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Cranbrook Herald Apr 1, 1920

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 ,-)• Mar 31-80
provincial UM»
. .   •■   •'..,.
VO I. U M V.
CRANBROOK, B. I'., Till .SIl.U, APRIL 1. 1800
local minim; mkm sek in
sla i iii! (jvtiilkimi
Con volition in Sound City Hill
he Lnrccly Allentlotl. Is
Latest  Hi-purl
lriusi KonU'iiiiy will have representation nt the Mining uonven-tlon to he
held in Seattle, Wash. April 7 to 10,
u well-attended meeting of the IU\
Prospectors' Association held Tuesday
evening in the City Iwl1 naming Mr. J.
P. Huchcroft, secretary of tho Association to represent the district.
Considerable business wus transacted at the meeting In the Interest of
the prospectors.
Letters giving complete llsis of free
miners' licence holder,;, were read
from Wilmer, Golden, Fenie and the
local offices. Tlie letter from Wilmer
contained the suggestion that the association not tinker witli the mineral
act which the oltlcinl at that place
said was the best in the history of the
A letter From Mining Engineer,
Rowland King, suggesting that all ore
samples sent to the Seattle show be
accompanied by assays, was rend und
he advised that ;i record be ke.pt by
the ai!soclation of all assays.
Mr. King also gave the association
some excellent advioe regarding ^the
best method of advertising the pi literal resources of thla section.
letters read showed that other sections would send displays and delegates to the Seattle meeting.
Secretary Huchroft advised the association that  meetings of the execu-
I meeting that several parties would he
lu tlie district tn search of properties
j during the coming summer or when
the weather opened up pufflolontly to
j pormtt of examinations beinu made
and urged upon the gathering tlte iin-
Lporttinco of set ing to ii thai the trulls
| wen- put In shape
j Tho work nf the i-otnntlttoe In ne
curing samples for tho Seattle convention w»'s approved of unaulmoualy.
' An effort will bt made Lo necure d
suiiipiitm plant for tho nterlor :iud Lhe
Wesl Kootenay Prospectors' Aaaocl-
niton's efforts along those lines were
Nomination of n doleguto  ttend
Die Seattle (.invention wns nexl lu order   illld    the    following    wit.'    placed
before tho i ting: Messrs  Pros, IDv-
tins, See. J, F. Hnchcrnfl nml -I l<onak
Tlw ballot disclosed ihat Bocrelory
llnclicroft had rocclvod a majority
of ihe ballots mid wns declared ■•■
eted to the po itlou of roproaontntlvu
of tlie association, thanking the meet
inn for the honor conferred upon lllm,
Col, Potlom meiittotied what h<- be*
lieved was one or ihe neglected resources of the Southern section of this
part of tho Province-oil, and il wns
decided that data would bo got torn ther and some of ihe samples from
the Flathead and Sage Creek sections
taken and displayed al the Seattle
li:aim:ks i imqi i:vii.y
Mineral  Act, whercuader    provision
was made for placing reserves upon
Iron ore lands upoi^tie advice of tit*-1
Minister, to whom    authority    wus
| given  tu  lift  such   '■"■serves When   he I
isaw Iii This wa-i th*' measure'
winch. Mr. Bowsw had claimed,
j would so prnjudlcnlly affect the
i prospoclorn of the province and
| which was i-xtomlini*. ipp harmful
policy already Inaugurated by the
I Minister of Lands thereby the latter seen red control or the administration of the coal jtitd    poirol n
land- of ihe province. The bill, us
drafted, would havl permitted lhe
i Minister of Mines u lin a reserve
without uuy public notice and dispose of thorn In ■. ■>* manned he
mtgbi boo lit. mi*. Bowser urged
that when a reserve was lifted due
six vxuv.s today
A   PlPI'K   Hi It   THE   IMIMK
Itkotih   H>ltl.a..si    ALWAYS
n r si it r. u
V        t ATI II  OF   PIFTV.POril
M Will ",. *.'l.Ml., TO .1. SMITH
dry" commission hr's isi
eonr in (.(iyi:hy>ii:m
is i\ti:hi:ntim:
ie blggeat bo
,-   1,1   1
ira niade ia
1 il-
-.'cti'in   -,.   f
ir  Gill.
■  l,y  two  tn
c',„lcll,-  Minis,
n  I" .
.  Smitli
fni- buyer, vv
io pulil
tlte tne
some sum of
■ for
."t ,
r the choicest
i ?kln*
Slllilll ,„IIM<1. r;- in-
mado a
mnl iii.* , iifii
-.  11 lv
. lea
ed,  ,-*[„■, i.,11
»1l ||
Uio   promiit
mot • ni Hottlemenl  made for
.   Mr.   Smith
,,ii delivery.
Ig   ,,v,.r
Several of the prospectors volnti
toored to give assistance of several
day"/ labor on the proposed now display building to be erected nt the ('.
P. R. depot on Baker street, when It
was announced thut the pinna wert
ibout ready and work would he commenced soon.
Mr. J. F. Ottlmonl wound up the
meeting by extending an invitation
to al to become members of the board
of trade.
Teachers Arrange
For Convention
tmlcipale.l K out en ay Bun Hilary Gath**
orlnu Here April tllh. 7th nnd
Mth Will be a Lurire One
Opposition  Suspicion*, of sin
verity of Government nnd
Parti Men Rebellion*
mil- Special Co
Legislative  Pi
-l-tiii-luiil iu the
The program for the First Annual
Convention of Teachers of Kootenay-
Boundary, under Uie auspices of tlie
Kootenay-Boundary Teachers Associative hnd been held with tht mining Hon. to meet, here on April 6, 7, g, has
committee of the hoard of trade and been arranged by the local committee
Mr. McPhee. chairman of tho hoard of in charge.
trade mining committee addressed the.   \o doubt tlu convention will he one
meeting, telling what had taken place 0f the most largely attended in the
at tlie meeting. He said the board had ■ history of tlie association Judging from
no axes to grind; M was working tor the information In the hands of the
the ivpUiltHng of the whole district; j local committee.
Uie board was behind the association,
lie said the committee had under consideration   the   question   of  securing
lOWer rates ou ores nnd powder.
He wanted to see the trails opened
up and a map of the district made and
a writeul*, of the mineral resources
prcpar. d through the publication of a
booklet. This, he s: Id
at the meeting.
Through ihe Interest taken by ih>'
hoard of trade in the work. Mr \ \
WaWtagor hod been named us a deli -
gate from th,. hoard to go to lhe convention aid the sum of (260 had heen
appropriated tow-nnls the expense of
the ore exhibit and Bending the dole*
gate.    The    announce.ne  I    wn-    me!
with applause
VICTORIA, B.C., March :t0.—I-ittlo
legislation of a beneficial nature to
the people of the Province has been
brought down so far by the Government, ami It is now a certainly that
the session will extend beyond Easter,
Frequent clushes between the leaders, mid the rebellious attitude of
some of tlle Liberal members, indicates ther is a reeling ilie government
is not. sincere in some of the measures
introduced, which arc. it is generally
believed designed to catch votes iu the
forthcoming  election.
For Instance, the Liberals huve
been iu power for over four yours and
have jiti't wised up to tho question ol
the almost universal demand for a
change in the rule of the road, B. C,
being the only Province remaining In
tho "turn-to-the-left" class.
The ^ite Conservative convention
al Vancouver declared for this new order of things and (ho fact that it had
done so and the move bud met with
such general approval has caused the
iGovornmont, through Dr. King, to In-
trduce a hill declaring for the same
| thing hut post dating action until so
: l.itc a date ns to put It into the hands
of the Incoming Oovernment, whatever
government that may be.
It is generally so ' with all legl kjj
ion brotighi down—nothing being done
ot^J dnfinie character.
; The past week has seen the house
| get down to some real business and
progress lias heen made with legla
latlon so far brought down. Chtel
'attention  has been  paid  lo  UlO now
The committee to arrange for the Elections Acl in connection with
billeting of the visitors are busy and whlch it early became apparent thai
hotd accomodations are being pro- tUo opposition criticism 1ms produced
vided  wliere  iKisslble. a marked effect.    The strong doelur
Instead of the dance being held Relation hy Mr. Bowser against the uvn
was announced In the auditorium  of
the High school the same will tie conducted in the Auditorium theatre im-
llscussod I mediately after the lyceum attraction
scheduled lo Hike place that evening
Following is the progrma:
First  session, Tuesday. 7.80 p m
Preliminary business, enrolment and
1 resident's address.
Second Session, Wednesday, t. a.m. atei
Problems jn retaining to tlie rural' had
(hotd dr F, t: Calvert, inspector; it r
nf school , discussion io be opened b> stru
Mr   It   W   Ashworth.    DlsClplIn
1 lo
sraiit Mn
• hi
RO ft*.
. poll
ofl j
d that   factor In development: Mr   K. Daniels,
■ill be
wnall >i
-nielli r
Hi  principal  Ferule  Public school;  discussion,   School gardening; Mr. h. A
v   otnspell, principal Grand Forks pub
ot   He school;   discussion
ni     Third session, Wednesday, 1.80 p.m.
spelling: Mr A. lv C. Martin, N« 1
Brndy, who ion High school; discussion, Primary
• subject of I reading; Miss iv Creelman, Revelstoke
'.iii   mining | Public school    Reports of officers and
nuinltieej-,    discussion   of  salaries;
ssoclatlon business.
Fourth  Session, Thursday 8 a.m
nflnlsllOd   business,   election  of  offl-
, lo
already a I
on powdm.
An effort
or freight
ore shippei
carload hus.
District EugUioor .1
was preseni. spoke o
general purpose and
trails and  promised  tho i
iiis oo*oporatlon in getting
opened up.
The Government wns wvorly criti
i-izcd hy somo of lhe speakers for li     cers
"neglect of the linti." ami the Inul re- ( Wtdnesday evening an ontCHaln-
wtllts becaUSO of being unable to cope   ment and dance will be held under th",
wiih Urea   Ono speaker declared iiu  auspices ot the local teachers
revenue from asoossmonta to protect     The proceeds from the dance niter
thc rOHMl   areas hereabouts had  boon   exrenses   are   pal.I   ait    to   go  lo   the
f 11.000 In   1010;   the government  hud ! fund to provide playground equipment
spent 10000 iu fl Rilling LhrOC tires and   for the children or to liie library
$.S«o   ou    irails        President    KvaiiHt .♦♦
wild there was a community Interest NOTKO IHVINK TO Hi; IIKRK
in overy stlok of ttmbor in the district t    \\ MKTHODIST lliriiril SI'MIAV
and tlmt ihere was one limit in the St J —-
Mary's district containing eiglit or ten i Announcement is imnie that tbe Hev,
hundred million feet which could not I s. I). -Shown, D.D., L.L.h.. BOiieral ont-
be reached In tho ovanl »f a Ore bo-1 perlntendflnt or the Methodist church
cause of the neglected trulls. tin Canada. In to bo hero and occupy
Mr. J. F. Guimoi also epoke on the tho pulpit in tin MethodlBl church on
deplorable conditions existing In this  Sunday next
particular and moved that the secretary take nil With lhe minister of pub-
He works, the Hon. J. II. King, tlu
question of having the (rails looked
after immediately.
Ho showed lhe meeting where the
Mineral act giving aid to the prospector did not cover ihcse trails but wiu>
for the purpose of opening up new
trntlB thnt re-pies'tH made of the minister of works had mot with the advice to see the minister of mines and
thero tho mailer wa, brought tn an
abrupt ending.
President Evans suggested that the
department get in touch with the people residing In them, sections and get
first hand Information aa to the re
<|ulremenlH  In thla respect.
Secreuy   Huchcroft   advised   the
Few men occupy n higher lHisilioa.
not only In the religious life of the
Dominion, but In tlte general .political
movements of tlie times. His position
us general superintendent of the Methodist churph in Canada enables blm tn
speak nutliorntively. An old soldier
hlnisolf, he look a very active Interest
in the men Oversea:!, and ns an authority on many of the problems nf the
returned veteran--. Several trips were
made to the battle front by Hev.
Chown and In consequence he saw
much of tlie life of the vallunt sol-
dtern, As an educationalist iu the Ho
minion, the distinguished visitor is
also nn authority on matters pertain
ing to educational life, a hearty invitation Is oitended lo the public to
hear Rev. Chown.
-. had bronchi forth the ev
m the government tlmt it \\,\a
Ik- tnkon as a declaration of
but merely a COnC3SSlOU 10
[iiest from ii W.V.A, iu Van-
to extend lo tbe .laps lhe vote
>w such ii provision, Incorpor-
a government measure which
on canvassed iu caucus before
bed   tlo>   House could   le-  .'o:!-
strued Into anything else hut a ..h.-
sldered poll .y of the governmeni .-.is
noi explained. The opposition which
ui almost every section or tho province and by every class in the i oni-
in Unity has heen voiced ngallli-t .he
proposal has made il nblind lhll>
ch-ar that Mr Dowser, In his ulLlttido
Ims expressed the nnanlmo
r tbe peoplo oMhe Province. iVhlle
the definite announcement has not,
as yet, boon forthcoming, It Is practically certain that the obltOXlOUS
clause will be eliminated,
There is loo. Ho- ot Imt point to
which Mr. Dowser directed his pro-
lest, tho section which nullifies the
whole elaborate machinery for safeguarding the counting of tlie absentee vole and rendered lhe act wide
open for election Irregularities similar lu nature to those which startled
the country in the Spring of I ft 1 fi
when lho plugging scandal at Victoria was unearthed, ll is tho provision  whorounder,  if  n 'Iglnal
applications for registration are not
liable before lhe returning ollicer
ut tbo count of the absentee ballots,
the provisions of tho    net   requiring
mipnrismi between Ibe nllldavll. ot
lhe voter ns slcnod on the hack of
lite envelope containing the ubseii-
tee ballot, with that of the voter on
his original application for registration need not be made, This calm
wiping out. of the whole Rvstcm ofj
snfe-guarditig the ttasonlee voting
aroused n storm of protest from tlto
opposition members who declared It
was lhe renl "Joker" of tho bill. Tho
Premier admitted thut he did not llko
notice  should  be  given  and
heartily sdnportod hy C   s
North Vancouver     As a ro
Hn- criticism directed against
the   measure     au   a mend ment   was
broughi in hy tbe Minister providing
for the public negotiation thus eliminating any possibility of secrecy in
negotiations between lhe Minister ot
government  and  anv individual  ot
syndicate who might desire lo secure
control of such ore lands
Tho speeding up liy tha novum
meul of its loglslrtUvo programme
■it this stage in the session has
doubtless been t be result of soim
drong criticism directed ni it, by
its own supporters. Gossip has it
thnt at more than one recent cnitCUS
session some of the iip-ennutr.v members have not been backward In rapping their party heads for their fall
lire to be better prepared for the
lesslou. Tho Legislative bill of fare
is a comparatively slim one this year
find yet It is further! behind them for
years past. Any hope that the sew
slou will tormlnnte at ihe end ol' the
month has disappeared despite llu
fact that members were confidently
counting upon tbo end of the two
months period seeing them ou their
way to their home.
Testimony to the dfUcucy of Hie poi-
ley Inaugurated by the former Con- '
lervntlve government to Btife-gnnrd
tho iutcrosta of the dairymen  and
the public by ihe movent I on of tuberculosis lu Hii- i';ilrh:i,Miv of the!
Province was given In the Hoise this
wook by Hon. E. IUiurrow, Mutator
of Agriculture, when lie stated Mint
the number of re-act Ions to (he tub- ■
ercnlln  test is rapid-)}' approaching
to the Irreducible t. inluium.    To *\
I A Me'' ty,/!'-, (V* servatlve ineiu-'
tier for Delln, t Ik^ Minister sltttud
thai t lie herds of ihe province are
singularly freo from the disease, in
(Heating thut the system of inspection had proved a most valuable one
Incidentally he admitted that lhe
preseni government is following out
a    practice for   which   tbe    Liberals
ivore wonl to roundly blame the
former administration, namely, ibe
permitting of the •'tile of carcases ut
animals ordered sh.imhtered by the
government Inspectors because of
their being infected wiih tuberculosis, There was a time when tbe
Liberal critics, who sought any and
all excuses for criticising the late administration, literally made the wel
kin rint; with their donuuealtions ol
ihe failure of the (hen Department
to adequately safe guard tho public
health through the prohibition of the
sale of such Infected meat. Hut the
practice is still being permitted by
the preseni Department, the Minis
ter admitted.
Tho question of the advisability or
oiherwise of the tuberculin test was
one-on which, formerly, considerable
difference of opinion existed. The
present premier, when some years
ion! ago he was devoting his attention to
his farming operations in the Delta
rldiiiK. a di^iiici in which his farming work proved more profitable
than did bis pulltl-al efforts, was one
of its most bitter opponents. On one
occasion his refusal to ullow his cattle to be Inspected resulted In their
being quarantined by the ihor. Conservative minister of Agriculture
Today ill. t, sum- system of i.Hne*-
Hon l» being carried out wll i ■■
mnrkabe siicce>. ,.nd B.C. cattle, lie
(Continued on Pago Two)
i»i:on,i: von: -inn
iiKiMi,mr,v Agricultural Ass'n
s, sr ,eor„ovi wm Postpones Election
Have 'Ihelr I,i,|,,<■ r In
Spite in'  II luI, Casts
!',,!.    .Illtll
mblotl In in
IV, dell. I-'ai-i-i:,. -Hoy Rnuoi
mtlllHlOl' ul' liil„,r. |,|-,iiiiiiii.|ir,-
■n to tour (llmlncl  rou to I'm, i
'■'li'iii trltlt il i-nii,*:, . i
f.ncotnetM of tlm Itr-Hisli    Vol
I'l. I Million   \,.|  iliii'liin    tiio
.mora.!  i,y  Hi,- review.    Tho
m-i out in toluinliioiiH iloliill i
lllull    lisi   ot 1,11   lll'OHOOIIIIOIItl.
