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Cranbrook Herald Apr 24, 1919

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Tho Cranbrook Board of Trade held
st very uucosBful luncheon In the Oo»-
uiopolltan hotel (lining room yesterday aftornoou. It was ho successful
in fact timt it was unanimously decided to liold ono every month. A-
Ihhii fifty meinbi.n*. of the Bound and
tlieir Kin-Kin s;it down to a sumptuous!
repast anil as It wns nearly half |>QSt
two insi.ad of two o'clock  when the1
dintiiK room dour was opened tho
heaped up plates nf delicious viands;
Boon were pieked lo Hie hone, but I
like ihe widow's barrel of moot there'
wan onoilgh and to spare, We thm'i
know llOW ninny l-aslteisfu| nf fniK
iiients were taken lip—nsk the ret;iilar
bo u rdors,
ti.   J.   Spreull,    president    of    tlie
Hoard or Trade, presided and Rov, 11.!
M.  I.yon blessed, brake and Rave lo
the multitude.
Ctgftra were Introduced and lu |
spite of the smoke die atmosphere
was as clear as a bell, Optimism was!
tlie prevailing note— everybody saw I
the doughnut; nobody saw the hole.    I
An Impromptu toast list waa pro-1
posed and responded to. headed by a
toast to the "King."
In responding for the mining Interests, Mr. Walllnger, government a- j
gent, said that mining had not taken ]
tlie  place In this district  It should !
do, but Indications ure tiiat there I?
to he more doing In tiie mining line,
The Indications are not of the boom I
kind, but a kind of development that
will help us very much.   This district I
from the mining point of view is see-
ond to none In tlie province.
Mr. Montgomery, superintendent or;
the Sm.ivan mine at Kimberley, stated
that the Consolidated was doing all It
could to keep tilings moving.   They
were banking a lot on tlie returned
men.    He  gave a  hearty  invitation
to the members or tiie Board to take
a run  up to Kimberley and inspect
the mine.   The company would    do
their best to give them all the information they desired.   As tlie mining |
industry at  Kimberley grows Cran-1
brook is bound to profit from its do-1
Mr. Palraquist, engineer in charge
of tlie development of    tbe    Perry
Crook  Hydraulic  Mining Co.'s  prop- \
erty. stated that ihey have Just start-:
ed and bad high hopes of making good
and developing a profitable business.
They -proposition   lodks   very  good
and they intend to stay with it until.
they find out what there is.   He will
be able to telt more about  it  in tho
Peter Woods, of Cherry Creek, and.
K. H. McPhee spoke on the farming
interests, Mr. Woods is a practical
farmer and demonstrates what the '
district is able to do hy rnislng fine
bunches of stock, fruit orchards and
fields of grain and will he glad to
BliOW Die membors of the Board whn
nre from Missouri, what the country]
really can do. Mr, McPhee whs convinced that this district would become ,
self-supporting by developing both
branches of the fanning industry. He
urged the co-operation of all tho or-,
gttntxatlons thai relate to the dov-sl-
optnenl of tlte natural resources of
im district.
C .1 Utile spoke tor the Retail
Merchant:*. Association, lie said tlte
retail merchants were glad to *oe tho
development going on lu tlie mining.
lumbering and farming business, that
business Is good and Improving.
W, II Wilson, on hehnlf rf the Good
Roads movement emphasised the fact
Ihat good roads wore among the
grealei.t assets nny community could
hnvo. Thoy brought In Ihe tourist
and the hind seeker; they helped to
develop mining, lumbering and farm
Ing. This dlStrlOt Is getting :i lol Ol
publicity and many eunulrtes are being received lu regard to the roads.j
fishing and big gafflfl attractions from j
an far oust as Boston and as far j
west us the Pacific, const, from Alaska to Mexico, There is good foundation for the belief that there will be
thro*1 ilmes the amount Of tourist
traffic through this district the coming season Bum there was last your
and (here was a good deal of It during
litis. We have now quttO a large mtl-
oago oi good roads lu the district and l
the government, it is understood, will
sJpcnd a good deal of money on the
roads of the district this yenr, nnd '
when the Banff-Windermere road is
completed there will be n nuieli larger
strenm of traffic. There is every encouragement for our people to hoo.-t
and cut out the knocking.
President Spreull remarked Hint the
knockers nro all gone—they took their
departure with the year that is passed ami there Ir now a more optimistic fooling prevailing. Wo should
nil become Interested in the location
of new local Industries. If Nelson
can make room for the manufacture
of washboards, Cranhrook can surely
make tho clothespins.
W. T. Attrldge spoke to the toast nf
local Industries with special regard
to the lumber Industry. The membors of the lumber association were
taking a very optimistic view, There
is every indication that the prairies
mn going" to liavo a good crop this
i and U they do, if lumber in
dustry will thrive. Tlie prairie farmer 1ms been doing very little building recently. They have been getting
along with very little lumber for a
year or more, hut this full will see
a change, at least that is the expectation.
.1.  !•', (iuimont   was called  upon  to
speak on behalf ol Hie c.i'.u. lie admitted lie was not giving away any
of tlie secrets of the executive when
ho said that the C.I'.K. was in hourly
co-operutlon with every town oil the
line, and that an increased service
has boon talked of, lie deprecated tlie
custom that had grown upon the
people of i 'ranbrook of sopa rating
themselves Into two camps, tlie railway men and the civilian. We are all
enthusiastic over the welfare of the
Hon. Dr. King. Minister of Public
Works in the B.C. government, and
member for this district, was present
and was called upon to address the
gathering. Ho expressed his pleasure
und congratulated crunbrook upon
having a live Board of Trade again.
As this is a period of ro-constructiou
he thought that he might fairly make
some remarks showing what the B.C.
government has done in the way of
re-construction. He referred to the
Land Settlement Board which is engaged In sizing up the agricultural
possibilities of every part of tlie province. They aro developing nn extensive scheme in tlie north and investigating conditions in our own community. He referred to the mining engineers. The province had been divided Into mining districts with a mining engineer resident In each district.
These men advised the prospector and
assisted him in developing his property. Mining men could also go to
him for advice. He spoke of tlie steel
industry which must sooner or later
be established in the province to treat
tbe great iiuuntiNes of Iron ores
within the province. Very little was
known at the coast about the iron ores
of this district of which there was an
abundance i-nri an engineer will be
sent here to Investigate and report.
He remarked] by way of parenthesis.
that he was surprised he had not received more requests from Cranbrook
district in regard to Its requirements.
Tho n.-vernii-ent had pawl an act to
assist in developing the stock industry. He referred to tho visit of Mr.
McKenzie. the grazing commissioner,
a mnn of broad experience, and who
woudl be coming here again soon to
organize the district, lt was believed that with proper usage the present
Ranges would be made to take care of
four times the numher of head of
Stock, Thc government wore providing for the extension of the lumber
trade of tiio province by opening up
foreign markets, the prairie would
then cease to be made the dumping
ground for the surplus atbek of the
coast mills. The lumber industry in
this dlstrlcl would thon become more
or lean stabilised. \ department of
Industries had beon organized which
would help any feasible project put
on foot hero for acquiring local In-
dustries, the government assisting by
either a loan of money Or a guarantee of bonds. A labor department
had beon organised and a looor bureau will be opened In Cranbrook in
D few days. All our soldiers will soon
be  hack  and owing   to  the   favorable
climate of this province probably
25,000 men from other parts of Canada will make their homes In this
province. Tho labor market will probably become congested and this policy of establishing labor bureaus
throughout the province will relieve
the situation. He made a vciy important reference to Hie roads of the
district. The minInter admitted that
not much money had heen spent during Hie pnM two years but now larger
sunn; of money Should be spent on the
roads, lie toon tho position that the
making of the roads should be u provincial and not a dlstrlcl affair. It is
necessary for the province to take
cure of a larger program, Il is expected Hint the Dominion will assist,
|BO,000,000 Is to lie appropriated by
the Dominion govornmont to help construct a i rant-Canadian Highway. A
portion of that will be spout In tho
province of British Columbia. As (12
percent of the population of the province lies south of the railway belt.
tho highway will in all probability bo
constructed through the southern portion of tho province. Jimtlce to the
people who liavo long settled this
province demands that this bo the
route chosen. There Is now a good1
road from Vancouver to Hoik., from
there over the mountains there Is a
Htretch of 70 miles not completed. The
pass Is 5.000 foet high ond tho route
would be open about four or five
months of the year. There is an alternative route from Hope up the
Fraser vulloy. where the elevation Is
only 1200 foet. Whichever of these
routes is r.hosen the connection would
be made Just the Hnme with the southern route. Surveys nro now bolng
made and a decision will he made
shortly. The Great Northern tight of
way Is to he taken over hy the government and a good road via the Crows
Nest Pass in assured,   Although over
Are you going to help us
print u six page paper every
week ? Advertisers and subscribers, It's up to you. If yon
fall to come through with your
advertising or subscriptions we
cannot keep up the six page
paper, if you give us anything
approaching a generous support we will continue l&eulng
the six pages. Please pass the
cream. Ihmt look al the hole';
grab the doughnut
iT TIE flUIC.il.
Local Overflow
Celebrate al Cranbrook May 24th.
See  the   rock-drilling    contest     at
Cranbrook May 24th.
James Parkin went through a successful operation for appendicitis In
tlie hospital last week,
Wallace Bidder was operated on
successfully In Hie hospital last week
for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ingram, who
■ have been on a visit lo friends in Nelson, returned home yesterday,
Don't forget that Wednesday, May
7th, ls the date or the hig masquerade
dance to ho held In the Parish Hall,
Keep in mind tho Dance en May
j 18th at the Kdlson Theatre. Proceeds
I to entertain children on Empire Day.
| The Veterans and every business
I organization in the district are be-
; hind the celebration at Cranbrook
• May 24th.
!    The committee of the Christ Church
. Parish Hall announce a masquerade
dance to be held on May 7th   Partlc-
: ulars later.
Lost—At Auditorium. Monday even-
. ing  last, a  tortoise shell  fancy  hair
pin. set with brilliants.   Kinder leave
I at Herald office.   Reward. 17-lt*
Flour   room    furnished    house    on
i French Ave, No.  24fi for sale cheap.
! Apply at   McDonald's  Pool Room.
j 17-2t»
The Cranbrook Saddlery Co. Ltd.,
nre headquarters for trunks, suitcases
and   travelling   goods.     Large   stock
, on hand.
, A general meeting of -iho Board otl
i Trade will be held In the city hall
■ on  Tuesday,  April  29th,  at  S  p.m. I
Everybody    interested    in    boosting
Cranbrook and District's business. Interests are requested to he present.
Mrs. Win. Bidder, of Kimberley. died ]
- in Hie hospital here on Tuesday while
undergoing an operation to save her
: life. She leaves a husband ami six i
; children to mourn her loss. The bereaved family have the sympathy of
the community In this sudden afflic-
; Hon,
■ Key City Lodge No. 42. I.O.O.P. will I
celebrate the centenary anniversary'
of the order by holding a social at
the close of the Lodge meeting on !
Monday. April 88th. Speakers wilt re I
view tlie history of the order and out-
tine the program  in connection  with.
! the building of onr Oddfellow's home
llu this jurisdiction. All Rebekahs I
| and visiting Oddfellows in the city are |
! invited to attend the social.
During the years of war the Salvation Army devoted every energy to
\ providing comforts for soldiers and
maintaining the usual evangelistic
J work. Unfortunately llioy coudl not
i give that attention to the missionary
work they desired. During the next
J two weeks yon will bo called upon to
| assist them in their efforts to raise
i funds for their home nnd foreign
j missions. i.et your donation he liet-
I ter than the best.
