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Cranbrook Herald Dec 6, 1917

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THURSDAY,   DEC,   Hth,   191"
Helping a Qovernment maintain itself and solve its problems is infinitely more wortii while than helping to overthrow
it, and deluding the public into believing that a mere change of men will overcome difficulties that can be met
only by the combined power of the nation.
Tlie Auditorium on Monday evening
was tilled  to overflowing  with  the |
male and fotualo oloctors nl' tliis city
together    with   many    I'l'.iiii    mil side j
points   Who   dad   brt VOil   Kie   winter-1
like  weather  to  bear the  opening
shuts fired mi behalf of tin* Unionist
Qovornmont, when Hon. Martin Bur- J
rel, Socrotary o[ state, und Dr, Saul
Uonnoll, Unionist candidate for   this
riding appeared here.   P. W. Adolph
of Haynes Occupied tho choir and in
briefly opening the mooting after congratulating the citizens ef Cranbrooh j
and vicinity for having responded ao
well to the invitation to hear wlint;
the Unionist Government speakers in
the Interest of Dr. Bonnell had to suy.
took occasion to announce that heretofore, while be had heen allied to the
Liberal Party, he eould not under the
present national crisis do otherwise
than  follow  the dictates of liis con- j
science, and throw his energy in support of   the   Unionist   Qovernment I
which he bad concluded was entirely j
for the national welfare and he trusted tbat tbe audience lifter bearing Dr.
Bonnet I and  Hon. Mr. Burrell would :
be enlightened to the extent tliat their
conscience would dictate to them that
they  msu.t  give  their  whole-hearted
support In tbe InteruEt of the party
which has been formed purely tor the
benefit of the country and empire.
Dr. Bonnell in the course of his address reviewed conditions at the front
as he bad found tliem when serving.
there and emphasized how much the
boys at the front were depending on
those remaining at home for reinforcements.
He stated tliat he never hnd had
political aspirations until nt the pros-
tint time when he felt that he could
do more national good in ihis manner than by continuing to follow his
profession career, "The ptftple living
h*re In Canada, far away from the
.sound of the guns, cannot realize what
is going nn In Kurope," said Dr. Bon-.
null, "or we w'juid all have boen a
united people without differences of |
any kind and all unanimous in lending
assistance to the boy; at the front who;
have pone and started cur fight and
are still carrying on our battles." In
continuing when the doctor told the
audience thai he wa-- convinced that
the pe.iple of Cranbrook iu response
to that appeal to send troops under
the Selective Draft system to assist
those already in the trenches, the)
would answer thai npponl iiy snp|Ort-
hiK him as a representative .>f the
Unionist Qovernment whieh 1*^ pledged i
and will stand or fall on that pledge
to the boys at the Ireat. those remarks
were greeted with loud bursts of applause
Tbo Doi ivi then drew nl tent ion to ;
the revised scale of pensions us Inaugurated i>y tiie Unhnist Qovernment
which in tlie tola! amount payable by
Canada will he approximately forty
per cent increase and Is retroactive
from April of this year to nll disabled
soldiers, their wives and dependent
parents. The allowances to the children are increased from five dollars
per month to eight dollars for eacli
and (tvery child wltLOul any limit as
io number of children in a family who
shall receive the pensions.
Under the old scale of pensions formulated by tlio Joint committee bf tlie
House of Commons, these were graded
from one hundred per cent disabled
».i zero, In classifications of twenty
per cent disability. This method had
caused considerable discontent and
criticism inasmuch as a soldier classified as ninety-eight per cent disabled
received his pension under the eighty
per cent allowance, or one graded as
seventy-nine per cent disabled received only the sixty per eent allowance.
Under the revised scale these classifications have been altered to five per
cent graduations and In this maimer
the dissatisfaction heretofore existing
will bo entirely eliminated. Afi additional allowance is now granted
amounting to ninety-six dollars per
annum to married soldiers or their
In answer to tho statements made
by Dr. Bonnell's political opponents
that he was a machine politician, the
Doctor stated that tliis meeting was
the tiiird occasion at which he had
made a (tollttcal speech, and that in
all his career he had attended but one
political convention. "I am unfamiliar with the workings of political parties, but yet these men say I am a
machine politician. I nm not und no
one enn bring forth any argument
tltat I am, and I challenge them to do
In closing, the Doctor said, "I am
absolutely honest in iny statements
in tliis connection and while I have
only seen a little corner of the misery
over at the front, It Is because I realize what Canada is going through;
because 1 realize it my duty being In
Canada at tills time and from that
experience convinced thai we should
fulfill our obligation to the boys at
the front, that I am taking this step
and I am confident nt least sixty per
cent of tiie people of Kast Kootenay
«m December seventeenth will have
deposited their ballots for the Unionist
candidate<" The Doctor was given a
tremendous ovation as he resumed his
The courtesy of addressing the
meeting wa- then extended to
ThOmas Blggg( Labor Candidate, but
he was "-nly given a brief hearing by
(Continued  on   page   four)
The rogular monthly meeting of
the Cranbrook Women's institute was
held in the Parish Hall on Tuesday
afternoon, when there war* u large
hair   wa- ttCCUpted
McFarlane, President.
is   read    Irani    Balfour
knowledglng receipt of
nt ihere last
BY EXPLOSION! JTa-" Sdoc/s   '■■
by Mrs   w   li
a   letter   wi
the donation of $10.00
Correspondence relative io 1917
competitions, from the Department
of Agriculture  was also read.
Since the last meeting, the Government grant, amounting to $94.60, has
been received. This grant varies in
amount according to the paid-up
membership  of   the   Institute.
.Members were reminded of the annual meeting, which will take place
on Thursday, January 3rd, and a considerable number have already paid
up their subscriptions for iln> ensu-
Ing year.
In spite of the onerous donations
made during the year to various patriotic and other worthy ornaaizatlons,
the year is closing with tiie finances
in sucli good shape that the meeting
was able to allot the following donation, viz: Prisoners of War Fund,
$10.00; South's Home lor Neglected
Children. Vancouver, $20.00; Canadian Bed Cross Society, $".0.00; Upkeep bf Cranbrook Women's Institute
Bed in Bushoy Park Military Hospital,
England, $_-o.nn.
An appropriation of $10.no was also
made for the Institute Library. This
aniounl together with whatever is
received in respect of fines, is to be
used for the purchase of additional
A most Interesting and instructive
paper was read by .Mrs. J, I). McBride, entitled. "A call lo action,"
dealing with the necessity of a Dowel
Law for the Province, and comparing
the laws affecting women in British
Columbia with those in other parts
of the Dominion. A.- a result of this
paper, a resolutions committee (Mrs.
W B, McFarlane. Mrs J. [i. McBride.
and Mrs. ,1 VY. BurtOn) was appointed
ini raw up a petition hi lie presented
at the next   session of tlie Provincial
I.' gtslnture.
During tin* afternoon
was given by Mrs. Tyler
As u n-Milt oi' mi explosion ll hour.] u munition ship in
II a I im v Hiirbor yesterday, u largo purl of tin* north end oi (lie
eity and iilmiu lhe water mutt is in ruins. Tlit- lass of lite is
nppulliiic. Karl) estimates place the number of deari as liii_li
us 2,000. Hiinttn ils lune been injured. The proper!) dani-
ufje ls enormous, us there Is bc areely a window left in u iniilil-
iiitf In the city.
The Annual Uazanr under the hub-
E   pices of the Ladles Altar Society of
St.  Mary's Church  was held al  the
Campaign Closed Saturday Mghl With
Bauble   the   Amount   Anticipated
Palm on Wednesday, and the committee of which Mrs. J. Jackson Is
President, are to be congratulated on
tlie   successful   result   obtained,   the
  sum Of $260.00 being realized.
When the city banks c?jsad their The building was tastefully decor-
doors at ten o'clock on Saturday ated and a larg,. and attractive as-
night, Chairman Q. J. Spreull ami lie- sortment of articles were displayed
cording Secretary B. H. McPhee had   for  sale.
the  satisfaction  of  pulling  together      Tlie following ladles were iu charge
the completed lists of subscriptions of tho stalls:
from all sources and finding tliat Cran      Fancy work: Mesdames Drummond,
brook and District had answered the   Mur.phy.   Imd   Keating;   Fish   Pond:
call  of the  Victory  Loan  so  whole j Mr.v .1. a.   Genest,    Miss    Murphy;
a solo
by Mrs, .1, Thomsi
a Social In
notice of «,
our coluin
voted lo tl
be bold i
■  alsi
■ made (Or
■mber 18th.
sewhere in
will mm-
tlie Inauguration of the
Tlie proceeds will be de-
e V, M, C. A. Military Work
and Si Dunston's Hostel for the Blind.
There win be a musical programme.
dancing, cards, and a novel costume
contest, in which prizes will be given
for the best dressed lady ami gentleman wearing paper costumes which
must mu cost   more than  $1.00.
Mrs  Wnli:, r and Mrs. R, P. .Johnson
were appointed audit >rs
After refreshmets had been served.
After refreshments had been served
ONE common OBtTECT I
heartedly that more than double the
amount originally expected to be no-'
cured, had been subscribed.
Tbe first week of ihe campaign
brought returns or $55,400,00, principally from those wl.'i were only
awaiting the opening of the lists to
hand  in tlieir applications.
Having secured more than halt of
the total amount expected to be raised,
by the end of the first, week, the local
committee and the various sub-committees throughout tlie District went
, to work during the second week and
were well over the $100,000.00 mark
before It closed.
Kncouraged by the results obtained,
every effort was made to bring the
total up as high as possible. Large
returns came in every day, aud the
final drive on Saturday brought the
Efforts were made i'i get everybody
interested, aud witii bonds of as low
a denomination as $f>0.oo a large number of small Investors took tlieir share
of the Loan The lists show that no
less than G">> subscribers have Invested In Cranbrook and District and
demonstrates tliat the canvass was
l a thorough one.
1 It is uot possible to tabulate all
tho returns from ihe various points
' In the District. Many of tlu. subscriptions were sent in throimii the
local committee and the various subcommittees, but a largi' proportion
were sent through tile banks.
It can, i.hwcver. be stated, that all
points responded well, the amounts
received varying In proportion to tbe
population In the various district.-*.
The recording work, wa*^ handled
efficiently by Mr. K. II. McPhee who
devoted considerable time to this
necessary part of the campaign.
Others who contributed materially to,
the successful result obtained were
Messrs. Ceo. J. Spreull. F. M. MacPherson, W. D. Gllroy. W. A. Ni-bet.
A. A. MacKinnon, It. C. Kakin. and
M. A. Beale.
A number of ladles, members of the,
1. O. D. K.. St. John Ambulance Association, and Women's Institute, assisted in the canvass, while the staffs of
the Bank of Commerce, imperial Bank
and Royal Bank, put in considerable
over-time handling tin* extra w-trk!
required of them.
Several meetings were held through-
| out the District, with good remits,'
and a visit tn the Central School had |
the effect of interesting a number of
the rising generation in the Victory
Valuable assistance was rendered I
by the members of the sub-committees !
thiOughout the Dfstrici. Messrs. s
Clark, it. J. Bnrter and F. Davis ofi
Wycliffe. C, M. Pennock ot" Wardner. I
Ben I.uck of Bull Illver. N, W. Bur- [
dett. Kimberley, and others nl Fort I
Steele, Moyle. Vnhk and Kingsgate.'
doing effective work.
Vnneonver, B. ('., Dec. 3rd, 1017.
Chairman, Canadian  Victory Loan,
Orand total for PiOvtnce approximately seventeen  million  eight  bun-.
dred and twenty thousand, five bun-
dred and nineteen dollars from forty*
{ five   thousand    eight   hundred    and
twenty-four subscribers,    ! again express to you very deep appreciation
of  all   yonr   efforts   without  which
tbis magnificent and unexpected total
(Ould  not  have  been  attained,
(sd) William Farrell
The Wardner sub-committee In
charge* of the Victory Loan campaign,
wltli Mr. 0. M. Pennock as Chairman,
secured subscriptions nmoiintlng to
$10,250.00.    When
cookery: Mesdames Mackey and
Armsirong: tea tables: Miss La Fleiir,
Mrs. Itohichaud: Dolls: Miss .1. Pel
kor; candy stall: Misses D. Orcavcfi
and I). Maekie.
The holders of tho winning tickets
i'n-  Quilt, Cushion, etc..  were:
Cushion: No- 15, Mrs. H. c. Hughes.
Doll:   No.   28,   Miss   F.   Wall.     Cake
MIsh   La   Flour.    Quilt     No.   1K7.  the
holder of this ticket is   requested  to
communicate with Mrs. .1. a. Q en est.
Mrs. Wong Fong was before tlie
Court on Tuesday. November 30th,
on a charge laid under the Vagrancy
Act, and was remanded. On Wednesday. Magistrate Arnold censured the
accused in regard to her recent mude
mi living ami awarded her two mumps,
suspended sentence.
Alfred Dahl was also before Magistrate Arnold on Wednesday, charged
with being drunk and disorderly the
previous night. He was in danger of
being frozen when taken care of by
tlie Police. Alfred declared that he
had not had anything stronger than
"two per cent" though his condition
indicated that he hud been partaking
of tOmothing considerably stronger.
When uucstioned by Chief Herc-iy, he
finally admitted that a Men" en route
from Fernie to Spokane, had given
him several drinks from a bottle of
whiskey. Result: fifteen dollars or
fifteen days.    Dahl produced the cash
and departed.    His friend bail gone
on   to  Spokane   before   Dahl   was  ;,r-
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THURSDAY.   DEC,   Htll.   1917
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x m t s in t r s
>1.   V.   Ili-iili*.  Si'i-ri'turi   ami   liilllin*
li. A. Uiii, >lillllt|*i-i'.
