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Cranbrook Herald Feb 23, 1923

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Array ~T^
CHANBROOK, B.C.. FRIDAY,   I KlililAltV  88,  l»i:i
n r ii it e it
G.W.V.A. Annual Masquerade Dance March 16th
Recreation Club
Annual Meeting
StlUl)    D.itinillii's   Surmount wl
In Past Your, And Prospects
Now   Look  Bright
inial meeting of the Cranbrook Recreation club hold in the
Club Rooms on Monday evening, was
attondod bj a large number of (he
members. While the reports showed
thai the Club had paseod through n
very strenuous year and that uu adverse Qnnnclnl balance bad to bo announced, stlli the work ot" tlie year
was noi without its encouraging aide.
The manner in which the many difficulties and misfortunes bad been
mot and overcome, gave fresh hope
and courage for the future. A spirit
ol optimism for the coming year pro-
vailed, plans for the coining drive for
membership were discussed, and the
employment of a competent physical
Instructor was decided upon, the directors lieiuK already In touch with
men of high qualifications, who could
fill the position admirably.
The reduction In the fees as announced by the Club puts membership within tbe reach of all, and
should widen the popularity of the
In regard to the employment of a
physical director, and drive for membership, it was pointed out that they
were more or loss interdependent, Insofar as the more ifiembers that were
enrolled the more Qualified director
could be engaged. Since tbe prospective members naturally desired information as to instruction to be obtained, the necessity of engaging an
instructor at once was apparent. It
wns therefore decided to guarantee
tbe new members that a competent
man would he employed.
The report cf the retiring president Mrs. KIniore Staples, which la
publish'd herewith shows t'.e dtfficul-
tiea that tho executive have had to
lace, and the manner in which they
were overcome. In speaking to a
motion to convey to tho retiring president the thanks of the Club, Major
Micks staled thai the Club were deeply indebted to Mrs. Staples. It was
only through her untiring energy and
persistence Ifial the Club still existed,
she having been the moving spirit
and determining factor. When the
boiler gave out nml the Club were
faced with a possible expenditure cf
$1,500 dollars, Mrs. Staples planned
so that to-day they had a system that
was superior to the old at a cost that
waB comparatively negligible The
m linn wns seconded hy Mrs. II. A.
Mr. M, A Beale also paid a tribute
to the work Ot Mrs. Staples, stating
I lint while the directors had worked
hard, he waB afraid that had It noi
boon for her activities the Club
would never have been restarted after
the unfortunate accident thai they
had U Is winter
In moving ;i vote <>f thanks io the
Iiocki boys Mr Elmore supies said
that too much emphasis could not bo
plaoed '>ii Mi.' ibllgatlon thai the Club
was under io ihe boyB who had st)
satisfactorily represented the Club on
Hie Ice This was no! to he Judged
* lely by the 100 per tent record thnt
tliey handed in. nor alone by the tln-
aucUl assistance that they hud been
to the Club, but an enihuslasm for
Skating bail been .rested which would
ho materially in the Club's Interest,
The Club had been represented by a
bunch Of boys who had played ihe
game all Lhe time, and by uood clean
hockey hir' won out against all comers, ami thai this would he an Plirour-
Mom.ni toother representative teams
of tbo Club In summer sports in be
equally successful
i*r Huffman in response ihanked
tlie Club for the kind oxprt. slon of
their appreciation of the efforts of the
learn of which he had tlie honor to be
Captain, and felt that with such en-
conragemenl and confidence in them
by the Club success to a far greater
measure could bo achieved in the future,
A very comprehensive financial
Statement was prosented by the treas-l
tirer Mr. M. A. Beale, showing the op-
eraiioiis of the club financially for the
pasl year. While the statement showed a loss ou operations, the bright side
was the statement showing that the
Rink account was improving, and that
with tlio completion of the season It
will have been shown to have paid lta
own way, though no great amount of
profit would be shown.
The following odlcera were elected
Miisicul  Society's   Efforts   For
City's Bonofll Should Got
Full Support
On Friday evening lust the concert
given iu the Auditorium by the Cranbrook Musical Society was listened to
the ui-
by an appreciative audlenct
to many  counter attraction:
tendance was not as greal
otherwise have been.
The programme was a varied one,
consisting nt' orchestral selections,
vocal solos, choral numbers, cello and
banjo solos, all indicating thai as the
season progresses tbo various branches of the Musical Society are showing
marked advancement, reflecting much
credit on tho leader. A number of
soloists made their first appearances
under Musical Society auspices, Indicating that the best of the city's talent is being brought within the scope
of the organization.
After the singing of "O Canada" in
which the audience joined, the programme was commenced. Of the clio
ral offerings "Hells of Dreamland,"
given at tlie last concert and repeated
by request, was probably again (heir
best effort, and was given much applause. The orchestral selections
were ull very well rendered and met
with due appreciation. The last number "Flag of Truce" was well deserving of the. encore which it received.
The Banjo Club were forced to respond to well merited applause. This
is an unique line of musical development which has met with a very good
response whenever presented to a lo
cat audience. Mr. Steward as usual
pleased tbo audience with his banjo
solo "Galop Electrlgue," and responded with "Bells Polka Melody" by Kennedy.
With two vocal selections, Mrs. M.
Forrest again pleased her audience.
Hor selection "1 Know a Lovely Garden" was particularly well lilted.
Her response to an encore was "The,
Sweetest Story JCver Told"—R. M.
Stults. "0 Promise Me" as sung by
Mr. Collier showed this tuneful old
song was still one of the best. He
gave ns an encore "Mary of Argyle."
Mr. Chorion's 'cello solos, too, were
of a distinctly higher class than one
is accustomed to hear at the ordinary
popular concert, and he is always assured of a keenly appreciative hearing. Mrs. J. Thompson gave a contralto solo entitled "A Japanese Love
Song." and In response to an encore
favored the audience with "My Rosary For Von" by May Ilrahe Two
other vocal selecihins in which Mrs.
A. Wallace was i'1 have been heard.
had unfortunately to be cancelled,
Mrs. Wallace on accounl of indisposition, being unable lo appear.
The officers and directors of the
Musical Society, the musical director,
Mr. G. E. Rower, ami the public who
are Interested In the success of the
organisation, should  fei i   well sails-
Bed with ;Ii,- progress being made this
lesson, and il is to be hoped that other concerts planned by the Society
win gei the full measure ot aupport
from the public that they merit.
tn a gnine marred by the poorest ice
of the season Cranbrook heat Fernie
3 to 3 Sunday last, li was Impossible
for either team to exhibit their wares.
Cranbrook scored a goal oach period,
while Fernie failed to break into the
goal column until the final period,
when they notched two.    Hilly Molis-
ky, formerly of Ueglua, who hai I n
a Cranbrooklte unknown for several
weeks past, made his Initial appearance, securing two goals. It Is ii
shame that Ibis boy has not been with
the Club all season, as ho Is a star
do luxo, and was n member of the
Keglnn St. Pats, junto? champions nf
Western   Canada   1919-20.
for* the ensuing year:
President       Mrs. Geo. Hogarth
Vko President. .Mrs. Klmore Staples
Members of the Hoard:   Mrs.   II.  A.
McKowan, Mrs. F. R. Miles, Mrs. G.
O. Staples. Mr. Allen ReWolfe. nr.
C. \V. Huffman, Mr. A. Raworth.
Tho Secretary and Treasurer are
formally appointed by tlio Hoard of
Directors, but Hip desire is to have
tho present occupants of these offices
MeHsrs. H. R. Hove and M. A. Beale
Tho report of tbo retiring president,
Mrs. E, L. Staples, was as follows:
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Tbo management   of thu  Cranbrook] 	
Hockey Club have been notified that     Another extremely successful
thoy are to play Nelson February 28Jcert was given In the Star Thea
and March  1, two games, total goals
to  count   for   possession  of  the   Mo-
Brlde cup.
As wo go to press nothing definite
has been arranged, bul it is expected
that Cranbrook will accept i) e dates
and journey to Nelson. The boys have
been practising faithfully doing roudl
work aud making use of tlie C.R. C.
gym In preparation for their struggle
for the mug.
For a while on Sunday  evening U
looked  as though a lot of  people In
Sunday evening last by Mr. and Mrs.
F. G. Novak and Mr, J, K. chorlton,'
assisted by an archeslra of local mu- j
Slclattl Tho   theatre   was   rilled   to
capacity, and enjoyed thoroughly a I
fine program.
The only disappointment of tlie evening was the announcement thai the
duel by MrB. Paterson and Mrs, Novak could not be presented owing to
the indisposition of the former, Mrs,
Novak very ably rose to the occasion,
however, and gave as a solo the familiar "Good-Bye" by Tosti, and was
quite deservlngly rocalled for an entire, when she sang in equally fine
voice "There Is No Death."
Tho remainder of the program was
Cranbrook would be without their! Kivtn aB advertised. One of the out-
"Dale-y" bread on Monday, whenTatandtag numbers was the trio by
Emolte came oozing out of every por- Messrs. J. S. Alexander, violin, J. K
Hon of Dale's Bakery and store on ohorlto, 'cello, and Miss Ivy Bidder
Hanson Avenue. n( tho pian0i whne u1B Btrlng quar-
Whilo the audience were comforta- lR(t0 W[tu ,i,c 'Ct.|inf a!1d Messrs P, Q.
bly Beltled, and enjoying the musici N0Vak. W. G. Thompson and J, S. Al-
at the Sacred Concert at the Star The-Lxander, violins, was also worthy of
atre, the shriek of the siren was BpeclB, mention. To gel two cornet-
heard. The fire started from an over- iatB oE the ability of Messrs, Novak
heated stove in a living room adjoin- ;ilul Bevim i8 al30 to ope|1 tn6 Wiiy ro,.
ing the bakery.   This room was eom-,HOm0 reany fine effects, and their dm
pletely gutted, but the fire was kept
from   reaching  other   parts   of   the
building.     Personal   effects   In   that "pope, showed splendid execution I
room were a total loss, among which j i{leH possessing   that    mellow swi
ness so often lacking   in   brass so
its, "Drink To Mo Only With Thine
Syes," and "The Rosary" for an en-
showed splendid execution bBfl-
was a fur coat of Mr. Dale's. Mr.
Hale desires mention made of I lie
kindness of Mr. Rob Frame, who when
it looked as though the bakery would
be out of commission for some lime,
offered Mr. Dale the use of The Home
Bakery to get out his batch. Although
ft was not necessary to take advantage of his offer, Mr. Dale appreciates
this tlioughtfulness just tlie same.
Members of the Order of the
Knights of Pythias and their friends
had a very enjoyable time on Monday
evening last, when they gathered together to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the Order. Mr. W. A. Wilson
C. C. acted as chairman, and after the
reading of the Roll Call, tbe following
programme was given:
Address     Mr. E, A. Hill
Vocal Solo..Mr. W. G christoplierson
Banjo Club Selection, .Mr. A. Graham,
Mr.   H.   1'ym. MT,  T. south  and
Mr. w  Steward,
Cornet solo   Mr. W. 11. Bevan
Banjo solo   Mr. W. Steward
Miss Beach acted as accompanist.
Hie orchestra did good work in Its
threo selections, showing clearly the
effect of careful leadership. Upon
Mrs. Novak fell tbe brunt of the accompaniments, an arduous task in a
performance of this nature, and iu
which she was ably backed up by Miss
Ivy Bidder for some numbers.
More fortunate than tbe even! put
on by the Musical Society two days
previously, this coitcovl got the support It fully merited, and it fs only by
supporting events of this nature thai
tho encouragement Is provided to prepare lliem for the public.
A meeting of the Cranbrook Women's Liberal Association was held in
the Association rooms on Wednesday
evening, when a good number of ladles were present and an enthusiastic meeting held.
After the reading of reports and
routine business bad been transacted,
the election of officers took place.
Tha election of a president was deferred till a special meeting, lhe other
ullices being filled as follows:
Hon. President    Mrs. J. H. King
Vice President  .... Mrs. G. J. Spreull
Sec  Treas  Miss S. White
Thi' Well Known ii") Problem
Seen  Prom An  Entirely
New Angle
A most enjoyable time was spent
on Thursday evening, when about
ilxty members and friends of the Wo-:
men's Missionary Society of the Metti-
idlst Church met at the home of Mr.
ind Mrs. \V. G. Morton for a social
With music and games time passed
very quickly, and when twelve o'clock
irrived all were agreed that a most
ileasant evening had been spent.       ;
An Interesting feature of tlie even-
ng was an address by Mrs. A. W.
Hodgson, president of the Society,
luring which the announcement was
liado thai a life membership had been
given to Mrs. F. Wesson, who was untitle to ho present to rocelve the pre-,
senlallon ft was planned lo make.
The following programme was then
;iven: Song, Miss Soderliolm. Piano
luet, The Misses Burden. Cello boIo,1
Mr, J. K. Chorlton. Vocal solo, Mrs.
ff. C. Adlard. Cornet solo, Mrs. H. C;
Klnghorn, Vocal solo, Mr. W. H. Be-
ran. Piano solo, Mrs. J. Norgrove.(
Mrs, 15. Turner acted as accompanist
for iho evening.
In the competitive games Mrs. G. F.|
Mnnahan won the ladies' prize, while
Mr. C.iorlion took lhe honors for the
gontlomen* Tempting refreshments
idiled much to the enjoyment of the
Kootenay Orchards rink on Sat-
nlght put up a great game In
advertised encounter with a
I rink skipped by P. M. Morrison. The
"Egg Peddlars" made the "Bare
Knees" play an extra end lo win, the
j score being 8 each at the end of the
i tenth end.
The   Kootenay  Orchards  rink  wai
| skipped hy 1). R. Garnham, with Men
After the program dancing andjsrs. MeCrindle. Ogden and Gartslde,
cards were Indulged in until aboul'' while the Morrison rink's remaining
three o'clO< k. Robinson's Orchestra three i layers were Jno. Martin, A. E.
supplied tbe music which was much Jones ami G. Hogarth. Much interest
appreciated by all. The refreshments was taken In lhe game, and the return
were supplied by the ladies oi the encounter on Saturday next will be
Knights, and were much enjoyed. an equally Interesting game.
Such a pleasant time was had by all Encounters of this nature never fill
hat il is the Intention Of the Lodge to lo stir up a good deal of interest, and
have a social evening ot a similar new recruits are thereby brought into
order some time in March. the rank- of the great roarin' game.
l.ee Him, a Chinese shop helper at
he C.P.R. shops was killed on Tues-
lay morning at 7 o'clock.
While crossing the tracks lu com-
lany witli another Chinaman, the unfortunate man failed to see an approaching car which was being
switched in the yards, steam from a
eyllndor of a nearby engine obscuring his sight.
The deceased leaves a wife and two
children iu China. His companion.
