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Cranbrook Herald Jun 1, 1911

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We are well equipped to
turn out the best claw
ol work
^9,1   *
PR'A, i i. Q
In tbe Ilerttlit  Pays—Try
Our   Lorn I   Columua
10c, a line
KO.  15
Senator King Reviews
Political Situation
tn .1. II. King) accompanied hy
bis lather, Neitatcjr King, returned
Inuiii' fi'Hin Calgary mi Sunday lust
hi. King's nnssiiiii in Calgary in
connection with ibe lumber merger,
was cntlrelj satisfactory, Thai
business [h progressing steadily, but
for sumo lew   weeks Micro will     ho
nothing new Im relate tu connection
therewith. 'Ibe souati r, always a
welcome visitor iu Craubrook, was
ii'okinc, well after bis long spell nt
attendance at the senate. To a Herald representative Ie talked must
entertainingly nf ibe present political
Regarding tlio possibility    ot   an
early political appeal lit Ibe country,
tbe senator says Unit whilst tbnt is
(|tiite possible tbere is nn pit liability
nf its taking place before a redistribution bill has been pul through.
Tbe west's claims to recognition iu
this regard art' considered uf paramount importance by the government, uml unless absolutely unavoidable tbere will be no general election
until tbe additional representation to
which the west is Justly entitled has
been provided for.
On tbe reciprocity issue, tbe senator is particularly well Informed ami
talks willi tbe knowledge born of bis
lurge ami varied Interests, both in
tbc east ami tbe west.
Of ibe outlook in Sew Brunswick,
Oie senator says thai beyond all
question tbe ureal majority of the
people ol that province heartily endorse tbu action "f tbe government
Recently prominent anti-reclproclty
speakers have been busy In thai
province and have created an Impression that New Brunswick is not in
line with the Liberal government on
that question. Bui anyone who
fnrnis that Impression, is going to bo
terribly surprised when the electors,
particularly tho greal mass of the
farmers nml wage workers, poll their
votes on election day. tin saim
thins applies to the province of Nova
Scotia, and, fur thai matter, In the
••pillion of the senator, to the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, For
whilst the moneyed interests in the
east are making a bt« display and
are carrying on a very active earn
paign, they are not affecting in any
sense ibe great maw ur Ihe electors,
who recognise tally the spitll actual
Ink tbe campaign of tbc capitalists
and, ul tbe same I line realize tlie
great iruciiis that free exchange ol
natural products wllb tbe United
states will confer upon them, in
Journeying west tbe senator was able
In leant something of Ibc prevaleiil
views in the prairie provinces, where
tbe sentiment is overwhelming)y iu
favor of tbe agreement, despite tbe
noisy outcry of tlie Roblln-Rogera
McBrido wini; of tbc muchly divided
Tory party.
To tbc senator, one, of the most
Interesting phases of the present situation, is the hopelessly divergent
views of the Tory party, lu tbc
'east they arc calling for higher tariff, greater protection, in tho west,
'particularly in Winnipeg, they appear
I to he advocating freer trade. There
lis un clear cut policy enunciated in
'any portion of tin* Dominion.
Of Leader Borden, tlie senator
speaks very highly, hut expresses the
opinion that he obviously lacks the
j decision of character which atone can
'make him a successful leader. Personally he believes tbat Borden
would have favored tbe reciprocity
agreement, bad lie expressed his own
convictions, but his party is so entirely at the mercy of the moneyed
interests of the east, that he 1ms
been compelled to accept bis policy
from tbat source, it was very evident from the senator's remarks tbat
he had given the whole subject of
reciprocity close study, and as one
Interested to a very large extent in
ibc continued prosperity nf both the
east and the west, he lias concluded
that Uiis reciprocity agreement
means a very great deal for tlie Dominion as a Wtholc, more perhaps' than
even its originators dreamed of at
ibe time it was framed, Of the
outcome of an appeal to tho country, bc it early or late, the senator
has not the slightest doubt. The
utterly unsatisfactory attitude ol
Ibe Tory parly on the reciprocity,
as on all other questions ol large
public moment, alone points to the
Inevitable return of the Laurie* administration by an even larger ma
jority that it holds at present.
Tbc senator left this alteram n foi
Calgary, whence he will Journey to
the toast, returning here for .» few
day* before going back to Ottawa
The following is a ei m nt ,i lettei
addressed b) Mi P Lund, of Wan)
nei, lo llun tt R Boss, chlel cum
mlssfonei 11 lands, In reference to
the lire ranging set * Ice In RouU
blast Kootenaj
IVnrdner, R.C . Maj   W, 1811
The lion    tt      It   Ross, Chief Cum
mission11   nl     l nnda,   v b lorla,
Il C
Deal Ui   1-"       i note with greal
nail (oi lion   Ihe Improvement    thai
has been   made In the    m
nervier tn Houlh t a*l  Kooli i i)
I have uikiii with some nl youi
deputy fire wnrdpmi, and in mj con
vernation with tbeni 1 have Invarleb
iv endeavored to make II perfectU
iIimi thai ibc government are nol io
imuii employing litem lot ilu pui
pose nl lighting bush Urea, ,.s the)
nre In preventing (Ires from being
started, and i also wish lo '.ill youi
attention lo Ihli lai i
When Ibe hoi summit t ithl anal band, theee Are wardens     si Id
receive strong and definite Instruc
lions, and should be < nmtnunlcated
with ilmlt) from Ihe department, >"
nrdei that the) ma) Ih kepi «■■»■
awake to the lael thai tho government  l tl"     (People do net oipecl
item to spend Ibeli money In en1
plot.-.' armies ol men *■• nghl i us
dflet these flres I •■ • b*cn suited
uml gotten nn.in heatlwuv, r doi
which conditions not only the nalur
ni resourcei ol the ntr) ate being
destioved. but  ,t    I iciiieiido W umotml
ot the govcmincnl revenues is also Irf"
lug squandered
II Is true thai fires can be tottghl
nml extinguished after they have
heen set, before having gained headway, but niter the Interior of these
mountain districts become covered
with hush fires, they cannot nml
never have been extinguished by human effort, anil never will Ih-.
Il is therefore essential that the
rrentest care no taken to prevent
fires frum Wing started In lho Aral
place, ami where for uny reason »
nre has been started, lho lire wardens should be on baud to put it out,
nnd see that it is entirely wtln-
giitshcd below it has been allowed to
gain headway.
1 dn not think that during the
hoi summer months, campers, flsher
men or hunters should be allowed to
start Urea In tho Umbered sections
of the countrj without obtaining pei
mils fnmi liie wardens to do BO
Neither should settlers it farmers be
allowed to clear lauds and bum the
brush Iherefrom, without obtaining
permits, and In these cases the Die
wardens should pernonoll) vlsil the
premises and see that the conditions
undet whleb these permits are Issued
in- compiled with, and ihat all
ilangers of flteo spreading into adja
rent territor) are eliminated
1 wish tc poinl out that it is nol
mlj neeesaar) thai youi department
appolnl a numbei ol 5re wardens
throughout Umbered districts of B
C , lun it is cquaUj noceaaarj lo or
ganise tfccm Into on efficient Are
lighting force, ami m matntalntng an
irgnnl atlon    sulllcientlj strong and
ii,, nre i" safeguard the countrj
sgatnsl Ares being started and gain
Ing   beadwaj    during Uw dangerous
., on ol Un ycni
l am sure ibat von full) realise
the seriousness ot the situation pci
sonally- and I Irusl thai you will be
lucccaatul In demonstrating, noi onl)
to the people "i Brlllsb Columbia,
hui t" one people of Canada and the
i iuic<t siates. that the government
d the province nt   British Columbia,
s lucceantult] coping with this Im
p.ut ant feature
\,mis very truiv,
P   Lund
Successful  Degree Work and Magnificent Hospitality
of the Nelso    Ladies.
ro     BK    CONDUCTED   lHltlMi
The parliamentary recess will give
ipportunlty for thoughtful nnd vigor-
>us educative campaigning before the
reciprocity agreement comes up ft r
final dealing when the house ol com
limits resumes in July. Those who
are Interested in the further development ot Canada, the expansion ol
her markets, the betterment ol her
producers and the increased prosper
By of Iter people generally, will do
well 1o enter heartily and energetically Into this educative work in order that the Canadian people may
be fully seised of lho lull significance
of ihv present Issue, The interests
opposed to reciprocity are powerful
and wealthy, and have strong seltlsb
motives in seeking its rejection. The
high proteciion, iimnufurlurtng, COI
porate and I'mumial interests gcncial
ly, both lu the Hailed States      mid
Tbe Inauguration < f Council No
loOO, or the Knights uf Columbus at
Nelson on Sunday last, 28th May,
was a date uml an occasion Lo lie
long remembered iu the records ol
the order. Briefly stated there was
never liner or more finished degree
work ami the hospitality extended to
the many visitors from Spokane,
Cranbrook, Movie, Jnaclcod, Fernie,
Klmberley, Vancouver ami oilier
points was a positive revelation. It
hatl a flavor of the heart one does
not taste south of the forty-ninth
Starling at 7.30 a.m. over a bund
red members of the order went to
mass ut the Church of Mary Immaculate, where all the candidates ft r initiation ami most of tbe visiting
members went to holy communion, a
most impressive object lesson of tho
effects of the teachings and example
of tbe organization, Upwards ol
ninety members marched in processional order to high, mass at Ifl.'lO
a.m. and afterwards adjourned to
Eagles' hall to prepare for the degree work, which started at about
2 p.m. lu its general appointments
and decorations there is no hall in
the northwest, on either side of the
line, to lie compared with tbc Nelson
structure—not barring anything in
Scat He. Vancouver or Spokane, The
Kngh's have reason to lie proud ol
the home they have made tor themselves.
All told there were about eighty
candidates for Initiation, ibis being
the largesl number thai has vol pre-
nted themselves on any simile occasion in British CnlumWa*     The work
I the lirst and second degrees   was
ti charge of Joseph Ryan, district
deputy of Cranbrook, assisted by
William Itankins of Cranbrook as financial secretary,   V   \   McWUHoms,
nl Spokane, as I banc , Lester P
i-.tlge, or Spokane, as putt nniiid
knight, Joseph Adams, nt Spokane,
as warden; M. Torpy, td Movie, as
inner guard and .lames aivcmicdy, uf
Cranbrook, as outer gityril Prank
.1. Uorsey, of Spokaw. -slate deputy
for the Stale ol ttaslm Ion, bad
charge of the third dey •- work and
was assisted by Jnsonti Itvan, of
Cranbrook, grand knl; I I anil .1. K.
Kommcrs, Philip IMJ uc, Michael
Murphy, Or. John Owica, Kdwnrd
O'Shea, John Cassin, Pml \ Correll
and K. V. Kane, of SB kaue.
Tbe actual wurk st rteti about 2
p.m. and notwitkstnmli .- the unusually large class, all ft is liuisbed a
few minutes after s |..n: , n hie I
which indicates the atpiotliness and
finish of the work of the famous
Spokane degree team, Cases have
been km wn where ihr ^uik begun al
II a in. and finished ./ ei uiidnlgbl
ending in weariness i> the soul for
all concerned.
Mats off for the Io©'s ol Nelson!
They prepared a truly marvellous
banquet in the parish hull Si thing
like il has been ever successfully attempted in eunneetioi with the
Knights of Columbus in Western
America. It is only the barest justice to Mrs Clark ami Mr. Conway,
the steward of the "Kuskanook"
(who had Hie chief reap rtisibility) and
the many ladies associated with
them, to say that it was really a
very splendid nml mosi elegant function, The ladles wort all dressed in
pure white and for tin- moment stink
their social position '< minister to
the pleasure of inch goTsts. Nothing
in the way of perfect cooking, cx-
uulslte appointments, beautiful flowers ami orchestral music that was a
delight to listen to, was overlooked.
If the function had a fault it lay     in
the direction of being too elegant,
loo well done, since ii set a standard
Uml simply drowned all previous records and sets u standard impossible
for other councils to reach.
Speeches ut banquets are mostly a
terrible infliction, but here they were
good without exception. Father
Althorf spoke from his heart, as lie
always does, uml certain of the
things he said will live in the me-
morics of his bearers, it is to tic
hoped that those to whom they were
addressed will nol lose sight ol
thorn. Prank J, Dorsey, of Spok
ane, has tbe Irish gitl of easy elo
quenco to perfection. lie presented
a genial roasl or two lo his friend
Judge Ryan and the indue was equal
to the occasion of handing ihc same
hack to him, nil trimmed and gar
nlshed, to the might) cnjoymenl of
llie crowd. Br. O'Shea seems tn
have a most intimate knowledge   uf
Ibe ladies and spoke ho   them     re
eloquently (ban uti) suffragette thai
ever disported herself in a barum-
skarum skirt.
Monday was devoted to picnicking
up tlie lake in motor bonis ami Lho
round of hospitality ended with a
dance iu the Eagles' hall, mighty
swagger affair Irom which the young
people did not come away till da)
llghl was about due In the sky.
The Herald takes very great pleasure in offering to tbe ladies and
gentlemen of Nelson the warm thanks
of Judge Ityan, district deputy of
ihc Knights of Columbus, on bchall
of bis order, every one of whom join
with him in trying t.> do the impos.
sible, that is, to adequately express
their thanks and appreciation fur thu
most enjoyable time they ever bail in
their lives.
Canada, encouraged ami abetted by
the Tory Tariff Reform League of
Rngland, are aligned in active bos
tllity to tbe trade proposals Prom
such sources a huge campaign fund
can tn- derived, .ttid evidences are
not wanting thai alreadj tin- flood
gates are being opened in an organized and tm iii» 1 effort lo stamp out
the project of the government to
meet the needs of the people by in
reusing Canadian trade and inverting more of the country's wealth to
the pockets ol its pet (tie
The government's reciprocltj agree
meat is essentially a People's Pro-
loci It is oi the people, and tor the
people       It    was initiated b)      large
and   repi esenttttlvc   deputations,   representing ihe agricultural   and artl-
! sau classes, who sought relief front
existing tariff conditions. It was designed to meet ibis demand, and
thereby contribute wry largely to
the further development ami prosper-
It) if Canada, li accordingly engendered the acrimonious opposition
of Bclflsh corporate high protection
interests which were waxing wealthy
under tbe existing conditions, With
kaleidoscopic variety ami rapidity
everj Imaginary objection was raised
against il by these interests First
came the disloyalty cry, which was
rapidly exploded both in the Canadian parliament nnd M members of
tlie British government, An equally
short lived careei was alb wed tho
annexation civ. Then came in turn
the claims thai there was    lack    of
Information, no mandate frum the
people, and. finally, that the Canadian ministers were not sufficient.)
equipped for negotiation with 1 nlted
Siates representatives—each seemingly mure absurd than its prcdeccssoi
No at tempi, however, has been made
to discuss the project upon sound
economic grounds. Palling abilit)
tt do this it is now Imped io defeat
ii by a huge campaign fund and extensive organization. Against such
procedure the people will do well to
align themselves. Tbe aim of the
interests is to secure the rejection ol
the proposals by a verdict which will
assure no further attempts to meet
the needs of the people in ibis
respect for at least Iwentv-iive
years.     The    ontt-reclprocltj   cam
To the People of Cranbrook
and District
The Empire ElectricCo.
We handle everything electrical Nothing loo small;
nothing too large.
We do not consider an introduction to the people of
Cranbrook and district necessary. Our work done in
the past is the best criterion of the work we intend doing
in the future.
A call at our new store on Norbury Avenue will
convince you that we carry
The Most Complete Stock of Electrical
Devices in the District
All house wiring done by us will pass underwriters'
All work entrusted to us will receive our personal
attention and supervision.
PHONE 129.
D. L. DAVIS, Gen. Supt.
P. 0. BOX 608
Hungerford Burgesses to
Enjoy Special Favors
'riiefvnti.il Kootenay Land ami De-  meat work
velopmenl company, is the Canadian     Tlie company will thortl} establish
successor to the Knglleh compati) ol   a new towns lie, u be known as llun
the same name, ol winch Mr, r  Hun-   gerford, wherein a time-honored l-us
gerfortl  Pollen, ot this city, is    the  torn,    peculiar to the old town     ol
general managci     The other clBelala  Hungerlord,   iu    Wiltshire, Knglaml
ami   directors being   prominent Cal-jwill, it is    hoped, be iteadllj mai
gariaiis      Tho eompanj bas     been  tained.     Tbat custom  is   to alba
funned to  lake over the active     ■■*- [ two ..( tbe local burgesses the privl
ploitutlon of a large block of land in   lege ol kissing ever) woman in    the
the   skoukiniH'liiick  district, as well  town on a   certain da) in tbe yeai
is i.itni areas in the Windermere and   Burgesses are not common In Weab
Port Steele districts    Tin- company   Canada, but they will be s feature »f
lias n   saw   mill at   Skookumcbuck,   the new  town of Hungerford
with a million   feel of lumber       onl   Actual development work will     be
hand and will   continue cutting, utll- started right   owaj bj tbe    ■
Izlng   intuit if, the    cut fur its own   large areas ol land being cleared and
purposes in in tlie course of develop- • brought under cultivation
paigt) aims lu turn   hack   (be Canttd
Ian   cluck  cf   progress foi a auartei
of a cell 1 ni y,
A stiikim; commentarj on the sin
eerily uf Die allegation •>[ ihe ami
reciprocity interests that reciprocity
will ininie Canadian transportation
lines is round m the Boston Ameri
can, a United States high protective
journal opposed to the proposals ol
May i in lis financial page this
I inied States newspaper declares
ibai ihe rapid use in Canadian Pm >
lie railway slock is due to the projected reciprocal tunic agrei
wiili Canada Under this agm
moot, n declares, much "f the t ail
.it states carrying   trade will be di
I'tti-d Into Canadian channels,      .t-
t'anada can   furnish tin- better    and
bcaper n utc So, It argues, Cans
lian transportation [s to reap th.
benefit at the expense ol the United
states. And all the time the organ
i/eti campaigners against Its
merit in Canada have been telling
Canadian   people   exactly the oppos
A significant    situation is revealed
by the announcement   tn the   Waal
Ington   aim reciprocity press   ol   at.
alliance   between the   United. States
farmers and hlgh-prot«ctioals1 manufacturers     The Grangers, tbe American organization   ol farmer*, are opposing tbe pact on the ground    '.hat
the Canadian fanners   will r<»ap    all
tbe benefit.     The  Waal Ington    protectionist press   announces that    the
high   protectioi lata ha      eei  itio
latlng the protests ol the U--
order to save ti en -    ■ • : oca furth-
er attack by tlie reciprocity revisionists."    Tbe Grangers have undertaken a systematli campaign, with   the
manufacturers   contribul
carry on      their   propaganda.      Th*
announcement adds   "A big
counsel from   Sew   York, is s
them,  wnb  the   knowlf
perlence   of an    expert     and every
move they    make ii cat
ed "
 -4- ••%• **■
a new- lumbei enterprise !-.
added to the many slreadj operating
in and around Cranbrook;,   The Whk
Lumber   company is ,i local
d wheh Alderman   Simon Taylor is
it which Uderman Simon Ta
Mt   w   a   Morton, secretary    Othei
local men associated therewith    are
V  Hyde    Baker,   -l     R    McNabta
• lames and Alex. Tayh r
The new company have secured
limits at Vahk. which will proud-
iteveral years i al Tbe mill mi : li
erv has been ordered, some ot
bos already been shipped, and the
mill should be In operation by Uw
middle ol July, with a cut ol 15,000
(i.t per diem
The new enterprise li In Ihe hands
• d thorough!)    practical men and Its
in cess is assured
Ills   LOHIWIUP    Mil      II 91II i.
The   session , f     Ibc   SIptTM ■
assizes onened ai Cranbrook, before
ins Lordship Mi Justice Murphy, on
Thursday, ihe 25th May, *o\,i con
jnded. aftei three days continuous
sitting*, about midnight "ti Satui
day, two actions being disponed "f
The action ol J 11 Parkin and
David Parkin against Benjamin Pal
met occupied the court on Thuradaj
and Prlday and the forenoon ol s.i
turday, the remaining time being tak
en up by the action of .1 II llil
ion against ihe WatUburg Lumbei
c< mpany. Limited. A hill reporl
of each caw follows,
Judgment given In fnvoi ol the
(.l,nni US' .! H Parkin arid Bavld
parkin In their sction agalnsl Ben
Jamln Palmei
This was an action broughl bv the
plalntlRs, Janus HerbeH Parkin ami
David Parkin, against Beolamln Pal
mcr, of Cranbrook, in which the
platnllfis sought a declaration anil
judgment ihat a partnerahlp subsist
.J between then   and    tbc defendant
.ii respect to lands and tuntei in tho
viclnit) of Cranbrook and that the
plaintiffs were entitled to a ball internal in all Uw propert) acquired on
bchall ol the partnership. M \
Macdonald and A B Macdonald appeared as counsel for Parkin Bi I
ers, tnc plaintiffs, and (• 11 Thornp
son and -tames O'Shea, ol Kelson,
appeared foi the defendant, Benjamin
Ml M A Macdonald, In opt
tbo <as,- (or the plaintifia, Parkin
■ rotbci i, re* lewed tbe lai I
gave an out line ol tbe plaint inV
».ist' I,, the court He stated that
both tin* plaintiSs ami tbc defendant,
prioi to 1906, lived In tho island of
Maaltoulia, Ontario, win re the
plaintiffs were engaged in the saw
milling and »asli and d<>oi t, -
and the defendant was engaged la
fanning They bad business relations with each other in tbe east
and in tbe fall of lUitti the defendant
Palmer proposed to the plaintiffs
that ibey should go out to British
Columbia, acquire timber and timber
lands, artd go into tbc milling business tbere in partnership, the plaintiffs to take cat their machinery as
their contribution to the business to-
-• ".. : With what money they were
able to invent, and the defendant
Maimer to make such cash Invest -
ments as he could in taking up Umber lands It was also acreed lie-
tween them, so the plaintiffs contended, that each should bold one-
ball ictfrest in whatever pi
they acquired and a half interest In
tbe profits and lostses of the milling
• • when eatabllsfaed. Pursuant
to this ariaiigement, tU- plaiiitifT J.
