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Cranbrook Herald Jan 4, 1912

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Array ■A*.
In tha Herald Pays—Try.
Our   Local  Column.
10c. a Una
We are well  cquiiSr**-«i
turnout the best class
of work
NO. 1
Whilst   (hr Iota) salt's of Ilu- Motin-I
tain iinll'.    (1111111*;  Itn*  |>atit   twelve
months slightly exceeded tin- lotul of|
tin* preceding   yonr,   prices   ranged
aboul ti.r.n por M. less.     Tlio total
sales   approximated 100,000,000 (cot,
and their is on limitl ai the Mountain
mills si mi. i   200,000.000 root,     aboul
30,000,000   foot    more    than al      the
clOBO of HMO.     The Chid eaiise of Unpractical   demoralization of llie market during the   latler half     of      the
past year was the (lumping of Amiri-
ran lumber of low gi.nl,* al lefts tliani
cost   on the   prairie market, thereby|
making   it impossible for the Mountain   manufacturers  to sceuro      an
even break on anv   sales   they   made
of   this   class of material.   American
competition  wns not felt so far    as
the higher      grades of manufactured
lumber    were   concerned, the    home
(American)   market being    able    to
take    care   of  all the   upper grades
Recent reports from Ottawa Indicate that the government propose in
enforce strictly tin customs regulations governing the Importation cf
rough lumber and if this prove to In*
the case, an equitable measure of
protection will Ik* provided tho moun-
' tain iiiillmen, which should prove a
valuable stimulus to business. The
prospects ft r a heavy demand for
lumber from lhe prairies during 1912
are extremely favorable antl if a stop
In* put to tlu* dumping (if American
rough lumber iu the prairie market,
the Mountain mills should be kc|H
busily employed supplvtng demands
Not-able features of lhe past year
mining operations In this tlistriet
were the discovery of two new bodies
(if ore. Ono at Kimbcrley, nn
claims, owned by the Canadian Con-
.M.tidiit'tt Mining and Smelling com*
pany, adjoining the Sullivan group.
This ore body is said to carry hcav\
deposits of silver mid lead, with a
smaller proportion of vine than is
carried in the oW Sullivan workings
and in the North Star group Development work is being pushed rapid!]
on these claims, with very satisfactory results.
Tlie other fun! of lirst-cUss importance was on Perry Creek, a rich
gold bearing quarU, Heretofore tin
operations mi Perrj Creek have been
confined to placer uud the#discovorj
of this rich quarti bod) maj be looked upon as the beginning of a new
era in milling actlvtt)
There has been very little plain
mining done during Un past season
on Perry Creek, but on WIW Horse
Creek, back of Fort Steele, the Chinese inineis worked steadily all sum
mer.      Whilst   n,i    definite   reports
have as yet lieen iecei**cd of tb.*it
cleanups, it Is known tbnt tbe sen-
son's work  wai bighlj remunerative
The main work ol the Canadian
Consolidated M mi.I s company, In
this dlatrlet, waj carried on at
Kimbcrley, nn* Si EJugcne mine ui
Moyie, being practically elosed.
The total shipments of silvei lead
fiom this districl Sinn* -laauarj lsl
aggregate 15,000 tons
The anticipated earlj opening ol
the   Kootena)   Central  railway hai
led  lo tbe resumption of Work mi
some ol ihc oWei properties, thai
hate foi a long time past been Idle,
and once thai rmlwav is in running
order (be oie shipments limn this
district x\ ill ■bow a marked Increase
i*.U*where in this issue Will be found
uiidnimt.ii notes covering Um mining
operations In this district.
Their is even justification for the
belief tbal 1019 will witness « mark
ed expansion in mining operations
throughout ihis section tl iln* province, particularly so if certain teats
now being made satisfactorily solve
the problem of treating ont /iiicilei
ous ores. One of tlie earliest mil
comes of the solution of this problem will, in nil llkollhood, be the
erection of a felnc smelter at Murvs-
These is good reason to anticipate
great activity on I'erry Creek during
the coming yea). Reports to hand indicate that strong financial Interests
will undertake the development of
tin- recently discovered -quarts
claims, and it is qui to likely tbat
ibe (luggenheims will actively proceed with Ibe operation ot tho placer
■Liiins in which they have secured
an interest.
Review of Districl Operations
(By N. A. Walltogcr).
Although quart/,    mining   hits been
going on ia this    section for      over
twenty years, und .several mines luivc
paid nnd aro still paying well, general Intercsl in mining bus boon quins
colli for some time, due partly to
the wani of ndwqtialo transportation—
partly lu Mia operation!*! of ill-advised
nml Ill-equipped companies of small
financial status—partly to tbe
bitanl prices naked by tho owners
when their properties were in demand
mid partly to fas'hioii.
We have in sight, a very varied list
of mineral hearing lodes, soiiu* of
the outcrops being exceptionally well
defined, but most of theiu are concent rat ing properties* where transportation is most important; these
are more often than not held under
crown grant iu which ease annual
work is not requisite as long a**** the
taxes are paid, ami the owners
seem reluctant to do any further
work linlil such time as they see
some chance of making a profit. As
one can readily understand this does
tin' conduce to progression hut
rather stagnation; anil investors,
very often, ami tliey can scarcely be
blamed for     So dt ing, follow Ihi*
line of argument, tbal If the owners
have not sufficient confidence in their
property to continue working, they
should not expect strangers who an*
in t expected to know as much ahtout
the 1 ncal condition as the owners to
fall over each otlier to obtain pos-1
session at exorbitant prices.
Quick returns with small profits
should he the slogan of every pro
pector, and there is no doubt that
following this advice consistently
would in time increase the demand,
create interest and tend to prospect
more country, as very tew prospectors can afford to pick up new properties while still holding old ones.
We have in tins country several
mining camps, the biggest of which is
the Tracy Creek camp, including all
in open iis on Wolf, Wasa, Lewis,
Tracy, Six Mile, Grundy, Four Mile.
Spirit, Vicloria antl Tackle Creeks
This is essentially a c.t'.-tm ami
copper camp, the showings heing ver)
strong ami well defined, the show
proper!y lieing the Kstella group
with its large ore body of /ine [iilcnn
In sight and its cross ledge cl copper pyrites Willi tetrnhedrite. A
consolidation of tho interests in this
camp wou'd give a strong mining
companj an investment that would
lav Iheir administrative ability but
would Ih* a financial success thai
would Ih-  the   making nf the countn
Similarly tile St. Mar) s anil
Whitriish tamps principally copper,
have excellent showings, particnlarl)
those on \Iki Creek and Wbitelish
and ii is safe to predict tbat the future coppet camp ol D C will be
situated tn this locality- as nowhere
else can In- seen such wide and con
UnuoUS lodes ns in this section ami
ail containing copper pyrite. These
camps covet an enormous scope ol
countrj ol ptutontc rocks, as a glance
a( ihe map will demonstrate, ,\uA it
would in* a bold man indeed, who,
after Inspection, would advawo a
derogatory opinion.
The chiel point of Intercsl now is
lhe iVn\ Cnck camp with Ms continuous lodges of free milling gold
quarts. These an* distinctive*. ol
this localitj winch is very clrcum-
scribed east ami west, but iu a
Boutncrl)   direction ex-tends i»n       lol
Qoat     IHVOI   "It    West   KootCTl'lV*       A
good deal of desultory protipecttni!
has been   done in this camp but    no
systttiialn'   development   has   I -recti   at-,
tempted and until this is tlm tc no
data tan !>.- furnished that would
enable Investors to get a line   oo Ibe
capabilities of tho camp, bui tten *s
no doubt with regard to the* asallty
of the surface ore as lately atpaaed.
(tne ma-, poaslbl) mistake- -oilier
Uiings    fm  gold hut   there Is   no IB>S-
laking gold when iu sight, .ami particularly when found in BOVi Wfl places. Tho ledges in this camp air
very Continuous, miming tor milei
practically north ami south.
Then llie Skookumchuk camp is
calling for notice. This camp is
generally a base metal o ac carrying
copper chiefly, wilh gal ena and cobalt and nickel as side i issues; the
properties here nre littl u developed,
but the outcrops and im'dcations are
excellent nnd fully wa Prant further
work and so with Sheep Creek, Wild
Horse, Lost Creek, Sand Creek,
Sheep Mountain and Tobacco- Plains
camps, all of them witli good showings, although the work in most
places has not been of a permanent
In this short sketch I have not
Included the Kinvberley and Moyie
camps. These are well knows and
include dividend paying proper-tits of
world-wide reputation and * desterlp-
(Continued on pagv tux).
lhe obvious   physical probability
the veins of   the St. Eugene and
Society (fill   on the  easl sitle
Moyie lake   occurring      on the
ora ground on    the west shore
dit Joseph Ityan),
In llie   issue td    the Herald u\ Bill pressor with a complete eqpipmeiil ol
June, HUH,    the writer reviewed    at blackstnl thing ami mining tools    The
leugib Un- conditions of the property mine    buildings   are   decHledl] good
owned by  the   Aurora Mining     ami ami   mosi    comfortable.          Tin-.
Milling    company    at     Movie.     The had,    ami    still     have, an tile shoot
statement covered the conditions     as whieh   had     been  then  lraci*d     west
found by   the writer at the time   (i and north 280 led.     \n upraise was
as    they might     Ite found by anyone started   in   Un-     body of   Ibis shoot
else.      They have not altered in any mnl carried    continuously In     good
material matter since then. values   to a    hein'it of Iiu   feet,      at
The    article  called   attention     to whicli point      the sltoof is 7",      feel
of wide.         Al      the tup nf the Upraise
he some 500 tons of ore wus sloped out,
of The vein on   which Ibis work      was
Ant- done will easily average 2-A feet wide.
 ^^^——       ot I tht'" Lfl    2'silx!l,,x2'i or (t2,r»mj
tbo  same piece    of    water as      the cubic feet of ore in this shoot as fat
strik*/* of the   veins assume a general as   it    has been    developed.      KiR.il
east and     west direction.   In      this cubic    feet of  galena    gives a     ton
connection the  writer recalls the oc- weight approximately,      Itut if    wc
easion    of  his examining the    great allow   feu    cubic feel tn make a ton
strike of   high grade ore on the Lake of this*   ore    we have 6,250 tons   in
Shore   level of   the St. Eugene some this developed vein which has      i.ni
six   years ago.      .lames Cumin  was tarn   braced     at a'l beyond what    is
then  in    control of    tbc wonderful known as the Sullivan crosscut.    On
fortunes  of   the St. Eugene and was the  dump   there an* fully 2,nun tons
standing   beside     the writer as      he and   lim tons   ready sacked for tthip-*
ran   his    eye up along the    line   of ment,    or 8,410 tons all   ready    for
(Tumps aud tunnels behind bim on   the shipment ami treatment.
IrHIsido and    then looked across the *-■,, ,,.sI ■■,..    u,[w    nf tll;.    mim.
lake   towards the Aurora. Like       a nm   0f   the ore, Harry Diinoe':,  ' ije
flash   Cronin translated the unspoken „*   the present directors and one    of
l-hoUfftt. f ,}w  |H,st |,ra,.tit.a|   miners in      this
"Yes," he said.     "Yes, the   same country, when he   was In charge* of
(Pit* bodies, Um* same   veins as  those Hm1  work   on the ground, took '-fov
up     tin* hill behind us run under the thirty   tons  of    the ore and     uflar*-
lake and   outcrop over tliere.     There lered it down    to a pulp sample* ot
can   be  no mis-take about  it."          J about ten pounds weight.     On    phis
ation of Lhe xino and galena was
not alone perfectly feasible, buf
easy The transportation and -*\-
Iru handling charges were found in
Ira prohibitive, however, ami the experiment could uni In- continued. Tin-
lead concentrates were snapped up by
the Trail smelter but some 200
sucks of ibe finest /.im- concentrates
still   await a market.
The directors found themselves fn
the fall of 1010 uod the early pint
of lull with a mine ou their hand
a mass of unrealizable assets in tho
way of ore, an apathetic body of
shareholders ami only a very few
uni' believers, like David ,1. Blmor,
willing mid able to keep burning the
lamp of abiding faith in the Aurora. Some, maybe, bad the will
some, mav tie, tbe ability. Elmer
has both, mid what is mon- ht: used
them without stint m reward, ct
hope  of    reward.       However,    the
serious aspect nf (he ease was that
the limit! was wearing mil. the nond
under which ihr shareholders hud
any claim to ihc property. The
bond in fact aud truth wns and is
the very life hlodtl ol the enterprise, The situation resolved Itself,
inio doing one of two things; either raising siiflicieni enpital lo pay
off the bond mVlse getting mi ex-
tension.of the bond.
It would lie little to the purpo-o
to tell of the elWts.iiiad.- by Mr.
F.lmer and   Mr. M, A. Heal** and     a
As being «f special significance and
peculiarly Indicative of the growing
iui]jr i tame of lhe good eily of
Cranbrook the following details concerning the operation-, ol the Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd., are pub
lisbcd undei a svperate heading Irom
ibe general review of the post year's
mu' and districl transactions.
Tin- headlines "Competition In
Telegraphs," loll lho slot") In briel
Th,- faeiH arc thai the Kootenay
Telephone Lines, Ltd., not satisfied
with supplying Cranbrook city and
district with an unequalled telepnone
sen lee with all parts of the surrounding country*, including the I'niled siates, have now completed arrangements, w hei eb*,, commencing
February 1st. the) will place the
citizens ,il t'ranbrook in direct tele
graphic ami cable communication
with the entire world. Tins notable
achievement has been effected liv ao
arrangement with lhe Western t alon
Telegraph company, b\ which the
central office of the Kootenay Telephone Lines, Lid , will be given dii
eet communication with all ibe
world wi.h branches of the Western
t nlon. Ti legrams to all parts
the woild. on and after February Is',
will he accept d at the central office of the K.T.L.L   In this eity.
A regular delivery service will be
Instituted mid every facility provided
to secure to tlie eltizcus ol Cranbrook a thoroughly efficient telegraph
service, second to none on the continent.
Tins departure on the part -d the
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited,
speaks well foi Uie enterprise cl
ihat company, which has ever been
active in promoting tin* best Interests of the citj and district, and
for the growing importance of Cranbrook as a commercial centre, wben a
big corporation like the Western
Union deems it worth while to enter
mil competition f.-r business anmne
in this city.
Whii-t this new enterprise on th-.-
part ol the Kootenay Tetepbont
Lines, Ltd., is of flrst-clasa Importance, the work tbey are no-a* ragaged
iu, that ol replacing the present
"'*.£■*•. wire telephone system bv
eaWes Is hy no means inferior. It
means a very greatly Improved service. Oood pronress i-. being mads
on this work, under the sktlted
hands of ,1. I!. A damson, who i.i a
past master in the difficult art I f
stringing telephone rallies. An examination of tbe work Iwnr.g done is
most interesting. Involving is it
does, ,i great deal ..( skill. Ths* loc»:
offices ot the KT L f. are Dndergotng
a transformation. New exchange
boards arc being erected upstairs,
which, when completed, will give as
perfect a system as exists anywhere
in the Northwest
same Mr. E. \\ Widdowson, of Nelson, furnished the following analysis,
ti.fl ox. silver, 17.9 per cent lead;
3*1.3 per cent zinc, 6.7 pee cent iron,
3.6 per cent lime, 13.4 per cent insoluble silica, 20.H per cent sulphur;
manganese, nil, copper, nil; cadmium,
nil. The three last mentioned minerals, of whieh no trace, is shown,
are dangerous adnliiaufs lo occur iu
a /Inc ore. The total values, at-the
prices then current, run to MK per
Allowing J.'lii.'tU fnr the cost of
mining, milling, transportation
across the lake tn the C. P. It.
tracks, a distance of about half a
mile, the freight from Movie to
Trail and the treatim-ut at 'be
smelter there (u sufficiently generous
allowance in all conscience), we find
a profit of $17.00 a ton on K.tlu
tons, or over $117,17.1 on mineral
actually availab.e. Of the ore ready
to lie stoped and shipped some :i,nfiO
tons may tie assumed to he /Im
One would think it uu easy matter
for the direetors to convert all this
mineral into immediate profit,
Into cold coin, at any rate; but
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ must recollect that the ore requires
liott-om, (Mini which they hoped in' concentration, that is, the separation
drift and eatteh the nre bodies. They of tlie mineral frnm the gangue
may do so fxL If they only get and the further separation of the
down and start their drifts they zinc from the silver-lead. A suit-;
simply cannot fail to get the ore able mill for the performance of this
they hail at hundreds of feet of depth1 work would cost about $20,000, and
lower than tlie lake on the lower there being nn such mill available
the direetors shipped, as an experiment in treatment, some (i7 tons   lo
laiue*. Cronin docs not pose as a
miiung export, but bis is a knowledge flit.' ninety-nine men out of
a. hundred would accept in preference to thirt of must experts since
n. is founded on hard experience nnd
practical knovdadgc learned in every
class of silver-lead bearing ground.
Too much study of theory and
science seems, iu many cases, to
dilute a man's comiunn sense to the
vattfvMng point. Many an expert, on
oath, has* had lo admit that he
tried to make the facts as he found
them lit some theory or scientific
conception, instead nt studying the
facts first and then finding the theory
that- squared with them. When,
l hen lore, Cronin stated the occurrence of the same ore bodies on
both sides of lhe lake, ou the St.
Eugene and the Aurora, we have an
assurance of fact tbal few will differ
{from except, of course, for purposes
i/ either business or policy.
Sot long after the occasion mcn-
tvouif the Cambrian Mining company
st.akm the bottom of Moyle lake as a
miitenri claim i aud sank some
$•0*000 in trying to get a caisson
down   t%   .the IhmI    rock   of the lake
Itvels of the St. Kugciie.
In June, 11110, the conditions on
Uh** Aurora ground were that the
Dm Mrs bad some 1,000 feet of drift
a„d Itmnel and llfi feet of shaft,
winze* -wwd uprniw*        'rh*,y had
tbe AMce mine concentrator below
Ores-ton. With un Insufficient water
supply and machinery not at all
adapted  to this  particular class   of
stalled'    * five   ai'"     lugersoll com-! ore, Ihey found that a perfect scpar
few others to interest men oi capital
in the property. Messieurs tc Financiers all agreed it was a fine and
promising property, capitally situat
ii\ for transport, with lots of ore in
sight, but—(at this time tin* mysterious Hands Invisihle could alway
almost l-e heard working their Black
Maji'C)—but there was the zinc, you
know, or the unsettled condition ot
financial stability, or tla* live hundred
ami tifty Inclined planes on which a
business proposition is slid into thu
waste paper basket And then yout
heart sinks, (or a whole hour. Hut
ymi know m your horns tt has all
to be done over, and over, and
still over again.
What an exquisite series of financial, and other, stories could he
written of those same Hands luvi--
ible, •.ague, shadow\. terrible Dominions and Powers who loom behind
all the big deals and idg transactions of Life, ay, and even tbo
awful orilinitcd Business of Death
and War. For War and all its death
and swift irreparable ruin is now
the organised business of some of
those same Dominions and Powers
who wield a weapon of greater
might than Mjolner, the hammer ot
Thor. Hie head ot which is gold
the handle of steel and tin* driving
force compressed self-interest set- in
motion by a touch on the electric
key in London or New York which
looses the magic of "then* is the unsettled condition ut mining ns nn industry, you know, and, really, Just
now   we nre filled tip."
It fs no use rambling into those
by-ways, it is enough to say that
capital at a distance    could not    bo
(Continued on pa tie time)
•j- it    Is   extremely    probable
•J* thai  His   Royal  Highness, the
•j- Duke ol Connaugbt, Govornor-
d> General,    will officiate at the
d> opening ceremonies ol the Koo-
*\* tenay   Central     rallwa),     at
d> Fori Steele, when the date [or
d> that   historic   even! is finally
•J* settled upon
*!• Correspondence, with a view
•fr i" securing the services of His
•f* Royal   Highness on this ocoa-
•f sion,    has    been   opened with
-•f sir   Thomas Shaugbneaty by
-f Mi.   Hungertord Pollen, a for-
■!• met president of ibc K C li
d* li   la   generall)   understood
d* tbat the Duke of Connaughl is
•*• to pay this province an official
•$• wsit    during  the coining rwm-
•{• mei and, it a*, all possible ar-
•>$• rangerucnts   will    Ih* made to
•f haic him   preside at ibc oele-
•$• biatioii at  Fori  Steele in con-
•!• nectfon   wltii the formal open-
•j. ing ol the K c H
* -:• -i* * *!• * *j. * .
• v v "i-
tbi extensile street and sidewalk
wi rk that «.1 have to be undertaken ilu*< coming ye.u it should    prove
might)     pr..'liable  to   tits    city      to
havi ,» in,in ..( Mi Erlckson' cap-
acit\ as chairman nl the works committee.
Tbere ate rumors and street gossip
>f othei mayoralty and aldcrmanlc
candidates, mil no detinue announcement i-ottid be secured from any person in that connection h\ iln Her-
a-'d     up   t"   the time of going       to
Foi school trustees it appears    to
In* tin* unanimous opinion of the citi-
.:,*. (bat tbe pitSU)t leant should
t-ntieue intact in charge ..f schual
aftjn- Two of, the present hoard
are due to retire, Messrs. w y.
Quid and E If fefcPbee, but as both
are rflliag to stand foi re-election
it may fie assumed that they will be
,i   ;^:;iation.
a large and   representative gathering of business men took plate    la-,
evening   at   wbtch   tlw    forthcoming
municipal   elections formed tbe cfai
and only topic of discussion.
The unsatisfactory condition of titans, in that there appeared to be
no one willing to enter the contest was generally commented upon
After very thorough discussion of the
situation, and the canvassing ■ t
names of eligible men, Mr. A. C.
How ness. who bad been one ui
Lhe baldest workers in the search (ol
mayoralty material, agreed to ac-
dpi nbminatfon f'»r mayor. Mr. Ilow-
n- l.el not beet, aiivioiis to stand
fm this office, though perfectly wiring lo nm again as an alderman
However, those present at the meeting Intimated 'hat his servtcea a.
alderman had well earned him lbs
honoi  of    ihe   mayoralty and the]
unitedly  pledged  him  Ibeli   support.
In tbe   caovass for alilermanic can-
rilcates, leveral name** were discussed
the flhal  BCteClIon  being   as  follows
u .1. Atcblson.
.1 F, Campbell,
w. F. Cameron.
Lester Clapp.
(Jus Erlckson.
