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Cranbrook Herald May 18, 1916

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THURSDAY, MAY  18th, 1916
Slocks of Cranhrook Druir »»<l W. II. McFarlane 1tn.ll> lliiin-
Hircd—Splendid  Water Pressure Smes Hest of Hlock
l^pper Storeys of Two  Hulldln^s Destroyed—
McCreery Bros. Stock Also Suffers.
The most serious fire In years broke
out Hhortly after midnight Monday
night In thi1 business section of the
city. As a result the stocks of tlio
Crnnbrook Drug ft Book Co, and of
W. ll. MiKnrlaiie are badly gutted with
smoke and water, and the upper
stories of tht* two buildings completely
wrecked. Purt of the stock of McCreery Bros. Is also damaged with
water and some damage done tbe
McCreery building.
The alarm was given shortly after
one o'clock by tbe guard at tbe Armoury, Private Buchovltch, who noticed
tire coming out of tbe rear of the
drug store building. On tbe arrival
of the flre brigade the entire rear
part of the upper storey of tbe Cranbrook Drug Co. was a mass of flames,
and tbe water was first turned on
there. Three of the C. P. R. men
who were among the flrst to arrive
on the scene, reaching there before
the arrival of tbe hose, state tbat tlie
flre seemed to liave got a good bold
of the rear of tbe Drug Co., and when
they flrst got there no fire could be
seen in the McFarlane store adjoining. The flames however had got
such a hold that lt was Impossible to
confine tbem to tbe Drug Company
and tbey broke out In the McFarlane
building. At one time It looked very
serious for the rest of the block but
abundance of water, splendid pressure, and good work on tlie part of
the dromon ami others enabled tin*
flre to be got under control, though
not before It hud got through tlle wall
tn McCreery Bros, reserve room, and
much damage wns done to their stork
through water and smoke. With four
streams playing on ttie blaze the pressure remained steady at IOU Ihs to the
square Inch.
The blaze was a very spectacular
one for a while ami almost tlie whole
city turned out cn masse to witness
It. Fortunately no wind was blowing
or the result might have been different. The origin of the lire Is a
mystery hut is supposed to be the
work of an Incendiary.
The building occupied by the Cranbrook Drug ft Book Co. is owned by
Jas. Finlay, and tho loss is, we understand, covered with insurance. The
stock of the Drug Co. is badly dam
aged with water, and much of It will
be a complete loss, while tiie fixtures
are also badly damaged. There Is
?10,000 insurance on stock and fixtures which will about cover the loss.
McCreery Bros, would not give any
estimate on tlieir loss which will be
covered with insurance. W.. B. McFarlane had a $9,000 stock which Is
practically a complete loss. There Is
$5,000 insurance on stock and fixtures, and $3,000 on tlte building.
. There are now 93 on the roll of B.
Company and the local officers expect
to reach the hundred mark by the end
of tlte week. Fifteen recruits have
been signed up during the last week,
and Interest continues brisk..
Among the recent military appoint*
ments are the following on the 225th:
To be adjutant, with rank of captain,
Lieut, li. 0, Barnes, {107th Rcgt.);
to be quartermaster, with honorary
rank of captain. Lieut. C, II Skinner
,(I07th itegt.l; to be lieutenants —
LleutR. K. C. Foote, W. T Haynes, W.
M. Harris, II. C. Lockhart, C, Lewis,
J, A. Mann, j, A. Rose warn, P, Adams.
Electors lo Pass on .Measure Whicli will eo Into Effect July 1,
11117* If Carried—Nn Compensation for Liquor Men*
(Special to the Herald)
Victoria, B, C, May 17—In o itorm    ter passage of the bill In the house.
caucus session lasting until afler two
o'clock tliis morning Premier Ilowser
got his prohibition bill through the
True to tlie promise be gave the
prohibitionists some months ago Premier Bowser brought in a bill following along tlie line of tbe Hugh John
Belgium's Need Is Growing Greater Every Bay—$2.50 will Feed
One Family for a Montll—Wlll You ('are
for One Family}
Belgium, the Martyr Nation, has suffered that Europe might be saved from
the dominating Tt'eel of Prussian militarism. To save the world's liberty
tbey opposed the onrush of tlie Hun
hordes and In so doing gave France
and Britain the vital delay which enabled them to combat the greatest organized military force the world has
ever seen. But tbe Belgians have paid
and arc paying the price of their hero-
Ism. Their country has been over-run,
their population ravaged and oppressed, and all Industry Is at a standstill.
For tbe last eighteen months they have
been dependent upon what was sent
in from outside countries to keep them
from starvation. These donations are
allowed to reach the starving people
of Belgium by the German rulers of
the country, none of the money contributed is diverted for the use of the
No document or report ever given
to tbe public Is more replete with
heart-rending details and pictures of
misery and privation thnn the statement of coudltioiiH existing in Belgium
as given by Mr. F. G. W'ulr-ott, who
investigated the conditions In the
martyred country on behalf of the
Rockefeller Foundation.
Mr. Walcolt tells of tlie scant meals
whicli the Belgian Belief Commission
has been forced to hand out to these
Belgians who face starvation ami be
describes the efficient manner in which
the committee has made Its meagre
supplies bring the most results.
The regular daily ration for these
heroic women, wives of eipially heroic
soldiers—some of them widows-and
their emaciated, weeping children,
consists now of three slices of bread
and one pint of soup, More would be
given if possible but that more must
come from the generosity of Americans, Canadians and others who can
party deliberations with a vote of a- MacDonald Act providing for ellmina-
bout two to one. His bill, us lias been lion of tlie sale of liquor In the pro-
previously announced, does not con- vince with the exception of that which
C, J. Archer, J. Brechin, J. Cartwell, tain any compensation for liquor In- might be handled by drug stores or
VY. B. Mllllken, (i. S. McCreery, C. E. teresta but before lt becomes law an prescriptions and that sold for specific
Richardson, B, G. Rennle, C. II. Sea- extension of time from the original purposes otlier than beverage In gov-
nuin, all 107th Regiment; Lieut. F. M, J date set Jan, 1.1917, Of six months will ernment dispensaries, which It Is pro-
Whitlow, 68th Hegt. (E.G.O.R.) j be provided for, bringing prohibition posed shall in outlaying districts at
This lias been a busy week in the into effect in British Columbia on least be in the hands of the provln-
line of entertainment for the 8S5th. I July 1,1»17. The time extension offer clal police. Sacramental wines will be
Tuesday night tliey were guests of came t0 the premier from thc proliibi- handled In these dispensaries. Social
honor ot the Symphony Concert. Fri-«tion forces who held the conclusion Clubs will come under the act and wlll
day night tiiere is a smoker to hear j that in order to strengthen the hands not be allowed to handle liquor. The
Private Bryant of the 13th Battalion 0f the premier in caucus they were new bill wlll permit tbe keeping of prl-
Royal Highlanders, who was wound- willing to go to the length of delay-j vute stores of liquor in homes,"-. This
ed nt Ypres. tell nf his experiences, j ing. application of bill for a further six liquor must necessarily however be
and on Saturday night the otlicers and . months period.   Therefore prohibition, .imported from outside of the province.
men are invited to witness a performance of "The Adventure of Lady
Ursula" given by local talent.
The following are the recruits during the week:
Charles John Morrison, single, Canadian, farmer.
John Couthere, single, Canadian,
Frank Salch, single, English, clerk,
7 years in 21st Lancers.
Dnvid H. Honeyman, married, English, tailor.
Thomas G. Lee, married, Canadian,
William Henry Lewis, married, English, wood-turner.
Angus A. Musser. married, Canadian, stationery engineer.
G. H. Parnaby, single, English, farmer.
Bertram Murgatroyd. single, Canadian, machinist.
John McDonald, single, Scotch, machinist.
C. B. Macdonald, single, Scotch, fireman: Alex. Marnoch, single, Scotch,
lumberman; Herbert Hall, single, American, clerk.
James Donahue, single. Canadian,
lumberman. :i years In U. S. Army.
Tom Taylor, single, English, rancher
Thanks are tendered W. O. Adlard
for the donation of several games to
the reading room.
Many of the relief depots are able
to accomodate only 60 people at a
time and long quotas stand outside
the stations nearly all thc time. Thero
are seven millions of people in Bel- j
gium to be fed and three millions of
them are destitute, and of these some
are obliged to stand in line for three
and four hours daily to obtain this
meagre ration.
"Almost one half of the population
of Belgium," says Mr. Walcott, "whicb
has been deprived of all industry by
tlie invading army, liave been reduced
to tills existence of daily waiting in
line for a starvation ration."
In the hour of prosperity thnt is
Canada's the Belgian Relief Committee
of 59 St. Peter Street, Montreal, is
appealing to Canadians to relieve theso
terrible conditions. The committee
feels that these Canadians who are not
at the front or not assisting the Allies
fu some way will at least give their
bit toward keeping from starvation the
women and children Of the brave men
who are lighting our battles In Kurope.
Cranbrook   lias   generously   helped
tiie Belgians In the past but for the
last five or six months practically nothing lias been sent from here. The
need Instead of growing less is growing greater all the time, and au urgent appeal tias beeu made to the t'ranbrook puhlic to help with cash contributions A fund has heen opened
and will be forwarded through Mrs.
King. Regent of the I.O.D.E., to   the
central Committee, and official re*-
cetpta obtained for alt remittances. All
donations will he ackiiowledeil through
the columns of the Herald, and may be
left either at the Herald office or wltli
Mrs King. Lei everybody give what
tliey can. little ur much. The ilrst contributor to the fund is Mr. O, A. Cock,
who left $.MHi to start the fund. Do
yonr hit to help It grow.
presuming that it Is passed at the elec- Individuals who commit an offense a-
tions which are expected to come about' gainst tlie act by keeping liquor for
thc end of August or the, lirst of Sep- sale will get from six to twelve months
tember will he lu effect C! mouths af-1 without the option of a fine. . '
The charm, grace and courtliness of
ancient daya was brought back again
last night in the clever presentation
at the Pnrish Hall of "The Adventure
of Lady Ursula." The entire play
breathes the spirit of Ye Olden Days j pnssed.
when the swaggering chevelier fought}    Ry-Jaw No. 157 to protect the streets
roof of which caved In last winter
: with the weight of snow. The clerk
was instructed tn write the owner to
have the ruins removed.
At the adjourned meeting of the city Th(i Hw t*ommittee reported having
council Saturday night the estimates th0 Interior of the fire ball painted and
for the year were considered and the improved. The Relief Committee re-
rate struck at 31 mills, the same as ported having given assistance to Mrs.
last year. Tlie total estimates amount Stojack, the foreigner whose case was
to $85,104.20, as follows: Finance recently brought before the council.
$7,550.00; bank loans 24,400.b0; lire A deputation consisting of Messrs.
dept. $6,610; police dept. $0,950; school A- ''■ Bowness, J. M. Christie, Dr.
