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Cranbrook Herald Feb 24, 1916

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Col. Ogflvie H.M'oiriiizcN Justice of Our Claim nml has Recommended tliat a Battalion be Authorized at Once.
After whut appeared to bo an abrupt
refusal of thu offer of Bast Kootenay i
to mini' u battalion for overBOUB aor- !
Vtco tho visit of Col. OgHvto, D.O.I.', for
British Columbia, lias considerably
oloarod thi; looal military Hitnation ami
tin* pro&poota now are very bright for
the formation <>r a battalion from the
Kootenays. Tho offer of lOsst Kootenny to moboltie the 107th Hit.i for
Overseas Borvioe wob turned down by
the Dept. at Ottawa on the ground that
it Is tho policy of the militia department to keep inllltia units for homo defence. Thero wns considerable feeling- over tbo refusal ns it whs felt
that this district should receive some
recognition of Its splendid record In
resulting, and tlmt when the cry wan
tor "Men and More Men" R was rattier inconsistent to turn down the offer of a whole battalion, completely
manned and oHlccrcd.
Afler going into the Hitnation fully
ut Pernio and Cranhrook Col. Oj-Jlvie
has recognised Um claims of this district to consideration, and has recommended that a battalion be authorised
by lho Dept. at Ottawa. If Col. OgH-
vle's recommendation is accepted we
may look for prompt action In the
matter, Recruiting locally is almost
at it standstill but If a battalion Is
raised from this district tlioro are
many who will enlist at the Ilrst opportunity.
Col. Ogllvle was accompanied by
Col. McKay, Capt. Barnes and Capt.
Corson of Fcrnie.
Officers Elected for Year—Want the
Banff-Windermere Koad Coinple cd
—Dairy Cows Steadily Increase
lng In Number.
Invermere, B. C.—The annual meeting of the Windermere District Board
of Trade was held recently and the
business for the past year came under
review. It was found that the Board
has lost sixteen of its members who
hove left this part tt- ]oln the overseas contingents in ttio Great War.
Not any business of special importance
was passed beyond pressing tho Government to consider the further continuance of the construction of tbe
Banff-Windermere automobile road
and asking if they did not feel capable
of carrying It through that arrangements be made to transfer the right
of way to the Dominion Government
for incorporation Into the National
park system. Several motions of patriotism in regard to the conduct of the
war were also passed.
The officers of the previous year
were also re-elected with thc change
in Secretaryship, Mr. a. G. Cuthbert
resigning nnd being elected on the
r^-:.cil wMlfl B. G. KftZBUtafl WJW reappointed ln his stent!.
The report of council showed an Increase ln the agricultural development
of the District.
they're going to mako up for lost
tlmo and they won't even split 50—50
now. Who's going to grab all tlie
Fort Steele Ball Tossern Are Already
Looking for Scalps from
With the snow still nth feet deep
on the ground tbe spring fever Is beginning to create strange fancies in
the brains of Fort Steele baseball
players, as Indicated by the following
from our correspondent at that bustling burg:
The Port Steelo baseball boys wish
this message to be coveyed lo the
Cranbrook bnsobull hoys: "Have your
wing loosened up, nnd your eyes
sharpened, because we're getting ready
for you nud when we ronie this lime
we're coming strong!"
The boys nre forming their 1916
Baseball flub so will begin to practise and get into good shape ns soon
ns thoro Is a piece of good plnln honest ground to piny on. The hoys belonging so far are: Archie Chlsholm,
Tom Chlsholm. Banford Crow. Bob
Crow, Hughle Dunlop. John Wnleh. P.
That sounds like n pretty good team,
so Cranhrook boys, look out! Get r(d
of nny winter kinks (three-in-one or
axle grease ns you prefer).   This year
The death occurred In Cranbrook
on Sunday last of Margaret Park, he-
loved wife of Andrew Clark, uged (12
years and 8 mouths. News of the death
of her son Thomas of the Royal Engineers, who was killed in uctlon In
Franco on Dec. 19th at the age of 28
years, was the Indirect cause of Mrs.
Clark's demise.
Tlie deceased was born In Scotland,
and with her husband came to Cran-
brook six years ago from Blantyre,
Lanarkshire. Scotland. She was married to Andrew Clara in Scotland
forty-four years ago, and of a family
of four daughters and seven sons the
first break was the recent death of
Thomas Clark on t*ie Held of battle.
The surviving members of the family
nre: Andrew, Calgary; John, New
Zealand; Jim, Corbin, B. O.J George,
with tho Argyle and Scottish Highlanders at the front; Alex, of the 50th
at Calgary; Archie, at home; Lizzie
(Mrs. John Muir) Vancouver; Agnes,
(Mrs. A. Blair) Kingsgate; .Janet (.Mrs.
• A. P. Ci:v-\ Montrose. Scot'and, and
Maggie at home. All the family are
home for the funeral except John and
Mrs. Carr. Mr. Blair of Kingsgate Is
also here for the funeral which will
take place Friday at 2 o'clock from the
family residence, Slaterville. Rev. \V.
K. Thomson of Knox Church, pastor of
tlie deceased, officiating.
The Clnrk family has contributed a
full share to the Empire's cause. In
addition to Thomas, who has made the
supreme sacrifice, George is now at
the front, nnd Alex, with tlie 66th who
arc soon to leave Calgary. .\ son-in-
law. John Muir of Vancouver, Is also
wearing the khaki.
In a loiter received hy the President
of the Local Board of Trade from
Creston tlie sti.tem>*nt 111 mad thai .1
co-operative creamery for tliat place
is out of tlie question at present, and
tluit properly gone after good support
will he obtained there for the Crnnbrook Creamery,
Tlie penitential season of Lent will
begin this year on March 8th, nnd Easter will fall upon April 2.1rd, the latest In many years, ln 1868. Easter
was on April 2(ith, and in 1S50 on
April 24th. It wiil not bc so lnte a-
gatn until the year 1943 when the date
will he April 25th.
For Those Who Accept Rev. Mr. |
Simpson's Kxplanation of
Death   and   the
1 The Monday night service of the
: eight day mission being conducted In
1 Christ Church was attended by a congregation which filled the ehurch to
capacity. Hev. Mr. Simpson took for
his text "The Life after Death, or
! What Really Happens When we Die."
Mr. Simpson's enunciation of his
subject and his explanation of his
own belief were sulllciently new and
startling to at least ghr bis hearers
I plenty of food for thought. His belief
1 as explained by himself savors much
! of the spiritualistic hut possession of
j these same views undoubtedly would
i rob death of any of the dread or terror
It may hold.
I In brief Mr. Simpson believes that
there is no such thing as death and
the resurrection in the commonly accepted meaning of those words. He
believes that the spirits of the departed aro with us now, know what
we are doing, our desires, etc., and
that we can communicate with them
through our thoughts. When our physical body dies his belief is that the
spirit continues conscious, continues
to move nbout, know and understand
with the advantage of not being tied
down by the physical body, able to
transport itself thousands of miles in
the twinkling of an eye. In his opinion
there Is no transition period in which
tho soul sleeps until the resurrection day. He believes also that a
Christian may live two lives at the
same time, this life in tlie visible
world, and a spiritual life in the Invisible world, holding communion with ;
tlie spirits.
Mr.  Simpson  took  as the basis of
his remarks the sermon of the apostle
Paul to Agrlppa, ona put forward an
entirely new Interpretation of the resurrection.    He   divided   the  various
ideas of the life after death into three
heads, first: lhat of the atheist and
agnostic ll'at there is no future life, ■
when we die we are dead and death
is the end of everything; second, the.
belief most of us have been brought up
to, the Jewish belief, not the Christ-
Ian belief according to Mr. Simpson,
tliat when we die our bndy is put fn j
the ground and our spirits go on liv- .
ing without a body mitJl the time of j
the resurrection In the future when ]
body and soul will be united and enabled to meet those we love again. In
other words, that when we die we fall
asleep.   This was St. Paul's belief in j
the-first part of bin life;  third,   St.;
Paul's belief in the second part of Ills '
life was in a "God wnlch raiseth tho
dead", and this is the real Christian
belief, that Iffe after (tenth is not the
beginning of a new life but Is a continuance of the life which Is going on
The spenker went on to Illustrate
the beauty of his belief, and the fallacy ot the idea that the old physical
body could ever again clothe the spirit. ',
Death In his opinion is something to
look forward to and welcome Its ar-
Mr. Simpson also give a much   too
brief hut intensely interesting remin- j
(sconce of his experience on tho 111-
fated Lusltanla, and his marvellous es-
Cape from a watery grave.   He said he
never felt the presence of God    so j
closely as between the time tbe ship
was torpedoed and his rescue In   a |
boat.    His  comfort  and  sustenance j
during the trying three hours waiting
to be picked up by n steamer was
prayer, nnd he urged the congregation
to  cultivate the habit of  prayer on
every occasion.
Have Had a Good Year and Accomplished Some (jood Work—
New Officers Elected for the Year.
The annual  meeting of the Cran-  Stock Dec.
hrook Board of Trade was held In the     1MB   • ■ • .136.000,000 ft 243.000.OOU ft
City Hall on Tuesth.y night with a
good attendance of members,   Mr. J.
M. Christie, President, occupied the
chair, with Mr. J. P. Pink acting as
Secretary     Mr,  chriftic, who  since
lhe stock on hand at the end of the
year was very considerably lower than
in previous years. A satisfactory feature in connection wltli the lumber
business Is the decrease fn importations of American Lumber over the
1914 of ti-1,000,000 feet, and tin
the departure of the Secretary from amount of lumber being brought in
the city for tho Isit eight months has j from ihe other side Is of little account
attended to the duties of that position
1  think that all are agreed oc the
in addition to his own, read the renort <      tll?t 1?w tllat ""' limiber bUBlnoBS
j it is necessary for tlio citizens and others to endeavour to assist the agriculturalists in thc district. I would
suggest for the consideration of the
incoming ollicers aud executive taking
up the ((Uestion of closer relations be-
1 merchants of the city and
Ing extracts are taken:
To tho Members of the Cranbrook
Board of Trade:—
Gentlemen:—During the past year,
as you are well aware, conditions In I tween the
the district have been fai'from1 aatls- the agricultural interests.   It appears
factory, and it has been a difficult mat-1 tn „,„ ,*,,„, in „ umn\\ „„,„„,.„„/.,. „,
ter to organize or institute any  new
movements of benefit to the District.