('ninbniok, H. ('., In ilwr mil. nil;
The bulk of Sir Wilfred Laurier's
riii.i„,i .ii ut oi a i.iT^iuni I.,..,,.*, 1.1'"a*"    Wllllnni   Jonnlngn   Bryun,   a ,     ,   ,
ZT^CZlZnr^t^Z-^ nr "is ""-"■ *"'rKy""" ,lD""|,!''s' ",01,r"-,i"n"!,"B-'"" ,"c"""!''
a »• „»„l ol tin. oHonalve remark   '"'"' ""• llt""1 "[ ""' ,'"""r "r«""lz"-
Hun   in   tin*   United   Sl:ili*s   lirarllly
supports Prosident Wilton in liiee ivat
|ei*lli*y    ami    conscription.      And to
crown   all,   Henry   Kuril,   win,   spent
lllll    le.
it Illl  Mil.I.  Ill I.I. I
I to decide
i al.'-evee the
plied   with,  ,M
was not allowed to continue,
Ti„. momentous iiuestton which lm
heen given to tl"' electors ot ('amide.
 lember 17th. Is nwny over '""*' n,*m*"'  "'  ': rry "  lmm
is or the ordinary domes-: '"my '" ""' war '""">' wlt„  ove,T
going in change the namely   rob|em8 „.,,.,„ *,,., been bnllol. I crank led by Jane Addnme, lias now
ol Canada for "Quebec?"   It Sir Wil-1 ,„,,   „,„,    in    „.,,.,    „i„r,i,„w.    n,_I tlavotod Ms mlllhna anil his motor
l'ri'd Laurier wins, Quebec wins, and
Canada is ;L*st. 11 Sir Wilfred Laur-1 cnnatla,"aiid"i't"l8 not'tapossTbl'e'eve'n
ier wins Quebec rule will supersede U. dMtta_ _, ..,•-„,_ ,s now )nvolveai
Canadian rule, . as C(mnd„ forms a link in tho ehain
On December 17th, tho people must  .„d ., |jro|.p|,  „„,...,,,„  „,.„  ,„ „„.
tho  Nationalists anil, all   who try
evade their national reeponslbllltle
It must not bc forgotten that It
was Sir Wilfred Laurier who Introduced the law that Ciiiiiullans could
bo "conscripted" for tlle defence of
Canada. Now lie wants to repeal tho
law—when the Huns are at the gate.
ted   iii'ii.   in    past   elections;    ihe
■en.,,,    life.    •,„,!    fiiinrn    ,l„sii„,-    ,.r   factories Iii war purposes.    Tlle eon
Canadian who has not lost all **ense! domination    ot Canada, Canada    no
trast    brings   humiliation    to  every
a (jeruinii victory means German
declare for Canada and Canada's so1
diers ot Quebec nnd   Quebec   slack-*    So tt, the que«tlon rlie» abov
ers.   They miisi choose between P='  ,0nalUles, personal abuse sli
Holism and pea soup. ,   (|1    ,    .
Who wlll Rule?   Thnl Is lhe Issue.      .,.„,. _, ,,„   ,„.   Bo
Mas, iheolghl llrllitli provinces how | T1|(,  |1(p|]   M.   |U|nv||  mf
in the yoke of iijuraeesn and the i**.en
wlm would dishonor Canada?   Afler
December ii will bc Cnnndlnn rule or
Quel  rule,   Which!
Iel lm
free trim, iliis reproncl,
corely trusi thai tho *■ e
will lie maintained In llu
high tone
ii'lillK*.  to
ii iti unit hi\s.
evil! ii.'
broad i
, lis head in this
Hindu nf nur
v. m. e. h. «rilc
11.mi's li u.ni. to S ii.m.
Regular Dinner at Short iinlii*.
Reasonable Prices
Special   Tuble   tor   Ladles.
Till: 110.111: HAKEKY
Robt. Frame, Prop.
I risli llriitttl, Cukes, l'len
unit I'astry
Phone 37
Nurbury Ave.       Opp  City Hall'.
KKV I ITV l,OI)0H, No. 48
Meets   every
Monday night
       at Fraternity
Hail.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
B. II. McPhee       W   C, Adlard
Secy. N. Q.
of patriotism 'one" * "allon but ■ OOTmon ''ololl>*
The Labor' Leader of the country I ruled by the merciless hand ot tier-
has entered as sincerely into Ihe ton- j man militarism with all lis ruthless
test  and places his whole authority  att'wltlos.
against the anarchists, I   \v. Vi. and
Socialists.      II   makes    a  Canadian:    The Liberals who I'.eti* Unionist In
 si,   with  slum,,, ami  Indignation this «•<•''•■">■ '•"•' ""<■ ■*"«»•«'»« "•"
thnl any faction In Canada could be Principles ot Liberalism; thoy ure
so Influential as to bring on an elec- merely torgottlng pnrtylsin tor tho
tlon ai this crisis, but lot ibis taction tlm" •"'■"i* ''••' i'1'"""*' ""' ,Kea" °r
gel snch :* boi back on lith lieeeiuber' tholr country first
thnt llie  i.ills of  lhe boa-iieiislrletnr j 	
be  Soldleri at lbs fneni   realise
only  nm  woll  Winn  tholr fate  will
be It sir Wilfred Uurler is returned
    11„  power  and  tho Military  Service
""'   s"'"*   Af'l.l   i   ll'li* ll'.iu       N,,„   ■*„,*   nililer  lias sel  111, alteil*    Ail   suspended.
ul public opinion  In Canada ,,,„ |„ _rn»*n lo tho by-law rocoittly Are wo going ne leave them in tho
except   Quebec)   was  upraised   *.i |,nMOd 1.)   tho Council  to set apart lurch?
mplin!!eil'y linn  iiesii. "„.   Laurier |.yM„i,.|,   Avenuo   botweon   Edwards                         	
vas compelled to semi a contingent. u„,|   |mlis  sireeis   for  tho Juvenile The propaganda ot pacifism which
*L' ""  ' ll'"'' '"'" Inctnnl  be members ot the community to use nl is the propaganda of tho Quebec Nu-j
...    „-,,-„.              vustodoro.   Mon In the tlovornmont  ,, , ,ggan slldo. tlonnllots   is  aided and  abotted  by
Canada becomes i   '''" S''  '■'""'" D!'V'CS '''"'""'''    A"s' In hast years thoro has bee*u con- every alien enemy In Canada;  ll  Is
atlon  tnd Ihe \r-  """" '"'"' N''v'' ■/'*,:,li""' hed already Blclornblo tobogganing on any street tho propaganda "f Botolsm inspired
honor and nnl'on    " ™n"'1B™t °" "" v''''"   Sir Charles „.|,|,   .,   aufftctent   gradient,  causing through German AgoncloB,   It rcprc-
I liiiiper. leader iii tho opposition, sent      on*y  annoynnco  ih  podcitrlans, I sents the Qerman tactics bohlnd the
..      „,,.||,. p.-    I'i""'i''''  logroin   "Send a conlin- |„„ enilnngorlng tlio lives ur tho boys! allied armies and in Hie allied coun-
iilinis  ,.,iimii   -. ii'.i-1' to'* rtiii-.in 'in ' B'"1 "'"' ' „'"'",".'ls" ""' s"l1i""'1 "''""'juiiil nlils and  resulting iii frequent tries.   This menace In Canada must
"      "    '               opposition."    Tn   this (jiiitrlntli*  and accidents, ono buy lnsl  winter sits- and will bo otfectitoly destroyed on
magnanimous offer came the reply mining u broken collar bone, December liili.
,     If   Lam
another it
dead, to i,
It Laurier win
"slacker" nntlon,
j overseas and dial
am..Ill*,   all   doniOl
H Laurier win
glo-Saxi iscs I:
It' Laurier win
'■■"•"I*'   '""■     Wh
roam tn * heroic   urokl
nnd ni liberty and   ,,..,,
eiuila becomoa u
ertlnfl ber men
Cranbrook, H, ('.
Meets every Tiiesilay at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, 0. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. lt. & S
P. O. Box 622
Visiting  brethren  cordially Invited to attend.
Meets In   Maple   Hall  second
Tuesday of every mouth at t*
p. m. *H
Membership opeu   to   British
VlBltlng   members   cordially
welcnaed.    .
E. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
111 US
the  llllllll
I.. Hi,* race.
I. VI Itlllt'S Illl tl.
1,1,  to thi   le.asi "Cai
Icngo iii I Sim, sir Willi!;
inure loynl than Qa	
Through   Hie.   rgotl
runs of i'nl. Sam  Hughes the
lingent was s.-ut. ami tin* iloeil
val,,in- ..f these ne a go down to liis
lory, lho Canadian Contingent  earn
hit* llie honor uf bringing aboul tin
banners of Ullgla
ot llu* Hulled Slale
Hint If ever Hi.*
iml Hie banners
r,. again to meet
he  world  every   man   in
the empire was  tied i *i  tlie
<t  battlefield, ihey shall i I on- j ti„0„te I doom.    Every obstruction
willed   together   in   the   defence   <-f
There nre few houses nn the see-. - ■	
'"    lii.n   nl'   Fenwick   Avenue   whieh   |ls |     Av  fe.r Lnurler is a vote fnr the
"*   being .h,s,*,l to Ordinary traffic, und ; policy of Hourassa ami tho Quebec
as deliveries of supplies are Invari- Nationalists who would leave England
ably ninth* by  way of the lanes, the   and     France   lo    their  fate;     "time
inconvenience caused to the rosidents enough for us tn fight when Quebec
will nol be great. , is attacked," they cry and in. their
urrendcr ur the Boors nnd the end of     uv understand that arrangements hearts they know that but  for the
| are being mude* for additional lighting   Hritish Navy and the heroic sacrifices
'"' hlow   facilities, alsn the boarding an uf thej of ihe boys In Flanders, Quebec would
npproach   to   the   filnt   bridge,   thus   long ago have been attacked.
ptOviding a sal'.* recreation ground.    , —•—•
Tin* action rn' the Council In tliis;    Tlll,  mos,   mtlng  relink,*  i'er  the
ihe w
si   holy cause,  in   the defence <>i
holy Justice, for the defeni t' the
oppressed, for lhc enfranchisement ol
the down-lroddon and fnr Hie advance-.
mem nl liberty, progress and civilization."
lu HUT when tiie banners 'if Englund nml Hi,, hauliers of tho United
States have again in, I on lhe battle-j
field iu support nf Hi
I sed   be
S. Tile
Lnurler ami
Parllameni   v\
Is    101 -
s   held
mailer  was taken  at the suggestion   Kitchener "disgrace" would he to al-
'■■••■ tM"^   Hern
ml nn the recommendation or Alder- .-w slr Wilfred Laurier and his sup-
up tin* nearly iliree months when the   .„.,,,   n   ,*   i,-,,h„ ,                .     ,,
'                                                                 man   It.  i.  l.akln. porters   u   courteous   hearing  nl   all
i leiiiriiiiiiinii   ui   three   jreadna ghts      i.*,.„,.vii,i„,. ,„,Usii.i„ io i,„i,,„ ,e,...n .                  ,, ,
i    i-eeieiiung possii.ie is Heing done their meeting!; it wnuld be a cause
was   nsiteu   mi*.      ine   Humiliation   to provide a good location tor tobog- foI, s|nCerc regret If nny attempt at
reached   Ils   climax   wl    men   -.„._-_ nll(,  lt ,B essential thai  in-
thnt Lnurler parked inlo the Sen
ate vetoed tho contribution to pro
euro Dreadnoughts. The cruiser
from   Australia   ever,-   sweeping   thi
retaliation  is  permitted by the fol-
iilgenee Iii the sport be restricted to! |mvcrs   of   Union   Government; the
ie hill set npnrt tor the purpose.      I ,,ausl.    ot  (jn]iDn|sm    will  thin be
. —  ' strengthened,
fral Laurier. sir Wilfred nnd hlr. ful
lowers Blnnd idle and lie 111 colli nl:
! Btructlon across the pnthway i»f Hi
nation all civilization weopB, lull lh
Huns laugh in fiendish glee.
Meets in the
Parish Hull
first Tuesday | absolute!
afternoon of
every month
at 2 p.m.
Pros., MrB. W.
H.  McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs, J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 021.
All ladles cordially Invited.
Miiiilniin Htsliiiiriint
Meals at AM Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and I iiu.li
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Che Wasa Bciel
Huntint< and Fishing
Unionist Investment Co. Dd
,   . „               , ,    _,   „,., ,      nions   from   tho s em  Seas. A v,,„ ,,„. Ullrler ,s .,„ invitation
, wondertiilly pictured by Sir Wil*   ■,*,,„ Donle„ ,;,„,,,„ ,„ „,is harms- „, ,„,, Knlsor „, ,.,„,,„ ov.,; n„rt lali(, "I can Imagine" says Sir John Sl-
BCd In every unscrupulous and treas- p,ma(ir,' mnn. "only ono crime which Is to be
onnblo way.   An election was forced                           compared in tho crime ol permitting
on the country whicli will leave n bit- T]„,,. .„., Bnmc m,„„E „„ peculiar- ••*« "ar ,0 "" "" tl,r °" ™>""'<^"r>'
torncas nnd mistrust thnt many years h* cnnctltutod that  tbey are unable hour, and that ia the crime of Blnckon-
wlll  not efface.    Oronl   Brill as to dlfferentlntc between love of party lng in our purpose, after all the sacrl-
 —   _   .          posl il   election   tor   the   fourth and love of country. fu'ea  wc llnvc m"iQ' bP>"e ° ™l1 >
PARTV   C.UHU'l'I.Adi:             ti|11),     Laurier   cxpeeled   thai    with ' opportunity of securing an enduring
 —            ,           .aliens,  iini-tlerinaiis and  every  dls- The Soldiers at tho froni are cry, i"'<"'<'  ""*  arisen."    The  crime  or
lleware ot lhe cHnTUtlnlo who says   ,iv;il ,.,,„.„ |n „ (Hm|,.y h(, „.„„,,, (      m  ^   ^ m^ _( (]|.|r .^ •■slackening In our purpose" Is ndvo*
he Is for Uurler bul stands for tttn-   _„,„ by ., 8olw Qlie1jec „„. ,,.i„, „,* „„,, m ,,,,„„, ,„ „„.„.,,, „„,„ ,„ cated by llie Lnurler Liberals,
scrlpllon,   Such a num Is straddling   .„,„,.„„„.„, ,„„.,. ,,„„„   N,.ari;  i„„r „,,, c.,.wi,
the fence in a dlBlionesi attempt to   1,„ll,,,.,.,| thoiiannd of tho monhood of
got votes nil   both  sides.    Tl.e landl-    Canndn  .„.„ )„   |.*n„„.,. _„-]   Flanders,
date who standi for Laurier eannol   f|g|,t|ng ,,„. ,„„. nborttofi nnd ndviin-
siaiiel for conscription;  lho two are  t.ge ff_8 lilll(1|1 ., l|l(,)r „bBenc0 ,„
ml utterly Irreconcilable,   fn|.(.(1 M ,,,,.,.,!„*„    whel, ,vcry ,„„„.
liould   be  I'll   al   Ihe  disposal   Of  the.
el* Liberal
  l*'riini'"Le Canada," tl
li wlll In* useless to go ou knitting nr|,an ln Montreal;
socks  for nnr  boys  at   the  front.  If ..,, Hn,.(U,n ls ,,1(,doj „„, only will
there an* i  u'.i feel to put them t]l(, d_nscl|pti0n law be enforced, but
The,*,*  is  al-ii  the candidate  who    ... , . . ,      ,,    ,.        .   , „„.  """ the  second  class will  be called as
seeks   I,,   elve   the   imieresslim   that              ,                       nspoaai                                         soon as the first class Is exliniisteil."