Who was preceding him a short dls-
lance, went to the shops and registered on the time clock Iwth for himself and his companion, and when he
discovered that he was not witli him
ho returned to the tracks, where he
found him dead.
The coroner, Or. MacKinnon, held
in inquest, nnd found that the man
had been accidentally killed.
The Baptist Church o
evening last was well tilled by those
who came to attend tlie service the
boys of tlie Tuxis Square were announced io give. No ball iu Cranbrook would have been large enough
to accommodate the crowd that could
have  benefitted by attending.
Coming ai a time when there is talk
of public meetings lo regulate the
moral life of the community, the service proved there is one very effective
way or dealing with what is known
as the "boy problem."
Were there more Tuxis Boys
Squares and C.Q.I.T. Girls' Circles
and more whole hearted leaders for
them, there would be less need to pass
regulations io safeguard lhe morals
of the young people.
Verne Woodman made an efficient
chairman, and Alex. Mennie read appropriate passages of Scripture and
led the meeting in prayer. The subject of Master James Johnson's address was "Playing the Man.'' and tin
young speaker pointed out that David's advice io his son Bolomon, Hi
strong, therefore, and show thy>elf a
man" was applicable to the boys of
to-day. To make a success one must
play the man. The boys had a big
job and must needs be equipped with
courage and manliness and Christian
principle, since we have to live forever In the character that is tu w be
ing built.
Reasons "Why a boy should be a
Christian" were given by Ronnie
Haynss, some of which were Chris?
gave His own life to redeem him. and
make him a child of God. Christians
were trying to make tlie world a better pla't" to live in. To attain to the
highest In the Christian life om
should begin early The Christian
life is the happiest life to live.
Mr. M. Saunders, who was a business visitor in the city, drew attention to the important work of the
Tuxis boys and the work that Mr
Conslantlne was doing in connection
Mr. Constantino in speaking on
"What the Tuxis boys had a right to
expect from the Church." first explained that a Tuxis boy was a boy
training for Christian citizenship, and
ts composed of boys who belong to
Sunday Schools. The meaning of th*
A'ord was explained hy showing what
Bach of Us letters signified. "T stood
for training, the last letter "S" for
service, "X" denotes the first character of the Greek word Christus or
Christ, which means that the program
is Christ centred. The "V" and the
"1" suggest the social relationship,
it being noted that "V" comes before
"I." Tlie program is four fold and
develops a boy intellectually, physically, dSVOtlonslly and socially, and
sub-headings under these various divisions were given.
What the Tuxis boys expected from
the Church was summed up in the
one word "Brothering." Ro;s have
u desire to know things, and the leader that goes is the leader that know?..
There is not a great gulf between tho
Bible lesson and the boy's life. We
should not study our Bibles less but
our boys more. The Churches ought
to form an alliance to overcome the
influence of the dance hall, and should
substitute for these a co-operative
centre with open doors to all boys,
regardless of creed or color.
The boy is the Church's opportunity: be Is also the Devil's opportunity.
The hoy Is God's property, but the
Devil gets a mortgage on many a lad.
Tho Church's opportunity is through
lis big brothers. Character formation
is belter than Jail formation Church
prevention is better than court cure.
To save a man Is to save a soul: to
(Continued on Page 5'
Estimates up
At School Board
Suggestion Made To Establish
Small (lass In Metal
The School Board held a special
meeting ou Friday evening of last
week, the object being to take.up the
consideration or the estimates for the
coming year, and other matters pertinent. It was not found possible to
conclude definitely the consideration
of the estimates, on account ol having
to go further into some Items i" connection with tho new school addition.
Among other matters the purchase
of land by last year's board at the
south end of the new addition was
raised by Trustee Derail, the question
being asked whether the board should
have made the purchase without consulting the ratepayers. The pur-
•hase price was $1,600, of which $400
has been paid. The chairman W H
Wilson explained that the matter had
been put through by the old board,
the feeling being that they bad made
a $ood buy.
The heating of ihe High School
came up lor consideration, and it was
loft to the building committee to s»t>
if any improvement could be effe* ted.
Tenders submitted for the Installs
don of the tire alarm system at the
Dew addition were all considered high
ind a committee w,is named to take
'he matter up with the architect and
city electrical superintendent to see
f some alteration In the plan could
not be made, by which the cost would
be reduced.
In connection with the considera-
lon of the estimates, the question as
o the responsibility for the extra expense of II.511 on boiler installation
•ame up a* a debatable iniint. several
Ircumstances being considered responsible. It was agreed that for the
extra cost the board was getting better value, and had the contractor figured ou the installation of the larger
size boiler the school board would
have had to pay a higher contract
A suggestion was made by F. S.
Morris, the manual training instructor, that a small cla«s be started in
the fall with metal workine in its
elementary forms In connection with
the high school classes. The cost of
the first equipment required wus put
at 1125, in addition to materia! and
sundries The board did not feel justified in going to the expense
A proposal by Mr G E. Bower to
organise some musical classes at the
public school, with stated periods.
was also rejected on the grounds of
C.R.C. dance April B7U).   Unslc by
"Melody 5."
Officials of the Club are at present
corresponding with several first class
gym, Instructors; so members are as-:
sured of a physical instructor of the
highest order. Get that membership
The C.R.C. hockey team are leaving Tuesday, February 27th for Nel
son, where they are due to play the
latter February 28th and March 1st
for tbe much coveted M'Bride Cup.
Total goals to count. It is expected
Mr M. A. Beale. hockey booster de
luxe. Mrs. Geo Hogarth, the Cluh's
new president, and several others
will accompany the boys on their
Miiinni; of hoiks
The<e are subject to revision by the
new Inntnirtor or Board at any time.
2    10:   ftemiing Room
4 -8: Junior Boys.
T— S: Girls' Basketball
S-9:   Men's  Basketball
fl -10.30: Swimming Pool
4—6; Junior Girls.
7-10.30:   Indies' Night
4 IT,    7     Business   Men'1   (lass
7—8:   Girls   Basketball.   (Pool  8—91.
5 30-9.30":   Men's   Basketball.     (Pool
930—10.30:  Bwimming Pool.
4—6: Junior Girls on floor
S—6;  Senior and Intermediate Girls'
7—9.30:  Men only on floor
9.80—10.80: Men only Swimming Pool,
I   fr. Junior Boys.
7—8:  Girls* Bas'iethall on  flo-,r
8—9:   Men'*  Rnsiietball on  floor.
9 -10.30:   Swimming Pool.
10-12: Junior Boys.
3.30—4: Juntnr Qlris.
4—6:  Intermediate and Senior Girls.
7—8: Boy Scouts on floor. (Pool 8—9)
9—10: Business Men's Class.
No one under 15 years of age allowed In the building after 6 p.m.
"The Trysting Place," At Auditorium, Cranbrook March 2nd
Play at 8.15 DANGE Afterwards by Melody Five PAGE TWO
Friday, Fphnriirj 28, 1938
EVER? day in bvekv
ARE  Till:   BEST
Make emiuii
nl l>e
Cbe Cranbrook fjerald
Published Every Piiday
the lives "f tlie young people of
the city. Some may criticise tlie
Club (or nasi policies, bul
to do so In Ignorance of whal
ii has bad to contend with Is
unfair. The better way is to
get Inside and make II possible
io adopt policies that mil
to disarming the criticlsi
The facl  thai  the clu
had such good supporl from il
younger element is a sure i
cation that there is    need for
it, but what lias been lacking is
the   whole hearted supporl   of
parents and those with Influ-
ence in  Hie city, w
ars?y has hitherto in
tlie   stumbling block
way of progress.
Tlie boys and girls
are uo worse than ill
ty years ago. Tliey have infinitely more distracting Influences to assail them, even In the
mosi sheltered of homes, and ii
is really a wonder thai more of
them do nol go astray. Not
just talk, inn time and money
Subscription Price ..
To United Mm— .. .
. aJ9,C0 per yeur
. $2,60 per yeur
..VVUli   n   Mlialo it   Wlllxml   .   Ilua.le"
I'll,.!,.i  by  Union l.ubor
Advertising   umea   on   Application.
ChmiKeH  for   Aavurtlatng  MUST   be   In
One olfioa Wednesday n0"" lbt cun,Bn'
wn-k lo aoeur. attention.
SUH  HON   TUt   W[D   THU  FR1   SM
12 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1112 1314151617
1819 20 21 22 i3 24
252627 28
FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY  23,  1928
Spring is coming,
signs are  with  as.
are lengthening, Hit
brighter.   The snow
for all the
Tlie days
is going,
the wind is gelling balmier, lhe
pussy willows are here; seed
catalogues are coming, and ihe
mail order drive is on. The ash
pile is getting up to Ihe lop of
the fence, and t lie melting snow
iu the back yards reveals a line
crop of tin cans. Tlie cats are
singing their spring song, and
the dogs are shaking oil' th
lethargy. Income tax forms
are coming in, and government
returns for employers by registered mail. The husiness man
says things are going to pick
up, and he'll order next week,
The women talk of gardening:
and Ihe men of fixing up the
place. The Easter suit and
bonnet are getting some con
siiieralion, and the dress Unit's
got to lie turned. Tlie City
Council  are  talking  economy
of II
ol' fl
ire rei|
ing on Hie
young folk
counteract ihe
fluences bear-
llitTcl   I
lesome influence!
their lives.     As
n   behalf
look into il
ler of supporl ing
lion Club.
Vancouver is being treated
pretty liberally liy the Dominion Government in its plea lor
harbor development, considering tlie fact thai it sent three
opposition members to tlie Dominion Parliament. This may
encourage oilier places to do
the same ai the next election
following redistribution,
irony i
cessive    tin
Mat. electet
Il is tin
the Progl
majority over oilier pai
lenders, lo he unseated
ground of corrupl pracl
etl on his behalf durii
campaign. There was
gatlon  thai   lie lent   lib
on tlie
ces UB-
ig the
io alio-
lself to
tlie practices complained of.
but he was h'eld to lie responsible for lhe actions of agents at
work on his behalf. Thus ihe
parly out lo purify politics il-
self furnishes tlie first incident
of Ibis kind to occur in lhe
country for many years.
One of the peculiar occasions
in parliament, when party lines become obliterated, arose al
Ottawa this week, when tin
broad subject of redistribution
was being discussed. The particular phase of it before ill
House was a proposal liy a Progressive member lo pul one riding iu tlie Dominion under redistribution also under ihe wor-
(EW 1,10,1:011 STORE
Bums  l.uli
hi nun
iii/.i'iis ure agitating
e establishment ul ;i
ir Btore al thai point,
pported by farmers'
[zations. We might
oubl iiie wisdom nt
in mooting the re-
iiiiiss standpoint. We
Extracts from Tlie Cranbrook
Heruld of this date, 1003.
A provincial election Is looked for
tills comlnK June, nnd one of the big
insues so far as tlie Cranbrook riding
is concerned will be lhe question of
the removal of tbe Government office*
from Fort Steele to Cranbrook.
M. A. Beale tins been appointed a
justice of the pence lor Cranbrook.
Thos. Roberts has been appointed
book-keeper for the Electric Light
Company, nnd tnkes over the position
on Monday.
Dr, J. 11. King Is now iniatetl in one
of  lhe   leading   New   York   hospitals,
where he is taking a specialist course.
e > 1
ilghl even lioillil   the advisability of hi;
Burns Luke asking tor
On Saturday lasl a rather rude
awakening was given 111 Louis Mlg-
naiili, a visitor to this city, by Magistrate Leask, who sentenced him to
three months In Nelson jail.
Ii appears that this culprit had
been in the habit of travelling about
from town to town sporting a discharged soldier's badge to which he
was not entitled. Prompted no doubt
by bis past success in this direction,
lie decided to visit Cranbrook. But
Mils visit proved to be his Waterloo.
Prompt und timely action by Mr.
"Hill" Johns, the local Q.W.V.A. steward, ami Capt. Merylleld, wilb a few
well chosen questions regarding his
services iu France soon found him 10
lie uu absolute impostor,
Chief Halcrow was immediately
communicated with and in » few
hours this ready-made hero was on
to Nelson jail, 11  sadder bill
- Canada's Best Buy -
h lb-NOW 80$ (Also Procurable-^ lb. Package 15*)
"Natural Resources, Canada," pub-
Mr. C. 0. Staples left Monday for a
shooting, and lie kepi lhe Cranbrook
guards busy. Lucien Cliuel was rilled
oil iii the middle of the llrst period
for rough playing, bul was allowed
to play again tiie last halt. His place
was  Piled hy Jimmy Jones.    Prank
llsbod by the Department of the Into-jbnaineus trip to Winnipeg and other|Bumtord played well for the visitors,
(ill I 1111(1
■  neighbo
These doubts ar,
nunc knowledge of
nomlc effects ol
earnestly desired 1
in Siniiiicrs we have iiad a year of
;,: i experience, which has been ample time and cause lor many rellec-
lions on the genuine qualities of thai
.1011 we once thought il would be.
Put while we doubl the wisdom of
Itiirns Lake In demanding a liquor
More, we wish them nothing but the
best of luck. To assist in thai success ne would suggest thai they do
nol asl; for a new store, hut that I bey
reqiiesi Hie Government to remove
llio liquor store from Smitbers to
Burns Lake.
In tllelr agitation the Burns Lake
people are sending petitions lo tbo
Qovernment. Why not change the
petition to one asking for (lie removal
ol' Hie Smliliers store'.' Then bring
tiie petition 10 Smitbers, ami ii is fairly safe to Bay thai BOO signatures can
ho secured ill this town within 114
hours. —Interior News, smitbers.
and ihe Hoard of Trade is heard Mugs ol proportional represen-
from.   Uy all the signs and In
kens spring will soon lie here.
union, so thai  lb
could he watched as
plication federally,
vision ensuing    tIn
was defeated,   ami
i lo iis ap-
lll    llll'   (li-
i   proposal
the  limine
Every so often the community is stirred when some occurence brings to light an Instance
of juvenile delinquency. At
these lime it is cuslomary for
floods of oratory to pour out on
lhe people al large on lhe apparent evil tendency of the limes; for some lo wring their
hands anil exclaim in anguish
that something must he done;
for other.; in exclaim thai
tilings were never so iu tileir
day.      Hut  lhe    fact    remains
saw lhe unique speclacle of Dr.
King and Sir Lomer flouiii voting against the Premier ami
other members of the cabinel
wlio had supported ihe proposal.
Whether there is need. or. rather,
whether  there  is   room,   for   another
'political   party   remains   a   question.
that nol a greal ileal is done to I Assuming thai both ihe present inn
settle tbe activities of tlie young! ties, and II Is a pure assumption, liav
people along  lilies Unit   would'''"" "' »""'■ wlli" »""" e will n.ei
assure their energies being ex
pended in channels uplifting
rather than degrading. What
organizations the churches are
able lo present, admirable in
their way, are necessarily limited by Hie denominational confines. Something wider and
broader seems to lie needed.
