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Cranbrook Herald Jan 12, 1923

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Array k)
 -   t
Apr. 1-1923 '
N I) M II i: I!     11
SACRED CONCERT, Star Theatre, Smdl?Jv™^d™*l2lst'
Cameron Mayor
by Big Majority
Only Three (Mil Aldermen lle-
iiiiiIii,   lie/nil Heads Ihe
Trustees Llsl
w |.' ('niiioron »ill iiroplilot
City < .utii. SI mi iliv c Itii! >'i
ivlilt  lilm  tin'in  will  !»' "nl
ivor I In
,1. Bnlraon
j, Plowori
»(ii mi
. n. Broi
. rum
.' ''' "| Locals Take Lead
in Hockey Race
infant succuarns TO
Owing i" a series nl' misfortunes
in* boilers of the Club boating plant
ic still undergoing t'opalrB, but n is
itutighl Hun by tho end of a fortnight
r pDiKlhly curlier, the Club will again
c open fur swimming.
Icon ni Mr. li. I'. Wyllo, i
iinikM'siiitnlH   Dig   vurloui
r running alien an intuitu
boon secured, ami it la bo
ilic various activities wit
i-.'sii impetus.
nl A. K. JO
i for Mayor Boomed !t» bo
a rtfrogone conclusion unite early in
tin' tiny, there being few who woutil
predict anything else. Oven at thai
tin1 largo majority which Mr. Cameron securod over both hla opponents
was more than must people had looked Cor,
For tiw City Council A. 3. Balment
became tho high ma
don and Kllby, i
high, and A.  E
. Brons-
iw members, also vim
Jones regained the
til' las
The School '
personal triurai
Becured n nun
tho next on tho
inn momher of
ago, leaving two
in out of the run-
Arnold and i'.  T
h for P.
, \V. A. Nil
e proved n
Dezall, Who
votes mora than
Tho only rettr-
board to run ag-
emed to be out of
Hie start   of tho
e polled by Mr. De-
i) be the largest any
ver polled In a civic
Uu'  running  from,
count.   Tho vote
zu.ll is stati
candidate hi
election here.
Keen interest was displayed In tho
contest all day, ami tho vote was a
heavy one. Keen Interest was also
displayed at tho time of the counting
ot the ballots, and it was aftor midnight before all the results were
Known. Considering the complicated
ballots there were not many spoilt,
and the majority of these, it. was stat-
(in Friday night of this week the
club hockey team will play the Kimberley loam mi ihe Concentrator, rink.
I'lii- players ami enthusiastic well
wisiiiTs will motor up Friday after-
01 \\i i:its iai:cn:i> at
At tho mooting of
of Knox Church, h
Room  la
lowing c
Vice Pro
11 let
the young people
ild in the School
evening, the fci-
cominlttcob wore
ere from not being marked at
nil.   The flgun
i Iver
•jit  Ballots, 1
both combined
( ainrii'ii
Kllbj     .
Rowers  .
Arnold   .-
Moir   ,..
I,cask    ...
  Miss .1. Carlyle
itleuis  Miss Trembttlh
Robert Laurie
cretary   Clyde McKlnnoli
easurer    Helen McDonald
For tho Social and Literary meetings Misses Sutherland and Noble,
Messrs. Harry McDonald ami Stanley
Moiiutt were made responsible for Hie
programme; Mrs. IT. Brown and Mar-
ret Johnson for refreshments. Miss
Sybil White was appointed convener
the committee to arrange for the
devotional and missionary meetings,
witii authority to call upon all and
sundry for assistance.
A membership committee was ap-
polnted, of Which Mr. Harry McDonald
was elected convener, with Jean Flett,
Marlon Henderson, Donald Morrison
ami Angus McDonald as executive.
li was decided to tarry on with the
Social Hour in tho School Room all r
tlie close of the Sunday evening service, and n committee consisting of
Mrs. R. Laurie and Mrs. Norgrova
was appointed to arrange for refreshments for each of these meetings.
