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Cranbrook Herald Aug 17, 1923

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N 0 M BE It .25
DANCE MONDAY September 3rd Auditorium
Boy Scouts Hike
j^ Success
A Prolitftbto Outhig Being Had
Hy I,tuts.
Wliero Ih my wandering buy lo-
htght? BUOh wus thu iiui'Htlt'ii of
iiiimii thirty mother* ot Cranbrook
Whose boys packed \i\\ and loft I bum
un Thursday morning ot Inst week,
it \\;iii iiniti-ii. however, not with thu
same anxldus fueling tbut Ih usually
bossseesed by those hopelessly milking i 111;* enquiry, ub thoy ull know
that (In* youthful wayfarers were HU-
dor tho watchful oyeB of oaretul loaders. Thursday evening many wore
pity in,; III cm, tearing thut thu hail
been caught lu thu shown- that Cranbrook got thut. utter noon, News from
thu front, however, Indicates thut the
explorers only got a slight rain.
So fur the plana that had been made
tor tbe long bike by Messrs. Clurk
uml Salter have carried to perfection
uml the objectives have heen obtained,
the final Fairmont Springs. Tbe boys
are having a great time. They are
enjoying the routine work, of the
camp, and are making good progress
on the hikes. Wasa was made on
Thursduy night and Premier hike wus
readied on Saturday evening. They
are not being rushed, a pate being
eel i but even the cublest cub can keep
up. By the time the boys return
what they won't know about cook-
lug wilt be very little. They cun let
mother have a rest und cook a meal
for her some time. The course of Instruction they are receiving will be
uf inestimable value. Among other
benefits to be derived, that of intimate association with their companions,
the learning to give and take is sure
to prove ot much value.
Postmaster Harris had to put on
extra help to take care of the Kootenay Central mall on Saturday as
pretty nearly ever mother's son had
written to '/mother." All, aa we said,
weru enjoyin» themselves. Harland
Clark wrote "some" ot the boys had
blisters on their feet and he was one
df them, but they would soon wear
List of hikers—J. Barber, R. Brown,
M. Burrey, H. Clark, W. M. Coy, Ale*.
Dalzlel, J. Dalstel, J. Dixon, Allan
Downey, T. Flett, A. 0111, U. Haines,
8. Harris, M. Harris, K. Johnson, T.
Marshall, It. Moffatt. Bert MacDonald,
Bill McDonald, J. McFarlane. Q. Pat-
more, M. Reid, E. Sterne, R. Willis,
B. Wolfe. Mr. M. Clark, Mr. Geo.
Salter, Mr. Chester.
It is unfortunate that greater publicity could noi have been given to
tltu leoturo delivered lasl wuuk lu
Crauurook by Mr. <i. li, Searrett of
Victoria mi tho Boy Seoul movement.
Thu speaker, wlibi i» professor of
Mathematics at the University Military School, ML Tolmlo Road, Vlc-
torle, Ih deputy commissioner of thi
Provincial Ordor of the Boy Bcouts,
Tim success ot title or any other move-
inont directed by such men us Mr.
Searrett Is assured. Tbo commissioner is u sane enthusiast in the hoy
scout movement, making it n hobby,
llo is one of tew loaders In the boy
movement who has hud tho advantage of special Instruction In this
very Important branch of society
betterment, he being u graduate of
thu   (Mil well   KclimJi   of   I toy   Seoul
[training in England,
A representative ot tbe Herald had
uu Interview with the leader while
ho was iu tbe city, ll was indeed u
pleasure to llsleu to his ideas of Uoy
Soout work. *^
Originally the organization stood
for the physical and morn) Improvement of boys. Us purpose being to
train a boy of proper age In athletic
outdoor exercise as well as courtesy
and helpfulness to others; while
uniform is proscribed, even with the
original movement it was not military.    The idea of competition  was
On Saturday evening an auto driven by Mr, Magnus Johnson or
Wardner mel with an accident which
resulted lu thu shaking up of the
Dcuupants, Miss Vent Rengstrom and
MlSO K RawBOui of Ferule. In going
over a brhlgu one of Ihe front wheels
dropped off the planking running
lengthwise of tho bridge aud striking
the two by four crow pieces on the
original flooring upeot the car. The
driver wiih brutoed about the. arm and
hand while the Rengstrom girl re-
oelved a sprained shoulder und the
IliiwHojn girl Injury lo the hip. They
were given first aid nt the St, ISugene
hospital but have new left thnt Institution.
Sapiro Overcomes
all Obstacles
CftlUornlan'fl Nun To Be Tried
Out Hy Alberta Farmers
The Mlssej Beottic, who have heen
visiting in Cranbrnok tor some tbiuret urned to the coast on Monday.
not encouraged but ability to perform
certain duties demanding skill, readiness and sagacity,
Mr. Searrett looks upon Scouting
as a game played by hoys and adults.
As such it measures up to any other
boy moVement and is far ahead when
viewed from tho three different viewpoints of the Boy, the Parent, nud
the Nation.
The benefits to be derived arc
three fold. It should first teach him
good comradshtft should in/cujcate
resourcefulness ami leadership, it
should help him find his lift* work,
and fit him to render service whenever tailed upon. The hoy at the
a^o iu which he belongs to the Scouts
was Inthe moulding stage and It was
in this age that hit. habits Wi re formed .and his future lift1 largely determined. While there was no suppressing of Individuality, he was taught
that be owed a debt nml was respnn-
■ Bible to other members Of society.
Realizing this responsibility, he stud-
I led how best be could play his part,
■necessitating sometimes planning and
scheming in order that any desired
result might be accomplished, especially if the doing so was a means of
(Continued ou page two)
First Yankee-Doodle President
Wednesday next the "deserted village" will have nothing on this city.
Someone will huve to slay lo guard the
jail and the banks, lhe rest of the
populace will he at Green Bay wliere
the Cranbrook Musical Society, the
Robekah Lodge and the Oddfellows,
die lOnglish church choir and the
Sunday school are making holiday.
The big event will he a challenge
hasehall game between teams composed ot the songsters nnd the Odd-
Fellows and Iho Odd Girls We pre
sumo Rev Harrison will be umpire.
The uniform stipulated is bathing
.OBtumes, Games will be played in
tho water.
The ltoiarians at their meeting on
Tuesday noon adjourned as soon as
somo special business wns finished
mark of sympathy for their
brother Rotarlon P. M, MacPherson
ind bin family.
On Friday last Mr. and Mrs. James
s. DuiUop returned from Oal&ry
which was the home stretch of a very
pleasant honeymoon trip, heaving
here on tbe thirty-first of lust month,
they took in the hike trip to tbe main
line, then to Vancouver where they
spent a few days, then buck to Banff
for three days, where life was most
enjoyable and from there to Calgary.
The popular couple bad hardly got
to their home before many juvenile
bauds made their appearance at their
home on Garden avenue. A little
bribery soou_hart tha desired effect of
dispersing the intruders,
R. A. and sou Nelson Smith of Moyie were Cranbrook visitors on Tuesday. Mr. Smith shares the view of
many that Moyie will again come to
its own. possibly not at present
through mining activities, but as a
pleasure resort. It U not unreasonable  that a spot which seems to he
Imltted by nearly every tourist from
the southern part of California right
north to Washington to be the prettiest piece of scenery on tbe whole
trip, should eventually profit by Its
location by having more of the tour-
Ms make It a stopping place.
Coming Events
As if drawn hy a magnet the people
of Alberta, both farmer und business
ire rallying to the support of
the plan of Sapiro, tamous expert lu
co-opbratlve marketln .■ Asked by
the leading (Alberta newspapers to
come to Iho province ami give Its people his ideas on the feasibility of cooperative marketing, Aaron Sapiro
came and his itinerary lias been one
triumphal procession, Meeting after
meeting) the same whole hearted support Is accorded. Politicians and
business men claimed that thu Bchemo
was noi workable this year as they
did not have the elevators, this was
no sooner said thnn one elevator system wus offered to the pool and Ihis
wus soon followed by another which
ii ull represented ru) per cent, of the
ilevators lu the counuy. There appears now little dlfllciilty.in the wuy
ot thu successful operation of ihe pool
tills yeur.
As thu Interests of British Columbia
are more or less Interdependent on
those i*' the prairie it is tu be hoped
that thu scheme ot tills exponent of
co-operative market Inn will be as
successful lu the marketing of wheal
It hus been lu the marketing of
oilier products of the soil. In reference to the wonderful success lhat Is
attending the efforts of Sapiro the
Calgary Herald says in part:
Sapiro sees economic co-operation
graphically) because he sees it in
terms of human life*.
That every person in his huge
audience should vote fur Immediate
action towards remedying, ir possible
he present system of marketing, wus
Inevitable, because Septra Is a master
of persuasive eloquence. If that did!
not occur from force of logic, it would
occur from depth of feeling as he outlined tbe limitations im.i1 defects cf the
present system and uttered Ills conll-
tbnt promises of improvement under
be system be advocates;
There Is no doubt that a wheat pool
will be established now. unless unsur-
mountable difficulties oppose themselves to It. The present duty Is to
determine as quickly as possible
whether such dffhcultfes interpose to
prevent the wishes of the farmers
from being carried out. They should
bo discovered now, if thoy exist, not
after a wheat pool has been organized.
Saplro's assurances lead to the confident hope that no dlfllcultes do exist
that can not be overcome, aud to the
hope that a new system of placing the
wheat crop of this province on the
market will bring increased prosperity to Alberta.
One definite result attaches to the
Sapiro visit. It Is this, that for tho
first time In many months, farmers,
farmer leaders nml farmer politicians
areworking hand In hand in sincere
Tuesday il would have been nearly
possible to have held a directors
meeting of ibu C.l'.H. when many of
the high officials lu passing through,
Btopped off to discuss affairs with
Mr. T. It. Flett, the Cranbrook divisional superintendent,
The   party,  under  the  direction   of'
.Much Sjmpath)  for Bereaved
It wub with deepest sorrow thut
many Cranbrnok people heard on
Tuesday morning of tho death of
j Mildred, the Infant daughter ut' Mr
and Mrs, P. M. MacPherson,
I The little one had been enjoying
Mr, W. H. Melnnls, vlco president 0t|g0Oa bealt),  .imU  ,Mt  PrIdfty  when
ho did not Just feel well, due utten-
the company, wero on an ofnolal trip
ot inipocttou uf ibu western linos Including thu westm Status. Tho rest
nr Ihe party Included C. B, MaePher-
.11, assistant passenger tralllc manager at Winnipeg; Qeorge Stephen,
assistant   freight   tralllc   manager  at
Winnipeg; Q, s MacPherson, vide-
idem of the Spokane International and   .1. ic.   Sands, freight traffic
imnager nf the Soo Uno.   They pro-
ceded from hero to Spokane, Seattle
iml other const points aud will return
pier on,
tiou was paid but uu :
of anything serious was
urday und Sunday pa
igns of improvement,
nil Monday, however th
the life of the child were
Everything was dona iii
done,  the  doctors  workii
held. Bat-
Bed without
li was not
it fears for
it could be
g  all   night
New Windermere
Road WilU)e Good
With Opening oi New Stretches
oi* Road, Old Route Mny Be
Tbo events noted below nre those
lor which paid advertising appears In
ibis Issue, or for which printing work
baa been done In this office.
Friday, Aug. 1": Dance at Fort Steele.
l.oJhlusm.'H orchestra.
Frl. Hi Sat,, Aug. 17-18. Conway Tearle
In "Thu Rustle of Silk" at the Star.
Comedy: "BLAZES"
Mon. ft Tues., Aug. 20-21: Agnes
Ayurs, Theodore Huberts, and llieh-
aid Dlx In "Itiicinr, Hearts" ut ihe
Tuesday, Bept, 4l1i:  Annual mewing
I    of Cranbrook Musical Society,
Wednesday, Aug. 22nd: Musical Society Picnic ut Oreeu Bay.
Wed. A Thurs. Aug. 22-23: Marlon
Iiavies and T. Roy Barnes tn "Adam
and Eva" at the Star.
Mr. D. 0. Coleman, first vice-president of the C.P.H. paid Cranbrook an
Official visit of inspection the beginning of the week, arriving on his
special train on Sunday evening and
leaving again on Monday. Mr, Coleman was accompanied by Mrs. Coleman and the children. Also accom-
panylng the party was Mr. C. A.
Cotterell, assistant general superintendent of the B. C. district. Prom
Crnnbrook a special train consisting
if Mr. Coleman's car, Mr. Cotterell's
car und Mr. Flett's car took the offl-
ials over the Cranbrook division.
e»prefSJti>\*i Cm Ma Cflo/SJfa '
Oulvln Coolldge of Massachusetts u onr first Yankee Unndle President, being horn on the Fourth of July, fifty-one years ago*-1873 at
Plymouth, Vt. lie Is the third vice-president .from that state-und It
la a coincidence that one of (he other two. Chester A. Arthur, became
Ptestdtftt upon tk* assassination uf Jsiihv A. tiarfleM., Tbe Ihliti waa
liftlr.Mwu   vtatMMUtfit to Vtomsat llantak
Thurs., Aug. 23rd, Women's Institute
Flower Show In G.W.V.A. hall.
Frl. ft Sat., Aug. 24-25: Betty Camp-
son, Bert Lytell and May McAvoy
In "Kick In" at the Star.
Saturday, September 1: Knox Church
Indies' Aid Sale, si the Church
Hall, at 3.30 p.m.
Monday, Sept. 3rd: Big Day at Natal,
Elk Valley and Natal Agricultural
Association Fall Fatr.
Monday, Sept. 3rd, Labor Day dance
nt the Auditorium.
Saturday, December 8: Aan sal basaar
Kan CUrc* Ladles' Alt
desire with the business men of tbe
cities to effect improvements In conditions for all classes in Alberta and
that Is decidely worth while.
Indicative of tho manner Sapiro has
of addressing an audience and his
method of overcoming difficulties. w<
iguole his speech at Edmonton relative
to his proposed plan for dealing With
the question of money aud elevators.
Money fan He Secured
"If you cannot gel money In Canada to help you build elevutorn. on the
strength of the guarantee, of the marketing association, I feel morally cor
Mtln I can get sum:: men lu thu United
states to advance you money, either
with or without Interest, nt your option, lo help you build elevators on
I hut basis. Why. Judge Ileynam has
Just sent up to lhe Potato Growers
l.oiwoen fifty nnd one hundred thousand dollars lo help ihem hulhl little
pot it to warehouses on lhat basis. He
I Interested it helping the potato
growers tn stand on tholr own feet;
it is not a commercial bull. So we
tan get some money even for Canada
if you nre compelled lo do It. but my
guess Is, wo do not grow any better
eltliena in the United States thnn ynu
grow In Canada, and my guess Is your
Oanadlan loaders will respond to your
plans just like the American men
have responded in the plans of Ibe
growers over across the other side of
tho lino.
