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Cranbrook Herald Sep 3, 1914

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Array "*.
THURSDAY, September 3rd, 19H
Four (ireat Invading Armies Are Pro-
greMsIng on tlie tJern.au and Austrian Hasten. Frontiers
Paris, Sept. l.~A Rome dispatch to
tho Temps suys:
"The Russian victory over the Aus-
trlans on the Uulllcian side was complete, the right wing of the army having been decisively tuned and cut to
pieces, leaving .111,11011 prlsloners lu the
bauds of the,vectors.
"On the Vistula front when the Rns-
sluns encountered the Austrian left
wing, thc result was somewhat uncertain, but the arrival of reinforcements
enabled the Russians to take a vlgor-
„ ous offensive nnd repulse the enemy.
They captured a lurge number of pieces of artillery.
"The Russluns executed many bayonet charges against the Austrlans,
which had a large share In deciding
the Issue of the battle. Elsewhere the
Germans, endeavoring to effect a
Junction with the Ausrlans, sought to
meet the Russian attack with counter
offensive, but were repulsed with losses."
Describes Russian Operations
London, Sept. 1.—The following
summary of the operations of the Russian army will make clearer the situation on the eastern frontier of Germany and Austria at this time:
There aro four mnin theatres of
war, two concerning the German and
two the Austrian army. Taking them
lnorder from the Baltic to Bukovlna,
there ts the flrst Russian advance on
East Prussia. Tills has probably been
the least opposed because of the two
German routes it is the most distant
approach to Berlin.
A Russian advance might therefore
be expected, though lt was not expected to be so rapid.
The second sphere of operations has
been tlie advance of the Warsaw army
on the frontiers of the Prussian prov-
lnve of rosen. Here Is the shortest
Russian route to Berlin and Us first;
and most Important natural obstrw
tlon, a net work of takes and mar-lies,;
seems to have been surmounted already but the Russian progress in this
direction cannot be pushed much further until Russian success is assured
In the third operation.
Must Defeat Austrlans First
(ireat Patriotic Demonstration at final Send-off of Cranbrook's
"First Contingent
The final send-off given the Crnnbrook contingent last Friday afternoon
wus a fitting climax to the series ol
entertainments and farewells which
had prevailed Tor the previous two
weeks, lt Ih estimated that over 26(10
people were at the C.I'.R. station to
bid goodbye and Uod speed to the departing volunteers.
ln tiie afternoon, Just before time
for the filial parade, tin* soldiers were
lined up in Trout of the city hall wher *
Acting Mayor Campbell gave an ad
dress on behalf of the city and presented each man with an envelope;
each envelope containing $7.50—*a division of tlie proceeds of a smoker anil
The mayor stated that the eity was
proud of such a Hue contingent and
that their movements would be watched with considerable Interest by the
citizens and that he hoped they would
ull do their duty und add to the pride
with which thoy were speeded on their
Way, In offering their services and
lives for the Empire, they fulfilled
the highest and noblest duty that could
be asked of a' subject or his majesty,
the King.
Shortly after the civic ceremony,
the volunteers lined up on Louis street
and headed by the Cranbrook City
band marched to the Government'
building where they were joined by the
Boy Scouts and a large delegation of
school children carrying a large number of flags. Several decorated automobiles also joined In tint line of
march which proceeded up Baker
street to the station. Plugs and bunt-
Ing were profusely distributed along
the street, many of the business houses \
being a mass of red, white and blue.
The station was crowded to capacity by the friends of the volunteers
who wcre endeavoring to shake bund:- j
with all before their departure.
The children sang "0, Canada" and j
"God Save the King" accompanied by!
the band nnd after several patriotic
selections by the band the train palled
out to the strains of "Annie Laurie" I
and a wildly cheering multitude that
waved their goodbye as long as the,
train was In bight.
There was about 150 members of the
West Kootenay contingent on the train
ind they were joined at Poralo by PIl
more.   Tho East Kootdnay contingent
  Is under command of Capt. need, of
The third sphere Is In the south j Kernie.' The train contained eight
of Russian Poland, wliere a large Aus- j first-class sleepers, with baggage and
tro-Hungarlan force, acting under j dining cars, and will proceed direct
German dlrectfonf, has Liken tbe of- * trough to Vnlcartier without change.
Misive'over a wttlo front, and last  .	
week seems to have obtained a con-1 AUTOMOBILE ROAD
rlderable victory ai Krasnik.   Push-J THIEOI'GH TO Sl'OK INT
Ing on, another battle was fought at J 	
Lubln, where thc RuwUmis claim to Lwo S(w|e Brh,F.,s >)lar Kingsgate
ha™ dc,fe*tod iL.        ,     .,   n .. I      Hare Opened Route From Wei-
The fortunes of war In tut**   Held'
Local Institute Presented with Union
.lack Bj Dcpar men I of
Last Tuesday afternoon a very interesting meeting of the Women*' Institute was held In Maple hall Ou account Of the death of Mrs, .1   ]■', Kilby.
president of the Nelson Womens' Institute, whoso htneral was being held
nt the same tlmi .. 1 tlie meeting, the
president. Mm, 1 aman, oponcd tin
meeting by having the members rise
and sing "Nearer My God to Thee."
Following the opening cams the report of the delegates Who attended
the convention Of Women's Institutes
held In Nelson last week, Mrs. W. B
MacFarlane presented the report. The
other Craubrook delegates were MrB.
John Shaw and Mrs. H. II. McClure.
The report dealt with the death of
Mrs. Kilby, who after giving the address of welcome to the visiting delegates on the opening day. returned tu
her home ill and never recovered consciousness.   Part of the report follows
In her address of welcome, Mrs.
Kilby said that in order to live up to
the motto of the Women's Institute,
"Kor Home and Country," that we
must help ourselves, and that in doing so, we help others. There is no
standing still, either we make progress or retrograde. They say the
hand that rocks the cradle rules the
world, but that if women were given 11
chance to help rule the world, it would
be a much cleaner and better place for
the occupant of the cradle than it is
New laws in British Columbia in regard to women and children, cn-oper-
ation In every work for homo and
country, the Influencing of children
for the cultivation of llowers for exhibition purposes, co-operation with
school trustees and the urging of parents to visit schools were among the
chief subjects denlth with.
Special papers on "First Aid" by
Dr. Vlgneaux nf Nelson; "How wc may
beautify our homes" by Mrs, C. S.
Squires of Robipn; "How the Institute can live up to Its motto" by Mrs.
Rose of Nelson; und "How women can
become Self-supporting in our Rural
Districts" by Mrs. II. H. McClure, of
Cranbrook were among the interesting features of the convention.
Tlie delegates were entertained on
Friday afternoon with a launch rtdo
of eight miles and picnic at the home
of Mrs. Hunter, across the lake from
Nelson. Tin; launch ride was given by
the Department of Agriculture. On
Saturday evening tliey wen* served
supper by tbe Womens Institute of
Nelson. The report stated that the
lirst convention ever hold in Hast Kootenay was an undoubted success from
every standpoint.
After tlie reading of the report a
presentation of a large I'nion Jack
was made tu the Cranbrook Institute
by the Department of Agriculture, the
members standing and singing "God
Save the King."
This flag will be bung over the hall
d'iring the meetings or any patriotic
Mrs. J. R. McNabb demonstrated 011
tea biscuits and the meeting closed
with the singing of "The Maple Leaf
Frank Provenzano, a prominent
Italian merchant of this city, and Miss
Lucy Dehuca, of Fernie, were married
last Saturday morning at the Roman
Catholic church. Pernio, at nine a.m.,
in the presence of a large number of
their friends. Mr. J. C. Crlsallo, of
Fernie, was best man and Mrs. Joe
Alollo, of Pernio, was matron of honor.
Amidst a shower of rice and well-
wishes of a host of friends, the happy
couple left on the went bound passenger for Cranbrook, where they will
make their future home.
The bride Is the daughter of Joe Dehuca, superintendent of the city water
works department, Fernie, uud hns re-
shied In that city for the past several
On their arrival in Cranbrook on
Saturday, a two day's celebration began among the Italian residents of the
city. Large quantities of champagne
were opened and tbe groom lavishly
entertained at his store in the east end
of the city.
c™ IS fl
llM-lsiim   .Made   at   tieneral   Sfeetlnu
Held at tit) Hall Last Friday   Kvening.
It wus decided at the Special Meeting of the Cranbrook Agricultural Association, held in the City hall, last
Friday evening, that under the extraordinary circumstances of world-wldi
import and thc financial stringency
occasioned by the Kuropean war that
tt would be inadvisable to hold the
Fall Fair In Craubrook this year. Tin
directors have abandoned the Idea of
the Fair with a great deal of reluc-
aiice and even after most all the other
fairs In the province and throughout
Canada had been cancelled, tin- local
directors still believed the prospect.-;
good for a prosperous-fair tliis season. But, after a thorough canvas of
the local merchants and the substantial donntors to the fair, it was found
Impossible to raise enough money tu
cover the prize list and rather than cut
down the list or make a financial failure of the Fair they decided It would
be better to cancel altogether for tins
Some of the merchants were In favor
of holding some sort of a fair under
auy circumstances. Judge (i. II
Thompson, after the discussion had
been general, proposed a motion thai
it was inadvisable to hold a Fair this
ymr, which carried by a lurge major!
t>. President Santo then announced
as the vote would express, the general
ft cling throughout the eity. that there
would be no fnlr this year,
hnalMi Muratu Will |te Tried For The
Murder of Sasa in on .
Preliminary hearing of KntUsU Mttr-
ata, the Jap arrested in connection
"with the murder of Sasamoto, the Jap-
at.ese fanner o:i the night nf Auguct
3rd, was given befor. Magistral' Arnold nn Monday and the accused was.
wucd over for trial at tie- next Aa-
,;.!■■ ax Fcrnie.
The evidence introduced at tne pre*
!;utnarj   hearing wa.- given by Mrs..
Sasamoto.Constabli a Morris and Welt-
by. and  Chief ot  Police Adams, and
,0 .in,.-, Kenny and Masato.
which endeavors to link   th
irato witii the crime is purely
istantlal and wa.-; about ai fol-
Only  Cool*headed   Men of Action to
He In I luimiaiid
The marriage of Miss Jane L, Darkls
ni* Florenceville. ND, to Mr. Harry II.
Tripp, of Dryden, N.F., was solemnized at Christ Church on Wednesday,
September 2nd, by Uev. E, P. Flewelling. The bride and groom were attended by Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Yorke Parker, and left on the afternoon train
fur their new home in Edmonton, Alberta.
New York, Sept. i!nd*~ Dow, Jones &
Co. today publish the following on
its news tickers:
"London—Unconfirmed rumors nre
current here thnt Turkey has declared war on Kussia. Communication with Constantinople has been cut
off for three days und the Turkish ambassador states he hns no way of telling when he would hear from his govern ment again."
The marriage of Miss Clara Betts
and Mr. Jack Venus has been announced to take place on September
llith. The groom Is the new Jailer at
the city ball.
tern Canada to Spokane
are of special Importance because 1
sufficient Austro-Hungarlnn success ■
would cut the Russians' lines of communication through Poland and so In- j
terfere with all progress toward Ber- j
Hn. ,
The fourth theatre Is still further 1
to the east, where the Russians haverUiat ™r'.Wnaon h,ls bpo"
Invaded Ualllcla and arc striking at
Lemberg. Success in this region l«
not so Important for the main stategy.
ns In the others, but It should have
considerable effect on Austria's Slavs,
particularly the Hutheulans and Slavonians.
