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Cranbrook Herald Jun 14, 1917

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-*- :.*^.r
A public meeting of citizens of Cranbrook and District Is
called for Sunday evening ut 8.80 p.m. in tlu* Auditorium. The
purpose of the meeting Is to discuss conscription, llie all ab
sorbin*; topic llirirutflioiil Canada.
Itcscrvcd seals for Indies and tbeir escorts.
Supl. A. I'. Ilnrshiin will net   as chairman.
May illh, HUT
Meeting held on Tuesday, Juno 12th.
Iu uttenduuee: Ills Worship The
Mayor, Alderman Eakln. Commissioner Parrett.
The Chief of Police reported aB follows:
To His Worship the Mayor, and the
Police Commissioners.
Gentlemen.— 1   have  tlie  honor  to; sincerely
Dear Mrs. i'yc. That i haven't writ-
ton sooner is because l wasn't vory
Worda are ompty. My honrl aches
for you. and for myself. I go about ull
lost; und yet Davo would not have you
grieve. Rust assured that he has
found peaco und happiness, Clonu in
thought and speed:: alwi,ya tailing tbo
I bigger burden; principled, respoctod
by offlci rs and men.       ■
A meeting "f the City Council was] The Fire nnd Police Committee re-
held in 'li*' City Hull on Monday. June j ported that tliey bad instructed to lie
lit! , Hi- \\or**lii]i The Mayor, Alder- installed a 25 watt street light on Cue
men Genest, MacKinnon, Kakin, Bal-j corner of Clarke Ave. and Kuin* St
ment und Green were In attendance, j und another on Van Home St. by
.The following accounts were ordered Mrs. McNeil's house.
imil): I    Alderman  Eakln  brought up the
P, Burns & Co 55 j matter of the charge for water    to
City Transfer $92.28  stores.
city   l.ivery 4.00 i     It was resolved thut the Waler By-
Cranbrook Electric Light Co 210.221 Law  in this respect be strictly coil In give this money to the* Si I Cranbrook Trading Co. 2.115 \ forced.
Ambulance   Association   fund,       Crnnbrook   llrnc &  Hook Co....
members of tbe Committee ver*   Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer..
Crnnbrook Snsli -Ji  Poor U9.10
Hubmlt for your approval my report
of the Police Dept., for the month of
May 1917.
Prisoners in cells nt midnight April
30th, 0; Prisoners received during the
month, 5; total 5.
Prisoners were disposed of as follows:
Released time expired,. 0; Released
paid fines, 2; Released discharged with
caution, 1; Awaiting disposal on remand, 2.   Total 5.
Prisoners classified as under:
Whites, males, 5.
Accounts received for the month:
Cranbrook Trading Co., Groceries,
12.35; P. Burns & Co.. Meat, 55c; R.
Frame, Bread, 1.00.   Total $3.90.
16 meals were served to prisoners
:n May.
Police Court Fines amount to f 10.00.
I>og tales collected. .M29.00; Pound
FIneH, 7.00.   Total $146.00.
All dog taxes have leen collected by
me, and some dogs destroyed, bu;
there Htlll remain a number of stray
dogs In town,
I have noticed that horses and cuttle
tethered out on vacant lots seem to
attract animals In from the outside.
Holes and bad places in tlie roadways and defective places in the Btde-
wiilh hav. been brought to the notice
Of the City Engineer.
Instructions have been received by
He Influenced the lives of ail for
good. Twenty yours from now hit;
memory will still inspire those who
knew bim intimately to wnlk upright,
■ ever to stoop to mcnnec.s or things
He died with a little quiet While
still hovering on bis Hpo. I was with
hint. Before you could draw tw-o
breaths tiiere wus a flash and a rour,
nnd Have was gone. He hr.d no m: rks
of suffering, ho had no th.ic for pain.
Just r qulel little smite, hut my friend
was gone.
Wo laid him to rest with reverence
und witli love. I inscribed a cross.
Ho alcopc peacefully In a valley looking towards the bills be loved. Maybe
soon I shall join him.
1 enclose a few photos of his. coming separately. 1 nhic hnve two
watches. All tbe other things 1 have
sent off.. I will try to unsw.-r anything you ask me. I feel loneiy now.
Yours ni". cerely.
Thomas VV. Hill.
police court nm
A. C. Kerr wus before His Worship
the snme day to answer u charge of
thl, deieartmont from the Citv Council • "-"mptlng to eee.leply Hquor eo an In-
tllan, this e-nsr- *
the* request of tin* prosecution.
Tlie* nbove commiUer* which was or-
g&nlKeu* to assist in the recruiting r>t
tiie 21Sth Battalion have* rtoct.Jr.ci to
tiis*eanel now llie battalion has Roll'*
A statement ot the receipts anel expenditures which has been audited by
lie- T M. Roberts, is appended. Tin-
shows a balance' In the bank of J2S.40
bin against this there is one accoun1
if Tlie Cranbrook .'oblecrs >8.05 still
unpaid This will leave in the C. tn-
mlttee's hands ?2r. :',*. and it lias eeen
.1. I* fink. I. It. Manning, A. C Bowness,  I..  Clapp,  W.  A.  Nisbet, F.  W
Green, ,1. M. Christie. Chairman,
Statement of Iteeeipts ami Expenditures.
Subscriptions: 1., Clapp, ft,; P. W.
Oreen, Jr.; .1. M. Christie, |5; G. Hogarth, tf; J. R. McCreery. jr.; J. F.
Cutnpbell, $5: I'. Hums & Co.. JS:
P. Turks * Co.. 15; A. C. Bowness. tf:
Pink Mercantile Co.. %ti; Ira Manning,
tf: W. A. Nisbet, tf; J. n. McBride,
tf; M. A. Beale, $5; City of Cran-
brook. $7ir; Proceeds of dance, $:".!!."".;
Total. $204.75.
Expenditures: Cranbrook Herald,
Printing, $28.fid; Pink Mercantile Co.,
Bunting nnd oilcloth. S.10.05; tl .('.
Carr, Painting banners. %W; I.. P. Sullivan. Dodgers. $5; C. P. B. Telegrams.
$4.35; Prizes for recruits, $15; Transportation, S.S.40: Expenses Dnnce:
W. H. Atchison. $1.2.1 Auditorium. $31);
Printing. $(1.10: Orchestra, $12; Klee.
trie light reading room. $6.20: A. 0.
Bowness, $4.50; Brewery Company,
$14; J. P. Campbell. leo;<rd Sergt.
Bryant. $8.25: Lieut. Brechin, meals.
$4; Envelopes. 35c: Balnnce on hand.
$28.40:    Total, $204.75.
Audited and found correct.
(slid) T. M. Roberts.
Ladie    liddies
*MA 1.1    !'    e
nii: \i:. iim.s hadi: in
(jonii <m u. Ford»u> in \i> nn
TKIMMKU '.'1. A\l V STOU'l ** VXD
There have b
und cattlo [nil 1
week. Owners
repeatedly  wa
cuttle from   -ti
to enforce the Motor Par Act.   These
Instructions nre being carried out.
The Tool Room nnd Billiard Uoom I Jo]jn Wri ,,, w
By-Uw which became effective dur- Bect|on n|. Uri Vi]
Uik the month, is now in full operation.: piM|Vd ■„ Court
All Pool llooms hnve been notified by ^ ^ dt8m*8ge(* wit
me. and an opportunity Riven thorn to1 p0**Cfl Magistrate
read and make themselves acquainted |
with the By-Law.
I have the honor to be. Gentlemen,
Your obedient servant.
B. C Hersey. Chief
Tbe Chief of Police read copies of
lettrrs be had sent to Father Umbot
with regard to tin* Indian don mil
Runce, and to Mr. .1. Roberta with re-,
pard to unsanitary condition of hla
Quotations for Police Uniforms were 1
presented by tbe rhlof from Kini. j
Mercantile Co., McCroory Pros and
o. Niblock.
It was divided thnt an order be I
given to Kink Mercantile Co., for a|
mitt and cup  for tllC Chief and Con
Diablo and to McCreery Bros for Iwi
pair of IhkUh.
Another letter from Private Herbert
Clarke to Mr. J. K. Smith, dated May
13th, reports him to be well. He has
now been in Prance six weeks; had
just come out of the trenches for a
couple of days rest after being l*i for
about two week.;; he was in the fronl
line for somo time and nir.de one trip
ilso remanded at j into "no mans land."   Writing ubout
East Kootenay Greenhouse Co....18.00
Ourd *  Spreull 30.00
Hanson  Oarage 1.80
Kootenay Telephone Lines 18.90
Metals   Ltd 17.50
Ira Manning Ltd 4.10
M. McKachern 12,75
; Nelson Daily News 2.60
■ McCreery   Bros 7.30
\ Patmore Bros ,.: 15.00
: P,   Parks   &   Co 49.71
T   X. I'arretl 11.75
j Payrolls. School 1581.88
Polce Department 295.00
! City Engineer 410.80
Flro   Department 291.00
City Officials 267.50
.1. W. Hull.'due 25.00
Sundry Cash Payments 32.20
Sullivan's Quick Print 10.00
Kntflneer's Itcporl far Hie Montii ot
My 1017.
Tn the Mayor aud Aldermen of thc
City of Crnnbrook,
Gentlemen,- I beg to make my report for the pasl month,
WATER Eleven lottos were repaired during tlto month, one of which
on Norbury Avenue, was very trouble-
son wing tu the fact that it was
Immediately adjacent to the creek.
Three leaky hydrants were also repaired, and the defective parts replaced.
During thn month troilble was caused l>y clogging ol' the screen at tbe
Intake of the City water main, due to
the larpe amount of flouting material
and mu 1 brought down by the high
water In St. Joseph's Creek. The result wad considerable lowering of
presiura throughout tl.'u system. The
pressur ■ was slow In recovery owing
to the o unit Ity of air drawn into the
mrged under
tn  Wednesday,  he
a caution from ibe
ll   Oil   ll
guilty to
i a number of horses
he pound during the
1 animals have been
d to prevent their
inB a. hi-ge in the
,u■!■■ -:"i   on   n
arglng him with
rd of April last.
in   Police  Court   on
us   ant   [iiiaded   not
barge, tho case  was
lid under tli
minal Code
537th Bectlon
nt Canada by
John  Bllffa
Crunbrook   audiences    were   given
unmet hlng  to  think  about   last  night
when Cunning, the Man nf Mystery,
presented his performance for their
approval.   To say thai he Is pood Is
putting tt mild Indeed and some of his
feats of mind power seem truly wonderful.   This oventng at six-thirty ho
was blind folded In front of the post
office and Wur men wilh a team took
an  article and  nfter  driving  round
town hid the article and returned to I I"""1
the pout office, when Cunning, nil the   for the defenr
while blind-folded, drovo the horses'
over tbe mime route exactly and found
Ihe hidden article.   He is playing here      Bo
tonight, to-morrow night und Satur-   ing, |i
day. I cons i
nst Mrs. P. Magro
lice Court lust
week After a long session lasting
through Wednesday morning and all
tis) Krlday, lu which muny vvltneaaai
wore examined nnd cross-examined
by the contending counsels, the case
was dismissed . Mrs, Magro wns
accused of causing the death of a pid-
geon, the property of Imt neighbor.
Judge Arnold in summing up said thai
then* was no cvldenco to prove who I
actual.) killed the bird, or how ihe i
bird was killed; he therefore dismissed tho cuse. each party to pay their
own costs.
A   it. Miicdi held ap i ! 'or tbe
being under flro be says, "I am glad
to say it has not bothered me much
tho' it is, not nice to boar the shells
rushing by and exploding In front of
you and behind you and making clouds
of dust and smoke. The nnchlnc guns
too make quite a racket especially at
night; they sound a good denl like n
ducks "qurck quack" and the bullets
sin- tinite nicely.
I cannot, not- do i think anyone
could, deccrlbe things as tbey en*. 1
spent coveral days on one famous
battlefield; the ridge was held by the
Huns for over two years and T was
with a p:*rty for two days salvaging
stuff; Ml kinds of thlngB, rifle*, bombs
clothing, cartridges, bayonets etc.
Our guns and mon are fnr superior
to the Huns and It is .creat to see our
big nuns bursting in the uerman lines;
Our organization te wonderful, they
seem to provide foi everything. Wc
are well fed, even In tbe trenches nnd
they glvo ur new socks sometimes,
1 think 1 told yon T Baw Dr. Bell; 1
think he is a major In the A. M, C.
mnv, Mr Oordon smith who used to
be in lhc Land Department is in
officer In onr Regiment; he Is well
liked by us,
Vou aee some queer things here;
there are ns you know lets of graveyards back of the lino and sometimes
a big rIioII will dig a man up afler l«
is planted."
To awisl in tlie quick; recovery of
pressure the main was tapped at
the principal summit, and a blow off
Inserted, It is my intention to insert
two more at the remaining high summits on the pipe line. These rocks
will greatly assist in the recovery of
pressure in future, as the existing air
valves an* apparently apt to become
Inoperative in the spring, when most
needed, due to freezing in the winter.
S'x thawouts were mnde during the
month, three of which were chargeable
to i rlvate parties.
Four plumbing* permits were Issued
during the month.
STREETS Ashes, some of which
wer ■ hauled under Worden's contract.
luive been used to assist in filling up
holes in roads caused by settlement.
1 etc., gravel was hauled for tlle same
| purpose on Baker Street and portions
of Norbury. Armstrong, and Hanson
Avis, The latter streets were also
cleaned and cleared of weeds.
Broken planks nn sidewalks were
Louis St. bridge was riprapped tn
prevent sinking caused by the high
water. The earthern roads in the
Bouth portion of the city were dragged
nn two occasions with a road drag
Pour culverts were built, three on
Knins St., one nn Van Home St.,
Sewerage.—The ditch leading from
the disposal works to tlif Irrigation
tract   wns   cleaned   throughout   and
ition and A. I   Plshor of Fornk
t lhe Auditorium Sunday
oparcd to discuss the pn
r conscription,
.Hoycrofi On Saturday, June Oth, to
Pie. nml Mre. Frank Rnyeroft, a son
nt  Mrs.  Bent's Hospital.
McDermot - Ou Thursday. June 7th,
even-! to Mr. and Mrs. Alex L, McDermot of
s r.nd   21   Bnrwell   Avenue,  at   St.   Eugene
i Hospltab a daughter. ,
Dairy  Inspector's   report   was
Alderman Eakl'l gave notice that he
would  at   the  next   meeting  of  the
council Introduce a By-law to amend !
the Water Works By-law with regard
to the charge for store.i nnd the cn-,
torcement of same.
Pn i :. lal Library of
Briti h O uml la, Aua
A meeting of the School Trustees
was held in the Council Chamber on
Friday, June 8th. The following officers were in attendance: Trustees
White, Atchison, Manning, Wilson and
The chairman reported thnt in pursuance to the resolution passed at the
last meeting of the Board be hnd interviewed Mr. Mlcholmore with regard
to au extension of his services but no j
definite arrangement had been ngrod
The Secretary was Instructed to oh- j
tain further references in the matter
uf Mr. Duniln's application.