Owing to the enormous crop on the
Prairie the mills In the Mountains
were aide to ship a very considerable
amount of lumber during the months
of August, September, October and
November and tlie outlook for the demand for tlie coming year is good
with prospects of steady work for
those In the county. It would look, I
however, as If there would be a short-
age of labour during the year.
The returns given by the Mountain I
Lumbermen's Association for the cut j
and shipments during the past year j
were as follows:
to mn tliat in a small community of
tills si/e it is absolutely essential that
the merchants should do all they can
to be of assistance to the farmers, and
tlie farmers shall also assist to tho
fullest extend. The question of closer
communication between the mnrchaiits
and farmers has been under review by
tlie Lethbridge Board of Trade for the
past two years, and the reports of
tlieir President are to the effect that
the results have been productive of
beneficial results. Following tho lines
mentioned your Executive have been
successful In starting a movement towards tho establishment of a creamery. At what date the creamery wlll
bo started It Is Impossible to sny at
1916 1914 j tlio moment, but it should be some-
Shipments  .253,000,000 ft 210,000,000 ft: wlu're aD0Ut Ul° lflt "W-
Cut    145,000,000 ft 235,000,000 ft | (Continued on Pago 2)
The flight Duy Mission has Stirred up
Rollgluits Interest of People und
Much timid Is Kvpected.
The Eight Day Mission being conducted in Crnnbrook by Hev. Mr. Simpson of Rossland, simultaneously with
every Anglican parish in the Dominion, has been productive of splendid
results if we may judge by the attendance and Interest taken therein.
The mission opened Saturday evening and continues for eight days, closing witli special !*ervices on Sunday.
The servfees hf_m .nil been well attended, nnd at both services on Sunday last numbers were turned away
for lack of accommodation. Rev. Mr.
SimpBon Is an earnest and forceful
speaker, enthusiastic and sincere In
his work, and ft Is believed much good
will ensuo from the holding of th*
Mr. Harry Martin, who has been
working with Warden's ice gang at
lethbridge, wns brought homo to-day
suffering from a couple of fractured
ribs nnd badly bruised. The Injuries
are not dangerous but will lay him up
for somo time.
Lillian, the sevon-year-old daughter
of Mr. and MrB. Jos. Jackson, had the
misfortune to break her right arm on
Saturday. She was skipping with
some ipbiymates and tripped and fell.
It was not thought at lirst that auy
bones were broken and it was only
when the X-Ray was used soveral
days after thst tho break was discovered.
The offer of the Herald last week of
$10 for a second headline which would
he an Improvement to thc one we are
now using "Cranbrook lias the Minerals that Make tlie Money" haB arouB-
ed considerable interest, not only In
Cranbrook but throughout the district.
Various suggestions have been Bent ln,
and one correspondent wants to know
if the competition is open to people
out of Cranbrook. In answer we will
say, "Yes, most decidely so." The
word "Cranbrook" Is not meant to be
taken in the narrow literal sense of
the city limits of Cranbrook, but In thc
broader sense as embracing the entire district round about practically the
whole area of which ts almost unbelievably rich In mineral deposits of
many varieties.
('ranbrook Is the centre of an immense mineral area which will some
dny make this city a veritable hive of
industry, a second Pittsburg, but tbe
"Within the Law" Next Saturday Nlghl
Is the First «f a Series of
High (lass Offering*.
The United Producing Company, un- j;
der whose direction "Within the Law"
Will be seen at the Auditorium. Sat-
Urday, Feb. 26th, is a Company of
Canadian Theatrical men wiio have
felt the crying need for first-class attractions in Western Canada. Arrangements have already been made j
with the American Play Company for
New York whereby they may secure
the rights to nearly any New York!
! success they desire.   It is tho plan of;
I this Company to offer only high class;
i attractions at popular prices, and each
and every production under their dir-;
; ection Is absolutely guaranteed to tho
> theatre-goers of Canada.  It is tho am-!
i bition of the United Producing Com-
i pany to make their name nnd guaran.
(tee a standard for high class theatrical  attraction.    A number of other ,
., „ . ,    a  m,  . ',     a,    s, a,      ,. s , ....   : offerings are planned for this season,!
At  Vernon  water Is so short   that   length of time it takes us to attain        .    ... .        ,     .      ,   .
.   . , . .    'a,       *   ,   .. ,   ..        .    ,       .    and will be put out as fast as practlc-
the city shuts off the supply complete-1 tliat desirable goal  depends  largely
ly for a few hours every day.
able.   "Within tlie Law" was picked
upon our own attitude.  We cannot ex-1 ,rom „,, (MWp m (jf N|nv V(J1.k >m_
iPf L™'fit?/^^le.'8"!,Jl?rJ!*i<'M8™ »> th« "■"■ »"" »™l« ""' <""*•
give more general satisfaction, but
would afford theatre patrons nn op-
soiirccs unless and until our own people have the confidence of their con-1
[ portunlty to witness a production com-
If you want a chance at that ten;p|ctc ,„ parUcular-lriUrestlnit,
spot you will have to get busy between ! probleIBaMc> ,ntons(, »„(1 re„let0 with
now and March ISth.   Take a look at ( ,       of     d „.,,„,„,.„„„, rom,.,,,
the heading nn the front page as it
now stands "Crnnbrook has thc Mln-
erals that Make the Money" and If [*C**AKBHOOK IIAS TIIK MIXKKAI.S
you think you can Improve upon Iti
send In your suggestion.   The award I
will be made by an impartial com-
BOWNESS—ln Cranbrook on Wednes- j
day, Feb. 23, at St. Kugene Hospital,
to Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bowness, a
MUIR—In Cranbrook, on Feb. 21st, atj
(C. \j. Cowan)
Cranbrook roars an* hollahs
Fo* dern 'mighty doflnhs;
But yo' must not ferget.
What de town folks nerglect—
Her great resources!
T.  Kay ob Herald fame,
To mak' Cranbrook sti name,
Wun good ton-spot will hand
Fo' words to beat de band—
X Hum Irom "Wlttla tha Iaw", a guvftnteed attruUou. Auditorium om night only, Saturday, February 26th.
the Cottage  Hospital.
Mrs. O. W. Muir of this
Mr. end
a son.
gone out
About her resources!
I shore want dat ten-spot
Yo' bet!—An' why fo' not?—
Fo' dls wlll shorely bring.
De man who has de "tin"—
To dig resources.
Den wi' picks, spades an' drills,
We'll mak' dc holes In hllls--
No moah "De Melt" we'll sing;
De words '11 hev anudcr ring—
We'll shout RESOURCES!
A detachment of forty men from the
Kerala's steam laundry has
of business.
smelter and the power plant at Iiuu-
nlniton Falls.
New Draperies
Just Received
We have a few very handsome patterns in Chintz and
Cretonne and will lie pleased to show you. Very bright
colorings are ihe accepted styles for  Spring.    See  our
Ill Inch CHINTZ In Yellow and Black, Pink and
Black    50c per yard
in Inch CHINTZ in smaller Dresden patterns »tlc yard
Illl Inch MARQUISETTE wih hemstitched border
10c per yard
III'MI., 1,01V NETS, regularly priced 45c. 50c, (iOc and
"oc per yard.   Xow on sale at 30c per yard.
1916 gives promise of being the best White Season
yet. We are showing a splendid assortment of White
Materials of all kinds.
WIIITi: PIQUE, .. SOc, 85c, 40c, SOc and 60c per yard
WHITE DliESS DUCK 2flc and 25c per yard
WHITE lll!i:ss DR11.I Silt per yard
WHITE CREPES SOc, 30c. 35c. 50c and 11.00 per yard
Including    the  ever   increasingly   popular   material
PAILLETTE.   We have ibis splendid wearing material in
the following shades. Black. N'avv. Grey, Brown and Rose
Width 311 inches "    «1.50 per yard
We handle the best lines made In Canada and are now
ready with a full assortment. We can assure you that you
cannot obtain better values anywhere. Our stock is
especially large; we will be very glad to show you.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods tnd Clothing Stores
ANY people are taking
advantage of our Closing
Out Furniture Prices
Spring is coming with a rush,
and the time is here for you to begin
to consider house-cleaning requirements.
Just keep in mind that we are
clearing out all lines of Furniture at
big reductions in prices.
Cranbrook Co-Opera-
tive Stores, Ltd.
Specials for One Week
MAC.tlKINI, 2 [induces    tte
i, Ib Uox   Me
III Hi. Box   *le
CIIEESE, (Incut Ontario  tie lb,
1)00 BISCUIT, 2 liis for   Sic
llllllll   I'KUIIKS, frcHli  California  Slock  anil the cheapest
drlad fruit there la,  2 lbs for Use
U lb Hoi   IJ.7S
I 111 sli Kl.'I.H nre cheap now.   Get our price.
RICK, finest Juiuin. 8 Ihs for   tie
'MA. Green, Japan & Chinese, spider Leg and Gunpowder We Ib.
>nh\l ll.Alu: and ORANGES wc havc Orangea In now for making Marmalade, alao Lcmonn, etc.
Our 0AUDBN and FIM.lt SEEDS now oa IH.plaj.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY,    FEBRUARY 24th, 1916
The price of these watches
, are cut so fine that they
will startle you. Every
variety    of    watch
that every variety
of person is likely to need—
at     every
variety of
Come in today and Inspect the
finest aud must moderate priced
lelectlon ill watches lu Mils section ol the country.
0. I*. II. Watch Inspectors
Next to the 1'ost Ollice
(Pittsburg tlu/etto-Tlmes)
The latest report which tells nt mighty new battloshlps, mounting suns that
will Bhoot across Hi" EubIIbIi Channel,
fulls tu take Into account tlie tact tlmt
llie building ot BUCll vessels Is tlu;
work ot vears and that the navies of
the world hail already put their most
powerful ships to the lust limit of
carefully calculated strain to stand
llie pressure o( tlie calibres they now
carry, To mount guns of the enormous
size anil power described In these reports Germany must have constructed
entirely new vessels on lines unknown
iu naval architecture anil this would
have been a physical Impossibility in
the time allotted.
I New York Outlook I
lt is noteworthy that Canada's army
has recently been increased to 500,-
' 000. Tlie population of Canada Is u-
uout 8,000.0110. In the light of this
Bhinlng spectacle of the heroism of
Canada's West, what a contrast our
own West affords! Onr whole country
seems not even yet to be aroused to
i the real Issues of the war; but ag-
grlsslve pacificism such as that of Mr.
