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Cranbrook Herald Feb 14, 1918

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THURSDAY,  FEB,   14lli.  1918
The annual parochial ten and entertainment was held in tho Christ
Church Parish Hall on Monday evening with an attendant of woll over
two hundred.
Tho ladloa ol iiu- Church had pro
vided an oxcellonl ropasl and with
Hie tocollcction of |ii'i'v!iins occaatons
nf a similar nature, the lablo nccomo
liattou |Jrovod Inadequate for Liu
crowd which had nttondetl in da .in-
tie« to tho k I thinga pr
tin1 ladles who acted oa
wore kopl busy from sis
ttl eight.
Tho second pari of th
menl tnoli tin' form of n ■
performers being [irlnclp
ol King Bdward'a School.
Miss Itallamoro gave
solus in a pleasing and off
nor The Misses l-nt'rlrla
and Margin rite Caven
Hit'.'.' dances an.) were i
caiii occasion, their "Parr
being especially won received
Master Dies Spurway demo
con! lot rabla ability In o recti
"Our Baby," All iiir sonss b>
pupils of King Bdwaird's School
rendered in oxcellcnt Btylo. Ti-
dtonce were particularly pleased
half-a-dozen small girls who
"If no (-ne ever marriee me," and
Singing Lesson." by the Senior pi
Dancing commerced al the ront
slou of the concert, and brought I
termination one of Ihe most succt
fill en tor tain men t.s (riven In tlie I'm
Gilt 10
Jeiileimnt   John   WIlSOO
ust been coin-
Intelllgenoe I
ted. tu  Mr.
,'lded, ami
■rln.U    llll
The adjourneil annual meeting ol
Cranbrook and District Branch of The
Canadian Patriotic Fund will be held
in the City Hall, to-morrow. Friday
evening at 8.30.
Reports for 191" will he presented
il. Phillips ot an() tne election of officers for the
ensuing year will take placi..
The Patriotic Fund has been tiie
subject ol considerable discussion
throughout the Dominion during the
pasl few months.
The i.nicer-, of tho Cranbrook
branch trusl thai their subscribers
will not foci that they have discharged their obligations to tbe dependents
nf those who arc serving si the
. Front, by contributing to the fund.
Is bolng bul win consider it a patriotic duty to
"1 be, attend this meeting bo that they may
Mel It
city, ol the death in action of
i naiit John Wilson, formerly of
iiy and member ot the staff ol
th.' local branch of The Canadian
Batik of Commerce,
In honor of the deceased The Great
V, ar Veterans Association have arranged i.. hold a memorial servlct In
Tin Molhodlsi Church, next Sunday,
or which church, Lieut. Wilson was an
(lateemc-d udhorenl while he resided
in   this   city      Special   llillsii
arranged toe and tin  addro
delivered by Lha pastor, th
Koyworth,    The   service   will   com-   ;iml discuss plans for the future.
meuco al 7.80 inn ,    Ladles are cordially Invited to al
Lieut, Wilson will ho well and hap-, x>>w<\ ,jl(, meeting,
inly remenborod by a host of poopls
The monthly meeting of the Cran-
iriok Farmers' Institute was held ai
the City Hall on Saturday nfurnoon
last. President B. H, McPliee occupied tbe chair and there were twenty
four members In attendance.
Considerable correspond) ace wtu
presented by Secretary A B, Smith,
and several matters ol Importance
were discussed
The prices of bran and shores have
been fixed by the Food Control Department al $8*1 00 and J3P.30 tor
*'oast poluts, the figures for tills district being slightly lower in consequence   nf   shorter   haul    reducing
Hov, Thos. I iaarn wi,at |mH been done In the past I freight chargei
~"    agent of the Canadian Kxplos
i   at Nelson will visit this dis
The Directors of the Cranbrook Agricultural Association are getting
away to ;■ good start for the Annual
Fall Fair to be held about the middle
of September nexl Their firm meeting after the Annual General Meeting
was held in the Secretary's office In
the city Hall on Wednesday evening
the Oth Inst., and was attended by all
the directors with the exception of two
who were unavoidably absenl
Tlie rirsl order ol business was the
ett ctlon of officers for the current
year which resulted as follows;
President, Di  .1  W Rutledge
Vice-President, Mr w  0. Worden.
2nd Vice-President, Mr. W, H. WI1-
H»wIfrm tffam mty*m nWjfte* wd\frm*4fm ■«^fc—i^frig
/*<' -■■■;/*
0 ll
iii n.
in  whom li
p.. lhe hoi,
sold tlinl in
OF IHE |0DEi»="^"^.""
Ul     IIIL   I1U1U1L1   stay at Brainsliott. England, I
With the annual meeting held on
Friday afernoon in tl"-1 Council Chamber, the Kuekanook Chapter, I. D. D.
R, closed a very successful year's
work, due not only to the efforts of
Us members but to the splendid financial support given by the citizens (o
the different appeals mad i.
The meeting was well attended the
Regent, -Mrs. Leslie, presiding, five
new members signed the roll. Communications were wad from Mr. ft.
T. Williams enclosing cheque for
$105 15 betas proc»ods ot the i arform-
nncc of "Green Stockings" given t>>
the Cranhrook Amateur Dramatic Co.,
under the Chapter's auspices for the
benefit of the I. O. D. E. Home for
unclaimed children at Halifax; also
cheque for $20.00 for the chapters
Red Cross Work A letter from Red
Cross headquarters thanking the
Chapter for generous assistance and
enclosing official receipt for consignment of hospital supplies, >■ ■ al o
Reports of committees show d thai
112 pairs of pyjamas, 3 trelchcr caps
and "it pairs of socks had been made
during the month and supplies
amounting to (203 60 had bi pn pur
Tli.' Annual Reports were tli i
en. extracts from which follow:
The year began with 64 on the roll,
.ti have been elected to lhe membership during iiu  year, a number have
been    losl    by    reimu ll.
membership being B2
The  efforts  ot   iho  -    ,,
been principally confined to the
urgent needs nf the Red Cro
and making of Boldlet    i on fi rt
pounds of jam of various kind
always evinced a tine
nd a strong r-hnractcr
• ol our city it may i o
li.i et of tin yo i if, ne ii
with whom he associated i.i Cranbrook are now in khaki and In active
service for ihe King,
Perhaps bis closest friend was Lieut.
Speery Phillips who is at present at
home on sick furlough, it is hoped
that Lieut. Phillips may take some
part in the memorial service.
From information available Jthe following facts may he interesting:
Arriving in Crnnbrook from Fnnis-
klllen( Ireland, In the spring of 1013,
he joined the staff of tbe Canadian,
Bank of Commerce and held an honored position there from May of that I
year until tho time of his enlistment
In the 54th Battalion In August, 1815.
Afti r  a   short   stay   of  two  and   a
If mouths in training at Vernon be
brief j
he went I
to Ireland. Tnking a course there lie I
gained his commission and was Immediately assigned to a regiment of
the famous Irish Puslleers and was
soon in the fighting line in France.
This rapid advance was all made
within a year, for It was in 1010 that I
be was wounded and returned to Ireland to convalesce. Regaining his;
strength, he rejoined tbe active service and Mfiit to Salonika. This is
the la-i definite word concerning his
location, (or the news of his death
does not state where It occured. It
is suspected however thai hi was
posslblj with the forces in Mesopotamia at tbe time he whs killed.
ll is lo lie regretted that men of
.-neb calibre and promise as Lieut
Wilson have lo fall. Bul lu counted
it worth while and we dare not put
any less value upon his sacrifice than
hf did upon the object to be achieved,
even at the cost of his life,
Tbe sympathy of the ClUtens of
Cranbrook will surely go out to the
parents of Lieut Wilson who are
still alive and residing in Ennlsktllen,
Ireland The date of his death Is
given ob December Mist and he was
nuoul 21 years of age
trici early in April to give a demonstration in the handling of powder.
Further particulars will be announced later,
The authorities are anxious that all
heifer calves likely   tn   make   good
Executive Board, Messrs. J p Fink,
i; .1. Si.r.'ull, I. It. Manning. T. N. Par-
rett, F. M. MacPherson, F. 11. Dexall,
E. T. Cooper, and A. It. Smith,
Honorary Vice-Presidents Baynes'
11. Griffith, S.
dairy cows should be brought lo mat-! uk,': Preu* Adolpli
uritv.    Anyone having calves of this  J< M,11T0W-
: description but unable to arrange for,    Bul1 Hiv,,,': K,i   Home, O, F  Pown-
| raising same should write to ibe Live, il"- W* Schadd.
Stock Commissioner at Victoria.        '    Cherry Creek: Peter Woods,
.     It   is possible thai  some arrange- j    Creston: C. F. Hayes. Walter Jack-
i ment may be made for supply of seed  Bon' r °   Rogers, .las. Compton, It
I grain, though the experience or   the , s  Bevan- ,[ s McCreath, B. C. Qlbbs
Government iu connection with seed      Blko: Prod Roo, Chns. Kltngensmlth
i grain supplied a few years ago was      l?orl Steele: It  i., T. Oalbraltb. Al
The regular monthly unlet ing of
the City Council was held on Monday
evening with the May * and Aldermen MacKinnon, Eakin, Shankland.
Genest and MacPherson In attendance.
A resolution of condolence with Mr.
anil Mrs. MacPherson in their recent
bereavement waa passed and the City i ,       . .■ --,.      -
,   , ' 'not such as to encourage further ef-
t'lerk instructed  to  forward a letter'      ,    ,        .,. ,. ~.   „
: tort along this line.    There  are, un-
expresslng the sympathy of the Conn-  , , ,       ,
1 : tortiinately, a   large number of notes
given for grain In 1014 still unpaid
throughout the Province, if assistance  is  to be  given   this year  some
j steps  will have to be taken  io  pro
tect thi- government agolnsl a Crop of
I had debts.
The auditor's reporl. prepared    by
Mi. A   L. McDermot was presented
! and adopted. The balance shoal show-
  imall deficit al the end of HUT
but against this the  Institute has   n
The Estimate of Expenses submitted
by the Board of School Trustees was;
iref erred   to   tlie   Finance   Commit tec
Messrs, E. H. McPliee and H. White!
urged upon the Council the advantages of a Public Park aud the matter;
Loltch, F, Dcroslo
J. K.
Cram, H. s. Gam-
D. McEachern, II.
referred to
or-1 '
good asset In th
The  following  nccotmts
dered to In1 paid:
B. II. U Attree 	
Beattie-Mur.phy Co	
City TrnllHttir  	
Cranbrook Rush & Door Co.
Cranbrook Agency 	
W. II. Cullln 	
Cranbrook Meat Market
Cranbrook Electric Light (
Kootenay Telephone Lines
Little Si   Atchison   	
Ira Manning Ltd., 	
J.  Manning	
A. i. McDermol 	
.,   li   McBrldc  	
T. N. Pnrrott 	
P.  I'nrts ii  Co	
Payrolls City Officials ...
Mire Dept	
city  Engineer   	
T. M. lioborts 	
1. I' Sullivan 	
sundry cnsli Payments
Toronto Stamp Works ....
A oomplete record of the registered
owners of all property in thp City of
Cranbrook  together  with  ;i   list   ol
registered chargos is to be kept ut      Th,.   rcguinr   monllil:
the City Office; arrangements tire be-1 ti,p Cranbrook Retail Merchan
Eng made with the District Registrar| elation wns held In tli
in   \i>1si,ii  whereby all charges will
be reported to the City from time to
r re
59 57!,y Purchased
"?.f>";    Th" city ''
165,00] detire that arrangemruta lie mad,.
that will prevent cattle from roaming
the streets of the city. Messrs. ,1. A.
