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Cranbrook Herald May 13, 1915

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Array to
THURSDAY, MAY 13th, 1915
ltiii'iTsiiiii;    Discussion   nn   Friday
Evening Uv.i When the Question
ut' Cutting Salnrlos tame Up
Tho Cranhrook Bqnrd of School
Trustees iiuiti their regular meeting In
tlio council chamber on Friday even*
ing last. Those present were Chair**
iiiiiii wiili'*, Trustees tjuatn, ilender-
Hon uiul Maiming aud Becrotary T. M.
Roborts. Trustee Wilson was unavoidably tlllSWlt.
Tho minutes of tin* previous meeting wore appro veil,
A communication   was  read  from
Miss Juriiiiif, asking for ■• position as
teacher  nn    the  Btttft    of tlio
exchanged  fraternal    gretlngs,
neither hoisted the white flag.
Trustee Quain moved an adjourn-!
ment, but there was no seconder.
Tlie chairman said there was further business to he dealt with, and urged
tlio men to come to some dellnlle con-
elusion, "Let us get this matter over
bo we can go on with the rest of I
the evening's husiness."
The next business tukou up was tlie
I matter of a surface water connection j
i at the Central school grounds, It being ;
found   necessary   tu   have   uu   extra
. one inch pipe to mipply tlie grounds.!
; It was moved by Trustees Quain and
Booonded by Trustee Manning thut the'
j necessary  pipe  be   purchased.    Car-
I rled.
|    Tlie question of completing the nicd-
lc.il   Inspection  of  the  schoolH   was
■ brought up. The board will call tlio In- i
local  -Motor's attention to the matter at
onco.   A prize of $75 is being offered
Delegates From Columbia. Fcrnie and
Cranbrook Hidings Attend Meet-
Ing In Craubtrook
A meeting of delegates chosen frum
the various Liberal associations of
the three ridings of Columbia, Cranhrook and Fernie met at Matheson'a
hall in this city on Tuesday evening,
May llth. Motors met the Kootenay
Central train at Fort Steele In the
evening and on uccount of breuk-
downn some of the delegates were
Into in arriving so that tlie meeting
wus not called until a lato hour.
Mr. F. R. Hill, of Golden, was asked to take the chair and Mr. F. M
MaoPlierson wus chosen secretary pro
Dr. J. H. King briefly outlined the
objects of the meeting whicli was to
form u central association to represent the new Dominion riding of East
__^_^___m—__^_—_a Kootenay, elect officers, and get in
, ment thut "hoys who live !n glass ! school, was endorsed by the board on j K]lft,,e H0 thut when a federal election
houses shouldn't throw stones." [motion of Trustees Quain and Hen-. js sprung this district will be In
The Btntenient of the cost of fencing i derson. ' shape to call a nominating convention
the school gardens at the Central \ The salary question was again and put up a tight. He outlined brelf-
school, together with the cost of I brought up. There were a few more ly the Liberal policy which was be-
preparlng thc ground, is as follows: I motions and a little more rug-chew-j ing curried out by Sir Wilfrid Lnur-
Fenco | Ing ,but no definite conclusion could Iter. Tho Liberal party stands op-
King Lumber Mills, posts $ 40.8!) | ue arrived at.                                       | posed to an election nt this time and
P. Parks &   Co.,   fence gates
sembled, do freely endorse und in*
pn elate the policy and efforts of Mr.
Brewster, und the Liberal party of the
province iu their light against the
machine, which hus by its incompetence, dishonesty and extravagance
brought discredit upon thc fair province of Hritish Coolumbia.
Moved by J. S. Blakeley, seconded
by -Mr. H. Spencer, that the Liberals
of Fust Kootenay in convention do
place ou record their unbounded faith
in Hie leadership of Sir Wilfrid Lour-
ler, and further endorse the stand
taken by Sir Wilfrid and his followers
iu appealing to ull purts to postpone
any federal eh
*l KX ON ('It A Ml HOOK'S
umber ef .Men Who Went Forth to ile
Battle In the Cause of Ilk-lit Have
Heen Killed und Wounded
Record   Attendance   Greets   Open ins
Game oi Season—Keen Interest
In ihe Several Contests
Cranbrook's honor roll is growing!
This week n number of names have
  ; heen added, which include a number
The Tennis club opened for the Bea- | of weU known men
son last Saturday afternoon, an Am-
Some Thirty Men Being Licked lite
Shape — Capt Davles Left for
Holland to Assist RecrnlUng
ertcan tournament being held, consisting uf mixed handicap, More than
fifty people were present and a most
enjoyable afternoon was spent.   Tlie
tlon during this time I entries for the tournament were very
of stress, when ull persona of all par- ]urKili twenty-two players competing—
ties are bending forth every effort for(U record for y10 c]|ll)    Thf. ..lliy was
Bssfu) and speedy termination
vciy  keen  uud   extremely  good    fur
The list of accounts
after a few questions by Trustee Henderson, In connection with tho replacing of two windows nt. the Central
school broken by the school kid*-'. lie
brought home very forcibly tho argil-
pnssed I -W t,l° government to the class uttntn-
| Ing tho highest lu efficiency, the health
' of the pupil being takeu Into consldcr-
i atlon,
A communication   from   ti. Aiken.
' re the establishment of an Industrial
(I war ftir right und justice.    I *jie beginning Of the season.   Miss H.
t the delegates present were | Cliegerich aud Mr. McEwen wore victorious and thoroughly deserved
their success.
During the afternoon it was announced that Mr. Raworth and Mr. 11.
Gordon Mecredy had very kindly offered to glvo two prizes each, to be
then called upon for u few remarks.
Mr. Stookdalo, of Invermere, stated
that he bad been touring his district
with Mr. Beckham, the candidate for
liis district und so far they bad been
unable to Hnd a single Conservative.
and stain     91
Geo. Park, 80 hours work
at 25c $20.00
Jas. George,   St)   hours
work at 25c  20.00
J.   Fielding,   45   hours
work at 25c  11.25
H. G. Stringer, 5 hours
work at 25c    1.25
V. S. Llddlcoatt, 55 hours
at 40c  22.00
The meeting adjourned at 11.80 on | it is inadvisable to have an election at
1 motion of Trustees Quain and Man
j Impressive Ceremony Conducted Monday Afternoon—Profusion of
Floral Tributes
this time  with  our  country  In  the
stress and turmoil of a great world  tllB opposition."
war.   To divide the country Into two      Mr-  Tunnacliffe, of Wilmer, said:
great warring political camps at this  "At  t,lir   recent (li8trlct  Llberfll  A8"
time would be to weaken the great' relation meeting we had the largest
cause for which our mon urc going : ,nMt,n« ever llcld in   our   country-
forward to fight.   Tlie Liberals liave  Eighty-two members signed the roll
Mr. Klingensmith, of Elko, said last I competed for during the season. Mr.
election there wero 57 votes, 52 of j Raworth's prizes will he given for
which were Conservative. Looked this l tho championship of the cluh, both
time us If the tables would be completely turned. Hoard of Trade at recent meeting hud hard work to name
committee of four to go on political
mission to Fernie; nobody would accept, there heing no Conservatives willing to admit they wero Conservatives.
Mr. Morris, of Rogers Pass: "We are
working uud hoping to have all Lib-
oral votes wltli a complete skunk on
74.50   t
Total cost of fence .,
W.    Parry,    115   hours
work at 25c    4 28.75
H. C. Stringer, 112 hours
at 25c     28.00
J. Kemball, 115 hours at
25c    28.75
J. Fielding. 70 hours at
25c     17.50
C.   Park,   35   hours   at
25c      S.75
Jas. George, 85 hours at
26c           S.76
V. S. Llddlcoat. ,Y houre
at 40c     22.00
H. G. Stringer, 40 hours
at 25c     10.00
J. Fielding, 80 hours at
26c       7.50
W. E. Worden. hauling earth..   57.00
C. S. Parker, hauling Btone nnd
manure     41.HO
The funeral of the late Miss Emma
Prest took place on Monday afternoon
I from the residence of Mr. W. H. Wil-
•*"07-051 son at 2.30   o'clock   and   from   the
' Methodist church at 3 o'clock.
assisted thc government In voting uny
i monies necessary for war purposes.
I True they have opposed waste of
money to be spent within the Dominion, especially ln view of tlie fuct that
it wos being spent for political purposes. But they stood ready aud
willing to assist thc government as
far as possible In carrying on tlte
war to a successful conclusion.
list. If the member challenging
win, he or she goes up one. A challenge must be accepted within three
days.   Whoever tops the list of pluy-
  ers at the end of Satuiday, the 28th
the lirst night.     Things are   surely I of August, wins the championship,
bright." I    Mr. Mecredy's prize will he given to
Mr. McCauley, of Spilllmochceu. i tho lady or gentleman succeeding iu
suld: "Oh, things are smooth enough I getting to the position next the chum-
down our way," , plon on the list, at tho end of the
ladles and; gentlemen. [The championship will be held on the following
conditions: A list has been posted In
the clubhouse, of both ladles and
gentlemen.    The places of tlie first
th.ee members on each list have been 	
selected by tho committee.   The places i claimed so many Canadian Ii
of the others were drawn fur.   Baoli j    Reginald     Hartnell     is   reported
month and only once a month a mem-  wounded, his brother, P. Hartnell. re-
ber   may   challenge   the   player   Im- j Qently having a letter to the effect that
mediately above  him  or  her on  th
Tom Blayney, of this city, received
yesterday an official announcement
from a French surgeon of the death
of his son, David J. Blayney. who left
Cruubrook lust September with the
first contingent. David was only eighteen years of uge und was employed
by the Cranbrook Foundry previous to
going to the front. The family reside
ln Cranbrook.
Corp. Fred Lewis, of I^ondon, Eng-
land, who enlisted with the Hrst contingent In Cranbrook, was among
those who wcre reported this week to
have died of wounds In a French hospital.
Fred Brown, also a member of
Cranbrook's quota in the fust contingent, was reported killed in the casualty lists of the pust week. His
home wus in London, England.
Sidney Renton. formerly a C.P.R.
fireman in this city, and well known
nmong the railroad boys, and who
enlisted at Lethbridge, wus killed In
the    recent    heavy    fighting    which
lie was convalescing.
James Mlddleton. formerly
ployee of the Sullivan mines at Kimberley, und who left with Cranbrook's
second contingent, is reported among
the wounded.     He    was    familiarly
known us "Scotty" Mlddleton.
Mrs, William  Malcolm received    a
field  postcard from her son Sydney
who wns reported wounded.     He suys
_________ o.o 1ms been   admitted   to    hospital
Mr. Fisher, the Fernie district Lib*  above date;  but the Ilrst three, who [ wounded, but he
eral    candidate, closed the   meeting;are now nt the head of the list, will L few duys.
with a  humorous address In  which'not bo permitted to compete for the"
he advised the Liberals present not to j prize, even If any
The church  service, conducted by j    Mr. T. S. GUI, president of the Crnn-
Rev. W. E. Dunham, assisted by Rev. ] hrook  UbPra* association, welcomed
expected to be out lu
Sydney joined the first
contingent  from   Nucleod.   not   from
* of them drop to . Cranbrook. as stated in our last issue,
politics too seriously at present! a position below number four und then   but Ernest, who worked in the provln-
they would become worn out be- j succeed tn going up again.
an election came around.     He
D. M. Perley, of Fernie, was most Im-1 t>,e vfBltlng delegates to the citv und  K,ilt011 tlmt ■,0 W0B a Uttle tlmld ln
pressive.   On the arrival of the cort- j wuc nllx(ous that they would
  the presence of strangers from CO'
ege at the church the remolns were j themselves while here" and that tiie •'""hin riding. In Fernie they always
placed before the alter during the ; formation of this new association wns K,lV0 t,,eir visitors something to eat
playing of Chopin's impressive Fun- \ necessarv In his opinion on account of iimI In t'ranbrook something to drink.
era! March. The choir rendered as;the likelihood of a Dominion election ,T" diaVt know w,lftt tliey dId !n Conn anthem Sir John Gosh' "O Saviour jHomc time this year. lumbla but lie hoped to make a visit
of the World." This was a favorite Tho delegates present were then *""n and trusted that they gare some-
anthem of the deceased. The pastor enumerated and seated'as follows: M,inp bptter to cat than they do In
told in simple language the story of Colombia rW|ntj, Mr. Spencer, Field;
the beautiful life of this faithful wor- C. D. Morris, Rogers Pass; F .B. HIM
kor in  tho    church.    He             - -
Fernie and something better to drink j
than they do ln Cranbrook,
reminded!and T. S. Blakley, Golden; Alex. Ma-
thoso present of the high esteem Injcauley, Spllllmacheen; Mr. Tnnna-
whlch she had been held by a host clltte, Wilmer; F. C. Stockdale, Inver-
of friends; of the unique position held ! ra0re. Fernie riding, J. M. Agnew nnd
by her as a teacher und as treasurer i (j, A. Klingensmith, Elko; C. H. Skin-
of the Sunday School; of her faithful-, ner and A. I. Fisher, Fernie; C. D. Mc-
ness during the past twelve years as a Nubb, Waldo; J. Worth and George
member of the choir, her place be-1 deary, Fort Steele. Cranbrook riding,
ing seldom vacant: he told of the: j. h. Hayes. Westport; A. Pigott,
worth of her sterling character to Yahk; C. R. Ward, Ed. Paterson, T.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lho community nt large, and urged  c. Armstrong. Dr. F. B. Miles and A.
ground    $258.80  thnt it wns selfishness that   caused j B. Macdonald, Crane-rook.
mourning on the loss of such a life.    ;    The   constitution   and   bylaws   as
The remains were moved from the j provided by the B. C. Liberal associa-
ehureh  during  the  playing of Han- j tion wus adopted en bloc.
del's "Dead March In Saul."   The en- j    The election of officers resulted us
lire musical  service wns under the J follows;
direction of Mr. Chas. F. N'ldd nnd was)    Hon. Presdient—Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
conducted ln a delicate ond impressive j    President—A.    B.    Macdonald,
First Vice-President—C. D. McNabb.
