s the expert accountant ami II IL Mandrill
ami Joe Kennedy are tbe chief expert meat cutters.
Prices sometimes seem high. bul
when compared with Winnipeg and
Spokane an- considerably lower.
instance, T-bone in Cranbrook is 22e,
per pound, in Winnipeg 2*»c and
Spokane -inc.
Messrs McKay and .lack.son con
duel The Palm and are building up a
thriving Hade. They are men of
character and ability and deal
con recti oner ies, ice cream, soft
drinks*, fruits, etc. These gentlemen
opened up this establishment last
October. Mr. I). II. McKay former
ly operated as train baggage-master
and was in the employ of the rail
road for some time Mr. .lackson is
one of our popular town fathers.
The Palm s a very neat and attractive establishment. Il is headquarters for tine home made chiclets, bon-bons, tafleys and candies.
They do a wholesale as well as a
retail business and are buildinit up
an excellent  trade eent<r.
Mr. McKay, manager, is a In
progressive and energetic young man
and well adapted tn handle the public. It it a pleasant place lo drop
into to wile away a few minutes ti
gel rakes for the ladies nnd can
dies for the babies, and ice cream.
a soft drink or a smoke for yourself
Front room to rent on Armstrong
avenue; all conveniences. Moderate
price. Applv Box 1. I braid office. ;i5-tf»
Mr. Marapoiii is a gentleman whose
record here is good in every way
and his standim*; in business circles
is lirst class. He operates u shoe
shop tbal is up to the nwirk In every
way and he is prepared to do all
kinds of shot! repainim in first-class
style aud witb despatch. Ills establishment is fitted out with an
1800.00 shoe repairing and manufac
turing machine. He was bortl In llie
business (his father before him having been a shoemaker i Mr. Mara-
podi is located in lhe Aikens block.
The cut herewith produced represents
the machinery used In tins up-to-
date establishment* Mr Marapoiii
can manufacture either hand-made or
by machinery   asg I   a   miner's or
lumberman's shoe as anv man in
Canada The   writer bas    visited
many establishments and this gentle-
.Fapanese laborers desire job
hush, with or without teams; work
by contracl Box 1718, Calgary,
Alta. *(■*-
I man bas excellent samples on ham)
■ of his abilities as an expert ihoo
! manufacturer and repalrfcr Mt
! Marapodi was born in Italy He hns
; travelled extensively In Europe nml
i \ mer lea He has operated three
( yean in Cranhrook and is a business
I man of the energetic and progresslti
i type with "forward" as liis watch-
; ward. He makes your old shoes as
I go-ori as new. almost, at very small
lui an application will he made utier Pari X ol the "Water Act,
aim," in obtain a license In the
CrunbiooJ.  Wain   District
i,i). The name, address ami occupation ol the applicant; Cpper Moyie
Kleeitii Company, Limited. Mead of
lice,   Cranbrook,      B.C. Capital
iu, i, divided Into 5,000 shares ol
Sill each Objects of th': Company
nelude: The acquisition, holding, cn-
ovtiicitt and exercise, subject tu the
provisions ol the "Water Act,
n," of all the rights, powers,
privileges and priorities in oc liy
I'.ut L\ , or otherwise by the said
Act, conferred upon powei compan
Ies, no far a-* the Company may
lei-m ihe same ncccssm) fot Us tun-
pose*, or nny **i them.
b)    Tlu' name ol lhe lake, si ream
source   Moyie River.
ci    The    point of   diversion:    \(
fool of Itydei  liar, about , miles upstream   from    Uallwaj    bridge    al
idi Tin- quantlt) or water applied
for un cubic feel pet second): !'"■
cubic  feel
(e) The charade] of lhe proposed
works: nam. pipe line, Hume, nm!
