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Cranbrook Herald May 6, 1920

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4   rkYUt   KOK   Hit   UO»I
iHt   fflTKKKSTS   ol   iKiv
ORANBROOK, B. ( „ THtltSI* A V,   MAY   «,   JttiO
J. I'
Several candidates from Crunbrook
; wrere In Rossland last week-end to
ho made full fledged Knights of Col-
nimbus, many Knights heing In attendance there from many points In British Cnlumhi.i nnd from Spokane.
The In Iti u tin u  took  place     >n  the
Oddfellows* Hull. Sunday, tha Knights.
attending  the Sacred  Henri  Church
lat Ihe twn morulUK services.
VS     suiiihiy night a banquet was held
In tho K. 0. Hall    which was very
largely attended, and an interesting
| program was gone through with.
i   Those attending   from   this   city
> were   P. J. Oulmont,   James Dnolun,
( Vincent   McKnchern,     Curl   Mnckav,
smm VICK.PHWHENT So*""8"0"8 ""' """"""' '"""
I'lil.Sllll.NT IIV I'. .1.
Ulsriiss   lhe   I'iii|iiim-iI   *l'iix nn
Pnilil*. mid Kesiilittlnn Is
School Reports
For Last Month
A fairly raprosentntlvo meeting of
the Cranbrook branch nf the Merchants' Association of Canada mot Tuesday ovoning In thc City Hall, when officers were elected torn the ensuln
Tho gathering also* discussed the
resolution which had been prepared
lo send to Uie federal government rcl-
iiilve tn the proposed business tax of f
one-half or one per cent, which It is
proposed placing on nil sales made by
merchants, ;  "-"'Irsl Chug   - 7ft per rem and over
li was the concensus of opinion i Eustace Lee 80; Delia Baxter 87.60;
lluit the resolution us proposed by the I Hester Thompson 84; Dorothy Mc-
committee whereby the tax would be Kowau 83.02; Edith Clark 88,12; Ala-
iidded to invoices by manufacturers mle Washington 82.37; Mildred Clark
would be the equitable way of hand-179,7,-,; Murray McFarlane 78.75; Ernest South 78.35; Joe Belanger 78; Es-
IVriwI   .tftenttmice  In  the   t: ulr mice
t'lais     1'lnss  LImIh  Are
J The reports of the Central School
; for the month of April have been an-
. nounccd as follows:
llllg the matter and the committee
named to draft tho resolution was Instructed to forward the same to the
provincial body at the Coast, which
body will take up the question with
lhe Dominion authorities.
The election of offlcors resulted in
the election of the following:
President      c. J. Little
Vice-President   \\*. H. Wilson
2nd Vice-President ... Hmce Howfion
Treasurer    K. Paterson
An executive, consisting of the first j 68.86;   John  iAncaster 63.75.
und second vico-presidents   and   tbo [       Third CUnt — M-M per wit.
treasurer will name a secretary und i    Douglas Thompson 59;  Rosa Pas-j
fix his salary.     \V. M. Harris, who Is ouua 55.75;    Leslie Sneddon    58.37
act-tag as secretary al present, will no [ Wallace Crowe 58.37.
doubt be chosen, !    Fourth CUss.- Below fig per rent.
ther McCabe 77; Florence Bradley
76.511; Alex Nlsbet 76.25; Marjorio
Burton 75.L'5; Ray Hill 75.
Second (las.. — tM»-"."i per rent
Hope Taylor 74.12; Lorettfl Uelerc
72.25; Eddie Spence 71.50; Christine
Blaine 70.50; Marion Henderson
70.37; Wilbert Mlddleton 70.37; Alex Cassldy 70.25; Harold Dow 68.25;
Nora Finley 64.87; Norma Walllnger
Mr. J. P. Fink, who has acted a«
president of the association for flomi
time, is succeeded by Mr. Little.
Tho newly elected officers thanked
(he association for tho honors conferred, bin nrned greater co-eporatlon
nnd more activity on the part of members in tho work of the association.
Futiirt moo tings are to he held at
the call of the president
Scene of Big Strike
Rich limit el' \jillic Cupper Kit countered There      Claim-. Bunded
fur 915,000
Stanley   Fyles,
rie 45.85.
47.87;   Annie   Lau-
Bii-iiii'ss Tii\  Nut  l.ihelj  to be
Abolished — Ring's E\-
Ottawa, — Parliament is not giving the public much of a spectacular
nature 10 talk about. Bul ns taxes
are the a I Mm port uni snbjecl just now
It will be of interest to know thai a
great deal of Ume Is boilfg spent on
the estimates. Sir Henry Drayton
remarked the other dny that no one
could tell what the present House
would vote. By thnt he meant thut
If $20,000,000 or $30,000,000 were ask-
ed for, It wiih Impossible to say Just
how much would be voted at once.
As long as the Government has a ma-
Ojrity it will pass Us estimates pretty much as they are Bubntfltod; bul
In Its present mood Parliament will
insist on knowing what tho expcndl-
nre Is for. This Is im marked contrast to the practice since llil-l; for
while the war was on, and for a year
afterwards. li was- pretty much a
matter of writing ti blank cheque for
the Government's requirements. An
open-your-inouth-iind - shuUyour-eyes
attitude towards the estimates is sure
to result, in extravagance,
Mackenzie King's explanation of
the .pari that ho took in the wnr wns
a notable contribution to the proceedings recently. Opinion held among the members as to the Impression I
he made depends very much on their'
political vifws.      After all,    what u
: B   Hanna suys. then ahout nne htl-
i lion will have Q be written off.
.     In   the  House  the  other  day.  Dr.j
; Raid admitted that it was Improbable
that  the peak of tin.   load had beon!
■ reached   iu   Ilie  matter   ol   deficits.
This opinion fttkbased on  Ihe  prob-|
ability that further   wage   Increases
: would have to be granted,    Of course,
[more tralllc would help;    bul on the
other hand. If truffle be carried al a
loss, then the greater tho traffic the
bqaver the loss.     The trouble began
wheu Parliament and the various legislatures swallowed Uie tales of glib
railway promoters who, in asking for
bond cuariintees. gave assurances
that the uovemiJ.i'iii would never b,
called upon to Wy a dollar of these,
in the meantime Hie public is finding
out thai of all unimals. white elephants aro the mohi expensive.
It  is not surpiishm that Dr. Reid
has expressed doubt as to the ability
of the (.nvernniiiii to collect much
extra tax revenue frotl) Uie C, I' It. in
the event <-■ n very eonsiilerable Increase in freight rales hinK granted
When the last increase wns made ai
tlie beginning of January. IfllK. the
order-in-oounolt ihal fixed the per-
contugi   of proiiis thai  the company
M MHEIt 11
KIWI, I.V* EI.M  NmiiEK IS ,:x
I Tlie Merchants' Association of
Cranbrook at Us meeting last Thursday evening in the city hall passed
a resolution In opposition to the -proposal of the federal government to
j len* a tax of one-half or one per cent.
OH -ales, tlit board beini; of tlle opinion- this wus quite unfair, because
• the plan could not lie worked out eq-
Uitflbly ami too many could escape the
was to pay the government, was expected to bring Into the .public treasury a very larue increase over whui
(tin Company had heen pay lug. But
the effect has been quite tlie contrary.
The order-In-council exempted the d.
P. It. from the business profits war
lax. the result being Hint lu spile of
the Incroosod rates, the company actually paid $300.00*0 less in HUS than
it paid lu  1917,
Original thougfitfl ou ilimnco are
nol frequently advanced In the House,
hin 11. J|. Stevens of Vancouver, who
takes his duties seriously, has advanced some on the subject of taxation,
Like many another he has become
rather alarmed it the rumblings of
discontent In the country, due very
largely to the unusual distribution of
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Gala Day at
Local Golf-Links
Cranlirotik Hull I'liili lliiiclulli Open*j
lineal   Mill.*  Ill  lllr  Interim
--M«l,y   Present
Ounce   lli-lil  ut  Close  Swell*
llu- iMiariiiili',- I umi ami
Surplus lli-sulls
In liie resolution, which will Ik
■onl to the Provincial Association
headquarters at Vancouver, a way
wus MiBiiesn.il whereby the tai could
hi- Hindi more equitable, ft being set
out thai to have the manufacturer add
tlie tax before the goods went ouj to
tlle mailer would Ik  iimn- effective.
American Mining
Men at Wild Horse
other Hoard* in Enst Kootenay
lo Uf \<ik*'il to Join llu ml -
lii Good Work
The it cent Btrtkc of copper ore made
wu Skookumchuck river. about thirty
llll lea from lilts city, by Messrs. Pete
Hull mul 1, Carmichael, hns developed into grent proportion---, Recording
to the Intent report* from the noene ol
the dlecovory
Some time ego, when the suHuce In-
tliciitioiis were encountored, it was
ihonghi thoro wus n fnlr showing, hut
since dovolopmonl work 1ms mnn on
to 11 depth o| n bo til in teei. native cop-
per. rtinntng nt abonl $160 per ton in
values, ims boon encountered and it is
Ve port oil the mine is showing up rich*
Dan Mc I iiiosli, h well-known rain Ing
mnn, recently bonded thi  properly foi . ]lnj,pl.t
|16,000 nmHli. actively ui work developing ii
Clasi I  - T.*i per cent, und »»er
Margaret  Johnson,    Willie   Selby,
Trilby Rebel.
< lass 3 -- (10 per rent, aid Over
.loe Brogan, Marlon Atchison. Daisy Whittaker, Mllian Jackson, Bather
Chalender, Archie Finley, Ajny Williams, Frank Hoy, Malcolm llrocan.
Zena Chaee, Margaret Horle. James
CliSl -1 .*i«.Wi per cenl.
PartrtcV Kennedy. Jack Dixon. Edward White. Melville Uask, Andy
Caesidy, Wllhemlne Woodman. Prank
Hawkesworth. Florence (lard, Meryl
Class i  - 1'nder 56 |ier cent.
Jeun Ward, nillle Taylor.
Clifford Pennessey, Dannie Murga-
troyd,  Hlin McBurney, Xnrman Tar-
ker,    Ohcsier     Itoherts.     Marguerite I u
man who makes such a speeoh ought j —   ..-
to be concerned over is not what tho*
House, but whnt the country thinks. Cranbrook (iolf ilub officially n|,ru
Judged on its merits as a speech. thef0(1 "10 Rol-f lIllks °" Wednesday af-
effort wns very creditable. Probab- t6rnoon' !1 n»m*>er °r «oIf enthualasU*
ly most men would have remained |toWn* "!,rl in the HI,ort Ton WJlM
silent: but some recent attacks had
evidently Rot  under the skin of the
l¥We«t   Altendaitre
Mnlcolm Hronan. Andy Cassldy,
Frank Ilawkeswonth. Mllian Jackson, Patrick Kennedy, James Malone.
Willie Selby. Blllle Taylor. Edward, ^^^ ^f
\Vhltp, Daisy Whittaker, Wflhelmlne
Woodman, Melville l.entlt.
opposlton leader ami so he decided to
-nut his case on record. Many of
his critics say that while he knows
much about books, he does not know
nearly enough aoottl men, or at least
ihe average' run of them. Others
lind fault with his fondness for tho
upper crust of society. The politician has never been born who
plenae all the people.
The third week of April was a rei;
ular railway week. U railway talk
would make for successful operation
then Instead of the Qoevrnment system having a large deficit, it would
have just as large a surplus        The
OUB0    Is    full    of    rail wny    expert;-;
lould Wook
icrved by the club to visitors nrt<
members aud a most onjoyable afternoon was s|ieni al the links.
It is expected there will be great
activity henceforth among the followers '*f the ureal Scotch game, nnd on
Victoria Day visitors from Nelson.
Rossland, Trail, Spokane and other
points are scheduled to be present and
enjoy the sport afforded by the Cran-
'luh's course for at least two
those in particular who nre out of office being quite sure that if only they
were In things would be altogether
different. Tho unending discussion
|over deficits has been relieved by the
Surrounded, as cranbrook's course
is. by tho prettiest scenery one could
desire, it is on ideal spot in spend n
few hours. The appointments at the
golf club house yesterday Were perfect, the ladies having everything in
order mill tastily arranged decorations
when the members and guests arrived, und a real gala day was tho result.
The hostesses for tho afternoon
were Mesdames McCreery. Heale, Sta-
lf daughters of today wore ' il as
accomplished as tlie "Old 'j | pruned
Olrls" who presented the j Ingram at
the. Auditorium 011 Monday evening,
there would be less hendshaklng am-l
ong our elders, and uo more deprecating of preseni day tendencies, Old
fashioned souks, old fashioned cos-
lutues, mannerism nmi Kestures to
match—tho entire atmosphere of the
entertainment was so completely ol
oilier days us could not fall to en
trance thoso whose lamonl Ural "times an not what they used to he" is so
frequently heard. The "Old* Fashioned Olrls" brought many half-forgotten songs and airs rrom out the
limbo of tht discard ami refurbishing Iheiu with sweet voice and nimbi 0 fingers, ihey came Into their own
again as roal melodies of the lu-nri
strings uud clear triumphs of art.
The perfonffers constituted,a quar
tette, of quhc apparent talont; a mon-
ologiielst-drumnter, violinist, 'cellist
mul pianist; and their versatility en-
ibitil them 10 appear tn equal ad
ant ago in dialogue, Instrumental
nsemhle or in unuocatnpanted quartette Bach had good scope iu Individual numbers, and to single oil
any single items from Bilch a diver
silled program ror speclul praise ab
uvn all others could servo no pur.
pone, wheu there was little Indeed
not pleasing. r
The program was as follows:
^topMoguj\/-ii,tu "Times are not whm
they used to be"
Pianoforte   "Old Black Joe"
(Five hnmoonis variations)
Quartette (unacc.l .. "Massa'a In the
cold, cold ground" "Uncle Ned"
Violin solo   "Swanee River"
land encore-; 1
Monologues ... "Grandma und Oran-
pa fn 18«2"
"lessons with a Fan"
Trio i piano, violin 'cello)
"Saint   D'Aniour"
"Jusi a Song at Twilight"
Instrumental Ensemble ... Medley of
Marching Songs
Monologues ... "Grandma's Minuet"
(Introducing the stately old-
fashioned  dances 1
Instrumental  Ensemble.   Introducing
Taking a Survej  of Workings With
View ef 0|HTiitim- There
IIU" Slimmer
ind l H. Dills,!
nesit'it in the j
!ompany's ■jla* ■
se Creek, wer*.
vetk and went
of the ground
operatlag the
:iie On? coming
At a meeting of the executive committee of tha Cranbrook Board of
Trade, held in th» office- of Oeorge J.
Spreull. Tuesday morning, the question of deciding upon a dote for a conference between the several boards of
trade or the district to discuss the
question of forming an associated
Board or Trade for Kast Kootennv
w.is discussed,
it was decided to hold Uie meeting ;n Invermere, on Friday, May 28,
at the invermere Hotel, provided other boards In the Blast Kootenay will
iwret on the date.
Some time ago at n meeting of the
local board when the letter from the
West Kootenay organisation wns presented a-klup tbe local board to join
with them, members of the Cranbrook N.anl felt ti was time to or-
ganfxe .. similar body in Kast Koot-
1,0 company ...ud* an expenditure |eaay and a motion was carried naming ■ committee to m* into the mat-
This committee has not been
idle and has te\\ the pulse or the other hoards in Bast Kootenay with the
result that they uei encouraged sufficiently to no ahead.
li is expected the nathering will be
rery largely attended and that a'real
live orwanizarinn to work ror the good
of thc district uill result from the
Capt. C. H Rodgers
ut Yakima, Wash., ii
win Horse Dredging
eer mines ou Wild IP
here tho lirst or the
out and made a surve
then,   with  n   view     t
property on a lorgi  s
Thi> two American mining men
ccompanled by J C Parker,
Spokane, who will gtv. them
advice regarding the require-
tecessary to «ot down lo real
il work.
nt about $r.n.i>oo at tht* worklagi
summer, hut most 0 fthts proved
value and Impractical. If work ,
Is undertaken again i' *'.ll be along
ny>re substantial lines and n-> doubt
the company will reap a rich -re-1
ward, tor it is a well known fact that
the precious metal abounds there in.
quantities sufficient tn pay tor min-;
Ing. I
■ Both Messrs. Rodgers and Dills expect to return with others of th< com-
pany very soon. A directors me«ting
Is to be held within the nfxt ten days!
to decide what will tx done alone I
development line.-
Have Gone to
Church Conference
MmiHlHST ( HI Ht H HAS —™
BKST \t.AH ON IBCOMD .Viator item SmI Kooteaa) niatrlcl
the Hallway Commit-1 Rlea nnd Stevenson, and tea wa
;tec by the advocates of railway char- ad n-v Mr8, ''' ll- Molr-
ters       Some of these  sessions have      Mils Paterson won the putting com-
Ibeon us animated as could be deslr- Petition for ladies and Mrs. Hunger-
loa fiavo lieen settled,    Talk of clever ford Po^eni ,llp driving competition,
j during their progress a few old scor- J    Ti"'  Putting competition    for  men
n Dallas, ivy De/aii. Eivin Uask, « hn°v heen settled.    Talk or clever wns won D^ S]K Bowness.
Margarot Macdonald, Suma Ma|gewa,|mnneo»vorlnR ("1 ,,l(> battlefield—but     Those preseni m this evoni were:
some    of    those   rallwnv   nromoioral    Wr. nnd Mrs. Agnew, Mr. nnd Mr.
Perfeet   Attendance
Buy  Buch, Florence  Binning, Kiith
Kenneth    Parrot,
Suma  Maigawa.
(ierlruib    Patmore,
railway  promoters
Pllton,    Cyrus
PHl.lt t  t IIMMISMIIV t; it WIS
1-linilSSIBN Ttt ti. IV. V. A.
llnscoe   Mt'Cabe
Percentage of
perfoci  attendance
At Tuesday evening'! sitting of tho
Police Commission, 01 which Oopimls-
sloners llaliueui ami Shankland were
present, a delegation from the Great
Wnr Veterans, which association is
staging the Victoria hay celebration
hero, permission was grunted the veterans to stage tin three boxing contests which they propose making a
part or the program.
Hr. Itiitltdge explained lhe objectsI Roscoe
or the association and staled lhe con-
teals would be on points,
Police Ohio! Adams .presented his reporl of the doings of the police department.
