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Cranbrook Herald Nov 22, 1917

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THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd,  IH17
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
.li'inis Vomift, Allt'fiH l-'fliinii'il Soldier. ConfChaed to llutinir
Killed William Hall nl IMmon's ramp, near Hull
KUw—Jrti'yN \er.llc. iMiiycl.
On Tuesday lUttitng last r man
named Jnmoa Young, who had beau
em ploy od uk » tie maker ai Potiraon's
( amp. Hull River, went to c.'mi- >'\x
und Informed tin* utore-koopor then
that he had klllod a man. Thi* police
and Uio coroner wen* itnmodlntoly no-
ilfli'd, and on arrival of the police,
thoy proceeded to Peterson's Camp
when* they found the dead body of
William Hall lying In his blink, death
apparently Iiavlng been raunpii hy
wounda In UlO head. A blood stained uxo was found leaning agalnHt the
wall of tbe shack.
Young wati taken Into custody aud
conveyed to Hull Hiver police illation,
where he gave his iiume as John
Krancis Welch.
An inquest on the body of William
Halt was held on Thursday evening,
hut a' a lute hour the verdict of the
jury dad not been returned.
The preliminary hearing takes place
on Tuesday next.
Several stories are in circulation as
to the events which led tip to the tragedy. It Is alno rumoured that the
man who is now in custody, on his
own confession, is a returned soldier
and served in France for a considerable length of time.
The coroner's jury wished to view
the scene of the tragedy and being
unable to arrange for tenuis, were obliged to walk u mutter of sixteen
The Local Exemption Tribunal, presided over by MOBars, H. White and 0,
V. PowlinlI with Major Nation uh the
Military Representative, havc had a
busy week.
During tlie week al! exemption
claims were heard, with the following
2\ wero ordered to appear before
the Medical Board for examination on
November 25th; .1 were In Claso U;
S were iu Class ('; r> were in Class E;
s claims were disallowed; 4 conditional exemptions were grunted; 3 were
Lasl week's report. $44,050
Total to date • $98,600
Representing 182 applications. Cranhrook Dlstrlcl
Allotment has been raised
to $150,000.
s more days lo raise 951,400
Wus a Great   Success    Dunn*   lit the
Evening* Well Attended
■ll H2UI
tantasser*  Meet  wit li Splendid  Ite.
s|ionse from Olslrlct
The Annua! Bazaar held In the
Christ Church Parish Hall on Wed-
ik;,».,iv proved iiiRhlj- tmoawnfu. in a'l
The bazaar was opened by the Hector, tlie Uev. F, V, Harrison, who congratulated the ladies of thc Church
on the result of their efforts, through
whieh a large and attractive assortment of useful and ornamental articles hud been prepared.
The Herald reporter, being a.mere
man, cannot he expected to enter into
h detailed description of the items
offered for sale, but the remarks of
visitors to the hazaur ami ihe rapidity
with which purchases were being
made demonstrated the attract ive
qualities of the goods displayed.
An excellent feature ol the bazaar
was the "Hanna" .-fall. Bearing In
mind the wishes of the Food Controller nud the necessity for tlie conoerv-
titlon of sugar, the Committee decided
to eliminate the usual Candy Count61
uml replaced same with a good assortment of cookery, prepared wltll due
regard ta the food control regulations,
During tiie afternoon " program of
musical items and physical drill whs
given by the girls of llu of ''*.■ Eager
Heart Cluh under the direction -if Miss
Richardsoni «ls« a  very  pr'liy dunce
by Miss Patricia MeDertoot,
The following Indies had Charge of
the various stalls:
Women's Guild, .Mesdames (i, Hogarth and l'\ H. Morris; Hahy's wear,
Mesdames (i. 11. Thompson, P. W
Green; Home-workers' booth. Mob-
■lames J, K. Smith, A. Cameron, C
Hersey; Cookery, Mesdames. VV, .1
Flowers. Fenton. G. Smith; Ftsli Pond,
Mesdames 1). Hurtou, Hartnell, Armstrong, F, A. Parker; Hanna table.
MesduuicN F, V  Harrison, J. Hurton.
Tea was served by Mc dames Brick*
son and Nelson,
Tlie danco In tlte evening was as |
succesiiful as the bazaar had been In
the afternoon. Tbe fflllflla provided
by the Crnnhrook Orchestra being Up
to their usual high standard Tlie
iiiial amount realized from the hrzaarl
und dance wan over $400.00, I
Mr. Bruco Hrown has received the
following Interesting letter from Sergeant J. Milne:
Dear Bruce:—I don't know how
many questions you asiked me
in yonr Inst letter as I have mislaid it somewhere; but I huve u few
hours at my disposal to-day and
thought 1 would drop you a few lines
just to say that I am well and am
not looking for souvenirs as it':; an
unhealthy job out here. I have not
been up the line this time yet but expect to soon; had tlte pleasure of
visiting some of Fritz' cement cellars; they make very good dug-outs.
Have just read a letter taken from a
Hun on hill TO; rotten thing to do as
It was Intended for his people at
home; he was telling them that he
had Just moved into a quiet part of
I the line. I suppose ft wus when be
| was writing, hut it must huve livened
| up before he got it posted; so you see
■ life is very uncertain here; of course
we all believe we are coming through
without a scratch—but!
1 Saw Percy Adams a couple of days
, ago; lie is here with the machine-
gun compnny and looking quite well.
How are things in the olil town now?
' hope it ts still alive? how Is conscription  coming  up?
Tin* members of the committee and
the canvassers have been busy during
tho past week bringing the Victory
Loan to the notice of the public A
great deal of advertising mutter has
heen put out, and the outlying districts huve been organized. A number
of canvassers are culling ou the citizens and will be glad to answer any
inquiries. The canvassers have application forms with them and these
cun bo filled out. uud handed to the
canvassers, or the applications may
be mude direct to the Hunks. In order to assist in the work us much as
possible, it is hoped that the applicants will make use of the "cheque'
form attached to the application instead of tiie "undertaking to pay"
form. The canvassers do not undei
uny circumstances receive the cash,
and the local committee does not handle the money, it Is quite Immaterial
whether the applicants hand their application to the canvassers or to the
A meeting of tlie Farmers Institute was held at Fort Steele yesterday and scveru! went from Crnnhrook
to assist in tlie sale of Victory Bonds.
Meetings will be held today al Wardner and at Hull River,
It is rather remarkable that up to
the present the amount of applications from outlying districts has lieen
quite lurge in proportion to the total
amount subscribed, by the Cranbroolt
District. The Committee would like
to emphasize the fact that they are
particularly anxious to get in the
small subscriptions of $f>0.00 and $100
as the large subscriptions usually
lake  cure of  themselves.
Mr. John F. Smith has received n
telegram fronl Pte. H. S, Clark sent
from Quebec and stating that ho is
on the way home.
Private Clark wns wounded in the
eye ut Vlmy Ridge.
Premier Itnrden has uuuoum-eil tbe per*onuel nf Hie uevt Wur t'uhinct.
uud also the (omiultlee whirh will have iu charge tbe domestic wur problems. The War t ablnel will ite teclntirallj known as Ibe War Committee
of the Cabinet Council* The Crime .Minister will act us lis I'residenl uml
Hmi. V tV, Unwell a-, it*. Vice.president. Tbe ree nn struct imi committee
nili alsn bate the Crime Minister as lis President and Hon. A. k. Maclean
us it- Vice*President. The personnel nf the committees followsi
Chairman. Mr Itnltert Burden.
Vice-Chairman, 11 mi. St. VV. Ituwell.Presideiit of the ITlvj I'imiim'II.
Hajnr-Gcneral Mewfaru, Miuis.tr of Militia and Defence.     *
Sir Thmtias V. bite. Minister oi Finance.
Ilou.CC, Kall.nitu'e. Mii.i-lci -1' Marine A Fisheries and Natal Senile.
Hon. C. J. Doherty, Minister of Justice.
Hon. V, 11. Carvell, Minister nf Public Wnrke.
linn. A, L. Sifimi, Minister oi Customs,
linn. P. E, Itbmdlu, Pnslmaster.tieiieiul.
Sir lilwurd hemp. Minister of Overseas M Hilar)  Forres,
Chairman, Sir Hubert Itnrden,
Viecf'huirmun, linn. A. k. .Maclean.
Sir t.cnrae Foster, Minister of Trade and Commerce.
Sir Thomas White, Minister of Finance.
Hon. J. D. Reid. Minister nf Hallways aud Canals.
Hmi. J. A. Culder, Minister nf Immigration aud Colonisation,
linn. Artlmr Melghen, .Minister of tbe Interior.
Ilnu. T. A. Crerar. Minister of Agriculture.
Sir James l.miuiiced. Chairman nf tbe Military Hospitals Commission.
linn. Senutor Robertson, Minister without portfolio.
Fneb committer, it wilt be observed, consists of ten members, The
duties of the War Committee, which n ill exist during Ibe progress of tbe
war, and until after demobilization, are defined in au Order.in.Council
bused upon recommendations made h> the Prime Minister.
The new Cabinet I..'as follows:
Sir Robert Horden. Premier and Secretin*.*, of Stale for IMenuil af.
■Inn. Newton VY. Howell, President nf Hie Council.
Sir Jumes l.nugbeed, Government Leader lu the Senate and Chair* j
man nf tbe Military  Hospitals  Com mission.
linn, Marin  Hurrell, Secretary of State.
linn. Artlmr Sifton, Minister of Customs.
Hon. Arthur Melghen. Minister of lhe Interior.
Hon. J. A. Culder, Immigration and Colonization.
Hon, T. A. Crerar. Minister of Agriculture.
Sir t.eorge Foster, Trade and Commerce.
Sir Thomas White, Finance Minister.
Hon, John l». Held. Minister of Hallways and CitniiK
Hon. Thomas Vi. Crothers, Minister of Labor.
Sir Kdward Kemp, Militia and Defence Overseas.
Hen. S, C. Mewburn. Militia and Defence in Cunadu,
Hon. C. J. Doherty, Minister of Justice.
Hon. C. C, HttHnnlyne, .Minister nf Marine and Fisheries und Naval
Hon. Albert Setlgiit, Minister of Inland Revenue.
Hon, P. F. Hlniidin, postmaster..ipneral.
Hon. F. II. Carvell, Minister of Public Works.
Wihnut portfolio -Hon, Frank Coehrune, Hon. A. K. Maclean, Hmi.
t-ideoii  Robertson.
Solicitor.tieneral   Hmi. II uu Ji Guthrie.
More New
Preeeiie* ta] Library e*f
JUST arrived, ncw dresses
made of serge, taffata and
silk crepe-de-chene in pretty
shade of green, brown, navy
and tan with fancy colored
collars and cuffs and some
with hand embroidery and
Prices from $13 to $27
More New Blouses
Handsome new crepe dechene
and Georgette crepe blouses
just  put into  stock,  they
come in white, ivory, flesh
pink and maize.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
[jW. , irflft M ***,****   tt\f.*s   it\fssm <m*ft**   ■>>■   mr*f,m rmflfsmm*^
Several persons narrowly escaped
serious Injury on Tuesday when t
u team attached to a wagon belong-!
iu« to Mr. Parnaby took fright and
bolted on Hanson Avenue. They
turned down Louis Street aud deposited the wagon in sections at
various telephone polos. Mrs. H. A.
McKownn and her sister, Mlsa Cartwright, who were approaching from
tho opposite direction In nn automobile, gave the runaways as wide a
berth r.s possible, and availing a
head-on collision, escaped with come
damage tothe car. Lean fortunate
were a local rancher nml bin wife,
who were overtaken hy the team,
thrown from their buggy and con-
alderabty brained nnd aliaken. Tbe
horses were eventually stopped near
tU CatbaMc Chunk.
flae-li..'     "   J,*-■f.yU.H,
Canada's Victory Loan
I ..ue ut
$150,000,000 5i% Gold Bonds
■ttriill   lateral!   fraai   De.euttei   Ut.   IVlT, Hinl  uftrtdi  i
ihrrfe  mum. itiei, the choice of which ii .>.eii.u.-:  wliti  the tubn-rfbei, m fulliw.
t Honda due December lit, 1922
r H.-mlidi.e De.ember 1st. 1927
r Bonds due December in. 1987
Thi* 1.o*i:  ll authoriaeJ  under  Act of the  P_rli_
The amount  ut this iMue ll |1M,OUO.OU>. Mi-imi 	
kavitei. rettrvei the ti|bl to alloi ihe whole or oiiy part of the a mo 11
uf Cktwdll, and both priiii-ifi*! and Interest are a charge upon '
the amount  (It anyl paid hv the mirrender of Iwniti of previous
I-, ril.-l in esieai ul fl 511,000 ,000.
he CouolMi
ited  Revenue I mid.
Miuiner ot Mu-itta
'lh* rr«M**d* ill  ihli  I u.n   wlll  b«  uaed  l..i
*  purpotet only, and wlll be tpenl wholly tu Canada.
frlnclpal and  Inicrtar tiayabl* In Gold
nenomin-ilona:    fSt, SIM, |M1 and |I.Mtl
Subscriptioni mint be in eumi of S.Vi or roultiplei thereof,
hr Ufti.e ol ihe MinUter of Financa and Receiver General at Ottawa,
Montre-al, Toronto, Winnipeg,  Kefiaa, Cil.ity and Victoria,
payable,   without  cfcWlt,  h-lf yearly.  June  lat aud   Decembar lit, at any branch iu Canada of any T|__rier«d
Principal yayabli without charie
al  Halifax. St.  John.  Chariotteto
t the Office of the -■
Rearer or Keftinfered Bond*
lie is ve
Bondf mny be reitiattred ai to principal or a* to principal and iniereat.
•i-nj-coti-b''    nr payable to hearrr. in aci-nrdance with tha cholc* of the applit-ani for reii.ter.i1 ur bearer houda. <
;'.(!;•   ns .".■■Vr-ffJ** " ""' recdpti.    When the-. Blrip ceriiticute* havi beiefn paid In full, and payment endorwd thereon _y the ban. re
tuey may   ■* ■ 'All* ma%\», wliwi prepared. «'*h inimona itUched, payable to bearer, or regiitered a* 10 principal, ot for lull,  refii
prepared, w -\   \     ^,    Mltaccanlancc with the application.
Delive.isi**1   ,_.rim «rUftcatM and of definitive bondi will be made throuih the Chartered Banka.
Hearer hmnU win. cttUMM *i|| he tNUed 1" deuouihuii.m* of |_0„ 111*).. HMO., and 11,000, and iu*y be regiitered aa lo principal
lered UO-OI, ihe miere.t on wliloh i' i>-id direct to il,c omier bv ('.overnment ..ueiiue. will i.« iaaued in denominationi of ll.ufti.. |3,0U>1, ■
wuliipl'- of I,.owl,
Subtest to the |.i.yineni ••* :."> cenU lor each new bond i.?u>-.i. holden of fully refiitered bondi without coupotu, will luve ihe light w
of the .l^iiLi.ie in,,. . ..I i' ie.h. .. it Ti i-uuponx, »n.l holders ul bondi with t-oupon* will have the righi io convert into .ully legiatereil bourta ul
iMttlAtti without coupoai, <*; .iv time, on application to the Mlniiter of Ktnanea,
Surrender of Bond*
■ October  let.  HI 10. and tinudl of tin thtie  preceding  Du
.ill be I...--! ■
reiving the nn
tered  houdi  *
Lou I-
,   |>j
-nt for
1 iioml-1 uf thi* i»ue, under the [oliowing coudlti
Debenture Stock, due October     lit, 1910, at Parand Accrued Intereit.
War Loan Bomli, due December lit, IMS. »t IT1*, und Accrued lutereit.
'The .il.ovr wlll he -u 1 rpii-.l m |,_u payment lui boinia of u. y of the three maturilie* of thl* I—..--'
War Loan Bondi, dae Octol»er lit, 1031, »t »7'» and Aocrutd Intereit.
War l.u-ii iio.ni . d..-.- March lit! HW7. at tin ind Accrned Intereit.
(Theae will l*e gecapted in iuri payment for Wnde of the la.i;  maturity ONI.V uf •■..-  \ssM.)
1 re iim
ml act
f I hit litUl wit!, in ihe event  of future Imuci of like maturity, 01 longer, iiu.le bv
rur.l Intereit, a* the equivalent uf 1 _ih for tha purpoie of iubKri;nioii t-J lucll  i.
