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Cranbrook Herald Mar 12, 1914

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Array Utliltth) Awtmblj
THURSDAY, MARCH 12th, 1914.
Treasurer J. A, Arnold Resigns and
T. M. Roberts Appointed—City
Without Engineer
The city council met at the City hall
on Monday evening ot 8 o'clock, Mayor Simon Taylor In the chair, and
Aldermen Campbell, Genest, Hickenbotham and Leask present. Tho city
officials present were: T. M. Roberts,
clek; K O'Hara, city engineer; P. K.
Wilson, city solicitor; Dr. J. II. M.
Bell, city health officer.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and aproved.
It. Adamson apeared before the
council In regard to the matter of rearranging the poles of the Kootenay
Telephone Lines, Ltd., ou certain
streets. Tho matter was referred to
the Hoard of Works with power to
Chas McKowan appeared on behalf
or a grant of $600 for the. year for the
Cranbrook City Band. On motion of
Genest and Leask, the $600 was granted, payable $50 per month; the band
to provide weekly summer concerts as
the weather permits.
The finance reported the following
bills which were passed and ordered
City Clerk's Sundries  $
City Livary   	
City Transfer 	
Cranbrook Cartage & Trans
Cranbrook Elec. Lgt. Co., ..
Henderson, J. B	
Kootenay Tele. Lines, Ltd ..
Garrett, R. S	
Manning, I. R„ .
McBride, J. D. .
City Officials .
Fire Dept.   ...
City Engineer
355.00 |
the engineer for several months at
least. He had no complaint to make
concerning the ability or work of Mr.
O'Hara. Alderman Campbell thought'
that the city was to engage another
city engineer that the position should
be open for all applications. Alder-
man Genest expressed the opinion
that the city had too much valuable
property at stake to dispense with the
city engineer. The vote resulted In a
tie, the Mayor declaring the motion
Alderman   Leask   proposed  that  a
committee be named for the purpose
of   buying  the   Cranbrook    Electric
Light plant for thc city.    He stated
tluit  most  of  tlie  cities  In   western
Cunada now owned their own electric
light plants and thut Cranbrook should
gut  in  line.    If the city  was going*.
to encourage and foster new  Industries they must be in a  poultion to,
grant  concessions  in  thc  mutter ofl
power.   Tlie rate for power asked
present  by   tlie   Electric   Light
was absolutely prohibitive of Its use,
The company granted 26 per cent discount for electric lights und only 15 j
per cent for power.   Motion by Hick-
botliani and Leask tliat a committee
of three be appointed by the mayor to
investigate into the feasibility of purchasing the system of the Cranbrook
Electric Light Co., was carried and
Engineer Reports That Grade on Twenty-five Miles Would Be Less
Than 0,8 Per Cent and Eliminates Two High Level Bridges.
°r! mT*a
;' Other Important Subjects Discussed at Annual Meeting Board of!
Trade Held at City Hall Last Tuesday Evening.
So. 11
City Transfer           lMM
McAlilland Book Co.,
J. D. McBride
P. Parks & Co..
■ r. rams « ". O
gnatiiiu   Is   Accepted   and   Perry ].atmore Bros
Adams Appointed to Position       :ppr   uw-....
After April Ist
There were about fifty members of I thence :
northerly along the Kootenay; thousand dollars on its divisional rathe Board of Trade present at the An-! bench about eight miles to Hunger-1 cilitles. Manufacturing and whole-
mint Meeting held at the city hall on ford on a falling 0.81 per cent grade, j sale companies have a million and a
last Tuesday evening aud a very en- The grades of this route are below i nuarter dollars working ln the city,
thusiastic and interesting meeting! one per cent, two high level steel; These figures total over two and one
the mayor named Aldermen Campbell, | was held. ; bridgs are  eliminated over  previous I half million dollars, l,.-^-^-^*-^-^-^-^-^-* —-  —-   —   *■*-
Leask and Hickenbotham. Mr. Dnrllng occupied the chair and | route and the line ut no place touches;    In addition there are seven hotels I l**»t   eighteen  months  serving  as  a
The resignation of J. A. Arnold asjflt 8 o'clock called the meeting to or- the   Indian    Reserve,    Th"   "" " —** - ■ —' —       	
city treasurer, on account of his hav-'
Ing received tiie appointment of police magistrate was received and accepted.
c.P.H. Freight
Collector of Custom
  .Kootenay Telephone
j Electric Light Co..
The first meeting of the new police QUai„ Electric Co.,
i commissioners  was  held at the city ; 	
, halt on Monday evening at f- o'clock.
, those present being .Mayor Simon Taylor,  Alderman  Hickenbot-.am and  F.
H. Dezall.   C. A. Dow handed in his
resignation  to take effect April  1st,
1»14.   Tlie commissioners accepted the
resignation    and    appointed     Percy  uuiess orue:
Adams chief uf police from that date  tion carried
at a Miliary uf $125 per month.
Chief of Police Cory A. Dow Is one
of tlie oldest policemen in the district
having served here and at Fernie for
the past fourteen years; the last eight
as chief of police of Cranbrook.   Kor
six years, prior to coming here, he
was   provincial  constable  at  Fernie.
Mr. Dow states that he has several of-; umm.
fers of posiions whicli he has taken! lished,
under  advisement  but  will   unlikely Special Prizes to t
be able to make a decision for a few  the Fall Fair.
months. S eele- Briggs'  Special   Prise  A
The new chief of police i« practical-     To the exhibitor obtaining the mosl
ly a stranger to the city, but he has  |>oints   in   prizes   nt   the   Cranbrook
been in and out of the cily for the  District     Agricultural
Moved by Fink and Quain that secretary be instructed to notify jauitors
and principals of schools that nil supplies must be ordered through the secretary of the board aud that trustees
will not be responsible for any goods
unless ordered in tats manner.    Mo-
Board adjournd.
If our readers <
carefully, t
from time
scan these col-
will find pub*
time, a list of
ompoted for at
Moved by Leask and Hickenbotham,
that T. M, Roberts be appointed city
treasurer without salary. Carried.
Mr. Roberts having offered, after his
name was proposed, to accept the position without salary.
Council adjourned.
School Board         1979.06
Parks & Co  7.25
Parrett. T. N         17.26
Prospector Publishing Co., .        22.40
Qualn Elec. Co         10.05
Raworth Bros  2.00
School Board Orders:
Worden             77.14
Trustees Assn         25.00
Duty      2.54
Turney, J. D., & Co..     .85
The finance com mi tee reported the
recent visit of Mr. Fred Dean to the
the city representing a Toledo, Ohio,
trust company. This company whs
buying outright debentures in many
western Canada towns. A letter from
the company was read and on motion
Report of the city engineer was read
and filed.   The report In part was as j 5JeeVdery
Competitions Increasing Breed Knowledge and Great Benefit (o
Poultry Breeders
I ul   me   ,*«UI
The March meeting of the Poultry I h   utjnzpa*
Association was held Friday evening
last at the Old Gym and several inter-1
The   country I and a large and well equtned hospital, j C.P.R, detective.   He carries good cre-
der.    In the absence of Mr. Halsall traversed will be subject to settlement j During the fiscal year ending In March ' dentials and letters from former posi-
the secretary, Mr. S. L. Coop was re-  later.                                                     , 1013, Cranbrook, as a port of entry. |t,0llH he has held In the province of
quested to act for the evening.                 The results of th« survey are very | returned to the government over nine-1 Manitoba.
Report ol Kootenay Central Committee satisfactory from nn engineering point | ty-eight thouHund dolurs.   Then the \ —	
The   committee   appointed   at   the ( of vlew und warrants the expense of i proposed   railway  cut-off connection i MEETING OF
meeting of the Board of Trade on more accurate Investigation. ! Is completed all of the above mention-
November 20th, with  full powers to      Faithfully and sincerely yours. led will be available to the settlers of
act and add to'their numbers for the H v- PARKER tho Kootenay Valley und will afford,,
purpose of using every Influence with,    The committee at once instructed Mr. i for years, the advantages to this new-!
tlie authorities in an endeavor to as-^arker to •,re*3aro ma",s- r,,rt,,t'r tu.'>" onent-'n country, which It could not »*"«
sure the construction of a spur or cut-1iliH renort of Ju,lul,r*v mU and 8eo«re '■ otherwise enjoy.
off Into Cranbrook from the Kootenay UH much •<-form'*tlon ilH POBSlblo and II. V. PARKER 	
Central   railway   reported  that  they Immediately report to the committee,  j    A subcommittee  was appointed to |
had   made   representations   to    the     Mr. Parker then prepared majis to-! visit the officials at Calgary with the;    Regular   meting   of   the   Board   of
CPR as follows* gether with  following report on the i compIced    maps,    Information    and School   Trustees   was   held   on   last
That a reconnalsance survey showed Cranbrook-Kootcnay    Valley    Short- i plans, and Messrs. Fink, Parker and I •"'-"'miy evening at tlie city hall. Those
that no engineering difficulties exist- Cut ra,lwa>'- lPoUen  walteu*  "I10"  t,,fi °«clals  In Present being Chairman White. Sec-
ed to a reasonable grade being ob-     Tlle Uoar<1 °r Tra<le ot" Cranbrook that city ou Frebruary 28th, with very  rotary Roberts. Trustees Fink. Qualn
tuined in about fifteen miles from a relieving it to he to tl.e advantage of j satisfactory results,
point near Wycliffe, to the crossing It,lti  Ht:tt't,r8  in  tlic  Kootenay  valley     The C.P.R. asked that a resolution
of the railway near Hungerford.   Part ano* to Cranbrook, 'fehayo a short-cut | be passed by the main body of the
or the North Star branch could thus rtllIwuy   bl,lu   tn,m   ^"Berford   to I Board of Trade regarding the necessl-
Craubrook, 1ms Instructed me to make : ty for the construction of the branch.
^^^^^^^^^^^   Association's
Fall Fair, from the products of Steele
—Briggs'    Field   and   (.union    needs,
16.00 cash.
One  point   fur  each   prize   for  a
sing!,' variety.
Three point-- (nr each prize in a
In case of a tie, preference will b*
SCHOOL TRUSTEES given to Brat prim
  BtMl»-BrlRB' S|awl»l  l'rl«e  II
OiK-n lo Western Candada, from tin*
Pacific ocean as lair a'aasl as. aaud Including Port Arthur, Ontario.
To lhe exhibitor winning the greatest number ol iiriKa-s during the season from Steele- Briggs' Harden and
Field seeds.-
Suasion   Held   it   City
Last Friday Ktrnlug
The CP.ll. would derive advantage* ^roconnolaanc.. survey and report on setting forth the poaltion ol Cran-
froni the industrial expansion ot Cran- m>' ""ding
The expensive shop, und rall-
estlng Items of the progrum were dlB-1J,'^'^"
posed of. W0J. yor(|B ||ere afoyxM be serviceable
Among others a resolution asking I for Ula eMn Koolenav c;entral ra„.
Dominion   authorities   to   move | way wuen ma(l(. acc08H,ble,   Tho „e.
poultry Into this province with a view j
  » 40.00
n«   „   ta       ».     ~ I'rire  ticket,  must   be  aaroduced  if
On   motion  by Trustees  Fink   and      .   j .       ,. laruuaactu n
Qualn. the Janitor o, the ImilZ JJ '^    '^ " "'""" l"" W1"-
and Laurie.      ^^^^^^
.Minutes   of   tlie   previous
were ra'ad and adopted.
direct charge  1914
was  placed  under th'
of Trustee I-auric.        ^^^^^^^^
Tlie matter of providing a stretcher
at    the   main    school    building   for
not lata-r than  Oat  20th.
. brok relative to trade and as comparand wltli Fernie In connection therewith
and all other facts ln which.thc build-  ..    —   nwienay.   uive
There nre no underslrablc engineer- |n(!  of Ul|ll   brancll wo„id   „»,„, t„e I use In cases of Illness or accident wu t^t    collection
Ing   features   of   any   nature.    The aeveloplng of the district and willing-! •I'««''9"<>d and referred to the com- QraMe,,   weed:
_^^_^^^__ a .aai  naieu uaaaue aiuccssioae.    me ue- grades   I believe   eaia ho kent below I..    m      j   . « La,luml »„.!..». -.  •—      - ^^
closely nnd inspect tl.e Imports of live  velonment o( .„„ 8Urroundlng c0„ntrv f»+   e,u    T he 1.  g, ■ „   the In    T £ ?* tSS Wi" TT
noi.ltrr l«»o (hi. a,mvi»n„ -...a . ...»I V nor ""''■    ' »■ M "»l" m ",e ""'   to obtain a charter for this branch,
will be about twenty-live miles. and a|M ,„ endcavor t0 obtaln su08l.
Lands Immcdlatel) Served .lies for Its construction from thc Do-
From Porteous to Hungerford there minion and I^ovlnclal governments,
to prohibit diseased stock being dls- " JM "L , ? T*,*. "T
semlnated over the province. This! "iTZ^LT: ""V'
action is taken at the request ot U>e\^^mUs^.    "t'T    Vf
n   r.   D»,,aa™   a      . .. a  ..   ,      tlle  companys   holdings  of  this	
13.   a.   Poultry   Association   and   the  ,..,...        ,. , iMHai.^H.^H^^^H,^^^^^B^.WHM^HM,MB^HM^^^^.M.^^a^^H.
near the coast  where manv I asides which any extensions of Is an area of about seventy-live thou- mi offering to turn over tile charter
flocks have been Infected by neighbors  "" ra"*'ay "" ""i V""ey wol"'i bu 8"nd a"e" "' hmd   wl,ldl  '» abo1" SUb"ldy and a"  "rell"ll»«>' "<"■"«>■»
CITV I'VfilWFK". RFPflPT I Importing   diseased   birds   from   the  "^       '°' three thousand feet In aicvatlon.   One »"d reports to the K.C.B. or C.P.R.,
Ull 1.M.IM-.I-.II S REPORT   3™"g  m*msM   blrii*   from   »e     Should It be necessary, a strong half of this area Is free from rock lu Providing they would undertake the
  The   Association   »i«n   M.aaH  „„ 'v]et col"d ^ put ""»«"! '»r noi".'"- Place, while the otlier one-lialf con- ™nstruction   und   operation   of   the
hoioL.Tv"      H ■ 1,       to"   aDd   p*ov">"«l   asisunce.     The tain, some waste land, though covered «"«•
Z trytuhng 2?S  2h** *""* a"d '"8m","»'» • MUl ,lmbw'   » '» »a'« '"Vlhere     The report of the commlt.ee eon-
fullTuns of »^ilch are e ve„ in .,n   Ub"Bl"?d ln Ctmb'°°* •>" "»"• wvern I" tUly thousand acres of land suite- <=•«<•<«■ with  the Unsocial sUtement
other column hv Mr  » H w.hh .*» "le"ts would 01">' be null,c •««™ Dle tor m1*"'1 '"""^ »"d ln many: "n'1 ""»»«' letters of correspondence,
ta r««r.Tw. r r „ ,      , tor 0,° ™"re dl8,rlct "' «uch ■ «">- "laoes the growing of fruit. In regard to this matter,
ta responsible   or the proposal and ,,«.,„„ whll.„ .„„,„ ^^ *
usual   progressivenes,   In economies In the administration of all " '""l M"l","re
mlttee on building and equipment.
Chairman White called the attention of tlie members of the Board to
fact that Principal Cranston had Dot
Building Permits
Since January 1st building permits
huvc been Issued amounting to $€,-
th'0.00. During the same period of
last year permits were only Issued
for (250.00.
Cement Sidewalks
The sidewalks In Lewis street,
along the side of thc Odd Fellows'
Hall has been affected by the action
of the frost scaling off thc top. The
contractors have agreed to make this
good as soou ns the frost is out of the
Telephone Co.
The Telephone Co., have applied for
lines for planting poles in the following Avenues and Streets
to Kalns street, on the east side.
ARMSTKONU   AVE.—From   l^wls
street to Kalns street on the east side.
NORBURY     AVE.—From     Uakcr
street to Kalns street, on the east side.
KA1NS ST.—From Fenwick Avo. to
llurweli Ave., on the north side.
FENWICK AVE.—From 220'0" N of
Edward street to Kalns street on east
At presont there aro no polos ou the
sides of tlie streets specified above.
Freest. Ip.
Dp to thc tlrst of March. 411 water
services have been thawed out at a
cost of f 193.3:1, averaging 14.50 each;
nnd nine hydrants have been thawed
out at a cost of $39.25, averaging
I4.S6 each. The total cost for the
name period Inst year was 11298.71.
It Is not costing so much this season
for thawing out, as our equipment is
in better shape than last year, and
having a more efficient boiler for
handling the work.
City Engineer
The matter of the appointment ot n
city scavenger for the summer months
wis discussed nnd finally placed In the
hands of the Health nnd Relief com-
mltee with power to act.
Dr. J.H.M. Bell submitted his yearly
report which was read and filed. The
doctor reported the city In an exceptional healthy condition. During thc
past year the following Is the gist ot
diseases occurlng: Dlptherla, 1 case;
8or.r!et Fever, 1 case; Typhoid Fever
2 case; Tubrculosls, 3 cues; Measles,
13 cases; Meningitis, lease; Diarrheal
Diseases ot Infants, 14 cases.
Motion by Leask and Geneit that the
Council re-engage the services of Mr.
O'Hara, aa city engineer, created some
discussion. Alderman Hickenbotham
wns of the opinion that the city could
•Mlly dl.peua with th* services ot
with   hlaj
such matters In tiie community, has
offered to take charge of the details
of the matter.
branches of the government.
Tlie soil is a light saialy inam con-
.   .,        ,,    ... j talnlng a snii.il percenage of gravel.
In addition to the well settled coun- „,        .    „ ,     , , ,    _
......       , „ .... Tlie subsoil is clay anal gravel.   Dur-
_^^^^^_^^^^^^_^_       try. wnlcli the brancll line would tra- .     ... ..       ,   , ,,    .„ t   ,   ..