LONDON. Aug 31.—A novel proposal has been put forward concerning
the sacks which wlll convey Canada's
gift of Hour. Tiie suggestion is made
thnt these be sold as a memento for
a dollar eacb and the proceeds given
to the Belgian relief fund. The government department which will receive the ((our consignment Is favorably considering the sugggestlon.
Mr. W. H. Wilson, secretary of the
Cranbrook District Automobile Association, is in receipt of the following
communication regarding tiie automobile rond to Spokane, an undertaking
  :h Inter-
sted in for the past two years.
Fnstport, Ida., Aug. 30th, 1914.
Automobile Association.
Dear Slr:-
lu view of tlie fact that a number of
Inquiries have been made about the
roads and crossings on the international boundary line between Kings-
gate H.C. and Kastport, Ida., I wish to
advise that two new steel bridges have
been completed across the Moyle river at this place and that a through line
Ih now open by the shortest-and most
direct route, from all East Kootenay.
Alberta and Western Canadian points,
for those wishing to take In the Interstate Fair, to be held from September
12th to 20th at Spokane, Wash.
Would also like to inform those Interested, that 1 am building a garage,
where machines can be protected, for
RI'SFRVISTS I\ AFItir \ ' '*10Bfl wh0 mil*v *'•*■'t0 B'°P (m'r ''V0,
I And that I nni arranging to bond au-
CAPETOWN, Aug. ill,—The process
of rounding up Austrian and (Ierman
reservists from the different parts of
thc Union of South Africa and holding
thorn as prlsloners of war bas been
proceeding for a fortnight. Some 8,-
000 uf them are now detained lu a
special camp at Johannesburg.
Prince Salm Sain, and several other
officers have been given special quarters In Blocmfonteln. Prince Solm
Salm Is a captain In the Austrian cavalry.
t The central public school opened on
Monday, August 28th, with an attendance of 286.
The school staff ls ap follows;
Division 1—Mr. H. C. Garrard, B.A.
Division 2—Mr. R. S. Shields, BA.
Division ,1—Miss E M. Bechtel.
Division 4—Miss II. A. Giegerlch.
Division 5—Miss J. M. Richards.
Division ti—Miss B. Pye.
Division 7—Miss A. M. Cartwright.
Division 8—MIhs N. E. Fallkner
Division 9—Miss A. McLennan.
Mrs. Racklyeft has been appointed
ItOmobllea through the U.S. Custom
service, so that parties crossing tbe
line will avoid the delay and iitiuny-
aUOO of having lo put up a cash bond
otherwise required. All thai will be
necessary is that parties with machines carry credentials to show their
responsibility and that they are crossing for a temporary tour only.
You will confer a great favor on me
. and probably the members of your as-
I soctatlon, if you will kindly advise
them of the above.
'    Thanking you lu advance for your
kindness, and offering to co-operate
j with your members in any way I can,
Yours very truly,
Chas. Redpath
By James Bernard Fugan
We have shut tlie gates of the Dover
And north whore the tide runs free,
Cheok by Jowl, our watchdogs prowl,
Gray hulks in a grnyer sea.
And the prayer that England prays
To the lord of our destiny,
temporarily to take the piaug of Miss[ as the foam of our plunging prow Is
A. McLennan, who is in hospital. ■.        white,
Tho manual training classes will not j "Wo have stood for pence and we war
be held until the return from tlie
old country of the Insructor, Mr. A. H.
for right,
Ood live m victory."
-London Dally
Putting Our Faith Into
AS SOON as the first shock of thc European war was
over, minufacturers aad merchants in United States
began to ask themselves: "Is it a WORLD calamity?
Cannot WE get something in the way of benefit to make
yp part for the trouble it will cause?
This is a question the people of Canada might well
ask themselves,
'ilie people 01' the lulled States ure it vy tike already to the
fact that many tn' the necessities of Ihe—yen, and luxuries—
thai were formerly supplied hy Continental Kurope must non-
lie produced In the t'uetorles of the United States,
Already there are Indications that the war spells almost feverish activity In many lines 01' holiness in Vnlted States.
This Is a time for the manufacturers of Canada to buckle
down (0 work nnd make nnd sell rlaht here at home many of the
things the people of t anuria have formerly Imported from Continental Kurope.
And the manufacturers of Canada can count upon the people of Canada to respond to their efforts In this direction. Canadian patriotism Is on lire; Canadians never renll/ed until now
how deeply they helleve In themselves— how strong Is their faith
lu England. In the Empire, tn Camilla.
Now Is the time for Canadians to APPLV that abiding faith
—to carry It Into the BUSINESS of life.
This much In certaini Most of what we eat and wear and
use for months to eome—perhaps for yenrs—most he produced
on this Continent of North America.
Muny Canadian manufacturers—already awake to their opportunity—are arranging tn get machinery In motion to supply
Canadians with those articles they have formerly Imported—tbe
dresses and millinery and perfumes from France; the silverware, enamelware, and hosiery and countless other things from
Ocrmanyt the parasols from Austria; the laces and watches
irom Switzerland.
', Soon Canadian manufacturers will begin to tell the people
of Canada thut THEY—our own manufacturers—have these
things for them; soon the merchants of Canada wlll announce
that they nre well stocked with these goods—of home munufne-
- tore.   These announcements will eome to the people of Canada
in the form of advertisements in the newspapers. Watch for
these advertisements und when they appear read them and respond In litem. It Is u duly the people of Cunadu owe to their
country, their Industries and themselves.
.un   Sascmeto stated that she hud
■ii married Blnco August 1813, mid
I»g became acquainted with Murato In
September uf the same year.   He paid
In r considerable attention and un February 25th became Intimate with her.
She tolif hei* husband on the 27th, and
on tin* 2Stli her husband was attacked
'in tin' barn and severely beaten.   On
j the next day, Murato visited the farm
and after conversation with Sasamoto.
!:i whieh he expressed his regret for
: what bad happened between Mrs. Sasa
j moto and himself, promising Sasamoto
that it would not occur again and they
I n Buniod their old friendly relations.
However, Murato continued his attcn-
I tlons to Mrs. Sasamoto.
J    Murato was subsequently   working
j at Ui>' l'i .nine Lumber Co.. and a week
I before the murder sustained an Injury
to his (inger and asked the Sasamotos
; 0 keep lilm until he was well again, as
{that would ha cheaper than boarding
'n town. He did sunn* work about the
■aneii during the week.
1    On Saturday he borrowed Uie pun '
from Sasamoto to do some huutlng,
" cording to tbo witness, but did not
return it to its accustomed place on
tbe   kitchen   wall.    When   Sastmdlo
questioned blm regarding the gun he
said, "1 left it In the barn where It
wlll not g«t wet."  Tiie pun was not In j
the kitchen In the afternoon or in the
evelng of Saturday  August  Sth be-1
I fore they   were   preparing   to   retire. I
1 Murato had pom to town and was ex-
! pected home about 10:an. |
,     Mrs. Sasamoto then related the circumstances of the murder: that after
hearing the shot she went out and
found ber husband bleeding on the
porcll.   She dragged him inside, then
Hianged her nightgown for her street
1 clothes aud ran to town for help.   She
' went directly to the Sun Grocery store
from which place the alarm was given
I to the police.   Murato appeared at the
fftore a few minutes after Mrs. Sasamoto arrived.
Chief of Police Adams testified to
having found tbe gun on the kitchen
. wall a few minutes after the murder.
; He examined the gun and found it
[ very dirty and with every evidence of
1 having been find within at least six
, hours. It was a 1^-bore, single bar*
: n led shot gun. ln company with ''on-
stable Morris, they examined the prem-
j i-.es for tracks and found some leading from tbe woodpile at the back
of the bouse. When lie asked Murato
about the gun in the house, tlie accused replied, "I took It down two dayi
, ago to kill a hawk but did not fin* th*
Mr. J. O, Cummlngs testified that hi
• was an engineer, that he had visited
the premises where the murder wai
; committed a few days afterward and
I hnd taken eight photographs of the
premises and made two drawings, one
of the grounds and one of the house
The photographs and drawings vert
In evidence and were admitted aa ex*
: hlblta.
Kenny, a Japanese, testified that on
j hearing of tli ^^^^^^^^^^
the Sua Orocery store and telephoned
i ndeavorlng to secure nu .automobile
to visit tin* ranch, While he waa holding the receiver. Murato entered tie
store and went Into the hack room
where Mrs., Sasamoto was sitting
Kenny secured a party of about seven
Japanese and they all started tn run
to the Sasamoto ranch. There wort
faster runners than the others and
reached tho ranch tlrst.    When the
From bis charger. Col. Sam Hughes,
minister of militia, addressed about
1,000 officers of the mobilisation camp
on Monday afternoon. The officers
formed three sides of a hollow square.
north east of the headquarters, and '
from an elevated position, the minister told tbem of some of the plans of
•runuut in connection villi
tbe fir-!t contingent and another contingent that may be formed. He suld
that then* were now over KB.QOO soldiers encamped and only about I'-',*
000 would comprise the lir-t division.
If tbey could not go at on< e thoy must
not be altogether disappoint) '. 'r,i * v
would be use for them and lie y would
all have their chance some time.
"It Is necessary that we secure
competent officers," he said ■ Many
have applied to me for commands,
but 1 hnve refused even some of my
personal friends. I want men of action. Action- that Is the word. I
want cool-headed men- because It Is a
who can make quick decisions whether
they are In charge of a battery or a
battalion "
Some lo Garrison Rerui ida.
IP* stated that part of the Canadian
force would be uj d tn fsrrfonn Bermuda and other places, wh •■ other
regiments, would be used in various
lines of communication or la act aa
I protective forces hen > ul Wllllaius,
; camp commander, has been authorised
to rot^e !•■ battalion*- Instead of \2
because of the great number of volunteers,    He   said  th-    present   L'f.OOO
men In c
amp were the beat ever gath-
"red In t
anada.   Tbey had to get down
to Sertoli
b business and barn to shoot
■ I . an
. xcuse a man for almost any-
thing if
\ <■ can pitk his man.   Incom-
potent e
fficers were worse than bag-
gage, be
;u:-- they must be fed."
Tlie minister said be had not asked
a man lo join the force,
j "I have not asked a mar to go. 1
. ban not asked a Roman Catholic, an
i Orangman. a priest or parson. Everybody has come voluntary"
, Two men entered camp this evening
! without permits. They turned out to
i be whiskey runners and tbey were
; put under arrest and will be dealt
1 witn tomorrow by the authorities.
Vi.hin per   irom lirond   Fork** Meets
liej.rh Near Creston
One of the first disaster*- to befall
the Volunteers from the Kootenays for
.!:-• front oceurr.-d last Friday after-
ooou b for'- the train had arrived In
ranbrook bearing the West Kootenay
contingent Before the arrival of tbe
train the local dispatchers were notified that a man had been run over by
BIS, picked ,.:ji arid taken to * reston.
rhe contingent on 514 when they ar-
rlved were not aware that they were
ihort a man. but on checking up found
tbat Wiiiam h, Reid, of Grand Forks,
was missing, it appears that Mr.
Reid had fallen from the east bound
train, although no one- saw the occurrence, and tbat t;.-- westbound passenger train ran over htm as he was lying on tbe track witb Ms head across
the rail. Instantaneous death resulted.