[ileco, iiiiiii,.. iiiiiiii-,. nf i-liiir-,.
ltlft|IOHOll  1,1   mill  III,'     s*/ltilli|
'..'titti: " n iiii-ii' li-ii of tiio u
iiiiiiii liquor    vendor's   dully
n.ontli liy in,,mil rrom    .Innii
llfi-iMllli,'!-.   iliiTi'i-i-iilliilini-      ii
V'/iiipouvor,  Vlciortii nnd   Nn
'In- total number ol nrem-i-lnllt
lltlHOI'   I, ',-,1   Iiv   11 Il|i-j-il
Dl'fc lillll drill!  iti    HirmiBlii,
\ ill   ll, ,tli,-:   Will   Kli'i-t   (inirer:
iiiiiI liin-,1,,1* nt  (il.luiir I Mi-,-1-
inn l„ lie llclll (ililiit. A|,rll tt
lleenti -
. I'ran
lllill-iil   Al
1,11   lllBI   ,-i
II, IAl"'"'
Imice at
on, held in Hie
li   Ull.   ,IO,idtHl
i- tlu, election ol
ml dlraotan, to
Friday , vi'iiinu.
Ihe -am,- ph.ee
1 .1   \
up  in
,-u, ,n
vll'.  Hi,
! province   n
; nni,nm ,,r
ilitrhig linn
Inst  year's ,'xiiii
inn III,- iilllavni'a
-Hlllll      Irll, 11      I,'
sll,,Wll   l,y   III,' llll,
Tin' sis 1-,-iiiry
port which wns
iii,- Agricultural
[on    Xot-vtthstnnd-
>• conditions, only a
i lillll   $1111111,1.    wn*
nr's r,'|,„rl
and the mutual re*
,!,.|, ,1  FO, w;,nl,',l  10
!,-|.  rtl.i,'llt   at    \', -
Villi,1,11, ,','  Sllll'S.
Iii 111,' litliiilnli'il sliili'iiKMil <•:' ,..' ■■,
liie Infill vn 1, I liquor -,,1,1 ilnrli'tg
In- Iwolvo iiii,iii lis I'liiiiii}! li,.- niii,,.r
.11  lasl Is nivrii ns JI...7H.17"■ 72   ill
this niiinniii   ¥l,2f>7,sil&.'ll,   is
,'i't'iliii'il  to  Vnueonver, nltltougl,  ,i
■itiniilil li" inenlluncd dial si,i,'-i m-ii..-
lli-li'il  III   l'|-illi-i-     lllllii'l-l,  Cl-a-iii-v,,;..
Mow Del ivi -r ami Quesnel nro Iticlud-
•,l in tli,' Vinicoiivor lolnl Vii-iiii-iu
is a lonif way Itehllld tlte Terminal
-.'iiy' inul Hi.- u-i. l *..li.- In this ,'iiy
for lho Iwolvo in,".'!■;■' nmounled to
}2II0,1S2,31. Al N'aiiainiii. tllfl total given fnr tho year is (EZ.-t.Sa 30,
with I'l-liii-.' Ilii|»'i •.•rod toil wiiii
business iinioiintlnR i„ $'-'.!'ii 70 lor
tho month of December
December Insl onslly was Hi- ro
innl niniilii ul' lb,' yi'nr In Von
rouvor iilotio Ibe iniiil sub's for the
iinutli renehotl tad,OHO 18, ns
iiKiilnsi Sn;.I:in im ror Hi" i'iy "i
Victoria during Ihn suma i" rlu I
In .Intimity nf lasl yoar tltfl Vancouver .*,... ■ .iisi„,s,.,i ,,i lust under lltt,
H'oiitltiiuii .... "',vi,' Two)
Will Try to Check
Jilrli department lmd requested
,iori as nn itlloratli ii <»f gntutfl
! waa being considered
Proafdoul Kntledge In iii.- n port to
the meeting, thought the aesodatloa
ahould continue to carry on; lax) year
'he fair wna badly handicapped !<>• the
dry HBoaon. but the -stin-W exliibt wns
credttnble and the IntereN nmnltestod
i flowed i!;*< i ;'..' were alive u< the
j Importance of conducting tlie fair:
hii.- droiielit lmd pre yea ted agricuttit-
ml exhibits; another ureal hnnuicap
. \\I'i-'ii afferti ,1 i      . ' •
! the I'iiiin.c . < i, •■ .,..- r-,ro
j tin* ofllcliilx had done all «r*<..'
i [terror in  bring
I reBldenl Hutledge thanked the city
, Council im the financial assistance
j glVen tlte fair and thc "flictrr* and
dfrecmrn for the hearty co-operation
, ihej    Inul   gtven   fin:.
Ki referred to t .. atemj• <■ -■■ <r.
■t Qovernmem loa ■>'.:■ i I ad felled
because lhe l>;ind Settlement tv>ard
ruled in make such loan »ai nni witii-
h : • ;t power Other "b~taries had
' ■ ■ enn ■! securing fie loan
ile BUggeated the date for iioidinc
the t ii ir wm too late  end ii wn* dt-
( Med   upon   nifiil"ii    W   l-*iie t   thp  di-
i* otoi*i !■■   -I the ■! te (or .'.,r:>  v.-   ,
■ ien tier tl b fair u  end threi dayi  |
r.r.it. doing good hohk
He|>re8«ulnttveg in Stuteg linve
tdonil Xe>vs for IVuplc mi'
Itichevt oi' Last We>ls
The latest information as to tha expected very large Influx of tourists
from out*-.de [Kiint.-; to tht- effect that
many tiome-stt-k»*r> have thler eyes
mi this rich Dominion Uio last t>t
the Oreat Westa as n promised hind.
and accordtng lo representative* ol
the Canadian Pacific Railway Co
ilie N'ntural Resources department
that company, many win come t
way the cdtnlng sumnit r
Acrordlng to Mr C A Van Sco)
thai department of the -' P u loca
.it San Francisco who has be
Canada recently, a greal many people
"who have recently visited California
with the expectation of settling on
land there, haw nut found conditions
to their liking These people, he avers, are enquiring («-r British Columbia land- end will nol listen to'In-
fortoallon about any part (if the country In Mi V'n 8coy> opinion, Brlt-
ish Colunfbla win nee many of tliis
•la-.- of -. tiur locate here this yenr
M. \'rtti Scoy, who led Vancouver
for San FnuidncO after completing
lit- visit to various sections of the
Province was acotnpanfed by Mr. i.. i*.
Thornton district representative al
tin- Coaal of the Natural Resources
department of tht C P. it at Portland. Oregon Both officials were recently "ti 'lie prairie- where they accompanied >ix coaches of settlors
frwm tne But** The niajorft) of tin
n<--.-i.ni---   tfetttd  <i-  the  irrigation
"-*' '.-'■•■■'ii   rtint   have   (-x\tr----"'l
i,.cii^:v - «: ',..:tW-l Sfifi tlir prtw*
p-eh-is tin u     ume principally
from the Mates of California   Oregon
-•id Anat'iia.   Two were from Nevada
and \a-o from Colorado
Dnring the present yetu the Canadian Padfli Railway Company expects
to locate :* treat nntny American wet-
tier- on 'i.e prairies un<t in other parts;
ol '. •■ Dominion and British Colnmbin
,.- -- heduled to have a number of tlie
■, it-port ir.im Port Aril it I l-i
"<-■■-'. . nd said that lift ■• i h milred
i'ri'ii   *iiiis   turn,  wom-i  , n-\ chill'
<■ vanguard of - ■ '•"" KriKllsh,
Welsh    and Bcoti i    \ Im   are
ttie    In  (■..it,,...     ;..!,"■!
bofor«  *' ■•  Hpokant   n Ibil - n  tool
plat e, v ;.ii .    ■ ild i ••!mil ol many ol ■.,.... ;|. three -i>
FlirthpP   Adl/iinrPC "' '1,m"""'" l>"1   ' '■ Pf»lriei ..-i ■    Canadian Pacifi-
I ui Mivi   riUTUiivvj   ,, „ i ,1;,.. I, H i ]„.. . lohI) 0I1 th	
  Mr Prank Dexall suggeateq
cf tin   : Jul * -    (tendance thel the *•-•■■
tion of officers be pu tponed until soma
futura ilate and s motion carried thai
tin* metlm  be adjourned  until  Pn-
' day
. pine*
Tl e>
Him II tit III I.iiimIh-i iik-ii Ihul Willi Illi
QneHllun in High I'rlcci nl Uie
Helling Held In Cnlgarj
pan steam
■ lagami   Vlinm dn (   ind    fcm
i ■  Ki ■    The) are all    ' u
ions < last and    w ■ n    ''i   im
.. '   tit i,, pioneei
i ■ ■. im ■      iteatnei dui      rrrive
vim in if. April -t'i' ut \\,t  samt in Canada from ■   * until May 15 w
the clly hall   ai * o'clock and  ] ke»l ahead ' f'    thase people
Mussrs. A, K. Watts of Wattsburg  all Interested In the success of the fair
and Cltaetre staple-, of Wycllffe, protn* are urged to be on hand
Inontly Identlfled wltll the lumbering     Mr ,l   •■•'  Huchcroft made a request
Industry in Mils section, have arrived (for apace for a mineral exhibit nnd al-
liome from the meeting of tho Mot
tain Lumbermen* Aaaoclatlon hold
Calgary Inst week-end.
,     . ■..      ' IIlidmd      "1     ■ llolli    will   set
Us in llrltlsh Columbia     Thii Is the
in-* n in -i\ yeara thai there have
bean •■ Kl  Immigrants apart from
ami m him>si:k to n.osi:
Thai there will lie no rurUtor nd- ■
vance lu the price ..f Itimber ir tlie
manufacturers enn possibly avoid It.I
Ih the b late mon I ol I, it. Poole, ol Nei-
non. aeeretary of tbe asaoclatlon Mr
Poole lays that tiii« deciaton has i.e.it*
arrived at. notwithstanding tin In-
creeeed costs of production. "If the
manufacturers can control the situation the prlco of lumber will certainly
not further advance." lie doflenltol) do-
Another matter which occupied vor) '
considerable ttme ol tbo convontlon
Waa the gathering of fnots for presen-l
latlon to the Canadian Board of Com
merce coverlflg 1018 operationa, Tins.-,
will he presented to the board In due j
course.      Mr.  Poole
i stated thai abottl the time tlie fair   toldl
is t<> it.- held a mining convention Is to o| n
arranged t.. be hold here    Thi reque
wa   referred lo the new directorate
Copy of Auto
Road Map Out
Now   Komi  (lultle  tor  Tourists  llnt-
Phce ot Work   WIII he l*»rl
ef District Konklel
dependenti   to wai rani use
o| B spat lol train
Canada offers ovary opportunity foi
the Industrtoual) Inclined seekei of
opportunities not possessed by any
of the Btatei and *"■' the en din i ol
the war many win undoubtedly coma
tni- wa)
All that li i dod t" gel the lands
tattled ami developed t» publlofty of
ine rlgtb son inul the department i*«-
.nn maintained by lha n.p.R la doing
it- share
 .i <♦■♦	
TOM 10 Vi  l.Mih IJOOII
IHI'ltl.^MtN   1%  I It \ MtlttMih
a sample cor
road map, whicli
booklet which :
the Interest ol tl
of th*1 finished auto
-ill be a pan of the
to be published In
district hereabouti
It himself .'ind he promised that he-
fore Uio hill    gol through Its com- Porta of thc compiles for the yenr
mitten Binge there would he au nm-. WW being presented.
endmnnl to slrengthon thnt section.;   The old officers ol both componiea
The opposition Bcorort n point, too1 were re-elected Vor Uie enaulng year,
wlien their nswnilt upon  the grow-j  •-*-•	
hig nrncllcn of Mlnlatora of the gov- BOWLING TOURNAMENT IS
ernmonl laltlng to thomaolvea pow-'    STIU. \S PR00RB88 AT TIIK «T"
ers rlghlfully porlninlitR to the hogls<  •
Intiire, or nl nnyrnto, io tho L[eut>    The Bowling tournamont which heat
Tom if row i- t»ood Friday an iho
Hnnncii. nittilttilnna, governmo*it ti-
i.ce.s and tunny bualneaa placos w
reniniu cloned during thc day. The
banks will also remain closed on Monday. 1 flgUres wm'p'nva conclusively that thelhM beon solved by
.—„_^^  manufacturers are nol In the ".profit- >» <<»"**' "f lh« ",,rk* n,l(1 iil " fin
LOCAL COMPANIES HOLD loerillK" r.hlSt) HS haa bee., charged by iP«mwn of Uto map mnker'a art
ANNUAL MEETINGS AMI prairie interests. A  1,II,V>'  r"lul  1,ne f°»ow"»8  th
RE-ELECT 0L1I OFFICERS     Me80ro Watts and Staples report theh"0"^ frwn Winnipeg to Oreaton and  reapc
 ., ! meeting well-attended and one which]" Southern points stands oui prom- odist
Annual meetings of\..o Kootenay wju result. In graet good for tho manu
Telephone   Unas.   Limited   and   thelflir,,|rPrH M wen ^ ronsttmera.
Cranbrook   ElectHc   Light   Company.,  —*..	
Limited, were hold Tuesday, the re- JECKS SELLS IMS HOME
onnnt-govornor-ln-counell, forced the
M In I b tor of Mines in make an Import*
[ant chaugit lu tbo hill to amend tbe
gnu last week Is Mill In progr*
the "V" and muclf interest  Ik boltli
uumifented in the numerouB events.
, II. K. JackH. C. P. II. baggag
has disposed of his re ld<
Crauhrook street to John H<
P.It. brakeman. whn will oot
residence ns a home
Mr.   Jecks   recently   pun     *-cd   tho
slx-ucrc  unci   of   laud  on   tho  tints
I from N' a. Walllngor, and |s removing
witli Ids family to his new lionia
j   Mr. Jecks' new home has beon chrta-
Itened "Umsldinr "
Khout oatentatlon, li**
.■linn- mt- r midst on Wednesday,
March jtih    iii» coming wa- cttarac
torlatlc of tin- man. and  yet.  probably,  no ou,. ims left a  better hn-
prenlon   In  Cranbrook  and  district
than hou Tom BesL     On Wednesday
nlghl   last   at   the  "V."   on  Tliu^day
and Friday ntWyclIlte andSprlngbrook
ivi-iy. on Sunday In Die Meth-
Baptlsl    and     Presbyterian
nentiy fn tiio work, while the blue churches, and on Monday in the public
line, also prominently Indicated In tlte school.   We will not soon forget iiis
work, shows   the   routes   north   and "Moeeagefl From the Truiclies" or hia
south. warning,  "Lest  \V(   Forget," or  hia
Nn doubt the maps will be in great Laughter-stirring addraaa on "Sane
demand and Incoporated In the bonk- Optimism," or his heart-to-hoarl talk
let, ahould resull In the data eon-'on ••Selfishness and Self-sacrifice."
tallied in tho work producing good The boys and girls will long enjoy
re'tilts for this district and the nit-1 his vivid description of a trip to the
les located therein
Tli,. Board of Trade is to be con
gratuluted   in   hnvlnw   so   offielontly
OUtHnod the publicity, and tho co-operation of the <\ph (ii the preparation of tho map, is likewise commendable.
fmnt-llii. trancheta right from and
back to Cranbrook In thirty minutes.
Two outatantVnff hnpfai(W>n« aro
loft w-ith ns -the humorouaneas of tiio
man. and the throb of the great heart
iof Divine Lova through nil M* roea*
Imgeft.   Come again, Tom Beat! V A I. f      1 W (I
THK      (KAMI IIO OK       II K It A 1,11
Thursday. April I, 1112(1
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Will be a
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Can To-day
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Bank Money Orders.
When sending even small amounts always safeguard yourself by having a Bank Money Order
This Bank issues money orders payable io almost
auy part of the world.   Ask at our nearest branch.
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Cranbrook Branch,
B. E. Howard, Manager,
Suh-A.ei,*,' al kimberley.
out rovmirnitutiis
Entrant* (rom the Craubt-ook
11,-niUl of ttUs date, 1IM
Cbc Cranbrook herald
shed   Ev
Milkers of Mischief
in its latest issue Colllor'a \\
I nines   that   many    coimmuitc;
. Imve rouched It from Oanada
cutlng growing  hnd   feeling  i
.   Kl.LKTSUN. .IH..
1st, Mgr
•Ioni   WHlxMii   n  Uuulf"
tl   It)'   Union   Labor
many Canadians toward
Perhaps some of tllesi
written liy persons who
by the claim thnt the V
Subscription Trice, J8.00 a Year I won the war off its owt
Subscription Price, VM* P/iM a tear [the injurious oxehnngo i
udinn money; or liy tlie
semite ut Washington ag
OI'H   .
Btnn   Rates   "ii   Application,
for Advertising must be In
: Wednesday noon the current, ting Canada to a pin
secure intention
Co letters tu the editor will be Insert*
except  over   the  proper  signature
tl address of ih<* wrltei      ""       "'
mils ot nu excoptlon.
THURSDAY,  APRIL  l,  1920
The Canadian citizen who
goes out of the way to buy
goods with the "Made-in-Can-
ada" stamp on them is doing
considerable to bring the Can-]
adian dollar back to its one
hundred per cent, value, says
an exchange.