$12,414.08; debentures $21„'t7:j.72; Green. J. P. Fink and W. A. Nisbet
health and relief $1800; works and walled on the council on behalf of the
property, $2,000; water, $2,000. By-law recruiting committee, requesting a
No. ir»4 fixing the rate at III mills and grant of $75 a month during the time
By-law No. 155 fixing the time for the *■•<> 226th Is stationed here.
allowance of discount till tlie :!0th or There was considerable discussion
June were given the necessary read- among the aldermen as to tbe length
Inge and passed. of time this grant would be necessary.
The tax this year Is made up of nnd it was thought that the best sol-
school tax 5 3-10 mills, health 1 mill, Utlon would be to make a grant from
general fl fi-10 mills, debentures 15 1-10 month to month. It was moved by
mills, making the total of 31 mills. Al- Alderman Leask, seconded by Alder-
though the rate is the same as last man Hanson, that a grant of $75 be
year there lias been a material reduc- made to the recruiting committee for
tion in tlie assessment, and the city is the month of May.
In better shape than a year ago. The following accounts were order-
A By-law, No. 156, to amend the loan ed puid:: Beattie-Murphy Co., police
by-law, increasing tlie rate of interest dept, $8.90; Bulman Bros.. Ltd., sta-
payable to the bank from six to six tionery, $27.80; City clerk, sundries,
nnd n  half per rent, was read and $14.10;   Cranbrook   Herald,  advertls-
duels over a lady's smile or frown
and not only wns cleverly acted but
beautifully costumed and staged. Not
the least charming feature of the prestation was tlie accomplished manner
In which tiie young ladles took tlie
parts of the gallant courtiers and
ardent lovers.
He do mil hold ihiitIh"* resptinslhli
fur opinions t*xpreyed by
Lieut W. S. Santo of tbe 107 Regiment has just returned from Victoria
going there for the purpose of receiving further knowledge and promotion
for thc progress towards the protection of our Country and flag, while
tbere was very carefully and pleasantly shewn through all the Barracks
and tbe whole system of Military tactics and declpllne which la something
wonderful never realizing and expecting to see the horrors of war made
visible and so clearly demonstrated In
every detail Officers and men taking
their possltlons like clockwork. One
very pleasing thing to note and report
Ihu great BiMwesa of Mine of uur Cran
brook men Caplw Halsall and Ban-
field whoiue In tlieir several capacities
have equipped themselves with very
high and commanding honors. Taking
great Interest In tlie success of our 225
Kootenay Regiment or (Col. Mackay's
Dusty Diamonds) I got all the hangers
I could which nre now being used In
Victoria and other large recruiting
stations for the purpose of stimulating recruiting In our City and district
amongst tliem Canada.-.' ever familiar
message. Forward to Victory and Take
up the Sword of Justice which every
true and loyal Canadian should forever cherish so that whenever Victory ls ours be will then be recognized
amongst the noble and brave.
But upon my return home I learn by
a circular placed before me that some
of thc mills of our district nre bringing In and employing interned labor
and paying good wages to same. If
Hits Ih true I say then the Government should promptly take the matter
up and sen that It Is promptly adjusted.
Lieut. W. B. Santo
ami boulevards was given the necessary readings and passed.
lug, $1.80; City Transfer ft Warehouse
Co., fuel. $43.06: Cranbrook Electric
Light Co., $200.76; Cranbrook Bakery
& Confectionery $3.70; Cranbrook
Meat Market $6.85; Cranbrook Cartage
* Transfer Co., street sprinkling, $13.-
20: C Emslle, boots for Eng. Dept.,
$9; Fink Mercantile Co., supplies for
(Omitted from last week)
Tho regular meeting of the council
on Wednesday was unusually short.
Those present were Mayor Clapp in  Fire dept.  $17;  Hanson garage $1;
the chair and Aldermen Erickson. Pnl- Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd. $19.95,
While all the parts were well taken! ment. Leask aud Hanson.   Minutes nf Ira Manning Ltd., feed fire dept. $7.76;
we feel that special mention  is due  previous meeting were read and adopt- J. D. McBride, supplies, $12.70;  Mc-
Mlss, Roberts.   She madfl a winsome [ed. jf'reery Bros., 72c; Neptune Meter Co.,
madcap I-ady Ursula, and tout: a dlf.fl*
uit part wltli a finish and abandon
which ... seldom seen outside of the
ilrst ranks of high class actresses Mr.
Raworth made a good Blinibo? but lias
difficulty in living down liis reputation
a comedian, the audience continually looking for a laugh whicli was
not forthcoming. Miss Alexander as
Sir George Sylvester, Miss Woodland
Dorothy Fenton and Miss Cherrington as ihe Earl of llassenden, with
Miss Whitehead, Miss Watts, Miss
Rumsey, MfTuavldson nml Mr. Crebbln
'onipleteil an excellent cast.
The Cranbrook Orchestra added to
tlie enjoyment of tlie evening hy contributing selections between the acts.
The play will be repeated Saturday
veiling when the officers and men of
the 'J2.Mli will be the guests of honor.
Those who missed seeing ttie play on
Wednesday should make it a point to
lie present Saturday. It will also hi*
produced hy the same company fn Fort
Steele and WycllffO next week.
A petition from the residents nf $2.22: City Engineer, pay roll, $163.26;
Cranhrook street for street sprinkling | City Officials, pay roll, $247.50; School
was read and filed. j Board, pay roll. $1689.82; Fire Dept..
The engineer also reported verbally pay roll, $332.00; T. N. Parrett, horse-
that the water trough was now ready ; shoeing $4.50; Patmore Bros., $1.75;
to he placed, and would be situated on j F. Parks ft Co., paint, etc., flre hall.
Cranhrook Street near Bullock's bar-! $25.71; Sullivan Quick Print, printing.
ber shop. Tne cost of the trough was $20; police pay roll $250; A. C. Smith,
$7.60, | blankets fire hnll $36; Ward and Har-
Snme discussion arose as to the dan- j rls $5.20.
gerous condition of the old barn at j    The council then adjourned till 7.30
the rear of the Cranbrook Hotel, the Saturday night.
Judge Arnold stated hi very plain
language Saturday morning at police
court that he did not approve of the
manner in which some people are willing to buy second-hand articles from
strangers at a fraction of their cost,
without the slightest effort or desire
to ascertain If the articles were honestly obtained or not. The occasion
which called forth bis remarks was
the theft nf three bridles from Dr.
King's stables, whicli were purchased
by a local business man for $2.00 and
a drink. Tbe Judge gave tlie purchaser some very pointed advice and ordered tlie bridles turned over to Dr.
Private Fred Smitii, a recruit of the
225th, was arrested nn the charge and
received a hearing Saturday. Fnur witnesses were examined but beyond
identifying the bridles, were unable to
connect the prisoner wltli the case In
any manner. Judge Arnold In dismissing the chnrge against Prlvnte Smith
stated thut he was glad to do so, more
particularly on account of tiie uniform
lie wore, and would have pleasure In
notifying his commanding olllcer tbat
he was discharged without n statu on
hla character.
In making one of the audience at a matter of difficulty and means much
this concert on the 16th Inst I gave  practice.
myself a great pleasure, and at the The Veteran's Song by Mr. H. Carter,
wiio is practically a new-comer, deserved au encore; his voice, an unus-
ual one, is a welcome addition to Cran-
possible for not supporting In better brook's talent, and he Hang this song
Bame time registered n determination
to lilt Cranbrook people as hard   as
numbers local musical talent that
would bc hard to equal in very much
bigger places.
The program Itself left nothing tn be
desired, and every item was well rendered,  the orchestration  being very
well; we hope to hear him often In the
I must not forget the Wee Macgregor
Patrol by the Orchestra; this piece Is
really of difficult orchestration but was
carried through perfectly and was well
good  and the solo parts splendidly .applauded.
taken; in fact, I do not remember a Mr. Russell's song "The King of the
more enjoyable concert, the confidence Main", also received well merited ap-
of the players communicating Itself plause; the lower notes of his base
to the audience; there were none of [voice coming out very well; we do not
those uneasy moments that one often hear Mr. Russell often enough.
feels at concerts, In whicli uncertainty J The Quintette of stringed instru-
causes everyone to hold their breath ments In "Coeur Brlse" appeared to be
to await a climax that was nnt anti- j the best received item of the evening
cljiated. and just escaped. land is certainly a charming piece, the
The orchestra fully maintained its;melody being delicately and sympa-
reputatlon, and In the two overtures thetlcally rendered.   If a broken heart
showed a grasp of the subjects and a j can have melody In It, one can well im-
power of expression that called forth agine that it would take a haunting;
a great deal of applause and warrant- jtone, such as this,
ed encores;  the Marcli from Tann- I    It is to be hoped that Mr. Nidd wlll .
Ihauser   was   rendered   exceptionally   not lose patience with Cranbrook and.
;wi*ll. tlie working up taking tlie audi- stop Ills concerts;  it is rare Indeed;
jence with It; and as for tlie popular that anything better Is heard In the
j selections, they were received with a musical line, the attendance Is a sad
veritable  furore and an  encore  de- commentary nn the public spirit   end
jmanded.   Mr. Nidd deserves great ere- taste nf our residents,
dit, ns there Is no doubt that a large      it wan indeed a nice compliment
amount nf work and strain Is neecs- that ho paid the officers and men of
sary to bring nn orchestra to such n the 225th Battalion by his Invitation,
high level of excellence, for although and they took full advantage of It and
the selections included many old and appreciated the music fully judging
I favorite melodies   the  rendering   of   from the spontaneous eipresslnns nf
i them la auch a very acceptable way Is pleasure exhibited.
McCreery llros. wish lo ilimit
tin- Pire llriguile uml others lor
llieir willing nml mosl efficient
work on lhc morning of the sixteenth, ns it nns only through
their efforts thnt our property
wns saved.
Although through necessity,
ive suffered considerable damage hy water, we were nlile to
open for husiness ut noon of
tlie same day, and hope to hare
everything ns usuul In a few
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clotbiaf Store*
Buy Linoleums Now
Although wholesale prices on Linoleums have advanced 65 per cent,
since the commencement of the war.
we can still supply from our large
stock, bought at before the war
Our lines ol CARPETS and
RUGS are complete and are well
worth your attention.
supply your needs at rock-bottom
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd.
POTATOES—We lmvo Bonn- nlro, mealy, dry ones In now . II.2S ewl.
JAM—Slriiv,berry, Raspberry, Ai<ilcot, Peach, pic. the !»>*,  ,ira. tin
per tin  Me
Other brands, tin Me
In Kluss Jars  lie * We
EGGS—Fresh Eggs lie .tea,
AXLE GOTA8B—1 lb. tin   lie
10 Ib. tin     UM... .25 Ib. tin Hi*
0RANGR8—Choice Navels   tie, SM, tit **i i*e tete*.
WOOD—Phone 1S3 for yonr Stove Wood.
Cranbrook Trading Co., Ltd. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, MAY 18th, 1916.
Tlie best home nml foreign factories have contributed to onr
splendid selection ol heniitllul
ent glassware.
