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Cranbrook Herald Sep 12, 1912

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Array ,.■- ■•'■■'■ "•'• ■"as***,,
We are well equipped to
turn out the best cIuhh
of work.
•JMMJ I'liyn-Try
WA, B.
(Written   expressly fur Pry -Fanning
by R.R. Parsons).
I wan asked this question by a
state official tlie iitlier (lay: "How
can   wo boost ilry-farming in Colot-
Tliere is nnly une answer to this
l-llt'stitHi, ami    I  believe it   ll|>|illes tu
every dry country in Hn* world:
Increase tbe depth nf plowing.
Supposing   it   were possible to add
sis  Incites tn tbe seed beds ot   every
dry (arm tm tbis continent nevt year,
nr smile otlior year; wbat  would     be
ibe result?
Speaking broadly llie crops, Uie
production fnr tbe whole country
would to doubled; tin* railroads could
nut haul it.
What stands between thi' everyday
fanner and deep plowing?
On the one band we cannot blind
ourselves to the fart that tbere is
considerable prejudice; on the other
band there is the extra expense nf
probably 12.50 more per acre per
horse power.
When people ask me "What is the
principal factor in your success as
a dry-farmer?" I unhesitatingly reply.
"deep plowing."
In ordinary agriculture tlie seed bed
lias always been considered as the
mother of the crop. In dry-farming
the subsoil has more to do with it,
and the principal [unction of the
seed bed is as a mulch to the subsoil. No payable dry-farm crop has
ever been harvested tbat was not
rooted, and well rooted, iu the sub-*
The seed bed provides a foraging
place for the surface roots, hut the
subsoil supplies the moisture, and we
all know that when conditions are
right the mots will gn into it from
four to ten feet. Wben the subsoil
moisture has been used up hr two
dry years in succession it is useless
to expect a crop unless the season is
favorable, but tbis may nut happen
once in une hundred years. With
deep plowing, say with a minimum
of ten inches, aud an average precipitation of fifteen inehes, the moisture
will steadily increase iu the subsoil,
even when tbe land is cropped every
year, and one dry year will not cut
the yield to any .ureal extent, pro
viiled there was even the rainfall at
plant iin: time to obtain a stand.
Laboratory experiments in soil and
water physics dn not show the true
action of moisture in dry-farm subsoils, where, on account of thp dry-
ground below, tbe tendency is always downward, not upward, and
therefore in tbe held tbe subsoil as
well as the seed bed dries mil un the
tup lirst and less and less as we net
down until at two feet under a seed
bed ten inches deep tbe luss |i\ evu-
poration is about nil     Tins la    the
plate     to bold   the    moisture, where
nothing but the routs can take 11
Then* are some ranches, ol course,
where deep plowing will imt pay, be
cause there is nnt enough soil; but
these are rare in the weal and should
be used (ur pasture only.
Some soils are hard and refractor)
a few Inches under the surface,    bul
USUall)  rich when mice worked up and
Km these Ihe hesl thing is to plant
a i tup <>f im* in the fall and ploi
ll undei deep when a fool high in
ibe sprint;
In the southern pari of the contm
eitl (he action ut the (rust is a meat
help io the subsoil in shattering
ami loosening tin* granulai conglom
era tion,    winch allows the moisture
ami loots to i-Mti'i Tin* deep plow
ing uf sod Is much lo be prcfcited to
the old   way,      which spoils the Held
tot the inst yeai or two and wastes
the humus
"There arc    plows and deep tilling
machines    boh  being  manufactured
which not onl) tear the sod to pines
but hm*, it twelve In sixteen Inches
deep,     leaving  a  seed  lied  which will
nften produce a harvest sufQclenl tn
pa*, (ur the land on which it was
raised thi* tost vear 'Ibis method
not only puts monej min the farmer's pocket ai once, tint save* Ihe
humus for future crops bv putting
the sod where it ean rot In a molsl
environment without being dissipated
into the atmosphere
All idea prevails amongst some uf
nur farmers tbat new soil Is sour or
wild, and nnt lit to raise crops on.
The fact of the matter is our wesl
ern soils are not only rich, but well
aerated tn ure,it depths, for after, the
great water period, thousands and
thousands of years ngo, the ground
eradually died out, air took tbe place
of the water, and tbey have never
been wet since mnre than a foot or
two frnm the surface down Under
Ihese conditions the anarrohii- bacteria which cause Ihe sourness ciinrmt
exist, and the land Is all ready and
waiting to mother a crop.
Surface  farming—keep In k t
farming, for the reason Lhal although
intelligent cultivation is always
dispensable, with deep plowing the
moisture can bc more easily C
served and larger crops harvested
wilb half the surface tilling
quired by a shallow plowed seed
Thus, fur instance, .. crop nf com
planted in twelve inch laud and cultivated two or three times, will
ueld double as much us the one planted iu six inch land and cultivated all
In the early nineties when milling
was active in tbe Kort Steele neighborhood some of the prospectors
found wbat tbey thought was a huge
iron capping ou the summit of Ken-
wick mountain, about two miles east
of Hull River Kails. On investigation
it turned out to be a large deposit
of high grade hematite iron ore lying in beds one over another to a
depth of several hundred feet as is
shown in the section cut, or exposed
by a great rock slide on the claims
The ground was slaked atid acquired by .lames T. l.aidlaw und his
associates, all of whom were then re-*
sident in Kort Steele. The necessary development work in the way of
trail building, running crosscuts,
opening tunnels, etc,, was done to an
extent sullicieiit to crown grant
eight claims covering some hundreds
of acres and embracing ull the surface outcroppings un the summit of
the mountain.
The Hull River ure Is a hard, massive, blue und red hematite running
iu the lower grades about -tit per cent
metallic iron and in the higher tn
63 nr lil per cent. The dangerous
adiillraiits, phosphorous and sulphur
exist in entirely negligible quantities
—about one-fifteenth of one per cent.
\ similar ure exists iu nearly vertical veins nn Sand t'reek uml these
measures nre now being examined.
The want uf railway transportation was thc one thing which held
hack tin* development of these properties during all these years. Now
the Kootenay Central is constructed
tu a point within six miles or sn of
the Hull River deposits, while Galloway station is within about the
same distance of the Sand Creek
In September, 1904, Joseph Ryan
ade a personal examination of the
Hull River deposits and has never
ceased from that day to this in bis
efforts to interest capital in their
development tu an industrial condl
tion     Early in the present summer
be got in touch with Hr Oeorge A
lugs. M I) . uf Calgary, who has now
put iu a diamond drill nn the Sand
Creek claims with q view to establishing the geographical relation be
tween the Iron at that polnl and the
bedded formation mi the summit uf
the mountain aboul four thousand
feet above the creek When the exploration is finished un the creek the
iluli will probably he taken to the
mountain   top In order to test     tbe
depth .ind he of  tbe deposit
It is staled h\ those whu have tbe
means uf knowledge that as lar us
the quality Ol the ore is concerned
there can be uo question ol Its high
excellence As a matter ol fact Ita
metallic Iron enn tent runs ncarlv
double that ol Ihe soft hematites nl
the Messubi Itatige,      Michigan,  while
its freedom from sulphur uml    phns
photons render   it parlicularU      well
adapted tor tin*  higher classes      uf
Iteel If Xto drill work establishes
that the bodj of ore is there iu
commercial    quantity the  property
will    he acquired   and   a   greut   nnd
most Important   Industrj csuhiished
in I lust Koolenay.
fudge Ryan t-** to to congratulated nn the verv probable sucfyss uf
his faith in lhe countr\ and in his
enemy in calling attention to nur
resources Ol which he has lor years
made an exhaustive and personal
Where ? At the Big Fall Fair which opens on Thursday next at
the Exhibition Grounds. There will be plenty doing during
two Days and Every effort has been made to provide for
the Comfort and Convenience of all comers.
Vancouver,   B,   (*. Sept. ll.-The
Canadian  Pacific railway announced
lusl week    that   work will bc begun
this year    on a tunnel eight     miles
long through the Rocky Mountains tn
eliminate the grades ol Rogers Pass
This bore will be a mile longer than
the proposed Southern Pacific tunnel
in California.     The tunnel will     be!
iperated hy electricity and will cost j
nine milium dollars   I pon completion j
uf   the Panama    canal vast     wheat'
Today week will witness the open
ing of Cranbrook's annual Iall fair
The prospects are that it will excel-
in every respect all former efforts.
There is practical assurance that the
weather will be us near perfect us is
possible ul this time of the year,
and an exceptionally lurge attend*
am-e is confidently anticipated.
everything is in goml shape and in
an unusually advanced stage of pre
paredness for this greut occasion.
The Herald has already pretty fully
outlined the programme for each
day, but a revised summary will
not come amiss on this occasion.
Programme for first day, Thursday,
September 19th:
Inhibits  must all be in place    in
■Ilidding will commence at 10 a in
A lacrosse match, Nelson vs. Cran
brook, is timed to start at 10.30
a.m. This match is fnr the chain
pioiiship of the Kootenay's and will
be u star performance.
The exhibition building will be
closed from 10 a.m. until the judg
ing is completed.
In the afternoon ut Thursduy the
following horse racing programme
will lw run otl:
Kirst.—Matinee cup race, 12 mite
heats, 2—3, first. Juiiihi, second,
tin mi; third, t2a.au (Cup present-
ed by Kink Mercantile Co).
Second.—Pony race, 1-2 mile heals,
2—3, 11> hands and under, first, ll",
second, 120,00; third, $1000.
Third.—Harness races for local
horses, 1-2 mile heats, 8—6, lirst,
IIOo.oO; second, 180.00; third, $40.00,
There will be other athletic events
and sports to (ill in every moment nf
the afternoon
Kor Friday the sports will lie as
Lacrosse match, Nelson vs. Cranbrook, 10.30 a.m.
Horse racing will again be the chief
attraction in the afternoon, when
the following programme will be run
ofi, together with other events not
specified at present:
First —Harness race fnr local horses, l mile heats, 2—3, first $125.00;
second. $*?• 00; third, $50 00
Second.—M mile dash, open, first,
$75oo, second, $15 no.
Third—Half mile dash, open, lirst,
$i;5 no, second, $35 oo
Fourth —tin-en trot or pace, 1-2
mile heats. 3—5. lor local horses that
bare never started fur money. Owners to drive their own horses, first.
$50 00; second,    $30 00; third, $20 00.
Ff fill.—Indian pony race, for Indian
Imrscs with Indian riders, first,
$25 011; second, $15 1111.
Sixth —-So.uaw race an horse back,
1-2 mile dash, insi, $10.00; second,
Seventh.—Five mile Marathon foot
race, open. Cup presented hy James
Fin lay,     Value $511,110.
RIgth.—lOO yards foot race, lirst,
Slo.iili; second, $5,011.
Admission tn grounds, adults, 50
cents; children, 25 cents; grand stand
25 cents; bleachers, 15 cents.
On account of certain changes,
drivers of automobiles and buggies,
wishing to cross the race track, will
be called upon for an extra fee of
25 cents fur each motor or rig, and
ten cents for eacb occupant.
Intending exhibitors are again reminded of the urgency of bringing
along their entries as early as possible in order to avoid rush and emi-
fusiun at the last moment.
Therc could bo no better guarantee
of the success of the coming Fall
Fair desired than the active interest
being taken therein by the ladies uf
the city. They will Ih* on hand
large numbers, assisting In the
catering to the needs uf tbe hungry
und thirsty crowds, uml in providing
fnr the entertainment, in particular,)
nf the little ones.
One feature uf the Indies' contribution tn the Fall Fair attractions,
will he the old fashioned game of
tag, open to everyone.
Prizes exceeding the highest values
Offered in the fair, for all winners.
The benevolent ladies of Cranbrook
will lead the game in aid of the
Children's Aid Society of Vancouver.
Nowhere upon earth are there healthier, happier, brighter children,
than in the homes of British Columbia. Nowhere are children more
prized by devoted indulgent parenthood than in our province. The most)
precious heritage of any race Is its
children. Tn give them sound bodies, clear minds, pure morals, high
ideals uf the divinity of living, must
occupy first place in our endeavors
for Ihe welfare nf nur race. The boy
uf today will he the man of tomorrow. What the body is today, physically, mentally, morally, determines
what the man will lie tomorrow. The
highest tribute any nation can merit
is by its care of the weak members.
Society iu   British Columbia is    as
highly organized as anywhere, hut it
does not shield its dependent members from pending misfortune Drink,
disease, crime, death, wrench fathers
aud mothers from the Ood-glvcn task
of nurturing their off-spring. Illessed
charity enters to succor the friend
less orphan. The Children's Aid
Society lias given permanent assistance to Ihree hundred uml lifty little
ones. It bas assisted iu other ways,
hundreds by affording temporary
shelter aud by placing them in
homes for adoption. Seventy - one
were committed to the home last
year. Seven of these went from
Cranhrook. It costs $0.2R per
month, to sustain a child hi com
fort. He friendly to tbe taggers and
help them soothe the sorrows ot the
little ones. "Inasmuch as ye. did
it unto one of the least of these,
ye did it unto .Me "
The Women's Institute have decid
eil to donate prizes to members of
the Institute competing, for the [ol
Hest collection of house plants,
lirst, $2; second, $1.50.
Hest collection table decora I lutis,
first, $2; second, II.HO.
Hest bouquet of   cut  (lower:
$1.50; second, $1.00.
Hest dark   layer cuke,   first,
second, $1.50; third, $100
Tlii-re will also bo prrsi'iitoil n
bonk mi floriculture, Irom llir tic-
partinrnt.nl agriculture, ns a special
prize Inr ll.e lirst house planl
The ladies nl I'hrist Church Guild
will serve iliimrr on the exhibition
grounds on We<lne*dav, September
18th. lor the convenience nf thn.se
placing exhibits. The dinner will lir
served Irom 12 to 2 p.m. and will lie
The ladies will servr dinner at tl.e
same hours on Thursday and Friday,
at a charge ol filty cents.
For the two big lacrosse matches
with Nelson, Cranbrook's line-up will
include (leorge Manahan. Archie
Uitch, Billy Matthews, llert Mc-
I'hee, and the old war horsr. Ilarnry
Scntt. The local team will B" Into
these matches determined that the
championship ol the Kootenays shall
lielong to Cranbrook.
There will he two splendid tests
id superiority and every lover nf the
Natinnal game should make a point
nl attending bnth.
There wus not such a world of ad
vertising about the Calgary Statu
pede As far as lug picture posters
went the 101 Hunch Show called for
ten times the attention, Imt some*
bow the Calgary event got into Ui-j
air and one man advertised it to another. " \re imi going to the Stam-
pede?" was a common question, and
the answer was about as common,
"Vou bet I'm going H will he the
greatest thing over pulled off in the
West " Win it would he great, and
big and successful was imt greatly
considered, It was taken for granted,
and as it turned nut, it proved great
in everj respect it was more thao
great-it was prodigious
Calgan    has some sixty  thousand
inhabitants, but fr  the hum which
rises therefrom every man ot its
citizens must he a vivid, thrilling,
live-wire Thej step out and slap
themselves on their civic chests and
shout with a voice of sixty millions,
"(1 we are     Cal gar-ec? We put     onr
town on thc map you see'" They
have And it is n good town and the
men who have done the work arc a
line, generous, hospitable set of fcl
lows who are a hundred years from
reaching the hunts of the prosperity
the. can hung t.i their great citv
and   their countrj
Iiy Saturday, -list August. Cal
gorj bad about doubled its population. It) Sunday the visitors bad
overflowed from the hotels Into iln*
private houses ut all directions, bi
Momlav morning when ttie big parade
itartetl the legend printed ihree feet
high on a log barn-like structure
near the ii ty limits •*llrennan*s
Hoarding House, Clean Stampede
Ucds, 25c per night," began to have
attractions for people of comely tastes uml daint) faring who knew not
where to lay their heads. By ihe
wai, what kind of a bed do VOU
a •'stampede bed" might be
It   hardly suggests quiet     re-
thiit can cover     the gri
steeplechaser    ami    afti
the cowboy,   bis puny I
tbe cowboy's arm, .mnii
noose of the   rope, onci
thrice.     Then it shoots [orw
tbe loop drops oVer the horn
the   puny   bears   awaj    al
from   the steei    til! Lho lar
light and    the nine hundred
weight oi e\ hull turn a sum
in the atr
enough     to
anything not
steel springs,
1 sweeps tbe
without sub irrigation in the Klk
district of Hritish Columbia, is being
cited by A K llardgrave, exhibit
expert fur the immigration depart
inent nf the Ureal Northern railway,
as tipif.it of the enormous undeveloped grain growing possibilities of
ibis section nl the wesl. An exten-
live line uf samples of Klko grown
lurkei red wheat Is being shipped tn
New York lur exhibition purposes at
tbe land shuw afler being shown
throughout lhe east un the (I N R.
exhibition train
crops' shipments    from the Canadian pruir IIIIA.MH'KIJ. BOOTH
alive  with the help of intense cult I v I ies will enme to Vancouver on     the Who Succeeds (leneral William Itnoth
ation without   adequate plowing    is  way l« Knglmul and tbe company   Ih        m Couimaadrr in Chief ol the
tbe most uneconomical   form -4 dry- making ready for the haul. I Suhation Army
In course of the Forestry conven-
linn, in progress ut Victoria lust
week, Mr. II. R. McMillan, chief provincial forester, spoke, in part, as
Afler referring to the fire-swept
aud axe*wrecked forests of the eust
Mr   McMillan at the outset observed*.
