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Cranbrook Herald Feb 22, 1912

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' A%   tbi» Herald Pays—Try
j      )ar   Local   Columni
i 10c. a line
Wo ure well equipped to
turn out tlm hen*. ehieH
of work.
NO. 8
v ni:i.i(!HTi''ri. DANCE
hie Masonic ham,,
I 'in llio bright li'xlriin ul yiiuili,
On' ii- 1- nn siiili wnlil us lull," Ih uu
"Ul i ,i,i', which wus aptly illusliiit
i'l .i l.tlu l.i'.ip Vant ball uu Mini
ilu" ■ sight. Suiiilly, Ciiiiiliiiiult will
In- nil -in Home Uiue, but as u closing
lum li ii the youag Imlli's' party
^i)1: lllales us tlm motrloet ami
I'tu -i.'m ol tlio past sih'IuI si'iisnti
unit mil liii|*i'i in tlie memory ul llio
im" IhiIoi ivhu wore present us ii
I'll'1 lag example nf what llm laities
ni" In whoa limy try. I'l-ilmps, iu
wn io   crusty,     lonesomo     bachelor
II « ts it will stir allow lira old
iin'- in I,' closer relationship Willi the
Im i sos     Wlin knows?
t' rn novornl iluys prior tu tho cveot
Uw fuitiiiiuti' bachelors were busy so-
1-1 '-jni; ilu' latest ".Iress," some Imil
tb*".r h.iir up in curl papers, ami tliey
all   ijin .uiti properly antl gorgeously
i' ,»r-il" witli ali tliu frills and
i'.ii'ii,-|.iv s, powili-ri'il, ucribhoned and
i'   .wi bedecked.
-Vi Hi, Masonic hull Dan Cupid bad
'' I . y snares lor tlie unsuspecting
*i':  <■     un.    The hall was beautifully
.|. I'ltOVINt'lAl. EI.KCTIONS. •!*
•i* — •••;
*> II. is practically ccrtnin Urn* •l\
*l* the   MoBrldo  government will *\*
*l* appeal tn   the   country witliin *
ifuscly decorated. Streamers til
pi ihr *
red hearts pierced by Cupid's bow
weit suspended around tliu ball.
I-1"-' i were everywhere in evidence.
The programmes were lettered on
lar] I hearts. In the center ul
lhe a big    round   canopy was
hmrg, Irom whieli was suspended
" • s bear iii*.*- hearts on the end
awl each heart was a fortune. As
vou 'red the ball yon were met
Deception committee ami Miss
Keefe disguised as Cupid who
red heart ou each dress
'"■•-'•"'■i. -a number which secured a
patjocr lor a certain dance.
\n electric moon furnished by    the
Umpire Klectric company, winked ami
rjd and   smiled    and often ilisap-
pearcd Irom v'ick*-rod seemed     very
happy to ga/i upon {'hi scene.
The ladies did everything possible
that Ibeir partners might enjoy tttsn:
neivfc* The teen had only to 'tie nice
ami wear tlie smile thai won't come
ofl and lhe ladies did tbc rest.
Many of tbe ladies escorted theli
partners in automobiles and gave
them (lowers and bon-bons. Little
.Misses Frances Drummond ami ami
Delia Greaves presided over thc punch
To all tbe ladles belong great credit
for the complete success of the affair ami especially lo Miss Elsie IV
Van Slyke, through whose efforts, as
director and manager, and to Miss
Delia Drummond, who gracefully cat-
lied oil tin- role ol (loot n snagcr,
belong exceptional mention.
Tin* lloor was crowded with dancers
and Gucranl's music was repeatcdl)
encored. The supper was a moat
pleasing feature ami bore again the
heart effect was brought In In decorations ami shupr ol odtblea ami othei
ways, which only the ladies could
suggest. ll ihc gentlemen take this
leap yettt parly as a mark foi then
entertainments (or the nexl foui
years Cranbrook will bavo the promise nl some very ilehgbtfui times.
WORKS   0AU8KH   St.RlOl S
The    lire    al llie     Craubitok   Di
Cleaning Works mi  Cranbrook strw
lusl   Kmlity moiuiiig, OWUtd Im       I
explosion  ol    gasoline,  ll'SllllllI   tu
proport) damage of some 1100, ami
In more or less MTfOUl |M*rsonn1 in
Juiy to the proprietor, Mr. Geo,
Powell, his assistant, G 0. Randall
ami Un following members ol the
tire brigade Chid Poster, R. (larvey
and Walter Sowden.
George Powell sustained lho severest Injuries, bis hands and fare being
very severely burned, lie Is now
iH'inii carefully nursed at his home
and his condition is still somewhat
Walter Sowden is laid up at the
St. Kugene hospital, suffering from
hail burns to bis mouth unit nostrils,
lie is progressing favorably.
Chief Foster was Ii-adly burned
about the face and neck, but not In
capacitated from work. It. (larvey
wlm also sustained nasty burns is
able to Ik al his work again.
Powell and Randall were Injured by
tbe first explosion of gasoline, when
il wns thought that all danger from
further explosions had passed. Chle
-Pouter, with Sowden ami (larvey, approached the burning building, thu
latter two carrying Uw hose.     Chiel
.mm. J; Essential that Taxpayers Shonld Investigate Thoroughly
,].  ibu   lli'i'iilil'B   latest inful nm-  •!• ' _ , _ it. a.
* mm on um sub-M, from a + Before Endorsing Further Undertakings
*\*  protly   reliable  source,   is to 4»
.j. .j. * -]. .1- .j. *\* *\* * *\. .t. * *
the eilect that prorogation
Will take place next week, dissolution in March and llie general elections in April, the
dale of election being ou or
aboul April 12lh.
Foster broke open a window to let
out the smoke, when at thut moment
another explosion occurred, the (lames'
striking all three, men in the face, j
Sowden was t-hc most seriously in- [
jured, but Foster and (larvey both1
sustained nasty ami painful burns.
Later in llie day another alarm
was turned in Irom French avenue,
caused by an overheated stove pipe'
at Mr. French's residence. This did
not amount to much and was extinguished before the arrival of the
On Monday night the brigade had
another call. This time from the
C.P.R. shops, where a (lie had brok-
oul among some waste in a cupboard. The C.P.R. men had tbe fire
well tinder control by the time the
brigade arrived antl with tin* assistance of soma of the brigade quickly
bad it suhthii'd before any material
damage was done.
er MiTO to no
Aider man Ous Erlckson, N* Hanson
ami .). Laidlaw returned home on
Sunday lasi from their automobile
trip through Southern California and
into Mexico. . V. Hyde Baker will lie
back in    the course of a few days.
To say tbat they had a thoroughly
good Mine, quite Inadequately expresses their verdict. Tliey travelled
close >n to two thousand miles between San Francisco ami the Mexican
boundary) and throughout this long
trip they never once hail occasion to
cp ti their tool box ami only exper-
:.*i ed one punoturcd tire.
[.caving San Francisco, they drove
first to San Diego, thence to the
boundarj ol Mexico, and Into the
country as far as Tia .luana. some
: irt) oi forty miles, bul thf country
v. as too dry and dusty to tempt them
tin i. On ihe return trip from
] os Angeles they took tlu* inland
route t< Bakcrsfldd, Un-nee to Fresno
nnd Into San Francisco. At times
'hey Were driving at an elevation
low thousand feet above tbe mm and
at other limes as low as two bundled feci below sea level.
Thev made the tout in a Chalmers
No   16.
Thc trip proved in every respect
thoroughly enjoyable and ihey encountered none ol thi* unpleasant ex*
pcrlences too common on snob )aunts.
Whilst Southern California is In
many respects a delightful country,
they did not see it !» advantage.
From sixty miles south at San Kian-
ctsco    they      travelled     continuously
through a bunod up countrj and
the) weie particularly struck by the
iparsit) nf cultivation. What little
they saw «(     Mexico did not  impress
ihem very favorably with ihe energy
in enterprise ->t tba Ifexlom. Vast
irrigation schemes aie under waj m
Southern    California wtioh In     due
i.uiM' will greatly change lhe lace
ol Ihlngl and make productive n vast
territory at pttaral praoUcally uncultivated
A meeling td the local bulge ol the
Detail clerks'  protective association
was held in Uh* band hall last Sunday aftemoon, when the following officers were elected:
President-—F. L. Brown.
Vice-President—Wm. Dunstan.
Recording Secretary—N. Armstrong
Financial Secretary—S. (1. Bassett
Treasurer—F. Pye.
Deb-gales to Trades and I-abnr
Council were elected ar billows: F.
L. Brown, B. ,1. Beach and S. 0.
Thcrc will In* a meeting on Sunday
next in tbe band ball at 2 p.m.,
when the officer! will be installed and
other biisiiiiKs transacted. A full at
lendanco Is requested.
It is pretty generally understood
that Un* present session ol the legislature will Ih: prorogued in the
course ol lho next two or three
weeks, und uu appeal made to the
country on another railway policy,
evolved (or the occasion by Hon. It.
MeBridc and his colleagues.
In view of the very unsatisfactory
conditions surrounding the McBrldo
government's guarantee of the bonds
of thc C.N.It. in Iflin, and the
equally unsatisfactory nature of the
security deposited by that railway
company for the due fultlllmtnt of
their contract, it is certainly very
desirable tliat every elector should
familiarize himself with all tho facts
obtainable concerning this deal.
It is imperative tbat public interest be immediately centred upon this
railway proposition, as it is well
understood that McBride has already
signed contracts fcr additional railway construction which will be submitted to the legislature, afler the estimates have been submitted), and
rushed through wilh the least possible discussion.
For the guidance of Herald readers,
nnd in order tbat they may bt* able
lo form a dispassionate opinion ol
ibe situation, we reproduce lielow a
series of questions asked in the legislature by Mr. Brewster, together
with Premier McBrldc's replies thereto; also a certified copy cf the
prospectus*, Issued by the C.N.It., aud
a copy of tin* General Guarantee,
signed hy W. .1. Bowser, acting minister of finance:
Mr. Brewster asked the Hon. the
premier the following questions:
1. What bonds have been issued by
the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway company ami guaranteed by tbe
governmenl under clause ti nf the
schedule to chapter 3, statutes of
1010, with date of issue, terms and
2. What security bas been given by
the Canadian Northern Pacific Hail-
way companj under clause (n>, paragraph ", of schedule to chapter 3,
3. Has ihe Canadian Northern
Pacific Railway company made anv
application to the govem'MCit i'r
any grant of    land    unb-r m- |u.-vl-
itons of clause id), paragraph 13,
.( the schedule to chap, l, 1910? II
O, what applications have been matte,
ami what action   has the government
taken thereon?
The Hon. Mr.    McBride replied     as
•I. The issue of bonds is £1.438,-
S66; llie date of issue was 18th November, 1911; the terms ami conditions were as set forth m a certain
prospectus, dated llth November,
iin. ami the trust deed mentioned
therein, The prospectus is filed with
the trcasurj  department.
"2, Five thousand hilly paid-up
shares Canadian Northern railway,
"3.   No."
Canadian   Northern   PaeHle  Railway
(Incorporated Under statutes of the
Province ol British Columbia).
Lloyds Bank, Limited, London (fl
Lombard st reel. B.O,) and
Branches, Bank of Scotland, Kdin-
burgh, London 130 Bishopsgate,
K.C.) and Branches, The Canadian Dank td Commerce, London
CJ l.omli-ii.l stmt, HO.)
As Bankers to    the   Company,     will
Receive Subscriptions for
61,488,986    First  Mortgage     I Per
Cent (lunraiitced Debenture Stock,
Principal   ami  Interest  Unconditionally Guaranteed by the Government  of   llritish
(Part of an   Issue Limited as Within
The stock is repay able at par on
tbe Snd April, I WW. at tlie Canadian
Bank til Commerce, in London, in
sterling, or in Toronto In currency
nt the fixed rate of Sl.figse to thc
£1 slerlfng.
Tlie stoek will be registered in
London and Toronto, and wben fully
paid may lie transletreh from one register to ihe other on the written
Instructions ol the holder on a special
lorm provided for the purpose.
Interest will be paid by warrant
hall yeaily on    the lad dsy ol April
and the Snd day o( October, the
insi paymenl    caleula/ted from     the
dates of the various Instalments     t"
bo made on tbe 2nd day ol April,
Tbe price of issue is 98 per cent.
payable as follows;
On appHcatio'n    E ■"> per cent
tin allotment  £20 per cent
On 8th .lauuary, 1912 ...£20 per cent
tin 5tll February, 1912 ,..£2*5 per cenl
Oil 1th March, 1812  B28 per cent
£88 per MOO
Or tlie whole may be paid Up in
full on allotment, or on any .Monday
before March ith, 1912, under dh>|
count al the rate of 1 per cent per
annum. Interest at lhe rate ol 5\
per cent per annum will be charged,
on all instalments in arrears.
The stock is secured by the unconditional guarantee of the governmenl
of British Columbia, both as to principal and interest, in the form appended, and by a first mortgage on
ihc company's line of railway between the City of Vancouver and lhe
boundary ot provinces ol British Columbia and Alberta, ami lipoa certain
other lines, The first mentioned line
will form part of the main transcontinental line of lhe Canadian
Northern Railway system.
The stock is constituted by a trust
deed in lavor of the British Kmpirc
Trust Company, Limited, ol England, and the National Trust Company, Limited, cd Toronto, which
limits the amount nf lhe stock at
any one time outstanding lo $35,000
per mile (or its equivalent in sterling
or ether money) (a) of the lines of
railway lo bo constructed as specified
in tlte said trust deed, aud (h) ol
any additional lines hereafter lu be
constructed by the company iu the
Province of British Columbia, in respect oi which tlie province may hereafter be autbori/.ed by iis legirlaturc
to give a guarantee.
Toe stock is a first mortgage or
charge on tin* said lines of railway
(exclusive of terminals) and certain
other property mid assets of the company as specified iu the said trust
Copies of the trust deed and form
of guarantee can be seen at the ol-
Aces of tin* company's solicitors,
Messrs. Linklatel A: Co., 2 Bond
Court, Walbrook, B.C., or the British
Empire Trust Company, Lrd., 31
Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street, E.
('.. at any time before the closing ol
tlte list during usual business hours.
If an allotment is not made to any
applicant, the deposit will he returned in full through the post by cheque
at the applicant's risk, and if nn
allotment is made i,( less than the
amount applied for, tbe balauc** ot
tlie application money will be appropriated towards the sum ditt '.
allotment, and tbe balance, il any,
returned lo the allottee.
It is intended to apply, In due
course, to the London :-,t ock Exchange for a, Quotation of ami special
settlement in tbe debenture st-ik
now effercd.
A brokerage of one-quarter per
cent will tn* paid on allotments made
in reaped cd applications (other than
t'Underwriters' applications) bearing
the stamps of brokers wbo are members of a stoek. exchange, or who are
recognized stock brokers in towns
having no stock exchange.
Failure to pay any instalment
when dlW will render the previous
payments liable to forfeiture.
Application should Ih- made on accompanying form,
Prospectuses ami forma of application can be obtained at the offices td
tbe company, Bond Court, VValbi.ok,
E.C.; or at     the company's hankers.
Lloyds Bank, Limited, 7. Lombard
Street, B.O,
Bank ol Scotland. 3n Bishopsgate.
The Canadian   Bank o(   Commerce,
2 Lombard Street,   K.C, ami    their
respective branches.
Bond Court House,
Bond Court, Walbrook, K.C.
llth November, en
By virtue of thc powers conferred
by the legislature of the province ol
British Columbia. Canada, and of nn
order of the tfoutenant-govcmor-ln-
council, and pursuant to the provisions ol a deed of trust dati-d April
2nd, a.ik mm, mado between the
Canadian Northern Pacific Bailway
Company, National Trust Company,
Limited, lhe British Empire Trust
Company, Limited, Trustees, His
Majesty tbe King, ailing on behalf ol
thi' Province of III it ish Columbia,
and the Canadian Northern Bailway
Company, the said Province >>t British   Columbia do. s   hereby guarantee
payment, according io their lew
ibe principal and Interest of
tl cheat ure stock and or bonds (herein
called guaranteed securities) of Die
Canadian Northern Pacific Rail waj
Company, issued or to bo issued under liie lerms if said deed ul trust,
payable on the 2nd day of April,
V.I). I960, mid hearing interest, at
lhe rate of 1 per cent, per annum,
payable half-yearly.
The amount of said guaranteed
Securities included in this presenl
guarantee is the stun of twenty-one
million dollars or its equivalent, four
million three,-hundred fifteen thousand
and sixty-eight pounds nine shillings
ten and one-half pence sterling.
From time to lime as Ihe company may become entitled to issue
further guaranteed securities under
the provisions ut said deed of trust
ami iis further guarantees of Um payment thereof arc given, all general
guarantees token together shall represent the lotal securities guaranteed.
Dated al Vicloria, Hrilish Colnm-
21sl .lum*,  1910.
(Sgd). ff. .1. Bowser,
Minislei of Finance
In, reference to Hie foregoing il will
be Of interest   to Hetaltl nailers       to
consider the remarks ol John Oliver,
in Hie course ol a recent address Ite
fuic> the Victoria Liberal association
Mr. Oliver hint discussed the McBride government's policy in regard
lo various interests and llun turned
so thu railway policy as indicated in
the deal with the CN.P.
Mr. Oliver admitted that the company bad undoubted!} spent a considerable sum of money hi the province, helping a real estate boom. For
years Ihey hat] the promise of railway legislation, and then came the
announcement of 1909, They were
promised tlmt the guarantee of lhe
bonds would be all, that they would
control (i.ui'ii rates, and the road
was to Ih* standard in quality. They
were told repeatedly thai the govcrnmeni was only guaranteeing iiu* interest on thirty year bonds! As a
matter of fact the bonds have been
guaranteed for nearly forty years.
Thc premier deliberately deceived the
people in bis address at the Victoria
I heat re on thc eve of the 1909 election as to tbe period of guarantee.
They hud the promise that there
would not In* more than a fcur-tcnths
of ono per cent grade. The land regls-
ti\ olliee here had plans which showed one ami one-half per cent on the
poii ion of this island, ami on 12
degree curves the engine would be in
ihe happy position of pushing ami
pulling at the same time. 'Laughter
ami applause). As sn Inducement
the C.P.R. was to lie lorced to reduce its freight rales.
The Died charges per mile, instead
Ol being lower than existing Urns,
would Ih* much higher. The position
was that while the credit of the province was pledged to a guarantee »f
160,000 per mile in authorised bond
issues ihere was also permission under the articles o( Incorporation lor
the company to raise $26,000,000 on
tlie six hundred miles ol line in thr
province, making an actual total per
mile nf 1101,000. The C.P.R. was
carry ing 152,(Hin ,\ mile, including
terminals, as its total Indebbednesi
while tins charge on the CN.P. s\>
tem WIS exclusive nl terminals. The
bond holders were entitled to a rea*
sonahle interest on their shares, the
stockholders must receive a dividend.
or the line would be dcolated bankrupt, in case tf reference to tbe supreme court, as provided in tin* act
of incorporation.
There was a clause in the act ol m-
eorporattoa which allowed the rail
way company to pay their engineers,
and contractors, for supplies, Iron
gravel pits to rolling slock, in shares
oi bonds ol the company. No fixed
estimate could be placed ot, tlte value
to be rendered, Supposing the line
cost 150,000 a mite to construct,
there was nothing iu the agreemenl
to prevent thi* C.N.It. company to
pay their contractor*. $100,000, and
though this would he watered stock,
the  agreement    makes the province
liable tor interest ami dividends on
thu whole amount lor the diflerenn
FOT Which Uie province deCS nOl If
eeive one cent in value.
The actual construction work wa*-
being done by ihe Canadian Northern
Construction company, which was i
stibstdiaiy organisation of the same
concern,    People ought i" be warned
that these shales snd liolids were be
no; placed in the hands o[ bioker
lor disposal tn small Investors, win
would place 'tliu last dollar in thu
eerurUffl, which ap|Hanil sate. Beth
tin* hoaor   ami  ciedit ol thr ptovince
Premier McBrlde's latest railway
policy was brought down In the lc.ii-.
l.ituic* on Tuesday of this week. li
involves llio expend I to re In the province ol approximately $40,000,000.
It provides for the construction of
the following lines:
The Kettle Itiver Valley from ('old-
water .Junction io Hope, ;.u miles.
Tlie Canadian Northern Pacific from
Kamloops to K clown a by way of
Grand Prairie, Armstrong and Vernon, with a branch to Lumby, 145
The Pacific ami Great i-aslcru railway from Howe Sound to Kort
George, by way ol Pcmberioo Men
dows, 150 miles.
The government has induced the
Canadian Pacific lo take ovei Irom
the tin-ill Northern thc Kaslo and
Slocan railway which is to N- standardized and operated as a part of thc
C.P.R, system. The standardization
of this rail waj will c. st $400,000
toward which amount ihe provlnc
will   give $100,000 and thereby    will
sate tlie cost of ;l wagOO toad
which would he iu excess of ihat sum
ibis maiter is provided for In the
le jslaiion jusl brought down.