,    e,    ,, ,   h,   wn,        o.      ,*r        '   W"" "'V"11"*";"  '" ;i'l'ry  ""       Sir  W""""  '•i"'r""' ""S BiVP"  "ls "If Laurier Is elected .he law will
wi     tie flr    draft o     no hundre    tleWnr'," ""'"'" ?""'"'" ^"T     "'"l"^'""   '"  ™""w»l™   ""»  "" soon be suspended and the measure
tii   s men    No   mo    ,   "^—"u^-     *»™*"'. Anting 1 Ucly tha. Canada has done  ,,„„„„„,„ ,„ „„.  ,„,, 1(„, , r(to.
thousand    men     No    mon   tiagroni   treachery ol unicrupulous politicians  enough in the war. advocating that „„„.,...     ..Referendum"  Is   Laurier's
>->""'■ ol decopi r  vnte-geiiing ,     d Bcdltion,BlB< socialists, and Huns ' -    "d     ,     „le      , o( „„, „*6„ow uld,,m*      Ret '* ' ' "    ''   u,m     '
.,,,-.,..    ,.„„i,i  ,,._-ii.lv    l„. nl-iveil !                      ,        ,       ,           ...                '    }          '                      yeeieew nostrum lur lirnhibltinn anil eonscrli-
purpnses   could I'Miino    ni  Piayen.| |,„„r|P,..s rPtcicti<l,iiii Is unother pleb- ,,„-,■■ lhp bnly llnt|on ot ali tho nn
lacltc    sulitcrflige  tu    withdraw  and   *|,lns involved lo r.link away.
Uinrler is against the present dratt
and all the other drafti, and It he Is { lp.,Vi', ,„" „,;„- detolldora witll„„i
elected to ollice no. a man will leave ,,.,„ ,„. ,„„.,„ „„ ,„„ .,,,_, (|f ,,,,.,„.
Canada   under  tho   Military  Service i flm    ,m „„.,.,. a|lv0|l|, wU|l n d|,(||, „,
A"      ll,r '"   llls   nw"   "'"'•'■•''   0X-    Briton's blnnd  III   Ills  veins   will   vine
pressed In bis manifesto: I _„ „„, ,-,,, ,,„,,,„,„,,. ,„ br|     .,,„„„
"As in ihe present Military Service  s0 dI,g„coru, »„„ immllh.iing an act?
Act my policy will be not lo proceed      Nw   „.„.„   ,,,.(,sl,l(,„,   wllaon   l]p.
furllier iimlei* its iirnvisluns until the   ci.,rpd   ,|lot   ||lp   ruii   uotveri   ol   tho
pLiple  have  au   opportunity  to   pro-   U|]|l.d  stolos  mM  b(, ,,„.,  on  (||1,
no,,,,.*,, upon It by wny ol referendum." : s|lU, „, „,„„ „,„, „.„,,. rlgbl|ng ,.„,
There Is'no mistaking the Intent Ul0 mta„ D, tho „„,.,„, forraor no.
and  meaning of this   langnago.    It   ,Mllpli(.a||    .,,„.,    forn)Br    u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
menus that in the even, nf Sir Wilfred   R„0„ovo|, „„„.,,,„ „.m, „„ ,,„,,,.      t.
being returned to offlco mil only wlll   r,otIflm ,   „,,,„ „„. Deraocrilt|c Pl,cal.
ihe Military Service Act he repealed,
hut thn men  who may already have
been drafted  will be disbanded and
sen) back In their homes,
In Hie light of Unit clearly
seel  certainty,  talk   ou   Hi
Laurier candidates that Hie fl
Renew the       ™
S Joy of Living   W|
•it ono iiiimircii iiiouannti mon win nnt  Don't let ill health any long'
i><- interfered win, by sir wiifrcti is errobyouoflife'spleasures,
Get back your appetite,
strengthen your digestion,
__    _    _ stimulate your liver, regu-
iiii;   r mom st   hkktin(j   .xti  late your bowels and inv
HK, moos prove your blood by taking
the ctiimstesl kluil of cnmouflnge, d>
crlvlng ii" one pxcepl those who wm
tn hv deceived.
(Une und Storage)
TAKE notick that Bilker Lumber
Co., whose address is Waldo, B. v..
win apply i'or a licence to take and
us« eight cubic ft!.?t per .second nnd
io store ten acre feet of wnter out of
Plutnbob ('reck, which flows easterly
and drains into the Kootenny Hiver.
The storage-dam will be located about
.south west corner of lot 610791. The
capacity of tiie reservoir to be created
Is about ten acre feet, and it will
Mood about five acres of html. The
wuter will he diverted from llie stream
ut a point about the .south west corner of lot 016701, and will he used for
flumlng logs This notice was posted
on the ground on the -41ti day of Octoher, 1017 . A copy of this notice anil
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Witter Ait, 1!*1 .." will lie filed
in the office of the Water Recorder at
Cranhrook. Objections to tin; appli"
cation may be riled with tho said
Water Recorder or witli the Comptroller or Water Rights, Parliament Build-:
IngB, Victoria, It c, within thirty
days aftor the first appearance of this
notice iii a local newspaper.
Halter Lumber Co., Applicant, j
A    II    DeWolf, Ageiil.l
Tlie date of the first publication Of
thin notice In November ir.lh, 1017.        I
Tlie magnificent turn out of the
electors of iiie Crnnhrook District at
tiie Unionist mooting in tho Auditorium on Monday night to hoar tlie Hon
Mr. Martin Burrell, Secretary of .State.
and Dr, Bonnell, the Unionist candidate, Indicates the exceptional Interest
in the coining election and tiie earnest
desire to hear a responsible .Minister
of the Crown expound on the great
Issue of tlie day.
It was u huge r.nd enthusiastic audience which greeted tho two speakers
and the large number of women pres-
ent wns evidence of their recognition
of tlu* responsibilities (»f the Franchise
Tlie reception accorded the two
speakers was wholehearted and unmistakable In lis character.
it is to be regretted that Mr. Biggs,
representing iiie Labor Party, was not
given the same attentive hearing; for
this mleOjrtuno, Mr, BlggS was largely responsible, craubrook ntldlonces
hold an uu blemished reputation for
fatrplay; they do nol willingly infringe on tin- rights or free speech
ami Invariably glvo "tlio othor aide"
au  attentive  heartpg   Imt   an   unw.tr
Their action is prompt and
thorough, and you soon feel
their benefits. You will eat
more, work better, sleep sounder, and feel new strength aftc r
a short course of these depend*
able pills. They restore
healthy conditions, and
are worth a
guinea a box
Pirtclim ol Special V»lsr It Wo*«n st* ullli Efirf Boi
S*\i »»trmktn.   U bom, 25 c«iU.
«ul>itii>K l*ili mr Women. ^ n lm\ or tUrcoto'
|lu. s.J'1 ut nll J>rn|f Sto'i*. ur timlle.l t'Miuv
■ilitrrrnttin u'itI|itm i.rlcc.   Tiik 8COH i.i  Hani
\ IMI  11
Vitality; fof Nerve and ttnlnt hicrauu "gny
matter's*tmile- wmimiiiiyoii up. in ■ box,or
'.wo (or I'*. Ht ilniK nf'ir"M. or tiy mntl uu ri><*al|it
»f |irli*i* Iiu iiciii-n i Imrii Co . St. Ikltiarlur*,
in Canada11
For lliirly-two years Giant
Powders have been made in
Canada. They were the first high
explosives manufactured in the
For years the Giant chemists studied the
needs of British Columbia land clearers
They prepared an explosive especially
for stump blasting—Giant Stumping
Powder, the first of its class. Hundreds
of tons of this improved explosive are
used every year by British Columbia
farmers, lumbermen, and contractors.
Be sure to get. the genuine
which goes further and breaits
up the stumps better than
ordinary explosives.
"The tornicr," aayB Prof. G, E.
lailey, "should use an explosive
prepared especially lor his work]
one that .stands all ordinary shocks
■ of handling and transportaiion and
does not easily freeze."
Thousands ot tarmers  have taken
*  this  advice and   have  found   that
Oinnt Stumping Powder always
saves them money, time and labor.*
Free Book i
Coupon   ■
sent free
Mark nnil mall tlie coupon today and we will
sriut you our valuable
i llu kt m ml book which
■hows how to cut down
Ihe  coat of gctUni out
Vancouver. B. C.
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witli Ci.nt Stompine I'oudtr." J am
linciened In lhe lUb.tttl which I have
marked X:
D Stump Blaitini
11 Boulder BUilinc
Q Road Makinr !"■■
D Tree Bed BUillni
G Dileh BlaiUni.
D Mlninf-Quarryini
real Win The War Government
interference with the present draft
of 100,000 men under the present
Military act as stated by Sir Wilfred
Laurier at the Ottawa meeting.'
A Vote For Beattie means that the
masses govern Canada and not
the classes.
A Vote For Beattie means that the soldiers at the front will be fully supported by the Conscription of wealth
and Natural Resourses of the Country.
A Vote For Beattie means that the supply of labor for agriculturel purposes
and all labor problems will be in
charge of qualified men.
A Vote for Beattie means that profiteering which is the direct cause of the
high cost of living will be eliminated.
A Vote For Beattie means that food prices will be set by the Goverment instead of the advice to "eat less"
A Vote For Beattie means a removal of
the discriminating tax on goods imported from Great Britian.
A Vote For Beattie is a Vote For British Fair Play. THURSDAY,  DEC.  6th,  1017
Iu tho Church nr England throughout the Diocese of Kootenay the Bishop of Kootenay'B Pastoral Address
wns read last Sunday in placo oil the
usual sermon. In the courso of tlio
addreBs, ho say:*:
"Tlie season bt Advenl Is at once
a Boason of jo; . id of ul-tnuity. It
reminds ua that thi one Bure certain
ovont of tho fu tn : is thc coming of
our Lord an * Hnvlnur Jesus CI rial
li. judge tlm Ivln nnd thc duad and
lo ostahlisli  HI - Klnj loin
In the i darl nud ti rrlhlc "lay.-.
when uu n       tirl    m  trembling I'Ji'
(onr of ll :*ei i   ■ which are coming
upon iii-' north, .nui wlion no one
Knows wluil ' ■ ": ig to hnpiion; it
is a comfurl iu hi a i'ln l Ini and to
know Uml al ; la i'""•
tliat. one thing Is i In il to hc, nnd
thnl Is H» ■ i in iliti y-t in- Hun "i Mali.
Xn man . nu conti mplnte the lm
iniuulou   ovi-nl * ol tu duy, esi-eclally
those cvcnlH .ii n   lho Hul) Land
Is Un '*■■ wil i ail !■ 'ling thai llio
thotighi of Hi" Coming of Christ is
»mo whicli oukIiI to occnio bia mind
and Btndy, nnd Mil his qulolor rm.
monts of medllntlun nnd [iruyor. How
long Mils tyranny la lo lnsl wo know
not( whal evi ui nri d< tiTiulned Im-
motiiatoly to follow the prosent worldwide criBla in ij bi nmongBl the unknown and um n i '■■ i mysti rien of
tho future bul H ■■ ■ nmlng of tho
[Jord drawoth nigl and whethi'r many
or tow yean b d - incd lo intervene
wo are witnessing tho destruction of
n Chrlstli sa i Ivill; atlon, the collapse
the "unspeakable Turk" seem a saint
hy contrast, and again by the diaboll-|
ml destruction of the Armenian untion
and the Servian women and children.
Ono (*.uld wish that the people of, W
Cranhrook could see for themselves
just ono murder by the Turks of an «■
Innocent$lrl baby, I bollovo tiiat not'
one man would usk for exemption.
