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Cranbrook Herald Jun 3, 1915

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Pretty Juno Wed ding Tuvttday Morn-
Ing at  Knox  rri'shjlcrlau
'['In* leafy mnntli of .lum1, when nil
nature is re-lnciiniati'd. lias arrived,
and i'upi.1, tin* little goddoBB or love
li.it; scored on the opening duy.
Tuesday moritlug, June Ut, at 11
o'clock, Craubrook wore u lioiiday up-
pearanco. Seoroe of mnilltiK nnd
happy faces proclaimed the union in
(lie bolide of holy wedlock or two ot
ink's mosl popular young
Air. Jack Thomson, son or Mr.
*. j nines Thomson, of tlio Co*
hotel, 131 ko, ami Mitts Nellie
, second (.uiikIiUt or Mr. and
11. I.eanmu.
TWO CHANBItOOK PEOPLE      her in lire.   And what a lire she had!
BURIED AT VANCOUVERi0ne of ^- 0De of brightncaB, one ot
,___ ; hiiiiplness.     simply
Funeral of the Late MrB. KogerN and
MIsn Mrrlv Taylor Laid to Ketit
In Terminal City
uml Mr
pra. B,
or i oh
bride ei
on tlio
Place b
ptly at 11 am. to the strains
eo!1 rin's wedding march, the
itored Un! Presbyterian church
inn or ber father and took her
estde her husband-to-be. Mr.
W. 11. Wih,on conveyed tho party to
the church in his motor car.
Lester Clapp conveyed the parents
or the bride to the church In his car,
while a car from the Hanson garage
did likewise In the case of the
groom's parents,
The church was prettily decorated
with ferns and potted plants, urranged
by friends of the contracting parties.
Rev. W. K. Thomson, pastor ot the
church, read the simple yet impressive marriage ceremony, whicli made
the contracting parties man and wire.
The bride looked very charming ln
a tailor-made suit or navy blue, with
Alice blue hat, and presented a perfect
picture ol' girlish loveliness and
simplicity combined. She was attended by Miss Belle Thomson, ot Elko,
sister of tiie groom, who was also
prettily attired in a suit or blue.
Mr, Jack Hertford, traveller for the
W. R, Brock Co., Calgary, Alta., did
the honors as beat man.
At the church upwards of two hundred well-wishers of tiie happy young
couple had gathered to witness the
ceremony. On leaving the church a
shower of rice greeted the couple.
The weather man also took a hand
in the fun-making and sent forth a
"shower", to announce that he too had
approved of the event.
.After the wteddh *. a reception was
held at the home of the bride's parents. Dennis street, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was served.
The bride presented to eaeh of the
fifty or more relatives with a generous section of the wedding cake.
thought or others und not herself. To
bring happtneBS to her husband, to her
relatives .to her frlenda and even   to
those who knew her not. seemed to be
'  I her great ambition, her one thought
The Herald Is indebted to Mr. P, K. day after day. and when a kindness
Simpson, formerly of Craubrook, tor i had been performed, a good work
the following: done, some depressed soul  hud been
Taylor—The funeral of the late Miss , mnde happier or brighter, the huppi-
Mcrlo U lady a Taylor, aged 14 years,, ness that came was her reward, and
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Tay- often her own suffering was forgot-
lor, of Cranbrook, took place from ten. Mrs. Rogers dead! To those
Center and Hanna's undertaking par- who knew her, who had been fortun-
lor on Tuesduy afternoon, May 25th, ate enough to be closely associated
ut 2 p.m. Rev. Dr. IMdgmm, uaslHted with her, to enjoy her bright smiles
by Rev. W. K. Thomson, or Cranbrook, \ and happy thoughts, wlll not be uble
conducted the Hervlee. The body wus to fully realise tliis sad fuct ror some
laid to rest lu the family plot In j time to come. She was a lovable*
Mountain View Cemetery (Masonic I character and no one left her prosper tlon.) Pallbearers wore Moflsrs.' enc.e without reeling tlie brightness of
Sydney Klmer, Alex. McCallum, Nlel j sunshine nnd the warmth or a loving
McCallum, Francis McConnell, Her-1 heart. Her welcomes were gracious
bert Stewart, Leonard Dudley, all
('ranbrook boys. Floral tributes were
received trom tho Willing Workers,
Ladies' Aid Society, members of session ot Knox Presbytcrlun church,
Crnnbrook; local Conservntive Association, Cranbiook; Mr. and Mrs. James
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Taylor,
Mr. und Mrs. Alexander Taylor and
Miss Bella Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Dezall, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Moffat, Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Robertson, Mr.    and
lplKdul lo    i. «»■ llgnte
ConditI "   .  ».   En Public
Ml i.
Gi orge William smith, laborer; next  WOMEN'S  ■ S iTITUl il
of kin, Mrs. Harriet    Holt,   Baruaby,
Lincolnshire, Bngland.
John Couch, farm laborer; next of
kin, Jamea King Goocb, father. Holt,
Norfolk, England, one year In the officer's training school, Qresham
.Harry Qeorge Doggett, laborer;
next of km. Qeorge Doggett, father,     Tin of th
Carby, Stamford, Bngland. Instil Ti ■ ■ 	
Frank Qeorge Dudley Willson. farm  daj afternoon pre-
laborer; next of kin, George Willson,    ided over 1 0u  -Wiall of the Ked Cross
father, Upper Sydenham, London S.E., large ■.■■   Society, which la urgently    in
turday evening  which  wus attended  England ,„.,. year (lilil,„.,s train|ng   ,;... . led    for  ::Ml1  of  funds-  the St- John's
hy u very lurge gathering of citizen- . ....... their i   Ambulance    Association    are
The big hull  waa crowded,   every     J(.,,. Himt) brlckmako,.. next   of   ....... making an appeal to the gttl-
avaiiablo seat being taken and a con-  K,n. Harry Hunt, father, Kast Leigh,  tho occasion |c- zena °* Craubrook and the dls*
Hampshire,    England,    three    yea,-  CI urc, J  li   WcCH and   it,('1   for   BUlWWtptiOUB.
Hampshire First Volunteer Bnttallou   Mr    !' i l'''"
L'ntnbrooVs    Hav    Panned   thc   One
Hundred Mark— Non for thc
Final Test
An   enthusiastic   patriotic  meeting
tvas held at the Auditorium last Su
ited Cross Society Sadly in Netd
of Funds—June 16th
Sox Day
slderable number standing.
The  volunteers,  nearly  one  hundred strong, headed by tlie city hand
.lames   Henry  Turnlc
Mrs. W. G. Morton, Rev. and Mrs. W.
K. Thomson, Mr. H. B. Carter, Miss J.
Dewar, Cranbrook; Miss M. Wade,
Miss Leitch, Mr. and Mrs. E. ti. Mc-
Dermld, Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewis, Mr.
and Mrs. A. I. Chalmers, Mr. and Mrs.
Vic. A. Rollins, Mr. ond Mrs. D. J.
Elmer, Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKay,
Mr. and Mrs. James Ryan, Mrs. Noble,
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. King, Miss McCallum, Vancouver.
Rogers—The death occurred Saturday, May 22nd, 1915, at 5 a.m. at the
family home, 1357 Eleventh avenue
west, of Mrs. Christine Taylor Bick-
erton Rogers, beloved wife of Mr. G.
T. Rogers, In her 50th year of age.
Funeral took place from residence
Tuesday, May 25th, Rev. J. S.
Thompson, of Victoria, officiating.
The death of these two former residents of Cranbrook was the source
of much sorrow to the people in Vancouver and Victoria who have known
them personally or had heard of them
or their Immediate family. Unfortunately the hour of holding both funerals was the same and those who formerly lived In the Cranbrook district
were unable to attend only one or the
other of the ceremonies. Yet it was a
strange coincidence that one being a
carriage funeral and the other an automobile funeral those proceeding to
tbe grave of Miss Taylor passed tbe
slower procession of those attending
marched through the principal
streets und were cheered us they entered the Auditorium. The meeting
was held under the auspices ot the
city in a.i effort to encourage recruiting. Mr. Justice Macdonald be-
tlie principal speaker of tho oven-
nnd sincere, her bood-byes regretful   c
nnd  Impressive.    No one  who knew  ''
her well wlll ever forget her, as her   *
memory will be Implanted in the heart   ■
aud ou the mind, a memory ot good j
deeds, kind acts, and happy intellec- It
tual hours, a memory tliat is one ot  \
the most glorious tributes that can be
paid to the dead.   Mr. Rogers hns the
heartfelt sympathy of all, as they rally realize that he has lost, not only
a wife, but a companion, a helpmate, f the large number or Cranbrook   n;
one whose every thought was for his i who   had    responded to their eoun-
happInesB.   Such separations r»re the  try's cull and gone to the front and of
clouds that pass between the sunshine ; the   splendid   showing  the  Canadian
of heaven and the earth below. overseas forces had made for them-
  | selves, and he was sure that the pre-
ontlngent being  raised   would
uoxt of kin. Mrs, l. Turnley, mother,
infield, Liverpool, England.
James Henderson Malcolm, clerk;
next of kill, .Mrs. Mary A, Malcolm,
wife, Cranbrook, D.C; two years Clyde
Division Royal Naval Volunteer Re-
Mayor A. C. Bowness occupied the
chair and seated on the platform
were Aldermen Banfield, Clapp and
Leask, Lieut. V. W. Green, M. D„ and
Major  C.   Hungerford  Pollen.
The chairman briefly outlined the
ibJectB of the meeting and referred to
Hurry   Malic
next  of    kin.
toother, Burke,
i Sellers, teamster;
Mrs. Ellon Sellers,
New York state, U. S.
lor subscription.*.    In a
recently  received  from
head   otlice    of   the   Red
A:'■'" ' < "' Cross,   Toronto,   the   need  o(
']i" mlm" -funds was forcibly brought to
'   f    !t the Irom.   The letter says that
""■il ■■■<■■■ >i<i o  dnce the Battle of Ungemarck
11,1 - the stores of the   Red Crow
nu.I   and r '.- Wo*
ni- us Institute ; ; •!
"Mu pi rm I  don I   a nol  I
on application  to tl     fair com
and this was 1 i Id o    on   ivhai unfair
Erlo Hugh Wilkinson, rancher; next
of kin, Chas. Wilkinson, rather, Hong
Kong, China; 2 1-2 years officer's
training corps.
Kdward Thomas Culllou, bush foreman; next or kin, Mrs. Ward, sister,
Vancouver, ti. C.
Edward Walter Attree, mechanic
and chauffeur; next or kin. Mrs
Tolfreo Attree, mother, Skookumchuck, It. (',; two months 107th E. K.
and it Was decidi d tiiat
gatton bo appoint
fair < ommitteo i
Mrs, Mi Pari, n . Mn   .- i
ml   and   Mn    Coup
A    pi lltloii    was    r
Shaughnessy   Women'i
Bother with r
gnrding "Edti .
nvitlng tin i
acquit itself as nobly us those who i Heglinont,
Interesting Case Tried In the Supreme
Court Here Last Friday—Limit
I'se of Powder nl Log Jams
hud gone before.
George K. Stevenson snug "The
Boys ot the Old Brigade," and was
very heartily applauded.
The. Chief Justice outlined thc
causes leading up to the war und then
I made an Impassioned appeal to men
Among the many cases set down to and women for the sacrifices neces-
be disposed ot before* Mr. Justice Mac-' sary nt this critical time. His ad-
donald at the Cranbrook assizes was i dress was punctuated throughout
that of the Bull River Electric Power (with applause,
company against the Canadian Pad-      Mrs.   Oeorge   F.    Stevenson
Patrick I).
Mae I n-
'I   Ti
ext of.
"Vour King and Country Needs Vou."
Lieut. P. W. Green In a short address explained how recruiting had
been proceeding and the number ot
men wbo bad been turned down because they were unfit. He thought
fie railroad. It appears that In 1012
the Canadian Pacific railroad entered
into an agreement with the power
company to use its flume for the conveyance of the logs and tics eut in the
limits back In the upper basin of tbe
Bull river, and for this privilege was | that   every   able-bodied   man
to pay a minimum rental ot $5,000 a! respond.
year whether It used the flume or not.
Latterly the Canadian Pnciflc railroad
timber officials have been trying    lo
use the river tor their logging opera- j
tlons. but as th" river Is a furious torrent In high water and runs for a con- j
siderable distance through a box can-
h aching,  tlu
' l ■
■ M r i
II.  wife,
:  next     of.
, Uiverdule,
nl Regiment,
■ i.
i Mini
I di
■  ■
in  In r    I
d b)
Mrs. Nisbet sang "The Soldiers of
the King." the audience joining In
tiie chorus.
"Tipperary," led by Mr. Stevenson,
wns sung by the audience, followed
hy Ood Save the King.
, , -    The effects of the meeting has re-
yon only lfi feet wide, enormous jnnis ! s„jtL,(i *n
have formed from time to time requiring many tons of dynamite to re-
lieve   them.    The   power   company j
the funeral of Mrs. Rogers.   As a re
suit when the latter cortege reached I do^to"^^^
■ the cemetery the ceremonies of   tlie  mfeiy of thelr flume ,mg *9m cmlan. ■
i former were completed and all gather
The groom is a highly respected
young man. being for years in the
employ of the Canadian Pacific railway. The railroad boys are loud In
their praise of "Jock" as nn all round
The bride is one or the most popular aud charming young Indies in
Cranbrook social circles.   For a num*
her ol years ahe was a popular mom-! "',''"" """ ™"""»™; ™" »» *•»•«-', Ber*) by those   Wasting   operation
ber or Uie staff ot tbe local post offlce i JJ Jj' ***J "'clsr last ,rlb""' °' """""•'*! lhat tbe entire headworks ot tbe flume
wliere, through bar courteous treat-: "_,r8'   ?,[["*'      . ! have been torn out with thc logs and
ment to the patrons of that Instltu-     T»e *»"»**««"« for   Miss    Taylor, ,,,„, „vcr 100 toct 0, tl,0 „„„„. „,,,,
tlon she mode a host of friends. ;;°rC A1"' an," *"! McCM«m. Sydney ; h„   beo„   „„,.„,    „„.,,,,,  „    ,„„
Elmer, Francis McConnell and Messrs. j mlm „ „ als0 st,,u„ ,„„,
Dudley and Hawk. | j( th(
j     The   pall   bearers   for   Mrs.   O.   T. '
: liogers were Messrs. J. A. Harvey, W
!•'. Gurd. H. Stewart. W. T. Held and
| W. l^ek.
j Among those present at the two fun-
i erals who formerly lived In Cranbrook
nnd the Kootenays were Mr. and Mrs.