Large Attciuliuieo, Ami Social
Time Follows The Regular Session
Win Second League Game Al
Klitlhcrlcy Sunday Itj
t|  In   I   Score
The Cranbrook team playing under
the colors of the U.TLC, notched another victory on Sunday last by win-
ul tig over ill-' fast going Tunnel Club
of the Selkirk Hookey League, ii was
a lint- exhibition ot tin- national winter
pnstlrae, attouded by a goud crowd of
inns. Both toams sturted at breakneck speed, play being even until Doe.
Huffman on p pass from Ilia brother
Buster scored Cranbrook'a first goal
wiih funi' minutes to go.
II. Bridges anil J9. HogOTtb went on
nml lu.'i't the opposera In check, the
id ending Cranbrook one up.
,o minutes alter the start of the
ul period G. Musser, speedy dec
; man for Tunnel, found a hole in
brook's defense and evened the
count. Play went from end to end,
llowen and Tom Hogarth, the respective goalies making brilliant stops.
Finally Babe Blumenauor, whose back-
checking was a feature of the game,
Biiatched a pass from Doc. Huffman
and put Cranbrook iu tlie lead again,
ihe period ending without further
Tho dual session found tlie lee heavy and (lie going hard lor both teams.
Doc Huffman scored on a rebound,
taking a dive at the net. Cranbrook
then assumed the defensive, playing
a three man defense, and tho game
The work of Batchelor and Blumen-
auer, Cranbrook'a defense, was also
noticeably good, Ray Blumeuauer
working bis poke check to perfection,
and time after time breaking up dan-
Tunnel rushes. B. Hogarth
and H. Bridges played heady and consistent games, back checking liko
lends. For tlie Tunnel, Musser, Gill
iiui Keating were tlie bright lights.j
\ Cough of Cranbrook handled the!
;ame in an efficient manner to tlie1
sttBfactlon of all. Mr. M. A. Beale,
Jranbrook's management, wishes to
thank the Tunnel Club for ibeir good
time to his boys.
The lineups:
Goal: Tom Hogarth.   Defence: Bat-
helor, it.  Blumenauor.    Centre:   H.
Huffman.    Forwards: H. Blumeuauer,
adges, E. Hogarth. Doe. Huffman.
Tunnel Club
l; Bowen.   Defence: Musser and
y.   Centre. Griffith.   Forwards:
Keating,   McDonald.    McDonald.
Within one day of five months o
age, the death took place at Hie hoa
pita], about eight o'clock mi Wednes
day evening, of little Marguerite Fa)
Larson. Infant daughter of Mr. Chillies k, Larson, and tho late Mrs. Larson, nt' Yank.    The little one had re-
maineil at Ihe hospital since tlie ileal!
Of Mrs. Larson last fall, ami contracted erysipelas, which proved more
than the little system could withstand.
Much sympathy is expressed for tlie
bereaved father In his second loss
sustained within a short time.
The funeral will take place mi Saturday morning of this week, at 10
a.m., service lo be conducted in the
undertaking parlors by Rev. w. T
Rotary Minstrels
Please Public I:
• Reports of City
(HANHHUOK MUSICAL   •        r '
S]ili.niliili.\     Organized    Show
Draws ('n|>iici!.r Houses ul
All I'rrKii'iiiniici's
Mayor for 1923
Yi. V. Cameron
Elected Mayor on Thursday by
large majority.
Spoil! Ballot
I .ill
inn  ...
NlBUL'l    .
Till SI I IS
i, 18
I Lodge, No. 4:'. l.O.O.R,
lielil their senit*annual installation ot
officers iaal Uonda) ntght, whan Bro.
\\ s Johnaon, P.O., District Deputy
Grand Master of the iurlscllctlon ol
in1. ..iti. initv Installed the various
nflkers, assisted by Bro, II. White,
i'n M . as n D. Grand Marshal; Bro.