Now I believe that It is because we
do not yet realize what tills war
menus that t*jmo nro deceived by the
cant of pnrty spirit. There is no
party spirit left when we get a true
realization nf lho vital Issue. Those
whu ta'fc pnrty nt this time do so be-
eauso they aro b'ind to the stern
realities of tho war. Tiiere can be
un issue ;it this oloctlOn other than
this, either WE CANADIANS PLAV
is NO HALF WAY HOUSE. No soph-
iHtrloa v.i' pnrty uhlbtolelltB b
them out of date ran blind tlu* i»BUO,
Tlie issue, I bollovo, la written fn let-
tora tlmt all enn rend whu will, writ-
ton by Hie hand ol Ood Hlmsolf, Will
you, or will you nol
cauBo of right against might v w
bollovo our cause 'o be rlghl and just,
we   have   sent   l-i   the   lioul  thniisaiids
of nur best men, nro we to play the
traitor and desert them',' Our military
leaders call for Immediate reinforcements uml the faster those reinforcements arrive at tho front, the fewer 01
for opinions expressed by
highest   pinaelc   ot honor   i 'Simula's
bnivc sons have won for her.
r^^ Such poor specimen- of humanity
would bestir themselves and awaken
in not hold ourselves responsible | only when the Teutonic hordes under
tho  second  Attlln    thunder    at    tin*
Kates of Quebec or wall till they see
their own women ravished, and   the
children slaughtered. Thai is the time
they will rise to fight, in ilir* menu-
time they fight their own kith and kin.
Is it I'jssible that  white men  will
Hupport and encourage rule of Quo-
Tiiere lias been  pub-
The Editor
llsbed about a column of matter on   bee?   If so. then woo be ti
the atbve subject with a rather strong  and her future,
ly worded statement made by the Reverend Mr. Keyworth regarding his attitude and the Win the War Unionist
i histoi
if dem-
Never before in tl
ocratlc rule bas tin
for so fully and carefully analysing
policy. As 1 am tho person who made   ,jl0 character of candidates as during
the written reports I presume it is
my duty to cite, a few simple farts
which  will  demonstrate  the    actual
me of   trut!l
I received many  letters and tele-
grams urging me to assist in forming
the    nucleus    of
League."     Hul
hnmplon tho | hurlmi   mily   stat(.H
was to tl nd a leader "free from
the stigma Of partisanship interests."
lt was therefore decided to steer ns
clear as possible from the partisans
for the purpose of elevating the momentous question  above party Inter
tills momentous struggle for paltry
powor, Ask some of the candidates
a tiuestlon or two- E. ti.. Will yon
make a .solemn oath that when your
party was in power, that you were not
a profiteer thtOugh political pull at
"Win-tbe-War the expense of the people whom you
Mrs.    Florence  now Mp|ra to represent at Ottawa'.1
pet rated In the new government, w.
rofuac i'i forgel Germany's utrociiies.
in "peace", miles**, she-dethrones the
offenders in her military cast. Hi
explanation of the so-called Koss rifle
scandal. Civil Service Reform. Con
Bcriptlon, and Union Government werp
fair. It i;> self-evident that if Sir Wilfred Laurier wins the election a referendum will be unnecessary. After all
is said and done the great concern Is
the war. All ia forgatten. This alone
is remembered. We must win the war.
Tlie w.lter lias no vote; is nol a
politician: is not a Canadian; knows
nothing of the character or poMcles
of the speakers, apart from their
speeches; ordinarily would vole for
Intor; but having heaid Mr. Biggs,
the Influence of Monday's meeting
is: iiad the writer a vote, ii would t*.\
to Dr. Ronnell.
difficulty if he is not guilty he will answer like
a man: ir guilty he mny say "I refuse
to answer" as ono replied when 1
put the straight unvarnished question
tu him.
Voters, for the sake   of  humanity
dhn'l forget  that embryonic  political
ests;  clergymen were considered the   profiteering develops Into a   treason-
nearest approach to the ideal desired.   Hl>le cr|me of the most degrading Wiag-
our boys will ho killed, for ii is when  Thrftfl Reverend Gentlemen who were  nm,dc with opportunity; don'l bo ai-
tlicy have lo llghl against overwhelm-1 tt3n8idored away nbove suspicion were   raid to ask questions, if you are, send
them to me;  I will put them if you
havo reasonably clear pnof that the
are warranted.
lng numbers tliat the death roll Is so  lnvHert tQ take command.
of the kingdom • of
preparation for the
one true Ki ig to cla
establish IH everlr.i
But tin woi ■ f i
coming of i ICI
is by no menus Hi i-
a Chrlstii n pi oplc n
part loyally, and wit
this world, In
.■tuning of Uie
m His own, and
ting kingribm.
parntlon for the
nd the Kingdom
hi tl yi t. and as
■ musl play our'
i fidelity, so cooperating with C nl ttf if all depended
upon our t'J-O]   ri tion.
The duty of taking every precaution
to make quite suri thnl Canada con-,
Unites lo render to the Mother Coun-1
try nnd onr nllii - the fulle i measure
of assistance i'i men and money is a
very salemn duty resting upon each
one of us. The duly hi' supporting
the Union ti'"-1 rnment at the forthcoming clei tti n i. fl sacred one. I
earnestly tru I thai our churchpeoplo
will reeogntzi thai tlie question at
Issue i. whether Canada Bliall continue | . play the noble pari she has
played in ti.. war since 1914, or
whether slu ia '». take her place by
the side of Russia ns a country that
must he counted out of the war so
far as effective assistance is concerned, Fan must ■ rat 'd and there
can be no doubl bul thnl Sir Wilfred
Laurier  and   I '    !'" npportcrs
are opposed ti \ ri nili ring of the
maximum aid to the allied nations.
and that his r« turn 1>j power would
be ;i bio' to imda, to thi !ni r«.
and to th    sai
allies  nre  tl tremor
dons cost.
This fort! :- not a
political com . I ■ ■• i I ' : ,:
Iiriiish i.i I . ud Bi I m remacj
in t'an.ul i, and 1 i    . *  Ul tnwi tl al
are   Llbi n '
her-*  of  ■ ";   ■*■■ •>
■ will   remeu ' ir.
British  ,n, :   I by tl i li
Votu and tllfltli Vnloxt
Governmcnl   wlili nwl to
win thin «   ■ IW«
nnd at tlio minimum i
His M 'H itj ii r l-Cing has been
pl,.;,sed to call upon *iU bis faithful
subjects throughout hi Einpiro to >h
serve tho firal Sundnj In January ot
IPIS    ;, .     I    All)
national In mill il liumbling our*
Bolvoa bei'oro God foi uiii mnn. per
aonnl  and  nntio    ' Iting  ror
Htfl torglvi no i, HI giildam His
strength In ord r i i mny hi able
li.i nsk and recetvn I   m 11 ble
slngi   of i Ictury and i t pern o
To rail in obedience to onr noble
King's call I    n i thinkable
Let us i m ol  \dvcnl ns
ii time of pi Cor llu rlghl use
of tho daj i nlj Bel apart, by
ihe hlghei ■ ' ■ etu Hi. mo I lm
portnni and bui red i nrpoi i thc mind
of mnn ■ an conti mplato."
Vour nffectlonnto Bishop.
\i i:\ \\i*i:i; .1   KOOTENAY,
Tho ltci tory.
Crnnbrook, it, C. |
The   Kdii'.r.  Crnnbrook   Herald
Sir: A * . general rule l have felt
thai the > l"n > should keep uul oi
politics and belong to no Pnrty, hm
at a time like llie pre enl 1 fcpl that
1 should fall in mj tint) as Rector of.
Crnnbrook If i remained qulel.
Tlu* great  Issue before Un* peoplo
of Canada is surely t_nt cue of parties j
lu-day.    li   Is,   I   believe,  something
higher and grander, it is to light for ,
I deals that would be smashed to noth-:
ing if the Allied nations lose iu  the
momentous    struggle   that    they    are
waging.     The   methods   of   (ierman'
warfare proclaim llio Herman spirit,-
gas attacks, nir raids over open towns,
and the killing of innocent bnbos, children and women, the awful sufferings
uud trentmonl of tho Belgian Nation,
the martyrdom of Rod Cross NuraOB.
Hie  murder  of doctors  lending  tho
wounded,   the   . iu Mug   of passenger
shins and the drownin | of thbUBMidB
of men.   wonu n   and  children.  < ven
firing upon tin m in thc w r.   Thr
Hamo splrll ii shown with lho iUHnnco
with a noti Christian nation and n
descent to n level thai makes oven
It is then, (tit* the lives of tht
Canadian hoys that you are asked to
mistakes in other directions are not
vital, they can he rectified afterwards,
bin if by withholding help at this crisis we lose onr men there is no remedy,
bill only an anguish of remorse, terrible because useless. THE UNIONIST GOVERNMENT IS PLEDGED TO:
IMMEDIATE HELP; the Liberal,
Government to procrastination, thc
pathway to that hell of remorse.
1 huve tried to put the issue plainly
Some Impressions
The Rev. W. H. Bridge pro tern act
cd as President of the "Win the War question
League", and messages of approval
and adherence from leading Liberals
and Conservatives came in. Mr. Bridge
was most enthusiastic in the work and
was making very successful progress,
bul on his departure it flopped.
Later on during a visit in Columbia
valley the urgent necessity of a "Wln-
tho-War League" was thc current top- Addison rejoiced thai ho was able
ic, and I was asked to continue tlie to go througli life merely as a "Spec
attempt in the South,, the North tutor." As a "non-p.-.rtiznu." he tried
would follow; I personally appealed to see man and thinRs as they really
to the Rev. Mr. Keyworth, the success- were. Or. Johnson refused an Invltn-
to Mr.   Bridge   as Non-Partisan ' tion to go to the country.   One green
like another green
He preferred to go down Cheap-
side and soc men's faces,   Nothing is
so interesting as tlio human heart-
before you, may God Himself give you leader) to leart the movement to unify
i right judgment, that you mark your j Liberais and Conservatives and so
ballots in His cause. If you markLvoid a Wner contest; the Reverend
your ballots against  this  immediate | Rpntleman   W(mW   not  consent,  and
help, I believe that the cross you j fce|fnB t|,at ilP d(d not represent the especially in a grenl national crisis,
make will represent a cross in Flan-! vjewg o( his le.lguei tWo iadjes and Nowhere is tlle human heart so ex-
ders that need not lmvo been there, if niyscifi visited the influential mem- posed to view us in n political meot-
i-ach Canadian is faithful in his duty.' bers of thc eXocutive, explained the lng, nnd Monday's meeting would have
P. V. Harrison. ; RitiiBtion. and urged them to take the   gladdened the heart of Addison and
Win-   Jbhnson.
The audience nl the Auditorium on
Tho correspondence will show tliat Monday evening completely filled lho
a similar league offered to join if hnll. It wns serious, wellbohaved and
Cranbrook would take the initiative; good humored,
Mr. Keyworth was considered the
primary cause of it not being Ame;
Rector bf Christ Church. | inUtativc ,n the formation of a '
  '   the-War League."
We take pleasure in publishing an
extract from the official Circular Letter from His Grace, the Catholic Arch-
Judging by the applause following various statements,
the  gathering  was  representative of
the arguments in trying to induce him   the city's political group,   The ushers
bishop of Vancouver to the Catholic , tn consent would fill thc columns of
clergy of the Province which appears   the Herald.
In the Weekly Bulletin of tlie month      [„  my  written   report   to  another   strepeious)    Th
were unobtrusive aud efficient. (Some
of the women for a moment were oli-
oi' November and which was read fiOm   league I indicated tiiat Mr. Keyworth
tho altars of all tin
day last.
churches on Sun-
impressed me very strongly as having  tnsb
partisan    leanings.     The   embellish
Having  called attention   to  certain   mt»nts that might bo added in repeat*
inons bearing on the rules witli re-
j.ard to fasting and abstinence, the
Circular proceeds:
"Rov, Hear father. I need not remind you that the many monitions and
directions that I liave already given
you and your good people in different circular letters, concerning our
duties to our country in the great
struggle of the World War in which
ing what I say I am not responsible
for and I have no ai-blogy to offer for
what 1 wrote, because it was tho unvarnished truth nnd proven to the
hilt by the evidence.
chairman's address
brief to the point, aud, in good
.    It  is to be hoped others will
follow  the  example In   beginning  a
meeting at the fixed hour.
Dr. S. Bonnell was unusually interesting. His retort to Mr, More (i
think this waB the name) was unwise,
yet c'amp'i men tary to himself it indicated he had not studied lhe arts of
I had stoutly maintained that the the political demagogue. The candl-
ladies of Cranbrook. like other pat- date was honesty Itself; but the ques-
riots in Canada, would rally to the tion was Lt order. Dr. Bonnell regret-
bugle call of duty; that they were tod an election. Conscription was
patiently waiting for an invitation and hateful to his nature.   In this ho was
are engaged, still stand In all their  when It did come their response prov
ince and truth. Our very life as
ition, our homes and our firesides,
. even vital principles of humanity
ed their loyalty and enthusiasm in
supporting the policy nf Canada maintaining her ideals of honor, and her
and    civilisation,
understand   duty to her heroes at the front.
facing the inevitable. He did not
wnnt to be a politician. Ho was out
merely to help the boys. Tills, of
('jursc, may be an unfair assumption
—that his opponent is not out to help
ake in tli
i of this
■t We are. therefore
to place our all, blood and treasure
.it the disposal of tlio authorities ot
our nation, so that our duty to our patriot
country may be fulfilled to its uttermost degree.
Those ot military age and physical
condition are to go cheerfully to give |
their services and their blood, if need
bo, for lhe Integrity nnd honor of tlieir
Others who have the means are not
t<i   hesitate  to  contribute  generously
It is not too lato for Mr. Keyworth   the boys,   The   speech   was   in good
to demonstrate where his sympathies
are. and his active support and assistance will be appreciated hy all true
Yours truly,
(By  A.  B.   Watts)
Because    it  has    mnde whal
taste. In becoming a politician
the candidate did not forget thnt
he was a gentleman. He was fair,
impressive, and the sincerity of I
his own convictions must have
convinced   others.