McDonald and A. It. smlih wero appointed to wait upon the cumuli lu
this connection.
A letti'r is being senl lo tho Hon.
IU. Kiiie and Hon. John Oliver asking
int action hf taken so thai stockmen
- legally entitled to turn cattle on.
t range.
:-:ite District Institutes are belns
-.....-. irined in the Province, earii or whfcn
.315.501 nl! appoint on» member of tlip Dfi-
289.101 vi-ni; board t .t will take up will.
199.50 ■■ vow-rumen matters of an .igri
2019.11 ul ' ral chara '•:•.
25.00 j
35.75 |
Doyle, Wm, Cnrlln, ,1 II. Hayes.
Invermero:   tj.   12   Parham,  n.
Ilruco, .1. c. Stockdaie.
Jaffray: ,
Geo. tl. .lev
hie, .1. It \v
w. Drew.
Klngsgate:   ll. L. Sin,
Marysvllle;  P. Handle
ni'it. iiin Keor
Moylo;  ,1. Taylor, M. .
A. Home.
Waldo; c. li. McN'abh, II. H, Itnss
A. M. Beattie.
Wartlni r; C, M. Pennock, B. .1. John
Wasa;   Harry   Barr,   Roy   Ileeiitel
A. .1. .Miller.
E. Walts.
.1   V   Pitts
It.   I<ilil|i-
Staples, It.
J. Hani
Edwards,   B.   I..
Steve Clark. L.
.1. Tu.
1550. MEET
donated to the Oversen i
A boil;.,' to hOHSG ii>n\,
for th,. Hed fn. - worh
March also in Octobei
was collected \ card
Julj netrd ?103 30; pn
lecture by I anl Hen
Othor donations receipt*
mentft are nppcndi d In
fin in la]   tntemcnl.
Tho follow inn h   Hip
il luring the j't ar:
D30 Suite "( i yjamns
f ■■ :-■ I i Trustee
ai monthly meeting
h. all being nfesenl
i   n ■   mi'ilals are to h*
the   High   School   and   the
I avc   aslti il to .ni.mn n plan aa H
1 .'1 .iwai'diilK them.
■ ii i,       \, i iiints   were  preBenti d
>•   .>. , i i aid .i- lollows
ivi i ■    n i< '■ ■ n   Salaries   	
Vll dl   ll   Health  lUTiee'r	
1   ■  .'. ,
S^ei rotarj    ..
i'. ttt ■ Murphy  t'o,   .
Crnnbrook Cartage & Transfer
Crnnbrooh Drug a Booh Co,,
i Itj   Pransfer & Warehousi
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.,
■ 'rnnbroolt Sash R  Door C'n
i ll * nl i 'ranbroos
i oriiii, Coal & Coke Co
r work  i'   P. u .
j aiipin
^^^^^^ nut pnlrn of  w   KUb)
hockn!   134 hot  water bottle cavern,   Kootenay Tolephone Linen
x   )i»lf>  extra   ii mi -.   ill   personal   Irn  Manning Ltd .
properly bags   ?0 streti lici i apt    i11   Mi Cr
hclplost ■ hlrtt . S i onvnb n enl '"'"' ;   J, li
•is triangular bandage , :, qntlls for
llolglnn Relief
lli'i', i|it     Dalancc In Rank $137.82;
Engineer reported
rdered tor
)f the City Hall on F'rlday. February
Sth at S.I10 p.m. Tin attendance was
not quite as large as usual owing to
three other meetings being hold in
tin- t'ity Hall the same evening. The
Secretary read a communication from
F J. CorUy, Secretary of the British
Columbia Provincial Board Retail
Merchants Association of Canada In
reforence to the approaching visit of
a   Provincial   Organizer.    The  object
■11 US
nnd disburse
iletnll  In " i
There won six thaw>outs during
the month, five of them being hydrants on which tho steam boiler was
used, the other, the Post Office block,
b.iiiK thawed with the electric mach-.
in. proved that tbe frost was on tho 1 o' this vIal1 wmil(- be ,0 obt'lin ,he
treet     All hydrants on  Baker Street; affiliation of all merchants with the
135.00| WPro insporloll ;m(1 Bjven ;i wf,rming Provincial  Organization and thereby
up witb the use of the machines.       ! secure closer co-operation of all the
. I --nA--niiat.iB of ii, c,, ;tnd great'-r consolidation "f the Association,
Another   communication   from   Mr.
„_  t'orley was read dealing with the pro-
at  posed  Amendments  to
Half  Holiday Act."
k*     The first Amendmi nl
,,i 50
in ;,ll
l'ii or.
lib the use of the machine:
The wattT supply at the nam went I merchant
down until Ihere was no wastage du>
1   think   to  people  letting  their  tap
run to avoid frost, at  present, h—
over,  there  is  a   slight   overflow
Ho- gnt.'v
There art   one or two minor It
appearing at
hydrants which can-
_   not very well bo "remedied until spring
9 no
nl. till
trlbutlous for Prisoners in
■ir.; proceeds of March i mvass. ?r.r.fi.-
66; garden party. |130.30; proceeds of
lecture, .*::!'..Mi; proceeds of October
canvass, %'<lX> 71; special donations
and monthly collections, $4Su.ii: proceeds of entertainment in aid nf st
Duns tans, $85.65; proceeds of "Green
Stockings" performance, Jiu'i.ij');
contribution Kenneth Green's
ran, 12.48; Total, $2402.05.
i,'i\   Broa..
McUrlde 7.75
P  Parks & i'o . 2.76
The   Secretary   was   instructed   to
make nn Inventory of tho book*; pur-
; '"," I     con    i ha   il   ror  tin   School   Library  and
thai   a   list   of   same   bo   placed   in   a
conspicuous place at the school
The Schools are to lie medically
Inspected as soon as possible.
The supervision nl the school children by the teachers during recess
and lunch hours Is to be enforced.
Storm doors arc to he placed at
the South Ward School and olln'r
hild-   necessary   repairs  done,
The  Chairman  and  Secretary are
uu jail fern
r,n| walks si
A'as In refer-
once to suspending the Weekly Half
Holiday In  weeks In  which another
Legal Holiday occured,
Thp other Amendment was in refer-
to having  the Act  cover unor-
n|(|i d   with   ashes
ends as fol-
IVnrki and Side Walks
Under Mr. Hassle's supervision the
ompleted   and   the   eni
t  icey gonlMd districts.
places, Section  7  of lli
Sewers j lows:
•sal  works has      "This Act shall nol apply to unor-
incnt Intervals Snnlzed Districts;  Provided however,
that the Li< ulenani-Onvernnr in Council nmy. If ho sees fit. appoint d day
In  each   week  during  the  year or  a
be observed as
average   dls|
been  inspected  at   fr
and maintained in good repair,
A. H. DeWoIf,
Acting City Engln
, u , i norlion of lhe vear to be observed as
An  Inventor, of Ikt Royal  Hot    portion
decided  that   nn   effort   be  mad'
to dispose nf same.
n'ltl.lNti notls
and   upon   such   day  being
provisions of this Act shall
,    respect    of   BUCll   shop   or
Provincial  Government   for  the]
Disbursements—Rent, $65.00; donn-'to
Ion lo Navy League, $26.10; donation   tli
to British Hed Cross, $100.00; dona- ptirchaso of tho St, Mary's School with
tion to V. M. C, A.. $6.00; nihcellnn-  Ibe Hon. Dr. King. Minister of
eons,  $45.42;   donation   to   Prisoners j Work:
of War Broad Fund, $m,m\ paid for     On
ftcd GroHH materials. $1601.02; Sash  Wllso
K:  Door  for   packing  cases,  %%M\   take
fixed til
apply   i
As    the    Lieutenant-Governor    In
Council had appointed a day for unor-
had for; ganl/ed Districts it wns deemed advisable    to    recommend    these    two
Intended to
ommiinlcat on
id Controller  was read
hirh will
During the past ten days there has
hern no curling in our rink ns thin
  California  weather  we
talu   up the matter of n grant by I thai  spnoe. of time has played—cen
ored   with the ice,   Lasi night, how- Amendments to the Government
ver, M "tightened" up a little and a the resolution Conim
Ibllc   very enjoyable time  wns spent  by a ' act ncrordmgly.
!-                                                    few enthusiasts who had heen care-      A   very   rnipor'm'
motion  Trusiees  Manning and   fully   watching/the   hnrmnoter   nnd ' from lb
i, Mr. Shields will be asked tn   were ready to take any advantage of seeking the aid of this organization
-  the   supervision   of  the  South   n colder turn to the weailior lu an endeavor to Impress upon the
donation  to St,  Dttnstnns  Hostel  for   Ward  Kootenay Orchard Schools and,     This afternoon, Wednesday, we ex- public  the dire noods of our empire
Blind, $85,65;  per capita taxes, f'-e--,  that salaries, be left as they are until i peet W. F. Cameron will show E. H. and our Allies and tin- vital urgency
etc., $31.52;  various snuill accounts, tho end of the term.   The motion onr-j MoPhoo'B rink a few Bonspiel shots of every effort being put forth by nil, her many friends for the many kind*
|88.10;  balance   nn    hand,   $309.78;' fled with Trustee Henderson oppos-  Imported from the Cnlgiury spiel which in Canada tu meet the present sltua-1 uoases shown to herself and children
Total, 11402.06. tn«. ' to Imt (tatabtd. (CoaUnued  on  pai* 1»ui) during bar rereat nteeu.
Yahk: S. .1. McCartney, A. L. Bnrn-
hardt, B. .1. Riley.
It was a very enthusiastic meeting
1 and nil are determined on bending
. -.very effort to make the Fair of 1918
! one that will go down in history as
! the biggest event ever pulled off in
1 the interior of P. C.
Secretary McDermo t spoke very
optimistically of the prospects of the
success of the Fair and stated that
he was determined to reach the two
i thousand mark thi- year in entries
and With the personnel of the present
Poard of Directors to back him up-
■ In-  felt  that  tin; lask  would be  eom-
meetlng  of  paratlvely an easy one
Asso Mr. (■   -J   Spreull, on - of our   new
Court Boom j Directors, who is taking a very keen
Intoreal In the affairs of tin As-iocla-
Hon, stated that as the assistance o!
the ladies was always one of the great i
factors in the success of any enterprise be would suggest the appoint-
menl of tin following ladies ns Patronesses of tbe Cranbrook Agrlcul-
tural Association Pall Fair and the
appointments were accordingly made.
Victoria, it. C„ .Mrs. J, H. King,
Crnnbrook, Mrs   J. r.  Leslie, Mrs.)
W. It. McFarlan-. Miss A. McLennan.,
Waldo: Mrs. C. It. McNab.
Kimbcrley: Mrs. Harry Gamble.
Paynes Lake:   Mr>   Fred Adnlph.
Wycllffe:   Mrs    K.  L, Staples.
Fort Steele: Mrs H I.. T, Galbralth.
Mrs.  F. G, Cann
Jaffray:   Mrs.   A   K.   Leltch.
Cresloir   Mrs   C. V   Hayes. Mrs   W
V, Jackson.