W. M. Harris, r.tl.. as D. D. Orand
Warden; Bro. \v. Randall, P.Q. us
D. D. Oram] Treaaurer; Bro. I'. M.
Ilesanaon, P.O., as D. D. Qrand Secre
lary; Bro 3. Pyles, P.O., us D.D.
Grand chaplain; nml iim. ,|. Manning,
P.O., as 0, 11 l.ll
The officers are;
r. C.
League Slandlug
Won Lost For Agat. Pts.
0       l!       11       4
i Cranbrook, in
to  said   he  was
brand of
I'lll II I
ill   Bull II
i Hmil'
,r li.ir.ni    1"!
ii liiiiinis. in
Of till
i |dn    '■'! ' i"
count, Ihe
■ who had
[Noble Grand	
Vlco Orand	
Ircc  3ec Urn
Pin, Sec Hi1'
Treasurer Br
Huh ill,'      uu I'd '^j^^^^^—
Inside (iiiui'il Bro. A. C.
II S N l! Hi". A. Wall
Bro. E, 0. Dlngley
..Urn. It 1.. Hiii.1i
W. C. Aillanl. P.O.
W H (lllioy. P.O.
F  II. Morris. P 0.
 urn. !•'. Bond
 Bro. A. Hiii'i'b
Bro. s tM.•>-. P.Q.
co, I'll.
in. lo lu-.H' the resulli     He i„ s \ o,
,i,,'i. gratitude in bis fel- ii s v.ti.
whel  he considered i   ■   V tl
conferred upon him, H.S.B....
low cltlson
Uu1 kiwiI  li    	
and Bniil he ironld do bis ntmosl to I, s s U"
w.iit.iiii (he confidence placed In him. Chaplain  Bro. 1
Ho consid i Crnnl i- wn   In an     After Lodgo was nve
anvtahlu [ioi Ition    i far i a lo\rnu anil menl wns made nml a hi
elites of the weal were ci eruod, and
li would be bis aim to Keep the city
in ibo van. so thai bis supporters
would ii.'i rogrel having placed blm
whore tlioy bad.
enjoyed over n bam
Ibo Soi till Commtltoi
lowed by shorl spsi
offlcen ami moinben
0. Sinclair
I, It. I.i'iiar.l
i. F. Russell
,v Kemball
W. Hewson
,\ Williams
an adjourn-
lal lime was
prepared by
bis inis fol-
by var
speaking  of  the gn
li:iri"ilt|y    siu'pi'i.sed       	
hockoy pul up by boUi teama, and eon-
slders thai the teama of the Selkirk
League, as far as he bus seen, are the
equal of Hie Northern Alberta Amateur League, which comprises Edmonton and other northern cities anil
towns Mr, Qough is an old hockey
referee, having officiated In that capacity for a number of years In the
Northern Ain.ilenr as well as the Sas-
ketchewan Amateur League. Mr.
Hough's advice to would-be successful
hockey tenmB is to practise bus and
keep smiling.
i (i\ci:mhatoh c—i
,'ll     ll!
ik he
that Crnu-
or team al
locals thus
it  the hettil
Selkirk loagu
lion'i forgel the Vol
bo given Fehruary IL'll
Between forty j1'1
llline llance to
by I be ltnokle
nl lit
ere |0
— I Willi   '
3ya.    11,
Thanks From the Mayor-Elect
Tn The Electorate of tlie City of Cranbrook.
1 wish hi lake this opportunity nl' thanking all
those who liy their vote ami Influence assisted in electing me as Mayor by such an overwhelming majority. 1
appreciate sljicerely the honor conferred upon me. and
also the responsibility that holding the office entails.
All I can wish is that 1 may he able to so administer the
affairs of Cranbrook that a) the expiration of my term
of office no one will consider their confidence hits been
Miss Pnttlo Murphy of Kimberley.
; operated on for appendicitis
hospital on Sunday Inst. Is
a good recovery, It Is slated.
lions, close upon two hundred per
sous were al Ihe bouse during tlie evening, anil enthusiasm ran high.