And the power of the Canadian consumer is something to
boast about, although Canada
is a small nation compared
with the United States. It is
said ihat lhe railroad men of
Canada alone have a buying
power of nearly six millions a
week. If every worker in
transportation made it a rule
to call for Canadian goods;
above American, there would
he a scurrying i\*!pe*K mer-
en ants to -v-Jjl^ IT*with tnade-i
iu-Cauada wares. And the1
railway worker would benefit
as every citizen would benefit,
for a more widely extended demand forCanadian wares would
mean busier factories, busier
workmen, and greater general
nre net lied
tiled States
lint;   or   by
ae cm Can-
talk in thej
tgatnsl admit-'
In the League
of Nations, although no objection is
made to the admission of Cuba, Panama, Haiti, und Sun Domingo, Perhaps Canada expected u very different attitude from hor great neighbor
after the war. und some persons may
huve written letters expressing their
footings nol wisely, but too well,
But the Star, too. hus of late been
receiving marked copies of papers
from various parts of the United
States cott tain ing Irritating references
to Canada and Orent Britain. No
doubt oilier ('a nn din ii newspapers
have been receiving similar marked
copies. Perhaps it would be well for
sensible Journals in both Canadn and
tho fiiited States lo suspect tlie possibility ni' u motive uud purpose ln
this sorl of thing on the pun of
I agencies friendly to neither country
- enemies to both—lint anxious to
promote misunderstanding mid discord between them.—Toronto Sar.
Tho prairies ure covered with a
profurion ol Powers in bloom.
The owners of blolyules are getting
tholr wheels in shape for the Bran?
mer's campaign,
William Pernte, of tho town of Fernie. bus announced himself ns a candidal!  for the Provincial house.
The .Miners' Union ball at Moyie wus
i great success. The attendance was
urge, the order was perfect aud ev-
sryone present hod :■. good time.
A,   P.   Penwlck,  J.
■I. I). McBride. came over from Port
Steele Thursday to attend the annual i
meeting of thc Black Dear Mining Co.
i Minister si it.-4. rre In tho eiiVMUU I
position of belli,; almost fru'j from
uberculoblb tho  while the herds of!
Prairie Provinces are seriously affected because of the luck of a similar |
j strict system fff Inspection.
,    The success of the firm of allies-
I pie, Hurt & Todd, of Victoria, of
which Hon. John Hart. Minister of
Finance is u -member, in semiring
government business has been further exemplified during thu week,
through the agoncy of opposition
questions li will be remembered
that Information was recently se-;
cured showing Hint ihe firm captured
n nice commission through being
awarded the Insurance in P.G.E), rolling stock und equipment to the
amount of sum.- $2,400,000, which
business it placed with tbe Home in-1
surnnce company, o( New York, for
whieh u is provincial agents and
(liU- In the face nf (he fact llmi oilier.
concerns licensed tn transact business in the Province put lu lower
bids Tor tho luminous, it tvn 1 :n '
connection win. this business tlmt'
.1.. Premier, us Mtulstorot P.i » i> ,
returned his u swer that tu. bad ' tot
official Infornvttlon." thai Mon Mr.
Hurt Is a member of the Victoria
firm or a director of the P.G.B. railway, though so far ns the latter
wns concerned tha Premier am) Hon.
Mr Hurt, with tholr fellow director.
, Hon. Mr. Farris, wore constituted :
directors of the roud by act of the
: Legislature and have lieen acting in
A. Harvey und:,uat capacity for nearly three years.
However, the official records of the
I Registrar of John stock companies.
has provided 11 definite answer to tiie
opposition.    They show    that   Hon.
Mr. Hart Is a member 0'. tl a llrnt of
Gillespie, Harj & Todd and nlso thut
|he If a director of the    P.G.E.    It
now appears thai tbe Victoria llrnt is
also agent for tlie Canadian Security
Stepson, J. G. Pactrnot,.  H..I f°m?m* **lcl,l h" "? "rod bU8l"BS! I Houso ou Monday to
tt. Ooorge A. Meyer. J. B. Spell- i'"' ">™lfl"1"-' "™"»   •' I"'-;"""'1 <*
I succession duties, und thut bonds ot
Tne Cranbrook lire brigade ha»
In en duly organized, and tho members
nre ns follows: J. P. Fink, chief;
M. Ftockendorf, assistant chief; A. L.
McDermott, ('. H. Prost, J. A. GUlis,
W,    A.
when  op-
! Attorney General who. he said, was
', prone to speak in heat.
The premier's amendment was ac-
Isli petulance be displays
position thrusts get home.
Mr.  Bowser's    statement    to tho!       	
the Attorney I coptod by 1 ho House, the opposition I 406!; outside vendors honoring Vle-
Genoral's attack was temperate    In supporting    it.    With    Its    passing | torlu    prescriptions.    Si4;    outside
Vancouver druggists. 08.732; Victoria druggists, 5670; outside vendors
honoring   Vancouver   prescriptions,
mnn, P, ('. Rankin, J. D. Hurly, E. A.
Hill. Geo. Hllliard, Vincent L. Liddl-
coalL As soon as a hose wagon la
secured the hoys will commence practicing Cor the regular work, so as to
be prepared for any emergency.
the French Complex Ore Company,
of Nelson. B.C., bonds guaranteed by
the province, were negotiated by Hie
firm which secured a fee therefor.
Then, too, Gillespie. Hart & Todd got
a slice of the Insurance placed by the
tone, convincing in Its logic nnd wilb
al simply made. Unlike the Minis-' it entertained tbe galleries for two
tor, Mr, Bowser's answer was frank j days, delayed the more serious busl-
and open. But there was a sting to f ness of the Legislature, the while
his    statement   when  he* challenged
thero closed an Incident which whllo j druggists honoring    Vancouver  pre
Hon. Mr. Farris to fight out the issue
at the coming elections in Vancouver
government on its stock of liquor to  -™jj hfl ,iafl ropreseilt0(1 for aev.
the amount Of SIS.OOO. ; entt!(?u yea|% ,„ wll|cl| perfod he fl8.
sorted he hnd never taken purt In a
[ crooked election and where no dlff-
Hun to llumlle
When ;
The Canadian dollar is worth Canada will handh
lying, treacherous strife-
breeder—one wlio has betrayed uud
befouled hie own hotTSBTuJld aud who
advertises his anxiety lo embroil
neighbors III enmity nnd Btl'lfo
makes a smirking appearance on a
decent doorstep, seeking admission,
.something is going to happen, The
healthy, human, home-loving man
will apply the boots. He will give
the creature short shrift.
That is how Canada ought to handle William Randolph Hearst—.ind
all  ids publications.    Thai    is   how
No lestf than.-fl5B5,000 has been ^pent
'HI TIIK !>K/.AM. UAKAGKlthe  pcfljtmt Liberal   administration
—  on Aotor equipment in tlte pust three
Frank Dezull. or the Dcznll Gar- yenrs according to information sup-
ago, Is in receipt of u wire adlvsing piled by various Ministers to the opium of the shipment of the popular] position in the Legislature. The
Overland 4 cars whicli is en route machines purchased range from tho
to Cranbrook. There will he a car: unambitious (liver to the more
loud of tliis new model In auto con-1 ness Ulie tnt-k
stvu. ..'.-i -isrc Iwforc tlci ^H ends    1	
1-1,0 aotoatU tnr%e car, Has made j prices pHi iffreMr the day o( a |>«-| ioUUe5"purpo«i ot member^ the
Dwall I pt'opelMKOVoromont sen-lee h.8 ar- „ lu|(    ^
rived to -suy ciotluim of the gas pro-   ...... „ .      . . ..    ,       ,  , ,
The Depart-1   s"k   '" wll>c out "le frenzteel Joy
__mmmm .,.,,,.   ...       ,    ■  .... 11.'. whieh the honorable member,, show-
•oataloed in the Overland: ment ot Pitblle worK8 heads the Itat L„ „, tfc   „       ,
wltll an Mtponaitiire of $8(.r,00 ror|orn,.8 spmM nn(] whlch |Mked m )f
r      number of m
is made |
it alniOBl   Impossible for Mr.
to get the number he has ord&rcd for]
the atttolsts here who appreciate lhe!P«"ed elministratiou.
advunlnges —*-»—■» '» *>- nv»i.nd I ment. of Public Works
bus!' ,
k.    Judging   from iC**^
uil.'.v.vTiJoiight und the
erent opinion hud over heen held of
hlin until the then Attorney General
In 1916, hnd insinuated that his.
money was behind tho Seattle plug-
gers It was quite true. Mr. Bow-
-aid. that it wns possible to read
> a perfectly innocent message an
evil suggestion if such    Butt'y"    tho
a hundred cents; we have no
ri^ht to pay tribute to ihe Americans, and Canadian goods
are worthy of the support of
ihal hundred per cent, dollar.
It is good advice that suggests every purchaser should
demand a comparison from the
merchant wlio Klihly advises
the buying of goods of foreign
manufacture. Give the home
products ii chance, and while
you are debating this question
in your mind apply the argument locally, liny al home.
Its the dollars spent with the
local merchant—aud not with
the mail order house--that go
a met
1 if
u t
action the Dverwnslinfng sen time
her people.
Surely there is no excuse for permitting the reptile to spue hie poison
into Canada,    Canada's   parliament j
ought to deal with  Hearst    and  his
publications at   Its  present   session, ]
Tho state cannot countenance or en-1
courage an avowed  and     unscrupulous enemy,    It cannot make   terms
a   criminal,     Hearst     is  deliberately
Inciting his dupes to declare war -  .
war upon our country and upon mil';
ling.    Wo can bar his propaganda at '
the border,   That should be done al
1 .ei Canada handle Hearst as Then
Mr. Dezall disposed of the first car
he received to Master Mechanic Mc-'four,eon tn
Faddon of ihe C.P.R. wiio Is delighted
with the car. and with his knowledge;
of mechanic cnns*lriiction he should
know of the worth of an auto nnd if
the advantages claimed by the makers
of the Overland 4 "re Justified.
Recently at Santa Rosa, Cal.. to test
out the springs of thc Overland 4 tliis
ear showed what it could accomplish
by jumping a five-foot obstacle. Leaping :ift feet, it cleared the five-foot obstacle, the new ft-ipodnt suspension
springs enabling the car to land with
hardly a jar and expert examination
proved it to he absolutely undamaged
by ilie existing test.
i the whole matter had been rehearsed j tbe new system, one of tlie chief fea-
r 1 previously In their caucus, hut if they | lures of whicli Is the 8-otiuco regit la-
tltlrty-olgltt autos, ten   trucks   and
tors.    The Department
lor Unrta -o.no,, next, though a lonB , k|lpw ,„„ A, Geiiernl as „„,,..      „„,,   ,
Itvay behind, Witt, an, outlaj of »I4.-L, , ,,„ , thlnk th„ „„, „m, ,„„.,,„„..,,„ „„„„,ltl,,s ,„ „„ votor9
ono  for thirty-five auto.,    rhe At- \M „„„„ sompthln(,   more!	
torttey General's department sponBl,,^,,^ ana   httv8   aome   other' -^"~
»19.r,00 worth of   machine, among , „„,„„„ o( ^ ^^ ^^ (o do
them the lin. motor used    by    Dr. | ^ w[)rk wh0 a, roa(| .^
failing to create that sensation which
Its author, the Attorney General Intended lt should.
When the premier reached his office
recently he found a package containing a petition signed by several
thousand persons favoring the Quebec system ot the sale of beer end
light wines for British Columbia.
Premier Oliver's reference In the
course of his reply to the Moderation delegates, to the plan ot the
goverifceut to eventually take another referendum ou the liquor question, has caused renewed speculation
ns to the date of the second submls-1 nnd the   numlier bad    Increased in
slpn of this question to (tie people.     December to 103,
When the "lightening up" of the
net was first forecast by the attorney
general some weeks ago, he said It
was proposed to give ti fair trial to
scrip tions, 509; outside druggists
honoring Victoria prescriptions. 14 3.
Prescriptions issued by outside physicians honored al vendors' establishments amounted in 30,279, and ut
druggists, 49,820.
.Number Increases.
- In ihe month of January, 1919,
there were 104 dociors iu Vancouver
issuing prescriptions ror liquor. The
number had Increased In October to
187, and in December to 210. in
Victoria the number gradually increased from 47 iu January to 08 lu
December. Throughout tlie province, excluding Vancouver and Victoria, 120 physicians were issuing
prescriptions for liquor iu January.
tine motor used    hy    Dr.
linker, chairman of the (tamo Coo-,cnb|e ,„ „, e ,
servntlon Board. The Department of     Mr. BoWMr,8   mot|on   ,hat   „,,!
ARrleulture potteetue. $21,600 worth 8t0l0m8nt bo „,,„,      .       .„,,
(Continued from Pago One)
Ki build up a bigger city. We doro Roosevelt, that real red-blooded
read of the vast Improvements American, urged all patrlotti n> deal
In monster buildings being con-wiii the traitor: -iiii mm; hit him
templated In Eatern cities and where It hurts—and hit him hard."
of the many residences neoea- —Toronto Globe.
saty along with theni to housei  .-«-.
ihe employees of these concerns, ..,..,.,. .,,»•>• u-n.i
supported by the people of thef'""K 0A?,OT MIM' ""X
smaller centers who do not apparently realize thai tho same
money spent with the local merchant would see similar strides
made within our own city.
Buy at home, buy of the local merchant who pays taxes,
maintains pay-rolls und supports with his money every
community interest program
designed to create greater prosperity at home. He is entitled
lo this support from the people
:tl  home.
Iti: OHItVUI.  I I 1,1. Ill,AST:
uui i-i.mwd por puonrr
III kc
full I
Tlie Prince Of Wales will not rc-
vlalt Cnnadii while en route to or
from Australia this year, nccordlnq
in ii inosifgo received hy PretldOdt
John Cochrane, nf the Canadian
Tilth. Victoria. .Mr, Cochrane rocout-
ly sent a wire to His Royn- Highne&u
Inviting him to he a gueat d tho club
tvhllo In Victoria, should his tour
'.irlng hlin through Canada. Tho
nrcretary to the Prince, st** Godfrey
Thomas, replied as follows:
"I am desired hy the Prince ol
Wales tn acknowledge the receipt of
your letter of the 2Sth uth-.o, umi !■-
state that HIh Royal HlghtlOM) irtltclt
nppreclfttea the Invltatlqn of the Canadian Olttb of Victoria, but regrets
lint there Ih no truth In the report
il at lie is returning by wu ot i <r--
nds this year at the conclusion of
iiir Visit  tn Australia.
"Private Hei:ro:»-j,"
The Grand Pork8 Gazette h,
"With ordors ahead thai w
tin- luiiic inul mill running nl
pnclty fnr a year or mure. th.
Idatotl Mining aud  Bmoltli
puny's North   Pork   Plourll
remnni'd   o|ierntli»n
will run at full capacity ns soon ns
inrn'1 enough working forcea can he
Tli" mill has heen closed down for
the pnsl few mnn ths, although u
Btnnll force at the mine has been
kept ut development work, it in expected to secure fore
thc [limits operating
early n April..
Tiie   shipments   of   concentrates
frnm    I he   decrcpl ta I i UK    pl-i nl    Will
probably reach about is cars a week
us soon as a full force is obtained,
Concentrates will be shiped to hull*
A delegation representing Indians
resident in several districts ln British Columbia is In Ottawa to present
in the federal government their
grievances against the provincial
govornment in Us alleged Infringement of tho Indian's land Tights.
The delegates comprise Rov. Kelly,
of Nanaimo, chairman of the executive committee of the allied tribes
of British Columbia; Chief Hnull
David, nf the Hhuswap Indians at
Asbcroft; Georgo Matheson, of tho
l.nwr Prasor River Valley, representing the Hurdles of Chllliwnck;
Peter Calder of the Nlsga trlbis of
Greeuvllle, uud .1. A. Talt, acting as
as special agent for the allied tribes.
The delegation will submit to tbe
government that llrltlsh Columbia
laws deprive the Indians of a large
purl ion of the land rights granted
tu them liy Imperial proclamations
of 1703, aud thut thc provincial gov-
ernmetits have exceeded tbelr rights
in their dealing with Indian reserves. Undue restrictions havo been
placed, it is stated, on tbe Indian
rights In trapping, hunting and fishing, and the proposed compulsory
enfranchisement of Indians ns set
out lu a hill now before parliament
is claimed by the Indians to be "not
only a serious attack against the
position of nil tribes in Canada but
u most vital attack upon the Indians of British Columbia for the
purpose of breaking up tbo tribes,
destroying their status and prevent-
VR'TOUIA. March 20.—Attorney- ling them from obtaining recognition
general Farris announced In the leg-lnf tbo tribal rights guaranteed them
islature that he had selected J. H, by the imperial authorities."
McVety io represent labor, and .1. 3.1 Tlie proposed legislation, it Is
Coughlan, ship builder of Vancouver,' dnlmed, Is ultra vires of tho parlhv
to roprosont the   employers   nt the | menl
and even tlie Provincial Secretary
Chungs about at un expense of $2,820
to tho public treasury. The Minister of Mines has contented himself
with nn outlay of $2,150. In all
there have been purchased 154
machines of various makes and
; prices.
Into htc Umbo of things forgotten
has passed the Incident which enlivened the House proceedings for a
passing moment when Attorney General Farris "sprung" the coble message upon the Legislature In an abortive effort lo relieve his pent up
feelings at the expense of the opposition lender. W. J. Bowsor. K,C.
Designed as a crushing retort to tho
telling criticism of the failure of tho
administration of the Game Department under the charge of his dentist,
henchman. Dr. Maker, and In retaliation for Mr. Bowser's able attack
upon Die muulfold weaknesses of tho
New Election Act, tho cablegram
Into which the Attorney general rend
the insinuation that the former hnd,
when ho cabled on September It!,
191(1. to Sir Richard McBride, "I
want 180 votes to elect    me" been
i as to have
full capacity
i Up
i Canada,   nnd "u crowning
conference of employers and employ-, Injustice" of a half-century of lnj usees to he held in Ottawa noxl. mouth  tice i
to deal with tho eight hour question,
Mr. Farris will attorn! for tho provincial government.
Indians or Canada.