Mine Fiild For Klevalort.
You will get your elevators as you
i«ed them and you will pay for them
fairly nnd squarely, only gradually.
ont of the wheat. Here (s ono thing
those ot the prairie lt s to be hoped
nlrw.dy bought and paid for every
elevator In Alberta, two or three times
over, but tbe other fellow stilt owns
them, and If they are the square men
I think they are. thoy will glvo you
tho chance to bay I hem and pay for
thorn onco morn, nnd to own them nt
tho end of this particular payment.
Well, there Is tbo whole story about
tbe technique."
Mr. J. A. McGregor, manager of the
K. D. ft B. C. railway, reached this
city on Monday In hts private car.
Mr, McGregor. wha_was at one time
superintendent of this division has
left his business all at Edmonton ond
is here to beguile a few ot tbe finny
tribe. Dr. McKay of Edmonton Is
accompanying him. Mr. E. Home,
local manager of the Tie ami Timber
branch of the department of Natural
Resources motored the party out to
camp six. Bull river wliere a camp has
been established nnd where, between
siorios Qt the catches they used to
make, the lives of tiie fish in the nearby waters will be endangered.
Thu west IkiiiiiiI train In charge of
Conductor Cameron Which arrived nt
u late hour on Thursduy whs boarded
ni Blairmore by searchers for liquor
employed by the government   The
delay, it is understood, wns not the
result uf b short crew in consequence
of the aforesaid Investigation,
Mr. McDonald) a former Cranbrook
merchant Is In the city. Mr. McDonald Is now Interested In oil.
Norman Moore loft for Kitchener
on Thursday night to look arfter the
flro fighting at thnt point.
On Wednesday next n meeting of
the representatives ot the Ford agencies of south out Kootenay and tbo
Columbia valley will meet In Cranbrook. A round table conference will
be held when matters relative to the
interest of their business will be dls-
Rev. K. W, McKay returned on Frl-
day evening from tbe McKays' summer cump at Kootenny Tiike nt Gon-
olio. Mr, McKay will now be In
charge of Ihe united congregations of
Iho Methodist and the Presbyterian
chttrches, worshipping alternate Sundays in the Met hud 1st and Presbyter-
Inn Churches. Neit Sunday theaor-
Ulca being In the Presbyterian churek
Monday but at 0.80 a in. the baby just
slipped awy to be with her sister and
brother who had gono ou but a short
lime before. The funeral was held
from the family home on Ten wick
Avenue on Wednesday ttt t p in. It
13. W, McKay spoke In a heart (
mannor of the snd loss sustained
the family. The bewtldormont into
which such a taking off throws ns.
the groping around, as it wire, for
ihe reason of It all. Tiie late president Harding, at Iho zenith of Ull
career, wus snapped away when bis
presence was mosl needed, while others, whoso value io society was leas
timti nothing were left li.ru n child
from a home when- ii was most welcome und wburu every care was being lavished upon it, wis beckoned
iway, while others remained In homes
where, as It were, they bud been
'shipwrecked Into life.'' their cafe »
burden, al tlmec reprising peacefully,
i hen ii gal ii buffeted by wares of adversity as IITe riowed by
Through this veil of mystery, however could be traced the hand of God
pointing to the law of hope, the guarantee of immortality   The many a-*-
>uranees thai we were given of the
life  beyond  were comforting  beyond
measure   Through the shadows of the
durk valley could be setn (he moun
lain tops gleaming from peak to peak
As an answer to the desire for "ths
touch   of  a   vanished  hand   and   the
round of a voice that is ig||,- Whit-
Mor V" -".lent .      ....
"Alas for him who never sees
The stars shine through the cypress
Who. hopeless, lays his dead away.
Nor lookB to see the breaking day
Across tbe mournful marbles play.
Who hath not  learned  in houra of
That  truth,  to flesh a."--I  sen.-*1 unknown,
That Life Is over lord of Dae:h.
And Love can never lose Its own."
To the bereaved parems and the
two brothers tho sympathy of the en-
I Ir community Is poured out. in this
their trying hcur of affliction. The
many floral offerings received are
but a small indication of tho extent
ta which this feeling spread in spite
of the fact that the passing of the
little one and the time of the funeral
was unknown to many.
Family, spray; Uncle Fred and
Auntie Jean. Etzicom. Alta.. spray;
Floss and Bill, Lethbrldge, cross;
Mr. aud Mrs. N. A. Walllnger, spray;
Hon. Dr. and .Mrs. King, spray; Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Little, wreath; Mr. and
Mrs. Alex Hurry, spray; Mr. aud Mrs
J. H. McQuald, spray; Mr and Mrs
P. W. Willis, spray"; Mr. and Mrs
Harry Doris, sprny; Corp'l aad Mrs.
Wilson, spray; Mrs. Eye and Mru
Grady, apray; Mr, and Mrs. Garnham
spray; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Morrison,
spray; Lewll Wllllcome. spray; Mr
and Mra. Frod Scott, spray; Mr. and
Mrs. G. B. Willis, spray; Mr. and
Mrs.  Boss  PascUKO, spi iy;   Mr   and
Mrs. il. f. Holtnalng. spray; Mr. and
Mm, c. w. Draper, spray; Mr and
Mrs, Geo, Salter, spray; Mi. and Mri
i:. Home, spray; Mi. and Sirs I-*u
Richardson, spray; Mr. and Mrs <;
F. Marsh spruy. Mr. and Mri A B
Jones, spray; Mr. and Mr s J. M.
Clark, spiay; Mr. and Mrs Harvey
Brown, spray; Delany ft Bine Mr Lid.
spray; Mr. and Mrs. W K Haelam,
Mr and Mrs. Flett, spray; Mr
und Mra. F. W. Burgess spray; Mt
Bert Sang, spray; A. F ft A. M. No.
;i4, anchor: Rotary Club, pillow; Mr
and Mrs. J .Scholl, sprny; Mlssi
b-.'l nnd Nora Finley. spray
Knight, spray; Mr and Mrs. P.
Niwak. spray; Dr. and Mrs. Groon
Sprayj Mr and Mrs S. O. Clark, Wycliffe, spray; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rob-
son, Lumberton. sprny; Mr. nnd Mrs
A. C. Shankland, spray; Mr and Mrs
G. J Spreull. spray; Mr. nnd Mrs. T.
M. Roberts, spray; Mr. and Mrs. W.
?.T. Harris, spray; Mr. and Mri. 0. W.
Pat more, spray; Mr. nnd Mrs. Sodon
und Percy Wethorall* spray; Dr. and
Mrs. Fergle, spr.iy: Mrs, Gill and Mrs,
Ration, spniyj Mr. and Mrs W. K
Worden. .sprny; Rocky Mountain
Chapter No, 7, Ofncora and companions, heart; Mr. and Mrs W. 1), Ollroy
spray: A. F. * A. M. No. r(r(, Kimberley, wreath! Mr. nnd Mrs. Fink nnd
family, spray;  Mr. nnd Mrs
Considerable work is now In progress on the road from Cranbrook to
Wiudermere which will make this end
oi' thu motor highway to Banff on a
par with the new part from Windermere io Banff, which tourists continue
to extol as one of tbe finest stretches
it road on the continent. To bring
the older part of the road more Into
uniformity with the newer, and to conform with modern engineering, much
of the old road, with its tortuous
windings, bad turns and short sharp
grades, is being abandoned, und stroi-
. lies of new road are being made that
i nt off had stretches of road on thu
old route.
The now road from Cranbrook goes
by way of Cherry Creek and Ta-Ta
Creek, crossing the Kootenay river
>ver a new bridge at Skooku inch tick,
tnd joining the old road about a mile
tbove Premier l-nke. at Sheep Creek.
i'or those who still wish 10 puss
hrough Fort Steele and Wasa, there
s a mt-off of about a couple of miles
it Wasa, serosa the bridge and up to
lie hum   road a few miles this side of
ra-Ta Creek.   This cut-off. while a
airly wide road. Is a steep grade, aud
eep in dust where it has not yet been
travelled   Tbo new road on the west
Ids Of the river |* wide und In good
hape where it  has  been gravelled,
Pits  turns are  wide aud  ample  and
he grades even and easy   just before
'kooRumchuck  there  it  a  stretch of
several miles, straight, wide road, al-
'.cHdy  gravelled,  which  will,  without
tuesifon become a veritable speedway
vben it has been worked down a little
more another season.   The rood para-
Ilelfl the Kootenay Central line for a
• 'insiderable distance, dropping down
an easy grade to the river level where
the railway crosses.   Here, as in many
[daces, an exceedingly pretty view of
lie TRlley is seen.   The drop down to
be new Skookumchuck hridg» 'a one
[ .   -„v *'-1,> !,t>r,' •*' '-'fr   <ew ',om>
he  long  sweeping grade being well
"enced.     At Ta-Ta Creek, near    the
chool  house, Is the new store and
-ascline station put up by Dave Hop-
.ins, formerly of this city.
Following a stiff climb from the
ikookumchnck bridge up to the bench-
*.. the worst portion of the road Is
neountered, thick with dust and sand
ut into deep ruts, but grading, gravelling and a little more use are all
■hat is needed to put It in shape, and
'his it will probably get before an-
itber season. From Premier Lake to
iin.-il Flats the old road is still fn use
fiiough it ha.= been surveyed for Widening which will ultimately be done.
From Canal Flats to Fairmont much
road work is being done and a number
if new scratches of road aro already
completed, awaiting only favorable
■■ond it ion i. such a> heavy rntns, to
pack them down, before allowing cars
•o pass over them. Many l«d turns
: are be*n * ut out or widened so that
'wo cars can pass almost anywhere In
safety at ordinary speed, though there
ire still s few places yet to be widen-
-d. Most of the bad hills huve been
fenced, which adds to tbe security of
>tra;ixers going over tbe road.
One has ample opportunity of contrasting the old and the new roads
during tbe journey and there Is no
niostinn that with tbe Improvement!
now being carried out, the old road,
whhh whs merely a glorified stage
■rail of former days will In* transform-
Ito one of tbe scenic highways of
CtlOB already famed for Its at-
traction from a tourist standpoint
At the other end of the Journey, ths
earn '-> hold up well under the
heavy trafllc with little attention Some
m iri. has been carried out on thi oork*
screw bill nt Athalmer. which has
tew been widened and faetd und Nome
if ihe sharpest huirpln turns taken
DUI But it st-ll rpmalnn the worst
hill on tbe ninety mile trip to lnvermere.
W.  F.
Attridge, spray; Mr. and Mrs. Conroy. mond, spray.
prr.y; Ur. and Mrs. Rutledge, spray;
Mr. and Mps. W. H, Wilson, sprny;
Mr. and Mrs 1). Sutherland, spray,
Mr. and Mrs, Carlyle. spray; Mr. and
Mrs, Halcrow. spray: Mr. and Mrs.
Ed. Pnterson, spray: Mr. and Mrs. A.
Wallace, spray; Mr. and Mrs. R, Pot-
tor, spray: Mis? Mcl-ood, spray; Dr.
and Mrs. McKinnon. spriy; Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Small, spray; Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. MacKinnon and family, spray:
Mis-; MeOonald, spray; Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Walkley, apray; Mr. W. J. Ger-
bracht, spray; Miss Kllen Johnson,
Ipray: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. lyoltch,
oray; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cleland,
luvernmre, spray: Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Staples, Wycliffe, spray; Mr.
and Mrs. lister Clupp, spray; Mr.
and Mrs. B. A. Moorhouso, spray; Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Ward, spray; Mr. J.
Jk. Chorlton, spray; MJss Delia Drum- pies two
Friday, August 17th, 1023
tbe Cranbrook herald
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this Offleo Wtdnaid**/ num. the aurrtnt
«««k to •*icur» RtttntloD.
AUGUST      1923
1 234
5 6 7 8 91011
U 131415161718
li* 20 2122 2324 25
sinuiuer. Nasty Insinuations
are being made llial Calgary
Interests are at work to prevent
the road being put into shape
again in the ho>e thai a greal
er volume of tourist tratllc may
thereby be diverted to the main
line city. *It is certain that
mighty few tourists are making the trip through the pass
compared to last year, and tbis
district, along with other places is suffering when the tourist, who plans to make the circle tour does not complete the
circle but crosses the line to
the south again without completing the lasl lap which
would bring them back once
more to Cninlirook. Much of
the scenery in the Crow's Nest
Pass is ruled as Ihe most su
peril on the Canadian circle,
and the tourist who misses il
is deriving himself of a rare
Prince Rupert, the northern
city which has achieved distinction for the planting of a
$600,000 coin"! house and an
almost cmally famous $200,000
school, now comes forward with
a suggestion for a provincial
jail building. The history of
that city's public building
seems to be such that a .tail
might be the most appropriate
kind of building for the contractors to stand on.
I he
t'UIUAY, AUGUST mil,  1923
Nine years ago patriotism
was at flame head throughout
the British Empire, li burned
brighter, the cynics say, than
it would again under similar
circumstances, though to entertain such a belief for a moment
is to brand tlie inborn emotions
as untrue. Still iu tlie highways anil by-ways liner* nre
evidences that people remember the fourth of August. To
many the date is seared in their
minds, and though the scar has
healed It is an ever-present reminder of that fateful day, now
almost a decade ago, that was
to lead to the desolation of lives
homes and countries, all for an
Ideal. A lot can he forgotten in
nine years, but in the out of the
way places and in the busy centers alike there are those who
lived years in those first few
weeks of the war, and who even
now unconsciously show that
nothing has been forgotten.
Years may have worn off the
edge, time may have softened
the bitterness, but still they remember—and a word dropped
casually, it may seem, or a ref
erence made, will show that
time has yet spread only a thin
veneer of forget fulness through
the years which is easily Ibrust
aside. KRUfli
Has   the   world progressed
during the  intervening years
Is there nol  room for hoping
so?   II may seem that turmoil
still reigns Internationally bul
lu that slate there is seen an
evidence that the world has nol
retrogressed. II Is said thai
there exists to-day mors cause
for war than in 1014, If Ibis
Is so, the very fact Mint there is
no war on the same scale would
go to show thai progress has
heen made along ibe pall) of
idealism by the nations.    The
Kuhr situation alone, would, n
few years ago. have led clashing armies Into the Afield, and
of a surety the Turkish vasell-
latlons and the Greek inconsistencies would have been settled, not over the conference
table, but by the roar of guns, j
Then there is hope, for the
world Is progressing.
those niiisi'i:iis
Following Irani on liiu Montreal
slur's   now   notorious "Whisper   nt
Death" editorial stating Hint Ga in
is iii Bitch dire financial straits Hint
bankruptcy or annexation aro Inevitable, comes answering "whispers" ol
lite, faith and fern- from other Can-
uttiun newspapers, most of which deprecate the Stnr's charge and Insist
on Canada being damned according
lo their own pet brand nf damnation.