: s. J. Mighton. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Har-
! vey. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Stewart, Mr.
i and Mrs. I.. II. VanDccar, Mr. and Mrs.
I W. T. Held. Mrs. A. Leitch. Miss Jes
a total of 106 men now being r>nllsted in Cranbrook.
Tlie  local men  have been notified
, .        , .        , ,      , that  they wlll  leave Cranbrook    on
claims that serious damage has been; T|,urs,|ay Jun„ ,„,,,  ,„ Vern0|)  ^
It Is hoped that the full number of
men will have been secured by that
time. About ninety more are needed
to fill the quota.
Capt.  Bulloch Webster arrived to-
alay   from   Nelson   and   wlll  bc      in
' charge of the local ofllce until the re-
j turn of Major Pollen, who left Mon-
ihvy for Vancouver on a few day'B bus-
Donald Francis
man; next of hin
nes. father, St. Peters, I
Alfred Sharpe Olll, lal
kin, Mrs. Charles Dale,
stow, Essoi, ISngland,
William Robertson, linen
of kin, Mrs. Violet Roborl
Crnnbrook, Ii c,
James O'Brien, btisbmnn;
kin, Thomas Simon, cousll
Ontario;   three yi'iirs
Walkerton, Ont.
Hugh   Derby,    iiaaali xt of    kin, I T
Thomas Derby, father, [tothsay, Dufa'.:,,
Scotland; seven years -Itli Argyllo and I
Bute OarrlBon Artillery Volunteers.     | \
Clifton Stead, clork; next of kin,
William Stead, brother, Mlddleton,
Tyas, Yorkshire. England.
Ernest Houze, laborer; next
John H. Houzc, Loungevllle,
vllle, Jersey, England; three
Jersey Militia.
Thomas Francis Shannon
carpenter; next or kin, Michael Shannon, father, Pembroke, Ont.
August Carrctt, bridge    carpenter;
next of kin,    Thomas    Cairra-tt.    st
Mary.   Quebec.   Canada; two   years!    An amusing
70th Regiment and one year 85th Be- '''em given  by    Mrs.
or kin.
loudly nppb
Mrs. J. 11
iplendld pa
Dominion I
warehouse in London, England,
liave  been  depleted, and  the
officers   in charge  in   London
• iv obliged to cable for money
' lln(alr to supply tlie hospital supplies
''^''■- ami drugs which were absolutely essential for the wounded
The  St.  John's   Ambulance
association   wish   to   express
their appreciation to the citi-
i',. ■ 'ins for the generous response
at .  iaa i lo lite appeal made by Mr. Jus-
i    ,   > in-    MacdonaJd   and   Mayor
 • Schools," Bowness   on   Saturday   night
„ ,, 11.. : lasl when the sum of JtiO.OO was
realized;   und   also   to  those
our ladles of Cranbrook who have
,! bai    -" kindly aided us in sewing
ami making supplies.
.,        W" all realize that Ihe work
.,,   ot tnusl go on through the sum-
t in"  wilh diminishing ef-
torl   luu   Increased,   and   we
would  urgently  request     that
vi'iyone should help, even ln a
small way.
The circular already referred
i draws attention to the great
ii'i'il of socks.   They say they
;:•■  needed by the thousands
nni the St. John's Ambulance
Association    announce    that
thoy will hold a "Sock Day" on
"; June 16th, when it is hoped that
' i ready response will be made.
a' Further information about the
lit is
1 Ions   qualitl
ipeaking fot
| er would
1 (itlless  of  Hi
•' motto i
; Countr;
of receiving  depot  will    be an-
in  iiounced in next week's issue of
he H'Tald.
-      A lied Cross  Fund will  be
•   iofl through the courtesy of
the   Cranbrook   Herald.     All
crlptions   should   be   ad-
The puestaa aaf the bridal party are
to in' congratulated nu tholr choice
of gifts, nil of which are useful and
inc. any assets to n home, The sit
verware wei in treat evidence cor
Blstlng nf   iln/i'iis nf   silver   spoon
Cnnndlnn Pacific railroad Is
alield to be within Its rights In carry.
■ I Ing on Its logging In the manner
complained of. the Investment of the
'power company, representing over
1200.000. will be rendered valueless.
berry spoons, meat  forks ami butter
knives,   a-aika.   plales.   lit. kl.
bon-bon   dlBhoB,   cream   nnd   sugar
acts, corvlnu seta, fruit   dishes, cut
Lieut. Hicks has returned . from
Creston, wliere he opened a recruiting ollice last week.
The men were treated by Ira It.
.Manning to an Ice cream treat at tlle
store at eight o'clock this evening.
Tomorrow evening they are Invited to
a dance at St. Mary's hall given by
the young people of the city.
Leitch, Mrs. McKlnstry nnd child- i*1''"' wws ln 'he States. He also slat- The following are the men who
| !   a.,-.., Mr. and Mrs. James Ryan, Mrs. "' ""at the pleadings had been closed | have enrolled since last week:
'Noble, Mrs. lt. Tuylor and Miss Tay-  ban'l)' '" time for a trial at the pre-'    Philip Sidney Moore, lumber  Jack;
ilor;   Mesrs.  M.  It.  King. C  E.  Held. I "™* """nt*' next of kin, Mrs. Chas. Moore, mother, i
C. R. Hamilton, K.C., of Nelson, applied for an adjournment of the trial
of the  rase  on  the  ground  that  he ;
was not prepared   to go on In    the
absence of certain material witnesses
next  of
glment, Canadian Mtlltla.
Henry John Lawler, cl"rk: next of
kin. John Henry Lawler. father, Chatham, N. B.
Herbert  Rendall.  pnlnlar
kin.   Mrs.   Florence   Kate
wife, West Cokcr, Somerset, England.
11-2 years Somerset Light Infantry,
Donald Roy Hossack, bridge carpenter; next of kin, Mrs. Maud Hos-
snek, mother, Stanley, York County,
M. B.; four yenrs 71st Regiment. X.B.
Hugh Logan, laborer; next of kin.
Mrs.    Ellen    Logan.    Stanley.    York
"Husband Training
liunior held swaay tia-' mora
obvious iaa I-  lost
5sed to Miss Helen Harrl-
Cranbrook,  and  will   be
ifully acknowledged in the
Herald from week to week.
flr, I-   IV. Green Ji.OO
Urs   Kenneth Green (5.00
gill!" .   laaaaallla't   vt   pill'IUS   lit   WOOll-glll.
nml laiuiiiiy iiihir things to numerous
to mention, nil betoken of the best
wishes or tlieir friends for a long and
praaapiMi'ii     I'aiPl'V   life.
Mr, nnal Mrs Thornton l.-rt on the
hoon train fur a honeymoon trip to
Pacini- eoaal points, ninld showers
of confetti, 'Milly administered at the
liiinii ei their many well-wishers
A number nf oonapictUIUI signs adorned llie fair windows nf the Pullman as
th>' train pulled out One bore the Inscription "Don'l Mind t's. We're Just
Married." Tho practical Joker also
distributed throughout the train neatly printed cards hearing this warning:
"Tlie Newly Weils Are on this Trnln.
Keep Yaaur Weather Eye Open."
Cn tholr ra'turn to Cranbrook the
happy young couple will take up resilience on (larden nvenue.
Tlie Herald extends henrtiest enn-
gratulatlons anil wishes for tho young
couple unbounded prosperity.
W. F Talc. Dr. Bell, It. Sinclair, D. J.
Elmer, James Bates, II Darling. Mr.
Jeffries. V. A. Rollins, Dr. Fred King,
J.   McSweyn,  Richard  Stewart.  Alex.
nnrd   Dudley,  Mr.   Hawk   and   F.  E.I
Kill Merle Tajler
The death of this most estimable]
yonng.lady, although feared for the!
past few months, wns a sad blow to j
the family and to friends. She pos-1
sotted a lovable disposition, a bright
mind, and her friends loved her for |
hor   friendly   nature   and
Hethlehein. Pennsylvania, four years' from Paddy Hope, who was wounded
P. 8. Army. | In action anil  who Is with the  llth
A. M. Johnson, of Nelson, who wns  ''ranbrook.
specially retained by Mr. T. T. Me-!    Samuel  Uwlor,  painter;  next
credy.   solicitor   for    thc    plaintiffs. |ki"' Mr9- J°hn Lawlor, mother, Bel-
liolnted ont thnt tlie Canadian Pacific ■faKt' Ireland.  r
I Taylor, W. F. Ourd, Alex, and Nell I railroad was then under Injunction re- Walter Titus Schmel, forester; next! Mr. Frank Worthlngton Is i
| McCallum, Rev. J. s. Thompson. 8yd- straining dangerous operations In the',,f kin' Llewellyn Schmel, father. | ceopt of the following communli
y Elmer, Francis McConnell. I.on-! ennyon pending trial and thnt n general adjournment would prejudice tlie
plnlntlfT In that by November next the
Jums and obstruction wotdd bc cleared away and lt would bc impossible
for a view-Jury going on the ground
at tliat time, in possible heavy snow,
to realize the present condition complained of.
His lordship enquired why tlie Canadian Pacific   railroad did not   use
Violin Boi       11
ment of ci
by the I'm;., r  Bros,
-cored a huge sui cess.  The i
ipplau i  demanded    a a.
whioh  wa i  kindly a       rl
fOte ef t: ;<!,:. a-     ]|
McClure to the r    I
their klndne ■   ■
tha' Institute, whii:
ly glvi :i . ., i
County. X. B.; tour years 71st Regl- porker
ment, N. B.
Alfred Reeves Webb, printer: next,
of kin, Albert II. Webli, father, Cranhrook, It. C; li months 107th E. K. Wom™  Think," alnlng three hundred feet of apace,
Regiment.                                         M. McCluug                                  ,    there being three beds of one hundred
    -    ~ heartily appreel , ■   :   : each.   They are laid out twenty
nni ;h ■ hiaali Btandi rd ol tbe autiior-  .'t long by five ft. wide.
saa' works wat  col Mr  Hallett has been conducting fl
ap-hi. nl,  who menta for years In an effort lo
tor all pr. cnl Ivlleged' succi  ifully grow the umbrella plant,
they telt tl.'       ere to ree .: up ta, this year has not met with
mil would iila'.:.;. much tnceea*.   Hc has stuck with It
.ini'; furthei trom her pen    ind with a tittle peresveranee and fre-
A short lalk .ui  Ir     : «"atl°"   h«  this   year,  to  use bit
given lay Mra, N McCI
'iv  llai'  Ilia.
1. u. Hallett Successfully Grows Ike
luihrrlla Plant and Has a
Large  Crop
•  Friday evening a Herald re-
entatlve   visited   the   mushroom
:  Mr  J  W Hallett, Just outside
' ity   limits,   where   tbe  cellular
waa    nicely     growing,   and
re   there   were   millions   of the
dny        round beads Just
Mr.-. II. II. .', .   irag through the soil.   Here    we
aid found a well laid out building con-
Recovering   Nicely   Afler
0.;     Work In the Trenches-
S reniiiiu-
to Hear From the Old Bnrg
own   words:   "Got   the  right  dope,"
tbe result that the mushrooms
;    Keith    Foskett    Hallett.    rancher;
. next nf kin, Frank    Hallett. father.
Wellington), North Hants. England.
Henry Stanley Stewnrt, hrakemnn:
next of kin, Mrs. Bertha Stewart, wife,
Fort Steele. B. 0
battalion, Hoyal Montreal Regiment of
■ round for a>:!,ii,:
' will bc a-xp.-ra. entlni ':
:are springing    up    at a very    rapid
Ward BS,
Rouen. Franc
army poal tallica' mark and
" nisor Xai. i!i;:.   !!■■ say
Cluro'a r. ,-i,..-
John    Crymble, laborer; next    of I My Dear Friend Worthlngton
heart.    It It  tad  Indeed  to  hnve  a'>ll(' Hume, for which tbey hnd tn pay
young life with so much promltc sud- j" r™lnl °' 'r''000 a year In any event,
denly blighted out and   fade   away.' '"stead of using thc river?
Death among thc young la nlwnyt dc-1    Mr. Hamilton    explained thut   his
ploruble as It takes from the world j clients were putting the river   In   a
Not Bringing Hark Hatty Millions lo
Canada—Grlji is Light nnd-
ilasily Carried
Montreal, Juno L—Tho Gascttu
London correspondent cables:
"Kir Richard McBrldo, premier of
British Columbia, who proponed tailing Sunday, has deferred hit return
to Canada. Tlie correspondent gathers
thnt his mission has not been very
Hllccessfnl ns regards financing of
certain British Columbia securities, as
the feeling Is thut that provlneo has
UKtumed rather mora than lt la capable of carrying through."
the spirit of those capable of so much
good, of kindly thought and action
Hint would redound to thc credit of
tho one taken away as well at prove a
benefit not only to younger humanity
but alto to the aged. A beautiful rote
that reflects In Its petals great goodness Is appreciated and enjoyed. But
ns thc petals droop one by one there
It torrow and suffering, It Is to with
a child, just blooming Into womanhood,
ond when the chill winds of death
cloBe the eyes and still the heart,
tears bring slight relief and time alone
can aatuage tho grief of those whose
love for us was at bright as the sun
condition to bc used for driving oper-   nmBf |lcnp   n  C
kin. Mrs. Dnvld MolTntt, sister, Belfast, Ireland, six montlis llrd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles.