Miss Bechtel applied for twelve \
months leave of absence which was |
The matter of vacancy at the Cen-
tral School will receive the consideration of the Board.
Applications for positions on the
teaching staff were received from
Miss Ettr, Miss Crelghton and Miss
The following accounts were pres
anted and ordered pnid:
Teachers Salaries $1200 00
Janitors IfcROD
M. H. Officer 41.66
Secretary 25.00
Beattie-Murphy  Co 5.00
Cranbrook Sash & Door 21.75
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co 24.40
City Transfer 14.31
cranbrook Electric .Ught, 2.2ft
Kxpress and Telegrams 2.41
Kink Mercantile Co ...2..in
John Gilpin 8.50
G. M. Henry Co	
Jones & Doris	
Kootenay Telephone Lines.
Ira Manning Ltd	
F. Parks & Co	
Jas. MacDonald	
Ladies' White Wash
SKIRTS   liili   nl IIM.    \\H   i.| N-
i:wai. wi:Ait. si un: ur good i;i ll •
ITY HI IK    WWII   Mil.   XEW   I AlilU
ami i wn s'l i; \ 1*1 it iiei rs, trim-
MED  WITH    I UH>'E    " Illl 1    IT Mil.
Ill "I tons AT          *j.:,,r Rnoli
Ladies' White Boots
and Pumps
I nui. SCM-elER silul SIN illl llll.ll
AMI I.Oll ST\ I I V MUII WITH llll.ll
IM. Iliou >*;.;.•, in kt
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods nnd Clothing Stores
.*    ■     *+.*: r-.T*f^   ^f^-^**,-**
McCreery  Bros. 1.U8
Total 81681.88
An order Is to be issued for tlie
plants as requested by Miss Cnrt-
wrlgbt and Miss While.
Trustees Wilson und Atchison were
appointed a Committee to interview
Mr. Thompson in regard, to the
vacancy at the Central School with
Instructions to report back to the
Trustee Henderson brought up tbe
matter of medical Inspection and guaranteeing of School children. It was
decided to leave the matter over until
the next meeting of the Board.
Owners nnd Drivers of motor can
and other vehicles are warned to observe the rules of the road.
Speed not to exceed ten (10) miles
What's Your Number?
purchase ne
< ratios hating
Commencing Utinu. JIM. I.'illi irfth each $1.
wlll a-he u lied Ration bearing a number, aad anj two
llie *-nnn- number will be each ghen u ralnahle prize.
Wear your Itutton iu n conspicuous plan* ».. u- anyone hoTln
button mat compare the numbers,
FOK rTKTIIKH  IXK0IO[.lTI0>   WATCH   Illl    fflXDOM'S.
Prescriptions u Specialty,
Prompt Sen Ice our Motto
Cranbroak Drug & Book Co.
w. j. ATI IIISOX. Manager.
slightly enlarged, and n broken flume [ier )l0,ir |nl|de the city limits. Speed
on snme repaired In readiness for the,
Bummer months, The oewers were '
flushed, nnd a stoppage at the City
Hall was cleared. Four sewer connections were made during tbe month.
Wm. H. Eassie.
The mattei of knlsomtnlng nr wi.ite.
washing tho Jail and police -innrterR
wits  referred to tlle Flrfl nnd   Police
committee with power to act.
ftlrU al ■> Itfttls* Orrhntra. riajlng ttith Hiatallera«a-M ftt Ua iUlUtfumTheatre, Mil Thwulai, June Slit
not to exceed twelve   (18)   miles  per
hour outside the city in wooded country. Speed not to exceed twenty-five
i2.*.i iiiil"s i sr hour ottts'ds .ne oltl
in open country.
Drive always on tbe left-hand side
of  the  road.
On meeting a vehicle keep to the
On overtaking, and passing a vehicle
pass lo the Right.
Slow down at all crossing*.
No person under the r.ge of seventeen (171 years of age. shall drive or
operate a motor car upon or along
nny highway.
No intoxicated person, or person
under the influence of Intoxicating
liquor shall drive a motor upon <»r
along any highway..
Every motor car must at all times
between dusk and dawn carry a light-
' ed lamp sn placed at thc hack of tho
ear as to Illuminate the number plate.
And su * i m 'or enr iha'l alio dfsplaj
a red light visible from tbe rear.
Every motor car shall be provided
with n lock, key or other devlre to
motion, and no motor Shall he permitted to stand or remain in nr upon
any highway unless locked with such
lock, key or device.
Proper attention lo the nbove Rules
of Iho Road wlll reduce tbe rink of
accident lo a minimum.
B. O n»rs«y. Chief of Police
Flies or no Flies
Death to the Plv
We are in the Anti Fly Business; !
China (& Crockery Bargains
On accoun I of nnr business year ending Jinn* 30th, we
arc anxious t• > reduce our stock eef China and Crockery
Therefore for the remainder eef thi.-, month prices will be
cm mi everything in these lines excepi stock patern cups
and saucers..
Several Inenmiilelc Sets nl I.r-* Than i "-la.
8.', I'cr < cut nil nil i'i...«-. i hiiiii.
1.'. Pre I nil Off nil I nmnlele Dinner Sel*.
3,1 I'i ,* I nil ud' nil .Innlieiii er-.
I.*, |>er I ini (Ki nil l.ln-»nri..
I:, I'cr I enl »(( ull SI I ri.rk- nml Teapot*,
This Is ii Money Saving proposition. Call and Innlt
through our Stock.
IRA R. Manning, Ltd.
Phone   56 PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, JUNE 7th, 1917
01 ird & si'ici.ri.1,
Itarristers, Klc.
IV. K. Gurd (i. J. Spreull
iim, n In IluiiMin Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 |e.m.
Civil nnd Mining Knglneeri
B. 0, Land Suneyorn
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washine
send it to
Soeclal nrices for familv
Forwarding and  Distributing
Agent (or
lethbridge ud Oreenhlll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlstrtratlon Cars a Specialty.
Drayine nnd Transferring
Given prompt attention
Pbone 63
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. 0. Bei 108 Phone 244
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters (or all kinds ot
Bpokane, Washington
This house baa the
.nippy distinction ot being the favorlto stopping place ln Spokane
for the people of British
Columbia Wo appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to mako you comfortable
Our location te excellent —
ClOlfl to Qreat Northern Station
and 0. W. R. &. N.—Milwaukee
terminal, und wltlnn a mlnnte'H
walk from tin* principal bUBlaeaa
houses uiul plaooi nf iintu'i-'iii'-iii
H«e  NtoaiUHlilu  on   Run/
Drs. Hreen * MaiKinnon
Physicians und Surgeons
Office at  residence,  Armatrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 :o   4.00
Evenings 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Teacher nf 1'lanoforte
Cranbrook, II. C* Box 389
Montana Keataurant
Meals at All Hours
Cigars, Clirarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
(Special lc
Invermere, B. ■
Tlif Hun, Doctor
of   Public  Worki
accompanied by M
4th, 1917.—
King, Minister
the Province,
Macdanald, M,
Licensed by Provincial Govt,
Mate run* j,.iJ General Nursing
Macaago und Rest Cure, Highest
References,  fair  terms. Apply
MRS.   A.   SALMON,   Matron.
Phone 259 P. O. Box 846
Address.Garden Ave., t'ranbrook
P. P., John A. Buckham, member for
I tliis riding and .1. Q, Cummlngs, B. C.
L. S., C. E„ superintendent of public
works for the East Kootenay, came in
, by motor car from Golden on Saturday
j evening anil after examination of tho
ineighborhood    proceeded    south    to
Cranbrook,   it te now announced that
work on the main trunk mining road
leading due west of here to tlio Paradise  Mine anil  to  the  many  mining
propertloE in that neighborhood wlll
at once I"' gotio on with.   Tlie new
roud cuts n ureal mr.ny heavy gradOH
oul uiul makes almost a bee line to tho
ore chutes on tho j olnt or roll.
Invermero, B. C., Juno 4th, put..
Mr. Algernon Lando. Mas. Mac., of the
Royal Collego of Musicians, London,
England, Is due to nrrlvo In tills part
on Thursday's train rrom Cranbrook.
After conducting the college examinations In' wlll return to Nelson und
from there to the Coast where ho "/ill
meet Dr. Hathaway of the game college end with hlm proceed to Australia to curry through tin* musical examinations on that continent for the
COllego he represents;.
ter months In the East, returned on
1st to her home here,
Miss A. M. Hale spent the week-..ml
in  Craubrook the guest of Mrs. c.
; Ward.
|    Mr. and Mrs. ti. F, Pownall of Fish
i Lukes were in town last week-end,
School  attendance  for   May.—perfect attendance.22 days, Dlv.l. teacher
Ii. R. Fraser—-Ella Fenwick. Prlsclllo
Fenwick, Annie Wlrth, .loe Kershaw,
Dorothy   Walsh,  Agnes   Walsh,   Ruth
Teacher A. May.* Bate, Div 2,   Geo.
■ Werden,    Robert    Werden,    Wllllnni
Walsh, Grace Baker, Amy Hun Quan,
Walter Agnew, Arthur Fenwick, Al-
i fred Kershaw, Helen Wlrth, Margaret
I Werden. Sylvia Baker, Robert Johnson
Kl.KO  NOTKS  BV   I Iti !>   lino
Day Phone 233, Night Phoie 3&
Norbury Ate, next to City Hall
IteiM. Frame, Prop,
Fresh llriml.
Cukes, l'ies
nml 1'
e 37
Norbury Ave.
Opp  Cltr Hsll
Patriotic   Society   subscribers   for
April: A. Doyle, $10; R, L. T. (iul-
braltl), $!".; Chas. Muir, $5; R, T. Richardson, 52.50; 11. Kershaw, $2.60; R.
Baker, $2; ... S. Baker, $1; A. J. Groz,
$1; Mrs. F, Cann, fiOc; Miss M, A.
Hate, 50c!  Total  $30.00
On Monday, before J. P. Fenwick,
an Indian rejoicing In the name of
Moses, wus charged with being drunk
and disorderly. .Moses, on Sunday
morning early, had visited tho club
ami having met with no reception
whatever, had tried to enter hy breaking a window, using a club. Moses
was roped in true cowboy fashion am!
turned over to constable Walsh. He
wus fined $15.00 and costs for breaking windows, (or one mouth) and two
montlis ror bolng drunk and disorderly
(without tlie option of u fine.)
Mr. Bartholomew and tlie Misses
Blair drove from Cranbrook Sunday
Thomas Davis, mining engineer,
woll known in tliis district, visited
Mr. Galbraith last week and renewed
many other acquaintances,
On .lune 4th, Doctor Jackson and
Dr, Moon* of Chicago, accompanied
by J. Ryan of Cranhrook. visited the
Invlcta, one of tlie oldest mines In the
Senator Lane Of Oregon, who died
recently in San Francisco, wus well
known hero und In Cranhrook. He
had landed interests near Marysville.
A brother of the late Senator Lune,
Captain Lune, was one of the steamboat captains of the Kootenay River,
running from Fisher to Fort Steele.
His grandfather und father, (len. Lane,
were old friends of tlie Galbraith
brothers of Cornniallis. Oregon.
Mr. Arnold Wallinger visited Fort
Steele on the 4th also Mr. and Mrs.
r. Ward, Mrs. F. MacPherson of Crnnhrook.
Mrs. F, Blnmore who spent tho win-
2c per word for first week, and lc per
word for each week after.
WANTED   office girl.   Apply Cranbrook Cleaning Works. 2u-it
Jim    Thistlebeak    says,   there's   u
whole lot of things going tu happen
between now and Dominion Duy, hut
| If you mind your own business you
! need not worry,
i Sergeant Plcknrd nnd wife, Wluni
; peg, representative of tin- meat Wur
Veterans Association, stopped off al
Elko on his return from Nelson, and
I was entertained to n bull-dogging
! stunt by tho Haynes Lake Cattle Com-
i imay's roundup bunch, which thoy
i both enjoyed and next day the mayor
I of the town took them out to Ro k
i Creek   fishing,   but  the   fish   wen*   su
thick thero was really no pleasure, su
they spent tho rest of their time at the
Canyon, u greut attraction these days.
; and draws people like n wntorm don
patch draws Coons.
Mr. und Mrs. T, Hoyce of Femle wus
' in Elko tliis week receiving eongratu*
; latlons from their friends.
"Cy" Voting of Nelson is spending
tho week-end with the Letcher family,
I Square Deul Ranch, Roosville Valley.
Private Sum   MacDonald,  returned
! veteran, who went overseas with tho
; 225th,  received  a  great  ovation   last
week at his home in tiie Roosville
; Valley when the ranchers turned oul
en masse to welcome him back, and
i the Indians on tho Tobacco Plains
i Reserve hearing the news put on tholr
; paint, feathers aud  trading  post  ro-
guliu und witli big und Utile drums lhe
■ procession started for the Clydebank
Stock Ranch led by Chief Pluck Hawk
and the occasion made lhe first of its
kind    in the   Valley.    Refreshments
; were served and the veteran was presented by the Indians with all kinds
ef fancy head work. It was a pleasant
; surprise to ull and was greatly en-
: joyed by all present.   Jim Gorrle, Mac-
■ Donald's brother-in-law wus killed in
the sume battle.
Ceo. S. Pcrrlng, Credit Manager,
Swift Canadian Co., Edmonton, Alta..
is the guest of Mr. Booth of Fernie.
this week and was down tu Elko visiting the Falls and Canyon.
It seems by tlie Fernie Free Press
reports tlie Government is cutting nut
some of tlie i'ink cundlesliutles and
red tape at tlie Morrissey Internment
W. R. Ross was in Elko tliis week
and wus tendered a reception thai
would havo gratified lhe lust nf the
Jim Thistlebeak denies that he ever
told Fred Starkey of Nelson, President of tlte Associated Boards of Trade
that a Scotch Haggis was made of
dog's meat stuffed with cat's meat
und boiled iu tt hugpipc.
Speaking about the high cost of living, it takes u good muny crumbs of
comfort these duys to make a square
if these notes do nol tickle you and
make you smile, keep quiet ahout it.
but see a doctor. There's something
the matter with your upper slope.
Just smile awhile for while ymi smile
another smiles and soon there's milea
nnd miles of smiles nnd life's worth
while because you smile, and just try
uud remember wlint the boy suid when
the lady asked him if ho would have
some jam on his bread.
About two dozen members from the I
Ladies Culture Club assembled un thej
hanks of the little Muddy lasl week |
und spent tlie day fishing. Some ofj
them looking as lonely as a currnnt
In a baker's bun.