The collection will please your
critical taste- every piece and
set lias been bought to suit your
desire. Come in and inspect it--
it will delight and surprise ynu.
We can agree nu price.
Jewelers \ Opticians
Next to tlie Post Ollice
The same man who
first created the enviable   goodness  of
thirty-five years ago is
still maintaining the high
standard enjoyed by all.
The only change in all
these years is the recent
improvement in package.
Today there are five
sticks, each wrapped by
machinery, in wax-paper
and tinfoil. The outer
wrapper of each package
is a valuable coupon.
Save them for Regimental or College Shields.
Issued   Weekly   by   iho   tlrnnbrook
Herald, Limited.
T. II. Kuj, Editor und Manager
Cranbrook, H. C. Muy 18th, llllll
IIBllI Of, it Is tl
l„   assist   ill   |)
from nvoldabh
ii scale
■ duty of
nit No
a mini
nl' tlie
r,',t do:, puds 0 x !-•:i surgical Bhlrts,
•!■   pair   pyjiiinas,  3  hot  water  bottle
Thursday—Mrs.  Wilson, convenor;
Indies sewillB- Mesdalllcs Christian, J.
S. Taylor. Honeyiiiaii. T. J. Hrown,
J. Palmer, Fink, Sutherland, W. Bur-
Ion, Manning, Leslie. Cherrington, Wilson and Miss Smith. Work finished—
20 suits pyjamas, ii doz. pads « x 18, 2
helpless shirts nnd 1 surgeon's gown.
Donations— al iiiniitliwipes, r.4 face
cloths by Mary Terrace.
Friday—Mrs. Scull MacDonald, convenor: ladles sewing, Mesdames linr-
iiey. Henderson, J. Taylor, Powol, J.
Macdonald, Tisdale, Burtons, Bell und
Macdonald. Work finished ii suits
pyjamas, li surgical shirts, u surgeons
gowns, ,S hot wnter bottle covers. 0
eye bandages,
Cutting committee for montll Mrs
Miles. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Sutherland. Articles finished and relumed
to St. Johns Ambulance, hi hot water
bottle covers, 3 suits pyjamas, I nightshirts.
The order is pleased witli tlle results
of tlle speidul effort by collectors iiiiil
hope tlie amounts will contlnuo tn
como In monthly.
Tbe 1.0. D. H. being short of funds
for the regular donation to the Prisoners of Wur Bread fund tiie following
| ladles kindly subscribed: Mrs. A. A.
McKinnon tl, Mrs. A. H. McKowan tl.
Mrs .P. B. Miles BOc, Mrs. J. It. King
50c, Mrs. T. I, Brnwn 60c, Mrs. Rd
Patterson SOc: total $4.00.
Sum I'ci
eager to
lain  tba
nil tile otlier
an. it looks lis If the
iiization niiisl be more
injury tijon (Ireat Bri-
eui'o 'a lusting benefit
The Calgury Horald advocates the
working of short-term prisoners and
goes awny south to Belleviie, Ohio, for
an example, cranhrook has followed|l
tliis plan for somo time buck with most
satisfactory results. All short-term
prisnncrs here, botli city and provincial, urn employed on the streets und
for municipal work, and as a result
tliis eity gets practically ull Its municipal work done for the expense of tlie
prisoner's bonrdd, etc. The board supplied the prisoners Is solid und snli-
stuntlul but Inexpensive, und during
times like tho present when labor is
scarce the prisoner's labor solves n
problem fnr tho city authorities, as+;
well as having a deterrent effect on
vugs and other minor law-breakers.
In the winter tliey ure employed clearing  tile sidewalks of snow.  elc.
(Toronto Mail nnd Empire)
According lo Ottnwn dispatches, Alherta lins raised 2lir.ll men more than
liar proportion of tlie 600,000.   British
liimhiii is only 2100 short, nnd Mun-
,ha and Saskatchewan are short only
17.   Ontario lias yet In raise .11.5110,
Quebec 15,000, nnd lhc Maritime Provinces 36,000.    Honor lo Alberta for
heading the procession
tt tt
I Tn
nln Sla
There seems tn be u general feeling
ot discontent engendered by the fact
that allea enemies are allowed to work
In lumber camps and elsewhere In
placo of being Interned, and of courso
the employers come In for some of the
condemnation. The feeling is nat-
urul and the employer's argument
that labour is scarce does not readily
gain much sympathy.
Tlm trouble Is that these alien enemies, chiefly Austrlans and C
not only replace men of the allied
nations, but nre said to bo actively
helping our enemies by sending the
money tbey make to the States primarily and thence to Kurope.
It Is perhaps due to the employers
to allow that labor is scarce, und It Is
a matter of common knowledge and
rejoicing that the lumber industry li.
particular Is Improving, and consequently lumbermen want to take nil-
vantage of Improved conditions.
Under these circumstances is It too
much to ask that the wages of these
aliens, after deducting board anil the
usual accessories, should lie paid Into
the Patriotic Fundi Thoro would
then be no complaint against the employers, and Canadian workmen would
be assured thut the men ot alien enemy birth who ure ropliicing tliem
while they uphold the honor of their
country are not using Canadian monoy
in assisting the killing or Canadian
Unless Rome such disposition Is
made of this question, tbere appears
to bc no doubt that the discontent wlll
take a more acute phase.
Advices to the Minister of Lands
from the Southern Interior of the
Province mark the beginning "1 Hi'1
nre season, smlll lires being reported
from the Cranbrook, Nelson und Vernon forest districts. In llie Cranbrook
district the late spring Is retarding
the growth of vegetation so essentia!
as a check upon fires running along
the ground und horning the carpet of
pine needles, twigs, dry leaves, etc.
A hot and dry wind from the south Is
drying up the vegetation in tlie okanagan and Slmllkauieen districts, while
hot weather prevails throughout the
Vernon district generally. Farmers
and settlers nre reminded tliat permits
are required for all fires set from lhe
beginning ot May, for which application should he made lo the local fire
wardens.    Campers,   sportsmen   and
truvellers nre urged tn exercise every
care In extinguishing camp fires, anil
tbe co-operation of ull sections of tlie
community Is desired, In order thnt
damage to property may be avoided.
It la worthy of mention that In 1915.
306 Urea out of a total of 1031 outbreaks were trnced to campers and
travellers; while 207 were caused by
land-clearing operations. Damage by
fires to the timber In 1015 amounted
to $100,00, nnd other properly, viz. lugging equipment, form houses and
buildings, etc., $58,000. Tlie majorlly
nf all Urea fu 1016 were, as usual, due
to human agency, and were, thnrefnre,
preventable. Particularly this soason,
when the Empire Is engaged In n vusl
ory to note lhat Mr.
John Ueilii I and Sir Edward Carson
are standing shoulder tn shoulder in
repudiation uf tlie criminal Irrecon-
I'ilahles 'Shoulder tn shoulder, not us
Nationalist and Unionist, hut simply
Irishmen,   sir Edward ('arson has
seldom taken a line lhat I nines hlm
better than he is taking in ills refusal to seek to lllake party cnpitul
nut ul' Uu' deplorable affair. Mr. Red-
mond's reprobation of tlie troublemakers was only to bc expeeted. and
was In accord with the fine spirit he
has shown ever since ihe commencement nl' lhe war.
(New Ynrk Worldl
It appears that the settlement between tlie Hritish government und tlie
beef trust was something moro than
a treaty nf peace, it amounts to an
offensive and defensive alliance. To
wipe out old scores for seizures nf
meats, (ireat llrlrtnin pays Heel' an
i indemnity in excess of J15.(11111.11(10. To
iiuike  further  relations  harmonious,
Beef ngi s lhal until tiie cud of lios-
tllitlos (ireat Britain shall regulate all
minus, J shipments of packing-house products
In neutrals, enemy shipments being
discontinued. This is the lirst treaty
of peace that has heen arranged between greal powers In n long time.
Tin: OEiurAis iieaiit mo not
i New York Times)
We have  f id It  useless tn pnint
nut lo Clermnny lhal lhe blockade of
au enemy country Is entirely lawful,
Unit it Is perhaps, great us are the
hardships Involved, a merciful way nf
bringing war In a conclusion. The
Herman heart did not bleed for the
Bufferings to tlie people of Paris who
were brought much nearer lo Btarva-
lion thnn the women and children of
(Iermany now are. Furthermore, tt
is nut opon tn Qermany to make cotn-
plnlnl Hial whllo we have been Indignant and earnest about the submarines we have patiently submitted to
serious Interference wltli uur trade
by Knglaiiil.
I. O. II. E.    MITES
The following Is a llsl of tlie ladies
wiio sewed and work finished during
tlie last month:
Mondny - Mrs. Smith, convenor;
Mesdaiues Miles, King, Crebbln, Pat-
ersnn. Morris. Wlllams, UcWblfc, T. J.
Brown. Christie, McKowan, MeOllllie,
Coley. and Smith. Work finished— 1
surgeons gowns 2 imir pyjamas, 7
ninny tailed bandages, 8 triangular
bandages, 2 knee pads, 3 surgical puds,
mouth and face wipes. Donations— 3
pair socks Iiy Mrs. It. T. Williams. 1
pair socks Mrs. Maisie, face and mouth
wipes. Mrs. Williams; material for 1
pnlr pyjamas Mrs, .1. s. Brake.
Tuesduy (fnr May 2nd and May llth I
—Ladies sewing. Mesdames Beattie,
Barber, Balment, Speers, White. McKinnon and Shields.   Work finished—
Wash Away
Skin Sores
XX tt
Very lm|nu'tai.| Strike nf MiilybilniiU1
A highly imporuiit strike nt liigii
(■.ratio molylxleuito has boon made not
far from tho west bank of tlio St.
Mary River n few miles above tlio
Mom*lion Ranch. It has boon known
fm* some time tliat tlio mineral oeunr-
roG tn tho locality mentioned, but it
was only within tlio past two weeks
that positive information came to hand
tliat it was tlioro in commercial quantity, Two claims havo been staked
on a serleti of seven .parallel quartz
lends, all carrying molybdenite. These
veins cut tbo dlorite formation a little
west of north in tliis conforming to tlio
general contact strike of the district,
and tiie main leads appear, in some
cases, to be connected by a system ol'
stringers of about a foot in width. One
of these connecting stringers was uti-
ovored with a shot or two n fow days
since and showed fourteen incites of
exceptionally high grade molybdenite
from wall to wall. Tlie mineral, as a
general tiling, appears to occur in a
foliated form, somewhat like mica', but
In tbo claims mentioned, the ore is
of n striated form, suggesting asbestos. It is of a lustrously brilliant
white color, brighter by far than burnished silver. On exposure to tlle air
for a time it takes a bluish tinge, not
unlike galena.
The importance of tho strike consists in this that the ore is ono of tin*
most imiHirtant in relation to the
steel industry as it is used in ttie form
of molybdenic acid as an alloy which
increases not alone the hardness of
the steel but also its tensile strength.