All these "whispers" are in themselves Indicative nr what Is tlie mailer with Canada.
Wo whisper Ino much, tulle plainly too little.
The economic facts about Canada
do not need lo be whispered. Al-
tllOUgh some of our political fuels
simiiiil. for lieeeinj-'s sake, be 'mentioned in ti tempered voice.
Tlio Star lit its moribund oliarge
alleges that tiie Canadian .National
railway is lhe fnrce dragging Canada to her death. Tlio truth is lhat
the C.N.It. will not embarrass Canada unless it Is "whispered" to death,
tlnu Is unless It Is killed by politics.
Sir Henry Thornton i.s Irving to operate I lie C.N.It. according In economics.    He seems lo be getting results.
Politics whisper; economics talks
right out loud.
Let us run tills country under the
plain immutable laws of economics
and cm out lite political whispers. If
we do that, even Lord Alhnlslali's
tremendous editorial  bogayjs  won't
rise nut nf as.—Vancouver Sun.
Canadian statesmen should "lake
hearts of grace." American politicians
have done their wnrst lu a business
soiwo. They have closed practically
all articles nf Canadian origin ntll of
tholr markets—thai Is they have done
Ibeir inmost to close them out. hul
there lire certain inalerials which arc
necessary in certain lines of their
business ami those articles must be
secured, regardless of cost and duties
We have been forced In seek far-awav
market* for our entile and oiher
farm product* owing to ihe provisions
of ib„ Cnnliiey-McCuiiiber tariff
measure.   Vancouver Colonist.
till1   IuiIkIiIh  uf old   Willi   Hi(10(1
ii ii ror
women  illilll'l  go BO  I'll!' BI tn
\o   il    ||
Htn'i'l nirH.
Cranbrook should add .its
voice to the clamor now being
raised to induce the Alberta de-j
partment of puhlle works to put;
the road through the Crow's
Nest Pass In good condition.;
following  'the floods   ot   this
Oft in the
Silly Plight
Kiv puroluuera havo found
you ymi might, Indued you
might havo lota of thorn around
Thoro aro many people in ihe
silly pHghl of wunllng to ..Hi
aomothlng und not having any
buyers In HiKht. Wo cull It
"Hilly" because It Is no utterly
With those result - getting
Herald Ads. ulwtiyB available,
there is absolutely no excuse
for unydr.o being In this silly
Additional proof of the effectiveness of Herald ads. Is furnished by ninny, who after placing uu nd. for several weeks,
phono us after the first Issue to
tell us they have got. what thoy ,
wanted nud to discontinue ad. ,
Call No 18 and ask for an ad. j
lakor whenever YOU are In any
kind of a Hilly plight.
(Continued trom Pace One)
benefitting others.
tiih parents us guardians of
child should realize Hint their
was, us il wore, In irusi with Ihem.
and thai tliey were responsible to a
large extent to society for the men
they produced, The Hoy Seoul movement he claimed provided (he best
outlet for the natural enthusiasm of
the hoy; It satisfied his boyish impulses and desires. It wus in this
state when tho hoy felt contented and
happy lhal. lie was lhe most plastic,
and when Influences for good could
bo more advantageously applied. In
this way might be developed citizens
that would be of value to society.
To the nation the movement was of
vital Importance, He knew of no
greater means by .which boy life
could 1)0 conserved. The boys of today are Ihe men and rulers of tomorrow and it was but natural that
the clean minded healthy hoy would
produce men vigorous in body and
Intellect II developed in the boy u
true patriotism, the Hug of oilier
nations was respected; the lova of
their own country was not sacrificed,
hut through their training to respeel
the rights of others they were also
lolernnt of tlie other fellows love of
his country. What Canada needed
was more Intelligent patriotism. The
movement was a potent force for In-
ieni.iiion.tl goodwill and brotherhood.
Mr, Searrett was much at home
with his subject which added much
to the pleasure of the interview. He
is au onthuplaft in the work, for
-which Ive'ls particularly qualified.
Unfortunately It Is impossible for all
leaders lo have the same training
dial he has had. Much good Is being douo by Mr, Starrett by the
(ours that be lakes from lime to
lime visiting nnd lecturing at ihe
carious Interior points.
It might be of interest lo know
that the school in which Mr. Searrett
is .Mathematical master, and In which
he is personally interested, trains
hoys for ihe University. To know
ihut one's hoy la under the suporvls-
on of a man of Mr. Scarrett's stamp,
and receiving tho training thai his
school provides, should prove a source
of satisfaction to any who huve to
send their children away for this pari
of their education.
Under ihe guidance of efficient executive officers such as Mr. Searrett,
the Hoy Scout movement in H. C. Is
making excellent advancement, their
Btrength today being about 5.000. The
order is badly handicapped at tho
present time for leaders, li fs hoped
•hul a training school for thorn will
he established shortly ut the coast.
Tho local exrcullvo Is composed of
citizens wlio are deeply Interested
In tho work of Iho order. Any assistance lhat any citizens may feel disposed to givoll help of any description
ihai might be deemed In ihe Interest
i-f the order will be moHt readily received by lhe executive.
The following Is the localOXflCUttVfl
-IHstrlct Commissioner, H. R Hicks;
President of local uHsoeiutUn., J. f.
Boolti ScoutmostON, M. A, Clark, ami
''.vril Shaw,
*++•}+-). *.;. t, 444.;. 4,4 4 $+<, $+jf, j,+,e, .j,
•:•+<• •f.-i.**^.++**^<.4*<.+<1++^.j,w„-.
On Saturday. August lltli al X p.m.
Hi- MelnloBh ex M.J'., gave an In-
torestlng address io Die Haynes and
Waldo electorate ou lbe why and
whererore of iho rormallon of lbe
Provincial Party and explained lis
aims. There was a good attendance
considering iho quiet stale of the district with two mills shut down, and
his words were listened to with keen
As iho spenker remarked In the
course of his.address, comparatively
Utile of the news from the coastal region filters through to (his corner
ofihe Kootenays, n large proportion
of tho daily papers taken hy the
Inhabitants coming from Calgary and
Spokane; and it will therefore he no
exttggeralion to say lhat his listeners were somewhat staggered by lhe
statements that Dr. Mcintosh put before them regarding the dealings ot
peal Happenings j
Miss Kathleen Dezell was a patient
in the St. Eugene hospilul tor a few
days Ibis week.
H. R Helmslng. Indian agent, was
a business vlsltur to lnvermere lust
week, going up on Wednesday.
it is announced that iho territorial
convention oi' Ford Car dealers, planned to he held this summer at Lake
Windermere, has been changed to
Mr. Harry Burns
bertu is lu the si
Buffering from Ino
ports stale that lie
of Illalrninre, Al-
Kugene hospital
ichllls. |.atesl re<
is tloiug very well
The Windermere Hoy Senilis loll on
.Monday by enrs lor Thunder Hill
where they are holding their annual
.-amp, ll fs hoped Ihey can be Inducer
10 remain in enmp long enough to In
there to welcome the Cranbrook
scouts on tbe hike which lhe laltcY
are planning from ihis city up the Columbia valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Cassldy accompanied
hy Jack and Andy returned on Wed
uesduy from their vacation. Mr, and
Mrs. Cassldy were away down to U
Angeles, while Jack and Andy took in
lhe sights at Hie coast. Jack had the
pleasure of being one of those to see
Hie late Presiileiii Harding step ashore
at Vancouver, also to bear him address the crowd at Stanloy Park ami
to be present al Ihe big memorial
.service held biter in the same place.
The big excitement for Mr. and Mrs.
Cassldy was when their train in California struck au auto and killed the
driver who was taking a chance on
getting over the track in advance of
Ibe train.
ui;s( imn:i> in brief
(Contributed hy Mr. Qeorge Salter)
The company of Scouts who started on the hike to Itadlum Hot Springs
on Thursday hist arrived at the Mission at 12.115 p.m. the same day where
lunch was had and a number of sore
feet attended to. Leaving the Mission
at 2.10 we proceeded lo Woods" ranch
where we arrived al about 6 p.m.
Kain was.our portion all lhe way
from the Mission lo tbe ranch, where
on arrival we took refuge In uu old
shed. Shortly after our arrival the
rain cleared and the boys not being
tired they had a game Of football.
Sleep the first night seemed out of
the question so everyone was up at
S a.m. and after a hearty breakfast
and tbe necessary fatigues WO BOl out
al 8.45 for Wasa which proved a hard
hike. Every body was very stiff but
-.limbered up after u good swim. Lefl
Wasa at 10 a.m. Saturday and walked all the way to Premier Lake without a stop for meals. An all day stop
was made al Premier and everybody
had a real good time. Mr. and Mrs.
G, O. Staples allowed Iho hoys the
use* of tbe boats and did everything to
make the day enjoyable. Ou Monday
we walked from Premier to Canal
Chits and are just ready to leave this
(Tuesdayi morning for the Windermere Scouts camp which Is about four
miles up the track ou Columbia take,
the Premier aud tho leaden of the Opposition wiih the P.G.K., statements
which ure to be found published In
No. 2. of "The Searchlight" Issued by
tho Provincial Party. Unless these
itntements ure conclusively disproved,
and this can only be done to the pub-
lie satisfaction in the Libel Courts—
there will be many voles cast for Ihe
Provincial Party in the district ut
tbe next election.
Capt. J. BARNARD, A.M.I.E.R.
Expert Tuning
Any Other Kind Will Hutu It
Alvin E. Perkins
u   stridly   independent   tuner,
uml the best-recommended man
lu Canada,   wllli    '■'•'■>   years of ;
valuable factory and other experience,  stands for  positively
thu   best   In   the   profession   of
tuning .mil repairing of pianos. I
Honesty  or  purpose and  con- ,
sclent finis    workmanship,    nnd
Strongly endorsed by tbe best
authority   in   Canada   —-   piano
manufacturers who are positively  particular  where  they  put
their signature, as follows:
Morris & Karn Co,
Helnlzman & Co.
Courluy Piano Co.
Dominion Piano Co.
Newcombe Piano Co.
Fletcher Bros.
Dor hard Helmsman House,
Prof. J. I). A. Tripp.
Mason & Uisch Co,
And others.
Mr. Perkins will be In Cranbrook
early In September and will
make his regulur calls.
Mrs. W. J. Barber, who is conlned
lo tlie St. Eugene hospital, is reported as progressing favorably.
Herbert Chester, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Chester of this city, and an agricultural student nt the University of B.
C„ has taken a position at the lnvermere Experimental farm, where he
will gain useful practical experience.
Miss Wiiiida pink returned to her
homo on Tuesday from the St. Eugene hospital, following her operation.
Miss  Eileen  LVfcQuatd, daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. J. II. McQuald Is spuml-
Ing a holiday at lnvermere with Mrs.
A. A. McuKliiuou and daughter Miss
John Helmslng, sou of Mr, uml Mrs.
11. C. Ileliiislug has taken a position
wiih the lnvermere Contracting Co.,
;it. ihe lnvermere garage,
Mrs. S. P. Oarratl or Wycliffe, who
underwent an operation for appendicitis recently ut, tho St. Eugene hospital is recovering nicely.
■ ■— •
Cranltrbflk i.ady Gets Scare on U-ut-
iim' Train.
On arrival at tbe local depot the
oiher day 11 Cranbrook lady hud a
very embarrassing experience. Before leaving the train lbe parly referred lo put on n light clonk, which she
had been currying in a suitcase. Ou
slopping off tbe trnln, however, she
was detained by tho porter at there-
iiuesl of another lady passenger who
thought that the departing Cranbrook
holy had become so carried away with
her coat lhat she was carrying it
away with tyir. On Investigation,
however, tt wus discovered thut the
coat properly belonged to tlie Cran
brook lady but that it was exactly
like that of tbe other traveller. A
man is nol without honor save in Ills
own country, was Iho feeling that
tho lady had when she found herself
suspected of stealing when she arri
>il back in her home town. We presume both ladles are either busy dye-
lug their coals or giving them some
stlngulshlng mark lu case they
should meet agnln.
claims m:ak kitchener
Croat interest has boen ar<*usoi1 In
Creston and district In connection with
reports that ure reaching there rrom
reliable sources in connection with
the development work going on at the
former Seoll-Price group of silver-
lead claims up Leadville creek, In flie
Kitchener areu.
These claims, which were purchased
by a group of Tacoma capitalism in,
1920, and who havo spout about $lf»,-
000 on them already, are being actively worked by a crew of about, half a
dozen mou, all of whom have an Interest on the property, and on Saturday word came in Mint au ore body of
from five to eight reel wide hud been
uncovered ut the end of ibe tunnel
which Is In about 66 feel.
A feature Is (hat lhe dip of the formation  is nbollt -tf* per cent,  to north
west, with ihe ledge cutting the formation al right angles, wllh a live per
com, dip to ihe southeast. ISxperlen-
ceil mining men who have gone over
ihe properly carefully are of the
opinion thai ihe Uiadvlllo claims arc
au extension of Hie famous workings
in the Oouer d'Alone country.
J. J. Underwood, who along with H.
C. Oilman and H. ll. Strougb, control
tho properties, Is supervising operations, and Is confident lhat within the
next two weeks the tunnel will disclose a showing or oro thnt will jus-
lify an official visit from the provincial district mining engineer, A. O.
bangley, for nn examination of the
whole situation, preceding tbo application Tor (he building of about two
mites of government road to Ihe property, Which can be accomplished nn a
uot more than ,! por cenl grade.
There are seen clnims embraced
in the group, and nrsays that tiave
beeninado or llio ore show nn expected average of $110 a ion not to be unreasonable.
Mr. Underwood is Irylng lo locate
a boiler and engine of sufficient size
to handle'drilling and hoisting operations, being confident that tho ore
body disclosed before the end or August will v.r.ranl UiO immediate
building or lhe necessary road to the
Within tbe past month several mining authorities from Spokane und
Seattle have had their engineers looking tho Lendvllio property over, and
no trouble Is expected lu gelling ull
the capita] needed to develop on a
largo scute, once ii  is demonstrated
tlie necessary body of ore exists.