In connection with the efforts of the
t Department of Agriculture to supply
; the   necessary   labor   for   liHrvesting
the  fruil   crops of the Province, tho
lion. .Tohn Oliver. Minister of AKricul-
ture,   announces   that   arrangementa
have now been completed witli  Uie
Canadian Pacific Railway with regard
j in tlie transportation of hurvest labor-
i vrs.
Berry pickers to no into Hammond,
Haney, Mission nnd Hatzlc sections
will he carried from Victoria, Vun-
. nuver and New Westminster ut a rute
of ihe fare uud onc-Jhird for the round
triii. These tickets will be sold only
mi the presentation o. lertlflcatos
sinned nn beiuiir of fiie Government
hy one or the other uf lhe following:
W. 13. Scott, Deputy Minister uf Ag-
■ rll ulture, Victoria; R, M. Winslow,
Provincial Horticulturist, Victoria; R,
r Abbott, Cna.it Markets Comnita-
■loner, Sin Bank of Otlnwn Building,
Vunrouver;  Mrs   J. 0, Kemp. B, C,
i I'ruli Harvesters' Bureau, Carter-Cotton Building, Vancouver.
■ Tickets will lie issued tn parties of
; lu or more traveling together ou tho
golug-journoy. These tickets will he
1 ou sale June 15th to July 30tll, and aiv
all good for return UP to August 20th,
Thu conditions for a heavy crop of
berries lu those districts continue ex
Calient and it is expected that* from
1500 tu l!00l) pickers will be rcuired.
With respect to laborers for tlie
Okanagan Valley, arrangements have
been made along similar lines. Sec-
end class tickets will be Issued nt all
stations west of Spenco's Bridge, on
the main line and brunch line, nlso
from Victoria, on presentution of certificates similar to those required in
the case of the berry pickers. Tiie
tickets will not be issued to individuals but only to parties of 5 or more
'ruvclling together on the going-journey; tlie rule of fare to be Hi cents
;• mile iu each direction; ticket to he
purchased for the round-trip journey
ut the time of purchase and lo be
limited for return tu sixty duys from
date of sale to all points between
Pentlcton and Salmon Arm. Inclusive,
the dales of sale to be July llth to
15th, :'lst to 25th, AugUb. 'at to 5th,
llth In If.th. 21st to -Jatli, September
1st to 5th, llth tn 15th, 21st to 25th,
October 1st to ath, llth to 15h, 21at
to 25th. Tickets from Hope, and stations west, will apply via the Kettle
Valley Rallwuy, and Pentlcton, ns well
,is via Sicamous.
These favorable rates should greatly
facilitate quite au exodus of useful
helpers from the Coast cities to the
A   maid
lo  du  lhe
stairs w
um!  help
look ufter
rs. Martin
I'i It
dairy cow.   Apply lo Edwin Griffiths.
Fernie, B. C. 17-Ct.*
WANTKH posllon as h<Misekcept|r,
will accept country position.- Apply
Herald Offlco. 22-lt*
u dozen; delivered nnywhere in Cran-
brook.-Hox 4S, Cranbrook, H. C. 23-tf.
TO KENT*—Large ulry front room
on Armstrong Ave. nbout one block
and u half from Baker St.—Apply
Crunbrook Drug & Honk Co. 22-tf
FOK NAM Household furniture,
ulso organ in splendid condition. -
Apply Mrs. (Iwillum, Hanson Avenue,
(it. Salnsbury'a house.) 22-lt*
MMt S \ I.i:    Hell piillM) III good < •
ditlon. nlso quantity Of furniture; can
be seen any  evening after R  o'clock.
Apply .). P, Broughton, Cranhrook St.
FOR SAIK Steel niahihle kitchen
range "Canada Pride", 80 yurds linoleum, kitchfiii cabinet, bureau, bed-
steud and matiess, ull us good us new.
Can be seen ut any time nt the Caslake residence. 240 Hanson Ave, 22-21
MASON   and   ItlSCII   PIANO, cost
$700. in splendid condition, for quick
sale $1S',; anyone looking for first
class Instrument fur absolute bargain
price, now is the chance.— Apply
Kilby, Armsirong Avenue.
Co. Grunt Lands.- Title to sume revested in I'nited States by Act of Congress duted June !t, 1910, Two million three hundred thousand ucres to
bo opened for Homesteads und Sale.
Timber and Agricultural Lands containing some of the best lund left In
United States. Now is the opportune
time.* Large sectional maps showing
land nnd description or soil, climate,
rainfall, olovatlon, etc. Postpaid ono
dollar    Grant  Lauds Locating Co.
llox   Hin.   Portluud,   Oregon.        Illtf.
The first, volume of the Bxporl-
| mental Farms Report for the year
' ending March 81, 1916, contains much
, Information of vnlue to the fnrmers
1 of Canada. At such a time as this
' when production means so much no
■ farmer can afford to overlook such
' information   ns   this   report  contains
when it Is understood thut it is available  for  the   asking,     it   represents
the work accomplished on lhe Central
I Farm at Ottawa nnd the fifteen brunch
1 farms and stations distributed  over
j Canada.    Volume  1   contains  the  report of the Director, which is a gen-
[ oral review of the work accomplished
also  lhe reports of the  Divisions of
, chemistry! Field Husbnndry, uud Animal Husbandry,    Volume 2 not yet
ready for distribution, will contain tbo
1 reports of the Divisions of Hortlcul-
j ttire, Cereals.  Botany,  Boas,  Forage
'Plants, Poultry, Tobacco, Illustration
Stations, and Extension and Publicity.
An interesting statement appears in
the report of the Director, which deals
with the cost of growing certain crops,
ns follows:   Mangels, $1 .r,:, a ton; on-
ullage, corn, $1,46 a  ion;  oats  lii.:::i
| cents a bushel and hay  $5.00 a  ton.
The system of farming represented in
; these experiments Is explained in the
i report.    It is also shown us a result
lof seven  year's experiments  that   iu
■ fertilizing the soil a distinct ndvnn-
: tage Is shown In the use of barnyard
1 manure alone over commercial fcr-
: tllizer alone. The experiments sug-
| gest the possibility of combining the
1 two profitably when barnyard manure
I Is senrce or high priced. Referring
! to new strains of grain huiiiK produced
1 It is stated that hullless nnd beardless
hurleys are receiving close attention
' with the promise of some exceptional
results. Fnrlfer und more productive
varieties are being sought for, while
1 new strains of oats, peas, beans, buckwheat,  and  flnx,  are   being  tested.
i These are but examples id' the chnrnc-
tor of the information contnlnod in the
[ 608 panes of this first volume lhat
enn be received, without cost, on ap.
plication to the Publications Brunch of
j the Department of Agriculture at IM
Expert    Poultrj    Man   (Jhi-s   Some
Valuable Suggestions.
Le! ns look buck over the past
winter mid see if we cun discover just
why the hens did not lay." says N.
O, Campbell, B. S. A. in "Every-
v.omaii's World," for May, "Wc can
then tuke n look ahead in prospect of
tlie coining winter, und if we are to
he satisfied with tlicir production,
then we ought now to mnke sure thut
the hens will lay well next winter—
just when we wnnt the eggs, al the
time when prices nre high,
it was my good fortune recently to
meel in wilh Mr. J. W. Clark, of Brant
Co., 'hit., who had just concluded au
eight weeks' lecturing und demonstrating tour with the Agricultural
demonstration curs from the Ontnrin
Depart ment of Agriculture. He hnd
heen travelling and stopping ut ull
local points in Western Ontario, nnd
giving of his practical, successful
poultry experience to auy and nll
who came to see. 1 pumped Mr. Clark
for some uf his more valuable ideas
which he had discovered regarding
poultry, such ideas ns I could pass
on fur the benefit of the renders ot
"13 vory woman's World" who have or
liave unt heard Mr. ('lurk lectr|re
ou  this fascinating subject.
lie suld, "The first question that
the farmers put io me Invariably is.
■Wluit'll make the hens lay?
"Then I start lo question them.
1   ask them:
" 'Is tiiere any moisture in your
house'.' On you notice any frost on
Hie walls? If so you can be sure thai
ihis moislure Is one reason why your
hens will mil lay.'
"'['on dose confinement Is another
reason why the liens won't lay. They
need exercise and fresh air to koop
them in (lie best of good bodily henlth
and vigour; otherwise there will bo
nn eggn forthcoming.
As In the feeding of tlie laying hells
and the poultry in gonoral, Mr. Chirk
remarked thut It Is surprising how few
fanners there are who reully know
anything about beef scrap or animal
meal, which nre manutjticlnrod especially fur feeding poultry, and
which nre us necessary In the ration
for laying liens ns grain and clover
mv iu the ration of the high producing milk cow.
'ittennilk or sour milk is a good
i b; titute for other animal food. Professor Graham, of the Poultry Department al the Ontario Agricultural College, has discovered Hint liens, when
fed on buttermilk or sour milk, all
they will eat or drink, win lay two
eggs on such a rntlon to every one
ei-g Hint they wlll Iry without the milk
The buttermilk or sour milk seems to
fil right Into the digestive economy
of the hens. Sweet milk has not tlie
same effect; In fact, to the contrary,
it is highly daiigernuis to feed sweet
milk on account of its being sueh a
good medium for the propagation of
disease germs, which offect poultry
nud muy. through the sweet milk, be
widely spread from a sick Individual
to other members of tho flnrk.
clover loaves mny take the place
of green rood; they may also lnko the
t^luce ot bran. The clover leaves
have almost tlie same analysis in protein us bus bran.
Practically every farmer has clover;
hut farmers don't seem to think of It
for their poultry."
QUARTER, till".
One hundred and aeveuly-one fires
wove reported to the Dominion of Insurance at Victoria for the first three
mouths of this year, as follows:
January 64 fires; $290,131 loss
February 50 fires;   107,840 loss
March     ll? fires;    155,750 loss,
171 . $019,181
of those fires. 102 (loss $860,2*10)
ocenrod in city municipalities, 29 (loss
$■12,773) iu district municipalities, ami
■in doss $220,102) in unorganized districts.
The   heaviest   luss   reporled   was   in
connection wiih the fire iu ihe Wood.
Vallancc, A Leggnl Building, Vancou-
vi r. The loss riguros given above may
lm somewhat Increased when adjustment of this loss is completed:
Then* were six hisses of $10,0(10 or
over. Right lives were lost hi one
hotel flre.
Then don't forget ynu wilt need some Zam-Buk, Nothing
stops the pain of sunburn and draws <>m the soreness so
quickly. Zam-Buk also ends the Irritation of mosquito bites
anil is equally good for heat rashes, lender blistered leet,
stiffness and aching muscles. Asa "first aid," Zanihuk is
lu val oable. If applied Immediately an injury is sustained there
is no danger of te
00 THI
,ts ami stores 50c. box
"iQ ANDJ   K  .,J~tNCr !
Let us give you
this book
(Prom the Los Angeles Times)
When the Imlory nf the war conies
to be told. Canada's place In il will
stand forth to our wonder and amazement, Canada's contribution in men
and money, in bravery nnd endurance,
In unselfish resourcefulness, in quick
and ndequato response, has been tremendous and mngnlficent, Proportionately io her population Canada
will he found to hnve made the largest
monetary contributions to the war. not
only for Hie vast armies, not only iu
subscriptions tu ihe ever-recurring i
war loans, but also in aid of the multitudinous relief funds for Bolgium,
for France, for Serbia, for Poland, for
the widows und orphans nnd dependents id' soldiers in the war. for Hie
provision of luxuries for Hie troopp,
for the Hed Cross, and in tho stalwart application of those who remained at home for the production of fond
sluffs fur the wnrring countries.
The valor of llie Canadians on the
field bus called forth the unqualified
praise of the French nnd British generals, for they have proved themselves
absolutely dauntless, and as leaders
of forlorn holies, turned Inter Into
amazing victories, ihey hnve bail no
equals. Counting the cost is not the
Canadian way. Out of a contingent
of LT>,000 troops at the outset of lhe
wur. nm I'.riun live to tell tlie tale.
Their casualties were appallng, but
the only effect ihey had upun the
Canadian heart was to accelerate recruiting, and volunteers poured In to
avenge their fellows. It has heen officially stated in Canada that for every
man that fulls, five more enlist..
It. was the Canadians that hore tlie
first terrible brunt of the asphyxiating kus attacks, whicli came ns such
a staggering surprise. Tlie Hague Convention having specifically forbidden
its  use.     The   stories  of  Hie  tortures
they suffered at Hint tlmo, nf Hie appalling condition of those who lived
through IL is heartrending, Hut the
experience did but stiffen their backbones nnd their determination to increase their aid iu men and money
to fight the common enemy, No wonder the thousand Chinese who have
volunteered to fight with the Allies.
enlisting from Vancouver, expressed
the wish tu serve under Canadian officers.
Canada, a young country, needing
till her men at home, never hesitated,
once they hud put their shoulder to
the wheel. Aud they hnve never Blackened Iheir ardour, no matter whut befell. And the women of Canada huve
taken up ihe men's work at home,
kept the country going at a normal
business level, and It has been suid
that mure land, not less, hus been cultivated In Canada since the wur started—cultivated by the men past military age. by the Invalids, by the
women und the boys. It Is n splendid
record whicli will placo Canada among
Hie historic nations of the war.
, -HoWlo r*>r>ii<i'Ve them qntcldy
"   •    ,L' and easily with
It will show yoll how
tee reduce the cost of
clearing land.
li contains 44 illus-
tnitions ol the most
effective methods of
11 jjivies diagrams
showing how you can
place tin* charges in
ways tliat will cut
down thr.* quantity of
Powder needed.
Mail tlu* coupon
and the hook will be
sent free.
Mabo Oct a trial case
this       '">*. Powl|er*
Use it alongside
test nf :1"y other
Keep track of the cost.
You will rind, as thousands
eef other British Columbia
farmers and lumbermen
leave found, that Giant
Stumping Powder goes
further and breaks up the
stumps better than ordinary
explosives. Giant Stumping
Powder has been made in
Canada for 32 years, especially for British Columbia
stump blasting.
|   GIANT POWDER COMPANY OF CANADA Limited, Vancouver, B.C.   I
,B Send eeee your book, "Better Farming with Giant Stumping Powder."   _
...... "arming e	
reel en tiie subjects which 1 have marked Xr
IContiiuierJ from ptiae ono)
I.,, I-.. i,., lini!y rirueil to form a mons-
nr„ nt  Prohibition npnllcublo to tlio
whulo uf ihe Dominion ol Ctinndn.
I, Tlinl n im annuo e.r congnilillation In' ."in in sir Itoborl DorUon
upon ids oxproBsod Intontlon tn grant
e.epii'.l suflriiga tee w,'iinii throughout
ii. That an appeal In' iiniili' tn Sir
Wilfred i.iiur'.ir io uso ills influence
to Induce the pooplo nf Quebec ter do
tholr duty, nol only ley tholr ISmpiro,
hut In thi' Interests of civilisation und
fnr lire Si lvi'1 irelr nf Illl' liberties ut the
'I'ln' nn otlng was well attended nnd
vory enthusiastic.