! A. l-i- Watts, of Walts burg, sent his
| regrets at not being able to attend the
j luncheon of the Board of Trade on
Tuesday He wished the Board every
success and suggested ihat they work
in unison with West Kootneay for
which Mr. Fred Starkey and the public spirited men of Nelson have done
so much in attracting those who arc
able to develop the resources of tiie
country, and Nelson and Spokane
ure reaping tho benefits, It fs well
known, ho says, that Cranhrook is
surrounded by rich mineral deposits.
Two of the biggest mines on this continent are convincing evidence of this
fact, besides there are mny thousands
of similar surface Indications.
The Easter Ball held in tlie Auditorium on Monday night for the benefit of St. Eugene hospital was a most
j enjoyable  affair.    There    were    .180
' people In  attendance.    Tlie  program
! consisted of 40 dunces and some ex-
' tras.    There  was a  large attendance
from outside  points.    Wi' can't  say
who enjoyed themselves tho most   -
, the ludies or the gem lemon   but there
'. did not appear lo be anybody who wus
I not   radiant   with   Joy.    There   were
: some excellent  gowns worn by    the
ladies    fuzzy   stuff,   firry   itufl     and
J stuffs or all colors, with green pro*
dominating.   It was estimated that ul
\ least   126,000   worth   of  new  dresses
were on the floor, to suy nothing a
1 bout the rings, necklaces and    other
, jewelry.    Quite  a  number of gentlemen were dressed in cutaways, while
vests and gloves, as huppy ns they
i could be in the curtullod   freedom
i which tlu-y enjoyed.   We will not try
I to describe  the  Individual   gowns  as]
I we have not  room enough to do jus- j
tioe to them all and we must not be'
1 unfair.
Tho hull was decorated like a fairy :
land, and fairies were there in plenty
—pretty substantial fairies ami tholr j
attendants, who rollicked and froliok-;
ed to their hearts' content to Hie Inspiring music of the Spokane Silver!
Grill Jazz Band. The orchestra con-1
sisted or five performers and it seemed u hundred instruments; we suy
performers, for thoy were more than
musicians. They were u noisy bunch,
they made more noise than a nut tree
full of monkeys throwing coconnuts at
each other in a tropical thunderstorm.
But it wus all in tlie game, tltere wns
nothing superfluous and the crowd of I
merrymakers on tlie floor were lifted
out of themselves and forgot for a few
hours that they had any relation what,
ever to terra firms. The Jazz Bund
cost a lot of money, hut every cent or,
It was subscribed privately and a
surplus besides, which wns donated
to the hospital fund.
Mrs. (Dr.) Green was [the general
chairman or all the committees. Mrs.
Martin McCreery and Mrs. C. O.
Staples were ln charge or the decorations; O. O. Staples of the floor
committee; J. F. Gulmont of the ticket committee; Mrs.(.hidgo) Thompson
of tlie refreshment committee.
The committee in charge wish to
thank fhe public , for ~*hvii- henry
co-operation in making the Ball such
a grand success.
We are Informed that the proceeds
of Hie Ball will amount to about
The Railway Y.M.C.A,'s all over tl:
North American Continent are now on '
a membership campaigu. in an effort
to bring their membership up to the
highest posible maximum, the drive
dating from April 21st to 28th. Mr
Leslie, Comptroller of the Canadian
Pacific Kailwuy.has offered a prize of
a one hundred dollar library to the
Y.M.CA. making tbe highest number
of points, size of territory covered
and other conditions being taken In-i
to consideration.
A uu-eting was hold in the Cranbrook v.M.c.a lasi Thursday evening, i<> eleol officers ami formulate
plans for Hie local campaign, tlie
following executive and captains be*
ing appointed VY. I). McLeod. chair
man: D, Mair. secretary, ll ]•:. Howard, treasurer; captains, Q, J. Spreull
R. E, Pow. F. .1. Gulmont, J. I*.. Beaton
I). M Smith and \Y A. Nlsbet. The
ground is bolng covered by tills oner-
getio lot of workers, and the progresi
to doto is fairly representative of
their efforts, In the neighborhood ol
fifty new memberships heing received.
Tho aim of the Y.M.C.A. and those
Interested in the Y.M.C.A. here, is to
he in a position to enlarge tlieir activities in every way. and be lu a post*
Hon. wiih a sufficient number of mem
hers, to demand the recognition that
Is due, and without a sufficient mini- .
her of members, these aims cannot be
accomplished.    So let   the citizens ol '
Cranbrook. who are interested iu the
welfare of the young men. come to the
front and help to win the library for
our Y.M.C.A.. und swell the member
ship to such an extent that that or
ganlzation may be able to extend It-
uelivlties and influence to tlte young
men of Cranbrook, and gel them Interested in clean  healthy sport-* and ;
recreation.    We should have a  Y.M.C.A. here embracing   u   gymnasium,
swimming poo), uud nil other such
brandies or that organization.      Let]
ns help the boys to get It.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the District Forester. Cranbrook. B.
C, not later than noon on the 3rd day
of May, 1919. for the purchase of Licence X 1(191, to cut 20,000 feet of
Spruce and 400 Ties ou part of Lot
1110S. near Sinclair. Kootenay .dlstyfc.
One il) your will be allowed for removal of timber. Further particulars of the Chief Forester. Victoria.
B. C.i or District Forester, Cranbrook
B. C. lt
-jttertgfttgt cjntrci)
11 am. Divine Worship
Conducted by Mr. (;. T. Molr
12 m.   Sabbalh School
7.30 p.m. Divine Worship
Conducted by Women's Missionary Society.
Address on "Missions in Japan"
by Mrs. Steves.
Solos by Hiss Heed. IMss Lougheed, nnd Mrs. T. ('. Phillips.
- Just Arrived -
127.000,000 have beon spent on roads
nnd trails in B.C. since con f ode rut ion
the work in many cases is not equal
to the task or carrying motor traffic
and much new work will huve to be
done uud new surveys made. Tho
road from Wattaburg west Is a ease
In point. Thc trunk Hue in Fertile and
Cranhrook districts Is to be improved.
Tourist travel will devoiop rapidly—<
morn rapidly than most of us think.
Time wns too short for him to refer
to the returned aoldler question, hut
both the provincial und dominion governments wero working together In
their Interest. It wus tholr desire to
do everything possible to re-oHt^ilish
Ithe returned man.
THKBK Is nothing more contagious than enthusiasm. The
keen appreciation nnd deep respect that over 800,0000 Overland owners so freely express Is an Overland asset of priceless value. Tills enthusiasm of Overland owners Is our Inspiration
and obligation to produce cars that will perpetuate nnd enhance Over-
laud prestige. The Model 00 Overland Is completely fulfilling th's
obligation to old nnd new friends. Where roud conditions are poor.
its easy riding qualities Inspire appreciation. Everywhere it.-; operation, sturdlness. low upkeep p.nd dependable performance constantly
widen the circle of Overlnnd friends. This enthusiasm nf the spreading, contagious, inspiring kind is your safest buying guide.
J. ARMOUR, Agent
Garage and Repairs in Connection
New Spring Shoes
For Women
S (-Provincial Library of •     j
mart ir .-..•. ;ords
for Street Wear Made with the
Long Vamp and French   Heels
at $7.50 a pair
Patent Leather and Kid Pumps
for Evening Wear Made on very
pretty new lasts with high French
Heels at       $6.50& $7.50
High=cut Kid and Gunmctal
Walking Boots*
wiih Military Heels   Very smart
styles ai $8 50 to $10.50
McCreery Bros.
aDHS i> \   r ET>'      >
11 a.m   "Horses ami Chariots
3 p.m. Sunday School ck Bible Class
7.30 p m.   The Great Adventure."
Soloist- I.. Richardson.
"Love Eternal" Stephen  Adams
Rev. II. M. Lyon will conduct both services.
Sow Snld in All ('arming Communities
Where the Gopher i*. ii Menace.
It is sure death because it is made of a delicate
palatable morsel tlie rodent loves like children love
candy. It has an odor that attracts them and eat
it because they like it.       At—
Ul ll!SO>
. M(tr.
ii  I'hone ;
Iii  Phone
Lecture & Official Slides °-
By Lieut. Helmsing, R.N.R.
Parish Hal!
MONDAY, April 28
A short .Musical Programme In which  Lieut. Helms-
in ir  will lake part, cuiicliulllit-nilli  a
THURSDAY, AI'lllI. Mill. I'JIi1
C R A N 1 * R O OK   HE RALI)
Published Kvtry Thursday by
W   A. MYERS,     :      ;      •      :      :       Managing Editor
pttalltyt t» Hig Nelson school board
for allowing tho meeting In liio t-ehool
building mul to Mr. Bailee and Mr.
Robson for their assistance In the
work of organization.
Advertising  Hates ou  a»pUcatlou.   Clmngos for Advertising MUST be In
tills   office    Wednesday   uoon   Oiccnrrcnt   ueek  to   secure   attention.
fivkst s< i:\i:itv in ivnm.n
The popular
from tlu* coasl
ver and VIcto
B. C. or from
land, San Frai
all intorvenln
the Orowi Sei
As evidence
parly c
Anderson and the
Gently arrived
COma.    They ;ill  ..[.nl-
the trip and declared
much more pictures
from  Los Angeles i
rtirist travel
oni Vancou-
er parts ol
comu. Port-
■Uigoles and
•tl i
Uc, not only to cater to the desire of
the communities, but also to compete
with the rival motor transports.
The  people of Creston  and  Cranhroolt are botli planning for farther
co-operation   with   each   other     und
with  the  people of the prairies, and
tlie live auto clubs of the Fernie and
way of I Crows Nest Pass district, as well oa
tho   residents   oE   Cowley, Plncher
thla faci it louring Creek ami Macleod are desirous   of
Mr and Mrs. K. A.'netting  a lirst class highway along
r two daughter re-1 which they may travel on their visit"
oil   A |
Ml  l roll
left Tacoma n
in crnnbrool.
usually travel
m. and lost ,
various cause
SOU     mile
Portland, Oregon, over t
Highway  to the  Dalles,
Columbia river and thoi
Goldendale,  Pasco, Spoki
the boundary at KIngsgal
Cranbrook.   Thoy stayed
half at Portland, anoUiei
hair al  the Dalles, ti
trevllle and two and
Spokane.   They had i
all.   They round a l<
with tlie best on a
from T
Ktilid gravel roa
was no snow an
Ida highway it;
In Canada no
with the roads
soft In n few pli
Mr. Anderson
If the Crows Nettie National Mi
touring parlies
Trom the Pacffli
ries of Western
Cranbrook rrom Ta-lto each other's community on elthe
highly of business or pleasure, so an to still
p..ry was   further develop co-operation    lor tlie
million good.    Por tho preseni  the
ie train a day sendee lends lo keep
icm  isolated.
t Olympl
m. lo li p*
, slops for
journey   ot
by   way   of
e Columbia
rorried   ihe
went   llirtl
in-,  crossed
, Vahk and
ti day and a
r day and a
lays  a!  <Vli*
half days at
ro trouble at
f good roads
ved highway
, and a good
I hi
il.   Th
will   c
opinion Ihat
uile Is made
lousuuds of
o ihis way
to lho prai-
[instruction of the
Highway   to     be
h   tin-   Crows   Nest
irement In the ratlin what die Loth-
returned I
nauy of the
line as far
All along tho M
boosting for tho
Canadian   Kationa
constructed  ihrou
Pass and an Inipri
way service. Hit
bridge Herald says:
A   spirit  of    co-opi-ralitm   for
common good of each and all of the
towns on the (rows Sosl  Pass rout
is the feature most worthy of nolo a
observed   by   the   Herald's   travellim
representative, who lia
Lethbrldge after visit.i
towns along tiie railw
west as Creston.