The deceased was wt 11 known in
this district having resided at Moyie
murder he went Into | tor many years, conducting a store,
and was at one time connected with
the Moyie Telephone Co He was a
brother-in-law of it. Campbell, now residing at Grand Pbrki
, The late William 1.. Raid bau lived
In the Kootenay and Boundary K
years and leaves three brothers and
four slaters They are*Mrs. Nicholas
Fioctd Davtn, of Regina; Mr- clement
Uexander, of Moose Jaw; Mrs Qeorge
UacAffel, cf Vancouver; Mrs it. Camp
arrived Murato bad prorc
snd was standing inside the house
rhese Japanese a*ere ti;t*r.- "Alien the
. olii 1 arrived.
Further evidence connecting Murato
with the crime was that he bad taken
. bloody handkerchief from near the
body of the murdered man before the
illici r- arrived and saying that be had
tbe nose bleed, used the handki r-
chlef and put It In the stove When
Mrs. Sasamoto arrived on Sunday
j morning, alio was unable to find her
nightgown of the night before. The
garment bad been covered with blood,
Hut on making cndulries, Murato vol*
untered tlie Information that be had
buried it and on underskirt.
On the visit of a party of five to the
ranch house on Sunday following tin
murder, Murato was found there alone
praying, He said that he thought he
would have to remain there alone for
the night and was praying to keep the
assassin from coining back again.
•cdeci them bell, of Grand Porks;  ira Held and
Weldon it- Id, of New Westminister,
and Graham it-id. ol Moose Jaw.
The body was taken to Grand Forks
for burial on Monday.
(orLllVT UM)
NELSON, AUG. BQth, A local (ierman narrowly escaped being tarred
and feathered aud shown the difference,
between time and eternity here this
week. The man was a miner, und up- ,
on thu opening of hostilities quit his
job and endeavored to croSS Into the
United States at several different
points In an effort to reach the- Fatherland. He was turned back at every
point, and thinly, discouraged, he returned to Nelson in quest of hi. former Job The fornian in tbe mint;
where he was working, pulled out his
watch and Informed tbe German the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Rline of tin* departure of the next boat,
On next Monday evening, a grand and told blm to make himself scarce
Labor Day Hall Is to be given in St. rh speedily as possible.
Mary's Hall on Norbury avenue, by tho The Oerman was In a nasty frame ot
st. Mary's oiub. The Patronesses of j mind and commenced to harangue
the dame are McsdameM A, I*. McDor- ou the vicissitudes one was forced to
mott, T. c Armstrong, ll. H. Bourne, undergo in Canada, He was finally ro-
Kennedy and Drumuiond Refresh- ported to the police and Is now under
moots will be served and good iiiiihIc I strict surveillance. It Ik the general
j provided. | opinion tliat he Is fortunate tu be alive. PAC1E TWO
THURSDAY. September ard, 1U14
Howard Bt. and Trait Ave.
A New And
Modern Hotel
A   modern   equipped   Cafe   a
moderate  prices
Rates $1.00 and UP per day
Our Iras meets ull trains
The Coeur d'Alene Co.
JACOB GOETZ, President
HARRY   V.   BAER,   Sec.
W. E. Worden, I'rop.
66  PHONE  66
Slab Wood
Rick Wood
ituiiL'iiiK' Transfer
Hand anil (iravel Supplied
(Haul I'owder
Moving Pianos, a Specially
Furniture   mid    Bagirnife
.1. MILNE, Manager
Phone 1201
SI reel
Open Day und Nlghl
Candies, Fruits and Cigars
Good Rooms in Connection
J. tt. THOMPSON, Kditor »nd Manager
Sopserlptloi Rale,
One   Year    12.00
Six Mouths         1.00
Three Month! 50
Advertising Kates
Display   Advertising.   25   cents   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notice, or Classified Ads. 10
centi per line.
(ranbrook, IM'. Sept. 3rd, Illl I
We have just Received
Our Fall Stock
Guns, Rifles
Your inspection and purchases are solicited
She vill not dare to figi.t nealn.
But It she shouldt I'll slm'.v i.er Wain
Dot Klsuss und (in Prench) Lorraine
Are Mine—UY UOTT!
Springfield Republican: In striking
contrast with tlio plain aud simple
story of untiring efforts tor peace re- j
vcaled ln the Knglish state papers is =
the tortuous and rhetorical defense | THROUGH
put forward by Germany. America
lias been asked to suspend Judgement
till the Uerman side ol tho case
could be presented. Well, here Is the
German side of the ease, presented In
an official "white paper," nnd It leaves
UitngB exactly as tliey wore. Amer-
can intuition based nn the overt acts
of the various nations and the glimpses of diplomatic activity vouchsafed
at the outbreak of the war went absolutely to the mark. Nothing In tho
German documents disposes of the
suspicion that responsibility for the
war lies with Germany and Austria;
on the contrary, their publication
changes the suspicion to certitude.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Mill Supplies
Here's   grandma
small beer,
Midt Iiocrs und such she interfere;
1 She'll learn none own tills hemisphere
(Jut ME—und Gott!
She dlliks, good fruil. ranio ships she's
Und soldiers mldt der scarlet coat.
lAchl   Ve  could  knock  dem—  pout,
like dot,
MINESELF—mldt Uott!
1 In dimes cf peace breparo for wars,
1 bear the helm und spear of Mars,
Uud care not for doll dousand Czars,
MINESELF— or Gott!
In fact, 1 humor cfery whim,
Mlt uspccdt c;:irll uud visage grim,
Gott pulls nildt me- and 1 mldt hlni.
MB 11X11 GOTT!
Act to prospect over the following
described iand:
Commencing at a post ubout 200
yards South-west of the South-east
corner of Lot 420. thence Kast SO
chains, thence South 80 chains, thence
West SO chains, thence Nortli SO chainB
to point of commencement.
3li-5t GKO. GEARY, I.oentor.
Located July 13th, 1914.
Canadian   Pacific   lo  Charge  Local
Kate Plus Actual Ocean Charges,
Says tli'iirlul Announcement
On the night of July 19, 1H70. an
ordely  awoke  General   von   Moltke,
chief of tlie Qerman  Imperial  war
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 26.-The Ca-!»'»»• »"" **"*■ ""» No„1""eo" "'' ™
nadlan Pao lie railway has Issued thu ' ^clared   war   on    Germany     Von
following  circular  letter  under the j Moltke directed the orderly to open
„       ....   . „■.„... ,.„i»i„ •■ 'he second drawer on tlio left hum'
heading of "important freight tor in8trU(!.
"Owing to the .war conditions, the | ""'      „ '   ...
James W. Blake, of Wasa, B.C., will
apply for a license to take und use
100 acre feet of water out of Montezuma Creek, whieh Hows in an easterly direction trough Lot 9970, Into I
Copper Creek near Trail.
The water will be diverted at 190
teet east and 720 feet nortli of the
north-west corner of Lot 11010 and
wlll he used for Irrigation purposes on
Lot 11010.
This notice was posted on the 20th
day of July, 1914, und advertised for
tlie first time in the Craubrook Herald
on the Otii day ot August," 1914.
Objections  may  be  Hied  Willi the
Water Recorder at Cranbrook or with
the Comptroller of Water Hlghls. Parliament Buildings. Victoria, H.C.
32-41 James W. Blake,
The cancellation of the Cranbrook
Pall Fair this year Is a regrettable
occurance—one that will be felt more
by tho people ln the conntry than by
those In the city. Tlie Fair has never
been a paying Investment for the city
In so far as quick returns are concerned; the merchants being content
to secure part of their donations back
throughout the year in tlle additional
trade whicli the city attracted by reason of the Fall Fair. No one, however,
regrets the necessity of postponing the
Pair until next yenr more timn tlio
husiness men of the city and especially the Directors of the Association.
There Is no doubt that a lurge number
of farmers have heen preparing tlieir
exhibits In anticipation ot the Fair.
arid Hie citizens will feel with them in
their disappointment. These are trying times, with thc question of world .
supremacy In balance, and we must
all carry our small troubles like good
Impossibility of getting ocean space,
and tlie high cost of hull Insurance,
I please take notice that all thc rntcs
I lo tills country, ns covered by lake
and rail tariff E19S and all rail tariff
! K2013, applying to Western Canada
\ lioints and tariffs 15139 and E405 applying to Hritish Columbia points will
j be cancelled, effective September 8th,
1914.     Until   further   notice   actual)
j ocean rates (which havo beeu Increased 50 per cent), plus local rates
' from seaboard, will upply."
; This Is one of the tlrst effects of
wur upon international trade aud it
' applies with particular severity to
business between Great Britain nnd
I 'auada.     This   business   has   been:
, built upon the basis of Joint through ;
i rates between British and Canadian
points and while these have tended to
increase with tlie advance in ocean
tariffs, there was some change ln the
conditions which prevailed. A sud-
den rise of 50 per cent in the Atlantic
rates wuuld cause some concern but
'.lie additional imposition of local
rates is much more serious. The
through rate on a certain class of
goods from Liverpool to Winnipeg Is
now $1.66 per 100 and tills sum ls divided between tlie ocean and land carriers to tlieir own agreements.   In the
People are mixed in their reasons 	
for the present European conflict. We! ease of the Canadian Pacilic railway
stand today In wonder tlmt the solemn j 'He '"vision is, of course, a mere ma -
ireaty of Belgium is only a sword-! tor "I' bookkeeping, ns the money all
bond of the Hague Boca into a common exchequer. After
Tiiere I September Stli the land haul will cost
J1.30, which is tho rate from Montreal to Winnipeg. Tlie additional
I charge from tlie ocean haul will be at
I least 50 per cent higher, as is ex-
: plained In tlio circular, bo tliat tho
lotai may be expected to be not less
than J2. With the fluctuation that wlll
' iccur from day to day, according to
■ 'lie currying conditions of space and
■ insurance, tho ocean rate may range
, | from 40c. to $4.00, without any guarantee of stability or any certainty that
tlu; business can he handled even at
lie maximum charge.
Nu relief can be secured by patronizing American routes. Importers are in an uncertain position be-
■ause they cannot calculate with any
degree of accuracy tlie cost of brlng-
Ing in goods from Great Britain. From
tiie nature of things they are not doing any business with the other manufacturing notions of Europe.
A. E. Jones T. J. Doris
Phone 860 Plume 101
BOX 192
Jones & Doris
Cuiilracliirs nnd  liullders
Let t's Quote You Prices Before
You Hulld
Sec us shout your concrete and
Basement work
wipe and the signed
convention a buckle polisher.
Is truth, Indeed, in the general cry |
'. thnt blame lies nl tlle door of tlie Ger-1
man emperor. Yet, what is lie but tiie
embodiment of tiie militaristic ideal—
tlmt tiie whole European world has
been so sedulous In fostering? Last
I year Germany spent $300,000,000 on
1 her army and navy; France, $311,000.-
000: England, $440,000,000; Austria.
{124,000,000 and Russia, $440,000,000.
It Is a military despotism that is
bay In this war and tlie whole infamous theory of the "divine right nf
kings." For the past many years Germany baa been preparing and every
Kuropean nation has kept pace under
the pretext "that only groat armaments would Insure peace and protect the weaker states. But the whole
subterfuge of lies has been swept n-
way—the great armaments are nt eacli
others throats, rending and tearing
with their military mad selfishness exposed and tbe fate of the world power
of nations hanging In the balance. A
German victory means tbe retrogression of thc world and the acknowledge
ment of the "divine" right of William,
'emperor of Europe.' His ultlmute defeat must be accomplished, but in tlie
effort, the flower of tho young men of
Russia. France, Belgium, Servia, England and Germany will lose their lives
Hut If ln the long run, the militarist
tlons to mobilize the Gorman armies.