All the railroad construction
provided lor in the government's p*>l-
ici must lie eoinnienc.il within six
months from this date and musl be
completed by .luly, 1915.
The whole   programme provides f**;
the  construction   ol T,,ri miles     The
assistance to the Kettle River Vallej
line will bo a cash-grant ol $10,000 a
mile, involving   approximate!]   $500,-
000.    Thi1* railwaj begins si Midway
and ascends the Kettle river I
mouth ol    the west fork and follows
ihat stream to Carmi.     It then u*.-1
es a northwesterly direction in order
to ascend the   summit lying east    of]
Okanagan lake which it surmounts ,-.
a point tietween   Kelowr.a and Sara
mata.    It thin runs down the    lake
to the outlet at Pettticton when*    It
crosses the Okanagan river and   then
extends northwards on The west side
of tlie lake to Sumnirrland.
Thence   it     will go westward     and!
southward to Princeton at   the junc-i
tion   nf   the   Slmilkameen and Tula-'
mcen   rivers theme   up the Tutamei:.
to the   mouth ol   Otter ereeh b   \
pen Grove, theme westerly    to    the,
Coldwater, tbence northerly down thei
CoMwater to Merritt, where it    will
meet the rails of the Nicola t.:<»:.'
the   ('!'.It. from     Speoce's   Bridge
The new   portion of the line will begin at the point where the road   now
under   construction reaches tne Cold
water and   will extend in a southerly ;
direction   to its    head    and   thence
across   the divide   to tbe headwaur-.
of the Coquahalla ar.d   follow       the:
latter to   Hope at   or    near    which '<
point       the     Fraser will tx* bridged
The    province   will give $2fWt,GfHi to-
wards the construction of the bridge
whicli is to    be provided with a deck
for highway traffic
The Canadian Northern Pacific*!
new lim- wiM leave its mam line
where it comes down the North
Thompson and will run a little to
the south ol east, following the general line of (he present highaav
road, crossing the Shuswap and
Okanagan at or neat Armstrong
thence southerly to Vernon and
thence, still m ,, loutherly direction,
on the border of Long Lake and Irom
that lake across a low summit to
Kelowna The distance from Kamloops to Kelowna ts UD miles
Kn in Vernon a line will extend
eastwards a distance ot sixteen miles
to Lumby, passing through the Coldstream ranch Phis railwaj will be
assisted bj a guarantee of bonds    to
the extent   ..(  $35,000 pel*  mile on  the
same- terms as the oilier guarantee to
the same company,
The line (rum tbe bead ol Howe
Sound to Kort George will be built
by b company to be known as the
Greal Eastern Co . In which
the contracting firm of Foley, Welch
A st,-\\iiii ai»* tbe chiel members It
will receive aid --uinl.tr to Ihat given
to the Cai ... N there Pacific, It
cm net ':-■'!, with
Fort George and will bc approximately 150 miles in length hs lo
cation "( route la    as yet   indefinite.
It  will U* leased       to    Ihc     (i T.P .
which vwii also have the option ol
The plans of the Canadian Northern
Pacific on   Vancouvci     Island      em-
br.ii nstruction  from Victoria   to
Hardy Bay on the northeast coast.
This Une, for which the building of
one hundred and fifty miles is provided, wilt go from Victoria t<> Pranklin
Crcei on The Alberni canal, tbence
by way oi Alberni diagonally across
'.In* i-land to Comox to wbieh point
construction is guaranteed bv the
present policy. The aid to be given
bj the govi romenl ,.**..l be bond y»r-
sntees at ibe rat- ol $35,000 per
Other mat'iis were dealt with    by
' measures Introduced by tbe premier. The K. -.v N. Bailway company consents to tbe taxation id its
jlsnd grant- This was made tree ot
taxation by the legislation ot 1884,
j which granted it to the Dominion tor
' railway purposes. Tbe land will
, hereafter lie subject tn taxation at
'the rate ol l*\ cents per acre, which
Will yie'd a re-venue of approximately
$18,000, Th-> Canadian Pacific a (fees
to pay to the province the som of
$387,000, being -be earnings of the
Shuswap and Okanagan railway over
and above operatn.c expenses, which
will go to oflset tbe interest charges
which thf; prov ime has had to meet
■:> banded Indebtedness of tho
The province also is to repurchase
tbe unsold portion of the B. C. Southern and Columbia and Western land
grants after the company has selected
therefrom an *r*4 of 500,000 acres as
a reserve (or railway ties and to
pay tbe company therefor a sum ol
forty cents per acre. This will Involve a payment <■( $1,000,000. The
purchase ^t.i remove ail existing ami
future difficulties that have srisen oi
ar-- iikeiy t., arise ovw pre-etnpttons,
land purchases and mineral claims
.■;... ■ :.■      the     land   ar.d will    P*-
*..:•■ ii tbe province tbe ownership
»d an extensive area, many parts ol
which are likely to become valuable
for minerals now that Um development of the whole southern por turn
of the province may be stimulated.
Th-* legislation which was introduced by special message, oompns*-**. six
hills, all ■*.( which paased tbeii fust
reading      They w,i< to come up foi
■' ond rending today.
weie piedired to prevent the robbery
of these people.
Mr. Oliver went on to say tbat an
other proposition al ihis charade
was coming befoie Iht* people ot   this
province shortly if tlu- reoord of
tbe governmenl In   eoonectioa    witb
lhe CN.P. contract w.is to t*>* taken
as a criterion they slu uld ha\e nothing to do wilb it        It was tbe dutj
of    the people to Inform tbnrnselves
of lhe (acts, and act as missionaries
to spread knowledge of the situation
to the public at large, autl to place
the stamp of disapproval on such
propositi legislation on tin* statute
books. A repetition ol such a dca
could only cause their children'
children to rise op and curse them
i Hear, hear).
lb* pointed   out that it     was    the
duty   of lhe    administration to       SO
develop tin- natural resources    oi the
country   ns io give to every man    a
share, and a (an share, ol the benefit.
if the enormous   wealth with    which
this country has been blessed, in tbis|
connection he alluded to the unlullill-j
ed promise ot lhe Conservative parly;
years ago of reserving a pot tion    ol,
tbe eoal measures  foi state develop*
menl       The   dlssaUtfactiOn    amoig
ihe working men would not bavo been
■0 evident if the government had a t '
ministered the public trust la a
proper maooei He eonclnded his
addn ■ with n '■ renca lo tbe auto-
cratic metbodi "( the execotlve oovn*
ell, from tbeii conduct m Um lagis
(Special to tlu ll.-ml.l >
Nelson. B. C, Feby 22,
4 p.m. — Unanimous verdict for the King Lumber
Mills, Ltd. in its suit for
$140,000 damages against
the C P. R.
• lames Kyan.  ' l-nle   Inn."  >s     up
(rom Vancouver, thoroughlj enjoying
a brief stay}In his old home town.
On Thursdaj night last ,, man broke
Into the   Salvation   Armv    barracks
ami robbed (be Army cash boi ot
m me fort] dollars. On Friday Constable Daitn arrested a man named
V   ll. Hopkins on suspicion of   being
tba guilty party, He appeared befoie Magistrate Kyan in due centric
and was committed tui trial. THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
v'      *
»   i
11, as |
of the 3C
life's deu
it thai i
tilings il
by the In
ramie to
will :
II will admit, lhe business
iool is lo lit ihe pupil for
amis, then we must see to
ur schools contain tbosu
:ii are demanded In niter life
rgcsl number. We must    nr-
send      lhe whole child       to
The schools wc older people
laid   stress on the mental
[ our natures, but
Reeled our physical
nor is il intended to make a soldier,
not a course in benchwork a carpenter, Mian ii few lessons and practices
in Hiiihiilaiice work is In tended to
innke n doctor or a iraim-d nurse.
All tliat is aimed at is to have
the whole pupil at school and attend
In every part of him for the heiielit
ni   ihe whole.
about."     Tbo
'Sii   still."   Nature
irdcr. "Use your lar-
running,   Jumping
'lie SCllOol
arithmotlc.    Vol a
physical    cull uie     a
seboi I.
aud mor
as a nil.
well being.
Nature    said: "1
ttaclwE   said:
again gave thc
get   muscles
climbing and throwing,
said   "Use your brains,"
Man bas attained his present state
nt civilization mainly through efforts
io mould whal he found around him
lo meei his own physical needs.
It is mure natural    to the child to
construe!   than    to study ami think*
Drawing appeals to s child moro than
writing; physical culture more    than
logy, and bench work more than
ihort course     in
and     bench   work
brings home   to thc chlW the importance ol both physiology
tic.    Physical  culture teaches
control (silence ami steadiness)
develops ihe various muscles by
able exercises f<u  thc same.
Manual training (benchwork) de
velons the constructive impulses and
[mis him on bis feet in a roomy
shop where ho may move about wilb
;, fn ilium noi permissible in the ordinary classroom. This discipline
results in muscular control, dexterity
iiml no mean amount ol technical
Such   pupils no back     In the class   f,
room refreshed    ami    re invigorated,  *-.
with m*\v Ideas and Impulses; ami    il   \
has continually been the experience of   tl
teachers    Ihat   tlm time spenl  in such   i,
i    drawback to i
of study, bui ti
pupils are more
happy In Iheir wo
nrlj     (hey attain
'A healthy mind
■ better    It
icerncd.    Remember, howevc
course hi physical drill do.
(Special to the Herald),
Victoria, Feb, 31.—A large numbci'
of men Interested in road making
are meeting here tomorrow and Friday for the discussion of matters al*
feet Ing the const rucl ion antl maintenance of mads in llritish Columbia.
Deputy Minister ot Public Works
W. IV. Foster has extended lo ff. J,
Kerr, president <[ ibe Canadian Highway association, and P. W. Luce, the
seeretaiv, a   cordial Invitation to nt-
dialing with !"The Uso ol Modern
Koad-Moking Machinery " Mr. Clrll-
liths will endeavor lo show that
money Invested in the purchase ol
rood-making machinery is one ol lhe
besi Investments lhal a district,
municipality or city can moke.
Hamilton Long, ol Vernon, provincial
super In lend en I for the Okanagan districl, has been asked lo speak on
"Systematic Accounting Records for
Rood Superintendents," ami will be
ready with papers and charts to
eh arly explain Ins ideas on the Import awl subject.
Several other interesting papers
arc lo be read nl this convention,
Imi probably the one most eagerly
looked forward to is Unit by H, 11.
Thompson, A.M., Ph.D., engineer of
the city of Seattle, who will deal
wllh "Road Construction and Maintenance," and    will draw upon    his
ileisltmil. Copies may be 'had lor ...»
cents flour The Canadian Facts Publishing Co., Iili7 Spadilia Ave., Toronto.
Ottawa, Feb. at.—Tho French
speaking Nationalist group are putting il up to the government again.
This limb the question of schools iu
Manitoba is Utc dose.
There was a conference of the Na-
lioiialirt tweti'y-two the other night
which   lasted   until     afler midnight.
fund of expi
in nee in Seattle
as    n mail builib
i addition lo tt\ .1. Kerr, other
libers of the Canadian Highway
Delation will be present at the Bests, all Interested In ibis work bent liberty   lo attend it thej     so
Every one «■
Premier    Hi
e.l Hi   ..
and on Imi li
tensive visit
poi lels,
Mr. Monk
them   was there    and
il n was twice summon-
,nl the call each    time
lecasiiuis hati tpiile     ex-
wit h   his Quebec sup-
solute provision for the establishment
of separate schools In thc territory
added Manitoba.
11 is understood also thai the prime,
minister declined to commit t himself
Tor or against the granting of tho demand.
It is understood tlmt Sir Rodolphu
Forget agreed that tho time had
come for an oven closer formation to
obtain tlie fullest possible benefits
from the government and from par*
liimtnt. To accomplish this Sir
Iti idol plm undertook to turn over
ono of his two seats to Mr. 1.. T.
Mareohal, who will come to Ottawa
ami be the captain ol the Nationalist
i iu
HORSES       FOR        SALE.—Your
choice out of -12 bead; weighing from
1300  to 1700.—Canyon   City Lumber
Company, bid,, Creston, B.C.     8-it)
Vmi are    probably     aware     that
pneumonia always results from        a
I cold, but yon never heard     ot u cold
was not there all ol the resulting in   pneumonia   when Chnin-
ii more than berlaiu's Cough     Remedy   was used
Why take  the risk when this remedy
is   understood   that the twenty- may tie hud lor a trifle?    For sale by
insisted that there should Ih* ah* alt dealers. 5-11
and arilhuu- tend the
teaches self-
meetings.       As represent
in.; lb.*    Canadian   Highway assocla-l
tjou, Mr. Ketr    will have somcUi'ng
Interesting     to say tc- the delegates.!
The minister   of public works    and
his colleagues   have been at consider**!
al;le pains    to secure speakers       who]
will   deal    with   staled' brandies ot
rorwl   building,    and   Ihey have  sue-
ci 'led   in     arranging lor tlie attendance of    men     will  have made their
mark in modern road building. .1.  V.
Ford will    deal with lire    stiltj
"Road   Location,"     while "Material
i  Koiid Const rucl ion" will be     the
inert   treated    bv    Duncan Irvine.
bn will compare the rwlvawtages and
sad vantages of the   dlflcrenl mntcr-
ls which go Into the biiilding of    n
i The Canadian Highway association
has ii large number of members in
1 Vicloria ami it is certain Ihat many
I of these will make it a point lo lie
present at Ihe convention and get
liist hand knowledge ol thc building
oi good roads, a subject in which all
are Interested.
FOR 1012.
help, as the
tailed and
old   sin in*; '
henlflij body
ie geli-
court   and
, that,
i not,I
edition    of thai  popular
'.'and    Indispensable    booklet      "5000
I'l-Vi'i About. Canada,"   compiled    by
Frank Veigli, tho widely known wrtl-| *x*ru»tec-a
ii    nnd    lecturer,    and    author   ot
"Through  thc Heart ol Canada,"     is
now mil and is replete wilh new matter, Including ah outline map of Canada, a   calendar and    tho new census
I-, ,|,i i figures.     In compact, form js found a
Supplementary to Mr. Irvine's rc-i wealth of facts and figures ot the'
marks, a. P. Napier will deal with Dominion thai will prove a rcvela-l
"Notes on thc Const ruction ol Dif-Uiow of our natural resources and
f-Mii Types of Roads," A paper growth. The mass, of information,1
lliii will lie td particular intercsl to gathered wilh infinite pains, should he
the superintendents is being prepared  in   the hands ol every intelligent Ca-
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
BYLAW NO. 102.
A By-Law in raise Uie siiiu if Honed Irom any person or porsons,
six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars i,o«ly or bodies corporate, who may
($11,500.00) liv debentures lor lhe pur- ho willing to advance tho same as a
pose uf erecting and lor tarnishing | loan, « sum ol money noi exceeding in
mil procuring luruiture and appara-, the whole tho sum ol Six Thousand
lus fur a Manual Training School Imi Five Hundred Dollars (0,600.00)
iln- City of Cranbrook. laml to cause all   sneli sums so raised
WHEREAS the Hoard ol School or received to be paid inio thc hands
lor the    City ul Cranbrook] ol tlw Treasurer of tin* said Corpora*
Any Edison dealer will demonstrate to you ho*'
Thomas A.Edison doubled the entertaining capacity
The Edison Phonograp
when he invented
Edison Amberol Records
—the record which plays twice as long
Then you will understand why bo many
i'.iiiHI songs, no lunch (-.'imi music di
every character never appeared iu
record form mil il t ho Ainberol Itecord
was perfected.
Than you will  imtlcrs'-iml how,
whon you ownnn Edison Phonogroph,
you cuu noio huveoi'/ofthi! very best
entertainment of every kind.
Than you will understand how 1 lus
l'liiiii..ni-'i|ili llio greiilest ftutiud-
repi'iului'inn■ iiis I rm neii I unwell un the
grcntost musical Instrument—even It
it hint nu other advantages, Hut it
hns: thes'tppiiire rcproduclng-polnt*
thut dues not Rcrntch er wetir tin;
recordand lasts forevor—nochanglng
needles; exititly the right volume nt
Bound lor ynur Ilium;, limiie rci-orilln*.   <
tha ability to make and reproduce J
ynur OWII reeords ill ymir own luniie.   '■
Any  MiIimiii   denier will  driiiim-- '
stride these great ISdlson iiilvniitugPH
tu ynu,
In .i.l.l j In.n to Ollf i i-i* uin i nu.nl lily hit ti.' r
Kill-*.hi Stiiinlitiil mnl Bulion AnitM-riil ,
It.'. ..nl*.. WO Issue ti'ituliiilv ii iiiihiIht nl
iiriiisii mnl hivik-li Heconli. tiur HrlllitiJ <
iiiiii Pruned rccoro •.■uiuiuik". contain n»'
i  |>l. I.'-I    list   (if  llll'-M*   M'll'l t -,   llllll
ii-ii<-.l in record (arm. Hasuretoxut iTicffl '
tr.mi your dealer«■ -■■-■» vmi K" to imv your
Btltsou rinnii'irni|iii-iuiiiiisk in Imve tilt)
now itecord Supplement! malted you ftte
every nuuiili.
o Kii Imd dealers c
ln-re. tint.itlii'iii'iiri-it nml
v lnilli l'.«li-ihi htiimliinl ami
'iimiilrlf i-ntul-nri rrom your
dealer or from iii, Bdlaon l'hahoftraphi, Jifl.so to |240.oo.
l-:ilisiitiSt.iiKl»rtl1ti*eiirili.40c. l',tli-*oii.\inln-rol llii-orililplity
twn,-i*usluii|t>.86c. I'..li-iiiitiriiiullt|ifra lli-t-t.nl*.,85c to$2.50.
100 Uk«l-]« A-.nue.
Or.ru., N. J., U.S. A.
A cempMe tin* of CdUon Phonograph* ud Record* will b* found *t
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co., Limited
Craubrook, B. C.
In .1.    E. liiiflitlis,   wlm Intends dc- nndran, and  Uw   wide salo ami i>"im-
voiing tin-   lime allotted in liim    in larity of the publication in easily
What Are You Going
To Do About It?
The Triumphant Progress of Western Canada Makes
Possible a New City =- Keep Your Eye on Coquitlam
We have sold Over $150,000 worth of
in the last two weeks. Why? Because we have a reputation, and our clients know that we sell only high-class properties. We have made $30,000 for Cranbrook people in the
last two months, and we expect to make a great deal more
in the next two. If you want to share in this, BUY
NO W.   Inside lots in our new industrial subdivision cost
$225 Each
Terms: One Quarter Cash
Balance 6,12 and 18 months
Over one-half of this entire sub-division has been sold in the
last five days. If you want one or more of these lots, older
Royal Financial Corporation, Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Beale & Elwell
B. C.
h.ts prepared ami on tho 10th day   ot tion for    tho purpose and with
February, un 2,    laid    before     the object hereinbefore recited, j
Mini id pal Council of the -City oil :t. It shall be lawful (or llu- May,,!
Cranhrook, a detailed rsiiiuati* ot the of the .saitl Corporation to cause .my
sum required by thc said Board to number of debentures to Im' made,
meet the extraordinary' expense of executed and Issued for stieh sum ot
purchasing land fur a site for and'sums as may be required for the pur-
erecting and furnishing antl procuring pose and objects aforesaid, nol px-
furnilure and apparatus for a Manual j ceedlng, however, the sum of Six
Training School for tlu* t'ity of Thousand Five Hundred Hollars
(liiii'.irooh, whieli is an expense which ($8,500.00) each of tlie said debon-
may be legally Incurred by tho Hoard turca   being of the denomination nf
| French 1 essons
FRcHCH ik'HX- Vi
Commencing nn Maichlpt.1012, '
Classes will be opened ai Foster '
ChilM'V Hall on Wednesday nnd !
Friiltiy evenings nt S |>.tu, ,
* Held ill Gannon'.. Hall ♦
nf    School TlllstlTS
pal Council nl tlii' I'll?
lor Uu. City    "I Five  llumlrial   Dollars ($500.00) and
nil such    debentures   slmll bo sealed
said Muuiri- with      tlie    si'al ol tlio Corporation
ii Crnnbrook anil signed by the Mayor Uiorcot,
l'"oi terniR nntl condliIons apply
o% iii** Crnnbrook
; Conducled by Mm. K. A. KlCKI V'*'
Certificated Teacher f om •**,
London School Hoard
II..ma:  HI
ill) a,™.i a io 11,-'"'
I-.li. l'.UX':l»
has considered ihe said estimate and I. Tbo said debentures shall hrai
hy resolution passed on tho loth day dato tho 18th day oi July, 1012, nii'l
nf Kcbrunry, 1912, Anally rejected shall l>e madv payable within thirty!
tho expenditure ol tho said sum lor (30) years Irom tho said date, in law-!
thi* said purpose. lul money nl   Canada, at thf nlilco ol
A XI) WHEREAS within thirty thc City Clerk ol the City, I t'rau-
diiys thereafter, namely, on the Hiih brook in Cranhrook aforesaid, whieh
day ol February, 1012, the .Mayor of said place nf paymenl shall h* desir-
tlic Corporation ol the City nl Crun- riateil by the said debentures, on.l
brook received a written rejaucs-l limn shall have attached to them coupons
the Secretary ol tlie School Hoard for the paymenl ol interest, and In-
asking llie Council to puss in the signatures to the sa'.il coupons tr.ay
manner prescribed by scotion l-l ol be either written, stamped, printed it
the Municipal   Act, a by-law author-; lithographed.
