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Cranbrook Herald Feb 25, 1915

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FEBRUARY 25th, 1915
Hold Business Meeting nt Hotel Crtn-
brook Monday and Tuesday—
large Attendance
The Mountain Lumbermen's Association met In Cranbrook on Monday
holding an afternoon session and a
second session on Tuosday morning
at tho parlors of tho Hotel Cranbrook.
Thero was a good attendance and
two very Interesting sessions were
hold nnd much business ot especial
Interest to the lumbermen waa transacted .
Mr. Chas. D. McNabb, of Waldo, the
president of tho association, occupied
the chair and I. R. Poole, of Nelson,
waa the secretary.
Tho state of tho lumber business in
B. C. at the present time may be
best described by the following figures, which represents the total cut
of tho B. C. mills during tho past five
years: 1910, 1028 million feet: 1911,
1281 million feet; 1912, 1380 million
feet: 1913, 1200 million feet; 1914,
838 Million feet Total cut tor the
past five years 5600 million feet
The lumber Industry iu the first industry of the province and upon Its
success depends tho prosperity of the
province. There are over 400 sawmills and 800 logging camps ln the
province employing over 60,000 men.
The timber industry represents one-
half tlie Industrial capital, one-half
the payroll and 37 per cent of the
nnnual production of wealth in the
province of British Columbia. The
Importation of lumber has been the
most serious problem that the lumbermen havo had to face and the
meeting the first ot the week framed
a petition to the Domllon government
asking that a governmental commission make a thorough investigation
into the cause ot the deplorable state
of tbe lumber business and asked
the board ot trade and both political
parties to endorse same.
The following Is the petition:
To tbt Bight Honorable Sir Robert
Borden, K.C.M.d, Premier
ol Canada
We .the' undersigned represent!!
ttves of the Central Conservative Association ot the Electoral District of
And the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers Association of British Columbia, and also of the Board ot
Trade of Cranbrook and district;
At general meetings of the two
associations and also the Board of
Trade unanimously decided tbat Joint
you vrlll acted* ta this Nquest, believing tbat. it granted, tt wlll redound to your boat* aad tt prtjjue-
tlve ol much good to tbe community.
Those In attendance at tbe meeting wire: Chu. O. RMftrt, Oral-
ton; C. B. Staples .WycllSe; H. H.
Robb, Waldo; 1. R. Poole, Nelson;
P. W. Adolph, Baynes Lake; Junes
Joyce, Hlko; W .H. Orlfflth, Baynes;
C. M. Pennock, Wardner; H. J. Barter and H. W. Davit, WycHfM; a. B.
Watts, Wattsburg; O. F. Htbtason,
Nelson; W. Mirk DeCew, Grand
Forks; c D. McNabb, Waldo; A.
Leitch, siam Taylor aal Be. J. H.
Kins, Cranbrook.
Men    Who    Ci***t*    CrttbreeJPi
Quota t* Ik* TUrl ttatlateut
tear* ta IM
Everything Is In readiness tor tbe
departure of the Cranbrook men for
Victoria, for which place tbey will
loavo on Sunday on No. ill. When
the local recruiting oRlesn received
word to enlist men ken fot the third
contingent, there was some good work
performed, and tbe office** of the
local corp were busy romrdtag up the
men who had already signed the list
In short order tbt rat* ***** *******
ity from every corner ot Bait Koo-
tnay, from the mine, from the camp,
from the farm, from tie smelter, front
all quarters. The officers ot the
107th regiment are te be congrfAutet-
on their splendid work ta getting
their men lined up In to short a
time, this, considering the tact that
number ot the officers ire it tbe
coast taking the officers course.
Col. McKay, of Fernie, wu ta town
the first ot tbe week, Inspecting tbe
men and making tbe necessary arrangement! for transportation. He
complimented the men on tbeir good
conduct tad their Sat appearance,
stating that Cranbrook bad tarnished
some of the beat msa, aad waa not
lacking ta the tbird Quota.
Cranbrook reserved srim tor sla
ldltlonal man to their quota ot
thirty ind tbe following bare beta
Col. Sergt .0. L. Met****.
Pte. H. O. Walker
Oeo. Bruce
Harry L. Kllllnt
J. D. Murdoch (married)
Reginald H. Rocker
The memberl)^™^^^^^^^^
companies folia**:
C. "	
Sgt. Martin T. Harris
Corp. T. Laldlaw
Lance-Corp. Sidney 8. Paul
Pte. Chaa. P. Miliaria
Pte. Peter N. MacKinnon
Pte. Wm. A. Alter
Pte. Michael Chaa. Mackey
Pte. Stanley Bristow
Pte. Hubert Heard
Pte. Wm. Cowin
representations should be made    to L-Ple. Clifford Kelly
^^^■^■^MM   • tr   tu.   .   var   oa.aari
franca* Ltd** Entertain Members,
Prtendt, Wives aal Sweethearts
Tuesday  Kvening
A well attended social was given
by the Knights of Pythias st Cattle
Hall ou Tuesday evening .February
38rd. The brothers ot the lodge
turned out in force, accompanied by
tbeir wives ltd sweethearts tod
aim members ot the Pythian 84s-
Urt. They were all welcomed by
Mr. R. C. Carr, In an eloquent and
glowing address.
A whist drive waa the first diversion el tbe evening, ten tables being
occupied by tbe players. The prises
were won st follows: ladles flrst,
Mrs, R. C, Cirr, sllvar mounted um-
brtUa; ladlet' consolation, Mrs. C.
McMillan, gtanotore; gent's first, Mr.
Oeo. Muir, hit! gent's booby, P. M.
Christian tad Jtha Oibson were tied,
won by Mr. Oibson, necktie.
Refreshments were served following the whist drive after which tbe
crowd was addl eased by Mr. W.
Gilchrist, ot Arrowhead lodge.
Tbt hall waa then cleared and dancing Indulged ta until 3 a.m. Mr. L.
Van Steven presided at the piano
and furnished the music.
Tb* social wis a splendid snecess
and- was enjoyed by all. Tbe
Knights are considering the proposition of making the social evening a
regular feature of their order. As a
result of the social the re-organlea-
ttoo of tbe Pythian Sisters Is looked for fir the near future as several
new members have been enrolled.
Helps Oat Tourist Tt the Extent ol
HI la Seal Hard Cranbrook
Percy Adams, chief of police, slyB
that bt received a shock the past
week wblcb has nearly destroyed his
confidence ln human niture. Some
time igo a man named Roy Bennett
appeared at tbe chiefs ofllce and said
that he Waa out of funds and hungry. Tbt chief fed him for several
days add' wis giving him some work
to do on tbe side. List Saturday
evening between 8 and 7 a roll of
moae> and cheques aggregating
8101.00 disappeared from the chiefs
left at the city police station. Simultaneously it developed that Mr.
Bennett could not be located. Some
ot tbt- cktuatt were later scattered
about the city streets ind on Monday
Mr. Bennett was arretted at Kings-
gate anl returned to the city on tbe
charge of theft. Hearing ,of the
cue' will be nude before Magistrate
Arnold on PMdiy morning.
Pablie   Matttaf   WU be
Hen on  Mank -ttk by
Dtfttatt* efMtla
The campaign planned by the Dominion government to tlslst Canadian
agriculturists, stockbreeders and all
others Interested directly or Indirectly
In the productiveness of the soil, In
providing for such returns in 1916 ib
tbe world's markets wm moat demand
Is being carried out through British
Columbia it tbe present time.
Twenty-ell "conferences" with the
farmers are being held In tbe province aad tbey wlll be concluded with
a meeting in t'ranbrook on Saturday evening, March <tb. At the
same time similar work Is In progress throughout Canada. Altogether there are to be approslmately
three hundred ud fifty meetings between the thousands of sturdy Cua-
disss wbo ire actually on the lud
and dependent upon Its fertility for
their sustenance, ud competent government appointees wbo ire bearing
aa eaceedlngly Important message
to tbe tillers of tbe noil.
"PatrloUim ud Production" Is the
slogan adopted by tbe Canadian Department of Agriculture in the work
undertaken. On the first point, no
doubt, those wbo meet tbt farmers
will explain that the success ot the
empire is tbe tremendous military
task now before It depends upon to a
very great extent tbt ability ol tbe
empire to feed tbe men who are now
battle for their country. Cuada'B
Immense agricultural resources will
be taxed to tbe utmost. Tht nonet
that she will bt the granary of the
empire will be put to the literal test
It will be argued thti those staying
it home to till tbe soil should cultlv-
nte thit which will be most wanted
by Earl Kitchener al bis efforts to
keep the millions soon to be In the
Held provided with substantial food.
This hi the "patriotic" viewpoint expressed briefly. The "practical"
mission will' bt explained by the
speakers when they irrive.
Mayor Bowness will occupy tht
chair ul every farmer In the Cranbrook district Itv oordtally Invited to
be present
In this connection Win. E. Scott, superintendent of Institutes, has forwarded a communication to A- H.
Webb, the local secretary, stating
that the matter ts receiving the careful attention of tbe government at
thc present time, and trusts that some
action wlll be taken in the matter. It
has already been urged on the provincial government officials by the Hon.
Martin Burrell, Dominion minister of
agriculture. Mr. Scott maintains
that it should be made compulsory
ud that all Imported egga should be
stamped with the name ol the country of origin ,not only on tbe cases,
but on the eggs themselves, ud would
go further ud make it compulsory
that all dealers selling Imported
eggs should be compelled to hsve
conspicuous placards put up stating
that they were using imported eggs.
Mr. Webb wrote ssklng ft the government could supply settlers with
seeds who could not afford to buy
tbem themselves. In this psrtlcu-
lir Mr. Scott replied u follows:
"I regret to sty that the department
cannot undertake the free distribution of seeds. It Is true that the
Federal government lmvo taken action along thete Hoes I* those districts In tbe Prairie provinces where
the crop wis a total failure, h,ut
whilst crops ta many parts of the
province were light this year, we
cenaoj say tbat they were a failure.
"I quite appreciate and realiie thc
many difficulties with Which the
farmers hive to contend, but I would
mint nut that whilst the farmers may
have a hard row to hoe, many of the
dwellers In our cities are tn a worse
position, through no fault of their
own, with no Work to do, with very
Application Should he Made at Once
to Loral Secretary lor Seed
To Members of the Cranbrook Farmers' Institute:
In accordance with our circular of
January 7th, we are announcing definitely the program for this year's
seed distribution.
Seed lor Co-Operative Tests
Ono pound etich of three varieties
ol corn and five lbs. ot alfalfa seed
to-Ill be sent to ouch of any eight members of a Farmers' Institute who
make application through the secretary of their Institute. The members
of the Institutes arc expected to see
thut those wlin receive the corn und
alfalfa ure so located as to represent
tlio various soil conditions of the district.
The corn will he supplied tree but
there will be a charge of ten cents per
Annual Itcpnr.s of Officers Head ant
Election of (Ifflrers for WIS—
Wood Distillation Plant
The annual meeting of tlie Cranbrook Board of Trade was held at the
council chambers, city hall, on Wednesday evening. February 23rd, with
President Uownuss in the chair and
about forty officers and members present.
Reports of the various officers and
committees were read and adopted.
The president's report follows:
The business year lu the Board of
Trade has Just drawn to a close and
I have to thank my fellow officers for
tlm continued and faithful support
they have (riven me during the past
. year. I wish also on behalf of the
pound for allaira, money to accom-1 „„,„, ,0 ,|mIlk „,„ elttuBa ,„ „,,„.
pany requisition. „„, for ,„„,, „„,„ ,„,„
Thc object of this dsitrlbution is to \ „s ,„„, „„,„ ,„ „mc
introduce these most valuable crops j D„rln|? „,,, t ym „ _ n|ne
o our ranchers. We do so with the t_Mn all0 tw0 „,,,„„, meetings,
heartiest recommendations and beg' „, whlc|l mn „,,„ at,en(led ,
to suggest that no reasonable eiforta (nmk w)n M ,„,„, „.„„ mc „„t
should be spared to grow them sue- „,,„ „„ „,,,,„ mMm „, ,„.
cessfully.      Those   who   receive  the n       „,„ ,„,„„ „.„,,,„, „, ,„„
seed are expected to return a report    ,     ukcn       „„,, ,        , „,
on  the  growth   and  adaptability  of  ,„„„,  „ materially.        last
the crop at the end of the season.; ,„„        ,„,„ ilty_t_ „.