"The people of Hritish Columbia
have Inherited such u vast estate ol
Umber, they have received regular
payments of dividends so unfailingly
Imm tbis inherited estate, thai it is
to lie feared that must uf them do
not appreciate as highly as they
might how much their means of livelihood, their savings and the progress of the lown or country district in which thej live depend all
the time upon the way tlie timber
resources uf the province are being
handled The forest is tun generally
considered simply as a more commonplace and profitable type of
manna than Ihat which was sent
from heaven tu the ancient Israelites.
"This js a foresl province; its first
industries have been forest Industries; und today tbey are still its
mo* important and profitable industries. Even at this early stage of development the manufacture am! sale
uf forest products brings into the
province for distribution among wage
earners over $28,000,000 yearly The
foresl us au emplover ol tabor stands
head unit shoulders above the mining
industry; it is almost equal to agriculture and fisheries combined. Pick
up the threads of existence of seven
tint of ten persons in this province,
follow thfin back lo tlieir sources
and ynu will find them in the tutting
or manufacturing nr sale uf timber,
or in wiiue    form  of business    cuu
nected therewith.
"Nol only does the forest provide
Ihe people with labor and the means
of livelihood, it stands between ibe
property owner and taxation. The
timber lands of Hritish Columbia
have turned into the puhlic treasury
more money than has been secured
Irom any other source This money
has enabled the government to carry
on public works on a scale Impossible
to any other government in Canada.
The money from our giant woods
bas built roads and bridges into new
districts without burden to the set
tiers, has erected public buildings,
spread education aud provided for the
administration of justice, liven at
this early stage of development Ol
the province the annual lores! re-
venue of Hritish Columbia, 12,000,
.nm is greater than that of anv other
single slate in tbe new world
"The forests of Kastern Canada
differ so in character and value from
those of Western Canada, that
though the decade upon which we are
now entering will see a great decrease in forest revenue in Eastern
Canada, it will see a proportionately
greater increase in such revenue in
Hritish Columbia
"A short consideration of tbe timber areas of the two regions will
serve to illustrate ibis The more accessible forests of the Kastern prov
inces have lieen cleared away for agriculture, logged, nr swept away by
fire. The white pine'stunds have been
so reduced that the end nf ibe virgin
timber is In plain sight. North nf
the pineries on the Laurent Ian rocks,
from the Atlantic to the Lake Winnipeg, stretches a great belt, hundreds
of miles wide ol spruce thither It is
into this reserve supply that the log
ging industry ol Kastern Canada is
gradually extending so thut it has
already come io puss thut more
spruce than pine is now cut in Canada yearly.
(Continued on page two)
pectaculac purposes and gor-
nlor effects nothing can surpass our Indians. Take any one of
the thousand or more Bloods, Sar-
cees. Crows, Blackfeet, Sioux nr
Pelgans who took part in the parade
and. as the saying is, he or she
would knock your eves out with the
glare and crash of mixed reds, yellows, L-reens and scarlets jumbled together in costumes which thirl)
bricked at you; but viewed all together (moving along with their
quiet Dignity and proud, clean-tut
faces, the whole thing—men, and women, horses, papooses, old squaws,
chiefs, some ol them blind with
age, with the paint, and the eagle
plumes, and the beads and decorated
weapons.} Ior all the glare of contrasts they formed a simply marvelous harmony ol color They moved
through a throng tense with the
feeling that they were seeing a
pageant of conditions past or rapidly
passim:, whicli their children's eves
will never see After ihem came the
old Hudson's Hay company's men
followed bj the veterans ol the
Royal North West Mounted Police—
how much onr friend tbe late gallant
Sergeant Major "Baldjr" Morris wa*.
missed from the contingent would
take pages to tell—then came the
whiskey peddlers, the hull whackers,
the missionaries, the cattle kings,
such as Pat Hums. (leorge Lane,
MoMullen, a E Cross and the others all closing with the cow boys
and cow firls who were to take part
in the events out on the show
The crowd swept out after the
parade to Victoria Park, where the
grand stand, augmented with over
halt a mile of bleachers, was packed
by one in the afternoon Imagine
about ten rows of people seated one
over the other around a rare track
of (our rurlongs in length with everj
inch ol space between the fool of the
bleachers and the feme packed so
light!) In places that movement *us
quite impossible, antl then yuu will
have an idea of what between sixii
md seventy thousand people looked
like A more orderlv crowd vou
never saw Everyone seemed to know
everyone else and nothing but court
esy and kindliness abounded Tbe
.pint of the (ireat West seemed to
stir every heart and to give iis own
magical flavor to a tremendous ocea*
Then came a voice through a megaphone: "Ladies and gentlemen The
first item today will he the Steer-
roping contest by the cowboys
whose names you will find on Ibe
pre grammes " rp to the right of the
stand  Is a big corral, beyond it      a
hand ol the competing cowboys—
|iiiel, reticent, Iron-mUSCled sons, of
the big places und Ibe hot plains—
and forty feet In front of the gale of
the corral stands the starter, llag in
band The gale opens and out H'cs
a big, long horned, dun colored steer
iv away to Hie  steer's left, ip goes
tee    and
a,nit and
us Still
an angle
at   palls
pi unds
The fall looks severe
smash the life out of
made ol rubber      and
but the steer is tip like
x flash while the pony circles lu tbe
rear falrlj cutting the bind lens from
under the animal who ., now down
for the count The rider is ofl his
pon) ami taking a short length of
pe from his belt as he runs up he
es hnib hind legs nl tlie animal ami
ie of the front ones in about Ave
seconds To Indicate tb.it his task
s tmished he throws up hia hands
and the judges ride over lo see that
the steer is well and truli tied He
ing satisfied on this point the beast
is released trom Its bondage and
trots ofi nut a pennj tbe worse oi
its adventure Then tbe announcer
rides around the fence stating the
name ol the ridel and his time. The
best   time was    made tn   Kd    labol?,
ol Dragiuin, Utrona, who, riding the
great little sorrel pony "Blbbon,"
caught, ihrcw and tied an exception
all) heavj and last meet In 33 2 5
seconds .lohn Glenn n adr 3.1 I 5,
while Miss Lucille Mulhall, nl Okla
homo, performed itn* same leal kn 55
Wbat would you think of seeing a.
cowboy whirl out after a (lying steer,
jump ull his puny on to the steer's
neck, grasp the beast's nostrils with
his left hand and a born with bis
right and slap that animal on the
track a- if be bad been tired out of a
big cannon* It was done inside eighteen seconds To be sure, a bom
was knocked ofl the animal, a matter
which gave the exhibition tbe only
touch of crueltv in the whole show.
How the man escaped cannot easily
be understood, hut he came out of
the bustle without a hair turned
(tf riding of bucking horses there
•Aa- ,t plenty The most renowned
rogues r.l all the ranges uf the West
were there to prove themselves un-
cocquered        and unconquerable,
tmongst them was Soarhead who
'piled' 214 men and killed three. Cyclone, a black scamp with a 'piling'
record of 12'* men. Canyon City and
a hundred others—devils incarnate,
every one of them They bucked,
and thev sun-fished, and tbey screamed, and almost stood on tbrir ears,
but onh* one man was piled tbe first
dav and he escaped with a shaking.
Vivid and wonderful though the
whole exhibition was, still, the real
attraction lay in the solid fact ihat
it was plain, unadulterated SPORT.
The man backed himself against the
animal on perfectly even term- \nd
the man won.
For man is a  man. bul a 1"'"-■f, is a
And the horse maj be prince of lus
But   he'll    bow     to the bit and thc
steel-clad boot
And own that his boss is the man.
Men were out to win, to be sure,
but there was no element "f either
lake or frame up in the sport There
could be none of either The wild
l>van steers introduced an element
of chance and link that defied all
For five days, mostly wet and intensely unpleasant, the roping con
tests anil so on attracted enormous)
crowds und in the evenings the horse
show buildings was packed to its capacity to witness all kinds of fancy
roping and fane) ruling '['hen we had
tbe fight   between      Joe    Havl'v, our
own Hritish Columbian who bails
from Victoria, aad Bill] \lien, fur
the championship of Canada at nt
pounds Joe w..n in three rounds of
fasi fighting, »n which he licked \l
ten at everv point of tbi gal B
The question has heen greatly canvassed as to the advisabilitv o| having a Stampede In Calgan nexl yeai
It is doubtful if lhe nerves ol tin*
West uould stand such another
spasm so soon, hut given a two
years' interval and we will tie all
there again readv lor all tla* thrills
ami excitement, bul most certainly
not readv for the UOUtterabl) rotten
hotel and restaurant accommodation
tn which tbe visitors Ibe othei day
were subjected This is a      (natter
which Calgan, as a city, should take
up and deal with drastically. However, it is probable thai inside     two
years the new   C.P.R hotel,     now
under construction, will put a few of
ihe worst hotel offenders In hoiel
Inadequacy OUt of business to the delight of thousands wbo could write
epics of spoliation concerning certain
of the existing hostelHes Some uf
the Calgary papers called attention
tn (he highway robbery on Mot ling
Mow out on tbe shuw* grounds, hut it
wus a Sundaj School picnic to    the
jobs and ramps worked In some of
tbe swell |olntl in the city. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
x    News of the District    ♦
(Special correspondence),
Miss   .Jessie  MclloiiKfill,   nurse-In
been away for a few, weeks visiting
at his old home In tho cast, returned a few davs ago, accompanied
by his brother, Tbe boys are glad
to welcome  Henry  hack again.
training, at ihe St. Kugptie hospital, Before leaving for Coeur d'Alene
Cranhrook, is holidaying with Ward-Mast week to attend Hchoot, IMiss
ner friends. Mabel Anderson   was presented with
Mi* Norman Moure, of Delia, Alta., I a gold watch hy a number of her
is spending a few davs wilh old friends, and a second presentation
friends here.
Mr   ami Mrs.    F. M   Steams     and
daughter    lla/el.    left on Thursdaj
morning for their new home in Spo-
Mr Lett Rcnwick, ol Manistee, It
r. was doing business in Wardner
last Fridnj
\s tin* necessar)  alterations   have
nol   been    made on  the new        school
building, "ilu* prlmnry classes an* he
ing conducted hv Miss Itamsai in the
old school and lhe senior classes he
Prhicipnl -u'lipsmi In the Foresters'
Mr Charles Martin left a few davs
ago lo accepl a position wilh the
lumber compnny al  New Michel
Miss Muckley, of Prince Kdwanl
Island, wlm has been spending a few
days with her friend, Miss llnmsay,
left a few dn.vn ago to lake charge of
lhe new school al Hull lliver.
Miss Delia Dow, of Cranlirook, is
visiting this neck with her aunt.
Mrs   ntto Wisner.
I'ol iceman Kgglcshnw took some
prisoners io Cranhrook last Wednesday morning.
Mr      Henry I,a   Potntu,    who   has
de hy the choir of St. And
lew's church, of which Miss Ander.
son has heen Tor some time the organist The gift from the choir was
a beautiful    Morocco   covered     hvmn
Mr l.miie Larson left last Sunda*.
im New Michel, where be has accepted a position
Mr Scott, of Hull, Canada. was
wilh friends m town last Tuesday.
Messrs. Cat Iiu and e'en wick, oi
l-'ort Steele, motored over to Ward
ner on Tuesday of tbis week.
Mrs. P. I.ueier returned home a
few days ago, after spending a short
lime with friends and relatives in
The new wagon bridge across the
Kootenai at this place, looks spirit
did in its new coal of red paint.
Mr. .lohnson, nf Colllngwood, Onl.,
renewed uld acquaintances in town
this week.
Mr- Dingiiiaii, of Victoria, was in
town on business last Saturday.
Mr Hill, of Hill and Co., Cran
brook, was in lown last Tuesday an
<; \Ni;s
Kdmonlon. Alta., Sept. U.—Twen-
u -five hundred graders, brfdgc*
Imihlers ami rnll-lnycrs nod 750
tennis nre ai uml, on the western
divisions of ihe Canadian Nml hen
, railway, which extends iu si\* dlrcc
linns nut «.r Kdmont-oli. The mosi
important operations an- westward
io Porl Mann, where tldcwnlci   will
he Peached a<  Hi'  til of the Fnk-
ir river Th'* contractors expeel !■■
complete the grade and steel work in
I'M i ihe hm* between Kdmonlon
and Athabasca Landing, flfi miles
north, was ioimalli opened on Sep
tembor '2.
The main line extends through Uie
Jasper Pass m Hie Rockies to the
Pacific ocenn, In* way of Kamloops,
R.C., mid closely parallels the Or,md*
Trunk Pacific railway frnm Kn
twlslle, on the Pernbinn river, west
of Kdmonlon, to    Tete Juan Onelic,
on    lhl<    Wesl       slope uf  the   Rockies,
where the grade diverges abruptly to
the soiitluiesi. traversing Ihe lalley
of Uu* North Thompson river In
Kamloops. Prom the lasl named
point the line parallels lhe Canadian
Pacilie mad tu tbe coast. The grade
through lhe mountains is an nasi
one Virgin territory is tapped he
tween Tele    .Ituin Cache and    Kam
The grade has heen completed li, a
point near (Union, 175 miles wesl
ol Kdmonlon, and   rails are laid     to
Bnlwlsflc. 05 mib-s    west ot Kdt i
ton The high level steel     bridge
acioss  Iln-  Pembina  river     at        Uw
last named     point will he c pleted
in October. Tbc abutments for tin*
bridge across the Macleod river are
liiiishi-d and readv fur the sleel wnrk,
.ml il is expected the rails will
retch then* nevt .lainiarv. From neai'
I Union io ,i point on the Athabasca-,
river opposite Fiddle Crwk, a     dln-
lauce of III miles, Iwo-lbilds of lhc
grading is dune and from tbat point
lo ihe summit, 50 miles, or 2110
mibs from Kdmonlon, ihe line is
now* living cu vet eil In contractors.
The Pack will reach lhe summit
nexl Mav.
Grading haa been completed f<>t 27
miles of tlie Peace ..net hraticn,
which leaves the main line at < ino
way, I" null's west uf Kdmonlon,
and is being carried on to a poind
beyond   the   Mncleod river, S7 miles
fr  Ono way.      The track      shnuld
n-ach Whltecourt, 72 tulles from Kd-
monton, the coming winter The
distance from Whltecourt to Grand
Prairie is 150 milts by this route.
Right-of-way is cleared in the crossing nf the Athabasca rivet
Grading is progressing uu the line
nut of Oliver. HI miles east ol Kd
mon ton, toward St. Paul de Metis
Kleven miles of roadbed baa been
graded, and wnrk is being continued
tu a polnl beyond the Sturgeon river
at Raltenburg. H is expected that
20 miles will be graded tbis fall.
Ultimately this line will give direct
connect imi bet ween Kdmonlon nnd
Battlcford, north of the Saskatche
wan river.
The grade mt the Kilnmnton Cain
rose line is completed nud some steel
has been laid.      An evlension of     ihe
line has been surveyed and approved.
It runs southeasterly  fr-win Camrose
tu Alsaek, nn Ihe Saskaloon-Calgarv
line of the Canadian Northern road
nt the provincial boundary.
Grnders an* now at work on 50
miles of road in the Rattle river dis
tricl This line will ulllmulelv be
extcndcil   southeasterly    to   Rcglnn,
giving the Canadian Northern a
second direct road between Winnipeg
and Kdmonlon. The company also
is establishing direct rail connections
between Edmonton and Calgary by
way of Camrose and the Vegreville
f'algary line. Ten utiles of this line
is graded from Kdmonlon south, and
track will be laid hi Ibe White Star
coal mines during the winter.
Another section of this line has
been graded between Lacomhfl and
Red Deer over ibis grade this fall by
way of tbe Rra/eau line, which leaves
the Vegreville-Calgary line at Warden, live miles from Stettler. The
Lncomhc spur is five miles in length
and tbe Red Deer is seven miles.