Then he went to sleep again. When he
arose troops had been on the march
two hours, in accordance with the orders in that drawer.
The German ambassador at St.
| Petersburg at 7.30 p.m. August 1st
handed to the Hussion minister of
foreign affairs a declaration of war.
When the council of ministers In
Paris the same evening was Informed
that Germany had declared war
against Russia tliey met President
Poincare hurriedly ut the Elysee
palace. It was unnounced at once
that the mobilization of the French
army would begin at midnight and
would be completed at 11.59 Sunday
night.  ^^
Mr. Editor:-
Dear Sir:—In view of the letter
which appeared tu your valued paper
of August 29th, by O. E, Kendall, in
which ho denounces what be terms
"Russelllsm," 1 would bc greatly favored if you will kindly Insert tile following challenge.
Thanking you in anticipation, I am,
Yours faithfully,
W, W. Giles
*l,.Vin Reward
Read the following propositions,
then show It to your preacher and
other friends.
I have deposited $1,000 In the American Exchange National Bank, of
Greensboro, N.C, and $500 In thc
First National Hank, ot Miami, Fia..
to be paid to the lirst person who
iroves through any court of justice
in the United States or Canada, that
Pastor Russell Is guilty of Immorality
such as Is the "gossip" of those ministers who preach "for pay." These
leposlts have remained till May last
and will remain longer If requested.
If you write either the Banks, send
'.hem postage.   1 have known Pastor
Application for a license to take
and uso water will be made under tlie
"Water Act" of British Columbia, us
1. The name of the applicant Is
William Fleming.
2. Tlie address of tlie applicant is
Kimberley, B.C.
3. The nanio of tlie stream Is:
Unnamed oprlng. The stream lias its
source In Lot No. 115SS, tlows In a
southeasterly direction, nnd empties
into Luke Creek, about Vi mile east
from N. E. post ot Lot lir.su.
4. The water Is to be diverted from
tlie stream on the west side, about ]/4
mile from N. E. poBt of Lot 11580.
5. The purpose for which tlie water
will be used ls Irrigation and domes-
tls purposes.
6. Tlle lund on which tlie water is
to be used Is descrihed as follows.
Lot No. 11580, Group One, Kootenay
7. The quantity of water applied
for is us follows: 20 miners inches.
8. This notice was posted on the
ground on the third day of August.
9.- A copy of tills notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the
requidements of the "Water Act'' will
be filed In the offlce of the Wnter Re-
'•Drder, or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria. B.C.
32-4t William Fleming.
New Fall Goods
Our DRESS GOODS have just
arrived. They are exactly what
the present Fashions call for in
Serges, Whipcords, Plaids, Etc.
SILKS.    We have a large stock
of all the fashionable colors.
SHOP NOW while the stock is
Ilalsall & Co.
IF ¥01!
whose love for liquor is stealing him
from you, don't
waste words on him
—your boy  is not
depraved,  but  sick
will restore his love
for you, and give
him back his own
■   mastery.
CRANBROOK       -                BRITISH COLUMBIA
••IHM'II l»i:it KAISKir
Tin; fiillowinj; vurse firat appeared
in tlio Purls Edition of the New York
Herald in 18(18. And watt widely copied by tlio .Wwsimperii in the United
StiUcs following one of tiie Kaiser's
extraordinary outburnts regarding bin
'divine right' to rule. Some time later
these same verses were the cause of
Admiral Coghlan, of the U.S.Navy, being reprimanded by Uie War depart
mont tor tholr prominent use during
■loath knell is sounded nnd tiie masses I an anniversary of the Battle of Manila
of the people are allowed to live, side .Manila Bay, at whicli engagement the
'        ' ,    , mahIhI     \,linii'..1    In.1,1   ilia,   mill/   nf   fan.
hy side and ruled by public opinion
they will live In peace.   This war ha*-
eaat the Kaltier'B
TAKE NOTICE thnt The Corporation of the City of Cranbrook, whose
address is Cranbrook, B.C., will apply
for a license for the storage of 10,-
000,000 imperial gallons of water out
of Joseph's Creek, also known as Joseph's Frairle Creek, which (lows
north-westerly and drains into St.
Mary's River.
The storage dam will be located at
750 feet above present Water Works
Dam. Tiie capacity of the reservoir
to be created is about 10.000,000 Imperial gallons, and it will flood about
7.0 acres of land. The water wlll be
diverted from the stream, at a point
about 750 feet above present dam and
will be used for wati*r-works purpose upon the land described as The
City of Cranbrook ami tlie territory
lying within u mile thereof.
The license applied for is to supplement a riglit to take and use water
as per Water Licenses Nos. 1577 and
1578 und Water Record No.  12S.
This notice was posted on the
ground on thc 4th day of August, 191*1.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to tlie
"Water Act, 1914," will bc Hied in tho
offlce of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
Capital Authorized  $1)1,000,000.00
Cnidtal Paid Dp     7,000,000.00
Reserve and Undivided Profits     8,366,000.00
D. R. WILK1K, President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
Objections to tlie application may '■ a.m. September 9th, 1914.
newspaper. point   of   diversion   of   the   above
A hearing for the approval of this I licenses and records to the above des-
undcrtakfng will be held in the ofllce | crlbed point,
of the  Board at Cranbrook bt  10 Corporation of the City of Cranbrook,
llonin und (iiriir
For   a   I'ulel    (lamp
Pocket  llllllnnls or
English MIHimls
j hem made for the aggrandisement of to pretty accurately
I (lemony, and she will have time In ! remarkable frame of
tlie future for mony long weary regrets and much wringing of hands,
She wlll rcullie, after all, that William
is only a stupid egotist ond a murderer.   Ut the meek Inherit the earth.
iit ^      JS0 for a text which sa>-B the soul
genla? Admiral heVdilicranFof"Cop-:K"*11* t0 ll0»v™ or n"" Immediate!)'
lain.    Tliey nre republished on  re-  after death.
quest nnd because Ihey are supposed      jri0 for „ tj|b|0 text which says there
Her Kiiiser uf der Fuderland
Ind i iutt mi high ull dings command;
Wo too, aclil—.Don't you understand?
MINESELF—und Uott!
Opposite ('.IMt Station
The Place In Iirl a Quick Ileal
and a (land .Meal
Ilonms to Rent
In eommontlng on tlie various Inter-
protntlons ot llie Monroe Doctrine,
which have been given to show tliat
the United States would step In should
Canada be Invaded by Gorman troops,
the New York World makes the follow-
I ing pithy comment:
"A curiously perverted notion of the
Monroe Doctrine is found in various
1 letters to newspapers written by cur-
| respondents who assume that the fill- j
ted States would not permit a German
attack upon Canada, if such an attack
were possible.
"There Is nothing in the Monroe
Doctrine tliat would prevent Gorman
troops from marching from one er.d of
Canada to the otlier—If tliey could get
there. If Germany tried to annex Can-
j sda, that would be a different matter.
any | The Monroe Doctrine does not apply lu
war. It applies to the alienation of
This view of tho case Is open to discussion. An invasion of Cnnnda nitglil
be construed Into an attempt at au-1
nexatlon with no great stretch nf the
Imagination, but ns Ihe possibility of
~ I such nn Invan'.on Is so remote, we may
UANI'll    FOK    RENT—Comfortable aa well tako It fur granted that we
Iiouhc, stable for six horses, about i wau|a ion|( nftnr the dormant, while
ten   acres   broken;   good   grazing u    „,„,„„„„ was u(1t,le dlacuHsed In
land, plenty wood and water.   Ap-
ply Herald Offlce, I Congress.
Vlille some men sing der bower devlnt
.Mine soldiers sing "Die Wncht am
Und drink der hcnlh in Ithenlsh wine
cir .Ml-:   und Uott.
She   svaggers   all
Here's   Franco:
she's atigospleldt—she's no accoundt!
To much, we link she don't amoundt—
Mlneself und Gott.
ILadics anil gentlemen's hats,
style or material, renovated, remodelled or rchlocked.
'Dent of work and satisfaction guar-
IC Feu wick Ave I'lione 204
In no probation or salvation after the
Adnmic denth.
IB0 for a Bible text wherein Is found
the word 'trinity'.—Not a hymn book
And too wlll be paid to any one who
prove an error In the niblc Chronology whicli Is promulgated by Pastor
All Bible Commentators tell us
'hat the 'mother' spoken of ln Hev. 17-
5: Is a symbol of the llonum Catholic
Church and If this be true, I wlll gladly give |M to the first person who
given mc logical proof that the "daughters" referred to. In the same verse
are not symbolic, of thc many other
Brown's Summit, N.C.
South BmI Kootenny
NOTICE Is hereby given that 30!
days after date I Intend to opply to
the Hon. the Minister of Lands for a
| license under tho Coal ond Petroleum
Act to prospect over the following
described land:—
Commencing nt a post about 100
yards south-west of the north-west
corner of Lot 1001, G. 1, K. D„ thence
cast SO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to the point of commencement.
Located July ltlli. 1914.
?H-fit ,1. II HAVES. Locator
Smith Kast Kootenai
NOTICE Is hereby given that :in
days after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. the minister ot landi for a I
llccnau under Use, Coal and Petroleum
be tiled wltli the said Water Recorder I    The area over which the water will | by   J.   T.   Campbell,   Acting
or with  the Comptroller ot Water be used comprises tho City of Cran- Agent
Russell for 11 years and believe his! nights. Parliament Building, Victoria,: brook and territory lying within a I The date of the first publication of
. 11. „t mm. i„m.i„„ l the onlv I H-C within thirty daya after the first i mile thereof. Application Is hereby ; tills notice ls 6th day of AuguBt,
teaching of Bible doctrine Is the onl>   %wmnm<, ot thla „otic.c ln „ loca, , made for perm„,8l1'0n t0 c|m„g0 tha  m4. 32.«
'caching which is In strict harmony j       .  I _^__
with the entire Bible, both old and
new testaments.
Many good men claim that Pastor
Russell is not only the greatest Bible
expositor on earth, but also so 'meek'
and full of 'love for God and Humanity' that he iIocb not turn aside to defend his reputation from slander.
Hence 1 make thc foregoing proposition ln his defence.
I will aloo pay tho following cash
premiums for the texts below, vls:-
t00 for a text which soys the soul Is
Smooth Tread  T'P^IS'Q
and Non-Skid    1 IlffiJliO
Highest In Quality—
Not Highest In Price
QPECIALIZED  production   improves qualify and cuts
•*-' cost.   There is no arguing with tluit Industrial Law.
And that is why Firestone   I'ircs beat competition in
quality and meet competition in price.
Firestones arc built by post-graduates in tire making.
Tire authorities, crack foremen,  extra  good  workmen,
logically land in the Firestone Family of Specialists-
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whole industry for its advanced facilities and scientitic
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Make cttr advantage in production your tvhmntage in buying.
(let the multiplied mileage of Firestone, quality at the low
cost of Firestone efficiency nnd volume.
All good dealers sell Firestones to their
mos! experienced trade
('.  W. JOHNSON *
Distributors For
"America's Largest Kxrluslvr Tire and Hlni Makers"
C It A Ml It 0 O K - • BrltUh (Jolumlilu THURSDAY, September 3rd, 1914
The jttMtnM. Store
The Store with a reputation
Kooteiiay's (ii-eiitcst Drug
nnd Hook Sliiro
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
IVherl II iinys to deal
t'HA.N'imOOK, B.C.