Issue   Price   Par
l_.l.i.l.ii)!  auy  luc.io*   141    litip.iavd   I'i   puriunac* uf laglilatlun cnactad  by
Payment to be made aa follow..'
lnri on December lit. 1017            909} on  March  lit, 19IS
HI', on j..nuar)  Jin!, ml".                -*ufi  un  April     lit, Ivl-
•Jt)% on Febmao let, IUIS          80-JJ on NUy    lit, mis
tha farll
A full li.Of jt-j-'»Inieirn will be paid on lit June, 1919.
Tkw Mundi ilitrefore g|v« a net Intaraat yield tu th* Innaror of about 1
5.61% on tho 20 year Bond*
5.68% ou the 10 year Bonda
5.81% on the    5 year Bonda
All payiuiui* an to Me made to a Chartered Bunk for the credit of the Mlniiter of Finance. Failure to pay any Uutalmcnt whin Jj,-
payment* liable to forfeiture, and the allotment in riim-ellutioti. SubioripUoui accompanied by a depoeit of 1US of tbe amount lUMcritrtd
tluuugli iiie meJIuiu 01 _ CJiartereJ Bank,    Any hnimh in .'aiudu of any Chartered Bank will forward lubempiiooi and iaiue |.rj*,_u„_,
lu caie of partial allotment* the lurpliis depot!t will be applied toward payment of the amount due on Ibe January iutalraent.
SubKiiplioai may be paid in n.lt on January 2nd. 1918, or on uny Imtalment due date thereafter under diecount at the rate uf .<-.';
Udl prorliiou paymintt of the b.lau.e of lubicripiioni may pe made ai followi;
if paid on January 2nd. 1918. at tba rat* af 89.1079.. per IHXl.
If paid on February lit. It* 18, it the rate of 79.4WSU per llllll.
If paid on March lit, 1918, at the ran of fn\7327*t per lino.
If paid on April Ih, 1919, at the rait of 39.9095'* per (mm,
Form* of application muy he nbt.\ined from any branch In Canada of any Chartered Bank, or from any Victory l.o*n Cuut_^i.e.r.
The book* of the Loan wilt be kept at the Departiueai of Finance, Ottawa.
Apullcatioitl wai be maill In due i .nine for the tilting of thia lame on the Montreal and Toronto Stock Kachange*.
SitbicrtpHon I.lati will cloaa __*__
will rendei <
mu-t t>* I.i
i lurwLw.  it;*,tul.
JCmas is ffiut a
3*ew Weeks jfivay
Ami miu i* Hie time in make y>nr icIecUona.     Un>\, In ererj dat
ami st-f tlu* new Items we art' condnuatlj Mildln_- to our holidat stoeh
The Sale of our WHITE IVOR, a* well   aa   otJier   CbrUtmai
utocks I- fur beyond out expectations eTen now.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
«. J. ATIHlftOX, luiftr.
Leave Your Money at Home
(let iiie Ideu oul of your head thai you can
save money by liuyiiiji your 'iroreries from
Mail Order Houses.
Staple Groceries, ilaj, llraln. Feed, Etc.
Buy Victory
Bonds First
Then look up your Hardware wants and call on us
THURSDAY, NOV.  15th, 1917
Hamsters, Ete.
H. K. Ilnnl        Q, J. Spreull
I'KAMIItOOK,  11. r.
Hit. V. B. MILES
Office In Hansen* Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
Civil meel Mining Kiiflnrrr.
11. I'. 1 ......I Siirirjur.
The Shoe Specialist
eS.tlil.eUoD Guarantee*
Headquarters for all kinds ot
Spokane, Washington
This house haa Uie
happy distinction of being the favorite stopping place In Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Ib excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
and 0. W. R. & N.-Mllwauk*
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
houses and places ot amusement.
See Stesiushlp on Roof
At ;i meeting held Thursday evening it waa dectdod by a number of
! our  patriotic  people  to  have a Pie
I Social    and  Whlsl     Party  Saturday
: evening which proved a tremendous
j success.    Progressive   whist   played
j from 7,30 lo 10.30; 1st prizes won by
Mlsa  Parrel! and  Mr,  A.  Cameron;
: consolation awarded fo Mr. and Mrs.
1 Bothnmy.   Mr, Prank Joyce sold by
j miction nu excellent  display of pics
! which fetcliod front $3.60 to H.7r,   The
. Committee responsible for the even-
ing's entertalnraeni consisted of Mesdames.    Hollister.    Pitch,    Gardner,
1 Cameron.  Dosatilnler mid Miss Mnr-
, shall.  Messrs. Taylor,  Pitch,  Bidder,
'< Joyce, Thomas, und Burch,   The sut-
■ Isfactory  sum of one  hundred  und
i thirty eight dollars was realized for
tlu- Red Gross Fund.
Wllllconu* Mis
Hlalr. Mlsa K.
come, and Mh
joyable evenlu
A meeting ol
ist Association
prffinl Hotel y
iwse of appoli
nominate a Un
Obmihg Feden
volition which
hrook on the
H. L, Attree c
pointed ns <l<
wus secretory
- K. WlUlcomOi Miss M,
Fenwick,   U A. Willi-
s M. Slmlster; an cn-
g was spent,
the Fort Steele Union-
was held at the lm-
istiTilny, for the pur-
ting two delegates to
lon 1st candldato for the
tl Election ut the Con-
Is to be held in Cran-
Hth. A Doyle, and E.
if Fort Steele were up-
legStes. G, S. Baker
liro torn fnr tho meet-
Mini- 1
xaniiuutlona meet ltcports
L. P A It K 1'
Mlninu* Engineer
Herald Pig.,
anil Elko, ll. i'.
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Matermry i.vl fleoeral Niir*lni
Maotage and Best Cure, Highest
References,  fair terms. Apply
MBS. A.  SALMON,  Matron.
Phone 259 P. O. Box 8.5
Address.Garden Ave., Cranbrook
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
riijslrinn** and Surgeons
Ofllce  at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  9-00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 .o   4.00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send it to
Sneclal orices for familv
Forwarding snd  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and Greenblll Coal
Imperial OU €o.
Dlstrbutlon Cars a Specialty.
Pniylmr nnd TnuisferrUiir
Given prompt attention
Pbone 83
General Merchant
Employment Agent
■>  O   riox 108 Phone 244
1>aj Phone 238, Night Phone tt
Norbary Ave, next to City Hall
I.O.D.E., WALDO*   IU.
The silver teas which wen. given by
mombers of the I. i>. i». E. lust winter
will he continued now that cold weather has come again,
The rirsl of those was glvon hy Mrs
A. C. Wright, at her home, Oetober 10,
, Tho sum of $8.00 was realized, which
j will ko towards purchasing articles
i'or soldiers' comfort bags.
j The school children of Baynes Luke
\ gave $2.00 for tin* Tobacco Fund lor
I soldiers, forwarding tho money thru
I the Chapter.
A concerl wns given in Ross' Hall.
Waldo, ou Octobor 28rd,   under   the
auspices of tho Bast Kootenay Chap-
I ter.   The program was made up   of
I vocal  and  Instrumental   music,  and
| a one act farce entitled "Chiselling."
The affair was very successful,   n
i largo audience gave encouragement to
j the performers, and made a financial
success of the evening.   The net pro-
j cceds were $82.
Several more parcels have lately
i been sent off to France to local men
now hi the fighting line. Altogether
: 21 parcels were dispatched, each con-
I talnlng a pair of hand knitted socks,
i tobacco, cigarettes and gum. All told
j over 60 of these parcels have heen
' sent hy tho Chapted.
i     A general meel Inn was held on Nov.
1st, and ;i donation of $25 was voted
to V. M. r. A, war work, and $50.00
was voted to the British Red Cross.
To the latter sum was added $12. the
proceeds of ii   dance glvon   for    tliis
good cause, by some "f Waldo's young
The following Red Cross .supplies.
numbering 7S articles, hnve been shipped io Fernie: Wash cloths 66, crochet tics ill, Bcnrf 1, hand-knit socks
2 pr.; machine knit socks ij pr. Pyjamas '.'. suits. The cash cloths and
ties are chiefly the work of the school
children of Baynes Lake and Waldo.
Subscriptions to tlie Patriotic Fund
for September are ns follows; R. L.
T. (inlhraith, $5; A. Doyle, $5; Chas.
Mair, $5; R. T. Richardson, $2.50; H.
Kershaw $2.60; R, Bake/, $L\00; C3. s.
Baiter, $1; A. .1 Gro.sz $1; Mrs. F, C.
Can ii 60c.
The school reporl for October
siiows a good attendance of pupils.
The following is a list ot the names
of children for perfect attendance:
Pearl Johnson. Robt. Johnson. Alfred
Kershaw Ethel Kershaw, Olive Held.
Albert Richardson. Qeorge Werden.
Marg. Werden, Helen Wlrth, and Rtitli
Chnlun tier.
At a party to ihe school children by
Miss Slmlster, Ethel Kershaw was
given n prize for neat appearance and
oleanllnoss, and Pearl Johnson was
given a prize for composition nnd neat
I Nelson Glen, nfter Jumping through
lottiie window and throwing lighted
| lump on floor of dining room at Wasu
Hotel, Wasa, was taken in charge
hy Constnble Walsh of Fort Steele,
was taken to Cranbrook and examined as regards his sanity nud was sent
to the Men tat Hospital, New Westminster on the 10th. Olen is a young
man about 28 years of age, and ts
reportetl to have :i ranch ' on the
A surprise party was given to Mrs.
Johnson of Fort Steele by laides of
the town. Those present were Airs.
Werden. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mirth, Mrs.
B. Johnson, Mr. H. Kershaw. Mrs. L.
(Left over from last week I
Crnnhrook Taxidermist has RB-
ipened for the season's hunting.
i On the eighteenth of October, "Our
Day" for the Hritish Red Cross So-
i ctety, was the occasion for a supreme
effort, Ou that occasion the Windermere District was thoroughly organized and parcelled out uuder llie various heads whicli came under the directions of the various committees of
llio Canadian Red Cross Society and
the whole territory canvassed in an
energetic effort to collect funds to
aid lu this gootl cause, with the result
Unit thc sum of three hundred and
seventy dollars was netted, which a-
mount Inculdes a generous contribution from the friends residing In and
ahout tile post ollice of Spllllmnclieiic.
One Of the most ardent canvassers
for the fund, has possibly been Mrs.
T. A. Pope of Westcllffe ranch, wife
of Thomas Archdale Pope, late of Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Pope has already had one son who has given his
life up in tho cause of freedom and
lias a younger son who has been once
wounded and who is again buck iu the
trenches doing his bit. On this "Our
Day" It fell to the lot of .Mrs. Pope
to visit tlie employees of the Paradise
.Mine, a property well over twenty
miles from here, situated at a great
height, near the foot of Mount Nelson. Mrs. Pope was very successful
in her visit to these workers nnd in a
short account has set out the result
of her visit in the hope that It might
he of interest to others engaged in
similar work and stimulate them to
go and do likewise.   Sim says:
"Various members of our Red Cross
Committee having undertaken to visit
different parts of our scattered district for "Onr Day" it fell to my lot
to interview the miners half way Up
Mount Nelson. As it meant a drive of
ubout twenty-two miles along a fairly
difficult roud a kind friend offered to
'uke me up iu a rig. We starled tit
i\x thirty in the morning and at
twelvo o'clock we arrived nt the mine
office, and from tiiere up to the mine,
i ten minute walk, landed us breathless, In a room where the miners
were waiting for us—impatient at tlie
interruption, I thought, but looking
.try interesting with their little mining lamps all lit. just ready to return
n work. A few words addressed them
tbout the needs of our poor wounded
hoys' touched tlieir hearts nnd they
ill responded most generously. The
tourney We had taken, generally done
n two days, may have appealed to
hem, also the unusual sight of a
woman in camp, but whatever the
reason, they certainly made the trip
i'«ry well worth while, for we started
in our return journey with over one
nindred dollars collected, having left
:i small Union Jack flying In the room
is a souvenir.
There was still more collecting to
!ie done ::t Jack Pine nnd even the
'hlnaman cook did not hesitate to
ipen his purse. When we reached
lorne it was seven-thirty and dark.
ve telephoned our success to Mr. Ran
lolph Bruce, the owner of the mine
iml on hearing that wo had collect
id over one hundred and thirty dot
ars he added twenty five dollars to
tic sum and we felt that our share in
he day's work hail certainly been
worth while."
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for eacb week after.
WANTED   TO   KENT   Piano   for
month.—Bnx 221. Cranhrook.      4S-2t*
FOlt SALE OK HME-One team;
about 11100 lbs.—Apply Herald Office.
LOST—Pair nf Eyeglass, .Finder
will please leave at Beale A Elwell's
office. 46*11
WANTED—A reliable man to nut
the skating rink. For particulars apply to John Levett. 4f»-lt*
Mixlricf    of    Eas|    Kooleillly
TAKK NOTICE that I. Oeorge A. j
Hunt, of Kitchener, B. C, occupation
Farmer, intends to apply for parmls-
Sion to purchase the following des- i
cribed lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the Southern boundary of
Lot 8908 and 20 chains In an Easterly
direction from the South-west corner
thereof, thence South 20 chains,
thence Kast 20 chains, thence North ]
to the Southern boundary of the|
Right of wny of the B. C, Southern
Railway, thence following the said
Southerly boundary of the Right or
way to a point on the South boundary
Ol Ixit MOH thence Westerly to the
point of commencement,
Dated   October  27lli, 1017.
Oeorge Andrew Hunt,
♦S-0t Applicant.
ORGAN halm oritun i»» VI stops,
2 knee swells—$86, VY, W Kilby,
Armstrong Avenue. 40tf,
ORGAN—12 stops, 'J kn... swells
Fine tone—$28.    W. W. Kilby, Arm-
! strong Avenue. 46tf.
;   ORGAN   Piano shupe, \i slops, *i
I knee swells, by Dominion Organ Co.,
good as new, cost $160, bargain—$45,
W. W. Kilby. Armstrong Avenue. 46lf.
FOK SALE   Organ. Dominion Organ
Co., piano shape, in splendid condition, 11 stops, 2 knee swells, cost
$100; for quick sale $46..—Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue. 33-tf.
TO KENT (HEAP -Double stall lu
warm stable; electric light; $2 per
month. Large dry warehouse, suitable for furniture or grain; electric
light; |"i per month.- Apply Hernld.
reeds, pedal bass, either lui ml or foot
pumped, sill table for teacher or Hiimlt
church Bargain seldom met with-
$70. W. W. Kilby, Armsirong Avenue.
Now that there are :* number of
returned soldiers in cranbrook am)
listrict, the question of forming n
Branch of the Oreat War Veterans'
Association lias been raised.
To the present some ninety brandies have been formed throughout tho
Dominion, with a membership of over
25,000. Nelson has had a branch for
-ouie t|me, and one was recently
formed at Fernie.
In order tliat a meeting may he
called to further consider and. if
possible, take some action In the matter, all returned soldiers in this district are requested to communicate
with  II. T.  Williams. Cranbrook.
The fingers were those •*■*• of Mr.
J. W. Besnard, of 539 Craig Bt.
E., Montreal. He says, —" A falling beam J>adly smashed my hand.
Two Angers were so severely
crushed that the doctors said tbey
would have to be amputated. Naturally 1 didn't want this, ao decided to try Zam-Buk flrst. 1 applied Zam-Buk daily, and by the
time 1 had used $4 worth, the injury was completely healed. My
fingers were i.aved!"
Just another Illustration of tha
healing power ot Zam-Buk. Accidents will happen. It may be your
turn next. Better get a box and
keep It handy. Accidents are less
frequent than skin diseases, and
remember this—
Zam-Buk is just as good for
eczema, ulcers, skin diseases, and
piles, as for cuts, bums, bruises.
All druggists and stores BOc. box,
or i for $1.25.   Refuse substitutes.
LODOE NO. 42, 1. O. 0. F.
J, II. filass, of Pentlcton, Grand
Master of the I. O. O. F„ for the jurisdiction of British Columbia, paid his
official visit on Tuesday of this week
to Key City Lodge. No. 42, of this
city, accompanied by Past Grand .Master Dudley of Femle. A special meeting of the Lodge was called for the
purpose of receiving the Grand Master and liis suite iu open session,
comprising District Dep, Q, M.. S.
Fyles, P, 0, M. Dudley, P. (J. M. H.
White. After the reception a social
''veiling was spent when the Maple
Leaf Itebekah Sisters attended by-
special request of the Grand Master.