Wardner: Mrs, T. J. Moore
Mrs. Norman McClure, Mrs   Lyman
ii   was suggested that the following
Committees be appointed:
Finance. Member chip, Prlzr List, j
Transportation and Advertising, sports;
and Attractions, Grounds and Build*
Ing, Subscription, Mining
The naming of lhe personel   nf the-n-
Committee; was left to ihe President
nd Secretary,
Mr   \V   i:   NVordon itnted thai Mr.
Pi ttt Wood- was endeavoring to organize a Stock Breeders' Association
and was desirous of enlisting the cooperation of the members of the Association who might be interested.
Mr   J,  P,  Fink suggested that   the
banking otticials be enterviewed   with
the object of obtaining special prizes
for Hog Biiising by tbe School Child-
■ ren abing ibe same lines as was offcr-
I ed by them last year.
There were many other siigg*
nnd recommendations made
be taken  up hy the various CO
tees as soon as appointed
Tho meeting adjourned lo tl
of tbe president.
New Spring
Stocks  are
Now Complete
Our Prices are as low
as Quality will Allow
Al, SHUKS. .1. T. HKI.I.'s ,V
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Store
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to sre this picture at
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co.omuTiYK  hki.iyhiy
In Kerrcbert, Saskatchewan* 11
smallish country town, the Co-operative Systeci of Delivery is announced
tn be ii huge succ us. Special deliveries have by tliis system been
entirely eliminated. Hoods are do-
llvered at stated intervals and anyone;
who is not satisfied with the arrangement may lug home tlieir own pair-
Much money Is thereby saved by the
merchants and Incidentally their j
patrons by cutting down delivery expense,
why is nol this system adopted in |
The question of the High cost of,
LlvlnR is nol yet solved
tbe Cranhrook chestnut! out of the
fire. The object wns that Creston
should moot Cranbrook fairly and
squarely and agree to have the route
Crnnbrook- Creston - Kusknnook und
transfer to Bultour by the C, P. R.
steamers examined side hy side with
the St .Mary Valley route and let the
belter one in adopted. The enormous
confidence of the Creston people In
thei-r own route is shown by the tact
that all over their district, especially
around Erlekson, their cross-roads
arc literally plastered with notice
boards bearing the inscription:- Pacific Highway; 5 miles to Creston: or
"Intornatlonal Highway, ln miles to
Creston." If wo adopt their opinion
tbe matter is concluded, there is no
more ui bo said upon the matter.
Possibly they are right, and certainly
If they can eliminate the St. Mary
Valley route by proving conclusively
tin route is the better business
; ropo Itlon, then thei'r notice boards
will lie more than justified and it will
I.i ho nearly Impossible to reals! their
argument th:
At)  Heen   From  tho Gallery
By One Of The gods.
llll 111. HAkKICY
ihi. Frame, i'n>i>.
limiil, Cukes, Pies
nmi Pastry
Phono 37
Ave.       Oln>  Clly Hsll
Meets   in
Maple Hall second
Tuesday o
f every month at 8
p. m.
in open   to   British
members   cordially
E. Y. Brake.        J. P. Lower,
it.              Secretary
Meets In tbe
Parish Hall
firHt Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 'A p.m.
Pros., Mrs. W.
B, McFarlane.
Seey. Mra. J. W. Burton, P. 0. Box 621.
All ladies cordially Invited.
Ion Review objects tu tho
I Ht-ioluPon of the Cranbrook Hoard
of 'I'm i with reference to I he proposed Transcontinental Highway.
This s but natural, we could nat
expci i 11 ther the "Review" -i t r
Creston Board of Trade to uidorse a
Tcsolm on which appoars to thorn to
be inimical to their own interests
anil n i one will hear that enterprising
town any ill will by reason of thtlr
Cranbrook is merely requesting
that the route of the St. Mary River
bjt thoroughly Investigated by the
Government before a decision is
reached. If, after that Investigation,
the Creston Route is considered the
better, Cranbrook will bow to tlie decision gracefully, as we doubt not
Creston will do In the reverse caee,
Creston cannot blame Cranhrook
for tooting its own horn hi a matter
of some Importance to this District
and besides we believe We can deliver
tile Roods.
Civil nnd Mining Knglneers
It, ('. Land Surveyors
.Mine Examinations and Reports
.1. L. PA UK EK
Mining Engineer
208-209    Herald  Fig,,   Calgary,
and Elko,  U. C.
If vou  want satisfaction
with vour washipa
send it to
V .  I.AI'MJh
■" lal orlces for family
OHAS. 8   L'AltKEB
Forwarding und  Distributing
Agent for
Lfflthridge uml GreenhlU foal
Imperial till Co,
Distrbution Cars a Specialty.
Braying and TrniisK-rring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 63
Drs. Green & MacKinnon
Physicians and Surgeons
Office  at   residence, Armstrong
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 .o 4.00
Evenings  7.30 to 8.30
Sundays   2.30 to 4.30
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction (iunnwleed
Headquarters for nil kinds of
iih) Phone mt Night I'hoio !W
Norbury Ave, next to City Hall
2011 .Metro],.ililan  llhlg.,
Van ('Oliver
Day  Phone, Seymour -1402
Night Phone   Fairmount  3010
Head   Office,  818  lllhhrn-Hone
ItuiidhiK. Victoria, it. ('.
Phbne ■'■-i-
M out unit Ki-stniirant
Hoali at All Hours
Cigars- Cigarettes and Candy
,)piinnlt« the Bank of Commerce
(Special to the Herald)
Tho spectacular event of the season in B. C's gay capital, the opening
of the legislature, was witnessed by
a great multitude of people on Thursday afternoon, February "th. Long
before 3 o'clock, tbe hour anouueed
for the opening, the galleries were
filled to overflowing. Those who had
the honor of occupying a seat on the
floor of tbe chamber needed not to
come early to avoid tho rush, but
the fuss aud feathers, broadcloth and
patenl leathers began to arrive nt
I!.:i0 and soon all Heats were occupied.
The members filed in nt 3 and when
the Lieutenant-Governor arrived oven
may us well hack i standing room was ut a premium.
them, li t and soul, in their canton-       A   largo   nuinlier  of  those  present
ii,,n , wore of the newly enfranchised hox
Cranbrook wishes to maintain the end some of these were mothers who
mosi friendly relations with Creaton, brought their babies with them for
and all Cranbrook suggests Is the bud- lllt'lr flrKt lessons in politics,
mission of the two routes to the test Mra. Ralph Smith's entrance was
of unprejudiced, Independent opinion U"0 ^'R'11-1 for an ovation. She is a
and a declaration in favor of the bet- ,ParagOn of perfection in the eyes of
ter route founded on that examination, the fair sex and her fellow-women
Fur cranbrook wt can say that they "re looking to her to int'roduce legls-
Wlll buck Creston to have the Creston   -*Hon    and    pilot    it    successfully
route examined lu detail ami they ask.
fairly   enough,  an   equal   amount   of
fair play from the Creston people in
regard to the St. Malry Valley line.
It   Is  true that  the   latter involves
through the house without any serious
Tlie hands of the clock slowly moved on until they indicated the hour
of three fifteen when Sir Frank Barn-
Before the war England received
approximately 1,400,000 long tons ot
sugar per annum from Germany and
neighboring sources. Frnnce produced about 750,000 long tons of beet sugar and exported 50,000 tons. The
French production In 1917 fell to 210,-
000 long tons. Before tlie war Italy
produced about 210,000 long tons and
imported almost none.
Cranbrook, B. C.
UeetB every Tuesday at 8 p.m. tn
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
C. H. Collins, K. R. & S.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend.
In replying to the burgomaster oil
Hamburg Em,peror William declared'
■hni the victory of Oermans Anns!
must be recognised; which means!
a victory which would enable
Germany to achieve the object fori
which she drew the sword, to
rule tbe world by the power of i
the sword, to trample those nations
who dare oppose her will, even as'
Belgium was trampled.
The cause for which the Allies art
fighting was never more clearly de-1
fined, and the challenge to the democracies of the world is accepted,
and there can be no peace until Germany is taught the great lesson that
the Will of the People musi be Plip-
reme, that the Peace for which we,
aro fighting must he a clean and j
Ipi-ting peace haced on fot-nJatlons
.if international ju.-.I'ce.
The struggle fo" the vindication '.f'
these principles w-ll be glustly, Hit j
sacrifices appalling hut for the se-J
curlty of the present and future gen-;
(unions the struggle must l#3 faced,
Germany are about to play thtlr
last card, and if Democracy is faithful to Its principles and firm In its
determination to op-pose autocracy,
with its united strength, the outcome
is assured and the sacrifices will nol
have been in vain.
the construction of 50 miles of new ard, the Lieutenant-Governor arrived,
road, but it raises the very vital ques- accompanied by his bodyguatrd. He
lion as to whether it is practicable, proceeded with dignified and measur-
havlng regard to space and generally step, preceded by the Sergeant-at-
freighf accomodation, to transfer mo-1 Arms, to take his sent in the Sneakier cars from Kuskanook to Balfour  er's chair.
on the C. P. R. steamers, especially If At this stage a peculiar custom
there be three or four to be handled; prevails. The Lieutenant-Governor
on each trip? Another question that 18 informed that the Speaker has not!
might be asked is. would the C. P. R. j yet been elected and it will be neces-
undertake the sorvicc at all. and if it j eary fotr His Honor to retire until this
did whal would it cost the motorist j necessary duty has been performed. \
to have the transfer made? Some one' The legislature has not been neglect-
has suggested that tbe Dominion Gov- ful of its duty, although it would ap-
ernment might pay the transfer, pear so to the uninitiated, it is but a
cha'rges, but we would like to see the j part of the performance, and enables
inside of the mind of the Minister of I Hie Honotr with hlg richly brocaded
Finance when that proposition is sub-1 Prince Albert, heavily hung with gj'd
mltted to him. lace, to make a doil'e entrant 'o
 —    — : the- d< !<iht of the multitude of on-
Emperor William has set the date I lnukers'
for his entrv into Paris. Evidently Mr Johl- K«n. member for Ktslo,
the old proverb about counting ones j •*"'■ fVnm>' sneaker ■■■ the last ses-
chtckens did not originate in Germany. 1 bion- WM etef,|eu t(1 * rv<- as Speaker
Kaiser Bill and bis prophesies will fa tl:e Present term. Arise and
soon be regarded as a joke by his sub |
We are tu accord with Mr. Frank
Mood-, tin- operator of the Roaednle
Mine, not because be prefers the open
shop, but because he lefueea to negotiate with a body of men, 90 per
cent, of whom are enemy alien;-.
It is bad enough tc liavo tlief'
aliens roaming the country at large,
but when they tie up the industrial
machinery of the country, it is surely
time to step in and place them where
they belong.
If these Germans and Austrlans attempted the saire tactics In their own
country, they would he told to work
or be shot.
The proper place for all enemy
aliens who repudiate the undertakings of their Union leaders is in the
internment Camp and if their labor
Is    essential,    it   should    he    utilized
under armed escort.
If the condition at Drumheller he
tolerated we may expect to see the
Industries of the country at the mercy
of ignorant alien enemies who, for all
we know, are lu the dlrecl pay of tho
I. W. W. who are known to be in receipt of German propaganda funds.
The suggestion of some officials of the
Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' Association inighi well be adopied. They
pointed out ihat our white labor is
now nt tlie front receiving $1,10 a
day, to make liberty a certainty foi
every bobunk in Canada, Why
not forcibly compel these aliens
to work in the basic Industries of the
country at $1.10 and turn over the
difference between that sum and the
$4.00 a day they nre getting to the
Red Cross. There never was n practical, or any other response to that
most fair .proposition.