Pow, Arthur I could give military men some point-
Shankland, Lillian St. Kioi, Alice i(,rs- Saskatchewan has betn tho
Stephenson, Jean Valtey. Allpyn Wai- ohlof battleground, the C, P. It. dos-
llnger, Jean Walllnger. Doris Haynea,|W»B l0 mter certain territory where
the Canadian National ainndy has
I charters for branches. Of course the
93.(10, 1 latter  hits  the Inside track.       Bul   as
t lav* Standing .the argument proceeds lhe Influence
First Clail — Iher '•% per real,      j °' ,nr C.P.R. Is seen to bo very pow-
Gertrude Patmore 8fl;    Kathleen •rtul,     in the committee romp dls-
I Dallas 85,5; Arthur Shankland 8D..T;  ciuwlon,     Hon. Oeorge Ungloy  lra«
j Joan  Vahey 76.5{    Cyrus  Pow    and|DMn "  lending  llgnre     forceful und
Vaughan Hoy 77.fi;   Allen Stevenson
"Maple Leaf," "Killarney " "Tlu
Campbells are Coming," "Blue-
holla nf Scotland," "Then
You'll Remember Me." "Rule
Britannia,' etc.
Quartette tunnel ... "Annie Laurie"
"Show Me the Man" (with
popular local allusion.
"Srow me the mnn 'mm
Crnnbrook who does nni
love the spot--' I
Violoncello     "Behave me if all
Those Endearing Young Charms"
•Tarry Me Buck to-Old Virginity
Imitation of old darky Pddler
tuning up
Monologue ... Street C*ir Conductors
Monologue — "Grandpa Waking the
the Young 'Una at 4 a.m."
Tht  Fourth Quarterly meeting    of
the Methodist Quarterly Official Board!
was held on Tuesday of last week,
ihe pastor and chairman of the Eas*
Kootenay   District,  Rev,  n. W.  L-w.j
Am this was the ending of the .Methodist Church year, the annual reports
of tho various organizations w*"re presented.
Mrs. F. Wassifti printed the Ladles* Aid rei-ort which -bowed an income of *iri2u Mr-, w H Wilson read
ihe reiiort or the W. M. S. showing
that the sum of $12.* had *$w*>n ratf*!
and that the society had 21 meniNer.-
The Girls' Mission Circle reported a
membership of 14 with an Income or
Ueve f*r Aiaaal (iatherlnif
at Vlrtorte TkU Year
Several prominent Methodista from
Uie city and district will be in attendance at the annual B. C. Conterence
of the Methodist Church, which is being held tbis year at Victoria. The
conftr^nie proper is preceded by the
annual ratftlng of the Methodist Women's Missionary Society, to attend
which Mr.- R. W. Lee accompanied by-
Mrs. T. O, PhlllipB and young son. left
last Saturday Mra. Lee goes in her
official capacity an district organizer.
■ To attend thc conference sessions
following the W. M S. meeting Rev.
R. W  1^*- expects u> leave on Friday,
75,7j Doris Haynos 7fi.fi.
Second I'Iihh — (W».7ft per celt.
Kenneth Parrot 74.8; Florence Binning 73.fi; Irene Mueller 71.fi; Jessie
Mclnnls B0.2; Mary Beattlr fi8.7;
McCabo fi7.fi; Sumn Maigawa ^ fifi.8; Jean Walllnger
Cfi.ti; Alloyn Walllnger fill; Lillian St.
Klol fifi.fi; Billy Oreen fiS.8; Eileen
McQuaid fi.l.fi.
Rev. Jno. Knox Wright, of Viincou-1
ver. , arrived here Tuesday from Per-1
tile, where lie gave a lecture In the
Interests or the Canadian Bible Society, Ho wus greeted in Fernle by
11 capacity house
Tuesday evening In the Presbyter
Honor Boll
Tom Marshall. Jack Cummlngs,
Marlon Miles, Aubrey McKowan, Ray
Brown, David Frame.
Perfect Attendance
Percentage       87.92
Helen Brlggs, Margaret Brown,
Roy Brown, Graham Dale, Jack Gen-
ost,  Catherine  Harrison, Jack  Hen-
Ian Church horn Mr. Wright lectured dergon, Hazel Jacknon, Nettie John-
to a fair steed audience nnd Jils lecture,, Illustrated by lantern nHdea,
Proved very Interesting.
son, Cyril Leo, Tom Marshall, Aubrey
McKowan,     Ethel    Speers,     Evelyn
(Continued on Pagt 61
resourceful ns ever.
Tho debate over the ratification of
tho Grand Trunk agreement has resulted n another rehash of the railway muddle, which seems to grow
worse the more It. is inquired Into.
There is reason to think that another
announcements re deficits is at hand;
for hy nil accounts the old Grand
Trunk has been having lis troubles,
U. L. Richardson, who by his long*
winded speeches has. to some extent,
lost fiivor In tho House, nevertheless
sized up the situation well in a recant short speech. He snld that the
National Transcontinental would not
jiay until the crack of doom, and that
abot* two-thirds of tho capitalization of the government roads would
havo to bo written off. That Is true.
Talk of wage bills as one may, bul
these roads cannot nay nt preset)!
with the heavy fixed charges nnd
show 0, profit, if ti billion nnd a half
has been Invested in tbo Governmeni
railways and the Grand Trunk, as D.
Frank   Morris.   Mr. And   .Mrs.   Beale
Mr. nnd Mr-, McCreery, Judge and I Character Sketch "The
Mrs. Thompson. Mr. und Mrs Mac- Icantrailtn Solo and Trio
ifonald. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hatton, Mr. and "Songs My Mother Ul
Mrs.  Kennetji Gretne. Mr. nnd  Mrs. 1 Contralto Solo and QuartetU
spreull.   col, nmi   Mrs. Hungerford "Ce
Polleiu. Mr, and Mrs. Cummlngs. Mr.IInstrumental  Bnsemble   	
and Mrs. Little. Mr. aud Mrs, DownOsa,
Dr. und Mrs. Green,   Mr.   nnd Mrs. I Mr
Robertson,, Mr. ami Mrs. c, O. Staples.1
Mr. and Mrs, Stevenson. Mr. and Mrs
Ntsblt. Dr. uud Mrs. Miles. Mrs. Hicks
Mrs. II. ,1. Bend.   Mrs. W. H. Wilson
Mrs. McKowan, .Miss McKowan. Mrs
Stewarl.    Mrs   !•'   B.   Harrison,   Mrs
John Patersoi
Walllnger, Ml:
The Voung People's Society report
presented by Mr. O. T. Molr showed |
ihat  tbe  average attendance for
: taking  with  him also his son Cyril.
j He expect
I Wteks
to   I-* away about two
Others  who  will attend  as
meetings bad been
Ing $75.
The Bnvelope Sb
Morton, reported that t)
the  weekly  envelopes
This would hav
5, tho Income
ward. Mr.  W.
represemlDg The But Kootenay dis-
' trict ura Rev Mr. BeUold, late of Fertile, Mr, W  OOllghtly. also of Fernie,
Income from 1m" PmU,« "f MicheI-   and   Mr* F-
-;h   $14<-j*»m !fimllh- °* f're-Jton.       Th(    delegates
l-n greater but for\trm °"1 ,ecWon W'1M "»>
av^ b mum eti-
httlil :i wi-pk iK'fnr*- thf regular time.
iiitm preventing arream Ann Iwinc col*
lectoil.    Mr. W. Shapherd, treasurer of
tlie Forwarii Movement Fund, tttatcl
Stammerer"Ithat t]m amount promlwd was $2278.
—  Medley of wlilch III::; bad alreadj l»ta [.aid
tcii to Sftir   :    Tin- Sunday Srtifio) reoort showeii
I total in.■ ii:'"-r I.i,,
viev," die Roll ..f 180
Mar.-ii! »!)2ll.
actiftttei ;il'.n« all liti^s.
PI.IX.M.'II   MIK   IM'tKMI.'Hl:
.. 1. .i* ii.*
I'iim ol rim War Sol":
..   "The  Scandal   nt  tin
l'ln*itit- rliorus
At Uu- risi- of tin. i-iirtnin Mr  .1   I'
Fink,    iin    i-liiilrinau of tin   t.yn.i.ui
Committee,  nind,. a  few  brief rou,
arks, tlu.nklni! tho  people of .'run
illt]>nrt ol
Work of [iiiitiiiii into sliarip the tan.
includloc the Tra-ltod rlty of the r. P It at Invennfiri,
villi an income of 1 mentioned In lhe colomna of the Her*
! aid some linn- ago.    Is t»lng pushed
I Mr. O. T. Molr preaented tin Dnan- (all pai
Lltil itatement of the whole churchIknown
I wiih h ihowad the i-ntlre Inrotue from ! work
lull rn- had been I610H thla belna I chalet.
belns c
larer-l lu the 21 year* history of   will In-
Ml«s Paterson, Mlaa brook generally for tholr
Woodland. Miss ran-1 the I.yreiim Coiirae,    an
wrlght,   Miss Dnhbiii,   Mrs. Maharg,|olng that at tlir close of the concert,|the atojvarda for the year:
T  Sarvls.   W. II. Wilson.
Frank   Stnrkdal,.    well
ere. helnp in charae of the
Aside from ii in.t*er. of small
a lam,, dining and dance hall
'ted for the a-'iornodatolii
lhe church' of lourlsts aim a pier will be eaten-
Mr   W   II.   Wilson  wan  rc-eleifed ded out into the lake for bathers and
Recording Steward. Mr. il  T. Molr el*' boating.
telod Treasurer and Mr. W. 0. Morton     instead of erecting tin null chi*
Bnvalopo Steward.   The following are  lets out of log» it has botn decided io
Mrs. Ilollins. Mrs. Hogarth. Mn . Curd.
Mrs. Ferule. Mrs. F. It. Morris. Mr.
Will A. Ellelaon, Mr. John Noble. Mr.
AnnluiKo. Mr, Mcl.ellnn. Mr A. H.
Clarke Calgary.
the    final    number In lhe course, a
dance would be "held.     A large iium-
brr remained to avail themselves of
this added feature.
It   Is   understood  that   In  tlie   final
" *"•"' " I reckoning the expenses of tha course'
< IIISIIOI.M TO WORK MINK 'were all mtt and a surplus of some-1
FOR VANCOUVER I'EOPI.H thing like a hundred dollars remain.,
  | over and above.
Alex Clliahoim, Fort Steele, wns in " • •	
the city this week making prepara. I'IKH'IWHi IAI'IMiITI III s
tlona for beginning work on tho Park o\  ROADS lllllltliiil Is
Group of claims  near Mnrysvllle. n! .	
liver-lead property which wns hond-i According to tbo data supplied the
ed hy lllm to Vancouver people some legislature by Hon. .1. II. King, mln-
,,"1« "I-'0' •• !lstcr of Public Works In the D, C. (lo-
I'lu properly is aald lo bold out ex-! veriimrni,   Cranbrook    district Is to.
li  W
W. C   Adlard. A   Ashworth. M
and W Q, Morton.
•s  J.  use rough lumber and this is being
Pat- sol out of a tawmlll on Bull River.
l.ieut.-Col.   I'ollem.   who   was   ree-
It Is eipected the place will be In
readiness for the reception of tourists about June 20th.
Al the meeting of the Merchants'
i inly appointed to take charge of the i Association held In the City Hall Tnes-
Colonizallon Department work In this;day evening Mr. W. H. Wilson propos-
aection of the Canadian Pacific itoll-'ed that the merchants secure the aer-
way Company, and who was a! Vie- ■ vices of an expert decorator and gen-
lorla recently conferring wllh I.i' i rally decorate on May 24 The aug-
Deniiis. in charge of the department, igesllon was approved and the Assoc
expecta to wltni.ss great activity here-' latlon scretary will commitnlcite
abonts in the near future, with the Calgary Fair oflii-lals In an
I.t.-Col.   Pollem     lias  been  advised' effort lo secure the services of a dec-
collettl prospects for making a good j get an appropriation for rnada of. that olDrlala of tho deparimont are: orator who will decorate the business
mine. Mr. Chisholm will commenceU,8,200 this year, Fernie gels tlie!coming this way to look the district places and any other premises dealr-
work Immediately. [IUu of IM.M0. jovar. ,lai decoration, on Victoria Day. THE      I'It A Ml It I) (IK      MER ALII
TIiiiimIii). Miiv li, lilio
lis exti'oni'
W       Tho
followod by l.lio I. W.
er ot-ganiantlon proved
llle   I
It may he
ing weak i
a   soo.l   in:
your i
yes 1
ire be
you or
c  al'l
aid ti
1   lll-
is the
1... i
i   old
1.    Pi
'    lllllll
ll   tli-
i-ii-   Eli
no in
10 lllsg
Bill   ..
ml ul
Inn- c
i-lli to tin- W. F. M.. lor It took
from tin. parent organization
.tremelsts whq ndvocuted sabot-
Noxi eumo the Kuropean soc-
. principally Kngllsh, who nc-
l mul promulgated Gorman the-
lories without tho inteillgonci to un-
; derstund the Uerman ,propogonda.
Now wo have the One Big Union, tak-
' ing tlie plnco of the Socialist party
with the same ln.nIor.-i drawing down
1 I'm salaries from the hard earnings
| of those who work. For the past
j fifteen or twenty years tho sumo men
h have been at tho hejul of those obul-
-l itlons hi British Columbia. Tlioy nro|
-1 willing to loaf on the workers so long
gjas tlu* workers pay tholr smlorlos,
[The t>. li, l". will sputter out, hut tho
TO It It ksvoxde >c*;
Raworth   Bros.,
OPTICIANS and .ii:ivi:i,i.i:i.s
Che Cranbrook herald
vhon l
ii   Mgr,
Subscription I'rhe, $iMHi u Vour
Subscription I'i'ico, I.S., ^..'.h a Year
sink'   Rates   un   Apnllcall
for Advertising mh.st be
Wednesday noon tho chit
leouro attention.
So letters u> ihn editor will bo Inserted except over iln- proper algnatun
nnd addreao of iho writer, Tiio rule
admits nf im coecopl ion,
THURSDAY, MAY  ll.  1020
hi ;i special report on "The
Control of Industry, Nationalization and Kindred Problems,"
Hn1 Federation of British Industries (England) presents these
conclusions, whicli nre ol' intor-
esi in relation to present day
labor discussions:
"Wa deslto t-> record mn* omphalic
opinion Umi iu dealing with industries in* public Borvlcos of whatever
class, whether national or local, any
furtlior extension of stale monopolies
.-'hould be avoided, not only tor tho
reasons given, hut also bocnuse.
"(a) The proper safeguard agftinsl
private- monopolies is not ihe creation
of Btnio monopolies, whieh are much
moro dangerotiB, The intervention of
the stale should iilui. not at removing, hut at preserving sn fnr as pus
Bible the advantages of competition.
"Ih) There is very grave objection
to the govommonl being lho employ-
nr of a largo proportion of tho voters
upon whoso support it depends,
"(c) Tim principal aim of the stnte
musi always in- political: govern
moots are organized for polillcal und
not for coniinorclal purposes, and
he overloaded .
-. L      Will      III-     tl
lime   ]insl
>g money tn
I guilty hy ii
i  verdlcl on
There i- i
•ouwl the I.i
'r. grafting
Ii! lii've heen
i a new agitation
etors out, Por
ey have been eol-
roi men who wore
jury swnra in ren
he evidence prod-
ting ni* bums hnng-
u* Temple in Van
Hu* workers, who
aported yenrs ago."
To tbo Editor,
Cranhrook Herald,
Dear Sir:
i     I do not mi en trouble the press or
i Its renders, hut I  would like to say
! ihat li  gave    me groat pleasure  to
j rend   iliut  letter on  name  protection
: from Arthur Wnrd; not only because
it came from one who obviously understands the MibJect from all points
of view.    Put also beeause,    understanding it. ho Is not afraid to come
out Into ihe open and speak out.
I may .perhaps remark Hint I worked as game-keeper In my young
days I'M* six or seven years In the
Old Country, where game preservation  could  be,    ami  wus.     I  suppose,
1 carried out more thoroughly than in.
any other pun of the world; served]
in ihe British South Africa Police —j
: part of wliose duties was the enforcement of the mime laws on one of the
I linest gamo countries under the sun;
ami finally noted as skin collector for
'lho   British   Museum, so that  though
II I.iy no claim io hi'im. uu old timer
j In this district. I may porlmps be ore-
1 tli tod  with a nodding    acquaintance
with game and natural history.
I    For my part, 1 am ready to give the
estimable gentlemen on the Hoard ol
i Trade credit for good Intentions —on
i tho   principle   Mutt   someone  has   to
kick off, and that making almost any
' move in better than letting the game
anyone ean see for him-
dolng       to more or less
pid extinction,
Mr. Ward is right, however, beyond
I deal
j goods
thero I
! alnst
I'll der the above caption Hit
Vancouver Province says:
"Mi-, Mackenzie King has made lib
reply tn those win. have reeeled oi
his failure in servt in the war. Now
that he Ims heen hoard the matter re
mains iis it wjis before.    Many Cann
diniis with as g I reason as lie foi
remaining I »■■ thobghl ii their tlutj
to go to the front.     Sumo whose loy-I'doubt,  when he deprecates the sturt
iltiestlonod remain-) Ing of game  reserves on  unsultablel
move is n
dr*^^   a
ally Im.; not boen
nd in Canada with no bettor reasons
than those given hy Mr. King. If he
had not been a political lender and n
public opponent of conscription, Ills
failure to volunteer would linve attracted less attention.     Tlie domestic
The most lucid explanation of thel tions, and It n
rise and full in tlie value of the cur-jport quantltie
rency  of  oue  country,     in    another
country, which--has been the i-ubjeci
of much dlscussiun of lute because of ■
tbo apparently uncalled for OKChange
rates applying us between the United
States and Canada, are given  in  the'"111 ,lun' b,Jinfi »°
following artlc!* .published    tu    the sll*pment' ,neru iH
Monthly Journal of the Nottingham "x ""' limil  '"' "
Chamber of Commerce, from the pen' mtfl8 °* oxt'nn
or Prof, A. w. Klrknhly, M.A.. B.Uti.,
Princapal of the Department of Economics   and   Commerce, University:
"Foreign exchange is from one point
of view simple enough For instance. '
u man exports 610,000 worth of wool
from Sydney to London, but ho need,
not wait, fur hlstinoiioy until the wool'
has reached Lou-don ami been diapoB-|
ed Of at lho sales. lie draws a hill j
against the wool ns soon as It te ship-'
pod, sella the bill and thus geta cash.