Kootenay Member In   the  Dominion!
House Wlll Lead Government
hi Next Provincial Fight
Matches will consist of tlie hest out
of three sets. Advantage games must
be played. Every match must he umpired by a member of tho club, who
must certify tiie result. The lists
will be revised the first of every
The following ure tlie above mentioned lists:
MIbs B. Pye.
Miss Mecredy
Miss Erickson
Miss Green
Miss Christie
Miss Banwell
Totnl     cost     of     preparing
J. D. McBride, garden
Ira R. Manning, Ltd
gnrden seeds 	
? 27.16
An application  from   Miss Wood
land,   principal  ol  the  South  Ward mann ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
school,   asking    for a  library,     was The late Miss Prest came to Crnn^
read.    After some discussion It  was brook in 1908 to make her home with' of Waldo,
decided to purchase, n list ot hooks her brother, the lute W. A. Prest, and      Second Vice-President—F. B.
being submitted.    This was moved by has been u highly esteemed resident   of Golden,
Trustee Quo In and seconded by True- Of the city since that time.                      Secretary- F. M. Macpherson,    of
tee Mooning. For the past few years Miss Prest   Crnnbrook.
Tho next business on the slate, the lllul  ~*~  ■1,'r   no*»c  with  Mr. und     Treasurer—F. C. Stockdale, of In-
quettlon   of   the   reduction    In    the Mra. W. H. Wilson .and was ot the j vermere.
teachers' snlarlea, put real life Into time •>■■ I,t'r ll,'ftth ft valued employee     Executive Committee—J. C. Green,
the meeting.   Ther,  was a few lively »f Messrs. McCreery Bros.            .       j 0f Golden;  C. D. Morris, of Rogers
passages between tlie several mem- •'■ church circles particularly Miss j Pass; Mr. Tomllnson, of Field;   Mr.
bora aa to just how much or hoiy, little Pre"t will be greatly missed, not only | TunnaolifTe, of Wilmer; c a. Klin
the salaries should be cut,   it
generally ngn ■-»I thai llie salaries*hi
of Messrs. McCreery Hroi
In church circles particularly Miss! Pass
Prest will be greatly missed, not only I Tunnncllffc
iu the congregation of her own denom-1 gensmitli,
ination but throughout the city she I Natal;  G
R. F. Green, M. P. for Kootenay In
the Dominion parliament will lead the :
British Columbia Conservatives In the
next provincial fight, If the word of!
prominent local Conservatives can be:
relied upon. Mr. Green has been!
Interesting himself In provincial affairs lately. He was a former cabinet'
minister in tlie McBride cabinet, but!
of resigned owing to tiie Kalen Island j
deal, which was discussed in every
part of Canada. The report says Mr.
Green will run tn the Kaslo riding.
where he is sure of being elected and
getting a way to a good start.
Sir Richard McBride. the premier;
of British Columbia, who Ib now in
England, will immediately return and'
enter Dominion politics, stumping
British Columbia In the Interests of
Sir Robert Borden.
A prominent local Conservative In-,
tervlewed tills afternoon in reference!
of Elko; G. G. Meikle,   of ,0 Mr- Greon leading the party in the1
Worth, of Fort Steele; A.   Pr°vInco, said he believed "there waa
most cases wen* too high at this par-  W11S wpn known nH " ,110Hl devout andj Mocneil, of Fernie; C. A. Foote,"  of something In It,*' nnd expected an an-
tlculor time. .Inst how much the cut
should he wns the whole argument
Trustee Henderson moved that commencing with the next term the salaries shall be reduced as follows:
Salaries up lo 1x00 Ih* cut 6 per cent;
over $100 nnd up to }150 ten per cent;
over |160 fifteen per cent This was
seconded by Trustee Manning.
After com tdorablo ii; icusslon In
which evei> nu nil" r of the board
figured, tiiere passed :i few lively
minules. lu whieh thoy ugi d to disagree. Brotherly love ceased for o
time und tlie editor's thoughts flew
back to the I line when  (!. T.  Rogers
was mayor*, when it required a good
thick tub to report u meeting,
Trustee Qualn thought the principal's salary at the south
school was low enough, He strongly
advocated for a living wage. He
favored a cut lu other school classes,
Trustee Manning believed in paying
good wages, but thought at this time,
when the city wns In need of money,
and when Uttle revenue wns being derived from the cily tuxes and water, he
could see where il wns absolutely necessary to retrench on nil sides. However, he deemed ofllctency preferable
to economy.
Trustee Henderson said he too believed in n living Wage, hut could not
1 Movie-  Joseph Jackson, C. R. Ward  nouncement to be mnde very shortly.
■ and Kd. Paterson, of Cranbrook. He *aUl Mr' 0reen WM wo" verBed ,n
in taking his sent Mr. Macdonald IProvincial nffoirs   and had kept   In,
said, "I appreciate the Honor of being t0UcI> with tho movements of the gov-
the first president of the newly or-  ,!nim0Ilt BinCfl reBiKnfns *"* °mce j
! ganised East Kootenay District Lib-  80n,° *Vf'itrs a*0'
eral Association, although I feet then      Mr. T. I). Caven, tho local member j
nro others who could better* fill the | In the B. C. legislature, is also men-
clal government ofllce here joined the
same contingent from Cranbrook
The long list of dead aud wounded
published today contains the name of
Patrick D. Hope, ot Marysville, as
being wounded.. Mr. Hope was a
druggist In Moyie in the early days,
where he was a prominent business
muii. His family reside In Marysville.
Recruiting for the 64th
has beeu proceeding during the past
week, about thirty men now appearing for the drills. The recruiting officers state that more than forty hava
been signed nnd will be added to the
quota us soon as ihey havo passed.
Srgt.-Major Pearce arrived from
Victoria the latter part of last week
und is putting the men through tfcalr
paces. He will remain here in charge
of the local recruits.
Cnpt. Davles left today for Boss-
land where re will spend a fortnight
assisting in the recruiting at tbat
point. The recruiting office during
his absence is In charge of Lieut.
Robert McKay has been transferred
from the llth Mounted Rifles to the
54th Battalion.
In the last issue of the Dominion
Gazette the following appointment*
were gasotted for the 107th regiment;
to be in effect after September *J6th,
1914: To be provisional captains, ft.
I). Davles, N. M. Foulkes, F. Richardson: to be lieutenants, V. P. l-ocke,
H. O. Lockwood; to be provisional
lieutenants. F. J. B. Hankey. I. C.
Wedd. J A. Forin. C. J. Archer, C. O.
m- Bennett. H. Venus. H. B. Hicks, W. O.
Foater, E. H. Wilkinson. O. C. II.
Coleman; to be quartermaster with the
honorary rank of lieutenant, J. 8.
Gladwin; to be chaplain with the
honorary rank of captain, the Rer. D.
!■: i>. Robertson.
Vernon was selected by tho mllltla
Authorities for the British Columbia
training camp. According to tha
coast papers Cranbrook's claims to
this camp were not even considered,
the contendors being Grand Porks,
Kamloops and Vernon.
Mr. Thomas Careo says he has
authority for the statement that Cranbrook will be made the concentration
camp for the 54th battalion and tbat
1.000 men will be here within two
consistent Christian   worker.
The funeral wos very largely attended and the llorul tributes to the
memory of the deceased were In great
quantity and were beautiful In design.
color nnd quality.
The pull-benrers were Messrs. J. D.
McBride, W. O.  Mm ton, H   A. Mc-  ____————————._—————————-,
Kownn, Seth  Ryekman, O. W.  Pat- ] place.   We hope that this district will I tinned in this regard.     It Is said the
more ond Robert McCreery. always be represented by a Liberal.   Crnnbrook member will bo appointed
Mr. Cecil II .Prest, u nephew of the   All parties and creeds, except the pro-1 minister of education and wlll be call- ■  u_ ti _
deceased, and formerly city clerk ol | fesslonal politician, do not want an
Miss Woodland
MIsb Harrison
Mrs. Halsall
Mrs. McKowan
Mrs. Christie
Mrs. Cranston
Miss Hewitt
Miss Fisher
Mrs. McCreery
Miss Alexander
Miss A. Pye
Miss Giegerk-h
Miss Cherrlng'on
Miss McBride
Mrs. C. Wnrd
Mrs. F. Pym
A. Fairbairn.
H. Mcllwalne
H. G. Mecredy
George McCreery
T. F. BoyHton
A. Raworth.
C. B. Garrett
John Wilson
C. Hester
Rev. A. B. Lane.
Tighe Mecredy
Dr. Davis
J. McEwuii.
P. Woodland
Gordon Wallinger
V. Richards
S. Rumsey
F. D. Smith.
A. Ryder
J. Laing
S. Phillips
E. H. Wilkinson
. Sume Sixty Animals Accepted From
This District for Smite In the
Great Koropeao War
Mr. P. F. Be van. remount purchaser
for the Dominion government, accom*
' panied by Dr. J. W. Rutledge, veterinary surgeon, made a tour of the
; Cranbrook district the past week pur-
: chasing horses for war purposes. At
j Cherry Creek ten horses were purchas-
, ed  from  Peter  Woods,  the  Cherry
: Creek rancher; at Baynes Lake eight
horses were purchased; at Cranbrook
nine animals were passed by the in
(his city ,cnme from Winnipeg to!
attend the funeral.
F. M. MacPheruon was In charge
of the funeral arrangements,
The following Is a list of those
who sent flowers:
Mr .and Mrs. W. T. Reid, Vancou-
Word ver'* BPra>' ttt roses.
Mrs. G. B. Powell, cross.
Mr .and Mrs. S. W. Ryekman, cross.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. O. Cummlngs,
Misses Hamilton, Drummond and
Finniss, spray.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira R. Manning, spray.
Members of Methodist Choir, wreath
Methodist Ladles Aid, spray.
Miss Mamie Clarke, sheaf.
Mr. and Mrs. O. Stong, spray.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Mcpherson, wreath.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil II. Prest, wreath.
Frank Prest and family, anchor.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. II. Wilson, wreath.
Retail      Merchants      Association
see how tho city could afford to pay ,________________tm
high salaries   nt   present   Salaries' wreath.
wore cut all around,   lie wns not In <    Muster Murray McFarlane spray,
favor of singling out nny particular     Hor Sunday School Class, spray.
teacher.   "If yon are going to eirt, out,    Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Morton, spray.
them all.   I um not In favor of mak-1   Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McBrldo and Miss
Ins fish of one nnd bones of another." I McHride, sheaf.
Trustees Qualn and Henderson here I   Methodist Sunday School, croon.
election at this time. We hope that we
won't hear of nn election being called within the next year, although
there have been strong rumors at
Ottawa. However, we must be reedy
when the announcement Is made.
There is not likely to be a provlnclul
election during the coming summer."
Each district association wus as-
sessed $25 as dues to the Federal as-
sociotion to be paid on or before June
The president wos empowered to
call meetings or nine memhers of thc
executive may do so at any time by
asking for sume.
The members of the executive were
allowed to attend executive meetings
and vote by alternates.
Seven members of the executive
constitute a quorum.
Each district is entitled to twenty
delegates to nominating convention ,
of association, each riding to apportion the delegates for their district.
Thc following resolutions were then
read and pnssed:
I Moved by Dr. Miles, seconded by
C. A. Kllngemmlth, that tbo Liberals
|of Knit Kootenay In convention,    ns*
Itf.   H. H. Bourne
Wlll any new membtr, nr anyone 	
mentioned in (he The Rev. A. B. Lane bos received a
ed to Victoria in the course of a week's aboVfl ,lHts- kln,,ly communicate with telegram from Cork Ireland, thut hin
,. jthe secretary, if ho or she wishes to)brother. Sir Hugh Lane, is amongst
Trail Improcement**, to be Undertake*
and Baker Mountain Lookott
Placed In SffrvlM
Mr. J. D Gilmour, district forester,
.'.as started the season's work In the
protection of the forests. The forest
guards have been appointed and left
this week for their various districts to
commence their duties.
This is the permanent summer organization, which looks after lire permits, and any small fires which may
arise. If later on In the season we
have an unfavorable and dry period,
ample provision is made for increasing the staff by means of temporary
specters; at Fort Steele eight being *-"■»«-' -° he-P ** *«eet guards
the number purchased; at Athalmer w,i0 have lar*e aDd ^--"dous «>
j eighteen were purchased. trfcts.