Albert Ernest Shnw, machinist;
next of kin. Samuel Shaw, father,
Cranbrook. 11. C
John Albert Spence, lumber Jack;
next of kin. Mrs. Wlllet Spence, Spll-
Mr. Hallett has already a number of
Paddy Is now confined   In    ' , „„„,„ „nd ,„ s 8norl ,|me „.
No. 1 Stationery Hospital,     After tha "      ■ i-t., he able to supply the demand
His  letter bears tbe   grain   taa,    wo ,   ,.   „,,  (-ra„|)rook  v,M[lh  who.
M,'rl"n  '  '' "  '                                            Mr   Hallett    mastered the   art.
A hearty ravelled  half over the country-aide
Just a Una- to let you know I am
still on the earth, hut havo luan
wounded by abrapnel (April 3011O
which will lay ni" lap lair a while. No
doubt you have heard bow the Canadians did good work nml have ha a'n
well praised. I could give some marvellous escapes 1 have bad myself, but
by good or bad luck have only been
'i hi  cqnti iltti ■ ■,, enter'
alia  t: .'    ,
Peter Fnrquhnrson, laborer: next ol hit once after all these months.   Shall  of the Oven as Club on Ti
write you Inter a long account whicli, Ing next, arc pron
After a  lengthened argument hit kin. James Farquliaraon, father, Bal
lordship granted tho adjournment on  i„tor, Aberdeenshire,  Scotland,
thc terms that tho Canadian Pacilic,    wminm Nelton. carpenter; next of
railroad pay all coets Incidental to the ktn, w. 8. Watson, Creston. B. C.
adjournment; that If dynamite be used:    phlllp Henry   Lovcrldge.   farmer;
to tree any Jam not morc than ten  „rxt of kn, Henry   Loverldge,   Wll-
ttlckt be utcd and fired at Intervals ■ mlngton. Surrey, England,
of Ave minutes; thnt the flume be used |    Joim   JnmM   MacDonald.   miner;
for the running of all ties and logs.' noxt nf K|„, Nell   MacDonald, Thor-
and that, If potslble. no logs be ol- j burn. Nova Scotia; one year Royal Cn-1 strenuous times the past few months
lowed to come over the dam. He also nadlnn Artillery, r,lx months Second i This letter Is only a feeler in case
directed thnt the power company bo I Canadian Mounted Rifles. | you may not connect with It.   Have
at liberty to apply at Vancouver   to j    willlnm Mclntyrc, firemen; next of no pen so excuse pencil,     Trusting
at present would possibly not pass ti,
censor, ns Wfl are not allowed to give
nnmes of places, etc, so will defer
writing till I hear from you. Do write
hie a line old fellow.
I hope I may be let go to "Dirty
Dublin" for a while after wound heals
sufficiently,  as   we   have   had     some
. r to find a muBhroom growing
ii..   roadside.
Hallett Is selling his variety,
"AgarleuB Compaatrla," for 76:.
: a- i annul, and Is already working up
. largi trade, should the venture
■ ra.v,- Bucceuftil, and we have no
do 'lit but that It wlll, Cranbrook will
;. now Industry In the shape ot
a permanent mushroom farm, as the
grower has made ample provision for
.   ,     ing the rapacity of his plant
The boi lal m wil     liould tbe demand warrant It
be given a lie', Th- mushroom  hat been for cen-
nan,!. n:"i i I,    turi's ii staide article of diet In many
given lone onougl of tho countries of Continental Ea-
„,.,,,„ „. ,,   ,    |llavo tllc hMrln" of **« ca"° specially kin, Mra. Annie Mclntyrc. Oolden, B.
thine of heaven and eternal  at the'flxed before Judgo and Jury nt any ,.., mothl!r; tour mJln ,07th E. K
date after Juno 2r,th. Regiment.
T. T. Mecredy, Cranbrook, nnd A. Floront Smith, laborer; nexl nf kin
M .Johnson, Nelton. appeared for the Mra. Mnry Smith, mother, Saskatoon
Bull  River  Electric  Power Company Sask.
and C
A. B.
tldct of the sea.
Mrs. fl, T. Borers
Death came calmly and peacefully.
She passed from earth witli that same
desire for the happiness of others that
had always characterised tho yeara of
her life. To think of ber aa dead Is
almoat impossible to Hurt* wko kiuw
tilings are going Well with you. Let
me know how Cranbrook nnd surrounding district is mulling out at
thit lime of war. Vancouver anil Victoria, I fancy, liave been hard lilt
Have had
of the night.
Some   giaaiai   ;ai"!i   It 1
entertain.   Also ni ■■. (old)   i
thai tl, vho do not can
can Join In and I lave i
us tho .,ii,i:
Refreshments will be
too ar" going to b nf
and altogether everyone will n
Jolly night,
Till'-, I'V, llllll- Is   '...:   ;     . if I
local branch only, all i
Wafting   membei
na;,.' ami Eastern Asia. Here thousands of pel sons live almost entirety
on this food. It is gathered by tbe
people living In tlte country for tbeir
'lally use, and large iiuiu.titles are
also sent dally to the markets of tbe
neighboring cities and sold at a good
profit. Tlie value of the mushroom
- nn article of food It not generally
understood In Canada. If the people
would learn of the wholesomeneta of
the  edible   mushroom,  the  butcher's
.in would he smaller, and they would
ry little news, bo do the  .ity"  vi-irii,,:   „ i. ,        n   hi   find, especially through the summer
It. Hamilton, K. I!., Nelson, and     John    William    Onffncy,    shingle  writ  s  long  latter.    Could you  wolco  „n,|  autumn   teatons. an  agreeable
Macdonald und W. A. Nisbet. | weaver; next of kin, Mrs. Elisabeth 11.' "end mo some papera of Inlerctt? All Overscan members are . k bJ Ui ! < fmnge.   They have the advantage of
Cranbrook, for tbo Canadian 1'aclflc,Oalfney, mother. Moncklanda Station.I    Vour sincere friend. Intake a nolo of this dato: Next Tu.u-1 being more tender and easUy i
Hallway company. lOnUrlo. I P  I). Hope        ! day al s 30 p.m. ' ed.
as aaaa«SE      g=a.-—aafe.
THURSDAY,   JUNE 3rd, 1915
THU   CRANBROOK  HERALD is too .0 think about.    I real-
1,. 1'. Sullivan, Editor
J. lt. Thompson, Business Manager
ly do »ol kn
got through,
by ii    paper
Subscription Itatei
One   Year     $2.00
Six Months          100
Three Months     50  Bas*
Aihertlslng Batei
Display   Advertising,   36   cints
Column Inch.
talion vt
diil no
Reading Notlcei or Classified Ads.
aauts per line.
per;T1)p (
Cranbrook, B. C, June llrd, 1915
Wo n ri li ■
I with Jack .i"!
under shell (1
whilst we wen
i h i9 ti rrlblo
; ting blown to
Mrs. Theobold 1
newspaper  reader
oleman, known to
* throughout .Can-
dead at Hamilton.
Although roports from Germany
would Indicate that thu peoplB ol thai
country aro desirous oi avoiding hostilities with tbe United States, tbe recent reply to the American note has
brought matters to a more serious
state thun heretofore. German diplomacy i« falling In this us it has
failed In every other move attempted
Blnco the war broke out, The fact of
tho matter is tlmt no other nation
can sympathize with tbe German viewpoint and Germany cannot understand tbo human motives which actuate other nations. Germany represents autocracy, a government whicli
the people must serve, while nations
have governments which must servo
tbo people. Whin Germany speaks it
is the voice of autocracy void ot
humanity nml void of sympathy with
democracy, In Franco, England or
thu United Sttttos the word of the government la the sentiment of the individual of that government expressed
publicly. Between these two there is
a wiih broach, the breach which lias
caused this war . tbo lust stand of the
autocrat against the onward sweep ol
democracy Germany understands
everything hut human sentiment and
therein Ilea the secret or the coming
downfall ot this gigantic and Inhuman
military autooracy,
so many of us
Although you will see
that we lost a lot of
ilso know that our batik.* trendies wliere tlio
,1 to use the poisonous
bsure you we had a
with it, although we
;ls bad ns the French,
tried the gas stunt
ys ago, but they did
i.i h this time, In fact
li three lines of trench-
.■lied out of our billets
! nson's, und remained
ire for twelve days
•   in the trenches.
poor men get-
plcces ull around yuu,
[but they        not got 11 all their own
way.    Wo ii  to them* far hot-
in- than tl   j ■■ ive il to us.   Only for
tho thej   would not have had    a
r| ou Tl ■ blfi shells they call Jack
lohn on' ■ arc bad enough but the gas
is ten times worse. Tbe big shells
Bound woi than they really are. They
do ti rribh d 1 ige In a town. Hut in
the country thej are almost useless,
as a large number of them bury
themselves and do not explode. Thoy
only throw tlio soil about thirty feet
Im tho air and leave a hole big enough
to put thi' Canadian Hunk of Com-
merco In and all its wealth. Thoy
make a hole 12 feet deep. When we
wero Bbelled DUt of our billets one of
these shells l ur. t about three yards
from when 1 wns and it nearly buried us all. We scrambled out and
made off to another trench a little
farther back All the time there was
a sbowi r of shrapnel and machine
guns (lring 1 traight ut us and rifle
flro. Shrapnel are small shells that
burst In tho air over our heads. I
think mosl 1 1 our men got kit with
shrapnel, i nni glad to say Dave and
without a. scratch.     1
A bunch of ('. 1
over to Germany
j ber of Intimate friends, after which
1 the happy couple left on the train for
. Calgary. Tbe couple will reside ln
Fernie. The groom Is known all i
; through the Cjrows Nest Pass as !
j "Happy" Robertson. We believe lie
will make an Ideal husband. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robertson.
Many a soldier faces the jaws
death in preference to the jaws
The Kaiser will tool with the Prit-
If you're in bard luck playing poker
take 11 chance; you can't worse a bud
band by drawing to ii.
Tho difference between pride and
self-respect is Hint self-respect is
never too proud to work.
lai'h'SB t
isk of
Illl  1
n  illstr
let   IV
■ tell   hi',."
ll I
tin-   pi
that  Iw.
1   tnnrii
>'   1
longing  tl
i'   Kin
'   candl-
tO   Kt
11:1a'    \,
1th   t
ii'   txnn'
tin' linn-
Wl.    lllt.I
iy how many Cranbrook boys
I think Oorden Knight not
i ■ missing. I don't know
al tut Reg, Hartnell, Templo-
<;■ 01 "■ Keay, but wo shall
low   ''iu as tbey are making
nl!  the missing.
ure you will understiind why
ol   ivrlten before, but It just
ail the time to get a post
!>'. I am thankful to say we
ti rellovod. We have retired
ivay from the firing line for
I would like to tell you a lot
t they won't allow me.
ved tho papers nil right; nlso
t ■ from you last night.
iber me to all friends.
Cornl. F. C. Edge.
Sergt. II. W. Henry  was reported
killed in thc   casualty   lists   today.
"Bob" was one of the well known men
about town last year and was one of
Ish Bull until he nets the born in—; the best known men in thc city to go I
well, he'll get It. ; wlt1' tl,e second contingent.   Me was
  i connected with Hunt and Darling,   aL
Many a Craubrook boy who Is rats-1 former real estate firm, and was a reed In the lap of luxury ought to be aidant here for several yearB.
spanked across it. Frank  Hoselli,  who  wns  reported ;
 , missing some time ago, has now been ]
Muny 0  man   who says  fishing Is' reported as killed.   He went with the j
slow will set up all night trying to ■ Ilrst contingent from f'runbrook.
catch a royal Husk. ]    Geo,    Kerr,    another    well-known
! t'ranbrook boy who enlisted at Cal-
gary, Is reported among tbe killed according to private message received
l hero.
1 II. W. Templemnn and Gordon
! Knight, members of the first Cran-1
brook contingent from Crnnbrook, are .
1 reported among the missing tho past
week In the official casualty lists.
Leslie Williams, wbo was wounded
several weeks ago. Is again nt tbe
front according  to  recent  postcard j
, received by W. H. Wilson.
I    Martin Chrystal, of Cranbrook, was!
I reported In last Saturday's casualty \
! lists as among thc missing.
I    Corp. Alex. Duncan, another mem-;
I her of the second contingent is re-1
; ported in today's caoualty lists    as j
1 wounded.   He was in the 16th battal-;
! Ion and a member of the second con-
' tingent.
' W. E. Smith, formerly engineer at
tbe Wattsburg Lumber company, is re-
, ported killed in action.
Mrs. Harriet Jones of this city tliis
week received a wire to the effect that J
her son, George Jones, was recently
wounded In France. He wns a mem-
ber of the first contingent and was
formerly employed as an apprentice
In tho local C. P. R. shops.
t'ranbrook   mosquitoes
niiig to send iu their bilk
not require a war stamp,
•  bogtn-
They do
her jack. Yesterday lie assured the
editor that Sir Kiclmrd McHride had
secured barrels of money und that
farmers could get all tbey wanted at
three per cent, A few weeks ago be
assured all of Cranbrook that the
concentration camp for 1,000 men was
only u mutter of a week or so to be a
reality. t'|i und down the line these'
assurances arc generously spread, bul
the confidence of tlie people in the
British Columbia government has departed. Tbeir misdeeds ure coming
home to them. Tom (raven (ills tbe
position of conductor with graco and
suavity and Is u good man on tlie C.