H I*arkir. and tbe defendant Pali
came to British Columbia in Janu-
:.-. "-", and acquired lots '." and
lb in block M>1, about three ami
one-ball miles   frt.m   Cranbro
j taker, up and applinl for In
ihe name tM   H   Parkin, and lot 1».
in tbe name ai the defendant P
Thej   both then   returned   I    Mani
toulin     and   shortly after ''*
Uff, -I   H   Parkin, came oul
tending to tbe surveying    oi
lands     The   defendanl Palmei
: »wed ■.'rf-ii  aftei    aith   bis family,
remaining  here   ever    since      The
plaintiff,   J   II   Parkin, returned   to
Manltoulis -.Ti September Mtb, Iffff .
ami made    preporattoni '
out tU-ir    machinery, but In
•'•queme ot various mishap-  and de
the)  did not arrive here with
their machinery until fins iprtni
: "»•    Correae^ooaenee, bowi ■
;, between    the parti-
•ins interval      Before tl* pis
Un Parkin brothers, arrived In B
lib i 'uunibl,  •r.f   defendant   P i
tt, wrote to   .!   II   Parkin al  M
toulla   stating     that bi
•bat be had invented n ti awnej
the enterprlas  than !«• had oi
tog bin. to transfer mi !"• ■
neurit) f«r eseeM paynaata    made
b)  Pain.* r    and Parkin ..*   •   ■
piled eipreesing trUlmgaj
lot   wa.s then   transferred
to tb.' defendant Pain.' I
ant now . on tended that lai   *■>    •»'■
tb ol its tranafei to Win tod i
:.     ,/tii/c   tlie right   «,f   l)H   I I
tn .fan in anv of the propertj ott
gtaally acquire*! Wbea IN Parkins
arrived at cranbrot.k la ttw ;
1909, both parties found ■ il
hadn't enough ui<ney to commence
operations and J, H Parkin worked
oat f"i a year at VattsJbarg, paytng
In Palmer, from his earnings there,
Ihe sum *( itoo oo, to be credited to
him on his contributions U) the partnership In tbe meantime. and
while the parkin brothers Vn :
in the east, the defendant Palmei
purchased from Hnrvej Houghland
.ill the timber on lot II and MSI
adjoining Hm- loan atreadj scqulred,
the plaintiffs claiming that this was
purcnaaed on bebait of the partnership Between ttn* months ol Ma]
and   \ii«iist,  P*Kl,      they  erected       I
s.iw mill, plat-inn it on tbe Hough-
land property, and weie icidv U
CommeSOe cutting operatbns when a
dispute arose r*viititn- tn the Parkin
i,i.inn p. withdrawing, clalmlni Uml
(Coiitlbuftd tn n«|t twin TUJ5   0BANBB00K   UJCBA1D
■il    in i
tliey Men1 oi'dcrpil nil Hie [iieniim's
In ilu- tlcfenilnnt. s, tiir negotiations (ur ii M'lilrini'iii in ihcir ilii
terenccs iiinl. place between tlicm,
llm ilcfcniluiil Palmer claiming, liow
mm, Ural In' was absolutely entitled
I,, all the lililll ami 1 im:,.! acirllil'cil
In them, the titles to widen weir
mra all iii Ins name, ami also claim
ing Ural lira Parkins were only en
inli'il ii, Un' v.ilni' ni iiii'ii maclitn
i'iy anil wiiatcvef llluney ami laboi
I hoy expended in connection with the
iv.,ik This action was linn lirmlghl
in establish the righl nl Ihe plain
I ills In a hall llllcresl in lols 15 ami
HI anil Ihe Umber on lol II anil
IMS I       The ilefenilanl I'nlinei'    pnlil
 il     the Mini    ol IMIIII im.
whicli in- nllcgiil was all Ural was
ilnr Ihe plaintiffs
I II I'arkln wns Ihe Iirsl wlliicss
i.illi'il, .ii<<i all the letters between
lira parlies were ii.nl In Hi Mm
iloiialu ami nli'il      Id' deposed    ili.11
in     Maiiiliiiilln. in     the fall ni I	
In',  aCllllg mi  lli'ilali ni  IlltnHfll        ami
Ills brother, as tliey were liolli equal
K Interested in tlicli milling business
in   M loiilin,    mnilc a nl ngrec
merit willi Palmer in go Info Lin
milling business m British t'tkitnhin
ami obtain timber lands there, each
I,, have a hall Inlcrcsl in ail Uie
liroperty acquired ami a ball inlcrcsl
in any profits ol losses. They came
to    ' 'lanlilmik togeHier in   100"     ami
na« .Mi .lohn Leask, who directed
lliem t, Ibe properti. niter whicli
Ibey weni .mi il with William Wesl
ns  «>r ami lin.illi took up In'.. 1.1
ami Hi, III,- follliel in llm name ol
llle iviin,".'. and the loiter in the
ii.inn' ni tlm ilefeiidnnf, makliif;    Ibc
purclrascs    im r I' I:   fi i II mi
pel arie Tlie ii ilni'ss ami Palmei
ilii-ti ii'iiinii'il in Mnnlloiiliii, iin'
fm in, i proi i-riliiii'i in lal.. down till',I
mill niarliiimn iin'ii- prcpnrniory ti
.hipping il west ami the ilefenilanl
gelling ready to move his Inmilj
liiii- In Vpril, I'm;, the delendniil
Palmer started lot British Columbia,
hui, meeting with an accident. coul:
nni. come, nnd tlm witness then enme
nut al, tig witli a sun nf (In- defend
ant. spending six moiitlis here look
ing afti-i lim siiii.i ni iin- properti
n ii.1- afteiwanls agreed Ural he
Hlionld In' allnwed JSIHI un for tins
trip Iin- defenilanf Palmer came
,,iit in June, 1007 nn Sepleinliei
2sili, 1111.7, the witness returned,
in i ,'iiim.i a inn 1. agreemenl
drawn up belween thetnselve eltlnp
mil Unit lliej    had   ncipiired cerlain
lands ami Unit each si Id inntiiliuli
,.n,' hall ni i!„- expenses m connee
lion tln-ii'Miili ami also one hall llu
cxpeilKcs in connection,with the opel
alion of llu- mill ami share t'i|iuilh
iii tin- proceed!,. These contribti
tn,ns. tlm witness slaled, were tn be
made up ol ma, hiiiet i. labor, and
wlrati'vci money each parly could af
ford I,, expend Tin' witness Hun
explained delays in gettltig.tlie maeh
iin'ii inn here mi nreonnl of tlie
boat mi which it was in im shipped
iiniii Maiotniiloi t<> tin- mainland he
ing liniiii'il. thus delaying lliem ovei
mil- year, ami a furtliei tlelnj ik-ciii
ring tin- following year <>u accoiim ol
tli,' witness being laken ill will) ii
phoid lint      He explained that      in
tin- spring nl  IflfKI In, I liis In,,tlm
annul in ■ ,.ml k. Hi  mnrlilncri
ia im- lilppeil ala-ail ni lliem, nnd nl
thai lime, after consultation with
llm ilii.-iiil.iiii. Ihey .1." nl.'il Uml till')
would defer actual cutting operations
ini a lime, tlm witness in the mean
1 ,,,,,■ working willi Hir WalUhiirg
IsiiiiImi coiiipnn) foi n period ol llih
ti.'ll   I His   ami   I'nulla.'   in   In       ll„
■I, 1,-inlaiit    I is   earnings   fn m   tlinl
' ns   ainoiinlihg I,, about Kim nn
lb, willii-ss initial explained thai in
May. PHii, lliej decided i„ gel rend)
i>, operate   Some .Iin, n linn      took
place as in forming a Joint      stock
r pany, Imt  this   did nol material
i.-i-      lly Allgjiist,  lllll), the mill wits
■ nli'inl ami tlie;  were rendj      in
nit Tim ivilimss explained ipiarrela
Hiai .mi.i between the ilefenilanl
Palmer's sous and bis bnilhei David.
Witness clai I Hint  ilu- defendant's
suns iiail nn rlghl in Interfere in the
management ni the business, lie
tnlked over these troubles wllh Un'
defendant Palmer am! Ihe defendant
then claimed that witness ami bis
brother bail no Inlcrcsl nl-nll in Ihc
land ami timber owned ami were only
entitled lo the vnlnc of tlicli mncliln
i-iy ami labor. Tb,', witness urged
ihat I nh     i.'ii over Im  1.1   in
i In- dcfcndai
ani Palmer recognized iinil admitted
Hiai lira plaintiffs bail an internal
mill him in tlm liniiii'i in ii|iii'stinii
iin deposed Ural mi March 7th, I III),
lis- ilefenilanl Palmer ennra to
mt him anil Mr. McKownn Willi a
view Iii soiling in litem tlicli output
after they commenced cutting c-pern
linns ami Mr. McKowau then asked
Palmer ii im would in i sell llm
standing timber in tlietti, as tliey
would prefer in buy outright. lie
replied, however, thai bf could nol
consider selling lliem Un' standing
limbec without consulting Ins partner, .1. II. Parkin.
Mi,    II.    A.     McKownn also gave
similar evidence ami slated Ural bulli
rlty fm oxeess   Pal	
[mi meats mudc by lion ami Ural be
bail im iiniii in 11.inn ii nhsolutelj
I'lm   iii'ii'ini.ini    Palmer    asked   him
ul   Parkin   cuiiie   lo bun
nboitl March il, HUH, tin' ilefendnnl
Introducing Parkin lo lilm as bis
pat't '.   Tliey discussed selling llicl
■■.'.I-.ii In- would take for bis lulciesl limiher lo tbe Sa-.li ami llun 'inn
ami In- stated tlml rather than hnvelpuny and an arrangement was made
.my  trouble or litigation Ihey would     Milium llarllell was the nexl wit
lain' m,    Tlie    ib'ii'ml.ini IhenJness.      lb-    deposed   Unit   Im   was
tin' witness trtuted, ordered In 11 working with Palmer and Parkin    ot
lite   premises      lb' staled    thai he Ungual uml, mill, ami for Ie	
considered   Ins Inlcrcsl   a greal deal i eleven dais  lief    llul.   ami   gave
 n than this   amount, ns the laud
and    Umber    Is now    verj valuable,
Inii,    rather (Jinn   have any trouble,
wns willing in lake IflflOO.IKI,
t ross examined   In   Mr, Thompson,
evidence as In (lie nature      < I    tbc
trouble   between    Hie plain tin David
Parkin ami   Un-   suns ni Uie del I
Mr   Macdonald   lltcn read and |i
il<< witness denied thai In- ever told in evidence   puiiions< of tlio exnmlnn
Ibe ilefendnnl Palmer, when Im nun ([on (or   discovery ni   Uie ilcfcndnal
ml here in 1001), Ural In- couldn'l keep palmer laken   before   lho   registrar,
i|i Ins agreemenl     t" eontrlliute mm Mr. Uaiter, beforo the trial, ami clos
bait and nlsn    denied Hint     nny ai L| nl0 pialntifls' case
igemenl    was   then mai
ended    by Hm   ilefendnnl,    tbat In
il Id simply be a partner wlib Pul
nni so far as cutting operations wen
'oncerned, without am interest      n
Lite limber and lands  pilrcil.       II
Us., denied tlml llm  >i earned In
lletijamln Palmar, Urn dcfciidnnl
was the first witness called fi i Un
itefcncc. Examined by Mr, Tliomp
.mi, Im slated thai Im did imt innki
inn arraagements willi Parkin be
inn- leaving Manltoiilln in rcgurd It
alii partnership witli    him
linn ni   Wntlsbltrg ami  paid by     Him i llm    plaintill  Parkin simply
to Uie defeiidnul was lo pay nil   an- along   with him   in see the country
personal Inilehleiliiess in Palmer, the nl,™   they came mil   here in       Hm
"iily .inn mi! (nr which Im was      in jspring nf 11)07.    lie explained       Un
denied being llm sum nl Mis n elrcuinstanccs under which tin' agree
an ..Id   aceounl Incurred in Manitou : h1 of Scptembor   28th, 11)07,   was
'ii' I signed, nilioilliug thai each wero   It
i   David Parkin was then called    ami |,nve   a   liall interest   In tbc timber
I.. Mi      Macdonald deposed thai  b .mil all properties acquired nn eonill
;wns nni present     in llm [all ol IllOtl i,,,,, ||,nl each   would contrlbuto one
when   Hm    arrangement     was made half Hm expenses,   the contributions
Mtli Palmer, being then in tlm liospi ;,, be either in   machinery u money
lal in Toronto, inn in the spring  il ||c staled,   however, thai llu- plain
1007, when Huy nl I Irom llrll nn   .1   ||. Parkin bad broken      iii--
ish Columbia, Im li.nl a conversation   agreement and, when 1 ante      mil
with Hm ilefenilanl in which Im    cs pore   along   willi   bis brother       in
plained Hm    agreemenl ti bint, witli March, Hum, admitted In him thai be
-iliiili In- was .attsimil,     lb-      came  , iii mil keep up bis payments    lb
.mi wiib liis brother in Hm spring ol also    explained that be obtained    a
1 '"ti. and did some work for Palmer, transfer nf lot  1.1 frooi Parkin      in
ilu- warn-, earned by him I g    left himself to secure him, stating    that
wilh Palmer In be credited en    Ibeli M Parkin   was in t able tn keep    up
contribution lo the pnrlaorship    The bis one-half   ni    lho expenses       lu
witness    also    detailed tbe troubles eonnrclion with   the parlnenthfp   he
Ural arose between hlmscll ami    Hm now  |mil tin- itglit In claim        llm
suns of the defendant on or      aluul nropcrlj absolutely as his own. Wn
tugusl ii, mill, claiming that   lliej nrss (uiiher staled Ural when       Un
were Interfering will I authority ii, plaintiffs   arrived   here    in   March,
tin- conduct nl lb,- business and   tbat   pun, Q new arrange nl was entered
ii wa. impossible n, mi nh nc   wllh „,!,,, whereby Hie plaintiffs were    to
Ircm. |„, allowed   lo   go Into   partnership
Cross examined by Mr, O'Shea,   i, • iviih bint so    far us the cutting op
denied thai be bad made up his mind  (.rations were concerned si Id       he
In quit anyway and only bit  lie.in i ,|ecill<' al any   lime lo clll the     tlm
Im and his brother wn- ordered    mi |„.,      n,- also staled dial he      had
Tlm premises in  tin- ilefendnnl        lie made    payments   on    tbe bitid ami
nduiMtod that    Hm day af.- Icning (rclglil on  the machinery, leaving llu
he   made    application al an eir.ploi plaintiff iu bis   debt, and linn .1. II
men I ngenej lor   nnolher jrb,      but |>arkin wcnl in    work al Wallsbnn.
claimed Ihat ne only Intended tn lake   , j,,,, money Into him to pay        a
ii n.   case they rouldn'l arrive .il   a personnl     Indcblcdness   and   having
-'"! nl nothing n. dn   wilh any pnrtner«hi|i
William Morden was then ealbsi l„ arraagement.
lesllfj on Hm iniestion as i.   whethet t.r0KM.Iam|lm| |,y Mr. Macdonald,
'" ""' ""' PlalatlUs wm in.'ii „p ||(, %Mti llm| ,„. wa, „„, ,, nraciroi
He premises In lb,- ilefendnnl      and  „lllhll.„, Mmm\,   „„ , ,„,. |,|„|„
deposed that at the fall tan -, . .,,- Ml hn|, ,.„„.,;,.„,,. ,n „,„, u,,,,   ||e
l"""k I" StPlnnner, I ,  ,• ,,„,,„,,   >u,lw|   „,,„ ih M8rch, luml,
''' nt had lold him that h,        had |,„rk|n „Rree.l   that II would      lake
trouble witl i Parkins nnd     mat        ,„   „„„„„.„,., .ralln«
'"■    "     '   ""'v '""■ i';'"' ■ "   and Hiai in-  Id null)   up   nis
in uld lint inlim hack tbili' nr rollliln
ball     lb- admitted Ural Im had       a
"*" fairly s I    knowledge ol tbe plain
Ural Im wouldn't ban- iImin ,,n     ibe   ,j|Is' in,iiioslaiiii's and was qncatlon-
fniy ii job   there    wllh him
plni i- .im more
w f Mtrldgr, ni Hm Snsli ami
Door Company, l.imiled, was Iheii
rolled In Hm plaintiffs lo slum tlm
in conversation wllh him tin- defend
cd as in the probability of any   Midi
suggestion    being   made by   Parkin.
wltrll liolli patties knew   their liluoii
.1.nni'. al   Uie    li  and  Ihat      llle)
wne        In.lb pressed lot
lended ihai Iii   lold   Parkin      nol
I" ship    lliFi 1.1111■ i ■■.   mil  unless be
prepaid   llm   in mill,   Inn   admitted
Urol Hired Im before, in a letter
tn him In-' i.in-. Ural he would pay
Hm Ircighl mi it when it arrived.
Witness admitted thai Ibe transfer
In him wns inily by way ni security,
lint claimed Ural Parkin did not
.'nine up wiili In- ngrectucul anil forfeited any rights Im had in It, Witness admitted tbat machinery was tn
be considered a contribution tu the
partnership. lie rented the engine
sent mil tn Urn Robinson McKcnzIc
Lumber coinpnnj for some time without consulting or advising llm plaintiffs,       lb- i'b il  Unit   Uie plllllltlH
,1. II Parkin wn Indebted In him in
the s'nii :.i -ii its in March, unci,
ami i1 nl lb,.) wcnl ovei bis nc
counts n : !■ , ngeeed ro Ibe
.inn nni nil' Hi a promised In pay ii
nil. Willi, . Hied, however, thai
ibis necnimt nni mil Inke Into con
nidernllon uinin i pi nl In I'arkln i"
M.iiiiiiinliii in liuiiling lim ninehlnery
ami iniicli.n.*'-   new  supplies, nor the
imiiilily „
l".'.|ll',"ll   I, |l""l !'!-   | :: Illl.lll.     f, ,.,.11.11
il"i[s,iir|l'ilii""i:.ii-iiilii!. eANIlfiOOK on I'"
Scientific JUtiericmt.
A liiiiHt-iMi'i'lv llluMrnt,"! wfkly.    Urttnl «'lr-
I'lit.i'i, •:;:■ i. yi-.it, i.tntnn" (Jti-jilaU.   >v\.\ by
MfiTCo,!'""'*™'' New York
Itruiioh otlli-o, iH4 K Ht„ \Vit«litiiMtuii, I) C.
(i'oiitiniii-tl i
imite Beveii)
{ |
X     Buikicr and
ft      Con Ira dor
♦ Cranbniok,  B.C. ♦
I,     si it   'I.I-. 1, :. nf  t'rnnhronk,
Inmliemmii, give nol lee Mini mi ili>'
!"»ili day of June, lllll, ut eleven
n'eloeli in Un' forenoon, l intend t.i
npiily in ilic Waler Commissioner nl
nis oil'u-it in Crnnhrook fur a license
i<> lake anil use one quarter of a
cubic fm i uf jvalt-r per second frum
a stream on Lol 15112, near Yalik
station, in the Cranbrook Water Dis
trlct. Tin1 waler is in in- taken
from tho stream soutli uf tlif nortli
line of Lol t of a suli division of
Lol ir>A3, nml is lu In- used on Lots
l .nni 8 < f a sub tl [vision iif Lol
1603, os bIiom ii on a pi.in prepared
by l- T. Laltllaw, H.C.L.S. ami tin I
ed nh July, 1 -Mi, fm ilomcsllc pur
13-SI Simon Taylor.
&*v *
WT T     T     A    D  H     I'll-   OUIUTKST   LIVING   -MAX   OP
Martin E. Johnson's 'TSllT TRAVELOGUES
Insist,,l l,y (is.\ JOHNSON   NativeSonin in Coatumo,
•• Wlllnnl i. iinlei'i] n viiiiiilnr."   Port,
"Jolinaon'a TravnloKtiei are in themselves the most niiirwli.nn nml Interesting ever seen in
lilts oily, mill troll worth while    He should lilt thu Ihontro ul every |»rforniaiice.     Nms.
Senls mi nnli- ui Qeoltie-Mnrpliy Co.1! Drnn Storo
25c., 35c„ 50c.
"1 wouldn't take a thousand
dollars foi the good VINOL has
done me. I was told that Cod Liver
(fij wns ih<j medicine I needed for
ins weakened condition and poor
blood, I could nut lake the greasy
mixture, ami when our druggist told
me thai VIXOLi ontaincd not only
i ron but all the medicinal properties ni (-I Liver oil without the
grease or oil or Lad taste, I made
tip uij mind that was (lu- medicine
for i;i«'. I tried it ami (u-day am
strong and will."
Mrs, i. T. Snyder,
(Jieriislioro, N. C
Wc fUSmnlM Hm-  ;: Ihr bell ut th*
ulum- Iwllmnulal,
We sell VINOL with the
understanding that if it does
not givr the purchaser perfect satisfaction, we return
his money without question.
Will you try a bottle un-
iloi these i onditions?
i:imiihhik niitin ,\ iiniii. tu
,. ® W l.J Li '-•) <•) Is) («) (S) t«l I") I" l" !• '"
;: East Kootenay      ;•;
Butcher Co. ■
" ..
I Villi. IH   III
Fresh nml Cureil
Poultry, Cliiinu  nml Fish 0
„                       ill  Si'llHOIl.    , *
® (!)
® ®
(.)       BIVK   lis   A   TRIAL g
I East Kootenay 1
1         Butcher Co. J
®  gj
%      The Old P. Wood's |
®            Business. ®
• ., •   .   •   •   ., ..   • i..|i) ® lj> is) i.)
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modurn equipped Cnfual motterato
Rates JLOOaml up per day
Oornei ol Howard St. ami Fronl Ave.
iinr bus meets nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J.C. Callahan, Mgr.
• — •
• 1 TAYLOR SAFE      *
^ 30 x 30 front ^
J Bight fi. r
S t'M.. »
New Season's
Just Arrived
Up-to-date   first - class
Paperhangers lo hang
I In*ni.
B.   H.   SHORT
The I'.iinlti and Oecorntor
Armstrong Ave.
I*. O. H»* 33 Phone in
NOT1CK is hereby Riven Hint
llm Annual General Meeting of
tin* Bhareholdere of
-vill  lie held in the oiHce of the
Coin puny, Movie, 11. t'., mi
it 1.30 p.m.. for ilu* purpose of
•ItM'JiitL' directors Tor tlio ensuing
it'llr ,'Hitl   tin*  tl.'llisiM'tinll  of siioli
itlier IjiisiiKWH iih may couio befon
Ihe meeting.
.1. I'. I'AKKKIJ^.