Mr. Biggs, the Labor Candidate, be-,
llevcd in fair play, justice and right,
but he scarcely practised these. Some
of his references were in very bad ■
tast. He did not express one con-1
structive thought. He attacked some
things—this apparently witl.'.iut know
lo tho various organizations, Victory; hitherto impossible, not only possible iPdge. Burke used to censure preach-
Bonds, and such tilings, as will satisfy ■ but practicable; the abolition of noli- erfl who spike dogmatically ahout
their d.ity to lho utmost. And all. old ticnl patronage and the extinction of things they did not understand. Mr.
and young, strong and weak, nion and
women, are to strive by their prayers.
their alms anti good deeds t-.i propitiate thr God of armies, that He
may. in His mercy, bless our soldiers
nnd guard the honor and sovereignty
: Biggs quoted "The Nelson News" and
"Jnck Cunuk" as authentlcB. To quote
a letter from Quebec was bad tactics,
the vile, system which breeds million*
aire profiteers out of the distress nnd
suffering T>f tlie people.
It wlll oliminnte tho necessity for to say the least. Sheridan once shout-
politlcnl leaders doing the "kow-tow" I fed to an opponent: "The Honorable
aei to political heelers who are ad- Gentleman is indebted to his Imagine
of our country, mindful of Ihe royal i lnlttodly in politics for what is in ■ Hon for his fncts." The man who is
prophet;   "Unless the Vari guard the' li for them. out merely to reform llie other mnn;
i Ity, they labor fn vain who guard It." j    No Premier Liberal nor Conserve-   iind conscript the other man's wealth
Bogging (hid to bless you and the \ tlve had tho courage ever before lb   cannot succeed.   The wny to ensure
good people committed to your care,! attempt  to exterminate or cut out; success of Ur. Bonnell Is to Invite Mr.
I nm, yours faithfully In Hon., j the cancerous malady which has such I Biggs to repeal thai speech nt every
T. Casey. J a hold on thn body politic of Canada— < meeting.
Archbishop bf Vancouvor.: for the simple reason that army con-     The Honorable Martin Burrell Is a
| tractors  sutlers, corporations, polltl- trained parliamentarian,   Ho had ad-
' t.sur the utmost public Importance   cai   hJerf|   ftnd   olhw   malodorous ; vantage,   therefore, over   the bthers.
| octopil would conspire to down him. ! His refusal to lie interrogated at the
Union Government composed 'af the ' elnse of debate  wns clever polities,
best men of both or all parties includ- I He praised Cranbrook city, climate
lng laboritcs will bc tlie salvation of   nnd people.    Tills was good tactics,
tlu; democracy  of Canada,  and  the      'Tis nn old maxim in the schools,
ueath of unholy profiteering. That flattery Is the food bf fools.
Whilst a serious mistake has been      Yet now and then your men of wit.
made by Unionists in most districts      will condescend to like a bit."   So
in  neglecting  to Invoke the aid of > Swift said.
women voters, it Ih quite encouraging He was fair, clean, informed and alto see even those who have played ■ ways interesting. His cleverness In
the role of partisan dictators are now I conversational repartee led him to
Inclined to bow to tlie inevitable and • waste time. One third of the address
pay just due lb the power and influ- ■ was extraneous. The mass of detail
ence of the women, although It may j weakened the effects of lhe address,
thnl the altitude of tlie Catholic |
Church should, by this official pronouncement of its official head in the i
Province, be placed beiVire the public!
for the public guidance and In forma-
tion on n most vital matter in the!
world crisis wltll which we aie at!
District ni Fast Kootenay
TAKE NOTICK thnt I, George A.
Hunt of Kitchener, B. C, occupation
Parmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho following described lands: Commencing nt a post
planted on the Southern boundary of
Lot ItiiO.'l and 20 chains ln an Easterly
direction from the South-west corner
thereof, thence South 20 chains,
thonco Ensl 20 chains, thence North
to the Southern boundnry of the
Right of way (d tho B. C. Southern
Hallway.   Ilienee   following   tlle   said
Southerly boundary ot the Right of
W;,y, "' », ■"J"1,"" thO gOUtll boundary    |lbora] imirililI(, who would haV(l pow.
of  Lot SflOfl,  thonco  Westerly to the:
point of commencement
sound the knell oT doom to the old j and led him to give a speech an hour
Dated October 27th, n»i7.
George Andrew Hunt,
4b-!ii Applicant
methods or political trickery nnd the ' too long. It was a clever, debating
struggle for power for "what is in it." ! talk. It lacked the moving passion of
The present debaselng struggle for effect, lt was an honor to the com-
lower and its emoluments the rank - munity to have a minister of his stand-
partisans on both sides nre respons- j lng and knowledge take tlie pains to
ible for and principally the onus falls i throw the light of truth on some con
on  the worst element of tho official   fused political issues.
It Is a fallacy, however to exhort
er even at the price of Quebec, domln-j people, to forget grafters and those
sting tbe whole of Canada, -br at the I tbat arc of the new Union Govern*
price ol disgrace and the fall Iron the   ment; if these same grafters urr per
"Is il not petty, pitiable, inconceivable that nt this crisis of human lil>-
tory there can exist women who seem
chiefly concerned with personal politics'.' Thoy are indeed like Nero fiddling while Home is perhaps literally
Tills paragraph is an extract taken
from a letter published last woek in
New York by Mrs. St. Clair Stobnrt,
ns an answer to the peace suffragist;
Extracts  from her letter follow:
"In your issue of yesterday's date
it is reported that 300 suffrage women loudly "cheered a plan to force
laying down of arms." This shows,
on the part of those women, either
ignorance or brutality. Kor if they
knew one-tenth part of the sufferings
which aro being endured by those
who havo already heen forced to lay
down arms, und if thoy had one ounce
of sympathy In their hearts, they
would die of shame at having given
voice to such monstrous Inhumanity.
"For peace nl this moment would
mean a Germnn pence; German peace
means German world-Dominance, atul |
tills means subjugation, by force of
arms, of nil iion-Gernmn people; ii
means militarism, barbarism, slavery.
not only In Europe, hut also on this
continont, Eor as soon as Europe Is
conquered America's turn would follow, in accordance with Gorman
plans. "Germany's soul," said Trelt-
Rchke, "Is God's soul; It shall and
will rule over all mankind."
Germans Opened  Her  Eyes.
"My eyes wore opened to this truth
in Angina 1914. I was engaged In
hospit'.l work lu Belgium, whon I
was arrested by the Germans as a spy
and condemned to bo shot within
twenty-four hours. When I suggested
to tho commandant of one of the
towns through which I was dragged
as a prlsener tliat he should at least
look at my papers and see that what
1 hud told hlm was right, and that 1
had been engaged in hospital work
when Ids army came a little prematurely into Brussels, he replied;
Righi! You are English and whether
you are right or wrong this is a war
of annihilation.' Annihilation a -• I
understood, of everythir.:* that was
•eot German.
"In Belgium, in France, and in Serbia 1 have seen the result of Gorman
rule in conquered lands, and 1 know
that it means literally l.cll on earth.
"The atrocities committed during
the lirst invasion of Serbin beat the
German records in Belgium. Civilians were massacred, villages destroyed, women and children were driven
into buildings, wounded that they
should not escape, and the buildings
•net ablaze. In another case, U'ft people were pinioned, surrounded by wire
coil, and placed at the edge of a deep
pit; they were then fired upon, end
rell, pell melt, into the pit, which was
Immediately filled up with earth,
burying 50 per cent of them alive.
Meanwhile another party, composed
chiefly of women and children, were
dragged up to witness the execution,
and at the finish were made to throw
up their arms and shout "Long live
lho Emperor Francis Joseph!"
"Do the 300 women who are clamoring for peace realize that already
Austria, Russia. Turkey, Bulgaria,
Poland. Roumania. Serbia. Greece,
Belgium, a large part of France, pnrt
of Italy, are already either directly
or indirectly subjugated by (iermany.
and that if the rest of the civilized
world is in bo saved, every man and
woman who is worthy of a plare in
civilization must devote every ounce
of energy to the task.' Ia it not petty,;
pitiable, Inconceivable, that nt this
crisis of human history there cr.n
(rxist women who seem chiefly concerned with per; una! polities? They
are indeed like Koto, fiddling while
Rome Is perhaps literally hurnlng.
"And if Gormnny wins the war.
wliere then would woman suffrage
stand? This is not made in Germany.
What place would woman have In the
German militarist world? Worn, n
would bc only the producer of human
[ood for cannon. 'History,' says Treit-
CChkc, "wears thoroughly masculine
features; it is not for sentimental
natures or for wom-n.'
"War Is to me as much nn abomination as to those 300 women, Before
the outbreak of this war I wns a
member or peace societies. But I
know now from parsonnl experience
of the em my whom in old days I had
admired, thnl German victory and
German peace would mean the en-
slnvcmonl of the world. And most
earnestly I would ask those 800 women who have just von their own
freedom to criticize that in voting for
peace while Europe |« in German
hands they ate using their own en-
franchincment to further tho disfranchisement of all mnnklnd" Vancouver World.
tiM,.   0\.-  issl |
(From the Ottawa evening JournalJ
But Iel us keep th.* Ins iiu elear
1' : * lectloneerlng addrc to Par-
lb ment, an addre * « * contained
 i of tho old inn n pilui    and ac-
fuels, Sir Wilfred Uurler served
warning upon the country of thc In-
fi Nor t):'■■ et i mj algu he is preparing to wage. Such attempts to
becloud the only question that the
people will be called upon to decide,
must not be permitted to succeed.
There will be bul one issue before
the nation, ll is the Issue whether
tlii. democracy Bliall do the best ii
can  for right in  the world.
Prom ii-    Hamilton  Hi raid)
Of course It  '■'ill be necessary ror
the Kaiser to di I   ■ nnd cm h Britain beforo he could claim Canada in
lieu of a cash ludi mnltj     Al    resent
the prob bllity of   m '. u claim being
made i   nol .tronp   b il   mly bei nuae
thi   Brltl h people     el   lui .- for ua
a    well  ai   ror  tin m   Ives  as  thoy i
vi ■■ fought h fore, and making larg-
; ii     i than ti.* y ;..,-.,. ever made
" tin ir i i tory.   If 'hey fail Canada
will be In Imminent danger,
Wc do not believe thej x\ll tall,
Bui thoy would fni] if any consldi i-
ahle number of the British people had
tli» spirit of nnr Canadian anti-eon-
scrlpt.-mists who anj thai Canada has
done enough or too m id ilr a'y In
this war.
illy sir Wilfred Laurier)
The Germnn Einp ror Es undoubtedly bno of the cr* at i n ol the present
nge. By intellect, by h iracter, by
moral fibre, he ha*-- shown himself
wonderfully endowed. In tiie Hrst
years of Ills reign somi ol his utterances .■'•ni a shiver through those who
had tin* peace or Hie world al hoarl
Many believed th it In was pel
hankering for the glami ur ol military
Klory Bui hi •'■■ !-■ .1 It >■ ..r-
and aa i rlsia ifli i Ist* came, his
potent Influem . . Iwnj . direi ted
tbward ■ peace, ind I u day may come
when liko I i- tl lu trl ins um le, our
late King, ho maj It     Pei ce-
maker.    At all  events,  v.* may  pre-
sume  thnt  if blood  [a  ■
water   it   oughl   to   be   thicker   than
water in the vein - of kli I eni] i r-
ora as well as In I ■ f con m ra
mortal' And w at ei tlve can the
Gorman Empi ror havi bun li, •■ i
country like England t    - he  la
attached by such clear tii •     Fr< ■:.
speech by Sir Wilfred Laurier in the
House  of  Commons,  Fel ■ .,-■   27th
The Marysville Farnu rs institute-
will hold their annual meeting on
Saturday. December Sth at ■ p.m.; important among other business will be
the election of oftti ers for the ensuing
William Bartholomew waa a Cranbrook visltbr on Friday. Mr. Bartholomew is a veteran of the Civil War,
and carries the acara of tbe wourfBs
he received in battle to tiiis day.
Tlie local Conservatives will hold
their annual meeting at the Central
Hotel, on Saturday. December Bth, at
9 p.m.. when officers for the coming
year will be elected and bther business that may come before the meeting will be attended to.
Since the closing down of the Sullivan Mine the local train now runs
Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays
Mr. Nelson of Butte, Montana, arrived in lown on Tuesday and is
registered at the Central Hotel. .Mr.
Nelson will make a survey of the
slag dump at the smelter here f>r
the purpose of getting an estimate of
the amount of zinc etc., therein; the
process of separation of this property
was unknown at the time the smelter
was running here,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Bidder of Cranbrook has asked the writer to convey
through these iblumns their thanks
to the many people of Marysville for
iheir kind sympathy m their recent
sad bereavement,
Coal mining rights or lhe Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of the Province of Brili.-h Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at an annual rental of II an acre. Not more
than 2,660 acres will be leased to one
Application for a lease must bk
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Bub-Agent of the district in wlilch tho rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
he described by sections, of legal tub-
divisions of sections, and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by tbe applicant himself.
Bach application must be accompanied by a f'e of $6 which wlll be
refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of lhe mine nt the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine si,all
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the fall quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon, if the coal mining
rights are not being Operated such returns should he furnished at least onct
a yoar.
The lease will include the coal mining right, only.
For    fill   Informal! ip plication
should bo made to the SecreUry of
tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Suh-Aient
of Dominion LandP.
W.  W.  CORKY.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised publication of
; tbis advertisement will not be paid
(JUKI) A M'ltr.l'IX
Itiirrislcrs, Ktc_
M\ I. Kurd 0, J. KpiTHll
Office in Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
Civil and Mining Engineers
R. C. Land Surveyors
Phone  SS2  <
Electric    Vibration
If vou want eatlsfaction
with vour waahln?
send it to
Snecial urices for familv
The Shoe Specialist
SaUxfactloi tiuaraateM
Headquarters for all kinds of
liattnlls Quel Ki'le.erts
l* A li k i: it
Mining Engineer
-rieUI  l'l**..   Calgary,
Kike),  u C
Emergent) nnel Hutirl. >nr*.inir
ir  200
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Maternity i.i.l Crnrral >nn!_g
Meec.ape tend Rnat Cure. Highest
Retarence8,  fair  terms.  Apply
MRS   .\   SALMON, Matron.