The Koelnische Volks Zeitung sayi
the sinking of the Tuscan in must unfailingly dampen the spirit of Americans.
The Germans are either poor psychologists or they aire catching at a
straw to bolster up their drooping
The annual report of the Kuskanook
Chapter of lhe I. O. D, E. is evidence
of the valuable work being performed
by  tliis   splendid  organization.
Tlie greater the support, the greater
the work,
Support the I. 0. D, E, every dollar
is well expended
The "Creston Review" says "When
anyone enquires as to which is the
worst town in the Koolenuys, invariably Cranbrook Is awarded the palm."
That's a bit tough on Cranbrook j of four ln one year—three boys and a
after being on our good behaviour for | girl, They are all in the eyes of the
so long and il is evident the "Review" opposition leader a husky looking
is out of touch with conditions here,    bunch who are expected to show both
Even the Rev. Mr. Shearer could | speed and skill in tbe political arena,
reside in Crnnbrook these days with-j • * *
out blushing. The  Hon   Premier  can  hardly  be
 , expected to be bo well pleased. He lost
'    Thirty editors of tbe leading Jour-8" four ^tactions. a11 these things
nals  in Germany waited on  Hinden- \ an' Rfa nat 1,im and lir* brin*In* his
■ burg some time ago and told him there j «W "lain down iu sorrow to a politl-
I would be no more food in the Father-   cal( *"""■   How <-ili il ■»«■•»•   » is
land   by   the  month  of  May.    WaB  whispered among the gods that   the
■ Hindy   downhearted?    No.     "Forget   firyt' *mnui amI third C6Mfl0 Wfla ~
, it," said he to them.   -I'll he in Paris  P«»'aaUliaUon.   The elections should
■ by April."   This is another of those! not lu,ve beei1 lleferrod'   MasU"ly in'
the  Kaiser  made i luMlvily ls not -'I'1-rociated; it gets on
I el us keen  tllc' nem'x'   Rapidity of action would
. .. ......   have been a great asset for the gov-
n ey(. on the date all the same—just ;        . .
ernment.    Unless they speed up they
may prepare for a speedy fall.
salute the First Commoner of the.
rrnvlr.ee. Hon. John Keen, fn- he la
On the Lieutenant-Governor's return he read the speech from the
throne, not so voluminous a document
as the speech .presented at the opening of the 1917 session, but indicating
a good deal of important legislation.
Tbe Government Is not quite so
sure this year as It was a year ago
that It is the special child of providence and destined to be the saviour
of the country from the ruthless exploiter of its natural resources.
The speech having been rend, the
Introduction of the new members who
were elected at the recent bye-elections were presented, standing committees appointed and the House adjourned until Monday, Februnry 11th
at 2M in tlu afternoon.
• * *
It was a proud day for Hon. W. J.
Bowser, who looked with pleasure
upon his growing family—an increase
"moveable   l'ensts"
an ass of himself over.
for the chance of nibbing il In,
Premier Lloyd George refuses to \
veal decisions reached hy the Supine War Council because by so doing
0 enemy would get just ihe informa-
ui thoy want.
it is unfortunate that the bunch of'
illtlcal dunderheads who nre trying
create u rumpus nver Ibis display]
natural sagacliy are permitted Lo
al large.
They   musi   he   either   lunatics   or'
All power to Lloyd George.
The Creston Review of the Sth hist,
deals editorially with ttie recent resolution of the Cranhrook Bonrd of
Trado In relation to the St. Mary Val-
loy—Office Camp-—Kootenay Bay-
Balfour route to Nelson. It Is suggested that hy sending n copy of that
resolution to the Review an endeavor
waa made to luduco Creiton to pull
1900-The Kaiser to ihe German
i troops embarking on the Boxer ex-
1 pedltion:
"If you  meet the enemy  you will
- defeat him, give no quarter, make no
' prisoners;  let whoever falls iu your
: hands be doomed.   Just ns a thousand
, years ago tbe Huns, under their king
Kizel.  made  for  themselves  a  name,
which  to this day Is a mighty one
in tradition, so may your appearance
make the name German bo feared for
a thousand years In China, so never
j again   will   a  Chinese  dare  to  look
; askance at any German"
1917—Germans in Shanghai ordered
by Chinese commissioners of foreign
affairs to register twice a month at
tho Chinese police station in the Native City or at his yatnen In Bubling
Well Road.
The first woman legislator, Mrs.
Ralph Smith, M.P.P., to be introduced
to tbe Speaker, has taken hor stand
as an Independent, This may be taken ns an intimation that the women of
the Province have decided to form no
entangling alliances with existing political parties. Mrs. Smith was presented wilh a large and beautiful bouquet of red and white carnations as
she look her seat after being introduced to tbe House by the Speaker.
* • *
Mr. J. II. Hawtborntbwalte, the So-
delist member for Newcastle, is an
old acquaintance, He Is well Informed and a powerful debater, but his
viewpoint on most public questions
is not at all the popular one. If his
views were as popular as his way of
presenting them are attractive and
entertaining, they would command
considerable attention.
• 4 *
Mr, A. I, Fisher, member for Fornle,
was chosen to move the address In
roply to tbe speech from the throne.
Ho wns the coiner of a phrase that
caught on and held a place In almost
every speech delivered during last
session that made any reference to
the development of the natural resources of the Province. The phrase
was "The simultaneous development
of co-related industries," necessary
to the prosperity ot each district.
That still (..jpUm
W|e have swapped food controlletfl
in mid-stream, When the Hon W,
J. Ha una undertook the thankless
task, we predicted that be would
cither get a monument to his memory
or be hanged to a lamp post. Nolthoi
one thin-- or the oilier happened to
him   OWlng,     probably,     to   the     fool
that he roBlgnod in tlmo Now
nnother brave man bus atoppdd
Into his Bhooe, Mr 11 11. Thomson, of British Columbia, who has
in to his i resent appointment
been tilling the post of Assist*
ant Food Controller As Mr Thompson knows the ropos and Is withal
able, we do not deem It necessary to
warn him that he also takes his lift-
in his hands. As has been proven In
England) the work before a food controller, when a population is not made
up of n lot of sheep, as in Germany,
is almost beyond human endeavor,
There appears to be only one way to
control food and that is, control It.
That is to say, if we are eating too
much bacon, a food controller should
not beat about tbe hush and (ell us to
eat less, That, at best, is a half-way
measure. The thing to do is to cut it
off. Make lis consumption in Ibis
country a penal offence, and let it go
at tliat. Let bacon consumers fight it
out with a police magistrate. A
food controller should stick cotton
in his ears, avoid public meetings,
cense reading newspapers or other
public journals likely to criticize, and
refuse to see any private citizens or
deputation with a kick. This is about
the only method by which a food controller can preserve his self-respect
nnd mental balance, if he hopes to
accomplish what he sets out to do.
Here is "Saturday Night's thanks to
ihe Hon. W. J. Hiinna for the work
be accomplished and here's to Mr,
Thomson that he may annex the
monument and not decorate the lamp
post.—Toronto "Saturday  Night."
Arrangements have been made by
the Food Controller's Office which
a're expected to facilitate the move-;
ment of corn into Canada. Tho unprecedented railway congestion in the
United States is responsible for most
of the difficulties hi securing corn.
The corn crop in the United Stales
this   year   i   sofl'iclally   estimated   at
considerably in excess of 3,000,000,000
A jilsdgo card campaign is being
vigorously prosecuted in Montreal
just now. The Women's Food Economy Committee, tho Imperial Daughters of the Emplro, Housewives'
League, Local Council of Women. Women's Club Of Montreal and the Canadian Women's club united to form
one organization under the direction
of Mrs. Huntley Druniinoud and Mrs,
V. v. Henderson, one thousand
signed cards were returned the first
day and over 16,000 before the end of
the first fortnight. The pledge card
canvass Is being followed up by ward
to  ward  demonstrations  in  cooking
war meals and substitute dishes.
ki:y city lodge, no. 12
Meets   every
Monday night
  . at Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning    Oddfellows
cordially invited.
E. H. McPheo      W  0. Adlard
Secy. N. G.
until x
s I'll 1:1
. I', limil
lilt. F. II. MM,IS
Olllco 111  Hanson  Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
1 'Tbre are two jobs for every man in
I British Columbia.' says Mr. James J.
j Warren, president and general mana-
| ger of the Kettle Valley Railway.
Post Office Department, Canada.
Ottawa, January 81, 1918.
The British War Office has sanctioned an arrangement whereby one
parcel which does not contain
oilier than specified articles may
be sent each three months by
private individuals hi Canada direct to prisoners of war other
than officers interned abroad. The
parcel must be packed and despatched through the post office by the
relative or friend or the prisoner and
must bear a coupon.
The next of kin has first right to
the coupon and can designate to
whom it may be given if they do not
wish to use It. Persons wishing to
send parcels under this scheme
should apply for the necessary coupons, if they have not already done
so, as early as possible. Coupons for
parcels intended for prisoners belonging to the Canadian Forces are supplied by the Prisoners of War Department, Canadian Red Cross Society
14 Cocks pur Street. London. S. W. I,
and in tlie case of prisoners belonging to the imperial Forces, Allied
Forces or Civilian prisoners of war.
by the Central Prisoners of War Committee. 4 Thurloe Place. London, S.W.
7. The list of goods which may be
forwarded Is an follows:—
Pipe, Sponge, pencils, tooth powder,
pomade, cap badge nnd badges of
rank, shaving brush, safety rnzor,
bootlaces (mohair), candles (8 ounces
medal ribbons, brnss polish, mittens
(one pnir a quarter), mufflers (one
each year), braces and belts (provld
ed they are made or webbing and in
elude no rubber or leather), bouse
wife, handkerchiefs (one a quarter)
combs, hair brushes, tooth brushes
cloth brushes, buttons, pipe lights,
dubbin, bob nails, shaving soap (one
stick a quarter), hoalth salts, Insecticide powder, chess, checks- dominoes.
Persons are warned Hint the parcels
nre subject to censorship, nnd the Inclusion in the parcel of any article
not mentioned in tbe above list may
entnli confiscation of tbe parcel. Tbe
maximum weight of the parcel Is 11
pounds, and It is advised that they
should not weigh less thnn throe
pounds, so as to minimize the risk of
loss in the post.
The campaign initiated by the Food
Controller to increase consumption of
frozen fish as a substitute for meat
required overseas is meeting with
much success.
The us,' of cream has been discontinued for the period of tlie war at
Hideau Hall, the residence of Their
Excellencies the Duke and Duchess of
America will have an army of half
a million men in France early this
year, ami a million more as soon as
ships can be provided to carry them,
says Secretary of War Baker.
Sir Frederick Smith quotes a dls-
tinqulshed American ns saying that
In the end Great Britain would win
the war, and always say she had lost
it, while Germany would lose It, and
always claim she bad won It.
A cablegram from Lord Rhondda.
the British Food Controller, said: 'Unless you are able to send the Allies at
least 75,000.000 bushels of wheat over
and above what you have exported up
to January 1st and iu addition to
the exportable surplus from Canada. I
cannot take the responsibility of assuring our people that there will be
enough food to win the war.' Mr.
Hoover replied: 'We will export every
grain that the American people save
from their normal consumption. We
believe our people will not fail to
meet tbe emergency.'