The communities in the milling centres in the CroWS Nest Pass us well
as the milling, railway and fruit
growing districts of lhe lower valleys
look now more than ever before to
tho prosperity of the prairies of Alberta as belli directly and indirectly
developing prosperity in the Kootenay district oi Southeastern British
Co-operative effort was cry:; tali zed
at Blalrmore in the organization or
the Crows Nest Pass National Highway Association, witli delegates present from as Ear distant towns as
Medicine Hat and Cranbrook. There
are three clilef aims at present: To
improve for the common good the
highway for tourlsl and inter-community travel, the urging of the C. P.
K. to reinstate anothor local train on
tho Crow line, and a Joint appeal to
the It. c. government to   make thc
rules of the road in it. C. the same as
now existing In other parts of Cunada
and the U. H.
The Herald representative found
that in practically all tho towns visited there waa a united public opinion behind tlioso Uiroo reslutlons.even
In tho towns which were not represented al tho Blafrmoro convention.
Already tourists are coming from
tho United StatOfl and Vancouver via
motor. Inquiries for information are
pouring in to the auto clubs and
boards of trade, and the travel on the
highway this year Is oxpeotod l<> bo
much more than lasl year.
Travel In the trains Is uncomfortably crowded and frequontlj passengers stand iu lho aisles. With tho
one train a day. inter-town local travel is discouraged. The trains rrom!
Spokane are especially crowded will
people coming to the prairies.
Not only did many motorists In Alberta express rear In travelling In B.
Ci owing to tin. danger of a.cldenl
when meeting, nutos would both turn
head on to the same side of the road,
bat oven old tlmo residents of British
Columbia related times when they
had lo take to tho ditch to avoid colliding with an approaching nuto, or
how a B. C. [into owner when on a
trip to Ills neighbors to the south or
oast was dangerously muddled owing
to tlu- confusing opposite rules of the
road. (We may explain In this connection thai tho it. c. government
at Its hist, session pnsod a resolut
in favor ot making the desired
change in lho rule of Ihe road lo take
effect  next   year.    13d )
it is understood tiiat tho railway
officials are florlouslj considering tho
Improving oi' tholr I rain service lo
menl the neods of lhe travelling pub-
About fifty delegates from all parts
of tho Kootenay and Boundary Districts met In Nelson last Saturday to
organize a Teachers' Association.
Representatives were present from
Michel, Pernie. Cranbrook. Nelson,
Silverton. Kaslo, Trail, New Denver,
Rossland, Revelstoke and several
other points. Crunbrook was represented by ll. S. Shields und R. For-
On the opening of the morning session Mr. Robson, ol' Rossland, was
appointed chairman and W. ,1. Kades,
of Revelstoke, secretary. In opening
the meeting, B. P. Sleeves, principal
or Nelson hfgh school, briefly reviewed tlie preliminary steps that had
been taken to bring the teachers together. The constitution, which had
been drafted by Messrs. McArthur,
Sparks and Sleeves previous to the
meeting, was discussed and this business occupied the entire morning ses
Blon and was taken up again In the
afternoon and adopted.
The following officers were elected
lor the ensuing year: President, B.
P. Sleeves, Nelson; first vice-president. E. G. Daniels, Penile; second
vice-president, Miss Thorn, Trail;
corresponding secretary, Mr. Sparks,
Palrvlow; recording secretary. H. McArthur, Nelson; treasurer. Miss L.
Whplen, Nelson*, executive committee—Mr. Robson, Rossland; H. S.
Shields, Cranbrook; Miss L. Smith,
Michel: \V. J. Hades, Revelstokeiand
Q, Stephens, Grand Forks.
The question of fees was discussed
and the fee was finally fixed at $5 a
year. Tliis fee was necessary, the
prosident pointed out, for affiliation
wllh tlie provincial federation. The
secretary was instructed to open negotiations with the officers of the provincial federation with a view to securing an early affiliation.
The desirability of establishing a
bureau for those desiring positions
was discussed and a resolution passed empowering tlie executive to do
so if thought feasible.
The subject of fixing a minimum
wage for teachers was left In the
bands of the executive ror further action.
The question of Inter-school sports
was keenly discussed at the evening
session nml a general desire to promote Ihe various forms of sport was
evinced by the meeting. A motion
was passed to tlie effect that members
of tlie executive be instructed lo fos
ter inter-school sports in whatever
way they should deem advisable.
When the question came up as to
the place to hold thc convention of
1920, R. S. Shields, principal of Cranbrook public schools, moved that the
1920 convention of the Kootenay and
Boundary District Teachers' Association he held In Cranbrook and In doing so he read letlers of greeting and
Invitation from the Cranbrook school
board, the city council and board ol
i rude of Crnnbrook. These Invitations were acknowledged by a vole
of thanks and the motion was carried
.vith enthusiasm.
Oilier* votes of thanks were passed
lo the Nelson teachers for their hos-
Durlng the fighting around Cambrai
an officer leaped from his car beforo
a V. M. C. A. canteen in u ruined barn
jasl out of sight of the enemy und ravenously look advantage of ihe free
drinks, biscuits and cigarettes distributed by tbe "Y" in the midst of operations.
"There are two things in this war
have earned my undying, gratitude,"
ho mumbled through a mouthful of
Canadian biscuits, "tlie Pord car and
i lie 'V "
A soldier emerging rrom u "Y" cinema hut. was overaeurd to express
himself thus to his mate: "Good old
Y. M. C. A. They're sure some hustlers these days. We'd die in this
hero hole If it weren't for them."
Two "Y" officers were working in
one end of a hilt when six soldiers
otltered the other a little overpowered by tlieir polatlons. Their fluency
or expression finally brought a reproof from the "Y" ofricers and thereafter there was comparative quiet.
Next day four or the six spontaneously und separately came to apologize.
A fifth did more. Ten months afterwards, when the celebration of armistice again loosed the bonds of his self
control, he met one of Ihe officers on
tlie street of a Belgian town. Whereupon, with a strange freak of memory, he poured out nu apology for nn
Incident that had long since become
ancient history; nnd there im the
street the "Y" received one of his
most superlative eulogies, to tbe edification or an admiring throng of Belgians who probably did not understand a word.
Tho ostimates Bubmitied to tiie
House of Commons call for a civil
expenditure of $4:17,000,000 and $3r.O,-
000,000 for war and attendant expenditures Including credits, during the
financial year 191D-20.
These figures demonstrate the absolute necessity of continued saving
on the part of the people. Th" revenue during 1319-20 can hardly i ;ceed
$.125,000,000. The rest must t« *ui*--
ed through borrowing from our own
It Is for this reason that War
Savings and Thrift Stumps have been
Issued.   They make saving both easy
i" i tofltable; they will help Canada
and help also those who buy them.
The special correspondent of the
Loth bridge Herald has been writing
up tho Creston distriei and its rapid
development, espectaly iu fruit raising, well deserves the publicity It Is
getting.    Tlie Herald says:
The chief point of interest in tlie
development of Creston fruit orchards is their value to the prairie farmer, who here, just over tlie Rocky
Mountain fence, in the garden of the
Kootenuys finds there is available
within less than half a day's railway
journey such delicious fruit which
can tie plucked in the orchnrd at noon
to arrive in Lethbrldge long before
daylight. This means that the fruit
can be picked fresh and ripe. With
tho prospect of early eonstrucilou of
the National Highway through the
Crows Nest Pass it will only mean a
few hours motor ride for the prairie
farmer of Southern Alberta from his
wheat rami in Alberta to his fruit
ranch In tho Kootenay valley at Creston, B. C.
Of the 100,933 fruit trees In the 1200
acres of orchards In the Creston Val-1
ley just 268 miles wesl of Lethbrldge
00,307 trees are apple trees and of
Ihe apple tfes the last census shows
thai 29 per cent are Wagner, 13 per
cent ure Wealthy, 10 per cent Mackintosh Red. K per cent Jonathan, fi
per cent Northern Spy, 5 per ceni ,
Delicious. 4 per cent Spitzburgen,
while other heavy varieties found In
the Creston Valley are Rome. Beauty, Ontario, King, Cos's Orange,
Grimes' Golden and Graveusieiti. The'
same census of trees also shows 4764,
pear, 1106 sweet cherry. 2010 plums'
and prunes and 866 peaches, Tiie
average orchnrd runs ahout 80 trees
lo the ncre.
The applfl  crop I ii Ml   y«iir  of  Ihese
young orchards totalled 65,000 boxes,
but ut the fulr estimate of six boxes
per tree the hundred thousand apple
trees now planted should yield for the
market of the apple hungry prairie
folks a total of 600,000 boxes.
The total value of the orchards of
the Creston Valley district for 1918
is calculated al $425,000 as compared
with $335,000 in the year previous.
Tiie total fruit and vegetable crop
last year was a little under half a,
million dollars, while the output in
1917 was $95,000. The gain was due
both to better prices and a vast Increase in output.
Last year tlie export of strawberries from this district totalled 1)260
crates, averaging ?8.26 I,er crftto f*
o. b. Creston, and at lonst 7,000 crates
or this amount were grown in tho
Wynndel) district. In 1917 there wns
an abnormal crop of strawberrios of
17,000 cratos. In normal years the
present plantations should yield
12,1100 crates of strawberries nnd 7000
crates of raspberries, tlie latter averaging $3.31 f. o. b. Creston. One
acre nf strawln-rrles at Wynndel
earned $2,300 for Joo Wlgon and all
lhe expense ho had was for erntes,
pickers and selling commission.
Last year's crop or other fruits as
reported by the creston board of
trade was as follows: (All prices f.
o. b. Creston.)
Tomatoes—1000 crates ripe at average price of 74 cents.    2000 crates
greu  at average  price  of 60    cents,
Kricksou district is the most famous
lor tomatoos.
Cucumbers—-2000 crates at 65c.
Sweet  cherries—1000  crates averaging $2.31.
Sour cherries— 250 crates at $1.54.
Currants—182S    crates;   black    at
$3.22. and red at $2.17.
Plums—3460 crates at  $1.14.
Pears—1928 boxes at $2.03.
Crab apples—17S4 boxes at    from
$1.00 to $1.75, according to variety.
Green peppers—10,222 lbs. at 17c.
per pound.
The bee keeper and the fruit grower are natural allies because In the
nature of the development of a fruit
Ihe busy bee Is a very efficient and
necessary partner in the business of
increasing the yield of fruit. Wliere
bes ure not found some gardeners
have heen known to succeed by using
an artificial means to fertilize the
flowers. The 1200 acres of orchard
bloom while a picturesque panorama
for tlie tourist or the honeymoon parties In June should be a veritable
heavenly harvest for the honey making bes. The side* line of the cpiorlst
last year yielded 3500 pounds of honey, sold at the apiary at 35 cents per
The poultry flocks of the district
I returned a crop of 6030 dozen eggs
! and the beef cattle of the district now
number 196 head. The 40.000 acres
of range lu the valley of the Koot-
enny r'ver prove of great value to the
live stock.
The dairymen shipped about 4740
gallons of milk and 1022 gallons of
cream mostly sold to the Soldiers'
sanitarium. Other products of the
district included 1000 gallons elder,
418 cars of lumber, posts and poles.
Two box factories operate in the district and made 147.000 crates for tlie
local market, witli a few shipped to
other fruit growing districts.
Tha fauUtMt danutl for and #r.»»ilin« bj,h pricM af latabw fc»-*a mtvit, Ik*
d«v«io»nant af ibis indiutry -mantial ant) profitable.
Tkia Baak can awi«t jour plain.   Consult our local Muutr, IM
01' (iltMIKOOK
PUBLIC NOTICE Is  hereby Riven
that till Mmitu'hnlderK are required tn
Imve tlieir refuse ami garbage (aslies
musi be kept separate) cleaned up anil
placed in suitable receptacles in tbe
laue nt the rear nf tlieir resilience nn
nr before May 1st, 1019,
City Clorlc,
Cranbrnnlt. B.C., April 111. HID.     Hi-*-!