These will form part of Ibe Kdmonlon Calgary direct line.
Steel    bas 1 a laid   ou the Vegre
ville Calgary line through Cumrose
70 miles east nf Edmonton, to a
point 51 miles from Calgary. Grading
is completed to Calgary aud crews
are at work bridging the Canadian
Pacilie irrigation ditches. The track
will reach Ibe How river at Culgary
in October and tbat train service
will begin next winter.
Truck has been laid fur 115    miles
mi the   Rra/eau   Rue In tbe crossing
'of the   Saskatchewan river at     thr
■site of the   Hudson's    Bay  Trading
company's old pnst, known as Rocky
Mountain House.     The Canadian Pa
[-Lille   Railway  company is building a
j parallel    Hue   and   const met iug        a
bridge across the Saskatchewan river
near   the same   point.   Negotiations
are in progress with a view In   both
toads using the bridge.
Ileyond this point it is planned tu
complete 17 miles of grade early
next winter. A spur of nine miles
will take tbe track In Hie Rra/eau
collieries. Tbe rails will reach the
mine early next June. A survey has
been made tu carry the line north-
weslerly from u point near the collieries to a point ou the main line
near the entrance to the Jasper
Pass, hut no plans have been sanctioned lur building beyond the collieries.
Grade wnrk un the Saskatonn-Cal-
gary line has been completed to Perry Creep, 2lo miles frmu Saskatoon,
Susk., 220 miles of truck is laid It
is planned tn reach Muusnu, 11 mites
north of Drtimheiler, where connection is made with the Vegreville
Calgary line, early iu October, This
will afford a fairly direct line between Winnipeg and Calgary by way
of Saskatoon. Present plans are to
complete 50 miles of grade un Ihe
('algary Macleod division this fall,
also to complete the grade between
Macleod and Pincher.
(Continued  from page ime).
"Kven in the spruce the logging
has now gone so far back towards
the headwaters of the streams that
it takes two years to drive the logs
tn the mill and when it arrives it
takes a good many uf them in make
a thousand feet nf lumber. On one
raft which I looked at a year ago on
tbe Ottawa river Ihere were very
few Ings that wntild float a man,
Vou who are from Ibe east will see a
fairly large number nf eastern lumber jacks on lhe coast. Tbey ale here
because they can im longer lind bach
east lugs large enough to (loot them.
"Hctwpcii Lake Winnipeg and the
Rocky Mountains there is no Umber
beyond a small local supply. Fire
has swept bundled', of thousands of
Straps     miles   hare to    the original
rock and muskeg
"ft is certain, therefore, thai there,
will be dovoloped east, ur the Rocky
Mountains an enormous market for
forest products. The manufacturers
and builders nf Kastern Canada will
enme to llritish Columbia for their
big timbers of the stiff grained Douglas lir, for their car sills, for their
shingles and for tbe wood used in
many industries.
"The rapid settlement of the prairies will provide a huge market for,
British Columbia lumber. (-.very
six hundred new settlers on thc
prairies means a new saw mill in
llritish Columbia. The Disk of supplying the great timber market of
Canada easl of the Rocky .Mountains
will gradually be left to the lorcst
province of Canada, Hrilish Coluiil
'The Increasing ol this huge do
mestic market ami the development
of lhe foreign trade will (IIIally raise
the annual demand In the polnl
where it will need the whole annual
growth of the forests of Hritish Co
I may say iu passing that llritish
Columbia is the only province in
Canada Hint can afford to search fm
new markets Itiilisb Columbia Is the
only province in Cunuilu in which
the annual growth of timber is great
er than the annual destruction of
timber by fire and axe, In striking
contrast tn this the present rate oi
use uml burning each year now llnds
Ibe forests of Kastern Canada more
"Previous speakers have called yonr
attention to the large forest area of
llritish Columbia, to the present
heavy stand of limber aud to the
verv rapid growth of the limber
which is far greater than elsewhere
on the continent, and I need not go
over that ground again except to
bIiow ymi a few scenes illustrating,
wbat has already been said.
"Who can doubt the future or a
province with such forests as these
ami with the world for a market? In
a few years from now the lumber Industry which now fringes the coasl
will spread along llie new railways
thai are being built into the interior
and through Vancouver Island. Pulp
mills which have only recently prov
ed tbeir ability In succeed iu the
west will be established in tlie upper
country, and in Hie northern interior.
"In the hundreds uf valleys where
there are now no people there will be
developed forest industries which will
be followed by villages and agriculture. The prnsperity of every wage-
earner, every merchant and every
prufessiutial man will be increased by
the general enmmerce that will be
caused hy tbis tremendous extension
uf the lumbering industry, au extension Ihat will nut reach its limit
until ut least 1100,000,000 is brought
in annually by the sale nt forest products fur distribution amongst Hie
peuple of this province. There will he
vvnrki and prosperity for everyone in
this not distant time. The public revenue from Hie forest will increase
with the increase in timber manufacture, more than keeping pace with
lhe growth iu population. Always
aud (urever Ibe fnrests iu this prov-
Incc shnuld produce sufficient revenue
tu enable great public works, roads
into new districts, public buildings
in new communities and Hie means nf
education to be paid fur without imposing any but the slightest taxation
un the people
"So great is the extent of forest
and so spontaneous is the reproduction uf timber on burned over ureas
tbat, if fire can he kept nut of .stand
ing timber, unnecessary waste prevented and slash burned, the annual
growth of timber ou tbe public lauds
uf the province will be siilllcient to
maintain iu perpetuity a lumber bus
Iness at least four times as great as
that at present. Tlie leaving of seed
trees is, of course, essential; and the
exposure uf Hie mineral soil bv the
use of lire is also nrccssary to oh
tain the best results.
"Forests protect all civilized nc
livities that depend on a regular sup
ply of clear water or that are liable
to injury from floods ur irregular
run nil. Fur Ihis reason Hie forest
is supreme in its Importance us a
source of weal lb in this province;
not onl) because it is directly the
greatest single source of wealth iu
this province but also hecause its
presence is indispensable tn the (ull
est development ol those other great
sources nf  wealth,  om agricultural
lands and our streams The relation
between forest and water is partlcti
lar 11 intimate in this mountainous
province of Hritish Columbia; it be
gins with the rainfall and ends with
the (low of the water into the sea
"Su great has been the destruction
frum erosion in the Alps that the
French governmenl of the present
day is spending millions in build up
stone barricades across hundreds of
streams in an elTort to prevent Ihe
Hood waters frnm carrying away Ihe
mountain soils. These barricades are
regarded us a means of temporary
relief. I.urge sums are being spent
in planting the forests, which will
afford permanent relief.
"Hritish Columbia has a lesson tu
learn from the experience of foreign
countries. A regulated water supply is ns necessary lo lis us lhe air
we breathe Tliere are large areas
of land in Southern Hritish Columbia ihat with Irrigation are worth a
thousand dollars per acre, aud without Irrigation are worth nothing. The
wnter must he tree from sediment I
und must be supplied throughout the'
drv season   The mosl effective    ami
When troubled with faU
rashes, eczema or any skin
disease apply Zam-Buk I
Surpriilnf how quickly it eaatn
th« martlnf and itinglngl Alio
cure* cuti, burnt, ion*i and pllei.
Zam-Buk U made frompureh.tr>
baleiiencei. No animal fati—no
mineral pouoni.   Finer-! healer I
Dmj tiitiind Moru Rimywhir*.
mil in
water suppli   is    the [ores!    Keep  Ihe
forest on those upper mountain
slopes ami everv southern vallej ol
this province will blossom, become
fruitful, add   its millions to the  [en
era! wealth  I atlotil 1 ies for      a
prosperous, contented people; des
trnv the forest and the floods ol the
rainy season will be succeeded in
their destructivencss only by the
paralysing droughts of midsummer.
The reservoirs uf the irrigation svs
terns will be Oiled with sill,-, ihe
dams will he washed away, public
mails and bridges will be destroyed;
the valley lauds will be burled he
neaih sand aud gravel and the crop
will languish fm* Ibe moisture which
the forest would have held fur Ihem.
This is no exaggeration; it is the
verdict of history.
"Power development has hardly yet
begun in British Columbia. There is
not another province in Canada thai
can offer such exceptional opporttinl-
ties for power development. The
streams of British Columbia will for
all time produce the power necessar;
to drive the province ahead as au
industrial leader.
"The   power  cngh r will     bring
capital, population ami Industry to
the most remote sections of the
province. Streams which now produce nothing bul trout will be made
to light cities and drive factories. To
secure this it is onh necessary to
prevent the denudation of the watersheds. Such denudation will exaggerate the ono defect of a watcrpow
er plant, namely, iis tack if stabil
iiy. The removal ol the fore-it ii
addition to the silling up of the ie
servoirs, nml the possible sweeping
away of the whole expensive InMal
latlon, will result in Hie shut m; of
of the power in Ihe rainy m-ism
because of high water, aud :igtin ii:
the dry season because of ow wntu
Hritish Columbia is the pu.vr province of Canada ami the forest    ut      ,i
thousand lulls is a guarantee nf tin
permanency of that power.
Cranbrook Agricultural
31 111
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years thc Standard
Prescribed ami recommended for women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick and
permanent. For sale at all drugstores
thut thirty days after dato I la-ford
lo apply lo the Chief CommUsh Her
of Lands and to the Assistant ■'<•••..
missioner ol Lands (or Ihe DU rlct
of Kast Kootenay for a HcctJ-j tu
prospect fur cnal ami petroleum m
the following described Ian Is, s.' ..ite
on the North Fork of Michel l reck,
uhoiit six miles u< rlh of 1 fit* Canadian Pacific Kail road and lyingle-
tween the Mclnnes Group and lhe
Crows Nesl Puss Coat Coinpanv 4
Commenting at a post pluntcd one
mile north ol a point one mile cast rt
the intersection of tbe -ast Mite llio
of the Mclnnes (itotip and the north
smIc line ol the Crows Nest Pass
Coal Company's land, said post he
ing the mil ial post of C. I. W .<-
matin's tlaim and ioa.-r.ed " . K.
VVcismnnn's north-east i ii,i.i,"
tliencc ■*-" chains   south; I hence      sn
chains west, tbence HO   chains  Ih,
ihencc SU chains east to pine of 1 ,*-
ginning, containing BtO acrej, i. on*
nr less.
Located August 2uth, I nn
c. K, Weismann, Locator,
Hat ice Lameroux, .*geut. 8.1-5
that thirty davs after dale I intend
to apply tn the Chief Commissi.men
of Lauds and to Hie Asslscnnl Com-,
missioner of Lauds lor the District of
Kast Kootenay for u license to
prospect lor coal nnd pel roleum on
tin* following described lands, sltuato
on the North Fork of Michel Creek,
about six miles north of the Canadian Pacihc Ralln ad and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup and lliii
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted nt
C. K. Wcismann's north-ciist corner,
same being the Initial post of A.
Hopson's claim, nnd marked "A.
Hopson's north-west  corner," thence
KO chains smith; thence Kll chains
cast; tliencc Kll chains nor lb, tbence
Kn chains west to place nf beginning,
containing uin Acres, more oi less,
Located August 80th, Mil
,\. iiopson, Locator.
Hatiec Lameruux, Agenl   3tVfi
B. G.
B. C.
Under the patronage of the Provincial Government of British Columbia and the Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
SEPT. 19th & 20th, 1912
Live Stock, Agricultural and Horticultural Products, Arts, flanufac-
tures, Fisheries and Mines
$5,000.00 IN PRIZES
Two Days' Races, Balloon Ascension
and Athletic Sports
For Prize List or Entry Forms apply to
ROBERT F. DAVIS, Secretary
Cheap Rates from all points south of Fernie
<m*!i*nji«u ugh
The    Directors    of lhc Cranhrook
gricultiir.il Association, have made
arrangements with the C.P.R, Railway for cheap rates Irom tho tollowing points:
Prom Kernic, nnd all points south
if Cranhrook.
From Kootenny Landing and all
pi hits north to Crnnbrook.
From all points ou the Kimbcrley
Tickets on salo from the 17th to
liith. Reduced rates: Fart* and one-
third. Display this 3-1-lt
The Home Bakery
RoilKRT KllAMK, PrO[>.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Aw.      Opp. City Hall
CATION lor tlie issue ot a duplicate
Certificate ol Titlo to Lots 1 and 2,
Block II, Town ol Wardncr, Map
that it is my intention to issne at
tin- expiration ol one month niter tlie
lirst publication hereol a duplicate ol
the Certificate ol Title to thc nliove
nlioned lot in the name ol W. M.
I.eete, which certificate is dated the
Ith day of .luly, 18'IK, and num'<crcl
Saml 11. Hoc,
Dlitrlct Iteglstrur.
Nelson, n. C,
27th .luly, lfll2. Sl-U
Anyone lound trespassing on the
Hardarrock propercy, formerly known
aa Patton'* Lake, will lie prosecuted.
33-St A. II. Playle.
■Fie laflBJB'eWr'i'r': d'.i ■WW. "F;**;?W
i   St. Mary's Lake, B. C.
Lake View I;
Quests conveyed from
Marysvllle to iln- hotel
by motor onr or team.
Excellent Fishing Resort  |
(lasi,lino llllll   Kow
limit" for Hint'
an wi pi
Sept. 23-28.1912
Single Fare for
the Round Trip
Going Dates, Sept. 22 to
Sept. 27
Return Limit, Oct. 2
For Tickets apply lo Local Agont.
It.li. McNKlLLIK,
D'mi. Passenger Agent
that thirty days alter date I Intend
to apply to the Chlel Commissioner
ol Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands Ior the District
cf Kast Kootenay for a license Ut
|iros|icct for conl and [wtroleum on
the following described lands, .situate on the North Fork ol Michel
t'reek, about six miles north of thu
Canadian Pacilie Hail inn d and lying
between the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
A. Hopson's north-west corner, isaim'
being the initial post of .1. K. Wilson's claim nnd marked "J. K. Wilson's south-West corner," tbence Hit
chains north, linnet' Nil chains easl,
thenee 80 chains south; tbence Hit
chnins wesl In place of liegiutiing.
containing till) acres, more or less.
Located AugusI 8OU1, 1812.
.1. K  Wilson, Locator.
Haliee I,amen n\,  Agent.  35-5
that thirty days alter date I Intend
to apply to   the chiel Commissioner
of Lands ami to tbe Assistant CoflHj
missioner of I.mnls for iln* District
of East Kootenay for a licenso to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, sltualq
on tbe Nortii Fork ol Michel Cm-k,
nbotit six mites north of Ibe Canad-
diaii Pacific Hallrond and lying between the Mclnnes (I roup and tl«*t
Crows Nost Pass Coal Company'.**!
Commencing nt a post planted at?
J. K. Wilson's sonth-west corner,
same -being the initial post* ol t-ewls
Bowlus' claim, and marked hmtia
BowlUB* south-east corner," thenco
80 chains north, thenco 80 chains
west; thenee 8n chains south; tlicnce
80 chains east to place of beginning,
containing MO acres, more or less.
Located August 20(h, 1918.
Lewis Bowlus, Locator.
llat.ee Lameroux, Agent. 35-5 THK   CRANBROOK   II Kit AI.D
Inviies you io ihe
Tke Hand. Empires Holiday*
'A       "   '
ievcn days and six nifl/i/sgf
education and amusement1 ■ ■
£>arnr//und /o rn/eneg/every visdop^
Reduced Ratlwqy RaieS
Wr.ta to Pel.! II Cosfriw* lice), for Prerraim Liitenl]
llliuHnM 0«> .*.£« U ,.-AU.-JL tU JVJAV4.CB I
41 Market Company
We handle nothing bnt tho finest quality
Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
A trial order will convineo yon of tlnsir excellence
Try our Brookfield Creamery Butter
IClestcm IRcsibential Schools
Distinctively ChrlitUn - Non-Denom (national
A !iiL*ii-ti.*i— renldentlul and day school
Ior uiti- ol all OgM.
Shaugbnen-.j* LMiftiU, Vimi-mtvcr.
LitruH ground*), maanUlceat bulldlnti,
with eferjr modern appliance for licitlih
Stall nnequallt-d; cvtrg teacher » upp-
iinlir.i iii Iht own department.
A mlit(*fltlol and tiny KtlOol (or bo**l,
Fift.i'ti ihtih, adjoining Hbaughnway
Hi-if-iitH. Vancouver,
Isnilititii'K. I'liiiiiiiiviiir iln* iiiti-i Idras
in Kbool iin-liit'Tinri'. to acroratnoilata
Bdncatiooal Rtandnrd ot the lilglirtt
Kail i'lu. i«inii tor athletics.
Both ichooli open this autumn.   For particulars addreaa
Dr. E. D. HcLAREN, 4 Stanley Court, Vancouver, B. C.