D. •!  Johniton.
(if the foregoing, .1, F. Campbell
and D. .1. Johnston n»vd no introduction lo the electors. Thej have
rerVcd tlie citv faithfully nnd well
for several years. The other foui
are all well known men. but ti is
worth special consideration to note
tbal Mi (lus ErlcktOfl (s willing to
devote his fine during the coming
yeai '<• the service of the city
an alderman. Mr. Krickson is
known throughout the length and
breadth ol ibe Canadian Pacific
railway's \ast enterprises as one Ol
(the boat, il imt Uh* be*t, trackmen in
Uh- company's employ.  In view      ot
I* was early Tuesday morning
when the final strains rt -Home,
Sweet Horn**" concluded the second
join' annual ball of th** BR T and
I. \ to B R.T . which was held at
h" Auditorium f,n New Year's
light, and tlie mar.;, sleepy but happy dancers ■-.cnd-M their way homeward
At i in the evening the guests
cr-mmiftei-d to arrive and before 10
tbe Auditorium was filled wtth dancers The hail *a^ beautifoll] and
approprlately decorated From the
center ol the hall long f**Moons of
BRT colors were draped to all
Corners and -Japanese lanterns containing the light*., softened and mellowed the light effect Into an harmonious riot of red and green. Over
"It"* balcony a gr-at eagle spread its
wings and hovered above a shield
li-i-anng the Caption   'BUT "
Alotig the wall- the emblems of
the order arid appropriate mottos
were conspicuously displayed in con-
Dcotion with Un Union Jack in :*U
Tin* -abole effect Was con*. and
beautiful and when tli** splendidly
gowned ladles add.-d their giac- and
beauty, tbe si me was complete
Tbi* music was f'irnisl*«-«!  b) the
Bdlaon orchestra and was grcitu ap*
The suppei was one of th*" features ut the oooaaloo, the tai.fes be"
ing loaded with appetizing viands.
Supper was served from li until .»
am , four tabb-s being necessssry to
areommodate tie- crowd
Hi n if OrlBa aoted as flo*»i
tnaiiaii'-r and tt.e itceptlon commll
tee Included i M Cnlljr, W \ Wil
BOS, II Clayi'-ii. I Haas, W Harrison and Mis F D PattOO Mr*- I
B Halt. Mis P Dallas, Mis. c ||
Knocke. Mis II Hughes. Un M .!.
Spofce and Miss Laflfttl
About Ave hundred guests answered
the   invitations    ant! all unanimously
accord ibe blur ribbon to the BR.
T. for theii most happ*. and success**
(ut sfKial cent.
Ills HONOR .H D<;i: wii.soN
Whilst nr definite official announcement has as yet been
made as     to the   SUCCCSSOT tO
Judge   Wilson,  tin- Herald has
excellent authorttj upon wbieh
to  base    the    announcement
tliat Mr. Oeo. H Thompson
will, early next month, assume
the duties leMgncd bv Mi V.
E. Wilson
•!« + + *f4' + + + «f»h + + THEJCBANBROOK   HKBAi.ll
Any Edison dealer will demonstrate to you how
Thomas A.Edison doubled the entertaining capacity of
when he invented
Edison Amberol Records
—the record which plays twice as long
Then ymi »iil understand why lomanj
■fund Mings, 10 much good mimic m
every character never oppoared "'
record form untlltbsAmberol Record
ivai perfected.
Then you will understand bow,
you cun now haveotfof the very besi
entertainmenl of every kind.
Then you " ill understand how ibis
Phonograph the greatest sound-
greatest musical Initrumenl—eyenll
it bad no other advantages. But it
hat: lhe sapphire reproduclng-polnt-
tbut docs not scratch ur wear the
record nnd lasts forever— no changing
neediest exsclly tho right volume ol
sound fnr your hornet homo recording
lhe ability lo make nnd reproduce
your own recorditn your own homes
1 Any Kdlson dealer will demonstrate these greet Bdlson advantages
to you.
in addition loom resular monthly list •>{
1 ih-i.ii **l iinl.inl uml l.ili-ini Aliilieri'l
,,' .,„,,"u,. ..„,„. i,wiil.nl1, .t inimtier nf
ti.t iiml riinrlt n.-.-..r.|-.. Oiirlliillsti
in Vri-ueli tm.nl mlHlcse* itsitmu tlie
! ,,,1.1,-Ht I..1 of llir-* M.l.ilii.11-.. Piil>
i .i„,l n.nlfiiini    H.*Miri-ln|i.*Mli*'ii>
o. in imir denier»li**" >*>u s" i»'w ynur
.    "... l'l.'.ii'.*:ri.|'l.   nml Sill I" Imve tbe
,„.« ||r.(.ril SniUilnm-iiU niuilrd >im free
by the puoi, und it. will probably Incidentally lead io another addition
to the already far too vast company
of state officials.
If you arc suffering Irom Eczema,
Psoriasis or any other kind of skin
trouble, drop into our store for ir,-
stant relief. We wil guarantee to
stop  that itch in two seconds,
We have sold other remedy for slan
troubles, but none that we could
recommend more highly than the
well known compound of Oil of Win-
tergreen, Thymol and a few other
Ingredients that have wrougl.t such
wonderful cures all over the country.
This compound is known as D.D.D.
Proscription tor BcKoma and wo know
that the very lirst application will
cm I and heal the Itchy, tun nine, skin
as nothing else can.
We knOW that D.D.D. Prescription
will bring relief. Either write the
D.D.D. Laboratories, Dept, O.Q., 10
Colboiiine St., Toronto, lor a ltt(
trial boitle, i.r come in and sec tu
about It.
Cranbrook Drug and Iiook Co., Ltd
rVllaon Slnmlaiil ll.-.-..r.l-. <0c. Kjll«m Anila
A c.npl.1. V*.*t t**°* f«.«wr
Hi.- ti,.iii...t anil
.ii si.iii.liii.l anil
alas, fi.nn v..in
1.50 I.i 12.0.00.
ml ii...ii[.l.'i,l.iv
100 Uk..ld« Aaaaia..
,pk. aad Km*** will b. (••«! ••
Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited, Agents
Cranhnink, B. C.
Sow ihat Mr.    Lloyd George's bill;
making insurance compulsory in    the
United Kingdom has been passed   by1
both    houses ot the    llritish parliament, it. -seems desirable, as the measure will probably In time form   tlu*
Jtasis of progressive legislation      in
Canada, and iu   other parts    of    the
empire     i<>    explain In   broad terms
what the bill  in the   form in   wbieh
it lias   been     passed Into law  really
The bill has   encountered a     B°od
deal of     opposition     in certain quarters, but upon the whole it bas     appealed tu the   Imaginations and   ihe
common-sense   of the    British people
as an eminently just  ami wise       attempt  to     solve it problem tbat    has
he-1.  the despair id statesmen        for
Ihe last fifty years.
The measure now awaits the Royal
assent and when it receives this
every employed person, male of
lemaie, up to tho ago ol slaty-five
will Ih* compulsorlly Insured, with
the exception ol non-manual workers
with au Income ol more than IKini a
year .ind om- nr two other small
Kor persons earning fifteen shillings
a week <ir over, the premiums will
be, in the ease of men, four-pence
week paid bv the worker, tluce-
pence a week paid by the employer,
and twopence a week paid by llu-
state Women workers will pay a
penny a week less, but the contributions from the employer     and     the
state will be the same. The premiums
uie less   when   lhe worker's earnings
do nol amount to fifteen shillings    a
The benefits Inr the instiled ate (I)
Dee medical attendance and medicine.
(2) sick pay <>f ten shillings a week
tor a man and seven shillings and
sixpence a week for a woman for
twenty-six weeks, (8) Sick pay nl
five shillings a week afler twcnty-slt
weeks 111 maternity lulu-lit of
thirty shillings. ('>) treatment for
consumption In state lanttorla,
There an* additional benefits under
special circumstances, and tho bill
includes a scheme fnr compulsory insurance againsl unemployment
which, at present, applies only to ter.
sum specified trades.
Contributions t,.r lhe instiianee are
twopence halfpenny a week from the
worker, and ono and two-thirds of a
penny a week irom the state. The
benefrl will be seven shHUnp » week
U r fifteen weeks in any twelve
months, but only one week's lieniTit
ean In* drawn for every five weeks'
contributions, and no worker is eligible for the benefits unless he has
been Insured lor twenty-six weeks, In
this part of the bill certain advantages are offered to employers with the
idea of preventing unemployment.
Every person Insured must either
liecc im- a member of an approved
benefit society or a post office contributor.
Every insured person will lie provided with a card, to which each
week tin*, employer must Mi stamps
covering his own and tho wooket's
contributions. The employer Is responsible for both contributions, and
It Is left to him to deduct the worker's sluirr from his WAgCS,
This briefly, is Mr, Lit yd Oeorge'
scheme,      It is, iii.<|tti*sMiinnhly,    an
attempt, to carry out a necessary 100*
ial reform, ami us such ft has retclv
ed Wio   sympathetic attention of men
id all parties.
It is frankly ami full*, admitted
ihat in force everyone to make some
-.nil of provision for sickness and
inemploymcnl is wise and necessary,
unless Lho state is Itself to assume
responsibility for the care of every
nick person and the food of every
man who is unemployed. That is the,
u-ialist ideal,    and the bitter     al-
cks made on the bill by tho extreme logical Socialists represented
by such periodicals as the "New
i\gc" and "Justice," ure sufficient
evidence that in its insistence that
the state will only help those who
help themselves tho bill is essentially
Little heed need be given ol the
artificial attempt to urge the sei-
vaiits' hall into open revolt against
Mr. Lloyd Oeorgo. Every argument
brought lorward to prove the wickedness of cocks and parlor maids insuring themselves to tlie tune of
threepence a week can bc brought forward     with     eipial    cogency against
every form of Insurance known to
modern life—life assurance, sickness
assurance, Are assurance, burglary
If ii is wise for the master lo pay
yearly premiums to insure his life,
If is eipially wise for tbe maid to
>a\ weekly premiums to insure herself
against sickness. The personal in-
conventenco <>I sticking on the stamps
and the fact that many mistresses
Would have to pay their own as well
js the servant's lax Iins helped the
The threepence wceMy demanded
ft. te tm* employers cannot in* regarded as a serious grievance, and the
talk about tbe destruction of friendly
relations between mistresses ami
maids is just foolish chatter, ft Is
not true that the majority of scram girls an- looked after when they
.ne ill. The figures of workhouse Infirmaries prove thai.
The objections to the lull, have
been many, bul most of them have
ineii fairly met (hie of the prob
lems tbat have yet to Im* solved is
bow can a sick woman without a
home of her own be pr< petly looked
after for seven shillings autl sixpence
a week'' She is presumably without
means, and the scvi-n-nhd-stxprncc is
to supply her with bed, attendance
anil food—whieh is absurd.
Indeed, a weak point in tbe bill Is
that it gives lhe least help to those
who need it the most. The workman with a couple of pounds a week
aud a home nt bis own gets a
splendid return for his weekly tour-
pences, The casual laborer without
a home mid with a Weekly lucerne
under a sovereign gets a relatively
had retain for bis While the two-
|iouiid-a-weck mail will be taxed at
the tate of less (ban one per cent.,
the servant girl e.onitu* ■*-.'■■ a year
will Im* taxed at over three per nnt
The small cniplovc. will in ail
probability leel tin new impost,
nnd as a consequence then will be a
decrease in tin* amount rf casual
employment, This was a point made
iu the house of commons hy the Radical member for Limehouse
Hut ns a mat ter ol tart all social
reforms have a tendency to hurt
someone, nnd that someone is generally the weakest member ot the
community. This is tens ol lu using
schemes and of every attempt to
raise the Social conditions of the
national life.
The medical profession is, ol
course, vastly after ted |,y the hill,
and it seems likely that it must result in a eeifain diminution of
come in the case of many general
Another objection which has been
treated lightly is ihe Increase in the
state Inspection gi everyday Hie
I'hts    InSpeetlon   is bitterly rfsentsd
A world record was established on
Sunday in the way of electrical
transmission ut Port Credit, when an
all day test was made with the longest distance and the highest potential
ilu- world has ever witnessed.
h'oi six months past power has
been supplied Port Credit from To
niito. The Port Credit transformer
lal ion is now finished and it bas
i. 'i'ii made possible to take power
illicit from the main line of the
hydro-electric commission Into the
11 an sf oimet.
The test was conducted by KrIU
Gaby, first assistant to Chief Engineer Sotbman, ami by John ■».
Urundlgc. Fcr lho purpose ol the
tesl the puss bars ut the Duntlas station were divided and the power sent
from Port Credit on the south side
to Woodstock, London, St. Mary's,
Stralforh, Berlin, Preston, Oucloh;
mi the north side to Dumlas, Toronto and back to -Port Credit. The .lis-
(ance covered was 273 miles.
Such a test has never before been
made in the history of electric
science, and this is a record achievement * The nearest approach was
over a 150 miles circuit in California. Nothing so high, however , lu
lhe way of tension has ever been
suit this distance, the voltage being
I15.U00 horsepower. The loss on
living at Port Credit on return wai
5,000 horsepower.
The     test demonstrates the ahilit*.
ol the hydro-electric commission system to deliver power at Ottawa
three bundled and ten miles; Windsor,
iwo hundred ami forty-two miles, or
any similar distance in the province.
The whole province may, therefore,
he said to be under llie control of
tbe commission.
It is considered hy the en^inccrim*,
staff of the commission that in liv
turc building long distance lines a
voltage of 150,000 io 160,000 hoi .e
power will he chosen.
Uiti room was in semi-darkness. I
It was very quiet, and Dot lay very!
still, bui slu* was wide awake; every!
now nnd then a cinder would fall]
not'ily io the hearth, otherwise there!
was no Bound, and nurse sat still In
ber armchair looking at ibe fire.
As she lay lu her cot. by turning her!
head Dot could see the door quite I
plainly in the niokerlng light, and
presently she got tired of watching,
the light on tbe celling and turned1
round Facing the door; It was jUBt
closed bui not fastened, nnd as she
looked Dot thought she saw It move
Yes, she was sure of It, lhe door was
slowly, very slowly, opening,
She lay quite stilt, nml row It swing
open about six Inches, and then she
saw a tiny man about a foot high peep
round the door into the room. He
nodded tils bead and smiled at Dot, and
with a finger placed against Ills Upa
walked soft y Into the room on tiptoe.
He wain dressed lu u costume made
of red poppy petals, uud round his
throut -.mis n necklace or tiny dried
poppy Huedhottds; on his wrists weru
brace lots nl the Bnmo. As ho walked
lhe seeds In tbeso rustled and rattled
softly, like whispering fairy voices.
On his bead wns a half-opened puppy
bul serving uh n cup. In one hand he
belt! a large red poppy flour; it had
no stalk, but be held It by Ibe tips of
ihe petals nil gathered together In his
hand. |
Softly he walketl across the room to
where nurse sat, and ns he moved the
scent of his poppy petal dress floated
through the room, and made Dot feel
sleepy. It evidently had the same e»*
feet on nurse, lor her head began to
nod forward drowsily as the little man
Bklpped lightly on to a chair behind
the one on which she sat. I
Dot did not say a word, but she tried
hard to keep awake to see what he
was going to do next.
Very quietly the little man dipped a
hand Into the Dower that he wbb hold-.
Ing, whicli evidently served as a bag,i
tor he lilted a handful of poppy pollen,
ur, us some call It, poppy dust, out of
it, aud lightly sprinkled It lu nurse's
eyes us she sal with her head resting
on thu back of the chair, almost sound
asleep. Then he jumped to the ground
again ami came lowards Dot.
"Who ure you.'" .-aid Dot, as he came
closer, hut even as she spoke she
guessed what his answer would be.
"I'm the Dustman," replied the little
man, "so come, you must go lo sleep
now," and he dipped his hand Into the
i*oppy bag again.
"Oh, please, wait a moment before
vou send me to Bleep." cried Dot. "I
want to nsk you something."
"VY<-]$ you must be quick, then, for
l bavo a lol to do to-night."
"Please tell uw," untd l>ot, "do you
always send nurse to sleep every night
v. lieu she goes io bed. because she
says she never sets you?"
"Of course 1 do," replied tbe Dustman, and his voice sounded farther
away. "Of course she never sees me,"
be continued, "lor she does no*t believe
I exist, uud she hnsn't seen me to-night
either, because my scented dteis
makes ber sleepy the moment 1 come
into the room, uud then I throw this
dust lu her eyes uml send her Bound
asleep al once, as she is now," and he
nodded bib heed ut the nurse's sleeping
"Then why liau'ii't I gone to sleep
too?" Inquired Dot.
''Because you believed lu me and
wanted tu see me so much tbat I
thought I would let you for once, but
you i*^h,ili asleep, you know; tba
scent OT**my dress Is sending you to
"I'm not." taid Dot, indignantly; but
the little man's voice sounded farther
away mill as be finished speaking, and
she beinn io wonder if she really was
lulling asleop utter all.
"Don't contradict; It's rude!" said
ihe Dustman, frowning and dipping his
1 nml once more into the poppy bag,
"I realty don't think I'm going to
sleep." murmured Dot drowsily.
"Well, you arc sound enough asleep
now," cried the Mum man with a gay
laugh, as ho throw n handful of the
dust Inio Dot's blinking eyes.
And tmre enough she was,-
AND CHEMIST.-Charges: Gold,
silver, copper and lead, $1 each;
gold-silver, 11.50; silver-lead, S1.S0;
gold-silver, wiMi copper ot lead,
12.50; zinc, $2, silver-lead-zinc, S3.
Prices (or other metals on application. P. O. Bui CD., 1108, Nel-
•01, B. C. M-M
"I don't wain to go to bed." said Dot
for about Ibc tenth time since nurse
had begun to undress her.
"Re a good girl," said nurse, "snd go
to bed without any more fusa, and I'd
stay with you till you go to sleep."
"Hut I'm nol sleepy." said Dot, still
protesting, "aud I don't want to r> to
"Not sleepy. Well, tbe Dustman
will soon be here now. It's past bis
time already, for you are half-asleep
after all, Miss Dot." said nurse, tucking ber Into bed.
Dot had often wondered why people
said "lhe Dutsman was coming" when
she was getting sleepy, and now t-h
said, "Nurae, does the Dustman come
to see you every night, and do you
see him, and why can't 1 stay up one
night and sec hlm, too?"
"What a loi of questions to he sure,"
safd nurse as she sat down by the fire.
"No, he doesn't come to see me; I'm
too big. Hut there, try to go to sleep
now, dear, snd I'll slay up here for a
little while.
"I would like to sre him Just once,
thought Dot. "I'll keep awake lusl a
little while and see If be cornel," nnd
she lay back on her pillow nnd watched
the flrellghi flickering on the celling,
tor nurse hnd turned out the light and
Thote Recovering (ram Any Severe Illness
After a lone wastlnf lllntn, convalescent, require nourishing food
that will not overtax tha uTieatlva
functions—and In tha way ol a
strenith-reatorlnt and vltalltymaklnis
Ionic, wa know ot nothing, that equals
Vlnol, our delicious cod liver aad Iron
tonlo (without oil).
Vlnol creates an appetite, rr-eatab-
Ilshea rood digestion ud helps tha
dally food to make rich Wood, form
flash, (Irons; muscle* ud Impart new
Ufa and vitality to every organ In tha
body. W* aak those who need a
strength and fleshhulldlng tonic restorative to call at onr alar* and get a
boitle of Vlnol, wllh tha nnderstand.
Ing that It II doaa not help them wa
will refund their money without question.
Cranlitook Drug and Hook Co.,
I'ranhloak, B.O.
Mu. intention nl the unili-isij.iu.il to
apply lo Die Lieutenant-Governor in
Council fur approval nl their proposed undertakings and worka In connuc-
tUu willi Water License Number
1871, dated June 25lll, lllll, (or
twenty-live eulile feet lK-r second nut
of Mark Creek. Tlie limps uml plans
nl tin. priipiiseil uiiderlnkinir, ami
works will he open tn public Inspco*
lion ul any lime during business
hours at   the   oflleo nl     lhe    Wnti'i
Commissioner nt the Government
Building In the City nl Oranbrook lot
Ihiriy days niter tbc lirst publication
nf this imliee In tbe Crnnhrnuk Herald. Application will nlsn be mado
tn tho Lit'iitenanl-Clnveriinr iu Cniin-
ell to correct the description ol lhe
point ol diversion from Steniwinrlcr
dam, l.ot 3II32A, to Stemwindcr dam
I.ot 3M3, and desrriptlon ol tho.
point ct user as on l.ot 2013, instead
nl on l.ot 982S, Group One, Kootenay
The Consolidated  Mining & .Smelling
I)y Their Solicitors,
Hamilton & Wraggc.
Dated Dec. 18th, 1911. 51-51
The local ehurcli hml been without
n pastor (nr sniiie time, and a com-
iiiitiec had been sent tu bear a nearby minister preach with the intention
•<f i .iiiuu him in tbat pastorate, pro-
liih-il the report of the committee
should be tavorable, Two nl the
e mitiir bail reported their impressions, nml the lliinl, an old railroader, wus called upon. "Well,
liteihieti .mil sisters, 1 ain't much
In suy. lhe sermon pleasial me
mightily, and there ain't many
'Bible-beaters' as bus git anything
un lum. .lust une thing 1 disappruv-
ed uf, nnd Ihat was, that though
his thoughts wa* One, brethren, his
terminal racHltics was uwful poor,"
Under the power ot sale contain*.!
in a certain Chattel Mortgage given
by 0. I.. Knight & Company, Limit
ed, to William W. Douglas, ol Taber
Alberta, covering chattels mentioned
below, situate at Kimberley, 11. ('.,
there will be offered lor sale by public auction, the 15th day of January,
1912, at 11.311 o'clock In the forenoon, at Kimbcrley, B. C, the fullnwing goods, (-battels and effects,
Twelve carbon, weighing 17 kH-
eight carbon, weighing 3 kts.; eight
carbon, weighing 5 kts., two Beauty
drills; one I.ongycar & Hodge drill,
size I'.tl.; 300 feet E. reds; one Cameron pump, si/e A. special; one ten
foot reaming barrel; one 5 ft. E. core
barrcl, new; two 10 ft. E. tubes;
three 8 It. E. S. core barrels, old;
five 5 ft. E.S. core barrels, old;
eight 5 ft. K.S. core barrels, iltl.
three 8 tt. E.S. tubes old; seventy-
five E. S. bits; twenty-five E. bit
tour extra Beauty chucks*, ten extra
set Beauty leed gears; three K. hasting plugs; thirteen K. water swivels;
two E. safety clamps, three extra
sets clamp jaws; three E. hoisting
bales; two Beauty crank shaft gears
liftecn feet li in. suction hose; three
inside rod recovering taps, three outside recovering taps; one coupling
tap; one left hand inside bit tap; one
set Beauty crank shaft brasses; on<
Beauty leed nut; two Canada Foundry pumps, 4;.i2Jxt, with ten t.'et
ol 11 in. suction hose; two Canada
Foundry pumps, 2x3x2; one 8 in
Parker vise; one Millers Falls breast
drill XXX; one 12 in. Trlmo monkey
wrench; live brace jacks; three chopping bits; 100 It. E. rods; one 20
H.P. vertical boiler; one Shelve
wheel; one beauty cylinder head; one
Beauty leed screw; six casting hits;
two tour lb. hammers, one set
Brown's tongs; one set babbits lir
t'.G. drill; one set crank sbalt
For terms and conditions ol sale
apply to the undersigned or his solicitors.
