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Cranbrook Herald Mar 20, 1913

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Array L'Shiatlvc AsS(,„
April ;
We are well equipped tu
turn out the beat cI.ihh
of work.
In the Herald Pay.—Try
.Our 'Local  Column.
10c. a line
me Err
lioAltii       OK
at   em
use of other structural materials,
but tltoro is no excuse for tho waste
which two allow to occur annually
making us poorer in the present, and
crippling the prosperity of genera-
lions yet to come."
U.    V
It, T.
Mil till I
sun an
A Idler
was received.
the parllcu-
an fiirlv date
ons for      tin
'    tin* board     ol
met ui the city hull on    Mon
afternoon,     (liose present ItcllIK
Ourtl, chairman, II. Darling,
?. D. O'Cotinell, Itu
li   McNabb, \\   ll. Wll
      Wm.   .1. Mimnviu,
secrolary    ol   agriculture, regarding
Hie establishment nf n demonstration
orchard at    Cranbroofc
It  u.i', decided to pint
Inrs in   the press    nl
and   rccoivo    appllcal
orchard. ,
It was decided not lo exhibit at
Southern Alberta exhibition at
Lethbrldgo on April 15th and Ifith,
11u1 lime being too short to prepare a
suitable exhibit.
A commUtee consisting nf Messrs,
Gurd and Darling was appointed to
take tip with tbo C.P.R. Immediately
the matter of having tbat company
prepare ready-mad.1 farms in the
Immediate vicinity of Cranbrook,
A committee consisting of H. T.
Brymner, J, l'. Kink nnd i\V, F.
Gurd were appointed to again lake
up the mat ler of the Kootenay Central's basis of operations with tlie
view of having it established at
Messrs. Gurd, Darling and Manning
u'"i'e appointed to lake tip with the
C.P.R. department of natural resources the mat ler of having them
install their new crcosoting plant
for thc preservation of railway lies
nt Cranbrook.
Further   minor mailers
with and disposed of.
The executive of the board
trade will probably meet every
hereafter at 10 a.m. tho day no
ing been definitely decided on.
Uuong important chaugea in the
business personnel nt the city recently the ilissoliitioii of the film ot
Campbell and Manning is undoubtedly
the most Important. On last Sa-
:lay Mr. Ira Manning assumed full
control of the grocery business which
has been heretofore conducted by the
i, Mr. .1. F. Campbell retiring to
eater the hotel business.
Six years ago last September the
firm or Campbell and Manning was
embarked on a business voyage in
iIranbrook witb a small grocery
store. Wince then the store has
grown wonderfully,' today carrying
one of the largest grocery stocks in
the city. Two years ago they commenced tho erection of the Campbell
and Manning block nn Hanson avenue,
which was completed last year and
which they still own. Last year
they purchased the Cosmopolitan
hotel property. Mr. Manning, re- I
leased his interest in the'hotel property in taking over Sir. Campbell's
interest in the grocery.
Since becoming associated with
Cranbrook business interests both
men have occupied positions of prominence in the social, political and
business world. Mr. Campbell recently concluded a term as alderman,
serving iu that', capacity in the diffi-
ii] t role of chairman of the finance
committee, with credit to himself
and the city administration of which
he was-a member. .Mr. Manning is
one of the prominent Conservatives
,-f this district.
They have unbounded faith in the
future of the city and district and
both will continue tn be identified
with business matters here.
of Spokane, are the lucky men to
secure pari of the fob. They ha
been engaged in similar work for the
Canadian Pacific ralFway for tlie
last three years bul of lau* their
teams and outfits have been lying
idle. They will complete sixty
miles of the missing link, while the
other twenty miles goes to Messrs.
Ilnomer and Iliushcs. nf Hie same
city. Tin* amount to hr expended in
tbe latter C&BO is 1880,000, making *
total outlay for tho two contracts
of the immense sum of $3,600,000,
When n.is considered Hint almost
the ivhole id tbis work is to be done
within , tbu confines tf tin* Winder*
mete division, of which this place is
one of tho most important centres,
some idea may be formed of what a
great impetus as a starlet it will
give to trade in tbis part of Hritish
Columbia. The actual amount to he
spent on the contracts will of course
be the smaller end of what wi-l be
paid out in tbe construction of tbe
line and in the case of what follows
it will extend along over a period of
several years and a much latfrer percentage of it will he spent locally.
OF N w.uNIKl
Mini  li
r; reek
his mi
shot Lh
The km
in aide,
and 'in
Lethbridge,     Alta.,   March     IB
Hums and -Ionian, who secure
contract foi $3,500,000 for thc  con
pletion of the (.olden end of the Koo
ii'ii,n  Central     railway, will    com
>orgo mence work   immedlotoly ami anttcl
tbis Pate using about   two thousand men
Itoomer and Hughes have the     Foi
|ou  Steele end   and Will use about     twt
fl8 hundred men.     They expect to com
king plete their pari of the contract tin
'il - .me
•I reed     in-
Stephen M. Hoskius, formerly land
recorder for the Cranbrook district,
and latterly provincial assessor and
collector ini ths Nelson government
cilice for the past three years, has
been appointed government agent at
Hazel Ion on tbe new Grand Trunk
Hnolfic line, and will leave for the
north in about two weeks.
After leaving Cranbrook Mr." Ilos-
kins has held the government positions at Nelson of mining recorder,
registrar of voters, registrar of
births, marriages and deaths and
registrar under the marriage act.
lie was overwhelmed with congratulations on his promotion to Hazel-
ton, as, tbe position of government
agent at that place is considered one
if the best of the kind in the provincial service.
of Greece
The BSB6
Aleko Scbinas
through the beai
accompanied onl
Col.     Fraucoud
came sudden)) ;(
shot from    a    si
VolVcr,        The
tense      escitemt ^^^^^^^^
seized Immediately and overpowered.
The wounded king was lifted into a
carriage and laken to l'apaflon hospital, lie was still breathing, but
died within half an hour.
Prince   Nicholas,     the king's third
son, and other oflleers hurried to the
hospital.       Arriving   first,    Prince
Nicholas summoned tli
speaking     in a     voici
sobs, said: "Ii is my deep grief    in   is  an   important    link, but
have   lo announce    to you th* death pprtaucc of   the .lukeson-Oo
Th.- completion of the .lukeson-
Oolden cut-off is fraught with great
importance to Lethbridge, as, considerably reducing the C.P.R. mileage through to "the coast and providing a route approximate!) a thousand feet lower through the main
mountain range than is the main
line, it will place Lethbridge in tbe
positlan ol being upon n through
in this respect, as it is at present,
heen an open secret for I
or llirre venrs dial Mir C.I'.R, plnrv-
ni'il nnnllier through mute In       thr
Mens    nil.I ronsl via Hio  (Vows NYm |>»ss,    nl
eliotal Willi  which route the   l.rllilniilm--Wryburn
(ha lm-
<ii link
of our beloved    kins, nml Invite you has heen overshadowed    to a certain
lo swear fidelity In y ■ new sovere-   oxlcnl i>v   Ihe   rumors whieh    wen
ign, King Constantly." current last    full thai   the company
Crown Prince    Constantlije is    nl Planned lo hulld   through Irom Koo-
present nl   .laaiim.     Me is expected lenay Landing,   south nf Nelson   and
liakins up Willi the Penillclon liranch
hy means of several If real N
branches ia British Columbia,
purchase ol whieh the C.I'.R.
a     sii.ui
■s  ill  lhe
iu   Hie
use of
all hulld'ag
Is whieh
has been
erne ,.l   Ihe
chief     i
istics   of
the      pasl
nt 1..    thc
Commercial  Re
,'ii'V\  ullel
.MS   Ml   ISM
we bad
ol cemcnl ol 03,473
■less      111
an one-flfl
ieih barrel
tier capita; and ,
if all elas
!CS el sl.H'l
the consumption
was 101,4
70 lens,   a
trifle  o
ver    em
-lifllelll t
mi pci cap-
Ha,    t It.
'       weed
Ion      was
ig    over
1,000 board
feet, ,,r aboul 050 feel pet capita
In lot 1 tin- consumption m cement
was f».72t;.2K2 ban.'Is, almost seven
tenths borrolfl per capita, and o!
stool the consumption was 878,093
tons or t.tie tenth tons per capita
The figures on tiiubei used In 1011
will certainly he found tc exceed
Uiose of 1010, when there vias con
summ'iI vv.ii ovei live billion teei nf
lumber, \rtilrh would give, with a
population "i eigbl miliums ol
people, n per capita consumption of
02Ii (cet ni more—almost equal to
the figure in 1899.        This leaves „ut
ot consideration entlrHj the rapidly
growing pulp Industry, which bad a
Milne ol aboul len millions In IfllO.
1'ulp is gradually taking tbo place ol
lumber in man*, forms ol interior
finishing ami bos manufacture.
T<> sum hi* We use Just as much
wood us .mi WC did, and in addition wo have brought Into service
seven times the cement pet eaplla,
and live times the slid we used in
"Willi tin* forests ol British Co
luniiiia opening up as tliej are, II Is
dllfleull to estimate the great pro
liable Increase in the nmount of Umbel nscd iu Canada," snys lllfl He
view. "While the Industry is capable ot mi oxpanelon ot flvt times its
present bulk without Impairing tin
wm N capital, one rather all r info
Irom the thought id what condition
forest tnes, if Hu'v mice go1 headway, might leave, Canada has an
cstimaiid growth per acre nf 150
hoard feci and a cut of 125 board
feet,, but tho lire loss is 525 hoard
feet. The (terrible disproportion between ibe amount) grown and the
amount removed every year Is something, which must lie overcome if
Canada is In.maintain her place iu
the fore of the limbor-prodUcitig nations.
"There may be some excuse for the
use of an ever-lincreasing absolute
amount! or tlmbor—Jump of fifteen
fold In the last half century—or even
n slightly increased use per capita,
along with enormous increase in,  ibe
Toronto, March      17.—Osborne
Scott, assistant general passenger
ngeni of the Canadian Northern railway makes the statement that practically 120,000 homesteads will he
opened up for homesteodtng by the
Canadian Northern railway this
year. 1" Hritish Columbia the Canadian Northern are tu go iu lor a
more extensive immigration campaign than tbcj have yet attempted,
Not onh are they booking their two
steamships, the Royal George and
the Royal Kdwatd, to capacity, but
addition are making arrangements
th other lines to aW Ibem in
bringing Hritish pet tiers 4.0 lake up
'anadiaii Northern rail way home-
leads in western Canada. The number brought lo Canada by tht* road
last year averaged 3,000 a month, or
approximately 25,000 Hritish itnmi
grants during lhe year, but with the
they have
isetl nn
transportation facilities
irmflged lor a preatlv In-
nber tu be brought out to
ORK     AT     INVERMBItE      '1
(Special to the llerald).
Invermere, B.C., March ik.-.\s
predicted iu my recent communication to you in .regard to the advent
of the Kootenay Central engineers in
to this part the announcement has
now been made public thai contracts have been let for the construction of Urn connecting link between
the two ends ol the Kootenay Central branch of the Canadian Pacific
railway, which for the last - two
years have been forcing their way to
this -point from north and south
through the beautiful valleys of this
Kootenay-Columhia rivers. The work
is to he started at once nnd lo be
finished willlln two years time. Tbe
approximate expenditure in as far
as ii covers the contracts so far let
is to he (2,500,000.
Tint announcement goctt on to mention thai Messrs.   Hunts and Jordan,
Tomorrow morning the new Young
Men's Club biiildiuu; on the Comer of
Kdwards ami Louis streets will be
officially opened. Tlie opeiiin*ji will
be pablically celebrated in tbe evening with an entertainment.
This buildius has been erected for
and by the young men of the city
for the purpose of providing gymnasium and swimming privileges. Thp
officers ot tho club are .1. I). McBride, president, and W. P. Attridge,
secivtary. The building will be under the management of Mr. J. Wilkinson, formerly assistant secretary
of the Y.M.C.A. at Brooklyn, New
York. lie is a clever and well
trained gymnast and has considerable
experience in instructing.
Commencing at 7.30 on Friday
evening a swimming expert has been
engaged and will give an hour's exhibition At s.M a programme will
be rendered consisting of the address
o| tbe evening by Mr. E. E. Simpson, of Victoria, (formerly proprietor of tlte Herald), songs by Mrs.
W. A. Nishet, Mrs. A. B. Macdonald,
Mrs. Ed. Paterson, Geo. K. Stevenson ami the Odd Fellows' quartette;
recital ion by Harold Darling and
music by the band.
All swimming and gymnastic privileges rf the building are tree lor the
day anil evening. Following the
programme, refreshments will be
served. The clergy of tbe city and
the city council will be present to
participate in the opening exercises.
This buildiiici will OU a long lelt
want, in providing a suitable meeting
place for the young men of tlie city
and providing means for their physical development in a normal, healthy
manner. It has been found that disciplinary training in the art of developing strength and agility goes
far, as well, to discipline the mental
part ol tbe body, and at normal,
strong nnd healthy body usually carries a normal and vigorous mind.
For this reason gymnasiums have
found favor even in the ancient
Roman days and Cranbrook with this
well equipped building is In line
with older and larger cities In this
Police Judge Iv A. Hill imposed a
fine this week mi Vow Harris of
ISO anil costs lor frequenting, and ot-
fd hint out nl town.
to come here with all speed
George, King of the Hellenes, according lo his official style, was second sou of King Christian IX. of
Denmark, and therefore, brother of
lhe Queen Mother Alexandra ot England, ami uncle to King George V.
He was born at Copenhagen, Dee.
21, 1815, and was elected to the
Greek throne in March, 180.1. On
October 27, 18li7, he married Olga, IMMIGRATION
daughter of Grand Duke Conslantinu
of Russia, aud had issue of live sons
and one daughter, He is succeeded
by bis eldest son, Prince Constant ine,
Duke of Sparta, who 1ms distinguished himself in the present war,
being born August i, 1818, ai.ti
marrying on October 27th; vlfijfl, the
Princess Sophia, sis'er q■',f J;v.*,*-resent- German Emperor aud niece of
the late King Edward. They hnvo
three sons and two daughters, the
heir apparent being Prince George of
Sparts, horn .Inly 10th, 1800.
King George, who had taken person command of his troops during
the rarlier period of the war, had
been here since December, when the
Turkish fortress was occupied by the number nf
Greeks after     a short     sict-r.     the was 305,80*
ir the
•Queen of     Grcc
and has paid gr
care of tbe sick
George in Decern her
here with King    Ft
London, Eng., March 11.—The annual rush to Canada has set in earlier than is usual, and from now until tbo end of May or well into .June
the immigration authorities will be
hep: luiiiv. Though lasl tear was a
record one, the Dominion may be
prepared to welcome this year a
still greater number of new settlers.
Mr. .). Obed Smith, head of the Canadian government. Immigration department in London,.states that he
and his officials are prepared to ship
twice as many as they did in 1012.
"Last year," said Mr. Smith, "the
nrrivals in the Dominion
^^^^^^^ ^^^™       ''na' number consti-
also has been her:*   tilled   nol only    a record in number
t attention to    the hut   in   quality also.       The largest-
ml wounded.     King number of settlers   went to Ontario,
•I'ting but following closely on Ontario are
Bill- Alberta,     Saskatchewan    and     the
Tlie year graea 1013 Is an exceptional year in that Kaster falls earlier Ihan ii has since 1850. Next
Sunday. March 23rd, is Easter Sunday, tomorrow (Friday) being Good
Friday.        Tlu-    earliest   date upon
which l-.a-.it-i can fall is March J'Jti.t
and this has ,,nlv happened once, m
The selection of the proper day has
been a subject of much controversy.