I Mr. John Reed, the road superin- -t Is expected that » small mmiidI of
tendent. offered the best specimen traiI Improvement will be undertaken
. of horse flesh, a beautiful officers wIlh the re*ular 8*fl <-«••«« »■»'•
1 charger. Mr. Bevsn says the animal 1-ble Periods. Also the Baker moon-
: Is perfect and is the best horse so far taln lookout will be placed ln service
, purchased by hlm in British Colum- aR fi0on " required.
' bia. Following are appointments so far
The animals are being loaded and  made of forest guards in this ricin-
will be shipped from here today to  *t>':
Brandon, Man., where the horses will      J   P. Myers, Cranbrook south and
1 he trained and receive a college educ-  w^t.
atlon  before  tackling  tlie  Germans
At Brandon approximately six thon*
1 sand horseH are in training.        _M
Mr. Bevan and Mr. Rutledge went to   International Boundary.
Creston yesterday to   Inspect   some,    A.  O.  Jam**,  MarysvUl**, Klmber-
' horses offered from that section    of ley and St. Mary's Lake.
country. D. II. Ferguson, Gold Creek to Koo*
Mr. Bevan will go from Creston  to  tenay river and boundary.
. Cowley, Alta. —————
ntnimiia-n n777"i ,vi* MIMATfRE  RIFLE
BHOTH wah on hvmmx    «A™E forcbasjwooi
ASIBUSltiajS     C.BB.I.
Kill* "a.ftotlaUoa ia OajwraU
o. Saulli* Stale
J. O. Ltenson, OaDbrook M&t aad
north, Including Cherry Creek.
C Oroflln, head of Moyie Lake to
I Sir Huitli Lane AmoniM lhe Ullitaf . Miorlaire   of
ol Ihe Ill-Fated Ocean Kllle Ail
; compete?
Hard Times and High Prices
Money is hard to get, and it is wise to tuke nol ice of
things that are not high in price.
Here are a few groceries that the price is very reasonable on this year.
Oranges, Sunkist.--All choice
nnd juicy; all sites, 26c., 30c.,
B6c„ -10c. und 50c.
Lemons*, Sunkist—25c. and 30c.
a dozen.
Never cheaper and something
ynu want ln the house all the
time for lemonade or for cook*
ing with.
l.nipe Fruit—3 for 25c. or 6 for
Kiii.KiVt .from California.
These are fresh In and the best
quality yet.
Onion Nets, per lb ISc,
Marmalade It Is not too late
to make it yet, while the above
three fruits ore at their cheapest
and best.
Fresh Let'uce, radish, green
onions, rhubarb, etc., are getting cheaper nil the time; ulso
strawberries, etc.
Potatoes ore cheap, $1,60 cwt.
We have some of the driest
and test testing ones to be* hnd.
E(tg», 30c. dozen. They never
wcre cheaper in Cranbrook. Buy
now as price may go up soon.
the missing and there appears no hops
that he can be saved.
Sir Hugh Lane, director of th<- National Gallery of Ireland, was returning from a nun led trip to New
York.     He was to join fn the pro*
On uccount of thc nhortage of ammunition suitable for outdoor target
practice the Cranbrook Civilian Rifle
Association have arranged with tha
furling Kink Company to have tbe
use uf the rink, where they will put
In a miniature rang*-. A meeting of
the association was held a few nlghta
of the National Gallery.
sentatlon of an address of welcome to ago when It was decided to go ahead
Lord wlmborne, the newly-appointed r wtth the Installing of targets, etc.,
I,<.rd Lieutenant of Ireland, on behalf' nnd It Ik hoped that a competition will
I be held on the 24th. of May, wben
good prism will be offered.
Several "22" rifles hive bean
ordered, and as soon as these arrive
and the rink put In shape, target
practice will commence.
Only members who have paid their
subscription tor tho year 1915 wlll be
allowed to compete, or have tha use
Several  Parrel-  In the  Fernie and
Cranbrook Land HMrlrtt Open
for Kettlff*
On Tuesday next there wlll be ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thrown open for nettlement 9-JVOral j of the range, so get busy and become
parcels of land for pre-emption, j a member. The membership Is only
A lengthy report covering this subject lone dollar, and ladles will hare tha
wns printed ln the llernld some three j privilege of Joining. Tickets may ba
weeks ago. together with n description procured from the treasurer. C. J.
of the land. I Little, or from tho secretary, H. H.
Tho local government olTHais have;  llnurne; also from other members of
made arrangements. In the event of a ■ the executive.
rush for these lands, to cope with the | Mr. U. 1*. Tisdale has been elected
situation, and It Is rxpm'ted everything'president of the osaoclatloa In place
will go off amoothly. Thn gov eminent of A. If. Webster, wbo resigned a*
ofllce opens at » aan. on that morning I leaving Cor Calgary PAGE TWO
L. V* Sullivan, Editor
J. It. Thompson, Husiness Manager
HE RAM) have, arei
tunctory I
ment whl
Subscription Kates
One   Year    	
Six Months    	
Throe Mouths    	
.Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   25   eents
Column inch,
Reading Notices or classified Ads.
cents pur Hue.
aud left i
us Germu
of deeper
is :i ti in.
tlrnier to
and at the
upon our
milted by
worthy of
time whi'i
:tlh,  ItH.)
until now, felt only a per-
aterost In the final chastise*
li Unit nation must receive,
ipt away thc law of nations
nly rampant anarchy ns far
iy ls concerned In this war
ttlon und life and death. It
when we should all stand
the colors of Great Britain
same time keep a firm hold
sensibilities and upon our
Acts  such  as 'those  cora-
thc mob ut Victoria are not
tin* llrltlsh people.   It Is a
the people of this country
need to control their emotions   with
calm thinking.    Germany is debased
in the eyes of tin* world, she will soon
1 reap tlie whirlwind that she has sown
, and for every act of violence   committed against peacable citizens     In
I this country Canadian people muy in
[ time he sorry.   There can be no nilt-
: Igation for the horrible act of cruelty
and barbarism perpetrated on tho innocent men and women aud children
■ who wen* passengers on board thc Ill-
fated  vessel.    It  wus cruel and Inhuman  und  hns  served to  link the
sympathies of the neutral nations on
the side nf tho utiles.    Germany Is
linking gradually the chain which wlll
surely rend her ultimately.    Only his
Satanic   majesty   could   applaud   the
dastardly work of the German submarine uud no   doubt his   fires ure
< being mude warmer for the reception
of those Gorman officers who conceived und executed thnt diabolical plot.
But Germany, the career of the world,
is  being   held  in   isolation  and the
, strong sword of tho moving armies
are  performing  a  needed  operation
and It is to be hoped that the plagues
which infest her body and mind will
j be- speedily removed by the annlhlln-
j tion of her armies, her military spirit
  ' and every engine of warfare which she
ii two thousand years neo i 1*o«hoshcs. For only in the perfor-
n Roman citizen wIiobb "nance of lhat task can the world be
ell-known to the modern mat**0 BttEe *'or civilization and for
human progress. Let us ns we mourn
our martyrs who became the prey of
those high-handed murderers, keep
'uu* minds calm for the present but
our memories keen for the final day of
Canada, depending so much upon
her agricultural and forest products,
should pay greater attention to the
celebration of Arbor Day und to Instruction in the objects which Arbor
Day stands tor.
The war will return to Canada
many crippled und disfigured men,
Let the industries of Canada, by the
exercise of wise precautionary measures, bo reduce their toll of Injured us tn offset ns fur us possible, the
abnormal Increase from wnr.
During tho last four years tlie export of power from Canada to the
United Stales by three ot the companies engaged in tliis business, has
increased from 318,000,000 to 424.000,-
000 k.w.h. The amount of power
supplied by the same three companies in be used in Canada actually
Shows a decrease for the same period.
THURSDAY, MAY 13th, 1915
"German Kultur" wns shown last
week In action.
Every day will be Sunday shortly,
with no Saturday nights.
Recipe for unemployed—-"Golden'
soup; fourteen carrots."
Better leave well enough alone'
when it's your neighbors.
While tho machine Is In'motion
ponco reigns iu thc building.
You can't buy a return ticket from
tiie C.IMl. when you're going to the
Somo Crnnbrook men would make
expert whale fishermen. They are
good at spearing.
After you've practised lying fm* a
whllo you can't even tell llie truth so
nnybody'll believe it.
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every iXljiclct Package
Even the human "peach
digest when taken green.
hard to
We'd get ahead faster if some of the
folks who are riding would get oft
und push.
Pure water is a
water Is dangerous.
tother.from which?
luxury.    Impure
How can you tell
More tl;
there   wil:
name is ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
world, und who mude certain observations on tiie ethics of warfare, whicli
are commended to the Germans of today. This was i'lnutus, who wrote:
"War ni. its best Is but a savage recourse. . . . yet it hus Its conventions, observed by nil men of
honor, who seek victory by valor and
skill and not hy vill mi.v." it is needless to point out what hc would liave
thought of the use of poisonous gus
and   killing of  prisoners  aud
such   ini
tin* sinking of tin
The announcement that Vernon hud
been selected by the military authorities lasl  Frld
i tlu* concentration
a t Kootenay came like n
this week, following the
nl thai Col. Ogtlvlo would
■unit before making the sc-
usual this city lias been
the cold, cold ozone to
self. No investigation was
his city not considered by
■ authorities. Victoria has
ppy home of thc 30th bat-
the geeond contingent was
tutuinn.   The 20th wns or-
trward and are now at the
ill the 30th Is enjoying the
Minute at Victoria      Why?
• business men of Victoria
soldiers bivouacked will
toncy nnd  Victoria  business
' onough pull to keep the bat-
home.    Apparently tho city
political pull Is getting the
nd although we nre assured
camp ror
visit Cran
lection. .
left, oui
hustle ror
made ami
the iiiilll.!
been the
tulion Bin
called In*
gunized a
front nnd
Becaus i I
realize tli
spend   nn
men hnve
tulfon at
with  11
that politics have nothing to do with
the matter it is plain to be seen that
with all tin natural advantages whicli
Crnnbrook possesses for the concentration camp nnd with the efforts made
by J. M. < hrlstic, of tlte Hoard of
Trade, nnd Mayor A C, Bowness, to be
turned down witiiout an Investigation
proves thcro Is a nigger in tho woodpile. Vernon may be nu Ideal spot,
but why wasn't Crnnbrook considered? Vi rnon must have a represents j
tlve at Ottawa anl sume strong political frli nil which we must admit
Cranhrook does not possess.
The Ministerial Union of thc Lower
Mainland of il. C. hnve taken up thc
cudgel against tho ti. C. government
and havo Issued n pamphlet entitled
"The Crisis in B. C, An Appeal for
Investigation." A copy of this publication has been forwarded to the
Herald ofDco and which may be seen
by anyon * who desires to call. Tin
facts pri i nt' d have been taken from
the books of the government und that
they lmvo pricked the alabastine conscience of oven Mr, Bowser is apparent, ns lie has deigned to reply to
the charges made. The Conservative
press of tho province is howling dally
denunciations at the authors,„but th"
little pamphlet Is no doubt doing n
noble work, space forbids tlm publication of all the facts presented. The
appeal i> non-political und only asks
for Justice in the following words
which sum up the proven deliberate
and colossal misconduct of the government with tho people's monej:
"Our appeal is to thc conscience of Unpeople Irrespective of party. If this
province is to be saved from enonomlc
ond social ruin, and from further |
political degradation; If the heritage M10*'
of Its people Is ever to bo restored to I Prem.
them. if. can. only be done by all
right-thinking men facing the present situation, demanding most thorough Investigation and calling to
strict account those who have brought
about those conditions, For men of
nil parties fills Is the supreme duty of
the present hour."
The celebration of Mother's Day is
■ commendable one. Cranbrook is
.lowly coining into line with the
■rent movement. It is more import-
1 mt fur a woman to be good than man
Ilor influence upon the children is
far greater thun tho father's InflU'
nee. Furthermore, children, as i
rule, Inherit their moral qualities
much more from their mothers than
: from their fathers. Consequently, for
, i hoy to make a good, level-headed,
true-loving, upright citizen, it is very
' mportant for him to have a good
I mother.
Tho better we can make the moth*
| -rs of our land, tiie better wo muke
' mr country. The old Roman moth'
; -rs' Influence was acknowledged ns a
■■ most potent one upon the patriotism
;   f Hit*   people.
i    Vet our women arc not altogether
j mgels, though muny of them are ttl-
I most.   The must angelic they may be
| however, tho more will tlie race of
' mankind improve morally.   While the
future destinies of man rest so largely
with  thu  women  of tho land, dont
forget it is tho country woman—the
vivos nnd daughters of tho farmers—
to whom wo must look for our temporal solution moro than any other
i luss of women.   They nre the mould-
ers of tlio true representative character  of  tho  country  more  than  any
Kut lor thc constant infusion of
good, healthy, country blood, ou;* cities would stagnate und die.
It Is upon the honest motherhood of
Lho rural districts that the country
must depend mainly for the true, stur-
ly citizenship that must save us from
lhe anarchical tendencies and Influences of our large centres of popula-
A good son makQS a good father.
i Cranbrook men are asked to go home
eaily ut night and set au example.
. Just when six Cranbrook men were
I about to climb on the wuter wagon
yesterday afternoon, the horses bucked,
i Economy may be the road to
; wealth, but there are not muny Cranbrook people travelling that thoroughfare these days.