On this account it is used extensively
for tbe stool brooch pieces of tbe
heavy guns used on board ship where
pressures up to two hundred *tons to
the square inch are not uncommon.
Tliis molybdenic acid was tlie secret
of tbo process which made Krupp
steel famous all over tlie world. Like
most secret processes it was found
out after a while, and now the British
Qovernment requisitions all molybdenite coming into tiie United Kingdom and pays for it, necordlng to a
circular recently received by the
tiovernniont Ollice heri«, nt tlie rate of
?12.r.00 per ton, on tbe basis of 90 per
cent pure molybdenite, or $13,750 per
ton to 100 per cent pure.
The credit of tliis most important
strike is to bo credited to the pluck,
perseverance and scorn of laborious
tlays of Donald Mclnness who was
ably assisted in liis researches by
William J. Meachen of St. Marys Valley, a man second to none in liis knowledge of minerals lu the Province
It muy he a little early lo prneluim
mighty things from tlio house-tops
ami proceed to blow our heads off
over the find, but it can safely be snitl
tliat It is exactly one of the discovor-
fes which will attract tlie right kind of
attention tn Cranbrook as an Important mining area.
There are several great financial
interests In tile field for molybdenite
ut present. About six pounds of the
concentrating ore has been sent to tin*
agent for one of tliem and further developments await action on ills part.
Joseph Kyan lias bonded tbe (iarvan
Croup of gold claims on Perry Creek
consisting of the Blue (irouso, Iron
Duke, Vada, Gold Coin, Sunset, Little
Kdward, Lark, Morning Star, Doctor.
Ooat, Mikado, Unms Horn, Darven,
Humbler, Last Chance and Berths on
while assays as high as $20 per ton iu
actual free gold have heen had, It Is
safe and conservative to say that a
minimum value of *1 to $4.60 can be
hail from (be leanest of the ore. lu
this connection it is very Interesting to
quote trom a recent issue of the Engineering iiuii Mining Journal of Now
York where, Bpcaking of tho operations ol' the Alaska Cold Mines Company ou Sheep uiul Annex Creeks, the
papers says: "During the year 1016,
1,115,104 tons of ore was milled, having an average value of $1.15 per ton.
The 'iv.*: i ;a tails were 11,01 (ler cent,
showing an extraction of 81.08 per
cent. The operating profit for tlio
year being $-.2.r>8 per ton treated, a-
mounting to $2r,i,84S." The fact that
they use storage battery locomotives
for tlie underground hauling gives
some idea of tin* thorough efficiency
of tiie development of this great property. Om* cannot help thinking tbat
if such results can he Imd with ore
wo dare not look at, as the saying Is,
what would intelligent development
of our high grade resources produce?
We hick the faith that moves the
mountains to tears of gold when we
pierce their hearts with drifts and
To the many sufferers of skin dis-
easo D. D. P.. the liquid wash, lias
become a household word, Thoy know
it is reliable and thoy can depend on
it, tliey do nut hesitate to recommend
it to their neighbors, It has proved
itself n remarkable germicide thut is
harmless to the most delicate skin, but
still it Is effective and quick iu action,
If you aro a sufferer from skin diseases, including ulcers, pimples, scales
crust nr Kezemn in any form, this remedy will not, disappoint you. It has
stood the test and today is the master
preparation for nll skin diseases.
Como iu today ami ask about our
guarantee on D. II, 1), Also about D.
D.D. Soap, that keeps lhe skin healthy.
15  Ymrs
Cranbronk Drug K- Moult Co, Crnnhrook
to kill nearly every gopher In the
district. It is in the form of little
tablets which you can pack around
in your pocket. When you come to
a gopher bole drop one in, and the
gopher oats it und is merry, for in
about two minutes he dies. Figure
up how ninny gophers you expect to
liavo to kill tliis summer, give me
your estimate, and get tliat number
of pills, Only don't leave tbem n-
round the house, for tliey are flavored
with aniseed, and it would be "Goodnight" if the baby got one.
P. P. S.—Tbe next meeting of tlie
Institute will be held In the City Hull
on Saturday, June 10th, at 7.30 p.m.
Note the time; it is au evening meeting so that your wife and family can
tuke iu tlie "pictures", while you
come across the road and help to
boost the "banana holt."
To the members of the Cranbrook
Farmers'  Institute,
Gentlemen:—This your wc are running three Crop Competitions through
tlie institute, viz., Outs, Potatoes and
Farm Gardens.
As the Individual entries In those
competitions must in* filed in Victoria
not inter than June 1st, I want to direct your attention once again to this
important matter.
The minimum ureas to be cultivated
e:  Oats, 1 ncre, 70 yds by 70 yds;
Potatoes '4 acre, 3f> yds hy :ir> yds.;
Farm Gardens 1000 sq. ft., 1.0ft. by 50ft
r 30 ft by :,;, ft. or 40 ft by 25 ft.
The prizes in each case are $20, $15,
nd $10, with an extra $5 bonus In
the Oats and Potatoes Competitions
to tliose prize winners wbo will submit a statement of the cost of pro
ductlon.   The entry foe is the same for
eh competition fl.
Last year, with a smaller entry fee,
tbe institute had to pay out quite a
large sum from its general funds iu
order to make good on the prize
money. This year, with the higher
fee, we hope to get sufficient entries
to make the Competitions self-supporting, ami any surplus over and
above the $50 which the Institute has
to contribute towards the prizes will
go to increase those prizes.
The Department of Agriculture judges the interest displayed in improved
methods of farming ai;d gardening in
the various parts of the Province by
the numbers of entries in these competitions. Large entry lists from tbis
Institute will stamp the district as
being a really live one. In a recent
letter to me. Mr. VY. E. Scott, Deputy
Minister of Agriculture, said: "1 look
on Cruulirook Farmers' Institute as ono
of the llvost of all our Institutes." Let
ns try to act up to this, and take for
our slogan "Every member a Competitor". Then we wlll be able to call
ourselves a really llve Institute.
If you cannot possibly enter yourself, try to got someone else Interest-
oil. Cot aftor those of your friends
who are not members of the Institute;
get. them to join, and to enter for one
or more of those Competitions. This
is the hest runge of Competitions we
have bad as yet. If you don't grow
outs enter for tlie potatoes and garden; If you don't grow potatoes enter
for the oats and garden; anil if you
don't grow a garden—why then you're
a mighty poor farmer.
Lot me have your entry or entries
right uway; your mime is all 1 want
Just now—1 will collect the cash without fail in the near future. If you are
on the phone, then 418 gets mo. If I
am not at home when you ring me
up, thou ring up the Herald Office,
IS, and leave your entry there. If
you nro not on tho phone, drop me a
postcard, or come up to my house-
22!! Hansen Ave., or leave your name
at tho Herald Office. Anyhow yon
will most likely see mo somewhere in
town; bill don't take too much of a
ehnliee oil  that.
Hcniemher: your entry must bo at
Victoria not later than June 1st. Don't
say to yourself that there Is lots   of
tl :  there Is not. Strike while the
j iron's hot, and send in your entry as
! soon us yon read this. Remember the
slogan, "Every member a Competitor".
i Knter yourself, and got after your
! neighbors. Tbo Junior Institute bas a
| membership of over forty, and every
member has entered for one or more
.lout.  Ay Inter, a   Relnrned   Veteran,
Address t.'athering and Appeals
I'ur Hermits.
A recruiting mooting was hold In
tho Auditorium last Thursday even-j
lug, at which Lieut. Ilasil Ay liner, a;
returned war veteran, was the prln-
■ipal speaker. Lieut. Aylmer is a son '
it Lord Aylmer, at one time command-1
:<r of the Canadian forces, and gave an [
Interesting description of his oxper- j
es ou the battlefield. He was |
through the battle of Ypres and Fos-
tubort, aud was wounded und gasseti,
uud Invalided borne, Ho is now attached to the American Legion, and
with Lieut. Jones was in Crunbrook
recruiting for thut Legion. He made
an urgent appeal for all eligible men,
physically fit, to join the colors and do '■.
their share in saving the world from
the heel of Prussian militarism. He
also advised agnlnst giving donations
of tobacco to English Onus but advised tbe purchase of tobacco and cigarettes in Canada and sending direct;
to tho soldiers on account of the super-
lor quality of tobacco purchased on j
this continent. Ho was not optimistic
as to tlio early conclusion of tlie war
but believed every man und every doi-
tar would be needed before tho Ger-1
mans wero beaten. He believed when i
tbe Germans were beaten back on their
own soil thoy would light like rats in
a trap and it would take all the ro- j
sources of the allies to finish up tbeir |
job properly.
Hev. \V. K. Thomson spoke a few |
plain words to tlie married mon. He j
did not believe it was right for married men to quietly sit back and blame
the single men fnr not enlisting, tliat
the married men ns well as the single
men had a right to enlist. It was n<
matter which every mau. married or
single, must settle with his own conscience. Ho himself had offered bis
services but hnd not heen accepted.
Tlie meeting was enlivened by contributions from tbe Cranbrook Orchestra, solos from Mrs. A. B. Mncdonald
and Mr. Carter, and an exhibition of
dancing by Private Tighe Mecredy. Mr.
A. B. Macdonald introduced the speakers in u few appropriate words.
At the close of tho address of Lieut.
Aylmer Lieutenants Jones of tbe
American Legion, nnd Brechin of the
225th appealed for recruits.
All Women Need
a corrective, occasionally, to right a disordered stomach,
which is the cause of so much sick headache, nervousness aad sleepless nights. Quick relief from stomach
troubles is assured by promptly taking a dose or two of
ieecham's Fills
They act Rently on the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels, I
and regulating these organs, and keeping them in a healthy condition.
These famous pills are vegetable in composition—therefore, harmless,
leave no disagreeable after-effects and are not habit forming.
A box of Beecham's Pills in the house is a protection against the
many annoying troubles caused by stomach ills, and lays tbe foundation
For Better Health
Prepared onlv hy Thiimi* Bcechnm, St. Helena, Line.-,-.hire, Knrilind.
Si, 11 everywhere in G-.n-.dt tnd I). 9. America.   In him-*, 2S cenii.
Perry Croek to R Le Hoi Thurmond "r tli■■>!r- throe Competitions. Don't
let tlie Juniors be able to say tbat they
an* more alive than tbeir seniors.
YourH truly,
I liave enough gopher poison
on behalf of the Garvan Syndicate.
Tiie owners, very wisely, ask for no
cash down, but penult the purchaser
at onco to enter and begin his development. If tbo ground suits him he
pays a certain percentu.-/) of the purchase nt tbo end of the first, second i
nnd third year. If lie throws up tho I
bond he loses the value of his work
and all buildings, otc, placed on thej Collinsville III.—''I Buffered from a
ground aro forfeited to the owners. nervous break-down and terrible head-
Tho four gold bearing loads which I aches, and wbb tired all^ over, totally
uarallel the left bank of Porry Crook
pass through those claims and present
Finds Health In Oar Vinol
tlm appearance, of fairly deep depressions running nt right nngles tn tlio
strike of tlio formation nml passing1
Into tlio QollpBQ Group tn tlio northeast mill further on Into tlio Home-
stake.      •
Tlio four lends would easily aggregate ono hundred feet In width, nml
worn out and discouraged but as 1 had
u large family I had to work despite my
Buffering, I saw Vinol advertised and
decided to try it, and within two weoks
1 noticed a decided improvement, and
now 1 nm a well woman."—Mrs. An*
Wo guarantee Vlnol, ourdelicious cod
liver aii'l iron tonic, to strengthen and
Imilil up weak, run-down, overworked
Cranbroolt Drug & Book Co,
Criililirook,  B.C.