I'lione 259 P. O. Box 8«6
Andrcsa.Qardcn Ave. Cranbrook
Drs. Green * MmKlnnou
I'hjMctan- anil Mnrgeon"
OHU'e  at   residence,  Armstrong
Forenooni  9 oo to 10.0.
Afternoons  2 00 .o   4.09
Kvenlngs  730 to   I.S0
Sundays   2.30 to   4.S»
Forwarding and DlftrlbnUsg
Agent for
Lethbridge ud GrMnklll Cm)
imperial OD Co.
Distrbutlon Cara a Specialty.
Ill-Bring nnd Transferring
Olren prompt attention
Plione S3
tieneral Merchant
Employaeat Agent
P. O Box 101 Phone Ul
Hay Pbone 433, Nlgkt Pboie gi
Norbury Aie, next to City Hall
V.   1.
I'i    illliben
B. I.
and Nlgllt
Spokane, Washington
Thti bouse Ui tin
!ittH>y dtatlDctioD ot being the faTorite Btop-
I'lng place io Spokane
for ttie people of Brltiah
Columbia We appreciate
thin patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location la excellent —
done to Great Northern Station
and O. W. R. ft N Mllwauka.
terminal, and within a mlrnit*'*
walk from the principal bualneas
bousea and places of amutfemcoL
Hm NtoamithlD on  Boot  THURSDAY,  DEC,   (ith.  1917
PAGE i ii it i: k
The Very Newest
Whut is known its "Black and
White" effect in ('ut Glass, Is
the very last word In Glassware.
Last full it just seemed
though the manufacturer hud
gone the limit, so far as beautiful patterns were concerned,
hut to our way of thinking, we
believe that 1917 Fall Showing
far excels anything previously
turned out by the Cutters. The
abovo pattern in Blnck and
While is especially exquisite
and spurkllng. Prices on our
Cut Glass Have Not Advanced.
An exceptionally large assortment to choose from.
We have your size in
Yale, elc.
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
Can you think of any reason why
there should not be one in your
home ? i
Kilby frumes plcturtb.
Get Leusk & Son's cash prices nn
Mr. P. W. Worm of Seattle, Wash.,
was visiting In tht eity on. Sunday.
Shoe repairs neatly done at the
Star—We hurry.
Mr. W. lile 'Jf Ottiwa was a visitor !
iu tlie city on Monday.
Mr. Paul D. Wilcox of Spokane was
I) visitor in the city on Saturday
Mr. M. II. King ot Vancouver |b
visiting friends In the city this week
Mr. J. II. Kuscroft *jt Wynndel wus
a visitor lu the city on Saturday.
.Jet Leusk ii Son's rash prices on
We nre carrying a full line of boota
and nhu«H - • Craubrook Bichange,
\rmstroug Ave.
Mr. Kred L, Archer the well known
rancher tii Canal Fh'ts In vlsltlug lu
thti city this week.
Why pay more when ;'ou van save
buy i.i g (or cash at the Cash Meat and
Grocery Store.   Phone ~'l for prices, j
Mr. P. -Ashworth of Vancouver was
trunwictinx business in the city lust:
EATS     fi
w McNIal waa apprehended lasi
Friday, and though claiming to be un
American, lie wus detained by Chief
Hersey for examination by the Uueal
Military Tribunal The American
Consul at Fernie was communlcuted
with und it appears that McNeil secured entry to Canada In an irregular
manner sume time ago. lh* wus admonished severely by the Tribunal for
having failed to reporl In tlie I'nited
Ot   Leask  &  Sun's  cash
prices on
hn mi iv  iii come  t<<  tl
c   Benefit
Dance in the Parish Hall
text Wed-
nesdny.  Decemher 12th, fo
r (he It.'
turned Soldier   ol  Half oui
!i to l o in    Admission Tfi cei
its couple
Mr .Mm Smith has receh
red ii card
irom   William   H   Cheolyn
dated at
Winnipeg stating thai  he
is ou the
homo and expects tn be in
in a few days    Private Ch
eslyn waa
wounded  at   Vimy   Ridge,
Keep the date in mind—December
18th; Social ut Parish Hall. Admls-
son 25 cents.
Mr. P. G. Kelly of Portland, Ore.,
was a guest ut the Cranbrook Hotel
on Saturday.
Expert piano and organ tuning, repairing ant* regulating. EL A. Parker,
phone 311, P. 0. Bos 528, Craubrook.
Judge Thompson left Cor Fernie on
Tuesday and will likely be holding
Court there till the end W this week.
Mr. 0. C. Nelson of llutte. Mont.. I
waa a visitor in the city on Wednes-1
day a guest at the Cranbrook Hotel,    j
Jonothun Apples—small but gooo. j
.01b boxes $1.70 at th« Cash Meat und
Grocery Store.
Buy your Christmas presents at '
Knox Church Ladle" Aid sale ou Sat-
j We are carrying a full hue of boots
1 md shoes.— Cranbrook Blchauge,
Armstrong Ave.
Mrs.   Thojt   I).   Caven   and   young
daughter   Mflvguorlteaeratuned 'rom ,
Spokane Wednesday, where they had
been visiting for several days.
i        Next Wednesday, December 12tb,
j Benefit  Dance for Returned Soldier.-; ■
j of Balfour Saultorium, at the Palish
j Hall.   Dancing S to 1 mm.
Currants! our prices 20 cents per'
I package) We do not charge for de-
] livery. Phone 72.—Cash Meat and
I C.rocerr Store.
Miss Olga Wlgen and Miss A. John-
son of Wynndel were visiting friends
In the city b?t Saturday and incident-
ally doing n little shopping
Jttl, »..'. Doran, Cnubr-wfc rubaaf*
Mr    P.   H,  Whyte of Toronto, com-1
merclat traveller wus drumming up
business in the city lust Friday und ,
Do not Mnd ynur orders out of
town. v*. cun give ymi tho Mme price;
Fill ont your order aud bring to Cash
Mei.t und Grocery 8tor«
Mr. F. YV. Adolph, the prominent
lumberman of Baynes Late w;i*» in
the city on Monday to attend the;
CnionlHt   meeting.
" "  '' I
Keep Wednesday, Jan, sth. clear for
the  big   ScotQtl e-utrrtRtninent  to  bei
nlvei> here under thr auspices of the:
St, John  Ambulance Afsoclatlon
Don't throw iv-.y your money on I
large fuel bills, Oel a "Pireco" raiisfl!
and hof,\n now to s.ve »heH fuel lfl e*.-
penslvc An Inspection will convince '
you.   Pntmoro Bros.
i ni in it RAM x ms.
Boalcd temleis will be receiveil Iiy
the Minister of Until not later than
nOOn on tht* Mill day of December,
1 *J 17. for the purchase t-f Licence X
1119, to cut 830,000 feet of Tamarac,
Fir, Pino, and BOO cords Pit Props, on
uu area situated iu the vicinity of
Skunk nnu buck. Kootenay District,
Two (21 years Will be allowed for rc-
movnl of timber. Further particulars
of tlie Chief Forester, Victoria, B, C.
(tr IHstrh-t Forester, Cranbrook, B. Q,
Sealed tenders will be received by
(he Minister of Lund., not later than
noon on the 24th day of December,
lftlT, for the purchase of Licence X
1103, to nit 4.160,000 feet of Lurch,
Cedar and Flr and Hemlock, ar.4 060
Cedar poles situated on Cor, Oreefc,
Near Creston. Knot "nay District. Tvo
(3) years will be allowed for removal
of timber. Further pnrllcitlnrH of the
Chief For. btor. Victoria, B. C„ or District Forester, Cranbrnok, IV C.
Phone 78 for lowest Lush price* on
meat anil groceries;  free delivery
Caen Meal und Grocery store,
Tlie Udles Aid of the Methodist
Church will hold their monthly meeting on Tuesday. December llth, at the
home of Mrs. II. A. McKownn, Norbury
Avenue, at 2 o'clock.
Don't forget the ..octal at Parish
Hull on Tuesday, December ISth.
Concert and dance with refreshment:..
Admission 2a cents.
Mr. C. W. Hallamore, Manager of
Thc Canadian Back of Commerce,
wlll bn glad to receive preliminary
applications from men wishing to
Join, us cadets, the Koyal Plying
Corps, Canada. Applicants must he
between tlie ages of IS and 25.
Get your costume ready ff.r
Women's Institute Social tn be held
In tho Pariah Halt, Tuesday. December ISth. Prlics for bent dressed lady
and gentleman in "paper make-up"
cost not tn exceed one dollar. Concert
to commence 8 o'clock. Dancing 9.30.
Pi*.reedn for Y. M. C. A. and Bt. Dun-
Hu'l Hfldtfl.
Thfl Ladies Aid Society of Kuox
Presbyterian Church will hold their
sale of work, home cooking aud candy
in the Sunday School-i(_ioni on Saturday afternoon. December 8th, Sale
begins at 3 o'clock.
Nn. 1ST is the winner of the fancy
Quilt ruffled at St. Mary's ('hurch
Bazaar on Wednesday. The party
holding this number may have tlie
Quilt by giving their name and surrendering the ticket to Mrs. Fred
third of the mtoeny you now spend on
large fuel bills. (Jet an air-tight
"Pireco" Range; the greatest fuel
saver lu existence to-day. Let us
demonstrate.- -Patmore   Bros.
The Annual meeting of the Farmers
Institute will h,. held at tbe City Hull
on Saturday, Sth inst. at 2.lift. All
Interested In agricultural affairs are
requested to attend. Prizes won ut
this year's com petitions will he presented and the officers for the ensuing
year will be elected.
The Ladles Aid Society of Knox
Presbyterian Church will meet In the
Sunday School-room on Wednesday
afternoon the 12th instant, nt 3 o'clock
when the reading bf reports, and election of officers for tho ensuing vent
will take place; hostesses: Mesdnmcs
Fink aud Worden.
Chriat Church Library has re-opeu-
ed ond the committee will be glad of
new memhers. Membership fee, ..1
pei onniim; S0r six months: over 4ftft
volumes. Donations of books acceptable, Hooks exchanged Tuesdays,
7.30 p.m.. Sundays, 4 to 4.30 p.m., und
8.45 p.m.
Patmore Bros, have just placed on
exhibition cue of the new "Kir*eo"
Ranges—the only air-tight ranyo on
the tn: rkct. This Is one of tho ureal-
rst fuel ravers produced. Come in
and oxonlnc it tor yourself; save Its
cost in ;   few years tlmt
A meeting f-ur the purpose of oiyaii-
ifcing a local brancii nf thc Creat War
Veterans' Association will be held on
Tuesday evening next nt the Y. M. C.
A . at 7.30. All returned soldiers in
this district are requested to attend
the meeting, or if unable to do bo,
should writ*.' R, T. Williams. Uox RIB.
Cranbrook', notifying him of thi ir desire (*> join the Association, so thnl tho
Crunbrook Branch may gel away will)
a good start.
The I, 0, D. B. beg to acknowledge
the following donations for October,
toward:-. Eupplles: Mrs. Carlson. $3;
Mrs. Manley. 75c; Mrs. Harshaw, fl;
Mrs. D. Campbell, 25c; Mrs. J. S. Roy,
25c; Mrs. K. Barrett, 25c; Mrs. A. A.
Cameron. 25c; Mrs T. S. Oil), 25c; '
Mrs Q II. WIUIb, 10c; Mrs. Hartnell,
25c; Per Mrs, Manning, 26c; Mrs. McCallum. ROc;; Mrs. Dale. 25c; Mrs. McFarlane, 25c; Miss Chalmers. 25c; Mr.
Walllngor, 80o:j Garden Pnrty Mrs.
Hogarth, 1.20. Total, $9.fifi. Proceeds
of "melting pot", $18.75, to go towards Prisoners of War Bread Fund
(hisses in domostlc science will be
opened in January in connection with
King Edward School and under a fully
trained Instructor. Cooking, dressmaking, millinery nnd laundry win be
taught. Kvening work will he arranged if a suttlcient number ol pupils desire it. Miss Cherrington will he glad
to hear from those who wish to take
up the course, ns soon as possible.
Mr, and Mrs. C L Bidder wis!, to
thank their many friends [or tlieir
kind sympathy during their recent
sad bereavement In the death of their
son Percy who v/a*- killed in action
on   November   16th,   1817
A quiet wedding took place on Saturday December Isi nl the Presbyterian Manse, Rov 11 Wright officiating, when Miss Amy Johnttm of
Wynndel. was united in marriage to
John Henry Htiscrofl ol CreBton.
The bride was attended hy Miss olga
Wlgen   of   Wynndel.   It    C
The wedding tooh place nl tho
Presbyterian Manse on Wednesday.
December Btll, of Miss Bertha Barclay
of Marysville. to Mr. James Wheatou.
Of Cranbrook; Rev. II. Wright officiating. The bride was attended Iiy her
sister. Miss Mary Barclay, while the
groom was supported by Mr. Thomas
This screen version of "The Deemster" has caught all the haunting and
pensive romance In tho grim old novel
of conflicting passions and bitter atonement, dominated by tho ceaseless
voice of the sea. It is will lie "Hall
Calne night" at the Hex Theatre, for
the play was Inspired by liis novel,
acted by his son und introduced by a
personal letter I'l'mi lhe famous Manx
is  now only a  few  day:- away
and   our   st'ick  of  Xmas  f, 1*
is almost complete, and the very
best quality.
If tlon. is anything special in
the Grocery or Confectionery
line thai you wish for your
Xmas Gifts or festivities, we
would like to have your order
Headquarters   fur  .HOIIt's   and
Suilda}, llrd December.
Forenoon.   IL- Theme:     "A   Voice  in
the  Wilderness."
Afternoon. 3.—Bible School.
Kvening. 7.30.—Theme:    "Revolution
and the Anticlimax.''
Monday Evening, 8.—Young  People's
Thursday   Kvening, S,    Mid-week  service,
.Moffatt (hi December 4th, nt the
Cottage Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. it.
p. Moffatt, a daughter.