The proceedings opened with a sumptuous repast In the form of light
cakes, sandwiches, fruits, etc. Nohh*
Grand, Brother W. B, Adlard presl.i
fd at the head of the table. Tlie following program was very ably carried out by all concerned. Tbe appreciation of those present was proved
by the applause and spirit In which
tho severnl items were received.
Chairman's remarks: welcome—N.
(!.. W. C. Adlard; Response; on behalf of Rebekah Sisters—Sister Hartnell, N. G.; Solo, Mrs. Wallace; I
Speech, P. (1. M.i Dudley; Solo, Bro.
W. (1. Morton; Speech, Bro. O. M.,1
3. II. Glass; Solo, Sister Mrs. Adlard;
Speech, It. E. Beattie, P. G.; Speech/
Bro. P. O. M.. White; Solo, Bro. Iltin-
mi; Speech, Bro. P. G. McDonald;!
God Save tbe King. God Save ouri
Splendid Mm i
Secretary    Reports    HHI    Christmas
Parcels Sent Overseas.
A well attended meeting ot the
Women's Institute was held In the
Parish Hall on Tuesday afternoon
with Airs. W. B. McPnrlane presiding.
A letter of acknowledgement was read
from Mrs. B luck wood-Wil em an thanking the members for their united voto
of sympathy with her in her loss
sustained by fire while she was attending the recent conference. Mr.
Scott's grateful note of thanks was
also read expressing hearty appreciation of the gift of $25 from the Institute to the Britisli Empire Agrlcul-
ural Relief of the Allies Fund white
a thiid letter of thanks was read
from Balfour acknowledging safe arrival  of cushions  and  quilts.
The Secretary gave a detailed report of articles given at thc October
shower and the work of packing thc
parcels recently despatched to France
and the wounded in E'igland. One
hundred parcels had been sent containing socks, fruit cake, smokes end
comforts of all kinds to the extent of
21 articles in all and at a cost of
$275 approximately. Tho report was
received with applause, everyone
wishing the parcels a safe journey
nnd In time for Yuletide. A vote of
thanks war. extended to Mrs. D.
Campbell who so kindly made the
A donation of $10 was granted Balfour Sanitorium to be sent to Miss
Forrest. Matron, to assist her In her
efforts for Christinas cheer for the
The Annual meeting falling on New
Year's Day it was arranged to hold
ihe same on the Thursday instead of
Tuesday and members were reminded
uf their subscriptions running out on
December :11st and that to be eligible
for voting at the electl,-i. of officers
on January 3rd their fee of 50 cents
would have to bp renewed meanwhile.
Tlie President expressed the l egret
of the Institute In lcslng Mrs. Christian. Senr., and Miss Mills, through
their removal from Crnnbrook, the
former going to Calgary while the
latter takes up her abode In Winnipeg.
Mrs. Erickson very kindly described
how socks should be properly made
to bnll Red Cross requirements, giving measurements and particularly
detailing the "Kitchener" toe so
necessary in army socks.
Lengthy correspondence waa read
from the University of B. c, re the
Conservation of Food movement, Including among other things the appeal to the women of Canada from
t ho Food Controller, Mr. Hanna.
Mrs. Horsey was appointed convenor
if a committee to take charge of this.
Several pairs of socks were given In,
while 30 pairs bad been made during
the pasl two weeks to pnek In thc
After the conclusion of business
Mrs. Kennedy und Mrs. Keywctfrth
kindly rendered vocal contrlbuMons
which were well received. Mrs. A.
A. MacKinnon read an eloquent article on "Home Influence, and How
to Manage a Husbar.d." At the ortset
Mu-. MacKinnon stated that If her
hearers expected something humorous tbey would be disappointed, and
If she (the speaker) could have chos-
e.i her subject alio never would have
selected "How to Manage a Husband."
Particularly did she dislike the word
"manage." When prepailng her sub-
ect tiie speaker attempted to Imagine : company of Intelligent men
sembled together to discuss tbe
problems of "managing" a wife and
In her mind's eye could she see the
victim of tiie society butterfly type
giving advice to thc husband of the
deep-cheateti home-loving mother.
AU mon lied tlieir own individuality
and needed different methods of t'.cal-
tng on behalf of the wife. The perpetual scold, the fault-finding and the
crying wife were all condemned
equally as ranch as thc woman who
indulges In intermittent protests
mnde ns forcibly as possible. The
policy of t r.ltlvatlug In our own lives,
ns well as fostering In our husbands'
those virtues we deem so essential
was tbe only way whereby two Uvea
Going Fast
£1 Sidelo Cigars are "going fast."
Dealers are requesting us to double
their orders and RUSH the cigars.
We're doing it. We expected this
immediate popularity of £1 Sidelo-
—the product of 17 years' study
They are so mild, so fragrant, so
good, that we guarantee them
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House size).   Smoke them.   Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and
the value given,   return the bands to us and
get your money.
el Sidel
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for SOc
CLUB HOUSE Siie,      6 for SOc
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co.
London, Ontario, Canada
The Ford is Now Considered a Necessity
for Large-Scale Farming
WHETHER you are doing work on a large scale, or a small
scale, you endeavor to reduce the delays of your farm
machinery to a minimum |and>ave time. A Ford will assist
you in doing these two things.
If your tractor runs short of gasoline, the Ford will bring a few cans
right to the spot and greatly shorten the delay. Or if you need
a repair, or some new plow points, you can "run" the errand to
town and back in one-third the time it would take with a horse
and rig.
With a Ford you can supervise the work on your ranch much more
thoroughly. You can get your mail and supplies of tener, and take
more enjoyment out of prairie life. A Ford will do all these things
and many more, and at the same time save you money.
The strength and endurance of the Ford has been proved lhe
world over.   It is equal to the western roads and the distances.
The Ford is the cur for the Western Farmer.
Runabout -    $475
Touring  •   ■ $495
Hanson Garage, Dealer, Cranbrook, B.C.
your ear lot shipments.
Our Prices are tbe lowest anil
our ha; Is the hrst - prompt
Ken. A Simpson & Co.
tn  Illh At*. West,     lalgarj
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada, Limited
Olllco, -melting and Refining Departnunt
THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd, 1 i»IT
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
Ji'iius Voium, Alloffnl Kohl til ml Nnlillrr. Conftifttted to llu nil.:
hllliil Willl.-iui Hall til Pfcterson's Cuiiiji. ni'jir Hull
Stiver—.ItivyN lerdtet Oeluyed*
On Tuesday lUiBitig hut p mini
no mod Jnmefl Voimg, who hud boon
fin ployed uh u tie muker ui Potirann'u
Cttmii, Dull Hiver, went to <Vmi- ?■■■*
uml Informed tin* ntoro-kceper then
that hv had killed u man, The police
uml iln* coroner wore Invmodlatoly notified, und un arrival of the police,
ihey iiroceeded to Peternon'8 ('111111)
whore they fount! tin* dead body of
William HaU lying in his bunk, death
apparently haying beon cauaod by
wounds In tho head. A blood ataln-
od aio was found leaning against the
wall of the shuck.
Young was taken into custody mid
conveyed to Hull Hiver police station,
where he gave hU name uh John
Francis Welch.
An Inquest on thu body or William
Mull wus held on Thursday evening,
but ti* 11 lute hour the verdict of the
jury hud not been returned.
The preliminary hearing takes place
on Tuesday next.
Several stories are in circulation as
10 the events which led up to the tragedy. It Is also rumoured that the
man who is now in custody, on his
own confession, is a returned soldier
and served In France for a considerable length of time.
The coroner's jury wished to view
tlie scene of the tragedy und being
unable to arrange for teams, were obliged to walk a matter of sixteen
Tlie Local Exemption Tribunal, pie-
Hided over by Messrs, II. White mid G,
F. Pownall wltli Major Nation us the
Military Representative, have had a
busy woek.
During the week S3 exempt Ion
claims were heard, with the following
'dl were ordered to appear before
lhe Mi'illcal Board for examination on
November 25th; :t were In Claso ll;
S were lu Class ('; h were in Class E;
8 claims were disallowed; 4 conditional exemptions were granted; .'i were
CunvisWTS  Meet   with  Splendid   IU1- *
wpnuse from Distrlet
The Annual Bazaar held in the
Christ Church Parish Hall on Wed-,
■iKMi.iy praved high))' »M."H»*M1rful In a'l
The bazaar wus opened by the Hector, the Itev. F. V. Harrison, who congratulated the ladies of the Church
mi the result of their efforts, through
which a large and attractive assortment of useful and ornamental articles had been prepared.
The Herald reporter, being a. mere
man. cannot be expected to enter into
h detailed description of tlie Items
offered for sale, but tbe remarks of
visitors to the Imznur and the rapidity
With which purchases were being
made demonstrated the attractive
qualities of the goods displayed
An excellent feature of the bazaar
was the "Hanna" stall. Bearing in
mind the wishes of the Food Controller and tlie necessity for tlie conservation of sugar, the Committee decided
to eliminate the usual Candy Counter
and replaced same with a good assortment of cookery, prepared Wltll due
regard to the food control regulation*.
During the afternoon » program of
musical Items ami physical drill was
given by the gills of (hi Of ClP Kager
Heart Cluh under the direction of Miss
Richardson, also a very pretty dance
by Miss Patriots McDermot.
The following ladle* had Ojiorgfl of
the various stalls:
Women's Guild, Mesdames 0, Hogarth uml F. H. Morrli; Baby'e wear,
Mesdames. <;. II. Thompson, F. W
tireen; Home-workers' booth. Me'i-
danu's .1 F. Smith. A. Cameron, C.
Hersey; Cookery, Mesdames. W, .1
Flowers.Fenton,0 smith; Fish Pond,
Mesdames ]). Hurton, Hartn.-ll, Armstrong, K A* Parker; Hanna table.
Mesdmues l*\ V   llurrlson. J. Ilurloii.
Tea wus served by Mt" dames Brick**
Mm and Nelson
The dance lu the evening was as
successful ns the bazaar had been In
tlio afternoon. The rottSlQ provided
by the Cr&nbrook Orchestra being up
to iheir usual high standard, The
total amount realized from the he/urn
and danco wan over $400.00,
Mr. Bruce Brown has received the
following Interesting letter from Sergeant J. Milne:
Dour Bruce:—! don't know how
many questions you aslked ine
in your last letter as I have mislaid It somewhere; but I have a few
hours at my disposal to-day and
thought 1 would drop you a few lines
just to say thnt I um well and am
not looking for souvenirs as It's an
unhealthy job out here. I have not
been up the tine this time yet but expect to soon; had the pleasure of
visiting some of Fritz' cement cellars; they make very good dug-outs.
Have just read a letter taken from a
Hun on hill 70; rotten thing to do as
it was Intended for his people at
home; he was telling them thnt he
had just moved Into a quiet part of
the line. I suppose It was when he
was writing, but It must have livened
up bofore he got It posted; so you sec
life is very uncertain here; of course
we all believe we are coming through
without  a  scratch—hut!
Saw Percy Adams a couple of days
ago; he is here with the machine-
gun company and looking quite well.
How are things in the old town now?
hope it is still alive? how is conscription  coming  up?
Inst week's report • $44,650
Total lo date • $98,800
Kt'liiTsentint: isi* applications. Crnnhrook DM rid
Allotment lias been raised
In $150,000,
s more days to raise $51,400
Was 11 threat   Success -Hanee   in Ibe
Kvening*Well   Attended
Tin* memhers of the committee and
I the canvassers have been busy during
, the   past   week   bringing  the   Victory
■ Loan to the notice ol" the public.    A
; great deal nf advertising matter has
been  put out, and  the outlying  dis-
; riots have been organized.   A number
j of canvassers are callinK on the citizens and will he glad to answer any
I inquiries.    The canvassers  have ap-
; plication forms with them and these
jean be filled out. and handed to the
I ciinvnssers, or  the applications  may
I be mude direct to the Banks,    in or-
i der to ussist iu the work as much as
'possible,  it is  hoped  that lhe applicants will make use of the "cheque'
form attached to the application instead   of   the   "undertaking   to   pay"
form.    The canvassers do  not undei
any circumstances  receive the cash,
und the locul committee does not bundle the money.   It Is quite immaterial
whether the applicants hand their application to the canvassers or to the
A meeting of the Farmers Institute was held at Fnrt Steele yesterday and severnl went from t'ranbrook
to assist in the sale of Victory Bonds.
Meetings will he held today at Wardner and at Hull River,
It  is rather remarkable thut up to
the   present  the  amount   of  applications from outlying districts lias been
quite lurge in proportion to the total
amount subscribed, by the Cranbrook
District.   The Committee would liko
to emphasize the fact  that, they are
\ particularly   anxious   to   get   in   the
I small subscriptions of jr.D.nu and $100
! aa    the  large  subscriptions    usually
• take  care of  themselves.
•Jt^/^tm %»V^ei^^/aM«p<J^»«p^^^^^««^/t^*«>**M
Mr. John F. Smith has received n
! tcleRram from Pte. H. S. Clark sent
i from Queher and st.iting thai he Is
I on the way home.
Private Clark  was  wounded in the,
I eye at Vimy Ridge.
Premier Burden huv auuounced lhe personucl »i the new Uur Cabinet,
und also the t'liniinitlee which will hate in charge the domestic nnr pnih-
lem*.. The Uur ( uhlnet will Iw lechniculh kinmii as tlie Wnr Committee
rn' ihe Cabinet Council Tin* Prime Minister wlB act as Its President mid
Hmi. N. W. ItmwM us j|., Vice-President. .The mo 11 strut* I imi committee
nlll nlso bate the Prime Minister as it*. President and Hun. A. h. Maclean
11- Its Vice-President. The personnel nf the committees follow.I
Chairman, Sir Itoliert Burden.
Vice-Chair man, Hon. V vv. Ko wel I,Pre* id ent ot the I'rlvj Council.
Major-General Mewl, urn. Minister nf Mllitiu and Defence.     *
Sir Thi'ina- White, Minister <if Kluaiice.
Huii.CC, Baii.oil.iiM*. Minister' ■' Murine \ Fisheries mid Nuul Service.
Hon. C. J. Doherty, Minister of Justice.
Hon. P. B. Curved, Minister nf Public Worke.
Hmi. A. I,. Sifton, Minister of Customs.
Ilou. I\ E. Blundlii, Piistmastcr-tieueral.
Sir l.dward Kemp, Minister of Oierseas Mililarj Purees,
Chairman, Sir Itobert Borden.
Wee-Chairman, lion. a. k. Maclean.
Sir .ieiiriii* Custer, .Minister of Trade uud Cimimci'cc.
Sir Thomas White, Minister of Finance.
Hon. J. D. Held, .Minister of Hallway* and Canals.
Hon, J. A. Culder, .Minister of Immigration and Colonixntlon.
Hon. Arthur Meighen, Minister of tlie Interior.
Hmi. T. A. Crerar, Minister of Agriculture.
Sir James Lougheed. Chairman of the Military Hospitals Commission.
Hon. Senator Robertson, Mi nisi emit limit portfolio.
Eacli committee, it will he observed, consists of ten members, .The
duties of the War Committee, which will exist during the progress of the
war, uud until ufter demobilization, ure defined in au Order* In.founcll
based upun recom men da lions mnde hi thc Prime Minister,
The new Cabinet l.'as follows:
Sir Holier) Burden. Premier mid Secretary of Stale fm- External affairs.
Hon. Newton VV. Howell, President uf Hie Council.
Sir James l.migliced, *t*overnment Leader In Ihe Senate and Chairman  of  tlle  Military   Hospitals   Com mission.
lion. Marin  Burrell, Secretary  of State.
Hon. Arthur Sifton, Minister of Customs.
Hon. Arthur .Melghen. Minister of tlie Interior.
Hon. J, A. Caldcr, Immigration and Colon fca tlo a.
Hon. T. A. Crerar, Minister of Agriculture.
Sir George Poster, Trade mid Commerce.
Sir Thomas White, Elnaure Minister.
Hon. John D. Reid. Minister of Hallways and Canals,
Hon. Thomas VV. Crothers, Minister of Labor,
Sir Edward Kemp, Mllllhi and Defeuce Overseas.
Hmi. S, C. Mewhurn. Militia anil Defence In Cunadu.
Hou. C. J. Puberty, Minister of Justice.
Hon. C. C, Biillniityiic, Minister of Murine und Fisheries und Naval
Hon.  Albert  Seviyny, .Minister of Inland Revenue,
Hon, P. E.  Blmidiu, pnstmaster.ffeneral,
Hon. E. B, Carvell, Minister of Public Works.
Wlhont portfolio—Hon, Crank Cochrane, Hon, A. K, Maclean. Hon.