Sl'O ACHI.N. (IU Miles lr OriUllirook oil Wvclli'lV ltd.
Law Inline House "llli mulling cuter ami bath, -'ll ncre*
reudy Inr ciilllintlim, creel, nm! siirinir un place. I.ui* linen
nml stnble, nml several other iniil.llnits.
I'lflCi: tftiijoo Cnsli, or MI500 on tonus,
(lio ACRES. I Miles from It.!:. Station.
Prulmtily It.", ncre* Xcmttiv,. I.oc lluihlinu*. ('reck un
properly and nieuiluw enn lie irrlimtcd.
Vltlt'K $10 nor litre. *.. eusli
F. A. RUSSELL,      Y.M.C.A. Bldg.
I'ltAMIItOOK, II. ('.
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Will be a
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because Ivory does not contain un-
saponified oil and does not slick to the
Thc skin dries soft and smooth after
being cleaned with Ivory; The pores
are freed of soap us well as of dirt. There
is no smarting or burning. Your skin
will not only feel refreshed hut look so
after an Ivory Soap hath.
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the room.   In otiier words
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bo; tie knows that he is not
lieiiiK overt]iiii*t,reil   through
;, misunderstand—his ot* tlie
t-lerk'.s—lio  knows   that   he
<   is paying just what every
oilier occupant of thnt room
pays—  no   more,   no   less.
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doubt lie standard practice
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thinus.    It's ono of llu* many
concrete  applications  of    the
Coeur d'Alene policy of fairness
and a full anil honest money's
worth, to every patron whatever
kind or price of room he occupies.
i mi:
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hearty appetite, strengthens the digestive organs,
induces sound sleep, invigorates the nerves, and in
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Nnmgansett Pi«r, R.I.
"I was all run-down, back ached,
and Ured all the time. I keep house
for my husband and four children and
could hardly keep around. Finally _
tried Vinol and it has restored my
health and helped me wonderfully, so
I recommend it to others who are in
this condition.'' Mrs-Hannah Randall.
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try Vinol, and in a week I felt like a
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will probably find that it is made in different: grades
and different leathers—selling at different prices. But if the
shoe is stamped with a maker's name which you know, you
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grade you decide upon.
Go to a dealer in whom you have confidence, and look fur tho manufacturer's trade mark on the shoes you buy. The dealer's advice and judgment
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manufacturer's trade mark is your best assurance of high quality in material
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Our booklet "How to Buy Shoes" will be sent with our compliments tn
any address in Canada, upon request to our head office at Montrcul.
MM I Til)
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*ffiW ONE
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I'liinii' Til or :i;ii    I'.o. Boi sei
 :  _-	 THURSDAY, APRIL 24.Ii. Win
The totlowing is what a former resident ut' Cranbrook haa to say of the
situation In Siborm:
"Under the military dictatorship of
the Allies, Siberia with Us seml-sovlet
government in local ami domestic affairs is doing w.ll. lint Mils does not
enlahlWi the siicfcess uf tho soviet in
Siberia lor it' tlie Iron hand of lhe allied military Inlowcntloii were withdrawn, bloody chnos would surely ensue."
This Im lhe opinion of tlie Rev. W. K.
Dunham of Vancouver, formerly of
Oranbrook, who Imp recently returned
1110V.  W.   K   DUNHAM
from a three months trio to Siberia
as a Y.M.r.A. secretary. Mr. Dunham
took particular rare to si inly the situation in Siberia and while he was not
able to visit the Interior, he was at
Vladivostok in close touch witli tlie
sentiment antl opinion of all clauses
of people from all parts of tho vast
Siberian domain.
"It i.; my i'inn conviction," says
Mr. Dunham, "based on the best Information 1 could gather, tiiat it would
bo a calamity not only for Siberia,
but for all parts ot the world which
have any interest in or connection
with tiiat country to withdraw tlie allied forces from Siberia, While the
country is apparently quiet it ia only
the superior force of tlie allied occupation which i.s holding the terrorist
element In check. And while I believe
tlie great majority of the people are
not in sympathy with tiie terrorists,
they would be helpless before them
and Siberia would he plunged into the
bloody, hopeless, ruthless chaos of
Russia. Tiie allies must stay in Siberia
for a while yet if nothorn and eastern
Asia nre tu be saved from extreme
"What ls the nature of the t-ovlet
government?" Mr. DUnham was asked.
"Tho Soviet is generally misunderstood," Mr. Dunham stated. "In effect
' It is 'paternalism. Tlie state owns
everything. The laborer «ets a fair
wage. All surplus goes,, to the state
and bark to the people. Capital is
abolished. There are no profit:
There is no Competition. The church
cannot have schools or own property
The military establishment continues,
but It is not embraced in lhe soviet
policy. The school fystem is vague
The judical system seems workable
nnd worthy.
"And it would abolish national lines,
for the soviet contemplates a soviet
world and proposes to repudiate all
treaties and debts of the old government, whirii l think is Unmoral, Inheritance Is abolished Since there can
bo no accumulation nf wealth there
enn be no inheritance Titles are
abolished. Tlie machinery of iho government does not difcr greatly from
ours iu general doslgn There are tin
% local Soviets provincial Soviets, stat
soviet, lint the dii«>. I VOloe of the
people Ib hoard Onl]   In  the selection
of the lowest soviet, which chooses the
representatives to tl e nexl soviet and
SO Otl.
"Bolahov"i Mr Dunham eaidi "moone
'new,' and therefore  Siberia  Is for
Bolshevism, "lit ii ... not Bolshevik in
tlin sense Hint it i:- of the l.enine and
Troisky Bolshevik the extreme ratli.
He corrected tin prevailing impression that tha* Siberian soviel wants
free love, or l e oclell m ol women.
This it does nol encourage, he said;
only tho extremists desire a slate ownership of this !-(.*'
government asking that a special
grant be made so that the road from
the western end of the above road to
rrunbrook may be put in first class
i may also state the roud from
Cranbrook to Kingsgale, to conned
with tbe National Highway in the
Slates, will also be put Into condition
to accommodate tlie very heavy traffic from points south. The road thru
tlie Fernle district to Crows Nest will
receive everyjitteutlon.
Last year over -three hundred cars
passed through here and from the reports which we are receiving daily
from the Northwest Tourist Associa-
lion of Seattle, we expect a very much
increased number will come tliis way.
in fuel we expect that 75 per cent of
the curs that will visit points iu R C,
ami Alberta will come from the south
and west of hero.
Let me also state that the towns
ntong the Crow realize tiial every person Hint visits this district will go on
lo Calgary and Ihat it will he necessary to have a good road from Loth-
luliUe to your city, .lust here I mny
add thai it would lie well to have roads
on the prairie well marked with mile
and direction boards so Hint persons
not used to the prairie will not gel
Mayor Marshall Intimated thai the
main highway should be pushed with
;-.ll possiblo speed through Calgary,
Banff and on to the coast. Mr. Davidson stated Hint Lethbrldge, Medicine
Hat, Fernle and Cranbrook were making strenuous efforts to have the road
built through the Crows Ne»t Pass,
and leave Calgary out altogether. I
am sorry that Mr. Davidson takes such
a stand as these towns have ro such
idea. What we do claim and can
prove by government reports, is that
ihis is the most feasible route through
B. 0. because of the lowest altitude,
the lowest cost of construction and being open over three times ns long as
any other route and it naturally follows that tlie main road should be
built tliis way. The Banff—Windermere roud is very nocessary as an attraction as it will pass through many
of the wonderful places of the west
and every tourist will want to travel
over it, but unfortunately It ls not
open long enough to Justify making it
the main road.
Another consideration Is the Crows
Xest route Is through a thickly populated country which pays large taxes
to the governments while the route
through Central or Northern B. C. is
unsettled and not likely to be settled
for some time, at least not sufficiently to warrant large expenditures on I
Calgary wholesalers and manufacturers enjoy large business connections through the whole of tlie Pass,
wli ifh plainly nnd unquestionably
proves that the Crow towns are fav-j
orably disposed toward Calgary, andj
there is no apparent reason why Cal- ■
gory ard all the towns south and west
cannot work together ln harmony.
Our aims and interests are alike, and ,
much good can be accomplished by
united effort. What benefit-; one
benefits all.
ln conclusion, let me say that we
believe the expressions at the meeting above referred to, were prompted
by a misunderstanding of the geographical and topographical conditions rather than from any malice on
Ul will. We want your good will and!
assistance: you want our good will
and business, so let's get together.*
Yours very truly,
Cranbrook. B. <\. April 12.
Tho following tetter rrom J. P. Fink
appears in the Calgary Hern Id of
April Kith, and should have a tendency towards swinging Calgary opinion
in favor of the crows Nest Highway!
Editor, The Herald: -
Ab a reader and subscriber of your
paper I trust that you will grant me
space to make some comments on the
reported statements made by come of
the business mon ol yom city ai a
meeting of the flood Roads Association held recently ami reported in
your issue of Hie llth Inst.
First let me Btalo that all Hie towns
along the Crow are In favor of having
the main line of lhe Dominion Highway run from Medicine lluf through
Lethbrldge, Fernie, Cranbrook, Nelson, Pontlcton and on to the coast.
They are also in favor of having tlie
Banff—Windermere road completed,
and In tliis connection Hie Cranbrook
Board of Trade this week forwarded
a strong resolution to the provincial
Its Advantage* M a Nnitabe Settlement
for Soldiers
situated In the Columbia Valley, in the Southern portion of
British Columbia, has been settled
now for thirty years. During that
time the District has heen thoroughly
proved as a splendid mixed farming
and cattle raising country. In lillF.,
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company completed their Kootenay Central branch, connecting the District
with the C. P. H. main line In thoj
North, and Hie Crow's Nest Pass Hallway to the South) thus removing many j
of tho difficulties of settlement andj
simplifying the problem of markets
for the products of the District,which j
are cattle, ore, polnloes. small fruits.
nnd lumber, With the comple-lon of I
the railway, markets which had hi'li-;
orto lieen difficult lo approach owing)
to lack of traimportntlon, cnine into
being, as the markets of Fernie with
its coal mines arc reached thc same
day of shipment, while Calgary, under
the now conditions, is but twelve
hours distant. There Is also a limited local market in the mines operating in the vicinity and ln the lumber
camps to tlie South, all of which at
present import most of their supplies
from the prairie.
The possibilities of the District
with regard to mixed farming and
dairying have been fully demonstrated hy tbe thriving farms and tbe
work of the Dominion Government
Experimental Station, Invermere.
The farmers generally' have proved
Hie siiecial adaptability of tho valley
for Hie growing of Alfalfa, clover, potatoes and peas, all of which have
boon demonstrated and have established records. In this connection we
quote from, the Station ronort: "Alfalfa alone produced 4 tons, 820 lbs,;
witli grasses, li tons, 320 lbs. per acre.
Clover alone, 5 tons, 1880 lbs.; with
grasses, 0 tons, 1280 lbs. nor aero.
Pottifoos,    Wee    Macgrecor   variety,
Help the Y.M.C.A. Finish its
Work For Soldiers
Help the"Y" Construct the Manhood
that will Re-construct Canada
ALL tlie world now knows that tlie Red Triangle of the
Y.M.C.A. was tlie " Sign of Friendship " to thousands
of your brothers, sons, nephews,cousins and neighbours'
boys in the last four and a half years Wherever the Canadian Soldiers went, the ''Good old 'V'" went too. And
now it is comi'lg back home with them!
Por the support which lias made possible the war work
of lhe Y.M.C.A. we thank you. Your money has been well
expended.    We have rendered full account,
We ask now your continued sympathy and support for
Red Triangle Service for our Soldiers during demobilization,
and for Y.M.C.A- work for Canada generally during the. Reconstruction period. The Annual Red Triangle campaign
will lie held throughout Canada May oth to 9th, 1919. The
objective is $1,100,001].