It you  waul  news while It  news,
' subscribe for tbe Herald
cords of the House moved the Prem-1 ooo    worth    with    Victoria    buroly
ior to offer an amendment designed roachlng the $12.000 mark There is
to give hlin opportunity to come to n gradual increase "in   both   places
the rescue of his discomfited minis-Jnoted   Mp tfl,   Mun.h_ whn„   Apr|,
ter, an amendment calling   for the'
tabling of all cables passing between
the Inte government and   the then
Agent-General   ln connection   with
the overseas   count.    Hero was another opportunity for Liberal members to sit back In   anticipation   of
further developments.   Ou Tuesday I |.|«j,   ngm*cs
Premier Oliver spoke to bis amend-; rtmebod.
ment.      Summarized, his    remarks' Eufoirlw
wero a re-hash of all the hard things j } ,)rjna i\m no •'
tho Liberals huve been wont to say
about tho opposition leader couched
in the churaclerlRtlc bull-dozbn; manner of the government's lender who,
however, was careful to say he was
making no churges. Ho pointed lol
the fuel Dial some cables which, he!
Said, hud boon exchanged    q(    thai
time because the   cable   company's I
From a tabulated statement giving
approximately the amount of liquor
received and sold during 1910, It Is
gleaned thu I rye whisky wns au easy
favorite euro for liilments prescribed
for under tho provisions of the British Columbia Prohibition Act. Over
25,000 gallons were prescribed, ns
against 9061 gallons of Scotch
whisky. Approximately 5420 gullons
of brandy wero disposed of during
the period Under review, 12,281 gallons of rum. 1362 gallons of port,
50S gallons of gin, 1085 cuses of
Irish whisky. .15 cases of champagne
2000 dozen of locnl boor, while other
lists donl with sherry and imported
winos.nlcohol, ole.
Hon. Mr. Farris Intimated that one
of the questions to bo presented
would bo whether lho people wish n
continuance of the lightened law; or
woud they rather linve a system of
stores'.' It was also stilted that the
bone-dry question under (lie federal
referendum proposal might be submitted nt the sumo lime,
Discussing the mallei- beforo the
Modorutionists, the Premier suggested three methods that might lie ad-
reptrl there wore Sit prosecutionsIopted In n\\ eventual submission ot
(or the Helling of liquor; lfi-1 for j the question to the electorate by wny
ht-Viltg liquor In possession; *■ pro*-[of referendum. The Premier declnr-
ftntions against doctors; " it gains' led that one way would ho by an •
nuggtsts; il against breworfei; M amended prohibition bill, iu contrast
In respect of a general Infrnotlon 0'   With    n measure    drawn up by the
il.e act, und 08 in which th: u.uure ModerationIsts,    A    s mil  method
0; (be case whs not stated.    O'tt   ii, which suggested Itself to the mind
Mils number 805 nlimited in convlc-lof  the government  leader was nn
of   9. cast**[amendment to the prohibition  bill
In contrast with a measure speclnlly
prepared by the govormnont oh similar linos tn ihe Quolmc law with beer
dropped by a little less than $8000
In the case of Vancouver and a little
less than $2000 in Victoria. It was
not until August that Vancouver
passed the six llgure mark, white the
lucrease In both Vancouver and Victoria wns of a similar rutin 11 till tho
December    were
iho Law.
id covered bv tlte
accounts showed them to have beonjtlous and the balance
paid for, were not available, n Blnls-Uo.o ('ismlssed.    The total amount
tor   circumstance, ho   opined.    Ho I ul' linos Imposed Inr the sun > purlt 1!
admitted lho opposition loader's OX-1-inched   $54,089.    while    To.felled ^b^^^^^b^
plaiiatlon might be all right, bo wnHibuM and  bonds oetivi   d nm.r.nlit!  and   light   wines mi  sale  in  public
,([ol prepared to say it Wasn't, bul It «,  $11,11511.    Fifty sentences    wore j places und control and sale or hnrd
demanding that the then Agent-Con- ( ^^ ^ww {Q hjm       hl rnrt th0  lm|,rwi,)( W|,|„.nt ,1 pnmi of 11 (IIIO, j "slutT" by tbo governmeni.    A third
Premier spent nn hour telling   thej or mi  aggrognto  loinl  donning  of aHoHUiUvo   Indicated   ns 11 possible
House that he hud   his   doubts. Hol 2(1 M years, j solution would lie s question luvolv-
dlil exactly what Mr. Bowser sug- Liquor proscriptions issued by the . inn principle only, iiniuely, uu am-
gested would be done hy anyone, os-( medical profession throughout tho 1 ended prohibition bill, or government
peclnlly a hide-bound Liberal whn. province during Iho your amounted snle aud control of all Intoxicating
desired to do so. that Is rend Into thoIto 1115,177. Of thin number 181,350 liquors only.
cable any meaning it might, suit bis |poi'scrlptlons were issued by mem- Those wore the lonlatlvo
political purpose to do so. Hut the bers of tho medical profession In ; tions which prompted
Premier's statement wns not without j Vancouver. Victoria doctors 1
Us Interesting features.
Kor Instance, in   regard   to   Mr.
Bowser's reference   to the plugging!
scandul und   to the   fact   thnt   the |
oral should wrongly produce vole
make up Mr. Bowser's deficiency In
the civilian vote at liotne, hns proved
a veritable boomerang. The insinuation by tiio Attorney General wns
promptly replied to hy Mr. Bowser
whose explanation wus, on Us face,
so palpably sincere nnd reasonable
that the Premier wus moved lo rush
to the defense of his Minister In a
lengthy harangue which, while It
breathed resentment, bristled With
Insinuations and Inuendo and covert
chargetMRfiuftt tbe opposition lender, left a had taste In the mouths of
tbe membors. The Premier's effort
convinced no one. not oven the more
rahld of his party followers and comment In the Legislative corridors
made It clear that In tho opinion of
membors the Attorney General's
move In Introducing the cable ond
seeking lo make political capital
therefrom was Ill-advised and reflected no credit upon himself or tho
government, and certainly cast no
discredit upon the opposition leader.
Summed up, it proved to ho Just
another of those peevish outbursts
for which the Attorney Genoral Is
booming noted, an ebullition of child
former Attorney General (M. A. McDonald) had had to leave the governmeni, the Premier naively retorted thnt that gentleman had been
at fa.Mt only in that he had accepted campaign funds from the C.N.R.
personally, rather than through an
intermediary, ln view of the fact
that Mr. Macdonald has persistently
beon endeavoring to convince a skeptical public tbat thnt now famous
donation was not from the C.N.R. at
nil hut from Dr. McKonzie, a personal friend, tho Premier's version was
a frank admission to say tbe least.
Tho Premier also felt called upon lo
apologise for the demeanor of bis
(he premier
' the gouor-
if prohibit-
  Topper lo compliment
minted to ''1,7.12 prescriptions) while upon his obvious grasi
medical men ln oilier parts of the al situation in respor
province nccotinted for the balance ory legislation.
of 79,005. lu a tabulated state-: Premier Oliver gave uo indication
ment the report Indicates tbe amount j of the dale favored for a referendum,
of proscriptions for liquor Issued by'The latest Information here Ib that
doctors and honored by govern- U will not ho until early in the aul-
lnem liquor vendors und the*umi). Tho now voters' llsls will bo
druggists throughout tho province, ready about August I nnd the best
Prescriptions emanating from modi- ; Information In Victoria today is that
cal men tu Vancouver and Victoria j the referendum will bo submitted
are dealt with   separately   and the; shortly after that dote.
number of prescriptions filled under' ,a_ _. _L-™  .
the Vancouver vendors, by Vancouver druggists, hy outside vendors aud
outside druggists. The same remarks
apply lu thc caso of Victoria, while
tbo following figures Indicate the
number of proscriptions filled ttpder
theso several headings: Vancouver
vendor,  116,642;   Victoria    38,575;
^■4    SINCE 11870     ^BM/I^
•V508?8KCOUGHS Tliuisiln). April 1,194(1
Till:      (  It A Ml II (I (IK      in: HA I, Il
I' A (1 E
il it k i:
\1/L~«, you are "wl-le awake aa
Wnen „„ owl" at night, ana
can't "keep y«ur eyes open" lil lhe day-
(ime you certainly need
awe ^ a«
perfectly 'R-ffiffi l\ rcct "• ,
eliminated l-W,*-^v****-i--rT>'.A '-'--!',.l',u ■ '
(ooa*poi V.'j-jwUjjj;: i\, w.rii
sons is a V.-tv*!*:*.; sja,..-,,,..,.
very com- ^Sfflds i„ t.-ij.. I.
mon ailment.   ^£X»r     i„„, «... su.
(|IAKI 11
llll A Ml
Tli, Bood clliimto „f lliu Clonal
mnl Brltlali Columbia's valleys
grow vegotiiblos nr woii.loi'fiil flavor,
are  ItofUgOO  lleans on  Ilie label.
Ask your gi'ocor for thorn.
Douiluiuu (iiiiiiii*, II. ('., Ltd.,
Ileml (liliee:
Yuiii-um.-r. II. ('.
she has used Pacltlc Milk for
everything—Hjift trying it in a
lt has tlnally replaced fresh
milk for her kitchen.
She says: "I know Pacific Milk
Is better for household use than
fresh milk—for my -cooklnn has
Improved since l found It."
lactoi) at l.udner, It. C.
HEPATOI-A removes (lull Stones
corrects Appendicitis In -t hours
wlllionl |inln. Keglslered under
Pnrt Pood and Drug Aim.  Jtioo
Sol,, Mtinuftlrlurer
Ron l«::i               '-'IIU llll lie. S.
s,1*1,1,1,,,,n. Bajk.	
Montana Ki'MlHiiruiil
Menl. .1 All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes »«,i iinii
Opposite lbs 11,lA ,)t I'ouimer.'S
iMriiti:  iiim: ami rut
Minis, nils,
II It; Irani Cimli Price rnlti io
Ite Secured In t'nitudii
That there will he a ureal revival
in placer mining throughput the
Cariboo district Is the report of those
competent tn judge. Preparations
for a busy season already an1 being
made on Kelthlcy. Cottonwood 'and
other creeks and manifestations of
coming activity arc apparent nl Ques-
net. Notwithstanding hish costs and
[the fixed value of gold the old camps
of tho Interior, 11 Is expected, will
contribute much more largely to the
gold output of ih<- Province this
year than thoy did hi 11)1.1.
! It wa;- ;i blow, however, ti. Cariboo thai the woii;    ;it    prosorplne
1 Mountain, which hns heen in pro
groBS    for   several    mouths, should
'.ease. Robt. A lliyce. u mining
engineer who. it. is bolteved, was
backod liuaiiclally by (he Mining
Corporation    of Cuuuda,    obtained
Options  OH     lhe     ('Infills  nl   Messrs
Trogilliis and Ariustroug and pro-
 dod io oxplorntlon and dovolop-
'meul   on  ii   largo settle.     That   there
i was expended in stripping, tunnel*
lllg etc. almost $70,000 anil thut a
sum considerably to excess of this
midhi have boon iuveslcil iu carrying mi diamond-drilling and other
work plitlined hnd Mr, Hryce heen
able to make an adjustment regarding payments to tin- property owners
nre statements mode wy well informed  parlies .
Unable to reach an arrangement
satisfactory to him tlie onmp was
cosed although the development, It
is stated, had not been carried to
the point of demonstrating conclusively tlie economical pnt en Hit lite-
of the deposits
While It Is stated by 'tome that
the day of Atlin district us a placer
mining camp, is done, that is not Hie
opinion of the old time miners and
prospectors and a marked improvement is redlcted this year, tf Hip
amount or individual mining is
steadily ou the decline there still Ik
considerable hydraullcklng on the
various creeks. On Ruby Creek lust
year the Placer Oold Mines company, iu the face of wnter trouble
and difficulty in securing labor .advanced up-stream an average of 154
feet the full width of the pay streak,
which is 2i)t) foot wide, witli very
satisfactory results. Operations continue on a considerable scale along
McKee, Pine, spruce. Birch, Boulder and Otter Greeks, On Pine Creek
n new organization known as the
Atlin Gold Mines company, under the
management of ,T. M .Ruff tier, hns
been at work, having acquired lite
leases, plant, etc. of tlie Atlin company. There arc about sixty men
actually engaged lu mining on
Spruce Creek last season and more
are expected to be iii work this year.
Notwithstanding these antl   other!
instances Indicating that the placet's
of  the  Atlin  district  still  linve possibilities it Is believed that Its mining
future lies In lode mining.    The lirst
confirmatory tact Is    ilie    Engineer j
Mine which, if it falls into the hands ;
of u company meaning business in i
the    way    of development, should i
prove   one   of   the    largest    contributors lo the gold output of thi
province    its   operation,    possibly,
would lead to ttie opening   of    the
Gleanor, a prospect situated (mined
lately adjacent, and ti'wo .. fillip
to Interest in other propenll ' Ol
section. Then there is the Big Car* i
yon Group situated on Fourth ol
July Creek, close to Atlin, which it'
la reported Is belna inspected h> en*
itineeis on behalf of Seattle capitalists nho contetnplato developing n
.hi 11 quickly converting n Into a
shipper The chief values of the ore
;iie hi Bllvei mid lend and are said to
nun) high
tin tin- oilier side nt the limm-hm
in the Wheaton section .if-thc Yukon
Territory,     (a     the   Venus,  on   which
considerable work bas been don.- and
Which      possesses     a     concentrator
George Clothier, govommeni mining
engineer, roported In cms that
throughout inon reel of drifting the
work hai boon ill ore and Ihal he
had been reliably Informed Ihal tin
v-lode vein will n vera go botweon $li.
and $18 a ion lu cold, silver and
in ihe inmo country claims have
been slaked mi n strongly-defined
ledgo carrying surface values in gold
ami silver, .viii.ii hava nrroated ibe
alt ou tlou oi cutting onglneors  Ono
of lhe hitler, from   authentic a it
offered the locators 130, t cash for
claims before a dollars worth Of
work  had 1)0011 done
These are some oi the reasons why
rosldottts Of Atlin have every con*
fidohca lu the future of thnt purl of!
Northern British Columbia,   while |
ihey arc nf ihe opinion that placer
mining will revive witli Ilie return to,
normal   conditions,   especially     wltll
reference to labor, thoy are pinning
Ihelr fatth  oil  the undeveloped lode
mining possibilities of the vast urea,
most of practically unprospected. in
which they are Interested.
s. S. Fowler, one of tbe leading |
mine operators of the Blue Bell mlnjj
ltiondel, B.C., is Oil the const. Tbe
mine's concentrator, ho reorts, hns
been closed because of lack of water,
Most of ihe mills of the Knolenays
have beotl similarly affected, the only
notable exception being that of Clarence Cunningham, at Alamo, B.C.
An iiiniHiuily early freeze up and continued cold weather are responsible
for this  unfortunate condition.
With enthusiasm over the immediate and distant future of mining
development lu the north western
section of the province nosing nlll
of every pore, Goorgo Colhjer, real-
dent mining engineer at Prince Hit-
perl, l> in Vancouver ou department
al business, lit? expects that there ,
will he a substantial increase in the
population of the already bustling
town of Stewart, Portland Canal, as
soon as the forthcoming season fairly opens. Although having nothing
to add with respect to developments
aloiiR the Salmon river, wliere are
situated tho Premier, Big Missouri.
etc.. ii is pointed out that there is
plenty of scope for prospectors within the mineral /one of this art of tlie
province. While Mr. Clothier'hat-; no
statement to make on the subject it
is likely Hun tin- government will
undertake more than the usual
amount o) rood antl trail construe*
tion this year with a view to assisting those now oponlng up promising prospects and lo aid thoso    iu
iv ii Froenud and Wm M. Brew*
or, governmeni mining engineers,
bine returned from Kuyoquot, Wosl
COOSI     ol'   Vancouver   Island,   where
thoy weiti io carry out n thorough
Inspection and iust oi ibe aluntlo deposits which havo rocentty boen
given considerable publicity,    n has
been stated that ibis mineral, of
which ihere is a large quantity, contains BUfflcleni   potash to make ii   ot
commercial value as a fertilizer.
There has heen much difference of
opinion on ihis point, ihe assertion
Indicated having been questioned liy
tho reports of authorities, while
some assays Imve appeared lo con*
llrm and others lo refute Its accur- :
;icy. Iii view of ihis uncertainly,
.ind of the Importuned tn British
Columbia should a deposit capable of
yielding potash In an economic form
he discovered. Hon. \V, Sloan,
minister ot mines. Instructed the
two engineers to inspect tho property, take large representative sum-
pies, and submit reports that would j
definitely nettle the controversy.
Avers (Jovernments Have lulled
Te Un IMity Kcgiirditm Gold
Under the caption, "The Gold Situation." the Mining and ISnglneerlng
Record, Vancouver, says editorially;
*'ll is ume the Dominion ami Provincial Governments appreciated their
duty to Uio British Empire in helping
to conserve Imperial credit by increasing gold production. These governments have lamentably failed in
their duty In this respect, uud have
shown an economic ignorance «r indifference most discreditable to men
aspiring to be statesmen of the nation.
Tho discount of thc pound sterling to
$3.45 ought to awaken them to a sens*
of ibe situation as nothing else can.    ;
"The    remedies    needed    to    bring,
about au Increase of gold production
In Canadn are the removal of all customs duties on  machinery Imported
for use in gold mining; th.. removal'
of all   taxes on ore,  plant  or incoint
conected with gold mining; the impost.
of heavy taxation on sold held lu jew-j
clry or used iu the manufacture thereof,   'these remedies would, of course.'
only be applied until gold recovers Its I
purchasing power, as it naturally will
but they -hould be applied as soon a.-,
it is posstbli to apply them to supplement the monetary gold reserves.