Gideon  Robertson.
Solicitor-General    Hon. Hugh ■Kiithrie,
More New
Provln lal Library of
British Columbia, Aug ;.-i"
JUST arrived, ncw dresses
made of serge, taffata and
silk crepe-de-chene in pretty
shade of green, brown, navy
and tan with fancy colored
collars and cuffs and some
with hand embroidery and
Prices from $13 to $27
More New Blouses
Handsome new crepe de chenc
and Georgette crepe blouses
just put into stock,  they
come in white, ivory, flesh
pink and maize.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores (,
fly»i^ft» Wm "*V»- ■■Vi'* i*tft« t^lfim Hfm **y^-j_\
Several persons narrowly escaped;
aorloua injury on Tuesday when |
a team attached to it wagon liOlonK*
lug tn Mr. Parnaby took frlglll and '
bolted on Hanson Avenue. They j
turned down Louis Street und deposited tlie wagon in sections ut
various telephone poles. Mrs. II. A.
McKownn und her sister, Miss Cartwright, who were approuchtng from
the opposite direction la nu automobile, gave the runaways as wide a
berth r.s possible, and avoiding n
head-on collision, escaped with some
damage tothe cur. Less fortunate
were a local rancher nud tits wife,
who were overtaken by the team,
thrown from their buggy und considerably bruised and shaken. The
horses were eventually stopped near
Oo CntUHo Cbutth.
Canada's Victory Loan
$150,000,000 51% Gold Bonds
teartai latum  If*,   t'*-. •u.\.*:   Ut.  It*
titles, the choice of win ii ii ooil«i,,i1 wlih the »uU. ribet, m fallows;
.*> year Bondi Hue December lit. Ifl.'J
lu year lloiidi due December lit. lir.'.
Ill year Honri. due December In. I ft.7
Tb.li Lean li e_thoriaed  unaer  Act of tlie Parliament of Canada, and both principal and intereit are a dime uiwn ihe COniolldated  Revenue Fund,
The amount of thia iuoe I* 1150,000,000, ml lu.ive of the amount  [If anyl paid bv the mirrender of bondi of nrevioui I HUH.    The Miitiue. ol Finance
hawavar, tetanr* the iifbt H ■Dei lhe whole or any .wit of the amount mbKrlbeJ in eicea» of 1)50.000,000,
Tbo fisKttJ* _.   th<« tola **lll be mod for War ptirpoeee only, aad wlll bo epent wholly tu Canada.
Principal and Intoreat payable tn Gold
Dennntili." loin:    |.*t,  IIM,  $M% and 11,0011
Subscriptions mint be In iumi of (90 or multiple! thereof.
PrtBtinal payable without thane at the Office of the Miniitv of Finance aad Refceifer General at Ottawa, or at the Office ut the /Vubtant  RecaWtf
(..a«a>-i »t Htllns, M.  lohn. t hariouetowti,  MnntKtl, Toronto. Winnipei, Keiina, Ciliary and \ictorio.
Intereat payable,  txihuul cbane.  hjlf-yeurlv.  June lit and  Decembtt lit. at any branch In Canada of auy CbartOftd i*ui.
Bearer or Itefttetered Bond*
Bondi may be regUtered ai to i>rim.pal or aa to principal and Intereat.
Snip certincaie«, nor-nccotvab'-. nr payable io beam, in accordance with thi choice of tha applicant for rciiiteied or bearer boudi. will be Imsed ifter
alloimeut [a ft.-ii_.nie tor pTOTiw-iial recetpti. When the-e scrip ceriilicutei havi baen paid in full, and payment endoreed thereon hy the bank receiving lhe money
■ttt) m»y be e».lianie<l lot bond*, when prepared, with coupon! attached, payable to bearer, or regiitered ai io principal, or ior fully reflitered bondi alien
ixepared. withoui coupon), in OCtordance with the application.
Dtttvery of Interim Uttlflcatei ami ot definitive bomle will I* made throuoh the Chartered Bank*.
Bearer hnnd. wiih coqMni will he tuued In denamlnatlom I'f H0„ 1100., tuny, and 11,000, and may be reiiitend ai to principal only. Kullv regit,
tered boHai, ihe nnere« on whicli i- ]Mid direct to tl.e owner l-> Government cheque, will be iuued in denomination! ul 11,000,, 19,000, oi any autlinrlMd
Uulliple of I..0UII.
Sub'KI lo the pay merit ..' _S cenU for euch new- hon.i limed, holden of fully regiitered bondi without coupon*, will have the right to convert Into bondi
of the dettomlMtion >•! Il.ixm wltli couponi, ^n.l holden ol bondi with i-oupom will have the righi to convert luiu fullv iegiitere<l boudi of luthorifed ttenom-
lutloni wllbanl couponi, .■■. .1» time, on application to the Mlniiter of Finance.
Surrender of Bonds
■'_ Debenture Stock,
■ W„li in part immn
enture Stock, due October lit, Ifil0.nl P-r and Accrued Intereit
Loan Bondi. -l :e December lit, Wi, at B7.4 nnd Accrued Intereit.
. accepted in purl payment tor bondi of HO of the three maturitiei nf thii luue]
Loan Bondi, d ie Ottolwr lit. 1031, at 97H nnd Accrued Intereit,
I.u 11 Bond*, due Mawh lit. I«:i7, at DO and Accrued Inter-.1.
Mpteij hi part payment 'or bonde of the )u.i.  maturity hm.V of Utli Imuf
I the -
I segue   Price   Par
»!•»   ii-m   «_■■■    lu.Killug   auy lm>ei,,t
Impoavd Ih  purauaaca of laftlalattoi
Payment to be mude _*. lollow*:
ouaciad b/  i'ia P4rll41u1.11 ul 1 nuJ.,
lnr; nt, December tit. 101"
III1, on J.,mut     itnd, lull
BO'S nn Febniaf) lit, ihis
011  March  lit, i'>""
, on April     lit. lyli
Wi   May     lit. 1»IS
A full h.ilf ye_j-'s Interest will be p_id on lit June, l.ls.
Tho Moud. theroforo give a net Intaroat yield to tha Lnvaaror of about 1
la therefore glvo a net Intaraat yield tu tha Lnvaaror
5.61% on the 20 year Bond*
5.68% on the 10 year Bonda
*>.81% on the    5 year Bonda
All p-yi-abL are to He made to a Chartered B.nk for the credit of the Mlniiter of Finance. Failure to pay any lutalment when Jj.- will rendei prevloai
payment* liable to forfeiture, uml the ullotmeiii tn cancellation. SubicripUom accompanied by a depoeit of 10*t ot .tbe amount lUbocribed, uiu-t be forwirdid
thiough ihe meJiuiu oi *. OUinrrel Hin_.   Any branch in Canada of auy Chartered Bank will forward tubocriptlooa and iaiue proviuoual receipt..
In c-ie of partial allotuieut* tlie lurpltii d. no.it will be applied toward payment of the amount due on ibe January ioatalineat.
Subscription! may be paid in I.II on Jumi-iy i'm\. 1018, or on uuy luitalment due date thereafter under discount at tbe rate of *•>*•", \m auuuui. t'tuler
tfala ptovliioii payment! of the balinct of mbicripiioui m..y jir made ae followi:
If paid on January 2nd,   1«I8, at tbe rata of K_.lii.si'> per lltHl.
If paid on February lit,  HUH. at the rate of 7«.4WS*i pti llim.
If paid on March lit,       lam, at the rate of 99,7-274 pei 1'iki.
"       ■       "       ' at the rate of NlWBU) per $100,
Formi of applii atlon r
Tbe liuolti oi ihe I nai
Apnlic-Jiioiln will be in
If paid on April lit,
uy be obtained from any branch la Canada of any Chartered Bank, or from any Victory Loan Couiu^ittec
will be kept at the Department of Finance, -Ottawa.
Je In due tourie for the lining of thia leeue on the Montreal and Toronto Stock Kichangei.
Subicription I.bti will claaa oa of Mm
mas is
Siut a
J^ew Weeks Jiway
Ami NOW is ttie thm* t<> niHkf y%\\s kcleeffons.     I»r»|. in ererj itai
unit st*** tlif ik'h itriii*. ne an* contiuoallj »itillfi_r in nnr hnllduv stock
The Sale o. our ffHJTE IVdltV %\ well   %t   "Our   I hrMma-
stmli*., U fur ht-yonit out exp*?cta(|on_ eteii »"".
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
»'. I. ATCHISOM, Sssster.
Leave Your Money at Home
Oet the Ideu oui of your head that you can
save money ley buying your '.'roreries from
Mail Order Houses,
staple Groceries, llu). drain. Feed, Etc.
Buy Victory
Bonds First
Then look up your Hardware wants and call on us
THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd,  191T
Everything tlu* up-ln-dute iiian
inn re i [ii I rt* I* to lie found hen*.
Ami vim limy >if> sure tt Is tlio
very latest stylo. It' ymi are
in doubt about what lo glvo
'Miliir, /eome in juid let us
tiolti you— as we lmvo in-i|n*ii
dozens m'  others.
Here nili be found tlio finest
selection of men's jewelry requisites iu Hie country.
I.I'.II. Walch Insi tors
Nexl In llie. I'.isl Oi'li,*,*
M.   A.   Rente,   Secretary   nnd   Editor
I). A. Kelt.  >Iieeiili*i*r.
< rillilerni.l*, II. I'„ Viiei'iiilei'i* '..ail, 11117
y. m. c h. «ricc
Hours i> u.m. to s p.m.
Itogiilar Hhiiifi- & Sheit Orders
Hi'asoiiublo Prices
Special   Table   for   Ladles.
Ti.i'  IIO.Ii:  BAKERY
Kubt. Irame, Prop.
lichii I tread, Cukes, Pies
uml Pastry
Phone 37
Norhury Ave.       Opp  city Hall
l.O.O. K.
Meets every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hull.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
10. ll. McPhee W 0, Adlard
Secy. N. Q.
(ranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box 022
Visiting  brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Employment has not been lacking
for a couple of years past. Business
has Wn good and wages steadily advanced. The economist calls It "the
false sunlight of war prosperity," but
ho cannot deny that temporarily, ut
least, tlle average worker is better
off than he and alio were immediately
before tlio war.
The question is can prosperity remain, ami tor how long?
Wo Canadians are in an enviable
position In that we liave the power
to make thu answer favorable.
We are not ravished by war. und
wliilo prlcos ary high so also art
wages high. Our greatest production
is tliat which the outside world needs
moat nud Is crying for now—food
We can Bell onr surplus at high pile*
os, noi only surplus food, but nisi
products of the mine, the forest, uml
the manufactory,
11     Nole Ihe il*   .ffe Olll) sell eu credit
Credit   is  tlie  crux  of  ibe  whole
structure of our enviable position.
Time to pay, the' buyer must huve,
and SO tlmo to pay, the seller must
The great government loans floated
in Canada and In the United States
also, are partly i'or tho purpose of
financing the purchases of foreign
governments. By doing so we keep
om- wheels of Industry turning. All
j Canada's surplus wheat will go to
Europe, but payment cannot be made
in kind at the present time. Something over $200,000,000 of Canadian
j Hnnnciug will have to he done. How
is it done. My Uie savings of tlio
Canadian people, In nu other way
ran it he done.
The duty of saving and of purchasing Victory Bonds really becomes a
necessity to self-preservation when
studied in this light.
We must unite to work, to save.
and to invest in onr country's war
Everything worth human consideration urges us to it, nmong them being the fact that il is good for busi-
Meets in Maple Hall second
Tuesday ot every month mt 8
p. m.
Membership open to British
Visiting members cordially
B. Y. Brake,       J. F. .Lower,
President. Secretary
Meets In the
Parish Hall
flrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
nt 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladies cordially Invited.
Montana Iti'NtHiiriiiit
.Meals at All Hour..
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite tlie Bank of Commerce
|    It behooves all Unionists in the DIs-
i trlct   who   have  tlie  destiny  of  the
j Empire at heart and they are legions
j —to get busy and work for the clcc-
I tion of Dr. Bonnell.    We cannot win
i the  war unless  we  UNITE and  we
! shall not win lhe election unless we
| organize—co-operate and work hard.
Tiiere are many old supporters of Sir
Wilfred Laurier who are in favor of
National Service and a Union Qovernment, but who may be misled by the
Liberal propaganda that the Unionist
Qovernment is not sincere.   The absurdity  of  this  claptrap  Is  obvious
with sucli strong old time Liberals as
Rowell. Mow burn, Ballantyne, Carvell,
Sifton,  Maclean, ('alder, Crerar and
Fielding, on the side of Union Government,  but   we must not  rest content
with That, but work hard and incessantly to convince the hesitating voters.
Thu time is .short, the issue is
gigantic— momentous.
The Herald appeals for a vigorous
campaign, our opponents are working
and straining every effort. Tills in
inn a Political issue it is .National
and vital to tlm cause for which we
are fighting.
Every man and woman, particularly
those who liave not previously taken
an active Interest in election cam-
paign needs to work, and this cannot
be done without organization.
Cbe ttlasa Row
Hunting and Fishing
Unionist Investment eo. Ltd
_ Hmi ... _.	
Iiu. Soltl at nl] Pi-uk -stuivH, or uulii-il to toy
mMrmi.n fOOeiptol price, 'fm BCOKCU. DftUQ
CO., St. rutlmniiin, uiiUirlo. 	
Vitality: (t.r Nerva and Brain; tncrtwei '•nny
matter" :nT*oiilc-wlllt>uUd you up, 13 it boi,or
'»o (or fft, Kt ilrue itOfM, or by mail on receipt
•'qrlci   Thk SOT-ell Dau« Co., at. Catharine*
I.niid   ltrgi-.tr>   Act
IN TIIE MATTER OP AN APPLICATION for the issue of a duplicate
Certificate of Title to ]_ots it and 10
Block 1, "Luke Shore Addition", Town
Of Moyie, Province of British Columbia, Map 681.
it. is ray intention to Issue at the expiration of one month afler the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lots, Iu tlm name of .lames
Ryan, which Certificate is dated the
Bth day of December 1899 and numbered 2011K.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Office
at Nelson, B, <'., thin Bth day of October 1917.
Date of flrHt publication October
26th, 1017.
K. 3. Stokes.
District  Registrar.
Canada's good name will be brighten ed or tarnished next month. When
the votes of her sons and daughters
are counted tlle attention of the world
will again be drawn to the Dominion.
When the result of the voting Is announced every country In the world
Will say. either that Canada is still
In the circle of countries fighting for
liberty, or that Canada is finished and
is skulking from further battle shock
Poor hundred thousand of onr sons
hnve engraved wltll bayonet points the
word CANADA Upon the granite pillar
of history. The name cannot he chiselled out. hut the voters of the laud,
If a majority declare against the military service measure, can add the
words "faltered and railed" to Canada's record on the monument.
Then men who volunteered and
fought wltli the Canadian crest on
their caps have done their duty.
Lenders or the two great political
parties who came together to breed
strength from union liave done their
duty. It remains for Canadians, civilian and soldier to do their duty witli
the ballot as their weapon.
Whatever excuse and explanation
Canadians nt home could mnke to
themselves for the defeat of Union
Qovornmont, the world nt large uneducated In the niceties of our differences and prejudices, will carelessly
declare tlmt Canada is dono.
(iermany will rejoice; Britain will
regret; the United States will he
shocked; and Canada, that towers In
the world to-day, wlll lose the golden
opinion of friend nnd foe.
Our warriors have done their part;
It remains for onr voters to he true.
In this election tho marking of ballots
Bhould be looked upon as a snered
ceremony. By ballots Is Canada to be
consecrated <>r condemned.
VOTE 1 ott LAI 'lilt: It OK CARTEL!
Tlie best men in the Liberal party
have declared tor Union Governmeut,
Some of thein have entered that Qovernment, others have announced their
adherence to It. The prime ministers
of every Canadian province with the
exception of two, have declared for
Union. Such spectacular and corn-
mantling party figures as I-\ B. Car-
veil, J. A. Culder, Hon. William Pugsley and V. P, Pardee have pronounced
for union. All over the country, thc
rank and fyle of both political parties
are swinging to an acceptance of
Union und all that it implies.
In the dreadful affairs of the pas
three years Canada has done mon
thnn it was dreamed sbo would be
nble to do. Now men are perceiving
that as yet the end has not been
reached of the effort lhat should be
made or tlie results tliat can he ac
com pi I shed. We have siill more meii
anti we bave still more means and
material'^. The i'nion Government
was organized for tho purpose of enabling Canada to put forth tho mighty
force or her full power, a thing tliat
could not bo accomplished with two
conflicting parties Btiuggllng tor political power when thoy should be united for victory.