In many ways (he effort now
living put on liy the Recreation
Club lo get on a firmer fooling
would seem lu be something
with a direct bearing on tbis
vital question. Hue lo handicaps, chiefly of a financial nal-
ure which it has had to face in
the past, this organization lias
not yet bad the opportunity of
showing up al lis best, but even
at that it is possible to see bow,
with a Btrong community backing, the Recreation club could
become an immense power in
a wiser man.
Tbe people of Cranbrook and the
public generally naturally have an
unlimited contempt for a wretch like
this, who in tlie country's hour of
need was found wanting, and who
now in time of peace would seek pro-
lion behind an honorable badge
rior, contains nn article on the Water- ] ]mMa „oln{s I but at no time were thoy dangerous,
ton  Lakes Park,  extolling its beau- _ I t„e locals being well in the lead from
ties,   lu spite of its being Ihirly-llve     M|. L (,|a|.k ,9 mmc ,„ a| ,l|a hostile first.   Damon Poster vefereed tile
miles away from a railway, the park!0„ S1  MaIys pralrte. J game.
Wycliffe came out on top by a score
01' 119 to 1G in a basketball game here
Park will lie placed on one of the Wednesday night with Cranbrook.  It
greaiest  scenic  motor highways on L.0B B|ra„iy a CMe 0( bett0I. Bhootlm,
enabling'„ri(l  superior team   play.    To  Sieve
(Clark goes the credit for most of Wy.
cliffe's baskets.   Sieve was right there Clapp
as   he   usually  is   when   it   comes
was visited by 25,000 tourists last,
year. With llio opening of tlie Banff-j
Windermere   rood,   Waterion   Lakei
tlie continent. This route
as it does motor lourlsts to visit
one round trip tho great parks in the
Rocky Mountains north and south of I
ihe International boundary, has heeni
celled tho "Grand Circle Tour." Thej
placing of the Waterton Uikes on this j
tour menus greatly increased travel
during Ihe coming season. Motorists,
j approaching from the east may now
Tills case should prove lo others reach lhe park via Lethbrldge, Mac-
tbat Cranbrook is not the place where I Lood, or Pincher Creek, and thence
ceii l re
Bum fori!
W. Staples
tan sail under false colors with
Impunity, and members of the local
ctnli would only be too willing !o acl
gain  the  Banff-Windermere  road  via
The smaller lakes  and  streams  iu
in cases such as this, If at any time Waterton Lakes Park are. said to
the public would give the necessary abound in Dolly Vurden and Cut
information. , Throat    treat,   while   lu   the   Upper
 *~+— ■ I Waterton   Lake  are  found   tlie great
THE   WEATHEK  BULLETIN |'^e trout, Hneoiniens of which have
  been taken weighing over 50 pounds.
Official Thermometer Readings Eastern brook trout and rainbow 'rout
at Cranbrook were   Introduced   into   the   outlying
  lakes and streams in the park last
Max. Min. season, while salmon trout fry were
Thursday, February lfi   n —io
Friday, February lt»   18 —3
Saturday, Fehruury 17  24 —2
Sunday, February IS   41 11
Monday, February 11*  42 24
Tuesday, February 20   .,« 10
Wednesday. February 21  ... 34       I
i placed iu Waterton Lake.
A nine hole golf course, which is
.ideally situated on a slight rise, giv-
I ins a line view of the lakes, has been
laid oui about a mile and r. quarter
'from   the   towtislte   near   Wiiekiston
he Hint the new party will be any bet
tor? If its leuders are drawn fron
different classes from those tron
Which tlm leaders of the present par
lies are drawn:  if they are animated
! by different and higher Ideals, so:
thing will ho gained.   Hul if they
I drawn from the same classes; if. in
fact, they merely are disgruntled
sbake-offs or break-oil's from the old
er parties, what advantage tan there
be? A new party, thus organized, will
merely confuse matters at the next
election, and however successful, cannot hope to do more than act as a
partial check upon whichever party
may be returned to power.
What tt, C. wants at tlie present
time, more than a new party, Is new
men, better educated, with higher
ideals and more Belt-sacrificing spirit
to conduct lis affairs Too many men
are iu the Legislature at tbe present
lime, on I-ioth sides of tlie Housg. who
have less than the full qualifications
legislators ought to have.    Hut, after
A list light iu i lie French Chamber
of Deputies shocks modem ideas of
parliamentary decorum, yet it is not
oiig since physical encounters wort
nit uncommon in British parliaments
.ess than n century ago challenges ic;
duels featured nearly every bitter de-
hate. O'Connell fought aud killed an
opponent; aud was later challenged
hy Disraeli. Even as late as the nineties "Willie" Redmond, who was killed iu the Ureal War. challenged Col.
Saunderson to a duel with pistols;
and during tlie great Home Hale debate Irish Nationalists and Unionists
mel mi ihe floor id the House iu physical combat.
In 1918, when the passions were
again stirred over Home Rule, Ronald
McNeil, who is still in lhe llm.se, hit
Mr. Winston Churchill lu the face with
.i blue book, a general melee being
bul narrowly averted; and a little
later on .Mr. Aequlth was bowled down
by Unionists, Lord Hugh Cecil leading
in- disturbers. As recently as two
years ago a Mr. Molson (a Canadian
by the way), laid hands ou Mr. Joseph
Devlin, with a resulting general Bcuf>
Nor has ihe Canadian Commons
been free .'mm militancy. The late
Mr. I'. D. Monk once challenged Mr.
'. \ Qauvrenti to follow him Into tbe
lobby; Dr. Edwards challenged Mr.
i' ii Carvell to combat; and Mr. .1. H,
\: Boxlor and Mr, Caldwell, Progressive member for Car lelon- Victoria.
ondenvored only last yeur lo settle a
 Tel bj violence In the naval debates of 1013 Mr. PugBley forgol his
uaviiy long enough in lay hands on
■»lr. i;i bldoux nf Kent; and on more
'ban one occasion a clash between the
tWO sides of llii' HOtlBO was hut narrowly averted.
The truth. Indeed, is that men have
within them a strain of primitive animalism, a thirst for combat Ilia! nol
i veu the august surroundings of n
legislative    hall    can    successfully
quench,    Ottawa  Journal.
Cranbrook Board of School Trustees
Financial Statement for lhe Year Ended .list December, 1922!
Taxes  levied f33,206.80
Qovernment grants  10,508.31
Droprotioj) of profiis under Government Liquor Act, being half
of the amount received by the
City of Cranbrook  „    3,634.04
Teachers' salaries  $29,736.20
Janitors' salaries  _  3,454.00
Medical Inspector  „  499.80
Secretary    „  345.00
School supplies  „  1,615.59
Expenses    _  739.51
Fuel   2,334.28
Furniture and fixtures  821.35
Water, Light and Phone   383.20
Insurance    257.03
Repairs      1,728.97
Deposit on purchase of land (Lots
1 to 36. Block 307—Total price
$1,600.00) and exchange $1.00.... 401.00
Kent     300.00
School Debentures — Interest and
Sinking Fund (excluding debentures re. new addition)	
School overdraft  1921  	
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Farm Help for
Western Farmers
TO BE OF SERVICE to Western Canadian Farmers
and help to meet their npeds in securing competent
farm help, the Canadian Pacific Railway is prepared
to utilize its widespread organization to provide such
help from a number of countries.
The CANADIAN PACIFIC Railway will now receivo
and arrange to fill applications for male and female
farm help to be supplied from Client Britain, Belgium,
Holland, Denmark, .Switzerland and Norway, in all of
which countries the Company lias representatives who
hove farmed iu and are familiar with Western Canadian conditions and who are new in touch with such
men and women ready and anxious to come to Canada.
THE GOVERNMENT.^ of the countries above men-
Lidned have expressed their willingness to aid the
emigration of this class of their peoples. In order to
fill such applications satisfactorily ami bring the help
to the farmer ut the proper time and with a clear
understanding of the requirements and obligations of
each, a printed "Application for Help" form has been
prepared which can be obtained from any C.P.R. Station Agent or offices listed below.
Tlie Cmnimny will nuiKe no rliitrire lu llie fHrnM?!- tar thin ser-
y.c»3 nor will tlu- fattner be required io make miy ciuh advance
whaUoevcr towards tlie travelliiiK e.Mwnies of hit liel» to tlu
licamt riiuVj.y alio ion. The information ln-ctssailly naked (or In
theee ■ppllcaUnn forma, which will l>« ht-M in itricleet confidence,
fovcm the following polntii—the l.iml of in-iji required—mile or
tvinnle—married or unmarried; date required und for how lonr:
i Utunnli y tlr-dred; monthly wagei oflered; kind of wort offered,
WINNIPEG.—T. S. Acheton, General Afrlcullunl Agent. C.P.R.
WINNIPEG.—John  Swectfnic.  Industrial  Au.nl,  CI'.R.
SASKATOON.—W. J. Gerow, Und Aacnt, C.P.R.
EDMONTON.—J. Miller,  Und Agent.  C.P.R.
CALGARY.—M.  E. Thornton, Supt. Celonlxatlon, C.P.R.
VANCOUVER.—E.  J.   Semmcni,  Trav.   Industrial  Asent,   C.P.U.
Department of Colonization and Development
Canadian Pacific Railway
J. S, DENNIS, Chief Connliiioner, Montreal.
HAI.ANCK at credit
..*   .t..y.!ii
Subject to-
Accrued proportion of  Inloreat  aud  Hlnk-
hiR Fund for Debentures re. School Addition (due 1st March, l!lli3)      1,882.17
HA1-ANCU TO 1923—Overdraft
1 have audited tbe bunks of the Cranbrook School Trilateea for the
year ended 31st December, 1922, and havo received all the Information and
explanations I liave required. Tlie loregoing statement la correct in accordance with lbe vouchers and other Information submitted to mc, and is
as shown liy the hooka. The overdraft of $l,r>42.2(! shown ubove is after,
providing for the accrued portion of Interest and sinking fund on deben-
payment of which In-
Peler sink, a Russian, balling from
Cranbrook, on Saturday afternoon was" lures sold for purposes of the new school addition,
idzed with ii sudden illness and collapsed on tbe corner of Baker and
Ward Streeth about 1 o'clock. He
was removed to tho ollleo of Mayor
U 11. OlidaueUe. where Dr. Ilnvhl
Itnrttn rendered medlcnl treatment. A
all, It is the electorate who have put largo crowd of curious spectators
them there. What, then, is to he inthorod on the street corner. The
dou«?   B. C. Veteran. man is nn epileptic—Nelson News.
teres! and sinking fund Is not due until 1st March, 1923.
7th February, 1923.
"jil/ir    .    i|T    M.-llt IH*.I.H   "IT."]f*W Htf ■ll|||M|»ffWllTWPTrTTWWr"|'lri    I"1'!"'11"   ■   ■""""""" '
Jour ISmmk
EVERY genuine piece of SMP Enameled Wnrr
carries the Sf^P ilurld shape trade mailt. Only
the choicest articles carry this sign. It guarantees
lhe value in the article, and the use of S^Jl' Enameled
Ware itself guarantees quick heating of foods; absolute
purity; ease of cleaning, tenderly cooked food and long
wear.   Ask the hardware merchant for
Three finiahea: Pearl Ware, two coals of pearly
grey enamel inside and out. Diamond Ware, three
-coats, light blue and white outside, white lining;
Cryital Ware, three coats, pure white inside and
out, with Royal Blue Edging, ui
Phone 84 Phone 84
fry'    ■ I'iIiIiij, Felirimr) S3, 1028
PAGE   TllltF.K
Prompt Service :il
Calgary, Aim.—Tim coal strike In
tlio western provinces during Hie
Bummer necosBltatod the use ol n con*
siiinruhie amount or low grade (sub-
hltumtnoua) coal, and iIiIh coal, owing
to tho groalor nurahor of BpnrkH given
off, coiiBldorably Increased lhe rlsh o£
lire In tlie toroflta along the railways,
While tho number or flroe Inctwuod,
the Incroaae in tho amount ol damage
dono was, however, comparatively
Blight, The necessity of burning coal
of Mils character linn led to the development of a type of "front end" for
tho locomotives which, it is claimed,
eliminates ninety per cent, of tho
sparks and makes the burning of the
coal fiiirly safe.
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
l'HONK   10
Bread is GOOD Bread
His Pies
Cakes and Pcstry art
made In
a tasty manner which
Invites the most exacting per
to call again, at
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.
Every Garment Bent to us to be
Cleaned or Dyed Is given
Our Utmost Care.
Our knowledge ot the business
1b your assurance ot satisfaction
here.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring us your work.
We Clean and Dye Everything.
J. K. Chorlton
Terms Reasonable
HI Hanson Are.       Phono MO
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.,
Mimical Director
Cranbrook Musical Society
Teacher ot Singing. Violin  and
Preparation for Mimical ttxatn-
1 nation «
Phone 441(1
Craubmok, lt.C.
Cranbrook Hotel Cafe
Tho Only Flrat ClM| Dining
Room In the City
Our   Serrlee  Will   Please  Yon
Open from 7.1Fi a.m. to 8.16 p.m.
The dance last week in connection
witli llio girls' basketball, could not
bo called a success, owing to the extreme told weather. The attendance
was small; but a balance to the good
was reported. At a meeting held on
liKsiluy It wns decided to hold a Holder dance on March 9th.
Port Steele is waking up—n dog
iiRlit ami a runaway last week!
Sleigh rliling in still In vogue here,
the roads being in line shape after the
mild spell.
The  ico  harvest  commenced  Ibis
V A It K E K  &  Mr fl E B
Flour and Feed Merchants
Hay and Oraln ot All Kinds
II All* on  AtODUO
Oh lib rook
Office Phone 92   nes. rhono 310
toh;.. ,;■./ i ;...!■ .:	
NO. «; IUILI—To Nelson, Vancouver, Spokane, etc. Arrive 12.10 p.
m.; leave 13.20 p.m.
NO. 18 DAILY-To Fernie, Lethbrldge, Medicine Hot, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.10 p.m.
A   Grateful   Recognition   For
('lire Tendered During
His Uliies*
Of Interest to Poultry Keepers
Edited by The Brown Poultry Ranch  Fort Steele. B.C.
Crmnbrook, Wycliffe, Kimberley fler>
Tie* i
No. BM—Leave 7.06 a.m.   Ho.8ftJ-Ar-
rln MO pm.
Cranbrook, Lake Windermere and
Golden gerlrce*
Monday and Thureday. each week
—NO. Ml, leate 9 a.m.    Wedneaday
and   Mturday—NO. 611. arrlra   1.31
for fartber ftitteiUm »p»tr to
any ticket af*i\
• •
The Ireland family have moved froui
MlnnoBotn Row to tho house imtokb
i In- trnclt thai was recently vacated
hy sieve Clark.