P It. whore he has served for years.
As an M, P. P. he has failed. The
people have awakened to the conditions and subterfuges and deceit will
avail nothing against their final Judgment
v. W. Bison Dunham, pastor,
idny   ' rvlces: The   pastor   will
his farewell sermons at 11 a.m.
Men are creatures of habit, but some
Cranbrook men seldom form tlie
habit of loving the same woman en-
It's a fine thing to bo an optimist
these duys, but don't be enough of one
to draw to anything below openers In
a jack pot game.
Father came into the room und asked ids daughter who had boen to see
her last night. She replied, "A girl
friend." "Well, you tell her she left
her pipe on the piano, Horo give it
to Her-uni."
A post   card received In Cranbrook
from    Nova   Scotia   bears   this   Inscription :
"If you want to fight go to Europe,
If you want to talk war, go to hell;
I'm for business."
There is n movement on foot in tho
old country to deprive the German
Emperor and Prince Henry of Prussia as knights of the order of the garter. There are a number of local men
who should also be Si washed.
It is pretty hard to write patriotic
stuff with a lead pencil manufactured
in Austria. It Is true you liave u grip
on' tbe enemy but you cannot down
blm, although it must be admitted
tbere is some satisfaction iu squeezing
There'll, be hell n-poppin' in Ger-
N'OT so easy ivovr
Sir Richard McBrldo, premier of
British Columbia, has been ovor In
England for some tlmo now endeavoring to interest financiers in certain
gilt-edged provincial loans be Is anxious to float to keep tho ship of state
in tlie province to the west of us on
an even keel. According to a dispatch yesterday, the premier Is finding the financial sledding rather difficult across the wnter, it being tbo
opinion of the mon with money to
lend that British Columbia, to use ;•
vulgarism, bus bitten ofT more than
Bbe run conveniently chew.
This is indeed 11 sad state of affair.;, aud we can readily understand
Sir Richard feeling much depressed
thereat But vexation will not avail
anything under these circumstances
If tlie London - money lenders have
reached the conclusion (rightly or
wrongly matters not) that 11. C, loan-
are not desirable at ihis Juncture, Blr
Richard might as well pack bis milt*
rasp and trot along homo again.
Fur reasons that liave not yet been
fully disclosed there seems to be something the matter with the British Columbia government of late, it has not
been moving so smoothly as was Its
wont in past years, and there are
signs in plenty of rocks abend. Can
It be that to the wctt of us, ns bas
happened to tbe enst, tiiere Is going to
be a change in government? And If
tiiere is, just bow much longer will
tiie government of our own Arthur
Sifton be able to hold out In the face
of constant change and decay in
governments all around ?— Calgary
Herald (Con).
vice, 11 a.m.
! 1, 3 p.m.
i.m.    Subject:   "The
Week day
Public    meetings   every   Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday at 8 p.m.
W. Kerr, C. O.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. Subject:
"Tiie Compassion of Jesus for the
B s and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening si rvico, 7.:i0 p.m. Subject:
"Thoughts Arising From tbo Wur:
The Ropi ntnnci of Germany,"
Mr. Geo, Muir will render a solo
at the evening service,
"Boast nol thyself of tomorrow;
for thou knowesl not what a day may
bring forth."   Prov. 27c:lvs.
Whs Nicely Planted hut Came to (he
Surface- Reports Everything
Now 0. K.
Tbe letter printed herewith is from
Fred Edge lo a friend who does nol
care to have tlieir name appear In
print. Fred's letter to the "friend" Is
very Interesting.   He snys In part:
I mn glad to say tliat Dave and
myself are both O. K. 1 guess you wlll
havo read lu the papers alt about our
eiperlenoofl of tbo last two weeks. It
riltST - ( LAS*
llghl wagon 1
Joe Ri I    ■   r,
HI Mill RAT     Oil
ir sale cheap.   Apply
city. 22-tt
Tlie monthly report of the Cranbrook public school for May are as
Division 1.—H. C. Gerrard
Philip Briggs
Helen Bridges
Harry Doris
Herbert Fyles
Edwin Malcolm
Mary Malcolm
Sidney Murgatroyd
Dorothy McLean
Division II.—R. S. Shields, Teacher
many pretty soon.   The Herald's devil I Average    2013
has joined tho 54th regiment.   It Is to j Percentage    90.01
be  Imped that when  the Cranbrook'    Charlie Armstrong
devil (Fred Webb) and the German ■■
devil (Kaiser Bill) meet that tbe Brit-!
Ish Columbia devil will be able to
show the German devil the "hell box.":
Tommy Atkins pleaded exemption
from church parade on the ground |
tbat he was an agnostic. Thc sergeant-major assumed nu expression
of Innocent Interest.
"Don't you believe in the Ten Commandments?" In> mildly asked the
"Not one, sir," was the reply.
"What! Not the oae about keeping
the Sabbath?"
"No, sir."
"Ah, well, you're the very man I've
been looking for to scrub out tlio canteen."
Of the Little Lore God, Which  Re.
suited In a Pretty Wedding
money a
H'Tiibl 11
ciuitiiitilng sum of
y. Finder return to
oil Ml.1, Half Interest In collage
central!} located, for land near
''i-iuitu-n.      Apply Herald office.   1
ro KENT ci;t <i' iiiiHi'oirnt ware-
bouse, lari e and dry, 16 per
month.   Apply w. J. Atchison. Sltf
ISO   lins    POUR-ROOMED   COT.
tag* id motor garngo; household
furnltun ror inle. Apply 282, Hanson  ,\\ 22-lt*
sub-; two broodies; last year's bird;
76c. each. Mrs. I nickering, Martin
avenue. 22-2t*
mil SALE. Ford car, 11)11 model
electric lights; new tires, and $50
of accessories for $826, Apply Herald offlce. 20-lt*
.(III  S'a j.l
I1IEA1V—Sewing mitchlne,
now otsvi
'. arm chairs, beds    and
other     fi
rnitnre.—Parry,    Slnter-
II1I001IV   1
I'.NS ifl.oo cnclii  month
olil   chic
ens, 25c.   each.    Apply
laker, opp. Fmiudry, Cran-
brook SI
bouse 0
day, on<
der   wil
I.-,  or
1 ;,;n
Market and
.nth on lust Satur-
orklng shoes. Fin-
phono Herald of-
II   Smith.
KOll HEST < IIIMP. Small furnish,
ed ho 1 1 with bath mid all modern
convenient , 01 « ly papered und
painted; no children preferred;
must in- caroful tenant, Apply Herald offlcu, 22-lt
"Happy" Robertson has joined tho
benedicts! Like a bolt from tlie
clear blue this wan Hushed on us yes'
terday. "Happy" Robertson was for
years a druggist iu the employ of tiie
Beattie-Murphy Co. iu this city, where
he has mixed thousands of prescrip*
tlons. Tliis muy Indeed bo called c
military romance. Mr. Robertson
met Miss Nash at the New Year's
ball given by the 107th Kast Kootenny
Regiment. The editor well remembers the occasion. On tbat particular
night Cupid mixed n little dose of
medicine, which bo advised Mr. Robertson to take, with the result tliat on
Tuesday at Christ church, Kernie,
tbere was a pretty wedding, when tlie
aforementioned Mr. Leslie M. Robertson, now of Fernie, In tin* employ of
the McLean drug company, was united in tlie holy bonds of matrimony to
Miss Irene Nusli, a charming young
lady, formerly of the St. Eugene nursing stiilT, tills city, Miss Nash Is a
sister of Mrs. E. K. Stewart, of Fernie.
The ceremony wns performed by
Rev. D. E. m. Robertson, rector of
Christ church, In the presence of 0
large gathering of the ninny friends
of tbo popular young couple. Accompanied by the strains of Mendelssohn's
wedding march, the bride, costumed In
a King's blue travelling suit, with hat
to match, and carrying a shower bouquet of bridal roses and white lilacs,
was attended by Miss Haniel. nnd the
groom was supported hy Mr. Duncan
Cody, a 64th battalion volunteer. Tlio
bride was given nwny by Mr. E. K.
Stewart. It was om* of tbo prettiest,
little wedding tluit hns been held in
Fornle for years.
Tbo party repaired to tlio homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, where a buffet lunch waa nerved to a small iium-
Muriel Baxter
Gladys Brookes
Elsie Beattie
Jennie Hopkins
Horatio Jecks
Harold Leask
Grace McFarlane
Grenvlllo Musser
John Noble
Agnes Reekie
Gordon Taylor
Margaret St. Eloi
Division     III.—Effile     M.     Bechtel,
Enrollment    36.
Percentage  83.CS
Irene Beech
Donna Argue
Grace Doris
Hattle Hollander
Ida Johnson
Walter Laurie
Annie McBlrnle
Marlon MacKinnon
Evelyn Moore
Hugh Simpson
Violet Simpson
Crossley Taylor
Helen Worden
Division   IV.—Miss  Helen  Giogcrlch,
Percentage of attendance 87.42
Norman Beech
Charles Chapman
Donald Dallas
Mnbel Finley
Joint Grant
Gnbrlolla Hamilton
Bruce Laurie
Russell  Leask
Harry MacDonald
Eric MacKinnon
Matgaret Morrison
Edith Murgatroyd
David Reekie
Ruth Simpson
Keith Wasson
Sam Whittaker
Everett Williams
Division V.-—Miss Jennie M. Richards,
Pupils enrolled 46.
Percentage    80.66
Robert Beaton
Elsie Black
Christine Carson
Charlie Clapp
Lenoro Hill
Harold Kummer
Maud Malcolm
Joe Mueller
Hugh McDonald
Rolvo Parker
Jack Stevens
Joe Swain
Norman Wasson
Maud Welch
Verno Woodman
Division VI.
Percentage attendance  84.88
Vera Baxter
Howard Brogan
Lena Brogan
Norval Caslake
Elizabeth Chapman
Stanley Fyles
Gertrude Hopkins
Vivian Kummer
James Logan
Donald Morrison
Cordon Woodland
Candace Henderson
Leonard Jecks
Alexia Messenger
Thelma Patmore
Muriel Reade
Agnes Summcrville
Division VII.
orcontage 88
Marjorlo Burton
Helen Mueller
Jack  Ogden
Walter I	
Raymond St. Eloi
Delia Maxtor
Warren Howness
Robert Qbytor
Mildred Clarke
Ray Hill
Edwin Jecks
Murray McFarlane
Clyde MncKiniiou
Olive Simpson
James A. Taylor
Douglas Thompson
Helen Somervlllo
Mary Sonierville
Division   VIII.
Joo Brogan
Jack Dixon
Alex. Grnnt
Frank Hawkesworth
Alice Hallet
Clyde Johnson
Loran Jordan
Stanley Kemball
Melville Leask
Bonnie Murgatroyd
Grey Mosley
Edward McLean
Willie Stewart
Bill Taylor ■
Edward White
Evelyn Wells
Daisy Whittaker
Dorothy Henderson
Ralph Ladds
Division    IX.—MIbs    A.    McLennan,
No. enrolled    49.
Percentage of attendance 85.6
Mary Beattie
Gordon Brechin
Alfred Cabill
Andrew Carr
Kfile Charboneau
Kathleen Dallas
Mary Foster
Lawrence Foster
Robbie George
Jimmic Gilchrist
Angus Grant
Roso Hallett
Donovan Jecks
Harry Remball
Joe Nicholas
Fred Stojack
Kathleen Strachan
Fred Wells
South Ward Public School  "~
No. enrolled  46.
Average attendance  42,35
Division 1—Miss A. Woodland, Teacher
Annie Shaw
Edna Sanderson
Annie Johnson
Nettie Johnson
Jean Donaldson
Tom Roekio
Goorge Coleman
Mario Darr
Doris Racklyeft
Nora Finley
Robert Eakln
Leonard Marchant
Jack Murdoch
Earl Fennessy
Clifford Fennessy
Ellen Johnson
Florence Bradley
Jack Drew
Sam Sbaw
Albert Johnson
Harold Hailing
Agnes McCoach
Division II.—Miss*   E.   McK. Fisher,
No. of pupils enrolled  41
All our drugs are thoroughly tested
before we use them and they are frequently renewed. This is important to gel
the best results, Most drugs lose strength
when kept lor a certain length of time.
All drugs should therefore be tested before they are used for compounding prescriptions.
Bring lum' I'l'i'serlpllnn 11,'rii IVhcn'
Wo Iti'iill/.c llii' Valuo <il I'liri'liilni'ss
The Beattie Murphy Co, Ltd.
:'...  _*£_ Sttsre
Where It Pays to Deal
Do you know that wtth our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets In an eight-roomed house, in two
hours? You do it belter than with the old style carpet
beater and do not injure the carpet—in fact you make it
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at 50c. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
Shamrock Brand
Hams, Bacon, Butter
and Lard
Fregh   Killed    Local
VEAL, Very Choice
Fresh Spare Ribs
Fresh Killed Meats and Fresh Fish
P.   BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
General Change of Train Service
Effective May 31, 1915
Full Particulars From All Local Agents
Trains one and two, "Imperial Limited," will not carry
day coaches between Winnipeg and Revelstoke, and only jias-
sengcrs holding sleeping car accommodation can travel between these and Intervening points on these trains.
District Passenger Agent
Average uttenduncc .