William W. Douglas, Mortgagee.
Harvey,    McCartcr,    Macdonald    &
Macdonald,     His    Solicitors,
Cranbrook, B.C. 51-4t
l'hone : Seymour WHO
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., I'mprietora
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -       B. C.
Two liiiinlrnl I'li'i-.-iiitly fnrniilitxl rooms. Evory modern
Oonvenlenoe. Elevator service. U»(e in connection. Rooms
$1.00 pur ilny nnd upwards.
I'p iniitilry visitors lo tlio Terminal City will find every
eontanlones nml comfort at the Granville Palace, special
intention being paid to their wants.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money tn loan un favorable tei ina.
Every cure uml comfort
A homo from homo
Special iitteiiii.iii in oasus .if
Maternity, Itlioitinatlsm
mnl i'lieiimoniii
Terms  tnuiluriite
MRS. B. BENT, Matron.
Physicians and Surgeon,,
One* at Resident*, Armstrong An,
Forenoons 1.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Evenings - . . - 7.10 to 1.30
JSumlays .... 2.80 to   4.311
CRANBROOK :,    :i    li    i,    «. O
t'ranbrook    Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. 4 A. H.
Regular meetings on
thu   third   Thursday
of every month.
Visiting lirethren welcomed.
I). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S.  1'eek, Secretary.
CltliBCIiNT  LoDuU. No. XI
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Meet,   every   Tuesday al H p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. ii. Jones, c. c.
.1. ill. llnyes.K. ul It. N. S
Visiting brelhlen    eurdlully Invited
tu attend,
I to 12 a.m.
1 to  t p.m.
7 to  fl p.m.
Office In new Raid Bluck
CRANBROOK -        -        - B   C
Cranbrook ami Fort Steele
iRKiutTioN enaiNB-iR
T..Vo?i4318 Cranbrook, B.C. |
Norbury Ave., nest to City Hall
Day I'lione 288
Nichi Phone 306
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -     B. C.
For family use there ia nothing
so wholesome ami ao pure na
V *
W. a Basttr. rumml Dtrarto,
Cranbrook B. C
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 2.7.1 Matron.
P. O. Box H45    Arinatroni; Ave
H. E. HALL,  I). D. S.
Crown anil Bridge Work
a Bpocinlty.
OIRocover F. Parks Hardware
Slore, Bilker Street
Plume No. -l'.lll
Van Home Slreel   (oppotllo   l'e|iul)
Ciiriit'-* a (nil nti«'k of
Ki-|>nir» for ii.»*we tlwayi
in stock
Electric Restorer for Men
 lo ita proper loofllon i ,c»1l . „
inl and .ll.lily. I'reniatuiti ilrrnv aail all ..au.I
iv..iVnr.a a.rrled al once.    r**M«phM»l villi
' For sale at Beattio-Murpby Co., Ltd.
Meets In    l-i.il.-tnlty Hull first and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E, 0.
M. M.ii-Kiiiiiiiii. SI   II  ami 13.
Visiting slstcn cordially Invited.
*%.**.. Meet], every Monday
nlgbt at New Fraternity Hall. So-
lourning Oddfellows cordially Invltsd.
I. A. Fcrgusson YV. M. Harris.
N. U. See'y.
Meets fust and    third Wednosdaya
in eaeli month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers,
Ollieers July lst to December 31st.
C. l'.-ll. Clayton.
Scribe—IV. M. Ilairis.
No. 19.
Meets every second and   fourta Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojutiruing    lieliekabs  cordially Invited.
Miss Ada llickcnbothani.N O.
Miss M. Hickenbotharu, See.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 8
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
L. Rent, Secretary
Visiting brethren made weleume.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday ol each month at
* p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu Hayward,  llec. Sec.
W. II. MeFarlanc, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ;•♦♦>♦♦
Sunday raurning service at 11
Sunday    evening    aervice   at
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School   and    Ilible
Class al 3 o'clock
Presbyterian   Guild, Tuesday,
al 8 o'clock
i: Baptist Cburcfoj
\ \ Pastor, II. S. Speller.
ii I'.iisi.miitr,  Norbuiy Avenue.
• i 'Phone, 8M.     V. o. Doi 217.
1 | Hi-null*.- Si'1-.iiYn —.Suinlav, 11 2
J | a ni. and 7.30 p.m.; Vhblr X
, , School with Young ,,*lkn' ■*■
i i ri,ilt*Un*H nnd Young Mt-ii'fc
i i Hil.lt' i lash, & p.m.
' '    Monday.    Young l'r.-iiliV,    I
! i v i"
i ,     iWdi.cml.iy. MM VW-rlt Meeting,
• >     A  t i'l dial    ClmslUn   wrlroiit«
• • hi H^
. !♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
PrwUlonl : T. b. (•<■ i.
BMnULtyl s* MAt.iMi.vun
t'.tl   lliliiiliiiilinii   M'KIM'llli|C IuImIh
nml   Rgrlotiltara   ti|>i*ly   in ilm
Hucittliiry, I'lnnlm-uk, ll,«...
Kvt*i y fi-niml Wiilnt'Mhiy
TrtADC Marks
^^^^^^^^        Copyright:*! Ac.
Hnrrm*"- w*-ni*ili',r r* Mtrlrh nml «**Mrrl['''ni ntr.i
i'ii,1,- ii.ii i-i i  ■■ ' Iv |>>.i\;iii.lil'!u ''...■Hum*.''-*.
tInn*mm, lit ""        ntlnl. li'.hDBftM 0»11'nlfi.U
lui.t ft««. iii.it-it i.-dirr I'-ritTftriiifpntMii*).
I'nitM'ia Ink"" tl't'iiiir-'i Jlmiii A. Co. tcBlrt*
ipf.-lal i"-rfi«, •wltti'-.tit rti-trso, luIfit
Scientific American.
A *h".Ti.l«'irP.Y lllti'imtftl w,-f Mr.    ]m Mt Hf
iilr.1 1   ■■i'i.-ii,<*  Him.,.1.    i «  \,*t
('•art..*. *t .f> .. I'.ir, in-ilAhd in.l* 1.1.   N,iil lij
mm Go h«—. New York THE   ORANBROOK    1I.ERA.jI)
(Continued from page one}.
Interested, so the direotors set
work to Ret an extension on the
bond ot the Aurora property. It is
easy enough to say or to write
"they got it," tint if you consider
Hint the highest pike a man ean
pay for money, or anything else thai
is badly needed, is tho asking fnr it.
you may assume that the jelling Involved the giving of brains, ami energy autl tliplntmiey, whieh if iippllnl In
annus nf nnt Id mention would warrant lhe limine ol the mitlcms. The
shareholders -have got iin* i<xleiislon
as a Itlml nl Clirfslmas g|[| uml
IhoH,-     Who     n t  il  fm   tlit in Iun illy
ask ihal llun names he mentioned,
knowing  tlml II lira Aurora, gets    a
lilil,  blisilii'ss    rllllllri* nf pt'OVlng      'Is
worth, they, like tl 111• t shareholit
era, will hnvo iiu ii lull rowan).
Slilt, gelling   lhe eMiUMiiii nu    llir
Irand did imt euro tlie conditions
Money had in ho found lo eovoi tut
ii-ul liabilities and, if possible, lo
conl In no the devetopmenl nn 'he
property nl tiepih. Loolcliig ovei the
tis-l of shareholders nm* is struck by
the fuel ihal the enterprise is peculiarly a local niie. The vast majority nf ihe stock Issued is held by
people iu Cranhrook nr its vicinity.
■Careful, cautious, conservative Cranbrook is nol prone (n frolic       with
wild   eat   propositions    nr  tn
chumvs nn   lhe   tales of every
back   prospector   who comes
with   a   yam   about     "the greatest
thing that ever happened." Far frjiu
it; but   they   have sense enough     inl
know when    tliey have hold      nf    a j
good thing.      They proved thin when!
tlu* directors sent out a circular asking for a subscription  nf enough    ofl
tbo     treasury   an.c'i      tn       cover
$10,000.    The application was heartily met,   and the shareholders       by
their    ready response said, in effect,
to tlw direetors:
"We believe in the Aurora and   we;
depend on Jou.     Here is tho money j}'
Co ahea:! with your plans and if you
need  more of      ihe sfm-ws nf    war
Como baek   and ask for il"
Tliere is now JS.fiOfl in the treasury. Every cent of the balance will
be .subscribed. Some say even more
than the $10,000 will be coatrlbut-
t*d, and il is certain that Borne of
tin* shareholders provided double
what ihe circular called for.
It is of splendid omen thai this
enterprise enters tm the New Year
with solid ground fnr hope nf a siie-
eess worthy ol the pluck with
which ilu* battle for its lift* has been
fought up lo the present.
"You cannol shut the windows of lit.*
Ti.i-.ufti,   -amen .vtirnrn wi-.-,      i„,
brightening face."
So sang Thompson iu his Castle of
Indolence ami old Homer pictured j mmcra,« hav
Aurora as the rosy-Angered fore-J
runner nf the dav, the full.-t .nut
brighter day There is soiimlhing in!
a name, aftei all. fat mote than'
those who bestow il  think for.
People with brains In tli n beads'
will not lake a cold gruc In tin li
financial bone**, because th.- St Kit-j
gene on   Un- opposite tide     nl      lliej
lake, is closed down, apparently Coi
ever They will retm mRr ihat
every pound ol ore taken from a
uiiiit' makes the ore res i re Ihat
nunb less     There Is a limit to    the
M/e    of curt   ni,-  body.       The St
I'.uRene was Miuph worked out, Foi
years n wus the largest iH*n lead
producei fi Canada ami as such It
was worked and exploited until Its
life mis exhausted, and whal is
southi fm tn,' Vurora i- thr means
to exbausi Its treasures Just as was
•illwe    with    the si   Bug) m
The hall lone engrarfng aecotn-
paiining this article is Instructive
The photograph was laken from the
dump m (toot id the Nn - tunnel i n
iIk* Aurora and i'"*k*. dim tl) .n ro
ibe lake in Moyie, Ihc 31 En rai
unit ilu* depol «*l the C P fl You
..in see ib.- dumps In front ol the
various tunnels up along the fact
Mu* si i\ut*rii.' mountain si if some
giant badge, bad been burro* Ing
there and Dinging ihe dm down    Ihe
laee   n|   llu-  lull   licllliul   bun       U   \. 'l
stud) ii, you, almost ntieoiiectously,
conned the tunnel on (he Aurora
with those mi  ihe other sfdfc and   m
. our mind's   eye up grows the   nioun-
I'tain   that   once connected the     two
though il     was scooped away       ami
I scoured Into tbe bed of tlw Pacific hy
I the waters of lhe glacial period
hundreds nf thousands nf years ago.
No douhl ynu often lonk a good,
firm iiiu- ni a ham sandwich. If ynu held up what remained
of ibe sandwich straight before ynu
flu* ham portion mi ibe right hand
side w,niilil exactly represent lhe me
body mi lhe Aurora, the bam along
the semi-ciii'li', Ih,- nit* under the
lake bottom and the meal portion ul
llie sandwich nu tin* left, ihc veins ou
ilu* si Kiigonc. li was ibe teeth
of a big Rlneler thai made (be bile
Where ibe bike now sils. Thai gives
inn a practical, everj day, idea nt
ihi* geological mysteries nlTcolIng ibc
Aurora. Now Ihat you havo hud a
look IjcIiiiuI (be science of Uie
thing, an* you surprised at Ihe foltll
nf tlir ill rectors in im- properly''
Tlu* directors have lhe money and
Iluy will have still niuri—as much
u.s they IllttJ need, iu fact, and Ihis
without going nut of the homo circle
to gel il. They will, first ol all,
pay off all liabilities right up yo
tlntc and then get the very highest
procurable expert advice to lay nut
the future work of developing tlw
properly by running In the No. 'A
tunnel to catch the nre showing so
largely in the No. 1 and No. 2. No
douhl it will he their care to find
out. the best means of dealing with
| the  ore ou hand      Possib.y it   may
!be arranged to use lhe St. Eugene
concentrating plant across the lake.
As fur as the owners uf that' plant
ial.' concerned it is just as 15001I
for tlie in to have il wear out as lo
'have it rust aiwl rol out. Any-
j how, they have no use for it on the
(Sullivan mine near Kimbcrley as the
ore there is all clean and needs nn
concentration. The lead concentrates eaa go tn Trail, but the zinc
product is another matter as there
zinc smelter operating In
' Canada and wc have to get our speller from Knglaml or the States
where, by the way, the zinc consumers are simply yammering for
our lead autl zinc ores. The tariff
wall is, of course, a serious impediment against exportation. The Lucky
.Inn company in the Slocan can
ship a 50 per cent zinc product to
the Minpire /im company at Denver,
Cob ratio, and make a decent prulit
after paying about MO a ton in duly
and $« a ton freight. The Aurora
directors could do as much, ami they
would do better if ihe earnesl crj
and prayer of lhe Cnilcd States'
zinc consumers were heard and Ibe
Utrifl un Canadian bail and zinc    ro
tnovod.    Tin.,    u.ll     ootuo   in nine
The lulled Slats' supplies of these
like their lurcst raw
malt-rials, been rapidly exhausted. By
careful reaforestatlon they ran. in
11;.ir. restore their Umber, bui no
earthly power can restore the      min-
II ral. ft amounts in this, that thej
I must enme in Canada for their line
I ami lead ami (01 then own financial
. benefit      they    must     pull oft theli
!.nnl entire)*) nr so lowei it    as   lo
permit the Canadian*- to import at
. .1 pi uni. Tbi*. is unt campaign argu-
: ment.  but    haul, business,   common
sense   regulated    in th,-    Inevitable
laws nl demand and supply,
Rome   may think    thai tb,- future
• inns*, ol the Aurora   turns on    the
discover] ,1* ihe lODg-SOUghl method
Of  eeniiniiiii.il -.ep.li alien  p|      *u   fiom
slfta lead Kmphaticalb tbal Is
nol 10 rhc method followed in the
st Eugene plant is perfectly adapted
fm the purpos That can be proved
in examining tin- sample ul ilu* zinc
.ml lead concentrates produced Irom
the Aurora m.- in the Mice mine
concentrator, wbieh can be seen al
Ileal) .uni Klwell's office The more
material qui itlon Is getting a market b 1 lhe /inr ami a pietij plain
tiiul   of where that  will be found    in
iin nesi fm un* has boon alreadj glv-
in the midst of the excitement the
San Francisco ''Call" was establish'
ed by Mr. Miggius and four asswin-
tes. All of the latter are dead. This
was in 1856, tlie first number nf Hie
new paper making its appearance on eretf
December I nf tbat year. previous
In lhe appearance of the "Call" the
newspapers of San Francisto were
high-piieed, ranging from *ifi tents,
'■I'l cedts In ftl) cents per week. The
■'Call" cut ih.'sc rules and was issued al 124 cents pel week. It made
serious inroads Into ibe business oi
its contemporaries and in the course
i.f a tew weeks claimed the largest
circulation. After a long stiiiggb-
Ilu- old newspapers   wen* forced      to
liilUiv     Uie   HUhSClipttOll   rale   In       III.'
same level as thai uf ihe "Call."
which 1*. still in existence ami is re*
gardttl as one nf ilu* musi enterprising publications nn ihe Pacific coast,
all hough ii*, founders disappeared
fiom Journalism fort) years ago
in IHflH \h Hlggiiis disponed nt in*.
Interest hi tin* "Call" and came 10
British Columbia. He first engaged
in mining and then in trading at the
town of Vale       Ol his life tin
a   remedy
will     po
been .liseie
ely    deslln
caused by gem
sensible    po
• d all
(he   dandrufl
mil un in     I,'ii
this  pest.
That   Dandrufl
is accepted     by every
Dandruff is ibe root,
SALVIA will kill
germs ami renin***' Ut
days,   or money bach
The Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.
guarantee it 11 will grow hair,
slop itching scalji, falling ban. and
make the bait thick and abundant
It prevents lum frum turning gray,
and adds life and lustre.
SALVIA I*. a hail dressing llm'
has becoim* tbe favorite with Women
nf taste and culture, who know the
socio) vulue of beautiful hair. A
large, gem runs bottle cusls only 50c,
at leading druggists every where, and
in Cranhrook by The Crunbronk
Drug nnd Book Co. The word
"SALVIA"   (Latin
or sage)
has published many Interesling    and every bottle.
-plaint stories which contain 0 record]	
of personal adventures and hair- ,,( |ns oasoclfl
breadth escape] which few men have lowed him to
experienced and come through safely. I seems lo havi
After leaving Vale iu IfifiO he joined his |(WSe, 1
""' "*' •■*'"    staff al Victoria. It I cheerful  and
es in the scheme foi-
the grave. Mr. lliirjiis
borne up bravely undei
>d i*» as goml 11.1iui< d.
ipiimisiie as he      \va*
was then a thrce-day-a-week publlca-1 many years ago, when youthful blood
tion, having heen established by the rioted In his veins ami fortune smiled
lato Amor de Cosmos two years be- antl lavished iis fa-ois upon bim. Ho
fore. In 18ii2 he started the "Dally has never Joined tbe Down-uud-Oni
Chronicle" and after a struggle for] dub nnd simply refuses tu stay
supremacy that-lasted' three years downed and is already planning cn-
aml a half the "Colonist" passed Into] terprises for the future' which it suc-
his hands, and the "Chronicle" was cossful will semi bis name down for
quietly killed. From June, I860,'the admiration of coming generate November, 1838, Mr. Iliggins pun. I |j(II|S. *„ "The Mvstic Spring" li*
Hshed and rdlted the "Colonist," ac- makes an allusion lo his misfortunes
chievlng a merited success    and    ae-| which is so pathetic and vcl so chor-
those who have fought so
sod   0  luccessfully on the deep
the great financial   waters bul
loyally, togetttci ,1 little lon.ri
the mounting   wave will move
shoreward soon
EX-SPM o. i ns
Hon. I»   W. Iliggins is, the Herald 1
regrets tn    slate, dungernusly ill   m
Vancouvci. Mi. iliggins' long career in British Columbia has made of
bim one of tbe best known men 111
the province, so that the lollowin;
'sketch ol some uf Hie principal In*
ti.lenls of the yean he bus spirit on
the Pacific coast, reproduced from
the Saturday Sunset, will be lead
with Interest:
cal affairs wen* In a stale of confusion and turmoil ami when offenders
againsl lhe law were hanged in Hie
si roils nf San Francisco and other
of the early towns of California.
During the cnmlt* lour murderers
were hanged hy u vigilance committee al San Francisco. The chief
jiiHliee of the supreme rourt was arrested [or attempted murder and Imprisoned in the committee room until his Victim recoven il, when lie was
Hon. David William lllgftlns .s al H**-*' **"» ol malcfaytori
native of Nov., Scotia, having been I vtn *»<»«* »■'" ■>'■■ "»»« "■•■■'■»-
born in Halifax. Ile came to the which made a liehfe stand against
coast ta MM, whm social and pollth] the committee,   wire captured     and
quiring a considerable fortune. lie
retired in ibe latter year to his
residence ai Regent's Park with the
intention (f passing his latter days
in repose. But his active nature
would not permit bim to remain long
in retirement.
In 188(i he was elected member of
the provincial parliament lor th* tlistriet of Esquimau. He continued lo
represent that district for fourteen
years, nine of which he passed in tbe
speaker's chair. His rulings are
found in the orders and proceedings
of the legislature, and form much interesling reading; having heen rendered at a time when the constitution of the country was in a chrysalis
process of formation his work was
t f an exceedingly difficult character.
On February 22, 1890, Mr. Iliggins
inaugurated the fust street ear lines
in tb.* province, equipped them with
electricity, then scarcely known as a
means of propulsion. There was
only one other line of electrically-
propelleu street ears in Canada—tbal
"between Thoroid and Mcrriton, Ontario. Seattle had a four-car line,
and Portland, Oregon, another. Son,*
of these pioneer enterprises proved
successful. The burn-ruts were eo
frequent and the repairs so costly
ihal aN Die early companies came tn
in July, 1890, Davio Oppenbetmcr
and associates Inaugurated the street
car lines m Vancouver and from
Vancouver to New Westminster. This
euinpan*. also wenl under antl after a
:allani Aghl succumbed to the In*
vitahle.     Mr.  Oppttiheimer and    his
associates    have long sn      passed
a w a J
on the ruins of ibe Victoria ami
Vancouver companies the H c. Electric company arose, am) the success
which has attended their efforts is
phenomenal. The lines have been
carried through all the principal
streets ol the city and extended to
New vTcstmlnstci ami adjacent town-
Tin* electric hue to ChtHlwack,
t.i « miles, has been but recently
opened. Thai tbe schemes which
originated tu the fertile brains
Da*, id Hlggiiis and l>..\ id Oppeii-
Itiiinci were such as tended to llu
general welfare and building up of
ibe countrj is evidenced bv the enormous carrying traffic enjoyed by the
it. c. Electric company and the pros*
periiy of lhe outlying districts. From
an initial capital of $2,810,000 the
concern has accumulated a capital nl
190,815,000. It earns handsome dr.
Idea is fm its holders, who an* mostly residents uf Knglnnd Had the
men who conceived Hie schemes restrained theft impetuous spun of enterprise (or a few years, when the
use of electricity became belter
kMWn, they Wt uld have h.jovi d     the
benefit id ibe experience of which the
present company have availed themselves, auh might have made the
enterprise a success Instead if meeting with failure.
The downfall of the Victoria concern was hastened by a disastrous
fire which in 18»2 destroyed tho
works ol the company. A recovery-
was found impossible ami after a
sharp struggle the bondholders took
possession ol the property.
The panic of 18 IS, wben Daring
Hi others fail.d and brought ruin
hundreds of business aud hanking
firms throughout the world, made Itself tell in Hritish Columbia ami the
concerns that il shocked most were
the electric railway companies of
Victoria and Vancouver. Soon after
Ihey had succumbed to the pressure
and thrown up their hands, gentle,
kindly, enterprising David Oppeu-
In-imei died of a broken heart. Hen
Douglas, II.   V. Ktlninnds and others
acterislie of the man's buoyant nature and character tlmt wc cannol
refrain from reproducing it below.
The story deals with ihe early pioneers who chased the golden hutterflj
through llritish Columbia and who
in somo instances caught ibe Insect,
The story relates bow the author
caught his butterfly ami how he lost
"I found my butterfly in Victoria
ami for many years if was my good
genius. I cherished and nourished 11
with tin* care ami attention **i a lover. It charmed me wiih its brilliant colors and its gossamer wings.