Full lint* of plckltug spices, whole
or ground, at Ward rt Hurrls.
Kev. \V. El. IHinhum wus a visitor at
Marysville today.
itcli Crowe Bros.
iy savers in Qroci
for big
Arc You
a probable wntch buy-
«i'.' Then we want
your enr for a minute.
We want Ui loll yon
lhal ihis store in lixcd
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nmttter how much yon
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to toll yon that we
have n o t h 1 n g but
slandatd goods—fully
tested. We have an
exceptional large assortment just, at present and would like to
have you call and look
it over. For, after-all,
Showing Vou is ten
times as convincing as
telling you.
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save llieir money bv
buying diamonds m*'
In rings, pins, and
in her nitiilen of jewelry, You can always selladtflmoml
atu fair prollt—il yon bill' lU-ht.
Purchasing iliamomlc will not
only, tin-ejoro, enhance your
personal appearance, bul save
ymir money ami bring you a
reasonable profit,
C-mui In uml hnve » link uvur
our lieituurUl Hi'li'cliim.   Kvcry
Hurt, ui-.i' nml weight to mil ull
imc h i*l h
Next to flu'1'oxt Odin*
Mr. mid Mrs. A. tl, \Vebb are expected home tomorrow frotii tlieir trip to
i Mr. and Mrs. I'll. .Morris are leaving tins weeta tor Canal Flats un a
fortnight's outing and huiitfng expedition.
Beale & Klwell Hold tiiat liousc for
$900 that tbey hnve' been advertising,
tliey nre now offer big another marvel-j
oiis opportunity to purchase a bomo
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two lots on Garden avenue, price .10
days only, $1*15(1. Terms: $25, cash,
$26 per month. Interest 10' ! per cent
Don't miss Mils opportunity. It wlll
not occur again.
Itev.. \V, K, Thomson has notified —a^.^.^———,.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^—
the Herald that he will be home from to ™»*mw right to demand pnj men I of
his vacation this week aud will con-; lM* WI of gnods al an] lime. Wi
cohduot both services at Knox church -rt-rongly utlvlse you, while lhc war i*.
next Sunday. He has been away for \ '"•• <• WfUM! ull Credll and otilj sell
the past month, spending his time at [forwsh.
Edmonton and the far nortli country,
Italian Socialists' Deillft That Struggle
Should Mean UNii-^ter for Those
Who tuuxcil It
ROM!*:, Sept. 2.—The Gorman Socialist deputies, Hugo House and Albeit Sudekum, came to Italy fn an < f-
fort to Induce tbe Italian Socialist party to use Its Influence to have Italy
join Germany in tin* war. The mission
failed and tlie Italian Socialists have
now published a protest again Bt what
they describe as an attempt against
■ dignity of Italy. They also ex-
ss the hope that If a cessation of
•tilitles is impossible, "the infnni-
war will crush those who provok*
1   M
nu i:
Gl>rmun> Ulld (.real
■ Urit
till at  V
\ severe lliiuncml
is grlp|
lhe whale world, und
no ui
■e eontpc
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Labor Day.
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Maurice Qualn returned Tuesday
from a trip to Spokane, Mrs. Qualn
going on to Victoria to visit, hor pur* |
Thc enrollment In the South Ward j
public school shows 39 pupils with!
Miss Woodward and 17 with Mrs,
Mrs. Fader, of Kdmonton, who hns I
Heen visiting hor sister, Mrs. P. Wood, j
of Cherry Creek, for the past two
months, returned to her home on Sat-'
Mrs. Ftlmoiidson has severed her.]
connection witli the Cranhrook orchestra and has formed one of her own
which will be known »s the "Kootenay
James Austin, bandmaster of thc
City Bund tor the past two years, left
Tuesday for Spokane tho band having disbanded on account ot tlio H-
tianefal stringency.
Q. Bruce Brown, ot F, Parks & Co.,
has returned to tho city after spending
ten days enjoying the luxurious recreation afforded by the C.P.R. house
boats mi Koootonoy lakes.
White wine, malt and eider vinegars
at Ward &. Harris.
Mrs. J. Ii. Cranston and daughter
have returned home from their summer holidays.
207r off Crockery, China aud Glassware at Crowe Bros.
BOUN—At tbe Cottage Hospital on
Tuesday, Sept. 1, 1914, to Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Ripley, of Bull Hiver, twin boys.
Crowe Bros, arc selling a regular
40c tea at 31b for $1.00
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist church-— are holding a Bazaar
on the ISth of November. Please
keep this date open
Mr. Edward Elwell, of tiile city, has
offered his services to the Empire in
the old country and wlll therefore not
return until after the war is over.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Bratford, of
Grandby, Que., have been visiting In
the city for the past ten days, the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. Q,   Morton.
An outing party        	
and Mrs. M. A. Beale, H. W. Supple
and James T. Laldlaw left tlie city today for St. Mary's Luke where they
will remain until after Labor Pay.
Mrs.  Cherrington  and  Miss  V.  M AND DISTRICT:-
Cherrington returned from England | U was well said at a publl<
last Monday. The King Edward m Cranbrook recently, that t
school and the Kindergarten have try or nation, which, beiug
staited. Miss Cherrington Is anxious | ca» succeed in keeping Us c
to hear of pupils wishing to take a
business course, (shorthand, stenography and bookkeeping.) Classes
can be formed during school hours or
In the evening. For terms see advertisement.
alive, is the nation that must ultimately win out In the gigantic strugggh
now going forward.
The notice to which prominence I-
given above is sent out by one of tin
best known wholesale grocery house;
ln Canada.
It is selected from a sen *e of aiicr
communications recently
merchants,   because  it   1
brief, clear cut language,
being adopted by wholesn
| over tlie country toward
the   Cranhrook   volunteers,   the   boy | merchantK    That it is no
scouts, and headed by Mr. Fairbairn j merchants have good rcas
with the bagpipes, and were given a  by t)ie draftH thnt ,,„„„, ■„ ,)V ,,,inns
rousing  send-off.    Those  composing | BVer>. man( um) lin, frequently attach
ed to the bill of hiding which mohni
•hat goods must bo paid for UEFORI
Six French men left Cranbrook today on 514 for Montreal to sail immediately for France to join the army.
Two of the contingent are reservists
and the others are volunteers. The
men were escorted to the station by
On behalf or the committee in
charge of the arrangements of the
"Open Air Entertainment and Dance"
on .Mr V. Hyde Baker's grounds on
August Pith, I wish to thank publicly
the Ladies' committee who so ably
md cheerfully contributed their time
and services. I wisli nlso to thank
Mr. Robt. Alkons, Mr. H. Banfleld and
their assistants whose labor.-, mad.
'oastble the splendid equipment on tin
The returns are not completed yet,
but Mr. Supple, the treasurer, has in
'mild over $1,150.
The committee feels they have reason to be gratified with the results
vhlch were made possible by the
iplopdid co-operatoln of the Citizens
;f the city and district.
Signed on behalf of the Committee
clved I
n toJ1
blu IT
the   contingent   were   Joe   Nedelec. I
Pete  Bennard,  Geo. Cabellan.  l.onh'
Flllnll, A. Pebet and John   Baptlste
Several   organizations  in   the  city
have joined together in the formation
of a "Sunshine Society."   This movement was Inaugurated by some of the
ladies of the town for the purpose of
raising funds and otherwise preparing
^^_^_^^^^__r____m____________   f01" the relief of needy people within
Mrs. E. H. Small came in from Can-I tlie district during the coming winter,
ul Plats today, accompanied by her, The Overseas club, llebekas, W.C.T.U.,
children. She is on her way to Van-! nm* a" of tllc> kadles' Aid societies of
couver, where the children will be j tbe various churches have already
placed in school. I Joined the movement.   A public meet-
  t ing is to be held at the Edison Then-ftion of the P«b!Ic* the nhovo notice
consisting of Mr. j tre 0I1 Frfdjlv evening to complete tiie j niI»' W(,» Pr°ve the commehcement of
organization. an   education.    Whether  it   conveys
  j anything to thnn or not. we the under-
On Tuesday, the hunting season
opened and a party nf C.P.H. engineers took advantage of the day to visit
some of the lakes east of the city. The
delivery is taken,
There Is a section of the purchasing
public that Is under the impression
that tlie strenuous efforts being put
forward by the merchants, Individually and collectively, to collect out
standing accounts an* animated by nr
lietter motive than personal greed
These people.who have not tho faintest idea of business principles, can br
heard exclaiming to the effect tlmt tlu
local retail merchant Is morally hound
■ -**d Instead of contract trod1*
fn times of depression,   To this sec-
Principal Cranston, of the Cranbrook High School reports an enrollment of 20 on the opening day of
school and states that he will liave
more than thirty pupils in the high J
school this season.
A very successful meeting of the
W.C.T.I*, was held on last Thursday
afternoon nt which seventeen new j
members were enrolled. The members decided to bold a cookery sale
on Saturday. Sept. 19, Further an-!
nouncements will be made later. i
Mrs. Ed. T. Johnson, wife ot Ed, T.
Johnson, of Canal Flats. B.C., died at i
the Cottage hospital on Monday evening, August :!lst. 1914. Funeral services were held from the undertaking |
, signed, In the Interests of the wholt
; community, desire to take tills oppor
| tun Ity of warning the purchasing pub
| He. thnt In view of the abnormal situ
party consisted of Messrs. T. S. Gill, I ntio.i existing, the period of easy and
Wm. McKenzlc, Jack Hoy. Ed. MeMa-; indefinite extension of credit has pass-
bon, and Carl Gill. Tliey report a; -.,] *,ito history. We are not doing
successful day's sport, returning with w],,lt we are urged tn do by the notice
39 ducks. On their return trip near I _.S(,|i for cosh—hut we are issuing
Eager, they Baw a huge mountain Hon j this appeal   to  the   patriotism   that
crossing tlie track, .hist ahead of tlieir j ^eej,8 commerce alive by
car. Mr. McKenzie rook two shots at! billn promptly when due..
the boast, but as his shot wns too) (ra R< Manning. Ltd., 1
small for big game, the Hon continued on liis hurried journey southward.
(ATIttll.lt   t'HVHtil
ichlson, J. Manning. .1. Le
; Cranbrook Trading Co., F.
; J. D, McBride. Patmore I
Wilson, Raworth Bros.. Tit
paying it*
ttle ft U-
sk & Son
'arks ft Co
■Ob., W. H
Fink Mer-
Sundays Low mass at 8:30 a.m.,
high mass. 10:30 a.m.; Surdity School
from 2 to 3 p.m.;  Rosary and Bene-
parlors of !•*. M. Macpherson on Thnn- Motion at 730.
day afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev, "  "
At n meeting of the Cranbrook Retail Men haul.' Association held at J
tbe V M C A building on Monday even-!
Ing it was decided to extend the Wed-]
nesday half-hethhiy through tbe month |
Of September.
Tho members and friends of the Onward Bible Class of the Methodist
church will hold a 'Progressive Social'
on Labor Pay, Sept. 7th. Members
and friends are requested to meet at
the Parsonage Lawn at 'S o'clock.
Several names of volunteeers have
been added to the list of recruits dur-
the past week at tlte local recruiting
ofllce, Mr. Tisdale states that he will
have uo trouble in raising a second
contingent, should a cull be made,
Mr. 11. W. Barr, of Wasa, had the
misfortune to lose his ham and seasons crop therein hy fipe on August 22
The cause of the lin* in not explained
but it Is thought to have resulted from
spontaneous combustion caused by the
overheating er the'toader.