Blank forms for tho purpose will be I „„,,„„,  llle>.  vm openlnit up    a
provided. !„,,.,,   trwl  of   |,nd  ,or  „,,,  ,IBXM.
improved Seed for Oeneral Seeding .^   ^ Iloari| „, TnM |ninled.
,?!.  r.™™.   " ""W*J.!!.""!- I'Italy sent out circulars showing the
ply  of   Minnesota   No.   13,   Northern
little  chance   o f finding   any,   and i Dent and a limited quantity of Que
many of them are In actual want.      j bee No. 28 corn, which we can supply
"We are living In strenuous times,   to members of Parmei.a'   Institutes;
and It Is up to all of us to make the "1 «*'■ I"'*" Pound.
best of conditions as they exist, to Mangel Seed
do our beat and alt tight, and hope A* already announced, the depart-
for better times, which I sincerely , »■•«»" •*- Importing direct from Den-
trust may soon come." j mark one ton of Danish Sludgstrop (
mangel Heed. This seed has been j
bred, selected and tested by the Dan-,
Ish government. We shalt be able j
to supply It at 2Sc. per pound.
Banner Oats
The success whicli met last year's
importation of these oats has encour-
At I meeting of the market committee held on Monday list lt wis de-
Adnintages to be had fn this district
wltli the result that on the day the
laud wan to Ik- given ont. there were
crowds ot settlers at the government
building and every available acre was
taken up' and since then a lot of good
work ha. been done on these homesteads. This may be seen by calling
around to tlie local market where
products ot all kinds are brought tn
by these farmers. ln this time of
depression ft is to the people on the
j lend we havc to look to for production.
j There Is another matter of great
importance   which   I   would   like  to
The Farmers Institute recently
took up the matter ol compulsory
stamping ol eggs with the provincial
department ot agriculture at Victoria.
cldod that produce trom outside the I aged the department to continue the' ""*~*™"*°   """■"   '   -»--■-*  ~
Cranbrook district be kept out ot the j Work this year.     Seventeen tous ot me"Uo° ,0 the lnc0,nta« offl«" ,or
market, and thjt where produce Is registered seed have  been  secured
grown ta the district and the prodnc- i from the "Carlton County Good Seed
er data net wish to handle the same | Centre" through the Canadian   Seed
on tbe market, be may employ an j Growers' Association.
agent to Sell bis produce if he sup- j    The sample is slightly discolored
piles -, the market Inspector with ln- ■ but germinates 95' ■ and Is tree from
format*** showing who Is handling  Weeds. 'Seed oats-have been almost
Ma produce and tbe quantity brought | Impossible   to   obtain   this   season.
in. i The price is three cnts per pound.
The'deputation tbat Interviewed the
city council reported a grant ol 85 per
week up to June 1st.
the Dominion government setting'
forth the serious state ol trade in the
interior of this province during past
years, through the rapid decline of thc
lumber Industry by the loss of the
only available market for the product of thc interior mills, caused
primarily by the dumping of American lumber at less than the cost ot
Ita manufacture.
Your petitioners wish to call attention to the fact that tho dumping
clause has been inoperative and therefore failed to fulfil the functions for
which It was framed.
Lumber Is the only product of Canadian workmen not protected.
And whereas, many applications
have been submitted to the past nnd
present government praying for a
small measure of Justice for this im-;
portant industry, so far without j
much effect.
And whereas, tho Htoady nnd continuous decline In this business has
had a very serious effect, not only on
this industry, but upon thc greater
part of the community dependent
upon It for support.
And whereas, your petitioners realise the dlfllciilt position tho Dominion
government Is placed In by the supposed iiutdKonlsui of the agricultural
Interests through the Imaginary fear
that prohibitive prices would be
charged to farmers it protection was
granted, and also that statements
hive been mado that exorbitant j
prices for lumber (which is ono of tho
first necessities of thc settler on
lind) hav i been unfairly exacted. •
And whilst your petitioners are
awaro that there Ib truth tn such
statements, tho exactions were not
Hide by those who manufacture tho
lumber but by the middlemen and In
some cases by Illegal compact.
Your petitioners therefore humbly
pray that a commission u* appointed
with power to subpoena and examine
witnesses under oath, that thoy be Instructed to make thorough Investigations throughout the provinces ol
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta
and alBO British Columbia, that manufacturers and their books and accounts be examined, bo that your government and the public may learn the
real facts touching this Important
Your petitioners humbly suggest also that the commission should
be endowed with power to Investigate and report upon any unlalr
mictions in nny line of business,
Whether Imposed upon the people by
merchants, manufacturers or corpor
ate. 1. W. Stewart
Pte. Henry Arthur MMM
Pte. Horace B. Cook (msrttad*.
D. Cmum*
Sgt. Louis Theobold
Corl. D. V. Dunlop   	
Lance-Corp. T. H. MMkt-
Pte. Job* a Materia
Pte. William Hewson
Pte. ValeMIhe Qtgte
Pte. Frank Gogge
Pte. John Smith
Pte. Wm. Ony
Pte. Thonus Goode
Pte. Herbert Virley
Pte. O. H. Merrick
Pte. Edwsrd A. Wilsh
Pte. Alexander I
Pte. Horace
Pte. Geo. 8. I
Hold Meeting I* Clspp's Hell lendey
Mgbt—Dheusa Ur* l*a**-*
Sitae Ilea
A meeting of the Centra! Conservative association waa held In Clapp's
hall on. Monday evening with IDt.
Rutledge In the chair. TM il—blri
of the Mountain Lumbermen'! Ai-
Boclation were tbe guests ol tbe moating. A number ol iddressea were
mado ind the meeting endorsed UM
petition to the Dominion government
framed by the Lumbermen's association asking for * Royal Commission to enquire Into the conditions ot
Ihe lumber buslkus.
Two point! were brought o« to th*
address ol Mr. Chas. O. Rodgera, ol
Creston, who stated thit he wis personally acquainted witb * com*****
whieh owned * plant ta Oregon ud
one ta British Columbia wider tit
same general management. Its cost
ot production ta the British CoiuaaMa
plant wu (I.U per thousand mote!
than In Oregon. Thia company hid
lis* proven that Oriental tabor wu
ttt* most costly u eraptoy.
Mr. Fred W. Adolph pointed out
that trom every M.*» received for
lumber tlte government collected
•bout 15 cents.    This WM to* dWctt.
On Tuesday evening. March llth,
at St. Mary's hill ,• grind Irish concert will be held, when the best musical artists In tht city will take part
In whit will probably bs the big.
gut undertaking in things Irish avsr
ittemptad ta Cranbrook. A et
■Mm I* already it we** sa th* pro-
Commencing next month (March) and eacb month thereafter until
further notice we will have a FREE DAY.
Thit meant that the valve of GROCERIES purchated en that day
This is something new and it may seem stlange bwt it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE and it is no CATCH or FRAUD. It will be con-
ducted as follows:
A different day will be selected each month and you
wlll not know which Ib FREE DAY until ths beginning ot
the following month, when the free day will be bulletined
ln tho Store Window and published ln the local paper. Tbe
Free Day will be selected from any oi the regular BUSINESS DATS.
It does not matter what the amount of your purchave
Is on that day for you will get yoar money fcatk.
CASH CUSTOMERS must get sales slips for the value
of their purchases and must be clear of all charges on
the books, and personally produce their slips to get tbe
MONTHLY PAY CUSTOMERS must be clear of all arrears and charges for the previous month before refund
will be allowed and moat personally present the sales
slips for FREE DAY purchases.
Mail order customers will get the same advantages.
This arrangement will not Interfere with our present
system and tbe same standard of excellence In all our
goods will be maintained. We are prepared to meet any
prices in the city and on orders of $16.00 or more any mall
order bouse in the Dominion, so that there is no need to
send your money out of town.
the new year, that ts the formation ot
an Associated Boards of Trade for
Eastern British Columbia. This was
brought up at our recent visit to the
Windermere Board of Trade. It w«s
the idea of combining the Columbia,
Fernie and Cranbrook Boards In order that greater work could be done
all through the districts regarding
b>etter transportation, etc..
There is also the matter of the
armoury for Cranbrook, for which we
have just recently petitioned the
Dominion government Some yeara
ago Uie city of Fernie was promised
an appropriation for this same purpose and It was only by the constant
retail worit*n*,-t °' lhe Boar<1 °f Trade that
'this appropriation was really secur-
; ed this year. The same can be ae-
! compHshed fn the city of Cranbrook
' if the board will go strongly after
The chairmen of the different committees have lengthy reports In whitita
they touch on all lines of work taken
up by the board and It is needless tor
me to say anything further along
these lines. I am sure that every one
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       present  this   evening  after   hearing
  these  reports  will  be  well  pleased
r>e»li Eggs Retail at Fortv-Fhe Certs wW» the work done during the past
minimum order sixty-eight pounds.
Only multiples of this amount can be
supplied, as we cannot break the seal
on the sacks.
All Cranbrook   orders   must come
through Alb. H. Webb, secretary the
Farmers' Institute.      Private  orders .
cannot be considered as we have not |
tiie facilities for handling
trade.    Cash must aeeovpaar (he or.
der In every ease.
The following are the prices:
Corn—6c. per pound, prepaid.
Mangels—26c. per Ib, prepaid.
Oats—12.05 per 68 Ib. sack, prepaid
W. E. Scott,
Deputy Minister.
-Market Continue*
Fresh eggs sold on the market Saturday  last at 45c.  per  dozen.      It
Gentlemen, allow me again to thank
you my fellow officers, members and
citizens for your faithful support given me during the past year as president of the    (.'ranbrook Board    of
)&:?**?_ ,.h8t.th'S W™1* !* 5! Trade". "l am sure -auTluMl support
to H»J>;%*ln, Feed or
The foregoing will not apL
Crockery purchas** but to Btrtlj   	
If you want to know mora about the new arrangement; call in the Store or phone aud we will be glad to ex*
plain. Try it anyway, you limply cant loos* anything but
you stand to gain something for nothing. Remember that
this ir. "straight goods," as you wilt Ind by buying your
groceries from
Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
lowest figure reached, owing to the
exceptionally high cost of feed. It
Was pointed out by one rancher that
with the present cost of chicken feed
tt cost 35c. to produce a dozen of
There was a slight drop ln the
price of beef, and the supply was
early exhausted. Farmers should
bring In more beef. People seem
determined to have roast beef whether
war is on or off.
j    Saturday's   quotations   were:
! Butter  35c. Ib.
, Buttermilk 2 pts. 15c.
Beef | 10c. and 12c. Ib.
Head cheese  l-'-jc. Ib
tSggs  45c. dozen
given to tbe incoming officers for tbe
ensuing year greater work may be accomplished than there has been In tbe
Gentlemen, I thank you.
A. C. Bowness,
Following the above report was the
report of Mr. J. P. Fink, secretary. •*
Mr. President and Gentlemen:
1 Ikh, Ui submit for your consideration my report of the business transacted during the year just drawing
to a close.
General meetings were held on
.March 10th and May 22nd, 1914; exe-
Chickens  50c. and 75c.
Rabbits  45c. pair
Money 75c. Jar
Chicken    76c.
Milk    10c. quart
Honey  SOc. tin
.13c. to 15c.   t'litivr meetings were held on March
17th and 27th, April 8th and 17th.
May 21st, June 27th, August 20th.
1914, January 30th and February
15th, 1915.
A   large  amount  of business  was
dealt with, finch as the assistance In
Lot*"™   W* hnneh   the settlement of the lands surveyed
Pork sausages  12Hr. lb.
Pork pies  10c.
Bread  3 loaves for 25c.
Currant loaf bread  10c.
Candles  35c. and 45c. Ib.
Currant buns  15c. doien
and opened by the provincial government; the question of a direct
short line connecting Cranbrook with
the Kootenay Central. This matter
Ir not a dead issue by any means, as
we are quite confident the road will.
Steamed brown bread. .2 loaves for 16c , be built as soon as conditions return
Jam Doughnuts 30c. doz to normal.     The    construction    of
Olnger snaps  10c. dozen . a telephone line from Cranbrook to
Cookies 10c. dozen; Creston and Cranbrook to the WtB-
Doughnuts 15c. dozen
Spiced buns  16c. dozen
Pies . .■ 20c. eaeh
Roll a 16c .dozen
Potatoes $1.50 cwt.