My close companion by day, ai night
I locked it securely in a vault. Everything 1 touched prospered—wealth,
posit iun, Influence, friends, all were
al my command Ii just seemed as
if ihere was nothing beyond my
reach, ami I revelled in my good
fortune. Hut one day a sad thing
happened. My close companion, my
good genius, as I opened the vault
flew out Into the open air. I followed
Imping to recover it. It "ftent up
and up until it was almost lost 1 1
view Thin 11 came down niul
down, describing graceful circles    as
II descended, and alighted upon the
tramway irack on Government
strive 1 sprang forward lo grasp
it, hut a street car rolled 1 ver tin
spoi, and my golden butterfly must
have been smashed tu an unrecognizable mass, fur I saw it no more, nor
has any trace of it been since discovered, so far as I know."
Mr. Iliggins may be justly regard* I
as tin* doyen of the coast press. lliis the oldest editor on the Pacific if
not in Canada, ami during his varied
journalistic carcei min-due d the
steam printing press, color work and
lithography as essential features of a
newspaper offtca; and during his regime tn ibe editorial chair of the
"Colonist" Ihat paper was the     fir.*.t
III the province to launch out as a
six-day publication For forty
years alter leaving San Francisco be
beltl a commanding position in provincial Journalism, and the "Colon-
hit" in his hand*- was a politi--.il
Mr. Higgms is the author of two
very charming hooks of short stories
of the province. These books are
"The Myslic Spring" and "The Passing ot a Hate." They deal with
colonial life in lhe early days when
ihere were neilt.ii railways, street
cars, telegraphs, lei,■phones, electric
lights, scWers, water supply, and
other eonveiiieiilcs which are now regarded bv modern civilisation as is-
sent ial to life and happiness.
Among nullum Nelson,
Steamship in
director of il
,,1 the N
n pacific
way, and deputy gove
Hudson Hay company,
an. Valentine Chlrroi,
foreign departmeni 1
Times, II, Rider Maggi
Ist, and S. .1, Poo ck
nf Knglaml antl Canada
I,    li-eil
1   nf   111
it   hi
lhe sixtl
istal revi
I,   Uie  1
land 1
1 Hairs
^^^^ Canadian-
Premiet    Borden
Morrison Gibson,
ol   Ontario, and
secretary    ror exl
an- made knights
Miehucl    and   Sii	
Coopm Hovillc, deputy minis
finance companion 1 f si .V
snd SI Oeorge, ami Llcuiiunii
one! Kodnlphi Forget, of M01
and KdiiiuiKJ m Osier, ol To
'"'Hi members 0! ihe Canadian
(lament, knights imcbi loi
Itegina,   Sask .   Jan.   3.—The pi -
position of Malcolm Ross, sup-111,
tendcal of parks, to plant une thou
sand shade trees along Rcgina thoroughfares during ihe coming year is
regarded as typical of western enterprise in ibis pan of 'be province.
'The more wc can plant llu* beltei
ii is for iln* city at large," s.iv-
Mr. Ross, "I am paying portlculni
alien lion lo the securing of dees ti
be planted (be coining year, and believe that hy Ibe end nf Hie BCflsOl
we shall hnvc,planted al least douhl.
as many as   wen*   planted hi Reglni
il   estate men affirm!
peril)'    behind     this
und and substantial,
I that Kefjna    Is1
■ in   Hie Domiuion ;
eiille,   lhe   figures   ill     Lill),
eport oi the postmaster
ing a  total  Of  $103,506.'
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator mover falls, Theee
pills aro exceedingly powerful ;i i.)-iil.uii*ir tlm
generatfve port! mot Uiefemato '-u- n. Kclune
nil ilie.ip i'lni.i- ■ In . il**. V nn*., ,.re •■'■■'. lit
rBatmv.oi three InrflD, Matli I tn any adureii.
Tin .Si.ii.,-11 limn; Co,, M.* utliariiiu*. Onfc
I'ui'  sale*  at   Ileal le.   Murphy   A   Co.,
FOB SAI,E.—Two boilers, two
engine and sawmill machinery. So
reasonable offer will bo refused fot
this machinery. Apply to Thos. ff,
Leask*, t'ranbrook or Mayook,    !il-5t
\ Archie Waller!
Builder and
Opposite C.l'.tt. stntinii
Hendquarterti for .'i!l kiw]« of
Satisfaction Giiui'inU'ed
Tin, SI,,.,. Spoclnllsl
i-ptii' Tanks ami Conors!
Work Kenorally a
s| inlty,
; Estimates   Freely
liiven. *
P.O. Box .Ul.
Cranbrook, B.C.
********************** ■•*■■>********** 1
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
P. 0. 101 194 PHONE 24,
Ii vug  want satisfaction with
your washing   send
it  to
Special prices fnr family wotk.
The PITNER Lights
Are the Boil (laaoline Llghl. In
the VV, il ;        lle.J.iu.lloii for
thi. I'm	
Ilu PITNliR linht Co., Nelson, B.C.
Let Us Cut You
a Steak
from nor choice beef nu.l
.■on nil) ai Ihhi know how
tiallelooily jui,-y and tender
11 -ti'iik can  be.   I'.vrn the
■ I • ■■'!■"-!    cull    from   the
■ hoice. attle in? 1>hi ilie hic
boltOI tint 11 tlu* livet run nf
lower i£>:»!e meat. It nill
take only one tnal to
prove It,
CO., Ltd.
I!. ('.
********************** I**********************.
********       ^j,,^,^,^,^,,,^,^,^.^-,^,^.^.^.^—
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Rooms \*nd Bsllis.   'I'l oi e in
every room
I     Berber Shop on lhe premises.
Thoroughly np-UHlate.
Rales, $2 00 a day and up.
liEti. I'. WKI.l.s. Proprietor
B. TdMKIX, UsasfOi
P.O. BOX not
»♦♦*»♦<• ************
citi:,\Ti:i> \ priVi
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Cener.u Man.cer
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
Not A***nj
N ■■••»>
South AMn
Str«it*> SettltrnMt*
REST,-   $8,000,000
Every branch of The Canadian Bank of CooilMrca !*• equipped to issue drmUt on
the principal cities in the toilo* iu^ coaatrieJ without delav :
Afrka Crtte Qnma
Arabia Cuba HolUiJ
Afjjimine Republic Drnmarfc IrrUnJ
Australia •L-iT)rpt InJia
AuMiia-IIuafanr    Faroe talanJi [rriud
ltcl(fium FtnlanJ Italy
Ilu/;] Forinma j-ipan
Mi'li/ana France J.na
CtriM Fr'ch Ctxlun China Malta
Chili Crrmanv Man.liuria
China Great Hriuin ■ .ts^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^
The amount of these dmli*. it ttAted In Hit- monej* of lhe country where ihey are ; ■■
abtd | that is thev are drawn in iterllng, franc*, mark*, lire, krotji-n, florini, jm,
lacli, roubles, etc., »* Uie ctso may be. Tins BOHlfW thut the p»)ee abroad *,I.
receive the actual amount Intended, A233
R. T.Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook, B.C.
!'■    •. -• !."•-:• S*edrn
I'->rtufal Switzerland
K.-u-nania I.i*,**.
Rassla UaHMStatM
Sjnrta frugu-f
Siam West Indet. ,
Uw Bo-nod Trip Rata to
Ticket* on tola
■too-l to return within three
Ticket* [nated in coanectloa
with Atlantic bteannliipt will be
ooaalefrom NOV. lOih to DEO.
^Ut. iDdarire, md limiied tu five
DiODtfal from .lute of i-n *■
J r.f-t 1". .:n,-t.'. .-"thli'lar-i
rir-; «,-,a-* and Toarftt Blefpin*
Cart, Iiinirirf Can -.t. nil th'oogfi
Con part moot'* Library    Obser**
vttion Car on "Imporial
Applj to neurit C P R. .Ajc«*nt
furfiiM informalion oi
P. fl. -"cSFILLIE.
Dlttrit i PaaMnger tgi-ot,
1    • *v. Alta.
**■**-*.* WW****** + + *■ + * + **•>**•>**
London, Jan. 2.—Tbo Now Year's
hotior lisl ilus year is a ihori "nr,
as a result «f tl»* honora confertori bj
tin* hui; during,tho durbar, hut tht*
si'li-t-iiim covers n wMc range ti
civil tscivanls. politician! and ni-n nf
tllst-nclinti, Hit* varintis prolcalloni
and commerce being included, ran.ni.i
is well represented in ihc colonial
list, which is hoadod hy Robert L.
Itonlcn, the Canadian premier, who
Ihcohics a privy councillor.
Only three peerages are conferred,
(he new barons being Sir Thomas
O-ibson-l'iiiinU'luu-l, governor of Madras, .Sir Alfred Thomas, for many
years leader ol the Welsh party in the
house ol commons*, mnl Samuel Hope
Moiley, former governor ol the Hank
' of Kngland.
Havo ;i very tint* attortmenl of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All trt-i'S offered fot Bale, ar. ijrrown in our own inirBrrii-R on
lho l'o!i|.tr...'ini Bstata
V. O. CURRY, General Agent
* Tin: »
♦ *
♦ Columbian     ♦
* *
4j in a. goaraoleea palley. Thai i-, %
4J nttsfaetlon Ugoaranteedinerar)) ^
#respeet.  Th. %
J Nelson Iron Works \
4 lusrrse     ^
^ 1 la- an   e\er  loereatfog iloefc. —
A Wiile ihcni for f-urtniilnrn.
• tf •#-#«*# W *9 *> + W + W
-w9f#*«««#*«#«# *«#*#•••###•#•«
et,sM\AM\m\*ff%^ *«■•**-*»-*■*-**•*■*•*-■■■•■*■••**- AAAaaaaaaa
effffffffrffffffffffff fffVVffVfV
A Good  Home
is what is dottT tO every ii'-'ii.    A lioint*
is where Peftoe, Comfort, Oontentmonti
aii'l Plenty in found. That is the rOJttUtl
hum) tbroUffhout Itritisli OolnOlblOi when
"Oranbrook'1 is mentioned think of the
provisions Job. lirault Ims metlo for uu
iih'.il homo nt the
Canadian Hotel
miaesr:' ■■ ■ >.   i.-.T,.'5a
| The Ad. That's Worth
' A Dollar to You
m mny li.- in this liatie mnl a M
^ S'.nrrh  ol   ono  inimili   BISJ B
f| rereal it to yon !
• if oooias n may !»• thai I
S than ur.* min. |iiini«l lo.ila.v S
1$ that an- "Torth ii good ninny @
I .l.illnr- in vou.    Hut it ouuht S
I to la-
Easy To Find
I an ad. worth ONE DOLLAR |
Make the Search
ns nn  expert men (
Kit, would hke llir (i)-"|hration ol
any party ur parties dealFOQj of hav*
mc photos taken for Xmns l>y doing
%n an soon ni ruinetiient. Tills will
iti.iiiie llir hest nf workmanslnji nnd
pvrrybo-d*. will irrei-c pliottm in
plenty of time for Xmusv Studio
uoit to Aiidittitiutii 44-tt THEiOBANBROOK   HERALD
Br tlie Herald   PiibliBhlng Company,
K. J. Deane, Managing Editor,
CRANBROOK, B. C, January 41912
At tlu' eleventh hour siiiiu'iliinj! do
unite in  reference lo tho lorilicomlftf,
municipal dIccIIohs .an lie announceil
A mooting nl business  men was hell
last owning ui wbic.li, allot thorcugl
discussion ul llie situation, Mr. *•• ''
Downos!  was finally Induced lo    nc
copl nomination as mayor.    Follow
ing  ihc selection nl a candidate  loi
tlw  mayoralty,  tlw question ol
doi manic candidates .'nine in Inr c
sldoration.     six  promlnenl busln
men wero Anally   scoured, wlio   ci
si'iilnl to accept nomination, mil
the   supporters ol      any   partlou
tilclcot, Imt simply    Willi Hie Idea
giving their services in Ihr olty il
ing tli*' ensuing   twelve months w
the  view   sclely lo Die advancement
ol  the city's liost   Interests.       T
names   ol   the six     men aRrccd un
appear olsowlroro in    this issue.    At
this  lali. siiiR.. ii is practically  Im-
imssilih- In ilisi-uss Intelligently tin
claims it Un1 rcspcctivo nomlme
The lleralil cull only |>lacr thei
names bolorc iis readers in tin. hop
Ihat they, in their roikI |udgmcnl
will select Irom among Ihem an
others, wlm at the lasl niomcn
may nilci themselves for election
tin- la-st council possible.
Thf review  oi    Cranbrook's   pn
grees diirine, the   past twelve inotit!
and   the suggestions thrown out   li
tlw coming year, which lorm a chlel
feature   nf this issue, will,  we thinli
. satislv   llie most   critical, that all'
well   with   Cranhrook eily and    dis
triet.    speeial attention   is directed
to   the   article   dealing    with     Hie
Aurora   .Mining company's enterprise,
rhis    being largely a locally financed
undertaking.     There is    the hesl ol
reason  for believing that the Aurora
mine  is destined to become one     of
tlie  banner mines nl East Kootenay.
All   that     is needed   now   is lurlher
deveiopmcnl   and adequate treatment
facilities.      lloth   these requirements
bid lair tn la' met during lhe coming
year  and   the Herald confidently anticipates that    lhe   Aurora will    iu
tlw near luture duplicate, if not   excel, tlw    splendid reeortl ol the   latll-
ouk   St. Eugene.
Tlw immigration into Canada du*..
ing tlw year lllll CJCCmled 350,0011,
just a little short ot one thousand a
day. duly one-filth of these newcomers were ol foreign birth. Tliere
would n|ijieai tn la* im foundation
for llie fear, held in some quar
fers, that Canada is iu danger of
becomili,, overrun hv people of alien
Wdinesthiy evening tht* second public meeting ol tin* movement looking
toward the organization uf a liii'li'-i
and Labor Council was held in the
Irand li'ill and u good crowd attended,
Mr. Win. McDonald acktl as chairman and Prank MeKenna was acting
secretary. Representatives from
thi' various latwr unions of tht* city
city were present and brought ui
reports and spoke iu favor of the
movement. All nf iht* organised lan
Otters are in favor of this central
organisation. All unorganized labor
will In* canvassed with a view to organization. It waa decided to organize a Trades antl Labor Council
ami ordered that a charter tv applied fir Immediately.
Tho next meeting will tn- called as
soon as Uh* application foi a charter
is heard from.
Mayor Hunt has received thr lol-
lowing expression of Commissioner
R,ts' appreciation of Ihe courteslm
extended to him by his worship the
mayor, on the oceasion nl his recall
visit lo Ihis eity.
Mayor    DeVere   Hunt,    Crsobrook,
Your Worship :—
:: Chapman's Agency:
Repair Department
All KIsS. si Fsrsllsn tcMlrt.
llaaol.urln,. Msllrcu MsUsg.
flaw I, it. line to have ,oar work '
| dsst. kclsra Iht rs.li lM|lsa.
Chapman's Agency
, , N.rt.ry Avian, N.sr II. As.ll.rl.a,
You will bc Interested to know
that 1 have now arrived safely hock
in Toronto after my prolonged tour
in the west, and in looking back upon the same, 1 feel 1 cannot refrain
from sending you a line ol personal
thanks for the wolds whieli you were
pleased to give utterance to at our
gathering. I know you are a busy
man, with many claims and calls upon you, and therefore, 1 appreciate
all tlw more tfie trouble you took
to be present with us, and to voice
your appreciation tf our work, It is
a real Joy personally lo me lo know
that men in such prominent positions
as that whieli you occupy iu Cruii-
liniok, are pleased to lend their Influence and interest in the work
which we arc endeavoring to do.
Again thanking you, and praying
that tlw blessing ol our Heavenly
Father may ever rest upon you.
With llie compliments of ibe season.
Believe me. yours faithfully,
David M. Rocs,
Toronto, nut, December 22, Ml.
Commencing Uu* t\mt ol the year
reduced cable rates have gone into effect t ver tIn* C.P.U. telefiraphs.
Messages will he accepted subject lo
certain conditions as to writing, at a
reduction ol fifty per cent from the
charges for an ordinary messago.
Such uicssaRes will bo known as deferred cablejf anis, and tin? word "deferred" must precede the address
and will he charged for.
Furtlter particulars of this Innovation will he given next week. Deferred cablegrams for Australia ami
New Zealand will be accepted at the
same rates, under llie same conditions.
Indicates indigestion, constipation
or liver lrouble. FIG PILLS will
regulate your system und build up
the nerve torces so that you can
sh-eji and enjoy life. At all dealers
25 and 51) cents or Tlw Fig Hill Co.,
St. Thomas, Ont.
Sold by the Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Co., Ltd.
families of Mr. Illake, of Skookum-
eliuk; Mr. llannanl, Mr. Irwin, Mr.
Jensen and Mr. Run, nl Wasa; and
Mr. Wood, ol Cherry Creek ranch, as
well as Ihc numerous young bachelors
of the adjacent ranches.
The briil.. was the recipient of a
large number ol valuable presents,
including a substantial purse ol
coin ol the realm from her young
nun Irlcndi of the neighborhood.
I' wn.. well in toward the comin.i
dav below tho guests departed, leav-
,ng behind them sincere beat wislus
l.i: 'I.e future ol tho happy youii:
couple, who nn the lollowlng day
wore to depart for their home ia
Lethbridge, Alta., Jan. 3.—A number of recent occurrences have af-
furded special encouragement to the
local board of trade in their work ul
"boosting Lethbridge." Tlie adoption
f the single lax idea is regarded
with marked lavor among business
men. The announcement has also
gone out that Lethbridge is to
have a handsome armory designed for
future as well as present needs. Kor
the coming dry farming conprcss
plans are being laid (or handling th
biggest crowds ever gathered in this
part ot the west* The proposed new-
post office building now appears to
Im- an established fact for the early
days ol the future. In sports also
I.eUibndge is to occupy a place on
the the mail and well formulated
plans have been drawn up for the
professional baseball season of 1912,
iu which Lethbridge is expected to
hold a leading place.
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.,
nigh mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Kosary and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondavi and holy days of obligation—Mat* at 8 am. ■
Week days-Man at I a.m. at the
I>. Plamondon, O.M.I
Itev. tv   Klson iMinham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at  II a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning stibtect   "Infinite Light.''
Evening subject: "Character Korin-
ttl   by Habit."
Musical programme for the evening
service will be as follows.
Anthem hy tho choir—"The King of
Love My Shepberd Is."
Solo porta will be taken by Mr
antl Mrs. (ii-orge Stephenson.
Soprano solo—"Recessional,*' hy
Mrs. George Stephenson.
A cordial invitation is extended to
all   to attend the above services.
Itev. O. K. Kcnuall, pastor.
Topic of discussion, morning ser-
vu-e, 11 a.m., "Power of the Love of
Communion service following.
Kventng topic: "Lukewarmness, lis
Cause, Result and Cure."
On t'ln ist nas day were married, t,y
tlie Rev. 0. O. Main In Cranhrook,
Hoyil Thompson, of Knllspcl, Mont.,
and Alma, eldest daucfitcr ot A. J.
Miller, uf Wasa.
In the evening a supper was given
al the residence of Mr. Millet on
Ta-Ta Creek to celebrate the happy
event at whieh were present a large
number of the neighbors and friend*
the bride and ber parents, all ot
whom enjoyed to the full the bountiful repast supplied by the hospitality
of Mrs. Miller.
After the supper the living room,
which had been most tastefully decorated to befit the season and occasion, was cleared and several enjoyable hours were spent In dancing to
music Mippin-d by M. Illake and Prof.
Sullen, violins; and Mr. -lames Illake,
harmonica, under tin* direction ot Mr.
Wm. Shlra, as floor master. Among
those   present were represent cd    the
Itoyal treatment was given to the
t'ranbrook bowling team when they
Visited Nelson last week, and thr
good game ol bowling was Riven a
boost in  both places by this visit.
The lollowlng boys from t'ranbrook
helped to win tho bowling games
Irom Nelson: .1. Milne. E. Myers, It.
Drown, tv. Johnston, K. Stephens,
.1. S. Tout.
following the last game ol the scries on Thursday evening a han.,uet
was given to the guests Irom Cran-
brook, and while the home ta*am
expressed tlie hope at that gathering
llial they would win when they
came to t'ranbrook on February 1st
nml 2nd, they took their defeat tn
llie lionie alleys like good sports,
and made tbc Cranbrook boys led
Uml the pleasure had all been
theirs, even though they bad lost,
Tlu- games were very close and Interesting, and only In the last
string was tbe victory assured to
Kor tbe month ol IVcccmber, E.
Myers has carried oft the book of
tickets given for the highest three
strings with a total of 613, and the
highest single lor tbe month was
howled by Dan Hudson, wh'i made
TIh* game on New Year's afternoon
between the married and single
ladies proved a very interesting and
enjoyable allair, though tbe married
ladles had little difficulty in winning
the  three strings played.
On account of a late train the
hockey team from Macleod failed
to appear on New Year's afternoon
Arrancpmcnts are being made for
their appearance here early next
week, no definite date being Axed as
yet. Games with Hosmer and Fernie are also scheduled for the local
rink  in    tbe near future-
Following are the tfliccrs    ol    the
Orange   lodge elected tor Ihe ensuing
' W. M.-K   A. Stride.
D. M.-.las. Ilyslop.
Chap.—II. .1. Campbell.
II. S.-S. I.. Williams.
K. S.—It. A. Fraser.
Treas.—S. T. Evans,
D. ol C—W. .1. Ilayward.
Lecturer—A. I>. IlorMinn.
Committee—W. II. Drown, M. Mc
Eachern, II. E. Stephens, Chas.
McMillan. Jas. F.stei
Following are the oflicers of Mountain longe, No. II, A.F.fcAM , Hidden, II. ('., lor 1912:
Worshipful Master—E. N. Russell.
Senior Warden—J. A. Hucaham
Junior Warden—F. II. Ilacon.
Secretary—J. Ilulman
Treasurer—C. A. Warns,.
Senior Deacon—D. IV Kimpton.
Junior Deacon—A. C. Hamilton.
Senior Steward—.1. F. Poates.
Junior Steward—I. Anderson.
Inner tluard—.1. Sutherland.
Tyler—F. Asbd, wn.
Tl»- Festival ,,f St John the Evangelist, which is one ol lhe most
important events in tbe Masonic
calendar, was duly, celebrataai by the
members of Elk Hlvrr lodge, No. It,
A.F.4.VM, Fernie.
The insiiillatiin ol officers lor the
ensuing year was held, tbe following
being tbe list lor 1912:
W. M.-Alex. I. Kisber.
I.P.M.—Dr. Corson.
S. W.-.I. S. Volume.
J. W.—Dr. Anderson.
See.—fl. O. Henderson.
Treas.—S. (Iraham.
S. D.-C. 0. K. Holmes.
J. I).—Dr. Assetstlne.
S. S-E. K. Stewart.
.1. S.—Thomas Martin.
I*, of C.—Jas. Falcnner-
1. fl.—(len. B. Thompson.
Tyler-ltobert Dutble.
Itev. J. T. Ferguson, formerly pastor ot the Presbyterian church nt
Nelson, wns In town for a tew hours
on Tuesday, on Ml way back    Irom
visit   to the OM Cavalry.