Light Your House
in the city or country with our Tun^sU-n
lamp.    We can cat your
Lighting Expense Down
to the Minimum
AIbo ns ir hunting And cooking devices,
K\i*r\tliinu i^iKs with nn nbsolnleguarantee.
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Tin. Largest Eloolricnl Supply IToujo
in tke Rootonnya
Vli'  Km.I.I\s. Mrt
Phone : Si'vnmiir 7080
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS Itltos., Proprlotori
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER       -      B. C.
Two liiimlri'il oloKnntly fiiruinlioil rooms. Ever*" modern
oonvonlonco.   Blovator aorvloo. Oslo In connoctlon. Roonii
$1.00 per .In)' iiiiiI upwards.
Upeounlry trillion to tlio Terminal City will lind every
convenlonce nml comfort nt tlio llrnnvillo I'nhii'.', sin-ohd
attention boin^ |niil In tholr wants.
I FLUFFY llllll IS
How often do wc bear or see this
expression used in describing a beautiful woman!
Denude tbatl bead of Its hair and
instead nf a queenly, royal bearing
we have a (right. Tlu* bair makes
all the diflerence. Tu havo thai
glorious abundance ol radiant hair
V/hlch always tiowns 'a regal
head," one should uso Newbro's Mor-j
llerpicide represents the last word
in scientific hair culture. It destroys
the   dandrufl germ,   checks    falling
hair and corrects generally, dlsoasos
ot the bair and scalp.
The positive results and its delicate
but refreshing odor recommends Newbro's- llerpicide to ladles ol refinement everywhere.
Send IOc. in postage fnr sample
bottle ol Herpiclde ami booklet 1.1
The llerpicide Co., DeOi. II., Detroit,  Mich.
Applications made by the besi
barbers and hair dressers.
M-Mttic-Minphv Co., Ltd., Special
Alt* Horden'n statement that tbe
empire .should have "one navy under
ime ciiut roi and one direction" seems
a precise enough declaration of policy, says tbe London Daily News; but
be prefaced it by saying that "be
did not mean in the slightest degree
to suggest that in the constitution
of that navy any dominion sbonld
lose its power of autonomy or con-
trot." With all deference lo Mr. Dor
den, the two halves nl the sentence
will not join. It will pass the wit of
man to devise machinery which will
guarantee a single navy under a
single direction and safeguard the
autonomy of the dominions; nor, in-
deed, can any federal system, based
upon population, give the dominions
a sufficient weight in thc central
council to compensate for the necessary sacrifice of full autonomy. As
Mr. Horden himself says, the doinin
ions are exceedingly jealous of any
interference with tlieir power of self
government, uml that very connnfcnd
able jealousy is uu insuperable obstacle In the way of imperial machinery which is dictated by the dream
of imperial federation.
Thc current number of the best of
the Canadian reviews, "The Queen's
Quarterly," says that imperial federation is exhausted and dead. "As
tbe months pass the more likely
does it seem that the solution of the
naval defence question will be the
construction of a Canadian navy. .
The question is not whether the
dominions will share in control of
policy or will not share, but whether the sharing will taW* the form of
representation in a permanent body
with coercive power, sitting in the
United Klngdon, or whether it will
lake the form of close co-operation
and consultation between the several
llritish states. It is a clear-cut issue between centralization and alliance. Keeping close grip on the concept ol alliance, it will prnre possible to work out still further the
mechanism of an empire which is not
an empire, to build up fleets and departments of external affairs In each
allied state, and tn use and extend
the means of consultation between
these centres." That statement ol
the case, in our opinion, say* tbe
Montreal Herald, represents the
facts, and tt untilncs a solution
which offers us efficiency without
trenching on ihe nationalism of the
dominions in all speculations upon
the fulure of the empire two fatal
errors are to he avoided: an excessive faith in the virtues of political
machlnerj and hurry There is nothing ut the naval or other position of
the empire which calls for Immediate
and ill considered decisions
Kdmonton, Alia, Sept. It—lohn
Kggers, a trapper aud homesteader iu
the Fruer RlTW valley, who is in
I iliitiiiitoii for his winter supplies,
reports there are 25 moose to the
square mile in the district, also that
iteei ate numerous He made a large
Inr catch last season, disposing of
tbc pelts in this city at good prices.
Kggers paddled ,1 dugout canoe from
Kort Oeorge to Tete Juan Cache,
MM miles without mishap There arc
manv rapids in the Fraser river,
making the journey more or less
hazardous, but many settlers, he
says, are going down the swift
stream iu small boats nnd scows,
taking household goods and farm implements Six hundred men and
women have gone into the district in
the last ninety days. The overland
mad from ihe Peace river country to
Kort (leorge is a long and difficult
one. It is used ctuelly by trappers,
tourists and prospectors in search of
big game, srenery and minerals.
The prisoners spent fortunes in fie!)'
lug extradition, but were finally do
livered ta tho l nited States author
ities. Carpenter also handled numerous Important cases In Eastern
''.mail.1, tin* United States and Cuba,
He is   president ot   the Chlel    Con
stable*,' Assoclatloi 'anode,     to
which ofllce he was elected by .manl
mous viite at tin* convention m
I Iran t ford, ont.
L/Al-tlll*. HlLAItlON
[Suite du fitiftiflra fti'Mdcnt)
Mali)etiroux, so ilit-il on lui-inQ-
me.cn matin en disuiit ta mease,
tu l'li fait, lo pecbe* de gourmand t-
so ! quand tu tlisnis ton vieti culpa.
riipjjollo-toi, co nVst pits a tee fau-
tes quo tu pensnls, m.iis -I cob por*
Irenux ; ct tout lo tumps tu ii'im
peiiso tju'ft cA ; qui salt, s'ils no
sorout pus trop roll : cj tli suit, si
avec lu forte oliuleur lea chasseurs
Hlirotit I ll't I HO     ;"|  llS \illlT  (It'KllHo  '
qui suit, si on no les niottm pas ft
la broche  (lo trop I)  honro, el
uu Ins d'ftutre choses.
Voilfl ta inesBQ innlhourcux. ot
une iiii'ssi'ilu jour do Notre-Diiino!
Tu lo vols, tu n'os qu'im miserable
poclifiir, y.iroi*i IVnfer! Kt uveo
e,\, tu n'aurais pas honle, toi, do
paraltro uinsi dovant tons cos braves gens.* quand iis Biiuront quo
pendant los lioaux rareiius que tu
lour prtVlmis, tu no ponsaisqu'a ta
pioulo. alors que, eux, u'nstrei-
gnaient a l'abstinence ! Kb lu'en !
tu as fait le peclie, tu vas Faire la
penitence, 5/1 t'approndra.
Mors, h la stupefaction do tons
los convives, dovant nne ailu roue-
so t|iii fumait et ombaiunait, il ro.
lira son assietto.
Grand   merci, comto,   je ti'en
premlrai pas.
Comment ! vous    n'on   prcn-
Irez pas ?
- Non. vrni. jo v<ms remercio, jo
no suis pas iivs on train aujour-
d'liui : ot lo nuilhouroux necessait
lo regartler d'un regard d'hypnoti-
ae, lo tin inorceau donl lo jus 1I6-
gontait dans sun assiotto, non mer.
ei, vous dis-je. jo proinlrui un pen
lo Bftlade, va va mo ddgraisser les
Comma il vous plaint cure, el
I'ailo roiisso qiii embnuuiait, passu
duns I'aBsiotle du voisin.
Bravo ! Tros liien ! so dil en
liii-uioine notro liomme, tout en
machaut sa sulade sans entrain,
allons tu as tonu bon, je to fais
mon compliment, ceci eiface cola ;
voilu ton peclie de ce matin effac6j
ot memo, co n'est pas pour dire,
mais a mon avis, la penitence d6-
passe diablement la faute. Pen
uombroux sont eeux qui tuirnient
ou taut do vortu : lu es puis, pent-
otre, par trop scrupulous : com-
bion a tn placej'auraient aviiK- cet-
to aiii* et la cuisse avec, Knlin In
est nu bravo cure. 1111 saint ii'jmi-
rnit pas mieux fait, aussieertaiue-
mont le Seigneur fen tiondra
Aver eft, au botil d'nn certain
moment, bo salade nohov(*e, ce ful
une chanson difft-Srento,
Ourd, si* dit oncoro on liii-nierno.
cet hoillllie    serUpuleUX, pris   (1*1111
uouveau scruptile, cun*. non bcuIc*
ment tu n'os pas un sainl du para-
dis, mats tu os un orgeuilloux ! Kt
I'orgouil, est un pdch6 nntromenl
vilain, quo la gourmandiso, qui
n'est doja pas dos plus beaux :
c'est lo premier des sept, tu lo sail
 Ah   oui ! Tu  to  crolfl  111
saint pour avoir rol'usi'* nuo aile di
pordroau ! Happello-toi, c'est I'or
gueil qui a yrecipite los mauvnis
anges dims l'enfor, et pour un
morcenu do gibior, tu voudrais al*
Ier rotiren lour cempagnio pour le
restaiit do IVternite ! brrrr ! Eli
liien jo nol'ontonds pas com mo ea.
jo vais l'abattro ton orgouil, Tu
vas la manger cette aile, ot la sauce, ot loa (anions et lout ; Jaime,
rais cenl Ibis mieux, tn voir cla-
querd'indigcstioii, (piedo to voir,
a tot) Ago, prendre uu vice noil-
vena, ot quel vice ! 1'Orgeuil !
Gourmand tu etais, gourmand tu
resteras, eft to tiondra liumblo.
Pet ito, lit-il alors n, In sorvanto,
d'un air tout-Malt detaol.e, appor-
tez nini done un pen lu plat, je
vous prie. cot to salade 11.'11 mis en
appi'tit de liello fa-con, aussi jo mo
sens a present do i'airo lioiiueiirii
la oliasse, tout cequi rentredaus
In corps, no pout pas faire mnl ii
Et notro bravo homme, so nitt a
jouerdes mnndibules avee un Im*!
entrain, qui fuisait dlro mix mitres
convives : nous avonsonfiu retrou-
vo notro vrai cure, ilnt'ilih
Hotel International
Oeo. Lomoprb, Proprietor
One of tlie best hotels in British
Coluiiilda. I.niate.l on tlf Boon-
dury Line, between the Dnlte«l
States nml Canada, in 11 spot of
rare scenic lieauty, where (tame
abounds and Fisli are plentiful.
Correspondence of tourists
promptly atmweml
kale* Iteaffotiahlc
B. C.
MONARCH        !
This Range Makes Cooking Easy
The Range to Buy. Come in and see them
',   Cranbrook. B. C.
Phone 5
' \*******************************************
Kdmonlon, Alia., Srpt. II — Sllus
11. rnrprntrr, lor twvpnlivn yrur*
chlel ol ilrlrctlvps ul Munlrral, who
will sintTPd A. C, Ijincpy, rr*iKnpil
us (IiIpI nt the pi.lirr ilrpartnipnt <>l
Kdmonton, Spptrmbrr -j.-iili, hn* nn
International repntalion as a thiol
tutor,     lie  va* lirumtlit nil., world
»ic|p proiiiinpiKT in i"03, in connec
11,111 wilh tlw nrrrst ol (laynur and
(iiprrip. Ihr iTnlrnl llnnrp* wllh I'np
lain iiirler in the Weral biilldinit
nr.il! CUM nt Savannah, (la . land,
ini! them alter an e«illlnn rha*p in »
lur. brat up tho   Ht. Uwrnra liver.
iiP- BURNS & CO., LTD.
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
Head Office. CALGARY,  ALTA.
'fs *****■**■*■*:**:* * * * ** * *********
* VERNON, B. C. *
« *
•   P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent    I
« Phone 130 Cranbrook, B. C. *
* too.      »
Imperial Bank of Canada
o.-l 00,000.00
Ii. R. WII.KIK, Pruldeut.
X      Account-,   ot   Corporations,   Manioipnlilies,    Morolinnti
♦ Fnruiorn nml Privnto Iinliviiluala iuvitwl.
♦ Drafts and Letters ot Credit issued available in any lari ot
I* tlie world.
SAVINGS  DEPARTMENT     Special   attentioit
given to Savings  Hnnk Accounts.    Deposits ot $1.00   and
ujiw.ir.ln received and interest allowed frnm date of di [»sit.
I   Cranbrook Branch: li. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
********************** *444444***************
II. I. BTKPIll Ns. Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
laeorporati 1 ISM
Capital Paid lip $6,150,000 Reserve S7.45o.«kio
Total Assets, $110,538,512.19
II. It. HOLT, I'reiiilent      K. I.. PKA»E, luneral Manage!
Accounts of Firms, Corporiuor.e.nii Indiviiioal. ulldled.
iiut-oi iown bnslnesi rta;ei\>Bevvfva:t.ntion.
BAVISGB DEPARTMBNT-Deponts nt Jl.CO «nJ nmrardi r^. .• 1.■!
anil intereal ailowv-1 .t current rat^.   N'o formality or -lelaiv in
A General Banking Biiainciilranaait^-I.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
j A Good   Home
t is what is ilear to every nvm.   A home
♦ is where I'cact*. Oomfort, Contentment.
T ami Plenty is found.   That is tin- reason
♦ uit'ii throughout British Columbia, when
? "Granbrooit" is mentioned think »*f tho
v provisions *Tos. Hra.ilt hns made tot an
J ideal home at tbe
1 Canadian Hotel
If You Want
Ymir house connectal witli Ihe naw unrpiajii ijrstem,
PHONE 840,   Onr work gnarautood.   Esliniatos ol
I'liifrfully tfiv.'ii.
The Crtvnbrook Plumbing. Tinsmithing
und Heatini! Company
w. t. IciIIN.-mN. Praprtttei
Nt* dangtr ol »tiip«.nitiir i«*"i^   N<> ln*iirj Irnm (nmut iintti
Nn .lr>init •nit it tm. i.f  ■'■'1 tn-iii
All our tr-*-**- are vtatmd m lrwt*proolctllvi
Tlii-M-.n- pmtcd ■..mr-.II bj l.ti>inir MT ttwM     WHli *•"* *• *•**
mil Pita Utl i«
liKl'l. It. ORAND PORKS, It 0.
KalftLltalL-.l IMXI      ll,.ahiilxlO«l .M'l 1a.il.   IfiaetH
Keprc.wntalive: P. H. WOKTHINIITON
N   H.—W«   III,...   DWARF   '"-a   III   Mrllll.»,ll   IM    »>'■" li >    I ■ ■» i.t'■ ■ "•. I '»<• •
i»ri,it*,. Oeterlo, Kortbeni Bp* Mnl vi'nu 1 THE   CRANBKOOK    HKRAl.ll
Bv (he Herald   Puhlisblng Company,
K. .1. Deane, Managing Kdiior.
CRANBKOOK, I). C, September 12, 1912
Mac's Auto Service
Prompt Service New Cars
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes of display advertising
must reach this office not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connot bo
guaranteed attention.
ami easy meeting.
Sunday night, 8.30   o'clock—Salvation meeting.
Ilible lesson:   "Obedience   to    the
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock—Salvation
Thursday aight, 8 o'clock—Holiness
Saturday    niRlit, 8   o'clock-Praise
All   arc   heartily    Invited to      the
above services.
"'•red'k A. Stride,
Mr Joseph Ryan raised a tlmelj
polnl ai iln* meeting o( Hie board ai
trade "ii Monday evening last, when
lie lulled attention tu the nrs'-.icy of
action being taken hy the hoard tu
obviate an) possibility uf Crnnbrook
cltj being sidetracked un iin* cum
plctlon ui* tin* Kootenny Central rail
ivaj. There is just a possibility
that a vcr\ serious and extremely detrimental situation might arise, in
ilu* ovenl uf iln- l'.P.R. failing lu
provide Uu* must direcl connection)
between Cranbrook and, say, Wasa un
llu* new lim*. Then* an* nu serious
engineering dilllt'iiUles in tbe way ol
smh ;t branch line, and evoryont-
knows ii would traverse a rich ng
r(cultural country, which sooner or
later, musl he provided with mure
adequate transportation facilities
The board will actlvelj interest m
self in lhe matter and a committee
will as quickly as possible gel iutu
communication witb Mr. ■' S. Ito"
nis, ol tlie (' IM!. land department,
with a view   tu some  definite m-tlle
ment of the issue.