Procrastination is the thief of
health: Keep yourself well by
the timely use and help of
A puhlic meeting of citizens ol I'rnnlirook nud District is
called for Siniilnj evening ut 8.80 p.m. in Hit' Auditorium. The
purpose of thc iiiccllni! Is In illsniss conscription, the ull all-
norhlnfc topic Ihrninrhoiil Cnnuilii.
Itcscrvctl wills for hitllcs nml their escorts.
Nupl. A. C, Ilarshaw will nel   us chairman.
Mi'diuR held on Tuesday, Juno 12th.
lo attendance; Hla Worship The
Mayor, Alderman Eakln, Commissioner Parrett.
The Chief of Police reported ns follows:
To His Worship the Muyor, anil tho
Police Commissioners,
Gentlemen.—1 havi* the honor to
submit for yonr approval my report
of the Police Dept., for the month ol
May 1017.
Prisoners in cells at midnight April
30th, 0; Prisoners received during the
month, 5; total 5.
Prisoners were disposed of as follows:
Released time expired!, 0; Released
paid fines, 2; Released discharged with
caution, 1; Awaiting disposal on remand, 2.   Total 5.
Prisoners classified as under:
Whites, males, R,
Accounts received for tlie month:
Cranbrook Trndlng Co., Groceries,
$2.35; P. Burns & Co.. Meat, 55c; R.
Frame, Bread, 1.00.   Total $3.90.
16 meals were served to prisoners
in May.
Police Court Fines amount to f 10.00.
Dog taxes collected. ?129.00; Pound
Pines, 7.00.   Total $146.00.
Alt dog taxes have Leen collected by
me, and some dogs destroyed, but
there still remain a number of stray
dogs in town.
I have noticed that horses and cattle
tethered out on vacant lots seem to
attract animals In from the. outside.
Holes and bad places in the roadways and detective places tn tlie sidewalk hav. been brought tn t-<c notion
Ot the City Engineer.
Instructions have been received hy
this department from the City Council
to enforce the Motor Par Art. These
instructions are being carried out
The Pool Room and Billiard Room
Dy-I-ew which became effective during the month. Is now iu full operation
All Pool Rooms have been notified by
me, and an opportunity given them to
read and mnke themselves acquainted
with thc By-Law.
1 have the honor to he. Qcntlemen,
Your obedient servant.
II. C, Mersey. Chief
The Chief of Police read copies of
letters be had sent to Father Lambot
with regard to the Indian dog nuisance, and to Mr, J. Roberta with regard to unsanitary condition of his
Quotations for Police Uniforms were
presented by the Chief from Fink
■Mercantile Co., McCroory Bros and
O. Niblock
It wns decided thai i'n order be
given tn Fluk Mercantile >'<■ for a
Hull and cap for the Chief and Con-
stable nnd to McCreery Bros for two
pair of boots.
Cranbrook tiudlencos were given
something to think about last night
when Cunning, the Man of Mystory.
presented his porformanci for Iholr
approval. To say lhal lie Is good is
putting it mild Indeed and some or his
feats of mind power serin truly won
dcrfui. This evening nl ilx-thlrty ho
m*as blind-folded In front of thfl post
office and four men with a team took
an article and after driving round
town hid the article and returned to
the post office, when Cunning, all the
while blind-folded, drove the horses
over thfl same route exactly jtn.1 found
the bidden article. He Is playing here
to-night, to-morrow night and Saturday,
Franco, Mn
Donr Mrs. Pye. Tiiat I liavet 't writ-
ton s ior is becnilso I wosji'l  vory
Wor.li pro empty. My heart aches
for yon. nud for myself. I bo about all
lost; and yet Have would not have you
grieve. Rest asoured thai he has
i'liimil peace and happiness, ('lean in
thought end speed*; alwi ys taking the
bigger burden; principled, respected
sincerely by officers and men.       '
He Influenced the lives of all for
good. Twenty years from now Ills
memory will still inspire those who
knew hlm Intimately to walk upright,
■ever to stoop to meanens or things
lie died with a little nutet smile
still hovering ou Ms llpo. I was With
hint. Before you could draw Uvjn
breaths there was a flush and a roar,
and Dave was gone. lie Imd no m: rks
of suffering, he hud no time for pain.
Just c quiet little smile, but my friend
was gone.
We laid him to rest with reverence
and with love. I inscribed a cross.
He Bleopc peacefully in a valley looking towards the hills lie loved. Maybe
soon I shall join him.
T enclose n few photos of his. coming separately. I also hnve two
watches. All the otlier things T have
scut off.. I will try to answ-ar anything ynu ask me. I feel lonely now.
Yours nil cerely.
Thomas W. Hill,
The above commit'.e'1 which was organized to assist in the recruiting 'it
the -'.T-tii Battalion hnve decided to
disband now tbe battalion has gun'*
overseas. ,
A Btatomenl ot the receipts and ox-
pendituros which lins been audited bj
Mr, T m Roberta, is appended. Tin-
shows a balance In the bank of $2S 4G
hul against this th»re Is one accoun'
i.r The Cranbrook Jobbers $3.06 still
unpaid This wlll leave in the Cc-m*
iniltee's hands $25 35 and it has oeen
I decided to give this money to tli st
i John Ambulance Association fund.
The members or the Committee wor
.1. P Fink. I. It. Manning, A. C Bow
ness,   L.  Clapp, W.  A.   Nisbet.   F   W
i Green, J, M, ChrlBllo, Chairman.
statement uf Iteccipt** nnd  Expenditures.
Subscriptions: L. Clapp, $r.; F. \V
Green, to; J. M. Christie, $'>; t;. Hogarth, $5; J. R. McCreory, $r>; J. F.
Campbell, $6; P. Hums & Co., $5;
F. Pnrks & Co.. $5; A. C. Bowness, $5;
Fink Mercantile Co., $5; lra Manning.
$5; W. A. Nisbet, $f>; j. D. McBride,|
*.",; M. A. Beale, $5; City of Cranbrook. $75; Proceeds of dance. $59.75;
Total. $204.75.
Expenditures: ('ranbrook Herald,
Printing, $38.60; Fink Mercantile Co..
Bunting and oilcloth, $10,05; R .C.
Carr, Painting banners, $18; L. P. Sullivan. Dodgers. $5; C. p. R. Telegrams.
$4,35; Prizes for recruits. $15; Transportation, $8.40; Expenses nance: I
W. H, Atchison. $1.25 Auditorium. $80;
Printing, $6.50; Orchestra. $12; Electric light reading room. $fi.20; A. C.
Bowness, $4.50; Brewery Company,
$14; J. F. Campbell, boi^rd Sergt.
Bryant. $8.2:"-; Lieut. Brechin, meals,
$4: Envelopes, 35c: Balance on hand,
$28.40;    Total. $204.75.
Audited and found correct.
(sgd) T. M. Roberts.
A. C. Kerr was before His Worship
the same day to answer a charge uf
attempting to supply liquor to nn Indian, this case was also remanded al
the request of the prosecution.
John Wrlghl was charged under a
BCction of tho Vagrancy Act and appeared In Court on Wednesday; be
was dismissed with a caution from the
Police Magistrate,
There have been a number of horses
and cattlo put In the pound during the
week. Owner.- of anlmnls liave been
repeatedly warned to prevent their
cattle from ...raying a. Iii"gc in the
Toby .1 .!;.,»i was nrru.l'1 on n
wnr rant on Mondny charging him with
betas, drunk on the 23rd of April last.
Toby appeared In Police Court on
Tin sdn ■ [no ring nil i ph iided not
guilty to the charge, thc ease was
A ease laid under tm* 587th section
t.r the Criminal Codo ot Canada by
John Bllffar agalnsl Mrs F, Mngro
WOR heard at the Police Court last
week. After n long session lasting
through Wednesday morning and all
da) Friday, hi which many wltnes3-)'
were examine,i nnd cross-exsminod
by the contending counsels, the case
was   dismissed        Mrs.   Mngro   was
licensed of causing the il<*;itli of a  old*
geon, the property of her neighbor,
Judge Amoid in summing up said that
there   was  Un  ivideine  lo  prove   who
actually killed tho bird, or how the
bird was killed; he therefore dismissed the case, each party to pay their
own costs
A ii. Mach iiiibl ap mi ■id tor Hi-'
prosecution und A 1 Fisher of Fernie
for the defence.
Another letter from Private Herbert
Clarke to Mr. J, F. Smith, dated May
13th, ropcrtfl him to bo welt; He has
now heen in France six weeks; had
just come out of tho trenches for n
conjilc of days rest after being In for
about two week.;; he was In the fronl
line for some time nnd made one trip
into "no mans land." Writing about
being under fire he says. "1 am glad
to : :iy it hns not bothered me much
tho' It Is not nice to hear the shells
rushing by and exploding in front of
you and behind you a:id making clouds
of duel and smoke. The machine guns
loo make quite a racket especially at
night; they sound a good deal like a
ducks "ourck quack"' and the bullets
sin.-   quile  nicely.
1 cannot, nor do I think anyone
could, deccribfl things ns they pre, 1
spent coveral day- on one famous
battlefield; the ridge was held by the
llui'- for over two year* and T was
with a pnrty for two days salvaging
stuff; all kinds of things, rifles, bombs
clothing, cartridges, bayonets etc.
Our guns nnd men are far superior
lo the Huns and It is great to see our
big guns bursting in the germnn lines:
Our organization la wonderful, they
peein te provide for everything. We
arc woll fed. even In tlie trenches and
ihey glvo us new socks Bomotlmes,
I think I told you I sew Or. Bell; I
think he is a major in the A. M. C.
now. Mi Cordon Smith who used to
he In the Land Department Is an
officer i.i our Regiment; he is well
1 liked by us,
Vou   boo  some  queer   things here;
! thoro are as you know lots of grave-
! yards back of the line and sometimes
n big shell will dig n man up afler 11
i is plniiled."
lie al tlto Auditorium Sunday evening, pvpired to discuss the pros nnil
eons of conscription,
.Roycrofl Ou Saturday, .lune Olll, to
Pte. and Mrs. Frank Roycroft. a son.j
al   Mrs,  Bent's Hospital.
McDermot Ou Thursday, .lune 7th,
to Mr. and Mrs. Alex L, MoDermol nf
21 Burwell Avenue, at St. Eugene
Hospital, n daughter,        ,
A meeting of the City Council was
lielq in the City Hall on Monday, June
llth, Hi- Worship The Mayor, Alder-
nun Qenest, MacKinnon. Eakln, Bal-
im-nt and (ireen were In attendance.
.The following accounts were ordered
P, Burns & Co, 6B
City Transfer $02.28
Clly   Livery 4.00
Cranbrook Electric Light Co 210.22
Cranbrook  Trading Co 2.35
Cranbrook Drug fi Hook Co. 1.00
Cranbrook Cartage fi Transfer.. .70.75
Cranhrook Sash & Door 09.11)
Fast Kootenay Greenhouse Co.,..18.00
Ourd fi  Spreull 30.00
Hanson  Garage 1.80
Kootenay Telephone Lines. 18.90
Metals   Ltd 17.50
lia Manning Ltd 4.10
M. McEachern 12.76
Nelson Dally News 2.60
McCreery   llros 7.39
Patmore Pros 15.00
F.   Parks  fi   Co. 49.71
nrrett 11.75
Payrolls. School 1501.88
Polce Department 295.00
city  Engineer 410.80
Fire   Department 291.00
City Officials 207.50
.1. W. Rutledge 25.00
Sundry Cash Payments 32.20
Sullivan's Quick Print 10.00
•Engineer's lleporl fur the Mnntli of
.Mny HUT.
To the Mayor and Aldermen of the
City of Cranhrook.
Gentlemen,-' 1 beg to make my report for the past month.
WATER Eleven leaks wcre repaired during the month, one of which
on Norbury Avenue, was very trouble*
some  owing   lo   the   fact   lhat   It   was
Immediately adjacent to the creek.
Three leaky hydrants were also repaired, and the defective parts re-
During the month i rouble was caused by ilogging of the screen at the
intake of the City water main, due to
the larce amount of floating material
and mnl drought down by the high
water In Sl, Joseph's Creek. The re-
suit was considerable lowering of
pressitra throughout tlJe aystem. The
pressuro was slow in recovery owing
to Uie ti lantlty of air drawn Into the
To assist in the quick recovery of
pressure the main was tapped at
the principal summit, and u blow off
Inserted. It is my intention to Insert
two more at the remaining high summits on tlie pipe line. These cocks
will greatly assist in the recovery of
pressure in future, as the existing air
valves arc apparently apt to become
Inoperative in the spring, when most
needed, due to freezing In the winter,
s x i lia wonts were made during thc
month, three of which were chargeable
to j rivate parties.
Four plumbing*permits were issued
during the month.
STREETS Ashes, some of which
were hauled under Worden's contract.
have been used to assist in filling up
holes In reads caused by settlement,
etc.. gravel was hauled for the same
purpose on Baker Street and portion;'
of Norbury, Armstrong, and Hanson
Aves. The latter streets wcre also
cleaned and cleared of weeds.
Broken  planks on  sidewalks were
Loflia St. bridge was rtprapped to
prevent sinking canned by the high
water. The earthern roads In the
south portion of the City were dragged
mi two occasions wltli n road drag,
Four culverts were built, three on
Rains St., one on Van Home St,.
Sowerage.—The ditch leading from
the disposal works to the Irrigation
tract was cleaned throughout nnd
slightly enlarged, nud a broken flume
on same repaired in readiness for the
summer months. The sewers were
flushed, and " stoppage at the city
Hull was cleared. Four sewer eon.iec-
tlons were made during the month.
Wm. H, Eassie.
Tbo mattei of kalsomlnlng or whitewashing the jut! and police quarters
us referred to the Fire and  Police
mmittoo with power to act,
' The Fire and Police Committee re-
J ported that they had Instructed to he
: installed a 25 watt street light on tiie
; corner of Clarke Ave. and Kalns St
and another on Van Homo St, by
Mrs. McNeil's house.
I Alderman Eakln brought up the
matter of tho charge for wnter to
| stores.
li was resolved that the Water By-
\ Law in this respect be strictly cn-
j forced.
Tlie Dairy Inspector's report was
| read.
Alderman Eakln gave notice that he
would at the next meeting of the
council Introduce a By-law to amend
the Water Works By-law with regard
to tlie charge for store.* and the enforcement of same.