Municipal Elections, 1912
A. G Bowness
For Mayor
I beg to announce that I have, at the request
of a large number of citizens, consented to
accept nomination for the Mayoralty, and
respectfully solicit your earnest support,
F. Parks & Co.
We Thank
Many Friends
patronage extended
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, Home
Furnishing floods
Norval llaptie, the world's greatest
iec skalcr, will give au exhibition at
Ihc Arena rink Friday evening, January 'iiii, at 8 p.m. Tbc programme
includes fancy ice skating, single and
double, finishing with a spectacular
jump waltz, Mr. Uaplic doing a forward jump over six barrels. He
will skate backward against a last
total man and race several local
mm nl once. A fox chase concludes the programme. Admission
25 centa, children 1.1 cents. Skating
after exhibition.
Municipal Elections
To the Electors of the
City of Cranbrook.
Luilics and Uentlemen:
At the earnest solicitation
of a large number of citizens
of the City of Cranbrook, I
have consented to nccept
nomination for Alderman in
the forthcoming Municipal
Elections, and I respectfully
request your influence anil
Gus. Erlckson
Municipal Elections
(In   and after this date I will   not
lie responsible   tor any debts      contracted by my wife, Elizabeth Lucin-
da l.iveslev or Mrs. Margaret I.ee.
(Signcdi     —    11. C. Uvesley.
Movie, B.C., Dec. 31st, 1911.     1-lt
To the Electors of the
City of Craubrook.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
At the earnest solicitation
of a large number of citizens
of the City of Crunbrook, 1
have consented to accept
nomination for Alderman in
the forthcoming Municipal
Elections, and I respectfully
request your influence and
D. J. Johnson
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
GIVEN to the Electors ol the Hunt
cipalily ol the t'lly ol Cranbrook,
tliat I require the presence ot the
said Electors, ut the Municipal Ot-
liccs on Norbury Avenue, in the City
til Cranbrook, on Ihe eighth day ol
January, IDlt, at 12 o'clock noon (I
p.m. local lime) lor the purpose ol
electing persons to represent them in
lhe Municipal Council as Mayor and
Aldermen, and public notice is lurther given to the Electors ol the Cranhrook School District, that I require the presence ot the said Electors at the same place and time lor
lhe purpose ot electing persons to
leprrscnt them on the Board ot
SchoolTrustees lor the Cranbrook
School District as such School Trustees.
The ini.de ol nomination ot candidates shall l,e as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writing; the writing shall he
subscribed by two voters ot the
Municipality, as proposer and seconder; and shall he delivered to the Returning iilliei i at any time between
lhe date ot the notice and 2 p.m.
(.1 p.m. local time) ol the day ol the
nomination; and In Ihe event ot a
Ml being necessary, such poll will be
opened on the llth day nl January,
1912, at the Municipal Offices, Norbury Avenue, t'ranbrook, B.C., from
Ihe hour ol (I o'clock a.m. (10 o'elesk
local time) and 7 p.m. (S p.m. local
time) ol which every person is hereby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Tbe qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidates for
the office ot Mayor arc as follows:
The persons qualified to bc nominated for and elected as Mayor ol the
City shall be such persons as are
male British subjects ol tbc lull age
of twenty-one years, and are not die-
I qualified under any law, and have
! heen lor the sis months nest preceding the day ol nomination the registered owner in the Land Itegistry
Ofllec, ot land or real property In the
City ol the assessed value on the
last Municipal Assessment Roll, ol
One Thousand Dollars or more over
and above any registered judgment or
charge, and who arc otherwise duly
qualified as Municipal voters
(IIKiS, C. 31, S. 14).
Tbe qualifications by law required
to he possessed by the candidates lor
the office of Aldermen arc as follows:
Tbc persons qualified to he Humiliated for and elected as Aldermen of
the City shall be such persons as are
male British subjects ot Ihe lull age
ol twenty-one years and are not disqualified under any law, and have
been lor the six months next preceding the day ol nomination the registered owner In tho Land Registry
Office, ol land nr real property in the
City ot the assessed value on the last
Municipal Assessment Roll, ot five
hundred dollars or more over and
above any registered judgment nr
charge, and who aro otherwise duly
qualified as Municipal voters.
(1908, C. 82, S. 14).
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by the candidates
lor the office of School Trustee arc
as follows:
Any person being a householder In
tbe School District and being a British
subject of the lull age ol twenty-one
years and otherwise qualified by this
Act to vote at an election ot School
Trustees in the School District, shall
be tUflble to be elected or to servo
as a  Sefewl Trustee in such Munlcl-
Municipal Elections
"for alderman
To the Electors of the
City of Cranbrook.
l.iulii'H mnl Gentlemen i
At tli irnest solicitation
ot ii large number of citizens
of the City of Oriuibroolt, I
Imvo consented to nccept
nomination fnr Alderman in
the forthcoming Municipal
elections, nnd I respectfully
request ynur influence, uml
W. J. Atchison
i'iajElf.JJi2JHi?li.i|aii.'IP!i.iJ|.ili.'li.i|i.jlr!;.i||.i|[.:.    i|
I Municipal Elections |
I 1912
For Alderman
----"_ I
To the Electors of the
! City of Crnnbrook.
Ladies and Genllemen:
At the earnest solicitation |j
| of n large number of citizens !:j
I of the City of Cranbrook, I pj
I have   consented    to   accept pi
jjj nomination for Alderman in y
I the  forthcoming  Municipal jjj
jjj Elections, nnd I respectfully E
a request  your influence  mill %
I support. 1
1 P
1 W. F. Cameron 1
Municipal Elections:;
To tlio Electors of the
City of Craubrook,
Ladies nml Gentlouieni
At tlie curliest solicitation
nl' 11 laige uuinlier ol' citizens
of the City ol' Crunbrook, 1
Imvo consented to nccept
nomination fnr Alderman in
tlie forthcoming Municipal
Elections, ami I respectfully
request ymir influence and
J. F. Campbell
i a       i.ii..i!i.ii,,i|l,iii.iii..i'i.'iij.:.!i:iiTMisiara
| Municipal Elections il
I 1912 g|
I   For Alderman   jjj
|j Tn the Electors nf the ll
ja City <>f Crnnbrook, g
K Ladies uml Gentlemen: S
| At the earnest solicitation jjj
|] of a large number nf citizens 3
| of Hie City of Cranbrook, I 1
a have consented to nccept ja
S nomination for Alderman in S
a the forthcoming Municipal |
a Elections, uml I respectfully 1
g request your influence und g
r3 support. -T
Lester Clapp    1
eraaaaraErarafSEaraiaiasiaissiEi^ ram'SKsea'ssiii',;, aiBfaraiaaiifflBfsiB
| \*******************************444********t
Special Sale ol Whitewear li
For the balance of this month wo ure holding a Snle of
onr entire stock of Whitewear, consisting of
Gowns, Drawers, Corset Covers,
Chemises, Combinations and
Princess Slips
as we want to reduce our stock.
ments to buy now. Below we ci
Other prices ure in proportion.
We offer you speeiul iudticc-
n only give a few quotations.
*-:l.!>5 Gowiib for
2.00      "
1.50 Skirls   •"
200     "
11,00     "
$1 nil Coi act Cover.
L',110     "
U0c   Dmtvora 	
1 (III      '"        	
1.60      '•        	
Strongest      Brightest
Most Economical
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
pal tlistriet.    (1905, C. II, S,    81).
(moo, C. 39, S. 25).
No Trustee shall hold Ihc olliee nl
teacher within the District ol which
he is a Trustee, provided always,
Hint no clcrgymau ol aay denomination shall lie eligible tor the position ol Superintendent, inspector,
Teacher or Trustee. (1905, 0. 41,
S. 1(16).
Hougeholder" in the ease ol Municipal School District shall mean
ami include any person ol llie lull
age ol twenty-one years who occupies
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or hoarding house, or any part nr portion ot
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or hoarding house, and who shall, unless
exempt by Statute or Municipal By-
Law, have paid directly to tin Mual-
eipnlity, rati-;, tuxes or fees ol mil
less llian Iwo dollars (or the em rent
year.    (1000, C. SO, S. 2.)
(liven under mi hand nl the City
ol Cranhrook, Ihis 'iiuli day ol December, A.It. inn.
Returning Officer.
in Ull." Real estate men aOIrm
that the prosperity behind this
movement is Round and substantial,
It being pointed nut that llejna Is
now the sixth rity in the Dominion
in postal revenue, the figures in the
last annual report nl the postmaster
i>.>iuial renrlilng a total of $10.1,500.
KOR SA1.E.-A pair ol good
shalts; almost new. Apply Bos S,
llernW office. 47-41* THB   OBANBKOOK HERALD
Thanking All
for their Patronage during the
past year and wishing all
a Happy and Pros*
perous New
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The $&KoJUL Store
Just arrived: Another shipment ul
Pophatn's big chocolates. Tbey aie
delicious. Try them. 75 cents per
Hurt Campbell was taken to the
St. Eugene hospital this morning, I
suffering from a severe attack of
The Empire Electric t'o. opened a
brandi store in the Henderson
block on Victoria st reet, Kernic,
this week.
Hiiwiian pineapples, 25c. each, very
largD-ftt   Fink's Pure Food Grocer;'.
V. and Mrs. Lund returned on Wednesday Irom Spokane, where they bad
been to attend the funeral ot Mr. p.
Lund's mother.
Sheriff Morris and hi*-, sou Stuart
left for Vancouver this week.
Stuart is entering Columbia Business
Collegu lor u course io engineering.
,i.i. I''," "'" l"'i'-"V °.i "'is S'"r.'! '," ''"rry '"?"''"*'' "v,'r l>""1 """ H,*"s'"' <° 1|'" next, and to do
this we are Marking these goods down to prices that will clear then, out with n ml, The ■
are genuine bnrgalns, ami u visit to this store will show you scores of others
F.xtrn  line   Hawaii bulk dates
Little and Atchison's.
Do Your Eyes
Need Attention?
Now tlmt tin' holiday rush
is over, it's n splendid time to
have yonr eyes attended to.
We have all the modern appliances tor eye testiug and
will guarantee to give you
satisfaction. If you don't
care to take our word for it,
ask your ueighlior.
Appointments iiiiule any
hour of the day.
Homo    made  candies, 25 cents per
Iti. Saturday only.—The Palm.
It. McAllister, of Taber, Alberta,
was in Crnnbrook this week.
Dr. V. II. Miles has moved bis
dental parlors into the new otT'u;
in   the Hanson block.
af.   Fink's   Pure   Food
The managers of the Arena rink
are arranging for a carnival ol ice
sports tti he held at an early date.
Bom.—At the Home hospital Sunday, December Hist, to Mr. and Mrs.
B.   H. McPhee, a daughter.
Extra  fine .lapaneso
Little and Atchison's.
oranges      at
We wish to thank our many
patrons for the liberal patronage
extended to us during the p.ist
year. These favors have been
lullv appreciated, and our aim in
1912 will be to give you the best
that can be produced at the lowest
possible cost. Again thanking you
and wishing you all a very luppv
and prosperous New Year East
Kootenay Produce House.
Burn.—At the Cottage hospital en
January .'lr<l, 11112, to Mr. and Mrs.
c. c. Connolly, a daughter.
Harold .1. Scott has returned from
Calgary, whero lie spent llie holidays
.letting with his relatives.
W. ll. McFarlane, ol Ihc. Cranbronk
Co-operative   stoics,   was in Kinp.'
c.ite Wednesday on business.
Snacks served Irom II a.m. lo 10.3(1
p.m. First class service guaranteed.
—The Palm.
Joe Cliasscv. ol E. A. Hill and Co
is spending a few days at Bull
River on business,
.la*, llaunct. ol Wasn. was registered ai    the Cosmopolitan on Wed*
P, Wouds, Mrs. Woods mid son,
left this week lor California, where
they will remain during tbe winter
mon Ills.
Customs returns for the month ol
December reached tlie largo total nf
(71166.21, upwards ol $9000 greater
than the total in December, 1910,
inland revenue returns amounted to
SI 132.26.
It Pays
To Bear in Mind
That repairs of high-cluss
workmanship can Ihi obtained
at our store nt reasonable
prices. Try us nml lie convinced.
(1. I*. II. Win, li lna|irctoia
(lorgonzola cheese »t Fink's
Food Grocery.
Crosse   iin.l in.iikiv
Kink'., pure Food Qn
■II'*. lil.i.itn- ,ii
K.     It      Moms    is   in New
minster on business Hns week,
llniri  Weill., ol ntSTVSVlllc, was
.isitoi  in town Iins week
il Kink'.
e rice   cakes u> small
I'nre F,a.*il Grocery.
Mi       .nul Mi*   Kii. Slater gave     a
\< v.  Veer's   dance party  at     their
home on Monday evening.
W K iiniii end wife left (oi To
■.nil., last Friday. They expect to
he back    alioni the first February.
|   i i.sii   llaselWDod sweet cream nml
buttermilk at Little and Mention's
A sel of twenty-four Deagan mu.,i
ral bells are being installed at the
Auditorium this week by the Davis
Hros., electricians. Tbe bells are a
hew idea an' will be placed along
the walls and will be heard Saturday lor the first time.
N'ew laid eggs that we guarantee-
Little and Atchison.
The cantata entitled "Foxy Santa"
given last Tuesday by the scholars
of the Sunday school and the choir
of the Methodist church was greatly
enjoyed by,a large audience. The plot
was au exceptionally good one and
the characters were well sustained
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. King left yesterday for Porllaad, Ore., and other
coast cities. They will return about
the end ol the month, in plenty ol
time to permit Dr. and Mrs. F. W.
Green to leave lor Europe on th.
California celery and fresh hot
house lettuce at Utile and Atchison's.
Thos. Livingstone, an employee ol
Burns and Jordan's camp at Fort
Steele, died at St. Kugcno hospitil
on Friday, December 22, of typhoid
fever. The body is at the undertaking parlors ol Vi. R. Bretty
awaiting instructions ot the parents,
who live at Mooeton, .V. B.
Russet! apples at Fink's Purr Food
The case against Jack l.ewfs, who
was charged with obtaining $35 Irom
B. II Small, ol the Cosmopolitan
hotel, on worthless checks, was dis-
misseh at tlie adjourned hearing at
t |iui Tuesday on account ol
there being no appearance for the
Judge Wilson has not yet definitely
decided where he will locate wban
he returns to the practice ol the law.
He had intended settling In Kernic,
but tlie prospective departure of Mr
M. A. Macdonald for the Vancouver,
and the probable retirement Irom
practice nl Mr. Geo. tl. Thompson,
may result in .Judtju Wilson's deciding to Continue permanent resilience in this city, going to Fernie
for  two days a week.
TO KENT.—Front room, use ol
laslh ami phone. I', o. Box 317,
city. l-u
A dance is lo Ik hckl nt Fort
Steele on the evening ol Thursday,
January 25th. A thoroughly good
time is assineil all patrons. The arrangements are in the hands ol
skilled entertainers, wlio will spare
no pains to ensure an enjoyable
time lor everybody. A large attendance is expected from Cranhrook,
where there exists on appreciative
knowledge ol the excellence ol all
Fort Steele entertainments. The
proceeds will be devoted in aid ol tin
Catholic church.
A dance is lo be held al Fori
Steele on the evening ol Thursday,
January 25th. Don't miss it. A
good time Is assured. 1-31
John Silvanis was given thirty
days for vagrancy Ir. Judge Kyan
Tueaday. Silvanis pleaded, in defense, that he was the champion
middle weight boneless contortionist
of Canada and that he had contorted for three nights In a local pictur,'
show. The magistrate thought the
police had been given sufficient
trouble by the contortions ol the
prisoner and he will now have time
to further practice lhe art ol tyin^
himself in knols at Ihe expense ot
the municipality-
Men's Fur Lined Overcoats
These are all splendid coals, and at our
usual keen prices belter values were never to
be had.
Regular jJiJT.iiO Coats 828.50
"      $2«60     "        " 17.50
$20.01)     •• 14,50
Men's Sweaters
Colors Urey. Brown. Navy nnd Blue, with
open and dosed neck
Regular $3.00 Sweaters *•>. |;,
"     *2.«0     ••        1.65
Millinery at Half Price
Every Trimmed Hat must «.,. uml to do this
we have marked tuein nt
Men's Wolsey Underwear
This well-known make is to no at a bi«
reduction.    Everybody  can   now afford  to
wear this splendid serviceable brand if they
buy it nt this price.
Regular $6.60 per suit for        t? 1.75
Men's Heavy Gloves
A strom;. well-made glove with n  warm
wool lining.    All sizes.
Kcniilar 76o, for
Ladies' Suits and Coats
rtegular $85.00 Suits for
25.00     "     "
20.00 t'oats "	
18.00     ■•      ■•
Must be cleaned out, and al these sacrifices
in price they won't lust but a tow days. Space
does not permit a description of mir varied
stock, but they will go
Ladies' Dresses
in the Newest Dp-to-Dnto Styles
$21.50 Regular for  XI 7.1IO
20.IKI       "       '•           ,,-.,-,,1
15.50      "       ••     | i#.,s
Beautiful White AU.Wo
$9.50 Regular for
7.00     •■
160     '•
.1 Blankets
In nil
Ladies' Skirts
colors of
t inns and Voile materials,
Regular $11,50 f,.r .
9.50  "
7.50  -
1.60 "
Panamas, Veno-
*?1 1.05
WANTED.-.* competent maid     at
once.     Apply       to     Mrs.        D
Ones. 45-tt
Kri-sh   apple  ."«l.-i  .it    ..HHi-    nml
ami Mi-*.  Jus.  Kinlav tamr   n
1.1'llt'Viii',   Alia.,  nn Sunday  toi
C. Mi'I.. Troup     WM Up It "in  Yah*.
Vmi v    They returned today
on Tucada)
ami Mis. Cu, MrPa-rlricii etttflt
I a   number ol Friendi   nl    a
\  R Watts, ..f WatUburg, wm 11
Vcar's dinner on Monday after
town on Tuesday,
Wt wish to inform our customers that we have
received .1
Large New Stock of Harness
In Team, Driving, and Express
The Driving we hav* in all orices and in both black and
tan colors. It would pay to look our stock over before
buying elsewhere.
We also have received a new stock of SUIT
stock ol CUTTERS is complete, and worth looking
over. Prices range from $45.00 to $65.00, why not
buy your wife, daughter cr son a new Cutter for Xmas.
Thanking our customers for all past favors and
sdliciting a continuance of the same.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implement'.., Harness Repairing
l litKclwonh ice cream bricks always
en lum.I at Little and Atchison's.
"Way Ilown Soutli in lie Land
Cut ton" and many other famous
"lil soollrcrn negro melodies were
mel.alii.usly rendered by Uie Dilie
Jubilee Singers at the Auditorium
lasl Friday night. The whole
programme repnumled a tasteful selection ol nld favorites and all the
numbers were generously encored ami
applauded by Un small audience
II"  nol    miss   Kink's   china sale.
You'll 1..   sorry il  you do lor there
are   snnie   real bargains going, t'oine
nnd see our bargain counter.
0. W. Patmore bu a pen ol eight
pure bred White Wyandotte hens
Unit have been making a record lor
cold weather laying aad proving
tlninsclvcs to be top notchers in the
cuts business. They laid one hundred
and sixty-two eggs in tbc month of
December, an average ol 301 rer
bird?    Who can beat tills?
A dance is to be held at Fort
Steele on tbc evening ol Thursday,
January aitth. Don't miss it. A
good time is assured. 1-at
The local Foresters aid themselves
proud last Thursday evening with
their social and dance at Uie Audi
loriiim. Tbe ball was very effectively decorated. An excellent supper
was provided, during which e good
musical programme wee rendered.
Tlm dance lollowlng kept all leet
liusy lor several hours and at a late
hour proceedings terminated witb the
verdict that Uw Cranbrook Forest
era were  "Jolly flood Fellows."
Mcintosh Red  eeUng   apples
Fink's Pure Fond Orrcery.
Medicines that aid nature arc nl
ways most effectual. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy acts on this plan. It
allays the cough, relieves the lungs,
opens the secretions and aids nature
ia restoring the system t» a healthy
condition. Thousands have testificl
to its superior excellence. Sold by
all dealers. l.ff
Owing to prevailing high price nf
sugar our home made candy will In
25c. per It. instead ot 20c. per It
Saturdays. other days 35c. per Iti
starting     January 1st.—    The
Palm. 50-lt
Kdward Brown and Harry Klein
were remanded Inr trial hy Magistrate Kyan on Tuesday on a
charge ol brcakinc into and robbing
tbe hardware store of J. I) Mc-
llridu on Christmas night. Guy
Chapman, tlie lniri.iiil.r at the
Imperial hotel, claims to have nur-
rhased a knife for inc. from Klein,
who claims Drown gave it to him
to sell. J. I). Mcllrlde has positively l,k*nii(l,*il the knife Brown
says he slept in tlie smoke room
at the Imperial hotel Christmas
night. lloth men deny any coin-
pllclty In    lhe robbery.
When buying a cough medicine fnr
children bear in mind tbat Chamberlain's Cr.ugh Remedy Is most effectual
lor colds, croup and whooping rough
and that it contains nn hnrinlul
drug.   For sale by all dealers.     Ill
At Uie Epworlh League nf the
Methodist ehurcli last Tuesday evening several strong papers were rend
by members of the league nn lite
.tie and Work of Martin Luther.
The young neople arc taking a very
active interest in Iheir work and
havo drafted a strong programme tor
tbe winter. Next Tuesday evening
tbo meeting will lie under the direction ol the citizenship committee.
Several papers will be road on "The
Confederation  ol  the Provinces     el
Do ynu know Mini fully nine out
every ten cases nl rheumatism i
simply rheumatism uf the muscle.
due to cold or damp, or chronic
rheumatism, anil require no inlorn tl'
treatment whatever" Apply Chamberlain's Liniment Irccly and sec lion i
quickly It gives relief. For sale by'
all dealers. 1-tl
Cranbrook society has bet'li busy
during the past week with a rnuml
nf dinners, parties and .lances, linish-
ing Ihe holiday season with a rush.
IVvniinciit among the social functions
■if the week were: Dinner party at
Ihe home ol Judge and Mrs. P. E.
Wilson nn last Sunday night; dinner
party at the home ol Mr. and Mrs
M. A. Macdonald on Monday evening, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brymncr
entertained guests at a supper party
nn New Year's night; Mrs. Pr. Kin;
gave a dancing party oo New Year's
night and Mrs. Oils Erlckson is giving an at home and dance this
(Thursday) evening.