Frank Hoy
Alice Mnriloiik
Archie BHnley
John Mlti'ln'll
Besslo Illolilo
Rhode Donaldson
Dorothy Hailing
Jesuit' Casselfl
Jus. tirtiw
Edward Walsh
Willie McDonald
Patrick MoDonald
Vaughan Hoy
David iiohh
Hi'HKta' Kakln
Amy Williams
Willie Taylor
Title to llii' above mentioned blocks
lu tin' name ot John Johnson, which
(Vrtlilnitn In dated tho :'7ih August,
Do you know tlmt with our vacuum ; looo, uml numliored iima.
Gleaner you can clean nil thu car-: Saral. U. Roc
puts In sn eight-roomed house In two iS?\\'S' '''inn-
hours? You do It hntii'r than wltll _ y' '
the old Btylo carpet beater uml do OFFICIAL AUH1NIS*
not Injure tho oarpot lu fact you I'll V I'll ITS ACT
inuko It look liko now. 	
lilnlrlrl Registrar.
L'l ll
Wn rent Vut'iinni Cleaners nt r,0c.
and ll.oo per hour nml cartage
I'mnlirook  Kloclrlc  Llghl  Co.,  Mil.
Alb. H. Webb
. £ Standing of Class
a a
ul Month     Year
1    SS
C          Oa <
Central, High and Public School
9          04
Jr. .le
11           08
Sr. 1
10          92
20           87
Jr.   1
14           89
Sr. 8
111           89
Jr. 3g
III           82
Jr. :ir
211           90
South Ward School
:i      loo
Murj's Separate School
4           87
4          93
amkn i;\K>iii;s
All alien onomlea within tin* limits
of tlio city ot Craubrook nre hereby
ordered to report to tbe undersigned
nt bin olHco in tbo City Hall Immediately, Those falling to report will
be interned.
Chief of Police.
City of Crnnbrook,
June 8rd, lOlfi. 22-lt
In tbe matter of an application for
the Issue of a duplicate certificate of
Title to Blocks !) ami 16 of Subdivision of Sublot 48 of Lot 4606, Group 1
(Wynmlell Km It Lands,) Kootouay
District, Map 864.
Notieo Ih hereby given tliat it Ih my
intention to ISBUO at tho expiration of
ono month after the Ilrst publication
hereof a duplicate cf the Certilieate of
on May 22nd, 1916, H wiih ordered by
ills   Honor   Oeorge   ll.   Thompson,
Judge of th<> County C -I oi Knst
Kootenny, tlmt James A. Arnold, oill-
clnl Administrator ror iimt pun ion of
tlie County of Kootenny ineliule.l hi the
Electoral District or Cranbrook bo
Administrator of all and Blnglllar tin'
estate of Kmma Louise Prest, deceased intestate,
Every person Indebted to tho Bald
deceased is required to make payment forthwith to thn underalgned.
Every person having In poBaesslon
effects belonging to the deceased Is
required worthwlth to notify tbo undersigned.
Every creditor or otlier person having uny claim upon or interest in the
distribution ot tho estate of the said
: deceased Is required to send before the
i 2nd day of July, 1015, next, by regls-
j tered mall addressed to the under-
I signed, his name and address nnd tbe
full particulars of his claim or in-
; terest, and a statement of his account
' nnd the nature of the security (if
any) held by hlm.
After the said last mentioned date
tlie Administrator will proceed wltli
the distribution of the estate having
regard to those claim**, only of which
j lie shall have hnd notice.
Dnted nt ('ranbrook this 27th <l;i>
of Muy, 1816.
21-2t Official Administrator. THURSDAY, JUNE 3rd, 1916
Is Reading an
Sound vision never calls
for effort. If you are always trying to see through
a Mining mist, or if your
eyes ever give you pain or
discomfort — you are
straining them, and
Noglecl nf mil tire's warnings will hring on serious
eye ailments, Don't risk
your night. Come in and
we'll tell you where the
trouble lies uiul give you
the glasses to remedy it.
W. H. Wilson
Jowolor uud Optician
r<HV!i rones
ripe In Cran*
Wild Btrawborrloa a
le   King George'
the King.
Fred llycliinan,    Indian   constable
went to Creston yesterduy.
able Collins
r of war thit
gathered in
.Miss  Williams was a Criston  visitor the lirst of the week.
Dr. Davis, of Creston, came in yesterday for a few days visit.
Phone   43!)
mushrooms, '
r  fresh  home-grown
per pound.
The' Overseas Club are holding a
dance in a I at he son's ball this evening.
Mrs. Burge, of Perry Creek, wns
among tho visitors in the city tlie first
of the week.
The garden plots at the Central
school is already producing, the radishes heing ripe.
PHONE H.—Strictly fresh
hilled ments only at Craubrook
Meat Market.
A German and bis family were
turned back from Kingsgate yesterday
by thc rutted States authorities.
Harry White, the Cranbrook customs collector, is back again
at the daily grind after a week's illness.
Kred Kummer and Alex. Hurry,
local delegates to the Knights ot Pythias convention, returned home Saturday.
Mr. James Blakemore and Miss Gertrude Vanmecbln, of Pernie, wen* married at the Presbyterian manse Tuesday by Rev, W. K. Thomson.
Constipated women find Hexali Orderlies a gentle, natural laxative. Sold
only by the Beattlo-Murphy Co., The
Hexali store. 10c, 2Bc. & 60o boxes,
Mr. it
Ism  -
ll.  M.  Held, C  P.   It   agent   al
■r with optlm*
Iton   valley.
; bubbling
e   famous
c llv-
Cr ei
urgatlvoB tor children.
ve is Hexali Orderlies.
e Beattie-Murphy Co..
re.   HV .  26c   and  600
Mr, ;nid Mrs. .laincs Thomson, of thc
Columbia hotel, Klko, wen* Cranbrook
Visitors thi- week, heing ill attelidalici'
iii the wedding of their son Jock   on
'I'll.     O.IV
C it , Wnterman, 'he Nelson auctioneer, \\ im has been in charge nf the Hale
conducted hy K. li. Gwynue during
ih, pa i week, returned to Nelson yoa-
terd *
PHONE B»—Frosli 11*1. wrrlv-
III:; Hutu (lie enlist ewT) TueN-
tUw pud Hihi-mIi.).—Cranbrook
Uoul Market.
On Ba turday, .lum* LDtH, the ladles
of the Overseas Cluh. under charge
ni d< i eaman, will hold a cookery
sale and tea at Un* Hy V. M. C. A.
from :   to *■ p.m. 22-lt
Fresh cream and buttermilk at Ira Mrs. J. T. Sarvis wlll not receive
R. Manning, Ltd. 'again until October.
Robert P. Davis, ot Port Steele, was | Ja]|1(.s Blak~ ~ skookumchuck.
u visitor to tho city the flrst of the ; wa(J Jl|1J0|lg thfl vUjtur!. hi m c|ty Ull(.
week. wePki
PHONE 8—Strictly fresh ] Cherries, tomatoes and struwberries
spring lamb.—Cranbrook Meat j freak stock every day at ira r. Man-
Market, j ••ine. U(1-
Mr. und Mrs. A. J. Miller, of Wasa.
were umong thc Cranbrook visitors on
B. J. Patch, muuager of tlie circulation depurtment of the Nelson News,
has been in the city tlie pust week in
the Interests of that paper.
Mrs. Johnson and children, of Calgary, who huve been visiting Mrs.
Morrish, have returned home.
Mrs. Put Dorun and buby left Tuesday for Winnipeg, wliere they will
Bpend some time visiting.
Soft drinks made sparkling cold ut
our soda fountain and the purest loe
cream every day at Ira It. Manning,
Chicken thieves are abroad Just outside tiie city und the provincial police nre warning people to keep their
ehlckeil lur.ises locked tip securely. 	
 . Mr.  Hurry  Edwards, Jniues  lluch-
Conimonclng on Tuesday night next nnan and a. c, BownesB are having
all members of the 107th and nil oltl-
'/.ens ure requOBted to attend drill every
week lit S o'clock failing In ut Im sella 11 grounds buck of government
building,—Capt. Tisdale.
Miss Hodgson, of tlie stall' of tbe
King lOdward school, of this city, left
on Sunday afternoon's train for her
oltl home In England. She has beeu a
resilient of tliis city for tlie pust two
years und will be missed by a large
circle of friends.
Mrs. A. B. Mucdonald, who hus been
visiting ut Victoria, Vnncouver nnd
Spokane for tbe past two months 1ms
returned home. She wns aecompunied
home by her two cousins, the Misses
Howell, of Spokane, who wlll visit
here for some time.
"Scotty" Irvine, manager of Major
('. Hungerford Pollen's ranch at
Skookumchuck, was In the eity last
week renewing acquaintances. He
only makes semi-annual trips to Cranbrook nnd is alwnys a welcome visitor.     He left on Saturday to return.
Captain W. Kerr wishes to draw the
attention ot the public to tlie fact that
any cast-off clothing, boots and shoes,
etc, he can find use for. Tbe Captain
has bad several calls of late for assistance In tbe above. Therefore,
while you are thinking of the Belgians,
do not forget tbe poor nt your own
Geo. P. Stevenson, manager of the
Cranbrook Jobbers, Ltd., was a Creston visitor last Wednesday. He reports crops ln that district all In
fine condition. The first shipment of
Creston strawberries arrived tn the
city today and they are excellent.
Says Mr. Stevenson: "Tbe Creston valley Is the finest productive valley I
have seen In Western Canada."
Mrs. A. C. Bowness and Mrs. A. C.
Blaine entertained with a dancing
party at the home of the former on
Wednesday evening ln honor of Mr.
K. L. Doolan, who is now a member
of the 54th Kootenny Battalion. There
was a large attendance and dancing
continued until a late hour. All report a good time. Mr. Doolan will be
missed from the soeial circles ot the
The attention of the citizens is called to the nppenrnnee of tho muln
•ftrects of tlie city which are now in
better condition than for years past.
tomorrow   for   the   Windermere  oil
business trip.
Frank Dezall motored a party of
fishermen to cherry creek on Wednesday, spending the duy enjoying the
natural beauties of tliat favored spot.
The person who took the field
glasses from thc Imperial liotel at
Kort Steele by mistake on Victoria
day ure requested to return same to
the hotel.
Tlie (irand International Auxiliary
of the Locomotive Engineers are going
to have a bazaar nnd sale of home
cooking on Suturduy, September ISth.
Watch for further particulars.
V. H. Patmore, H. Palmer and thc
two Johnson brothers made a motor
cycle trip to Meecham's lake the Ilrst
of the week, on u fishing trip. Tlie
trip was a success going and returning, but tbe fish refused to bite.
Reuben Tiffin, who hus been ill with
typhoid fever at St. Eugene hospital
for tlie past several weeks, has so
far recovered us to be removed to his
home on Durlck avenue tliis week. He
is now rapidly convalescing.
An open meeting of the Women's
Mission Circle will be held In the Baptist church on Thursday, the 10th
Inst, ut 8 p.m. A good programme
Is being prepared and nil are cordial- ■
ly invited to attend.
Messrs. E. H. McPhee and E. V.
Brake leave on Saturday to repre-
Bent Key City lodge, No. 42, ut the
grund lodge of Odd Fellows, which '
convenes in New Westminster next \
Mr. and Mrs. William Perry and
family, who have been residents of
Cranbrook for the past three yenrs.
left Tuesday for Hamilton, Ont.,
where they will make their future
Owing to the large Influx of butter
at the market now Mrs. Clarke ana
others wilt place tbeir offerings at
36c, Saturday. The butter now selling on the market is nn especially
fine lot from the best makers in tlie
An open meeting of the Manual
Training school will be held on -
Thursday. June 17th. from 2.30 to
5.30 nnd 7.00 to 9.00 p.m.    Work of
Chief of Police Adams states thnt the j the session will be on view.    Pupil
prisoners hnve been kept busy
this work of Into and they hnve ulso
been fed nt a cost of 13 cents per dny
ir 4 1-1! cents per meal. The city
has, therefore, bad some valuable
work accomplished at u low cost.
At tho Methodist conference held
last week at New Westminster the following appointments were made to fill
the several vacancies in tliis district:
I'mnbrook. Rev. Thomas Keyworth.
Ssqulmalt, OhaplalO to the forces;
Kimberley and Moyle, Rev. Chns.
dark, Moosomln, Saskatchewan; Coal
Creek and Michel, Rev. R, Dawson
Hall, or Lillooet,  D. C;   Femle, Rev.
D. m. Perley, B.A., chairman of the district,
ll H. Furlong left Cranbrook Inst
Sunday en route to the old country,
whehc he expects to remain Indefinitely. Mr. Furlong enme to Cranbrook about six or seven years ago
ami has tried farming, photography,
upholstering, dealer In second-hand
furniture and horses, etc., but even
wltli his versatility In occupations he
tools that nt the present time there is
i greater opportunity for tils ability in
the old country than In Canada. He
still retain! u farm 111 the Crnnbrook
Conductor Joe Jackson lays claim
to having the Ural Bweet peas in bloom
In Cranhrook. Heretofore the record
tor tho Ural appearance or tills Mower
was about June 0th.
All alien enemies within the city
limits must report Immediately to
Chief of Police Adams. The authorities huve decided on a round up if
nn  Immediate response.-is not mude.
Top Patterson is carrying his arm
In a -'lug these days. Monday it wus
n coi iary to have an operation performed, owing lo the Ilrst joint of his
righ thumb not performing Us proper
Mr. and Mrs. Hurry White Will leave
for tin;    coast on    Saturday.       Mr.