Sanden.ou On December Sth, al the
Cottage Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs, .1
IV Sanderson, n sou.
DorrlllgtOll    To Mr. and Mr:,.  R.  K
Berringtbn, of rranbrook. n sou
The sad news has heen received in
Cranhrook of the deuth of Albert S.
Warner, who was hilled in u head-on
collision   which   occured   a   few   duys
ugo on the Ogden. Logan & Idaho/nll-
tfiad. near Fairview, Idaho.
Mr. Warner will he remembered by
many as being connected with the
skating rink last winter, which was
In the hands of Messrs. Warner aud
Mr. Warner Is survived by n wife
and son. Dwight V. Reynolds. Jr., lie
was .19 yCnrs of age.
The following table siiows record
of temperatures for the week ending
December 5th, the information being
furnished by Mr. J. Fingal Smith, who
keeps an official record for the Dominion Government.
Highest Lowest
November 20 33 22
:!ti 35 23
December   i 36 'is
Leask & Son
Have removed from
their store in Slaterville to their new
quarters next to the
Cranbrook Drug &
Book Co.
Call and get our
cash prices on gro-
PHONE  124
"The Deemster"
The REX Theatre
Friday & Sat., Dec. 7 & 8
Derwenl Hall Caine
III   II    I'heitn.llinimiti,.   Intcrprelali ,ee
eel' Illl*. IVIlllh   Head  .Votfl
< IIII,mil v*.  HAilM.I   SAT. nt WW.   Miilliinv lit,* ami'.'in*.
i:\t\l\i.  2.1c  children life.   We m th.. Hnr T«»,
Kverytind)' sltnnld w-i> tli.* nntll   stiri-inu ilrnnm.
Friday, Jan. 4th
Snow Sshovels
"The Dandy" only 50c.
Steerable Sleds
From $2.00 up.
Please Dont Wait
Until The Last
To make your selections for Christmas, if you come early we can offer you
a much better selection and can serve
you  better
While it is extremely difficult to procure many lines of merchandise suitable
for the Christmas trade, all our depart.
ments are fairly well supplied, and await
your attention.
The Ladies and Children's department is displaying many very beautiful
things suitable for Mother, Wife. Sister.
Daughter and  Best Girl
The Men's Department is offering
suitable presents for Father. Husband
Son.  Brother and  Best  Fellow
In the Furniture ar* many good and
sensible things for everybody
An Opening
i Open  the sealed end
with your finger nail
3~«*   ... PERfECTGUHFlJi-''
HFECT OHM rtAtlfffl
t Push on the other end
to make sticks project
I Pull   out   one — push
the others back in
Alliums,   l/v/—._.u_-,-, ei. i    —. y.
fi Mirri nmMri--i-«
Unwrap the double
cover and see how
surpassingly delicious
and full-flavoured it is.
'-/»  «
The Flavour Lasts
Chew it after
u everymeall
CKIITIKK 111   111   l>IH!IIVIMl:\T>
Notice eel' llltpi'iiei'llle'lll*.
"Kmpire" Mlnernl e'lielm.
"I'liarlnii..     Fractlonnl"     Mlnoral
"Carbajal      Fractional"     .Mineral
"Alvarndo     fractional"     Mineral
"Kathleen     Fractional"     Mineral
'"Aiipeie. Fractional" Mineral claim.
"Ward" Mineral claim
"April  Fractional"  Mineral Claim
"Erno.llne     Fractional"     Mlnernl
"Paulino" Mineral claim
"Joioplllno" Mineral Claim
"Tililee-rary"  Mlnornl  Claim.
!     Killllile.il   in   III,.   Fori   Steele   Mlliilil*
I llivlalein   eef   Kneel   K... lemir   lllelrl.l
A*ie..i>   Uratad    On   Sulll.an   Hill,
Kln.le.il,,   II C    l.»wl„l ll-l-.r   The
Consolidated Mining st Smelting Company of Canada, Limited. Number of
tin* Holder's Free- Miner's Certificate:
Take* N'OtlCe thai I. J. K. Cram. Free
Miner's Certificate, '.elesiI-H. acting as
aite-ut fr.r tl*,,* Consolidated Mining #
Smelting Company ol Canada, Limited,
Fre,. Miner's Certificate, 9J80J-B, in-
tcnel. at tlie- e*nri nf sixty days from
tiie elate herefeT. tre apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im-
provements, for tie.* purieoeee of obtaining Crown tlrants of the above
And further take notice that action
einil.-r Section sr. of lhe "Mineral Act"
must be commenced before the Issuance nf ane-h Certificate of Improvements,
Ilnteel this 711. day of November,
The Consolidated Mining I, Smelt
lng Company nf Canada. United
I'er J. K t'imm. <> Jl PAGE FOUR
IMONIST MKETINU HAS boliovod   Dr   Bonnell   waa  recotvlng
0 It EAT SUCCESS thin lnuiduomu remuneration and had
  done no since >, 1915.   Tbo facta
(Continued from page one) nre  Ihul   Hr   Uotinoll   receives  five
tin* audience as before lie hail  oro dollars na Captains imy In "J" unit
eeoded very tar upon  uttering Boiue Military Hospital Commission but nn
Blurring remarks inferring some sol- separation   nllownnco  since  Septan-
dlers were discriminated against with ber, IDIti, and in connection with tho
regard to being permitted Lo return Doctor's return   from  Salonika  his
home while others wore allowed that family physician here had cabled that
privilege only because their wife was lie should return home and his Gen*
sick, which unmistakably was direct- eral hed approved under the urgent
t>il ai Hr. Hounell. atoused the anger circumstances.       "Those     are     the
of the previously orderly assemblage, facts," said Mr.  Burrell, "and  I ami
nnd brought forth a storm of hisses sure so far as Dr. Bonnell is con* |
in protest.   Several female members corned he Is absolutely  satisfied  to
of the audience and Others took excop- let the people of cranbrook decide"
tlon to Mr. Biggs from this juncture, And   from   the   hearty   outbursts or
ami ui'in refusing to withdraw these applause  no   doubl   was   lefl   ae  to
uncalled for remarks he was finally j the warm feeling expressed in favor
obliged to discontinue, ot the Doctor,
Hon. Martin Burrell was the nexl      The speaker went very fully into the I
speaker and was enthusiastically re- criticism directed against the Oovom-
eelvod.    ll.'  briefly  alluded   to   Mr menl   In  connection   with  the    Itoss
Biggs'   utterooccB  and   suggested   it tllfle, pointing out thnl lhe Clovern-
would have been much bettor taste on ment under sir Wilfred Unirler was
liis part Imd lie left Ills remarks con absolutely rOBponslble for llie adop-l
cerning   Dr.   Bonnell's   personal   af Hon of the Hobs rifle and tho erection ;
fairs unsaid and would have been far ol the  large  rifle  manufactory and
more appreciated by tho audience and tlnn  it  waa agalnal the Judgmonl ot
himself bail In* enlightened them by the British authorities thai thai Oov-
givlng them the constructive platform ernmenl pinned Its faith on this par-
nn whicli bc toughl election, of which iriilnr rifle
lu- hnd no Information although Mi' in 1002 the Clovernment entered In-
Biggs had spoken at throe moetlngs in a contract with the Boss Rifle
nt which he bad attended, Company by which Canada was bound
Mr, Burrcll was Informed thnt ll for nil tlmo and agalnsl advice tin*
had been circulated hore thai Dr. factor) was established at Quebec and
Bonnell was receiving remuneration n rifle adopted differing from the
from the Dominion Government al British Blandnrd. "The jamming of
the rate of eleven dollnrs per day to- the Rush raw, the speaker said, "was!
gather with separalfcm allowance, proved to be largely. |f not wholly,l
Cranbrook Liberals had sought In- due to certain brands of British nm-
formation on this bul instead of go- munition. General French reported I
lng to the Military Hospitals Com- on the rlflo and an n result of the remission or Militia Department had porl Lho Government promptly assent-
requested same rrom the Liberal ed to the re-arming of tho first divl-
headquarters at Ottawa to which they sion with Lee-Enfield rifles, which
received the reply that the inl'orma- was done."
t>.n was difficult to obtain bill il was      "The  War Ofllce    cabled    later   to
   say that ii" action  was proposed re-1
gardiiig Hit* second Canadian Division
a.- ii was understood that a sufficient.!
supply of Canadian ammunition was1
     ...      available.    The    Hritish   authorities'
TO KENT   Small furnished house, showed that  Uny could  not  supply
4 rooms and bath, apply Herald Office.   Leo-ICnfields in  large quantities and
 . , ;1:, it was obviously impossible to turn
OHO AN    1'2  slops    '-'  hliec swells,) Out another rifle  wlthoul a long and]
. tone—$2S.   W, Vf. Kilby, Arm-   dnnsoroiis delay the' government did I
slrieni! Avenue*. 4(itr.   lie** only iliieit posalblo, namely, en-j
_  Inrged the clinmb'er of lhe Ross rifle ;
IVAXTKll -second hiind Ijpenidler.j In ordor thnl tli,* Jnmmlng from the.
Remington preferred, Apply Roynl British iiiiiiiiimiii.in which might be
|.„i,l ij,,,,,,, .in-it Bttpplled ivonld 1..- practically elimliia-!
 .   ted."
1VANTKII   A    nnilil    fur    irenernl     "In Match, llllll, the Prime Minister
hotise-woik; apply t*. Mrs. A. A. Word,  consnlicel wltli the Hritish authorities
Lumsden Avenuo, 49-11   and wus Informed tlmt Britain could
nol  undcrlnhe to arm the Conadlan
Tll BEST   Siuiill I'lirnlsheil I set   ii.,,,|,s wltli any rifles and could not!
bath and all modern conveniences; do see for n lung time, lu the face of!
115.00 per montll, Including wnter. thnl situation what was the duty of
Apply llerald. 49-ltjtho Clovernment? li was certainly
. n..i  i,, stop the mnntifacturo of the
Hill SALE—12(10 feel 'iliieh 11x10 Rnss rifle ami to commence another
plow atee'l wire rope, in one le>ngth; type, whieh w'juld have taken from
price 20 cents u foot, f. o. le. enrs. one tei I wo years. It was tlie plain.
Apply Rox I. 10 Herald 49-3t eluly uf the Qovernment to Improve!
 *    as far as it could and lo make thej
ORGAN -I'linio -lni|ic. 12 ships. 2 |)0S| ,ls„ ,,r ,h,. ri,*|,. n,Cy |m(i ,.;11|lr„.
knee swells, by Dominion Organ i'". than let th,. troops g.> absolutely nn-
good as new. tost $H10, bargain- $45.  ;,rTiieii,"
W. W. Kilby, Armstrong Avenue. 40tf.      "later on sir lloughu  llaig slated
    -thai in liis .hub: nt it w.euM be* bet-'
WAVmi-tej    lice.    I.'.,   eiipnhle  ,,.,. ,„ |,ov0 tho  r„,c-Entlolds which1
woman  to  helji   with   children   nnd   „.,.,.„ i„. y,|s tin„, fortunately being I
hnusi.v.'ork: good wages.   Apply Mrs.  uirncd .nn in sufficient tpiantltles to I
Howard,   Harwell   Ave.                ■ts-:,.l*   supply tliem."
 "ii   should   li,-   further  mentioned
TWO MANUAL OHOAN 1" sets tit tlmt, so short was Hi.* whole supply ofj
reeds, pedal buss, either hand or foot rlrios in Hm earlier duys nf the wur j
pumped, suitable for teacher or small tli:,t tin* Iiriiish Government itself]
church. Bargain seldom met with plnced an order for 100,000 rifles with j
$70.   W. W. Kilby, Armsirong Avenue.' ,|„.   Ross   R|f|e   Company.
40-tf        .Mr.     Burrcll    thereupon    dealt    at ;
 some length upon the sterling qlloll-
er-^  a  \\r r^l  ir\n   tics of tin* Prime Minister during the'
f\ _» W J—* e^J i*vi5| eeelitiliiiol   pressure  arising  from  thel
'grave responsibilities <ef slate wlilch
wen* ever presenting themselves anil
how  generous  the*   I'rtnlr hail  been
 ■ I in  endeavoring to amicably form a i
_p _ coalition Qovernment.   How well Ibis'
I rappers, rarmers, > ei i " accomplished m* empim-
rm . * 1 silted ley the prominent Liberals wlm,
Kanchers!       'had <-i.-,*i,,iy ,.nt,.r.*.i hi.* c nut
it does not cost you nnythlng to    ' Government
Relative to the hue ami cry in this
community as well as many others by
on your furs.   Express them to ub   j „,„   i,:niril.r   Liberals   that   cnnrcrlp
WE'LL PAY ALL CHARGES  i tlnn  of man-power  should not .bn
over a $.".,110 valuation.    Wc make
ytiil uur offer
for yonr reply, returning tliem
If not purchased.   Try us,
In Bit8lnef.fi Since 1888
Scud for Price List
Special price paid for Dark Martli
countenanced unless tho eonscrlptloji
of wealth w:iis enforced. Mr. Burrell
forcibly pointed oui thai under the
■Pan a dian excess Profits tax fir gon-
i eral commodities ami munitions, up
to seven per cent profits were exempt.
! Over this amount and not exceeding
'fifteen per ,-pnl profit, twenty five
per rent   tax.   ovor fifteen  and  up tu
Mackav & Dinnic LW0,,t! |lor "'"'■lir,y ,,cr no"'tnx:
iriai.^aj   ex    isi|;j7ic ((VW. tW(1|i|y |i(i|. (.ii|U HOVOnty.flyo ,,„,
318 Mli Avenue, Cftlgflry, Altn. cam tax    On food commodities, over
seven per cent and nol exceeding
fifteen per cent profit, fifty per cent
tax. over flfteeu per conl government   ial.es all profit.