Ford. Mr. Itryiin. Congressman Buchanan, and Senators (lure anil Works
i has seemed to be particularly evident
In the American West.   There used to
! bo u time when our West, too, subscribed (o the Idea "that no man
should stand Idly hy while the blR follow strikes his little neighbor." Where
Is that old spirit of our West'.'
Issued   Weekly   hy   The   Crnnbrook
llerald, limited.
T. II. Kay, Kditor nnd manager
t'ranbrook, B. G, February 21th, 1111(1
The new war taxes as announced by
Hon. Thonms White, Minister ot Finance, in the budget proposals hist
week ure very comprehensive und affect practically every line of business j us judges.
At thc monthly meeting of thc Cranbroolt Women's Institute on Tuesday,
March 7th at 8.00 p.m. at Maple Hall,
a debate will take place between representatives of the Women's Institute
and Farmers' Institute on the following resolution: "That the Women's
Institute Is of morc benefit to the Community than the Farmers' Institute."
Thc chair during tlie debate will be
taken by Mrs. J. Sarvis, Mrs. J. W.
Spence will officiate as time keeper,
and Hev. Thos Keyworth, Uev. W.
K. Thomson aud Mr. T. II. Kay, editor
of  thc  Cranbrook   Herald,  will   act
In tills district February Is the
montii to mate, nlunniiiK for hatches to
come off Irom the middle of March to
end of April Knrier than the middle
of March Is not desirable, while late
hatched pullets cannot mature and
start laying before the onset of cold
weather and will not likely lay till
spring. Tbe really piulltable pullet is
the one that matures lu time to lay
during tlie winter months.
i,To be continued next week)
ln Canada. PerliapB the most import-
ant Item in Its relation to this province
Is the Increase In the import duty on
apples from forty cents a barrel to 90
cents. An increase in tin* tariff on
applcH has long been desired by H.C.
fruit growers to protect them from the
unfair competition of the American
States to the south of us where there
Ib a continually Increasing over-tiro-
ductlon of apples. Canada has been
used us a dumping ground for their
Burplua production, whicli has been
sold at a price to tlie growers much
below the cost of'production and the! lilt [...DlNti   AM*
Tbis debate should prove thoroughly
Interesting to all. The speakers selected to represent the Women's and
Farmers' Institutes are thoroughly
qualified to discuss the merits of tbeir
respective Institutes.
Afternoon tea will be provided In
abundance by tiie Women's Institute,
and a hearty invitation is extended to
all the citizens of Cranbrook to roll
up in large numbers und show by
their presence that they, have at heart
the welfare of these Institutes, which
are doing their utmost to improve
conditions In nnd around our City.
ever-Increasing acreage of fruit bearing trees there lias threatened the
very existence of thc apple-growing
Industry lu B. C. The new duty of HO
cents a barrel or 30 cents a box will
afford a measure of protection which
will do much to build up the apple
growing industry of the province, and
much credit Is due Mr. H. P. Green, M.
P., and Hon. Martin Burrell for tholr
success in Inducing the Minister of
Finance to adopt their proposals for
this Increase.
Thc only other change made In the
tariff ls the addition of a tax of one
half cent a gallon on fuel oil. Before
thc war fuel oil was admitted duty
free, and since then lias been subject
to the war tax of 1xk per cent only.
If there Is no reduction fn the Imports
on account of the new tax of % cent
a galon, which is In addition to thc
7% per cent, it will mean an Increase
Text of Address Ghon hy IU T. Vill
Hums of It el I.i It It* Fgg Farm, ('ran-
brook, al .11 retina' of lhe -Trim-
brook Farmers' Institute.
To deul satisfactorily with this extensive subject in the course of a brief
address, it Is desirable that we divide
it Into three sections, vix.—(1) Tiie
Breeding Pen, (2) Incubation, (3)
Raising the Chicks; the lirst and third
sections being of a far greater Importance thun the second.
The selection of a breeding pen
should be mude with tho object of Improving tlie flock and from the commercial standpoint wliere a large percentage of pullets Is nesired, hens In
their second year, muted to cockerels,
give best results. Never use pullets for
breeding and keep the sexes apart ex-
ln revenue amounting to half a million ! cept when eggs arc required for hatch-
dollars. If the Increased tax reduces! ''ig. To havc male birds In tlie flock
tho Importation of oil It wlll benefit \ &t all seasons reduces tho value of
Canadian collieries, which have suffer- UbW sold for table purposes and deed more or less through the substltu- creases the percentage of fertility and
tlon of fuel-oil for coal. ' prospect of securing strong, vigorous
The new war taxes on practically i 'hicks.
every lino of business in the Dominion
are a radical departure from nny previous form of taxation this country
has been subjected to, yet their essential fairness Is a matter for con-
When the desired number of bens
for breeding pen Is tuken at random
ono Is almost certain to bret'd from
some hens that are of no value
laying stock and it is far easier to let
gratulatlon.  Taxes will be Imposed on 'IL  "ock  depredate  through   lack  of
caro   in   thc   selection   of   breed-
tho basis of profits made, Incorporated
companies pay 26 per cent of all profits over seven per cent, and non-ln
corporatcd  firms or  Individuals' the
ers than It Is to improve the laying
strain by constant work and attention,
Select hens, not for choice color or
same percentage or all profits over ten | fan,;*v Points, but of good size and
per cent. These taxes will apply only
where the capitalization is $r*0,ooo or
Like the wise financier he Is, the
Minister has taken care to allow the
shape and giving evidence or enpacity
to assimilate considerable quantities
of food and to enable a large cluster
of eggs to materialize. As to methods
of selection, tho trap nest Is, of course,
investors in Canadian industries and  tlle "urest, although study or what is
Knox Church was crowded to capacity Sunday afternoon last, the occasion beiug a monster rally of all thc
pupils from the Anglican, Baptist,
Methodist and Presbyterian Sunday
Schools of tho city. The success of
the gathering was due to the local
W.C.T.U. who had charge of tho entire
proceedings. Mrs. McNabb occupied
tho chair. This meeting inaugurates
a series of temperance lessons In the
Sunday Schools, and the entire program was very strong in temperance
A splendid address was given by
Hev. Mr. Simpson of Hossland, who is
conducting thc eight day mission here
In the Anglican Church. Rev. Mr.
Thomson gave an Interesting blackboard talk, Miss Kdith McDonald, silver medallist, gave as-a recitation
"The Prodigal's Soliloquy", and Miss
Bradwln gave a temperance reading.
A children's choir led In the singing
of a number of temperance songs.
A very pleasant change Is being
made In the character of the service at
The Methodist Church ou Sunday
evening next when in place of the
usual preaching tho entire service will
be taken up by congregational and
choral music. Tho choir has been
preparing a ilrst class program for
several weeks past and doubtless wlll
do themselves credit as well as provide something of an entertaining and
inspiring character for the congregation.
Many of the Items are by request
which goes to show that the program
will not be a thing in which a choir
only can revel but one in which the
congregation can find expression for
their own feelings of praise and worship.
In place of the usual song service
prior to the regular service, the organist, Prof. C. F. Nidd, will give an
organ recital commencing at seven
I think this matter should receive
the attention of tho meeting as I feel
satisfied that you are all aware of the
enormous asset this would bo in connection with the tourist tralllc through
out tho country.
During the year we arranged with
the Fisheries Department for 5000 fry
to be placed In'Munroe and 10,000 fry
in Premier Lakes all of which should
be of advantage to tlio country ln the
course of a year or so.
The report was, on motion, accepted
and thc hearty thanks of the Board extended to Mr. Christie.
Mr. Bowness reported for tho membership committee that on his canvass for ncw memhers he had been
refused by only two business men of
the city. The membership for this
year ls 71 as complied with 61 last
year. Tho audltor'a report shows that
the fbanccs are in good shape with a
balance on hand In thu bank.
After considerable discussion on thu
matter of the completion of tho BanfT-
Wlndermore road the following resolution was adopted on motion of Mr. A.
E. Watts and Mr. Elmer Staplea.
To the Public Works:—That where
as this Government Is keeping so many
interned prisoners In Idleness, this
hoard urges the Government of B.C.
to consider tho udvtsibiltty of employing the said prisoners in the work
of completing tho Canadian highway
from Banff to Windermere. There
only remains about 25 miles of this
road- to complete one of the finest
highways in the continent at a very
small cost. We wish to call the attention of the Government to the
fact that there are a large number
of aliens eating their heads off at
Morrlsey alone.
Mr. Manning, Chairman of the
Roads Committee, suggested that all
complaints re the state of roads be
mado through the Board of Trade. In
every case where complaint had been
made through the Board of Trade the
Road Supt. has attended to lt promptly*
A resolution asking the Government
to extend a measure of assistance to
the Canadian Wood Distilling Co. was
also drawn up and adopted.
The next business was the election
of officers. A strong effort was made
to induce Mr. Christie to accept the
Presidency for another year, lt being
felt that he was the right man for
the position and, as Mr. Watts neatly
put It "Mr. Christie nas done things
wliere others have attempted." Mr,
Christie however absoluetly refused to
consent. The following Is the result
of tho election:
President, W. A. Nisbet; Vice Pros.
W. B. McFarlane; Secretary, I. Bassett
Executive—Messrs. J. M. Christie, W.
H. Wilson, H. A. McKowan, M. A.
Beale, A. C. Bowness, J. R. McCreery,
E. II. McPhee and Ira Manning.
Wc clean chimneys, we clean toilets,
we clean up garbage, cheap to compete
with bad times.—Phone 358.
Notice Is hereby given that the flrst
sitting of the Court of Revision for the
purpose of hearing complaints against
the Assessment for the year 191*3 ae
made by the Assessor for the City of
Cranbrook and the Cranbrook Schoool
District will bc held m tne Municipal
Hall, Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C.
on Monday the twenty-seventh day o*
Mareh, 1910, at ten o'clock a.m. local
time. Notice of any complaint must
bc given to thc Assessor ln writing
at least ten days previous to the alt-
ting of the Court.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C,
this 22ud day of Feb. 1916.
8—1-t. Assessor.
IN THE MATTER of the "Und Registry Act" and In the Matter of
Lot 4, Block 4 of Lot 132, Group 1,
Map 1181.
TAKE NOTICE thit an Application
(No. 3797-1) has been made to register
William Summer Frazler as owner in
fee simple of the above lot under a
Conveyance to him from Baynes Lake
Land Company Limited et al, dated
21st December 1914 and that unless
within 30 days from the date of the
flrst publication hereof you file In this
offlce a oaveat or Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall reglBter the Bald William Sumner Frazler as owner in fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 9th day of February 1916.