Bevoral new cases of whooping
cough have developed lu tho village,
nml a number of pupils have been Hent
homo from school In an endeavor lo
chech things as much as possible.
Everett staples' of Headquarters
Camp Bpent tho week end with bis
There is no doubt about it, Wycliffe possesses quite a number of
ambitious prize fighters, if they were
only taken in band and properly
trained. This week Tuffy Staples and
Snooks C'omery gave a very thrilling
exhibition of their scrapping abilities
down in the planer room for the edification of everyone present, and we
are convinced that Dempsey and Wi!-
lard have nothing on them.
(Special  to The Heraldi
lnvermere, B.C., Feb. 17.—At the
last meeting of tbe directors of tbe
Windermere District Hospital Association Mr. William Weir, who for the
past year had been the secretary-
treasurer, tendered bis resignation,
having to devote bis time more fully
to other business which presses. Mr.
H, B. (lore of Athalmer, was appointed his successor in tin- office;
During tbe time in which Mr. Weir
has been in office an event was closed
which well stands repetition. Before
the breaking out of the world's war,
August Johnston, a native of Sweden,
who for many years had been a resident within the district, was a petfenl
in the hospital. The treatment then
afforded him and the fact that the institution was supported hy voluntary
contributions almost exclusively, bo
Impressed itself upon him that lie
never forgot tho Institution.
Uko many another adopted son,
whon the call came he volunteered for
service, and one of his first actions
was to make a will leaving Ids estate
to the institution. By one of the
chances of fate be was killed in service in. October, 1917, and the executors In due time turned over to the
directors the sum of over three hundred dollars.
Later, when Johnston's service
medals came into their hands, they
ulso presented these to the Institution,
and now upon the honor roll in the
main corridor hangs a scroll of honor
with Johnston's kindly action recorded thereon, and his two medals have
an honored place at the foot.
"California Fig Syrup" is
Child's Best Laxative
Even a sick child loves the "fruity"
taste of "California Fig Syrup." If the
little tongue is coated, or if your child
Ib IIbAoss. cross, feverish, full of cold,
or has colic, a ten spoonful will never
fail (o open the bowels. Iu a few hourH
uu can Bee for yourself how thorough-
y u works all tho constlpntion poison,
sour bile ami waste from the tender,
little  bowels  and   gives  you  a  well,
playful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "Caltfor
ita Fig Syrup" handy. They know a
tenspoonful to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow. Ask your druggist for
genuine "California Fig Syrup" which
has directions for babies nml children
of all ages printed on the bottle. Mother!   You must say "OAMFOBNIA*
>r you may get an imitation fig syrup.'
Fernie, B.C., Feb. 17.—Fire of unknown origin broke out early Saturday morning In tbe Dobson &. Willing-
ham Block In the business section of
this city and caused damage roughly
estimated at about $50,000.
The fire is thought to have originated In the kitchen of the Victoria
Dance Hall, on the second floor of the
building, where last evening the Miners' local union held one of their
weekly dances, but owing to the fact
that it was considerable time before
the fire was noticed, the flames had
got such a hold on tbe building thai
ft was impossible to locate Hie origin.
The alarm was turned in at 3 a.m.
and the fire fighting apparatus was on
the scene almost Immediately. Al
that time the roof of the building was
a mass of flames and shortly afterwards tbe fire broke through the
dance hull floor and burnt out a partition between the c. P. H commercial telegraph office and Johnstone's
garage. This development was quickly checked by prompt action of the
tire fighters, who broke through one
of the telegraph office windows and
subdued the (lames.
The weight of wafer and debris
made the street floor coiling give way
in several places, and the four business places on the ground floor, the
Ferule Industrial Co-operative Society
store, Shorthouse ice cream and candy
store, the C. P. It. Telegraph office and
Johnstone's garage will suffer heavy
loss through water, smoke and falling debris from the floor above.
Four curs in Johnstone's garage
were pulled out and damage to these
cars Is Blight. Colin Commons, trap
drummer in the Whilehousc Orchestra, who supplied the music at the
dance last evening, will probably be
With the close of this month we
may reasonably expect some signs of
spring, and our attention Is being directed towards the baby chick crop for
next winter's layers. The reproduction of the flock of layers Is by far the
most serious, as well as tbe most expensive problem that confronts tie
poultry raiser.
Whether you are going to hatch
witli hens or Incubators, or intending
!u purchase day old chicks, certain
important things are going to demand
attention. With us, we are pretty well
prepared for tlie arrival of six thousand baby chicks during ilie latter part
of March and April, but what we are
going to do witli the seventh thousand
thai i.- to arrive in May is not yet
quite so clear. Due thing sure, we
win prepare for them well in advance
I.i'st we forget, let us advise you
now. once for all. "for the love of
mike" don'l purchase baby chicks unless you havo n brooder or intend purchasing one before tho chkks are to
Coal burning brooders are the
iheapest to operate, aud by far tbe
best, though their initial cost fs a trifle more. Wo are not selling brooders,
however if any one wishes our person
al opinion «s to the best brooder tor
this climate, we will gladly give It.
* •    •   •
We assume that tire average farmer
who keeps one hundred, fifty or less
hens does not use the Incubator. At
least that number of fowls should bo
easily and more economically raised
in the natural way. We think that
150 pullets can be raised lo a laying
age with less worry and expense by
starting with the purchase of day old
chicks and raising them under coal
burning brooders. However, this method requires expensive equipment,
specially built brood houses, and considerable experience in poultry raising. The average farmer does not
have special brood houses, and does
not care to build them; Cuts we are
advising the use of the mother ben in
lhe good old fashioned way.
• *    •   •
It fs assumed that you have already
made your selection of year old hens
for your breeders, and that they are
pure bred stock, also that you have a
pure bred male bird of sufficient merit
to justify bis place ut the head of the
breeding pen.
Now look around the place for suitable quarters for sitting hens. An old
building that is well lighted, or an
open shed may be available, preferably
some good dry quarters with dlr( floor
and one that can be made safe from
invasion of other poultry or stock.
This will prove fdeal.
Measure tbe width of the place selected and get three 1 x 12 boards and
fwo 1 x 6 of sufficient length to reach
from wall to wall. Divide this space
into divisions of fourteen inches und
get enough 1 x 1- boards to cut into!
twelve Inch lengths for nest partitions; thus making your nests 12 Ins
high by 12 ins. deep by 14 Ins. wide.
The three 1 x 12 boards will form tbe
top, bottom and back. Nail one of the
1x0 boards on the front side nt tbe
bottom and binge the other 1 x 6 to It,
forming a drop door, so that the Betters can be closed up from skunks, j
etc., and only be permitted to come
off the nests while being fed and watered by their attendant. Make as
many of these units as you expect to
have setting hens. Nail them well.
They can be moved from place to
place and used for laying nests, and
will last a life time.
To raise lf»0 pullets you should
hatch at least JtiO chicks. Do not expect more that a lit) tier cent, hatch,;
which moans that you must set l.noOJ
eggs under at least 7u hens, li you!
get J00 chicks ami raise 7.". per cent, j
to maturity, you will do well and it {
means that you will come through to
fall with 185 pullets, leaving 35 to J
cull and sell along with the broilers,    j
Commence now to save the choices!
lots of feed and accumulate a quantity
to assure against tlie necessity of having to take any old sort you may be
compelled to purchase later. Wo have
been all winter saving aud preparing
our baby chick food for next B#rtng
and summer.
Look around tlie different feed
Stores for pure shorts and pure bran
with no ground screenings. Examine the ground corn and ground oats
closely. Even the Cracked com, thnt
you will feed later, needs watching;,
Some mills nre excluding ground
screenings from their bran and shorts
and putting it into other ground feeds.
Test all ground feed by passing it
over Hcreens. After the fibre Is separated you can easily detect the presence of ground screenings, If you
find screenings in your cracked or
ground corn, pass it all over a screen
beforo feeding and give the residue to
the pigs, ft may kill them but they
ure not so valuable as your chicks.
Ground screenings is sure to lower
the vitality of your chicks and increase tbe mortality,
+   *    *   *
II Is our candid opinion, based on
experimental trials, that not to exceed a 25 per cent, egg production can
bo maintained from hens fed on feed
containing mill run ground screenings, und that It will cause an unavoidable sixty per cent, mortality
among baby chicks.
You can procure No. 1 mill feed of
all kinds, thnt nre free from ground
screenings. Insist on it: demand it;
and see that you get it. Purchase!
only from those merchants who will
give you their guarantee, and even J
then, test the feed. They may be!
wrong in gcod faith, but such error
can't help you after your chicks nre
>vimu:k>.i:hk DISTRICT
(Special to The Herald)
lnvermere, B.C.- Miss Ethel Mary
Turner, of Athalmer, has had the honor of having under Hie direction of
Miss Bodecker, passed In the higher
divisions of harmony in the examinations of the Royal Academy of Music
and Royal College ot" Music of London,
The  notices   have  just   been   issued
calling   the   annual   meeting   of   the!
Windermere   District   Farmers'   InBii-j
tute     and     Agricultural     Association (
members   together   for   the   annual
meeting   at   the   School house.   lnvermere, for the afternoon of Saturday,'
the 24tl) of this month, al 2.30 hi the
afternoon.    After all the reports have
been gone over ami the officers elected for the ensuing year, light refres i-
ments   w(lj   be   served,     The
which has Just passed has been an Important one in the histi ry of Ihh
for during it they have erected a fall
buildiuB, v.i.; h !:     i Iven rresh life to
the woi h    The   ....   let Ion
■   mo up for ills i
much economy preached, 1 ns a ratepayer, object to the City Council
luuriehlng out on a projocl which will
involve uu expenditure of mil liy times
thai stipulated In the ii> i:;w.
Every  year on   Ihe  eve  Of      I   - LOi
Hon we hear a great cry against tiie
high rate of taxation, and we cannot
over expect to receive s reduction of
taxes if money is to be speul luvishly
on such schemes. 1 would therefor..'
recommend that the City Council
weigh this matter carefully and find
out definitely what work can be completed for the amount of $10,000 stipulated In the By-law before launching
out on this undertaking.
Thanking you for tbis space,
I beg to remain.
Georglne Ludln, says a medical
journal, has analyzed us, de hiring
that "we are made of soap (fat), iron,
sugar, lime phosphorous, magnesium,
potassium and sulphur," all having a
total ralue of 9S cents to the individual. That being so. no one . ■ ter
an ' look like thirty < ems."
hobs, ami tho anffffgami if m of the twi
bodies under the new Act. It is ex
pected that there will be b large at
tendance and that much business nil
he transacted. The Invitation is ex
tended to ull who are Interested li
agriculture to he present.
* »
SWimilNfl  POOL OK  XflTl
Editor. Cranbrook Herald
Dear Sir.
Kindly allow me space in your val
liable paper to draw your attention to
the manner in which City funds ar«i1
expended and proposed to be expended in connection with tbe proposed
children's park.
A meeting was held on Tuesday evening in the City Hall at which there
were committees from tbe Rotary
Club, City Council, and kindred organizations. The chief topic of the meeting was the construction rf a swimming pool and park for the children.
It appears to me according to the
By-law put to the people last summer.
which passed with a large majority,
that the City Council have s mandate
to construct a park, but there is absolutely no mention made in this B>-
law for the construction of a swimming pool. According to figures presented to the meeting on Tuesday
evening by an engineering firm, the
construction of a swimming jxn>1 and
park would cost much more than the
amount called for in the By-law.
which means the work will be commenced and before half completed it
will be necessary to submit another
by-law involving another large grar.-
from the ratepayers to compete this
Al a time when there i-  being io]
One ^5   packet
MtDAt jWcCi i C3S
Tr** S-»-*< Ttt- law  .. ■  |
told mnkli and first prim     " r i
:«puUnon '» itoihI »iJ- T»i.t
iilrintajt 31 1:111 r* **■ u.nyi
*,ih ' RITCHIE"* If.'! S*-m tVi*
■ofUf and Gor ira CutiV
Send for your packet NOW!
.Send Now! /^
8jj -unitSi WxawK^L--w  fs
(SET A FREE SAMPLE In a plain container by sending thi? advertisement
with roint of hair and your name and
address plainly printed. TO TRY IT
IS TO BUY IT    Full sije bottle J1.25.
THE 1M> COMPANY, Dept. I>.
i;20 Melville Street   Vancouver, B.C.
Practical Caaaaereta] Coarse Id
Skarttaaa), Tr»«wrMn»
BooUeayPf,  CeuarcJal   Law
(oeawrcial Earliaa and
Eur Particalari Apjlj to
C. W. TILEK, Principal
P. 0. Bei, 11, .S'flioa, B.C
tin. hoavtesl Individual loser, n&vlng
lost hi
over |
At tl
II a mes
hy the
s   clitil
700.   n
equipment, valued ri
protectee!  by   tnsur
o'clock Saturday morning the
had  been  completely subdued
tiro department.
curlers are a-curlillK.
the curlers sometimes do.
re ahvays in Rood spirits.
PXGURSION   Round trip
Lw  1 1     — TO	
Banff Winter Carnival
And they're often outside, too.
You'll find them Ins and outers.
If their turns you care to watch,
And all don't hail from Seotland.
But they all admire tlie Scotch.
If curlers went upon the stage,
They'd have no cause- to grouse,
For hy a skilful shot or two,
With ease they'd fill the hotiae.
The curlers keep their feet on ice.
A Cart you may have read;
But in the morning after, oft
They need it on the head.
Bruce Robinson
Teach, r ol Mnjlc
Studio above Murdoch McLeod's. pi.ont tn
Ol    IT\	
sM'tvsiim UNO
HI  I  I A 1,0   HA HUE I'VE
FEB. 22nd TOM All
From stiitinii-
MARCH II,  llttll
For Information   Auk  tho
I    Following is u statement ot ore re
! celved at the Trail Smelter Tor the
period  during February Sth to 14th
Name ol Mine and locality Tone
Knob Hill, Republic, Wn  164
Lone Pine Surprise- Last Chance
Republic,  Wn  323
Nip and Tuck, Windermere, B.C. 30
Paradise.   Windermere.   B.C.   ... 4G
Qullp, Republic. Wn  55
Ruth, Sandon, B.C  40
Surprise,  Republic.  Wn  103
Silversmith (lead). Sandon, B.C. 160
Silversmith (zlncl. Sandon. B.C. 77
Steel Group, Brlsco, ll.C  34
Standard, Sllverton.  ll.C  SI
Company  Mines    U.983
Write for Booklet or Call at   11(1 Baker Street, Xel«on, B.C,
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Purchasers ol' Oold, Silver, Copper, Lead A Zinc Ore<*
Producers of (Jold, Silver,   Copper, I'iir Lend and Zinc
Friday, FehrUiirj 28, l»2.t
metbodist Church
REV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
Sunday February 25th
11 a.m-"Foxes That Spoil the Vines."     Junior Choir.