No, Tom, tlie Cranhrook coppers
nf the city force and tho copper coin
of tiie realm are not mnde of the
same stuff, although both ure quite
Ono reason advanced ns to why
('ranbrook will not get the concentration camp is tliat we have not enough
pull. Why not put thc steam roller
to work on our side?
The Herald hns received u note asking why we do not celebrate father's
day. Well, father has boon celebrating his day for some time past, but
is near thc end of his rope.
Itis very likely Vernon wns selected
us the place to establbtsh n concentration camp on account of Price Ellison's pure bred stock farm and thc
fondnes of the soldiers for fresh milk.
Milk Is the subject of this verse;
Our poem as you se Is terse:
Tiie Inspector says milk could not be
We call on some milkman to finish
this letter.
In the fashlo'i world at least
women nre sharing "equal rights"
with men. All of the new spring
coats have pockets, big pockets, convenient and ornamental. Some pockets are big enough to hold n man's
salary for a year.
hirllumenl Buildings Scandal Causes
Iteslirnntion of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Man,, May 13.—A day long
to he remembered In Manitoba politics
came to a most dramatic finish yester-
lay, when the members of the Manitoba govornment handed in their re*
Ignations to Lleut.-Govornor sir
Douglas Cameron, yesterday.
The Immediate cause of so drastic a
measure being taken by the members
.>t the government ir. said to be thc
parliament buildings scundul. It certainly looks as If the powers that bc In
Manitoba have been caught with the
The announcement caused quite an
excitement throughout the province
of Manitoba und was the main topic
of discussion on the streets of Winni-
Tho appalling crime against humanity which Qermany committed last
week In the torpedoing of the Lusl-
tan hi when some flflen hundred lives
were snuiTod out. hus Boverod that nation from nil human sympathy,   it
Norrls bus already boen
sworn In, The reason for this Is not
understood as yet.
The personnel of the new cabinet
will be:
Premier, president of council, railway minister nnd minister of provincial lands—T, C, Non is, Lnnsdowne.
Attorney-General—A, B. Hudson,
South Winnipeg.
Provlnclul Treasurer — Edward
Brown. Winnipeg, but not a member of
the house.
MlnlBtor of Education—Dr,   Thornton, Doloralne.
Provincial  Secretary — Valentine
has stirred lhe red blood of men who: Winkler, Hhliiclnnd.
What kind of a woman nro you at
home? Are you one of those, who
chase through life, dust cloth in hand,
making everyone In tlio household
uncomfortable because of a Uttle dust
upsetting the peace of the whole
family, for the sake of gratifying your
passion for hottsecleaning? Or do you
prefer to live ns comfortably as possible, choosing rather to havc n homo
a sacred and beloved spot to husband
nnd children, and hold their love
above even tlie sacred duty of chasing microbes? The dust cloth has
been responsible for n good many |
men going to tlie bnd. Keep your
house clean and "Swat the Fly" If you
will, but give "pa" a chance to enjoy
a moment's rest.
Germnny    showed      "Kultur"     in
torpedoing the Lusltunln lust  Friday.
It makes one's blood fairly boll  to'
think  that  such   n   damnable   thing [
could happen in tills, the 20th century
of clvllizntion.   Tn think that Innocent women nnd children  Bhould be!
hurled  Into eternity without   nn   Instant's warning Is sunn-thing    Inex-
plalnnbie to the average human be-'
Ing.    Think  or  It!     Innocent   babes
the victims of tills bloody wur! And j
for why mny wo oak?   Tiiere Is nol
reason.     It can only be credited tn I
German "Kultur" or butchery, one nnd j
tho same thing.   The sinking of the
Lusltanla hns caused Victoria to be j
placed    under martini law.      It has
aroused  a  feeling that  can   not  be,
quietly subdued.   In an ordinary bush-
Whacking rough-and-tumble  scrap a I
Canadian  could lick about six Germans.    It Is this that riled thr members of the .10th battalion stationed at
Jas. Milne Preparing for n Longer
S:ny In Kurope Than at First
Godfrey Harrington Brown, the
genial bookkeeper with F. Parks &
Co., has received another letter from
his friend, "Shorty" Milne, who Is now
stationed at St. Martin's Plain, Shorn-
cltffe, Eng.
The letter follows:
Dear Old pal:—
I received your letter a few days
ago. 1 just don't happen to have It
here with me, so don't know whether
you asked me any questions or not,
but It Is most remarkable If you
haven't. I am on guard duty today
ovor four of our sergeants who are
awaiting trial for minor brenches of
discipline. My duty lasts 24 hours
und I will be glad when it is finished;
it is a thankless job.
I thought I would write you while
I wus In bad humor. I know you like
it. I don't know of anything of real
interest to write about just now. I
think I wrote you a few lines since I
landed here; so I don't want to repent anything, but in case I didn't
explain matters before I want to tell
you that we are camped altogether
too close to town. I don't like living
near a city. There are a number of
things against it. Life on Salisbury
Plain was morc to my liking.
I have behaved fairly well considering I received the Eye Opener O.K.
the same day I received your letter,—
another eye opener. I haven't discovered any more newspapers like the
Liar which I sent you (except it is
the Cranbrook Herald). If I do I will
send you a copy.
I might say I have had to resume
work ngaln, as we have our mos::
books straightened out. Couldn't
make the job hang out any longer.
I might also state that I refused promotion yesterday, and the S. M. got
after me today, and he insists on mo
accepting Company Sgt. Major of Xo.
3 Co. That would mean that I would
bo transferred from the company that
I am in at present, and I told him I
didn't want It. I don't know whether
l.o Is going to put me tn ordcrn for
ft or not. I hope not. When a man
git acquainted with a company of men
it is pretty hard to part company.
How is the old town now? Are
things improving any? Did the city
election go to please you? I haven't
heard the result yet, but suppose I will
I see Dr. King Is to oppose your
old friend T. D. In the race for the
provincial house. I hear Dr. Green
has become a soldier and is comlnc
ovor to get in the scrap, on thc medical staff.
Well, according to reports, I won't
lie home In time for the 'Frisco fair,
nor for somo little time after, as I am
told the war Is only stnrting. I havo
no Idea when we arc to take a hand
In It. One of the boys of our regiment who went out with the 14th battalion, returned a few duys ago with
ono eye shot out. He waB watching
the Germans, through field glasses,
when a bullet struck the glasses and
glanced off, but drove the glass into
bin eye and he had to have the eye
taken out. He is a young lawyer from
Montreal, W. B. Scott. His father Is
out at the front as chaplain of thc
same regiment.
Two of my friends from town
came out to nee me and we enjoyed n
most pleasant afternoon. It does one
good to hnve a little company nt times
und to get away from thc subject of
wur for ubout an hour. A fellow then
takes up tlie work with more vim and
Another question: How Is Frank
gcttlifg along?
Well, I guess 1 better ring off. Write
Yours truly,
J. Milne.
No. 4 Co., 13th Batt. C. E. F.
St. Martin's Plain
Shorncllffe, Eng.
Chief of Police Busiest Man In British
Columbia, Handles Milk Tester.
Must Enforce Motor Act, Etc.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean ull the carpets In an eight-roomed house In twh
hours? You do it better thnn with
the old fltyle carpet beater and do
not Injure tho carpet- In fuct yon
make tt look like ncw.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners nt 60c,
and $1.00 per hour and cartage.
Cransrsoh  Electric Light Co* 114.
1 City council met In regular session
j nt the city hall on Wednesday nfter-
■ noon, Mayor Bowness in the chair;
1 present, Aldermen Clapp, Bnnfield,
; I.eask and Campbell.
Minutes of previous meetings rend
and approved.
The finance commltteo reported the
following accounts which were passed
and ordered paid:
Banwell, Miss  %   4.00
Seattle-Murphy Co., Ltd.       4.16
Cranbrook Foundry  '.   fiB.Sfr
City Transfer & Warehouse Co.-   90.13'
rranbrook Hush & Door Co   140.81
City Clerk's sundries      15.80
Cranbrook  Electric Light Co.. 20(5.80
0. P. R. Telegraph       6.00
Crnnbrook Meat Market      9.05
Cruubrook Drug & Book Co..     3.10
Cruubrook Cartage & Transfer   43.23
Dezall, Frank       4.60
Fink Mercantile Co    11.00
Glenday, J. C    10.00
Green's Repair Shop       1.60
Hanson Garage     12.10
l rerald Publishing Co    38.60
imperial on co    12.32
Kootenay Telephone Lines    22.95
Little & Atchison      18.85
Ira Manning, Ltd    10.35
McBride, J. I)     92.56
McNeill, B. S      80.60
McCreery  Bros       5.40
Noble, A.  P       6.00
Pollco    334.50
School Board 2072.18
Flre  Dept   235.50
City Olllclnls   302.50
Engineer (wnter debentures).. 1856.65
Unginoer (streets)   242.60
Parks, F. & Co  201.99
Patmore  Bros      3.00
Soden, W. (March)     15.00
Beport of the city engineer was received und filed.
Motion curried thnt stundplpe be
placed iu front of Aiken block, in
front of Bulloch's store, Instead of
Norbury avenue.
The mnttei of tlie purchase of fire
hose was referred to the fire and police
committee with power to act.
The chief of police was Instructed
to enforce the motor regulation act.
Tho chief of police was instructed
to collect road tax forthwith.
Beport from thc provincial board of
health was rend and referred to the
health and relief committee with
power to act.
The sanitary inspector reported on
the dairies and gave the following test
of milk, which shows that all dairies
hove made a great Improvement over
last year:
W. Bardgett, 3.5 butter fat.
T. Austin, 4 butter fat.
Atchison's Dairy, 4.4 butter fat.
McDonald 4 butcer fat.
J. A. Pringle 4.2 butter fat.
J. Taylor 3.0 butter fat.
A. H. Cadwallader 3.G butter fat.
Mr. A, B. Smith appeared before the
council In regard to the public market
and asked the council to pass bylaw
preventing hucksters from selling ln
tho city until 1 p.m. on Wednesdays
uud Saturdays. The council stated
that they did not have the power to
pass such a regulation.
Mr. Smith also asked for assistance
for the market and $20,000 per month
was voted until September.
J. B. Sutherland was appointed city
auditor for the current year ot a
salary of .$200.00.
Bylaw No. 146 entitled the rate bylaw for 1015 was reconsidered and
finally passed and adopted.
Bylaw To. 147 entitled Rebate for
Taxes, 1915, was reconsidered and
finally passed and adopted.
Sends Farewell Message Before (res*
sing the Herring Pond—Sailed
May First
Edgar Sainsbury sailed from Halifax
on tho Hesperean for England. Before he shook the dust of that city
from his feet he penned the following
[ lines to this paper:
The casualty list published today
{includes thc name of Captain F.
I Pott, 31st Regiment, Medicine Hat,
| us nmongst tho killed of the 10th Battalion.
I Capt. Pott will be remembered ln
| rranbrook us being present at the organisation of the Cranhrook Veterans
j Brigade, which he came over from
I Lethbridge to attend. He then dellv-
j ered a rousing speech on thelmmln-
| ent danger from Germany.
' Ho was a most efficient officer and
, as ho left Victoria with the 30th Bat-
; talion curly tills year and this buttul-
1 ion included the members of the
! second contingent, who left Cranbrook
on first November last, they probably
: ulso took part In the recent glorious
; lighting.
I wns privileged to be present at the
open air memorial service for fallen
■ Canadians on Parliament Hill, Ottawa,
i last Wednesday and feel pleasure In
fooling that I might lu somo small
measure huve represented nny of my
.' tunny friends lu Cruubrook, who have
relatlvos among tho fallen. Thu Duke
and Duchess of Connaught and l'rln-
I cess Patricia were all three presont.
[accompanied by their military and
personal staff, us well as Major Gen
ered a rousing speech on the Immln
niidinn militia headquarters staff. It
( was a very simple but most Impressive drumhead service.
Public feeling is generally, In all
cities wliere I havc recently been, absolutely against thc holding either a
Dominion or provincial elections in
those serious times, and the Idea of
sending ballots to the soldiers ln the
trenches would be grotesque If It
wcre not so pathetic.
Do those responsible really realize
what this wur Is and meanB? I asked
a prominent Conservative and pro-
election enthusiast who of his friends
hnd sufficient influence with the Kaiser
to arrange an armistice for the Canadian soldiers to cast their ballots?
The many soldiers 1 have seen care
nothing for politics. Give them good
hoots, good food and plenty of tobacco—their most effective solace for
their muny hardships. Pass an order-
In-councll confiscating all campaign
and party funds, and all illicit graft
This is the month that
Moths start their work
of Destruction.
Protect Your Furs
By Using a
White Tar Moth
Proof Bag
We also  have
Cedar Flakes
Moth Balls
The Beattie Murphy Co., Ltd.
Tts* ___ Star,
Where It Pays to Deal
Do you know thai with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets in an eight-roomed house, in two
hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
beater and do not injure the carpet—In fact you make it
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at BOc. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
and rake-off on military supplies and
hand them over to the Patriotic Fund
for the benefit of the widows and orphans ami our heroes who urc lighting
for our freedom and the liberty we
enjoy will appreciate it.
Garden Truck Coming in ii.nl Good
Supply oi' Butter Assured—Small
Fruits Will Sine Situation
The Cranbrook public market has
had anything but a rose-strewn path
to travel the past six weeks. The
grind was hard, the going was harder.
