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Cranbrook Herald Feb 22, 1924

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N D M 11 K 1(    5 3
A I) II 1 I 0 I! I U .11
Is the Strike
Nearly Over?
Nd Likelihood Now of Disputr
He iim IIikUmI hy Process
ni Negotiation
In spite ni' lulu ami rumor thai the
Btrlke in nearly nver, It in now 11 certainly thai (here will he no sharply
defined end to the dispute. There te
no hope enlerlnliied Ol any negotiations bolng entered into while the
Htrllco standi-, lu the sponsorship ol
the 1. W. W„ and lhe Btrugglo Ih now
on Its way to wearing Itself out, with
the chances In favor of tho lumber,
men getting tho bent of the struggle
ultimately. Enough men huve now
heen brought in from the prairies
anil are remaining obdurate to the advances of the I. W. W., to allow the
lumber companies to carry on and
there is no possibility of the companies receding from their attitude of
refusing to dicker with tho striking
The general impression ia that there
a* ems to have been a slight diminution In the number of those ou strike,
but the men still entertain a confidence that they will win, a feeling, it
must be said, which is not entertained by the public generally. One or
tlio loggers made a statement that
the strike would last till May but
that they would win In the end.
BORN'. — On Wednesday, February
20th. to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith,
of Cranbrook, a sou
HORN. — At the St. Eugene Hospital, on Saturday. February 16th, to Mr.
and Mrs. W. l.lndbnrg, of Bull River,
a son.
A meeting to organize a Conservative Association at the Concentrator
is to take place there on Thursday
night. A number of local Conservatives are going up. and a good meeting is anticipated.
Jung Sim, of Toronto. Is in the city.
Mr. rim If here as special Interpreter fi th: Dart Coon Club interests
in Uie case that is at present before
the courts as a result of ihe tecent
tong war outbreak In Chinatown
Before Magistrate Leask on Tuesday the cases against six members of| wonders
tho Dart Coon Club u local Chinese j
organization was called, bul was adjourned for eight days, pending the
apprehension ot three of the six nam-!
i'il. There was a big nrrny of legal
talent at the court room when the
case opened. The Ponyee district
men wero represented by Mr Q .1.
Spreull. and acting wiih him is U C,
Lowe, of Vancouver, while D Lew.
a Chinese lawyer, was here to act as
Interpreter and assistant to the Bng
lish speaking lawyers. The defence
have as their counsel Mr W. A. Nes-
hit, and a Chinese    interpreter from
Toronto is here for the case Warrants are out for the arrest of three
of tho accused, but this bus not been
effected so far. Mr Low and Mr
Lew returned to the const mi Thursday's train
PnrontH   Aro   Hosts   Al   Well
Attended tintherlitg
At v. iH.C. A.
Possibly ono ol Iho most interesting
mid profitable meetings of tho ParenU
Toaohor Association wus tlml held In
tho v. M. c. A. hull on Wednesday evening, Tho parents were ihe hosts und
lefl nothing to bo desired lu Hie arrangements.
A short business session was held
tlie principal business being the appointment oi' a committee to arrange
for another cookery sale. Principal
H. L. Porter was appointed secretary
of the Association.
The following program received an
attentive hearing and was apparently
much appreciated:
Piano Solo   Mrs. It. Potter
"The Starry Night"
Vocal Solo  Mrs. If- Doris
"Rose in tlie Bud"
"Just A Wearyln' For You"
Vocal-Solo    Mr A Shankland
"Out on the Deep"
The Intermission was marked by a
guessing contest    on    "Old Familiar
Songs" which was won by Miss Delia
Vocal Solo   Mrs. Collins
"Within Vour Heart"
Reading       Miss  Baxter
"Seeing the Teacher"
Vocal Solo .. Miss Frances Drummond
"LU' Old Granny O" Mine"
Vocal Solo    Mi'B.Kuhnerl
Barney O'Hea
Remarks by Mr. Porter.
The reading by Mrs. Baxter was
from McLean's Magazine for September, 1923, being the first of a series
of articles which appeared under the
general heading "Seeing the Teacher."
Th y are by Miss Pansy Atkins, a
teacher in one of the leading schools
hi Ontario. Tin* author is a strong believer in societies such us the I'urent-
Teacher Association, which huve for
their object tbo closer co-operation
of the child's guardians al home and
at' school. The first article Illustrated
in a very effective way how wise encouragement und careful co-operation
bclween home am! school  '.'ill work
+*+****+++4*l'++**+*+.>->>^*:*:*;* *—-
Some   Df   the   |i I its brought out
The events noted below aro those
for which paid nil*, ortising appears In
this Issue, or for which printing woik
has been done in trlli offlce,
Friday and Saturday. Feb. ill! ami 28:
"Princess Crysanthetninn." given liy
Junior Mimical Society, ut tin
Monday. Feb. 85. — Banff Orchestra
dance at the Auditorium.
Monday. Feb. 86: Sunday School con-
curt in Kimberley Methodist church
Thu school realli should bo the
place to find oui whal ;i hoy is best
adapted for.
Don't tell your chil.lieu they arc
poor in some subject, uml continually
remind them of it.
Home encouragement was of greal
nssis mice in the progress of the child
ii school
Principal Porter gave n mosl Interesting talk on lhe value i'i school report-*, and us chairman Clark Intimated it was unfortunate thai then* was
not two hundred parents there to bear
it Mr Porter fell thai through the
leporl curd u closer co-operation he
iween the parenl nnd teacher was
made possible, which was the dealt
of the average teacher, who, he olain
ed, bad a thorough Inteieel in all
things thai counl In the developm
of the child    While the educational
wvs'.'in was nol ideal, blame should
[not always be attached to lhe t.aih
ers. a number of valuable suggestions
were given, which if carefully const.
!d red and put into effect would be o
benefll to the pupils and bring mutual
happiness to the parents and leach*
ers The matter of childish interpretations was brough! out and the error
of suggesting lhal the child was right
und the leachor was wrong.  The m
Ier of talking over witli Ibe teacher a
child's physical infirmities and the
harm thai may be done bv discussing
matters before the child thai should
be taken up only with the teacher
were also touched mi and the I rouble
ihat cat! be caused by repealing jrosslp
or arriving at hasty conclusions. The
speaker closed bis i marks with an
appeal for thai closer co-operation
which would lend to the upbuilding of
Uie character of the child.
Armstrong nf Kingsgate
cily on Tuesday last.
Monday,  Fell.  26; —Women's  Institute
Friday, Feb. :
at the Iteei
3: C.R.C. Novelty Dane
ration Club.
F. Williamson of Penticton, In.
I spector of weights and measures,  i<
Card Parly and Social in K.P. hall.L   ^ p.(y m ft Bpoc(a, tri„ of ,UR]UM.
8 p.m. sharp.    _ Mnn nf ^ )ipw tr(ipk scalOT |n8ta11ed
Friday Feb. 89: Follies'   Leap   Year hud *•»»■ liv *ha Consolidated, nt tho
Dance ftl the Auditorium. concentrator.   This scale is one of the
_- I largest   and   most   up-to-date   in   the
country.    Its capacity is 150 Inns.   Tl
bears the name of lbe Fairbanks Co.,
but  was designed by ihe company's
own engineers at Trull.    It possesses
all' the latest  Improvement* ami  is
extremely accurate, registering to less
than 20 pounds.   .1. It. Dreary, O.P.H.
Inspector of scales, Is also registered
al. tho Cranbrnok.   He will represent
tha company's Interrata at the Inspcc-
|    WEDDINGS    |
% *
imi/roM     MciviYiu
On Wednesday at the Methodist
church parsonage, the marriage took
pluce or Miss Lily Alice Melntyre and
Mr. William Ueorge Holtom. Rev. li
c. Freoman officiating,   Tho matron
Of honor   was   Mrs.   L.   W. ThompBOn,
while Mr. Thompson supported tlie
groom, other' witnesses and guests
were Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wesi, Miss
ISdlth Melntyre and MIbb Vivian
In u ear bedecked witli bunting, tiie
bridal party reached the depot just
a'te** the arrival of tho westbound
(rain. It was with difficulty that the
bride made her way to the train, being
literally bombarded with fond embraces and good wishes Trom the staff of
nurses of the St. Eugene hospital,
from which institution the bride grad*
tinted Just a little over u year ago.
It was apparent the esteem in which
Mrs. Melntyre was hold thero had not.
diminished during her absence of over
yoar from the hospital and the gentle disposition which made her work
it the hospital so much appreciated
wus still in evidence.   Tlie groom also
shared   in   the  congratulations   that	
were the order of the day, as they KOOTENAY ORCHARDS
hurried aboard tlio westbound train
for Nelson, where a short honeymoon
vlll be spent, after which they will
return to Wardner. where they have
announced to their friends that they
ill be "At Home" after March 1st,
1924. The groom is connected will
the Crows Nest Pass Lumber Co.,
wliere he shares With his bride the
esteem and best wishes of that community.
To gel a vote in the next Pro-
vim ial election or in a referendum if one is held this summer,
new names for the voters list
must be placed with the Registrar ot Voters not Inter than
Monday next, February 26th,
For transfers from other ridings it is understood that up to
the   Till   of   March   is  allowed.
Efforts ure being made liy the
various political bodies to get
ail possible names on the list
but it is every citizen's duty to
ascertain whether they are on
the bat or not, and it will be no
one else's fault if they are not.
New procedure was adopted
recently by which persons not
voting at an election were
dropped from the next voters'
list so there is special reason
for making sure that one's name
is on the list for the present
year, when it is expected that
there will be at least ono call
to use the ballot, and possibly
Concert   Starring  Darkle*   In
First Part At Schnolhonfie
Last Friday
Tlio Kootenay Orchards MiiintreU
made IhtMr debut on Priday evening
I last mill the school room was packed.
— Many people from town were noticed
IVHII'KIIKAIMIKNI.KY !In Ihe audience, and when the curtain
On Sal in-day. February 16th. Knox rose tilero were many expressions of
Church  manse  was  lhe  scene  or n Burpr|se anil appreciation ot the very
illlicl   wedding when  Miss  Ivy  Mabel olover nml ,„.|B|lmI  costumes ot the
llesley. nt Bull River became the bride  n,ggOT tro„lle, wno werB „„ follows:
uf  Mr   Joseph Whitehead, ot Cran.|    BonMi ij Sl0ne. gCOItyi sld Simp.
son; Snowball. W. Daniels; Gorgon.
" ■ Kola, J.  Clarke;  Mnssa Johnson,    V.
,IS Thompson;  lliifus,_ J. £j$en; Raetus,
brook.      The    finest*    included    the
bride's parents and Mr. nnd Mrs. T.
Roberts of Bull lliver who acted
he   leaden  ami member)
.Marion  Oliver  Mission  Band
Church   haw  evtery   reason
proud    of  their    past  year
of  the] Song
if Knox!
io   feel j Song
.   work,
rowned us il has been with the ban- song
ior signifying that they are the premier Mission Hand in the Kootenays.!
In winning this award the Band came Song
first In all three points on which the'
Garnham; Alexandra, H. Hern, and
Tuinbo. G. Ltppett.
The curtain  rose  on  the open int;
Bong "Dixie Land" by the troupe.
The program was as follows:
"Listen to My Tale of Woe"
  '"Mammy Song"
Rastus i
    "Barney Google"
Tambo j
•Breakfast in Bed on
Sunday Morning"
Scotty |
Better Come Down at Once"!
Bones !
!        FARMERS' J
t *
+++*+>*■•***.«.- ■>+** >**•:■*++*++
The special meeting to hoar Messrs, Hay, Morton and Good on '"Dairy
Feeding." "Sheep Production" and
"Poultry," respectively was poorly
attended, only sixteen being present,
a poor showing after over a hundred
hud attended the Pernie session, and
the matters presented by eaoh merited a full house.
Saturday, February 16th, the regular monthly meeting brought out only
a quorum of the directorate. These,
however, passed a resolution confirming the action of the conference in
organizing a District Central and ac-
.Maiij   Old   Timers   hi   Hotel
Business lit Crows Nest
Attend funeral
On Priday afternoon lasi from the
undertaking parlors the funeral of the
late James Buchanan took place. The
service at the parlors was conducted
by Rev. 10. w. MacKay of the Presbyterian church and was attended hy n
largo number of citizens who had
gathered to pay their lust respects
to one who in life bm! won their
eat wm.
Touching on the passing of the de-
eased, Rev. Mr. MeKay gave a very
thuiightful discourse.
Besides many citizens, there w
cepting the arrangements foi   ftnau- several from outside points wl
ctng same. They also passed a resolution asking tlte Crnnbrook School
District bo a closed area at all times
for bulls of any type ln order to protect tbo local dairy farmers in their
efforts to improve tholr stock, and
asking tho School Board to back them
ar bulls In this area are a danger to
school children.
A potato growers' meeting Is being
arranged by the Farmers' Institute,
to be held at Wycliffe on Wednesday.
March Bth. Mr. Newton of the Experimental Station, lnvermere. who
has heen specialising on the potato,
will lecture, and accompany his talk
with a set of slides on the potato, culture, marketing, grading, etc,, fully
up to date. More particulars next
In the United States In 1864, just
sixty years ago this year, the now
flourishing order of the Knights of
Pythias was formed. It had tor its
objects the dissemination of the principles of friendship, charity and benevolence, apart from sectarianism
and politics. Its fundamental principles are toleration ln religion, obedience to law and loyalty to government. There are three degrees or
ranks, the members of which are
known as pages, squires and knights.
An endowment rank has for its objects the furnishing of an economical and reliable life Insurance. The
local lodge has a membership of over
On Tuesday evening a dunce was
held at the hall In honor of the six-
tn attendance at the funeral, ami
whom  were    Alex.   McBlrnle,    El'
William   Mills. Pernie;    \V. McKay,
Waldo;   and   Jas.   Milne,   Kimberley
Tho pallbearers were Misers. Alvln
Benson, Qeorge Cowen, Jas Downey.
George Lunn, Jas. Milne Kimberley,
and Barney Scott.
There are many who will miss tlie
late James Buchanan. To him life
was something else than acquiring
worldly riches or position. Many are
the peoplo whom be has helped when
in trouble. He knew whal real sympathy meant, though one of his outstanding qualities was thai of being
a good losor..
Indication of the disposition and
character of thu deceased are the following verses which we reprint from
the Herald of January nth. These
the late Mr. Buchanan was fond of
repeating, he having contributed them
to the Herald:
Sometimes,    when nothing goes   Just
When worry reigns supreme.
And heartache tills the eyes with mist.
And all thinKH nothing seem;
Ono thing can only drive away,
. The tears that scald and blight.
Someone to slip au arm around—
And whisper "Never Mind "
No one has ever told just why.
Thoso words such comfort brine.
Or why that whisper makes our fears
|    Depart on hurried wing;
Our troubles say a quick good-bye.
We leave them far behind,
When someone slips an arm around—
And whispers  "Never  Mind."
Bunds are judged. Tho work done by Banjo-Mandoline Solo:  .
he Band wus more than any of the Oorgonzola
Oth is;   the   money   raised   exceeded j Stump  Speech
the others and the attendance was
better than their competitors. Much
of the credit Is due to their leaders.
Mrs Q D. Carlyle and Mrs, H. L. Grady for the pains taken in piloting the
affairs of the Band, hut without the
wilting members II is not likely that
lhe same measure of success would
have been attained. The officers Tor
last year were Ivy Dezall. president;
Malcolm Harris, vice-president; Jessie Melnnls. secretary; Sherman Harris, treasurer. Lust year through
their weekly collections, concerts,
garden parties and bazaar, the Band
raised 1283.85, all of which was sent
for use in mission work. Besides this
Ihe work done and sent for missions,
if valued would bring the contributions up to 1300
The officers for the year are:
Leader   Mrs. 0. D. Carlyle
asm. Leader  Mrs. A. j. Balmeni
President       Dora Huchcroft
Vice Pros Edith Carlyle
Secretary       Malcolm  Harris
Treasurer     Sherman Harris
F a. Berry was In the city at thi
beginning of the week.
As a result of a fracas at Kitchener'
■on p.
"Tbe Stumpland Stiffs"
The Troupe
Flowers were noted at the runeral
as  follows:   H. A.  McBurney.  spray;
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hogan spray; J. E.
,!McDonald, spray;    Mr. and Mrs   Mc-
tieth annlvemry ot the loundlw of|Dermot   Bpray.   m  am| ^   M_
son.  spray;   Messrs.  Benson  <v   Vee-
;burg. spray; J. T. Downey, spray; Mr.
poor boKl.mniK make, for a goo.1 en-|and ^   ^^   tmy.     Kf   ^
iMrs. McDonald, spray; Mr an.] Mrs.
Holdener. spray: Hotelk^epers. broken wheel.
the order, which proved a very enjoyable affair.     Like In many things
Mussii Johnson
... "Gartlen of the West"
.. "Tar Rah Boom Derey"
At this point an Interval took place
during which dainty refreshments
wore served by the ladles.
The second half of the program
consisted of the following numberB:
Piano Solo   Ethel Atchlnaon
Song   D. Oartibam
Piano Duct: Miss Clarke and J. Clarke
Song       J- Gartslde
Piano Solo   Miss Llppltt
Song   Mrs. Richmond
Vocnl Unci: S. Simpson and D. Stone
piano Solo   Evelyn Gartslde
Song   O, Llppltt
Vocnl Duet: Miss Clarke and Mrs.
The,concluding number was a farce
enacted by Mrs. Richmond and H.
TIib committee wish to thank Mr.
P, Johnson for the very useful bench
which he an kindly donated to the
school, nlso Mr. and Mrs. Garnham for
the use of the piano.
The  roniinilrums. Jokes  and   gaga
ding, so with the dance it looked at
flrBt as though there would be a very
allm attendance    but   later on the
crowd came pouring ln from all dlr- 	
ectlons. taxing to the limit the floor ~   "   ™ ~
space ot the hall.    At about 12.30 the     Mrs.  Welby ot  Kitchener,  was  a
refreshments were served.     The Me- Cranbrook visitor on Saturday last.
lody Five supplied the music which; —
was much appreciated, and the "Home | Supt. of Provincial Police E. Dun-
Sweet Home" waltz was played at;woody of Nelson, was In the rlty on
2 a m. ; Monday last.
Club's Useful Work
Pointed Out
Annual  Meeting m' Reoreatiou
rtub Adjourned "nil Council
Decides A-^ To (.rant
The ann al meet log ol the Cranbrook Recreation Club was held 8) the
club on Monday evening when ... reports i' ■. ilie .... r a*ere presented
The financial report n hl( h Is published herewith conveyed to the meeting ihe faci that while a loss had to
be reported, still it was less than lasi
yoar or the year previous Thoso in
charge. , [ the attati s ot I io club bad
practically conn to tl nclusion
ssl tanci waa not
■ ■
lecti a ol offl ere pen-
in .if tha council with
■ that the executive might be
•.elected   En   accord e   with   some
plan that might I cm ie 11 wary In
the even-, of aid from the city being
Tbe Inatri dor's report show d thai
■ \ •• ileni results bad b» o attained
luring the year en : ■ I more
fully ih" h p ■ o( some body or
1 odb getting ;" hind the club to see
hat       1   ■■■'"- to i'• inbred* should
a few facto from Mr. Sal-
re] (Ml  follow     Mon   than  150
boys and  girl I night to
great n my of the old
d ■ r •■ ; i iver a hundred
*)>■-. and girls learned during the free
■■- ns given by Mr. Salter and the
lub last year. At present there te
not on< junior member over ten yeara
of ace who te unable to Fwim, while
over 75 per cent, of the members
between the aee« nf 6-10 ran swim.