!-' Ii HiHiielary,
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A rcllnblu Pruncli regulntoi: never (alls, TIiobb
pills nre i-xcuifiiiiH-lv i.iavt-ihil in i i-i: n I at I nt; ihu
Ksuerntlvo portloa ol tlm lumnla BValtJin. Ki-lusu
nil die.iji (mil UloiiH.   Ur. -i,\ Vun'u arc Hol.l at
f.*f,-| IliiK, fir |tj„v In. Kill,     M,,i|i.,| |„ i.iiy ;|(|,|,,..S,
Tlit Buobiill Drag t:u„ at. {'ntlutrlnu* Out.
For null' in,  Ueatlo, Murphy A   Co.,
0]ipnftllG O.r.K. stnijnii
THE     PLACE     TO      OUT     A
llrn.],|ii;iiln-   I'm-  nil   kinds of
SnliaFnolloii Gntirtmtecil
Tli.. SI  S| inllst
Provenziino & Sacco
General  MerchantB
Enriplcyment Agents
CRAIMB;-OOK      -      B. C
P. 0. DOX 194 PHONE 7U
It  yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it   to
Kiietiitil (iricea im' family wmk.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Kooim witli Ballm.   'I'lioneln
'-, ,-n- rooia
Hm i- -i Shop on ih,1 |ireini.ss,
Thoionglilj up-to-date.
Rates, S2 01) a day and up.
GEO. I'   WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMKI.N, MaiiiiBiir
.■MISS—H mi.■ I I MM„.IM
ill Dl IHHI I'    .iv,l Al.l.v)
BiioMea trailers Llirougliout ilu* wort
tu .■uiiiniiinU'uif  iMrt'i'l  wiili   Huglieli
in uucli ulnifl ..i kooiIb    UtPldea boitifj
it coiiiplute cuuiuiuri'inl guide lu I.ihi-
■Ion uml   its  a u bur Its,  tliu  director)1
conlAiim lififof
ail It  tlie  ixHni-  lheyfllii|i, ami   the
Colonial  ai-'I   Kbieiyii  SlurkeW llioj
itnnngftl imtloi ili.> Porte towhtt'li they
-nil, mill Intlicattiiir ihe approximate
PR iVINt'1 \t. I'l: \|1K NOT1CK8
of lea.ling .Mmmf.ioiuretH, Merchpiits,
ete,,ln ilu' prinelpal provincial towna
uml Imlnatriul centrw ol the United
A copy uf tiie current edition will he
forwuided. frei^ln paid, oil receipt nf
Pofltal Order lot :'ii>..
Dealers neeklng Vgeuclea can advertise their trade cardu f->r ao*., or largre
advertUeritfiiHs from tlOa,
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
25 Ui.lwrJi l.:i:u', Lmiijun, B.C.
ri; \\iu:miK UNI) DISTRICT.
TAKE NOTION that Willicmlno
Moss, nf Cranbrook, it c, occupation
Spinster, Intend to apply for permis
sinii to purchase ilu- following ilea-
crlbcd lands:
Conitncnctng ui a post planted at
Hie southeast cornet <>f l.nt dkoi,
Clroup one, llieitee smith jn chains,
mure nr less, lo ilu* north boundary
if l.nt l.H.ii; thenco westerly along
saitl boundary soventcen (17) chains,
mure or less, In Ihe west hiitiiitlaij
of l.nt 8iii, thenco northerly along
saitl west boundary n distance of
twenty (Uii) chains, thenco east hov-
entccn (17) chains, more nr less, tn
ihe point nf cnmiiiein'eiiieitt, containing I hilt v five (85) acres, more nr
Willieminn Moss, Locator.
Per .1. Walsh, Agent.
Dated April Nil., 1911. Kilt
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may lie homes tea tied by
any person who Is the sole head ol a
family, nr any male over 18 years ol
age, to Hie extent uf onctpiarter
section uf hit) acres, inure or lea's.
Entry must he made personally nt
the local land otttco for thu district
ia which the land is situate. Entry
hy proxy may, however, he made nn
certain conditions hy the father,
mother, sun, daughter, brother oi
sister uf an iu tending homesteader.
The homesteader Is required to per
for, the conditions connected therewith under ono nr the following
(I). At least six months' residence
upon ami cultivation of the luml lit
each year fur three years,
(8). If the father (or mother, il
Uie father is deceased), nl the
homesteader resides upon a faun in
Ihe Vicinity of Hie land entered for,
the requirements as in residence may
he satisfied hy such person residing
with il,i- father nr mother,
(3). If Hit: settler has his permanent residence u\nm fin'ming land owned hy him iu the vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements us iu
residence may he satisfied hy residence Upon tho said laud.
Six months' nollee In writing
should he given tn the Commissioner of Dominion Lands nt Ottawa nf
intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights tony be
leased for a    period     nf twenty-one
years at an annual rental uf $|    per
acre-     Not more    tliau 2,570   notes
shall he leased to one individual    ot
company.    A royally   at the rate of
five cents per   ton shall ho collected
on the merchantable coal mind).
Deputy of the Minisler   of   the   Interior. 2»-26t
Doled March IRIh, Mil, i-H
L * —.!
w. p. auKb,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loiui on fuvornbla terms,
afUNHROOK.HKrnsii coMwnfi
Kvuiy cure nti.l comfort
A homo from homo
8| lul niifiiiii.il in citron of
Miili'inilv, Ifhoi lihiii
nn,I Pneumonia
Tonus moil lo
MRS. li. Hl.iNI. Matron.
i    I'll. Iloi I'l	
IlltS. KINtl & 0REEN,
Physicians ami Surgeons.
nlflr. tt lf.Kiil.se.,  Arm.trims  *»■*
Forenoons - - - - u.nii tu in .ihi
Aflerniniii, ■ ■ ■ 8,011 to   I.IHI
KvmiIiiks - ■ ■ ■ J.JO to   8.31)
,-iumliifs - - - - a.HII tu   4 .in
I'ltANIIKOOK   I     :l     11     11     H. O,
[)\i. F. li. MILES
» tu H sin.
1 tn s p.m.
7 tu  8 p.m.
liflnv in new iti-l.l Work
'KANHItOOK -        •        - II   C,
Cruiibrouk nml Fort Sti-.-le
* *
I    J. (i. CUM/VIINUS   t
I w"'nu'.'i«" Cranbrook, B.C. •
B.   C.   and   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
hi for Halcvon LITIIIA Ut I 111
Kim family use then* in nothing
bo wholesome ami go pure ai*
S /
Von Home Stnei   (oppo»lie   I'p|.i.ii
W. It. Ht'iitlr. tVunwil Dlnctgr
Crenliruok B.C.
Dr. II. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown nml Bridge Work
u specialty
Phono Nn. 2IK)    Armstrong Ave
Oranbrook, B.O.
I'leslilcnl    i. h Urn
HeersUiryi B. Macwis.i i,
I'm itil.Miiiiiiniii regnnliiin Ih,,,Ih , ,
uml   sgrtciiltiire   bji|»Ij   in lite
Bserelsry, Orantironli, ll. U
M inn
Rveryseroml \v,-,lii,-,.l,.i
AIw-iivh ili>' Ami QiwIltJ nh.I
(JUlct* S.ni.r llu-..,. ii. M. .,• i
Lunch, Upon Oar nml NlnliU
AM) CffEMtST.-Cfiargcs: flow,
silver, r,.|i|iti nml luml, $1 ciirh;
gold-silver, tl.SOj sllvor-lcnil, $LM|
gold-silver, with cn|i|ii'r or lead,
H.r,0; rlnc, J3; silvor-load-tlno, $:i.
Prices fur other metals on n|i|iiU'a-
tlon. P. o. Hiix fn, 1108, Net-
son, B. 0. II tl THE   OBANBKOOK    BJDTtALD
News of the District
Written by Bright (Correspondents
Dr. Martel's Female Pills!
(Special correspondence),
The pipe has arrived fnr the irrigation system nl tho Kootenay Itlvci
Land enui)iaiiv and It is being laid ns
rapltllv as possible.
Mrs.' A. 13. A mull and Mrs, Walter
Hiker were Waldo callers on Thursday,
We regret lo learn Ihnl Mrs. Waller Kflhoi'Lson, nf Waldo, is iplllc ill
wilh toiisllltls,
Tlie Hay lien Lake Warehouse company have a line supply td all kinds
ol hardware and hui Id Ing materials.
They have liuill » largo warehouse
ami own (wn acres ol lownslte land
If miii are in need of anything iu
their line they will in- glad in sup
ply you.
Mrs. I), W. Hurl and children were
Elkn visitors on Wednesday.
Mr, Alex. Simpson, the well known
storekeeper at the I toss Saskatoon
company's store, has gone Into part
itersliip with Mr. Williams, td Hay
lies Lake, tut the 1st id June and
thereafter .both memhors id the firm
will he on  hand In   attend to litis,-
Hess. A delivery wagon is soon to
he added and we hope (tie "Bayt.CS
Lake TTrading Co." will always
have a rush of business.
Dunn Bros, are busy building the
new club bouse. It is bring erected
under the supervision of Mr. E. II.
Arm It.
A large number of people from
llaynes ami Waldo went Into Klko tn
help celebrate on Uie 21th and had it
tint been fnr tlie disagreeable weather everyt ne would have had a splendid lime. The sports were all that
could be desired ami lu spitality was
locking nowltcre. Elkoltes know
how all right—if Ihey could only gel
nn the sunshiny side of the weather
Master Frank .Joule, of Gateway,
visited the homes ol Messrs. Tommy
ami Hart during Ihe week.
Our teacher, Miss Graham, is
training the children fir a concert tn
he givm at   the close i f school.
Mr. ('has Smith and sister, nf Toronto, were guests at tlie (irithtli-
Ailnlpli home nn Monday.
(Special correspondence)
The general meeting of tbe Itakei
Lumber ci in.iauy was held on Ma\
18th. The guests of the company
present in Waldo wire Mr. ami Mrs
Simon Taylor, Mr ami Mrs. Morton,
V. Hyde Baker, (i. Hoggarth, W.
Rollins, J, Ryan, li. Cory, C. K
Edwards, E. MolTal and H, supple
In tlie afternoon Mrs. Taylor ami
Mis Morion, together witli Mrs
Milue, Mrs. Robertson and Mrs Mc
Sab visited Baynes Lake, ami the
ladles expressed themselves as de
lighted with ibe beautiful scenerj
In the evening ibe company gave a
ball in the hall, \ large number
were |iresent from Waldo uml Baynes
uml everyone expressed themselves ,i>-
having bail a delightful tune The
party returned lo Cranbrook nexl
Re*   McLean will hold service     al
obi Waldo I.til nexl s laj evening
The Wardncr baseball club Jost the
money at Elko on Victoria day.
Tliey beat, the brewery town, hut
Michel were too much for them. Better luck next time, boys.
A bit; crowd went to Klko on the
81th. They all report a good time,
bnl a little cold tor outdoor sports.
Mr. Bowness ami a party nf [fiends
were in town Sunday from Cranbrook
in Mr. Bowness' all to.
Itudtilpb Hanson spent several days
ii Cranbrook last week.
Mr. Hurt Furlong was iu Craubrook
Friday on business.
Mr. I1. I tan i/. leff Saturday to
visit points on the praltle mi bitsi
Mr. i.evi Fern was unfortunate lo
meet with an nccltlonl riding a
young horse Thursday. In conao-
t|Uoneo nf wbieh be lias to t'p to the
Cranbrook  hospital for  repairs.
Mr. (len. Henderson, the bustling
manager of the R.ft.E.L.&P. com
pony, arrived hack from Fernie Saturday.
The gardens and ranches are putting on their best clothes around
here since the recent rains. Everything looks lovely, nml yon can fairly
hear the tilings growing. Come to
Wardncr and lake up a ranch, and
live a happy anil contented life,
Mr. .lohn Benton, fire warden iu
Oranbrook district, was a visitor in
town Saturday.
Mr. Kuie Small drove over in his
auto Sunday with a party and took
in   the hall game,
Mrs. It. .1. Peirson and little son
were Cranbrook visitors ou Monday
Bert Furlong and Kuhe Hanson
have severed their connection with
the C.N'.l'.I,. company anil left for
Spokane Monday.
Mr. Fenwick and a party of friends
drove to town Sunday lasl in Mr.
Fen wick's automobile.
Mr. Geo. Wilson and wife arrived
in town Monday.
F. W. Hamilton is leaving for Leth-
Mr. Sinclair, C.P.U. timber ranger,
paid Warduer a visit Monday.
Police Constable Adney left with a
prisoner for Nelson on Monday.
Dr. King, n[ Cranbrook, was in
town on Sunday on professional business.
Mrs. R, II. Brhart left for her old
home in the Stales on Monday.
Mrs. Otto Becker is reported to be
very sick.
Mr. Chapman, of Galloway, was in
town Saturday.
Come to Wardncr ami buy a ranch
\'n heller spot on find's green earth
"It will make you live l< ng."
lllll   RIVER I Al.l.S
(Special correspondence)
Douglas     Buer,     tlie c r It   barn
man. li taking a vacation foi .1 while
ami is enjoying tic balmy brw tea ol
the i reactm atmosphere
Mi Banc, Hie landlord of the
lung Kdwanl hotel al Wardncr, was
in ramp lasl Sunday, bringing with
him parties win wenl up !<» tho up
pfl ramps
lie I' Henderson, D s Gulntei
ami II 11 Henderson were numbered
with (lie • roWtl al Ci.intunok on
Victoria day, returning tbc following
dtlt, having    r1i|n\tHl   tllcll   vlsil      R.I
Ibe imii i It]
I'lesideni Henderson Is mi n bus!
ins', trip In tl"' Crows N'esl Pats
,n tins writing
Fishing Is iin' .spoil along the ill
\i IV   Hull  tttii ,    ami  in,mt   ale lieitiit
bagged     Robert Henderson shows up
Ibc   Imesl   rati it, bunging in a     len
ami tin iv qua r lei pound rlmi
(Special correspondence)
Mr Murphy, c.l-'lt. agent al
Michel, who has accepted tbc position
as ugcul al Wunlnci, was in town
last Wednesday, looking over the
Messrs. George and Harry Henderson ami (iiilnter left for Cranbrook
on Victoria day to lake in ihe
sports al that hustling burg.
Mr. McNclsh, government ... road
boss in Fernie district, was a welcome visitor to the road Rang last
Thursday. He had the cheques they
have licen waiting on so long.
Mr. steams, superintendent nt the
C N PL, company's big mill, wns In
Cranbrook Inst Thursday nn business.
Mr. Rant/ was in Cranbrook last
Friday on business.
Un Reiiwick, of the C.N.PI,,
company's ataR at Galloway, spent
Friday In town on business.
(Special correspondence)
Mr. and Mrs s Heap, ol Macleod,
were guests at Wasa hotel (he middle
'( last week Mr. Heap, who was
in the real estate business, was mak
ing a tour through the valley in
vestlgatlng investment chances
Mr and Mrs .1 It Burgess ami
Dr Wills, ol Canal Flats, were Wasa
visitors lasi week After a shotl
riilt to Cranbrook thej returned
home Sunday last
■latin's Turner company's represent
stive, c w Griffin, came QUI with a
party from Cranbrook Mav -lib Aa
usual Mr Griffin carried awaj a
large ordei foi groceries f, r the local
Ki urn i aitiy, chilly days, which
prevailed Ihe lasl couple ol weeks oi
more, tlie weather has changed to
nal summer, As this is tbe time
ill the year we mav expect a heavy
tourist liatTie. it is to Im- bi.pnl Hi.it
the warm wcalbct continues, Showing
ibc valley wiib its unexcelled ncen
ctv ami beaut) to best advantage.
Game Warden •' Hates came
through here Sunday on hli waj t..
Sheep creek.
Hi    K   A   Oplo, Who has been awav
some lime, returned home ihe    emi
of last   week       The iloi tor  said       11
was good io be back fn Wasa again
Mis     It     \    K Imp tOtl    ami     Miss
Pitts, oi    Windermere, were paasen
gen on     the   stage   fiom Craiibiotk
tin- beginning ol the week.
The Crows Nesl Pass l.timbci
oompany'l log drive In charge of A
l.alNiinl, has gone   down the Kot te-
,iv without    an accident or mishap
I any kind      The C.P It. drive will
iimmeuce in a short time. This
will Ite the largest drive ever   made
it   tin.' Kootenay and Is tn he      in
barge of A. MacFarland.
Extremely high water in the Kim-
tetiay this summer Is predicted and
may be expected If this warm
weather continues. There is more
snow in the mountains than has
been for years ut this time of tlie
season and it is rapidly swelling Ihe
Mr. Hanson made the statement
that work on his new Mock in
Cranbrook is progressing most satis
factorily. As tenants have been secured tor the entire building and are
anxious to move into their new
quarters, Ihe work will he pushed
right along.
W. S. Santo wenl to Cranbrook on
business Tuesday Inst.
Some time ago the suggestion was
made through your columns Ihat
an automobile  club be formed       in
Cranbrook, That is whal Cranbrook ought to have ami il is lo be
hoped ihat the suggestion is taken
up,      (ict together, Cranbrook auto-
mobilists, ami take the initiative
Let us have tho "Cranbrook Auto
Club" before tlie season is over.
(Special    correspondence)
The regular annual meeting <>[ the
Society Girl Mining Company, Limited, will br held in Tbe olTleo ol the
company here nexl Monday, June 5th
Tbe meeting wilt open at 1.80
o'clock      VII the shareholder!    have
Iiit tlflod, and il  is expected  tbat
a huge number rrom Ciaiibnok ami
oilier outside, points will be m attendance
W I*. While, former superintendent
at the si. Eugene mine, but now
travelling salesman for the Interstate Rubber Company or Spokane,
was in town Tuesday soliciting orders fnr his firm.
Fred Ege and Nicholas MaoKcnzie
have returned from tbc Molly Glb-
son mine, whore they were working.
Joseph McLaren will he the delegate fit in the Movie Miners' union
to the convention ol tlio Western
Federation of Miners, which meets
ibis year al Butte. The convention
ipens on M lay, July 17th.
Mrs. I.onier left Ibis week for Car-
mangay,   Alberta,    where   she  will
ake her homo Ibis summer. Her
son, Cluitlcs Messinger, is iu business
The annual meet ing of the Aurora
Mining nml Milling Company, I.imit-
■d, will he belli iu Moyle nn Friday,
lime .'liith.
Itev. .1. W. Miller, for the past
two years pastor or the Movie
Mothodlsl church, lefl Monday for
Alherni, on Vancouver Island, where
lie will be stationed for the nexl
year, lie will join bis wife at Victoria.
E. (J. Wynne was down to Spokane
liming the week.
Chas, Stagg is over from Gteeii-
wood for a few days to look after
bis several houses iu town.
Prom present indications the Dom-
niott day celebration in Movie this
year will just be a local affair, and
will be mostly for tbe children. At
a public meeting held Monday evening il was decided to use a portion
of the money left i ver from last
year's celebration to provide purses
for the children's sports The toi
lowing committee will be in charge:
Chas. A. Mac Kay, II Chapman.
James Roberts, John Taylor, Arthur
Pitman and Herb Jackson. After the
celebration it is proposed to turn
any money left over Into the treasury ol the tire brigade
Prescribed ami recommended i ■
men's ailments,    a scientll - a |j   ■
pared remedy of proven wortl      I  i
result   from     their use is <!<n-!   ai il
permanent.        For   sale at
stores. , lulli |*i
or tbe adaptation ol   crops to
and climate as follows:
1.—The soil is not ti  be cm
as    important     us are the    it ai it
conditions in seeding crops aitantable
io any given locality,
—Crop    adaptation Is
mailer .,[ selection ol acclimated va
rleties < r strains    or ol Ui
ics or strains which arc ca|
dap ting themselves to local ■ limatu
1.—Introduced    crops    n
from similar climates, ur vi i
Iv more severr    climatic ' nttdltilm<
if ibcv    are to ho expected ■■
immediate profitable results
1.—The    quality of anj
top may    sometimes    be imp
temporarily by the shock ol
ti  unfavorable climatic sui uundiugs,
but ibis cannot be ropeated fretpieut
ly without  serious deterioration    of
ibe yielding quality of the crop
—Experiments in   breed ii.
proved strains which arc particular!)
adapted   to local conditions, \,-,   the
hybridizing or cross breed in t ot   nc
limateil varieties or strains, arc yet
in the experimental stage, Imt are
giving promising results at -,, veral
state experimental stations
Mr. Scott: 1 would like In ask
what proportion of nitrogen Is drawn
from the atmosphere?
Professor Thatcher. Ever) ngrlcul
tura] plant Is made up of two neneral
inslittionts. ihe mineral mat let
which it derives from the soil anil the
organic mailer, wbieh is made up
chielly nf what is termed cryslalired
sunshine; thai is, moisture, sunshine
and air.     An ordinary faint crop   i
imposed of about 7 per ct-nl • I
mineral mallet—il varies limn 2 lo
20 per cent , ami tin average i
about 7 per cent, That 1 per eenl
constitutes ihc part of the plant and
tines from the soil."
mult) <>f 5300 to be
■i, years   fur   which
lie si M die at, i
The principal business at a recent
meeting ol the directors of the Kootenai Frail growers' union at Nelson, which lasted for over four hours,
wan tbe consideration ol the report
ol the secretarj regarding bis recent
Msn ii tbc prairies, and as to his
Inquiries into ihc market conditions
Mi Beeston stated thai the large
Increase In the population ol Calgary
ami Edmonton alone would be sufficient In sii|i|i|v a market fm the
present producl ol the ranchers ol
the Koolenays without the Bllghtcsl
difficulty;, while thr prosper!tj  ol the
prairies  was BUCh  tbat   llu-  people in
Mtteita ami Saskatchewan particular
ly were now demanding a fancy class
of fruit ami wen- pel fit i Iv willing to
pay fm it a< fancj prices    For   this
reason  be  was able  lo bold  nut In
tho growers hopes <f receiving higher
prices than previously for this sen-
son's crop "The Kootenays," he
said, "could produce fust the varieties ot tbc highest class ol fruit that
in demnml east ol ihe Rockies,!
while In-Ill   wholesalers and retailers
seemed to realise ibe romarhabte reputation that has been attained     by
fruit  from  this district.      The   cnit-
nmers, the retailers, ami the win le-
mlers," said Mr. Beeston, "all seemed to he particularly favorably      in
lined toward Koolenay strawberries
and to wish to obtain a larger supply than had hitherto been available.
The directors practically concluded
arrangements fnr marketing ibis season's crop and discussed the question of a warehouse in Nelson. In
all probability, an announcement In
this connection will be made within
the next few days, the secretary,
In the meantime advising shareholders In the unit n of the steps that
have been taken.