Mrs. Cretney and family returned
home last week from the coast, where
hey havo been visiting Mrs. Mather
and other members of the faintly.
Mrs. E. Howard und children are
Vicntcing 011 the Wild Horse.
Miss Norah Brander returned home
on Monday from Victoria where she
took the summer school term,
Tod Cretney wus In from the ranch
on Saturday.
-   « •-♦-«	
Mi mines in the prairie country of
lhe Hod Deer river engaged tn the
production of domestic fuel have
organized under (he naino of the
Norihern A Iberia Coal Operators
Automobile owners aro gelling so
lazy thut they will nol even walk In
their sleep any more. They cull a
"I'll have a piece, you always
get Dale's Bread, don't you?"
When your Grocer sends
you Hread, Insist on
DALE'S. Don't allow
money to go out of town
by accepting Imported
(—A cool and cheerful
place, where you are served with the best Summer
"C.MilliiB Off Slallnn"
Candy Box
A trial will convince you
thai n tastier, more refreshing drink is not procurable.
Our syrups are all home
made from pure fruit juices.
We linve u hard time keeping our candy il sells so fast.
For    The    Children
NnLiiraily, limit* who see this head-
inif expect to read aboul some "baby
heir" of an Amerleun multi-nil I lions ire,
und they will be surprised to learn thut
such u ueacription applies to a Hclctitilie
pyorrhea preventative, toot It and mouth
preparation, and they will doubtless
wonder how sueji a product ever came
lo be Ipokon of as n "million dollar
baby." So lbe story must be told.
Over three yearn ago, the Heaeurch
Department of tho Kexidl Company,
in con. .nil nl ion with chemicalspccialistR.
began an exhaustive investigation into
the disease Pyorrhea, nnd Its proper
treatment, nnd in their charui-teriati*
culry thorough way spent over two
years before 1 hey perfected n compound
which answered every test according
lo their high standards. Such a remarkable demand has been created that they
have named it "tlie Million Dollar
Baby." Probably no preparation that
is devised for ns^ as a Term combatter
was found so eliicaeious in preventing
all contagious diseases that enter the
system through the mouth and nose as
KlentO Liquid Antiseptic. Especially
was it proved that users of it completely
escaped nil attacks of the Hu when so
prevalent last year. Tills Ftexutl product can b;! purchased in 35c. and 60a
special toilet bottles at
Sold by
— iJiu Kcxall Store —
CRANBHOOK       -     -      BO.
Where lc pays to dud
Sale continues to end of Ihis week. Watch our windows
for a full line of shoes and extra assortment of Blockings.     Many   bargains   left A few of the extra special
bargains are
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:'*i,:Jii»i,' ws-i1 f    ■■'  -ssss
WHttl iPOX£\
that cUdviS'i the GTBBAM
IN   5BARCH  OF   WAltl}'
Knowing what the irat'i'ic laws ure
won't, help you niucli unless you know
mt the other Fellow ts going to do.
The easiest way to turn a screen
star into au emotional actress is to
cut lier salary.
Wo know of a man who is so thin
that he makes bis living by diving 1"
bottles and pulling oui corks.
A man who complulus that liis wife
iiiiiiot take a Joke forgets that she
look liiiu for better or worse.
GlrlB used to attend school with
■ottoit stockings, but you can't find
any of that class these days. The
Iresses are too short to wear the
old-fashioned kind.
Women who lecture ibeir husbands
might make it more entertaining hy
throwing In a motion picture now and
If a woman admits that she trimmed her own hat there usually'ere
those present who will remark later
that it looked it.
What man doesn't feel  weak when
some lovely  little girl tells him how
j big aud strong she thinks be Is?
■OltUKE'lTlL  GO.
■very (torment sent to us to be
Cleaned or Dyed ia given
Our Utmost Care.
Our knowledge ot the business
to your assurance of satisfaction
hern.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring ui your work.
Wt Clean and Dye Rverytbtng.
MONK  117
If a mnn tells bis wife everything
1 It may be that, he loves her. And
then It may be that be merely loves
a fight"
Hell, Hell.
Hill gels luiid  for what he knows,
Ami that's tin1 reason, we suppose,
That so often we bear him say
That lie cannot live on such small i»»y
Celling old is Just a slow business
o( reaching the point where a giggle
givea you a pain.
Wo are glad to report thai Mrs. K.
IC. LUMl und her new baby are both
Mrs. ('bristle, Hubert and Norub;
Miss Lea, Miss Diana Hughes and
Miss Jean McKay have been enjoying
i few days camping nt Loon Lake a
few miles south of here, Mrs. f'hrls-
lie und family returned a few days
ago from Calgary where they were
visiting friends. While in Calgary,
Hubert enjoyed a bike with the Boy
Scouts to Banff. Prom now on he Is
a booster for Boy Scouts.
On Saturday nnd Sunduy evenings
the residents of Baynes uml Waldo
noticed the reflection of flames In the
ky smith of here and were very sor-
y to learn that on Saturday, Nolan's
mill, near the Indian Reservation was
burned, and on Sunday afternoon and
evening tbe planer-mill, dry shed and
most of tbe yard ot the Eureka Lbr.
'o,, was also destroyed by fire.
Claire Morrow has returned from
Klko where he hns been for some time
In the employ of the public works department on bridge work.
Dame rumor has it that work Is to
be started' again on the new bridge
across tbe Koot enay at Waldo. May
it be soon.
An Interesting meeting waB held In
Ross' Hall, Waldo on Saturday evening when Dr. Macintosh, ex-M.P.P.
told of the deeds und misdeeds of the
lasl two governments of B.C., In support ot the Provincial Party.
A delightful dance was held in Ross'
Hall. Waldo, last Thursday night. The
music was supplied by the Melody
Five and was of excellent qquallty
Miss  Katherfne' Reggin  spent the
week-end with her parents at Baynes
she was accompanied by Miss Agnes
Pierce of Fernie.
Mr. F. W. Adolph and Wm. McKay
of tlie Beck Petroleum Co., of Shelby,
Montana, motored to Fernie on Monday.
Cheer Up!
Tbis world is full of sunshine,
This world is full of cheer,
If we but tried to find it
Throughout each day and year.
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.,
Musical Director
Orubreok Musical Boolel;
Tseober ot Blnglng, Violin tnd
Prevention for Musical B»am
.    Inaltons
Phone MM I'raubrook, H.C.
It l* MtMitdtlni i *i
flatly MihamUliiii
nn nl li'llevfi •nil*
pcti niil Ijmrnrai.
Gives Great '•
Mis A.B CjUh.IS
Pjll.Vr,l'.llrll+,UlU ,
uMil Mniittl'g Liniment
I ■ mum Ik. lUavi wllh
yixal result*. 1'ii-itJi "I
■nine UM it lor thniml-
li.m and t*ll m- that
It |ivwgr*« relM."
n n
tin. Fred Johnston, Dos Ii!, Thoruld, Ont —
"I .uflei-J very mush with iwuultM In mv fort Lwt
* ini-i, wm kdviMd to try Minird* tinlinrnl, ind
*>» tritivt-i Im-MdUttly tlitr first •t>|ilii.n,cn.
I pe**tvtre<i in uilnc It «ml it h« cntutly torn..
Thii wintrr I tin |0 out without Kins; up my foco
•tal »tvt tht trtdlt tu Mitunl'i Lliilnwnl. Hit*
tuld stun! f**K.]jl* •boul Miiwui't, »rvl otiKfa uo
mini It"
King ol Pain
J he
W    occasion
This advertisement is not published or displayed by tlio Liquor
Control Board or by llio GbveMUUMit ol Bl'itlsi Columbia.
Towrlss k Adams
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Can a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
TelepheM «
tJb\ Mom 91m
iSjit'i in I to thu Herald)
lnvermere, Bib., Aug, 14. -A short
local mention in thu Calgary Heruid
recently recounts thai Johnny Uumil-
ton, un olil timer It) Calgary and Alberta, hud met with a severe accident
owing to the fact that the line had
broken while he woe driving a spirited team and he waa thrown from tha
To persona who lived lu Calgary In
the 'ItOs, Johnny WUS a familiar and
likeable person and along with his
partner and "Nigger George* was certainly one ot the persons most desired
to meet ir in the neighborhood ol his
Htable ou Ninth Ave. Mr. Hamilton's
record as a horseman and driver ot
note was established many years before that. He never mentions the facl
or refers to it, particularly himself,
but he belongs to one of that old class
whom modern requirements and locomotion are fast putting into regions
of past history. Mr. Hamilton was
one of the drivers of a six horse
team in the old days of the Cariboo
road up the wild canyon nl' tlio Praser
River in the province of British Columbia. Fortunately Tor tfioSG who
love such characters In real life, Mr.
Hamilton was handling tho ribbons
on-his route when tho famous writer
of western life of the '70n, Sir \V. p.
Butler, made a Journey down ,the
Cariboo trail. He was Impressed with
Mr. Hamilton's manner and his unfailing good nature ami 11i*-» willingness to help In any emergency than
in his "Far Ont" in thu chapter dual-
with a Journey of a Dog and a Man,
Sir Frederic Butler devotes a whole
long chapter to Mr. Hamilton aud his
driving with Mr. Hamilton Was ever
a man of very words and a horseman
outstanding amongst many, hi one
part ot the chapter mentioned a splendid account of some nl' H.milllnn's
dully work und his laconic manner is
given tn Binder's inimitable language,
He says:
"Gloomy spots are these canyons of
the Cascades on the coach road to the
sea. A narrow ledge cut out of tlio
rock, smooth as a table edge, holds in
mid-air the heavy coach and Its
horse team; no fence, no parapet
breaks the sheer descent Into Ihe horrid chasm, six hundred feel beneath
the river rourfc in unsl m tumult,
and above lhe rugged mountain topples black against the sky.
"No creeping pace fs that at which
these horses negotiate tlie dizzy
ledges; no hugging of lb'' rock, but
full aud free the leaders gallop at
the curves, facing boldly to the very
verge of the precipice era they sweep
around thes yawning points. Eight
tulles in" the hour along tin- smooth
rock cuttings, Mr. Jack Hamilton
steers his team, witli fool hard set
un brake an the hlg coach thunders
down some slope und the pine tops
edge.' '
Sir Frederic Butler on this memorable trip of his was a box passenger and apparently keen in his observation and uot altogether unable to
conceal a truce of nervousness which
Johnny Hamilton' did not fall to appreciate and to nmjise himself with.. p0-j|e,it Ther)
for among the anecdot es which he
told was ono to the effect of how
a stage did go over tho precipice, and,
Hamilton added "And thore wasn't,
no, there wasn't so much of a horse,
driver or passenger or coach over
picked up as a coroner could get a
Mr. Hamilton's last mishap In driving was by no means his first for
while approaching Yale on this trip
his foot firmly pressed against the
brake as the coach slid swiftly down a
long incline ere the level valley waa
reached, when suddenly the iron control bar broke from the driver's foot
allowing the heavy vehicle to drive
forward on the wheelers. Hamilton
with difficulty retained his seat but
j was equal to the emergency. With
lhe presence of mind thai hits always
| characterized him he pulled himself
and his six horse loam together in an
t instant, then whipped up the leaders
| making all six fairly fly down the long
j Incline*. As the pace Increased und
the stage swung from side to side the
inside faros knowing nothing of the
accident or being conscious of the
danger thought lhat the trot for the
avenue had been merely changed to a
wild gallop in order that the destination might be more quickly reached,
wildly shouted "ki yi'^und cheered
lustily. At the foot of the hill the
coach pulled up, Hamilton handed the
ribbons to the box fare and descending to the ground drew hts handkerchief and mopped his brow, "Very
warm duy" he casually remarked.
Then again after surveying the broke,
"Glean gone" and remounted. "Guess
we would have been clean gone too lt
it had happened at Chinaman's Bluff
or Jackass Mountain." Then he drove
Into Yale.
This describes Johnny Hamilton to
s nicely to those who know him.
say, unless a keen sense of humor
and u remarkable aptitude lor Biblical
allusion made u strong appeal to the
Scotch people of (.'ape Breton. Hud
the Conservatives succeeded ln defeating a Liberal candidate in North Cape
Breton, in a bye-election u very serious situation would have been Created for the government.
Apart from revealing a serious
state of public feeling, such a reverse
would have caused tho government to
halt Us plans for a cabinet readjustment whereby Hon. E. M. Macdonald,
minister without portfolio, will become minster, of defense .thereby
necessitating a bye-election in Pictou.
Nova Scotia. A government reverse
would also have delayed the appointment of Hon. A. K. McLean as Chit f
Justice ot the Exchequer Court, a proceeding thai will muke a vacancy In
the House of Commons in Halifax.
But with a victory to its credit In
North Cape Breton the administration
will be able to open these two seat*
with a fair degree of confidence. Macdonald should be able to carry Pictou,
the defeat of a minister In a bye-election being a very rare occurrence •■*
Canada, but Halifax will afford tht
Conservatives another opportunity to
try and break Into Mr. Ftetdtng'a *ol-
ttl sixteen from Nova Scotia. — Exchange.
When Baking a man how he feels
always remember that there U a
chance that he will go into the harrowing details of telling you.
Scientists say we aro what vre eat
What a h-t of people   there are
eat nuts.
You Tell 'Km.
The  robin is dearer than all
rt-st;   the peacock can  boast of
finest  frill:   the yellow canary
sine the be-M but the stork is
bird  with the longest bill.
North Capo Breton
And Other Byi-Kledlons
Both Liberals and Conservativea
can extract comfort from the bye-
electton result In North Cape Breton
sent. The Liberals with a new candidate running against a former member and a labor man In the field were
ablo to retain the constituency with
a majority of less than a thousand.
us compared with over three thousand
at the general election of 1921. In
a reduction of 2400 In the government
majority, Hon. Arthur Meighen, who
took a leudiiig purt in the campaign,
can reasonably draw the conclusion
that, even down In Novu Scotia, where
the government representation In the
House of Commons is a solid sixteen,
the electors are slipping over to his
aide. Ou the other hand the Liberals
are saying that Hon. D. D. MacKenzle,
their candidate lu 1921, waa largely
^sponsible for the abnormal majority
is u good deal no doubt
in Ibis claim, because It was Mac-
Kon/le's quiet boast thut throughout
his public career, in which he was
elected to nil kinds of positions in the
public service, he never once experienced defeat. Why lie was so uniformly successful it would be hard to
Agnes At^res and Richard Dix intisunefiom M
g^ramount Qicture ' Racing_Hea*ts_'_
At ts* Star Theatre, Monday aud Tuesday, Aeg. AMI
A LIGHT, clear, amber-- clored
** beverage, an refreshing and
appending ma the floesi bet-r
should be. Its cotu>l»tei.t pur*
Ity Is oftsuml by »<cnipuloiis
care given to lhe method of
This advertisement is uot
published or displayed by
the Liquor Control Board
or by the Ooverumeut of
British Columbia.