Two classes of Ufa saving have b*?en
held - a dlred result of which two
liv** have been saved trom drowning.
The pool le rifled by '.-■ ■ Uaojjr. members over 75 per cent, of the time and
nrer 90 per cent, fn the winter.
whereas their dues hardly pay for the
coal require*-! to heat the water.
Apart from the swimming tbe other
physical features of the club, whicb
are so essential to th<- growing boy or
girl, are (riven much attention by the
nstrnctor. Another important benefit to be derived from the club is the
nl sting of cood sp-'.ri^mnnshlp.
Thi? spirit fs a most essential thing
for the boys and cir!= as has been
proven by those who have ihown the
best sportsmanship in school flays
carrying the sam* spirit Into business
and b<*ing invariably sueces^fiii therein
Will the !:;emb<-7= of the Women's
Institute please remember the Card
Party and Social in the K. of P. hall
on Monday. February 25th, al ll o'clock
sharp. MJembers pl£aio come «nd
brinE your husbands Cards, Musical
Prortram. a Little t>anr*e and Refreshments 52
iiiiHiiiiitliiiaiimiiniioniiiiiiiiiOHiiiiiiiiiiaimm iww.vMv.r,. .,i: .-. i,:;;,     ■■:.■.     ■::■■■
Review oi Session Just Brought to Close 1
By N. A. WALMNGER, M.L.A., Member for (ranbrook
last Sunday morning a pugilistic 1^ r0ftrB ()f Imlfrhter and ,he ap,
lumberjack named Thomas    thought fl m ro|linvP(i the 8onKH( comtc
U best to leave Ihe district nfter htuI oth(,nvifle mfRht „,,„ have been
vlng beaten up another man In the \ A |n Crattbrook, Encores were
camp named Harry Hughes. The nf-](he ^.^ Qf thp even!ng an(1 every.
fair apparently grew out ot a drink- ^ Qf (,ie op*n,on ,hflt W(J had
a Jolly good time.
The evening closed with
"God Save The King."
Monday, Mar. It: Annual Tonnla Club
Dance at the Pariah Hall.
Monday, March 17: St. Patrick's Day
Masquerade Ball, given by the G.
W, v. a. at ihe Auditorium,
Saturday, April 12: Cookery Rale by
Parent Teacher Association.
Ing hunt and an argument on the I
W. W. and   the   strike led to Home
blows which were not very serious.
Then Thomas seeing the result of tlie
first  fight proceeded    to   knockout;    Q       . R Thra8he"r and Mrs. Thra-
Hughes to such effect that it was ne- ^ W(i],p h| th)i rUy and reR„,t(m,d
ceseary to secure medical aid for tho ft, m Cronoroo1( Hotel while taking
unconscious man.     Dr. Henderson of L    (he w    KnfRhtB of PythlaB 80P-al
Creston attended him and later it. was ftnfl (I]n)re m Tuofl(lay lftl)t
found that he was not   so   severely
hurt as Thomas had imagined, lead-;   To hear Mr.  J. K.  Chorlton la u
ing him to leavo the district.     Con-I treat always enjoyed by the dlacrlm-
stable MoLaren of Creston InvestlgaU Inating music  loverB of Cranbrook.
ed the affair, and It Ih stated thnt an  Vincent   Wa Hare's   beautiful   compo.
Inquiry may he held In order to end- Hit ion. "Sweet Spirit. Hear My Pray-
eavnr to trace the liquor sale that is er," iH the selection he will render ut
apparently at tht bottom of ths mat- tbe Mtthodlst church on Sunday tvt-
t*T. [lUg.
jiiiuiiui*ismIeIIU»iiw  in"' niiininiiiin mi mm iun.ui ...iil"ll
I have been aaked to lake up, and divisions vote the same way. it is The Hoard has, oi course, full power
if possible explain, the "Beer Act" 1 bound to act as a wedge in tht unity ro do any and everything, even "to
and the Plebiscite Act." These gave'of purpo.se that should actuate every cancel or suspend any dub license,
riae to much controversy late In the'polling division in the province. with or without hearing   etc.'
session, nnd although the Conserve--    ln ^- t,itjeHi Which are divided Into'wnat drastic nud not Brl
tlve party was willing to agree to the!aeverfi|  p0|||nK  divisions, it  is cany     ^oder Bectlon H. fifteen per cent
principle if conducted on safe Lines,L. foresee the consequences    if    all °' tl,f! uet Profits are to be devoted
the procedure of the act did, and doesj po*Ung div)H,ona are not o( the Mnw to hospitals, etc
not recommend itself to the party m mtad and  j„ rural districts the rf-     Part U   deals ipeclfl
a  whole,  particularly    thnt    section; fectg of a ,ike disagreement will be o! beer by the glai
equally bad.   Bringing it home loeal-'inp of licenses to applicants       ' Ibe
that  institutes  local  option
in   fart'
the bill was at variance with the ad- ^ wecan wadUy lmaBim. ,vhllt W(m!d method nf conducting the
vance Information gtvon out. and al-|h(l.)pen   |(  westport  polling division
though the party was willing to agree went ..wel*. .,„,, cranbrook "dry"
to its llrst conception, it waa forced;
to controvert many clauses as thoy,
diffei ed   so  far  from   economy  and
common sense.
The premises are to be inspected,
it no definition nf a proper or sult-
Cnder Section 16. all expenses are able premises is given, and apparent-
be paid by the Liquor Control ly there ts no restriction a.- to num-
I Board and all procedure under the ber or status of applicants: all beer
After tho preamble. Section III. of',Act will be governed by the provi- must be bought from the Vendor, ot
the "Plebiscite Act" gives power to s,one °* tne Provincial Elections Act course, and no other liquor may be
submit any question relating to con-: Thla Plebiscite will be held after the kepi or consumed In any part of the
trol. to the electorate, and it -atao •*•«' Court of Revt8*011 ^ the Voters premises licensed to sell beer,
shows the type of ballot to be used;,UstR> wnich ** Ret for AnriI ?th' ne*M The whole power, control nr aup-
thls is for the general plebesclte; but no date has. as yet, heen set for presslon Is placed In the hands of the
nfter thia lB taken, apparently, ano- the holding Of the plebiscite. Board,  and  as this  Board  exercises
ther vote is to be taken, but only If;    Tho Government Liquor Act Amend-, its authority properly or Improperly
the General plebiscite returns a ma-!ment Act, 1923, better known as the ino will be the success of the experl-
Jorlty in favor of the sale of beer by("Beer" Act Is the morn Important of,ment.
The Hoard mast bo satisfied
tho glass; then subsequently any the two. It ia in two parts, the first! with tho character of applicant and
polling division may call for a sepa-iof which refers to "clubs" and their condition of premises, so ft is to bo
rate vote on the question and decide 1 control. Tho definition of a club is [hoped the Board will not allow itself
for itself. 'wide enough to cover any association to be Influenced in the slightest de-
This Is what the Conservatives,! of persons for any purpose whatsn- greo by any partisanship; nny do-
partly, took exception to, as this Is (ever, "for furnishing refreshment nrjpartnre from this course would lead
purely local option, and iu such a amusement, "for social, athletic, re* J to a general disgust of the whole
province as B.C., It Is bound to have creational. fraternal, benevolent, fldu-iparticipants and probably a fatal blow
a disrupting stfltct, umlees all folllnt'fStl«nal or other purposes." 1 tu moderation FAGK   TWO
after every meal
Cleanses mouth and
Iceth and aids digestion.
Relieves that overeaten feeling and acid
Its l-a-s-t-!-n-g llavor
satlsltes the craving ior
Wrigley's is double
value tn the benelil and
pleasure it provides.
Sealed in its Purity
Package. ___.—■
Friday, February 22nd, 1»2'
Tin:  IVEATHEB  in i.: i:n\ ii'iitMi: iani,s take
Oilicini   Theniiouietur   It Ihitra    ll
February 14   4T.
February 15   42
February iii   4J
February  17      II
February 18   :i7
February 19   2',
February 20   32
.Mrs.   llr.   ll.   B.   I..   MaeKlnn
■ &tt~
Alderman nml
I returned on Sunt);
from Kenora, wliu
[hurried trip in al
nn oM friend
iV. J. I
c flavor i
lamily.  of
visitors to
Mr. A. I!. Fenwlck and
Fenwlck were among the
tho Wilson banquet in Fernie on Fri-j
day last.
| at the
I Victoria!
| Cafe    I
|     SLKWE r\sriii'issi:i)    |
BOiWE   COOKED   101)11  I
g        PARTIES   CATERED   TO       |
[Phone 771
Friday evening Hie Cranbrook La*
es' Basketball Team journeyed tu
irule In quest or the scalps or tbe
mi. -■ Basketball Team oi that city
ley were accompanied by a number
I iithuslaatlc ailmirers bent
eetlng tho Cranbrook team to vie
i*y, bul as far as seeing the game
is concerned they wore doomed
■appointment us ibe gnirie was held
i camera" sn to apeak. The only
• ii who had tiie privilege of seeing
waa Mr. Salter the manager of the
in;, aud sluce it is reported by him
ii iii.* Cranbrook team lost, lhe fam-
s despatch of Caesar would have to
altered lo read "Venl not. vldi non
■i." However, all wlm went had a
od  lima    Tho  Pernio hosts  gave
■ visitors a dance on Friday eve-
Ig al   which  a   very Jolly time wftl
d.   Saturday was spent in aeelng
■ sights nf ibe town, li is reported
it seme of the young Indies were
don- because the boys kept rending tiiem  of the beauty of the
While Help July Is Employed, •:
Yon will find tills Cine a Homey %
I'liice lo Enjoy Vour Meals     |
11 ALEX. miilf-Y -   Prop.   1
\ !./tlOffil,f Nki
rltlsh |
id  by
ibjocts ove
liens mi d<
it-   British
riimiiiitf    pre-empt
iis, VI
ng    liiu
or'.a, Ux
■nun- nt Agent,
Itecords will lie grm
inly land suitable for
purposes, and which It
l.md, I u., carrying ove
feet per acre west ofth
uml h.'jiio feet per aero
Applications for pre-
ilaMloner ef the Und Itccord ng Dl
, In which tbe land dpi-lk-d fo
"They Work While You Sleep."
If you feel nick, dizzy, upset, if
your head Is dull or aching, or your
Stomach U bout or gassy, just take
ono or two pleasant "CaBcarete" to
relieve conatlpallon or biliousness.
No griping—nicest cathartic-laxative
on earth for Men, Women and Children. 10c boxes, also 25c and 50c
sizes—any drug store.
atled nt S o'clock In
f the Victoria Av-e
is the best Fernie
ho present time, and is, ac
to   reporl-s,   hardly   suitable
ng a contest, thero being no
r  spectators,  and   the  floor
This  is  being  remedied  and
, Fernie  will shortly havo a  floor df
which sho can bo proud.   The game
■ was  clean  throughout,   no penalties
being   If Hided   out,    Tlte   Cranbrook
j girls  showed   great  Improvement in
'tlieir shooting nnd passing but were
handicapped by tho low ceiling, hav
ing been taught to shoot high.   For
the  Cranbrook team,  Evelyn Ander-
ton was the outstanding star, to her
bolng credited all three baskets that
her  team  scored.    For    the    Fernie
girls, Peggy Pnteroon carried off the
Individual honors, all plays (■entering
front  her.    She   was  held  closely  in
check  however   by   Miss  Burton   of
Cranbrook and so was not as effective    as    she  otherwise  would   have
been.     Everything    considered    the
Cranbrook team have reason to feel
proud    of    their showing, especially
when they were handicapped by the
loss of Mis-; June Wolfe From tbe very
Btnrt of the game.   The score by periods was:  llrst. O-Ojsocond, Fernie 4.
2;  third. Fernie 6, Cran-
Rxtrft periods of three minutes each way were necessary before
Fernie secured the winning basket.
The ('ranbrook team Is sadly in need
of mon players in order that substitute players may be used In a game.
When the opposing team is able to
put in fresii players the odds are too
much In tlieir favor. Tbe Cranbrook
players playing ln Fernie were;
Forwards;   Annie Moir and  Evelyn
Ived for pui   Anderton:    Centre. Josephine Berto;
l   unreservedi
g tlmbe-riajifl [Ounrds, Marjorle Burton, Jane Wolfe,
Nora Home.
Miss ITume took Miss Wolfe's place
When she had to retire at the corn-
Miss Dorothy McKowan and Miss Delia Baxter
also accompanied the team. The Fer-
he same as played in
t'ranbrook recently.
Mr.  Salter expects    that he    will
peal Happenings
Harry Lancoi
man on Sund.
time with his
Miss Robert
staff in ihis . i
appendicitis at
urday, from wb
a good recovc
Miss Dobbin
of Mrs. Cub K-
the city on s.i
pay a visit t() v
13. C. (Jlbbi
Cranbrook to mee
due lo reach lhal
Eng and, and win
'" visit   Mra, Asli
came in from Cole-
d to spend u short
of tbe Royal Bank
■as operated on for
: hospital on Sat-
sbe Is now making
lnvermere,   sister
un, passed through
luy   i'ii   her way to
Charles Bennett, at
on Wednesday tor
bin sister who was
liy \cstordny from
will slop off there
whoBo condition ls
ied . ■
is situated, und are
forms, copies of which can
[.lined from the Land Cmnm!
Pre-emptions must Ue oceu
rive years unit improvement
to value uf (10 per acre, li
j clearing and cultivating at It
I acres, before a Crown Grant
I    recolveU,
For more detailed informa
I     tho     Bulletin     -How     to     V
Applications aro  r
chase   of    vacant    	
Crown lands, not  being (Ir
for agricultural purposes;  i	
prlco of firat-clasfl (arable) land la
per acre, and second-class (grosinj
land  f2.60 per acre.    Further info
maiion  regarding  purchase or lea
of Crown  In.ids Is given in  Bullet.   ,
Ko. 10, Land Serleis "Purchase andl™0110*3"161" ()l tne same.
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites oi
timber land, not exceeding  to acre*
may be purchased or leased, tho con
dltions      including      payment      oi; me teaia
much the same. — Croslon Roview.
A petition is in circulation here In
connection with the opening of a post
olllce at Canyon, ami when completed
will be forwarded lo Hon. J. II. King,
minister or public works, and representative for Enst Kootenny at Ottawa.—Creston Rev.'ow.
At a recent meeting of the Quarterly Board of the Methodist Church an
invitation was extended to Hev. B. C.
Freeman to remain another term as
pastor of the loeal church, This news
will be received with pleasure by the
members of tlie church as well as by
all those who appreciate Mr. Freeman's worth in the community,
Frank Doodson is leaving on Saturday for a visit to England, where
tits family have been for some time.
Ho will sail from St. John, and during his stay in the Old Country intends to tako in the big Empire Exposition. He will be absent for two
or three months, it is expected.
Fred Nelson te in charge of tlie
Mount Baker Hotel for the coming
few months dining the absence of
the proprietor. T. 10. Clausen, at Nelson. At one time there was a pos-i
nihility that the place would have to:
be boarded up, and work was actually
Mrs. 1. Henna left ou Saturday for
a few days visit with her son at Bonnet's Ferry. Idaho. I
The local basketball team left ou
Friday for Fernio, a number of admirers and fans accompanied them
while others left on Saturday to be
present at the game that evening.        j
Mr (iarlim Crowe has gone to Lumberton wliero he has accepted a position on the olllce staff of the B. C.
Spruce Mills, Limited. 1
Hev. F. V. Harrison baa been in
Nelson lor a couple of daya this week
attending a meeting of the synod executive there. Ho left on Tuesday's
train and expected to return on
Messrs. J. P. Fink. O. J. Spreull, and
W. H, Wilson leave on Sunday for
Nelson lo attend the annual meeting
of the associated boards of trade of
East ami West Kootenays, which convenes in that city ou tiie 25th aud
Word from R. L. Burtch from Doug-
Ins, Arizona, indicates that ho has
been enjoying better health since arriving there, and has been able to
take In a good deal of the scenery of
thoso  parts,  including
Sliced Pineapple, per tin   2SC
Canned Cauliflower  25c
Soap Chips     4 lbs. 95*
Breakfast Bacon, In piece per lb. 28c
Fleishman Yeast  li for 256
Krispy Soda Biscuits   per pkg, 25*
Malkin's Best Tea per lb. 75«J
Blue Ribbon Tea, 5 lb. lots   per lb. 67*
Molasses, 5 lb tins   50*
Honey, half gal. Sealers     1.25
Nnvel Oranges. 5 doz    1.00
Crystal White Soap.     8 oz. bars, made from pure
vegetable oils, works well in hard water,
13 bars $1.00: l"^ case, 100 bars  7.!''
Head Lettuce
SERVICE  •  Phono Your Order Now   -   SATISFACTION
[ Cranbrook District Co-OperativeSoc. j
»»—»-•»■■»-»■■■»    *»    *     ♦.♦,♦,»-■»■-»
On Friday evening last the Baptist
church was crowded to the doors
when the C.G.I.T. group of that institution gave a popular entertainment
to an interested audience.
The junior group under the direction of Mrs, P. Conslantlne presented
a motor trip the opening ceremonial,
south over the border into Mexico, and Then  followed  u lecture by H L.
other side trips of interest.   Douglas Porter) principal of the high school,
is a small city with copper mining as
mother, Mrs. Lindsay, Of Vancouver,
whom he met hero ou Monday and
accompanied up to Kimberley tbat
The Bankruptcy Act
In The Estate of Hales Hlngston
Ross, Authorized Assignor
Its central business interest.
His subject was "India, Its Temples,
Towers and Turrets." With the aid of
parties and afternoon tens. Among
those who have entertained on a more
or less extensive scale at pleasant social functions of one kind or another
recently are the following: Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Fink. Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. S. Fyles. Mrs.
A. W. Hodgson. Mrs. J. L. Palmer, Mr.
nnd Mrs. F, G. Morris, Mr. and .Mrs.
(). S. Mcintosh. Mrs. W. Haynes. Mrs.
W, D. Gllroy, Mrs. R. P. Moffatt.
j    Hev.   Evan   Baker  was  down  from
started, though ii te understood there j Kimberley over last week-end taking
The social season continues at its|aDout eighty beautifully colored slides
height, and almost every night sees ***** Porter spoke ou the Mohamme-
n private party gathering for cards jdan ua*,*: ot India, giving an insight
or dancing, to say nothing of dinner' Into the various typeB of worship of
that body of believers.
were  offers  being  made  to rent  the
plain for a substantial figure.
Taking a turn for the worse last
week-end, Mrs. A. E. Turner was re-
moved to the hospital on Sunday afternoon last, where she is now confined, suffering from Inflammation of
the heart. The many friends of the
family are hoping to bear news of a
substantial ■tavprovement in her con
dicion speedily, witli a consequent re
covery of a better measure of health
and strength,
0n surveyed areas, not exceeding 2c, ,    ... , ■ .      ,    .   , .   ..
acres, may bo leased as homesltes ■ Hhor,1>' lmve a ll1^1 DOU°o1 &r]s team
ready, and as the Fernie high school
girls aro anxious for a game, basketball fans can look forward to a good
game between these two teams.