The market is just now about on the
turn of the tide. The array of produce last market day was the best,for
many weeks. Butter was forward from
Wasa and otlier produce from Glenllly. Tho next few weeks should make
a great difference after the heavy ruins
of the past few days.
Once garden truck nnd small fruits
begin to come In the market will gradually get down to n proper working
basis. Mrs. Clarke of St. Mary's
Prairie, has her customers forming a
ijueue by thc time she arrives at 10.30.
Good butter can always md a ready
anlo. Once a regular supply of such
produce as handled by Mrs. Clark and
also Mrs. Hannant, from Wasa, becomes available no ono need fret as
to the future of the market.
• The representatives from the council at a meeting Saturday thought no
building could be put up tliis year
as there was much other work to be
done ln cleaning up tha city. A deputation was appointed to ask the
council to provide it covered market
for the next few months olthor by
continuing the rent of the present
building or providing the means of
renting n similar place, A market bylaw roatrlotlng the hucksters on
market day till after the close of the
market wus also asked for,
nounce the practice. If we mistake
not Sir John Macdonald was not ablo
to do more than drop the offenders
from the cabinet and liis list of
The burden is borne by shareholders
In financial, industrial and commercial
cor potations, practically all of them
being people who have lived carefully
and saved their money.
->   *   *
Possibly the worst feature or result
ot such a condition, hitherto regarded
ns a necessary evil in national af-
' fairs, Is that the example has affected
I and is reflected in every dny business.
Every one of us is now being heavily
taxed to pay thc principal and interest
' of the millions that have tints gone
into the pockets of grafters, some of
whom arc today living in luxury on
the revenue from the money thus secured.
If Sir Robert Borden has risen, and
made for himself a firm place, in tho
opinion of the business men, as ho undoubtedly has, by the strong stnnd ho
hns taken in this matter, Ills colleague, Hon. Robert Rogers, has weakened his position by his carefully-prepared speech on the reasons and necessity for a general election. Mr.
Rogers Is regarded as a man of unusual ability. He 1ms hnd the best
possible training for a cabinet minis-
During the week thoro has boon n
large r.ttendntice of uu inhers dully and
the links have been well patronized.
The links are already greatly Improved. New flngB, posts nnd caps
huve been placed In each hole,
Several new members hnve been
added to the list and many more have
signified their Intention to join the
Those who wish to join Bhould send
In their application to M. A. Uealo.
A hurried investigation hy a parliamentary committee shows that war orders have proved n harvest for Conservative middlemen nnd thieving contractors, Millions more wlll push Into their pockets, to be added to our
debt and paid off by tho rest of us
tn Increased taxes. In one case alone
a Canadian manufacturer paid n go-
between heeler over $7.".000 before he
was able to get nn order for goods j
In urgent demand. This amount was
added to thc cost to the government,
Party Influence has always been so
strong thnt no lender could openly do-
j ter and valuable public servant, for he
j began his career in a country general
: store and grew from that into n city
business man. The business men of
tlio country would expect a man of
his ability, experience und grasp of
affairs to come forward nt this critical time in a history of the nation
with some important business announcement for developing our trade,
for Increasing our production, for
finding situations—not providing work
i —for the thousands of unemployed. Instead] he gravely announces that th'*
i most vital national question as nn In-
< crease In the numerical itroogth of
tlio senate, ns provided for by the
increase of our population. The sonata say, "Wo qtllto approve of thn
1 scheme, but not until the commons
has been Increased for the same reason." There Is but one explanation
j of Mr. Rogers' policy, lie Is the tiniu-
' ber of the cabinet Who is expected to
■ win the western elections. Men who
help hlm want senatorshlps and other
Jobs, and undoubtedly they ami llieir
legion of friends have been so urgent
as to create tho 1 inpresslon In bis
mind tbat the whole country Is clamoring for a senate Increase. This Is
tho weakest excuse yet for an election. The real reason Is u fear thnt
further war graft scandals wlll weaken the Conservative party to such an
extent that they may be defeated If no
appeal Is mad e to the country for another year. If Sir Robert Borden carries out his policy of punishing and
stopping graft, Institutes efficiency
and enonomy In administration, nnd
Improves ln some respects the personnel of his cabinet, he will at the
end of his term return to power
stronger than ever. If not, ho mould
ho replaced. Tf his supporters want
hlm returned they can help greatly
by giving him tho strongest, active
and moral support tn tho Important
■policy Just announced. — Financial
Post THURSDAY, MAY 13th..l91S- =r-r
How About Your
Children's Eyes ?
Let us malce mi examination and loll you just what
the condition is. It glasses
are needed that is your
business. No need to suffer from eye strain, headaches or nervousness. Remember our GLASSES are
guaranteed to satisfy you.
Don't lake our say bo. Ask
your neighbor,
W. H. Wilson
town Tories
We wlll kei
summer Sun
" A. Mutz, the
visitor lu the i
nil kinds of fish all
tcery Co. 18-4t
3 week.
Fresh buttermilk every day at Ira R. (   New maple sugar at Ira R. Manning,
Manning, Ud.     I Ud.
Mrs. D. E. Murphy will not receive
again this season.
bicycles for rent.
MAN. has
Dr. P. ti. Miles is moving around
again after heing out of commission
for a few days with some internal
PHONE 8—Strictly fresh;
spring lamb.—Cranbrook Meat
The meeting of the Cranbrook Poultry and Pet Stock Association called
tor Friday night last, did not mater-
lalize, only four or five members turning up.
Owing to the distance Mrs. Hannant i
has to bring her line of produce lo
market—Skookumchuck rond — she.
, will attend tho market every   other
Why are you paying rent Instead WMk( her nvXt v1hH mt.g May Und
of owning your home?   See Beale & : 	
Blwell, their wlll .how "«» how you | f ^ ^
'•'"' «*■' • >ime   """"• ow"' lor tor th. Canadian  Bank or Con,-
meree, is back in town again ut his,
old place und old business—thut of
chasing drafts-
Benjamin Rlley, the Yahk hotel man,
was a week-end visitor ln the metropolis.
Mr. Lou Manning, of Bull River,
who bundles a good line, was in town
yesterday between trains.
Miss Maggie Foster left Tuesday for
Jaffray, where she has accepted a position with Mrs. A. K. Leitch.
Miss (iertle Gunderson and Mr.
Charles Larson were quietly married
on Thursday laBt at Christ church.
PHONE S.—Fresh flflh arriving from the const every Tut*-.
tluy and TliurN<Uy«—Cranbrook
Meat Market,	
Have you a big bundle of rent re-
Ella Kendall, the eight-year-old
daughter of Kev. und Mrs. O. E. Ken-:
COlptS stacked up? Whut aro theyjdall, wus operated on at St. Eugene
worth? Could .you borrow money on I hospital this week by Dr. J. H. King
them? No, If those receipts re- and has been taken home, where she
presented  payments on  your  homo?' is now rapidly convalescing.
Mrs. S. \V. Ryekman will not receive again until October.
James Martin, oil Martin Bros., is In
Fernie on his monthly business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Staples, of
Wycliffe, were city visitors yesterday
Miss M. Grundy left Sunday for
Wallachin, B.C., to visit wltll her
brother William.
Mr. E. Mallandaine, of Creston,
Valley fame, was a Cranbrook visitor
Sunday and Monday,
PHONE 8.—Strictly fresh
killed ments only nt Cranbrook
Meat Market.
Mr. P. Lund, the Wardner rancher
and lumberman, was a city visitor
the beginning of tlie week.
R. Joyce, manager of the Rock
Creek Lumber company, of Elko, was
ln thc city on  Wednesday on busl-
J. E. Miller, of Vancouver, inspector
of the Inland revenue department, was
In Cranbrook yesterday ou olficlal business.
White fish from Slave Lake, and
all kinds of fresh sea fish from Vancouver arriving every otlier day.—Sun
Grocery Co. 18-4t
Tom Herron, of the Uttle Davenport, Is spending n fow days on Perry
Creek this week looking after his mining interests.
Yes.—Call on Beale & Elwell.
Ted Stevenson, driver for the Dominion Express Company, left Tuesday
for a two weeks' vislto to the coast,
to get away from the sight of blue
fabelel parcels and other miscellaneous express mutter. G, Von Stavem
is the relieving driver.
Beale & Elwell are offering for sale
Fresh strawberries arriving dally
at Ira U. Manning, Ltd.
Dr. J. H. King spent a couple of!
days in Calgary this week on business, j
Broody hens for sale, $1.50 eacb,
cosh. Apply L. P. Sullivan, Cranbrook street.
MIbb Florence Belau expects to
leave in about two weeks for her home
in the east.
Mrs, Thomas Blayney fell into one
of tlie water works trenches today
fracturing two ribs.
Speery Phillips, of the staff of the
local branch of tlie Imperial Bank of
Camilla, ls 111 with pleurisy.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Manley are expecting to leave lu a short time for tlicir
vacation when they will visit In Ou-
A babe of forty years arrived In
town from Calgary the flrst of the
week and wus given six hours to beat
lt back.
Frank  Dunn  returned today from
Charles Baker and    Harry Sweflt.|8*-'veral weeks trip through the central
man  left Sunday afternoon  for the
Old Country, Oerman submarine or
no submarine, They will enguge in
construction work iu England uud
France, where carpenters are in demand.
Fred Lloyd,  of Vancouver,  representing the Petrie Manufacturing Co.,
portion of the United States and Eastern Cunadu.
this week a six roomed cottage with j of Hamilton, Ont., was In thc city tliis
furnaco and bathroom complete; situate in best residential section of town
for $1850.00 and terms; $150.00 cash
and $25.00 per montll. This Is a snap,
as the property Is worth much more
than the price asked.
woek. Mr. Lloyd handles the Mug-
net cream separator. This machine
doesn't separate a man from his
money. Mr. Peter Lund, of Wurd-
ner, purchased one and says he will
use no other.
A memorial service ls being held
Sunday evening in tho Baptist church
for the late David J. Blayney, who left
Cranbrook with the first Canadian
contingent. Mr. Blaynty was a member of the Baptist church.    All re-
11. Knight, of this city, has received
word that his cousin, A. Knight of
Renfrew, Ontario, was killed In the
recent heavy fighting In France.
Col. Taylor of Toronto, principal
of Canadian Salvation Army Training
College, wlll be in Cranbrook on Tuesday, May 25th, and will hold Bpeclal
TO RENT.—Nice cottage, five rooms j
and pantry; good cellar; woodshed; .
$9.75 per month, Including water. Apply Arthur M. Davis, P. O. Box 616,
city. IMt*
American Lady
have twentysfive years
of satisfactory service
behind them.
What better reputation can be asked for?
Every pair guaranteed to give entire satisfaction.
If they are not as represented your money will be refunded or a new
pair given free of any further charge.
The above cut represents numbers 505 and 220
We have all styles and prices from $2.25  to $6 50.     Special orders
taken at $500 to $15,00.
Tlie world's record was established
Owing  to   the   public holiday   on
Wednesday afternoons, the St. John's
Ambulance Association will open the yesterday.    A well known Cranbrook ['
rooms on Tuesday afternoons from ' lud went from the business center of j'
2 to 4.  They beg to draw the attention ' tho city to the post office In leas than
of the ladles of Cranbrook to the fact   half an hour.
crults have been extended an Invlta-1 that there Is always plenty of work to  ■
tlon to attend. \ be had which can be obtained Tues-     The stores of the city were closed '
——■ ! days from 3 to 4 and Saturdays from  yesterduy afternoon, the regular half
Mr. R .A. Stoney, of   Now West-! n tQ l230 flm holiday being observed.   Fishing and
minster, representative of the International Typographical Union, was a !
fishing tackle ls the main pastime of
Private Percy Neal arrived in the Itl,e business men on that particular
visitor in town yesterday.   Mr. Stoney -     ......    ...  ,,,,,  day
•j a •    a   a t **     -pi, ««««« I city Monday for a brief visit with his  uu*v-
s an old friend of Judgo Thompson I     '
and laid off here especially to sec the
judge   who,
of the city.
unfortunately,  was  out
parents before crossing the pond to}
attack the German trenches.     Percy
reports  all  the  Cranbrook  boys  in
good shape und all eager to get to
Cecil H. Prest, of Winnipeg, cousin I the front.   He had to report back at
i of the late MIsb Emma Prest, is In I camp by Saturday night, as all ar-
! the city.     Mr. Prest is an old Cran- j rangements are made to leave    Sun-
! brook resident, being engaged in the i day for England.     Percy l« a drug-
! photography business here years ago. I gist by profession and when lt comes
His place of business was the promts-; to a "show down" he can "mix lt"
es now occupied by the Star Photo ; wltli anyone, German or no German,
Co,    Mr. PrcBt was Cranbrook's flrst' but Just now he would like to try con-
city clerk. | elusions with a German.
Frank Parks is a
morning he turned
being laid up fc
couple of weeks.
The flower bed
school huve comme:
of life, n faint line
through the metloi
it again! Monday
ip ni work after
repairs   for     a
iced to
of gre
a Central
show signs
in showing
The Women's Institute are holding .
i social evening at thc Maple hall tomorrow night, when a really good time
is prmrscd When this body undertakes u thing they seem to possess
the necessary qualifications for    nl-
Tennis enthusiasts of the city wilt
regret to hear of thc death of A. F.
