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Cranbrook Herald May 18, 1923

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Mt Mill: It   li
CLEF aUB SUNDAY CONCERT May 20th Auditorium
8.45 P. M.
Aims Of New Party
Are Expounded
Loaders   Of   Latest   Political
Movement Address Cran-
lirook Audience
On Saturday oveiilng to uu audience
numbering possibly ono hundrod and
ill'ly tbe purposes und policies of the
newly organized political party were
set flotrth ut. n meeting ln the Auditorium. Alderman J. H. Cameron was
e.bnlrnmn of the meeting aud a fair
number of ladles were present In the
Along with General A. D. McRae,
who Is tho Interim leader of the party,
ware Mr, 11. Stowort of Nicola, who is
also connected with the organization,
ius well us Mr. Frank D'OrBay, an old
time railroad man, and Mr. J. Nixon,
who wus introduced as a labor man
from Vancouver.
Considering the difficulties a Saturday meeting of this nature entails, It
wus thought that the attendance was
fairly satisfactory, but it was stated
uBter the meeting by one of the speakers that In point of numbers and enthusiasm it waB the poorest gathering
that they had yet held lu the course
of their present tour.
Mr. Stewart as firBt speaker, ex-
qlalned the origin of the party slogan.
Tliey thought that to put Premier
Oliver out und let Mr. BowBer In
would mean little advantage and
therefore they have set about to organize a new party. He believed the
political life of the province had developed into the prsjnt undesirable
condition because there had been no
public consciousness. The people
have beon satisfied to let the political
life of British Columbia look after itself. It has been a case of every one
for themselves. Mere class cooperation as adweated by labor would not
go fur enough and the time has come
when all must Join in an effort to distinguish right from wrong. Tho
provincial party sought to impress
upon every one the responsibilities of
citizenship and the franchise which
had been fought for, and that muat
not be held" lightly. He claimed that
the provincial party waa not political
in the old sense.
They had already Issued a manifesto, and a temporary committee was
carrying on until a convention was
held In November to effect permanent
organization. The new organization
would bo what the people make It and
the nppeal was to all who thought a
change was necessary to secure good
government. It was their Idea that
men of high ideals should be secured
for the positions and responsibility
nnd that the office should seek the
man and not the reverse ns Is usually
the ense.
The second speaker was Mr. Frank
D'Orsay, who as a railway man of
many years standing on both sides of
the line proved an able critic ot the
P. o. E. management by the present
government. He criticized tho men
the Premier had selected to fill tho
railroad positions as unpractical, and
was espclally hard on A. H. Buck-
worth, formerly general manager, and
laterty "promoted" till ho was now deputy minister of railways. Mr. D'Or-
sny (old of throe locomotives which
hud boon purchased for oho on the
P. (I. K. nnd Which had been found to
be totally ununited for tbe road, end
lunl to undergo extensive alterations
to ho used at all. For the last year
be ((bowed how thoro had been one
(rain n week over the road, going a-
tiout eleven nud a luilf miles an hour,
making some seven hundred train
miles per week, With one passenger
coach and four or rive box cars, yet
ft (onk a force of sixty in the shops
tu keep the rolling HOCk in condition.
In Vancouver the offices of the rail*
way occupied two thirds of one floor
of one of the most, expensive Office
buildings, with a multiplicity of offl
clnls, ami then houdxotnoes at Squa-
mish. Tim total operating expemios
ror the Inst liscal year wero stated to
ho 9871,686.60 with a revenue of only
$:!(i>,mm, outlining a loss of over half
n million dollars.
Major General McRae. who was the
main speaker, spoke first of the local
organizations which he hoped would
ho effected along just the same lines
an that of the existing pnrtlos.
Deprecating what he termed the
scramble for jobs, he pleaded for the
abolition of a double standard of pub-
lie morality under which to the victor
bolongod the spoils, and for a rebirth
of political righteousness. He urged
a pay-as-you-go flnanlclal policy with
economy and efficiency, and an appli-
(Contlnued on page fire.)
Tho regular Thank Offering meeting of the Women's MissUmery Society of Knox Church, which had been
postponed to enable the members Lo
hear the report <>f tho Provincial meetings in Vtctorlu, was hold In the
schoolroom of tlie church last Thursday evening, May 10th. There wore
a good number of ladles present to
enjoy the Interesting program, und the
Thank Offering amounted  Ik* $31.00,
Mrs. A. A- MacKinnon, vice president of the Society was In the chair,
and Mrs. Carlyle and Mrs liniment look
part In the devotional part of the program. Mrs. Potter gave a piano solo
which waa very much appreciated.
In giving her report of tlie Provincial meeting, Mrs. MacKay told ihe
ladles that In B. 0. tlio Society has 77
auxiliaries with 2 associated societies.
Young Women's Auxiliaries withS
associated soclGiles, 22 affiliated (\ G.
I T. groups nnd 57 Mission Bands. The
total membership Is 4473, an Increase
of 214 over last year, and the total
glvlngs amounted to $16,112.05, an ln-
cerase of $1,569.74, or 10 415 over Inst
She was glad to bo able to state
that the deficit icif ovor $00,000 in the
General Society had ben wiped out In
three ways; increased glvlngs, lessened exchange and the self sacrifice of
the missionaries in tlio foreign field.
An effort is being made by the society to secure a Home ln Vancouver for
girls and women wlvc have beon drugged down by the drug habit, where
they may be enabled to fight the habit
surrounded by friends, and so be given a fresh start in life.
H. W. Herchmer visited Fernie kmi
Monday on business.
H, Bowley, brother of the proprietor of the Cranbrnok Saddlery, left
Sunday for Calgary to obtain treatment for his eyes,
Otto Gray, formerly with tbe city electrical department, took up his duties
on Tuesday of this week in charge of
the plant operations of the Kootenay
Telephone Lines. Ltd.
Mrs. Ouy Constable nnd young son
of Creston are in the city today.
Thursday, it being necessary to take
the bpy to the hospital for no operation.
That the city council hns made a
popular choice for tbe position of city
clerk, In succession to T. M. Roberts,
In the poison of F W. Burgess, is manifest from the comment heard on every side. Mr. BurgOSS has been credit manager with the Western Grocers
in this city, previous to which ho was
an accountant wiih the Crows Nest i
Pass Lumber Co., at Werdner, Ho
will take to tho City Hull a reputation
for accountancy that is such a necessary qualification, end for which Mr,
Roberts, during his seventeen years
ns city clerk and treasurer, hns repeatedly been commended by Ihe auditors.
Banner Week End
For K. of C.
Coming Emms
To-night. Friday, Y. M. £}, A. vs City
Amateur Baseball League.
Saturday, May 19:—Whistle day 2 to
4 p. m. nt the Bowness Kxport Co.
Huntley, May 20: Concert by Clef club
Auditorium, at 8.80 p.m.
Monday, May 111.—Whist drive and
dance, Parent-Toucher Association,
at O. W. V. A. Hall.
Thursday, May 24: G.W.V.A. Annual
Empire Day Celebration. Horse
races and a good program of field
Saturday, May 26: "You Never Can
Tell," presented by U. 1). C. Players at Auditorium.
Monday, May 28:—Old Dumbells in
"Full o' Pep. Auditorium.
Wednesday, June 6: L. A to B. of R. T.
whlet drive and dunce, at tho K. P.
Sixty Candidates Admitted In*
to Order.    Many Visitors In
Attendance ou Sunday
Ou Sunday last the Knights of Col
it tubus look possession of tbe city. At
their big district gutherlng, in addition to the strong local representation
there wore delegations from the Councils ut Fernie, Spokane and Nelson,
While Kamloops, Rossland and Vancouver were also represented. About, seventy-five are stated to have
been in attendance from Pernie and
Goal Creek, and tiie accommodation In
the city was so taxed that reservations were made for the delegation in
attendance from Spokane at the St.
Kugene hospital.
Special services for the Knights were
held nt. St. Mary's Church, and it was
slated by Rev. Father Murphy, local
parish priest, that at the si rvtces at
7 a.m., 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., the church
wus crowded to the doors.
Luring the day Initiation ceremonies
were held at the Auditorium under
ihe direction of the Cranbrook Council. The first degree was exemplified
hy the members of Fernie Council,
lhe second by Nelson and the third by
Spokane, this completing a busy day
and leaving barely time lo prepare
for the big banquet which bad been
prepared for the evening.
This part of tho days activities, at
the G. W. V. A. hall, and attended to
by the ladles to assist the knights In
their entertainment of the visitors,
would seem to have been one ot the
largest affairs of its kind In the city
i: .r a considerable time. Close upon
three hundred sat down at the tables,
which were laden with a bountiful
supply of banquet Tare, and most attentively uttended to hy tbe ladles
in charge. For a large affair of Us
kind lhe arrangements were noticeably smooth, and moat of the speakers
en tho toast list were outspoken in
their appreciation of the splendid entertainment accorded them.
At the heud table were seated Father BlseUe, of Creston, Grand Knight
of the Cranbrook Council, Father
Murphy. Father Evans, of the Mission,
Father Kennedy, of Fernie, Bro. M. J.
Luby, of Spokane, a past state deputy
for the slate of Washington, and mas-
ter of tho fourth degree for Washington and Alaska; Mayor Choquette c*
Nolson, present district deputy, and T.
.]. Scntilnn. of Nelson; Bro. Barney
(oilfield, Grand Knight of the Fernie
council; C. H. Pollen, J. A. Genest, J.
F. Guimont, and other prominent
members of the local council
During the course ot tha banquet
the enjoyment of the bountiful fare
was enhanced by the muela provided
liy a three piece orchestra composed
of Mr. J. K. Chorlton, cello; Mrs. N. A.
Walllnger violin nnd Miss Ivy Bidder,
piano. Their selections were repeatedly encored, nnd undoubtedly much
appreciated, Other enjoyable musical numbers were interspersed with
(lie speeches and toasts, and all drew
strong culls for encores. Those contributing in this way during the even-
were J. K. Chorlton, cello nolo; Mrs.
X. A. Wallinger, violin solos; Miss
Dharlobols, Fernie, vocal solos; Miss
Frances Drummond, vocal solo; Miss
Drummond and Miss Delta Greaves,
vpoal duet, Mrs. J. E. Kennedy, vocal
Following n most satisfying ban-
quel. Rev. Father Blssctte, of Creston,
took up bis duties as tonstmaster, a
uisK which ho performed most acceptably. The speakers during the ev-
ning nil struck a happy note of appreciation of the well-ordered arrangements of tlio day. with an abun-
dance of good humor, and more than
a little serious (nlk to the members of
the order on what the Knights of Columbus stand for,
Following Iho first lonst to "The
Pope und the King." Mr. J. A. Genest
wus culled upon lo extend a welcome
to the city to the visitors, In the place
of Mayor Cameron, who wss unable
lo be present. Mr. Genest was given
a very enthusiastic reception, the
crown singing "For his aret hebr dut
crowd singing "For He's A Jolly Good
Fellow," to the accompaniment of
hearty cheers. Rev. Father Murphy
spoke briefly on the local parish activities or (he Knights, and this was
followed by a stirring speech from
Bro. M. J. Luby, of Spokane, who In
bis address touched on the many phases of K. of C. activity, before, during
and since the war. His address was
received with much enthusiasm, and
his words of exhortation made a deep
High School Nine Meets First!
Defeat From M¥" Team
In Good Game
Those who were fortunate enough
to see the amateur league game un
Tuesday   night   certainly   got   their
All in Readiness
For 24th May
Splendid Program Arranged to
Occupy Attention on G. W.
V. A  Gala Day Soon
The   24th   May Celebration under
tlie auspices of the Q. W. V. A. prom-
money's worth, as the game was even! i8es to be one of the ra08t spectacular
closer than tlie score would Indicate, j yet 8taged.      Everyone seems to be
There was as good un exhibition of j entering  Into the spirit of the day
Pitching as lias been seen in either.aud u wiU ^ a mem0rable occasion.
league this season. W C. Wilson for
the High School and Vern Woodman
for the Y. M. C. A acquitted bhemse)-
ves like honest to goodness pros, nnd
the crowd waa loud in its praise of
the quality of ball put up. While the
attendance was larger than at any
previous game, the games are worthy
of still more liberal support. Not
only is financial support necessary,
but the encouragement that a good
attendance gives. The game on Tuesday night demonstrated that the hoys
are capable of putting up a brand of
hall that they need not be ashamed of,
and worthy of the support of every
good sport In the city. In seven innings 29 Y. M C. A. players faced the
pitcher, while only 26 High School
players were at bat, an average of
less than four players per Innings.
Tho H%h SClwol (?ot their only
run when Musser got home ou a hit
and run play. The Y's scored one in
the first, Logan getting the credit,
and two in the second when Grady and
Logan scored on Clapp's hit which
waa fielded to first but was missed hy
Hogarth who waB interrupted by the
football players.
The game was remarkably free from
errors, all the po^'^ons being well
fielded. McLean f**- school played a very good gauve*/ 'picking up the
ball and the cinders on more than one
occasion, In the fifth he participated
in a pretty double with McKinnon at
Mr. J. A. Young made an efficient
and satisfactory umpire.