12.15.—Sunday School and Senior Bible Class.
7.30 p.m.—"The Church From the Layman
Several lay Bpeakers will give brier address*
phases of tills subject.    This should be a
and helpful service.
ies on various
very interesting
Now the Famous Firm of Day
i   Mnrtin   Mine   llutl  to
(Jul! Business
If you have ever read Dickens'
"Pickwick Papers," you recall thai
Mr. Pickwick hail his boots pollsliod
with Day & Martin's blacking. Day
& Man in was a real company, famous
for generations.
Now It is selling out—quitting business,   lis managing director, with a
Meots In the
O. W. V. A. Hall
afternoon of the ]
flrat Tuesday at
3 p.m.
All ladlea are
cordially Invited
President!    Mrs. E. Conslantlne.
Bee-Treasurer I  Mrs. H. Taylor.
troubled look ill Ills eyes, explains:
"Wo failed to keep up oui- advertising." Ii was advertising thai "made"
Day \-  .Martin.
Hut. like many oilier concerns, 11
though! that, once established, ii no
longer needed publicity, The public
dies oil and a new public Is forever
ruining on the singe. This new public naturally lias lo be reached by advertisements, else it will not know of
lhe advertiser. Keen when il knows
ii  forgets quickly  unless constantly
Advertisers should keep In mind
ihe fate of Day ii Martin.
baptist etwrct)
IL a.m.:
■AM   I   MY   imOTHtfU'S
12 nooti: Sunday School
7.P.0 p.m.;
l-.LKO   Il.tiTI'.M.MJS
(Continued from Page One)
Tlio report for the year ending
January 8l8t. 19ii3, while showing that
we are still In the running. is not tlie
encouraging report of n year ago.
Our memberahlj) has dropped ibefore
tlie present drive, which has nut been
particularly satisfactory as tar as
yearly memberships aro concerned),
to a mere handful. This U partly due
to the fact that, in the midst of our
many other trials and vexations, the
boiler dually went lo pieces, and for
two months practically tlie Club house
had to he closed, while lhe Board
racked their bruins to try to und a
way out of this seemingly Insurmountable difficulty.
Financially,   It   would  have   proved
our Waterloo, had il not been for two
ihings: The Otis Staples Lumber Oo,
ante to our rescue by giving us u
boiler,   that   only   necessitated   the
hanging   of   Lho   system   from   hot
utter to steam  Installation, different
onnoctlng of pipes and so on.   Mr.
(iiil, the owner of the building, offer-
I lo stand hack of ihe project tn tlie
extent of $200.00, and  witli the labor
from Wycliffe we wen' al
Plume 210 P.O. «ci *
A.M.B.I.C., &. B.C.L.S.
Mr. J. \V. Kelly of Vancouver spent
a tew days in Mlko, en route to Waldo,
Whore he is making arrangements to
commence work on tlie new Govern-
I moot bridge across lhe Kootenay River. Mr. Kelly lias also the contract
for the new bridge at Wasa.
I. Jack brought in two more cougars during the week. This makes a
total of six caught hy the parly on the
Wigwam this season.
I ntnliKH'k, B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
In tiie Fraternity Hnll
W. A. Wilson, C. C.
H. L. Harrison, K. ot It. Si S.
J. Walker, M. ot P.
Vlsliiiu: Bretliren Cordially Invited To Attend.
I. (). O. K.
fleets every
^Monday nlgtit at
I'lie Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially Invited.
N. G.       -       -       E. O. Dingley
Ilec. Bee.     -     -     W. C. Adlard
lirs. Green & MacKinnon
Physicians und Surgeons
Office al   residence.  Armstrong
Afternoons  2.00 to 4.00
Evenings    7.30 to 8.30
Sundays   2.00 lo 4.00
Mr. Fred Miller
oints in the State
lel't   lasl   week  for
Mrs. K. l.ongley is spending a collide of weeks In ''rnubrook.
Mr. U. Cody of Fernie. lias Iteen
spending a few days iu Elko, looking
over tlie new water line system, for
which lie lias the contract.
.Mr II. While passed through Elko
ou Monday from Waldo, returning In
his home in Fernie.
1)11. F. II. JULES
9 to 12 a.m.     1 to b p.m.
Hanson Illk . CRANBROOK, B.C.
Fashionable Ladles' nnd Gents'
.Merchant Tailor.
Chinese Fancy Hoods and Silk.
Van Home SI., Cranbrook
Phono 410 P.O. Box 447
Phone 850
Nurliurj Ave., neit to I llj 11*11
C.   JOE   BROS.
(raiiliriiiik Street
Oppnsilo the Bank of Commerce
When I1HPAT01.A remove, gall
.tone. In 24 hours without pain l
relieves appendicitis, stomach and
liver troubles. Contain* no poison.
Not eold by druggists.
Sol* Manufacturer
230 Fourth Are., So., B*sk*Uxn, Buk.
Price I860 Prion* 4IH
Soft Drinks
Tobaccos, Cigars
Fruits in Season
Van Home St.. Opp. C.P.K.
P.O. Box 1145.      Rooms to Rent
f*^— 5=3**]
and Best
Montana Restaurant
Meals ut AU Hours
f'lmirs ClgaMttel nnd Candle*
Cranbrook St.    -    Hume am
Opp. Bank of Commerce
i is no small matter that
..rUisii Columbia produces
tho finest Quality canned
milk In Canada, We dy not.
or course, take credit to oor-
BOlvea for this superiority.
but lay the praise to tlie
splendid dairy standards
maintained toy tho dairy
farmers of the Praser Volley.
Our part Is to keep tbis
pntnl milk for you in all lis
richness and purity, with
flavor unimpaired.
.k Vya
day.   lie will
the new bridge,
r. W. Qrny, con
J. McLean, both <
n  irai
left tor Waldo Tnes
- employed there ot
■turnery man
Cnlgary, wei
nn  Friday.
Me -Jcte \J^L\
VQu l?e   CluMT WACHA   WHEN
•VOil    SW    THERE'S-   A  MlliMTV
Fpn*   line ffsTweew
The moel important change iu our
constitution and by-laws lias been lu
lho matter of dues. We have reduced
the number Ot classes from seven to
three, Junior, iniermeillale, ami H<
nior; out of town members to pay tlie
smut' as Juniors for all n^es. There
will ho no family inemborBhlp under
lhe new plan, and Ihe now foes will
koopUot   include  tho  use  nr  ihe  Bleating
the cost of Installation almost to this rink until the rink dobts are paid.   li
Imlt. some enterprising citizen or group ol
The Board Is glad to announce that'public spirited citizens, will uiuler-
tho new system is working more sat-ltuke to clear the cost and outstanding
tsfactorily than the old oven. Wo debts of tho rink, the Board will be
held our re-opening dance on Friday glad io announce the Inclusion of the
evening, February 2nd, and wo ore! use of the rink In the very small fee
still carrying on, and mean to, as long we are at present determined to try
as oven a few of our good citizens to run the Club on.
back us, actually anil verbally, and As for voting anil holding office, of
show   an  appreciation  of our  efforts course, only the yearly members
have a building so well equipped mid
ho useful us a sporis and social centre for the young people, as well as
the parents, but 1 want to say that
no one who Is not or has not been on
the Board and given freely and whole
hcartedly of her or his time and energy, can know the trials, vexation-,
problems and discouragements that
have had to be met and overcome.
But here we are at tho beginning
of our third year, and once more the
Club will try to make a go of It. This
Is my last year as president, and the
retiring officers go automatically on
Iho Hoard for the next year. It will
be necessary for you to select seven
now members for the Hoard. A new
president will aud should put new vim
nnd euergy into the new year, and I
am sure that If Cranbrook will just
put a little more Interest and effort
Into it, the Club will go with a swing.
It is up to Cranbrook, Individually and
collectively) to show lhe right and
helpful spirit.
Before closing l will call your attention io our Ice carnival on Feb. 23.
Music and prizes will he provided, hh
also refreshmouls later at the Club
wish in thank the Board, pnsl
libera and present, for their loyal
BUpporl and their willingness fit dilll-
011H and often tiresome and ledums
labors, und I hope and am sure thai
tothtug will Induce ilie new Hoard
n give hi' "if doterminntton to still
any in.: and that another year will
;oe us permanently established, our
running   expenses   cleared,   our   ont-
and an understanding of tho many
difficulties wo have to meet. Kxpenses
exclusive of the rink are this year:—
125. liS
Printing nud Advertising
Repairs, pool, etc  	
Caretaker and  Instructor 1,125.50
Sundries and depreciation    101.83
Tlie  rink accounts  I   report  separately, as according to our new sched-j
ulo of dues, wo will  have to exclude
of the rink until it is paid for
be eligible. The new scale of due3
and the advantage of joining up for
the year is as follows:
Monti;        Year
Junior     $ .75       ? 5.00
(I'p io and including 11 yrs.i
Intermediate      1,00 10.00
tl'p to and including HI yrs.)
Senior     1.50 15.00
120 years and over)
Out Of Town 75 u.00
(Outside of 5 mile radius of Cranbrook, any ago)
li will be seen that there is a sav
Ing to yearly members of $4.00 to Jnn
at which time it will be thrown open:^. *2.00 to Intermediates, and $.1.00
to all members free as heretofore.       «> Seniors.    AD dues are payable in
Receipts from  the rink  last year advance and no credit allowed,
were $101 83.' l    Tu"8 is ll tremendous reduction from
Kxpenses. last year, including the) *»3t w's membership fees, and it I
total obligation for lots, taxes. fences,} ™1>' by a large enrollment thai wo
building, lights, siovo. hibor. etc.. will be able to make It go.
were $2,.!4!Uf>. leaving us a deficit of1 The running expenses of the Club
$2,247.32 to face the present year. exclusive of the rink, aro approxlm
This year, while the rink is stilljately $;t,000 per year. Consequently
very  poorly   patronized,  our  receipts
The snow plow and a gany of men
wore busy hist week clearing the Government road from Elko to Baynes
Lake. Tho road now is in frond shape
for automobiles.
Community   club
dance   on   Friday
Two Knights
in the Columbia
ing their spare
commonly know
of crib seems
of the Round Table j
Hotel aro now spend-!
time playing "sluff.";
n as pitch. The gamo|
to be  a  thing of the j
show much better, owing largely lo
tbe increased interest in hockey. It
Is the only tbiiiR that has made It al
all possible to carry on through these
winter months. 1 think the hockey
boys have often thought that wo wero
too keen on tho money revenue possible from the games, but with tlie
lack of help and co-oponition that we
evening. A good time was reported. nave mu, ,0 nvercorae, - Clin tel, tliem
A whist drive is on tho program forjtra|lk|y „,.,, ,md „ no( been for th.H
tbis coming Friday. j hu.l)im.  we W0llld Iinve |mii ,„ c|0Ba
the rink. Our outstanding debts, ex-
usive of rink pcyments, etc., are:—
Worden.    tennis   courts.
wood, hauling, etc.  ...$  323.65
O. S. Lumber Co.:  wood.
coal,  etc      762.21
Ouarantors     1,100.00
Jones ti  lioris        151.52
F, Parks «t Co       77.23
O. Spreull         21.50
T.  M.  Roberts         21.75
Benttle - Noble        34.10
in connection with sports, this year
has been, with the exception of hock-
-..»„• .. .7.'„." ..." "*" .. rrrrvr. lev.  uneventful,  owing  mostly  to the
MAI SEEK TO RECOVER        Ia,k of lMuerBnrp aml the nill,s itl.
DA31AGKS FROM ESTATE     ability to procure the services of the
OF I..MII.IO I'H'ARIFIjI.O  right kind of an Instructor.   However
following number of member
must be reached in order to clear just
lite running expenses of the Club:
150 $5 memberships .
100 $10 memberships
75 $15 memberships
.$ 75U.OU
. 1.000.00
.   1.125.00
Elko lias been experiencing spring i
like weather for the past few days.
Constable Smith has just returned
from Xew Wesiminster, after escorting n lunatic there.
Consequently, we have instituted
drive  for  yearly  memberships,  aud
aro offering two prizes, vis.:
First  Prize—For largest  number of
yearly  members,  all  classes—C. R. (
year membership and the choice of a
tennis   racquet   or   a   pair   nf   skates
I not   tu exceed $10.00).
Second PrUe— C.R.C. year mem
bership and choice of hockey stick or
four tennis balls.
Wo had intended to close this drive
February 23rd, but have decided
extend It to .March 15th, and hope to
organize a good Drive Committee.
It must be emphasized that under
the new schedule of fees It will he
Impossible to Include the use of th
rink. That will have to be run as a
separate thins until paid for. How
ever, tbe membership does Include tin
tennis privileges, and any other game:
or   summer   sports   that    the   rink
I we are again In touch with those In a  grounds can be used for
An action in recover $50,000.00 from  position to help us In this matter, and
the estate of Kmilio IMcariello, slayer I think tn a few days we will he as-
of Constable S. Lawson, A.P.P., willisured of a first class instructor and
la» brought on behalf of Mrs. LawsonJorganizer of sportP.
now resident in Reslna. as compon-' Tbe hookey team has done the Club
sat ion for the loss of her husband. and Cranbrook proud, und are to be
Tbe civil action for damages arls- congratulated, particularly on the
Ing cut  of the sensational murder at  brand  of  good,  clean,   sportsmanlike
Coleman, Alberta, on  September 21st   hockey they put up in practically ev-     	
last year, may be started by Wm. ery Instance. The Club wishes to always at the darkest hour something
Gray, barrister. Lethbrldge, who Is thank them In a more tangible way. would happen that would again make
now in Regtoa, or it may he under-land are offering to each of the team lis willing to struggle on nnd con
taken  by ihe Attorney  General's  I)e-  and two Spares a year's membershipivlnce us that our labors wore nol in
All told, the C.R.C. and flic Board
have had a discouraging up-:
Many times we almost gave Up, feeling that our labors and efforts to do
the right thing were misunderstood
and unappreciated, and that somehow
the people of Cranbrook just did not
want to see the Club succeed, und
would not do anything to help.    But
partmeni <>r the Alberta Qovernment   in thoc.it.c.
vain.     Cranbrook   is   very   lucky   I
Last of American Troops Home From Europe
.  ble remedy for rb<
., neuralgia, sore throat ai
Best Liniment Made
illtllun ntul rec'iveit wli.it
tlii-ijoclurcfillttl a very
l»dsprained niikicitmi
t Id tns 1 muil not walk
on it for three week*, I
lit KNT and In ■htdiyi I
u. s out lo work amlrta
1 iliiiik it trie Ubt l.ini-
meat niu.le."
Mtnird'l Liniment
■I way a ulvc* sjuh-
fjctiun. Pol nny
utile or iiitlii. It
dives Initial relief.