Election day is approaching and upon that day the Liberals or Canada
will have to decide whether they will
voto for Carvell and victory or for
Sir Wilfred and something that Is by
no means a victory effort. The elector has some serious thinking to do before he or she Casts a vote next month.
Tlie more electors think the more certain becomes tlie success of Unionism.
Quebec in tliree years gave $lir.o,ono
to the Red Cross.
Ontarlu in the same time gave $
It's a great tiling for a province to
have no responsibilities nnd still want
to be tlie Whole Thing in government
matters.*—Kingston Stan third.
The Victory Bonds can now be
readied by every man, woman and
child by the use of the card system,
the banks are adopting, small payments can be made weekly, semimonthly or monthly. Those who Hnd
it a hardship to invest a lump sum,
can buy a $50 Bond on a weekly payment of $1.00. Buy a Victory Bond
for Haby on the Instalment Plan today.
Mr. Tom Wing, M. P., has told a
pathetic story of u venerable Scottish
mother who has lost four sons in the
war. Asked hy a sympathetic friend
however ahe managed to bear her sorrow, the old lady quietly replied:
"Well, I must keep on knitting socks
and jerseys. I count the stitches, and
1 haven't time to count my sorrows."
There are quite a *ew Canadian
mothers like tlie nbove, who do not
ask the sons of other mothers to fight
the barbarous Huns for them.
(Chicago Evening Post)
ln 1917 the British have captured
more Germans than the total British
loss in prisoners since the war began.
In 1017 the British liave captured four
times as many guns as the Germans
have taken from the British during
the whole war.
(New York Globe)
What nation save Germany would
glory In the blotting out of men with
whom she has no quarrel, left to
drown like rats, thou_.h it was in the
power of her sailors to give them succor? A strong and hardy race tlie
Prussians are, but surely the least
chivalrous, tlie most cruel, tlie most
destitute of honor.
There is only one reason for an
election ut tills time. Sir Wilfred
Ijiurier refused to agree to a further
extension of Parliament. A year ago
he agreed, and the war out-look at
that time was less serious than it is
to-day. A yeur ago he agreed, although the Government's mandate was
five years old and there were vacancies in thc House of Commons. A
year ago he agreed, though he pretended to believe tliat the Government
was a group of corrnptlonists. There
whs not one more good reason this
year I'or rejecting the proposal of the
Prime Minister than there wan last
year. There was a bad reason, which
guided Sir Wilfred in his action, the
bad reason that he might be able to
snatch a new lease of power at the
risk of pulling Canada out of tbe war.
With one-third of the normal electorate oversea, with tlie best citizenship of tlie laud "away from home."
and a nascent Sinn Feinism active in
Quebec, with every pro-German hoB*
ille towards the Government. Sir Wilfred Laurier considered tiiat tlie
chances of bis party for success were
bright and casi his Vote for a conflict.
Tlie fact thnt it would divert the na
tlonal attention from the only thing
Wlilch watters—the prosecution or tiie
war--wns of no consequence in his
eyes. If we are to be cursed by a
violent election campaign at this time
the offlrlnl lender of the Llboral pariy
Is wholly to blame. We believe thnt
the Canadian people will give him
such a rebuke ns will be remembered
forever hy ambitious nnd unscrupulous politicians.- Toronto Daily.
all of whom had violent objections to
the King's Service—for a while.
They caught the spirit of thc old-
timers on foredeck and quarterdeck'
und soon tbey had no complaint to
make. Trafalgar was fought by pressed men. and no one can question the
efficiency and ardor of Nelson's
crews. It Is reasonable to believe,
therefore, that even tin* least t'.esir-
ahle of the drafted men will become
valuable and spirited soldiers.
Some would like to have been in
the Army before now, but were restrained by a possibly undue sense
of duty to their rclntlves. ' Their!
problems will be settled for them by
the Exemption Tribunals. If taken,
they will march gladly and will be
the nucleus of a good spirit In the
new units to be raised. The military
authorities will bave no complaint
lo make of the drafted men. The
volunteers, whether returned or In
training. Will welcome the new battalions In ii spirit of comradeship. In
so doing they will help to provide effective reinforcements for the oversea army.
Drafted men will deserve well of
their country, of their friends, of their
acquaintances. A soldier Is a soldier
whether be be obtained by voluntary
recruiting or by national call, nnd for
some timo to come soldiers will continue to be the most important and
valuable of al) Canadians. Many of
those who at present mny shrink from
the prospect of a soldier's life, will
chnnge their minds hefore they hnve
been three months In khaki.
Tlio physical training, the outdoor
life the group-feeling which lends, to
a trim esprit du corps will re-miike
many young men mid give tliem a
larger view of tlieir opportunities and
their responsibilities. In the days of
the old Navy, a Bhlp's company was
frequently  mini  with   prttBfd  nteo.
IVisnnnl     Expensi)     Accounts
nii Id) (an ll<- (ul Down
Every citizen Is probably ready to
accept lhe abstract principle that tlie
practice of thrift and economy, with
the object nf accumulating the wherewithal for purchasing war bonds, Is
good for his compatriots; but uot all
ot us have applied that principle to
our personal affairs to tlie extent that
is desirable. Il may not then be out
of place to briefly outline practicable
methods of saving by which each one
may get together some additional doi.
lars or hundreds of dollars for the
admirable purpose of lending to the
Government. When the way is thus
plainly charted, refusal to take it Is
more likely to involve us in trouble
with our respective consciences.
The expenditures of individual income producers are mainly under the
following heads: rents, board, or interest on mortgages; ..oml-capital outlay on cuch tilings as house furniture,
pianos, victrolas, motor cars, etc.;
wages paid to domestic or personal
servants; provisions; amusements and
the outlay on tobacco, beer and spirits; holidays or vacation. Probably u
any of us sit down and severely ana
lyse the i)ersonal expenditures as
above classified, we should find a field
for war loan savings under several
of the heads. In view of the urgency
uf the Allies' need of funds, it is
essential that every one overhaul the
expense  account   with  the  object of
Could anything be more trying
or more exhausting? Peps will
end Ul The Pine vapor breathed
down the air passages when a Peps
Is dissolved in the mouth relieves
thelrrltatton, soothes the Inflamed
place and stops the cough.
Mr. John Doussept of Little
Current, Ont., says; "I was
troubled with an Irritating cough
that kept me awake at nights.
Nothing 1 took gave me relief
until I used Peps. This wonderful br cat he-able remedy, however*
has entirely rid me of the cough."
For asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, sort throat and colds as*
Peps.  All dealers.   58c. box.
of the sacrifices made every dny by
ii** members »>r our expeditionary
forces, it should not seem bant for
"Btay-nt-liomes" to defer for n yeur
or two the purchase of new furniture
or other items not absolutely nocoa-
sury. A careful analysis in each individual case of tiie several subdivisions of personal expenditures if
undertaken in the right splril by a
million Canadian families, might lead
to the provision of an extra $100,000,-
000 in the course of a year for war
"Electric blasting
saves money'
a farmer writes us. "It
cuts down the quantity
of powder required and
the stumps eome  out cleaner when   I   fire the
charges by pushing down the handle of your elce-
tric Blasting machine.  1 have found that whether
1 fire with a battery or witli fuse and e;ip,
Toronto.—In a letter lo Mr. Godfroy,
president of the Win-thc-War League,
tieneral S. B. Steele says: —
"What is most necessary at the
present time Is unity of action in
Canada iu support of conscription,
which, in my opinion and in the opinion practically of all the officers and
men of the Canadian ferccs oversea
In Kngland and France, is the only
way In which Canada can continue
to keep her forces in the field up to
full strength, and thus continue doing
her part with the rest of thc Kmpire
in tlie struggle to stamp out Prussian
militarism. The present is no time
for party differences, and thc people
of Canada should unite as one man to
support any measure wlilch is considered by its Army leaders as neces
sary to enable our divisions in Frrnce
saving every possible dollar for sup-1 to maintain the glorious name they
porting our great cause. It has become bad form during the past three
years to give ostentatious or expensive entertainments and social functions; and similarly, our amusements,
recreations, holldaylngs. have taken
on :i sober aspect. A certain amount
nf expenditure In this time ls necessary in order to sustain health and
maintain productive capacity. It is
for each one of us to say to his conscience that his outlay for such purposes cannot be further impairment
to energy. If we cannot say this,
there is only one thing to do—and that
is to apply the knife and divert thc
.salvaged funds into the war loans.
As regards the outlay on provisions
and the expenditures on tobacco, beer,
whiskey, wine, e*c, we should have
the courage to apply the same rule.
In the cases of the poor and of people
of moderate means, the high prices
have already forced them to practice
the severest economy in connection
with their expenditures for provisions
-hut the well-to-do and the rich can,
in some Instances, do good service to
their country nnd mankind through
further regulation of the kind referred
To get good results and to make
healthy or satisfactory "recoveries"
from the expense account, which will
be available for war loan subscriptions, it Is necesaary to have the
hearty en-operation of the female
members of the family. In manv
households it is the case that the
women are more enthusiastic savers
thnn the men. and far more ready
to cut out the expenditure on nonessentials; and ln the households
wliere they still spend money freely
for things they could do without, It
is probably because they do not realize the grave issues that are at
stake, nnd the grea.. importance of
having every family conserve Its
monetary resources.
Self-denial in the matter of buying
new furniture, pianos, nutos, etc., If
generally or universally prnctlsed,
would give the Finance Minister
tunny additional millions of dollars
for carrying on t'< • war. With respect to nutomobi'. - used for pleasure it Is not only the cnpital expenditure that is lost to the national expenditure, bu nlso to the cost of operating or running the enrs. Por example, If a well-to-do citizen enters
Into nn agreement with his conscience, thnt owing to the war he
will postpone for two years the purchase of a $2,000 car, perhaps the
loynl observance by him of this
■ereement would set free $3,B00 In
the two years for war loan 'purchases.
To a certain extent, this applies to
purchases of furniture, etc.    In view
have made for Canada,
If the people of Canada this tine
fail to unite ami Btippoi't the brave
men who have fought for them it will
be to their everlasting sbame and disgrace."
Tho Officer i-c Canadian War He-
cords has asked us to make known
that it is desired to compile a complete history in photograph of the
Canadians' share in the War, in the
same way that all other belligerent
countries aro compiling similar records.
It is particularly desired to obtain
photographs of all Officers, N. C. O's
and Men who have served or are now
serving In the Overseas Military Forces of Canada, and it Is requested that
an appeal should be made to this
end through these columns.
All Officers and other ranks serving Overseas may find it difficult
to send 1n their photographs and
their relatives are therefore especially appealed to. to send in their
photographs for them.
By preference the photographs
should be unmounted nnd printed ou
bromide paper in order to ensure permanence. Eneh photofrnph should
be accompanied by a concise record,
not exceeding two or three hundred
words, of the subject's military career
motions, distinctions nnd so on, as
this will greatly assist in obtaining
a full and accurate reenrd of all concerned.
In addition it Is desired to collect
all photographs dealing with the Mobilization. Training and Departure of
Troops together with pictures Illustrating Reviews, Sports, Presentations, etc. Any photograph of this
nature is regarded as a document of
historical Importance, and it is hoped
that the possessors of all such photographs will deem it their duty to
send either the originals or copies,
which wi'l be ultimately placed In
the permanent Public Archives of the
All photographs, which will be acknowledged, should be addressed to
the Officer l-c Canadian Wnr Records,
14 Clifford St., fiond St.. London. W.l.
Owing to tin* large number or requests of a personal nature, for Ihe
return to Canada of Soldiers serving
overseas ln the 0. E. P., received hy
the Military auth.iiit.es, the following
Information Is published in order to
explain the methods which In the
Interests nf fair and equitable treatment of all Soldiers, nre followed hi
each case.
1. In the homes of Soldiers who
are absent, there occur what might
ho termed the inevitable tragedies of
life. In the serious or fatal illness of
members of their families. In these
circumstances the unite unturnl desire arises on the part of the relatives
to havo the soldiers return home, and
numerous requests are made to this
effect. Such cases form the maior
portion of those coming uuder tliis
2. Wliile these cases are v--*- - is-
tresslng. they are, unfortunately, the
unavoidable incidents of war, and It
Is oVvtoualy impossible, where so
many bousauds of men are concerned, to accede to any of these Tcmiest'i
except In cases of the most extreme j
II.   Further,  owing to tho critical i
stage which thc war has now reached j
nnd under present conditions, It has
been found impossible to grant fur-
The Cranbrook Drag * Book Co. Ltd J lough to a Soldier to return to Can-1
Cranbrook, B. C.   ., M ada for  tha rtaion only, that ont
Leg Sore
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rest nt lit-jlit. Their—just n few
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middled in :■■.' i..;'ic.u nhkli I li.
marked X:
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G Tree Bed BUilinx
i.'] Ditch BUitint
D Mining—Quarryin-f
nf liis relatives is seriously ill or lias
died. Only in extremely urgent rases
can a-pollcatfons W considered, wlion*.
for instance, business complications
In connection wltll nu Estate, or tlm
arrangements lor tlu* care and manl--
tenance of the remaining members of
a family require it Soldier's personal
4. In such eases, application
should be submitted to the Assistant
Adjutant Qenfral, Military District
No. XI, Victoria, B. »'.. who will cause
tho same to be investigated and for-
warded with the recommendations of
[he tieneral Officer Commanding! Dls- j
trlct, to Militia Headquarters at Ottawa. The application Bhould be ae- j
companted in eaeh Instance by dcfln-
Ite information and satisfactory evidence of the facts stated, endorsed by
one or more responsible persons, be-
sides the relatives, who can vouch
for thu facts.
5. The tact of a Soldier being
wounded or sick in Hospital In either |
Kngland or France, is not a sufficient
reason for making a request for liis I
return to Canada. The man In every
case ia receiving the best and most
efficient medical attention and nursing, and not until he is fully recovered and rested will be be returned for
duty. On the other hand, should his
case bo such as to permanently incapacitate him from Active Service,
he will, in tlie ordinary way, be returned to Canada at tlie earliest possible moment for disposal.
ti. Relatives and friends of men at
the front are therefore requested to
carefully consider each individual
case In view of those requirements
ami only to submit applications In
urgent eases of absolute necessity,
such  as above outlined.
Amsterdam*—It is learned that the
schools of Cologne are closed on account of the increase in what Is called
"hunger typhus," a typo of dysentry I
caused   by   the  bad  quality  of  rood.
There are tens of thousands of cases
all over the country.   Vienna reports'
an Increased number of cases of this !
Official notices published In Cler-
man papers show that "tho domestic
froQt" is sustaining the greater food I
scarcity. A traveller from Switzerland who stayed one day en route to
Frankfurt tells of the largest hotel
In the city having no coffee, tea, sugar :
milk or butter for breakfast.
so .voui.i) m
When a  banker lends me money  I
have to pay him five, six or ton per I
cent, interest, perhaps more.    When '
I lend the bunker niiiiir;,- by deposit-!
lng it in bis bank so (bat tie may In- j
vest  iu   various  financial  enterprises ,
of securod  return, he  pays  me anywhere from nothing to two per cent..
When   1   lend  tbe banker  money,  I j
lend  hlm  my own money;   when  the <
banker lends me money, he lend;: moi
some other man's money, ami not his
own.   I would like lo be a hanker! -;
U'm* and Storage)
TAKK NOTICK tliat linker Lumber
Co., whose address Is Waldo. B, C.,
will apply for a licence to take and
use eight cubic feet per second aud
lo store ten acre feet of water out of
Plumbob Creek, which flows easterly
anil drains Into the Kootenny Hiver.
The storage-dam will be located about
south west corner of lot 616791. Tbe
capacity of the reservoir to be created
is about ten aero feet, ami it will
flood about five acres of land. The
water will be diverted trom the stream
at a point about the south west corner of lot 016791, and will be used for
tlumlng logs This notice was posted
ou the ground on the 4th duy of Octoher. 1917 . A copy of this notice and
au application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act. 1914," will be filed
in the office of tbe Water Ki-corder at
Cranbrook. Objections to tlie application may bo filed witli tlio said
Water Hecorder or with the Comptroller of Water Hights. Parllameni Buildings. Victoria, IJ. C, within thirty
days after tlie first appearance of this
notice iu a local newspaper,
Baker Lumber Co.. Applicant.