A memorial from the federal board
of farm organizations has represented
to President Wilson, the difficulty of
maintaining the food production or
last year, and tlie impossibility of
increasing it, in face of the shortage
of farm labor, and of seed, low prices,
lack of credit, nnd exclusion of the
farmer from bis right and necessary
share in the conduct of the war.
Truck growers from Virginia also declare that farmers will lose a million
bushels of potatoes this year. If the
enticement of farm laborers by Industrial concerns is permitted to continue.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
North-West Territories and in a portion of tlie Province of British Columbia, may bo leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of 21 years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
; than 2,660 acres will be leased to one
applicant. *
Application fur a lease must be
made by the applicant lu person to
i the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dls-
; trlct in which tbe rights applied for
are situated.
ln surveyed territory the laud must
be described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and iu unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Kurh   application   must   be  accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
! not available, but not otherwise.    A
i royalty shall be paid on tbe merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
| furnish the Agent with sworn returne
[accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay tbe
■ royalty thereon; If the coal mining
rights nre not being operated such re-
turns should be furnished at least once
! a year.
Tlie lease will Include the coal mining rights only.
( For fill Information application
I should bo made to the Secretary of
the Department of the interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lauds.
W.  W.  COREY,
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B,—Unauthorized publication  of
' this advertisement  will not be paid
It ls estimated that Canada's wheat
crop last year. Including tbe yield
in the west nnd Ontario wheat, was
about 215,000.000 bushels. A careful
survey has shown that, on Dec. 1st,
in addition to seed requirements, the
amount of Canadian wheat on this
side of the Atlantic was about 112,-
r.00,000 bushels, of which 8,500,000
bushels were In the United States en
route to the Alike. This estimate
Included a conilderabble amount of
wheat Mill In tha fannm' hull.
What Doctors
Use for Eczema
A soothing combination of oil of
Win tor green, Thymol, and other healing ingredients called D.D.I). Pre-'
Bcription Is now a favorite remedy of
Bkln specialists for all skin diseases.
Il penetrates ihe pores, gives instant
relief from the most distressing skin
Trappers, Farmers,
It does not cost you anything to
on your furs.   Express them to ns
over a $.i.0l) valuation.   \Vo make
j'.ni our offer
AM) 1101,11 YOl'lt I IIIS
for your reply, roturtilttg them
If not purchased,   Try us.
Ill Business Sine,' INNN
Send for Price List
Special price paid for Dark Martin
Mackay & hippie
•Jis sth Avenue, Calgnrr, Alia.
Tlie L.i'iiiicL'Wtis.l*
Cranbrook Drun and Book: Co,
DR. DcVAN'SFlttNCH PILLS,::.',!;
-niniLiM-- nu tor vVumen, f> n boi at Uireo lor
Iiu, Bold »i nil Drug ston*. <>r mulled t» miy
ttliln'Mtm ii'iii||i|ii( nrl*'!1     Tilt Set,ii li, Inti'it
■M "my
you un.uabos,or
r hi kih'I mi r«0flpl
, Vitality! tor Nmt and nnlni inor»
Inntttrr   ;n Tout,'    wllllmlhl
WO lor l\ Hi drill
Itnrlqo * Tai Bool
i (InUsNu.
Ii.* SNUFF ••?
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
Tt   has
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use. THURSDAY, FEB.  14th, 1918
Many women have found that
actually Improve tholr aiiuoorance.
And Flts-U Eyeglasses are as efficient
and comfortable as thoy nre becoming,
perfect vision is too valuable tin asset
to tako chances with. Proper corrective glasses iiiny work a romnrknbh
Improvement in your health und disposition,
To save your eyes you should imve
thorn examined   .vlthuui  delay
Here's Another
lllue and White Enamel
KETTLES- regular Hue
lllue nnd White I'uiiinel
WASH it ,NINS, I'ejrnlnr 83c
llluj und Grnj   Enamel
SOAl'KUH, regular 20c
IVM-le thej lust you may
hriu' your choice of either
a Kettle nr a Wnsli Itnstii-
witli a Sonpcr for
25 cents
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
ease: and
C.'n you think of any reason why
there should nol he one in your
■*!inkrino, Washington
This house has Un
happy distinction ot being tho favorite stopping place in Spokane
for tho people of British
Columbia We appreciate
tlila patronage nnd do
everythlnR in our power
to make you comfortable.
Our location Is excellent —■
close to Great Northern Station
nnd O. W It. & N.—Mllwiiukn
terminal, and within a mlo-.te'ts
walk from the principal business
bouses and places of nmuncment.
See KteniiiMlilu on  Roof
Kilhy frames pictures
ISaBtor Monthly, April 1st, Card
party and dunce in tlie Parish Hall.
His Honor Judge Thompson IB in
Fernie this week.
Wo are carrying a full lino of hoots
iintl shoes.— Cranhrook Exchange,
\rmstrong Ave.
Mr, L, S, V. York. Travelling Auditor,  was  nt   the  Cove rnment   Ofices
: here hist  week.
Have ynn read Me Bride's ad on
page one?     It concerns you, real it
Otto Johnson, arrestid hy Acting
Chief Johns, ul - a.m., on the morning
of February 9th, for being drunk aao
disorderly on Van Home St . came up
before Police Magistrate Arnold on
Saturday morning, Kebruury 9th, and
wns fined $10.00.   The fine wns paid
„j (
uuthing iu tin' Ijuiik fur the moralng.
utter, which darwuing found them
with a bad headache, u deadly craving
and a thirst beyond tl"' depth1, of the
bottomless pit. The Spellbinder hud
the money and a first rate Job. There
is a morel wrapped up somewhere in
this yarn, hut it u hardly worth while
to pursue it
Parker's Orchestra -open for en-
gagoments, Dance work our specialty.   Phone 811,
Mrs G, ll Thompson went to Per-
ni  Tooeday and is tho guest ol
Mra   Alan C.rnham
We nre currying a full lino of boots
uni shoes— Cranbrook Eichauge,
\r matrons Ave.
li yuii cannot rsine yourself lo the
"Hook Ten" at ihe Palm on Saturday
-•nd a uovol down by one of vour,
friends  .
Tho hoys at Balfour will appreciate
a good novi 1 new or old. Bring one
for udmisslou to St. John Ambulance
Assn. tea on  Sat., Feb.  Kith.
In view of the excellent reports
tlie i. o. it E. feel Justified in making
another canvass for funds on March
Tin ninny friends of Alderman and
Mrs. F. M. Mnel'liorson learned witli
deep regret of tiie death of their infant son Laurie on Friday morning
last. The funeral took place from the
family residence on Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. A, B. Macdonald left
for Spokane on Sunday. Mrs. Macdonald Is en route to Victoria where
she will visit her parents for a few
weeks. Mr. Macdonald has returned
to the City.
Have your novel ready tor admission to the "Book Ten" at the Palm
on Saturday afternoon from 'A to fi.
given hy the St. John Ambulance.
There are so many hours a day the
soldiers at Balfour must rest durlnR
which they may read or sleep. The
"Book Tea" on Saturday given at the
Palm from 3 to R by tbe Ambulance
nirls is to provide reading for the
hoys during their rest hours. Any
■Uvlo of novel, new or old, providing
ii i*. in nond shape, will be most acceptable. The only admission fee for
the tea is a book or books.
Mrs. Chas. Ward eutcrtainei! Informally on Monday evening at her
home on Norbury Avenue. The tven-
Ing waa -pent in knitting and fancy-
wnrk followed hy a dainty supper.
Tlie guests were Miss Florence Krick-
son, Miss Melva Cartwrlght, Miss
Georgina Cartwrlght, Mrs Allan Do
Wolf, Miss Amy Woodland. Mis- M
Woodland Mlaa Madge Robortoon,
Miss Marion Robertson, and Miss
Edith McBrlde
There was an attendance of .<■"■ at
tl.' meeting of Knox Church Young
Pi opli 's   Guild   on   Monday   . veninn
rite literary item*' on the programme
comprised two papers. Mr H. S
Shields reading on.- on King Albert of
Belgium,  while the  Kev   C. A,  Pow's
mhjecl   was  Premier  Lloyd George
The musical numbers were instrumental duet. Mesdames Uyckman anil
Manning;    solo,    Mrs     .!     Thomson;
quartet, Misses Beech Reekie, Mngee
and  Noble
M..-lindtct ernnehor nt Pnolvlllo On-: Ivol Johnson arrested on the morn-
• irtn. nbont twpntv mfc- r>n**i Tm'w.: ing of February 9ili on Van Home Si
.,-,. ■.« ,•,,..—•--,1 w-k S.-1*'**-1 -.■-■*'••■•*. by Acting Chief Johns, for having
tit- dauabter of a wt-atthv bunker of - '-fluor in Iiis possession contrary to
that town; the name of the town has "■" B, C, Prohibition Ait. come up
since been changed to Trafalgar before MiiKistrat, Arnold on Saturda)
Rev. Charles Hanson was a mm of  "'™''^ P
fine scholarship, and   while  not
The fine wns paid.
talning to any of the pood appoint-      •
ments in ihe conference, was noted
among the best pulpit orators in the
Methodist ministry. Kev Dr. Sparling, pastor of Centenary church, was
a porhatiuuer iu the ministry under
the present Lord Mayor of London
when he was superintendent <>f the
circuit,   and   lie   pleasantly   tells   of
having slept or
one night with
sing some knott;
ami il was close
fore   either   of   t
■r stayed awake
Hanson di cu ■
m, of doctrine,
lie morning he-
went   to   sleep.
He speaks in the kindest
Rev. Charles Hanson w
tended to spend his life a
preacher, for in bis prlmt
the pulpit and became ;:
the firm of Hanson Bros.
Montreal, and wes sent 1
ors to represent the t'irn
England, For a time
responsible   position   in
terms of Mr
as never in-
a Methodist
■ lie deserted
member of
, broker:=, in
iy his broth-
i in London.
he   filled   n
the    great,
in Davis was arrested on Monday
morning, February Utu. by Acting
Chief Johns for being drunk and disorderly in Fmn's Rooming Bouse, Van
Home Strtel Accused came up before Magistrate Arnold Monday morning. February Hth and was fined $15,
which was paid
j ess it brooks was arrested Monday
morning, February 11 tli, by Acting
Chief Johns, on vagrancy charge, and
waa arraigned before Magistrate Arnold "ii Monday morning. February
11th. Accused was ordered to leave
Ill I KH TO Till:   BD1T0H
We do not hold ourselves responsible
for. opinions expressed by
To the Editor, Cranbrook Herald:
Sir:- It may not be out of place for
,i com men-place citizen to say how
much 1 appreciated your editorial of
last week entitled "An (Jndei-erved
h -i"'in- in me about time we common pi ople begnti to talk back to
some of these men who, wliile purporting to be our lenders, are doing'
ntinii ly worse than playing at the
It  Mr
i Berlousty believes
wlial In
BJ'S, Hi:
nlnoty ]"•!• cent of
tlie ueonl
' ni' Un
country are IIvIur
upon  nth
ins as
nengre »* any that
could !»•
by order in council
banking bouse of tlie Coutts, in London, and became distinguished as a
financier. He Derved o term in the
English parliament as the member
for Bodmin. Cornwall, and as nn
alderman in the city of London. Finally tlie Canadian Methodist preacher
climbed into the highest sent of honor
as Lord Mayor of London     The Bow
#Hio  For   \   Buttle ol' Scutch
Amongal ihe niuny men who worked
around the Welcome, the Big Copper
and the Great Dane. Jimmy Dewyer
was notable. The writer fell in with
him in the tardeau years ago, and
many and quaint were the tales that
he told of the days when tlie Office
Camp was a "hummer". The days .
whereof Jimmy spoke were Ibe golden days, the untrammelled days, thei
then it seems io me that there is a
great deal too much paper and energy
being spent by this arm of our public
service, and as Shakespeare says,
There i« "much ado about  nothing."