The boys that  went up expecting
to possibly gel a game of hockey with
the   intermediate   team,   were   disappointed   as   there   was  no  ice  to be
conditional upon a dwelling beiti;*,
erected In tho first year, titi" beinpj
obtainable after residence and im i
provemenl conditions aro fulfilled j
and land lias been surveyed.
For grazing und   Industrial
poses areas not exceeding 640
may  bo leased   by one   person
Under tho Grazing Act tho Provlnco la divided into grazing district!
and tho range administered under n
Grazing Commissioner. Annual
grazing permits are Issued based on
numbers ramrod, priority bolng given
to establishc owners. Stock-owner*
may form associations for rant;-*
management Free, or partially froa,
permits are available fur cottier*
campers   end   traveller*,   up   to   'if
There was a call on Monday to the
Provincial Police from Fort Steele to
tlio effect that some unknown men
were doing damage to the house of
Miss Jean Blayke. at Westport. Tho
disturbance was reported in tbe morning, and it was evening before the
police could look into tho matter.
■'• 'r.;v r
■I I  .   I
n    .
roc (3ooPNfit*l3 ^.wX'^w
a-'i   .1 iPr'A   :     ...'■'.:■ -■ ■-
■■' '■■:•■■ OfK   ;a
i  HAVE    A   Cinc'D
VveJIlT:   F0R<9PI  M*A
XJVnD tiiHtiWd!/^
YES-.Vin -r.,5vi;E
APVtSIMl von -io
6o to dtpone. -ro
Valentine's Night on Thursday of
last week was marked by two successful public dances, tbe Rebekahs hold*
ing ono affair at the Auditorium with
Robinson's orchestra, while the Girls
Guild of Christ Church put on a very
successful dance nt the Parish Hall,
with tho Melody Five orchestra supplying tbo music. Both were quite
well attended, and at tho Parish Hall
there weru very pretty decorations in
evidence. Iu tho aftornoon at the
Parish Hall the Girls' Guild held i
Valentine tea at which the proceed
amounted to about $83, while their
dance In the evening considerably
augmented this sum.
William Sherman, president of district No. 18 of tho United Mine Work
ers of America; William Hunter.
president of the loral union of that
organization, and Tom Uphill, member
for Fernie. left last week for Vancouver wliere they meet the workmen's compensation hoard to go into
the dispute which lias arisen between
tbo doctors recently appointed In the
Ferule field and the board. Why the
board has refused to sanction the con
tract between (he miners nnd the doc.
tors is not known nnd It Is for this
reason thnt ibe Investigation Is to
tako place.
Tenders for the building of a new
road through the Prank slide were
opened on Thursday nt Edmonton. It
now looks as though this much needed trail will bo built tbis summer.
The proposed rond Is one mile in
length and overcomes much of the
dangerous part nf the old road and
out", down tiie gindo from Ul feet to
the hundred feel to 0 feet por hundred, The road la also materially reduced in length, Practically all of
the present road will be abandoned
when the new rond Is completed. A
good graded road will be built.—Fer-
nlu Free Press.
the services at the Methodist church
on Sunday last in the absence of Rev.
H. C. Freeman at Fernie and Michel.
Mr. linker has made a substantial im-
pre sion with the work of the Methodist church at Kimberley, and the
building now in use there will servo
as a ri minder of his energy. He was
mainly responsible for the success of
the entertainment there last week,
writing much of tbe farce parts himself. Another play. "Fairy Love and
Little Red Riding Hood" is to be giveu by the Sunday School children on
Monday next nt Kimberley.
A snowfall occurred on the prairies tlio end of last week, approximating about ten or twelve inches in
Calgary, but exaggerated to anything
up to three feet. Nevertheless, feeling that this would indicate a little
colder weather for a few days it was
decided to pull off the postponed
'rows Nest Psbs District Bonspiei at
Lethbridge, commencing on Monday
of this ■a-eek. and accoidingly two
rinks set out from Cranbrook on Sunday evening to bring back all the
Jewelry. The local rinks were W. F.
Cameron, skip; Lester Clapp, third;
D. R. Garnham, second; G. B. Willis, lead, and F. M. MacPherson,
skip; Alan Graham, third; R. Pascuzzo, second; W. M. Harris, lead.
The annual meeting of the district
curling association is held during the
bonspiei, and It is expected that the
next spiel will be set for Fernie.
Mr. H. W. Herchmer was a visitor
to Fernie on Friday last being one of
the Invited guests to the old timers
banquet given in that city by Mr. W,
It. Wilson, president of the Crows
Nest Pass Coal Company. The nffuir
was one of the most successful that
has ever been held in Fernie and was
much enjoyed by tlie large number
who were fortunate enough to be eligible to attend, all the old timers and
tlieir daughters over sixteen having
been Invited, The gUOBts at first made
merry around heavily laden banquet
tables which were in charge of the
Indies or the Imperial Order Daughters' of the Empire, who had undertaken the big task for tho vunnclnl
benefit of their society. Following the
banquet a musical program. Interspersed with speeches waH much eu-
joyctl, the host delivering a very Interesting nfter-dlnner tnlk. The
function was concluded with   a dance.
slides illustrated the great Taj Mahal,
the world's most perfect architectural work.
Views of Lucknow, the Ganges river.1
and other notable places were presented. The story of Akbar, one of the
early lenders, had its thread running,
through the lecture, and the audience
were given u most interesting insight
Into this land of teeming millions,
where much missionary effort is being centered, and where nn awakening
into full national consciousness would'
linve a world wide effect.
At the conclusion of the lecture the'
senior girls took up a collection for
Miss Fountain, C.G.l.T. organizer for
the province. They will be able to
send her ten dollars. Mildred lirld-
ges sang a solo nnd the senior girls
gave the closing ceremonial. Mrs,
H. L. Porter is the lead r in charge
of this group and tbe membership has
nearly doubled during the past six
w eks.
Tho girls looked very pretty in their
bright new uniforms. Tliey deserve
much credit for the evening's entertainment. Mr. Harry Minion ran the
slide machine, and worked with the
smoothness of au old performer, giving the slides to the lecturer ut Just
the right moment.
This typo of entertainment could
well be repeated at more frequent intervals.
Notice is hereby given that Hales
Hlngston Ross, of Waldo, in the province of British Columbia, Lumberman.
did, on the 7th day of January, 1924.
make an authorized assignment of nil
his property for the benefit of his
creditors, and that Herbert R. Towns-
end. Official Receiver, has appointed
j me to be Custodian of the estate of
A number of, the debtor untU the creditors, at their
i    Rev. R. W. MacKay,   who   wur at
— Nelson this week attending meetings
A pleasant little get-together WU of tho Kootenny Pr-sbytery, was ol-
Btaged at ibe Maple Hall on Tnosday acted Moderator In succession to Rev.
evening of this week when the Cran- M. Q Campbell of Kaslo. Minister-
brook Musical Society met for a sor- •„• delegates wero present from prac-
lal gathering. The evening wns de-[tlcally every Kootenay station. In
voted to a miscellaneous program ofjret,p0nge t0 a re,,,,eHt from the gener-
songB. Instrumental numbers, games!„i assembly union committee,
and dancing and that most essential
feature of all like affairs, the ents.
Everybody, without exception enjoyed a good lime and most were of the
opinion thnt tbe time was all ton
short. Those contributing to tho pro-
irrnin included Mrs. Kennedy, song;
Mr. Hall, recitation; R. T. Cooper,
comic sours ; Mr. Crowe, song nnd
patter; Messrs. Steward nnd South,
banjo duet; Mrs. Cellini, Song; Mrs.
Forrest, song; L, Richardson, song.
In all about eighty members and
friend* were present.
presbytery committee On union was appointed, and the commissioners to represent the presbytery at the coming
meetings at Owen Sound this summer
were named. Another momentous decision settled upon the establishment
nt N dson of a home for pupils who
ape in thnt elty to complete their
education there. Outside students will thus he enabled to obtain
hoard and room at a nominal figure
while attending school, and the Presbyterian Church will contribute a portion of the upkeep.
The meeting of Associates was held
in the Y.M.C.A. on Friday evening
February 15th, with the president,
Miss Baker in the chair.
The meeting was opened with the
Roll Call, with nineteen members
present. The secretary then read the
minutes of the previous meeting and
business arising therefrom was then
discussed. The cut work classes have
been postponed for a while aB Mrs
Smith has had to send away for
transfers. At the next meeting It was
decided to make about twelve "Kitchen Maids."
The treasurer's report was then
Miss R. MacGIU and Miss Rather
Challender each contributed a piano
solo to the program of entertainment
and Miss Marguerite Starritt also contributed a reading. The entertainment was very much enjoyed by ull.
The rest of the evening was spent,
lu games.
j first meeting, shall elect a Trustee to
i administer the estate of the debtor.
Notice is further given that the first
meeting of creditors In the above estate will be held at my office, Hanson
Block. Cranbrook, B.C., on Wednesday, the 5th day of March, 1924. at
2.30 o'clock lu the afternoon.
To entitle you to vote thereat, proof
of your claim must be lodged with me
before the meeting is held.
Proxies to be used at the meeting
must be lodged with me prior thereto.
And further take notice that if you
hnvo any claim against the debtor for
which you are entitled to rank, proof
of such claim must be filed with me
within thirty dayo of the date of this
| notice, for, from and after the expiration of tho time fixed by sub-section
8 of section 37 of the said Act, the
proceeds of the debtor's estate will be
distributed among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which notice shall have been
then received.
Dated at Cranbrnok, Hritish Columbia, this 20th day of February, 1924.
Cranbrook, B.C. Custodian
Rev. Rvnu Baker, of Kimberley ls
enjoying a visit at present from his 152-1
Trustee's Sale
of Property
TBNDRRS will be received by the
undersigned up and until Monday,
March 3rd, next, for tbe purchase of
all of the assets of the Kitchener
Timber Company. Limited, situate at
Kitchener, B. 0„ such assets shortly
described as being as follows:
Approximately  160,000  feet  of
sawn lumber.
Double Cutting Baud Sawmill.
Boarding House Rquipment.
Bunk House Rquipment.
Logging Rquipment.
3 Tennis of Horses and Harness.
All Right, Title and  Interest In
and to a log flume and dam.
Tenders may he made for the whole
or part of the said assets. A complete inventory of the said assets may
be had on application to the undersigned, or may bo seen at Kitchener.
It C, on application to Mr. A. Q.
Btrudewlche, caretaker in charge.
The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted,      Terms Cash.
Trustee     of     the     Kltcbeiier
Tl tuber    Company,     Limited
Room 1, tCW.0, Block
Nelson, B.G
YAHK, B.C.       ■       -      JAS. MAHKICM), Prop.
mMIJVU BOOM IN CONNECTION Friday, February 2Sud, 1984
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Govt.)
Maternity and Qeneral Nunlnf
Terms Modermt*
*B8. A. CBAVTFCIU), Matron.
Otrden Avenue     -  Phone 268
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
PHONE  1(1
Bok Broadcasts Priie Peace Plan        j
"When pure
sweet milk
is essential
r'roo Kcclpo Itnuk.    lVrllo
llorilon in., Md* Viincoiivcr
,\ fiunoiia Now    York honuty   li
dis:iii|it'iii'i'd.    I'orlutpa she washed
Beware of Imitations!
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross"'
on package or on tahlets you are not
getting tlie genuine Bayer Aspirin
proved sate by millions and prescribed by physicians over twenty-three
years for
Colds Headache !
Toothache Lumbago
Neuritis Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains proven directions. Handy boxes
twelve tablets cost a few cents, druggists also sell holies of 24 and 100.
Aspirin is the trade mark (registered
in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of
Monoaceticacidcstcr of Salycillcacld,
While it is well known that Aspirin
means Bayer Manufacture, to assist
the public against Imitations, the To-
hlets ot Bayer Company will he
stamped with their general tradi
mark, the "Bayer Cross"
Fall Line of  Willi  Paper
In Stock.
Store, Hansou Avenue
Phone 409 at all hours
CHANBBOOK     •     ■     .     B.C.
and up
Hy Reg. Fletcher
IA certain young gent from Castor
■ Whose   clothes   fit   liini   ju.it    like   a
ile fell mi dis hip. mid heard something rip.
.Anil he knew he had met with disaster.
* *   *   '
k'umout) hist Words: "if you break
! my neck anil I ever find out aboul It."
* *   «   •
Hrytle    Says:— "Oh. y'es, I know
lots about   real  estate,"
* •    •    •
Moments of Anger!  -Someone nak-
Ing if its  really true that yon can'l
j!  telegraph to Vancouver because the
"pnles" havo gone to RU8Bla.
.    .    .    .
l.reul Thrills -.—Travelling to Fer-'
nio lo see u basketball game und finding that thero was no place in the
ball for spectators.
With Such Short Notice Feeling
I- Many Will   lie   Dlson-
I       franchise!!, Ho Thinks
uiiiiit   Mint
] ll..' pi
isorlpt .
I'dward \V. Boll, i In. offered J100.000 fo
1'nltod States miehl co-operate for World 1
pi in from station WEAK nt X. V. when tl
►elected, Iliilf the prize was pald-lml Uie name or tno nutnor am
lliinl award will nol le ttlven mull the plan hns Iieen voted on hy tli
nation.  ,	
Club Cafe
I   A Uenllenmn on tlie train remarked:
The way that Bomoot those boys.ate!  SIBLE FOR LARtil.lt  EAR-
nn the diner was n shame and sag- <      \<M,S SAYS CN.lt. PRES.
[nested n book of "Etiquette."
a    a    a    . 	
IV e  Admit that some of the boys!
'forgot to sandpaper their knives, and     Montr.al.-Tbe following statement
: the peas rolled off on the floor. «*• ■*<-.. lesued hy Sir Henry Thoru-
*   ,   ,   , ton,  chairman  and  president  of  the
I But Whntynmn Column Snysi The Canadian NatwnaJi Railways: •'Dls-
only way to eat pens with a knife is patches emanating from Ottawa have
to mix them with your mashed pola- stated thai the results Irom iho oper-
toes. Iation of the Canadian National Rail-
Bxchangos reaching tbe Herald trom
all parts of the provluco contain many surprised and Indignant commenta
on tlie casly closing of the provhicl I
voters' lists, which according to th
official announcement In tha B. C. Oa-
ette will be on February 25th. The
announcement comes like u bolt from
the blue, says one paper, to political
organizers and all Interested in the
coining beer plebiscite, which Will in-
based on tiie new list Every effort
is being made in have voters whose
nanif's are noi on tho list, register ni
Mr w J. Bowser, the veteran
Conservative leader, made a very vigorous protest when he learned of the
announcement. "Then1 waa no Jua-
I intention," he Bald, "(or closing the
, voters' lists on February 25th. witli
practically only two weeka notice.
"In Uie outlying districts hundreds
will be disenfranchised on any vote
'the governmenl may decide to take In
ihe next few weeks It would appear that the governmei I ha I ■ 11
subjected to some unu  i il   nflu
British Empire
and Unsure tlie  Verniiiiiiuiliitiiiu
Vim NWi
Agen ■ will gladly make Reservatloni
arrange Passports and give full
DIRECT  tlllimUll
i tryli
regard to
•   *   •   •
ya for the months of November audi    m6mufl*. 0f |
Ken net 11   Dunenil  of CoivlcliUU     Gen. a. D. McRae, for the Pmvinc*
.loins Fortunes Willi ial Party hae boon equally   ivceiilnf
Mi'ltiu- PoFCOS and denunciatory In the govornment'i
  ' course in closing the lists without ad
Victoria.—  Kenneth  Duncan, indo- equftte time being given  for addlnj
pendent  member tor  Cowlohan,  an- now names.
nouncod   last   Priday   ho  had   joined  -■**-.	
den. A. i>. McRno's Provincial Party. |    New Sawmill Opfirnltttfrt*   the nev
Questioned, Mr. Duncan would Bay sawmill  established  by  the  Unkai
inly thai he bad decided lo become Grain Growers, al Hu
Charlie. "Hutch" ,Clait|) Remurhs: December, ll>2'.!, must Imlie lieou of
Drink gouts milk nntl learn to "gam-Un unusual character, uml tlml large
hoi." savings must huve been effected dtt-
lle ili'-ltriil  Hritish Columbia
ol thi
'li I lo
If lit
Question* anil Answers
legislature ugaln or not.
ills switch to tin w gromi fol-
*   *   * rhig those months to Justify the dec- L       tho sc|.|(mH s(,11|.[(.|l lo his ,,„,„,
Muraiioii of tho president o! the coin- .   . .......     na ., „„,.■ „. tll,, llMl„n
i.,-.-.,- l-:.il,...-: Wl.:.i i- :.  ,.   ool«l!|imny mcilm the nel   revenues   tor 0,Cow|l,X"n nlul  x„„,,lsl,„  mm
tho year at $20,127,447. undor the now redistribution bill, il
"This view Is entirely correct. Thorojja HJlj,i Cowlchan riding, apparently
was a reduction In expenses in tho |U18 k.,„u, 1131 ..|c n, n,,. two party sy».
month ot November, 1023, of $1,924,000 t0111i nlc, conservatives having nomas compared with the corresponding^ |llnteil n candidate already,
inonth of 1922, und ul the same lime
lil run for tho| Canadian National Railways lines i-
now in steady operation and Is on a
paying basis. It was stated    at  the
annual mooting ot the 	
recently  In Winnipeg.
•!• +
Answer: A swap aoclal Bert is n
house party where everyone brings
something they don't need. .Most
guys bring their wives,
(leargo Slip:-   ' mouse Is like n:""""" "r "--■ »"" "' "'" Ba""' "",l?     Aoci i ! r.   ,..   .    , ,„ ;„. „
bale of hav 'cause the "cattle" eat It. »» ""'rras''   '"    Kr,,5s '•evenufa   "r.i" ">e press hi  (ell able to toko this
.   .   ,   . $600,000, making un increase In tbe cm1rse because   the   memhers would
Knens lloL'iiilli defines autumn as a ue' revenue for that month or $2,032,-.uol |„. governed by caucus decisions
I period or time when tlie trees nre ,"00. as are tho two old line parties.     He
leaving. [   "In the month of December. 1023,'would thus in a measure bo able toi
*   *   •   • I expenses decreased  by $6,083,000 as retain Independent action.
famous Last  Worilst—"Ladles and comparcd with  December,  1022. and     Whllo  nothing  will  !«■ don,, with
gentlemen there will   be   no   more gross c:inii„t,.s wero Increased by the'regard to tin- nomination ot a candi-
"Pucklels." "Have yon enjoyed them?" aum   0|   $1,7:12.(1011,   representing an date until  the Nowoastle section of
Nel'her have we. Improvement for the month of $0,815.- the ridinn Is heard trom, Mr. Duncan
 *-*—  »nc   11 Bhonld.be mentioned thut lnwtll have a liiu following among sup-1
When a savage pals on pants and December. 1022. Tlio Canadian Ma-l'orters ot the Provincial Party in
learns lo love a dollar, we say Kc is lional Railways bad no operating de- r\,wlHian and will In all probability
civilized. flcll of S3.2fil.oon." be the final gehKllon.
tor Aii'KMiit iris, tan,
STOKES, stomach and liver
troubles, when HEI'A'I'OI. V
does the w'ork without pain
and no risk of your lif,\ nor
loss nt time. CONTAINS
Not  Sold   Dy  Druepists
Sole Manufacturer
280 V'i'iirtli Ave. S_   Phone WM
Price W.60 .Parcel i"'-t
25  rents  extra
I.   What   tlie.    Ill  ">ar   Iboul
FRAME'S      i
I BREAD      PIES — t'AKE +
nml PASTBV ?
i t
! The Home Bakery I
Friday, February 22ml, 1024
liililiillliltlllliiiniilitllililiiiiiiiiiiii llitliiillllliilitiiililiiiiiiiEllllllluiiiiuiiiiiii [iiiliiiiiiiiiiil'iiiiiiiiiitiiiiiliiiiiiuin ''■
:mv ykaks ago
ois from lbe Cranbrook
alii of Ihis dute.  1903.
been coming down steadily all winter
and thero are many hundred sacks
now stored at the river warehouse at
Standard Prices !,
■:-   li
W'liiie working at a survey of the
g Estella mining claims near Wusii lust
Ijweek, a member of a McVlttio and
| Laldlaw survey party was overcome
H by a snowslido, ami lost his life, while
M  a second had to bo dug out.