Wlien given as soon as the croup]
ct.ugh appears Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy will ward off an attack i.f
crcup and prevent all danger and
cause ol anxiety. Thousands nt
mothers use it successfully. Sold by
all dealers. l-tt
A meeting ol the Cranbrook Poetry and Pet Stock association was
held In the Y.M.CA. parlors en
Tuesday evening, a goodly number ol
numbers being present. In the ali-
sence of the president, W. II. Bardgett, vice-president, occupii-d tin-
chair ami II. White acted as secretary, Mrs. R. Brown was dec to I
delegate tn the second annual convention nf the II. C. Poultry association, which is to be held nn January lTth. Mrs. Brown, who is a
practical poultry woman, will present Ihc views ol the Cranhrook association In a practical manner, being
a good speaker. In all probability a
good local speaker will attend the
next mreling and lecture on tl
poultry industry. The question
winter poultry show Inr Cranlirnnk
was up Inr discussion. Imt il was
thought to be too late in tlie season to make the necessary ei
langemetits for a sueci ssftil sin a
this year. Several new members
were received, including Mr. A. V.
Watts, nl Wattsburg, tlie well known
chicken fancier, and Mr. Sheppari:, s
local tancler of some reput.
12-Room Modern Dwelling on Armstrong Avenue, close in
Vacant Lots on Baker Street
$2,500.00 Each
Lot 3ti33, and description of the.
point tf user as on Lot 2013, instead '
of on Lot 9821. Group One, Kootena> !
Tlie Consolidated   Mining ,\ Smelting
lly Their Solicitors,
Hamilton ft Wraggv.
Dated !>«•. 18th, mil.
thr intention   nf the undersigned
L'niier the    power o( sale contain."!
in a certain    Chattel Mortgage givci
hy U. I.. Knight *k Company, I.imi*.-
cd, to William ff, Douglas, ot Tiber,
Alberta,   covering chattels mentioned
below,   situate   at Kimhtrley, B. C,
there will he offered tor aale hy pul*-
Hc auction, the 1 "ith day ol .Jatiuary,
1912,   at 11.80   o'clock in     the lore-
noon, at Klmberlejr, B. C, the    following goods,   chattels     and   effects,
Twelve carbon,    weighing 17 kti."
•|gbt carbon,     weighing 3 kts., eight
I oar bon, weighing 5   kts., two Beauty
ol a drills; one   Longycar    ft Hodge drill,
si/* U.O.J BOO fret B. I'ds, one Cam-
iron pump, si/e A. special; one     ten
toot reaming barrel; one 5 ft. S< cote
barrel,     new, two   10 ft.   E, tubes;
three K ft.     I'   B,   core barrels, old,
five 5 It.     K.s.     core    barrels,   old,
eight 5 ft.   K.s,     core barrels, aid;
three  8 ft.   K.s. tubei old, NVentv*
a   li-e     B. S. hits,  twenty-five K. bit.*..
i onl extra Beauty chucks, tilt    extra
-    Mt Beauty feed para; three K. heist*
1 ing plugs; thirteen K. water swivels,
[two    K- safety clamps, three     extra
,.(i sets  damp    Java; three K. hoisting
toIbalsa; two Beauty crank shaft gears,
en. cuciAiD. no*.
FRI. AND SAT., JAN. 5 & 6
.1 weitern eomed) in «l,iili lore,
|.»tu, an I l.a-iea run riot.
A tieautiliil drams.
-I.\ I.NJT1
Matinee Every Saturday
Boose Always Warm
apply tn Iht Lieutenant-Governor In| Mleen lest 1! In. suitlon hose, thr...
Council lor approval ol their propos* Inshta rod recovering taps, three anted undertakings and works in conneo-'.ldc  recovering    taps,   one coupling
Ntini-iei I tap. one U'lt.haliil inside hit tap,
Urn with Water License
1571, dated June 25th, lull, lor
twenty-five entile (est per second nul
of Mark Creek. The maps and plans
ol the proposed undertaking .nul
works will lie open In pulilic Inspee*
lion at any time during business
iK.urs at the office ol the Water
Commissioner at the (Invcrnmeni
Building In the City ol Cranbrnok lot
thirty days after the first publication
ol this notice In tbe Cranbrnnk Herald. Application will also be made' Beauty leed
to tho LteutensnteOovernot in Coun»|two   four it
set lleaiity crank shaft hrnsses; "nc
Beauty feed nut, two Canada Foundry pumps, 4ix2;xI, with ten lx\
nl 1J in. suction hose; two Canada
Foundry pumps, 2x3x2; one 8 >r..
Parker vise, one Millers Falls breast
drill XXX; one 12 in. Trimo inonkei
wrench: five braes jacks, three chopping hits, lino 11. Iv rods, one 20
II.I', vertical !*ollrr. one. Shelve
wheel; one licauty cylinder heod, one
screw; six casting hit*.,
hummers,    one    set
A* I inn oontiauinR my late Ims-
Imnil's bnslattl, I wniil'l nsk fur
the continued pntronngeot nil old
customers, nnd respectfully solicit
tbe trade ot all,
licst of Rigs and Horses
I si
For terms ami conditions i.f .;ale
apply to the iimlersigniil or his solicitors.
William IV. Douglas,  Mortgagee.
Harvey,     McCartcr,     Macdonald    ii
Macdonald,     His    Solicitors,
Cranhrook, Ii C. Sl-tt
ell to correct the   description ol   lhe Brown's tonus, one set babbits     hr
point ol   diversion Irom Stemwindcr U.O,   iliill. .i rt    crank    shall
dam, Lot HUJA, In stem winder dam | brasses
ANI) CIIKMIST.-Charges; Gold,
silver, copper and lead, II each;
gnld-silvcr, 11.10; sllvcr-lcad, $1.50;
gold-silver, wi'h copper or lead,
12.50; zinc, 12. tllrer-lcad-rlnr, $1.
Prices lor otber metals nn application. P. O. Bin O.D., DOS, Nelson. B. C. IS tl TIIE   CRAHBBOOK   HERALD
(Contluucd from nW- om)-
met  with is sun* proof thut liis confidence  wus not misplaced.
Tin' Agricultural hull, it n on ter prist!
of our local Agricultural association,
is another noteworthy structure ol
lite past year
nntl enlargements made to city
stores ami places of business would
occupy more space than is available
I in this issue, tun that a great deal
of money was expended along these
lines during tin* past yonr is the
surest evidence of the st lid prosperity of Cranbrook, Tito merchants
have abundant confidence iu the
city's future antl do not ht-silal
tion of which is hardly called lor;
still they may In* noted us showing
what this country is capable of, aud
it is natural that if sufficient attention can be drawn to our mineral
deposits, investigation will follow,
with investment tu hack it up ami it
would not lit* long before this division    will take   tlie plan' it * -
titled to, viz., second to now
The progress of tbe city during
1911 was certainly along lines omlti-l
cntly safe and, sane. Many new
buildings were erected, both foe
commercial and residential purposes,
but none too many of either have
been buili Such civic Improve*
ments as wore got underway wen*
entirely necessar) ami represent wise
expenditure of elvfo money
Brief reference \n made below to
some few oi tbe more noteworthy
building undertakings of ihr past
It is only necessary lo mention the
post office building. That is n
Dominion govcrnmeni undertaking,
that will lill a long fell want.
The Hanson block, now all hut
ready fm* complete occupation, is
one of the mosi substantial business blocks in the city. It will be'
txTpittl, in tin- course of a few
days, by the Royal bank, the fixtures
now being placed in position. The
think will have very handsome nnd
commodious quarters, centrally located- Adjoining the bank premises
come tin offices of Messrs. Beale uml
Ml well, making, In many respects,
tin* most commodious and convenient**
tho l|l*K*- wnn alr   acting ns superintend-
St. Mary's 1'tatUe. Property cUaugvu
hands ut high figures. Other farm
lunds, consisting principally of
stump land, with only small clearings, sold ut prices varying from
$15 to $25 per acre,
Building Operations
The past year was a husy one from
the builders' point of view. More
buildings   of a  permanent   character
l'o enumerate all the improvements  were erected than ever before in   the
city's history and the start thus
made promises to he followed up
this year on an even greater scale.
The    Herald   has   scoured figures,
more or  less accurate, of the   total
bui Iti ing carried out during the   pas-t
twelve months, showing tli.* substantia total, upwards of SlftO.UOll    was
shis total, upwards of (luo.ouo  was
actually    expended and the buildings
meet tbe demands for Increased space completed.    A start was made     0n
and     accommodation     by   expending buildings, representing an outlay     uf
money freely upon their premises and  upwards of   $150,000, and these    are
additions therein I how well   underway or Hearing  etmi-
The predictions iu ihe building Iin'1
for this year   of     1012 are very   e
couraging, but      the   Herald prefc
pleUoii.    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The buildings   in course   of      con
struct ion include the new post olliee
, to
i-mplished facts, uml    if  tlu- Indian school at St. Eugene Mis
only    fifty per    cenl    of the present
talked   of huildlngK    are   undertaken
there   will he a   mighty     interesiing  additions to
story to tell, in  our review of      tbe  forty private
city's progress at the close of     this
Municipal Improvements
Tin* most noteworthy feature in
connection with the pnst year's municipal improvements has been tbe excellent start mado with the installation of the sewerage system. Tills
Impontatri work is being carried on
under the supervision of Ih.* John
flail Engineering company, of VVinnl-
basis.     Kupid
made on the    w
week in October
i if sin w and sov
i irded progr
nn ,i cnuimission
progress hus been
.Ik, started the first
Tin- early advent
re cold weather re-
I'lm-what. hut      the
ly situated real estate offices In
city. Adjoining Messrs. Ilealc uud
Bt well's ollices is the new cigar store
just opined hy S. A. lleid, a very
comfortable rendezvous fot the lover
of gtmd smokes. The last store on
the, groubd floor Is ut present unoccupied, bill ihat it will soon be seized upon by some up-to-date business man is a foregone conclusion.
Upstairs mi the flrsl floor, one
passes first the handsome suite of
rooms secured hy the popular dentist,
Or. K II Miles. Very costly and
attractively furnlslied is this suite
of rooms. Tbe front outside suite uf
offices is at present occupied by
Lawyer Geo. II. Thompson, we say
at present, fcr in the very near
future Oeorge Thompson will likeiy
occupy rooms specially provided fm
county court judges iu the provincial
govcrnmeni offices.
Hryniitt Mr. Thompson's t fluvs
come those of It, H. Benedict, ihc
energetic ami ever obliging secretary
td the    board of trade.
To tbe rear of the flrsl (lool are
uh* rooms of the new Cranbrook club,
now being lust* fully ami handsomely
fitted up for occupation by ihe
clubblUv of the city.
The second flooi is entire!) given
over i- heil rooms to In* used as an
annex to the Queen's hotel, which'
will give that popular hostelry some latter being thoroughly cleansed out
of tin* choices! sleeping apartments In I and enlarged. As a result the prcs-
the city. I smt. \as iHH.„ increased and the qual-
Tlie finishing-, throughout the Han- iiy of the water improved. The es-
BCfl block are first class in every ri-' liuialed receipts from the waler-
SpCCt. I works for llu*   year are $2A,000    for
The    Imperial hotel addition        is   lhe eleven   months, to the end       of
another decided Improvement to   the  November, $17,805.OS bad been
city's   hotel     accommodation.    This lectcd.
new structure   is also Hearing    com-     Tbe assessment  for the pasl
pletiott ami     will he a decided credit  •*■ mparea as   follows with thai
indications point to a relatively earlj completion of lhe entire work and
ivcll within the estimated cost.
The construction ami completion of
ih* new city ball aud jail, is another
item in the municipal improvement
program of considerable importance.
lu appearance the new city hall is
ljuitc an imposing building. It's interior arrangements are somewhat
unsatisfactoryi in that quite Inadequate accommodation is provided for
the city clerk's offices. The council
chamber is a handsome room, but ii
might well have been limited somewhat in si/e to provide more accomodation f'>r the really Important office nf ih- city clerk. In other respects tbe building is a commodious
ami comfortable one. The jail ac-
1 commodation is gootl as far as it
goes, and a great improvement over
I whal lias existed in the past.
Tha expenditures  on street grading
ami new sidewalks during     the     yeai
amounted to $:m.o.
The waterworks were overhauled
during the year and improvements
mado in the dam and reservoir,   the
of laml
value of huild-
to the city ,^_._1^_^.1__
t'ampm-ll aiel Manning's line build
mg on Hanson avenue is about
completed. \ feature of this molding Value
is ihc inagniflcenl basement, whieh
has been leased bj Mori Campbell j Total valuation
ami will bo fitted up as a howling al- Pin
lev    and billiard     parlt r. Cranhrook • Mstunaled     value ol timid
will   bo    able to boast of ibc   most1,   ings      .i7n,m*u
complete howling alley, In every   re-| Value ol law!       712,0110
Hpect, in   Kasl Kootenay, when Hon
Campbell gets bis     fixtures     all     in
The two stores <m the ground floor,
for which tenants have not as yet
heen secured, will in* among the
choicest in the city and will speedily
tn* ranted, The second story is divided up mi' some eighteen hudmnms,
looted to the Hotel Cranium'**., ami a
nicer lot of bedrooms it would he
haul for any hotel to secure. These
rooms aie hi ing quite elaht rately
littcd up, every piovision being made
for the comfort nf lhe patrons of
ti>e Hotel Cranbrook In (tango llog-
garth's wel) known generous manner.
Whilst the Hotel Crwbroofc Is thus
making temporary provision for   thu
care of then   large tlictitch-, it   || the
well kn< wn iiiteiiimn nf the proprietors tti proceed, this spring, with ths
erection of ,1 large brick addition to
that popular hostelry. This will
make the hotel Cranhrook even more
popular than it is today with the
travelling public
Thei.- is prospect of a large addition being built to the Cosmopolitan
hotel early next spring, Tlu.-t is to
Ik* of brick.
Total  talunlion
Real Estate
During the past summer a marked
activity in local real estate htcaim-
imtiivahlc. rn\ lots which foi several tears hat) been regarded as more
01 less valueless changed hands at
good prices        That section ol       the
town,  which had been refspded     as
-h rmamiitl*. unsuitable foi hmlditig
puiposcs. as a result of tla* installation of Ibe sewerage system, has ticvn
dried out ami has enlarged the numbs) ..! available business sites in
close proximity  to linker street,
Whilst Hn- transaction* m local
real estate have not hern characten/-
H li\ anything tn the nature of
Speculative buying, sales tinve Invu
numerous antl al gootl figures, The
htilk of ihr purchases have been
made h) local men for more or less
immediate use. Tbe Townsite agent
reports sales for tla- year amounting
to over $80,000.
Several blocks ol acreage <m Ibe
outskirts of Um- city have also
changed hands and four of these havi
Another handsome addition to   tho been subdivided into building lots .ml | $2.-1,000.
sion, ami   several   private residences.
In atldilion to   tbe numerous stores,
hqlcls, etc, upwards ol
 [frcsideuces were erected
iu and around town during the past
twelve mouths. A notable feature
nf th.* year's building operations has
been the steady increase in the use
of brick, a locally manafaclured article tbat is giving entire satisfaction.
The prospects for the coming year
in the building line an* very encouraging,       It  is hardly  safe        to
I ake for granted all t lie pi oposed
buildings, hut it is reasonably certain thut several now lieing discussed
will he gone on with.      Among     the
II oposed buildings is a large brick
addition lo the Hotel Crunbrook, a
start upon which will be made early
in the, spring. Another important
struct ure which will likely be under
way early in the spring is an addi-
liou lo the Cosmopolitan hotel. Then;
is prospect of an addition to the
present government buildings, in Hi*
shape of provision for a jail, and.
possibly, of a land registry office.
Retail Business
The hardware merchants report
greatly increased sales, with collections well mel aod cash sales averaging 25 per cent td the total business. Mole attention bas been paid
lo the wholesale end of the business
than iii former years wilb very satisfactory results.
Dry goods and men's furnishings:
Merchants engaged iu this line of
business report a greater volume
of business than in the preceding
year, but wilb smaller cash sales to
credit sales in proportion.
The butchers report a steadily increasing volume of httsiness with u
scarcity of lire stock and a consequent increase in price. The chief
by-product, hides, has found a steady
market t hroughoul the year, at
prices ranging from eight to ten
cents per lb f.o.b. Cranhrook.*
Local grocers report n volume ol
business slightly in excess of last
year, with prieea at about the same
figure. A mire careful policy of
handling credit accounts was inaugurated during the year.
The furniture iHisiness was hard hit
during the closing mouths of the
year by reason tt lhe coal strike, a
number of railway employees, who,
under normal conditions would have
made considerable purchases iu that
line, refrained from so doing owing
tn the possibility nl tbe railway
companies making greater reductions
in thin working stall.
While a< times retail payments
were slow they were quite up lo the
average of previous years.
Business Changes
The only failure reported throughout the past year in Ihc city ol
Cranhrook was that of a small firm
of tailors and cleaners ait.I their
total tiabifilies were insignificant.
Mining Ibe past twelve months the
following business changes took
W. Ken disposed of bis livery busi
m-ss to .1. A. McDonald,
The Wt nt worlh hotel was sold by
I*. Malhcson to .1. McTavish, for merit of Moyie.
Mii'itUum and Co., hardware, sold
out to K. Parks ami Co.
Tyson Hros. sold their ball interest
in the Kast   Kootenay Hutchcr   company lo .1   M    Doyle, wlio is
side ptopntl-r of the business.
i.unin Klectric company sold
Davis Bros. Klectric Co., Ltd.
The Movie Leader, one of the pio-i-
eer newspapers of tla* districl, suspended publication.
The Moyie branch of tin; Imperial
hank closed.
Frank Derosier, butcher and rancher, .latliay, sold to .lohn Founder,
I'lmher    Creek,    Alta., consideration
P. M. Mcpherson, formerly ot Lethbridge, opened an undertaking business, in connection witli which he
acts as manager of the new furniture departmeni installed by tho
East Kootenay Produce and Provision Co.
Raworth Hros., jewelers, opened a
branch in Lethbridge.
C. T. Davis, formerly of Spokane,
has eseablished a first-class* up-to-
date steam laundry.
P. Matliesoii, proprietor of the Imperial hotel, has erected u large addition to liis present premises,
A. .). Molt established a new garage, erecting a commodious brick
building for the purpose.
Public Works
During ibe past year a vast
ninnuu nf work wns done on the
roads ami brulg.s throughout the
district. Upwards nf JMi.OOM was
expended nn roads ami over $111,1.1)1)
on bridges. Ft r the coming, year
even larger appropriations art* anticipated, the works recommended by
the local Conservative organization
and Superintendent He id, in fact,
cull for uu appropriation largely in
exivss   of $2(111,000.
Some details of the proposed
works   may Ih* filvcn as ft Hows:
Main trunk road, Wardner to
(ioatfell, $39,000.
Trunk road, Cranbrook to Kimbcrley, $12,000,
Trunk road, Cranhrook to Fort
Steele via Mission, $28,00(1.
Trunk road, Fort Steele lo Wast,
Marysville to St. Mary's Lake and
Whitelish, $7,000.
Wasa to Mud Creek, $1(),0U(I.
Wasa to Shookumcliuk roads, $ii,oiin
Wycllffe to Cherry Creek, $3,(1*00.
St. Mary's Prairie settlement
roads, $2,(ino.
Perry ('reek road from Cmthers to
Shorty Creek, $1,000.
Kimbcrley roads to Sullivan,
North Star and   Stetiiwinder, $1,000.
Wattsburg and Weaver Creek
mads, $1000.
Cur/0,1 to Kingsgate, $2,mm.
Society Girl road, $500.
Wasa to Tracy, $100(1.
Wyeliffe to Cherry Creek, $3,000.
Gold   Creek     settlement      roads,
Roads from Fort Steele t-0 Wasa,
to Wild Horse, to Hull River, upper
and lower roads, lo West port Junction roads, and to Rocky Ford,
Westporl   in Mathers.  $2,000.
Mission to Wasa, upper road, $1000
Mission to Wasa, lower road, via
Mathers, $0000. |
\ total
roads of
Tin- Kmpirc Klectric company was
organised hy Maurice Quain and J.
Davis. j
R. I*. Moflatt opened up the Model
Variety store. !
K   (1.   (iwynne. formerly of Movie,
city's commercial buildings, erected have met with ready sale. The- Town-
last year was the concrete block site agency also opened up a strip ot
for the Cranbrcok Jobbers, Ltd., hlockti lo the south of the city, tor*
where a large nml steady increasing merly held in reserve,
wholesale trade is being carried on The real estate transactions of tb.*
to tin* direct heneltt of this city and past yeai, with the promise of ex-
all associated in   the enterprise, ccptinnal activity   during the coming' opened up a confectionery, stationer*.
The Cranbrook Steam Laundry re- twelve months, suggest the probobil-1 and cigar store.
presents another targe investment    of ity of somelhing in     the nature of a'    X. A. Ite id opened a cigar and news
capital and n     move in   lite forward boom in citv real Potato during IIU, j stand m the Hanson block.
direction.      Cranbrook is big enough ( Duiing the pnst year farm lunds in I    W. Halsall purchased W. Hill's dry
to support an all white laundry   am! j the    surrounding   districts    were in ' goods business,
the patronage Mr   Davis has ho   far great     demand,   and a great deal td      Tbe Cranbniok Jobbers,   Ltd., was
He Had   Eczema 35   Years and Doctors Said "No Cure."
This is the experience uf a man ol
high reputation, widely known in
Montreal, and. whose case can readily '
bo investigated. Mr. T. M. Marsh, i
the gentleman referred to, lives at ;
101 Ddlorimicr Avenue, Montreal,'
nnd has lived there tor years, For
twenty-live years ho has had eczema j
on his hands and wrists. The (lis-!
ease first started iu red blotches,
which Itched, and when scratched became painful. Had. sores followed,
which discharged, and the discharge
spread tlm disease until his hands
were one raw, painful mass of sores..
This sita-tc of affairs continued for |
twenty-five years!
In that time four eminent medical
men tried to cure him, ami each' gave
up the case as hopeless Naturally, I
Mr. Marsh tried remedies of all j
kinds, but lie, also, al lasl gave it
up. For two years he had to wear
gloves day and night so terrible was
the pain and itching when the air
ll>t lo the sores.
Thiii came Zam-Huk! He tried it,
just no be hati tried hundreds of remedies before. Hut he soon found
out that Zam-Huk was different,
Within a few weeks there were distinct signs of benefit, and a little
perseverance with this great herbal
halm resulted in what he had given
up all hope of—a complete cure! A11.I
the cure was no temporary cure. It
was permanent. He was cured
nearly four years ago. Interviewed
tho other day Mr. Marsh saitl: "Tbc
cure which Zam-Huk worked has heen
absolutely permanent. From the,
day that I was cured to the preseui
moment I have had no I race of eczema, and I fee-! .sure it will never
If you suffer from any skin trouble,
cut out this article, write across it
the name of this paper, and mail it,
with one cent stamp to pay return
postage, to Zam-Huk Co., Toronto.
We will forward you by return a
free trial box of Zam-Huk. All druggists and stores sell this famous
remedy, 50c. box, or three lor $1.25.
Refuse harmful substitutes.
FOR RENT.—Very, large warehouse suitable for    furniture, pianos,
j Imperial Bank of Canada
5,996 900.00
li. II. WII.KIK, President.