Hiiianl's Liniment
Co.. Limited
Yarmouth,   - •   N.s,
Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Head Office, Viinrmner, ll.t.
PftCtOrlei nt AhtmlKford end l.mliter.
the Stomach
TAKE NOTICE Hint Dong Sen nml
Dour To.ik Iwvi! purchased the IrtlSj*
iiesa of T. Fujiyama, Known an i lie
Canadian ('nf'.. Van Home street.
Cranbrook, ami Unit nil porsonti having .'Inlnia Dg&lnsl Hie Halil T. FUJI-
viinm nro requested to render nninc
by February 2r>Ui next.
Dated at rrnnbrck, R.C., Junnary
29th, 1923.
nONll SKN.
4.9-52 DONO TONd.
IN THE MATTER of Parcels
l mid 2 or Block "D" of Lot
J.i!l2, Group 1, Map 1447, Kootenny  District.    (See Reference Plans Nos. 24072-A and
24073-A respectively.
PROOF having been tiled ill my of
c oi the loss of Certificates of Title
Nos. 24072-A and 24073-A to tile above
mentioned lands in tlie name of B.C.
Spruce   Mills,   Limited,  and   bearing
[late the Uth August, 1021. I HERE
UY GIVE NOTICE of ray Intention nt
he expiration of one calendar month
rom the first  publication hereof to
ssue to the said B.C. Spruce Mills,
Limited,   provisional   Certificates   ol
Title In lieu of such lost Certificates
Any   person   having   any   informal inn
with   reference   to  such   lost   Certili
rates of Title is requested to comma
.licuie wiib the undersigned.
DATED nt the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, B.C., this ."III day of February.
A.D., 1923.
Date of first publication, February
1th, 1923. 60-2
Top off eatti meal
Uvith   a   bit   ol
sweet In (lie lorm
It satisfies the
sweet tooth and
aids digestion.
Pleasure and
benellt combined.
standing   dolus   materially   redo I.
the   good-will  of   tbe   people,   parents
and children with us. nnd all Indications lor n successful future. Tliank-
Lift Off witli Fingers
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a llttla
"Preflzone" on an achlag com, Instantly that corn etons hurting, then
shortly you lift It right off with fingers.   Truly!
Your druggist Bells a tiny bottle ot
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn,
or corn between the toes, and the cal-
Inssaa, without sorenens or Irrltatlon-
l\  THE MATTEIl of Lots   1
and   -.   Block   30,   Cranbrook
City,   Map   6tj!i-u.   Kootonay
PROOF  having   been   Iliad   In   tny
ifflco of the los* of Certificate of Title
No.  3418-A to the above mentioned
Idllda in tiie name of QeorgQ P. Tis-
dale, ami bearing dale tlie l^tii May.
1904, 1 HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of my
Intention at the oxplratlon of one calendar month from the llrst publication hereof to issue to the said Qeorge
P. Tisilale a provisional Certificate of
Title in lieu nf such lost certificate.
Any  person  having any  information
vitii reference to such lost Certificate
r Title Is requested to communicate
with the undersigned.
DATED at the Und Registry Office,
Nelson, B.C., this fith day of February,
A.I). 1023.
Date of  first  publication, February
9th, 1923. 50-2
in 4 tmft!
" Nef&hmg bin Zam-Buh could have
done it," says Mrs. A. Bi-irvmui, 1U0.
John Street, North, Hamilton,—In
dcscnt-inn how her ri^lit fool, crushed
by a waggon wheel; was healed, "The
flesh was terribly bruised, blackened and
inflamed, nnd I fainted away with pain.
When it was quite impossible for me to
move about, my littaband's mother got
mc to try Zam-Bulc.   It was surprising!
"Within TWO DAYS all swelling
and discolor.iti.nl had disappeared and
pain was banished In FOUR DAYS,
through ilns timely use ol Zam II l., i
could |*i:t  about  us usual;  tbo  injured
foot was thoroughly b"iled,"
Zam<l)uk is iliL' powerful amis ptic
herder which quickly  frees the skin of
corruption and disease and grows new
healthy tissue    No comm m
or  salve   can   possibly   can   an    wtl
/.am Huk.    (.let a box lu.i... ' &0c. al
dealers nr   FRF.E   SAMPLE   for  l<
postage irom Zam-Buk Co., I oronto.
.   iTHSJBH °i Ub"t'   lmmm*1 khrtkl-d.4 Aifltrteu «Ntf*a» off i
Jngly sailed into Savannah (da.) harbor loot wfc ataui 3 O. S. r
S?""?^* *• *■•*» tr«l» tot** <mm> Om«.        '}
Guard of Uouor.   Ut at pania* tlmi tSUTi
ONiMAfM|M(,|| few* Mfe^^
TAKE NOTICE that LeRoy H. Han-
ey, whose address Is Wnnlner, B.C.,
will apply for a licence for Ihe storngo
of 160 acre feet of water out of Ha Ha
Creek, also known as Lund Lake,
raise the level about fi feet, which
Hows easterly and drains into sinks
on S.L. t> of Lot 325, about the centre
of the lot (S.L. fi).
The BtoragO dam will be located at
tbe  natural  outlet   of  Ma   Ha  Creek
from Lund Lake.   Tlie capacity of tlie
reservoir to be created i» about i.io
cro foe', and ii will flood about 30
leroB of land.   Tlie walcr will be di-
ortod  from  the  Htrenin al   a  point
bout SI, ii, se<- ion. I. No. 8040, and
II   be   used   for  irrigation   purpose:,
pun  the laud described as  Purls nf
Lo'h 2 and 3 of Lot HUfi, Kootenny
Tlffl Mconi'O applied for is III supple-
h'lit u right to take and use wafer as
er Conditional Licence No. B940.
Tbis notice was posted on lbe
round on the LTitb day of January.
A copy of this notice and an nppli-
at ion pursuant fberelo und lo the
Water Art. 1014." will be filed In the
fflea of the Water Recorder at Cranbrook:.
Objections to Iho application may he
'led with the said Water Recorder or
with the comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,
within thirty days after the first appearance of this notice In a local
The date of tbe first publication of
this notice Is January 26th, 1023.
"Cascarets" 10c
Best Laxative
for Bowels
To clean out your bOWtlfl without
ramping or Overacting, lake Cascar-
oIh. Hick headache, biliousness, gns-
Indlgestlon, sour, upset stomach*
and all BUOll distress (tone liy morning.
Nlooit physic mi earth for grown-upi
nnd children. 10a a box. Taste Ilka
Wo niakti, cloan or preii l,iullen'
I>ro8Hi>H. FitiiiiK guarantoed.
Wd make lo order Ladles' underwear und Men's ahlrlH. All KIiuIh
Chlnn mill Jaimnoso Silk Goods,
O|i|iosiio tile niinh or Commerce
Plioiic 201.   P.O. llnx 638
L. D. Cafe
(I.IIIle llnrrniiorl)
When you wish something rooiI
to eat go to tlie "L.D."
aa Friday, l't-lirniiij 28, 1»2»
I'lli:   Clt.VMlHIMIK   II Kit AM)
-as dainty •
as Us name
Ithe north west biscuit company h^
grant, velvety
powder that removes the shine
so perfectly, and
stays on so long-
tloesn't easily
blowor brush off
Lovely tints to
match every com'
— The Rexall Store—
CRANBROOK     -     - B.C.
Where It ptjl to donl
Cranbrook Cottage Hosptal
(Licensed by PrOT, Oovl)
Maternity and General  Nursing
Terms Moderatu
MltS. A. CRAWFORD,  Natron.
Uhrdcn Avenue      -   l'liuue 2159
( ISH'Hrll,   *   KITt'HK
KOirOXBHTil  ro.
Full  Line «f Wall  Paper
In Slock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
I'h.'n,, 109 hi nil liours
CBANBBOOI    •    •    •    "-I'-
Kwong Chong
11 Armstrong Avenue
Opposlto w. D. Hill's
First Class Work  Guaranteed.
STAR if Theatre
Program For Next Week, Commencing Monday, Feb. 26
A  Delightful  Fantastic  Drain;,
Extra Ailili'il Attraction;
Larry Seinon in "Dew Drop Inn"
I     illllli:   CONSIDERING
iifi.immf.nt ACCOUNTS
AG N ES    A V It US     "
lu x 11
•si Btftr ro
'hi' picture
ama and BOttlngs, iIurIIii
I'liuii' anil Seel
Sand," ontltled "'TIS THE BULL" ai
as everjthtng
tli rills.
on "IIIm
nl POX
nl anil
NQflM* TtLMinsVxh* Eternal hame'
and QroateBl Screen Achievement"
li E A T 0 N   in "THE BLACKSMITH"
Her Utlest
it c s T i: i:
.F.G. ,	
in a One  Hour's Musical Treat.
The program will Include die following numbers:
Hurry Lniiiler'n Mo tile j  (By Harry Lauder)
The Isle of Dreams tf. Olcolt) a. .M.S. Pinafore (,A. Sullivan)
The Sunny Soutli .{Lampe) Also Jntwi Numuers
The   same   orchestra Hint luia delighted Cranbrook'a music lovers
wiih Sunday Concerts
Doors Open 7.13     Nn Reserved Seats     Concert Starts nl 8*00 Sharp
IMcltires nl 9 o'clock
& 3 :    AdmlssI
it tt5c nml Hie
& 3
I lodging house. She getB down to in
j Insi nickel and owes the landlady f<
I    The landlady rorces Mary out ai
' she  walks    the    streets  hungry and
I vainly seeking work.     Shu accident!
meets Charlie Owen, whom  she mh
Bul do
Making    "A  Daughter of Luxury
different from any other picture ever j
made is lhe unique role played by Ag-i
nos Ayres, the Btar lu this splcndidr      lor a" »«lualntaneo.
Paramount production, which Is com-;""1 "'"""'"•' """ °"c» «•'« »«
Ing to the Star Theatre on Wednesday r?alla '" love wl1" hcr """ marrles
and Thursday of next week.     In this' hL"'     l,,slca" "e I""0™"'" Eels Ler
,,      ,, ,     ,       ,     ., .   Into nitii'h trouble,
story Mary Pentoit has been taughl to
do nothing except to be sweet and Tbere "ol:s ''<"1,° °" ,0 ",e scene la"
good aud to wear expensive clothes, jlcr » "lc0 >'om,R ma"- "ut lt is Mi,r-V
Mary-s parents die, and Her Inherit- heraelt w1'" """s her ™»»««>°» out
ance proves to be nil. She is forced 0l ,he [lrc' Mls8 Ayres hM a" M"
to live In a hall bedroom in a cheap \mitMt ""UPortlng taste.
(Coiiliiiuuil from Page tl
A  meeting Of the Retail   M'-n haul-.'I save  ;i Imy   [fl  m  wva Q  BOtll   j'lus a
isoctatton was held in the Gounod [life,
tamber on Wednesday evening.1 The hoy is ou ihe auctioneer's block
lien Beveral matters of interest to tor Bale. The question is, who gets
i Association were considered. I the boy'.' How much Is offered? The
Letters were received from tlie Hon. street, the saloon, the gambling den,
\ King in regard to tbe committee the vicious book, the cheap theatre,
an the B.C. Association, who are all make their bids; likewise the
Ottawa endeavoring to1 home, the school, the library, the Sunday School, the V.M.C.A. and the
Church. Who gets the hoy? The sad
and startling fan is thai he goes lo
ihe hiphesi bidder, bul the sadder
fael is thai it may be your hoy, nnd
the best brothering that father, mother, sister or friend ran give is needed to save the boy.
Gordon Woodman sat
religion is jusi
Hint- as a man'
it prsseul
ibtab) certain relief from the burden
if the sales tax.
i accounts from members giving the names ot customers in arrears
wiih accounts, together with the amounts, were read by the secretary,
The manner in which these delinquents would he dealt with was left
in a committee.
In the opinion of Mr. P. Scott uud
others pi eseitt the matter of some
local body taking up the question of
irrigation for St. Mary's Prairie and
other Irrigable lands iu tbe vicinity
was mosi urgent. If QOtne concerted
action   wen-   taken   and   proper   pro*
sntatlon made to the Qovernment, ii
wag felt thai results could be obtain*
ed, it was Importanl to remember
that it would take years before a
•.(■heme could he decided upon ami installed. Therefore no time should be
IobI  In making a start.
It is probable that the annual Easter Monday Ball in aid of ihe hospital j
will be taken iu hand by the Merchants again  shortly.
that a boy's
i^ uatural and gen-
While he might nol
s w e
. ih
■ Win
lie expected In lead
or Sunday School i
ample he could be
he might noi (Ind pi
lhe lilble one hour a
read some each day.
nan run as fast. Jum
loud   and   be   just   :i
other hoy. A Christian
rather lose than play falsi
not be ashamed
prayer meeting
sb, still by ax-
leader. While
Bure in rending
i lime lie would
\ Christian boy
its far, shout as
merry as any
boy would
and should
Never Let A
Cold Get A Start
Follow The Good Advice
London  \Vom.in
tli A
u Christian?" Kay Brown explained
thai as ih.- early Christians had to
leave all io fellow Christ, so thfl boy
of io day had t" leave tomethlng,   u li
as bad lialdls. ami i HllpflltloilB, Bllice
being a Christian means being a companion of Christ, he musl do thing:.
that are pleasing to Christ.   While lie
infinitely more.
H. R. Minimi, speaking on "What
are the rightful claims of the Church
upon the Tuxis Boys," said that the
Church was the one Institution that
through the ages has kepi and handed
down to ns the true Blory ot the Gospel, and the one Institution thai stands
for soul saving and character building. The privileges of carrying the
Gospel arc many and \arled. Take
for instance education. In the Sun-'
day Schools the Hub' tots commence
attending al four years of age, two
years before they enter the public
schools. It has been the Church,!
through iis members, who have fougl I
for an educated i" pulace hy the establishing oT schools and hospitals
Even liberty has come large!) through
the efforts of the Church.
What are. we to expeel from Hie
Tuxis Hoys? As the Tuxis Boys all
belong to tlu- Suudaj School, we ex-
I peel them to Join the Church. When
I they become members they thereby
(confess to the world thai they belong
to (iod and are against all fori
I sin.
And in the growing up process they:
must learn to put first things Rrsl An
they are to be the future Church, sc
must they learn to light it> battles al
home, and abroad in the mission Held
For a  Bilious  Headache
brew a CUD of Celery King-
natural herlm und ruuti a gentle
laxative and purifier. Tunes Up
the liver and Stimulate! digestion
Makes you feel bright ami vigor
mis.   80c and 60c, at druggist-.