The Y.M.C.A, will hep its
chain of Service unbroken
Ull llu end.   ■
For Our Men Returning
For the soldiers and tlieir dependents, returning
from Overseas, we have provided a-; follows:
1. A Red Triangle hum on board every ship when ii leaves
Great Britain, with a hill equipment nt k.hiu-s, gramophones
and records, magic lantern, literature and writing materials.
\Vhere possible,' also a piano or an organ, l.niiucs, concerts,
singsongs, instruction re Gnverumen I repatriation plans, anil
Sunday Services,
2. Red Triangle comforts and facilities f,,r the men ou arrival at Halifax, St. John, Quebec and Montreal, including coffee si alls, wiih tree drinks, free entahles, cigarettes, caudles, etc.
3. Red Triangle nun ,,n every
troop tiaiu lo provide regularly
free drinks, eatables hnd cigarettes,
organize names and siitjr songs, and
furnish inform ition.
4. Red Triangle fie,- cauteell
service, information bureau, etc.,
at eaeh of the 22 Dispersal centres
ill Canada
(',. Red Triangle Chilis in lhe
principal cities of Canada in the
shape of large Y.M.C.A. hostels i.i
luruish hed and board at low tales
and lo be n rendezvous fur soldiers.
For Canada's Manhood
The Reconstruction program of tlu- V. ,1/.
includes the following vitally important ■!<
met its:—
1. An iiLcrra*.-.-.! seivitT lu aQO.OOU tcen-aRe boj
Dominion—the developmeul <-f Canadian Stamlunl Kl
training; lilble Study groups; Biunincr camps; coiife
service f«>r High School boys, for wnrkii^ boys, in thc
und cities; for boys en thu form and for *■'■■.; .v rywhu
huve lucked opportunity for menial, ninml, pliysircd i
•}.   Tiiuu«ur»tii.n uf Y.M.C A. work i:i
id '
i »iii .
.if    !•>.
Red Triai^e^Camfai^iv
C'UtstU.t -\fy\U:4ffml
i   wiih
Seventy-five   Seer
.Tin Military Hosp
tn superintend   Ke»!  Tri;uii*>
lamps and Barracks tlirouirlintil
oldlento full Y.M.C.A. prlvilenes for
Y.V.C.A. furnished.
7.   Tickets entitling
lix months at any local
Iu addition to our work tor thu returning Boldters, wi* have
to maintain the Red Triii
in Siberia, as well as tin* work of .[>
Russia; Palestine and Poland.
■ tn the full for the soldiers
al -ei-rctaries in .*«*oith<-rii
:t, Tlicpiomotiimol Y ... C A.
work nntoug Canada's army of
workers i'i i iduatrial plant-, botli
hi Y.M.C A. buildings and in the
factory  buildings, organizing the
Social spirit among tin* Industrial worker*.! of mir ■....."* by
meetings, entertainments, games and sports.
4,   I'he establishment of the Tied Triauui. ;    i  ...
iricls where lumbermen, ntfucrs nml other workers luri.l
front trenches of industry.
6. Dcsidcs these main lit Lis of tncrtnsed activity U r It) IB,
we have l>, provide fur eidnrgci ivi.ik ar .■ „• i„ '■■. . ■ .
college students iuttt for our campaign ■■! m «ura ■ :.■ . I
and m x education. Under ull our work \ .■ pla< ;'■■ ■■■■'-
»ui**m.il foundation uf manly ChrtsUami)
For lhe  wive*;  antl chi
Overseas, dependent Upon
aiiiaii soldiers, ami tur Y.W
work in CiiimdaKPnerallv.-
of JlT.MXK) from tlu-   Red
angle Kund will Ik* set asit
the   Dominion   Council  o
Y.W.C.A., which i*- Carin
g for
the soldiers'   women   folk
their little ones oil the loug
\ Hit-
uey. from I.ivcrp.*ol to Ca
■ad is also extending its
for Canadian girls.
Por their sake also be
erou1-   when    you    make
yi ur
OR the sake of our victorious soldiers; ami
their depehdrats, and the happinesa of
their home-coming; for tlie sake of ottrfit.iirc
citizens, onr teen-age boys; for the sake of
rural life in Canada; foi' the sake of the social
betterment of tlie toilers in factory and work
shop; for the sake of lonely men am! boys in
mir mines and forests; for the sake of Christian
Society and Canadian manhood—we appeal
to you. Give us your contribution, little or
biff.    He as generous as you can.
Hand your contribution to thc canvasser when lie
calls, or it you live where it ii difficult for him to call,
send it by check, money order or legistcrcd letter Lo
the National Treasurer, Red Triangle Campaign, 1211
Bay Street, Toronto.
Please Note:
We  ure* not  a iking
f r
tiiontn   to  earn    on
work < Iverscas,  with
Army   in   Creat   Bril
t'rsnce or Btlirnini.
maximum for som' •
finani ially provided .'• :
thc   liquidation    ol
assets Overseas,   and
not terminate til! tin:
man Das sailed for lion
:■.    •
National Council, Young Men's Christian Associations of Canada
The Red Triangle Campaigit is being conducted under the distinguished patronage
tlte Duke of Devonshire, K.G,. G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., P.C.
Hon. Campaiin Chairman: Campaign Cltaimati: Campaign Treasurer:
John W. Ross, Montreal O. FTrrrbrt Wood, Toronto Tuouas Brausiuw, Toronto
flits Kxi
Campaign Director:
us  W. Btsuor. Toronto
M--t.tR to tlie
■      §&. Parlsli    Hall
•^Sj,  5§   ^        firnl   Tuesday
Afternoon   of
evory   montii
nt .: i>m.
Pres, .Mrs. D.
Campbell, i>ox
Secy, Mi.-*. J. W. nurton, P. O. Bos611,
All ladles cordially Invited.
tS.O tons per aero. Pons. 4S busliols
|icr ooro, Carrots. L'7.T tons per acre."
Tin1 District is comparatively well
settled. There is an extensive range
for rattle nnti horses, most of which
is available for settlement,
The Valley Is well watered by the
follow MR rivers: Hprso Tlilef, Toby.
Dutch antl FIndlay Creeks. Ample
water has been obtained from these
and other creeks for two large, and
numerous other smaller Irrigation
systems, on which much land Is still
available for .icttloment.
The valley Ih oso fortunate in possessing two large lakes. Windermere
and Columbia, which afrortl a means
of tronnportatlon. The railway lior-
ders these lakeB for a distance of
thirty mtlei. There are five stations
In this distance.
There are four smull towns, namely: Wilmer, Athalmer, Invermere and
Windermere, with churches, schools,
hotels, stores and other conveniences.
There Is a good telephone system between Golden and Windermere, and
most of the farms are on t. > line.
On account of its natural beauty
the District is alrea.ty favorably
known to tourists, whlQh will be further mnterlally developed In the near
future by the completion of thc Dauff-
Wtndormere Motor Roud. A trunk
road runs right through the Windermere District between Golden and
Cranbrook; from this there nre many
lateral roads already built extending
Up the various rivers nnd creeks already mentioned. All nro good motor
The warm waters of Lake Win,l«r-
more are peculiarly attractive for
cellent hunting and good fishing, aud
bathing and bolting.     There Is «i-
| there  is n  nine  hole  golf course at
| Invermere.
Annual shows are held by the local
Agricultural Society and Farmers Institute, and there Is also a branch of
lhe D. C. Stockbreeders Association.
As will be seen from the foregoing,
; settlers coming to the Columbia Val-
j ley, have from the beginning all such
I modern conveniences as railways, telegraph,    telephone,    hospital,    post
offices, stores, bank, wagon roads and
motor  roads  nnd   au   existing  social
! Land can still he obtnlned nt mod-
] orate prices as compared with longer
settled portions of Southern British
Columbia, and even with portions nf
tho prairie,
Office of the Secretary
Invermere, B, (?.
Oherfilon und Dm
Take notice that Frank Provenzano
executor of Mlthuel Provenzano deceased, and Felix Provenzano. whose
addresses are Cranbrook, B, C. will
apply for a licence to take anil use 1
cubic foot per second of water out
of an unnamed stream which rises
northwest of lot 9388 antl which flow?
easterly and drains Into Moyle River,
about one half mile north of lot IKiS:-,
The water will be diverted from the
stream at a point about 760 ft. west
along the stream from the C.P.Ii.
right of way and will be used fur
Irrigation purpose upon the land described as lots 792T and block "A" of
lot 9388 Group 1, K. D.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 9th day of April, 1919
A copy of thi.-i notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Wa-
, tor Act, 1914" will be filed In the office of the Water Recorder at .'ranbrook. B, C. Objections to tlte application may he filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water Rights. Parllamenl
Buildings, Victoria. B.C., within thirty
days after Lho first appearance <-f
this notice in a locnl newspaper,
Frank   Provenzano.  Executor    of
Michael Provenzano deceased   md
Fells provenzano. Applicants,
By Macdonald a- Nlsbet,
their agents,
Tin- date of the first publication of
this notice is April 17th,'1919.
Hava you a house or farm foi  sale
or to rent?   Advertise thai fact In the
Herald and set ure a buyer or a tenant
I .os Angeles, Pal., April lOth.—One
| of the biggest real estate deals ever
■ put over in California Is now an as
sured  fact and details can  be fur-j
nlshed by the Interested parties.
Mr. William Wrigley, Jr., manufacturer of the famous 'Wrigley's Spear-'
mint," ono of the chief stockholders
In the Chicago 'Cubs' ball team and1
au officer nnd director in a total of
fifteen enterprises In various parts of
the U. S,. Is the head and controlling
Interest in a compnny which has taken over Santa Calallna Islnnd. Thc
purchase price is close to $4,000,000
and several millions more will be I
spent to make the Island thc great'
show placfl of the Pacific Const.
Train Service
\iiuii*(   IN.  Hits IlltTO  .fill lit* il ui'lHTiil t'lmm!i' In  train
Time*, fur liiiin* xl I riiiiliruiik "ill lie;
NO. 117
11.30 ji.tn.
12.00 Noon
12.15 ii.m.
.'1.46 p.m.
No. 825- Holly ex. Son
7.00 n.m.
9.00 n.m.
>'o. S'JI Mon   nml Tlinr*.
tl.00 n.m. l.v
li.00 Mil, Ar
Tups, mid Fri.
11.00 u.i.].
11.00 n.m.
Medicine Hal
Kootenay Landing
.  Athalmer
Xo. 83
No. 08
il 2", n.m.
4.0r, p.m.
3.50 ii.iii.
11.20 nm.
■ ex. Sim.
2.20 li 111.
11 no a m
I, nml Sol.
:: 'in -i ni
7 on ii.m
nml I'l I
7.110 Ii.m
ll.lfll Ii.m.
Civil iiimI Milling Ko|lneeri,
II. ('. l.iinil Surveyors
A MacKinnon
mnl Surgeons
,•  re*
lonce. Arms
....  !' On to
th- ..
....  2.00 in
....  8.80 lo
tOOK, B.C.
. I\
cm in
i:, N«. ii
ffJ^jL^      Mii'tfl   every
Ljn\     M iiuhiv night
'-5Sr*&^    «t Fraternity
Sojourning   Oddfellow*
ih- invited.
W   \
. Harris
D. Qttroy
Hii. I. 11. Mil,IS
O'llve In Hanson Block
3io I.'   a m
1   In    ,",  ii in.
* i RANBROOK,  ll C
it- Nursing Homo
1   .
b>   Provincial   Govt.
mnl tx-iirral Nursing
R( le
ige .
• :i',
ii,l Real Cure, Highest
s, terms moderate,
*l ,.