Summarizing bis address on the
adaptation of crops to soil and climate at the Dry Farming Congress in
Spokane, Professor H. W. Thatcher,
director ol the Stale Agricultural
Experiment slat Inn of Washington,
said". "In conclusion T may hrielly
summarize the results of careful
study and accurate experiments in
connect Un   wilh the general problem
Says Everybody   Can Have Beautiful
I am really ashamed of some ol
my girl friends when I look ai llieii
hair. There is no sense in havinjj
such looking heads. It simply shows
thai while Ihey may he scrupulous
ly neat iu every other way, Ihey
are  careless about  their hair.
Thin, scraggy, wispy hair general!)
Indicates dandruff, and dandruff Is
caused hy a germ. New bin's Herpi
eide will kill that germ anil keep the
scalp as clean ami healthy as can
be. This permits the hair to grow
naturally and luxuriantly, Thai
terrible Itching which goes with dan
drtitl slops wilh almost tbe firsl
Substitutes or remedies saitl to bc
"just as good" ate sometimes offei
ed, but il is better lo bin the
genuine u original germ killer, Sew
bro's llerpicide. There Is no guess
work about thai preparation. A
trial isn't necessary, uist buy a
bottle and use it, The results arc
sure lo  he better than you expect.
For sale at drug stores. One
dollar size bottles are guaranteed
Applications obtoined al the better
barber snaps. Send Itie iu postage
for sample and book lo The Herpi
eide Co , Dept, B , Detn it, Mich,
Beat tie -Murphy Co . Ltd., Special
All Canadian Govermnenl annuities
are payable for life no matter how
long tbe annuitant ma; live, but tie'
guaranteed annuity, ihat is an an
unity which lor a slightly Increased
payment is guaranteed lo bc paid I "
five, ten, fifteen or twenty years as
may he desired should the annuitant
die before the period ■ Honed had
expired, enables a purchaser i< pro
vide tor the conllngt \v ■ thai someone
may be dependent upon him at ihi
time Hie annul I) falls due, For ex
ample, n man seveiit) .'*> years ol
age recently purchased un Immediate
(18(11) ."M71
Will stiinil ni my ranch .it
Warduer, li C
Every Saturday. Sunday
and Monday
Ami nt Mr. Sound's, Bull
KiviT District,
Every Wednesday and
This lmrsr is wall broil
and built, with lota of power
nml  clenii   I     Weigh!
between 1(100 lb and 170011),
Mures bred Iiy Boason nr
insure foul nl owner's risk:
but evory enro «ill be exercised.
IT IS *|
.:, long as hi' lives   I Id :-   llv,    ,
 u. 1 d ... i    Tl
ni   other   words   liiiii     Uie
13,00(1 i»    guariiiiliTil   In l«.      paid
whether   he   lives nr     dies       Tin
f.2,1113 l.iiil   been    Invested   nl ii 1.1
ei ni, and  was yielding an  ineoi
18 ",\ bo itiai his Inconm i ■    imw
* »|
4 IIVIIII,     IVVII     Hiiiha       ^
< TO *
4 AND »
Before Banding your money •*■
* to outside   [joints, ami  run- *
* niiiR the risk of your onl i • ►
4 huit>g other than whnl you >
4 renlly w tin led, or being de. >
« la vi t'l on tit.- roud, When I >
•t- can supply yon >
* wilh ANYTHING iu the *
J line of *
« Music or „
« Musical Instruments >
. Mrsn   iii:.\i.i:i:, m:\i:
wwr iii'in i: *
* o n   ittw nnt nunurs in..   -Iir. ""••
'.llm,.! douhle Ihnl which he funnei-
I) i..c.i\i-.l I.ii, rnlnre lull) i-\
plaining llu annultlm cheine as ap
pllenhlc l> Imlh '...'.in. .mil nlil may
Is had Iii writini li S T Uustedo,
luurrinlendral   ol I'nniidinn llovern
nielli    \lilllllllrs,  lllM',1,1.   in        wli	
leilei ■ gn free of pi singe.
j II is worse lli.in useless Iii lake
any medicine Internally d.r niusculai
,.i chronic rheumatism. All thai     is
i sle.1 is a free, application i f t'liam-
berlnin's Mnlnient. For sale In all
dealers 15-tI
"in. you think I could keep       lho
i.If Irom Uie   d... r hy my singln ;?"
skeil ihe musical young man
"You could,"   replied Miss Caycn-
f, "ii the woll had any suit of    an
KOIl SAI.K.-Ili'i.iy Worthlngton
duplex .strain pump, -si/e li\2,v!, ia
good condition, price 55(100, .iN,.
saw mill machinery.—T. W. Leask,
Cranbrook. 10-31"
Mrsn   iii:ai,i:i:. m:u:
I'iwt iii'in i:
P.C. BOX !2I PHONES 301i, 33!
* linANBROOK,    B.C. »
,«i .r'-' 11   *.
**.**.**.* a,*.**.*.**
I'llONE ::iii I', u. UOX aw
rvvi'iity-livi* yoant' prut  ivnl fxporlniici1
livi.1 yi-:ti> iiif| ci tni nl iiiiiciinrc^.
I'lumbiiiu nml Bpvi kc Kvju'ii foi Swin  I
ilon—30,000 poi*nlatioii.
Everytliins In Tin nmlHicel fion ma.I.
i,» ,,1,1.-,
II,,t Air 1'iirnnces,    Iloi   Water and
sieiiiii lluilers
l'i lolon
Note the difference in these
two loaves of bread!
No. 1 was made from SEAL OF ALBERTA
the Faultless Flour   the flour  that makes perfect bread.
Tbere is a reason why it is better.
You have seen a boy chew wheat to make
"gum" out of it. That "gum" as lie call* it.
is tlie gluten of tlie wheat. On the quality of
the glutrii the bread depends. That "quality"
in the gluten is determined by soil and moi.ture
and Incality and other things. And we select
tlie best wheat from the best locality clean it
perfectly wash it mill it in a mill that is perfection itself then age it until it is just right, in
order to give you in perfect condition SEAL OF
ALBF.RTA. the Faultless Flour.
Ask your grocer about it.
Read next w.«k*i .nnouncem.nl.
"AT II HERE SlflCE l';0i/.'     (B
11 tf
WITH 1)5 Tilf»«lli.f,ilin
dBLE om vf.mrv
OVlrl CitflRV IT.
/INP (YltTldl'5 r!5
OUR IIL,.M-.:'..v', li
mttllbU) iiv PEOKLE OF
rOl'R MrtMilSlPPRESS      \)
wiitntoipn', intnflVOU
shoulp you HrivG riro
PINflMCIflL P.t 5IMF,SS in
(ttREBrlErtM I'OK MLE"
PlOirrtftGR? TO ISOti /ttTER
to PLBflseyou.
321 CsfflibU Street,
igiVtMvcoMver B.C.c:
ALEXANDER  LAIRD. J3e_-,eb»,. M.k.gES
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000 "~ REST, - 5",000,0fi0
I"very brtinch of The Canadian Bank of CooiBerc* i» e^'jipped to bwa drafts en
the principal cities in the foOowiog couotriei Wittiout delav :
Altfaa Cret« Cmv( S»»   /-• .   .
Amh'a Cuba Hohnrl Nfjmf
A'i;ffiliw Rrpublk IVnrr.»rk lurw.i I      .t .
Australia t-Opt India
A  itria-UHssgmry    Faroe IilarUi Irdani
bdiiun FinUnJ Italy
llr,i/il i ■ "      a 1*','*^
Itui^aria 1   -    - Ian
1.'c,Imi I .-    . v   ..   ■ i i
Chili *.'-' N - a
China Great Bnia;-. M-...j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The amount of these draft* it SUted in tbc money of the country where they are p ■)-
able | that is they are drawn In *■     . —   I   in -. mark*, lire, kronen, fir
tack, roubles, etc., as the . .»*« may be.   Thu en»ure> that tbe payee abroad v*
rctotve Uie actual amount Entcodad. 2
R. T.Brymner. Manager Cranbrook Branch
Panaina S>-:n Africa
I'rnia Spwir.
Fera Strain Settlemei
Fhsbpeia* lklaoin Sneim
I  <-..£,. S»itii'tanJ
R..uW»I«a 7 jrtr.
Serrj Uf*|
S-am Wnt IrJ.e*,    '
10  Lots.  Hluck 5:  %ila each.      Will Bell in  juiirs
| Cash, baliuice ■'•. B and '.» montiiB.
-  Lots,   Block  II:  $3M each.     Will 9.-11 in pair-
.', Cash, balance .1 (in't 1 montbi.
Ti are excellent investments,
t> ♦
A  Good   Home
I-, what is <lt*iir to i-vi-ry iiniii. A bom6
ih where Peaoe, Oomtort, OontoDtmeot,
and Plenty is found. Thai is tlif ruasoii
mm n tbronghoot BrtUah Columbia, when
"('riittlipn'V Ii menUonad think of tin*
provltloni Jos. lirault has mads f'-r so
Ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
*********************************** ►*♦♦«>•>♦♦♦♦
Special Sale of
$2.00 per Sack
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd. I
B> th. Hersld   Publishing Company,
K. J. Desur, Miuimiing bldltor.
Electric Restorer for Men
PhosDhonol i«lw« ev«vnerv;
r"     ^ y. it, pfop.t tcnsl
CIIANBKOUk', B.C., June I, Wil
In the bo.ll
  ,    .        ...    HI Te,t«t«,
ml vitality. Fr.u.,uifldoc.y anil allf.xu.l
led at out,.    PhoaphoBol will
man.   Price SB ■ box. o, two lot
iiy .tldreal. tr~  '  "" " "
Co., St. Cllutrin.a, Out,
Malie^t riaiiy addles,!'*u.Suob.llDroi
for snlo at Bcntlo, Murphy & I',
al linii'ls i,i elsewhere, win. Iran
some other usual iii.iiiiain.nl place o
I   (c).
Persons wlin take their meals
family liul loilgc 11 sleep else-
I   nil
ami other like persons whose period
of absence is    more  or Ires known,
should  In. enteral    with the family,
Ihnl Is     lu    say, nl   their habitual
home in place of abode
Willi regards i» those persons who
Tin-   Herald's    (Mention   Iras been [are nol  m lie enumerated. The rules
drawn lo a circular letter, issued   by   lalif down nre as follows:
some Individual    In Spokane,   which    (a),   ivisnus visiiiiiR a family,
contains a sreai ileal nl mlslnforinn i   (li).   Trunsiciil hoarders or lodgers
lion concerning Ihc    flnonclnl opera-
lions of tho Sniiiiiii.ii Army. Il     is
Irardly   necessary    lor us to    point
out   tlie absolute    falslly ol       Ihe
charges cojilalncd    in ibis scurrilous
slieel    Tlii- general piilillo Is now too
lully aware ol ihe absolute dlsln-J (d). Servants or other persons em-
Icrcsleilncss Hull characterizes ihe ployed in a family or working in
wink nl every member nl ihe Solvn ihe fiomo or mi tliu premises bid
Him Army, mine parllcularlj tlioso i„,i sleeping there,
occupying position ol trust, i< !»■ (o). Sludonts or childron living or
misled by ibe malicious lulse si.it,. boarding wllh a family in order i"
meiiis ul Ibis' Spokane vlllliei II attend sOliool or college Inn whose
lime and spare would permit ii home is olsowliere,
would be an easy, mailer i" refute if) Any person who was formerly
speciflcnllj ilu- vaiiius elrarges con in tlie family but has slnco become
laini'il in ibis circular letter, Inn  lo  die   Inmate    ..!    un   asylum,   alms
all those   who hove followed       the  hoiisei I ie for   tile ngod, rctormn-
nohlc work   ol lieiieral Itootli during  i0rj  or prison nr any oilier Instltu-
Ihc pasi few years any such vindica-  mm ,,( a similar kind.
Hon'would In. quite unnecessary.       |   (g).   Members nl a family who have
  been nway from home for twelve (12)
We notice an advertisement running months or more.
I w..uld also emphasize Ibe Inform-
.iiiuii     ihnl    has been given in your
in ,1m-   M, Mi nl,-   government organs,
intimating thai   Qualifying Kxnmlna
al it
for    third-class clerks, Junior paper nlrendy,    namely, thai (he In-
and stenographers, will be held
lain    points lhroiig.li ilu- prov
im ,    Monday,   ,luly   Sril    next
tt'hilsi nliiiosl every pilnl ol any importance lo   ilu- province is  ntlon
nl as a plare where these rxanilun
lions will be held, strange In relate
Cranbrook does nol ligure in llu- lisi
Why? l'erlia|is Mi Tin h t'aven will
formation gallieral by Hie enumerators is gathered solely lor census
purposes and thai such information
will in.i Or used in given li any person fm any other purpose.
Tin.  enumerators     and all officers
roll led wilh the census are sworn
in lu absolute secrecy.
V s truly,
T. M. Roberts,
Census Ci inmlssionor.
Tin- new sidewalk being pul ilowi
on Hie cast side uf Norbury avenue
is certainly an linprbvenicnl not     lo
be sneezed     nt.        llul     Ibe 1,11ml	
arises, has nut the time arrived when
Ibe eily could well make a stall mi
cement sidewalks? Towns nf no
greater size and wilh lu i ball the
liii.s|iiTts of Cranbrook arc now prne
ticall) exclusively pulling in cement
walks They arc lllllllllleillv inure
economical and add materially ti tbe
appearance ul the town lu Ihe
ease in question, il would have hint
particularly appropriate i" have
made a starl along modern Unci \i
une end nf ihe avenue is Uie hand
some llansnii buck hloek, anil a
lilnck nr two down is ibe new ell;
ball However, a slnrl lias been
made with a woollen sidewalk anil il   |,
would probably be ii lenlenl      t.. a
make any   chanties now, bin the
fathers would be well advised to
sider     peimaiieul  iiiiprnveinciit  when nnj|(
undertaking nnj     re    work
I nis line.
II. r   Whitney's deliglittiil musical
eonicily, II Isle  nf   Spice," which
ciiuies In Ihe Auditorium theatre
Saturday, .liiiie 3rd, is u dream ol
scintillating color that has never been
surpassed iii lie history ul i-lulim
ate slage sellings The piece Itself,
while il has nn interesting sinri to
tell, is lull uf music thai is calculated i,, tickle ihc ears, uml Hie Cornell s arc given ample iippnrsuuily to
disport themselves to the unbounded
tlelighl nl the audience There arc
un Ires than twenty snugs of Ihe
iniisi catchy variety, Unit will be
vvliislleil ami hummed mi the streets
riflci ihc engagement here. As
an example 11 modem sfane manage
iiicul tl is lull 11 nil kinds nf pleas
nni sui prises      This is particularly
Tlio ilislribiiti i Hie immigrants
by .provinces gives a good Idea of
their respective population growth:
Saskatchewan and Alberta isui a
little over hall a million Immigrants
during the decade, Ontario came
nexl with HKI.KOS; Manitoba got
300,023|; Quebec, 2r,K,siS; Brltlsli Columbia and Hie Yukon, INS,r>!l!i, and
the Maritime Provinces only 73,002.
Western Canada therefore got some
.din,(Hill nunc new settlers than eastern Camilla.
Eriiesl Barry has again been called
upon to ilcfeml bis title as champion
sen I lor o( Englnml, tlif cliallenge in
this Instance coming fioni New Sioa-
Iteccntl) tin- "Sporisinan" received
il-c following cable:
"Inform Hurry, Poigwell, Hit* champion of New Zealand, wants t. row
Harry on Hit* Thames nexl September
for tlir championship ol England ami
lakeB nf 62011 aside; Harry In allow
Pogwcll 65(1 as expenses, win oi
lost'. Reply Immediately.—Sonorlta,
Palmcrston North."
Communications were ai once opon-
tl wilb Harry, and bis chief support-
rs, Messrs. II. .1. HlaikstanY ami
\\\ Brown, with the result that
meeting was lipid at ibc Vesta
Mowing club, at which Barry attended, ami after only ten minutes'
discussion il was decided in cable an
acceptance in Kogwell at mice, and
ibc following cable wns despatched
Irom Putney:
"Seiiiuita, I'almcrslnii North: Bar
ry accepts 62011 aside. Allow 6511.
Thames, September.— Harry."
It is though) that iu all probability
the matcli will be rowed on Monday,
September 1", or Monday, September 21, as the tide on either nf those
days would allow nf (fie start being
made at three o'clnck in ibe after
m urn
Keg well, wlin rows at about list.,
competed recently in Ibe Panama!
la "Hundred," ami qualified fnr the
final, bui was unplaced, Early in
bis career bc was defeated by Arnst,
.mil .it'.am two years ago by Webb for
the New Zealand championship, but
recently defeated ibe Akaran man.
tural products, tliey regfel that it
tines mil go far enough in the matter
f reductions ul duty on farm Implements ami repairs. Tliey will also
declare their demand that Hie British
preference In- Increased in 'ill per cent
with an increase nf ."i per cent each
year for leu years, al the end nf
which time there shall le absolute
tree trade between (Ireal Britain ami
Canada. Tin years they consider
ample time for Canadian manufacturers io adapt their Industries' In the
conditions as proposed,
Tlie annual picnic 11 the Macleod
district of the Iniled Farmers ol
Alberta was postponed until -lime
21, and Mr. Borden will he invited tt
address tin- farmers present.
We are
Pushing Paint
Tlie painting season is at
liiiml nml we lire remly to
take eare of your requirements witli
[■' .1 Hemic, editor ul Ihe II
is leaving tomorrow il'iulavi fo
the cnasl, anil will he awai until Hi
end ul He mouth. During his ah
seine .Mr 1'retl Smith, former eililn
ul Ibe Movie I.eailet, Mill be
tulial chare,,- uf  Ibis  paper
The r,rauil lodge ,,f Alberta t f
ft A M opened at HanO mi Tuesday
wllh ovei une hundred detcpntes rrom
nil pails    nf ilie    provlnet
Maslei  I lop, nf Kdmnlitun, is pre
siding anil all nl ibe grand Indue ol
fleers arc in Ibeli respective
hie iu the work ill the chorus,
b is the youngest, pretties! and
best Binging and dancing group nf
young ladies entertaining the amuse
mem Inline public today. The comedians ate Stnnlc) Fetch, Bobbie
H, iilsie, Bernard ItiKKs. and wilh Ibe
able assistance nl tttosc clever artists
Mt I'elcb succeeds in keeping Ihe
ii alienee cunviilsed wilh laughter
whenever un lie stni;*'
Kur those tn   whom Ibe music clement appeals more   than the gl Ine
article ut comedy, will be funnd "The
firm lim, Man," "Peggy Brady,"
•■The Broomstick Wllchcs," "Uncle
Sam's Marines," "You and I,"
"Little Maid ul Nirohar," "Take Me
Clraild lliiiue," "How Can Inn Tell Till
You Try" and olhers, alt rendered in
a very capable and pleasing manner
There will be a matinee, as well as
ibe evening performance
The regular meeting <>t Selkirk Pre
cepti ry, No 1.1, lakes place nn
Munilat evenfhg next tu the Mason
Ic hall
Editor The Herald
Hear Sir      \s Hie Work  in culinee
llun  Willi  Ihe  Dominion census     fm
ion,   commences   today, l wish tu
| During Ibe past ten year* Canada
lias received nrarlj two niillinn im
migrants tit whom approximate!)
750,000 were from final Itui.iin.
and 700,000 were Irotn the United
states      Tbc   Immigration bulletin
request ilu* cordial
Die public general!)
Involved   upon ihe several enumcra
tuts.     I    WOUld      like In pat tl'iil.n It
draw attention io wtral might he
termed as the moat Important pan
of the census, tbnt is to say, who aro
ami who are not  tn be laken in     tin
Deration ol just Issued gives ihe actual figures
the duties up io ibc .end of the fiscal year.
Match il,- as 1,711,330 to! the de
rode suite then nearly 200,000
tin re have arrived! iiuiil.il uimtii
equal!) between   Hntisb and   jVmerl
1    Vccordlng io  occupation, about >•'•
census pel (<r,|< o! the   Immigrants arriving
Tbe    Instructions from (be depart- from the   United stairs are tinners
men! wllh regard to those wh gffil oi farm laborers   who  fur the most
to Im* laken, arc as follows: 'pari have settled in the prairie pro**
••Km the purpose of tin- census, the Inces     Thirty-eight .»'' cent of the
home of any person means the habit lota) ittimbei from across the      line
uai place ol abode, ibat is to   say, made entr> fci homesteads    in   tin*
where the perstui sleeps or dwells, west A boil I thirty per eenl of thf
where his fixed home Is."     In    each  British ami continental arrivals were
ease where members nf a family     oi farmers or farm laborers while twen*
household are temporarily absent ty-Ove per cent were classed as jrrn-
from their home nr usual place      of.eral lalmiris   and nearly   the    same
abode,     their     names    and    records percentage were classed as mechanics
should  be entered on ibe schedules, The   Indus   of  negroes has totalled
the facts concerning   ibem, being ob- only   a llltlc    over   four   hundred,
talned from their families or    other while    8,800     Hindus1   have   come
persons able io give ibc Information (if (be   British Immigrants, npprnxl-
Domestlc   servants win   live     with malely 580,000   have been      l-.nnl.sl'
u  familv   with     Whom they aw em and Welsh. 180,000 have been Scolch,
ployed, must he enumerated      where
tliey are found at service
li is not possible in lay down a
rule applicable tn evert case, tail
spnernll) a student ai college, a sail
or or iislii'imai, at BCft, a lumberman
in    tbe forest, a [commercial iravel
and iilni'.t 28,000 have been Irish
riir figures for ot he i nationalities
include Ihr [. Hawing:
\ustria llungarldns, 121*000; Hal
Ian, 63,417; Hebrew, 18,875; HustlR,
18,080; Swedes, 10340; Hermans,
21,IM;   Proneh,    lfi.23R. Norwegian,
lei   nit  the
mil, Inrpntes ••( hotels  11,708; Ryrlans,
Kpsniii, Knp , May tl—The Derby
slakes fnr 0,600 sovereigns for entire
colts ami (lilies, bailed in W08, over
about one mile autl a half, and was
won lie re today by .1 It .loci's Sun
star, by Stmdriilnc-Doris. 13 tn s
Lord Derby's Stediast, bj Chaucer
He sure, |ihi to K won second ami
('apt. P, Forrester's Royal Tender,
by Pcrmisson-Tendcr ami True, 25 to
1, was third and Pbryxus fourth.
The tiebi numbered 2fi, a record since
ibe thirty nf Hermit's Held in 1807
\lso rans includcil the Cauadian colt
Kd D'or.