Tlii schedule ot taxing profits is
exceedingly more favorable than that j
now in force in Qreat Britain or
United states. The Canadian excess :
profits tax Is retroactive fiOui December 1918. Touching on the exposures
in connection with enormous profits
made by certain Canadian packing
bouses. Mr. Burrell stated these eon- ,
tracts hud been made by the British
authorities direct, by whom Sir Joseph Flavelle had been appointed
chairman of the munitons board, if
however, it Is proven thai these firms
have made eighty per cent profit tliis
year on their export trade and that
represented one million dollars, un ,
der ibc Cr.nadlan pioril taxation eight
111) nd rod and sixty thousand dollars
of thai profii would revert to the
Canadian government.
(Continued from page ono)
ihat there arc aluul 160 residents in
that dlstrlcl, a subscription list containing ill names, or at tho rate of
nboul om* in five of ihe population,
shows that iliis district which has
given freely of its men. is also iu
the war with its money.
Investors of nearly all nationalities
figure lu the Victory l/jan subscription lists received from Wycliffe. The
employees of the Otis Staples Lumber
t'ompany responded in large numbers as lhe appended lists show.
Mr. S. Ci. Clark, who was In charge
of the campaign at this point cannot
he praised too highly for the efficient
manner in which ho handled the work.
At Wycliffe there Is a crew of 130
men. Deducting 30 Chinamen who
were not solicited, one out of five of
the others who art? Italians, purchased
bonds, tbe subscribers being: Avo-
ledn. p., Angulo, De Pellagrin. Bomben
Lulgl, Henreuutti. A., I'imolai, llasilio.
Cornell. Angeio, ClmOlal, Pete. Dom-
inik. P., Dollvo, Enrico, Buclen, v..
tiuufi, ()., Qoona, He Cecco, Leonardo,
l... Leonardo, A.. Leonardo, Joe, Mal-
fonte, Prlmo, Ito.uania. 0., Regain,
aiovannl, Plttao, Q.. Pagura, Isadora,
Santarossn, Frank, Serafino, P.
Out nf n crew of 20S men In thu
Camp, there were no less than 113
subscribers to the Loan, viz: Anderson, li., Bosilio, S„ Bain. J.. Bran-
c hin. I".. Bird, W.. Boater, M„ BOwie,
Alex; Birch, A.. Burdjnz, S„ Bird. U,
Bird. P., Benedct, tl.. Berg. A,. Bozzer.
Luigi; Beiivenuiti. A., Cuslllng, A.,
Carlson. P., Ceolun, tl.. Cantarnth, ('..,
(knot. K., Ciiuinitick, P., Cole, \\\.
Carey, H., Daly, It.. De I'aoli, A.,
Hrickson. W. Pontanelln, E 0„ Felix.
E„ Fncchlna,' M., De Qulstl, A.. Goo-
vaml, B.. tlarlitz, Tom: Pavot, A.,
Praser, A., Qtrardl, P.. Gaspardo, <!..
Oaspardo, D. D„ Ganzlnl, E., Hels-
tand, A.. Hanratty, J. P.. Hay. Pete;
Ircamlia. L.. James, W. B., Johnson.
Lee; JohntOn, Harry; Johnson, Axel;
Jus. P., Kennedy, J. fl.. Kissels, A.,
Lund. A„ Lewlskt, H., Lott, B., Leda,
M„ Larson. A., Kerr, B.. Morrison.
[)., McDonald, T., McDonald, D. E„
Delia. M. L.. Ma ranch uk, J.. Meland,
K.. McKay, R., MontlCO, L., McDonald,
A.( Muzzattl, U. B„ Marzocco, J., Mar-
cuzzi, A.. Morris. Jack; Manfe, Peter;
Marcuz, A., March!, D.. Majorin, D„
Mattio. A. D„ Mattlo, O. D.. Manfe.
JOhn, Montlco, A., MilanI, 1... McLaughlin, fl., Natalc. A., Oitelette, A..
Plghln, G., Plghln, John; Plghln, D„
Petznttl, S.. Pes, X.. Petersooi Kd..
Quick, Carl; Qnattrin. S., De Rovere,
A.. Hlsetto. E„ Ilagoza, Wm.. Randall,
Thos., Siduway, J.. Shocliuk, J-, Sanders, U, Sutherland. J., Scott, R.,
Shimchiick, B., Shimchuck. V.. De
Steffano, S„ Satlier, A.. Slbllluk, P.,
Setlan, V., Iricandlo, P., Tonbefg, .1..
Trlverton, A., Venturln, L.. Veeberg,
L.. West. C. D., Wesl. It.. Richardson,
c. Kandona, A., Corscadden, fl.
The iiopulation Of Wycliffe and
Marysville, Including farmers in tlie
vicinity visited by the committee, in
about 400. The sub-committee anti
the community in general bave created a record tliat will scarcely In*
beaten, having sent In subscriptions
totalling $l!5,<ir.0.fHi this amount being taken up by 185 subscribers.
The Peps way <tf treating
coughs, coiils, bronchitis und luna
and throat trouble:.. Uow f Well,
up to now people with these chest
and throat troubles have swallowed cough ml xturesi sic Lly
syrups ami the like, into their
itomucfis. Sore lungs ami thtout
gel no good by dosing the »tom-
ucb.   Peps work Ultfu'enlly,
Peps are tablets mude up of Pine
extracts and medicinal essences,
which when put into the mouth
turn into healing vapors. These
are breathed down direct to the
lungs, throat and bronchial tubes
■ nut swallowed down lo ttie
stomuch, which is not ailing. Try
a BOc. box of Pips lor your cold,
your cough, bronchitis or asthma.
AH druggists and stores or Pep*
Lo., Toronto, will supply
.    \Vll\l>i:i[IT I.    M'.WSI'APKIt
Tlto Family Herald ami Weekly Star,
of Montreal, is a most unique paper
and very popular in every home In
Canada. It is surprising what great
value to Ihe reader is contained in
every issue. Few homes are without
it, and thoy are losers In not having
it. The Subscription price is $1.*.!5 a
year, aud Includes a colored war map
of tiie fighting area in Europe, it is
a splendid map and of great assistance
:o. understand tbe wur. We understand tlie map offer is shortly to be
withdrawn. The year's subscription
and war map are certainly big value
at $!._.'..
Special offer of one year's subscription to Craabrook Herald and Weekly
Star. Including War Map, for $11.00.
These cigars must
please or we pay
for the smokes
We simply invite you to try El Sidelo Cigars.
Smoke them critically from tip to butt. Note
their mild delicate flavor, their rich fragrance, their even burning. Then if they
please  you,   well and good,   if not, we   pay.
Here is our guarantee
Buy 50c worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
Club House Size). Smoke them. Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and the
value given, return the bands to us and get your
money back.
A   Constitutional    Remedy
That We Guarantee
Lagrange,   N.   C—"For  years   I
! suffered with a chronic cough, so I
, could not sleep nights and continued
to lose flesh.   My druggist asked me
| to try Vinol.   It cured my cough, I
can  sleep  nights  and  have  gained .
I twelve  pounds.    Vinol  is  the best S
tonic and tissue builder I have ever
i taken."—W. D. Ren, Lagrange, N. C.
We  guarantee  Vinol  for  chronic
; coughs, colds and bronchitis.   Not a
j patent medicine.   Formula on every
! bottle.   Your money back if it falls.
Crunbrook Drug & Book Co., Cran-
| brook, B. I'.,   also at the best druggists In all B. C. towns.
~     CIGAR.
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada
.». K LHE It. B. C. SALKS MA 3 Aft tilt, 8118 ALBtiltTA STItKi: T,  VAM*OI!VKK, It. V*
(►mem,   .iniiMSTinnms act
Notice is hereby given tbat on Nov-
mber Sili. Iiii". it wus ordered by His
Honor George  H. Thompson, Judge
! ot the County Court of lCust Kootenny,
! that James A. Arnold. Official Atimin-
: latrntor for that portion of the ('unity
', uf Kootenny included in tho Electoral
District of Cranbrook be Administrator of all nnd singular tlie estate of
Michael Zwaslenka, deceased intestate.
Every person indebted to the said
dceaBed is required LU make payment
forth way to tho undersigned.   Every
person   Iiavlng  in   possession   effects
belonging to tbe deceased Is required
forthwith to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having
any  claim   upon   or   interest   in   the
distribution Of the estate of tbe said
deceased is required to send before
January LOtli, 1918, next, by registered
mail addressed to the undersigned, his
name and address and tiie full particulars of his claim or interest, und u
statemenl    of his   account and   the
nature of tho security (if uny) held by
After tlie said last mentioned date
the Administrator  will  proceed  with
ihe distribution of the estate having
■ regard to those claims only'if which
' hr  shall  huve  hnd  notice.
I    Dated at Cranbrook this 6th day of
December. 1917.
J. A. Arnold,
i 40-21 Official Administrator.
on sale daily during December
Final Return, 3 months from dale of issue
"Imperial MmUedn "Trans-Canada"
Travel ley
"The World's Greatest Highway"
Through Standard ami Toiirlnl Sleeping Curs.
Tickets and lull Information from mi) (. r. it. Agents
R, .V. OAWSON, IHhItIcI Passenger Agent, Calgary, Alta.
PTE.   II.  S. l*l,.ltK   ItF'ITUNS  TO
Private   Herbert   S,   Clark   wus   In
the city a few days visiting old friends
Previous lo his enlistment in the
Illh 0. M It's In May, 1010, 1'rivatc
Clark was Deputy Assessor, Collector
and Mining Roctirder at the (lovom
menl Offices, here li.< went overseas about eighteen months ago. bul
on account of ill health was in England far some considerable time, Hc
was then attached to the 72nd Sea-
forth Highlanders and joined the
Machine Gun section. He missed ibe
big scrap al Vimy Ridge by a day.
but took part in the work 'if consolidating tbe positions captured in
tlio advance.
Uke almost all the men return'-*
from France, Private Clark is reticent in speaking of ills own experiences, but In conversation gave some
Interesting details of the four months
he spent in Prance. He tr.'.ik pnrt in
several engagements, among tbem being Avion and Ln .'oulctte, and ft
wos on Ihe Souchez River, near Lens,
that bo received the shrapnel wound
that cost him the sight of one eye,
Previous to this, lie bad had several narrow escapes, having lieen hit!
at Avion with a fragment of a house
that was demolished by shell fire anil
at nnbther time being half buried in ■
a shell hole.
Private Olark returned lo the Const
ou Monday and Is uncertain nn to his I
future movements,
;    Notice is hereby given that on Sep-
I teniber 17th, 1017, It was ordered by
ihs   Honor   (leorge   H.   Thompson,
Judge of tho Cbunty court of Kast
Kootenay. that James A. Arnold, Of-
' tidal  Administrator  for  (hut  portion
of the County of Kootenay Included in
llie  Electoral   Distrlet of Cranbrook
be Administrator of all and singular
the estate of N. ,!. Syodlu, deceased In-
, tostnto.   Every   person   indebted   lo
the   said   deceased   Is reqtiestd   t'
I make    payment    forthwith    to   th
i undersigned.     ..very    person   having
I in   [J isoesslon   effects   belonging   to
i the   deceased is   required    forthwith
1 to   notify   the   undersigned.     Every
I creditor or 'other person iiavlng any
i claim upon or interested In the dls-
* trlbutlon of the estate of the said de-
! ceased is required to send before Jan
; tiary   I nth.  191S  next, by  registered
mall addressed to the undersigned, his
name and address and tbe full partleu-
■ iars of bis claim or interest, nnd a
I statement   of his   account and   the
nature of the security (If any) held by
After the said last mentioned date
the Administrator will pi*..ceed with
the distribution of tbe estate having
regard to thoae claims only of whieh
lie shall have had notice.
Dated ni Cranbrook this fith day of
December, 1017.
J, A. Arnold,
4El-*_t Official Administrator.
Transfer of Rights under Section lit,
Water Art, 1»14.
Take Notice that Peter l.und, wllOSe
address Is Lethbridge, Altn., wlll apply for Ihe right to use 320 acre feet
Union Governmen
is concentrating its efforts to win the War. It has
gone about raising reinforcements in the only practical way; under the Military Service Act, 1917.
Laurier, Bourassa and their adherents admit their
intention of holding up reinforcements so urgently
needed in the trenches.
Where do YOU stand ?
To Back up the Boys—
To Hasten Victory—
To Win the War
1°0 Women Every woman may vote who is a British subject 21 years of age,
\w   . resident in Canada one year, and in the constituency 30 days, who
VOterS* is tne mother, wife, widow, daughter, sister or half-sister of nny
person male or female living or dead who is serving or has served without Canada
in any of the Military forces, or within or without Canada in any uf the Naval force;
of Canada or of Oreat Britain in the present war, or who has been honorably discharged from such services and the date of whose enlistment wus prior to September
20th, 1917.
Unionist partv Publicity Commilu
of tlie waler, the right lo use of which
is granted by Conditional License No,
42(1. on another part of Lot .No. 826,
K. D. (viz. Parts of Sub-divisions 2-W,
lying east of the railroad track.)
Thcro will be no change in the
point of division.
Tbe terms and priority of the Licence now applied for will be the
sume ns those of conditional Licence
42G, a copy of which Is on file in the
office of the Wnter Recorder at Cranbrook, with whom objections to this
application may be filed.
Tbe consent of the Lund Land &
Development Company, registered owners of the Innds to which the Conditional Licence is appurtenant lui1*
been obtained.
This notlco was posted on the
ground on the 26th dny of November,
The date ot the first appearance of
tbe notice In the local paper Is November 20th, 1D17.
Signed  Peter  Lund,
48-4t pur  F. W. Burgess, Agent.
Thereis Nothing Nicer
for a Chrismas Present
than some of our Hand Painted China,
Rich Cut Glass, Water Sets, crry Sets,
Toilet and Dinnerware, a $6,000.00
Stock to choose from. You are always
welcome to call and examine
Stuplo Grnrcrlcft. liny, Grain, Peed, Etc.


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