A, Craffford, Matron
I'lioue 2S5
T O. Box 845
M. (
laravu Ave. t'raubrook
|     1 r.-li
•lil. Krami
llrcntl, (
mnl I'ii.
itkes, l'ips
I'noae 37
Ave.       Onp   City Hall
otenaj Qrai
Hi* A Moli-
tiiiit'iitnl ('
i.. Ltd.
.nt St- Nelson
i.tractors and
P. 0. hox SIS
POR  I'.WMIM;   l\D
I'llONl:  Nil. 109,
Cranbrook. B. ('.
M*ets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ln
the Fraternity Hall
C. f>. Borgstrom, C. C.
C H. Colllna, K  it & s
vuuing brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Korivardlr.g   anil   distributing
Agent for
LMkbrlilgr and OreeoMU Coal
lni|irrliil (,il (ii,
Dlstrtiutlon Cars a Specialty.
Iir.i'iiii- nml Trnngferrlni*
fllvi-ii prompt attention
Pbone 83
The S
n (
r all kinds of
',   11.
I'lmne IH
tic n'.i io Illy Hall
Miinliina Hi-liniraiil
Meals al All Hoars
Cigar.. < Ignri'lir* ami Candy
Opiioslte the Bank of Commerce
If vou want satisfaction
' Willi vour wa8bln»
send it to
Snoclal nrlces for famllv
in    |) ,, bo.
Mnb.l loimv
fur W*r»e iind nmlpjtnrtoue* "any mnltvr'l
n Tonic will Imiiii youiip tin box, or two for
ir..iiii.niK'.tf.ifMii ;i., null nn receipt ^ url«',
TinBConn.(iinn,Co.,tu t itbwIqm-Onntio< PAGE FOOT '*'     "" THE  CRANBROOK HERALD THURSDAY, Ai'iiii. SMth, 19
The  Very Best Joy Day
in the West
Big Celebration at
An All'Day Program
Children's Parade, Veterans in Uniform, Exhibit
of War Trophies, etc., etc.
Rock Drilling: Contest,      Tie Making: Contest
Reduced Rates on All Railways
Big Danoe in Auditorium
From 8 p.m. to 12.00    •
Cranbrook BraSS Band in Attendance All Day
Chief Adams, Chairman. A. Ashworth, Secretary
Program and Prize List on Application
S^^^S^^^^^^^^ESSS^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^ THURSDAY, Al'ltll. mtli. 1019
Till!      CRANBROOK      HERALD
In these day-* where
efficient action fs so
necessary time savers
aro In great demand.
The average man uses
pen and pencil many
times eacn day and
a wonderful help nnd a
source of convenience,
speed and satisfaction.
Waler man Fountain
licrsharp I'c-iipIIh
•(Jii'is Men Appreciate'
l^ocal and Jrersonal
Clean tip.
■    Buy War BavlngB Stamps,
j    Clean up the town before Mny 1st.
I    lnsuro Willi Bealo & Elweli.
I    Kilby frames pictures.   Plione 9.
i     For Sale—Small house anil Int. -
Apply -H Hanson Ave. I6*3t*
Hon. Dr. and Mra. King are apcnil-
liit* a few ilavH lu Crnnbrook.
e greenest spot in  town      Lite
ifflce lawn,
mted—General    servant,    apply
V. Popham, box so.             17-81
Sacco is pllttliiR up a largo addl-
to bis store.
Bran and shorts on liaml—<'ran-
lirook Trading Co.
Mrs. .1. B, Henderson is in the hospital. She is recovering nicely from
nn operation for appendicitis,
J. Armour unloaded n inr nf Overland anion on Monday.
Shoe anil  harness  repairs nt    Mn1 ,
I Cranbrook Etafldlery Co.
l» your Pbnl car hard to start?
Use Lectro.-* Kootenay Oarage.
Iinplcuienls. carriages ami  wigous.
t'rnnhrnoh Trailing Co,
The school children ure enjoying a
holiday this week.
Lethbrldge and  Van
ny (inrage.
ervice between |
A service of special Interest will
be held In the Methodist Church on
Sunday evening next, when the Women's Missionary Society win conduct
the aarne,   An address will be given
by Mrs. Steves, who spent some years
as  a  missionary   in   Japan    Special
music will be rendered,
Complete Assortment
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook,    .    B. C.
A. N. McKenzie of the Royal Hank,
has returned from a short holiday.
Pord car for sale, |850.00—Kootenay Oarage.
F. Nelson made a recent visit to
| For Sale—Pekin Duck Eggs for
hatching, $2.00 per selling. Apply \V.
Soden, Cranbrook, iC-2t*
Mr. ami Mrs. Tooth of Nelson spent
the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. J.
Umber Up With Penttratlng
Hamlln'a Wizard Oil
A harmless! and effective preparation to relieve the pains ol Rheumatism, Sciatica. Lame Back aud Lumbago is Hamlin's Wizard Oil lt penetrates quickly, drives out soreness,
and limbers up still aching loints and
You have no idea how useful it
will be found in cases ot every day
ailment or mishap, when there is
need of an immediate healing, antiseptic application, as in cases of
sprains* bruises, cuts, burns, bites
and stings.
(iet it from druggists for 30 cents.
It not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
headache? lust try Wizard Liver
Whips, pleasant little pink pills, 30
cents.   Guaranteed.
!     Special   Raster  services  were  held
1 In nil the churches on  Sunday and
they were nil well attended.
FOR SALE—Berkshire pigs, after
I Muy 1st, r.t $7.00 each, Apply A. H.
■ Bullock, at the barber shop.        14-31
Simon Taylor left, lor Portland, Ore-
j gon, on Wednesday to meet Mrs. Taylor, who has wintered In California.
i The optimist t;ees the doughtnut.
' the iwsslmist sees the hole. Lets all
\ be optimists.
Mrs. A. B. Macdonald ims under-!
gone a successful operation in the !
Is your subscription paid to ihe !
Herald? II' not, now is a good time!
In pay It.
Do you want better lights on your'
Ford car? l*ctro win do tho trick -
Kootenay Garage.
Fifty second hand sewing machines
In good running order, most of them;
drop heads, for sale cheap ut the j
Singer store, phone 157. 2-mly]
Cats suitable for seeding, also other
fialns and grasses—{'ranbrook Trading Co.
Dr. R. N. Hoyt, who left last week
for Tacoma, Wash., returned on Sunday witli his wife aud daughter, and
is now looking for a suitable house
On Saturday night every lied lu
Cranbrook was occupied. There was
not B room to be had for love or1
money or marbles in any hotel or
rooming house In the city. This is
i'iii an Indication or tin* movement
toward a brighier, busier and more
prosperous day for Cranbrook,
Mrs. ll. Stewart, 1816 Elveneth uve.
west. Vancouver, wns a tea hostess
on Wednesday afternoon in honor of
Mrs. Worden and Mrs. MeKluncm ot
('ranbrook. The daintily -arranged
table was presided over by Mrs. Stewart, assisted by Mrs. Nellson anil Mrs.
Noble, Other guests were Mrs. Oeltch
Miss Leitch, Mrs. Fink, Mrs. (Dr',1
Ford, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs.
Noble, Miss Kerr. Miss Fortune. Mrs.
McCallum, Mrs. Nellson. Mrs. Noble
and others.
How about your oftloe stationery?   £j
If yon want to yet a  renewed supply
-v.. ran do it for yon with ueatiieu
and despatch
The Brotherhood or Railroad Trainmen, having heard a rumor from sev-
oral sources that Bro, W. H. (lesson
had not received good treatment rrom j
the doctors and hospital have thoroughly Investigated and wish, in Fair- j
ness to the doctors and hospital, to
deny any such rumor, services ten-'
dered being all that could be desired \l
Mrs. Jack   Macdonald or Slaterville
entertained a few friends ot) Thurs-III
day afternoon last In honor of Mrs.
Patterson from Macleod, who is here
visiting her sister-in-law Mrs. Sned-!
don. Among those preseni were Mrs.
Patterson, Mrs. Sneddon. Mrs. Rob-1
ertson. Mrs. Qeongd, Mrs. Qillls, Mrs. j
Swan. Mrs. Monlen and others, Oatn- ■
iv refreshments were served and alto-.
gotlior a very enjoyable afternoon was!
Mrs. W. H. Farrell is spending al
few days with Cranbrook friends, j
..Iteg. Watson is spending a few j
days with old friends al crauhrook.!
. Miss McKay, accountant for the
Boattle-Noblo Co., Cranbrook. lias opened up a new set of booki*. for   the
Creston  Drug and Hook Co    Mr.,
Mill, who halls from Cranbrook. has
taken possession of the Wiles place I
In town; he Is a potiltryman and has!
brought quite a number of fowl, Intending  to go Into chicken   raising
here There is a steady demand;
for   houses  to   renl   lu   Creston   and i
oiriy ono vacant dwelling    Mrs.
C. O, Bennett is spending n few days
with Cranbrook friends  Yesterday was clean-up day at the Creston j
Cemetery -Ood's acre. — Creston Re*
1 view,
Big Reduction
ol Ladies* Spring Suits
We wish to move out the balance of
these suits, and we
believe they will
move fast at the
prices we are put-
1*1 1*.. tim-s Irriirntdl I.a ml
!t acres cleared, remainder
cul over, log Mititglc house
-(> \ iNt not lined inside,
make u pood room* and
both room, one mile from
post o I'l'I re, schools.
Terms to soli purchaser*
PRICK $i;,ihum.
rooms, nliont I acres land,
imrtl) cleared, close lo
South Mn nl Sehooi. one
mile from post office*
Terms io sail purchaser*
Price 1800.00
Jusi  lie)mid Power House
The I.A. of tiie G.W.V.A. will hold
1 a whist drive on Friday. April 25th,
, and the final one of the season May
! Mth.
' The Ladles Auxiliary and the B. of
! R. .T wllj hold a benefit dance on
1 April 29th. in the Parish Kail. Cranhroolt. 14-21
The I.O.O.F. has now reached the
century mark. A special meeting of
the local lodge is to he held next Monday evening.
Timothy and prairie hay, price high
but good quality.—-Cranbrook TVuling-
Kor Sale, cheap—Miniature Billiard table, cues and pool balls, complete, t> ft. It in. by .1 ft. 4 in.   $ii0 cash,
Apply. Airs. I'ownall.
L3-5t Rull River, B.C.
Wantei'—Lady partner to tile ou
fronwfitoadi do housework and cooking for man on adjoining land and
enter Into permanent partnership.
Man of hut small menus and little
means will be required hy partner.
Confidential. Address Hox 4. Herald
Office. lT-i f
Primary and Kindergarten
school: Principal, Miss Rum-
say, Burwell avenue. For particulars phone 357. 2m.
Lieut. Helmsing of Victoria, formerly of the Naval patrol overseas will
.glye an Illustrated leejure in the Parish Hall on Monday evening. April
28th, at. 8 o'clock. The lecture Is a
graphic description of the blocking
o( the Zeebrugge harbor. A short
musical program will be rendered In
which Lieut. Helming will take pnrt.
A short dance will conclude the program.   See ntlvt.
ont co»ii,KTK un
AMI Tltlll.l.lM.  HODS F
INKS,   (i.m'S.    HI'.IXS.
OH  l.tlliillorktil Salmon.
99.00 iKsrsollIni"
The very besl mlile [owl
Eggs 11.50
Now booking orders for
voiiksiiiki: PIGS
Strawberries— Pedigreed   strawber*
ry plimts: Senator Dunlap mnl M;i-
j coon.   Hardy, northern growu stock.
Monrad Wfgen, Wynndel.
Mr. Gilbert, of Mlnnohaha, Soak.,
haa moved on to His lot of -H acres
next to the sehooi tu Canyon City
and Is now busy oleartng it.
