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Cranbrook Herald Apr 1, 1915

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Array THE CjM
Howness Ticket   Elected   With   Big
Majority— Heavy Vote rolled
un Tuesday
Shorty Milne Writes Friend ln the
City-Touches on the Passing
of Tubby Underbill
Tho city election occurred on Tueaday, March BOth, resulting in a sweeping ultd overwhelming victory for tho
Bowness ticket, tlie lowest IllllU on tlmt
ticket being elected by ii majority oi
67 over (lie highest nml) on the
Citizens' ticket, Malcolm Horie, who
was proposed on tlie hitter ticket,
withdrew lilit inline bofora tlie Imlloti
were printed nml therefore only (Iv *
luitnes n|)|ieure(l on tluit ticket. Thit
tended toward electing the straight
slowness ticket.
Uster Clapp led tlie poll with 897
votes   anil   W.   S.   Kiinlo   liended   the
citizens' ticket wltli isii votos, Tlioro
wus a heavy vote cast, tlie total number being 403 oul of which ther'.' wen-
only two spoiled ballots.
A law number of automobiles were
ittied by the various candidates
throughout tlm duy enabling ull the
Votero to Ret to the polls. There wus
considerable interest on the streets
concoruiiiR the election and after the
polls closed at night u large crowd
waited to hear the result. When the
final announcement was made the
crowd cheered tho victors and quietly
departed to their various homes evidently well satisfied with the day's results.
The result of the vote was as follows:
Howness Ticket
Lester Clapp     327
T. H. Banfield     30S   there.
O. Erickson       301
A. J. Balment     300
J. P. Campbell     298
Oeo. R. Leask     243
Citizens Ticket
W. 8. Santo     182
Frank  Dezall        1(52
Fred Qenest      157
Godfrey Harrington Brown, of the
lirni of F. Tarks & Co., has received
another letter from Sergt. James
Milne, who left Cranbrook with the
Ilrst Canadian contingent. Thia ls a
separate and entirely distinct letter
from tbe one referred to In last week's
Herald. The letter Is wrlten from Cau-
daluir Barracks, Tldworth, under date
or March llth, 1015. The letter:
Door Old Pal:
1 received yours of February 7th.
Sorry you cannot manufacture work
enough tu keep you out of mlacblef.
Well, I haven't been doing much my-
s61( lately, hut expect 1 will havo to
got busy, pretty soon now. Had u vacation last week uud took In London.
Secured u copy of the Dally Liar,
whicli I nm*tiendlng you under separ-
net cover. Head It carefully. I am
still enjoying the luxuries ot barracks
life at Tidworth and expect to Join the
second contingent at Shorncllff soun,
I believe our regiment Is to be filled up
itgiiiu with men from tl.e2.ird battalion
hut l havc no Idea when we will be
Bent to France, but I suppose we wlll
get there on time, an 1 don't think
Kaiser Bill is licked yet.
Poor Tubby! we cannot take him
with us now. His days of earthly I
lighting aro passed. I suppose you!
have heard of his death, as I cabled i
Judge Arnold, and wrote an account I
of the  circumstances to hlm.
Had a letter from Wi. E. today, but
It wasn't like the deadlines of tlie
'tewspapers (business as usual). Well,
after we get through with the Kaiser
we will return and start something
One Muii Mho Has Solved tbe Five-
Acre Problem--A Visit by ths
Hen! i .iepiesentutiu'
One of the men Who has so!"-.'*.! the
'problem of making » living on five*
I acres in the Cranbrook district is tflr.
ill. Palmer, who owns u com Cot* tabic
I farm home just u httlf mile southeast
lof the pust ofllce. When Mr. Palmer
was askud about making u living on
five acres he snld: "It depends ou the
locution, ou the laud and on the man,
but it mostly depends on the man."
In the curly duys of tlie public market Mr. Palmer was u steady attend'
nut with some nice pork lOggs, hut-
tor, etc., but lie dually disposed or his
entire supply and Is now busily engaged hi preparing to raise more thiv
I year.
I In this course of one of his rambles
| tlie Herald man called at the Palmer
home recently and Interviewed Mr.
Palmer. We found thut he ilrst came
to tlie Cranhrook district about eight
j years ago and spent two years working iu the bush. In the meunUmc he
j purchased his present farm of four
lucres, which ut tlmt time was all
I stump lund with only an uncertain
roadway winding umong the fallen
trees. Tills has now all been cleared
and a tine roadway lUns in front of
his house and a wooden sidewalk leads
| to the trout door.
He first erected a burn and a small
shack fur accommodation whenever
they visited the city. They now liave
a fine modern six room house with hut
and cold witter, bath, furnace and all
modern conveniences.   A well on thc
REV. E. P. Mill.
Hied Friday Evening After Brief IU*
ness -Funeral Yestorday WM
Largely  Attended
Cranbrook lodge. No. 21. A.F.&A.M.
attended the funeral In a body, ubout
seventy-five being present, and the
body was laid to rest under Masonic
service, the impressive service of the
order being the last rites at the grave.
The pall bearers were: Dr. F. W.
j Green, P. DeVere Hunt, N. A. Wai-
j linger, Dr. F. ti. Miles, Judge G. H.
Thompson and W .C. Crebbin.
A long funeral cortege accompanied
, the body to its last resting place ia
| the church of Kngland cemetery,
! Flugs on ull public buildings were
at half mast. As a mark of respect
I all business houses were closed during
j the funeral hour.
j The chief mourners were .Mrs*. Tow-
1 good, of Sundoti, ti.C, and Mrs, Bus-
| tin, of Salt Springs Island, near Von-
'■ couver.
It Is with tlie deepest regret that wc
chronicle the death of Rev. Ernest
Purdy Flewelling, rector of Christ
church parish of cranbrook and rural
dean of the Kootenay diocese, which
occurred last Friday evening at «
o'clock.      ity the strict adherence tu
the performance of his duties his untuning courtesy, charity and full recognition of the responsibilities'of his j
position, lie endeared himself to all (THIS WEEK'S SHOW
wltli whom he came In contact, Irrespective of denominational bias #ud It
wlll be sometime before the full extent of tlie community loss wlll b»
adequately realized. He waa to the
fullest extent "All Things to All
Jt is more than probable that the
end was hastened by the Impairment
of his constitutional powers, brought
on by the hardships and privations
rendered iu the performance of his
duties in the fur north and elsewhere,
as he was not a man to spare himself
in the execution of any duty,-however
difficult and dangerous to health.
Ills ministry extended over the
whole Dominion as the list- of parishes ministered to by him testifies bo
The late Dean Flewelling was thc
tliird son of Hon. William Flewelling
water  whicli  is  pumped  up   with  a
Bull Dozer  pump  run  by a 2-hbrse
power gasoline engine.   This supplies
a tank in the basement at the house
which Is capable of 125 pounds pros-
No. 22954. sure.   Twenty pounds, however, sup-
The following clipping from an old  plieB ,)lenty of pressure.   A new pump
countiy paper was enclosed:             i house was built last year and the
.and   was   bora  at  Clifton,  Nil,  on
property furnishes an abundance of U|arcj, i   j846
Yours as ever,
J. Milne.
His mother was, be-       	
foie her marriage, Miss Esther Mer- j exceptionally good
rltt of New York. Ile married lu
1877 Miss Sura Sinclair, daughter of
John Sinclair of Newcastle, N.B., and
is survived by tour children,-Richmond Flewelling, of Windsor, Ont.;
Mrs. liastln, wifo of Hev. A, Bastln,
Ganges, Salt Lake Island, B. C; Mrs,
High-Class  Program  Carried Out  by
Members of PuiiUige* Compuny
Lust Nlghl
One of the best vaudeville programs
offered by thc Pantages circuit In this
olty ln several weeks was produced
at the Aurltorlnm last night. Every
■umber on the program was of an unusually high-class , even for this circuit, which offers only the very best
The first number was tlie Throe
English Hoses, a trio or dancing girls,
who cleverly appeared* In a Scotch
reel, Irish Jig and Sailor's hornpipe,
They wore followed by Aiken, Flgg
and Duffy In u repertoire of catchy
songs, which pleased the audience.
Their voices blended well end llieir
production of "The Lost Chord" was
Voters' List closes Monday, April 5th, 1915
Visit the Liberal committee rooms at Mathe-
son's Hall on Armstrong avenue and see that
your name is on.    If not put it on at once
I pump and engine are (irmly settled I j£££ TwW?(**So»,-»rt Mrs!
l"   on cement foundations.    Since the in-   ..   . OBMOE-
And it came to pass that the enera-10,i ct.m0nt foundations.   Since the in
les of Israel  (even the Hittites, the j Btallatlon   of    tlie   plant tlie . water
The Three Shentons. a family of
singers and novelty dancers, was one
of the best acts of its kind doubtless
cvur seen In the city. Buck and
wing dancing, Dutch clog, cowboy
stunts and Indian costumes made up
an Interesting melee which drew
forth   vociferous  applause   frum   th'*
W. B. McFarlane     157  Gcbusltes and the heathen that know j for household
J. B. Hall     151
Cranbrook needs more than anything else In 1915 a safe .conservative
and practical mayor, and In this regard we believe the Interests of the
city wlll be safe in the hands of Mayor
Bowness. Mr. Bowness has been
trl d ln thc office und has provevd himself to be all that Cranbrook needs.
His council record as un nldernrin
shows thut he ts neither a "standpatter" or a fool optimist, of which
Cranbrook has had too many in office
In the past, nnd mav have ninre iu future If the electors are not wise ln
their choice among the candidates for
There ls another feature of city
elections which does not appeal to the
average elector to which we would like
to refer. Because a man happens to
differ with you as to the merits of this
or that candidate there is no need to
resort to abusive language and say
he Is no good and thnt he hud better
get out of the town. Thia sort of
thing wins nothing but contempt. It
Is all right to get out und work for
your man or your ticket- wo admire
a man who throws off his coat and
gets right In to the thick of thc light
—but After thi' scrap is over, for th*
love of Mike and the city's good forget lt!
_ use ban cost less thnn
not God) provoked a quarrel with the I one  dollar  per  month,  ten   minutes
Lord's anointed. j pumping per duy being sufficient for
So they came together with a migh-. &\\ requirements. Any part of his
•y host and they gave battle and the ]and oan bc irrigated with his pre-
Israelttes wcre hard pressed. ■. f.ent -^ater system.
And they cried unto the Lord who mi\ Palmer intends to devote con-
-mswered them. For there arose one »iderable time to his chickens this
Maccabeus, who said, "Let ua now year Men lie came from the east
gather together the men of the clty,||,e brought a large number of ordln-
gven those wbo may not go out to war (,iry bnrnynrd fowls of no particular
-tho married men—the aged bachc- breed. These have all been discard-
lors nnd widowers, and they who
hold up thc bar when the sun hath
set und  other times)—and  we  will
Sydney Brown, of Hamilton.    He Is I audience.
also  survived  by one brother, Hon.*
Q. H. Flewelling, and one slater, Mrs. j
Wetmore, both of Clifton, N.B.
Through ill-health In his early man- |Mt   Mr  JackHon*8 pn>rica, .iro,)or.
Jane Barber aud Joe Jackson mot
our railroad Joe) gave an unusual and
excruciatingly funny musical comedy
tlons with extremely long legs added
to  the character  Impersonation  and
ed now fotj a fine lot of Buff Orpingtons.   He Is now making a scientific
——_^_^_^_—      we  *'*"  study of tlie chicken business and is
make of them an army.   And we will   profiting thereby.   The first year with
hood the late Dean Flewelling studied'
privately for the church and was or-
inined deacon and priest by Bishop j drew ihriek8 of ,nuglltcr>
Medley, metropolitan of Canada.   He!    „ * ,       .- ,      ,      , ,    ..
was rector successively of Dalhouslc, I »   J^J?"0"  fom   rWl"'   *
\. B.. Brandon,   Man.     He was the ] h«*dHner, «$? <?«*» °f «>* ""J'-1'
son   and   Phoenix.    From  the later
Hob linger* Against Hlm far Differ.
ent Reasons —Ottawa Govern*
Afraid uf Dick
Ottawa, March 27.—Sir Richard McBride, after a brief conference here
witli Sir Robert Borden late ou
Thursday night, left for Montreal aud
New York In company with Railway
Contractor Stewart.
It is understood that Sir Richard
uotlld get little satisfaction from Premier Borden ns to federal help iu getting him out of his financial and railway troubles fn British Columbia. He
lias gone to New York to see wh.it
arrangements can be made there for n
loan for railway projects. On Ills return here next week the political
troubles in British Columbia will be
taken up more fully with Premier
Horden. Hon. Robert Rogers and Hon.
Martin Burrell.
The proposition ban been made to
let McBride succeed Hon. W. J. Roche
! In the cabinet, the latter becoming a
: third civil service commissioner and
Mr. Burrell going to the senate, with
I Mr. Bennett coming into the cabinet
to tuke his place. These changes, however, are meeting with considerable
objection from various quarter*.
Premier Borden does not seem very
anxious to hnve Sir Richard McBride
come   Into  the   federal   arena   until
Another    (ranbrook    Hoy    Hecelif*
SerliMi** VYdtmdr*. at the front—
Taken to Hospital
Charles A. McCowan. one of the
first Cranbrook men to step out and
offer his services lfl the defence of the
mother country, was seriously wound-
i ed on March l.'t). "Charlie" wns one
; ot the most popular young men that
\ left the city and the news was re-
Calved In the olty with genuine sorrow.    He was for a long time tn the
I imploy of w. H. Wilson, the jeweler.