It looks simple, how is it done? Why
should a mere wrap of paper with
CIO.000 express,..] on it soli f.n- approximately thai nn in'.'     Tho se-'
cret, If ihere he one, is that Internal
ioiial trade Is curried on cm a very big
■cessiiry for them to Im*
-; nf raw materials nnd '
ituffsj     In  some cases  a grout
la   excess of tht value of the!
they are able to export.   Hence j
greater supply of Bills ng-
a   country  than   demand.
vailable gold tor
!  is  un gold  point to
nf the (lucttiaUona  in
go. tlmt Is, in the price
of Dills.
Presumably, In the case of England, for fusluurc. whal has taken
tlle place of gold in the working of
the exchanges Is Ilie estimation in
which national credit is held. Tho
credit of ihe Government for borrow-
Ing purposes during the wnr poriod
has  chllllgeil   from say    L':V-',     to!
i-V*. nnd this gives some sort or nil!
iiulirntiim of the credit attached In'
good commercial finis drawn oil Kngland, though perhaps some nuthorll
lis In (lunnco might nhjeet to tills,
in order lo 'get back in oui' old pn
sltinii in world liiiume nnd linve thc
exchanges equated in oui- favor, cither we must gel hack In mir I'nc gold
I market  and  bo  prepared  to  Import
Your bunking can be successfully done by
mail. Whenever it is difficult for you to
come to the Bank in person, send ia your
deposits by registered post. All moneys received will be credited to your account and
immediately acknowledged.
Cranbrook Branch,
W. R. Grubbe, Manager.
3ub.Aj.ncy .1 Klmb-rl-]
off llll
ills nml
O   llllICO
Inul bowi lunl
hi Klllp  ::<
Mil Umi sn r ni
fairs w
III l"i   1
.Mill!    1'"    I'l'l
''r.ilin- li. II
ui'iiii'ii.     Tli	
ii> uanu as Uio mur-
iii tor
liii'i'i'iiM'il p'roehic-
''linn ii
ml   IIMTl'jls
ml export, ilrri'riis.
ml linn
ir  .'ini"iiiii|
linn   ami   ili'Cl'i'll*i'il
lotlc An
hi wh
necessary, or we mus
imports nml Increase
to  tlie  point   where
ad to
ml gi
he made betwoon two duties.
•at respeel should be paid tn
science of tlie men who Inul
this difficult alternative."
IIMMI  THi:   VinV-l-iMNT OK
oi it rovi'oii'oiMitu.s
ild UN Soul
Probably the mosl insulting enr-
| toon in ridicule nf Greut Britain tlmt
has recently appeared In any ot the
Hearst papors Is one published by the
New Vnrk American nf April 7th. It
is a scries of drawings representing
John Mull heing rescued hy Uncle
Sam     frnm  drowning ami during lhe
process complaining nf rude Sani's
slowness iu coming tn I lie rescue and
pouring contempt upon the noble Sam
after tbo roHCtte is nchlevod. This
masterpiece  is ihe work of a native
of Canada, a cart list of the name of
Wfiisor Mi-Cay.    So doubl Mr. Hearst
"(tl)   The oxlslet
polios makes   ii
gov* rnmenl in bo
'rial mallei's, ami
"let ll l,as hltln
possible I'm- tin- si
'inly rreo play t
and oxpcrlonco in .
services which it
ntnl ovor-conlrnllsi
"(0  Stale ailiiiluist
slble for the
tial lu iudus-
■ for political
^^^^ found im-
'le  to   civ,.  Btlfllcl-
•  local  knowledge
onnectlon with ihe
administers, nnd
tion  is  hostile  m
ol dotal].
and in be
which is i
ul I
"(gi Th
in work lu
is often i
oil Hum
Ml be m
iconomlcnl worklti
Hu Owing to ih,-
ce nr our OIlTerei
Ing over hy I
for what may bo
b of public policy,
ie in ihe necessity
er Industries, the
which would bo u
iitlon [s always
m delays iu Ihe
vou ou matters
lotlcloni in thai
sontlal to com
any deficiencies
mil of revenue
temptation  tu
use luterdi peu-
Industries, the
0 of one Indus-
unsidired rea-
uiy Involve tlie
nf hiking over
llsiiBter to th.
pays  him   well
large.    |'.,r   he
lloarsl  as well
llion Horald
ground. Personally I would as soon
think of starling uu orchard on Bur-
inaii's Kbit us a game reserve without teed — und lots of It — and other
conditions as nearly perfect us may
tie. Bucking nature Is about the
which in- now mentions I poorest gume anyone can take n hand
oilier men uf military hi even with crops, which at any rnto
ited to them. A choice]can'l walk off your ground ns gume
will do unless natural conditions ure
good enough to hold them.
For tlie other side of the question,
human  nature  heing  what   it  Is,     it
.-teems a bit, childish to turn out quite
good game laws, without making —
practically speaking — the slightest
provision  for enfnretng them;  and ft
must  be obvious to anyone thut  in
i game  conservation     ilk  In   anything
| else. If you want the best results you j
'must go into the business    in    the;
right  way;    and,    without  properly
qualified game  wardens --- the more,
nf them  the better -   you might  as
well expect lo grow rich by running
unbranded cattle on the range as ex-
I poet  game lo increase in a country
UK closely settled as this Valley is be-
| coming, and. to touch on this aspect
I of the case — in a quite Impersonal
and general way — everyan^^r-ts
in his own mind, oven if hi^won't ;tc-
knowledge it, that appointments have
boon made as if any good follow could
bo n game warden, .and so nick. Tom
and   Harry  have   been  given  the job
more  bocnuse  of the color of their
polillcal opinions than for nny striking ability for what. Is nfter all it vocation  which calls for a great jottl
onges-jof knowledge of a rather uncommon
nnd    whilst    those   political
scale, there nro debtors and creditors In every country taking part in It.
and thus if it be possible lo got the
debtors and creditors iu ono country
into relation with each other, there
may result u great process of cancellation leaving only comparatively
only small balances to adjust.
These traders   sire   dealing with a
great variety of different commodit-1mm& tne   'Vi,r- »m
les. raw materials of all kinds, food!1111" t,l0re im' !i ntfmtoir <
Ho citizens in  the count)
hoarding gold Instead of I
1 mi
tired goods
.     The
ss ry
ry   io
! est ah-
of :
x satis
stem of
in   lix
a i
His   pay should   be
s   sold   his   soul   to
s his lalont.—Ham-
(So  1 litircb  for Scbnol
As a solution for' Ilie school
Hon  problem iu the city of Vamou-1kind
vor, it hits heen proposed Ihat cliur.
chpfl be used for school purposes
And why mil This proposal .might
hear   a   suggestion   of  valllt   lo   lllUIIV
other communities.!       The    church
buildings  si and  Idle  practically nil
the week.      Why should thoy not  be
used In lite manner i
generation  ago many
plums tuny drop Into the right,
mouths, on the other hand they may
not. The system is all wrong,-,— you.
can't mix game aud politics and make'
a good job of It. A good game warden is more born than made, and
should be appointed. In the lii'^1
ggested? A i place, for his illness for thc Job, find]
a   community j with the tnclt understanding that lie!
worshipped in iis bc
Sunday. .Might we n
tho plan and use the
Ing for school pnrposi
inulhouse on I will hold it for as long as he is doing!
it now reverse j his work and doing It well. Person*
church build-j ally I don't want to see him dressed j
s? Tills plan lap in a pretty suit and a cigar am-j
at least will offer some relief until jbllng along the main road in n buggy
permanent school buildings are or-[or decorating the hotel verandah. If
'■"■ed. Willi Mn- rapidly growing!J do see him nt all I want In get the
imputation hero ami In many other! Impression tlmt he's going somewhere
places it will be dltlicult to provide I to do something; and if I don t see
sehooi accommodation quickly enough Mum, I want to feel that he's our nf-
iu any other way. Summerlaitd Re* tor sculps — .MIVo Michel's, thr Oov-
vlow*. j urnor-Qenoral's or even my own — i
fijii'l cure whoso us long as he is
on to his job which is. or ought to
he. limklng after the game rather
Ihnn making ns many friends ns lie
can. regardless of the Interests lie
Is paid to attend to.
i In der iIh< above caption the:
Knsio Kootenalan   gives Botfie|
good advice to
who have falii-i
pogaiulo which ims been hand*
V.        Th
ihost' workers
for (lif   pro-
ed oui by Uie 0 li.
Kootenalan Bays:
"A teller "What Wo
For," referring in ihe
the 0. It l\ received.
witty ami  humorously
\TQ   Fighting
activities of
While it Is
iIzch  up the
When  Will TIim   I car ii.'
Prohibition liberals aidid pro-
whiskey Tories tu demonstrate the
truth that a leader could nm pul a
prohibition law on ihe statute book
nf ihis province mul remain in pub
\h  life.
Slaughter »f IV, W. Hearst was the
biggest     liquor     advertisement   evor
published in this province Prohibition was revealed us nu Issue that ul
ii'iiniis political friends ami does not
altracl political fees
Prohibitionists and returned soldiers cannot get anywhere iu politics
until ilny an- ret ol: nixed us a force
llmi does not forgot Us friends or
forgive its fees. Pruliihllimiisis proved in tholr treal men i of W. W,
Hears! thai ihey forgive their oncin-
ies ami fui'gei their friends. Toronto Telegram.
standard and measure of value. The
great trading communities have selected gold for this purpose, AH goods
circulate in terms of gold between
gold standard nations.
Xo one will pari with goods or services for something uf which ilie value Is uncertain. It would he dltlicult to barter wool against corn, or
machinery against cotlou, bul if there
exists a common standard of value-
there Is little difficulty in deciding
relative values, and international
trade may become, as Indeed it has,
a great system of harter.
One vital point is. then, to get the
debtors and creditors in one country
connected with International trade iu
relation  with one another.
This is brought about hy ihe Itill
Market, where Bills uf Exchange are
bought and sold. The price Ot which
a foreign Mill sells te regulalod by
the rate of exeh.ftge. In the instance
already quoted, the BIlFfor .C10.t>.ii)
realized approximately tlmt amount.
It may he u little moro or a little less,,
for i' depends on whether the ex |
cluiiiAo Is for or uguinsi the country!
in question. The rate of exchange Is
practically the price or hills. If there!
are more hills on the market than thej
market demands, Bills, like any otb-.
or commodity which Is lu excess, will)
fall In value. If ou the other blind;
tin demand for Bills Is greater than
Ilie supply the price will rise. Tlie;
price of Bills then Is lixeii by supply j
and demand, but It Is regulated by
something else. There are limits iu
normal times to which the price of
Bills can either rise or full. Take
as an example, exchange between
London and Paris when business is
pursuing its normal course. The
Bills ure expressed fn in terms of
gotd. In oilier words, the creditor
wants to he in n position to got gold
should he desire to do so. The dob-
tor wishes tu liquidate ou tbe best
terms. If ho can do so by purebns-
ing u Bill, well and good, but since
there is a possibility of sending gold,
ho will nol be prepared to pay un extravagant price for Bills. Tho point
nt which ft becomes advantageous (of
sond gold Is known as the gold point
Tbe cost of sending a sovereign to
Paris, Including insurance, was one I
penny. Tho gold par between England and France, tlmt is to say, thei
exact amount ot pure gold lit the respective currencies, gave u pur of ex-
II. Inkster, M.E.
■s thi
supply mid demand  for Bills on tin
country    equates.       As regards thi
possibility of getting back in the free I      Extracts fr
gold market, at the present time this I Herald
seems to be remote. We have doubtless exported large quantities of gold
luring  ihe   war,  and  it  Is  supposed
who are
ving it in
iho hanks.     If this hitter he true, ev-l
ery effort should be made In order toj
persuade these mlsbuhted  people to
pay  every  sovereign  and   every  Imlfjjng mi.
sovereign they are hoarding into their (few dn
banks, because every coin so pain tn  visited
will help to improve the national ere- with .1
dit, and 1 ring us nearer normal money conditions.     But the quickest way
io improve the state of exchange will
be fur everybody in the country to
minimise  their  personal  expenditure
to the- lowest  possible point in older
that the greatest national effort may
be made to supply the foreign  markets with British goods.      With personal  economy  r.nd   harmonious  cooperation  among all  sections of the
industrial community, having as iis
aim ihe greatest  possible pro'luction
I'or ihe purpose of supplying goods to [g|i Coin
the foreign markets,    the exchanges
might he restored In a healthy state     John
in a comparatively short lime. il,(   dlan
It is said   thai   Ihere  is a came of   wns   so
possiblo friction between Kngland and worth    i
France in thai tho amounts advancedi lirrl thii
T \\ I) N T V   V Y. A It S   A il 0
■iu the Crnnbrook
rent showing  heing
olorpment  of mines
■d       Til."
■M   solid
provisional  directors    appointed    as
follows:      Messrs.     .Miliincs.     12.   A.
Willis,   V.   Hyde   Unkl r,  li.   If"   .Miner.
Archie  U Iteli ami  .lames  Kyan.  who
represent $2,200 easli paid iii.
- . ■» i     -.—^~
Mi*i:i. iuitmi: with
MU{(.I lltlTI    CLAIM
1\   "WIIHMV    BV    I'lttlW"
Nigel Barrle.
leading man, v
from active sei
aerial instruct!
army, returns h
gtierile  t'lark n
.veil known min-
w;is in town aJArtcraft photoplaj
and incldnetaliy J which will eom
this   district.,   un   Wednesday
io is thoroughly Barrle will bo r
the popular young
iu recently returned
ite after serving ns
with the Canadian
the screen wiih Mnr-
hor now Pnrumuunt-
A'iAow hy Proxy"
Hie Rex Theatre
Thursday, Mr.
id hy screen lov-
her i'.is;
chief male sup-
I "Balis" series,
ixcellenl Impres-
in Hi
i well as many ers as Miss Clark's
ips.     Mr. Ink-  port   in  the dellghtfil
mprossed with  in whieh ho made an <
"An Interesting fact in this counec-
s::it inin town linn.'- said Mr. Barrle recently, "is
nf the riches! that jusi prim* in enlisting, I was
ii' found in the scheduled to play nn avintor part in
a now surface1 tlle next "Balis" picture. Instead, 1
aft. at Palmer became a real Wto airman."
i he struck in I In "Widow hy proxy" Mr, Bnrrle is
ilie mine will u young naval ollicer who falls In lovt
mines bf Brit- with Gloria, lho lively bachelor girl.
; played by Marguerite Clark. The
[picture, which was adapted fru^i the
was operating|Broadway siage sm-eess by .ho sann
' e  North  Star
to   los,-  :i.:su
'11   points   lhe
name, is ideally
able light comedy
star.    Mr. Barrio
porting company,
lhe inimit-
of tlie little
Wiih  apologies  for faking   up  so|c;m"nRCi; nunieIy" Umt"ono'pound Fng
much space. I am. Sir,
Yours etc..
.loiix sowEnnv
Wnsa,  B.C.
fill!mm I'lCTI'IMS TIIK
lho Premier and I limn
Premier John Oliver con hardly be I have turned before,
imve covered   himself  with)    But behind her cherished hope and
itimiioii   uo good  result  can  he oh-
BB D H| ii.     lu the past I said   	
Mroin  'T "ill''0* ,ml0nIflm !infl had glory    by    his  reply  m the nerintis' faith, then was a great question.
one witn several ebultttons of|chorgea mrido against himself and hli>|   This strange soul question is the
central situation in the lutost produc
ts 0. B u. stump. In the 80's there government by Tl. T. Elliott, KC n
was the Kuighi., of Labor, They prominent lnwyer of Vancouver
wore a mub and tried m dictate to Whit the Elliott charges smake of con-
itnlontflts. thoyspuiioredfnra.lme slderable animus they come from a
'""' "'""I out. Tho mure intelligent man high in the councils of the Lib-
l-eonim   unlonlsls nnd tho others ro-|ernl party ami his profession.
turned to lhe gutter whore thoy bo-Jwho was the personal counsel of the
longed.      In the ftp's one Dobs, pnrt   late  premier, and  who  spenks  with
genius bul  greater part maniac, or-j unusual  authoritative  knowledge. To
giinlzui the A. It. r  and a fitrike at i accuse such a man of mental Ineupac-
a most Inopportune liine, with the re-i ity and attempt to .palm It off as siifll-
sult   tbat   there   were   thousands   of j elent explanation is hut the. action of —^
starving families among the railroad (one who fs backed up to a wall and'profound thnt It must romaln aa one
workers iu  l.SIM.        Then came the bus  no other alternative.  — Cram! of lho most striking pronouncement)*
Western  Federation  of Miners, with [ Forks (huelte. | made upon this problem of the tfM
I llsh contains    the    same amount  of I
', pure gold as LTi.2^ francs.     Therefore
the limits to which exchange between
! Loudon and Paris In normal time can
| rise or full Is one penny or ton cent-'
j Imes ou either side of this par.   Thut j
lis, the sovereign In Purls roaches lis
HOPE OK ALL MOTIIIUISI miiximiim at 2^2 aud Us minimum at
25,18,    If ii Frciiclimnn is asked more;
that LT. francs '.\2 cents, per sovereign
On u Bill of Exchange on Loudon, the
gold  point  bus been  reached and  It
may pay him to eond gold.     As long
as lho Bank of Prance was willing toj
part with gold, mnl as long as we bud,
u free gold market, in London, tho 11-
mits to the price of Bills of Exchange
between Die two countries was fairly
definitely fixed.
But with tbe outbreak of war u now
situation was created. Hold disappeared from circulation, and although
credit instruments of all kinds nre'
still expressed iu tonus of gold, there;
Is no free gold market, and lt is In-J
(cresting to lind out whal bus taken;
the place of the old    standard       So!
Utter despair tilled her heart,
Hopi loss  poverty, sickness, misery
seemed her fate.
lu lho country graveyard she had
creon-d a Utile shrine In memory of
her boy who had been lost In the
gnat blockade at sea. To that she
turned for comfort even as mothers
Hon hy D. W. (iriillth. produced tinder
his contract for speolal productions
for First National Exhibitors" Circuit,
and whieh will be seen ut the Rex
Theatre. Friday and Hnturdny.