Profess,.! de Morgan, father rf the
author of Joseph Vance and Alice for
Short, wrote an elaborate essay
upon it in the Companion to the
British Almanac in 1M>-,( year in
which Enstcr fell on March 83, as
il will this year.
According to Chambers' Book     of
as II
trouble began as fa
run! century.    There
i  hack
was a
rl    II.
iiviin   iii<- Eastern
-Ill ll
mrch. Tli,- Eastern
paschal least nn lh,
day i
IS  Hi.
•   Jewish Passover.
'IN     1
I 111]II
'hrlstians objected,
■mi'   seems in have
or lit
1,     S,
II 1
i thai tin lollowlng
ell: "li any bishop,
celebrated the holy
had a
garia to    discuss lhe disposition    of wheal-bearing lands
the captured  Turkish   territory  alter  the   citizens     have
In Manitoba
formed a league
U Mereantili
convince am  said   when
for v
A visit to the Fit
company's store should
that Cranhrook has one of the be.-ft
and most modern mercantile establishments to be found in the west.
It is a great, surprise to every visitor to Cranbrook, Ihey always inak,>
some tlattering remark. This company believes in    the future (,f Cran-
named the Million Manitoba League,
and the cry for more workers comes
in from every corner ol the Dominion."
I "We are unite up to tbe average,
and we expect that the rush this
spring Will eclipse anything we have
seen hef/ire," an immigration agent
questioned. "Though
have been going to Canada
us, it is only now that the
country is really becoming known,
and consequently it is only now that
the possibilities of the country's resources ate being understood, It is
true that a small percentage of    the
brook ami her surroundings and intending settlers come hack, but
thinks there is nothing too gr.otl for their number does not a fleet the gen-
her people. oral     total, as  it is so   small, and,
The company, In furnishing the besides, these are the people who to
store, carefully studied every fea- out expecting to find everything tin
ture, such as general appearance, and dried for them,
cleanliness and arrangement for hand' "Scotland is sending out over a
ling business quickly. The furniture thousand immigrants weekly during
throughout is solid oak. The uroc- the season, and there are a large
cry cnsi-s are dust proof and air number of Irishmen, especially farm
tight, which prevents fruits nnd oth- hands, who have come to we that
perishable gmuls irom shrinking Canada is the land ul promlie
There is no doubt, however, that the
Immigration trade of Canada has
lieen cut into hy the Australian immigration trade, but iu spite of thai
the numbers going wist are in excess
if any previous season "
ami drying out   and keeps (hem     as
nice as the day they were packed
In the men's department every
convenience has been arranged The
furniture ami tailoring departments
occupy all of the second floor, 118*100
feet, and is, perhaps one of the
largest furniture stores iu eastern
B.C. Features of the firniture department are the den. dining and bed
rooms and parlor, all nf which art-
carpeted and fitted with furniture,
showing just how it looks in place.
On the balcony al the rear of
the grocery department is the ladies
rest room, supplied with east chairs,'
tables, etc.
The offices are nn the first floor,
and while they are not large they
are conveniently arranged so the
work can be quickly done.
One of the must noticeable
features is the lighl; every department is as light as day. Courtesy]
Is another feature, this eompanv'
have no room (or grouches, tbey In-
Hint upon    courteous treatment.      to]
The Calgarv Typographical union is
out after the international convention for if li Tbey are arranging
for two special ears to take delegates
from Western Canada to tlie convention at Nashville, Tenn., in 1918,
The slogan adopted is "Calgary,
Isunnv Alberta, lflll."
'Where's the editor'"
"Bunnin' a race wllh tin* shenn to
git warm."
"And the tofORranT"
"Tryin' lo git the stove red hot
with rejected poetry."
"Well, win*re's the office boy?"
"Tryin* to mortgage tlie paper to
buy a ntMir akov*!."— Ei.
of Master before the Vernal equinox,
as tin* .lews do, let him be disposed." The Kmperor ConsUMine
used his Influence on the same Bid*
Later on there was :t tremendous
controversy in Hritam l>etween a
British and a Romanian party. Kim;
Oswy decided for the latter, and
this caused the resignation of Coleman, bishop of l.indisfarne, who was
the champion ol the British idea.
11 is now settled that Easter Sunday is the first Sunday alter the
paschal full moon—that is. the full
moon which happens upon or after
the 21st of March. If Ibis fjll moon
is on Sunday. Kaster is the Sunday-
after. This sounds almost clear,
but the learned writer mixes it up
again by explaining thai tlte full
;m referred to is not the real full
ui. but an imaginary moon, which
not, the same by two it three
days. To tiiriire the riddle out prop-
rly you must be an authority on
astronomy* mathematics and ecclesiastical history. Hut rou may find
it, an interrsttmr way tn fill in tbe
evenings between now and Kaster.
Whatever comfort then-- i.^ in knowing that Kaster came as early a*
this 57 years an", or even a day earlier in 1812, or even two days earlier in the year 3*7 A.I), in that
part of the world known as fjaul—
may be extracted at will. The
point is that in 387, also in 1812,
and iu 1850, w far as records go,
Kaster parades were not in f.shion.
and the particular date did not matter very much.
Hut it is a very different ma*f*r in
this* day and age. Many Rood
people have   come to make  mc       of
Kaster in much the same manner ..s
the astrtuionuT uses the North Star
And ask any star-ta/er what his
feelings would be if tonight he found
tbat all reliable flcturc out ol place
in the firmament.
To be sure, Kaster has alwavs enjoyed the privilege of roaming more
or less at random over the fireeor-
jan   calendar.       It obeys one ,.( the
lest laws   man ever   devised, This
that the lirst Sunday .ift«r the
full moon following the vernal
equinox shall be called Kaster. ' s-
ually you may depend on it tn work
io that Kaster comes where it
properly   lu'lomes, but this year II is
case of the vernal equinox. full
moon, and Sundav following so <!os,-
upon each other's heels that the holiday is at hand before anybody, much
less the weather is really readj f"i
In every scl !   and college Kaster
s now synonymous with spring re
cms. A holiday ol from three dayi
to Kwo weeks js declared. Children
and young men and women are sent
home. Courses of study an* ,.r-
ranged with Kaster in mind It is
the time for "e\ams" In a host i T
places. The curriculum is wound.J
up and set to "go i»A" like an alarm
clock ai Raster time. All of which
is thrown out of kilter this season.
The spring hotm-roming or spctial-
rate tour will be a frost-bitten af"
best ami jnsl how to wedge
in the permanent Raster "fvanis" is-
a problem Lhat main a facltltj has
to solve.
Florist* tell us thai RaBter lilies
will be higher than ever this season
as the short time allowed has hdl
given the bulk ol lhe crop time '"
mature. The tloiisls are making up
ItltS year for the shortage of lilies bv
supplying several oiler hinds id
beautiful flowers in profusion. A/al-
rhododendrons, hyacinths, dai-
lodiis, tulips and narcissus may be
procured in profusion.
All of tto churches iu Cranbrook'
ban* prepared   special, Kaster
grammes and the Sunday schools aS
well have special programmes for tb*
day. Many of these are announce*!
in another column.
Fashion, as well, has something to
say about Kaster and it is usually
the season for the new spring
tuna's and hats Tite early
this year forbids this, but the dealers have (riven us notes on the ee#
styles as follows;
When Kipling wrote "Kast is Eaat,
and West is West, and ntftr tbt
twain shall meet," be bad cot ia
mind the fusion of ideals on tfae matter of dress now noted ia botl
orient and Occident.
M ihe present time we ate bring
treated to the .spectacle iu ttr west,
and bv the west we mean Wester!
European countries and America, ot
a must sweeping invasion of vaster!
stvles, colorings and materials.
The influence of the Balkan war is
being felt in every direction. Bulgarian color schemes, the Turkish fea
and other dress ideas peculiar to
the countries Involved in the Baltua
war, are bcinp adopted and modified
by the creators or western styles.
At the same time we find th*
western styles invading tbe Orient-
We see 'he Chinaman discarding his
(lucne And eoniing out in sacs, frflfi,
dcrbj ,>r Bilk bat. Chinese womr** »m
goint ir fni picture hats, feOMrrl!
skirts and all the finery <*t the oore
despised western civilization.
In suit*., the new models elongate
the wayit line and give a perfectly
strai&ht Sine from the arm to the
lower waist line Another novelty
is the new vestu effects with the
collar cut in one with the v«t
part.^nd softly rrllmg over. These
vt-Nts are made, as a rule, ol bright
colored silks or corded and ratios
•.mped silks with flowered pattern*.
Skirls are decidedly narrow, l|t
raised •*;..-- line still betas) cofttift-
ued, a:*! are made plainly.
In millinery tbe small bat is .Me*
ing sway. The soft crown it>* *
popular Hemp,   Tagel and tfilM
are the leading straws.
The trimmings introduced are decidedly varied and although SSM
trimming as a rule is used, there «s
no undue crowding, and the effect is
Quite simple though everythiag is *
matter of combination. There is .V
decided d'mand for feather effects.
More Korifvou:* colors wore never esse)
on millinery before, Perhaps the tare)
shades most popular are Helen fink
and Flora yellow. Shrimp pink W|H
be shown with pewter ttrey, aad
brass with dark brown,
«ih National blue.
mike ira
city iimn
Nelson. B C, March 17.-Decided
to ask the mayor to set a date for
Arbor day and to dexlare it H public
holiday and to request tbe city cooo-
il to make a grant lor four hundred
hade trees which have been ordered
for free distribution to citizens.
Discussed tbe need for eaforcemeftt
d ihe bylaw calling for the snow to
be cleared off the sidewalk* in the
business sections, the desirability of
general or compulsory scaveagfag
system and for the f-frtablishnmrt   of
new dumping grr.und whk-fc is feet
sufficiently near to residences to fee
Endorsed the suggestions of Meyer
Keefc for improving the waterfront.
appointed a committee to co-oper-
ite with the parks committee of the
*it\ council,
Favored i suggestion tbat roK
inks should he established at HesM-
on park.
Arranged to hold on March 27th !
rally to discuss plans (or making Nelson a eity Ix-autilu!
Above is some ol the business . ft
Fnday night's annual meeting «t
the Nelson Improvement association,
when officers were elected loi tbe
year and plans for the coming seam's work were outlined.
It was stated that the 1,500 rose
hushes which have been ordered for
distribution at cost price to residents or Nelson and the surrounding
district would reach Nelson about
April IS, and that orders would be
taken hi the secretary at any time.
It is planned to male* the entertainment and rally on March 27th
one ol thc largest aftairs of the kind
ever held in the city and a committee was appointed to secure
speakers and to make arranseroeves
(or refreshments,and other (eatniesol
the event.
Dr. Wm. IT. Thompson, of Spokane, Wash., was in the eity this
week arranging It r the office formetly,
occupied hy Dr. H K Hall, dm
Partis' handwnre store and will locate here from April Mh until June
1st, for the practice nl dentisttfl ill
pro ■ |J oral lurgery. THE~CRANBROOK HEBALD
The Voters' Lists have been cancelled, and all must register
before APRIL 7th.
will be open from 10 a.m. to io
p.m. until April 7th, where Commissioners will be ready at all
times to take your application.
Just where the German Peril comes
in—or slays out—is shown by the
official report of Grand Admiral von
TirpiU!. recent   speech in the Retch-
By tbe Herald   Puhlisbing Company
F. J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CBANBSOOK, B. C, Marcb Z«th, 1913
stag. lie was accused hy the Socialists of, hostility to England and replied:
"I must protest against the view
that my utterances have a ring of
ill-feeling against England. In my
opinion this ratio (16-10) for the
battle, fleet    is    acceptable. It       ex-
'flit' ladies stopped the
little ho; who** le-iot
were briar Mratcbed
And marvelled   at   the
tunny   way bin   little
imiitB were patched.
■Why did they patch
with    white? '    they
nuked, "unit not um
lirowu, initead?"
The itnall hoy leowled
and touehed therapot:
■Tlint ain't nopttteb,"
- Mac amt Mac SmMCt,
Wo hove a full stock of
in White nml twenty-
one other oolors
We deliver promptly
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and House
presses the fact that we do not Intend aud have not intended to enter
into competition with England.      It
j gives us a measure   of power,     such
At last week's city council meeting  that it is difficult to attack us. This
the assistant  city   engineer   made a measure of power is maintained    by
report to the council regarding    the t^   nnVy   law.      Wo    do nob need
diversion of Smith creek, which  was more.    There can be no question  ol
■f works. 'Ihis ,our desiring to    proceed aggressively
 '    h'ss in regard to England, for aggressive
procedure     requires  a   considerable
(,"r i superiority	
As I    "We   had   bo choose between giving
Smith creek now runs il divides  the
referred to the board
matter has been untie
-dicussion hy citizens and officials f<
thc pasti    several years and to
mind it is an important matter
town almost in half nnd is the recipient of all matter of refuse from
its Entrance into the city limits tc
the exodus at thc north end of town,
Physicians assert that considcrabli
sickness has been caused among residents who reside along this creek,
after it diverges from Cranbrook, by j *iaV(1 ajlavC(( any
drinking   its   water.      The proposed  jms arjscni      jr
divcrsion   is   t..
down tho   west
change    ils course |
side   of the C.I'.R.
hy means ol a sufficiently strong
navy an adequate protection to our
growing trade and to our industry
or standing always hat in hand. We
chose the former course. There does
not. exist an intention tlt proceed beyond the present framework of thc
navy law. I hope by these words I
uneasiness which
!•    (Germany and
| Oreat Britain, arrive at n serviceable
j agreement, the navy law has done its
tracks.     If ihis can he done without L-nrfe "
too great an expense, it would meet Tl)is statemcnt was made on Feb-
with the approval of all citizens. tuary m .^ ,mt not puWtetei
Bridges ami   culverts along its route | tcXlUany    for a    conslderablo time,
Lespcrance,   Sevtgny—voting directly
mtrnry to the    pledges under which]
they were elected,
Had they been true to their pledges
theyj would have opposed the naval
bill, and reduced the government majority to six. Had Mr. Monk been
in the house, he has since stated he
would also havo opposed the bill,
which would havo reduced the majority to five.
Therefore had the members of parliament all been present and voted
[according lo tho dictates of their
constituents the government's majority would have been but live—ami
'the opposition would have represented a large majority of the popular
, vote. And this is a Jhouso thirteen
members short of what the constitution calls for according to ihe last
| The opposition position is that a
government so situated bus no right
to attempt to force through par 11a-
I meat a measure making so great a
change in the constitutional procedure
of the country without appealing to
the people. Therefore iu the interests of tho people, a majority ol
: whom they really represent on this
question, they are in duty hound
to use every means In their power to
sec that the voice of the people is
heard. It is because of the very
force of these arguments thnt the
government is so determined to
force the measure through, and even
to invoke the closure to shut off the
voice of the. people.
could then   he removed,   their maintenance eliminated, the streets made '
more 'safe, their beauty enhanced and
an increased value created    for   the
property through which it now flows. '
The waste water which stagnates
thc spring in the lower part of      the'
city   could he.    more readily drained
away and that part of the city would
be more healthy,    clean    and    dry.
We trust  the hoard   of     works will '
[when it was coupled with a speech by
Heir von Jagow, (lerman foreign
secretary. Heir Von .lagow pointed
out that during! the .recent Balkan
j crisis Germany's relations with
[England had been relations of peculiar confidence, and ,lhe "flunk cori-
j versa! ions conducted in complete
confidence between London and us
(Germany) during all phases of this
crisis" as related by his predecessor
give the matter some consideration Ho„ „,„ Ki(|(.rli„ ,,.„, |m,(im.n| ,.s.
and the citizens await their recom* ,.,,|||ln, rt,SUHs
mentation with Interest.