His   parents.   Mr.  and   Mrs.   Andrew
McCowan old-time residents In this
city. They are now residents of Fort
Rouge, Winnipeg. Charlie was admit*
ted to the .general hospital at Rouen.
suffering from a gunshot wound in
the head
A rumor was in circulation yesterday to the effect that Charlie McCowan
had since succumbed to his wounds In
hospital, but as far as can bo learned
there seems to be no foundation for
such a rumor.
A copy of the Winnipeg Telegram
Just to hand contains a picture of
Charlie McCowan. with a descriptive
articles, claiming hc Is from Winnipeg. Just why so many eastern papers
persist in this sort ot thing we are at
a loss to understand. Only a short
time ago a Toronto paper had the
nerve to say that Jim Milne was a
the cloud has been lifted from him in „ _
British Columbia    .and Mr.    Rogers ■■*"»<• «*"*•   %ith »" du« ™?eot
knows Sir Richard la a rival for the *» Toronto-lhe-Good. we say right hero
t rector of St. Paul's,"Vancouver", Ia mu8lcal tab,old Pn*«kd >»' ^vldUnwYJ high '"commiesioner!"' Sir and vithout «* trm or foiblefi' •Jj*
r which he went to Kamloops, Nol- \\Y__ l\   ^ W° te" '■ Rlehard *»< have to return l0 nrtlisl1  Tor.onto..c?u,dn l ralse a maD M W*
bind them with a solemn league and
covenant and they shall be called the
And the pooplo answered with a
mighty shout, and said "Thou hast
-.pokei).   I.ong live the King."
And It was so.
So   they   gathered  the   Levies   to-
these birds hc secured an average of
sixty eggs per year per fowl. I-nst
year he secured Ht) per fowl nnd this
your he expects at least 160. He wintered 60 hens and his young chickens
commenced hutching this week and
wlll be coming along for the next
several   weeks.     Two   warm   modern
gether in the halt that Ih upon Grande  b->n houses provide for his fowls.
The last game or the basket ball
league nt the Young Men'** cluh tool
place last Monday night between thi
Athletics aud ihe Heavers and resulted lu n win for the latter by the seor<
of ll" 22. The tUBSlQ was a slreini
mis one .both teams being determined
to win their lail game, nnd kept tin
crowd wide awake and ihoutlfig b)
their Vigorous methods.
The boys' preliminary resulted   in
another win for the Night Hawks, tin
Hcrlcs standliiH three names out of (Ivfl
for them,   The more was IT    10 Ham
ford scorod ulna points for winners
ami Laurie olghi for tha losers.
The Macs and the Whirlwinds pnl
up a lively battle and although Ulfl
Macs won 11 -II tlie score does mil
Indicate the closeness of tho game
The Whirlwinds had hard link tn
niakltiK tlieir shots count, while lh*1
Much were In great sliootltiK form.
The next game between these two promises to be nn exciting contest.
Miie-up: Mncs, 1). Kershaw, M
Turner, forwards; 10. Macdonald, center; B. Gill and 1). Greaves, guards.
Whirlwinds, li. Turner. M. Whitehead,
forwards; (). Hickenbotham, center;
lt. Stanton, R Caslake, guardB.
The Beavers nnd Athletics were the
Vllee—oven the drill hall—and Instructed them In the arts of war.
And much confusion reigned there-
;n for some went forward when they
should have gone backward, and some
went contrariwise.
And there was n very large man like
unto Fnlstuff. learned In the law. and
to I  he
went up against a small man even a
scribe of 8t, Sauveur, w ho said
"Vlegol" and passed on for these few
trlflei In the times of wnr. Also their
teal WgJ great, for in tlie mighty host
were grey beards, nnd they who walked delicately like unto Agag, and
somi who yearned for the nine o'clock
"hooker*" but the fear of lho Lord
was   witii   them   nnd  tbey   marched
They ore now heing kept in regular
pens nnd have large runs for exercising. He has captured several
prlr.es with his birds at the various
shows In Crnnbrook nnd is working
to improve Ills flock. ^_\
Mr. Palmer intends sowing part of   being crowded to its utmost capacity
place hc went to Dawson City, thence
to Princeton and Medley, coming to
Cranbrook nine years ago, where he
has since been tlie rector of tha Anglican church at this place.
At Nelson special reference to thc
death of thc late Rural Dean Klew-
elltng was made both In prayers and
at his sermon at evensong Sunday
night hy Rev. Fred H. Graham, rector
of Ht. Savior's church. Dean Flewelling had many friends among the congregation of St. Savior's.
The Funeral
Funeral  services   were   held from
Christ church at 3 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, the little church Where
lias officiated for bo many yean
ladles and two gentlemen in this pro-  Columbia and make good before he  aB Jlm Milw-.
ductlon with a swell scenic setting
and a great variety of costumes. It
waa one of the most lenborate aud Interesting productions of the past season, and admirably served as the
crowning effort of a very strong bill.
This occasion    was also   the flrst
can be taken Into the cabinet.
How   Sir   Richard   ls   -viewed    in
some Conservative quarters here    Is
seen  from  the    following    editorial. .,   .     „     , _
which  a„pears today In  the Ottawa  f°«n "_,'" 0ll!.11.t"!._c"L?LC"°
Citizen  (Conservative)   ^^^^^^^
'Sir Richard McBride as a private
And now the Winnipeg Telegram
wants to steal Charlie McCowan bodily.     If there Is any city in the west
hich can lay claim to Charlie Mc
  his land to rye this year.   Vegetahlrs
turned himself wrongly and and a kitchen Burden wlll provide for
the family use. Two cows are kept
which provide plenty of milk and butter for family use and a ready sale
Is found for all surplus. Tlte cows
have some good bottom pasture tand
wltli running water and nre housed^
nt night in the stable which hns stall
room for five horses nnd six cows.
Willie this  farmer is  feeling the
 ^^^^  present  financial  pinch  to some ex-
snd counter-marched   with a   great tent, finding it   difficult to   collect
blowing a»d piifilnR, nnd with much
And tliye gnve nnto them headgear.
even the Tam-O-Hliar.ter, hut the kilts
are not   yet,   for thn  privates desir-
ed thorn not.
And some few there were who derided these thhiKS beeouse they were
Scotch, but the more part applauded,
because they love Hcotch.
Then after these men wero all trained In the arts of war. In; thn trumpet
Hounded nnd the Captain of tho Hosts,
even  Jonb, said:  "To your tents, O
Israel, and when ye shall hear the
trumpet blow, then shall ye come, all
ii fined, ror ye shall know that the
Germans bo upon you.
Ho nil the people rest quietly   In
their beds for say they "Lo! Wo havo
the   HOME  GUARD  and   there
nought to fear."
money due him, still tile problem of
making u living lias been solved and
he hns no need to worry nlong that
line. He can feed his family from his
four acres and they have one of the
most comfortable homes In the city
and are fining the future with every
confidence of better times to come.
\l   Auditorium   Huturdiiy   Nighl   It
ProinUes to he lite .Mm*.I Glguntlr
Struggle In .Modern \'A)*
On Saturday night nt the Auditorium theatre Greek  wlll  meet Greek
when Bonners Kerry Basket Ball tesni
wlll clash In u gunic of ball tossing.
*8 I The Bonners Ferry team are the re-
j cognized    champions    of    Northern
Idaho and are    a fast    aggregation.
The Cranbrook boys feel tha*. they are
able to give the Bonners Ferry team a
____________________ ''nn for their money and the general,
It ls proposed to give another  of 'public as well and from the drop of the j
next attraction.   The Athletics scored | those  popular dances ln  St.  Mary's  hat to tho last second of play wilt
three field goals in quick order, but! hall on the 20th Inst, and It Ib hoped
the Beavers began to get busy and; that those who have experienced the
soon took tbo lead, which they held pleasure of these favored dances wlll
till the end. Good work by tho Beav- j bring their friends to this one. The
' cr forwards accounted for 17 points; Cranbrook orchestra will supply the
to their opponents 14. } music with four pieces, consequently
Half tlmo saw tho Beavers draw a good time can be guaranteed, as the
away slightly, but tho Athletics wero floor Is ono of the best In town. Re-
hard to throw off, nnd the referee In : freshments will be served free and as
consequence was n busy man. The I the funds from the dance go towards
score does not Indicate the superior- the paying oh* of the debt on the
Ity of the Beavers ns they hnd by far i piano, every devotee of dancing should
hy the many friends who desired to
pay their last respects. The great
muss of llurnl tributes completely
covered the remains and were banked
lu great profusion about the bier.
Floral tributes were received, from:
llowers for the Altar
Mr. Odin nnd Miss Rumsey.
Floral Trlbbutes
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Campbell.
Dr. nnd Mrs. J. II. King
Mrs. Kennedy.
Mr. and Mrs. Grevetl, Calgary, Alta.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brymner, I-eth-
bridagc, Alta.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Webb and family.
Mrs. and Miss Cherrington and Miss
Mr. and Mrs. Cempbolt and MIbs
Mr. C. A. Cock
Mrs. V, It. Morris aud sons.
Dr. und Mrs. F. W„ Green
Mr. und MrH. A. B. Macdonuld
Dr. and Mrs. F. B. Miles.
Mr. and Mrs. Collins.
Judge and Mrs. Thompson.
Mabel, Beryl and Rita Cameron.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Green.
Masonic Lodge.
Knights of Pythias.
Anglican  Young People's Association.
Christ Church Sunday School.
Order of Railway Conductors.
Ladles of St. Mary's Roman Catholic
Select Vestry.
Christ Church Guild.
Christ Church Choir.
Sisters and Nurses ot St. Eugene
brook.    The next paper  which  lays
claim to any one of Cranbrook's nn-
appearonce  of  tho   new   Auditorium'citizen will be a very welcome "visitor  tiv* sona can ***** a stra,B1J,t |fK
orchestra whicli gave several  rendl- \ to Ottawa at any time, but as premier hand Jab from the fd!tor of thls "°'
tlons. surprising the oudience by the i of   British   Columbia   the    Dominion  fender of Cranbrook's rights.   A num-
*fflcellence of their work.    The two j government would seem to have good  ^r ^__^_f__1_____^__
Parker brothers, Miss Flo Baldwin and   reason to look   upon Sir   Richard's
Mr .Walsh composed the orchestra.    \ periodic visits with anything but an
—————— ! ardent desire to kill the fatted calf.
Coupled with his latest pilgrimage to
this Mecca of political patronage,
there is a revival of the rumored retirement of Hon. W. J. Roche as mln
Istcr of the interior, and Sir Richard ls mentioned as possible new cabinet timber.
"It would surely be an astonishlnK
thing to tlie people of Canada at tbis
time to find the government weakening itself by any. such change.    Thc
Home Lodge lienors Him With Han- j
qnet—Many Vlslilng Brethren
Fresent 1
th" editor today and expressed their
disapproval of the Telegram's method.
One lady said ft was the biggest steal
in Wasteta Canada in her twenty
years of residence here.
School   Board    (VOperotlag    Wl h
!><iatluk>B aad Pnnlarlal Go**
tho better of the play throughout.
Ashworth wns responsible for 19 of
the winners' tallies, while Mcllwalne
led tho losers In scoring with a total
of 11 points.
make an effort to be on hand to help
a good cause and derive both profit
and pleasure from an evening of Innocent recreation. Don't forget the date
Tuesday. Nth April aeit.
continually press forward in nn earn
est to wrest the championship from   Hospital
our Yankee cousins.   Thc admission     Mr .and Mrs. Towgood and Mm.
fee is 2fic. and we nre Informed the   Bastin and 11. T. W. Flewelling.
game will bo worth many times thut;    Mr. and MrB. Sydney Brown.
price. Tho Rural Deanery, by the Rev. A.
A ladies game is tho prelim'onry at-  B. Lane,
traction and a good game of bnll wlll;    Mr. and Mrs. Cummings.
bo presented. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hall.
The two teams \vlll ltn.e-.lp n*i foi- \ The ushers wero: W. 8. Santo, A.
lows: I Woodland, J. Haslam and A. R. Webb.
Bonners Kerry—Kent, Jurvlu, for- The full choir rendered the beautl-
wards; Hangs, center; Johnson nnd ful music of the service, Miss Wellman
DeWolf, guards. , presiding at thc organ.
Cranbrook-—Ashworth and Crown,) The services were conducted by the
forwards; Dallas, center; Mcllwalne I Venerable Archdeacon Beer and as-
aad GUI, guards. (slated by the Rev. A. B.
There was a large attendance at
Key City Lodge, No. 24, last Monday
night, tbe occasion being the olhclal
visit of Mr. Harry White, Grand Mos-
ter of the order for British Columbia.
Mr. White was tendered un ovation
from his home lodge which showed iu
, no uncertain way thnt they approved
of him as the head of the order in
this province, Mr. W. H. Laird, of
Wlldey lodge, No. 41, Moyie, Grand
Conductor, was present. There were
also present several visitors from
Moyie, Corbln and other lodges
In his address Grand Master White
reviewed the conditions of the order
throughout the province, having visited all lodges in the past few months.
He found tbem nil progressing und
the order In u most favorable condition, especially considering the present financial and business condition*!.
Following the regular session lodgt
a banquet was given at which there
were about one hundred members seated. Bro. R. A. Rackyleft occupied th •
chair and the following program was
Speeches by Bros. Laird. Grand
Chancellor, nnd James Roberts, of
Moyle lodge, D. M, Morrison, of Electric Cttl Lodge, W. S. McDonald, Ira
R. Manning, Chas. R. Ward and Dr.
J. H. King.
Instrumental music by Chas. F.