«Wl»*>l*°***/l*' ■ —Jtl* ***** I
EWlr' »<*-*>ifl/»*Wl,
ii Ladie    kiddies
A meeting of the School Trustees
was held In the Council Chamber on
Friday, June 8th. The following officers were in attendance: TrtiBtees
White, Atchison, Manning, Wilson and
The chairman reported that In pursuance to the resolution passed at the
last meeting of the Board lie had interviewed Mr. Mlcholmore with regard
to nn extension of bis services but no
definite arrangement had been ngred
The Secretary was Instructed to obtain further references in the matter
of Mr. Dnniln's application.
Miss Bechtel applied for twelve
months leave of absence which was
The matter of vacancy at the Central School will receive the consideration of the Board.
Applications for positions on the
teaching staff were received from
Miss Ettr. Miss Crelghton nnd Miss
The following accounts were pres
ented and ordered paid:
Teaehers Salaries $120n no
Janitors IU50B
M. H. Officer 41.55
Secretary - 25.00
Beottle-Murpliy Co 5.00
Cranbrook Sash & Door 21.78
Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co 24.49
City Transfer 14.81
Cranbrook Electric Light, 2.20
Express and Telegrams 2.41
Fink Mercantile Co 2.50
John Gilpin 8.50
G. M. Henry Co 8.13
Jones ft Doris 8.26
Kootenay Telephone Llaes 8.60
Ira Manning Ltd 12.08
F. Parks ft Co 1.90
Jas. MacDonald 52.80
McCreery Bros 1.68
tiik m:,: *>uii:s jiadi: oi
• •    I'l   U llAN    III.All   AMI
I 111*1'! I II ..VI. /T\rv STIlll'l S AMI
VALUES AT P™muhVoirK °*u- 3-ie
Ladies' White Wash
ITV 1)1 I lv IVEl'll Ull XEW I.Alii.I'
JIED WITH I. Alll'l wan i nun,
BUTTON'S AT      J2.50 Eneli
Ladies' White Boots
afld Pumps
(iinl. SUMMER Mini S l\ nil llll.ll
AMI 1,0a STYl ES, SOME II11 11 llll.ll
IM.   EROJI          >'J.7.'r le. lS.-r.IKI
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
•Aba ttf^m*t 4ftMmife*H
Total $1561.88
An order Is to be issued for the
plants  as   requested  hy   Miss   Cartwright and Miss White.
Trustees Wilson and Atchison were
appointed a Committee to Interview
Mr. Thompson in regaril to the
vacancy at the Central Scbool with
Instructions to report back to the
Trustee Henderson brought up tbe
matter of medical inspection and guaranteeing of Scbool children. It waa
decided to leave the matter over until
the next meeting of the Board.
What's Your Number?
Commencing KR1HAV, .11 M I Mil wilh eacli Jl.no purchase we
will une a Ked Button bearing a number, nnd anj two person* ha ring
lhc sumo number "ill he each given a valuable prlxe,
Wear ynur Button in a conspicuous place -• a*, anyone baring a
button may compare Uie numbers,
KOIt rTKTIIER  IMi'KM vllnv   \\\n\\   nil   tVIXBOWS.
Prescriptions a Special!]
Prompt Sertlcc Onr Holla
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
w. J. Air iiimiV if»n«ger,
SE&     »*; tit.
Q>.   -
llrtfe et a. fhUkfl QreUstifr rteflag with "taWlHWi* at tlu AsrUttfrliiaTheatre, Mil TUrn-taj, June 2Ut
Owners and Drivers of motor cars !
and other vehicles are warned to observe the rules of the road.
Speed not to exceed ten llfii miles
per hour. Inside the city limits. Speed
not to exceed twelve (12) miles per
hour outside the eity In wooded country. Speed not to exceed twenty-five
(85) mil"** |*cr hour outs'ds .he clti
In open country.
Drive always on the left-hand Side
of the mad.
On meeting a vehicle keep to the
On overtaking, and passing B vehicle
pas,-, to the Bight.
Slow down at all crossing*.
No person under the age of seventeen (1"1 years of age, shall drive or
operate a motor car upon or along
any highway.
No intoxicated perr-on, or person
under the Influence of Intoxicating
liquor shall drive a motor upon or
along any highway.,
Rvery motor car must at all times
between dusk and dawn carry a light-1
ed lamp so placed at the back of the
car as to illumlna'.e tho number pint".
And su ■ i m •or ear sha'l nUo dl 'pinj
a red light visible from the rear.
Every motor car shall he provided
with a lock, key or other devlre to ■
motion, and nn motor r.hnll be permitted to stand or remain in or upon
any highway unless locked with snch
lock, key nr device.
Proper attention to the nbove Rules
nf tho Rnad wilt reduce the risk or
accident to % minimum
B C, Hrnty, Chief of Police |
Flies or no Flies
Death to the Fly
We are in the Anti Fly Business.
China ^L Crockery Bargains
On accounl of our business • ear ending June 30th, we
arc anxious lo reduce uur Block of China and Crockery'
Therefore for Lhe remainder of this month prices will be
cut on everything In these linos excepi stock patern chips
and saucers.
Severn! Incomplete Sets ai 1 ■■-- Ihan ( osts.
g;*. Per < cut Oft all tunc*, i Ittnn.
i;, Pei i nil off nil rem plete Dinner Sets.
*_»,*. i'i ■■ ( cut off nil Jardinieres,
|,*i Per f eut On all (.lii-vvMirc.
I.'i I'cr i eut Off all si * < rocks and Teapots.
This is a Money Saving proposition. Call and look
through oar Stock.
IRA R. Manning, Ltd.
THURSDAY, JUNE 14th, 1917
IVe Havo Greatly Reduced eni
Price (rn BITTER for this week
Per lb. SOp
2 lbs. for »5c
2 lbs. for S5c
L' lbs for 75c
P. BURNS & c.
y. m. e. fl. «rtee
Hours C a.m. to 8 ii.m.
Regular Iilnmer * Slierrt Orilfrs
Reasonable Price.
Special  Tuble  for   Ladles.
Meets every
Monday ull ht
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
B. H. McPhee, W. O. Robinson,
Secy. N. S.
Crankreok, B. &
Meeta every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. ft 8.
P. 0. Box (92
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Meeta In Maple, Hall aeeond
Tueaday ot .vary moath tt I
p. m.
Membership open   to  British
Visiting   members   cordially
E. Y. Brake,       J. F. lower,
President. Secretary
Meets In the
Parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
overy month
, at .1 p.m.
' PreB., Mrs. W.
B.  McFarlane.
Secy, MrB. J. W. Burton, P. O. Box 621.
All ladles cordially Invited.
Llcennod by Prov. Government.
s,H*clul attention given to Ner-
vourr nml lth.eumatlsm raBes by
Violet Hay Treatment
lleiihl uie the system ami
stteady the nerves through Electric Vibration, internal Keterctse
Violet Hay and Ozone, a perfectly natural process.
on the
Ci r. It.  Wftteli  Inspectors
.Next to Pest littler
mort* penetrating or mure consluslvs,
After thte warning, nny Russians who
walked Into the pit digged tor tliem Iiy
their Gorman tempters would thoroughly deserve the Cate Intended for
Issued   Weekly   by   The   Cranhrook
Herald, Limited.
P. A. Kay, Manager.
M.  Ai   Healc.  Secretary  and  Editor
tpHiilinmli, H. C* June 14th, 1917
The question of conslcrlptlon has assumed u phase whereby It han been
raised above party polities, Liberals
vfo wltli Conservatives In MprenKlng
tholr disapproval ot thoBe who urc
not inclined to do their duty; If this
attitude in continued there Ib still hope
of (teeing Canada united In tlio determination to support tlioro fighting to
preserve tlio greet national future of
Canada by tho abolition of tho parti-
Kan Btrugglo for power, and the consultation or n business administration,
composed of thr very best men.
Thoro enn he scarcely a doubt thut
the terms and conditions of Sir Itobert
Borden's compulsory service Bill will
receive tho general approval of the
largo majority of the Canadian people.
In Introducing the measure ln the
Commons on Monday the Premier set
forth In clear and unmistakable term"
the urgent ueeil of reinforcements and
bin eloquent appeal will go far to
smooth tho wny for tho eventual passage of the lllll.
lly division into ten groups, special
consideration la given those who have
The nation's activities essential for
winning the war wlll be maintained
by special exemptions for those men
who are more needed ut homo.
Ample facilities »ra alBu provided
for conscientious appeals for exemption.
On the whole the Bill must be regarded as fair and impartial and it
Ih to be hoped Its final enactment Into
law will not be unduly prolonged.
Rir Wilfred Latl.'ler hns chosen,
selecting the path of oblivion, by pandering to party Influence
The opportunity was v. great ore—
to prove the stnteaman grcator than
the politician..
Tb have unsolftBhly set aside p: rly
feelings; ft.r u gnat cause would have
been a fitting climax to a distinguished carrel, hut the man wan not great
Laurier tho statesman, Laurier the
patriot, is after all only Uur lor the
"Little Quebecer."
■ulitln-z I'M lor Women. (5 n bo* or three fur
110. Sold tt all Iinif Htorct. or mailed to Bar
fttfdreuoDrecelptofprlM. Tat Bcer.Lt. Duo
Co , It CtttUnnnw. Ontario
VfUUttilor H«rv» and BitlB; IMt*UM"fi-rf
aottrH'";a Ttirilu ■-will l.utld jou u». ft»bei,or
■W for $*,*•• ***** ilorM. or lif msstt oaianatpt
tfprlui   taaIfloisu.HawCe.liOrthailaw,
Since Adam und Eve were turned
out of Eden tho saying has boen true
that "men muni work " Thu lnw of
nature Ir, tlnil cv«rylxii!y muiit do
doinothlng or he wlll bo unhappy at
well as unfortunate The man who
shlrkH hli* work Is n fool, UOCaUHO he
liiirtn himself morn than he lu]ur«H
Tf 'li<- Russian Socialists have any
doubt as t) tin- character of the trap
which tin* (ierman Qovernment are
baiting for them, nnd into which the
"tame" (ierman Socialists are bolng
used to decoy them, they will do well
to digest the wholesome counsel Riven them by Mr. Compere, the President t.t the American Federation nf
Labour. No man ran he )"ss MiBpcot
tlian he of any leanings towards elthor
capitalism or "militarism"; few have
bad a longer experience of dotnocatle
movements in the Great Republic, He
In under i.o illusion as to the mean-
Ing of the war, or as (o the meaning
of the peace intrigues bolng engineered at Stockholm. The wnr. he declares.
is ngnlnBt onr common onomy, Kolsor*
Ism", and be ask;; the democracy of
Russia to join the democracy of the
UnltOll  St'tes  111   rejecting tlle "pro**
Kaher Socialist Interpretation or de.
maud for no-annex;it|on." Ile Imps
them to accept "the better Interpretation" the Interpretation which excludes forcible annexations and loavca
each people free to choose thrlr own
alliance. Anulrlean workmen, he
states, share the view of the Council
that the only wny in which the Hermans can end the war speedily is by
following Russia's example forcing
tlie Hohenzollenis and the Hupsburgs
to abdicate, nnd driving from power
Iho tyrannous military caste, The
Qerman Socialists, he remarks, 'should
attend to this." Instead of trying, "by
fnlse pretences and underhand plotting, to bring about an abortive peace
In the Interest of Kulserlsm and the
ruling class." That would he more
to the credll of their honesty than tn
call "pretended International conferences at the instigation or with the
connivance of tlto Kaiser", and to exert themselves n trying to cajole Hiis-
hlans and Americana into an Interpre-
tuiion of "no annexations, no Indemnities" which would leave Qerman
militarism triumphant. There could
hardly he uu exposition of tbe (Ierman
plot, now being u.n-.*.d nt Rtnrkholni.
,In tin- formation of a powerful "win
the war" coalition cabinet Sir Robert
Horden lias a wealth of material to
choose from. He can be assured of
the hearty support of all ri^bt thinking, sober-minded citizens from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and they are
overwhelmingly In tho majority. The
good name of Canada will he main-
(lly Col. B. R. Hardy, D, S. 0.)
What Is tho Canadian Red Cross do-
lag for our boys at tho Front, and how
are the people of Canada doing "their
bit" to help our brave lads win the
battles In which they are suffering
and giving their blood for the Empire?
liet me tell you, first hand, a litlle
story, u true story, iu connection with
tho third battle of Ypres, sometimes
called "The Battle of Sanctuary
Wood." or "Tbo Battle of Maple
"Picture tho battle going on for
days—a most terrific rain or shells,
uervc-wrccklng cannonading and continuous rifle and machine-gun firo.
Every now and then a brilliant charge
by our brave bays, and more ground
gained. The weather was Inclement;
the Incessant rain had churned up the
mud of Belgium such as only Belgian
mud cud churn, and though It was
Impossible to bring up food and water,
our lads fought on with grim determination until they hud gained their
objective ond consolidated the ground
captured. It was not easy—far from
It—and many were the casualties;
with never a groan or a rogret each
man fought on until exhausted.
"A fow mites in tho rear wus a
Field Ambulance, acting ns n rost-
Btatloo for Bllglitly wounded and
worn-out, exhausted troops. We only
had mom for two hundred; but us tbe
battle went on and our room was
filled up, we arranged accomodation
in barna, stables and sheds until every
available Inch was taken up and more,
than six hundred were In our care.
"What did we do for them? I'll tell
you, and also how thc Rod Cross
helped us:
"Ah each motor ambulance or lorrie
drove up. the men tumbled out tired*
exhausted, hollow-eyed and nerve-
shaken. While tlieir particulars wore
beltg tukfu, a bin bowl or soup or n
good hot drink of Red Cross Cocoa
wa* given each man. Then into the
Doctors'hands, where their wet, soggy
blood-stained, mud-oovored clothing
was removed nnd any necessary dressings rapidly fixed up with, in many
Instances, Rod CroBB Dressings. Then
a good hot shower bath with Red
Cross Soap, dried up on a Red Cross
Towel, and into a suit of Red Cross
Pyjamas and a pair of Rod Cross
Slippers or Bed Socks.
The following letter of acknowledgement was received by the I. 0.
U k. from The Overscus cluh; Oeneral Buildings, Aldwych, Ixndon, Eng.:
Qratefulty received from Kuskanook
Chapter, I, 0. 0, 1-3., Crnnbrook, B. C,
tiie sum of C!l. V a., as a contribution
in die Oversea*- Clnb Tobncco Fund
The mntioj wlll be expended in tohnc
in and clgnrottoa Jusl as tho donor*
have requested, and tin- pnrcols win
he Hcnl on' through the Military ar
Naval Forwarding authorities us
promptly us possible.
"i\Tin.i:it\M r
j     li. W. OrlfClth's latest colossal spec-
j IncUi   "Intoldrnnce"   said   to   bo   lhe
mosl magnificent spectacle of all lime.
will he the attraction nt the Auditorium, Thursday next, .lune 21st.