hydro elect tic power plant. Thc
water to be used for the pin pose- of
the Company's undertaking
(g). The purpolcs Ior which the
water is lo be used Generation ol
electrical energy,
in li the waler is to be used (o,r
power or iitiuini*. purposes describe
the place when- the water is to be
returned to some natural channel,
and iln- dIficrence lu altitude bo
tweeti point of diversion and point uf
return: Al thu mouth *>f N'iggci
Creek.     Difference in altitude about
870  feet,   natural
(j) Area uf Crown Land Intended
lo be occupied by the proposed
works: About 80 acres
(k) The nppllcaats Intend to ap
plj foi a license to store the quan
tlij  ni waier applied for as follows
1 in a lake approximately It
miles upstream from the point of di
3 It i**- proposed lo store the said
water bv a l."> foot dam where the said
lake enters the mid Mow.- River, aod
elsewhere nil  the  BUOrCS of  --aid  Ittkf
t   Th«* area   of Ibe   reservoir sil
or sites at each   loot [n depth obovi
tho out*let    Increases from iJtO acres
Ol about .I**   ai res to each loot      mi
I. it j-. proposi d to acquire thi
land necessary lot the purpose b]
.'i Approximate!] the number of
acre few Intended to be impounded
Is 7alio
i;    it  I-,   proposed     lo   lowi r "' i
water in the said lake and the tott
cipated c\tenri   ol the lowering ■■
be .i feet.
7. The mt-aiis proposed to be
adopted to lower the level ol th- <*-.■.*.
lake are by gates and ditches, oi
slmllai works.
R The nature and character and
detail of the works proposed to Iw
constructed to provide for the di*
charge and penning back of tbe water are: Wooden, rock filled or stone
and cement dam**, with flood gates
aprons and similar works
ik) This notice was posted on
the t'tn day of December. 1910, and
application will he made to the Commissioner on the 18th day of January, 1911*
(I). The names and addresses of
auy riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to .-*■
affected by the proposed works, either above or below the outlet an:
.lohn IL Hawkins, Wattsburg, I. C .
and II E. Sullivan. Seattle Washington, I'S.t . and the nritish Columbia Southern Kailwav Company
ipper Movie Electric Company,
per W   K  nurd, its Solicitor
(P   il.   Address)  Cranbrook,  B.C
SOTK.—Ono cubic foot per second
is equivalent to 35.71 Miner'.-
(Qohes LMt
thai an application will he made on
behalf of the Kootenay Central Kail-
way Company to the Board of Kailwav' Commissioners for Canada ai
llic expiration uf four weeks from
the dale of this notice or as soon
thereafter as thc application can be
heard for a recommendation i,. tlu-
Ooveruor-in-Council for tho sanction
ol a lease of tin* railway of tho Kootenay Central Kailwav Company to
thc Canadian pacific Kailwav Company for a term ol nine hundred and
ninety-nine years from the first dav
lanuar.. , nineteen hundred and
ele'-eu upon the terms ami conditions therein mentioned.
This notice is given pursuant to
the provisions of Section 361 of tho
Kailwav  Act.
II. C. Oswald,
.•icerctary Kootenay central Railway
Haled at Montreal the 18th day ol
November, If 10. 40-it
"Vuiii'..iu.*i Mtr.'luiiii. Iii.vi itlr-t
'R-ntemi i i!n«' ui.r inainii'l m*
I irill.. : 1.,.*ii.-< u| thr.* > - >
.J*i.l(.*.i       ■■ ..It  ■■llini     1 ■■:■.*■- ■   in
r.-.'.'1-.it -..'""■- .i.v1'-r,...uii.,vi~ i.j-Q
1*1 ItUftUBD    *.ssi m i ,
Knablea traders throughout lhe world
to communicate direct wv.h   Kngllnh
MANUFACTURER.*, iml IMAI.Vein each clau ol good*, i-i-iie- being
i\ complete commercial guide tu London nud it** luburbt. ibe directory
contain! lift-* ol
«rith  the Good*  they ship, and i ho
Colonial Hnd   Foreign  Mnrketi they
suppl* :
arranged under the IV* t« to which they
■all, and indicating Ihe apptoxlnnite
of leading Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc.,iii the principal provtucial towns
mid Industrial centres of ihe United
A copy of the current edition will li*
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt ol
lJo*ta! i "..'•r lot 80s.