Songs by Bros. Racklyeft, J. Palmer and R. W. Russell.
Duct hy Bros. Palmer and Racklyeft.
Quartette by Bros. Racklyeft,
Broughton, Palmer and Gtlroy,
^__________________ The school grounds at the Central
next thing would be to look out for Public School are being fenced and a
border eighteen feet wide inside th--
fence is being laid out and prepared
for school gardens. In tbis garden
children will bc encouraged to raise
lex-Premier Fleming and Sir Rod*
j mond Roblin In Ottawa to take th*.*
| place of Hon. C. J. Doherty and Sir
George Foster.   Sir Richard McBrlde's        ^^^^^^^__,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M,M_11_
administration of provincial affairs In   (lowers, ornamental trees and shrubs.
This work Is being encouraged by
th<* Department of Education of both
Dominion and Prornlete) governments. The board of trustees became
Interested in the work last year
through thi* visit of Mr Gibson, of th*>
Hritish Columbia hardly can be said
to havu done much to strengthen tin-
credit of Canada In Britain or elsewhere.
"Certainly whenever the Dominion
government has been dragged into tha
British  Columbia arena  it  does  not   department of Momentary education,
seem to have come out with a great*
ly enhanced reputation. The natural
resources, the birthright of the pOOplS
of thc coast, would seem tn have been
squandered to the limit because th-
government long lias been uflli* t* -l
with bankruptcy lu public opinion and
is at lust face to face with fiscal buiili*
and this year when the department of*
fared to make a np^-clal grant for thin
purpose the board felt that they should
proceed with the work at once.
It Is expected that the ground,
will be In snap** by the rommeniIS
ment of school after Kanter. Beside..
the IK foot l».rdi r inside the fence a
fUptcy too.   The policy of bond guar-11« foot border will be cultivated alor.i*
lanteei and subsidies und land grunt
ito privileged monopoly and juil term**
for deluded British miners could not
end In any other but fiscal and poll*
i tical bankruptcy.
"When the next federal cabinet re-
construction    Is undertaken    by the
the edges of the cement walks Inside
the grounds Kn-h (earlier will havo
charge of separate plots and prizes
are to be given by the department ot
education for the best showing by any
' room.
Tbe work In the school gardens is
political leaders It may be borne home not only healthful c-xerclse but teach-
to them that a revolution Is taking eB the children the art of beautifying
place In public opinion. In future their own homes as well as instilling a
moral values will count for more than natural love of soil cultivation, which
in thc past." ; Ir dormant In the minds of many.
Choice Standard IVas, Per 11a,  10c
Regular Price llie. or ± for 25c.
Not More Than S Hon to Each Cvatoroer
Call at the Store or Phone 188.   You Can Pay Drilveryman
I Royal Crown Soap, 12 bar« 46c.
Ottawa,  March  2s.~Hon.  w.   t. Gold Dust, Large Package 26c.
White yesterday morning tabled    In | Old Dutch Cleanner, 8 tltlH 26c.
the   commons    supplementary    euti-j vuitnii  nvmnmti aa -»   t* tur
mates totalling $4,364,641.    or this 1 ORANGES, >EVER B£T?I& **M CASE
$60,0*00 Is for the relief of sufferers j
tha Hlllerest,  Alta.,  mine  dlsas-,
APRIL 1st, 1915
I.. P. Sullivan, Editor
J. B. Thompson, Ba.laen Manaier
SapicrlpUaa EaU.
Ona   Ysar    11.00
IU Month.         1.00
Thru Month.    SO
Advertising Bates
Display   Advertising,   It   ctnta   per
Column Inch.
Beading Notices or Classiaed Ads. 10
ssbIs per Use.
fraiiliniiit, 11. IV April 1st, 191.1
Ills allotted spun run, life's labors
done, Krnest l'urily Flewelling, for
thii past nlno yours rector of Christ
cliurch, Cranbrook, pusst-il Into tlmt
niyutiTlmis beyond last Krliluy nigh'..
Tho i-lty hus lost u valued citizen
and tin- poor niun an honest friend.
In his business, eoclal and private Ufa1
ho llvoj up to tlio highest conception
of true munllness, and us u fair anil
Just preuclior, loyal associate, honest
anil fulthful worker for his little
tloi-k, he endeared himself to nil to an
extent thut his departure is not only u
personal loss to thousands In the community, but a distinct clvle misfortune. Christ Anglican church, from
its long years of association witli the
Rev. E, 1'. Flewelling, suffers a loss
that gives Its entire membership profound grief, yet onuses us to feel how-
groat must bo the burden to those
who lose the father's loving euro.
The deceased was u true friend of the
poor muii, und It mattered not to him
whether u tradesman or u commo-i
laborer, lie treuteil everyone wltll the
utmost respect.
Card of Thanks
On behalf of those associated with me In the Municipal Election of the 30th ulto., now the elected City
Council, and of myself, I beg to tender our very sincere
thanks to the Electors of Cranbrook for the unmistakable victory resulting from earnest public Bupport of all
I wish to take advantage of the occasion to correct
a misstatement appearing in a recent circular letter
over the names of the defeated candidates. In this production it was stated that the Council elected ln January
last had been unseated. Such ls not the fact by any
means. They simply resigned in order to avoid the risk
of costs of the vexations and unnecessary proceedings
forced upon us by our opponents.
That their methods of campaigning finds little
sympathy with the public is demonstrated by the result
of Ihe election of the other day, which appears to emphasize the view of the electors that there is a wide distinction between principle and blind, unreasoning prejudice.
1 wish to assure the ratepayers and the people of
Craubrook that the present Council and I will work In
cordial agreement to forward the well being of the city
aud the citizens, and we trust that our attention to the
public interest will be accepted as the best mode of proving our appreciation of the honor which has been done in
electing us.
Shake. It's over for another year.
Dirty.dollars will not cleanse politics.
No- man can smell his own political
pig pen.
When oh when will the date he announced?
March came ln like a lamb and went
out like gentleman.
Opportunity is a good knocker,
there are others.
Poverty will surely pinch an honest man, but It never lands him In
Lands for Settlers—None for Speculators
Loans to Settlers on Easy Terms
Timber for Actual Users Only
Government  Coal  Mines   Guarantee
Cheap Fuel
Strict Enforcement of Criminal Law
Technical Education for all Classes
Equal   Suffrage—Women   with  Men
Non-partisan Civil Service
Workmen's    Compensation    Without
Litigation Expenses
A White British Columbia
where in the neighborhood of thirty  HARRY TATE WILL BE
million ilothrs to this company on !
bond guarantees. Now thou unless j
further money lc advanced tho road |
cannot be built. In that case the Mc- i
It wns tliis striking \ Bride government might as well have'
A Treat Promised for Patrons of the
Auditorium Next  Week—
The Program
characteristic of the man which appealed strongly to the ooor of thr
city. He lias helped many a family
in poor circumstances and but few
wore the wiser. He often made tho
remark tliat ft was useless to preach
religion to a mau who needed food
first. Ho believed the workingman
had a right to live. In this regard ho
practised what ho preached. Permit
us to say that the many pleasant recollections which wo shall always
cherlHh for tlie departed, shall have
the comforting thought that it is well
witli Mm. Knowing him as wo did.
we are glad to think that us the remorseless enemy approached, he had
no fear and liis faith was strong, and
when that enemy—doath—conquered
his body und led liis spirit lo the div-
tdtng line, wc doubt not tliat the j
"Friend that sttckot). closer than »
brother" was with him in the valley
of the shadow and bestowed upon him
the crown of immortality on the Othor
taken that thirty million dollars and
dropped it off some steamer into tho
moon-mad   waters   of   Knglish   bay.
A llur and a coward are about the
same thing whether they live In |
Cranbrook or Wattabuig.
Beware ot the crow! Buy something new for Easter, supposing tt ts
only a pair of shoe strings.
Joe Boyle sums up the out of work
situation thusly: "To many working.
Work greatly overdone."
Did you observe that Chinaman are
all employed In the district? A white
British Columbia, ye gods!
The working men of British Columbia don't want compensation acts.
They want work.
A story Is going the round asking
why our Tom ls like a camel? So far
we are not next to the joke.
The Nelson Dally News has consistently of late followed a policy nf
ignoring Cranbrook news, in fact for
a time It seemed they had forgotten
tlmt Cranbrook was on the map. lint
it would he better tor them to continue that policy rather than publish
articles tending to hurt the standing of Cranbrook as a city. Thin
week tliey state that the Cranhrook
council was unseated because of
property qualifications. In the first
place the Crunbrook council was nut
unseated, they simply resigned rather
than cause tlie city the expense of a
lawsuit. The action brought against
them had nothing tn dn with property
qualifications but was based on technicalities In the nomination papers.
The News may not Intentionally endeavor to hurt the reputatlnn of this
city hut tholr policy nf lato has certainly not boen friendly toward Cran
brook interests. Tho overwhelming
majority of tlie vote last Tuesday con
cluslvely proves that the sympathy of
thc people was not with those who attacked tlie council, as ull thc resigned
members who were candidates again,
were re-elected.
Tliey have not protected the people's
interests in any way. Not only have
they lost the money but the people
will bc forced to pay it hack before
long, McBrldo proposes to come bo-
foro the people with the proposition
of further guarantees, There is no
doubt that his government will meet
with overwhelming defeat on this pro-
! osal, lie has not protected the
people's interests in the past and he
cannot be expected to do so In the
future. If lie had kept former guarantees under government control and
expended the money hy the govern-
nt us tlie road was built then we i
would have tlie road in operation to-,
day. Tho money was turned over \o'
Mackenzie and Mann without any
strings and they used it—no one
knows how except that it was not
used In completing the road through
British Columbia. Thoy cannot expect the people to stand for further
grafting from the public purse, with-
out even tin.* semblance of value re-
The following ls the platform ot the
Liberal Party of British Columbia,
which principles we pledge ourselves
to bring Into operation when elected
to power.
If—Free Lands for Settlers—None for
(a) Wo believe that agricultural
land should be disposed ot only on
such conditions as wlll Insure Its continuous use and occupation.
(b) We will utilize as far as prac
tlcable the resources of the province
In developing and making accessible
the agricultural and other latent
wealth ot the province by good roads
or water communication where necessary.
(c) Free homesteads to actual settlers. Holders of pre-emptions to he
given benefit of this provision.
(d) Advances to settlers on easy
terms to assist in clearing, dyking,
Irrigation and other permanent Improvements.
  I    (e)   Surveys of all accessible agri-
.Honor K.°°.d ™e"Vbe. C.0Urt?"!„t0 : cultural lands to be rapidly completed
and survey sheets and all necessary
Information to be made easily avall-
I able to the public.
 -*-«■*■■■"   ~   ;    (f)   Settlement en bloc to be en-
News* 'lfl the B' C' machInl8ts union-   " ia i couraged by the removal of reserves
no-labor union and ls headed by Bill j ffhIch BCatter populatlon and greaUy
Wednesday aud Thursday, April 7th and 8th
The Funniest Act In Vaudeville.  A Headline Turn That
Hns Never Been Equalled
A .liiawrliiiir Act That Has no Peer
A Very 1'lenslnt* Song and Piano Turn
"The Three Dimly Howls" Gymnastic Comedy Slunt.   A
-The Personality Girls" in Sours and Dances
In "Odd Bits of Vaudeville"
SIX BIG ACTS full of laughter and entertainment.
Reserve your seals ut HeattlcMurphy's.
all men, but tor the love ot Mike,:
smash that Bowser machine.
The strongest union In the world
"Harry Tate's Motoring," tho funniest act In vaudeville, Is coming to
the Auditorium theatre on Wednesday
and Thursday, April 7th and 8th.
This is what   tho   Calgary
Telegram says about it:
| "A most entertaining and amusing
i bill of vaudeville Ib being offered at
| the Pantages this week with Harry
j Tate's famous laugh provoker, "Mo-
; taring," aB the headline attraction.
j "Motoring" is well known all over the
) civilized world as one ot tho fun-
; nlest comedy sketches ever written for
; It contains as many laughs to th
I minute as anything ever offered on
thc vaudeville stage.   The five English comedians presenting the sketch
tills week at the Pantages are direct
from London, and are the same as
have appeared In "Motoring" duringj cleverness for honesty,
its many tours ot the British Isles.
That Calgary audiences are appreciating the comical sketch Ib evidenced
by the roars of laughter heard at
every performance."
What the Calgary Herald says:
"The headliner this week Is Harry | Tom iarta* ,he nex* MttT <*»'
Tate's  famous comedy skit entitled
'Motoring."   This ls certainly one of
Do you know that with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets in an eight-roomed house, in two
hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
beater and do not injure the carpet—in fact you make It
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at 50c. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
SO GOES TIIE PROVINCE  t,le most BDHurd turns that haa been
' presented at Pantag s for a long time,
nnd it Is a winner.   The wonderful
One of tho most spectacular fights.; motor car and the collection of in-
anywhere In  tho   province will   be I dlvlduals who furnish the fun in their
staged  In  Cranbrook,  whore  T  .». j vain endeavors to get It started com-
i 'avail, Conservative, and Dr. J. H.; bine to make an act that ia a riot of
King,   Liberal,  arc  already  In   ihe j real fun.   The act Is one with a repu-
lield anil down to work.    Botn had [ tatlon—one to which It la certainly
bang up conventions, nnd no com- j able to llve up to.
petltors for the position.   In fact, bo     one of the most spectacular Juggling
increase the cost of roads, schools and
other necessary facilities.