Fancy and Hall-room Halloing taught, Kor particulars
phone 404 or bo* 428— Mrs.
Van Praam. 46-tf
I    The Uev. u. w Ue will conduct the;
■ Induction SorviceB ot the Uev. l.ient.
i C. E. Baiold ni the United Church of
; I'Ynile on Sunday next.
Mr !.   Carmichael   of   Bkootium-
! ehuek went tt whorl holiday In town.
Ho says slock  litis  wintered  well 111 I
1 tills dtstrlet. and there is Rood fish-;
, Inn In lite river.
; .1. B, Pettlgrew, of Cranbrook, nr-
! rived on Wednesday with n ear nf ef*
1 feels nntl will tnlte charge of Mrs.
j Mead's ranch for tills year. 'Creston
■ Review
C A Kelts, secretary ot the llldits-
I trlnl Department of lhe V.M.C.A., l« In
| ihe neighborhood Inlrodudng this
I work among tho lumbering and mln*
I itiK camps of the dislriet.
Whenever you sense a sick
headache, or feel a "v.ious
attack coming on, ward it
off by the timely use of
LariMt Sale of nr Medicine in thi \Y ■ *<L
Sold avetrwkarr.   Iu boitit, E5«,
$50.00 KOI)
Croft's Caledonia Fly Rod
Wl'ltttrril!. n*.        1.KS0TH »!4 ft.--
No Cliar or Landlocked Salmon to lie
liilcri'il hi Content.
1.—Pish to bo caught on tackle sold
to lociil dealers hy Wm. Croft & Sons.
2.—Alt Hsli entered must be caught
on split bamboo or Creenheart rod.
3,—Pish to he taken to R. P. Moffatt's
Stun*. Cranbrook, to be weighted and
pul on display.
4.—Tackle on which fish was caughj
must also be examined.
I'llOM.     ■     llsil   or   HII
Malty woroon'i tirt,rtnil*iitlniiK linve
1'rmiilned tlieir support l» tlte Ctinn-
iiinii Ttitde t'otntKsidii'rt campaign to
'lllty ('tiniidiaii-niitde GflOdB1 enly, If
Piano and Theory lessotiB by
arrangement. Phone 404 or box
428—MrB. Van Braam, 237 Burwell Avenue. 46-tf.
Noal Piola
(.eiiciul Cnntructur In
•     lATIILN'O, 1'I.ASTKII, Bltlt'K
|    P. O. HOXJ12     -     Fernie. D. ('.
1   P. o. Don 71 - Cranbrook, B, ('.
r. Porsythe, principal of the High
School and R. S. Shields, principal of
the Central School, were delegates to
the Teachers' Convention held at
Nelson last Satnrdny. They left for
Nelson nu Friday. Mrs. Shields ar-
ri.mpniitr.l her husband.
Singer Sewing machines for family
use, took all the first prizes at the
Satl Prancosco Pair judged by exports.
They must be the boat machine; for
sale at tho Singer store for five
dollars cash and 1*1.00 monthly. We
will take your old machine In part
paymtal.   Phona 157. 2-nly
BABY GRAND SPECIAL   -   -   $1685.00
Dodge Bros. Cars   ■   $1835.00
PHONE   147
/III 1\ ting on them.
Just call in on
Saturday and see
for yourself.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nf Canada Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
I'uri'lwiM-r*, tii Gold, Sil,,*r. Copper and i.fad Ori*s
I'roduccrs of Bold, SllTer, Copper, Blaestooe, Pie Lead and
Speller "TAKA.VU'" Hrand.
Scaled fight - Kept right
The Greatest Name
in Goody-Land Till!      CRANBROOK      HERALD
Following aro tho results .if the
Easter Examinations held at the High
L'rellmlnnr) Course (.Urst year)
Marks* obtainable 1000, necessary
to pass 600: .!;ul* Stevens 800, Nora
Brauder 804, Hoy Rablchaud 704, 0.
Gill 791, Olive Laughton 773, Edith
Lewis 751, Worren Spence 743, Keith
WaaBon 742, Ivy Bidder T;;ti, Douglas
Home 724, Harold Kummer 709, Winnie Phillips 706, Donald Dallas 694.
Margarot Morrison 091, Alma Sarvls
690, Jack Broke 68S, .lack Moffat 6S0,
Bessie Woodman and -Marion Drummond (equal) 871, Malcolm Belanger
666,   Eva   Mnls   666,   Eric   MacKinnon
061, itmli Simpson 664, Paul McNeill
651, Arthur QUI 655, Donnn Argue 643
Norman WasBon 638, Harry MacDon-
a.d 62:., Nina Belansei HIT, Annie
Parnaby 600. Below pass -nurk:
Lenore Hill 577. John Woods 672, Jack
Dow 568,
Second Vent' unit a need course)
.Marks obtainable 000; necessary to
pass 540' Irma Ward 742, Marion
MacKinnon 738, Edith Cummlngs 725,
Helen Worden Tin. Mary Mann 687,
Harold  Ha lam  684,   Hugh  Simpson
652, Elemn Lowerl on 051, RubsqII
Leask 647, Elsie Beattie 640, Jennie
Hopkins 619, Vlolel Simpson 007, Ella
Lowerlson 540. Failed to pass: Jas.
('assidy 480
Matriculation (third year)
Marks obtainable 1000: John Noble
814,  Helen   Bridges  779,   Vigil  Santo
711, .Muriel Baxter 701.
r, i: Forsyth, (principal)
.IllM'll, TlttJMM*.
Following h. Mn- Btanding ol thc
Manual TralnhiB class iu theory and
wood wtirk for thc preaenl term:
First Class Standing Otto dill 85,
Keith Wnsson T'i*
Second Class Standing Hoy Robi-
chaud 72, Harold Kummer and Hugli
Simpson 68, Jack Stevens 67, John
Drake and Arthur Gill 66, Haul McNeill 66, Harold Haslam 64, Norman
Wasson 62, Barry MacDonald 61,
Erie MacKinnon 60.
Third Clans mr pass) standing —
Jack Dow 59, .lame.- Cassldy 58, Donald Dallas 57, John Woods and Douglas Dome 66, Malcolm  Belanger 55,
Jaek Moffat   52.
F. *:   Morris, teacher.
NOTICE—Al the regular meeting
to be held on Sunday, May 4th, nominations will bo made for n delegate
to the joint Provincial and Dominion
Conventions to bo held In Vancouver.
All members are requested to attend
this meeting and voice their preference of a delegate.
Don't forgel lo IjoobI the dances.
May ii ji r J and nm: they will be something to remember.
Thc last regular meeting saw a decided jump in tbe membership which
proves thai progress Is being made,
but we must have every man from
"over there" in the organization to
make It. lhe success which it should
Won't he a knocker, gel out and sell
some tickets for tho Dances and prove
that your Interest is in the success ot
the association,
The Ladles Auxiliary will hold a
Whist Drive on Friday 25th. BE-
The piano fund in the hands of the
Is. A, Is growing and it. is tlieir Intention to bring It, to a successful issue within a very short time. I-Iolp
to boost their Whist Drives.
Victoria, April 17— Major I). D.
Young and Major .lames Brechin have
been appointed by the provincial government to positions as British Columbia lumber market commissioners
associated with the trade extension
department of tho forest branch, it
will be the duty of those two officials
to cultivate the prairie ami eastern
Canada markets and gem rally lo conduct au aggressive campaign for British Columbia's forest products, It is
expected that one of the appointees
will make Iiis headquartors al n
point lu the prairie and the other In
Ontario.- Vancouver Province, Major
and Mrs, Brechin are expected to arrive in Cranbrook on Saturday to
spend a few days renewing acquaintances here.
(Special lo tho Cranbrook Herald)
Montreal. April 23.—-CtHl, J. S. Dennis, C. M. li., chief commissioner of
the department of colonization of the
C. H. R., returned from Russia via Japan ami Vancouver yesterday. Col.
Dennis went to Siberia last fall as director of transportation and Information on the general staff of the Can-!
adiau military expedition and In ad-!
ditlon was chairman of the Canadian
trade commission appointed by order
hi council lust October to study trade
conditions in Siberia. He was nlso
Canadian Red Cross Commissioner
for Siberia.
Col, Dennis states thnt the commission made a very thorough study
of trude conditions in Siberia and had
many meetings with the representatives of Hie Siberian government, the
co-operative societies, tho locnl banks
and business organizations and they
obtained a vast amount of valuable
Information regarding the poselbill-
lies of developing the condition of
trado In Siberia. Tliis Information,
which »ill form Hie subject of a full
report lo the government indicates
that at present there is a demand particularly in Eastern Siberia for large
quantities of goods manufactured In
Canada, including clothing, hoots,bedding, agricultural Implements, binder
lwine, hardware, etc, but that the
possibility of developing any Immediate trade relations in these much
needed articles is very poor owing to
the chaotic political, financial and
transportation conditions existing in
Siberia. Refraining from expressing
any opinion regarding the political
situation Col. Dennis pointed out that
tho financial Is such as to preclude
any possibility of doing business on
sound lines. All gold and silver coinage has disappeared nnd all kinds of
paper money is in circulation, including thut Issued by the old Imperial
The chaotic conditions of the transportation system provided by the
trans-slberlan railroad, which at present is the only means of getting
goods into the interior will be realized by the statement that at the preseni time there is over a million tons
of freight, the natural products of the
country, piled up along the railway
line through Manchuria and Siberia
waiting movement to Vladivostoch
for export and at that point over a
million and a half tons waiting shipment into the interior for distribution to people who are in desperate
need of much of these goods. It may
therefore be accepted that while there
is a demand and ready market at good
prices in Siberia for goods manufactured in Canada the existing political
and transportation conditions there
render it impossible to hope lor the
establishment of trado relations on a
satisfactory basis at present.
List   of   Bargains   this   Week*
New  Williams  Sewing  Machine —
Treadle, in perfect, condition, $12.00.
Will lie Sewing Machine—Treadle, In
perfect condition, ?12.00.
Rev. H. M. Lyon and the Editor of
the Herald were the guests of P. A.
Russell on an auto ride to St. Marys*
Prairie on Tuesdaymornlng. We made
the round trip going out by way of
the Mission und pulling up on the
highest point of the prairie und then
skirting this great farming district
by way of Frank Lye's, Norman Mc-
Clure's, A. C. Bowness's and R. E,
Beattle'Si returning by way of Wycllffe. Lu Clarke was busy putting
die finishing touches on a hundred
aero field he Is sowing with *v'heat.
Others were busy ploughing, harrowing and seeding. Numerous herds ol
cattle were picking up their morning
meal on the rich pasture lands. The
grass is a little short, but coming liking fine. The ground under cultivation fs in an excellent state of tilth.
A fine black loam with not a rock
nor a Btlck nor a clod to interfere with
the farm Implement or the germination of the seed. We saw a couple of
fields of fall wheat thickly covering
the ground and of a beautiful healthy
dark green color.
Rev. Mr. Lyon was greatly surprised that we had such a large prairie
fanning district within six miles of
Cranhrook and running down to Wycllffe. He Bald that In New Ontario,
where Hie government are boosting
land settlement for the soldier and
for homo-seekers generally there Is
no part of it In hundreds of miles
that ho hus personally seen that can
be compared with the St. Marys Prairie.
Rev. John P, Sinclair, pastor
Sunday, April S7th
11 a.m.—Dlvino Service, sermon subject—"Spring Cleaning."
J12 noon—Church School and    Bible
j      Class.
; 7.30 p.m.—Evening Worship, Sermon
subject—"From Humble Dwelling
lo Mayor's Chair."