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Date of flrst publication 17th day of
February, 1916. 7-4t
business a return on their money equal
to a fair interest rate before subjecting their profits to taxation. This
should have the effect of cnns<>rvlng
and strengthening tlie credit or Canadian investments abroad. To Impose
a tax of 25 per cent on all profits
would be likely to have a most disastrous effect on a company or bust- I carefully
ness making sny four, five or six per \ the male
known as the llogan system will enable a poultrymen to select from liis
flock the laying hens and to cull the
"boarders" that should be marketed as
table fowl.   Hens that go to the nest
early In the day are almost Invariably
good layers.
Study the shape of male birds as
hens, U not more so, for
represents at least half the
cent profit.   To take 85 per cent off j flock.   If buying a male for breeding,
thlB small profit would be to ruin the  tlie laying nbillty of parent stock is
attractiveness   of   these   often    the  of great importance.
BOundeBt and most reliable of Invest- !    For light breeds ten to fourteen hens
ments, but to exempt 7 per cent In the
case of incorporated, and 10 per cent
in the case of non-incorpornted companies, leaves an attractive return before taxation commences, and few
would begrudgo tbe 2?i nor cent on
anything over those amounts.
There will, of course, be many expedients for avoiding the proposed taxation. There are many persons who
are patriotic enough In all other re-
spectt except that of paying their
own sharcjif necessary taxes. It will
bo up to the Government lo devise
ways   and   means   of   catching  tlie
can be used In each pen. while eight
to ten Is plenty for heavy breeds.
Made Her Delicate Boy Strong
New York City. —"My little boy was
in a verv weak, delicate condition as a
result of gastritis and the moaslea nnd
there seemed no hope of saving his life.
The doctor prescribed cod liver oil but
ho could not take it I decided to try
i Vinol— and with splendid results. It
i seemed to agree with him so that now he
, Is a strong healthy hoy. "-Mrs. Thomas
Fitzgerald, 1090 Park Ave., N. Y. City.
We guarantee Vinol, onr delicious
cod liver and iron tonic, for run-down
slacker" In the matter or taxes, and; condition!, chronic coughs, voids and
we hive no doubt they will lake strong i bronchitis.
neui-mreB to ensure that all shall pay!      Cranbrook Drug &. Book Co.,
Ibttr Juat dues. | Cranhrook, B.C.
(Continued-from Page 1)
I think every effort should be made
by the Board to encourage the dairy
busfness and also the cattle raising
business. There is no question that
wo liave a country here second to
none for this purpose and while there
are some who claim the country Is
not adapted to the dairy business, I
feel that with care and proper feed*
lng this can be overcome. The coun«
try Is thc same nature aB that to the
south of us, In the State of Washington, and as you are aware that country
Is being developed from the agricultural standpoint in a satisfactory manner. A satisfactory feature which
might be mentioned is the proposed
legislation recently brought down by
thc Minister of Finance amending the
Hank Act so tliat the Banks can lend
money for the purpose of purchasing
cattle and taking chattel mortgage as
security. This has been one of the
stumbling blocks In the past and It
should be of considerable benefit to
the District In enabling the small farmer to get a few head or cattle.
The question or the establishment of
a satisfactory fireproof storage warehouse for tlie farmers of the district
to store their grain, obtaining warehouse receipts therefor on which they
coudl obtain advance from time to
time has been suggested and 1 think
this matter should also be given consideration hy the Incoming Executive,
During tiie early part of the year
the Board made every effort to obtain
the consent or the Minister of Militia
to havc Cranbrook made the Head
Quarters of the 54th Kootenay Battalion, but witiiout success. We have
also expended considerable time and
money In connection with the retaining of the recruits which have enlisted here since the 1st November and
our efforts have been successful.
In conjunction with the Wlndemere
District Board of Trade we took up
with the authorities the question ot
tho completion of tho Banff-Wlnder-
niere Road, but with no success. A
further letter from the Columbia Valley Irrigated Lands, Ltd., recently to
hand suggested that the B.C. Government Is not In n position to go on
with tho work at the present time. It
Is estimated thnt there Is still 25
miles to complete through easy country which will take about $200,000 and
we have heen urged the Importance
of taking up with tho Provincial
Government that either they Bhould
complete the road or enter into some
arrangement with the Dominion Government as would enable thtm to do
8.00 a.m.—Holy Communion
It a.m.—Matins and Holy Communion
3.00 p. m.—Children's Service
7.30 p.m.—Evensong.
Preacher Rev. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th
Pastor, W. K. Thompson
Morning service 11 a.m.—Subject—
Sunday School and Bible Class 3p.m.
Evening Service 7.30 p. m. Subject-
"John Knox".
Anthem morning and evening.
Pastor, Rev, Thos. Keyworth
Organist, Chas. F. Nidd
Services aB usual at 11 a.m. and 7.80
p. m. Sunday School and Adult Bible
Classes at 3.00 p. m.
The evening service wlll take the
form of a service of praise and will be
preceded by an organ recital commencing at seven o'clock.
Thc best of cordiality shown to nil.
Services in S. A. HaU
Saturday evening 8 p.m.
Apple-Land Sunday School 11 a.n
Sunday evening service 8.00 p.m
The above services will be of
bright and cheery character and all
are invited to attend.
1 cause headache, biliousness,
constipation, impure blood
and other unpleasant symptoms. If these troubles are
neglected they weaken the
body and open the way for
serious illness.Many chronic
diseases may be traced back
to indigestion that could
have been immediately
relieved by
Beecham's Pills. This well-
known home remedy has
proven itself dependable, safe
and speedy during sixty years
use. The fame of having a
larger sale than any other medicine in the world proves the
dependable, remedial value of
Monthly Meeting on
at 2.80 ii.m. In the
Papers on f ultlvatlon and
Growing ot Small   Fruits
and  Mixed   Farming,
Large Concert and Dance Hall
with stage, drecaing rooms and
lavatories. An assembly room
and kitchen with crockery. The
whole for rcat Jo responsible
parties.  Terms most reasonable.
Apply to ALB. H. WEBB,
HaU Secy, and Manager.
Ultra-Violet Rays
In Treating Human Ailments,
Young aid Old, it Home
Our Generators can bo used
ia any room where Electric
Light Is.
A child can safely use lt. Booklet, Free. District Representative
wanted.        Write
« 8th Ave, E. Calgary
Chlet Head of the Saltation
Army Forces of "Canada West"
will visit
March 16th
Brlgadles McLean of the Pacific Division wlll accompany the
Chairman—A. U. Harshaw.
Household Goods
The following Household Goods,
ln good condition, will be Bold
hy Private Sale,
Commencing on  Wednesday,
February ISth, 1916
Dining Room, Bedroom, nnd
Kitchen Furniture, Tables, luge
nnd small | Chairs, Dressing
Tables, Single and Double Bed.
steads, Springs, Mattresses, Linoleums, Nlc-Naes, E!c.
Sale wlll continue during FEBRUARY and MARCH, or until
goods aro sold.
Cor. Lumsden Ave and Edward
Strut  PkoM Mi,
■:f...:.S^^ FILL IN COUPON ArTOMAfaO^Af-r
i 'km." tr \ys   caw da cementcoiuw umitt.u. nwaU um.,. montseai..
4 ...I'-lif A 'rl       425      Oratlrat...   Haa,. ..nd mc a lr,t r„ey nl ,       ,A
'   .,l\ ■'S   ','    =1 "VVhalTh. Farm,. Can [)., Willi linmi." '      R1
•    -;" yfS   n>™.    ii
...    ,L.u.. .jOjf      Slrt,, toJ No      f|J
i^^^&i ,*&!£'/
Snow Shovels
Regular 75c {TAp
each, for     liV/'L
Now is the time to get a cheap heater while we are
stock-taking. We will give you big bargains in order to
reduce stock.
Tlnsmlthlng, Plumbing nnd Heating
Peameal Cottage Rolls
Done up ln the sume fashion as our fumous l'eameal Bacon, and ln the
same cluss for quullty and goodness, made of the hest iiuulity smoked
shoulder with tlie bone luken out, keeps well, and Is most convenient
and hum!) for the housekeeper,   l'er pound  23c
P.  BURNS  & CO.,   Ltd.
Feed Your Poultry Right
to make them produce the best rcsnl's.   We have everything necessary
to help you muke money out of your henst
poultry food, per package   40c
ALFALFA MEAL, per cwt  ttM
i'iiom: jn
Tlio Vestry of Christ Church, Cranhrook,  will hold  tholr
Annual Enturtuinmeiit on
6.00 p.m.—Suppor,    8.00 p.m.—Conoort.   10.00 p.m.—Da nee
Subscribe to the Herald — $2.00 a Year
mm—i THURSDAY.   FEBRUARY 24tli, 1916
We take a great deal of
pride in every Watch Be-
pair leaving this shop. If
you have a faulty watch
bring it here, and we'll
guarantee you a first class
job. We use nothing but
the best of material, so you
can safely leave your
watch here knowing it will
be taken care of in a workmanlike manner.
W. H. Wilson
Kilby Frames Ploturesi
Tlie tennis meeting culled for last
weok wan postponed on uccount of
thu absence or the President, and will
be held In the near future.
Remember the Conservative Smoker
In Clapp's Hull Friday night, Feb. 25.
All Conservatives In the city and district are invited.
Modern Cottage und two lots for
sale on easy terms—well located. Tills
Is a snap for a quick sale. Apply to
Beale & Klwell.
MIhs tnnls Hill, who has been vlslt-
tng friends In Lethbridge, wlll return
to Oranbrook on Saturday, she win,
after a short visit here, return to her
home in tlie Okanagoa Valley.
The annual meeting of the Crun-
! brook Club was held Thursday even-
: lng lust. Tho club has enjoyed a very
' successful year und finances are In
good shape. Ur. R W. Green wus
elected President and Mr. T. M. Huberts Vice Prt'Bldont.
I ,	
Tho regular monthly meeting nf the
Ladles' Aid of Knox Presbyterian
OllUrcl) will be held at tbe home of
Mrs. A. J. lliilni-'iil on Wednesday
afternoon, March 1st, at half past ' at Kdmonton
throe o'clock.