Pickles   15c. pint
Rhubarb 12-^c. lb.
Cabbage  3c. Ib.
Garden peas
ktarmalada  ..36c. pt. 66c. qt.
fltnUMul wUU bread. .2 loaves for 16c.
dermere district has received a lot of
attention. Considerable correspondence and a special meeting with Hon.
R. F. Green regarding the construction of an armory hero has occupied
some time and we hone will, within a
short time, result In somo good. Much
tlmo has been spent In connection
10c loaf: with the question of a resinous Wood
10c .lb.;distillation plant for the district and
executive bare prevailed (upon
(CaaUanad ou page two) MU.K TWO
THURSDAY,    FEBRUARY 25th, 1915
--   ' '"■»
L. P. Sulll.as, Editor
i. a. Thompssu, Baslaesa Manager
Supicrlflls* latss
. 11.00
Ma Mouths    	
.   1.00
.    .60
letters have been (received, to the I gard a communication was read by
most of which replies were written.' the secretary iu which the Winder-
A large proportion of these letters | mere District Hoards of Trade had
were Inquiries regarding the agricul-
liwtlilag BaUi
DU»lay   Advsrtislag.   tl   cents
Col una Inch.
Reading NoUots or Classiflsd Ads.
•ante ft lint.
I'arnbrook. IM„ February 25th, 191.1
turul possibilities of the district. All
the information possible has been
given, and a large number of the
booklets describing tlie district have
been sent out.
Tlie president lias been a tireless
worker  and  has  let uo opportunity
pass for helping the town and dis-
*0 trlct.
___:    Mr. Stevenson, ot the railway com-
*' mlttee, has done a lot of hard work
during the year.    His report will follow,  the  volume  of  which   will  toll
its own story.
Mr. O'Connell, chairman of the
finance committee, has done very excellent work, considering the financial stress which the country Is
passing through.       I    cannot
There is a decrease in the supply of  wW|m|t 8aying a word regarding th.
meat animals the world over. In all
big meat producing countries herds
have been stationery or declining In
tho past ten years. Beef cattle seem
destined to join tint vanished buffalo.
Tons of manuscript nre being written
on tho subject. There is no doubt
wc shall soon have to eat more porridge, beans and tlsh, und really, we
can get along nicely witiiout beef If
we havc to.
work done hy Mr. Fred Russell last
year. 1 think with the assistance
rendered by Mr. Russell the land rush
was bundled In a most excellent manner. Every man knew Just what
land he wanted, and as a result there
was no confusion In numbers. 1 believe practically all the good land
was takeu.
The bounl did not accomplish as
much during the year as they could
have had It not been for tho large
amount of accounts left from the former year, which had to bo paid.
These required over half the total
amount collected (luring the year.
The following Is the statement of
xpressed themselves favorably toward such a movement.
A special committee, consisting of
Messrs. J. p. Fink and C. It. Ward
were appointed to interview the city
council with regard to the grant for
this year.
The legislation committee was asked to go into the matter of the bylaws
of the board and suggest changes and
report at the next meeting.
Thc secretary was instructed to
write the Dominion government regarding the establishment of an experimental farm In the district. The
Department of Agriculture having
taken such an interest in greater
production this year the board felt
that now was the time to ask for the
establishment of this long-agltated-
for institution.
Messrs. Ira It. Manning and A. It.
Smith addressed thc board on  thc
(d). According to the agreement I (some $600) and put the sheriff in.
was to sign, 1 was to turn my plant | What concern Is this of yours? This
over to the company without receiving was true at the time the circular was
In return one cent of a cash payment, dated, but tho matter was all fixed up
There waa nothing definite to say weeks before the circular was sent
when I ever would get any money for out to you.    You will take notice to
my plant. I was to receive no Interest. I was to have no security. The
only thing In tbe agreement which
said anything about paying for the
plant was that In the event of me getting fired off my $30 job I would be
paid $50 a month off thc purchase
price. I was to take their word for
tliis. That is Mr. Watts' word, because the general meeting was to be
refused any say in the matter and
consequently could refute any responsibility ul lt. But even if the
$50 a month did come through it would
take me SKVKN YEARS to get paid
for my plant, no Interest and no security during that seven years.     But
I refused to bo caught napping.
(e).   At a general meeting In April
if last year lt was agreed that I was
The American daily press Is printing stories these days to the effect
that Germans say they ure lighting
for peace with honor und that their
oue and only ideal Is peace at any
price that will save Germnny. Germany's mad dream of Napoleonic|Lho.°^ncoi,or5l!ye"l
greatness Is slipping uway after only
a few months of futile aud vastly destructive lighting. The events since
the outbreak of wnr huve assisted
materially in discrediting the Bernhardt philosophy nnd hns turned the
trend of German  thought Into more
suite channels. I tJMifl
Total  receipts    $480.4fi
Expend Cures
Postage    $ 10.00
Cash   In   Canadian   Bank   of
Commerce, March loth, 1914.$ 49.01
Cash  received  from  Secretary
Halsall         1.46
Cash received from the city.., 125.00
Cash   received  from  61   members ut $5.00 each    305.00
The Cranbrook Prospector announced in tho Inst Issue that It would
not be Issued again for financial reasons, the paper not having paid expenses for some time past. Mr.
Christian has kept the paper alive I
against great odds, but the pressure
has grown so Irksome thut he finally
decided to close. These are stormy :
days for. the journalist und nearly
one-third the papers published in
Canada have ceased publication since)
tho outbreak of wur. The London
Times recently announced a decrease |
of 30 per cent In Its business whicli
would mean the curtailment of its!
dividend nnd the Times Is one of the
oldest nnd most conservative news-
papers In existence. It is usually j
looked upon as tlio dean of news-
pnperdom, When tho big papers fool
the depression so strongly it is no
wonder that the country editor feels
his buck breaking under the load of
trouble with whieh he Is faced. While
the Prospector hns differed with the
Herald politically it hns always served Its purpose as an exponent of the
growth of the town and district and
the people have not reciprocated its
public spirit. It is to bo regretted
that the Prospector hns seen fit to
suspend publication.
The men    composing   Cranbrook's
quota to the third contingent are to
leave   us    Sunday—these   men    nre
about to  "fare  forth" to  play their
glorious part In the most stupendous
struggle    In    the    most   stupendous
struggle In the history of the world.
We of the mountains  are  realizing
today what real war is. We are losing some of our best men. They are
as fine a body of men, as upstanding, strong and aggregate of masculine Intelligence und physical fitness
as can be produced In any country
anywhere. Cranbrook pride Is very
fully Justified here. These men are
tho types which all true hearts*—
notably the hearts of women—admire. Emphatically they are not the
"sweet little" variety. They arc men
who know fully the nature of this
war. The news dispatches have
conveyed a fairly clear Idea of the
fact that the war area is a place
on which he who goes thither hns a
strenuous part to play.     Never was
there such tremendous loss of life, I the membebr, Mr. H. F. Green, be
never was heroism demanded on '• wired concerning thc experimental
such a scule. These men have j farm, aa the Dominion government
counted the cost—and they arc go-; was vitally Interested at the present
Ing. Before very long wc shall be j ,n the production of thc country,
receiving news, no doubt, of honor-1 a petition from the Mountain
able mention. Victoria Crosses, and | Lumbermen's Association was pre-
tho like from them! How will their rented by Mr. A. B. Wntts uHklng for
valor bo honored by their native! the appointment of a Royal Commls-
town? They are a Legion of Honor.: sion to inquire Into the conditions of
already. In thnt, knowing the sac-. the whole lumber business. The
rlflces which they must make, they '■ matter was unanimously endorsed by
will go forth and go forth gladly.. the Hoard of Trade and a resolution
Here's to them—the province and the j recommending that lt  be  forwarded
Signs painted   17.20
Printing     32.45
Auditing books, 1913   10.00
Telegrams nnd  phones     8.50
iiooks      r»-45
Cartage          1.00
P. A. Russell, salary  100.00
Plans         LOO
Photos          5.50
lleaton's Annual    263.11
Allowance to Sec, one month   15.00
Leaving a balance in bank — $ 11.25
The only unpaid accounts are
those of notices of this meeting by
the Herald, which will amount to
110.50 and $100.00 which we Just borrowed on the 2IIrd to defray Mr.
Leltch's expenses to the coast.
All books, papers and stationery
.ire herewith surrendered.
Respectfully submitted,
J. P .Fink,
Mr. George p. Stevenson reported at
-nine length on the work of thc railroad committee In regard to the Koo-
enny Central cutoff, freight rates
ind transportation. The report
proved thut the committee had not
heen idle nnd was accepted with n
(pedal vote of thanks to Mr. Steven-
mn for his efforts In this connection.
\V. A, Nisbet reported for the legislation committee regarding the pur-
chase of the water shed on the
source of Cranbrook's wnter Bupply.
lie recommended that It be taken up
again in the future, as the committee
hnd been unabble to accomplish anything during tho past year on account of the financial conditions.
lra Manning reported on tho roads
of the district which had only a small
amount of work done during the past
year on account of thc small appropriation. The work has been mostly
repair work. He had not received
the estimates for the year nnd did not
know just what would be done.
C. R. Ward reported for the committee on natural resources In the
absence of Mr. Ryan. The experimental farm and the teslnous wood
distillation plant wero the two chief
concerns of the committee during the
past  year.      He   recommended   that
matter of thc seed shortage and the to be paid a cash payment of $2,000
high prices for seed this season. The j .U1,i the balance In equal monthly pay-
secretary was instructed to wire R. j ments over a year'B time. And yet you
P. Green regarding the matter, whicli are told that I hnve turned traitor to
he Is asked to bring before the seed the original agreements,
commission. ;    ,**,,   At a *,atcr meetlng of directors
Letter from H. P. Green announcing , on,y the H0.caUeu* directors, flvo of
that the government would not build j whom ha(| not quallfied) declded to pay
any new armories while the war was j me aB Uie moQcy8 were paid lQ by tho
In progress was road by the secretary j H|mreholders, at the same time Stat-
to the meeting.      ; lng tiiat they would  press no one,
.,..„„.,.,.,, 4r-n.^v ; which meant that If a man didn't care
LOMlMtAlIOft | j0 pay he d|aVt hftV0 to| ftnd t0 thlg
Craubrook, B.C., Feb. 25, 1915 | motion they slipped In the phrase, the
To Subscribers of Stock In the Pros- j vendors being present, and now wish
pec tor Publishing Co., Ltd:
As the party who interviewed you
und sold you stock In the above company, I wish to point out to you
several misleading aud positively untrue statements which appeared tn a
circular signed by A. E. Watts, president of the Prospector Publishing
Co., Ltd., and while daled January
Uh, was only mailed out last week.
In thc first place I wish to point out
that this company was formed for the
specific purpose of amalgamating the
Prospector Ofllce and the Cranbrook
JJob Printing Ofllce, for the further
pi:r|K*se of running a good Conservative newspaper. The articles you
signed and the articles of incorporation make this very clear. The objects of the company never were carried into effect, though some $12,000 i son8 wny i wouid not sign tho agree*
or more of stock out of a total of j ment.
$20,000 company, was sold nearly a
year ago.
Of the seven directors in the company, I claim only two have paid ir
my money to the company,
others had, as I understand the law,
to hold me to that. In the first place
It Is too ridiculous to be seriously
considered and In thc second place a
directors' meeting, even If they were
qualified directors, cannot undo the
wish of a general meeting. In the
.same resolution they decided to pay
the vendors with notes of the shareholders, endorsed respectively, by the
company. At the same time I would
he unable to collect these notes without thc consent of the so-called directors .which consent they would not
give. Therefore, I was asked to
make them a straight present of my
plant. But even at that and taking
them at their own game they never
followed lt up to offer to turn these
the month and more which elapsed between the dating of tho circular and
the receiving time..   It was settled in
part by the using of $200 of company .
monies which never should have been j
used.     What business had these bo- j
called directors to use $200 of monies j
paid ln for a certain purpose, when
they knew that that purpose was not
going  to   be   accomplished,   because
they would not live up to the instructions of the shareholders ns laid down
at general meetings.    This $200 was,
In my opinion, wrongfully obtained
from the funds and wrongfully used.
Many subscribers when they seen
how matters were going asked to be
excused from their obligations, nnd
were excused, and yet you are circularized and urged to blow through
■with your good money.