Pe.ii-r*- ■*****iaini: Agencies van ad ver*
ti'e their trade ea-ds for 20t., or larger
advertisement! fn n ■ Os
The London Directory Co.. Ltd.
IS *.b.'hurih line. London. EC.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A .li'-dem eqolppad Caleat raoderat*-,
Ratea tLOOaudupperday
Coriierof Howa-d St.and K:- i.r Ave.
i»-r bus iDt-*ti all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J .C. Callahan, Mgr.
DISTRICT     nl'     SOUTH     EAST
T\KK NOTICE tliat 1. W \
iiii-liolm. i,f l'..ii StKlc, occupation,
Miner, Intend, tn ujiplj o.r p*.ih.in
sjf.li tn jiiimIiii-i 'In* following il'**.
rrlbcd Uiul*..
CommencInK .11 a posl planted nl
tin* Junction "i a largo **l"unli and
il. Kootcna; Ilmi and (allowing
lunik nl tin* Kiiitiluiy RlTO In a
nnrtherlj direction lo poal N" --
■Itnated .it tin* S. E corner "I l.i.t
ion. thence smith in clialni, mure ni
1,-j.s. I., poal Nn l. Jilantpil 'in
Imtik ot (lough, thence easterly in
iliains, nlnri* or leii. to placi* ol In*
Klnninc. containing 10 acres, more or
William A. Chlsholm, l.orator.
I)at,d  lire*    10th,   ni'l I*"**."
Alwu-1 Ihs B-mi Quilts atifl
■ 'uiri* Ofrska. it nni i-i■*"■*. Man i
l.unth    upt-n Dai ■.■"■ NiKlit.
Best on the
rii.it i<* want aothoritltM
regarding the medfciftal <
in.*-of n,.. eaten st Hal
Hot Spring*.
l he BaolUrloa i** tiow a
new   management   and
been ranoaeUed fr« -tri u
bottom and  now offer** s
laeili'y f..i the eomtoit
conveniento( |.aim.i •*.
Ua**»« $19 ind in pen
or $9 ■•v day st.tl operant.
UM. BOYD, Proprietor,
llalcron. Arrow Lain, B.C.
famous for As sureties*
ofdoinq its days word- ;.
and that days work I*.';
to keep you dry and,'
sou o/uprmutt
TOM.TO. CaW*-**,. Ill
Lines, Limited
For Rates call
Prompt Service
Exchanges at Cranbrook, Fernie, Elko, Hosmer,
and Michel, B.C.
Our lines reach all Cities, Towns, and Camps in
South East Kootenay
Our Trunk Line extends trom Crows Nest to
Kingsgate, B.C.
At Crows Nest connection is made with the Telephone System of
the Province of Alberta.
At Kingsgate connection is made with the  Lines of the  Rocky
Mountain   Bell Telephone Company of  the  United States, which
extend to the States of Washington, Idaho, Hontana,
Wyoming and Utah.
*a**%a**%tm^*m\a*m\mmm)i*%aha* M
) •>S)+*>+*fc**j**^*fcA
For Rates call
,.. >
. Ill
I „,
,,. I
,11 •
, ,11
,,. I
I if
,1. >
Cranbrook's Christmas Cheer
This is a new hrm lien- uml are
successors tu the East Kootcna)
Itutcher company, having bought uut
theli interests un tin- lust of th
month They conducted a huccbci
shop for two years in Xelson ami
month They conducted a butcbei
shop during ilu- past Ave rears,
Their .■"'•un.., in Cranbrook gives
mu city a live business lirm ul wide
experiene? in the butcher business.