Y. M. C. A  1020000   3
High   0 10 0 0 0 0   1
The amateur ball game on Friday
night was an enjoyable one for those
who liked to see the runs come in,
the Y. M C. A. and the City teams
trying conclusions in a game In which
the City boys emerged victorious with
the long end of a 14 to 11 score. In
justice to the players tt should be remembered that It was so cold they
almost froze, good fielding being pretty nearly out of tbe question. Dr.
Huffman pitched for the city and A.
McKinnon for the Y. The Y took
tbe lead early in the game hut were
overtaken by the City In the fifth who
won by bunching bits ln the sixth.
Y. M. C. A  3 4 0 2 0 0 2   11
City   2 0 2 4 15       14
Umpire: D. Mitchell.
A somewhat similar score was rolled up on Monday in New York when
the Yankees beat Detroit 1G to 11.
In the District League games on
Sunday last, Cranbrook broke Into the
winning column at Lumberton by getting the better or the home team there
by a score of 11 to 5. Fernie was at
home to Wycliffe and took the honors
very decisively by a score of 9 to 1.
On Sunday next Fernie meets Kimberley at Kimberley, and Lumberton
Journeys to Wycliffe with Cranbrook
Main Btreet will be decorated, practically all the merchants having signified their willingness to decorate
the exteriors with flags, bunting, etc.
Tlie morning parade which will
start ut 0 a.m., will commence from
the government building — and incidentally it is going to be some parade — up main street to the Imperial Bank, thence to the St. Eugene
Hospital, back the snme route as fur
as the Post Office and down Norbury
Avenue to the new park. Mr. G. E.
Bower hns been instructing the
school children to sing patriotic songs
and they will perform at the park as
Maon us the parade ends. A couple
of speeches will also be made by prominent citizens
The baseball game starts at 10 a.m.,
at the G. W. V. A. grounds, when Wycliffe and Kl,mberley Will battle for
the supremacy. Both teams havo
decided to win, so it will bo some ball
game. ,
At 1.30 p.m. the racing program
will commence. Pon't forget this
will he ut the old exhibition grounds
on the bill. Dr. J. W. Rutledge says
there will be a very fine showing of
horses, so enough said. Al 6.30 p.m.
the second ball game will be staged
on the G. W. V. A. grounds. The winners at the morning game and either
Cranbrook or Lumberton will fight
tt. out for the first prize.
The usual dance will be held In
the Auditorium in the evening, and
Robinson's Orchestra will be ln at -
tendance to provide Ihe kind of music the dance enthusiasts like.
The Canada Cycle and Motor Co.,
through their local agents. Patmore
Bros., are donating the following prizes for the best dedorated bicycles at
the parade: lBt, one set Traction Cord
Tires and Tubes, value $10.00; 2nd,
Electric Head and Tall Light, value
$7.20; 3rd, Cyclometer, value $3.00.
Everyone is expected to join In making the celebration a success.
For the "Visiting Knights," Mr. Bar.
ney Caufleld replied with warm thanks
for the splendid hospitality accorded
to the visiting knights, and an appre-
lion of the work of the ladles in preparing the banquet.
To the toast of "The New Members," responses were made by Mr.
Frank Brown, of Spokane, Rev. Father Evans and Col. C. H. Pollen. In
the unavoidable absence from the ol
ty of Mr. N. A. Walllnger. M.L.A., Bro.
J. F. Oulmont replied to the toast of
The Province." "Sister Councils"
was responded to by His Worship Mayor Choquette, of Nelson, who was
able to tell of the early difficulties encountered by (he different councils In
(he Kootenay Bro. J. D. Kearns, of
Vancouver, was unable to be present
to respond In person to the toast to
"Knighthood," but sent a telegram to
convey his good wishes, which was
read by Mayor Choquette. Bro. T.
J. Scanlan, of Nelson, responding to
the time-honored toast to "The Ladies," made one of the happiest little
speeches ot the evening.
By the time the National Anthem at
the foot of the program had been reached, it was welt after midnight.
Sunday lust was observed throughout the whole Americun continent us
''Mothers' Day.'' The international
Hue wus wiped out as it were when
all united in honoring the one whom
before nil earthly beings they hold
most dear. "Mother" reigned supreme.
Flowers In the coat lapel Indicated
(hat the boy or girl, man or woman,
were thinking of Mother, while many
wrote cards or letters thut made many
mothers happy.
lu the city churches the day was
generally observed, reference being
made to lt by most cf the pastors, ln
tbo Baptist Church the day was commemorated nt the morning service In
exorcises by Mr. H. S. Haynes1 class,
four of the boys of this class taking
part, Mr. Haynes gave an appropriate
address, the boys taking part being
Ronald Haynes, Ray Brown, Willie
Taylor, and Kenneth Bassett. The
pastor, Rev. W T. Tapscott, ulso spoke.
At the Methodist Church both of tbe
speakers, Mr. J. M. Clarke and Mr. G.
T. Molr made reference to the subject
of the day.
jAt tho Presbyterian Church the en-
tiro morning service was given over
to "Mothers' Day" a form of service
us prepared in pamphlet form being
followed, The choir loft was tilled
with the children of the primary class
es, tho lit I lo tots with the singing and
the performance of their exercises being ver ^ sermon in
I bet recitations wore grrth u7 ™«-*»y»—id girls
the following taking part: Lillian
Lewis, Marguerite Henderson. Jack
Henderson und Malcolm Harris.
Warhorse Claims at
Hell Roaring Creek
Development at St. .Mary's Mining Property Is Extremely Promising
The work done upon this property
has shown up so well tliat it is in a
position to atlrnct the attention of u
big company, although the work itself
Is not of an extensive nature; two
drifts. 125 feet apart iu elevation,
driven on the lend, one for IS'1 feet
and the other for 170 feet show a vein
of nearly 15 feet in width heavily capped with iron, carrying values lu gold,
silver and loud. In Hie upper tunnel
the ore is chiefly Iron, zinc, lead and
silver with a scarcity of quarts; in
the lower tunnel the ore Is over 10
feet of quarts shot through with gn-
leua, iron lu small Beams and 3 feet
of lead carbonate on ihe hanging wall.
The course of the lead is east and
west with a pitch of TT. degrees south,
and occurs ns a contact between the
granite and Aldrldge argllllte, and has
every indication of being B big body.
Tho contract of 150 feet in lhe tower
tunnel lias just been finished and Mr.
Walllnger made an examination ot tho
work,   wblch   was   completed   earlier
than expected and in order lo do so
had to make a hurried trip from the
Homesfake property on Perry Creek,
wliero be was engaged iii making that
property ready for examination, and
to which be returns ihis
The-e is no doul "War-
horse' group will develop into a
mine, as It has iho physical advantage* ,t elevation, water and wood
and it only needs rail transportation
up the St. Mary's river to turn it into
a consistent shipper.
A, tt. Mayland, of Calgary, well
known stockman is responsible for
tho development work now going on,
and is to be congratulated 6n  being
It is announced that A. K   Leigh,
who has for some years past been with
Raworth Bros., will establish himself [ Interested in a really promising prop-
in business as a watchmaker. Jewel- [erty.
ler and engraver, early next month.
Mr. Leigh has taken a lease on the
store between J. B. Hasttun's and
the Star Theatre, and has show cases,
fittings and stock already here, and
more on the way fnr the tuii equipment of his store. Mr. Leigh is
well known ln the city and his many
friends will wish him every success
In the new venture.
Incidentally the establishment ot
this new business on Norbury Avenue
gives this street another lift to the
position it covets as the main business thoroughfore of the city
At a social evening held on Wednesday evening at the Baptist Parsonage,
a number of purposes were served,
which tended to make tbe gathering a
noteworthy cne. It was the seventy-
rirst anniversary of the birthday of
the pastor, Rev. W. T. Tapscott, marking over well beyond a half century's
work In the ministry; a welcome was
also extended to Rev. E. E. King, who
has arrived from Brandon College to
supply for the summer months at the
church; a presentation was also made
to Rev. and Mrs. Tapscott, on the eve
of their summer's holiday which Ib
being spent In Oregon, Pittsburg and
Ontario points; and lastly contributions were received towards the fund
being raised to carry out improvement (o the church building.
In regard to the last named, it ts
proposed to put a full basement under
the building, at a cost, along with other minor changes, of close upon
$3,000. Cash donations received at
the social and since then amount to shareholders.
$930. Promises of a further $1495 [ Another deal ts also In course of ne-
have r.lso been made, so that the en-jgotlatino whereby tbe balance of the
tire cost of the wcrk is almost In, carbon holdings will be opened up on
alght now. U royalty basis and the parties inter-
A pleasant lncldeut In the social.est. d expect to Inspect the property
time on Wednesday evening was the this week. If this Is urraiged as an-
presentatlon to Rev. and Mrs. Taps-jtlclpated It means a good revenue to-
oott. by Mr. j. L. Palmer, on behalf! mlng In to the Carbondale Coal Co.,
of the members, with a capacious club Lt<|.t without expenditure ou its part
Mr. and M.s. H. White returned last
week-end from Calgary where Mr.
White went to attend tho shareholder meeting of the Carbondale Coal
Company, Ltd.. In which a number of
people residing i n Cranbrook and
vicinity are interested.
Mr. White states that there were 157
shareholders and approximately 80
per cent of the shares Issued represented at the meetings. In the election or officers aud directors Mr-
White, who has been on the directorate representing local investors, was
elected vice president of the company.
Mr. White also states tliat further stock was taken up at the meeting
to provide funds to diamond drill a
portion of the Carbon area, this be-
the denl pending for same, as outlining required In order to consummate
ed    In   (he   directors' report to the
The Tennis season ■»•. -a* &4crdufion
Club opened Saturday afternoon, when
despite the unseasonable weather a
goodly number of the members turned
ont to try the courts. Those who have
played on the courts in past seasons
claim that they are now in excellent
condition, and with careful attention
should prove attractive for tennis
players all season. During the afternoon dainty refreshment wore served
by the ladies. Mrs. Chester Staples being in charge of the tea tables. While
old Sol failed to grace tbo afternoon
affair with his presence, tbe brightness of the tea-tables with goldenhtted
china and the happy attendants, made
up in a large measure for his absenoo.
hag. Btong wiUl " cheque, to which
Mr. Tapscotl made suitable acknowledgement, though taken by surprise.
Mr. King wns warmly greeted during tbe evening by members and
friends of the church, and made to
feel welcome nt the outset of his stay-
in tbe clly. •
Mr. and Mrs. Tapscott lefl on Thursday for Oregon, from whence Mr.
Tapscott will Journey to Pittsburg
and other eastern points.
Tlio Baal coulee property is rapidly
Increasing In value and lhe directors
believe It Is In tlio Lost interests of
tbe company lo retain same for future development, unlsos a substantial
offer is recesred in the meantime.
Mr. Wbite also made a trip up lo
Ardley, Alta., to Inspect (he Acorn
mine, and found everything us repro
Word was received yesterday tliat
Pish I^ke and its connecting streams
and the stream for one mile below
the lake have boon ordered closed and
notices have been accordingly posted. Rock or Stephens Lake bus
also been closed.
R. J. Barter, formerly woods superintendent for the Otis Staples Lumber Co.. at Wycliffe, has returned
from California, and was registered at
the Cranbrook. His future plans aro
not yet settled.
G. J. Spreull was at Pernie for a
couple of dayB the end of last week
prosecuting In a case relating to liquor seised on the Indnun Reserve at
Tobacco Plains. Mr. H. P. Helmslng
the Indian agent, was a witness In
the case.
Tho death occurred at Kstcvnn,
Sask.. on Thursday. May 10th, of Mrs.
Minnie Bvelyn Davidson, wife of Roger Davidson. Cutoville. Bask., nnd a,
daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. A C Cooke,
Jaffray, Be.
Tbe late Mrs. Davidson was born at
Peterboro, Out., on April B, 1S?0. coming west when she was a you iib woman, and residing In Cranbrook with
her parents. Of lute years she had
been living at Cutoville. Sask. Redd.
uenled. The buildings are good and os her husband and parents left to
the machinery In good shire. Heal-! mourn her passing, there is also a
so Inspected the underground work- sister, Mrs. Herbert J. Hall, of Tor-
Ings aud expressed himself as conft- onto, Ont., where Ihe remains were
dent that the shareholders of the com- (shipped, the funeral taking placo on
juny have a paying proposition in the!Tuesday. Mr. Cooke bus boon In the
property as soon as nsoe&sary capital j east since May 1st, und wns in Tor-
and additional equipment is secured!onio for the funeral Of his daughter.
to enable (he output of the mine to be! Tlie deepest sympathy is extended
increased up to a capacity of five turn-j to the bereaved husband, parents and
dred tons a day. sinter.
Cranbrook s Victoria Day Celebration May 24th
Friday, May ISIh, 1938
Is a very precious thing. It
should not be neglected If she
complains of headaches. The
chances are they are caused by
defective eyesight. We can remedy all such troubles qulokly by
providing just the right kind of
glasses tliat will enable tier to
Bee bettor and to dispense with
the headaches, Our service is
up-to-date and our charges aro
Jewelers ami opticians
Cbe Cranbrook tmhi
Published Every Friday
Extracts from The Cranbrook
Herald nr this date, li)03.
rrangeiuenls have baon made by
r. r. li. Super Id tendon t for stage
nection around the big slide at
nk, far nyall, baggage and pnssou-
*. Men are working night und i
yiiii; the track over the slide.
warning has been Issued agali
use of tiie surface water on tiie
iu Cranbrook, on the ground tliat
water  is  contnminatod and   unlit
The Han
has been i
price ctnt<
l; on Baker street.
u*'a Hardware Co.,
io J, 1). McBride at a
ho between $3,600 and
R, Wall
i- 1:
started a new
Ferule  Free
paper al tiie
Subscription Price .