1 paid In my check and four notes
uud was willing to pay them when the
deal went through, but not until. Yet
no circular was sent to me. Hut circulars wero sent to somu who never
to this duy huve even paid in paper.
Nearly a year ago the president and
secroatry wero authorized to sign
stock certificates and place same with
tho bank to be given out when final
payments wcre made. Thu stock certificates were immediately printed nnd
sent to Mr. Watts, but he refused to
sign them and thus matters received
one of their flrst hold-ups. I couldn't
continue selling stock when the president wouldn't sign the stock certificates. Some parties paid spot
cash for all their shares, nnd yet
couldn't get their stock certificates.
One party went to one of the so-
called directors, explained that he was
going away from town, didn't want
to koep up his payments, and received back thc cash he had paid In and
the notes he had paid on. The president asked me not to say anything
about this at the next general meeting. No doubt lt would be nicer to
keep these things and all crooked
things hushed up.
When I went out selling stock I had
In my possession a letter from Mr.
••      •■'■■'• —of—
Herbert Lloyd ami his clever company of four
pretty dancing girls in a revue of burlesque on
vaudeville,   Impersonations,   magic   work,   etc.
In a ncw singing and talking act entitled "Thc
Dream (iirl," is very amusing and a decided hit.
Illl,I,V KIM Ml) It MA IS
America's greatest Mimic Actor, glvcB impersonations of famous composers and leaders In the
present war.
In their Original act "The (Iambic of thc Uods,"
present a spectacular scries of graceful poses and
dances Hint are extremely clover.
.'>. A MEDIO
The wizard of the Accordln,   plays some   very
catchy and delightful music.
This si the HEST KIEL thai has been over the PANTAHKN
CIIICI'IT In iiiiiii) weeks. Reserve your seats at Beattie-
PRICK        f»0e.
Shun starts nt S.45 p.m.
Packers and Provliloners
notes over.
I Watts, which had the approval of the I 'i
These arc merely a tew of the rea-1 tntlI.0 comm,tlee ■-   -•—~  - -  •' ♦'
In charge that
Shamrock   Brand   Hams,
Bacon, Butter, Lard.
See our Windows for
Saturday Specials
***** *****.»*****.
Re clause 5 of Mr. Watts' circular.
| Vou are asked to pay up so that the
I only Conservative organ in town will
„.   | not havo to cease publication.     Do
j not be blinded by this.    Mr. Watts ls
should receive ln payment for sell-      ■
Ing stock 10 per cent ON SALES OP Of course hot.
STOCK.   I knew I could sell the stock     And yet President.
city to which they belong confidently
expect splendid things of them. Good
bye. boys, may lucK bc with you all
and may the Qerman who crosses
your path drink deep ot thc cup of
sorrow!      ^^^^^^^^
to the Liberal Association for their
i-ndorsement was carried.
The election of officers followed and
resulted as follows:
President—J. M. Christie.
Vice-President—C. It Ward.
Sccrctory-Trcosurcr—Mr. O. S.
The executive committee were appointed as chairman of the various
committees as follows:
Railways and Transportation—Geo.
F*. Stevenson .
Civic and  Legislation—W.  A.  NIs-
(Contlnucd from page one)
Ing the government officials and  If
possible obtaining assistance.
Last June the board had thc pleasure of entertaining members of the
' Manufacturers Association and bnsl- j bet.
neBB men ot Winnipeg.     We believe ■    Finance and    Membership—A.    C.
Mr. A. K. I.oltch to make a trip to ! Howness.
Victoria tor the purpose of Interview-'.    Education
some good has resulted   from   this.
The board on January 20th visited the
Windermere district and there received a most hearty welcome and were
entertained In a most excellent man-
ner by the members of the Windermere,     Invermere    and    Athalmer j
boards of trade and we urc confident 10, Bowness wero appointed a special
that much good    has    alrendy    re-1 committee to go Into the work of resulted from this trip. I organising tho Associated Boards of
During the year ovor two hundred Trudo of Eaat Kootenay.   In this rt-
and Publicity—W. P.
Roads—Ira R. Manning.
Entertainment—J. II. McCreery.
Retail Merchants—J. P. Fink.
Natural Resources—Fred A. Huh-
MeHsrs. Oeo. P. Stevenson and A.
14 days to pay In and qualify, .which
'.hey did not do. But they continue to
not as directors and have been a
itarty to using $200 of the company
money, which ln my opinion, is a
straight misappropriation of funds as
the objects of the company have never
been carried out, and these so-called
llrectors, as 1 wlll show later, are thc
ones who have kept the company from
jolng forward.
Clause 1 ot the circular states that
in November last Mr. F. M. Christian
signed up an agreement to transfer
Uie Prospector plant to the company,
iccordlng to instructions at a general
ind also a directors' meeting. In conjunction with this clauses 6 and 7 of
the circular state that Mr. Oarrett
iecllnes to sign an agreement and
transfer his plant. Last November
it a general meeting a resolution was
passed that the president and secretary should get together with the two
vendors and draft agreements, that
these agreements should then be submitted to a later meeting. This was
never done and has not been done to
this day. On the contrary Mr. Christian was submitted an agreement
signed by Mr. Watts on behalf of the
company, engaging to buy the Prospector. Mark you the general meeting of shareholders had no chance
whatever to Bay whether this agreement was satisfactory to them. Mr.
Christian signed the agreement. Mr.
Watts presented a simitar agreement
to me, but I refused to sign it for several reasons, among them tho following:
(a). The (.cneral meeting according
to a unanimous resolution was to
ratify tho agreement before It was
signed, which they wcre given no opportunity to do.
(b). Thc agreement was signed by
A. E. Watts In tho capacity of president and general manager of tho Prospector Pub. Co. I told Mr. Watts at
the time that he wns not general man-!
nger, that he had never been appoint-'
ed hh such, and I would not rocog-'
nlze him as such, until he had re- ]
cdved the appointment. Ho admitted
that ho was a self-appointed general
manager, hut that as ho was heavily
Interested In the Prospector he had
to protect himself. I said that didn't
go with me.
(c). The agreement I was asked to
sign bound tho company to blre Mr.
Christian and myself at salaries of
130 per week. I felt that while the
position and the salary might be very
nice indeed, I felt it would be wrong
to compel a company wishing to purchase my plant to give me a job, and
the company thus being compelled
without having even a chance to go
over the agreements and know what
they aro doing. Possibly the shareholder does not see why he should be
compelled to give me a steady Job at
$30 per, Just because he is along with
others buying my plant. Further, In
this connection, the agreement said
that uny time wages couldn't be met,
the company could pay part and credit
mc with tho rest. This could soon
get Into a regular thing of paying me
(10 on Saturday night and marking
me up on a book with a credit of
cause lt was your money and not their
Watta, self-ap- own they wcre spending. The seventh
and therefore make some money for pointed general jnanager, and self-! director, but one of the only two who
myself. It was a business proposl- named friend ot tiie working man, tells ' ,la|i I™' "V »nT real cash, objected to
tion. I borrowed moo from thc bank you that I decline to sign up my this misappropriation, would not bc a
and covered thc entire district from agreements "and .'asks you to pay  in
the man who holds the mortgage, and I Kingsgate to Wllme;'   ou my   own; your money for a different purpose I
has announced his candidature ln the j money.   I have commissions coming! to that which you.agreed.
next federal election.     If he Is so , to me on over $10,000 worth of stock ]   .i)0n't De m|B|cd by UiIb circular.
anxious for a Conservative organ let ""''     "      "" ' * "
made any effort to pay me?  No. They L
now try to take the view that I am to
be paid my commission on COLLECTIONS ONLY and they announce that \    Remember    thls-The      company
him shoulder thc burden. Tho agreements you have signed and the notes
you have given have nothing to do
with the keeping up of the Prospector. You signed money to purchase
and amalgamate two plants. If this Is
not done the company has not fulfilled its objective, and you cannot be
compelled to pay your money for a
different purpose entirely. If anyone
tries to tell you that your notes can
be collected for the Prospector ofllce
alone, they would ,ln my opinion, be
attempting to deceive and rob you.
Clause 8 ot the circular says the
workmen of the Prospector sued and
obtained a Judgment for back wages
Remember that unly two directors
out' of thc. seven liave paid In any
money.   .. ,
they do not Intend to make anyone ; agreed to make, me monthly payments
pay, so therefore I am to be robbed out tmm tlle date of l,,e charter. The
of my commissions, and be the loser i ehnrter has been to hand ten months,
to tho extent of over $600, which I bor- ] Therefore. I .have a cash payment and
rowed, and since was compelled to!l0" monthly payments overdue
pay back to the bank.    The feeling I    Six out of seven of the so-called dl-
pnrty to it, denounced the idea, and
left the meeting in disgust.
Thanking you for your kind attention, I am
Yours very truly,
R S. Oarrett.
The members of the third contingent were given a good try out on
Wednesday evening, when they were
| marched to Wycliffe.
that I have ls that I have been deceived and robbed. Would a man borrow
$500 to go out and sell stock, knowing he was to be paid at the best when
notes over a year came due. and further that no one was to be hurried up
In the paying of them?   Would you?
rectors were agreeable to using $200
of this money as a payment to Mr.
Christian which, by the way, went to
settle the judgment of the 'workmen,
hut five out of this six had put up no
cash of their own, so that it didn't, of
course, cause them any dilUcnlty, be
lt Is rumored that the slander action commenced by Mr. and Mrs. A.
A. Johnson against Oeo. R. Leask has
been settled out ot court.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34, A.F.&A.
M,. received an official visit from Mr.
J. C. Pitts, D.D.O.M., on Wednesday
evening. After the business session a banquet was served.
of the
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
Canada's Largest Life Assurance Company
over $218,000,000
Total assurance in force, December 31,1914
Assurance, issued and paid for in cash, during 1914
Increase, over 1913
Assets, as at December 31st. 1914 over 64,000,000
Increase, over 1913 ... 8,000,000
Payments to Policyholders, during 1914
Payments to Policyholders, since organization
Total Surplus, December 31st 1914, over all liabilities and capital   over 6,500,000
The Above Figures Demonstrate:
FIRST—How greatly the company enjoys the confidence of the public.
SECOND—The fact that, in times ol stress, when there is a trade depression and a general uncertainty regarding the values ot Stocks, Bonds and other Securities as well as Real Estate, the business man of large means, as well as the man of ordinary means, turns to Life Assurance for a sound
investment as well as protection for those dependent on him,    .
Superintendent Eastern British Columbia
Nelson, B.C.
District Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
■■ THUBfflbtt   FEBRUARY 25th, 1915
«*<*■ THRO
If you can afford
Cut Glass
You can afford our kind,
If you could compare our
goods as to design, weight,
workmanship and appearance with commoner lines,
tt wouldn't take you a
second to size up the difference. There is plenty
of Cut Glass that is little
better than a good pressed
article. Ours possesses
that Bclntilating beauty
that can be compared only
to diamonds, and we wish
tu state right here that
there is nothing better
made. Wo are contented
with a small prollt on
Ihose goods und are selling close.
W. H. Wilson
Ice cream Saturday at Little & Atchison's.
Get your groceries free hy buying
ou Refund Day nt Ira H. Manning's,
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Whittaker on Wednesday, the 24th, ut
Mrs, .Bent's hospital, a son.
Mr. W. B. McFarlane and Mr.
Simon Taylor left yesterday for Calgary on a short business trip.
Mrs. J. McTavish returned to Bull
River yesterday, Mr. McTavish remaining over for a day.
A. E. Watts came ln from Wattsburg yesterday to bo ln attendance
at the annual meeting of the Cranbrook' board ot trade.
"We are thankful for those who pay
cash. We are thankful for those who
have paid their bills. We would be
most thankful If the rest would pay
theirs.—P. Parks 6 Co. lt
The regular monthly meeting of the
Methodist Church Ladies Aid Society
wlll be held at the home of Mrs. J. It
McNabb Wednesday afternoon, March
3rd at 3 p.m.
Mrs. Harry Whits entertained a
number of guests at a whist drive on
Wednesday   evening.     Prizes   were
J. Coffey was a Nelson visitor this
Ice cream Saturday at Uttle k Atchison's.
Raxawa tea 35c., 60c. and 60c. per
lb. at Ward k Harris.
T. M. Roberts, city clerk, left on
Saturday for Spokane, on a few days
Born—At Cranbrook on Wednesday,
February 17th, to Mr. aud Mrs. Wm.
Steward, a daughter.
