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Cranbrook Herald Jan 4, 1917

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THURSDAY, JAN. 4th 1917
J£ ,01.01 «*>
SI. John eVmliiiluiice Usoclutlo n Clear $185 from thr  linnet*
uml |114 from Snlo of Tickets   i'ur   Hull.
Tlio   Masquerade   Dance   given on nan    iiml   characters   represented.
Now ,'oar'e Nlghl by 11.. si. Jolm Am Tlm rollowlns Is n purtlal list o( tines*'
bnlnco Astoclutlon proved in I,,* i. t mi Hn' door in costume:    Mr. W. ,1
Mn. moBl * ■■ aful ovontB of lliii ncX- Atchison,   MlrniiUiii   Mrs.   Atchison,
sun In over)  ir ii.-.'i    Tlio hull wan UI|iBy; Mrs.  Allan   DoWolfc, Colonial
crowded with n gay und happy throng, C 'I  Uulyj  Mr, UaWoiro, Joshua, a
drosBcil in im.iiiii'..'. I'l'iin-ii'iniiii! nl runner;  Mr. nnd Mrs, l!. 0. Btn|ilos,
in,,'l ovor) ni" and clinic nml mil lho Two Kids; Mr and Mn   A  I. Mc
dolus  lin*  rainbow   in  color effects. Dc It, Uustor llrnwn and Mary Jnno
Thojiidgos, Mr-. i' it Ward, Mrs J, I), Mlsa Frances Drummond, Qlrl of tin
Mi-lirldi*. Mni'.ri,  .1   li   llondorsan, T, Civil   War;   Mr«.  anion,  Qitukoro
II  Kny and R A  UobBon, had a dim Mlsa   Clroen,  linllan    Pensnnl;  Mrs,
,11 It   last In selecting  Imil' mi''   win I I i!■ !■.     Ito .Hi's:     .Miss     I* insirl,
 -a fi i ilia many ronll)  excellent Flemish Ulrl;  MIbb Hi.mini, French;
costumes' mi tlm floor, but after ma- Mra. Fenwick, Hindoo Woman Inctunl
titro deliberation awarded the prizes nntlvo  dn.™   brought   from   India);   liagcB. hodll)
as follows: Mr, Raworth, SU g Mnn: Mr. Wood-  mnn method
Bostlady'ac no, allvcr curd cnao land,  Old   English;   Mlaa Alexander,  and the rinn
I;    Iiml i
I Oltltl.l I ill\ AM) Al'tll.tlM
IVo ulncerclj regret the publlca.
tleeii Iii uur lasl Issue ol tlie Item
reluUny in tin. marriage o( Mr.
.Inlui  Martin.   Though iiubllshrd
h) tt* in it I faith wc lean* since
been intent I that there tens no
truth whatever In lhc report, uml
"i-li In lender uur ii|ieeliiir) tu the
luulies concerned,   Editor Herald.
regrel al tlie approui hli
their pastor. Rev. W. K Tli nn ou  Mr
Il   White occupied tin   i hair, and   a
I ill'    l.'t'lH'lllllL*    )|iHlt-fiin     Ill-»l'l"|illlt'lil ,      .
,.■    „ .       .        good musical program  ■
in hiii'M'-i <>i . mmikm I iiit'i'in'iM
1 wlii.'i, numbers tvore given bj   >li , H
I  Jt lllll I Ul II   (tllllr,   "I   1  I'llllllITCl' ...    ., ,,     ., ,,    „, ,, ,_.     ,
W   Russell, Mrs. McPl
Congregation   of   Knox   I hurrli   Dn
Honor t«. Tlieir Pastor nnd Mi-.
Thomson Before Their lie. Women's Institute Decides mi Import
pttrturo from (Ity. ant Step   llure Had a Splendid
I'eur   Raised (her $741
Election of Ollicers.
"n Friday evening    iai        ■.■.  ,,„ii  ,
n preseutative satin rii
gallon of Knox  Pre bj
assembled to glvo ex| ■■
Vcqulrei Intereal in llrltlsli.
I (Allan Corporation.
Thr   [I,,,,,
ivernment is t
of tlio booh of Qer-
n by tbe commerce
sy.-n in of tin- Huns
and Mr. Vinceni Fink,   After the program   Mr.  and  Mrs
made the recipients ol u i terling sll-
g   ver card case and the i um •
Tin' annual meeting of the Women'
Institute was held In their new qua
li rs,  tho   Parish   Hall, on  Tuesday
i ti a very largo number ot m<
in rs wore present.   A letter wa- read I
rrom Mrs Jaw. Johnston, chairman of i
Advisory Board Nelson expressing
tlie pleusure of her recenl visit to tin
Instltuti and conveying to each member in any New Years Greetings.
'!').'■ president urged tho necessity
a lady trustee to act on the Schi
clal Libra
iby Mrs. [Old  Kngllsli;   Mrs,  NIsbot,  Put
rt | ■,,[..   Mr.  Nisbet,  Snow  Mnn;   Mrs.
Bnfely ! Macdonald, Bathing Olrl; Mr. Mac don-' I
.'. ' .,..,' i aid. Rajah; Miss Patricia McDermott,  t
Gentleman of the 10th century; Miss I the empire,  Tli
Attree, Fairy;   Mr. Attroe, Golliwog;   be a vulgarity for tho British Govern-
Mrs. Attroo, Gt| y; Mr. Hlnton, Gon-[tnent, ns such, to descend to business
donated by \V il WIIi in
Allan DeWolfo, Colonial
Host  gentleman's  ens
razor donated by F. Parks .v Co , won
by A. ('. Blalno, Indian Chief.
Lady's comic costume, Boudoir Cap
donated by Fink Mercantile Co;, won
by W. J. Atchison, Miranda.
Gentleman's comic costume, bos of
cigars donated by Mr. I.. Clapp, won
by C .0. Staple , Tho Boy Kid,
Tlie imil was prettily decorated tor  l'li;,1'll(! Chaplin; Mr. B. McKay. U.S.  brought about by t
the occasion and excellent music was I Cadet;  Miss Woodland, Welsli;  Mln | peHal Government
Bupplled by tho <
Refreshments    w
issfully Invaded tho farthest I Bridge of the Anglican Churcl
ll.  corners of the world and had grown to   Rev. Mr, Keywor
n-   be more ihan a menace to the ovi rseas   Church
d the monetary bUBlni ss of i
in gold, the presentation bi lng made   Board' alMl il was a duty of tho Wo-
by Mr. A C, Harshaw and tin address   """* Infltituto whenever possible   to
Ir. ,l. F. Smith.     Rev   Mr   B0° lllis waa carriod out.   it wns fell
were present
regret at losing .Air   ri
hi Idea that It would I from the city
■.,-;■•      .:]
nnd directly and by Ms own mighty
prestige in foster and extend business
at borne nnd abroad, is gone amongst
tlm wreckugo nf many conceptions
ir.   The Im-
  ment Is "out for busi-
brook Orchestra ' Dou8Ias' OlpBy; Mrs. Cann, Minnehaha  ness", Is out tor the world's commerce
Berved ot mid-  Mr- A • ''<•''■-''■"• French Revolutionist;' which is to build up and robabilltale
doll, r; Miss Madg i RqI ertson, Salome
Miss Marlon Robertson, Spanish; Mrs.
G ll. Thompson. Butterfly; Judge
Thompson, Tin* Gambler; Mr. II .Kyte,
night, unmasking taking plnco vflov Mr* A- Burch, Bassanio; .Miss Parks, | tho Old Country and her dependencies
tho Grand March.   Miss Delia Drum- 0,W Queen; Mlae Armstrong, Queen   when tho war bill comes up fnr 11-
raond and Miss Madge Robertson made "'' tIie  Harem;   Miss Mary Terrace,  quldalton.   Canada has already taken
capable floor-managers, and in ovory Clretclien; Mr. D. A, Kay. Francis 1st;   the lirst step in tho same road by tho
respect the young ladles are to be con- MIsa  Watt, Japanese;  Miss McLeod, formation of the Cooperative l3xporl
gratulnted  upon  the success of tin Nurse;   Miss   Dewar,   Nurse;   Miss   Association, which, In the circular an-
whole  affair,    The  decorating  rom- Whltoley, Spanish; Mrs. Miller. High-   nouncing Its creation  .says with    n
mlttee wcre Misses McBride, Caslake, land Lassie; Mr. Miller. Sailor: Miss  pluck and daring, warranted by its Do-
Edlth MacDonald, Frances Drummond Nettle Terrace, Clown; Miss Florence minion endorsatlon:-"tbe products of
and Mrs Gill.   The Supper Committee Bathle,  Grecian;   Miss  Caroline  Ito. Canada will bo preferred agatnsl   the
were Misses Green, Dewar, McLeod, Greclnu; Miss Kdith MacDonald and  products of her greal  neutral com-
B. Drummond and Marlon Robertson.' Miss Enid Gill, Shepherdesses; Miss  petltor   the  United States, who has
Th.*    total  r Ipts    amounted  to Anderson.  Spnnlsh;   Mr.  J.   Martin,   Btnyed outside the war ond has borne
about $230.00, and the Association will Country Gentleman; Mr. C. M. David-  no sacrifice of life or money made by
clear $135.00 from the dance and $114. son, Buster Hrown;  Mr. S. Rumsey, the allied countries." This Association
from tho sale of tickets for tbe doll. Cowboy;     Ml a    McBride,    Watteau j nnd the Incorporation of "British Dyes
Llttlo  Eleanor Green  wns the lucky Shepherdess;     Miss    Gladys     Fink.   Limited" -this latter being aimed al
winner of thc doll which was drawn School    Girl;     Mlsa   Delia     Drum-  tin extermination of the dominance of
for that night mond, Gretcben; Miss Rumaeyi Court   ;!" ,: rn»n •*- ■ tm I that monopoliz-
It    |,M    been    Impoi dble f r *>■■ ' arty;  Ml a Caslake, Swlsn Peasant;    «J tin u> Indu .•■ of tin world, tor ,
Herald to securi  n full lis! of those Miss Hamilton. Nnrs. : Pierrots   and   the text of n recent Important nrtlcle
present In cos! ime and we know tin Pierrettes, Mr. Mcllwalne, Mr. Pulpy,  by Isaac F. Marcossan, the   emlnenl
many are omittrd from the following Mr. Dallas, Mr. Leask; Miss Eassie,  writer on economics,    warning   the
list, nnd to Uiosi   we tender our re- Miss Grundy.   Miss Josle Drummond,  States to be up nnd doing or the Brl-
grrts at not being able to obtain their Mrs  Dallas.                                         Nlsb Empire, wJU, at the i>nri of the
 ^___ war. control Mn* world's business as
she already controls the shipping. Tlie
;y and voided tho pleaaan
,'iihI harmonious relations always ex
[sting between the three ministers
Others present also spoke of their hoi*
row nt seeing Mr, Thomson leave bu
wished him succeus In liis new ipln re
The following is the nddross:
To Rev. and Mrs, \V. K. Thomson
Cranhrook, B, C!