"Tiiat British capital recognizee it? i
duty to the nation iu increasing the
gold production Is evident irom the
policy of the Mining Corporation of
Canada,   a   British   Company   with
world-wide actlvitfe*     Cud* r existing
conditions gold mining is not an attractive  industry   for  the  investment,
of capital;  tun   when capitalists  arel
prepared to use their money  for the
salvation ol the nation:,! credit, Irrespective of the profits derived there-;
from, it Is Ume the Dominion and Pro- j
vlnolai Governments did tholr pan by
encouraging Buch Investment in every;
possible wny, and affording temporary
relief by a rebate of taxation, In mna)
Instances   already  ol   an   oppressive]
Vnttkoe Girl flohl Mine to be
Pm Info Operation,
News ihat the Vllning Corporation I
of Canada has decided n, take up ]
iu bond on  Un:  Yankee    tiirl    gold
iniii'' ai Ymir. ;imt io proceed with
active development, is contained In
Instruction.-; received by w T. Mc* I
iiowdi. mnuagor ot the llobson sn :
ver i.ead company, owning the Yankee girl, lo pin lb-' property Into I
shape for working, ,
This gronl eastern corporation,)
which bas nbltndanl capital, uud !« |
ihe big operator in northern Onratlo
look a conditional 1)01)0 mi the Ynu- |
1(00 G Irl last I) linker, antl a month'
nr more ago A. W. Newberry, u New
York mining engineer, spent len days
at Ymlr. making an exhaustive examination Of tbe property, lu the
course of whlcb ll was reported that
I BO  assays  were    made.     He made
ill.! Biiiiiuiii 3@iiiKiiii§Hffli
"Plus Service"
Service, not priir, should he the basis on whit h your purchases
of transmission belting are marie. The highest-priced belt is
built to give maximum service and, in the ; ,;;.! analysis, i- the
most economical. Low-priced belting is the mosl expensive, for
it cannot be expected to wear for any length of lime, and usually
doubles its first eosi in < \oru ive repairs, power waste, idle
machines and lost production,
Leaving price out of the question, uo bell v. ill prove economical
unless it is the right size and construct ii n to efficiently carry a
given power load.
The possibilities of waste in buj in., and placing belts is so great
that no one but a belting expert should e'er In- permitted to
select a belt for even the mosl unimportant purpo-e. It i-iTt
necessary Ihat you maintain a belting expert. Wu have established a special service department in charge of belting engineers
who will, without cost, gladly take the responsibility of making
your transmission belting give Plus Service by keeping its cost
at the minimum.   They will specify
Dominion Fridlion
Surface Belting'
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and Iiulutttriat Rubber Goods
ore all the Same High Standard aa Dominion Friction
Surface Belting.
■ because of its unbroken record of satisfactory pc:
' mance,'butonlywhen it will most efficiently meet ;
requirements,   Phone or who tun- nearest  sei
branch that you may test the valueof this service
Dominion  Rubber System
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ket  M our agfiit-   Bel  ll,-- Mil.       I   >m
tcnpttoni  of  your  fri-nd*.  an.I      iVfiffi
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No   (/ut-*-*   »„rk      Kren    ,ub-
.cri[.i.on ,vou (M mraei ■ .irfi,.-
it* »te|> foi-wtrd
Wants It
A*rilt« toftight. Wi ii .lion
rou hi.»- io ";ci in) article y..u
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Htmllne Wliard Oil
A harmless and effective preparation to relieve the pains nf Rheumatism, Sciatica. Lame Hack and Lumbago ia Hamlin's Wizard Oil. It penetrates quickly, drives out soreness,
and limbers up stiff aching joints and
You have no idea liuw useful it ■
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ailment or mishap, when there- II I
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Whips, pleasant little pink pills, W
hi.-* report tn his principals hi Top-
on to snino weeks ago.
A po-orgtuilzotion of the Jlohson ,
Sllvi'i-Lciul company Is now in pro i
gross, and tlin Yankee Girl will be
put Iu with adjoining ground tn the |
emit. Tlie resulting new company
which will be tho party dealing with'
the eastern corporation, will he in-j
corpornted under tho name ot the'
Texas Yankee fiirl Mining company
Mr. Newberry will arrive on the!
ground to represent the corporation, i
ahont tin' cud of the mouth, uud |
the scale on which work will ho i
started will he determined when he'
arrives. Tho work immediately In
view will tip Jn the nature of de-1
volopinenl and exploration work.
Hamilton aud Wrngge  were    tltoj
solicitors through whom the deal wn
Prospector*! Association Ask I'm
\ Testing riant.
Addressed to Hon. Arthur Melghei
minister of Mines, n strong i-ctiolii
tion from the British Columbia Pros-,
pec tors' Association, urging au ore
("Fling plant for tlie Kootenays. is1
now in the mails. The rOHolution j
rails as follows:
"Wherein tho tni--t.tr <.- BrHiHij
Columbia corrlainf fiirnenie Imdlti >f
low «wdc ore. wht-ih glres jrro(.ier
■i■: nape nossihilitio-  und
' Whereas iu mnnv ln«*ancos shit
i ."i is have heen made to smelters i
*i■ -rii have been len*.'.'* ponallzul
owing to special trout ment heinn
necoBsnry to eliminate eonumts for
which tho shipper receives no re-1
turns, hut is oompelled to pay tlu-;
cost of removal of these mentis whicli ■
are alleged by tli" smelter to he of
no value; antl
Whereas there is n pressing need
for the erection ot :\ plant for dm
i rem ment nf these complex ores, so
that the owners who are financially|
unable to undertake the expense required for the proper testing of such
complex ores, thereby hampering de- ►
velopmeni ami production of proper-
ties, may he assisted; those properties aro numerous, and are owned a.s
a class (hat may he designated small
mine owners, and prospectors; and
"Wheroas It Is Imperative for lha!
welfare of ihe class above mentioned
and ihe mining Industry generally,
that facilities should ho provided for
the testing of these complex ores,
which would enable the owners tn
secure capital to erect u mill to
carry out lhe speclul treatment outlined hy the government experts:
"Therefore he It resolved that the
Uritlsh Columbia Prospectors Protective Association earnestly urges,
upon the domlniou government the*
grent necessity for the Immediate
erection Of a testing nnd sampling
plant in the Knotciiuys which will
g|V0 greater Impetus tu the mining
Industry and Increase production.'
which testing plant under government direction would enable tho
mine owners to ship their treated
prortltel to tho smellers, therehy
eliminating the existing fraction tie.
I weeiftlie Shippers nml the smelters."
A mho n i tiling or Ore Sample*, for
Real I Ic l-'thlbltlnn Beg Ins nt Xclson.
Ore samples Intended for tho dls j
trict ore exhibit at the Senile mining convention are hegluning In nr ;
rlvo In Nelson, aud Pred. A. Starkey.;
who has charge of the mutter at thi?
en.l, expects the real Hood will begin
next week
dny from Silverton, hroiigh' In some lilliited in ibis toctlon ol the country
new ure from the Ilowltl mine, whieh ■ and we. are glad   thnt    Nelson   will
lie   is operating, Ibe   Molly   fllbmin make the Una showing that 1 know
mine ni Paulson is represented by u ' die will !n this connection "
consignment nt Httiuples.aud some re Utmhimca Mill. California Mine to
prosentatlvo stun files rrom  llmwlund Hnvu Xo\v Machinery.
huve just come In. a  carload  «f machinery for the
Mown in Seattle ihey are now Athabasca Mill, which Is being tm-
connting on lho Kootenay exhibit, proved and extended by th* Call-
Secretary 10. I'1. Gigot, of the board rornln .'-line, on Clve-Ou! Creek, hns
of trade, yesterday receiving tho fol-  arrived In il Ity, nnd la now heing
owing letter from (!. A. Collins, pros transported tu the mine over the road
idem of Lhe Seattle organization; ponBtrncleil last year
"We me mighty.glad thai you This particular consignment con-
feel the Importance of this great sis is ot a Hnrdtnge bull mill, for fine
convention, Ihal yon nre planning io grinding, fabricated in Denver. Col.
sond exhibits, und Llmi you will be Other machinery has preceded this,
represented in popsun. and more is to follow, and the total
"t am referring the matter of ox- oosi or the Improvements    will    he
dibits io .\i. .1. Carrfgnn, chairman of about $20,000,    The plant, as alier-
Llto exhibit committee, who will get'ed, will be completed and ready for
in touch with you, and who should operation within 60 day-;
uscertaln approximately   the  spuces John I.   Cassln, president of the
required. California Mining   company, is   ei-
UnquesLlouably this   will   lie   the peeled In the city sbortly ta make
largest exhibit of minerals over e\- ■ (Continued on P.ige Four)
IN THK MATTER of Uot U, m.^k
•i and Lots 1- aad IS. Blocfc It.
Town of Kimberley. Mhi- 6S4. Kootenay District
Proof iuivitu hem fihd in my ofllce of the m«s of Certificate of Title
So, s-t-JtiK. to the above mentioned
lands in tiie name of James F. Armstrong, Mr\ bearing uaie the 6th May.
Intention a; the expiration of one
calendar month from the fir.-.! publication hereof to Issue to the said
J-*m*-s P. Armstrong a frc.h t'ertiti-
.-at.- "f T;Me in lieu of Buch 1"-- Certificate Any person having uuy information with reference to such lo-t
Certiorate of Titit* is requested to
communicate with the undersigned.
Dated at the I^and Regictry Office.
Nelson, H. C. this 16th day of Feb-
marv. IftL'O.
District Registrar of Titks
Date of Ptnrt Publfentior. F-^b  26, 1980
I   J
COP,*,,.*l,.CA*l*«. «JO t. ..(..MUSCT.klMlTI.
Mlii'B   iu   Spuk»n.   .MiiVe
It the
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^ElrifMrhusEiN THtmtwm/MS aeu/Mttriit
924 Donald St Dept."*   Winnipeg Cauda
IIKT    THAT    lll.ll    IIOI'Mi:
now.N oh ent ch a con.
THAI T   TO Hl'll.ll   rou   A
Clarke & Sainsbury
Pheia 71 er 171     P.O. Hoi SOU fags   rom
Thursday, April i, mill
Premier Mine
Rich Producer
V.irllirn   MllIC   rr*»|wrliiir  to  Semi  to
Tncoimi Smelter Some Ore
of llitili Values
STEWART, B.C., March 30—Another
shipment of high grade ore from the
Premier mine hi loaded on the scow.
awaiting the next U. T. P. boat toj
lake to the smeller at Tacoma. The
shipment amounts* to about .100 tons,!
which Is reported will average --'lose |
hi $:,00 a tun.
Work at the bin mine is progressing i
satisfactorily and a Beason ot steady
operation is looked forward to follow-1
iiiK tlte settlement of differences he- j
iwfien the men and management. The!
machinery for the concentrator plant;
Ims been hauled up the hill and will
lie installed soon
ai tin.' Big Missouri Hi.- summer's
dud piles are being taken as far as pos-
sibie over the snow to a cache from
whicli they will be packed in during
tlie summer      Toboggans are being
Billy Allen mid his Atllii dogteam
made ■■ week's trip buck of Stewart
toward the headwaters of ihe Nans to
locate some ground discovered last
fall by trappers, one uf whom went
along. Alien arrived here a few
■weeks ago, having given up his intention t>f trying to bring his dog-
team overland from Atlin.
Because of the lack of timber the
crews uf the Forty-nine mine have
beon taken from tlie winze and up-
r-itao, both of which are In high-grade
sliver ure. and have.been put to drifting on the Forty-nine lead and cross-
cutting tor another lend which parallels it.
The Sterling Mining Co. of Vancouver has purchased the ti rand view
group on Marmot River. It Is expected thut the Marmot section will set
much activity this season. The Grand*
view adjoins the l-'niser group, purchased hist week hy O. B. Bush and
P. W, Racy. M.H.. of Vancouver, will
have charge of operations on the Sll-
ver Crest on Salmon River, where
work will commence as soon as weather conditions permit.
lu order to enable big (J. T. P. boats
lu tie up. three dolphins are to he built
at the old Stewart wharf pending construction of the new wharf.
Considerable building activity 1ms
commenced here mid a few really
transactions are retried.
Upon the completion of "Cheating
Cheaters." Clara Kimball Young's
latest select picture, whicli was tscen-
arlorlzed frnm the stage success of the
same name by Max Marcin, the star
is takinig n short rest.
Her rest will nol bo all playtime
however, tor this select slur Is ever
mindful ui her thousands of admirers
und the pleasure they derive not only
frnm her high artistry but also from
hor exuciisito costumes mode exclusively by Uicile, Lady Duff-Gordon.
Ever since Miss Young .plcturized Elinor (llyu's "The Reason Why," also
in her select star series, mid Luetic
learned that this book was written
by her own slstor. this world famous
dressmaker lias taken un especially
keen i>ersonul interest lu her creations for Miss Voung. As u result
cuine the marvelous gowns with which
Miss Young has charmed her female
admirers—and her male admirers, too,
If tho truth must be known! So here's
good news nut only Is Clara Kimball
Voung the beloved of millions nf Dim
fans, going to come back to making
select pictures with renewed enthusiasm alter her vacation, hut she's also
going to have new gownn galore,
Her latest creations are worn by
Miss Voung in "Cheating Cheaters,"
which will be the feature ultractlon
on Monday and Tuesday at the Rex
Brooding methods have undergone
considerable changes of late. Por
small flocks the portable hover is undoubtedly the most sutisf
even with comparatively small Hocks
some are now using stove brooders.
Tlie advantage of these aloves is that
ihey can brood large Rocks at a comparatively small cols. The pipe brooder was the system thai was formerly
used on large plants and is still quite
largely i mployed. ll Rives excellent
satisfaction but is so expensive to install that the stove brooders nre largely supplanting it.
These stove brooders can he used
in any ordinary colony house, thus
avoiding the necessity ot n special
brooder house. They are made In different sizes and win accomodate
either large or small jocks Five
hundred chicks call 1)0 attended in a
colony house with ulmosl as llttlo labor as 50 in a small' brooder anil UlO
additional cost is comparatively low.
When the chicks are removed from
the Incubator, cure should he taken to
avoid chilling them. The brooder
should be so heated that they will
lie able to get u temperaturo of 100
K the hovers are heatqd to 00 or 0B
degrees before the chicks are pill In
them, the heat generated by the chick-
wil bring it up to the desired temperature. The idea is lu give the chicks
as low a temperature as ia consistent
with their comfort. The temperature
should be gradually reduced hut. never
so quickly "s to cause any discomfort
to the chicks.
With the brooder stoves the chicks
can select their own temperntures.
If they want a little more heal they
i an get a little closer to the e-tove, It
tbey get too warm they can spread oui
a little more. It Is advisable when
the chicks are flrsl put Into tlu house
to make a ring around lhe stove In
which the chicks are confined until
they become used to their new quarters and gel uccuatomed to the source
of heal, then the fence may be removed. For this purpose n id rip of ready-
rooting—half width-answers to perfection, as it Is easily handled and it
breaks tht draughts, which are liable to he along the Hour and which
»r«. one of the dangers that should
bo guarded against In this method of
Feeding—When the chick is hatched
it comes Into lhe world with n sufficient   supply   of  nourishment   in   the
form of egg yolk to last it tor several
days.    What  a  chick  require
start is not feed but warmth
When the chicks show positive signs I c.
of hunger, which will be In about two In
or three day», give them a feed scattered Oil a little coarse sand or chick  c
grit.   For this lirst feed, hard boiled I'l
egg and bread crumbs iu the portion] a
of about four of bread crumbs io one
iContluuetd from Page Three)
u inspection of the mine and plant.
i ne
Percy Dunkerley, who lias
a loyal member of Ihe staff of
lonsoHdated Mining nnd Smelt-
T years, has resigned his pnsl-
ind will leave the organization
ninpauy of Canada Limited, ut
ns purchasing agent for a hum*
the middle of May. Mr.
kerley may locate at the coast.
hosts of friends will wish him
is wherever be goes.
-  Nuggc. Mill Overhauled, Will He
tj Remlji for Operation by May.
*! Following the visit of R. H. Stewart, consulting engineer of the Nugget Gold Mines. Ltd,, to tho Nugget
mine ut Shoep Creek, last week,
Superintendent Harold Lakes is placing ii crew of millwrights on the
Motherlode mill, to place It in shape
for operating.
In addition to small mechanical
changes outlined by Mr. Stewart, to
overcome certain email obstacle*! to
perfect operation asp orient nd h: me
tonne) operators, thc plant will bo
itnmplelely overhauled aud the ma-
.liiniry tunnd up, and where there
ici- been material deterioration there
(\tli be replacements, The mil),
wblc] combines the hall, stamp and
mn.' principles, will he In perfect
mndlilon for operation hy May i-y
.vh'Ph date it Is r-ooc.lcil operation
will commence, if wate- conditions
A force or.25 men Is now engaged
it the property, which Is being put
Into shape for permanent mining.
The drift proving the ore at the new
depth of tl25 feet has now reached
ii total length of U0. without any
noticeable variation lu tho character
ot the ore or of the ore body. Stations nre being made for chutes
every 20 feet, trackage and swltchos
have been Installed, and the work
'lone is alt of a permanent character,
While the lower portions of Sheen
creek is practically in flood, the
upper portion is still In the snow
/one. and has not loosened up lo any
extent, and although the Nugget
water supply is drawn from two dtf-
ferent branches of tho main creek,
al ihe present time the power for
Ihe compressor is only sufficient for
one drill, which is employed on tho
two faces of the drift.
ni  tin
ud rest
sie Group Xear Fairview
ij ite Developed Fully.
The Greenwood Ledge says: "In
'.IT Guess Itros opened an office in
eonwuod as assayers and chemists,
iving to this city from Fairview,
lere they had been connected with
o Sirnthyre mine. The firm eon-'
ited of Oeorge A. Guess and Harry
Guess both brilliant graduates ofj
a University of Toronto. While
py were lu business here, they hud
o Guess block built In 1S99, now I
cupled by McKlmon's jewelry)
ire. Leaving here in the early j
rt oi ihis century the Guess Bros, j
ml to Mexico, where tbey were|
unected with the famous Cannnea
d oilier mines.