City workmen engaged In clearing
the creek of Ice on Saturday were
obliged to use powder.
W. Mark De Cew, of Orand Forks,
wus iu the city the drat of the week to
attend tho meeting of tbo lumbermen.
■toy Wadman returned Tuesday
from Spokane, where he enjoyed u
week of quiet and rest In the American metropolis.
II. W. Supple, manager ot the Imperial Bank of Canada, Is out and
around again after being confined to
St. Eugene hospital.
Word from tho hospital today Is to
tho effect that Mike Durlck, who Is
undergoing treatment In that institution, is somewhat Improved.
The members of tho third contingent paraded Sunday morning to tbe
several churches for divine service,
the majority atcndlng the Anglican
A. Raworth was a visitor to Moyle
Saturday, taking part in the concert
held there on Saturday evening last,
particulars of which appear elsewhere
in this Issue.
Miss Augusta Doyle, of the local
telephone exchange, returned Monday
trom Creston, whero she haB been
visiting with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Doyle, ot the King Oeorge
Mr. C H. Potter, representative of
the Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada,
was a Marysville visitor Monday. Mr.
Potter was greatly Impressed with
the scenic beauty along the famous
Kimberley route.
Corp. McKay and Private Cam
Lindsay, who have been on a .visit
to Cranbrook friends and relatives,
returned to Lethbridge Monday to
rejoin their regiment and once more
get down to the grind of war.
Percy Nell returned to Cranbrook
Saturday from Calgary, where he
offered for service with the 30th battalion. On arrival there he found
Aon by Mrs. J. Webster Burton and i the battalion up to war strength aad
Mr. W. 0. Morton. Dainty refresh-! thus returned home,
ments were served. ——
  W. F. Ourd, barrister, of Vancou-
Tho   Udles   Aid   Society   of the, ver   „„,   mmti   (0   4M.7.g wlDch
Methodist church are giving a play in ] building, to more convenient quar-
this city with local talent under their j lprs Hc wln ^ viatti t„ me(!t h)>
auspices ou March 19th.     Thc pro-, oId Cranbroo), Meaa, ,t his new place
Murray   visited   Nelson   this
Management   Cancelled   Engagement
Owing te the Ileadllarr Being
There was keen disappointment
felt by theatre goers this week owing
to the "Pantages" performance being
cancelled. In explanation the managers of the Auditorium wish to inform their patrons that, on account
of thc headline act "The Serpent of
the Nile" (Cleopatra! being omitted
from the bill, they did not feel justified in asking their patrons to pay
the regular price for a three or four
act performance with the feature act
missing and advised tlie manager of
show company that it would be detrimental to the Interests of the local
management to put on such a performance at usuul prices.
Since the managers of the Auditorium reduced the prices of admission
from 75c and &'0e. to Hoc. and 2.1c.
It has been a rather hard task to induce the headline act of the Pantages vaudeville to stop off here owing to the falling off in tho proceeds
caused by the reduction.
In order to get the full Pantages
bill (5 acts Including headllner) here
next week the managers of the Auditorium w re compelled to offer them
special Inducements and hope that
their efforts to keep up the standard of high class performances nt
the Auditorium will be appreciated
by thc theatre-goers and that the
attendance at next week's performance will show lt.
Next Week's Attraction
Herbert Lloyd, the International
comedian, who attempts everything,
but does nothing except amuse is
billed to appear at tbe Auditorium
theatre next week in his burlesque
on vaudeville, "The King of Diamonds." There are four clever dancing girls in this act, which Is purely
a burlesque ot the average acts seen
every week on a vaudeville program,
such as Juggler, Contortionist .Acrobat, Magician, Impersonator, Crayon
Artist, Musician, Quick Change Artist, Wire Walker, Animal Trainer,
etc. Herbert Lloyd and bis clever
company have performed thoir act
In sixteen different aountrles, Lloyd
speaking and singing ln six different
languages. Lloyd is the "kernel" of
all the nuts, no rhyme or reason-
simply to amuse, and hc is sure to
make a tremendous hit with Auditorium audiences.
Another star act at the Auditorium
next week will be Billy Zimmerman,
America's 'greatest mimic actor and
entertainer who gives new and original Impersonations.
Tom and Stacia Moore are not new
to. the Pantages, they appeared here
some time ago and made a popular
appeal. This time thoy have a new
act entitled "The Dream Girl," which
ls even better than their last act
which the audiences are sure to appreciate. Other acts are those of
Max Wiley and Mellsea Ten Byck In
a dancing novedty, :Tho Oambole
of the Oods,"and Amello, America's
foremost accordlnlst.
duction is a two-act comedy entitled
"The Rebellion of Mrs .Barclay."
Thc Onward Bible Class of tho
Methodist church are giving » social
entertainment this (Thursday) evening to their members, who are leaving for the front with llie third contingent.
R, S. Oarrett returned Tuesday
from a ten days trip to tlie coast.
where he attended tho provincial
meeting of the Orange lodge nt
Chilliwack ns a delegate from the
local lodge.
of business.
Mr .and Mrs. A. K. Leitch and
baby, of Jaffray, arrived in Cranbrook Monday for a short visit. Mr.
Leitch came in to attend the meeting
bt the lumbermen which was held at
the Hotel Cranbrook Monday. Mrs.
Leitch and baby returned home Tues-
Thc raffle ot the oalt which wns to
have been held at the Ilex theatre on
last  Saturday    evening   had   I"   hit
postponed on account ot a number ot  subjects are invited to attend,
tickets  out  of  the  citJT,      The  ruffle   ..,.,,.
J. ('. Pitts. Masonic   district   de-  « ' »clock In the old gymnasium
puty ,of Windermere, paid an official j building Mr. Upton will demonstrate
. visit to the Masonic lodge at Kimber-1 on  thc  killing  and preparation   of
— I ley Saturday.   A number of the Cran- J 'owls for market.    At 8 p.m. In the
Dr. und Mrs. J. II. King returned  i,roo|, brethren accompanied him on i aame    building    Mr.    Hocklns   wlll
Rev. W. E. Dunham wns a Moyle
visitor Wednesday-
See   Uttle   &   Atchison's   special
on apples for Monday.
J. T. Browning, constable at Moyie,
was a city visitor this week.
The Odd Fellows are holding a social time at their hall tomorrow night.
Don't forget the club dance at
Maple hall on Tuesday evening next.
Read all about the Refund Day
at lra lt. Manning, Ltd., in this
A full assortment of Jams and Jellies of the best manufacture at Ward
k Harris.
Mrs. Robert Baldwin Is dangerously
111 at the St. Eugene hospital with
Born—To Mr. und Mra, K. Becker
at tho Cottage hospital on Monday,
tho 22nd, a son.
James Finlay returned on Tuesday
from a trip to Bollevue, Alberta, and
went west today.
Mrs. Hilton, of Yahk, returned home
this week after a visit with her mother, Mrs. Maystre.
Mrs. J. Woodlands who has been
confined to the Cottage hospital, is reported as steadily Improving.
James T. Laldlaw, of this city, has
been appointed provincial land surveyor beginning January 1st, 191.1.
Tho Star Restaurant is now open
for business and tho proprietor invites
the public ot Cranbrook to give him a
Steele Briggs, D. M. Ferry's and
MacKenzle's vegetable and flower
seedh in packages or bulk at Ward k
Mrs. W. W. McOregor returned today from a two week's trip nnd visit
with friends In Calgary and Medicine
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parka entertained a number of their friends to a
Duplicate whist party on Wednesday
Oeo. S. McCreery returned yesterday from a two months' trip east,
where he visited in Toronto, Chicago
and Minneapolis.
Miss Anna L. Deems, who has been
visiting with Mrs. J. R. Thompson
for tbe past several months, left today
to return to her home in Spokane.
Mr .Eric Wilkinson Is expected
home from Victoria, where he has
been spending a brief holiday resting
from the arduous duties of his ranch.
Mrs. Hillary, of Drumheller, Alta.,
arrived In Cranbrook today to be at
the bedside of her daughter, Mrs.
Robert Baldwin, who is dangerously ill In St Eugene hospital.
I Mrs. J. Tanner, who has been residing on Durlck avenue, left today
'for Nanaimo, where they will reside
in future. Her husband is a traveller for a well known firm of coast
Word was received late tonight from
Wardner stating that the road houBe I i,Mgue at the Young Men's Club on
belonging to Pete Lund had been des-1 Monday night. The largest crowd
troyed by lire. This building was i „|ncc the commencement was on
one of the best in the country, being i hand to cheer their favorites and the
equipped with the very best of every- ] giml, certainly was a surprise for
thing. It was a popular place for j thrills, the teams having to play over-
tourists.     The building was valued I time t0 decide the contest.
The girl's team, the "Macs" played
Basket Ball nd Social Will be Held
ei Monday Evening Next—
feae Along
For tho second time the Stags defeated the Beavers In the Basket Ball
The regular meeting of the Women's
Institute will he held In the Maple
Hull on Tuesday next, March Snd, at
.1 p.m. Subject: "Potato Salad," by
Mrs. W. II. McFarlane, and a paper ! si too,
on  "Thc Care of Milk and Butter ——
Making.'' by Mrs. B. Palmer. Every ;    On Saturday next tho farmers of
lady and gentleman interested In these i Oranbrook will havo a visit from Mr.
; II. E. Upton and Mr. S. It. Hoskins,
! provincial government agriculturists.
will dike place between tlio Ilrst
and second show ut Hie Ilex on next
Hatiirdiiy evening.
last Monday from' tho ensl The
doctor reports a pleasant trip. Ho
spent si'verul days In Ottawa, being
present nt lhe opening ot the house,
Business conditions are mure normal
In lhe east nnd all are looking fur
n nioit prosperous year.
tho trip.     They   were: Billy   Mac- '■ speak on live stock and Mr. Upton on
donuld,   II.   A.   McKowan,   W.   F. ■ poultry.
Attridge, tester Clapp, Harry Spence,
T. H. Banfield, Jas. Martin, A. Shankland.
Tin regular weekly meeting of the
O. ll. 0, ot the Methodist church was | leaving today for
held on Tuesduy evening In lhe Old
Gymnasium ut s o'clock, about thirty
member! being present. nov, Mr.
Thomson spoke and Mrs. Couldwell
gave a very. Interesting recitation.
The committee for next week nre Miss
linker anil Messrs Ashwurlli and
Meeting of the shareholders of tho
Kootenay Telephono Lines, Ud., was
held at the offices of tho company
In this city on Tuesday evening,
A good attendance
It. E. Beattie occupied the chair.    The annual report
,    ,   . ,,      was h'tf.ty satisfactory to the slock-
Vancouver Island, where, he I. taking ^ of ^^ ^
Hie management of the branch there. |
Ills ncw location is a thriving mining
T. B  O'Connell. who has been the , ftbnl       ,„d
local manager of tho Royal Bank of; rt,BU|U,d      Mr
Canada for tho past four years, l>
Cumberland   on
For This Time of the Year
A thoroughly reliable cart, light
and strong and folds up into a
small space.
Without Top   $4.00
With Top       $6.00
Yftliwbta  rapfTH  U*ud nt  the" I.hn1
MeftliK—The Lenten Pnnrrxm
At a meeting held recently at
Christ chu/ch rectory, It was resolved that a branch of the Anglican
Young People's Association be formed. Tho principles of the association aro worship, work, fellowship
and edification.
(a). To promote attendance at
divino service.
(b). To co-operate in all forms of
church work, local, general or missionary.
(c). To further Christian fellowship and edification among the members.
The motto of the association is
"For Christ and the Church." The
badge to be a shield with the sacred
monogram, Chi Rho, and the letters
A.Y.P.A. in blue and white.
Members may bc of two classes:
Active and associate. Active mem-,
bers arc those expressing their willingness to subscribe to thc pledge
and conform to the principles of the j
association. Associate members are
those not subscribing to the pledge,
but desiring to attend and participate
In the meetings.
The rector of the parlBh .the Rev.
E. P. Flewelling, Is the patron. The
Rev. A. B. Lane Is the president;
vice-president, Miss Cherrington; secretary-treasurer, Mr. J. Haslam.
The meetings during Lent are of
a religious nature jnd may Include
papers on the Bible/Its origin, translations, characters In the Bible.
On the Prayer Book, its structure
and history.