The enrd parties und dances nt tlio
ubovo hall will bo resumed on Wednesday May :11st.
Divine worship 11 a.m. Subject —
"The Message ol tlio Springtime."
Sunday School and Adult Bible cliiss
tit II p.m.
Divine worship at 7.30 p.m. Subject
"The Supreme Question of the Christ*
ian Era."
Y.P.S.CB. Monday ut 7.30 p.m. Tople
"The Blessings of I'oaco", loader Miss
A. Brown.
Mid-week Wednesday at 8 pro.
niiiisT tiiriini
8.00 a.m.—Enrly Communion.
11 a.m.—Matins and early communion.
3.16 p.m.—Address to young people In
assembly room, "Some Builders of
our Faith nnd Empire"—David Livingstone.
7.30 pjn.—Evensong.
Prcuchcr, Bcv. W. II. Bridge.
I'astor, W. K. Thompson
Flower Sunduy
Morning Service 11 a.m.
—Tho Children's Servleo.
Sunday School nnd Bible Class 3 p.m.
livening service 7.311 p.m.
Subject - The ltoprinicli of the FlOWOr,
"O Como and Let Us Worship."
MKTiinuisT rmiitr.il
Pastor, Itov. TliOB. Keyworth
Organist, ('has. F. Nidd
Services on Sunduy at 11 a.m. and
7.30 p. m.
Sunday school and Adult Bible
Cluss nt 3.00 p.m.
The morning service will be conducted by the Uev. W. Kerr und tlle
evening service by Hev. C. 1). Clark of
Moyle.   Everybody welcome.
Look out for next week's announcement for Song Service by Choir.
Cottage services every Wednesday
Kootenny Orchard District 8 p.m.
Salvation service Saturday 8 p.m.
Siindny School 2.30 p.m.
Sunday evening 8 p.m.   Farewell
service Cnpt. Kerr.
You nro Invited to all the above services which are bright and cheerful.
W. KKIlIt, C. I).
Don't forget that we carry full lines of seeds, package or bulk, farm or garden.   Let us fill your wants.
This store's reputation is founded ou quality and
service    You will always obtain Hie best here.
1'iioNi: .•.«
Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook
'I'hc residents of llie Clly nre hereby null-
lied thut the Contract fur Slreet Cleaning
hus been let to the City Transfer .V Warehouse Co. nml under the terms nf Ihe Contrac! the City lins to he thoroughly elenoeil
up on or before Hay 2Mb. The residents
nre therefore notified to hnve their yards
."ieiined up of all garbage nnd refuse, and
such garbage and refuse deposited nl 11 convenient spot or ndjneent lo Ihe Alleys nol
liTier thnn Muy 21th next.
Cily Clerk.
Cream Separator
Until You Have Seen
The Magnet
The Kootenay Garage
Setting Eggs For Sale
S. C. White Leghorns, and
Huff Orpingtons
11.50 fnr Iii
Also Clucking Hens
J. JOHN, Hanson Ave. THURSDAY, MAY 18th, 1916
For thc
Summer Man
We have a first-rate assortment of summer Jewelry for
men. Practically everything
that men wear with summer attire—cuff links, scarf pins, fobs,
chains, charms, etc.—including
an especially attractive showing
of fobs and Golf or Shirtwaist
These represent the acme of
style and <|iiultty in fobs and
chains for negligee or outing
wear atul should lie seen by ull
men wiio like to dress welt and
fiiinfiirtithly at the same time.
W. H. Wilson
8 PHONE     8
Cleanliness, in ImiulliiiK
Fresh Killed Veal
for tlio Week End
Cranbrook Meat
Patmore Bros.,
of Cranbrook
have to say about
cream separators
this week
5 TOUTING a cream separator,  la
S mimJ to work on your  farm.   A
S hired man that dues poor work and
S ii lazy is an expensive proposition,
_ no matter how little you pay him.
s A cream separator that is hard to
5 turn, hard to keepclean and doesn't
B skim close, would le expensive even
s If you got it as a gift
B       Creamwrmen   ami   dairymen
B       all over lhe world recogiiii*
B       the superiority of Ihe De LavaL
B About the only reason why any
B one  ever buys any other  cream
S separator is because they can get
S it a little cheaper.
B      Then they soon find out they have
B lost ten times as much from separ-
S ator inconvenience, poor skimming
B and a machine that quickly wears
B out, as they saved in the beginning.
B Remrinlier Hinl a IV Laval will -..nm pay
™ f.iriln-,1..nidiI vouhavenoirpatatOrtMir,
— or .in inleiitir ii.aclii'M*. *r nm aril you a
■**- D*> La*. ;il on ainli it i nn that it wilt pay tor
— iiM>1( wliili* you .ne
***** using it.
35        The Wsl nrjm
t_ KlUtalOT     U      tlir
SS cheuppal.      I rt  ui
IS Ptovc il for you on
•_ your own num.
s Sooner or
s later you
= will buy a
rows rones
Ladles' black and white, tan, hose,
regularly 35 cents a imir, while they
last,:* pair for 50 cents.—W. D. Hill,    j
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Smith are expecting to leave for a short holiday in
Winnipeg some time next week.
We are carrying a full line of boots
and shoes. — Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
For rent—Five roomed cottage   on
Kilby Frames Pictures.
Beale & Blwell insures automobiles
against flr-; and collision—ap,..y to
them for rates.
Mr. A. McDermott received the news
a few days ago of the death of his
brother Jack, killed in action ln
France. He visited Cranbrook ia August last year, and uguin in September
just before leaving for the front. He
left  Calgary  with  the  12th Overseas
Fulling Hair and Dandruff can be
stopped, uiul the growth improved, by
Rexnll "!tr Ilnir Tonic which
Rexall Drug Stores guarantee.—>BeaL-
tle-Murpliy Co., Ltd.
Six nf Cranbrook'*- popular young
men left on Saturday for Vancouver
to Join their regiment, the Canadian
Pioneers. Tliey were met at tha depot
by n number of well-wishers and
friends, and given a hearty send-off
Cranbrook street, $10 a mouth, Mud- Ufounted Rifles on the 5tl. of October,
lng water.   Apply Cranbrook Agency! aml arrive(. .„ Englm(, ubuut ^ m
Co" j He had been in the trenches since the
| end of Jnnuary.
The regular monthly meeting of the
local branch of the W.C.T.U. will be
held at the home ot Mrs. Argue, Burwell Ave, on May 25th at :,M p.m.
Inspector Dove is in the city on his
olllclal duties. He is also appointing
tlie supervisors at the High School and
Entrance examinations in June.
Have ynur bailer}  overhauled now
und be ready when fhe romls dry up.
Iliiiisini (iaritge.
Mr. VV. Illinium and son Harold left
on Tuesday to join Mrs. llnsluni for a
fow iluys In Spokane, where she has
heen for the past week.
Miss Margaret Kennedy came up
from Femle last Saturday to visit her
mother who was reported critically ill
nt St. Kugene Hospital.
Mrs. J. S. Taylor left Tuesday for a
few week's visit to Kingsgate. She
was accompanied [>>' her young son
Ladles' black and white, tan, hose,
regularly 36 cents a pair, while they
last.3 pair for 50 cents.—W. D. Hill.
Mr. Gilchrist of the P. Burns Co.
staff left yesterday for Maeleod where
he will take charge of the company's
store. Mrs. Gilchrist and family will
follow later.
ki.ii. i<mint's Pictures.
Deposit boxes to rent hy Heale A
Mr, Henry Wilson visited Creston
Wednesday afternoon.
MrH. Wm. Marshall is spending a six
week's Vacation ut the Const.
Starting and Ignition trouble** out
KpeelNll).   llmiMiii l-arage.
The A. Y, P. A. In organising »
picnic for May iMtlt.
For Sale Kdison phonograph and
70 blue iiniliernl records. $50 takes
the lot. Address P. O. Box 716.
Rev. Mr. Thomson was a Creston
visitor this week on local Presbytery
Is your iMitnmoblle insured? If not,
get  Insurance  rates  from   Beale   A
Lady's bicycle for sale, In good condition.   A bargain ror $20.   Address
P. O. Box 716.
MrH. Christie returned from Lethbridge on Wednesday after spending a
short holiday In that city.
Mr. George Stevenson of Nelson,
formerly nf Cranbrook, Is In the city
lor a few days this week.
Western riding saddle for sale. Positively the biggest bargain in Fast
Kootenay.   Address box 716.
MIsb White, who Is well know round
Cranbrook for her crocheting and tatting, was taken to the St. Eugene Hospital on Saturday last suffering from
a stroke.
Steamship tickets to England by the
American Line—the perfectly safe line
—for sale by Beale & Elwell.
Mrs. J. H. McLean and grand-daughter Lenore Little have gone to Lewis-
ton, Idaho, to visit Mrs. McLean's
daughter, Mrs. E. Lawler. They were
accompanied by Mrs. J. It. Macdonald.
Rexall Orderlies keep the bowels
regular and healthy. Their action is
gentle, mild and soothing. Sold only
by Rexall Drug Stores.—Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
The name of John R. Marshall. Xo.
443045, is among the recent lists of
casualties. Marshall left with the
first contingent. He was an employee
of W. B, McFarlane for some time
before enlisting.
The Udles* Aid of the Methodist
Church purpose holding a cookery
sale and afternoon tea on Saturday
May i!0th iu Patmore Brothers' store
on Armstrong Ave. Let ns do your
Saturday's baking for ynu on that
The St. John Ambulance Association will give a tea and cookery sale
In Christ Church Parish Rail on Wednesday afternoon. May 31st The members hope to have disposed of all the
coupons for the watch contest anti to
be able to nlinounce the result during
that afternoon.
Harney MeGouldrlek, C, P.H. locomotive engineer, and a former resident of Cranhrook. spent Sunday and
Monday In tho city renewing old acquaintances, Mr. McCouldrtek Is now
running on No, i and No. - onl of Calgary.
We nre carrying » full line of boots
md shoes - Cranhrook Exchange,
\rmstrong Ave.
Professional and business men, University    graduates,    teachers,    high
school ami other students of suitable
Mr. I), a. McDonald of the Wentworth age and attainments, your duty is to
tendered them n fan-well supper, after |lead^others follow your example, y
which a choice selection of souks and
Instrumental solos were
the Cranhrook Glee Club.
rendered by
Our repair shop is In cliurge of an
expert mechanic. If In trouble consult us.—Hanson Garage.