Stop that Cough
It diP'reniM you and your friends
it is dangerous, A few drops of
Shllob, the 60-year old remedy,
brings immediate relief. Shiioh
■topsthat irritating tickling In the
throat, loosens the phlegm and
heals th* tissues. C,et Shiioh. nt
your druggists, 80c, 60c and $1,20
Athletic Girls—
After a hard game it is not
only the delicate fragrance
of Baby's Own Soap which
pleasi-s, but also the wonderful restfulness imparted by
its refreshing lather.
Ihe  Wy-
ai hockey
Through the courtesy of
cilffc Club iu loaning lhe loi
hoys their uniforms, the team have
been re-named "The Sheiks." Friday
next Mgr, "Rajah" Huffman and his
troupe of "Whirling Dervishes" board
the caravan for Fernie. where they
are scheduled to meei the Fernie All
The team will be accompanied by
several Cranbrook fair toilettes, who
promise thai none of the "Arabian
Knights" will he smilti-n hy lhe
charms of the Fernie beauties,
Note. — Owing lo the n
er intervening, it has h
ry to postpone Ihis gam.
g received from Fernie
e was not fit to play ou.
bier we
. word be-
that   (heir
Praises Tanlac
I Declares lt Restored Him (om
pletely \\\wn Almost Helpless From Rheumatism
Throtlgh the courtesy of the Star
Theatre management, a private advance showing was given on Monday
afternoon to about two dozen, of a
big D. W. lirllUths screen production,
'Orphans of the Storm."
Griffiths has already made substantial contributions to the development
o( motion pictures by his masterpieces
"Hearts of tbe World." "The Birth of
a Nation," 'Intolerance." and others.
but "'Orphans of the Storm" surpasses
them all. It is baaed on the times of
the  French Revolution, ami produced
in an atmosphere ot magnificence that
has probably nol been equalled in any
ptcture hitherto produced. French
palace grounds ami interiors, coatum-
i > and other effects are ail shown with
the   same   studied   gorgOOUBness,   anil
[with the Introduction of such charac-
i (era   as   the   scheming   Robisplerre,
Jopon hearted  Danton and the blood
oat on.   My appetite\■*-*■&  "^ol^,,   m  JacQuea."    The
ie, 100, and I was run-  PIcture takM n" mm historical value
jiilso, and the mob scenes depicted have
Joseph Frederick Warren, a well
known resident of 1186 ^lst St, Kasi
Vancouver. B.C., Posl Master, at one
time, for sixteen years at Cornwall,
Prince Edward island, recently gave
out the following statemenl regarding
"Tanlac made such B wonderful improvement in my health two years ago
that I have been a staunch BUppOrter
of It ever since. I consider u lhe
greatest   medicine   t"i   rheumatism,
losi   ■ i   appetite   ami   run down   system in [he world.
"The rheumatism had gol so bad In
my arms,  shoulders  ami hips   1  was
forced to quit  work.    1 couldn't   take
a step or move a muscle without Buffering torture ami ai   times 1 coiildn
even   put
went back
down all i
"Well, live bottles of Tanlac rid mi
of the whole thing ami buill me up a
that 1 have enjoyed good health ever
since I have never come across the
equal of Tanlac iu all the scveiily Iwo
years of my life."
Tanlac is for sale by all good drug*
lirts.   over 86 million bottles sold.
The annual meeting of the Pernie-
Fort Steele Brewing Co. took place
this week. H. L. T. Galbralth and Al,
Doyle, Of Fort Steele, were In town
for this meeting.
-  Fernie Free Press.
The quick direct treatment for
colds of children and grown-ups loo.
is au application of Vicks over throat
and chest, al bedtime.
Noi only is Vicks absorbed through
lhe skin, but lis healing vapors oi
Camphor. Menthol, Eucalyptus, Turpentine, etc., are breathed all night
diretilly turn the affected air passages.
Relief usually comes by morning.
Just as good, too, for cuts, burns,
bruises and Itching skin troubles,
.Mrs. Lily Waghorn of 126 Elliott
St., Loudon, Out., says: "I am pleased
to tell you I have never found anything to equal Vicks VapoRub. My
daughter hud a terrible cold and sore
throat. I rubbed ft on her forehead
as her head was aching ami got her
to bed. .\exi morning she was nearly
well. I think ii is lhe best yet for
colds or chest trouble, also catarrh
iu the head, as il loosem, up the air
passages so quickly."
Al all drug stores. 50c. a jar. For
fl free test size package, write Vlck
Chemical Co., 344 St. Paul St., W..
Montreal, P.Q.
Though Vicks is new iu Canada, it
enjoys a remarkable sale. Over 17
million jars used yearly.
ALftiHT    SOAPS    (.IMlTtO
A short winding cobblestone street.
along the sides of which rise squalid,
bleached buildings, here a tenement,
and there a greasy, evil-smelling restaurant, make the waterfront scenes
along the San Francisco beach line an
unusual ami picturesque setting for
Singed Wings," Stanlaw's production
or Paramount, featuring Bebe Daniels nml Conrad Nagel, which will he
the feature at the Star Theatre nexl
Monday and Tuesday. An entire district of the north Canifornia city was
copied stone for stone and brick for
brick at the Paramount studios for
scenes in "Singed Wings." Although
the company travelled to San Francisco to take certain scenes in which
ihe bay figured as a background, ii
was necessary to build a replica of
the ffalerfronl inside the studio.
Instantly!    End Indigestion
or Stomach Misery with
"Pape's Dlapepsln"
As toon ns you eat a tablet or two
of "Pape's Dlapepsln" your indigestion Ih gone! Heavy pain, heartburn,
flatulence, gasses, palpitation, or any
misery from u sour stomach ends.
Correct your stomach and digestion
for a few cents. Kach package guaranteed by druggist.
'vividness   thai    calls    lo   mind    what
i must have been Of frequent occurrence In those stirring days. There
is also a thrilling race with death for
a victim condemned to the guillotine,
which is only won by a kindly soldier's   delay   and  ft  humble   peasant's
It   requires   considerable  outlay  to
put a picture of this description into
Cranbrook,   ami   the   management   of'who  love good mi.
the  Star are  showing  by  taking on! will be as follows:
ong with tbe big picture, "The
nal Flame" featuring Norma Tal-
jge, coming to The Star next Frt-
lay and Saturday—in itself an unus-
ml attraction—the management have
irrangetl with Mr. F. t!. Novak for an
irchestral conceri of an hour's dura-
Ion each night.
This is the same orchestra that has
lellghted Cranbrook music lovers
.villi their Sunday evening concerts,
nn! lhe program they will present
cannot fall to give pleasure to those
oil music,    The program
(HHI.S!       IIAIIt     APPEARS
This!    A (ileum;  Mats ul
Soft, l.imirimit llnir
rl»V m  iiltV a.    *eA—*"l
Willi ihis class of picture thai  they Harry Lauder's Medley    Under
have   con (Id on co   in   ihe    people   of The isle or Dreams  C. Olleott
Cranbrook  to show  they appreciate K. M. 8. Pinafore  A. Sullivan
tho efforts made lo get the best In pic- The Sunny south   Lampe
turos for their entertainment. AIbo Jnss selections
At once You can transform even
plain, dull, flat hair. You can have It
abundant, soft, glossy and full ot life.
Just get a .i.t cent bottle of "Danderlne" at any drug store. Then moisten
u soft cloth with the "Danderlne" and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small Strand at a lime. Instantly
yes, Immediately, you have doubled
ihe beauty of your hair. It
mass, so soft, lustrous and
do up. All dust ami excessive oil Is
Lei "Danderlne" put new life, vigor
and brightness In your hair. This
stimulating tonic will freshen your
scalp, check dandruff and falling hair
and help your hair to grow long,
thick, strong and beautiful,
ve   doubled    \
It  Will be a I 9
so easy to ;   I
Telephone M P.O. Box 91(1
Tow-las ft Adarnn
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
IIKSI'IIIITION III HOOKS! li Tlir >m tanner's
.Mniiunl (enlarged edition)—a ron-lensed enc>vlo.
paedln o( practical Information lor the general
fanner, stockman, ilalryman, poultryman. fruit
grower, etc 266 pni;e-. (2) The r'amllj Herald
Couk Hook Scientific but non-technical. (3) 100 of
llio Host Sonirs \ rare collection of old favorite-.,
in Singing (.'antes Indispensable (or children's
parties. (6) Sundaj Album oi Sacred Soon—
A comprehensive collection o( popular and classical
sacred songs.
Extraordinary Clubbing Offer
By special
Family lleralil
The Cranbrook
with the esira
The Family Herald
jileie library in itself, a
Paper, a Home Journal, :
Weekly Newspaper.
arrangement we are offering The
and Weekly Star of Montreal ami
Herald al a money saving club rale.
Inducement of a valuable book, cosl
and Weekly Star is a com-
inbining as it do*s a Farm
. Children's Magazine and a
This Offer flay Not Last Long
If yon are noi a subscriber lo The Family Herald
and Weekly Star, read Clubbing Offer No. 1. If yon
are a subscriber to The Family Herald and Weekly
Star, read Clubbing Offer No. 2.
All Orders musl be senl to The Crnnlirnnk Herald.
Cranbrook, B.C.
( U'liltiv;   OFFER   NO. I
Tu    Xnn - Siihsoribers   ei   Tbe
I'niiiiij   Herald k Weekl,  Star
One NEW subscription (o The
Family Herald and Weekly Star
(Regular price $2.00 per year).
One new (or renewal I subscription to The Cranbrook Herald
(Regular price $2.00 per yearl.
One Valuable Hook, as described above.    Vit for sale al any
All Orders musl be senl lu The (ranlirnok Herald
Yon Bare
( I.I hhim; OFFER NO. i
To Pre
enl   Suliserlhers of Tk.
Herald k  vteeklt Star
One   NEW   subscription   with
your own renewal lo The Family Herald and Weekly star
(Regular price J4.00 for the
One new (or renewal I subscription lo The Cranbrook Herald
(Regular price $2.00 per year).
One Valuable H<
and renewal >
Family Herald
nk wiih hoth 1 lie new
abaorlpUona   to   The
.ml  Weekly Star.
Von Have
MtTK: A renewal suhHcrintinn alon*
cannot he accepted under this offer.
Kuril renewal tnuni. he accompanied
by one NEW snimcrlptlon to The
Family Heruld in order that each
may qualify for a booh.
All Order* miiM In* seul to The Cranbrook Herald
Cranbrook, B.C.
■A   »"«V   n««V""«V   ■■«%   u*lltmst*is}pmtTS}t\imm4 PAGE   SIX
Friday, February 33, 1933
- and —
Fresh New Stock
—   Til Y
Sunday services:  Holiness i
11 a.m.   Sunday School af
Salvation meeting ut 7.30 p.in.
Monday, February 26th at S p.m.—
Annual entertainment mid prize giving. Programme by the children, in
eluding service of song entitled "Tlu
Cradle, Colors, Cross and Crown. Ad
mission io cents. We will be glad ti
welcome you to our services.
• Cocas nm.
Ti)-night   at
Iho   Star,   "The
f    Illl'IIHltlll
the even-
Ciiy Items of interest
Insure with Iteulo & Elwell.
+    +    +
One  Special   Six  Studebaker;   one
llvo  passenger  McLaughlin,   In   perfect condition.    A real good buy.
+    +    -r
Wo repair hot water bottles, rubber
footwear,   in   fact  anything   made  of
rubber.—Wilson's Vulcanizing Works,
Baker Street. 36tf
+   +    +
Mr.  Harry Uusil of Lethbridge has
purchased tho cafe recently known ;is
the Good Eats from Mr. John Armour.
The new  proprietors are at present
renovating  the  place,  and   expect  to
open up again shortly.
+   +   +
We have in a Full Llue of Winter
Rubbers, and—
Our low prices win every time.
+    +    +
A safety deposit box with Beale &
Elwell means absolute security for
nominal individual fee.
Don'l  forget St. Mary's Ladles'
he 17th of March.
aton was
i Monday,
ible to leave the
following his re-
die Ills.
Only Good
Food Will Do
For Your Family!
That's   Why   Y«m  Should
Insist on Having—
Phone 51
5,000  MEN
to try our meals at the new cafe.
AN white help.   Opposite depot.
Full COUT80  men Is  :..>.
A  trial  will convince you.
Under  the  management   of
GlTO a  Returned  Mini a Trial,
(Over Club Cafe)
Portraits & Amateur Finishing   Done   by   Kx-
perl Photographer
Watch for  Later Announcement
One   Special   Six   Studebaker;   one
live  passenger   McLaughlin,   In   perfect condition.    A real pood buy.
+    +    +
Tho young  people  of  the  Baptist
Church  aro  spending
evenings on Sundays
ing service at tlie homes of variou
members  of  the  congregation.   Th
last one was held at the borne of Mrs.
Woodman.     Next   Sunday   iln.-y   nice
it Mrs. H. Hintou's.
+    +    +
Tenders  are  being asked  for  th
orecllou   of  the   new   school   addition
The wile, of the school debe 'es 1"
WE   A RE I ,.aiiy luis not  been very BUCcesstlll  I
CAREFUL| (q^ am| unless the Pernio people tuk
advantage of the city's offer'al one.
they Will be sold In the eastern mono
markets.—Fernie Free Press.
+   +   +
Fur supplying intoxicant;: to an In
ilian S. Matuka, a Japanese, was found
guilty and lined $200. or to spend six
months as a guest of llio Government.
Being llku many others a little short
of ready money, lie will enjoy free
meals and lodgings for n half year at
Nelson. The proceedings were Instl-
tuted by Indian Agent II. F. Holmslng
and Indian Constable F. Ryekmun.
+    +    +
Dr. J. O. Shearer, secretary for the
Presbyterian Church of the Sorlnl
Servlco Council for the Dominion of
Canada, was in the city on Monday,
and thai (•veiling addressed a meeting
In the Methodist Church. He has an
amazing faculty for statistics, nnd
has the figures nt his fingers' ends
relating to social conditions in different parts Of the country. lie dealt
on Monday among other malt civ
with Ihe narcotic tralllc in Canada,
showed how the Chinese figure as the
biggest clement hi (lie problem, and
bow tho drug tralllc had unjustly been
blamed on to prohibition,
+   +   +
Wo have, in stock a full lino of
Women's, Men's, Girls', Boys' and
Children's Shoes. Our stock Is cum
plete and—
Our low  prices win every time.
+    +    +
Now Is tbe time to be thinking of
buying your home. Beale .£ Elwell
can help you, Why not see them
about it?
+    +   +
A movement is on foot to establish
a branch of tbe Rotary Club In Creston. While the business community
there Is small. It is confidently expected there would be no difficulty
organizing the club.
+   +   +
A handsome monument was erected
on Thursday last in the Provincial
Court House grounds to the memory
of our brave boys who fell in the
Great War. The monument, which
stands 18 feet high, contains ou It tlie
names of all those from this district
who made the supreme sacrifice,
—Fernie Free Press.