A. H. DeWolfi Agent.
Tho date of the first publication of
this notice Is November 16th, l»17.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitobu, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories nnd in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at au annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
thnn 2,560 acres will be leased to one
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
tho Agent or Sub-Agent of the district iu which the rights applied for
are situated.
ln surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and in uusurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
bc staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will b»
refunded if tho rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall he paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the fnit quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If thu coal mining
rlghtH are uot being operated such returns Bhould be furnished at least once
a year.
'Ylio lease will Include the coat mining rights only.
For f ill Information application
should bo made to the Keerofiry of
the Department of the Interior. Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub Agent
of Dominion I.iiiiiIh
W. W.  t'OUEV,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorized publication ot
thin advertisement wlll not be paid
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Beecham's Pills
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and regulate the habits. Their timely use will save
much needless suffering, fortify the system and
Insure Good Health
«i p THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd,  1917
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home ? e
igt, IV. <7, lliirmi. (Irubrmk Kirh»n|«
Chulm:  Instances »i Olsloyultj   En*
countered In Toronto
■'Some rather startling conditions
aro being brought  to light by the
country-wide canvass of housewives
'for the purpose* of obtaining their signatures to cards promising thrift and
avoidance of wasto" says tlio London,
Ont., Advertiser. "Glaring Instances
of disloyalty, to put It mildly, have
been encountered In Toronto. In one
CftBO tlie canvasser celled up an Austrian womnn who refused to tdgn he-
cause she did not want tho Allies to
win. Ai another house there were
several men who. the canvasser informed by n neighbor, were pro-German find jeered nt BOltllers tn uniform
ns tliey passed the house. There was
no signing of the pledge il«ne In that
abode. Those eases have been reported to the authorities, and action will
be awaited."
And yet there nre those Who complain been use woman-surf jige was
not made universal for the next Canadian election, and many who object
to depriving mule aliens of their
tofts 1
Kilby frames picture*.
Rubber heels!    Gento   76   ci
ladies 50 cents, at thy Star.
Mr. 0. B. Huttoa of Calgary wi
visitor in the city last Thursday.
Mr. Joseph Ityan left on today's
train for West Kootenay, und expects
lo he absent for several days.
Mr. A. J. Balment has been appointed Enumerator here, and has opened
an office on Baker Street.
Mr. Olen Campbell of Can ford, B. C.,
a former resident of Moyie, was in
the cily last Friday vlaltlng friends,
Wo aro carrying a full line of boots
end shoes.-- Crunbrook Kiehange,
.rmistrotiK Avo,
Mr. li. A. Jacoby of Vancouver was
a guest at the Cranbrook Hotel on
Mr. \\". II. Cleland o, Invermere
waa a visitor hi the eity lasl weekend a guest at the Cranbrook Hotel,
Mr. W. w. Douglas and daughter,
Miss E. Douglass of Bull Hiver were
visitors in the city on Tuosday.
Expert piano and organ tuning, repairing nnd regulating. B. A. Parker,
phone 311, P. 0. Box 528, Cranbrook.
Mr. \V. H, Wilson and Mr. J. P. Fink
motored to Invermere last Friday on
business and returned homo Sunday.
Mr. C. C. Snowden, a well known
business man of Calgary, was a visitor in the city on Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. J. C. Harvey of Toronto, the
"Stetson" hat representative, was in
tlie city on Tuesday visiting his numerous customers.
A Bazaar will be held In the Palm
on Wednesday, December Sth, under
the auspices of the Altar Society of*
St. Marys Church.
His Honor Judge Thompson left on,
Monday for Invermere and Oolden,
there being sittings of thc Court at
both  points during this week.
Mr. W. E, Cowan, representing the
National Institute for the Blind, ar-
companled by Miss Cowan, left on
Tuesday for McLeod cud otlier points
iu Alberta.
Tho \V. C. T. V. will meet at the!
homo of Mrs. J. F. Smith, corner ofl
Lumsden nud Louis Streets, on Thursday, Nov. 29th, at 3.30 p.m. A cordial
Invitation is extended to all.
We are carrying a full line of boots
md shoes.— Cranbrook Exchange, ,
Armstrong Ave.
Lieutenant  J.  C.  W.   Phillips  and
Sergeant Metcalf of the Hoyal Flying
Corps. England, were in the city this
week looking  for applicants  for  the
i Aviation Service.
| Mrs. J. Walsh of Fort Steele, wife !
I nf Conctablc Walsh, was brought Into
[ St. Kugene Hospital last Saturday, and
according to the latest reports her
condition la consldeied serious,
Mr   Htnry   Kershaw   -.   prominent
merchant  of  Fort  Steele was In  the
City Sunday and Mouthy visiting his
daughter, Miss Kershaw, of the Royal
I Hank of Canada Autt
Mr C C. Elliot ;i prominent and
; well known mining man of Spokane,
i was in the city this week looking.
! inti. vonio mining property with a view
i tn fulur,* investment.
I Mah Jim, proprietor or the Kwong
Chong Laundry returned from China
last Friday where he had been visiting at hi; heme for the past eighteen
months, Jim says that bc Is very p'
to get back to ConndB ns there is
too much trouble in his ill live country
Secretary Pow of lhe V. M. C, A.J
left on Thursday with n party of thirteen boys to attend the conference
bring held :it Nelson In connection
with     the     co-operative     movement
among   boys   under   the   Canadian
Standard  Efficiency Test.
Chrlot Church Library has re-opon-
0(1 and the committee will bo glad of
new membors, Membership fee, %i
per annum; 60c six months; over -100
volume**. Donations of boohs acceptable. Hooks exchanged Tuesdays,
7.30 p.m.. Sundays, 4 to 4,HO p.m., and
8.45 p.m.
Mr. V H. M Caawlman ol Vancouvor and Mr A J. Gibson of Victoria, membors of .he Medical Hoard
under the Military Service Act, arrived iu ibc city Sunday and proceeded tho nexl dav  in Windermere and
other points Up llio Valley They expert tn return to Cranbrook about
Saturday and atari on their dutl- i
horo on Monday morning, November
,\ concerl and basket social was
hold  ai   Fort   Steole on   Wednesday
evening in aid ol the Rellet !■' I ror
the Formers uf the Allied Nations
who have suffered loss In conso-
queiicc ot the war Tho entertainment was held under tho auspices of
the Fanners Institute. There was a
large attendance and en excellent
musical program was given. President 13. II. McPhee and Secretary A.
B. Smitii attended as representatives
of the Craubrook Institute. The Victory Loan Committee was also represented by (i. J. Spreull and H. T. Williams of Cronbrook, who spoko briefly
on tlu> subject of the Loan.
The campaign for the work of tho
Y, M. C. A. among tho soldiers nt the
Front, organized under the auspices
of tho local institution and initiated
by the interesting lectures of Capt. II.
A. Pearson, has to date resulted in securing six hundred dollars in cash,
and some forty-five in promises.
Much credit is due to the energy of
the various teams under the direction
of Mr. R. T. Williams, who made a
house-to-house canvass of lhe city for
this work. If any have heen overlooked, and would like to assist in
enlarging this sum. Contributions may
still be handed inlo Mr. Howard, manager of the Imperial Hank, or to the
General Secretary of the V, M. C. A.
The Honor Roll of Central School
will be unveiled nud a good progrnm
rendered under the auspices of tho
Junior Rod Cross Society at Central
Scliool on Friday, Nov. _:*; at s o'clock.
Dr. Green will act be chairman. The
following wlll take pari: Mrs. A. it.
MacDonald. Mrs. McPherson. Mrs.
Thomson, Mr, Worthlngton, Mrs. Walker. Miss Wanda Fink Miss Helen
Wordon and Miss Eunice Parrel t.
Short speeches by local men. choruses
by Junior Red Cross Society. All welcome. A collection will be taken to
defray expenses of parcels sent to the
boys at the front.
To ull who voted for or supported
Prohibition in the Campaign of lfllfl,
and to all who have benefitted from
prohibition since the Act came into
Through our combined efforts we
won a signal victory, hi the securing
of the Prohibition Acl we aided materially In the winning of the war. by
thus conserving food stuffs, men. and
Lei il be understood our activities
liave not ceased, rather they hnve only
begun. Patriotically wo stand behind
every effort to win thr war. Many
of onr number are overseas, and many
more have given their nearest and
dearest to do battle for the liberties
of the world.
Another opportunity presents itself
whereby wo may further do onr bit
tor tho Dominion and ihe Empire ol
which we form a part, namely, by
purchasing anil assisting in the snle
of Victory Ponds. Wig therefore urge
upon you the necessity of doing yonr
utmost at this present Juncture iu
purchasing bonds to the limit of your
powers, and use your personal influence lo have others do the same.
Many have benefitted from the coming
into torce of the Prohibition Act and
should be urged to invest tlieir savings in Victory Bonds.
Prohibitionists have the welfare of
the nation at heart. Let ns do our
host tliat there lie no lack of funds to
carry on the war to a successful issue.
In behalf of tlie Prohibition Association
Jonothon   Rogers.   President.
W. G,  \V. Fortune. (Jen. Sec.
Classes In domestic science will be
opened in January in connection with
King Edward School and under u fully
trained Instructor. Cooking, dress- [
making, millinery and laundry will be
taught. Evening work will be arrang-!
ed If a sufficient number of pupils dc-
sire it. Miss Cherrington will be glad
to hear from those who wish to take j
up the course, ns soon as possible.
Word has been received from tlie
office of llie Minister of Defence, Wellington. New Zealand, that Alexander
Beaton, brother of J. E. Beaton. C. P.
H. Ynrdmaster, Cranhrook. bas been
awarded tiie Military Modal for gallantry on the field of action. He
enlisted two years ago in a New Zealand Battalion.
The death of William Smith of Wycliffe occured nt tho St. Eugene Hos-
l ital on Wednesday morning. About
a month ago, the deceased, who was
employed by the Staples Lumber Co.,
at Wycliffe, met with an accident and
was severely burned. For a tlmo he
seemed to be making satisfactory progress towards recovery, but suffered a relftpSQ and pnsiied away on
Wednesday. The funeral took place
on Thar_rt»r
The losses for the first nine months
nf 1J117 lor Canada are reported nt
51.1.080,0011 which Is aboul $i!00,000
less than in 1010 for the same period
and $.1,000,000 more than In 1015. In
September 21 deaths wore enused by
flre, n total of 14S in Canada for tho
nine months.
110 KN
On Monday, Nov. 10th, at the homo
Mrs. Honeyman, French Ave., to Mr.
nnd Mrs. II. L Coleman, a daughter.
On Nov. 18th, 1017, to Mr. and Mm.
H. W. Leonard, n daughter.
Division I.
Honor Roll—Hoy Kubidiiiiid. Norman Beech, Otto QUI, Delpbine Bon-
*tt. Keith Wasson, lies.sk* Woodman,
rlc  MacKinnon.   Lenore  Hill.
Perfect Attendance - Donna Argue,
Norman Beech, Dolphine Bennett.
Nina Belanger, Mclcolm lleluuger,
John Brake, Philip Briggs, Jack Dow.
Marion Drunimond. Arthur (iili. liali-
riella Hamilton, Lenore Hill, Harold
Kummer. Bruce Laurie. Edith Lewis.
Annie McBirnic, Eric MacKinnon.
Paul MacNeil Margaret Morrison.
Jack Moffatt. Annie Parnaby, Winnie
Philips, Roy Kobicliaud. Jack Stephens. Ruth Simpson. Alma Sarvis,
Robina Sommerville, Warren Spence,
Garfield Taylor, Norn,an Wasson,
Keith   Wasson.   Be.si.ie   Woodman
Prisoners of War Fund, $_._a
Division ■_.
Donor Roll—B*&sle Hallet, 83.8,
Everet Williams. f._,fi, May Lancaster,
80.6, Vivian Kummer, 77._, Leonard
Hurton, 76.9, Annie Shaw. 711
Perfect Attendance—Elsie Black,
Robert Beaton, Leonard Hurion, Fred
ltrig!(s. Christine Carson. Mabel Finley, Certrude Hopkins, Archibald
Horie, Vivian Kuuinier. Irene I.hint-] May Lancaster, Annie Shaw, Edward Taylor. Everet Williams, Verne
Woodman, James Jarvis. Number
enrolled 34; Percentage 93.78; Prisoners or War Fund $4.fill
A. Woodland, teacher.
Division !(.
Honor Roll—Donald Morrison,
Franc!:: Pow. Eunice Parrel, Mack
Kirkland, Annie Johnnm, Wilfred Jollffe. Attendance during month, 23.14.
.Number attending. 25.
Perfect Attendance- Lena Hrogan.
Annie Johnson, James Logan, Ermn
McNeil, Clyde MacKinnon, Stanley
Moffatt, Donald Morrison, Eunice
Parrot, Thomas Roekio, Raymond St.-
Eloi,   .\gnes  Sommerville,   Ray   Scott.
Ruby Scott, Gordon  Woodman.
Prlsonois of War Fund. $3.15.
Division 4.
Honor Roll—Reginald Parretl. Margaret Carr, Alex Cassidy, Angus Macdonald, Ethel Wllll/ms, John Lancaster.    Percentage of attendance, 81.61.
Perfect Attendance - Warren Bowness, Margaret Carr. Nora Finhj,
Stanley Fyles, Ray Hill, Leonard
Jecks, Louise Kolsey. John Lancaster,
Cyril Lees, LoretUt Leclorc, Angus
Macdonald, Dorothy McKownn, Helen
Mueller, Reginald Parrett. Olive Simpson. Helen Sommerville. Mary Soni-
Prisoners of War Fund, $2.35.
S. D. White   teacher.
Division 5.
Honor Boll-—Lily Hawkins, Doris
Parker. Ralph Ladd, Grace Hatred,
Clifford Fennessey, Margaret Johnson, Eve Armstrong.
Perfect Attendance. Percentage 92.-
2.1.—Malcolm Hrogan, Andy Cassldy,
Archie Finley, Frank Hawksworth,
Margaret Horie, Lillian Jackson, Edwin Jcckn, Margaret Johnson, Ralph
I_adds, Melville Leask, Hector Llnnell,
Bennle Mnrgatroyt^ Frank Hoy, Ivy
Sanderson, Billie Taylor. Daisy Whittaker, Wllhelmine Woodman. Prisoners of War Fund, $2.30.
M. L. Cartwright. teacher.
Division ».
Honor Roll—Fanny Hep Chong,
Henry Godderis, Cyrus Pow, Arthur
Shankland, Gertrudp Patmore, .Margaret McDonald.
Perfect Attendance—Ethel Atchison, Doris Brooks, Jack Barrett, Marguerite Godderis, Fannie Hep Chong,
Theodora Hutchcroft, Kenneth Jol-
llffe, Donovan Jecks, Robena Kelly,
Harry Kemball. John Mitchell, Margaret McDonald. Kenneth Parrett,
Vaughan Roy, Arthur Shankland,
Kathleen Strachan, Elsie Willis. Evelyn Bowley, Bertie George, Hazel
Division 7.
Honor Boll—Senior First: Harold
Ladds, Ivy Dezall, Florence Binning,
Junior First: Ernest Greenwood, Milliard Simpson, Sherman Harris. Ray
Perfect Attendance—Florence Binning, Donald Burton, Andrew Carr,
Graham Dale, Mnry Foster, David
Frame, Ernest Greenwood, Sherman
Harris, Catherine Harrison, Bonnie
Haynes. Harry Lewis, Willie Macdonald, Aubrey McKowan, Mary
Mitchell, Irene Mueller. Lillian St.-
Biol, Htlllard Simpson, Margaret
Stewart, Jack Swan, Evelyn Ward.
Prisoners of War Fund. $4.70
Division n.
Honor Roll—A: Lizzie Miller.
Beruin Stratton: B: Jack Henderson.
Uta Marquari; C: Cyril Henderson,
Hettle Gard.
Perfect Attendance—Jack Atchison,
Joan Bonttlo, Jessie Brown, Helen
Briggs, Mnbel Clark, Marlon Carr.
May Cox, George George, Robt.
George, Hettle Gard. Mali Hlng, Malcolm Harris, Earnest Kennedy. Geo.
Kemball, Lizzie Miller, Ettn McOill,
Sophia McGregor, Grace McClure.
Suma .Marquar, Frank Martin. Mah
Sam, Bernie Stratton, Madallno Wood-
mnn, Marion Williams. Percentage
of Attendance, 94.38. Prisoner*: of
War Fund. $1.46.
E. Macdonald, toucher.
.     , Division 9.