I'lio f.P.U. station two miles wesl or
rule for rly known as Coal Creek
b been renamed Coknto.
Fitted in the case ol' your choice |
Sll.Vi:ii 1)1! GOLD §
I'Iil' capital stock of tlie Crows Nest
■  pass Lumbor Co. lias been increased
100,000 Iii $260,000.
I  C.P.B. WATCH INSPECTOB next to the post office   j
lucijiwttjuuuniiijcaiiutiijijittaiiiitmuijcsijijiiifjit ia jijij irutitcaiuiiJiiiJiJcaiitirtt iiiji nutiiiiiiitm m tmi ii jiu Mitiuiimcstii iitint itcjimi n Mtii e
With   a   capital   of  $2'i,0W  the  new
rnnbrooh Brewing Company will tako
■ .',■ as well the business of the EJaat
Jootenay Bottling Works. Tho brew
:. nlanl Is now being bought nt Hi'
Tho ore from the Paradise mine has
Che Cranbrook herald
shed Every Friday
should ho Un' basis of assessment for taxation.
The large numl . r of cases heard this year indicates that the time is ripe for a thorough probing
of the assessment roll.
Subscription l'riee  92.00 1'er Vear
To United Slates  S2..1II l'er Veur
Advertising Rates on Application, Changes of Copy
for Advertising should be handed In not luter than Wednesday noon to secure attention.
Communications for publication must be accompanied
by the name of tlie writer, not necessarily to appear in
tint mok rut wed mv fit. (AT
1 2
34567 8 9
101! 12 13141316
171819202122 23
To sell the Arena Rink to the highest bidder may seem to the city council the easiest way
oui of the difficult position Ihey would later find
themselves In, bul 11 dot's not altogether commend itself in those who understand that both
organizations v. ho have been laying siege for it
have legitimate claims. .Now is the time to
figure oui ti middle course that will he acceptable in both, and allow both branches of sport tlie
accommodation they should have.
'1'hodu who take any pride in the history
of the west read with satisfaction tlitti the findings of the commissioner who recently sat ui tiie
coast to inquire into charges made of misconduct in the handling of narcotic oases ag-
ainst members ut the mounted police. Apart
from the serious nature of such charges, which I
anyone, much less a member ol Lite government
of the province, should have hesitated lo condone, there is not a man iu lbe force who would
not have hung his head had any ol the charges
been     proven. They      interred     slackness
and misconduct on the part of officers, and reflected on the efficiency and integrity of the e .-
ure force. Tlte province itself employs sectet
work in the detection of crime, aud in response
to requests from this city and elsewhere for a
little light ou lite expenses incurred in tile process politely refuses such information as not
being in tlie public interest;and lhat improper
information would thereby be divulged. Vet
the head of the department responsible for that
ruling does not hesitate to turn all the stage
lights on to render ineffective similar methods
when employed by the mounted police iu coin-
batting a traffic jusi as insidious as the illicit liquor business.
The whole episode looks like an attempt
to discredit a force whose traditions are of the
highest order, aud which still enjoys the confidence of the public, and it seems to have been
inspired by nothing higher than a petty and
jealous feeling towards a good name. Had any
of the charges been proven, probably tlie next
step would have been to call for the removal of
the mounted police front the province. As it
was, not one of the score or so charges arc held
to be proven, and so the expensive und abortive
enquiry proves nothing except that public faith
in a long established tradition of honor and service lias not yet been betrayed.
'I'o divulge llu' particulars as lo how the amounts deducted front lhe refunds made to the cities from the liquor profits, hy the provincial government, would he to make public information
which it is best should not be known. This is
Uie glsl ul Uu' reply ihis city has received to its enquiry recently made. Anything more
farcical il would lie hard to imagine. If the city
police spent money on the same scale iu lodging
informations that did not lead to convictions
there would lie an outcry raised and the government would probably be asked to intervene. Apart from lbe broad Insinuation that the police in
llio cities wliere these deductions are made are
not doing tlieir duly, it is grossly unfair to the
taxpayers who iiave to pay the bill for such abortive efforts.
Kast Kootenay cannot be quite tlie bootleggers' paradise it was claimed to be at one
time. Casting back ln reminiscence only over
the past two or three years the effect of liquor
charges lias gone hard with sonic whom tlte law
lias taken into iis toils.
Al the present rate of progress the skep
lies who have said that the Canadian National
lines could not lie made to pay their way will
soon have to eat their calamitous words. in
lite month of December last there was an operating surplus shown of almost seven millions,
as against a deficit of over three million a year
previous. What will be worrying ihe politicians
soon is how to hide squandering 01 public money
when the C. N. H. will no longer serve as an excuse.
Tom Our Exchanges
HOKE l\ F.. E. H1'ST£BIE8
If the promised "royal commission" goes Into all tiie
mysteries connected with tho railway enterprise of tho
Oliver government, the gentlemen favored with retainers
is counsol for Uie. accused ministry will have bills to make
jealous oven tht- freight rates counsel. Every atfj» of at-
tempted Inquiry nnd every explanation produces Its new
undruin.—The British Columbian, Now Westminster,
Whal Is (he truth about Hollywood, (hat film city in
Los Angeles, the dolugs of whose Inhabitants have raised
such n storm of protesl from time (o time? The Inhabitants, of course, are those film stars whose names ami
faces aro as familiar to ue an our own.
Aro tliey a sol of people governed merely hy tlie lust
inr pleasure which ihey indulge in at the expense of all
laws, social and divine; or are they, as their defenders
eagerly tell ns, simple hard-working folk who carry their
prayer-hooks to church before meeting tor bathing parties
.md other Innocent pastimes?
li is practically certain thai thin great film colony
contains many decent, hard-working people; It te also
certain Llial each year something exceedingly ugly and
sinister, if not terrible nnd vile, rears Its head like an
unseen monster crouching in ihat sunlit land.
it is not dlfllcull io seo why those things happen.
These •'stars" arc nil young.   They are, without exception.
beautiful or gifted by nature with faces ofextruordinary
significance, and they arc, so far as those who fill si ell
roles are nun Kind, ticli beyond the dreams of avarice.
There arc fine and great traditions in the United
Stales, bin these poor rich people have forgotten, or never
learnt them. Few of them nre ready for tho acid tisl Of
wealth. Tin* rise lias iieen ton smlileii. -London Dally Mnll..
117)agictoing Towdcr |
lb 5cien11fically made)
land has never failed r
]to give the maximum!
leavening efficiency*
*13ecaci5e. of this
pod the uniform!)/;
pafrfof&ctoiy results
obtained by its use
J we recommend it
55 Ca.na.dak perfect
]baking ' powder *
Sllllirilny, February S3
THE WOLF ALSO shall dwell with
tho lamb, and the leopard shall lie
down with the kid; and the calf and
tlie young lion ami die fatllng toge-
ther: and a little child shall lead
them.—Isaiah 11:6.
+ + +
Sunday. February 2-J
O COME; lot ns wor=bip. and bow
down: let ns kneel before tlie Lord,
onr maker. Kor he is our Qod; and
we are the people of bis pasture.—
Psalm 06:11,7.
+    +   +
Hominy, February *>;■.
Iieaeo I give unto you: not as the
world glveth, give I unto you. Lei
not your heart be troubled, neither
let It be afraid.—John 14:27.
+   -f-   +
Tuesday* February SO
FEAR THK LOUP AM) servo him In
truth with all your heart, for consider how  great tilings  he  bath   done
for you.—l Samuel 18:24.
+ + ■+-
Wednesday, February 27
SERVE THK LORD with gladness:
como before his presence with singing. For the Lord is good: bis mercy
Is everlasting: and his truth ondureth
to all generations.—Psalm 100:ti,5.
+    -4-    +
Thursday, February i!S
BYE HATH NOT SEEN, nor ear heard
neither have entered Into the heart of
man. lhe things thai God hath pre.
pared for them that love him.— 1
Corinthians 2:9.
+ + +
Frlda.i, February 29
THERE IS NO MAN* that hath power
over the spirit to retain the spirit;
neither hath he power In the day of
death: and there is no discharge In
that war. -Eccleslastes S:8.
(From the Nelson News)
An old officer of the 54th battalion
has supplied fuller facts regarding
the connection of Lieut.-Col. Valentino Harvey, D.S.O., the member of
(he British International squash teum
who came into prominence through
bis arrest in New York at the Instigation of Ills wife and subsequent acquittal on the charge of desertion,
with the 54th Kootenay battalion,
Li cut..-Col. Harvey who was a Toronto man, was origin-ally adjutant
Of the 84th battalion, whicb was raised In Toronto, anil later became second iu command of lhat battalion.
Upon tbe arrival or the 84th battalion
in England it was broken up. ami did
not proceed to Frame as a unit.
About the tlmo Ihe 84th arrived lu
England Major C. II. Pollen of the
54th battalion was transferred from
that battalion which left a vacancy
among the majors in ibe 64th. Colonel Harvey was transferred from the
S4tli to the ft4t.li and was carried on
the strongth of the 64th battalion on
paper as officer commanding B company, and wns considered lhe senior
company commander; hut as a matter
of fact, be carried out the duties oi
a junior major and Capt, O. O. Moffatt carried on as officer commanding
B company. Some time after the
Fourth division hail been In France,
Major R. 1). Davies. now Lleut.-Col.
Davies. who was second in command
of (ho 54th, was transferred from the
54th to assume command of one of
the battalions in tlie 10th brigade,
and Col. Harvey became second in
command of (be 54th. At tbe time
Lieut-Col. A. H. G. Kemball was killed. March 1. 1917. Colonel Harvey
was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, and assumed command of
the battalion. On May 21, 1917 lie
was attached to tbe Uth brigade bead
quarters. He lost command of tbe
battalion and was then posted to the
British Columbia regimental depot, in
England, on August 24, 1917.
Lieut.-Col. Harvey was awarded
the D.8.0. for bis work in connection
with the taking of Desire support
trench in the Souitne and was again
mentioned In dispatches in June
Interviewed in Winnipeg recently.
The famous Premier Mines, adjoining tho Indian Mines, paid back Us
capital investment of $5,000,000 in the
past three years, were bought for
$135,000 and sold for $1,500,000, according to Mr, Maybee,
Mining Development In Alberta:—He-
turns received by the Mines Branch
for the past year reveal the fact thali
the greatest development In the mln- "
ing Industry lu the province of Alberta has taken place In the district;
west of Edmonton served by tho National Railways. There has heen an
increase iu the output of bltunliUOUS,'
or steam coal, of over a million tons
and tho greater part of this has been
In thu three mines of the Mountain.
Park district.
A  Mere  Detail
Mandy was telling a friend she had
been to a wedding. Sho described
the bride's white satin gown, the veil,
the slippers, the flowers and everything.
"Aud what did the bridegroom
Wear?" asked the friend.
"Well, do you know, that good for
nothing fellow never showed up at
| C. Joe Bros, \.
Bpk    to   iitiiiiuii.ni   to   tlieir
many former laily putrona that I
tliey aro again nmklng a spec- |
laity of fi
Your Patronage Is Invited      |
C'litlcmcn's Stilts |
Made Tn Order I
The Very Latest Style* |
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Opposite  Bank  of Commerce
l'.o. llox am
Child's   Best   Laxative   is
"California   Fig  Syrup"
Hurry Mother, even it trolful peevish chilli loves tlio pleasant tiisto of
"California Pjg Syrup" and It never
falls to open the bowels. A teaspoonful today may prevent a sick child
Ask your druggist for genuine
"California Fig Syrup" which has
direc nous ror hnbies and children of
l.*cs printed on bottle. Mother I
You must say "California" or you
may get an imitation fig syrup.
■ all
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of Music
Phone 295 P.O. Box   7G2
New (.(•id District in IU": — The
Portlnnd Canal district of northern
British Columbia along the lines nf the
Canadian National, bus become one of
tho nold and silver producing areas
of the world, said L, B. Maybee, of tho
Indian  Mines.  Portland   Canal,  when
Towrlss & Atltiins
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.     Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
j       OPPOSITE C.P.R. IIEPOT          CRANBROOK, ll.C.
j          Telcpllline 63                                                                  I'.O. llox 31(1
The time in ripe now to carry out the
suggestion advanced last year for a thorough revision of Ihe assessments in the city. Conditions have changed in regard (o some parts of the
city, and in others expectations have not materialized, but in many in.stances assessment figures have remained the same. By a self-evident.
process any reductions or Increases in asses-
ments are liable to throw out of alignment other cases which should be considered parallel, and
this continued through a period of yeara tends
to undermine the principle of uniformity that
inn it MiMsii.i.s mi)El)
According to tho Canadian Alumnae, there «re fourteen Dominion cabinet ministers who draw salaries of
110,000 a year, a. well ns the prlmo minister who is pnid
11 MOO, and the solicitor-general 17,000, In addition, each
mlnisicr receives $4,000 Indemnity every session as a
member of parliament.
Somo oi the ministers probably earn all (bey get, but
it is very doubtful whether they nil do. The government
of Canada could hi curried on Just as efficiently with n very
much smaller cabinet. There would have to be less otten-
llon given to politics, rrom the party point of view, und
more to the administration of policy, nut when the government sets oui to enforce severe economy tlie prime
minister can dispense wllli (he service of surplus ministers. It Ih not suggested that ministers salaries should
he cut. The salary nf $10,000 ts none too large for the
man who Ib really shouldering the burden of national
admllntratlve duties, -Calgary lleruld.
Nations aro good or had, according to tbelr trndlt/onfi
or aspirations. What is il Iliat makes Canada great, ihflt
gives Canada tlie prospect of u brighter future than nny
nation on the globe? Tbe strength of Canada lies in her
promise to tbo children of the poor. They have a vast
material heritage, and ihey have freo acooBS to education
llial will enable Ihem to make (be best use of that heritage, Canada is a great nation beoaUBO wn believe In ln-
dlvldlialfBm; bocnuso uo clues ban a corner on opportunity;
beoaUBO each generation may be supported and developed
by the bihih of poor men.   S:isluiionii Star.
From Blalrmoro an odd occurrence
ai the olection of iho town council
Is reported, when Editor Uartlett of
the Blalrmoro Enterprise and Solicitor tlillis each got 93 votes. A recount
failed in break the He, nnd the returning ofllcer after n friendly consultation gave Ills casting vote In favor of
tho latter. A similar situation occurred nt Kaslo in the election at the
beginning of tlu yc.r ior mayor, wVn
n tic resulted, the returning ofllcer again giving the casting vote.
,TO-COMMFiVf()i?Afl>im HfeROfc %ORf$ PEgOTltTJ
■ ISltMBlJfaf*!
,;RE$CIHNC SiltiViVOftS-OP 1
■*^.THiS--SH|tV rOR-NtNft-DA^
;; thousands op homf.iI^
Stomach Misery,
Gas, Indigestion
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Sick, Smir, (Jpsoi Stomach".
At (Iiivo
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surest relief tor Indigestion, misses,
riatutonco, lionrtlmrn, soumoss. lor-
montatlon or Btoniacti illstress .museil
by nclillty. A rew tablets give nlmost
Immotllato stomach rellof. Correct
your stomach anil ilises-tlon now for
u lew cents. DruggiBts sell millions
ot packages.
Rvory Garment <umt to us to n*
Cleaned or Dyed In given
Our Utmost Care.
Our lm,jwl"'i.' nf ths business
Is ynur RSturance of snllr.faction
hern,    phone, nnd we will cell,
or brliis nn your work.
W« n.vui nnd Oye Rverrthlng.
run:vf, ih
■■    ■    i    ■-■ ■ —nn.   fsmmm
" THE story of the Japanese
cnrtlujuuke disaster inude appeal to Canadians for many reasons,
and the Government of this Dominion did nut heaitute lu lend practical aid to the sufferers in stricken
Japan, wliich staggered under one
of the worst disasters in history.
A ceromony the other day in New
Vork, which gave recognition to
Captain Samuel Robinson, who was
iii command of the Canadian Pacific
i ten mo r "Empress of Australin,"
which happened to be in the harbor
of Yokohama at the time of tbe disaster, is particularly interesting,
bringing to light the fact thut this
gallant officer of the mercantile
marine was instrumental in the res-
rue of approximately three thousand
persons, Honor to whom honor is
due has been worthily nnd fittingly
done in the presentation of the
C.B.E, by the British Consul-General
nt New York, in the presence of a
distinguished gathering, which* included Mr. E. \V. Beatty, Mr. Grant
Hall ami other high officials of the
C.P.R. Cnnadians cannot help feeling a thrill of pride when rending
the odyssey of Captain Samuel Robinson. The spirit which inspired Columbus and Vasco de Gams and M.
GorbauU pervades the officers and
the men of tho British mercantile
marine, and the gallantry of Canadian sailors today is not altogether
different from what imbued those
old seamen—Phoenicians, Vikings,
Portuguese, Italians—wno risked
their lives in the earlier days. The
world, we sometimes lament has no
more mysteries left and nothing
more fnr explorers to do. From
China to Peru, from Pole to Pole, all
is known und mapped and even pho-
ti'grup.iMl. But we need not fear that
Hritish seamen will lone their gal-
lautry and daring of past history
because there arc no moro worlds to
conquer. How many Canadian boys
growing ii|i today will read with u
thrill of pride of the achievements of
the officers and men of the good
ship Empress of Australia in a time
of great trial and difficulty in tho
burning waters of Yokohama—nnd
will want to grow up and, if the
occasion demands it in the days of
the future, go nnd do likewise.
The old famous sea captains, Columbus and Drake, aud all the rest
who are gone "to the haven under
the hill" did their work nobly, manfully and well, with their crews to
help them. Captain Robinson's heroic endeavor will stand out as a
bright, particular page in Canadian
Pacific steamship history, where,
taking immense risks, the morale,
courage and proud sea history of
the men of the mercantile marine
were again exemplified In their
brightest colors. It is well for the
world that there are men of the
Captain Robinson type in command
of those great ships flying mercantile marine flags on the seven seas.