HON. ROBERT JAFFIIAY, ViM.l're«lile*il
Accounts of Corporations, Munloipulltics, Merchants
Fanners ami Private Individuals invited,
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available iii any part of
thu world.
HA VINOS DKI'AKTM BNT Special attention
glvoil to Savings Hunk Accounts. Deposits of 11.110 and
upwards received and interest allowed from dale of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
144******** ************
Its   the Same Place
Tho Place tlmt is Popular
Good us Die I lest
Hotter than lhe Host
The Cosmopolitan
If you come once,
Vou will come again.
E. It. SMALL. PnopuiBTOR
feed, etc;    (10 per
Herald office.
month.    Apply
♦ Incorporated IBf.ll
Capital Paid Up $6,100,000 h'eserve $6,000,01:0
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
II  S. HOLT, Preiideul      K. L I'KASK, General Manager
Accounts of Firms, Corporations ami Individuals solicited,
out-nf town linauiraa receives evory Attention.
SAVINGS llEPABTMBNT-nepofltsol fi.10 and onward.received
ami intereat allowed nl eurrent rale,   No formality or delay in
A iMMi.-ral Hanking* Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. II. O'CONMI I. Manager
*********************** 4******
to   Wasa, via   Marysville,
proposed   expenditure     on
upwards   of $160,000.     In
Uu*   following expenditures
ar.* contemplated on streets adjacent
\o    and outside Cranbrook rity lim
its, $5,000.
Kort Steele, $1,000.
Marysville, $500.
Kimbcrley, $500.
Wardner, $500,
Movie, $l,ooo.
Miscellaneous roads, not enumerat-
t a, $12,000.
Plant $6,000, bringing tbe total estimate to close upon $200,000.
In addition ta these generous estimates for road work there will bc
a large appropriation ashed for
bridge purposes, including a vote ol
$35,000 for the proposed bridge
across the Kootenay at Gateway.
Tbe watch night meeting at the
Salvation Army hall from 11.00 to
12..'bi New Year's eve was well at-
tended, iii.' ball being packed with
men. Tin* singing of "Abide With
Me" ushered in the New Year. On
New Year's night Ua* Christmas
tree attracted a large number of
children nml Santa Claus distributed
presents to all.
Constipation is tbe cause ol many
ailments and disorders that- make
life miserable. Take Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets, keep
your bowels regular and you will
avoid tliest* diseases. Por sale by
all dealers. HI
After ChiMMrth
The depression nnd the sense of
utter nerve fatigue experienced
by women blots out interest in
everything, The first step towards recovery lies iu rebuilding
the worn ont nerve fibres, which
can best lie done with Lecithin,
the form of Phosphorus required
for nerve repair.
H £     NEW     REMEDY     F O **|
Nervous Exhauttion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs) and
makes passible this cure.
It feeds the nerves, Induces
sleep, quickens the appetite, aids
digestion, and soon restores full
nerve vitality. The beneficial
effects are evident almost front
the first dose.
I.e.. laitlle, ,0.lay.' li.-alm.at. ,l.BO.
Obtain from th. local aieala.
DrugKiata, Cranbrook, B. C.
raa.1. ft ta.rr.nc. Co.. Sola Wn.. V
Writ, them (or li.-r hook oa M.rvoua
Cranbrook, B. C.
This beautiful new Sub-Division of the
City of Cranbrook is now on the market.
It is situated on the high rolling land to
the south of the City between Fenwick
and Durick Avenues, 10 minutes walk
from Post Office.
Lots S3 ft. x 130 ft.
Corner Lots, $100.00
Inside Lots,   $75.00
Terms: One-Third Cash.   Balance 6 and
12 months.   Interest, 8 per cent
Real Estate
Cranbrook Hotel Block
Cranbrook, B. C. TOE   fJBANBUOOK   IlBTlAJ,!)
With Newbro's llerpicide
While there are no thrills in tho
narration ol Mrs. !». T. Nichols, U23
Broad St., Beloit; Wis., ber slory is
nevertheless one of amazing inteicst.
"Stricken with neurnlffta and eryslpu-
las, I lost all my hair. My itoclor
recommended Newbro's Merpleldc. 1
used six ui eight bottles ami now
imvo a fine bead ,ol slightly curly
liffltt brown lutn. Not a gray Imir
in my head. This is the more ro
linn knlile as I am middlo-agcd.11
While the results wbluh follow ihi
use oi Newbro's Herpiclde are always
more or loss astonishing, lliej am always   natural.     lierplciiio  destroj's
llie tlaiitlriifl genu, slimiilates tlio
Mow of blood to the hair follicles
antl keeps tin* scalp pertcctlj honllby,
li makes possible a natural nntl luxuriant growth of ban, except in
eases of chronic baldness
While     remedies   said  to lie  "every
bit as good" as Newbro's Herpiclde
nro frequently olTcred, one should Insist upon having the original germ
destroyer, llerpicide. Thai is genuine. It slops Itching of the sealp
almost Instantly.
Kor sale at all drug stores. One
dollar size bottles ure guaranteed.
Applications may be obtained at
good barher shops. Send 10c. in
postage for sample to The Hceplclda
Co*, Dept. It., Detroit, Mich.
Beattie-Mtirphy Co., Ltd., Special
A massive new steel arch bridge
is planned to take the place of tild
cantilever bridge, whieh spans tbo
Niagara river three hundred teet
above the Grand Trunk railway
bridge. The new bridge will be
built in 1912 or 1913. Plans for the
bridge aro said to have been approved some time ago.
It is said that the cantilever brittle
is not capable ui taking care of all
tlie traffic it should. While many
Michigan Central trains pass over i'
daily, its owners believe trutlic #111
Im* so greatly increased within a fo«
years that tlie present structure
would In* utterly inadequate.
in making ready for tlie building
of the proposed new hridge within
the next two years, massive new
concrete and Bteel approaches are being erceteii nn both llie Canadian and
American sides of the river. Slrur
inral steel and concrete workers have
been engaged ft r the past six months
in building the new approaches ami
the work is now almost completed
When the work wns begun it was announced thai it was to lower the
grade on the Canadian side, but this
is now said to have been an explanation to ward ofi enquiries aboul the
building; uf a new bridge that rail
loaders f.i.i   ■! ii.i i-1 was Ijevit .it,.-*
The inntl'evei bridge Is >>" *i.>l     'i\
the Niagara itiver Bridge to..,- si
ol which Cornelius Vanderbilt is pre
stitent, nml .lames Tillinghasl vie
president. The companj i-. capital!*!
cd al $1,000,00(1 .ml was Ol H
\ 111■ 1      V   IMS Ih     li
opened i"i Irafth Dcccmbt r 6, 188?
It is nine hundred and ten feet long,
and neai I) two hundred fe i at ■■■
the water. The span between Ih
towers is foui hundred and seventj
bi*! It is iis.il exclusive)) tal rali
road tiailic
c p it wn.i. DKSP.. rrn rn un
lt\   i KLEPHONI ■- issi Ml \
I ION \tiU i\ |»RO
The  entire    Canadian Pat Iflc rail
w.i\, wtat From the Greal Lain
ihe I'atiiic coast, will Im- oqulppofl
Hitb a iel ephonc ii.nii dispatching
system within ii short tune, ami 11
fort ;i iiu werks h.n.- pan.,,i tfi d
(Mutimi ol tin line between swift
Cuiteiit .uni I uiii will be operated
bj ieii|ihoiie train dispatching sppai
a I us.
\t the present lime al lhe dli
patthiug ou tlu- mam im.- between
Calgary and Weld, B.C., Is being
d< ne by telephone, The system Is
working splendid)] and it is tin- In
trillion of tbe eompanv to project
tbe telephone lines east to Mcdlclno
Hat, Whero it will connect up .vith
Hie link now in operation hclwvcn
that place and Swilt Current. Olhar
links are now In operation iu British
Columbia, ami the lines between Swill
Current ami Winnipeg are being connected up, according to General superintendent Price.
The telephones now iu operation on
11ti* Canadian Pacllic lines hero an- of
the usual sott A headgear wilh
two transmitters, one for each <*;i.,
similar to those used by operators In
manual telephone switchboards, and
having Ihe same sort at receiver, are
used by the dispatcher. Ho operates
his   own switchboard and can    talk
to anyone alt ng the line at any
time. A great deal of time is saved
as compared with ilie old telegraphic
Especially in this dry climate,
where there is llu* minimum of "wire
1 rouble," telephones for train dispatching are proving much better
than telegraph lines,
In the eastern provinces, where the
air is damper, whero fogs are frequent and oilier atmospheric disturbances iiiterteri! with the electrical
currents in telephone and telegraph
lines, telephones nro said to have
heen less successful for train dispatching.
One greal advantage of the telephone ovei ihe telegraph for train
dispatching is thai the dispatcher
tuny talk directly In the engineer or
lhe conductor oi ihe ham to whicli
lu< wishes io give orders wlthoul lhe
third pel sun    medium     Indispensable
where lhe lelegrnph   key tl i       Ihc
A Loudon, Kni;, dally newspaper
proclaims its Ignorance ol Canada
iu the following paragraph'.
"Preparations for the endurance t-f
extreme cold forms part of tho education of the naliies of Northern Cauatla. Tho hoys when very young J
are lirst whipped in order to make
their flesh tingle, and then sent to
bathe iu the half-frozen rivers. \s
they grow older they are made to lie
out of doors at night wiih no
clothes on, sometimes for a week or
so at a si retch. The consequence i**
ihat. either they die or become so
hardened as lo be nblo to go naked
in any weather without the slightest
FOR SALE CHEAP.—Baby carriage in goml condition. Apply Box
I, Herald office. . 40-tf*
FOR SALE.-A pair ot good
shafts; almost new. Apply Box 5,
Herald office. 17-tI*
By E. Newton-Bungey, In M.A.P.
Mr. Stephen Maxwell said "Thanl.
Heaven" when he was told that hie
wife had brought a son Into the world.
He -taiil it emphatically but reverently,
for he hml prayed diligently that the
child might Ik* a boy.
"There'll be s son again, after all,'
he murmured. "Maxwell & Son, estflb*
Hslu.d i'K:. rather and eon all the
time. Hut 1 thought I was going tc
be tlie first Maxwell to break the ran.*
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell had been mar
rled fiftt. * years without their union
having been blessed with children,
though they had both longed for a
little one of their own. Now Mr. Maxwell wns tony, and a son had been
born to hitu after he had lost hope.
"How pleased the old dad would
have been." ha muttered. "He thought
there wouldn't ho any more Maxwell
ii Son after nu*."
A clover business mon, Stephen Maxwell hntl mud'? of Maxwell & Son
more than hall a dozen of his ancestors
put together. Whan the business had
come Into his father's hands it had
been in very low water, and It was a
long lime improving, with the result
thai Stephen Maxwell had been sent
to a free school, and taken away at the
earliest possible moment to work In
the firm al a lower wage than any
other elerk.
However, the business was pulled
tOUnd, and When the elder Maxwell
died, it wns i|tiite a flourishing concern, li I'.nl gone on steadily improving under Stephen's guidance, though
sll Hit' While lie was grieving secretly
at thu loss oi die old nnnie, for there
was no -son. nor dfd there seem likely
to be one.
Aa the boy grew up, so Mr. Maxwell's business iuereased by leaps and
bounds, tor ha had Hegglo to work for
now. Ha meanl the boy to lime a
very different upbringing from his
own. and ha sent him to aii expensive
preparnini.i school, rrom tbence to s
well known public school, and even-
tuitlly Reggie went to Oxford.
■ ■■ i did excellently at school and
college, and lbs father's prido In bis
son's success was indescribable.
He hud n mom npi-rlally furnished
io the office, putting 'he very latest
■ om. iiti-tii'i h Inio it, nnd making It as
comfortable as possible . He told the
clerks ft was in i.f known rs "Mr.
Reginald's room," nnd that they wan
in treat the ion hh they (rented the
While Reggie wns nl oxford bis
nnole died, leaving his only child, now
nu orphan, in Ills brother's charge.
All,i> .Maxwell was a unlet, good-
looking viil oi twenty when she came
to live with her t'nele Stephen, and
she iptedlly became, like a daughter
to Mr. nml Mrs. Maxwell.
Rente came down from oxford, and
voted Alice n "Jolly good sort." When
In* went up again he took ber heart
with bim. ■ hough he did not know It.
Alice Imd never met anyone qulto
like Reggie. His public school and
college careers bad put a stamp on
him which made hlm different from
nny other young meu she met. He was
a handsome lmy, too, and had what
the Irish call "n way with him."
Tbe girl gave her love unasked, snd,
when she realized this, she resisted sll
Reggie's attempts to flirt with her. It
annoyed ihe undergraduate st first,
but presenl ly he began to conceive a
new respect for his pretty cousin.
Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell were not
blind to lhe stale ef affairs. And It
pleased them highly, for they desired
no one more Hum Alice for their son's
wife. Many a happy hour they psised
nfter Alice Imt! gone tn bed, planning
loi* the young i-ouple's future.
They hoped they would live In tbo
t'sutiu bouse; bul, If net, Stephen Max*
well was quite prepared to buy a
homo snd furnish It for hia bojr. In
addition to the handsome ---alary lie !
intended to give him when he entered
the business.
"Perhaps they'll have a Itoy, wife,"
he said, gleefully, und Maxwell and
Son will keep on into another generation."
Stephen Maxwell was over sixty
now, but lie looked, acted and felt as
though he were ten years younger.
Alice Maxwell counted tlm weeks
until the vacations came round and
brought Reggie. She developed considerable during the two years following her father's death; her beauty
gaining her many admirers, but she
would dispense with them all but
"Why, Ally, you grow prettier every
time I Bee you," said her cousin, when
he come down for his laut vacation
from Oxford.
Tho gfrl flushed a fiery crimson,
and her heart beat furiously at the
words. She was content to find approval In Reggie's eyes. Hut be showed no signs of returning tint lovo sho
lavished on bim lu secret, and her
heart grew heavy in these days.
Reggie's career at Oxford was a
nerles of triumphs. Ho had got a
double first and had Bcored a century
at Lord's against Cambridge, amongst
other honors, sending his father Into
transports of delight.
"I do hope you won't work hlm too
hard at the office, Stove," said Mrs.
"Bless your heart, wife, there won't
be an easier job at first under the sun.
Uut he'll went to work presently—It's
In our blood—and there'll be no holding him back."
"Mr. Reginald's room" was dusted
and Aired every day now, ready for Its
tenant, snd very often Mr. Maxwell
would steal into It and gaze round,
rubbing his hands and chuckling with
At length Reggie came down rinally
from Oxford, and wsb told by his father to have- his fling for s month.
He obeyed readily, dining out and going to theatres nearly every night.
"I wish wa saw more of our boy,"
said Mrs Maxwell one evening, her expression slightly worried.
"So we will wben he gets Into bar-
*," rejoined her husband.
chueUid to himself a groat deal
days, for he had a secret. He
leredia motor which was to take
and himself to the office and
ihem Hon* every day. He meant
It to come as a great surprise (o the
boy, snd he often pictured those journeys In Reggie's company.
One evening Reggie came down
dressed for a dinner at the Savoy,
when his father called to him from his
work-room. Reggie entered, liis tall
form clad In immaculate evening dreBs
contrasting curiously with the little
man in his somewhat shabby tweed
"What's the row, guv'nor? Mind my
"Have one of mine, Reggie," exclaimed Mr. Maxwell eagerly, taking
down'a box of cigars.
Reggie smiled in a slightly superior
"Thanks, guv.," he said, "but I prefer my own. Carrondel and I Import
them from Havana, you know."
"Lord Carrondcl?" asked Stephen
Maxwell In tones of awe.
"That's the boy." replied Reggie
cerelesBly. "Rut what do you want me
"I thought I'd Just tell you that your
month's holiday will be up on Saturday, my boy."
Reggie frowned, and stared moodily
at the smoke of his cigar.
"Your room's all ready at the office,
you know."
Mr. Maxwell began to smile ns he
wondered whether he should tell Reggie about the motor now; but he decided to keen it us a glorious surprise
for Monday morning.
"I've been meaning to speak to you
about tlio business, guv'nor," began
Reggie slowly.
"What la it. Reggie, want a bit
longer fling?" asked Mr. Maxwell In
disappointed tones, for he had been
looking forward so much to Moudoy
"Fact fs." blurted out Reggie desperately, "I don't want to go into the business at nil."
"Kb?" sas-i ed his father.
"1 don't want tu go into trade. I
want to he in a profession." Reggie
went on. "What's the good of my getting a double first at Oxford if I'm to
be mewed up in a poky office All dAy?"
Mr. Maxwell gazed nt his son, but
no reply came to his lips. He felt suddenly weary and brokcu. This was tbe
end of twenty one years of hope. His
face was grey, his throst full.
"I want to read for the nor, guv'nor," snlil Reggie, still not during to
meet his Fathers gaze.
Mr. Maxwell gulped down the lump
in his throat, and a sad little smJl-j
crossed his face.
"The Bar, Iteggie." he said slowly,
"Vou must tell mu how to go about It."
Iteggie was so amozed that he used
a term which his friends would hav*
called "very middle class."
"Why, l thought you were so keen
on me going into tbo office," he wont
"I thought yon would havo come,
Reggie, but-■" he paused. "About this
Itar business," he added. "I suppose
you want to be a barrister?"
"That's ihe ticket, guv'nor. I'll tell
you All uin-..' It another night; can't
keep my party waiting. Olsd you don't
mind.   Good night."
without "ailing to bear whether
bis father replied, Reggie strode Jauntily from tho room. As s mstter of
fact, his ia: bur did not reply, he Just
sat down ami rested his fsco on his
Ho wns lu tho ssms position sn hour
inter when his wife came to look at
"Steve!" she cried, In Alarmed tones.
"Steve!   An.n't you well?"
"It's all right, wife," he repHed, "I
was only thinking."
"Iteggie nnd ins have been talking."
he added, "aud we think It'll be better
for hlm to—" he paused for a moment
to clear his throat- -"to go Into a profession, so he's going to bo a barrister."
"Oh, Steve, aren't you disappointed?"
"Just s tittle, wife, but. ss long as
the boy Is happy, we mustn't mind.
Wonder what Alice will ibink?" he
exclaimed suddenly.
"She'll bo disappointed, Steve. Wa
all thought we'd see more of the boy
when be went into the business, but I
suppose he'll be out ss much ss ever
"Sometimes I think he cares tor her
more tbsu ho knows, wife," murmured
Mr. Maxwell. "Hut let's go down to
lho girl. I expect she's wondering
what's become of us I'll be down In a
minute, though, I've got s letter to
The  letter  was  to  the motor-car
] firm, asking them to countermand his
order and offering to pay compensation, lit i^J!S%Jm!IUIrJN
sealed the envelope, and putting his
hand lo his eyes he found them wet
Monday morning be will never tor*
get. Mc Imtl thought so much about
it, pictured it so often, that liis jour-
ney on the underground was a torture)
to bim.
"Mr. Reginald's room is all ready,
sir," said the managing clerk whea
Stephen entered.
•'Give me the key," answered Mr.
.Maxwell, "my son will not bo coming
into the firm." i
When all the clerks had gone that
evening, Mr. Maxwell went Into "Mr.
Reginald's room" ami stood for a long
time aiarlng at the empty chair. Then
he sighed wearily, nnd, walking from
the room, locked the door behind bim.
Thenceforward he always kept the key
In bis pocltf-t, but never au evening
pSBBed but he would visit tho room.
People began to remark bow frail
and old be had suddenly grown, uud
BOmfl spoke tO hlm about it.
Meanwhile, Reggie Maxwell started
iu read for the Bar, ami enjoyed the
process immensely. His lather made
lilm a handsome allowance, und, in
addition, gave him various presents of
money from time to time.
Ills evenings at home were very few
and far between, and ho generally
■pent them at the piano with Alice, or
playing piquet with her.
Once or twice lie took Alice out to
dine, and hor fresh beauty, in contrast
with the jaded looks of the fashionable
ladles hs met, rather opened his eyes.
He found himself watching her more
often, and his evenings at homo grew
a little more frequent.
Ills father had never said a word
about Maxwell and Son to bim since
the evening when he bad cut himself
adrift, from the buslnflhs. Occasionally
Reggie thought of It. only tu decide
ihat his father hml forgotten about It,
taken by Um far too lightly, and many
an evening when be was supposed to
be studying at Grey's Inn ho was playing bridge at a club.
He began to lose mure than lie could
afford lo, mil II he found himself in
rather a tight corner. His father had
only recently given htm a handsome
cheque, uml he did not like to go to him
again so soon.
Then a friend lold hlm of a Mr.
JacobBon in the City, whose solo object In life, according to liis own story,
wob to help young men In trouble. To
him went Iteggie, and asked for a loan
of five hundred pounds.
'Certainly, my hoy, certainly, delighted," murmured the moneylender
with a greasy familiarity.
"Of course, my teur poy, there's Just
one leedle matter, vot BQgurity you
gtf me, hein?"
"I hati noi thought, of thai."
Mr. JoeoliHon shiilcil benevolently.
"It is not of mooch sggount, but 1 like
to be businesslike. Vot your father
vos, hein?"
"He's Maxwell, of Maxwell and Sou,
In Blshopsgate Street."
"Vou say d.it," .Jocobson exclaimed,
"den clt*tv vill |.t no difficulty, Mags-
veil aud Son is gooi enough for me."
For the first, time Reggie experienced some pride in hit* father's business. It had not occurrred to him before that .Mr. Maxwell held any position, but it was obvious from Jacob-
son's manner, (lint the firm of Maxwell and Son wns thought very highly
of In the City.
After certain formalities, by whicli
Reggie's identity was proved, ho became possessor of five hundred pounds,
less twenty-five for fees, and bad signed adocununt lu which be agreed to
pay back seven hundred, though he
did not trouble to work it out.
That was not Reggie's Inst visit to
Mr. Jocobson. Ii was such a delightfully easy way of obtaining money tho*.
he paid several more, until the moneylender pulled him up by suggesting
that some of the principal should bs
Reggie's reply was to request Mr.
Jacobson to end his life In a particularly unpleasant manner.
Dut a month later, alas! be was
there agatr.
"Ah, Ulster Magswell, I was Joost
writing you.'- exclaimed tbe moneylender.
"Bother ■'. at, I want another two
hundred pounds," rejoined Reggie.
"Den you iuubi go elsewhere. 1
lend you no more."
"Why?" demanded Reggie contemptuously. "Isn't tho security good
The reply staggered him.
"No Id bi not. Old man Magsvell Is
no good."
"What's that?" cried Reggie In
"I dell you Magsvell and Son vill be
bankrupt zoon, and. before I lend you
more money, 1 must have alt back you
have hud." The moneylender paused
and smiled cunningly as he Added:
and den the segurity must be different."
Reggie almost reeled under the force
of the hlow, and without a word he
strode from the office. He made his
way at once to a friend on tho Exchange, who took him to a man who
was a<-i|ualnted with Mr. Maxwell's
"Don't say who I am." said Reggie.