Lurge line of Baby Buggies and Oo-
Carts just received.—Fink Mercantile
Mr. Ernest C, Lutes, who had'bis
arm severely jammed by getting It
between two logs while braking on
the Otis Staples Lumber company's
logging train at Wycliffe, is getting
along well and will soon bo able to
return to work.
Mr. Paddy Stivers of Kdmonton
spent a week with bis parents bore
and returned to bis homo Friday.
Since leaving this city Mr. Stlvens bas
become a member of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and Is stationed
To Tired Worn-out Mothers
Jackson, Miss. —"I shall feel repaid
for writing this letter if I can help any
tired, worn-out mother or housekeeper
to find health and strength as I have,
"I have u family of five, st-w, cook
and do my housework and I became very
much run-down in health. A friend
asked me to try Vinol. I did so and row
I am well and strong and my old lime
energy has been restored. Vinol has no
superior as a tonic for worn-out, rundown, tired mothers or housekeepers."
—Mrs. J. N. MELTON, Jackson, Miss.
Crunbrook Drug &. Book Co.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Mr. J. II. Fink of Spokane Is visiting
his brother, Mr. J. P. Fink.
Mr. 0. 0. Holmes of Wardner, B. C,
was a visitor between trains Friday.
Mrs. Oeorge Hoggarth has been
Bpendlng a few daya in Spokane.
Mr. A. K. Leitch of Juffray was in
the city Saturday.
Mr. Alex Taylor of Kimberley spent
Friday in the city.
Mr. Robert J. Taylor of Waldo spent
the week end at his home In this city.
MIbs Bradwln returned to her home
In Lethbridge this week.
Dr. J. H. King ls visiting at the
^ Mr. W. B. Bardgett Is at Pincher
Creek on business this week.
Mr. Joe Walklcy paid a business
visit to Calgary this week.
Flre, Life and Accident Insurance-
Apply to Beale & Elwell for rate.
Large line of Baby Buggies and Go-
Carts just received.—Fink Mercantile
Dr. J. if. Rutledge is in Calgary this
week buying horses for tbe Crow's
Nest Lumber Co.
Mrs. prlckson. of Invermere, was in
the city yesterday, leaving today for
Mrs. John Miller left for Vancouver
on Sunday called there by the news
that her brother was seriously 111.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Greene were
In from their ranch near Wycliffe on
Mr. Percy Fawcett returned to Edmonton last week after relieving for
some time In the Imperial Bank here.
Mr. J. McTavish of Bull River arrived in town Monday on a business
The Herald has a fine line of visiting cards, both ladles and gents. Let
uh print your next supply.
We are showing an assortment of
Udles' Blouses and Shirt Waists that
would do credit to a city.—W. D. Hill.
Mrs. A. C. Harshaw will receive on
Thursday, March 2nd. for the Inut tlmo
this Hntsnn.
Mr. A. M. Devls left Sunday for
Calgary where he has taken a position
In the C. P, H. shops.
Mr. A. n Macdonald Is visiting bis
brother, Mr. M. A. Macdonald, at Vancouver.
We hnve Just added a full line of
Ladles' and dents' Boots and Shoes—
Cranbrook Exchange, Armstrong Ave.
We have just added a -full line of
Lndlfs' and dents' Boots and Shoes—
Crnnbrook Exchange, Armstrong Ave.
Mrs. V. W. Burgess wlll receive on
Friday, March llrd and not again this
A safety deposit box at Beale &
Elwell's not only assures absolute pro- j
teetlon, but absolute privacy,
Ladles! We have Just one more week
Ho offer you Shoes at one half price.
-W. I). 11111.
Mrs. W. F. Attridge entertained at
luncheon on Friday, the guests of honor being her constn, Mrs. Attridge
and Mrs. Ijcltch of Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs McPhee hnve come Into
town from their ranch and have taken
the Elwell residence nn Lumsden Ave.
for a month.
, Mr. C. 0. Rodgers of the Canyon
City Lumber company at Creston passed through this city on his way home
Mrs, J. Flngal Smith will not beat
home Wednesday, March 1st, but will
receive the first Wednesday In April
for tho Uit tin* thia nam.
Uev. W. II. Bridge, B.A., L.th,
left ou Friday's train for Rossland,
ll, ('., to conduct an eight duya Mission
exchanging pulpits with Rev. W, II.
For your dress and sultmaklng call
and see Mrs. W. C. Adlard, 216 Durlck
Avenue, off Hansen Avenue. Her charges arc moderate to suit the times. Fit
guaranteed.   Fashions up-to-date.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Blaine entertained a number of their friends to a progressive five hundred party Friday
evening. A. C. Blaine and Miss Whitehead were the winners.
All returned soldiers please communicate with Roturned Veterans
Association at Calgary or D. Olenday,
Cranbrook. Fernie and Nelson papers
please copy.
This week the Peavine Mill outfit
Is being brought In from its late location for shipment west where lt will
be re-established ln the vicinity of
■ Mr. N, Hanson left for Calgary yesterday where he will be a visitor at
the automobile stock-rooms. He will
also purchase several cars of cattle
before returning.
Mrs. W. H. Wilson entertained nbout
twenty lady friends at irfternoon tea
Tuesday. In a story-telling competition Mrs. Keyworth was awarded the
prize for the funniest story.
Chief Adams has a gang of twelve
prisoners In his charge at present, the
C.P.R. contributing seven to the quota
during the past woek, each drawing
the UBtinl seven days.
A few automobiles have made their
appearance during the past week. The
wheeling on the main streets of tbe
city Is very good but the country roads
are still In bad shape.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles' Aid Society, Methodist Church,
wlll bo held at the home of Mrs, E. H.
Patmore corner of Dennis St and Fenwick Ave on Wednesday. March 1st,
at 3 o'clock.
Mr. T. Gill returned Tuesday from
Vancouver where he attended the funeral of his sister, Miss Christina Gill,
whose death occurred on Saturday,
Feb. Bth. Mr. GUI was present during
his sister's last hours.
Mrs. 11, A. McKowan was hostess at
a (ea on Saturday afternoon. Mrs.
Fink was awarded n prize for telling
the funniest story, ATter the contest
a delicious tea was served to about
twenty-live guests.
Large line of Baby Buggies and Qo«
■ Carts just received.—Fink Mercantile
A number of the young people hold
I a bobsleighing party Friday evening
'on the Leslie hill, after which they!
i were Invited to the home of Mr. and
! Mrs. David Sutherland, where refresh*
j ments were served.
The marriage took place on Thursday, 17th Instnnt at Christ Church,
Cranbrook. of Robert Alves of Wy-1
cllffe, rancher, to Miss Alice Maude
Astta of Toronto. The Rev. A, B,
Lane officiated.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Taylor of this
city received a letter from their son,
Sergt. A. W. P. Taylor announcing his
marriage tn Aberdeen, Scotland, to
Miss E. Charles of that City on the
7th of this month.
MIsh Gilbert, who has been bookkeeper for P. Burns & Co., left this
week for her home in Vancouver, having given up her position here.
I Baxter hns this week moved to
Leslies Lake a portable Baw-mlll
which will start operations shortly
cutting thc timber from tbe Kerr
property Just south of that point, to
be made up into ties. A good sized
gang of men will be put to work.
A Smoker will be held in the Conservative Committee Rooms over
Clapp's store on Friday, Feb. 25th to
which all Conservatives In the city and
district are Invited. Mr. Thos. Caven,
M.P.P., and others will give addresses
during the evening.
j Large line of Baby Buggies and Go-
Carts just received.—Fink Mercantile
Miss Helen Harrison, Secretary-
Treasurer of tho ('ranbrook Branch
of the St. John Ambulance Association
has received the sum of %2M being
the "Bluebirds' " share of the proceeds lu the return hockey mutch between the High School Girls and the
Bluebirds on Feb. llth.
Mrs. O. E. Barber held her postnuptial reception yesterday, her home
which was tastily decorated with
daffodils being thronged with callers
all afternoon. Mrs. Barber was dress-
ed In pale blue and was assisted hy
Mrs. Joe Woodman In black taffeta
and Mra. J. F, Campbell In mauve.
will be held some time later. A band
is a most desirable organization and
has a decided advertising value to the
city, but it is a difficult matter to finance unless some assistance is glvon.
Large line of Buby Buggies and Go-
Carts Just roc ivi-'d.—Fink Mercantile
A very successful Hard Times Dance
was given In the Mapie Hall last
Thursday evening by the Women's Institute, The hull was crowded to capacity and tin1 variety and poverty-
stricken appearance of the costumes
was most amuBlng. Tiie judges wore
Messrs. J. B. Hall. E. II. Lehman and
Mrs. Dan Campbell, and tlieir was by
no means an easy task, Mr. Medley
Lajoie and Miss Grace Black were a-
warried   the   prizes.   The   proceeds
|amounted to nearly $;tO and will be;
' used to purchase material to be made
up by the members Into surgical shirts
socks and other articles for Ited Cross
purposes. Tbo use of the hall was
given free by Mr. Kdmonson and Mrs.
Edmonson, who provided the music
most acceptably, donated half her feo.:
: Lunch was served by the ladles, and a
I most enjoyable evening was spent by !
j all present.
THE latest and most authentic of the new modes are
included in the complete assortments now offered
Styles that  depict  the latest  ideas of Fashion are
splendidly represented.    Snowflake Voiles in many dainty
shades, with the small shaded "rose," are very much in evidence for early Spring wear
Individual requirements can be attended to in a manner that will appeal to Ihose who recognise and appreciate
the highest standard of quality combined with reatonable
cost.    We invite inspection of the new styles.
A very complete stock of PICTORIAL PATTERNS just
Famous  Wash
Heals Skin
I). D. D., the greatest of skin remedies, will remove those unsightly and
troublesome skin afflictions that have
made your life a burden. That intolerable Itching, burning and discomfort
wilt disappear under the magic Influence of this remedy. It has cured many
cases pronounced Incurable and will
reach your case. It will take Just a
few moments to step In and ask us
what our experience has been In the
way of satisfied customers. We want
you to give D. I). D. a trial. Your money back unless the first bottle bottle
relieves you, D. D. P. Soap keeps
your skin healthy.   Ask us about lt.
or 15 Years
the Standard
Skin   Remedy
Crubrook Drug * Book Co. Oranbrook
Kilby Frames Pictures.
The death occurred very suddenly
in Walkerton, Ontario, of Hoy Vogan
on Feb. 16th. aged 38 years, from ,
peretonltis. He leaves a wife and
young daughter. Mrs. Vogan Is a
well-known Cranbrook girl, (nee Jean
Russel), a niece of Mr. J. Benson of
this city.