Tlie  .Session,   Board  of  ManagorB
Members and Adherents of Knox Pres
byterlnn  Church,  have  learned   will
tho most genuine regrel of
in*-- received ond accepted
Ersklne Church at Edmoiitn
and  of  yonr  early  tlepnr
Cranbrook in order !*' t o;»m
ncw duties on tho fi.'.-i Sund
Wo alt di nre to taki t1     i
of oxpreoclng and placfnK
id unselfish
tdci during
d di'   halt
Igoratc and
In this community.   Al thc close the same article calls attention also to the
B *: tarj !■ pll d briefly thanking Rev, British nnd Italian Corporation, which
Mr. Thomson ior thc kind assistance haa been  brought  Ini                      to
ho had rendered on many occasions in destn )   ll     financial  strangle   hold,
connection with the activities of   the which, up to the time Italy took her
■   n, and * (tending to him and plat e beside i      illh     Gi rmany hnd
. :: ■   '.■ ■■■■..■ ■■ of its  on Italian flnanci  and ind	
there Is n conteBl tho Herald would
like to see Mi ■   Mi Kowan n tin m tl al
the head of ti;' polls.  Thi i ■ aro many
questions 11 mlng b I ci
In which a lady' ■ adi Ice and     Rl
lions would bi   Invaluabh   am
lng  by  expei li in   - of other    cities
which have had lad)   i
on the board nol Ing bul -  -
eome nf i'
For the firsl time in Cranbrook's
history a lady will run tor tli,' School
Board this year, t1 c Women's In tltute
being instrimu ntal in bringing oul a
candidate    Mra   ll.  V McKowan has, *^**.————m——m       —u'—.t^^^^^^^
,  .,  iii mbers for happ ness and prosper ty     When it earn.* to fostering
nureei   to an ■■.:  nomination  and  il .    ,. ...
h ii the i omli • yi ar '"        German  banking  mel
fered radically from those of England
lioitv and Canada.    In Italy and Russia it
  wa- qnlti  usual to call for contracts
■JBurdotte list of  •',v ,,;" erection ol greal mills, rail-
p.,   :,t M,-*.  Bint i M     ways, electric systemB, and so on, the
\   W  Burdetti   nf Mar) whei lei d, to bi  paid for,
not in rash, but in Pond        I   I I   i
Mires charged upon thr assi t . plan!
Found     Pan  ! of lam ' tre profits of the enl
       iniuire at Her.iid oil Ei I illsts and banki r   frown
We understand the memb i of bi dnoss;  but tht
Inst year'i  Board n Mt \\ \ \\T9   h   \\   \-r r Gent welcomed aned
ofllco for another year In ll    ■ • ■ nt ■■!   ,.,■,. -,, , ,       v, the m        iry money, nnd when   the
being returned hy necliu    lint     Will    od to Let hi tho' work was rompleted, made their pro-
the ml Vint ol .* 1Inl, |10||[|aj  HJih ; ,, Its oul -..'■   nl thc bonds and
possible the) muj nrrangt  lhe matter   m,.   ,H,|\ir.  noberl  \.i„ni. I.....   [VC   debenl    i   I   I     Ini    ,;; ■   mblii    Be
among theme Ive   foi um to droi out, hind  the  I stood  the  pledged
but this Is only » guess on our purl v-,-   j(WCpii   Walslt  nnd  ifaui redH of tl    Gorman Government.   In
\m..      ud Doi     y Trom Fort Slei        itrnctlng rompanj   i i   bul
FVIlMUll   UlDRKSH VTV.M.C.A.  ll re In the rit)  todaj  seeing John nt  of tl     German
W , for I     ilnmtt where he will   llU"'-   "'"   banker   wns   the   slinft
, |  ,iir \*avy.   Tl !   il       "d   ll;r   Germ m   goveromenl   wns
On Sundaj afternoon lasl the Kev   ,.. lliMV ''son,PW|,Prfl [„ prance." """ driving power    They formed   u
W K Thorns 'ii addrea od lhe meml tremendous combination; and we nerd
or ilo* local   \     elation  foi  i!]i   latsl      h,  ,       r      to tht   Brl qui  I     ''    : thnl the legend "Made In
time diiiini'   in    pn i ..:..,       ,.     Governm u< ta\ ateol  OormanV" Is  plastered on Innnmer-
brook     i i'' n   ivu   u gi od ntl miam , .     rallwn)  havi    ','1   ■l,|i' '• "■ "' il',i!>' "-''■ op lurl{l '*''■
at tlio meotlni excellent j       1(|;   |       . ■.,      ■. M, i;, t■ B.. ,.,     Itlnd "Genulm   British   Manufacture"
address given by Mr. 1 ■   ■  * .    ■ *,;■: ■ |    | 1;,,,, ,|   ind   Imllni   ml ul      d llberately en-
in closing in.ititMii.il ih,* man) pleas,    i,, Franc.     The) an  rrom siding   In   ''ourngpd, In lorne raBcs, b) onr own
nut hours Im had spenl tn the enjoj    differen! pari m        la. nnd  ' '''■",      '■'' ■'etallPH
ment of lhe privileges a ded bj   the   havi been 1    I dnwi    t Hal I fas    The      It U a splendid thing, and full of
\   oclntlou nud exprosaed his appro    rullw   • nl  I   nov   prepared   '"''   ■i;"1  eneourag ment, thai  tier-
elation of tho work It v       ■      i    un   to ship I nlti   of rail   everj weolt   timny'i grip on Italy, on Its greal and
    ' n brave people and nn tit Ir energy and
native industry Is hrokon, and thai
Its financial method: nre to be replaced by thc system to which the
Monetary Time*; of Toronto, colls nl
tontion In a recenl Issue,
it appears thai In March last, the
London, County and Westminster Bank
ltd. and Llyd's Bank, Ltd.. of London, England, representing s British
flni nclnl group, formed themselves
into ihe Brltiah-Italian Corporation
with a nominal capita) of $B,000,000
Tho credit of tho British Government
stands pledgod In support of this company. A group of Italian capitalists
nt the snme tlmo, formed ihe Com-
pagnla Itt.lo-Brttnnlcn with n capital
of ten million lire. Behind this company stands the credll of Italv. Th"
obleels rn' iho companies, with the
n""ort i f tholr rei m ctlve gov irn-
I in en is, Is lo gol nft»r trade buslttoss
Used |(( do
and lho orofltq llii if as the Germnn
it Is n matter of hlslorlcnl Importance thnt Canada has within heraolf,
hone or her bono, nn Institution at the
I head of which are men with tho sweep
nud wide grasp of purpo i In advantage their country or tin urenl nccn-
fCnntlnued on page 'our)
Sing a Hong or Tinn, bodonulr   but sly,
Lots or pretty gunrniilooa bnkod in a pie;
When the pin wan opened hla guarantees look wing,
Ami onco again tha Entente wero dished by the kiuk-
- From iHindon PasBlng show.
Ifitb moro formal nnd Ir.FtI
manner than tiy Bpjhon v -ird, Uie hi
regard and hearty appr
every member of youi
entertains both for yoi
and for the unremitting
efforts you have h il
your stay or some four
years In Cruuhrook to 1
enlhus ■ and rntlonnllio the religious
life not only of your own congregation but of th" wind * community,
Knox Church and Crnnbrook i Ity arc
suffering no small loss In your removal from our midst, Fortunately,
or unfortunately, w,* iften cannot seo
the actual results or our laborc for
the ii ttermenl of onr fell iwa bul you
mny test assured thai vnni* inhnra fn
i 'ranbrook have accomplh hed ond wlll
-till continue to accomplish moro for
the individual members of tbe community in his or her evory-day life
(linn you perhaps at present realize.
Wo shall nil mi ■ yi ur bright,
cheery greetings and klud words or
encouragement from day to day. hut
■ i ! mre that In the larger and broader field of labor to wnlch you are going, there is d bright' r and even more
i, ful future In stoi ■ for you both
It you to ai "■> ■ i tin I in of
ol i which accompanh - this u heing
i little more tanglbh i nd tetli ble
token oi good will and - ste ni and
witli  it  -;•{. our  very  bi ut   wl foi
many bright and happy New  Vear.-..
May God richly oh bs you b ;:i in your
ui ini--try   for   Mini   and   His   people.
Signed  at  Crunbrook,   B   i .  thl
29th dny ol December, A. !>., lOIfi, on
behalf of the mombers and adlu rents
of Knox Presbyterian Church.
A. A. MacKinnon. Clerk of 8' ■ loni
A. <'. Harshaw. Chairman Board ol
thorp wert* very many little dellcat
mi Iters which could be handled st
much bettor hy a lady and tbrougli
whom the teachers could appeal. In
tho discussion tbat followed ii was
dd mod a mother .should he chosen to
acl and several memhers were recommended for the office, On bolng put
to a motion it wns carried. Hie house
rising in a body. Mesdntnes McFarlane, Leslie and Gonest were sclocted
as the committee to take up the
nu vi ment al once und It was urged
thai every lady iu the eity should educate themselves to tho extreme Importance of tliis departure and work for
hav-1'''", ''""dldntes who may be nominated.
Mention was made of lady trustees ni
Nelson, Willow Point, Kaslo and other
points in II. i'. aud ouch ease had been
ii complete success.
Mrs. Shaw read u passago Irom lho
Canadian Home Journal, pari of an
nddross delivered by Dr. Patterson at
London, Out.. Convention, Btntlng
Shipment of new Cotton
filled and eiderdown comforters just received, they
come in all shades and arc
made of silkene and fine
French sateens.
Prices range from $2.50 to
BrltlBh Columbia le the third 1
eM producer of coal In the Don I ion
Practically every one of tl (radii*
atlng claBB In tin* d ntal i n uit) at
Toronto has docldod to enlist.
The Serbians have no .1 Ire for a
■ p. mature pence and sn] I I mosl
Itbi ml terms that (;■ i u nj could offer would nol i tnpi I    i
that sixty per cent of fled Cross work 11
was carried out by Women's Institutes
The safe arrival of socks and garments for BOldlors wns assured nnd
hand knitted Bocks were reserved for
Uu men In the trenches. This knowledge wns welcomed by tbe members
particularly as so ninny rumors were
abroad alleging abuse or gifts for thi
loldlers on service.
Mrs. W, B. McFarlane gave her ro-
■ ort in u forceful llttlo speech paying
splendid tribute to the members in
their cooperation nnd support to her
di ring ber two years presidency. At
the instance of Mrs. Burton. Mrs. Mt -
Fnrlane was tendered a very hearty
vole of thanks for the capable way
she had filled the chair never having
lieen absent rrom one meeting tor two
years.    This   was   supported   by   Mrs.
Smith who commented upon the optimism with whieh Mrs. McFarlane faced all problems. Mrs. McFarlane replied with terms of gratitude for tin
apprectatln of ber work.
The Directors report was read by :
Mrs. Spence who gave a general rn-'
view or the past year's work which !
was a revelation of results.    For Red;
Cross Work (inclusive of donations to
Belgian und Serbian Relief, and maintenance of Canadian  Hospital bed at
Buahey Park, London. Eng.)  $204.06
had lieen raised, white clothing for the
Belgian refugees, t  quilts, blanket-.
IL'-' pr, socks, iii pr. pyjamas. IE helpless Bhlrts, 8725 mouthwlpes, 14 H. W.
bottle covers. 322 wash cloths, 7 fom-'
<'iitation wringers and old line.
Mrs. Shaw followed with the secretary's report Bhowlng the total amount
raised Tor Ihe year $741.10 to be fl
record and much gratification was
felt. Mrs. Shaw remarked upon Uie
wonderful growth of the Institute
ulnce she first tilled the office of secretary t: years ago. Abe attendance on
the occaalon or her Ilrst annual meeting was 17 while on that afternoon :
there were upwards nt 100.   Mrs. Shaw
resigned her office owing to ill health.
Hearty votes of thanks were given
• ii S'il'tary. Vice-President and dir-
■ tors to whom the institute had been
■. ; v much Indebted Thanks were also
given Mesdames Burton and Riches
for auditing accounts
The election of officers followed
President, Mrs, w n. McFarlane. Vice
President, Mrs. .1. w Spencej Direct-	
ors   Mesdames Leaman, !.. Clapp, n
Palmer and D, Campbell; Bec.-Treas.,
Mrs. .1 w Burton.  Tiie hostesses for
tlu   day served tea and the meeting
was adjourned.
ew livening
Verv neat patent and kid
slippers with the new long
vamp and celluloid Louis
heels, very special at $5.00
cCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
We are Exclusive Agents in Cranbrook
VINOL Is recommended (o Improie the appetite, give torn* to th*
-t'tmach, build up certain run down conditions nnd promote strength*
thus acting ns a general tunic
It is recommended tn ;i-*i-i i • the proper assimilation uf food ouJ
to give to tin* otlu i orp I lhe Itodj unilScteDl rigor to perfem
their functions    Valuable 1 re   igh*, colds and bronchitis,
\ hud U I'-pei-iailj cltielenl as a Ionic for
Old People Weak Women and Delicate Children
nml conditions oi general neaknens,
Cranbrook  Drug & Book Co.