Izing the proposed expenditure anil :',. The said debentures shall bearl
il necessary tho raising ol tbo moneys Interest al the rale ol Five Per Cent
required lo defray the same upon llief'i p.c.) per annum from 'he date
credit  ul lhe Municipality. thereof, which   interest shall ho pay-
AX1) WHEREAS lor tho purpose able annually al the said office ,' the
aforesaid, it will be necessary to!City Clerk of the City ol Criln-ronkl
borrow upon the credit ol the Muni- i,, Cranbrook alnresaid, in lawtal |
ctpality, llie sum ol Six Thousand I money of Camrilu, on the 10th day nl
Five Hundred Dollars (Su.ljOO.OO).      | Jut)-, in each year during tlie currcn
AXI)    WHEREAS the amount    ol oy Hiereol, anil il    shall lie eipiessw'
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»   44********************
********************** ~
Lady Wanted
i X HOUSE on Bu well Avenue:
I Apply
Five It ii
. Wnlnr nml
ul niiici'
I'.   D    II I'NT
To Introduce HDiWB~AND IlOMh
(llie Womwt's Maga/ine). Make till
In $2(1 wckly. No money required.
Samplo copy on reqpest. Give relcr-
eiiees. Address Circulation Manager
HOUSE AND HOME, 317 Pender
Street West, Vancouver, British Columbia. 7--J*-
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ******
llie whole rateable, lands or improvc-
meiils or real properly nl the said
City, according lo the Last Revised
Assessment Roll is Seven Hundred
and      Forty-Two    Thousand   Seven
in said debentures and coupons lo he
sn payable.
li.   It   shall   Ih?    lawful    tor   Ihr
Mayor nf lho   said Corporation.     lo
negotiate and   sell    llie   said tleln'ii-
lliimlreii and Ten Dollars ($712,- tares or any nl lliem at not l".s
71U.mi) Inr innds and Nine Hundred than ninely-live per cent (06) ot Uteic
anil Sixty-Nino Thousand Two Hunil- face value aller deducting all broker-
red and Eighty Dollars ($0119,280.011) an* and  commission charges Incurred
lor improvements, in all the sun. of
Due Million Seven Hundred and Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred ami Ninety Dollars <$i,7ii,ooo.oo).
Wil WHEREAS it will In* re.
qulslto In raise annually hy rale llie
sum nt Four Hundred and Sixty-One
Dollars and Sixty-Two Cents
($liil.li2) Inr payment nl the said
ili'nt ami interest thereon.
A xn WHEREAS tlte Municipal
Council has power to pass bylaws li r
contracting debts, hy borrowing
money nr otherwise and Inr levying
rales fnr payment ol such dehts on
the rateable lands and Improvements,
or rateable real property ot the
Municipality lor nny purpose within
lhe jurisdiction nl the Council; hut
llie aggregate ol such debts, exeepl
Im winks ot local Improvement, and
tot school   purposes, nlll.ll not exceed
twenty per cent <2i> iht cent) nl the
assessed value ol the lands and iin-
provomenti or lhe real property ol
ihe   Municipality aeconllng to    ilu
Laal   Itevisial Assessment   Roll.
and WHEREAS the aggregate ol
iln* present dobenluro indebtedness nt
Hie City ot Cranbrook oilier than lhe
Indebtedness tur works ol local Im-
provemenl ami ft r school purposes is
Two Hundred nnd Seven Thousand
Nine Hundred and V-'orty-Seveu Dollars anil Twenty-Nine Cents ($207,-
NOW TIIF.RKFORF. the Municipal
Council ot the Ci rpnrutlnn of the
City ol Cranbrook in Council ns-
Ni'iifWed, enacts as Inllows:
'.. The said proposed expenditure
nf Six Thousand Five Thousand Dollars ($11,500.00) lir purchasing land
for a sile lor and erecting ami furnishing and procuring lurnilure and
apparatus Inr a Manual Training
School Is hereby authorise*!.
It shall and may Ik- lawful tor
Hie Mayor of the Corporation nl thc
City ol Cranbrook lo borrow upon
the credit ol tin* said I'm p. inti.ni hy
way ot debentures hcroinallcr     men-
the sale thereof.
7. There shall be raised and levied
in each year during the currency ol
said debentures, the sum ol Three
lluii.lr.il and Twenty-Five Hnllaral
t$'125.nni lor payment ol 'n'.'-'rc-i,
and   the    sum of One Hundred    ami
'Thirty-Six Dollars and SUty-Two
Cents ((1311.112) lor payment ot the
debt due upon suid debentures hy a
rale stiflieient therefore on all tire'
rateable land or 'improvements or
real property in the saitl Municipal-]
8. II slmll be lawful tor the said
Municipal Council lo repurchase any]
ol the suid debentures upon such
lerms as may to* ngict.l upon with
llie legal holder or holllels IhorcOtJ
or any part Iheroc* Briber at the]
time ol sale nr any sutraequcnt time
or limes, und all debentures so repurchased shall Forthwith tie cancelled und destroyed and im ro*ltsuo of
debentures so re-purchased shall bo!
made in consequence ol such re-purchase. |
i. This Hi I.a» shall take eltjet mi'
and alter Ihe i.'.ih day tl March,
in   Tills Hy-lJtw may Is* cited  lor
all purposes us the "Cranhrook Man-:
mil Training   School  Debenture   lly
Law." I
Head Hie Iirsl. second und third
time uu the Huh day ol February,
TAKE NOTICE tbat the above is
a true copy ot the proposed Uy-!,aw
upon which the vote ol the Municipality will lie taken al the Municipal
Building, Norbury Avenue, on Wed*
nestlay, the fith day ol March, 1012,
between the hours ot o o'clock in the
morning (10 o'eloek a.m. local time),
nnd 7 o'clock In Ihe evening (H
o'clock p.m. local time).
Clerk lo llu* Municipal Council.
Hated at Cranbrook this 20th day
ol February, 1012. «-2
Liberal Convention
Will lie Held at Vancouver
Thursday, February 29th
Enoli Constituency is entitled to 10 representatives,
Delegates to this Convention slioulil ptucliaso Iirsl
class transportnlioti to Vancouver, obtuining from llu' ticket
ogeut a sliiiitlinil certificate. This certificate ahouli! be
Bignetl Iiy tliu Secretary of the Convent ion, im.l upon
presentation at the ticket offico ul Vancouver, the holder
thereof will be entitled to u return (nront one-third Ilia usuul
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brands of Silver Polish nt 2~i
cents mid ll.". cents per bottle.
These are both put up by
reliable silver manufacturers
and we'll guarantee them
free from grit or anything
injurious to ynur silver.
Large Warehouse — Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *tf
The reason that " Vincland "
Brand Canned Goods are vastly
superior to the other brands is that
they are packed directly on thc
iarm where they grow at the
psychological moment when they
acquire their perfect color and
flavor. Is it not logical, then, to
assume that this is a tremendous
advantage over the brands that
are picked on the various frull
tartns and shipped to a general
canr.ing factotv lo await their turn
in packing ? This is the way that
practically all lhe other brands are
handled, and in recommending
"Vincland" fanned Fruits and
Vegetables, we do so (celing that
they arc the finest put up in
America. The Fink Mercantile
Co.. Lid.
Afternoon leu served w\ Tlw Palm.
!■:. Paterson lias sold his Uardi»
nvenuo reiltlonco t«. B. McFatbne.
Kii. Elwell waa n vlsltoi i>- Port
sinli' on Wodnesdaj.
ll vnii wmii a young girl n* mini
li,ili\ 'phone Kin. 8 ll
It. Joyce waa down .rom Klko fm* a
tiny or two this week,
J. P. Fink left on a business trip
Id Vancouver Friday lust.
Mrs. K. T. Brymncr is ri***.)v*.*rin*;
Irom a bad attack of tonsilitis.
Roy Hoggarth, a cousin of Get*.
Hoggarth, was up from Coleman,
•Via., during the week.
McVittie and Price's ''Bluebird"
biscuits—very line — at Flnk'n Pure
Pood Grocery.
It. Hardy, of Fairmont, was in
town during tht* week, visiting Mr.
.1.     E. Davis,   of Uh-   Davis Bros.
I Electric    Co., Ltd., was   In Elko on
business Wednesday, returning today.
Democrats, Huggie.**.   We have
unleaded this week a car of the
! swelk-st  goods that ever came
Into the Kootenay. East Kootenay
Mercantile House.
Choice fresh green house lettuce at
Want and Harris.
Mrs.   W. R.    Bcaity has returned
from hor    visit to her old home
I Philadelphia.
W. R, Boatty has installed a tele-
j phone m   his undertaking offices. No.
' ..Hi.
Lester Clapp letl for Vancouver on
| Friday last. He will be back this
' week end.
I   Judge Thompson left lor Golden on
| Saturday, where In* held    court    on
< Monday.
I    Choice    cat-log and   tabic apples.—
■ Campbell and Manning.
j Mis. Sherwood Herobmcr, of Fernie, spent    the last   week-end    with
! Cranbrook friends,
i   Col, and Mrs. Henderson spent      a
! ii.u In Cranbrook this week, driving
ovei Irom Porl Steele.
■ T. V Hurley, barrister of Vancouver, will shortly arrive in town lo
loin the lege,! Una of Wilson and
Green onions al Waul ami Harris,
i  n  Long and P. Henderson,     oi
Oak Lake, Man.,   were visitors       in
lown this   week,    guenta    ■»!    t lit ii
brothoMn-law, it   K. Deattlr
Navel Oranges are in their best
condltlon now and we have some
ol the linest put on sale this sea
son, Usually these oranges sell
"t JS*-' per dozen but on Friday
mnl Saturday only 25c per dozen.
East Kootenay Mercantile House.
A Full Stock
Of (lie following goods jusl received this week,
which we are selling at low prices:
International Stuck Poods
Poultry Poods
" Worm Powder
" Honey Tar Foot Remedy
** Healing Powder
" Louse Killer
" Roup Cure
" Condition Powders
D. P. White Liniment
Oyster Shell, 3c. lb.; $3,75 per 100 lbs.
Flour, Feed, Poultry Supplies, Carriages, Saddlery,
Implements, Harness Repairing
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
)eanc, Herald Office *tf
We do not need your pre
senption to replace a broken
lenrt. Bring the pieces, We
analyze tlu-m and exactly
duplicate. Or we can make tip
your present prescription in any
of our popular ttvlc of mount*.
Either our STA-ZON or FINCH
would pleaie you. Thev are
nectir-*, neat and comfortable.
Jam! Jam! Arrived this week a
large shipment of Chlver's noted
English Jams, these Jams are
made from specially selected
home grown Hulls and canned
within a few hours of being
gathered. And OUR prices on
these perfect Jams and Mar.
malade are below what you have
been paying for an inferior
article. East Kootenay Mercantile House.
Mrs. W. K. Gurd returned loday
iiniii a visit witli friends in Nelson,
Chief Constable Minty was hero
from Kernic tlw lirst of tlie week.
Seville Bitter Oranges for marmalade at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
Mr. and Mrs. Browning, ol Moyie,
were visitors in lhe city last Friday,
taking in the Knights of Pythias
ball in Hie evening.
•lames Fiulay came in from Belle-
viii', Alta., lasl Saturday and left
during this week on a business visit
to Spokane.
Florida grape fruit — the finest
grown — at Fink's Pure Food Grocery. I
Pope Pius lias issued an order that
all cardinals and other church dignitaries must decline lo attend social,
functions where women, are permitted
to appear in decollete gowns.
A full line of drivers' jellies and
jams just received bv Ward ami liar-
ris. I
The Creston Free Masons will hold
their lirst annual al home on Wednesday evening, February 21st. Progressive whist and dancing will be In
order from !l p.m. until 3.30 a.m.       |
Man Hods4.li, who has had charge'
of Hie howling alleys at the V.M.CA.I
fm the past year, has resigned his
position autl left the first ol the week
for liis former home in Eastern
Canada. I
"The Private Secretary" played a
return engagement ai the Auditorium
on Wednesday evening. Only a small
crowd greeted the play. As on the
previous engagement this high class
comedy was greatly appreciated and
the clever company generously applauded.
complete range of sizes and styles ini
Infants, chllda; misses, boys, ladies
.mil mens shoes. Come in and in-'
spit-t our stink. No trouble to
show you.—E. K. Merc. House.
The local Trades and Labor Council have decided to celebrate Labor
Day in the city Ihis yeai. Particulars!
of ilh* programme will !*■ given later,
early steps being taken to prepare a'
day's sporls and amusements that'
Will Im* WOftbj of Hie occasion ami of
organised labor In this district.
lte\ C. O Main and J. Laurie
leave on Monday for Nelson to attend
Uu* regular semi-annual meeting of
Kootenay Presbytery. At a meeting j
ol Knox ehurcli congregation on Monilay evening last Mr. Laurie was ap-j
pointed ii» represent the congregation
ni Presbytery in the matter of Mr.
Main's resignation.
Among the official appointment an-
nounccd through Uh* gazette Is that
ul George w. F. Carter, of Cran-
brook, as a judge ol the eoutl of
revision and' appeal lot the Fort
Steele assessment district, vice .1. F.
Armslrong, who resigned to itccome
chief water commissioner for   British1
uliimbia |
■inst arrived — Another shipment
of Popham's delicious C-hocolatCS at
The Palm.
.1. W. Mrkie, ,,[ the local Imperial
bank s-taft, l, ft today for Toronto,
where lie will lill a position in the!
head offlce of the hank. Mr. McKcoj
loaves Ik1ui.i1 him a host nt friends
and well wishers. Ile will I.e succeeded here hy Mr. II. Bourne, of the
Fernie branch. !
Vince l.iddictiat has returned from al
trip to the coast cities and Kamloops. Whilst he was greatly impressed with the sign.*, of prosperity
in the coast cities and, particularly
In Kamloops, Mr. l.iddicoat returns
to Cranhrook more than ever satisfied
with the prospects it lias to offer.
He will engage In the contracting
business as heretofore.
"Vincland" canned corn, peas or
beans, two cans for 23c. Tf you use
"Vincland" brand once you will realise how insipid other brands really
are. "Vincland" canned vegetables
nnd fruits retain their original, delicious, fresh, flavor nnd color—one
trial will demonstrate tla1 merits of
"Vim-land" brand.—The Fink Mercantile Co., mile agents. ,
Mulders of retail licenses who have
not taken out renewals for the in
Buing'six months should get busy at
once, if they wish to avoid trouble,
F. A. Small, customs officer ol
Kingsgate, was lien- Monday in attendance at the funeral ol his cousin,
Fred H. Small.
The funeral of Mrs. M. J, Kerr oc-
ourrcd last Sunday afternoon Irom
the residence ol M. J. Flowers to
Christ church, where the services
wore conducted by Itev. K. p. Flow*
elllng, KM. Macpberson hati charge
■I ihe arrangements. Deceased was
an old and respected resident ol
Cranbrook, having resided here lot a
iiuinliei of years.
Qeneat, -Joseph Jackson, Joseph Mc
Nawb, Alex. L. McDermot, James 11.
Doyle, 0. Bruce Brown, Malcolm
Horie, Henry Hickenbothare, James
Mackle, Larkln Langln, Eneas ll.
Small and Cecil Pldgeon, all of
Cranbrook; Hurry Ban ami Alfred
B. Smith, both of Wasa; John A.
McKay aud Harold Chapman, holh of
Moyle; Charles McL, Troupe, of
Yahk; Hugh Watt, of Fort Steele
0VI-.BALLS.-Buy Imperial Limited Oversalls if you want thc (ull
worth of your money. Extra large
and full, seven big pockets. Wide
roomy legs and seal. Every garment
is guaranteed and we will give a new
pair free if they are defective iu any
way.—K. K, Merc. House.
Ranchers, 98 per cent of the
World's Creameries use Del.aval
Cream Separators exclusively.
They ought to know whot Is best.
Come In and Investigate. Separator oil always in stock. Patmore Bros.
E. B. Hill, of Lethbridge, a nephew
of E. A. Hill, ot this city, accompanied by his wife, were guests t f
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hill on Tuesday. E. B. Hill is a son of E. J.
Hill, the Lethbridge merchant. They,
were on ilM-ir way to Vancouver on a!
pleasure trip and stopped off in
Cranhrook for the day. J
l>. .1. Johnson and Rev. C. 0. Mum
drove over to Fort Steele on Sunday
last. Mr. Main held service in the!
Presbyterian church in the morning
and dispensed communion. Six members were received inio the church,
am) lhe following children were
christened: Albert Murray, son of
Albert Ncsbttt; Grncle Lang and
Lilian May, daughters of Win. Jones;
and Myrtle May, daughter ol C, P.
A very large stock of toilel sets.
'Special prices.—Campbell ami Manning.
Tlie musicalc given last evening by
the Ladies Aid of the McthoflU
church in the home of Mrs. .1. I).
Murray, was a splendid success. The
excellent accommodation for a large
number of guests provided by Mrs.
Murray was taxed to the Utmost. A
very creditable programme of holh
vocal and instrumental music was
rendered. Socially the evening was
nil that could bc desired.
Another special meeting ol the city
council was held this week, at which
Alderman Cameron Introduced the
bylaw to authorize a loan of SB,5'M»
tor manual training school purposes.
The bylaw was put through iis several readings and finally passed. It
will bo voted upon on Wednesday,
March 6th, at the city hall, between
the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. local
CLOTHING.—We arc carrying one
of the best makes of clothes in
Canada and you will agree with us
we are sure, if you will come in atd
look them over. Wo have a large
range in all sires aud in many different styles— E. K. Merc. House.
A special meeting tf the city council was held last Friday to receive
the report of the Electric Light committee. The committee was granted
an extension time and some further
authority to check up the light company's charges with the actual light
furnished. The commit!^ will report again at the next regular
council meeting.
Vince Liddicoat, of Cranbrook, is
visiting bis sister, Mrs. Arthur Nes-
bitt, of Fruitlands, says ibe Kamloops Inland Sentinel. Mr. Liddicoat, wlio is a prominent coultuctoi
In Cranbrook, took ,, ride over the
city today and was most favorably
impressed with the prosperous appearance of Kamloops antl the evidences of permanent growth.
We guaranty everything. Money refunded if not satisfied. A trial order will convince you. We have the
goods.—Campbcll and Manning.
S. F. Malonscl, night operator at
Moyle, was held up outside the
Moyie depot, last Sunday night and
relieved ot $42.50 in cash, his clothes and keys. Malonset was first attacked by a nian with ,1 knife, Irom
whom he escaped. Upon running to
bis offlce in the depot he was met
by a man with a gnu. Realizing
that resistance was futife he threw
up his hands and was stripped to his
Underclothes. The hold-up men made
good their get away.
*v Vineland" canned tomatoes are
tuperior lo any other brand procurable—Why buy the poorer packs—
when you can buy "Vineland" at the
name or lower price. "Vineland"
brand, three rans tor 50c.—The Fink
Mercantile Co., Ltd., sole agents.
98 per cent, of the
World's Creameries use
Cream Separator
"There's ■ Reason"
A Do Laval Oronm Separator
coals from $:15 to $160 according
to capaoity, Tt saves butter fat
ami pru.tin'i.8 a cream of superior
quality over any settling system or
any other Separator every time it
is used twice a day—780 timeB a
You will buy a
Patmore Bros.
Rnnchcrs, there are more De
Laval Cream Septraturs in une
than any other make. There's a
reason. Come in and let us show
you.    Patmore Bro-.
In another column of this paper appears the advertisement of the Assoc i a t<*d Agencies of Loudon, England, which is a company organized
for the purpose ol Interesting Investors in Canadian enterprises. Ernest
II. Arnott, the managing director, is
personally well acquainted with th*'
Cranbrook district and iu his letter
lo Ibis paper intimates Ihat he is
going to make a special effort to
■jet settlers to locate In lliis district
during the coming year.
The K. of P. dance at the Auditorium last Friday evening brought together a happy gathering and an r*x-
rml'ingly enjoyable evening was -spent
to the strains of Gurrard's orchestra. The supper, served at midnight, was specially enjoyable. Dancing was resumed after supper and
kept going until an early hour in the
morning. The local Knights ol I'y-
t bias certainly added considerable
luster to their already splendid reputation as first-class entertainers
mi this occasion.