It is of nisi class Importance that
the businessmen o[ t'ranbrook should
ncllvely interest themselves in this
matter Neither time, nor expense
should he counted in working up the
rase and in pushing it strongly in
the right quarters. We are learning
more, almost daily, uf Hie wide ev
lent and enormous potentialities nl
Ihe arable laud directly tributary to
Cranbrook \ provincial engineer.
now tn tin* field, estimating the
available arable acreage in Ibis see
tion,   expressed   lo   tlie Herald    his
nina/ement at the vast extent and
obvious excellence ul tliese lands. 1 It-
stated plainly thai nu city in thc
province,    on the coast, had sn    ac
cessible and s" desirable ail acroagt
uf  first class  arable  laud  as  is  tn  hi*
lound in the Immediate vicinity ui
this city, lie did not hesitate to
express the opinion that once thesi
lands    were    thrown    open  to  settle
ment and were broughl under cuttlv
ntlon, Cranlirook would enme to thi
irniit as the center of the largest and
liest agricultural district in the prov
Incc These facts must be impressed
Upon the f IM. ami a determined
effort made to secure llie construe
linn nf a connecting line between this
city, via Wycllffe and St. Mary's
i'rairie. with Wasa mi the K.C It
Here is a big project tn he pushed
through. t'ranhrunk citizens should
rise tn thc occasion and spare nu j
ePnrts in secure    a satisfactory mil- i
We comment! to the serious consideration of all lie tal tl readers,
mure especially tlmse cuncerned in
tbe welfare of thr lumber Industry,
tbe extracts we reproduce in this
issue from the address delivered hy
the chief provincial forester, Mr II
I: McMillan, at the recent Forestej
convention iu Victoria. His words
convey a most encouraging lesson In
British Columbians generally, hut
mure particularly tn tlmse dlrcctl;
interested m the lumber Industry
His advice should he Bclzed upon ami
turned  tn liest   advantage   He speaks
with authority, torn ol long years
nf practical experience and lus
words shnuld result m incalculable
heneiit tn the province as a whole.
Itev. o. !■:.  Kendall, pastor,
on Sunday morning lhe pastor will
begin a    series nf sermons on "Soul
The Ilible school     •.'.ill be held al '■•
lu the evening there will be a se
vice of song   under the leadership
the choir.     Familiar hymns, such
you know, will he used. A feast.
good things   will he    prepared       a
vou are invited.
Rev. \V. Klsoii Dunham^pastur.
Sunday   services:    The pastor willi
preach at  II a.m. anil 7,.10 p.m.
Morning subject:    "Unfulfilled   Ih*
Kvcn ing     subject:    "Where,    And
Wbat  Is Heaven'"
The evening sullied is the last iu
series ol four addresses on "Las
pipe organ and vocal selections   a
even   service.
K,vo.\ pki-:shyti-;rias church.
Pastor,   Rev. \V. Kelman Thomson.
Morning, II a.m., Comparative
Study of Religion. Confucius vs.
(Cvcning, 7.30 p.m.
Second of a series of sermons nn
the parables nf our Kurd. The Prodigal Son.
S. S. and Milile class, .'I p.m.
(I Hiltl, Wednesday, h p.m.
Sunday   morning,   11 o'clock—Holl
in".s meeting
Sunday   alter i,   i o'clock—Free
It will he no fault of the board of
Irade il Cranbrook district fail tn
make a creditable showing at Mu*
Dry Farming Congress at Leth
bridge next month.
Kor several hours on Monday evening a representative gathering nf business men nf tbe city met nt the
Council chamber and discussed
detail plans fur  llie occasion.
In the drst Instance the proposed
special Cranbrook district exhibition
building came iu for discussion. Ar
chltecl Rosseter has the preparation
of plans in hand, they call Inr a
building, uf ihe bungalow type, some
31x21 feet, which will he handsomely
fitted up with choice woods, Wnrk mi
this hinldiii-.-. will be cmnmeiu rit im
mediately Mr. Rosseter returns Irom
the coast.
A committee composed nl the ful
lowing: Messrs. Kink, Ward and Rus
sell, were appointed to wait upon
the Cranbrook Automobile club and
arrange, if possible, for at least
twenty tars tu go through to the
exhibition, bearing signs adcquatcl1
displaying the name uf their home
With a view to securing a special
train fur the convenience of Cranhrook residents, as well as the residents uf outside towns, anxious to
attend the congress, a speeial com
mittee, including Messrs. Ryan, Man
ning and O'Connell, were appointed
tn wait Upon the C.P.R, aud secure
their co-operation. The question ot
taking the city hand along, was nlst
discussed and, if finances will per
uiit, ibis will he dune
other matters looking tu the successful participation nf Cranhrnoh
district in tbe Dry Farming Con-
uress, were discussed and acted up
un, the utmost enthusiasm being dis
played by all present.
Final I \ xto following commute*
were appointed tn en uperatc with
the Vgrlcultural association In the
preparation antl shipment of the
Cranbrook district exhibits:    Messrs
There areino-dead
flies lyingfaboutlwhen
are used as directed. All Druggists, Grocers and GenterallDealers
sell them. A.W*.  . -*
P. rink, Jos. P.yun, .1   r.      Ken.
nnlv und Dr. Hull.
A question arose us to llie neglect
ul Cranbrool! Iiy llie Cl1 ll. In routing visitors from llie eust and the
old country -through the Columbia
Valley. It was pointed out that the
great majority ol tliese visitors ure
informed that the route Into the
Windermere districl is via Oolden,
and no mention is made ol the excellent automobile mad Irom i'run-
brook in tn that section. This mutter will at onee lie taken up hy thp
secretary with Mr. J. S. Dennis, n(
Calgary, head ol the I'.I'.U. lund department .
Mr. -los. Ityan nesl raised a question ol very seriims import to Cranbrook. Ile pointed out, that Irom
present indications, il looked very
much as il upon llie completion ol
the Kootenay Central railway, this
city might he side Iraeked In laVot'ol
Pornlc. Mr. Ityan strongly advocated Immediate action on the purl ol
the liimril "I trade to head-on any
such iinfcri unato outcome nl the
construction ol Ihis piece ol rail
mad.     llr suggested tlml urgent re
vniiiiiiciidaliiins should I i.ide      to
the C.P.lt. to build Irom lliis city
via Wycliltc, across St. Mary's
to Wasa.
Mr. Ryan's remarks in Ibis connection elicited beany approval, and
president Ourd endorsed whal be bad
said and mid ol previous cflorts In
Ihis direction. While be had no de-
linilc information to impart, he intimated tbal he had good reason to
think thai Ibe C.P.H. were cnlileiu
plating insi such a branch line as Mr.
Kyan had indicated and he believed
Ihat it would well repay the hoard
tn actively interest themselves in llle
matter from now on.
on milt inn il was resolved! Thai
Ibe views of the CPU. in regard In
this propnsed railway, between
Craabrook and Wasa, be obtained
Correspondence with this object in
view will immediately be undertaken.
That Macbela, Naliire'
has u record Inr gi
cases out ol lllll. It is
.-.ly ever discovered I
Il the natural hair i<
ol the scalp. Rei
Prevents lulling hair,
contains a packet of
Shampoo Powder. Prlc
home treatment, $1.00.
guaranteed by tbo Cr
ud Hook Co,
Sir William I.ever, Hart., In wel
coming the delegation nf Ctcru.an
municipal representatives ami town-
planners at Port Sunlight recently
made an appeal lor a better under
standing between Kngland and Germany.
With a common ancestry, he said,
thc nnly rivalry between thc two
nations should be for thc advance
ment of humanity. If the two nations should come to blows the angels nf heaven would weep and the
devils in hell would shriek with laughter.
Several local and district stories
have unavoidably been crowded out of
this issue.
The local  (iun Club's shoot for the
Hupont medal   was finally completed
yesterday   afternoon, the results be
ing as follows:
S. It.     Patterson,   winner  of the
medal  138
Dr. Hall, second 137
Mrs. K. ff. (ireen  131
Dr. F. W. Oreen  131
VV. J. Nicholl  134
II. VV. Supple  131
Dr. King  129
.1. Uidlaw  128
llritish Columbia's exhibit ut the
Canadian National exhibition, Toronto, has been awarded thc gold
medal offered by the exhibition for
the finest display of the products of
any province in thc Dominion.
C. II. Prime, ol the provincial forestry departmeni, hut, been busily
engaged iu thc district for several
days past, inspecting land, with a
view to ascertaining in what sections and to what extent there
exists land suitable Inr cultivation.
He has been greatly surprised by his
observations, lu alt quartern he
finds immense areas of lirst-rlass arable land, today unoccupied, but
whicli should siippurt ,t large farming pupulatmu and materially assist
in the unbuilding uf Craubrook city
Excellent    progress   is being made
with the new   Concrete sidewalks   on
Maker street.   Tbe concrete mixer is
doing good wnrk. This piece of the
mechanism cost tbe city 11850, mon
e\ well invested. Kor tbe lime be
iug, ut uny rate, the telephone posts
rather spoil tbe symmctn of Hit*
new sidewalks, but, in the near future, it is expected that tbey wilt be
removed, steps being taken, tu laying
the concrete, to permit ol their
being cut ofl level with the sidewalk
Hilly "Single" Cliflord and his
company of players amused a large
crowd ut the Auditorium lust Saturday evening. His production was a
musical comedy farce with one. or
two new tuneful songs und several
original laughs. The crowd applauded
generously. The girlee chorus were
well supplied with costumes which
they changed quickly and often.
FOIt RENT.—Office building on
Fenwick avenue, corner of Maker
street, formerly occupied by the
I,uml Land and Development Company. Fnr particulars apply to p.
Luml, Wardner 37-tt
FOR SAI.K -One steam boiler and
Oligtne, almost new, have only been
In use for six weeks, 10 h.p., with
all liftings complete, nnd in gootl
working condition. Price Sinn. Apply In T. .1. Motl, Crau-hrook,
B.C. 3Mt*
■i Scalp Toulc
iwlng hair—US
tin* only rem-
hai is similar
nils ur liquids
luvcs dandruff.
ISach paohagu
Maohela   Dr
• for comulet-
Sold     ami
anbrook"  Drug
Civic Holidays
On the occasion of the
Cranbrook Fall Fair, which
is being held on
Sept. 19 & 20
I do hereby proclaim a
on each ol the above dates, ' [
trom the hours of i to 6 p.m.
(local time).
IN THE MATTER ol tho Estalo rt
Ariluir Bruncau, deceased, Into "I
Township Three (3) Range Twenty (2(1), Wesl ol Un1 Third Meridian, in the Province ol Saskatchewan.
TAKE NOTICE dial pursuant to
the order ol His lionoi Judge Onse-
ley herein, dated the 17th day "I
August, 1012, all |« rsuns having
eiailns against the said estate are re.
i|iiired to send in to V H. HoUrhan,
ol the Town ol Oull Lake, in the
Province r.l Saskatchewan, solicitor
Inr the administrator oi the s.iid estate, on or More the first day ot
Docenilier, 1(112, a statement of their
respective   claims   against   the said
Get Your
Hardware and Mill Supplies
Cranbrook,       -       B. C
Semi-ready Suit!
U III U* »»
t OOK lor ibi pilci—ind n
•*J la iht pockM—slMM Iht Hint.
Aik roi" ciotblti ni **tJ lor nr-*
hook ui uaplt of "Rlis'i Owi"
lftf.ni 1.0. len* 4ii*etloS*«I.|«dr,
Llmlltl, Moaatttal, fot book niitltl
" III I" II joo cuut m It la MVS.
intmftl Saiiart*
Cranlirook Agents
estate duly verified by statutory declaration, together with a statement
of tlie security if nny held by them,
Dated at    (lull Lako,    Sask., this
.Mtli day of August, A.D., 1912.
N. 11. Hodman,
Oull Lake, S.;.*k.
Solicitor for tho Administrator.
Armstrong Avenue and Louis Street
Four nnd n-lmlf Lots X. E. Corner of Armstroui;
Avium' mnl Louis Street, with perfect lawn ami
eli'mint eleven-roomed modem residence, Furnace
hint nini open lit-.irtlis iu luill ami ilinii; room. Bath
rooms, etc. Aboul the finest site in the city torn
hotel or large business promises.
Armstrong Avenue
Eust snlo of Armstrong Avenue. Store premises.
2*> feet frontage, 122 ft. deep. Liviug rooms (5)
upstairs. Furnace bent. Water niul electric light
laid on.
Garden Avenue
87J feel frontage. 122 foot in depth. Basement already excavated. Quite close |o Government Building uml public schools.
220 Acres
within three miles of eity. Prime land. Motor
road Into the premises. Oood dwelling house and
excellent well sunk. 0. I*. It. tracks form part of
the liiuiiiihirv.
W.:.Z I
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Issued by The Cunndian Hnnk ol' Commerce,.arc a safe, convenient and
Inexpensive method of remitting small sums of money. These Orders,
payable without charge at any bank in Canada (except in the Yukon
Territory) and in the principal cities of the United States, are issued at
lhc following- rates:
$S and under    3 cents
Over    5 and not exceeding S10    6    "
"     10      H •■ 30 10    "
"    30      " " 50 15    "
■hoiilil li- ni.d. by mr.ii* el nu, SI'I'CIAL FOREIGN DRAFT* and MONEY
OKUEKS.   IuubhI without d*Uy ut rruunabl. num.
R. T. Brymner, rtanager Cranbrook, B. C.
Halsall & Co.
Armstrong t
Dress Goods, Silks, and
A really magnificent showing of Dress Goods,
Silks, Trimmings, All-over Lace, Etc.
We invite your early inspection of this
Splendid Showing of Suitings in Serges,
Whipcords, Diagonals and Fancy Tweed
Effects. By far the largest and most complete
assortment ever shown in Cranbrook.
;pancy Silks, Plain effects, Shot Effects, Shot Stripe
-^Effects, Plain rtessallnes, Plain Satin Channelise,
also the much toted colors in Cerise and
Paddy Qreen
Our Dressmaking Department
Is In Pull Swing
Already orders are piling in, Soon will be
taxed to its utmost capacity. Get your orders
in early,
Immense Consignment of Horrocks' Sheetings,
Pillow Cottons and Cambrics Just In.
Splendid Values, bought direct
from the manufacturer
September 24, 25,26, 27
DAILY AEROPLANE FLIGHTS from tlie Fnir Grounds.
PAUL AND UR0Y,',Coiii«1>- Horizontal Bur Act.
TNE INDIANS TROUPE of 6 Beautiful Girls.
Reduced Hilda on nil trunsiiortntion lines.   Single fare
for Round Trip
A. D. Emory, G. Hhiistkah, Secretary,
President P. 0. Box 81)2, Nelson, 11. C.
Supplementary List of
Special Prizes
Offered at Fall Fair on Sept. 19th and 20th, 1912
Special Prizes offered by Campbell & Manning
For Best 2 Loaves ot Bread made  from Ogilvic's
Royal Household Flour, set of Dishes value .       $20.00
Second Prize, Cut (iluss value _       SU nn
Best General Exhibit of Pastry made from Ogilvio's
Royal Household Flour    Hue Barrel nf Flour
Special by Cranbrook .lubbers
For Best Suck of Potatoes Rrown in district between
Sirduroiid Fernie     One Barrel iif Five Ibises Flour
Second Prize       Half     " 	
Special by Rev. \V. 13, Dunham
For Best While Wyandotte Coe)-    	
Notice of Errors in Prize List
See. 21, Class I'i, should read $60.00 instead of $76,00.
Omitted in Class III.—For Best Collection nf Vegetables
grown iu East KooUmuy—Spcciul by .1. S. Dennis, Calgary,
Alta..$50.00 cash.
Bring Your Exhibit in on the 18th if possible
Robert F. Davis
District ol Kast Kontenav.
TAKE NOTICK that John Aiiriis
KiTinissun, ol Cranbrnok, n.F., occu-
patloa, tie Inspector, Intends to apply (ur peirmiusii.il to purchase the
[ullowiDf described land:
Commencing at a post planted nt
the southwest corner ol Lot Nu.
10.117, thence nortii 80 chains; thenco
west 20 chains; thenco south 80
chains; tliencc cast 20 chains to the
point ol commencement, and containing 100 acres, more or less.
.lohn Angus Kergusson.
Dated August 17th, 111!).       :l*l-«t THK   UltANBItOOK.   HKKALD
The People's Favorites
Ou Return Engagement
All New Acts New Costumes
Feature Film:  "Comin-; of
Do You Wear a Truss?
We have just received the largest shipment of trusses ever brought into the Kootenays.
In all sizes
These are not instruments of torture, but
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The ftexaJlJL Store
Cranbrook - - - B.C.
We have a nice selection
of gents' chains in plain
curb and fancy patterns.
The '20 year guaranteed
ones run from $5,00 to
$12.00 each. We also
carry the cheaper grades
ill bath albert and dickens from $2,011 each up,"
Autos for hire at   phone 62. 38 ll
C- McNul) is tu town from Waldo
It    E  Ople is in Im-n Wasa todaj
Hundreds ol dollars given in
premiums during our sale, which
.Marts Saturday. Sept i|lh. nt
Hast Kootenay Mercantile Mouse,
Cranbrook, B. C.