To Dulled States ..
.. 112,00 iter yeur
.. 18,60 per year
"WIIH   ■   MUaloif   WliM.ni   m   lln.ilt"
Printed liy  Union l.nhur
JeAvertlelag Uuiua vu ApLrlKuiion,
Cktuxitta tor Advertlilnff MUST It tn
thi* oUlc* Wertiimidiiy nuoii th* auirsnt
■vtiuk tu socura tUUiitlnn.
SUN   1-iON
6 7 8 910II12
£Q ll U Is £>$ &3 1.0
27232920 31
ALL prone TO error
The outstanding weakness in
the presentation ot tho case for
for the new third political party
in this province, as recently
presented by its leaders, is the
the human element. Granting
for the sake or argument that
there is need for a change; and
also that both the old parties
fail short; what, promise is'tlio sumu multitude, whichever aide it
there that the new party, being-is on- " Parliament resolves itself
themselves but human, will be
The regular monthly meeting of the
Womon'a Conservative study Cluh
waa held al the home of Mrs. W. F.
Oameron Wednesday evening. A large
number wero in nllendanco, and a
most Instructive ami profitable evening was had. Papers were read frmu
various members of tlio association
on matters of particular interest to
them. The musical part of the program consisted of vocal solos hy Mrs.
Norgrove nnd Miss Alma Sarvis
which wore much appreciated. Ro-
preaentaUvos to the court of revision
wero appointed and tbo association
was asked to select, three ol Its members who would bo willing to act on
the jury at ihe next assizes. Tho
study club Intend holding n Whist
Drive in the Maple Hall on Friday
evening Juno 1st.
Record of Fires
in Cranbrook
Ono of llio tenets of the newer Can
add is that both of tlie old parlies an
rotten, with lit.tlo or no difference he
Iween them . HasJt ovor occurred
lo thoso who place Lilts In tho forefront
of their political creed that so it must
always be, since both appeal to precisely the same constituency, namely,
the likes and dislikes of tbo whole
country7 As for tho parties being rotten. It Is to bo remembered tliat u good
tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; net
can a corrupt tree bring forth good
fruit, if a government is representative, it. will naturally tend to represent tho  follies and  selfishnesses of
into two parlies, as it must, these par
j ties  must  fiddle  to tho same total
able to attain any higher stand- croW(li    There 1fl ,„ 80mo miI1)Ia .
ard were the reins ot* govern- cure for this evil In group govern
'ment entrusted to their Inex- ment. instead of every man for him
perienoed.   if   well - meaning
hands?     As the chain depends
every group for itself.    Tlie resultant
of all the selfishnesses working at
entirely on its weakest link, so hlgh pressure is apparently to give
a party will be judged not by gooti government The resultant or
the altruism of Us leaders, but all t'"1 colors in tlie prism Is said in
tbe  school   bjoks   In   make  a   white
light—Montreal Witness.
by the impression   their   i'ol
lowers make.    And being only
human, the lure of the flesh -
pots will tempt the members of
the new party even as it has
those before them whom they
now criticize, lias this not boon1
the experience in other provin-1
ces? Saturday, Mny IB
Gen. McRae himself said that;   PRAISE THK ooon GOD:-Make
no politicians   iu   B.C.   were * Joytul m[" unto u,fl Lord'  Kntcr
„. „ ,    ,     ,   ,   , ,,     .,      into liifa fiale.s witli Ihunksaivlng. For
strong enough to betuddle the t|,e , on|
people if once   tlie   electorate!
were awakened.    But the same Sunday, Hkr 20
speaker also said that no rem-    0°D'S WONDERFUL LOVE:-For
edy could be looked   for   from!"'"1 B0 l"vt''1 tUo worlu' tllut '« g"vo
..,    - .,       ,,        .. , . , I li'-4 Kxnly begotten  Son, Hint who;-.i-
either of the old parties, which   ,.,.,„,,,,,     , „,,    .
1 ' ever uelleveui m lilni should not per
is only another way of saying;,,,,, but „aT0 B,e,|aiUgi tife.-joiin
that   the   politicians   have   a 3:ic
strangle hold on the electorate.' ....
The  two  statements  are   not MoniUjr, May M
,       BE  PATIENT:—Lot patience Irave
mosl  people
good.—Psalms 100:1,4,5.
consistent, and
will heartily endorse the former
with the rider added that if
there is anything amiss with
the old parties, it is preferable
to get to the core of things and
cut rather than try to hammer
from the outside with a club.
her perfect work, thnt ye may lie perfect   and   entire, wanting nothing.-
The welcome news from Ottawa recently to the effect that
a protective bounty had been
placed on copper rods, will be
the means of re-opening another adjunct to the Trail Smelter, according to the word from
J. J. Warron, president of the
Consolidated ompany. This
will mean a consequent stimulus to the copper industry In all
parts of the province where the
supply is available. Whatever
credit Is due to Dr. King, and
others at Ottawa who are pre-i
sinned to have the interests of
the district at heart, fair minded critics will willingly accord
in this matter.
Ja mi's 1:1.
Tuesday, May 84
IN THK MORNING—Hearken unto
the voice of my cry, my King, and my
Qod: for unto tlioe will I pray. My
voire Klialt thou hear iu Hie morning,
o Lord; in the morning will I direct
my prayer unto thee, and will look
ur.—Psalm r,:2,:i.
Wednesday, May 2,1     ..
GOD'S    WORD    STANDS:   — The
grass  withereth,  the flower  fadetli,
lint the word of oar Cod shall stnnil
forever.—Isaiah 40:8
Thursday, May 21
not; for I am with thee; he not ills
mayeil; for I am thy Qod: I will
strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee,
yea. 1 will uphold thee with the right
hand of my righteousness.— Isnlah
Friday, Hay •-'.">
1)0 NOT LOOK BACK:—No man,
having pul his hand to the plow and
looking tiaek. Is til for tho kingdom
of Cod.   Luke 9:02
lletlretl Chief Outlines History
of l'iie Depnrttnent Since
Tho resignation of. Ceo. Reece recently from tho position of chief of
iho Cranbrook Fire Brigade, after h
lag connected with Ihe fire righting
department ever since its formal organization under tho city's control
aad for two years before thut, opened
tho way for in In: cresting and reminiscent, view ovor the twenty years of
tlio city's progress from the fireman's
point, of view. Tho Herald was l'or-
tanalo in catching Mr. Reece before
liis doporturo for the east, und though
usually a man of few words, he hnd
much to say on this occasion, of interest.
Mr Recce has Inhabited all the calls
the brigade has made ever since he
was connected with It, replete witli
all the essential particulars, lu this
connection it is interesting to note
lhal tliero lias yet to be a fatal fire ill
tho city of Cranbrook. There was
one case where an aged man was
smothered to death from smoke when
his shack was burning, but even In
tills ease Ihe actual fire damage was
slight, the fire being easily extinguished, but the aged inmate bail already
succumbed from the effects of smoke.
In another caso a nurse succumbed
later from tlio effects of hums rocei
veil at a mishap at the hospital.
Since tbe formal organization of i
volunteer lire brigade in 11)0:1, u nun)
tier of prominent local men have been
actively Identified with the department
.1. P. Fink was the organizer and first
chief of the volunteer brigade, and
was responsible for a good deal of the
early organization In conne tlon with
the activities of tlie brigade F. 11.
Deznll is ulso a former chief of the
department. Ross Carr, still one of
iho call men with the department, hat
been connected with the brigade al
aiosl since lhe beginning of things,
md W. E. Worden, although not acta
ally connected with the department,
lias missed giving assistance ut very
few lives down to tho presenl time.
During the first year tho fire brigade was organized, in llio:!, there was
i big tire lu the promises at present
iccupled by W. W. Kllby, owned at
hat time by C. II. Cilpln and used as
i general store. Tlie building con-
aillcd everything from a needle to an
iinchtor, including undertaking supplies
At the time of the fire tlie temperature
was twenty below zero but there was
i large crowd on hand to assist J. P.
rink, who was" then acting as chief.
There was one line of hose available
which was used on a hydrant ut the
corner where Moffall's Variety Store
now stands. This was attached lo
lhe old ('. P. It. main supply from the
pump house which stood ut tho back
of tho government building. The
groceries and contents from this store
wore strewn around on nearby vacant
lots and samples of ulmosl everything
were stolen, and un arrest wus made
In this connection. After the tiro was
over, the hose, frozen stiff, wus taken
by Mr. Fink Into the Fort Steele Mor-
cutitllO Store to be thawed out. The
fire hall at this time was near the
presenl Y. M. t\ A. corner.
The noxt  lire of any size was in
AllgiiBt 11IUI when lhe building now
known ns thu Canadian Restaurant
was dottroyod. Four weeks later
tburu wus u llru al the lily Bakery
when a lady residing upstairs had a
liurnow escape. On Thanksgiving
Day 1904. the lirsl lest was made of
tlio waterworks. Hi,- hose being eon-
ueciod up outside the Cranbrook Hut I
ami the demonstration wns considered
a pronounced success.
On llio incorporation of lhe city iu
luilf.. .1. P. link was appointed the first  ll   m,s  ""'"   Impossible  la
chief,   and   the   late   F.   B,   Simp.-nn  bulhllns.      Almost   Immediately
I work of exci
Manning store, occupied then by llio
C. I'. S. I'o. During tills verl cold
month Iwo alarms were recorded but
there wus very lltllo waler pressure
available to comhat them with. On
tho 0th oti Juno of tho same year a
noteworthy lire took place when tlie
old wooden school building was destroyed. The fire had made so much
neaihvay when il was noticed about
1.30 a.m. from the C. p. R. shops Unit
president and T, M. Roborls secretary,i ""''" "I ''xcavaiion ror a now school
of the Doportmoat. since the 1st ,>riwns commenced bul the school chll-
Juno ol' that year there have been re- llro" °' "'»' ,ln>' enjoyed un exlra bol-
cdrded :'7i alarms and ot these former ''W *" 'bat account.
Chief Reoco stated he had attended! On She 20th ot.October following, a
nil but nine. In 1004 the second (Ire nniall shack opposite tn,. school neur
hull had been Inilll liy puhllc snlisrrlii- tho present properly „r \y. Q, Mordon
Hon. ami was occupied hy six men uild. was lhe cause of all alarm und on
tbo huso reel.     In  1000 this was on- this  'ilsliiu u t'utullly from llio ot-
lurged and n liisu draining ouiiipuicnt focts uf sniolie look place when Mr.
Installed. Dovolt, uu old man wus overcome be
lli February mini Miss McLeod's toro '"' '""ll1 '"' roaolted. tin No-
Millinery store was burned, and nl tills voml,er lr,|b °< Ibo same year a llro In
"re it is recalled lhal one win, sought J'10 ''"scilicet "I' Ihe 0, 1'. II. depot did
lo niuko a name for himself became uI"""1" damage,
hero hy rushing in and rescuing whnl "a August Sill, 191(1 Iho Trading Co.
proved to he a dress model. Follow- worohoaso ou Van Horno streot wus
Ing this fire the hiislnessmeti on lhe! destroyed and though Iiuinedialely re.
Nprth side or Bakor Street lu thai j built was the cause or a second alarm
block raised ihe stun ol' $200.00 for very soon afterwards. In this your
presentation In the firemen. Jlbero wero three tires In the spuce of
In July, 190(1, possibly tho larg- three days recorded. Ou January 1-1
est flro In the ilistrlcl took place when j of tbo year following lbe Y. M. It. A
tbo East Kootenay Saw Mill, then mi building, then iu lhe course of con-
u site neur lbe present power house, striuiion sufrored somo damage just
was burned down. For their good before the time set ror tho ofliclul
work nt Ibis fire and particularly fori opening. At Hint lime the tempera
saving tho engine at Iho mill, the lure was SS below zero but llllle dam
members of Hie Brigade were presen- age wus done to the building. In
led with another $-00.00 rrom tho April of thnt year an alarm was sent
Company nud $150.00 from Iho Electric In from the Horuld office, when Blight
Light Company. i damage was done to the rear of the
Iu Juno 1007 a new hoso reel was! building. About Ihe middle ot Feh-
purchased, which is still in use, and ruary 1012 n giisoline explosion bc-
unlforms were used fli Hint year for currcil tit. Qeorge Powell's cleaning
tbo first time. On the 24th of Decern- works, when slight damage was done
her 1907 a lire (molt place in Iho Went- to the building but Mr. Powell wns
worth Hull, over what is now Iho
Ratcllffe aad Stewart Garage, the
damage however being slight. On
tlie lllh or January 1909. with the
temperature at 22 below zero, a fire
took place in what  is  now the John
Quite seriously injured. In tho fall
of Ihe following yeur there wns a further alarm from the same source and
shortly afterwards a third, but In neither case was there much damage. In
March of 1912 a flro at the C. P. R.
How much mon.y doea the average
woman want? asks a lady writer
'More" Is tlio nnswer.
Someone has dtwoiered thai
It takes lilt nuts to hold a Ford
together and only one lo hold It
In lhe mud.