Bright, Brotherly, Gospol Services,
The Easter Monday Dance held at
Port Steele Hand Hall was u decided
success. Although the attendance
was rather light, as was expected
owing to the fact that it wus held the
sume time as the -Crunbrook Dunce,
everyone had a. good time. Two carloads came over from Crunbrook und
several car loads from Wasa and district. The dunce program was a very
long one containing twenty six dunces, so tiiat It was after 4.:J0 a.m. before the National Anthem wns sung.
Miss Saunter of St. Eugene Mission
Is the guest of the Misses Hayes of
Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Langin.
Mr. W. Tannhauser, Miss E, Walsh,
Mr. John Walsh aud Miss V. Filbert
were over to Cranhrook lo the hlg
dunce on Monday.
Mrs. Dan Duid from Bon tiers Ferry
is visiting nt Moyie as the guest of
her daughter, Mrs, John McKay.
Herman Peterson, who has reside!
bore for the puHt H> years, left lasl
wook for Yahk.
T!lO Misses Esther nnd Norn Shor ■
from Medicine Hut, are visiting Mrs,
Hugh Weir,
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor and
sons, old-time residents of Moyie.
have gone to Crunbrook to make
their home.
Mrs. Cbus. Frensen spent the week
end visiting friends at Crunbrook.
Among the Easter holiday visitors
here were George La Route uud
Douglas Home from Cranbrook nnd
William Wills and Nelson La Route
from Klmberley.
On Saturday evening, April HI, an
entertainment, wns held in lhe Methodist church. Miss Stoneliottse had
charge of the program,
Refreshments were served. The
sum of $12.75 was realized by admission fees and will he forwarded to
the Red Cross.
Baker Lumber Co., Ltd   $25.00
Rev. R. W. Ue     5.00
A. A. McKinnon    5.00
O. B. Willis      5.00
G. W. Patmore    5.00
W. E. Worden       10.00
John Martin       5.00
Conrad Johnson     25.00
Royal Bnnk      25.00
Douglas  Mulr       5.00
J. P. Gulmont    5.00
J. A. Arnold    5.00
G. R. Leask    5.00
G.  T.   Moir       5.00
C. S. Parker    5.00
E. T, Cooper     5,00
J P. Myers      5.00
F. H. Dezell     5.00
Many soldiers desiring to farm for
themselves find It necessary to work
on a farm for a few months to renew
experience, to get new experience or
to learn a district. They are to be
dealt with by the farmer ns fnnn help
■and paid according to their experience and ability by the farmer. Can
you take one or more ? If so, kindly drop a line to
Lieut. R. L. Ramsay,
Soldiers' Settlement Board.
BIrks Building, Vancouver, B. C.
Give full particulars of the class of
man you want, married or single, ex
perlenced or otherwise, what you can
pay, and state the class of farming
you are following; also state length
of time you can hold position open
You will help the soldiers and tho reconstruction problem If you do this.
(hcnii, for Quirk Snip. A|i|il> tn
P. 0. Box 718,     Watt Avenue
l.-»t    Cranhrook. 11. C.
J. P. Lewis
MMIUItUV. ». i.
I have Jusi In-lulled a Gasoline Service Tank and will be
uhid to fill your orders.
Let ns supply you also with
Organ—Good tone, 11 stops, $20.
Roll Tom Desk—Good as new; cost
$45; sacrifice, $25,
The best piano bargain on the market.
We nre always at the other end of
Phone !). For anything ln the furniture line—If you want to buy, sell or
exchange, ring Phone 0,
WANTED-Muti or boy to help on
farm and milk five cows, apply box)
IB, Herald.
Wash That
Itch Away
There Is absolutely no sufferer from
eczema who ever used the simple wash
D. D. D. nnd did not feel Immediately
tital wonderfully calm, cool sensation
that comes when tbe itch Is taken
away. This soothing wash penetrates
the pores, gives Instant relief from thc
most distressing1 skin diseases. For
sale by Cranbrook Drug and Book Co,
D. D. D.
#25 Per Month and Board
To work on ranch nonr Erlckson for about four mo.-"*=. Previous experience not absolutely
essential but must bo willing
and Industrious. Light work.
Including cultivating, hoeing,
picking berries, etc.; able to
drive a horse. Will give encouragement and training to the
right boy.
17-2t       E. J. C, RICHARDSON
Babbit Ranch. Eriekson, B.C.
WASA ESTATE, 24 miles from
Cranhrook, beautifully situated near
large lake, with about 1800 acres
land, post office, large nicely furnished hotel with annex, private residence  fully furnished,  garage, cold
toruge, laundry building, large warehouse, cattle abeds and  root  house,
tore  building  and  outhouses,  electric  power  plant  which   furnishes
lectriclty to all  buildings, bot and
cold water system in hotel and residence.    Irrigation  system,  Kootenay
Central station on the estate    One
of lhe best stopping places between
Crunbrook nnd Golden and a splendid
summer fishing and  limiting resort.
A splendid opportunity for tho right
person.   Further particulars will he
given by the agents for Ihe owner.
Cranhrook. B.C., agents for
Owner, C. W. JOHNSON,
024  1 lasl ing St. W.
to-2t. Vancouver, B.C.
Notice re Absenlet'fl
NOTICE is hereby given to parenls
Unit unless their children of school
ige nro sent regularly to school pro-
ceilings will be taken under the provisions of the Sehooi Act.
Cranhrook, B. C, April 16th. 1919.
(Diversion and uso)
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company whose address is at the City of Montreal, In thc
Province of Quebec, will apply for a
license to take and use thirty cubic
feet of water per second out of Canuck Creek also known as Grave Creek
(on United States side of line) which
flows Northeasterly and drains iuto
Meadow Creek about four miles from
Its mouth. Tlie water will be diverted from the stream at a point
about one-fourth of a mile ubove the
North boundary of Dot 0090. Group 1,
Kootenay District, and Will bo used for
fluming purposes upon the timber limits described as Lots 9090, 90SS, and
Sublet 0 of Lot 4591. Group 1. Koo-
lenuy District,
This mil ire was posted ou lhe
ground on the 28th dny of March.1919,
A copy of this notice uud an application pursuant thereto und In tin1
Water Act. 1914. will he filed in the
Office of the Water Recorder at rrunbrook, B. C.
Objections to tho application may
be filed Willi ibe suid Waler Rocordor
or With the Comptroller of the Water
Rights, Parllamenl Buildings, Victoria, B. C, within thirty days after the
first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper,
The date or the first publication of
Ibis notice Is April 10. 1919.
A. II. DeWOLF. Agont,
(Clearing  Streams)
PAKE NOTICE that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company whose address is at the City of Montreal, in the
Province of Quebec, will apply for a
license to clear and use tlie stream
known as tlie Moyie River whicli
flows Southeasterly through the
towns of Ryan uud Yahk, B. C.
The stream .will he improved nnd
utilized for the purpose of driving
logs and Umber from the Canadian
Pacific Rail wny Company's Timber
Limits near Ryan to tlie mill p:md at
Yahk, B. C.
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the 28th day of March,1910.
A copy of this notice and au application pursuant thereto und to the
Water Act, 1914, will he filed In the
office of the Water Recorder at Cranhrook, B. C.
Objections to the application may
be filed With the said Wnter Recorder
or with the Comptroller of the Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victor-
la, B. C, within thirty days after the
first appearance of tills notice iu a
local newspaper,
Tlie powers to be granted by tiie license will he exorcised between Ryan
and Yahk, B. C.
The date of the first publication of
this notice is April 10, 1919.
A. H. DeWOLF, Agent.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given tlutt Hig
partnership heretofore existing bo
tween A. Miller und J. Hardsell, doing
business under the name of Miller &
, Bardgett, has this duy been dissolved
! by mutual consent. The business will i
[ be continued by A. Miller.
Signed A. MILLER,
Dated ut Crunbrook Ihis "Hi dnv of;
April. 1910, 14-31
Hi-modelling and Repairs a
•L    F.    IMCIIC HO FT
(Diversion and uso)
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian Pa
cific Railway Company whose ad-1
dress is at the City of Montreal, in tlie
Province of Quebec, will apply for a
license to tnke and use thirty cubic
feet of water per second OUl of Meadow Creek which flows North westerly
and drains into the Moyie River about
opposite Yahk, B. C. The water will
be diverted from the stream at a point
about one-half of a mile above tlie
crossing of Meadow Creek by Hie line
known as the West boundnry of l^ot
i 4591, aud will he used for fluming pur-
j poses along tbe route described ns Hie
I flume    location    from the    diversion
aforesaid to Yahk mill pond.
Tliis   notice   wus   posted   on   the
| ground on the 28th dny of Marcli. 1919,
A copy of this notice aud an application pursuant thereto ond to tlie
Water Act, 1914, will he filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Crnnbrook. B. C.
Objections to the application may
be filed with the snld Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller of the Water
j Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. C. within thirty days after Hie
{first  appearance of tliis  notice  fn a
; local newspaper.
The date of tlie first publication of
' this notice is April 10. 1910.
A. II. Me WOLF. Agent,
ffl'W>wt^m mi\frm mty%mn nflfrnidlfrw ttt\ft*n iiflfrse w^VWfl
Will Be Held
on Wednesday, May 7th
This is a continuance of the usual
fortnightly dances and every effort
is being made to make this evening attractive
Tickets $1.50 per Couple
THREE PRIZES will be offered
for Best Dressed Lady, Best Dressed Gentleman and Best Comic
Don't Forget The Da^te
fl***tfU fAt" —At" —Af" *t*m%" tttfra mtfra mttt%,,mt,f]i
LIQUIDS anc/ PASTES: For Black,White.Tarw
Ox-Blood (dark brown) Shoes
Kcpuliir Mwtlni."
8ErO-.lt SATURDAY of ctacli
month it 2 p.n. li tk* (% Hall  11
AMa coupon-now ltd.mhmiiton.c«ii»,m
Now a Complete Truck
One-Ton Trucks mav
be bought complete with
bodies and cabs, ready for
the road.
The body as well as the
chassis will be planned lo
pive Ford service.
Thin will insure tho utmost
efficiency from tin' Ford Truck;
jjive tint purchaser Pord value
in ovpry part of his truck;
produce bettor bodies nt lower
Two types of Truck bodies.
the Stake und the Express, will
be kept in stock, set up, painted
(or in the lead) and ready for
prompt delivery.
Thoy have oak doors, sills of
seasoned hickory nnd specially
designed forging* and castings.
The construction at every
point provides for rough usage
such as every I ruck islmundto
goti Until bodies have cloned
cabfl to protect tlie driver.
These cabs have sliding
windows and tWO-Way, double
Vi iitilattng windshields.
Call and learn what it will
cost to use thoso complete I rucks
in your business. Look them
over carefully. See how they
outclass other trucks in every
Standard Ford S*di*t
*itra.   Cri our prkai
Dealers    -        -     Cranbrook
Give the LECTRO Method a Trial
It locates
Shorl  Circuits mid Oilier
in   Your   Ford   Magnetos.
Within a fow minutes time and at little expense the "LKCTUO
will automatically locate your electrical troubles and eliminate
them. Xo more taklrog ont of motors or magnetos. The old
way waa wasteful and expensive—mo&t times guesswork.
This latest invention will locate and clear your short circuit,
recharge your magnets equally, make your cur start easy,
make the lights brighter and givg you real gas economy—
in fact, put new life nnd PEP into our car.
KiHlor.ted lij   Vilthorlsed Ford Sen lee Million*
Look Out  For Their Arrival
John Armour. Dealer
% Gold
There is no better laundry soap obtainable
at the price. Therefore if the cake of
Gold Soap were no larger than any other
it would be a good buy. But the Gold
Soap Cake is larger. It is one-fifth or
more larger than any other laundry soap
at the price. To use Gold Soap is to
cut your laundry soap bill one-fifth.
Cold Soap is mads in the Procter at Gamble Factories
at Hamilton, Canada
' SSUi*


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