A new directory has just been issued from the Herald presses for tho
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd. This
directly affords the best kind of
evidence of the growth ol thc K.T I
It will be noted that the announcement is made that the K.T.I., have
perfected arrangements whereby tele
grama, night lettergrams, etc., may
be accepted at any office nf the
company for transmission over the
lines of the Western Union Telegraph
Co., also of thc Greal North-Western
Telegraph ■ '"■ of Canada, destined to
any point on their systems or connections. If you should have any
business with the telegraph department call up No. 112.
Kootenay Mercantile House wishes
lo announce to its many patrons anil
In-nds the opening of a new department, viz. Gents Furnishings, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, and all associated lines. Vim will imd every
line stocked with new goods and tve
nre sure if you will glu* us a call
when in need ol anything in lhe
above hues you will lind ihat oui
prices are right and the quality ol
the goods are ol Uu best. Drop In
and examine our stin-k. It is i.n
trouhte to show you through wlt.*-t.i *i
wm buy or not.—K. K. Merc. House.
Floyd Moore, alias ''Montana," ap-
pi-iirtti before .Indue Ityan this morning to answer to a charge of disobeying a court summonst calling upon
him to appear before the mint on
Monday morning last to answer a
charge of tin-horning, Mr. p. Wilson
appeared for the defense. On the
charge uf dl80be>'Ih[| tin* court summons Montana pleaded guilty, and
was fined 12a. As to the charge ol
being a tin-horn, prisoner pleaded
not guilty, chief Dow nol being prepared to proceed with thc case, owing to lack of witnesses, asked fm
an adjournment. This plea was
strongly resisted by Mr. Wilson, ih.*
final outcome lieing the withdrawal ol
the charge, hui Montana was ordered
lo leave town immediately, so that
Ihe eily has lieen rid of another use-
less Inhabitant.
Oorgonzola, Llmbcrger, Swiss, in-
geraoll, Cream Uriel, mid McLaren's
cheese—Campbell and Manning.
wwwwwwwwwwwww* wwwwwwwwwww
This will be the last call to you to secure
good seasonable goods at the small prices we
ask. The discounts are decisive We are
determined to make room for our New Spring
Goods, now arriving by the carload. Don't
delay.    Note these prices!    Act quickly !
Beautiful Cloth Dresses Sacrificed
1 Only GREY Ylt'l'NA DRE8S, with Ecru Dace YoU.
Dress is trimmed with Buttons and 8outaohti etn CA
Braid,   SIzeBB.   Regular$21.00, for 911.SO
1 Only UREEN VICUNA DRESS, size 80, in plain Prin-
uess style, eut on straight Hues. This is a re. tfm etl
inarkable offer.   Regular $18.50, for •JlU.tJU
Hosiery Specials
Boys' Heavyweight English cn
Worsted Ilaio.OOi!. lor._   SOC-
Ladles'   Fine   Caalunere
[lose, regular   85c,  ami _-
•luo, (or  tX.
Glove Specials
MUses' Cashmere Gloves, In
HrOwn, Pawn, Navv. Caidlnal,
ami Maroon. Wuiili regnlar
•-'Oo., 25c., 36c..and uv., -.
for           iSC.
Skirt Specials
Ladies' Skirl, in up*to-date
aivlea In Naw, Brown, Green
tS.tOSKIRI lur            tl KB
J5V-,       ••       400
17.50      "       "        I 60
It will be highly profitable to
•.mi tn Inspect our Rem nun I
Tables. I'tt-r-* Goods. Prints,
Ginghams, Flannelettes. SilV?.
Sateens, Etc . at ci\t away pi it * t.
Coats and Suits to go at Paltry Prices
Every winter Coal and Suit must !>,■ cleared out regardless
of cost.   Here are n few samples of the prices ut which tlu\
will «o:
r'o.iio SUITS i„
i'l.oo   "
im.rxi   •■
1(4,00    |t*S 00 COATS lor  117.60
17.60      KOO    "       "         la.OO
s:'i»p      !.', iK.    "        ■■  . 9.60
McCreery Bros,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
** *************
ALEXANDER LAIRD. Gssehai. IvUn.ger
CAPITAL - 510,000.000
REST, -   $8,000,000
Tha Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every facility
for the transaction of their banking* business including the discount and
collection of sales notes. Blank sale- notes are supplied free of charge
on application.
Account! may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Bank of
Commerce to be operated by mail, ar.d Will receive the same careful
attention as is given to all other departments of the Bank's business.
Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as satisfactorily as
by a personal visit to the Bank. A231
R. T. Brymncr, flanager Cranbrook. B. C.
P-   BURNS & CO., LTD.;:
Cranbrook, B. C, "
All Our Meats are Government       J [
Inspected ] |
Head Office.  CALGARY,  ALTA  i
♦♦♦»■»♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Stephen ff.  Bradley, ol Fernie, has
hfi'ii api'i-inted a justice M tbe peace
Tlit* lolloaing ha\e lieen appointed
comnrisaloncra under Um ISIecltoni
\<i in iln* Cranbroofc Electoral dlatrlet: Qcorge ll. Sadler, Jaacph Mat*
tiiieau, Vital llrnult, Jobn B. Davli,
Charles Ward, Stanley Peck, William
M. Harris. Isaac Blctota, John E.
Kennedy, Louis iVarroii, Potat A.
Orenon< Rotaerl K. Beattle, Jamei H
King, Walii-i Halsall, Joaeph k
Cainpbdl, Kdward i Paterson,
Francis .1 Deane, Donald J McSweyn, Horton    Campbell, .\lln-d  1.
Nice i rlip eclcrj al Ward and Har-
Sedentary hablla. lack nt outdoor
exercise, Insufficient roattloatfon ol
food, constipation, a torpid luer,
worry ami anxiety, an- the most
lomtnon causes ol stomach troubles.
Correct your habits ami take Chare*
berlaln's stomach and Llvai Tablets ami you will soon In- well again
For sale by all dealers. i^i™
FOR SAI.K —A nice open Itnnl
Franklin heating stove in k^,m1 condition and eight leol ol pipe—l'. 0.
Alain, phone fi2. ?. 11
all     modern   conveniences,   clOM in,
phone (Ofl. 6-3t*
ROOMS TO RENT; every convenience, Apply Salvation Army, or
'phono 263. t*-W
van sai.K CHEAP -Baby car-
riage In good condition Apply Boi
t. Herald office. IMP
TOR    8 ILE —Tfcorougbbred single
comb win"* Leghorn egg*   Pri» winners ai iii«* fail fairs      12 'M* l"t IS.
Fertllitj guar* teed       tpplj   K. II
Hitter, phone tit s-.t
FOR SAI.K.—House, (nine rooms,
electric wired,    water) stable, wood*
ibed .ii.<l hCD winl. ami halt a< r«*     nl
land, Dortbwestoi Un Baafa and I»»'"i
Fat tor) Apply to Mrs. W. Slater,
P.O. City. Mt'
Restaurant Business
For Sale
in Town on Crawl Kast Pass Itaii*aay
Lot ami S*itOry Unildu.it. 10 n-oins.
fully furnished.   It'-Hummm bnsineii
Kiurtntec'l by owner In clear (.■'** pCf
month if properly run Included with
tiiif property i* one driving team, *et ol
harnessi wagon, ilelgh* pig, chickens
ami one ton hay.
PRICE $1,650
forolear title to property and the holiness. Termi i |060cash.batanceon ^a^y
payment!.  See
BEALE & ELWELL. Snle Agents
Oranbrook* B. C. THE   OBAN BROOK   HERALD
Did you ever make a
Phonograph Record?
Did you ever hear yourself talk, sing or play?
Talk about entertainment—
there is nothing that approaches
the fun and fascination of
making records at home on the
TIIK EDISON will record what you or your friends say, or
ling, or play, and then instantly reproduce it just as clearly
ami faithfully as the Records you buy are reproduced. This
is a feature of the Edison Phonoijraph you should not overlook.
You can send your voice to a friend, preserve the sayings of
children, record your progress as a speaker, a sinner or a musician.
Anyone can make records on an Edison, it requires nu special
machine. The blank records can be used over and over.
uu, denier or n«ni ua.
iplia, $16.50 to S240.00.
ilm'vou not oSli llle beat lea ona     K.ILon A ml     ^— *
i Standard a
ct conipl.
.. ... Mi*..
flrand •>!"''
Iterant*, "
100 L.k..ide Avrnua,
A complol. Una of EdUon Phowajraph. and Record, will b. toupd ..
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. l.t'J
Bcattle-Murpliy Co. Limited
Cranbrook, It. C.
"Maybe lie s to
warm—is ho per
(The Philistine),
'Han- you lltu.l.'.l for lllllV'"
"Vps, and Ids  clothes are pcrtectly
I onco heard a little Im) ilr      a     ,.w|||1|| c|i|i vllll lh,lt llim |aslv
lawyer as a man   who does no work.     „A| six. vhm , |n|| |liln ,„ ,,,,,••
An executive Is a man   who ilechlcs]    ,.M.ii||(i ^ ,,„„,,,.,..■
quickly aad is somctlincs right.    «e     „()||( ||(| U|i|il. (lml,8 whftt all,
»x»' <<> 'ss man as a  Mm;" Ami tho lad.y rang oil.
man who owned
ll-loji desk.  And
there is uu   doubt Ural aboul twenty
Al 3.00  a.in.    Hie   telephone rang
      'I jusl wanted to thank you
years ago ever)  gazabo who owned a  nn|    ||U lM ym  vm rJBh,
'""-"1 «* congratulated himscll on t]k ,.    wq8 httBgtyi..
being a businessman.     Ilccently,     a ■ .	
marked   wave   ol    disapproval   has
swepi ovei  lhe land to. thc luxurious I ROADSIDE FRUIT TREES
and classic roll-top.      The beliel    Is ——
abroad   Ural there   i*. no bitter way
ol Oliitg things   whero thej can never
la- found lhau   with Uu- aid ol      l1"-
AI lent ion is culled in a reccnl     l
S. consular report lo Ibe thrill)' plan
followed in       llu-   province of llnii-
o.i-i,  Germany, ol planting the road
Papers pul In Uin roll-top are tliere sij,.s with Iruit trees, llu- product ol
uutil Ihc executor comes or lho ^ineb is sold al auction Inr lho booc-
rccclvcr takes charge. iii ol    the local government, the re-
Tlio roll-lop is a i.i«l lor procraslln VW1U0 thus obtained going a long way
ation, ami a lure li r Ibe lazy. j loivtird tho upkeep ol the roads. Ilan-
II somo chip rushes In nnd wanl 0vcr has some 7,mm miles ol country
you to go i" the boll name, all you highways thus bordered. Last year
liavo to do, il      you have u roll-top 80mc ,,f   i|]L. na.Is- yielded a rovenue,
(Irak, js l»   pull down the lill,     thus  |,  i|us source, at     tho rule       "1
deceiving yoursell, and the olliee, Into ,5115 ;l mile. The Iruit is protected
ilu- luml bcllcl ibai you have cleaned hy law, anil during the season ol
up your work- ' rijit niiij; tho roads are patroled      by
Tbere is one disadvantage: Often s|,ai p-eyed watchmen, on bicycles, so
tho roll-top nels so lull i,l siull Ibalju,,,, uin,.    ji ,„,,. „l    the Iruit     is
you ca t    Ret the    cover    down, diverted Irom its  proper destination.
Drawers become   clogged with letters *+■ ■
and papers, and      Hun thoso loiters    „... .„ ....... .....  .
aad    begin to    s lie and sill ,   |(|(J[_|||| ^ ^ |
Papers whieh you pul in Llio lop;
drawers find theli way to the bottom, j
antl papers    iii    iln- bottom drawer
can only    he
ami tin1 help
lull down behind, and
discovered by dynamlt
«.r William •'- Hums.
Generally,    the letter that ii
is    the one    demanded by the attorney when the case comes to trial.
I.asi week, in Now York, a man
who was called nn tbo witness-stand
bail ins testimony impeached on ac-
covin 1 <>f    Hn- lack uf a lettei     thai
was in 1  touml until llu- day altt'i   Hit'
Jury bad given their vcrfllct—thirteen
thousand dollars damages ami costs,
ull Inr lack nf ,\ letter in brace up
it Bomcwhal flsb) line ol testimony,
bul which curiously enough was absolutely true.
Ami all iln' inn.' Die loltcl lav in a
comatose Blotc m tin- dim, dark,
forgotten pcci ■   -   ..f -* i■ U-top desk.
Judge Ward retu > <l in re*opm the
case, saying: '• Probably there are
umt, lost lot ten in other roll-top
desks Unit would contradict this letter jusi 1.luml. The case will have
to   close some   time—And yesterdaj
Wfl . the lime!"
Nt-\i to having no desk at all,    the
bin Ini iti        1:1,111      1 I'l   lia*..- a Hal
top table, nml thm keep all papers
righl in stghl until they aro ftnlihed
also 1 hope tin iggi it ton is not In-
oppn ini.it.'. that everything should
Ih cleaned up every tiny.
There arc ways ol Ming thing . and
thc girl knows bow.     I guess sn1
Blessed Is thai man who lias found
Bomebody tn tin ins work.
Wii NOW   KUBEL1K,   AT   28,
1 Imve mado more (ban a million
dollars witli my violin," Jan Kulrlil.
Bald Hie other day as be sal with
his wilt* beside him in bis apartments
at ih,* Motel Rector, New York. Ami
Knlielik is only 28 years old. Tbe
pair bail inst arrived from a tour ami
were tired.
''Yes," tho violinist said, "and 1
havo gained this wile and have beautiful children, ami now, us tar as
the American life is concerned, I am
limit* witb ii.
"Never again will I attempt a
hundred concerts a season, as I am
ilninj; lliis year ami as I have done
for ten past. I owe something to
mt sell, something to my family. Tbe
amassing nf a fortune, tlu gaining ol
fame is not all. An artist leads
dual existence He lias ins art and
li.-. homo, one musl give up to tlie
other. Tho artist bas tn give up
some io iiis family. Hut bis family
must give up much to bis art."
Then a qucsl ion was put bim
very bluntly*
* Mi hubelik, j[ ymi bail to ohoosc
between your homo lite ami youi orl
which would it be?"
The yoinifl artist witli tbe (lowing
locks ami Hn- Raphael fate thought.
The little fair-baiied wile came olosi
beside bim. Beforo him was tho pio
ti.re and Ibe memory of bis young
daughters. Near him was tho violin
thai he bad known before bis children
or his wife were known to him
Then be spake.
"Onco aa, artist, always an artist."
Tbe wife smiled a smile of approval. Art was evidently supreme in
this household.
"Was H the violin tbat brought
Mrs.   Kuboltk    was
Tho hour was 2,00 n.in. "Ah,1
groaned tho Journalist; "here's the otlice again, calling un for n point of
information that they might just
as well look up iu tho dictionary.
".Sosorry to disturb you," canto a
feminine voice, which ho rccogfilxod as ynu together
thai    of a lady   across    tho street, asked,
"it's shocking    in call now, I know.    "Yes," sia* answered.    "1 am     n
Hut  I can't  got  tin*     doctor not any-   musician,  too."
body.      The baby Is crying. Ami    1     "I heard hor play," Interrupted thc
thought you mlghl be able to tell nu* man In the case.    "That was all."
what to do." I    "And    the children.—aro they     viit
HCollc7" (runted ibe writer. linlsts nur."'
"No, it isn't u co.lcky cry." I   The mot-hot   made Ibe reply.   "Our
oldest daughters, they aro twins
both piny Uto violin," sho siitd.
Thev an* seven now. Ten years
from iu w you will hear thorn la Sew
York. They have inheiitnl tholr
father's genius,"
second on his right hand. It was
second on bit right hand. It was
caused by carelessness on his pnrt in
filing his mails. Ho allows no one
to do that tor Mm. Ho trims them
to a nicely. However, a short lime
ago bc mado the mistake tt getting
one too Bborl. As a result, ho has
suffered ever since. He is heavily
insured in a London company against
such Injury, but be said he would not
lake the trouble tn collect damages.
land Canal is larger than the Canadian. Tho tonnage ol both countries
through lira American and Canadian
canals at the So" is larger than Ihat
ol llie Sue/, anil larger than that
will bc at Panama. But Canada
rejects the policy ol cost-tolls or
prollMollx where there could be so
easily collected, II adopts the policy ol making Hs artificial waterways as free as tho high seas. Tho
I'niled States does the saule with its
canal at the Soo.
Can the United Stales alioul to
adopt u Panama Canal policy less
'generous to Canada or to the nations
than this Canadian canal policy is
lo tbo United stales? Protests are
being made In tho Dominion parliament againsl preferential lolls lor
tho American ships iu tile Panama
Canal. Cniiotla has a right to protest, h has an equal riitht to ask
fm a canal wllhoul tolls, ami Ibis'
country will perform u world service
il greater prollt to Itsoll than enn he
computed iu money by adopting llu-
policy ol n tree canal.
Solves thc Prubkm uf Oood
After l*i ..f. Sabourattd confirmed tlu-
l*t-rin origin ol dandruff, sclcneo was
confronted by a new problem wbieh
was nol solved until the discovery of
Newbro's llerpicide. Uorplcldo being llm successful preparation compounded in harmony with this new
theory, becomes tho original remedy
lo kill ihc dandrufl germ.
Since then, numerous preparations'
said to he "jusl as good" as llerpi-
eliln have adopted llerpicide claims,
and without making any change In
their remedies, but none have ever
reached lho same degree ol popularity. Everywhere Ibis remedy is recognized as lhe om- genuine daudiuu
germ destroyer. As a resull llerpicide lias more satisfied users than all
oilier bull' preparations combined.
Being the original remedy, users
expert more astonishing results Irom
llcrpiciile Ihan Ihey would look lor
[rom any other preparation and they
usually gel tlu-ni. So wonderful has
hen the success ol this germicide
Hi.u ii is now recognized as thc
standard hair reinody 11 thc world.
llerpieide kills lhe dandrufl germ,
clucks falling hair. II slops Itching
ol    lhe scalp almost instantly
l-'or sale at drug stores, fine dollar
size bottles are guaranteed. Applications at the good barber simps. Insist on having leal llerpicide. Send
lu,-. iu postage lor sample and bao'l
l„ The Uorplcldo Co., Dept. ll., Detroit, Mich.
Ileal tic-Murphy Co., Ltd., Spc: n
A genu.
A piece ol flannel dampened wllh
I'hiiinherlaiii's Liniment und bound on
to lho altcetctl parts Is superior lo
any jilnsler. When troubled wilh
lame back or pains in the sido or
chest give it a trial and you are eei-
. lain to be more than pleased Willi
the prompt reliel which it affords.
Sold by all dealers. Ml
Lady Wanted
In introduce HOUSE   ANO HOME
(Uu* Woman's    Magazine).  Make $10
to $211 weekly. No money required.
I Sample copy on request, (live refi-r-
jem-is. Address Circulation Manager
HOUSE AND HOME, :.!7 Ponder
Street West, Vancouver, British Columbia. 7-21
FOR SALE.-A pnir of good
shafts; almost new. Apply Box 5,
Herald ollicu. 47-tt*
The Leinliiti* IlimitieBB Cullegu
of tlm Northwut-t
Whoro young people can receive
a iliuniu^h ImsineHH training.
In in bobbIoh twelve mott tlm In
tbo year.
Nn eniniiu'c examination***,
Hoard anil room at very reiiHon-
iilile rates.
We Bcuure poBltloua for our
(inr new beautifully Illustrated
catalogue mmii free iipna roqiioot.
Write for ll NOW!
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
i hi a Madison    -     8POKANI.
Re cast half of Lot 13, in Block 8,
Subdivision  of    District    Lot 20tta,
.Group I, Vancouver IMslrict.
j    Whereas   proof of loss of certificate
i of title   No.    7258c to    the    above
• named property issued in tbe    name
of Oeorgo Mend lias been filed in tbis|
! olliee. Notice is hereby given that 1
.shall at the expiration ol one
'month from the date of the first
I publication hereof issue a duplicate ot
; said certificate of title unless in   lho]
meantime valid objection be made  to
me in writing.
Dated at   the   Land Registry Oll'ice
this 9th   day of Augdst, AD. 1911.
Arthur 0. Smith,
C-:.t District Registrar.
i i
i Archie Waller!
Builder and
Septlo Tanks nml Concrete
Work generally u
;; Estimates   Freely  fliven.
P.O. Ilox 346
Cranbrook, B.C.
A.M. Can.Sot*. 0. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Olliee over Oranbrook Drug nml Book
LVi*. Store
Telephone 38!» 1\ O. Box :i;
A table of ten commandments is
very widely circulated in Germany at
the present time, ami reads as follows:
'•I. Never lose Bight of the interests of your compatriots or of the
fa I her land.
"2, Do not forget that when you
buy a foreign product, no matter It
it is only a eent's worth, you diminish tne fatherland's wealth hy just
so much.
"... Your money should profit only
Gorman merchants ami workmen.