A special gcnenil meeting ot tlie
U.W.V.A. Will lie held in Die O.W.V.A.
lla]I on Sunday next at 3 p.m.
BORN—On Sunday. January 7th, at
the Cottage Hospital. I" Mr. ami Mrs.
A. M. Hatton, a son.
BORN—On Friday. January 12th, at
the Cottage Hospital, to Mr. ami Mrs.
!•'. <;. Morris, a daughter.
Tlie Rookie Four are going to Kimberley on the 17th, and Will play at a
dance at Port Steele on Feb. 2nd.
11. a. McVittte, of Calgary, and Win.
Johnston of Fernie. representing the
Olilsmobile, Company, were In the t-ity
on Thursday.
Miss Laura Roberts returned home
to Skookiimchuck on Thursday, after
ii slay at Hie hospital, where she was
brought suffering from a serious attack of appendicitis.
F. M. McPherson, on behalf of the
Rotary Club, wishes to thank all tho^e
who by their attendance or assistance
on the programme, helped to nuke the
minstrel show a success.
('apt. J. H. JohliBon of Vancouver,
was a Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
Captain Johnson, who is connected
with the Liquor Control Board, was
watching the Fernie rases before tlie
Court recently.
The dame given liy the B of I,. F.
on Tluirsriay evening this week nt the
tl. W. V. A. Hall proved a very enjoyable event to the good crowd in at-
lemlance. Robinson's orchestra provided the music
Mrs. Tlios Bates of Ktngsgflte is at
present :ii the hnspiial. suffering from
paralysis. She suffered a stroke before Christmas, and is now undergoing treatment tliat It is hoped will
bring benefit to her.
The big show is over ami the Rotor-
Inns of Cranbrook can certainly be exit they feci ibeir Imis pinching
a little after the truly wonderful BUC-
ss of their first etlorts in miusirelsy
regurd to their performance one
nrs noiblng but praise tm all skies,
and the announcement by Mr. Mac-
I'lii'iHou that this Is bin  ii  beginning
will in- received with enthusiasm by
those who were fortunate enough to
be at either of the performances.
"He profits most who Borves best."
if I his be I rue then Ihe Ltoiarians
should soon declare large dividends.
as even leaving out of consideration
altogether tlie wort liy object for which
ibeir minstrel bIiow wus originally
plnitueil the service I bey have rendered iu providing Cranbrook and tlie
vicinity with a real good wholesome
class of entertainment cannot be
When one takes into consideration
a energy expended and tlie lime gtv
en by tlie members of the Club during
i period when It could he leas) afforded, ii should be all Hie more appro-
dated. From a financial standpoint
tho affair was equally successful,
crowded houses both evenings and Ihe
matinee netting a very nice sum for
tho cause which Hie Itotitihins are
Tho rules of Rotary permit only out
of each profession or trade us mem
hers, but the personnel of the Club
would have to be changed it the nat
Ural boni of the applicants were con
siilered, as there would be too many
professional minstrels. One wonders
why Allan Graham rests content with
the meagre pittance of a lawyer, or
Alan DeWolfe with the scanty emolument from a government road contract when fortune awaits them on the
stage. Did not Ted Cooper sell out
bis garage business to lead a minstrel troupe?
All the numbqrs of the programme
being of such high merit, it may not
bo wise to select numbers for special reference, but no invidious comparison is Intended to be suggested
by such a course.
The  orchestral   numbers   were  all
well rendered and much appreciated,
especially the opening march of part
two entitled "Let Us Rotate," which
was specially written for the occasion
d dedicated to tlie Cranbrook Rota-
b,y the leader, Mr. G. Bower.
The singing of the choruses by the
entire company wus always tuneful,
and showed that, no mutter what the
rowd Is or what instruments they
use, Mr. Bower can get the music out
:>f tliem.