+ + +
Mrs. Flnlayson, holder of Senior
Certificates from the Royal Academy
of Music, London, England, will give
lessons on pianoforte and violin at
pupils' homes,    Sub phone. 411-51
+    +    C
Beale  &   Ehvell,   steamship  agents
for tbe best lines to Europe.
+    +    +
The Rebekah Lodge Is giving a concert and dance at the Auditorium en
Tuesday next, February 27th, at 8 p.m.
10 which Odd Fellows, Rebekahs. visiting brethren and invited friends are
cordially asked to attend. There will
be music and a -sketch, nnd dancing
from about 10.30 to 2. Refreshments
will be served. Robinson's Orchestra
In attendance. ','>
+-    +   +
Mr. a. J. McDonald of Lumbertor
who has been In the St. Kugene llos
pltal for tlie last two months, a suffer
iur from pneumonia, left that Institution this week completely recovered
In un Interview with a Herald representative Mr.  McDonald wits lipid  In
| his praises of tho treatment that ha
been given him by the nurses ther
and of the kindly attentions of It
Green. Mr. McDonald, who bus been
in this country 110 years, bus been
laid up three times previously with
pneumonia. He will now make lit-
home In .selson.
a pi
Mediums, of Waldo, who has
a patient at the hospital here of
s improving.
BORN—On Sunihi
to Mr.  and   Mrs.   K.
city, a sou.
"Singed Winds'' \
Star, Monday and T
*,  February  ISth
Puscuzzo of this
Bebe Daniel!
lay, also Larr
Arthur Rogers, of Galloway return'
i'd to his homo on Sunday alter a slay
ill  the hospital.
.Mrs.   W.   A.
rgla '
A ill   lei
ieivo on
ilny    iit'ii.
Ul.      1
y   -7l ii,
1   ult   llio
'III '1
roll nml Ai
Hub  Ullahi
11 I'l'l
■sliyterllill  lllls-
tary,   will
II 111
1   will  siioi
III   1
il   Un
■  K mix
iiiii;:   siTYi
111    the
mul In lhe
old Walllnger reiurned on Tubs-
f ihis week to Trail, after a few
spent visiting itl home with hfi
ts, Mr. nnd  Mrs.  N.  A.  Wnllin
Messrs. .). F. Scarth and J, McLennan, Inspectors for.the Imperial Banh
were In the city over the week-end in
connection with the annual inspection
of the bank.
L. Harrison left for Spokane ou
Wed il
esday's train, where he will get
specialist  attention for trouble
his eyes, from which be has been
ing of late.
Senior basketball game at tbe Recreation Club gymnasium Wednesday
evening, Feb. 28th, at 8.15, Wycliffe
vs. Cranbrook, Boosters needed. Admission 25c. 52
L.   P.   Leard  ot  Wnrdner  wns
Cranbrook on Friday.
0. M. Taylor, now of Lethbrldge, was
in Cranbrook for a few days last
"A Daughter of Luxury," Agues
Ayres, Star, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. US and March 1. GJ
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stewart, of the
Mission, ure both at tbe hospital,
suffering from pneumonia. Both are
reported to be doing fairly well.
The Tennis Club will hold a dance
on Friday, April 18th, at the Parish
Hall. 52
Max. McSweyn of Vancouver, an
old time traveller, visited Cranbrook
ou Monday lust.
1). Murray, of Wycliffe, Is a patient
at the hospital here, and reported as
doing fairly well.
Mrs. K. W. MacKay was In Creston for a few days ihis week iu attendance at the W. M. S. Kootenay Pros-
HORN—On Sunday, February  18th,
at the St. Eugene Hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs.   John  Wardrappe, of  Build  HI
er, a daughter.
Mrs. II. J. Stevens of this city hns
been a patient at the hospital recent
ly, recovering from a severe attach of
Dr.' Wilson Herald, ear, nose and
throat specialist, will bo In Cranbrook
March 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and can be
consulted nt the Hospital. 52tf
Novak's popular Symphony Orchestra In ono hour's musical treat at the
Star   Friday  nnd   Saturday,   March
and ;!. 52
L, D. Ockiey. Inspector for the Dominion Express Company, wns in tbe
city on Sat unlay last for a short
The condition of Mrs. H. Brock, of
tlils city, who has been lying 111 at
tbe hospital, is reported as showing
hut  Mule change.
"The  Ettrnal Flame"  with Norma
Talmadge,   also   Buster   Kenton
"The   Blacksmith*   ni xt   Friday   and
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith return-1 Saturday, March 2 and ...
on Saturday night from their lion-1 _
Own your home! Why not? It can
be made easy for you by monthly in
stalments. Call ou Beale & Elwell.
and learn all about it.
eymoon trip to Spokane. They will
not he removing to Lumborton for a
month or so, till their new home is
ready lor occupation.
A. A. Cameron left last week for
Vancouver, transferring to the Coast
division for six months or so. Mrs.
Cameron and family will follow at the
close or the school term, and they may
decide to make their home there In
Rev. W. T. Tapscott will address a
men's meeting at the Y.M.C.A. on Sunday afternoon next al 3.30, his subject being "In the Clutches of the
Law." An orchestra and a mule
quartette will give special music, aud
all men are cordially invited.
Mrs.  Cletldennan of Nelson  arrived
In tbe city on Thursday evening, and
is spending a few days at the home of
her brother and sisier-in-Inw. Mr. and
Mrs. G. T. Molr. .
Mrs. Woodland received word
.Monday df the Illness of her sou nt
Golden, who was suffering from pneu
monia, and left as soon as possible
ic be with him.
Miss S.  V. MeCallum of the Central School staff was able to resume
her  duties  with  Division   XL,  after
— | uu  absence through   sickness.    Mrs.
Martin Bros, this week sold tbe res- p. W. Willis lias been acting as her
identlnl   properly  of   Harry  Mott. on substitute,
Armstrong Avenue.       The  purchaser; _
is Mrs. Rojier. of Lethbrldge, a sis-j Mr. D. S. Williams of Calgary was
ter-in-law of Mr. Walter Bryan, with a husiness visitor in the city on Sat-
whom she and her son have been stay- urday last. Mr. Williams' wife Is tin
lug, It Is believed to be Mrs. Roper's I authoress of a new book that will ap-
intention to use the house for n room-! pear shortly, dealing with early lift
P. Woods Meat Market
NOIIIIIJKY   AVKNUE   (Opposite Old Rink)
Finest Beef in the City.   ■  -   Milk Fed Veal nml Pork
New Laid Eggs
Say! Have You Tried Them?   Many are telling us how
nice they are.   TRY THEM YOURSELF.
ing and boarding house.
T. H. Hates arrived in the city on
Saturday evening from Kingsgate, in
response to u hurried call necessitated by the condition of Mis. Bates, who
was lying critically ill al the hospital,
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Hen. .bdntson
arrived from Kingsgate, so Mrs. Johnson could be with her mother. At
the time of going to press, the condition of Mrs. Bates is reported as being slightly  improved.
Many old associations arc being recalled with the demolition of the old
curling rink, which has boon in progress, and there are apparently a good
many still in the city who pul some
irnod money Into the cause nt the time
the rink was built.   Time soon proved
its unsuliability for the purpose for
which It was built, however, and it
has long been an eyesore In Its neglected condition. The park, no matter to what stage of completion It Is
pushed, cannot prove OS unsightly at
tbo dClupidfitod building now being
[•'red Small, who has this week taken over the work as Government Ai
enl    at    lhe    Provincial    Government
Building, will carry on lu a good
many capacities till some re-organization Is effected, which may take Bomc
nf tlie load from off his shun: 'ers,
iih appointment as Government Agent curries with It nlso many other
more than merely titular positions.
Including Court Registrar, Gold Commissioner, Mining Recorder, Collector,
Registrar of Births, Marriages and
Deaths, Director of the Hospital, and
several others as well. Mr. J. S. Alexander, who has been carrying on for
itbout a year as Acting Government
Agent. Is leaving about the end of lbe
month, nnd may go from here Into
the Vancouver office. Ho has been
recently Joined hero by Mrs. Alexander, and will bo missed In musical
circles, whero as a violinist, lie has
been of valuable service In orchestral work.
' ou tbe prairies.
Rev. E. W. MacKay left on Wednes
day for Nelson to attend the quart
erly meeting of the Kootenay Presby
lery. Mutters of routine business and
the reading of reports from committees occupied the attention of the delegates for a day. He returned
The annual meeting of the hoard of
trade is called for Monday evening of
next week, at the city hall, nt 8 p.m,
The usual business to come before an
annual meeting will bo brought U]
aud all who have any interest in th
work of the board or trade are urged
to show it by their attendance at the
meeting ou Monday. The executivi
of the board has been meeting regul
arly throughout the year, and prog
ress has been made in some project?
In a quiet way of which nol n great
deal  has been heard,
One of the real comforts of
the home la a dependable
clock — one that harmonizes
With other appointments and
has  a sweet chiming gong.
Many n home Is without the
convenience of a good clock
simply because folks do not
realize how reasonably thoy
can bo purchased.
The Jeweler
For  liiind   Clock   Value
Coming Events
Friday and Saturday, Feb. 2.! and 24: I
"The Old Homestead," at the Star. I
Sunday, Feb. 26; "In the Clutches or
the Law," address by Rev. W, T.
Tapscott, Y.M.C.A. at 8.80 p.m.
Monday, Feb. 28: Annual meeting of
Cranbrook Board of Trade, at City
Hall. S p.m.
Monday, Feb. 2G1; Salvation Army annual 'entertainment and prize giving, Salvation Army Hall at S p.m.
Mon. and Tues., Feb. 20 and 27: "Sing- j
ed WJngs" at The Star.
Tuesday, Feb. 27: ltebekah concert!
and dance for Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, visiting brethren and friends. |
at the Auditorium, 8 p.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 2S: Senior basketball j
game at C.R.C, Wycliffe vs. Cranbrook, at 8.16.
Wed. and Thurs., Feb. 28 and Mar. 1:
"A Daughter of Luxury"—Star.
Friday, March 2: "The Tryst lug
Place, by WyclUTe Players, at Auditorium, 8.16, followed by dance.
New Arrivals
These are now open for your Inspection, the prices are
lower and the quality and colorings are much superior
lo productions of former years.
We have the Invoices of many other new lines that will
arrive shortly.
Mr. J. B. Turuey of Lethbrldge was
in the city on Tuesday.
H.   (luitin   of   Sirdar  came  up  to
Cranbrook on Tuesday,
and Sat., Mar, 2 aud .1: Novak's
Sympbany   Orchestra,   one   hour's!    Mrs.   Welhy  of   Kitchener  was  a
programme at The Star. j Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
Fri. and Sat., Mar. 2 and 8: "The Eternal Flame" and "Tbe Blacksmith"
at Star Theatre.
Friday, March 10: Q. W. V. A. annual masquerade dance at Auditorium.
Saturday, March 17: Tea hy Ladies'
Guild of St. Mary's Church.
Friday, April 13: Tennis Club Dance
at the Parish Hall.
0 » I T U A ft V
The death took place ou Friday
morning of this week, about nine
o'clock, of the Infant son of Mr. and
Mrs. F. J. Harblnson. The little one
was but nine weeks old, the cause of
death being pneumonia. Four elder
children remain In tlio family. The
funeral will bo held privately on Sun
day next.
tieo. Watson, C. P. II. fireman, was
able to leave the hospital on Monday,
after a stay of some weeks.
J. F. Mannell and A. II. Manning of
the Lovering Lumber Company, Wasa,
were in the city on Friday last.
W. Shaw, Inspector for the P.
Burns & Co.. paid Cranbrook a visit
last week.
Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Haane of
Lumberlon were In the city on Tuesday.
Now that the hockey season seems
about to come to an end, basketball
Is being organized. Lincoln Baker
of the high school staff is undertaking the management of the Cranbrook
team In connection with the Recre-
tiou Club, and on Wednesday of next
week thoy play a return game with
tho Wycliffe team, when they hope to
! reverse the result of the game at Wy-
ieliffe this week.
in riCt.MII.lt \X. I,. KING
(Canadian Pn w)
Premier King introduced the He
distribution BUI at the opening of til
House, of Commons at Ottawa ot
Tho unit of representation under
the 1021 census, Mr. King pointed out,
was 36,289 as compared with 80,810
In 11)11.
The distribution of the seats among
the provinces he gave as follows
Present   New
Prince Edward 1
slund   4
Now   HrutlHWIck
Saskatchewan   ..
British Columbia
.... 13
Annual Meeting
of the
Cranbrook Board of Trade
will be held at tho
Reports will lu- received, Officers elected,
and other Important business,
Show your interest in the progress of the Clly by
attending this meeting.
.1. P. FINK, President. P. A. SMALL, Secretary.
If yon would enjoy a good meal
Try Moore's Cnfe
Only White Help Employed
Baker Street     Phone .",:>!l
Opposite i\ Hums & Co.
■VJAK   HKt'OJtl)   HAM)   STOIti-
1'hont ».
We pay the best prlc« going (or ill
Hindi   of   furniture.      Wo buy anything from a mnuu trap to an auto-
W. W. Kllby. Auctioneer and Valuer
VOli BALE—Beautiful D.B, shot gun
by Greener, us good as new, iu leather ease; cost 40 guineas, will accept $150. Almost new double keyboard Remington typewriter, ft'.5.
Ci. C. II- Coleman, Windermere.
D.C. 58-1
WANTED—Small  cottage, or housekeeping rooms, furnished or partly
furnished.    Phone 148, f)l!tf
WANTED —Offices to clean, or any
kind of work. (!. I.eflner, Armstrong Avenue. fi2
WANTED—Work for boy 16 years of
age, in town preferred.  Leave word
at Herald (Mllcc. B8tf
WANTED—Team chunky buy mares,
o to 7 years, about 8,1100 lbs., free
from vice, guaranteed breeders, and
backed by vet's, cerllllciite of mniud-
neHK.   (j. c  ii. Colomaii, Win dormers, il. 0. Ml-1
TO HKST  Two single rooms,   Apply
PftUllon    Moubo,    Mis     A     l.elllier,
Armstrong Avenue. '■;!
POn    KENT   -One
Phono IH.
tun   for   rent,
Studio:  37 Armstrong Avenue
Opposite Telephone Dullding Phone 142
WANTED- We wlxli lo purallMO for
spot o&Bll at tn&rkol price two good
milk cows, fresh wltliin pasl tldity
daya. Brown Poultry Uaneli, P.O.
Hnx 703, Cranbrook. 51K
wanted— Help for general house*
work. Apply Mrs. Fred W. Adolph,
Baynes Lake, B.C. 51-1
FOR SAI.K  One Savage ,103, and one
Ue Enfield rifle.   B. Weaton.
TO BUNT—Three rooms. Can be used
for housekeeping. 209 Dewar Avenue. 48lt
WANTED 1)0 BUT—We buy furs.  &


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