Singer Sewing Machines
Have taken all lhe Gold Medals in llio Country.      Why
pay more money for a machine that can't get a place at
any fair';
SINGERS are sold for $00.00 and up on payments of $3.00
a Month.
We also have some Good Buys in Second (land Singers on
$5.00 a month payments.    Also Machines to Kent.
boarding house 'badly 'damaged the
ntace iimr resulted In the building be-
hit; turned into ii carnetiter shop, for
which it Ih still used. In January
1918, with tlie temperature at 30 belovr
zero, tlie house belonging to George
f'liii]-mini on Pooley Avenue was dam-
aged, and iu March ot the same year
a strange fire took place ln the upper
'Kory of tho Post Office building. It
is supposed In this case a spark entered the building through an open
trap door und igutted a mat lying
on i lie floor. The damage ln this case
was only slight. In December 1915
tlio residence of P. Parks on Pooley
^Avenue wus badly damaged, and in
May of tho following year at a fire on
Baker Street four streams of water
wore brought into use for the first
time. Tlio tiro on this occasion was
tn the building occupied by the Oran-
hrook Drug & Hook Co., who were
I hen In tho building now occupied by
Delany & Sinclair. In April 1917 the
residence or J. Beaton, at the head of
(..anion Avenue above Iho Cottage
Hospital, was damaged, and five days
later what was left of the place Including tlie furniture which had been
saved from tho flrat fire nnd stored In
in the undnmuged portion of the
house was also dostrnyed, nothing being saved.
Commencing iho 2lst of December
Utlii four llres were recorded in four
days. Tho hist of these took place at
the St. Eugene Hospital on Christmas
live, when a nurse who was playing
tlio part of Santa Claus in the customary costume was burned from the
lighted candles on the tree and later
passed away from the effects of her
On October 30th 1917 anotlier noteworthy fire took place at the Cran-
brook Sash & Door Factory on the site
of its new building. The wooden
building burned like tinder and in a
remarkably short time the fire waa
In May, 1919, the first auto was
brought into use by the fire depart-j
ment, (his being (lie Mitchell car still
In use. Iu August, 1919 a test call
was made on (lie fire Department by
tho underwriters usoclatlon, from the
V. M. C. A. Iho time elapsing from the
time the call was put In until water
was started was 2 min. aud 20 seconds, this being a very creditable
Coining down to more recent times
tho fire in June or last year when the
Worden warehouse near the track was
destroyed with considerable property
damage was another of tho noteworthy fires in the city.
Prom the above it will be seen that
Cranbrook'a freedom from disastrous
fires may very truly be said to he the
result of the vigilance on lhe part of
the fire department.
Not many cities in the West can prct-
duce a record of this nature and it
stands to the credit of tlioso who havo
been connected with the Department,
that such a good showing lias been
made. '
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A local parson says tho energy wei    Greater safety and efficiency in the
nso in getting even might better
used in gelthiR ahead.
bo] railways will benefit the people ol
B.(\ through tho certificates now being issued bringing all industrai railways operating in the province, under
tho B.C. Hallway Act, Thoro are 80
companies' operating in tlio province,
covering approximately 000 miles, excluding the P.G.E. and the B.C. Electric Uly. Tlio now act will greatly uld
iu the prevention ot accidents and the
reduction ot the liability of claims un-
dor tlio Workmen's Compensation
Board. The Department of Hallways
Is presided over by Hon J.i>. Mac Lean
and haw three inspectors making Inspections continually.
They Called Him
An "Old Pill"
THAT was years ago when he
packed a terrible grouch, a
niiuhty irritable stomach and a
liver that refused to do the things
that all good livers should. No
wonder his friends called him an
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"I suftorod so ii'ir,
acl'. trouble and a run
tliat  I  feared nervous
V I lu* woiiilei'ful
iv.il from the
isl waul tn tell
i aboul it," do-
Matthows, 104
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Ihly willi sliiiu-
lowu condition
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m.; leave 12.20 p.m.
NO.   18   DAILI-To   Fernie,   Leth-
brldtw, Medicine Hat, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.10 p.m.
"Prune," "Jam.''
"Onion," "Plum."
ard,"     "Harvey,"
■ "Sims," "Zenith."
[•v.," "Another Pr
1>. Fr," "Pollox,"
"Hutax," 'Tebecet
1 Duel," "Sergeant,1
ai." "Batman." "(
"M, 0. Pr.," "W. a
'situate in the PORT STEELE Mining
j Division of Kootenay District;
Where located  - On   Sullivan  Hill,
■ near Kimberley.
! TAKE NOTICE that The Consolidated Mining tt Smelting Company, of
Canada, Limited, Pree Miner's Cerli
fieato No. 40194-C, intend, sixty days
from llio date hereof, to apply lo the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the pUrpOBO of ob
tnlning a Crown liranl of Ihe above
And further lako notice thai action,
under section 85, must bo commenced
before Iho issuance of such cert 1(1-
cato of Improvements.
Dated this 24lh day of April, A.D.
Per 10. O. Montgomery, Agent.
Craibrook, Wrcllffe, KImkerlej Ser.
Jo. 8*I-Leave 7.06 a.m.  ffo-SM-Ar-
t riva 1.10 pjn.
Cranbrook, Lake Windermere tnd
Goldei Serhee:
Monday add Thureday, etch week
. —NO. mil, leave • a.m.    Wednesday
and   "aturday-NO. Ml- arrive   1.11
Por further tarOavuxs
any ilea** s«ea\   	
a»iy «•
Following are Urn regulations under
which   the   East   Kootenay Baseball
League will operate this season.
1—Spauldings Playing rules to govern all games.
2—Entrance Pee of Five Dollars be
required from each Club entering tho
League ,to be used for paying League
expenses. Additional assessments
may be madu on each Club if necessary.
3—Resident Clause (a) Clubs may
use any players up to June 1st, being
left to honor of each club to use only
bonu fide   'etildents,
th) After June 1st any player
must, he a bona fide resident of town
for which he plays, fifteen duys previous to any league gaino and must
positively be In the town when registered wiih League secrctury. The
application for registration must be
signed hy Secretary or Manager of his
<e) No [ilayer may leave one club
ud play With another without the
Consont of the manager of Club previously registered witli.
Id) No player may be registered
after July 15th.
(e) Fifteen playe"s only are to be
registered, old names mu.v be cancel
led nt any time. If former players
Are registered the fifteen day rule will
4—Home Clubs to take all gate receipts and pay their own traveling
5—Schcdul 3 made by committee
who are appointed hy President to be
approved by all clubs beflure becoming
6—Umpires aro to be appointed hy
the League Executive. The Umpires
'are to have full power to discharge
their duties an defined by Spauldings
7—Protests must be made to League
Secretary within forty-eight hours of
finish of game protested. Telegraph
or telephone protests to be accepted
if confirmed at onco in writing by
Secretary or Manager.
8—A deposit of Fifty Dollars to be
made with League Secretary before
llrst League game by each club, which
will be used as a bond to guarantee
team's appearance for any League
game and to be used fr. paying any fine
or fines imposed. -AM or part ot this
amount may be turned over to any
tome club left without a game. The
decision of the League Eececutive to
he final. This bond to be returned
to each club at end of season, if not
9—Fifty cents to he the minimum
charge for booster tags for all League
10—The League Executive of three
to make the final decisions on all protests or any disputes that may come
tl—Tho East Kootenny Baseball
.eaguo Pennant of 1923 to be awarded
team holding first place. This Pennant to become the property of Club
winning same for three (J)consecu-
live reasons.
12—Each Club to send in tlie
names nf two umpires nnd the
League Executive to appoint one of
same to be umpire ln ehlef for all
home games. He may work behind
either pitcher or catcher. The base
umpire to be supplied by the visiting
team whose judgment or decision Is
Final unless he makes a technical error
according to Spauldings Rules when
his decision may be over-ruled by the
chief umpire. The captains to agree
on a local base umpire, If necessary
13—Each club to appoint an official
scorer who will work with visiting
scorer and forward a signed score
card to League Secretary after each
gamo so that proper averages may bo
14—The two leading chilis to play u
aeries of post season gnma-t consisting
of ii home and home game, with a
third game to be played where decided by two managements . A Cup is
to ho presented to the winner subject
lo rules to be announced later.
Plodding Prospectors Now Millionaire*
For thirty years Bill
Moiaen and Bob Me-
Million were plodding
iivnipectora lo the Mo-
Jave desert of California, then overnight
their toll was rewarded
— for they struck a
ledge of gold worth a
king's ransom, "i
town" sprung up and
these two are now millionaire mine owners.
******++***+*t**.;.***.M'++++ I s,)011| a tew
hours in Elko en route
from Fernie on Sunday.
William Sorwak, formerly employ
ed in the C.P.R. camps at Bull River,
who wns charged with the theft of a
chequo for St33,ti6 from the office of
the paymaster at that place, appeared before Judge Thompson last week.
He was found guilty, but was allowed
to go on suspended sentence as the
evidence Indicated that the accused
had no guilty Intent in that the cheque had been handed to him by the
paymaster by mistake. The accused
was able to show that he really did
not know what this document was until some time later and although he
presented R at the Royal Bank at
Crnnbrook, his own story waa that he
had done this for the bank to return
the cheque to the Company.
Mr. W. Calladay, of Fernie as been a
business visitor for a few days.
Constable Ellison, of the R. ('.. M.
Police of Fernie, wus a visitor Thursday and Friday, endeavoring lo locate
one ot tlie police horses lost from
Mr. G. S. Jenny and family of North
Battleford, arrived Saturday by auto.
Mr. M. Wade, linesman with tho
East Kootenay Powor Co., in Alberta,
spent a few days during the week on
the new power line.
Mr. W. Duncan, moved bis tailor
shop on Tuesday to the store room
adjacent to the Columbia Hotel.
A meeting was called during the
week to orgnnizo an Elko Ball Team.
A committee was formed and a liberal
collection given. It is expected that
some gQdd ball talent will lie shewn
during tho season.
During tlie week two new transformers were Installed to connect up with
the East Kootenay Power Co. plant
here. Tho power was turned on at
midnight Friday, and 'Saturday after-
ndon the lights were turned on at tlie
camp for the first time. The air compressor was also supplied with power,
and machine drilling iu the tunnel was
commenced. The works will benefit
and progress rapidly with the iustal-
atlon of this power.
Many smiles were prevalent Friday
in Elko, when tho water works were
repaired and tlie tpwn wator supply
turned on. It is to he hoped that there
will bo less trouble with same tbis
yeur than hns been lu the past.
Mr. H. H. Porter and A. Pitre of
Bull River, arrived Saturday evening
with tlie Dost Kootenay Power Co. motor caterpillar, which will be used for
heavy work daring construction workjed,
Mr. Bill Corrie of Roosville valley
was a visitor on Sunday.
Mr. Bobble Mlnton of Fernie, spent
Tuesday  in Elko.
Mr. F. C. Paasmore, R. A. McMasterl
and W. McLean of Cranbrook, were
business visitors on Tuesday. [
Mr. R. McPee of Vancouver, wa
business visltlor on Tuesday.
Mrs. Smith and son Walter, spent a
couple of days in Cranbrook during
thu week.
Mr. L. C. Bemis and Ted Wright of
Spokane, were registered at the Columbia Hotel, Tuesday.
Flu y To B<* Presented By If.B.C.
Phiycrs Is  Interesting
Prod net Ion
When "Von Never Can Tell', the
witty comedy of Qeorge Bernard
Shaw, was produced lu Vancouver at
Iho Orpheum Theatre by the Players
Club of tl e University of British Columbia, the Vancouver "Province" was
Work has been suspended on the
construction of the new bridge across
tho Kootenay at Waldo, on account of
not being able to find a solid foundation for tho piers.
Mrs. Ayres held a shower for Mrs.
Ernie Ayres (nee Miss Grace Ross)
at her home on Saturday last. The
latter was the recipient of numerous
gifts both useful and ornamental. She
will join Mr. Ayres ln u short time at
Wurland, Mont., where he is employ-
tilts summer.
Mrs. Ray Him and iittlo Catherine
Milter, journeyed to Cranbrook, Saturday, returning Sunday by car, accompanied by Mr. John Miller.
Mrs. J. Osborne and son of Ferule,
are the guests of Mrs. Jack Graham
for a few days.
Miss Martha Anderson of Pernie, Is
the guest of Mrs. Lacey for a few days,
Miss L. Cameron, accompanied by
her mother, returned from Penile on
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Burgess of Waldo motored In ou Saturday evening.
Miss Ellen Paterson of Cranbrook
Public School staff, spent Saturday in
Elko, the guest of Miss M. Roo.
The Elk river has been rising
steadily for the past few days and if
It continues the river will be higher
than lt has been for some years past.
Mr. S. D. H. Pope and L. St. Elmo
Pierce wero Fernie visitors for tho
Word has heen received to the effect
that work on tbe now bridge at Waldo
has been discontinued, although several thousands of dollars have already
been spent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson of Cranbrook, ure spending a few days in
Elko, Willi their daughters Mrs. T. H.
Duncan and Mrs. B. Longley.
Mr. Hurry Knowles, tho popular engineer of the Baker Lumber Co., has
been forced to resign en account of
IL11 health. We all extend to Mr.
Knowles our best regards and hope
ho will soon he able to return to his
position at Waldo.