Tlii- new art creation, whieh comes
hen- following Its half vear of popularity ni the Liberty Theatre, Ncw
York, supplemented by long runs in
Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Chicago. San
Francisco and I.os Angel da. is n tremendous representation of the big
historic events in tliree distinct periods of the world's history, placed in
apposition with a story of life among
Hie people in America nt today, and
with an embellishment of orchestral
music and of illustrative song heightened by theatrical effects and in surroundings to suggest a flicht in fancy
to oilier times and other place-.
The purpose of this spectacle is to
show love's struggle throughout the
means of four parallel stories: Ancient Babylon, Judoa at the time of
Christ. Mediaeval Paris end a modern
American city are the scenes of these
Such wonderful settings, It Ih said,
as were provided for tho showing of
scenes lu and about the undent city
] of Babylon are so massive and so
i complete In accurate detail as to stag-
, ger the imagination. Tremendous
' battles are fought—battles such as
even today could not bu equalled in
fierceness of personal  conflict.
When the Nazarene Himself is seen
in the streets of Jerusalem there Is the
visualization, iu reverent artistry, of
an actual Saviour of mankind—often
surpassing In beauty or in effectiveness some of the world's moat famed
paintings of incidents at the time or
Christ. Then again the horrors of the
massacre of St. Bartholomew ure set
forth with the skill of a master to
effects, and ull iu surroundings that
suggest the actual period. The siege
of the walls of Babylon, and of the
city itself, with tremendous Instruments of ancient warfare to attack
the walls, and with struggling minions
falling under Hi,, blow of swords,
porlshlng by flro or going to death
in tho toppling, and falling or lofty
towers, is the uchlovomenl of one who
has done big thlngB in a big way.
Then ihere is the story of today,
wltli n mnn brought to tlto gallows for
< a crime he did mil commit and saved
I only  through   timely   intervention  of
a Governor, sought by the confessed
murderess in a racing automobile aud
caught, iu the nick of time, as he sat
In the observation cur of an express
train overtaken by the motorcar.
Over   125,000   peoplo   took   part   in
! "Intolerance," quite tho largest cast
1 ever nssenihleil for any stage prodUC-
■ tlon. Some of this country's most
j prominent film stars have the leading
! roles among them. Mae Marsh. Miriam Cooper, Lillian Qish, Constance
Tnlmadge, Seenn Owen, Margery Wll-
■ son. Bessie Love. Robert Horron. Elmer Clifton. Alfred Paget. Walter
Long ami Tally Marshall.
The St. John Ambulance Association
has received an appeal from thc Canadian Field Comforts Commission of
Englnnd for Funds to assist in their
work of sending comforts to the men
at ihe front, li is tlie intention of the
Association to forward a donation the
end of June and anyone wishing to
subscribe to this may send same lo the
Secretary-Treasurer wbo will see that
ii is included and acknowledged In tlie
llerald. *< f
A series or dances will he held iu
the I'arlHb Hall. The first one will
by on Wednesday, June 20th, from
a to 12, and then every alternate
Wednesday thereafter. Chargo ror
admission fit) cents a couple und extra
lady 2fi.   Cranhrook Orchestra.
On tho afternoon of Tuesday, June
19th, the Ladies Aid of the Mothodlsl
Church Wlll glvo a verandah lea al
tbe home of Mrs. Wasson, Norbury
Avenue from ,i to 5.30. in the evening
or the same day a social will bo held,
beginning at 8 o'clock. Refreshments
served and "mother goo!*:e" will provide the entertainment. Entrance fee
2!** rents.
Where tlie British are now fi,»htinn
the Turks in Mesopotamia, was situated the greatest city or the ancient
world—Be by lon. It is tliis Babylon
with Its magnificent palaces and temples und encircling walls .100 feel
high, that I). W. Griffith has rOBUBl-
tated and which can bo seen as a part
of his spectacle "Intolerance," which
is coming to the Auditorium, Thursday, June 21st.
Thc Orders nf the II. of L, F. &
\*. ot L. E, O HC, and B. of It. T. '
assemble in the Carmans Hall on Sun.
day at !U0 (city time) and wlll par-
ado to the Presbyterian (burch to attend a memorial service nt 1 o'clock
(city time). The pastors of the different   denominations   will   ho present,
Everybody welcome to attend the ser-
vice. This Sunday will he Itnown as
"Memorial Sunday" and will he recognized hy those Orders in tlie same
fashion every yenr.
A homo meeting of Ihe Non-I'arti-
zan League was held on Thursda'
at the residence of Mrs. Hersey. Thi.
Is the first of a series of home meetings of a more or less Informal nature
whieh will be held at various members
houses for the discussion of subjects
In which the League is interested.
A further study was made of the laws
regarding women and children. Aftor
considerable discussion severnl motions were adopted and ordered to be
brought up at the noxt general meeting. It was also decided that advice
snd co-operation should he asked of
oilier similar organizations throughout thn Provlneo with a view to
strengthening the position of women
In B. C, In tho stand for pure polities
aud wise reform.
If you want health
you can have it, by heeding Nature's laws. Keep the
stomach strong, the liver active, the blood pure, and
the bowels regular, and you will seldom be ill. Take
good care of these organs, and at the first sign of
anything wrong—promptly take Beecham's Pills.
you certainly need
the help and relief of this world-famed remedy, to
keep the body in health. They quickly establish normal conditions, so the organs perform their functions
as Nature intended. No other remedy will so surely .
strengthen the system, stimulate the liver, regulate
the bowels and quickly improve the general health as
Worth ■ Guinea a Box
Prnpued onlv by Tbomu Baacham, Sl. Helen*, Uncruhir-*, EifUn-L
Sold •*••?whu« ia Canada asd U. S. America.   In boxci, 26 cenU.
sent free
Mark and mail llie coie
pan today ond wc wltt
■end you onr valuable
illustrated book which
■ haws how lo cut down
tbe coat of getting out
in Canada
For  thirty-two veal's   Giant
Powders have  been  made, in
Canada. They were the first high'
explosives manufactured in the(
For years the Giant chemists studied the
needs of British Columbia land clearers
They prepared an explosive especially
for stump blasting—Giant Stumping
Powder, Uie first of its clnss. Hundreds
of tons of this" improved explosive are
used every year by British Columbia
farmers, lumbermen, and contractors. .
Be sure to get the genuine '
which goes further nml bream*
up the stumps better than'
ordinary explosives.
"The larmer," Bays I'tol*. Q, E,
BOaUey, "should use -,n explosive
prepared especially lor liia work]'
one thai atnndn all ordinary shocks ;
of handling mid transportation and
does not easily freeze."
Thousands ol farmers  have taken
this   advice  and   hnve  lound  that
Giant  Stumping   Powder always <
saves them money, timo and labor..-
Free Book i
Coupon   I
Vancouver, B. C. |
S-nd  me lour book, "U-tlet Fuming **
with Cud|   Stumpinc I'owdc*,"   [ -m I
irnrif.u J In lhc lubjecll which I blfl I
mirhedXl |
I i Stump BUttlnt
□ Boulder RUiting
U Road Mftblni 1
I ■ Tree B*d BUitlnt
Ll Ditch BUilini
I.I Mininf -Quarrying
In Order to Transact Business
then' must be nn delay* Try the Lnnp;
Distance Telephone* Talk direct to
your party, and pet a reply In a few
Kootenay Telephone Lines* Ltd.
Illliro rlnmie Illl
llcsldl'llip  I-IT,
The World Moves and so do We
Cily Transfer & Warehouse Co.
IV. K. WOttllKX, I'lieinIrle.r
Air.'iits I'm* Iiu*  I'll I ,-.  Ihissi) -lliirrls  Miii'liliiiry
I'liuit I'owilor        Miel'oll'ej (ilia.
MilTllll   THUCK   AI.1V.tVS   UN   TIIK   Jllll
Every Woman Needs
one or more
spouts on street wear
CMART, Stylish and Graceful
are the Lines of this Skirt,
fashioned of best Botany Serge,
very smartly designed in the new
straight fine pleated mode.
*JIt U nude of 100 finely tempered ■'■■nilii-nl Heel
spirals, each very seiiMiiive to pressuro und Independent of, though connected with, tine oilier 99.
FINISH that positively mill nol tlumage bedding.
<JThe Banner Spring support*, tin; hody from head
to foot—"giving ' just enough under varying weight
to ensure a constant restful position for the body.
8Be good to yourself—get a Banner Spring and an
stennoor Mattress for your bird anil enjoy perlect
All dealer* sell it, or will get it for jrou if you ask
for it by name.
Makers of Bedsteads and Bidding
••AImU m .ta Htleif miii Iliih Otwls iWx iWUcfa" THURSDAY, JUNE l-llli, IHI7
Should be
Exactly Suitable
Tliey should he just what your
eyes need. Tliey should enable
you to see easily—with the least
effort. With them you should
get the best service your eyes'
enn possibly Rive.
To supply you with glasses
mado exactly to your needs,
occupies our every cure. The
smallest detail receives its
neccssnry attention. If you urc
anxious about your eyes, call
and let us examine thnn Wc
will advise you frankly as to
whether you need ("lasses or not,
({lasses fnr outdoors, for motoring aud for any Bpoclnl pur
W. H. Wilson
Mil;. III'TII ll\
Fresh Killed
All Local Stuff
All Meats Kept in Kefrlgvinlnr
During Heel Weather
City Meat Market
8    DOORS    WEST    OF    01,11
piioxe sn;
Cunning tho man of mystery is here
If you want to buy or sell or rent
lionse-in fact, if you want anything
- see Beulo H Klwell.
Kilby frames pictures.  ,
Mr, T Griffin of Detroit, Mich,, waa
Cunning the man ot mystery Is here. I registered  at  tho  ('ranbrook   Hotel
  i Saturday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ilaslam returned from
Spokane nn Sunday, ;    See Cunning handcuffed walk from
  , Wilson's lucked vault Saturday night
Rubber heels put on at the Star; j at 7,30,
r>n cents a pair. ^^^^^^^^^
 ■ Mr, .1. E, L-enonS of Spokane was a
Mr, and Mrs. Norman (lardiner of visitor in  the city  lust  Saturday a
Calgary are In town. guest of the Cranbrook Hotel
Are yon in doubl as tn ymir future!      Arc  you  In  trouble? ask Cunning
ask Cunning. , tbo way out.
Mr. ami Mrs. Pownall of Pish Ukes:    Wy lirp carry|ng a full line of boot,
were In town nu Wednesday. j and   shoes.— Cranbrook    Exchange,
  Vrmstrong Ave.
.lnsl received! a law shipment of 	
Lum I.  n.r.i.i is.   ini  Manning Ud.    ;    sll,l!1 >""r *,,ml at *Vnur Pre8ent vo
Mrs, Crohbln and Mrs. Bridge lotl
ir the Consl on Thursday.
Will yon
ike ih" lo
cation or will you seek some nth,
conic iiiit| consul! Cunning.
Miss  Iirewery ol" Cowley. Alta.. arrived in the City Sunday to visit n
nppy with Susie? don't
I you consult Cunning, j urotl,Br wl)0 is m il1 Sl  KuK"m' Hl
!     We hurry with Shoe Repairs al the
\ monster black bear wnr, killed
by Mr. 0. (lalante near the Sullivan
Miin. Kimberley, last Monday night.
We are carrying a full line of boots
md shoes,— Cranbrook Exchange,
\rrnstidiig Ave.
Cunning the man of mystery is here.
See Cunning handcuffed walk from
Wilson's locked vault Saturday night
at 7,30.
| Miss Phyllis Lyne returned to her
home In Creston on Wednesday afler
spending two months with Mrs. Erickson.
Can you think of any reason why
Ihere should not be one In vonr
Export piano and organ tuning, repairing and regulating. E. A. Parker,
plume 311, P. 0, Dox 528, Cranbrook.
Shall your plod at your present vocation or will yon seek somo other?
Como and consult Cunning.
Do i.i the Auditorium Sunday evening, purposed to debate tho pros and
cons of conscription.
liunch Baskets nro tndlspenslble for
motorists, or for picnics; we have n
nice nssortmont.    lra Manning Ltd.
Tho regular meeting of the Farmers
'Institute will bc held in the City Hall
on Saturday at 2.30.
Malta-VItne, tbe great health food.
l special 10c, regular 1 Be—Crnnbrook
Trading To.
Mr. -in,! Mrs. II. M. Thornbnrn or
Carbon, Altn., are lho guests of Mrs.
Thornburn's sister. Mrs Frank Seott.
Cunning tl.e mysterious man will be
ut the Auditorium every niRht this
ivcok.   I'rire:- 25, 35, 50 cents,
Mrs. P. \V. Green entertained at
dinner last Thursday in honor of Mrs.
J. ll. King,
Mrs. W. H. Wilson entertained M
luncheon todaj In honor of Mrs. J. IX. \
Mi N'nb or Calgary.
Should you marry a black, blonde nr;
brunette?  ask   Mr.   Cunning   nl   tho
Auditorium any night thia week.
Roi r lltfl ror tho Army Medical Corps 1
arc  urgently  needed.    Apply (o  Dr,
\V.  Cre. 11.
Agt, W, r\ Doran, Craubrook Exchange     Mr. and Mrs.
l ook   up  oui
MimM. Chemical, Civil, Mecbnnlcnl ..ml
mectrtcnl 8u|inceriu|
Acta Co«r»** i'v corTHpondeiicf     Degree
Infill School     NivtgMinn School
Mr ud Aniuii IlN*inb*i lo April
K Wilson of Blair-
adv. on china and
i pay you to call and
Ira Manning Ltd.
Pic   '!'   Oummer  has   heen  recalled
■ i.i Vlctorln hy the military authorities
for medlenl examination
l i ok   up  our  adv.  on  China  nnd
i Cookery! ii will pay you to call and
'o our stock    lra Manning Ltd
IN THE MATTER of the "Land
Registry Act" and in the matter Lot
A lilook ll. Town Bt Kltnbi rley, I'n.v
luce of llrltlsh Columbia,  M ip Ql>4,
To whor.   ii wnj concern:
Whereas prool  ol  the  loi - nt  tho
following    title    deed'     ol    tlle    ttbOYO
mentioned lauds (Inter alia) hnve been
tiled  with me. namely
Crown Orant dated Ith May 180" to
Robert 0. Jonnlnga ot Lot I3S8, Uroii|i
1, Kootenay District. Province nforo*
Conveyance   dated   l-Rh   July    1SIIS
Robert i). Jennings to the Fori Btoele
Development syndicate Limited of an
undivided two thirds Interest In said
Conveyance dated 1Mb July IMS
Robert 0. Jennings lo Charles Est-
ntere of uu undivided third interest
lu said Lot.
Conveyance dated loth February,
1900, Charles Kstmere to the said
Syndicate of au undivided third Interest I nsald Lot 2 (inter alia).
This Is to jjive notice to nny one
Into whose possession the aforesaid
title deeds may hav* come nnd who
has any knowledge of the wiieronbouts
of said deeds to deliver tin* same to
Archie -Donaghy, Deputy Dlstrlcl Registrar Of Land Titles, Nelson. It. C.