W. J. Atchison, Manager
A Good
New Years Resolution
Buy your furniture at the
Vr-/.      O.       O.
NOIIBI li\    \\ E.
Beautiful Chinese Goods
(Special lee Hi- Heraldl
Waldo,  H.  C, Jan.   2    A  Christmas
jiiiriy ee-.is given in Baker'a Hall em
WUnoBday evening last to the. childre n
nt ['iipcr Walelee. Tlu* children en-
Joyed themselves fairly well during
the ovonlng, but d rather distressing
accident occurred towards llie* cIobo
| which ratlior marr cd tie*' evening's *-n-
loyraent, Mr. Jink Taylor was tiil-
rillini* the lenrt ,,r Seinte, (Tans, and
while in the acl of reaching to the
top e,r tlm Christina- Tree In take ofl
some- presents jhls dlsgutso raiinlit
flro from Hi,, lighted candles, and in
i aei Initanl ho was n mass eef flames
j Ills disguise wns completely burnod
oft hlm, hut for nt, ly the flames
, __^   .  wi*r« smothered so (|iile*kly that  he
•■ullKirliiiu, <"w -W'*, Sal., Jan. illh. I BP«cUo»lly received no bodily harm.    11
's iiee      , Kimonas, Fancy Handker-
chfs., hand painted Chinaware, Tables, Chalra, Baskets
Vll kinds of Chinese & Japanese Goods Imported    direct
D'triclt Ave'tiii i, ai ru*ar of Metbodlsl Church
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
m' Canada, Limited
Office, Hmeitiiae and Itefining Department
s .ii i: i, r i: us an i) it i: kink it s
I'lireliiiMTs nf Gold, Silver. Cnniied and Lead Ores
Issued   Woeklj   ii}   Tlie   Crnnbrook
Herald, Lliulteil.
nil: CRANBROOK HERALD I' ,|,",f MaglHtrato's office.
!     Mr  Suuto may uttouipt to lay nil
Mn* io uno fur tho preaenl condition
of affairs on tlie police torce, but this
would be most unfair and unjust, in
the ; i. diiI Chief of Police tho Herald
T. II. Kuy, l,.It(i>r uml Manager , believe the ity has a thoroughly cap-
■■-      -   —- --- -■ ■ ,■   ■■*■  able and reliable officer who. If given
Cranbrook, B. I.. Jan. -Uh. IOU       -l Eree hand and b(lckod up by lhc com'
....    - ; mission, will do all tlmt la humanly
THE 1'OLICE COMMISSION        It]0S3ibly t0 make Ranbrook il ,ie;itr"
| able place In  which  to Uve from u
only a few duys
mcntable apathy
dtlzens generally
the 1917 council.
With nomination
away  there  is  a
on  Llie  pnrt of till
as to the make-up
The year is likely to be an imp.
one in  mauy respi cts, and tlu
will need a strong council, and e
.,.,* th ■ enacl
ougkout D.l
timing  publl
without [ear or favor,
Nexl midsummer will
ment of  prohibition  th
and  with   such overwh
sentiment behind thc nieasun  ua p\
denced by the vote lasl fall tin publ
has a rlghl tu demand that tin  raei
sun* in* rigidly i nforeed.   As wc ui
flersland It, the enforcement of tli
law will li,. left to tbo munlclpalltii
the Bame as the present license la\
There undoubtedly will ho strong o
forts  on   the   pari   of -oum of    ti
hotel-keepero,   liquor  deulcrs,    and
other Intercated p
prohibitory law and mas
ment a farce, and this i. une Important  reason   that we  need a   police
commission willing and strong enough
to back up the local police In lho enforcement  oi   nol   simply  tin*  letter
but tho spirit of lin- huv.
The system of appointing the police
commission, or at least two of the
three, on tbo recommendation of th
local political executive of the pi rl
in   pOWi r.  is ;i   pi
is to bo hoped that Mr. Brewster wlll
abolish tliis method ami mak" the entire- commission elective by the ratepayers. However the old B) item will
bo In voguo for this your at least and
tin* recommendation ot the local Liberal executive, patronage committee,
or whatever mum* they go under, will
be awaited with consldi ruble Interest.
One of th<' i wo men to be named must
moral   aud   law-abiding   standpoint.
Hnwi ver a police officer, no more than
any other employee, cannot go further
than his employors wish, and we have
heard no complaint hy any of the commission against thc present chief for
falling to carry out his Instructions,
The Police Commission have no desire
for publicity, and though It is a public
body tho press are not allowed to at-
: tend iis n.eetlnga nor glvon any infor*
; mallon as to tbeir doings.
' s uue few weeks ago when tin* Mayoralty ambitions of the present candidate wero lirsi published In the press
, ho had the goodness to show the odl-
i tor of the Herald a copy of u letter
■ in tin  Police from tin* Commissioners,
I draw up he Btated at his suggestion
j and which he alsn stated would, show
that lie wonted the law enforced. The
chief emphasis in the letter appeared
in be Iii id on tho collection of the few
o'break "thel dollMB oi d°B licenses, but It afforded
,u,t in needed excuse to mako the Chief of
i the public "goat" for any short-
rs in th>' administration of the
b<> nn ;
and ini
city coi
mlttee 1
i' we may judgi
tin Liberal Ex
hey  will mime
from tl
soraeono entirely worthy nud accept'
Tho ratepayers have howover the
naming of the third member of thi
police commission, the Mayor, by vir
tm. of his office bolng tlio other mem
bor of tin- commission nml nlso tin
chairman of all meetings. No mal
tor who tho other two may bo it li
essential that tin* member elected i*
that body by the ratepayers should bi
a man with a mind ol' Ids own, a man
who can bo depended upon to stand
for whnt ho believes to be right nt
just and in accord with the law, ovi
thougli lie should he iu u minority of
one against two, Wltli tho other two
members working In accord with n
man of that calibre we should have a
decent, clean, law-abiding city,    bul
even wltli tllQ other (wil opposed tfl
his program a capable, brainy, dependable man would bo n great restraining Influence and al leas! prevent anything too raw being pulled off. Unfortunately the only mnn as yet In the
field for tho Mayoralty falls Far short
of Mils standard.
A characteristic example of Mr,
Santo's vacillating nature and desire to
"run with the hare and hunt with the
hounds" is shown by liis action in consenting with ids two colleagues on the
Hoard to allow the hotels to violate tlie.
v law by remaining open after hours the
j ji night of tho then Premier BowBor's
visit to Cranbrook, and afterwards re-
gretting liis "mistake" when taken to
task for it by the oilier element.
Surely in the city of Cranbrook
there Is some otlier man with tlie
necessary property qualifications win
for the cood ot tho city will comi
forward and make the necessary sac*
rlllco of time and convenience and of
ter his services to the electorate. Wi
want a man who will safeguard thi
moral interests of tlie city iu fact, nol
iu mime only, u mutt who will bo fair
In ull things Imt at tin* same time can
nol lie "used" by the other element,
l.Nu'l'K Mr. Santo has been offered
tho use of our advertising columns to
state his ease but hus fulled to tnkc
advantage of the opportunity.]
Ho far only one candidate tor the
Mayoralty is in Bight bul the Herald
is loth to believe that the present
aspirant will be given the endorsatloii
of tho cltlzons of Cranbrook to the
Chief Magistracy of tho city either by
acclamation or by a majority vole in
tbo case of an election.
Wo would have nothing to sny a-
galnst Mr. Santo as a private citizen, but anj'00 who aspires to the
highest office in the bestowal of tbo
city must in pn pared to meet criticism of his notions, and particularly
when, as in Mr. Santo'a case, bo has
served on tbo council and on tho police commission tor a year pro\ iou .
.Mr, Santo':- record on the police
commission und on the council has
not been auch us to entitle bim to a
renewal of th confidence ot the electorate. The city during tho past tew
months hns been going backward instead of forward Insofar as morals
and law enforcement arc concerned,
and bids fair to sunn regain its old-
time "wide-open" reputation of tin
halcyon days, when houses ol Ill-fame
were a recognized part and parcel of
the city and Clark Avenue was a flourishing Red Light district. The prostitutes are already regaining a foothold In the city, thanks in part to tho
misplaced tenderness of landlords
With vacant houses to rent and the
Inability of tlie police to overcome
tlm mass of legal technicalities which
can always lie raised on behalf of those
who an* willing lfi pay for Interpreting
the law to their benefit, The hotels,
we won't say all of them, but at least
part nf tliem. sell liquor at all hours
of the day, Sunday Included. Gambling flourishes almost as of yon*, und
anyone wbo wnnt:- ";i gi ne-" can Boon
Ret nne.
If Mr. Snnto in Ills capacity ot
pollen commissioner has remained Ignorant of all this, then he i.; nol n
capable person lo guide the clly thru
the year 1017; If on tin- other hand
Mr. Santo has been conversant with
Ihu situation and has done no more
than Ih? hun Iii remedy affairs, he ia
tlm   mure   Icnpahle  of  creditably   OO-
i Huston News Bureau)
Tho Oerman peace propaganda was
skilfully planned;   but was  too well
advertised In advance as the Decern
tier surprise or Christmas gift for tin
Ierman stocking,     III  America It Was
accompanied by an attack on the allies' credit anonymously in Wall street,
with trails leading to the (.Ierman embassy, and openly In Washington by
the federal reserve board.
How far the calls for embargoes on
credll ami supplies to the allies will
get support at Washington remains to
bi .on. Hero Is the ono danger; but
the allies an* fully prepared. They
lmvo hundreds of millions of securities in the Slates, many hundred millions of gold in reserve, and can
■Illicitly settle on the dot with gold
and securities evory obligation they
liave contracted in the United States.
They have on the west battle front
more men munitions uml supplies than
have tin- Teutons. Tliey have on the
East front more men and a deficiency
of supplies. Next ycur they will
outnumber adversaries east and west
Iu both men and munitions.
Their effective fighting forces would
be greatly increased and the war
might be shortened by their cutting
the communication between Berlin and
Constantinople. Hut their losses here
enn bring no peace for (iermany. One
refrain lias been ringing throughout
Kngland, It runs: "We muy lose tb
battles, but wo win tlie wnr."
\     rilOYIMIVI      ROAD     RAIMA
Mr, Kditor:- I was much Interested
iu a letter in a recent Issue of Nelson
Daily News, by one Mr, John Simpson
discussing llie choice of routes of a
highway across Kast Kootenay or part
of iiu interprovincinl highway. In
this Piter, which should be read by
every citizen of this dislrict, the
writer gives the "pros and cons" ns he
boob them of three routes through tho
mountains on tho west side of the
Upper Columbia, Kootenay Valley, and
his findings seem to my mind to plainly indicate lhe St. Marys route as tin
mo-1 feasible of construction and
likely to bo thc most practical und
convenient for use as well.
Almost eolncldentally with this, I
saw a petition, that Ih being circulated
locally, asking for a survey and con
slderation by the Provincial Government, of the same route with a view to
getting it definitely placed on the
plans of the Public Works Department
for construction In the near future.
Now sir, I submit that, considering
tho fact that sucli a road will he built
through some one of the possible pass
es beforo long, and comparing the
possibilities of uny other route In its
beneficial effects on thc wholo country
and its Immediate results in the
mount of mineral territory that will
be opened up at mice, It seems, all
manner of doubt should be set nt rest
ns to the dcBlrabillty of pushing this
route ns tho one we need.