When Mr It. I.. Borden, leader of
the Conservative party in tbe Dominion, COmeS west, be will be mel In
.in iiitMnt/tit In uie of farmers, who
will jilace before him a uuinbei ol
questions that wilt show tbat the
fanners nf Western Kauada are no
limber    Ibe tools     nf    any    political
Mr tbinlcn will In* asked t.i ev
plain win   it  is possible lor a       lull
guaranteeing the bonds of the C.N.II
for millions ut dollars to be allowed
in pass iin.iik'ji iin- Dominion parlla
men! without criticism, ami at the
same time bills, such as the reelpro
• iiy agreefneati the amemlinenis to
ihe itrnin act anil ihe new grain
bill, which arc of vital importance
to tbc fanners ..i Canada, are block
ed ai ever) opportunltj nml thereby
These and other questions m which
the farmers of Alberta are vital!)
Interested, stub as iin- conflervatlon
nl natural reaourees ami <ittH*i mai
lera, m addltl&n tn these contained
in the Ottawa platform, will In
placed before Mi   Borden ami be will
be tubed to stale bit position on Hie
different nueatli ns
He wilt in tasked lo give a direct
promise io support government ou
nership of terminal elevators, the
operation by the Hudson's ita\ tail
was by an iiidc|tetidfut commission,
a measure of relief to Western (arm
en in rexurd to the <hiii.it meat
question, ami that tlie amendments in
the railway act Im Ibc protection
of farmers whose cattle strO) on
the rallwa) tracks, unit the new
grain bill be allow-it! in go through
purllamenl ns quickly as tbe guarantee of the C Nit. bonds.
The course outlined above was derided on nt a district convention held
at Macleod this week, nt which seventy-live delegates wen- present, representing the furmeis of Southern
Mhcrlu (mm   Aldetsyile to the    in
(emotional boundary line, ami   from
Cow lev to Lcthhridgc
Mi Borden will also br informed
tbnt while ihe farmers nl Alberta
welcome ibe reciprocity agreement
now pending as ihe flrsl slip in Ibe
advance inwards ns Iprocal free
trade with tbc    (iiltcil states in IM
.MONK", till     IM'I.IKNCKS    HACK
in-: m:  ui:im diated
The Itegii.ii Leader s.ns editorially:
One by one the l't nservnlhe assmia-
liaus nf Saskatchewan arc being
whipped Into line ly the machine
managers iu the cast into repudiating Mr. !■'. W (i Hatillain ami bis
stand in (avor of reciprocity in the
Interests nf ihc people
The Conservative managers in ihc
cast sec a general elect inn slaring
tlieiu iu the face, autl thev are depending upon the manufacturers and
itber big) interests to till their money
■bests tn overflowing wilh flic sinews
if war fm Hie campaign They can
inly cnuiit on getting this money hy
delivering ibc goods, uml the rank
and tile of the party therefore musl
loe the mark
The common people nnd their best
interests, especially ihc lire, unspoken people ni ihe west, must he
thrown down, nml ihe whole Conservative parh enrolled under the
standard ol ihe classes and money
Whatever his faults, F. W. (i. Maintain in this reciprocity mutter stood
four-square in tie interests of the
common people nf Saskatchewan and
nf all Canada, lie is, therefore, a
marked man, and the high protectionists have seal forth their mandate
ihat he musl be repudiated, ami Iris
leadership in this province, act al
On Friday, May ifi, the Conservatives of Moose -law meekly bowed
ihe neck lo ihe yoke • i ihe corporation masters of their parly, ami
dealt F, IV, tl llaullaln a stab in
ilu- hack by declaring against the
policy he and his entire Conservative
i wing in the legislature hail approved.
The following day ihe Conservatives nf Ilcglnn, as represented hy the
executive of ibe pain association,
unanimously condemned Mr. Haul
Iain's policy, declaring ihat he had
endorsed a policy which efllild nnt be
of ant i.eneiii tn Western Canada,
and which would be detrimental to
the interests of Canada as a while
This was slab number two duet ted
ai F W (I. Haiiltaln, and once again
was evidence supplied to ihc corpora
tion interests as to what meek ami
willing loots il owns body and soul
in the Conservative  machine manag-
It is the Lest iiiiti must
economical paint you can
buy for your property,
Come iu unit It ok ut
color curds ami huve n
paint tn Ik with us.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware Merchants
CKAINBKOOK     ■     B. C.
In n recent interview Mr. Robert
Mciglten, president of the Lake ol
llu- Woods Milling company, said:
"Tlie prospects in Western Canada
for a bumper crop have never been
brighter than al present. Taking a
very conservative view nf tlie situation, unless weather coaditlcns
should cause a calamity to overtake
llle crop, iif are of file opinion thai
the increase over the preceding year
will lie fully 00,000,0011 lo 75,000,-
condil ions', it may go to 100,000,000
bushels. The increase in acreage
bpshels. The increase in acreage
under wheat is simply enormous."
.1. Iiiuiliip, Immigration officer al
Kingsgnte, hail a very nasty exper
ience the oilier night, lie was oi
ury runners, when, all ol a sudden,
duty, looking out lor possible bound
two bullets whizzed past his bead
Some miscreant bail attempted to
put him mil of business, happily unsuccessfully. Mr. Dtiiili p immediately affer this adventure, returned
lioine. secured his own gun anil pro
ceeded lo search for the individual
who bad attempted to shoot htm.
His search was unsuccessful
WANTED.—By a gentleman, a
small sitting room and bedroom or a
large bedroom in a well-kept house
with modern conveniences. Apply to
■1.,-x" Herald office. IMI
POR SALE.—Two female rougli-
coafetl Seoich Collie pups, three
months; sire Rlppotirani; dam (Hen
Tana Also Indian Runner duck
eggs for sale Price reasonable —
30th Century Poultry Farm, near
hospital. IS-lt
The Cranbrook city band will give
an open air concert at the band
stand on Sunday afternoon, .lime llh
at I p.m.
Judgment agalnsl   K   W  fi   Haul- !
tain lias been   rendered by the linan- j
clal magnates ol the east ami ibe order lor his execution has gone forth,
and    Uie  week-kneed Tory   machine
manager, tn   Moose .law and Regino
have acquiesced in the verdict and arc j
knifing thetr own leader in order    to
earn the support nl eastern gold. 	
Tin- machine managers mav le wil- i
ling to sacrifice  K  W  r,   llaullaln,     Stepping out    between Hie mis at
sin mil    the rank'and flic of     Ihe   Ihc first production ot    on,-of    Ins
Conservative  party ol Saskatchewan I Plays, Bernard Shaw said to the aud-
ntcckly .nni  weakly dewrl th.
man j leucc
who look his Bland lor lliem in favor I This
.1  fr.ei
nle and rcdti
Advertiser    wishes to rent a piano j'
for three months.      Applj lti\ C,
Herald office. W-Jl*
Kill!    SALE.—flab)    .
mosl new. tin.   Cosl Ull
Herald ..tine
ni, m,i,-
Wlin,     ilu you   think nf It
tartled everybody lor tin1 time
i being, bui presently u man    in    the
! pit assembled bis scattered whs and
'cried "Rotten!"     Shaw made        a
urtsey ami melted Ihe house      with
f bis     Irish    smiles.       "My
friend," he said, shrugging bis ilu ut-
tiers and   Indicating    Hie crowd    in
Ir«»t, "I unite agree with you,    but
whal aie we I wo against so many"
saves fuel also the hot hours spent in
lu-.ilinif the old fashioned iron
over a hot stove.
We will be pleased to place any article
we handle with you for
Phone us. or still better, call on us and
have these devices demonstrated.
Davis Bros. Electric Co. Ltd.
The Expert Electricians
Hnccosson, t»
Joseph Ryan
Windermere, 11 0,- 67^ mires, situated on
Columbia River, between Columbia and Windermere LakeB, in the must fertile and beautiful part of tlie Windermere country, Fee)
simple title, unencumbered. Prior water right
to 150 inches from Culilstreuui Creek. Large
portion mill-irrigated. Excellent dwelling
itottso und out oftTcea within hull' u mite of tlie
Fairiiiount hut Hiilplmr springs. Oldthl
orchard iu the Windermere. I'nliuiited trie
range, Kootnniiy Ooutral Ituilwuy. now under
construction, surveyed across two of the lots.
Nine head of louses anil 7fi liead of stock, witli
complete equipment nf farming implements,
&o, House well ruriiiulied. Will Ih. sold as u
going concern, fully equipped, for 128,000, one-
third cash nnd two aiiiumls at li per cent.
Without stock ami equipment, $-l!..r>l)l) Same
terms. ^^^^^
SANCA directly on the east shore of Kootenay Lake,
one of the most beautiful si I mil ion. in the
Kootenay count ry, ,'i2 acres of prime fruit
bind, close by .Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing, Pee simple title. A bargain at
$IIX) 00 an acre will sell at 1115.00,
40 ACRES of Prime Fruit Lands near Creston. Uncleared. Clearing, fencing, plowingaiidlaying
down in clover will cost about $'15.00 an acre,
Water right across it. Smne beaver meadow.
Tlie picked laud of the district. Apply for
price and terms to above.
Accident, Guarantee and
Life Insurance
Raworth Block,
Baker St..   Cranbrook.
I !
m am to cm out customers i*ch and eveit suturmt " special
1 Dozen Only
Black Sateen
with knife pleated Bounces.
Hood lustrous clotli. Made
to sell nt $1,511.
Saturday Special • $1.19
Ladies' Summer
Willi or without sleeves.
Pino even  thread.   Hood
vulue at 15e.
Saturday, Clearing at
3 lor 25c.
A White Underskirt Special, 99c.
Willi dust frill and trimmed with good embroidery.
Special, Saturday Only, 99c
A Better Skirt
Xieely trimmed witli embroidery :  a   really   good
skirl.   Our regular vulue.
To Clear Saturday
Only 11.39
A Really Good Vest
at 14c.
Nicely trimmed witli lace
and  good  sizes.    Mercer-
i/i-.l tiiiish.   f i.m.I value at
Saturday Only 14c.
!l Dozen Only
Fine Embroidered
Lawn Shirt Waists
II 'uuiifiilly   triiiim,,1  mid
splendid vnlneiil $1 26.
A Hot Weather Special, 85c.
I Inly 5" pairs of those "PAST BLACK" MUSI- I, ft
Wllll.l: Till V I. AS I, lot. Pair
We Are Not Two Faced
Bui there are two sides lo our Flour
and Feed business.
Quality and Prices
Where your dollar goes the furthest
Warehouse ou O, I', tt. Irnoka,   f llllce ou Van Home SI.
PHONG f,:t
Q. B. McCALLUM        -        •       Manager THE   CBANBBOOK   HERALD
*************** *************
Does Quality Count With you ?
We carry the
Wyvern Hammocks
recognized as the
Then Ihe prices are right from $2.25  to  the
Couch Hammock at $18.50.
. Come in and see them
The Beattie-Murphy Co.,
The Prescription Druggists
Cranbrook, British Columbia
is the best watch for tlie motorist
for the same reason that makes it
the preferred watch ou all the
great Railroad Systems. It keeps
accurate time iu spite of the
vibration aiul jar frum moving
machinery ami fast traveling.
" If iTimtYouOwntd a U a/tftam"
We have * rnmpleta itockofWtJ:
(turn Wttchttt in .1!! itradt^ it -.1
Hitri. t'linie 11 ,. 1 ulk witli ui
,1' wider ami Uptli
Folding, rubbci nml go carta,
$1.75.—V  r s
K Paterson has returned rrom hia
1 rip i-nsi
Home maili' 1.1111U 2o, un tl Su-
ttirtliiy otilj —Tin' I'.ilin
Il Hunt ramr in Irom Wardncr
this attemooTi mi a bnslm m trip
Folding, t'iiitu' 'ii..1 ..t< carts,
11,76.—I'   r  s
I. 1. Morrow. piirehaxtn i iH
tut Rurns and -Ionian, came In Irom
Wardnci (hia afternoon
Hontacrrnt lime juice and IMalker's
grape jiii'i —Ward ami Tlairls
Customa '"Hi. n..ii, foi the month
nl Mn amounted lu 151 IS 15. In
land revenue collection* toi the same
period totalled (1177 Ifl
(mi    lee ■ ream parloi  will be ■ ihii
ull tin;    M lai -Utile   ami   Uchi
John Held wa - arouml tow n this
morning, having returned home with
Ins bfride last night, receiving the
heart) congratulation!   ol bin   manj
ItofBr brand re id llcloiw
Iragranl drlnl » amptn II and Man
s.i ni li* t go ..ui htu the attract Ut
,,i..|i. arancc ol tht Wagm t — V '' S
Rci \\ i Mrtfhiarrle ia expected
i.i arrive Irom Kunhatrhrwan In tlmr
111   l.lkr   till'       v.nt-.      .,t    th.    I'ti    lit
lai tat. i linn li im Hundaj In ihe
■banter ol Ken  t' 0  Mam
Clel Ihe hnbll ol ealini thai re
Ircahing Man Iwi ml In en am these
rarm darn We havr it I.ml. nnd
Il rnti ore Inten ■'•■•I In t ah) ' mn
dot lui, a Wognci i.m —V V s
Hra I: <• •'- nedit i accompanied
in Ihi tiiiitini Mri March, will be
leaving i"i Spokane mi Raturdaj on
a (wo wpeta ttall <•• hei brother,
\h   p  M  Marrh
Koldlng, mill., i m..I go carta,
Si 76.—0   r  ^
I ipwauls ol one hundred and thirty-
live fret* miners' licenses Jiuvi* been
issued by the Fort Steele district
mining recorder up to last evening.
HtU tlie final    returns    from Pernio,
j Furt Steele uml Moyle have yet to
come in.
The celebrated Florence blue Ilium*
t i] stove docs your cooking without
Itt-atiug up your kiU-heu. Ilrst in
ibc land, at Patmore Bros.
Wagner collapsable go carts are the
cheapest and most durabb* carls on
the market.—C. r. s.
Tin* funeral of the late Mrs. (i.
II. Turner, ol Movie, who bad been
un inmate of St. Kugene hospital tor
several mouths past, look plan*
Mils morning, Rev. Iv IV Flewelllng
! Folding, riibber-ltrcd go carts,
$1.75.—(J. ('. S.
Ernest II. Artititt and I.. W,
Sprunge canu* in from Baynes Lake
today. Mr. Arnott says everything
is progressing satisfactorily out at
Baynes Lake, New arrivals are
coming in almost daily and every
lmiiy is working haul, apparently
well satisfied with the iiitlook.
lust arrived—Another shipment ol
i.tiwnty's chocolates.—The Palm.
■    Thos. Conk, clerk in the CrarftfrooH
, Drug and Honk company's sion*, left
f<>r Qrand Forks this afternoon, lie
received telegraphic advice last nlghl
,1)1 tbe serious illness nf his father,
Who is    customs   officer at       thai
I point.
j Folding, rubber-tired go carta,
$1.75.—C. tv S
I Messrs, McCreary ami McCullougfi
have storied in business En town as
painters and decorators. They are
bnib competent workmen ami guar
antee satisfaction in all work en
trusted in litem.     Their office    fm
j the present is located at the Went
worth hotel
i   Oranges, lemons,   apples and bnna
' naa —Ward and Harris
! Whilst no definite plans for the
local celebration ol  Coronation Day,
I June Mod ,    have at   vet   been an
[nouneed, II is understood tbat tin*
baseball rluh are organizing a toum
anient in which several mil side
teams will compete
|   Folding,    rubbei tlml    go    carts,
! $1.75.—V  V  s
I \i a meeting ol the directors nl
the Kootena) Telephone Lines, i.itl.
held this week, ilu- following add!
initial directors were elected: Messrs
\ifli IriMi ami It it Benedict
Try one «>f those long, cool, re
[reading drinks uf Hatelwoott butter
milk al- Little and Atchison's
M     li    him; left fm High River,
j Aha , yesterda) lie goes itn to
Calgarj tomorrow, where he will in*
CtdlirulwtflouralMkll will convince
vmi Ihnl f/ou can sol u high clou urUela
rlgltt hen in Cranbrook nt u reuonablo
Jewelers nnd   Opticians
U. I*. I;. Watch Liupectortj
a year in tho loading
which    he will go In
final course in whale1,
decides   in adopt,
departure Irom Oranli
resilience of seven y
widely regretted and li
will wish him an imiJi
the old country and ,i
Pophanl's and   Neil.
always fresh al Little
Wagner go carts.—t'
Work t ii the new cil
delayed hy the non an
loffpllals, alter
\ M'liiia fi r a
i speciality he
Dr Connolly's
Dtik, aftei u
ars, will be
s many fiiemls
stay in
return to
hall has been
ml ol pressed
acquaintances m town today
was in attendance at the recent convention nf ihe Knights of Columbus
in Nelson, and being so near to bis
nid home could nni resist the temptation tn run over lo Cranbrook
Father Cholnel is looking well and
speaks liiuihly of his new field nf
labor, lie is located at Greenwood
and has charge nf all the surrcjndlnpj
town's ami mining camps. He returns to Greenwor-d tomorrow.
Popham's Salome chocolates,—The
Folding, rubber-tired nn carts,
Jl.75.-C. ('. S.
Columbia, riding Conservatives hnvn
organized a central association, with
the following officers: President, A.
M. Chisholm, Windermere;,,vice-president,' .1. I). McLollnh, .1.1*., Field;
J, Anderson, Golden; F. Richardson,
Athalnier; secretary-treasurer, I), It.
Rolston, Golden; executive, Messrs.
Sieves, Rogers Pass; 0, Mason,
Field, l>. Bowes, Golden; T. R. Had
don, McMurdo; C. Andrews, Beard
Creek; H. G. Low, Galena; S. R.
Harrison, Rrlsco; T B. Barry, Ath
aimer; .1. M. McLcod, Wilmer, -I. C.
.Pills, Windermere.
Folding, riihber-tlrcd go carls,
14.76.—C. C s
An Ottawa despatch says: Dr. .1.
fi. Rutherford, Dominion live stock
commissioner ami veterinary director-
general id Canada, one <f ibe mosh
valued officials of the Dominion government, has tenth red his resignation
to the minister ol agriculture, and
intends In go in British Columbia tn
reside. His resignation lias not yet
heen accepted, and it is still hoped
that he may he prevailed upon to
continue in ihe otlice In which lie
has done Invaluable work during Die
last five years.
One new Canadian Swenson's
■.nunping machine, with complete
[Hitfit ready fnr work. Fnr sale at
i bargain.—Cranbrook Trading Co.
Five lives were lost, several pcr-
.mis weie severe!) Injured and prop-
■ny to the value ol •'25,00.* was destroyed in a tin- that iu less than
two hours complete!)   wiped out   Ibe
iin business block, Including two
hotels, at Sllverton earlj Tuesday
morning     Tim dead are Robert Mc-
aggart, Robert Falrgrlcve, F. L
Fttlrgrievc and two FinlandersI whoso
named are unknt wn, [rum Phoenix,
and the injured, man\ nf whom are
in the hospital, include citizens ol
Sllverton  aad    guests at the milled
Folding, rubber-tired go carts.
$4,76.—C   C  S
week wei
brick. Contractoi Leask 1ms had
the brick mi unlet In I some tune
and  has telegraphed   to  have        same
rushed forward as speedily as possible. As a inaitii nt faci there
will Is1' im real dctnj in the work
Contractor Leask has a lame stall
of skilled bricklayers employed nn
die Hanson block, who mil he
switched over in tiie city hall immediately tin* brick ai mis
Lettuce, onions ami cabbage.—Ward
and Harris
Warner k<' "'arts — ['   r   s
The   Tennis club dame nn Tuesday
evening iu ihe    Masonic hall proved
quite the    most enjoyable nilair    nf
jmiied by bis     father, Senator   KlitiA.
. \ an-
ami the) will proceed Uiene
Folding, rubbci Uml go carts,
II 75.—V  C  s
r  ll    Holmes, supcrtntendenl    nl
plant, lot  tlie     h T I. , Lid .  led  un
Tuesday im Elko, whffi   hr mil, sup
eitntind miisitiK linn of ,ni additional
I telephone line to Baynes Lake
New green beam, peoa, cucumbera,
asparagus ami lettuce, fresh everj
day.—Campbell ami Manning,
| line nl lie latest additions In Ibe
city's rapiilh swelling ranks uf mo
1 lor ears, is i Ih- very handsome, up
i met was in lo interview Mr .1 F
C II Pollen
Ret      Faiher   ('hoincl   is renewing
nni , f town visitors this
i ,i \ Tormey and F W.
if Baynes Lake. Mr, Tor
iin'i was in to Interview Mr .1 V
trmstrong re certain water rights.
Mr Adolph was also in on private
[business To a Herald represcnta-
live Mr. Adolph spoke verj hopefully
nf the outlook nl Bavnes Lake The
I new settlers are working away mosl
iiulnstiinush  and with every evidemr
j of a determination to stick by their
, land ami make good The little
town is building up apace, new firms
being established and everything pro
grossing along extremely satisfactory
lines The KootcflO) X'allev Laud
lompanv are doing an immense
amount nl developmenl work, in the
uat nf Installing irrigation plant ami
WWWWWWWWW V ▼▼ •/" ffff WWW W
'Hui..- I,tvii,| m. for light
•piiiiK «.iiiin. fur ,1.11...I
imlity |,ui|H,i,.,lu,iil,l an t|,e
I,an,I.mi,r v.-liii-l.» iu our
Tltev h»ii. iii.iiv iHilnt. of
ailp«rforil» over tke oliloralyle
wiiitnii.. Th.jr art nlilht* in
»»i» w.y ; inula of w.||
•aaannftl wihhI ; atrntiiil.
Iron.,1. Wheala ara of kcuiiiI
iroatlt hickory.
Thia ia a Ana all armiiiil
*»on for ih. Iiu.inr.a nan
<>' larmar. Mi Uii|lillii maka.
The Cranbrook Trading-Co., Ltd.
_        ORANBROOK * BO
Iclearing land        Mr   Adolph believ
Dial  Ibe English settlers can      and
. will make good, despite (be inevltablh
dlhlcullles    confronting new comers,
| inexperienced m the ways nf the
|   Regular   shlpmeni  of fresh straw
. berries ever) day, choice fruit —
Campbell ami Manning.
) .1. k. Dickson, formerly local manager lor P. Burns and Co., left this
morning to take up Ins new position
as manager of the U-thbridge
branch His departure is greatly
I regretted   by bis former business as
[socintes, and as a   mark td their es-
itcem, the staff of IV Burns and Co.
last evening made a presentation   to
.Mr. Dickson, consisting of a wnteh
fob and locket Mi .1. Duffy, of
Macleod, who is io succeed Mr. Hick
sun in ihe locnl management, is expected to arrive, here on Saturday.