\...     1.'     UIU..,p   »n.-n   «    ..l.na-.   .nlla    rtaa ...       j . j  ..      ». .. tag t IC yeBr til.' ruill   ffli     Wl 1  be In tlie
Mr. fc.. hlater gn\c a short talk on verse, much land could be brought un-
   _.VUB„, „„- ; ..taa   ,w   uaree   limes   per   we.
breeding exhibition stock, Illustrating tier settlement by the lifting of the re- ne|RhDOI*!l(-"><l of fifteen Indies, while [ dl8ConUnutt.ce of trains 11
many of his points o*t one of his choic*' __.....     i«i«***   win   n,...-..,,..   -.    ...   ......   #-...
Tlie committee also. In a suplemen-
tary report, asked the Board of Trade
to take up several questions of importance to the city mentioning: The
reduction of the Kimberley train service to three times per week: The
and 12,
ommonly known aa the Soo*Spokane
serves and the Institution of Irrigating! "no* wl" fYwaf tf°"\ °"^ *** I ™»™>W mown aa tne boo-Spokane
White Leghorn cocks. Mr. Slater's, systems by gravity or by means of Wells B,mk to a deptI' °f tvcttty "^ train: The question of freight rates to
Ulks was much appreciated and gave I reservoirs to serve them give potable water.   Should the coun-, (-ranbrook   and   but  of  Cranbrook,
rise to a discussion that brought out     No assistance had been given to the ■ !ry   "J-/ligation,   water   caj   be1   -
several live points on this subject.       Kootenay Central or to any railway  b5°Ught fron'   the  uppor St  Mw"
After the progra.n was concluded, outside of the B. 0. Southern by the r
the exhibit of Plymouth  Rocks  was  province,   and   large   grants   having Climate
gone over by Mr. UK. Bheppard and been made of provincial lands In Kast     The   winters  urn
the prises awarded.    It Is to be ro-: Kootenay for distant railways, were pearing ul
nimlia.r   nf   Ittnala I-.1 •         *'   * -    -        -
which Is of vital importance to the
wholesalers and  retailers:    The  re-
ported   discontinuation   of  the  train
I known  as he  Local:    The reported
snow  ftp- now  tram  servlce  (rom Spokane to
  —-^.-^— i      —--*-.  —, pearing about  the  lirst of January^ ,W-W. ^ which trains will arrive
I gretted that a larger number of birds; circumstances which might be quoted while   breaking   lias   been   done   in '■and de*tnrt bolh "Mt «nd west at a
From  Lewis sti-et | un> n()t pnt(M.e(I frtr the8p oompetltiona to strengthen the case. \ March.    The summer are warm and *very Parly hour in the n,orn,DK-
as they are effecting much benefit in a subscription had been taken by; well adapted to the maturing of cropB! Moved -V Mr- A* c* Bowness and
Increasing the breed-knowledge of the the Board of Trade and a committee I stock pastures on this area through-! «et01*ded h* •*• E- Wilson that the re-
poultry keepers of the district. , appointed to obtain the necessary da- j out thc winter. ' "°rt of tl,e commlUee he accepted.
The  prizes on tills occasion  were ta.   The committee would go o the ex-! riMlM Tlie 'ollow*nis re!l<>lutloB was then
two Jars of honey donated by T. S. i pense of obtaining charters and sub-' . proposed by Mr. P. E. Wilson and sec-
tiill and In the competition were two] nld.es, If possible, but they first wished;    0n  that  P*>rt,0» °' tlie ar,ia that ended by C. R. Ward and carried un-
Barred Plymouth Hock males and one! to acertaln what urrangements would naa  h**1"  cropped,   failures  are  un- unlmously, and the officers instructed
„ „-a .— k.    ' known.   From five to seven tons per to sign and forward to the proper au-
White Plymouth Rock male, and two Ibe acceptable to the C.P.R
Barred lt.uk females. In both classes: On being assured that on the pres*
Mr. W. Harvey won out: In the male j entatlon of a full case with maps of
class with nu exceedingly compact | the proposed route, a statement as to
bird of quality recently received from; wether thc Board will obain charters
Hamilton, Ont. and subsidies, from one or both gov-
At the next meeting leghorns, all j ernments, and generally what is pro
varieties, will be shown and tlie prizes posed and what the results would be
will be donated by Mr. Slater, who lias likely to be; the executive would take
on this account, decided not to ex- ■ thc matter up. The committee engaged
hiblt his own birds. ' Mr.   II.   Y.   Parker  to  go  over  the
 ! ground to ascertain the feasibility of a
uruim^fi wu i   uiiii n I satisfactory grade being had.
M.11 l-.a niLli ist IM» j    Mr. Parker reported to the commlt-
ALASKA RAILWAY j tee under date of January 28th as
I follows:
Mr. A. 0. Bowness, Chairman K.C.Rv.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Conference Report Is Adopted by Sen
ate—President Is Ready to
Sign Bill.
WASHINGTON.March 10.—The Alaska railway bill, prlvlding for the
construction of 1,000 miles of government railroad at the expenditure of
$36,000,000 was reported for the president's signature, and late today when
the senate adopted the conference report already adopted by the house.
President Wilson has Indicated his
Intention of signing the bill as soon
as tt reaches the White House, and
tentative plans for construdctlng tlie
government   railroad   already I north bank will be followed towards
first .——-.-^M.UM
have been considered at the interior
department. Secretary Lane, long an
advocate on the project, is prepared
to go ahead with It as soon aa tbe
president gives the word.
Dear Sirs: ^^^^^^^^^^^
Pursuant to Instructions of your
committee, I have spent some time la
the field looking for a possible railway location between Porteous and
Hungerford, and beg to submit for
your consideration the following report:
From Porteous it Is possible to follow the draw utilised by the Staples
Lumber company for four miles on a
rising 0.8 per cent grade, thence easterly and northerly along another
draw about five miles to Camp No. 2,
on a falling 0.87 per cent grade, thenco |
northerly to Cherry creek when the
acre of potatoes have been harvested : thorltles:-
on ground that ims only been disced.
Three cuttings ot rye hnve been made
In one seuson, while full wheat does
Tlie merchantable timber has been
estimated by a competent cruiser at
one hundred ond twenty million feeti
In addition to whieh there arc over
one million ties and a very large
quantity of mine timber. About sixty
million of thc timber will go to Wycliffe to be manufactured, while thc
balance will go to Wardner to be sawn
on the ground.
Immediately to tlie west are the;
famous North Star nnd Sullivan mines
TIM Purcel range lu whicli these;
utines are located extend d tiie north j
and for its entire length Is rlili in
minerals which will undoubtedly- boi
t»ken out and find Its way over tne
short-cut to thc smelters.
"WHHKEAS, the matter of a cut-
"off or spur of the K. 0. Ry. into
"Cranbrook Is thought deslreable by
"this board, and, whereas, as ln general meeting of November 29th, the
"Hoard appointed a special cornmit-
"tee to work out ways and means of
"obtaining the assurances that a
"branch or spur of said railway be
"ANDi whereas, this special com*
"mlttee have secured valuable Information, also had a reconnols-
■'sauce survey made by a civil engineer:
"AND, whereas, this Information
"shows conclusively that a feasible :
"route can be obtained on very rea-
Thos. S. (.ill Shield
Open to any i-Lhoolroom in lhe East
Kootenay.    Given for one year to the
of    Wild    Flowers,
^^^^^^      Plants   and    Wild
Fruits.   Naci-- to be given if possible.
.Always state when and where tound.
Specials Given bj the Association
       For Mercantile Horses in Harness,
been complying with the Regulations | oy  ur  merchaot  or   business  man.
j •- - jg(    por t^€ [jggi leam on tjje (je|,j
1st.    For th best team on the field
  re-: owned by any merchant or business
fers to the duties of every teacher, ■ man and worked In (he < ity as a dellv-
and which reads as follows:* ery team;    $15.00
"To maintain a regular supervis- 2nd. For the be*-t *-ingle horse or
"Ion of the pupils of the playground I mare on tbe field owned by any mer-
"and have a care that games are, chant or business man and worked In
"honorably played." J the city as a delivery horse;    $10.00.
He also pointed out that the priori-	
pal was not living up to Clause 1, Article 10, which reads as follows:-
as laid down in the Manual of the
School I-aw, Article •). Clause 6, and*
particularly  to  that  part  which
"It shall be the duty of the Prin ^^^^^^^^^^^.|^.|^.|^.f^r^r—
"clpal of every Public School to con-
"veoe, at least once a month, a mee:*  Shot by Kellon Countrymen in a Loa-
"ing of his assistants, for conference I)  Shark at Mahl
"'on all matters affecting the pr.p 	
"er  management of each  division, ,                                             ,
••with a view to aecurlag not 0„,y'    Two Hindoos war. lounai murdered
"uniformity in dlaclpllne and In- iln an l90lal") >'""k "'" ,iu" '""
„ . ,. . . , .. ... / on wedneaday u.orrjm*? One was snot
"structlon. but also tiie adoption of, , ,    * t   .
„..    u   . „ MA. „ .,,,.      . „_   through the heart and the other had
the best approved methods.   A ree-' ■ ...
„,,,,..„,.. . [two   fata    wounds   in   his   shoulder
"onl shall be kept of the proceed- . .        ..... , ,,
„.       .   .    ,       , .. ...   and breast.   Constable M nty, of Fer-
"ings had at each meeting, which ,        .. .-_***.
„       j   a. ,, t, .   »*.   , nie, Immediately took charge of the
"record shall be open to the inspec* . .    '•       '.   ..
i.i.      ■ ,l   r,     _. .   j   .   » r.,-i    'case and the Inquest  is being  held
"tion of the Sujwrln ten dent of Bdu- - . ',
,.,.,,. , .    ..    .over the bodies today
"cation,   the   Inspectors,   and   the • .    , . , ,_ _.
„„      ,    , m     , _u    „ ,    .    , i     \f*ry 1 tt e information has readied
"Hoard of Trustees.   The Principal   ,       *    ,
„_   . .,    — ..    Cranbrook concerning tne doable trig*
"must  re.tort to the  Trustees  the1 . , ,
... , . .    . ,, .   :edy  which  occnrred  In  »  shack  oc-
"names of the assistants who fall to        , J ,       , , ,,,   .
„ ..    .      . ,    „ Icuntad by a arge number of Hindoos.
"attend each meeting." .   , ,   , ,
j It is reported that the men engaged
Chairman White further pointed out  in  a  wrangle during  th**  night  and
that Principal Cranston had not been I that
keeping a correct register.
Motion   by  Laurie and  Qualn  car
ried instructing the secretary to call
the attention of Principal ('ranston
and .Miss Woodland to Clause 1, Article 10, of the .Manual of School Uwk
and also to Article tl, Clause 6, with a
request tliat the same be observed.
The secretary was instructed to
call the attention of Principal Cranston to Clause 2, Article ■'.. of the school
laws regarding the accurate keeping
of a register with u semi-daily roll
call, with the request that lie sees
that the same be strictly observed,
Motion carried that the vacation
time of A. H. Webb be extended to not
later than September lOtli to enable
him to Join a teachers' excursion to
the old country.
Complaint from Mrs. A. Smith was
""" —-—*—— •*■" '?■/ ":*"|read and on motion filed and the sec
"sonable grades and that the road!„,„,,,, („„,„.„._j . ..... ..-- --■•■
With a population of four thousand
Cranbrook Is the capital city of Kast
Kootenay. Hern we find Invested In
banking buildings seventy thousand
dollars. The Dominion government j
has another seventy and the British I
Columbia government has twenty-
house, the Uno crossing Uio (five thousand dollars in public build-
wagon road about oncMmlf mile north lugs while the city of t'rnnbrook has1
or Woods, thence northeasterly to- Invested Ih like Institutions over one
ward tho Kotenay bench, falling for | hundred thousand dollars. The C.P !
three miles on a 0,24 per rent grade,[lt. bta expended aboul seven hundred4
"can be contsructed at a moderate
"Tliat this Board in meeting, approve of a resolution properly draft-
"ed. setting forth the matter as outlined, and that the same be signed
"by tbe president and secretary,
"FURTHER, that this resolution
"embody the Board's willingness to
"secure If necessary, a charter,
"and, If possible, subsidies from one
"or both governments and that on
"thc assurance from the railway
"company that this line will he constructed that the Board will turn
"over to tbem the charter and any
retary instructed to notify Mrs. Smith
that an investigation would be made.
Letters from Teachers Woodland
and Dexter were received and filed.
Requisitions for teachers were referred to the committee on supplies.
The finance committee reported thc
following bills which were ordered
Teachers Salaries      $ 1267.50
► Bil>
Medical Ofllcor
Cranbrook Laundry   	
Cranbrook Cartage Co	
| Crnnbrook Agncy	
i Cor bin Coal & Coke Co	
If'ranbrook Sash «■ lloor Co.
Hrranbrook Drug A Book Co.,
two men are Implicated In the
' shooting Th" Officers have live Hindoos under arrest, and tbeir usual rt-
Hence   In   SUCfa   cases   Involving   their
own countrymen, makes it difficult to
secure much Incriminating evidence.
One Hindoo made bis escape Into the
bills ..Ml the officers have been engaged scouring the country In an effort to apprehend him, but so far without result.
The bodies wer<- lirst discovered
about seven o'clock in tin* morning
and from all appearances the tragedy
had been enacted at about one o'clock
several hours previous.
ll. C, Eakin, engineer of the city
electric light plant, left the first of
the week for a visit to Vernon, Salmon
Arm and Armstrong l" inspect the
working of the Diesel OH engine,
with a view of installing the engine
at the plnnt here. If it proves satisfactory und more economical than the
present system. Mr. Eakln has been
In charge of the electric light plant
here for the past several years and
his record witli tlie new plant, which
was installed Tour years ago, would be
hard to beat. The plant has operated
4 hours per day, being only stopped
for about three hours each Sunday
and has never missed a moment of being in service or In perfect working
Miss Edith Caslake, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. j. ll. Caslske, has returned
from Calgary, Alberta, where she has
been upending tlie past six months attending Ibe (lurbutt Uuilucss College. THE CRANBKOOK HERALD
THI   CRANBROOK   HERALD the opinion that in matters ot vital
■3. fi. THOMPSON Editor and Manngeri'-l^e-'enc0 it would fall to give satls-
;■■       - ■- z 1' faction.   An intereslng discussion fol-
Snpscrlptlon Rates . jlowed ta. whlcn both laUleq ftnd **on-
One   Year $2-00 "'■tleInen stated their views freely and
Six Months       . .    1.00! eloquently.   Judging by our opening
Three Months
50; meeting it would be safe to prophecy
Advertising Kates
Display   Advertising,   25   cents
Column inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line,
. .Cranbrook, BX., March 12tl^ 1»14...
Hill Prohibiting Publication of Criminal Portraits Opposed by
There  was a debate in  the senate
a bright future for this society.
Sundays—Low mass at 8:30 a.m.
high mass, 10:30 a.m.
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Kosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation— Mass at S a.m.
Week days—Mass at ti a.m. at the
P. Plamoudon, O.M.I.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Tiiere are a lot of people In this
town who cannot afford to be sick.
Perhaps none of you feet that you can
but certainly some of you can't, for
as suou as you are sick, your wages
stop und worry and debts begin to
pile up. Thc sensible thing for you
to do, as soon as you feel run-down
and worn out, no matter what the
cause, is to take something Just as
Sunday School I uulck as you can to build up strength
and health. Make yourself more
comfortable and provide against serious sickness.
We don't believe tiiere Is any other
medicine made that will do as much
towards saving your health and thus
helping you save your money as Rexall Olive Oil Emulsion. It Is a medicine that gets right at the trouble aud
relieves it by toning tbe nerves, enriching thc blood, and giving new
strength aud health to the whole body
it doesn't do this by means of alcohol
or liublt-forming drugs, because It
contains none. Us strength and
health-giving power is due to pure
Morning service at U a.m., subject, | oi|Vy 0n un,| the HypophOBphltes,
Jesus on the Mount." . long endorsed by successful phyBlc-
Sunday School and Bible class at; ■»»». the "ne for its food value, the
' other for its tonic value.   Here, for
■>■ m- the tlrst time, they are combined, and
Evening service t 7:30 p.m., sub-11|10 refU,]t ia a real nerve, blood and
at Ottawa last week on the second je,.t;   "The Christian Church." body building medlcino-a real strength-
reading  of  Senator  Choquette's  bill      The choir will render an anthem at 1 "ner that we are proud to tell you
to amend tho criminal code oy maain, both MrvIoe, ! Jbjjt   - «J-t need %>»****
It an offenae to iiubllsli tlie picture or     fjh.olr leader, Mrs. K. Pateraon.       ; wc Kliy u wm and satisfy you in every
a laerson convicted ot a crime, of ac-     Organist, Mr. H. Stephens. . way.it will cost you nothing.   If it
complices,   or   Instruments   used   In     B1bi0 study Class, Tuesday, 8 p.m.; doesn't  make  you strong and  well
crime.   The amendment Is an addl-     Knl)X uterar, and Debating CM^TV&^-Es**^
It so thai every lover ot the game
will have pleasure in it.
Finally, you are requested to read
these notes every week as we have a
lot ot things to bring before you which
time and space will not permit at
Beattie-Mufphy Co., Limited, report
they are making many friends through
the QUICK benefit which Cranbrook
people receive from the simple mixture of buckthorne burk, glycerine,
etc., known nB Adlcr-l-ka. This remedy became famous by curing appendicitis and it Is the most thorough bowel cleanser known, acting on BOTH
the lower und upper bowel. JUST
ONE DOS 1: of Adler-i-ka relives
constipation aud gas on tiio stomach
tion to the provision  providing two  meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m.
years for tho sale of immoral literature for the exposure of objects designed to corrupt public morals.