Do you like
real, good
tea? That's
the kind an
SMP Enameled Ware
Tea Pot makes.
Try it.   There is
no discoloration or
tainting with SMP
Enameled Ware.
And it is so simpl<
No 1
to clean
of flavor.
Ask for
TktM ftttlshett Pearl Ware, two costs of petrty grey enimel
Inside Sid out. Diamond Ware, three coata, light blue «nd
whits outside, white lining. Crystal Ware, three coata, purs
while inside snd out, with Royal Blue edging.
The Sheet Metal Products Co. •'•.mitts'
Wl moras
soli: agents for
SMP   WARE   IN   CRANBROOK risi foot.
nkttodtt Church
REV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
The United Congregations of the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches will Worship in the Presbyterian
Church on Sunday next, August 19
Rev. B. W. McKay willconduct the Services
12.15 p.m. Sunday School
We will be glad to see you.Strangers please wait to get
After reading about nil the beau
til'nl brides, we ctui't help bul wonder where all the homely married
women came Hifln.
.Muile All.
Gorgeous Fageuul:
.'..(HU) people;
4,0(10 costumes.
"You don't know your eggs", said
the rooster lo the old hen ns she sat
down on a glass one.
Phone (10 P.O. Bci IU
A.M.E.I.C., ft B.C.L.S.
Office - Armstrong Ave,
Cranbrook     .      • B. C.
»R. W.A.FERtllJ.
Campbell-Manning Block
Phone 17.    Ofdee Iloirii
I U lt, I to i p.m.  Hat*. I to 1.
Drs. Green & MacKinnon
Physician* and Surgeons
Offlca at residence, Armstrong
Afternoons  2.00 to 4.00
Bvaulngs   7.30 to 8.30
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
I to 11 a.m.     1 to 6 p.m.
Hanion Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Phone UO
Sortary Am, aeit to CM; Ball
■ is tha
G.W.V.A. Hall
aft.moon of Ul*
first Tuesday at
I p.m.
AU iadias ara
  cordially Invited
Preiid.nl i   Mra. F. ConsUnttne.
SecTreaiureri Mrs. 8. Taylor.
While tlie new Conservative government will, lit due cuurso uu doubt,
afford tlio moilerutionlBUi uu oppor-
t unity io bring a bun i government sule
of Hquoi' in Ontario liy way of a plebiscite, people in the province who expected relaxation In enforcement of
the  prohibition  lawn  have  tnude  the
discovery that they luive been building on false hopes.   Before the government waa a day old Attorney-General Nickle anuiiuuoccd that both the
Ontario Temperance Act ami the anti-
betting  legislation  would  be just as
rigidly enforced aa they were under
the former government. The attorney
general  (taWja   the   perfectly   proper
stand   that  while  these  statutes   are
the law tliey be enforced without fear
ir favor.   The vote on the prohibition
question in Ontario will  be brought
about just as lu other provinces where
the governineut, In  deference to the
wish  expressed  by  the people  in a
largely signed  petition, made provision   for   the   holding   of   plebiscites.
The modem, iuulsts are already busy
with  their plans lu order thut they
may secure government action ut the
next   sitting   of   the   legislature.      A
plebiscite lu Ontario will be a matter
oi' great Interest throughout Canada
Temperance   sentiment    is   stronger
there than anywhere else In the Dominion,  with  the possible  exception
of  the .Maritime provinces.  The  for.
olgn element thai  in Manitoba, and
more particularly in Winnipeg, piled
up  a majority  for moderation,  does
not constitute nearly ho large a percentage  of the  population.    Besides,
the prohibition forces, forewarned of
the disaster that overtook the cause
df total  [inhibition in  Manitoba, will
go Into the fray determined to leave
no stone unturned  to  maintain  the
temperance laws.   In Ontnrio the fight
an the  liquor  Issue should  be quite
an   exciting   tussle, with   the   result
very much in doubt throughout.—Penticton Herald.
Baptist ctmrcb
tmrct)   I Financial and Market News I
I'lDaravm. af T    " * w  * *  M    , '
Friday, August 17th, 1933
Morning Service 11 a.m
Sunday Scliool 12 noon.
Evening Service 7.30 p.m.
Proyor Meeting Thursduy s p.m.
Acting  Pastor.
Copper—John D. Ryan, uronlilont or .>,,n.,  „„ . , ...„.   	
Copper-John D. Ryan, president ot daily, aa compared with 039,000 bar-
A'"""""lB 8a5'8'  |Wis  dally  in   week ending  July  21,
ll65.M0 week ended July 14, und 030-
Copper business is lu very sutla- 000 week ended July 7. Production
factory condition In every respect ex- tor the past tour weeks averaged 644
cept the price. Stocks of copper ure 000 barrels dally. Santa Pe Sprlnm
the lowest In proportion to delivery, |, reported at .120,000 barrels against
since any records have been kept. ex-. 322,000 tn previous week, Long ieach
cept during the war.   Domestic con-,,608,000 against  202.000  In  previous
... (..vivy« uHuut-xL ivie.wu in previous
sumptiou during the last six months week, and Huntington Beach 118,000
has been unparalleled, and greatly ex- barrels against 115,000 In previous
ceeds record for any previous period, w\|jk. Despite many new comple-
iho deliverleo for domestic consump- tlons, southern fields show little addon having been greater than total vance over previous week's produc-
production in 1912, 1813 or 1914 from tlon.
North aud South America, when 50%      Zinc — Zinc market hns weakened
of our production was exported.   Ex-   slightly   during   last   24  Jionrs   and
ports  ror   last  six  months   were- ut' price for August delivery Is 0.26 East
[about the  average of  1928. not with- St.   Louis.    Price for September de-
standing conditions In Europe.     Tho livery ami later is 0.30 cents,
demand for all kinds of manufacturod      Detroit—Henry Ford, maker of au*
copper and brass continues lurge and In.mobiles,  and    ths    world's  richest
lhe Aanaconda Vo. and Its subsidiaries man, celebrated    ills    Both birthday,
have (At hand «« large un amount of ( rccontly.  Twonly  yeara  ago, on  his
,40th  birthday,  ho waa a poor  man,
lie hud just quit a job wllh the De-
troll. Edison Co., where ho had work
ed  for seven  years  to  organize  tho
Ford Motor Company.
While working as n master mechanic lu the Edison Electric Power Plant,
carrying his dinner pull to work and
drawing $125 a month, Ford spent his
nights and holidays working ou his
"horseless enrriage,'
Detroit— Latest attainment at the
Klver Rouge plant of the Eord Motor
 -1 Co.    I s  the   manufacture   of   paper
dad tho last session of the KrandTodia I PPl0G  dm"1,    Tb*  lB   v"  °£  eVWy itri>m ■»<* P™l»"ed from hard wood
ded the last session of tlie grand lodge.   th     cop.  ,.   t ck on tho boArd  am, I nror-ess "    HeretnrfitP
Knights of Pythins, held in Nelson In ,,.nMllv ,„ ,m p_pntInn   Tll(lf,mmil1tf|l)y   tl,e    80(la   Prooes8-      Heretofore
Mav last   when he wa« re-elected to * «W«on, The company Mft wnoi]s hflVe beeI) ,ooke(, upon a8
.May last, wtien lie was re-elected to | !g prffl|„c|na, 3,000.000 Bounds nf ..-*,...!..
his ofllce which he had held for the
past 29 years.   While In Nelson he waa
iu the very best of health, and one of
the most active workers during the
While at.the convention he was presented wllh a gold "veteran's" Jewel
future business as It is rt-utjonuble tt
hook. I look to see the consumption
of copper continue at a very satisfactory rate for ut least the balance
of this year, and think the Increasing
needs for copper and brass, partlcu-
Local members    of   the   Lodge of
Knights of Pythias learned with much  .__ _,  ww „„,,  „,,,
regret that E. Pferdner, the grand :jcrly ror electrical uses, will make
keeper of records and seal for tha continued good husiness for yeara
grand domain    of    Hritish Columbia,  ahead."
had suddenly died at hie home In Vl€-| QrU„by consolidutcd-'The r6a80n
lorla lust week. | for t|)e |ow pr|cQ Qf 0railby l8  SQ far
The news of the sudden death of the L     we   (,an genera,   comUtiona<
late E.   Pferdner was  received as a' e who  lm(J  0„wr  securlt|es  to
great shock by bis many Pythian protect sol(1 0ranby ...„* forred the
brethren In this city, as he had atten-!
the only  kinds  available  for paper.
Meets araiy
■Monday night at
vThe Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially Invited.
N.Q.      -      -        R.L. Burtch
Rea. flee.      E. Q. Dingley, P.O.
Announcement by Premier Oliver
tliat consideration Is being given to
the suggestion of next yeur levying a
tax of three cents a gallon on gasoline in order to secure needed extra
revenues for the building of transcontinental highways fs welcomed by
autofsty generally, with the proviso,
that a cut should be made in the ex-1
Istlng scale of auto licenses to relieve
the man who utilizes his car largely
for necessary travel rather than for
In California last year it is stated
thnt on a similar levy some $9,000,-
000 was secured from approximately
one million untos that were operated
In that Suite In 1922. With possibly
. more than one hundred thousand cars
'in (his province it fs expected almost
j $1,000,000 would be B. <":-, annual ln-
- --«-  j me  c ....   _m_
per a month and Is showing fair prof- Manufacture is being carried out on
its. Allenby Copper Co., control of L hirge 9caIei witll p*anfJ underway
which Granby obtained this spring. Is fo> ilicreasing production as soom aa
expected to begin operations in the „nv equipment can be installed. Pro-
fall. Consequently everything is pro-|(.e89 enable9 the company t0 use a„
who a cold "veteran's" Jewel i greM,n« Weli botU at ita 0Wn proper" i of the scrap pieces from its body-
the nrel    ation    oh* made by To"l ? ** '* *****-?. Of course, price bufIaIng .llnnt    t  RIver Roilge, thJ.
P?^^SttSK? :*T^^r.2T ** www iB flb0Ut ** CentB 1?wer o»ectlng a new economy In lumber
le representative, h. b. h. winn.itllftl) ,. Wag w[)en Griinljy Wfl8 selling, (.ons<!I,va,jon
around   30.     However,   Granby   can
make good profits with copper at 15
cents, and Indications are that price
I of copper will hold between 14% and
supreme representative, E. S. H. Winn,
chairman of the workmen's compensation board of this province.
The lato E, Pferdner waB very well
known In every city throughout the
province aud his death will be greatly
■ -vm—iu win iwgiwuy.wij  cento  during  the remainder of
regretted,  not  only by the'order of Kg Recovery iu quotations on
Knights of Pythias, to whom his lots \wpp(3f 8hares wil, depend to a con-
will be sadly felt, but by very many J stderable extent
citizens throughout the province.
upon  the   progress
made in arriving at  some practical!        _ " " '
solution of the Rhur and reparations'| «hf^_ q"°!e^at. 28
problems.   Granby can be expected to
act   market wise   in   about   the   same
way as other copper share''—(Prom
the Wall Street Journal).
New York — Export copper sales
continue In fair volume. Prices c.I.f.
European ports Is 14.90 to 14.95 cents
pound. Domestic sales are small,
but    enquiries,   especially    for    Ia»t
Mr.  Heups  Holland,  owner of the
ostate at Fairmont, where the Fairmont Radium Springs are located. Is
now visiting there.    It is understood
that further Improvements are fn contemplation for the place, notably at —    ™*»';;«.   «i"«J»»?    »r    last
the baths at the hot springs.  Tbe place warier deli«*y. are better than last
is   already   becoming   quite  popu^, ^ek.   There are no offerings at less
us tourists and others who visit thefel4* ^ms delivered, but it can
springs there are spreading its fame>* *" lwrMf tmU Wd« ot "* 9™*\ £
as well as advertising matter which hf™ ^"/^'-   Substantial sales |o
'of domestic delivered were made by
take In this connection ^^^^^^^
The beauty about the gasoline tux
' Is thai It mattes the cur owner from
oftitside the province help finance the
* ■■ ■   11±11'^""1A11.'; I upkeep of the roads he uses In Rrlt
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦*+*♦♦ j lsll   Columbia,   and   with   the  tourist
T — The T'
Knights of Columbus
will meet ln tha
at I p.m.
f ==1
Fresh Milk & Whipping Cream
II not Mtlinad will return tna
C.SODDKBI8    -    -    HabTtl
tralllc Increasing by leaps and hounds
yearly the total of outside capital that
will thus be set to work on provincial
road building and Improvements will
'run Into many thousands of dollars.
By way of Illustration, let its point
out thut last year In the nelghbor-
liuoil of 40,000 gallons of gasoline wns
disposed of nt Creston, accounting for
a revenue of (1200 at a small centre
like this, end ns It Is proposed to collect (he (ox from (he manufacturers,
the expenses entailed In gathering In
this new revenue should not be excessive— <Ye8lon  Review,
fs being used. In addition to the gen
era) store thut Is located there a gasoline and oil station Is ready (o give
service to the atitoist.
There Is little reason to doubt that
Fairmont will become one of the pop
ular stopping places ou the Banff
Windermerc-Craubrook motor road.
New York — More than 1.000,000
I marks were obtainable for a dollar
In the foreign exchun^e markets when
the quotations receded to .00009 of a
cent, or 1,111,11 to a dollar, soon after the opening yesterday.
Crude Rubber—Crude rubber market continues firm, with spot smoked
 cents  a pound
buyers, and October-December 29140.
London is 15!^ pence and cables state
that producers are not selling at current levels.
Loudon — Boston, the only port
where the Majestic and other huge
liners can he dry docked and reconditioned, must shorty compete wjth
Tillhury, It Is announced, by Port of
London authorities, who plan a huge
dry dock with ample accomodations
for the largest liners likely to be
built.   It is estimated works will cost
i.OOO.OOO. which Will be raised thru
30-year government loan. Surrey
and Victoria docks will be considerably extended.
| Tillhury landing is being built
for American passenger service. United Slates shipping board has already  promised   participation  In  the
bin gnlvanlsers is In larger volume
than any time since the war and this
has recently caused a slight Increase
-In zinc consumption in that country.
Most British export business In galvanized sheets Is with her colonies,
hut South America is also taking an
appreciable tonnage.