While there |s no doubt certain
mighty Interests, do still as In the
past desire to keep all the St. Marys
miitry covered with n blanket as Its
mineral wealth in concerned, it is well
known that thoro are on the properties of ninny bunt working mm tbo
fruits of lung years of
waiting only sum* means of transport- j
utton to reward them tor nil this and
at the same time ample to put a new I
activity Into the husiness of this district that will recall the best days of
Cranbrook's  past.    Not  only  that, a I
motor road to Kootenay Lake and a]
ferry   will   placo Nelson   less  than  a I
hundred  miles  from Cranbrook,  not
tou far in those days to go nnd return
in  om*. day and give opportunity to
transact some business  while there,
whereas now to get any time in Nelson in business hours requires aboul
fifty hours from rranbrook to return.
It has also very frequently happened
that the difference In price ot staph
farm products in West Kootenny and
here has been sufficient to more Ihan
handsomely  pay  transport  from  St.
Marys Prairie over such a route,
Sueh. however, would never be needed once the running country contiguous to tlmt, road was opened up.
Marysville. Kimberley and Wycliffe
ranchers, will then hav,. at their door
more work than thoy can do to supply
the needs of the workers that will then
be employed in cutting out ami shipping the wealth now idle in the rocks
of that country. Tin* possibilities,
no Mr. Editor, tin* certain resources
of this work an; so patet that all those
with the Intcresl of tiie dlstricl at
heart should gel behind Iheir movement ami push il to a successful outcome.
A. i\. s.
Sir 1 writ*' for the purpose of impressing upon the minds of the people
of Nelson the fact thnt thero i- Utile
doubt concerning tho building of n
great highway across Canada hy th
Dominion government and that thoy
can make certain tlmt ii will pass
through Nelson if they try, 11 must
be remembered that Miis will not he a
party question ut Ottawa because almost all lhe owners of automobiles
both in eastern Canada nnd in the west
are very anxious to have the road built
and there are quite as many Liberals
who own automobiles as there are
Conservatives. Tiiere will he a greut
deal of motoring from ihe east to the
west nud from the west lo the east
when it is built, as almost all the
families that own automobiles in the
east have relations and friends in the
Early in October I began Inquiring
Into tbe matter and I found that, although most persons wanted to see
the road built, they were all pessimistic concerning its being built within a
reasonable length of time. They believed tin* cost would be so enormous
tlmt thc government, on account of the
war, would he unable to take the matter up for a long time. I wrote a lone
article on the matter which was printed with many headlines in tin* Olobe.
lu my article I show that the road
would bring a. great deal of tourist
travel inlo Canada from the United
States, and lhat the inst would uot be
excessive since it. would be quite feasible to link together a lame number of
good pieces nf road already existing.
I also showed tlmt tin* passage thru
Hritish Columbia, which the people of
the east look upon us the chief obstacle, had been almost overcome al-
ready by the Hritish Columbia provincial government.
My article bore fruit. Just one week
after It appeared iu the Olobe, delegates representing tin* automobile
owners of Toronto aud Montreal went
to Ottawa and interviewed Hon Robert Rogers concerning the matter. H(
gave them un enthusiastic reception,
and stated he would do everything in
bis power, both in parliament and out
of it, to help the project on. lie was
good enough also In his speech to
them to mako use of the arguments
1  had made use of in   the Olobe    n
week before this happened.
I enclose a mail, which  will  show
you   tlmt  there  are   thru*   ways   by
Which the road enn possibly reach Nelson from the Kootenny valley in Kast
Kootonay.    They  are  all  by  way  of
Kootenny Uny and Queens Bay, wliere I
tt will be necessary to have a ferry, |
One Is by wny of Wycliffe. Marysville,
St. Mary's lake.   This road would bo
u   short eut.  but   it   would   mil   pass
through Crnnbrook, although it would!
como near It.
A second route would lm by wny of
Cranhrook Kitchener, then norlh
along Coat river nud west along Sanni
creek to Kootenny Lake, then north
along tlie east shore of Kootenny lake
to Kootenay Bay, This would not pa*is
through Creston, Imt there Is a good
road from Creston to Kitchener, ami
the distance is not great. It may be
that some parts of the mad between
tlm Mouth of Suncii creek and Kootenay Day would bo hard to build uml
it might cost more to build this second
road than the tlrst mentioned. The
rond Is already entirely completed
and In use from Windermere lo Kitchener.
The third route would be by way of
Cranbrook, Kitchener uud Creston to
Kuskunoolt ami then up the oast ride
of Kootenay lake to Kootenny Bay,
This route would probably be altogether ton expensive us the rock work
between Kuskanook uud Sam a creek
would be vory costly. It is not likely
that the Dominion government will
spend a large amount on rock work,
when H enn easily choose u much I et
ter   route.     ThO   people     nf     Nelson
should give the government n Hquiiro
deal by advising It as to tlle besl route.
There must he prospectors,   timber
cruisers nnd others fn Nelson, especially during tbe winter, wiio know all
tin se routes.
The Dominion governmenl   i*= now
completing the road from Banff   to
Windermere and people will soon be
able to motor from Calgary to Creston
without uny difficulty. There is a good I    before you buy an ointment, sb to
road from Christina lute to a point 12     which gives best results.     If you
miles beyond Princeton.    This    road |   £°
goes by way of Osoyooa lake and it is I
already completed.     There ,is nlso u I
hmg, round about  road by way   of
Pentlcton, but the distance is much i
greater and  tin- grad" is    inferior. ;
Due Sunday recently two men motor- ;
ed from Grand  Forks to  Koremeos
ami  back, a  distance ot"    240  miles.
'I liey went by way of Soyoos Duke nnd
left   Grand   Porks   in   the  morning,
getting back at 10 p.m.   They stay-!
cd several hours in Keremeos, so tin*
road must be u fairly good one.
Tiiere remains the piece of roud bo* i
; tween a point 12 miles west of Pontic- '
| l m   ami  n   point   eight   miles  on   Ihis ■
i -id,,   of   Hope.     Tiny   might   Use   tlie ,
| Kettle Valley mi,* rond imt Mr, Thack-
er of Hope, who knows llie passes I
| over Hi" mountains thoroughly, told
' in.- that this would he a greut mislake, >
is ilii* snow comes there early and remains a long lime.   He says he know*'
ii  placo farther south,  which  would
tie altogether superior as a place for
crossing the mountains.
Probably tlmt part of tlm road be-j
i ween Rossland and Paulson will lie j
built next summer.
■ou will buy Zam-Buk, for I
tliis herbal balm has been proved by
thousands to bo the most reltablo
ointment on the market. It not
only cures when other ointments
fail, but Us cures are permanent.
Mr. Isaac h. Phlnncy, of Lower
Five Islands, N.S., writes: "Zam-Buk
is, without doubt, tbe most reliable
ointment on tbe market. For two
years 1 suffered with an ulcer ou
my leg, which delled nll*tretilmenls
- although 1 tried many and spent
no end of money. Finally I tried
Zam-Buk nud tho results were
most encouraging. The ulcer soon
showed signs of healing, end per*
severance with Ztuu-Huk worked u
complete cure."
Zam-Huk is equally good for cc*
?e*nn, ringworm, abscesses, run*
nlng sores, blood-poisoning, scalp
tores, bolls, pimples, piles, cuts,
burns, scalds, and all skin Injuries.
All druggists and stores, or Zam-Buk i
Co., Toronto. 50c. box, 3 for $1.25. !
.Send le. stamp for free trial box.
Ilul u'ltitover tlie outcome Micro Is
nothing to excite alarm een tin' part
ot tlio eli'vs. anil less to stimulate hope
on the |earl ot tlld wets. Somo ro-
nsBurlnB figures on tliis point nro In
the hands ot tho Proliibitlt xocu-
tivo iiml  wore  today  confirmed  iu
(Vancouver World ot Saturday)     I brlof cables.
Today Uie lust soldiers' voto on the      rjp to November 101I1 less than ono
Prohibition   nnd   Woman's  Suffrage , ilumiro(i votes wero cost In France,
referenda evill bo cast In tbe  British   nl)(i nvo hundred In England,
Isles anil in Prance. I    The available*  votb  In  Franco ae*-
Kcen Interest in tin* resull is ovi^ ,.„n|iuK ,„ n„. |.,,t„rrls handed to Sir
dent mi evory hand as upon this do-' |[i,.|,nn| McBrldo by sir Conrgo Peril  both   jey. nifjii commissioner, was   only
January 9
W. |$. SHERMAN presents
the greatest of all English emotional
terred vote bangs tin* fat
Mm- francblse i'ur   women and    tl:
abolition of tin* liquor traffic in Brilisli Columbia.
As lo women's suffrage, little nux-
lety exisls. Tlio majority nlreadj
standing in its favor will in all probability lie furtber Increased by tin*
figures from abroad.
With rognrd to Problbltion an entirely different situation exists. Tlie
Prohibitionists romped bome after
I ■■..il i civilian aud soldier voto bad
IiiiiI recorded on September 1*1 with
almost (10000 majority net.
since that time the tedious procesa
'it'  taking   the   deferred   soldier     vole
lm. been in urogrcss, the Prohlbltlon-
Ists maintaining a policy of watchful
waiting, und the llipior Interests ex
pending their inst ammunition ami
all tlieir remaining energy In endeavoring to overcome tbe heavy handicap
against them.
Vague und disturbing rumors bave
been iu circulation for snme time.
and very wide claims were being cou-
•tnntly made by tin* liquor interest'*
:ts lo tho victory whieh tbey expected to achieve.
:!.-»:j;i mnde up as follow,-:
First Division    771
Second  Division     :,7I     '
Tliird Division   809
Fourth Division     907
Additional     sr.
These figures wen* carefully obtained from the different units and are'
ridiculously small as compared witli
whal many have supposed tliey would1
TllOl tbey were accurate seems to
be proved by a cable received this
morning by .Mr. Win. Savage of the
Dry Soldiers' Vote Committee from
Mr. \V. D. Bayley,, the prohibition
representative at the front:
•Safe. Wi ll in France, Vote now
isnn.   Greetings."
The English vole, according to the
private advices of tbe Prohibitionists,
will be proportionately small.
AH special scenery nml elecfrieal effcels.
Tliis is n piny everyone should see.
Reserve your seats early at BenttlcOInrpliy's
PRICES—$ioo, 75c and 50c.
Roberts   In Cranbrook, ,n Christmas
1111: m:\i. treatment.
hero Is no apprehension nmong ,,     _     „_,.   ..... ...        ...
,    ,                 ,. Day, Dec. 26th, 1910, tl Mr. and Mrs. ,«.._ Vi, . ...,.,„,,,„,„. ,, ,,,,,,,.
dry leaders over   the   outcome. ,             , •tlt lXpn'  licatnient is ludor
...     ,,           ..       . ., J. Roberts, :t daughter n„ ;„,,....   m„„    n.,,,1-,.■.•.*   rn i*.
y nre awaiting the count inn of the uusinesa   mon,   uanaers,   i lerj
• with  perfect assurance thai  it Cameron- In CranbrooV   at tlie Cot- and Physicians.   Just ask your
not materially shake tbe present t!1P'' Hospital, on Dec.  29th, to Mr. Write for booklet, Neal Institute
ndid majority.                              I and Mra. J. H. Cameroiu, a daughter, brook, B. C.
Prices are steadily advancing on all
lines of paper and are bound to go
still higher.
Your envelopes and letter paper will
cost you more today than they did six
months ago, but we advise you to order now for future needs as prices will
be higher next month.