Wilding. Mr. Wilding, until Inst
year, was the world's champion tennis player, on grass courts, hard
courts and covered courts.   He repre-
ways doing it right.    As entertainers  sentpd  Ellglnnd    Rnd    Australia
they stand ln n class by themselves
and nn evening spent with them   is
an evening pleasantly passed.
The program to be carried out by'
the Overseas Club on May 24th, for
the entertainment of the Cranbrook
youngsters in the morning, and the
Cranbrook oldsters In the evening, Is
about completed. The club has prepared a rattling good program and
every child in thc Cranbrook district
Is Invited to take part.
Work on the laying of the new ;
witer works system Is progressing
ut a rapid rate. The gang Is now
wet! up Cranbrook street. Ini front of >
Mncdunald's Livery an ancient iron
pot was located. The story is going
thc rounds that tills is part of Capt.
Kidd's treasure, but It ls thought to f
belong to some ancient Indian tribe,;
who inhabited this land some hund-j
reds of years ago.
For middle-aged and elderly people
the ideal laxative is
The gentle but sure laxative
Their effect on the bowels Is gentle, toothing and strengthening.
With advancing age comes inactive bowel
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Reiall Stores only.   Get a Box Today from
Thc Beattic Murphy Co., Ltd.
B. C.
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children.    Held onl)
phy Co, The Rexall
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Uso  Ui-xall   Orderlie
Constipation; they arc
tlon, mild aud natural.
Boaltto-Murpby Coi, Tli
10c, 25c. nnd BOc. bo*
ee from harsh
t laxative Tor
HV. 25c
gentle in ac-
Pold only by
■ Rexall store.
lluy your own home NOW. The
opportunity to buy cheap und on
onsy terms will nol In t much longer
Bflate A Klwell have some bargains in
house property    Call and see them.
Stewart   Morris,   accomi auiod   by
Mr. ICussie, of Fori Steele, left yesterday Tor the Bouth of Baker Mountain .when* they will spi nd the next
two weeks making a topoprapblc survey.
U. H. Hewer, of Spokane, a mining
i engineer, was here inst week Inspect-
i nig several properties on Perry Creek.
• He secured many ore samples* and
' stated that if assays were satisfactory
md if a reasonable deal could be made
' tho company lie represents would be
! In a position to commence work developing nt once,
Qeorge Manahan returned last week
from n trip to Alberta (mints and Is
now thc proud possessor of a new McLaughlin touring car. George is giving liis friends drives over the district  and  is developing  into n   llrst-
great number of times in the Davis
cup games, nnd was one of the finest
athletes the world ihns even seen.
Word was received ln the city on
Wednesday last that Mr. Wilding hnd
been killed In action, while representing his country In this greatest
of nil buttles at the Dardanelles. It
Is doubtful whether England will ever
again bc able to produce a finer player, n better sportsman, a more modest
man, than A. V. Wilding.
Saturday's market presented a neat
and very Inviting appearance. The
Une of garden truck is gradually In
Miss J. M. Macintosh, who has been j 	
nursing in  Cranbrook for the past i Directors of Agricultural Association
few years and has been connected ! Decide Matter at .Meeting
with tlie St. Eugene hospital staff for This Afternoon
thc pust year, is leaving for Edmon
ton for a visit with relatives. '  MIbs !
The  directors  of  the  Agricultural
Macintosh   has  volunteered  for  the | association met this afternoon and do
front as a trained nurse and has been
accepted and will report for duty as
soon us called.   In the meantime she
will take a needed recreatlou.
elded to hold a fair.   The dates fixed
by the deportment of agriculture are
September 8th and Oth.     If a fair Is
held the department will pay a grant
of $700.00.   It was the opinion of thc
Tlie  annual  meeting of the East j directors that a cum of money like
Kootenay  district of the  Methodist j tills should not bc given tbe go-by.
church was held ln the local Metho-. They fully recognize that times nre
dist church on Monday and Tuesday; bard but are sure that If nil will do a
creasing each week nnd from now on j of this week.     The clergymen of the! little to help a good fair can be pull-
there will be an ahnudancc of all man-1 dsltrict were present along with sev-
ncr of young and tender vegetables,  eral laymen,     The reports submitted
Last Saturday there was a splendid; were most gratifying, and plans were
class "See Cranbrook First" booster. i0t of onions, water cress, radishes,! mnde to conduct thc work of the en-
and already knows all llie points of Interest adjacent to Cranbrook. He
reports a very pleasant holiday with
prairie tlllloums.
etc. A good line of dressed poultry tire district practically as during the
and squabs were on the market and; past year, with the possible exception
sold readily. A good line of buttor lof Coal Creek and Michel. These
, wns on exhibition and tiiere was a ' fields will no doubt be combined and
| good   demand.     Mrs.   Hannant.   of! a strong,  aggressive ordained man
ed off to the credit of the district.
The dates allotted coming the week
previous to the Spokane Fair ought
to assure us of n nice warm day or
two and eo swell the ;,'ate receipts.
& ^ i Shamrock Brand
7 A Hams. Bacon. Butter
and Lard
Fresh Eggs 25c dozen
Saturday Specials
Fresh Killed Meats and Fresh Fiih
P.   BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
Victoria Day celebration at Fort
Steele will be duly celebrated this
year. A good program of sports have
John Malcolm, Ron of Mrs, William j Skookumchuck road, had n good dls- I sent there for the ensuing year. There j been arranged und every little detail
Malcolm*, arrived in town Tuesduy i play, neatly done up In n printed will he several changes In the pas-1 Is being looked Into, so that the
for a few days furlough before deport- \ wrapper. Mrs. Kred Clark, of Wy-1 torul supply of tho district, Including i people from tlie neighboring towns can
Inn for the scene of the world's con- j ■Miffe, also had a fine display of but-' Crnnbiook, Hev. W. E. Dunham having I enjoy themselves to their heart's con
His  furlough  consists of  a ter, neatly wrapped.     John Brennan ; completed his term. Kimberley, Moyle, I tent.   The Fort Steele correspondent
A cookery
held by the  WVrnien
of the Baptist church
Y.M.C.A. on Baturday
ginning ut 8.80 p m
wlll also bo served.
tale will be' rather short and sweet visit, being of j had young goslings for sale.
n Circle
in the Railway
May 82nd* be-
Afternoon tea
Cranbrook's main thoroughfare is
ug.iiu In first-class Bhapo, The steam
roller has boen al work rur the past
couple of days, doing the trick of
flattening everything out as smooth
nn a carpet, linker street Is now us
clean bh u willow whistle.
Corporal A. Favro, o French reservist, who left Cranhrook nt the
commencement of hostilities, lias been
specially mentioned for bravery In
the trenches near St, Mlhlel. He successfully put u German out of commission for operating within tlie lines
of the allies.
Frank Abbott and J. S. Swanson, for
several yenrs In the employ of the C.
P. R. at Cranbrook nn firemen left tho
latter part of the week for Calgary
is hours duration. Young Malcolm
was an apprentice fitter In the C. P.
it. shops here and answered the call
tn arms whesn tiie muster came for
the third contingent. John Is with
(lie 1Mb battalion at Victoria and will
leave that city Sunday for England,
where his regiment Is being moved.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Smith returned
last Friday from their holiday trip,
which occupied several weeks. They
visited Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
Portland and San Francisco, taking ln
tho sights at the big Panama Exposition while In the Golden Gate city. Mr.
Smith reports the fair a wonderful
exhibition of architecture and beautiful grounds. The Canadian exhibit Is
one of the features of the big show
and ls attracting attention from all
visitors. Col. Hutchison, who has been
In charge of this exhibit slnco lt
started, has prepared an Interesting
and comprehensive exhibit oof Canadian enterprise which Is skilfully and
where they have jol i the r.tlth Cal- ■ artistically arrayed In ono of the most
gary Rifles for service nt the front, extraordinary   buildings among   the
Mr. Abbott's new address Ih Pie. Frank
Abbott, No. 486, 64th Calgary Rifles,
C. A. E. F. Calgary, AJta. Both Mr.
Abbott and Mr. BwaiiHou arc old coun-
Coal Creek and Michel are also   ef-' Is expected to give a detailed list of
Ifected,    Tho Methodist conference Is j events, etc., In our next Issue.
Frank u. Murphy, of tbe Beattie* to convene ai New Westminster on the
Murphy Co., returned yesterduy from ! 18t» Inst,   Rev, W. E, Dunham leaves
Calgary, Altn., where has  spent n I Friday to attend.
couple of duys on business and in-,    Qn nfternoon  |m, r    ■   ,
e dentally tmjoyedn few hours recreu-1 HUcres8fu, |ifl pftrty M X,
tion In the gopher belt Mr. Murphy; 0R Ba|(] „,„ Rt the home of Mff( Oeo
met » number of Cranbrook people tn CouMwe|| the guCBt8 bein(( memtferB
the Alberta city, many of thembeing lf ^ ^^ lnmm f        ^
lui unlit, II    In iiu   nf   oainiii    "run "(   P-,11.
i ARM FUR HEM. -Two Miles from
city; three acres cleared; has nice
lot of small fruits; good house and
stable; $10 per month. Apply Box
S., Herald offlce. 10U
rOB   SALK.-At   market   prices,   a
number of six weeks old grade
Berkshire pigs; will crate and deliver In lots of eight or ten f.o.b,
Whso, Fort Steele or Cranbrook. Address C, U Bechtel, Wasa.     lC-.'U'
FOR SALEr-Seed potatoes ui ;.ie. frjr
100 lbs.; rash.—N. M. McClure, two
miles from Wycjlffa tg-lt
TO RE.NT.-Corirr uf AroutxoM
Ave aud Edwards St., four roomed
cottage with bath, electric light,
largo woodshed, fenced, coal and
wood beater, range If wanted, $10 ut 8 p.m
per montli.
Apply   Beale ft El-  bo present,
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11  a,m.    Subject:
'Tbe Joy of Jesus."
K S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m.   Subject:
"Is ChrMiunity A Failure?''
Pn.liibltli.n Campaign
Rev. J  8, Henderson, B.A., of Vancouver, will deliver an address on the
iii.ol.vr- lubbject on Thursday evening,
Alt voters are requested to
baseball fans of some "rep." "Cran
brook people who have not been out of
the city for some time don't know
what a lively place, In a business way,
this little city ls. It would do some
people of this city a world of good If
thoy could get out and boo what real
hard times arc. I am satisfied after
my brief visit to Calgary, that Crnnbrook Is thc best town of the two.
Cranbrook people are still having
their roast beef and potatoes us usual,
something a good many other places
have had to do without."
many fine structures to be seen there, j
Mr. and Mrs. Smith thoroughly enjoyed tlieir outing and feel much better
to return and resume work-a-day routine again.
Hewing Done nt Home or
by Hay
810 V»n Home Ht.
class. At 2.30 p.m. a good number
assembled nt the C. P. R. depot and
rambled through the bush at their leisure, enjoying the pei feet elements
while others drove tn buggies. On arriving at the houce a hearty welcome
was given them by the hostess and a
reconnoltcrlng party formed and miny
were tho incidents the ladles had' to
relate on returning to the house for
tea, where a sumptuous repast was
served by thc hoctess, being assisted
by Mrs. Sanderson nnd Mrs. McMillan, After tea the ladles resorted to
their fancy work, being entertained
with music meanwhile. About nine
o'clock Mrs. Sarvis expressed the
thanks of tho visitors to Mrs. Could*
well for her kindness and called for
three cheers, which wcre lustily given
witti musical honors. The ladles returned home In thc twilight laden with
sunflowers having enjoyed a very
pleasant afternoon and rnslsf
To BINT CHEAP—Basement ware*
house, large and dry, $r> per
Moath.   Apply W. J. Atchison. Mtf
for hatching, $l.oo por 13. Apply I*.
P. Sullivan, Cranhmok street, ll-tf
EOr.NB.- Bank note.. Apply Christ
Church Rectory .Cranbrook, proving
LOST.—Bunch of keys on Cninhmok
streets. Finder will please return
to Herald ofllce.
FOB   SALE   CHEAP.—Two   seated
roadster automobile fn good condition. Apply P. O. Box 86, crnnbrook.  19-lt
Rev. O. B, Kendall, Pastor
Services tl a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Morning topic: "Building Eternal
.Mansions—The Mansion Perfected for
Kvening topic—Memorial for the late
Private David John Blayney. 16th
hnttatlon, Canadian Expeditionary
Force In France; recently slain In
action. All volunteers ln the city ure
especially Invited.
FOB 8ALE-~Vmnur grade Ifolsteln
Jersey bulls; good Individuals;
prices reasonable. Apply Hoy Myers,
Cherry Creek Dally Farm, cranbrook.
B. c. lr.-u*
Uev, W. Btion Dunham, Pastor
Holiness service, 11 a.m.
Sundny School, 3 p.m.
Salvation meeting, 7.30 p.m.     The
Itev. Stephens will preach at the evening services Sunday next.
Week day
Public   meetings   every   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m.
W. Kerr, C. O.
FOB SALE OR RENT A most de-Ir-
able residence In best residential
district In town. Address Hex J.
Herald office. 13-4t
saddle; wilt sell or exchungo for
Mcyclo.  Apply phone 480.