Man> Herald readers will know
these voung men, hm this oppartuu*
ity is taken <•[ Introducing tliem to
the large circle covered i>) tins i-
sue, am! bespeak for them a liberal
patronage. The strong endorsements
the) lit"in-Ill with iImiii are more
than being earned out. Readers arc
assured that choice steaks, tendci
chops and jniey rousts, will In- lie
order of tbe day during holiday sea-
lot (ur a new broom always sweeps
Bread is the stall ol lire ami the
City Bakery furnishes it in ureal
abundance and to perfection, Tlio
broad) rakes nnd plea mure ncarlj
approach whal nur mothers' used to
make than what we thought pOJ>
slide Mr. Edward Symord is the
skilled artist of tins establishment
He is master ol his trade ami he
leaves na stone unturned lo draw
custom and build 'ii' business Man,
nt our best families trade with him
and he can feel proud ol the business
be has built up
He lias been in tins line several
years and bis patronage Is const nul-
ly growing.
Mr. Symord has conducted the Citj
Bakery Ave years uml has followed
the bUSlQCSS twelve years In ' Cran-
brook. He also carries a nire line ol
fruits and confectionery He takes
orders for wedding cakes, big supper
supplies and banquets ut all kinds
and is a specialist on stag party
It is obvious from the foregoing
that Mr. Fergusson did not see every
business firm in town, and we take
thls opportunity of notifying nny
who may have heen overlooked, tbat
by ringing up this ofllce arrangements can be made lnr a special
write up ol their respective business
es In our second Christmas edition,
to he issued ne\t Thursday, December 22nd:
(Continued from page fifteen).
The Kort Steele Mercantile Co.,
Limited, was organized in Spokane,
Wash., was registered in B C. as an
extra-provincial company and began
business at Kon Steele, B. t\, In
June. 1897 The ollieers of tbe rum
pany were Cluu. Thels, president.
u. .1. C. Wakefield, vice-president
and J. II. Kiuk, .secretary-treasurer
.md general managi-i. a branch
store was established al Wardner,
B. C. iu .September, 1897, with .1
1*. Kink is manager. After the construction of the Crows Nest railw.i)
iluring 1898, it was found necessary,
on account ■*( tin- divisional head-
quartcrs lieing established at ('ran
brook, to open a branch here. .1. IV
Kink was Instructed to come hen* as
manager.     Tbe  Imildiiig   now  owned
and occupied by a. c. Bowness was
erected and tho business was open
ed in August, 1808. In 1800 the
stores at Porl Steele nnd Wardner
were closed and the stocks of bulb
stores were concentrated here. In
1901 .Itm. II. and .1 IV Kink purchased    the      Interests      Ol    Messrs,
Thels, Wakeiii-hl ami Poster and conducted tbe business, under Lhe tlrm
name of Kink Bros., until 1008, when
■Ino li. Kink withdrew, on account
ol Ill-health, ami returned to spnkane, becoming the general manager
nf tin- inland Brewing and Malting
company, one ol the largest nrms in
tbe Pacific Northwest .1 IV Kink
organized the Kink Mercantile Co.,
Ltd., whieli took over tin- business oj
Kink    Bros., ami    in    tbe same year
erected the beautiful new store building when thej now occupy. This
store is conceded to be one ol thc
finest in the Dominion. They have
recently completed alterations wbicb
greatly improves the store and
aDords more room. The lurnlture
am! tailoring departments now occupy the whole ot the second Hour
The private offltiM nn- now loeated
at thc head ot the stair on the
first landing and the room formerly
used as a private office Is now the
ladies writing room Tbe officers of
the company are .1. I* Kink, president nnd general manager; E. Mater-
son, secretary-treasurer and manager ol accountant department, w 1).
Laidlaw, director and manager of the
grocery and crockery department,
and l>. .1. McSweyn, director and
inanager of tbe men's department-!