The Cranbrook Herald Job Department THURSDAY. JAN. 11 lt 1917
Will   ui'openly  titled
uld  my  ilghl., ease llie
uu my eyes?  Will they
i'll> nn'
lee read, study, sew, eer e
e other
Liee.se' work e-usily tend e
ably?    Dei  1  suiter Crol
i head-
uchea caused by detective
Are ray .'yrs affected by
Any of these tltlllgB nu
y iinli-
rale- defective eyesight.
l..'l   us
oxaiulne your eyes, aud i
sary Ht you wltli nlnss
s, The
bouotlts   ell  vine   roally
glasses)     nili    sui'iirls
W. H. Wilson
Veni cnnnul uil bctlier IIKKI'
(liiiie ni' nly cuKInu* jusl mnv. II
lia*. lui'ii Kille'el fnr four weeks
llllll is ne.ee ill <j*lletldill COIlllllloil,
ti'inlir ami'Juicy. 1'rj a Jniiil fnr
lloxl Sin liny'fl IHiincr.
IVo Ii.m* also all kinds nf
mini' and ILLS
TOWN   Tlll'KS
When Biilii L'luitna it, it's clean.
I'lione tr,7.
Mr. II. W. Russell is spending a few
daya in Calgary this week.
Miss M. K. Qorman, Renlrew, Ont, Is
visiting Miss M. I. I.u Flour.
Beale & Elwell, steamship agents,
American, White Slur nnd other lines,
Mr. Uny Mahaffy, Stcttler, Alta.
spent II"' Now Year holidays in the
We nro carrying a lull Uue uf beeots
and allocs. Craubrook kixchauge,
Arinstruig Avo.
For porfocl ses'iirii, place ! ' val
nnblos In Healc ,v lellwi ll's Safety Ho-
pgsll Vault.   Iloxes to n ne nl  ilnnl
Tbounl I ii liny. "I Chrlsl Cliurch
l.nillos tliilld will I,,, held lu llie Pur-
isli Hull mi Tl elny nfli'i'n lexl nl
lin 'clock   A mil nltcndnncu "i nil
ineiubers Is urgently rcqiiosted
Wo nro carrying n full lin.' uf els
und shoes. - Cranbrook Exchange,
Vrmstrong Avo,
Rov.  .iii.l   Mrs.   Tl sun   lefl   un
Mondny afternoon for their now home
in k,Inn.nii.ii accompanied hy tin
good wishes of their many friends in
Sergt: Leask eef the a25th Battalion,
1 nn behalf cf lho members nf ll. Company wishes in thank iii" Cranbrook
goclotlcs, Churches and clllzens who
-n kindly remembered ii;.' Crnnbrook
boys wilh gifts ill Christmas time.
Th,' Chief uf Police Ims received un
; anonymous letter during the Inst weok
and would ask ihu writer thereof to
call nml soe him ur send tlieir name
| and address to hlm.
!    Dross-making   done  at   reasonable
I rates.   Work guaranteed.   No.200 Vun
Homo St. East. 61-3t*
Mr. A. Orr nnd family and Mr. .1.
Harper and famllj left Mondny for
their homes iu Albi rta after spond-
Ing u week  with their parents, .Mr.
anil Mrs. Joseph On', south eif town.
Insurance is becoming moro uiul
moro recognized as u necessity -something wo cannot afford to I) ■ without.
Benlo £ Elw '11 emu sell ynu the best.
Phono 20.
| simple lent impressive , tl
I favorite hymn"  Lead  Kindly   Light"
wus BUUg us wns also til
hymn "Forever with the  Lord."   Ms
Keyworth rendered In ffectlvi wny
el." sulo "Sometime we'll i udurstand"
at the- request ut" Hi-' uiutl 11 nml -)
ui uf lhe late* Mis~ Pari er. Tin
offered tin1 sympathy uf tbe
1-, tne sorrowing tin ni
that the sad occurre nei .i
glnnm over the body uf residents when
ih,- news become known.   I ■
nn- the tei-u-tn-;itme-nt feer      . ,
colds and lu,),; troubles. ' Prof- ' hl>a- p- NW" l'1^'"'1 a
ire  liitlt- labicts mude  up ! -Mare-h iu Saul us tho cortef
nc exlracts nnd medlcUin! church.  Tho pall bearel
'•■ -e ruli'iteetlienieiinl)
'" ■ i tcdicinal ingredients turn
into I.i aline, vapors, \\ hit li an
l>n it!,' i] down direct to the lunn *
'In* i , nd broncliinl tubes. Thi
l ■ f>s ii' i ii i ni is direct- Sw i
ii v ii.: cough mixtures Into i!
cjn.i-i-h, to cure al talents and d. *
'i l< in in Ui root and lungs, is in
tirvct.   I'cps arc revolution 121 n|
*.*  tn .anient  of colds, as tin ir
It   . ithin the reach of nil.
ho* :ill druggists, (ti Peps ( o.,
1 uronto,
ii- 'i ii irri.il ;n Sullivan Mini,
Kimberley, mi   Sunday  I., i  ot  K.luii
■Mill.i'   I'i I'  I *OU,    III   lli.illl   ;   ultl   <    .ll']   1.1
Mr  , ml Ah i,  Herman  P. lerson, Tlie
child dovi lopi il .i sore threal very aud-
The choicest
fresh killed
Wc  are s.itisi*,
olhors and can do
same !,*r you*
Cih Meat Marl
N. II, III U U. 'lm
•J    HOMIIM    IVK8T    "1
I'lllisrilTill,' HI 1 ll 1
I'llHM  '-'!i;
Mr. nml Mrs. W, \. N'lsbel left yes-
ti nlny nlii riii.ini tor Toronto tei attend tlie [nni nil ot Mr. Xlsbel'a father,
llie I'liinr member nf llie Inn firm ol
Xlsbet ,. Auld of Uiul cily.
medical aid could bc iii.i.   Tlie Intern-
iiii-ni wns made ul the Crnnbrook cem-
■l.'i'y on Ne w V'cara day by the Rov.
Thos Keyworth. Mr nnd Mrs. Peter-
on travelle .1 on In Moylo wheub they
.■.ill -inn.I ;■ few duys with friends.
A special meeting of tho Farmers
1 ti -st it ii t. - wns held mi Saturday after-
 ni to make arrangements for meeting thc Pn sldi nt of tho United Fnr-
mors of Albertn when hc goes tlirougl
thin district. Mr. A. E. Walts will represent the farmers of tliis district at
tho annual convention of the il. I-'. A.
'.n be held in Ed nton tho latter end
of tin' month. There wns nlso ceiti-
siei rnli'i' discussion iiii tlie tiuostion
nl' co-operntive buying, nnd an effort
is being made t" buy tcod nnd other
articles In thai manner.
A meeti
held Tm -
eif th
curling iliih win
nc to clccl  shlpi
nl   in     tin
following ships being appointed: A
i'. Bowness, ei. Unearth, T. M. Roberts,
0. Leitch, I,. Clapp, 11 i'. Eakln, A. .1.
Balment, ii. E. Howard, .1. Ii Henderson, F. Topmnn, ll. Tisdale, A. s.
Ward. Th.' iliih has dispensed witli
:i caretaker this - nson. nnd tho teen
ill in
■ .lull prop,
good shape tier
hns been mil1
is hoped tee e,*-
nlzi il nml mi a
further delay.
II   .Ini,II  Allllllll-
Harshaw, Moth, Smith, I
man mn! .1. .Martin
Tim  Ladle -  i en
tin- Methodist i'l.i,ii I
jnyiili]. evi nlng al tin    "in.  ol    their
ti .i' In i   Mrs. A   Slater    :, 1 leui eday
' vcuing lnsl wh- ii .iiu. il :. members
nml ti,- nn   ",-hll -I □ ev< nlng
in   garni -   nni   pb asm ir
Song, were conti I      . ird
Mr    Mi sseugor and Re,    I 'ms Key-
worth.   Tin- guthe ring wa
opportunity  for   [it lo    tin'
pastor n beautiful club hag n   n inui t.
nl the leralitnili nml loving i ■!<■ Ill tlle
. lass hold fur bim. Mrs. Christian,
Um President ol thc cla . read mi ud-
elre-ss nml .Mi.-.- Manning made Uu
presentation. Thr cluss also showed
ils deop appreciation of the i fforts nnd
sacrifice nf tholr teacher, Mis. a. Slater hy presenting In r with a box nl'
real Irish linen hnndkcrehl is trim
rnrd with Irish crochet. Both th.. recipients made brief and appropriate acknowledgement eel Um gifts. Rotrosh-
nii'iits of a very dainty nml toothsome
character wore then partaken ot by
nil nml aftor n hearty vole nl thanks
.n tin- host nml hostess He- company
ellspe-rsn.l after Blnglug "111, I. be tin'
Tlo Hint Binds."
(From tin- Creston  Review)
Jamea Jl.iiin.-rin.. aud i. miiy, Sirdar,
spcul   tllr   I'hi-Min;     liolldu)     ..ill
frlenda ul Cranbrook
Harry (Illl nl' Crnnbroi
Un- Christmas vacation li
of MRSter Ai'ilini- Sit il.
Miss Krimi Huyd :i
Christmas holidays wil
.1. M. Crookstou, a foi
tin' local hank, now i
spent Sin.duy witii i'i-.
ll.- remarked thnt as '
Cranbrook Creston npi
enjoying nlmosi Florida
Quito u large dolegotl
Inilimis were al ' ri ■ hr
Principal re paj
Interest puvabi
e'lie-<pie- ,fr,,-..: i .
the- rute eef tie',  ;.. r
Holders of ihis slu
al pur ninl accrue
iiu-iit .it nnv allolme-nl n
Cnnadn otlm than     1
.Int.- security.
I'll,,...Is ,,■■ tl
A commisieioi	
lo recognised leonel anil
respect ofappiiruiioi
i'ur applinil ... • ■     ■.  M
Finance, i iitawie
OCTOBER : s   '
nil!', mil
i'r Is
il   will
lu   l<<
Rev. 1
. E. Pow n!
i:i set!
ii has been
1 Modcratoi
nf  K
ns Church
during t
V '.'• ■:'■;
iy  It, V. Mill. \t  Sllll-
il.ie   will
occupy tbe
i1..' rl in
i.i. .ml.
\\|e   I M 111    I IIIIMl    Mi.Ill
Till III  (I II II
(mod ici;
Son nn   Tlekols snini
prl,',- a    I- fore
Warner and McKay
I'Miim: iik
When   liain  Cleans  ji.  It's   i! mn.
Phone I r.7.
Whether i: has be en tl -  go il re so-
Vear or what il
. |    ■        cannol   . fuel
i.i.u then hns
-    . .     .-     ...
kol ■.'.'   ly nil
rho weather week
I win! very mil.I. bright
nml sunny without being sloppj  Here's
:     .v.  maj have a fi w '■
in,- same brand t" help the winter
Th.' Vital Statistic,   ror Cranbrook
ror iln- y< rn- r.'t'i Bbow i rerj
nu: ratio .1' ii arly four births '
di tl in *. n* th.' same. The following ar els' figures: births 161,
mnrrlngi - t'. 'I' nll     I
wedding nn No« e oar   riaj win n Mi
: ,,.,i. ol this i Itj ee.i   innrrled lo Mr
vloori  sixth   mi nt Mrs  I    u
in. Moore 11 I'" rn ii Av. .  Tl	
■!■   to ■ the home nf lhc
it itlu i     Only Intimate
Ml, ml-. Wl re I'll s. ni mn! Ml nml MrB
I.',m,ml Btai led fl    will
ltd hoi tl - Ai''" tillnral
 i: .ni T la) evening next, nl
li   I-   i' e hall    li Is inui,,ilnnl
there In- ii gnud nttendnnee as Ihlt Is
i |, i opjtortunltj in comple le the
returns and forward in Vh lorln in the
ovcnl of o failure in gel a meeting nnd
,'hil   nllht'ls  il   WOllld   Innnll   thnt     nil
grant would lm made this yonr by th"
Tim Christmas Tree nml Entertain-
i>i,i,l nf lin- Baptisl Sunday School
was lie-lei nn Thursday last ami proved
tn in- u most enjoyable homey ami In-
Z formal affair. Tin- Sunday Si-honl
scholars, big and llttlo acquitted tluin-
s.-lves splendidly, uml presents nf
candy wore distributed from Um tne.