(a) Co-operation with the Doinln-
on government in securing all-rail
connection between the railway sys-1
terns of Vancouver Island and the
railway systems of the mainland.
(b) The construction ot a line
owned and controlled by the government to give direct communication by
the best route as to grades and distances between the Similkameen and
other interior points and the const
(c) The husbanding of the provincial credit to assist lines that will
open up new territory.
(d) We oppose provincial credit
and reserve being wasted In paralleling existing lines.
(e) Abolition ot tbe system of giving away Crown lands for townsltes,
free of taxation and under railway
The Ottawa Citizen believes that a [ control.
You must keep every promise you
make or people will foreclose on
you in one way or another. Probably
election day.
The barbers aay lt ls worth two bits
to shave a man these days. The
reason given is that everyone wears
such a long face.
There la no denying our Tom la
some politician. But the time has
come when we   can   dispense witb
Any farmer needing the aervloes of
an inexperienced hand wbo loves the
lite on the ranch and who Is Just
crazy to know all about farming can
secure cheap help by applying to our
Fruit Trees For Sale
A number of one and two-year-old Apple Trees; good
hardy acclimatized stock, budded in the Valley: Wealthy,
Mcintosh Red, Duchess. Yellow Transparent, Hyslop and
Transcendent Crabs.
Usual Nursery Prices.
keen were tlle Liberals for Dr. King
to run tliat C. R. Ward, who was
nominated ubout n year ago to carry
tlio opposition standard, withdrew
irom tlio field and placed Dr. King's
name in nomination. Itotli have
lirovloua legislative experience to
tholr credit, botli have a personal fol-
lowlng Irrespective of (inrty politics,
mil one might be safe in saying as
''ranbrook goes so goes tlle province.
Creston Bovlew.
On the announcement of thc provincial government tlmt the election wus
delayed on account of the work on the
lists because of redistribution wc hid
good-bye to our old friends ln Kort
Steele und Wusai with tears of sorrow.
But now we are gluil to Huy "Hello"
again. They are still In the Cranbrook district. Tlie redistribution not
does not become law until tlie house 11'.r0.n"1 ,r"'.'
has been officially   dissolved   wlilcli
entertainments ls given by Mr. Nolan
assisted by his sister. The act la not
only clever In aa much as actual
Juggling la concerned, but there Is
plenty of good comedy In the turn.
The work Is clean and fast and tor thc
greater part new. After going through
some very clever and novel stunts
Mr. Nolan brings the act to a conclusion by Juggling plates aa fast as his
assistant can send them. Juggling
nf this kind never grows stale.
Ethel Arnold with Erlo Taylor at
the piano, make many frlenda wltn
their "Song and Piano" turn and they
—— well deserved the reception and ap-
Tin' editor or tho Clilnook (Vancou- i plause accorded them, for they offer
ver) charges thnt William J. Bowser, J a most interesting and versatile act.
Utorncy-Ocncral of B.C., was an ac-1 Johnson, Howard and Ustette, "The
eompllco of the lnte W. It. Arnold In j Three Dusty Roads" present a unl-
tho swindling of the people In thc ! <iuc gymnastic offering which Is funny
lintiiliilciii Trnsl toko, This clinrgo Is I and finished from the athletic stand-
Hindi' with tlio roll knowledge of the Point. Their stunts are unexpected
penalties outlined for (lie punlBlimont »nd somo of them ncw. The act Is
of men who make statements which I one of merit and Is well set In a bill of
Wo challenge tho Hon. j comedy.
William J. Dowser tn return to South !    Curtis and Hebard, "The Person-
Vnncouver and tell the people all the I ullty Girls" show a great deal of talent
has not heen done. Therefore, why
Ihe "buncombe" about the work mi r'"'1" 'ouohlng upon Ills iiersonal nnd In putting across their songs and thc
tlie lists? Government Agent Wal-'"'"''"' ri'l"ll"n" »'»" ""' ,"t'' William' rustic offering which features their
lulger, iir Criitilirook, ii'fuses lo (runs-1 "■ Arnold "nd tlio Dominion Trust j act Is extremely well done. They of-
Company.—The   Qreaior    Vancouver , fer some new songs and dances with
i lilnonk.    ' thc aid of pretty laces and figures and
' I stunlng gowns.   Ono ol the talented
WOOD STATEMENT young ladles shows marked ability
  aa a comledlcnne.
„    , .   ,    „     ,,     „   , .   „,   ,     B,,rt <V(m Klel,» *»** Oertle Olb-
Itccclpls (nr Sunshine Society Wood  801> ,„ an 0„0 of „„,„„,„». Iimsu,
j were attractively conspicuous.   They
for 28 3-4 cords of wood »08.fJ5 1 ofter a mtle b|t of e¥erytntaf ta thelr
Disbursements    »<.«<• j "Odd Bits ol Vaudeville."   The Hrst
 1 part of their act Is especially strong
Balance for Sunshine Society   94.3T
fer any names or make any changes
ln the list until thu house lias been
dissolved. Mr. Wallinger Is right nml
acting up to the letter of the linv.
This will mean another long delay
in the date of an election. In fact wc
might as well lay down our political
gunB and return tn the plow and the
desk. It would seem now that before
an election can he held tlint nn expensive commission on lunacy needs
to be appointed to Inquire Into whether the heads of the BritlBh Columbia
government are sound mentally.
Their latest moves would indicate that
a new wing should be built nn the
provincial Institution at Ncw West-
mnister for thc preservation of the
McBrldo machine. Its the champion
mix-up ln governmental affairs thnt
has ever occurred In Canada.
The Sunshine Society Is Indebted to
Mr. George R. Leask and partner for
giving the privilege of cutting eighteen
cords of wood on their property.
IHshnrsenicn:** — Sunshine Society -.
To    Volunteers. W.    Glrvln   nnd B.
Vnrley, for cutting 2ta cords of
wood    152.00
To M. F. Uwollln, for hauling 28
Unless further provinclnl mnney is I    cords of   wood and   catting 2
given to the Canadian Northern rail-1    cords   $30.60
way they cannot complete their line I To T. J. Muynnrd for cutting 3-4
and their "nut" impersonation Is well
carried off.
Lovers ol good vaudeville will certainly appreciate next week's offering at the Auditorium theatre. There
will be six acts Instead of the usual
five, and nearly two hours good comedy
and enjoyment,
through British Columbia, This Is (he
latost announcement. The Mellrlde
government ns custodians ol the
people's monoy havo advanced some-
enrd of wond 75
To A. 11. Smith for liuiiling cord
of wood 75
To D. E Morrison for stumpage..|3.60
The first baseball game of the season Is scheduled for Good Friday afternoon between teams Irom tho
Young Men's Club and Irom the city.
The contest wlll be staged on the
grounds south nl the government
(I) All franchises for the construction, operation and ownership or i
leaning of government-aided roads to;
be open for public competition.
(g) The province to co-operate j
with the Dominion in aiding highway
(h) ' Tbe prevention ot over-cnpl-
tallzation ol railways.
(I) Aid to railways not to exceed
what Is reasonably necessary to secure construction.
(J) Freight, passenger and ex-
press rates and telegraph tolls ol all
government-aided roads to bo under
the Jurisdiction ot the Dominion Railway Commission.
(k) With a vlow to meeting the
demand lor the transportation ot
grain Irom Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Immediate construction ol
government-owned elevators.
(I) The people to control tlie
railways, and not the railways the
(a) We condemn without reserve
the wholesale disposal ot timber lands
to speculators which has been the only
What the worklngmen ot thia die- ^"^ pollc-* "' *ne *,rcBeilt «°ver»-
trlct need Is a law which wlll com-     e.?,'   _
pel (not prohibit) the government to! , "" "» »«fW. «»'»'"« »nd val-
pass a law providing eight hours work ; _?_ iimbe' "*? *" ""> *ovcr"-
for the laboring man.   Stanley Peck!'n",1 •f0" •■'••»**°»: »"<« the dls-
submarine can be built for $200,000
and naturally wonders why the Canadian government paid $1,160,000 (less
"commission") for the two secured by
Sir Richard McBride.
It Ib said that all politician's develop a corporation. How about Dick
McBride? Likely he takes mauage
treatment. It has been whispered that
Dick wears corsets. Tom Caven
would look well tn a Spirella.
It Is said the Prospector wlll again
come to Hie when tho election date ia
'announced. The Conservative candidate la finding the grade hard to make
these daya, but with the assistance ol
'the Prospector, Tom Caven's detent in
'Cranbrook would be a foregone con-
Dick McBride was expected to play
a practical Joke on the electorate ot
British Columbia today. April tool
day comes about three times a year
for Dick. He ls a good deal like
I'rof. Hepburn, a former dancing
school mastor, who held a birthday
dance at least once a month,
Informs ua a good law would be:
Eight hours work, eight hours sleep,
and that would leave eight hours lor
The gap In tho local Conservative
party Is being gradually tissued over.
Alter the application of new ekln,
Zam-Buk and various other "ointments" the gap la healed, but It must
be handled carefully. We know what's
on tho upper part ol this arrangement, but nobody knows Watts under
tho surface.
Borne men might carelessly wear a
suit ot undeiwear lor twolve years as
long as It lelt comfortable, but when
It causes the neighbors to avoid them
and makes them objects ol suspicion
to the health Inspector, they leel that
it Is "Time for a Change." And the
McBride administration la certainly
surrounded by a perceptible odor ol
graft alter twelve years In power.
"It's Time tor a Change."
Do yon know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner yon can cleaa all the carpets In tn eight-roomed house la two
boun? You do It better than with
the old atyle carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—ta fact you
make It look Ilka new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at Me.
aal ll.M **t boar aad callage.
CitHiiia Mse*te UfM C*. IM.
posal ot all such lands by public competition to actual users.
(c) Improved methods ot preventing timber waste, and systematized reafforestation.
(d) Hand loggers' licenses to be
granted where conditions demand.
(e) Stability ol tenure, Crown dues
and ground renta to be fixed lor de-
Unite periods.
4-J*aUle Protection h Hespeet to
(a) Coal lands not to be alienated
but leased under conditions to bo fixed
periodically by tha legislature.
lb) Wherever practicable and necessary, government operation of coal
mines to be at once undertaken with
a view to the protection of the consuming public.
5—Practical Education
(a) We recommend the appointment ot a representative advisory
board ln educational matters, such as
exists In all other provinces.
Ib) The present school curriculum
ts so overloaded with subjects as to
reader thorough education ln any
Branch impossible.
(c) The Increase ot manual and agricultural training. Establishment of
an efficient system ol technical
Id) The present school system
bears unjustly on settlers In unorganised districts and should be immediately adjuitea.
(•>   AU     political     partlsaaahlp
should be eliminated from the Kduea-
(lon Department.
(!. - Hein'cscntatlnn
(a) Personal registration and regular periodical system of redistribution.
(b) We are pledged aB a Party to
provide lor the equal suffrage of women with men.
(a) Exemption of Improvements on
ull lands paying taxes to the Provincial Government.
(b) A readjustment of thc system
ot taxation whereby the province will
receive a fairer proportion of thc unearned Increment.
(c) Immediate reform of the present costly, cumbersome and inequitable system of collecting school taxes
ln unorganized districts.
d.—Labor—Workmen's t'ompensatlen
Without Litigation
(a)   The creating ot a Provincial
Department of Labor and free Government Labor Bureaus.
(h) A thorough and frequent in-
! spectlon ot all Industrial premises to
Insure health, sanitation and snfety.
j (c) The complete prohibition of
' child labor ln factories and shops.
I (d) The establishment by the gov-
', ernment ot a permanent Industrial In-
| surance Ciiinniissiini, Independent of
: politics. This commission to have full
i charge of u system providing pasltlvu
compensation tu employees fur Injury
received during employment, wltliuut
, recourse to litigation, and giving cm-
j players the bcnellt of acoldent insur-
i unci' at minimum cust.
(e) The extension of the Work*
: men's Compensation Act to cover ull
liatardous employments.
(fl The payment of wages ut legit
(g)    Tlio minimum wuge, tin' eight-
hour day and six-day week on all public and government-aldod work.
I.—Oriental Immigration
(a) Wo Btnnd for a white llrltlsh
Columbia and advocate continuously
Increasing stringency ln Immigration
laws until this result Ib attained, and
the total exclusion of Orientals from
the province.
(b) We Insist on enforcing strict
sanitary regulations In congested districts.
III.—Extension of Municipal Powers
(a) Increase ot local control ln
municipal matters.
(b) Election ot license and police
commissioners by popular voto.
II.--Public Ownership ol Utilities
Wc adhere to the' principles of
public ownership of all public utilities, the limitation of terms nt franchises to corporations, ronewlng the
same It In the public Interest on equitable terms. \
li- Local Control of Liquor Tratllc
(a) The complete removal ol the
liquor question from Party politics.
(b) Control ot the traffic by munl-
; clpalltles, or ln unorganised territory,
j In locally elected authorities,
(c) The adoption ot a local option law.
I    (d)   The legulur inspection ol all
liquor offered tor sale.
13,—Public Accounts
Wc Insist on providing for an absolutely independent public Audltor-
! General, appointed and controlled ab-
| Bolutely by the Legislature.
14—Fishery Control
i    (a)   Immediate steps to restore the
| Ashing industry to white fishermen.
i    (b)   The protection ol British Co-
! lumbla fisheries Irom foreign poachers
by the adequate policing ot Canadian
I waters.