The Imperial Hank of Canada, wiib
bead ollice iu Toronto and a branch
ol the bank in t'ranbrook, wns established in 1875 under the general
I nu nager ship uf Mr. I). It. Wilkie.
Since that time, under tlie general
managership and presidency of Mr.
Wilkie. Ibe hank has gone forward
by leaps and hounds until it bas
reached iis present enviable position
as oue of the leading banks uf Canada. The bank, with a subscribed
eapilal uf $6,005,000, paid-up capital
of, $5,575,000 and a reserve fund of
Ibe .same amount, has branch hanks
iu the province of Quebec, Ontario,
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and
British Columbia. The Imperial
I tank of Canada early showed its
lailu in (he latter province, and especially iu that pari ol tbe province
known us the Crows Nest Pass. \
branch of tho bank was established
in Cranhronk in the year 1002, and
since that time branches have been
established at Lethbridge, Michel,
New Michel, Kernie and Moyie. \
practical example of the faith of the
bank iu ilu* city of Cranbrook, iu
particular, has been exhibited by the
erection recently of the splendid
building into which the local staff of
the bank has recently moved. This
building, built of brick and Calgary
sandstone, is one nf the linest banking bouses in the distriet. and occupies a prominent position in the
cily on Ibe corner af Maker slreel
ami Hanson avcnilO. Indeed many a
city is favored With less pretention-
banking offices. The building Is
heated throughout with steam ami,
with first-class appointments, Is
modern in every particular. Tho
lust lloor is devoted entirely tu tbe
ust- ul the bank. Tbe second floor
provides accoinmmlation for tin-
bank's solicitors, Messrs. Harvey,
MeCarler and Macdonald, who have
splendidly e(|uipped offices. The hank
looks forward to a great, development of the natural resources of the
growth of tlie  city, to the businesslike methods ami  courteous manners
1 nf the   manager,   Mr.   Barber, which
he acquired while connected with tbe
S'atlonal Drug and chemical companj
| ol Canada,   ael ing as   inanager for a
i retail branch of this firm iu tbe eitv
[of  Toronto.     Mr.   Barber's   motto
* and policy   has ever been, that if   a
thing is    worth   doing   al all, it is
j worth doing well.
j This is very characteristic and pro
muinccd in their prescription depart
ment, where everything is done with
■the utmost care and accuracy, .Ml
I Barber having graduated with honors
in ibis particular capacity. It In
largely because of tlie confidence the
{general public have in ibis firm that
their prescription department has
grown to such an extent during the
past year. The unfailing attention
ui Mr. Barber lu the wants of the
store's patrons lias gained both for
himself ami the store the warm regards of the bull; uf Cranbrook's cltl-
izens Moreover, both Mr. Barber
and bis chief assistant, Mr. James,
'bold diplomas for Ontario, Hritish
Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta Cranbrook has guud rcosson to
< he proud uf her two drug stores ami
I efficient chemists, Hut the C. IV
and It. Co. does a guud deal more
than a large proportion of the prescription business of the city. While
.prescriptions and drugs are always
| first ami foremost, >«-t books form a
largo and Important portion of tbe
Immense Block in trade, and here
again .Mi. Barber's training tells.
Aside from always having In stock
and keeping iii touch wiib tbe very
latest works iu popular fiction, be always endeavors to keep a thoroughly
up to date Itm- of all standard works.
Theli stock of books In this Hue is
recognized ovei the Crows Nest railwa)
Since Mr. Barber took command
the business has steadily iucreascd
each month until today the firm 18
doing exactly double tlie amount of
business that thev did one year ago.