Senator ChorjUfltta said that there
was Rood reason for the bill. The
yellow methods of some of the newspapers  were  heing rapidly establish
Itev. W. Elson Dunham Pastor.
or question.    Sold only at the more
than 7,000 Rexall Stores, and in this
; lown only by us.   $1.00.   Beattle-Mur*
! phy Co., Limited.
Sunday Services:
ed In Canada.   Side by side with the preach at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m
picture of such distingulstid men as
tho   premier of Canada,  were  daily c***8» nt 'A:W I""*
seen In the newspapers, pictures of Morning   subject:
persons accused of crime.   While he °t the Cross."
had long objected to the practice, lie Evening subject:   "Marriage."
"Tlio   Mystery
had not decided to take action until
last summer when thc newspapers exploited the presence of Thaw In Canada and filled their pages witli pictures
of Thaw, Evelyn Thaw, ami everyone
elHe connected with the matter. Public curiosity and Interest were aroused
to an unwholesome degree. He had I Evonlng Fcrvice
then decided there should be a law
to end this practice,
Hon. J. A. Loughecd said he thought
all would agree that it was undesirable to enact legislation which could
not be unforced. In making laws It
was necessary that the practical as
well as the moral aspects should be
taken into account. Thc proposal of
Senator Choqucttu, he thought, was
not capable of practical application
unless treaties were arranged with
practically all countries.
So far as he knew, nu country had
such a law. If carried out it would
exclude practically every newspaper
magazine und other publication from
admission to Canada. The enforcement of such a law would not be practicable if it could not be enforced
against foreign publications, It would
good and enjoyable meeting. After the
I meeting  a conference of the young
the pastor will j men will he )i(!id   ThiB i8 a continuation of the one held last Sunday.
Sunday  School and Onward  Bible! All men are invited.
Tho Rowling Match of the Ladles
as won last week by tho C.P.R.
! Stcnos., who again defeated tbe City
| stcnos. The Alleys are open to all
, ladies now on Mondays from 19 till
\ 22:30 and Saturdays from 14k till 18k.
, A schedule is going to be formed a-
[ mong them after the style of the
| men's league. Ladles are invited to
j hand In their names for the different
j teams or make up teams and hand In
i the particulars.   Three ladles and a
Musical Programme
t'jrnlng Service:-
Prelude—* Selected
Postlude—Gsvolle  from  "Semel
Mr Nidd will give a brief organ re- or t<fo wl„ c<mBtltule a team.
cital before the evening service. I mui, of m m(m,s „„„„     „,„
(a) Prelude in E Flat—Batmann.    ■
(b) Arietta—Coleridge Taylor
Anthem—"Incline Thy Ber"—
Hlmmel   (Mrs.   Geo.   Stevenson, t
Offertory—Quasi Pastorale—Smart.
Solo—"O Divine Redeemer"—
Gounod,   (Mrs.   Geo,   Stevenson,
Postlude—Festal March—Elvey,
Mrs. Geo. Stevenson, Choir Leader.
Mr. Chas. F. Nidd Organist.
All ore Invited to the above services
Uev. O. B. Kendall, Pastor.
and   7:30
Services   at   11:00
be idle to enforce it against Canadian  P"'-   Sunday,
publications.   If photographs were to  „ l*ev-  A.  B.  Reekie,  Missionary to
be forbidden  ,.,„ they reproduced J"Jgf ■«* '.jj-gj. »"' •» «-
be seen at any time on the bulletin
boards.   Games are held by schedule
; teams every Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. Any man is in*
I vited to drop tn and see them play.
| The Alleys have been fixed up again
; on Wednesday and are in great shape.
i    Tlie "Hike" of the Camera Club last
; Saturday was a huge success and the
tramp was very much enjoyed. The
snow was very much deeper than ex*
j pected on the foothills and everyone
got wet feet, but not 'cold feet.1 Some
line pictures were secured. We are
looking forward to next Saturday and
hope the weather will be propitious.
Anyone wishing to join us will please
. meet at the "Y" not later than 16k
j on Saturday as wc must not lose a
; minute on the start.
The Air Brake Class is still meeting
but the time when it does so will be
criminals, to be logical te publics-      Sunuay 8chool and Fellowship Bi- lntlmated by buUetlns as It is not al-
tion   of   descriptions   and   evidencei ble Class at 3:00 p.m.
would liave to be cquully subject to
the embargo. The result would be q\\
the enactment of a blue, taw of such
startling character that he did not
think it would be supported by either
the press or public opinion.
Mr. Lougheed said he thought the
moral tone of tlie Canadian press was
equal to any ln the world and it would
: ways possible to Bet a definite time
A cordial invitation is extended to toT roa^ m(,n
_ Tomorrow night Mr. A. B. Smith will
give his talk on "Poultry" under the
KIKE DESTROYS | auspices of th Debating Society.   We
MOYIE HOTEL  urge every man who can come to
  i take this in, as Mr, Smith knows
Change of  Ownership  Would  Have 80meth,ng   aD0Ut  hi8  8UbJect.     We
Heen .Made Today. guarantee a pleasant and Instructive
be regrctttblc to put a slander upon News reached the eity yesterday ofl-tlrae" 21k tomorrow n!ght
the press by thc enactment of the law the destruction of the Moyie Hotel,: 0n Thursday, the 21st Instant, un-
proposed. in his opinion, Canadian , at Moyie, by fire. The hotel was the I der tho direction of the Ladles' Auxlli
publishers hud the good sense and de- property of Mr. P. F. Johnson, and i ar*V. the bo8t BOcIaI and concert ever
cency to protect the public moruls tlie transfer of license and business 8Wen wln be held* u win be a ?*•
without the law being put ou the! was to have been made today to Mr. I Patrick one and the Wearing o* the
statute books. J, H. Doyle, of this city. Mr. and Mrs. i Qreen wlu be the order of the day
Sir Mackenzie Howell Mald that the Doyle went to Moyie on the train yes- j The ,adies and gentlemen asBlBtlng
publication of criminals' pictures was trday nnd when they arrived they t us w,,! be t,ie Misses Wanda Fink,
not likely to have a detrimental ef- found the hotel a mass of smoking I Ada Hlcknbotham, Elsie Van Slyke,
feet upon the public minds that the embers and they immediately returned Mad*e Robertson and E. Proctor;
publication or evidence at their trials The cause of he tiro was unknown.: Meadamee E. Paterson, F. M. Mac-
would have, lie thought the public Mr. and Mra. Johnson at the time the Person, Geo. Stevenson, M. Qualn
Interest would he better served by blaze was discovered, were serving and Sinclair; Messrs. W, W. Scott,
Senator Choquette It he ahould amend two Indians with the|r dinners in the Harold Darling, Leonard von Slav-
his bill in such a way as to forbid kitchen, when someone rushed In and'eren- poter Reed- Kdward Halsall, C.
MacCowan, R. W. Ketterlngham, Geo,
Sonne, Rg. Hockey, W. E. Stephens,
Masters Willie Leaman and Vincent
Fink and the Odd Fellows quartette,
thc publication of much of thc evl- shouted "lire!" On opening the din-
denee Which Is eagerly printed by ing room door, they wen; driven back
many newspapers at the present by a blinding outpour of smoke. It
time. ', Is supposed the fire originated either
Senator Choquetto said lie proposed in ono of tiie rooms on tlie second i Further and more particular details
to do so. : floor or from u defect In the Hue lead-! wl11 be B*von later,
Senntor  Gordon   thought  the   bill ing from the furnace. We extend an Invitation to every per-
created a reflection on toe press of     The   Moyie   (Ire  department   were sun in town to come to this.   Our mo-
Canndn. He said his opinion was that soon on the scene but were unable to
Canada enjoyed the advantage of a save the building whicli burned to thc
fairly conducted press. He hnd read ground. A piano, pool-table and a
many newspapers an imd yet to see u few otlier articles were rescued but
picture of immorul character publish- everything else was lost. Mr. Doyle of
ed In any of them. ; this city, lost all his personal clothing
Senator llostock thought the bill; which was also tlie unfortunate cx-
should go to committee. While ih had! perlcncc of several of the boarders at
been criticized und described as lm- J the hotel.
practicable In Its present form, no one; The fire department succeeded In
objected to the principle which it at- i keeping tlie  lire from  spreading  to
tempted to express.
He thought tiiere should be a little
more time for discussion of the bill
and moved its ndjornment, which was
Thc inaugural meeting of thc Dull
River Literary Sciety was held at the
school house on Tuesday evening, the
10th Inst., when there was an excellent attendance. The chair was taken
by Mr. T. Lewis, our    Presbyterian
the other buildings Bltuated near the
Ry. Y.M.C.A.
The Men's meeting last Sunday was
one ot tlie biggest w<* hnve eve- had.
it wis addreBsei l.y Vr.v. W. Ldman
Th'Hason on "I*, luijfc a futur* lltof
From ihe Interest displayed. It:. evl*
dc-ni that men ne tninklng o„\ Oils
tr.jil.c question Willi an uniuttlnble
dtflre for mor * k-.iov; ledge. Mr.
Thomson spoke ns a man having
studied the subject deeply, tlie food for
minister, und the opening address I thought provided at this oral repast
wns given by Mr. Copp, who took as; being sufficient to fill every man to
his subject "Is War an RiBsentlal?" repletltlon, We are looking forward
Mr. Copp dealt with this question In to a continuation of this next month,
most able and thorough manner show- j Next Sunday, nt the usual time, IB: 15
lug the development ot war as proved! k, Itev. 0. K. Kendall of thu Baptist
by history, contrasting ancient moth-]church  will addrcsH  us, thc subjoct
ods of warfare   with   modern   aruiu-
munts.   He also dealt with the pussl-
will   bu  announced   later.    We  aro
looking forward to a good crowd at
bllltles nf arbitration and ciprcsscd this one too, ah we guarantee a real,
Ive Is that the ladles will place a box
for a silver collection near the door
and although you may not be able to
stay, kindly come and put something
In tlio little box.-—The money Is needed for a special purpose.
Mr. Thos, Mulone, the popular
night clerk ln the "Y" 1b suffering
from a painful accident and has been
romovill to St. Eugene's hospital.
His many friends are deeply sympathetic.
The old saying is that ln Spring
tho young man's fancy turns to
thoughs of love, but not so In the
"Y". * It has turned to football and
the pigskin has already been feeling
the strength of good sturdy muscles.
A team has been formed. We are going to have an aggregation that will
lick anything in the city and district.
Challenges will be Issued shortly.
We intend to get out this week with
our baseball men aad also Intend to
game of lacrosse. This Is a game
tliat does not get the attention It de-
that does not get tb attention it deserves and we would like to see It
taking a firmer hold of the young
men in our own country.
We will start to get the tennis
court ln order this next week It the
weather Is good. Wo Intend to make
big Improvements on those grounds
this year, and make the surface real
good and to build a pavilion and make
voiNti mm uxuB notks
A large and enthusiastic class has
been in attendance at thc Gymnasium
throughout tlie week In preparation
for the big Gymnastic Competition
and Exhibition to be given In the
Gymnasium Friday evening. There is
very keen rivalry between a number
of the best athletes ot the club and
the compjetition promises to be a
hard fought contest throughout. The
races and sports arc between two
teams of seven men each, and very
evenly matched. The other events
are undergoing very careful preparation. From every standpoint Friday
evening should be of great pleasure
and profit to all who attend. The
public Is Invited.
Two Basket Ball games were played In the gymnasium Monday evening. The first game between two junior
teams, resulting in a win for the
Giants over the Athletics in a hard
fought game. The second game between the Thistles and Commercials
was a battle royal, right up to the
tnd of the game. In the first half,
the Thistles played thc more aggressive game and at half time, led by a
good margin. But In the second half
the Commercials came on the floor
with a new spirit, driving the Thistles back to a defensive game. At the
call of time It looked like anybody's
game but the big margin gained In
the first half saved the Thistles from
probable defeat. The score 22-13.
These teams will play the last of the
series of three games next Monday at
eight o'clock sharp.
Several ot the boys are rounding In
to shape for truck work throughout
the summer. There has been a very
definite increase in tlie number of
members who take advantage of thc
swimming pool this past week—the
milder weather Is most suggestive of
a "dip."
Next week should see a good start
made ln getting the tennis court,
lawn bowling court and athletic field
In good shape for out door games and
On behalf of the boys now getting
Into shape, we challenge the V.M.C.A.
or any other organization or group of
Athletes to a road race of two miles,
or a relay race for tbe some distance,
and a series of races in the Gym next
Tuesday evening. Come on boys, get
into the game—take this up quick,
Some of the members have clubbed
together and purchased a new Victor
gramaphone tor the club. The management Is delighted with this splendid spirit, we hereby express our appreciation by a hearty vote of thanks.
This line Instrument will be put to
work this week.
We look for a big crowd at the Gymnastic Competition Friday night, be
sure and be one of them.
Delegate to R. C. Formers' Institute
Reports Fully on the Meeting
Editor Herald:--
Dear Sir:—At the last regular meeting of he Farmers' Institute I gave a
report uf the Central Farmers' Institute convention held in Victoria, B C,
on January ..ti, 27 and 28 to which I
was appointed delegate, leaving here
on the 23d. I arrived In Victoria the
evening of the 25th. Next morning
going to the government buildings
about 9k, we were Informed that thc
convention would be held In one ot
the rooms at the C.P.R. Empress Ho-
We Take tbe Risk
We know you will be deliehted
with the O-Cedar Polish Mop.
We know you will welcome
the relief it brines.
We know you will appreciate
the hard work it saves.
We know you will be pleased
with the way it dusts, cleans and
polishes—all at the lame time.
That is why we say:—
Try llie O-Cedar Polish Mop lair 2
day. at our risk. If it ia not satlsfac-
lory, we do rot want you to keep it.
Th. p,lce—$1.50—will be rtataanaeal
without Qaae.tiou II It la tint all, anal more,
thaaw.cl.lia.  Vou lobe the |udge.
Kootenay Grill
Open from 11,30 a.m, until 2 a,m,
At all hours.   Prices reasonable
Avoid the rush and engage a private box or a large
dining room table for vour
Sunday Evening:
Special Kootenay Grill
Dinner, 75c
From 5.SU until 8.80 p.m.
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
By Mmlorn MethoiU.
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W.M. Park* Co.
til. The meeting wa» called to order
by the Deputy Minister, W. B. Scott,
superintendent of institutes. Credentials were called for, after which the
meeting got down to business.
Cranbrook Institute had but four
resolutions to be discussed; but a person may be able to judge how long
It would take to get through the business If a Resolution committee were
not appointed two days before to
handle the work und sift what should
really be placed before the meeting.
A total of 196 resolutions were condensed down to 45. This was the
third time 1 stood up for the same
resolution for the opening up of timber license expired lands, being opened up for homesteaders. It has ul*
ways passed the Annual Conventions,
and although now nu accomplished
fact, 1 think our institute deserves'
some credit. 1 myself did not rest 1
until I had brought it to the notice of
the people of Cranbrook and vicinity
in public meetings. Credit should
also be given to A. B. Watts, A. ll,
Macdonald and several others, who
helped to keep the ball rolling, being
eventually brought to the notice of
the B.C, Government, that this was a
live issue with the people of this district.
Other resolutions dealing with
School Taxes, Gophers, and 1-aans to
Farmers were carried.
There were between 80 and 90 delegates present and 1 think it was the
best meeting that I have attended.
Harmony prevailed throughout and
although some delegates thought
their resolutions should have had
better treatment, they recognised
that the majority must rule.
Several addresses were given, two
of which deserve special mention:
'Cooperation" by Mr. Hayward, of
Cowiclian, V.I., who was chairman of
the Royal Agricultural Commission;
and Mr. Lucas, who showed what
New Zealand had done by Govern-
men cooperation. The population of
that colony stood with a per capita
of $206 per head, man, woman and
child. I also Interviewed Mr. Scott
the deputy minister, in regard to striking tbe name of Parole ol and calling
You Can
Next time you step into the corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
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Make it ten years, and you will find
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even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it.
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results
the Institute, "The Cranbrook Farmers
Institute;" calling IiIb attention to
tho fact that since we organized we
have only had one member for one
year from Fernie, and as thc Haynes
district had now organized, they were
practically between Cranbrook and
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Whether ho be employer or
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.I.ForriV. Misranvlllou.
lOlf A.IMTl r«« OJjtjJM WUMH1A
C. Fa   NIDD
Organist ol the Maathoaliaal Church
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
gtirtloa MathodlrtfAnrch THE CRANBROOK HERALI*
I -TTST" I! ----»•■'
•■-MOf-ataom-ai taM-MM-a-at-M
Cranbrook     Lodge.
No. 84
«MJBSlSi»    *•"■ * *• *■
WrWfP  ileeular meeting! on
r*ajgaKf4      the   third   Thur.da*
e^f ot every mouth.
Visltini brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W. H.
J. L. Craattoa, See.
Orescent Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meet, ever; Tuesday at 8 p.m. ia the
Fraternity Hall.
O. Donahue, C. C.
F. H. Ctiriitlau, K. ol R.&S.
I*. 0. Box 52a
Visiting brethren   cordially latitat
to attend.
sgitav      Meeti every Monday
IhJkXSH "|«ht »* New '**
WXi*V trrnlty Hall. Sojourning Oddtellow. cordially invited
J. H. Turaley, W. M. Hanle,
N. 0. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Itichard. St.,
Skin Sufferers—Read!
We want nil skin sufferers who
j have suffered for many years the tor-
! lures of disease, and who have sought
: indk-al aid in vain, to read this.
We, as old established druggists or
(Suaaceaaaar to ff. P. Gt'RI))
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
, P. (I. Boi huh
Thry  Tell  Premier ilorden and
Member, i.i HI. Cabinet What
I. (»u!.lnr the lliiih Coat
oi l.lvlnat and Rural
.    A practical farmer In Ills early ihlr
ties, Mr. E. L'
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money to l.naaia
Drury, of Slmcoe Co.,
Ont., Kiaeukiiis on behalf of the organized laarua'Ts of Canada, recently
| held the wrapt uttentioti of Premier
I ilorden nnd dlHtlugiilaihcd members of
liia. cabinet, for upwards of an hour
while h
derfiil cures.