The Government of Japan will take
a suitable opportunity to give due
appreciation of the valuable help
rendered by the C. P. steamships and
their officers for a service gladly
rendered in token of our friendship
and our common humanity. However clouded the outlook may he in
other quarters, we have always been
able to see a Batch ml Una afcy •*«
Japan, whose friendship i*> doubly
precious to u.s in these days.    If wo
fleet upon the possible consequences of a serious earthquake in
our houses and sheets in Montreal,
we can form sonic Idon of what happened in Tokio and of tin: dreadful
devastation wrought in a few bonis.
The stoutest heart must have ouniM
in that Inferno where human beings
were perishing by hundreds of thousands—so thai we offer to Captain
Samuel Robinson ihe heartiest of
ongratulations for his share in u
noble work—nobly performed."
The foregoing tribute to Captain
Robinson nppeured as au editorial
'n the "Montreal Gazette," and is
but one of many recognitions of his-
heroic actions. The passengers of
the "Empress of Australia" havo
presented to the Pacific liner a tablet which commemorates the part
she, her captain and crew took in tho
relief and rescue work at the time
of the disaster, and prior to the
sailing from New York on January
30 of the "Empress of Canada"
which he now commands on world
cruise, the American Metropolis
honored the intrepid Commander
at various luncheons and dinners,
and demonstrated that his heroism
has won for him universal respect
and admiration. Canadian boys may,
indeed, read with a thrill of pride.
of the achievements of tho officers
and men ef the "Erapiess of Aut*
itL. •■etJrr-m.l.'.et'^ ■„_...•  . n
Friday, February 22nd, 11)24
'.,♦♦. .-
, , ,—.—♦-
>'ews and Views of the Churches and .Vliiit They Ire
Interested In
Aiming Iho throe hundred RUeHts With those same rinnH   on    her
-♦—a   a
BAPTIST I III IK II (for the raising   ol   missionary funds
"India, Its Turrets, Temples and and for general nroftclenay, These
People," wus tlm subject of an llliis. energetic young workers ralseil $220
ti'ated address dellverod in the Qap-foash besides several hexes sent to va-
tlst Church last Friday evening by rlous points. Hearty congratula-
I'rliii-lpiil   Poi'tor of the high  school,  tlons I
A largo audience thoroughly enjoyed |   The three nffllulod organisations or
iho lecture.     As It ivies given Under the church, tlie Women's Missionary
ihe auspices of tho t:. tl. I. 'p., the opening with tlie rllttnl of the Junior <:.
il. I. T, wns very appropriate, Tho
senior nh'ls tided us ushers and rur-
nlsliod smile ontertalnlng numbers lu
the way or eierclsos. The lecturer
explained ihe plcturos llirown ou the
screen in u way thut iiiiulo very vivid
Bonte or the most Interesting fuels in'shall and Willie
tlie history of this strange people.       ontorlaliior's hu
Society,  tho   V g  Women's   Society
and the Marlon Oliver Atisslon Band
I'liiseil Iii ull I'm' missions Inst year
lhe linniisome sum of $1101.
Thu Hoy Senilis   are   lining things
a gsl   llieinselvcs.      Al  (he Slipper
put mi by tin. Scouts lu the schoolroom lusl Friday evening, Tom Mar-
Donald won their
.    This Is u tout
"Interesting uml enconritglug" isj which n liny fully appreclutos only
Hie characterization given of the spec- when he comes in luce ll. uml the
lit] services spoken of lu this column successful aspirants lire In he cnunra-
Inst week. Next Sunday morning (minted for honors woll earned,
the pastor's topic will be, "The (Irani-I The playing of lhe 'cello hy Miss
est Work In tlie World." and the Wanda Kink ut the morning servt
evening subject. "Christ's Challenge last Sunday and .Mr. MacDonald's
tn the Will." solo Iii tho evening wero much appro.
AMLICA3 CHUBCJI 0lated by a" w!,°i0ar(] them'
The Valentino Tea and Dance held METHODIST WI Ull CI I
hi iho Parish Halt under the auspices During the nhaenee of the pastor
of the ttlrlfi' Auxiliary was a very Rra-'011 Sunday last, the pulpit in the Me-
tlfylng success, tho procpeds amount*, thodlst Church was nccupled hy Rev.
fiiff to $C0 clear. Evan Baiter,   of   Kimberley, and his
The   rector.   Rev. F, V. Harrison.^dresses were Interesting;   and    help-
left for Xelson on Tuesday's train to
attend a meeting of the executive of
tho diocese held in that city on Wednesday. He returned on Thursday
Rev. E. W. MacKay has also just
returned from Xelson. having been in
attendance at the session of the Presbytery held in that city on Tuesday
last. We are looking for some interesting items from these meetings
£gr this column next week.
Tho Marion Oliver Mission Rand of
Knox Presbyterian Church has achieved distinction in winning the banner of the entire Kootenay Presbytery
On Thursday evening Mm pastor
addressed the C. G. I. T. class of the
church on "Messages of Great
Hymns." This organization is thriving under the leadership of Miss E.
Sing. The young ladies thoroughly
enjoy their evenings together and the
class Is establishing its plsee as nn
important feature of the cliur.-;!. life.
Some coming events will he announced later.
"A Goal Experience" will he the
subject oi the address at the luomlng
service next Sunday., In th*; overling the pastor will continue the series on "Jesus' Answer to Vital Questions "
The well known religious periodica! "ZIon's Herald"
publishes the following items which an editorial note assures us are based on actual facts. Though of course not
sures us are based on actual facts. Though or course not
applicable locally, they are at least Interesting.
News Items
Mrs. A. entertained eight Intimate friends with a dinner yesterday at the — after which she took
the party to the Majestic Theater
11 *?*v  _
Mi', and Mrs. B. left Inst night
i. r Now Vork where they will attend the World Series. They will
bo gone about three weeks during
which time they will visit Nfncnni
and other points of interest
"Mrs. C. entertained with bridge
at the Country Club Wednesday in
honor or a guest. Thirty frieinls
were invited tn meet her wuest and
a delightful afternoon «;is enjoyed.
Mrs. D. will be hostess to the
members of her club next Tuesday
aftOlniOOn. Twenty-seven memb
ers arc enrolled in this rather exclusive dub mid after nn elaborate
luncheon several papers will hi'
rend mi the life and times of Charles Dickens.
Mr. i-:. and family arrived at
church ■'*** Sunday in their new
Lincoln s. n which he recent!)
purchased preparatory to a western tour of six weeks, upon which
they will leave nexl Sunday
Church  Records
Mrs. A. contributes S'UiO per
year to tlie missionary societies of
the cfturcb. She has been a deep.
ly interested member of these organisations for eighteen years.
Mr. it. senl liis check to the
treasurer for $.i0. covering I*.Is annual contribution for the support
of the church nnd its benevolences.
accompanying it with a note say-
in*; be wns sorry it had to be leas
than  last  year.
The  city  of   wliich   Mrs    C.   has
been ;. rosldenl for fifteen y« ..ru
is raising a fund of half a million
dollars to build a new hospital for
children. Mrs i* writes, deslr,
iuj: fn help, and encloses her
pledge for $15.00. payoble In three
annual Instalments.
Mrs P pledges 85 rents a weea
to ihe support of the church 8or-
ry it has to be sn small, but yon
know one must take care of one's
own needs before helping others.
Qeneroslty before Justice is her
Mr E. made a pledge of $200 to
the centenary He pays his $-10
regularly ea< ii j oai the week before Conference, but raises serious
objections to the extravagance —
which he reads about in tlie dally
papers with which the people's
money in spent hy our missionary
at the Governor's reception on Wednesday evening no ono was more
elegantly attired than Mrs. F, Her
rare jewels added to her native
chtirm made her Mends proud of
her In every way. Mrs. P, accompanied by her two daughters, will
leave in a few days for a four
months' trip to Europe
According lo her m.ual custom.
Mrs. G. gave a garden party to the
members or the A. B C. curd club
yesterday urternoon and evening,
Tho lawn was brilliantly Illumln*
uted, covers wore laid for forty
persons and supper was served at
twilight Tips is an eveni to which
tho club members look forward
with keen pleasure, and Mrs. G.
proved herself to be a most Menial hostess.
Mr, H. left a noon today for Ocean Bench, where his family Is
spending the rnunths of July and
August. Mr. H. usually goes ovor for week-ends, but this week
will remain until Thursday, aa he
and his wife are to be hosts to a
house party for several days.
fingers Mrs. F. called one aftern-
1101.11 on the treasurer and informed him that it was impossible for
her to comply with the suggestion
of the committee that she increase
her support to the church this
year by 25 cents u week. On account of the increased cost of coal,
labor, etc., she would have to go
on paying Just the same as she hud
been iloiiifc. viz., 36 cents a week.
Mrs. O, says the church spends
loo much money on its music. She
dot'.-; not appro.'? of it. Singers
should f-fve their -services the name
as others do. She Bhowa her dis-
uprroval by declining to maks any
pledge for church suppor . Collectors say she drops It coin in
when tdit* nitendB, but the treasurer knows it must be a smttll 0:1c.
in'- he lias not found anything la*-
l■" than a dollar bill in the basket
for months.
.Mr if. owns Iwo automobiles,
both of which are used almost ex-
< lUBtvely tor pleasure, He gives
SL'O a year In his church and ?a a
jn» 10 mr ions. 1'h': committee
liad a hard time to becttr-i a pledge
for ihis sum.
(Also in Packages ISt&SOt)
We J(te *M
Strong physically anp
weak   socially
ANNOUNCEMENT OF when the north aud south road thru
OFFICIAL'S   RETIREMENT    Idaho will have reached the British
Ititl.AKS   HIKTOItU'  LINK Columbia boundary and this province
—— compelled  to mako as good a hlgh-
Domiiifon   Officer  u(   Rykert's.wny for the trip on north.
IfflN  Held  Post Thore  For    j   Last fall considerable improvement
Forty Years In thu way of now decking was put
—  Jon the bridge leading into the pres-
In an announcement recently of the: ent ofllce. and the belief prevails that
superannuation of J. (". Rykort, cue- the abandoned K. V. right of way will
toms officer and immigration agent at he mndo tho extension or the Idaho
Rykert's, a few miles south of Ores- north road which will bring the auto
ton, where the Kootenay River cros- traffic directly Into Creston, and al the
ses the Idaho boundary into British same time highly please the people
Columbia. East Kootenay witnesses of Porthill, who are anxious that the
iho disappearance of its first and old-'road should connect with the old K.
est—in point of service-federal civil V. line, rather than tup the boundary
servant, Mr. Rykert having held the at a point further oast, ami enable the
post since quitting the Royal North:motorist to pass by Porthill complete-
West   Mounted   Police   iu   1SS3.     Hts ly.
successor is Charles Davis, a return-1 -    '•*«   -
ed man, who hus been assistant to Mr.j Tllc Annual meeting of the Pernle-
Rykert for the past three years, nnd!p"rl Steele Brewing Co. took place
with the change In tlie spring will on Tuesday. Among those from out
come a remodelling of customs oper- of town who were present wero R. L.
ations that will facilitate tourist, T. Galbralth, A. Doyle and Wm, Car-
traffic north and southbound. When Un. of Tort Steele, and A. Mutz, of
the office was established Mr. Rykert Vulcan. Tho report of the brewing
located an office nnd home site at the company was very s. tisfactory for the
location that was ideal for the then year All the old directors and retir-
rlver and later on, rail traffic, but as Ing officers were re-elected.— F*ernfe
both of these are now but a memory Free I'ress.
so far ns the B.C. side of tlie line i:
concerned. It Is the Intention to locate]    1;   ;' '" li!      '■-"'■■■•*i an unnamed
the new official nt a more accessible ni
location and make improvements that
will   fneh'tnte   the   auto   traffic,   and
should   the   auto   road   now   building
orth to Porthill, just opposite to Rykert's, enter B.C. at a point further
east than nt present, it fs likely that
new offico quarters will have to be arranged for.    The superannuation of
I of black cloth, but push- I A SITI.H.MAN
of him a wheelbarrow. This happened at  a conference of
■ Bald tho rirst, "what (colored preache       /   risk in a bishop
1 was looking at the various examina-
°B' tlon ;■.:; ■ ■ . an I ■ ante upon one mar-
chum Bill's away, an' y* know ;.,
1 ok   1 in :. ..'1 .    ;  .valkl ig
km by himself,
was tho repl;
. per cent.
See hen . Brother Jones," he asked tho worthy who was conducting the
tesl    "What basis does yo' base yo'
"Do you wish tlie court lo under- answers on?"
and that yon refuae to renew your      "Ono  hundred   per   cent,"   advised
ig license?" asked the magistrate      mini
"Yes, your Worship, bul       ' ;    "But   how   come ihis   man   to  be
"We  wonl   uo ■huts.'  you will be marked 101 per cent?"
ied.   ou know that the dog license     "Ob,  you  Bee,  sub." answered  Ihe
s expired?" darky, "he done answered one ques-
"Yes. but so has the dog." jtlon we didn't ask."
Back in the
lole a considerable quantity of
harness and other goods from the Ott-
' Umri.il. B.C.
construction stores nt
Now after almost forty years this man has returned $200
to tin' company, which he reckons is
t*ie value of the goods stolen. 1
terest. Ji appears his conscience
would not let him rest and when iu
Victoria he approached an accountant
ot the company, asking what steps he
should take to refund tho money
without having his name divulged
His only conditio,   was tliat his res-
Arts find Arteries
Sho had a vast, amount of money,
but It had come lo her unite recently.
One day an acquaintance asked her
if she was fond of art.
"Fond of art!" she exclaimed.
"Well I should say I was! if f am
r in a city where there's an artery
I never fail to visit it."
•   •   •   •
A visitor said lo a little girl. "And
what will you do, my dear, when you
nre as big as your mother?"
"Diet," said the modem child.
They'd Have To
Vital Statistics—If all the boarde
In New York wore placed end lo eudl
they would reach.—
A Heal One
Bystander—"I observe that you'
treat that gentleman very respectfully."
Qarageman—"Yes, he's one of our
early settlers."
Bystander — "Early settler? Why
he's not more than forty years of
Qarageman—"That may bo true,
but he pays his bills ou the first of
every month."
Ratcliffe $ Stewart
1924 Model Star Cars
Has Arrived, and Are N<
w on Display at Their Garage.
Mighty Clean Folks
Mistress: "How does It happen,
i\fary. that you never saw finger
bowls before? Didn't they use themj
the Inst pace you worked?"
Mary: "No, mum; t! ey awnyj wash-,
ed  their hands before they come to
J the table."
Mr Rykert marks the removal of the
se.ond  federal  official who has been
prominently Identified with the very
early history of East Kootenny. the
other to be given retirement being R.
L  T   Galbralth of Fort Steele, who tltutlon    should    bo    acknowledged |
for almost  sixty  years  has been an through tho columns of the Dally Pro-1     Comely Maiden: "Why are all ves-'
East   Kootenny   resident,   and   who. vitice.     H. E. Beaaley, superintendent I ee]a  spoke,,  of as "she?"    "It's be-1
prior to superannuation iu 11*22. was of tho E. and N. railway was common-1 ca**Be they glide so gracefully I sup-]
Boatman:  "No. Miss, It ain't.   It's
because their rlggln' costs so much."
for almost ns long n period as Mr
Rykert in charge of the East Koote
nay Indians.
Whether Mr Davis will be perms
nently shunted nt his present location will probably be decided this yeoi
-.1 with, with tho result that the
$200 has been deposited with him at
Victoria, and Mr. Beasley states that
he wished to make known   the   com- [ •   •   *   •
pany's appreciation of the honesty of i    One Sunday morning a collier met
the man concerned.—Golden Star.      t another pitman, dressed in his spie
Call and SEE THEM
Phone 42
1 tweeuema —    •■saa
Graduate Nurse Finds
The Perfect Remedy
Hub Juki Received
(if Tlu- Latest Models of
Chevolet Cars & Trucks j
The New Models presenl many Improvements it
over the old j
Gladly Given
■•PhOtM  by   courtesy   nf   Drpt.   of   Mini"-.
Hu .mu of Natural Hlhtory.
Ottawfl, nnd  American
New SITEHIOIt Roadster
2 Pasaongor
New NITKKIOIt  Sedan
& Pasieuiter
New  SI'I'EltlOK Touring
r. Peimhciikem-
I. KMlnratlon ot lluck-hlllrd l>li*n*nur IractinitoTi martf l'i'
Mr Knllhl und-r iht *.upffvision of l'rnl>*.*or Ostinrn, tm-
In.ilirs Ihe lalMt cvjd'-nrt ai to th* (iruciurnl and cltaracterl-.-
Ili pomb of tha.* animal*, lha chararlrr of tha skin am thafr
prohahlr hahlta and cnvironmrni.
t. Shiiwim Ihi U fool ikrletnn ol tinrKosaiiru* l»ln* Ufltd.
Thi* aktittnn waa lak-n op In flit •tcllona, the larEest ol
•a Inch wrlgliid aval ■ Ion.
•I'HiS will introduce you to tho Duck-hilled Dinosaur
Trachodnfl Once upon a time, hundreds of thousand** of years Sfto these huge reptiles, fifty, sixty
und even a hundred feet long, ronmed tlie surface 01
thnt purt of the earth which is now ploughed by the
Alberta farmers and fought with other reptiles rf
gigantic size That was when an inland sea, extending from the Arctic ocean to the Gulf of Mexico divided the continent and long before the age of mnn.
We know not how they lived nor how they died, but
we know thai and where they lived and wliere they
Few of the tourists who travel east of Calgary
flcrns.* the open prairies, know that but s few miles
north, where the Red Deer River cuts down through
these same level stretches, ties a valley known as the
"Had Lands" The abruptnessVlth which the range-
landfl of the prnirien sre cleft hy the huge deep canyon of the river \t startling. Suddenly and sharply
the flnt tnhlelnnds fall away and one stands on the
rim nf s ennynn and looks hundreds of feet below to
where the river winds like n ribbon among myriad
iienks nnd pyramids. Nor can anything more startling be inmgiiied thnn the contrast between tbe smiling security of tho wheat fields of Albertn and ''io
hh'fik gmtesiiue and Inspiring desolation of the Had
Heir dwell the frightful Dinosaurs, the Tyranno-
Muru, UitfAAtoMuru^ AukyUiaurua and eUteis; en*
About a year a^'o I bad a lady pa-
tleoi who could not ket p  •. thing on
tier .stomach fifteen minut***. not even
"•'■■:      I   prevailed  on   her  to   try
TANLAC and after the sixth bottle she
•Trom my long experience as a pro- could    eai   nbeolut. ly  myth tig    aha
fessional 11ur.se, t do not hesitate to wanted without the     IghttMfl  bad af-
say I consider TANLAC the mosi effl- ter effects,
Graduate ot National Temper-
mice Hospital, Telia of Re«
inarlcahle   Cases   Wliere
Tanlac Hus  Been  Effective
cleni and natural  stomach  raedfa ine
and tonic to he had. It Is undoubted.
ly Nature'.- most perfect remedy," Is
Uio far-reaching statement given out
i'or publication, recently, by Mrs. I. A.