This remarkable growth is due in a
large   measure,   in   addition to   tbe
Retail merchants affected by rata
login- bouse patronage by people 111
their communities will lind the following ten good reasons of assistance to them in their efforts to overcome this evil. They are from a
contemporary which has consistently
rought tbe catalogue concerns and
can he printed on tbe back of mi-u
ness cards ami envelopes or ust»J in
newspaper Advertising, or in circular
letters or bargain sale announcements, or in nil these forms. Thev
can be memorized nml brought out in
a discussion of the subject with person, addicted to the catalogue house
habit      The reasons are:
1 Your homo merchants ran duplicate the prices made by any responsible concern anywhere nn goods
Century Restaurant
K. Y. Uyematsu, Prop.
Our customers declare this is the finest place
to obtain a square meal and a sound sleep
anywhere in the city.   We make a rule to please,
Rooms and Board
Open Day and Night
#*^,#'#tSfcA*Sfc-s>*Sfc*>*ij»*a>*^*fc<a eta*a**%*%*a**m eseeeeie't'ieaaaisa'^iii*- •**■ »*-«"**
■"■ ■"■ ^^^^^^^^■wrw^-tr-r-w^-ww^^'^'r'r'r'ww^ ^-wwr-r-r-wW W WWWWWW^FfT^re^WVrVW
ot equal quality, in tbe same quanti-
cies and on the same basis uf delivery aud payment.
1!. You can examine your purchases in tbe home stores and be assured of satisfaction before investing
your money.
3. Your home merchants are always ready ami willing to mat.**
right any error or any defective article purchased
1. Your homo'merchants help support, through direct and Indirect
taxation, your schools, churches,
libraries ami other public Instilu
5. Your home merchants help
make a good local market for everything you have to sell, and lhat
market—more than any other one fac-
tor—gives your laml its present
6. Your home merchants are your
good friends, ever ready to extend a
helping hand in time of mcd.
. If this community Is good
enough Ior you to live in and make
your.money in, it's good enough to
spend it in.
ft. Tlie best citizens in this community arc those who believe iu itud
practice home patronage. Hr nne if
thc best.
!l. The merchants in tbe distant
city (live you nothing valuable that
the home merchants cannot give you
—and thc lormer cannot and will not
do for ynu many things that latter
do gladly.
10. Kvery dollar kept In circulation in this community helps increase property values. Kvery dollar sent out of this   community tbat
If v
••Here's the Proposition1'
11 vuu nit' tick. IUfflrit.1   frum    HliV ill*. nnliT. .*,•. i imi
..in. you-PKKMANKNTM Vou du sol bare i»
llngtr, miflftiiiit from dlirawi bfraan hi* at* n-nll-nl
np-*tfoJb>ti Hiili manv jrwn' pxperieiw IrrallDg mid
HiringSHKfHfllllj nil a 'sdiiMiN
Honest Treatment
A Sure and Permanent Cure in
All Diseases of Man
NervMi WcskKiM, Vark-i-*c  Vein*.  Ilj-lro.cl**. Hlntt-1
an-J Skin DfpnrttcrK. Sorer*.I hrm. kf-lr-c*.. Hladdrr.au-J
He ill I (Mit-der*   n-u] ill Special -l limn-is
ui mm mi   Id  met*.
ItoHt Anatomical Museum in tin- North-wuit,
mi mmint COtna tu SpolaJiiit' fnr froo I'oiiBiiltnli'iii now.
write for our freo I Kl<-t.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
jio Howard -treet, Spokane, Wash
could as well be spent here hinders
the wheels of progress- ami ielpa
build up some other community ;.t
your expense.
We hnve several cars of good
timothy and upland hay on the
road wbifb wc can sell very reasonably. These can be diverted at any
station. Anyone in need ol these
call or write Cranbrook Trading
Many school children sutler from
coiistiiiiitiuii, which is Often tbe cause
ol seeming stupidity at lessons
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets are an ideal medicine to give
a ehilit, for they are mild ami gentle in their effect, and will cure even
chronic constipation. Soltl by nil
druggists aud dealers, 37-tl
Xmas boxes of chocolates at


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