"lu recent years George has been
unected with   the   University    of
irouto,  being  Professor of Mining
d Metallurgy.
"When  the Granby    Smelter    at
When business men convene meetings to press for improved telephone
service, and newspaper?! publish many
paragraphs about the way in whicli
things telephonic ere. to be made better, tho exchange girls want to know
whether subscribers and their manners are to be Included In the general
scheme for Improvement.
It Is not subscribers en blue who I
are objectionable. Some of them are!
(•harming. In tlie main, however,
there Is the greatest resemblance be-;
t ween the folk whose names are In the'
telephone directory and the curate's j
memorable eggs—some ure good, and
some are bud, and the bad ours are
horrid indeed!
The work of a telephone girl may
bo all the tiAce things which ytou
think is is, but it is uui all huuey by
any means and ihere are somo subscribers whom i very exchange girl
knows tu whom she musi ever he
courteous,   though   she   longs   lo   "let
tly at them."
Nobody outside knows how often ll
j happens that when a -ubserlher is ud-:
vised that a particular line Is out oft
order, back comes tin indignant reply,
'Can't be out of order: It's my private house "   Aud nothing let alone.
he exchange girl -will convince such
a man that the telephone people art-
doing their work properly. He
swears thai they could connect him
If they choose.
Another well-known character is the]
Impatient subscriber whoso call is answered after girls have returned from
lire drill. The 1. S. will never listen
to the exchange girl's explanation ofj
lhe delay, but demands, with varying'
degrees of polfiteness to be put on to
the clerk-ln-charge to complain of Inattention, cups of *eu. novels, crochet ]
and other fallacies.
I-iet us try to improve telephones [
and telephone exchanges and telephone girls by all manner of means;
but', ut the same time, let us hctpe that
subscribers will try to Improve them-
selves, A-s to beginning, It might be
well to star ta school for subscribers,
at which the use and mosuse of a telephone should, be laught, and a certificate granted, before aiiono was nl-;
lowed to have a telephone to play
The Most Interesting Human
Being in the World
HER name is Lily BecUer an American girl - and you can
read the story of her career in "Star Di.si" Fannie Hurst's
first novel. Her fight against an all too apparent desiiny - the
forces which moulded her character tlie desires which fought
those forces—all form the background against which Mist; Hurst
has written a really great, a really important novel.
In Lily Becker you will find a sincere interpretation of the instinct
for self-expression in woman asserting itself through the repressions exacted by too indulgent, bin too little understanding
parents. Lily Becker's light is the li^ht of every modern younj;
woman who must face the world. Miss Hurst has drawn a remarkable literary portrait of the girl of today.
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happened. Conover Collier waa going
through life chained to the fear that he
might loae hia job or hia sweetheart or
hia aavinga account. Then, when it
looked like he had loat all three, he waa
surprised to discover that "it might have
been worse" as Inveterate optimists are
in the habit of aaying.
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In the new Cosmopolitan Frazier Hum
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Wash whowas going to the governmeni
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nf ogg is used,   Feed llttlo and often  Anyox
alternating   this   foed   witli   scratch | furiiac
grains and dry mush.   Supply tender j the ur
green feed such us lettuce or some- smelt
thins similar.     After the first week M1* L»t
hoppers of dry mash should ho kept
before thorn and by Uie time they aro
about ten days old. the oeo, feed may;
be discontinued. Place grit, water and
n  dish of sour milk  where they will I
have free access to tJum.     Nothing
provides animal food in bolter ronn j
than does sour milk.
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Sluggish  Liver and Bowels—
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food, wll loll sours uud ferments like gar-
bugs in ■* ftwill barrel. That'll the flrttt
Btop to untold misery—indigestion, foul
gases, had breath, yellow skin, mental
feats, everything that is horrible and
iiausoaUt)6. A Ooscuret to-night will
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keep you  feeling go-.d  for montlis.
To hint that you will have more
time for reading now that, lhe stills
are stifled, would be a presumption.
Hut tlie  public will.
For certainly ii is true thai the library has always round an lm,portn«l
rival in the tavern. The quarto bus
been forsaken Immemorial ly for the
quart; mid the bard for the bar,
1-iitcrautre will benefit; Uio public
will benefit; publishers will benefit.
Ami though at preseni the outlook is
somewhat droughty and drear, n
growing balance is generally indicative of greater exltillratlon than ;i
lack of balance, and if magazines' circulations, are benefitted by abstinence, one may yet come to look with
favor nn the fact thai cranks have at
last done away with spigots.
Indeed, tf overy magazine maintains Uie sped and Interest ol
month's Cosmopolitan which ha
recntly lieen placed on sale, \y
well believe that tbe spectacle*.
be In evidence where lhe gloBROB wire
once laid out.
It would be difficult to imagine a
better form of entertaiiimot than the
publishers of this papular magazine
havo arranged for their vast number
of readers this month.
In tbis number alotio are novels,
short stories and special features by
such world-famous writers as I'eter
B. Kyne, Gouverneur Morris. Unpen
Hughes, Dana Oatlln, Arthur Somnrs
Roche, Harvey O'Hlggins. .luck Boyle,
Robert W, Chambers. Harris Dickson.
was    constructed    aud     Hip
s were blown in. for a period
s of that camp were hard to;
a they did not properly flux.!
Instance    Professor    Guess
est and for a tlmo acted in a
consulting capacity   at Anyox.  and
his  experiments enabled     the  man-
ageinent of the smelter to handle the
ore successfully.
"Ever since Harry left Greenwood
he has been connected with mining
mid is now head engineer for the
fluggenhelm syndicate and he is also
consultlng.eiiglneer for various mines
and smelters In which this syndicate
H iulerestcd.
"Our readers will be greatly pleased to learn that the Guess Bros, have
for over 25 years owned the Susie
group of mineral claims near Pair-
view and have had great faith lu the
group. At present they are having
the water pumped out of the mine,
io enable it full and careful examination by them, with a view to working the properly.
"It is io be hoped that whllo they
are In Falrview they will again
visit Greenwood district, in which
camp they played such an important
purl in the early days."
Machinery Heing Hauled lo Daisy
Mlnu, Silver Mountain.
Tho Silver Mountain Mining company operating on the old Daisy
mine, five miles east of Daisy, Wash.,
Is having machinery hauled to the
property to put In a concentrator
whh a capacity of :.» tons daily.
Several good leads have been uncovered recently in the Daisy mine und
ihe property Is now looking (Inn.
About 25 years ago considerable ore
was shipped from it.
Au international mining convention is to be held In Nelson during
lho week of June 7 to 12. It startB
off with the full endorsement of the
mining men who attended the recent
convention In Spokane. A suggestion was made that the convention
Hhould rotate between Spokane, Seat-
lie and Vancouver, but this was
met by the retort that mining men
would support those who supported
them, and as Vancouver    had   sent
Meredith Nicholson and Mary Carolyn only one delegate lo*  Spokane,  and
Davles. Nelson and the Kootenays had mus-
If the great bulk of mankind once tered R0, the convention should go
sought   alcoholic   stlmulnts   for   the (o Nelson.    The convention will sit
purpose or amusemnt, relaxation, In* for three days and  a  trip   will    be
spiratlon and a desire to forget self {made through   the  Slocan   district,
in the enjoyment of mon ideal, if lm- starting In nt Slocan and coming out
aginative existence, certainly the cur- at Kaslo.
rent Cosmopolitan will serve a pur-  .-^_.	
pose for which alcohol has
n  favorite.
ilt en been
If you  want news  while It  news,
subscribe for tht Herald.
Let us supply you with your next
counter sales hooks We have u complete line and prices are as low as
the out-of-towu fellow will give you
Tke Cranbrook Herald.
If you don't sec the "Bayer Cross" '
on the tablet-, you are not getting 1
Aspirin—only an acid'imitation.
The "Bayer Cross" ia your only way
of knowing thnt you are getting genuine
Aspirin, prescribed by physicians for
omi' nineteen yearn and proved safe by ,
million., foi Headache. Neuralgia, Colds, .
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, and lor ;
Pain generally.   Made in Canada.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets—also
larger sized "Bayer" packages can be
had at drug stores.
Aspirin i- the trade mark (registered ■
in Canada), of Bayer Manufacture of <
MonoaiTticat-idcster of Salicylicacid.
While it is well known that Aspirin
means Bayer manufacture, to assist the :
public against imitations, the Tablets of
Bayer Company, Ltd., will be stumped j
with   tlieir   general   trade   mark,   the
"Bayer Cross,"
At her fourteenth birthday, Mavis
Hawn, u Kentucky mountain girl decides that booksi and not bullets are
essential ta hor life's success. So
thinking, she mounts the family donkey and sets out for the lowland
scholl to find the strangest thing site
has ever seen—a railroad train, which
she thinks is a threshing machine.
Thi-. Is one of tho unusual situations
in "Heart O' the Hills," adapted from
tbo story by John Pox, -lr., in which
Mary Pick ford will be seen at the Hex
thentre. commencing Friday and Saturday. This is Mary Plckford's third
First National «tract Ion, produced
tn her own studios, of which her
mother Is business manager.
As Mavis llawn. Mary I'lckford Is
lu love with Jason Honoyi-uit, a mountain hoy. who chafes under Hie cruel
treatment of his father nnd who Is
unrelentingly jealous of the intentions
which Mavis |ials to one of the city
aristocrats who visits In the mountains.
As time passes Mavis and Jason
take separate trails in their searches
for education. They Anally wind up,
however, back ut their mountain home
lo find Jason's father nnd Mavis'
mother leading a cat-and-dog wedded
life. Just as Steve Honeycutt is about
to murder the Widow Hani, the most
exciting moment of the story arrives.
Few   Drops  of "Freezime," Then
Cormi Lift Off—No Paint
Do not forget
to file your
Income Tax Return
on or before the 30th of April, 1920.
Dominion of Canada
Department of Finance
A LL  persons residing in Canada, employed in Canada, or carrying on
business in Canada, are liable to a tax
on income, as follows:
1. livery unmarried person, ur widow, or
widower, without dependants at defined by the
Act, who during ihe calendar year HI* received or
earned $1,0111) or more.
2. All uther individuals who during the
calendar year Oil received or earned $2,000 or
I. livery corporation and joint stock company
whose proltts eiceeded $2,0W during tht fiscal
year ended in 1419.
Forms "'hl' use(l'" '"',,v'
'   returns on or before
the .10th ot April, 1930.
farmers and ranchers must use
Form T 1.
must use Form T IA.
stock companies must use Fonii
T 2.
Km) (tenon n-nunt--in meke * tt»min t»li**
falls iu tin *u within ilif ttim Hint. ■>*>*n i»
•ubiMi in 4 iwiKtio nl l»fitty-H»t |i« irtiMini
nt ti>e ■iiiiiiKH nf lilt- mi imyahii
\»\   |ii'iiuii,  wlirihet   Idtn.i.f hiTMi*,'.
villi  UU-  IU  III**.!-  *   11*111111  nr   jnuiidr   (ill,Jl IIU
iiiiii ttulv ii.|uitrd «ttouting in iiu' profMon »•
iiu Ail. ..lull lie Uulilf I'll llinttliao "inw.ll.,n
lu ii piltillt) ul 11*1* Iiii Will ilJJ il un t»it
whl.il    llitf  lltlUUH   I'uiilliiuv;-     Mnn .m»  pi'i-ii-ii
mitvina h lulu* lUivmini iii 4iiv leiuiiv m in
iiny iiifuinuiiiHi r*t|iilrvd Uj the MlnUnr, ill nil
he llub.a, un luninurs .ntmi'Mon. lu j (il'iutl)
mil eiferdlnt Slu.tinn. ut iu nil month! hnprlnun
mrntl oi lo liuili lint end lillprfioii*fn£ni
General Instructions.
Ohlaiii I onus Irom the Inspectors or
\s.,siaiii Inspectors of Taiatlon or from
He ul carefully nil instructions en
lin in before lilling it in.
I'ri'iiuy postage on letters and documents forwarded by mail to Inspectors of
Make your returns promptly and avoid
1 Commissioner of Taxation.
Ii in reported that Archdeacon
lleor ot KiihIo. who was granted leave A ,|nv ,„,..„ Qf ..r„„m- ,,„,., „„
of absence by the iilnhnu ol Knot- little ui nny drug «*erei apply n low
nay tn order Ihat. he might take a i drop, upon any corn or callus, lu-
trip tor tbe benefit of his health,! •"""'.y il, slops hurling, tl.™ shortly
. . a ... . .u- k,nkHM ..... i y°" I'll tlmt botbsrsoma corn or callus
li;,: resigned, und that the blnhop has  Jj bt off  wi)h
accepted bin resignation . I He kunbtlg!
The Herald, $2.00 a Year
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llll:       I   II A Nil II IIII K       11 Kit ALII
I' A (IE       PI V E
Enjoy Better Baking-
Use   .
Egu-0 Baking Powder Co., Limit .1, Hamilton, Canada
—y .- . - »*■-,• "w*.- ■ -"—."'
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
Ill I'llllHllH l.llltlll'd
Offices, Smelting and lloflnlng Department
I'lirchnsi'i's nf (told. Silver, Copper nnd Lead (IreH
Producem of (told, Silver, ('opper, Hluestmie, I'lit Lend and
Zinc "TAI1ANA0" Brand.
I. (I. (I. P.
Meets every
Monday ulglll
st fraternity
Hsll.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
Noble  (Jrand, Rec.  Sec,
J. H. Cameron       W. Jl. Harris
His. (.rem St XaeKlnuon
liiyHlfluns und Surgeon,,
oitlf,   at  realdsnce, Aruistruns
Forenoons   9.00 tn 10.00
Afternoons   2.00 to   4.00
Evenings 7.30 lo   S.JO
Sundays   2.30 to   4.31)
t ranbrook, B. V.
Hssts every Tuesday st 8 p.m. In
tbs Fraternity Hsll
C. O. Borgstroui. C. I'.
C. H. Collins. K. R. * 8.
Visiting bretbren cordially Invited to sttend.
Oltli'e lu Hanson Block
9 to 13. a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
■tegular Meeting
Sl.tll.M>  SATlltllAV  nl csrli
niiinth at S |i.m. In Ihe I'll) llnll
Meets In tli,
I'arlsli Hall
first Tuesdsy
arternonn ot
every month
at ;t p.m.
Proa. Mrs. E.
II. I.runuiu
Ssey, Mrs. J. W. Burton, P. O. Boi Ml
All ladles co-dlally invited.
Itciucdt'lllnic and Itejuilrs h
J.   r.   ii rt ii cnoi r
iH-t Kootensj tii-irlri
Lt.-Col. C.  II. Pollen... Hon Pres
Chas. K. Evans, t.sq President
Hsrry Gamble,  l.s.| Vice-Vi'i-a.
.1. F. Huchcroft, Cranhrook,
J.T. Laldlaw, Ksu Executive
W. H Easalo, Es<i	
Dan   McllUs,   Es,|	
John Leask, Esn	
Wm. Evans. I-Js,!	
Organisation completed Jan. ".
1920. membership roll open lor the
enrolment of prospector! Appii-
ciitlons 1,11,1 correspondence \viili
suggestions tending to nromati the
Interest* ol prospectors solicited,
Annual mombtralilp foe. tr, on
It II VI I. A N 11   K 1 N li
The c. M. Fassott Co., Inc.
Engineers, Metallurgists
Chemists. Assnyers
Laboratory' .Supplies
•Jii;.j(iii.'jll.2l.'i Wnll Street
Phiinr 3.',0
Norkari Ave, nut tn lit) Hsll
Phone Nn. 4011
Cranbrook,   .    .    .11. f.
\„. ui
ILK p.
Xo, us
4.16 p.m.
(.OS p.m.
Ar  l ninhrool. l.v
l.v   Cranbrook Ar
Train S23 will leavt for Klmberley
daily except Sunday hi < h. and train
$24 will grrlve from Klmberley dHlly
except Sunday at 210 pin
Kootenay central Brunei, no change
Job Printing
Herald Office
llnbt. Frame, Prep.
Presli Bread, Cakes, Pies
and I'asltj
Plione 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Wll III  still   DOMINION MM:
Portland, Me.. Halifax, Liverpool
Prom I'ortliiiid   linllfav
Canada Moil LTlh   April 18th
VeM     \"rli.    Plymouth,    t'licrtioiiru.
\en York ... .March Mth -April 2IU,
St. Paul  \prll 3rd   May Slh
Phlladelplilc   . . .  April  lml,    Muv Sll,
Manchuria Maroh 27th Mny su>
Mongolia April 10th—May 22nd
nin star i.im:
New Vork, Snulliampton, Antwerp
liroonland  March 211 It—May 1st
Upland  April 3rd—May St It
Finland  April 7th—May mth
white nt.ui i.im:
New York, Liverpool
Cedrlc April   loth
Baltic   April  17th—May 22ud
Celtic  May 15th
New  Vork. Sniillinniplnii, Via, Cher.
hniirir. France
\ilriali, Marcli  20th—April  24th
New Vnrk. lilhrnlter. Naples, Henna
Orotic    March 81st—Mny 28th
Canoplc  May llth
For reservations uud tickets apply
to tncal ugonis or Company's office,
11. P. Sargent, 1119 Second Avenue,
Seattle. Washington.
Canada's Fur Trade
Shows Development
Muring the   Lute  War   '  Exports
Have Inrnr-nl and Ntrti Substantial!} Cu-eeil Our Import!.