"i. Do nnt profane German soil,!
a German house or a German workshop by using foreign machines and
tools. ' I
"5. Never allow t<> be serv«| at
ynur table (orcirji fruits and meat,
thus wronging German growers, and,'
moreover, compromising your health,
because lon-itui meats are not inspected by Gorman sanitary police.
' li. Write on Gorman paper with
a German pen and dry the ink Willi
German blotters.
"7.   You should     be clothed     onlv
with Gorman goods and should woat
only Gorman lints.
"8.  Gorman   Hour,   Gorman fruits
ami German beer     alone make    Get
man strength,
' '*.    If ynu do Hot  like the (iciuijili
mailed colTcc, drink German cofico
from the German colonics, II you
prefer chocolate or cocoa ft r tha
children, have a care tbat the ohoco-
late ami cocoa nre of exclusively
German production.
"III. Hn nol let foreign boasters
divert ynu Irom these sane precepts.
Be convinced, whatever you may
hear, that the best products, whieh
are alone worthy of a Gorman cltl-
zen, are German products."
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths to suit.
Apply to
R. S. McNeil
PHONE  81o
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Itoomi witli Baths.   -1-Ih.i.i* in
every room
Hurliei Shop on llle premiaef.
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
HEO. P. WKI.I.R, Proprietor
II. iii.MKIN, Manager
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A Teliablt French rcgtil'itor. never (alls. Tbnt
pills are exccedini'lv powerful iu rt-Riilaline ile
Ktntt^tivi* p.ittiim if tli.* lemak system. Krfi.-,-
ait cheap Imitations. Dr. <!• V**ii*-» arc wld -it
»*> a box. or three l.ir 110. Mailed tn> anv .-Kl.!n<<*<.
Tli* BiMboU l»ruR Co., Ht. <*t liar Int*** "nt
Por sale at Hcaiie,  Murphy  &  Co.,
Opjmait,, C.P.H. Station
THE    PLACE     TO      O'-'.T    ,\
Hemlqunrlcra (or nil kinds ot
Siilisfuctii.il (luiir.-mlicil
The Shoo Specialist
Provenzano Bros.
General Merchant.
Employment Agent*
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
P.O. 101 194 mom 144
II yuo want satislaction witb
your washing  tend
8|wt*ial priced for family woik.
I'l u tm*: Soy mon r 7030
New York World; Canada bas cx-
pt-nibil moro limn Mtm.iMnt.nn-i to
proviilo ship canals from tho Atlantic
ocean t< tin* Greal Lakes, it is a
larger expenditure relative to population or resources' tluin tho t'liitrd
States will make at Panama. Tbc
costs i>f maintenance and Improvo**
incuts mc relatively larger. j
Nt'vcitbciess, American vessels   aro
allowed to kii toll-free thttmgb tllOBO
costly Canadian    waterways.     Tho
American   tonnage through Uto    Wel-
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS IIKOS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to luiin ou favorable turnm.
Kvury .lino mnl comfort
A lionio from homo
Bpoulttl nttontlmi in uajjo*. uf
Maternity, ItlioumatUin
mnl i'tiiiiiinoniii
Tiiiina  inoilorilte
MRS. li. BENT, Matron.
I'l  -Jill
CO. Una
-   IU'S. KlNli & lil'liliN,
Physician*) mid Surgeons
tlfllc. tt  llaalilrii-..   Armstrong  A..
Korennotis - - - - mm to lil.no
Aflui.Mii.il.', - - - 2.011 to   4.00
Evrnlng. - - - - 7.30 to   8.80
Sn, il.i»:, - -  - . 3.30 to    4.30
ORa.'.'IiROOK :.     II     I!     ll     H, O
I to 18 a.m.
1 to   6 inn.
7 to   I* p.m.
Ollici1 in Hanson Hloek.
CRANBROOK -        -        - B. 0
Cranbrook and Fort Steele
|    J. O. CUiYlMINQS   ,,
J nmiOUION liNIHNBUR ', ',
l T,.!'v,,"ms Craiibrooli.B.C. 11
* ''
Nuilnlrv Ave., next to City Hull
Dny Phono 233
Nlghl Phone 306
B.   C.  land  Surveyor
i    CRANBROOK    •      B. C.
Ask tor Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For ftimily nae there i. nothing
ao wh,,It-.nine anil ao   pure na
W.  R.  Be.Ur.  l-'unrral  IHnctor
Cnnbrm* II. C.
Phone 816
Cranbrook Cottngc Hospital
'IVrins on Appliention,
Phono 2511 Matron.
P. O. Box St.".   Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL,  D. D. S.
Crown nml Bridge Work
ii specialty.
OlHooovor F. Parks Hnrtlware
Hloro, llnk.-r Slr.-i-l
Phone No, SOO
Regular meeUnga on
the   Ultra   Tlmrailay
ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomi*il.
II. J, McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peck, Secretary.
Obbsoknt Lodqb No. 88
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meet,   every   Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. (I. .limes, C. C.
.1. M. lloye»,K. ol It. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invlttd
to attend.
Meet. In    Fraternity Hall Flrrt and
Third Frldayi.
T. Fraser, E. 0,
M. MacKinnon, M. It. and 0.
Visiting sisters cordially invitee).
Meeta every Monday
night at New Fraternity   Hall.    So-
ioiirning Odiltcllowi cordially luvlted.
II. .1. Kendall, w. M, Harris,
N. O. See'y.
Meets first and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended      to
visiting brothers.
Oftirers July lst to December 31st.
C. p.-H. Clayton.
Scrlbe-W. M. Harris.
No. 18.
Meet, every second and   lourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Ucliekalu  cordially Invited.
Miss Ada Ilickenliolham.N.O.
Miss M. Hickenbotham, Sec.
Meeta In Carmen'. Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol eacb month at S
p.m. sharp
Wm. Henderson, CR.
A. Clark, jr., Box 278, See'y.
Vialting brethren made weloome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Ont and
I bird Thursday ol each month at
* p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu I lav war,I,  Kcc. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chiel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦< i
Sunday morning service at 11 <
o'clock *
, i   Sunday   evening    service   at
7.30 o'clock
Sunday      School   and    Ilible
Class at 3 o'clock
| |   Presbyterian    (luild, Tuesday, ] '.
at H o'clock , i
I ********************,
Van llonin Street   [opposite   Dspol)
Two liniulroil I'l.'i'iiiilly fnrnislioil rooms. Every iii.al.Tii
convenience, Elevator service. Cufo in connection, ltoonis
$1.00 per iluy anil upwards.
Up-eonntry visitors lo tlm Tcriiiinnl City will Iiml every
convenience ami comfort at the (j riiiivillo Palace. 8|*eeinl
nttenlioii being |niiil to their wants.
Ctirritdti u full nto-*k of
Repair**, for nbova hIwuvh
tu Dtoi'k
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSnhonol '"!*■« ««r| nerve la the body
t» Ht (itoper tension ; te«ti>r*>s
von .nul vitality. I'feninliiic decnv nut nil rg*-iii.I
■a ■ -i ■ . nvi'itctt nt out. Plmphnaol will
•n,titi vou n new man. f'tlca lltrtbtii.ortwa f«r
III. Mallei l.nnvit.Mfr^. T ht, S*wbtU Drag
»;o„ HI. t-jftth-triiiM, Ont.
For itale at Ikattic-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Baptist Cbiucb
Pastor, II. S. Speller.
Parsonage, Norbury Avenue.
'Phone, lilt.      P. O. Boi 117.;
Regular Services:—Sunday, 11
a.m.    aad    7.3D   p.m.;   bible
School    with     Young   Ladtee'
Phlletbra    and    Youag   Men's i
Ilible Class, S p.m.
Monday,    Young Peoples',    •
Wednesday, Mld-Week Meeting, i
A cordial   Christian welcome
to all.
Preahlenl I T. s. .'in.
Seerels.y: B. .M..i»inai.ii
For ....... .„........ leuitnll.ig lamia
ami agrioulture   apply   to the
Secretary, CiHI.Iirook, It, C
Muutiog -
Kvury aeeoml Weilnea.lity
Copyriohts &e.
A-nfffliUMnilliil »»k#t*'h MM -lo-tcrlptl-iniu»y
(li'ii'i^iff »r>.vrii.in «ii,- opiiiiini ft-frt wht.tli.tr in
li,*r.iilli.ti (Htm lirit.lv I'.liiitr.'illv   ComtlUJI.ICij.
il n*.»trlcl]-c<iiil1<ltiil!r,l. HANDIOflK OH l'nti.|.i«
it-tit tr*'**. ni.liTrt ht:.>ni*r (r..-f*f»cuflnai>*tti*tit«.
I'pttntit** taken ihr.*u,;Ii Muun h Co, rtcvlf/t
ti<„MrMkt, wii hunt chknta,lutb«
Scientific American.
A ImWtwnilll lllnit-mtcl wivkly. Urw-et Hr
. nlntioii 'il "HT i* I'-iin:*'* t-'iini-.!. I«nit« lot
(.hi.).*, P.1I k J-M-, putUlla pffptU* MM h>
nil itat-Bfaakil. TIIK   CKANBIIOOK    II KHALI)
News of the District
(By Fred Hoo).
Uvea of slow pay oft reminds us
Retail trade don't stand a ohanco
Vho moro wo    trust  wo leave liolilwl
Hitrp-r patches in out* pants.
On tur pants onco mow uud ujlossy
Now nn* imt flit's of a dliTerenl Inio
Hccauao    onr  cuutomers   won't  pay
wlmt is due.
Now    Christians lots lw n** roml do-
Pay a li111*- lio ii ever so small,
(h    when Un* liinsts ol March sltall
strike US
Wo shall Imvo no pnitlfl al all.
-.lim TliislMiriik in lllk River Hln<t-
■Iiiu Taylor, war correspondent for
tin* Crnnbrook Prospector, -Vlierdoeii
Kin1 ('less unit Hinula) Al Homo,
was iiiiwn tn llaynes nntl Waldo Mile
wH* celebrating Rouble Hunts'
birthday. What .Hm don't know
about pious llobblo lias been turn mil
of the Honk
If ymi waul lo know where llu* alloc
pinches wear il.
.1. Lldilicoatt, lire bIioc manufacturer of Klko, is nn ring bis factory
from College nvenno In Riverside
Park, to gel the cheap power for his
Contractor Dave Easton is building
a big concrete barn for the Sand
Creek Ranch company at  RockCreck,
Dug McKee, chict engineer of Yahk
waterworks, was visiting his parents
nt Kilmarncc'x Castle, College
avenue this week end. Dug was surprised to sec the dust blowing in
When you can't fish mend your
The Klko hoard ot trade had a
very successful meeting the other
night, denial Charlie Klingensmith
was in the chair and considerable
business was transacted, tt was one
"Of the biggest sessions ever held l*y
the board, anil considerable advertising will be given Klko this coming
summer. The board to considering
building a large board nf trade hall.
a thirty thousand dollar hotel, race
traek, new opera bouse and seventeen
different kinds of sulphur wells. It
simply beats tt——1 how business
keeps up In Klko*
Champ Clark will not visit Klko
this summer.    This is on the square.
A woman's as old as she looks
when her hairs on tin* dresser.
•lodge Thompson will Imihl a beautiful residence In Klko. it was Klko
tbat got Oeorge his job. It was
inli.tliiii) Klko ozone that gave Qcorgo
his Solomon ideas i f justice.
Tho Golden West Orchard company,
near Roosvitle, have fifty men ami
ten tennis working on their property.
The copper properties, railroad surveys and the connection of the Montana   gi«>il   roads    with  the  B, C,
block pa.ement at K'Vsville will put
ihis property away up In "0."
Tm* wonder ol the west, thrilling
nnt! hair raising experiences oi
Cboyviw frontier days, played in Klko
to n big bouse but awful poor light.
The Mils stated that Col. Roosevelt
travelled live thousand miles tn sea
this display. We wouldn't walk (tvn
yards, but still tittle things pleases
little minds. If TedtU is reallj anxious in see something real, win he'd
bettci come t< Klto We can make
it so hot tor bim the starch will
melt out ol  his collai
Klko is once more put-ting on inr
mantle uf green
Tin* prea nt address ol Oeorge i.
ivdiai |r Pernio, B.C.
Eleven hundred ami thlrtj acres ol
the best trull laml in South Kasl
Kootena] i*. being    cut   up into live
C ran-
Mr,    Geo. Rcnwick was a
brook visiter last Tuesday.
Mr. Harold Darling, or tho Luml
Land and Development Co., of Cran-
Jbrook, was In town last Friday in
Mrs. P. P. Metric, of tin? company's boarding house, was iu Cranbrook tas-t week nn business.
Mr. IV. B. KmliitT, win
as machinist for the C
I,timber company, for
A .Magistrate's  Wonderful Esperle
With Zam-Hiili.
with bis wife ami child last week fit"
Creston, where ihey will visii friends.
Tliey win* accompanied by Miss
Clarke, who bus been visiting here.
Mrs. Hlack, wife ol the local -'jI'.U.
ngettt, was visiting willi friends iu
Pernio lust week.
Mr. Graham, of Kdmonlon, called
on friends in town lusl Friday.
Dr. Hell, of Crnnbrook, was called
to Wardner lust Saturday evening tn
visit Mrs. Boyd, who bus heen very!
ill for seve
Mr. .1. E, Aisenault, a Justice uf
the Peace, and station master at
Wellington, on the Prince Kdwanl
Island Railway, has had a wonderful
proof of the healing power of Zani-
Huk.     He says:
"Four years ago, I had an accident
1 slipped in     the slalion ami  fell on
a freight truck,   sustaining a bad cut
on   tbe front of my leg.       1 thouglrl
Ihis would heal, Imt  instead uf doing
has served so it. developed   into it bad ulcer ami
Crows     Nest  later into     a form nf ec/enia     which
uno time, left spread   very rapidly am) also started
tnt.| already   promisrti Stum, were in- Richards
Blrueted in tit  nml arrange fnr mon-     Mis    ]
cy   in   put     the    mortgage, etc., In |>jg gtf a I
good standing.     A spontaneous    de- ample ol
i sire in hei]) wiis maniti'sled and    the li ■ riltoiili
representatives of the various parish* lasi acl
es present    began    in   rIkjuI       thc th     goou
amounts   they    would he responsible would he 1
for and in less ihan tm monutes   Uh synod,
[ largo sum   ol   $1,005 was subscribed,* _    	
! uv  fnlltiu*.: ■RTMBK
.. follow;..
Penticton,    $86;   Cran
Kokancc, •$•■»•■>,   ArclKle
Kelowna, $120; Vernoi
liiiiil, $r-o,   Armstrong,
Center,  Jl";    Creston,   Sin, Gold
$36;   Nakusp,    $35; i: '
Trail, $50;    N.-w Den*.
■n     Beer, $
$100;  Ros
i,   $25; Mi,an
mi the other log. Both legs bo
•aiiie so swollen and sun* lhal 1
could only go about my work by
having them bandaged, My doctor
said 1 must stop work and lay up.
"After six months ol this trouble I
consulted another doctor, Imt with
Iin better resull. 1 tried all        Uie
sulvcs, liniments and lotions I heard
if, but Instead ol getting hotter I got
"This was.my condition when I got
al weeks al the home of my fljut box of (Zam-Buk. Greatly
her sister, Mrs. Hen Laird. We are to my delight Ihat first hox gn\e mo
very sorry lo know that tho doctor relief. I continued to apply it to
gave them no hopo of recovery, as ho lhe sores, aud day by day they got
diagnosed her disease ns cancer of the better. I could see tbat at last I
stomach. Mrs. Boyd is at present bail got bold ot something which
in a very weak condition. I lei* would cure me, and in the end il
daughter arrived    from   Brandon   on did.
Tuesday ami   will remain for     some1   "It is   now over a year since Zam-
lime. | link worked a cure in my ease,    ami
Word was received hero on Sattir- there bas been no return of the ec-
day morning that Mr. .lohn Martin, zema or any trace ol It."
who had gone to Cranhrook a tew Such is the nature of t'he great
days previous to accept a position, cures which Zain-Buk is daily euYct-
was very ill, liis son Charlie went Ing. Purely hcrlral in composition,
at once to Cranbrook and brought Ibis great balm is a sure cure for all
Mr. Martin back on the attornoon skin disreases, cold sores, chapped
train. He quickly grew worse and hands, frost bite, ulcers, lifood-poison-
his family being very much alarmed ing, varicose sores, piles, sealp s'ores,
returned wilh him to Cranbrook on ringworm, inflamed patches, cuts,
the night train nml bad him taken lo burns and bruises,
lhe St. Eugene hospital. Latest re- stores sell at 511c.
ports are that he Is Improving. j from Zam-Buk Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Hart have taken    up ceipt of price,
house    keeping for    a time    in   the'
house   recently    occupied by Mr. and!
Tlw subject for    next Sunday even- — .
iug's service at St.    Andrew's Prcs- dounk   FLESH
byterian      church    is    "-Everlasting
Fin*.'1    Everybody is    welcome    to'
a I lend the service. i
We hope   that all    onr friends and     pflr|Bt Ft.,K   2l.-Horsc llesh as
neighbors     will make a   point ot at- t,]|rL1
: 11-tu, jail; .New uenver, *au; uhati-
agiin Mission, $15; Salmon Arm,
tm, Bonnlngtcn, $10; Keromos, $5;|
Ddgewood, $10; Nelson, $150; Grand
Forks, $25, Enderby, SHU*, Green ,
wood, .*»r>5; Snmiiiei laml, $50; Re**.
Reed, $5;   Bishop dc Pender, $25; V \
All druggists ami
box, or posl Ireo
Toronto, upon re-
... lor consumption is the dcclara-
llie big ranwrl to be given tiol, „, tl)0 phy8iCjang ,,, Paris, n|>™-
I.ilirury ball on   Friday even-
ami im   mi,-   ii.i.i:. al Romvilrr, ll,
r    This proper!) i* Hi,- shov, plan
nl T.1I1.1.... Plains.
(Spccttl correepondcni ■1
Mi tie.. Wilson, secrctarj of the
Western Canada Lumbei ami Grain
Co, ui fi.ucshuiin, \ii.t. called nn
oW Moods in    Wardnei lasl week ■ n
his  \\a\   through  I"  Ciaiitilunk
Mt SIe«ilis. sti|)eiiiitemteut nf tbe
saw mill in Watdm-r, wins in Ciai,*
brook   mi   liiiMiioss   Ibis   week.
Policeman Kgf^cahaw was called in
Cranbrock last WcdneadAj- on business
Mi Ciiiss, ,.f Orillia, Dot , renewed
old acquaintances   In lown last week,
Mr. K. Elwell. ol tin* firm of Reolo
ami Flu.-il. Cranbrook, was in Ward-
not last Saturday on business.
The C.P.R. milt office slaf!. with
Mr. Skvad ami family, moved tn
Tntonga lusl Sunday.
Mr. V. M. Steams was In Onllowuy
on Momlay of this week on saw* mill
Mr. Walter Magoon spent Inst Sunday wilh friends in Crnnbrook.
Mr. A. Sheppard, of Jaffray, was
called home last Thursday on account of bis little daughter Dorothy,
wlm was suffering Irom a very severe
attack of croup. Since that time
she hns ulmost completely recovered.
Mr. C. M. Ceniutck was In Cranbrook last Tuesday tin business
Mr. I1. Lund left last Friday nfler-
noi ii on a business trip to Frank,
Alta., from there he etmliuued bis
trip to Chicago, where he will upend
a couple 0t weeks.
tho l'l"l'MT   ,!;111 '"'    ■*■■■"■-■>■  «^'-»- in,  the iiiii's',,,,,   .I  the govermi.nit
February 23rd.    The programme |mport|ng a largfl ..„„.,,..,. o( m{mt*\8
will he supplied chiefly by Cranbrook fnr Biaughtet   in 0nl«*i to supply the
laleni nml promises to lw good.  The ,|(,mami
proceeds  are 1o bo used in paying off
church debts.
(Special correspondence).
ttliner, B.C., Feb. 21.—Hy a happy
coincidence' Uw lirst ball over held by
tlie Masons of this distiict was given
last week in their hall at Windermere, tinder the auspices ot Columbia
lodge, No. 38, A.F.&A.M., G.R.B.C
l' was ii must pronounced success ami
formed a splendid opening fnr tho
Wilmer Curling club's Oral bonaptet
which opened on the open air rinks
hero nn Thursday. Most of the par-
ticipanta-to-bo in the bonsptel were
present In addition to which nenrk
two hundred other persons were m-
In addition to the local rinks taking pan it. this the trrsl annual curling competition there •vere two links
present frnm Golden and one from
Vlhelmer, The keenness of too loo
was mai red this morning by tho
exct salvo warmth ol the woatbt i
which for some weeks past has boon
prevailing. Several matches were
played on Thursday, the first resulting in a win (or one of the Golden
nuts. In tin* evening the contest
was carried on in the covered rink
where refreahments were served in
tionoi    nf    the visitors bj members
ul llu* Women's Hospital Aid.