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to you u product that has given many     u.„ ... ,       ....    .   , ,. ,
' relief and may mean the end of your *c, *™ T^n ll V* raTe'"
agony: The product is a mild, simple ™* '"""?' DD;D;, th" we, h.av0
wash, not a patent medicine concocted tnk™ advantage of the manufactur-
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Prescription for r.cxeme. D.D.D.  Soap Is made of the same
This Is a doctor's special prescrlp-1 healing ingredients.   Ask us about It.
Hon—one that has effected many won- The Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
devoted   most   aaf   llaeir   attention   to ural,      tinder    ordinary    conditions,
grain   growing.     Now   they   are   on- people   would   dock   to   our   unused
unfolded to them, simply und j gaged   largely   In   tha-  production  of; land.   While the free food proposal ofj
Famous the World Over
Ouallty Unexcelled.   Always at the lead
For sale at all First-class Hotels
P. O. Box 500
Meete first and    third Wednesday.
la each month.
A  cordial reception extended     to
risittog brothers.
OOcers July lit to December Slst
W. M. Harris, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Otto, st Residues, Armatrni 4..
Forenoons - — 1.00 to 10.ue
Altenooni . . . 3,00 to   4.01
ETsalaia - . . . 7.10 to
"Jsaday. .... |.|0 to
■ clearly, somo of the reasons for rural
depopulation und the high cost of living. Throughout tliey plied him with
questions, These he answered clearly
At the close tlie Premier seemed loath
to have laiiai cease. The reason was
1 uppnrent, Mr. Drury wus master of his
Mr. Drury's claim was thut rural j
j depopulation is a result largely ot tbe
j high protective tariff, lirst imposed In
1878 and maintained ever since by
J both Conservative and Liberal govern-
linents. This, he asserted, has in-
: creased the cost to the farmer of
everything he must buy, including
p   a, | labor and machinery.    The price of
secondary products, such as dairying! the liberal party would be a step in I
and hog raising. This chungc neca-ss-: thia right direction, it would not In my !
Itates the employment of more labor i opinion, prove to be a panacrea for
than formerly, iiiltl farmers have not; the evil conditions existing. The
the help they need to enable them to. high cost of living Is due largely to
reuch the maximum of production. . the high cost or secondary products,
sucli as pork, canned goods and flour.
What l« Needed
No. II.
Meets every second and  fourth Wed-
■   netdsy at Fraternity HaU.
Sojourning   Rsbekahs cordially invited.
Sis. Ida Baxter. N.I',.
Sis. Ada Hielreabotham, Ree. See.
    is   Maple Hall   Seeaod aad
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at V
p.m. sharp.
J. Bird, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box (18.
Visiting brethren made weloome.
• to ia a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
7 to  * p.m.
Offlee ia Hanson Block.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms ou Application
Phone 269
P. O. Box 8,5
Garden Ave.
MMt. In   Maple Hall aad  aad ttt
Tusodsj ovsn> moatt at 8p.m.
Membership   open   to British   cltl
B. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres. Bee.
Bex Iti
Vteittog members eordlslly welcom
Cranbrook Lodge
No. 104B
MMt. every W«dnMday
at S p.m. in Royal Black
Knight.'   Hall,   Baker
U. t). GaUOMTT, >>»'.
W. B. BmUsj. tmmmt Dlnctoa
Cruatarook B.C.
Phone 34*1            P. O. Boi 5S5
W tf. Kslrs, Diet.
Pride ot Cranbrook   Circle, No. 158,
Companion, ot tne Forest.
Meats ia Csrmen's Hall 1st aad 3rd
Wedatedav ot each month at
eight p.m. eharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C, C.
Mrs. A. E. Shaw, Secr.tarj.
P. 0. BOX 443.
VMtlag Companions cordially we)-
LODOE, No. 1871
Meets lit and 3rd Th nr«-
day. at 8 p.m. in Kov.l
BlackKnlglateol Ireland
Hall, Bsker Street.
R. 8. GAMKrr, W.al,
WO. Dunst.n, Ree. gee.
Meets in the Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuesday stternoon ol evety month at
3 p.m. and the fancy work class
meets on 3rd Friday evening in th.
same place at 8 p.m.
Mrs. E. 11. Leaman, i'res.
Mrs. .1. Shaw, Sec. Treas
P. O, Box 412
All Ladies cordlallyy invited.
i'mldnit: i.t. Smith
Meeta ngnlarly th. Seat Friday etaaalai each
Information on Poultry matter, .upplied
iddreaa tba Secretary,
WW. VlatlKKODR, P. 0. Drawn 400
President: A. B. Smith
Secretary: Ana. II. Wans
I For information regarding lands !
a snd agrlcnlture apply to the <
' Secretary, Cranbrook, B. 0. '
'    Meeting—The 2nd Saturday ol <
! each month, at old Gym., 3 p.m.   '
Oppoiitt C.P.R. Station
THB    PLACE    TO     OET    A
aoous Kfi UMI.
; what In* has to Bell 1ms not been af-
; footed. This has placed an unfair bur-
I den on the farmer, It has enabled men
engaged in protected industries to
! make undue profits and has led many
{farmers to leave the less profitable
| for the more profitable industries,
I This has had tho effect of reducing
farm population to a point where far*
mers can no longer supply the city
population with enough food products,
especially those requiring much labor.
This, again, has Increased the cost of
these products to tho towns man and
constitutes the problem of the high
cost of living.
As a remedy Mr. Drury recommend-
cd that the tariff should be reduced ou
many articles purchased by farmers,
Including agricultural implements,
and that the British Preference should
be increased until within live years
there shall be complete free trade
between Canada and the Motherland.
Former CuiidltionH
"In tin.* early nineties my father
hired men for $lti a month and board.; "What we must do is lift some of
He was able to obtain farmer's sons the burden off thc farmer by enabling
on those terms. Today we have to j him to buy the articles be needs more
pay $30 a month and board for einl* cheaply. It is for this reason that
our farmers' organizations favor an
grants and give these emigrants more
privileges than weie formerly given
to farmer's sons. Not only has there
been a lowering in the quality of farm
help we employ, but in the general
Increase in British Preference. 1 have
always lilted this Idea. Free trade
with Great Brltian would have many
advantages.     In   the   first   place   it
character of our rural population as would be a benefit to Great Britain by
well. Many of the old families have i widening her markets In Canada for
moved tn the cities, their places have I manufactured articles. Great Britain
been tilled, for the most part, by un In-! has gone to war to obtain smaller ad-
ferior class. In consequence the| vantages than this, In the second
standard of living in many of our rur- place our steamship companies, which
al   sections  Is  distinctly  lower  than ■ now And difficulty in obtaining return
Civil asd aWalaf Esilsecr.
British C.l.abl. Laid Surveyor.
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
Norbury Ave., neit to City Hal!
Day Phone 233 Night Plume M
Frank Provenzano
Oanaral Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
r. 0. MI tot *NMI tea
Forwarding anal Pia-
Iributhag Agent faar
tliven prompt Attention
Goals cnlledforan.I.lolivfired.
liooal work only.
•Telephone No. 405:;
P, 0. Box 798
Works : Armstrong Ave.
The Home Bakery
Bosinr Fsaiis, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakei, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbu-y Ave.      Opp, City Hsll
Headquarters (or all kinds of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Thn Shoe SpMitliit
The Occasion
Mr. Drury appeared before the Gov-
I eminent as a member of the farmers'
{deputation which waited upon the gov-
I eminent in Ottawa during December.
! Thc deputation represented thc far-
I mers' associatolus of Ontario and three
j prairie provinces. Other members
lof the deputation spoke. They asked
j for other concessions on behalf of the
j farmers of Canada. It fell to Mr.
Drury's lot to urge reductions in the
tariff as it affects the farmer.
The members of the Cabinet present Included Hon. W. T. White, Finance Minister; Hon. Martin Durrell,
Minister of Agriculture; Hon. Geo. E.
Foster, Minister of Trade and Customs; Hon. Robert Roger, Hon. L, P.
Pelletier, Hon. J. D. Hazcn, Hon. A. E.
Kemp, and other distinguished men,
I including members of thc Senate and
' the House of Commons.
"No one whose eyes are open,"
; said Mr. Drury in opening, "but must
; admit that wa are facing a serious
crisis, as shown by the steadily tn-
; creasing cost of living. This has not
j been caused by any recent events.
j Instead, it Is due to conditions that
have been developing during the past
80 years.
When we examine prices we find
that the primary products of the farm
: such as wheat, oats, etc., are low lu
' price. This Is because they require
comparatively little labor to produce
as compared with secondary products,
such as cheese, butter, beef and pork.
The high prices paid by our consumers are paid for these secondary products. There Is a wide difference,
also, In the prices paid the producers
and the prices paid by the ultimate
consumers. Wheat Is low, but flour ia
high. Until recently, cattle prices
have been low but meat has
been expensive to the consumer.
These conditions are not due to anything the (present government has
done. They have been developing for
years. They are both the cause and
thc result of our declining rural population.
'When wc examine thc census figures we And that the high mark of
rural population In Ontario was In
1881. While It Is true that many of
our farmers have moved from Ontario
to the west, this has been offset by the
emigrants who have come to this
country, but who have declined to
settle on farms.
"In Ontario conditions growing out
of this decrease rural population
have become serious. I have here the
census figures for 1681 and 1911 of five
representative townships In Ontario.
These show that during the 30-year
Interval, the rural population of these
townships decreased as follows:
Oro Townshrip, Slmcoe County, population 1881, 4,566; population 19U,
Innisfll township, Slmcoe County,
population 1881, 6,490; population
1911, 3,499.
West Zorra township, Oxford County, population 1881, 3,430; popuatlon
1911, 2,603.
Wellesley township, Wellington
County, population 1881, 6,762; population 1911, 4,767.
McKlllop townshrip, Huron County,
population 1881,2,685; population IOU
"This decline in rural population
Is not due to Increased efficiency on
tba fain.   Id the Idghtles our fanoeta
"Not long since, Prof. Reynolds, of
thc (iuclpli Agricultural Colegc, made
this statement; 'W cannot expect
college trained boys to go back to the
farm.   This Is because they can't make
cargoes from Great Uritaln to Canada, would be able to bring back more
of these British Goods, thus reducing
freights on Canadlun goods to Great
Britain, In the third place it would
lower the cost to the farmers of ull
living then;, equal to the standard; articles thus imported,
of living they can obtain elsewhere.'     »ny nm^ng [t eas(er  for tho ,ar.
This statement reveals a very serious I mor to buy auch &riit:Ufi ati nullSi ce.
condition. ment,   and   agricultural   Implements,
"Within a radius of two miles of | W(! w(n lower the C08t of Reduction
my home there are 10 vacant houses, j UIld thereby encourage more people
We know that In the early days people 110 reintt|n or BeWo uu our farm(J> 0nfl
settled on some land that should never objection to this policy is that u low-
have been cleared and that they have | ,.r|n(. of the tariff would hurt our
since abandoned this land. The main i manufacturing interests."
reason, however, for our declining rur-
ul  population   Is  entirely  economic. \          **• ftwtoiN Objection
It is due mainly to the fact that far-1    Pr(tnilil|1 p^^. TJw obJecUon la
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦.*^^#4
! Imperial Bank of Canada i
1). R. WILK1K. Pr».ial.ui.
Atxjounts   ol   Corporations,   Municipalities,
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any n*rt al
the world. '
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special attention
given to Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and
upwards received and interest allowed from rlnto of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: il. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
thc   employer,   where   a   Qua)   *.ellle-
nient of wages con be made.
The commission examined 4 J ** witnesses as well as made personal In-
poctlon of mines and logging and railway construction camps The comment Is made on the growth of trade
uiiiunisni and llie disapearance of all
personal relations In the larger Indus-
mers us a whole have not been able
Premier Borden:
,    ,,  .    , not so much that it would hurt the
to obtain tiie returns they should for manufactweM  a8  that  our  present
the capital   hey have invested and tariff helpB tne       ^
their labor they spend in their farm | ^.^ Wm wft|| .ftbor„
The Ileal Heason
Hon. Martin Burell: 'The furmer
does not have to buy so much as the
man in the city."
Mr. Drury: "No, but farmers do
not live on air. It costs them something to produce the food they consume. Thc real reason for the rural
decline Is because farmers have to
buy most of their goods from protected Industries. These Industries have
so advance the price of the goods
the farmer buys that they have increased the cost of living not only to
the farmer but to ministers, teachers.
Mr. Drury: "If that Is the case, I
would point out that the two Industries tbat show the greatest development are binder twine and cream separators. These have no protection.
The fact that they have grown without protection indicates that other Industries could also. As matter of
fact, as our census figures show, the
combines that have been formed behind our tariff walls have enabled the
large factories to drive the smaller
ones out of business, with the result
that even less labor is employed in
these industries than 20 years ago."
A Notable Kxaaple
lawyers and other classes in the com
niunity as well, with the result tbatI Hon* W. T. White: "Do you believe
all these people have to be paid more I that our smaller industries can stand
now than formerly. In the face of |the competition of tlie great spectal-
these handicaps our farmers, until i IwJ Industries of the United States?"
the last couple of months, have hadj    M-"- Drury:    "Under natural condi-
to sell their products in the lowest
markets white buying their goods
from protected interests which have
charged the most the tariff would allow."
A Question and An Answer
tlons, we believe tbey could. Under
existing conditions many of our manufacturing concerns are making undue profits. Let me cite tbe case of
the Dominion Textile Co. Some years
ago this company reduced the wages
of Us employees under the pretence
that the Canadian tariff was not high
enough to protect it sufficiently a-
gainst the competition of British manufacturers. When the employees
struck, the Government appointed a
commission to Investigate the circumstances.    This commission found
Hon. Mr. White: "The tariff has
remained practically unchanged since
1878, while the rapid increase ln the
cost of living has taken place during
the past few years. How do you account for this?'
Mr. Drury: "As 1 stated at the outset, the effect Is cumulative. Oreat |thul *« comP«V had been making 50
changes In the character of the wiml ■>•"•■* on ita taveat»«»*' ™* '•* <»"
population of a country, such as have!*" to bld« lWa **ct " watered the
been going on in Ontario, do not takej*10** «*■■*«« " *PP«r they were
place in a few years. When the present protective tariff wns Instituted in | vestment, whereas the fact that 90 per
1878, we had a large rural population |cent of todr *tock wa8 water *»»
and small cities. It was some years:BhowB* " we °Pen a tarre» ot aPPIes
before the full effect of the new tar- in the dark und DttU out a rotten aI>n,e
iff bcame apparent. In time the large Ithe ur8t tu»« we conclude Is that
manufacturers began to absorb the a *°°d «™W »°'« a" ««"■ That Is
smaller concerns and later to combine ,tlle wa' wc farmers ,eel about man>'
and advance prices. The new tariff | °^the ^^ ■»*»■««^ of Canada,
gave an advantage to the manufac'
111 ill HEEDS
PalSi SI6E
It Quickly KeuoTes Dandruff
Just becaus your hair Is full of
dandruff, thin, streaky, dull and never
will do up to look pretty, do not des*
spalr.    Beautiful   hair,   thick,   fluffy.
lustrous   and   absolutely   free   froui iri*-*  and  further  notes that British
dandruff is only a matter of care Columbia, In regard to trade unions.
Parisian   Sage   frequently   applied „„,,.,     - . •«••"••
will work wonders.    Just one uppli- ™-« »lgher "' l-roportion to uopula-
cation   stops   Itching   head,   removes Hon than any other province In Cana-
dandruff   and   all   excessive   oit.    It da.    A  recommendation  is that any
goes right to the hair roots and furn- employer   who   discriminates  against
Ishes the nourishment needed—the hair , .    . »»■"•*•»•
becomes soft, fluffy, abundant and rad- a  *orkwa"'  mere*y  because he is a
lant with life. member oi a labor union should be
Parisian  Sage  not only  saves  the penalized and on the other hand, that
hair but stimulates it to grow long workmen  who work during times of
and   heavy.     Get   a   50-cent   bottle , .,      ,,.„,. . ...,..».
from the Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., at smko sli0uld bt' Protected a«aln« "»
once.    There   Is   no  other   "Just-as- use of nbusive epithet*, such as "scab,"
good." "blackleg," etc.
—         ln  the main the report provides a
THE I 1 BO If more radical and advanced  program
of legislation than *eas generally an-
COMMISSION REPORT ticipated.    None of the controversial
questions have been shirked and the
document is noticeable throughout for
The   Provincial   I-abor   Commission  iu sympathetic attitude towards labor,
made a strong report before the legls- ,	
TO RE>T—Stable room, for horses, in
pood warm stable. Double stall with
hay loft and oat bin. Electric light
For two horses, $2.50 per month.
One horse. 11.50 per month. Apply
Herald office. nf.
lature last week but no good resulted.
as the legislature suddenly adjourned,
without taking any action on a single
one of the recommendations made.
The establishment of a system of
compulsory state insurance for workmen sustaining Injuries, a weekly
half holiday for shop employees, the
Inaugeration of a fortnightly payday aimost new ,argfl8t ,ize
and the regulating of subcontracts on g Herald
railway construction work, with the
control of time checks, are imi<ortant
recommendations of the royal commission. The commission finds a-
galnst the proposal of the minimum
wage law and expresses the opinion
that the question of an eight hour day
a Dominion and not a provincial
measure.    Compulsory  arbitration   Is
Apply Box
ron all fohms cr
I»or.'t be skeptical about RHEUMA, the
mrxlern enemy oi Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Sciatica. Arthritis, Gout, Chronic Neural*
gia. or hiijney Disease.   After taking a lew
not favored but the"'commission"r.ai".  fSf»*™? J*SJ^k***? P0*""""
I ncAcid is leaving the system.
turers over the farmers and enabled
the protected Interests to pay wages
to the working man which the farmer
could not equul. This helped to build
up the cities at the expense of the
country. For a numbr of years farmers expected that each year would
bring about an Improvement, but as
conditions continued to opress them,
they began to leave their farms in an
endeavor to do better elsewhere.