The master producer daringly faces' far as International trading relations]
a theme that philosophers and followers of the study of Occultism have
boon timid ahout touching. His play
answers "tbe grentost question" In n
manner sweetly simple and yet so
can bo maintained between two countries at about the same amount, the
supply and demand of Bills will lend
to eepinle, ami there Is 'a minimum of
dimoulty. Unfortunately, tbo belllg-
crant countries have exhausted tbelr
accumulations of wealth, Including
manufactured goods   of   all descrip-
'J'lic immigration buildings at any
nf tho Dominion's ports of entry
proBehl a curious scene of hustle
nnd hustle .shortly after the arrival
ul oue of the giant ocean liners, and
u witness is nol likely to soon forget the commotion created by tbe
discharged emigrants, A vast mass
oi humanity surges through the
galleries past the Immigration ottl-
cer ami t'ic various Inspectors, and
'"'''I1 accepted for Canadian citizen-
ship, men, women, and children of
'-<i) kind, Inaded down with
t-uggngi of every slmpu and form
rush lilllii'i' and thither making
multitudinous Inquiries of everyone
!<,n' i.ttiy tnacqualnted with' tbe
;iexi step.; io be tuken to further
proceed on ihelr Journey.
I' Is it, |ther ploasnnt nor comfortable m land frlemllesH ln n
strangeJaud The hardened traveller feels Mils and more deeply those
who sei foot in a foreign land where
cihtoiiis, conditions, and possibly
lan- imge differ from those to which
the emigrant bus been accustomed
from el. Idhond. Then the petty
worries Incidental to travelling are
intensified by tho total unfamlllarlty
on every hand, and each move Is
fraught wiih embarrfisment, • Yet
eaeh moifli thousands of potential
Canadian citizens are arriving at the
Dominion's shores from the British
Isles, Franco, Belgium, Hollund and
Seaiiiljuavia peoplo who have
broken up homos am) life-long ties
ai the promise of the groat now
land. Into a whirl of unfamiliar
sights and Rounds, in n confusion of
humanity ...id baggage, many iin-
aequalilted villi the language they
hear oh every bund- thus, at tho
gateways uf lhe Dominion, arrive
the ancostuiM of the Canadians or
First Impressions are often lingering! thoy are dpi to have a ornslder-
able bearing on future outlook,
Ite.ill/'it:; thla and the expediency of
rendering   mo   utmost   setvlc*   to
(1) Capt. MacDuff, of C. P. R. Colonization Department,
meeting first party of.emigran*U (season 1920) at St. John*
A line type of prosperous settlers.
(2) British emigrants arriving on the C. P. 0. S, Grahipian
for western farms.
these Dominion builders-to-be, the
Department or Colonization und Development of tho Canadian Pacific
Railway, Interested among other
progressive phases, in the human
development of lho country, has HP-
pointed a colonisation agent - a
roster parent to emigrants arriving
on the company's boats, When a
vessel steams Into port lie is there
to go on board with the immigration
officer ''apt. Andrew McDtiff, veteran of hvp wars, versed In many
languages, sympathetic, tactful, nnd
Schooled In the many sides of human
nature. Mo Is nt the service or llu :ir
new arrivals to assist with Information and advice, i lie shepherds
them from the boaj ty Uw W-ilUui
secures seatinn and .iloeplng
accommodation, oversees the iheclt-
lug and luiiding or baggage, aoca
everything humanly possiblo iu faet
to ensure a unfo and ontlro nrrhul
at tho many points of destination
even to accompanying the I rain on
lhe flrel part or Its Journey.
It Is .a great work Ihis fathering
of the Dominion's oltlzon-tn bo,
not only temporarily nccummoiialimt,
lull Imparting thc lading Impression
lo these strangers Dial Ihey nre
welcome and that Canada wants
them, Vchoerfiii send-off, fren fmtu
annoying worries, mean" " (treat
deal, and to this end lho Cnlmit -'l.'.q
Aj.ent haa been appofn.cd.      9 Tluii'sclii), .Mil} ii, 11)211
i' a i; i:   t ii it i: e
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Kurnpeiui capitals, from
AuslriiliiHiu, Asia, Africa
and South America.
Tt-lt-Kraph dispatches
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anil from evttry nook
and corner of-Huh continent wliere bit; news
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l-iiper I'i.tiiiv.   Students' Ri
l'avilioii 'ii the background.
li»wer Picture.- "Better Farming Train," sh
i.iiiii' utter Uie ivj iiccrcil in si tbel fti-iins, Iwo -.1 int. -i [**- resldi m ■ -.- om
i-Mit-r w iuIoivh ui rtucli s|ilemliil u il* .-yiitalnlng a a-im Icum dlttluK hall ami
vei-nllliM us Oxforil rambi lilge or the oilier a B) iimaslum and -utlm
llurvard, tuu-li an Institution un ilie iiiirig poul; an t-n^iiieerlnjl buildins;
I'tili-rralty or Saskaiclu wan li ,1 i ol IIvcsIul-Ii pavilion and mi-to-daia mn
oven liwu lolarln .1 Wlii-n s:r Wll- del rutin building, All tits lnillitlni
trld Laurier, wlio laid tin- tori.er conform to Ilie prcconi-elvpil nlaii
•lone nt ilil* lieu llll I voi'Bll ■ July and will, like (Iiohb alrcail- ereuled
i'Jtls. 1 yIU   un* a slllilent |ior ii" (tier  be ut stone ii! the Gothic alvle. \'...,;.
bin bonks r. » Inn :iidlan.i li. il a I  baa jusi  rnvntl-   bOKUi  u m..
ou the belglil ol l.ind wliloli Is [tie I science building. There arc al-i
site of Ilie liiiililnr.v shown In lhe several private residences on tin
accompanying |. nuuraphs, a id campus, the two principal bIoiio onei
wati-iied lhe wtilers nl ihe South provided inr in tlie architect's plan
Saskatchewan Itivi-r :-. iliti^ s.,!.tlv bel-ig those of the President ol tlu
ami silently northward .    I i'nlversltj nnd ibe Dean oi A;   i-ul-
Allliolish Ilie prairie soil was a. nun. Tlle buildings nl In.in.am.a
rich ami ihe river a.* broad ai.il full il-'ullege, n church nl' Knglund Dlvln
then us now. Iln- i'h ..| Saskatoon Ity School, lhe Nrsl nt lis kind-. In
wa. iiiironeelved i:..m as lule as Saskal.hewan also occupy a pnrt oi
1wt.nl) years ugo, win re now -laedi'ihe campus.    The Uiilvcrslt-  grant,
|    it viiy nl :bi  peuple mi three linen .sites ot from three In five acres In
ol railway, there were nol one hull- sueh alfiliatid .olleges al ;i i Inul
dml in.n. wotuiii ami ri.il..mn and rental,   l-.luhl tlii.usand dollars hai
ibt-be   were   liullned   111   a   tew   leilltt   already   heen   Ellbsclihed   [nv.'lllil*   a
and shanks,   'i'lie wildest enthusiast beautiful structure wbl.li will b ■ the
would hardly have dared tn prnphes)  borne of the I'rcsbylerlun i .i"	
thut one day a university would grow The university prov'de .leyrees
there—yet there II slulids! in Arts. Sciencp, I.aw. Airi'li
The hoil.-.n.es of the University of Civil Kllgllleerlns and a  I. pi
Saslcatchewun crown   the  height of Pharmacy,
laud  north   east   of Saskatoon  and i    The present enrolment is betw
train     I*   widely    :..!
"ilL-tlei    l'ai'lnina    1
a lour ol the i'rovl
all impDi-latil pm,. ..
' th
Mrs. F.C.W.
a o hi hii
results nf e:
vai'ltlus of gi
lion uhotll  i
; and the like.
During 1.1,1
lecture cour,
! nominal   lis
ri iti  iii;i ti stoi h him i him.
n 11HIT1SI1 ( ih i >\\\\\
ilie site could hardly huve been
ntoro lor tuna tei,v chosen. Ii In-
chtdeB halt a mill* ni well-wooded
river fnu.'l and altoselher em-
bl'ttCOB 1,.!'.:. acres i>r rich laud,
2'C acres nf wbieh are aet aside
for a caiJipurt. Iii" acres ror nirpohes
ot agricultural experimentation and
bv fnr lhe Agricultural College Uliii
Tlie   plan   pi unites  fur   the  eventual
nccnnunodnllon cf 5.D00 -.Indents
•gibe present buildings consists of
itn administration building, contain
Ing a hall ami offices for'the ill/fer-
ftji|    dcytuluiOQts  W     Vi ell  as    eta-la
1,400  and   I
soldiers whn aro rotruinliis in varl
ons hrancliea of skilled work, pai
licularlv engineering. Hcurrs i
nromftlng returned soldiers have I ei
turned onl us capable mo.or media
les. Sienm engineering and t!
handling and repairing nf furm tree
lors an' also taught. Agrlcultum
utudeiits, prtnclpally ' the eoiib i
f;triiiiT-^. ;u.* train! k \n \Uovloc
handling and Judging, and evni
ihe car.- and managt men I ..;' poultrj
An important U-m\uo nf tuB tt0r
ot the   UniVerslt) ut   Saskatchewa
people in  Hm- nn.
" es  tended tln-.se classoi
"ro,     i-'roni   an educutloi
a !u .-inakaloou offers us g
1 lics-iis an.v city in i'j.ii
i: I rattling from Kinder,
1  vendty '*« provided  I
■net dI public schools,
-   JlUbliC BCllODlS,   Willi ii
f | frnm    $118,000.00    in
■i | pre-war building prici
bencNt nf (iiv
In- heat educated
iiuuity  have at-
alili, am) Imi
it   that   ii   i
! Btandpuint
iM oppurtuni-
ia. Complete
trten to Uul-
•ough u linn
Iilricen largo
ingod in mst
156,000.00 at
An acc6m-
anytng  t'ii<
iirivr  hush
j prollt-sharing  si In
biiBlnosH  profits t;
Im would cnpltalls
iiiiiiii in tlie buslti
ill  I..- abolished       Mud
■ ■■■ -■        «        I u Kuril	
:■ ■ .      '      . pure  bn il   stoi k
-:;■-.,..- )   , -.,-, rts tn lit'
iun« . ■■  ■ British l 'niuin-
■ e« tndua-
■•.  ■ i - breeders Into l ho
N'ew     ■ rd      arc   l» Ing
■. . ■ . tvuers    of
ran tei   that  there
■ ror blm -
■    . Ij and in
other provinces djoining sta-
'::.,-■ .'i. Australia and New
tent i       now Dig t
raeut tnti
ie transfer     tin
everal bred Rolsteln
■ ■ ■   • ■  Australia
miiuiibia   n   ■:''>'*  i mi
Australian  stoctanen
en   II).
tld Ihn
ii: ve
JI'TLANII RATTJ.K AXW HKSK;> OF en to build our receni capital •
I TIIK »M00P" ami nearly three times thai iak
li   i<  only  fair, how* ver, to siy
the modifications were quite ju
it will bo remembered that ihe Bat-
?iJi?LB,l«..L"  BTen«!"51'tle «'f Jutland took  plu«*e ou May 31,
, the greatest fleet engage-
proiiorly of the -.tap-, in ol
Hie Btate would beconn ;i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     lit   the   l.iisin,'.^'   in   H
NKH  HCSiUltir: MAI* (IT CANADA  "L-    Thosuriiliifi profits -w
  tlmalcd   ami   assessed   on
A  "Map nf ihe  Dominion of Can- principle to that now folic
ada     imiiiaiiii^     Natural   Itosources,  InmttiosM  profits  fax.
Tranaiwrtntion    ami    Trade lloutes/'l    Discussion will show wit
ynu a  salad dressing  recipe I  used I''" '" "'" !   '""  '        ibv the circumstances, ami thoy liav
wiih  cooii  l-Qsulls  while cookine in uM^lO.      Ths, tho groatest fleet oimace-,   *
wm   gouu iimiiis Hum. imihiii^ in a .   Il(l ,],miu mude iho smii a much itmr
umber ramp tin lho Const last sum- mem of modern times, naturally led , „ . , ,    .
i .  .     -   .      powerfully protected   one.   while in
creasing hor displacement, and const
QUCIltlj*  the  weight   nl'  ma.eriat   tn  b
verything. ami I may say in passing | "V,",' , " '"'       .'"  I worked, to about  BO per cent, mor
llni,   I   liav,    never  had   light,,- Cnta   *UMl  mt don,   to onr own Cruteer,                    of ^ R ^ ^^
and IlllildlnCB llian lliose I made will,  and nlso lo tiie llerlmin Blllpa'Ol  thel   .
Ii.ii*     -*, *,i   *» . ■       ■ »,'      l,Mlr.ll-*i,ii*"Hr..vmiMllldlir.lii-.li
iieilie -VIMK. I same  Ivpe.  It   was  deeiueil  advisable
We will print Mra. W.'a ropico next|to Incrense the armor itrotoctlon, if
tlmo.      Sill   expressly asbed  IhiH liar
llaun. I e not  |)iiblishnl.
mor, v.bere flesh inilli  mut iinoblnln-11„ furljicr roilsldcriitlon of tiie design
"'''''' of the llohd. whieh bad jusi been or-
"I'anneil   milk   lmd. to  he  used  for  ,,,,„,,.    Mi   ,„   vj„„. „. „„,  ,lall,.,c,,
done to our own cruisers
PACIFIC Milk I'll.,
I'lieleij ill l.ndlier, it. C.
t-%l*!'fll''loT'llJ.-U 'TT*   n*-i^ -v-i''.;!'", j;J^-.-7*jT--v-*i---tmirr
As tiio result of vi
veatfgaUous, it  wa?-
by    accepting    a
I scale inn mile, io llu Inch, has ju^i i is mucli merit iu tin 3
been issued by tlie Department of the al or not, There can ;
' interior. . on Its behalf thai it i,-
On Hiis map thc varieties of min- supply eonstrutcive prl
ernls, agricultural and flslrery reaour- lo^al finance. in i!
ces, twid the limber ami fur in goner- Parliament, up to thi
ill in-" printed in red lettering iu their been financing merely
proper locations. Tin- sius nf Im- ent. Measuroj that «
pnrtaiit water powers, developed ami  the root, nf thjngs ami
,  „^,  undeveloped arc indicated,   und    tlie:vidi   in somo extenl   I
"y ''x" • I linen nf all railroads completed up to, ment  nf the huge nal
found  FMIMK SAWMILLS WILL (i;it(. ;MV H,:i|.lv dBfine(li badly needed.
leeper STAHT IT MAT HOXTlfj    Tha „,„,,„„.„'*, Bhown oll  Ul, map|    sir  Henry   Drayton
*lher tlie
ns prop<
If I'   w planning lo seud their n presi nta-
'■ :"       '■';■-. ■            la for the ] ir ■■ -• of se-
for the fi >\    ■ ■. -.     Hi n   i ■•.  Holstein
noil   .1 -   :■ :"• '                .        .     ■    .
referem —' ■*-*-•	
' i   ivs sesi i "\i Mitiui:
does not I"   Vi   I \>T SKTTLED
• i ros|)ect   of 	
die matter; -                           ■    been s°"
provinces      ints a great the mines of the Crow's
.. ..                 ■•..-         : ow ter-
iou may possibly settle ld most of tba ''""ieries
tor a  wli  ■   ■
ill .'omple-
m   will he.
D   M
mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMImmmmmmmmmmmMMMMamm     -n tiiat
soon  be
there the wage scale that has been
. ■
': .-ill for
jese ,-..........._-----................................................................---------.......................---------------__
a    great  deal if the conti
give thi   miners a
 t    t if aei ep-
■ ■
LOII-UE8 iM> SIM II: I n:s
draught and a slightly reduced spoed,  .
to add voijj considerably to tiie pro-      [, ,s predicted thai the Klk Valley j
toctton of the vessels ns already dee-  Lumber  Co.  and   the   Willi   Spruce
"**jtgnod, without serious inorldcatlon to Lumber Co. sawmill-- ai  Fernle will
 tithe de ten ;.s a whole.   Acrordlngly. be in sbajio to start operations for the
MpiMh every
Miinilnv i.t^ht
at   b'raiornltv
Hath     BoJou ruing   Oildfeiiowi
cordially invited.
Noble   Grand, Hec   Sec,
.1  D Camoron        \\   M Harris
in  Soptembor,   191R, deflnito  propoB- season by the first of June.     In both
als were submiteed for Incroased pro- fuses the late spring hns hindered the
lection      Tbe alterations were of a work of getting the winter's cut of
very radical character, the armor bell logs to* the mills, but  logging  rail-
betng Increased from 8 Inches to i- ways nnd times are now being con-
luchoi, ami (he barbettos from 9 In- Btructed thai will enable work in the
dies to l**" Inchos..    Certain Increases mills to connftenci before long.    Be-
tti'ii r.lso made In dock protection. At tween  two and   Hiroo  hundred men
'l"' -»'"'* ttaia tl Ighl  15-tneta gun may bo employed by Uio two comiwn-jfw.turM ilUl\ f,y thi ti
extend trum "whales" near Herschelltho 21st thai bo would proba
Islam! in the Arctic to "salt" at the his budget speech within t
southern end of the Ontario ponlnsu- This no doubl means May
hi. itiul frnm tin- "while whales" of nearly as much Important i
Ungava bay to the fruit  land- near ,,(i to II  this year as was
■ ma!:
: i HSU  IFT1 I'.  \)im \IIS
('rautir«,,k. H. 1'.
11, .1- every 1 ...iiiliii at 8 p.m In
the fraternity Hall
0 il Borjalrotu, C C.
r  II  Collins, K   It  * a
Vlalllui  brethren eordlallj lu
vlttd tu attend
-                                            ———
mountings hnd their design modifiedMes. L nalural resources severally
to admit of an elevation o   30 deg- ..^  The thorough reliability of this map
|reoa, and certain other modifications  nillSULV STEAMXfl CASK |s H!lown by the caution whieh ignflr-
'" ,U,M| "' ,l1" »'-Wa« ftrWft'l COVKS IT AT PKKXIKL« probabilities,   however 'promising.
■  ', The trailer,   investor,   manufacturer
.Throe C, P. R. men ami n leanuttor,|and economic sindenl  will road tbe
'' l- So*               r\\—r   AAnnin      ^^H in Kootenay Vai-
g . •      '.:,■ ■:..