Lieut. W;. S. Santo, of tlie 107th
Regt. returned last week from a trip
to Victoria. He reports an interesting
visit to the barracks there, heing given
an opportunity to inspect and study
tho entire system, and also met Capt.
Halsall and Capt. Banflleld. Hc
brought hack with him a number of
the recruiting banners so prominent
at the Coast, such as "Forward to
Victory" and "Take up the Sword of
A Smoker ls being held In the Auditorium on Friday evening at 8.30 by
the officers and men of B. Co., of the
225th Batt'n, assisted by tlie Citizen's
Recruiting Committee. There will he
a parade of the soldiers and citizens
previous to thc meeting, headed hy the
Band, the parade starting from the
baracks at 8 o'clock. Private Bryant,
a returned veteran from the front,
will give an address, and aft attractive program is also being arranged.
The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist
Church purpose holding a cookery
sale and afternoon tea on Saturday
May 20th ln Patmore Brothers' store
on Armstrong Ave. Let us do your
Saturday's baking for you on that
On Saturday, May 20th, the performance of "The Adventure of Lady
Ursula" will be repeated at Christ
Church Hall at 8.30 p.m., when the officers and men of "B" company. BfcSth
Battalion will be the guests of honor,
seats being reserved for them. The
remainder of the hall will be open to
the public. Admission 50 cents. The
Cranbrook orchestra have kindly promised again to give their services. Ice
cream nnd home made candies nt moderate charges.
The Creamery opened for business
on Monday and a very satisfactory
quantity of cream has been received
for  the opening  week.    Several  pat
can do your duty amid congenla
roundlngs, in a University as well as
military atmosphere, among friends,
and find encouragement to qualify
rapidly for promotion In the
Western Universities
(a development of the Canadian
Officers' Training Corps)
Only men of good character nnd education, ambitious and willing to work
hard to establish a record iu rapid
training admitted. A distinctive uniform has heen granted to this special
battalion. Commissions uml appointments to N.O.O. rank held open for
competition among enlisted men
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
companies ar;e up to strength; the H.C.
company is filling rapidly. Tin; battalion is thus almost complete, and in
personnel fully reaches the high standard expected of a Western University
He a comrade of the men who after
the war will be the leaders in Western
Canada. Transportation to headquarters furnished suitable applicants.
Apply to the Officer Commanding, U.
of H. C. Co., liltitll Overseas Battalion,
corner 10th and Laurel street, Vancouver, B. C.
ago. Dainty refreshments were then
served by the hostess. After tho
members had partaken of these they
proceeded to the home of Mrs. Harry
White. On arriving at Mrs. White's
residence Mrs. McEachern presented
her on behalf of the society with a life
membership in recognition of her
faithful services as ;•. member of the
Auxiliary. Mrs. White though very
much surprised responded iu a fitting
manner, after which the members
spent a very pleasant and enjoyable
social evening
Recruiting for no less than four
battalions has been in progress in
Cranbrook during the last week, vi?..
the 225tll "Our Home Battalion", the
Canadian Pioneers, the American Legion, and the llth C, M. R. Privates
D. Taylor and Wm. Auston were In
Cranbrook last week in the interests
of the llth C. M. R.'s and a recruiting
rons have already made two trips to j«™ce hns been opened in the Armories,
the creamery and a number of others Van Home and Baker Streets, where
are getting their lirst shipment ready.   Private Taylor
The first churning will be put through
will receive recruits.
It Is in view of the large number of
men from the Kootenays in the ranks
the latter end of the week. Ice cream
machinery Is also being installed audi01 tIu' Canadian mounted rifles at
the creamery will commence the man-1 Present mobilizing in Vancouver, and
ufacture of ice cream, which will he ! the need of hut a few men to bring the
Privates 1>. Taylor, Harry Fyles ami
ll. Hrown are In the city visiting their
friends and recruiting for the llth C.
M R. Prlvnte Taylor Is spending a I
few days In Fernie on the same business.
Mr. Iveo.   Hartu
liarge of the dining ear dopartmont
if the C.P. R. here for several years. w,lit(* ™™ntloii |B worn in tribute to,
has heen transferred to Calgary, and I a d>l» ■"*«-<■ WOtlW and a colored one
is now on duty there.   Mrs. Barnes wlll
wold in bulk either wholesale or retail.
By kind permission of the officers ot
B, Compnny 225th B. Batt'n., the children will he provided with a military
escort on Empire Day. The children
will meet at the Central School and
march from there to the Rex Theatre,
escorted by the military guard. The
parade will leave the school at 2 o'clock, and every school child In the
city Is expected to be present. In the
evening a dance will oe held in the
Auditorium, the proceeds of which will
he used hy the Overseas Club to help
defray the expenses of the dny.
battalion up to strength, that permli
sion has been Issued from Ottawa to
recruit within this district, The change
from a  mounted  regiment to an  Infantry battalion has been authorized.
Sunday Inst was Mother's Day, and
was observed by fitting sermons In
the local churches. This day, which
! was founded about seven years ago by
Miss Anna Jnrvls of Philadelphia, is
now almost universally recognized,
who has been In | *•"■■ *■■•*' should it not be when we
onslder all wc owe to our mothers. A
follow in tlie course of a few days.
W. D. Hill's store window this week
Is a beautiful "study In black and
white." A number of new Imported
waists are shown, attractively displayed In settings of black nnd white, and
is well worth more than a passing
Mr. and Mrs. T. Cadwallader left on
Wednesday for Calgary where they
will bid farewell to their son Harold
who leaves with his regiment In a few
days for England. Harold, wbo was
well known and popular ln Cranbrook,
carries with him the hearty good
wishes of bis many Cranbrook friends.
for a living mother. The local supply
of carnations was very limited, and
for that reason the token was not
much In evidence on Sunday.
Friday. May the 12th was the anniversary of the death of Florence Nightingale, known to nll the world as The
Lady of the Uunp We cannot all be
Florence Nightingales; only n few of
us enn make good nurses, but nil can
find some useful employment for whatever hours we have to spare to help
tbe cause along. Example ts better
than precept, nnd when the men see
thnt we are working for the cause, nnd
are willing tn face some hardships,
they wlll find it easier to enlist, with
the thought constantly before them
that we also nre doing our share In
this war and not tbem alone.
The Overseas Club held their
I monthly whist drive and social In
I Maple Hall last Tuesday, a large
number of members being present.
Arrangements for tlte handling of
nll the children of the city to the free
entertainment in the Rex on Empire
Day are well In hand and n good lime
is promised for the children.
lt was also decided that during the
summer months the Club will only
meet once a month instead of two
meetings as usual this to consist of
a social nnd dance. Definite details
for members and non-members will hr
announced later.
The winners.of the whist drive wwo
ladles, Mrs. Soden. gent". Mr. Q, P.
Tisdale. Mrs. Edmonson gave n song
and Mr. Freeman, a soldier returned
recently from the front, gave a thrilling account of his experiences while
The public are asked to remember
the dance to be given in the Auditorium on the evening of Empire Dny to
help defray the expenses of entertaining tbe childnn. All soldiers In th'
city thnt dny will be admitted free.
('apt. Kerr, commanding officer of
the local Salvation Army, has received his marching orders and will i The Auxiliary of the Knox Presby-
preach his farewell next Sunday night, j tertan Church met at the hom > of Mrs.
Capt. Kerr lias been a zealous officer!Speers on Thursday, May llth. Mrs.
and has kept the Army favorably he*. Smith read her report from tho Pro-
fore the public during his stay In vlnclal Society at Victoria, to which
(.raabfook. ahe waa seal aa » delegate some time
IMHta.AS   FIR   IS   AM.   KOI'Mi
In the London "Illustrated London
News" of January 29th last, there appeared a picture of the II.M.S. "Simulation" a battleship constructed of
wood, which after serving various
purposes known only to those in
charge of nnvnl operations, is shown
stranded at Mudros, Isle of Lemnos,
formerly the base for naval and mill
tory operations in connection with the
It appears that the dummy battleship wns constructed at Belfast, the
material used being Douglas flr, mainly from British Columbia.
"Simply Dreams
of Beauty!"
HAT'S what a lady said on looking at our NEW
■WAISTS and BLOUSES, and we think you will
agree with her on seeing them for yourself. We
have just opened up a new shipment of the
Latest Importations
including Organdies and Voiles in White. Black and White'
and the new Rainbow effects.
We also have a few of the new Black and White Stripes
in Silk These are real up-to-the minute goods, and for
beauty and appearance have never been equalled in this
city, We want you to see this line and verify for yourself
that our words are justified.
Cranbrook's Exclusive Ladies', Misses', and Children's Store
Tenders will be received by the undersigned until May 22nd, ltnti, for the
digging of 350 holes, for telephone
poles, starting directly below the hospital at Cranbrook and follow tlie Government road to within IM* miles of
Wycliffe, the holes to be 4 ft. deep
aud 18 Inches across at the bottom.
The right Is reserved to refuse any or
all bids. Veibal tenders not accepted.
Address tenders to— Kootenay Telephone Lines, Ltd., Cranbrook.
Including Mining. Ch.nic.1, Ci.il JSmS.
j.itcal and Kltctncl Sn(innrS|.
DnriUlli.»• tl~ra>wiU Un.ll.	
aaaaicaa, ia> M.Jici...
The Art. Course ma, be taken b» com*
apondeoce. but aludenl. daaarlfj us *SsAS.
ate iuuat attend one aeaaion.
Hot Weather at Last
Neod a Refrigerator? Here we are with tbe largest and best
selected stork of III rrlgeratora in the City. You will find one to suit
yonr needs at a price to suit ymir pocket
lie sure yon get a sanitary refrigerator. A cheap, poorly con-
Btructed affair i~ a disease breeder,   (let tbe best.
Tlnsmlllilng, I'lumliine and Heating
Low Rates. Cam can be got
any hour of day or night by
calling 52.
3. E. M( HON Ull, Praii.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
in' Canada. Limited
Office, Smi'ltint; and Refining Department
I'lirchasers nt (.old. Silver. Conned and Lead Ore*
For Sale.-Two Ford Touring Cars
!c per word for flrat week, and lc per !
word for each week after. j
tVANTEIi-A   girl   to  iln   general
housework. Plione 363.
PUR SALE- llre.ser, saddle, wkeel-
burrow, etc.   Apply phone 482.
BUY WANTED with |H»r to hrrd
cowh for the summer. Apply Atcbl-
koh's Dairy. f
Curled.—Mrs.   Thos.   Walker,    phone
4SS. 20-21'
POR SAI.E-Cuttw, IS ta'iag ***%,
roiil-oil   stove,   Morris  ohalr.   Apply
Mrs. Hickenbotham. 201 Burwell Ave.
KHMI- Lady's Ciild Bmorh. Owa.
er may have same nn proving property and paying for this ad. Apply
W. II. Ureaves, Phone 411. 20-lt.
Lady slrnonniphfr wl>h*» pusllliii
ii, Cranbrook about July 1st.   tixper-;
leticic!  In  grocery and haHware.   —
1.0. Box 243, Crinorook. 20—3t"!
Save yourself the labor und bother of maklog and telling butter.