Ilui yon touch tlie sore spot. Sir.
when yon object to this infernal humbug of "Il can't he done."
There are more than Mr. Thomson
in our public places who need to be
told that people of t'anada do not deserve and will not tolerate tlie
decided slam that Is given them when
these men say that "We can't do it in
Canada." We Britishers were always
taught that there was no such word ln
our language, and surely this is no
time lo invent it.
The   only   question   thai    is   to   be
Bells that rung for Dick Whittington true ilnys of real sport- for we were
and his cpt five centuries later rung all young then. As we think of them
out a merry peal for Charles Hanson.
—The Hnmilton Spectator
An appeal has been "received hy the
Kuskanook Chapter l. 0. D, L\ from
ihe  headquarters of  the  Red  cross
Bocloty, for remnants of while calico
or linen i which must he holledl nlso
remnants nf flannel (not necessarily
white). It is difficult to realise tbe
Quantity of tbesi goods that nre being
used every day The demand is great
and thi need urgent. No quantity is
too small to be act eptable and sup-
plles should he left ai the Red Cross ■
Rooms, im x' to Boate &■ Rlwoll't office
The whist drive and dunce given at j
Parish Hull on Friday nlgbl under Ibe
auspices of the Rebeknh Lodge was
a    decided    success.      An    unnsuaBv
huge crowd participated in the whiHt
drive, the prl/.es being won by Mrs.
P. Fyles nnd \V. ReyiMilds. About ten
o'clock tbe floor wns clrared for dancing which wns kept up until half past
two, Parker's Orchestra provided tlie,
music and Mr, B, V. Brake acted as
floor manager. An enjoyable buffet ■
wns served from ten o'clock on. I
Among those present wen Mr. and i
Mrs. J. \V. Spenee. Miss (ilndys Bpenco
Mr. Brio Sponce, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. V.
Cameron. Miss Beryl Cameron. Miss
Mabel Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Jock
Thomson, Miss Janet Richardson. Miss
Mary Terrace, Mr. and Mrs, E. P.
Mlgle, Miss Frances Drummond. Mrs.
liny Howard, Mr. H). Stevens, Mr H.
, Reid, Mr. C. B. Garrett, Mr, Morris,
Miss Simpson, Miss Metier, Mr, It.
Shields, Mr. and Mrs. .1 B. Henderson. Mrs. L Clapp, Miss Watt, Mr.
, E. Davis, Mrs. J, M, Coutts, Miss R.
I Bnrdgott, Miss Phillips, Mr. H H In ton,
I Mr. and Mrs. A. 0, Blaine. Mr. J. Armour, and many others.
they take on tlie glamour, the spaciousness of the big times when Queen
Bess sent her galleys to seek for El
Dorado and whtn Morgan and his
crews filled their argosies with the
almost fabulous wealth and plunder
Incas. Money? What was
i the men who worked around
our camps In those days, men who
worked mightily, fought savagely for
th ' nu-re love of the fight itself, drank (
deeply, gambled- -hat brims over
brows and cards to brcasl somberly
and with a deadly determination; and
t mouthful, last dollar
at the
command bf those they knew as
friends'.' Monty wns nothing. It was
here to-day. tomorrow it was gone;
and no man was broke as long as
his friend had a dollar. Still, whiskey
was scarce In the Office Camp. The
way out to civilization and strong
drink was long and the trail over the
summit of lhe Purcell Runge was had
at the best of times. During fine of
the*.* lentert, penitential seasons, into
Camp blew a fellow with a roll of
blankets, and a glorious sense of
humor. But he bad not a dollar, no,
nor i he iliird part of one. He was a
stranger and a stranger without coin
was apt to go with a hungry stomach
which is a sore discourager of effort.
He ditl some thinking. He bad packed
in, wrapped in his blankets, a tniart of
whiskey which he bad purchased
as a medicine, fearing lie might faint
upon the way and need a "horn" to
beguile him to tbe final effort. He
hnd not touched it however, and its
capsule was innocent of the profanation of the corkscrew.
Work for tbe day had ended and the
boys  were all gathered.    Addressing
them he said:   "Boys, is there a drop
of budge, booze, liootcb or other alco-
their sad bereavement, in the death of! holie stimulant in this here benighted
their little son William Maurice. wump?"    And titty answered him, as
ne man, "woe is us, there ain't."
Then what price," quoth he. "for a
quart of Talisker, the most famed of
Canada uses more wheat per capita the whiskies of Scotin. which, poised
than any other country in the world. 0n the lower hip, is more odorous
Human consumption of wheat in thej ,ilon the llllles of tht dell?" "I wan-
Dominion should not exceed ■'. t bush-! Iia s0,> n(,r 80t Up," said one chap as
els pet capita per annum. Canada : well as the llquifaction of his very
has been using wheat at the rate of|lfiet|- permitted at the thought of this
about il bushels per capita each year, i m0Hl delectable drink. He swallowed
and repealed, "I wanna see her sot up
asked  is "Doe
9 it need to be done?"
or "Ought  it  i
o be done?" and If tbe
answer   is   yes
then  In  the name of
British pluck
ind  endurance  it   "can
A    pretty wedding    took  pi
Ch'rlst   Church   on   Tuesday   morning   of   l
when Ada, eldest daughter of Mr. and   inon
Mrs.   H,   E,   Jerks,   was   married   to
Edward Shear of Kingsgate, the officiating minister being tlie Kev, F. V.
Harrison,   Miss Clssle Bales of Kings-
gate   was   bridesmaid   and    Horatio
Jecks aet?d as best man.    The bride
who was escorted up the aisle by her; yet.  whosi   I
father, were a  navy blue travelling and  last drop of blood
costume antl  white  hat   with  ostrich
idume.    After the ceremony, a  wedding breakfast was served at tht residence of the  bride's  parents   among
those present being Mr. and Mrs. E.
C.   Shcnr.  Miss  Maebellc  Shear.   Mr.
and Mrs. H. E. Jecks. Mess'rs. Donovan.  Edwin, and   Horatio Jecks. Rev.
F V. Harrison. Mr. and Mrs Steward,
Mr.   and  Mrs.   Llnnell,  Mr.   and   Mrs.
Selby. Miss Grace HIgglns. Mrs. and
Mis*.   Bates   and   Leonard  Jecks.
The happy couple left on the noon
train for Kingsgate. where they will
he  done.
1 am wondering what our men who
weui to join (hat "British Contemptible" thought of our hlg men, who.'
facing the issues of public rationing
and  the  nationalization   nf our   rail-
ids   dispi
"It can'i tie don
enough  for lhe
enough   for  Ho
Wliai Britain,
people   schoole
of the questions by
■" we have not money
latter nor policemen
■    funeral    ot William  -Maurice
agt   three  and  a   half  months,
if Mr   !tml Mrs   W   J.  Barr of
erley, took place on  Feb. 6. 191S.
tho residence of Mrs   E   Wat-
and Mrs   w   j   Barr of Klra-
■ wish In  ibis way to thank all
who contributed flowers,    antl
expressions    of     ympathy    in
with fifty millions ot
I  in  that ''Personal
Freedom'' and monopolies built up
upon decades of privilege, has done;
what France, bleeding nt every pore,
has done; what the United States,
permeated with German influence and
propaganda, as it is, and with a cosmopolitan people 100,000,000 strong,
could do. (iod help us. we In Canada
with a paltry seven millions of people
are toltl "It can't he done."
Do not misunderstand me, Mr, Editor. While 1 believe these things
thotild be done, I am not saying they
might to he done, for tbe issues muy
be bigger than 1 count for, but what
I dn protest against Is the eternal
humiliation of this country In tbe
eyes of the world by our leaders saying "We can't."
If it Is not good they should bf
done, then let them show us by calm
and conclusive reasoning and that
will be an end of tbe matter.
But if hy such a co-ordination of
our railroad systems, or by the compulsory rationing of our people, we
are going to hasten the concliftion of
tlie war or give nn added punch to
victory that would otherwise be missing then   by   ihe   Canadian  blood
spilt at Ypres. at Festubert. at Vimy.
Langemarck,   and   St.   Jullens,   "We
can." "We must". "We will," despite
tho-.c who preach "We can't,"
CRANBROOK     BAPTIST    (11111(1!
Sunday-   17th   February
Morning, ll.   Theme;  The  Pioneer.
Afternoon, 3,   Bible School.
Evening.   7.30.—Theme:   The   (ireal
War antl the Martyr Army.
Preacher.   Rev. Jns,   Dunlop.
Monday,  7 110     Young   People'-,   Meeting.
Thursday, 8.   Prayor Service.
Hut* you ever come out
of s thestrr, or church or
ov-r.licutrd roum and Mi,
lmnu'«lsi*ly the cold night
■ Ir csuiltt your throat and
br-athlng passag's, lhal you
were going to catch cold ?
That is the tln^e to take
Peps. Two or three Peps
taken at once will p.ove an
unfailing preventive. A
cold developed nieans need,
less suffering and expense.
Safeguard yourself by always keeping a bos ol Peps
00 hand.
They are also best for
coughs, sore throat and bron.
chili-.   AH dealers,5"c. box.
tti make sure."    she  was duly "sot"
! up in  the very midst.    "Snt" is tlie
; past tense of the verb "to set" nnd
\ is the best of good grammer in any
mining camp iu the West     "I'll now
proceetl  to  auction   her  according   10
the  statutes  in   that  case  made  and
provided." said the Spellbinder: "And
tht   first   hid   heing  ten   dollar*-   —"
"Fifteen" said one    And twenty-five
; bucks of ibe best. I bid." salt! another
1 So It went until that bottle of Tnllisk-
er fill for one hundred dollars, spot
i easily bid and duly paid by Buck Mol-
1 ley. 'tbe  blacksmith of the   Weleomi
Taking  the hnttle  he  turned  to  the
j crowd  ami   Bald:     "Lot   yon   fellows'
' draw lots, or match dollars, to decide]
; what   two   galoots   '11   share   In   the
. drlnkin' of this here Jimmy jnbn with
| inc.   Go to It."    Rightly spoke." said
i they,    "but, Buck, there alnt  enough
; in her for three.    Two proper   nnd
! complete drunks to the iingle quart K
! according to the manners of hospital-'
I llty."   So It cams to pass that Buck
! nnd another chap retired antl having
, drunk copiously came forth glorified
* and mosi gorgeously lacquered, arm
, in arm and Blngtng even as the angels
; sang, "still quiring to the young-oyed
' cherubim "    Furthermore, and  also.
i they danced n very epic of terpsicbor-
eun saltation  B fonr-handeil knt-che-
i boo, or high mur-a-muck dance, which
| according to tbe most    veracious   of
j those who saw it, had anything of the
kind ever seen within the seven aeon
I nf the world "skinned forty different
ways."   But being unwise, thoy kept
This space will lie reserved for the
use of ■
Rev,  Wills  Wright. Minister.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School at 3 p.m.
Young   People's   Guild   on    Monday
nights at S p.m.