The planer foreman at the Baker
Lumber Co. has been laid up for several days with au attack of the flu.
Mr. Archie Mi-Nab has returned from
his term at McGili to spend the summer holidays at his home here.
Mr. J. Piper spent Sunday at Baynes
with his family, returning that night
to White Spruce where he now holds
the position of planer foreman.
Mr F. W. Adolph is spending a few
days at home after a stay ot several
weeks Inthe oilfields at Shelby, Mont.
The new u N. station agent has arrived in succession to Mr. A. Rhein
who left last week. He is accompanied by bis family.
Mr. Flair, the Baynes school teacher
hns innted from the former land office
building, to the house recently vacated
by Mr. J. Lea and family.
The residents of Baynes enjoyed a
pleasant evening's entertainment supplied by Mr. Val Halie, on Thursday
evening last. Mr. Halle shows himself to be a very versatile entertainer.
Do you like
real, good
tea? That's
the kind an
SMP Enameled Ware
Tea Pot makes.
Try it.   There is
no discoloration or
tainting with SMP
Enameled Ware.    No loss of flavor.
And it is so simple to clean.    Ask for
Tkree iallbest Pesrl Wure. two coats of pearly m* rnim*1
maide led out. Diamond Ware, three coats. Hghl blue and
white outside, white lining. Crystal Ware, thtee coats, pure
white inside and out, with Royal Blue edging.
The Sheet Metal Products Co, °umiEd*
Montreal TORONTO Winnipeg
 Mmantan         Vancouver Calgary j t
soli: agents fob
Phone 84 Phone M
very warm in its appreciation of thai servo the greatest credit ror having
production.    It aa'd iu part: tackled ao ambitious a play, mid for
The University Players gave an having carried it through without
excellent presentation of the Shawl landing In any serious pitfalls, it
play.    There has gone into the work was capitally staged."
of production a tremendous amount
of enthusiasm, much study, and splendid team work.    The result is a riot-
The "Sun" remarked:
"Bernard Shaw could iiovo been nothing but charmed and d< lighted with
oub pageant of epigram and domestic (the manner in which the Players' Club
comedy." of the University of British Columbia
The "World" reviewed the play as j interpreted  bja comedy   "You  -Never
follows; Can Tell" lwf.>re a oapaelty audience
"Bernard   Shaw   sometimes   reads |ias'   night.     A  buoyan
better than he acts.     In "You Never breathed through   overs
Can  Tell"  which  was  presented  by | whut Its author calls i Ii
tile B. C. University Players before a  pla-v" a,1,] Ult' students *
crowded and appreciative house and watty caught thai splril
amid great eclat at. the Orpheum Tho- The appreciation of the ai
atre last evening, he both reads and I expressed at the doee ot tl
acts well. Some of those taking part
roso to the responsibility of taking
tbe part of quite artificial characters
in u manner well worthy of the reputation of the Players Club. Professor P. G. C. Wood, the enthusiastic
coach, to whom the Players Club owes
so much, aud those taking part, de-
icidenl of
' Pleasant
the' Uni-
.i nicety
ence was
third act,
were del-
when the ladies of the pi
Dged with flowers. Opinion was
unanimous thai with tbe eighth annual performance the Players Club is
destined to make its greatest success."
The only  uav
use it.
to save daylight Is to
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of Music
Studio above Murdock McLeod's. Phone 295
I     Ne
Studio:   Armstrong Avenue
N'ear Telephone Building
Write for Booklet or Call at  410 Baker Street, >eIson, B.C.
Mr. P. Recgln has been confined to
bed for some time with an attack of
pneumonia, but  is  now  able lo get
Dr. and Mrs. llut ledge of Crnnbrook, around again.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cauda Limited
Purchaser* of Gold, Sllrer, Copper, Lead & Zinc Orca
Producers of Gold, SlUer, Copper, Pig Lead anil Zinc
Friday, Mar 18th, IMS
nwiwdist Cfturcb
KEV. 1$. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
11 a. in. KOfiNOra SERVICE
Following Is a statement of ore received at the Trail timelier for the
period during May 1st to "th inclusive
Name of Mine and Locality.        Tons
Black Hock, Northport,  Wash.       40
Dell,  Beaverdell,  B.C 47
Hewitt,   Silverton,  B.C 41
Kuobhill, Republic, Wash.,  211
Lone Pine, Surprise, Last Chance
Republic, Wash.,  441
Quilp, Republic, Wash.,   213
Surprise, Republic, Wash  51
Silversmith  (Zinc)  Sandon, B.C.    95
Silversmith   (Lead)        „      „      126
Standard Silverton, B.C   172
Company Mines   10082
In the old days a ford was the
place where you tried to cross the
river. Now it's every place you try
to cross tro street.
A war to tho death ou whiskey runners nnd other bootleggers was ordered by Attorney-General Manson
last, week, following a conference
With police heads from the four police districts of the province, at Victoria, New measures to make tiio
force a more vigorous instrument for
enforcement of the law are being discussed.
l Russia ml Miller)
The.work of excavating tlie fountl-
(intlbn for Die big new crushing plant
to be liiBtnlleil by The Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Ltd.,at tlio company's mines lioro,
will commence very shortly, In all
probability tills week, and tlio present forces are to be employed In the
work to carry through the plant to
early completion.
When completed the crusher will
he most substantial and modern in
every detail permitting of the crushing of the ores from the mines here to
a nicety, and to obviate the necessity
H so much handling when tlio shipments arrive at the big reduction
works of the company at Tadanac.
Tlie new plant Is to bo erected at
the head of Centre Star hill near
where the railway taps the ore bins
and this will necessitate a change ln
lhe road to Le Ilol Hcnglits which Is
to ho so arranged, entering from the
oast above the now crusher, and permit of a very easy grade, and make a
hlg improvement.
Baptist Church
. SU.NDAT, MAI ail
11 a.m.—Morning Service.
12 noon—Sunday School.
Now thut all the stores have delivery service, about tho only thing the
average householder takes home is
his grouch.
Campbell-Manning Block
Pboae 17.    Office Heirs i
t to M, 1 to 5 p.B.  Nats, (to 1.
Msets Is tht
G.W.V.A. Hall
siUrnoon ot thi
lint TuHday tt
S p.m.
All l.dl.s nr,
cordially Invited
President:   Mrs. F. Conslantlne.
Sec-Treasurer:  Mrs. 8. Taylor.
i. o. o. r.
HjB*M*MHonday night at
"■roBV™* Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially Invited.
N. O. - - E. O. Dingier
Rec. Sec.    -    -    W. C. Adlard
Dm. Green & MacKinnon
Physicians and Surgeons
Office ut residence, Armstrong
Afternoons  2.00 to 4.00
Evenings   7.30 to 8.30
Sundays  2.00 to 4.00
» to II a.m.     1 to I p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Phone K0
Mortar* Ave, neit lo CM* Hall
Fresh Milk & Whipping Cream
If sot satisfied will return tha
C. GODDERI8   -    -    Sub TeU
Fashionable Ladles' and dents'
Merchant Tailor.
Chinese Fancy Goods and Silk.
Tan Horn* St, Cranbrook
Phone 416 P.O. Boi 447
Montana Restaurant
Meals at All Honra
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candles
Cranbrook 8b    -    Pkono 201
Opp. Bank ot Commerce
Milk is
Popular Here ij)g||
Wo have no statistics showing
what success other British Co.
lumbia inanutoctureni ure having among their li.,111c people,
but wo can only hopo their product is patronized here an generously as Pacific Milk. Wo are
grateful. We have never de-
pemled on tho homo industry
principle hut we have done our
best from the stn:-t to deserve
Pacific iVUlk Co., Ltd
Head Oflca, VaneooTer, B.G.
Factorial at Abbotgferd aid Ladaar.
7.30 p.m.—Evening Service.
Praypr Meeting Thtimday Evening at S o'clock
(Special to The Herald)
lnvermere, R 0., May 12—Mm.
Richard Couldroy, of Jnvenuero
Heights is away on a visit to her
daughter Mrs. Thresher of Bull River.
Mr. Oswald McOulnesa of the Forestry Department was here this week.
Mr. ami Mrs. Luther Chase of Bull
River are visiting Mrs. Chase's parents at Athalmer. ,
Amongst the weeks visitors from
Cranbrook ami vicinity are Mr. Chas.
Ward; district Qovernment Engineei
J. Campbell Brady; district Forester
Norman Moore and Mrs. Moore.
Mr. Byron Harmon of Banff, the
well known pluotogranhic artist was
here this week to meet his brother Mr.
F. A. Harmon, of Tacoma, Wash., who
with his mother came all the way
through from tliat city In a Ford runabout. Mr. F. A. Harmon and his
mother will spend the summer on Mr
Byron Harmon's recently acquired
fruit farm near Wilmer. Mrs. Harmon has the peculiar distinction of
having been born near Tacoma sev
enty-threo years ago, her parents
having crossed the Great American
Desert with a hull team, then a journey of six mouths duration.
There is much building activity noticeable ln this place this yoar and -n
tin neighoorhood. Every person who
lias their lamps burning is making
his cv her preparations for the great
rush of tourls i who an supposed to
urr.ve with the opening of the Banff-
'Vmdermcrt 1: dor highway. Oreat
activity is being displayed on the
1 -ail If-Win .ter • <rc road itself in anticipation of the momentous event.
Taking it all In all there has not been
so much activity of a business nature
viaihle in the Windermere Dlstrlot
since before tlie days of the Great
War. In keeping with all other things
the weather up to this moment has
been perfect even to tlie extent of
refreshing rains to water the earth.
lnvermere, B.C. May IC—Miss Jack-
sou wlio has during the winter been
filling a .msition In the district hospital has returned to Banff where she
will again conduct her establishment
known us the "Bow Tea Room." Her
place hero Is being tilled by Mrs. Ellis
of Gnnges Harbor, Salt Spring Island.
Mr. William Armstrong, who has
been visiting his parents In Scotland
for a period of several years returned
tills week.
Mr. Justice Morrison, of Vancouver,
spent over a week holidaying in the
district and looking up some of his
old time acquaintances of the early
{Too lato for lust week)
lnvermere, B.C., April 28. —Mr. G.
B. Watson, of the provincial forestry
department, has been going throughout the district this week giving
informal talks before the school children at the various schools on the
subject of protecting the forests from
tire, and remarking ou the general
beauty the vulue und the utility of
forests and forest life. Mr. Armstrong, lately transferred from Victoria to he Assistant chief district
forester at Cranbrook, accompanied
Mr. WatBon.
As a closing feature of their long
visit hore, Mr. H. B, Carver, the
manager for the company of moving
picture people who for the last six
weeks havo to tho number of twenty-
live been making pictures here, gave
a benefit night this week In fuvor of
the district hospital. The Mm of
"The Valley of Silent Men," a seven
reol picture brought in by Mr. Carver
at bis expense was put ou iu the local
hall. The net proceeds came to over
cue hundred dollars. The visiting
company leave next week for their
homes in New York.
Nelson Hoard Of Trade Inclined
To Press Matter To
A Show Down
Denials that he bad stated, as reported, that the memorial of the Nelson Board of Trade in regard to freight
rates was due to the fact that W. B.
Lnnnigan of the Canadian Pacific
Railway ! ad heen "stirring up the
merchants," was made by Premier Oliver in a statement he has sent to
Nelson, iu which he lays the blame on
tho newspapermen for alleged misquoting him. "What I did say and
what was the truth, Was that I had
been lnformod that Mr. Uiniiigau in
Nelson and ln other places had been
Interviewing merchants In respect (x>
tlie matter of freight rateB. 1 received
that Information direct from a most
reputable merchant In Nelson, ns well
ns the cities I visited. At no tlmo did
I connect Mr. Launlgun with the memorial presented to mo by the Nelson
Board of Trade.'
it is understood that the Board of
Trade may request the premier to
name the "reputable merchant In Nelson."
It is claimed that Mr. Lannigan had
nothing to do with tho Board of Trade
in Nelson, which represents more than
!)0 per cent of the merchants.
Full O* Pep" is the appropriate title of the new revue by the original
Dumbbells Company, now known as
the "Old Dumbells", which this world
famous aggregation will present here
at the Auditorium, on Monday, May 28
All the well known artists, with the
exception of two of the original Dumbbells, are now managing their own
productions, and have this season produced a bigger and better show than
any of their former offerings such as
"Biff, Blng, Bang', or the "Dumbells
Revue of 1922'. The latest revue lias
been breaking ull previous Dumbell
records all over Eastern Canada
where the seats in all the theatres
they played were sold out in advance
pf their opening date. The verdict
of the public everywhere is that
"Full O' Pep" is undoubtedly the
greatest Dumbell offering yet presented by these noted Soldier Artists.
The headline artists of the Old
Dumbells. "Red" Newman and Arthur
Holland need no commendation to
theatregoers here. The appearance of
Red Newman, as always before, the
vehicle for screams of laughter, while
tho female impersonations of Arthur
Holland are better than ever. One of
the new sketches "Billeted in a Barn",
gives a splendid opportunity to see
htow the boys lived "over there". It Is
absolutely true to life, even the
"cooties*' being much In evidence, this
is the funniest khaki skit the boys
have ever offered.
Terlocheu Singh, who was first
found guilty of the murder of a Hindu
lad at the coast last fall and sentenced to be hanged: then upon the
ground of new evidence being discovered, was granted a new trial, when
lie was aquttted, has taken up his
residence nenr Fernie and Is reported
to be working for a lumber company.