Much lias been Bald and written
alt-out tho lure of soltl In etlmulatlag
sen lenient and exploration In thej
history ot Canada, however, II was
tin? queat of fura that provided an Incentive i" Hie tradera who threaded
the lungle ol lakae and streams, traversed the prairlee end stormed the
rugged mountain passes that barred
tln> way in tlie Pacific mean True,
the outstanding leaders in the task of
oxptorallou wore Bred by higher mo-
lives ttian moro love ol gain, Noverd
tholess, the magnificent prollta to bo
realized In tho tur tradi formed the
economic baala which equipped and
sustained tin- work of discovery-
Canada Is nol only a great fur-con-
oumlng country, bui la also ono of the
loading fur-producing countries of tlie
world and, provided w< take proper]
meaaurea to conserve our wild life, is
likely always to remain so. Although
liero, ii.- olaewhere,fura are often worn,
for ornament, our rigorous winter
makes furs almost a necessity fur
many reasons Tho farmer who drives'
many miles to tlie elevator over the
wind-swept prairies, appreciates the [
value of a warm coonslcln und knows j
that no covering devised by the Ingenuity of man is so effective in excluding tlie eold ns the natural protection
with wliieli the wild animals are endowed.
Before the war. we were importing
more furs than we exported. For tlie
liscal year 191?, onr total imports of
this commodity amounted to $7,993,-
051 and our exports io ifr>.415.11!», thus
leaving and unfavorbale balance of
over 2% million dollars. During the
wur. we nave had a favorable balance,
small at first, but rising tu $51,214,584
for the hscal year 1919. For that year
our exports amounted to $13,737,621
and onr imports to $4.r>23,037. The Increased value of our exports is largely
due to the enormous rise In prices but
also indicates a considerable increase
in tlie number ot pelts exported. It isj
gratifying to note that, in spite of the-
higher pricoa, our importB have actually decreased in value. This would
Beetu to indicate thai there is an increasing domestic consumption nf ouri
own furs.
In 1913, our imports from the United
States were $4,228,466 and our exports
to it, $2,343,183, showing a trade balance in favor of the States of $1,886,-
27.-.. Por the fiscal year ended Marcli I
31, 1919, the figures, as given in lhe1
Annual Raport of the Department of ■
Trade and Commerce, are: imports,
$8,861,605; exports, $9,743,464; balance
iu Canada's favor. $5,941,869.
Our imports from Great Britain j
have declined from $1,294,462 ln 1913 io!
only $148,456 in 1919. Meanwhile,
our evports have Increased from $2.-
795.791 in 1913 to $3,703,955 In 1919- j
Taking Into consideration Uie rise in
prices, thesse figures Indicate aa actual decreast in quantity.
Undressed furs form much the largest item In in our exports, over 98 peri
■•ent of Ihe whole, and also about TS j
per cent of the import-;.
lu Russia, in pre-war times, great
fur sales were held at Irbit. Nljnl-I
Xovponl and Moscow. In Germany,
the ureal market was Leipzig, where1
the Mb Baster fair used to attract fur-'
buyers from all parts of the world.*
Montreal should take its place beside j
these centres as a preai fur market
and the Montreal Pur Sales Board!
seems tn have selected a propdtlons
moment for launching the enterprise,;
befon the channels of trade, which
have been dislocated by the war,'
again settlo down into well-worn!
At the Canadian fur auction sale
held in Montreal Saturday, the flrsl
annual sale of the kind conducted
ihere a grand total of $5,698,129 In:
sales Is reporled.
The average was the feature of the;
lust day, 16,176 -kins iu 22:t lots!
bringing $728,763, n record high price'
of $10ii per skill on one lol being paid
by Henry Slbert of New  Vork.
Senator Wobster, president of thu,
Auction Sales company, la an address io buyers m the conclusion of
the sale, stated that another sale!
would be held in August or September. I
»X1I THK SHEKi* HAM ill It
A bulletin from the Department of
Agriculture. Ottawa, suys that poultry
culling demonstrations thai have been
carreld on by tlte federal live stock
branch have clearly proved that iL ifl
possible lo take out from forty to sixty per cent, of the stock in tho aver-
aye farm flock and still leave the
farmer with as many egges per day
us )io was gelling before, The value
of -.bis knowledge lo the farmers uf
Canada can hardly be over-estimated.1
/ n eeually valuable service of the
federal live slock branch is the grading cf market wool. According to the
report of the minister for the fiscal
year ending 1918-18, approximately 4,-
550,006 pounds of wool were systematically graded and sold co-operatively.
'these are only examples of the services o filie federal department of agriculture, which has bra*iche.- and division!, for tlie advancement of pi.mm
rally every phase of farming and gur-
ieniuff. This report, wh--.li U obtainable I nm the Publications Branch, ')i-
tiwi, (o'ers concisely the work of the
whole [cpartment fnr tho twelvemonth period.
lut'llciue for nil I'ftu.ilc On i| Intnl JB n bot,
Of three fur flu, in nil" -.ton • MiUhI lonay
iidilrCHitiiU retell il nf in he i io fit >iii|.11, I ii, it,
to., at.Liitliiirjiif-, niiiiiiii. __»_„_
phosphonolformen;;,,^ ;;:
for Nerve mid Hrnin; liniiii-iH "city tilflllei ',
* Toak-wlll build ynu n|,   f,ln \*,\, or Iwo Inr
Rll drug store* or liy inull „u rni-liit ut iirtte
■ H«i»ii.i*IiMfuCh .hi fnihuiInr>i.HniHrIn
forwarding and  Distributing
Agent for
Lethbrldge Rid OraeDhlll Coal
Imperial OH Co.
Dlitrbntlon Can a SpecUitj.
I»r»ijlii(f iiiitl Triiiisfcrrtiiv
Olreu prompt attention
Phont It
to toNSTii».vn;n cm 11
Dillclou-*. "I rait l.axalhc" Can'l Ifnria
Tender Utile Stomarll, l.h**r
and Unwell,
Look ut tlie tongue, mother! If
coated, your Utile one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or Is feverish, stomach sour,breath had; ha-' sore
throat, diarrhoea, full uf eold. give a
teuspoonful of "California Syrup of
Pigs." and In a few hours all the foul,
eonslipated waste,Undigested food and
sour bile gently moves out of its little
bowels without griping, aud you have
a well, playful child again. Ask your
druggist fo u bottle of "(.'nllfornla
Symp of Figs," whii b run tains full
directions for babies, children of all
ages anil for grown-ups.
A bulletin from lhe Experimental,
farm says:
If pruning is to be done this Spring1
see that It Is completed before tlie
sap Is (lowing to nutty great extent,
Do not think it is necessary to tuke'
out a, lot of woo^ from overy tree. 1
Much damage may be done by unnuul
butchering. If the orchard has light
annual pruunlng it will only be necessary to (U remove ull dead or broken
brunches (2) to head in any branches
which may be too rangy (3) to remove
cross branches or 14) tu thin out
whore the tree has become absolutely
too thick.
If the orchard is old and has been
neglected; whieh is evidenced by the
lack of growth, and barren arms fur
many feet from tho main trunk, a
vigorous heading back of the top is
necessary to force oat new growth
from whieh new frut-produefng wood
can be selected.
Handle the young treats carefully.
Do not make a practice lo head hack
half or one-third annually. Watch
the crotches ami always keep one
branch in the lead to avoid weak
crotches. Cut out where brnnvhes
are too close together, keep the tree
headed low, and if tlie variety produces a long rangy tree suppress the
strongest growing branches the
most and tin weakest the least.
In cutting back o main branch and
one of its strong growing laterals do
not cut both to the same length. Permit the main branch to ret a hi tiie lead.
Otherwise two branches of equal dl-l
mansions will result which will produce u very weak crotch; a constant
source of trouble,
Whenever given the option of se-
looting either a branch growing at a
sharp angle to its parent or one growing almost at right angles, choose tlie
latter—it will make a stronger crotch
in future years,
Always cut back to a bud. cutting
us close as possible without Injuring
Iho bud itsolf. By paying utteutlon
to tlie position of the bud one ean do
much to decide the form tin. tree shall 'II
Study each variety you are de-aling
witli and adopt n spystem most suited
to Its needs.   No not attempt tu apply .
vory bard and fast rules to your whole
"It Is not a (piostlou of how* much
pruning one can do," says M, U. Davis,
Promologlst, of the Central Kxperl-
nientol farm, "but how little one can
do und still retain the desired shape.
Vigor nnd productiveness of the tree." '
Dyed Her Faded
Skirt, Also a Coat
i "Diamond Dyes" Mike Shabby Apparel
Just Like New—So Easy!
Rabbit Rearing
Neglected Resource
H('on>trriiUotiin Published l-j  Itnmlti'
Ion (t'lvernnienl Suys »r>« its Profitable as   Poultry—11 i   Vdrlei
'Cciurervatton," publishel b> the
Dominion Qovernemenl gives some
excellent advice to the rabblte raiser
In the  following:
Rabbits are valuable ror their meat
and for tholr tur, Their Mesh is
wholesome and lender and, when
properly cooked, ii is dllflcutl to dis-
tlngulab it from chicken. Not only
an their peh> dyed tn Imitate more
expensive aklns, but tlu*-e derived
from some of the mora handsome
breeds are nsed in their natural col-j
nr Rabbit fur is moreover, extoti
lively employed In the manufacture
of hatters' fell
In northern Prance and Belgium,
rabbits are aa commonly kapl on
farms as poultry. It is therefore.
only natural that several of the besl
utility breeds should lu.v. been developed in Unit pan of the world.
Enormous quantities of rabbits are
consumed every year in England; Indued the home supply Ims to be
greatly supplemented by Imports
from  Australia.
in cities, pigs are objectionable because ihey are malodorous and chickens because they are noisy; rabbits
urn clean and quiet, as well as easily
kept. True, they will not devour the
house garbage in any considerable
quantity, nor is it good for them, yet
they can bo cheaply fed. They will
cat, many weeds, such as dendollons,
coucli grass, shepherd's purse, vetches
aud plantain. Prom tho table they
can bo given the leavings of cereals,
cooked potatoes, and milk. Hut tholr
staple diet, should hi hay, whoal or
out straw, clover and carrots.
Rabbit lllltcllQs should he divided
iuto a .deeping chamber, whicli should
bo tight and free from draughts*, and
u more open space, protected by wire
netting. A small hutch may imve
a lloor apace ii feet by 2 foot und tho
door should be raised off lhe ground.
Por larger rubbltrlos, courts are used:
these may he either paved or grass
courts surrounded by a fbncu sunk
deeply enough Into the ground to prevent the animals burrowing out.
Hoys and girls generally take an
interest iu feeding and caring for these
animal:;- Work of this kind wi
have an educational value and would
have ihe further merit of enlisting
the sympathies of the younger generation in the campaign for greater
production. Rabbit-rearing on a more
extensive scale tan also be made a
profitable occupation for adults.
BffiMi por rosv cheeks,
ft^/jr happy smiles, white
^mf teeth, good appetites
/ fi  an£l digestions.
W       Its benefits are as GREAT
iS        as its cost is SMALL!
/I      It satisfies the desire for
if      sweets, and is beneficial, too.
-v       .;- "     '.-  *.. - .^^EOTTtTTF^g^^
iitoitoTHV OISH toils 1*1 or I Kits
i If a plotting aunt and an unscrupu-
i lous physician lmd arranged to have
you confined in a private sanitarium,
; under the pretext that your mind was
■ unbalanced; if tho ear was ordered
'. aud Ibe nurse on hand; and if your
i room was already waiting for you,
what would you do?
i Did ynu ever nieel the condition in
: whicli a nurse would B"y to you were
! insane and yon would try to prove
: your sanity?
| That Is one of the situations that
confront Dorothy Gieh In her latest
| Paramount picture. •'Turning the Tab-
! les." whieh will bo shown at the Hex
j theatre on Wednesday and Thursday.
: In this case Dorothy meet-, ii in n
i way that may work In some cases and
not in others. This time it resulted
lin her having the freedom of tlie
'ground;-, being courted by the man she
' wanted to marry, and finally escaping.
: Tiie above Is but one of the many situations that are said to make this
picture one ot the snappiest thai Miss
Oisli has yet presented,
l>an-Vm i-**^A»—ii.--Ta»—n-flAw >Afetmem\\1mm\m  tliHn nftjyilH
Cranbrook Cleaners and Dvers '.'
V.   «.   WILLIS,   .Msnifcr.
Koreiiiosl tlcuuers and liter*, ol Kiirjlhini:
I'lione 1»; IH-VMIHOIIK. II. I. It,,--. Ti        s,
Hp^a/-"-is tt%> usjyu   msJ\fi ii^i  ni^,,  ms/y'  »-*Ar">-p<^H
iWrtljomat Cljiirrlj
ll A. Ji- iuvim: \^oKSHl^,
I      Isilii I'. Jl Dirine Worship.
Preacher: REV. It. IV. I.KE
s ' You ar': Invited
- ~ iif. ^r-f^ttf:
-.?> m ■ -   ■ ■■
Overland A Roadster
l-on't worry sllotlt psrlwl rr.nlt.
Use "Dianioml l)yp^," L;uiir,uM,,,.,l to stive
It HOW, lii'li. fixlfl,' - ,,,l,,r In nny f„l,ri,.
wlictlicr wtrnl. silk, linen, cotton or mixcl
goodsr-ilrssRos, l,lr,u-,,*,, ptocklngs, Mkirlw,
clillitrsn's costs, 'IrnperloH,—everytUing!
A lllri'i'11,,1, nook Is In iisoksge.
To nistrl, sny unilerEsl. kvie dealer |
sbuw you "tlissHiiul »»•'' Cslef Csii    |
The Triplex Springs of the new
OVERLAND 4 make possible the
first light car with the steadiness of
a heavy, long car.
I'iiIiIIc itpprcdnliuii ef the iumv leal ure- of (lie OterlltDil I I- shAWn in the cicr-liirr-'a^ni:
demand for till- fnr. Upkeep cost Is low becanse the Triplex Sprhu.'** pmteci the iiierhaiiNm
iiuiii lhe  iimihI  rami  shocks.   Mu-lu ueluhl ireatev urciil Economj ot fuel aud lire-..
FRANK~mJlJ.]J^~^d r a « 1:   six
TIIK      (It A Ml ROOK       Mi: It A 1,11
Thursday, April I. I (.SO
A s out Par Lxielleuce
Heart 0'
The Hills"
Flrsl   Nalioiial   Speclul  Al
I'll.KII'S   THAU.   Eplaoile    I
Cranbrook Will
Reap Big Benefit
IV.  0.  Illll Soups Up Bin  Slock  ul
'Flue Staple Or, Woods   Shoppers
II,.IT   lo   l.,.|    ILll'tlllill*
Emory, Cow's Nest, was here
Mrs. Miles a
School Trustee
in sou. Corbln, wore
B.   Mills
Ui Illness.
is confined to his
of  lil
or i i.i
rrleil oi
mil Hi
ul lml
ting to
Ji.   I'ii ni in il   Arlrrul'l   Pii'luii'l
llrill-.li.  lu nml In n.  Pul he   News
M        TOPICS III' THE DAY        §j
Over tbe Cea Cups
Insure with Beale & Elweli.
.    +   +   +
Today Is oil tools duy.
+   +   +
Spring is snt
o Judge by tli
oley wllh
. wontlior
nf ih
lilt'   is
'   pnsl
tow [lays
+   +   +
Tin rogular monthly meotlug of tlie
City Council will be hold next Tliurs-
,i;iy evening, April «. In the city hull,
+   +   +
Watch out for tlie small boy today.
April lirst is a hint to him thai Sprint-
is will) ii,* nml lu, may brack nut in
u manner tlint will leave Iiis murk.
+   +   +
A null' Hurry of snow, nu occusionul
shower, miniature hurricanes, etc., Is
iiu, advance information w,> have just
now of ii;, ,'oniiiin of Spring,
+   +   +
According to u reconl decision of un
Ontario courl u telephone company is
justified in removing tho Instrument
from tin; home of i. subscriber who
"listens iu."
+   +   +
Tin. Mothodlsl Church  Ladles' A
Society will hold
Ing anil servo afternoon ten Saturday
afternoon, April 3rd ut :i p.m. in the
gym.   All invitoii to attend.
+   +   +
Liulles!   A very Interesting meeting
of lhe Women's lustitui
ni Parish liull ut :! o'cloch shun
Tuesday  ufioriiViou   next.  Av.ril
very  lady in tlie eity Is cordlaH;
vltod fo attend,
W. 1). Hill of thi
| up one of the I.i l'|
,i.tuple dry  uoo.ls
UritiBli Columbia bi
cently closing u il
i & Oildy eulate
its uutlroty.
It.eelill.v Mr
.lhe lillll Of Hell
I mill Trull. (Hod l
.less lius been ei
I ;e hy  ilie surviving parti
Od(l>',  who ilesireil le coil
oltortB on Ills Trail buslno
resides. Mr. Hill wns i
tlie -ir,,umi from among
j liuyel's   of   tlie   mosl   dosl
i nml succeeded in no;-oii;
mull. He will bring it b
and give   lho benefit o
i iiiirelinse. announcing thai tie
will   lie  ottered   nl   pl'GUont   whol
prices, which means tlmt n Iron
ons siiviiiu  will Im lunl.
The hue Mr. Betts of Hie lit
Rossland Trull dry goods store.*
iiiliiitttnlly on,, of Hie in-.,', buyi
iliis cl.iss of morchnndlBo in Hi
lerjir null lhe stock  is pi'OUOlinc
roproHontutivoa of wholesolo li
nml others to Im among tne best
Ilie besl ill llu Interior. No
wus excoptod, Mr. Hill securini
stock in its entirely excepting Hi
lures    un,I    since   acquiring    it
huve disposed of ii it » coiiBidi
advance over the purchivso prlci
will not do tills, iiiii.ouiiclng tin
patrons of his more are to liav
benelil of tlie deul.
Mr. Hill dcparteil for Rossini
Monday and will comploto tlie
mul prepare Hi* -lock for shlpnn
Crnnbrook, when iinnotincomonl
bo nindc „r Hie lime „f Its being
able for Crnnbrook buyers.