White   will   preside over the  (Jrand
Odd  1'
Alfred R. Webb, a member of the
'•inn" of the llerald ofllce, has laid
down his stick and rule and has
thrown in his lot with the 64th Battalion. This young man passed his
physical examination with colors flying, although hc Is one of the youngest men to enlist In thc ctty, being
nineteen years ot age, and Is also
probnbty the lightest member of the
present contingent. He has already
been dubbed "Splinter" by tils fellow
soldiers. Fred leaves with full expectations of working bis next "sit"
In Berlin, where he expects to establish the flrst English-speaking paper
and expects to have his own picture
published aa one or the Conquering
Heroes. The war symptoms have been
gradually developing, until Monday
morning lie applied at the recruiting
ollice for u place in tbe 54th battalion.
Herald readers wlll hnve first hand Inoi tbo Independent Order ofl formation concerning the movements
Hows, which   meets In    New of thc Mtli buttallon, ns Mr. Webb has
will be at work demonstrating methods they have picked Up,
The regular meeting nf Crescent
l.iidtre. Xo. SS, Knights ot Pythias will
tie held In Castle Hull, on Tuesday,
June S|h. at S p.m. Nomination anil
election of officers All brothers will
kindly accept this Intimation to he
present. Visiting brethren always
welcome. *>.it
Mr. and Mrs. s. B. Bradley and
daughter Esther, of Creston. who have
been visiting in Cranbrook for n few-
days, left Tuesday afternoon for
Reglna. Sask. Mr. Bradley will make
Itcgina his bendquarters for distributing the fruit from tlie famous
Creston valley.
Miss Maiiel Wellman. sister of Mrs,
Oeorge Hoggnrth, of this city, and
Mrs. E. II small, of ('anal Flats, left
today for Vancouver, where she expects to permanently reside. Mis*
Wellmnn resided in Crnnbrook for a
number of years, being a music
teacher of high standing in the city
she will bfl greatly missed In musical circles, as she always took -i prominent part in nil public functions,
Two women were caught ln the police drug net the past week. Mrs.
Mysner, alias Holm wns arrested at the
Century Restaurant on u charge of
vagrancy and fined $25.00 und costs
or two months lu gaol. Laura Mc-
Cormlck wus also picked tip ut the
same placo and on the same charge
and was given six hours In which to
leave town. She Is now a burden on
some other community, but we should
Westminster June 8th, 0th and 10th, accepted tho position of special war
and Incidentally recuperate from his correspondent to the Cranbrook Her-
recent Illness. aid.
Little pots of llowers,
little cans of paint,
Wake attractive neighborhoods
Out of them that atnt.
Sewing Done ul Ilium- or
by Ihiy
810 Kant Van Homo SI.
Mr. 0. H Ransden was a Nelson
visitor the first of the week.
Mrs. Norman McClure, of Lukesyde
Kami, was a city visitor Tuesday.
Dr. Bonnell, of Fernie, passed
through the city Sunday en route to
Lime juice and grape Juice tor summer table use and beverages at Ira R.
Manning, Ltd.
Mr. A. K. Leitch. the burgomaster of
Jaffray, was a business visitor in
th** city of opportunity Monday.
Patrieh Murfee (get that) of Lethbridge, is in the city looking over the
lands of the district with a view to
BOttllng   here.
Rev. W. K. Thomson returned from I
Vancouver the later part of the week, :
when* he attended the funerul obBo-j
qutei of tlie late Miss Merle    Taylor,
Miss Belle Thomson, of Klko, sister;
of Mr. Jock Thomson, arrived iu the
i ity Monday to be present at the mur- j
riage of her brother, which happy i
event took place on Tuesday.
Mrs. John Bennett und son, Harold.
oi Marysville, arrived In tbe city yesterday aud will spend a few days here
tin* guests of Mrs. R. H. Moore,
daughter of Mrs. Bennett.
J. 11. Malcolm has answered the call
to arms and lias enlisted with tbe 54th
batallou. He is thc fourth son in
this family to throw in his lot to help
put tlie kibosh on the Kaiser.
Mrs. J. D. Morrish, 220 Durick
Avenue, who Is leaving the city, will
sell by private sale, furniture and
otlier household effects. On view
daily from '■'• p.m. to 6 p.m. 22-lt*
Thc 1915 Follies which appeared at
tho Auditorium on Wednesday evening drew u large house and succeeded In providing those who attended
with an entertainment that pleased
Mr. R. J. McCreery, of the firm of
McCreery Bros., left on a hurried trip
Monday afternoon for London, Ont,
on receipt of a wire conveying the snd
intelligence that Mr. McCreery, sr.,
had been attacked with a stroke.
The school bonrd will hold their regular meeting tomorrow night. The
meeting night tins been changed from
the second to the first Friday in
order that thc business of the board
may bc in shape for the city council.
Mr. and Mrs. Wl W. McGregor left
Saturday for an extended visit In
"good old Ontario." Mr. McGregor will
spend considerable time In the Niagara fruit belt, visiting with relatives.
He will eventually settle down on a
farm und take life easy.
The local telephone girls were the
guests on Sunday lust of Mr. Quartly, manager of the Unionist Investment Co. at Wasu. They were motored
over in the morning and after a fine
luncheon, daintily served, spent the
afternoon on the lake, returning home
later in tlie evening.
A meeting of Crescent Lodge, No. 33,
Knights of Pythias, was held in Castle
Hall on Tuesday night with a large attendance. A very interesting evening
wns spent alter routine business was
carried out. Tlie technical points of
existing conditions and tiie war problem were discussed.
Mr. Hughle Woods returned Saturday from Brandon, Man., where he
journeyed with the remounts pur-
, chased here for the British government, While there Mr. Woods took
, advantage of the opportunity to visit
! his old home. He reports conditions
on the prairie as being good and business men optimistic.
Rev. W. E. Dunham, who was in
attendance ut tbe Methodist conference nt New Westminster during the
past week, returned home the weekend, occupying bis pulpit again last
Sabbath, On Sunday next Rev. Dun-
hum will preach his farewell sermon.
He will be leaving on Tuesday next
for chilliwack. bis new field of endeavor.
Fred Russell has assumed additional
duties during the past week. On last
Saturday nt a meeting of the executive
of the Farmers Institute he was appointed secretary to fill tho vacancy
caused by the departure of Mr.
Oeorge Houghnm. nnd at a meeting
of the market committee on Monday
he was appointed market clerk In
Place or A. B. Smith.
About seventy-live children accompanied by several mothers, members
of the Kootenay Orchards Sunday
school were given a picnic on Perry
Creek yesterday, celebrating the
King's birthday. They were conveyed out In cars driven by J. D. McBride, W. H. Wilson, Mrs. J. F.
Smith, E. A. Hill, A. .Fisher, J. p.
Fink, R Eakln nnd Lester Clapp. Tbey
report having a flne time.
18 White Leghorn Chicks;
month and half old; well feathered.
8 White Leghorn hens.
\ White Leghorn Rooster.
5 White Orpingtona; pullet
I  ihiil' Orpington pullet.
All perfectly healthy and In
lirHi-rlaHs condition.
Phone 80 CKj
cause no dissatisfaction and never come back
Whitney Carriages
There is nothing in the line of Baby Carriages made better than a WHITNEY, every
piece is made correctly and fits perfectly resulting in an easy-running vehicle, then the
very best paints, oils and varnishes are used
in the finishing.
We guarantee entire satisfaction. It's a
pleasure to sell them because we know  they
O'Cedar Mops and Oil
We sell all shapes and sizes of mops and three sizes
of oils at lowest prices as printed on the articles.
Our Furniture Department during the past month has been very busy
which we attribute to lowest prices and very satisfactory goods This is a
pleasure because our customers have no trouble in returning unsatisfactory
goods. We can furnish the house complete with the exception of hardware
and silverware.    We guarantee entire satisfaction
(Paper rend before lh
Htitnto by Mrs. .1. 1
Women s
great problems of the country.
Thun In 1S58 we tlnd both parties in
favor of federal union. In that year
thn MacDonald administration sent to
England Messrs. Carten, Ross and
Gait in the Interest.** of federal union
Wc celebrate Dominion day because |o( tho two prov|ncea 0f Canada.    At
this time, however, no action waa
taken by the home government To
the Hon. Qeorge Brown i founder and
It is the birthday ot our country, or
In other words because it l» the anniversary of tin; confederation of the
provinces of the Dominion Into one
country, making possible the wonderful development which lias taken place
in the last few decades.
Uefore we speak of the actual con-  snld: "A federal union, tt appears to
1 editor of the Toronto Globe] however,
I Is due the honor of ilrst favoring federal union of the whole of British
.North America.   In that same year he
In Thousands
af Homes
early and certain relief it found
for the ailment.*) to which all Bra
subject—ailments due to defective
or irregular action of the stomach,
liver, kidneys or bowels—in tbe
most famous family remedy,
the     world     has     ever    known.
Confederation,  let  us me, cannot be entertained for Canada
the  conditions
turn buck und study the conditions alone (Canada was then only Ontario
existing previously, which led up to and Quebec) but when agitated must
Confederation, made it so urgently I Include ull British America." He
desirable and at the same time made ( dlspatred, however, of ever seeing thia
Its attainment so very difficult.
The name Canada is from the Indian  word Kanata, meaning a collection  ol  huts.    Oylginally  Canada
consisted of what are now the provinces of Ontario und Quebe
constitutional  act  In   L791
divided into two part:
which Is now Ontarl
accomplished, for he added: "We will
be past caring for politics when that
Is achieved.*'
This question was bandied about by
tlie political parties for the next few
By the ! years with small practical result and
this  was  the ilrst practical step toward tlie fed-
1'pper Canada.! "ration of British North America catm*
and    Lower , trom outside Canada altogether. While
Canada,, which Is now Quebec.   By tills  party leaders in Canada were discus-
act a legislature was given to eacli i sl»g the question S. L. Tilly, fn New
of the two provinces. This consisted
of House of Assembly and a Legislative Council. Tho assembly was elected by tbe people, and the council was
chosen by the association. Tliis arrangement  wns  not  satisfactory and
Brunswick; Chas. Tupper, in Nova
Scotia; and V. H. Pope, in Prince Edward Island, called a conference at
Charlottetown to discuss tlie federal
union of the three Maritime Provinces.   The leaders of tha government
made: Tbe federal union of all British North America.
resulted in n long conflict between the .in Canada (Sir John A. Macdonald's
two chambers. The people for the administration) saw the opportunity,
most part were poorly educated nnd I asked for permission lo attend and
having few 'newspapers to enlighten ; literally took the convention by storm
them on current topics were sorely with the great proposal which they
Imposed on by those iu power,
Gradually through the opening de
cades of the century tilings went from A second convention was called at
bad to worse. Living in Canada were Quebec at which Ontario, Quebec, New
a number of men who bad fought for Brunswick and Nova Scotia decided to
Canada and the empire In various come into the union, Prince Edward
wars. The feeling that they hud suf- Island not coming in at this time. Re-
fered for tlie country gave them a solutions were passed which eventual-
feeling of ownership. Added to this *>■ were taken to England by the re-
the crown appointed these men to presentatlves of tlie four provinces,
office lu tlie council in recognition of who secured the passing of the Brit-
thelr services.   Tlu
men Inter-married
until   th'
of the
ish North America Act which, taking
effect on July 1st, 1867, brought into
ment of Canada fell Into the bunds of .existence the Dominion of Canada,
a sort of budding aristocracy which Is Although not the tlrst to suggest It
now known to history as the family Nr John A. Macdonald will be in his-
compact. These men looked with : tory accredited with being thfl Father
scorn on the original settlors In the °' Confederation as it was his mind
country and the United Empire Loy. which practically moulded the consists. This state of affairs grew HojHtltution of Canada nnd for this ser-
bud that finally after these ofllce hold- vlre he wus knighted by Queen Vic
ers having refused to listen to ron- h°rla and was called to be panada's
son tbe sword wan drawn In Canada flrst premier, One incident of the con-
on behalf of responsible government[ventlon at Quebec may be noted in
passing: After Confederation had been
finally decided upon und the name
Canada chosen: There wns a great
to whether It
ihould be called the Commonwealth of
Canada or some   other   designation.
On December 7th, 1837, at Toronto,
the masses of tin* people attempted to
set up a Republican government Thti,dM| nf ,„,,,,.„.„„
attempt, however, was frustrated, hut I j
It succeeded in drawing Uio attention
of the home government to thfl actual
needs of the country and In 1S8Q Uird
Sydenham was sent out to see what
could he done toward uniting Upper
and Lower Canada. As Governor Lee
handled the rebels the family compact, nnd all other factions with such
tact that within one year the union of
Upper and Lower Canada was nn accomplished fact. This wns the first
step toward  Confederation.