John Johnston, a former resident of
this district, has returned to the city
from West Kootenny points nfter an
absence of ever seven years. Mr.
Johnston built the Pugh and Livingstone mill at I>orr nnd for n time was
manager of the mill. Previous to that
he was In the employ of the Kast
Kootenay Lumber company at Ryan
and Jaffray.
There was a small attendance at
the carnival Monday night. The be was
In splendid condition despite the mildness of the weather. The following
are the prize winners: Ijidles' prize,
"Sun Flower". Mrs. Hlnton; Gentleman's prize, "Cook'', A. n. Bridges;
Comic Prize, "Chinamar.", H. Hlnton;
Girl's Prize "laord Fnuntleroy" Frances Drummond; Hoy's Prize "Winter"
Harold Haslam.
Tbe Provincial Department of Agriculture has now on tbe presses Rul-
letln No. 68, entitled "Diseases and
Pests of Cultivated Plains In B. C, and
Their Control", which has been prepared by Messrs. J. W. Kastham, B.
Sc„ Provincial Plant Pathologist nnd
Kntomolnglst, and Max. H. Huhmann,
Assistant Kntomolnglst. Requests for
this bulletin should he sent In to the'
Dept. of Agriculture now.
Large line of Baby Buggies and Oo-
Carts Just received.—Fink Mercantile
Harry Hoyland, the leading comedian tn "The Girl From Nowhere"
Company which appeared In Cranhrook last January, wns married In
Vancouver this month to Miss Margaret Helen Lochead of that city. The
bride was a member of the Bame company, and Harry Hoyland Young, to
give him his full name, Is the brother
of Mrs. Stuart White, more familiarly
known aB Miss Zara Clinton.
The pupils of Miss van Braam and
King Edward School will give their
annual entertainment ln the Auditorium on Saturday afternoon, February
26th, commencing at 2.80 sharp. The
program promises to be a most excellent one, and Is composed of drills,
choruses, part songs, dances, recitations, plays, etc., all provided by the
little ones. Everyone Interested in
children should make It a point to be
At the meeting called last Friday to
discuss the re-organ lent lon of a city
band a committee was formed to collect tho old Instruments nnd music.
There was a fair turn-out and pros-
pects of getting a band under way
ww* -JtwuiMd.    A further matting
The  following  extracts  are  taken
from a newsy letter from Private Alf-
red  Webb,  now  iu  Kngland, to his |
parents here:
"We are getting a  full  share of j
physical 'Jerks,' 'the kind that kill*,    j
"We are moving to another camp
the Ilrst of the month. It seems tbat
Is all  we are doing  nowadays.
"Sperry and Vopy are lu tlie bomb-
Ing section wltli I.lent. Smith in .
charge. Major Bullock Webster Is
struck off the strength owing to 111 I
health. Major Pollen Is In command j
of B. Company.
"Half the camp down with measles
and the otlier half busy guarding the
doors of their huts for fear someone
else catches It.
"Lieut. Bourne Is away taking a
three months' course.
"It's a kind of lonely life this sol- j
diering, most of the fellows are   out ;
parading   up  and   down   the   streets,
there's usually just Jim Steele and I
left in our hut.
"Sometimes  we  rend,  mostly    we [
study, often we just sit and think of;
the political situation, passing some !
well-digested remark once In a while.
Sometimes we talk of home and our
brothers and sisters, etc., and after
that we either don't talk any more I
or else talk of Tom Caven's chance of
getting  In  next election.
vlded by Messrs. Stevenson and Raworth, goal and point, though whicli
was which we will not say. Mr. Attridge claims that the referee had lt In
for him, as he was i-uicd off several
times lor rough play, but of course
that is only to be expected for being
so uugullunt as to get In tlie way of
the ladies. The forwards, Messrs Wilson, Beale, McDermott and McPhee
all played a strenuous game, though
sometimes they forgot whicli end llieir
goal wns at. The Blue Birds were
Misses Olegerich, Pye, Bridges, Wallinger, Gill. Fink and Fisher.
io,. per word for Ilrst week, and lu. put
word for each week after
FOK HALE—Furniture, boh sleighs
in good condition, etc.   Phone 481   tf
A genornl meeting nf the Poultry
Association will be held on Friday,
Feb. 2f>th In Stephen's old-grocery, opposite the City Hall. All varieties of
Orpingtons will be on exhibition. FirBt
prize 50 lbs. wheat donated by Atchl-
stnis' Poultry Farm, a second prize
will be given consisting of one $1.00
package of Robinson's Lice Killer.
Kverybutly welcome.—J.A. Cooper. Sec.
It was BOme hockey match Wednesday nlghl, and thc ladies won by a
score of '.'• to 2 (at least that Is the
official score i. Tlie gentlemen In their
carnival cost nines looked so different
that some of their best rrlends did not
recognise tliem at first. Some of the
men would make good female Impersonators and were gnrbed In quite
correct attire, even to their jaunty
headgear.   Tlie main comedy wns pro-
FOK SALE—A slate Turkey Gobbler
one year old, weight 22 lbs.—Mrs. J.
Brennan. S—lt.
CO.UI'. ON   Make me un offer for
this valuable farmstead of 4M* acres.
—John Brennan.
and stable, about live acres cleared.
Apply phono 317. S—3t
FOK  SALE  CHEAP—A  first-class
Democrat, almost new. Apply phone
;tl7. 8—3t.
In the Flathead Valley of Montana.
Write to ub for particulars,—Tupper
& Co., Kalispell, Mont.
FOUND—Buy mare, whl.e face wilh
mare colt, white face; branded cow on
right hip. Owner can have same by
paying for this advt, Apply—A, Plg-
liin, Luke Creek, nr. Marysville.  8—3t
WANTED—Two persons who wish
for room and board, everything homelike and comfortable. Mrs. J. F. Mennle, phone 374, corner of Lumsden
Avo and Edward St.
WANTED—A  man to look after a
young apple orcharn- of 200 acres in
Kast Kootenay, for a period of three
or four months. Apply Box 407,
Fernie, B.C. S—2t
FOR SALE—Dominion organ,  11
stops, 2 knee swells, in splendid condition, a snap, $20. Must be sold. Apply Kllby's O. K. Barber Shop, Armstrong Avenue. 8—3t
J lave pleasure in announcing to their numerous customers
and the public that they are removing from their present
position to the more central and commodious premises on
Norbury Avenue lately occupied by the
REFRIGERATING CHAMBERS and the most up-todate
machinery will be installed by us to insure their perfect operation. This will enable us to have at all
times a large stock of Fresh-Killed Meats and Poultry
in addition to Cooked Meats and Fish, all cool and sweet
and in excellent condition for the table.
We will occupy these premises on MARCH 1ST.
Note   the  New Location:  NORBURY AVE*
Milk and Cream
Delivered every morning in sterilized bottles
Sold also Iiy
Little & Atchison
IN' 25, I", and BO WAIT SIZES, for
We have just opened a consignment of DOMEK.
which, for beauty nnd price cannot be stirTmnwrd.
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.
For Best Quality
Milk and Cream
We hare secured ihe Rerrlcci of M. McCrlndle a« herdsman. Mr.
McCrlndle, who lia*. been liro yearn with th** Rrt-en.tr Stock Farm, has
had n life experience in producing milk and cream for the most dls-
rrii.1 IntilIni; t.rflrti*.
T. B. AISTIN, Proprietor. PAGE FOUR
Moots   evary
Mouiliiy   ufgtu
_ at    Fraternity
■all.   " Sojourning    Odafallowa
aoralallj tntlt.J
W. M. Harris,        A. M. Davis
Boo. N.G.
Barristers,  Solicitor!  and
Mmioy lo l.onn
hnii.rlul  Hank  lluilillai
Crunbrook. B.C.
M.atl .very Tuesday at 8 s « la
the Fraternity Hull
R. C. Carr, CC.
p. M. Christian, K, It. & S.
P.  0.  Box  522
Yliltlng brathrw eovitlalbr latitat*, to aLt.n.'.
(Successor tn V7. F nurd)
Barristar,    Solicitor    »nd
p. 0. Box iM
Meat, .very second and fourth
Wednesday at Fraternity Boil
Sojourning Iteboaab. terattal-
ly Invited.
81s. 0. Bonnet, N. O.
Sis. A. Hickenbotham, Sec.
M.eti ln Huvle Hall soaaaa
aad  fourth   Inuadaj'  .(  avor*
month at > p.m.
Membor.ala   ,»« la  Brtttrt
I. T. Bralt..        J P. I*w**.
Presld.nl Secretary
Vlaltlng    BMDtwre    MTdialiy
Physicliins   aud   Suruooru
OQlse  at   resilience.  Armstrong
Forenoon.    0.1)0 to 10.00
AiteruooLS   2.00 to   4.00
Brwiluge    7.30 to   8 SO
■uattaya    5..10 to   t.IO
Cranbrook,  B.C.
DR. F. 1). MILES
•Am  in  Hanson  Hlock
omen HOURS
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   t lira.
7 to   I p.o.
Meets In  the
Maple    Hall
Ilrst   Tuesduy
/it,- a-*—   \, afternoon    of
fa'Pr®fy\\ every   mnntli
- C\.'-<t7-' y\' _.    ut 3 p.m.
^__. Pros., MrB. W.
V,.  McFarlane,
Secy, MrB. John Shaw, P, O. Box 4411
All ladles cordially invited.
■atwnity and Qenoral Mnrelng
Oard»n Av*.
Terms on Application
MXS. A. SALMON, Matron
yiu  i 2&l> P. O. Box 846
panrmraUnt    and    Distributing
Agent for
I.ethbi lilg-e  Coal
XI-lte I'otvdcr
linprrlal Oil Co.
Braylnif and Transferrin*;
Qlven prompt attention
Phone 08
Phono 846 F  O. Box 686
Funeral Kireclor and Embaluer
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Avenue
Near Bilker St.
atoada.artarK (or all kinds ol
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
OirU and Mining Engineer!
M. C Land Surveyor!
L.   M.   SMITH
HAT   It E N O V A T O lt
Ladles   and   Gentlemen's   Hals
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone 304
Sabt. Frame, Prop.
iMsh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Fbone ST
Megkary Are.      Opp. City Ball
It  you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Bpeclal prices (or family
Farmers, Ranchers & Trnppers
It does not cost you anything to
Get Our Cash Offer
on your furs. Express them to us.