The work of Hie four cud men,
Messrs, Cooper, Delany. Graham and
Sullivan wus all good, and the deadly
The iir.-i rehearsal of H.M.s. Pinafore liehl on Monday evening, wns
very well attended. There are still
vacancies for basses. Application for
membership can be made at the
O.W.V.A. Hall on Monday evening
next at 7.46 p.m.
hii'retise Shown  in   Electrical
Consumption*   Slut ii Act*
lyltj In Works Dept.
The   Br
held e
announi ed
tises   ever
has   commenced
'ed com en t.) be
Po iii- Worship The M.i\or
.  and City Oounatl,
. lent li ...■ ■
Tlie followtoj is the Annual Report
il the Biectrlc Light Department for
ly in Mnroh.   The date will be 11*18 ■V,MI' *M*
.11 members are
to attend prac-
iday   evening   al
note thai
be held early i
parations for th>
nt once.
of the .
miscellaneous ■
■ly iu Februar,
id   pre
Mr. Bower, the
anxious I hut the
Society   puts   on
| "Mendelssohn's
tnday In Lent.
ill he
oniliii tor,
0 KWH  was imrid&sed from
ro since the daH^f cutting
i   a   performance
42nd   Psalm"   oi
stalls m:w ofickhs
wednesday kvexino
There was a large attendance at the
regular Rehekah Lodge meeting on
Wednesday evening, when the new officers for ihe terin were installed.
Mrs. Flowers, the District Deputs
was assisted by W. S. Johnson, as 1'
I). Q, M. The new officers tor Hie
lodge are as follows:
n. a	
v. t;	
Rec. Secretary ..
Fin. Secretary ..
It. S. N. H	
L. S. N. G	
R. S. V. (i	
L. S. V. G	
0. tl	
1. (J	
At  the close of
Mrs. W S.
.. Mrs W
Mrs. W. .1.
Wolf, r
Johnson j
The total consumption of Electrical
energy during the year 1923 was
526,215 KWH. or slightly over 8 per
cent, of an increase on the year 1921,
173,815 KW n of this amount was generated at our steam plant, from the
'.; -■ i: :' - year until the 7th day of
May, on which date we cut over to the
Hydro company's lines. The balance
  ^^^ I
fijjfc'to 'he end of the year,
i'lf/jug Hie year 22 motors were re-
oi&Wted from 2 phase to :i phase.
ilsS tlit 2 phase powor circuits were
reqbhnected and power transformers
ba&ed to give ;> phase power. Sever-
il .ut" our powor mcverg were recon-
iefied co us lo bemused on 3 phase
service. The ntfrator, (250 KW) at
the Power Rouse was reconnected for
tervlce on the 3 phase system.
A new primary line was built front
tin  substation at the corner of Bbert
Vvenue aud Kane Street, lo the cor-
ol   Armstrong Avenue on Edward
-■: ■-  .   Ilstance of 3,234 feet   A new
::..:.   Hi •   was also run  from the
irnei I Burwell Avenue and Edward
ftreel I i the Cranbrook Sash and Door
.'.. ■ :■■ . .-. distance of 8,456 feet. A
■;• vt primar? line was alto run from
by lower end of Cranbrook Street, a
Mrs    I   McCallum i ■i'stailie °t ^00 feet, making a total of
Mrs. K. G. Dlngley I19*470 (eel of Bew ;vire ruu for prIra"
  Miss Phillips -iry Fervke-
Mrs   Dalziel      ^"til "ew lraII;;formers were bouglit
Mrs  D. Campbell ;,i,irin? ''!e >'ear in order to give serv-
Mrs, A. G. Hill    ' B ";1 t!ie " Phase circuit.
Mrs   C. A   Towrlss      ^'ie IJ°les on R^^er Street, from Hie
Mrs   H   Browr    orner of Van Home and Baker Street
Mrs. T. Drew!-0 Fenwkk Avenue and Baker Street
miM g» iiapj,  ffor.e removed from the cement aide-
Mrs. A. Pantling ! wa'^ an,i new Poies placed at the curb,
new   poles   set  on
lodge the cus- ]Tliere  were a,so
tomary social hour was spent very en-|Ebert Avenue between Kane and Ed
joyably. and refreshments provided.