Even after the union of the two col-
This discussion took up one whole
morning session and thfl convention
broke up for lunch without having
made a decision. After lunch one of
the delegates picked up his Bible to
read a chapter before returning to the
convention hall, lt opened at tlie
verse, "And his dominion shall stretch
from seu to sea, and from the river
unto the ends of the earth." He
thought surely that Is Canada from
ocean to ocean and from the st. Law-
onles (although conditions were much rence to the uttermost north. When
Improved) Btlll there was much left, i the conference convened he suggest-
to be desired. Lack of transportation jed this, and the name The Dominion
facilities and financial stringency fori of Canada was unanimously agreed
the next two decades   caused   many upon.
people to look longingly toward thej s)ncp Confflderftt*on thp *liHtory of
successful and prosperous republic to ^^ ha| bcen onfl ()f mmirkabl,
tho south and manifestos In favor of L^ ^ wwfl t|ik(,n t(J ron.
annexation wore Blgnod, even by K0,j(Jat(! {n(t rpHt of t|l(, vaBt Br,tI„h
people In authority in Canada. territory to the west, and no country
Tills state of affairs led the polltl" j has ever equalled such nation-building
eal leaders in Canada to east about as took place ln the next few years
for a remedy and It gradually grew following Confederation. The first re*
to be the general feeling that a federal suit In territorial expansion was the
union of Hritish .North America as a purchasing of the great North-West
self-governing colony would give tbem ; (Rupert Und) from the Hudson's
thr power to effectually deal witb the Hay Co. tn Mlt   Tbt situation not be
ar? justly famous because they have
proved to be so reliable as correctives
or preventives of the sufferings, dull
feelings and danger due to indigestion
or biliousness If you will try them
ti cleanse your system, purify your
Hood, tone your stomach, stimulate
yoar liver and regulate your
towels, you will know why eo
many  rely on  Beecham's Pills to
Insure Health
and Happiness
Un-* UU ai An *•**—• aa Um W«l**44
SoU ■■■I.U..  U Iwut, 25 »Mi
ing properly explained to the people
of the Red River Settlement, led to a
gr-:at deal of misunderstanding which
resulted in the North West Rebellion.
led by Louis Rifcl, who hoisted a new
flag at Fort Garry and named himself president. Seeing that a misunderstanding had resulted In a serious situation. Sir John A. MacDonald appointed Donald Smith (later
Lord Strathcona) a special commissioner from Canada to straighten the
matter out. He succeeded no well that
not only was the misunderstanding
ended but Manitoba was induced to
form a province In the Dominion
which it did the following year, 1870.
At this time B. C was isolated from
the rest of the B. N. A. settlements
by the great gap of unsettled territory ln between It was the general
feeling in this province that the only
logical future for it was annexation
with the U. S. The MacDonald administration of Canada thought differently, however, and sent envoys to
look over the country. The report!
taken back of forest, mineral and
fishery wealth find them wltli the ambition to bring ti C into the confederation also: negotiations were opened up and the result was that B. 0.
agreed to join if Canada would undertake to build a railroad connection
within t'-n years. This was assented
lo with the result that B. C. joined
the Dominion fn 1871.
The contract for the Canadian Pacific Railway was let in USD. after the
most bitter criticism as it was declared that It was a waste of money.
ti. C. was declared to be a sea of
mountains which no railroad could
ever cross. The great prairies, a use-
les* muskeg, but In spite of everything it was built in five years. No
country in the world with such a
meagre and scattered population aa
Canada ever completed such a stupendous undertaking In so short a
Tlie admission of the remainder of
the provinces is so recent as to be re-
i membered by most. These are the
' facts connected with the Confederation
of the Dominion of Canada. The
j reasons why wc Canadians celebrate
; Dominion Day. Because It marks the
consolidation Into one country of a
vast territory which otherwise would
have slid away from British control.
Occauso it Is the birthday of a nation thnn which no other nation has a
brighter future and of which no other
nation's sons and daughters have more
reason to be proud PAGE FOL'K
THURSDAY,   TONE 3rd, 1915
I.nyal  Oranj«
No.  1871
I Meets first and tklrd
Thursdays at i pa.
1 "■•'?.» In     Royal     Blaek
Kulglits ol Ireland Hall, laker
Street. _
lt. 3. Garrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Ree. Sec.
,_*s*T?*iiV Meats svery
8m HBk!a Monday uteht
*«BoiS'S? »' Fraternity
Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows
cordially Invited,
lt. A. Racklyeft J. F. Broughton
Nil. Fin. Ses.
W. M. Harris, Rcc. Secretary.
( I'iinlirook. B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at I ».ss In
Lhe Fraternity Hall
it c. Carr, c.r.
F, M. Christian, K. R. £ s.
I'. 0. Boi III
Visiting brethren cordially la-
Tltod to attend.
M>ots every second aad feurta
Wednesday at Fraternity Hall
Bokjuriung Rebekahs cordially Invited.
Sis. A. B. Jones, N.O.
Sis. Ada HlckenboUua, Ret. See
Meets lu Maple Ball sound
and fourth Tuesday ef every
montll at 8 p ni.
Membership epo« to  BilMsli
E. Y. Iirako,        J. F. Lmrer,
President SMretary
Visiting members earellkllt
Meets In the Maple Hall
flrst Tuesday afternoon of every
month at A p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McKarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Box ..2
All ladles cordially tavlted.
President—A. B.  Smith
Secretary—Alb. II. Webb
For    Information    regarding
Lauds anal aKrlaulture apply taa
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting   Tho   Second   Salur-
ihiy nt 2.80 o'clock.
Is ujit'ii for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
lir-. Arnold Wallinger
Cruulirook, B.C.
Solicitors  and
iy tn Loan
Hank   lliillillui
i■;,„.     , i to W. F. Gurd)
Barrister,    Solicitor   and
p, I)   Box S59
1)1!.  1'. II. MILES
Jluce  in  Hanson  Block
!a lai 12 a.m.
i tu   6 p.m.
I to   S p.m.
Dntoraltf and General Nursing
Unrden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS  A   SALMON, Matron
Phone -"'I P. 0. Box 845
Phone J'. 0. Box 58a
Funeral Director and Kinhalnicr
Building Contractor
Dealer In   Real   Estate,  Mining
Shall,: a.i.,I Mineral Claims
Civil and Mining luginccrs
II. ('. I.and Surveyors
j           HISS BANWELL
Public Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbroolt -   -   -   -   B.C
Day Ph'  238 Night Phone 55
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Forwarding    und    Distributing
Agent for
l.ellibridge  Coal
XMtc Ponder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braying and Transferring
Ulvcn prompt attention
Phone 63
Headaiuarters for all kinds of
Saitl.fiictla.n  Guaranteed
Tho Shoo Specialist
frf.'a-'i'c: ■i^vTjj
|M4N &BM
j,Files 2Cci3.|«»
wss aprons
'   — MlliTCO- • _
 — .
ins  nml  Surgeons
Omen   lit
residence, Armstrong
s    tl.OO to 10.00
 2.00 to   «.00
 7.80 to   8.30
 2.30 to   4.S0
ranbi k, B.C.
(From thc Creston Rev
Miss Nina Attwood n id a
man, or Moyie. si" nl th vv
the Attwood ran . retii
Mrs. T. B. Myers :■.< I yoi
Toronto, who have ba
moiitli with Mr. and M
left for homa' ou Sunt'.
The names ot Missi
and Molva I.. Cartwrl
the list of studi nts a'
normal school, V'anco
boen granted dlploi :
just elosa'd.
The hrst ripe stri
marketed on Sattird
Spratt disposed ot fo
Mercantile Co. Mr. I
ilrst to deliver tho go
is at least a week a'lirl
Part of II I' Wob
on the llutliilil rani
bloom and with Cave
will lie nlTerlng ni w
the end ol".lime. \
on the same nropi rt;
this week,
Lieut, Hloks arrive
yosteiday afton n
of tho rocrultlng al
all-Kooteniiy rogim
. lias been appointed
Inspector, and those
he drilled here u: li
dered to the camp i
Hicks Is making he
Tho  enlisting  at
week nf Q. F. Hon
tnkes to the war tl
totto well  known  i
Foote, Mann, (la'iin
who hatched it togc
ranch  until  n  couplo of
Foote went from hi ro wil
contingent, while tho other
tho colors in Britain.
So fur as we can
I Canadian contingent
I toria, expecting ever
!necessary orders to
I land.   After a 25-mil
: Wednesday last the
■end ut
A. Speers
irglna O.
ppear on
who have
he session
Phonal 106 P. O. Box S3
Organii i   Methodist Church
Ri     res Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
If you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send It to
Special  prices for family
on the
{-dating ri. i for Women fft rt boi or three tor
in, Hoi*I ui "ii Drug Itaim tir nullid t««ny
fti-tilr.'***'!-. "" Lptul price,   lilt ,'mi.iih.i. D100
VlUlUyi f<
two for J
»l iirlqo
xl Itrnlu,  incrcmiM "Jivy
Uulld yuu up. I* ■* '''*»."t
iri'R, or l>>- ine.ll on ri>oql|it
i. limn (ti, ui. CnYlhtrlnee,
BMtUo-Muryby Uo., LW.. Ac-M.
rbcrrlea   wore
■ when   Jolm
■ b0XG3 to thr
iratt was tlu*
li in lull, bul
r this year.
:■'    potOtb  (Top
i almost in
tibia weather ho
uinl: tor sale by
in    ■ pop of pom-
I d In bloom
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every ChitUt Package
lately formed and
recruiting ofllce, the Italian consular
offlce and other points, where speeches
were made by local Italian loaders
and by Mayor Uphill and Capt. Moffatt. The celebration was continued
ou Monday aud a large number have
signified their intention of returning
to Italy to join the colors. It was
thought tlmt thc Italians entering the
field would stimulate recruiting for
the Tilth among those having a fair
command ot the English language,
but up to date only one Italian, E.
Picarlollo, tlie well known trader, has
offered his services. If Italy does not
need her men iu this country, why not
help tlio Canadians by joining tbe
in cliargo
Creston for the
ut. Dr. Davis
il tan I medical
who quality will
tho corpa Is or-
t Vernon. Lieut,
idquarters at tho
Cranbroolt lu^t
pool, bank clerk.
I* iu >t of a quar
i Crccton.MossrB.
n and Horspool,
Liter on the Foote
somewhat  ItttHan-l.ke    in    features,
black hair and moustache, about 5 rt.
Id inches, weighing about 155 or so.
The  former  Is  quiet,  thc   latter   Is
volunble  In  speech.    Tlie authorities
would be glad   to hear   concerning  tr|ct t['|H
these men's whereabouts.
Tlie local brancll ot tho I. O. D. E.
organized a concert, soola) ami dance
In aid of the Patriotic Fund Magazine,
In Hoss' hull. The hall was crowded.
The entertainers were the Pernie
Amateur Concert Club, who gave
their services free of cost." The ladies expect to net the tidy sum of $80
when all accounts are paid.
(Dy Fred Roo.)
paraded   to the j Marching on the devil's dance
On Belgium's blood soaked.
Johnnie Canucks right from the start,
We've tried our best to pluy our part;
Now, shoulder  to  shoulder, heart to
Till Belgium shall be free.
Johnnie Canucks, our country's fair;
May the thought of her be as a prayer,
To help us do our duty there,
Oh, Canada, for thee.
Bravely facing death we'll stand,
Doing our bit for the motherland,
Oh, Cod, the issue is In thy band;
We place our trust In thee.
The above lines were written in a
box car while crossing Prance, by 0.
A. Bailey, who left Klko with the first
learn lhe Third
Es Btlll  at Vic-
r dny to get the
proceed to Eng-
■ route march on
entire regiment
bad  their  feet  inspected,  and   Billy
Hall assures us thai tor size and smell
, the mtidhooks of the Cranbrook recruits took all the red tickets.
!    Game Warden Callaud
■ itlvlse ranchers that tin
I quire a license to slnug
[The Game Act spci flei
rats, gophers, or an:  ni
j that is n menncc :■■ Uu
: mais or birds of bui Ii pe
destroyed by the p irty i
i has  bad  numerous  em
whether a license musl
before starting a killing
i    In the London Tb
| we notice the following.
In the roll of bom r of
at the front:    "Lb 11.
, Douglas of  thc  South
ment, eldest son of Lord
Ins. and nephew of (lie
; Qneensberry.    Killed in
; April 15th, aged IS ycai
! the Special Reserve Aprl
' was given a commlsi ion
Stafford Regiment, i; :n
! lieutenant   on    Febrnai
; Bruno  spent  his  child!
j Creston, when his parci
and many or our citizen
! ber the fine, bright littl
land learn with keen regret of bin un
timely end.   Lord and Lady Douglas
are In England, mid have the full sym-
[ pathy of Creston In thi Ir loss.
The following program was very
much enjoyed and excellently rendered:
Octette—(a) Where Art Thou Beam?
(b) When Twilight Falls ...
 F.  A. C.  C.
Song—I Hear You Calling Me"....
  J. W. Qulnnoy
Song—Cherry Ripe..Mrs. A. Graham
Male quartette—The Three Chafers.
  F. A. C. C.
Song—Admiral's Broom...Mr. Hanson
Song—Selected  Mr. A. Graham
Song—JuBt Awearytn' for You	
  Miss Doris Bennet
Song—Yeomen of England
MiKlnnou and daughter,    of
•owa Nest, is in town today.
A.   W.  McKenzie,  of Spokane,  was
Lt In k ilie saw mills around the dls-
J. W. Kerr, of tho Elk hotel, nnd
several of his guests motored to Cranhrook this week.
Mrs. King, of Waldo, was ln Elko
this week in tbe Interests of the big
dance at Waldo for the patriotic fund.
Frank Werloy, ot Calgary, was In
Elko this week looking up land for
growing sugar beets and pepper
Colin Sinclair ,of the Roosville Valley, grandson of M. Phillipps, J. P.,
Joined the 54th battalion this woek at
Mrs. Fred Rod and two sons drove
up from Roosville and returned via
Flagstone after spending several duys
in Elko.
Game Waitien C. J. Lewis returned
from a two weeks' visit in the mountains and reports game more plentiful
than ever before.
Mr. Jack Rcdford, the Calgary ball
player, is visiting friends in Elko this
week  and  played   with  Elko  against
(Hy "Clerle.")
' llslM UO  to
do not re-
lit    "MiCC.
1 or binl
estir. anl-
" may bi>
ted.     He
es    lis   taa
imou ■ others,
offlcers Idlli-ii
Bruce P. ('
Stafford rogl-
Sholto Doug-
Marquia    of
Trance    on
•s.   Ho Joined
1 14. nil, ami
111 tlio Soutli
c promoted to
y   nii   laBt."
ifiiial  days  at
it:a lived here
B will rrp.ioni-
i manly chap,
  Mr. P. Alexander Waldo on the 24th.