: Everyone prosent enjoyed thomsolveB
tn tin- fulle-sl dogrOC.
'     The- sum nr *fl llllll net Wns e-eallzi'd
Sealed I Lis will In- reeen-lvee' by by tho St. John Ambulni Association
lhc Mlnlstor nf Lands met later thnn   |rora uio sab- nf tickets I'm- t loll
Tc", tor tho° %^£l^\%\~** ™ -etm ul Un- Mas. 'ad,-
Ki-l, tu cut 1,600,000 fm i nf morohnnt- """ "" Ncw v™r'8 <>'*"'•   ""' As""-
lililn liinli.-t ill nri-ii adjoining S. L.  clatloll  wishes In thank Mrs. Miige-e*
■Skil ,
Unit I.. 'ir.til.Nr Peavlne Crook, Kool
nay Dlstrlot. Two ci> yours will be
lleewuii    inr    removal    nf   tlmbor
Furthi-r particulars of lhe Chief
orostor, Vlctarin, It. ('. ur liistrle.i
feer her kindness in making tho olothos
fnr Hn- llllll, WhiCll  wns llrOSSOll tie ri-
prosonl u ln-lil,*. nml also Mr  Harold
Hreewn, whu made n Bland In display It
oresler, Cratihrunli, II. O. 4h It' e"i.
following tor acting ns j idge - al the
Masquerade Unit mi January 1st: Mr-.
C. R. Ward and Mrs. .1 ]i. McBrldo.
Messrs T. II Kny. F. A Robson uml .1.
u ii. nd, rson Tl r> also wish (o thank
Tlm e'r.,1 ■ Drugs i: "di ci K. I'.
\: ffi ■ y Bros.. I. It. Manning
1.1.1. W B. McFarlane, 1' r.n'hs i- Co.,
Little -*-■ Atchlsoo, Norman nml Keith
VV tlii , D uiglas Flnnls,
irummond nml Mv.- Mnlone, tor
assisting in various ways lo help make
•:i, dan,, i,: . su, - ■ Tl ..nl.. are
nl-n due Mr  C   R. Ward mi 1 Mr. X. A,
■cr tor "lliiii mn! colle, ting
■ r e door.
\ romi lime ntoi -  banqtu t will   be
tendored to Hon. Dr, .1  11  King, Jan-
■ : .  i :  obroi    Hotol,  tn
,     ..■ ■■ *   li •■ may 1"
obtained trom .ne nl I ti committee
m- trom Hi" Secretary, Mr E, tl McPhee 'll:-' banquet Is in bc non-polt-
II nd representative nf Ihe i ntlro
bi im: n cognised Hint
in K i~ nm tin representative nf
nni- politli il partj or faction bul re-
pn ki nu ■ ■ district Tin re undoubtedly will is ;, big iti in nni for tickets,
mnl ns Un- number is limited tin.si- who
desire  in li.   present  si hi obtain
their tickets ni once. Tlm citizen'!
committee whicli hus tin- matter   in
hand i* compo 1 nf tho   following:
Me i- W A Nisbet. I. Clapp, T. M.
Roborts, e .1. Little, u .1 McCreery,
I  Fink, I'  \  Robson, \ B, McDonald,
I'   11   Mi I'll. ■ . X   lliillsnn
Thoro wus u large congregntion
pri ' nt ii i*n ix I'- ibyterlan church
Sunday qvenlng i" hear Rev. .Mr.
'I'ln,in mi's I'ni'cwi'll sii'iiinii. Mr. Thiilll-
nn in...li i'i fen nee to tin- splendid
shape In which Uu- work nf tin- church
wns left nl tin' present ii  and ,'x-
tended henrtlesl thanks t" Um congregation, auxllllnry societies, choir, elti-
/.i-iis nml others fm- th,- kindness nnd
assistance i lered tn himself nnd
Mrs. Thomson during his four nml a
half yenrs' Btay 111 Uu* city. He* wns
pleased In lm able In sny thnl lm wns
mil leaving becauso of friction In the'
church bin felt Unit someone else
might b.- nble tn do hotter work thnn
In- could, lie asked the loyalty nnd
dovotlon nf the* congregation feer his
successor and expressed his heartfelt
sorrow at leaving the church nnil city.
Tin- orchestra aided very materially
in tin- musical part eef tin- evening's
service mnl 11 is hopi .1 lhal all effort
win P.- made tn retain Un- orchestra
us n permanent purl nf Um choir,
Tin- r ml services nvor lhe Into
Nurse Pnrkor win. moi hor donth in sn
tragic n mnnnor nn Christmas Day.
woro observed ul tlio Mcthodlsl Church
me Saturday Inst, tin- pastor Rev. Thus.
Kiywnriii olliciatlng. Tin- service was
nttondod by iiuuiy Bympatliotlo citizens
us well us ley the- alslci nursOB whu at"
li'teelcil In uniform.   Tlm service wns
fnr    l
Is quite
They i
Xew Venrs. nil lin
stocked witli blscti
"big eaten, ■'
Mr> .\V. Johnson
Kiti-llene-r.   wns take
nt   Cranbrook   on
lidaj villi
• royally mi
being well
c .   Inr   the
tppendlcitls shortly after hei ar Ivnl,
nnd latesl word re eived i m ll." ef-
feci that -lm i- recovering ni' - ly Tlm
ease was so urgonl that n speclul trnin
hod tn I,,- secured to take ler tn Cranbrook.
Till i:\k\t in mi: s*: win
"East Lynne,"\V. II. Sin mr n's his
production, wliicl, comes in Um Auditorium Tlu-ieiri- mi Saturday, Jan. litb,
combines all those elements that appeal tn nll the liusses of theatre Kn-
ers. Ii runs ihe gamut of humun
emotion comedy, pathos uml Intense
heart Intorcsl mnl is rightly called
Uu- greatest emotional drama ever
This beautiful story uf life in nlet
England has mndo thousand, weep
atul laugh and is a play that will live
forever lu tin- hearts nf the public
when ull (ethers un- forgotten.
Tlm same excellent ent Hint presented "Kick In" lure ur, with   "East
2c per word for first week, uud lc per
word for each week after.
I.ytine" ami Mr. Sherman promises a
complote scenic equipment ami mi
nil round scenic production.
As In- has always fulfilled his promises iu the past, we see- no reason lie
dnubt llllll now when he slates "Fast
Lyniio"  is  mil- nf tile  hest,  If  nni   lhe
I,est. attractions he has ever offered
Um I'mi;,,linn  puhlic.
Reservations may In, secured nl
I Altll IIK Til INKS
W. u Bardgett of tin- Cranbrook
Dairy, wishes to thank ull his former
pntrons uml customers fnr tlii'lr loynl
supporl during his many yours it,
business in this city, nud in bespeak
fnr his succossor, Mr. II. A. Amcrmnn
nf Uu- Cranbrook Butter Co., u con-
Uniiancn uf their traile and patronnge
Wil], I,est wishes I'm success ami
prosperity during tlm year 11117.
w. II. Bardgott.
Ottnwn, Dec ill.- Temperance workers say that the movement fnr Do,
minion wide prohibition is gathering
force. Arrangements ur,- being made
I'm- 11,e visit to Ottawa toward the
i nil nf January eef a deputation from
two nr three thousand strung tu nslt
he government tu bring Dominion
wiete prohibition legislation Into force
before the end of tlle session, lt is
said thai many of Um temperance pen
lite   arc   confident   Unit   they   will   I,
successful Iii llieir efforts to make
Canada dry from the Atluntie to tl"'
Pacific. Failing this tliey expect as
■I compromise to see the* power of the
provinces increased see that they muy
ui future prohibit the importation nr
manufacture uf liquor. This could bc
brought about hy Imperial legislation
delegating in the provinces powers
which now belong tn the Dominion
under lhe provisions of the British
North America act.
and Good Luck!"
"Thank you for the wishes and for
r-.ra   9
The Flavour Lasts
This great little pick-me-up
is full of vigour and vim for
the jaded soldier. Quenches
thirst, allays fatigue, gives
new life to enervated spirits.
mtiDE ih cannon
"Bluod will tell." Blotches and
blemishes, like murder, will
out, unless the blood is kept
pure. Its purity is restored and
protected by the faithful use of
Worth a Guinea a Box
Dimtiua, nl Social ValaaleWaa,,aa,a.ll\Coyta
Said „<rrwka„.  la baa*,, 25 caatfc
Every letter or parcel
for your soldier friend
should contain a ilav
bars. Appetite, digestion and spirits are
the better for it.
Sold Everywhere
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., Ltd.,
Wrigley llldu., Toronto
The Flavour Lastn!
'     CH E A , s G CjU M ritX'S
'CHEWING GUMr      g
\3   M*mZ&AWkmWm\Wm\W
£r*YJ *KTJ.'-X*a*-Jui:
run   SALE— Enamel    Bed   in**!
pr!ngs, tu good condition, will cell
cheap. Inquire at Herald Ofllcj or
limit: IS. 47-tf.
LOST Small mild na.rli. Net ween
liaiitist Church and Po»i Oilli i, Flndoi
r.'tuni tn Herald offli i. reward     5?-lt
WANTED   A girl for (leitcml I *•<••
wnrli    Apply Mrs. (i  \V. Patmore, 131
Ponwlch Avo .".'.-li
;i ('(nut of Revision and Appeal, under tin* provisions of the "Taxation
Ait" and tin1 "Public Schools Act" re-
Bpectlng the assessment rolls of tin*
Fori Steele Assossmcnt Idstrlct for
tlu* year 1917, will bo held at the Gov-
ornment Offlce, fernie, B. »'.. on Mnn-
day, Hi-' 29th day of January. 1917, at
ui o'clock in tlw forenoon; ami at tin*
Govornmenl Offlce, ut Cranbrook, B. C.
on Wednesday, the Slat day of January, mi?, ni lit o'clock in the forenoon,
hated at Cranbrook, B, C., December 21st, Ifllfi.
Judge of the Court of
~,'l-:<\. Revision and Appeal.
Do Vou Raise Poultry?
li So,  I rj
Hums Famous Ideal Poultry Food
A -Hire Winner
Worth  it-- weight in gold for Egg lJrodnttion
I-.".:.' .....   .'.".'.  "\.«
(••Mill L'ciu'i'iil sorvnnl wanted*
Apply l'. o. Bn\ 64, Cranbrook, or
phone :mk. 63-lt
EASY MOXEY imyhm i'ur animals
for mo, no experience needed. Writ.'
now for particulars, M. P. Mnsauere,
1)2*117 Hamilton st Spokane, Wosli.5231
ON ItOI'MiVia l.lM: near Grand
Foriis. Bawmil, full running order now,
complete every way. Electric IIrIiI
plant. Logs delivered mil!. Winter
tlmo %') per M. $-lf>00, IcrmB suit rifflit
tmrtv.    Rox ^7  Ii. Herald. -ir.-:!t
well 1916, Five Pai enger touring ear
in Ilrst elaKH condition, electric Hnlits
and starter, extra tire never In en used,
extra tiro cover, :";ii covers mnl other
extra equipment, enr run lesa than
1300 miles owner leaving I'm- stales.
Price J7r.n cash. Address corrospon-
Uoncd to V. B. DIvora, Waldo, ll (.', r,;iit*
PUBIC NOTICK is hereby Riven to
tlie el.'ctors of the Municipality of
Cranbrook. that 1 require tho presence
of the said electors at the Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, Cranbronh
II ('. on thc 8th day of January. 1917,
at twelve o'clock noon lone o'clock
City time), for tlie purpose of electing
persons to represent them in the Municipal Council as Mayor. Aldermen and
School Trustees.