The man they want to shook his
No." he sold. "I am afraid Maxwell
and Son are nt tho end of their tether.
".Mr. Maxwell is no more like he
was a year ago ihnn he ls like tho
man In tlie moon. They say he had
somo heavy trouble, about his son, I
believe; anyway be >"■* not been the
same man sine.'. I ibink his son refused lo Join 'I).- Irish,rs. nnd the old
man took ii to b-.an dreadfully."
The speaker paused and stared cur
lously at Reggie.
But Regdie stalked out of the office
as though he had beard nothing.
"Curious manners your friend hsi,"
remarked i],w man who had given the
"Yes. perhaps you'd havo the sum-*
In his position. '1 list's young Maxwell."
"Oood heavens) Why ou earth didn't you Btop mc?"
"Becsusc I wanted him to hear. It's
the first real mcdlclno he's had, and
it'll do him good."
A few minutes Inter, Reggie stalked
Into the general office of Maxwell and
Son, aud handed his card to a clerk.
A moment sfterwards ho stood In
his fsther's room.
"Why have you come, Reggie?" asked tho fattier.
"This Is Maxwell and Son. Isn't it.
Dad? Well, I'm the son, and l'vo corns
to Jolu."
And a moment Inter the old man's
arms were round his boy, and both
their eyes were wet.
Msxwelt nntl Sou Is now moro flour
Isblng than ever ii was. Every morning father and ion drlvo up In the
motor, and very often Mrs. Maxwell,
Junior (nee Alice Maxwell), accompanies tham. Sii.* does not RO with
them now, but latsr on lho will again,
and Stephen Maxwell, junior, will go
with them. He Im a bonny little chap,
and his graiiilparciiu are living their
(tall tyeaf again with bin.
FOR     KKNT.-Veiy    lain.*
house,   suitable lor furniture,
feed,     ele.,     lill   per   month.
Herald office.
Corporation of the
of Cranbrook
I'l III.[Cl
the  Elec
tlie I'M
tliat  I
uld Elc
at ll
i.i t'ninli
p. «
uuk,    on ill.
mia, at ia
III   I illli')  lot
lis ill tho Muni-'
nt Cranbrook,
rcsencc nf    lho
I'M i llul   ul
ilie, in tho rity
. eighth iluy 11
o'clock noon (I
tin' purpose i.i
Ing pcrsoni* lo represent Ihem [n
Municipal t'ounctl ns Mayoi .mil
I public notice Is Imili
el given in the Electors ol the Cranbrook School District, llial I require lho presence of lhe saitl Electors ni tin. same place mnl time Im
llir purpose nl electing persons to
represent them on the Board l
SclioolTrustecs Inr tho Cranbrook
School Districl us siuli Silmil  Tin*.
Tin* mode of nomination nf candidates shall In. as follows;
"Tin. candidates shall in- nominated In writing; Hit. writing shall      ho
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
1,1     - ■ KB •ztfmkwm**?
Dealers In
'Vesii and Cured
lia tn a  und
ii Season,
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
lhe Old V. Wood's
*>+*>*>* w*4*>wwwwww
subscribed by two voters td
Municipality, as proposer and seconder; and .shall he delivered to the lie-
turning Officer at any time between
the dale id tlie notice ami 2 p.m.
Ci p.iu. Ineal time) of llie day of the
nomination; and in flu* event of a
poll being necessary, such poll will be
opened on lhe llth day of January,
1013, at the Municipal OHlces, Noi
bury Avenue, t'ranbrook, B.C., from
ihc hour of u o'clock a.m. du o'clock
local time) and 7 p.m. (S p.m. local
lime) of which every person is hereby mjuircd lo I a I.e notice ami govern himself accordingly.
Tin' qualifications In law required
to bo possessed by the candidates lot*
the ofliee ol Mayor ate as follows:
The persons qualified to lie nominated for and elected as Mayor nf  lill
rity shall be sinb persons as arc
male Hritish subjects ol the full .*::■'
of twenty-one years, and an- not disqualified under any law, and have
been for the six months next preceding the day ol nomination the registered owner in the Laml Registry
olliee, of land or real property in tbc
City ol the assessed value nn the
lust Municipal Assessment Moll, oi
Due Thousand Hollars or more over
and above any registered Judgment or
charge, und who an* otherwise duly
t|i;ulilic-d as Municipal voters
(1906, C. 32, .S. II).
The qualifications by law required
to be possessed by tiie candidates for
the nilitv of Aldermen areas follows:
The persons qualified to he nominated for and elected as Aldermen ol
tlie City shall he such persons as aro
male llritish subjects of the full t:
of twenty-one years and arc not dU-
quallfted under any law, ami have
been lor the six months next preceding the day of nomination the registered owner in the Land Registry
Offlce, ot land or real property in th*"
City of the assessed value on the lasl
Municipal Assessment Roll, of fire
hundred dollars or more over and
above any registered judgment or
charge, and who are otherkUc ilu-y
qualified as Municipal voters.
limit;, c. 32, s. ll).
The qualifications by law required
to he possessed by the candidates
fnr the office of School Trustee are
as follows.
Any person being a householder In
iln- School District anil beings British
BUbjeCl <d    the lull age ol twenty-oiu*
years and otherwise qualified hy this
Act to vote at an election ol School I
Trustees m tbe School District, shaU
be eligible to be elected or to serve'
as ;i School Trustee in such Municipal District. (1905, C ll, s. 32).
(1906, 0. 39, 8. 25).
No Trustee shall hold i lie- offlce ol
leather within the District of which
in* is a Trustee, provided slways,
that no clergyman ol any denomination shall     he eligible for the     post-
j tion ,d   Superintendent,    Ini lectoi
1 Teacbei oi Trvatee. (1905, C. 44,
S. 106).
j "Householder In tbe case ol Municipal School District     shall    mean
'.md imlub- anj person of  the   (till'
[sge ol iKt-niy-otic years who occupies
it dwelling, tenement, hotel "I board'
: ito*, bonis, ot any part or portion ot
a dwelling, tenement, hotel or boarding bouse, ami who shall, unless
eiempl by Statute oi Municipal By-
Law, have paid directly to the Municipality, rati i, las di f ■ oi nol
less than two dollars lor the current
' ■,,■.11     (1909, c. 89, S   2.)
(iiven under my hand at   tin*
'of Cranbrook, litis 26th day of December, A.D. 1911.
Reluming (lflic
Uiirefflaor to f. T. F. PKllllI
ll fan n.ma in
II... I.Ttriiitiiii'lit,
. Xpert   ,,,     I,a
iiiiv.i     II  ,.||l.l,
Q. B.  j
iorlim nl i.f Xiiii
iim-s  inst   urriv,
Campbell & Manning ♦
8uo ilu ir Display -
*pcnatorrhoc. Organic ..raknc.f,
Lusl VI,or, virkoccle. Hydrocele, Con*
[ traded Disorder,. Specific i ■ i.... j Polso*.
| Pile, an-1 Strleltfrci — reatoring all
arTeclrtlorsai. h uornmlnnillioitlthy
action in the .hottest possible space
ml in-tnii lire In
'. ...*'■. -i nl)
llutt \i.l»-ll;r.l I
J Villi.-,.itver nml Nelflo
♦ It. C Agentl
♦ «-«t*i
-- -  ■   .      /:
\      The Leading Bualneea Collegi?
of lhe Norlltweii-t
Where vouDfj people can receive
u thoroogh busiuen training,
l* In lenlon twelve tnon&etn
the year.
No entrance examination*.
Boatd end room .u very rea*on-
al>le rates.
\Ve secure position' lor •■*ir
(>nr new Watltifiilly illustrated
catalogue tent I-ee npon rfiueei.
Write for it NOW|
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ist&Madlfon     -      SPOKANE
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a neFand
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Rate*? 11.00and npnei day
Corner of Howard St. anl Front Ave.
Our bu-» me?ts all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
i **********************
► ************
H. I- BTBPHBK8, Prep.
CALGARY, Alberta
i ihe Hotel with "The Reputation"
♦ You'll get your Monev's Worth.
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Agricultural, 'iriizinx and Timber Land*,
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
************** **************
Polling onr la.r.ni.cj to |lra
'allil.tiloa aUKk. In,, m.i,iii.
Caili weakly, Riclatlra lorrl
T..|.|.i'i-I..       •        •        «„....
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
2nd Annual Excursion to Los Angeles, Cal.
SPOKANE, WASH.. Friday, January Sth, 1912
Ticket) on Hale, Jannary 2nd, ilnl and Itb, 1912
l-'iiiiil return limit April BOtb, 1912
Tare from Cranbrook to Los Angeles,
and  Return
0oinx nnd returning via Spokane $108.40
iiniii)' vili Spokane, returning via s.uttl,'     -      $121.86
abova fi.ro*. Inclada btrUt nml maali lioni Bpokana on going trip
Po, full partlootari regarding tlip.paiii! othoi Baeatilon rate.,
apply to nraratl 0. P, Ity. Agent, or to
It. 11. MtNKll.l.li:,
liiattict I,a*„.|i^».r Agenl
Oalgary, aiIh-ha
MMM»MMMtMMMM   * ******************************************** THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
All our Winter Qoods in      j||
m Men's Wear
Mackinaw Coats, $4.00        g|
Hewson Tweed, Heavy, $3.50    M
Ribbed Wool Underwear,       >||
$1.60 per Suit 3
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.    Lj
urheta are. tu be moved lioiu Fernie
tn Klku. It lias always been u j
mystery to us why the government
ever decided on such a poor locution
us that hi the first place.
on account ol the holiday rush
the society notes arc held over for
next week, when a full report of the
pink lea's and purple whiskies will
bc contributed.
May wc all bc blessed witb good
health and lie given a fair share of
prosperity in 1912.
You can catch more (lies with siifi-
ar Ihan salt. It's better lo whistle
than whine.
See next week's Klko notes and
send a copy to your auntie.
if we had some people's disposition
we'd sell it to a pickling lacloty.
Smile awhile for while you smile
another smile's and soon there's
miles ami miles ol smiles and life's
worth while because you smile.
Nws of the District
(Hy Fred, Koo.)
You nevrr can till     when you do
aluitt what tin* result will be;
Hut with t*\7."> lived vou are sowing a
Tho* Uie harvest   you may not sec
Through tht* columns of ihis great
family paper we wish ull our friends,
ami what few enemies we may have,
a huppy uml prosperous New Vear.
Despite the Hurries of snow thai
camo down like flap Jtt,'***s I» answer
to the prayers ol Santa Claus, and
the crispness in the all. society
turned out en masse to lhe Christmas tree, provided hy Miss Bessie
Pye, Elko's popular teacher. It
was ono ol the biggest Ru^ceasea ever
lield in the uld historic town The
opera house was crowded to the
doors, ami everything was done to
make (he little folks happiest. Miss
I'ye was ably assisted by Mis-
Stark and Miss Inez llolhrook.
A big party ot I'iegan Indians
rami* in from Alberta ami left foi
the BOUth. Hill Leacv told several
tourists they were going ((own Iq
Roo's silver wedding at Roosvlllc.
We were up to Fernie last week
antl saw .lack (late-* and George Pedlar leave lor the east. lloth will
bring b.uk long haired cooks.
Mr. and Mrs. Klingensmith entertained a large number td Irientls lav
ishlv at Christmas dinner. Some
tvventy-flve courses were served and
sunshine with every course.
Flagstone, the most talked ol town
in South Kast Kootenay today, was
the seem* ol the greatest events since
the building of the (treat Northern
railway. The Itowns Lumbei company uml Mr. NcWendorf spured
expense In the lavish cxpomHturo to
show that Flagstone wns the central
shipping point for tin- produce and
fruit grown on the famous Tobacco
Plains Hilly Munluck, who has
just returned Irom the prairie provinces, predicts the greatest season
that .South Kast Kootenay has ever
seen for the spring of 1918, and ho
sure knows. So it s about this
or earn.] dust either.
Koosville is where we spent Christ
mas. We celebrated our silver wedding and saw the first Christmas
tree In tbe Koosville public school,
and we wish to say right here
was the finest decorated Christmas
tree and school house we have seen
in our thirty-two years west ol
Winiiijteg. Miss Allen, ol Nelson
certainly knows bow to run a schoul
niul a Christinas entertainment. Tli
fact of it being her second term proves beyond a doubt that she is popular
In tho district. It was certainly
tlie greatest success ot any Christmas tree entertainment we have
ever witnessed and was run lar
smoother than many a Wednesday
night prayer meeting we have attended In this Crows Nest Pass, Including Cranbrook. It was a success
from every point ot view and attended by every resident in the whole
district. Miss A. Allen sure de
livered the goods to everybody's satisfaction.
Fruit lands and Fruitlands Valley
had pleasant times and several reunions and old timers met and enjoy
til (he Christmas festivities in good
old Kootenay style. M. Phillipps,
td Fruitlands, the pioneer fruit
grower of Ihis whole valley, entertained several old friends »t Christ
llaynes Lake is just where it always was. Only (or .lovial Joe
Joule you wouldn't know there wus
a lake at all. He fs Whitcclmpft
Piccadilly, White House, Sandy Hank
atl rolled into one, nml always li-av
you smiling when In* says good
The Conservatives are holding Iheir
annual meeting this week for election
ol officers, etc.
Charlie Ay re, machinist, left Klko
Tuesday (or Ktlmonton, where In
wilt take u course In the business
college. Charlie is champion hockey
player, skater and all round sport of
Klko. He will make pood at the
college and wt-ll add another captain
ol industry to tbe number Hko
continually turning out. Ambitious
mothers should move to Klko while
there are several cottages to let.
It's   reported that lhe government
Stoves and Ranges
PAINTS        OILS        GLASS
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
(Special correspondence)
The friends of Mrs. Lovlck will he
very pleased to know that sho was
able to return home from the
Oranbrook hospital a lew. days air,",
greatly improved in health. |
Or, itut ledge, ol Cranbrook, was iu
Wardner last Friday on professional
Mrs. Murray left last Friday morning for Columbia Falls, Mont., to
join Mr. Murray, who intends engaging in the milling' business in
that town. |
Mr It. C. Eaton, B.A., nl the public school, is spending this week with
his friend, II. K. I .a Pointe at Fort
Steele. j
We are sorry to report that Mr. I
John Martin is confined to the
house this week on account of illness. '
Lou Manning was In Fernie last
Sat unlay on business. >
Dr. Green, of Cranbrook, was iu
Wardner last Saturday on business,
(}. II. Donaboc spent tbe past few
days with friends on tbc prairie.
Mr. F. M. Stearns and Wm. Barclay were in Galloway last Tuesday. I
Mr. Fred Speaker, ot Jaflray, who
has spent the past week with his
family in town, returned to work ou
Mr. E. Holbrooke, ot the C.P.tt.
tie camp, was doing business in
Fernie last Saturday-
Mr. P. Lund received the sad intelligence nn Thursday morning last
that his mother, Mrs. Olaf Lund, oi
Spokane, had died very suddenly ou
Wednesday evening, December '27th.
This was a great shock to a large
number ot the residents ot Wardncr,
as Mrs. Lund was quite well known
here, having visited here for several
weeks on different occasions. Only a
few weeks ago Mr- Lund spent a
lew days with ber in her home and
on his return said she was feeling
exceptionally well.
Mrs. Lund was a woman of very
kindly disposition and was very much
beloved by all who knew her. She
will be greatly missed by a large
circle ot friends, who Join in extending sineerest sympathy to the family
of the deceased who have been so
suddenly bereaved. Mr. and Mrs.
P. Lund left on Thursday morning for
Spokane to attend tbe funeral.
Miss Josephine Havill, ot the Cranbrook post offlce staff, spent New
Year's with her mother, Mrs. Otto
Roger Lund has accepted a position
in the office of the Crows Nest Pass
Lumber company and began work, on
January lst.
Policeman Eggleshaw spent a
couple of days- of the beginning of
lliis week with Cranbrook friends.
Mr. M. K. It. McDonald, who resigned his position with the office
staft of the C.N.P.L. company left
with his family on Tuesday morning
lor   his new borne in Yahk.
The infant son cf Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Herric, of this place, who has
been so critically ill tor the past
few days, has greatly Improved antl
hopes are now held for his recovery.
Mr. Wm. Green, who has been employed as cook at Tatonga, went to
franbrook hospital a tew days n*.|>
sulTci'ing Irom a severe attack of
i-hieken pox. He was able to return
tt) his home in town on Tuesday ol
this week, having partially recovered. ■
Mr. Yemen, ot Vancouver, spent
last Wednesday with friends in Ward
ner. |
Mr. Hood,    ot   the J. D. MoBrldo
bardwate store,  Cranbrook, was    in
lown last Saturday on business.        .
(Special correspondence).
Robert Henderson Ms returned
from an extended visit with friends
at Port Steele, Wardner and .Initial
during the holidays.
James Black, who lives on thu
Pickering ranch, when returning
home (rom Wardner last Saturday
had his team run away with him,
breaking the sled tongue and he was
lorced to return to Wardner. His
hands were badly frozen.
N. A. Brown, who has been cruising lor the C.P.R. camp No. 5,
has completed the work, and Is now
at work up the river.
Camp Nn. fi Is in lull blast. The
company Is using the cook and bunk
houses of the electric power company while    building up the      new
Easy it is to
FURNISH a home or office
In a most satisfactory manner with the
NEWEST and most reliable
KlND of Furniture that bears a
MONEY back guarantee if you are not
Entirely satisfied.
REMEMBER that in addition to Furniture we
CARRY a large and well assorted stock of
AXM1NSTER, Wilton, Brussels and Tapestry Rugs and Carpets
NlCE soft and warm Blankets and Quilts,
TAPESTRY and Lace Curtains and Curtain Cloths,
INLAID and all other kinds of
LINOLEUMS and Floor Coverings,
EXTENSION Rods, Brass and Wood Poles,
CLOTHES Horses, Curlain Stretchers and Ironing Boards
OlLCLOTH Binding, Stair Plates and Noseing.
LET us show you through, as a personal inspection
|s much more satisfactory than
M ERE words.
I r is our earnest wish
THAT all our friends and customers may enjoy
EXTRAORDINARY Good Health and Prosperity
DURING 1912 and the following years.
camp.    There    are now about    fifty game ward™, inviting the views    ol
men in Iheir employ. Ihe Cranhrook association    on     lho
The lirst accident ol Ihc season in subject ol changes in the regulations
Hi,-    CP.lt.   camps  occurred     last governing the trout fishing season
Momlay. wncn u man was badly  cut After pretty thorough discussion ol
In   the In and wns taken lo the hos- ,|,.|Uils -and    some explanatory
A large, representative and iall uen 1 ial meeting of Ihc Cranbrook
District Fish and (lame Protective
association took place lasl evening
at the Hotel Cranbrook. Those pre-
rent included Dr. F. W. Green, In
the chair, F. .1. Deane, secretary,
Messrs. E. Elwell, R. E. Beattle, E.
II. Small, V. Hyde Baker, R. Mc-
Crcery, J. P. Fink, W. .1. Atchison,
D. Elmer, H. Y. Parker, W. A.
Rollins, James Bates, Thos. Caven,
M LA., L. Clapp, F. A. Dunn, W. S.
Santo, Oeo. Lcltch, D. .1. .lohnson,
Oeo. Hoggarth, A. C. Bowness, W.
Cameron, E. McMahon and A. A.
The secretary read a letter Irom
Mr.    A   III ynn    Williams, provincial
marks Irom Deputy flame Warden
I Hales, the following resolution moved by W. A. Rollins und seconded by
.1. P. Fink was unanimously adopted:
"That tlu* , runt fishing season extend from Mar lsl to October Uth
in each year."
Tite nexl resolution discussed aud
adopted had reference lo the Imposition ol a resident gun license. At
present only non-resident hunters arc
called upon to carry a gun licens.
The sense ol the meeting was tliat il
would materially assist the game
wardens in the prosecution ol their
duties il every hunter, resident as
well as non-resident, were compelled
to carry a license, as welt ns being
a move in the right direction lor
the protection nl game generally.
It was moved by Titos. Caven, seconded by Lester Clapp: "That a resident gun license, of 12.(10 lor Cranbrook district, be enforced." This
motion also met with unanimous support.
A long discussion ensued on the
subject of limiting the number nl
deer to bc shot by each license holder. The present regulations permit
every hunter to kill at least live deer
during the season.       It was the un
animous opinion ol all who spoke on
this topic that live deer was an altogether excessive number, and on
motion ol .1. P. Fink, seconded by D.
.1. Elmer, it was unanimously resolved to n.iimnutiil that tlie number Ih- reduced to 2.
Tlie length ol Ihe season during
which deer muy he shot was another
lopie fruitful ol discussion, the final
conclusion arrived ut being expressed
In tbe lollowlng resolution, unanimously adopted, moved by V. Hyde
Baker und seconded by Thomas Caven: "That Ihc season lor deer open
.Sf.pU.nbcr 1st mid close Novcmlier
■'loth in each year."
On motion cd V. Hyde Baker, seconded by W. S. Santo, It was next
resolved that Mr. Thos. Caven, M.I..
A., be rciiucstcd to ascertain the
views of the government in regard to
prohibiting the sale nl deer meat entirely, anil lo report the result lo a
subsequent meeting.
Another resolution, which brought
proceeding,, to a close, was ol special
interest lo hunters. II was moved
by ,1. P. Fink, seconded fay, George
Leiteh, and was to the lollowlng effect: -That wllh Ibe issuance ol the
proposed new resident gun license the
provisions ro the disposal ol deer
killed heystruck out, that said gun
license bc returnable by January lllth
In every year, to the district government1 agent, specifying the number
ol game animals killed."
This resolution also mil with unanimous support.
Before Uu* meeting adjoiiiii.il a
large number ol new incnilicrs panl
their subscription Ice ol $1 each.
Al the conclusion of tlie mooting an
{inlormnl discussion arose as In lhe
possibility oi securing a rill,* range
for Cranhrook dlslriel. This Is a
mailer which Mr. E McMahon
very much al ticail. Mr ha,
leiuiv done a greal deal oi troth m
UtO dircclion ..I musing Interval li
llie project anil !.• Is hopotlll ol
shortly hcing able lo ciinsninlnnlc In*
aims, in this direction. Kurthei par
ticulars in Ihis regard will he
given nexl  Issue.
You will la- Interested to know
that I have now arrived safely I nek
in Toronto alter my prolong,.,) tour
in tin* west, ond in looking back upon the same, I feel I cannol retrain
from sending you n line ot personal
thanks lor the words which ynu were
pleased to give utterance to al. our-
gattarlng. 1 know you are u busy
man, wilh many claims and calls upon you, and therefore, 1 appreciate
all the morn the trouble yon look
to be present with us, and to voice
your appreciation cf onr wnr'i. II I.
a real joy personally lo me tb know
Ihat men In such prominent posit ions
as that which you occupy in Crivn-
brook, are pleased to lend their Influence and interest in the work
which we are endeavoring to do.


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