} Choice cherries, cucumlters and
berries—Ward and Harris.
I   Wagner go carts.—V. C  s
I |)r Iv W. t't nnnlly, who has disposed of bis prnettee lu this city,
will be leaving shortly for u lew
days visit to Rosslnml Reluming
I hence he will remain a few days in
town before leaving [. r l.< ndon,
Finlljnd, where lie pi opuses spendiiif.
ii many
I'fle     ail
uile garb
n a truly
it- latter nail
idhcred to by
several     bad
selves according
II present llior-
nl   the Jolliesl
brook. There
and some ol
iv really ox-
nncensus    of
ladies     ens-
It, T. Biym-
tbe kind held in r
a long day. The
supposed to appca
and to despoil then
youthful manner.
of the programme wa
all present, althougli
tailed tn garb theiiu
to rule. Howev
i-uglily enjoyed une
dances ever held in fi
was a large attendanci
the juvenile costumes
cellent. By general
opinion, first prize f.
limit' was voted lo Mr:
iter, and umoiig the gentlemen, honors were evenly divided between Mr.
\V. F. Gurd nnd Mr. Geo |[. Thompson,      Tbe thanks nf the elub are due
the committee of ladies, which
had charge of i be arrangements, The
ladies in ibis committee included
Me.sdantes Brymnei, Benedict, Gurd,
Kricksun and Miss Patterson,
•lust unpacking) another case nl
while and gold Limoges china —
Campbell ami Manning
Wagner go carls— C. l\ s.
Tlie special meeting of the city
council on Tuesday evening did not
result in the transaction nf any business. Il was called to deal witli
tho arrangements lor a start on the
sewerage system, as a result of the
passing of ilu* bylaw, authorizing Hie
limn of $100,00(1 I'm that purpose
it developed in course ol general dis-
lon, ilia! the plans prepared by
the Oalt Engineering compan) were
imt sufficiently in detail for contractus' to bid upon. Tbe discussion
nlai led considerable talk, pro and
eon, as to dm in-, the work bv day
labor. Nn definite action was decided upon, ihe matter to come up
again at the regular meeting next
Momlay afternoon. lohn -I. Wood,
f Fernie, a contractor, was present
t ihe meeting Hi- briefly stated
that he intended tendering on the
sewerage work, if given an opportun-
ami hail come to (own in learn
when tenders would be called fnr and
i examine Hie plans.
Try one ol those long, cool, refreshing drinks ol lla/elwnml btiller-
lilk at Little and Atchison's.
Warner go carts.—C, c   s
Bookkeeper ami stenographer de-
ires position. Married. First class
references. Rxpei ieiicd iu lumbering
and mining work. No. 8, Herald office, rt-'tt*
Wagner collapsable go carts are the
beapesl and most durable carts nn
the market.—V  V S.
TO RKNT-Large basement,'cool
and dry, Apply Box 2, Herald id
Constable Adnc)
prisoner he n
Nelson on Monda)
Italian named I
through a car win
er canyon and ilisi
.  nl   Wardner,  lost
as taking down to
Tit* man,      an
Madura, jumped
ilow near Goat riv-
ippeared.    Madura.
who was sentenced to thlrt) dais In
the Nelson jail by T Gafiney, .1 p
of Wardner, on a charge of being
drunk and disorderly expressed a de-
:ire to work out ibis sentence at
'ranhrook Instead ol al Nelson and
the man showed ., verj strong dislike
going to Nelson al all, All went
well when the constable started
wit)- his prlsonei rrom Wardner nil
Uie westbound passenger train ream
ed a crooked em aboul a quarter ol
mile from Goal river bridge At
in!  Vtlney's alien
this   pariitiil.ii
tion was lempm
another    direct it
who     bud been
sleeping wild lus head res
band suddenlj disappeared
iiy attracted in
ami ins prisoner
ILltttg    apparent!)
It   bis
f the
window. The constable grabbed foi
bis man tut tlie Italian was mil ol
the window in a twinkling Of an eye
and felt with terrific (one mi the
hard clay bottom of ibe railway cat
The Italian after falling la) on bis
hack witli outstretched arms and bail
all the appearand- of one dead Con
table AdiH". had tbe train stopped
al once and went back on the track
to look for bis man.    He found only
package of cigarettes, the man bad
gone. Tbe imprint of the man's
head in tbe haul flay could he plain
ly seen
Get tbe habit nf Dating that re
freshing Haxelwtoil Ice cream these
warm days We have il —Little and
Wagner go carls —vr$
WANTKB-Bm wilh a pony In
herd a huiub if cowl Apply W .1
Atetiixuii 13-31
Tbe sudden change from cold to
HUT, snggeatB the necessity of a
REFRltfJSRATOR to keep your
table delicaoles in the Lest of con*
ditioii. It is ii wise economy tu
get it u'ixjiI one,
is tin- most sanitary UKKItKi Kit-
AT( »l( niaki-. Come in and let us
■how you WHY.
One New Canadian Swenson's
Stumping: Machine, with complete
outfit ready for work. For sale at
a bargain.—Cranbrook Trading
The Empire Electric company, m
which Maurice Qunin is general man
ager, and D. L Davis, general superintendent, has opened for business
in premises on Norbury avenue, next
door lo Messrs, Ward and Harris'
grocery store. Both (Jualn and Davis are too well known locally in
need any introduction. They have
been in tlie same business in ibis
city for many years and Ibeli skill
is known to all. Everything in He
electrical line will henceforth lie
obtainable al Hie Empire Electric
company's store. .lust at this sea
snn Maunder Quoin calls attentiontto
ti line of Roods they nre carrying
peculiarly suitable for Rifts. At this
season td the year tbe selection of
suitable Rifts often assumes verj
perplexing difficulties nml Mr. (Jtiatii
opines that bis present slock provides a means whereby a ready
choice nf appropriate and useful gifts
may Im* made, For instance: Electric beating appliances, Including Hat
irons, toasters, ebaliiiR dishes, radiators, table lamps, and small power
motors lor every class of service
They are no longer luxuries, as because tf their absolute safety, cleanliness uml very reasonable cost n(
operation they are every way so far
superior to former appliances that
the first cosl is soon InrRnttm iu Hie
the reliability     nf   their   operation
Tl Icctric     flat   Iron,   saves   tbe
housewife the hot, weart drudgerj
of in niiiR wilh ihe clumsy stove-
heated sad iron. With the Radian!
Toaster, the uncertainty <f toast
making is abolished, Both sides of
fbe bread can be seen all the linn
and can be served when it is brown
and erisp enough tn suit yt ur taste
The Perfect Percolator ensures wholesome and delicious coffee, uniform in
strength and flavor The Water Heat
er is useful in a thousand ways The
electric chafing dish is a simple and
substantial construction, "a dish of a
hundred uses " Many other equally
useful autl labor saving articles, electrically operated, are to tie found at
Uie "Empire," and Mr. Qualtl will
be i n band to show you bow to use
them t< best advantage
We still have some Seed Ryo
Wheat. Oats. Grass Seeds. Etc.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
The woman of today who las good
health, good temper, ruoiI sense,
bright eyes ami a lovely ci mplexion,
ibe result nf correct living ami good
digestion, wins ihe admiration ol the
world. If your digestion Is fault t
Chamberlain's   Stomach    ami Liver
Tablets will Correct it       For sale bi
all dealers l.Vti
We handle only the best and there
fore can always guarantee satisfai
on.'—Campbell ami Manning
RICH AND imstimtim: VI'
try   a piece >
wile's angel cake'"'
Will il make an angel of me?"
Tbat will   depend on Uie kind
life you have led "—Ex.
Wcnlwoith Hold
Summer Toggery
For Men
We have left no atone unturned in our efforts to serine
the lieat variety of toggery procurable, anil now present an
array of summery merchandise unequalled in the city.
Splendid Display of
In all the popular patterns in
almost every material, willi
plain hand, reversible collar,
and soft collar detached.
$1.00 to $3.75
Separate Trousers
In Duck. Flannel, Worsteds ui,<l
$2.00 to $7.00
A good selection of Panamas,
Hoatt-rs. Klc ; also many Btyles
iu I.men end Felt
50c. to $10.00
Hosiery £3,
1 liest range of Cotton,
shmere.     mid      Silk-
Lisle Half-Hose in town.    We've
some real dressy stuff   20c. to 75c.
• piece
lu Wool, Cotton, Silk and Mercerized
Silk In Combinations and Twc
$1.00 to $8.50 per Suit
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothinf Stores
CAPITAl mo UP     •
It. W1I.KIK, Pnaldnt.
l."RT JAPFRAT, rira-Pnali
Account. ,,( Cor[.o,aiiona, Muoicipalni... Merchants, lamer,
an,I Private In.liviilual? inviird.
Draft, and Letter, of Cedit lasoad available
the fturl.1.
SAVINGS DCPABTMENT.-^l*ui .ti.Bii„n jn.i, tu
Savtiigi ISH!,*. leeonnia. D.|«,-,t, ol II u" .r.d cj.*a,d. receln j and
Interest allowed from dele of deposit.
any   part ,
Wilmer Branch
W. R. QRUBBE. Mjir.  |
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Agricultural, 'Ira/inn end Timber l.andv
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
I'llllTKITIVi:     PLAY      \SSI«'1\-
IrltS      IIUillTS     TO
■■Till-: iiMiitn.ii"
i> the
I if 1.1M
•tilr, Wa
, Ha)
jo -i •
• ilgnrd
Vancouver, and the American Amuae
mi-ni  company, ol   Seattle, wberebj
tin-   t'att.iiii.ni firm acquire .ill Caoa
dun niE.Ms to "Th** Barrier,*' which
is now inakitiK a Canadian toui The
nan p4id uas Qva thousand dollam
Tin- Protective I* av compart} li
backed b\ Ifadmi; Mew Vorh i
<*rs and plajnrrighta, who have '!<•
termlnod to iquulcl piracj and
place the best \.-» Vort iocceaie>i In
a creditable wa) bafore ']»■ public,
pending Hm- ntabliabmenl ol a cum
dlan copftighl la* The Vmertcan
\iiinsi inct.t compaB) baa toorn
Ituinw d'triiii" Hie past aftaon mi'li
iiiui'ti MGCan a rut arc bnJidtlt)| d
Bumbei 11 Nn Vort play- In      the
Hfettern states
For Sale
Modern Improvtmenls
Terms the Easiest
Columbia-Kootenay Valley
Descriptive Article by F. J. Clarke, Secretary.
Bureau of Provincial Information
The Columiiia-Kootet
eludes the most wctens
rlctiltural and paslora'
Kootenay district,
tin- Rocky Mouiitalm
ami lira   Selkirk**,    w
■ area o
land in    ihe
lies between
• >ti 11m- east,
^^^^^^^ whicli   tin in   Its
western boundary, ami extends from
Un* Big bend * i tin- Columbia river,
at its Junction with the Canoe river
in latitude 52 degjreea north, to lho
International boundary ai Tobacco
The northern portion ol Die valley
is narrow, but widen* at Oolden,
where tin* Kicking Horse river Joins
tbe Columbia, and from there to its
southern     extremity    maintains   a
width varying Irom two tn twelve
miles The volley is drained l\
the Columbia and Koi lenay rivers,
the former (lowing northward Irom
its source (Cppcr Columbia Lake)
while the latter (lows southward, the
two streams almost uniting ut Canal
Plats, where only it narrow strip ol
level land separates them These two
main arteries are fed 1>\ many small
er rivers uml creeks (lowing into
t linn Irom east and wcbI, ami pro
vlding ample water lot i
powei purposes These
their sources in glacier-ted basins,
whicli In- in He* licit I ol 'In* moun
i,mis at an altitude ol 5,0(10 to
8,000 leel The bottom lands td the
valley an* quite Hat, ami in consequence subject in flood In the early
Bprlng ami summer Tlie BOll ol
these Hats is iit'll alluvial, and produces a luxuriant nn wtb ni wild
bay, vetch, uml peavlne—the heal ol
provender lor cattle Tin- reclamation
<>i' these Hats iiy dyking has imt been
attempted, bui i( such a scheme were
round practicable man) thousands ol
ixccptlonally fertile land
adtlttl   to tln> agricultural
gallon ami
•eks   have
 :  li-'
Prom tin- Oats the land rises in a
series <if benches, which flnn.ll) merge
Into*, the foothills and mountains
Many uf these benches present the
apptprancc ol rolling prairie, while
othess are covered with a line
growth ol limber, free from under
brush as a well kepi park. Tlie
benches, foothills, and mountain-
slopes are covered by nutritious
grasses, and provide good pasturage
fur cattle, hones, and sheep     Back
in tlm foot hi lis ami     it mains bun
tln-ils of mineral claims have t.een
staked—gold, sliver, nipper, and
lead—some nf which have been proved valuable, Inn little development
lias been attempted mi account of the
absence nf transportation facilities,
Tbe area of the valley proper is
roughly nboul one million acres, ami
at a nn dt-st estimate from Iin tn tu
per cent of this is available foi
crops nf grain, vegetables, and fruits,
while nearly all (he rest is good pasture. Tin' actual extent nt tnltiv
aide land will only In* determined by
exploration ami settlement, as, so
fur, tin* examination nf tin* greater
pintimi nf the valley has been superficial Practically all tin* benches
require Irrigation Lo produce the
Iirsl results, and ii remains tn lie
proved if dry farming tan he practis
cd with success li has been satis
fnctorlly demonstrated that with Irrigation all (In* ordinary field crops-
grains, nmts, vegetables ami fruits—
ean In* grown in quanllt) and nf the
best quality, Three, and even four,
crops nf alfalfa in a season .in- nm
uncommon, while timothy and other
fodder-crops yield large returns it
is also established beyond question
thai the valley is welt adapted tn
fruit-growing. Apples, pears, plums,
prunes, cherries, ami small fruits mature in abundance, unsurpassed in
color ami flavor.
Notwithstanding all the advantages
afforded by the soil and climate the
area under cultivation is Inconsiderable, and, with few exceptions, little
lias been done In assist Nature in tlie
way of systematic farming, The
population is small ami scattered, the
means of transportation slaw ami
costly, so there is an Incentive in
raise large crops, which could not
in- exported profitably under existing
conditions a meat many scttlen
derive the hulk nf their income tram
small herds ol cattle and horses,
which, roaming at large at all seasons, require little tare, and are
readily turned Into cash, Dairying
and poultry would pay so well thai
it is surprising that  they nre alumst
whollc neglected,
Game and lish are plentiful, ami the
chances nf a lucky mineral strike ate
many—though a fortune does not invariably follow—so men are lured
from the pluildini; wort nf the farm
tt* seek wealth in the mountains,
Tims, prospecting, road-work, logging, ami freighting occupy a major1
iiy whose agricultural operations are
confined to growing a few vegetables
fnr borne use. The few who devote
their time to the improvement ol
their farms, orchards, anil live-stock j
are dm tie, well, as Die ilevelupmi'itt nf ;
the lumbering Industry and railwnj '
construction are creating a steady [
Increasing local demand for all that i
they can produce I
Tho Section ol the valley for twen I
tv   miles    north   and twenty miles
BOUth   nf   (inlileli   Is   Un lilileil   in        I III'
Dominion Railway Belt, and is under the jurisdiction of the department
ii lite interior, Ottawa, which regulates Ihe homestead ing, pre-emption,
and purchase of lands within the
belt. South of the railway belt n
very considerable part of the land
is owned by tho Canadian Pacific
Railway company, acquired from the
government nf British Cohimliia several veals ago as a railway siibvcn-
litu. Other large areas are held
under limber licenses, ami the most
available agricultural portions have
been alienated (nun the crown
lb rough purchase and pre-emption.
There is therefore very little cultlv-
ihle land ni immediate value remain
ng in control of the provincial gov-
irnment, so thai tin* new Bottler
must, as a rule, buy from the rail
way company ar the  Individual own-
In addition tn tin- agricultural
lauds, the valley possesses an invaluable asset in Ihe large quantity Ol
timber which is distributed throughout ils length. A large percentage
nf the timber may be classed as mer
ihanlahle, while there ale extensive
i racts ol woodland which are valuable as supplies nl fuel, fencing, ami
fm other domestic purposes The
huge timber includes Douglas fir,
western yellow or bull-pine (whicli
lircdomlnates), spruce, larch, ami
other conifers, am) a variety nf deciduous (tees, including birch, poplar, alder, ami other useful woods,
The present stand of timber, if conservatively handled, should supply
lumber tn a large population fnr
many generations
Tbe climate is healthful and en-
mtable at all seasons, although tho
temperature shows a with* variation.
Blizzards and cyclones are unknown,
.mil bright, sunny weal lie r winter
ami summer is tbe rule. The stunners an* dry, with occasional Imt
lays, the mean temperature being
about sixty degrees, ami the maximum ninety-live degrees Fnhr. The
heat being dry is not oppressive; ii
is modified by light winds passing
over the glaciers ami snow-caps of
ihe mountains, ami the nights are
always cool. Tlie mean maximum
temperature iu winter is fifty-three
degrees, and the mean iiiiuitnum
twenty-three degrees, the range being
from sixty-eight above zero to thirty six degrees below, Tbe extreme
cold-dips are rare and of short duration, alternating witli periods of
spring-like weather caused by the
warm (Chinook) winds, wbieh nften
clear Ibe ground of snow. The winters nre dry, crisp, and bracing,
• ii-iir skies, and bright, sunsbinv
days ami calm, starry nights pre
The temperature varies considerably
with the altitude, and there is a
dilTerencc between the east ami west
sides tf the valley. Owing tn tbe
height nf the Hanking mountain
ranges, varying from ii.fHm to 12,000
feet, the west slope catches the sun
li nil before its rays warm the east
slope, ami as a consequence vegetables ami small fruits ripen earlier
•ui that aide; bui, in compensation,
the eastern benches are bathed in
sunlight long after those on tbc west
an* in shadow. This phenomenon
is more marked in tbe narrower
portions nf the valley, and is nol
anywhere detrimental to vegetation,
as fruits ami vegetables attain perfection on either side. In proof id
this ii may he mentioned that the
oldest and mast successful orchard iu
the valley is on tbe east side, at an
elevation ol 2,750 feet, while ,, large
and flourishing nursery has been established on the west side at 3,000
feel elevation. Tbe rainfall at Wil
mcr, a central point, shows an animal    average 7.07    Inches,    snowfall
2.02 inches,   u a total precipitation
of D.37 inches, (he average depth ol
snow ou tlie level is about six
inches ,\t Golden ami Tobacco
Plains Hit* precipitation is much
greater, being ii:i and IK IV", Inches
respectively, and in those districts
Irrigation is not so generally required.
Apart from the rich alluvial soil
ol the bottom lands where the vegetation is luxurious, the prevalence of
sage brush ami hiineh-grass ami the
arid appearance of the benches would
suggest a lack of fertility, as the
st il is a silt-like, sandy loam, winch
gives tbe impression of barrenness.
But appearances are deceptive, for
ibis soil contains all the neeessarv
elements ol plant food, and only requires moisture to effect the chemical combination necessary to produce
abundant vegetation. The composition of the soil varies slightly, but
in all cases its constituents are such
as to Insure abundant crops when irrigated, lis loose, sandy nature
makes the soil easily tilled, as it is
almost free from stones and boulders,
and, where It is not Umbered, ready
foi (be plough
ore Feet
Are your feet, hot,
sore and blistered?
As   soon  as
Zam-Buk is applied
it cools andsccthes
Injured snvsrting IK|
sun and tissue.     wmm
Its rich, refined
herbal   essences
frsnetrate the ckin;
ts antiseptic pro- «
perties prevent all }L,...,„,
or inflammation «|#|
from cuts or sores;   \§i
arte iu  healing   essences
build up new beitlthy tissue.
For sting's, .unburn, cuts,
burns, bruise, etc- Just cs
Mothers IM It lnvahlablo for
baby's sorcit
All Uruwui, ui.j 8;am.—IOc bjx.
K\ -   SOCIALIST   l.KADKB    /
Last week we published a report,
ssuetl by the Nnnaimr local in re
Leader llawiliornlhwaite's npostac).
In fairness to the ex-leader we rcpro-
luce hereunder tlie former leader's
version of the case, as printed iu Ihc
provincial Socialist organ, edited In
K. T. Kingsley:
Victoria, B.C., May Itth, 1011,
li. (;.   Mackenzie, Secretary Provincial Executive, S. IV nf t\:
Comrade: I wrote you a short llmo
ago stating thai some trouble had
arisen between Local Nauaimo and
myself whicli I desired to place before tbe executive at the earliest moment.
Tbe facts are briefly as follows:
I was Instructed by Nauaimo local
in April, 11)10, to proceed to carry on
i rganlzatlon work, in conjunction
with Comrade Williams, in Cntimx
district ami Nauaimo Dominion electoral district, which includes outskirts uf Victoria. 1 was further
Instructed to make arrangements
with Victoria local. This latter 1
iliti ami proceeded to imlii meetings
nround Victoria, having arranged
with Parker Williams thai the more
outlying districts could be jointly
attended to when farmers had more
time, later iu the season to be pre
sent. Victoria local opened a fund
mil some successful meetings were
held. (In reporting this latter to
Nanalmo local a row at once started
ami I was openly accused of endeavoring to build up the Dominion electoral district for my own political
benefit. I tried lo assure members
of the local that I Itad no personal
ambitious, and iiad never sought
nomination at their hands. I was
instructed tn gn into Comox district. I in inted out that I could
only tin sn under instruction from the
provincial executive, ami all collections would have to be dealt with hy
ihat organization. This was considered "flim-flam," ami only made
further trouble and heated discussion.
Tin-, unsatisfactory state «f affairs
continued fur some time, during
which my actions were continually
harshly criticised outside of (lie local
by certain of its members. 1 was
i hen appointed local organizer and,
previous to the session, arranged several successful meetings, with outside speakers, in Nauaimo opera
house, in addition to the usual propaganda meetings. During the last
eiiTht years I have invariably attend'
eil these except during sessions uf the
house, or while attending outatdo
meetings In fact it is safe to say
that tluiing the past eight years I
have spoken whenever possible upon
some Socialist platform at least several times each month.
Ournm the lasi session fit* government Introduced a bill io Introduce a
new Ccal Mines Regulation Act.