'   Ll.—Protection ol Waler Supply
The retention ol all timber lands on
watersheds tributary to cities, towns
[ and municipalities, and the recovering
] by the government ol tho present
! alienated properties.
110.—Torrens System ot Registration
ol Titles
The present system ol land registration is expensive and cumbersome
a and we pledge ourselves to tho adop-
' tlon nf tlie Torrens system ol titles
and the reduction ol registration
17. Vni.Partl»an Civil Service
The organization of the Civil Service Commission for both Inside and
outside service, so that appointments
wlll be based on fitness and not on
partisan services.
From our resident correspondent, CD.
(We  suspect  she    clipped  them
from a Pink Sheet I.
A surprise was sprung on tho society younger set this morning when
Miss Dolly Varden, the pretty and accomplished young cabaret singer In a
Washington Btreet soup kitchen, announced hor engagement to Clarenco
Archibald O'Mally, president of tho
liuoze Fighters' League. A beer bIiow-
or wlll bo given to Miss Varden at the
Hash Sllngcrs' Club this evening. A
unique teature ol the shower will be
the fnnni ball favors which each guest
will blow from a flagon ol suds,
Miss Ablgalo Du Pounder was the
guest ol honor at a pretty little beer
bust given by the charming society
matron, Mra. Buyem Yerssel, at her
bungle house winter home, overlooking Lake Union dump, laat night. Miss
Du Pounder became intoxicated at an
early hour, but she carried It ofl so
delightfully that she spilled her family
secrets to tho guests, thus creating a
great deal ol amusement. The social
affair waB pronounced a success, and
refreshments ot Llmberger cheese and
stowed prunes wore served. There
were other slews, but Ik* hostess refuses to give Ibe ten* lo tlw patera THTJBfflMC.  APRIL 1st, 1915
rttM CaUMBtsOm*
me.      A nice line ot fishing tackle at
Liable to Oversleep Yourself
Ever awake in the morning with a start, and find
that you must be on the
way to work In a few
minutes? Aggravating
isn't it? Why don't you
invest in one of our
Don't Bay an alarm clock
won't wake you. We have
clocks that will do the
trick, if you are wakeable
at all. Those repeaters
are handy for hard-to-
wake-up people. Every
minute Ihey make a noise
and you have lo get out of
bed In slop them. One will
last for years. Wc guarantee every clock.
W. il. Wilson
Gwynne's. ^^
See the Cranbrook Agency Co. for
lite Insurance.
Mrs. J. P. Smith will not receive
again this season.
Nelson Daily News and Spokesiuan-
Review at Gwynne's.
All    1914    magazines ut    10c.    at
Miss  Delia Druiumorid  returned to
Cranbrook   today    from    Blalrmore.
Carpenters have been rebuilding Uie
diKpluy windows .u tbe photo studio
uf ll. J. Hinning tliis week.
Tbe  school  kids ure  happy.      Tlu*
Banter holidays have brought gladness
Mrs. W. K. Thomson is leaving to-1t0 tn,,'r mtlp h_*^_
day for Nelson, where she will spend
thc Easter holidays.
Gardening time. Plant good seeda.
Steele Briggs, D. M. Perry's and Mae-
Kenzic't, at Ward & Harris.
Conductor \V. Greaves Is the owner
of ii new 5-passenger Ford touring
New stock uf men's working gloves
Just arrived; Hue assortment; prices
reasonable.—Cranbrook Saddlery Co.
V1IONE K—Strictly trent*
killed lainliH for Garter at the
Cranhrook Meat Market.
PHONE n—Strictly fresh
kllli'd hi in lis ror Duster ut the
Cruiibrook Men! Market.
W. D. Stone is daily shipping a large
quantity of hot house lettuce and
other early garden stuff- to tbe surrounding towns, Fernie being one of
bis good murkets.
A number of local poultry fanciers
are working up an outside market for
tbe sale of pure bred fowl, Tlie lasl
week quite a number uf birds have
been shipped cast.
(leorge IMham and W  Montelbettl
of Corbln. H.C, were present at thc
Mrs. Herbert Johnson and daughter I Odd Fellows lodge last Monda;
Saturday,. April 3d, a bright Gospel
service will be* held at 8 p. in.
Sunday evening at 8 a Gospel service. Subject; "And They Rolled
Away The Stone."
Tuesday and "Thursday bright services to which all are invited .
Capt. and Mra. Hustler.
Rev. 0. E. Kendall, Putor.
Special Easter services morning and
evening. Music and sermons appropriate to the season.   All are invited.
Morning topic, "Building Eternal
Mansions—Laying Foundations."
Evening topic, "Resurrection R«-
Bible school at 3 p. m.
W. E. Dunham, Paator.
ing when Mr. H. White, Grund Mas'
ter, made bis oftlclul visit.
j The annual meeting of the Method-
i ist Church Ladles Aid Society wlll be
held in the parsonage on Wednesday
afternoon, April 7th, at 3 p.m. A full
attendance Is requested to be present.
lemons,  30c.  per
Fancy  Red  Ball
dozen ut Gwynne's.
Wm. Schnd  was in tl.e eity
Bull River on Tuesday.
Tbursa, came In  from Wardner  today spending the time between trains.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Smith are leaving today for Vancouver and the
Panama Exposition at San Francisco
where they will spend their holidays.
Thc Ladles Aid of Knox Presbyter-
Ian., church will hold a cookery sale     Gor(]on  p   Kcl)muiA  ,„ ,„  ,,,,,,
and ea on Saturday, April 3rd, in the ; brook on a „„„, ^   „r m_m
Sunday  school room
3  to
Is  a  well    known    railroader.
Sunday BOrviMS.   The pastor
preach   at   11 a. ni.   aud   7.30   p. m.
Huth services wlll be appropriate to
Kaster, tlie church  will  be suitably
decorated with flowers and a stromt
musical   program   will   be   rendered,
under the leadership of Mr. Chas .F.
Nidd, organist and choir master.
Morning Serrlee
Prelude on "The Easter Hymn."
Anthem, "I Will Sing of Thy
Power"    Sullivan
Solo, Mr. W. Shepherd
Offertory, Berceuse  Barnett
Sermon  subject:   "The Christ of
but' Personal  Experience."    This is the
See the Cranbrook Agency Co
flre insurance.
when the call for men from Old England came his patriotic pride took
possession  of him   and   be   today  a
Miss   Stevens   has   resigned   her
position on the teaching staff of thc.
  ; public    school   on   account of   her i raember of the Mounted Infantr*v wIt»
W. Kerr, of Elko, was in the city t Health and is returning to her home j headquarters at Lethbridge.
the flrst of the week. ' •'• Nanaimo. |    Ti,e committee In charge of the Hob*
  „_ j pjkj baH liave about completed ar-
Gomer   Jones   was   in     the   city      FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN—Eight; rangenient8 for this big affair    and
Tuesday from  Erickson.
Alan Graham was up from Fernie
on Tuesday spending the day In thc
roomed house and three lots, all modern conveniences;
teduction for cash.
everything Is expected tn go with a
easy  terms;   big  gwIng on Easter Monday, the date of
Apply E. H. Pat- Ltii|B big dance.   Tbe Hospital ball   Is
12-21  an  annual  event in  Cranhrook  and
— I it ls expected this year the patronage
  I    At the Liberal association meeting ; will be as large as on previous occa-
A. Mutz, the Fernie brewer, was a 'held In Moyle last week the following>sions.
Cranbrook visitor the   flrst   ot   the officers were elected: A. McFarlane,
week. president; John Freeman, vlce-prestd-
mm r .    'ent; C. A. Foote, secretary-treasurer;
Life insu.ance means sound bual-1 executive committee, Marcus Martin,
ness and safe   protection.     See the Tlm parrell, John Chlsholm, JameB
Cranbrook Agency Co.
Ping Pong, of Wattsburg, heap big
business man, was ln Cranbrook
Ramsay's fancy biscuits 25c. per Ib.
in bulk or 10c. In packages at
Roberts, Chas. Nordman.
Harry Fowkes, a member of the
third Cranbrook contingent, arrived in
the city Monday.
Harry C. Moore, of Blairmore, was
ln the city for a few days this week,
and is still working on the distillation
plant project. No assistance bas been
given the project by tho provincial j
government Mr. Moore was confer-1
ring with the local officials ot the
company white In Cranbrook. i
J. D. McBride arrived home Wed-
| nesday from a .four montlis visit to
i California.     Mr. McBride took lu the.aU0VB 8ervlceB*
! world's fair at Sun Diego and has n
I wonderful story to tell of the muny
; features of tlie great exposition.
Other places visited were Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Oakland aud
other leading cities In California. Mr.
(iftli and last address In the series on
"The Religion for Today."
Postlude, March from St.
Polycarp  Ouseley
Erening Service
Prelude, Theme with Variations
   i   Faulkes
Anthem, "Christ Our Passover"
Solos Miss Eva.Conley and Mr. Venus
Offertory, a Chant Sans Paroles
.  h Chansom Trlste
Sermon subject, "The Life of God
in Christ."
Postlude, Tho Hallelujah Chorus
All are   cordially   invited   to   the
JUST RECEIVED a nice lot of
LADIES' BLOUSES in the very
newest shades and styles.
The price is exceedingly moderate considering the quality.
The whole lot is priced at Jk T   ^3   C3.CN.
We expeet another lot of Blouses and Shoes to arrive today.
We have also placed in stock some very nice new designs in
Stamped Needle Work
Pastor, W. K.
Easier Services
Morning service, 11 a.m.   The Sac-
McBride reports having hud a good , rament of the j^g Supper -^ ^
time  and
says  he   is   "as   fit  as  >t
The St. John's Ambulance Society
announce that room have been se-
Unqucstlonable, conservative Arc In- cwred ovcr M|M McLeod'fl nlHtaery I Kootenay Ccntrat and will carry gro-
suranco  only  written  by  the  Cran-  8tore for dtotributlng sewing for the  cerle8 hardwarC( dry KOods and ttour
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. ttluku. of
Skookumchuck, wcre among tlie
city visitors today. Tbey are making
arrangements to open n general merchandise store at this  point on  the
brook Agency Co.
Born.—In tliis city on Wednesday,
March 24th. to Mr. and Mrs. C. N.
Parker, u daughter.
Mr .and Mrs .Robert F. Davis ward
over from Fort Steele on Tuesday to
vote In tbe city election.
Gardening time. Plant good seeds.
Steele Briggs .1). M. Ferry's nnd Mac-
Kennies at Ward & Harris.
Simon Taylor returned Monday from
Kamloops. where he accompanied bis
daughter  Merle to tbe  sanitarium.
Mrs. P. Dallas left Sunday Tor nn
extended visit with friends at Calgary and other Alberta points
soldiers. The room wlll be open Wed-1 and fecd They have a*8u usked Ulat
a new iwat offlce be given them at
that point, which ls fifteen miles from
Wasa, the nearest post ofllce. While
we are talking about quiet times the
country Is developing almost unseen
with towns and villages still springing up where only a few years ago
was the unmolested and virgin forest. The new merchants believe that
Tlie regular monthly meeting of the Itl,eM ls a !ar*e «■•"•«•■ settlement in
Women's Institute will be held in the \thelr locnllt>' t0 ma*e ■*«" new ™»-   the City.
....... _ . .u .< turn  n   llnutici-i!   aiifinfiac . *
nosday's from 3 to 4 p.m. and Saturdays trom 11 to 12.30 p.m. The society hope all the ladles will aval)
thtamselves of tho opportunity to
share In the good work.
Life Insurance offera the only family
protection today. See the Cranbrook
Agency Co.
SI S. and Bible Class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m.    Easter j
Musical Program
Solo   Mra. B. Paterson!
Anthem   By Choir
Solo  Mra. W. Nisbet
Solo  Mr. T. Russell
Communion    preparatory     aervice
Friday night at 8 o'clock.
Thursday, March llth
Was Free Day Last Month
Examine your sales slips, bring those that bear the above date to our
office, when the value of the GROCERY purchases appearing thereon
WILL BE REFUNDED, providing that your account is paid in full.
Was opened to the public on April first and will be open every day
hereafter. Only the purest and best ice cream will be served Visit our
new parlors and try some of our soda fountain beverages.
Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
j Will be Seen Easter Monday In "Such
• little Queen"-A  tire Keel
Maide Hall on Tuesday afternoon at | -** a financial success
-three o'clock.   A Hatching and darn-
1 lug competition will be held, for memhers only and prize-*, will be Riven.
Tlie work done will be made into a
qutlt for the Belgians. A musical
progrr.mme wlll be given under the
directorship of Mrs. J.'Arnold Wallinger.     All ladies aio welcomed.
Mr. 8. 1.. Coop lias sold out ills interest in Ira It. Manning, Ltd., and
Ih being succeeded as accountant by
Kliott Crowe. As soon as he can wind
up his business ln the city and make
some satisfactory arrangements regarding his cottage lie will leave with
his family for the old land for an
extended visit. Mr. Coop has been
away from his old home for the past
ten years and will be very glad to
I, bringing a tine team "of 'horses  «al" vlB,t *he r"""llar socncs of h!s
boyliood home.   Hc lam
In   Cranbrook   for  the
During Easter Holidays
meals will be served regularly,
at the log bungalow (a stone'sI
throw north of the reservoir j   ^ Bhew charm o( lnt.
toolhouse) two miles walk from,       „, the co„tral c,mniclel, honCT[
Meals   will   also   be   served I se,'llme,lt   mi    Impressive    truths,
,.. a      a a   !el"vea "Such a Little Queen" is one ot thn
every Wednesday and  Satur- f the current cra of ,     M
day   at  2  p.m.  and  5  p.m.!
throughout the summer.