On English Church    History
Time and Trial Prove
the unequalled value of Beecham's Pill.; r.j tho
best corrective of ailments of the digeetivo organs
so common—and the best preventive
serious sickness so often resulting fn
irregular  action   of   the  stomach,    liv
havo a groat record. For over half a centurv they bav i been used with
entire satisfaction in thousands of homes. A few don 9 will prove to
you that you can find prompt relief from tho beads- hi • d —rssion of
spirits und general no-good feelingscau*w*<i l-^taiifpestkKi ■■rniiioiisness.
Try them, and you will know what it ia to nave at yoar . jmmand such
An Invaluable Aid to Health
bye without
assurfiiff you of our appreciation of
your devoted service to the church.
your willingness to help at all
times has won for you the esteem of
Please accept tliis little present as
a slight token of our esteem and tender regards in whicli you are held and
we earnestly pray that the blessing of
(Jod will ever be upon you and your
Signed on behalf of the Ladies Aid
Mrs.  lra Manning.  President
Mrs. J. T. Sarvis, Secretary.
A dainty lunch was served and a
pleasant afternoon spent, although all
regretted the departure of Mrs. Murray fro mour midst.
See   Little   &   Atchison'!
on apples for Monday.
a team composed of the junior members of the club, and handed out a
surprise by coming out on the long
end ot the score. The girls led from
the start and when the final whistle
blew had the boys beaten by five
points, the score being 15—11.
In the main game the Beavers
quickly got going and piled up a good
lead, whlli the Stags were floundering ln the rear, unable to And the
See the adv. of Ira It, Manning. Ltd..
■All-  In this Issue.     They are giving away
gustine In Britain, Bedo the Historian,  groceries one day per month.
Oreat Missionaries, the   Evangelical
Revival, the Oxford Movement.
On Oeneral Church History—General Councils, the Crusades, the Reformation, Etc., Etc.
Committees will be formed to
organize literary evenings, Including the following subjects: Thoughts
from the best authors; with the poets
of England, America and Canada.
Famous painters and their works—
H. C. Moore, of Blalrmore, and A.
K. Leitch, of Jaffray, left Tuesday for
Victoria to interview the provincial „ *0_Hi
authorities in regard to provincial aid
for the resinous distillation plant for
church county.
basket.       Ashworth   and   Phillipps , Raphael, Itembrandt, Turner.
lown at about (.(KM population. He
Ih succeeded hero by Mr. D. M. Morrison, of Montreal, who arrived yesterday to take over hla new ttutlea.
During    lih    residence    here    Mr.
The annual meeting nt the Anglt-
can Young People's Association wns
held on Tuesday evening nt thc rectory. About thirty numbers were
preaont. Tho ollicers for the cnmlnft
year are ,1'resldent, Itev. A. II. Uno:
vlco-presldcnt, Miss V. M. Cherrington; Bccretary-trensiirer, Mr. Jnck II.
O'Connell has made a treat many
friends who wlll regret hla departure and he wlll be missed trom the
many public bodies with which he
has been identified alnce coming here.
Ho haa been a director In the Agricultural Association for the past
several years and an enthusiastic
member of the Boaid ot Trade.    Hla
Haelnm. Meetings will bo held on the ] work ,„ thl!,0 mcletlee haa alwaya
been for the beat interests ot the
town and district and hla departure
will leave a vacancy bard to til.
fourth Tuesday ot each month.
A newly formed club, known as
"The Younger Set," gavo a dancing
party on Tuesday evening In the
Masonle hall. Twenty-six couples
participated and all report a most
enjoyable time. Music was furnished by the Cranhrook orchestra. The
chaperons were: Mrs. P. Dallas, Mrs.
W .Flowers, Mrs. It. Knight, Mrs. A.
Reed. Mr. Harry Couldwell ncted
as floor manngor In tho absence of
Mr. It. Knight, who will officiate at
future dances. The club expects to
live dances once eacb month during
'SO Boxea Oearaa'efi Choice
Roman Beaaty Apple* at
tLfiO per box.
suited as follows: President,
Hyde Baker; vice-president,, A
Leitch; secretary-treasurer, W. D.
(lllroy; board ot directors, j. A. Arnold, It. E. Beattie, N. Hanson, Chaa.
It. Ward, Dr. J. II. King. During the
past year under exlattng conditions
tho company has made a very good
wcre locating the nets from all angles and when tbe halt time period arrived the big Beavers were leading
11—3, the only Stag tallies being
scored on freo throws.
But the next period saw a wonderful reversal of form on the part of the
Stags and within a few minutes of
Play they had rung In 13 points while
V. i the Beavers scored one solitary bas-
K.  —  '" "   " ""    """—
Famous men and women of history
On Saturday at 8 p.m. a gospel service; Sundny morning ll p.m. holiness I Quartet
—Socrates,   Conatantlne,    Joan     of service; afternoon at :i p.m. children's
classes; evenlog »t 8 Salvation me.
To Ihe Bop ol the Methodist t'hureb
Who Are (Joint: to the
Tonight under tbe auspices ot the
Onward Bible class there lfl being
given a farewell social and concert.
A good program has been arranged
and a first-class time will be had.
Following the program, which is printed below, a presentation to each of the
boys will be made. Tlle men arc
.Mr. It. Hockey. Mr Martin Harris,
Mr. S .Bristow and Mr. H. Bronsdon.
A social time, interspersed with
games will then be had. Refreshments will be served by tlie committee.
Program of Concerl
(Juartet—The      Meeting      of      the
Waters    Balfe
Misses Becbtel and Kgger: Messrs.
Rendall and Nidd
Pianoforte solo—Theme with Variations    Hoist
C. F. Nidd
Uttle Soldier Boy. ■ Jardon
Mr. C. Kendall
Duet—The    I-ord    ll    a    Man    of
War  llandc!
Messrs.  Venus and  Nidd
Solo-The Deathless Army Trotcre
Mr A. Ashworth
Sperry  Phillips
The Coalings.. Sir F  Bridge
ta* (AU OB TO LETa-Tw. nana
kMM oa Armstrong avenue. Apply
Neal Institute. It-tt
wnffnqgga a arc ro
ers.   Enquire the Cranbrook Saddlery Co., Ltd. 8
OIBL, In, wants work, private fan.
Hy or boarding house. Call Cranbrook street, apposite Foundry, or
address Miss Elsie Wilson, Oeneral
Delivery, Cranbrook. 8-lt
LOST.—Oa Ninday la Cranbrook, a
gold brooch, set with pearls tn
shape of three swallows in flight.
Two pearls missing. Return to
Herald office. Finder wlll bo rewarded. 8-lt
iti Voi'k feLfccTuc' lioht'iiu
correct? Thousands of dollars saved annually by our system ol
cheeking. Send Inc. money order
for detailed Instruction chart. Tat
ror aetanell instruction cnan. ist- puna—, ramtrr
low. 4*1 Central Building. Victoria, I """P- —*"•
»/.. *-!»• I an* Mermr.
ket and tied the score IC all. Neither
team scored during the remainder
of play and It was necessary to call
for overtime. In this period the
Stags played the tired Beavers oft
their feet and annexed five points, giving them *he game by tlie score Slid.
This was the most exciting game
of the schedule so tar and the game
next Monday night between Athletics
and the Stags bids fair to be as thrilling, as all the teams are evenly
matched and playing clean, fast basket ball. They are deserving of the
hearty support tn the future, as they
havo been g|yen so far.  ..,-, ■'
A social will be given In connection
with the game on this night In which
a musical program and refreshments
will form an Important part, Preparations are being made for a large
crowd and It is to be hoped that there
will be no disappointment In this respect. The ordinal y admission of
ten cents wlll be tho charge.
The line-up: Stags: Forwards,
Crowe and Wallinger; guards, Broch-
en and McNabb; center, W, Dallas.
Beavers, forwards, Ashworth and
Olll; guards, Bridges
Arc, Etc.
Inter-debates with other literary
societies In Cranbrook and district are
looked forward to and a summer
camp In July or August is proposed.
The secretary will be glad to hear
from applicants for membership.
Next meeting will be held at the
King Edward's school on Tueaday, 8th
.March, at 8 p.m. sharp.
At the aforesaid meeting a paper
was read by Miss Alice Pye on "Oeneral Oordon" and one by Mr. Lane on
"Thc Best 100 Hymns." Mr. O. Fiedler sang a selection from the Oratorio
of S. Paul by Mendelssohn. Miss
Caslake also sang.
The Udles Aid Society of the
Methodist church gave an afternoon
tea at the home ot Mrs. O. B. Powell,
Garden avenue, yesterday afternoon
ln honor of Mrs. J. D. Murray, In thc
form ot a farewell before leaving for
her new home In Moose Jaw, Sask.
Mrs. Murray was presented with a
beautiful hand-painted cake plate and
biscuit Jar In honor of the services
she had rendered in the above society. Thc presentation was made by
tho president and thc secretry read
the following address:
Dear Mrs. Murray—
The mebers of the Cranbrook Meth-
Ing.     All ure Invited.
('apt. and Mrs.
Rev. O  B, Kendall, Pastor.
Services, noo ii.m. und "."0 p.m.
Morning topic- "Tlie llrond and
Narrow Ways of Life"—"Saved on the
Narrow Way. Why Tiiere he Few That
Find It."   Illustrated by blackboards.
Kvening topic "The Revelation of
Jesus Chris! in the Redemption of
Man's Forfeited Inheritance,"
lllble school 8.00 p.m.
Misses Beohtel and Kgger; Messrs.
Kendall and Nidd
Overseas Clnb Wlll   Knlirtaln   Mem-
ben of Tliird liintingent al
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, ll a.m. Subject:
"The parables of Our Lord—A Missionary Address."
H. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.:t0 p.m. Subject:
"Jesus Christ and the Social Question—Jesus Teaching Concerning the
(.'are of the Poor."
Anthem- .Morning and evening.
W. E. Dunham, Pastor.
Sunday  services:   Till:  pastor
preach at 11 ii.m. uml 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Basis of National  Strength."
Evening subject:    "The
Value of Christ."
Thero wilt bc spei
odlst Church Udles Aid Society learn j |;taj (, Nll)d (,rK„„i„Vniid":li0|'r lead- expenses Incurred wlll be donated to
with deep regret of your departure cr, i the Overseas Tobacco Fund.
froB oar cMy to Moose Mw.     We I   All are Invited to tho above services. I   Admission, gents (Oc., ladies, ido.
Thc ('ranbrook Branch of the Overseas Club wlll entertain the members
of the 107th regiment. Kast Kootenay
Light Infantry. In the Auditorium
theatre on .Saturday evening, February -7lli at S p.m. to a concert and
dance us n farewell to the men who
have enlisted for active service and
are about to leave for Victoria in a
few days. II Is the wish of the
Overseas (Tub to make this evening a
big success .uiul tliey ask for the support of every citizen. Some of the
best talent In the city have been obtained for this occasion and a general good time Is promised. During
1 the evening the men thnt nre going
to the front wlll be presented with n
lleligions small token from members and
I friends of the Overseas Club.
lal milSlC at each      A,| y , k     |iy|,r      (   ,„,,,, tho
direction   of   Mr. i a»A»B FOUR
nn cauNBiio *s
Loyal Orange
No.   18T1
Meets first and tklrd
" ^"V '' Thursdays at I p.m.
^■■■Awitm In Koyal Black
Knights ot Ireland Hall, laker
r. s. Garrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Rcc. Sec.
ISj<r si , Meeta every
(flEfX Monday uigi.i
_f_*0 at Frateraltr
Hall. Sojourning Oddlellewa
cordially Invited.
II A Racklyeft J. F. Broughton
NO. Fin. 8ee.
W M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
Barrister,   Solicitor,   Etc
352 Richards St
NO. 1». I.O.O.F.
Meets Ilrst and third Wednee-
days lu each month.
A cordial Invitation extended
to visiting brothers.
It.  W.  Russell, Scribe
ll. A. Racklyeft, 0, P.
Cranbrook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at I p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
11. C. Carr, CC.
F, M. Christian, K. 11. & S.
P. 0. Box 188
VIslUag brethren cordially Invited to attend.
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday st rrateralty aUM
Sojourning Ksbekaks serejal-
ly Invited.
Sis. A. E. Jones, N.O.
Bis. Ada Hlcksnbothena, Ree. See
Meets ln Maple Hall oeaead
and  fourth  Tuesday  ef every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to Hrittsli
E. Y. Brake, J. F. Uwse,
President S sarsenet-
Visiting    members    eordtaltr
Meets   in    the   Maple     Hall
first Tuesday afternoon ef trtmry
month at :i p.m.