Comrade Williams and myself, as wilt
be seen by tbe Clarion's reports, introduced a mass of important amendments, ami were successful in having
many embodied in tbe Act. During
its discussion Premier McDridc introduced a clause, tin* effect of which
would be to destroy the "eight-hour
day in coal mines," which we fought
so bard to obtain a few years previously. In response to our energetic
attack ami appeal, the minister held
this over and later, in tbe bouse,
announced bis Intent inn uf withdrawing it, nnd also bis acceptance uf
several of our amendments, I brielly
everv    Socialist
be (in my opinion), ihe best in the
world. This is une .if ibe charges,
as the report, shows. Shortly previous tn ibis the lucal bad nominal
ed John Willi.) I Place and .lames
Macintosh fur positions as chief warder and assistant warder of the provincial jail iu Nauaimo, which was
being rc-opeued, ami as usual, nominated a number if others for the positions of commissioners lo take alli-
davlts nndor tho Election Act, nnd
other positions. I duly turned all
these iu together with n number ol
tltlers, possibly fifty or more npplic-
nilieis. possibly fifty or more applic-
rccciu-d from dlltorenl portions of the
pruvince. I was nol aware Uml
these latter bad not been acted upon
until Informed by Parker Williams,
in whom Die Naiiaiiim local hail made
representation, I iben Immediately
tiled duplicate applications for ihe
positions ol com in U doners in over)
case Willi the exception of Nanaimu,
which Comrade Williams bail attend
id in himself. These are, I believe,
being issued everywhere.
The government refused lo accept
ihc nominations ol Place ami Mac
In tosh fir (he positions if chief ami
assistant warders, ami declined lu a<-
eepl the nominations Riven for police
and license commissioners, and I reported this matter lo llu- local, A
furious discussion took place, ami I
was openly accused amongst other
things of simply using my position as
a member to extend my own political
Influence, This sort uf thing could
not go on so I turned in my resignation, ami asked thorn to nominate
some one else, and fix a dale for my
official resignation to bc sent in In
lho speaker. I announced my Intention to so retire in the bouse at
rliost nossible dale ami then
ditl lo go into business in Victoria. 1 next received a letter Irom
ihe local asking what 1 meant by
the Clarion report of my resignation,
nd in reply wrote Ihe letter punished, I received a further letter
telling me to send In my resignation
April 1st. Now I did not consider that this matter was any April
fool joke, nn matter whal lho "committee." Place and Macintosh,
thought, Further li.nl I acted nn
those instructions lho government
would unqiiestlonalil) have rushed an
election through in two weeks or
before there was any chance
whatever to attend to the lists, the
revision taking place in May. ami 1
hi have been charged then with
the inevitable consequence, the loss
f the seat.
In the meantime 1 was being open
ly denounced by certain members of
the local, the walls of the headquarters were decorated with brilliant
cartoons ol myself ami a reporter ol
the Liberal press was knowingly, or
otherwise, allowed to examine ami
report. Heme the Times cartoon
ami screed.
I nexl received a letter from the
secretary asking me what I Intended
tn do. I diil mil answer either Of
these letters, feeling sure thai the local, swayed by Ihe personal malice
of certain members, was not acting
in the Interests of the party generally, ami I wrote lo the executive as
explained. II Ihe local was "liim-
flamcd" il was, in part, by the
agents of the Conservative ami Liberal parties ami bv the Daily Times,
whu have succeeded in making tbe
election ol their nominee in the
coming election possibly somewhat
less arduous, Comrade Parker Williams, on behalf of the local, next Interviewed me, ami I informed him
thai I Intended and was providing tu
lay the matter before tbe executive,
but the local apparently decided to
take public action before wailing (be
result, and appointed the committee
I would draw the attention of ilhc
executive to tho difficulty if maintaining for long periods nf time tbc
good feeling in small locals like Nanalmo. One ur two members actuated hy personal feeling or malice can
icquently exert powerful Influence
for good ui bad. li is difficult for
any representative, no matter how
anxious he may be tu tin what is
right, under such circumstances, in
please even a minority, and sometimes tlie coudiltonr are rendered
unbearable. So far as (be Nnnnimo
local is concerned, however, 1 have
never hail reason tn object very
much ti its actions, and have al
ways, until these troubles arose, been
treated wilh great personal consider
ation. lu this instance, however,
any fair-minded person must see
Ihat even if all the alleged "char
gen" are true, I have not, more par-
lloulorly after some twelve years ol
faithful service in tbe cause of the
workers, deserved the harsh treat-
men! accorded. I enclose herewith
my undated resignation, addressed to
the speaker of Ihe In use, whicli I
trust the executive will act upon.
Yours in revolt,
J. II. Haw thorn thwnl to.
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JB5»5 No. 81
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VS^/Jr*?*   Hi'Kiilnr meetings ou
t-'i"®!      tlie   third   Thursday
* "Vi of every month.
Visiting hrt-thren welcomed.
A. 0. SJiankland, VY.M.
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Meets every second and   fourth Wad'
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|   CranboorK Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
Meet. In   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridaya.
T. Frascr, E. 0.
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p.m. sharp.
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Meets in Carmen's Hall first    and
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s p.m. .sharp-
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J 1'reshyterlan    Guild, Tuesday,
£ at ft o'clock
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aid office.
14 lis
thanked   him (ami
knows    whnf such ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tn), nnd wcnl on to sny that If    he I   The uniform   success that lius    nl
would   accept   some    other  aineiiil- j tended    the   use ol    Chamberlain'
nieiits, more particularly the one   In-
Iroiluccd hy   Comrade   Williams,   to
give the    miners   the power to eleel
ll-eir   own   inspeelors nl, llie govern-   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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I'hitellien and Young Men's
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(Continued from page two),
allowance ot $600.0(1 for work ilom
in ci mice. I ion wilh Ihe survey. Wil
iit-ss (leiiit'il Uml In* had ordered ilu
plaintiffs oil tin- premises. I lis lordship (iirtlirr questioned tin* witness,
obtaining ilu* admission thai the
transfer of lol to in him wns no)
absolute nml hi* tlltlii'l so underslaud
ii ai the lime
llueson Palmer, a son ol tlie de
fetulant. was nexl called ami slated
thai Parkin admitted to him thai
in* had no interest in the land im
lnnl.it and ih.ii he only wished lu
have a share in tho operation*
should his father decide to cut. II.
lold ui Beveral conversations with .1
Il Parkin in which lit- slnU-d he
wi tildn't have Dave in Un* Imsiners.
as no one could gel along with
Itolf Palmer, another son, ami Mis.
Mary Palmer, a daughter, gave similar evidence as t.i \.i is convcrsn
iinns wilh ihe plaintiffs, going in
show thai Ihc Parkins admitted at
various linns thai they couldn't
keep u)t their agreemenl ami had im
interest in llu* lands ur timber.
Portions "i thf examinations for
discovery ol David Parkin nml ... II
Parkin were pul in.
Mr. Maidoimltl then called .1 It
Parkin in reply to llu* defendants,
and he defiled thai in1 ever had any
conversations with the, defendant or
any of hi*- familj in which he .ni
milted thai he hail ti' inlcrcsl n
tin* lands nr limber, or in which be
stated thai he would nol allow his
brother Dave in have any inten st
in tin* company which tbcj nropos
nl forming, lie stated thai he nnd
bis brother wi re In busini ss (oi
years togetbel .un! Aiwa)
well, ami .i ist ■'■■! thai there v\.i-
m> truth wlialevel in
ments mad.-.
This closed tin   evideni
argument his lord leil thai il
was rlf.u  In ut ol Sep
1. Niliii  381b,  IIMIi, i' .
hold a half int< if il  ti. nil
timber thru n< qui nil and  I
Ing bad  irred    nci   l lu n to i ham, ■
tlie nl.it I   th.' parlies   [li  nl  i
held ih.ii iin* trnnsfei   made hi Pat
km in Palnmi   ul lol  1.1 wn
given linn   i" secure    hint In       the
I'U'tii nf the 'i' endai I
excess |t„t. Tin nti   01
partnership nnd ihnl
held in    I..' nn
His lordship orden il
.•m.-inl i..t   ihr    plaiuttfti
kins,    gran ting    them an
mil' hall   Inlcrcsl in nublols i '■    an I
In,  I.Ulnar. DfiO a< p      nnd  In    tlh'
Umbel nn lol 11 nnd 8151 purt based
it.>iit n< iighlaml lie also ordered
Hut a rclerciicc tdmuld Itc made    lo
Ihe reglilrni  In lake ai tl ol the
amounts contributed bj • a< h part]
I,, the partnei ihlp, nfU i whh b, on
i lit   tale in illi i ion ol the propertj.
ih.    reipeetivi    nmo     contributed
bj ..n h H'oid I I t bt repaid and Ihe
balance divided equal h between
ihrio      Mr   ,ii ■■ ordered Ihc defend
  Palmei lo pai  the i
a. ii, n. id,    ml
reference ami  taking ol   ■ il     I*
lore Ur regh     In in   paid mil ol
Ihe palate
mi n»\ vh   w \ i rsni ltd I.I \i
iti.i: ro, i.rii,
'tins ootlon was broughl b) ' H
Hilton against ihr IVattaburg linn
Iin Company, Limited, claiming an
injunction in restrain the. ilefendnnls
from occupying certain promises on
Inls 7108 owned by Hilton, ami for
damages lor trespass, (*. II. Thompson appeared fnr tin- plaintiff Hilton
and >M. \. Macdonald fnr ihr defend
ant the Watlsburg Lumber Company,
Limited. Thr defendants were cul
ling timber on the lots mentioned
under an agreemenl foi iin* purchase
11 nt*. f nml had until lam' 30th,
PHI, lo complete cutting operations,
The defendants' employees were in
pectination of a limiao. outbuildings,
blacksmith shop nml certain promises
on tlH'se Iota, Hie house or cook
sbaek belonging lo Ilic plaint ill Ott
April :!7ih, pin, the plaintiff obtain
ed an injunction from Judge Wilson
restraining them from further occupying these premises and the delimits, in obedience, to the order,
were compelled to withdraw and remove all their logging equipment
from tlie place, The plaintiff also
claimed that Ihc premises were lefl
in an unsanitary condition and claim*'
ed a .small amount of damages therefor. The defendants, on the other
Iin nn, claimed, that the injunction
was wrongfully obtained; that they
had a right to the occupation of the
premises ami that us a matter of
fact only one of the buildings from
which Ihey were ejected was Owned
hy Ibe plaintiff, ami Ihey counter-
rlaiitii-il against him for damages in
ilu* sum of $3000.00,
.1. II.   Hilton was the first witness
ami deposed Ihat ho had iirsl sold tin*
limber to Kiel and N'orthey and thai
ifti'iwartis it    was    transferred   to
the    U'attshlirg     Lumber   Company, I
Limited, wilh bis consent, lit*    gave
Ihem iiif right to occupy Hie prenils-
bul    claimed   that in   February,
1911, he   cancelled this    right.     Ho
further claimed   thai  lho defendants'
tnployocs   wenl hack   in April   and
broke    open   the prelum's, resuming
occupation.       He also gave evidence
as io damage lo tho property, which,
however, was Insignificant,
Further evidence was given for Hie
plaintiff bj Mis Barclay ami George
For the defence,    J. Murphy, foreman fnr tin* defendants, deposed ihat
In- had full   authority from the plain
•ni to occtipj  Ihc premises; thai the
plaint iff was in their ctnploj fnr     a
lime ami    was there   for a considerable period nf      tho time they were
occupation and never objected    Ui
Iheii use ol tho promises,    lie   also
.lamed that all nf tht- buildings, ex- I
epi the cook slunk, were bull!     M
Ihe tt'attsburg Lumber company   and
\<\  lli.*l and Korthcy, although     by
the   terms   ol tin*    Injunction order
irerc ejected from all ol       the
buildings, ami as It was then impos
• iiiir to carrj on logging operations,
ihey   withdrew,   suffering great dam
reason thereof, as the)  onlj
tl] .him- nl   this year to    remove Ihe limber     Ho denied     thai
(he premises    wen- m a dirt) condl
\   i:  Wans, si , .onl \   r  Watts,
i . also gave evidence as to the dam
■.iiT.nl.      Mi    Watts, si , sl.tl
nl thai no Intimation to him      was
: iveu ol the proposed action by   Ihe
plaintiff; thai he   was in   Cranbrook
Injunction was    obtained,
bui was nol spoken to or written to
in regard   to m oi Riven any < ppor
ttinitj  li  explain       He gav*c details
; " ■ extent ol the damage
His    lordship   expressed    surprise
ih.ii an Injunction should be obtained
null i  lit. . it. stances   Ho also in
tint a ted thai the plaint ifl Hilton
might lie in a serious position i j ren
nn ot ibis action, ai In the oven I
il it being shown lhal thr Injunction
vas wrongfully obtained, hf had
himself open to heavy damages re
suiting to lho ih'femtaiits h\ rf.isnn
Further evidence wns given for Uie
defendants b)  William Dan lay    anil
11 uts Cox,
At  the conclusion of the ovldcnrc,
his    lordship   directed, as   Hie I r
is late, thai counsel should forward
him al Vancouver,   written argti-
■nt.  His   lordship, before odjourn-
j, ordered thf sheriff to semi      in
Wattshurg for   two witnesses to testify to certain occurrences iu connection Willi the statement of the plain-
iin ami one Morgan that the defend-
Is bad    broken open the premises.
His lordship felt  that some of     the
i i i n.'ssfs   were   commit! ing perjury
ml asked that Ihe additional     wit
esses should he brought  in to    establish this If possible so     thai     he
might   Instruct    the ultoriiey-geiieriil
tn prosecute should tho circumstances
i wa*i nml   it.  Tho    witnesses     wore
[broughl in and   were examined    by
his lordship, who, after hearing their
evidence, however, took no action in
regard lo it.
Tlie COUrt then ad minimi
Cure    Backache.    Bladder    and
Kidney Trouble
Sulil willi ii positive guarantee. Al
all dealers, 2."> i-i-nls per box, or The
Pig PHI Co,, si. Tliomas, Out.
Sold uml    recommended     Iiy   Tlm
Cranbrook Drug ami Hunk Co., Ltd
Air as pure as iltal on mountain
lops will shortl) hf found on ihr
Central London „ railway, Loudon's
second oldest lube, II has been decided that each of the fourteen stains on tin* twopenny tube shall
have its own air-cleonlng plant, ami
more than 80,000,000 cubic feci of
air .slightly charged with ozone
(electrically generated) will bc daily
supplied in till the lube ami ihc lungs
of tho passengers The purifying
elemenl to be used is electricity, nnd
the process will be that of the ozon-
alr system, which is based on the
fad that the electrical discharges ol
a thunderstorm arc large producers
nf ozone, which is. of course, the
grrat air purifier, The whole sys*
lei will In* iu operation in September. Details have already been set
tied for three stations—Oxford Circus, Tottenham ('nun Road and
itniid street.
lures uf tho society functions ihi
season will hf the number of enter
tainmeuls given specially for Un
Oversea visitors to London, Mr
Norton Griffiths, M.P., lias taken d
delightful house, up the river for tin
benefit of prominent men from the
Dominions, while fashionable hostesses are sending out Invitations to
people of their acquaintance "tt
iiifft tin* delegates lo Ihe Imperial
conference." The big tilt compan
ies, historic in tradition ami fuhul
oust) wealthy, an* going tn give ban
quels, on the magnificent scale for
which they are famous, lo Greater
British guests, al which their glittering arrays nf gold plate will hi- mi
view. Parties, recopllons, ami halls
are being arranged in honor nf tlie
delegates to the conference, and one
j fears it will he a hand of llred ami
festivity-worn men who will sail
back to their homes across tin* seas
after their experience of Kngllsh
The emigration statistics of Ireland
for IfllO show ih,ii during Ihc year
the total number ol emigrants from
Ireland was t-,''-1, an Increase of
!'.'■ I over the number in HMD. Kigh-
iri'ii thousand one hundred ami thir
leen emigrants were males ami II,-
Mf were females Ol the males,
17,737, and ol the females 14,720,
were natives of Ireland, the total
number ol such emigrants amounting
to ■-, 157, equivalent lo a rate ol
7 1 per 1000 ol the population of
Ireland Thr number uf emigrants
in the yeni DMA is below the aver
age for an) of the decennial periods
toi which records are available
Tin- 11 nstees and guardians of
Shapespeare's birthplace, Anno
Hathaway's Cottage, and other properties assoi lated with the poet, have
held thru annual meeting tit Stratford mt Vvon The executive committee reported a rect nl year ;..
regards Ihe number ol paying visitors
tn the birthplace, ihr number being
over 18,000, showing an Increase    ol
 0 over the hlghesl total previous-
I) paying, \ Isitors to Anne Hath-
nwa) (s i 'ol lage numbered 28,000,
flOOfl more than in any previous year.
Tlif reporl was adopted, and Mr.
Lionel I'usi expressed Ihe hope that
the trustees would bc able to pur
chasm some rare Shakespearian hunks
ami manuscripts short!) tn enme in
to thr market.
\ life ol vicissitudes has |us1 let
m inn ted al Grimsby, where Robert
Da) Mflhuisli. once tile principal fish
merchant nf tin- town, died a pauper
in the workhouse. Beginning at
Grlmaby as a poor lad, Mr. Mflhuisli, ht hard work ami energy, won
for himself a (inn position in the
fishing Industry, He created the
largest private business in the Indus
try ami amassed a greal fortune, bui
In* spent money as fast as he madr
His generosity was lavish. Hf
gave large stuns to every form of
■liarity, and often he would send his
■arts laden with choice fish to the
poorer parts of the town, where his
men distributed ii broadcast. In
late years in* mel with adversity, ami
ultimately became an Inmate of the
workhouse, (lis friends took; him
from ilie union nnd found him a cot
tngf in tin' countrj in which to end
his days, Imt fate was too strong foi
thr pleasure -loving old man, ami he
drifted back to tin* workhouse, where
he died.
Some years ago tin* literary world
discovered a new leading light iu I
the person of Mr. William do Morgan, !
wlm was then mil far short ol his
seventieth year, in the same way,
at the age of seventy Mr. Walter
Greaves lias found tame us an artist,
ami critics ore acclaiming him as one
nf the few grottfl painters ol tin- day.
Until an exhibition of Mr. Greaves'
etchings ami paintings was opened at
the Cimipil gallfly the other day
there were very few people indeed
win. had heard of him. The new
celebrity fell early in lift* under the
Influence of Whistler, and some of his
pictures have been compared more
than favorably with those of the
greal Impassionlst. It is only after
a lifetime of struggle and in "lit age
thai recognition has been given to
Mr. Greaves' genius, bui now that it
is given it is given whole-heartedly.
fail to complete the work contracted lor. If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will lie returned
Tlie Department does not hind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Hy order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, May IS, 1011.
Newspapers will not he paid      foi
tiiis advertisement if they insert    it
without   authority from  the Depart
turn I. II 21
Nelson, B.C., Rifle Range.
•   -dip --   .fy-': ' ^71
WQ-trUsii-'f     v
that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to ttio Honorable Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
license to prospect for coal ami petroleum on the following described
lands, situated in tho District of
South East Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at the
northwest   corner nf olaus •leldnoss1
■luim and also at tin- thirteenth mite
post of the C.P.R. survey lint1, thence
south 80 chains along the C.P.R
survey, thence east sn chains to Lot
Nn. 6080, thence north along tin-
surveyed line nf Im No. l.!'*!! 80
chains, theme wesl 80 chains to the
place of beginning, containing Bin
acres, more or less.
Dated May 10th, PHI
l2-.lt Olaus .leldnoss, Locator \
envelope "Tender for Construction ol
Nelson, B.C., Rifle Range" and addressed to the Director of Contracts, Department nf Militia ami
Defence, Ottawa, will he received un
til noon, the 15th June, for the
construction of a Rlflo Range ai
Nelson, B.C.
Plans and specifications may be
seen ami full information obtained at
the office of tin* Dlctrlct Officei
Companding Military District No
11, Victoria, B.C., the Director ol
Engineer services, Headquarters, ot
tawa and the Officer Commanding
102nd   Regt. Nelson, B.C.
Trinlt'is must be matte on the form
supplied by the Department and ac
enmpauied by an accepted cheque mi
a Canadian chartered hank, for 1"
per cent of the amount of the tender, payable to the order nf tin
Honorable the Minister of Militia ami
Defence, which amount will tit* fnr
felted if the party tendering decline
tn enter Into a contract or fail to
complete it in accordance with the
The Department does imt hind ii
sell to accept the lowest or any len
Eugene Plset,
Deputy Minister of
Militia and Defence
Ottawa, May 8, Mil.
Newspapers will not be paid if lhe)
insert this advertisement without authority from the Department,
II.Q, 18-115-2 II It
-:i :*;t Your      ..^^^^^^^^
Buildings Against Storm am! Fan
-.1 know -..'■-     :—.■:- u-< il
madia rays?    It is
■   ■
Paroid Roofing
The severest tests and  I nq   years ot* service
h tve ■    v   ; tli i NEponbET i'ir-11 !■: ■
prnt. ■ ■ inst   lire —gives   n   . -   ;     rs    ■ -   i
without .  :
1 klin   •:   ;     r neuihborh    •-
prove ol   NEPaNsrT.
Stsd for UM C.-J KtmsCT OoQltltt -hid) U& about th, ditf.r-
miNtVMtXT f.-o.'.T »f„  dCfaml lpp«W MUbfi .i.d rAowi
you but - ■•  NtM*SCT h--..i ...■ a/e ., •bt»lut>lj reliable.
.,'£*,:i"i3C" Roofingt are rrw/e in  Canada
NpMirr        - ...   -      .. .t, -. ,.
F. W. BIP-D & SON, Maker**.   373 UttwoV Street, rUaOtoo, Onl
Htttml       ft J*U   K  »        TikwjT.r a   :
Capital Paid Up 56.200.000 Mescne $6,goo,ot.*
Total Assets, Over $95,ooo.ooo
II. s. iltij.T, I'nildtnt      K. I.. PKASE. Gtotnl Uanafer
One ol Ihe   most  leuiarvalile    fe.i
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
tliu umlersigticil, uinl 1 -mlursed "'i'eu-
der for Public Building, Cranbrook, lie." will lu- received al Huh
otlice iiniii ; p.m. nn Monday, June
12, lull, tor the construction ol a
Public Building, t'ranbroolf, ltc
I'l.ins. specifications anil form of
contract can be seen and form ol
tender obtained al the office of Mr.