Wc Pay All Charges
over a $5.00 valuation,   We make you
our offer
and Hold Your Furs
for your reply, roturnlng them
at Our Expense
If not. purchased.   Try us.   In
buslnoBs since 1S88.
218 Eighth  avenue  west, Calgary, Alia. 47-tf
Those taming, smarting, tlnr
Hag pains which accompany ee*
soma and skin rashes, stop very
uutokly lt you apply Zam-Buk.
The soothing, herbal essences ot
this wonderful balm, bathe and cool,
the burning skin, kill th* disease
germs, end the pain, and produce a
delightful feeling ot relief. At the
same time ths process ot healing
goes on, and very quickly tlie ikln
disease Is ended.
Sometimes baby has rashes which
cause itching, and giro rise to hours
of worry and trouble to tiie mother.
Same remedy— Zam-Buk.
For all Bkln diseases and for
Piles. Druggists and stores everywhere, 60c box. Set full name.
niiiiR party down at White Hock and
got the money.
VV. H. Dobson wa In witli n full line
of Penny goods from the cent belt near
Matiarg, Alberta.   J. B, Tiffany of Ncl-
i sun nnd Floradora tame, Geo, B, Mo-
! Intyro of Winnipeg, the Flower of the
j Flock, the top of the cream Jug, with
I woollens for winter nnd satins for
summer, and 'tis said tliat hc can beat
Lillian Russel when it comes to fancy
Jimmie Blrnie, thn popular young
. livery man, is visiting with his uncle
I tn Rcglna this week.
Some yquths never look at a girl unless they ilrst see other men courting
her. They grow up to be tlie kind
of business men who never advertise
until tliey see everybody else doing lt.
Miss A, Allen of Kernie spent Sunday With the Thomsons at the Columbia Hotel.
J. Joyce, manager jif the Flagstone
Lumber Co., Flagstone, is in town this
C, D MeNnnnn. manager of the
Baker Lumber Co., wns tn Elko this
week and left on tho C. P. R. for
D. S. Cameron of Whltefish, Montana, Great Northern Tic Inspector,
was In town this week inspecting ties.
Miss Nellie Handley, Ed. Handley,
Huns Laird, Mr. untl Mrs. Geo. Hawkes
und Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jumes took In
the Patriotic Dunce at Kimberley on
Friday lust.
Mrs. B. Lundin was a visitor to
Cranbrook on Thursday last.
Provincial Constable McGuffie of
Crunbrook was a visitor here last week
being in charge of Police Court proceedings.
Thc last of thc restricted houses has
caved through with the heavy weight
of snow, also the large warehouse near
tho depot belonging to the C. N. It.
Lumber Co. "Fulls View" still holds
Bar ***** >» Night Phon. ti
Naramrr Are., aeit to City Hall
Phone 106 P. O. Boi 33
Organist Methodist Church
Raa.lree Pupil, tor
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 33 Norbury At.
Caaaral Merchant
■■(lornenta Afenti
F. O. Box iM Pboaa l<«
Spokane, Washington
"TIIE   H0T£1   WITH   A
We' believe we
have more regular patrons from
BrltlBh Columbia
than any other
Hotel ln Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places, ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. RateB as low
as at the more ordinary
8m Steamship on the Roof
giiiittitiR 1*111 lor Women, «•'» 11 bat or three/or
|10, Sold Rt nil J'riijf Btorw, or malted to any
nldrcssonrccdptof price. THI BcOtlBLI. Utu'u
Co . i*t.' .it lm nil en, om trio. 	
V.Ulitv.for N'-rvo ami llraiii; tnCWttSen"grey
Bitter': ft Tonic -will .mild yon nn. js n box, or
two (or JY nt ■■■'■■if Btor«*a, er hy mail on mpcfpi
qlprk'P tiik .scGiiKu. Dunn Co., Bt, Catharine*
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd., Agents.
During IOIFi tlio Creston Valley did
nn export trade of !)0 cars of lumber,
98 earn of poles and 3 nf posts. In
1914 loss thnn 15 cara of lumber wero
No more frill* or furiielowfl Iff the
Trail Nowa ofllco. Editor WHlcox Ib
advertising hla revolving chair and
check protaetograpli for aal a,
Mr. Robt. Blythe returned from
Spokane the flrat of the week. While
there he had an operation performed
on hla nose whieh proved very success l'u I.
Mr. Jack McTavish was a Cranbrook
visitor Monday. There's a rumor a-
round thnt he la selling out his hotel
nt Bull River and will go into other
J. J. Kennedy spent Sunday in
Wardner visiting friends.
Mr. Paddy O 'Shea returned from
Spokane Monday.
Dick Jarvis of the C. P. R. ofllco
stuff has enlisted with "Warden's
Miss Masborg spent the week end in
Cranhrook visiting friends,
Mr. Kilby, the piano-tuner, has been
in Wardner this week doing a flourishing business.
N. Downs left Tuesday for Calgary
to purchase two car loads of horses
for the C. N. Lumber Co.
W .J. Knglish waa an Elko visitor
this week.
Mrs. F. Tibbetts of Marysville spent
the week end with her daughter Ruth
at tho Sullivan Mine.
Mrs. Bennett aud daughter, Mrs. P.
D. Hope, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Alex. Taylor on Monday last.
We regret to hear that Mr. and Mrs.
Alex. Taylor, who have been with us
for tlie past seven years, are leaving
ihortly for Calgary where Mr. Taylor
lias nccepted a position as manager for
a lumber company. For the last seven
years Mr. Taylor has been manager
for the Taylor Lumber CO. here, "haa
logged and made her pay" when others
failed. Qood luck to you, Mr. and Mrs,
There is not a vacunt building here
at present, every house being occupied
and we hear that the old dining room
and kitchen of the Taylor Lumber Co.
Is now being occupied and that the
office of said company will be taken
after March 16th.
"Tommy Summers" the genial merchant wears a smile that won't come
off these days. "Tom" finds the old
store much too small for tlie amount
of business be la doing, so he will on
March 1st move into a more spacious
building on the Main street, the building at one time used as Clayton's store
and post ollice. Tom, with the stock
he has on hand will havc a store that
will be second to none. He has also
engaged the services of Mr. Norman
Moore to attend to the wants of his
numerous patrons. Mr. und Mrs. Summers wlll reside on the premises.
Notwithstanding the bad state of the
roads the Patriotic dance on Friday
last was a success In every sense. It
was not until Thursday afternoon that
the ladles of Kimberley suggested a
dance, arrangements were made for
Friday night at eight o'clock and at
nine the hall was crowded. A lap
supper wao served ot 12 p m. and dancing continued until 3 a.m. Thc proceeds of the collection over and above
expenses wlll be given to the Red
Cross Fund. Geo. James of Marysville
furnished the music with his 3 piece
Kdward Nordman left last week to
accept the position of Superintendent
of the Emma Mine. Mr. Nordman has
been employed hero by the Consolidated Company for the past nine years.
William Smith, one of Moylo's old
time residents, now living In Alberta,
and enjoying the life of a farmer,
Bpent a few days of last week visiting friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Attwood visited Mr.
and Mrs. Percy Adams in Cranbrook
last week.
R, T. Richardson of Fort Steele was
a Moyie visitor on Saturday.
Corp. Staples of the internment
camp at Morrissey, was a Moyle visitor last week.
A. B. Nlgg of ('ranbrook was acting
station agent here during Mr. Att-
wood's ubsence last week.
Tuesday night of this week was the
last meeting of Wildey Lodge No. 44,
I. O. O. F. Instituted hero in May, 1900,
as permission has been granted by
Qrand Master P. W. Dempster for the
mergement *of Wildey I^odge with Key
City Lodge, No. 42, I.O.O.F., Cranbrook.
K. A. Hill, J. P., of Cranbrook, dealt
out justice in the police court here
Constable O'Connor returned from
the Coast Sunday.
Arthur Ward of Cranbrook was In
Moyie Saturday.
Constable Hilton returned to Fernie
P. Lutner spent tbe flrst part of this
week here with his family.
Ideal skating has been enjoyed on
the Moyle Lakes for the past three
(By Fred Roo)
When money talks, says Jim Thistlebeak, very few people stop to criticize
its Grammar. This might sound Irish
but It's a fact.
M. Gorman (the Human Ferret) who
has been investigating where the two
drunks got the liquor that was found
near Baynes the other Sunday lying In
a snow bank with their feet on a barb
wire fence toasting their toes at the
.-noon, discovered that they got their
jags via tlio Painkiller Extract-of-
Lcmon-and Vanllla-Route. All the
samo (Lo the Poor Indlnn) now wlll
you ho good.
Mlsa Belle Thomson of the Scottish
Nursing Home, Calgary, was the guest
of her parents several days this week.
J. M, Agnews Logging Camp on the
Big Sand Creek closed down Saturday
on account of no snow.
At the annual meeting of the Elko
Board of Trade which was one of the
best attended Tor the pnst year, although the worst financially, the officers for 1016 were re-elected, A. Blrnle
President; J. Thomson, Vice President
Fred Roo, Secy. Treasurer.
A Winnipeg traveller was In Elko
this woek for the first time, coming
down from Fernie, his samples consisting nf a corkless bottle, matchless
automatic flre kindler, and a vacuum
bottle. lie said the vacuum bottle
would keep any thing hot or cold for
seventy two hours, but he could not
make It stick. Jim Thistlebeak said
that anything that he had worth
drinking he didn't want to keep seventy hour*,   Do you Mary Jane?
Jltn Pate", or Vancouver was in with
the finest, line of shoes ever seen with
the naked eyeball, if you take Jim's
word for It, He Is one of the best
sal cam on on the road, and one very
hot Dominion Day wc happened to be
visiting with him at th* time, he sold
a dozen pate ot Bnowabow to ft awtm-
Mr. H. H., and Mr. J. W. Ross received word at the beginning of last
week that their mother, MrB. Dr. Ross,
Winnipeg, was dying. The two men
accompanied with their wives hurried
to Manitoba almost immediately. Mrs.
Hoss, sr., has the distinction of being
one of the flrst lady doctors In Canada,
and what Is most remarkable, she took
her degree in medicine after her flrst
two children were born. Doctor Ross
lias frequently visited this locality and
won for herself a host of friends who
sincerely sympathize with her ln her
extreme illness.
On Friday, Feb. 18th, a dance was
held In Adolph hall, Baynes. Young
as well as old enjoyed themselves.