The C- P. R. work train handling the
fill at Kootenay Landing, hns shifted
Its headquarters from Sirdar to a
point just east of Canyon bridge,
where the steam shovel Is at work
loading about 90 cars a day of rock
and earth, which two trains are hauling. In addition to providing fill, the
Improvement Is one the company had
to undertake to widen out the right-
of-way at the bridge to avoid serious
snow nnd some slide troubles of the
past. The company has also an extra
gang of about two dozen putting in
now ties for about half a mile both
east and west of the Erlckson station,
and the next improvement at that
point will be the erection of the new
station building, as It is believed that
the company intends razing the Hos-
mer station nnd transporting It to
Erickson for reerection this spring.
(Too late for last week)
Mrs. E. L. Staples accompanied by
her daughter and son and Miss Doris
Cox left Sunday for Detroit, Mich., for
a few mouths visit. Mr. Staples accompanied them as far as Spokane.
The old village Is bucking up and
looking pretty prosperous, Lloyd
Crowe lias presented himself with a
new McLaughlin Special and Bob
Fleming is the proud possessor of 0
new Rolls—Ford-
Mrs. R. H. Trew aud daughter
Shirley spent the week end in Cranbrook the guests of Mrs. Chas. Smith.
Mrs. H. J. Chomat entertained a
few ladies at her home on Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Elliot Crowe, of Vancouver
is visiting Mrs. Arthur Crowe.
Over one hundred men employed
by the Oils Staples Lumber Co., at
their logging camps walked out on
Tuesday in sympathy with the loggers of this district who are out on
Our genial camp superintendent
Barney Klernun has bought a new
Ford. We presume Barney will have
to carry a club or a rifle now to keep
the girls away—goodness knows it
was bad enough before he hud th
We have with us this week our old
friend and pitcher, Lefty JJollister,
who dropped in to give the gang the
once over.
I. R. Poole of Nelson, Secretary of
the Mountain Lumber Manufacturers
Association, was a busines visitor at
Wycliffe on Wednesday.
Coast dispatches say that the Fernie men interested tn the Premier
Mine are reported to have advanced
$250,000 for the development of the
Bahlne-Bonanza property on Babine
lake north of smithers on the G. T. P.
The money, it is stated, is to be used
in the erection of a concentrator . The
Bahlne-Bonanza, which Is owned by
the Bab.nc-Bonanza Milling and Mining company, has been developed for
several years by James Cronln of Spokane. It embraces 300 acres of crown
granted land. In a recent statement
Mr. Cronln declared that tbe ore nine
4fr per cent, lead, 20 per cent, zinc
and 80 ounces of sliver to the ton.
I shot un arrow Into the ulr; It fell
lu the distance I know not where,
tilln neighbor said it killed his calf,
and 1 had to pay him six and a rulf.
1 bought some poison tio kill some
rats, aud a neighbor swore lt killed
his cuts; and rather than argue a-
crosB tiie fence, I paid htm four dollars aud fifty cents. One night I sat
sailing a toy balloon, and hoped It
would soar till It reached the moom;
but. the caudle fell on the farmer's
straw, and he s<aid I must settle or go
to law. And that is the way with the
random shot; it never lilts the proper spot; and the joke you spring that
you think so smart, may leave a
wound in some fellows reart.
• •   •   •
In starting a spring garden, advises a local enthusiast, always mako
it small enough for your wife to finish.
• •   •   •
Troubles and thunder cloud*
usually seem black nt a dlntftuce
hut grow lighter us they approach.
• •   *   «
A cynic says, the average motorist
would rather run into debt than to
run out of gas.
• •   •   •
The absent minded man surveyed
himself ln the hairbrush Instead of
the mirror.
't.n.i-i'ous but I need n shave he
• •   •   •
You may ncll grin at the speeder
who throw* dust hi your face, They'll
soiiii be throwing dirt In his.
• •   •   •
That cafeteria man who is advertising for a slogan might try
"Heaven helps those that help
• •   •   9
MAW CREEK SAYS: "Pa always lias pouted a lot. When we
was first married I could make
him happy with kisses, but now
it takes fried chicken.
• *   •   •
Turn your worries into thoughts
aud your liabilities will become assets.
• •   •   •
Jack sail d out one lino evening
To call on a fair young miss,
And when he reached her residence,
the stairs
Ran up
Her futher met him   at   tlie   door—
He'll never go there any more,
When she's a sweet young thing
with orange blossoms nnd a long,
sweeping, white veil, 'n' everything,
tho (organ strikes up the tune:
About ten or twelve years ot marital meanderlngs, and the organ
might well strike up:
• •   •   •
Be Hush and the world Is with you
Be brake and you must go It alone.
B. D. Griffin & Co., of Vancouver,
have been awarded a contract by tha
minister of public works be complete
twelve miles of road from Windermere south on the Columbia River
Road to link up with the Banff-Wto*
dermere road.
The contract, it was announced
by the department, 'has been placed
on a unit basis?, the work to be completed at a total cost of 948,000. The
tenders on this project closed with thi
minister of public works on Friday
last, tlie contract being awarded very
Man Is an able creature, but he hae
made 32.047,389 laws and hasn't Improved on tbe ten commandments.
Practical Commercial Chim tl
UhorUaa*, Tntwrtttaf
fe.u««r.iif, cumnw taw
CmmrU iMtkk eat
tot Farthalart Apply (*
C. W. TTLIB, Frlaetpal
r. O. B.I, li, Mmi, B.G
After Every Meml
Top off each meal
with a bit ol
sweet In the lorn
It satisfies Ike
sweet tooth an4
aids digestion
Pleasure aa4
benellt combined.
Fretful little
Fretful crying babies are often
upon exninination, found to he
suffering from some form of skin
irritation or" lieu." Zam- Bus -Nature's
pure herbal balm. isamagical soother and
he.lerforthese troublesome skin humors.
" Mothers! Save your little ones lot. of
unnecessary suffering by using Ihis grand
herl.nl ZamPuk," says Mrs. !•'. Gervais,
of 116, Uleury St., Montreal. "Th.
rash on my baby's skin made her very
fretful and caused her to lose weight.
When the doctor's lotion had failed I
took the child to a second medical man
but with no better result.
"A friend urged me to get Zam.Buk,
and in a week's time this balm soothed
and purified baby's akin and made it look
much better. Before the month it
brought it to beautifully soli healthy
condition. 19 worth ol Zam-Huk did this
when 130 of doctors' treatment failed.''
Oil ZamBut/rem your dtaUr today I
Lift Off with Fingi
DOMBt tart • Nil Dro, • MM,
Trewon." ob u Mhlif can, to-
stantly that eon Mop, fcirtiag, Iks?
•hortly 70a lift It rujat off with fla»
*r,.  TrulyI
Tour druggist miu a 111* toil, et
Ttmum" tor • taw osatt, iBtMa*
I, Minor. »r«r* bard con, Mft wa,
or etna Mwmb th, toes, au« Ik, s»V
H. HARA, Photograpkar
P.rtr«lts * Amatnr Flilikkf
Don, by Eipirt Pbotograplitr
I<eave ue your Films lo be *>»•
eloped — 24-hour Service.
mat-lot BAKU* STMEE1',
Over Whit, Lunch        Bo, Ml
Lee Ging
Tailoring,  Dry  Cleaning,
Preening, Repairing.
We ,lio clean Whit, Fun sat
Oloves of all kinds. High Clan
work at lowest pries.
14 Armstrong Ar,., Cranbrook
P.O. Boi CM
L. D. Cafe
(Little Dntiftvt)
When /on wish, aoatfhlai toot
to to go to tk, "L.D."
Mi Friday, May 18th, 1933
Tliis week W. S. Johnson has been
kept busy at the creamery trying to
keep puce with the demand (or the
delicious brand of ice cream that he
is turning out, and is taking care ot
ou* -..* out of town as well as local
business. Mr. Jolinson lias Installed
a pasteurizer aud an emulslfler.
» Jpc
peal Happenings i
Effective SUNDAY; MAY 20th,
Times for Trains at
HMMtltOOK wilt bet
Wostiiuiiiul     - Daily •     Kastbound
No.'67 ar 12.10 No. 08 ar 4.10
lv 12.20 lv 4.20
I,A hi!  UIM»i:i(MKKr:
Moii and Thurs Wed and Sat
Nn. 821 lv II il'lll.     No. Si!U ar 3.30 p.m.
iti..nn:iti.i;Y ims.1
No 828 lv 7.0(1 am    No 824 ar 2.10 pm
Dally exeopt Sunday
and 8, all standard sloping cars
Tiuhveon Montreul, Toronto and
Vancouver will ho resumed, first
train leaves each of these points
on May 20th, 1023.
Till: M(llMtlM:i:i(, Trains Nos. 13
and 14, behveei, St. Paul and Vancouver will be resumed, first
through train passing Calgary westbound Juno 13th and eostfaond June
Fur further particulars apply to any
Tlrket Agent.
District Passenger Agent,
11-13 . CALGARY.
All tho local ice cream parlors have
opened up.
M, A. Heal"1 has taken (lotlyery ur a
new Oldsmobtle Six ear.
D. McGregor, family and Mrs. Williams of Wilmer woro Ci'anbrook,
visitors recently.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 13. Haslam returned lust week from Duluth, Minnosotu,
where Mr*, lln-sliitn hud been visiting
Eric MacKitnuon waa one nr ihe successful first, year local students nl lhe
University of ll. C, ami rediriieil home
for tho tnunmor lasl wook.
M. B. Green und It. tt McLean of
Calgary, and Jus. Brady of Nelson,
were in tho city Insl week In ihe Interests of the Imperial Oil Co.
Mr. P. J. Johnson of Jaffray sold
his ranch to Wtlholin Johnson of the
same place, this week, and look poss-
osslkm of the property. The deal was
handled by Martin Bros.
Last week was announced Ihe opening of Dale's Ice Cream Parlor. After
the fire of the past winter the Ice
Cream Parlor was redecorate,(KnTak-
ing It a pleasant place to enjoy your
cooling refreshments.
The question of the Chlldrens Swimming Tank was up for discussion at
the Rotary Club yesterday. The impression seems to be general that tiie
City Council are endeavoring to kill
tiie Idea by procrastination,—-Fernie
Free Press.
It Is stated that the Cranbrook Musical Society Is considering taking up
another Gilbert nnd Sullivan com it-
opera during the coming Fall season.
probably the "Pirates lof Penzance.''
which enjoys a reputation almost, as
well known as "H, M. S. Pinafore/'
gives you a receipt for
beautiful teeth
— The Kexall Store —
CRANBROOK      -     - EC.
Whore It pegs to d«U
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Pro?. Govt)
Maternity and General Nursing
Terms Modern*
JHHS. A* 0BAWF0BD,  Matron.
Garden Avenue      -   l'liout IU
The store building, until recently
occupied aa a, general store by J. F,
Deacon, on Cranbrook street, changed
hands last week. The new purchase,
will make extensive Improvements tc
the property a little later on. The
deal was handled by Martin Bros.
Miss Marion MacKinnon and Miss
Helen Worden are expected to arrive
home from Toronto Dnlvorslly on
Tuesday next. Miss MacKinnon has
completed her second year at the university, r.iid Miss Worden her first,
the latter also having been taking up
music at the Toronto Conservatory.
The Mott property on Armstrong
Avenue, known as "The Wllga" and
one of the best known residential
properties in the cily, has been taken
over last week by Mrs. M. B. Hooper
who recently came from Alberta. The
deal waa handled hy Mart'n Bros., of
this city. It is the intention of the
new purchaser to operate a first class
rooming house, for which the place I:
eminently equipped.
According to tho provincial police
department, nn uitempt was made a
few nights ago to destroy the hotel
premises known as the Great Northern Hotel at Natal, B. C. Hvidence
of two distinct tires was found in the
basement but they were discovered
before any damage bad been done.
Entrance to the baseman) oE the hotel
was effected through a trapdoor In the
sidewalk, tho fastening of which had
been broken. Two arrests were
made ot suspects.
l.tm'lli:u   *   BITCHII
On Tuesday nielit at 11.15 tlio peaco
and quietness of tlie village was rudely disturbed by the shriek ot the fire
siren, after un alarm had been turned
In by the telephone operator that
there was a fire at the residence of
V. Hyde Baiter.
Such are ths known facts. All
tflae ia shrowded ln mystery. The
circumstances in connection with the
calling out of the brigade are peculiar,
For three days, Mr. McDonald, a fire
insurance underwriters inspector and
deputy fire marshal hail been In the
city, and the boys at tlie lire hall had
heen expecting a test call. 11 o'clock
came and no alarm, but when it did
they were away in good tlmo and took
the bridge at the entrance to tho
Baker premises on wings. After
laying 700 feet of hose n was discovered tliat there waH no lire so a recoil
was made and the higade returned lo
to the hall. At the mayor's residence
Aid. Balment and Aid. Bronsdon were
having a conference with Mr. McDonald when the alarm was turned in.
They lost no time In grtting to the
scene of the supposed blaze.
On investigation hy the mayor It
was found out from central that tlie
alarm had been received from the
home of one of the firemen wlio at
that time was at a lodge meeting, aud
his wife was sound asleep in the
house. Mr. (,'. M. Eclwacln who was
staying at the Baker residence was
unaware until next morning that the
firemen had been near the premises
for a supposed flro.