.   Tlie    question   is tiein^ asked why
In his   recent    speech   during the ,ma th|) 0ppositiml tho ,iK|,t to    ile-
naval debate, Mr. U.   II. Bennett, of I   .l||(1 an appi,a|    ,0 |h|, |K,|ip|i,     nn
Calgary, grew flamboyant over    the  y^ qul.stirai „,    ., m,mmnt pol|OJ
"emergency"   anil   rattled   the war I, nm] |ribu((,     M   pr(!Scn(c|1    by
lts,is™''" I Premier llorden.     It is because   the
lf    m ''' 'government,    il its     supporters had
j voted according to their pledges   to
[their constituents belorc the election
and rattled
sabre most portentously in
bard as be described <
peril" Oreat Britain was in from
Oermany—thus following the example of Mr. Cockshutt, of Brant,
and various- other Tory speakers.
Such utterances were invariably
cheered from the government benches,
with the loud cheer Hint betrays tlie
Going Up!
Real Estate values climb higher
every day. It will pay you to invest now; then you turn Bell to good
advantage later, realizing n hand-
tome profit.
"Back to (he Land"
it ft cry that many are heeding
theee davit. You know you can't
lose by fire or thieves if you invent
in RealKatatc. Talk to tiaaboul it.
Chapman Land & Inv. Co.
Two doors from the Hex Theatre
MONK 401 l\ 0. Box 426 |Forgot, U.iuthici,
Of 1911, would have had a majority
of buti siv instead of thirty, while
had Hon. Air. Monk la-en in tin*
house their majority would have
heen only live. That is, while they
■ have a house majority, Miey have not
a popular majority. Tbis also in a
parliament which is thirteen members short ot the constitutional re-
qulromcnlfl according to last census,
jit Is therefore evident that the government has not a popular majority
, behind it on this question.
tin February U7tii, when the second
reading of the naval bill was carried the government had a majority
ol thirty-lit to Rl.
In parliament there ate twenty Na-
I tionalists— that is members who were,
elected to parliament, pledged to
their constituents to oppose any kind
of taxation for a navy.
These twenty Nationalists are
Messrs. Acbim, Harrette, Hellemare,
Houlay, IHondin, Codcrre, Forget,
(lauthier (Ciaspe), frirard (who ran
as a supporter ol a Canadian navy,
and suddenly at the end of the election turned against it), Guilbault),
l.avallee, I.esperance, ll.aniurclie,
Mondou, Monk, Sovigny, Nantel,
Paqtict, Pelletier and Ralnvllle.
Twelve ol these formed part of the
government's majority for the   navy
hill—Messrs.     Itlondin,     Nantel, Pa-
quet,     Pelletier,    Hainville, Coiletre,
0Irani, l.avallee,
On lust . Saturday mormnn the
Cosmpolitan hotel changed hands,
Mr. A. I). Cameron disposing of his
interests to J. F. Campbell and
John Armour. Mr. Cameron will
remain in the city for some time
before starting on a trip through
to Mexico. The new proprietors are
well known business men of the city,
Mr. Campbell just retiring from the
firm ol Campbell and Manning to
take the active management of, the
hotel. Mr. John Armour, ol the
firm of u\rmour and Kennedy, has
been in . Cranbrook for the past six
years, Me first started an employment ajjjency, later engaging in the
pool room, husiness, in wh'ch be became associated with Mr. Kennedy.
He continues in this business and
will devote much of his time to real
estate, in which he is heavily interested.
Mr. Cameron has been the proprietor ofrthe Cosmopolitan for the past
year, taking over the business from
Mr. K. II. Small.
The. new firm possess a wide acquaintance throughout the eity and
district and the Cosmopolitan should
continue, under tlieir management, to
1m* one of lhe popular hostelries of
ihe eity.
The home ol Mr. and Mrs. .1. R,
.McNabb on (lardeu avenue last Monday evening was the scene ot a
very merry crowd, the event being n
Shamrock social given, under the auspices of the Ladles Aid of the Methodist . church. Parlors ami dining
room were appropriately decorated
in shamrocks and green streamers,
About forty attended. A program
was rendered consisting of piano
duet by Mrs. .Manning and Mrs,
llyckaunn; recitation, by Miss Ada
Ilicken-bothatn; songs by Miss With
McBride, Miss Marion Service and
Miss (Lillian Finnis and the Odd
Fellows' quartette; piano solo by
Miss Maud Short.
Kcfreshments were srrved and at a
late hour the party disbanded, all
unanimous in the verdict that a
jolly evening bad been spent.
Last Monday was St. Patrick's
lay and sons of Erin in Cranbrook
joined with others tn all parts of. the
world, in celebrating the memory of
lre!and'.s patron saint, The memories of this glorious apostle, arc inspiring to those who love Ireland.
Green ribbons were much in evidence
and tho . Harp and Shamrock, too,
played tlieir part in the display.
Sons and daughters of Erin with
their true Irish hearts held in.deep
reverence the wonderful deeds of
[St. Patrick and glory in the memories of bis work for lhe Land of the
Pure While Pock eggs $1.50 per
Ll or $4.50 per fifty,—Pearson Bros.,
Kslerhazv, Sask. 12-31*
Joseph liian. police magistrate,
has retiirncdi Irom a trip to San
Francisco and points to the south ol
thnt cily ns far as San Ilicgo, lie
says that the farther he went aud
the more he saw the greater grew
his conviction that Cranbrook and
its neighborhood has advantages of
climate which even Calilorniiat might
envy. It is all very well, said he
to talk about sunlight and all' the
rest of it, hut when the air has lost
its snap, its vim ami energyi begetting powers, it reads on ones mental
health almost at once. California
may he all right for lazy men and
old, delicate women, but it is not
much of a land for men of energy
and activity. Depend on it, the
Kootenay country can heat the world
for climate and health. In matters
of mere material wealth, man for
man, it can heat any part of the
States. We travel for knowledge.
We ought to stay at home for happiness. From what we could learn
from tho judge it looks as if the
orange crop around Pascdcna and
Los Angeles is utterly ruined hy the
freeze in January last and that it
may take from two to live years for
the trees to recover their full hearing
power. The lemon trees are reported to he killed and will have in a
great measure to he replanted.
"The Studio" Furniture Repair
works (opposite J. Manning's) do
best work in upholstering ami re-
Pairs at reasonable prices. 12-lt*
Two lots near ihe public school
with a house on each, bringing in
$20.0(1 a month rent, can he bought
from Uealc and Elwell for Stsr.O.OO on
terms, For particulars apply Heale
and Elwell. 12-1
Five roomed modern house, with
2 lots, chicken houses and garden for
rent.—The,Chapman Land and Inv.
Co., B*»i~l$,^ phone 401.
FOR SALE.—House and two lots
In thc city on Dewar avenue, two va-
|cant lots on Watt avenue; also Veterans' grant of 104 acres in New
Ontario. For price and particulars
applv to A. C. Pigott, P. O. Box
515, city. 0-tI
FOR SALE.—Good dairy cow, 4
years old, quiet, good milker, fresh
In, two weeks. Applv Joe Pattin-
son. 12-tf
Beale and Elwell are offering fhr B0
days only eight lots in the Walklcy
Addition for $200.00 each, all fronting on the Wallshurg Road, one minute walk from the new school and
seven minutes from C.P.R. shops,
Sidewalk from post office right up to
these lots; water main will be laid
on this spring. These lots arc
50x130 and ait? nice and even and
Beautifully situated. After 00 days
tho price will positively rise to
$250,000. Terms of sale, $10 cash
and monthly payments of $5, with 8
per cent interest. Also a few lots
in the Wardman Addition at $-200.00,
on lhe same terms. ll-2t
FOR SALE.-A Hall safe In good
ondltlon. Apply City Clerk at
eity halt. 7-tl
Robert Herbert Ross and Katherine Margaret McDonald were married in this city at the home of the
bride's brother, ]\lr. Dan McDonald,
on Wednesday evening, Marrb Pith,
ah 7.30 o'clock by Rev. W. K.
Thomson,, pas lor of the Presbyterian
church. Mr. Boss is forotnaii of linear repairing department of the C.p.
II. shops here and they will take up
their residence here I milted lately.
Hanson Avenue.
W. J. Carruthers, Capt.
W. Cooper, Lieut.
Special services Easter Sunday;
7 a.m.—Prayer meeting,
It a.m.—Holiness service.
3 p.m.—Sunduy    School nnd Bible
8 p.m.—Special    service,   entitled,
"The Sign of the Cross."
('ol. Bullard who is now visiting
Canada iu the interests of the mis*
sionaty work, assisted in the commencement of the Salvation Army's
work in Indian thirty years ago. Ilej
has spent over twenty years In In-:
dia and Japan and being intimately
acquainted with nil the tacts pertain-j
'ng In missionary work, his addresses are of exceptional interest.
The colonel will visit Cranbrook on,
Thursday, April 17th. More partlc-j
Dial's later. I
Costumes and Suits in the Latest
New York Styles for Easter
These are distinctive and charming models for Easter wear. Models
that have been designed by the cleverest American arlisis are now on
display.    We invite your inspection of these garments,
Specially Smart Suits at $20.00 Suit
Made of very line quality Serge, in Navys,
Browns, Tans, Fawns and Greys. Perfectly plain
tailored skirl has high waist line.
Special Kaster Value, $20.00
Bedford Cord Suits
These arc extremely beautiful models. In
several different colorings and Stripes. Coat short,
semi-fitted back, and shows smart cutaway effect
Silk lined throughout and well tailored. Skirt high
waist, lined and made in smart, pleasing manner.
Prices $30.00, $35.00, $37.50
Smart Coats   Johnny Coats
Browns, Tans, Greys, Creams, Etc. Trimmed
with Black Braid, Etc.
Special at $13.50, $15.00, $20.00
Easter Gloves in Complete Assortment - Fownes' Make
Your attention is directed to the high quality of these gloves—their
beautiful style and finish. The name FOWNES in a glove is a sufficient
guarantee to those who want a good glove.
FOWNES' TWO DOME FRENCH KID CLOVES, Blown fingers, in White, Tan. ami Black, ,.. _,
Every pair warranted at, per pair   a)lalw
FOWNES' UNDRESSED KID CLOVES. Beautiful tine .piality. (.lnaranteeil genuine Suede. *,. Q»
Black and Greys at, per pair_  <pl."U
FOWNES'L0NC KID CLOVES.   Extra quality.   Tans, Blacks, Whites.   Special value at «...
per pair _  «P0.3U
$1.00 PAIR.   SEE OUR DOLLAR KID CLOVE.   $1.00 PAIR.-A really goal glove.  Will -. ft„
give good wear.   In Blacks, Tans. Browns, White, al. per pair  $I.UU
SHORT WASHABLE CHAMOIS CLOVES.   A new glove.    All sizes.   'Good quality -.. ft„
Chamois, at. per pair _  tpl.UJ
Halsall & Co.
Ladies', Misses1, and Children's Wear
Pastor, W. Kdman Thomson.
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject.
Immortality: "If a Mini Die, Shall
He Live Again?"
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Subject: "Perpetual Youth."
S. R. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Music appropriate for the Kastei'
Solos and anthems at both morn
inland evening service.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor.
Appropriate Kasler  services     will
be held throughout the day.
Morning worship,   11.00k.
"Resurrection Power.*'
Sunday school 8 p.m.
Evening    worship,   7.3nk,
"The lU'surreclinii of a Roman Ccn-
Special music will be the order  of
Ibc day.
A telegram rrom Sakania, Belgian
Kongo, announces   tbat   the Clcrmnn
(llccr, l.ieut. Oral/, who In H'l>!l
crossed   Africa in a motor-car,    lias
now accomplished the same fea I at
motor-boat. Tbe most Importftlll
geographical result of lhe enterprise
appears to lie the discovery thai
there is n continuous waterway from
the source of the Chatnbezi, iu northern Rhodesia, to the River Kongo,
which is thus- proved lo be the
longest river in Africa.
We, the undersigned members of
Ibc late, firm of Campbell and Manning, wish lo thank our many friends
and customers for the patronage they
have extended to us during tht? past
six and a half years we were in
husiness und ask that a continuance
of same be granted lo lhe Junior
member of'the firm, Ira It. Manning,
who has taken over the business.
,1. F, Campbell.
1. It. Mnnuing.
The Cranbrook Drug and
Book Co.'s Store is the
only place in the city
where you can buy
the Great French
Tonic and Blood
Get a Bottle Today and
Tomorrow You'll Be
VIGOROL is a French Tonic composed of harmless ingredients, compounded by chemists. It is very
rarely you can get a medicine tbat
will do its work ns -quickly as VIGOROL. You will at once, feel its
stimulating effects. Rheumatism can
and will be driven away if you take
VIGOROL. It mates you feel like a
new person in a few days. Are you
not reeling yourself? Have you that
Ural, lii/y feeling'.' Ho you feel
dizzy? if so, there is something
wrong. luive it, away by taking
VIGOKOL, You will eat and (eel
bolter in a few doj'fl, If you don't,
the Cranbrook Disig and Hook Co,,
will refund your your dollar. VIGOROL will cure nil kidney, liver and
stomach tumble, hi liotisuess ami Indigestion, ami tonus up tbe entire
1 lardy Northern drown Pedigree
And other leading varieties, beat
suited to this district
Express charges prepaid anil 10 per
rent, discount allowed on all onlera
with remittance in full received before
March 20.
Catalogue sent on request
Wynndel, B.O.
Seedsman to Hit* Majesty the King
WANTED.—Hoard and room in re-
tined private family by young man
locating periiiiitien fly in Cranbrook.
T.J.II., care llox 1 .38, cily.      12-lt*
For Sale on Easy Terms
Owner of aix-ron
comfortable reBiden
ntlO wishes to Hell Hit
cry on or after June
■f'">i). per month until
flGOO diwiiaml ?2.r,.
upon balance. Any
I tion secures the
owner will gtmrnnn
Sll) per month pnyn1
vunee to purchaser
above propoelllonB.
to limit** a good In veil
AddremKox A.C
Dneil, modern nml
m on Carden Aye-
Me subject to deliv-
J Ht. $500. down and
balance in paid; or
"per month on nol*
3.nd $15. pur month
rmiconalile propofl-
properiy. 1'reBont
« a year's lease nt
Irlre quarterly In ad*
rrpon cither of the
'Here ih a ebnnce
Anient with no ritik
limlirook Herald.
Solo Agents
512GrnnvIlioSt. VAKOOUVKR
(116 FortSt. VICTORIA
Five=roomed Modern
New, on Garden Avcnuo
$30 per month
Auply W. ,1. Atchison     (l ti
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator; never fulls, These
Villa nre excoedliwly powerful In regulating the
KWierattvc portion ul tho female IViletn, Kcfuna
nil cheap imitations. Dr. ds Vnn'a nre Bold at
•fin liii*. or three 'or 110. Mailcil to any aildntst.
Tb* lubell Ilrig Co.. tat. Catharine* "ah
For Ml* At Battle*, Murphy A Co., THE   CRANBROOK   n KHALI)
The underwear
without a fault
Just the
style, size
or   weight
you    like
Under wear and Hosiery
(or any season or climate,
for man, woman or child,
at the right price.
And it won't  shrink!
Purchase     by
the  trademark.
It's on every
^nfih garment in red
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medium weight
For a Long Life.
Thia Is tbo prescription for n long
life given by an old gentleman In Connecticut, who is ninety-nine years old
and still well and cheerful, "Live
temperately, be slow to anger, don't
worry, take plenty of exercise In the
fresh air, and, above all, keep cheerful."