•^m\\\\\\\\\\\\\% ■-' ...<m\
An important inset) last  year, tho Impression being  that   j
ular diagrams show-'Sir  Henry  will  be contcnl  to  leave  j Pew Droj ■■   . ■'- '.   ■
ing the comparative contributions of  *-v''-' onougli alone.     This is the ad-  f                 Con   Right Off                 . of                           ta
each province to field crops, commer- vice thai  the haulier.-. In the main.  L„,.,.,t....,.„ ,,,,,; sale  on
clal  timber, developed   water  power, "'i'1 B've him. nnd It i- believed that       \ tiny boti siib-
flfJierles and minerals.     A sixth diu- he defers strongly to tholr opinions.  : »fc    ' over-
gram displays llie proportion of the '" ""■ tw of tho Increased business '\' .'                                               ' Id     | ,,,■,;   .
total exports filled in 1918 by mami- ln'",ils ,liX il1 lll'f'il1 Britain, ir Is nil   ..,,. ,„'. „ .    ,                                                 that the overdue principal will
tho  tax   in   n .tn \  ni Hugei .    | rulj . jj;
profits tax in Qreai Hr
considered grobablc th
i ami also iu tiie arrangements in
un tlo- Hash penetrating in Die
which     .
h form   nf   protection I ftn oI Crowa Nl.
olnborntod  for nll our j trial in Pernio I
.'ml   el.,i
Ships ;it tliis tlmo.      All these lllorOBB-
es involved au additional  weight of
nearly B.0O0  mus.    the    legend displacement ot tho Hood oomlng dually{|ay ^n„
io 11.1:1111 torn     when carrying 1,800 vostigntloi
od  Willi  the theft   of thirty  cases of
whisky from 0 ear early last mouth
while in in I mil  from Natal to Cow-
Tiie chargi   followed In-
mute by the C. P. It., ami
ma|> jis an
is timely 1
iind Increoi
The map
en hook; its appei
11  demand  is abi
Iti'gular  Meeting
smmi sATiitim of each
Hionllt nt i* p.m. In the I'll) Hall
Ions of fuel; the ship then having a
ilrnurIii or 28V6 foei. a a draught of
*.Hfe fool  when carrying a full fuel
loud, \\?„t 4Mo Inns.
Tiie original length and boom of
the ship woro maintained us boforo,
Some extra plat lug had to bo provided on docks for strength pur.pos-
^_^^^^^^_^^^^___ (,s- bin Hie umior water protection ug-,
WOHKN'H INSTITUTE |alnat torpedoes, which bad provod
Meets In the i vpr>' efficient, was retained, as in the
original, design, It should Ik mentioned also that the stability conditions were such that tiie increased displacement could he accepted whilst
s tillmaintainlng u very satisfactory
metacentric height.
All the modifications made in the
design after thc llattle of Jutland
were considered In consultation, nol
only witli the llonrd of Admiralty, hut
with the commander-in-chief, Involving as thoy did. special arrangement
of bridges, otc, aud H was not until
HUT that the design was finally approved in all Its details. This change
naturally militated algalnRl the quick
construction of the ..hlp, and it will
hn about four years from tho approval of bcr original design lu April,
Isl-i, in tbo time of Iter completion,
thla being about double tho tin* lak-
1 btaiuod free of
t on application to tbo Suhorln-
leni. Natural Uesour.es Intelll-
co Branch, Department of tho In
Pariah    Hall
nrst  Tuesday
llft--| IIIIIIII      of
every   month
al 3 p.m.
Pros, Mrs. E.
II. Iranian
liuy, Mrs. J. W. Uurtou, P. O. Boi 621
All ladles co-dlally Invited.
Kast Knulcniiy iHslrlct
Orgnulstalloit completed Jan. 7,
11)20, member sll I [i roll open for iho
enrolment of prospectors. Applications and corrosnondonee with
sitgg()Ktion.'> lending to .promote the
Interests of iirnspectors solicited.
Annual mombcrahlp fee, $5.oy
tho prosecution  wax In the hands ofjterlor, Ottawa.
0, J. sin-cull. Imrrlator. of this eity. -     .     .♦..    .   -
Hie vnliie of lhe stolon propertl vmi     Rov, Mr  Paonobnkor of Kimberloy
I'stituated at about $760,     Must nf the   will conduct tin   servieos iu tin- Meth-
liquor 'which   had   I n   "splrllod" odist Church on Sunday next.     It Is
iv was round hidden In tho snow understood thai   Mr.  Pannabakor in-
some distance otjt of Crows X<st. tends returning very shortly to On tar-
Tlie four men  were committed to lo, and that ho does nol Intend Imme-
take trial at thc forthcoming assizes ''dlatoly In the work of tho mini.'try
un        m      *     ^?o^^\
Beauty ts ^j£ON
Only      TOwl
Skin Deep" ^
but a beautiful skin is possible only when thc liver
and kidneys me active, and the towels functionate
properly. The secret of beauty iis well as of ljeailh
is to maintain perfect digestion and elimination,       '
Beechaeis Fills
help to preserve beauty and maintain health, ln-cause
they influence liver, kidneys, skin and -stomach to
functionate in harmony and efficiently.
Worth a Guinea a box.
S«U-».i>»»Ik,--.iUmui  laiMtM,2iic,!(fk.
Perhaps you can eoual the performance oi the SPECIAL SIX==but
you can never EXCEL it!
il.i-imli wheel ha m1,     Plvo.pn-ifionftcr  .mi Ii*|i.    Intermediate Iransmhalon
i.iiiiiiiic loathci- ii|iliiiUleru Card llrcs.
■c-tw^ mrm
ll0»llll'IIC(!   I'l ,'  Nll. Ill
Mi..I    I'll    Vii VktiV.     FOUR
(' It A M H It 00 K       II i: It A Ml
Thursday, Mny fl, I !>•■*•'
SOJIK I'i'iiM'i'I'ri: I'OK
si.il.l'lMl (All l-ATltONS
Mothers wlio linve
used Zani-Hlll. buy it
is so fine for Ihe many
little accidents of
dully occurrence in iln- home umi
especially where there are children that Ihey would nol In-
wittiout il. Not only so. lml
children who have had '/ain-liiik
applied to an injury or sore,
When aiiuin  Injured, cry for /am.
link iu Bit applied.   They know
Ihat Zam-Huli slops pain. Nothing
ends tlie pain of a ,'iit. bruise,
but ii, or skin dlsei.SC like Zam*
link, .uni nothing soothes, draws
out   Ihe   soreness   antl   lieuls    so
Mi., I   Wilton ni Saraia.Onl . -nv-:
"I I.I not do ivilliuul  i-utii-Hiili ior
niv children, li >- die licit oinliiienl we
luvcetcriuedfiii I" .sore, milium."
Mi. I.. I). Udrelenol UU! I. '."-.'..I
Si.,Minneapolis, Minn.,writes:"Wlien
any ol iln- children, my wife ui -rll
meet with au accident, wc iminedialcly
apply Zam-Buk. It Im- snvr.l u. many
a doctor's bill."
Mi. C. It. Ritceyof Rivcrport, M.S.,
writes: "My baby lmd sore, un ber face,
caused by teething. 2ain-Bul.com-
pleteiy healed them."
.Many yours' experience of the pet-
ty annoyances caused hy tlto minority i-oiuiHis, d ol' -hollghlless, us well
as -selllsli, persons travelling lu .sleeping cars caused an old traveller to
write tlle following, which uiuy induce n few in least of Die offenders to
Suggestions lur mon travelling in
sleopillg curs:
Tbe  ncoeBsarliy small  space  in n
lei suggosts Umi the greatesi camion
in the sleeping inr traveller will result from ii fnir rognrd fur the rights
.nil feelings of others by nil sloop-
Ask for
Vogetahles pul up uudor QUA-
Klllt HIlAN'll un' il"' choicost
„r ihe pick from Brltisli Columbia's rortllo valleys.
■c■-:11ni:.: iikans
nro  lender   llttlo groon   heuiiB,
tstringless),     Tin- flavor is most
has hum
Dominion Gunners B. C, Mil.
Ilenil utilce:
Vancouver, B. C,
is      pi
wlilsk, tin- spno
it iln end ui' ih
ior pluco lur il
Till'    BlOoplllg
triictions to the
isongers ili'sliv in
s   liruslu-.l   Willi  a
I   llll'   pilSMlVI.   Will
ir Is iiii i> pro-
prnceleo tu ucctir
■ compnuy's. ins-
quire thorn
oilier nieii wlin merely want to wash
their luce nnd hands.
The Instant you have llulslicd your
toilet, uel out of the room. Von have
no further rights there whilst while
ntlier men require the room as a lavatory. Tiny ure anxious lo see you
nu im qirtekly us you inn. Don'l siuy
in this room u'uil erowil tin- laler rls-
Ijou'l wlilstlo nnywliero in u sleep
Yuiir allegod music plen
lo nsk pnsseiiBors to eu lo Hie umi »!
li.. aisle "f Uu- 'ui if doslrlng to Iiu
irushed.     Porti is aro meroly human,
licrcfora differ in their obodlonca to
irdors. Every travellor can assist in
the ohsorvnnee of ihis rule (which is
made Mr tin- general goodl umi pro-
venl unnoyniieo to other pnusongors.
If   llu.    public    wnll!    Iiii'   brilshilia   lu
ceasi   altogether,   the   remedy is in
Tho comblnod lavatory and smoking room is limited nocossnrlly in ca-
paeily, inul ui the tlmo in the morning when ii hns tu in- used us u lavatory, ii is iiu! Intended to be nseiil *-—-*	
„i nil i,s „ smoking room. ; s„mVIN,l iiiiiiii I'llTI'KKS
lluu't smoke in Ibis room in tbo
early  morning  whon lho other later
risers limn  you nro obliged fo por-     ui-o most othor things made In'this
form their tollcls.       Vou inn defer |„„
Rov. Mr. Betzolil, whn recently ro-
sluneil bis charge uf lho Union congregation nt Porille, and who Is going
to Victoria to attend lho Methoillsi
Conforonce, was recently tendered a
farewell ut Fernle, when sincere expressions nf regrel ul his leaving
were voiced, mul he was presented
with a purse of money us n tangible
:,..  ,:,, :.nu     UsprOBOll f   fOotlllll   uu   the   purl   of
only you. Xo one clso wants to hoar his congregation, Mr. Bolzold hill Must men think llu- wlilstlo Is n tends continuing ncilvo work iu the
miisim.- Motlipdlsl Church, mul bis friends
Don't mill loudly in tho body of tho will wish every success fur lilm iu
car when must people Imve reiireil to his new Held, wherever Ii mny lie.
Bleap.     The others have paid fur ns ' » -
versiiilnn is lo wish you somewhere „,„„„.   .«„,-,.,
After iilm a.m. tho smoking room
Is usually hi use almost entirely Ior
smoking purposes. Those who are
mil smoking should nni occupy the
room io ilie exclusion of those desiring to smoke.
 n  west, ilie moving plctiir
ull  nre  in   lhe  wayhlml   Imve  been   produced  with  west
.    .,  ...        .  „ i ... .1..
your  Blllulte.
mul merely ul
Jority,  I sii
fur the rights uf others, Under pro-
soul conditions, liei up lute once in a
well-oiled car nnd your one experience uf ll in iu Ih,   sent smuklng
will show you whui oilier people think
about your ense nl oilier times
Don'l bring yum' suitcase into tliis
ro       Uso :i tollol "liold-all." Many
._ i iiu. Vol! can. Hive tlir other
fellows the eluilue uf sume room.
Don't  whisk  your clolhos    in    this
ri i if there lire nthor porsons pi'OS-
They don't wnul    lo   breathe
your dust.       They merely consider
Don'l aet nn Inlo mul shine, if liy
, doing you discommode others. Nu
...ie objects   iu a man shaving, if lu
does nut Interfere unreasonably with
Only Tablets with "Bayer Cross'
tire Aspirin—Nu others!
.-   ,  .If you  don't   sn-  tin-  "Bayer  Cross'
sellings have proved oiiunl to the   on tlie tablets, refuse them—tin
bev   are
 lhe  1...     ,  	
sol nab disregard I \mt      "Back lo Ood's Country," the   out Aspirin nl nil.
 ,,.,., ,      ln*isi iiii genuine "Bayer  Pamela uf
itirailiuii nl llu- Hex last Friday and   A.pil.|„.. pi^Siv suunpeil with lhe safety
Saturday    niglils    very    deservingly   -ii.,v,-r   Cross"—-Aspirin   prescribed   by
physicians Inr nineteen veals ami proved
safe by millions for llendiiclic,   Toothache,  Karachi-,  Rheumatism,  Lumbu^o,
When  In  Spokane  Mnke
11 lhe
Tin- Hotel Wllh ii Personality.
Convenient to Hveryllilng
Verj Moderate Bnte«
drow capacity houses, and addition!
Interest attached iiseir to lhe lllm to
■ ill-Ill",          I,il I ill-Ill',          11111-111111111*^111,          !•!■ I" I'l'-"-
those   who  knew  lliiil   il   was   staged -.^   N(,uritis.   ami    Pain   generally,
vi ry largely ill liie lirst plnco in nor- Handy tin boxes of  li tablets—nlso
thorn Alherla.     The Introduction ot larger   "Bayer"   packages.     Mude   in
ii„. wild animal element provided u Cauda.
,  ... „ ,,,. .«... i Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
study  „,  lhe natural liWo.y ol   ho   ^ ^ ^   |f M,llu>uefn„ of
woodlnnds nnd enliaiiced the setting   ••„, cctjcncidesti>r of Siilieylieiicld.
ol tho gripping story in a telling man- While it is well known that Aspirin
nor.       Tlu: company mat produced menu- Bayer niiiiinfaclure. to assist the
... until c ncaiiisl imitations, the Tablets ol
"Back lu iiu.ls Country   nre said to L     . lc)]n|pll|lv   IUL „.m bl, ,t,,mp-a
be working mi other lilms in tiio west' wf[(,   tlieir  general   trude   murk,   tlie
mul. ii Is in la hoped, will achieve ilie "Buyer Cross."
same good results.      It is Willi such ----- 	
high eluss pictures that the Rex The-: FOR SALE. - Limited quantity of
nire  manoeemenl   Is  building   up  a Strawberry I'luiiis.     Mnnrntl Wlgon,
line reputation for the house.             ; Wynndel. B.C.                           li-5-21
Canaeian Dairying
Makes New Record
HesU'rii  l*roTlHM8  HapltHy Inoreus.i
lut: Tlii'Ir I'roiliu'Uim of Milk
nnd Butler
Canada's Uulry products ytelded iip-
proxlmatcly $250,000,000 i» 1919. Of
this amount, about $(if».0OO,000 was rc-
cotved i'or oxiiorts. Tliese IlRiims
easily constitute a record for tho Canadian dairy linlnstry. In 1910, tin.1
total vnluo was Ofltlnitttod at *10«.00(»-
000, and the exports amounted toj
nearly ?24,00O.O0Q. Although tlu»
production of most dairy products■
made a fairly cotiBtont Inorouso dur-
lllg Ilie period of the war, tlu phoil-1
omenal rocord of 1910 must Ih. attributed in largo measure to niurkoi:
contltttons, in common with other
food products, thu prlcos of milk, but*
ter and cheese nmi- rapidly owing to
ii world slwruw. Then, too, the
more rnpld growth of urban -'(.ntruKi
as comparod with lhe rural population has enlarged ""* home market,
without ii rorres.pondlnn hier-riise In
production. Further, ihe shortngo or
labor on farms throughout the war
I restricted increased production in.it-
j erlally. nml the comparatively rapid
extension of the condensed nml pow-
ilered ^lnilk trade affected the eheorio
Industry adversely. Each of these
factors tended to Increase prices.
; Thus iii 1918 the average price paid
1 for cheese hy tin Dairy Produce Com-
| mission was 22 cents, f.o.b. steamship
ai Montreal. Although similar statistics are not available for 1919, It Is
probable that the price exceeded -"
cents. Butter prices also established now records, tiie acvrafte price i'or
I all grades of creamery, deliveded at
Montreal was »'.,% cents in 1919.
i While the production of cheese proh-
jably showed a. slight decline, lhe past
year cun he credited with a record
: production of butter ami condensed
' and powdered milk,
i Western Canada, especially the
prairie .provinces, is rapidly Increos-
i ing iis productions of milk and butter. At present Ontario and Quebec
easily lead the other provlucps, but
wllh a more general realization of the
| need for conservhiR soil fertility on
j tho prnirles, dairying will progress
i prodigiously, -
| .Modern, co-operative dairying Is
! less than fflty years old. Already it
| has played un outstanding part in giving such countries as Denmark and
New Xcalami economic independence.
It has proved beyond perndventure
thai no otlier brunch of farming surpasses It ln maintaining and Improving soil fertility. However it would
| he unreasonable to expect that prices can long continue at the present
high levels. On tho other hand,
labor conditions should steadily improve and advances will be made In
labor saving devices. It seems reasonable certain that, dnlrylng Is destined to be an Increasingly large economic factor In the future of Canada.
Also for Black, Tan and While Slum
fkiimi: I'liun: nun   ih:xii;ns
A Fertile Ininlienniin recently innli     Jmopli B 'ilninii, clilof of piiHro nl
in thinking nl llio inonnco nf Bolslto- Partita for Hie |innt yenr nr no iKm ro*
vlmn Willi such eiirniMliieiw thnt. IitntInlitneil tlmjloHt, lie elnllim llmi llle
Tlinrsilny morning ho tlooliloil llnil He portion lltnn liocotno Ion siieniiinis
ini-lls were nm iinniineiii I'm- lilm to tor hlin i" liniiillo vvltlinni more naalH-
llKlit  nil nny  longer.       He neenl'illlll!-! tllllee.
ly nttoillptcil slllclllo nl Hn- Itonili Ho* •♦•
tei   in  linn  illy, lml  Imvlim only n
pocketknlfo with wllleh In iln Ihn Job,, |
he wns ii,,i BiiccosBfnt Iii putting himself onl of the way.     lie niiiienrn In
he mentally nnhiilnneeii.
Dye That Skirt,
Coat or Blouse
s.mi:i.'I'i:ii in. (IIVKS TO
"Dljmond Dyes" Make Old. Shabby,
Faded Apparel Just Like New.
Trail snielli i- 111111111111-11111111 iinnoiin-
dollnr according   ns   lhe omploytioa Die"Dlainoml pyos," gnitraiiteeil to gly
. . u ....iv rieli  indclemi rnlnr In ntiv liinri.
contribute tnwiiiils the ereetlnn nt > I wiicthtir wool, nllk,Unan,cotton nr-tntxa
ins thnt the linn will give dollar for Don't worry nbout portcct rosnlls.
Use "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed tn eive
I soliliers' memorial in Hint town. Ifjpnoifs.—dreasta, iiiousoB, stockings, Bkirta,
the nitn give a day's puj- each montii elillilren's coats, ilropcrics,—evcrytlilngl
-a total of about *:ioi,0-the smeller' ^^^^sXlT^'t .lealer
| will give exneily tiie same snni. B|,ow y0u "Afaiiiotui Hin" Color Card,
Hamlin'* Wizard Oil a Rallabla,
Antiseptic Preventive
During influenza epidemics spray
tlie nose auj throat several times a
day with one pari Wizard Oil and
two pans water, using au atomizer.