W. T. Shlra, well known mining nnd
lumber man, of Canal Plats and Wasa, was in the city this week on bus-
The McQucsllon pnoperty on Van
Nome Street was sold last week to
Wu.syl Rom-iniuk wlio will add to the
present building, on the property,
work on which Is already under way.
The deal was put through by Martin
Bros. ,
Mr. and Mrs. \V. ('. Adlard, of C'ran-
liipoli. arrived In the city the other
flay and will he taking up residence
at 150 MePherson Ave. Mr. Adlard
has been transferred to the Western
Canada Wholesale here from the
Oranbrook branch which has recently
been closed down.—Pernio Free Press
Mrs. J. S, Qordon, president of the
B. C. Presbyterian Provincial W. M. S.
will be In Cranbrook on her way from
i iie Goneral Board meeting in Toronto, and will spoak in (lie S. S. room of
Knox Church on Tuesday evening the
23nd nt S o'clock. All women Inter,
esleil ill tho work of the W. M .S. are
invileil to bo present.
The tea and sale or home cooking
held In the schoolroom of the Presby-
lerinn Church on Saturday afternoon
was most successful. Many of the
ladies and some of the sterner sex
dropped in lo enjoy a cup of tea, have
a chut and buy something good bo
take home. The efforts of tlie ladies
resulted iu another *70.00 being added
to the organ fund iu which Interest
lliese teas are being held.
Mr. W. H. Ryde has moved into his
residence on Crnnbrook Street which
ho resent ly purchased from Mr. Ernest South of this city through Martin
Bros, office. Mr. Ryde is one of our
new citizens who soon became impressed with the opportunities In Cranbrook and showed his confidence to
the extent of purchasing the Dodge
Barber Shop, on Van Home Street
and n residence nn Cranbrook Street
lhe same day. More like him are
needed. v
Little Miss Bertha Spiers, daughter
of. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Spiers, who suff-
ered injury to her head while at piny
lu the school basement on Friday last,
from which she has but partially reed consciousness wan to have
boon taken to Cranbrook hospital yes.
I onlay but just as  wo go to press
(Thursday noon) word comes of her
death at li.so a. in. Thursday—Cres-
ton Review.
That lumbermen who dump sawdust
into the rivers of British Columbia run
tho risk of being prosecuted was demonstrated recently when a. o.
Lambert, well known lumberman of
.V.-dson, paid a flue or $20 (nr nol having kept mill refuse from his plant
from entering tho water. C, H. Rof,-
liuon, provincial fish overseer prr.se-
cuted. and pointed mil that sawdust
was greatly detrimental to fl.li.
At the semi-annual meeting of thejthlrd nnd'beforeThe end of the same
Pharmaceutical Society of British Co-1 ,h0 coal miners had collected a dozen
Ininhla held last week at Victoria, the j smackers off him and with the aid of
report of the board of examiners con-|s few timely errors en Wycllffe's part
lamed iho names of more than 30 jogged back home nine times,
students as having passed Uie requl- score by Innings
rod examinations.     The 17 qualified I 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
u Iho major examinations for llcentl-jpernle.. 0 020 30 3 1
Mrs. P. A. Predrlckson and III tie
daughter, lona, returned on Sunday
from Bellinghum, Wash., where they
hava been visiting relatives for the
past month.
Next Sunday's Baseball game bet
ween Lumberton and Wycliffe will be
played on the local diamond and will
start at 12.30 sharp in order that those
who wish may seo the Wycliffe game
and then go on to Kimberley where
Pernie will meet the mine boys at 3.30
When You Bug a New Car
THE majority of Canadian-built
automobiles have Prest-O-Lite
as standard battery equipment.
These manufacturers know that
Prest-O-Lite Batteries give a steady
flow of current to engine and lights,
and an extra fund of reserve power
when it is needed.
The ownerof a Prest-O-Lite Battery
is sure of longer life from his battery, and of prompt, expert service
anywhere in Canada.
If your car is not now so equipped,
be sure that your next batten' is a
Prest-O-Lite. A thousand Prest-O-
Lite Service Stations in Canada are
making storage batteries last longer
and give maximum service.
fimtOMte Storage Battery
-right for every car
East Kootenay Battery Service
Ted Cooper Cranbrook B.C.
(Continued from Fife 1)
cation of straight business principles
to tlie Government.    "Has there been
any evidence of real economy during
all these years?" he asked.
Dealing with the financial situation
of the province ho pledged the new
party to a simpler system lor the public accounts,   so   that   ull cuuld un.
Wycliffe dropped their second game deratand.    He went tin to show how
or the season to Pernio last Sunday by j a surplus ol 110,000,000 In 1917 ot ns-
a score or 9 to 1.    Pernie outbit nnd'Hetfi (>ver liabilities, had been changed
outplayed the locals in every way, and , '" I'.'-- to it deficit of nearly SS,000.000
although Wycliffe got wise lo Ault for] "° P"t the present debt of B.C. at the
done to lighten the burden and the: spoke as a champion of union labor,
new party was advocating an inquiry I who admlUed that ii might seem
by Royal Commission. Be dealt ex- j strange ror a labor representative to
hausilvely with the promotion of the lbe standing on the same platform
P. O. EL, shewing how tlie liability toj with a leader admittedly In the cap.
the public had Increased tremendous-1 Itnllst class. It was said that there
ly. Ho branded the lerms of settle- were no politicians in ihe new party,
ment with ihe contractors as infam-jbut he considered tliat all the more (o
ens, which he said Mr nowser had j Ha credit. _Tbe old parties seemed to
conduned, and even encouraged. There have lust their prour.-.-si.. ue-s. If
wus apparently no remedy since both! no interest was taken by ihe public
the Did parties seamed ti have some-lihe case was hopeless. Until individual conditions Improved lu- thought,
no more Immigration was needed, but
nine hits they were unable lo sooro
until the eighth Inning when Crowe
trotted across the plate for the one
lono run of the game. Crowe bad a
big day with the bat getting three well
placed hits out of five times up, but
the shining record was dimmed by his
poor fielding. In fact Wycliffe had a
poor day In the field all around whllo
Pernle's record was almost perfect.
Pennington began to   slip   In   the
Full Line of Wall Paper
Iu Stock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Phone 409 it sll hours
CBANBK00K    •    ■    •    B.C
Hatshiishsd ls'is        phono in
Geo. R. Leask
Cabinet Work.   Picture Priming
Kwong Chong
11 Armstrong Avenue
Opposite w. d. Hill's
First Class Work Guaranteed.
ale 111 pharmacy, chemistry and druggists, included J. McK. Argue, of
Creston nnd formerly ot this city.
Business property has been moving
actively during the past few weeks.
Pollmv!-:g on the hecis ot the recent
transfer of the llurlela Ice Cream
and Confert(c:icry business to its new
Owners, another business property
has- changed hands en cranbrook
Street through the office of Martin
Hixis. This pnoperty Is one ot the
oldest business sites lu tlie city and
tor a number of years was operated as
ths Handle* Peed and Sales Stables.
Intensive alterations tn the present
largo building are contemplated in
tha near future.
indicative of Iho activity of reslden-
ttnl property, the case of the Cbsrron-
eau properly on Watt Avenue may be
mentioned.     This properly was sold
few weeks ngo by Martin Bros., to
Donald I.owls and has been sold again
by Hint firm last week to Herman
I lesson of this city, Mr. Hcsson purposes making considerable Improvements tn tho property and will occupy
It some time this fall. Another similar enso Is the property formerly owned by Arthur brows on Harwell Ave,
This proporty was sold on the departure ot Mr. Crowe for Toronto last
Pall and waa sold again by Martin
Bros., recently.
Wycliffe !  0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Box Score
Bishop   3b
Shand      cr
Barger   lb
McTeer   c
Wilson   ss
Hovan   2b
Ounlap     rf
Rushcall      If
Ault   p
4 2 2 0 0 0
2 2 0 0
15  0  1
staggering total of 180,000,000, and of
tills Ile laid tho biggest share. S50.000,-
000, at the floor of the present. Government. He ulso charged
that un Item or 125,000,000 designated
"advance lo the P. a. E." and carried
as an asset was not worth a cent. In
six years, General McRae emphatically
suited, the public debt had increased
three hundred per cent, and the population in ten years only thirty per
cent. What this meant to the people
he explained by stating It was equivalent to 1215.00 for every family in
British Columbia as against $r,:i.0i) In
1917. Current expenditures, lie charged wero ulso mounting rapidly and
being ultimately paid by the consumer
wero a factor in the high cost of living. The revenue In 191" was almost
17,000,000; In 1922 It had risen to
119,000,000 and still did not keep pace
with the expenditures Interest charges in 1917 were $827,000. and In 1922
they were shown to be $3,500,000.   He
thing to hide.
We arc going to pull politics Into
tlio   light   of   clay," ihe general said.
The people are more powerful than
any band of politic!.:
Columbia" he went on
Crowe 2b
Olderjack     cf
Whitehead   ss
Rodgers    c
Clark   lb
Trimble  3b
Hunter   rf
Staples      f
Pennington   p
2 2 14 1 0 also showed by comparison tiie expenditure per capita In British Columbia
was greatly in excess of any other
province lu the Dominion.
Passing on to a  consideration of
some individual Items In the tiovem-
  — — •Intent's program, he criticized strongly
37 12   9 27  4   2   the JfiOO.OOO court house at Prince Ru
ABH RPOA K.pert as being totally unnecessary In
1  0 1
3  0 0
10 0
1.0 0
0  3 0
4 3
3 0
1 1
4 3
8 0
2 0
1 0
1 0
0 5
3 a city of five thousand people. The
*  soldier settlement project at Oliver,
0 which  it   was said  would  cost  less
1 than $1,000,000, the General assured
0 his hearers would cost more than
0 $3,500,000. The Somas reclamation
0 scheme was also shown to be an ill
0 managed project. The Matsqul ditch,
0 a contract price on .which had been put
at $39,000, the Government had done
Itself for $110,000. Tile University
contract which enabled the government to pick out Its own contractors,
something should he done io stop the
wholesale    exodus    to    the  States;
ft;    British- He also sjioke of the scant conslders-
The Govern- lion which Premier Oliver had given
mollis euV
not think
t land settlement he did'to tiie proposals of I-bor men to alle-
h v
nillil be SUCCOSfUl, and with'viale the unemployment al  the Coast
prosperous  fanners au eseutial   for'some Urns ago, and the policy of doles
the province, there was need for some which had ultimately erect lhe people
such settlement polity as ihc'C. P. R. more. He closed Ills short address
hail pursued so successfully. He with a fighting appeal, especially to
iceuied lhe dealings of the Govern- the workers, to support the new party
ment Willi lie relumed soldiers dis- and tight ror their rights. There was
graceful, whereby the returned men no necessity for depression In British
hail been hopelessly loaded up with Columbia wiih such a wealth of nal-
mortgages, What was needed sua a ural resources, and while only 12".
sane development of land and resour- of the land was fit for cultivation it
ces nnd ruthless entrenchment to should all be in use and tho heavy
place the ship of state back on the importation of farm produce cut down,
right course. To do this the new If It were necessary to bring ps pic
party li>ped to interest men of a dif- into the province he strongly urged
forcnt typo in the duties or citizen- tliat tlie right kind or people should be
ship, whereby a sound legislative body interested and told the actual con-
could be established. dilions to lie met here Instead ol glow-
Tiie last speaker or the evening was Ing mlsrepsentation.
Mr. J. Nixon, who was Introduced as     The meeting closed with the slng-
a   labor  nan  trom  Vancouver.      He ing or lhe national anthem.
36   9   1 2412  6
Umpires—Kastner and Jones.
Summary—3 base hits,   McTeer;   2
base hits, Wilson, Bishop;    sacrifice the General charged, was a new way
hits, Bishop; hits off Pennington 12;
hits off Ault 9; struck out by Pennington, 4; struck out by Ault 14; bases
on balls, Pennington 1, Ault 1; hit
batsman, Ault 1; stolen bases, Older-
Jack, Shand. Burger. Holllster replaced Hunter In 9th inning; Farwell replaced Staples in 9th inning.
of extending political patronage.
Dealing with the problem of the
P. G. K.. General McRae stated that
turning over tbis road to the people
had been ono of tho greatest crimes
against the public. There was no
suggestion from the government, or
the opposition, as to what could he
Telephone N
Tow-tei * Altai
Agents (or Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
Built for hard service
The Studebaker Light-Six Sedan is built for years of
hard service-service over country roads, up-country
trails, city streets or anywhere you wish to drive!
It is comfortable, economical of fuel, sturdy and
long-lived. Freedom from repairs is proved by Studc-
baker's sales of repair parts, which in 1922 averaged
only $13 per car in operation.
Vibration, which is so destructive, particularly to
closed cars, is practically eliminated in the Light-Six
Sedan by the machining of the crankshaft and connect •
ing rods on all surfaces—a feature of construction not
to be found in any other car in Canada selling for
less than $3500.
Beautiful in design, mechanically right, luxurious
and adequately equipped-that briefly describes the
Studebaker Light-Six Sedan.
MODELS AND PRICKS-/ o b Weteer.ille. Oot.-Beetm
S-Feoo.lll-W. a.