V R lyre w.ts down from Klko
during the week
Cl tl Jewell, nf llanbui i, wai In
lown on Tuesday
The bowling niles at ito Y.M.CA
lus been re opened.
\ ir ltollins is up from Vancouver,
visiting lus bcother, \v   Rolllna
(Irocerie* |go on sale at l.nst
Kootenny Mere. House, Saturday,
Save every dollar you have and
Ci me early.
i i. Oreen, nf * 'algai). ha loin
nl xto Rtnfl at the Reattle Murphj
l'o . Ltd
Horn —On Septembet  Iflth   al   tin'
Cottage   hospital, to    Mr- and Mrs.
II. Noyce, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. I). E. Murphy were
among the visitors iu Calgary last
If you want a wagon, buggy,
stove or range, come to the sale
at East Kootenay Merc. House,
Saturday, Sept. 14, and save almost one-half.
Born.—On September 8th at the
Cottage hospital, to Mr. and Mrs.
N. N. Mclnnes, of this city, a
\V. A. Johnson, of Vancouver,
grand master, I.O.O.F., will visit
Key City lodge, No. 12, nexl Monilay evening.
Special in tlu* grocery department
at East Kootenay Mercantile Co. ull
nexl week,
Mr. Ostiorne, wife and family, of
Medicine Hat, are visiting at the
Inline of Mr. Norris, south west of
All Harness and Saddlery go In
the sale which starts Saturday,
dept. 14th, at East Kootenay Mercantile House, Cranbrook, B. C.
Mrs. Btltge has returned from Kal-
Ispell, after taking her little grandson home from his holidays at Perry
Miss McQulgan has arlved from
attending the eastern millinery openings antl has taken charge oi the
millinery department at McCreery
Blondy. Ot Cranhrook, visits Cal-
gar; to greet His Royal Highness
the Duke ui Oonnaught, M-lt
Mr*, ti Y Sadler will receive for.
the lirst time on Tuesday. September
17th. and after that on the second
Wednesday in each month.
Any person requiring their bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to the
sewer shnuld siv Kd. P. Johnson
Estimates furnished. Call 'phone
267. 28-tt
. Prank Rggleston, the man arrested
last week «'ii .1 charge of stabbing a
Chinese, was tins week sent down to
Kelson fail, tn Mis Honor Judge
I Thompson, lor a     period of eighteen
1 months.
i If you want a reliable and reasonable joh ol plumbing done or sewer
Dge connections made, e»ll up Bd, K.
lohn 100, 'phone 2(17. 28-tl
Mrs Edward Paterson will receive
in tVedttesday, September 18th, trom
1 in ti p.m.    Mrs. .1. (i. Sutherland,
ril.-ni* !■-
Htoro opposite station
Prizes for Fall Fair
Fur liest array nf Kruil ami Ben-tea put np in " Kiimn-
uiy Jars" — Ono doss, oncli pints, i|iinrls, nml linlf-iiiillim
" Economy " jure nml caps     Value $4.5~>
For liest array o( Brciul, Hiscnits, etc.. tniule from
"Mother's Favorite" or '• I'riile of Alberta" FlotUT — 80 lb.
»nck of "Mother's Favorite" ami 501b. wick of "Pride of
Allioru-i,"    Value $8.05
For second liest -25 Hi. of ench.,
For farmer who enters liest selection of Live Stock,
Horses. Cattle. I'ins. Fowls, Etc., a receipt for $10.00 for, or
as a payment on, anything in onr carriage or saddlery line.
For farmer who hns best exhibit of Fruil. Vegetables,
and G mi ns A $HMln receipt for, or ns n payment on, any-
IliiiiK ill our Wilson or implement lino.
Qet Busy and Win These
im (ult most when one's watili gets
broken. But you should lone no time
in bringing it here tor proper repair*-1,
Weaiu expert watchmaker*,audniuler
take all kiodi of Jewelry repati Ing at
well. Our work in done carefully and
well, eo tbat every patron ie uatiilied.
Watch springs fixed on short notice.
Considering our flr.U-c.iiB work our
charges are moderate.
Je*. v c 1 e r» **,QjfiSt. Q p t i c i a ria
ol Medicine   Hst, will receive    with
Wait for thc sale Saturday to
buy your Furniture at Bast
Kootenay mercantile House,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Call up Eld. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, snd get w estimate ol the
cost ol your .ewer cotmeotlons.
Pkone 207. 2g-t[
A social will be held in Carmen's
dull on .September 27th by the ladies
ol St. Marv's church. Everybody
Are you getting your shure ul thc
bargains the Fink Mercantile Co. are
giving in china and glass-it nut yuu
are missing a golden opportunity.
See tlieir 15e.,   25c. and 50c. tables.
Mr. .Nicol, ol tbe Dominion Forestry service, was in town on Monday.
Mr. A. Parkinson, ol Vancouver,
collector ol inland revenue, was in
town on official business during the
Any person requiring tbeir bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to th
sewer should see Ed. F. Johnson.
Estimates lurnished. Call 'phon
207. 28-tl
Koad work generally In the district is about at an end tor this season. Superintendent Iteid has a new
bridge underway at Kelly's slough on
Ihe Fort Steele road, which will
complete the work lor this year.
II you waat a reliable and reasonable job ot plumbing done or sewerage connections made, call up Ed. F.
lohnson, 'phone 207. 28-tl
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Scott were
visitors in town Irom Ottawa this
wees. Mr. Scott is an inspector ol
the Indian department, and was out
lo the St, Eugene Mission to inspect
the new Iudian industrial school, now
nearing completion.
A     Sutherland,   ol   Nelson,    and
tul,* Ier hire at phone 02. 10-lt
iu Cranbrook again this week. Phone
!• 30-11
Mv special ifmtest Hlondy appears
lohn Peck, ol New Westminster,
have been in town during the week,
holding au examination lor station-
on engineers.    There were live local
Thirty-seven thousand dollars
worth ol high grade merchandise
to be wantonly slaughtered.
Sale starts Sept. 14th. Walt. —
East Koolenay Mercantile House,
Klkll KENT-A (irst-class building
uitahle for lodging or restaurant,
100 leet Irom C.I'.H. station. Apply
to llu. :t7, Creston, ll.C. 37-4t
A Hot,. Fletcher, ol Hosmer, re-
eutly appointed a Iruit inspector, In
the dominion government, was in
town during the week, gathering
statistics, etc , lur tbe use ul his
Speeial in the grocery department
at East Kootenay Mercantile Co. all
nest week.
The luneral ot A. E. .lohnson, employed on the K.C.it. survey, and
who died ul typhoid lever at the St.
Eugene hospital, took place on Tuesday, llev. Mr. Thomson, olticiating.
F. M Macpherson has charge ol the
Wc give estimate! cheetlully on ant-
kind al paiatlng or decorating, (live
us a trial. Residence pkone 441.—
Schultr. and Johnson. 37-tt
Ills Honor Judge sad Mrs. .Thompson have returned Irom aa extended
vacation is the east. Tbey spent
some time visiting American cities,
Philadelphia, Atlantic City, etc.,
and then concluded their holiday in
Toronto. His honor reports a very
enjoyable vacation, but is glad to be
back again in Cranhrook.
We have only three dinner sets lelt
out ol our immense stock. These
three we are offering at your own
price.-Tbe Fink Mercantile Co. Ltd.
C. 1'hristoHerson, a laborer In the
employ ol C.P.R. tie camp No. 5,
at Hull River, died this week ot typhoid lever. Undertaker Macpherson
has taken charge ol the remains,
pending Instructions Irom a brother
ia Seattle.
Don't forget our great cash
raising and Co-operative Sale
starts Saturday morning. East
Kootenay Mercantile House,
I.uyrilz Nursery, Kelowna nnd
Victoria, guaranteed slock, prices
right,, local agent. Sec mc heforo ordering.—S. Macdonald. 30-21
Alderman Dan Johnson ret'irned
homo this week Irom a short sn
joiirn in llir coast cities. Mr. Johnson wob evidently greatly Impressed
with the prospects ol Victoria city,
fur lie Ims purchased a homo there
and will lie leaving Cranbrook short
ly tu take ■ ■ j. permanent resilience in
the capital city,
WANTED.—Clood general servant.
Appl) to Mrs  W. !■'. (Iiml.        :n if
The latest Russian dancer to ui
rive for an American tour is Mile
PlaskwelUkaJakahie. She will carry
her wardrobe in a handbag and her
name on three (latcara fastened together. Mile. I'—c will he at the
Auditorium iu due course.
Call up Ed. F. -lohnson, licensed
plumber, and get an estimate ot the
cost of your sewer connections,
•l'hone 2117. 28-tl
Mr. and Mrs. E. C, Smith have
returned from au extended visit to
California and Michigan. Doth express great delight at getting liacki
to Cranhrook once again. They had
a very enjoyable stay both In California and ia Michigan, hut, despite
all the kindnesses of their friends,
found nothing to ciiual the climate
and charms of the Cranhrook district. Mr. Smith is not fully decided, at present, as to what his future plans will be, hut it may be
taken lor granted thut lie will locate
again permanently in this section of
the province.
Special sale of china and glass and
cut glass at the Fink Mercantile Co,
You cannot afford to miss this sale
as our gouils are murscil luwcr Inan
the manufacturers cost.
Tliere was a good deal of talk
early in the week uf the alleged sale
of the Hanson estate at Wasa to a
syndicate of llritish capitalists. I nm,
investigation it developed that whilst
such a deal was underway, negotiations hud not been linally concluded.
Sir Anthony Antrobus and Mr. A.
St. (leorge llammerslcy, both of
England, were in town last week end!
alter examining the Wasa property,
and other properties nearby lur English friends associated with them io
the proposed purchase. So far as can
be learned the deal will likely go
through, hut nothing deOnite will lie
known belore the early part of October.
Special in the grocery   department
Lost Vitality
Caused    by    Kidney
Stomach and Bowel
St. John, K.B., September 1-Slli,
1911.—My brother was a great sufferer from kidney, stomach and bow
i*l troubles ami was given up by two
doctors. He was advised to try
ymir Fig Pills, wbieh he did, and
after taking five boxes was completely restored to health and is letter today than he has lieen (or years.
Vou can't recommend Fig Pills too
J. W. Mauvers.
AI all dealers, 25 and SO writs or
The Fig Pill Co., St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold hv the t'ranbrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Miss Marion liiimsey holds
classes ut the Mum une Hall
in the above accomplishments,
Juvenile Class lo commence
Saturday. < let. 5th, at II p.m.
An li.ltilt elasB is beiiiK
forme.! fur Fancy Dancing
(Classical ami National).
Private Lessons by ur-
Kor particulars uililress
llox Illli l'hone 1157
Millinery, Costumes,
and Coats
Distinctive Paris and New York Models
are ready for your inspection in a
greater variety than ever shown
in Cranbrook
Accept this as your invitation to come and bring
your friends with you
at Kast Kootenay Mercantile Co. all
next week.
$25 reward—Kstrayed, I light bay
mare, 3 years old, branded ".I" nn
right shoulder, shows considerable
Clyde, shaded light on belly. Return
to H. M. Fallon, Itoosville, Hritish.
Columbia. 37-21
Is It not better to own good rr.il
estate than to risk your money in
stocks, shares and otlier ventures
which are dependent upon the ability
of some individual or body of Individuals? Oood property, instead of depreciating in value, is all the tune
going up in actual worth. The money ,
ymi are holding in the hank, draw*
ing three per cent, can surely he
made to do better for you if Judiciously placed in revenue-producing
property, business lots, acreage adjoining the city or farm lands. if
this proposition sounds reasonable!
to ynu, drop in for a few minutes \
and" talk it over with THK. CHAN
lev,- years you will wonder whi^ti i
the world you did nol do ii yep**"
We have an exceptional offer to
make you in the above property.
Requires a cash payment of
one-third: balance twelve and
eighteen   months;   no  interest
Call and see us at once
Beale & Elwell
is where shrewd investors are buying
lots. They realize good values. Are
you in this class ?
Corwin-Bruce Investment Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
P. O. Drawer 50 Phone 437
Prompt payment of Insurance
is a feature of all our companies.
Phone us for a rate on your
house or Store.
Mr. 0, O. Parker wins tlie Amen
can tournament. The general lour-*
mtmfiit starts today. A large entry
has heen given and keen competition
is eipected.       I'liiyriK are re<|iieateri
to make arrangements in regard tn
their heals. Interested friends lie
COtdlall) invited t(i witnem thu
games, most of which will he played
ud between four and se\rn o'clock.
Tea mil lie provided as Usual on Ibe
courts s.itni ii.c afternoon. THE   OBAMBHOOK   HEBALD
Text of Sermon Delivered by 0. E. Kendall
Pastor of the Baptist Church
Somo  ie
i) request,
lonal Hibl
weeks ago thc Herald,
published a resolution unadopted by the Interim
Students association, In
t Washing!  with    (lie
requcsl that loeal ministers express
their approval, or otherwise, ol Lhc
conclusions arrived at. Hev 0. 1-.
Kendall, of thc locnl Hnptlsl church
declined al the   time lo express    ai
intimating ihat
ho would deliver
witli ihe whole ims
s would he clearly
unised   sermon wa
in due
t   sermon
m whieli
et forth.
full    be
Tin- annual convention of Hie in
iernnllonal Bible Studonts nssoclit
tinn was held in Washington, Juni
30 in July ti. 1912, The tollowing
resolution was solemnly moved, i
mleil    ami   after .
discussion   wn
nn u\ en thus*
'Hesolved: Thai
les here assent
il is the sense o
Bible Students de
hied, Hint we    il
not find    the Bible to tench Ibe doc
trim* of n literal *]Toll Klre* or place
nf fire and brimstone for the punish
menl of the wicked; but, that secular
history of the formation of the creeds
in  the   middle ages, reveals    the fact
that for various reasons, either wise
h or    unwisely, the doctrine of tor
ment in 'Hell Kite' was added to thi
gospel, as taught by ■ testis and    tin
twelve apostles, necessitating    mam
ridiculous    liiterpretntlpns    of    thc
Lord's parables.   We. therefore,   now
unreservedly repudiate as imscrlptur
al the    teaching nf    n   plnce, slate,
condition, of    n 'Literal Lake of (Ire
nnd brimstone for the lormenl of the
wfeked,' and further we believe from
many personal testlmoninls, that the
vast    majority   of ministers of      all
Prolestnnl   denominations have prlv
nlely repudiated the 'bell lire' theorj
hut bav/* for supposedly good reasons
hesitated to   full} inform their   con
gregations,   and   further,   we believe
on this account,   thousands and   per
haps   tens  of   thousands    are being
driven   Into   scepticism or infldelltj
Therefore, it is further resolved, that
we appeal   to every minister In Can
ndn, tn   publish in his loeal      news
paper, over   his own signature,     de
clarlng    whether   or   imt he believes
the Bible tn leach  the dot-trine nl    a
literal lake of lite and brimstone, as
a place, or state, nr condition for the
eternal    punishment   of   the wfeked
and that even editor of a newspaper
in Canada he requested to invite the
ministers of his cnnslitucncj to avail
themselves nf liis columns for thcll
The conclusion ol the instrument
deals merely with Ihe publication
ami   distribution of   it.     lu nccord
.line    with  the      spirit  nf its publlci.
lion ibis resolution was presented to
me for my "Yea" or "Nny." From
my innermost soul, and without
qualification in the name of the
Rather, Sou and Holy tlhost ! mix
wer ibis resolution "Nay " Believing
in the freedom and nccountnbilltj of
human conscience ami will. I heartily
accede ilu* right of Interpretation of
lhe Bible to all mj brethren as theli
consciences mav dlctnle
ll is my purpose in this discourse
lirst to give my reasons for not subscribing to this resolution, then to
answer iis substance ami meaning
with the positive teaching nf the,
Bible on the doctrine of Ruture run
ishmenl I would not commit myself i.. ihe support of ihis instru
merit even if I half believed it. know
ing as I do lhe source from which
it emanated. The International Bible
Students association, or Castor C
T. Russell ism, or Millenium Dawnlsm
is one and the same cult, Tbe plans
ihle, dangerous,    hlaBphcmotls teach
Ings  of  this    institution  are colossal
The one under consideration is one
ol a group of about eight errors Ihat
strike at the very heart of lhe
Christian religion. If the Lord wills
1 purpose exposing these errors In
the very near future
Again, this doctrine, beyond all
doubt the most terrible article in
any creed, is surely taught by
Christ m th-* Bible loi a sublime
purpose, ami I would imi even seem
to ally myself in opposition to revealed truth. I would rather be
wrong, believing what is manifestly
declared, ihan right, seeming to eon
tradlct the Word. The Bible is the
inspired word of Clod, ft contradicts,
opposes and evposes the carnality,
that gives rise to the sentiments of
this resolution, ft is the habit ol
the man ol the street to affirm that
"all the hell there is tor man is the
miseries of this present life " It certainly is in accord with human desire to take refuge in this error, but,
lhe Bible (lath  refutes it.