Strangers and visitors to our City
an-   invited   p.-   make   Knox   their
Church  home  while  in  our  midst.
Seats nrp Free
Everybody made Welcome
A    Constitutional    Remedy
That We Guarantee
Lagrange, N. C—"For years I
Buffered with a chronic cough, bo I
could not sleep nighti and continued
to lose llesh. My druggist asked me
to try Vinol. It cured my cough, I
can sleep nights and have gained
twelve pounds. Vinol is the best
tonic and tissue builder I hive ever
taken-"—W, l>. Ren. Lagrange, N. C.
We guarantee Vinol lor chronic
coughs, colds and bronchitis. Not a
patent medicine. Formula on every
bottle.   Your ttonay back if it fills.
Cranbrook Drug & Book <'o„ cranbrook, 11. 0,i also at the best drug-'
gists In all It  C. towns.
Better Drop In
And Select your
Cloth tor that Suit
you Decided on
getting made for
the Spring. New
Goods have just
Prices-$35.00 to $55.00
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of t'anaiU. Limited
Offlrc. BnsltlQl and It'fliilii- Dapartmftnt
S M I) L T BBS   A X 11   K K FI X E R S
iTHcii -hkiih of <ioi,->, hi-,t»:k, coppeb,lead aud iihc out
THURSDAY, FEU.  14th,   1!HS
At a meeting held Feb. 1st the Moytt
Fire Brigade was re-orgaulzod and
elected Alex. Cameron chief, Philip
Conrad deputy chief, Hoy Birch secy.-
Mrs. Botharaley and children return
ed on Saturday from Creston where
they have spent the past three weeks.
John Taylor returned last week
from r. 13  I
Mr. and Mrs, Archibald Morrison
and children have lefi Moyie to reside
In Ohio, Alia.
Mrs. Mead of Letht/rldge visited
friends here last  week,
A jolly tlmo was spent Saturday
evening al the basltel social and whist
party given In aid of the fire brigade
Whist was played from 8 to 9 p.m.
Mrs, Mont,pellIer nnd M. .1. Bonner
carrl 'I off the honors, .Miss Porsson
am) F. t'on'rad won consolation prizes.
,l W Filch proved un excellent nu*-
i met'i* and hold a number of baskets
■   i ■ in of $70    After
i. and Pitch
1.1 Ml M»l I .
i.\  I i;i ii i;imi
Angus will be in chnrgo during Mr   WOMEN'S AIXIMAKV TO CI. »', V. A.
tlin'ord's ahsonco. ADOPT  UYE-I.AWS
Mrs. i".  Conover of  Meadowbrook
was visiting fur u few dayB this week *~ —'
with her parents atthe  Broad VIow     Al an executive meeting of the Wo-
llanoh, ' j mans Auxiliary to the Groal War Vet-
Constable Shlpman and family loft QnuiB Association held at the home oM
•in -Monday for Corbln win re they will I        ....
in future reside. \ Mrs  T '■ ' l,iUI"'s on February Oth,
Mrs.   Fred   Cain-  of   the   Sullivan   the following byo-lawa were adoptod:
Mine  was  visiting  with  her mother, Bye-Laws
This organization  Is known as the ,
Cranbrook   Branch.   Women's   Auxll-
Mrs. F. Tlbbehtts, thla week.
Mrs, tlco. James returned on Saturday after a week's visit at ihe home'
of Mrs. Ryekman at Crcaton. lary to the Great War Veterans Asso-
Ed. Lundln who i   employed at the  elation,
lower workings of Iho Sullivan Mine      MBMBERS   a]I women ,..,„ becomQ
iiad lhe misfortune on Wednesday to . . ,  ,      ,    ■
crush his hand while engaged In coup- members who are interested In the
ling cars; the injuries arc nol of a; work of the above named association'
serious nature, ami Ed. who Ir. now for returned soldiers ami 'heir de-
mder lhe Honor'.- care will eoou be ■
fit io resume hi? duties at
Dr. Green had a hurry up
home of Mrs. While last
Whit, bbeing taken sudden
Doctor found it necessary
Mrs While was afterward
to lhe Hosnltnl and is im
■.ing favorably.
We arc pleased to hear
Ivy Bidder who li
week hot n an in
tone Hospital, siif
le fevr, is now n
orogroBshig fa von
We are ploi
■•n pox epldei
10 tunnel
nil to the
cek, Mrs.
Ill, The
i operate
f i In- St. Rd
from rhumai
i<- chick
hi prov
OFFICERS—The officers to he nominated and elected by ballot at the
first regular meeting of each year.;
Honorary President, Honorary Vice-
President, Two Patroness's, President.
Flrsl Vice-President, Second Vice-
President, nnd Secretary-Treasurer.
MEBTINTJS -Meetings to bt held on
tho first Monday of lhe month ai
olght o'clock p.m. promptly The
Presldont has authority to call special meetings when necessary
WORK This Auxiliary to he entire
ly subordinate to the local branch of|
with some Zam-Buk on band In
case of accidents?    We all know
what serlOUS results often follow
minor injuries.
When Zam-Buk Is applied to a
wound It immediately destroys all
harmful germs and extracts all
poisonous matter, and thus removes all danger from festering or
blood-poisoning. Zam-Buk'* soothing herbal extracts end the pain
and bunish the aoreneii. Then the
healing essences In this famous
balm grow new, healthy skin.
A box of Zam-Buk kept handy,
both in the home and at work, will
save much suffering and loss nf
time and mouey. 50c boi, 3 for
$1.26. All druggists and stores, or
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto. Send lc.
stamp fur postage on free trial box,
i. o. ii. K.
The I. 0. D. B, gratefully acknow-
lodge the following donations for Jan.
Plannellette Fund -Collected by Mrs
I. Manning: MrB. Dale, 25c; Miss,
_ Chalmers, 25c; Mrs. McCallum, 25c;!
Mrs. Manning, -"<■; Mrs. Harshaw, *1; ]
Collected l>y Mrs. .1. S. Brake: Mr. T.
Roberts, 2So; Mrs. It. P. Johnson, *lj
Judge Ryan, BOoj A Frituid. Hoc; Mrs.
G. H, Thompson, "1; Miss Symes, 15c;
Collected by Mrs. MacKinnon: Mrs.
M. Uillis, "1; Collected by Mrs. MacKinnon: Bread Fund-Mrs. Harshaw.
|1; Mrs. Parks, 50c: Mrs. J. Macdonald. "lie; -Mrs. J. Woodman. 25c;
Mrs. A. Held. 25c; Mrs A. Bridges.
25e; Mrs. J, Jackson, 25c; Mrs. It
Wright, 25c; Mrs. J. 1). Mcllride,
50c; Miss Dowar, 26c; Mrs. White, 60c,
Mrs. MacKinnon, 50c; Mrs. It. T, Williams. |li  Mrs.  Worden.
Collected by Mrs J, S  Brake: Judge
Ryan, 60c,
Getting into the Home
Women buy more than
two-thirds tho merchandise sold in retail stores
and every woman reads
the Classified Want Ads.
Our paper goes into the
homes and the Want
Ads. will reach the
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, acting under the provisions of
the Highway Act Amendment Act ion
of his Intention to close a portion ol
I North  star Avenue  from  the South
1 West boundary line of Rooky Mouu-
: tain Avenue to tlie North Kast Iiinuitl-
I ary line of Qalbraith Avenue, shown
in greeu, and to substitute lands adjoining taken from Blocks 22 and 2:1
| In lieu thereof, shown in red aud yel-
i low on plan deposited with the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
J. II. King,
Minister ot Public  Works.
Victoria. 6th Febbrbuary, litis.      7-5t
nklng tin
nl worthy
to assisting the ladies lu
.■vent   a   successful   one
i'l'  tlie   cause
!'u,*|iornUoii of lhe tit, i.i Crnnhrnth
NOTICE is hereby give,, ihnl lho|
first siiiiug of the l.'ourl or llovition,
for the iiurpoBO of correcting am, r» -
■is'ne the nssnsstnonl roll of tin «',i>
I'iImiIc Nursing Hume
Licensed by Provincial tlovt.
Mutcrnhj und flolleml Nursing
Massage and llesl Cure, lllgliest
References, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs A Crawford, Matron
Phone 259 P, O, Hon 845
Address, Harden Ave. Crnnbrook
A. I, .Mi Pernio!, Secretary   "f   Cninhniuk   and    III
Jim Tiih 1.1 iy. tin   so..  Is s, ;
rich in the I s-ill.- Vallej  that   n
man dare nol aland nn on, tout an) i
length nl time losi Hint leg becomes |
lunger than the other one.
si ii Taylor of Cranbrook was in
Elko tills week and  was mel  by    Iiis
nephew Gordon, who drove him down
the sliee;. Mountain Pineries, whore
his brother Roberl Taylor is operating a logging camp.
A Wimiii.ee syndicate representing
twenty-five families is trying to buy
siiiiicicm land in the Roosviiie Valley Inr settlemtnl this spring. The
required amminl is available ami the
ngenl   is expected  (Iiis  week.
Mr. and Mrs. Han- Mitchell of
Fernle were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Hlrts, Riverside Park. Elko,
tills week end,
Jim Balis uf Vancouver and several
other commercial travellers were in
Elko last week, and line young man
said In a young lady "my hnl you are
a beauty." "t)ii tion'I try to pose as
Columbus", she replied, "I  was dls-
.mil i
i assist them both BO-
lislnp. funds to operate
Tlie   lull..
ocelv id  by
nnitniinicaliou   was
eeretary   from   M'r.
Darter t
"einp Hi-
Hcnr> Hughe
■vns vlslling Iii-
tills week prior
' Willi I
Hi,I.I .
Monday m rent
• l llasi!iit:> Par
day.    Erny lefi
The St. Vitl.in
social held at
was a great s
Itiails from l'rat:
present as well
There were sun
pul   tin  for  sal
r veiv.-tl   Willi,
as   stretcher
Is now mi a
Hie   O,    S
borshlp fees tu be Twcnty-fl'
: ami an additional fee of Fll'le
 ting will be
ii.iii   March   ftlt.
mi  Tuesdu
line Ham
Kurt  Stti
School District, will ho hold   mi   Hi"
1 st li iluv of March mix lu tho City
Hall, Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, it
,V, E Si nit. Deputy Minister of Agrl-jc. at 10,30 a.m. city lime,
.nilare. in reference tu the Annual rc-1    Persons having complaints lomalto
oris of the Fair for 1017 agalnsl tho assessment are required
tn hand sane , In writing, to the Asses
A, l. McDormol Esq., , „,„. .„ loaBt „.„ cl.lvs Betore Ul0 a[mu.
Secretary, date.
Agricultural Association. Tims. .\1   Roberts,
Hear Sir:    I an.  in receipt of your  Cran)Jrook|   „   ,■
letter  nl'  tlie  28th   nil.,  will]   Annual   j.YI,niaty Mth. 1018. 7 51
Oroat j Returns  uf  the   cranhrook   District	
, Agricultural Association fur the year
te.i in ihe work' 1017 enclosed, for which I thank you.
ut nu   Association aro cordially  In-     I  have iread your Report ami the
vitod tu become membbers, I newspaper cuttings you enclosed, with
—    - i ii great ileal nf interest and congratu-
ket| TEJII'KHATl'UE KKCOItl) Ftlll . late you nn a successful year's work.