Funeral of John SKorvcn was held
from the Macpherson undertaking parlors on Friday morning dt 10:30 tbo
last services being conducted by Itev.
W. E. Dunham pastor of tbo Methodist
church. Deceased hail been working
for Horemnn ft McEuchern ot Yahk,
as a tie mal.er. He died In the St. Eugene hospital on Wednesday, after only a few d iys' illness.
■ ■
Kendall conducted tbe services. Besides the sorrowing husband, two
small children nre teft to nionru a
mothers toss.
The ladies of the Sunshine Society,
who have organized for the purpose
of relieving some of the needy of
Cranbrook and vicinity, win hold a
public meeting In the Edison Theatre
Friday, September 12th nt 7:15 p.m
All ladles who are Interested in this
work are urgently requested to attend
Any person having clothing or bedding to donate for tills purpose wlll
please call Mrs. Dr. King Tin* ladies
would request that all clothing bo
sent in a sanltarv condition.
Mondays and  holy  days of obligation - Mass at 8 a.m.
Tuesday. Sept Bth, at S o'clock p.m., ■
a (iospel Service, conducted by Capt.
Cox, late of England,
On Monday, the 7th instant, at S o'-
ennttle Co.,Ltd., Cranbrook Co-opera-1
Uve Stores, E. A.  Hill ft Co.,  W.  F j
Doran, McCreery Bros,, Ilalsall ft Co. |
The 41 Market Co., P, Burns ft Co., j
rranbrook Meat Market. The Beattie-;
Murphy Co.. Cranhrook Drug ft Hook i
Co., East Kootenay Greenhouse Co.. i
Cranbrook Sash ft Poor Co., Herald
Publishing Co., Prospector Publishing
Co.. A. L. McDermot, A, C. Bowness,
Robt. Frame.
clock, i
service will be conduct-
Staff Captain Crlchton. of Van-
ire heartily invited.
Capt. and Mrs. Hurtly. CO.
Col. Dougherty, of Fort Steele, has!
been spending several days In the'
Olty this week. The Colonel owns a
combination ranch and mining proper- '
ty on Wild Horse creek nnd Is san- i
gnine that some day In the near future
n great mining revival tn this district,
will result In the sale of his property
and the opening of a rich district In
the Wild Horse. He states that about
Sixty white men nnd Chinamen are nt
present engaged in washing placer
gold In the Wild Horse creek and that
tbey are making money, evidence that
the district possesses gold ore of rich
It A I'll ST ( III KCH
Rev. o. E. Kendall, pastor
Morning Worship 11 a.m. Topic—
"Abiding Peace In the Midst of Trouble."
Sunday School at 3:00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible Class, .1:00 p.m.
Evening Worship, 7:30. Topic—
"Tbe Worlds Curse and Its Cure"—
"Behold HeCorueth."
The public are cordially Invited to
partake with us the cheer of these
lu the future charges will be mad
at regular rates for announcement:
notice of meetings, concerts, tea** or |
other functions, which are being hold j
Canadians are showing symptom"
f an acute attack of eeonomh
leurasilieiiih. No one can accuse
us of being afraid to tight. Show ua
i German nnd we will tackle him.
What we are afraid to do Is to go on
'Ivlng, Instead of composedly and
■heerfully taking up each day a
'.nek as the day appears, we are trembling fn anticipation or uufmaglu-
iblo scarcity and I poverty. It is
lot hard times tliat we expect; wc
have tbem already. It is not simply
hard times made harder by war. We
could understand that aud meet it
It is times so stark und Inflexible
hat Iron Is in comparison us a
sponge and the traditional poker
tillant as a thread. More prosaically,
t is something formless, vast and
,-hostly, the more dreadful because
our reason gives it no shape. If we
were all to he doomed to deutl *«y
glow starvation we ihntild scarcely
he more frightened
We may admit that the war will
HsLurb trade remove bread-winners
from their homes, pile up private ami
public debts, and generally mitigate
the prosperity of tlie recent past. It
s well to be prudent, to eschew luxury, to avoid over-production, and to
provide means for helping tiie spec-
ally unfortunate. Having said this
we have said It all. The sun will
ihlne, the harvests will ripen all tlie
staple commodities wlll huve to be
produced, and there will be Just as
much food and money in Canada next
February as there was last February.
Fear is one of the greatest forces
which operates in the human breast,
in its two forms of worry and of terror it shapes much of the course of
human conduct. Its chosen agent is
tiie imagination. Its chief activity
Is crossing bridges before one conies
to them.
If anything will participate financial disaster It Is this mood of dread.
President    Wilson    has    vigorously
pointed this truth out to our neighbors in the south.   Our economic ills,
like some of our physical ailments,
are born and Incubated In our thinking.    When  householders get panic-
I stricken and buy flour by tin* half
dozen barrels instead of by the bag
tho price of flour must go up.   The
I demahtj    exceeds    the    supply    und
j prices   must  rise.    What  seems   to
I be a  vindication of the forethought
r j is  only  n  consequence  of  the  folly.
When merchants, manufacturers, loan
companies and banks run for sheltor
for tbe purpose of making money, el- l!l(l(l. nfg|lt transforms tbe wind Into
ther directly or Indirectly; whether a whirlwind, When everybody prefer churches, for charity, or for any j d.(:t;. economic woe a false prtldenci
other purpose. • |B   developed    which   defeats   itself.
This means 2c per word for the flrst   peopj0 seoic g „avt. money and get no
insertion and lc cent for each subse-. money to s»,j.
quont   insertion,   with   a   minimum      Moreover, Uie shyster patriot finds
charge of 26 cents. j |,j8 ,1)£,:,.s,? for grinding the faces of
Prospector Publishing Co I thl,  |loor    Tllt, ,,oai merchant,  with
A Good Home
is what is dear to every num. A Home
is where Peace, Comfort, Conlcnliuenl
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
■•Cruulirook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault lias made for an
ideal home at Ihe
Canadian Hotel
*T jww-sa^^fr-avn". *r-*3"uuu *: m
Come on—
5EPT. 12 B 20-I9I4-
[MONG the Amusement Features •anil be Irwin's
Cheyenne Frontier Days—130 Cowboys with
a trainload of stock presenting even.* thrilling
Wild West Contest known.    (J^Po'lo Games
will be held daily between Canadian end American teams, competing for  the North west om
International Championship
The RacinA Program will include Motorcycle Races, Relay
Races, Indian Races, Cowboy Races, and the  usual Running
Races,    d/Thcre will be dailv lectures and meeting of interest
in the Convention Tent.    (fl,More than 10,000 separate Cash
Frizes are offered and it costs nothing to compete tor them
Working Demonstrations of every sort of Improved Agricultural Machinery will be made
AU Railways will fcrant reduced rates
For Daily Program and Premium List, address 503 Chamber of Commerce Building, Spokane, Washington
end for Five Roses
■ii ii rn^sm T«n Genu
Cook Boole
cho»*n   [?**"!   t>*   t'S?TshtJi'jr,s   :(   tjs.s-1    |. .   ■}.■*.
mkmmM mm i* fm K*-**t H >.• dtatTMJL,. ■'.»
AUo LVful Now or, tl- *mm -Jr-an d -■  -J I
Ul mi. *l! tl -Uh hm ben •«•*..,.., tf, Ul
•Mm, im g*wjj*j ii um of m moos want cc un.ro. gaga
Cranbrook Jobbers eKSE*
Herald PubllaUlns Cq
2c. ner word (or tlrst week, atul Id
word (or each weeh
FOK 8A1E—Very slroitg
almoHtnew.   Appuly
W. K. Dunham, Pastor.
Morning Service at 11 a.m.. Subject
| "The Joy of Humble Sorvjco."
The sacrament o( the Lord's Sup-
per will bc administered at the clone
of the morning service.
Evening Service at 7:30 p.m., Sub
Jcct "Thc Light and The Life o( Men."
Special Labor Day service.
'   strong
cutter u«rd only k(n woch
a.   Applj
;    Humid.
TO RENT CHEAP—Pour roomed cottage to mnt. furnished nr imfurnlBh-
ed.   Apply Herald.	
FOK SALE.—Voting milch cows
Apply A. ('. Morrison Box SS,
city. :J5-2t
FOK KENT.—A the room iiiimUtii
cottage in good locution on Garden
avenue:   vacant   September   15th
|   Apply w. J
On Tuesday evening, September 8th,
at 8:30, at Maple Hall, thn Overseas
Club will give nn Entertainment to Its
members and friends, whether members or not, In honor of Us fourth
anniversary. Admittance wlll he free.
A good programme has been gotten
up and refreshments wlll be served,
and a good time Is assured to nil. The
following have kindly consented to
take part in the programme* Mrs. Dr.
Kennedy, Mrs. ,1. K. Kennedy, Mrs. It,
Edmonson, Hev. 10. P. Flewelling, Mr.
A. Fnlrhurn, Mr. A. Itaworth. Mr, W.J.'nnd Friday, Sontothhor 23, 2*1 and 25;
Hoblnson,   Mr.   C.   McMllan,   Mr.   J, and unusually cheap, rales are being
Coutts, Mr, O. Hotlgham, Mr. II. Davis, offered   by  the   railway   companies:   ■,-,	
Mr. T. E. South, Mr. J. F. Smith, Mr.  namely,  single  fare   for  round  trip | MHKI'*.SM'*K!,N,J„1..A^,,1   M
N. A. Wallinger, Mr. O. A, Cock, Mr, from all points between Medicine Hat
W. Leaman and Mr. W. W. Scott. I and Vancouver.
Notwithstanding tlio fact that scv^
eral of the bigger fairs of the Province i
have cancelled  their exhibitions for j
this year on account or the War scare, j
the Annual Nelson Fruit Fair will be	
held tliis year the same as usual, ] (ijj^  |-|;\V utli.   1,0*1.
The dates are Wednesday, Thursday :    gray Perchoron maro
[Iged Uve yenrs.    Aho*.
be nald for Informatl
recovery. I'lione Stone
KENT—Four Ktiiniieil ('outage
with batli nnd all modern conveniences, electric light nnd kitchen
range, heater If desired, fenced, two  known and unlikely
his bunkers tilled at lust year's buying price* hangs a flug out of his upstairs window and adds a dollar to
Uie selling price of each ton, [trend,
meat, Kiigar. potatoes—the traffic in
none of which has been affec ,d-
are racing up the n(.-alp. it Is to defeat such scurrilous avarice, Itsell
terrified yet preying on the terrors
of others, that the British government has taken over the flour mills of
Let It bc repeated that this is a
time for economy. It Is also a tlmr
for heroic effort to keep the business
of the country going. It ls a time to
shorten sail, or run tlm screws at half
speed, lt is not a time to put on n
life-preserver and take to the rafts.
If the industry and commerce of
Canada are paralyzed this winter It
will he because the people of Canada
grew hysterical with fear of the un
blocks (rom  P.O.
Including water.
le.lit dapnle
weigh-! 1400.
■ reward win
u loading to
i ranch. 86-tf
Lndlns suits cleaned mid pressed;
Chicago experience;   tinge  hats.-
IBai Baker, 32 Cranbrook. $t  33-tt
Consider: the dearth is more likely
to follow the war than to accompany
It. And then It can he more ud-
vniitageously met when the stress
and frenzy of the fighting Is past. War
makes work In many ways. Enormous sums of mumy nre distributed
to the producers of many articles.