Should the system get rim down—
digestive organs weak—the blood thin
and sluggish, take Vinol, which Is a
delicious combination of the medicine
—body-building properties of cods*
livers, with the useless grease eliminated and tonic Iron added. We regard Vinol as one of the greatest
body-hullders and strength-creators In
the world for aged people.
Mrs. Mary Ivey. of Columbus, Ga.,
says: "If people only knew the good
Vlnol does old people, you would be
unable to supply the demand; It Is
the finest tonic and strength-creator
I ever used."
We wish every feeble old person in this vicinity would try
Vlnol on our agreement to return their
money If It fails to give satisfaction.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
(Letlibritl.LT Herald)
Creston,   B.C., March IT.—At   the
Dry   Farming    congress   held      al
Lethbridge   there    wns   an   exhibit
which attracted considerable attention because of the beauty nnd variety displayed by the dlHorcnl sample
ol Mother Earth's bounteousnr-ss, In
large letters the name ot tho district spell Creston, B.C. probably
litis wa." tho iit.st lime thai many
nf those wiin gazed un nature's artistic lowdi in the glorious colorings
of the fruit thai Unnpt-ed \dai» had
ever learned that there tvu bUcIi a
plaee in existence ns Creston; some
who read these Hue- arc somewhat
Inuy as to its oxacl location, hence
for the purpose of enlightenment will
ask tint they procure a chca-p and
up-to-date Canadian geogrnphj procured on demand at anv C.P.R, station. The cover is yellow hearing a
shield surmounted by q linnei and
catalogued In the greal corporation's
free library as "Folder A." Turn
over    Vii^'   -'. find   "Uthhrldge,"
Hhii follow along the black line in a
westerly     ilitvethiii ;tl   tlie sole       ot
whieh can he read Kipp, Monarch and
Maclcod, hut do nut slop thcrol   Keep
right on, rapidly skipping along noting only black faee hpnl words
"I'Vrnie," "tVanhiook," proceed cautiously and on the lower side of the
heavy black line there aro onlj two
mon*- stopping places, Moyie and
Yank Junction mentioned hcloro the
loiter "N" touches tin* Upper sole of
the black line. While capital "N"
bumps into the word "Procter,"
the Idling between the litters l,C"
and "N" is composed of live letters,,
"URSTO,"      which     ulrou.d    read
"REST-O" io illiMiatr moto fully
lhe setrse of quietude thai one who
has boon in the moil and toil of
commercial and financial circles can
actually fed; Ihe reslfulness alluded
to is mental nnd physical, aa the
marvellous development noticeable
on every side nie indicative of a
plentiful expenditure of elbow grease.
Where a few years ago tamarac and
cedar succumbed to the onslaught of
the woodman's ,i\e ami saw, now
symmetrical lines of fruit trees
stretch out in every direction, mute
tributes to the activity of tho horticulturist.
Having located Creston on the map
it may not be considered Inopportune
to give a. few more del ails incident,
thereto, as, for instance, if is 2l.fi
miles distant from Lethbridge and
eleven boms and forty minutes are
consumed In making the trip. Now
that the reader has carefully followed tho lorogoing remarks wilt havo  a
clearer impression of where Creston
is than before, he commenced this
article, This, however, is itn itself
of hut scant interest, merely-serving, so to speak, as a point of departure.
lie who enjoys picturesque scenery
may revel to bis heart's content,
but should he likewise possess the
ability to transmit the scenes to
canvas, has ampin material within
visual range to keep him in a state
of ecstacy for years, as Nature in
Ithis region spreads out a kaleindo-
iscopiu panorama of snow-tipped
[mountain peaks, leafy forests, trout
'retreat streams and verdant-meadows,
f To dwell f.ipon scenic grandeur is
superfluous, if by so doing any
J thought, he entertained of an aile-
(|iialc written descrptlon sufficing; il
certainly cannot, to appreciate at
its full worth is only possible hy
actual experience.
We must put aside, for the nonce al
least, the poetic and ideal, and treat
of the practical. Today the question confronting the average individual is where* can I go, reap tbe best
results from Hie application of my
energy, and live in congenial surroundings? 'Most unhesitatingly do
we say that if one enjoys outdoor
life, where the climatic and social
advantages cannot be surpassed, but
withal a satisfactory livelihood
awaits the man who will get iu and
■dig, then Creston is ihe spot,
With regard to the climate, it is
indeed rare for tbe thermometer to
touch the zero point in winter; summers are delightful, both day and
night; the former are warm. the
latter cool enough to enable one to
sleep, enjoy Nature's sweet restorer,
rising as merry as a lark, in the
morning, Invtfgoratcd anil refreshed,
with no cobwebby feelings in the
upper dome so characteristic of tbo
mental sensations of the dwellers in
the city.
\   Manitoba farmer   who has since
British ''oh
erita of tins-
tatcd   that i
tnbia, diseus-
far western
i lus esliina-
was its wat-
liquid  bubbling
i   steeps and rushing
until  tlu> lower lev-
,   as if sueli purity,
oul of   mount a
down tho  plopi
els am     leaehod.    as if s
sti thirst-quenching th.tt by a M'Tv
slii'.ht louch ot Invagination one can
figuratively "eat" it-    So much  for
the i lunate am! water. Now a few
words on the soil will interest the
practical orchariliat.
This dlrTers somewhat in the different localities. At Krickson, three
miles east, is more sandy than
Creston proper, where alluvial clay
on ;l clay subsoil predominates. On
the lower benches wo find a black
rich vegetable mould. One great advantage Is '-lie scarcllj ol stone and
gravel; the proportion is liberally estimated as one to live, in other
words -it per cent of the entire valley    represents     Hie     non cultivable
"Very Well," says our P. 0.;
"Hint's O.K. for the soil, hut. how
about marketing the products?" To
come down to the western vernacular
here's where Creston yields the
palm to none ol its compeers;. Situated as it is on tht* direct line of the
Crows* Nest the markets of the
many coal mining communities are,
so to speak, at its outer portals,
consequently il is according to the
time it lakes to come from points
west of thc Kootenay lake ('on
whose eastern extremity It is located) from six to twelve hours ahead,
but In reality 21 hours better olT
for the simple reason thai a shipper
living on the western side of the
lake must gather his fruits for Tuesday on Monday morning in order to
have them aboard the train that tbe
Creston farmer hands his fruit to ihe
express agent   at noon on the   third
day of the week. Not only is this ;l
saving of lime; there is also an economy elTeclod by the shorter hauling
charges to a common point.
Probably some over cautions person may remark: "This is all very
well, but what about thc possibility
of overstocking the market?"   In re
ply to this, cold statistical figures
haw been quoted by unprejudiced
government employees that during
the period that Alberta increased her
| population 343 per cent.; Saskatclu-
| wan, over 100 pci tent., British Columbia increased hers only 150 per
cent., and is even now consuming 50
! per cent ttf her own products. Large
importations are constantly coming
in from the I'nited Slates, and when
it is noted that despite a longer
haul, with increased transportation
expenses, tarill' cha-rges, u rigid gov-
I eminent inspection, thai Iruit can
[bo grown i,ii land in the Republic to
the south that commands prices that
are five and six times per acre the
prices that obtain in Creston, is it
not an easy matter to reach a conclusion tbat Creston offers exceptional advantages .<> the prospective
fruit fanners? Irrigation is not necessary, as tbe average annual pre-
'cipilalion is 2il inches This has a
two-told advantage—firstly, better
|and more lasting fruit is obtained;
secondly, "tho meat" of the entomologist, hut the 'poison" nt the horticulturist is an appreciably lesser
quantity where Ctiplter Pluvius supplies moisture direct, Instead of it
being furnished through the medium
of an irrigation ditch.
Again, our sceptical friend may observe, "Oh, yes, but a man must
have considerable captal to wait un-
til he. gets real, substantial returns
from apples." Quito correct, if he
did; but he doesn't. Here are some
of tins means he has of mahing money whilo the orchard is in process ol
development: lie raises raspberries,
strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries, tomatoes, corn, potatoes,
beets, chickens, turkeys, etc., in
fact, be can successfully grow practically everything found in the temperate and some of thc products of
the semi-tropical zone.
As an illustration of what has
been accomplished in the apple department, these figures 1 oil a story.
In 1 fllf) the value was $5,000 against
$55,000 in 1012, in'the early part of:
November of which year the last
carload was shipped out. In addition to apples, there are cherries,
plums, pears, quinces, grapes, melons, not to mention pumpkins that
bump down the scale at'over 100
pounds, or even one cwt.
To sum up the entire situation iu
ordinary, commonplace language we
will enumerate tin* advantages of
Creston: Climate, Ideal; soil, prodigal in its fertility; market far in
excess of simply; social advantages,
:, schools and a high school, fraternal
societies; four religious denomlaa-
tions are represented; local telephone service. Sportsmen can riot
in the pleasures incident to the
chase and capture ol fur, fin and
feathers; summer frosts an unknown
Water for drinking* purposes is or
quality that can be justly claimed
nectar lit for Hie gods, while those
who desire to indulge in acquatic
pastimes may swim In or row upon
the numerous lake abounding within
the radius of ten miles.
Many people have become disgusted
when between the statements made
iu the real estate literature and
the facts thatithe only fruit is
Dead Sea fruit, still if these disappointed ones will carefully examine
all the statements givvn and coni-
pare them witb the actual facts of
Creston they will learn that, instead
of exaggerating, half tbe truth has
not been told. These may oa first
glance appear anibiguous, it is not so
Intended nor should i\ be so ac-
tvpted, because il the returns that
have been obtained were to be stated in print without any other corroboration, there arc many who would
regard the writer as, an executive officer of the Ananias club. Yerbum
The school board at its meeting
last night voted to separate tho
high and public schools, says thc
Maclcod Advertiser.
The high school will occupy the
vacant suite of rooms in tho McNeill-
Malhews block, immediately after thc
Easter holidays.
Tbis step is rendered necessary by
tho steady, increase in the school
Tho hoard has voted to erect a
new school building for the uso of
Ihoihigh school, which will eventually
he used tor lhe primary department
of the public school. Another room
for the public school will be opened
immediately in thc present building,
nnd a new male teacher is being advert ised for.
trained, and Dial lhe sa\ im
to the various overseas representatives ol the conference, amplj warrants careful consideration being given to the   proposal, although a mom
Important    point   he    believes is Unit
the conference can he Iherohj held
every two \ears Instead of (our.
Canadian circles in London warmly
welcome the suggest ion, although
there is a division of opinion, many
maintaining that Ottawa would be
It remains to he seen if the British
government will view such,a radical
change with sympathy. It may he
too severe a strain on the idea that
such matters ale properly handled in
London. On the other hand then* is
__ growing feeling particularly among
the Unionist members of the house,
that'it is liigih lime memhers ol the
cabinet should have n personal knowledge of Canada. A witty writer
thc other day defined the chief occupation of Canadian ministers as
'attending conferences iu London."
Tbe decision to hold the next imperial defence conference in Canada
might be a starting point leading in
the years to come lo a reversal of
that statement and proving Lord
Grey's prophecy that Canada would
become the pivot of the empire.
RuoarcsTioN that next m-
London, March 18.—Sir John Tav-
erner, tho father of many profitable
suggestions of imperial interest during thc nine years he has been agent-
general for Victoria, has never made
a proposal which commanded such
instant approval as that tlte next
Imperial defence conference should
be held in Vancouver Instead ot London. Ills point is thut a moro central   meeting place can not be.     ob-
The first wireless message sent direct from the United States to Germany was sent on .lanuary 17th from
Sayville, Long Island, and received
at the Nauen tower near Berlin,
Germany. The distance is about
3((i00 miles. Heretofore il has heen
necessary to relay wireless messages
to Berlin and other points on the
Kuropean continent.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GtVKN that the List of Voters of tlu
CRANBROMK ELECTORAL DISTRICT has been cancelled, nml
that applications to la* placed on the Voters' List will be received at
my office nt the tJovernuienl Buildings at Cranbrook, where printed
forms uf affidavit to he-used in support of an application to vote will
l>e supplied.
Tbe List of Voters claiming to vote will be suspended from and
after the .Seventh day "f April. Lli]B, and a Court of Revision wiil be
held on tin* Nineteenth day of May. and notice of objections to tin*
insertion of any name on the Register of Voters must be given tome
thirty clear days before the holding of the Court of Revision.
Registrar of Voters for the Cranbrook Electoral District,
Datetl tin's lib day of March, L91H
sioner ol Lands for the District ol
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc
following described lands, situate on
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Molnnos Group and tbo
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north ot a point one mile cast
of the intersection of the east side
line of the Mclnnes Group and the
north side line of the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being tbe initial post of A. K. YVay-
fatid's claim and marked "A. E,
Wayland's northeast corner," thence
8(1 chains south, thence 8(1 chains
west; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains east to place of bogilining,
containing (110 acres, more or less.
Located January 21, 1913.
A. E. Wayland, Locator,
Batiee Lameroux, Agent. 0-fit
thirty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and to the Assistant Commis-
thirty days after date 1 intend to
apply to ibc Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands lor the District ol
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands, situate ou
the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying between the Mclnnes Group end the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
A. E. Wayland's northeast corner,
same being the initial post of R. G.
Belden's claim, and marked "R. G.
Belden's northwest comer"; thence
80 chains south; thence 80 chains
east; thence 80 chains north; thence
80 chains west to place of beginning,
rontainlng 640 acres, more or less.
Located January 21, 1913.
R. O. Bel den, Locator,
Batiee Lameroux, Agent. 9-Bt
Large Basement Warehouse, 20 x 100 ft.
Very warm and dry. $7.00 per month if
rented for 3 months or more. Apply at
Herald Office. tf
Incorporated 1860
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000        Reserve $12,500,000
H. S. HOLT, President     E. L. PEASE, General Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations and Individuals solicited.
Out-of town husiness receives every attention.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-DepoBitsol $1.00 and upwards received
and interest allowed at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A General Banking BtlBineSB transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
ia where I'uace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found, That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranlirook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
ii If You Want
Your house connected with the new seworaRo system,
PHONE HiO. Our work guaranteed. Estimates of cost
cheerfully given.
The Crtvnbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing
tvnd Heating Company
W. F. JOHNSON, Proprietor
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.u., l.I.n., D.I   I . President1
(scm-rnl Manager AnUtanl General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, S 12,500,000
The Canadian Bank nf Commerce, by reason of il large i bar i i branches in
every Province of Canada, with direct reprwenlal . New York,
San Francisco, Seattle. Portland, Oie.. Mexicd an I St. J I i ' Nf. with Agents and
Correspondents in every part of tbe world, is able t titles to tbe
travelling public, enabling them to obtain nn ney in i ay at any point on
their journey the world over.   The Travellers'Cheques and I ' redit issued
by this Bank overcome the annoying difficulties of obtaining fund;; abroad, especially
in places where identification is difficult.
Cheques And Drafts on all the countries of tlu* world, drawn in sterling, francs,
marks, lire, kronen, etc., can be cashed or purchased at reasonable rates. s.g
R. T. Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B, C.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
...        .00
$72,000,1 00.00
D. R. IVILKIE, President.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipal
Farmers ami Private Individuals inv iu d.
Drafts, and Letters of Credit issued avail
the world.
savings i)i:i*ai;tmi:ni'   •
given  to Savings  Bank  Accounts       I
upwards received and interest allow! d froi
■    by j ul of
i   Attention
ti.HO    and
Cranbrook Branch: tl. W. SUPPLE.' t.   |
'*************************•*< ****4 ' M ">«•>«•♦•>♦*
'♦♦♦•»*^*c*«*«<»«»««»» ♦♦♦«#♦•!