Sundny services: Owing to the ah- Sundays-Low mass at !:$• asm.,
senco of the pastor at conference, j high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
Hev. Jos. Norton will conduct the ser- from 2 to S p.m.; Rosary and Bcae>
vIcch ut 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. diction at 7: to. p.m.
Mr. Norton wlll render a solo at the ■ Mondays and boly daya of obUgft*
evening service. | Hon— Maaa at I in
All are welcome. P. PAGli FOUR
-■»■■■'   ■- ■    -    -., '.-.—
THURSDAY, MAY 13th, 1915
I.(aitil Ornuire
No.   1871
1 Mel Is flrst nnd third
Thursdays at 8 p.m.
• in      Koyal      Black
il ircland Hall, Baker
B. s
T. u
Garrett, W.M.
llairsman, Ree. Sec.
Pi    Ident—A. D. Smith
. tary—Alb. II. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply tu
the .   ■ retary, rranbrook, B.C.
M ■ | The Second Satur-
d'aj  . I  1 10 o'clock.
Barristers,  solicitors  and
Money to Loan
Imperial   '.'iik IlaildlDf
Meets  every
- 7*A  Monday  night
>-^-a*  ut    Fraternity
So] .amalns    Oddfellows
R. A,
icklyctt J. F. Broughton
N ii.                 Fin. See.
W. M
Harris, ltcc. Seoratary.
or to W. F. Ourd)
,   Solicitor   and
1'  O. BOX S59
y ut S p.m  111
Fraternity Hull
a'   'iirr, 0.1
,!  christian
K. R. St S.
P. 0.  Box
las brethren
cordially In-
Ylta-al to attend,
Pliyslclnus  nnd  Surgeoni
I rosldonce, Armstrong
office hours
 9.00 to 10.00
Afi. nn u      2.00 to 4.00
i 7.30 to 8.10
6 3-30 to 4.S0
Cranbrook, B.C.
(From the Creston Review.)
the past
Tom Biimly, who Im
at Moyle und Cranbn
month, returned on Mi
M, McCarthy return"! ou Saturday
from Kootenay Central [mints, where
he has been working on the C.P.R.
Steam shovel for u mnntli pust.
Andy Anderson hus added a purebred Shorthorn bul to his herd. J. H.
rotten arrived from Calgary with the
animal on Thursday morning.
Mule pheasants are becoming rather
numerous In the Creston valley and ft
ia more than likely a short open season for these birds will bo announced
this fall.
Recruiting tor tbo All-Kootenay
Regiment for overseas service opened
at Nelson on Friday.   To date uo word
MAI'i.i: LI
I). NO. 19
Meeta every imrond aad fourth
Wedno day Ht Fraternity Hall
Sojourning UubeltaliB otardlal-
ly Invited.
si a A  i: Jones, N.O.
Sis. Ada nii'l.eiibothaw, Rue. See
Office in  Uiinsou Block
!i to 12 a.m.
1 to   il p.m.
V to   8 u.m.
Mi ■ i
In Maple Hall soaoiid
and  to
tli   Tuesday   of  every
montll :.
8 p.m.
nip  open   to  Hritish
rill/ n i.
E. V. Br
he,         J. F. Lower,
nt                   Secretary
Visiting   wenibor.    Mrdla.ll*
Ti: 11 a ■, a.:; ■. nml (Jeneral Nursing
(.linden Ave.
Terme on Application
Mils. A. SALMOaN, Matron
Pbone 2.".9 P. O. Box Ut
Hrst T
In    the   Manlo     Hull
esday afternoon ot every
it, Mrs. W. H. McFarlano
Seen '.■
■■■■. .Mrs. John Shaw
p. t). Uox in
All 1
lilies cordially Invited.
t'litai >' 316 P. O. Box SSS
I'lim-rn! Director and Kmbalmer
Building Contractor
Dealer in  (teal Estate, Mining
Stoclts uiul .Mineral Claims
, has been  received  to si
art '
.h<<   gOOfl"
1 work here.
,    P,  Q.   Little,  who  ha
s  ht
■en   here
j better than 2:1 yearB, Is
;>ur i
j lor stating tliat never 1
)i I'm-
i*   in   the
! Valley's history has Cits
loll  I
i< en tav-
ored  with  a  last-day-in
ii snow-
! fall.
1    The vital statistics for
montll of
| April are very evenly bu
ed:   One
| birth, and one marriage.
Lilly I lus-
, kins' end of tlie month <
ull -
ni Regis-
! trar Glbbs saved tlie di
ty Ii
i Cupid's
j department.
]    Mr. Shorthouse, of   li
ind, who
lias leused the Hooper t
, arrived
on Filduy, accompanied
bis son,
and Is now putting in li
IS  I'!'
op.   Mrs.
Boon  al
somo improvements are
io to the
; house.
!    Peach leaf curl is tp
: in the valley this year.
. Uartlll,
tho resident hortlculturl
st Informs us
| that lt Is too lute now t
0 (Id
: with It tlila year.   Tin*
way   to
1 head It off Is by sprayi
»g j
ui t when
the blossoms open.
The Creston Charivari
h ofiicial-
1 ly welcomed Mr. and Mi
■s. 11
asklnB to
the Valley with un eutln
islastlc seren-
ado on Thursday night.
1 commo-
i tion was so extensive, in 11.
J. Long's
(By Fred Uoo.)
Paper read before the Women's Institute at tlieir last regular meeting by
Mrs. (Rev.) O. K. Kendall:
Two classes of women are qualified !
to speak on this subject, I.e., those
who huve theories, but no children to
upset them, and grandmothers who
can support their theories by produc- j
Ing the finished product. I am neither,
but just n mother speaking to mothers, thut we may bc of mutual benefit
to one another. Someone has Bald,
"Cod couldn't he everywhere at once,
so he created mothers," and right here
I want to say. recognize your children
as God-given, and your ollice of motherhood us the most Important of all
offices lu which Cod lias ever called a
human being. This view alone will
sustain you throughout the sleepless
nights and wearisome days of anxiety
and cure, thut sooner or luter enter
Inlo the life of every mother. You nro
fu partnership with the Creat Creator
of all life and If you will but recog-
tiizo your high-calling and, looking
unto lllm, accept It with all courage,
1 promise you Ho will not fall to give
needed wisdom aud grace, but the
strength of your life wlll be expressed
anew In the life of your child ami, O
Mothers 1 tell you It Is Infinitely
worth while,
lu   facing  tliis  problem  of child
Mr. White, of Hegina, opened up n
barber shop in the Hoffman House.
Mr. and Mrs. Mutz and family, or
Vulcan, Alberta, is visiting Klko and
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Cooper, of Cul-
gary, are visiting Mr. Cooper's brother
;u Klko this week.
W, II. Bernard, of Rexford, aud
Chris, Ratcliye, of Kalispcll, wero
Elko visitors this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomson returned training let us recognize first of all
from Vancouver and coast cities and lll° three-fold nature of every child,
saw nothing they  liked better than
physical, mental nnd moral or spiritual. Let us speak of thc first: Has
the physical nature of the child anything to do with this mutter of training? We all know it certainly has,
but do we us mothers always study the
best of our children, physically
speaking, Do we not too often allow
them tu eut unsuitable food or keep
Into hours, und perceive no wrong
scientist says that roses fall in cU)Iie m\WB nature rebels and we have
tu cull tiie physician? Study to provide the best food you can, not the
most expensive, but that best suited to
die child's needs. If you do not know
wiiat is hest, go to your doctor and I
am sure he will spare a few minutes
Dr. and Mrs. Barber, of Fernie, were
iho guests of Mr. and Mrs. Klingensmlth this week-end.
Mr. Morrison, of Fernie, passed
through Elko Monday with horses for
the government horse show at Baynes.
love, and M. S. Mlddleton, of tho government horticultural department,
aays tliat popples pop.
Back to tho land is the cry in nil
iho cities, Jim Thistlebcak says ho
never heard of anyone getting hurt
Division I.—Miss Woodland
Xo. enrolled 45.
Average attendance   42.78
Phyllis Racklyeft.
Annie Shaw:
Edna Sanderson.
Edith Couldwell.
Arthur Couldwell.
Annto Johnson.
Dorothy Bassett.
Nettto Johnson.
Jean Donaldson
Tom Reekie
Annie Laurie
Georgo Coleman
Mario Daw
Robert Eakln
Leonard Marchant
Jessie Fennessy.
Clifford Fennessy,
Leslie Sneddon
Kllcn Johnson
Florence Bradley
Jink Drew
Sum Hit aw
Albert Johnson
Harold Hailing
Margaret Horlo
AgUCH McCoach
Ethel WIlltaiiiH
1 Although It required uu entire afternoon the task wus finished and that
l child was never known to ugain vio-
. lently oppose her wlll to that of her
i mother.   Contrast this with unother, a
I girl In her early teens, who when her
i mother mildly objected tu her doing
something unseemly wus heard to!
say, "O you're batty." The same!
mother said, "I cannot say a word to',
] her; she will not listen." Was the
fault all tho child's? Away back at j
some early period, forgotten by both,!
she bad acted In a corresponding manner and had either been uureproved, j
or ut least the mother hud failed to j
teach tlie lesson of respect.
With the coming of outside intluen-
ces Into a child's lift*, ncw prooblems I
arise. How often wo havo wished we
could fold our arms around uur darlings uud keep them Erom the evil of1
tbe world. This bolng Impossible, our'
real problem is how tu best fortify
them against the hour of temptation. ]
Tho    wise   mother    establishes   and
maintainb botwoou herself and each I
Individual child, a   ll 1st I lie I   relation-1
ship, giving (he child neeoss at all!
times to the mother heart    Take time
to listen to all the tales of victory or!
defeat, in sohool or in play.   .Never be
too busy to mi Uio rule of comforter
and you will Und tin* cuveteil rolo of ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
counsellor will ulso he yours.    With'
this relationship saouroly established,        DW,Bion 2'-MlRH K' FiH,lpr
the mind of the average child is as  No. enrolled   42.
an open book to tlio mother, danger < Average attendance  37.37
signals will not be lacking and the |   Sydney Troop
while taking a joy ride on a pair of  from his busy life to assist you.   He
1'itil nml Mining liiglii.fr.
Ji. ('. Land Surveyors
na: 238 Night Phont 85
Ave, next to City Hsll
opinion, as to disturb even I!
man, hence Friday's snowfa
One of the sufferers fron
snowfall Is F. O. Llttlo,
premises a magnificent Pel
low rose tree, which hud :
growth of over eight feet, ;
promise of many hundreds
was badly broken down by tl
of the snow.
Thomas, the two-year-old
Frank Putnam, had the misfi
break a bone In his right leg
hip while, apparently, endeu'
twist that limb around a cni
which hc was playing on Tn
ternoon.    Dr.  Davis was  bi
un  whose
ittalned u
und gav<
of roses,
son    ol
rtime to
near the
orlng to
e with
sday af-
T !i E
C 1! A Ml It O 0 K
i ('II EST It A
is op
n for engagement
Dances, .Socials Elc.
Apply to
Arnold Wallinger
ranbrook, B.C.
P. O. Boi 81
!■'. C. F. NIDD
.Methodist Church
Ives Pupils for
'iuuoforte, Voice,
23 Norbury ATS
•S it AMY ELI,
lc Sti>n»ajrrnp]ior
i'lione 485
ink -   -   -   -   au
i-ulatiiiB I'i.l   ip Woinon.  fl> r box oi tbreefor
[io. .soli] ni      Drug storw, or n-tlltd ts My
..|i|r>'>...:i i-  t'fji   i [irico.   Tua gconu. Dlttc
• box,
Vitality;for Nerve nn<i "-mln; lnci
inntl u   . i rotile ■   	
two fi r;.. n( .im
of iti'"'   run scqdeu Dan
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., Ageata.
'I yon up.|l»bei,qr
and righted tho injury, und the
fellow ls progressing favorably,
Xo more of your single blessedness!
for Teddy Haskins, who slipped off
to Cranbrook early lust week und on
Wednesday last wus quietly married
to Miss Bessie Uttemer, who until recently also made her homo here. Mr
and Mrs. Haskins came on to Creston
on Friday and are now getting corn-
plow bandies.
Dominion Scales Inspector Parker,
of Nelson, was in Elko and the south
country this week, visiting the mill
town, also Flagstone, Gateway nnd
Uoosvlllo Valley.
Jos. Stephens, mayor of Morrissey,
wus In Elko this week and let a contract to A. BIrnle for repairs to tbe
Melbourne building, corner of Main
street and Spadtna avenue,
Jim Thistlebeak hus exploded the
theory tbat a man will rust out
quicker than he'll wear out. "Did
ynu ever know a town loafer to die?"'
Hit down and think.
Mr.  MacDonald, of Coleman,    Al-  teeth.
berta, is visiting his family in the
itoosville Valley this week. Mrs.
MacDonald Is a daughter of Mrs. (Jor-
ile, Mountain View ranch.
would ruther advise you gratis, at
that time, than light disease later,
though tiiere bc a fee attached. By
way of Illustration we have only to
remind you of tlie annual epidemic of
colds and minor disorders whicb are
tlie direct sequence of the Christmas
feasting. Murk this, you cannot successfully train a sick child, either
mnetally or morally.