French doctors hold that horse
meat is more nourishing, easier to
digest antl of ereater recuperative
value for consumptives than hoot, He-
sides, it- is much cheaper, beef costing in Paris forty-four cents a pound
while horsv flesh is only twenty-two.
I)<vtors call the method the ".Superalimentation cure." It is based on a
quantity of raw horse meat minced
hm* and eaten three times a day.
Rev. B. IV Ftewclllng and Mr. C,
A. Cock returned from Nelson last
Friday, whero they attended the annual meeting of the Synod of Kootenay.
| C W Husk, of Kikanee, wrote
thai     tin.mm   had heen given    for
| ohuitfa work Id the Kootenay lo the
Rev. Canon Perkins, but there    were
' no particulars.
)   The election    (or the various   com-
I nnt tees was then proceeded with. On
the executive Reverends Green,
Smt the ami Proounler were elected
and Rev. Rural IVan Flewclling was
nominated by the bishop as clerical
member, and Messrs. Husk, Cock and
Bird were elected ami F. A. Taylor
the annual di.st.ict!;.«■»■■*•«' by tbe bishop as lay mem-
fnr the latter pall
The     tlate lor
tail  has Ihiii set
<>f September in   order to bring it in
at a lime tu suit Hie )ud|OS who
ti 11 vtalt  this circuit.
The iirsi annual mooting ol the Windermere districl hoaid of trade has
been    sol Inr   the afternoon of Pri-
il.n. ilie 13rd It is anticipated
that      the aggregate    of membership
will be largely   Increased by    reason
of ih,. good wort which the rcpOttl
will slmw the In aid bar been able to
accomplish In tho past. The report
td ibe president deals largely with
tbe future antl draws the mcinliers'
attention to tbe importance to be
attached to the proposal of the Canadian Pacific Railway company     to
boi i
As clerical delegates to the general
synod Archdeacon Boer. Rovorends
Green, Graham ami Soflgor were appointed with Reverends Procunier,
Sun the, Solly uml Steele as nller-
natoa, ami lay delegates, F. Irvine,
F.. A. Crease, II. Bird and C. W.
Busk were appointed with c. R-
ilamillon, C. A. Cook, F, A. Taylor
nnd O. S. Pa ton as alternates.
As representatives on the inmrd of
management  M. s. s. c. clerical do-
i legatea, Archdeacon Beer and Rural
| Dean Graham, and lay delegates,
1 Messrs. Busk and Cock. On the
I Sunday school committee Archdeacon
Beer and Rural Bean Graham, and
Messrs Cock ami Irvine. Delegates
to the British Columbia provincial
Archdeacon   Beer, Reverends
establish their ready-made farms    in
this district.     It also touches on the 5™'
hope of better   mail service and tele-' 0lwB; (lral,a'n' N,'a*pr and ■ u™!
fv-lflS    Reverends    Procunier,    Smytbe
phonic  communication; also to
opening up .      	
ing    tho   Columbia    river navigable &tv*
from its source to the Partite and the] BVJ™'
aitl to loeal navigation.      Tbe sccre-     J™"0" «ntl
tary's report    Is largely retrospective* I JJJ^J     AtoMeacn He,*, and K.-v.-i
and also embraces n statement ol receipts and expenditures hy Ihe hoard.
tbe subject of mak-l dwelling ^i   Simpson.      Lay dele-
•   -• ' ir-iti<s    are    .same ns to  the general
stistenat inn fund corn-
ends Seager,   Graham and Solly, and
Messrs. Hamilton, Johnstone, Crease
____ nnd Bird.
* j   There    wns   a long    discussion in
Wben her child is In danger a wo- which the most friendly toolings were
man will risk her life to protect it. oXprossod to lhe churchmen nf Fernie
No great act of heroism or risk ol in their 1 roubles. It was pointed
life is necessary lo protect a child out tlmt they had two churches hum-
from croup. (live Chamberlain's od, losing some $0,000 or more, and
COUgh Remedy and all danger Is bad always given ungrudgingly while
avoided- For sale hy nil deal they were aide. Tin- result was
crs. 5-ii   that ou    motion    the CWCUtiVe, wbo
Made Well By Vinol—tetters
from a Grateful Mother
New Haven, Conn.—"My llttlo girl,
ever since ber birth, waa frail nntl
sickly and nothing seemed to do her
any good until we tried your cod liver and Iron tonic*. Vinol. An soon as
she commenced to take It, I noticed
an improvement in ber health and appearance. She has now taken threo
bottles of Vlnol, ami from tho good It
has done her I can Hay it will do nil
you claim for It In building up and
strengthening frail ami delicate children." (Name furnished on request.)
Another mother of Chicago, 111.,
writes: "I can not say too much In
praise of Vlnol for delicate, ailing
We ask every mother of a frail,
sickly or ailing child In this vicinity
to try Vlnol on our agreement to return their money If it docs not do all
we claim.
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
************* **.******4***it,
Have i> very flue assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All tru.s offered for mile aro grown in our own nurseries cm
the Col, lsl renin Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agent VERNON, B. C.
********************** ************* *********
Imperial Bank of Canada I
510.000,000.00 ♦
b,000,OOO.CO J
tot a i   * score 6.000,000.00 J
lOTAL ASSETS -      .       $72,000,000.00 •
D. tt. WII.KIK, Pra-Mont.
HON. ttOBERT .I.U'KUAY. Vlce.pi
| East Kootenay
® Butcher Co.
® Dealers In
® Fresh mnl I'uri
® Meats,
Poultry, (jiinie  ami Kieli
iu S,
® GIVE    1>   A   TKI.M.
® East Kootenay
i Butcher Co.
®  _
®      The Old P. Wood's
® Business.
* ")
II.vmi comn tc
Bxpeul t» be
cored,   If otto-m
iiif to ,nr- jou.
Unltm I know
thai I can mn
vmi I will not ii''-
it-(.l ymir row.
mnl in *-vi*rv in-
i*iiii»-.- I tn-nt by
m.v own (iritfinul
mi Vll ll--I'd ll ti-1
M-i.-nti'l.- in.-
fpermilorrhoci, Orianlc Wraknrs*,
lost Vlior, Virkocclc, MyJrocclc. C»n-
traded Disorder*. Specittc Hlood PoUon,
Piles ini   Strklirti — roitorlog hII
ni'tion in tin* ehorteel possible space
of time.
.'oiiMillnlioniiml iii.irn.in,, Imoklfl In*.
Cranbrook, B. C.
* TIIK »
*> *
•      Columbian      >
« »
*n is it gunrnntced polity.  Tliat Is, a
^ H.ili-fiiriiun IsgnnrnniL'Ctl in evory >*,
€ ro.|,cct,   Tlio ' *
t Nelson Iron Works JJ
^ Una an   over Increnstitg .tock, fc
^ U'litoiliim lor I'liiiiiiiliiis. '
**999999 * * * * * *
Noise and Hiury
nre the main cnuscs of nervous
exhaustion to-day.
More sleep, selected diet, and
extra feeding of llie exhausted
nerve tissues with Lecithin, tlie
form of phosphorus required for
nerve repair, is the only cure.
THE    NEW    REMEDY    F O fl
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (concentrated
from thousands of eggs), and
makes possible tins cure.
"Asaya-Neurall" feeds the
nerves, induces sleep, quicken*
the appetite and digestion, ?..:■*;
soon restores full nerve \ italitj.
The beneficial effects are e\:-
ent almost with the first dose.
16 oz. Iicltle. 40dav*" tre.tt'i-rnt, JI.&0.
Obtain fromtfic       .     -jts,
Druggists, Cnnbro i!c, ;.. C
Write them for frr*. book on NcmtJJ
ELKO, 15. C.
As I nm eoiiiiiiiiiiiL' my Into hns.
ImiiiiI's hiisiueBS. I wonlil ask for
ilie eoniiiiiietl rjalronogoof all "Id
customer*, mid rofpectfully solicit
the trade uf nil.
Best of Rigs and Horses
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
\ modern equipped Cafe at mo lerate
RatM |1.00 and up par day
Oornai <»l Howard Bt.and Pronl Ate
Our Ini*- meeti all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A borne
is when- I'enee. ('onifort, Contentment,
nnd Plenty is (bund. Tlml is the renson
mon throughout British Columbia, when
"Oranbrook" i> mentioned think ol tho
provisions .los. Ilninlt hns niiiile for nn
iilenl liuine nl lhe
I Canadian Hotel
Aeoonnts   of   Corporations,   Munioipalitiee,    Merohaul-
Farmereand Private Individuals invited.
IhcMvorl I.'""' '"'""" "f t'r'"'il i~S"'"1 ttVBil8bl° '"' "">• P"« llf
. «-\VlMis DEPAUTMENT     S, i„l   i„„„„i„„
givon to Saviugs Hnnk Accounts     Deposits ot 11.00   nml
upwards recoivod and interest allowed from dote of doposil
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
: me :
« Lund Land and Development
I Company, Limited.
* ___  4
Fruit. Ajcricultural. Orozlng and Timber Land... *
Insurance. Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers in Lumber.
Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and   *
Baker Street.
li. I.. BTKPHES8, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
tacorpom*-] IMB
Capital 1'aid l'p $6,300(000 Ke&erve $6,900,uoo
Total Assets, Over $95,000,000
II. B. HOLT, Preildeot     B. I-, PKA8B, 'i«ncr»l Manager
Accountaof Firm**, Oorporatlom and iDdlvldoali f-olif Itad.
Ontof town bailnaai receive! every Httrntloo.
BAVINQH DEPARTMENT   Depoettiol |1 <*> ar>r| opwardireceived
and intoruwt allowed at current ratif.   Ko fnrmalitv nr delay in
A -ifiicral liankinir iSn-jin-***- t*;iii-ai t<--!.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. 0'CONNELL, Manager
**: ******************* ********** *************
It's   tlie Siime Place
The Place tbat is Popular
ll,Hal ns the liest
Bettor tban the Real
The Cosmopolitan
If you oon.6 once,
Vou will come again.
E. II. SMALL, Pboprirob
******************************** 1
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. P.JOUNSOH ,v SON, Proprietor. •
*********************** THE   CHANBROOK    HEBALD
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
K. .1. Deane, Managing Kditor.    ,
CK-\NiJlti)OK, «. C, February 22,1912
Within lite nexl two or three
there ii.    every probablllt) llm
shall lie In   *■•''   n,u',i oI il *n'
election campaign,
need ol an appeal ti
this time, Inn   Uio
menl wish    lo   nee
nml thus make   stir
least another tour j
nmy lie   entirely
ilu- Tory viewpoint,
said    to  bo so    fi
There is no real
the country at
McBride govcm-
n* ;i simp verdict
lit  (lIlllT   1.11        ill
ars. Uhilsi ilu-.
talisf actor) Irom
il can li.mlh    In'
^^^^^^ in    lhe    linilit ill
low of thc average citizen* it would
ll easy    mattei   tu pollll  nut      tin'
s Injustice thai     will be Indicted
i ni lam sections ol the province,
ter uf representation,    by
appeal lo the country, but
worth   while, lhe McBride
in tin
this   1
It    IS
cards I
this i
vide a
tent n
arK apnea
It    IS    III
any Ide
uf llm
■ hope
■\ iwUl all lhe
;-ii,iiuly plaj tb-*!
how they please,
dear reason why
should be made,
proposes to pro-
■xcttse. He ^ ill
;i new railway
i-iit-e to this
Herald wishes
iirine comment,
U-ei i
lhe n
o    safcgi
in ten-sis.
i reti
arousing llie
lhe slluatto.
chard McBride,    li
curing such conslde
•w   project as    will
ml ,    in a measui
work of  suppressing    gambling   And
oilier vicious practices, who have not
the couru*.** nl their convictions     ami I
resort to anonymous communications, I   The
addressed   lo the mayor, the    police brook
magistrate and the chlel of police, as
well as to the press.    This elass    oi
former will accomplish very     little
al good,       It.   would lie fur better
r any person having knowlodgo    of
I in i    praot ices  t o approach      t he
nyor or chief    of police, personally
nl glvo such   evidence as he posscss-
The odds   are that it     would
'Vt'i bo necessary    lo make    public
llie names of the   parties who     gave
tho Information.     In their own    behalf the police   would naturally      In*
caretul to keep   the source of
knowledge quiet.     Frequently    these! or n
aiionj moiis      com mimical ions      are prov
couched    m very   abusive   language,
the opinion of the  writers being, presumably,   that   tho  civic authorities
regular meeting of the Cran
1'rades and Labor Council was
held on Momlay evening last in tin-
rooms of the French club, once
known as Watts ball. Bight unions
wei*i> represented by lull delegations
and much important business was
transacted. Ono ol thc principal
items ii)i [or consideration, was ihc
action of one of our principal pith-
lie bodies in sending out or the city
for certain matter thai could have
been procured locally.
The legislation ami municipal  committee    was  empowered to ascertain
their | the true    tacts and find out whether
our respected city council ap-
f any   portion of publie funds
being sent out nf the eily that     can
lie used       to   hotter    advantage   al
Tlte inlaws    were  adopted,   as recommended   by tho bylaw committee
visl ami     oil awl as a   consequence n   most inter-
for| eating meeting is booked for on Mon
day evening, March hh next at     the
  rooms of the French club, the council
greatly   simplify     the whole having madi
if those having complaints to there on tin
would    do so over their    owu'iach month
, nut     necessarily for puhiica-
Y. M. C. A. NOTF.S
The men's meet-inn al tlw Y.M.CA.
I last Sunday afternoon was well al-
l ended and was addressed by Itov.
c, W. Kirhy, of Calgary. Rev. Klr-
by gavo an instructive and eloquent
discourse on the small sins which
creep Into a man's life aud grow Into
hlg ones. llev. Dudley presided at
the meeting. Rev. C 0. Main will
preside at tht meeting on Sunday
next and Captain Stride ol the Salvation Army on tlw Sunday lollowlng.
nf '
know all that |
ol   tho  tiindi-
aml thai
llwro is lo be    kuti
lions ibey    allege t
wl.n-h     Ihey eouipla     	
some improper motive the nulhoiilies
an*    wlthlioldi-ng    prosecutions.    It
lion, but as an evident*-* of got
faith. In the event of their complaints, thus openly made, not being
aiii'inled In there would then hi
grounds lor publicity thai would, in
all probability, quickly bring tin
delinquent authorities to time.
Ratepayers will take note that tin
bylaw to raise hinds ft r the erection
of ilu* proposed Manual Training
School will take plait- on Wednesday,
March Bth. Tins is such an eminent**
U desirable addition to our educational [acllllies thai it will he on')'
necessar j [or ratepayers in keep the
dato in mind so as to turn nut iu
force    ami   secure the pa:
■ arrangementh   to i
1st and 3rd Monday
lit law by a very decil
ive, if not
There is over) juslitlealipn I"1
doubting cither iln- ability, or lb
desire, of tlw government lo make    .
fail,  .sqiiair      ,,;i'.|Hli   ;i  ihnl   nl       llu
kind pn posed. This view ol thi
case Es based upon past experience
For the enlightenment ol Herald read
ers we reproduce elsewhere in ihi**
Issue some pat titulars til the ileal
made wilh .Messrs. Mackenzie «S
when thc las' railway policy
il ihe McBride government back
mwer with an overwhelming mall will be noted in these par
ra that ihere is an unconditlon*
al guarantee ol both principal and Interest on the C.N It. homls n-pavutlt
in 1050, llir guarantee period extend
in*;   about     forty   years,   instead      nl
thirty, as  expressly promised
vniiehni    f,»i  i.v     Premier   McBi
inio |i
vii words,     in     tli
.1. al  Uw   A.(1.1 .tt
Saturday, Novcm-
Here are     bis o
course ol a    spe
ball,  Vielniia, on       ^^^^^^^
h«t 30th, 1009:
"What is it    we an- going to ||l»
an tee?     We an*  guaranteeing thut
year bonds to   tin* nmounl of twenty-
one   million   dollars, bearing mt
ai  I per cent.     We an* gunranteeto;!
(35,000 a  mile lor    ihe construction
woik in tin* province.
■■ \s au evidence nf faith that the
Canadian Northern railway will carry out its contract with us, we will
secure from the company a deposit in
cash or a proper Itoml amounting to
li is quite clear Irom the foregoing
citation ihal the province's guarantee
was only to extend over a period of
thirty years. Read the pmspeetus,
appearing pIsi v.Inn* in Ibis issue,,
ami you will note lhal the niaraulei*
period is io extend io 11150, praclt
tally f-.itt years. No one will quest hi
that ii makes a very material difference (o the liabilities of the province
guaranteeing lortj year (Kinds in
stead nl thlrt) year bonds. We havi
the premier's explicit iitalementa thai
ilu- province's guarantee was tor
thirty year homls ami yet wc hml
•ntercd in*, i bv the
Cranbrook's    (Ire brigade   is doing
•ml work and is a eredit to the
city.     Would it nol be very much  In
kl fi l* the city council to see
that  the two permanent officials   are
pplied wilh suitable uniforms'.'
ml grand chapter, It
s of Ireland, opened
Tuesday morning
ihal Hie contract
government with Mackenzie
rails (ot a guarantee lor U
'Ihere an- other lealurcs iu
wit!< iliis ruarantec    whie'
Investigation, particularly
to ilie sn unit   provided '.>
II  [oi   luinllmenl
leu ui- hat.' saitl
in awaken iiu active Intercut
government's    railroad   negotiations,
wiih, we hope,  somo    chance nt pro-
'■<"ni    Hit    taxpayer    from further
loose ai.d    mi1i'is.iif,sHni' negotiations
upon thc pan ..f Hn- provincial    gov-
Tln*i** an* spparentl) quite a    lew
individuals in <lu* cllj   anxious In assist     lhe  civic   authorities   in     the
'• y< »
iinnn ti
..til    i.i
;t; ni ard
_.^_ I I
of their conlrai l,
silltii letll   fm   In | iv
X Chapman's Ajjency
* Norbtjf) Ucnuc, Ncir Ihc Auditorium
Heil finintc
Hm pl») ment
1.01 It ft
Invcsliiuni*. '
riunlinn Snle il  our mums every
SalunJa) al 2 30 and 7 30.
II >i'ti have Anything in dell, hrln*! '
It to ii-, If >nu wani -inching come •
loour dales.
Tin* provluc
Bluck Knight
!l o'clock nil Jm^m^m^m^t^m^^tm^
Selkirk hall, Revelstoke, with Sir
Knight Oeorge ■!. Orlmason of Victoria in the chair, The business of
tbe morning session was taken up
wiih reports of ihe grand lodge officers, The report of tlte grand registrar showed a large Increase in membership, two new prcceptorles lieing
'Ibe election of grand lodge officer!
resulted as follows:
(irand Master—K. E. I'akenhani
Mission City.
Deputy (irand Master—H. Fawcctt,
North Vancouver.
Assistant Deputy (irand Master—
W. II. Trcwsdale, Victoria.
(irand Chaplain — Kdwanl Britt
Deputy (Irand Chaplain—11. Bir
mingham, Vancouver.
(irand Registrar — .1 J. Tulk
Deputy (irand Registrar — Charles
Elliott, Vancouver,
Grand Treasurer—II. T. Thrift,
White Rock.
Deputy Grand Treasurer — \V. B
Gamble, Abbotstord.
Grand Lecturer — Alexander Arm*
si rutin, Cumberland.
Deputy    Grand Lecturer  — .lames
Atehesoli,  Vancouver.
Grand Censors — Iv W. Cooke,
New Westminster. It. N. Hopkins,
(irand Stand - D. 1- D. McCall,
Peachland; 1>. Olbbard, Mission City.
Grand Pursuivant — J. if. Arm
strong,  Revelstoke.
Grand Tyler — w. H. Dunmorc,
Grand Committee — .1
son, W. .1. Bow, George
John .laekson, tt    T    lagi
Grlmason ud Edward Uu I
Deputy (irand Lecture! -
II. Brett, Vancouver.
Stmitays— Low mass at 8.30 a.in.,
high mass, H).:,li a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Bene-
it lotion at 7.U0 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation—Mass at H a.m.
Wock days—Mass at ll a.m. at the
P. IMamondon, O.M.I.
Feb. 25th.
Morning service at 11 o'clook. The
sncramonl of baptism will i.r administered at the close of the service.
Sunday school and Bible class al
3 p.m.
Evening service at 7.:t(l o'clock.
Communion will he dispense*,) at
the morning service on March 3rd.
VoUng People's Guild on Tuesday al
K p.m.
( hoir practice on   Friday at *** p.m.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The paster will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "The Doctrinal
Basis Proposed lor Church I iiiou."
Evening subject: "Sympathy."
Special music will he rendered hy
il>e choir.
Morning worship, 11.00. Subject:
"Tbe Gospel of Christ, the Supreme
Exhibition of Divine rower."
Sunday school 3 p.m.
Evening worship. IM. Subject: An
Abtidaiit Provision for "Every Seed
ol Yours."
Tbe pastor. Rev, o. E. Kendall
will ct ndiiet the services   of the day.