NoliaDKtrollmportl .a----   S
(fours-lag out in.     ■      aWpn.nl
All oar trM. ar. wintered ta ti
Therefore protect yooraall by buying on
aii.l Prlos 1.:-' '
a* tii
aad I
Representative: F. H. WORTHING!;
N.B.—Wehave DWARF "t.,ck in M tatosb Red, w, ai   ''..s's
Onmgr. Ontario, N"n: -    -
► ♦♦•#•? ♦»■♦<>** t<b*>Q********i
Art* th<- rt.i-.o08 fir mv cr*af nuccn ir ;--.-•-   ' [    ■
I kfH*t' ftlirfMfit Of th- tin:— unf adopt)
thtt. lnii iirnrt-d mi CMBfnl     Tim «|   iin§ trlij   i run
oldest ipadalirt io Spokane sail ba« *
in tbe snin." location.   No fawf nm .-i anajr. n
curable.   I wHi'omeca«*?! tint n«h.r> h«v* t<,       -
My own special methods • an wbm otbers fail.
Visit Our Free
Anatomical Museum
If yon ■".innoT risit tn»* penonaDj* do as hni
others have tlose and are doir.tr.    w ri'f m-- foil rtei
jour case nnd I will prescrib* mjr treatment*
guaranteedtoenreererj cub thai :• '.<■>'
mtv- no pay.
. i.rd St.
An Opportunity for a
Reliable Man in
We havo some Gilt Edged Original Prairie Toinisitefl
(not Bub-divisions), whiefi ajjpea] to the intelligi i t investor, and we intend to pnt on an eztensivi campaign in CKAXBIIOOK as Boon as wo   ■
menis with a fi-fct-elasr, man, who can I
We mail the district thoroughly,   The i
apply himself can make this a pen
able position.    Apply H. W, M I
ing, Toronto,
******************■ + ** + *■*****
« »
I   Fruit Ornamental »
4.       Trees Shrubs       »
P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent
Phone 139 Cranbrook, 15. C. TITTC   CRANBROOK   HERALD
You will want to hear more of the
Blue Amberol Records
as soon as you've heard the first
In tunc they arc finer and clearer than any other records made.
They are more lifelike.
I'lay them once or play them 3,000 times and the
result is the same, for Blue Amberol Records can't wear
out. What's more, they are practically unbreakable.
They are musical ami mechanical triumphs. Your dealer
will he ulad to play them for you or we'll send particular:
Thorn., A. Eduon, lac. 1 Ml L.kc.id. A.... O.aa.a, N. J„ U. S. A.
A complete line of Ediion Phonojrapha and Record, will be found at
"The. Beattie-Murphy Company, Ltd."
"The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd."
I    News of the District    \
(lly Fred Rao).
■Harry Abranis, Armour's prize
package salesman, was visiting Elko
and Kootenay river points last week.
Even it I he Conservatives are in
hot waler down ;j Ottawa some o!
them havo cold feet.
Charley KHngonsmlth und wife lell
Los Angeles, California, tor San
Francisco. Thej oxpeel to In- hack
in April. They took in all thc
coast cities anil also took a run Into
Mexico. Charley says thc Mexicans
are great .sports .mil when there's
nothing in thc war husiness they get
up a hull fight. A:, Charlie's hltlc
wasn't bullet proof he preferred to Ik*
splashed by tin* silver sea on the
golden shores nf Redondo Bench.
California papers say Hi'1 Kllngcn-
sniiHis an* going north to sell their
holdings in Canada and will return to
California forever and ever. Amen.
Mrs. .1. Austin ami family and
Mrs. R. .1. Pake visited Fernie lasf
Saturday and wondered why they
built, lint town so mar Un* snow,
Tin- Klk.. Ladies Aid society entertained the perrormerg of thc
"Dreadful Twins" at tire palatial
residence of Mrs. Richard Joyce,
Riverside Park, who made an Ideal
hostess. The dining room was
prettily decorated with cut flowers
and "Forget Me Nuts" were bountifully displayed. Mis. Joyce was
ably assisted hy Mrs. Jim McKec,
College aviTi'ic, ami Mi:;. A. Ross,
Truro avenue, "Three Queens"
among cooks. The guests sni down
to a banquet at seven o'clock equal
lo best in quality ever placed before
tho chandeliers of the present day
kings. The layer cakes were , six
and eight storied castles ol mieculcnl
delight. Tin* pio crusl broke short
and crisp. Thc jolliers ielb d. The
Whipped cream was snowy and white
and the Invited gui sis were so enthusiastic iin their appreciation "f
tbe kindness of lhe Ladies Aid in
ejiviiijr, tbem such a marvel hv way of
a banquet, lli.it lhe three cooks
creamy chocks were pink with happy
pride. Music and song, were Indulged in iiuiil eleven o'clock, which
brought lo a close a must delightfully spent evening.
[Ifg Rill Murdoch, who is rustiral-
im; in Scotland,, sends tho writer a
Dundee paper Willi a marked eopj of
a Coleman letlet from a young man
writing [hum Vi i non, B.i' Wo feel
sorry for Vernon having to harbor
such truck. Kpnce forbidH ns publishing bis lei li r, hut It' - even money
to dried prunes thai lie's ilTerinp
from an i vcrload ol pli kled onions
on his stomach- Thinking ol bis
Scnitisb home and mother In Dun-
dec, knowing his lather's nn a drunk,
celebrating the chancellor of the
exchequer Imls < lie in iuranco Act.
Joe Letcher, lhe Harney Oldflcld of
tbe 1'ass, is doctoring the city atllo-
mobiles Ihis week, gi f ting them
ready for (tie spring handicap,
In the society column ol a Spokane
Paper Lillian Russell says lhe two
words thai slir would like lo impress Indelibly upon the consciousness of all her middle aged sisters
are, "Don't say lli.it Elko's Queen of
the Golden Pheasants," I aye Unit's
what she calls sag nclous advice.
Sweel, ibe Elko hnrbcr    aj        1,
remove   Icicles    rro .1       1     hi kci
shave off U10 whl 1" 1   .,n I   oak them
in hot waler for twi nti  minutes,
Tim big Eurekn mill 11 running
niwhti    and   day.     Thej   nul llrirtj
million feet of    ! 1 during tbe win
ter.     Manager    C.     \.  Weil hires
nothing hut while labor, the best.
The pay roll amounts (0 nearly four
hundred thousand dollars a year, He
pays the duty and ships his manufactured product into B.C. and the
prairie provinces, lie hires all the,
married mem he can gel. He is
making Tobacco Valley prosperous,
He doesn't run any retail grocery or
dry goods .store or lt milk route in
connection with bis plant, lie is
one of tbe best workers and boosters
in Tobacco Valley and Eureka and
when il comes lo running a sawmill
plant, well, he's got the wallers in
the Crows Nest Pass looking like a
nickel watch with a hole iu it. The
next thing we'll be bearing will he
the lumbermen asking for a bounty.
The Misses Belle and Patience
Letcher spent Sunday in Klko, the
gilest of Miss  13.  May  Roo.
U'e doii'l care lo mention il, hut
wc heard that one of lhe actors at
lhe banquet the other night eat so
much (hat the pressure of his waist
band slopped his watch.
The number of travellers and train
junipers I hat are Hocking into Klko
these" days would give you the impression that the shoe horn manufacturers were holding a convention.
The Elko board of trade held a
rousing meeting last Tuesday night
Hid wild cat ling by real estate
sharks -will be stopped in this district, as far as the board have    coti-
Mr. P. Regan, manager of the Sand
Creek Ranch company, accompanied
hy Mrs. Regan, were Pernio visitors
lasl Saturday.
Women who can cook such ;i   feast
s the Klko Ladies Aid put up    Ihe
ther night never figure in lhe divorce case.
Miss Agnes Allen left Klko on lhe
17th of Old Ireland for Clasgow,
Scotland. Miss Allen is private
secretary for a big firm of barristers in Fcrnie and a neice of Mr.
and Mrs. J. Thompson, of Ihe
Hotel Columbia, Klko, where she
was royally [entertained before leaving.
*HIS Unique medicine for throat and client  ailn
'     merit! a place in every home.   By simply dissolving a
pleasant tablet on the tongue, Peps convey a potent and valuable
medicine direct into the throat, lungs and bronchial tubes; a medicine which invigorate*nhc weaken^
and Irritation, loosens phlegm, destroys disease germs, cures
chronic disease, and makes breathing deep and easy, Fire from
all harmfvl dru„-s. Peps suit young and old alike,
tbittt, • t<ike\ftt,inAutnto wWl
sat ion among those that are generally round in the hills.   ,
Have Halstrom, of Calgary, Alta.,
has accepted a position as stenographer at the company's office.
The wind blowing at seventy miles
per hour in tho southern States
causes a sense of appreciation, . to
pass over us Rial, we are gelling
nothing worse than, a little snow.
There will be a service, at the
church in the morning as well a« an
evening service on Kaster Sunday.
Now thai we are practically over
the measles lei us hope for the best.
Dr, Lyons, for some time at Hull
River, has taken up a practice al
.Mrs. Thomas Watson has been very
sick for some time.
A meeting of the Wardner Conservatives is called for Friday night at
the company's office.
On Monday, March 10th, the ofli-
cers and memhers of the Knights of
Pythias again excelled themselves at
their sixth annual at home, iu a
way tbat catered to thc pleasure
and enjoyment of their Invited
guests. Invitation cards to tlie
number of one. hundred were sent out
and despite the bad state of the
nails there were between eighty and
ninety present. Progressive whist
was commenced at 8.80 and continued
until II p.m. Mrs. W. K. Urown
was declared the winner of tbe ladies
first prize and Miss V. Price the
booby prize, while A. Lindley was
the winner of the gent's first* prize
and Ceo. Pritchard was- honored
with the gent's booby prize. After
whist Ibi! refreshments were served
and judging from the way the tilings
disappeared were thoroughly enjoyed
hy everyone. Tbe first waltz then
heing called showed that tbe dancing
bad begun in real earnest.
Mrs. PeU* DoMars and family, of
Canyon City, left last week for a
couple of months visit at Sandpoint,
C. II. Hichardson and family, of
New Westminster, and Miss Amie
llelme, of Vancouver, are lhe guests
of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hobden.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. 1(. Cavanaugh,
who have been spending some lime in
Creston, looking over the valley, left
last week for Nelson.
J. R. Spiers, of Rosctowii, Sask.,
sonrin-law of Cieo. llendrcn, of Cres-
Ion, is in lhe valley with lhe prospects of locating here.
(Special correspondence)
Mr. Kred Burgess was in Cranbrook Wednesday, reluming in tin*
afternoon, accompanied by Mrs. Burgess and son.
Mr. Klglo Buhl, of Bull River,
pas ■ d through town Thursday on
bis way lo Nelson,
Mr. Ham Rounds was taken lo
the hospital Thursday, Harry has
been sick lor some days,
Lrttcst reports of' (ieo. Nielly's
little boy me not very encouraging.
Leo Heric, who has been for some
time at Moyie, is spending a lew
days at bis home here.
Jack llalslead returned borne Friday aflct .spending some time at
Creslon, B.C.
Mrs. Ceo., Miller is visiting in
town at lhe homo of her son, Clvde
■ lack Lawson called in Cranbrook'
Saturday on business.
Mrs. Brown, of JatTray, called on
friends in town Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Louie Larson were
in Cranbrook Saturday, arranging
Ihe transfer ot   sale for their    home
Mr Kramer left a low days ago for
a short husiness trip lo Germany,
Miss Monkb'v, oi Bull Itlvor,
called on fiiends Saturday.
Tho new game regulations are
being used    OR lhe subject of couvei-
Spokane, Wash., March 111.—An
important link in the chain of Pacific Northwest festivals will be added
this summer, iu Spokanr, when re-
sideuls of tlie surrounding country
will unite iu giving a carnival ou a
scale equal to tbat of the Portland
Rose Festival, Seattle Potlaeh and
Pendleton Roundup.
Cue of Ihe .principal fealures announced by a committee of fifty business men will he an athletic tournament, patterned after the Olympic
games, in which athletes in all parts
of North America will be. eligible to
compele for valuable prizes. The
carnival will bark hack to western
pioneer days, too, with a tournaincni
1-1 volunteer fire departments, of
which there arc scores in Un* towns
of ihe Spokmiic country.
Though in* mum- has been selected
yet', lhe event will lie known as playtime In the Inland Empire of lhe
Pacific northwest. In order that
Hit- lens of thousands of fanners may
participate, tin* week beginning June
Iff has been selected, following lhe
spring planting, and preceding harvest.
Husiness (men of Spokane already
have contributed $10,000 io a fund
for this year's carnival, and twice
1b.it sum will be raised during the
next sixly days. Charles Ilebbcrd,
president of the Chamber of Com.
mcrce, stales that tbe carnival will
lie one of a series of Pacific Northwestern events that serve io effect a
closer co-operation between communities, adding:
"We want lo make Ibis section lhe
summer playground of America, just
us thO south is the winter playground. With our carnivals we can
accomplish at least two things:
first, we can make the visits of persons from    lhe east mom enjoyable;
and, second, wc can unite Hie people
of our own counlr; in a close boinl
of unity."
Moniieal, March 10.-A talk
which .lame-; Bryco had lasl week
wilh Prosldent Woodrow Wilson re-
veabd the American executive as
friendly in attitude in marked degree toward Canada, tho Hritish ambassador to ihe United States told
the. Canadian club in an address this
afternoon. This led him lo tbo belief, he said, thai the relations between the two countries probably in
lhe future would he more intimate
than before
Continuing his dicussion of the ru-
lure of Canada, Mr. Bryco declared
Hint the politics oi this country and
Great Britain always should be kept
apart in water-tight compartments,
lie concluded hy pointing out that
the fact that the United Slates and
Canada could live next door to one
another without arming against one
another was a lesson against countries providing themselves wilh armaments on a large scalo.
mmmwm «immewcawwwj
Cranhrook     Lodge,
No. 84
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
thc   third   Thursday
ol every month*.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. Peck, Secretary.
Causes Much Disease
Advice about Stomach Troubles
and liow to relieve Uiem.
Don't neglect indigestion, for it
may lead lo all sorta of ills and complications. Aa eminent physician
once s;ti<! that nlnoty-fivo per cent of
all illn havo their origin in a disordered stomach.
Our experience with Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets lead.-, us to bellovo
thorn to boonoof tho most dopcndnblo
remedies known for indigestion and
chronic*, dyspepsia. Thi ir ingredients are sootliins to tho inflamed
membranes of the Btomach. Rich
in Pepsin and Bismuth, two of tho
greatest digestive aids known to
mediolno, tho relief they afford is
very prompt Used persistently and
regularly for a short lime, they tend
to relieve pains caused by stomach
Hexali   Dyspepsia   Tablets   help
insure healthy appetite, aid digestion,  and  promote  nutrition,   As
evidence of our faith In them, wo ask
you U) try them al our risk.   If tiiey
do not give entire satisfaction, wo
will return tho money yon paid us
withoutquestio tor formality. Three
Bizcs, 25 cents, 60 cent.-, and $1.00.