A.   K.   Lellcll
Jutfruy. wus a guest
jii-i r.-
e   Hells
' Staples, Creslon.
el: end's arivals !'o
. uui!  wife
llury   W.
Isllor hi H
Mra.   lies
tettor iu t
iilinor. Wycliffo. was
i\iy Tuesday.
*,  Klmberley.
■ Sunday.
linger. Fernle,
city Tuesday.
lit I,
I Villi
Investments in
Province Discussed
Itrukeriiiif  Hi in uf Itiinliek  Bros.
Ilrett.   Vuneuiner Issue  Ite j lew
ui' tictlVNll Inlerest
uis  ISvaiiB, Aluryi-vllle, wus among
outshlerB liere Tuostlny,
Douglas, Hull Hlver,
ihe city tliis week.
!■  Luke. Lindsay, Onl.. wus a busies.-; visitor in the eity Tuesday.
\. ii. Tyfe, t'ryHtal City. Minn,,
.-isltur iu the eity lust Saturday.
M. McMahon, 8[K»kane, ur-
g eity tl*e flm oi" the week,
Mn*. J. D. (.Ircen. Moda*ta, Cal.. wltflj
moiig Tuesday's arrivals in the eity.'
Nu 0|>i.(.*,iti.-ii 1>e\elu|is Amilnst Well*.
Kumvu Cm nil ru uk Lutly—Goes Iu
b)  Aeiiniiiutiuii
The nominations [or sulioul trustee
Oloied lust Saturday ul'iernoou and at
:i o'clock Returning Ollleer T. M. Roberts had only one nominee us announced hy tlu Herald in lust week's
Issue. Mrs. F. li. Miles uiTimllnuly (
illled ihe vacancy hy acclamation iind
is to he highly congratulated hi view
of the Htronn opposition heretofore
foil for a lady on tlie board.
A word of common I is due the Worn-
mi's Institute v-ln- have after four
years effort Buccessfully placed a candidate,, n is suit- to predict thai educational affaire will he luleru-iinuly
watched and the ladles will ht in attendance at the school trusti meetings to hear tholr deliberations, a
•lisnpiuiinted ratepayer wns hoard af-
ier the announcement to say. "What
next, a lady truatoo! it is only the
■hiti end of the wedge we shall have
lady aldermen aspirants next 1 sup- \
The Indies: suy. "Aud why nol? If
It Is true that the hand that rocks thej
■radio rules ihe world, why not wo-!
men have a voice in civic affairs and
i share ln its educational management? The work of women, rightly
•ihosen. and do we always elioose the
right men, will bespeak a thoroughness and a reliability which cannot
always   tie   confidently   felt   of   the
Tin: modi: it \ watch
Wnthcoa have Improved
s<> wonderfully In size,
shape and outline that the
man carrying an old niod-
11 seems woefully out of
Why not have your
watch iu utylo as woll hs
your clothing? lUith arc
viewed by your friends
with a critical eye
Uesiiies good looks, accuracy und ilepi ndibllitv
distinguish theso new
watches we ure showing,
IV. II. WII-80N,     Jeweler
' i Tumi i     I mil     lrrtrtTTlJ
Leslie Grossmith
Well-Known KmrlMi Kiitertiiliu-r uud
Musician t-reeted by Small An-
illence uu  Visit  Here
,1. Smith, the fur buyer, wa-s In Cal-
ary the lirst of the week on business.
Davis,  Klrosc.  Susk.,  was  a
visitor In Crnnbrook on Mon
.lames 11. Hayne, folmonton, wns a
lutsinoss viritor Iwre the llrnt of thc
John Costello, Merone, Sask,, was
nmoinj the business visitors in the
city this week.
Tlie March number of Burdick
Brothers & Brett's, Limited, financial
nnd Investment review, whieh is .iust
off the press. Ib devoted entirely to
British Columbia, particular attention
U. or homo cooki I beIn8 |'u1'1 tu lllc Investment situation
and linaneial status of tlie province.
In this regard, statistics havo been
compiled from the most roeenl government nnd Industrial reports and
fuels in connect ion with the extent
u will he held °' natural resources ami the possibilities for development cnil expansion
iu mining, lumbering, fisheries, etc..
are exhaustively dealt  witli.
The feature of the issue is a discussion of the Provincial Investment field,
in which the purchase of Provincial,
Government.    Civic    ami    Municipal
bonds   by   Brilit-.ll   Columbia   investor;:
is consist* ntly ndvoontod us n BtlmuliiE
to .progression in Provincial development. Figures of production in tlie
various industries are given us nn iu-
ammmmmmmmmmmmmm^^___^ dicaiion of ihe opportunities for -'N
its annual meeting thl» evening in tbe|lmnBi0ll-now ,,xti""-   The present con-
New I UltAoii of mining ami lumbering is referred io particularly and the future
Industries Is forecasted.
+ + +
Jamofl Ryan, Jaffray, has been appointed traveling repr< sentative of the
Cranhrook Cltaiiers anil Dyers of this
<iiy and will vlsii regularly all liie ad'
joining places In the interest of the
loc"l concern.
+    +    +
The Cranbrook Tennis club will hold)
city hall beginning at s o'clock.
members will he solicited and the club
forecasts are that the sport  will  be °' tnei
Supplementary to the isi
lively during the coming Summer.
+   +    +
Everyone who owns an auto is get .
ting the bug good and pro|>er these]w'"'
days ami having their cars primed up
tor ;i spin into the outer sections. It
is ureal recreation and a number tit'
m w models will he seen on the roads
with the opening up of traffic,
+   +'   +
American Consul Brand. Pernio, is
leaving Penile today for the Kant for
a mention of some six or eight weeks.
Wliil,. absent Mr. Brand experts to
attend trade conferences to be In Id I H <0|'-v rm
in Chicago ami Mlnnoapollu and will!
perhaps address several meetings nt j
other points.    The office will be look-
stock review, which gives an utibins
version   of  conditions  In conn&ctl
the various mining slocks, el
uow offering. Is published.
To any one interested In Provlnc
affairs or in conditions as rewards
nance in the Provluc.
should prove of valu
outdo from h* gone
A postcard
Brothers & Bri
ver   B.C.,   wll
' publicatl.
a referent
generally  Interesting
mailed to Biinliik
, Ltd,. Hotel Vaneou-
nsure  you   receiving
nf chnrg
aft. r
by   Vice-Consul   Henry   P.
a   ilurlnu   Mr.   Urund's   ah-1
Don't forget the annual dnnci of
Die Women's (institute Kustcr Monday
niglh. April .'.Mi. in Hie Auditorium.
•!- + +
Tlie police rounded up four hip-
pocket dispni'-ers of booze during last
week-end and the first of the week.
AlBO, one hotel keeper was taken In
and lined the usual $76, The tour
hip pocket vendors wtre lined, one
■Ciii and three others $76, The poliee
are active against these violators of
tlie prohibition act and have enhanced
tht size of the city's wallet very con-
.tdorably   with  tlie  aid  of
4-   +    +
Word has In en received
here of the
death at  Keomo, Alhertu.
on Monday
of last week, of Mrs. Vang!
in Klmpion.
whose    husband    was    In
the   early
days of Cranbrook a stage driver between (his city and WitH.ermtre. At
the lime of her death, Mrs. Kimplon
had been married a little over a year
mid whs 22 yearn of age. The re-1
mains were sent toWlndermere for In-
tertnout, ihe funeral occurring last
Saturday. Mrs, Ehnma Dupottl of this
'liy is an uunt of deceased. Ashton .
Powers, of this city, a ne|»hew depart-j
for Wlndermer lust week-end to uliendl
tin' fuuerul, )
Bryer and Dowd Mitchell, Medicine
Hat. were among the visitors iu Uie
city this week.
13.  Johnson  and  Mrs.  Johnson.
Kimberley,  were  guests  In  the city
t  week-end,
R. X. Wylie, Oak Bay, B.C.. was
among the business visitors in tlie
city hist  week-end.
Manager Barter of the Otis Staples
Lumber Company at Wycllffe. wus In
the city Monday on business.
F.   W.   Sterling   the   genial   freight
ent  of  the  O.P.U..   Nelson,   was  a
buvinoss visitor In thc city last weekend.
Mr. ,1. L Sarvls arrived home on
Monday after spending tlie last two
months iu Winnipeg on business for
the engineers.
A. C. Lawrence. Nelson, district!
manager of the North American Life-
insurance Company, was lu the city
this week on buslnoss.
A. Farris, who has been for many
years hi the employ of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company j
:tt Kimbeley. has removed with his
family to this city.
T. Connors diamond drill expert of
no Consolidated Mining and Smeltiiu:
• up nny of Canada Limited, with hto
headquarters "l Rossland, was here
Sal unlay   en    route   to   the   StllHvnn
mine at Klmberley.
g. <$, 4,. s .«> <s> <*, .i. <$> $> * <? .», ,s <s» ■?• $ 4
t ■*! ♦♦'*'♦$.♦'-?■ 4* 4* 4> 4> ♦ 4> i •?> 4
TENNIS CLUB-Annual meeting in
the City hol this evening at S o'clock.
•-Methodist Church Ladies' Aid. Sat
urday afternoon. April 3rd, in the
ANNUAL DANCE Women's Institute. Kustcr Monday. April 6th in the
Auditorium theatre.
CITV COUNCIL—Meeta in regular
session. Thursday evening. A.prnl Sth.
and West Kootenay. to he held here
April 6th, 7th and Sth.
' Tuesday afternoon next, in Parish
! hall.
' office of Beale & Elweli Tuesdny, April
■,1th, 8 pm.
CELEBRATION Watch for the announcement of the 24th nf May Second Annual Celebration,
HEX THEATKK—Good program all
during the week.
DANCE—To be given by the teachers of tiie city in the Auditorium the-
alre Wednesday evening. A.pril 7th.
of Navy and Grey Serge and Tweeds. All
these goods are guaranteed to give entire satisfaction.
Then we use the very best hair cloth, linen duck, linings and thread, and the pockets we put iu will stand
wear and tear.
Wo have two excellent tailors who know how to
* nt and make a suit to lit and we are not a bit frightened
(o guarantee you entire satisfaction, in cloth, style, lit
and workmanship. You need only lo make a small deposit when you order the suit and pay the balance when
yon get your suit aud SEE that IT IS satisfactory.
Then another thing, we ean save you from $6.00 to
$15.00 on your suit.    Come in and let us prove ihat we
cun do litis.
Cloth is very hard to get.
but  we have quite a
KurO|ii'iltl Battlefields Tour, run-
ducted by the Hev. Hubert HngiicK.
K11.--I0, IU . Party leaves In Jul)'! returns cud ui An if ust. ( Irculur- un
application. 4-|.,"»|
Phone fl.
If you liavo anything to sell or want
to buy, call on uu.
ORGAN—Oood tune. 12 stop.., $25.00.
fect condition. $25.00.
for sale.
WANTED—Voung woman to cook for
small count ry hospital; live in.
State experience and salary required.   Fisher.   Secular*.   Invermere.
ac. 4-i-at
The entertainment at tho Auditorium theatre last Thursday evening
wne deserving of a full hou c instead
of the meagre handful who patronized
Leslie Grossmith'b high class music,
recitations and dramatic performance.
An artist of versatile rgtftfl, Mr. Grossmith was equally at home with piano
compositions of the lirst quality inclusive of numbers composted by himself, as well as humorous monologues
and very clever impersonations. The
London costertnonger was particularly good and the curate highly amused
the audience. The catchy songs too,
were extremely witty und a decided
feature of the program. Perhaps tlie
best offering of all was the dramatic
touch when "Mr. Qullp" of the Old
Curiosity shop of Dickens was very
ably portrayed, Although a host In
himself. Mr, Cirossmith wns supported
by Marguerite Hill and Mr. Charles
Brookes. The former rendered very
pleasingly some vocal ".lumbers and
the latter at the violin gave some skilful interpretations especially his
"Berceuse" from Jocelyn.
At the conclusion of his program
Mr. Grossmith deplored some of the
ni..-erablo circumstances attending
j h'is visit to Cranbrook. Firstly, he
had attempted to secure local aid and
; in order to devote pnrt proceeds to
some local funds had written to nr-
range his concert under local auspices. "The lack of courtesy" he said
■ lie received at the hands of the high
school principal "was extraordinary."
: but which ln a measure was atoned
for by the pleasant relations with
I whloll he delivered his lecture to the
school children of the Central school.
The extremely bad shape of the piano placed at his disposal at the theatre with Its broken pedal mid severe*1
useless keys, very much hindered his Community will be held in the office
efforts for the evening. ol   Beale  *   Klwell   in   the   Hunson
The smoke from the furnace in the j Block. Norbury Avenue, on Tuesday,
place which necessitated opened doors j April Oth, at 8 p.m. It is important
and windows for a clearance together I that all water won be present,
with the scant audience appeared very
much  as  if  the hostile  force-   had
combined for a bad time and Mr.
Grossmith and company left the city
with a poor impression of Cranbrook's I
love of good music and courtesy for
Its visitors.
In Nelson Mr. Grossmith was greeted by a capacity house.
j    Capt. II. It. Cray. Officer, plume 283.
j A grand and profitable meeting was
'.conducted In Salvation Army hull, the
■ place being packed, on Tuesday evening.   Staff-Captain Habkirk. the mu-
■ sic'lan wonder, rendered many niuch-
! appreciated selections oa his banjo;
f he also amused and helped all hy his
'chalk talks and Illustrations.
Major Sims gave a stirring up-to-
date address, which was full of life.
The annual meeting of the  Water; inspiration and blessing.
A Good Friday moating will be conducted In the Salvation Army hall at
ll a.m.
Sunday—Easter addresses ut 11 and
7.30; Sunday school, 8 p.m. Monday—Y. P, meeting 7 p.m.
Ttt the Owner- uf Lol Mlltf. Group I
anil nil infers of Ihe Malcolm Horle
Irrigation Ditch:
A. BBAliB,
A. Bruce Ritchie, one of thc hustlers I
fo the stuff of the Consolidated Mining'
and Smelling Company of Canada, of
Trail, operating the big Sullivan zinc-
lead mine at Klmberley. near here, has j
beon at the Sullivan mine for ihe past i
wook on business for his company, j
thvlnu hi tilt' Bll|l|ll)' ul' mill
( I—-limn ami Shnrls—not lining farther nMnliiulilcl Juki got
t, lew curs n( iliiilri'sl iilfnli'ii.
Tlil* Is tli,' lirst substitute for
mill f.'i'it. Orders, mnl Inn |iur*
cliiute.1 liolnrc A|irll I ..Hi nlll
hIIII tic ulili' In take iiilnrntnire
of the Government unint mi
Huve ani|,l,' *ii|,|,li,.* nf l„-*f
Tlmetli) Hii) In stuck-,
Mrs. (Dr.) Hutledge and children
dopnrt&d Monday for Kaslo, Mrs. Hutledge having lieen called thero because of the serious Illness of her
tni Ik r, Mr Macleod, who has tieeti
Buffering from an attack of intlucn/.u
Mine M, Macleod of this city, Is also
a daughter.
Arthur Crowe and Ilia brothel*, wlio
is manager of the Oils Staples slot,
nt Wycllin.. departed for Vancouver on j
Inst Thursday fn response to a tele-;
fjram uprising them of the serious 111-
nes-i of tholr father there. They v/ere
met at C-a&tlegar by another brother
fom Tail, the three making the jour-
HORSB FOR SALE.—Horse, good
worker and driver: also buggy nild
harness; also tools, small cultivator, lawn-mower, picks, shovels and
saws. Snap if sold nt once. P. O.
Box 780, City, -1-1-11
shape; water-power washing machine anil wringer tnearl uew; two
small tables;    P. 0. Box 7SU, City.
rooms.   Phono 804,
i furnished
shire plgf
It.  Smith.
8AUC Purebred Vork-
for April delivery. A.
Cranbrook, ;i-i8-6t
all conveniences; three or four
rooms or larger. Apply put the Her-
uld office. Box  li. ;i-18-3t|
I'V   1
your chimneys good and cheap.
Take no chance of !lr.\ have your
chimneys swept. W. J. SELBY,
large front rooms, well furnished
and heated; on Curd, n avenue;
suitable tor gentlemen. All convenience.. Apply box A. Herald
c. W. Hallamore.      ^^^^^^^
the Canadian Bank of Commerce here.
accompanied by Mr. Hallamore, has
departed for the Coast where, before
entering upon his duties as manager
I of tlie Bank of Commerce branch al
: Now Westminster will go to Tncomn
and nuot Miss Joyce Hallamore who
it  nttcndln.it  collgo  at  Tncomn  and HOUSE   POR   SALE--Eight    rooms.
make  a   tour  of  the  cities   on   the    furnace heated;   sewer connections
Pacific Coast.   Mr. Hallamore and him   and   hath   room;    concrete   base-
j csiitniabli wife and family leave Cran-     menl.  etc.      Por  terms,  apply  to
brook with the best wishes of hosts     Mrs. Geo,   l.eltch. S-ll-lt
of friends for health and success and
' Imppltiosa fn their now home.
Penslar Dynamic Tonic
Penslar Dynamic Tonic Comes in Two Sizes,
75c and $1.50
Day I'lini.i* ,4
NiKlit Phone 204
I'AM.UliKs rou 8,11,1.—Singer* audi
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ hens. I'rU'i'H on iijipllrutloii: ret,.'
,liim,'. hold last evening In tlie;   *>u»hle.   Hot mil. K*«l«, II. C, ,
UiUaon theatre, wu w*U pttroiln*. 12-M-M
II you are In lhe out-of-town district, drop us » letter or curd uud
Huylhing you want In our line nlll be sent by return mall or express.    We give speelal attention to out-of-town orders.
OCR SUNDAY HOURS ARE 4 to li P. M. and 8 to S P. M.


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