While some may have left because of
the so-called lure or the city, I believe
their numbers were few. The people
I know who have left their farms did
so because of the better opportunities
they had to Invest their money elsewhere while obtaining a more liberal
return for their labor.
Tbe Decrease In Farm Population
"The best evidence of how serious
this decline in rural population has
been Is shown by the fuct that in 1881
the rural populntion of Canada was
4,324,810, nnd the urban population In
towns over live thousand, 649,542. ln
1611,the rural population. In spite of
our Increased immigration, had de-
cerased to 8,924,894, while thc urban
population had Increased to 3,280.444.
"Thia  condition  ia   utterly
It Is natural for us to suspect that we
have many more like the Dominion
Textile Co.
"This Is a question of national importance. We should consider It from
the standpoint of Canada as a whole.
Nothing but national disaster can
happen If thc character and number of
our rural population continues to decline as It has of recent years."
This concluded Mr. Drury's evidence
Premier Borden Invited him to proceed hut as there were other speakers
to follow, Mr. Drury gave way to
them. It Is well that farmers are beginning to think aud talk out on these
subjects. We will obtain the attention and respect of all other classes
In the community only in proportion
as we manifest that we are thinking
for ourselves and that we are prepared to defend our opinions In any company.-—Farm and Dairy.
commends being made to the Industrial Disputes Investigation act to enable the minister of labor fn strikes
Involving public utilities to appoint a
board of conciliation, as It is considered that In such cases, the interests of
the public are paramount to those of
the employer or employee. The Industrial Workers of the World are
scored as being foreign to the economic conditions of British Columbia.
It Is pointed out that though many
railroad employees are members of
this organizatolti very lltlc* effort is
being made to carry Into practice the
pernicious principles of the organization.
'For six yeari i was practically a cripple
on crutchta trom Rheumatism, One bottle of Kht-uma cured me ' -J. K.Crcen-
bu-tr. 3839Cottage I Jrove Ave.. Chicago, 111.
RHEUMA—guaranteed -SOc a buttle.
THE    MPKI..MI.    1'01'RT    OF
In Prolm'*
ittUUrtf 1*111 for Wusmii. |5 ■ r>ot or Ui-mIot
|M. M4 tt all Pros start*, or mllfS to »r
addrntMrcevlptof brief.   Tin Seoiiu. I'll'i
O^staU.haruiN.oiiuri-). _       ,	
ffflOSPHONOL FOR MEN.    vfi^"  whcn "■-.charged from logging nr rail
VUsltt?; for Nmt sad Urals; tncr-wM "ir«y  road   camps   be   provided,   when   re-
■att*r ;»Tmfc*--wm build y«i ■». fStttoi.vr
Uf* for Si. it <\tt.% •-„»<. or hy wlWu ■•m-W
tfwto*   m m»Mu. m«u, av m»nfcn.
In the mutt'-r of the estate of
George Pickering, late of the town of
Fort George, in the Province of Bri*
Ish <"o)umhiu,  idereasedj.
NOTIC is hereby giveen that all
persons having any claims or demands ugaiust the late (leorge Plck-
Bfing who died on OT about the fourteenth (14th) day of April, 1911, at
Fort (leorge in the Province of Bri-
tlhh Columbia, are regufred to send
by 'tost prepaid or to deliver to the
undersigned K. J. Avison, of Queenal,
B.C., Solicitor for Clara Pickering,
administratrix of the estate of the
said (leorge Plckeering, their names
and addreses and full particulars la
writing of their claims and statements of their accounts and the nature of their security (If any) held
hy them, verified by statutory Declar-
The commission finds against thejatlon,
payment of a minimum wage of four: ,\nd take notice that after the tlrst
dollars on the ground that it would flat) aay nf April, 1914, the said
destroy such Industries of the prov- Clara Pickering will proceed to dls-
ince as are In competition with the {tribute tlie assets, of the said de-
provinces of eastern Canada and for*1 ceased among the persons entitled
elgn countries where no such law Is | thereto having regard only to the
In force. j claims of which she shall then have
The commission ilnds the use ofj had notice and that the said aeaete
time checks, which are not negotiable, i or any ,,art thereof to any person
a grave abuse and mentions that i whose claims she shall not then
workmen are sometimes compelled to I have received notice. »
walk as far as 50 miles to get them      feted   at   Quesnel,   B.C.   this   7th
cashed.    It  recommends  that all  hi* day ,,f February, A.I). 1914.
made negotiable und that all laborers,
Quesnel, B.C.
quired, wlh  the necessary  means of j Solicitor  for Clara  Pickering, Adml-
transportation to tbe nearest offlee of | letfttris. 7-It
I'lirliilL'.Ul)   Pay  Biij
In recommending » fortnightly pay
day the commission comments on the
evil of payments at long periods of
time, as sapping the Independence of
the laborer and often compelling him
to trade ul the store of his employer,
who Is thus enabled to derive a don-
ble profit. It considers that miners'
experince a great Inconvenience from
payment of wages at long intervals.
.Minimum Wage ft
News of the District
Written by Bright Correipondents
jimm. jumimn   ■■■■■•■-'■'■■- rn trtrtirrr'trri?
i m is ih un m mm mm vi
I chums in Klko in the uear future.
!    About thirty people from Elko at]
  j tended   Uie   School   Benefit   Concerts
iThe members of the Boynes-Waldo j held ut Baynes Lake, Thursday, tho
Anglican Ladles Guild were entertain- 6th instant. The strongest feature onl
ed. by the Rev. Arthur and Mrs. Bruce ; the programme was ,the Vaudeville
OS Friday, March 6th at Elko, A stunt by Brothers Nutta.
short service was held in Trinity j. m, Agnew was a Nelson vlsitui)
church at which Mr. Bruce officiate!) , this week.
th& was immediately followed by a I ao rQvm gav8 the c p n ,s going J
reception and tea given in the PV" takeoff ttt#Crantecbk-lboal, It would
lors of Beaumont Cottage, kindly ■ be ^ gt(!4U,st bicaa!ng to Canada if-
letttor the occasion by the courtesy I Ul(iy WoUld Ulke thomseIvt,s off the
of Mrs. Olland.   A very enjoyable time   (&Q9 o[ t)(e wholQ Domomloili   if t|10
The saw mills of the district will soon
be started as the river 1b now open.
lu attempting to cross the river on
Wednesday, ope of the men here broke
through and narrowly escaped drowning. He was fully half au hour in
the ice cold water before his cries of
distress were heard, liis rescuers had
to break their way through the Ice
with a boat. T)r/Saunders .lfad hard
work bringing the man urouud. Moral:   '/Use the bridge."
Mr. II. H. Koss got a new automo-
waa  spent  and   the  efforts  of  Mr
Bcaice to make this reception a pleas*
an* one were much -Appreciated.
Sunday, March Ah. the Uev.
E. Bruce, Vicar of Klko, otliei-
iit#i at St. Filia Burr's Mission, Gateway, Two services were held. Holy
cothmuuion at 10 o'clock and Evensong at 2: HO in the afternoon.   At thc
{hi   S
AiXhur l
bile hist Monday, A sign of prosper-1
c.i'.u. had to contend with the B&m« iiy,„surelyJ
conditions they Inflict on the mer-l At the Presbyterian service in Bay-
chant throughout the country, they] ■■«» l**fc Sunday, Mr. Jocelyn Nutt;
would be in the hands, of the receive^ sa*U6 in u.spleudld manner a solo en-|
long ago. They are without a doubt, titled "Come Unto Me." This was Mr.:
when it comes to railroading, the last* Nutt'S second appearance on the plat-1
feeble whispers of a summer's dream. I form at Haynes and if appreciation 1e
Will the Boards of Trade allow these  sign of success, Mr. Nutt got plenty
Did you ever have a dealer offer
you a large bottle of something and
tell you it was a better remedy for the
hair than Newbro's Herpicide and
cheaper because in a larger bottle?
What? Certainly we know you
had.   Many other people have, too.
What .would you say to that same
dealer were he to tell you a silver dollar was worth more than a five-dollar gold piece because It wus larger?
Sucii an attempt being a reflection
upon your good souse you would probably say some rather pointed things
to him. Vou would be justified.
Your Belt-respect would demand it.
Well, there are just as many good
reasons for the difference in size between tho;-e bottles as there are for
the difference hi size between tbe
silver dollar and the live dollar gold
The tnlth lfl that tho largo bottle
Isn't half large enough.
There is more virtue In a half pint
of NYwIji.>'s Herpltllde than In a gallon of some (>f the so-called hair preparations.
There Is a dollar's worth of results
railroad pikers to take off their mall-
tliey run in the district, because they
say it don't pay? There's a whole lot
of things that don't pay in this neck
of the  woods  right  now,  but would
Ifttc of the morning service, the con- trft, un(I Uk, only gerviceable train
gr-jgutlun was formerly organized by
Mi Bruce, us a mission within the
pffllst. of Elko. Mr. H. Dunbar was
appointed Vicar's Warden and Mr. E.
Lyin was elected People's Warden.
A {mall fund has been started for the
eriction of a church. The Rev. Canon
WfWer, M.A., of the diocese of Cork
Ireland, has presented the Mission
wffli Communion vessels and linen.
Itev. K. S. Bruce, Auglicau clergy-
muu, yreached at Gateway last Sunday; Mr. Little, of Baynes, supplying
for him ut Elko.
Mr. and Mrs, John Hossack recently
sob! their furniture and left on Tues-
In the bottle of Herpicide, but do you
| know what is in the other?
No?   Then why buy it?   Your Judg
ment, Intelligence and the experience
of your friends, If not your own, cry
out against it.
You knowrtaese thinga In the same
that store .tliat ^Herpicide is what you
need and want.
You KNOW that Herpicide eradicates dandruff. ' *■■■■ i ■    '
You KNOW that Herpicide stops
falling hair.
You KNOW that Herpicide makes
the hair Ught.iluffy and beautiful.
You know thee things in the same
way you know that tho live dollar
gold piece, notwithstanding its size,
is more valuable than tho silver dollar.
Then Insist on having the genuine
Herpicide..     I .
Newbro's Herplcldcln 50c and 91.00
sizes is sold by all dealers who guarantee It to do ail thut Is claimed. IT
you are not satisfied your money will
be refunded.
Applications obtained at the best
barber shops and hair dressing parlors.
Send ,10c in postage or silver for
sample and booklet to the Herpicide
Co. Dept. It., Detroit, Mich.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Special Agents.
pay-if they could run their business jday for Hedly, B.C,
on  the -name  lines as the Octopus.)    Thc Baker  Lumber  company  will
log by truck this summer from the
Hull way Commissioners, Do your
duty! And if theC.P.U. must cut down
expenses, let them cut out the big
army of their 'pink tea officials,' be-,
ginning with the freight claims department. We'll have more to say at
the Board of Trade meeting Tuesday
Fred Starkey, of Kelson, says no
man goes to a banquet for the sake of
camp on the hill.    Mr. Taylor Is the
new foreman of the camp.
Notices are posted around town that
Rev. C. L. Cowan will preach on Sun
bachelor outfits started up during the
last few weeks.
Mr. Charles Nordman entertained
at a dance last Saturday evening in
thc Kootenay dance hall. Professor
Miller's Orchestra provided the music.
J. T. Browning returned Sunday
from his trip to Nelson.
The Moyie Ice companies under the
management  of  William   A.   Wilson
day evening In  Ross hall on "Last \are making Ice while Uie frost shines,
Words of Famous Men," special mention to be made of Socrates, Vespas-
lun, Knox, Byron,-etc.
Charles Rldd has been ordered by
(Hy Fred Roo)
Times must be looking up in Elko,
if Je can Judge by the gold displayed thc speeches lie will hear, and Fred ipr, Saunders to cease work'for a week
In Uie wiudows around the business knows what he is talking about. j 0r  two,  owing  to the  state of his
•suction. In the Spokesman-Review, Spokane,; health.
Mr. Adamson, chief electrician for  U1iim Ausell says, "Too much kiss-' 	
the Kooteuay Telephone system wan ing, Is dangerous."   Well, that just dc-l|||r „...-  ......  .„
In   Elko   this   week,   Instating   new pends  u.,on  wiltt|lor  y(m*re kissing, M/t  Hltff  hli IH IN
switchboards in the Central office on y(mr own or some ot|ltir mun.s Wife. TUIP PTnilinil  nriimv
Main street Mr. umt Mr4   Fred Roo left for the H Jj  S IIIMALH   Hf Mrlli
English papers state that the home | Hnuth thta weok and wtl, vlait Eureka,
Secretary has granted the petition of ullll the «-*-0i,acc0 Plains country,
the Drury Lane Orange women.   Jim
Thistlebeak says their persistence almost gave him the pip.
Cy Young, of the Imperial Oil Co.,
has made u loan  to China, und said
and shipping from three to six cars
Latest reports say the Spokane &
Alberta Express will make the maiden trip ou Monday, March 16th,
Audy Wilson was a Cranbrook visitor this week.
j U F. Quance who has been spending
| tlie week-end in town, left Tuesday
tor Creston.
As we go to press the Moyie hotel,
on the corner of Lake st. and Queens'
aye., owned by P. F. Johnson, is ln
Uames, The water supply is excellent
and   the   firemen   working   valiantly
tlie gasoline consumers should be prepared to meet any default on Interest
payments. Mr. Young was accompanied by Mr. Evans, the Specialty
Man, giving demonstrations with Chinese lli'ecruckers.ltc.mon candles, pura
Norman Gardner,
Rib-roasts—.'ll! ribs to the inch, glue,
sandpaper, bone novelties, feather
pillows, squeaks for canned music
and other garden truck.
Sam  Fyke, of  Vancouver, was tn
town, If yon have any rubber money
bounce It back to Sam, who says that
B.C.  will  In* flourishing like a green
bay tree and that the banks are responsible for this money stringency and
not   the   government.     If  that's   so,
Sam, its up to the government to step
In und make them behave.   Sam drove
down the pike with u down-east grocer, who had u full line of concentrated   emergency   rations,   and   be
never heard of Mexico.   Other visitors
were   Dingwall,   of   Ottawa,   with   a
smart line of tents and fleece-lined;
neckties; and Stevenson, the Suw man
who declares   he   never   saw  a  saw i
that could saw like the saw be sells j
can saw.    Ho left on the night local
fur Prince Rupert on n fishing trip!
with a pair of Ice tongs, grab-hook
and  line saw  for  cutting  fish   bnit.'
Rubber travellers enough to mnke you j
catch your breath.
A company of friends enjoyed u
pleasant evening at the home of Mrs.,
Morgan and Mrs. Harry Edwards.
Strawberry Flats, east of Elko. Curds
und Games were indulged in to the delight of the visitors, and the Strawberry Shortcake, we are pleased to say
was very tender aad the coffee a
dream of Joy. A real jolly time was
Saunders Hockly is visiting the
Roosville Valley this week.
.Severn! families from Claresholm
district, Albertu, moved Into the Flagstone district this week.
Mary Jane Brown, of Tobacco
Plains, Hays that its funny how a man
can sit patiently nnd hold a 140 lb.
girl on his lap until 2 o'clock In the
morning every day of the week, and
will kick-up a terrible rumpus a year
or so afterwards, about holding a 10
pound girl for fifteen minutes.
Marie Antoinette was one of the noted  beatles  of  history,  but we
j felt sure tliey would do you a lot of
TIIE WAUPATH isood.   If Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets do
[ not  relieve  your  indigestion,  check
 . i the heartburn, and make It possible
i for you to eat what you like when-
Everyone In the Crows Nest coup-1 ever you like, come back and get your
try knows Fred Roo.   He is, among i money,
other things,  secretary of the Elko!,,»»" «>■» «* t]*c,morJ Vwn 7'°.°
,       *    , , . .    .'   J Rexall Stores, and in this town only
Board of Trade, and Is very fond ol | Ht our atore    Thnje BizeH( 25c> 50Ci
writing peculiar paragraphs for local mid $1,00.    Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
papers.    His  monthly  report to us
this month is too good to miss—we
must print it lu full—on his head be
Report of Klko Hoard of Trade
Month—February, 1914.
Bulking News—Nil.
Railroad Notes—C.P.R. slower than
a molasses-Jug In February.
New Wholesale Manufacturing Concerns commenced or contemplated—
None, but the best locution ln the
world for both.
Retailers Coming—None. , ,     .
,v     .        .      -      *   ■   . ■      -tn   I throe months with rheumatism, was
Openings  for  New  Industries—The | _M_ t_^ .„„,.,, t_ , ,„ „,„ ,.„„„
Mr. Thorpe arrived home Monday
from Jaffray where he has been working for the nast few monhs.
J. W. Fitch was In Cranbrook Wednesday on business.
Miss Florence Johnson, former
teacher of the Junior Division of the
Moyie school, who has been confined
in the Cranbrook hospital for the last
greatest Held In B.C.
How is Trade in general?—Rotten;
Cause—-The rotten banking system
und not enough opposition in the government.
Remarks in general—'Need a change
of government bad. Need a western
bank run by western men that understand the west, and bank managers
with sufficient bruins to till a peanut,
and guts enough to stund by solid business men.—Vancouver Industrial
Prog res.
A womun customer said to us the
,,,„,, ,  ,.      .-.ii       , other  day,  "Say, you ought to tel.
J. H. laber and Lrnest Marks, ol j everyone in town about Rexall Dya-; but the fire still rages and the hotel
Medicine Hat, were in town selling. pepsia Tablets. I would myself if 11 .„ ,mHi savlng Every hope is enter-
stock for a Butter Scotch factory, i could" ^* J* J? h J°J tained of saving the surrounding
They visited Baynes and Waldo. ; thinking.     So   many    people   *»«!,.