We will pay bfgheat prices for Cream, payments twice a montii. Vou
can liny eans from us, with your address printed on. saving you any
bother of addressing tags. We pay express charges, chip any day
you linve a enn of (.-ream.
Wo handle the RBATJUCR CREAM HEPAttATOB, and would like
to demonstrate K to yon when you want a Separator.
Norbnry Avenue, Criinbrook, H. V.
TO KENT Large, dry wireknase
with basement, 100 ft. long, 15.00 per
month. Will hold several carloads ol
liny or furniture.—Apply Herald.
I WILL SELL my hnuwi oa ('ran.
brook street and take rent for payment. J. F. Broughton, box 291, Cranbrook. 17-41
TO RENT Eornlshed milage with
piano, four rooms with bath, 115 per
month, including water, careful.teaant
—Apply Herald.
TO HE>IT-Klv«.roe»-*l partly lar.
nlshed bouse with fireplace and aleep-
Ing porch, two lots, fenced In, large
shack and fowl house, 15.00 per Month
—Box V, Herald or phone 261.   l»-4t*
tlie finest kind. 3 lbs. 25c, 100 Iba. $2
delivered, or come and gather It yourself f 1.50 per 100 lbs. Free directions
how to preserve It la water. Watta,
A Sober Husband and a Happy Home
may be yours once more
through the use of the
TKfMTMKNT. A safe,
mire, vegetable remedy
which removes the
drink rravlng In three
days. Write for book or
The Neal Institute
Cranbrook, B. C.
Subscribe to the Herald — $2.00 a Year PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, MAY 18th, 1916
Barristers, Solicitors uml
Money to Loan
Imperial Hunk Building
m^eslivSaAAA.        MoelB    "'""y
■sf.s JCii.iV ^X     Monday night
■*'t ■:,'. *^-w'    iii Fraternity
(Successor to W.F. Gurd)
Hamster.  Solicitor uml
P. O. Box 859
Il ill      Sojournl
cordially Invited.
W   M. Harris,
S. Fyles,
N. U.
Physicians a
ml Surgeons
Ofllce ut  residence,  Anns
... 11.110 to
... li.on iu
Criiuoniiik, B. C.
MppIs every Tuesday ut 8 p.m. In
Hi,' Fraternity Hull
If. i'. Carr, ('. C.
I', ih' Wiv Hunt, K. H. & S.
r. i). Box 622
Visiting brethren cordially invited lo attend.
DR. E. H
Office In He
nsim Block
9 to :
2 u.m.
1 to
•„ ii.m.
Meets in
Maple Mull second
Tuesday ,>
every montll nt s
p. in
l|i open   in   British
memhers   cordially
E, V. Brnk
.1. F. Lowor,
it.             Secretary
Maternity and General Nursing
Garden Ave.
Terms on Application
Mlts. A. SALMON', Matron
Phone 260 P. O. Box Sir,
*~ Meets  In   the
.*«,.   «M Maple     Hull
&Sjfc§ Ilrst   Tuesday
S|»7 iiri-moon    ot
Mi'r^'^VI every    llHIUtll
'ISNl/iA. — ntll  ..ta.
^^ C2" j Pres., Mrs. W.
lt,   McFarlane,
Secy, Mrs, .1,dm Shaw, P. O. Box 442
All ladies cordially Invited.
Plume :I40 P. II. Box 686
Fiinerul lllreelor and KiiiIiiiIiiut
Undertaking Pnrliirs
Fonwick Ave, near linker St.
Forwarding  and   Distributing
Agent for
l.elliliridge I'mil
Xl-llc Powder
Imperial Oil In.
Iiiiijinii nml Tniiisfcrrliitr
Given prompt attention
Plume 08
Civil and Mining Engineers
IL ('. Lund Surveyors
Tin1 Shoe Specialist
Siltisl'ticllun lliiiiriinteeil
endiiuarters fur all kinds of
Day I'lu.ne 233, Nlglit i'l 1 :i."i
Norbury Ave, nexl lo ill) llllll
Phono 106               P. O. llox 83
!..   11.  SMITH
Ladles and (lentleiiien's Huts
Cleaned and Bluelled
I'll 2111
PROF. C. E. Nllll)
Organist Methodist Cburcli
Receives Pupils fer
Orpin, Piaiioi'orli', Voice
Studio: 2,'l Norbury Ave.
Kiiiil. Frame, l'roii.
I'nsli llreml, Cakes, Pics
anil i'aslrj
Phono :i7
Norbury Ave.      Opp. city Hull
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box  108 Phone 244
^^™ * i        Miiaa,
Spokane,  Washington
We bellevo we
have more regular patrons from
British Columbia
than any otlier
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ui
•how you why
this Is true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ol
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates an low
as at the more ordinary
He* Hteamshln nn the Rent
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washlne
send it to
Special nrices for fainilv
:ulntliijr Fill for Women. fr> n box or ttireofor
iu. Hold r.i all I'rut- more*., nr innllod to nny
tddmiMHoalptol prico,  Tun Bcohku. Dsufl
Co , Ut. C4|fcf>flu.'i. Olitnrln 	
Vitality; for  Norvo nml llrufii; lncr-*H«on"f'ro]r
■ null..r'     o  'I'i.i  I       .will lilltl.I  „,,„   ,i>.     I I  ,.  I,.,,    na
nuttpr":ATonlc .wlilbullil >■
two f»r ('• nt .Irui* nt'if
of |.n.'     I'll a ,-Juuin.i.i. i
mull tm mcolpt
, bt. < .Ulmrltiia,
Health- Murphy Co., Ltd,, Agent H-
IN THB MATTER nf the Creditors
Trust Deeds Acl AND IN Till*: MATTER ot tlw* assignment fnr the bon-
ofit of creditors nf Ward & Harris,
nf Crnnbrook, B. C,
Arthur S. Ward, and William M. Harris, In iili nl' Un* City of Cniiihrnok, In
iiif Province ot British Columbia,
carrying on business as grocers ut
Cranbrook aforesaid under tin* firm
namo and stylo of Ward a Harris,
have made an aBBlgnment under the
provisions of the Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act of all their estate, credits
and effects Lo Frederick VV. Burgess,
of tiir Bame place, fur the general
benefit of tholr creditors,
a meeting of their creditors will bt*
belli at the ofllcos nf the undersigned
solicitors for the Assignee In the city
of Cranbrook on Saturday tin* B7th duy
uf May 1910 at the hour nf 2 o'clock
in tlie afternoon to receive a statement of affairs, to appoint inspector!.,
nml to fix tlieir remuneration, and for
the ordering of the affairs of the
estate generally.
Creditors are requested tu file, their
claims wltli tiie assignee or his solicitors with tho proofs and particulars
thereof required by the Creditors
Trust Heeds Act on or before the day
of such meeting,
Notice is further given that after
the l fit li day of .lune 1916 the assignee
will proceed to distribute the assets of
the debtors among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which notice shall then
liave been given nnd that he wlll not
bo liable for tho assets or any part
thereof or distribute to any person or
persons of whose claim he shall not
then  have hinl  notice.
Dined ni Cranhrook, it. 0„ this nth
day of May  HUH.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald * Nisbet
Solicitors for Frederick W. Burgoss
A large number of iriends gathered
at the. depot to say good-bye to Mrs,
Edward Nordman and children last
Wednesday. Tliey left here after a
residence of nine years lo visit friends
in Rossland before   going   to   Eholt
where they will make their home.
Mr. Thomas Parker, Inspector of
weights and measures paid Moyie q
visit last week.
M. Bonnar and Philip Conrad were
Cranbrook visitors Sunday.
James Millie and John Taylor of
Kimberley spent the first of tliis week
Airs, Bonnar and children ami Miss
Conrad returned rrom a visit to Hull
Hiver Monday.
Private Artlmr Arden who has been
spending  some   time   with   his   family
here, returned to Blalrmore Monday.
Invermere, May lfi Donations in
work mid In kind have lately boon received at the Windermere District
General Hospital much to tho appreciation nf the Hoard of Directors.
Amongst those contributing have beer,
Mrs. A. H, MacCarthy, bags of vegetables; Mrs. T. A. Pope, the stiuie;
onions from Mrs. Harold E, Forster;
fresh eggs from Mrs. A, H. Fisher,
Miss H. K. Hoedeckcr and Mrs. Basil
G, Hamilton; new water front and
back for kitchen range from tlie T.
Eaton Co., Ltd.; painting and kalso-
mining nine of the hospital rooms, the
Ladies' Aid of the Windermere DIs-
trist hospital; kalsomino material for
said work from Mrs. Joseph Lake;
work of kttlsomlning and fixing maternity ward donated by Mr. John H.
Taynton; cost of repainting Masonic
ward by Columbia Lodge No. 88, A. F.
& A. M.; magazines from Mrs. Howard Cleland and James Anderson; one
sewing machine by kindness of the
ladies' aid.
A program of sports has been arranged to take place here on Empire
Day, the 24th inst, to be followed by a
dance In the evening at Athalmer, proceeds to go In aid of tlie Windermere
District Hospital.
Mrs. G, Erickson has returned from
a visit to her daughter Mrs. Bennett,
at Creston. and bas brought with her
her little grandson Eric for a visit.
R. J. Long, forest ranger, was a
visitor here last weok.
A. G. James has been appointed fire
warden for the St, Marys district.
Provincial Constable Shlpman made
a flying visit to Staples Camp at Lost
Dog Canyon on Sunday,
Among the Marysville citizens who
attended the dance at Meadow Hrook
on Friday last were: Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mellor and daughter Kdith, Miss
Handley, Ed, Handley, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. James, H, C. Lund, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Bidder, Mrs. J. Herman, Fred Bidder and Harold Bennett, all reporting
a swell time.
Andrew Flndlay of Wild Horse
Prairie was visiting with Peter Htll
this week.
Mrs. Conover and Mrs. Fleming nf
"Meadow Brook" drove in on Sunday.
Rev. A. B. Lane preached his farewell service on Sunday to a large congregation. Mr. Lane leaves for Fernie
this week.
Wm. Robertson who bas resided
here for the past year left on Saturday for Cranbrook wliere he will
engage at his old occupation thnt of
bridge carpenter.
Mr. Hlnton of the Cranbrook Trading Co., was a visitor on Wednesday,
taking orders for seed grain, potatoes,
Peter Hill, the chicken rancher, bas
just Imported a shipment of R. I. Reds
from the IT. S. A.
J. D. Herman and family, who
have resided at Kimberley for the
past six months, returned tn their
ranch this week.
At a meeting of the Altar Society
of St. Peter's Church, Moyie. last
Sunday, Mrs. Michael Bonner, Sec-
Treas., reported that the neat sum
nf $24 had been cleared at the last
twn socials. Much thanks Is due Pros.