It you haven't au atomizer, gargle
tlie throat and -null the mixture up
the nose. Thi* treatment sets up an
antiseptic wall oi defense against
"l-'lu" yerin*.
Chest colds inul sore throat lead
tn grin, ---top tlle.ni at onee with
Wizai',1 Oil before Ihey can develop
intu dangerous iumienaa.
i let it from druggists for .We. II
not satislied, return liie hotlle and
;:et your money ba.'i
F!ver i-i n; lipati 1 nrliave sick heail-
arlici .In t i. U'ijilrd l.iver Whips,
pleasant little pin;, pills, 30c al drug*
gas.   Gua.aiil.ul.
t'orwardlng  aud  Distributing
Ageut for
Lethbrldge and Ureeublll I'M)
lin per la I llll Co.
Dlatrbutlon Can a Specialty.
Ilntjlnir umi Trnn-il't'iiiiiir
Qlren prompt attention
Pbone 63
I'lUKBKtlOK   ril'l'TlllE
I'rliate Nursing Home
Licensed by I'lnviiieial linvl.
Haterull) aud lieurral Nuralug
Massage and Kesl Cure. Highest
References, terms uiuilerute.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Pboua 26» I'. O. Boi 816
Address, Garden Ave. Cranbrook
' on thi: ini-ii
N'el profits of the American Wool-
leu Company for 1IU9 amounted to
$15,518,415, less reserves for taxes
und contingencies, uncording lo the i
annual repnrt issued last week.
Payment of dividends on $2,800,000
of preferred stock and $3,200,000 of
common slock, und n depreciation of
$3,7.13,011, left a balance of prollt Tor
the your of $5,779,804.
The surplus for 1019 amounted to
$12,029,804, whieh. added lo Hint of
11118. brings lhe totul surplus up to
nf every until tin' user. II is In
took Into the advuntugos nf saving his worn tiros nml making
them go ns far as |iii*-.ihlc by
having us vulcanize thorn. In
these days nf llillll COSl Hies It
Is almost ll 'neee-sily fur the average  cur  owner
I'niiiliriink Yiili'iiiiizini! M ki.
IV. II. Ill Hills, I'rnp.
Iliniie HIT        •       ■     llox   13'-'
Opposlle Bank nt Collllllorct
tf ,.el\t»»n,.r\fss. ii^jAjaa isf\f»m stt\\fsm i.t\t»m ismfsm.st\\JQ
Cranbrook Cle
Korvinosil I'leaiiers
riimii- i.",;
EfW<W>   \ss\ltst mssJiesi
Upper Picture.—One end of the Adniiiiistration Building', University  of Saskatchewan, with the Engineering Building in the background.
Lower Picture—A Travelling University, showing how instruction is carried tu the
farmers uf Saskatchewan.
! I(c|irt'si'iitlii-.
j KM I'l It j!   Illlli:   AMI   llll
llAl.liAIIV,     .     AI-KKIITA
! llitrlii-sl Cash Price I'nlil lo
hi- Secured in rniiiiiln
j -
Phone >". *<>»
Crunbrook,   .    ■    . H. (.
t-oriK after the ivy pet-rod In ai the
vjiiier windows of nucli syleiirild uui-
vvialtlea ne Oxford, Cambridge or
Harvard, such au intiMuiUou aa ttie
L'olverstty of Saukutc'lH'wan bud nut
even been Imagined. When Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who laid Uie Corner
atone of whte new university July
-Mli, liiiu, wiih a Htudnii poring over
tils books few htil Indians had Blond
on the height of land which la liie
Bite of Hit- buildings Bhown lu the
accompanying phoioHiaphs, and
watobed the waters of the South
.SaHkaiebt'wan River gliding swiftly
and silently northward.
/llhougli thu prairie sol] was u?
ri-.li and tbe river aa broad and full
then an now, the City of Saskatoon
was iinconceived. Kvqu aa late as
twenty yearn ago, where now stands
a city of .iu.000 peoplo on three llnea
ol railway, there were not ouo hundred men, women and children and
these were housed lu a few tenia
aud ubacks, The wilde.it entbusluat
would hardly have dared to prophesy
that o'ie day u university would grow
Ihere    yel there it atandR.
'Ilie bulldlnga of Uie University of
P.^l*nichewun crown the height of
land north oaat or Saskatoon and
tin- siie could hardly have been
more fortunately chosen, It In-
cludoa half a mllo of well-wooded
river fronl and altogether embraces 1,33,1 airren of ileli land.
Ti'.\ aeniH of which are aet aelde
for a i-ampus, III" noro». for purpoaes
of affrlcullural experimentation and
ti*-..' ior th"- Agricultural College farm.
Tbo plan provide!* for lhe eventual
aerouimodatlon of 6.000 students.
Tin' pii-neiil bulliliu*,'-1- COnstfltfl of
n:\ ndmliihtnitlon blllldlnff, containing a hall anil offlcea for the differ-
-mi   depailuietila a*    Mull a*   cImji
irooma, two itud»ntK' realdeuues, onei
contolulQE a apacloui dlnitir ball and
tbe other a gytuoailuiu aud swliu '
lining pool; an ongiueerluK building; \
i livestock pavilion and up-to-date tno-
del farm bulldlnga.   All tbe buildings
OOUform to the prectwieelied phih '
laud will, like those already erected,'
I be of Htoue ln tbe Gothic style. Work
has  Just   recently  begun  on  a  uew!
science  building.    There    are    nlao
several    private    residencea on    lhe
campus, ihe two principal sionu ones
provided for in tbe architect's plan
being Ihose of Ibe  ("resident  of the
University and the Dean of Agriculture. The building--, uf Kinnianua!
College, a church of Kngland hlvln-
Ity School, the first of Its kind in
HaKkatciiewun also occupy a part of
ihe campus. The University grants:
sites of from ihree to five ac-ps to
such affiliated colleges at a no . tint
rental. Eight thousand dollar.. Iia»
already been subscribed towards at
beautiful structure which will be the-
home of lhe Presbyterian College.
The   university   provides   degrees j
in   Arts,   Science,   Law,  Agriculture, J
civil Engineering and a Diploma in,
The present enrolment la between
1,400 and 1.600, Including returned
soldiers who are retraining iu various branches of skilled work, par-'
tlcularly engineering. Scoren of'
promising returned soldiers have heen '
turned out as capable motor mccha*i-j
ics. Sleani engineering and the'
handling and repairing of fium true
torn are also taught. Agricultural {
Students, principally the sons of
farmers, are training lu livestock
handling and Judging, and even In
the cute and management of poultry, ■
An Iniportaut feature of the work
of Uie   Ualversltj ot  ftnk>Urh«wm-l
h.Li been Its Extension Hona: t n M
coasfaiing of short linitnu. * i -.
courses at Boasonuttte limes for fai i i-
ers and farmers' wives. 1'iu-U yeur ;i
special train te lilted out uud n i   g .-
lat* course ot Instruction luapped out
including lectures tu farmers. 11. ,
train te widely advertised ha i.c
"Better Farming Train'* It urnlieu
u tour of lho I'rovluce, stopping at
all Imporiant points and the faniKTJ
drive iu Nu- miles lo extiiiilne tin- --\-
hlblta, talk over their problems mill
experts and hear tlie lectures, lleul*
Izlng thai the avoraKo busy farmer
cannot go to lhe I'lmerxlty. an erturt
ls made to lake ibe University to him
and in lei blm Ichom at flrsl baud the
results of experiments with speclul
verities of grain, the latest Information abtiut  methods of soil  tltJuge.
UUd  the  like.
During the recent Wlntoi' evening
lecture courses baveibeeti glvon ai a
nominal fee for the htiiietlt nl city
residents. Some o| tin- !„-. i educated
people in ibe poniinualty have attended these clriPS(-K.
From au edlicatlonnl stnndpnlnt
fiaskatoon offers as groat oppurtuul-
ties*as any city in Canada, Complete
training from Kindergarten to University Is provided through a fine
set of public schools, thirteen large
public schools, whicb mnged in cost
from $118,000,00 to $150,000.00 at
pre-wur building prices. An accompanying: photograph shows two of
them In one block tn the working,
class   section of   the city.    The  en-^
rolment   of pupil*   lu ihe   publio
schools Is now well over 4,000.    *
Tim Colleglale Institute, which
provides ihe Intermediate slam* between the Publio Schools and tho
University,   hus   an uutuimeut   of
iiliout .MHia *
Minilri-iil. Quebec, l,l,er|iuiil
MiiKiinlU' ... Muy 22, Juno 19, July 17
Cnnndn ... Juno 12. July 20,   Aim. 21
Mm, Vnrk.I 'lierlMiiirir-Soiilli»ni|il<iii
I'lillailoliililii Mny 15. Juno 12, July ill
New York , Mny 22, Juno 19, Julv 17
SI. I'niil ... Mny 29, June 2(1, July 24
Mniii'liiirlii .. Mny 8, June 19, July .11
Mongolia ... Mny 22. July   3, Aim 14'
in:ii stak mm:
Nm Vork, Snulliuiniitiiii. Antnei'ii
l.il|ilnliil ... Mny   8. June 12, July 17 j
Finland ... Mny IB, .lime. 19, July 241
Kriililllllllil . . Juno fi, July 10, Aim. 14 !
New   Viirk.llui>4>nsluivii.|,i,i'r|iiMil
Celtic  May in, June 19, July 21
Baltic  Mny 22, Juno 20, July 111
New Vnrk, I hf riiliniirit. Siiillliniiiiilnii
Adriatic .... May 29, July 3, Aug. 14
Olympic July 8, Aug. 4, Aug. 28
lien York, l-lliralter, Naples, lieima
Cauoplc   May 12, July   7
f'relle   Mny 20, July 21
For reservations und tickets apply
In local agents or Company's office,
O. P. Sargent, 019 Second Avenue,
Scuttle, Washington.
jtirtl)otii5t CI) ii if I)
7:at, p. j|.   Ill,iu-- Worship.
Preaelien BEV. H. JJ. Ill:
You mi' Invited
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nl I'mutln Muilled
Offices, Smelling and Refilling llevaituieut
I'urcliasi'rs of (Jold, Silver, Copper aud Lend Ores
1'rodui-ers of fluid, Sliver, Copper, Bluestone, I'l* l.cnil and
Zinc "TA1IANAC" Brand.
ii', n.n'ii::i, ,ii. ;■!,?,
I hursiliiy. .liny 11, 11)30
THE       I  K A N H It IM) K       HERALD
I' A I. E       FIVE
You save when you buy
You save when you bake
Baking Powder
Egg-0 Baking Powder Co., Limited, Hamilton, Canada
Death Valley Now
Being Made Safe
tiiliiiniiiilli- lliili in' Southern California I'inciiia Signs Tiirougltotil
I'm, 1.1,— n'nsle of Lund
School Reports   Government Sanctions New Policy
(Continued from l'age onel
Ward. Llllir.il  Lewis.    Lucll,   Herlc.
Leng Lee.
Honor Hull
Class  A. — -Marion  Kumuier. Mar-
I.esMutitill  ItH't'iillj   l'a*.*e,| Govern*
lllg Land Settlement Made Ki*
live l,y llrdir-ln-l 'ounrll
I iilt.lll.IVS  lliills
i. Iddlgostl  Irrllnlilllty mul do-
ibIoii, which nro tlte more common
 ion Hun tin- iiilil bath ii. nm iiK-
iii- Willi ii child.
illy ii I'liynlclnn, iu tin- I Ion Dull
Mull I
li Im . I >i    i rlslioil 11 mill ton .      .      .      .
uiii.iiig   Kui'lhli peoplo Hun llioy lake     ,\.* n k.. 'nl  rule Hi.   warm bath
|| dally inul lend as n Italian, wo is tiio more luciuraful  nml may bo
mny In- miIJy proud,of Uu  imi Mn i, kill)    wllhout nny   possible
i ' i""' ii"i"i Importnl is ni  I,;,,.,,, by nonrly nil chiidroni tho i	
life is llmi "iilunnllnoan Is noxl in god-  imlnl of n-liioti iu Im nsaurod is thai
llliosa." till   linlli is mil mn hol,   and lur ull.
Tin- dally imiii ilnis being Hn- her- excepting vory young babies, u tem-
IliiBO whicli wo Intend lo hand down  poruture of 1)0 dogross C. is hot un-
 ' chllilron, Hi.- iiuoslU-n Is auine- ongli.
ii s cousldorod by more thoughtful     Tiio linlli shonlil In- tnken profern-
paronls  whon   clilldroti  should  take bly in tho morning; the only point In
tbelr liniiis. mul «li. Hi,.r thoy should hivor of tin. ovoning Imili is Hint it
In- Inn nr cold, inr thoro aro *u -li is often n  illslinctly soothing fnctor
ndvocntos of both. Iln Inducliigalcep In norvoits, restless
In my opinion, ns ii result of consid- children,
erulilo oxporlonce, Uu- dally bath may     There un- smiic mothers who bathe
easily become n fetish in u household, their children  both morning anil ov-
iinil by giving iho wrong kind of bath onlng, but this Is unnecessary mul nut
to Individual children,    grenl    liarmjat nll advisabio.
may even ho done.' ,    There nre two simple additions tn
Tliis system nl' linn! nml I'nsl run- Hie usual tint ti routine whicli my ex-
tino in  Hie  mnttor nr bntlts  is one perlenco has proved   tu be very val-
whlch is in ho deprecated, tor with-  liable aids to health In sickly and ner-
otfi doubt, many a child's constitution  votts children,
has been damaged ns a resuli ni It.        Plrst. u daily douche of eold water
There nre many children, I'm- ex-'lg given in the following wny. Tim
ample, whn ure quite iiusniieil for child is made tu stand up in the
eold butlis. mul for these il is highly wurin. .bath nnd before drying the
dangerous in persfsl In shell severs child u sponge full of cold water is
treatment, especfnily if the baths nro'applied to"the bend, so thai tlie whole
followed hy such  symptoms us bliig-| body   receives u iloilche of cold wnl-
[ l,us Aim. les. Cal ■ Death Vulley,
once Hie terror ui the traveller in tho
southwest mul tlie lasi rostiug place
uf many eurly ilny prospectors, is being made sin', tor <ravel, both dny
mul night.
This  erstwhile  barrier  tu  human
progress hns I n conquered by ihe
automublle. lis trai Lies.- waste of
sand im-- boon signposted md ii* hiil-
oil. Nm content j-lth merely niuk-
[ng iho desert easy lo cross tur irnv-
ollors in daylight, the Anlomoblle
riiili m' Southern California is going
farther mul is placing signs in . m-li
a in,i ir that tl,,- rays uf the headlights from passing i iiiuos win full
upon them, nml guidi tbo night tourist ns sui'el viiiul surely ns thu day
The All! ..i.i!.- I'lull nlsn will signpost nil lateral routoa nf the famous
Death Valley district Included in the
signposting being done will bo a complete sei uf road simis diroctiug tourists in picturesque Calm Canyon, on
the edge ut Hu- deserl - one nf the
moat unique spins in the world. This
oasis Iii the sandy wastes is tu be
made u nutionn] monuuienl hy the
govornhienl       .        ..-»
or. Immediately after Hie douche
lho child is imt back I'm- n moinonl
Into the still wnrin wnter nud then
briskly rubbed, so Hint the skin glows.
The tonic effect of this typo of bath
is extraordinary
The second treatment which Is uf
value Is ihe use nf suit water instead
uf frosli fnr tho bath. Supplies of sou
sub ure obtainable from nny chemist
or store, nnd ilie saline water has n
wonderfully good effect nn children in
every wny.
nurot  Murdock.  Dan   Tlruke,  Margat-I
et Willis.    Phyllis Thompson. Harry j    Victoria, B.C. — Cnder tlie provis-'
Heise. Ions of the legislation passed by the'
('kiss li. -  Jean Mcl'hee. Kathleen -Legislature  providing  for the reor-
Hendersoii,    Robert    McCabe.   Mary j conization   of   Hip   Land Settlement
Genest, Naomi Pow. Cordon Rnnklns, I Board, the Government has approved,
Perfect Attendance by ordor-iii-coimcll    the abolition of.
Jack Atchison, llirtbul Benson. Dau the board iu lis  present constituted
llruke,  Marion  Carr,  Loralne rranc, '• turns     The new policy to be pul to-
Ceorge    Pfenning,   Walter   Fanning,■ to operntion will, it is Imped, result,
Mnry aenest, Hurry Heise, Kathleen I In  closer  co-operation  between   the
ll lor.nii, ii,urge Kemball,   Ernest Land Settlement Branch mid ihe De-
Kennedy,    Marian Km r.    itoliert . parlmeilt of Agrleiiliure.
McCabe, Kaililecn MoPnrlane, Ida Under tho hew arrangement Col. B.
Mcarogor, -loan McPhee, (Jeorge Pel- i>, u-ivies, hitherto one of the direction, William Price, Cordon Rnnklns, ora of lhe hoard, will be .superintend-.
Mnry Robertson, Marian Williams, ent directl ryesponalble to Hon. I-:. D.
John Motcalf, Margaret Murdock, | Barrow, I.Mnlster of Agrlculturo, nud
' tlirough hlin to Hie cabinet. The sys*
■. 4-1 u-m of a tMiard of directors collective-
75.95 ly responsible for the carrying Into
effect of tlie land .seltlcinent and col-
Crane, onlzatlon work will be done awa*
Hilly Cameron, Kathleen Dezall, Har- witii and the existing directors will
ry Fanning. Ileorge Pum, Helen ibe allotted lo districts, for each of
llch-e. Margarel Henderson. Mary I which one director will be responal-
Hiiehcroft. Hobble .McDonald, Donald I ble. and all recommendations from
McDonald, Unmet Patmore, Wilfred such district representatives will he
Pocock. Joan Pow. Mnry Rnnklns, made to the superintendent, who,
Nellie Snkiigiichl. j wllh tho Minister,     will  pass  upon
I such and report to the cablnpt.    by ■
:fs j which final action will be taken.
Mei.nif, Margarel Murdock
Nn. Attondlng 	
Perfect Attendance
Mildred    Bridges,   Ardell.
No. lin nil led  	
Percentage of Attendance   Sd.is
Perfect Attendance
Pauline Bowness. Lloyd Burgess,
Lillian Dale -luck Parrel, Joseph Ue-
nesi. Gene Ingham, Margaret Lus-
eonibc. Mattie Maharg, Bernlcp McDonald, Florence Pnttlnson, Arthur
Kakiigiiehi, George Stephenson. Alex.