Wm, Henderson, rcsldenl architect
Victoria, B.C., at the post office,
Cranbrook, uml at  this Department
Persons tendering are notified Iha'
tenders Will not be considered unless
made on the printed forma supplied,
and signed with their actual sigoutur-
cs, stating their occupations ami
places of residence. In the case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature ol the occupation, and place ol
residence ol each member ol the litm
must Iw given.
KiH'li lender must he accompanied
by an acoepti-'l Cheque ou a chartered
hank, payable to Ihe order ol tin*
Honorable tbc Minister ol Public
Works, equal to ton pel cent (10 p.c.)
of the amount of the tender, which
will Im* lorfeited if Ihe pel son tendering lifeline to enter into a contract when i.illnl upon lo do so, or
that .'tn days after date 1 Intend tu
apply to tbe Honorable Chief ('om
missioiier of Lands and Works for .1
license to prospect for coal and pel
roleum on the following described
lands, situated iu tht* District nl
South East Kootenay, Province u
British Columbia:
Commencing at a post at tin* south
west corner of Slgrld Jeldneai
claim, and being at the thirteen 11
mils post on the cp.u. nirvej
theme north H* chain along tin
sai'l C.P.R, survey to Lot No. i."*'*J
urn* of |i. s. (Whin's claims, thena
east 80 chains along the said survey
of Lot No, ii!i''j, tf the survey llm
ol Lot No. 8993, theme south 80
Chains along the surveyed line ol l#n|
No. 6901, thence west Ml chains tn
place of beginning, containing 61(1
acres, mere or less.
Dated May 10th, 1911.
sigriii Jeldneas, Locator,
Olaus JeldtMM, Agent   IS-61
' f> Accounts of Firms, CorporaUoiii t«nJ Individuals solicited.
♦ out uf Iowa business receive" -n'-iy i*titration.
♦ 3AVINGH DEPARTMENT- l't|..-iif «.f I! 00 »ml opwsrds reei   •■!
J*           ami Interest allowed at entrant r«t»*-   No formality of delay In
?           tfTlthdraving.
X r\ 1 iii Banlnng Bosineastransacted.
♦ Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Manager      1^
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦»♦»♦»♦♦♦♦#♦ ■♦••••isjxaaa >♦♦♦>♦♦♦
m : ?»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Carried 11 full sto<k of
lfi'|.ai"'<" alnor »l«.i\
ill .Ui, k
11   9 tin. Sarin; Place
'I'll.- Place lliut is Popular
fi'».«l u Ihe 11^81
Belter than tbe Heat
The Cosmopolitan
If you come one
You will come a^ain
; K. II SMALL, PioraiRoa tg^^^^
▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼TT*?*¥T*?*T¥?TT?,ffTff?TTfffTf?ff?f ?▼»>/▼
j II Means a Big Saving
I to buy vour flwd from
■ ♦
Maiiufn'tun-ra nf fin; fait - *
• ami Z
W.ir, liiiiim- on 0, P. It. tracks,  i MBce on Van Home Bt,      ♦
ManiiKi'r   ♦
****************** THE   ORNBKOOK   HERALD
+ + + .|..]. + + + + + + •!• •!• +
.!.    THE   KINO'S BIRTHDAY    -I-
■i- +
•!•   The   businessmen    ol    * ran- *l*
.]. brook have   mutunllj agreed to •!■
•t* observe    Lho   king's   birthday, »1»
»j. which (alls on    Saturday, .June -l-
*\* 3rd, tu Monday. .111110 BUi, us a •!«
.j. public holiday.    All stores will •!•
.]. I,.- closed *
4, *
•J. * * -I- •!• * * * * * * * * *
Reuben Roper .lamleson, mayor oi
iii,' fin ni Calgary f> r two succes
sivc terms from lt)08 to ion, died al
2 o'clock on Tuesday morning in
lim liini sanitarium iu the city ol
Vancouver, whore, he was taken on
account ol Ill-health ah)ml five weeks
ago Death came very unexpected!)
Although he had boon sunerinai n
sevoro nurvouB collapse, and was In
;i greatly weakened condition, il was
not generally known ihat his state
was critical.
The iirsl Intimation Ihal Mr .lam
leson was in u precarious stain
reached his friends In Calgary on
Sunday last, when a message came
Staling that ho     was very weak ami
was ilecli g rapldlj   The late   Mi
.lamleson wns 51 years ol age.
Prom the time ho was Hi years ol
age until a lew years ago, when he
entered tin- municipal field, he wn
actively engaged In railroad work, ni
which lie was eminently successful
ami attained high position   Overwork
and the nerve-racking strain or ni
cipnl administration caused lho com
pletc collapse, menial and physical,
thai brought annul his death
Ex Mayor .lamleson was born al
Wcstover, Onl , In December, 185ft,
the sou <f •lohn uml Man .lamleson,
of that place Mi earllei education
was received In the public schools ol
ins native town \i tho age ol Ml
In- was sent by his lather to a school
nl telegraph) In Toronto, Irom which
In- graduated in due lime
Hi-  commenced  his railroad carcei
in ixwi, with the Credit Voile) Itnll
»av company, now pari nl ilu- I'aei'
iii- Detroit Toronto line      lie     was
station agenl    al Cat nine I Junction
ami aim at Elnrn     Ft  there    In
was moved 1* Parkdale, where he
held a slmllai position, ami lalci lo
Toronto, Where he was tralnmastei
About the yeai 1888 be was    pro
moled in   Ihe   pi sill f divisional
superintendent nl Toronto Lalci he
was transferred lo similar positions
at Smith's Falls ami Farnham, r <)
His lirsi post in lite wesl was al
Cranbrook, where In- was transferred
from Karnliam Prim Cranbrook he
went to Calgary and became general
superintendent of the western divi
sion, with headquarters in thai • 1' ■
in 1003 In 1007 he was transferred
to Winnipeg, where ho became general
superintendent of im* central division,
tu which position In- remained I01
nine months, ut the end id which
turn* hf resigned his position and returned lo Calgary to reside
picture photography. They were
made hv Mr. Johnson himself, and
colored under his direction. Mr.
Johnson's experiences among the
Cannibals and savages are ihe kind
ihnl hold his audiences spell bound.
lie opens up to view new things
about this world of ours, ami he
has helped materially to advance the
knowledge of Ihoso out ol the way
places where life is lived today as it
was a thousand years ago.
Willaiil, tin- greatest Hum*; "Man
of Mystery" tlie man who defies the
laws ni natures together with Martin
M Johnson ami his wonderful motion
picture travelogues, will in* the al
traction ai ihr \udltorium on Mon
day, Tuesday ami A'cdncsihiy even
Ings of nexl week The pictures
which Illustrate Mi Johnson's Trai
elogues an- ilu- perfection ol motion
Ottawa, May 30.—Hon. Mr. Fielding, minister "I llnntice, lias changed
Ins plans, and Instead of guing to
Nova Scotia, will snil on Thursday
from Montreal on the Royal Oeorgo
fn attend ll:e coronation and to take
n holiday. Mr. Fielding, who will
be accompanied by Mrs. Fielding and
the Misses Fielding, will return to
Canada early In July.
Thr decision of tho (Inonco minister
lu dike a n'si is regarded In politl-
i-iil cirelcs ns a certain indication
Uml flic general elections, jf held
Ihis fall, will nit lake place before
October or November, It was
sinli-il today thai a night stall has
been put on in order to complete the
voters lists, thai Ihey may bc ready
in lho event ol nn election being
John   Hi-id ami   Miss Annie Ethel
Orally, both nf Cranbrook, wore unit
i-il    in   marriage on   Saturday, the
ceremony   being performed in     si
Saviour's  church, Nelson, lli-v. Fred
il   in.ilu nictating.     Tlio brides
maid wns Miss Mniiil Orally, n cousin
of lho bride, and the groom was
supported by Stephen II. Iloskins.
Mr and Mi- Itrnl left yesterday foi
S|i„k.iin-, and nltci their honeymoon
will inki- ii,i their resilience in Cran
brook, where Mr Hold is govcrnmenl
mini foreman.—Nelson News.
'Iii,. foregoing announcement came
ralhei as a surprise tn the many
friends here ol lho contracting par
iu's. who would have liked to    hove
l n able in show some special murk
,,f their good-will towards the
young people However when the)
return homo—,
TltAlltC    UK Mil    OF    FAMCH'S
M TIIOR OF I'l'l'l I.All
I Ion,    Mny n.-sii   W. S. Oil
lii-iI. ill,- noted dramatic author ami
librettist, who in collaboration with
tho lull- sir Arthur Sullivan wrote
lilii- famous Savoy operas, Including
"H.M.S. I'inaluri'." "I'alit'iic,'."
"lolanthe" ami "The Mikado," and
was knighted in Inn; hy King Ed
ward, nii-f a trnglo nul mi Monday.
Mi- spent thf morning in l«ondnn,
ami returning in his residence ul
Harrow, went to n lake in Ins
minimis in enjoy a swim He dived
in .mil wns n long lime lu foming to
ilu- surface. When friends who had
accompanied lim In tlie lake nliservnl
In- was iii difficulties nml struggling,
thej rushed nil fur help and Sir Wil
I lam Mink Ogflln.
Thi' servants ran as quickly       as
possible I" llu- scene, Inn when    the
hod) was recovered lid- was extinct
llm II (' Spillcr, nl Mimse .law.
Salt , has accepted a rail to Hull.date Kind runabout impurlt-d by
l.i- Inn- Iii tin- iliinl Sunday in June [win in 1010.
Tlie following totter lo Mayor
Hunt, secretary ol the Agricultural
association, from the deputy minister
of agriculture, placos tlie financial
end of tho coming Kali Exhibition
upon a sound basis:
DoVcro Hunt, Esq., Cranbrook:
Dear Sir: Confirming my wire to
you ul yesterday, in reply ft- onu I
have received signed "Hunter," which
I take to be from you, I replied to
tho died Hint tho share ol your
association of the amount granted by
the provincial government in aid ...ol
agricultural lairs would amount to
between $5000 nnd $0000. The allocation is now made out on tho
basis ul $50,000. This would n'v«
your association a little ovor $0000,
but I have since been Informed Iiy
the mlnisto that there are several
specific sums ot money which will
have lo be taken mil of Ibis $50,000,
and thcroforo Ihis will make a dlffor-
em-c, ent'h association receiving n
liule less tliiin the allocation sdic
diile shows'.
The minister is away in the Okan
agan at tho present time, but on his
return In the olflce, which 1 oxpeel
shortly, the matter I hope will be
settled up, and I shall then at unci'
advise all. tho secretaries ol tho Fall
Fairs as to the amount allocated
I trust that you were able I"
make satisfactory arrangements tor
scouring tho grounds fnr your exhibition association, and trust that with
tin- substantial assistance you arc
gelling Ibis year, you may have a
must successful exhibit inn, which may
help In advertise your dlstiiil I"
llu- outside world.
Wm. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister.
Dept, nl Agriculture,
May 2nth, Victoria, B.C.
Wilh the above guarantee "i Unsubstantial appropriation of al least
$f,iino, the directors uf flu* full ox
hihitton will now bc able to proceed
with plans lur Hie biggest and hesl
(air yel held in Cranbrook.
A general meeting ol the local
Agricultural association will lie lu'lil
tomorrow (Friday) evening in the
Hotel Cranbrook committee rooms,
al wliich plans will bc llioroiiglil)
disi'iissi'il and an active slail made
in Ihe work ol preparing lor tin-
best exhibition yet. Any and all
persons Interested are invited t"
al lend this meeting.
Tlie Herald has received a copy "i
the -'(.ilh annual statement i f tin1
Imperial Hank ul Canada. The
principal features ol the statement
are the Inllnwing:
The net prodts fur the twelve
months, irrespective nl the premiums
received on new capital stuck, are
$130,000 in excess ut the profits for
the previous twelve months. The
dividends paid are $76,000 greater
llinii In Hie previous year. The bunk
premises account has boon reduced
ahi ul $72,000 and the balance car
clcil forward Is $137,000 greater that
in 1010.
Turning lo the balance sheet «'i
find that notes ul the bank in cir
eulallon are In'iii.inui mure than li
ihe previous year. Deposits mon
than $1,11110,111111 in excess ul the
previous year. Total assets nre
$03,710,000     as     against     $50,230,-
Choice Shirts
The no-vest season is here, and il behooves the particular matt to look well to his shirts.
We are showing Exclusive Shirtings Ihal are distinctive in character and handsome in patterns and
color harmonies.
It will be well to make selections early,for the First
warm day th;.) comes will cause a rush for the handsome new patterns.
Ladies' Hosiery
We have also added to our slock a complete line of
Ladies' and Children's Hosiery.
See our window for these.
Phone 23
Phone 23
"H.M.B." . .$1.00 lb,
" 5 O'clock," . .60c. "
"Old Country," . .50c. "
" Capital Household," .40c. "
At Best Shops
.ii ni
-. llHIO I
if I III'
tidewalk is    being
side ul Sorbin
A. I'l.    Willis   Ie
Tho tin- alar
Monday night win
the mechanism   <
mt uf order.
A new ten [nul
laid along the cai
Keep cuul this warm weather
using a Florence oil slow fur    you
cooking—Hie   best in tlif laud       a
Patmore Bros.
M. A. and Mrs. Benlo loll f, r    Hi
coast last Monday.      Mr. Bcalo will
be away unlil alter tho mooting    ol
tlrund    Lodge   A.F. & A.M., which
invones iu Victoria on June 22nd.
FOR RENT,—Four   rodm furnished
itluge. All modern conveniences.
525 per month. Mrs. L. p. Sullivan
Cranbrook street.
FOR RENT.—Two furnished rooms
with in- withonl hoard. All conveniences.—Mrs. (I, I!. Powell, Harden
avenue, 15-tl
There is one mcdiclno that every
family should be provided with and
especially during ihe summer months,
\iz.: Chamborlaln's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea    Remedy,      li   is almost
rlain to bo needed.   II ousts-    Inn
quarter. Can yi u annul to be without.      It?      For    sale Iv
dealers. 15-U
Tho long-slandiiig dispute, between
the Canadian Pacillc railway and its
section iiicn mil probably he nlreil al
lho next sitnm; "f lho railway commission in Ottawa mi June 0th. An
application bus been made fur consideration ol tin- question ui lho length
of sections in be worked by secllon
gangs and tin- number nf men in a
gang.     U is   understood to       have
rlginatcd '.villi tho section hands em
ployed by the company and will hint considerable importance to them,
lu Hie company and also tn tlie public as il will aflt-rt tin- quality ol
work limn- in laying tho track, Al
though iin- application concerns the
C.P.R. particularly, any ruling the
board may make will IlKely have u
general application and will linis al
feet all in.uls.
WANTED.—Horses and cattle lo
pasture $1.50 per head per month.—
E. Ci iIii-ii, Cranbrook,   B.C.    15 li
.1. II. M. Bell, M.I), c un
F.it.c.s , of Edinburgh, hns arrived
in Cranbrook and Intends In locale
here permanently. Dr. Bell has taken over Dr. Connolly's practice Irom
I, day. Juno 1st. Dr. Dell has been
engaged lor the past ten years in
tin- practice ot his profession, chiefly
in tin- hospitals of Edinburgh, (lias
g,n\, Rothcrham, Yorkshire, and
London. Though lor sometime lie
acted as ship's surgeon fnr the PacI-
fic steam Navigation company, running between Liverpool, Valparaiso
ami Panama.      He will retain    Dr.
Connolly's ullii n Armstrong stn-et
and, fnr llu- lime being, occupy minus
in Ihe V.M.C.A. building.
Whooping cough is nol dangerous
when tlie cough is kept loose ami ex-
lectoration easy by giving Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It has been
ised in many epidemics nf this dis-
*iise with perfect success. Fur suit-
ly nil dealers. I Ml
-i. .1. Young, n former Calgary
newspaperman, lasl week secured a
divorce In in Ids wile in Hie superior
■nun ut Spokane, Wash. The Spnk-
anc Spokesman-Review contained ilu*
following account of tlie proceedings:
Few mon have a divorced wife as
mull property as did John -i. Young,
ice, riling tn his testimony in Judge
Henry [,. Keunmi's department uf lite
ipeiiiii- court.    Young testified thai
he had left In his wife property     I"
Hie value ul $300,000 iii Calgary, nml
another witness testified Hint      she
is   rated ns Hie   weallliiesl woman
Ilia! eily.    The husband'told Hint
his wile accused him unjustly      ul
paying attentions In other     women
id Ihal lie was unable lo stand    il
he letl her he gave her the property
had lived logclhcf since IssK.    When
left her  her   gnu-    she properly
liken uf mid retained a cotntortabte
uiiiiit foi himself.    Tho decree was
Barnes' famous wild nnlmnl circus
has nunc mid gi ne. Everyone iu
Cranbrook, and nmsl ul Hie residents
il thf surrounding districts, seized
Ihe opportunity uf seeing it again
Inst Monday. Tin' performances
rare fairly good, though hardly
qunl tu previous exhibitions made
ii ibis riiy. The wild animals were
all Ihey were crocked up In he uml
provided an oxcepllonallj Interesting
nnd Instructive entertainment, bui
Hie funny features, Including the
downs, were very poor, altogether
tnworlhy what is otherwise a    verj
That intangible thing
which appeals to all
men—particularly the
younger chap, whose
clothes must be distinctive, has been attained in the new
with its long, gracefully shaped lapels, its
well made, slightly
dipped coat front, and
the nice easy fitting
suit shown in the illustration.
It has smartness and
individuality — while
the wear is in it too.
It always is in cloth-
L-"-'* '^ •tfjgjjEjj    ing bearing our label.
S *»- S 8l2
s « 5 9 %
1 11 11
1 i I B «
5 ■<« fi o
:ll 22.1* Ttl.3'1
13 311.05 86.01
.It! 2fi.:il 72.nn
Division I —
Miss     Alward
Division II —
Miss Dick    ,.,
Division III —
Miss    Currie
Division IV —
Miss   11.  Alward. II    33.80  R2 3n
Division v.—
Miss Henley   .   .   20     10.75  83.10
Division VI.—
Miss   Boston   .... 17    12 22  00.51
Division VII.—
Miss Hamilton   ... 15    31.30  70.22
Division VIII.—
Miss Palnn  08     Is.11   83.31
Division IX. II s-
I.. .1. Cranston ... If)     0.07 00.70
300  335.68 82.37
Division VI. (Miss Kastun's) wins
tin- Nelson Shield, having the highest
percentage ul attendance during May.
Division I.
Iln/i-l Taylor,   Ernest   Jones, Deii
Murgntroyd,   Eillih  Castake, Wilfred
Division II.
Evan  llnss,  Percy Bardgell, Alice
llrnwn, Melford Carson, Viney Innis,
Willie Lemiiiin, Oeorgo Pratt.
Division HI.
Vera    llradwln,     Mariiui   l.eileh,
Merle Taylor, Bernndotte Hoyle.
Division IV.
Oordon Argue,    llradlunl Carson,
Melville    Dallas,   Alexander Mennle,
Agnes  Reekie, Gladys Spence, Rosa
Tito, Rowland Cox,
Division V.
John Drake, Allen Brown, Edward
llrnwn, Ethel Dow, Ng Wai liny,
i.illie Lancaster, Allan Lncey, Mary
Lucy, I'mssley Taylor, John Tur
tier, Mahil llrnwli, Edward Itine.
Miirie Campbell, Irene Bernard,
Division VI.
Mali lliug, c Austin Chapman,
Charles Clapp, Pate Crisler, Jennie
lln|iklns, Sadie Lncey, Margaret
Morrison, David Heckle, Roy Robi-
chand,. Palmer Rutlodgo, flarfleld
Taylor, .Inmes Tclo, Irmn Ward,
Verne Woodman
170    Hughes, Rev  I!
Dlvlslcn VII
Edith   Murgatroyd,   Camille Tito,
Mamie   Bnrtlain,    Merle    'Bennell,
Mabel Finlay,    Pearl Pratt, Evrrell
Williams, Mai inn llriiniiiininl
Division VIII
Ethel Clapp, Gertrude Hopkins,
Margaret Lncey. Hope Taylor, Ooi
dun Woodman, Malcolm Belnngc
Nina Bellinger, Maggie Carr, l-'.li/
belli Chapman, Helen Lcclcr
Thomas Reekie, Leuiianl llurto
.lames Logan, Donald Dallas, Im
Llnnell, Donald Morrison, Artln
ihnl we Intend lu appl) lo llle Chlel
Cuiiimissium-i  nf     Lands and    Works
fur permission in purchase He i"l
lowing described mill site, situate in
smith East Koolenay District:
Beginning al n post planted at the
Intersection uf tlie western boundary
ul l.nt Numboi 8060, with ilu- rlglil
of-wny uf the Kootenay Central Rail
way, tlniiie suuili M chains ii links
east, twenty seven t27.ui>) chains,
muie ur less, following tin- northern
buiidnry ol the Iviiuteliay Central
right-of-way; thence north twenty-
ciglil I2s.iiti) chains, mora ur less;
thenco west lourtcen (H.OD) chains,
mure or less, lo the boundary nl
Lot Number 51; thenco in a northwesterly ilirecllnii, following Ibe
boundary nl Lot Number 61, to the
east boundary nf Lot Niimliehr 8060;
thence east three (3 mi) chains In
ihe north-east ci met nf Lol Number
:mon; thenco south lout (4.00) chains
in the smith east comer uf Lot
Number 30(10; Ihenre wesl Iwn (2.011)
chains, mure nr less, lu the place, nl
beginning, containing duty tlO)
acres, more or less.
Tho Bridges Lumber Company,
.1. V. Bridges, Locator,
Dull,I    this   Mill    day ul     April,
1911. 10-21
in tlif
Hotel fr-itilipNik Com*
llllMti' riXi.UB
ut N p.tll
Every. Iiituratnl
• •••••••••••ft
The Consolidated Mining ami
Smelling Co. ul Canada, Ltd , uf
Trail, III' , give notice lh.il un the
19th day m June, PHI, al eleven
ii'eli ck in the forenoon, it inlelids
In apply tu the Water Culntolxsiuliel
ul his iiiiin- in fmnlironk, fur n
license In take and use twenty Ore
.-iihie foot uf water per second, frmn
Murk Creek, in Ihe Cranbrook Will
er District. Tlio water is In lie
taken from the stream aboiil nt tin*
steniwinder dam, Lol 3fi:i2A and Is
lu lie used on Lot 11228, Murk Creek,
(or mining purposes and purposes in.
eidental thereto.
The Cutis, lidntnl Mining and Smelling Co.
By V. II. Mi-Dmirall, Agent
April 2*Hh, lllll. 11-51


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