Pupils Enrolled, 42; Percentago of
attendance, 90; Pupils making perfect attendance—Toddy Barrett, Dah
Brake. James Brooks. Lillian Dale,
Allan Downey, OoorKo Funning. Wal-
tor Fanning, Winnie Johnston, Pearl
Ladds, Donald Manning, Ethel Mitchell, Ronuld Moffatt. Wilfred Poeock.
Mary Robertson, Harry Roy, Robert
; Willi*
Honor Roll—A Clots: taikol Fran*
According to the Food Controller wc will he unable to sell
•Breakfast Foods" in less than
20 Ib. packages after aJnuary
1st. litis, which means that a
number ol tlie popular lines
will be off the market, We
would suggest lhat you stock
up a little on tlie line yon are
using in order to take care of
your requirements until some
readjustment take;, place.
We will be glad lo quote you
prices on any quantity of these
foods that are still on tlie niar-
Mary   Robertson,   Marlon   Miles;   B
Class: Teddy Barren, Harry Roy, Nellie Miller; i' Class; Lillian Dale.
Jessie Owen, Harry  Holse.
A. McLennan, teacher.
In co-ordination with the new
' scheme instituted by the British Gov-
■ eminent all parcels from Canada to
Officer Prisoners or War interned in
! Germany or Austria-Hungary con-
; mining foodstuffs, on and after Jan-
; nary 1st, BUS. can only be accepted
j for onward transmission by the Postal
■ Service if they hear a "coupon" issued
by the Prisoners of War Department.
Canadian Bed Cross Society, London.
ruder the new Arrangement the
i amount of foodstuff whicli may he
. sent to an Officer Prisoner of War
during four weeks mu&t not exceed
one hundred pounds. Of this total the
'Prisoners of War Department of the
Canadian Hed Cross will send to each*
Intorned Canadian officer including
: those attached to other Canadian units
i not. less than six ten pound parcels
; each four weeks. The remaining forty
pounds of foodstuffs per four weeks
may he sent personally hy relatives in
, Canada, hut each parcel inusl. bear a
coupon which tk.n be obtained on
! application from the Prisoners of War
j Department. Canadian   Red Cross SO-
i ciety, London, England,
; The righi to send food parcels to
an Officer Prisoner nf War rests with
; tlie next of kin, hut may he transferred by the latter or hy the Prisoner ot War himself to any person.    It
,is advisable that application should
be   made   to   the   Prisoners    of   War
! Department, Canadian   Red Cross So-
i ciety, London. England, for the ncces-
: sory coupons for parcels packed per-
! .-tonally at the earliest  possible mo-
! ment.
!    These coupons  are  to  he  used oa
! food parcels only and no coupons can
he Issued for amounts under ton
pounds. If. therefore, it is desired to
despatch a parcel weighing less than
ten pounds un ordinary coupon must
bo used and the parcel counts as one
of tho four permlssable in four weeks.
Articles may not be sent to any Society for enclosure In any parcel despatched under the Rod Cross label.
The import a a co of guarding against
any misuse of the label cannot bc
too strongly emphasized. Such action
would not only harm the Prisoner
to whom the parcel was addressed
but would react on other Prisoners
and might endanger the whole system
of despatching the food supplies to
Officers   and   men   who   have   fallen
1 into the hands of the enemy.
i    Parcels for Officers interned In Bul-
■ garla and Turkey come undor the
I new scheme, Owing, however, to the
j difficulties of por.tal communication.
j it is not advisable to send many par-
! eels   to  officers   in   Turkish   camps.
Supplies can be purchased in Asia
Minor and it is better to remit money
to the Prisoners rather than send
many parcels.
This new scheme  relates only to
parrels containing foodstuffs for Officer   Prisoners  of   War   interned  in
enemy countries and does not affect
j In  any way the present  regulations
i governing the transmission of parcels
! to Prisoners of War other than Officers, wlilch remain unchanged.
The needs of Officer Prisoners of
j War holding commissions in the Imperial Army are looked after by the
i Central Prisoners of War Committee.
; 4 Thnrloe Place. London, s. W„ Eng-
, land. This Committee will supply the
* necessary coupons to the next of kin
of these Officers for parcels addressed
! to them which are packed personally.
Wo wish to thank our many friends
for their kindness and lhe beautiful
floral pieces in our recent sad bereavement.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1   A. Cameron
Mr. I). Hollinger wishes to express
his sincere thanks and appreciation
for the many klndnossea and expressions of sympathy extended to him
during his recent and bereavement.
Guaranteed Blue
and Brown Serge
Suits at -$25.00
These are made
ol old material
that will stand up
in day light and
wet weather.
We have sold
hundreds ol them
and they all gave
A Little Stick of
n MIIIC Olllft Wl   a%
Makes the Whole World KinI
This famous chewing
gum aids appetite and digestion, quenches thirst,
keeps the teeth clean
and breath sweet.
Fresh, clean, wholesome
and delicious always.
No wonder WRIGLEY'S is
used around the world, whenever and wherever people
want lasting refreshment.
_>. r»
Sunday. Nov.  26th,  HUT.
.Morning 11-Theme. "The  Voyage nf
Kvening, 7.30—Last of series of addresses on Tragedy In Sacred History: Theme, "A court Drama:
Polities and  Politicians.
Bihlo Sehool—3 p.m.
Young People's meeting on Monday
evening nt s o'clock,
Prayer meeting on Thursday at Ji p.m.
Tl Mil Kit sai.i: x in*.
Sealed tenders will he reeeivr.d hy
the Minister of Lands not Inter than
noon on th>* -loth day of November.
1017, for the purchase of Lirenoe x
'ms, ti) eut 3sto Cords or Dry Jackplne Mine-props on an area situated
on Lot -'!)tir>, Lindner ('reek, Kootonay
niHtrtet. Two (2i yenrs will he allowed for removal of timher. Further partleular» or the Chief Porent-
«r, Victoria. II C., or District Forester.
rruHrook, A C, 44 41
Notice nf linpriiii'iiiitiu
"Empire" Mineral Claim
■'Charlotte     Fractional"     Mineral
"Carbajal      Fractional"      Mineral
"Alvarado     fractional"     Mineral
■•Kathleen     Fractional1'     Mineral
"Angus Fractional" Mlnoral Claim.
'Ward" Mineral Claim
"April  Fractional"  Mineral  Claim.
"Hrnestine     Fractional'      Mlnoral
"Pauline" Mineral Claim
"Josephine" Mlnernl Claim
"Tippernry"   Mineral  Claim
Situated in the Fnrt Steele Mining
1 lll.lt.lnn   of   KaNt   Kootenay   IHxtriet.
Where    Loralod     (hi    Sullivan    Hill,
KfBkorloy. B. C   Lawful Hulrfrr. The
Consolidated Mining K- Smelting Company nt Canada, Limited Number of
the Holder's Free Miners Certificate:
Take Notice thai I, J. K. Cram. Vrt^
Miner's Certificate, 99811-B, acting as
agent for the Consolidated Mining A
Smelting Company of Canada* Limited.
Free Miners Certificate, 99807-B, intend, at the end of sixty days from
tho date hereof, to apply to ihe Mining Recorder for » Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining ("rown OrantS of 'he above
And further lake notice that action
under Section 85 of the "Mineral Act"
miift be commenced before tbe Issuance "f such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 7th day of November,
Tint Consolidated Mining tt Smelting Company of Canada, United.
Per i. K Crm. 46 it PAGE KOI Ml
THURSDAY, NOV. 22nd, 1917
until a
SPHl I'll,
ITS, Elf.
Vi. r. Ourd        (i
Offlco In Hanson Blenek
'.e to 12 a en.
1 to    5 p.Dl.
Civil anil Mining Euglut-rm
R. I*. I iiiiiI Surirjuri
Mine I'MiiiiIiiiiliiins unit I(,.|iiii-Is
.1. i,. i* A ii k i: it
.Minlui; limint't'i*
208-809   Herald  Pig.,   Calgary,
uml Klleo,   II. I
If vou want satisfaction
wilh vour washluB
send it to
Siiecinl nrices for familv
Oeneral Merchant
Employment Agent
P. 0. Boi 108 Phone 2.4
Day i'lione 2118, Might FUoie IU
Norbory Ate, neit to City Hall
Spokane, Washington
This house has tV
happy distinction of being tbe favorite stopping place In Spokane
for tbe people of British
Columbia Wo appreciate
this patronage and do
everything tn our power
tti make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —
close to Oreat Northern Station
and O. W. R. & N.-MUwauk*
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
bouses and places of amusement.
See Shainshli) on  Roof
Emergent?) nml lloitrlj XiirNliijr
Iteiristt'reil   Nurse
Phone  382  or  mm
Electric   Vibration   Treatinenl
Licensed by Provincial Oovt,
Mnternm 1.1.1 lienernl Nursing
Maoaage and Kent Cure, Highest
Hoferoncos,  fair terms, Apply
MRS, A. SALMON. Matron.
Phone 259 P. 0. Box 845
Address.Garden Ave., Cranbrook
]>rs, flrecn * MacKinnon
rhynlciuuH and Surgeons
OHlce at  residence, Armstrong
Forenoons  900 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 .0   4.00
Evenings 7*30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Forwarding  and   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and (J ree ah III Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrbutton Gars a Specialty.
Untying anil Transferring
Given prompt attention
Pbone 63
.Mrs. Handley recently received tho
news thnl her son Hnrvoy of Hit* 2nd
l'. M. R's iliis been gassed and is now
in  the Middlesex  Hospital,  England.
Sergeant H. Gratton of the 64th,
who recently returned from the front,
was  visiting  Iriends  hero last   week.
I'le. Hob Ersklne, another war worn
veteran nl lhe Hoyal Canadian Highlanders, and an old tinier here, wns
shaking ban.Is with rrtonda hore thia
J. W. Glfford, manager of the Sot-
kirk Mining t'n., returned on Tuesday
from Sppknne where he has been on
Compnny business.
Harry Logan lefl on Wednesday fori
liis home nl New Donver; Mr. Logan   Ish Red Cross
lias I'ur the pasi :ix months been in I tary Branch \
charge of the wrecking crew at the J and
Smelter, and has made many iriends
here during that lime.
Mrs. 11. I.ocr and Airs. L. K. Horeh-
11HT,   were   visitors   to   Cranliroolt   on
Arriiimis Ordered mill- $UMHI Invest-
nl In Vliteirj Hands—Other
Mailers Atli'iiili'il In
Mr, Hi'ivli r wbo Is
In tin.
St, E
11.* Hospital siitTi'i'liig
s   re'.-,
1 wiiiii- employed nl
■I; ,11  Wycliffe,
■ Bob
11. lm
ml  (iiiei't'tiiui'iii ronil
terow mn  fixing till
ttt 'in
ycllffe  in  si    Marys
1' 1*
ISvnns mnl 1.. I'nnip
lefl 111
llll*V  ll
fm* Wolf cri'iii wbon
'il 11 contract will, tli,
II 1
it Lm
i* rn.
Mini' iiml  workings
Ims  i>
■n  for i'.wiiii..  wlilch
::ein 1 nn <if em-
ill;  II
'nili Rinelier lins nisi
wlilch brings the ininiln*r
of  lllll
intii tlie thousands,
It, 111
Inrclay of Cranbroolt,
Is   sm
row   dnys   .villi   her
ckman  of t'ranbrooh
evns   1
s. .Intiiies ,111 Sunday
iKlili'iniliit   Ims   HE-
tor 1
season's limiting,
A special meeting of the City Council was held in the Council Chamber
on Wednesday evening with the Mayor
and Aldermen Macklnnon, Eakln,
(ireen and Genest in attendance.
The Messrs MeKowan and Attridge.
representing the cranbrook Saah nnd
Door Co., appeared belore the Council
wtth respect to the water charges nt
the King's Mill which they have leased; they asked for a special rale and
tho Council decided to bring in a Bye-
law tn amend the Water Works Bye-
A request fnr a donation to the Itrit-
md the V. M. C. A. Mili-
11s made to the Council
Aldermen dullest and
1 authorized a* a donn-
II,KO   VOTKS   ICY   I 1U1»   UOO
Mayor C. A. Klingensmlth and wife
motored in Cranbrook last week to
attend the Liberal Convention.   Kred
lion, .1.  P., Conservative Delegate for
llie Elko District, going along.
Right is right anywhere and everywhere, camp or castle, and any man
using liis Oovernmenl position for
personal spile should be removed
Irom that position at onco. Liberal
papers please copy.
.Mrs. Ben Vellop of snnris, Man..
wlm was visiting her sister Mrs. Leslie McKee, was called back by wire
stating that her husband, who Is a
C, 1'. It. engineer, and well known
along the Crow, wns down wltli
pneumonia in the hospital at EBte-
Steve Wallace of the Kernie Hotel
was a Itoosville visitor last week
looking over flie range cattle and
(leorge   Seott   Ranch.
Mrs. Walirs of Saskatoon, who Is
visiting her mother. Mrs. E. M Brewer, South i*'nrli, and whose husband is
"somewhere in Prance," was presented by the Klk Canyon Chapter I. O. D.
IC. witli a handsome Pin and enameled
Bar. at tin* last regular meeting.
There was a largely attended meeting held Friday night at the Opera
House, to hear thn report of the
Conservative Delegate to the Convention at Cranbrook. Aftor the report was received ami the Delegate
received a vote of thanks, Jim Thistlebeak said, tlie people of Cranbrook
are greal entertainers and spoke In
glowing terms of the excellent arrangements they made wilh Hie C. P
R. for their return to Kernie and Dis
Whenever yon happen to think of
the dull, drab, cold, dreary days, just
think of the boys overseas, and buy
a  Victory Bond.
Jim Thistlebeak wonders why there
was no toasts responded to around
the festal board at the Cranbrnok
Mr. George Thomas nf tjie Quarter
Circle three Ranch. MacLeod Alta..
is visiting witli Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Kred Roo was appointed to sell
Victory Bonds for Klko Distrfct and
the Roosville Valley.
Gorman, the "human ferret" certainly cleared the "conversation
juice" from the old historic burg; still
there are four cabarets selling distilled sheep herders delight, moon's silvery rays, raspberry vinegar, and 0
dark colored horse medicine they call
Vt; hut the barb wire booze seems to
he a thing of the pust.
The dance given by the 1. O. D. ... In
Hirtz* Hall Monday night was both a
social and financial success. The proceeds will be devoted tn comforts for
returned soldiers, something that lins
boen overlooked far too long. We
give them banquets and fete tliem
when they leave, send ihem all manner of things overseas and when they
return, throw them in the waste paper
I basket, Thanks to Mrs. Arthur Mott
who engineered the (lance and Its ob-
| jeet. nud the whole Elk Canyon Chapter for making it a success.
>n mot
(Ireen. $_T, was a
linn  to each.
A demand rrom lhe Indian Constnble
for a return of tlie fine in the case of
Indian Toby and A. C. Kerr resulted
in a motion to allow tiie Indian ('unstable |.10 bolng half the fines, in accordance with Soctlon lllfi or ihe Indian Act.
The following accounts were presented ror payment by iiu- Finance Com-
mittiv and ordered  paid:
Attree, K ||. L, $20.60; Healtie-Mnr-
phv Cn., ,Uf)j Biiwnrss Exporl Co..
2.00; City Livery. l.,.t); City Transfer.
111,811; Crnnbrook lleruld, i:,.io, Clnrko
.*. Stuart, 3,71; t'ullin. w ll.. 3.7(1;
Cranbrook Electric Light Cn. L'liL'.Kn.
Cranbrook   Drug  &   Book   Co".    11.75;
c. P. It., ...Wi; Crnnbrook Meat Market.