Proceeds went to tho Soldiers' Tobacco Fund—a good cause!
Last week Mrs. Vincent Dlresgave
a party to the young folks.
On Monday the Ilrst meeting of the
Women's Missionary Society was held
In the home of Mrs. (Rev.) C. L.
Cowan. Study was commenced tn the
life of the "Black Bearded Barbarian".
(Dr. McKay of Formosa). There was
an excellent attendance. The executive of the new organization consists
of Hon. Pres. Mrs. Cowan; Pres., Mrs.
J. W. Ross; Secretary, MrB. C. Kline;
Treasurer, Mrs. H. Ross; Organist,
Mrs. Wilson.
Mr. F. W. Adolph arrived home from
the prairie on Saturday last having
visited on business as far as Winnipeg.
The correspondent thinks that
Baynes may fairly lay claim to the
honor of having the oldest hale and
hearty resident citizen ln the Kootenay
ln the person ot Mr. Tommy. The old
gentleman Is 92 years of age and up-
to date in Ideas, heing of a socialist
turn of mind, follows keenly the news
of the war, enjoys with a vim an argument on Woman's Suffrage—in which
ho firmly believes—, will discuss like
a philosophic theologian tho question
whether sin has its seat In tbe body
or spirit, and can tell a joke and
laugh over one with a heartiness that
would shame many a young man of
twenty. Mr. Tomay Is Indeed an ac-
intsltlou to the town, and Is the father
of Mrs. D. W. Hurt.
Since writing thc flrst paragraph ro
Mrs. Dr. Hoss, 1 regret to say that she
'nssed from this life on Monday, 21st
Inst., at 3 a.m. Friends of the Ross
brothers sincerely sympathize with
hem In their great loss.
Mr. W. Madden is still confined to
bed with Illness.
Three "drunks" came up before Mr.
Joule, J. P., who visited their sins
upon their heads in the form of $12.60
"Billy" Williamson Is our latoBt recruit. Ho leaves Baynes on Wednesday.
A United Meeting of Intercession
and Praise will bo held next Sunday,
Feb. 27, in Adolph Hall under thc aus-
Ices of tho local I.O.D.E. There wlll
be solos, duets, quartettes. Tho Rev.
\. B. Lane Is expected to take part,
and the Rev. C. L, Cowan will give an
address on a suitable topic. As this
meeting will bo undenominational, and
In commemoration of Paardberg Day,
a large number Is expected to bc present.   Time 2.30 p.m.
In consequence of the above meeting the regular Baynes S. S. will meet
nt ll a.m. Regular service will join
Mrs. E. Shumard left early this week
for Spoknno where sho wlll undergo
an operntlon. This Is a very sad case,
and much sympathy Is extended to tho
Evening service wlll be held on Sunday In Ross Hall at 7.30 p.m. Subject:
Tha Unruly Member." Minister, Rerr.
C. L. ~
Congoleum Rugs
and Rug Borders
Congoleum Ib a new and wonderful floor covering, absolutely waterproof all the
way through. A wonderful feature about Congoleum is that it lies flat and firm on the
floor without fastening and never curls or "kicks up" at the edges.
Congoleum Ib made in patterns suitable for every room in the house.
Congoleum Rugs
Congoleum Rugs are made by the same wonderful process and are fast supplanting
all other low priced rugB on the market, Grass, fibre and fabric rugs are by nature dust
collecting and unsanitary. They fade in the nm, "kick up" at the edges, and many of
them give Bcant wear for the money cxpen ded.
Congoleum Rug Borders
When you look at Congoleum Itugs be sure to see Ihe Congoleum Rug Borders,
They are exact reproductions of finely grained quartered oak, giving the effect of expensive hardwood floors at very low cost. The body fabric contains no burlap and is
We have Congoleum Rugs in:
1 x li/: Yards 11.15
1 x 2    Yards    1.50
2x3    Yards    4.50
2 x 4    Yards    6.00
3 x I    Yards    9.00
3i/2 x 4 Yards 10.50
Bordering 75c per square yard.
One Night Only, Sat., Feb. 26th
By special arrangement with Selwyn & Co. ot New York, THE
Prices: $1.00,75c., 50c.       -       Children 25c.
Seats at Beattie-Murphy's Drug Store
Coming,   Saturday,   March  25th,   "FINE  FEATHERS," another
United Producing Company's guaranteed attraction.   Others will follow.
Miss F. M. Steele, eldest daughter of
Major General Steele after whom Fort
Steele Ib named, said ln a letter to a
friend here, that she had completed a
short course In nursing and after a
couple of months' experience she hoped to serve her country aB a nurse in
France. MIbs Steele also said that her
father was Indeed a busy man with
his large command, and that her brother Harwood was with them ln Folk-
stone at Christmas but was now tn
Flanders. Mrs. Steele Is Canadian
president of the Anglo-Canadian Ladles' Union.
Mr. Glgst of Nelson, for many years
of the Hudson Bay Company btit now
retired, was In town Monday. He waB
acting us substitute for Mr. Haw-
tlmrne of the H. B. Co. Mr. Glgst's
many friends, especially Mr. Galbraith,
Mr. Malr and Mr. McVittie, were more
than glad to see him.
As soon as the snowy weather
breaks up Messrs. White, Eassle and
Geary wlll start work at Wild Horse
Crock. They have already taken their
supplies up.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Crow and baby
daughter left on the Kootenay Central
Tho Red Cross Society wlll give a
whist drive and dance on Friday,
March 3rd, at eight o'clock fn thc Masonic Hall. Twenty-five cents will be
tho prico Including cards, dancing and
Herbert Clarke, nephew of Mr. R. L,
T. Galbraith, was in town on Saturday,
Somo of the 103rd officers ln returning from the coast came by way of
Calgary, thinking this the most convenient way. Howover the public
should know that it is better to come
via the Kootenay Central which makes I
connection at Golden twice a week.
Constable Ryekman of Cranbrook I
was transacting business hero last
Mr. Gardner of the P. Burns Co. and
John Armour wore In town on Thursday last.
At the Red Cross Meeting of last
Thursday Miss J. Curley was In
charge. Besides the usual work, tho
dotulls of a whist drive for the 3rd
were arranged.
Mr, Quartley of Wasa paid a visit
here last Tuesday.
Tbe followlag regliUrtd at thi Im-
pufaU EoUl IMt WNfc.
Mr. Glgst, Nelson, M. A. Moody, J.
A. Black, Vancouver were in town this
F. A. Small passed through town on
Tho weather remains sunny In the
daytime but slightly chilly and frosty
at night.
Mlsa Doris Kershaw entertained a^
crowd of her Cranbrook and Fort
Steele friends on Saturday, the nineteenth Inst. The majority were from
Cranbrook and drove over In two
Blelghs. It was a superb night with a
superb moon, so they did not mind tho
roads being a little ('.') rough. The
following were the guests:— Misses
Vera Bradwln, Bertha Gill, Orma McNabb, Doris Wallinger, E, McDonald,
M. Drummond, F. Drummond, J.
Drummond, L. Walsh, A. Mnye Bate;
Messrs. Clifford McNabb, O. II. Sar-
law, T. Botston, Noel Wallinger, Gordon W.illiiinr.'. J. B. Haslam, Monol
Lclsk, II. Howard, W. Dallas, C. A.
GUI, J. Walsh, pr. Dancing was Indulged in until mldnlfiht when a d.<luty
and tasty slipper was served. Then
singing and music until thfl "good
mornings" were said nnd tho J-Jly
party broke up-not because thoy
wanted to, but because It was growing
late, or rather early. Mr, Kershaw
and Mr. It. Anderson supplied excellent music for the dancing.
On Sunday the 20th, a   crowd   of    —-—_—__—-_—
young people had some line skating ou i ———————————
tl.e "Utile Pond at the- bend of tbe I Tlio following aro the subscribers to
river." The ice was excellent and tbo Cigarette and Tobacco Fund —H,
hockey sticks wero flying.   Tiiere nro | Kershaw $1.25, It. h. T. Galbraith fl,
Breeders of
Barred Rocks, S. C. It t.
Reds, and S. C. W.
Hatching Eggs—
Barred Rocks #1 per 15
ItedH .. tlaAtt per 15 or #s per 1(H)
Leghorn* #1.50, 15 or 17 pwr 100
Produced  from   tho  best  egg-
laying strains.
'.O. Box 441      Phone 377A
some crack skaters in Kort Steele (and
one or two that are not and especially
one "skater" who receives many
cracks as a consequence). It's nil iu
| tho game and the more tumbles the
j The Patriotic Society monthly subscribers up to date are the following—
■A. Doyle $5, R. L. T. Galbraith $5,
I Chas. Malr $5, H. Kershaw J2.50, R. T.
! Richardson $2.fi0, J. Walsh $2, Reg
: Baker $2, A. J. Orez f 1, G. S. Baker 11,
, Miss Kllnoro Curley $1, O. Phillips $1,
I F. Young $1 Miss J. E. Curley BOc,
I Mrs. F. G. Conn BOc, W. J. Agabob 60c,
Warren  Woodland  SOc,  Miss A. M.
Joseph Walsh fl, Charles Malr fl, 11.
Baker fl, Miss 10. Curley fl, Leo One
fl, R. T. Richardson fl, Mrs. F. G.
Cann 60c, Mrs. Fred Blumoro BOc,
James H. Queen BOc, A. Mnyc Bate 60c,
Doris Kershaw 26c, Mrs. S. N. Wolf
26c, Miss B. Kemprud 26c, Fort Steele
Dance Club $9. The total amount $20
has been forwarded to the Overseas
Club at Montreal by Mr. Kershaw,
Several slclghloads of Fort Steelltes
attended the dance at Wasa on Thursday the 17th. There wero Mr. F. Kershaw, H. Anderson, J. Thompson, Mr.
and  Mrs.  Attree,  Hugh  Dunlop,    J.
Bate BOc. Proceeds from concert ond Walsh, jr., Bob Crow, Banford Crow,
danco on 2fith. $20.76; Mrs. Fenwlck's. Mr. and Mra. Clark, MIbs Q. Mathers,
Embroidery fund and sundry cbbIi Miss M. Mathers, Mrs. Johnson, Mr.
donations f8.   Total up to date $60.26.
Mr. R. L. T. Galbraith spent como
and Mra. E. Howard. Messrs. Kershaw
lime In Cranbrook,"' on"'Mot^.'itiBt | Andcritm aad Thompson supplied Um


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