You can buy Hexali Dyspopsia Tablets
in tlii.* community only at our storo:
Crantironlc Hritish Columbia
Vie 3faatatt Ston
Tlierr in n Hexali Storo in nearly even* town
nnd cily <■ 11 thi! I mii-d Suite*. Ciui'ida and
Great iirituin, Yin-re ia a different lU'iall
Itcinedy (or nearly rv-rj' firdinary human ill —
cui'li Dlpeolnlly ifc ii»i«l for tie particular ill
for which it m recommended,
The Rexall Stores are America's Orcitcst
Drug Stores
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphotioi restores every nerve in the body
■-,-,.,.'.-—__ 1 1 i*s proper tension ; restores
 tiiru decay and alt sexual
weakness averted at once. Phtisphoool will
make you a new man, Price Sit n hex, or two fnr
Ifi. Mailed t.,ativ.ir!;!r..<s. The(.ColMill Drug
CO., 8l. »'lit li'lrl in ,. Out,
For sale at Beattic-Murphr Co., LH
For Sale
Ono Oxford Engino, 11x11. Price
$350.00,    Mny be seen at Bene-
diet Sidiii!,'.   onu   milo oast of
Ono Oxford Saw Carriage, complete Willi nick food, it lilooks,
il i«ml (Iocs, Prioo $250.00 nt
Elko, B.O.
Ono Oxford Friction Food, complete with cnbleand ebeavoB and
drive pulloys, Price S160.00. at
at Klko, II. O.
For furtber particulars apply to
Leask & Johnson, Elko, B.C.
II you  want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it  to
Hpoc-lnl prices h.r family work.
Opposite O.P.R. Btatlon
THE    PLACE    TO     OUT    A
Mac's Auto Service
Prnmpt 5crvicc New Cars
Dr. Martel's Female Pills
Forty years in use, 20 years tho
standard, prescribed ..ml recommended by physicians. Pot Woman's Ailments, Dr. Martcl's Kcmalc
Pills, at your druggist.
Obeboent Lodge No, 33
Cranbrook, It. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Halt.
Alee. Hurry, C.C.
F. M. Christian, K. of R.&S,
Visiting brethren cordially invited
to iittend.
Hotel International
Geo. LomipI.e, Proprietor
Situated at Kingegate, B.C., on
thi! Boundary Line, in a spot of
tare eceoic beauty and tlie sportsman's paradise.
Headquarters for Commercial Men and Tourists
B. X
l.O.O.!•'., KEY OITV LODQE, No. 42
^(      Meeta every Mumtay
liiKlit at   New l-'ni-
«*€Z9iaf   ternity    Hall,     >S(I
journiiij; UilitirlUiw:, cordially itivileil.
n. Uixon, W. M. ll.iiiis,
N. O. Kuc'j.
Meets first and    tliinl Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Officers July 1st to Ilcreiiilicr 31st.
W. M. Harris, Cliict Patriarch
II. White, Scrilic.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   (ourlh Wednesday at Fraternity Halt.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially invited.
Mrs. Alrna Llddlcoat, N.G.
Mrs. A. E. Parker, Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
J. McLaclilan, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
_ Visiting brethren made welcome. __
~""'     over'seas CLUB.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 2nd and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to British eiti
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres. Sec.
Box lilS
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook  Lodge
No. 1049
Mi'els every Wednesday
nt S p.m. in Royal lilacs
Knlglita' Hull, llakn
b treat.
PilBll. W. Swain. Diet.    It. H. QAnrtBTT, Sci
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
X modern equipped t'lift' at tnortarate
Rates $1.00 and »i* per day
Corner of Howard St. and Front Ave.
Onr bus meets nil trains
Pride of Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions of tne Forest. I
Meets in Cannon's Hall 2nd and 4tli
Thursday of each mouth nt 3
p.m. sharp.
Mrs. L. Wbittaker, C.O,
Mrs. I. Heigh, Secrotaty.
Visiting Companions cordially, wol-
It mnki". no difference whut you tltairo ex.-
planting thli spaswi—we enn supply DO,
and Willi tliu ll.,>. i i|ii:il!ty tit nun-iTy Stock
•vef grown.
All itpps, plant!, vliipf. lifrrii***, tlinilm,
CTrrgrccn*. met, etc. Mid I'J us arc guar-
it win par you to **( lo loorh with us.
32 PAGES,        IO*(STAMPS)
District ol   South    Division,   Kast
TAKE NOTICE tnal I'liinras De-
Vuro Hunt, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Agent, intends to apply lor
permission to purchaso the toUowtnf,
descrilied lands:
Commonoing at a post plantotl a't
the north west corner ol Lot 580.",.,
Group 1, Kootenay dislriet, KaaC
Kootenay; tlienee south 80 chains?;
thence west 20 chains, niorc or less,
to the east boundary of Lot 0315,
Group 1; thence north 80 chains;
thence east 20 chains, more or less,
to the place of boglnnlng, containing
80 ncres, more or less.
I'hineas DeVere Hunt,
per   Hubert  Williamson Henry,
Dated February I, 101.1, (Mot
Many Good Men Robbod ol H'uili
Businesnnd Social Standing
by Diinlt
II K i\HAI..J\S'lTI'tri'K
ill tliln, days
llnx 825, rrnnbrook, B. O.
01 Spokane, Wash.
Dentistry and Oral
Win bu located in the offices
formerly occupied by Dr. Hull
over Parka & Co.'a Hardware Store,
APRIL 5th TO JUNE 1st, 1913
Cranhrook, ii. C,
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAI10B GOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
W. F. (iUKl).
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money lo loan on favorable terms.
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to Loan
The Home Bakery
Hobbut Prams, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.        Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tlie Shoe Specialist
Garriea a lull stoi:k ot
Repairs for above always
in stock
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'♦
♦ Successor to F. T. P, I'KIIUV
♦ ♦
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Uooniri with IlatiiB.   'Phone in
every room
Barher Shop on tho premieeB,
Tliorotij,'iily np-to-ilate.
Rates, $2.00 a day
and up
3» CRANBROOK-l-l-RNIli !!
♦ Prealdenl i J, H. MoOi.nnn ''
i BoorBlary: B, Maodohaui J|
«>  For information  regarding lamia i i
• anil   agiiiiillnni   «nply    lo  tlifl <
♦ Hecretary, Oraiit"-oolc, 11. 0. *'
* Meeting- <|
T        Kvery SSOOItd Weiliieailay       ] [
presldoni-r C. R.8tmrp*nn
Jtcrtu regularly tho first Friday ovening cock
month, *
Infornatloti on Poultry mattora Bttppllofl
A. B. BinTff, Box 853
Hoadmlntrwp: Uriiw Chehrisoton
Asaiatant: Miaa HoaasoN
Boarding l''<"» •        •f"'-001"'1'WM,<
(Hxi'hinWouI tuition)
[|choolKe«i      -        - KSOOporwook
(lnclndltiBitaUonery,t)MOf books, eto.)
ICindorgortan -       1195    "
Hoin Bxtrai:
ipWUch, Olto per wwk ; Mimic, 00c per wwk.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofllc. at Reatilfae.,  Aruiatrong  if*,
Forenoons - . . . n.otl to 10.0*
Alteraootia - - - 3.011 to   4.00
Evening. .... 7.S0 to   8.88
Sundays - - - - 3.30 to   4.88
CRANBROOK  :■     il     ii     „     B, O,
II to 12 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ofiice in Hanson Block.
CRANBROOK -       - ,    - B. O,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Tonus on Application,
Phone 259 Matron,
l'. O. I!ux 845   Armstrong Ave
Cranbrook nml Fort Steolo
I    J. Q. CUM1Y1INQS    t
| ?.i°ko?M36 Cranbrook, B.C.
B.   C.   land   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
A   SI. Can. Soe. 0, E,
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office over Oranbrook Drag and Hook
Co'b. Storo
lelepliono380 P. <>. Bon :I7
W. It. Ilxsttr. fc'uimral DlTMtOI
I'l.f.lui-.l. II (1.
Norbury Ave., nasi to Oltj Hall
Day Pltono988 Nlgbl Pbono38C
Frank Provenzano
General Merchant.
Employment Agenta
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE 844
(Inullialo ol London College of
Music, England
Visits nnd Receives Pupils for
Also ruprosentiitivo for Mason &
Kisoh Pianos
40c lb
Envelopes -       40c lb
2 lbs for 75c
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
^e 1?©xq£& Store
Cranbrook - - . g, fj.
EASTER is the time of year when everybody wants to wear something new.   It is. quite
properly, a gladsome season, and is made more so because of the natural desire of
everyone to look well.    We have  made great preparations for this.    A visit to  this
store will display a boundless variety of new apparel for women and children as well
as for the men.
20 Per Cent
ou nil our Pk'karcl China
fron now until our new
stock arrives. A ram
opportunity to procure
somo of the "WORLDS
BEST" hand pain toil
china at a ridiculous low
price. Take advantage of
this exceptional offer
while our assortment is
W. il. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
Meet mp at Hob's Place.
Truomnn Uorsmnn has .uist completed a  logging contract at Mm it*.
"Chick Chick" egg dyes nl fink's
Pure Food Grocer)
Mr. and Mrs. \\\ f. Cameron arc
spending the week ai Vancouver,
Tli.* CCS. price on linoleum is
B5c, anil H2 1 2c. per squnro ynfd.
(ieo. llann.ini. nf Wflsn, was In 'tu*
city Tuesday on business.
Order your Baslci flowers berore It
Is too lale.—Ira if. Wanning.
For sali*, new gasoline engine, fl h,
p,     Will  BCll  Clioap.     Apply   Box "112.
Itnxnwa Ceylon lea 98c , BOc ami
00c per pound nt Ward ami Hauls.
John Taylor, u. Moyie, was in Un*
rily Weilncsila)
Rvapornlcd cherries at Flak's pun*
Food Grocery.
Out shirk , ( i:.i it i novolllcB is
being   depleted  rapldlj       Wc urge
you Lo call at. once ami make yotlC
selection, ai Model \ arlelj Store.
Tin* CCS. price on linoleum Is
fide, und 09 l 8c, per square yard,
lb.rii-Tn Mi and Mi- -1 F,
Huohcroft, on Saturday, March IBtli,
11118, a son.
snaps in .crockery and glassware.—
Ira It. Wanning.
Horn.—In Ihis cily on Wednesday,
March 19th, 1013, to Mr. and Mrs.
I*:, ll. MePhee, a son.
Oholco Cnlirornln cabbage at Ward
and Harris.
Fine range of childrcns rompers in
ginghams and prints at 60c, 05c. nml
76e. per suit al Model Variety Stole.
Junket tablets at Fink's Pure Food
Grocery, /
Mrs. W. .1. Kill ledge will tint receive on Thursday) tbe 37t.li, nor
until further notice.
The CCS. price on linoleum is
65o. (nut «a i-2c, |h-i square yard.
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Ed. Kenny and family left this
week- for Alberta to take up residence on their homestead,
Premium back bacon at Ward nnd
Harris,      •
Peter J. Woods, from thc Mission,
was mingling with tbe visitors in the
eity Tuesday.
Fresh vegetobles ot all kinds for
Kaster.—Ira R. Manning.
Miss Alice Hill arrived in the city
Tuesday from Harrie, Ont., for a
visit with her brother, A. G. Hill.
Kaster eggs and chocolate novelties
at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
•1. P. Farrell, of Moyie, was
the city Tuesday, registering nt tbe
Cosmopolitan hotel.
Wagner collapsible go-carts at the
CCS. They are the best for tbe
Mrs. F. R. Morris has been ill for
the past week but is now convalescent.
Basted llllles and cut flowers for
Kaster.—Ira U. Manning.
R. K. Beatlie was down from Calvary on Wednesday spending the day
in the city on business.
lettuce, celery and ripe tomatoes
at Ward and Harris.
.1. (I. Cummings left this morning
fur   Fernie    on a few days business
Wei horse radish at Kink's Pure
Food Grocery.
Mi and Mis A. C Howness departed Friday for Vancouver on a
few days pleasure trip.
Wagnor collapsible go-carts ,it the
CCS,   Tbey   are   the best lor   thc
Geo. K. I^ask, the contractor, left
Wednesday for Spolaanc on a few
days business trip.
Faster novelties in chocolate
chicks, egtfs, rabbits, etc—Ha It
Miss Bailey, of Vancouver, is pay
iiifl an extended visit to her sister,
Mis, .), K. Smith.
Mrs. George Powell has returned
from Toronto, where she spent the
winter with relatives.
Pink and white Faster ../alias In
ools.—Fast Kootenay Greenhouse
So., photic Ulfl. ll-2t
P. Robiehaud, of Mnrysville, was
in the cily lhe first ol the week on
Miss Viney Doris returned home
Tuesday Irom Nelson to spend thc
Easier holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Doris.
See Posters about our Biff 5«le.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
A. H. Fenwick, one ol the old timers of Fort Steele, has returned from
a four months' visit to the old country.
Choice line of Webb's Raster novelties in chickens, ducks, bens, rah*
hi Is, liens nest and Easter eggs at
Model Variety Store.
Hazel Robinson, who went f.wt
before the holidays on a visit to \v :
parents in Ontario, has returned to
tbe eity.
Suits and Coats
Fur ii style Unit you will particularly like mm must
sre our Suits a ml ('nuts. This Soring they ure extremely snaut. You will be delighted with thepleasing,
variety,       $10.50 to $40.00
ll'ith f>/n uf our new gowns you nuiy easily attain
the willowy "youthful lines" desired l>u nil women.
Mui/jir show yon.'
Easter Millinery
Th' must delightful, thi- most interesting, nml the
greatest success uf any opening tin- l„iit m t 'rauftrwt,'
is thi story of our Spring Opining.
Yuu will be more than pleased /•> new oui >
"I Millinery-- try un tin haiulsomt Hat.- so
%nii(ji priced.
II"i would suggest that mat malt yuursugget . \
Easter Footwear
'Tin' tttUlllllllg i-ohluiil.'s uf the |i (Weill   liiuili'
m*odfl|it!l)dt>nl tor their iifflHltivUtll'dH, lo il hi mil
extent, iiputi properlootuour.
Korstyletiiiil Hi, with u huh mm ft' of Mils-
flli'Lllll, Hill- lit'IV Hpl'hlg lilKlH till' UIIKIirpllrxi'il.
Wu   WOllId    lie   pluUH-ll     tn     fall V.I     v.m    t I'.V
t In-Ill on.
$3.00 to $6.00
New Corsets
IF .vim would liava your now gown or unit
l*fi veil I oh real beauty vmi uubt -taut ittuffT at
tlin routidtitlon-tho Corset. We bare the right
Porfppl Pftdfi, comforl nml freedom, whether
H'ttliitr, Ktundiujr, itr walking, i» characteristic nf
nil H-oaroru ol D. & A or La Diva Corsets.
$1.00 to $4.50
V°UR Easter outfit
is not complete without some suitable piece of jewelry
in conformity with the tear-on.
Let ui show you til the latest
fashionable novelties in this etyle
of jewelry that are worn by tbe
■mart set. We have a selection
that will delight you.
that plaee.
A. II. Webb, principal ■•! the
manual training school, was confined
t<i his home Wednesday morning with
Sse Poiteri about our Big Sale.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Our road superintendent, .lohn
Reid, is continuing bis good work by
constructing a sidewalk smith of the
city from Wall avenue along Waits-
burg road tit the new school.
I Thc Farmers' Institute are, issuing
a pamphlet with valuable Information
for beginners on new land in tbis district, which is being circulated free,
by applying to tin* secretary.
] Set! the Wagner collapsible go-
carts at the C.C.S. They ,uv Hi'1
most durable, comfortable and cheap-
About seven bund rod names have
been tiled for registration at the
local government office. The name ol
.John Gard was the first one on the
visiting all points of interest.
Dairy Maid butter Scotch ai Fink's
Pure Food- Orocery.