Mrs. Home and ber efficient committee, Miss Lily Conrad, Mrs. M. Bonner and Mrs. James Whitehead for
the success of tlie two entertainments.
Mr Iannis Home, foreman of the
Consolidated Company at Moyle,
claims to have lost one of his best
miners  In  Mr.   Donnldson.
A farewell sermon always draws a
large crowd. Mr. Clark's farewell sermon on Sunday evening drew an exceptionally large gathering who were
not disappointed, for one and all enjoyed a real Intellectual treat. Mr.
Clark's sunny smile will be missed
at Moyie. We all wish hlm Godspeed
in liis new district.
Mrs. Geo. Farrell, Mrs. Kd. Sylvester
and Mrs. Jos. Mountpelller, have been
selected as the committee In charge
of tbe next lee Cream Social to ho
held in Mr. Farrell's large hall, under
the auspices of the Altar Society of
St. Peter's Church.
Somebody got stalled on her way to
church lu her motor-boat last Sunday
morning. Would It be possible that
there was no "crank" lu the craft?
Archbishop Casey D.D. of Vancouver!
will pay a visit to Cranbrook on May
2stb for tlie purposes of administer-
ini: tlie Sacrament of Confirmation, I
Father Kennedy profltted by the op-1
portunlty of tbis announcement   to J
preach a powerful sermon on religion,
"Then' is too much drunkenness going
on today, there are too many divorces,
then* Is too much lack of recognition
of tbe 7th commandment "Thou shalt
not steal", What is tlie remedy for all
those   Ills?    "Religion   and   religion
only",' said Father Kennedy, "for religion    means    principle,   manliness,
you seiu ..uu.o more Zam-Buk to
your soldier friend. The men at
tho front ar* asking for It. They
say iiu.'iu la nutblng to equal Zam-
Buk for the many little accidents
incidental to a soldier's life; nothing ends pain and draws out Inflammation so quickly.
When an Injury ls sustained, if
the wound Is neglected and left exposed to germs, festering ls liable
to follow, so lhat even a very minor
injury, neglected, may have serious
consequences. If, however, a soldier has a box of Zam-Buk in tils
pocket, to apply at the right moment, much unnecessary suffering
can be avoided.
Sea to It, therefore, tbat your soldier friend Is kept supplied with
Zam-Buk. Remember, too, Zam-
Buk is Just as useful ln the home!
All druggists 50c, or Zam-Buk Co.,
Toronto, for pries.
the Conrad National Hank of Kallspell,
Montana, and Is opening up a tic
German manufacturers are producing rope anil twine from paper. Jim
Thistlebeak says give them plenty of
rope, etc., etc.
Fred Smith, planer foreman, Flagstone, is laid up with measles. Fred
gels everything that's going.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomson of the
C.P.R. operating department, Crnnbrook, were guests at the Columbia
Hotel tills week.
W. C, Leaey, customs olllcer at
Itoosville, died Monday at liis residence, International boundary line, of
pneumonia, lie was for a number of
years constable at Klko and was well
known around Kaslo, Sandon, Creston
and throughout tlie Pass. He leaves a
wife and daughter and the people of
Klko extend their deepest sympathies
to the sorrowing widow and daughter
in tlieir sad bereavement.
Travis Hagley. rancher and president of Flagstone Conservative Association, enlisted In the 225th.
It. J. Smith of Nelson, Great Northern Passenger and Freight Agent, was
an   Elko visitor this week.
A. II. Boss of Flagstone ts lu Klko
this week visiting Ills family.
Mr. and Mrs. a. A. Klingensmlth,
Chief and  Mrs.  Gorman   motored  to
Eureko Sunday going via  Flagstone I
and ncross Tobacco Plains.
Mr. John Stocks, rancher, Hnos- j
vllte Valley and South African vet-
eran, joined the 225th this week.
Mr. Kaiser, photographer, of Portland, Oregon, wns visiting the Roos-
ville Fnlis Sunday.
Mrs. David, widow of Chief David,
Tobacco Plnlns, Kootenay Indians,
died at the Indian village, Roosville
Valley, and was Intored at Roosville;
emetery last Tuesday, aged Di Her.
blest son Chief Paul who succeeded
his father Is away at Ottawa with a
delegation of B.C. Indian chiefs. The'
funeral was largely attended as she
was very much respected by both Indians and the whlto settlers.
Contractor M. Edmunds nf Klko I
bought the block of Umber owned by >
More pleasant and popular visitors
than Mr. and Mrs. Henderson of Kaslo
would he hard to find indeed, As
they formerly lived here, Mr. and Mrs.
Henderson were very glad to see their
numerous friends but no more so than
the friends to see them. Everybody
did their best to make tlie week's trip
enjoyable. Tiie visitors were entertained by the following: Mrs. Galbraith. Mrs. Blnmore. Mrs. Cann, Mrs.
Levitt, Mr. T. McVittie. All wished
the trip might liave beeu of longer
duration. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson left
on Monday for their home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Desmond visited
Craubrook on Sunday.
Mr. Wilson of Victoria, Gov. Entomologist (Indian Dept.) visited Fort
Steele Sunday and Monday.
Mr. Murray and Mr. Wlatson left on
Monday on a business trip north. During tlieir absence Mrs. Murray will
be the guest of Mrs. Watson.
Tom Chlsholm now of the 225th left
for Cranbrook on 15th.
Mr. T, McVittie left this week on n
survey at Haynes Lake.
Lieiits, McCreery, Adams, Aylmer
and Brechin visited Fort Steele on
Mr. Douglas, of Victoria, mill Inspector, passed through town Friday
ou his way to Wasa.
Mrs. Wolf left Fort Steele on Friday and will in future reside In Cranbrook.
.Mrs. Jeffries returned from Cranbrook tliis woek.
Robt. McCreery, John Martin and
Mr. Balment were in town on llth
On Monday Mrs. Blnmore and Mr.
and Mrs. Henderson left for Cranbrook.
Miss L. Walsh left on the 15th for
Wasa where she Is taking charge of
tin* school until Miss Wilson returns
from Victoria.
Mrs. Clark Is at the Craubrook Hospital and may be there several weeks
having a treatment for goitre.
Those of Fort Steele who attended
tlu? very enjoyable Auto Meet, Dinner
and Dance at Wasa on the 10th were:
Mr. and Mrs. Attree, Mrs. P. Cann,
Miss J. Attree, Mlfjs A. M. Bate, Mr.
A. Fenwick, Mr. Tannhonser, Mrs.
Duncan, and the Misses G. and D.
Mrs. Gibson who has been visiting
Mrs. J. Crowe for two years, left on
the 10th lust for her home In the East.
All are hoping that there may be a
mistake in tlie report that Douglas
Dunlop has been killed at the front.
Mr. Galbraith visited Creston last
C. Denis left Monday for Wilmer
where he will be head gardener for
Mr. It. R. Bruce,
Mr. Dan. McXelsh of Fertile Government Road Supt.. was In town on 14th.
X Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Beale
and party paid a visit to Fort Steele
ou Sunday.
The Water was turned on the Nip
and Tuck Placer grounds nn Saturday.
Martha—wlfo of tlie late chief David
of Tobacco Plains, passed away  last
Posters have been distributed advertising the play "The Adventure of
Lady Ursula", which win be brought
to Fort Steele on 22nd hv Cruiibiook
Dramatic club..
X. A. Wallinger, Mr. Gardner and
Mr, Gilchrist representing tlie P.
Burns Co.. were iu town on tlie Ktst.
An Impromptu and very Jolly meeting of old friends took place on Wednesday last when the following met at
the home of Mr. T. McVittie: Mr. nnd
Mrs. Henderson, Mr. C. Malr, Mr. and
Mrs. Cregson, Mr. C. Edwards, Miss
Just received, a large assortment of
in the very newest styles and materials.
We are also showing the very
just the thing for cool everinp?, The
prices are very moderate.
Mrs. E. Dilts who has been for
several months at the Cranbrook hospital, is recovering from her operation
and illness.
Mr. Tom Wilson of Vancouver spent
tbe week-end In town on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cumeron and E.
H. Small, Cranbrook: G. T. Pownall,
Fish Lakes; F. C. Douglas were in
town on thc 13th.
At the Red Cross meeting last
Thursday Mrs. Richardson was in
charge. The treasurer Is In receipt
of $10 from Mr. T. McVittie as subscription towards the Red Cross Fund.
Mrs. Forest of Trail visited her sister, Mrs. D. Cameron, this week.
In tho Matter of the "Land Registry
Act" and In the Matter of- I-ot 2,
Block 29, and Lot 1 Block 84 of Lot
132, Group 1, Kootenay District,
Province of British Columbia, Map
TAKE NOTICE that an Application
(3(193-1) has been made tn register
Gertrude Frances Blackman as owner
In fee simple of tlie above lots under
a Conveyance to her from Baynes
Lake Land Company Limited, date ..nth
day of December 1914 and that unless
within 30 days from the date of the
Hirst publication hereof you file In this
ollice a caveat or Certificate of Lis
Pendens I shall register the said Gertrude Frances Blackman as owner In
Dated at the  Land Registry Office,
Nelson, this 14th day of April, 1916,
District Registrar.
To al) tn whom It may concern.
Date of first publication 27th day of
April, 19HJ. 17-4t.
Spring Salmon
Fresh Halibut
and Codfish
Fresh Killed Meats and Poultry
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
Says Vinol Hade Her Strong
Grand Saline, Texas.—"I am an aged
woman and for a long time was weak
and fueble but Vinol restored my health
and strength so that I feel almost young
aijain unci am doing all my housework.
Old people who are weak and feeble
should try Vinol and know its merits as
I do. It Is the best medicine to create
strength and for chronic colds I have
ever taken."—Mrs.PANNIE E.Koih;khk.
Vlnol, our delicious cod liver and iron
tonic.is sold on our guarantee to benefit
or your money will bo returned.
Craubrook   Drug  &  Bonk Co.,
Crauurotm, BC.
Ortli'lci.lc of Improvement
"Ethel" Fr., "Altn" Fr., "Badger",
"Fox" and "Deer" Fr. Mineral Claims,
situate In the Fort Steele Mining Division of East Kootenay District.
Where located—On the Sullivan IHU,
Kimberley, B. C.
Tnke Notice thnt the Consolidated
Mining ft Smelting Co. of Canada, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate No.
90141H, Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder fnr n Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants nf the above Claims.
And Further Take Notice that action
under Section 8li must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 1st dny nf April, 1811.
(The Outlook, New York)
There are those who are more concerned over thc fact that England lias
delayed American malls than over
the fact that Germany haa murdered
American cltlzcnB. Those who clnlm
that the malls should have precedence
over the lives of women and children
seem to be strangely indifferent to the
fate of the mall that has been diverted by German submarines. Upon
what dato wlll the mail bags lying ln
tho bold of the Lusltanla lie forwarded
ta their destination!
Mln. Max.
May 11       — 63
"   12        27 55
"   13        25 66
"    14        24 04
"   16        20 67
".   10        30 67
"   17        34 I*
"   IH        41 —


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