Galvanizing business of Great Britain waB virtually wiped out by the
war, but within a year after Hb cIobo
her manufacturers had recouped 75
per cent, of their former business aud
Were again the dominating factor ln
the export market. In the lasl few
years galpanlzed sheet exports from
i the United States have not exceeded
|Up9C of ihor*. of England.   '
Price of zinc iu Europe continues
below that In this country and there-,
fore the slight Increase In British con-1
sumption has not been felt here, Bel-
glum supplying virtually all zinc demands of British manufacturers.
Prior lo tho war, galvanizing waa
the largest channel for consumption
of slab zinc, but under war pressure
It gave way (o brass umuufuclurh.g.
Soon after peace was restored, it again
look  first place.
Galvanizing business now usea 60
per cent, of (he zinc produced lu this
country, and It is probable that this
consumption will soon be substantially increased, as u movement to Increase the use of sine-coated Iron
und steel is well under way.
American galvuntzers used 135,000
ions or stab zinc in 1921. In 1922 the
average tonnage was increased by 05,-
000 tons and indications are 1923 will
show a cor res Iran ding increase, while
a much larger tonnage should be required for 1924 when the full effects
of the standardized galvanizing products will be felt by the zinc Industry.
Vancouver bond prices:
1023, 100.80    1933, 105.80    1925, 101.25
1924, 101.20    1934, 103.45    1931, 101.80
1927, 102.30    1937, 108.55    1937, 103.00
1927, 103.60
1932, 103.05
peel, to Hpend the coming winter.*
Mr. and Mrs. A. Birnle and Mrs.
W. Robertson motored to Ferule on
Mr. R. Battln was down to Fernie
Monday, consulting the Doctor. He-
has been on the sick list for the last
Mr. Laird and daughter Margaret
IWardner motored In Monday evening.,
Miss .Catherine and Isabelle Dun
can are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Barnstead at Galloway.
Mr. Jack Gates and party of Fernie
are spending a few dayu at South
Fork, fishing.
Unexpected delay has occurred In.
the tunnel of the East Kootenay I'o
wer Company plant here during the
I ast few days gravel and sand has
hern encountered ln the north end of
the rock tunnel
The other dny, a  reformer   says:
'I'd just oa soon see a girl dress lu
public as powder her face."
So would I.
When the people refuse to be uplifted thu upllfters jitart another
drive for funds to continue the work,
Man  spends  half hU  life  cussing
the old fogies and the other half wor-'
rying about the rising generation.
The Lone Wolfe girl who never has
been tardy or absent from school In .
twelve yeara, probably will draw   a
husband   who never  gets   home  on
time for bis meals.
Comrades, we have some traitors in
our midst,
Poor  purblind  fools, of reasoning
power bereft,
Who'll   fun  Ihe  flame  lhat  accident
«.nc wirp-sr in n*jfc io lift deliver
Or nurse the fire that carelessness  Prices cl.f. European portB Is 14
has left.
Aye,  even   In   their   grecd-diBtorted
They'll frame the plan off kindling
lt anew.
And sacrifice a forest  to the flames
To  get  themselves  a Job  upon u
customs smelters at 14%  cents  lasl
Despite reports that conditions   In
Germany are more unsettled thuu (hey
have been, German consumers bought
1.250.000 pounds of copper Saturday; |)0W ,um|)|)p rtlcil('„es
and Monday.    France also continues     MoMfl Jnw   SiiHk._Whi,e tip made
to buy in fair volume, so that sales for ,,s appeamnce over considerable area
export   Saturdey   and   Monday total L, fl0Utheni Saskatchewan, bleaching
about a third of each head fn fields;
btberwlse the wheat Is sound, prom-
Mr. R. E.'Selie of Calgary, was a
business visitor, Tuesday.
-Mr. P. W. Genge of Nelson, spent
Friday in Elko.
Tbe Elko Ball team met defeat on
Sunday last at tbe hands of the Michel
coal tossers, the score being 11-1.
Mr. & J. Tompkins, J. E. Gillts, S
I. Luwey and Dr. Oliver of Blairmore.
Alta.. spent a few days fishing In the
local district during the week.
Dr. and Mrs. Campbell of Lethbridge
spent a couple of days visiting friends
in Elkit last week. They were motoring through to the coast.
Mr. B. F. Lundy ofCalgary, was a
visitor Saturday.
jT/' k unhmal custom
AttCr   that b«mfito every-
Everv Mg-
Tl™7m   M" ii|UtiM,
PfCdl   cleanses the teeth,
f soothes tho throat.
a good thing
to remember
around 2,600,000 pounds. N'o sales to
the Orient have been made for a few-
days, but Inquiries from China and
Japan are active.
Electrolytic   copper   for   domestic
shipment Is 14%  cents, delivered to
the end of October.   Aside ship. New
Vork  price  Is   14ft   lo  14%   cents.
Lake copper Is 14% to 14% delivered.
L. D. Cafe
(Little Dweaport)
Whan you wlan aomethlnf tool
to aat id to tha "L.D."
Thars MvniN in in- too muny peo-
|)lti Inturpruting llio lluuor Iiiwh uml
not enough observing llieiu.
TIN UOBNE ST. Opp. Station
New Bulldlnf
Nicely Furnished
When In Town Stop Here
Kwong Chong
11 Armstrong Avenue
Oppntt* w. D. Hill's
rtnt CUm Work Onarutaad.
Kalabllihed 1898 Phona 114
Geo. R. Leask
Cabinet Work.  Picture Framing
Estimates given on
all classes of work
Office: Corner Norbury Avenue
and Edwards Street
Iu   blackened   valleys,    fir*.'-scarred
mountain sides,
Now barren wastes where nothing
grows, nor can,
We see Ihe traces of this Devil's brood
Of reckless  wasters of Clod's gifts
to man.
Traitors are they,    cruet selfl»hnesa
their creed,
They trade your Iilnlulj'.lii for their
paltry stake!
A nation's wealth goe* billowing up
In smoke!
Come!    Help  us  crush  them—far
your children's sake!
—W, H. C
to 14.95 cents, ^^^^^^^^ ^_
Los Angeles—Production In Santa
Fo Springs, I-ong Beach and Huntington Beach oil fields of southern
California during week ended July
28 waa at the rate df 625,000 barrels
Isfug :i"i bushels to the acre. Red
rust is reported spreading over many
flections hut Is only appeariug on the
leaves. No evidence of black rust Is
-reported, although there have been intensely hot local showers over a
wide area. Dominion Minister of Agriculture Motherwell states he Is not
Informed of any dainnge to growing
crops other than extreme northen section. The prairies are having too
much rain, making the straw heavy,
and Increasing the cost of harvesting.
Export business of British Colum-
Mr. N. McKinnon of Calgary,
Saturday lu Elko.
Mr. aud Mrs. Smith of Flagstone,
motored in on Monday. *
MIsaKennedy or Blairmore, was &
visitor, Friday.
Word has beet) received to the effect
that tbe Brownlle Mill at Flagstone,
waa burned out at midnight on Sunday evening, also the mill at Eureka,
Mont., just south of the international
boundary was burned out the latter
part ot the week.
Mr. Stanley Todliunter moved Into
the house vacated by E. Longley last
Mr. and Mrs. E. Longley intend
leaving the last of the week for Los
Angeles,  California,   where  they ex-
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by ProT. Govt)
Maternity and General Nursing
Terns Moderate
MRS. A. CRAWFORD,  Matron.
Garden Avenue     -   Phona tn
Montana Restaurant
Meals at ill Hoars
Clean, Clffarettei and Candles
Cranbrook St    -    Phone Nl
Opp. Bank of Commerce
Vancouver.—Beauty treatments for
men are now In vogue In this city ac
cording to "Tbe Hook" which states
[that a well known business man, who
le reported to be away at Shawnlgan
Lake on a Ashing trip, Is Instead,
undergoing a "face-liftIng" treatment
ln a local beauty hospital. The same
authority also states that pneumatic
rubber calves, to be worn under dark
stockings, have made their appearance
at English Bay, following their Introduction on the beaches In California.—
Fernie Free Press.
How  long does a dream  last?    it
took us twenty years lo flud out we
couldn't sine.
Thi Coimopollfin Corponttoft prtanti
Who Has
1 Cosmopolitan Production
Mrs. J. O. Martin Is a young
English bride who recently
came out to marry u Texan who
went overseas with the Canadian forces. The husband likes
"hot bread" which "Isn't bread
ut all" she says. The iinwost
Idea she hus Ih acotii'H, nnd he
rails them biscuits. Mrs. M
says her biscuits ure "cukes or
cookies." This bride of a fuw
short weeks Is living fur from
any neighbors and earnestly requests some recipes fur "hot
breads." Will some kindly
American cook help her oui
through us?
Head Offlca, Tumitu, MX
Caetorlaa ■• lMotifai-4 tot IMett.
'. ',     Cor. Lewd St. ft Clark Ave,
Near Futa'a Grocery
i  We are Careful ot the Flneat J
J Work called (or and delivered
Write Bos 786  .   Wa Will Call
18 0001! BREAD
Hie Plea, Cakea aad Pae-
try  can   not  ba  beaten.
Pham- 87      .      Berbery Ate.
Full Un« of Will Paper
Ib Stock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Phona «M at all bran
CRANBROOK    .    .    .    ac.
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
rnoNR it
NO 07 DAILY—To Nelaon, Vancouver,
rintikaiu) ele. Arrive 12.10 pm. leave
12.20 p.m.
NO. UN DAILY Tu Fernie. Lothbrldie,
Mi'illi'lnu Het, dilatory, etc. Arrive
4.10 p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
Cranbrook, WjrclllTe, Kimberley Service:
No. Nit—Leave 7.06 a.m. No. Ml—Arrive 2.10 p.m.
Cranbrook, Lake Wlilamtit aal
Golden Service
Monday and Thuraday, each week
-NO. 821, leave » a.m.     Wednesday
and Saturday—NO, 8ti arrive 1.10 pjn.
For further particular, apply to an/
ticket agent
J. B. PROCTOR, '   Friday, August 17th, 1923
When using^
^       rAorrunv.-ANM
sT-- ! oi low iw.m.
ier« is
ily one
Sway to kill
This is it—Darken ihe room as much as possible, close the
windows, raise one of tho bands whore the sun shines in. about
eight inches, place as many Wilson's Fly Pads as possible on
plates (properly wetted with water hut not Hooded) on the
window lodne where the It^ht is strong, leave the room closed
lor two or three hours, thou sweep up the tlies and burn them.
See illustration below.
Put the plates away out of the reach of children until required in another room.
The right
Fly Pads
Brown'a Stage   leaves   Klmborley ,   Anyone considering taking life In
morning and afternoon for Cranbrook. I surance should consult Martin Bros.
Enquire at Dlmor'a Cafe. Hit Cranbrook.    They nre District Agents
..       j ..    ^7 ... r.,        ,      ■  fl,r Canada's largest life company, and
Mr, ond Mrs. lt. W. Diamond and  , , ,,     ,        .
, „      , _ . . ,,.   .    ,     I have specialized In that business for
(am lv. of Tadanac, are at Kimberley,  „„.
.     , '      .      ....       ,,  ,   , rll I Ben yours. lBtf
having motored there from Ibeir home.
Jonea & Doris, Cranbrook contractors, will be pleased to estimate on
that new building. IS
When You Think ol Insurance
— Call Up -
Phone 20     si     Cranbrook
8ole Agents lor Kimberley Tonnsllc.
Dimor's Cafe
K I "I H K R I, I: V
— Open Day and Night —
Ton villi Enjoy )uur Meals at
this Cafe
Our Service la Prompt aud we
alwaya try to please.
Light Refreshmcuts
Opposite Depot
Boons hy Bay or Week   Light Lunch
Meals • Fruit . Soft Drinks ■ Candy
Cigars and Tobaccos
CHARLIE WING  •  Klmhorloy
' W. M. Archibald, muiia^er or mines
Tor tlie 6. M. & S, Co., uccompnnled
by bis daughter, Mlsa Alice along with
Miss Margaret Archibald, of Montreal,
who is spending tbe summer in It, C.
and Mlgs Evelyn Brown of Itonsland
motored to Kimberley this week and
returned to Koaaland on Tuesduy.
I'll meet you nt tbe Club Cafe, Cranbrook. 15tf
Dry Ut-iinhiu Pressing
Hepalriiig St Laundry Work
Box 117 : KIMBERLEY .
Wo call for and deliver goods
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
**- )Vl „WMI,.,I
List your property with Martta
Bros. 15
A. It. Ritchie, of tbo staff of the C.
M. and S. Co., at Tadanac, who wa«
nt lnvermere unending the li. 0. Mining Convention, anil also at Kimberley, was here Tuesday en route to
Wm. Poole, ot Tadanac, arrived here
on Saturday eu route to Kimberley,
where be will bu on ihe staff at tbo
new concentrator,
Mufore deciding on that new building or that repair work see Geo. R.
I.eiisk, the Pioneer Builder of Kim
berley and Cranbrook. 18lf
F. W. Petere, superintendent of-the
Rosslaud properties of .the Consolidated Mining und Smelting Co., who has
been at Kimberley during the past
week, passed through the city last
Tuesday en route to bis home.
It is expected that tbe new concen
trator will  commence operations ou
the 20th Inst.
Club Cafe, Cranbrook, commodious,
clean, comfortable, 15tf
Several of the officials of the Consolidated M. & S. Co., paid a visit to
Kimberley during the last week to
look over tbe progress of the work
here. They included Mr. J. J. Warren,
S. fi. Blaylock, W. M. Archibald, Bruce
Ritchie, all of Trail and Mr. P. .S Peters, superintendent of the Rossland
properties of the company.
Kimberley $1.50 single, |2.60 return
from Ibe Brown and Morley stage
office. Parcels called for and delivered In Kimberley     Phone 531.      tf
Kimberley baseball fans had reason
to rejoice on Sunday last at Kimberley when their players defeated Fertile by a score of 9 to 5. The winners
beiil tbe game safe all tbe way thru
und Fernie gathered most of their
runs on a couple of errors. Garrlty
pitched a good game for Kimberley
and kept any hits well scattered. He
hud splendid support In the field and
tlie infield especially pulled off some
snappy plays. Ault was hit pretty
freely during the game and at times
hud rather loose support, Wycliffe
defeating Lumberton evens things up
u little more and there should be some
exciting games to decide the winners
of the league.