W, K, Heatly is living lo induce
lhe city fathers to allow him to inn
the CP.lt. track across Van Ilornt
street,    opposite     lhe freight sheds
into bis
See  Ibe    <
Wagner     go
durable aud
the market,
r the collapsible
cheapest, most
able go-cart on
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Kdam  cbeesc at Fink's Pure Food
A few bargnim
niture at "Tli.
works (opposite
pry store.
in second hand fur-
Studio"     repair
,f. Manning's) groc-
An English lady requiring position
as stenographer or help in gentleman's home Ik desirous ol securing
position in Cranbrook. Particulars
may be bad from the secretary "f
lhe board of trade.
Horn—At Cranbrook on Friday,
March 14th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Charles* It. llanna, of Moyie, a
*"" The Kootenay Hiver Land company
Wagner collapsible go-carts at   the \i.m headquarters nt    Medicine Mat.
C.C.S.  They   are   the best for   tbo !wh0 are interested   In a large tract
money, 'at Wasa, report large sales in tracts
~~ ranging from J to 30 acres in   that
The sabbath    school entertainment district.
in the Presbyterian church,hall      on ■—-i
Monday afternoon   was well attended'    Fresh eggs and choice premium ha-
.uh! a tidy sum realized.
A   complete    stock   of feed, hay,
grain and poultry supplies.—Ira     It.
con for     Faster nn
Ira It.' Maonlng,
ming breakfast.-
Horn.—At the Cottage hospital   on pionship of Hritish Clumbi;
Sunday, March 16th, 1913, to    Mr.'attending from Cranhrook arc
A rink of curlers lefl Ibis eity last
Friday for Vancouver to contest iu
the Vancouver bonspiel for the cham-
W. F.
and, Mrs. W, .1. Vuilf, of thc Standard mill, a daughter.
Mrs. W. I). Uldlaw will be at
home on Wednesday, March 26th,
and on tbe fourth Wednesday thereafter.
Reserve your order for boys and
girls spring and summer hats till you
call and look over my largo assortment. Hats ranging from 25c. to
W.fiO each at Model Variety Store.
Two local Thespians "Tubby" and
"Speary" appeared on the stage at
thc Auditorium Monday night and
scored a remarkjable success.
Born.—On Monday, March 17th,
1913, to (Mr. and Mrs. Charters, ot
Cranbrook, at thc Cottage hospital,
a son.
Crystallized tigs at Flak's Pure
Food Grocery.
Wm. '.!. n. Oucrard left tast night
for Medicine flat to assume the management of tbe Corona theatre     nt
C-ameron, skip, A. V, Howness,
Chambers and -las   Milne.
of  Won-
Mr, airl     M
mouth, Kngland.   arrived In the city,herself in any way
Wednesday,    and    expect   ln local
here.      They nre thc guests of thel
daughter, Mrs. II   I.   Harrison.
Don't forget lhe Charity hall on
Monday night. Kvcrything is in
readiness for a good time. The advance sale of tickets predicts that a
large crowd will be in attendcoice.
Ask or write for one of our
cish with order grocery price
lists.   Cranbrook Trading Co.
It has heen suggested to the board
of trade that a communication ho
sent to the provincial government
asking that a competent engineer he
sent lo this district to survey government roads before building and to
sec that lhe monies appropriated for
this district are wisely and economically spent.
New Zealand creamery butter at
Fink's Pure Food Orocery.
li is reported that Hie old .lohn
l.evctl farm at  Fort  Steele, has been
sold by Mr. Skrettcrberg to Wm.
Carlin, of Fort Steele. Mr. Skrettcrberg and family leave for Colorado soon to reside in future, having a
brother there interested in mining.
Sec thc C.C.S. foi ihe collapsible
Wagner gn-cart, the cheapest, most
durable and comfortable go-cart on
the market.
Miss ll. .1. Scott, who was wounded by a stray bullet while out walking mi tlie railroad i racks near
Klko, and who lias been tbe gll ■si ol
Mr. and Mrs. Heni. Palmer, of this
city for several days, returned tn
Klko ou Monday morning lo resume
charge of he* school there. She
was still weak flom  the results       -if
the wound, but able tn be about
and felt confident she could enntinui
her school work without cndan.o*rln i
Pure maple sugar
Food Grocery.
at  Fink's     pun
All Odd Fellows are requested to
be present at tbe meeting next Monday evening. Fred K- Simpson
post grand master, will be present
and work of importance transacted.
See tbe Wagner collapsible go-
carts at the C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheapest.
A ,post card carrying a San Francisco post mark has been received
from W. Ilalsall staling that he is
en routetto l,os Angeles and San
Diego, accompanied by Mis. Ilalsall
and the Hill famll'y. The party will
Kpcn.1   several     weeks lit the south,
See the Wanner collapsible go-
carts at the C.C.S. They are the
most durable, comfortable and cheap-
l.nsl nlghl Oebrgc Welsby who has
be( n police constable ben* foi the
past year was called into tlie dining
room of the Oreat Northern hotel,
by a few of his Iriends and presented
with a solid leather suit case elegantly fitted up witb toilet requisites
and containers. Judge Corkill occupied ibe chair and speeches were
made by those assembled, the tenor
of all being regret at the transfer of
Mr. Welsby from New Michel to
Wardner. for which place he left immediately at, the close of tin* presentation.—Miiliel Reporter,
Malkins Im'sI evaporated peaches
(very fine) at Fink's Pure Pood Orocery.
Bugeno Smith, aged 15, dud at
thi* St. Eugene hospital this (Thursday) morning and the body wa.- i
moved to Un* undertaking parlors ot
W. It. Heatly. Deceased had been
working for the past year at Hull
River, and was suffering from consumption which was the eau^e oi
death. The funeral will occur Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the funeral sit vices being conducted by
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor of the
Presbyterian church.
See thc florist Tor banging baskets
and window boxes. Now is the time
to order.—E, K. Greenhouse, pl.on*.
190. 11-2:
J. M< lavish has purchased tne interest of .lames Bates in the Tourist
hotel at Hull River and will take
'barge as soon as thc transfer of
the license has been effected. It if-
not known what line of business Mr.
Hales will follow on his retirement.
Mr. McTavish was formerly proprietor of tin* Wentwortb in this city,
selling oul his interests to Mr Dan
McDonald. Since then, accompanied
by his wife, he h;v.-i been on an extended trip, only recentlv returning
to thc city. Mr. and Mrs. McTavlsb
are leaving in a fen days .(■•: Hull
Ask about our new sweel pii ■'<■■ —
The Fink Mercantile Co., hid
Mrs. Oco. II Thompson, accompanied hy her mother. Mrs. Proct* i ll
expected home from St. pan!. Minn.,
rut next Saturday,     She has      been
away for tbe past month.
•tc , at
about     tour   spring be*3dlng
Asters,    verbana,      stocks,
-r    flowering    sage,  pansies,
ihe Greenhouse, 11-2t
Dr I. II. Kin:: has hen. under thi
weather for thc past few 'days, and
accompanied by Mrs. KInn, leaves tomorrow for Vancouver and coaft
[loin's for a few days nest and recreation,
The    medical        insure!,,!     foi    I He
schools has been forced Ut send »
large number nf the scholars home
"ii ,i' counl nf ii km latnly, mumps
being tin* tnost prevalent form of
Hlnest While the cases are not
.i i \ bad H Is necessary to fensisl
ilia' those who suffer from tin* disease are kepi from school foi ttireo
weeks aftci the swelling has disappeared in order to prevent forther
contagion Parents whose children
are suffering from this disease would
do well lo bear ibis In mind.
Seeds'  Seeds'   OUr srrpplv  m w    in
If we have    not not what, you want
lei us order it.    tor you.—Cranhn »ok
Trading Co. 13-H
See the C.C.S. for ibe collapsible
Wagner go-carl, the cheapest, mojst
durable ami comfortable go-cart on
thc market.
Kev \. i; smith, of Nelson, o«
eupied tho pulpit at lhe Method is fi
church last Sunday both morning
and evening. He Is the pastor of
the First Methodist church nt N'el-
sou and recently rccelvc'd a call to
Brandon, Manitoba.      lie will leave
in n   few     weeks for    Ms new limn.-
Microbes in Your Scalp
Authorities say that a microbe
causes boldness.' If yon are losing
hair try our remedy at our risk.
ProfaMi t'nna, of Germany, und
Dr. *?aboura*ad, thc gre it ]:: i ch
Dfrmau-iOci*?'.. claim that a microbe causes l.uldiics.-', and ihcir
theory h^ been vcrifit : by eminent
pcicBtUts. Thia mlcrol c ■! stroya
the hair follicle*, in ^■■■.■■• ■ :u,~\:,ii the
scalp porea to i se .■ I thi k ;;. to
become shiny. Then, it ia believed
Eotliing will revive the prowth. If
treated before thia occura, boldness
may be overcome.
Wc know of ootMng that has
given such universal -.•:'■ [ion in
treaiinc the Bcalp and hair..- Rexall
*"93" Hair Tonic. It baa been dc-
EssE.ed after Ions study to overcome
the cauK- uf falluu bair cs discovered
by Prof. Unija. Dr. Sabouraud and
ether scalp and hair specialists, and
we bebeve it will do more than anything else can to remove dandruff and
slop falling hair: and if any human
agency can promote a new growth
of hair it will do that, too,
We want you to make us prove it.
Wo irill pjy for a month's treatment
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•r,i,!,r.»,k ttrlli.h ( olumlilft
Tht ykWait Start
Tu-j* \* \ R*i»ll .Siof* ia Of»rly *>\*i*ry lown
ksA cty it ii.t Dflhsd 8tates. Canaaa sad
Grii Urii«iA. Tb-re is r. <JifitriL( K-ihII
keoMly Utt uaviy every ••nliinry t.iuniti- ill —
tiri. momiMf aMa*ttnea for the i-ariiculM ill
I'M trhttit il 1» fencturhd^i.
The Rexall Storei sre America's Oreatest
Drui Stores
!{•■•. ^c itfi is one o| the mosl eloquent and forwtul spcakera in West-
em Canada. His trend of thought
is aloni*, modern lines and be strives
to awaken the individual consciousness >t bis hearers and directs their
fchongnl Into the channel ol con-
b1 !'■•' .■ ■ ■■     for   the benefit "t
mankind.     Hi hurch al  Nol-
von is IHs 1 wo ser-
*.; ■ at froi I ii ■'' b ■': tpoken
nf huqlil heard     him
\ lob ' ro ei. - arnatfon and all
kind, ol "it flowen to ordei al tho
Oreenhoti <■ . phone 190. ll-2t
Tho    ' :■   peel   loi a banner    jreai
lot Cranbrook i   now  In   ighl   Witb-
th.- imn   I -"■ id    Cran-
hrook  there    will be tlonnl
M.'-"'    pent ■  "       "»     "1
Xootena;    [ 11 1 bis.
togetbei  with appropria
tion ot 1186,000 lot road and
bridges nnd the nuiwroui IncotnlUK
lettlen on 'he smallei farmi Immediate! j tributary to the i li | ol Cranbrook, makes lhe i'1'!'""!*. brighter
than anticipated in former rears,
As't nr write fur one of our
cash with order grocery price
lists.   Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mr. and    Mrs  TrotU r, of M.-s-bam,
Knul.inil. who have been touring    the
west Inr the    past  ten months, have
been vpi'iidiiu'i the   pasl  week in Ite-
velstokc tho guests of Kred and    M..
Kleetham.    Mr. Fleetham worked tor..
Mr, Trotter many years ago, He is a!
great horse dealer in thc old country
and used to ship  well hied horses by '
the carload to America      Mr      and
Mis.  Trotter    lefl on   Friday mnrn-
inn'M    south  train    lot   ' 'ranbrook
where    tlicy will    visit   Mrs, Cum-I
niitiKS,- a sister of Ml   Trotter.—KeJ;
vristnke, Mull-Herald. THB CRANBUOOK HERALD
The tendency to put off until tomorrow what we should do today accounts for most of the bald heads we
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Newbro's Herpicide stops falling
hair and, prevents bnldnesd, Tin*
dandruff genu is destroyed by its
use and a condition of health maintained iu the hair and sculp.
Nearly everyone has hair troubles
ol some description which Herpicide
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your money will he  refunded.
Send 10c. iu postage lor sample
and book about the hair to Thc Herpicide Company, Dept. K., Detroit,
Heattie-Murphy Co., Ltd , Special
Mr. J. E. Arsenault, a Justice of tho
Peace and station master at  Wellington, on the 1\ E. I. Hy.. says;  "lour
years ago I fell on a Freight truck, sua
Calntng a bad cut on tha from of my
leg.    I thought thia would hen., but
Instead it developed Into a had ulcer,
and later into a form of reaema which
spread very rapidly and also started
on the other leg.   Both legs became
«o swollen nnd sore that I could onlj
go about my work   by   having   them
"I consulted two doctors, and tried
all the salves, llnlmenta and lotlonn T
heard of, but Instead or getting better
I got worse.
fJ^HjtVc/.  .
"Tkll waa my condition Then I cot bit
Itlt bo. of Zun-Biik. llrwtlv to my da
lijlit that first hoi garo ma relief,   i con
timud to applv it to tho i. , ami ,!„y bs
d.y they cot better.    I could ,» that at
las. I had got hold of something irhloh
would cure mo, anil in tho en,I it did.
" It ia now over a. y.nr nince Ham-Bilk
worked a cur. in my case, unit there has
Uen uo return of tho eciemu."
Purely herbal in onmpnfiftlon, Zam-Buk
U a euro cure f.,r all skin diseuea, cold
•ores, ohnpped handa, ulcers, h'ood-pnison-
tag, varicose sores, pies, ringworm,
inflamed patches, cut., bums aj.d bruises.
All druggist, and stores aell al fine, box oi
post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, lo-
Ottawa, March 18.—Canadian self-
reliance, Canadian aspirations lo full
and free partnership in thc empire as
an ally, not $8 a vassal, tin* Lnulit he-
sis ot the ultra-jingo little Canadian-
ism, were, again Voiced,, by tho Liberals in Canada's parliament yesterday.
The Borden-Churchill letters have
Increased Wto carneest determination
of the Liberals to win on tho present struggle.
Thc moral.ot this fruit of reversion
to rule by Downing street was emphasized again and again and
brought out In increasing measure the
fundamental principle underlying the
whole vital issue,
"We are prepared," said Mr. Law,
ol Yarmouth, "io stay here night
and day all summer before wo will
allow this Iniquitous hill to go
through. It sacrifices ibe honor of
our Dominion and the good name of
The eleventh day of the deadlock
finds no change in the Liberal position. On the government side there
is a growing .sentiment that the only
way to -save the situation from a
party standpoint is   to drop the bill
entirely. ,
Aversion to going to the counlrj is
stronger! than ever with that section
of the cabinet and of lhe rank and
(llo who belloVo in holdlnjr on to
power at,all costs.
Last night there were renewed
rumors of an early attempt to force
through closure by some arbitrary
tour-dc-fJorce. For this the Liberals
aic prepared and n.ro confident thai
11 cannot succeed.
Closure by brute force, on an issue
upon which 4he opponents of tho bill
actually, represent a majority of the
electors, according to the official lig-
ures of last election, must bring a
sudden dramatic end to this parliament.
The ..strain is beginning to tell severely on Premier Horden and, the
cabinet ministers, and the former is
much more likely to ask lor a dissolution in the near future than to
connive at further arbitrary and unconstitutional parliamentary procedure.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier was .again absent from the house yesterday, being
confined ito his house with a slight
attack of the grippe.
Tlu* veteran Liberal chief has not
saved himself throughoul this strenuous struggle.
boo, is to,fid his factories ot antiquated machinery and to displace extravagant! overhead charges with economic management.! These low tariff
men arc convinced that ouly two
classes of business need protection in
this country.