Farmers, mnnu(acturers of boots and
) clothing,  coal  miners,  and  all   the
middlemen who handle these things
will be uncommonly busy, Tlu- taking of so many men out of tlieir jobs
opens doors to the unemployed, it l-.-
when the war Is closed and the disbanded troops 'Diiu* home that the
tn '.Mr In in bi • spec ted. The great
fmiiii ni the N'apoh onlc period was
in 1813, when his power had been
broken by the disastrous campaign In
Ru sis f.et us be cheerful yet
King David decreed tliat those who
stayed by tho stud should share in
the spoil with those who went out
to battle. He recognized thut there
was parity of merit, even though
there wns diversity. It is as hard to
-viiit and endure as it is to (ling one's
self Into tiie enemy's trench. We
send our contingent across the sea
witli perfect confidence lu its courage. Our brave hoys will not disgrace the families tliey have left lie-
hind. They will find tli" courage
they need.
Are wo who remain behind finding the courage we need? Perhaps It
Is a little harder to find. We are not
beckoned on hy glory, nor keyed to
exaltation. There is no pomp nor
circumstance in tlio inglorious drudgery of keeping the national simp
open. But tliat is llie patriotic task
of the stay-at-homes Many a mnn
would lie asliamed if his son. rifle In
huml, fulled In stand up uguliiHt a
charge of tho fofl, \.| at the first indication of financial danger he himself   deserts   the   employees   who   de
pend on  blm  i'-r  v. irk rages,
and run*1 to savi i.j- dollai llgi
that it It so easy to risk one's life, ho
hard to risk one*i money
Let u-' (all things by their true
name-, it it- nothing elae than chfek-
an*>beartednesa which alls many Canadians, n iri '.. .* promli i ol In
tAe world of business Tin are
cowards and they are in danger of
bringing us all. themselves Included,
to needless |i,-niiry and financial disaster, They are turning back In the
day of battle. Journal d( Commerce
u very effective in the treatment of Coldi. By 1 "Ij.iiii;
the organt of rxcrrtiun to
eliminate the noxious, tuh-
■tnncei from ths hiood.Etn
"Fruit Salt" nssitts Nature to
bring about a ■prrdy cure
It ia moat refreahing na n < ooL
ing beverage and is t.i.-i
paaaed for quenching thm
O-dw a boM!« TODAY
Ito in four dealer.
Prtpartd only bv
J, C. INO, ltd., "fruil
Sail" Work.,
Lsesoa, Ea|lairl
Ami* farCiaitJij
HaraMF. Sit-In* ft C*.
Lid..IV»-lial Si..
fORONIO t'\r.\?. FOUR
THURSDAY,   September 3rd, 1914
No. 34
A. f* & A. M.
Regular meet
ings   on    the
third Thursday
of every month.
Visiting hretl
reu welcomed.
H, Hicke
tbotham, W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,    Sec.
Barrister,   Solicitor,
352 Richards St
Cranbrook Lodge
No. 1049
Meets every Wed
AaXhttof '
nesday at S pin.
in   Royal   Black
K n 1 g li ts' Hall
linker Street.
, llletiitcir
k Carlao
1,   See.,   llox   756
(Successor to \V. V. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    nml
1'. 0. llox 859
l.tijul  Oraiiar,.
Nu.   IS"
Meets lirst and third
'I'liursiliiys ut
s p.m.
1 in      Hoyal
Knlalits i
( Ireland Hull.
lt. S.
Garrett, W.M.
W. i'
DuiiBtan, Ree.
Barristers, Solicitors nml
Money to Loan
Imperial Hank Hulldlni;
K, No. 43
■ifiSa^l.       Ml
t* t s   every
OSS   Mn
iday   night
"VtSffmS*  at
llv invited.
E, II.
S. L. Coop,
Pin. Sec.
W. M
Harris. Roc. Secretary.
NO. IS. I.O.O.F.
Meets first uud third Wednesdays lu each month.
A cm-dial Invitation extended
tn visiting brothors.
11. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
II. While, Scribe
I'rlilr ui t'riinlirinik Circle, Ko.158
Meets iii Carinen'B Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday    of    each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs, A. Laurie, CO.
Mrs. A. Quthrie, Sec.
P. O. Box 1102
Visiting Companions ccrdlally
well nine.
ANCIENT     OltllEII     OF
Court Cranhrook. K»4!l
Meets In  Maple Hall second
uud fourth Thursdays of each
mhntli nt s pin  Blinrp,
John Shaw, ('.it.
L.   I Tim,   Sec.   Box   HIS
Visiting brethren made welcome
President:   A.   B.  Smith
Meets regularly the first Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
w. w. Mcoregor,
P. O. Drawer 499
President   A   It   Smith
Secretary   Alh  It. Webb
For    Information    rognrtllng
binds uml agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Oranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The third Thursday
of i-iiili montll, at old li.vm, at 8
Physicians uml  Surgeons
Ollice nt residence. Armstrong
Forenoons    9.011 to 10.011
Afternoons  2.00 to 4.00
Kvenlngs    1,81) to 8.110
Suniluys    2JI0 to 4.:!0
Cranbrook,  B.C.
Ofllce in Hanson  Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   li p.m.
7 tu   8 p.m.
Irrigation Knglnccr
lieminimi und Provincial Lund
P. O.  llnx 21S     Telephone 143
s ,
ut 8 p.m. In
io Ft
IX.  11
urry, C
P. i
ill, K. i
.  Box
r r. * s.
ig In
■ ini n i
nrdlally In-
Civil anil Minimi Kngli I'll. P. I.iiml Surveyors
. NO. 1»
Meets every s
icontl nnd fourth
Wednesday  at
Fraternity  Hull
Sojourning It
cbckalis cordial*
ly -invited,
Sis. Ida Baxtor,
Sis, Ada Hickcn
hotliam. Hoc. Sec
Day Phone gas Night Plione 36
Norbury Ave., next to City Hull
General Merchant
Kuiplnyniriits Agents
P. O. Box 108 Phone 241
els   ill
Maplo  11
ill  second
Of   every
li at 8
Iii open
n   Hritish
li Y
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent for
LelliliiidLtc   (oul
Xl-lt** render
lni|ierhil OU t'O.
Itrnyinir and Transferring
(Jlven prompt nttention
I'lione Git
s   In
Uie Carmen1
s   Hull
lirst '1
v aftornoon o
ul 8
inn. und the
 ts mi Mil
it Pri
iluy ei
in the sume i
nce ui
8 p.111.
B,  K.
If   Leamatii
•s.  .1.
siiuw, Sec.-'I
II   llnx 442
cordially Inv
*    STAR    *
doods called for nnd delivered
Prompt Service
I». O. Box 798
Works:  Armstrong Ave.
Headquarters   for  nil  hinds  of
, Repairs
Satisfaction  (•unrnnteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,    Stenography,
hi ni; Kdwanl's School
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Per week
Commercial course    $8.0(1
illKh School course       WM
School course      2,50
Kindergarten      l.Sfi
Private lessons      1,00
mish v. M. Cherrington
Phone 200
W. It.
Phone 114(1
P. O. Box BS6
Unlit, Frame. Prop.
Krt'sli Bread, Cukes, 1'ies
and l'ustrj
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
(By Kred Uoo).
The Devil, himself, counldn't equal
what the crowned heads nre doing to
ciieii other in Europe; and no strict Is
the censorship that any real news
from the front has to "gumshoe" its
way back,
Mrs J. Stennett, of Cran bro *h. was
In Elko several days this week vlaitlufi
Jack.Johnson, the heavyweight fighter of the world, who recent)*.* became
a citizen of France, has heen forced into service in the French army, and u jw
the real "white hope" fa Herr Krupp.
Mrs. Pred Roo, of Rooaville, was in
Elko several days this week.
A report, in L'lko this week, siiitl
that u certain Mull Order house in
Winnipeg had discharged ir>oo employees on account of the depression of
Maternity and tleneru
Qardcn Ave.
Terms mi Applici
MHS. A. SALMON. Matron
Phono ar.o         p. o. Unx sir,
I' II E    C It A N 11 It O O K
0 II C II E S T It A
is open tor engagement
Dunces, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold lYullinpcr
Cruulirook, B.C.
1i Useful ranch liorse anil
harness and two buggies.
Oeo. II. Ashworth
Phone 74
Strauss Orchestra
Nun   llpi'ii   fur  Halls,  Socials
and Dunces
Fur further particulars apply to
llox 45S, Cranbrook, B.C.
I,. Van Sliivern, Pianist
.1.    lliiinsej,    Violinist
Taxidermist nnd  Eur
P. I). Ilex l.'ll
Cnlmirj, AHierlu
Two  teams  horHes.  weighing
12r,0 to 1100 pounds.
Tivn       seeond-lianil        farm
wagons; nearly new.
Also slightly used farm machinery or all kinds.
'   All Wlll ho sold on easy term .
Apply  llox G.,  llerald Ollice
,1. Taylor, Proprietor
1 las just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and crcniii twice dully
llultcrmilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
We guarantee tn Please
If  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special  prices for family
Organist    of    the    Methodist
Receives Pupils for
Organ,  Pianoforte.  Voice
Studio--Methodist Church
Phone 2li4 P. O. llnx 78S
Ciirpeiiter nnd Builder
Plans and Estimates Furnished
on Short Notice
Butter & Cream
business. People have no money to
send to the Mall Order houses these
I times, but they don't hick the unadul-
i torated gall when tliey liave no money
| to expect the local merchant to curry
i them for mouths at the tlmo. Another
l mall order house nearer home sued a
man who had a sick wife uud two half
sturvod kiddles for the sum of $1.50 In
the small debts court, and the Solomon
on the bench raised it $10.00—thats
going some. If the local merchant
had done this, there would have been
some gossip, still Its the Merchant's
fault for carrying these people thru'
the hard times. Mr. Retail Merchant,
this means you, no matter where you
t live.
I The papers state that Americana and
Canadians ure paying fancy prices to
I get hack, even in the steerage, from
j Europe; but we can't see that Us any
! worse for 'item in i nine In the steerage
I than It was for Huir grandfathers und
j grandmothers,
\ The old alclu mists worked Indefa-
| tlgably to turn lead into gold. Tho
War Lords nf Europe are slaughtering
tens of thousands of Innocent men
turning gold into lend.
Messrs Agnow, Kerr and Wlnsor, of
Klko. were down the Itoosville Valley
this week looking over their oil lands.
According to the Calgary Herald,
Commissioner Samta played a trump
card last week and the Hritish working men are to be given a chance on
lhc City's payroll. U. C. Coleman, Its
ui> to you now to do something, after
the "spell" you made fn the Herald
last week—get busy.
Mr. und Mrs. Ed. Klingensmlth, who
have lieen spending the month In Elko
tha guests of Mayor Klingensmlth,
returned to Creston this week, hut
they will be hack before spring.
Mr. and Mrs. Neldreth and family,
ol Hunnu, Sask..are moving out to the
South Fork, where Mr. Hanna bus
purchased ten acres of land.
Several new settlers moved into the
Flagstone district this month and it
:s expected thut several more will
move in from Lethbridge and Claresholm this fall.
Conductor .1. Jackson, of Cranhrook.
was fn town tills week visiting old
friends. Joe is a very king of good
Mrs. R. L. T. Galbraith and her sis-
Mrs. R. C. T. Galbraith and her sisters,   the   Misses   Fleming,   motored
aver to Cranhrook Wednesday.