Tin* mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows:-
Tito candidates shall be nominated
in wriiiiiR; the writing Kl.nl) be tub
scribed by two voters of the muni-
clpallty as proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivered to the Returning
Officer at any time between the date
of   the   notice  an-i   two   pin.   (3   pin.
city time) of the day of nomination;
the said writing may be In the form
numbered r. in the Schedule of this
Act, und bliall state tbe iiuincH. resilience, nml m > npatinii nr ricKrriptlon
of eaeh peraoi
ner ;■.- to Identifj
in   the  ,-','. IU   nf  ;i   ; f)ll   i
such  t all   Will   I"
day of Jai
Building, Not irni y Avenu
15. C . i,!'  V. '.j.      ,  .
requlri n  to  taki   notlei
himself ai eordingly.
Qualiffi   tloi
;nns qualified to      i
>d i
II age of i       '■   ■■
.-.   ■ ;
of i lieen
Ipal ;
■ ■   :   ii.
I dollai
.:■[■■: . ;
nd ■ ■
ih a municipal     ■
'■■ v   for  Aldi 11'.
•i tc if rum.in..■( . for
i' 'i  a-   Aldermen  of a  city
i uch   i or i.u i as un* mah
i ■       '.i   iiu   mil  ago of
ie years, ami who are tf>< dl
under  any   law,  and  have
;. xi preceed*
a Uie regis-
i.;,t:ii Registry
real propi rty in tha
d villi", un th.* last
nl    roll,   uf fiv**
dn .J   dollai     or  more  over  and
ivo   any   n     ter <\   Judgment   or
i otherwise duly
mut        ; voters.
Qtialificatii ;.    i .   S< liool Trustees.
/ ,■ British siibject of
twent; -one yearB ac-
e 'li^trict, and
\ months t.ext
date of nomination the
i  In thi Land it-'Kistry
I >' :     nd or r. a] property in the
Dl trlcl  of the asfesflod
' -   ' -■ i   municipal aBreHs-
ol flvi   I undred ilollars or
.i!.(| .lien,,   any r> cistered
Ml baing otber-
tallfied to vol    i| an olectlon of
:iiil Bchool dls-
"   I      all be ellglbli to he elected or
.■   ■   .    cl ml trui tee in sueh
■    dl trlcl
nivi n under my hand ;>i Cranl rook
II I  , iii . 27th -I l) nf December, 1'JIH.
Thos. M. Robarta.
■ ' -'t Roturnlni orffc»r. PAGE FOL'I!
THURSDAY, JAN, till m 17
lll'V l.OHI
E, No. 18
Jf^O^*jg!v^    Monday ulslt't
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially Invited.
E. H.
McPHEE,        S. FYLES,
Cranbrook, It. ('.
Meets every Tuesday at S p.m. In
tlio Fraternity HaU
R. 0. Carr, C. C.
P. dc Vere Hunt, K. 11. & S.
P. 0. Unx 022
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
u\ i:
Meets  il
1,1,  ii
ill second
Tuesday c
t e
et-y montii at 8
p. in.
to   British
E. Y. Urale
J. 1-
. Lower,
lly Invited.
The Sluee- Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters Feer all kinds of
'ii*-, - ■     -*„i'!LVJ     Soiti
ItPr/siiNiM'     "   II in A mi's
IMS iM     .
_ — Lllll....       •
Licensed ley  Provincial Govommont.
Cottage hospital
Terms Jlodornlo]  I'lcasanl  Situation
and well oqul|i|iciI.   Write lor l"i«s-
Iieolus   lee
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
I'. 0. II'im -*l.'e Tcleplione SSD
Hospital Address, 240 Garden Avo.
him;ini. Air.
Certificate ol Improvements
Mispah Mineral claim, situate in tin*
iirl Steele Mining Division nf Keieito-
ay  District.    Wlioro  Locatod:    On
.ark Crook, al t tw * miles evest of
TAKK NOTIe E Ilia Elgin B, Junes,
roo Miner's Certlfc te No, B10786,
it, nils, sixty days fr,.m tlie eliilei here
f. tee apply to tin Mi inu Recorder for
Certificate e,r Improvements, fur tbo
urpose of obtaining e Crown (Irai.t of
utiove claim, and further take notice-
ltat action under section sr,. must be
omraenced before tlie Issuance nf
nch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated tliis 1st day of D miner A. D.
816. 4S-9t.
ii'iiii:i! sw.t: xo. 7ii7.
Barristers, Ele.
IY. V. (luril ll. J. Spreull
I ItAMIUOOK,   11. C.
Physicians nnd Surgeons
Ollice  at   residence,   Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 :o   4 00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
Illl. 1'. It. MILES
Olllco In Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
I Mi; 11 Mi: ICE
R. Rundolpli Bruce, C.E., F.R.U.S.,
left New Years Day tc spend tho
balance ot the winter in the Old country.
Mr. W. A. Lang, who for nion- than
a year has been Qovernment agent
and Stlpendary Magistrate I'or tlie
district wltli headquarters at Wilmer
lias tendered li is resignation and evill
Join the Publicity Brunch of tin- Federal Department of Agriculture to
take up work in connection wltli the
Experimental Farm braucli. Mrs. Lang
left here nu New Years lo visit frie-lids
in her late- lioniie iu tlie okanaitan anil
will later lie Joined by Mr Lang at
Victoria from where they proceed tie
their new homo at Ottawa, Ontario.
Christinas and New Years seasons
passed off quietly. Tin- old custom of
Uu- men paying calls ou New Years
day being much iu evidence,
Miilciiiif, i.U General Nursing
tlnrden Ave.
Terns on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phono 859 P. O. Boi 845
Civil und Mining Engineers
II. C. Land Surveyors
I nilerlnker
llaj I'lione 2311, Nlgllt I'hoie 35
Norbury Ave, next lo City Hall
Phono III 1'- O. llox 33
Professor eef Music
Studio: Kill Armstrong Ave.
Unlit. Frame, Prop.
Pi-anil Bread, lakes, Pies
anil Pastry
Plione 37
Norbury Ave.       Opp  City Hail
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send It to
Special urices tor faniiiv
Forwarding  and  Distributing
Agent for
I.ellilirldge Coal
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
DniyiiiL' mnl Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phono 03
Professional Maternity Norse
Apply-Box  8,  Creston, B. C.
or .Mrs. Tisdalo's Cranbrook.
General Merchant
Em ploy ment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Plione 244
Spokane, Washington
tin: hotel with a
TIl.H   lion so   lius    tho
happy distinction of he*
lng tin? favorite stopping place In Spokane
for tlie people of British
i olumbla We appreciate
tliis patronage and do
everything in our power
to make you comfortable.
Onr location Is excellent —
cioao to Great Northern Station
und n w. it. A N.—Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
houses ami places of amusement.
See Steamshln on Roof
Sealed tenders will bo received by
the Milliliter iii' Lands not later than I	
noon riii tbo 20th tiny nf December,
1010, for the purchase of Licence No. ! DR. De VAN'S FRENCH PILLS tu-t
707, to cut 8,12*1 cords o( .luck  Pine aulaUnjr Wllfor Wumen   *■',« box or three for
Mine Props, on nu area adlulnhiK Lot [J* •"•*1 "" ""'K atorwi, or m«llfd iomij
706, Aldridge, Kootenay District.  Ona i", ,Hta"tilnr.'...'V\V\\,H< "_     "
n year will bo allowed for removal Pllf.S'M.OW)!  P-AR *V1PN    R^tori-i
ot tlmbor.   Further particulars of the {,""? nunUL . IK .Vir.N.   vi,	
Chief   Forester.   Victoria,   I!    C,   or .V-lu'-l*-"''.'T..uirVw.;,,\. - iK,', IE'JK&mJ
District Forester, i'ranliniok. il. ('. two f-»r (     i ir    *■       ,.f  .,■*,„,* ,in r ,-,'n
., .. nf prin    in,..-,., i,. dhuoCo fit, OtUitrlflM
10  ,l- ti,!,,.-,,
Mrs. G, Shlpman and children spent
Christmas wltli her parents, Mr, and
Mrs. Dryden at Waldo.
Hans Lund nunc iu ou Monday from
tho Parry Creek Gold Fields to spend
Christmas at Ids home town..
J. \v. liiiTonl. Mnnagor, Selkirk Mining Co., who spent the Christmas holidays at his homo in Spokane, returned
to tho Park Mine on  Friday.
Goldls Hodgson and .lames Angus
are visiting with tin* former's people
ut Cavlev, Alta.
The Misses May and Herilia liarclny
of Cranbrook spent Christmas Day
with tlieir mother here.
Mr. and Mrs. Vanderhacgho of Kimberley. Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Hawkes,
Mr. and Mrs. (J. James, and Mr. J.
Miller -were the quests of Mrs. E,
Bidder and sons at tlie Lottie Lake
during the holidays.
Jack Llttlo of Wycliffe Bpent Christmas In town.
Mr. and Mrs .A. O. James returned
on Sunday from Wasa where they
furnished tlie music for tho Christmas
Mrs, A. Mellor und son Earl, are
spending Christmas with roletlvos nt
Edmonton, Alta.
Mr. nnd Mrs. l.uiidin entertained on
tiie Sacred day Mr. and Mrs. Herchmer
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson, brothers L. and
A. Johnson, A. Hall, H. C. Lund, and
others When u merry time was spent,
Wallace Bidder of the culinary department, Sulliva Mine, came in om
Friday to spend a few days with relatives here,
A   very   successful   children's   concert and Christmas tree was given or
the 22nd.   There was a lengthy pro
gram well carried out, with Mr. Lwnd-
con ln the chair.   A vote of thanks wai
passed to Miss Handley and Mrs. Dick
son, who so very kindly gave of their
time and loving though)  in  the eat
and training or thc children,  The coi
cert closed  with tlie singing of tl;
National Anthem.   .Santa Claus (Impersonated by Mr. Wm. Bartholomew
then made his appearance through th
doorway.    He was soon amongst th
children   Inviting the  boys  to com
and help hlm train new reindeers as
those he had were old and so delayed
the journey.    Santa Clans  then   distributed    the    presents, which wor
much    appreciated hy the    children
after whicli refreshments, provided bj
the ladles of Marysville, were served
Mrs. V. S. Divers is slowly recovering Trom an attack of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Backs spent several
days visiting In Cranbrook last week,
Lorne Joyce, accountant with thc
Rock Creek Lumber Company spent
several days last week visiting in Kd
mon ton.
Miss Bon, who lias been teaching
school at flagstone for a considerable
time, hns resigned her position.
F. Bullock, better known as "Happy
Hooligan", pulled out last week for
pastures now.
The Rock Creek Lumber Company's
Mill at Flagstone has resumed operations again after having lieen idle for
several duys on account of broken
Two of our citizens who were spending Christmas at an outside point iu
some unaccountable manner managed
to step {»ff the iraln nt tho wrong
station on the way back home, and
were left stranded miles from uny
where with tin* thermometer hovering around thirty degrees below. Nevertheless, coming home late is no
doubt the mother of invention.
A gentleman of ttie wandering fraternity blew into town one duy last
week and endeavored to Impress upon
iih the fact thnt he was a real live
tqugh guy. He* claimed to have been
the successful perpetrator of several
sensational bank hold-ups in Alberto
ami also had u wonderful lust for
blood, having killed more men Hum
be could remember about, lie said
be had Just knocked the I, out of
Elko, and was nlso going to knock
the L oui of Waldo.   He startod In
to display his wares at tin- Waldo Hotel, hut before he bad i*c  very far
with his demonstration Bomoone Bap-
pod   llllll   Wlttl   tile   BOfl   end   of  il   2x4
which completely knocked the I. mn
of him and terminated hi** tough car*
oer In this burg.
Harry Purler and Kd. Williamson,
of th,. 896th Battalion at Now Westminster, spent Christmas witli frlenda
In town.
Miss Rachel Ma.hhn. Btenographor
with the Baker Lumber Compnny, resigned her position with thai firm this
Game Warden A, A. Ward was »
Waldo visitor last week end in an
olllclal  capacity.