Borden, Seattle, Wash., a graduate of
Mm National Temperance Hospital, of
"I have used TANLAC often in the
treatment of my patients and my experience has  been   Mint   fnr keeping! druggists     Over   4'/  million  bottl
the   stomach,   kidneys   nnd   bowels sold.   Accept no substitute.
functioning properly, and for toning -   -
up tho system hi general, it hns no Take TANLAC Vegetable IMIls.
"I had another patient who Dimply
could nol eat I got him start'-d on
TANLAC and by the time he finished
three bottles he was eating ravenously and had regained sufficient strength
to return to work.
"These two Instaty sb are typical
of my experience -.vifh TANLAC My
confidence In TANLAC in unlimited."
TANLAC 1- for sols bj   all good
Mr. Wrigley says:
1 believe in newspaper advertising, i spend
aboul a million dollars a year for newspaper
space to tell the world aboul the goods I have
io sell.
Nearly everybody reads the papers and they
are Ihe most effective medium to reach the buying public quickly and often.
each spring the rushing waters and shifting sands
expose more remains of these prehistoric monsters.
Numerous ex-pedltions have heen sent into tho
Bnd Lands of Red Deer by the Government nnd by
museums both in Canada and the United States, nnd
each season adds not only to the number nf parties
interested in collecting fossil remains, but also to
the tourists who are attracted by the picturesque
character of the canyon and whose Imagination is
thrilled with the thought of the age-long secrets
which the valley Is beginning to make known.' From
Brooks on the Canadian Pacific Railway, aboul 110
miles east of Calgary, one sets out by motor fur the
Bad Lands, making the approach to the top of ihu
towering cliffs from Dead Lodge Canyon or along
Ue Om-Tsm Ttmil
m -
UL\   !• tUH.I/fi.HlUB.IWf ft
w,\   twrnitttHfin+ttfi,
■/*&,'     •* tumtit, i.na.tt
?t> '""'o'6(!mio*>
Soothing er,<< Fvoliuble
in  all   r:,ii"P .'.,'.-.•;!,:•. of
Qet ■ [Mi froM MSIttt dealer or pmh)
60s. U Zsm-lyk Co.. T&ronia. 1 r-n- .1 :.'. THB  CBANBROOI  HE RAMI
Friday, Felirnary 22ml, l»24
m«thodi$t Church
11 a.m.   "A """"""".'Eli     luntor Choir
12.15—SUNDAY  SCHOOL and BIBLE CLASS, led by the
Pastor.    Free discussion of vital topics always welcomed.
3. "Whnt Determines u Sinn's Vnluol"
Senior Choir
(Special lo the Herald)
lnvermere, B.C., Feb. 16.—A move
tEEe.it to form tt Cemetery Company in
order to utUe charge ol the historic
cemetery ot' the district at Windermere was hrought to a focus on Wed.
i ties.lay last  liy the taking ol lite necessary steps io lhat ond.    A stock
1 book  was  opened  and  subscriptions
Invited at a meeting duly held, .vlien
■i liuge block of shares was taken and
a board of seven provisional directors
elected,    These are:  James  EJ. Pitts
nnd .1 Edgar Stoddart of Windermere;
' .lames   Lambert   of   Wilmer;   W,   11
; "lelunil. A. Ashworth, Itev. P. B. At.
at ami U. tl. Hamilton of litver-
1  Camubell-Mannlng Block
I      l'kww M.    «««« H0""
J I to li, J to t p.m.  8at«. » to 1.
Drs. Green & MacKinnon
Physician* and Surgeons
Olllce  at  residence,  Armstrong
Afternoons   '•»» <° "»
Bvenlng.   •••   '<>   • »
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
9 to 13 a.m.     1 to 6 p.m.
Hlnton Blk , CRANBROOK, B.C.
Phono U0
Sorturj A.e, next to t'Hj Hall
Meet. In ths
K. oi P. Hall
afternoon ot tho
first Tuesday at
1 p.m.
All ladlss are
cordially Intlted
Vi.  Vi.  Welter
Mrs.    I inlaysiiu
•Baptist Cburcb
I 111. '-'Hit
-Morning  Service.
Sunday School  1100 noon
Clusses  For  All  Acts
7.30   p.m.—Evening   Service.
Fuji Tea Rooms
Next Futa Grocery
GOOD MEALS      ::
The   Windermere  cemetery   nut
dl up in being tlie socond oldest in
..a   dlstrlcl   of   Eaal Kootenny, the
nu- at Wild Horse Creek which goe
i.aik to 1884 holdliiiE tbe record,
When Mr it. I.. T. Galbralth laid
out the townsite of Windermere lie
set aside a beautiful part for litis purpose nml donated tt share to Hie purposes ot lbe Church of England, ano-
iitr to the Holy Catholic Church and
i third was left as undenominational
In tho Iwo latter plots burials have
been made of most of the persons who
have died in these parts since the
early eighties, lt their individual
histories could only bo told the life
stories of these village fathers would
replete with interest in many ways.
A considerable number of the young
men of Lumberton were iu attendance
at the dunces given in Cranbrook on
St. ViEiontlnn night. A good time
wus enjoyed by ull who made tlte trip.
The Valentine    party   which    wns
held   at   llio   weekly   meeting  ot  the
Lumberton Cluli last week was a do-
Clded SUCC08S.    ElglU  tables of whist
were in play until ten o'cluck at which
the following    were   declared prize
winners; Mrs. R. Ilensoii. ladles' llrst;
Miss Francis Trusler. ladles' conso-
atlon. Mr. J. A. Jones, men's llrsl;
Mr. W. L. Hunter, men's consolation.
A very fine luncheon wus served by
tho committee   In   charge after the
prizes had been awarded, which was
followed by dancing until the hour of
ono a.m. A large crowd wns present
at tbis meeting and everyone Joined In
to make tlte occasion one of tlte most
pleasant get - togethers that the club
has hud thiB season.    A parcel post
party ts scheduled  for this Wednesday.   The Lumberton Club is serving
an excellent purpose In tho community
und Ib u very important factor in the
social life as is evidenced by the large
crowd that is always  in attendance
and the good time that everyone has
at each meeting.
in miil'N MAY OPEN Ml
Mr. Sanford Barter Is spending sev-
eral weeks at the home of his father
Mr. W. A. Barter.
President:  Mrs,
I. O. O. P.
Hosts every
.Monday night at
|Tho Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially Invited.
u 0i      -      -    R. W. Leonard
' fue. Seo. B. O. Dlngley, P.O.
You Will Make No Mistake
in  Order: ni: Hint
— From —
The Tailor
Van Horne Street
Opposite C. P. R. Depot
Phono 416    ::    Phono 416
Individual Tuition
Commence Any Time
Day nnd Night Classes
Complete, Practlwl Commercial
Couvbo In Shorthand, Typewriting Dookkooping, Spelling,
Commercial English. Commer-
elal Iaw, Penmanship, RaP'd
Calculation, Filing and General
Ohio Procedure.
For Particulars:
Apply P.O. Dox 11, Nelson, D.C.
Established 1898 Phone 114
Geo. R. Leask
1M0NKE« BtmnF.ll
Cabinet Work,   l'lrture Framing1
Estimates glvon on
all classes of work
Oflbe: Corner Norlmry Avenne
and  F.dmird* Street ,
MWI'Sii'i'.t  "       J Hts KntWtMWMM
Sainsbury & Ryan |
KnUinau*8 Oivon and Work     g
Te lop hones 2*1.1 mu. 298
CRANBROOK     -     B.C
B wiii!»ra liiiiiiF'iii^ti^iPiii'EHiiiiiJiiiiiiiraaiuiiiii
VICTORIA.-Premier    Oliver     will
tight his own battle lieforo tlie Royal
Commission on Pacific Great Eastern
Railway affairs nml will not be ropre-
il   personally  by  counsel.    Reports that tho Provincial .Party will
tbject tn tho appearance of 8. S. Tay
lor, ICC, before t he Hoyal Commission
mi behalf of the (iovorument are causing  amusement   to members  of the
government,   The reported contention
nf Uie Hiinl party that Mr. Taylor Is
ineligible because he has tleclareii his
intent Inn  or becoming  an  American
citizen is tirnunilless and is regarded
ilgn of weuluiesw on the part of
the McRae group.
Although it  was the full intention
of the government to have the Royal
Commission on the third party ehar-
eos on tin; way long before this, the
Investigation  will not commence for
another   week   at   least.     It   was   exported by   Attorney-Uenoral   Manson
Hint tho final report of Price Water-
house & Co., who are auditing P.G.F.
•altway accounts, would lie in hand
ni Wednesday.   Now it ia learned the
report  will not  ho ready this week
,nd no announcement of the personnel I
if tlie cominisRton. nor Us scope, will
he made until next week.
Meanwhile. S. S. Taylor, K.C, Dou-
gald IiouiiKliy. and Douglas Armour.
K.C, counsel for the government, are
proceeding witli their campaign. A
snfo prediction ts that tho sittings of
the commission will commence ubout
Monday. February 2Bth.
lt appears certain that Mr. Justice
Qalligher will lie on the commission
If tbrcy Judges are
Mr. G. Crow, or Cranbrook, baa
cepted a position with tlie R.
Spruce Mills as stenographer.
Mr. P. Downey is one of the Lumberton young men wlio has recently
Invested in a gas buggy. Pat has a
Chevrolet uml is helping to keep the
road tn Cranbrook in fine condition.
Mi*. O. N. Jacobson returned from a
trip lo Spokane last Friday.
The elements have conspired to destroy all hopes of any skating on our
;rink, however, tlie pond furnished excellent ice for several days last week
and  the opportunity  was taken  advantage of hy a large number of the
people of Uumberton.   Tlie rink has
taken on the semblance of a swimming pool ami the only regret we have
is that We would like to show Wycliffe
that Lumberton can put in a strong
bid for the championship of the Saw-
jdust League,   We might even take in
a little more territory and take on the
Cranbrook  team   that  trimmed  Wycliffe some time ago.
For Mothers—"FRY'S"
For true nourishment in delicious form FRY'S COCOA is supreme. Make
it this way and you will find it most appetising and digestible. To 3 good
teaspoonfuls of FRY'S COCOA add three spoonfuls of sugar, mix well. Then
add one half cup of boiling water and mix thoroughly. Add two cups of
boiling water and boil very slowly for b minutes, stirring occasionally. Then
add milk or cream to taste.     This will give you Cocoa at its best.
5000 FACTS ABOUT ('AXADA ■*£♦*■   ,*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦++++♦*♦+*♦♦+
(Special to the Herald)
lnvermere, B.C., Feb. 16.—Tlie till
of tlie post office at Athalmer was
robbed on tho night of Monday of last
week and eighty dollars in cn«h re-
i moved. Entrance was apparently effected through a side window where
the thief broke a pane of glass and
nu- •-"■  -   j undid the fastenings.   The provincial
.ppolnted he will p0uCQ an. carrying out  an InveBtt-
The  public will welcome the  new
issue of "nOOO Fucts About Canada" J
for 1924—that remarkable eucyclope- *
ilia    of    the Dominion  compiled  by
Frank   Yeigh. of Toronto,  the  well-
known Canadian writer and lecturer.
Over fifty chapters deal tersely with
every   phase  of  our   national  prosperity and progress, and Is not only
a mine of information, but a stirring
story of our development.   This issue
includes much new matter, and con-'
tains many other improvements.   Wo
are  not surprised  that  this booklet
has a continent, empire and world-
Wide circulation, or that It is widely
used   by  governments,  railways  and
financial  and  Industrial bouses. Copies may be had at 30 cents each from
iTlio Canadian  Facta Publishing Co.,
588  Huron Street, Toronto, or from
leading newsdealers.
t-i-n 11 n i H i n 111111-
■irce jiiuurn a.- '*■'■— ■
jhalrtnan. but thla r-oint has notj^tion
been decided ns yet
Lift Off-No Pain!
VICTORIA. — Establishment of n
paper mill at Prince Qeorge and commencement of construction within the
vear appears to be assured, according
to statements made to tbe Prince
Qeorge Board of Trnde by Hon. T. D
Pattullo OU his return from Montreal
VICTORIA.—Premier Oliver, addressing Esquimau Liberals last week,
handled General A. D. McTtae, Provincial Party leader, without gloves. After explaining the General's eonnee-
(Speclai to The Herald)
lnvermere. B.C.. Feb. 18.—A most
successful Children's Fancy Dress
Dance was staged in the McKny Hall
Athalmer, on St. Valentine's night
February 14, The affair was arrau-
ged by Miss D, K, Bodecker. who Is1
the superintendent of tho Anglican
Sunday School of Christ Church. Lake
Windermere, and both she and her assistant teachers are to be congratulated. Boys aud girls of all ages began arriving about 8 o'clock, and the
costumes were a wonder to behold.
Space forbids a wholesale description
or the many dresses, but the prize
here on a visit to her parents Mr. and
.Mrs. Joseph Heath,
David Larmour of Windermere is a
patient undergoing one or more operations at the general hospital at
Messrs. John A. McCoskrie and \V.
H. Seaton are away to attend the convention of the Orange Grand Lodge
at  Vancouver.
Mrs. Porrie or Revelstoke. who lias
been  niakinn   a   protracted   visit  ut
1 Windermere has relumed Lo her home.
h is said lhal no fewer than ton
thocsand words were added to the
ISnglfsb language as a result of tlie
world war. Put bait of them are not
fit to prin:.
11*31    II Alii   «.»-^f    .
R5c "Danderlne," Docs Wonders
for Lift;I«ss, Neglected Hair
winners   were  as   follows:     i/nuureii.
— .under 8 years of age, Lucy Penning- GIRLS! HA!H GROWS
VICTORIA. — British    Columbia's!ton  iu u  dainty crinoline frock and "    *v,k l,,MI
light for lower western freight rates poke bonnet, und Brian Gore ns a Zulu
Is  held   up  indefinitely  because the Chief.   Those under 12, Franc-* ami
Provincial government is con cent rat- Qeorge  Forster  as  Queen   Elizabeth
- ... ^^^^^^ ing all its attention on preparations and Sir Walter Raleigh respectively,
ter explaining the General's eonnee-jror the forthcoming royal commission land thoso over 12, Qernlco Thompson
tion with various companies in which!on Pacific Gnat Eastern Railway af- as a Flower Garden, and Paul Ben-
the investors had lost money, the fairs. Premier Oliver had intended to nett, as a Dice. The grand parade
Premier demanded:  "If General Mc-  devote all January and February to took place at 10 o'clock, after a varied
 •.„„,  „r »™01 nml dunces for t
'""   I».t,......   .tided:  "If General Mc-  devote all January ami renruiuj  lu ,..,.„,...	
where  he conferred with capitalists Ufte Jg ^^ by {]XQ cunlllng oE hia  (h), freiRht rale flgW| mukinR H tour program of games and dances for the
who are heavily interested in timber bJ,ftjn  {Q wtracl a net profit oI nlne 0f Alberta and Saskatchewan to arouse young ones, and then the grown-ups
An eastern ml,*[(m uniinrB out 0f the disposition  public Interest in the matter, conclu-
.roo.000acres of prairie lands, how  ding with a visit to Ottawa to urgt	
much would he be able to extract for  tlie federal government    to   give the a good crowd, the floor was fine, thi
the benefit of himself and his asso-  west    full justice   In   transportation refreshments   were   plentiful,    wl
iates were he entrusted with the ad-  charges.   The Premier's plans, how- more  could be  wanted  lo ensure i
ministration and disposal of the lands,  ever, havo had to lie postponed, but. real   good   time?    The  nel   proceed
the timber, the fisheries and mineral  when the commission has concluded totalled 546.15.
wealth of the province of British Co- its work, Mr. Oliver will go ahead with «—
lumbia?" his campaign. |    Mrs,  Floyd Rodg
of Cn
Doesn't hurt one bill Drop a little
"Freezone" on an Helling corn, Instantly that com stops hurting, then
shortly you lift It off with fingers.
Your druggist eclls n tiny bottle of
"Freexone" for a few cents, sulllelout
to remove every hard nun. soft corn,
ur corn between tho tOOB, and the font
Calluses, without soreness or irrltn*
. tion.
- ..y'v y '. ■ ■ *
Montana Restaurant
M,.,l, it All lloon
Cltt.ni, df«r«tt«iE ind C»n4l«i
CraitirMk HL     -     **»••• ml
Op». task ol Coaatn*
I,ocal pcE.plo aro finite .veil
acquainted with the fnct that
many Britlali Columbia product*,
havo exceptional quality. Such
la Iho Information u" far gathered hy tho entiulror employed
by PaulAx Kllk. A» It l« '1>«
woll-Vmown tendency of human
nature to look away trom homo
Ihln iliwnvery moans a great
deal I" our lirovlnro.
jPacificlWilk Co., Ltd.
Head (Milce, Vancouver, ll.C,
\ factories nt Abbntsford und l.ndner
who iim  in.- ,   	
holding" in the north.   An J****™ ,„im„„ „„..,.. out ot the disposition  public Interest In the matter, <.■„.,.,»- danced till the small hour,    th, „
ZZSrll*IS** "^"»».«»»-res otpralrle,a„„s. how  d,ng with . vlsll to Ottawa to urge cheatra was  ,1 f,,„, the,
,       .,.,., , . ,„,   „ ,„„, nh,ft tn "tract for   the fe.leral government    to   give the a good crowd, tl
to establishing a pulp and paper mill :    .       ,
at this point. The last obstacle in tho
way of a settlement was removed
when the syndicate, lu consideration
of certain concessions promised by the
minister, receded from their demands
for a fixed royalty.
Her Bronchitis
Yields to Vicks!
iMIiortn   Lady   Finds   Relief
After Five Years' Suffering
Yrs.   a.   Mett-.ilfo  of   Pickardville,
Alberta,   snys:   "I hnvo bad chronic.
bronchitis  for aboul   live  years nnd
have tried everything—throat sprays
and all kinds or medicines hut with
little benefit.    Finally  I  tried  Vicks
VapoRub.   1 found tt so soothing and
healing to the lungs thnt I got relief
nt once so that I could nloep at nights
without  coughing.   Previous to thiB
T used to couch for an hour or more
on going to bed." i
Vicks VapoRub   is   an   externally'
vaporising salve.   While it acts like
a liniment or plaster, it Ib also fnhnl-
el na n vapor and so gets Into the
throat and  lungs immediately.    The
most stubborn colds nre often broken
up overnight.
Used for croup and children's colds,
Vicks gives remarkably <|iilok results
and nlsn avoids nanseatinB internal
dosing. Juet ns good for burtiH. brills
es, bites, stings.
At all drug Stores, GOc n jar. Por o
free test size package, write Vlck
Chemical »'n.. :il4 St, Paul St. \V„
Montreal, P.Q.
Though Vicks l« new in Cauadn it
[has u remarkable sale In tbe Stales.