1.—Those concerns which are mismanaged or are economically unnecessary for the good of the, whole
2.—Combinations which must keep
prices high in order to pay dividends
on the watered stock.
The low tariff men look on these
concerns as malignant growths and
frankly declare tbat the sooner, the
country is rid of them and the money employed by them diverted to
other sources, the better.
Washington, March 18.—Within the
next few days President Wilson will
issue a   proclamation calling    mpon
■ongress to convene an extra session
early,in April, probably April 1    or
i,    lo   revise the    tariff downward.
This agreement was reached after
Chairman Underwood assured the
president' that the ways and means
committee ,could 1)0 prepared to
complete the tariff programme before the Democratic caucus on April
The low tariff men, now in a majority on the committee arc determined that the hill shall be drastic,
without respect to protection theories. If they stand their ground and
carry out their agreement their income tax may be invoked to raise
about $200,000,0(10 annually to place
any deficit caused by reductions in
the tariff. To do tbis, the proposed
tax of ono per cent nn incomes may
bii increased to two per cent or
more, and the tax may be assessed
pro rata, taxing large income proportionately more than small ones.
The low tariff men have agreed
that the country might as well now
as later get real tariff for; revenue
only, and that the business men
must accept an entirely new standard. They are determined lo lay he-
tore the house a bill based upon tho
ordinary belief that competition is a
necessity potentiality to Ihe destruction of high tariff, and the Am-
i rican business men in order to rid
himself of   foreign cheap labor buga-
Ladies of Culture and Refinement Use Salvia
Hair Tonic. It Makes
the Hair Beautiful.
At last a remedy has been discovered that will positively destroy this
That DandrufT is caused by germs
is accepted by every sensible person.
DandruH is tbe root of all hair
SALVIA will kill the dandruff
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days, or money back.
The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
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stop itching scalp, falling hair, and
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It prevents hair from turning gray,
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SALVIA is a hair dressing that
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social value of beautiful hair. A
large generous bottle costs only 50c.
at leading druggists everywhere and
in Cranbrook by the Cranbrook Drug
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II you pay for un admission here.   Our pictures are the latest and
moat exciting to lit* had,
with the whole family you'll he more than delighted and will certainly
come again.   Moving pictures here . c-11 what's going on.
1,   THE FLOWER GIRL'S ROMANCE.   An interesting drama, produced in
Caliloitiiu.   (Kallm),
2- A MODERN PORTIA.  (Lnbln),
8.   CASEY AT THE BAT.   (VlUgraph Ootruady.)   Casey la the idol ol the
'oses the game, and with it the hopeunil
"Fans."  He strikes, ou
dream ol Ins life.
♦.  HALF-BREED FOSTER SISTER.  (I'mln hiau.a,
.las. Doyle is still interesting himself in lacrosse, according to a letter
received from him recently, over in
Alberta, in which he states that
Tabor is forming a team and would
bo willing to form a league with
Lethbridge, Fernie and Cranbrook.
Lethbridge has already expressed an
agreeable opinion and the league
seems likely of formation. Thc
Western Kootenay league is already
in process of formation and tlie season promises some keen interest in
ihis popular sport. The local hoys
are in good shape for the season and
have a large amount of paraphernalia on hand. The league games, together wilh the usual exhibition
games with Nelson or the champions
uf the West Kootenay league, means
some very interesting lacrosse games
here this season.
San Francisco, March 1!),—Construction on the Panama-Pacific International exposition, which is to
he held :n San Francisco in 1915, is
proceeding at record breaking pace
and thousands of men are now employed on the exposition site at
Harbor View. Every one of thc
fourteen exhibit buildings io be
erected will bo under construction
during the coming July and will all
bo completed within a year from that
The) German overture to Great
Britain on tho subject ot the navy
continues to be the center, ot tbe international situation. There is( no
doubt that on tho future of this
overture depends not only the .peace
between Great Britain and, Germany, but probably tho peace of Europe as a whole, fl is tho opinion
of one of the best authorities on
foreign affairs that, at tho present
moment, tho qucsllou ol peace or
war between Russia und Austria
really depi nils on, whether Great
Britain ami Germany can come to
terms over their navies.
I have good reason for believing
thai thc German offer wns made after the most elaborate aud .formal
consultations between the beads ot
tho (Herman government. Both the
German! Emperor and the German
Chancellor have agreed to'lhe statement issued by tho German admiralty before il became public. Tbat
statement, .therefore, embodies n
most important decision of German
high politics. It is a new decision,
and it is the result of a new political
situation. ■ It is the first permanent
nnd striking outcome of the great
Socialist victories in the Reichstag
elect ion of two years ago.
1 have also good reason to believe
that'the Gorman overture .has been
received wilh a most friendly welcome iu tho most influential quarters of thc Hritish government. .Air.
Winston Churchill is quite right in
taking time to consider his reply,
for which the naval estimates will
give an excellent opportunity. But he
has already seized the occasion lo
express his public gratification, and
it is no secret that the British government at large, view this development as a striding result of the
now s pol icy of friendliness that began
with the Ualdane mission to Berlin.
That voyage of Lord Haldano's
seemed at thc time to bear little
fruit, but at the present moment 'it
is only fair to say that the present
overture is largely the result of the
arduous labors undertaken at that
time by Lord I-Taldane of Cloan.
What will the British answer be? It
may he taken for granted there will
be no increase in home-made or home
manned British "Dreadnoughts" during the present year beyond the five
already enumerated hy Mr. Winston
Churchill in his lust statement. The
real heart of the question arises
when we pass from British "Bread-
noughts" to thc "Dreadnoughts"
that are now being offered under
stressiof imperial emotion hy both
thc self-governing and the. crown
colonies.—London Daily News and
In the supreme court at Vancouver
before Mr. .Justice Clement the action instituted by Max Beber against
Henry S. Bawling for specific performance was dismissed with costs,
his lordship stating that "a man
who goes into a real estate deal
without a solicitor is a first-class
Baber listed his property on Eleventh avenue east with an agent named Olson, who negotiated a deal with
Rowling whereby the plaintiff conveyed such property for $555 and n
deed to fifteen RCT6S ini Kootenay.
After Beber executed his deed to
Bowling the latter suggested as he
paid over the $555 that the plaintiff
take ti deed for fifteen acres from
tho prior owner of the acreage, one
named Anderson.
Without any solicitor's advice,
Debet acquiesced, He was told that
there was a certificate of encumbrance, which he did wot see. Bbbcr
then listed his fifteen acres in the
Kootenay and found a purchaser for
$1,500. On seeing the certificate of
encumbrance, Beber learned that neither Rowland nor Anderson had any
certificate of title.
Mr. .Justice Clement held that
Rowland had never covenanted to
give a title, but had only covenanted
to give a deed. Upon plaintiff's
own evidence tbe case was dismissed,
Mr. S. Shultz wns counsel for the
plaintiff, and Mr. Rex Macdonald for
the defendant.
FOR SALE.—One 120 egg Peerless
incubator; 1   Peerless    brooder; seed
ottitoos Burpee's Improved.—S.
MiuilflimM,,P. O. Box 103. Ift.lt
Vancouver, B.C., March 18.—Sir
Charles Tupper, hart., now in his.
92nd year, who has been living here
for the last year, lias decided t-i return to England, having completoly
retrieved his health. He will sail oa
May 2nd, on the Empress of Ireland,
and will reside with his daughter at
The Mount, Bexley Heath, England.
Since coming to Vancouver Sir
Charles' health has been improving,
although it was not so very bad
when he came here. This winter
makes his second sea voyage within
the year. Sir Charles is the only
surviving member of the first Macdonald ministry and one of the fathers of lhe Canadian federation.
Concreteis the tast
builiin^ material
ABROAD statement—Yet literally true. The aim of man from the
beginning has been to make his building materials as nearly like natural stone as possible. The great labor required to quarry stone led
him to seek various manufactured lubslitutes. The only reason he ever
used wood was that it wa« easiest to gat and most convenient to use.
Wood is no longer easy to, get. Like roost building material, its cost is increasing at an alarming rate.
The cost of concrete is decreasing.   So, from the standpoint of either service or economy, Concrete is the best building material.
Canada's farmers arc using more conciclc, in proportion to their numbers,
than the farmers of any other country.    Why ?
Because they arc being supplied with
Canada Cement —
R Cement of thfl L>:1i<mI poMibli) qunlity, which in-
■urrn the success of ibi*ir concrete work.
Thr m'rrct of cont.rrtc>'« popularity in C«nndn liei in
tbe fact that while we have been advertising the UM
of concrete! we have also been producing, by scientific methods, a cement no uniformly hiifh io qunlity
that the concrete- mado with it gives tho complete
n.iliif.ii lion our nilvertiiementt promised.
Concrete would not hnve hern in euch universitl uie
today, had nn inferior (Trade of cement bee»»upplied.
Insist upon Retting Canada Cement. It is your best
assurance of thoroughly satisfactory results from
your concrete work. There is a Canada Cement
dealer in your neighborhood.
Without this label it is
not "Canada" Cement.
Writ* for our Free l6o-page book H What The Farmer Can Do  With Concrete"
—No farmer can afford to be without a copy.
Canada Cement Company Limited
ply Mrs. G.
•A general servant.   Ap-
A.    Leitch, Armstrong
Six roomed, modern residence on
Garden avenue; $300 cash and balance as rent. Delivery -Juno 1st
next. A snap.—Care llox J., tlie
llerald. 10-tf
can be   cured by the great Iruit kidney and liver remedy,
Branttord, Ont., Aug. 13, 1011.
Your medicine, Fig Pills, has worked wonders tor mc. The rheumatic
pains have entirely lelt me and 1 owe
everything to your remedy. You arc
at liberty to publish this.
R. II. Gailman.
At all dealers 25 and 50 cents or
mailed by The Fig Pill Co., St.
Thomas, Ont.
Sold by The Cranhrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
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Furniture, Pianos, Trunks, Buggies,
Sleighs, Etc., stored at very reasonable
rates, in good dry warehouse.
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Lee Mow and Let Fat have purchased the property at thc corner ot
French avenue and Van Home street,
and are conducting the Kwong Thong
Wing restaurant thereon. 0-4t
|P-  BURNS & CO., LTD.
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
Head Office, CALGARY, ALTA.
Somthing You Have
Never Seen
Nor Even Heard of
Calgary, Alia., March 18.—Because
of one nf the engineers reading    his
orders Incorrectly two freight trains
running al full speed crashed logcih-
licnd-on   Sunday morning at six
lock aboul half-way hot/wcon
SiavHry and Clarcsholm on the Calgary ami Edmonton line of tho Canadian Pacific.
Fireman Arthur nicy uf one of
the trains was killed and two other
trainmen were injured. Ulloy was
25 years nf age and a resident of
Calgary. The trains were so badly
wrecked that the line wns blocked.all
Sunday and passenger trains
had to bo run around over the Alder-
sydo branch via Klpp,
A prize of 2,000 marks has heen
awarded by the German Meteorological society lo Mr. l*Vnest Oold, ot
tho British meteorological otlice, for
■the best discussion of the results n[
the international investigations of
the upper air. Mr. Cold, who is only 31 years old, is probably the
highest English authority on dynamic meteorology, and is one of the
brilliant group of Cambridge men
who have given the British meteorological service its present conspicuous
position in the. scirntiflo world.
n Europe It is used thin yearns a
little Easter present, or, rather, a mark
of courtesy to friends and relatives.
Its value as a token Hch more in tlie
novel idea than In the price of the article. It is arranged bo that it can be
sent just like a postcard, for a cent, or
two. to any place in Canada or the
United States, The endearing idea
about it, ii the embedded
which will shine all night long (or in
nny dark room) In a
Glorious, riystic, Blue Light
after you have exposed it to daylight
for a few minutes. The price in no low
that anyone 1b enabled to Ue convinced
of its real nature.
It In indeed an article whieh Is held
in high esteem hy any Christian faini ly
or person. The shining OroBS is made
of a stone, which in (oiind only near
Jerusalem, and of which the BlbiJu
speaks as the LUMINOUS STONE I'm
picturing Solomon's Temple.
Prices are 15c each ; 2 for 25c; 5
for 50c; and 12 for $100
832 YongeSt.,    TORONTO, Ont*
Sole Agent for Canada nml U. R,
A list of local poultry breeders,
toith varieties kept, will be atippUed
free to all inquirers by applying to
the Secretary of the
Address A. B. Smith,
Box 852, City.
Applications arc invited for the position of City Engineer for the Corporation of the City of Cranhrook.,
Applicants would kindly state experience and salary required. Applications should be addressed tu the
undersigned so as to he received by
March 20th, 1013.
City Cleric.
Dated at Crn-nbrook, B.C., this
lllh day of March, 1813. 11-21
* Dr. Tramatn's Natural Hair RcBtorutivu will
jionilively rcstnrf mu\ \v,\\r m natural color ttnil
keep It bo. IT IS NOT A DYE nnd will not In-
jutv lli(!.Hcul|i. KatisfuHinii ifimtnntoei-i or motw'y
refunded. Price ono dollar. Sunt pout paid.
Dept. 13, Toronto, Ont.
Cranbrook Kindergarten
lidnnnl Btreel
Csrtlllcnlcil Trtlclior, Boi 1 U'<l lor London
Hours: Ion, ID; !n I
TEllMBi fll.BiJ lor four woka
lliiity days alloc (Into I lotond to
apply lo tlin Chief Comunlsslonet ol
i.auils ami lo tlio Assistant Comtnls-
sioai-r of I,anils lor tlio District ol
Kast Kootenay for a liconso to prospect lor coal ami petroleum on tlie
lollowlng ilescrilieil lands, situale on
the Norlli Fork ol Michel Creek,,
ahoul, siv miles north oi the Canadian Pacific Railroad and lying lic-
hvcen tlie JUelnnes Group and thc
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
It. G. Bolden's northwest comer,
same being tlie initial post ol It.
Covington's claim, and marked "R.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thonco Kll chains north; thence SO
chains cast; thonco 80 chains south;
thenco 80 chains west to place ol beginning, containing 1110 acres, more
or less.
Located .January 21, 1913.
It. Covington, Locator,
llatice Lameroux, Agent. Wit
I have the following machinery for
sale and in order to clear them out.
oiTor them at the prices below, which
arc about one-fifth the price that
new machinery would cost:
l Chandler and Taylor firebox boiler, 54"xl8' long. Pressure 80 lbs.
last R. C. inspection, 48 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
I Atlas Return tubular boiler,
5fi"xl4' long. Pressure 80 lbs. last
B. C. inspection, 45 h.p. Price
loaded on cars at MeNeillie, near
Creston, B.C., $175.00.
1 refitted Atlas automatic cut-off
engine, H"xlO" stroke. Price at
Cranbrook, B. C, $200.00.
1 saw husk complete with top saw
frame and mandrels and saws and
20 feet extension shaft, $250.00.
1 four saw edgor with saws. Prico
at Cranbrook, $200.00.
1 Iloyt planer and matcher, 21".
Price at Cranbrook, $100.00.
Also a quantity ef shutting, otc.
Apply to
Elko, B. C.
thirty days after data I Intern! to
apply to the chief Commissioner of
Lands ami to the Aisistnnt Commissioner of Lauds for the District uf
Kast Kootenay for a liconso to pros
pCOt for coal and petroleum on tin-
following described lands, situate on
tlio North Fork ol Mld-el Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacific l tail road and lying between tho Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
{. 0. Belden's northwest corner,
same being the initial post of It,
Covington's claim, and marked "R.
Covington's southwest corner,"
thence 80 chains north; thtnee 80
chains east; thence 80 chains south;
thonco 80 chains west to place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Located January 21, 1913.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batlce Lameroux, Agent, tl-llt


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