3 i used them and have so enthuslustl-' bululngs intact.
In  spite of the  rains and  floods,: cally sounded their praises both to us \  —
death and destructlou down In Call-; and their friends, that we had an Idea i „.._--
foruln this winter, we hear that Ci}Hr;-WU *U ft?f aboUt V"*1,   "^ iU ^ CORPORA1IONS HAKKLII
,.    ,,., ...      . ,.,,,        .     .      chance that some of you who suffer
lie Kllngensmlth, of Elko, who huslr..am indigestion, heartburn, dyspep-
been amusing thousands by his vaude-; sla, or some other stomach complaint,
vllle stunts, will charter a blue-line I don't know about them—we are writ-
flue wax and other conf'ectlons;"and f?.W jW to tarrf ,«W.^Se thnl\ %£y3'contuin Btamntn anU Pepsln,
with Boneless Co., llu s picked "-1 on llia little vacation. ] tW(> o( the greateBt digestive aids
It is reported, also, thut the Mayor of! known to medical science. They
Rcdondo Beach will return with him' soothe and comfort the stomach, pro-
for a month's fishing. ^°}e M SPJUMf °{ faatr,ic **<%
-,",.* .     'help to quickly digest the food and
Owing to a lack of space, a number ieonvert )t. into r|ch, red blood, and
uf social events are unavoidably held ' improve the action of the bowels.  We
over till our next issue. •     'believe them to be the best remedy
  j made for indigestion and dyspepBla.
| we certainly wouldn't offer them to
riM'O KOO ON' -voU ''itirely at our risk unless
EDMONTON, Alta., March 10.—Mali
Fong gave notice today that he will
not do any more laundry work for ]
corporations.   Ills reason:
Fong laundered a towel for thet
.■anadlaii Pacific railway company {
two mouths ago, charging 12 cents
for the job. His bill was sent to thej
local agent mid forwarded by him to!
Winnipeg, where it was "edited." A
i'oucher for 10 cents wns sent to him j
In the regular course of business. He
spent five cents for street-car fare,
riding to the company's office, where;
he signed the voucher ln the presence;
of the agent, receiving the amount due'
after he had pruv-d Indentificatlon.
To return to his tubs and sad irons,
Fong was obliged to pay a second j
fare of five cents. The net result was
the loss of an hour's time, 10 cents!
spent on car fares and nothing to
show for his work. Fong declares he
has washed his last towel for & cor- j
poratlou. saying that If the rest of his |
customers proccd along slmtllar lines
it Is only a question of time when the,
auctioneer will be busy at his place.
Wee 25 cts, Julia
_.- UNITED — »
•"•Mano ..(UHCHaPKIIa.
on Ihe
Hotel Coeur D'Alene;
Spokane. Wash.
Howard 8t. and Trent Ave.
If you have a sporty neighbor,
Who is always raising Ned,
Comes home early mornings,
Making noise to wake the dead,
Whose skin Is always loaded
With lager beer and wine,
You needn't talk about It,
It aim costing you u dime.
If you know a little fairy,
That's us nice as she can be,
Who likes to have a jolly time,
And u quiet drink of tea,
Who delights to ride In autos,
Always reudy for a spin,
Vou needn't talk about ltt,
You've on license to butt In.
Mr   .Hrute,   Inspector   of   Schools,
was In town  last week.    It Is quite
possible thnt the Waldo school may
cun   pass from Its assisted stuge to u corn-
find no record that she ever resided nion school. The government evident-
In Elko. | ly believes In evolution.
An extremely pleasant affair of re-: Those of us, who live within a stone
cent date was given by Mr. und Mrs. throw of Elko are interested In the
Harby at their home In Flagstone fallowing Informative Ad., culled from
this week. the Winnipeg paper:   "Orchard tract.
Thc Hock ("reek Logging Camp, Ten dollars a month for fifty months,
west pf town, closed down this week; 'buys a five acre tract, only one mile
also Adolph's winter camp between! trom Elko, a thriving young town
Baynes and Elko. where four railroads meet ••*♦**
I think, "Sylvia," if you address
your letter to Homestead Inspector,
care of Strathcona Hotel, Nelson, H.C,
that you would get u reply alright.
There is no truth In the report thut
Jim Thistlebeak is slated for the Canadian High Commlsslonershlp In Lon
Here you can raise poultry and grow
apple*, pears, plums and all small
irults to perfection." Well, when ive
! buy papers, we buy news—hut some of
us are doing some ha d thinking,
a large number frum Waldo went 10
tiie school concert at Haynes I.a!:.;,
don, although his appointment would j Thursday. An excellent program re
Tom I suited In a satisfied audience.
;l.*tip, M.A., was chu'rnian.
.,lr. Hals H. Itoss arrived back fr , i
tiie prairie on Saturday.
H. F. Milne spent last week-end In
[Hemic, visiting his daughter-in-law,
Motile" Is working
ho  much  more   popular  than
Jack Webster, the South Fork rancher, wbh In town tills week.
Well,   our   prediction   came   true.
The   prediction   was   that   the   Hon,
W. J. ROM would make good, and he Mrs, M. Milne
has, you bet your lire. back east.
Now that the legislature hi prorogu-      flood news ut lust!    Thn hum of tin
ed, it is quite possible that Jim Boho* planing mill of the Bakor Lumber | ter hore,
Held will be visiting bis old college [company  wakes the late R.umheror, |   Moylo
uble last week to leave for thc home
of friends.
John Fcroglla left Monday on a visit to Spokane.
\V. P. Scott of the Porto Rico, spent
the week-end In Cranbrook.
Mrs. A. Ewlngs and little son arrived home from the Cranbrook hos-
| pltal last week, both are very much
1 Improved In health.
A pleasant evening wns spent at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Browning, Uike street, Monday, when a
number of young people paid them a
surprise visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wlsener, of Ward-1
j ner, were visiting friends at the Porto j I um trying to convince you,
Itico   for   a   few   days.     They   left This is what I would convey,
! Thursday for points west. [ No mutter what you see or hear,
Mrs. Martin gave a pleasant musi-1 As you pass along Life's way,
cal evening hii-t Wednesday lu honor I 'Twill do uo good to gossip,
of Mr, tieorgo Smith who left Thurs-i You muy as well keep still,
duy for Wardner, to accept a position j So you needn't talk about It,
us barber ln he hotel of that city. Mr. j For there's plenty others will.
A. Ewlngs has taken over tlio business lately carried on by Mr. Smith in
thc Stone block on Main street.
L. A. Home was confined o thc
house the past week, but Is ublo to be
out ugaln.
The Dramatic Club of Moylo met at
thc home of Mr. und Mrs A. Cameron
lust Monday evening.
John Blackburn made a flying visit
to Cranbrook Friday.
A pleasant little private dance was
enjoyed by a number of friends at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Dlmock last
Thursday evening. A dainty lunch
was served afterwards.
Hev. J.| On Thursday, J. T. Browning, Prov-
j inclul Constable, arrested a couple of
trumps, they were brought before J.
P, Furrell, J.P., Friday morning when
one of them wbh sentenced to one
month In NcIhod on the charge of
petit larceny.
Charles Martin, of Wardner, spent
the week-end with his mother and sis-
A modern equipped Gale at moderate
Rate. 11.00 and op per day
Onr bu. meet, all train.
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB 00ETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
Ii you want tatlifaction witb
your washing und
It to
Special prices (or family work.
lu    progressing      Thirteen
Remember when your talking,
About naughty things you've Been,
Thut ones who do thc talking
Should themselves be very clean;
So before you start the story,
Look with cure, Its not a knock.
Folks who live In homos of glass.
Should never throw a rock.
There's not many saints among us,
There's few who never sin,
If we dig a hole for others,
We .ourselves, might tumble In;
You know there may be someone,
With a most inquiring mind,
Who might start Investigating:
There's no telling what he'd find.
So once more I'd like to mention,
In my most engaging style,
Whnte'er you see that's naughty,
Just pass It with a smile;
If you forget you Baw It,
'Twin nave much pain and woo,
You needn't bilk about It.
liiHt let the darn thing go.
For Sale
H. C. White Uglaorna tn0 00 per 100
R.C.    "    Leghorn. .... 2100 " "
S.C.Anrana.    2:100 " •■
Barred Kocke _ 85 00 " "
White Wyandotte. _. 26.00 " "
8. C. Rhode Island Real.  27.00 " "
R 0. Rhode Inland Red. 27.00 " "
Dull Orpington.  J7.00 " "
Can .apply in 25, M, 75, or 100 lot.
Book order, early
Also S, C. White Leghorn
Hatching Eggs
Pen No. 1-Ucaded by Chilli.
wack Boy    |5.00 per IS
Pen No. 2-Headed by Cranbrook Boy    13.00 per 13
Partridge Wyandottes
Huded hy Provincial Boy,
15.00 per 13
Winning, for  191.1-81  Ribbon*  1!
E. H.~Slater
Phone 80S Cranbrook, B. O
Safe of
Not a seed in' 'Sunkist.''
Juicy, rich, ll'cnltliful
oranges—the finest selected tree-ripened fruit grown
in ihe world.
"SUNKIST" oranges nre the cleanest of nil fruits.
Never touched by bare hands—all "Sunkist" pickers
and packers wear clean cotton gloves while ait work.
Buy a bon of "SUNKIST" oranges—much cheaper
by the box or half-box than by the doton,
"Sunkr'st" lemons arc the finest, juiciest fruit —
mostly seedless—thin-skinned, loo.
"Sunkitt" Oranges and Lemons Bring
Handsome Rogers Silverware
Send the trademarks cut from "Sunkist" oranpa! anal lemon
wrappers to us. We ofTaar as premiums, clctrant Roger, guaranteed A.J Standard silverware. 27 different, magaltlcent
premium. In exclusive "Sunkist" desiga.
This handsome oranfre spoou scut to ynu (or 12 "Sunkist"
trademarks and 12 cents.    Trademarks from "Red Ball"
orange and lemon wrappers count same a. "Sunkist:"
In remitting, send amounts of 20 cents or over lay Postal
t Note, Post Office or Express Money Order.
Buy "Sunkitt" Orange* and
Lemon, at Your Dealer's
Send your name and full address for
our complete free premium circular and
Prstmhm ClssbPlan.   Address all orders^
for premium silverware and all communication, to
California Fruit Grower. Exchange
10S King Street, Eaat, Cor. Church
JOHN G. MITCHELL. Taxidermist
Send (or Price List and Instructions
P. O. Box 134
A Good  Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peaoe, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" ia mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
You Can
Next time you step into the corner
store, take a look around. Of all the
articles on the shelves, how many were
on your shopping list five years ago ?
Make it ten years, and you will find
that most of things you buy to-day—
and could not do without—were not
even made then.
You men and women who buy
things, let this sink in. You are better
men and women because of advertising. You eat more wholesome food.
You wear better clothes. Your home
is better furnished. You have cleaner
and more sanitary houses. You read
better books and magazines. You seek
more healthful amusements.
Isn't life brighter because we have
new and higher standards of living?
Let us thank advertising for it.
Advertise in the
It covers the East Kootenay district
and brings results THE CRANBROOK HERALD
Th. ator. with a Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
and BooK Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co.. Ltd.
Wlaere It I'aja to Dial!
A. EJoi.ua T. J.Doan
Phon. 380 Phou. 101
Hoi 11)9
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
1*1 ii it Quot* Ymi Prii*Mt Before
Vnu Built)
Set ui about your Uoncrctf ami
BaMfflMit Work
Few articles are
more admired by
lovers of the beautiful
than Cut Glass.
The rich lustre and
the brilliancy of the
faceting fascinates the
most exacting.
We are showing
some very fine specimens in artistic designs.
We invite your inspection.
J•**•/•)«r and Optician
Mrs. Ed. Patterson and Mrs. P. M.
Macpherson visited Femle today.
A. E. Watts, of Wattsburg, was In
the city yesterday on business.
Mrs. O. B. Powett will not receive
on the third Friday of this month.
Green Cucumbers, Onion, Lettuce
and Celery at Ward & Harris.
Mrs. P. E. Wilson, returned last
Saturday from a visit at Spokane
F. W. Burgess was among the visitors yesterday from Wardner.
O. W. .Udd, of the Cranbrook Trad-
ing Co. visited Moyie on Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week.
R. W. Russell, of Raworth llros., Is
■pending a few days al Moyie this
week on business.
PHONE 8~ Frrah killed, (train
led pork at the Cranbrook Meat
HORN—At the Coital..' Hospital on
Wednesday, March lltli, 1914, to Mr.
and Mrs. 0. ('. Connolly, a hod.
Mia. aladya Hrown, governess (or
Mra. P, K. Wilson, I. In St. Eugene
Mlaa Hamilton, ot McCreery Bros.,
la Id Spokane thia week attending the
Millinery Openings.
i. 11. Doyle waa up from Moyie on
Tuesday spending the day with his
family hero.
F. II. Pearson, of Fort Steelo, was
over on Monday on a short business
M. Thorpe, of Moyle, was In the
city on Monday blng registered ut the
Cranhrook hotel.
K. Mallandaine, of Creston, enmo up
on Wednesday and Is transacting business In town.
Constable Logan, of Bull River, was
brought Into the city Tuesday and
taken to the St. Eugene hospital.
R. II. Bohart waa up trom Ward-
nr on Wednaday and reports spring
opening up business In that locality.
N. W. Burdett, of the Consolidated
Wining & Smelting Co., was down
trom Marysville yesterday on business
H. W. Drew, the popular hotel man
of Kimberley, wa. among the city visitors yesterday.
Mayor Simon Taylor left Tuesday
for Calgary on a few day. business
J, F. Campbell wa. east on business
the Drat of the week, visiting Calgary,
Kernie and other points.
Mra. J, B. Cully and children left
la.t Saturday for the eaat where they
will make ao attended visit
VES, out is it
* right ? Carrying a watch i. ot
litlle value unless it keeps
bight time. Every watch
should be carefully gone over
by a practical watch repairer
once in every eighteen months.
Don't Bpoil voub watch —
bring it in here to-day.
Nut to th. Post Oltic.
Better Than Wealth
is perfect health; but to enjoy good health it is necessary
first to get rid of the minor ailments caused by defective or irregular action of the stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels,—ailments which spoil life, dull pleasure,
and make all sufferers feel tired or good for nothing.
(Tk. UnM Sal. ol Aaaar M.dacua.- ia, th. Woriall
have proved themselves to be tho best corrective or preventive of these troubles. They insure better feelings
and those who rely upon them a*oon find themselves so
brisk and strong they are better able to work and
enjoy life.   For that reason alone, Beecham's Fills are
Worth a Guinea a Box
t>f» LYE V
Tlit (liractMoa with *w*rr Wi ar* vary vttuiM*—«•*)<? (
trViurrJ only hy Tiiuitim H-mhwii, St. HtTefll, UnM*'
''■■I.J cvrrv-ttirtt In Caned* mil I.'. S. A.ornci*.    li >"'
Saturday, at the Rex, a great two-
reel Kalem feature, "The Treachery of
Indian HlUman."
PHONE 8 - We handle only
fresh-killed, choice stock, and our
meats aro the best to Iw had Give
us a trial. — Cranbrook Meat Market.
Mrs. J. Gordon Sutherland, of Calgary, Is visiting ln tho city, tho guest
of her sister, Mrs. K. Patterson,
Leslie J. Bruce, Inspector ot
Schools, has been spending the past
several days In the city on official
10 o'clock. Refreshments will be
served by Mrs. D. Kennedy, Mrs.
Graves, Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs Mc*
Qoldrlc. All are cordially Invited.
Admission 25 cents.
There la a distinct, delicate flavor
to Raxawa Tea 3Cc, 50c and 60c per
pound at Ward & Harris.
His Honour, the Lieutenant-Governor in Council, has appointed Aldermen W. V. Cameron and J. H. Caslake
on the Board of License Commissioners for the City of Cranbrook and Alderman H. Hickenbotham and F.  11.
lias been cutting steadily all winter
on the day run. This was made possible through the company having fitted up a "hot pond" last fall. Logs
are brought In over the company's
railway and dumped Into the pond, thn
water in which is kept warm by means
of steam pipes.
Charlie McNab, manager ot the Baker Lumber Company, Limited, Waldo,
Is planning to repeat last season's
very early start, and will again use
dynamite to clear away the ice in order to get the logs started to the
mill, The power end of the plant is
now being overhauled, and four ti6 x
16 ft. Watrous Company boilers are
being re-tubed. The Arm has had two
large camps on its limits all winter,
and wil! have a big supply of logs a-
Joyce Brothers, of Rock Creek Lumber Company, Umled, Elko, will cut1
out their supply ot timber ln three or
four months after starting up. The;
plant will them be dismantled, following which they will start up their
plant at Flagstone, on the boundary
line of the Great Northern railroad,
purchased by them from the Downs
The Ladles' Aid Society of Knox | Lumber Co., over a year ago.
I'rsbyterian church will entertain at = The sawmill of the Standard Lum-
the home of Mrs. Simon Taylor next-ber Company. Limited, at Cranbrook,
TucBduy afternoon, March 17th, St which was destroyed by Are last sum-
Patrick's day, with a Shamrock tea. | mer, will not be rebuilt. Instead of
Tea will be sprved from 3 to 6. The I this, the company's mill at Yahk,
following musical program has been | west of Cranbrook, has been removed
The whist drive then followed tlte
concert. The winners were Mrs. G.
Hottgham and .Mr. H. Grldley.
Don't forget the dance in Maple
hall on Tuesday the 24th Inst,
Program Fur Shamrock Tea.
Another Lot of
New Suits
and Coats
A fresh shipment of the
New Suits anal Coats was
placed in stock this week.
For smart styles that are
absolutely correct, made up
in the accepted materials —
Gaberdines. Corals. Brocades,
Plaids, aud the Staple Serges
our Bbowing cannot 1m>
VV.» want yon to sav them.