5.30; Crnnbrook Sash & Door, 00,70;
Cranbrnok   Cartage.   .11.lit);   Canadian
Fairbanks   Morse,   12.1)6;   Cranbrnok
I Bakery. 4.00; Pink Morcnnttle Cn.. 5.70,
Mansuii Oarage, fl.lQ; Imperial Oil Co.,
I ranbrook , 30.03; Kootenny Telephone Lines Ltd,
•ii .Sunday,   _-_-.:,n; i,itti0 * Atchison, 13.70; Montana Laundry. 1.25; Manning J.. 8.05;
Da Manning Ltd., 29.05; J. D. McBride,
3.41;   Payrolls,   Police,  205;   Salaries,
267.50;   Eire   Dept.,   :.io.7r>;   School
Board. 1707.-I7. City Kngineer. 360.00;
T. X.  Parrelt. 12.10;   R   Barks & Co..
.LSI); Remington Typewriter Co., 4.50;
Sullivan's Quick Print. 13.25;  Sundry
("ash Payments. S2.00; staples Lumber
C fIVC "1 havo fler,red ln tue
3MY_-1* British Army for 14
^m mm~w years, in South Africa,
India and France. In my occupation of shoeing-_.ni 1th I have met
with a great many accidents, for
which 1 have ueed various remedies, but never have I used any*
thing that can begin to compare
with Zam-Buk. Ai a healer and preventive of blood-poisoning Zam-Buk
1s in a class by itself. Every soldier
should carry a box of It ln hli
The above Is an extract from a
letter received from 8. Mclllwralth,
of the 2nd Argyll and Sutherland
For the many Injuries Incidental
to a soldier's life Zam-Buk lt certainly invaluable. NotbtngsoqQlckly
ends pain tn a cut, a burn or a
sprain, and for chapped hands,
cold sores, chilblains and blistered
feet it cannot be equalled. All dealers, or Hum Biik Co., Toronto. &Ue,
box. 3 for |1 25.
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
Co.. 50.98; A. P. Noble, 15
Tho City Kngineer rendered his
usual monthly report.
A letter was read from the Comptroller of Water Rights extending the
lime inr filing the proposed new plan
of the City of Cranbrook to llie Illst
Oetober, 1018.
Alderman Kakin reported that tlie
special Committee had agreed to in-
irease the salaries nf firemen Knster
and Simpson hy $5.00 per month as
from October 1st upon the understanding that they would render the Citv
Kngineer assistance at such times as
they could he spared from the Pire
Aldermen Kakin nnd MacKinnon together witli the Mayor were appointed
as a Court of Revision to sit at 10 a.m.
Cily Time, on the 10th December, 1017.
for the purpose of correcting and Revising llie Voters' List for the current
Iiy Law So. l(i_ being the Bye-law to
amend the Boarding and Lodging
House Bye-law was read first, second
and third time. Section 4 Is repealed
and the fallowing is substituted therefor:
"Boarding and Lodging Houses
mean any building or portion of building the occupier ot which lets or offers
to let sleeping accomodation therein
to or for more than three persons."
The ijiiestion of placing a memorial
to the soldiers of Cranbrook who
have fallen at the front was referred
to the City Clerk to obtain estimates.
The Mayor was authorized tn invest
.$1,000 in Victory War Bonds.
New W'eslniiusler. Nov. It!,- David
II. [told, eldest yon of Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Rold, (105 Third Avenue, formerly
nf Cranbrnok, died at the Royal
Columbian Hospital last night niter
a brief illness. The Cause nf death
was typhoid.
The funeral will be held tomorrow
afternoon at two o'clock from the
family residence.
The sorrow of this bereavement Is
rendered doubly acute owing to the
fact that it Is only about two weeks
sine.* the only other son nf the family
was killed in action in Kranee, and
the sympathy of tin- community at
large is extended to the family.—The
Brilisli Columbian.
There was a large and enthusiastic
meeting in connection with the Vic-
lory loan at Wardner on Thursday
evening. The work of the Wardner
committee Is demonstrated by the fnct
that ihey have already secured subscriptions amounting tn nearly $8,000,
eight applications for a total amount
i of $2850 being received at the meeting.
The Cranhrook Committee was represented by Messrs. G. J. Spreull, A.
A. MacKinnon, 0, H. McPhee and R.
T. Williams wlm spoke briefly on various points connected with the loan.
The speeches were interspersed with
patriotic songs by a number of school
boys, nnd at the close of the meeting
a lunch was served hy the local Red
Cross Society.
Tti   REST    Appl)    Herald
W.WTKO   A  reliable mun to run
the skating rink.   Kor particulars apply to John Levett, 40-lt*
llhfn'rt   oi    Y.imi    liimtemit
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, (leorge A.
Hunt of Kitchener, 11. C. occupation
Fanner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the Southern boundary of
Lot UOO;! and 20 chains in an Kasterly
direction from the South-west corner
thereof, thence South 20 chains.
thence Kast 20 chains, thence North
to the Southern boundary of the
Right of way of the B. C, Southern
Railway, thence following the said
Southerly boundary of the Right of
way to a poinl on the South boundary
of Lot :U)03, thence Westerly tn^he
point  of  commencement.
Dated  October  27th,  1017.
Oeorge Andrew Hunt,
4S-BI Applicant.
OKOAN- knhn Omni I ..„ li! stops.
•2   knee   swells—$:tr»    w. W, Kilby
Armstronk Avenue. -ifitf
ORGAN -12 slop, i knee 1
Fine tone-$li8. W. W. Kilby,
strong Avenue.
ORGAN   Phi 110 sliupe, li stops, •_'
knee swells, by Dominion Organ Co.,
good as new, cost $100, lmrgaln--$45,
W. W. Kilby, Armstrong Avenue. 4titf.
FOR SAM!—Organ, Dora In los Organ
Co., plauo shape, in splendid condition, 11 stops, 2 knee swells, cost
$100; for quick sale $.r.,._Apply Kilby
Armstrong Avenue. 33-tf.
There was a large attendance nt
the Rex Theatre ou Sunday evening
to hear Mr. W. K. Cowen's address on
the work Ae .National Institute for
the Blind i.; doing for the soldiers and
sailors of the British Kmpire who
have lost their sight.
The meeting was held under the
auspices of the local Chapter 1. O. D.
.Mr. O. J. Spreull occupied the chair
and in introducing Mr. Cowen, dealt
briefly with the work of the Institute
and mentioned that lo the present
very few of the Canad'an soldier.; had
needed the course of training provided for those who have heen blinded
In the war.
Mr. Cowen gave a description of St,
Dunslan'a Hostel, London, England,
an old English mansion, loaned by its
owner, to the Institute. Some Idea
of the size of the building is obtained
when one learns that there Is accommodation for about 500 patients.
Instead or those who have lost
sight being shut off from participation hi the every day life of tbe world,
the training given them at Sl. Dnn-
wtnn's enables them to re-join tlie
ranks of the wage earners and to become self-supporting.
All men are taught the "touch system" of typewriting and provided
with typewriters so that they hnve
a ready means nf communication with
tlieir friends. .Many learn shorthand
and become sufficiently proficient lo
secure remunerative positions. As an
Instance a blind Canadlnn soldier In
Toronto is earning $S5 per month as a
Another Interesting Hem In the nd-1
dress was the Information thnt bll ■'
men are being trained as divers, and
hy means of their sensitive touch
make efficient workmen under water.
Boot repairing, basket making and
other trades are also taught,
At the close of tbe address, films
were shown Illustrative not only of
the course of Instruction, but of the
recreational side of life nt St. Dnn-
Thnt the cause appealed to Crnn-
of  "Tie*   nundlv* ot  Life",  elc.
lly llu* Hev. James [iiiiilop, author
Actul Siie
9 lnchta
Briefly speaking that's our guarantee; and it's
just as broad as we can make it. In fact, it's
so broad that unless Et Sidelo Cigars please
your taste and win your approval, they cost you
absolutely nothing.   Here is our offer:
Step into a cigar store
and buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or Club House size). Smoke them critically; note their mild, delicate flavor, and
rich fragrance. Judge them from the standpoint
of your own likes and dislikes. Then if you are
not thoroughly satisfied, return the bands to us
and get your money back.
el Si*el0
™     CIGAR        v
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for.50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf,
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada.
It. V*
PARI! 1.
When Henry Thoreau lay dying at
Concord, his friend, Parker PHIsbury,
snt by liis bedside. Holding Thor-
enu's thin, wasted hand, Pillabury bent
over and whispered: "Henry, you are
nearing the border now. Can you see
anything on the other side?" With
firm voice, Thoreau looked up and
said: "One world at a time, Parker;
one world at a time."
The Soul's Doubt.
There are times in the history of
every life, when the soul seems drifting like a helpless harque, on a temp-
••st-tossed sea. Amid
shoals, the frail barque of the ixiul
drifts on, hopelessly and aimlessly, towards an unknown destiny. Por the
spiritual navigator, at such a time as
this, Thoreau's dictum may become
tho highest wisdom. At the post of
duty amid the thick darkness and dan
gera that surround hlm, he can only
bo patient and brave; and permit,
with calm surrender, the Great Disposer of all events to determine destiny.
This, however, is only a phase of
life, lt ls not a state. It certainly
cannot become a fixed state. Normally, Thoreau's dictum is contrary to the
soul's deepest aspirations and experience. Sooner or later, tlie baffled,
wearied soul begins to look ont on
lift- again with new hope nnd Htren.rh.
It gets a new vlew-no'ii. lhat changes
life's values. It changes life's emphasis ns Carlyle did, when in such
a mood, lie declared time to be Inexplicable, until eternity had been scanned : nnd the vnluc of the present
world to be largely fixed by the value
placed on the next. If this be the
only world, one's duty may lie to get
the greatest amount of Joy now. If
there be another world, one's duty
mny he to sacrifice the Immedlutc
pleasures; for temp.irary loss may
bring permanent gain, and Immediate
gain may end In eternal loss. The
problem nf a future life Is, therefore,
prncticle and imperative. The
healthy soul cannot but be interested, and intensely Interested, In whnt
is happening "on the other side."
The higher the life the wider the
range of vision. To see far, one
must live high; and, there are some
people who live so high that their
vision Is never clouded. The mists
never mar their outlook. The
heavenly landscnpe Is never far from
the vision of the heavenly-minded,
and for them, experience outweighs
the conclusions of tho most profound
philosophy. The New Testament
cure for low faith is a high life.   The
volted against death; but this King of
Terrors crushes all revolt. It Is Impossible to guard against death; for,
like a thief in the night, it comes to
steal, from the most watchful, both
peace and joy. It unmans the strongest, effaces the fairest, impoverishes
the richest, and deceives the cleverest. Death upsets all calculations,
and destroys all human programmes.
The race falls back exhausted In its
efforts to charm or stave off death.
Death still plays with destiny. Death
Is supreme.
Like weary mariners, we all sail
towards that far-off mysterious land,
whence no barques return; and this
fuct of deatli creates an interest In
the quest for life.
Friends and Death.
But there Is loss, by death, even
though we ourselves die not.   While
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Offlce, Smelting and Refining Department
In order to encourage ilud assist
sniiill Investors and wage earners to
purcliuse Victory Bonds the Canadian
Bankers' Association bus recommend*
we live, others die.   The memory ot,   .   .    . . .
'     ,. '       ed the banks to adopt a card system
those who live longest very soon be-     .      . ,   , .     ,,
° _..,,_,       whereby payments on the instalment
comes a picture-gallery of the dead    '
the "Graves of memory
.   '
TWO MAM'AI. ORflAN- 10 sols of  ln $7m ,„ B(M|„on (n  wh!dv
peihil hnBB, either hand or foot
nipcd, suitable for teacher or small
church,   Bargain Boldom met with—
♦70,   W. W. Kilby. Armstrong Avenue.
brook  poople  wns evidenced  by thej way to diminish doubt is to deepen
collection taken up, which amounted) experience,
The Soul and Deallt.
The common fact of death inevitably turns the thoughts to life beyond the grave. Man Is a dying man.
Death comes to all. Man seems bom
only to dlo.   Tbt ract haa ever re-
Cowen, accompanied by a few business
men, made a canvass of lhe down town
section of tho city on Monday, when
the further sum of $197.fid was sub
where sleep
the Joys of other years." However
complete and lovingly cherished the
picture, it is but a poor compensation
for the original. Friends die; but,
love never dies.
"Tbe  heart  that  has  truly   loved
never forgets,
But us truly loves on to the close;
As the sunflower turns on her god.
when he sets,
The same look thnt she turned
when he rose."
Consequently, love gets behind tlie
scenes to search for friendship, for
those "loved, long since, imd lost
awhile." The heavy feet of the messengers of death are always sounding, sometimes afar off, at other
times near at hand. They are coming,
incessantly, to carry off the loved
ones. The gates of death quickly
open to allow the stranger to enter.
WOUtld*; quickly they close ftgftln.
But the heurt outside the gate remains open. The wounds of broken
fellowship never close. We stand
at the gnto nf silence. We try
to peer through, Wo grow restless until tliey open again- maybe for us. Whnt hosts of anxious friends crowd around these
gates. The brooding silence of
eternity ensts t> wonderful spell
It entrances. Every time the curtain of tbe unseen lifts and friends
pass through, we fain would keep
the curtain from falling, until we too
cjttti catch th| vision of tlie new
world. Then, like the Roman soldier,
amid tho shout of battle, we cry:
"Mors janua vltae." Death Is become for ..us nlso the door of life.
(To--bo continued)
Sir Wilfred Laurier's manifesto Is
an application for national exemption
from military service. The people of
Canada nre the exemption Tribunal
und on December 17th, will decide
whether we continue ns n nntlon in
tbo fight for the world's liberty or
cease further participation. A referendum, la but a subterfuge, a demand
for- national exemption
plan can  be conveniently handled.
The applications under this plan
are confined to Bonds of the denomination of $60 and $100 in the five year
Here are three plans for payment:
#.Vi  Bund
(a)    $;"> down und $5 monthly.
(hi   $6 down and $2.50 seml-monih-
(c)   $5 down and $1 weekly.
#1<HI Bond
ta)   $10 down and $10 monthly.
ib)   $10 down nnd $5 semi-mon thl;
let   $10 down nnd $2 weekly.
The record cards will be Issued In
duplicate, one to be given to the subscriber and the other to he retained
hy the bank.
When ihe application form is signed
and the deposit of l0c/o paid, the subscriber will be given a card. Tin
card will record each payment and It
to he presented to the bank each tlnn
a payment is made. When the card
shows that the full amount of the
subscription has been paid the subscriber will  receive the Bond,
It will tint he necessary for tho subscriber to give lhe biink his promissory note, and so he need not feel thnl
he Is borrowing money from the bank.
The various committees working
throughout Canada for tho interests
of the Victory Ixmn should nrrnugt
for the solicitation of small tippllcn
tlons under this card instalment plan
London, Nov. 15.—In the House today, during a speech, Henry William
Forster, Financial Secretary to the
War Office, said that since July 1,
,1818, the British bad captured from
the Turks 30,107 prisoners and 18(!
guns, and from the Germans on llie
Western front 101,534 prisoners and
510 guns.
The approximate square mileage In
territory conquered or reconquered
by the nritteli in the same time, said
Mr. Forster, was 128,000. The total
number of prisoners captured on all
fronts since the beginning of the
war was 100,000, while the captured
guns numbered 800.
An official statement Issued by the
British on August 24, said that tbe
number of prisoners captured by thc
British In all war theaties since the
beginning of the war, exclusive
African natives, at that tlm* aggro-
gala* 111,771.
Nothing    of recent    times will    so
hearten the Canadians In the trenches
as the formation of the Union Government  at   Ottawa.    Through   many  ii
bleak dnwn,  waiting io go over the
i top, or steeling their hearts to meet
Ian attack, the Canadian trench dwel-
i lers must have wondered in their In-
[ most souls whether the hardships and
i dangers they nre enduring at the front
j were  beiug  realized  in  Canada,  and
1 whether their sacrifices were to be
j lost   by the  Indifference of those  nt
j home.   Th.* band-playing and cheer-
i Ing and fine speeches accompanying
their   departure  overseas  must   have
contracted strangely with the l«<*k of
. necessary reinforcements at the front
and the seeming forgetful ness of the
needs  of  our   bonnie   fighters.    The
news thnt eld political lines have been
obliterated nnd the heart of Canada
set to the one task nf winning the war.
will inspire the tired hm still undismayed Canadian soldiers to renewed
efforts of the kind thai have brought
honor lo Canada,
We must win the wnr or quit lho
The Slioo Special lal
mm: ihakafodi
Hatlftfartltin Uuaranlrrd
Headquarters for all kinds of
Now She it Strong and Well
Berkeley, Cal.—"I wai nervoua,
irritable, no appatile, could not aleep,
and wai alwayi tired, ao my homework wai a great eltort. After many
othar medicine! had (ailed Vinol
tuilt me up and made me atronf. I
hava * good appetite and aleep wall.
K»ery nervoui, weak, ailing woman
ahould try it."—Mra. N. Edmund,,
■1107 Dwight Way, Berkeley, Cal.
We aak every nervoui, weak, rundown, ailing woman in thia town to
try thia cod liver and iron tonic on
our guofantee to return their money
" it faili to help them.
Cranbrook Drug £ Qook Co., Cranbrook, B. C„ alio at the best drug-
data le all B. C. towr-a.
..   '* 'our
.„. Ibroo


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