Over 17 million Jars used yearly.
a gleamy mass
of luxuriant hatr
full of gloss, lustre and life shortly        fOllOWB       tt
, genuine toning up
A of nsgteelcd
\ scalps    with   de-
pondnble    "l-.in
lulling      half,
reeled   IninirdiiiH'ty
Thin, dry, wispy, or
| quickly  Invigorated, t.
don iRJstrongth, color nnd youthful beauty,
 I 'Uiinile.im'" ts dellghlful on I he. hnir;
I a  refreshing, stimulating  tonic   not
Blluky or greasy!     Any drugstore.
hair   s
on   new
eHEN little Folk {.-travelling go
There's one- important tiling to know
About a dining car:—
Tht Line whose printed menus tell
What hungry girls and boy* love well,
(Mills ltmiMiport,
When you wlHh nom.ul.inK Rood
to est go to the "I..D."
out   Hurra   Mtr   uioht
i7*n A MEAL, in the Diner is such a treat I
5J^I Wo find the most wonderful things to ent,
And what makes everything twice worth while
U to havo it served in the "Nationul Style.'1
THIS is not a page out of any or-1 little folk with great pleasure if only
dinary nursery rhyme book,'for the opportunity of seeinj; again
but is the front and back cover! tho "little picture book" from which
of the Canadian National Railway's! they may choose what the*/will have
new menu for children, which ia now to cat. Bight pages of gaily colored
use on ull dining cars on ihe sys-1; ictures and funny little versos com-
tetn. No more need the mother
travelling with little ones dread the
ordeal of trying to choose suitable
meals for the children, with two
pages of combination menus for
breakfast, dinner and tea made up of
the most nourishing und appetizing
foods obtainable at prices which are
in accord with the size of the small
patrons  who enjoy the menls.
The Canadian National is one of
the first railways to enter in this
way to tha young travelling public
and in future each visit to the dining
ear will be looked forward to by the
;CtUr03 aim iuimy ;■•>■*•» ""r-r V   „
bine to make a most delightful story
to pass tha time while the waiter is
getting the order.
So attractive is the "Menu for the
Little Folk" and so much enjoyed try
children since its introduction on tne
National trains, that numerous appreciations have comn into the otlice
of the superintendent of dining cars,
Mr. Walter Pratt, who feels that he
is doing a service, not onhJto the
parents, but to many children who
will be taken along on thu"very next
trip we mako,   because   travelling
now nnd it is a shame to deprive
them of all tho fun thoy could get
out of thuir own personal dining car
service such ns this," to put it in the
words of one father nnd mother who
travelled west the "^National Way"
just a few days ago.
In an endeavor to mnke tho dining
j car service the greatest possible
benefit to the travelling public, Mr.
Pratt has recently inaugurated a
; lunch counter service in Colonist
cars between Winnipeg and Toronto.
Those are on trial at present nnd if
thoy meet with tho approval of the
public will be placed on nil transcontinental trains in the service. Judging from the patronage of the llrst
lunch counter Colonist car sunt out,
trip we make,   because   travelling I luncn counter wiuhw* •.•*• -> ,,...
with kiddles is certainly no hardship! the convenience Is much appreciated
\'<l ll" DAILY -Tie Nelaoi), Vancouvor,
S|i<»lmu..  otc. Arrlvo  12.10 p.m.  Ioievo
12.20 |>.in.
NO, IIS IIAII.V—To Fornl... I ettitirlnra,
Medlclue   Hot, Califcry, etc   Arrlv.
4.10 p.m.; leuvo 4.20 p.m.
Cnuilirook,   IVj.'lll'ii',   Klttitir-rlry   *,,*r*
No. 82,1   i.wevo 7.05 a.m. Xo. (W»—Arrlvo 2.10 p.m.
CriiiEl.ru.Ek, Liiko lVln.lormoro mul
ilulilrii Hor, loo
Monday aud Tliuroduy. oach tt*«\
—SO. 881, leuvo 9 a.m.     WedneHiia,
and Saturday • SO. hit arrlvo 2.30 i, in
For turthor particular, apply io .ur
Uckat aj.nt
MaUrlct Fuuimn Ai«it, ('.»!«. n. Frltliiy, February 22nd, 11)24
.•. .*..;..;. *;. * .J.-J..;. *j. *j. $ •*£••$- * •?■ *J> * *)> *:* *,••> •* •(■*>+
Mr, W. iM. Archibald of Consolidated was in town for Bevernl days.
All-, nml  Mrs,  Klngwoll nml  family
left on Tuosday morulng for Trail.
Miller left ou Monday tor
itr. i,. Rico rotumod from
-l|i io Kaslo ou Monday.
I  Illl.lillOSS
Mr, Itodaoii i
iliiwlnrs of Hi
& BmoitlDg Co.,
berley tills week,
Mr, it.
Some nasty falls on (lie slippery
roads have been had by a number of
people this week. Tho most serious
accident occurred when Joe B. Qelger-
leh slipped uml broltc it bom
riglil hand.
your   property   with
iiooKEV \:uvi: trophy
oi hiiim:i{i.i v ni it
ciub Cafe, Cranbrook,
clean, comfortable,
Tlio banquol held last Friday evening  iu honor Of tho Kimlierley hoc-
f Montreal, ono of the 1(l,v lmm me groatty ,.llJnV„(| by p
largo iiunihei* of hockoy fans. The
hull was tasloftilly deooratoil in red
ami white, while iho Diamond Cup,
docked with the same colors stood at
one oiul on n pedostal, draped with
tho Union Jack. Owing to tho Inability of Mr. J. Diamond of Pernie, to
ho present, tho cup was presented to
the victorious team by Mr. 13. 0.
Montgomery. Mr. 13. S. Shannon acted
ns chairman and iho following program wns enthusiastically received:
Toasl    "The King"
E, S. Shannon
Song      W. Derbyshire
Toast: The Kimberley Hockey Club
and Team
o. c. Thompson
Responded to by W. B. Caldwell, president; I). I/. Thompson, manager; D.
C. McKechnle sec.-troas; 'Sud' Smith,
Song   lv. S. Shannon
ITcaat "East Kootenay League"
Miss Marguerite Caldwell was hostess to n number of her young trleiidB
on Priday afternoon, it being her lltli
birthday. About Court dan happy
youngtors partook of her hospitality
and all spent a very merry time.
A meeting is being held tin the
school house this Friday evening to
discuss thu advisability of a Board of
Trade for Kimberley. All Interested
are urged to attend.
J. B. Gelgerich left for Kaslo on
E. Marsden returned from Nelson
with his bride on Monday
Owing t o the slippery condition of
tho townsite road all traffic is compelled to use tho back road.
N. W. Burden
Responded to by E, G. Montgomery,
and C. W, Gough.
Presentation   of   Diamond   Cup
E. G. Montgomery
I Cornet Solo   R L. Irwin
| Toast:  "Kimberley Amateur Athletic
P. Murphy
Responded to by P. Willis.
Before deciding on that new build-[Song   R Rosklll;
ing or tliat repair work see Geo. R,
Mr. and Airs. R. Miller entertained
a number of friends at their home onl
Saturday evening. A pleasant time
was spent playing court whist. Miss
Mildred Burdett and Mr H. Chomat
were the winners of the first prizes.
L-eask, the Pioneer Builder ot Kim
berley and Cranbrook. 18tf
When Ton Think of Insurance
— Call Up —
Phono 20     ::     Crnnlirnok
gule Agent* for Kliuberlej Tnnnsltc.
Thanks tendered tn Committee*
"Gail Save The KIub"
I'll   meet
i'lull Cafe.
I Announcement ♦
T - *
has opened a permanent
Dental Parlor in KImherley.
having taken n suite over the
Dimor's Cafe,
Dr. Rice will be In Kimberley permanently afler January 14th, 1924.
Newly constructed, are now
open to the public. You will
fiud the cafe clean, comfortable
nnd up-to-date, in every particular. Rooms are furnished with
the hest, and havo hot and mid
water iu each.
The tea given iast week by the
teachers and pupils of tbe public
school was a great success. Over
thirty dollars was realized. The
(ire profits will go inwards tho school
library which is sadly in need of more
ami belter books. The teachers wish
to extend tlieir (hanks to all those
who so kindly gave aid.
Nexl  l'i I day    the firm    Leap Year
Dunce nf this season  will  be given al
Chapman's ('amp.   We are promised
a 'real diince.'
Anyone considering taking life In
mi nt nee should consult Martin Bros.,
Cranbrook. They are District Agents
for Cunuda's largest life company, and
have specialized In that husiness tor
fifteen years. 15tf
knights of pythias
lodge: marks order's
with anniversary
Tuesday, February IH being the sixtieth anniversary of the rounding of
iho order of the Knights of Pythias,
the local lodge, North Star. No. iifi, re-
Ichrated tho occasion in a inosl fitt'ng
manner. A banquet was held in the
K. P. hall which had been suitably decorated in the colors of the order, red.
blue and yellow. A special program
which proved extremely Interesting to
a largo number of Knights and their
friends was rendered, as follows:
Meeting called to order by Chancellor Commander .. Mr. Prank Carlson
Chorus   0 Canada
Cornet Solo     Bro. Findley
Knights of Pythias Specially Prepared Program to Celebrat3 Diamond Jubilee:
1. Salutation of Flag.
2. Address on Friendship
F. Carlson
3. Address of Charity  .. 0. Logan
4. Address on Benevolence
E. Nelson
5. Address on Patriotism
A. Watklns
Song   Mrs. F. Quirk
Instrumental Selections
L, Mawson and .!. Cosed e
St. John, XI) Lumbermen from
various parts of tlie province report
that the work Is now well under way
and thai the Bet-bock wliich they re
ceived earlier I]
the fact that tbe
up until lute, in
In many cases,
tbe mosl pari c
eason, owing io
round did uot freeze
now been overcome
cases. The gangs are for
part complete, although the
still permits of several men
being taken on every day. Snow conditions are very favorable at the present time but it Is hoped that there
will b" an additional Tall before the
Spring break-up that there may be
enough water to per mil of successful
stream driving.
J Sour   	
j Reading  	
! Instrumentsi Selections .
Mrs. Qougeon
Rev. EJ, Raker
... N. Clemens
Mr. Derbyshire
. Mrs. Qougeon
Rev.   Q   Buk
Cornet solo  	
Song     Mrs.
Cod Save The  King
j. Findley
A Johnson
Mens' Furnisher
Suil (lives nml Trunks
Boot* mul shoes Neatly Repaired
A. Mellor
Pol lowing is a statement of ore received at  tbo Trail Smelter for the
j period during February 8 to 14 Inclusive:
i N'ame of Mine and Locality
Granite, Taghum, B. C	
I Isaac, Brlsco, B.C	
Knobhlll. Republic. Wash	
ILone Pine Surprise I^ast
,    Chance. Republic, Wash	
I Molly Hughes, New Denver, B.C
,..  4
.,   34
..   57
, Republic, Wash  115
Morrison & Uurke
lleiileri III 1'iuil nml Wood
Tell >'E>ur Wlrei ami tell your
*   *   .   .   . ■
ttt,,tt,t i »■. e
Hulli. Sflnilon, B. C.
Roseberry Surprise,
Denver, B. C	
Silversmith, Sandon, B. C.
Company Minos 	
Tel a I
.. 92
,. 80
For Reliable Jewelry
Chinaware & Optical Goods
Call at J. C. ADAMS
Kimberley Jewelry 5tore
Watch Our Windows for the Latest Goods — New floods
Arriving All the Time.
thy our watch repairing department
KIMBERLEY    •    ll.C.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cansdi Limited
Purcbaien of Gold! Silver, Copper, Lead A Zinc Oroa
Prottocers of Hold, Sliver, Copper, Fig tend mid Zlne
Would Bring Britisher* lo tlie Fair
-In commenting on a recent preai
despatch to the effect that the Cnlfi.
»ry Exhibition Company had heen flaked to give an estimate of what It
would com to put on ihe Calgary
Stampede al the British Empire Exhibition thin year, the Morning Al-
bertan says "British people aro dee-
(roue of Calgary putting on the Calgary Stampede In Britain, which would
be alright perhaps u«' ■' would be
very much better if British people
would como along to Calgary nnd see
tlie Stampede In its original setting.
£ From
* For Sole In klnilirrlpv at
I   10c per Qtart
Retired Canadian Pacific
Steamship Engineer
had  Adventurous
Career in Coastal
.Sailed on Maiden Voyage of
old "Princess Louise'
David    Rlrj-lien
n and to Dun*
ti ;t f. w years
villi the wealth of the North
Mr. Qeorge Leask uf Cranbrook. was
a business visitor on Friday last.
Service was conducted in the English church on Friday evening last by
Rev. P. v. Harrison of cranbrook.
Messrs. J. Pennington, it. Bourgeois,
c. Mower, P, Franzen, and D. Foster
represented Wycliffe at iho Valentine
dame held in the Parish Hall, Cran-
hrooli on Inst Thursday night,
Miss Curley wan compelled to forego her leaching duties at the rcIiooI
for n few days last week owing to Illness, but dan now recovered und fs
again at the school ns usual.
Mrs. A. Pel let Ier who lias heen visiting ber daughter, Mra. S. Crough,
returned un Wednesday to her home at
Pincher Creek. Alberta.
What with scarlol fever, "wobblles,"
and water, this otherwise flourishing
little burg has heen more or less In-
convenlencod or lato; ii is pleasing
however, to note that the flrat named
ha-* apparently run Its course, bul tbe
Inst, two nre unknown factors, in ho
fnr ns porfnrmnnro is concerned
couver existed und when
Victoria was but
a village of 1,-
iiou residents,
David Sttpher
with his face
set towards the
gold fields of
the Ca r i I no
country sailed
up the Pacific
Ocean from the
isthmus of Panama. Dundee,
Scotland, hml m.
caimed him as her
dee he would return
Thut was in lH.i2, Toduy David
Stephen still lives in British Columbia and Dundee is hut u memory of
his childhood and Iii.-- youth.
Young David m-wr saw the Cariboo, As far north as Lytton he
journeyed with his two adventurous
associates and two of them eatttb-
''-litd themselves there while the
ither went into the field Country.
Two years later the gold-diggv)'
came out "broke" und the three
Scots returned to Victoria.
So David Stephen look to the sua
and .laved with it until a few years
ago when he became a pensioner of
the C'ann ban Pacific Hallway. In
ihe rapacity of engineer he served
on many of the old-time stdc-wheel
stcumors which plied Pacific Coast
waters from Alaska to Sun Francisco. In I860 lie was second engineer on the S.S. I.ahouchere, when
she was wrecked off San Francisco.
The year previous to this she had
been granted a subsid**? by the Crown
Colony tu carry mails at $1,500 a
trip between Victoria and San Francisco and was one of the finest old
steamers on the coast, being 202
feet long, with oscillating engines
and a tonnage of USO net.
After this David Stephen signed
on one of the many trading ships
tunning between Victoria and Alaska. The new berth held its dangers
as many a steamer had set out from
Victoria in those days on a trading
mission never to return to its home
The Indians at this time were
very hostile und resented the white
man's Invasion, On one trip north
Mr, Stephen had what he terms "a
racy experience" with Indians uf the
Sitka tribe. Tiie affair took place
ut lluunnl. after the Indians in all
the glory of their war paint had
swarmed round the ship in war canoes and jammed her side wheels
with huge timbers. It took the
twelve nine-pound guns which the
ship curried to convince the Indians
that the white men meant business
hut Captain Mountt and his men
tvoided Hoonah for two full years.
At the end of that lime they ventured in ngnin to be received with
ipen arms hy their former enemies
and showered with valuable gifts
including the pelts of martin, heaver
ind otter. ■
in WOI the Canadian Pacific Hallway took over the Canadian Navigation Company operating along the
Pacific Cmist, and out of the nu-
rleUi of a handful of side-wheelers
lias grown lhe fine fleet of twenty
ships that ply the coastal waters
loday carrying the Canadian Pa-
.•ifir house flag from Skagway, Alaska, to Seattle, Wash. The employees of the old navigation company
automatically became employees of
the Canadian Pacific Hallway and
were credited with their record of
■ervice In the former company when
ihey became eligible from a point
of age for the pension system inaugurated hy llu.1 latter. David
Stephon was one of these.
The old Princess Louise, a fine
side-wheeler in those days, was
brought out from New York as the
S.S. Olympta, and David Stephen
was sent across to come with her
on her maiden voyage to the B.C.
coast sailing by way of the Straits
of Magellan. Later he served on
the S.S, Yosemitc and the S.S.
R. P. Rithet.
He now lives in Victoria and is
one of the best known "old-timers"
in British Columbia's Capital City.
Mr, J. D. Bi-ackoll, mat);
Mutual  Life Assurance C
offloo ut  Cranbrook  was
visitor on Monday or ihis
i brancli
c. O. Shiples is ihe possessor i
most recent model seven puss
Mel ntighlin car yol seen iu Mi
trlcl ; another harbinger or s
wi- ni'gltt add.
if th,
Miss Francos Cholm
Eugene Hospital staff >,,i
visitor on Thursday last.
Otis Staples Lumber
Manufacturers all Kinds of Lumber f
Pine, Fir, and Larch
Enquiries Promptly Dealt With
Wycliffe, B.C.
*+•>•>++* •> * ** * * * ■> ••.* •:• * •> •;• -:
■•:•■:■:*•:••:-:■•:•■•• -H*******
Now in Presidential Race
k  Of  the
10. U Staples returned on Tupsriuv
this week from n business trip to t
company's farm n' Vattxhall. Alber
and other prairie points.
Mrs, Swedenherg   of
has beon a visitor al the
and Mra. R. Whitehead to
bus returned to her bom
c ty.
Fernie. who
home of Mr
r a few day?,
i in tlie coal
M!sa Irving Leash ot Cranbrook is n
visitor nl the home at Mr. and Mrs
H. J- Caldwell.
Montreal, P.Q. — Pulpwood export
to the United Stntes for the twelv
months ended December 31, 192.'. were
valu»d nt $13,525,000, as against
110,359,762 in the preceding year.
Senator Hiram Johnson of California (at !?;:' in the field against
J'rcsident Cooh'dge for the 1924 Republican nomination, stopped of? in
Chicago on his way to Washington for a conference with Wm. U'rigley,
chewing gum magnate. From their tearing! it would ieern al] waj
going well
^j   ^li"r
Dance Orchestra
"The Music With The Pep"
Ta* eertlflealc *■> ahawn above will <<•■
h**for«*   lYrptuitfi   n«   tflcl   th"**   pn«**-.■*;rr»
■.■<■ 3.
When to travel upon ih<- sen was to venture in grei
11lie mysteries ol the dei p
danger it woi usually thought wise bv the voyigen .    The unique photi luci       ove was taken
to propitiate the god of the wiitiTshvmakinii gifts to him  aboard il - (";■:....lun 1 Ki             f France" while
before setting sail, and oftentimes.'when Neptune di-  g" ■.' '* ' ■"' - r    Neptune
played his wrath at sea. human sarritires were made f,, board.;,! tl    .   - ■ I the day
W   To our juperatitiou. at^tara th; jon of Saturn »*«*3 .           ; -      ^ hS
of the paw           i n n imoned i" hla august pre '•on-
of the sea, and had. therefore, in his hands the welfare ol
ill vessels and their human and other freight. Tin-
worship of Neptune WM early introduced into Home,
nnd July 23rd, "Neptunalla," was his feast.