You   will  (nni
Our Milliner
is i
this week atteui
sale openings.
Watch   for
later of our Sp
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Dezall as members nf the Board 0f|arrangeU and wU1 bc rpn(lpret' during [to thc end of thc company's logging
Pollco Commissioners for the City ot P0 afte™0™-
railway near St. Eugene's Mission, to
obviate the long haul to thc old mill
site two miles from Cranbrook.
Mrs. T, T. Mceredy held her first
reception on Tuesday last. The Host-
less was beautifully gowned in Pale
Grey Satin Lace and Green Chiffon,
Miss Mecredy, who assisted ln recelv-
Cholce Smoked Haddock and Cod- tn* the *Mnt*> looked aweet ltt Wh,te
iisb at Ward & Harris. 'flatln with »PMI***> oversklrt.   Mrs.
  itumsey and Mrs. Darling very kindly
R. F. Blnmore passed through the
city on Tuesday on his way homo to
Kort Steele from a visit to Fernie on
A. Fairbairn, of Marysville was in
the city yesterday and reports the
farmers ln his section preparing to
start their spring work.
C. C. Ratcliffe arrived from Invermere yesterday with his automobile
and Is spending a few days In the
The farce comedy "An Afternoon
Tea in Friendly Village 1862," In two
acts, at the Auditrlum, Friday, March
20th is a scream throughout.      lO-Itt
Mrs. A. C. Blaine and Mrs. Ed F.
Mrs.   Qualn—Vocal   Solo--Selected.
Misses M. and  H.  Taylor—Instrumental Duct— "No Surrnedor March."
Mrs, S. W. Kyckman— Instrumental
Solo—"Come Back to Erin" by Kuhe.
Mrs.   F.    M.   Macpherson—Instrumental Solo—Selected.
Mrs.   E.   Patterson*—Vocal
The Kerry Dance" by Mtilloy.
MissW. Fink and Master V. Fink-I permanent   Christian   Work
"The Oypslef' I Commonweal!) of Bolivia,
and lees,   Miss McBride, Miss Erick- \ Dance." j    0n grBduatlon twm McMaater Uni
son, and Miss Bessie  Pye wero the j    Mrs.   J.   L.   Walker—Instrumental I verslty, In the class of 1H09, Mr. Reek-
presided over thc ttervlng of the tea j Piano and Violin Duct-
Uev. A. B. Keekle at present on Cur-
Solo— , toufcH In Canada, has the distinction of
j being the first missionary to open up
lu   the
three charming maidens who handed' Solo—"Nocturne by Leybach."
round the many dainties. The table: Mrs. Sinclair—Vocal Solo—Selected,
was prettily decorated with pink cur- i Mrs. Ismay—Vocal Solo—Selected,
nations nnd long trails of smllnx. 	
Owing to the efforts of the B.C.
Poultry Association, the authorities at
Ottawa are at last beginning to realize that the poultry breeders of tills
Choice Navel Oranges, 40c, SOc aou
COc per i«'en at Ward & Harris.
On   Easter   Monday,  which  occurs
this year on April  18th, the Annual
Charity   Ball   in   aid  of  St.   Eugene
hospital wil be given.   This ball ban
proven a popular annual event for the' P^noe have a genuine grievance.
past many years and the committee!    S*l™} resolutions have been 1
in charge are already beginning their! W"ded * various offlclalB at «■**».*« D0 fima» *"-tor ln making the
, work for making a success of the ball ■ a*kln* that tho Contagious Diseases I changes possible.
thia year. Both gentleman and Sady 1 ^^^^i"^0^^^^™.^^1^!I ..T0??3'.^0^11" the ?°* * beboIdI.n«
i committees have the matter in hand
Io, already having made a tour of exploration In South America, determined to Invest his life for the uplift of the degraded millions of this
Inland empire. With the exception of
the brief breaks for reason of rest
and health, this Intrepid herald ot the
cross has Bpent his entire time amidst
thc darkness of this land. Under his
eyes he has witnessed tbe greatest
changes the empire has ever exper-I
lenced in all her history, and tbe pres- j,
ence and Influence of the missionary
the  Dominion   Veterinary  Inspectors j one of the most conservative peoples [
JobnBon received the sad news of thej^JTi^uniting tMrTfforts*towardI!COuW InBpect alt llvo and dead Poul-1emerging   Into   modern   civilisation.
.........   _,   .,...,.   ....,—    ,,„     ._.,  *        ........ ., ,_.._    ,,__....,._       Mr. Reekie will speak In the Baptist
church of this city at all the regular
services on Sunday.
dealt,  ot their  sister   Mrs  Arthur I ;„,,,,„, M Iargc , Kura „„ „,,„„„ i try entering the province.   Consider-
Thorne, ot Hamilton
day ot this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and Miss Wil
m T,"*-jfor the hospital, which Is loborlng the "b!6 "™ ^MTy, "T" bel°g tmvoTtoi
I year around for the good of humanity | "^^'L'l *£?. ."".Tl™ "111'"!
and gives a large measure of charitable service to the people of tho district
son, the parents and  sister of Mrs.,,
II. W. Russell, have returned to their'1" 8icknc',s and ln *M™*-
for tbe markets, but arc however, being
i sold to settlers at reduced prices. In
some consignments, thc majority of
■ the fowls have been found to be suf-
home  In   Alberta  after  an  (extended! "   Ifeiing from one or the other of the
visit here. GOSPEL SERVICES IN THE CAMPS i contagious   diseases   attacking   poul
try. These fowl have been sold broad
cant throughout the province, the re-
Come in ami let
DE LAVAL Separators
are everywhere recognized ns being tbe
woild't .tamlnnl
For Efficiency, Durability, and
They skim the Cleanest — Turn the Easiest   - And are the
Best Constructed.   Catalogue on request.
Patmore Bros.
Arm.tronr Avenue
2a' per word for drat weak, and 1. par
word laaa- .act, week after
Mrs. Geo. I.eila-h ontertuincd with a
live tobies at whist at her home on | ""'•Ins the last two weeks the local; „„,, be,„g lhot ,„ „„„,„ d|8tr,clB whlch
Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. J. H. I Salvation Army corps has made a ape- ,mve hlthert0 0Pen |,fiaitby, ^^uy
King won the first prlie, and Mrs. 11. i "'al effort to hold services In many of brceders hsve ha0 the diseases »t-
Darlins won the consolation prlie.     tho lumber camp, tn   the   Cranbrook! lB(,k tl)elr floota
  district.   A uramaphone kindly lent:    word ha. just been received b-the
D. M. Perry * Co., and McKeniles! by tho Presbyterian church and a Inn-iSecrclarv „, t)le Prov,ncl,, Poultry
Power .nd darden Seeds at Ward * a tern kindly loaned by the Kev. O. E.; ABgoclaUon, Btatlng Uwt Mr. j. H
""""*■ : K'BiM werp U8Cd t0 "*"> advantage. Hm, of tllc ,,0U|lry nlvls|0n, qj,,^
M P rn.i,„. 7^7^„.v m„v.H hi. 7"e "" , Chr"'" WM "">W° lnil8 •» vls" thc "rovl»c" and make an
i^taJt'lT^i •fSS* rme °' "" ""»" Vl""-'">v°»tlgatlon into the matter. In the
S*"**2 residence near ed this was the first service held this j meantlme, ,„, p,.ovlnolal association
the government building to the Mac- winter ot a religious character. Tbe „ ,,„,„ „0 st„m, un,ur„ed to se-
Parlane house, corner o, Garde,, Ave, m,„ apprcclatPd the meetl„, Tery ^^^ March aj, J £
and tdwards street. , much ona expressed their desire to
■MIMIC a hli,c "lc Array pay ,lwm * Tttun "J'"
PHORc 8 ■ Fresh S'liiawjje. whenever atanvenlent. Captain Car-
daily. We make them on the pre, rnther., Seott mil and Mr. Chas. Mc-
ii,iw,. and can recommend them.-- j Lean were In charge ot this campaign.
Cranbrook Meat Market. ; The Captain wishes to think all wbo
1 iso kindly cooperated   with   him   In
nftlllated associations, numbering 28,
are forwarding a resolution to the Veterinary Director-Gneral, dealing with
the matter.
FOR N.tLE-Set ot double harness,:
almost new f 28. Apply Herald office, j
ply Herald office.
FOB SALE—Strong Democrat or light
wagon, Just the thing tor a rancher.
Cheap. Apply Herald office.
FOB SAI.E-A lot of Yong Pig., also
a Daluse Dander and Turkey Gob-
bier.   Inquire at Million.       11-lt.
WANTED—A pair ot second-hand bug-
By wheels, cheap. Write C. Howard
Krickson, B.C. ll-2t.
PKl'.NIJitt—Fruit Trees pruned properly and at reasonable rates. Ad-
dress A. B. Smith Box 8S2, City 10-2t
For further particular. a-*aia*ctio.
Claaaea or Priraite l.a*aoa» apply
Boi4S»      Phon«157
south ot Cranbrook.   P. L. Mayhew.
1203 Nebraska Ave.. Spokane, Waah.
11 -«t.
LOST OB .ITBAVEn-Feb 5th, last.
Foi terrier dog pup, about four
months old, marked black and tan
on ears and black on toil. Finder
please return to T. S. Gill or phone
160 and get reward.
Saturday afternoon, March It, the
regular meetnlg of the 'Farmers Institute will be held at the old gymnasium when th program will be devoted
mainly to a discussion of the tuberculin tests for cattle.
Madam Grohe, thc Dressmaker ap- a
pointed hy the Department ot Agri-
making this effort possible is well
as successful.
culture it Victoria, to the local Women's Institute Is expected In Cranbrook on March 30th or April 6th.
Members kindly take note.
Miss Kumsey returned from Spokane on Tuesday, where she Kpent the
week studying th newest dances.
The dancing community of Cranbrook
will now have tho opportunity of
learning thc much talked of "Tango."
FOK SALK-I'lfty pure bred White
Leghorn Hens. Miller strain, first
class breeding stock and will lay
well tbl. spring. Apply Atchison's
Poultry Ranch.
Mr. ind Mrs. A. Mackenzie left last
Saturday afternoon for Winnipeg
where they will mike their future
home, Mr. Mackenzie has been employed by tbe Beattie-Murphy Co., for
the past two years.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gulndon, of
Moylo were city visitors n Tuesday.
Mr. Gulndon Is Interested in mining
properties situated on lower Moyle
Lake, which he Is developing and
which he states, are showing good In*
dlcatlons of making valuable properties.
The Ladles' Aid of the Catholic
church ire giving in entertainment on
Mania lTth, it the Rectory from I to
ljiHt Tuesday night, the members of
thc Overseas Club were entertained
to a whist drive and a concert in Maple hall after their regular meeting.
About sixty members were present
and the meeting was a very animated
one. Regarding he lcter of the Hon.
Organizer, it was left to a committee
to make all arrangements for the discussion of the same on the first meeting night fn April, when due notice
of what Is going to tike place that
night and also tbe names of the
speakers will be given In these columns.
After   the  meeting   tho  following
programme was proceeded with:
Song—Little   Orey   Home   in   tbe.
West—Mrs. K. Ismny.
Song—The Little Irish Girl—
(Encore) My Ayn Folk— Mr. R. D.
Song—Land of Hope and Glory-
Mr. O. Hougham.
Song—Japanese Love Song-
Kitty of Colralne—Mrs. Kennedy.
Pishing- It.Y.M.C.A. Quartette
Plunoforto Solo—Tho Fall of Pom-
pel—Mr. I.. Van Staveron.
Song—"Ever of Thee, I am Fondly
Dreaming—Mr. Hannah.
Banjo Ral.ctlen.-Mr. Beott.
From The Western Lumberman
At Baynes Lake, near Waldo, the
Adolph Lumber Co., Ltd., has had a
considerable number of men at work
getting out timber for next season.
The sawmill will he refitted for an
early start.
The Porto Rico Lumber company',
plant at Moyle Is not likely to operate
next season. The Heaver Lumber Co.,
Winnipeg, whicli has u line of retail
yards on tbe prairies, holds a controlling Interest In the concern.
Thc Taylor Lumber Company, Ltd.,
which operates a small sawmill at
Kimberley, some miles beyond Wycliffe, has made a deal by which next
season's cut of lumber, as well as the
stock on hand, will be handled by the i
Otl. Staples' Lumber Co.
The Bridges Lumber Co., Ltd.,
which formerly had a small sawmill j
on St, Mary's river, between Cranbrook and Wycliffe, removed the outfit
last season to Port Steele, where a
new mill ot larger capacity has been
The Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co.,
Ltd., Waldo, has had one small camp
In the woods this winter, the bulk of
its logging being done in the summer.
Tbe sawmill will he started up early
In tho year If the market conditions
are favorable.
Tho Elk Lumber Co., Ltd., Fernie,
his hid two hundred and fifty men In
Its limits all winter cutting log. for
next aeaaon's run. The mill was
operated for only part of last summer,
the result being that u stock of only
SOO.OOO feet of lumber was carried
The big plant of the Otla Staples'
, Umber Company. Limited, at Wycliffe
WANTED—Nur.e or nursery governess for four children. Apply Mrs.
W. J. Atchison, Armstrong Ave.
Tenders for Street Cleaning
TENDERS are Invited for the Removal of Ashes, Refuse Garbage, etc.,
from all the streets, and alleys in the
City of Cranbrook for the current
Tenders, marked "Tender for Street
Cleaning" will be received by the undersigned not later than the 31st day
or March 1914.
_,  ,   ,    .  . .  L ... a    The successful tenderer. If any, will
cleared and Irrigated, good build-1 be required to enter Into an agree-
Ings. Easy terms. Apply J. Brault, | nient with the city for the due per-
at Canadian Hotel. tf.: formance of his contract.
..    .....    T   « .   ,    The Ixiwest or any tender not neces-
Don t fail to see the Farce comedy, <,ariiy accepted.
"Afternoon Tea in Friendly Village,     Dated at Cranbrook. II.C. March 12,
1862"   at   the   Auditorium,   Friday/191'-
City Clerk.
FOR SALE-Elght Roomd House with
bath, Feawlck Ave., Baker Hill, Apply Box 548. 9-tf.
FOB RF.XT-A Firm of 30 acres, all
W, E. WORDE.M. Prop'r
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Oravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
J. MILNE, Manager
.March 20th.
Furnished Hoose—On Burwell Ave.,     Jomea nnlay arrived In the city the
to   rent   for   three   months   from' first of the week from Btdlevuc, Alto.
April     1st.
Phone 442.
All     conveniences
where he has been inspecting his coal, Pen No. 1
nilnlg properties.
may be earned with u. than
| other ways. Applicants must
be bright, neatly dressed,
clean hands and face.     We
; want the MANLIEST boy in
the city. Come early prepared for work. Apply to Beattie-
Murphy Co., Ltd., Cranbrook,
WASTED—Four Bear traps, nothing
■miller thin No. 5. State price In
first letter. Address Box 1<2, Cole-
nan, Alta. >-4t.
FOR SALE-Flfty pure bred White
Leghorn hens. Miller strain, first j
class breeding stock and will lay
well thi. spring. Apply Atchison's.
Poultry Ranch.
MIKE ME AN OFFEB on my select
twenty-acre tract (Lot one la Glen
Eden)   three   ajad   ou-kalf  mile.
My atorla ia a.ll fra-,ta Imported (faaaai Ontario
■Cocker.) Mating—
$3.50 PER IS
Pen No. 2-l'aillet Mlting-
$3.50 PER 15
Boi i<S
Slatcrville. ORANBROOK, B. C
Practical Nuras
Phouc 187   Cranbrook, H.C.
(iriit'.miui wild hnx mided nl-rnnd
■ nd ii thoroughly   fonvipMiiii   with
tlie   nliove   liiii/niii'.v     ilcnir.-B   it    (•*
firifiitr*    i*u|iil$.    preparation   far
Mum- , Hr.-Rur   j.-arlii ilium nu\i\f
H-u 7, llorttl-1 Olfi-v IMt THE CRANBKOOK HERALD
(Continued from Pago One)
Joseph Ryan reported on the work
of the commltee on pre-emptions and
lands, stating that the government
had opened tlie lands in advance of
the presentation of petitions which
had been signed, virtually, by thousands. The committee had done tlieir
work but had been anticipated by the
Votes of thanks to the retiring ollicers and tu Mr. Geo. R Stevenson,
secretary ot the Kotenay Central committee, were unanimously carried.
Ten minutes for recess were declared for tin* purpose of allowing
members to puy dues and also to any
who wished to subscribe to the work
of the Kootenay Central committee.
Ou   calling  thc  session   again,   the
ilrst order of business was tho election of officers for trie year which resulted as follows:
President—A. 0. Bowness.
Vice-President—J. M. Christie.
Secretary-treasurer—J. I*. Fink.
Executive Committee—C. It. Ward,
W. A. Ncsbit, P. B. Wilson, Geo. F.
Stevenson, T. B. O'Conncll, lra Manning, Harold  Darling, J.  V. Camp-
Moved by Jt. 10. Ileattle and H. Darling tliat tho committee on railway
and transportation DO tlie old K.C.U,
committee, and this was unanimously
carried with cheers; the committee
having done some very strenuous and
valuable work iu that regard.
Moved by H. K. Beattie and G. R
Stevenson that a number of sub-committees be appointed as standing committees, was carried; and after considerable discussion the following
chairmen of commltees were named:
W. A. Nesbit, Civic and Legislation.
T. B. O'Conncll, Finance and Mem
H. Darling, Education and Publicity.
Ira Manning, Roads.
1*. E, Wilson, Entertainment.
J. F. Campbell, Retail Trade.
C. R. Ward, Natural Resources.
The report of the secretary and financial statement for the past year
were read and accepted.
Moved by Ira Manning and R. K.
Beattie that the committee on Natural
Resources prepare a strong resolution ami forward the same to our
member at Ottawa, Hon. R. P. Green,
urging tho establishment of an experimental farm In thc Cranbrook district.