President. Mrs. W. II. McFarlane
Secretary. Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Box 448
All ladles cordially Invited
Presldent-A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For Information regarding
lands and agriculture apply te
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
0 R C 11 V. S T R A
il open for engagement
Dances, Social* Etc.
Apply to
Mr*. Arnold Walllaf er
Cranbrook, B.C.
Hat Renovator
Remodelling  1-adles  Hall
a Specialty
IB Fenwick Avenu*
Phone 204
Public Stenographer
Plione 485
Cranbrook -   -   -   -   B.C
(Successor to W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,    Solicitor    aai
P. 0. Box SS9
nawislers,  Solicitor*  and"
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
Physicians  and  Surgeoat
Ottss st residence. Armstrong
Forenoons   0.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Ivenlugs    7.80 to   8.10
Sundays    2.30 to   4.80
Cruubrook,  B.C.
Ollice In Hanson Rloek
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Maternity and tleueral Xurslng
Uarden Ave.
Tersss on Application
MR*. A. SALMON, Matron
* P. O. Box 841
Fliaae 348 P. O. Box 881
!'iinera! Director und Embnlmer
Building Contractor
Dealer in  Ileal  Estate, Mining
Stocks and Mineral Claims
Civil *ff Mjntag Engt-ee"
11. CU.and SurWy***.
stay Phone 233 Night Phone 88
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
General Merchant
Employments Agents
F. O. Box 108 Phone 144
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent tor
Lethbridge  Coal
-Vl-lle Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Draylng and Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 83
Robt Frame, Prep.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pic*
and Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction flnaraatoot)
The Shoe Specially
■borthaad,   Stenography,
Bookkeeping, Etc
en Sou, Toes, and Thnrs. Iv'gs
from 7 to 9 o'clock. $8 per month
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C.
Per week
High School course      3.60
•skoal course      3.80
Kindergarten       1 IS
Private lessons       1.00
Miss V. M. Cherrington
Phone 290
(From the Creston Review.)
Birth—In Crcstou, on February
20th, to Mr. and Mrs. 8. A. Speers, a
j son.
Thc sleighing disappeared early ln
thc week, wagons being In pretty
; general use on Wedneeday.
Everyone should make it a point of
' honor to be at tho depot the day the
boys leave, to wish them godspeed
and a safe return.
j Mrs. H. A. McKowan and children
of Cranbrook. wbo have been visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright, returned homo this week.
j Those who attended thc pruning
! school last week state that the trooe
I are showing a One lot ot fruit buds
—an early season sign of a normal
apple crop,
Messrs. McCarthy and Ross, Bank
of Commerce auditors, paid the Creston branch an official visit last week
concluding their labors on Friday afternoon.
Walter Oensmcrc, who has been
working with A. B. Stanley for some
weeks past, left on Monday for Vancouver, where he has secured a position.
J. C, Pitts, of Windermere, Masonic
district deputy, wlll pay the Creston
Masonic lodge an official visit on
Tuesday evening noxt, February 23rd
—not on the 26th as stated last
Miss Muriel Ilobden who was tn
Cranbrook hospital for an operation
for appendicitis came home yesterday,
'and Mrs. F. H. Price, who was also
1 confined to the same Institution, came
home the same day.
T. W. Gilpin whose departure tor
Cranbrook hospital we mentioned
last week, returned on Saturday. Thc
hospital authorities pronounced hli
ailment to be ulcerated stomach and
he will return for treatment in a few
Joe Brown was a passenger east on
j Friday, having received a wire the
1 Jay previous conveying the unwelcome news that his son had died thai
morning at Carstaire, Alberta. Thi
sympathy of all goes out to Mr
Hrown In his bereavement.
The egg supply Is keeping up In
iplte of a rather healthy demand. Thi
retail price is still 35c. a doien. Owing
to a thinning out of poultry Docks
due to the high price ot feed, lt If
predicted that the 1016 price of hen
fruit wlll bc higher than last year.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Q. Bennett enter
tallied in honor of Mrs. Erickson on
Thursday lust.      Progressive   whisl
was thc order ot thc evening and the
' honors tell to Mrs. W. K. Brown and
| R. M. Reid.       Refreshments    wen
; served and thc evening   thoroughly
■ enjoyed by all present.
'.    Recruiting for the third Canadian
contingent commenced in Creston on
'Monday.      LicuL   Bennett   received
word on Saturday from headquarters
at Fernie to proceed with tbo work
forthwith.      Those    enrolled    arc:
Douglas Butterfield,   Philip   Butter-
Held, Geo. Seymour, Fred Hurry, Wm
Hall, Frank May, Fred Haggart, John
Edward Johnson and Qeorge Hogan
Rural Dean Flewelling,   of   Cranbrook, and Barrister Crease, ot Nelson, chancellor   ot   the   Diocese   ot
Kootenay were In town on Monday
holding an official enquiry Into some
matters affecting Christ church, and
presided over a congregational meeting in the parish hall on Monday
evening.    The evidence gathered wlll
bo submitted to bishop-elect Doull,
who wlll probably hand down a decision on tbe occasion ot his visit here
next moath.
expenditure during hard times, the
possible establishment of an Initial
training camp here for recruits If the
war continues for any considerable
time, and the fact that a commodious
and comfortable building would be
available for certain public functions, are all things to be desired. Let
us not leave It to a tew patriotic
enthusiasts to carry all tbe loud.
(By FtTTroo.)
Mrs. Ray Hirtz Is spending thc week
n Fcrnie.
Jack Radford, tho celebrated traveler, gave a lecture the othar evening at the Columbia on evolution.
By the number of petitions that are
being forwarded to Ottawa, signed
iy Conservative associations and
Boards of Trade, lt looks as If the Ca-
iiidian customs officers along the International Boundary line were making more trouble than a pretty girl In
i church choir.
At the annual meeting of the Elko
Hoard of Trade held in tbe Elk
.lotel ,thc meeting was well attended
ind visitors trom Michel, Fcrnie,
'ranbrook and Waldo present. A.
illrnle was elected president, James
Thomson vice-president, Fred Roo,
J. . P., secretary-treasurer, fourth
erm: J. McKec, Thos. Roberts, R.
rllrtr, and C. A. Klingensmlth elected
executive. Considerable business
vas attended to and ncw business
Drought up.
Mrs. T. Duncan and family, ol
'assburg, Alberta, Is visiting her par-
nts ,the Thomsons, of the Columbia
lotel. Tho children, Willie and
tennie. are entertaining the hotel
;uests with the war song Tlpperary
ind other sacred hymns.
The following lines are by Driver
>. E. Bailey, of the 2nd Battery, 1st
Jrlgade, Canadian Fdd Artillery, now
it the front. He was bookkeeper for
.loberts and Wtnsor, millmen at Elko
ind left with thc first contingent, and
■omposed the verses while on sentry
;o on Salisbury Plains.
•'rom the vales of British Columbia,
''rom the mill, and from the mine,
A'o have rushed to Britain's peril,
To Join her battle line.
,.„ • ,...B. ■*"•*•*,';;•;
"rom the far edge of Alberta,
iVhere the solemn Rockies guard,
The range ot the mighty cowherd,
We have come at   our   Sovereign's
"       I
/rom the fields of Manitoba,
Where we left the Oolden Wheat,
teady and waiting the sickle,
iVo have come with hurrying feet.
*»*<.. ..-fl.   ■  ****•*,$*
Ud old Ontario's best are here,
from city and farm they come,
n thousands, mother, they beard you
Vnd they march to the sound of the
D. V. Doty, ot Vancouver, was In
town tbis week on his return from
California, the land of the big red
sunflowers and noiseless beans, Going Into San Francisco swinging on
the Golden Gate and get sea sick.
Jim Bates, the well known travel-!
ler, was ln Elko this week from the
coast , for the Ames-Holden Mc-
Cready Co, Jim says there's nothing
like leather and that in somo parts
ot Australia they use it for shoeing
horses, and Jim Thistlebeak said on
Overseas Clnb of That Town Hold
Successful Affair on Saturday
A very successful concert and
dance was held ln tho International
hotel dining room on Saturday even-
i Ing, February 20th, by the members
of the Overseas club of Moyle.    The
j program was very well arranged, the
., .  . ,   .,   , ,   , , I Ilrst halt being mode up of nunicr-
they used it tn their sandwiches. , * , , ,   :
I ous songs, both serlo and comic j
M. Phillipps, J.P., of tho Fruit-1 an(1 raUB|cal numbera. Those taking
lands, and pioneer orchardlst ot South i part wcri, Mr alld M„ Brow,llllgl Mr.!
East Kootenay, sent In a protest I an(i MrB Nult U|C MllwM Nutt| Mr
against tho government cancelling | and mm BaU,„ Mr A towwtli, of j
the     Elko-Roosvlllc     mail   servicei Cranbr00Ki „„,| Mr. Ul),„,r, uf Yahk.    I
which has been running tor the last
sixteen years. To take off thia mall
route would he an Insult to every
rancher In the valley, hut It would
make good socialists ot thc whole
bunch. <
Tlie writer waa down In the lloos-
"It's tho Wrong Wny to Tickle
Mary," sung by Mrs. Cloudburst, alias
Mr. Browning, was very will rendered; "McNanuiru's Hand." sung by
Mr. Blltes, assisted by Mr. llnworth
and Mr. Browning} also created a
great   ileal   of  iipplausu.     Mr.   Ila-
. in going straight to the weak
' spot in treating disease ?  II ao, I
y jU will never use anything J
I butPepslorcoughs.colds.bron-.
> chitis, and throat and lung j
troubles.   Lislen why I ]
Pops are tiny tablets, which
contain rich medicinul ingredients, ao prepared thai they turn
into vapour In the mouth, and
II rebreatheddowntotliethroat,
! the breathing tubes and lungt
vlllo Valley and Flagstone districts w„rth'a singing "I've laist the Niim-
.evcral days this week, and tho mall hor," did himself proud ns the ty-
routos are causing moro excitement |,|eul night owl; tlm singing nf Mrs.
down thoro than the war with Cer- Browning, Miss Nutt, Mr. Nult und
many, and Its dangerous for n polltl- fdr. Roper was very much appreciated
clan to be safe down in that nick of ns Wl,ri, mo piano numbers by Mrs.
the Alfalfa Meadows Just now. It's (jutt, Miss Nult and Miss Hates. Miss
hell the trouble one man can stir up i nates' singing "Won't You lluy My
In a peaceful law-abiding community, pretty Flowers" wns well applauded
and the way thc situation looked when „„a ror oue of her age showed a
we left down there lt will require grc,nt deal of talent,
a Sir Edward Orey to get things back ti,i> second part of tlie program
to normal again. To the writer lt wa9 jn tlit> nature ot a farce comedy
lookB as easy as building nn ovor- called "Change Partners," and a
head subway. Blessed arc >thc Breut credit Is due the players tor the
oeacemakers for they shall have lots VCPy aDiR »ay in which the play wos
of fun. put on.     Tho cast was us follows:
~" Mrs. Sunierton Miss Nutt
MARYSVILLE piorn gumcrton... Mrs. Browning
*"~"~ Sir Fitful Gust Mr. llnworth
Mrs. Conover and children, of Sul»]chartog CuBt JIr   nrowiiing
llvnn Mine, spent the beginning of ParkcP (n raoU) Mrs. A. Nutt
the week at the Bennett ranch. Mr Dunlop, of Kingsgate, ably filled
A large number of local farmers the chair.    After the entertainment a
ittend the Farmers' Institute meeting dance was held and a very enjoyable
which Is held on the second Saturday ti„le ,vag had.
ot each month. The proceeds of the concert go to
Quite a number of settlers have the Canadian Red Cross rand,
taken  up their residence on  their     The members ot the cum extend
homesteads and all Intend putting ln  their thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer
a crop this year. for their kindness In giving them the
There Is every Indication of a very • use of the hotel dining room,
jorly spring this year.    A blue bird■ Mn,TABT FUNERAL
was seen during the past week in  MILI™ *™*£™,,FR
the neighborhood. FOR COL. HKRUHMISB
Mr. Harry Stevens Is away on a. ~
trip to Alberta points.    He expects
So purchase and bring back with him
Cough mi.tinea go—not to thn lunga
anil client, at all, but tu tlio stomach.