A cordial welcome is extended to
We wish l<
kindly   ussii*
reavemeni li
thank all those who st
d during our late he-
the death ol Mrs. Kerr
. Flowers and Family.
Mr. li. ,l
treasure? ol
Kirt-ii'ty, has
Btaticmcitt i>(
Mc-Swryn, wrri'lalj-
Uio Cranbrook Operatic
issuwl tlw lollowing
receipts    ami cxpcndl-
lures, ia connection with ihr hul-u*
ly's recent produollon <>l tin* "Country Girl:"
brought forward  Irom mil .$    ,15
Advertising,   prograinmos   ....   H8.
Performance,  lirst night     323.51)
Performance, bccoiuI iiiftlii ... ".78,00
Hunk .if Commerce     01.31
Debt to bank Irom "Gelslia"
lloyally   lor   production
Music and .lialoj*iic.s    	
Geo. 1). Ingram,    services  ....
Advertising, Prospector 	
Advertising, Herald    	
Printing programmes    	
Rent of Auditorium      '...
Hill post.rs 	
lliill rentals, Masonic  	
Hull rental, Orange	
Hull rental, Y.M.CA	
Painting scenery, Mennie 	
Draylng and storage, Worden.
Making eostun.es, Mrs. Ingram
Material costumes, McCrccry..
Material costumes, Halsall ....
.Mali-rial costumes,   Fink's   ...
Reflector, Patmoro Hros	
Stage settings, llak.-r and Han-
Flowers,   etc.,   Campbell and
Costumes from Mrs. Macahar.
Balance   on   scores  "Country
"There's something 'hoot a lianlwaie
store," t lie rUnini'er tald lo me,
"Tliat miikus it mom atttactive like.
It's where I'd rather be.
Soitiefelleis like to hang out at Fink's
grocery Hlore,
An' tJeattle-Murjihy'B drug shop has
attractions fer gome more,
An' gome there be that seem l' think
l>ezulPn blacksmith'B t.ho[i is line.
Hut I have tiled 'em all, an' cay, the
lianlwaie store fer mine.
" When 1 ain't notliiu' elte i' do, I like
t' wander he to.
Tirolo'b Bomethln' warm nn'eheo'ln' in
its pleasantatmospheiei
Take tit ih here ke^ o' Halls I use t' ret*-;
iiiyneK upon,
There's somethin'   'bout  it different
than other chairs, I swan I
The kiiwh, an' hammem. an' the flies,
the planes an' chisels, too,
The coffee pots an' metal tuliH COnsolO
mi;when I'm blue.
"1 like r sit round hero au1 think. 1
like the smell o' sleel,
Tlteie's lomalhln' 'bum a kii o' tools
thai's down light sound ami real;
When  1  got tit eil o' gabby  men, au'
weary of their bluff,
I like to sneak in here an' sit among thu
proper nt tiff;
Tools never brng or lie or cheat, or
ilat-li their diamond rinffp,
But take 'em, wortl-whleover, they aie
always doin' things 1
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing floods
on Tuesday, March 5th, Mr. Dunham
will again he present ami lake as
his suhji'ct "Vatloning lor Market,"
A demonstration of drawing, plupklng
nml other points of interest will he
discussed. The eluctlon of officers
will also take place at tlio next
meeting and every member js asked
lo attend. Place'.    Government
building.    Time: 8.30 sharp.
Fresh cauliflower
luce,  Celery and
ami Maiming.
cucumbers,    lot—[
$ 90.00 eller of one of the firms in ques-
121UI0 lion and the statement of the
80.00 manager of an imlenendent company
100.00 are very interesting, not to say as-
16.00 touisliing. The Alberla Hrokerage
20.00 company has become a feature ol the
50.00 situation and lull information is given
85.00 regarding ttiis company, tlu* directors
15.00 ol which are the members or ivpre-
15.00 senlatives of the lirms who are alb'fi-
7.50 etl to he members of ihe combine.
Fresh cauliflower; nice full heads ul
Ward and Harris.
A special passenger tariff concession hits heen made hy the Canadian
I'aeilie railway for the Seventh international Dry Farming Congress at
l,elhluiilgc, Alberta, Ocloher Ul-211,
of a single fare Irom all points on
its lines in Camilla for a round trip
hiekel. C, K, E. t slu r,passenger
tniiiie manager, has telegraphed 13
A. Cunningham, vice-chairman of tlu
Hoard of Control ami president ol
the hoard ol Irade ot L-cihbrldgo-
who has neon negotiating with the
railroads for low transportation,
thai the C.P.lt. will make the lowest convention rate known, namely:
one fare for going uml returning,
upon the certificate [dan. The rates
heretofore granted eonveiillona held in
the northwest antl west have lieen
one and one-t|Uarter or one ami one-
half fare for a round dip, aud this
reduction to a single fare from all
points in Canada may be tot lowed hy
the transcontinental roads In the
United .Stales, assuring a very large
attendance at lhe Congress and Imposition next October, Dales ef
.sales of tickets ami other details will
he announced later on by the Canadian Pacific, and it is anticipated
ihat the American roads will shortly
make known their rates.
of tbe two shout "Oon't take my
watch.'1 They then found the two
men on the ground, Stevenscn being
on lop ot Mclvean. Alter pulling
them up McLean charged Stevenson
wilh taking his watoh, The chain
was hanging down. Next morning
Ihey found lhe broken liar of tlie
chain. Magistrate Ityan committed
Stevenson who will probably take
speedy trial before His Honor Judge
Thompson somo day during the present week. Stevenson is a lumber
jack who has worked in the camps
around Cranhrook for years pasl.
llahy Chic Food, ground
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
OIVEN Mint the Court ol Itovlsion
will sit on Momlay, March 4th, mill
at lhe hour ol 10,80 a in. (loeal
tinii'l al llu- Municipal Buildings
Crnnbrook, lie, lor ihe purposo h
corroding anil rovtslni* the Assessment Hull ut ihe City ill Craubrook,
Any person complaining ol an error
or omission in (he said mil shall
Rive notion oi his complaint in writing to the Assessor, and the grounds
ol his complaint, at least ten till)
days before the Bitting ot the said
4-11-8 Assessor
clam shells' ihat the. llrilish
Columbia Southern
1,2 nil
Vi. Mm li-
Sumlay   morning, ll o'clock— Holiness nlet*tihg.
Sunday alterinion,     2 o'clock—Sunday school.
Sunday    allcrnoon, 5.30    o'clock—
Kr.e and Easy Meeting,
Sunday nlghl, s  o'clock—Salvation
Subject, llihli' lesson:    "The (Ireat
Eternal Question."
Tuesday   night, 8 o'clock — Salvation meeting,
Thursday nlghl, R o'clock—Holiness
Saturday night,   8.10 o'clock—Salvation Iluvtitii;.
Everyone heartily welcomed.
Kred'k  \. Slriile, ('apt.
White it may seem a little early to
do anything in the  garden, \ci thet
is a great deal that ran Ire done, ami
hi doing it now, time will Ih* gained
foi the busy season soon coming. All
the garden tools should in* gathered
u|i, mended)   the woodwork painted,'
all    blades   sharpened,    handles'Thev
mended,  and    everything   put    into champion
li.ip*'     IYn ami   tomato sticks  may
he got ready and    put under shelter,
imi it is a goml    time to spread It-r-
tili/t-r,     if you   neglected it last fall.
Tin* garden   spot should   lie very rich
order to have vegetables get right | Ellil
ut     to business    as soon   as thc
Tin- hockey playeis hftVO Iwen waiting tor several dajm for a little crisp
weather io put the rink in condition.
Severn! games an* scheduled if the
weather will permit. Kemie came
up Wednesday and the game \
certainly the itest seen on local
thli winter.      Cmffalrook started «n
in      the   b-ail anil     iu    the   lust hall
math* three to Pcmle'n om*. Th.-
Msitois glngeml up toward ihe finish
ami managed to in- tin* score, the
game ending 1—1. In individual
I plays ('lanhrook (ar outshone theli
! opponenta, bul   in combination work
llu- vistlors SCcmcd to excel. .\m>lln*r
game will he played utill Kemie in
lhe ueui future uml ll is also likely
that tlie TalH-i hunch will be seen
here before the end of the season,
the     Southern     .\lberla
The Brunswick Howling alleys, located in the It-asemcnt ot thc new
Campbell ami Manning building, on
Hanson avenue, will in- opcn.<d to the}
public tomorrow evening. T. Ilortcn,
Campbell will be in charge. In addi- j
tion to four of the bef-rt appointed alleys in the Kootenays, there Is a
spacious billiard and pool parlor,
with a cigar and tobacco stand tor
lhe refreshment ot thc lovers tf
Lady Nicotine.
This new place of amusement Is
fitted up throughout in first class
style. All the appointments arc of
llie very best and everything has
been installed in first class style,
under the supervision or Mr. F. S.
It is tlie intention of llu- manage-
in n: to arrange for one aftcrncon in
th.* week lieing set apart tor the |
ladies, so that thev mav indulge    in
tli.* desired privacy,
llort'v" alleys   promise    to    be
of  tbe  juipular resorts ot      the
The efficiency of baby shows at fall
fairs as an antidote to race suicide
will be thoroughly tested throughout
Ontario next September it the direetors of the Uieal fair societies accept
the suggestion "f Louis Smith, of
Cornwall, Out., at the recent session
of the twelfth annual convention of
lhe Provincial Association of Fairs
ami exhibitions. "Population tailed to increase in Cornwall," said Mr.
Smith, "and last fall tbe census report occasioned so much merriment
that When the directors of our fair
ass»K*iation got together they decided
that a baby show in conjunction with
the fair would arouse interest aiming
the people along this neglected line,
ami it did. Some forty mothers entered with their offspring and the
rivalry ft.r tlie prizes were keen. It
also boomed the al tendance at tbc
fair, for where you have the babies
'tliere also will be the women, and
where there are women you will always lind men." Mr. Smith's suggestion was hailed with enthusiasm
by the delegates, who will carry
tbe idea to every town and hamlet in
the province where next fall it will
be put lo practical operation. II is
a foregone conclusion that a baby
show will be a "howling" success.
ami cracked coin at exceptionally low
prices at t'iuk.'s Pun* Food Grocery.
Alex. Stevenson was committed for
trial on Wednesday on a charge of
assaulting Robert K. McLean with intent lo rob him. Krom the evidence
it appeared that MeLtau met Stevenson outside the Manitoba hotel on the
night of the 19th inst somewhere
about midnight. Tlnre was some
lusslc or wrestling between them at
tbat point, Imt McLean broke away
from Stevenson and ran across" Ibc
sttvet* towards Burns' corner, down
Armstrong avenue ami into the alleyway at the hack ol Burns' where
he either (ell or threw himself. Stevenson was iu Imi pursuit. The police, Constables llaxier ami Douville,
saw (he chase am! moving up    from
Bailway Company intends to apply
to the Lieutenant Governor in Council, Victoria, British Columbia, for a
final license under part XI. ot the
Water Act. 1000, and Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
from Bull Biver, in K.ast Kootenay,
for ibe purpose of making the same
lit for ratling and driving logs.
The maps and plans and particulars
of lhe proposed improvements and
works have lieen tiled with the Chief
Water Commissioner, at Victoria,
British Columbia, within -*'* days
after Uh* first publication ot this
Dated at Cranbrrok, British Columbia, the 17th dav of February,
W. F. Gurd,
K-tf Solicitor for the Applicant
Don't In- rash, buy for rush,
Il will Bttve ynu tunny n dollar;
Tlio ready cash will uiitko u nmsh
Much quicker than n standing collar
Specials to End of February:
DUST BANG • • 2 Tins for 75c.
TOMATOCS • • 3 Tins for 50c.
Apples! Apples!! Apples!!! AH varieties at Fink's Pure Food Grocery.
P. Thompson, teller in tlw Bank cf
Hamilton at   Fernie lost his life    hy
falling over a    precipice near the top
Fernie last Sunday after-
Following was  lasl night's line-up:
NbM.tr hi.
warm days come. If you did not
ther    the wtiils oil lhe ground last
fall, il would |h* well to sel matches
ii the piles as vou hunch Ihem now,
nd thus burn up a lol ot insect eggs.
Hun I forgel   to read ibe advertising]
columns,    semi   for   the   catalogues,   Connolly
look over   the   lists    of new implc-
8++++++++++++++++++++1  menls and plan (or the busy days.        MeWIm
| Chapman's Agency:
Cover Point.
Bight Wing.
Lett Wing.
... Gardiner
invigorating game ot bowls with!0*   Mount
noon. Mr. Thompstn left town
rJbout ten o'clock to take a stroll ou
snow shoes, and not returning at
night, or appearing at tin* bank un
Monday a party went in search of
bim, and his lifeless body was found
just before dark Monday evening within three hundred yards ol Ferry
creek. He had stepptd over a sleep
shoulder of the iioiib slope of thu
mountain and had dragged himself to
when* In* was found. He evidently
lived for some time and lUCQUmltod lo
the cold and exposure ot the night.
Mi. Thompson was au Kiiglishmau
and fond ut strolling alone over the
S. A. KK1I>, Proprietor
I have jusl received a
complete line of new
Come and see our lines
Je vlens de rccevolr
un assortment complct
Venex voir pour vous
vous con vol nere.
lim Dates, game warden ul Cran*
brook district, was wafktng out iu
the mountains the other day when
he met a hunter with his gim. The
metal suggested that that ought to
I, • a good country (or limiting, "ll
certainly is," said the hunter proudly. "I killed one of llu* finest bucks
yesterday I ever saw, ami lie weigh..I
over two hundred pounds." It was
Iln* season when deer may not he
shot without subjecting the hunter to
a heavy tine. "Well, that is a line
one," said the warden, "ami do you
know who you are talking tot" ne-1
ing assured that he did not, tbe olli-
ci.il said: "Why, I am the chief game
warden ol  Cranbrook district." The
hunter was only taken aback tor a
moment when he asked: "And du you
know who you ure talking to?" The
warden didn't know. "Well, sir,'
said the hunter, apparently much
relieved, "you are talking to the biggest, liar lu tin- whole ot British Columbia."
Big Clearance Sale of j
where J
Alter   J
The current    issue    of the Western
Cauatla Trade Gazette, published    at
Calgary, contains further particulars
of the existence   ol an alleged    combine ot    the wholesale fruit and produce merchants   in that city. Betuil-
ei * in Calgary    as  well as surround-
llulland ing towns claim that toero Is a com-
| bine, mid    their    statements,   along
Thresher with tbe -statement of a former trav
A meeting ut the Crnnbrook Pottl-
Irj .md Pet Stock association was
held Thursday evening last at the
truu'iuiiiriit building, where a room
hns lieen neatly titled up and
mir tings will Ih* held in future,
routine business bad Item disposed of
Mrs. It. Brown, presented her report
as delegate to the B.C. Poultiy association. The report contained a
fund of useful Information to those
engaged in tbe poultry business and
as a whole was the hesl and most
valuable presented by any delegate
to previous conventions. Uev, W. E.
Buiiham, a pnultryman of wide experience wos present ami afler answering a number tf questions put to
him hy several ot tla1 members in reference to winter housing, winter egg
production, etc,, look up the subject
of "Tho Breeding Pen," and went
fully into that subject, a most, important one lor this season ot the
year, as poultrymen are making up
their breeding pens just now. At
Hm* next   meeting, which will be held
We want the room.
Look al these Bargains
$19.00 Heater now $14.25
Come in aad See Them
Cranbrook B. C.        Phone 5
'^i■^*^*■^^*^*■^**^-*^*^*»■***^***•^*■^*■*^^^-^*^'   AAAAAA   J
Colonizing and Financial Agents in England
for Canadian Enterprises
0. 1*1101 Tl I MOItKIS, lllraclor ol tlio BuBriutoliownn I uveal menl &
Trust Co., Ltd.
JOHN HOWARD, Agent'Goiiornl lor Nova Scotia, Dlrecloi of llie
liiitiiini'in nl Cnnmta Trust Coipotntioiii I,Id.
li. V. OOTTRKLL, Ulreotorol tlioOunmllnn I'nclfloTrtHt, Ltd.
ERNEST II, ARNOTT, Managing 1)1 color,
or n PROVED property or IiubIiiuss which requires further rnpltsl for
iluvolupmunt, Hem) full [tolnils lo lil in el li. Anoit (Msnsglng
DI roc loi li The Aaaoulfttotl Agoncles of Ca inula, I.id.,
IVoilorn Union Cod*.
Cablo AddresBi "Asiogonciin," London.
The Young Men's Christian acsool*
tion movement in Canada has Irom
tho beginning been united to some
movement in the United States. The
typo of association work conduotod in
the Dominion, while at the first differed -slightly from that iu the Untied States, has gradually conformed
to that type ns distinguished from
iln* European.
The international conventions, so
called, have been made up of all
the associations in North America.
The last convention was held in Toronto in October, 1(110. There has
been a growing feeling among intelligent association men in the Dominion that there needed to he some
plan devised by which the Canadian
work could bc supervised nationally
rather than internationally; that the
center for Canadian work should be
in Canada ral her than In New York
City, where tbe headquarters ofi the
International committee arc located.
In lho 1'nitch stales the International committee was tlm Oral agency
of supervision to bc created by thc
associations. The purpose ol it was
lo unify lhe existing work, and lo
extend the work into unorganized
fields. In order that the different
States might push their own work
within the boundary of the Union
more effectually, state commit-tecs
wen* created by state conventions,
which were called in the beginning
by the International commit ice.
These slate committees were cntirelj
tndependenl of the International, and
they exercised, or had a right lo c\-
crclse, exactlj the same as the international.
Willi the growth ol tlte strength ol
the international committee <n thc
one hand, ami the slate committee
on the other, each seeking to lead
the associations) considerable Mellon and overlapping have developed
from lime to time, and ai tho Buffalo International convention In 1001
the question of relationships was
debated uhIi vigor ami some little
Canadian association men hair he
Moved (hut it would he possible- to
work out some plan for Canada tbal
would   provide   for     iin-   following
iluli!-.  Kirst, i Iflcation    ol    lho
whole w.ok under a national policy;
m'ci-ii.i. prevention ol overlapping and
fuel ion, i hml, a continuance if cooperative rotations with the ossoeln
lion movement in the United States
\ conference was held in Toronto
tn Decembei -". at which ii hnui dc
cid.ii *o recommend tho call ol a
convention in Winnipeg In .tunc next,
ai w in. h iime ii is proposed lo undertake the formation < f a national
,'Minimilee aud   io arrange for    tin
rtliim I tin** committor Into    nt:
linns, covering lhe Maritime Provinces, Ontario ami Quebec and the
weal These divisions correspond to
m iii-nir nf provincial organlsn
and H is expeoted thai the
searching every nook and corner of
Italy for Cremona violins. He lived
alone iu a wretched attic in Milan,
where, one day in 1851, bo was
found dead among a confused heap
of fiddles. There were two hundred
aud fifty of lliem, the result of a
thirty years' hunt. A noted Parisian dealer, hearing of the wonderful
collection, set ofl for Milan post
haste, and purchased the two hundred
and fifty Instruments for the nominal
sum of G3,l(jfl, Among thorn he
fouud one specially uiauiiliccnt
"Slrad" — the instrument whieh Mr.
Crawford bought in 18011 for £2,000.
The Parisian dealer kept It till bis
death in 1875, and so anxious was he
for its safety thai during the
Franco-German war ho buried it, case
anh all, in a damp-proof, air-tight
box, and did not unearth it till peace
was proclaimed.
As a variation on Arctic exploration, tho Berlin Palestine Explora-
slon Society is sending a party to'
Palestine lo carry out a thorough
scientific investigation into the phenomena of the Dead Sea. Barely j
thirty miles from Jerusalem, the
conditions existing in the vicinity ol
this famous lake are such that life
is nlmosl unknown tliere. Tlw air is
stagnant ami boi, ami the atmospheric pressure normally about %'& in.,'
while the surface of the water is almost 1,300 feet below sea level. No
one has ever remained long en. ugh
at the Dead Sea to gather data useful i
to .scientists, and the mission of the)
German scientists will be by no|
means a picnic
This js au age of discoveries. To
grow hair after it has fallen out today is a reality.
SALVIA, the Great Hair Tonic
end Dressing, will positively create a
new growth of hair.
If you want to have a beautiful
head of hair, free from Dandruff, use
SALVIA once a day and watch the
SALVIA is guaranteed to stop falling hair and restore thc hair to its
natural color. The greatest Hair
Vigor known.
SALVIA is compounded by expert
Watch your hair if it is failing out
If you don't, ymi wil sooner or later he bald,
SALVIA prevents baldness by fastening the hair to the roots.
Ladles will lind SALVIA Just the
hair dressing they are locking for. It
makes the hair soft uud fluffy and is
not sticky. A large bottle, 5uctt. At
thu Cranbrook Drug ai.d Book Co.
account of her sex     was not allowed
to complete her studies.