Mrs. c. It. Wural nnal child loft Tuesday for a visit wllla (Honda nt High
Hiver.   1'MmoiUon   nnd   otlier   prnlrle      Percy  I,e  Viaconte,  formerly conjoints. ' ui'iti'il   Wltll   P.   Hums   k  Co.,  ill   tills
  I eity, mine over from Calgary  this
T. A. Mnrtlll irriVOd Tuosaliiy frimi
Calgary, where be Is now employed, r „,|v purchased by Joe Walklcy
and -.pent n dny    here visiting    hls|,„ „K, A|borln mrt*opo||j,   This was!1"   ''anbrook   '<"  the   past   several
brothers, returning. yesterday. Ua a,,, visit to t'ranbrook in Ave i "t'"r"' ,lr8t '" lhc accounting depnrt-
■oars and he was much surprised at:"1""1 o( tU" CVR' lUe" »9 »'"M«e:
' I the many Improvements In the city In ! 'or   ll",   K«t»»»y   Telephone   Linen.
that time.     He returned to Calgary  '•'"■' a""r whlch "° .""-chased an In-
on Wednesday where he ls at present  "'""* ln ,he *"":'!'y buBinc8s of Ira
tt.  Manning,  Ltd., nnd  waa elected
secretary-treasurer nf that company.
Tea, Coffee and Lunch   at
any time.
13-lt K. 8. MENNIE.
Mrs. II c Oorrard and children led
the Ilrst nl llie weal, lair Krultvale. 1!
iv. whore tliey win spa'tiai the summer
on tha-ir ranch.
-■iirail'i al In the butcher business.
PHONE 8—Fresh caught fish
arriving from tho eoasl svery
Wednesday al Cranbrook Mom
j. v .Campbell hns moved hli fain
Hy lulu the Counopolttan lintel nml
has   "ODtod   his   residence   to  A.   I).
llllllltitT.   Willi  iaa  mOVing  III  this  Week.
Joe Wulkley. proprietor ot the Crnnbrook Ment Market, returned Miiluhi.i
from Calgary, while In that city Mr.
Walklcy purchased two Rood pieces
of horse tlesh.
Muck Taylor, who lins been spending the past eight months on Irishman's creek and Hyan, returned to
the city this week and wlll remain
tor some time.
Klre Insurance Is a specialty with      An,0ng the recent casualties at tho
the Crnnbrok Agency Co.   Bee them.   front  among  the  wounded  waB  the
  | name of Chas. McKay, with tho Wln-
If you think tho Herald ia wortli|n|PM nines, |„ t|,t. Thirteenth Balls a year, pay up. If you don't think | ta||oni „ f„rmcr resident of Cranbrook
ll Is worth IS.OO o year order It | ,„„■ 0 brother of David McKay, book-
stupped, ond pay up. It coalo money i keeper at the Cranbrook Ment Morin purchase paper these days. The ai*. Three other brothers hove also
paper bouncae arc Insisting on money
In advance today. Pay something-
ll mi. BOo.. lie. anything within rea-
•nn, but pay!   We havo a number of
Pickford, aa the Uttle queen, makei
one of tho best Impressions of tier
brilliant career. There is something
Indescribably appealing In the personality ahe portrays; she has dignity and grace, gentleness of manner,
charm and wlnsomeness, nod she con-
trasts moat effectively the moods
Identical with a situation In which
disappointment and dlspalr must be
concealed under a pretense of cheerfulness and courage.
The play deals with kings nni]
queens of toy kingdoms and the trials
which beset them nl both the hard Held
of politics and the Imuglatlve realm
of romance. Anna Victoria. Queen of
Heriegovina, exiled by reasons of
political dissension, finds refuge    in
  America.  Stephen, the Debonair, Kins
Among the Moylo vliltora In town!0' D0*"1"'   ■*» ul"° been  dethroned,
Monday evening In attendance at the i •*«"* »'»0 conH'a t0 Alm'rltu-   Ah ma>'
An Kaster Monday dance will be held
In tho Moyie Miners 'ball on April
Mrs. Kdward Hill and Matter Ray
been located; Hill, of Cranbrook, were here for a
few days visit to her mother, Mra. Hillier, and her sisters, Mlaa Hillier and
Mrs. J. W. Fitch.
On Saturday Harry Dlmock of the
California mine, Nelson, came for
a short visit with hla family, and went
to Cranbrook on Monday, returning
To be provisional Captains:
Edward Mallandaine, Esquire.
George Frederick Stalker. Esquire.
George Preston Tisdale, Esquire.
John Stanhopo Gladwin, Esquire.
Robert James Pake, Esquire, 26th
September, 1914.
To bc provisional Lieutenanta:
Lieutenant J. J. Martin from tbe
lath (Sydney) Battery, Canadian Field
Artillery. ,-.9%
Walter Halsall. m j fl
Jamea Forsythe Macdonald.
William Malcolm Harris.
Kenneth Craig Corsan
Herbert Everett Barnes.
Herbert Hallowell Bourne.
Raymond George Hirtz, 26th September, 1914.
To be  Lieutenant:    John    Arthur
Philip crompton, gentleman. 26th Sep-,
timber, 1914.
In respect to the recent examlna-
tlons undertaken by the office ra of the
107th Regiment at Victoria a wire was
received today regarding tho result of
the examinations. It states tbat Captain Davles, Lieut. II H. Bourne and i
Major ('. 11. Pollen all fully qualified:
Lieut. H. B. Hicks qualified In A. anil i poglTIOB MUTED.—i aligle maa
B; Captain E. Mallandaine to tie re- nil around farm hand, would like
examined. The balance of the omcers laosltlon on farm. Apply Herald
failed to qualify.
Mrs C. E. Mansfield, of Calgary,
sister of the late Michael Durlck,
wishes to thank all friends tor their
kindness to him during his recent
Illness, also Mike's chuins for beautiful floral offering.
IFIIK .-atl-t.-Twu  wa.hlwaard.;  two
camp   beds;   coal   heater.      Apply
Hayrald  offlce. 13
FOB •i.tl.i:.~Tulla*4 lneubattir; 60
egg;   good  as    new,  115.00;     half
a.ost.—H   Butcher, city.
TO Uit CMAf-leiinnt win.
houfc*.    large and    dry,   15   per
month.   Apply W. J. Alehlaoa. Htf
S. ('.  KHODi:  laSLAMD  BED  E(iG*i
for hatching. 11.00 per 18. Apply L.
I    P. Sullivan, Cranbrook street, ll-tf
FOB  SALt.Hodwi  IsUmtt, Ideal
location;   two lota.    Apply  S.  L.
Coop. Kenwlck avenue. 13-2t
FOR SALE lilig burberry plant*;
best for this district; very hardy;
1300 per 100—J Delmer, Box
755.      10-41*
been engaged In the war, Hugh Mi-
Kay Is among tho   missing   and is j .'
thought to bc a prisoner.   Win. Mc- [    Do you know that with our Vacuum
Kay, who was on duty in thc trenches ; Cleaner you can clean all the car-
people on our Hat who can well af- ,ot alx montlis, wns recently sent to. pets In an eight-roomed house In two
ford to pay something and wo Intend
to canvass the city and dietriet for
back subscriptions.
By using barnyard manure on
Bin Nobic nrrivcd in town Saturday' your lawn and garden you sow
a crop of bothersome and un-
from Montreal .where Ile spent the
winter. En route home lie stopped
off at Natal, where the Socialists requested him to become a candidate in
tliat riding.
Tito visit of Bishop Doull to the
city has been Indefinitely postponed.
Owing to Illness ho waa compelled to
return to Victoria, and la progressing
toward recovery, according to Information received in tho city.
Phil tliiugeon, u well known mll-
roader-aoldior, Is In the city enjoying a brief visit before going out to
tackle tho tlerinaiiH. Phil Is receiving the hearty congratulations of his
•May frlenda « Mi soldierly bearlag
sightly weeds.
Try Instead a sack of Burns'
Complete Animal Fertiliser
and cut out weeding.
It contains all the elements
essential to the formation of
garden plants In readily available form.
$5G per ton lot. Bx lot delivered $8.75.
P. BUBHB * CO, in.
I.O.O.F. lodge meeting, at which Orand
Master Harry White paid an official
visit, were Wm. H. Laird, Edward
Nordman, James Roberta, John Blackburn, R. A. Smith, J. R. Norton.
Aberdeen hospital with entrltus. Hoi hours?   You do it better than with
was in six bayonet charges and was ; the old style carpet beater nnd dn
never wounded or hurt. Jamea, another brother, Is now In tho trenches
and a sister, Mrs. Bella Bllck, Is a
not Injure the carpet—In  fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at He.
Red Cross nurse In South Africa and and 11.00 per hour and cartage.
her husband a member ot the general. Cranbrook  Electric Light O. Ltd.
staff In that country.  The McKay fam-
Hy are surely doing their duty by
their country and making a name
tor themselves In the military world.
Sec'lon 18
on the flrst day of May next applies-
i tlon wlll be made to the Superintend-
,   .„   ,    ,        ,, . ,,      ,,        ent of Provincial Police for the trans-
S.C. W.  Leghorn  Hatching Egg".. for 0f th» license for the aale upon the
good  laying strain,  from our  best! premises known ax Wasa Hotel, situ-
stock,  11.50  per setting.  |7.00  per ! ate at Wasa, British Columbia, from
10. Ernest   Henry   Leopold   Attree,   aa
manager of the said hotel for the
S.C. R. I. R. Hatching Eggs, from the , Unionist   Investment    Co., Ltd.,   to
best wlntor layers, f 1.50 per setting, I Sidney Edgar Small, ot Fort Steele,
British Columbia, as bartender of the
be suspected, tliey ure deeply In love
and their troubles spring from the
political exigency which forbids their
marriage. Both are penniless, and
Anna drifts into a small Hut In Harlem, while King Stephen goes to a
Cheap hotel. The deposed queen, seen
In the kitchen of the Hut. peeling l«)
tatoes, cooking ehO| xplurlng tie
ice box and learning the tricks of the
dumb-waiter, provides ninny of the
humorous moments of the film..
The true spirit of romance permeates the delightful play, which
may be characterized as u little of tho
tenderness and swetnesa of life put
Into dramatic expression.
enst denlr.
able residence In best residential
district in town. Address Box J.
llerald office^ l3-4t
Major Pollen and Captain Uaviiw are   I UK SALE OR REMT-A
taking the Held oncers course.
In the course of conversation with
a local man who had taken the course
he said he was not surprised at M
many men nut getting through. The
course was a rather severe ono ami
he thought ll should be spread over
throe months In order to thorowghly
grasp the full know-lodge of It. Th.
theory purt (C) of thc course was a
problem for most men.
Judge Thompson on Wednesday sentenced Charles Chanel to one year at
Nelson for bieaking Into the bounc of
J. Kenny. Ho was also suspected of
being guilty of several other  house
PASS EXAMINATIONS bwahlaa episodes, whicli havc occur
The Canada Gasctte under date of  red lately.
passenger "Studebaker" in first-class
condition. Write or phoue, A. G.
Wllmot. Jaffray, B.C. IMt
FOR   SALE.   Parlor wiaa,  rsklart
style. 10 stops and knee swells;
sweet tone and In good condition
Only 13.5.00 (test treble—I'. O Bos
612, Cranhrook. ll-tf
roomed house and three lots, all
modern conveniences; easy terms;
big reduction for cash. Apply E. H.
I'atmore. 11-21
FARM FOB REST. Twe Biles Irem
city; three acres cleared; has nice
lot of small fruits; good house snd
stable; |I0 per month. Apply Box
g. Herald ollice. tOtf
11.00 per 100.
Baby Chicks
11.50 per doun, $18.00 per 100.
March 20th gazetted the following appointments, which were made on tin
organization of the 107th Regiment:
10*th (East Kootenay Regiment.- Tin
following appointments are million organisation of the regiment:
Charles was evidently preparing for
thc real bard times which many pre-
diet will arrive ln lho course of shortly. Among the good things Charles
purloined was one rain coat, ten 'f fo
pounds of butter, eight pounds of beef,
IV.ivn:i>. Owner ef snail Improted
acreage or farm, district of Cranbrook, or neighboring towns, who
will sell at a bargain for cash.
Write 1*. O. Box 10, QnaUcum
Beach. Vancouver Island.	
hotel for thc Unionist Investment Co.
Ltd., of Wnsa, II.C.
Ernest Henry Uopold Attree
Holder of License
Sidney Edgar Small
Applicant lor Transfer .
1810: C. M. 8. «. M-atl'''*"'*™' •»"■
To be Lieutenant-Colonel and to eight ponuils of bacon, Hve pounds o:
command the regiment: Lleutennnt-, lard, four dozen eggs ,ten pounds of
Colonel Mackoy from the Reserve of j ralatnH, four loaves of bread, etc.
Ollicers.   26th September, 1914. I    T. T.  Mecredy   prosecuted  for   the
To bo provision!!]  .Major:   Clement crown.
Hungerford Pollen.    Esquire.     26tb i    Tho accused wan arrested on Sun-
Soptembcr, 1014. duy. March 21st, by Chief of Police
To be Captain: Captain G. (I. Mot- Adams and was sent up for trial   at
fatt, Irom the Reserve of Ollicers. 26tli i bia preliminary hearing before Magls-
I trato Arnold.
.    HEXT^Ceraer   af   atnutnif
Ave aad Edwards St., foar roamed
cottage with bath, electric light,
large woodshed, fenced, coal aad
wood heater, range If wanted, 910
per month. Apply Beale k Elwell.   	