Ti.ure is absolutely no dlreot eouiiacakm
but ween stomach snd lung..
\\ lun yen liave a bud cold, yoet
lluoslioa i. woaki ni d. You lose appe*
,1,0, ami if e. 1H..M, y> iirti"ii>.l«tiioHeilow
not " ante gn.nl." lu olhSf wnlilS, you.
Ituesttve .)>!. ii is licking; tune, Al
ouuli mixtures make this condition
a iwe,
I »on't ruin your ■tntnaili to hual veer
lung >.  Take a ieui.dy that goes right So
lll.ltil.lt       IVpB-
Burnrislng how they ond roughs,
lAtnrrli, hninonitis, sore-throat, "clergy-
.iiaii • thrust," iu.ta.i»u, and all lung
.mttldes, Contain no piai.nn, and are
iu„t for olill .ron.
Tlr. Gordon SUh'e. stys:—"II yov
■visit to en.o and slid a cotiuha If yoi
de.iie to lonsou tii'Ming phlegm, sac
cl-ai lho tlliostand thebron lilng tills s,
use Pepa.   The pi-ie Iiinu. nod bttUaniie
fume, BO ben-'Hiial in ilroat and luny
double, whicb are lllnrstinl when a l's|
is put into tlio ni'iilih, al o attri e anolltei
good purpose. Tliey st. strongly germl
oidal.auil gormsof di.en.ein tlie .Mouth,
on the palato, in the t'.iont, and in ths
breathing tube", are at once destroyed
by their action."
* Havo ynu t'icd this fanvsn
remedy! 'II not, ent out thi.
articl', write aiuusa it llie name
and date of tV. p.ipor, anil mail
it (will lo, .tamp to jan£ return
J. Taylor, Proprietor
lias just purchased a ear ot
on the
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk ln
Yi* guarantee to Fleas*
(From the Fernie Free Frees)
A Fcrnie hen fancier has Imported
a |50 rooster.
An epidemic of chicken thievery
has broken out In tbe city and many
prize birds have been lifted. Bpeclal
watchmen are on duty witli splater
guns loaded with box car shells.
On Wednesday Constable McDonald took Nick Mackuvick and Mrs.
Bessie Kvans to Nelson Jail, the former to spend two months for being
naughty, and the latter nine months
tor false pretences. Tbo lady stated
that It was to be her 86th Jail sentence.
lt seems strange that the depart-
ment of mllltla should allot auch a
small contingent of volunteers to be
drafted from the Kootenays when
thero aro so many men anxious to go
trom here. From tho fact that the
Montreal regiments were glad to accept our men as part of their quota
on each of the Ilrst two contingents,
It would seem only right that the men
should bc enlisted where they are
available. It Is no exaggeration to
say that right In the Fernie district
ten men are available for every one
that has been asked for. why should
those men have to go to the eastern
Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 21.—The
funeral of the late Col. llerchmer,
who for" litany years was commissioner of tlte   Royal   Northwest
a carload of cattle.
Mr. Hogan, of St. Mary's Prairie, I Siuhted Police, took place on Satur-
shlpped a car of potatoes from Wy- day Th(, j9th Serr|ce tattnllon fur-
cllffe this week. There aro still' Blghed tho f(lp(,ra, party P„nbear-
Plenty of potatoes In the district.        , er8 wwe, glr charle8 Hlbbert Tup-
The hockey match between Marys- neri g p; i)avls, K.C., F. It. Olover,
vllle and Sullivan mine was played T jr white, H. Sherwood and Col.
Sunday oftcrnoon on  Taylor's   mill jidiiree.
pond.     The Bcore being 3 to 1 ln   'Tho chief mourners were:   F, K.
favor of Marysville. Herchther, Winnipeg, brother; H. W.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cox, of Walsall, Herchmer,   Victoria,   end   Sherwood
England, have arrived In Wycliffe and Herchmer,   Fcrnie,   sons,   and   two
Intend making their home In British brothers-in-law, C. R. Townley and
Columbia.    Mrs. Cox Is a daughter of O. J. Ashworth.
Mr. Edwards of the Wycliffe hotel.      '  The 29th battalion furnished a flr-
Oreat credit is given tbe teacher, ing squad,
Mr. Clark, ot Marysville, In the way!,'      „„„,«,,„ nraillltMlFN
he Is getting the children on in their i HAS GREA1LR RESMl Kt fcS
work at school.    We hope to keep THAN HAS GtRMANY
Mr. Clark with us for an indefinite
President H. M. Tory, of the TJnl-
I versity of Alberto, ls authority for
• A very enjoyable evening *"•» ,ll0 8latement ttat Alberta, It proper-
\nd all thc Provinces by the sea, ; 'Pent at the home of Mr. Lyman |y oulUTatedi coula fee(1 fifty million
Have answered ln haste the call. ! Taylor, St. Mary's Prairie, on Wed- pw)ple ,ft th(, courso 0, an oadres9
.Armed and ready for tbe fight you'll, nesday evening, February 17th ,lt be- Dr   Tofy c]a|med tm A|berta wa9
Capital Authorised        »••—■-.
Capital Paid I'p	
Reserve   and   Undivided
Profits    »M*fV>M*
Accounts of Corporations, Muni*
clpalltlcs .Merchants, Farmers and
Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued
available tn any part of the world.
attention' given to Savings Bank Ao
from date of deposit,
counts.    Deposits of 11.00 and upwards received and Interest allowed
Cranbrook Branch
H. W. SUPPLE, Manager
Sons of thc Saxon and Gaul.
3ur drill may strike you as rotten,
We may fail at the Sergeant't test,
But you'll find In the day oi battle,
We can fight and die with your best.
So give us a chance at the Germans.
That's why we crossed the sea,
To uphold the power ot our empire,
Old England to fight for thee.
Dr. Foster, government vet, of
Clatewoy, was In Elko Tuesday.
Dr. Saunders, ot Baynes, paid Elko
several professional visits this week.
John M. Watson, ot Nelson, Ib visiting his mother at Roosville after an
absence of several yearB.
The Daughters of the Empire are
getting up a concert that will surprise the residents of the town.
It's Just awful getting freight from
the coast ovei the C.P.R. It's getting
to be a regular habit with them. .
P. B. Fawler .manager of tho Canadian Bank of Commerce, Fernie, was
In Elko and Baynes this week,
You can't always tell by a man's actions whether ho has blue blood In
his veins or has tho hook-worm alt
"My Dream is O'er, I Say Farewell." By Kaiser Bill (Tbo Mad Em.
peror). At the Elko opera house
March 1st.
Jim Thistlebeak says the reason
the Germans keep on the main thoroughfares Is because they cant get
through the Allies.
Francis Downs, of Claresholm, Al-
provinces and be broken into small 1 berta, who put Flagstone on the map
parties In order to get to the front?     is   vlaltlng   Elko,  Cranbrook,   Flag
Ing the occasion of Mr Taylor s birth-    o(c rlchw than „,„ Gmnan
day.    Friends from Marysville Kim- e       Ho   ^^   ,„   more
berley and surrounding district gath. home.maker8 and ttle raost advanced
ered to spend the evening at the Mlmm. farn)|ng ,„ oroer „,», th,„
Taylor home.   Various   games were tla, ^^ maJ. be real.
played and guessing contests were in-;
dulged ln.     Prises were given for ; :	
guessing. These being carried off by | SARAH BERNHARDT DOING
Mrs. Hope and Miss Nellie Handley. ,„.. ,,.,,,.,, iiprii t'I'lllV
Later In the evening a dainty lunch, WELL AFTMt 0PEIU n0!i
was served, which was enjoyed by, Paris, Feb. 23.—A tolegrnm has
one and all, and many were the | heen received here from Maurice
remarks passed over the good things I Bernhardt, son of Mme. Sarah Barn-
served by the hostess in her usual | hardt, saying that all is going as well
style.   After supper the guests wcre ■ lls possible following the amputation
Phone 105 P. O. Box N
Organist Methodist Churek
Receives Pupils lor
Organ, Pianoforte, Volee,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hours: i to t
Evenings by arrangement
Ruutli'if Hli lor Women, tt a bon or thr-Mlor
UU. field at aU Drug stoni. or mailed to **yf
■ddnwon rtcript of i-rlec. Thi Kooriu. OtM
OOaSiCntharfDHi-Oiiwrio. __ ..
Vitality: for N.rve and Brain: incmsM"|nr
nutt.r'iaTniilc-wltlliiilltt yon up. IS a VMS,fS
two tor |;i, at drug .tor... ., ts, mail oBtiMSt
of prln. Tna Scosbll Dave Co., St. OataalWa
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd., Agents.
favored with several recitations by
Mrs. Taylor, and they were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Music and dancing was also indulged in, and the
guests left for their several homes
In thc wee sma' hours, wishing their
host many happy birthdays, and one
and all hoping this is only the beginning of such pleasant evenings
spont in the Taylor home.
of the great actress' leg and the doctor is well satisfied with the progress
being made by Mme. Bernhardt and
that he hoped for a rapid recovery.
It Is gratifying to note that a little
more Interest is being taken in the
local corps ot volunteers by tbe citizens generally. Some action bas already been taken witb a view to easing tho financial burden of those on
whom It ordinarily and unfairly falls
und an appreciation of the situation
hy the people generally can do much
more to assure the success of the
107th Kootenay regiment. The success ot the corps wlll enure to the
benefit of Fcrnie In a material way,
if ono cares to look at tbat aspect of
the matter. Tbe building ot the ar-
asonry wills aa atteadaat gatettaalkH
stone and Gateway this week.
Chief Paul David (Hyas Tyee) of
the Tobacco Plains Indians, left Elko
Tuesday for Spence's Bridge to attend the meeting ot the Indian chiefs.
It the cabinet ministers at Ottawa
don't know where the Roosville Valley and Tobacco Plains aro, they will
before tho ranchers In the valley get
through with them.
Cumberland House, Riverside Park,
entertained Company **., 107th Regiment, to a chafing dish shindy with
mahogany cream. It waa a social
success.    A very pleasant tlase waa
Clear Your Skin
Eczema, psoriasin, ring worm, pimples, scales nnd crusts are due   to
 ____^„ myriad deeply burled  germs in the
i skin.     To secure   relief   anil   euro
EVERY RANCHER SHOULD   j these germs must be destroyed and
HAVE A COLONY OF BEES/' ^Jm",Jf '„  „ ' prcHcrliitlon. u mild
—— componudln   liquid  form  of oil  of
Bouchers ot British Columbia are I wlntergreen, 'thymol nnd other heal;
w   .    .     .        u    ...      t      . i.     i'lng elements, will give Instant relief
beginning to realise tho valuo of bee- ;)ri aM C0M     „uMk(1 „„,,,,,„ lt „,,„„.
It you want satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
keeping as a profitable branch of
farming. The production of honey
In this province In 1914 is estimated
by the department of agriculture officials at 300,000 pounds, ot a total
value of 951,000, compared with an
output In 1913 valued at 19,000. That
represents a gain ln production of
over 530 per cent.
Details ot the output by districts
show that In Kootenay and Boundary
the average production per hive last
year was 68 pounds which, with one
exception, is the highest ln the province. It is four pounds above the
To the trult grower bee-keeping
brings direct and indirect profits.
Good prices are paid for honey and
the bee is one ot the most active of
natural agents In bringing about good
'fruit crops.      As a   polonlxer   the
trates. to the deeply burled germs,
kills and washes thorn out.
A generous trlul bottle for 25c. Come
In and let us tell you about our money
back guarantee olter on n full slse
bottle. Ask ulso about I). D. D.
I) all. D. Is Mnde in Canada
Certilieate ot Improvements
Where   Located—On   Sullivan
Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that the Consolidated Mining ft Smelting Co. of Canada,
Limited .Free Miner's Certificate No.
75936B, intend, sixty daya from the
busy  little   honey-collector  Ib   kingLijite.horeof, to apply to the Mining
among the Insect class and he docs '■ Recorder  for  a  Certificate  ot   Im-
not have to take a back seat to the
wind or to any other factor which
makes for good fertilisation ot fruit
Every   ranch   In    Kootenay   and
Boundary should have Its colony ol
provements, for the purpose of obtain
Ing a Crown Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action,
under section 86, must be commenced
before tho issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated thin llth day ot February,
A.D. IMS. i-»
Spokane, Washington
il il    igas
We believe wo
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel ln Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on tha Roof


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