Afler  a hard    struggle Miss    .lex
Illake aud her    colleagues were    ad-
milled as   medical students in Edinburgh, hut they    were refused admission to  study in the Royal Infirmary
wards,   and   in   Novcmlier, 1870,    a
mob    of male   students slammed the
j gates of Surgeons' hall in their faces.
f    Then,   in    face of a petition signed
i by nine thousand women, thc Scnatus
[upheld   the decision    of the lecturers
'prohibiting lhe    women's ai tendance,
ilu 1872 the    women won their litiga-
; Hon, but on appeal in 1873 thc court
■ of sessions   reversed the judgment by
a bare majority.   ,
I    After four years in    London, where
■ she helped to fouud     the School     of
Medicine for   Women, Miss .lex-Blake
i returned to Edinburgh to practise,
'and in 1880 she founded the Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women,
which thc university recognized for
graduation in WIN. Since 1811!) Miss
.Jcx-Blakc had lived in retirement in
her native county, Sussex.
Mr. Godwin Edwards, of London.
■■.ns forty Ibousnnd chickens can be
raised on an acre En a year. The
haii lung is done in Incubators, The
clu.ks arc never allowed at large
and are fed a ration that makes
them weigh three pounds at thirteen
weeks old, Their feed would cost
twelve cents each. At loeal prices
j hcie Hie feed might Ih- put at tif-
let*n cents and  the three pound eluck-
ctj cents, giving a margin ol
forty-five coitus or, allowing for eggs
and lhe eosi ,.( hatching, forty
rente. Fort) thousand chickens
sold at a profit of forty; cents each
would yield 110,000 to pay for labor
anil Interest on capital, n profit that
• aboul a-- good as real estate
speculation in boom times, remarks
the Victoria Colonial
Mi. Edwards also discusses ibe egg
problem. We are going to have
i hoi lly what he calls "super hens."
lie Mys there are bnrds now lhal
•till give two hundred eggs ,\ yenr,
bui ihis thus not satisfy him \p-
pa rent 1] he wants hens tbal will lay
on egg every daj in Lho weak and
two "ii Sunday, itut speaking seriously, he looks foi a lime In Hull'.ii future when "In lhe careful
management ol these supcr-brecdi and
Ht.i vernal adoption hy poultry
experts,    wo   shall   augment     our
li.itnc supply so enormously that    the
N.IHM-.I b) provmolal ,„„.,    ,.   •„,„ ,„,,.„,„,, ,1,lsa,1.al,|(. |„
rtilmiiillii",      will   juss    I,,    Hi,, sub-
ilivUion nf tin-  national, while    tha
iii.tli'iiiil   n mu,-,- its n   whole will
i.i expected In maintain direct relation tn certain departments nl work,
Biich ns Un jtudent, tho railway, the
; Hi,- London market," Then we shall
a,,-, probably, tho  end ol tho nllorpd
I classification ol litis necessary lm.il
producl Into Strictly Fresh Eggs,
l'i, li Egga and Eggs.
immigration and secretarial supply.
Tho whole question will havo to be
presented to the dim-rent association"
In Canada beforo ii ran i«- finally
acted upon by their representatives al
Hie National convention, nml the
matter  is   now   being   gotten   Into
shape lor such presentation by
inl committee,
;l spec
DEATH     OP    DR,     'EX-BLAKE,
London, Fob. 21 —lly the ilealli
lusl week ol III. Sophia .les-lllakc at
Mnrk Cross, Sussex, In her soventy-
sicimd     yenr,  Knglaml loses her Iirsl
regular woman physician.
■Sophia .lex-lllake was a sister of
Hie late Dean ol Wells. In the early
sixlies she visit.-.! New York and nt-
teinled llu- lectures ol Dr. Elizabeth
Rlackwoll, who had gulncd her .11
pinion in 1849,       Later  she studied
wns bought about IH27   by nn eccen-' ler Dr. Lucy Sowall In Boston,
trie named Turlsio,  who gave up his turned to Eiigini.il In Isim, ami    wns
trade    an  a   carpenter and started I matriculated at Edinburgh, hut,   on
Mr.    Robert   Crawford, ol
burgh, wbn died Hie other day.
the possessor ot n Slrnilivaiiiis vlo
Iin which cosl hlm tj.iuin. The In
rtriimcnt bus a romantic history,   n
The Johnston Truss Co., of Vancouver, invite your attention 1 tho
new Johnston Mechanical Rupture appliance they are manufacturing. This
appliance is the invention of Mr. J.
A, Johnston, of Vancouver, wbo for
the past three years has been perfecting it until now it js the most
complete rupture truss ever made. To
Compare it with any other rupture
truss is impossible. It meets with
the approval ol the medical profession ami every ruptured person who
has seen it. The testimonials from
those wearing it arc all that could
he desired. It is made in a variety
of sizes for men. women and children, and besides permits ot twenty
l'|i to the present time most of
those who are wearing this appliance
are cases of long standing, yet in
every instance immediate and continued relief has l»een the result.
The Johnston Truss t'o., whose atl-
dresa is 594    Richards  St., Vancouver, has hi addition to its workshop,
two   properly equipped fitting tooms,
where nil patients    have the personal
attention  of Mr.    Johnston himself.
Call or    write for booklet containing
full instructions for self-measurement,
giving us at   the same time any par-
ulars    i f    your case you care to,
I we will send you the information
ii require. n-lt
FOR SALE.—One registered Per-
eheroD stallion, rising five years;
weight about 1050; sound nnd gentle.
Kor particulars apply S. .1. Harrison, Wardner, B.C. 5-2t-
Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor
exercise, Insufflolen) mastication of
food, constipation, a torpid liver,
worry nml anxiety, nre lhe most
common causes id stomach troubles.
Correct your habits antl take I'ham-
berIain's stomach and I,Ivor Tablets ami von will soon he well again.
For sale by all dealers. fi-tt
Is not n liuril lliini,' to ol.tain,
It yon will only ko nt it in the
right manner, l.nt you should
not expect to get n first-class
piece of printing by going
from shop to shop und accepting the lowest bid, regardless
of the class of work yon will
get in tin. end. Nine times
out ot ten ynu will get some
thing that misrepresents your
house nnd drives business
away, instead of obtaining a
class of work tlmt will show
you up in your true light nnd
bring trade to your house.
Would you purchase goods
from a drummer in overalls t
We don't believe you would,
What right, then, Imvi. you to
expeot tin- buying public to
patronize your linn when yon
issue shoddy printing matter?
As you well know, you nre
"judged by the company
you keep." ami us yonr advertising literature is your
silent salesman, yott are
judged accordingly, li is nut
at all necessary to have a
long-winded slory, but it is
very essential lhal you have
your mutter so ultraclive thai
the receiver is compelled In
lake n second look al il before
ousting it in the waste bosket,
Vour Btory should be told in
ns few words as possible, but
the most important part is In
have the matter attractive,
ami something that's onl of
ilie ordinary,
Vou have rem! what compi-.
lent judges have lo say aboul
our work, and we would like
to "show you.'' Unit we "do.
liver tin-goods" when iteomes
lo good printing. We will
gladly furnish yon estimates
on anything iu the printing
line you luiiy want, from a one
inch label to a newspaper, and
we will deliver yonr job the
exact day we promise you.
l'hone IS Cranhrook, U. C.
Skill.-d .-mil iinta'iilcii Inlii fu in in. bed oil idloH
notice,   U'rite tir phono yonr union.
AI lllll ,
>r Mnlll 05711
Dr. Mattel's Female Pills
Nineteen Years the Standard
Prescribed ami recommended for wo
men's alt men to, a uclontiflcally pre
lined remedy of proven worth, Tin
let-nit from their use iu quick ami permanent.   For Kiileat all ilrngstoroa.
«aor In P. T. P. I'RItllY
I I 10-
I White Leghorns
n]   ■—*■**■*»-**—W *****-l*r fir !*JM»*,rtWmi
■; Well known for
g Tu keep ii). the stamina ia the gj
[3 greateat problem ol the breeder, m
I        ECCS FOR HATCHING:        jjj
1 |2.50 per 15; f7.00 per iU; 112.00 |
per 100, |100 per 1,000, 1
C.*\i i.-liao, V. 1. o-lf jjj
TAKE NOTICE tlmt William Murdoch, ot Flagstone,   B.C., occupation
inillim.li, intends tn apply lor permission lo piiii-luM- ihi- lollowlng
described lands:
Commencing al .i poet planted on
the south end ul an Island In tlio
Kast Kootenay river, and In u direct
line with thc north line ol Illock
327, commencing at tin- .said post
and contining along shore to point nl
William Murdoch.
Dated .lanualv 6th, 1912. 3-Ht
that the partnership heretofore existing between us, the undersigned, as
Oeorge R. Leask and Company in
the City ol Cranbrook, Province ol
British Columbia, has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts due to the said partnership are to he paid to Oeorge It.
Leask at the City ol Cranbrook, B.
C, atoiesaid. nnd nil claims againsl
the said partnership are to be pre* I
seated to the said George It. I.ensk,
by whom the same will lie settled.     I
Dated   at the    City ol   Cranhroik
lliis 2(iili day ol January, UU.
George It. I.ensk,
Vincent S. Ltdilironlt.
Witness: Joieph Itvnn, Notary
Public. .-It
Will be to subscribe to two superior publications, from which you can get your
money's worth. Your safest investment
will be to subscribe to
Farmer's Magazine
Cranbrook Herald
One Year for
Only $2.00
This is the most remarkable offer which
is likely to be made for some time. Take
advantage of it now. FARMER'S
MAGAZINE sells for $2.00 a year and
You are making $2.00 on your investment.
by thousands of the most enterprising
farmers in Western Canada. Do not be
one of the few who will not get the good
of its instructive and entertaining articles
this year.
By renewing your subscription to the
HERALD you can get both papers for
the year 1912.
li is wilh very    great   regret Ihat
the    Herald   records    tlio   untimely..  '
death oi Frederick Hughes Small, a There was a hum- gathering nt
nephew ol Mr. E. II. Small, ol this Carmen's hall on Tuesday evening lor
,ih l-'ii-d Small was well known the social niul dnncc under the bus-
throughout the city, having lived ptccs nl the newly organtal Over
hero a good deal as a youngster, and Sens Club. President Wnllingor
having l»*ii localcd here during Uie nan- a vigorous address upon the
pasl iwo years. Ho wa* a son o! aims and objects ol tho club, lollow-
Mr nnd Mrs W small, ol Yam-.m ed by n patriotic address Iiy Mr, J.
ver 'and »as aged 23 vcais and 1 V. Smith, The loUowing programme
moi'illiH Al Ui- time ol his death, was then proceeded wllh, lho various
due to heart (allure, his parents, a Items coming In lor hearty npplauBci
sistei, Mrs. 0. Speer, and a brother, Song-"Aslecp in lho Ih
Sldncj Small, wero with hlm, Anotl.
ci brother   and  sister    were at   the. Seng—"Kllghl ul Ages"
InmllJ home in Vancouver. |   	
s  small had   lor several years  Song-"Tostl's Good live	
1 null's   OHWII    "'"' -.1 (•;      I,'      mcM'llsilll
paal been engaged as a jockoy, and Inj    • ■•■ "*"'"'''
lhal capaclt)    had csl«bll»l*ed an err  "'"" s Song-*eiecieu •••••••"•
rlnblc record    on   tt'estorn Canadian1    -■ •'   '.....'
track., as well as in the states     .1  Planotorlo   Solo Miss Wright
Montnnaaud  IVa-hington,    Ho   rode  Readln(*-"Stovo Pipe Holr
ihe winner ol llie Cnlgorj dcrhj  i»"      ;
years ago.    lie also held tlw    record  Song   -    "Si
lastest    null-     (encoro)   "When   1 Was  a   Girl
,  |      Mi. A. Itawmlli
(Selections Irom "Thc Country Girl")
.  .,   Song-"When We're Together" 	
due to over   training, lie was physi- Miss (|sH(i
cally in in every respect, save lot I''8. .Song-^Beauty's ""Eyes"    (encore)
'"*"' |    ■ Love's Own   Sweet Song" 	
He was  taken ill   nboul Chrvriiirras | ji,. r,  f sievensoii
time ami despite thc temlcrest care s,,ns_..t „,(,.,. ,llu. neodor" (special
and must sklllul medical attention rc,tucst,) (trom "The Country
death claimed lum as iis own last (ijr|", (0|,corc) "Slrie.li Suns"
Saturday. |     Mrs. 0. I-'. Sti-veiis.ni
Thc Inncral took place lasi Monday Humorous   Song   wilh   Ilanio—Se-
alternooii, mnl    was very miiiieroasly     |c*ctcd  Mr, Hardy
attended      llev. C, <>.   Main ollii-iat-     Thu accompanists   were Mis. tl. I'.
ed, Uie Iiniii al arrange nis lieing ia Stevenson and    Mr. H. Elwell.   Pol*
i-liaiee ni Vi.  It.  Iliatly.
Mr. Geo. Sims
Miss Leslie
Mr. H. Darling
Ho l.llli.'     Gill
Ol having    inidi li     the
ever ridden   on the Vancouver t
His early   demise   was umioutrtcdly
the distances named and suggest
thai, possibly two races might lie ai
ranged, one to take place In Nclso
nnd tho second In Crunbrook,
The local man has tho necessary
hacking and is ready I" open MOgoUa-
Iii ns lor a ran- with Elwell bill is
emphatic in his statement that ho
has definitely decided In qui I long
distance running on account ol lho
arduous training necessitated hy such
events.—Nelson News.
In retorence to tlte ['uvgi'iiig Archie
Elwell Intimated lo the Herald" Hint
he was prepared   to run Nute n mllo
race, her ' in Nelson, some llmo In
Mny. 11 Nute insists upon not run-
niaii more than halt a mile, Archie is
ini-pan-il lo give him a go, but prefers the mile.
Good Health
Vim and Vitality
Are assured it you will cleanse your
stomach ot undigested food and foul
gnses; the excess bilo Irom the liver
and the waste matter from the intestines and bowels by the use ol
lhe great Iruit, kidney, liver, stomach and bowel remedy.
At nil dealers 25 and 50 cent lioxes
or mailed by Tho Klg Pill Co., St.
Thomas, Out.
Sold hy Thc Cranhrook Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
FEB,   18T11, l!Hi.
Subscriptions, iiii inem-
liers  $330.0(1
Concerl proceeds, July.   70.00
City    Council,   July,.. 500.00
s kor, Jan. '12     Ii2.no
Dislil lltSEMENTS
Associated    Hoards   ol
Trade, VV. K  $ BS.Ot
Olliee expenses   115.71   ell
l'i ini inn     *9M
Advertising is lotall) 113.1
Advertising   -   Excursion    In   SI.    Man's
lels to London     8,30
It.    .1.     Dinning,     photos lor
painplili'l     21
Express  80
Over Seas Club
Oranbrook Branch.
MitIs iu Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
■Uh Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citizens.
s. A, Walllngcr,       W. C. Crotibln,
Dies. See'y.
P, O. Dux 125
Visiting members cordially welcom-
Believing   the    British empire    ti
I stand for jusl ice, Ir cedent, order  and
an on good government, wc pledge ourselves
;ih citizens ol Hie greatest empire    in   *
Tolal receipts
I li.iiiag tho musical programme, came, ,,.,„.,, ||is|)ul-scmo,ts   ... oot.2,0
I dancing, lor   which music was-    sup-:
SOUS no iiii-1 2a ""' w,,rll,i '"   maintain the heritage' j
handed down lo us hy cur lathers.     ' -
Tin-    pull bearers   were .las. Ken.
nedy, P. Murphy, ('. McEaehera,    It. | P''«'.")*.   Mr*-.   Wall.agei. i. Woods
Naile, S. Mollis nnd E. Davis.
A. Clark and ll. Sims.    During    lhe|t)n  |ml„, ,,.,.,,  ,_„     lM
evening refreshments wero served    by. 	
The ...llu. was   covered with a pro- Mr,  K.^ii,,   Mrs.  .1. Brake, nsslslcd   „.,,  ,m ,|a||(| m  13-12(308.30
fusion ol beautllul flowers, tokens    nl L. sl.,.ml, Mm Mics,
love ami re*?pecl from many friends In    '  + ,
ihis iin and    outside points, among
:;;;;:: SX *JT Ml M Ml MEET ELWELL
Mrs. A. C. Bowness, Mi. nnd Mrs, J.
A. Murray, II   K. Bnrislo, tlie Beat-
lie Mm |iln    Co .      Ml    and Mrs. Oeo.
Iloggnrth, Mr. and   Mrs. J. II. l-I-nll,
Mrs. Ilobichaml,   In. and Mis. Kim;,
and one from Spokane.
Widespread    regrel   was  expressed
throughout the city at llu- news    of
\l LSI IN    MAN   ACCEPTS   ('It AN-
, Social evenings in Carmen's hall' ♦
second and fourth Tuesdays in the J
1 month at 8 p.m.
Open lo British citizens.
aid.    A. II.
•I have given up long distance run- MeCrccry   II
ning Inn   will race Archibald Elwell,     Smilh
of  Cranbrook, in a sprint or in       a i stamps 	
j quarter    or   half   mile    race," saidjA. |i.   Smith, acct.   prize
Pred Small's dealh.      He was      ex- t| ,ils    x„t,.Y   Nelson's crack     fool
Irenii-ly popular among n large circle, ,..,,..,.      |as, ^M in reply    In    the
ol acquaintances.      A bright,   clean, challenge issued   by the East Koote*
ABVERTISlNa     EXPENSES     IN|    ,    .,.   ,  , ,,
...•■.■in I    '■  To help one another.
.1   li WcBriuo   '' '25!   3'  To  "ra*',n  cv,'ry    »»>*>*0,,l<!,'l
',,'    '., ,. ... ,."' "'   -, „.  man lhe necessity of hcinii nhle     to
Herald Publishing Co  51.26  ,
,,,,,. ,o- ,,-  bear aims.                                            I
I ealiias Agclicv  187.2..     „    .„    ,        ..,-,,,,    .'
■ r „„     .1.   To draw together in the I d ol
Stamps   5.00            ......             ,              .,..i.   '
,,     '    . ,,,    „ ,,, an comradeship the    peoples now living
leali' and I', wel   Id. Ill        ,     .,    ! ,,       '.    ,, ... ,  „          |
,.' i imd,-r llu- folds ol the llrilish llag.
Prospector     Pub.    to.,   inn I    ,   ,,.,   ,„sisl „„ „„ vil„i „(wssi,yl
'"'"'''' '"''    I,, ihe   Empire ol  British supremacy I
on the sea.
athletic young man, and a sportsman ^ n,lv m.u,
ol the very host type
5.nil;   How lo core a cold is a question in
Cranhrook    Agricultural    as- I whicli many are   Interested just now.
sociatlon    10.00   Chamberlain's cough remedy has won
Stamps       2.50 lis great   reputation   nnd    immense
I..   S.   Barton,   photo   ('ran- i sale by Hs remarkable cure ol colds.
tided upon. For
Nun- says lhal lie will race Elwell     brook       8.55; It can always be depeni
[in Nelson or in Crnnbrook lor any oil Dominion     Express,     paniph- j sale by all dealers.
Only the Great Can Afford
To Be Poorly Dressed
See our Table of
$3.00 SHOES
All sizes
With the exception of a very lew,
the men who live in
history never bothered much about their
It's different today, to-morrow. Thc
doers in the present
age of achievement
are the well dressed.
If you'll but see
the Spring Models
we are now showing
it isn't likely you'll
stick to your old
Our New Spring
Goods are arriving
daily and to-day we
can show you
Spring Suits
Spring Hats
Spring Shoes
See cur Table of
$1,50 HATS
All sizes
****** **********************
Move On!
33! pet cent mam
Saturday, February 24th., 1912
C. C. S. Move-On Sale
3 lo 5 p. m.
a 1-3 off
Men's Overalls
9 to 10 a. m.
ii 1-3 Off
Leather Chairs
10 to 11 a. m.
331-3 off
Flannelette Blankets
Size 72 x 84 inches
33 1*3 off, all day
5   Morris  Chairs
to sell Saturday
at Half Price
Common Chairs
47 1-2
AU Day
Men's Shoes
For   Work  or  for  Dress
U1-3 off all day
All Iron and
Brass Beds
331-3 off, all day
Window Curtain Goods
2 to 5 p. m.
33 1*3 off
Move On!
Children's Shoes
4 to 6 p. m.
331*3 off
Men's  Suits
3313 off,
All day
331-3 off
AU day
Floor Rugs
2 to 12 p. m.
33 J-3 off
$50    Complete Dining Room Outfit   $50
S - Oak Table   -   $15.00* S - Oak Buffet  -   $25.00
£CA       Quartered Oak Set of 6 Chairs, Leather Seat   -  $27.50       tf_
\}D\)  $50  COMPLETE. MOVE-ON PRICE  $50  $50
12 Men's Suits
Saturday Night
today will be the Big Day ol the Move-On Sale-Come Early
Please keep in mind the hours that specials are on--No other time during the day
will we sell at the 33 J-3 off, except hours mentioned.
4     SALESMEN     WANTED     4


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