Mr. J. V. rink Writes Government at Ottawa  With  Instructive Suggestions
ward Street, and some new poles replaced on Edward Street. ,\ new power line was run down the North Baker
lane from Cranbrook Street to Fen-
wiclt Avenue.
During the year there were 156 new
customers cut in and S3 customers
were cut out. There were also "1
customers moved during the year.
There were 205 street lights replaced
(Continued on Page 4)
Coming Events
At the conclusion of the annual
meeting of the Retail Merchants' Association on Wednesday evening in the
City Hall. Mr. J. P. Fink addressed
the members. Mr. Fink said that in
onversation with Hon. Dr. King on
the occasion of his recent visit to
Cranbrook. the matter of the new
stamp tax was discussed from all an-
|gles, and it was pointed out to the
while no one wislied to
evade the responsibility as to the payment of taxes, It was Important thai
any Act brought in to obtain such
tuxes should be one that could he
more or less readily carried into effect, and at the same time he equitable and not easy of evasion.
In the case of  his own  business,
Dr. King was shown bow Impractical
tlie Act was. At the suggestion of the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Minister, Mr. Fink is writing his [Tuesday, Jan. 16: Regular meeting of
views on the matter to the Govern-: the Women's Liberal Association,
ment, the draft of which he read to;    In rooms over Grady k Eye's store,
rivalry which was often evidenced be
tween "Ted" and "Allen" gave rise t° I Minister that
some very humorous situations. Ted's
laugh  was very contageous.    "Dad"
Worden   lu  his  songs  aud   quartette
work showed that he was xtill in the
musical ring.
Another feature of the evening that
iiuglii the fancy of the crowd was the
ilancing of Mr. DeWolfe. His foot
work was good, and he showed himself to be a Rotariun literally by ex-
umple as well as precept lu his hand-
Springing ami tumbling,
be Scotch dancing by ihe Misses
McKoWan and Harriet and Jean Home
was exceedingly well done and reflected much credit on their teacher, Mrs.
Tlie   Bible   Stories   as   given   in   a
onologue by Mr. Graham while not
exactly the same as Mother used to
tell, were nevertheless very Interesting and held the audience In rapiur-
"When the Moon Shines on the
Moonshine,' u   little skit   pul   on  by I —
.Messrs. Cooper ami DeWolfe was wor-1 Julius Molleur, who has been at the
thy of a top place ou an Orpheum or [ hospital with a seriously infected arm,
Pantag'es bill. Is now doing well', it Is reported from
The Banjo Club was not allowed to|thflt Institution,
get off without  an encore for their
Tonight and Saturday, January 12 and
13: "To Have and to Hold" at The
the Association. It was
thai other merchants also
ylews on the matter.
Tits their |
Mrs. H. Heard returned to her home
al Bull River on Sunday last after a
stay at the hospital.
(i B, Thrasher and Wife of Bull
River were Cranbrook visitors to tlie
Rotary Minstrel Show.
at S o'clock.
Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 15 and 16:
Jackie Coogao in "Trouble," at Tlie
Star Theatre, special matinee at
4 o'clock Tuesday.
i> and Thursday. Jan. 17 and
18: '.Paid Back." a ■lory of the
tropics, at The Star Theatre,
Friday, January lUtb: l.O.O.P. dance
at  the Auditorium.
and Saturday. January 19 and
Lorna Doone," at The Star.
rendering of "Footllghl Favor tes,"
and Mr. Cliorlton as usual was called
upon lor a second 'cello number to sa-
audlence. His encore, "Mus-
s a very melodious
J. H. Hayes of Kalispel, at one time
operator of the sawmill at Fort Steele
at present owned by the Jewell Lumber Company, was In the city last Saturday. Mr. Hayes is al present
ranching at Kalispel.