40 It. *.
Tourins .. SI37S
Ho.d.trrtJ P.M)lJ-5
(1Paia ) 1775
Sadat MIS
S-Paa., IH'VY. B.
50 H. P.
Touring —S179S
RoadaMrtl.Paia.) 1760
Coupt(4 Paat)—37SO
Sedan MSO
7-Pal. . Uf W. B.
60 li. r.
Tourins _ ^$3425
CoupcM P..I). .3750
Coupe (5.PaM.)_ 3475
Sadan _  3750
Tarm. to Meet Your Con.enie
This exelualre photo acWwa Ik* fourtMw
" ' wtlik.  Ko. i Is aisktsaMs "
*»i H Km. ■■■•J tm
Prints who faced tbe death court in tht trial of Aevi>     \
memoemtis *mQm*jmmmf i»mm mm*,   I
THIS    IS   A
Cranbrook, II.C.
Friday, May 18th, 1933
<*j> s». etyem intynfl
ft-mmUfem ,r*\te*e~*i}fi*>.~ilt*e*e*t^^  •'	
. ('. M'IMMI.
si:at SAM OPENS in n.m., TUESDAY, May 22, »l CRANBROOK lilll'd St HOOK Co.   ' '
m«/U'p**V1> w«sV»<sCl
| JeWi>"»»Vt> »'*A*"l»*,wV***»'vV'1 «sVU*'***A»"*sp*il**»Wlr*,»**Ir*»**
Attend the game or bull on Friday
s,\uro> Kisntxo
ovenlng between the V. M, C. A   ,unl
wiil.fn tour miles of town.     \V*e carry
the City teams and show thai you have
tlio tacklo tlml will catch tho htg ones
an Interest lu amateur sport.
and have the Information where to get
Mrs. 0. Brlckson, who lias heen vi
siting at the home m' Mr. and Mrs. \V.
Services will he held as usual In the
H. Wilson, returned to her home nt
MetluHlfot   Church  on  Sunday.      In
lnvermere on Thursday.      Mr.  Wil
the morning Mr. J. M. Clark will take
son accompanied her as far ns Port
the service In   tho   absence   of   Mr,
Steele hy ear.
Don't Porgel the
ami  DANCE
in be given In tlie
I   LOCAL    I
Insure with Beale &. Elwell.
All tho worth while news of tho interior of British Columbia   every day
in the Nelson Dully .News.    Subscription til) tents month, $:t six months.
Word was received in the city today
that Jack Moffatt luid successfully
passed his ore-dental examinations at
the university of IT. ('.
We havo ln stock a full line of
Women's, Men's, Girls', Boys' and
iChildren's Shoes. Our stock Is com*
| plete and—
Our low prices win every time.
W. P. DORaN.
to a hair, stop in and leave
yours. No charge for the regulating. We do charge,
however, for cleaning and
repairing, Only moderately, however, though we do
first class work. If you
have a watch that won't go,
bring it to lis. "We'll put it
iu condition bo tlml you eau
regulate the sun hy It. We
aro just as skilful at repairing Jewelry, too.
ileu Avenue,
Mrs.  Bur tees,
p i; It S 0 N A I,
James Joseph ('.iH.tlmii, former captain Engineers and Mining Company
In Great War, is requested to call on,
or communicate with Mr. E. H. Cuddy,
General Claims Department, C. P. R.
Depot,   Vancouver,   B.C. 12
Rhubarb H lbs. 25c,     Strawberries
aOe hsltt. Fresh Cream 20c half pint,
W. P. Doran carries a full line of
both Boots and Shoes, and General
Goods. See him for that new Congo-
loum Rug, or a Simmons' Bed. —Do-
rau's Low Prices Win Every Time.
Sugar dropped again.     10 lbs. 1.40.
20 lbs 2.80, cwt 12.25, 50 lbs. 6.85.
Sunday concert by the Clef Club in
the Auditorium, May 20th, at 8.:i0 p.m.
If you have so far missed hearing
them, this is your last chance for the
season.      Collection. 11-1L'
Born: To Mr. und Mrs. I. A.Frandrick
no Sunday, May 13th at the Cottage
hospital a daughter.
John Martin was hock at his ofilce
tills week after an absence of some
weeks through illness.
Saturday May 2G—Keep this date
open for the University players ln
"You  Never  Can  Tell". lOtf
Sale Begining
Saturday rJMar 19th
We nre going to reduce our Slock, nnd do 11 snappy.  Come
In the Store nnd sr<> tor yourself.
CUPS AM) SCATJOERS, whll ' Who. Sale prlco  II for (1.10
GINGHAMS, perfectly fuel in color, pretty checks, its 46c yd.
sale price  - yds. •"»'»*'
BRITISH MADE PRINTS, 32 ins. in width   2 yds .1.1c
MULESKJN GLOVES, snl« price  IMf
MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS. Bale prlco  •■. *1.IMI
TABLE OILCLOTH, Bole prlco   I.lr yd.
CHILDREN'S SHOES, sizes 3 nml 7. mlo price   $1,011
WINDOW BLINDS, sale price   Die
Men'* Dress a nil Working Shoes; Ladle*.1 Canvas und I.in-
Iher Slippers on sole nt Prices never liennl of liefore.
<>I,'T Ol' TOWN CUSTOMERS! — You can buy by mail.
Your money returned if you arc not Batlsf'ed. Write
for our Sale Bulletin
llnls for llio Whole Family On Sale
Toe J.hllrc Slock of DRESSES — si Jusl
in tills week          Ou Sale
Yes This is 74
Cranbrook Drug;
& Book Co.
Our Phone Service
We have built up a gratifying
phone business by giving quick,
courteous,' efficient service.
Wo want to lncrenne thin
phone service — the only reason wo haven't more is because
more people do ;iot know how
convenient and accommodating
this service Is.
Glvo us    an    opportunity to
"show" you the next time you
have need for drug more products.
Just phone 74 — we'll do tho
Mrs. 11. A. McKowan left today for Miss Delphlne Bennett returned; J. R. AdamBon, formerly plant sap-
Brlckson where she will spend ten home on Tuesday from the hospital. | erintendent with the telephone com-
days or so among the blossoms.
Thos. Melville    returned
jpany, has severed his connection with
on that concern and left thlB week for
Fred Scott
Mgr. lMr.
Welcome Return After
Two Years' Absence
of the World's Greatest Entertainers.
With iho Noted Stars
"JtED" NT.W.1IAN, A Iti 111 It HOLLAND,
•IIMMIK I.OOO. niitl Twelve Others.
In every city the
Old Dumbells havo
played, seats were
sold completely out
in advance of the
opening. Make cur.
ly reHPnatliinx.
$1.(1.1 nml #1.10 (Tax Included)
Sunday concert by the t'lef Club in
the Auditorium, May 20th, at S.30 p.m.
If you have so far missed hearing
them, this Is your last chance for the
season.      Collection. 11-12
Dr. W. A. Fergle announces that be
will lie absent from the city commencing Monday, June 11, and until the
2nd July. Those having dentistry in
view aro asked to arrange appointments accordingly. 11-14
Tho dance given by the Clef Club
on Wednesday night was well patron-
Izt'ii considering tbe fact that there
were a number of other attractions
close upon the same date. It wns
their first appearance as a dance orchestra, and as such thoy acquitted
themselves well, their music being very acceptable to those present. They
ulso showed themselves adepts in the
art of serving refreshments, making
nn efficient staff of helpers wlio saw
thai everyone was well Supplied With
the good things lint they had provided.
Just arrived —a new shipment of
Lifebuoy Running Shoes. All sizes
for Men Women and Children al
Cranbrook Exchange.
Our  low   prices  win  every time
91 f
See onr window display ni Kettles
Cans and other Kitchen Utensils* The
BIO 22. 12
Prof. It. A. Wilson, of the University of Saskatchewan, stopped over
long enough fn Crauhrook on Thiirs.
day to meet Mr. and Mrs. \V. M. Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and family
aro enroiite to Vaucouver from the
prairie province by auto. Prof. Wilson Is a graduate of Queens' ITnlver
sity mid is known to many in Crauhrook.
There is a real treat In store for
Iho people or Cranbrook, Saturday.
May 38th, when the University Players present "You Never Can Tell." Al
thu Auditorium. This Ib a bright comedy. 12
The event  of the season   will  bel!
Whistle Day at the Bowness Export]
factory, on Saturday next, from 2 tof
4.    Tho management Invites the parents particularly   to   come in order I
that they might    see   just how the
drinks manufactured by the company
aro put up, and how perfectly sanit- I
ary conditions prevail throughout the |
entire process. 12 j
six days away. Buy your decorations while the assortment Is complete. We carry a complete line of]
holiday assortments at—
Mrs. W. Steward, after undergoing
a serious operation at the St. Kugene'
Hospital, is progressing favorably.     "
Tuesday of this week to the hospital.
W. D. Gilroy spent a couple of days
iu Fernie this week on business con-
New designs In Bedsteads .win .he nected with tbo Kootenay Telephone
seen ul the BIO 22. . See thin stock Lines, Ltd.
before baying Hurt now bed, i ■' ~
Miss Norma Surtees underwent an
>poralii:ii for appendicitis on Tuesday
atid is progressing as favorably as can
be expected.
or your Milliliter vacation, buy a
v Suitcase, at the UKi 22.      We
have ti yiMid select hi ti 12
What's in a name?    $1.00 If It's the
one you suggest for a new rooming
houso soon to be opened by H. C.
Long, the tailor, on Van Home Street.
Send or phone your name suggestions
to the Herald Office. 12
W. Rutcllffe, of the L. I). Cafe, who
was a Cranbrook representative to
the Knights of Pythias grand lodge
mooting at Nelson recently, has,remained over to enjoy u week's holiday
at home.
Seo "Jiggs," the world's funniest
comic, every day in tlio Nelson News.
Subscription 60 rents month |3 3ta
months. 12-15
2 only 21 piece   Tea   Sots,   regular
$10.75, special   #!*',M'
20 doz. Cups anil Saucers, regular 2.75
doen, special   #■*»"» *«*■
12 dozen Crockery Tea Pots, regular
$3.00.  Special       "5c
In connection with tho Spoknne International Sportsmen's and TouriBtj
Fair to ho bed In Spokane, May 22nd
to 26th, Canadian Pacific Railway announce reduced rates of fare and one-
half for tbe round trip. On Sale May
21st to May 23rd with return limit I
HHf May 28th. 12
Have Opened Their
Drop In  And Try Some
or ii DRINK from the
Wo Invite <ut of town visitors to
nmke our store their Headquarters
on May 24th as our ice Cream Parlor
will be open all day.
Alderman \V. J. Flowers, who last
:ek underwent an operation at the
hospital is reported Is making Rood
progress now towards recovery.
Miss A. MoBumey had the misfortune last Saturday to step on a loose
board in the sidewalk on Cranbrook
street near the school, the board fiew
up inflicting palnfuj injuries to her
Mr. Thos. Uphill, M. P. P., was
visitor in the city on Weduesday and
World news, district news, the best
features, nil in the Nelson Daily News.
(Ill cents month.     13.00 six months.
for Adults, Hoys and Olrls.    Also the
Jazz Cups, assorted colors, 35c each
the east.
Woraens Institute—Cut Laco Classes. Members are hereby notified that
Mesdames Bell and Geo. Smith will ho
In attendance Friday, May 18th tit 2.30
p. m. at the Y. M. C. A. These desirous of attending these classes are
requested to bring any pieces or work
which need stumping and receive instructions for working same. E. Henley, Convenor.
New Ice Cream Parlor
We   nre   now   settled   In   our
brand new store on Van Hurne
We  can   now  serve you   Willi
We pay tk* but prloea going tor all
kinds   of   furniture.     We buy say-
thing from a mouse trap to an automobile.
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
WANTED—fllrl for goncrnl housework. Apply to Mrs. Fred Adolph,
Baynes Lake. 12—13
WANTED. — Two experienced western pine graders.     Desirable position and pay to competent men. Nicola Pine Mills, Ltd., Merrill, ll.C.
FOR 1ALB—Pure bred Ilolsteln Hull
Calf, six weeks old, from good milker, $40.00. (1. tl. Harbor, NowgtUo,
B.C. 11-18
by the C. 0. M„
Makers nf the MASSEY
A Little
"Red Bird"
for the Kiddies ;
Patmore Bros.
Sanitary and lleatlag
FOR RENT—Three rooms, furnished,
with or without board, -'09 Dewar
Avenue. lilt
| FOR SALE—Bel of heavy luiruess In
good shape. Apply II. It. Molt or
Box 801 lOtf
| FOR SALE—Good milking cow, due to
freshen end of April. Apply llun-
bow Ranch, or P.O. Box 275.       Ill
I FOR BALE. — A Bluebird cream separator.     Apply B. Weston Store.
140 ACRE FARM CHEAP for quick
sale, flood buildings, spring creek,
auto road to door, fine bottom land
with part already undjr cultivation.
Big Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, close
by, Is ready market right at door.
Apply to Martin Bros., Cranbrook,
BO. lit
| WANTED—Wa wish to purchase tor
•pot cash at market price two good
milk cows, fresh within past tttrtjr
days. Brown Poultry Ranch. P.O.
Box 70S, Cranbrook. Iltf
| POR BAIX-Ou Savage Ml, ana one
lev   *\


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