And further take notice that at the
expiration of thirty days from the
date of the first publication hereof
tho said Deputy Dlstrlcl Registrar1
will proceed to Issue a Certificate
Of Indefeasible Title of suid lands In
the name of Elizabeth Manners Foote
of Kimberley. B. C„ unless in lho
meantime valid objection be made 1
me In writing.
Dated   nt  Nelson.  II.  C ,  this   L'lsl
dny of May, 1017.
A. Donaghy,
Deputy District Resist mr
Dale nf first publication Mnv Hint,
1M1. 32-4C,
Shall your plod nt your present vocation or will you seek some other?
Come aud consult Cunning.
On Saturday cvcniiiK Mrs. A. B.
Macdonald was hostess at a dinner at
which Mrs. M. A. Macdonald and Mrs.
J. H. King were thc Riu-sts of honor.
Cunning Hie mysterious man will hint the Auditorium every night this
weok.   Prices 25, 35, 50 cents.
Don't put off till to-morrow whal
should be done today. Protect your'
property hy a flre insurance policy
issued by Renle & Elwell.
Mr. Robt. J. Miller or Toronto, representing The Canada Cloak Company
Ltd.. was soliciting business in the
city Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Christ Church Public Library
will bo open in future on Thursday
evenings from 7 to S and Sunday
evenings from S.45.
Mr. M. A. Freek of Winnipeg, expert
watch repairer and jeweller has accepted a position with Raworth Bros,
of this city and arrived here Tuesday.
The Herald's position ami influence
is for conscription: it welcomes the
puhlic meeting on iSunday evening
in the Auditorium giving the opportunity for full discussion,
Safety Deposit Boxes to rent at
Beale .*i Elwell's. A safety denopif
vault is the only snfe place for your
Mr. E 1. Staple* of Wycliffe nnd
Mr. Ceo. Hogarth of this city motored
to Waldo on Tuesday to attend a meet-
Ing of the shareholders of the Baker
1 Lumber Company.
Bury politics and prejudice and bfl
ou deck Sunday evening at the Auditorium and take pnrt in the discussion
of the one burning question of lhe
day in  Canada    Conscription.
Cranbrook bears the proud distinction of supplying morc recruits for
overseas than any town of its size In
Canada. The depleted ranks in Flanders need reinforeenieuts-Cranbrook
i will do its duty.
j Every mother, wife aud daughter of
men   in   lihnki. and  every  man   with
1 bis country's weal at heart, should
attend this Sunday nlghl mass meeting nt the Auditorium.
the ciiizens Recruiting Committee, per I
Mr .1   M  Christb
\iv yo
iu diinht as lo your future?
Treasurer of tin
John Ambulance Association wish' 	
knowledge a donation of $25.36 from '  ,.   . ,.
!     Let Cranbrook. the city bearing the
the proud distinction of enlisting more
men for tlie trenches than any city of
, its   size   in   Canada,  .let  behind   the
Premier in his conscription measure.
il nil i ntiintm
i    Cunning the mysterious man will be
Don't forgot tbe Cookery sale at thoL,   „,„  Auditorium  every  night  tilts
Salvation Army Hnll, Hanson Ave. mi   W(l(,\,    pr*C08 26 35, Ml cents
Saturday, June   Hiih  commencing ai ,
;!   "•■■■' ,      Miss Lucy L. Toombs of Letphrldge.
1 arrived In town las! Saturday and la
The latest nowB from Ottawa Is that tho  |WMt  nr Mr>  „„,,   y]r^   *,   •*,
wealth as woll as men is to be con- Toombs.   Miss Toombs expects to ro-
icrtntori.   Evory lasl citizen In Cran- mo*n *n town fof „,,.,„, Um0i
brook should endorse such measures, j ^
  !     Wi- are glad to report an Improve-
Miss E, M   Davidson of the Presby-: „„,„, ■„ the llPaUh of Mrs A   Hailing
terlnn Mission Hospital, Canora, Sask.,  wlm i,as Dflcn ln hospital for the Inst
Mrs. D. A. Sulll-1 wook   suffering   from  an   attack  of
r visiting her siste
I plenrley.
Seo Cunning handcuffed walk from I    Mr. E. C. Smith who was a member
Wilson's locked vault Saturday night j or  t|,c  Provincial   Legislature  when
1,1 ''.80, j cranbrook and Fcfnle were one riding
  Is in tlio city this week shuklUR bands
Royal crown Soap nt old price viz:-1 wit|, |,|s many friends.
2fic pkge., Corn Syrup at 61b. 4.ric; t!lb
pall 20c.   Cranbrook Trading Co. .
Miss Armstrong, cashier of the Rex
Theatre, left for Gainsborough, Sask.,
last week, where she will make an
extended visit with friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A, Jones wero
In from Kimberley on Tuesday, when
Mrs.   Junes   left    on    tlle   westbound
train for tlie Coast. 	
  I    For quick sale—10 acres of Improv
Pte,  .1,   M.   ltnihwell  of Wardner. >,| property mile nnd half from post
who enllsled with the ii2.rith Battalion, j office; 4 acres under cultivation; over
IniH Iratisl'erreil to the Mih Battalion ■ iou  bearing  apple  trees  nnd  small
and Is now believed to be In France. I fruit;   two   storied   dwelling   house.
  ; 0 rooms, cost %l(M; good well water;
Mrs. II F Kvie who recently j-rml- hand under Irrigation. Properly
tinted from th- Columblu Nurses worth $4000; going for $1075; eimy
Training School. (Ireat Falls. Mo., | term*,- Apply milrkly to Healc and
bus returti.il to Crnnbrook to reslil**.   Klwfll, Cranlmiuk, H, C.
Mr  Leithweighl of Fernie is visiting  hi-   sister. Mrs. 0, Grey.
Mr. A. H. Macdonald waa in Pernie
this we. k ntU-nditig the sittings of the
County Court.
Mrs. j, u. McNab of Cal tary and her
daughter Ruth are visiting friends
In the eity.
Mrs, J R. McNab of Calgary, formerly of Cranbrook, is visiting at the
home  nt   Mr.  ami  Mrs. G,   B.   Powell.
( unnlng the mysterious man will be
;n the Auditorium evi ry night this
week    Prices 25, 35, 50 cents,
Mi-s Delia Greaves nrrlved home on
Sunday from Spokane, where she has
boen sttonding the Holy Names Acad-1
Mr-, M A, Macdonald and Mrs. .1
H. King returned on Monday to Vie-
torla alter spending a short lime In
the   eity.
Mrs McMann of Kimberley wus in
town Wednesday to meel her two sona
who have just returned from Whit-
worth college, Spokane,
Mi1, and Mrs. Joseph Brault anil Miss
Anl>t Drnull hit on Wednesday for
Spokane to attend the commencement
exercises at llonzaga College.
I'M* A. .1. Scliell spent a shorl time
in town this week bidding god bye to
his many friends, Pte. Scliell expects
to leave shortly for overseas with his
The Herald hopes; that every loyal
citizen ol' Cranhrook will attend
tlie mass meeting to be held ill the
Auditorium Sunday evening, to discuss
Mr. J. MeDougall of Calgary travelling salesman lor the (Ireat West Saddlery company,  was in  tlie city on
-Buy Your Potatoes
Tin   »lll   cog|   yon   more   nexl
>om te the lime I" Preserve
Vie llllec 11 good «ll|e|el) (ef Crisp
Juiev Steeck. Prices
s I.BS (err   25c
Little & Atchison
Cbe Ulasa fiottl j
Hunting and Fishing       j
Unionist Investments Ltd. S
lu   Lroiibb''.'  ask  ('mini
the way out.
Monday and Tuesday In Ihe interests       SYNOPSIS   OP   COAIj    MINING
of his firm.
Il' you are in favor of conscription
attend tbe big meeting in the Auditorium. II' you are against it attend the
meeting and state your views. There
are always two sides lo every question.
A Snap! For quick sale, neat and
comfortable fi roomed cottage on Durlck   Avenue,   ror   *:.:.n.   worth   $000.
Ivisy   terms     Apply   to   Beale   &    101-
Dr. .1. K. Barrett of Winnipeg, m-
s; ector of Breweries for tiie provinces
of Manitoba. Saskatchewan, Alberta
and Briti* b Columbia, was a visitor in
the city Sunday and Monday on his
annual tour of Inspection of the local
brewing industries.
A pleasant time was spent ut the
bomo of Mr. nnd Mr::.. W. J. Atchison
on Tueaday evening last when a nnn;-
bi r of their friends lock advantage
of the occasion of their tenth wedding
anniversary to nresonl them with a
tin shower.
■'Mutt and Jeff's Wedding" played at
t* e Auditorium ou Friday night last.
There was goodly number present and
the performance was greatly appreciated hy .ill. We wish to coillluend
them "ii ilie high character of their
performance as tiiere was nothing to
offend even the most  fastidious.
Miss Edith caslake left on Sunday
fir Vancouver, Miss Caslake has for
tl.e past three years been in the em
ploy of the Imperial Bank here and
she has received a transfer to the bead
ofllce While regretting Miss Cns-
lolte's departure her many friends here
wish her all success in her new posi-
Word has been received that Nurse
Miller,wbo some time ago accepted a
position as nurse hi Dr. Bully's Hos-
pltal, Fernie, has now been made
Superintendent of that institution.
Her sister. Miss Garnet Binkley. has
accepted a position as nurse in the
same hospital.
Mr Joseph Daly. Mayor of Sirdar,
and who incidentally handles the
throttle of a C. IV It. engine when his
initial duties will permit. Is in the
Ity this week advocating municipal
ownership or public I'tlllties and endeavoring to enlist the Intere-t of
his local friends to adopt his views In
our fair city.
The   annual   Sunday   School   picnic
of Knox Presbyterian Church win bo
held on the afternoon of 23rd inst.
Automobiles will leave the Sunday
School room continuously from 1 o'clock to 2,'.',h to convey the children
and parents to the picnic grounds.
The parents are urged to be present
and assist in making it an enjoyable
afternoon for the children.
Coal mining rights of the Domlu*
| ton, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories aud tn a portion of the Province of British CoLum-
' bia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable I'or a lurther term uf !M years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Nol more
than 2.fi,!0 acres will be leased to om
Application for a lease must be
nmde by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied tor
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
he described Iiy sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
he staked out by the applicant himself
Fncli application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output of the mine at the ratt
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will Include tbe coal mining rights only.
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of tbe Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N, B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
liMrtct oi' Pust Koiilemiy
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I Intend to apply to
the Minister of Lands for a license t
to prospect for coal and petroleum
over tbe following described land*--,
situate In Block 4593. South East Kootenay. B. C: Commencing at a post
planted at or near the south east corner of lot 7280, thence 80 chains North.
80 chains West, about 40 chains South,
about -10 chains Kast. aboul 40 chain?
Suutli, thence aboul 40 chains F.ast to
point of commencement,
Located this Bth day of May, HUT.
Flathead Petroleum Co.,
Leo Ward well,   Agent,
re <■    •*%. - * Z^******
.. i .Mm
-rl  ■
■VMIH   !'.  e   \\ IIU"
The 1017 Ford Touring ( ar
S49S.00 /. o. b. Ford. 0::.
Veen pay loss for this car imi II ;l - you more
enjoyment, i ore mileage and le .       than
theis.  \,hid] cosl m oe.
T]    lo ti ;i g   car gives   In iiitomo-
bile \altn . !'!' tie n'< ownership
Buy a Conl ihis year ai tl
S,i()().()() Cranbrook
•*a>Br •*^'--iae,"*ar.-ii>r:
ANew aivd
Three  of   a   kind
Keep tbem in mind
As toothsome
as the name
lasting. The
third of the
Wrigley trio
of refreshing
Good for teeth,
breath, appetite, digestion.
Sealed Tight-
Kept Right!
Chew it after
every meal
The Flavour Lasts!
Consolidated Wining & Smelting Co.
nt Canada. Limited
om     Smelting and Refining Department
H M I   I   I i: I! S   A \ II    I! 1   II \ i: II S
I'uiiciiASF.ns oi emu, sn.vi it,corn n, i bad imi /im oexb
Wash That
Itch Away
h nbsolutoly no Biifferer from
wbo   ever   lined   tlle   simple
eezemn    _^_^_m_w_^_^m_m
wnsh  1).  I>.  I>. and did noi   f.'t.
mediately thnt wonderfully cnlm, eiYi
Ronsntton Mint comon when the itch
! Is Inline  er
Tlii.   BOOtltlng   Wiislr
i ponetrntpre
i   rini'ps,   ntv.'K   instnrit
1 n.ile.r from
ntoBc (ItstrBRBlng skin
i Tin- Crntlbl
Drug £  BOOlt I'rr. Ull
ilirinik. II. ('.
Dlvemton uml I'm*
Take notice tlmt the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Company, of
Canada, Ltd., whose addross is Trail,
n. C., will apply fur a license to take
and use 5000 galls per 24 hours out of
a spring which flows southerly nnd
drains Into Sullivan Creek about Kimberley townslte. The water will be
diverted from a spring abonl tho •*.'-!-
em boundary of i.ot 5, Block 10, Kim-
berloy Townslte, or opposite this lot
on Boundary Streol, between Eatmorc
and Kimberley Townsltes. This notice
was posted on tho ground on tlie 2nd
day of Jniit* 1!»17, a COpy of thlB tlOtli 0
nnd an application pursuant thereto
ami to the Water Aet iim  will he
fyled In tho office of the wnter Recorder nt Craubrook.   Objections to
tbe application may be fyled with m e
-aid   Water   Recorder   or with tlm
Comptroller of Water Rights, parliament ItnildliiL's. Victoria, It. ('.. within
thirty duys aftor the fln.t appearance
of ibis notice iii n local newspnper
The date of the first publication of
thin notice iw June 7th 1917.
Consolidated Mining nnd Sn;
Co,, nf Cannriu, Ltd
1 J K. (ram, Agent
--■vt.-f ■•■»wv.s/«'. *■■
• ■It  in-
THURSDAY, .1UNE 14th, 1917
Barristers, Ete.
W. F. Gurd 0.1. Spreull
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
l'hyslclann and Soritfons
Office at residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
AfternoonB 2.00 .o   4.00
Kvening 7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  2.30 to   4.30
OBeee In Haneon Block
9 to 11 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
Silt   GEORGE   111 Itv
The Cranbroolt Hiiurel erf Trade sent
the following telegram to Sir Oeorge
Sir Georej.0 Bury, Nelfon, B. C.—
Cranbroolt Ttoierel ot Trade extend congratulations on the well deserved
honor conferred em yon by His Majes
ty the King.
It. S. Beattie, President.
To which Sir Qeorge replied:
"Fnrron,    B.   O.    Juue  5th,  1917.—
II.   K,   Beattie.  President Cranbrook
Board of Trade, Cranbrook, B. C.