The sacred concert announced ti
take place iu The Star Theatre on tin
evening of Sunday. January 2lst, ii
^^^—^—^^m^^^^,^^-. being arranged by Mr. J. K. Cliorlton
elect W. F. Cameron wns cul-' utl(l Mr ,nili Mrs, Novak, and they will '^V his
led upon to play the host on Thursday;D0 assisted iu 'he program by a num-'hul Moment
evening to a large of crowd of suppor-!Der 0f other local musicians.    One of number
tors and friends who waited on hiin St ihe choicest numbers on the program     The Ramry Quartette, consisting of —
his liouso to tender I heir conpratula-1 Will be tlie presentation of Van Blene's  RflV. 0, W*. MacKay and Messrs  J. M.  side were the ltoiarians.      After the
celebrated   "Broken   Melody,"  by  Mr.; Clark, G. F. Marsh and W. M Worden, .singing of tho first verse   the leaf op-
Chorlton on the'cello, while Mr, and gave several selections which were sned bringing to view Miss Canada, In
Mrs. Novak will give vocal and ill- very acceptable and helped to round the person or Miss Aubrey McKowan,
^^^^^^^ strumental numbers.    Tho full prog- onl the program. ithe  effect  being  extremely  striking
I Two new teachers fre,to be added]ram will be given next week. There1 The grand finale, "The Meaning of and effective.
to the Central School staff at mid-'will be no admission charged, hut tt Tho Maple Leaf," made a happy clfm- "It cobI a dollar but was worth ten"
lewn in February, lo take cure of the [collection will he taken. The per tor- ax to a most successful performance, was the opinion of the performance
new pupils Hint will ho coming In. mance will commence at nine o'clock,i When the curtain rose there appeared one person expressed, The Rotaflans
Till the new rooms are nvaihible In at the.Close of the regular church ser- In the background s large Maple scored a signal success, and the city
the addition now under way, it will vices, and if sufficient interest la tak- Leaf, with the MIbscs Jean and Har- at large stands indebted to them for
be necessary to double up In two of! en in the event by the public, Iherolrlel Home on each Hide In Scotch! putting ou a homo talent performance
the rooms, which means that (our I are likely to be other perfomances of dress. A squad ot Boy Scouts were [of such merit, and a credit to all who
classes will be on half time. |ia similar nature In the future. seen at the tuck, and flanking each took part.
"'"lay. Jan. 21: Sacred concert by
local talent at The Star Theatre at
0 p.m.
Thursday, Jan 25:
The Auditorium.
Curlers' Dance at
Monday. February 12
by Rookie Four.
Valentine dunce
At the conclusion of the Saturday
evening Minstrel Show, several members of tho Rotary Club entertained
their fellow Rotnrlans, when there
was a pleasant relaxation from the
somewhat tense atmosphere of the
show. It is stated that the grosB proceeds from tho throe performances
was something over $1,200, and that
Ihe net result will he about half that
sum. PAGE   TWO
Friday, January 12, 11)2.1
lis In tlie fact thai often 11 takes
twenty or thirty years i" pay
(twice il"' original value of
uiy given public project, which
j is found to have only a life timo
| ot a few years before expensive
replacements are necessary.
The Satisfaction thai k«<"1
work gives is worth many
times what you pay.
Jewelers and Opticians
C.P.K. Watch Inspectors
•ts fn
ii 'Hie Cranbrook
aid ot
this dale,  1008.
Cbe Cranbrook herald
Published Eve
Dr. P. L. King, dentist, brother ol
Dr. .1 II. IClug, has located In tho city
tor ilm practice of his profession.
Tlie School Board has been notified
by the Department ul Victoria thai
work will commence mi the new
school rooms as soon .. the plans ere
oini leli d.
The now sawmill al Wurdnor, which
will in' one of Ihe largesi in tho province, will be roudy tor operation this
coining spring.