WEEK ENDING FEU, 1ST 11; I  hope thai you  will continue your
  improvement during tiie present yenr
iu   Hi.
r i nf the Royal Hotel, which hnvt
recently hbeen engaged by Hie urea
War   Veterans  Association.
a I a I'l
build   up   in   the
line Ruliedce, the will known Vol
erlnnrl 1 Cranhrook was down   it
Elko Inst weel,. ami in a happy hi
of gossip, i dtl a very ..musing sto.'y
■,. e rami r in me SI Marys Valhy
whit iu tlrenchlng it it .■' useil gasc'it:
instead nl ihe medicine lie gave him
the cow got will, us he relates il, hat
instead nl saving "Moo" now. she says.
"Honk Honk".
Mr. Ireland, representing u Calgary
dry guilds house, was lit Elko litis
week with silk- ami sateens lo rival
the rainbow in the multiplicity nl'
their licit and daring shades, and
laces Irian the convents uf France.
Alsu a Spokane man with the bloom of
in .. nu Iiis checks, .selling cureless
apples ami pitless peaches.
A young lady in Fernie told Jim
Thlstlebeak that every lime she saw
Charlie Chaplin, a film came before
her , yet
Pity the British workman iu an ammunition factory, one eye nu lhe efficiency buss, ami ihe oilier peering
skywards  fur Zeppelins.
Jim Thlsltebcak says, he once knew
ii man who wns very anxious about
the salvation of his wife, his Hieory
was thai il she was taken tn heaven
ami h" win- in lurniont. she'd raise
Hell about ii until thoy look him out
aim broughl Iii p tn glory, Just lo
gel her in dry up itiul quit fussing.
Mr J Broley, .Manager uf the Ruin-
bow Lumber Co.. Roosviiie, B. ('.. was
in Elko this week and says the sawdust Is flying al the mill.
George Mlllett of the Hoffman
House Wits a Fernie visitor this week.
Fred Hun was down to Flagstone
ami the Roosviiie Valley this week.
Mr. Jack Graham nf Riverside Park
paitl u visit lu his slack ranch, the
''lying I', west nf crahimi, Alberta,
tu,.   w.'-k
.lint Thlstlebeak says, thai If Hie
"iii'.r remains ns It la, there will
in'   .. change
.vol baskets
inul capitis
, tiled,   and
•it 1,
fairly high prices.
Tlie Band Hall was tastefully decorated fur tlie occasion; the walls
were stripped of their old decnratlons
ami ever-greetis put up ill their place.
Messrs. II. Kershaw. Lester nnd Win
Hayes, gave their services to lhe
committee as musicians. Tlvo net
proceeds up in date Is $00,011 Many
thanks is due In .Mrs. It. II niiersnn
fur organising aud doing tlie work nl
the dance.
Mr B iw. Warden win civ,- a
social dance in the dining room of
lhe Imperial Hotel, Fun Steele, un
Thursday.    Everybody   welcome.
Life in Fun Steele is one l.ig dance.
mini   Thursday, Feb. 7  ::7      30 and that yon  ma:
23 I Cranbrook district
27 , rlctiltural Association which will hold
35 ' a successful Fair and urn   Which will
2:;: prove a good educative factor in your
21   agricultural community.
20      1 niiiy say that I very much appreci-
ate the honor you have done me in
. appointing me as your Honorary Vice-
President, itiul I nlso appreciate what
ai a meeting nf Hie Police cmuniis-   you sa}. ,vu„ regard to tlie work ot
sinners hold on Friday, February sth, j uH Judges.
Mr. J. II. MacDonold was appointed Thanking you inr this full and in-
Speclol Constable at a salary of $4.00 tarestine Report, and expressing to
per day. | you my appreciation of your work as
Friday, Fl
Saturday, Feb. Oth  to
Sunday, Feb   loth  37
M lay, Fob. Uth  311
Tuesday, Feb. 12th  :;s
Wednesday. Feb. 13th  30
rtil.lt I COMMISSION Kits
Could anything be more trying
or more exhausting?    Peps will
end it!   The 1-ine vupor breathed
. down the air paiisugcs when a Peps
'" '      ""B AE'|    Is dissolved In the mouth relieves
1 theirri tat ion, soothes the inflamed
place und stops the cough.
Mr. John Doussept of Little
Current, Ont., says: "1 was
troubled with an irritating cough
that kept me awake at nights.
Nothing I took gave me relief
until 1 used Peps. This wonder*
ful brcuthe-ahle remedy, however,
lias entirety rid me of theCOUgll .'*
I-'or a thma. bronchitis, laryngitis, -j- re throat and cold* un**
Penf,   All dealers.    50c. t<o*t.
MM I.Kit
li   waa   decided  that   the   regular
meetings be held on the Thursday be-
i'oiv    the sfminl    Monday '>t'    each
Wm.. K. Scoit,
Deputy Minister,
uperlntendent nf Institutes
Chevrolet 490 A.
Because it combines the efficiency and
economy of the light car, together with
the comfort and up to date equipment
of the high priced cars.
The Kootenay Garage
Also Agents for  DODGE Bros. Cars
in' I hi
Th,. Bureau of Li.
font roller's Office
tr, licenses for broakfasl food, ir.i
lit-i'ii:,,.* in trull ttiitl vegetable dealers and 7r.il licenses tn wholesale fish
dealers. Applications tor licenses
liitv, hern received from nearly 110 per
cent, nf the wholesale dealers In fruit
ami vegetables.
Far Elgltl Months t'ndine N'ove'mher.
Customs—I 103,848,711
Excise   -      17,070.3'H
I', n. 12,650,000
Pub. works    20,002.142
Mlsccl. -      10.476,800
At th,. ilose of the mcetlnp of the j
Farmers' Institute, held In the Conn-1
.■il  Chambers of ihe city Hall, on |
Saturday  afternoon,  Feb.  0th.   preliminaries    to ihe    formation  nf   a
Stockbreeders' Association were gone
into and  steps taken  for the calling
of it  niootini; of those  interested for
Saturday, Feb. 2:ird, at 2.30 p.m., when
the organization fur tha year will ho
This Association should prove of
great benefit to the stockmen as well
ns to the District generally which will
embrace all lhe territory from Canal
Flats to the International Boundary
and from Klngsgate to Fc-trnie.
'Die   temporary   offlcors   are   1'.
1" 770 777   Woods of Wasa, President, and E. II. |
1 McPhco of t'raiibrook. Secretary,
i 80,300,360
1170,042,000      tl44.012.573
ItlltElt.N   TIIAlli:
"lilt:   BRAT"
tar Twelve Months Ending Xnveiuher
Miss N'ollle Handley Bpent Lhe week   luniorts'
end  .it   Wycllffe  ilm  gucsl   ot  Miss  .,,,,„
S.   Valluqitttta. I     ,   '
Mrs. .lames Wntkllts i.f Kennox, Altn I ''"in anil
returned hunt,' this weak aftor spend- j bullion
Ing a few "lays with liar par. tits. Mr.
ami Mrs, Bennett
.1 w. Olfford, manager a fthe Selkirk Mine, IfH mi Wt'dtusilay for
Spnkam-  on   Company   business;   Mr.
*l,i'l 1.4iin,l02 7441201.1illll
15,288,44(1 40,170,308
$1,020,088,548 $700,462,097
(•nn  l-Mce, $1,520,050,110 $1,053,840,031
Pgn,   IM'M. $   ir..l7i;.x!ni .$   10,004,960
Coin anil
bullion               n>l,s7:± 190,422,615
■< i,.:
i iH-l.sTs $1,200,928,215
Fin. BENT—Modern cottage, close
in, Armstrong Avonuo; itlione 3;i9. 5tf
Apply Herald Office. i-tr
mm; sai.K   ltejrlst*;rcd Jersoj Mull.
The Hermitage, Hull River, B. C,   7-:u
Till:  METHODIST (HI 11(11
Pastor: Rev. Tims, Keyworth.
Servlcefl will bo held nl li n.m. mid
7.30 |i.in
Snndny Scl 1 nl '■'■ p.m.
Thr evenlnn service will !.<■ in I lie
form <>f ii me mo r In I nervlco to Lieut.
Wilson,  ii   former  ndl\erenl  "f  tho
Fitlt SALE   Purnltiiroi applj  2!L» Cliurcli win. paid the »iipremo Bticrl
Penwk'k Avenue. 7-2t.  tlco nn tlie field nt battle nn l mher
::isl, 1!HV
Tin Orenl War Vetornna Assoc in
'inn will iittond in a bodj Special
music will ijf rendered nnd tho paator
will   deliver  an   lUldrodB.     All   friends i
Ol  the  late  LlOUl    Wilson are Invited .
This is Hi,, church nf The Cordial
tt     ■ ■ ■   » i
a full house preeied the performance nf "The Rrat" on Wednesday
night it lins been a long time since,
a ('niiihrnnk audience has had Ihe]
pleasure of witnessing ouch a well-1
acted and well-siagccl play. The wo-1
men in tin* last were especially gnnd ■
iu their soveral parts nnd their charms
were enhanced hy their pretty rowhs. j
No description is neceusc.ry nf Miss j
Rea .Martin who Is well known as,
a moving picture star—ns "The Brat".
she made lhe pari and her splendid
noting was greatly appreciated by the,
audience; she was ably supported by
It is too had Hint it is considered,
necossary tn Introduce such a char-
nctt r as Tlmson, the Butler, who considerably marred  tin- first net.
Theatrical Advance agonts frequently have moro Imagination than ver- .
achy, hut ihe performance of "The
Brat" at ihe Auditorium on Wednesday evening*amply fulfilled the pane-;
K.vliics in the press notice**.
MM! SALE llnlsiehi Hull, reiniuu
three years, good milk strain; Lund's
Ranch, Wardner 7- it *
Hut BALE Cheapi .'» passongor
Touring Car in good shape, The
Kootenay Oarage
WANTED Horse Pum-r und Cross
cut machine On monthly payments.—
Apply M. A. Bcale. B-tf.
Foil SALE Sorflii ttoomed House
with bathroom; two lots; g*ood terms
and bargain price.--Apply A„ D<
I nit KENT   A modern bungalow on
Baker Hill by March 1st, 'A rooms,
bathroom, kitchen and cellar,—Apply
Van Braam. P.O. Box 428.
IV  ('.,   inn acres   40 acres  cleared;
small Btoro, school on property, with
horses und Implements,  Trout stream
through   property;   open   range   for
ntock  adjoining.—Apply   Fred   Rao. -—--_---.——
retail merchants association
Continued from page one)
tion, It Is nn longor a question of
"doing >nur nit," it is a call from Mir
Kmpire for "Everyone to do his utmost." The business men can help
the producer nnd tho farmer and every
effort shnuld lie put forth In got Ihem
together, by means of trn-cllngB arranged In the surrnundin,'. districts
whereby difficulties and problems enn
be discussed to mutual ndvantage.
The Secretary stated that he hnd
been Interviewed by a committee from
the St. John Ambulance Association
with reference to tho observance of.
the anniversary of "Vlmy" April 9th,
by holding a "Flag Day" and a spec-
lal performance ot moving pictures!
at tho Rex Theatre In the afternoon
and evening.
A (resolution was pnssod recom-
mending all members of the Association to co-opcrnle with the ladies nf
St. John Ambulance Association In I
having tlie day observed iu a fitting |
manner hy decorating their premlstn
Subscribe to The
Rates«$2.00 a year in advance
Acquire the Habit of Reading
The Herald-The Paper
Worth    While
Job Work of all Kinds
Support Your T^ocal Paper


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