Morning and afternoon trips to
Kimberley from Brown ft Morley's
Stage office opposite Kooteaay Garage
Phone 531 tf
week-end, paid a visit to this camp mills If
and inspected the Sullivan mine and America
the new concentrator, They all seem-1 report:;
ed very much pleax-d and surprised iis   due
& Burke
tu Coal nml Wood
^ Morrison
JJ. Ilmlcr*
S Tell your wives and tell your
% friends
Several of the delegates to the mln-     Victoria. — Exports   of   Portland ' ^♦♦^♦♦♦»*>»»'>»»»»»»»»»»»»*»»»»»«|.
ing convention at lnvermere held last ■ cement from British Columbia cement 1 4
on the Increase to South
and Mexico according to
from those countries. This
increased    activities    in
;it the extent dC tho operations here,     the   way   of   construction.
Master Chrissie Foote
who celebrated his loth birthday
ou tho first, of the month. We
would suggest to Mr. McfJraw that
he keep his eye on Chrissie, for
unless we ore away out on our calculation Ktmberley'B juvenile baseball star will be heard from In the
future. For a ten year old his
equal would be hard to find. He
throws and catches like a veteran.
If Kimberley could raise a crop of
boys like Chrissie there would be
no doubt as to where tbo Nelson
News trophy would land in u few
years hence.
.— .\\V.\\V.\W.WA%WA\%W
30x3 1-2 Tires  - $10.00 each
We sell all Leading Makes Ol Tin's and Tubes.
We Repair any size ol Tiro, Cord or Fabric,
TIuti' I*, no .lull l»o Largo, mul no lob too Small.
GASOLINE        • Oil,        -        ACCESSORIES
Wilson's Vulcanizing Works
I Following la a statement of ore re.
] calved al the Trail Smelter during the
period of Aiikuri 1st to 7th inclusive.
Name ot Mine and Ideality.        Tons
Mama Mill. Alamo, n. C  44
lllni'k Hoik. Northport, Wash.  ..  200
Hendareon Qrdup, Stnltnara, B.C. . 40
Knob Hill. Republic, Wash 162
Lone IMne .Surprise. Republic. Wit 272
1'arailise. I.k, Wlmlormere, B.C. .. 44
Quill), Republic Wash  267
Silversmith, Sandon, B.O.
(sine) ^79
(lead)    128
Standard, silverton. B.C.
Head)  17
(alncl  18
Van Rol, Silverton. ll.C  53
Company Mines   9139
Bruce Robinson
IVaiiior ol Music
Studio: Baker St., Cranbrook
For Dates Apply
Phone 374 • Cranbrook B.C
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
PueUMMOf Gold, Sllvor, Copper, Lead k Zinc Orel
Prodieen ot Moid, Hllrer, Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
They Called Him
An "Old Pill"
THAT wu yean ago when he
packed a terrible grouch, a
mighty irritable stomach and a
liver that refueed to do the things
that all good liven should. No
wonder hli friends called him an
"old pill" and stayed away.
But that wu years ago—long
before he discovered Beecham's
Pills and learned that two at bedtime can bring sunshine Into a
man's life. Today,, he's an opti-
„ mist a hero to his wife, and a
staunch believer In Beecham'a
The cheer that Beecham'a Pills I
bring Into a man'a disposition, la |
the incomparable cheer of sound |
digestion, active liver, and the
regular habits that make good
At All Druggists
(Special to tlie lleruld)
lnvermere, B.U, tAiiK»«i 16th.—
Tha Luke Windermere district creamery put through Its tlral churningon
the afternoon of Saturday last. The
Mrect operation was under tlie management of Mr. Hector MacLean, the
butter maker.
A number ot the Bhnrellolders wero
present with their wives and families,
together with directors und others
connected with the butter factory.
Most hearty congratulations were expressed on every side, coupled with
most cheering remarks for*futureSuc-
ceaH us the wheels of the machinery
commenced to turn and tliuMiinmjj; nl'
onlookers realize.] that one of the
long-hoped-ror agricultural possibilities of the district bud come about
When the churning hud been completed anil the 150 oibl gallons of
cream turned into over 500 pounds of
prime butter was exposed to view* the
satisfaction expressed on every face
was greater than can bo described.
Every action of Mr. MacLean from
sturt until the product wus .packed
away In tubs and plated (n the folding room was watched by many with
intense interest.
Prior to the commencement of butter making, light refreshments were
served In the shade of ihe trees ou the
Company's grounds, while addresses
were given by Mr. J. W. .Morland.
hairmun of the Board of Directors;
John A BuoUham. M.P.P, from Golden; It. (iludwyn Newton, U.S.A., sui
erlntendent. of the local experimental
station of the dominion government
R. Randolph Bruce; a, m. Ohishbli
and Mr, Henry S. Fleming of New
Ydrk. To Mr. Fleming possibly more
than to niiy other person present. Is
individually due the crystnlizntlouand
fruition of the creamery project.
Though owned by a company almost
solely of local shareholders, yet the
capital invested in the project Is from
the outside and was lirnught In thru
Mr. Fleming's influence. As the local
executive and mouthpiece of his directors a great share of lbe honor of the
Huccessful carrying through or the enterprise fulls to Mr. James Sinclair
who until n reeenl date wns secretary of the company.
While the primary inn-pone Is to
turn the product of lhe district's cows
Into monthly pay enemies, yet ths
shareholders have still a wider field
In view such as shortly making Ice
cream in wholesale quantities) tbe retailing of milk stuffs, ibe storage and
sale of fruit, bay and such like, with
the making of Jam. Die collecting and
candling und sule of eggs yet farther
ln the'distant future. Keeping all
these purposes lu mind, tbe directors
have laid their plans accordingly and
have erected buildings on approved
plans to meet the needs of the future.
These, bo It said, have heen put up
largely under the superintendence of
Mr. A. G. Cuthbert and Mr. James
Sinclair with Mr. Frank Mann as
foremaivln-churge. They comprlsotlr*
frame creamery proper witli its engine room and pump house,' while
entirely separated from these Is a
huge warehouse for the storage and
handling of bulky produce. Tbe possible resulting Influence nf this good
work will be fur reaching in tbe extreme, In fuel It has already been
felt In Mtjienrteiiiiig of Uio many
ownersjph'nis on which dairy rit-
tle wilt To ritsed.
The creamery -proper Is equipped
with a Cherry tyjil of pneteurtser of
200 pound enpneilfK*' churn of Perfection type having it capacity of 7aTr
pourufe. jArnuuLvmeiiin luive Wu
.consisted foi tht ajmmiy
uu   up-to-date   uikichiue  for  the
manufacture of ice cream.
The result iu the future of this un-
lertaktng Is bard to estimate but by
•xporleuce of other districts (t should
have au immediate effect lu stimulating  lhe dairying industry.
Amongst outsiders present were noticed W. Heup Holland from Manchester, Hhiglandi; Colonel W. W.
Foster of Victoria, B.C.; F. A. Williams the editor of the Crunbrook
Herald and Mrs. Williams; Ur. Mary
13, Crawford chief medical Inspector
of schools. Winnipeg; Miss Shetton,
England; Mrs. John M. Ulhbon, Montreal Mr. aud Mrs. Morris, Cranbrook.
The directors of tbe bake Winder-
mere Ceamery Limited are J, W. Mor-
land of Wiudermere chairman; Major
l\ 0. Turner Fairmont Hot Springs;
11. II. Peters, Athalmer; Alexander
C. I..ulrd, lnvermere; Frank Jones.
Wilmer; Archie Wolfender, Biscor
II. 0. Rayson, lnvermere; Eric F
Smith. Edge water j N. M. Marples,
lnvermere. A. li. Cuthbert of lnvermere is secretary-treasurer.
On Saturday of last week, Mr.
N. Campsall, Mrs. I. 1-. Sborley and
Miss Berto started on what proved to
be a most interesting trip to what
Ik known us the Top of the World
camp. Leaving Fort Steele with their
horses and an extru puck horse the
parly went up Wild Horse to its bead
waters wliere Cheep Creek is picked
up. This they followed to Its head
where the cump is located. Before
returning a descent of -000 feet was
made on the other side into Ihe val-
I y of the Bull River. The party report a fine time. Mr. Cumpsall kept
his prospecting eye open all the time
ud picked up several suspicious-
looking stones. We understand that
tbe view to be had from the top of
be mountain at this point Is simply
wonderful und "beggars description."
Otis Staples Lumber Co.,
Manufacturers all Kinds of Lumber
Pin«s, Fir, and Larch
Enquiries Promptly Dealt With
Wycliffe, B.C.
Say, Gull, dont git gay wid me, I'm
. so hard I escrluches de bathtub."
. "bat's nutting. I'm so bard 1 shaves
': wid a blow torch."
L. Crowe, accompanied by Mrs. I
Crowe and family, returned from Van-1
ouver where Mrs. Crowe has been
visiting her mother for tlie past three]
months. Jimmle Jones .who was one
of tbe  party,  reports   having au ex-j
-optionally  fine  time.    We huve  no
reason to doubt It.
Wycliffe stepped out of the eel- f
lar on Sunday by defeating Lumber-
ton six toNwo In a clean fast game
Lumberton was without tier regular
•utcber which seemed to bear on
Scotty" Mitchell's twirling power as
uot once did he open up with any of
his secrets. Steve Clark once more
made a dashing three bagger, he
claims lie Is just getting onto tht*
line iwluts of the game. S. Crough
was replaced us umpire by H. Armstrong shortly ufter the game commenced.
Bert Johnson and Walter Staple*,
left for the coast to take ill th»Sights
of the fair.
Wycliffe Is losing a number of her
residents. Mr. and Mrs. W. Pool
have left for Spokane. Mrs. Andrews
our local agent in being transferred
io Jaffray, Mr. Yager of Crows Xest
taking over this station.
Born—To Mr. and .Mrs. Allegretto.
August 10th. twin boys.
The game next Sunday between
Kimberley and Wycliffe ou the local
diamond should be well worth seeing
as a, win for Kimberley means a play
off with them and Fernie while th*-
local boys are confident of a win. Par-
Mculurs will be published later.
Mr. Morris Is having bis building
painted which will be a big improvement,
Mr. Krbanks, who has been confined to his bed for the past few days.
Ik out around again.
President U Crowe of the Wycliffe
Orouch Club, Is expecting to receive
a letter from Lumberton as to the
date when he may go down and organize their dub as from the looks of
things last Sunday they sure have n
fine number of prospects.
todoit  _J
Captain of a cavalry troup (to recruit): "Now, do not dismount until
ydu receive orders from headfluart-
The captain went about his busl-
uess, but returned in u few minutes
to find the recruit, sprawling on the
Captain: "Didn't I tell you not to
dismount until you received orders
from headquarters?"
Recruit! i "I don't know about
headquarters sir. but I certainly re
irelved orders from hindquarters.".
Correct this bank managers sentence: "Won't distress yourself about
ft at all, we'll be glad to renew ft."
A'iu oueftions on ciiquett)
Kill be viiiJi|/ aniim-ed in
thii column if addretscd tu
0 Alt-da. core of thia neui-
paper. q
Dear .ileda—What Is the best WSJ
to announce au eu^s^euieut'' (2)
Who does It, Ibe bride's fumlly or
tbe groom's? (3) Who pays for the
engraving, etc?
Miss A. L., California.
J.n#irtT—The usual way of announcing an engagement Is through
tbe papers. I'slng this method:
First select your paper and then
send the notice to the society editor.
An example h>: Mr. and Mrs. Edward  Black announce th*' engage*
ment of their dSUffater .lane, to Mr.
John fox. of Denver, Col,   No dute
has been   set ft*r  tbe wedding.    It
will prohauly take plgce in November. (2i The brides family. (8)
The same.
•   •   •
Owing to s sudden death In < Mr
family we must postpone our
daughter's wedding. Will you please
tell me what is the quickest and best
Way to go about thi-. The wedding
was to be this September.
lt. M„ Wisconsin.
Ar,»trtr-~Hare some printed cards
made- A good stationer should get
them out In _'t hours. Huve thetn
word SomeWtttg like fills and send
ou*- to each person that received an
Invitation: *\
Otritt'j to the totd'lm tit Ufa of 3fr.
ffojASMMd BroKiCs father, ilr. and
ilri. Baymo*d Brown beg i<< rn-ult
the imttttii;,, (need for tht \r
doa'jhter'i Kidding natpttotu
Prickly Hut.-A good talciim
po«der frequently Hppli.il does
roach to eliminate this annoying
skin disease, When a case of
prickly heat ii gerere the nkin
Should be bathed with u mixture
of one pari alcohol to throe of wuter. afterwards dusting wiih talcum
• t  •
Fruit B«for* Brukfaat.— An orange eaten half Hli hour before
breakfast li a sptsodld aid to the
digestive system.
• •  •
Hiccough*.—Taking small regular swallows of water from a gloss
without takings breath will usually
stop hiccoughs, if this fun- try
giving the patlenl a leaspoonfoJ of
fraijuiaitt-.j augur ami *>ii.t-gur.
UNLESS you see tlie name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Oeor/fe Filzmaurice
./ *»»»aa»ajUaao»VC?lOM        mmmmm
At (Aa Star Theatre nn Frlilny nnd
■faluilay'vt ut *M*k. Annual 241b
•ni iotn. itott-tmse it.
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Bandjr "Bajrtr" bote, ol 12 Ubleln—Alw bottle, ol 24 and 100-Dnajglata.
A«.lrt. t. Ih. trad, teeth (rf.lal.t.rt 1. CM4.I «t ll.y.r MManf.rt.r. of Ma*.-
•cMkocMartar .1 a.M.IMa.l.l.l. WhH. II la wall kwwa thai Alamo .MM Bun
■MK *ha MMH ualaM HUuUM« torn Tahtan et Sttet MMM*
***.*»>aa»»**i.*»*,i.lHii eemtr PAGE SIX
Friday, August 17th, 1928
Is worth doing well."     Thus,   your   Jewelry Repairs  |
however small, are worthy of expert attention.
When they are done at "LEIGH'S" you have the
assurance that only skilful craftsmen and fine materials
will be employed in their execution.
We are always glad lo examine damaged jewelry
and make estimates onthe cost of repairs.
Watchmaker 4- Jeweller       Norbury Ave.  Next Door Star Theatre
€itv Items of interest i
lusure with Beule and Blwell,
+   +   +
Mike Cuslk und L, J. Dosaulnler ot
Moyle are making Groen Buy mora attractive to pleoaura seekers. Thoso
enterprising people huvu transferred |
the bouts from .Monro lake aud With
a lauuuh are equipped to supply tbe
wants of those wtBlllng to enjoy a
pleusuut lluio on the water. A ro.