LOST. A knack ef keys, either between Armstrong avenue or P. O.
and C.I'.R. station, Including P.O.
box key, trunk keys and soveral
smaller keys on chair ring. Return lo Herald ofllce aad receive liberal reward M
Till OUMUtn***
THiTMDAT,   APRIL 1st, 1915
loyal  (Irnnw
No.  1871
F*.^ Meets Ilrst and third
>_ " Thursdays at s n.».
6* a°. -a.'wji in Hoyal Blaek
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
R. S. Oarrett, W.M.
T. O. Horsman, Roc. Sec.
Meets   every
Monday   night
-    at    Fraternity
Halir  "sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited
It \ Racklyeft J- P. Broughton
N (j. Fin. Seu.
W. M. Harris, flee. Secretary.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hsll
It. C. Cnrr, CC.
!•'. M. Christian, K. It. & S.
1>.  0.  Box 112
Vlsltlu" brethren eordlally Invited to attend.
Meets every second aad fourth
Wednesday  nt  Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Rebekalis sordini-
ly invited.
Sis. A. B. Junes, N.O.
Sis. Ada Hlckenbotbam, Ree. See
Meeti  lu
Maple  Hull  BtmonA
and   fourth
of   every
montll nt 8
Meml>«rsliJi>  epen
o   British
E. Y. Brake
J. F
La war,
Meets In tlio Maple Hall
first TueBday afternoon of every
month nt ii ii.iii.
President, Mrs. W, II. McBgrlano
Secretary, Mrs, John Shaw
P. 0. Dux 4.2
All Indies cordially Invited.
(KAMIItOOK FA 11.11 KltS'
President-A. I). Smith
Secretary—All). II, Webb
Fur informntitm regarding
lauds uml agriculture apply tu
the Secretary, Cranhrook, B.C.
Meeting- Tho Second Saturday at 2.80 o'clock.
T 11 E    C If A >i II It 0 0 K
0 It (' 11 E S T It A
Is ojien for engagement
Dan-res, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
Cranhrook, B.C.
Hal llonovalor
Remodelling Ladles Hats
a Specialty
1G Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
Public Stenographer
Phone 485
Oranbrook -   -   -   -   B.C
Forwarding    nml    Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-llc I'owder
Imperial Oil Co.
Braying and Transferring
Olven prompt attention
Phone 83
Barristers,  Solicitors  and
Money (■> Loan
Imperial  Hank ltullillnf
(Successor taa \V. F. Gurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
P. 0. llnx S50
CltANBItOOK,   B.   C.
m__ DIRT
Physicians  nnd  Surgeons
Ollice  at  resilience. Armstrong
office minis
Forenoons   uoo to 10.00
Afternoons  200 to 4.00
Hvenliigs    ".30 to 8.S.0
Sundays    2.30 to 4.J0
Cranbrook,  B.C.
lilt. F. 11. MILES
Ollice   iu   Hanson   Hlock
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   ts p.m.
V to   ti p.m.
Maternity and Goneral Nursing
Gill-den Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone S69 P. O. Box 845
I'bone 340 P. O. Box 685
I'inn-nil lllreclur und Itnhiiliner
liiiilaling Contractor
Healer In  Real  Estate, Mining
Stocks uiul Mineral Claims
(From tbe Creston Review.)
S. A. SpcorB was a passenger east on
Thursdny-to Cranbrook.
Mrs. C. O. Rodgers returned from
Crnnbrook the latter part ot the
j. li. Winlaw returned on Saturday
from u trip to Owen Sound and other
Ontario points.
Mr. and Mrs. J. McKay, of Moyle.
nre moving to town, to take charge of
tin,- Luptou ranch.
I). W. Briggs, of Portland, Ore., prc-
i sldeiit of the Canyon City Lumber Co.,
' spent u few days hero last week,
i John Seamen, of Cranbrook, who ls
' locating In the valley, unloading a
car of settlers effects at this point
on Monduy.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris arrived from
lleglnu on Wednesday. Thoy will bo
In charge of the C. O. Rodgers ranch
this year.
Tlio Crcaton Dramatic Club present
"Facing the MubIc" at Port Hill on
Saturday night. Laater Cranbrook and
Fernie may bo favored.
Archie McEuchern, of Cranbrook,
arrived here last week to take the
i position of shipper and checker with
the Canyon City Lumber Co.
The snowfall up on the hills Is
about seven feet, according to C.
Klockman, who has spent thc winter
at the Continental mine.
Mrs. (Dr). Winkler, ot Sandpoint,
Idaho, who has been visiting with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Ollpln, for a
few weeks, left for home Tuesday.
i Thc employees at Winlaw'a camp
: have commenced watering the seasons cut of logs, which will run close
1 to 1,500,000 feet—principally cedar.
Rev. W. O. Blake wlll close his pas- i     ,  , ,   ,„     ,„ „„ . ,
.    . „    .     „    >. ....i.. .k.,.,,1,1 ported by Wm. Phillips and Jean Phll-
torate of Creston Presbyterian church   ' ' „.„„„„„,„ „«,„,.,
„ ,,   , ,., , „,.„..  lips, Rev. W. J. MacQuarrie oltlclat-
on Sunday.   Hc leaven on Wednesday     '
for his ncw field of labor at Nakusp. I nB'
..... .u   au-   . ... „,.., S    Yesterday,   in   Magistrate   Whim-
N"V 8atl°M Z       a     ,n   y,Ze  ' *** court, Chas. Andree waa given
opened on Monday, when the steamer, flne
Crescent commenced her trips    be-, ^ ^^    He
house Friday night, unique In every
I way, and proved a brilliant success.
: due to Messrs. Ray Hirtz, Ernest McKee, Jack Bedford, Geo. Itoss and Jim
'McCarthy, and  the  delDRfltes to the
W. It. Ross nominating convention at
Fernie.   It was sprung on the natives
Jiint the name as the election, and waa  greet tlie morn
a pleasant surprise to all llie par-; cheerful note.
tloipants. Mr. and Mrs. West who
recently moved here from Spokane j
supplied the music and proved them-1
selves a decided acquisition to Elko's,
Spring has been In tlie air this week
nml Tuesday we welcomed tbo first'
gentle patter ol the rein drop.   When
the numerous rooators ol' Cranbrook
thoy strike a more ;
priug has como ear-
Ilor this year than usual evon in this
salubrious climate. Everything feels
It.    There In more activity among the
social set.   The atmosphere that per- poultry   and    politicians,   both   aro
meated throughout the entire evening scratching.   Buds are buroting,   From
was solid Conservative.   Alex. Bimie. the  willow  and alder  brush  on  va-
tho well known Tory, acted as floor cant tots come wlltffa of bird song,
manager, and opened the dance with clear and sweet.     The crows havo u
Sherman wus right. Now booze
has beeu put ou a cash basis In Fernie,
Jim Scullett says hc ls going to
raffle himself at four blta a throw
and the man or woman who wins hlm
gets him bolus bolus.
To qualify (or tho suicide club, thc
Conservative party of British Columbia has only to propose to do some
more financing for Meckenzle and
Chief Welsby and Constable Walsh
of Fort Steele, took five prisoners
oul on Monday. Three go to Nelson
and the two Belgians to -New Westminster.
Two of the Fernie men who Joined
the 13th Mounted Rlflos at Pincher
Creek have returned, aB they refused
to be Inoculated with anti-typhoid
Married—At the Presbyterian manse
March 22, Eralyn Trebearne and Margaret Naismlth, both of Corbln, sup-
Sir Richard McBrldo's quadrille;
twenty-eight couples taking part.
The committees who only had twenty-
four hours to get the arrangements
made, said thc dance would Just be nn
musical cackle. The annual miracle
of seed and plant has begun again.
In the minds and bodies of moil there
is an effervescence, as the leavon of
spring lenvcnetli the whole lump. Na-
The Pink of Health
is every woman's right:
but many are troubled
with sallow complexions,
headaches, backaches, low
spirits—until they learn that
sure relief may be found in
Saali ...rrwaV....   la aaam, 25 caaU
Initial one of the round-up order nnd ; tun-'s heart brails faster, Sick people
would last from 8 o'clock to mid- feel bettor. Tho uun longthonu Its
night, and any man wearing a collar bright path from horizon in horizon,
or lady woarlng diamonds, they would It rises enrller, not with llie lurk but
with the roosters', who doubtloos act
:ih alarth i-lorks. Tho tribe of chanticleer Ih numerous uml xonlouu ln
Cranbrook .uiul they begin cnllllig the
sun very curly thesi flue mornings,
When tho sun shears tho fleeces of the
clouds und gets a corner In It 1111s
continued until 3   o'clock
whicli is   market dny   In
Hill and Mining Engineers
It. 1'. I.anil Surveyors
Iween Port Hill and Bonner's Ferry.
Capt. Mallandaine, who has been
taking an infantry officer's training
course at Work Point Barracks, Victoria, for the past six weeks, returned
to town Friday.
It. E. Pow ,B.A„ of Ljmn Valley
Presbyterian church, North Vancouver, will succeed Rev. W. O. Blake as
pastor of Creston church, aasumlng
charge on Sunday, April 4th.
represented himself as a guest at a
'ocal hotel and panhandled the bar-
'.ender for eight bones. He expects to
ilg up the coin.
Without doubt the most enthusi-
istlc nominating convention that has
been held in Fernie met in Ingrain's
'mil on Monday night, when the Conservatives ot Feinie riding unanimously chose the Hon. W. Tt. Ross .as
heir standard bearer In the coming
bo fined one dollar for the campaign
fund, and that there would bo no supper, but here they reckoned without
there queen-bees authority us when
the midnight hour arrived so did a full
dosen ot Elkos' leading society dames
without votes, but with steaming
dishes of Boston's celebrated musical Cranbrook with bright light and i-heor-
truit, sandwiches and coffee. During fulness. lt tills the heart ul men
aupper, several songs were sung, and and women with hope nml Joy. Spring
menus tho turning of u fresh; clean
puge for everyone. Muny people
need the influence of Bpring ut present. They need the fresh courage
it gives. Hope Is always associated
with spring, us tlcsponileni-y is associated with the darkening days of
autumn. Few people can t'pel snd in
spring, when all nature is reincarnated.
Spring Is tho Bcuson of cleaning up
and getting ritl of the winter's accumulation of refuse and dirt, ami bile and
melancholy. Cranbrook i-Itizens
should give everything ubout the
place, houses, cellars and buck-yards,
an extra clean-up this spring, not forgetting their minds and bodies. When
we say citizens, we Include politicians
J. Kulmer has moved back to town j )rovlnclal elections. Every community
the danco
The Great Canadian West
We come to Thee our Father
That for thee we may live
We choose Thy service rather,
Than alt the world can give.
And while we join in singing
And making our request
Thou art before us bringing
The great Canadian West.
From every race and nation
Vast hosts are westward led
They need Thy great Salvation
They need Thy living bread,
And while the hosts are growing,
And eager in their quest
Thy light to ub is showing
The great Canadian West.
The land of vast expanses
The land of fertile plains
The land where trade advances
Thc land where progress reigns,
May we Thy truth possessing
Our gifts and lives Invest
Where Thou art surely blessing
The great Canadian West.
the reserve established by a notice
published in the British Columbia
llnaettc on the 27th of December, 1907,
Is cancelled hi so far as it relates to
Lots 1176",, U7ll:l, 117114, 117(17, 11166,
1I7IIC.. 11708, 117(10, 11771), 11771, 11773,
11771, 11775, 117711, 11777, 117TB, 11779,
11780, LISaB, 118110, 11827, 11828, 11829,
USUI, 11805, llsilil, 11X71. 118811, 11881,
11882, 11883,11884, lissr,, 11S8II, 11887,
U88S, 118811, 11891, 11898, 118M, 11891,
llSIIti, llSllli, 118(17, 12138, 12139, 12140.
12(41, 12142, 12143. 12144, 12145, 12140,
121-17, 12148, 1214(1, 18150, 12166, 12166,
12157, 12168, 12160, 12100, 12161, 12102,
121(12, 18164, 1211a,-,, 121(111, 121(17, 12239,
12240, 18241, 12212, 12243, 12214. 12246,
12241; uml 12247, Kootenay District.
The suld lots will be open to entry by
pre-emption ou Tuesday, (ho 18th duy
ul May, 11115, ut nine o'l-lock in the
t'liri'iiuiiii. No Pro-oiliptlon Record
wil) bc Issued to Include more than
oue Burvoyed Lot uiul all applications
must he made at the office of the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Deportment of Lands,
Victorlu, U.C.,
March 12th, 1915. 12-8t
Ccrtiflcnte of Improvements
Victor Mineral Claim .situate in
the Fort Steele Mining Division of
Kast Kootenuy District, located on
Wild Horse Creek at Old Town or
TAKE NOTICE that I, Geo. M. Judd,
Free Miner's Certilieate No. 67313b, ln-
Who arc today hammering at tlie otlier tend, sixty days fronl date hereof, to
fellow and resorting to dirty political ' apply to tlio Mining Recorder for a
m thods to swing a vote his wny. Certilieate of Improvements, for the
_, , , , , ,, . , , ,. purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
The back-yards of Cranbrook should  of tile nDove claim.
get special   attention.     Dy a   city's      And further take notice that action,
back-yards you enn read Its real char-   under section 85, must be commenced
233 Night Phone 38
Norbury A
ve., next to city Hall
Phone 105 P. O. Box 33
Organist Methodist Churcb
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
trom Erickson and has taken the cottage on Murray nvenne, near Fourth
street. Mr. Fulmcr Is back on the Job
at Brown's blacksmith shop.