As science reduced the terrors ol the' sea, ami
education and higher dvilliaUofl erased tin- sometimes
terrible superstitions from the minds of the world, so the
worship of and sacrifices to Neptune ceased, bul even to
this day he is vencrnted liy many Latin and Scandinavian
sailors and no ship CTOtsea tin- equator without some
recognition being made ot him Usually this takes, the
(arm of n burlesque performance in which tho*** **vhn arr j besides i.i-n,.. v-ilimhl
'unking tkaii flnt 'croasiiig ut lhe lim" mt* l*iii»t*<*"
and were trier! f'.r their ml*d< es . - pun! hment or
praise being awarded without fevoi Those who pro-
auced evidence of having been "Initiated" befort were,
of course, exempi from trial
This yeur, whi ti Ni ptunc I ■ srd i Bmpn ol
Canada, ivhl I li Noi rl on i Round the World
entlieon Januar) uoth, hli ocrcUry will li iuo to »U those
who pais before the Qod "( lhe Watera, certincatoa to
thai efTiTt, which will be countersigned by Captain S.
Kobinsoii, ll N K , whoeommandl IBS vessel,and which,
ouvanlm of iiu-1*->» -.*n——* PAGE     EIGHT
Friday, February 22nd.1924
t , , , ,,,,,< ,*,,**.*** * ♦
■ ♦♦♦.♦..
Pepper & Seit Cellars ;
te.    Regular $2.50 for
Shakeless.    Will not spill or leak.
•>  WATCHMAKER A- Jl'.Wti.I.KI! Nexl Sim- Theatr
»   ♦.   .—a—.—»-
A Novelty Dance under the ausi
bs nr Hie Recreation Club will In' Ih
on Friday ovenlng, February 29th,
tlio Club.
horn. — On Sunday, February it,
ul tlio St. Eugene Hospital, to Mr. uml
Mrs. W. H Hannay, ot Kimberley, a
We curl y a full line ut Men 1 w
1'9 ami Misses' Shooa,
Our low prU:os win evory time.
Wanted to Rent: Small cottage Wednesday evonlng an enthua
suitable tor two, no children. Apply meeting wns held al Fori Stceli
in flrat Instance to Mux II. Herald the purpose nf formulating plan
onico. GUt.un, organization ol 0 troop   uf
oy Scouts there,     Major Hlclta
:tl  Reasonable Prices,
Mulkina Rest Tea lb. ..
Juicy Oranges, 2 doz. ..
SanniiJi (Tama, 2 cana
Rogers Golden Syrup
ti lb. tins 	
Corn Starch, 8 pkga ..
Frcali  Head  Lettuce, I,
at Let-
tuco, Celery
Raisins uml Prunes,
2  lbs	
Hani per lb	
Uncoil,  per lb	
Picnic Ham, per lb. ..
Pea Meal Racon. lb   ..
Instiro »
Tlio Her
opy for i
llll   ni  111
Bealo * Elwell.
will pay ten cenis pe:
plete issues uf January'
year brought to lhe nf-1
I<..i-a^j.aj.j.^^.j.^j.......^j.j.j.j.**|q  yi-i i*(*b-i 1^- tnjtm   Vi-  if *ftf — ■ *tf-** Y*"*y-** -y—   y -   y-p
1 IT I
A Cookery Si
rday, April 12
e will be held by the
Association,  on Sat-
Fiirtlier particulars
The Beauty of
our Jewelry
oms lo
iall, 1
,tlis ihe
I" slt;n is out ill
the first lime In
iiv im cily guests  %
t n  lull linu of Men's Wo-
i n's ami  I'liiblren'n  Rubbers.
Onr low prices win every time.
situ*, til' Bpring iiolleeil thin week in
,> (ity- Children with puBsy-wll-
bii ;iut(i passing through the
!> with the regulation camping out-
on hoard; E. It. Olllu aigglng In his
uiieii nt tlie government building;
. r. Marshall carrying his goll
ulis along tho streel anil taking n
mnil ;it tlie golf qourao.
Two Clu
\V.   S
et furs
r for tli
dlstrlcl w;m present and 1
Atkinson was present froi
mere, ami showed sotuo vei
ting slides of pictures dop
Bcout camps for dlfforenl :
he also outlined very clenrl
poses nml ninis of tlie liny B
meeting woe held in Hi1
Temple. Commauder Pllchor was also present and commended very high
ly the wort, ami ohjeets of the scouts
E. II. !'• Attree lilsn addressed (lit
nuetlng. Aboul fifty children nml a
large numher of adults were present.
See the new  Slur curs nl   Ratcliiti
& Stewart. ;,{,,f
ropy  having heen  turned   In  wltl
I the new listings, work Is now undei
Iwny lu earnest un the new issue o
the directory of  lhe  Kootei
phone Lines, Limited.     Thi
.iilillity Is  tlml   the  hook  will  run   a
| few pages larger than the last  Issue,
put out about iwelve months ugo.   By
way of eonipnriso:i  II  Is interesting
'to compare the new directory    wiih
'the first one put out   by the Company
' in hook form,  in   1009.      This  issu?
constated of sixteen pages and cover,
nf a slightly smaller size than at present employed,   which consisted of :-'<*-
vonty-two pages  nnd cover in 1928.
in tho early issue there were about
three hundred and twenty city listings which hns about been doubled in
the Intervening fifteen years.    An interesting echo of old times h Been in
'■ the Tact Hint forty-one phones wen
listed hi Moyle in 1009 against on<
three in the current directory,   A separate dlrcetnry was at that lime te-
:! sued for Fertile.
nf wi
o. governineni llnuor
leaving this evening.
London. Out., being in
•d of Ihe serious illness
onftned io Its ap-
li. is beautiful in
:s welh You can
ot tho deuigu and ap-
'ance yourself-hut you
i depend largely mi the
ur fur (insurance of quul-
Our reputation an rep-
le Jewelers makes ll safe
yon io buy here.
f Mr
for sale cheap.
& Elwell.
near  Cl'i
'llie Herald hp.s been asked to make
clear tho IV  ti ai  the reduction tn
the assessments or the C. P. P made
as a result of the company's ao-ools
lother there.     W, E, Duthie j to ihe court of revision was nol in
■rnte Liquor Store arrived In'the nature of a reduction of ten per
m Thursday evening aud Willi cent, on all the property of the cum
ii ihe local store In the absence j pany in the  \'.y limits, hut a raiUtc
Santo. tlon lo an amount equivalent t) ab-
jout that portion of their total assessment and  made  on  property where
the   present day depreciated   values
would warrant the reduction.     This
is made clear tn the wording of the
resolution on the minules of the court
of revision, which Is as follows:
Moved hy Alderman Fink, seconded
taking place as an after-|»y Alderman Dunlop; That we make
tong war recently staged * goncn-1 reduction amounting in nil
stlon  and  tbe  Dart  Coon t0 ,l"t  mme inan ^"M- tlie ■'educ-
liavid C. Lev, a Chinaman tlons to he placed where the most ol
vious  eases of  excessive assessment
appear,   after  further    inspection   of
the properly of the Townsite Co. hy
the assessor and the city engineer.
Tins resolution was carried, Alder-
nting.   The 1ns-
.rried out hy the
box   in    Heale ,*>■ Elwell's Deposit|officials named, and reductions made
Vault keeps $8.00 in Crauhrook. tn the nmrsh lots on Crauhrook street
 —*-« 'and  In oiher bio I'S .uth is, :r  ihe
NOTICE I11*''"' ol' Lumsden Avenue, where the
  ! creek chops the lo'-s In two. or  it  <r
Anyone having accounts against N.  places Where some ,n.y-hnl detriment
Bnrnhnrdt  please forward to 687 8th!exists.
Avenue, East, Calgary, A-lberta. j    Lots were not reduced that hud no
52 N. BARNHARDT.     such drawback to tholr value.
\ Lowe, a solicitor from Van-
', is registered at the Crnnbrook]
Mr. Lowe is representing the.
b district Chinamen in the legal
that i
of Hu
iver is also here to uct
r in behalf or the Ponyee
's lutorests.
Sewing Time is Here
So are all the newest creations
VOILES        -        GINGHAMS
We have never shown more
bountiful Goods, anil Iho prices
are very reasonable for such
excellent quality and rich patterns.
New Spring Suits, Coats and Dresses
are arriving dally.     Most wonderful Hlylos aro being shown at prices fnr below lasl
year,     You will want to see these to appreciate how good and reasonable they aro.
TIIE NICE WICKER SEWING BASKET.     We may have to extend the
closing date of this sale, as the    winning number   may   not
have l>oen drawn.
GWlt» m*fmP* m*fr ****%*  wnflfiii mwaJifm maJl\psmafot $***%" mm+llp* *^*'**&•+**»!*** \Q
den Avenue.
Mrs.  Surteee, Oar-
1    Hull' Crop Will Soon lie (Joiner via
| West.—"In five years fifty per cent.
For a first class ear at a moderate
figure the new Star has no equal. See
Ratcliffe & Stewart. BOtf
■i'uekletb," a bright feature of the
Herald for some  weeks  past, during
A  Safely  Deposit  llox   is  tlie only
safe place for documents of value.   A'mar.  ijronsdon di
Deposit   llox costs $3.00 per annum, j pectton wus duly
Clearance Sale
Saturday, Februray 16th
Saturday, March 1st
Everything in Winter (loiids Must Go,    Horo Aro a Fow
of Our Sale Prices
LADIES' RUBBEtlS, Clrarlni; i'rlco    50C l,alr
MEN'S 1IKAVV RUBBERS, 0 in   high, i'lwirlni! Price   2.95
BOYS' SOLID LEATHER SHOES, Clearing Prlco   2.50 ''ail'
UlItLS1 BLACK VELVET TAMS, Regular J2.25, Clearing Price 95c
BNOLISH EIDER DOWN,   Qearlng Price   S5c yant
POUR ONLY LADIES' (OATS, eUHi fur collars, lutesl itylea.
regular up io K.0.00, Clearing ut   22.50
FOUR only CANVAS COVERED TRUNKS, size M Ins., very
strongly muilo. regular $tr,.oo. Clearing Price   9.95
11 wrniAN iv.Miinioiii; thinks aiik o> sale
MEN'S LEATHER VESTS, siwvciohh, Clearing Price   3.95
CHILDREN'S PELT hoots. »ize> :i only, Clearance Price 1.25 Htt,r
CHILDREN'S PELT BOOTS, leather hoIob. dIzi'b a to 12.
Clearance Price     1.45
Hoys' PELT BHOES, with leather Snlon and heels,
hIzcb 4 - f>. Clearance Prlio  1.95
uiliLS' BUTTONED OVERSHOES, regular »z.Ei).
Clearance  l'ricd      1.00
hoys' OVERSHOES, nizm 1 - s, Clearance Price   1.95
LADIES' OVERSHOES, 2 mul '1 buckles, nlno buttoned.
Clearance Price     1.95
CHILDREN'S iU'UliL'iis, black or white, Clearance Price 50<i pair
BOYS' SHEEP-LINED MOCASSINS, with siilcs uml beds,
Clearance Price     1.50 l,uir
WHITE FLANNELETTE, while it Insls   g ynnls fur 1,00
UNBLEACHED COTTON. (TenrltiK Price   25ti >'"ri1
BABIES' SHOES. Biifi soles, Clearing Price   755 pair
LADIES' CORSETS, sizes 26 - 30, (I  .ring Price   1.25 P**'
OIRLS' lllllll TOP SHOES, a very nuoil niiiliu. and will give
good wear.     clearance Price   2.50
LADIES' COTTON HOSE, in Mack, brown 2 l"llrs r"r 45C
SILK  HOSE  2 l"'ira  1.25
LADIES'  SHOES.    We carry one of lhe best stocks In Shoes In thu
city.      Snnic lines W0 ure clciiriliir nl One Hail Hie Ki'inilltr
Price.    See our Shoes if ynu want u Biyllsh
Shoe fur Whs.
Nexl to Parks' Hardware Store
It A K i: It      S X It V. E T
 - - - • • • ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ • lUUIdW-UAMAIUMIUUUWUUII.
is the
Best 4-Cyllnder Car on the Market.
A Few Reasons Are:-
it is 1111: most durable car—
and will stand hard work that other cars will
First cost is not the cosl of running a car. The
enst of upkeep is the principal consideration,
We have Dodge Cars running in Cninlirook and
district that have gone 1700 miles without having required one dollar for repairs. Can you
beat tills record—an absolutely true statement of
Call and see the latest model 1924
Dodge Touring Cars
Dezall's Garage
PHONE   50
In the hockey game played In Vtc
toiia lust night between Rossland anil of the grain grown in tlie prairie pro-
Die Victoria amateur team, Rossland vinces will be shipped through the!the height of the hockey season, will
emerged victorious with a three goal'ports of Vancouver anil Prince Rup-lnot appear for a few weeks now, but
lead, beating their opponents 4-1. ert," stated P, G, Dawson, vice-pres- will make an appearance   again witli
The game waB the first of two to ident of tho Canadian National Lines the advent of other lines   of   sport,
decide the winner tor B.C. and the ut Prince Rupert, in an interview gl-1 Whatyaina  Column    touched   lightly
challenger of tho Alberta champions ven out at Montreal recently while at-
which will be Bellevuo or the winner tending a conference of National otll*
of the Canmore-University game. ctala,
The Rossland team showed up sn- _
perior in all departments of the game,! O. W. V. A. Masquerade Ball, at the
winning with ease. Apparently tliey Auditorium. Monday, March 17, St.
were uot obliged to put in any spares. ■ Patrick's Day. 48tf
some of whom may appear in the line —
on the humorous side of things in the
arena Of sport, and created many a
laugh. Its reappearance In duo
course Is looked for. and will be welcomed by many renders.
up of the game to be played in fan-1    Bljn  <>t  Prosperity  -  The people |Car.
couvor on Friday night.    Tho coast'°' Alberta are reporled to have been
te&m lost out owing to too much In- Putting  their  money into  provincial
dividual play. government savings certificates at the
The Lineup 1 n*,e °r $20.1)00 a day.      It is stated
Victoria Rossland 1 that the total now amounts to $4,631,-
Straith    Johnson.;!000, of which $2,555,000 was depofltt-
 Goai" Urt in 1923.
Burnett      Nelson |
Copas      Marat
Ratcliffe &• Stewart will be pleased
to show yon the new 1U24 model Star
Miller     Mollsktj
Oatmaii       Singer i
Tuckwell   Jewell j
J. Murray   Cavanaugh j
Temple   N'orrls
Matthews     Huffman
First period—1, Victoria, Oatmau.
10.42; 2, Rossland, Mollski. 10 sec'
ouds; 3, Rossland, Nelson, 9:01.
Second period—4, Rossland, Nelson.
Third period—6, Rossland, Mars-
ters, 3.2S.
George Irvine was referee. i
Speciul! Special! Tungsten Lamps
at bargain prices. 26, 40, and 50 watt
for 3 Be.
Our low prices win every time.
Order In the Court
Judge (sternly): "The next person'
who Interrupts the proceedings will;
be sent home."
Prisoner: "Atta boy, Judge.   'Rah.",
A Novelty Dance under the auspices of tbe Recreation Club will be held
on Friday evening. February 29th, at!
the Club, 50-52
It is possible that Mr. EsBle, formerly city engineer here, may be re-1
turning to tho district shortly. Hei
went from here to South America, but
lately has been engaged on engineer-1
ing work at North Vancouver. '
r*    ■■ :■hli.:.Ill : ■ 11 l*C J111111II lltltTIII.il II 1*11 Httatmil llll U C »l*l I! HI 11H till i--i*l* II11 tl C -9IIMMHIII1C Sllill-HlllllCSIIIt [Jlllllllllllllllllimtlllltllllllllllll
J       "Princess       |
I Chrysanthemum" j
| Cranbrook Junior Musical Society I
ON' |
Friday and Saturday
February 22nd <& 23rd  |
I  I'.niiiT Program Presented   by  Piilillc School  Children  |
nl (null.rook Sj
u A'so MlBCOllaneous Program mid Action Smif;a p
''i   uimismion'    -     -     -    si:yi:\ty-vivi<:   cents §
'j       ri.'iii Sale Opens Monday, PeVinmry isih, at 1» a.m. §
.EEEllHaE,EIEIEE.EUlll..lmE.IEItJEU*».*a«i«iUHH...U4tl*....a.«l.ll«(E**E.*l*lllEU,t,EHEEEt... EE EE lEEilHa.UtlllH*.ltJ .1 111*. Hill ta"U..**a" »«UIUU*». "^«lt
It's Quits
Prices Speak
for Themselves
Onr Invoices Arc Open (or
Your Inspection
Men's Outfitters
Payment of TX)C. TAXES is
now ilne. Tugs may he hail at
the City Treasurer's ofllce.
l»o(ts    #1,7;*
Bitches   $mm»
Parties falling to secure licenses will have their iIoks Impounded and liable to expense
connected therewith.
By order Board ot Commissioners,
52-1 Chief Constable
The City Bakery
Home Ma.de Bread, Cakes
and Pastry
WEIM'IMI    Si    lllltlllllAY
H. EATON, Proprietor
Murdock McLeod
will bo in
Friday, February 22nd
Dewar Ave-
POR RENT—Room. Willi lioaril l(
dcBlretl. MrHE Iliirrotr, ^12 Arm-'
fltronR Avenue. f.^tr
WI1.1, RENT OU BUY—Socond band
Imliy E-nrrlUKe lu r.hieI i-ouillllon.
stAto pricp. llox s.. Heraltli Orau-
brook, B.C. mu
BUNGALOW kor BAUD, - r, rooms,
iiiitii. cement touinlalloii uml Lhibo.
ment ii.'Ht location. Bnnu ror
qulek Half.    Boo Martin Bros,
Eon hale. - s roomed   Iningalow,
fully modiTii mul newly roiiovatod
throughout Apply Joeoph Wood-
man. r. 11 r
 ■ I I.       I ^M ...
Navy's Giant Dirigible May VUlt St. Loub C I
Eon SALE—Baby Orand Chevrolet,
iii.iriEUKiiir overhauled laat tail, run
Ieiiih than s.ooo miles.   Pitted wlUi
'humpor, E'xtrn nuallty seat covors,
upEEt light, motometer, winter en-
glno li.Mid cover, two complete hi-Ih
of tlrdB, Including cords on roar
ami two epare rlniB. full equllpmetil
nl mole, Ur. I'usli prloo $l,00ii. Apply lo I'. Burgosn, Waldo. B.C.   BI-8
FOR BXLE. -  A    fi-w lioueeliold nrt-
lotee ini'luillng dining Inble, chairs,
baby bed, oil Htove, rli-.   IMlono 681,
EOIt SALE.-- Eender (or open Kralo.
Thla Is a very Rood tender Hull can
be aeonreil ul a reiiHonnbli! e'iebi.
I'lioni. or rail at Herald Ofnce.
601 f
Irlglble, 2R-1, to expectod to tf rrorTRtw
York lo St. I.oiiIk ami return IbU moutb.   T*w«W*loa'oUlfMt tit sttJL
hliiiioKraplu'EllEere on it. trail fUfht aver New-I«k kM ttetk.tttsmti
in .ii u«iau umii d ti OMHii iTS isSmsfi     ,
I WANTED— Advertiser desires to pur-
| chaie tlve room house wllli modern
1 conveniences. Early possession.
I   isoln*.  Box B. Herald ofllce.  Oil


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