Once more the danger involved iu
supporting ihis resolution is tllshc
lief of an*, future punishment for the
wicked We are thrown upon the
horn* of a dilemma, tn choose lie
tween annihilation of the Impenitent
dead or iheir restoration, or holh,
We cannol  tarn  here to weigh       lhe.
arguments presented to sustain these
beliefs, but we arc strikingly convinced, after years of earnest Bible
study that its consistent Interpretation lends no .support to such hope
for the lost.
Again, to the most casual rentier,
the Bible reiterates the lorm, "lake
of lire" or its equivalent many times.
If this is not to be Interpreted literally (nol excluding its spiritual
sense) we are left absolutely without
kej to tin* problem ol future punishment.
Again, if the lerms "lake of lire,"
"eternal torment" are merely symbols of the future stale, the facts ex
iressed by them so far transcend the
xlreme limit of human com prelum
Ion, we are in any case dumbfound
d by the Inexpressibly horrible por
nm awaiting the Anally Impenitent
This resolution would lead otic to
believe that the secular history of
the rise of the great church creeds
supplies sufficient evidence of Ihi*
doctrine of future punishment having
originated In pagan sources, and hav
ing been imported into, and imposed
upon the teachings of Christ. Mow
ever much or little llie religions he
Nets of the middle ages influenced tbe
formation of the creeds, ihis we an
sure, thai the   two great theological
set Is of     the .lews,   contemporary
with the presence ot Christ upon
earth, tniight, with some modifications, the eternal torment in delicti-
na (hell), nf the finally Impenitent
wicked. Shamtuai, the leader of one
school taught: "The   perfectly right-
t s   who   are   immediately   written
ind sealed* to eternal life" aud "The
perfectly wicked wlm are immediate-
written and sealed to tlehcmia"
(Hell). The opposing school of
Millcl substantiates the above. lu
teaching the fale of certain classes
d transgressors they said: "Wlm go
Iown lo tlehltinom (Hell) and arc
tliere punished to ages of ages." The
i.iiahles of the Kich man and La/.ar
is and The Man without the Wedding
Inrment reveal tbe awful condition
il the lost These parables have
imazing parallels in the traditions of
tin* .Jewish people, current among
llie people and found iu the litem
ure nf thai day. The teaching of
lesns regarding this doctrine was
it least iu thc general direction of
■Jewish belief, if nol entirely in ac*
■onl with it. We arc therefore con-
Ktrained to believe that the assumption of this resolution was mnnufac
iired out of whole cloth, II this
lateineiit he founded upon fact we
re driven to the necessity of reject-
ng as spurious all the New Testament teaches of this doctrine.
Ror these reasons and others we
might mention, we unhesitatingly say
"Nny" to the assumptions of this
resolution. We shall now give our
attention to the positive teaching of
the Word id (lod on the doctrine of
Roi ure Bunlshmeul.
L—The Nature of Ruturc Punish
merit. To the Word aud to the Testimony, let il speak. We have chosen
at random thirty passages, with one
exception, in thc New Testament. We
shall merely indicate the passages
and give the sense as it reveals our
• illicit.
Man 12:2, In the resurrection some
will awake to everlasting life, and
sotue to shame and everlasting con
Mt 3:13. -lohn Baptist. He will
bum up  the dial! witb unquenchable
Mt. R:12, Children of Ihr kingdom
shall he cast into outer darkness:
there shall be weeping ami gnashing
of teeth.
Mt. 10:28, Rear bim whieli is able
lo   destroy both body and soul      in
Ml 18:12 Tares shall lie cast Inti
a furnace of tire, there shall lie wail
Ing and gnashing of teeth. Also 13:50
Mt 18:8. Having two hands and
two feet to be cast into everlasting
lire   Also Ml.  IK:!*.
M< il it: Bui, on whomsoever tbi
stone shall Tall it shall grind him t
Mt 32:13, The man without the
wedding garment -cast lorn inio outer
darkness: ihere shall be WCCptng and
gnashing ol teeth
Mt. 23:88, .lesiis, to the Pharisees:
How  shall    ve escape the damnation
»f hell?
\lt. 21:50. Tbe servant that did
not look for the Lord's coming    lie
hall cut him asunder, and appoint
him his portion witli hypocrites*,
there shall be    weeping and gnashing
f teeth    See also Mt. 25:30,
Mt. 25:41. -lealls to those upon his
lefl in judgment: Depart from tne  ye
rseil into everlasting lire, prepared
for the devil and bis angels.
Mt. 25:18. And these shall go awaj
into everlasting punishment.
Mk. 3.20. Blasphemers of the Holy
Ohosl have never forgiveness but are
i danger of eternal damnation.
Lu   lii:iil    Dives in bell   Send I.az-
iis that he mav dip ibe Up ol his
Miner iu water and conl m) tongue,
for I nm tormented in this flnme.
.Io 8:8fl. The wrath ol (lod abideth
on him
Bom. 0.22,  Vessels   of wrath fitted
foi destruction,
3 Tness. 1:7-9. The disobedient shall
be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord.
I leb. 0:2. Doctrine uf eternal Judgment. 1(1:31. It is a fearful thing to
fall into the hand of the living Cod.
See .hide 13.
Itev. 11:111. To worshippers of thc
beast: He shall be tormented with
fire and brimstone, iu the presence ol
the angels, and in the presence ol the |
Lamb. 14:11, And the smoke of
their torment uscciideth up forever
and ever.
Rev. 19:3. Tbe judgment of the
great whore: Her smoke ruse up forever and ever.
Itev 19:20, These both (the beast
and tbe false prophet) were cast
alive into a lake of lire burning with
Itev. 20:10. The devil was cast into
the lake of lire and brimstone, where
the beast and thc false prophet are,
aud shall be tormented forever
20:15, And whosoever was not found
written in the hook of life wan east
into the lake of fire.
llev. 21:8. The fearful, unbelieving,
abominable, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, (delators, liars, shall
have Iheir pari in the lake which
burnetii with lire aud brimstone,
which is the second death.
These thirty passages can be gathered into two groups according to
the plain sense nf them. Tlmse meaning everlasting shame, contempt r
weeping and gnashing of teeth, punishment, destruclion are fifteen in
number. The other group of fifteen
gather about the idea of unquenchable fire, everlasting fire, fire and
brimstone, lake of lire and brimstone, furnace of fire. And the sense
of the two groups is expressed most
clearly in that of the latter.
Thus Haiti) the Lord concerning the
nature of future punishment, that it
will bc literally a lake ot lire and
brimstone. The human heart revolts
at the awful spectacle of the wicked
lost in hell. Vet upon tbe other hand,
who will bring the Almighty into
judgment to impugn his justice and
impeach his judgment. Who knows
the hclnousness of sin, the deeps of
the sinner's heart, lhe matching of
transgression and punishment as the
Almighty? lie has spoken, therefore
let all the earth keep silence before
IL—Duration of Ruturc Punishment. Before we give our attention
to this phase ot the question, let us
anticipate some others that may
have already arisen in your minds.
When will that awful event begin,
immediately at death, or after the
great judgment? We shall not take
time to examine the scripture specifically here, but it is our mature judgment tbat thc soul of the sinner passing out of this earthly life, will
come into Hades, Sheol, the abode
of the dead. He will be conscious
of his doom and shall exist in anticipation of the resurrection and thei
Judgment day. The parable of Dives
and Lazarus was Christ's rebube of
the Pharisees for tlieir luxurious anil
money-loving spirit. Dives is conscious, and enduring great pain and
sorrow*. Jesus once cast out a legion
of demons and aOrighted at this dis
play of divine power tliey cried: "Art
thou come to torment us before the
time"? Lost souls ami demons wilt
he kept under chains of darkness
waiting that awful summons to the
iudgmeiit seat of Christ, then      will
i away into their doom.
The answer to this question also
implies that of the nest Will there
not tie a season of probation in tbat
under-world, where time and oppor
tiinity will be granted for repentance
imi acceptance of the gospel message? Rrom the depth of my heart
I yearn to say, Yes. But the awful
silence of revelation gives no hope to
the sinner that passes beyond.
Will future punishment be endless?
Some will say that the words eternal, everlasting, forever, do not always mean endlessness. Such manifestly is the ease, hut we lind no
comfort in this. What saith the
scripture? "Forever," is used in the
New Testament nineiy-five times
Rilty-five times of unlimited duration, thirty-one limes of duration
ihat has limits, nine times to denote
the duration of future punishment.
"Eternal" is used In the New Testament sixty six times Riftv one
times of the happiness of the righteous, twice of the duration ot tlod
and His glory, six times where there
is no   doubt of its meaning 'eternal.'
seven I -s of the punishment of ihe
wicked    In thirteen ol   the-passages
we examined to  find the nature   ol
future punishment  we also find     ii
plied or clearly stated, the idea     of
endlessness    Thus   saith   the     Lord
mcerniiig the   duration of  futuro
punishment,        Again        we        may
deduce from the in
evorable  logic of   the   Bible descrip
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. Pred Jolitut
the honor of the Almighty. Brethren,
let us he calm iu our souls regarding
divine honor, lie assured, His honor
has never been impugned hy the
preaching nf revealed truth, no matter if ii does involve Impenitent
sinners in eternal punishment,
We shall consider ihat denial pun
ishment of the wicked is hot remedial, II W needier protesting
againsl the manifest Injustice of unending pain asks a periineni -mes
tmn: "Why indict pain after It r-cas
es to remedy? Why inflict pain tor
the sake of pain''" The human con
ceptlon of Inflicting pain to comedy
transgression is exceedingly weak
ami imperfect. The thief onco im
prisoned for transgression of law
may be prevented from stealing
again because he fears n repetition
of pain. Remove the possibility of
pain ami he will steal again, lit1 is
still a thief though the opportunity
does not present itself to express it.
But, this is        one        of
the hesl methods of repression of crime known to human
society. Again, eternal punishment
is not deterrent. Human methods of
punishment arc incidentally deterrent
of wrong doing iu others. But, why
give pain to one man for the purpose
of restraining another man from
crime? If this were the highest motive for giving pain, and there were
no other person near to benefit by
llie example, then punishment would
be impossible. Therefore we must
seek higher grounds for it. The purpose of eternal punishment is therefore to vindicate the holiness of (lod.
The holiness of (lod is ids ruling attribute and from it proceeds justice
and righteousness. The moral law is
a partial expression of Ood's holiness. All law thai can claim justice
as its badge conies forth from liim.
All sin and transgression are revolt
against the claims     ol Ood's    law.
is evident to the
David gives voice
* in his confession,
thee, thee only,
done this evil iu
in its very nature
id merits    punish-
The sense of this
human conscience,
to this coiisciein
Psa. 51: "Against
have I sinned and
thy sight." Sin
is IH-deBerving a
ment. Sin is also self-propagating
and eternal. Hear lhe Spirit testifying to the perslstance and eternity of
sin und guilt. Itev. 22:11: He that is
unjust, let hlm become more unjust
still, nnd he that is filthy let him
become more filthy still. Blasphemy
of the Holy Ohosl is "an eternal
sin," unforgivable in this world, or
in tbc next But all sins of the sin
ner who does not seek ami accept
forgiveness, .ire eternal. When the
sinner passes beyond the pale of
divine grace, with no restraint upon
his sinning,   with a character formed
tion of tbe duration of punishment,
that there are no forms of words nor
idiom, nor expression possible In the
(Jreek language to express endless
ness if the usual words "forever"
nnd "eternal" do nol
II.—The Purpose ol Eternal Pun
ishment. lu this phase of our discussion, there is great need of walking soft!) before (ind, tte are convinced that it ih here lhe average
enquirer for truth stumbles Into unwise passion and expression. Some
true lovers of Hod cannot relate the
thought of eternal punishment to ills
infinite v, Iness and  justice    Before
thinking deeply to discover divine
purpose .mil wisdom iii Ibis, the puny
arm id llesh is  raised iu defence    of
in the service of sin with no prospect of forgiveness, he will Increase
in the sinfulness of his sin. As all
sin is against Ood, aud it deserves
punishment, Ood would cease tn be
God if he did not punish it. Eternal
sin requires eternal punishment. Thus
We see the purpose of it.
But, your impatience protests, "Is
not (toil n Clod of love?" Blessed he
His holy name, he is Love. But Clod
is holy as well as love. Tn the human parent and in human society,
love and justice are continually in
conflict, Love often extinguishes justice, and justice too often is untem-
pered with love, ({oil's holiness requires thai justice be meted lo the
sinner. The penalty for sin is eternal
death, or eternal punishment. Cod's
love provides a means whereby the
penal tv required by His Justice, shall
In- perfeetlv discharged. This He has
done by coming personally to earth
and offering Himself up for the sinner
on Calvary's cross. Jesus comes to
yuu and to r„p with ihe Invitation.
Ror find so loved the world that lb-
gave His only begotten son. that
whosoever   believeth   on him     should
not  pKinsii  but  have everlasting
life. "See I have set before Ihce
this day life and good, death ami
evil," you will make a choice. Do
you choose life ami salvation through
• lesus' Then believe on lilm, receive
Him. entrust yourself to Him, nm
less Him before the world. Do you
choose death? Do vmi spurn such love
by rejecting its cholcesl gift? Then
wh} complain if Ood honors your
choice of dealh ami turns you into
eternal sorrow?
"As I live, salth lhe Lord (lod, I
have no pleasure iu Ihe death of the
wicked, Imt Ihat the wicked turn
from bis way and live; lurn ve. turn
ve, from your evil wavs; for whv will
ve die, () house of Israel'"
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Harness, free for all local horses
Two-year-old Race, 3-8 Mile
$75 - $50 - $25
All Jockeys at Catch Weight.   Entries to be in on or before the morning of the 21st September
»»♦•♦♦»♦--/: *at**********
******************************** **********
ATHALMER : J. L. McKay, J. E. Cornwall, Bert Downing, C. Crook, Capt. Thorold. INVERMERE: A. Ritchie, Geo.
Starke, A. Mallandaine, F. Stockdale. WILMER: A. Moore, A. Taylor, G. F. Stalker. WINDERMERE: Ed. Stoddart, S. Craig,
J. C. Pitts.
Dance in the Evening on Friday, 20th September
rfftiifffffrfffiififffiiffttfniiiii TIIK U RAN BROOK HKKAI.l)
M      I.I Sli       SELLS ul r      ins
I'l; \11;11: retail v \i;iis
Letlrorlilgc, Sept. II -One ol the
liii^cs! deals wlilcti has liceii cou-
Hiiminulrtl this year, alTcctlng the
himbcr business in Southern Alberta,
was closed this week. Ten yanls are
affected; tlinso sold are nt Grassy
Lake, E'urplo Springs, Wtiinifri'il,
V\ hit Li. Milk Liver, New Dayton,
Magrath, Diamond ''iiy. Taber and
llurdett; the Lcllibritlge yard is re-
laineil by ihe l'-iirmers Lumber L'o,
\n figures as to the amoiml ol
mullet Involved in the ileal have been
made pulili,-.
This is tho sei I large deal of this
ue a favorite   place   loi leathereu
The stampede ul Calgary drew a
number ol patrons to its duors Iroin
ibis ilisiin 1 Shoiiltl the evenl be
repented next year and be up in ibc
anticipated standard a much larger
atlcndauec will be there as Iiy that
nini' ii i.s Imped Unit communication
In  rail »ill be an accomplished fail.
\lr    Frederic   Niveu,    ol London,
Kngland, a    magazine writer
journalist,    who is accompanied
Mrs.    Slvcn, is     slaying al Winder
 re.       Mrs.    Niven is a writer as
well as her talented husband.
Ibe   rii\   council   met    in   regain
ssinn    mi Momlay alternoon, lliosi
,„,-,.     :'."ur'i„i   '   Ibe pasl       twLmlMeseiil bei..t M'.vn   ll..w„iss   AHw
months       Lasl     winter Mii,i„'ap„14 ™'u Clapp, \i,bis„„ ami i aiiipbell
parties   merged their    lumber lute
cats, ii,,. fioiieci     and Cltln
coming practicnllj  "i.e
sidciil "f Hie Farm-!    Act nis   for the iiiimtli "1 Angus!
llie Iinnrd
received  and
I.'  I"''*.