Ireahuient atuud bus ulso been installed.
+   +   +
Speeial trips urruueed to any pluce
any   time,   by Brown   end   Morley.
Phone 031. I(
+   +    +
Natal Is again holding an agricultural fair. Tills year It is being hold
on Lobor Day, Sept. 3rd. Cranbrook
and other districts could not see their
way clear to put on a fair this year.
Natal is to be congratulated on their
enterprise, and It is to be hoped that
it will prove to be a success financially aud otherwise. It is unfortunate that both Pernie und Coleman
are also having sports on this same I
day. The Natal programme is an attractive one consisting ot all sport-j
Ing field events and tho usual classes .
ot agricultural fair exhibits.
+    +    +
Drop ln and try an Ice Cream or
the Tea Room service at the Bon
Ton. 1?
+   +   +
Mr. and MrB. C. N. Barker and family returned ou Tuesday from a visit
to Medicine Hat.
+   +   +
If smart apparel appeals to you; if
style and distinctive tailoring are an
attraction, see Grady & Bye uhout
that next suit. 23tf
Mrs. Ueo. R Munahan and family
wish to extend their deepest thanks
to the many friends, wlio through
their words of sympathy and by other
expressions helped lo lighten the burden of the bereavement with which
they were recently afflicted.
We carry a full line of Men's Women's and Misses' Shoes.
Our low prices win every lime.
+    +    +
Whllo nol wishing to burden the
Ihiuor control board with any further duties Borne ure of the opinion
thut the uiiua pura dispensary outside ut the post office should have
some system of control. Times should
tie allotted for 11) Por men, women
uml children, (2) for horses nud un-
other time fur dogs. Ill tho course of
a day each of these classes Is represented ut the drinking fountain. We
would suggest thut If arrangements
could bo made thnt fountain be placed on Ihe insldo of the sidewalk the
wuter pipe and drainage being con-
liocned with the post otfleo system
nnd a drinking trough erected In some
other part td the city for horses and
+   +    +
Orady & Eye are now located in
their new store on Baker Street, opposite McCreery Bros. 23tf
+   +   +
August. t!lst will he a reil letter day
among the local Rotarians when Governor Miles Hoglcy of Spokan
will pay his oillcial visit to Cranbrook.
H'lille here (here will bo an inter-ctly
meeting, twenty representatives from
Pernie and possibly a delegation from
Nelson being present.
+   +   +
Mrs. A. Musser, who is a patient in
St. Eugene hospital, is Improving.
+   +   +
Just arrived, 1924 latest Dodge wllh
all the very lates. Improvements.
Also the 1924 new Overland with full
floating axle und high radiator. Value cannot he surpassed for tbe price.
Olve us a call and wo will give you a
drive or explain all the new features.
+    +    +
Mrs. A. Kuinmer and daughter are
enjoying a holiday iii Spokane.
+ + +
When ion want to take a ride with
your wife or sweetheart, phone 90,
and we will supply you a car and you
ran drive It yourself. You save 50%
this way. You can go when uud where
you want to. 21tt
Full Assortment of Shoes ut II. WESTON'S Store
The Store That Sells Por LeBS
Cranbrook and Fernie
Route:—Fort Steele, Hull lllver, YYiirdner und Elko.
Leaving Crauhrook: Leaving Kernle:
Cronlirook Hotel: 8 a.m. Kluir Edward Hotel: 3 p.m.
Prices lo Fernie $r..lil) and Io other points according to
For Cranbrook, Phone Kootenay Garage 147
For Fernie, Phone Fernie Garage, 158
Anybody Winking to On Flailing or for n Plenlr
Arrangement* W ill (ilndly lie Made
I   LOCAL    I
y^tr~—    ■ ■   •       ■—i —i "
Insure with Beale & Elwell.
Mrs. A. 0. Hill and family returned
Friday last from a short holiday In
noddy McLeod, ot the Pernie Free
Press, was helping out at the Herald office Monday and Tuesday of
this week.
Quigley Knitted Sweaters aud Coats
at Urady & Eye's, the Tailors, Baker
Street. 23tf
Hobinsoii's urchest ra are playing
for a big dance to be held at Fort
Sieelo tonight, Friday. Refreshments
ami a good time is assured.
Mr. Jack Volume, formerly of Fertile, hut for the last, ten months of
Hull lllver, imssed through Crauhrook
on his way to the const,
Qrady &■ Eye are up-to-date caterers to the dress requirements of progressive men. 23 tf
Mr. ami Mrs. Hnuna returned the
end of last, week from their holiday
trip to tho const, visiting their son In
route at Eastport.
Mr. Walter Kay Is reported doing
nicely at the hospital where he has
been n patient for the last couple of
We carry a full line   of   Lifebuoy
Running Shoes.
Our low prices win every time.
Thos. M. R. Stewart of the Raicllffe
&• Stewart garage was a business visitor to lnvermere last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Fielding were
Cranbrook visitors this week at the
home of Mr. und Mrs. Hanna. Mr
Fielding was formerly a resident of
Dr. Wilson Herald, Ear, Nose, and
Throat Specialist will arrive in Cranbrook about August Tih and can be
consulted at the hospital. 22tf
Mrs. H. Nicholson, of Bull River, Is
at lbe hospital -with her little daughter Esther who underwent an opera'
tlon for tonsllltis. The child Is recovering nicely from her operation
Mrs. Charles McFarlnne nnd Miss
Baby McFarlane returned to Yahk on
Tuesdays train. MIsb Kathleen McFarlane went with them to enjoy the
balance of her holidays at the Junction city.
Phone 531, Brown & Morley's Stage
office, for a trip next Sunday to St.
Mary's Lake. Leave in the morning,
back at night, feeling fine for work
Monday morning. 2ltf
Q. H. Steele of Nelson Is a Cranbrook resident for a few months. Mr.
Steele's special duty is the inspection
of the fruit cars, principally at Creston for Codling moth. A year ago
there wns quite a scare of the entrance of this pest Into the Canadian
fruit fields.
Our stock of Seasonable Materials
for Men's Clothing Is of highest quality. A perfect fit and complete fat-
In fact Ion guaranteed. Orady & Eye,
Tailors, Baker Street, 23tf
Mr. W. H. Wilson Ib another member of the school board who Is away
holidaying. Mr. Wilson Is taking in
he Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver Island circle tour.
Hemstitching.—Mrs. Surtees, Gar-
ien Avenue. 2tf
Beauty in
is not a question of cost, but
of taste. You'll appreciate
this when you como to prlco
our locketB, rings, brooches,
and trlnkots of all kindu. Nor
need you worry about the
quality. We handle reliable
jewelry only and you can
depend ou our guarantee.
Tho boauty you can judge
for yourself.
■i ; Eiai
— Most Up-To-Date Cafe In Cranbrook     —
Large Roomy Booths   -   Clean   -   Comfortable
Served from 12 to 2   —   Dinner 6 to 8
Enjoy a Sunday Dinner with your family here
Geo. Anton   -   -   Prop.
Annes Avert. Theodore Roberts
and Richard Dlx tu
You'll see a brand new Agnes
^yci's: Robbed hair, sparkling
eyes, full o* pep. In a rollicking
racing romance, by the author
of Wally Reld's racing successes. She'll whiz right into your
. Comedy   "THK D0XBEM"
1'athe News
Program No's      8W      Cm
Marlon Davles and
T. Roy Barnes In
«ADAM and EVA"
The merry story of a millionaire father who couldn't manage his own daughter, and
brought in one of the smart
young men from his office to
do the job. You can't Imagine
the amazing things that happened.
Comedy.      -      «0H BUDDV"
Betty Compfioi!, Bert Lytell and
Mny McAvov featured In
Crammed with excitement.
Bristling with thrills-the gorgeous ace of all crook-molodra-
mas. For years a hit on the
stage: now a dramatic sensation on the screen.
Comtdy: . "FREE AMD EASY"
Our best ad. is n proper fitting Suit
i>u a satisfied customer.
23tf    Grady ft Eye. Tailors, Baker St.
Rev. D. C. and Mrs. Freeman loft
on the delayed eaathound train on
Thursday night to spend a three,
weeks holiday ln Ontario.
Novelty features will be an attraction at the danco on Monday, Sept. S,
iLabor Day).
G. J. Spreull has been appointed by
the government as a director of the
St. Eugene hospital. On the board of
the Windermere District General hospital F. C. Stockdale was named as the
representative of the government.
Mrs. W. W. Wolfer left on the delayed train on Thursday last to
spend a short time at the Halcyon
Hot Springs. For some time Mrs.
iVolter  has   been   a   sufferer   from
■luminalism, and It is In. the hope of
getting rid of this oppressing malady
hat she is seeking relief at Halcyon.
Why stay In the city and swelter,
•vhen you can take the family out for
• spin on Sunday, or any evening, ln
car that you can drive yourself? You
an go and come 'when you please.
lee the Drive Yourself Motors, oppo-
dle the G. W. V. A. hall on Cranbrook
Street. 22tf
A prize will be awarded in one cf
'he novelty dames at the Auditorium,
Monday, (Labor Day), September 3.
Mrs. H. A. Brown, who lias beon
visiting with her brother tn Chicago
for the past two months, returned to
'he city on Wednesday. Like many
others who are now returning from
their holiday trips, MrB. Brown feels
sure that someone slipped the calendar ahead about six weeks on her,
"Tempus sure footsit."
The Cranbrook Follies make a success of everything they take In hand.
Be nt the dance at the Auditorium ou
Monday, (Labor Day), Sept 8rit
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon nnd
daughter, Miss Marlon left the end of
Inst week for lnvermere. where they
have renteil a cottage for a month or
so. Mr. MacKinnon returned on Tuesday to the city and will make the
journey up again later in the month.
Tho Women's Institute Flower Show
will ho held in the G.W.V.A. hall on
August 23rd. The usual attractions;
will be in evidence. A good program
Is arranged for.
Dr. W. 0, Huffman Is expected back
In the city on Sunday after a holiday
in a number of .coast points. The Doctor has moved his office to rooms
over the Cranbrook Trading Co. store
where, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Huffman, lie will reside.
George Kemp, of the P. Burns ft Co,
staff Is pulling up a good sized six
room house on his property at the
corner of Kberts Avenue and Edward
Street. This makes a substantial nd-j
ditlon lo this section of the city which |
has already seen considerable growth.
and improvement this year. On the
same street near .the home of Mr. aud,
Mrs. C. Van Braam, the Sash ft Door j
Co., nre putting up a small house for.
Mrs. Coffey, formerly of this city but i
more recently of Lethbrldge, who Is
again to make hor home ln Cranbrook.!
Prank Bond Is doing the building work <
mi this bouse. In the same block the
Hunisey cottage facing on Martin Ave.,
Is also Hearing completion.
Full Assortment ol Shoes »t.B, WKSTON'S Store
The Store That Sells For Less
.Miss Laurie of Winnipeg, sister of
Mrs, F. M. MacPherson, arrived ou
Hiursday evening on the delayed
A wreck on tho main line caused
by a broken journal on a freight car
wns responsible for the delay in the
arrival of the west bound passenger.
The train, with W. F. Cameron at the
rope and engineer Slelghtholme stepping on tho gas made up one hour
and thirty minutes after they took
tbe train at Crow's Nest.
Morning   and   afternoon   trips   to |
Kimberley from Brown & Morley's
stage office opposite Kootenay Garage |
Phono 531. tt
Fernie wins the second section ot
the district Baseball League through
t*ie default to them of next Sunday's
gnmo by Lumberton. They now piny
crft with Kimberley for the Nelson
News Trophy.
Phoaa I.
We pay the best prices going tor all
kinds ot furniture. Wo buy anything from a mouse tr n to an autt>
W  W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
For Sale or Rent
apply Alex ChowsKi
Klmlicrley,     • •    B.C.
Fuji Tea Rooms
Natt Futa Grocery
GOOD  MEALS-Ten or leffee
__        ICE CREAM
POR SAI.K—Or will rent for two
months. Barber Shop. Apply Alex
Chowski. Kimberley. B.C. 86-20
FOUND—A leather packet hook containing a small amount ot money
and a key. Owner can have sumo
by calling at tho Herald ofllce and
paying for this ad,
COOK—Wanted tor amall country
hospital, wages f.40 a month and
board. Apply to nurse lu charge,
Wllulermero district hospital, lu-
vermere, B.C., furnishing reforen-
c»s. 25-26
W'ANTBB—Girl for house work.   Apply,   Mrs.  O.   J.   Spreul,   Lumsden
Ave. 26
LOST-On Monday, Aug 18th opposite
Mr. T. Cuvell'u home, u aash for a
black  sweater.    Finder  return  to
Mrs Cnven.
Newly Constructed - Nicely Furnished |
Modern Improvements'
Van Home SI., Opposite Depot I
Nelson Business College
Learn to Earn
Complete, Practical Commercial Course in Shorthand,
Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Spelling, . Commercial
English, Comerclal Law, Penmanship, Rapid
Calculation,    Filing and general office procedure.
NEW TERM COMMENCES Tuesday, Sept, 24th, 1928
For particulars: Apply P.O. Box 14, Nelson, B.C
New Perfection
Oil Stoves
Going at 2t>% olf regular ...
prlceB. Now is your chance »>'
to get a bargain.
Also a Snap in
A Fruit Funnel given away !
with every Kettle
1 Pat more Bros.
Sanitary and Heating
FOB   SALK—Good   house furniture.
reusonulile. Apply Mrs. 11 J. Miller,
opposite    Masonic    Hull, Kouwlck
Avenue 111 2[i
| TO HUNT. - Suitable office or store
on Armstrong Avenue, next lo W.
F, Doran'S. Apply lo \v. W. Kllby. mt
IFOR BALI Northern Electric vac
iiiimcleitnci practically new. Apply tu A. II   lllumeltueur, BOI 4bH.
WANTED. — liy boy end (Irl ot Id
and 17. work nt any description. Apply Box tit. 2!tf
muck FOR SALO—Tbe Columbia
Brick Company now lias pood .up.
ply nt tiew brick ou hand. Apply,
Gjt 7211, Cranbrook, 17t(
| FOR RENT—Ollleo to rent two doors
trom Vene/.ki Hotel, apply to John
Card. 22tf
| WANTED.—Young man or girl desiring to secure a thorough business
training for ofllce work. Apply to
Beale & Elwell. 1711
140 ACRE FARM CHEAP-tor quick
sale. Oood buildings, spring creek,
auto road to door, line bottom land
with part already undor cultivation
Big Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, eta*.
by, Is ready market right at door.
Apply to Martin Brat., Cranbrook,


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