The following resolution was moved
by R. E. Beattie and seconded by Joseph Ryan:
"Resolved that we, the Board of
"Trade of the City of Crnnbrook.
"consider it detrimental to the best
"Interests of tin: city, tliat the coun-
"oil have decided to dispense witli
"the services of the city engineer.
"It Is false economy, as we the
"business men of tho city consider
"it imperative that tho city'B utili-
"tles and public works should bo
"supervised by a competent and responsible olliciat. It will do the
"city an incalcuable amount of
"harm when it becomes generally
"known to outsiders that wc are too
"poor to keep our responsible oflle-
"lals, Prospective settlers will givo
"us 'thc-go-by' us they wilt natur-
"ally conclude that the city and
"district Is in a decrepit state, they
"will go where the prospects look
"Be it therefore, resolved, that
"we, the Board of Trade, ask tho.
"council to reconsider this matter!
"and reinstate Mr. O'Hara as city
Tlie resolution was unanimously u-
Mr. H. Y. Parker then addressed tin*
Board of Trade on matters relating
to the water supply and the danger
existing from the settlement of the
country along the source of supply.
He stated that shacks wore helm/
built very close to the creek above
the reservoir and that the danger of
contagious diseases being transmitted
Into the water from this cause was
a very great menace to tho health of
the city. He suggested that the city
endeavor to secure a tract of laud
lying along each side of St. Joseph's
crook as a watershed and a protection
to the source of supply of thc city.
Mr. Parker stated that the laud now
belonged to the government und could
be purchased at a very nominal figure
or it might be granted to the city for
this purpose.
Mr. Parker questioned tho statement
that had been published, that Cranbrook had an ample water supply for
lire protection. This, he thought,
should he remedied immediately.
President A. C. Bowness then reviewed the water situation as lie was
familiar with the same after several
years service on tlm city council. He
stated that thc present water system
was a course of annoyance to the
council; that 163 leaks on tho main
were repaired last year. That somo
work had boon done ut the reservoir
and tho creek dammed, thus increasing the pressure. The instillation of
wooden pipes was a mistake, according
to Mr. Bowness. He opposed the expense of lowering the present mains
below freezing point until such time
as tho city could permanently Improve tho system with Iron pipes.
Motion hy Harold Darling and Joseph Ryun that matter of protection
to the source of water supply he left
In the bunds of the civic and legisla
tion committee and that they act in
conjunction with tho city council.
Carried unanimously.
Matter of :i butdlng near the C.P.R.
station for the displaying or tlie natural resources of the district for those
travelling through, as well us visitors,
ou motion by C. R. Wurd and Joseph
Ryan waa given to tho committee on
education and publicity for u report
at thc next meeting.
Vote of thanks to the city council
for the use of the eity hall for meetings aa well as for the grant of |260
was unanimously carried.
Mooting adjourned.
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The Western Sportsman sSWinnipeg, Man.
Tho above Journal on March "th imh-
llshcd u statement regarding the
property and status ot the Boundary
Mining  &  Exploration  Co., Ltd.-, of
Midway, H.C, Indicating that their
stock Is worth nothing, that it lias u
fair property hut the whole thing savors too much of a Btock-seltlng proposition, etc*.
Tho tlrst statement is quite untrue
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Night" can prove to the opposite, I, as
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Tlie books of the Boundary Mining
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I'rlor to tliat time 1 am not rcponsl-
hle; but if "Saturday Night" will publish the Company's past history 1 am
writing for the Information of tU
shareholders, the public will learn
something about Inside manipulation
ou a small scale, which is simply a reflection of what is going on, on uj
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ations of Canada wiiereby the puhlic
Is fleeced by the parasites of human-1    I,Vw Pot>P'e ■•■J* to tak£ P-WOi oa-
.. I peclally  salts,  because  they  are  so mkmka*^ka*^*a*^*\m»m---*mmmmmM
y' ! disagreeable to take and because of brook district, whore green or dead
"Saturday Night," In  its issue of «1Q gripping and pains they cause. Laterlal down to 3 inches in diameter
January llth, 1918, paid the writer a Rexall Orderlies enable you to take
high compliment In a long editorialH"" B^C and all without griping,\*** « leet »«* '» taken oft for use in
..,.,, , nurgiug aar excessive looseness.   Salts mines.
amongst otlier tilings saying: uuil ]ln„|, „i,ysics usually give only     Nevertheless tho lumber manuiac-
"Once in a while Incident ocoura temporary relief and ofen leave the' „rCTa ot Iiriasll  ColuniWa havc by
to show that there ure still heroes bowels worse off than before. ,„.„,i„..i„,.   i„„,i,„.   .„   „ a,   „„    .,„1
horn of the order of David ready to'    "«"<" Orderlies move the boweba  l'roducins   lumber   in   odd   au   even
born of the order of David, read, to t „      and        t|       tonc    and l0ngth8 ,U11, MOa BaVBU a grcat uea,
attack the Gollatlis of a, revised ver- stI,ongtllon   the   intestlnal   muscles, ot high grade lumber, and have set
nion.   There Is a very good example | leaving them healthy and regular in\ all t.xalm„,, ,„ clom utlllzation t0 a„
woods or sent to the burners. Clean
logging aud complete utilization will
therefore cGrae slowly In British Columbia. At present the most complete utilization in the province is in
the Crows Nest division of the Cran
ia tliiH province, today, of
light [action.    They taste like candy, anil
just as unequal as the old scriptur-1 •*•• movement they cause is as easy
land natural as though your bowels["•* conunei
other  lumber-producing  districts on
„„„    „  o.. ,__    _ a.   Another common form
la bout referred to. The modem; wor(J ,n perEect health and you never of saving waste is tlie taking out of
David stands forth in the person of had to take any physic at all. We ce(1ar for si.ingle-bolts and posts. The
Mr. A. EL Watts, president of tho 5"2™5 ^.ft^trtiS1 »«*« ^ '""** commodities is in-
Wattsburg Lumber-company, w,.llfit — ^ .( may be ^^^
his entrenched and powerful enemy do to get your nioney bl|Ck ,a to tell expected that hereafter very little eels alleged to be the Canadian Paclf-; us. We honestly believe them to be < ,jftr w-n 1|(, lost 0n the eoaHt the pulp
lc Railway. While David's weapon the.best ^^^ g^.^ ™* mills use large quantities of hemlock
was a sling, Mr. Watts is depending | *ȣ* tin boxes, Wc, 2^50^ ^ | ^
Some Tasks are Hard and
Some Tasks are Easy for
While Pew Indeed are Impossible
The easy advertising tasks are usually
accomplished through ONE PUBLICATION of the advertisement. The
hard advertising tasks may require REPEATED PUBLICATIONS of thc
advertising -- sometimes growing into
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——————       tlie weeds to rot.   An unsucessful attempt was made to market hetnlock-
, hark, hut the cost of preparing it was
PROBLEM; found to ho too great.  The coal mines
of the Prairie nnd Crows Nest D1b-
'. trlcts provide a steady market for ma*
Tho problem of utilizing what is!t,iri:it t0° Bma" to »>ut mto lumber
generally known as waste lumber aria ABldfi imm the Instances quoted, log-
waste timber, In connection with the:*1"* °i,r«tors WC8t of tlie Cascades
logging   and   lumber   manufacturing!leaVL* n™'-* everything in the woods
on publicity, etc., etc." !Ht #J,e Kexull Stores, and in this town I not he utilized for lumber manufac-
Without egotism, the writer accept-1 only of us.   Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd. | turo Un(i ff0U^ otherwise be left In
ed the compliment as earned and de-!
served.   Some of the peblbes hit the
spot and did useful work for the good
of the public.
"Saturday Night" does much good
along the Bame lines by its fearless
criticisms of abuses, thereby winning
the support nnd admiration of thousands of Its subscribers. Such a Journal can be a mighty Influence for good,
in equal proportion it can do harm
and some who may suiter thereby are
not capable of defending themselves.
For instance, in the matter of developing what are honestly believed to
he genuine prospects in their Initial
stages, It Is very dlfllcult for small
companies  to obtain  funds and  the
great resources of the country are
consequently, in many cases left undeveloped. The suggestion of stockjobbing is sufficient to break up small
prospecting companies who are hon-
■ estly struggling to unearth the hidden
'. wealth in whioh Cunada abounds.
Investing In mining stock Is a gam-
hie more or less, but investors do not
i mind the frequent losses made provld-
' ed the cash Is used in honest endeavors to develops the properties for
which the money Is subscribed, but In
. many  Instances  the opposite Is the
lease and promoters find that mining
the public, Is far easier than pounding rock and an easy way to dodge
work and live In luxury. The general
public know very little of tho mode of
operations except that they often part
with their cash and that Is the last
they hear of It.
ler market conditions, could | INTERESTED IN
Mr. Arthur Hawkes says that in five
years from now, It will bo recognized
all over Canada that the economic
condition of thc tillers of thc soil is
the unalterably dominant consldcrn
tion fn our socfat and political pros
perlty. Some of us knew that so long
ago as 1911,—Toronto Globe*.
Tho Winnipeg Tribune quotes Mr.
Patrick Burn's blaming the high
cost of living on thc real estate men
"But we think," adds the Tribune, "If
Pat woul'd knock about seven cents
per pound off his products, that ought
to help some. What d'ye think, Pat
—Calgary Albertan,
' FOK BENT—Very reasonable, for
i throe months from April third, well-
fiirnlshed, new and thoroughly mod*
! em housQ on Armiitrong Ave. Uirge
I yard, central location, all eonven-
I lences. Apply J. I). Ollmore, for
,    particulars. 11-21
i leavi
Industries of British Columbia, pre- tnat w,u not Produce a number 2 or
sents all the well-known difficulties I Eood "'.nihcr 3 log.   Utilization east
which have always affected these industries In districts where the production is largely for export markets. I
Wherecvcr a lumbering country has i
Insufficient population to provide mar-;
t]l(J an important side-line of every sawmill in or near a centre of population.   The market for this in 1913 was
of the Cascades is much more close,
(and compares favorably with conditions in Eastern Canada.
The chief market for sawmill refuse
is found in fuel, which production Is
kcts for the output of Its forests,
waste problem Is exceptionally difficult.    As  population  Increases, new
uses are found for the less valuable J1btcai,HC °f t„llG cob1 Mortage) better
portions of thc tree which formerly
could not be marketed,   British Co
lumbia, with its progressive forests
administration, and witli the advantage of the experience of othr countries which have had to face thc Kame
difficulties, Is doing much to lessen the
than ever before, the sale being estimated at ::.'iuiim cords, valued at $900,
000. Largo quantities of sawmill refuse are also used under burners to
produce [.ower; and in addition the
manufacture of snwdust briquettes for
fuel purposes has been started.  These
waste Involved In those Industries. An »""rar very satlsteotorjr and sell for
the same price ns coal.
Interesting outline of the situation Is
contained In the report of the Chief
Forester for the year 1913, which hat;
just been published, ln thc course of
which he says:-
It must be admitted that there Is
less progress in British Columbia In
the ntlllzutln of waste timber for the
manufacturer of by-poducts than else-,
where In Canada. The complete utilization   of   timber   is   only
cheap, and there Is a large buying:
population   which   cun   be    reached
An o itlot for the use of sawmill
waste may hv found In tho manufacture of sulphite pulp. A 40-ton plant
has been erected 111 connection with a
sawmill at Marshllelri, Oregon. This
plant, If It proves successful, may
cause the iitlllzialion of slmlllar material in British Columbia.
A study of the wood using Industries  of the  provlnc   Is  now  being
.   ...    . '1°      ° '• »mut' iv tll(: forestry branch.  Tho ro-
where stumpage is valuable, labour Is Mlt- wffl ,je mmM ,n 8Uch ft man.
ner ns to inuke the Importance of
,    ...       .     _,      .these Industries, and to suggest, If
without excessive freight rates. These poMll)lei n(,w M|Ml .„ mBter|8lB
conditions do not yet exist lu Briti3i.! „(1W „n„st.„._Cunntlu Lumberman.
Columbia; consequently, only a small
portion of the forest can he marketed, j "
and large quantities of timber nre
left In the woods or sent to burners
becaus no profitable use can be made
of them. Nothing can bo accomplished here on n commercial scale approaching the complete utilization in
Europe and In some parts of Eastern
Canada. High freight rates prohibit
tho shipping of small wooden articles
away from the provlnc; tho local population docs not create a demand
which cannot bo more cheaply supplied from elsewhere, and even If a
demand did exist for articles which IJ
could be manufactured from what Is!
now termed waste, It would he cheap-1 9 I.ViJ!;,,">^!:,^':\^^^'!V:^'*^,.!,.lu".■..*,'^ Tl^l!
er to buy good logs than to gather up
the inferior mntcrlnl now loft In the
iuvnr  Hi mu I at lo a
lllhttOttntd •/•n-rnnt
ir.m ..i HUMI.hait
v.e an. |lt"m •.«»
i*1   IO   '■ n.'ithh    o*
i«: njll X,   our   tha
world   fi   a   bun
i |n rtwnmt    Ko*
i.   nor   limit*   io
IfaWt) r.no.     Writ.
now,   ■wltMlu  2j
i..r (.no cl  cur
ii-iil.' Udltii*
i.iunli,    or
'   /Ibrru,  n-nl
l« nUd to ».-mr
iiIh-wj   -v«iehi"i    ua
.  .,' (.lid-  I I. "l.lr ',
i im wmiIi.    Vou
I il»l',  »'hnVul.
,ii llotvl, r.intm.i, U.,
Following the close of the Mountain
Lumbermen's Association meeting at
Nelson last month, E. L. Staples, of
the Otis Staples' Lumber Company,
Wycliffe; A. K. Leitch, of the East
Kootenay Lumber Company, Jaffray;
and C. D. McNab, of tbe Baker Lumber Company, Waldo, left for the University of Idaho at Moscow, taking
with them selections of pine, yellow fir
and other stumps to be put through a
working model of a new process for
extracting by-products. The party
reached the University on Wednesday
| evening, being joined there by H. C.
! Moore, filarmore, Alta.;  N. Hanson,
'Cranbrook; It. H. Holmes, Coleman,
Alta.; and M. J. Lefon, assistant for-
1 ester of British Columbia, H. R. McMillan, chief forester, owing to Illness
j was compelled to stop off at Spokane
Several days were devoted to witnessing demon stations ln wood reduction conducted by Prof. C. H. Shattuck in the forest laboratory, the
stump samples being resolved into
tar, creosote, resin, turplntlne, pitch,
oils and other marketable sustances.
Tho visitors were given nn Illustrated lecture by Prof Shattuck on the
methods which have heen employed
by tho Department of Forestry at the
university in burning stumps In the
field, and at the same time extracting
tho acids and liquors. Twenty of
these devises can be operated by one
mau, and It Is estimated that for the
average stump a period of about 8
duys will be required for complete
destruction. By means of this process cutover land can be cleared, it is
estimated, for about $7 per acre, allowing for tbe by-products recoverable. By the blasting method the a-
verage land In thnt region could not
be cleared for less than about $115
per acre.
The visitors were enthusiastic over
Professor Shattuck's work and express the belief that the Forestry
Branch of the British Columbia Government can be Induced to Install
several small reduction and refining
plants ln tbe Interior for experimental
purposes. Thts would probably lead
to the prompt adoption of this new
plan of conservation of waste products by several of our large lumber-
lug concerns, and ultimately by many
others.—Western Lumberman. •
kThe Dye that colors ANY KIND!
of Cloth Perloctly, with tho
j  NoChMiNolMiitilaei.	
■ AakyourDruBitlHor D-it-r. S«nd fur Hookl*t  '
ic Johnaun-RirtiirJion Co. UtclUd.HoMrnJ i
The unpleusnnt rumors which are
coming from Ottawa, of the grinding
of knives and sharpening ot saws in
secret consultation rooms where thc
j trusted government henchmen from
nine provinces gather to suggest how
I best tho clcctoralmap of Canada might
> be remade In the Interest of good
j U-e. Borden) government must create
j disijulto among all lovers of fair play,
[aa to thc diameter of the coming Redistribution bill. All this caucusing
before hand that wc near of may be for
the purpose of deciding upon a perfectly fair measure. The trusted and
tried party workers may figure that
If they do not take the utmost pains,
some "Jig-saw work" may slip by,
which would take unfair advantage of
the "drits." But this being a cynical
world at best, most watchers will fear
that It Is precisely to "hive" the Grits,
and pen them up where they will do
the least harm, that all this whispering and colloguing and study of charts
and calculation of party votes Is going on.—Montreal Herald-Telegraph.
For Inrtliar jmrtienlarti raawcting
ClaaapB or Primte Lnaon. apply
Box 4.18      Phone 157
democrat   almost new (or
I. Apply Boi 1 HwsM ol-
VOIt '"I'.E-flootl Boating Ouslness
on Windermere Lake, consisting of
one 6-liorse power Mulllngs (Salem)
steel Motor-Launeli with reverse
gear, 18 foot six, carry ten passengers, flted with headlight and usual accessories 4 canoes with paddles,
3 row boats, gasoline, grease, oil,
etc., 2 tents, bathing suits, towels, 4
deck chairs and other equipment,
willing to grant inspection of books.
Open to fair offer. Apply C. C.
Bather, Canal Flat. P.O., B.C.
A good set ot double harness lor
•al* cheap. Apply Box 1 Herald oils*. M.
The Favorite Ballad Singer
of the Kootenays
(Ijttt« of 8svoy Opera Company, Loudon, E»k.)
Distinguished Tenor
Humorist and Versatile
Brilliant Impersonator of Famous Characters from
Charles Dickens'
Songs, Recitations,
A First-Class Evening's Entertainment Guaranteed
N. B,—Mr. Healo lias the un-
iisuiil distinction of having been
nskril to returu as an Entertainer
to every place which he has visited
in Cauda.


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