Willinms, Allien llcdqulii. Hah Hong.
Honor Roll
Class A. —■ Arthur Htikaguehi, Geo.
Under this new .system It is ex-1
peeted thut the administration of the
work will be carried on more cflici-
ently and expeditiously curried on under the authority or the Lund Settlement und Development Act. the incus-,
ure under which tho hitherto existing Land Settlement Board has been
operating since the present Government took ofllce. and hy which lhe Agricultural Credits Commission, named
Stephenson,      Margaret     I.useombe, 11, ;.,!,„ f„r.„-,r Government, was wlp*
Senators View Great ,C.P.R. Works
Tho Hun. Smeatoo White was the
!.• st ul .in tnturesttng party to the
CI' it Angus Shops at Montreal re-
i ir.y. in the party wore Hou. Qid-
t- ;n Itobertsen, Minister of Labor;
luii. Hewitt Uo.stock, leader of the
Opposition in the Senate; and Senates V.'iiiuu^liljy, Turrltf, Suhaffner,
Kowler, Bennett, Murphy, Pisher,
Ululn. McMuaus, Wataon and Proud-
toot, uud Major Jolin Ba»sutt aud Mr.
AiU.ur Htnes. The object of the
r.sli was to further acquaint the
Senators with the great industrial
tlt^t-hjpmeiit iu the Province of Quebec They witg met at the shops by
the offlclflla iu charge of these great
i'lit* party wero escorted through
Uie worka, spi'iiding over two bonra
to Inopoct only a portion of this
fcitui piuiit. l-*irst they visited the
iii..M-n.-.e locomotive works and the
organisation and details were explained. 'I'di'ii they saw the salvage
p:-iiit that turns what was formerly
 i.d ami lost materia) into a valu-
if J. a.'.nct. Thoy also inspt*cted
lha passenger anil fn*ij;lit our works,
Un* offlcoe, ambulance and dining
halls, it waa a sploodld cducatMn
ii t'anad'an Industrial development,
snd the Sotiatora expressed their a*-
1 'i.  ii nl at lhe size ot lhe works
ami li.ti efQclent organisation. They
ail agreed that ow lrKislators kIumiUI
i. i.-.o evory opportunity tn fumillar-
• c themselves with Canada's in-tliu*-
il Iii
ni   i.
■ .4..    Vifilh  ill. a
present when the
! fur tuxm mid it j
big-ht t<» r\oo thel
plo;   '':'■ rtriMniinR
Homo conception :
uf this I'lilerprisej
',.... pod   I'rniii   tho   sl.Tt.isl lea I
i.i' ;ci'.i of iln- works is
a, nud iiiiini'i'r i»r employ0f« j
ml pay-nill of $12,-
i vo railway simpa
.ti.' tlw largfHt in !
r.'i.'l. in tlir world.!
I ilicteiii-v,
llohortson, Minis-I
. ii.'.-iiiv Intnroat'jd.
;ni:    "it is uloven
vi- been hero and;
mpiy amiuting.
vi 11 in ii Dale. Dernice McDonald
Class B. — Albert Ikdqulst, Florence I'attinson, Mattie Maharg, Joseph Genest, (ieue Ingham, Alex Williams, Pauline RowneKs.
I'hiss ('. — Mali Hong, Jack Parrel,
l.lnyd Hitrgess.
Number Unrolled   40
Per cent, attendance   79.20
Perfect Attendance
Qeorgo AtchiHon, Hazel Clapp. Billy Crawford, James Huchcroft. Archie
Leitch, Raymond Lu scorn be, Donald
Mi-Cube. Oralle McCabe, Bertie Pel-
ton. Hilda Robinson.
Pupils  Enrolled 	
Percentage of Attendance ..
Perfect Attendance
Jessie    Cassldy,
Vnel  Ciithrie.   Bill;
Hedquist, Rolwrt McGregor, Buth Mc
Kownu. N'nncy McCrindle, Bohby Mtiir-
lund,      Murray Ronibougli,    athteen
Shepherd. Edith Walker.
Honor (toll
ed out of existence.
Under the previous system the directors, while assigned to certain dls-'
tricts, yet constituted together the
board and at staled periods meetings
were held at whieh all plans for settlement were considered and reeom-1
meiidjitions thereon passed tn go
through the Minister to the Cabinet..
It was a system that was not conducive to prompt action,    and the new
stetn^wlll permit of greater central-
For rosy cheeks,
happy smiles, white
teeth, good appetites
and digestions.
Its benefits are as GREAT
as its cost is SMALL!
It satisfies the desire for
sweets, and is beneficial, too.
Sealed Tight     Kept Right
wwhwbu'v -Avmm
Ization In the work, it is hoped.
Colonel  Halves is the third    to be'
named  head  of the   land  settlemeltj
work of the  Government  since the
J branch was created iit 191". Mr.;
39  Maxwell  Smith  wns the  first  chair-!
"  man of thc  Unnd Settlement Board.
I but lie was ousted ln  191S and bin'
Ruth    Fanning, I I)la(.e wafl takcn b>. Mr< Mi H   Nel-'.
Harrison. Arnold |elns> one 0( the directors.     Mr. Nc-i
lenis resigned two months ago. following pointed criticism In the Legislature of the work of tbe board, and
I since that time   Colonel. Davles   has
I been   nominally   in charge pending
Class A.   -  Bobby Mulrhead. Billy  the reorganization scheme which, as!
HarriBOn, Kathleen Kdmonson. i authorized  by  legislation   parsed  at'
Class B. - Nancy McCrondle, les-  broHKht mto operation.
s'(' Cnssidy. | t    .      - ...._.  |
Kathleen Shepherd. Ruth
iwiRMKiti   mi vs pun:  BRRD
Nine head nf registered Shoniuirn
cattle were recently impotrpd into th.*
Invermere district and bought up by
farmtri there. With these and otlier
good animals as a nucleus >or.ie dairy
bonis of i|iiality will likely soon be-
conte a feature of the farm in e actl-
vities of the Ijike Windf-rniere district.
Among: tho Machined at the Anjru* Shops.
I am glad l * .uu.'. I had no appnt-
elation nf tho immensity of the en-
to, pi isc. Whal moat Impressed me
etmfl iho wonderful nfflcloncy of the
i mployooa I never saw ;t l Idle
Man mnl l believe each wan striving
(o gut> a fair day's woi u. 1 am glad
H>- relation hip between ibe com-
i-aiiT ami   ; - cinploynoa is of such a
itmilal  ihaiatl.-;"
Hon, Hew iti Bos toes also was
i'l-,,;' inters ttctl and Appreciative nf
thin Industrial dovelopmonl and said:
"Onp thinks of the (.Hitadian Part-
I.- ItdilWS] a ; a groat Lrun-vimrla
I ..i.i mi >pany with roprosentatlvos
in til ihn Iraportunt cculres of the
world, ni canitol rcolish until thoy
* il thu Nii'in sIh.mis, the amnunl
e.'i ut.i linn mi mill innnagomenl roil "ti l to ki i i tha rulllug nthck, mid
I ■ . ; ... n. rally, up io date am!
i i i:i -' fie ''l : stftto of repair. Whiliil
thpse Blm] : aro tlie principal :-hops
u. Ui.* railway they are by no means
(.',• nu'/ uhnpj whQTU ri'-palrs are
I,1 i. • On | "iu: Ibe lueomottvp
I..:.; i j iii"    .. t   tiling   to attraot
II ■>   .   .    •! DO   «ii   the   jKirlv   was   ttie
I   , i.'..ii.i <;<    lit)   ton *.  transporting
I ly'.i I'd I nllr-r ol' mi engine to
i •. place, lo bs placed intu the bogey
iMii *;■'.!, ' Wo realized tbat   every
I.i t mac
lerial tin
Ottttlllg t:
llll.'   •■>:■.
ulr whei
in tbe 11
"One *
,re  wii
nslul tin
Imndllns tha nui-
i Konomlcally. Tho
•.I ::• done by ncety-
i WflliUng bv eleo-
igh Hie shops ill
Kid by compressed
Ihlo, and the nolsa
nhnp is il.'iifniing.
i Mjslem.
the i losl iiolieealile things
i In whicli Ihn scrap Is
'tlto vome'liilig useful. In
ihe wheel nl' the band
i fielvht car was being
rt Hie wltool of a wheel-
DM pipe Is ttiiule into tlie
of farm gates, showing
mnl careful iminn(tumnnl
>.* Into every del all, and
..uui iu rinding
Wl nli li'-' necn niii-t-,.-.mul ut iiuv-hi
Alaucn uni valy tor eil ths r«turnfd
men who worked iu the shops heforr
serrlntf'al ihe front, but for many
others who had not worked for the
'■"unpsiny before, the policy or the
management being to kivp a preference to the returned Boldier.
"Al thc comim-memem of ihe wa.r
BOtne nf the shops were given up to
making amintiniliou Hnd were the
ttrst to turn out brass shell cases for
ihe Imperial Munitions Hoard, a numlier of women being employed for
'his work, bin as soon iu- tt was pontile to set thc supply of ammunition
elsewhere the transfer In repair
work was made aa quickly a* possible, as  large  arrears  nf  work   had
to be overtaken,
"The whole lone of lhe shops and
thu way that lhe work was befni:
inrm-d  on  bcRpiikc   a  good    nndei
standing and en operation between
ibe men ami tbe management. Due
would go ;i long war before seeiir: a
mon- active body of mrn than those
wlio eame off work al mum, largely
due, no doubt, in ttie provision of
ample athletic grounds ami gtMiii ventilation throughout the works."
KHmlnnfloii »i Waste,
Senator George 1'nwlnr, of New
nrttnswlek. said :
"Personally, I had no idea of lhe
niiignitniln of lhe shops nor of
their perfection from the Industrial
:,land]i«>iiit. The pride, whicli I, as
lin Intense Canadiiui. have always
iilirn in having lu our country lhe
groatoid transportation system in ihe
world was ronsriderably Increased
when Ihis visit convinced me ihat
iis organization was about as near
jwrfnri.ion as the Inherent shortcomings of frail humanity can reach.
The most modern' machinery, lhe
most expert mechanics, with superb
organization can accomplish wonders, a statement proved by the work
performed nt tho AngUI Shops. We
saw under ihe name roof the repairs
io an insignificant car hinge;, tuid the
building of a magnificent engine kipcIi
as Stephenson In his greatest vii-ions
never dreamed of, nn engine weighing one hundred nnd seventy-five
tons and onpabln of huullng a train
of loaded ears en r a mile in length.
So perfectly tins the automatic prln-
elplb been developed in many of the
machines in ihe works tiiat thej almost seem to be sentient things and
i.-ipable or Hit'  expression  of  more
intelligent thought Hum Hut Bomr-
linics exhibited bv even a ,|u*te upon
Mm bench.
'•Another feature tlmlJttrV'**' *»e
was Uie almost perfect rl'nnnni.on nf
waste. Tho C.l'.U. imiti^ement Is
evidently n Htrong belle, r in Ihe
.old adage that, a puu-iy pnvtd la fc
least value is allowed to be wasted.
The shareholders of the great Canadian railway may rest conlont ihat
their money Is in safe hands and
that if thc present reasonable return
upon their investment te not maintained in the future It will uot be
through any fault of the present
"Yon cannot, however, perfect your
machinery, fail to reckon with the
human element and in that regard
what most roused my admiration was
the splendid spirit of loyaltj :-.hovn
by all officials of whatever grade
lowanls tbe cotfipany. With such
a spirit emanating with such a
magnificent organization,   and w'tli
lhe driving force possessed hy the
young ami vigorous president, the
continued progress of tin: company ia
-t.s.'.nrcd and   lhe glories of iis   past
will be far outshone by the magnificent triumphs of the future."
Impressed l»j Employees.
Senator W. II. Bennett, oniario,
was astonished at the gnat Industry
built up, and said:
"The visit of ihe parly was ntdat
Intoreallng ami profitable, Thai U«!
company was building such mammoth locomotives was ihe must  Im-
prosslvfi recollection of tlie trip,
while in finite another direction tne
evidences nf thorough   mul business
acumen, in   economic  managotnonl,
were manifest In tbe iMili;.;,t.on of
what would be considered :i:i sonp
by converting the same Into useful parts for new uuil*. The employment of Ibe great force of
D.tlOO men, at the Angus Shops wns
an evidence of ibe mosl striking k'nd
ot liie part played by the company,
not only in tbe transportation in-
teresUr.of Canada, but in lis Industrial life, The parly are nuttor deep
obligations for Senator While's kindness in giving tlintu ihe trip."
Senator Turriff, Saskatchewan,
snld: "I thought I bad somo conception of the C.P.R. efficiency end
mngnitudo, imt nn one cm properly
understand it until lie seen these
works. What Imprcnsotl me was the
line appearance of the employee!), I
never saw a more lntclllgcni bcriy of
Senator John Pisher wflp .'ii'n.ly
appreciative,    He wa   i n:-ti :,;i:>:rar.-
ed.with the salvage d pnrtmont, "I
HOW know," ho suid, "why t'i,- C, P.
It li a succesH, There Iti no wa.it©
'ui the system."
Mr. W. F. Wmiltl.'.n, roflH -uUng
Pnt.ildi-iit Uoaity, mat the party fit
i*he works and ou their rutin it tu tbo
v/indMir fUrouf Station Mr. Giant
Kail roiivuyud tu ttie pai t> tbo ap-
^iC tutlnii Ot  thu ci*..lp.i1.J   fur  thatff
viat. '
Canning. Robertina Miller.
Perfect  aitendance in Entrance
Evelyn Anderton, Gordon Armstrong. Lena Brogan. Alfred Fisher,
Albort Grady, Mae Kirkland, Helen Le-
clerc, Nellie Lewis, Jauit s Logan, Angus MaeUonald, Clyde Mackinnon,
Stanley Moffat, Reg. Parrot. Olive
Simpson, Sam Spiers, Agnes Sommervllle. Wclina Stevenson, Uay St.
Eloi, .lames Taylor, Jean Wilson, Gordon Woodman.
A  very pretty home wedding was
, solemnized Thursday afternoon at
i tie bride's home, when Miss Isabelle
Mulr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James
Thompson, was united In marriage to
Mr. Edward Longley. of Field, B.C.
Rev, H. M. Lyon, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, officiated. th( ceremony being witnessed by a few of the
relatives nnd most Intimate friends of
the young people.
Mrs. R. W. Edmonson officiated at
(lie pinno, rendering the wedding
march from Lohengrin as the bridal
couple entered the drawing room and
took their respective places, the bride
being iissisted by ber sister. Mrs. T.
, II. Duncan, Elko, und James Thompson, broiber of the bride, actlnc as
! groomsninn.
Tbe   bride   was attired in a navy
[ blue suit with gray georgette waist
and satin toque    and she carried a
1 pretty bouquet of pink and white car-
; uatinns.
Thc gift to the bride from the
bride groom was n diamond cluster
ring and to the matron of honor a
pendant, tho best man being presented" with a penrl stick pin.    The bride
; presented the groom with a gold tie
Mrs. J. Thompson, during the signing of the marriage register sang "0
Promiso Me," and nfterwards the
guests partook of a dainty wedding
[ supper.
i    Numerous  pretty    and substantial
' wedding presents wero received by
the newly married couple, the bride's
mnny frlonds lu Calgary and Letb-
hrldgo remembering her with gifts!
and letters and telegrams of congratulation.
Mr. and Mrs. i,ongley will reside
In Field, departing on the evening
train for that place.
Guests at tho wedding from outside
the city were Miss Anderson, Elko;
Mr, It. Llpton, Lethbrldge; and Mr.
and Mrs. Berble, Elko.
Un. Orem X >lai klnuou
l*bf«lciaos aud Surgfou*
Ofllce  at  residence.  Arm*jtr,mg
Forenoons     9.00 to 10 00
Afternoon*    *,\00 to   4.60
Evenings   7.3o to   8.Jo
Sundays      :'30 to   4 30
DR. P. li. MILKS
Office in Hauiun Block
9 to 13. am.
1   to    6   p.m.
Cain. II. Oray and Lieut. B. Thter-
stein. Officers.    Phone 263.
Sunday. — Mathers' Day. Mrs. J.
S. Taylor will speak at 7.30 p.m.
11 a.m. — Holiness meeting, ('apt.
Gray will speak.
Come to Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Monday. — Y. P. Meeting at 7 p.m.
Tuesday. — Teachers' Meeting at
7 p.m.
Thursday. — Home League Meeting
at 7.30 p.m.
D R . \\■. A . F V. K (i I E
<'aiii|ilifl|.Mannin)r Blue
Phone 97    -
OMre Heirs, • to ti; 1 to .". p.
runs, sWuarivAttoMn,
Kea.u<tllli( aud Repair. •
J.    I.    H I ( H ( K 0 »' 1
If It's Job printing you are In need
tif, telephone Die Herald and let our
solicitor call. We are et your service
witli an equipment second to none In
the Province. Bur at home aad help
make Qraabrook a Maju ttsj-
Efftrtlve Suaclaj, Ma) 2nd, l»*il
All standard sleeping cars, Trains 7 ■
and 8. between Montreal. Toronto and
Vancouver, will be resumed. First}
train from Montreal and Vancouver'
May 2nd.
Times for Trains al (rati.iro.il.I
will be:
No. 07. Dally, ar. 12.10; leave 12.20 p.m.
No. 08, dally, ar. 4.10 p.m.; lv. 4.20 p.m. |
additional train service between,
.CAtiCAnY, leaving Cranbrook 6.45
a.m. dally except Sunday.
For further particulars apply to any
Ticket Agent.
District Passenger Af ent,
1/1-10    _ Caltaqr.
K II IV I, A Ml   K I V <i
MINING kni;inki:k
Vlre-I- resident
Tlie r. M. Kassett Co., Inr
Engin, ers. .Metallurgists
Chemists, Assayers
Laboratory Supplies
MMM-ill-ilS   Hull  Sire,I
Phone IM
Norhurj Ave, aesl In I'll; Hall
lehL Frame, Prat,
Freak Bread. Cakes, Plea
ami I'aslrj
Phone 17
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Job Printing
Herald Office
GKT THAT 01.11 HOl.'.SK
THAl'T TO BI 11.11 VOL' A
' Clarke &
Phone 79 or 171     P.O. Boi sua
Montana Keslauranl
Heal, al All Hours
I Iran, I Ifarette. end land;
Opposite tht Bank of Commtrcs
KiiuleiiH) (iranlle A Mun*
umental Co., Ltd.