An interesting 'Bee" took place at
ihe Presbyterian church Thursday
evening, when the ladles of the congregation; ably assisted by the male
sex. successfully sawed and piled four
cords of 4-foot wood kindly donated
by F. H. Pearson to the church. This
| assures us of being comfortable for a
'. few winters to eome, the ladies served
i sandwiches and coffee ufter tlie work
was over.
We regret the departure of A. Will**
lamson to Cranbrook. He was a very
attentive member of the Presbyterian
church in Fort Steele, a leading member of the choir.
R. U T. Galbraith arrived back In
Steele, Friday, from Victoria and other
points on the coast. He met several
■ old residents of Fort Steele now locut-
j ed there.
I Mr. aud Mrs. Joe Walsh arrived
j back In Steele, Saturday, from Falr-
I m'ont Springs, where they have been
I camped for two weeks.
! Mr." Harry Henderson and party
of Hull River were also taking the
baths at Fairmont Springs.
Kev. ,1. Walker, of Fort Steele, occupied the pulpit at both services at
Knox Presbyterian church, Cranbrook,
Sunday, his place was taken by Mr. it.
| T. L. Galbraith, or this place, who ub-
' ly officiated,    special collection wus
; tuken for church funds.
(    Our worthy friend, McBurney, who
has been running the local Express
on   time   lor   nearly   a   your   now,
brought a small pony home for his
Children  Friday.    We expect to see!
| Dick down at the local store soon for I
a buggy now.
Mrs. Bin more and Mrs. Cann left i
Fort   Steele,   Monduy,   for   Halcyon
Springs.   They expect to be gone for
a montli.    Mr. Bin more accompanied 't
[ them as fur as Cranbrook.
!    It. L. T. Galbraith and party motor-[
! ed to the Mission, Tuesday, where nn
Investigation  case under the Indian I
department called blm.
Mr.  Alex  Keddle came down  from.*]
Invermere Saturday,   lie Stayed u few
days the guest of Mr. Crctncy and >
pfoooedod to Spokane Monday.
Guns could plainly he heard Tuesday
morning as early as .". a.m., no doubt
the chicken enthusiasts are out tn
force .
A farewell social Is to be given our
esteemed friend, tlie Rev. J. A. Wal-
i Iter, on Tuesday, his term expires
Sunday next. He is proceeding to college at Toronto. We trust a large
audience will be present, as Mr. Wal-
i ker lias Certainly done good work In
this vicinity.
Loss ■
By using a
We have them in different Sizes and Styles.
Our Smaflwear Section
is Complete
In almost every detail and the pikes cannot be duplicated
even in Toronto.'
... *jyp*c?s
Sir Wilfrid's utterance, "it Is our
, duty, more pressing on us than ;iii
otlier duties at once, on this first da>
of debate iu a Canadian parliament to
let Great Britain know, tn let the
friends und foes of Great Britain
know, that there is in Canada but one
mind, and one heart, and that all Canadians stand behind the mother-couu-
, try.".
"One mind und one heart!"       A
phrase that must  forever  Hngi ;■ jn
the minds of the Canadian people. Tlie
veteran statesman could have chosen
no more inspiring word.-.   Sir I
who followed the leader of tin oi position, strongly supported him    "I wa i
glad, Indeed," declared the  premier,
"to listen to the words of my right,
honorable friend with regard    i i
: attitude toward .the German
! We have absolutely no qui rr '     Iti
| the German people,"   How true this
lis, yet how little understood.    Tbis
I war Is  not against u  people,  it  Is
i against one man who has dragged his
; people  Into  the  shambles.    Remove
the emperor and there would bo ho
casus belli.
Canada is happy in its leaders. No
more worthy representatives e uld be
found for a great und nroBperpua nation, and as long as we have such men
ns these at the helm, wo cannot go
far astray. Sir Robert and Sir Wilfrid, such antagonists and staunch
Canadians, have been tried In tl.e hot
i lire Of politics and have come out true
as steel.—Saturday Sunset.
-_.__ __     	
and spent an hour or two i:
. prayer.
On tin. ir way down they rue
t MoodV
with tlio remark tbat they li
ad spent
tin* ogrly hours hi prayer, "Ca
■mot you
sec our faces shining 111 • tin
■ face of
Moses?" they asked.    "Youn
si   men,"
Moody  somewhat   sternly  o
"remember tbat 'Moses wist
not that
his face shone.'"   The rcbti
ke went
Have you ever though! ol
■ it  that
onco yea  become  conscious,
for ix-
,:t ymi are
It In wltli a tlirlll ot loyalty and affection Hint every Canadian rendu tlie
speeches ot Sir Itobort Ilorden and Sir
Wilfrid Laurier at tlie opening of
parliament on Wednesday. Canada's
greatest i.tiitesmen, the prime minister
and the leader of the opposition, hnve
given to the world a challenge. Tlie
lime was opportune, for Canada Is nt
war. Side hy side the leaders of tlie
two great political parties face a sit-
,„,„, „,„„,  ..nation   believed   Impossible   a   few
PHOSrHONOL FOR MEN. UK3 i «»«n «*°k» "•«<>• T»'oro ■""" ",ltOT*
 •-- - - -' "ing  attempt to  avoid  the  Issue
SQlinroly.   As was fully expectod from
^^^^^^^^^^^^  men of such sterling quality, there
i' iienttle Miirnhy Co.. Ltd.. Arenti.    I was no hint cf recrimination.
Deliveries Made Promptly When
You Order
McPhee's Ranch
RuiiiiiiiH Pill im- Women. (A n box or throoiov
tm. .-<>iil nl nil linn* stnrch, or Mulled to any
iLl'lrin.ii.11 icctfjptof i-ricc.   TllfJ BCOIIRM. lutni
i for Ncrvt! find Mmlii; liicre«n*i "Rrejr
iiiittli*r",a'reiiii'-wlll i- nni you up. 13 ntiox.or
two [nr t>. "' 'trim plftfH, or hy mnll tu'THC'-lM
1)11-ri- t- Tin. HCUUI l.l, Um ti CO., St. CtUliurlllM,
lleiittle Murjihy Co., Ltd., Agenti.
(By   "Cleric")
srilll'ITAI,  liKAXTV
"Moses wist not tlmt his fape
shone."—Exod. 34:o».
For the luck of a better torra I Bhatl
define tliis shining as spiritual beauty,
and in ho doltiK 1 do not think that we
in any way Btretclt llie text.
To get tlie connection oi' tho texi
please read from Exod. T2 to 84, us
space limits detail.
The first tliinj; that ooeim; to lis
after study Is tliis:
I. Spiritual beauty Homos front
limit Tbe power to change his countenance lay not in .Moses led In Ood
.Spiritual beauty is a roll eel ion uf
Qod'B holiness, -However, llie nil in Ing
faee of Moses does not attract ne* so
much as the tact tlmt he talked with
Ood. That will explain what otherwise might be obscure He talked
with Ood—toll me friends is it possible to talk wlih Cod without being
changed? 1 do not think so, (.iiii-
mtiulon with Ood breaks down the hot
temper, subdues tlie Imperious will,
replaces hatred wilh love, and hardness of heart'wlih a morel ful spirit.
Surely the result, is seen on our
seums to recede. Childhood Uys wcre
blissful days; but we wen entirely
unaware of tlieir bounding Joy. Here
Is another view. 1 know that l do my
best when I am least bo'nsc-ous of it:
i nd I also know that I fall and falter
tl e moment the Impression cornea tlmt
I am doing well, if wo began to congratulate ourselves on our holiness
It would be fatal. In fact it would
almost appear that in this life wc are
not to be permitted to have the con- '
sclousness of spiritual hi nutj*. No
O. T. profit, no N. T. saint had it
This does not mean that v.*' may not
obtain holiness; it onlv iceina to
point out that spiritual beauty is not.
consistent with the knowledge of it.
Rightly you ask the reacon (if this
peculiar phase of our religion, l can
but cite one probable explanation.
Ood intends that we shall not be
guilty of spiritual pride over spiritual
achievement We have to be continually reaching forth toward? tho prize,
not that we have already attainod. lu
the Christian life there is no Mine for
standing still, no opportunity for self*
congratulation, There are- heights
before us to hi; scaled, battles to he
won. Others may rest, may "lie on
flowery beds of ease," ours la to go
on from strength to strength; from
grace to grace, from victory to victory. Not until the curtain rings
down, not until thc "well done" of the
Muster is heard, must we lay our
armour down. Vntll then the watchword \:i "Go Forward!"
"0   Jerusalem,   Jerusalem,   whioh
kllleth the prophets, and sto'npth them
that are sent unto her! how often
would I have gathered thy children toll hor
nil ye
ri flu r, even as ii hen i nl
own brood under ber v In
would not" Luke 13:3*1
ia om* or the lirst Lhat [cm
memory. They tell of a hr
Mid of disappointed liopi
often," would Jesus have
■,l to
id   the
people of Jerusalem, but they would
nt t. Notice, boys aud girls, how
Jesus talcs the most common of in-
cldeu show how much He desired
to protect the people.  "As a heu gath-
,i n th her own brood under hev wings"
- how often have we witnessed this.
I have seen a lien attack a large dog
that came near her young. Tbat was
mother love. Some years ago a gentleman was walking over a prairie that
had been swept by a lire. He saw that
appeared a iittlc mound of earth,
which ho poked with a stick. To his
surprise a number of little chickens
ran out. Examination showed the remains of a hen. Seeing the fire ad-
voncing she imd called her young,
gathered them undar her wings, and
while protecting them was burned to
death, .lesua would have protected
the peoplo; but ah! they would not.
It was not because they could not;
but because they would not that Jesus
•was unable to save them. This broke
His great heart, and He wept. Surely
we do not permit Jesus to weep over
mir wilfulness?
Fn Thousands
®f Homes
early nnd certain relief is found
lor thc ailments to which all are
subject— ailments due to defective
or irregular action of the stomach,
liver, kiJncys or bowels—in the
nioi.t famous family remedy,
J'..:     world     has     ever    known.
we justly famous because they have
proved to Iioko reliable as correctives
or preventives of thc sufferings, dull
f& lingsnmklungcrdue to indigestion
pr biliousness* If you will try them
11 cloanso your system, purify your
I l-wji!, tone your stomach, stimulate
■.r liver und regulate your
I jwale, you will know why so
; inny  rely on Beecham's Pills- to
Insure Health
aid Happiness
LnT,!.j(Snl««f Any Madklna la Ih* World.
....I.I • v.■iywlnTi*,   In hoki't, 25 rmli
For Uu' ItOl'NIJTKII'ln tlio
Twelfth Annual
Havii you oliKorvi'il tliat Duviil raakoa
n HlnRiilar roqiHint paralstcntly? Six
tlniufi lie prays the Lord to lot His
fane shine upon lllm. Ho 18 niixloiin
lo nitcli tlie reflection, so to sprnli.
llie spiritual beauty. Shall wo cry
for the some? In this nae wo nood
lho true. There Is too much ol the
I'oiintcrfelt, tlio hypocritical whore
holiness, which Is the bounty or llie
Lord, shiild he. Another thing l>-
'-'. Men are imiinll) immune ul
llllii lioanly. "Muses wist nut Hint Ills
fare shone." Iliirlnii ono of lho con-
liriinccs hold by Moody at North-
Hold, a conplo of pious young men roue
knl lire and went to tlio Round Top
I     "tl"
kelson Fruit Fair
Nelson, B.C.
September '2 3rd-24th-25th
Come and Bring Your Friends
Sand for I'riz.i List       Bus 892, Nulson, B.C.


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