Male quartette—Nelly Was a Lady.. Mr. and Mrs. T. Duncan and family,
   F. A. C. C.' of Passburg, Alberta, ls visiting Mrs.
Song—Because You Love Me      ! Duncan's parents in Klko, the Thom-
   Miss J. Dobson : son's, Columbia hotel.
rfong—Selected Mr. A. Graham '    Mr .and Mrs. Klingensmlth gave sev-
Octette— (a) Lullaby  j ernl automobile parties to friends the
(b) Good Night Beloved .... i |last week to   Jaffray,   Waldo, Rock
.  P.   A.   C.   C. j creek, which was greatly enjoyed by
God Save the King tlie participants.
May Day sports were held in Waldo Dr. and Mrs. Nay, ot Winnipeg, are
last Monday. Local people were very visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Jack
generous In providing prize money., Thompson, of the C.P.R. dispatcher's
The first game started about 1 o'clock department, who Is spending a short
wltli the Waldo Junior baseball team. vacation at Ills summer cottage in
vs. Elko and Baynes boys.    After a 1 Elko.
After a
well-fought game the local lads were
hiiaded the prize.
High Jump—Winners, A. J. Newman
and a Reserve Indian.
Jim Thistlebeak says yon might as
well familiarize yourself witli his
name now, Lieutenant General Count
Cadcuor is the Italian chief of stall.
Broad Jump—Geo. Shipman and a ! iAI. Rizzulo wns in Elko this week und
confirmed the report.
M. A. Macdonald, borrister, of Vancouver, and Governor Hanson, of
Wasa, were in Elko this week, and the
Liberal crowd was so slim and scattered tliey postponed the big Liberal
rally till after the war.
With the assistance qf W. M. Walker
I and T. Prentice two Fernie wholesale
baseball  maB( A]cx   mrnlo k|,|e|] a cub bear
learns played, tlie honors going to tlie; ^ an raonkay wrench, and shipped
latter.   About J10.00 wcre spent    on  R (0 thn Du|,,lc Hardware COi, Fernle,
for exhibition after getting it mounted
in the sporting goods department.
Miss Nellie Leaman, of Cranbrook,
Reserve Indian.
Snek rare—Winners, J. Gould, A. G
220 yards race—WinnerB, J. Clark
ind Indian.
100 yards race—Winners. A. J. Newman, G. McPnrlow, A. G. Newman.
Spoon    and    egg    race—Winners, j
Grace Ross, Mrs. Parker.
Waldo   and   Elko   senior
About $10.00 wcre spent
children's sports.    Unfortunately the
rain prevented   other   events    from
coming off.   A dance was held in the
evening In Baker hall.
(Special   correspondenco)
(From tha Furnlfl Free Preai)
was visiting the Thomson's of the
Columbia hotel in Elko this week, returning to Cranbrook accompanied by
Mrs, J. Thomson who, we understand,
on very good uuthorlty, will in the near
future be Miss   Leaumn's   mother-ln-
Mrs, D. McPherson
Kureka, Montana.
„Mr. and   Mrs.   Co
moved away from the
J. L, Palmer and ,1a
among the latest lion-
a visiting
Ingham   have
k White    are
to join H. M.
A duught*)
and Mrs. Co
was born to Rev. ('. L.
an in Winnipeg general
General .Merchant
Branloj moats Agents
p. O. Box l  I Pbons 244
i |;\   RROOK, DC.
hospital,   t'nf
immediately ut
The impel u etc
tnody has been wi
Osborne, who ffor
ago is also on the casi
Provincial Constable
boon very energetic In
a score of Austrian i wl
their way to tli" l    S
ll'   ll    1
I her
lllly Car-
France, J.
ere some tiim
.illy lists.
Dr] flen has
coralllng over
ii v. i ro making
boundary lino,
Harry Aspey, a miner, formerly   of
I Lethbridge, was Instantly killed by   a
In I cave-in ln n mine at Warner, Alberta. Mrs. E. ti. Holbrook who left Elko
l (m ti,e 24th some time ago with   an   automobile
The dog catcher being found short' l»m>' [ur «'• »<"'1<1's '"'r' wrltcs <r°m
In his returns must explain same   to Salt Lake City that they are having a
Judge Thompson at the next sitting s""1'""1'1 tr|l'' ""' ■*• "»» »e™ notli-
„f the county court. : ""•',tu »mf r<» wl" ' '* •««*«•*
: peaks  of  the  grand  old mountains
I around Klko.
j    Mr. J. Hates, of Vancouver, was ln
i Elko and Kootenay river points this
week looking for a location    for
] cattle or horse ranch.   He Is anxious
j to raise something that lie can eat and
Tho Ladii
■a route for Austrl
J  Aid  Ot  Waldo   I
Itobt Inline, Prep.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Plei
ami Pastry
Phono 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
to Mrs
and a
lour of
J. Taylor, Proprietor
lias just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk  twice a  week
Tbo only clarified milk ln
We guarantee  to Please
terlon church «iiil n very th
ami beautiful deed in i ndlng
Cowan n  bouqui i  of flowon
. letter of sympathy  In   hor
A very bold case of horse-stealing
took plaee here on the evening of
May 2-ith., when ths residents of
Waldo were enjoying n danco, Tlie
splendid black tram belonging to Mr.
J. W. Hoss, and an Indian pony, and a
i saddle belonging to Mr. Bweet of Hag-
stone, who was    visiting nt    Waldo,
1 were stolen. The tblovea intended
stealing tlio team of Mr. Burgess, Indeed, they wen* out ot the stable, when
apparently the marauders were sur-
| prised. Both Mr, Sweet's and the Indians horses were sunn recovered but
Mr. Rosb' team could not be found. It
was not until Sunday, May BOth, that
I they wen* rccoyon d. Apparently
they had broken away in some mnn-
nor from their captors and were found
In I'.llto In an abused condition. The
thieves have not been found but suspicion hns fallen on two men lately
i employed by tin* RosB-SukatOOn
j Lumber Co, Om* Is III Frank Johnson* about r> ft. ti Inches, dean slmvon,
I about 22 years of ago. weighing ubout
1140 pounds.   Tlie otlier lu J. P. Luuge,
Tbe school board have revived the
water syctem at the West Pernie
school, which has been out of commission for several years.
One hundred and eighty pupils
were absent from thc Fernie public
schools on Wednesday owing to the
epidemic of measles.
The new Singer building Is well
under way and while not as pretentious as the Now York one, will answer the purpose of Pernie.
A C.P.H. car was operutecd on by
sneak thieves lust night, who got
away with quito a bunch of goods,
No trace of the thieves has yet been
make leather out of the hide. At
Haynes Lake lie addressed a delegation of cowpunchors and told them
that there was nothing like leather
for making harness, saddles, chapps
and sltOOS,
The writes is Just In receipt of a
wire from Spokane saying tbat J. 0,
Carruthors had joined the 54th Kootenny regiment, J, C. belongs to a
fighting family or soldiers uud call-!
Some cur vented his German spleen om, and when the l.asitanla was sunk
on the 54th by killing "Gyp," tlio Cap. Imd to go, He la one of tho old-
mascot of the company. If the boys j est travellers on the road and had
(Ind out who perpetrated the deed more sincere friends among the mcr-
there will be something doing. chants than any on the road, and wc
A quantity of nitroglycerine nnd a [ wish hlm a speedy return,
safe-blowing outfit were discovered; t|r, wMst (irlv0[ ari(.rno(m too and
one day thlB week by a child playing t cooIu,ry 8ai„ \,l}\.\ by tho 1. O. D. B.
in the rear of a local amusement, WIIJ) ft flnflnoIfll success, and tho chap-
house. The find was reported to thc; tcr w,Rll0R to t)mnk through the col-
pollco, who think they huve now dlB- \mw ot lMii pn,,er tlic cutzens and
covered a clue to thc Palnco Meat; m6mbera oE Uia c]iapter for their very
Teaching by Contrast
What is the chaff to the wheat?—
alcrem. B8.28,
Ever and anon ln scripture Ih the
higher placed iu contrast to tlte lower,
und by comparison some of the most
momentous truths are laid bare. A
hunter rushes from the Held Taint with
hunger. Ills younger brother has a
tempting meal prepared. "Give me to
eat," the elder cries. "If you give
mo your birthright," the younger
answers. "You may have it," the hungry man said, and ever since Esau
has been held up to scorn as the man
who chose the lower,
In Isa. 55 we liave a capital Illustration of teaching by contrast. The
prophet asks: "Wherefore do yo spend
money for that which is not bread?
and your labor for that which satls-
(letli not?" He goes on to beseech
them to cat that which is good, to
come unto God, to hear and tlieir soul
should live. Down the chapter we are
told of God's and man's ways, God's
thoughts and man's, und nre shown
that tho Divine are immeasurably
higher. The man wbo used most frequently the method of teaching by
contrast was Solomon. It was apparently a passion with him to contrast
values, and many of his epigrammatic
saying have passed into current
speech.    Here are a few:
"Wisdom is more precious than
"The path of the Just Is as tbe shining light that shlneth more and more
unto the perfect day. The path ot
the wicked is darkness.
"Treasures of wickedness profit
nothing; but righteousness delivereth
from death.
Better a dinner of herbs where love
is, than a stalled ox with hatred therewith.
A good name Is to be chosen rather
than great riches."
But It was left neither to Islah nor
to Solomon alone to tench by contrast. Jesus sought to show, by that
method, how advantageous, nay, how
Infinitely better it was to grasp
and cling to tlie higher. I remind you
of some of His sayings.
Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth .... but lay
up for yourselves treasures In heaven.
"Not one sparrow shall fall to the
ground without your Father. Fear ye
not therefore, ye are of more value
than many sparrows.
"He thnt ilndeth his life shall lose
it; and hc tbat losetli his life shall find
"What shall it profit a man If he
shall gain the whole world and lose
his own soul? Or what shall a man
give in exchange for his soul?"
Thus Christ, too, would lift our
minds to true values. After each
quotation I could aptly hnve used the
metaphor, "What Is the chaff to the
wheat?" or, what ls the lower to tbe
higher? There have been moments In
our lives when we have thought, If
not said .what Is the lower to the
higher? What Is gain with loss of
honor? What arc pleasures in sin
compared to peace in Christ? What
is culture compared to, or without,
loving compassion. hrotlicrliness,
mercy? What Is hate to love? What
Is Ignorance to wisdom? What Is
strife to pence? What, is vice to virtue? what is wickedness to holiness?
Truly, Indeed, "Wlmt Is the chaff to
the wheat?"   Think on these things!
Canadians are a lighting race
Ab everyone docs know,
Tbey bravely battled for their In
Ono hundred years ago
And then lu Africa's distant land
On many a hard fought Held
They ever drove the foemnn hack
And never once did yield,
Today on Flanders bloody plain
They stand the battles shock;
The same as In the days of old
When led by gallant Brock.
The Germans aro a dastard too
But ever comes to grief,
'When they In battle moat the men
Who wear the Maple Leaf.
The German host was ten to one
The Allied Hue did sway,
Like lions, then our boys did fight
Canadians saved the day.
Amid tho deadly poison fumes
Amid the shrapnel's rain
Their deeds are writ with honor
Upon the scroll of fame.
Though many a sad, sad heart to-day
Through our Dominion wide;
While mourning for a hero lost
Yet shares the nation' pride.
United to thc Motherland
By ties no foe can sever;
And waving high the Union Jack
Shout Canada Forever.
Hanbiiry, B.C. —L. G. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Taylor desire
to thank all their friends for the expressions of sympathy and many manifestations of tlieir love In their hour
of sorrow.
Arts Courses only.
Jl'LY Md Al'Gt'ST
GEO. T. CHOWN, HegUtrar
Market safe robbing of a month ago.
generous    donations    to    the    linen
On Saturday evening last, Mr. J. H.; shower, which everyone responded to
Terry, chief poultry Instructor of j H0 heartily, Mudumcs Millettt, Itichard
the  department of agriculture,  Vic-1 Htrtz, Oldlands, Wntt, Lewis, Foisy,
torla, lectured to a well attended meeting of tbo Fcrnie Poultry nnd Pot
Stock association. Ho spoke on
"Brooding nnd Care and Feeding of
Chicks." At tho conclusion of bis address be gave a demonstration on killing and plucking.   Tho next regular
KHngonemith, Gallagher, Agnew,
Thomson, Holbrook, Edmonds, Roberts, Blrnle, McKee, K. G. Hirtz.—
Miss Inez Holbrook, sec.
Johnnie Canuck
Johnnie Canuck your time has come,
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner yon can oloan nil the carpets In an elght-roomeil house In two
hours? Vou do It better than with
tbe old style carpet heater and do
not Injure tbo carpet—In fact you
make It look like new.
Wo rent Vacuum Cleaners at 50c.
and $1.00 per hour nnd cartage.
Cranbrook  Electric   Light  Co*  Ltd.
meeting of tbe association will be held , Enough   we've   bad   of  the   fife   and
on Tuesday, June 1, In Ingram's ball,
Tbe local Italians wero a happy
crowd on Sunday when the news that
Italy bad joined tlio Allies wns received by wire. A monster procos-
nlon, headed by tbo band, was Imnied-
Stem is the work uhon bullets hum,
Thnt leads to victory.
Johnnie Canucks we're here In France,
(Gun and bayonet and shining lance)
Capitol Authorised   ....$10,000,0004)0
Capital Paid Up    7,000.000410
Reserve   and   Undivided
Profits       8,200/100.00
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued
available in any part of thc world.
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
counts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received aud Interest allowed
from date of deposit.
A branch ls also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the management of Irving 0. Wedd.
Cranbrook Rram-lt
II. W. S1TPLK, Manager
Spokane, Washington
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel ln Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
See Steamship on the Roof


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