A. J Joule, .1. P., of Baynes Uke
returned home last week afler spending several weeks nt the Coast holidaying
Mr. Herman Heuderlcks left for
Wbitefish. Mont., thin week.
Miss Edwards, late of Baynes Lake,
Is now serving in the capacity of o
Nurse with the British Rod Crosi In
Miss Kate Bell was a visitor to the
PlttBburg of Canada Tuesday.
Constable (ionium nnd wlfo of Klko
Wore Waldo visitors Ibis week.
Jack  White, an  oh)  resident    of
Waldo,  who  went  to  the front  with
the 54th, bus beeu Invalided home. He
was lilt in the groin with some shrap*
I nel at Ypres,   He expects ta Bpond n
I few days hero and will then go   lo
I the Coast for three months treatment .
Bill Bernard, Hn* popular conductor!
nn the (l. N. wishes ua lo record i
fact Hint lie Is now uble to wear Iii   '
normal Blto of il hut.   Mill says in    i
hunting Is a "bird" for nm-**, nml c*
tends nu Invitation to the   Creston |
(link li> spent MVerol days nexl fail
Constable Dryden went lo Newgate
tliis week and rounded up a lumber-
Jack who was parading around tin-
place nuked, believing himself to bo
the Ante-Christ. Ho was taken to
Fernie, und from there will be sent
to the Bughoimo at New Westminster.
.Monsieur Fenwick seems to be daily
adding to his list of multlferous du.
ties. His latest addition Is Skipper
and Coxswain on the water wagon at
Upper Waldu.
The residents at Ross' Mill gave a
Now Year's Party on Tuesday afternoon to the children of Baynea Lake,
Upper and Lower Waldo. Refreshments were served throughout the
afternoon and each child received u
nice present of candies and fruit. In
the evening the older folks were entertained io u supper and dance, which
was thoroughly enjoyed to the limit
by all present.
pi:i{tjm:nt  koiaiiks
hv tin: i aimi clerk
ni' Indies! io runner. Rancher,   |
Agriculturist ami (Miters.
tt —■— tt
The following letter we hope will
Inaugurate a fortnightly practice of
giving some matter of Interest to farmers unci stockmen, the future matter
will bo in lhe way mainly of a digest nf
some leading discussion on farm mat-
tors from the Agricultural Press, a
precis of experimental results from
up-to-date bulletins, aud comments on
matters of current agricultural interest. We have chosen as editor for ihis
department a local man who has given
n good deal of study to the broader
aspects of farming as well as having
sinni' local experleec and hope
this department will be appreciated.
It is especially for the matter "Farm
Clerk" will cull from important and
valuable sources not usually coming
into (lie range of every farmer tliat we
hope the benefit will be derived.
Mr. Editor:- In conversation witli
one or two members of tlie local
Farmer's Institute | understand that
at tin annual election of officers the
total number of members present wns
barely enough to form a quorum and
outside iiu* retiring directorate one
lone member appeared. More recently
at the last monthly meeting whicli
doses tin* financial year and at which
should be presented the retiring President's address and review of tin* lust
year's work, tin* Sec. Treasurer's report and tin* Auditor's report, only
four members were present, thus preventing any meeting. I would like to
ask the local farmers, and not they
alone hut tlie many others whose interests are bound up witli theirs, what
is Hie reason of tiiis? Last year I was
present and a inrge meeting was held.
a considerable number of business
men attending and evincing an active
interest in the business of the Institute
and at tliat meeting was Inaugurated
llie work Hint lias since resulted in the
establishment of tho Cranbrook
Creamery, a concern that Is already
creating a decided and much needed
change in our local ngricuUnre nnd
that will lie increasingly advantageous to us nll as time goes on. The
farmers must not imagine that now
this has been accomplished there is
no further use for tbe Institute, there
ure many more worlds to conquer.
By an active spirit of co-operation und
by tliat only will such things be done.
Consider, now for the first time we
liave luul firmly settled in tho saddle
a Minister of Agriculture who lias not
had first to give tlie major part of bis
time and attention to the Finance
portfolio, wiio also since the days of
Captain Tatlow, is tbe first who has
in tlie general opinion of the farmers
or il. ('., been on both tin* business and
the sentimental side of his nature,
really in sympathy wltli the farmers
and last and most important, who is
able fully, from personal experience,
to enter into all the details of our
daily life with the Intimacy that comes
only io hlm who has with bis own
bauds done tlu- actual work of pioneering ami later of real farming on
llie results or that pioneer work.
This is an opportunity to present
our needs witli solid support behind
them. No longer does it fall on Mr.
Scotl to ad as a Borl of interpreter
between real farmers and a minister
wiio was a stranger to their needs,
their work, yes almost lo llieir very
language, Today the minister will
grasp as full au appreciation of our
ws and iiims us his capable deputy,
uredly to tiie greater usefulness of
the department,
Tiiere are scores of changes needed.
I.* t ii- L'et busy and while for the snk<-
nf much noeded economy we must noi
demand heavy expenditure, thoro nre
In every thinking farmer's mind opportunities of Improvemcnl that will
in the aggregate change mightily our
position Iii the country. What ubout
the need for legislative declaration to
give hgal status to our rights of free
range? What about tlle need of one
r two amendments to the Agricultural Credits Act? What about n
formal impressment on tlie new gov-
rnment of Hie fact that the farmers of
H. C. and of this district arc demand
lug a more economical system of expenditure of public roads moneys?
What about getting the jump on this
weed Inspection business early in tin*;
season and so avoid the deplorable
mess of hist year, due to the fault of
everyone who meddled with it but j
the man who finally, weeks too late,
was sent out to clean up a Job big
enough even if started In time to occupy throe men? Whnt about a voto|
of approval or the principal of Agricultural Credits and n rider to the
offect Hint another appropriation for
samo Is going lo he seriously noeded
very shortly? Whnt l» our tuni-ium
mi (lie Idea of agricultural ngontfl us
local advisers In thc different districts?
Pre Inventory  Clearance  Sale
Our annual inventory takes place on the first of Fefc=
ruary. We wish to clear out all odds and erds of stock by
that date to reduce quantity as well as to make room for spring
We may say that we have purchased direct from New
York and are assured of delivery, the largest and most beautiful assortment of dress materials we have ever seen.
Only  a small number lelt.
Going at $6.85-
Evening Silk Dresses
Worth regular up lo $28.00,
to clear at $6 65.
Th.*--,- ur,- H'lirlli Mine- (or Um Mnloi'lul
There are a number of other lines on which great savings can be made and it will pay you to call and see them.
Vour Mime) lliick
ii (jmills hit mil us
And more, all ni importance, including the one of getting enough people
to tiie Pair Association meeting on
,)iin. Utli, to hold up the* hands of those
who nre trying to keep that Institution
United action is tlu- only need. Imt
the need Is great just now If eve keep
the home fires hunting, We- have lost
a number eif our live wires, it Is not
every year a man like A. II. Webb cun
lie not to pull us together and coach
us into line, nor enn wi* always get an
11. T. Williams to address our meetings
or crowd ilo- business session along
like a live tiling instead of ll half dead
gathering. Hut there is not a man in
line district hut nm spend em hour oi
l-vii each montll to help the rest, and
if wo get in ou timo, sbovo tin- routine
through wiili dispatch, liave a short
purer and a live discussion on it nnd
oath chip In to keep it sharp and to
tli» point we- will all bo better off and
llie- direetorate will with such backing
,".-, 1 like- deling something to mak'* a
showing. Thero is tulk of asking the
U. V. A. Ill to organize It. V. if we
can't keep lhe* Institute alive wi- an*
not capable of keeping up ii local nf
"The United Farmers of II. ('." Think
it over unselfishly. Don't ask the
officers to show all tlle unselfishness.
Come to tlu- January meeting and
bring a bright Ideu, If yoll can't eome
send the Idea anyway. Yours truly,
(Continued freeiu page one1)
:-itm offered by tin- formation of the
British-Italian Corporation uiul tho
I'liiniuiguiu Italo-Brltanlcn and to join
fon-es witli tin- Knglish financiers for
advancement eer Canadian   enterprise
In Italy,   Tliis Ims 1 » done by the
Canadian llunk ,,r Commerce, which
according to tlio Monetary Times, hns
m-iiulri el nn Interest In tlie British Italian Corporation.
I .,-1 ns now suppose thut some city
in Italy calls fur the harnessing or j
somo gre-ut wuter power for the pur-!
pose uf providing energy for   street j
eurs. lighting, heating or manufacture
the- work lu In- paid fur on completion
by debentures on tin- property, plant
nnd operating profits.   Suppose, fur-1
thor, ;i Canadian company, nr individual, nhb' Iii handle tlio contract, theyj
gee tee the Canadian Hunk nf Commoreo i
which deals with tho transaction in,
might lin- Qerman linnk.-r, ley ndvanc
tug Hn- nori'ssnry money, and, when
tho evork Is completed, Ink™ Hie debentures nml sells thorn in Hn* Canadian Investors, Gaming, probably, hrst
iiu* Intorost on the Inun. unel secondly
mi tho sale nt Hn- ili-li.'tiin-s nr bonds
nf ihe Italian city.   Here Hie Canadian contractor becomes the point nf
Hn* Canadian business Instrument, tlio
llunk 1 eellli'S Ilia slmft llllll the  On-
January 6
W. B. SHKRMAN presents
the greatest of all English emotional
All special sct'iicrj mnl olcctrlcnl effects.
This is a piny everyone should sec,
Hi'scrve ymir senls enily nl Hpiillk'-Miir'iliy's
PRICES"=$i oo, 75c  and  50c
minimi tho force and powor tlmt |
wings iiu' whnU- tor the benefit of
the empire in gon oral ami of Canndn
in particular.
The crcMlii for this I'nonnonsly Important development, wlilch wc may
■J op on il will In* Um fruitful mother of
many another like development, bo-
longs to Mr. John Aird. Un- general |
manager of tin* Canadian -Rank of
Commerce who completed all the nr-
mngements nnd clt-tatls while in I-on-
don last Bummer,
That snob n flnanrlnl ayslpm worlts
satisfactorily has boon proved by many
yonra of most prnflhiblc (*xnrric*n(c
by Mm German bankers and finnncicrp.
Thero iipp™™ no reason why a similar
line ennnnt be minuted In romird lo
nnr Krenl 1101110 Industries and llie
development of nnr huge r-'Honrcps
In raw material of wealth, which are
being fiowly starved Into the bands of
Ibc Americans for want of unlive capital tn develop them.
Pastor, Itev. Thos, Keyworth
Organist, Prof, Chas, F\ Nidd.
Bon s cm Sunday at tlio usual
hour.-: ,f tl 11.111. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday
school unci iiduli class nt '.', p.m.
Mr, it. li. Cairns, Into prlclpal of
Coqalcetza Institute nnd now Govern*
ment. School Inspector in oxpectod to
tako lhe inornlriK service while the
pastor will conduct tlie evening service.
At the clOBO of tlm ovonlng service
ttie sacrament of tlio Lord's Supper
will lie administered to which nll mem-
hers and visiting Christian people* are
cordially invited.
/ Far Immediate overse,™ service!
Pay $1.10 a day and upward*.
Free Kit.    Separation allow*
ance, $20.00 monthly.
Apply neareat Naval Recruit*
ing Station or Dept. of tbe
Naval Service, OTTAWA
Trappers, Farmers.
It iloca not I'l'si ymi nnyllilna t"
een yonr t'ni-s.   ISxpresa tliem to n.i
ovor n $6.00 valuation.   Wo niiikee
yeeu nnr offer
AMI  1101,11 VOI It  11 ItS
fnr your reply, returning tliem
If not purcltasod.   Try ns
Iii  lliislnoss Since  1888
Send for Prloo Met.
Bpoolnl price pnld ror Dnrk Martin
Mackay & Dippie
218 Nlh A veil lie, l'al|riiry, Alia.


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