„.  "I scl I   11 usi
Ac, ills    Iiii-
ii, -i eompanv, was in thr cltyi wore passed ami nrdered paiil a* lid
„ I,..,   daj   ago   from Wardncr, prnc- i"1"1
ticallj    eliising lhe ileal "ii Saturday.! Heallie Murphy Co      5.11
lasl        The sell..I,in  tri-astirm   "f  I lie   1'nkcr  and   llalllield .Villi
,. ,,.,     I ild    llarllng, was aha Cranlirook Trailing Co.
in ihe Jin   yesterday, putting      Hie Cranlirook Drug and Hook i
finiahln. , !|  i I               .''I'.li, Ireiglil                    . 150.00
The   -farmers Lumber co am     Is Cranlirook Klectric Light   Co 108.70|
,.|„s,.|i   connected   with the big lum- Cranlirook Steam Laundry   ... .80
,,,, interests ol I'etcr Luml in     the ''"V  ''»*"st« '*"■ mm
.           . I    !, wn8 iiccntise thoy Crnnbrook Sash and Door Co. 28.81
wen- engaged in tbe wholesale    biisi I ''riinbriink ('ullage Co	
liess Ihat  III.'!  disposed "I  tlicli  .mt : llozoll,  Kriuik 	
si,i,.   holdings   lure. They will retain  Davis Hros. Klectric Co., 1.1,1
Hi,. | elhliridge yard,    ami will prob : Hast Koolenay Mercantile
itblv'makc   I.e Idge a distributing     I louse                   3(1.00
„i tor their i iln mills.          aid Publishing Co  '17.111
1 .lollllte, A  2.ir,
i Mil'liersiin, F. M  22.un
Municipal Construction Co. ... 051.411
| Mcllride, .1. I)  80.50
! prospector Publishing Co  21.00
No Other Hosiery
Offers This
Foot-clothing that fits with absolute perfection, for
reasons you will readily see if you'll glance at the
picture here . . . the only hose made that is permanently shaped to the foot and leg, ami that is both
Seamless and Snug-Fitting
You would nol think of buying hoae with a seam up the front
of the led ... . wouldn't Ihat lie uglv nml uncomfortable 1
Probably you buy the kind with a seam up the back only
because ynu didn't know   there wns a kind free from llun
.Iisciitiifnrt   nnd   iinsiuhiliness.     There  is.   however,   You
tie! the belter kind in any weiiiht   or color  if you
buy hosiery made iiy
Penmans  Limited
Paris Canada
Ui4.rw.ar,   Sweat.™,   ■■alary
17 00
111.*, .1.
12 lill
! Parks. K. and Co
nrrett, T. N.
Tomorrow   morning   at 1" o'clock
Ihc Municipal Commission, consisting
0,  Messrs    tt      II.   Keary, II.A.I j,;;.'-'  '*.;;,' mM
MacLcun and  \. I.   Hull, ml  hold a      ^        c|     ^..^   .„„ „„
*'"*'* » ""*   ■*»> '""","   ''''"'","1 ! I'av roi Ice depl  ..... 880.00
\„y person having nny thing to bring |>av to||   ^.^ sM„.M       2r. nil
belore the commission will be gitcn ll   ^   {M ^  [mM
hearing     ll is uncertain   usi    whal;     j  fc    ,,.„„,„,
 "*»'!l    '<• broughl before  this „
body, nltlioiigh    thc relations      lie
uveen the cltj council and tbc board j
ol school   UN,lees.  11,111   be "lu
limn, .is also   the question "I     lbe|
civic miers' list.
 * 1
ami t*0.     150.00
il I board orders  2344.08
.;. Ward and Harris         7.!»"»
■ Wilson, I*. K., water ris-it fee   27.80
Sewerage Account
'ranbrook Cartage and Transfer     01.10
Cranbrook Sasb and Door Co. 271.00
filv Transfer Co     132.sn
Invermere, li  C , Sepl   11 -During   r;;a11. John and Co 153.50
the pasl  week lite vallej  was vlailed   King Lumber Mills, Ltd   . 19.70
in   a   tour of   inspection, por motor   \iocdonald, .1   A    31.50
cu. by Mr   ,\   WI   Oeorge Han ira     McBride, .1. I». ... -IK nr.
Icy, K, .-.ilcn anil Sir Kdwanl \n rranbrook Sasll ami Door Co. 2M.8(i
trobus, all of Kngland Mr Ham Sewerage payroll (new ncct) 122.10
mersley   was   accompanied   by    bis   Sewerage (.1. Oall and Co.) .1318.20
son     From here tbe partj proceeded   [>arrett, T. X.     17.30
south   under    the   direction   of Mr   parks, F.  109.93
Fenwick, to Wasa, to examine   some 	
holdings their held bj a com pan \   In Jill,199.81
which some ol the members are In The board of works committee
teres tod. Mr \ St. <i. Hammers- were appolatcd a special committee
le* is a member of the imperial to wall upon thr C.P.R. in reference
house ol commons ■ t<» the laying down of a cement cros-
The season for duck and grouse! sing across Van Home avenue.
shooting opened on Monday. Munyi Messrs. II. K. Stephens, II, Wrath
parties were formed and went h\ ..rji| and A Mansfield, property own-
launch and canoe in Mud lake, a, ers on part of hloek 110, faring oh
body ol water on the Columhln river. Kootenay street, wrote asking that
lying between Columbia lake ami tin. council put in a water main and
Lake Windermere It has man) lay down a sidewalk,
sedgey    spots along Ms shores and is       \ftrr    discussion il   was   resolved
that the city clerk he Instructed io
notify the petitioners that Ihere was
iiisuHirieni money at present to warrant undertaking these works, Imt
thai a special cITort would lie made
lo give them a sidewalk this year.
The petitioners will he advised to
limit; iins matter before tlie council
of 1913 early in the year, before the
new estimates are prepared.
A request from tlie board of Irade
for assistance in the cost of erecting
au exhibition building at the Dry
Farming Congress in Lethbridge, was
read and discussed, but no definite
action laken.
On Monday evening ol this week.
Courl Wild Horse, No. 266, I.O.F.
had the pleasure of entertaining 1.
I.union, ol Vancouver, High Chief
Itangcr for Hritish Columbia. There
was a large attendance, upwards of
seventy, In honor of the visitor and a
very enjoyable evening was passed.
The visiting High Chief Ranger delivered a very able ami eloquent ad
dress upon tlie work ol lhe order,
which was followed by an interesting
discussion ami an impromptu nro-
grammc. The ladies served refresh
ments, which were greatly appreciated.
The grand organiier for It. C,
Mr. I Whitcley, was in the cltj this)
On Tuesday night, in the orange
hall, where a good atteudunrc was
present. Mr. Whileley spoke of the
order and rapid progress of iis work
in this province.
Al this meeting quite a lot of
business was transacted, after which
refreshments were served The
grand organizer    left on   Wednesdav
for Creston, where he will address a
large public gathering.
to renTgheap
Large Warehouse.— Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office 'tf
Itiiinsei will resume her classes uml
lirlvato lesson* nt tbe Masonic II.ill
"ii Monilay, September "th. Juvenile
class, Salnrilay October "illi, S»p.in.
Further particulars nililrcss Hex inn,
'phono M7. 36-lt
KOR SALE.—Ono team heavy
draught horses. Apply 1). I'inlay-
s„n, Mr. Robinson's saw mill, Cran-
I brook. 33-41*
KOIt SALE.—Circular sawmill
machinery, complete with erlgcr,
trimmer nnd snrting rig, in lirsl-
elnss running .inb-r. iilsn all np-
|kii tcnanccs thereto. Capacity
ier 10 hours. Scver-
l and sleighs nnd
illil. Also two lots,
. comer Baker St.
For further pnr-
I'lic Lund I.nml uml
70,000 It. 11. M.
nl logging truck
general loggers' o
nnd nflicc buililiiu
and Fenwick Ave
tlculnrs apply t,
Ilcvclopmcnt l'o, Ltd.
AGENTS WANTED. - If ynu can
hustle apply in writing to Sale
Agency and Adjustment l'o., Box
31C, Cranbrook. 21-tf
Collections.—Let us collect your
old accounts. No charge il wc don't
collect.—Sales Agency and Adjust
ment Co,, Box 316, Cranbrook
B.C. 21-tl
WANTKIV.-iiirl lor general housework. Apply Mrs. G. W. Patmore,
dty. 31-tl
Save over $25
You can buy DOMINION PRIDE RANGE at Factory Price
Direct Irom the Largest Malleable Range Works In Canada
THK price which the Dealer quotes you on a Range
ll made up   like this — Manufacturing Cost I
Manufacturer's   Profit + Jobber's   Kxpense   of
Handling   and Selling t Jobber's   Profit   . Retailer's
Expense of Handling and Selling i Retailer's Profit +
By our direct "Factory to Kitchen" selling plan all
these charges are cut out except the actual manufacturing
cost, a small profit, and freight. The difference to yon
is the difference between the $41 to $4". which you pay
for a "DOMINION I'RIDK" Range nnd the J60 to }-8
which you would have to pay the Dealer for a Range
which cost as much to make.
Arc you anxious to contribute $15 or J.v lo the
middlemen ?
In the
atre ta a Book Worth Havlaf
IT mi* .bout coaling fron the tune Ike
Ca.« bw.llet. uacil lo put hot .to... la
Ihe pot to holt 11. Th. Rook font.,..
l.tcreatiOK Infor-
nia tion |.th.r.<!
fiom man* aout-
... .ad I. 111,,.
Irate,!   profusely.
auo 1.11. .11 aboul
the "Ilomlnlo.
I'lld... K.ngea.
Wh.lh.r you B.ed
. Re.*. )i,.i now
or aot you will
..joy Ibl. better,
•Ira* hr tret .**y.
you get a full dollar1! worth of actual stove value
lor every dollar you pay.
The "DOMINION PRID!*." is tiiailcof ion|-h,
itrotig malleable iron and the best blue polished
steel—materials that will neither warp, crack nor
hreak. io that it will last a lifetime. It ia made in
the largest Malleable Iron Ratine Works in Canada,
and each range is btcUed t>v onr unconditional
The "DOMINION I'RIDK" looks well, rooks
well, aaves fuel and is easily cleaned.   You'll tx>
Trout] of its neat, handsome appearance iu your
itchen, and of the appetizing food it will conk to
tetfcetlon for you. YOtt'H apprecintr llie east* of
eeping its hlue polished steel surface and the
bright polished top spick and span with ■ few rubs
of a cloth. Your husband will lie more than pleased
with the reduction in the coal or wood bill—for
the "DOMINION PRIDE" earn, by actual tests,
30% of the fuel.
A "DOMINION I'KIIii:' Range, witu High
Closet Shelf and Blevated Tank or Mush Reservoir,
with Zinc Sheet to go under range, 8 sections Blue
Polished Steel Pipe and 3 Klliows, will be delivered
to any Station in Ontario, Quebec or the
Maritime Provinces for f.|i, or to any Station in
the Pour Western Provinces for ito—15 lo he sent
with order and balance to lie paid when Range is
delivered at your Station. If not convenient to pay
cash we will arrange to accept your note.
We never were so busy as at the
present time.
This indicates that our prices and goods
are right and as represented.
We have come in contact with Calgary
prices several times and in each case ours
are lower.
Wc are not afraid to compete with any
outside or local house.
We practise what we preach," nonesty
and square dealing.''
Quality always our
first thought
Civility and square
dealing our law
Suvcral miles ol telephone wire, in
Iii!) leet lengths, suitable tor fencing,
enn Im purchased at bargain price
Irom tliu Kootenay Trleplionn Lines
Ltd. Apply to .1. It. McNabb, manager. 30-tl
TO RENT.—Warehouse or storeroom space at reasonable. raU-s. Furniture, pianos, trunks, buggies,
sleighs, etc., stored in good dr/
warehouse. Apply at Herald olliee.
I'bono 18. 27-tl
John G. nitchell, Prop.
I'.O. Boi im: ORANBKUOK, B, C.
For Sale
Ono Miitltt'son Liiriimotivr Firebox
HniliT. mnimtttl on wlu-i'ls: -111
ini'ht'S iliiniii'ti'r by 15 ft. lonu ;
pressure, 11. C. inspection, 100
Also one Oxford En-fine, 11 x 11.
Mny 1*' seen nt Benedict Siding,
nni' mile enst of Mnyook. I>. C.
For further pnrtii'iilura ii|>|ily to
Li'iisk A: .lohnson, Elko, 11. C.
Canada Malleable & Steel Range Mfg. Co. Limited, Oshawa, Ontario.
Wlm. writhf it will ba • atlarta.t (me t> •• il •«■ will ■wllf Ihi. papw. 6
Hint nil |icrsiiii.s having any claim
against the estate nl the laic inn
Staples, "1 .Vyclllte, ll. (-., who died
nn or about lhc Htll day ol August,
1012, al llw City of Spokane, Washington, are required on or before
the 3rd day nf December, 1912, to
send by pnst prepaid lo tlw undcr-
slgncd, solicitors Inr C. llnyaril Stap-
Ics, Elmer Lowell Staples, lliarlos
oils Staples nml K. William nn.ii,
Hi.* executors nl the sun! enisle,
their names anil nitdri'SM's anil lull
particulars ol their claim in writing
niul a slalctiirnt  nf tbc nCCOUnlS und
ilu* nature nf ilu- securities, if any,
hclil lo- them, uml sin-li statement,
shall be vcrii'u*! bv statutory ilcclnr-
nl Ion.
H*' :inl ilav of December, 1012, llie
said executors will proceed to distribute the assets nf Hie snid de*
eeiisi-il having leiriiiil only tn the
claims of whicb tbey shall then Imve
hml notice, mnl will nnt tic liable to
any |»rsoii of whose claim they shall
uni tln-n have hml notice.
Harvey, McCartcr, Macilunolil ami
Solicitors lor Iho said. Executors.
"He easl half ol lot 13 in block S,
llbdlvlslon ol District Lot 200a,
Group I, Vancouver district. Whereas
prool of loss of Certificate ol Title
No, 72fl8e, In the above named properly Issued ill (lie name nl George
Mead has luin filed In this ofllce,
notice Is hereby given that I shall
at the expiration nl one month Irnm
Hale nl tlie Iirsl publication hereol
Issue a d'uplieate    ol said Certificate
■hoiibl keep hlmielf informed every week concerning the financial, industrial and commercial development of Canada by reading
The "Financiul Post" i* nitoled a* an authority on Canadian nffuii* by
British, American and Canadian publication*.
For full iiilorinatinii concerning the Investor*' Information Bnrron and
for sample copy write THE FINANCIAL POST OF CANADA, " rhe Ci lion
Newspaper for Investor*," K. <1. Hazard, Western Mansgor, 801 Dominion
Trust Building, KEGINA, Saskatchewan.
ol Title unless in the meantime valid
objection lie made to roe in writing."
Dated at Land Registry (Mice this
nth dav ol August.
A. G. Smith,
3l-4t District Registrar.
TAKE NOTICE that It Is my Intention wiliiin thirty days troin the
date hereol to apply to the Mayor
and Licensing Cnniinissinncrs ol Ibe
City nl Cranbrool! lur their |icrinis-
sion lo transfer tho Liquor Liconso
in my name ami attaching to thu
Manitoba Hotel, linker Strccl,
Cranbrook, to .lames Buchanan,
Dated nt the City ol Crnnbrook
this  Hilli day ul August, 11112.
James Brown, Applicant.
Witness:   ,lusc|ili Ityan, Cranbrook,
B.C. 81-41
Exhibitors' Notice
For the convenience ol exhibitors,
111.- Main Building will lw open null
ready fnr exhibits on the 18th.
All Exhibits must bc In place
by io a.m. on the 19th. Doors
will be locked frnm 10 a.m. to
■ a noon on the 18th, in order to
allow judges time to award
Owingi to tlie ilissalisliiitiiin in former years, by Imving local peopli' nc!
ns judges, the Directors havo engaged
competent un-inturcstcd parlies Irom
nutside towns tn net. ns judges ln
tho various classes.
lly order ol tliu llisinl nl Directors,
the above rule regarding cxhib ts,
will be strictly, inlorced. 31-tl
1 IfM hi Carmen'* Hull
CnndiKlfd b) MRS. R. A RACKLVKFT
LVrlilli'itit'il Tt'iu'hfi Irom
I.-111.I0.1 School 1.<.ill<l
IIonr*: 10 to 1911 m.; 3 ■•> • p.mi
1'iioxi: sun r o, now nun
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane. Wash.
A inodurit ei|iiip|it',l Cafe at moderate
Hale* f I.no ami up pei dny
Corner ol llowaul HI. and Finn! Ave.
Onr bu* meet* nil train*
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER. Secretary


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