Permit me to say a few words as to
the cure of children's teeth. We have
but lo observe the large number of
men willing to fight In defence of our
empire who arc rejected because of
defective teeth. This shows the Importance of early attention to the
A child with poor teeth simply
cannot masticate its food, and no artificial teeth in after years can over be
'just as good" as nature provides. Can
you train a child with aching teeth?
timely warning can bo given. The oft-1
repeuted question arises, Shall wc
teach the facts of si*x unit the origin of
life to the children'.' I do nut answer
tills with an unqualified alfirmatlve.
It is too often necessary. I wish this
were not so, for I nm old-fashioned
enough to believe In the innocence of
childhood. Certainly it is better, when
this "knowledge must come, that It
should come from mother's lips. If
the intimate relationship of which we
have spoken hus been faithfully cultivated, the innocent question, or report of something seen or heard, will
give tbe necessary warning. When that
time comes, meet it frankly, Call
things by their right names and by
all means do not lie to your child. Reward confidence with confidence and
the child will cheerfully covenant
with mother, not to discuss these
things with any but her, Two little
sisters, less than two yenrs apart as to
age, constant companions, sleeping together aud accustomed to sharing
each other's confidences; It became
necessary because nf cnntitmination at
school, to instruct the elder in these
matters. The usual pledge of secrecy was required. A year later the
younger, by an Innocent qenstton, betrayed her totul ignorance of tlie subject, thus proving her Bister's faithfulness.
Now, a word of practical advice:
Do not over-train your child, "To her
virtues very kind, To her faults a
little blind' Is sometimes a very good
American papers Bay that Taft and Just try being agreeable under like
Roosevelt shook hands at a funeral circumstances. Children's teeth
the other day, and Jim Thistlebcak is should never be permitted to reach the
wondering If the two thought It was uching point. It is much more econ-
th'e funeral of the Democratic party, oinlcal to have them attended to ear-
Chief Black Rabbit, of the Tobacco 'J' *»■<• ofte»-   T1»e dentist should not
Hector Llnncll
Donald Marchant
Reta McRurney
Archie Finley
John Mitchell
Win. McKenzie
Bessie Richie
Norman Black
Rhoda Donaldson
Dorothy Hailing
Jessie CasBlcs
Jas. Drew
Robert McCoach.
Edward Walsh
Willie McDonald.
Patrick McDonald.
David Robb
Edward Black
Gladys Troop
Amy Williams
Willie Taylor.
the reserve  established  by a  notice
published   In   the   British   Columbia
Gazette on the 27th of December, 1907,
Is cancelled In so far as It relates to
Lots 11762, 11763, 11764, 11767, 11765,
11766,11768, 11769,11770,11771, 11773,
11774,11775, 11776,11777, 11778, 11779,
11780,11825,11826,11827, 11828,11829,
11864, 11865, 11866,11671,11889, 11881,
11882, 11883,11884, 11885, 11886, 11887,
11888,11889, 11891,11892, 11893,11894,
11896, 11896,11897,12138,12139, 12140,
12141,12142, 12143,12144, 12145, 12146,
12147, 12148, 12149, 12150, 12155, 12156,
12157,12158,12159, 12160,12161,12162,
t-.ni. /«-* ™«*i—    t„ i    .     . .       112163. 12164,12165,12166,12167,12239,
rule for mothers. In conclusion let me j 12240i 12241[ 12242r i2243( 12244( i224s[
say, the Biblical rule of 'line upon j 12246 and 12247, Kootenay District,
line, precept upon precept, here a ' The said lots will be open to entry by
little and there a little' still holds' PJMmptloii on Tuesday, the18th day
,™,i   m,   *   . .      i .     j    ,m, I °f May, 1915, at nine o clock In   the
good.,  The training does not endI with | forenoon.   No   Pre-emption   Record
fortably settled on tlie groom's ranch j plains Indian reserve, Bays that 1915  Deoome tll° family bug-bear.   I know
near Erickson. Their many friends
join with tho Review in wishing them
long life and a happy one.
:aa . ig    utial    Distributing
AKont for
Letlilirldge Imil
XMto ronricr
Imperial Oil Co,
lying nml Trantfnrriug:
QiTen  iituinpt iittontlou
l'liulio 63
:   you  want  satisfaction
with your waBhlng
pend lt to
larices for family
Good Spirits
can only be enjoyed by those whose
digestive organs work naturally ami
fttgularly, The bent corrective ami
preventive yi t discovered for irregu-
jurorf.iulfy action of stomach, liveror
bowels, ti known tho world over to be
Sold • ■ ■ > ■ where,    In boiTC, 25 criiti
Gonorol Merchant
Employments Agenti
O. I', x 10a Phone 144
nt \NDROOK, D.C.
(From the Fernlo Free Press)
Born—In Fernie, on Monday, May
3rd, to Mr. and Mrs. Nell McKellar, n
Born—On Wednesday. Muy 6th, In
Fernie, to Constuble and Mrs. McDonald, a daughter.
There are white luce curtains on the
school house windows at Jaltray and
lots of hope for that district.
\V. R. Wilson has been re-elected
president of t lie Rocky .Mountain
Branch of thc Canadian Mining Institute.
Owing to prospective marryers holding off for the June blessing, there
were no marriage licenses
| the registrar's ollice this
few gun licenses were Isi
: ever.
i    Miss M. B. McNeill, grad
' of Glace Buy, N.S., who hat
Iting her sister, Mn
land Ave.,   for tin
will bo a wet season, putting their tl,e (i»estion of money is important
faith In tho soundness of this, thc and especially in these hard times;
Indians have planted the biggest crop b,ut if & }** clloice between a new
ner sown by them.
The baseball game between
ed at
Kohl. I'rame, Prop.
Freak Bread. Cakei* Plei
aud Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
tte nurse
been vis-
P. llanley, How*
lust couple    of
und Waldo was called off after the
third innings on account of the electric storm that passed over the district. Fenwick, Waldo's rooster, was
there in moccasins and with a voice
like a circular saw going through a
iiino knot.
Lou BIrely, of Vancouver, one of
(he popular travellers of thc rond
und ono of the oldest along the Crow,
came In Sunday with some fine samples* of double-action automatic self-
revolving collar-buttons and fleece
lined neckties. Lou ls writing a book
entitled "A Pair of Socks."
There is special meetings called foi
this week by the board of trade, Con-
dress and tlie teeth, patch the old
dress and send your child to the dentist.
We now turn to the training of the
mind, and lt Is In this that we mothers revel. Who of us have not spent
many minutes of the long hours when
we are alone with our little ones,
teaching a ncw word, that the father
may be surprised when he returns at
night. I wonder just how many
babies have said "Papa" or "Daddy"
us tlicir very first word. Most of us
have had our own silent little weep
when the buby first started off to
school and we knew we must share
tlie task with others. I want to say a
word for our teachers. Good teachers
ure born, not made, and we have many
such.   Let us give them our whole-
aervatlve association, water works, hearted support and co-operation. In
I. O. D. E., Ladles Aid, the Ladles connection with the training of the
Guild nnd tho Golden Pheasants. If mind, I desire to speak of the read-
yen want to get into the social swirl I Ing matter with which our children's
come down to Elko. It's the garden of! minds are fed. Never allow a child to
the Crows Nest Pass. If you can't, rend a book unless you are familiar
Bay a good word for the one you get! with Its contents, and do not surfeit
our living in get out.    Your room | them with sickly stories of the goody
would be mighty good company.
odQusrtare for all kinds ot
Butlsfaotlon  Guaranteed
Tlio Shoe Specialist
3* Taylor. Proprietor
Man just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin TeiUd)
M ilk nml ! rt'iim twice dally
Ilullcrnillk twice a week
Tlie only clarified milk ln
We  tfunriintee to  Pltaia
months, left on Monday evening  for
Ottawa.   Miss McNeill has bi - a ac
cepted as one of thu nurses to sail ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
with the third overseas contingent j Forest (Ires are unnecessary, nre
Thu father of Private Hugh Melar- noarly always tho result of rarclest;-
kcy, of Coal Creek, on Tuesday re- nose .nnd muy wipe out In an hour
oelved a cable announcing the death of j what nature haB taken hundreds of
his sun ln action in France. Tlie lute | yearB to create.
Hugh Melarkey wus 81 years of uge They destroy existing forests.
when ho enlisted lust August. Ho was They destroy the possibility of fu-
one of the first to volunteer fur Over-1 turc forests.
.seas Bcrvlce and was u very line type'    They destroy a great market for
of holdier.   He had many lrintuis  In : lubor.
Coal Creek.   His bereaved mother Is I    They destroy the beauty of a reg-
at present in the Old Country.     At  Ion.
the week end word was received here     They destroy homes.
that Alex. McMillan, who wus on the.
Imperial Bank staff hero when    war j
broke out, had been seriously wound-
ed,    McMillan  was  very  highly  es- j
teemed by his ussoclntes in the bunk
They destroy lives.
They destroy prosperity.
and by the public with whom he came
In contact. He came from Scotland
and Ib about 24 years of age. A rumor
of his death has been hi circulation
In the city but Is not odnflrmed.
The Fernie hotel Will put in a concrete sidewalk.
goody type. If they must have fiction, let it bc such aB "Polly-Anna"
or the sea tales of Frank T. Bullen.
Now for u few minutes lot us discuss the training of the child morally.
Here wo have a tusk which even the
nngelH might envy. Just why our God
has entrusted to you and mo tho train-
in-; of immortal souls, Is the mystery
of mysteries, Again, I remind you wc
nre in partnership with Him and
through Him alone can wo be success-
ful. This training begins much earlier in lifo than many suppose. Let
us recognize first that obedience to
righteous authority Is the fundamental law of tiie human life.
The earlier your child accepts this
tlm simpler your task In later years.
Unless ttiis lesson is learned before
I your child is three years old, your
; problem becomes a serious one. Dlf-
i ferent temperaments require different
I treatment, but this lesson must he
| learned. The Inevitable time comes
One Mode) F. MoL-aughlln-Buick
automobile. Used only one season)
and new set of tires, Tills is a two-
cylinder engine. Anyone of o mechaj}-
Ical turn can make u very useful car
out of this.
IMtt rVvdner. & C.
Will sell for caBh, contents of well
furnished house, Including two heaters wnen   self-will   asscrtB  itself,
und ono range for wood or coal, at- whether  the conflict lasts minutes,
most new, dining room of oak, parlor hoor» or days, the will must yield to
and  bedroom  suites,    water    motor righteous authority, or a state of an-
washer, tubs,   wringers, etc.,   lawn Mohy results that bodes ill for the
mower, poultry alfalfa cutter, kltoh- ,,tfi*    Tll° rebellion ot a little child
en utensils and numerous other ar- ia cnsll>' subdued, but 0 how hard to
tides.   Special bargains if taken at accomplish anything with one untam-
once. Od until older.   A little child of two
BAPTIST rARHONAUE            : years had scattered her blocks over
0 .E. Kendall                     Phone 68 tho flaor*   Tllu mother Insisted thai
SSI Norbary Ave.
childhood. We can but faithfully do
your part In laying the foundation,
committing our children to the Heavenly Father.
Somebody  suid  that it  <*3Uldn':   be
But he, with a chuckle, replied,
That may be lt couldn't, but he would
be one
Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried.
So he buckled right In, with the trace
of a grin
On his face; if he worried he hid it;
He Btartcd to sins as he tackled the
That couldn't be done—and he did
Somebody scoffed:   "Oh, you'll never
do that—
At least no one ever lins done It."
But he took off his coat, und hc took
oft his hut.
And the Ilrst tiling we knew,
begun It— ^B^^
With a lift of his chin und a bit of a
Without any doubting or quit It-
He started to sing us he tuekled the
That couldn't he done—and hc did
There are thousands to tell ynu It can
not be done;
There are   thousands l"   prophesy
There aro thousands to point out to
you, ono by one,
The dangers thut wait to assail ynu.
But Just buckle In with a bit of u grin,
Just take off ymir coat and go to It;
Just start In to sing us you tackle the
That "can not be done"—and you'll
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all tho carpets ln an eight-roomed bouse In two
hours? You do lt better than with
the old style carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—In fact you
make lt look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at 50e,
and $1.00 per hour and cartage.
Cnwbrook  Electric  Light  Co., Ltd.
will be Issued to Include morc than
one surveyed Lot and all applications
must be made at the ofllce of the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.,
March 12th, 1915. 12-8t
Capital Authorised  ....»10,0W,<KKM)O
Capital I*»ld Up    IMtMtM
Btserre  Md  Undivided
Fronts       8,860'WO.OO
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Formers and
Private individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
available ln any part of the world.
attention given to Savings Dank Ao
counts.    Deposits of (1.00 and upwards received and Interest allowed
he'd | from date ot deposit.
A branch is alBo estnblluticd nt
Athalmer, B.C., under thc management of Irving C. Wedd.
Craabrook llranrh
II. W. Sli'l'I.K, Manager
1 ahe replace them.  The child rebelled.' \*.%\
crrv of niAMiiiooK
All pernonn deiinsllliig refuse on tlie
Nuisance Grounds must place samo at
proper pit. Violation of llilo rule will
be dealt wltli accordingly.
Sanitary Inspector.
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to thia city, let us
■how you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
8m Steamship oa the Boot
■ *.   -v


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