A gang of men started work on
Wednesday loading the poles stored
opposite the C.P.R. depot. Fifteen
carloads of them will be shipped immediately. Eight flat care are already on the Biding.
John Keen, the Liberal candldati
in tho Kaslo constituency, will pay
Creston a visit on Saturday and there
n-theirtdlng was represented. I Thy Throne, O Lord, addressing,
Piper Logan, of thc Princess Putri-     With one accord we pray,
:las, a brother of   the   late   David j Bestow Thy gracious blessing
'.ogan .has written to Chief Welsby.    Upon this work today.
■oncerning his brother's death.   He, May all the prospect brighten
laid that Dave had been speaking to;    May courage stand the test
'dm a few minutes before the fatal: Until Thy light shall lighten,
-barge and expressed his anxiety to |    The great Canadian West,
make the rush.    He was absolutely
fearless.   The letter was written ou
March 3rd and at that time tho body
st David was still  lying where he
had fallen, as lt waa  impossible to
actaar mid the true nature of its
people. Many a flne dwell lug-house
Is a hypocrite, with a clean front
yard and nn untidy back-yard, An
ash heap makes u poor keynote for a
decorative scheme. The front yards
of Cranbrook need a lot of attention.
They should be manicured and groomed and flowers should be planted more
freely. Cranbrook needs brightening,
lt needs the gay influence of flowers.
It also needs the paint linuah. There
are houses iu this city that would
stick closer to a paint brush than n
Rev. E. A. Grant, L.O.U. 2533, Elko.  Politician to a vote. .A. little paint,
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvi ments.
Dateu this 3rd duy of March, A.D.
1915. 9-9t
Certificate ofjniprovements
Where   Located—On   Sullivan
Kimberley, B.C.
B. C, March 17th, 1915.
will bc a meeting of the Liberals the { bring It in for burial, as tt waa right
same night to get the campaign organ-: it the muzzles of the enemy's rifles.
izatlon work under way. 	
The band boys have chosen Satur-! ELKO NOTES
day.   April    17th, for their concert | 	
Among other features will he a couple | (By Frod Roo.)
nf live-round boxing bouts, and dob-
On March 80th J. Wills rejoined his
family (mm Kimberley.
On Friday a son was born to Mr.
like a Uttle kalsomlnc, covers a mill
tltude of sinB.     We expect n number
of visitors this cummer,
on our best clothes for thc visitors.
Spring days make the gypsy In n
man bubble to the surface. He ot tlie
itchy foot is beginning to show signs
J 1,1. He-
   or tlireefor
flu.  Bolil i.i a.al l-iaaai Btorul, aar mailed to any
aal'lra-l-'aall  i|'t a I | rla'C.    TUB Sa.VJBKU. OaUU
Hmhll Inereaaea "irey
.11.1 v
Vitality: for  Na
matter ittTenli
two liar I'.. aal drug i.la.ra-1. ■
Of |.n. •'      Ilia; -a'alla- a la I-111
Beattie-Murphy Co.
■ lay mall on raw*Ipl
, St. CaioarluM.
Ltd.. Attala.
If  you  want   satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special  prices for family
General Merchant
Employments Agents
P. 0. Dux 10s Phone 244
rm: iiomi: iiakkrv
llebt. I'niiiie, Prep.
Fresh   llrenil, (nhes, Plei
anil Pastry
Phone 87
Norbury* Ave.       Opp. Clly Hall
Headquarters  for  all  kinds of
Hatlsfartlaiu  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tegted)
Milk and cream trvlee daily
Ilnttermllh twice a week
The only clarified milk In
We fuarantee  to  Pleate
slbly a short exhibition ot wrestling.
The mitt artists are already In train- j
ing.     .
(Special corretponeaaee). j
Sid Small took a trip Tuesday via:
automobile going south.
Get your name on the voters list
; without delay.   Perhaps you will want
; a job this summer.
! Harry Henderson and party motored In trom Bull River Monday and
' visited Cranbrook same day.
Mr. Nell McKinnon gave hla farewell sermon to a large and appreciative audience 8unday.   He departs for
! Ottawa Tuesday.
On Tuesday night we noticed the
moon was full. I heard the remark
passed tbe same night that several of
\ our tllllcums wcre In the same con-
' dltlon.
One poor woman made a complaint
to the acting cop last week that some-
> body bad tried to shoot her pet cat
What wc would like to know Is: Who
tried to shoot the    bull
Walsh wos away.
Joseph W,nlsh returned Sunday from ! country.
j Victoria.   He reports having seen all, In Europe.
the hnys who left here and Joined thi
| colors. He was honored hy the
ninimander In chief who allowed him
on oulclal Inspection of the troops.
Tlie busiest day for a long time was
here Tuesday. Money seemed to be
plentiful all day, but quietness was
evident at night. The way these bartenders got a hustle on when they seen
teal Cranbrook coin was worthy of
the Iron Cross.
Messrs. Bcckman, Howard and Kelly who have been at Bull River Falls
thc past week have made a request
that thc C. P. R. put In a railway up
that way, as they wish to ship a few
carloads of gold dust. We will certainly sign such a petition.
Messrs. Tom Caven, Jim Arnold,
the McCreery Bros., Ed. Hill and Gordon McDonald visited us Tuesday and
right glad we were to see them. Gordon McDonald looked a real veteran
In his uniform. He called on several
of his old tllllcums and Ud them
Mr. A. McNeil, the Fernie lawyer,
ind wife, were Elko visitors Sunday.
Bridge Inspector Young was in
town this week, coming ln from
Originality la a thing of the past,
take the Liberal platform for Instance, Its all copy.
Lots of men, saya Jim Thistlebeak,
who imagine they could navigate the
ihlp ot state couldn't even steer a
canal boat.
Conductor Joe Jackson, of the C.
P. R. with that contagious smile
known all over the system, spent a
tew minutes In Elko Sunday with the
Travis Bagloy, president ot th'e
Flagstone Conservative association, Is
a- retired cotton spinner from Lancashire, and very popular on Tobacco
Superintendent Gllroy, of Cranbrook, and Inspector Boyce, of Ferule, of the Kootenay Telephone company, were Elko visitors this week
looking up business.
Switzerland enjoys thc unenviable
while Joe I distinction of having a larger percentage of lunatics than any other
It Is tho Socialistic center
Now wlll you he good.
and Mrs.  Weir of the  Porto  Rico of tho spring fever.     The Irrespon-  claims.
TAKE NOTICE thnt the Consolldat-
i „i „„ nut ed Mining & Smelting Co. of Canada,
i.i i us uui Umitod Preo Mtacr's Certilieate No.
7iiti:!."ili, Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a   Crown  Grant  of  tlie  above
mills. slblc nomadic tendency that lies deep
T. Bates of tho Immigration  de-,'" ever>' nfltl,r<! comoa '°»1' wl,en tho
partment, Kingsgate, B.C.. bas been !roblr"1 ot "ora aml fn,m" la M™
appointed a Justice of the peace.       :|,lacc-     We »"   'l'"1  '"'"   P'huitlve
On Monday James" Wright, accompanied by Mrs. Wright, went to the
(From tha Fernie Flea Prate)
Tho mortality rate In Fernie for
the past month haa twaa very low.
Talking of equal suffrage, Jim
Thistlebeak says It doesn't follow he-
cause a woman's face la made up,
that her mind Ib, and that 99 out of
100 would cheerfully fasten them-
selves to a monstrosity If there la a
bank book In tho inside pocket, and
while wc are in sympathy with
woman's suffrage wo would suggest
going a Uttle cautious, as ln our experience their lack of political knowledge la painful.
Inez Holbrook, secretary ot I.O.D.E.,
wishes to acknowledge through the
columns of this paper, for the following urtieles which have been forwarded to the Red Cross Society, Toronto,
and wishes to thank the lady donors:
Mrs. McKee, 1 ahlrt; Mrs. Wilkinson,
2 shirts; Mrs. Agnew, 2 shirts; Mrs.
Gallagher, 1 shirt: Mrs, Dr. Watt, 1
shirt; Mrs. Carter, 1 shirt; Mrs. Sawyer, 1 shirt; Mrs. Foisy, 1 shirt; Mrs.
Roberts, 1 shirt; Mrs. Thomson, 2 pr.
Rocks; Mrs. Mason, 2 pr. socks; Mrs.
Young, 2 pr .socks; Mrs. Klingensmlth,
1 pr. socks; Mrs. E. Cooper, 1 pr.
socks; Mrs. Pcarce, 1 pr. socks; Mrs.
Rwanson, 1 pr. socks; Mrs. Zlnl, 1 pr.
Bocks; Mrs. Agnew, 1 pr. socks.
The young Conservatives of Elko
St. Eugene hospital, Cranbrook, for an
Oa Thursday Mrs. Smith, mother of
R. A, Smith, postmaster, left for her
home at Graham, Alta., with her
daughter, Miss Jennie Smith.
On Monday Miss Adamson, of Klt-
\ thing nnd are aware, with a humor-
! ous appreciation of Its absurdity, of n
] desire to go out to the woods and
' light a fire in the open and sit on the
ground. We all feel a disturbing de-
i sire to rove ,to wander away from our
responsibilities nnd obligations, to lay-
down the burdens of life, nnd emancipate ourselves. Rut every man knows
that be would bc   unhappy   without
chener, returned home after spending 1 these fetters, for they nre the rhnlns
a month with Mrs. Algot Johnson, j of habit. Liko most slaves who are
who gave a farewell party ln her! set free, we would find freedom unde-
honor. sirnhle.     Freedom is a Action,    for
people do not really wish to bc free.
The trouble Is that we nre almost all
committed to labor nnd sweat from
And further take notice that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certilieate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day ot February,
A.D 1915. 7-9t
t'npltal Authorised   ....llO.OMrOWUM
Capital Paid Up    1MQMM*
Reserve   and   Undivided
l'rollls       HfiMMtM
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers and
Private individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued
available In any part of the world.
The local Conservative association
held a well attended meeting on Saturday. M. Bonner, president, took
the ohalr.    The chief business was to
receive the report of the delegate le Spring has a niagic Influence on tlw j counts. Deposits of MOO und up-
the Conservative nominating conven- j minds ot poets nnd the young. Of wards rccolved and interest allowed
tion at Cranbrook. i course tho poet, though he may bc |'™" (,al(l oI deposit.
THB niTEUTWaY  lll~~ ' gr0)'' "0VCr Br0Wa °ld-    S" '"' "*> be
wrniiim xot iwswpnh"*88"1^ wlt" 5'0"1"-  Wo E"",ot l0
ta'OUIiP NOT ANSWER |,oar frora „ BUnoh of spring poets
ThlB Is tho question  put by  the  n0!" week.     Spring's chemistry   In-
attention given to Savings Bank Ac
A brancll Is also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under the management of Irving 0. Wedd.
wrote a lyric In their Hvob. an- often
moved to sentimental thoughts by
spring's sorcery. Hut the spring lfl
the poet's ptirtlcuhir season.
editor of the Chinook which Mr. Dow-1 >P're« the poet to slug and (urns tho
ser could not answer—the question j thought*, "f youth to love. People who
which broke up the first meeting of | "r" not exactly young, and who never
the Bowser campaign:
"Why did you call out the mllltln
to keep down with fixed bayonets the
striking mine workors on Vancouver
Island and refuse to call upon a common policeman to slop Arnold and his
associates from swindling tho public
over the counters of the Dominion
Trust Company?"
Mr. Bowser cannot answer this
question to tho satisfaction of the
people of Richmond. It wlll take
more than tbo clever pen of Editor
Seott of tho "Nows-Advertlser" to fix
the people on this Interesting matter.
Cranbrook Branch
IV. SUPPLE, Manager
Numerous complaints having boon
mnde recently in reference to ehiokonfl
running ut lurge and doing diimage
to gurdens, etc., notice is hi'i-i-liy given
all residents to.coop or otherwise con-
lino all fowl or proceedings will be
instituted ugulnst them.
Chief of Police.
Ollice of thc Chief of Police ,
Cranbrook, B.C. March L'ltli. 191B
Clean   Your   Skin!
Mr. Bowser,   attorney-general   for
British Columbia, has accepted the
portfolio of agriculture and finance, 	
following the resignation of Hon. | t_JMl vmri_, ring worm, pim-l
Price Ellison. There must bc some pitS| HC„ies and crusts ure due to
pretty good cows left at the Colony I myriad deeply burled germs In the j
Farm.—Wostern Howl. ! »kln.   To secure relief nnd cure these]
- i germs must bo destroyed and ellml- j
The D.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all the carpets In an eight-roomed house ln two
hours? You do It better than with
the old style carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—ln fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at tide.
•nd fl.M per hour and cartage.
gave a rustlers danco la Oa opera *-Ciaa»»eh IleeMe light Co, ltd.
D. D. Prescription, a mild
compound ln liquid form of oil of
wintergreen, thymol and other healing elements, will give Instant relief
in nil caseB, Unlike salves, It penetrates to tlio deeply burled germs,
kills nnd washes them out.
A generoilB trial bottle for 2iic. Como
In and let lis tell you about our
money back guarantee offer on u full
size bottle.   Ask nlBO about D. D. D.
D. D. O. is Made In Canada        '
Spokane, Washington
"Till:  HOTEL  WITH  A
We believe we
have more regular patrons from
Iiriiish Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let us
show you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
as at the more ordinary
Nee Steamship on tbe Roof


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