Ueiieral Ston. Contractor, aud
Monumental Work.
Front SL, Nel.on   P. 0. hel sili
i three i--r i.o. .
1 .llli^  ■.,>■,'."    Mj
Iln) i
.fprice   'im-,,,,
■.I i.i
". W-tailwrinet
t,,r Serve nml BrainilncreaMi "grey mttler1 i
a rom'- will 1<nilil)uii up jiu nox.oi i wo rot
ifi, nt drugstore! orbynwHonrerelpi .,i pii.v
Vhb so-hKi.i. j.xii.cii. si Cmharlnei,Ontario.
HEPATOIjA removciiOall Stones
corrects Appendloltli In 24 hours
without pain, Heglfftered under
I'ure Food and nrug Art.   $6.00
Sule Mmiufirturer
MKH.    ftfeO.    S.    ALMAS
B»\ 107.1 tlto UU Km. 8.
UiD tUM HBULU, ** 1 IIAB ■Alii: six
I'HE      CKA N HltlMIK       HE U ALII
Thursday, May (I. 19-JII
A tenant in loul. after and farm a hay anil cattle
ranch, Bltuatetl mi iln- Kootenay River near Sand Creek,
consisting nf :i"ii acres, loi) acres improved, good dwelling house ami other buildings,
I'm' lull particulars apply to
BEALE .'. ELM I'l,I,       *       - CRANBROOK, B.C.
Aiuusi-ntt'iit l'ur Kxcellence
Illlli.V & smillHl
II.  IV. IMill I I'I'llS
With   LILLIAN   lilSII
Also Comedy
Marion  llnvies
"OHEAT li A11 III.I."
Episode Two.
on titled
-lie Lends oilier Fellows"
Marguerite Clark
Topfes of llu- May
llrltlsh. I'll tilt ll III II I'litlle Ni-us
Over tbe Cea dips
Insure with I3enle a- Blwell.
+   +   +
Cleveland Wheels for .sule at Doz-
ults Oarufie.    One ot the best wheels
made.     Call and see ua, 4-29-1
+   -I-   +
Thus. South landed u ulci rcvoii-
pound salmon In Premier Luke Sunday id- and Boh Moffatt wenl mil
ti> i'li'iiilir Uilte again yesterday lo
try tholr luck, The boys are ci rlaiu-
ly gotliiiR the fever rigid now.
Life Saving Girl Guides niaken u
quusi-Iimuorous attempt as follows:
'"Now thai iiu town ta supposed to be
bone dry life saving is u most ihiiely
function, wo Hike It."
-I-   -I-    Y-
Tbe  Krast-r Construction  Company
ii ri erecting a now conl chute for the
c. r  it at Vahh station.
+   +   +
Brickwork on tbo new Bcnttto-
Nobla building on Baker Street lias
ftilvancod sufficiently to allow a start
to be mail.- mi the woodwork iliis
+   +   -t-
Clevolaml Whoi Is for Bale nl Dm*
all's Uarage.    One of Uio best wheels
in..de.     Call and aeo us. -1-20-1
+    -r-    +
Wliothor there is nu y to be made
at trapping ran he aeen from the fact
ihat u Is reported that a fur buyer In
tliis city recently bdught up ;i number
of marten pelts, mon: than llfty In all,
from two trappers, nud paid an average of*$(10 a piece for the lot.
+    +    +
Tin' Methodist Voung People's Society are staging a debate this evening lUVdnesdayi taking a subject
Unit In these days of equal rlghtB agitation is sure to briun out n flood of
oratory; "Whether nun or women
have played tho greaj-or part in history,"
+    -I-    +
Clovolnnd Wheels for sale at Detail's Garage, Ono of tho bent wheels
made, • Call and see us. 4-29-1
-I-    +   +
.\ crew of iiv* or six men with Foreman John Hamilton in charge are
making igood progress with the rock-
work   oti   the   Fort   Steele   road,   near
Indian Plata, a few miles out of
Cranbrook,      Some bod turns in the
| road are being blasted down, and the
result of the work should lessen considerably the dnngor of accidents in
thai  vicinity.
-.- + +
The chief of Police intimates
through an advertisement In this ls-
sno that cyclists iu future must desist from trespassing on tlie sidewalks.in the city, and it is proposed
to deal with any luckless culprits who
I are caught continuing iho practice us
i ..\ 'the civic bylaw In this regard directs,
The flBhlng season has found ninny Pedestrians have enough to do dotlg-
followers of the streams out nnd n(Mn« ntilomoblles In tbe roud without
It, but tho conditions are not snld to having to nratcli out for cyclists on
bi very good for the spout. Even al I"1-' sidewalks.
the famous Slocan Pool, west of Nol- +    +    +
-on. the llsbonnen    there linve had I   s " members of llu committee in
Mt*y poor luck.
+   +   +
A piano is bolng purchased for the
high s.-hool. and will very shortly be
cburgo of arrangements for Cranbrook's mounter Victoria May celebration linve been \istttiig nearby
points iu the Interests of Hint event,
ved. The students are puttlng|antl "'.ose places can be depended upon a concert nnd dame in the Parish i"11 '" furnish their quotas for the
Hall Friday evening to raise some hordo of visitors who are going to
funds to i'o inwards the purchase of make Cranbrook their Mecca for thai
lhe   nislriiimiit
+     +     +
Tlie Creston Review in taking note
of the organization of the Cranbrook
day. Some estimate tbe crowd there
will be here that day nt 5,000, hut thut
may he a moderate estimate — wait
and see.
Bicycle Week
May 3rd to 8th
our second Blllpmotll of llinh tirade ('. ('. M.
"MASSEY" nml "ItWl BIRD" llll VI LKS just   in.
The Bicycle Hint doesn't pal its head off in repair hills is the one for yours.
m      *      m      ■*      ■*.
The AuRtralinn Army Cycle Corps were outlined
with Maasey Blcyclea, which s|it>nl<s volumes for the <iual-
ilics of Iliis machine.
v.        •»        »       ia        *»
Both Ladies' and Gents' Models
<#.   <*.   <#
— vonis nut a simn —
Patmore S^
II. \V. Drew, Klmberley. wae here
the lirst of the week.
.1.  M. Costly and  wife. Bull   IUvm*.
were here last week-end.
\V. W, Cottlugbam,    Wycllffe, was
here Monday on business.
F, M, McMahon, was here tbe Ilrsl
if tin- week from Kimberley.
IO. J. Sylvester, Moyie. was among
1st week-end's visitors ta the euy.
liy w
nd Mrs. II. Brewer and fiun-
i lien* Monday from  Vancou-
Siauley Keinbell has been as Nelson the guest of Mr.'and Mrs. .less
.lohn Noble, wlio has been nt the
Coast attending school, is back iu ihe
city for the Iioliilays.
Sperry Phillips, who has been attending school at thc ('oust, has arrived home for the holidays,
han Bnrretl has gone to Rovelstoke
where he will take up his work as
Hit man on that division.
Noble (Jammon, a former Oranbrook
fireman, of the C. P. ll., was here
this week visiting his brother,
Vincent Fink has arrived home
from the B. C. University at Van-con-
vor where he has been attending
I. II. Dills and Captain ('. II. Rodgers,  interested  in  mining on   Wild
Horse ('reek,
the week.
were  litre  the  first of
11. Lemarclie, whose font was badly
bruised at the Klmberley mine, Is
progressing nicely at the St. Eugene
Mrs. Oeorge Thompson, of Gold
Creek, accompanied by her children,
is a visitor In the city at the home of
her mother.
Mrs, W. K. Worden. daughter Hel-1
en aud son Ernest, who have been
on nn extended visit to California, j
have arrived borne.
Miss Irene Beech, of lhe srffTf of the
Royal Hank of Canada, left Monday
ovoning for Lethbrldge to spend a
tew days with friends. i
Ed. Brown departed for Sirdar Mon- j
day where be met Carl Mackay, ami
the two will make calls at the sever-,
nl towns between that point andj
Cranhrook en route home.
Cordon Sutherland, a Cranbrook
old-timer, of the C'.IUt. passenger department, was here on a visit this
week*. Mc Sutherland was at one
time chief despatch er here.
\V. M. Archibald, mine manager of
the consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company of Canada Limited, arrived
from Hossland Monday evening and
went direct to the Sullivan mine of
tlie Company at Kimberley on business,
M. P. Wethernld. former manager,
of the Hex Theatre here, accompanied
by Mrs. Wet herald, have departed
from Nelson for Vernon, wliere Mr.
Wotherald hus taken over the management of the moving picture house
E, 0. Montgomery, superintendent
of the big Sullivan mine of the Consolidated Mining and Smeltng Com-
Company of Canada. Limited, at Kimberley. who has been in the oast on
a visit of several weeks to his old
home, has arrived back. He was accompanied by Mrs. Montgomery and
their little daughter, who have been
guests of Mrs. Montgomery's parents
In Toronto for some time.
It. M. MaeuulUy. mining engineer
on Ibe staff of the Conosolldatcd Mining and Smelting Company of Canada. Limited, who bas been acting as
superintendent of the Sullivan mine
during the absence of Supt. K. O.
Montgomery, who has been in the
east on a vacation trip, departed for
his Hosnlnnd home Saturday.        He
Joined Mrs. Macaulley and their llttlo son here, who have been in Toronto, the guests of Mrs. Mneaulley's
A. 0, Blaine is nursing a ease of;
Jack Taylor, of Moyie, was a visitor here last week-end,
A, C. Bowness will depart today for'
Swift Current on a business trip.
Mrs. McMahon of Kimberley, left
yesterday for a short visit to Spokane.
B. (*. Montgomery, superintendent
of tbe Sullivan Mine at Klmberley,
was here on business Wednesday.
A. H. Mncdouald, barrister, who hat-
been at tbe Coast and Spokane on professional business, arrived home lust j
Mrs. William Curd and little daughter, Barbara, from Vancouver, nre the
guests of Mrs. Curd's ulster, Mrs.
Stanley Hill tlopartotl Sunday for
Hossland where lie will assist his father in moving tbe big stock of staple
dry goods which Mr. Hill purchased
there recently, lo Cranbrook,
-V A. Walllnger departed WVilms-
duy for Yahk, where he went to represent tbe government in making selection of lots for the government In
the new townslte there, IU returned last night,
Miss Esther Ilium and Blng Wo. a
Chinese merchant from Lethbrldge,
were married at the hoiiu of Mr. and
Mrs. A. A. Mackinnon last Wednesday afternoon. Hev. li. M. Lyon, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, performing Hie wedding ceremony, after
which a wedding luncheon was served the guests, among whom were the
young ladies or Knox Church, the
bride being admired greatly by them.
IN fi I- It SO 1, I,
are scarce but we are fortunate in having a good
assortment hi all grades.
Plain and luminous dials.
Buy an 1NCEHSOLLand
save your good watch for
Sunday best.
Mr. M. A. Beak has recently Join
ed the large army of auto enthusiasts
acquiring recently u pretty now sev-
en-paBsonger cur.
POR SALE, — Superb Everbearing
Strawberry Plants. LOO plants post
paid $6.00. Monrad Wlgen, Wynndel,
B.C. 0-5-21
Make   every   day   "Chan   l'p
FOR SALE. — Superb Everbearing
Strawberry Plains. 100 plums postpaid $5.00. Mon rod Wlgen, Wynndel.
B.C. ti-r.-L'i
Phone li.
j    Carpet weaving loom in perfect order*, instructions for use given.
To be sold nt a bargain as we wan1,
the room. n,
Dorothy piano, condition good :'s
new; grand tone; the greatest bar
gain ever offered.
Korr Piano, perfect tone, $250.
Iron frame., jusi the thing for learner, $125.
WANTED. — Small furnished house,
part of house or furnished rooms.
Apply Herald Offleo,
The Methodist church Ladles' Aid
Society will hold their next regular
monthly meeting on Tuesday after.-
noon next. May 10th, at the home of
Mrs. W, H. Wilson. Fenwlck Avenue.
at :t p.m.
Two little tots, reported lost to the
pollco Tuesday, wore located by Chief
Adams and his men and restored lo
tlieir anxious parents. One of the
little ones was sitting on the curb
near tlie post office playing with some
small lilts or rock and having a good
The regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute- was held In tit**
Parish Hull, on Tuesday. May It';.
Hev. Mr. Lyon gave a very Interesting lal okn Ceorge Eliot's book "Rom-
olii," Mrs. Art. Wallace sang very
pleuslngjy, responding to an encore.
Altogether a very Interesting afternoon was spent.
llfduf-fi Hint Iluebear — H.C.I,.
whom: vi: 1.1.0w corn
—ttt l,o«,'sl Prl«'»
Those whose fancy leans towards
the te rpsiehordenn cannot complain
that tholr wants have not been plentifully catered to of late. On Thursday evening of last week a new series Parish Hall dance tock place. Fri-
dn yllie usual weekly was held at the
G. W. V. A. headquarters. Monday
following the Lyceum performance of!
tbe Old Fashioned Girls at the Audit.!
orium a dance was also held. There
may have been some in between, but!
we ask to be excused for overlooking
nny such.
HOUSE FOR SALE. - Eight, rooms,
furnace heated; sewer connections
and bath room; concrete basement,
etc. Terms cash. Apply Mrs. tleo.
LoltCll. 5-C-4t
WANTED—To communicate with parties having telephone poles for sale
for quick delivery. .1. T. McCOOL,
11 Black Block. Reglnn, Sask.
KEYS FOITXD..— Hunch  of keys.
Owner can have same by calling at
Herald Oflic* and paying for this ad.
I 5-C-2t
Prize winners at Vancouver. New
Westminister and Nelson. %.'• per
setting of IE. Apply at the Herald
olllce. 415-4t
Ijocated two miles East of the city
' Cheap for cash. Oood frame bouse
and chiken houses, outbuildings
and burn, Oood well nnd B^tngsr
at door. All cleared. Apply at thei
Herald ofllce. 4-l»-4t |
.liens. price--, uu application: reus,
ounl.le.   Hox Illtl, hu-*|,i, B. V.
2-19-81 :
Rugs . . .
have limn been considered the mosl sanitary and
artistic rugs mi the market,
They arc ho well known thai wo need mn
dwell nn Ihelr merits
A  largo Blltpmoill   Iuik just  arrived and  am
now mi display in tin- furniture department.
This shipment contains mostly all new patterns, the most beautiful that have been produced,
lit) of Crnnlir.iok
Tha rlUlun nf blcyclea on ihe sitl.--
vr-dlts In thi- city having bocome »
common practice notlco Is hereby j-lv-
fcii thai name Is .strictly iirohlblied.
and ottenders caught continuing the
practlco will bo proBecutoil.
By onlor,
Chief ol Police.
Cranbroott, 11.1'.,
April RO, 11,20 (l-S-rit
I *■ * -I -j 1> i- * *> -I' ♦ *■ -!- i ■-.■ ••- i> ♦ ♦
♦ <♦♦»♦♦♦♦*<» •!- ■•• » * •». » «
AID SOCIETY. — Regular meeting,
Tuesday afternoon, .May n, nl the
home of Mrs. IV. II. Wilson.
In the City Hall, this city, May lr,.
; CITY COUNCIL — Meets in regular spssion nn Tuurstlny ovi nliis. May
111, ln the eity hall.
RKX THBATRE—Oooil program all
during the week.
loll SALE. — Limited quantity of
Strawberry Plains. Monrad Wlgen.
Wilindel. B.C. 0-5*2t
Cleveland Whcela fur sale at Pez.-
hII's Garage. Ono of the best wheels
mudo.     Call and see ns
Kurtipeau RatllHli-ld* Vour, emi-
dneled b) llu- He,. Itoberl Ruche,
kusln, 11.1. I'arly h-me*. In July; re.
luruN end uf August, t Imilurs mi
application. I-I-.M
Rl'.AI) TIIK IIKKU.II. *'!.0ll  t VI'All
Marlon Davles waa never better In
lier lire. Ah Mary, tlie starred character in "Getting Mary Married." lior
latest Select Picture, which can be
i-een ut the Ilex Theatre on Monday
and Tneodny, she is sniierl). Full nr
the Joy and levity of youth, slif. pran-
l-es through the picture like a beautiful, bright sunbeam. She is human
splendidly portraying the restlessness
and gaiety uf youth, which continually looks for some means of utterance.
Step-daughter of ihe ultrn-arlato-
crude .lohn Biissard, every natural
girlish impulse is stumped as bad
form aud lliiHsiird will 1101 penult her
to havo any friends or associates until sin- becomes a I rue Hussard.
Luckily for hor. before she has tlie
opportunity to become a tried and
trusted member of lhe Hussard family, her step-father dies. She thinks
she has at hmt attained her freedom,
but when the will is read she le.irus
that Kite inhcrlU Ihe entire fortune
on tho condition that she goes to live
with his family — the Hnssards of
Boston — for one year to acquire a
llttlo more polish, She decides not
to ro hut circumstances arise whtdfo
force her once again to hear Ihe
brunt of aristocracy.
The picture is excellently directed
by Alien Dwau and the caste is a
splendid oue. Norman Kerry plays
opposite Miss DavlOS, No better Marlon Davies picture' has ever been
seen upon tho screen.
Let us supply you with your next
counter sales books. We have a complete line and prices are us low ns
tbe oui oftnwn fellow will give you.
The Oranbrook Herald.
If you want news while It uews,
subscribe for Ut Herald.
,nii;-iimmTimryirimmB3ngggj-gEgmgdn-jjfijJBC ' - flfc-'SrT ~^L,r fclT ■gUUTTgil.-iX jl t-BSWJJWMfl
We have the largest and most varied slock in town - suitable
tor St. Joseph's Creek or Premier I-ake.
Ol'R   MR.   COUTTS   WII.I,   FIX    YOI'    UP
along nml get  pictures of some of tlie Attest scenery In tlie world.
PRESCRIPTION*). — Mr. Agnew, onr new Manager, will give them bis
prompt and personal attention.
Ull)  I'liniie ; I
MkIiI I'biinc L'lH
AM,  MAM,  (lillll IIS  PROMPTLY   A ITF.MII.il   I'll
If Jim are in Ihe out-ol-toH'll district, drop us a teller ur curd and
uuy thing ynu want In our Hue nlll lie seal liy return mall nr express.   IVe give speclul attention'In uut-nf-tonu orders.
OUR SIMiAY 11(11 US ARC I lo u P. M. and S to » P. M,


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