Please convey my thanks to the
Cranbrook Board of Trade; tlie year
spent amongst yon is ever fresh in my
George Bury.
Licensed by Provincial Govt.
Maternity ««*J General Nnrelnf
Maiesage and Rest Cure, Highest
References,   fair  terms,  Apply
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron.
Phone 26* P. O. Box 845
Address.Qarden Ave.. Cranbrook
(IMI and Mining Engineers
B. C. Land Snrtejora
Dn; Phone 2M, Night Plione IU
Norbnry Ave, neit to Cltr Hall
Teacher ol Pianoforte
Cranbreoh, B. C. Boi »8»
Montana Restaurant
Heals at All Heinrs
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candy
Opposite the Bank of Commerfo
It vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send lt to
Soeclal orlces for familv
Forwarding nnd Distributing
agent (or
Uthhrldge aad Grmnhfll Coal
Imperial Oil Co.
Dlatrbntlon Cara a Specialty.
Drajlng and Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone «3
General Merchant
EBplejmnt Agent
P. O. Box 108 Pbone 244
The Shoe Specialist
ttetlafaetlon Guaranteed
Headquarters (or all klnda of
atoht Frame, Prep.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastrj
Pbone >7
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Spokane, Washington
Thti home bai tho
happy distinction of being Um Uvorlt* stop-
plnc pl»e« ln Spokane
(or the people ot British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Ib excellent —
cloae to Oreat Northern Station
and O. W. R. * N.-Mllwaukee
terminal, and within a mlnute'a
walk from the principal business
boutee and placet of amuaement.
Bee HteaioKhlD on Roof
(Following is ti.correct report of the
death of John T, Scanlon)
Dear Sir.-1 wish yon to correct
rror of report on thc death of Mr.
John. T. Scanlon,. He died on June
1st, of apoplexy cerebral stroke at
Bonnlngton Fulls. Ilo was eating his
lunch before (,'oing on Ktiuril anil expired in iiis chair. The late Mr. Scanlon was born iu Rockland, Mi*.., fill
years ago but his parents moved to
Wakasha, Wis., when he wns a year
old. He lived In Wakasha till lie en
listed for tlie Civil War and then went
to Ran Francisco where he married
a Miss Mary McSweeney of Sacre-
monto. He loaves two sons, John an*
Kdward Scanlon, and one daughter
Margaret, (Mrs. N. Duly.) The Intt
Mr. Scanlon was a railroad man and
was a nlglit watchman ahout ten years
ago. Since tliat .time until last June
when he enlisted wltll the 107th regl
meat, he lived a retired life. The lato
Mr. Scanlon was oue of the oldest of
tho old timers in ihis district, posses*
sing a kind and cheerful dlsiwsitton
at all times.
I wish to express my thanks &nd
gratitude to the kind friends and
especially to the Order nf the Knights
of Pythias nf which the deceased was
a member.
The pall bearers at the funeral were
Mayor Clapp, J.  I1. Fink, J. Leask.
W. Santo. .1. Campbell, J. H. McLean
Yours truly
Mrs. J. H. Macdonald.
IlltllMiK    ItOHKBTS
On Wednesday morning at ten o'clock, Christ Church was thc scone
of a very pretty wedding when Miss
Mabel Roberts and the Rev. W. H.
Bridge were united in marriage. The
officiating clergyman was the Rev,
H. W. Simpson of Greenwood, the
service was fully choral the choir being composed of members of the Eager
Heart Club of which the bride was
organizer. Mrs. Edmondson played
tbo organ accompanied by Mrs. Arnold
Walllngor on the violin. Thc bride
entered the Church on the arm of
Dr. F. W. Green. She was charmingly
gowned in white crepe de chene wlt*s
pearl and silk laee trimming and wor
a dainty veil of point d'esprit draped
over a wreath of orange blossoms and
carried a boi.<|iK>t nf bride's roses
Miss Hetty Oreen as maid of hnnnr
was dressed in white point d'esprH
and wus followed by the grooms little
daughters In pretty white muslin
frocks carrying pink sweet peas,
Tho Rev. A. 11. I-anc nf Femle. supported the grnnm. After signing th<
register tho bridal party proceeded
to tbo Parish Hall where they were
tendered a reception by Mrs. and Miss
Cherrington. Tbe hall was tastefully
decorated for tho occasion with nn
abundance of flowers. In the centre
of the room was a large table on which
the many presents wore displayed.
A bevy of the bride's friends served
the guests with dainty refreshments
at small tables. After the happy
couple had received the good wishes
of their many friends, Mr. Cock
behalf of tlie congregation, presented
their gift of a cheo.no which Mr. Brldgi
acknowledged in a noat speech. Vnr*
tons toasts wero proposed and duly
honored. Tho hrldo'sgoing away costume was of black taffeta with pink
blouse aud hat.
On their return from Spokane where
tbo honeymoon will be spent, Mr. and
Mrs, Bridge will be welcomed hack
to Cranhrook by their host, nf friends
LOST Jointed 7 font steel rod, on
road near Craubrook; please return
to Herald Office.
IIM!   KlIl'UAKK   I'M NTS -$1.0.1
a dozen; delivered anywhere tn Crnnbrook.—Box 48, Cranbrook, II. C. 23-tf.
TO RjfNT—Large airy front room
on Armstrong Ave. about one block
and a half from Baker St.—Apply
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.        22-tf
FOE HALE—Smith Motor Wheel, lu
good condition; cost $95, wlll sell for
ffiO. This motor can bo attnehe.1 to
any blcyclo converting It Into a motor
cycle.   Apply to lleruld Office,     21-tf
$700, In splendid condition, for quick
sale $185; anyone looking for first
class Instrument fnr absolute bargain
price, now is tlie chance.— Apply
Kilby, Armstrong Avenue.
can obtain constant employment with
US! full nr spare time, by represent
lug uh locally or travelling. Apply
Immediately B. 0. NurBOrhja f>> Ltd,,
UltX, 7lh  Ave. W. Vancouver, U   <
To thfl Editor, Cranbrook Herald,
Dear Sir.— In view of the recent statement issued by Mr. Hoover, Chairman
of the Commission for Relief lu Belgium which points out the Imposslhll
ity at present of obtaining tho necessary shipping tonnage to forward to
Belgium the food supplies in the same
quantities as In the past, and also
draws attention to the fact that the
United suites Government huve made
arrangements to loan lo the Belgian
Government the sum of $45,000,000,
payablt to the Commission for Relief
in Belgium In six monthly instalments,
which sum will cover the cost of such
fond supplies as ran bo shipped in that
time hy the limited number of ships
available to the Commission—the Central Executive Committee of the Belgian Relief Fund In Canada finds it
unnecessary for the present, In make
appeal tn the generously disposed
people nf Canada nn the plea of tho
urgency of support in order to slave
off starvation.
The. nouds of Belgium continue how-
:or as pressing as in the pasl and
the situation may be considered as
being even more pitiable, as. through
the forced decrease in imports. Belgium will be compelled tn fall hack
on her last native resources already
so denuded. In order to maintain that
so limited ration that has been doled
out In the past It will he necessary
to encroach upon the Country's stock
of Milk Cattle which has been reserved
to maintain a supply of fresh milk fnr
the children.
In the hope, however, that the re
cent swiftly develnped shortage in the
World's shipping—the cause of this
now departure of tho Relief Work—
may unt permanently endure; iu Uio
hope that the necessary funds may he
available should any emergency nr
spoclnl occasion arise and in view of
the fact that in any event relief in
many forms will be required after the
war, tho Committee hope that nil the
generous supporters of the Fund in
tho past and all 'those who have
pledged themselves for future payments will continue to support tin*
Fund and thus continue to show their
sympathy with the people who gave
their all for the cause of Humanity.
All such donations received after tlie
15th of June will be disposed of to
tho best advantage of this stricken
people, according to thc wish that may
be expressed hy any donor or according to the actual or more prcs;-in^
needs of nny of the already organized channels of Relief Work sucli as:
"Help to the children removed from
Belgian Front"
"Queen's Fund Tor the Wounded
"Home  for  the  Belgian  Soldiers."
"Relief for Belgian Prisoners in Germany."
"Anglo Belgian Committee of the
Belgian Red Cross."
"Relief for Belgian Children suffering from tuberculosis and rickets."
"Belgian Orphan Fund."
"Belgian National Relief Fund for
War Orphans, etc."
All donations received prior to the
15th of June will be held at the disposal of the Commission for Relief in
Belgium, for thn purchase in Canada
of Canadian Produce, according to our
previous pledges.
The Central Executive Committee
will Issue in tbe immediate future n
repnrt envering the whole nf their
operations up to the lath of Juno.
Thanking you for publishing tin
above, we remain, yours truly,
A. De Jardiu, Hon. Soc.-Treas
.l^s-m^tlm-ms***.*-'-'!*^^ '*V*""V"*    *»"
Universally conceded to lie the
most Wonderful liriunatle Achievement Hint lias ever heen
Itrodneed in the World.
One Day Only, Thursday, June 21st
fContinued from page two)
"Now fnr a good, hot meal, as much
as a hungry man could oat. Arm)
rations? Yes, but supplemented bv
Rod Cross Jam. Red Cross Biscuit-
and Red Cross Fruits and Preserves,
and washed down by more Red Croat
Cocoa. Then a Rod Cross Cigarette
and rolled up in a couple of blankets
aud off to sleep on u stretcher or palliasse for 24 hours or sn, well denei'Vcd
aud much-needed sleep in Hie liUtH
which wore lighted by Red Grow
Candles and heated by Red Cross Per*
fectlon Oil Stoves.
"And If you take away the Rod
Cross Comforts, what could we huv
done for them? Why, ynu would lulu
away all that whieh Nils In a gap between tho necessaries of life as provided by the Army, and a state which
nne might term 'reasonable comfort.'
Our soldiers do not mind yes. thej
expect to have tn undergo hardships
but If we can make it a little easier,
why not','
..Ladles of Canada, for it is y<n
we think of as tlie backbone of tho
Canadian Rod Cross, let me bring to
you the heart-felt thanks of the boy:'
of the Army Medical Corps at the
front for your help in tlieir work
It Is most encouraging to them to have
your practical help In their work -
caring for our sick and woundei
soldiers, and let me assure you thai
your efforts have hrnnghi hack the
smile of hope to many a poor wonndeil
man In tho border line between life
and death, and just added sufficient
weight to rtirn the scale in the rlghl
"This is but one llttle incident of
what ts going on dally. If my little
story, and 1 wish 1 rould make it more
realistic, helps tn make ynu feel your
labors are appreciated and well-directed, and helps even n few to keep up
their enthusiasm In this groat and
glorious Rod Cross work, It:; object
shall bu fulfilled and I shall he re
paid for Ihs time In tolling."
"-Prom One Wbo Known."
Wm. Cranston presents
I'll    III.
LOVE'S   •^HBtajLE
ii invii.D rhino
Big Symphony Orchestra aad Ladies1 Choir
Peerless as an Educational Factor.     Accurately ard Authentically Correct as to
t Details  and   Costuming
The Supreme Achievement of Moto-Filmic Artistry
\   PRICES~$1.00, $150
I. II, I). I'.. Hill.II JIF.KTIMI
The regular meeting eel' tho I. O. n.
B„ hrelrl eere Friday afternoon, .lime* stir
was well attended rind specially lnter-
..sting. Excellent reports we're glvon '
by convenors of different ccinniltloi b.
Mrs. J. 11. King who represented tire*
KnsltnnooU Chapter at the launiurf
gathering of litre National Chapter in
Victoria, ware pre'scnt niirl gave an
Interesting report ot bhe meetings
held there In May.
As there ire urgent need eef socllB
at present, It wns decided to join witli
tho St. John Ambulance Society nnd
the Women's Institute In sending
srerks to tiie soldiers. Many socks nre
required tee fill one box but ley Jerln-
tng forces boxes may he more quickly
filled and despatched to tlio front with
greater frequency. Thoso who v,*lsli
to help kindly leave their donations nt
the Hed Cross Rooms, Tire work
finished and shipped ro bendquarters
ftir lire niernth comprised 84 suits of
pyjamas, IS pairs soeks, 12 comfort
bags. The buying committee reported
the purchase of r,14 ynrds of flannelette, wool, thread, buttons, ele., al a
rest of $188.60. Cutting Commlttoo
cut out S7 stilts of pyjamas, 39 comfort   lings.    The   donations   [n(*  the
Prise -s   Broad Fund  were:    Mrs.
Jackson, ".5c: Mrs. Manley, SO; Mrs.
nonnhue, 2r.c; Mrs. McBride, 7'e. Mrs.
MncKlnnon, rrOci Mrs. T. .1. Brown,
2'.e: Mrs. Harshaw, r.0: Mrs. Woodman, frOr; Mrs. Moffatt. 25c: Mrs.
White. r.Oe; Miss Dewar. 86c; enlle.it. il
hv Mrs. MacKinnon.
';■ SS
'J''"if K*^»'   ?;
<C*C?\?K BROS. &-
News Ims been received here of tl
utli of .liuu' Muir. beloved wile i
mos Wllllnni Jeffery, Youngs Coi
mil. Queen County, New BrunBwlc
her 72nd year. Mrs. jeffery lonvi
husband end four aonii. Btuort, ■
;i-:i.   II.  ('..  Wallace, of  Keen. N.  I
S. A.. Tom nnd Have -Joffory i
ai plane, MrH. James B. Crown i
-it Stoolo, n ulster, mnl 1'. A. Joffei
Wasa u brother,
AUCTION    sai.i:   of   lots   in
then will be offered fnr Bnlo by public auction »t the Klngogato Hotol »t
Kingsgate; B. C, on Tuesday tho 3rd
day of .inly. 11117, ut 8.80 o'clock 1' tho
afternoon, Lots 1, 4, ami 11, hi the
Townslte of Kingsgate, being n pr.rl
of Lot Xo. t',423, Oroup One (li, Kaote-
•my District.   Terms:   One huir cash
>il tl.e balance In twelve months,
villi interest at H'/- per nr.timu.
Crown Grant Ken $10.00,
Dated at Cranbrook, li. ('.. June 8th,
x. a. Wnillnger, Qovernmoni Agent.
YOU should
give the conscientiousness of this store
a proper place in your
conscientious in our
service to you—we feel
the responsibility your
confidence puts upon
us.    It means that in
you can get value and
satisfaction tailored to
your measure from a
choice of a wide range
of f.ihrics and models.
E have a knack of
cluing the unusual in
the-clothes. We put more into
them than you get in any other
line—heller style, better tailoring, better cloth.    We  keep
pounding away on the advisability of
wearing Art Clotkes-we're earnest about it-we believe
in it sincerely.  And when we once get you to believe,
you'll havu a lot of satisfaction out of your clothes.
CRANBROOK     -     •


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