Tho modrlc Llghl Company has in-
ilalled iln1 new dynamo, which now
;lves tho plonl n llglithig cnpnclly of
Subscription I'rlco
To Uuited States ..
iiiXM per yeur
. $2.60 [tor year
"Will.   a   UlMluif   WOliout   «   llua.le"
I'rlntcil  hy   Union  l.uhor
AdvtrtlntnK Hut*, on Application,
cunngsi £or Advertising .MUST b. In
this office Wednesday nuuii Ibo ourrsnl
week to seoura attention.
JANUARY    1923
12 3456
7 8 9 10 1112 13
141516171819 20
2122 2324252627
Puul Hundley or Kimberley, wns In
Lown tliis week buying liorses ror tin
MarysvTTh) Lumber Coinpuny.
The following rulings are issued uu
i|iicatiuuB which have beon addressed
io the Depart tuenl ot Customs uml
Counter aalea slips and cash regis-
toi tickets are uul taxable, provided
io words Implying or stating nrttnow-
leilgemeul of the receipt or tlie pay*
raeni ot money appear thereou,
Pay-roils -signature ot employee
thoreon being receipt (or wages—tux-
uble, in respect ot each such signature. Employers mny It they bo de-
Blre, affix ii stamp or Blnmpa to the
pay roll tor the amount of the total
tax payable in reaped oi the receipts
therein given, and they may cancel
same by thu method prescribed in ilie
Election For
All Civic Offices
Nomination   Day   Brings   Out
Twenty Candidates In All
for Eleven Seats
Receipts Cor payment <>f legacies are
axablo.    A  receipt  tor money in a
Iced or mortgage is taxable,
]    liocoipts for payment of taxes, ex-
BRITAIN'S FINANCIAL L,p, th08e B,vcu ,„. ,„. by, Ul0 „„,„.
KECOVEUY iniou Ooreriituenl or Provincial Qov-
The paramounl cause for the speed ernmont, arc taxable.
in the liriiisli monetary recovery li*'< |    Intllvhlua] freight liillK ami perlod-
in Hi,' retention ot the financial lead- i,.;li statements of Same, acknowledg-
ershlii of tlie world In London.   This iog receipt of payment, are taxable.
insures Ihe bringing of lucrative or-     customs   House   Brokers'   receipts
tiers for liriiish goods from ilic four are taxable.
corners of the globe. It also gives utters tortvurded by mall, also
British factory owners superior facll- post cards, acknowledging the pay-
lilos over those ot otlter countries lu menl of money, ure regarded as let-
ilic financing of their foreign sales.iters and cards, and not subject to this
 ■— — I This is an essential olemenl in the ox- iax.
WHAT THE NEW COUNCIL   i1)nusion of modern  tratlo.- Windsor     All Insurance policies, whether lire,
FACES Border Cities Star. lite, marine or casualty, wherein the
  ——~— , payment  of money is acknowledged,
it is idle lo expeol   thai  the WHY MIT: iare taxable.
City council elected for 1923 is|   The   Provincial   Goverumenl   sells     AH Insurance receipts, aoknowledg-
going to put into effect any ve-"""*" ■' " """'" "'sereral '"»"""» "j","; "'u ""!"""" "' """"'' '"'" "*
,       . ...        ,. ,,     year.    When n newspaper man goes able.
ry drastic variations from thel [0 |he (.m|nh,|. ,„ ge( ]lia „u„l|,.ilie Receipts drown oui of Cnuuda, hul
policies enacted liy I lioso that j j,q 1s SOuked $2 for a pormll to huj noi valid until countersigned in Cana-
have preceded them.       In  Ihe bis bitters at $5 por, the some as his I da, are taxable.
elghbor, which  is  [Mile  right.    But      Voucher Choline and cheques  with
when the Government
endorsed    thereon,    when
vertlso a  reduction  in ihe price of drawn upon or addressed to a bank
permits, ami oilier detail, 11 sends to are not taxable as receipts.
conduct of ihe affairs of u. city
there is only so much latitudei
and no more 111 I lie matter of'
policy, as a general thing. Tax- ,|K,   newspapers   advertising   matter I    Remitter's counterfoil, being part ol
ation,   of course,   will be their which li attempts to gel by as "news" « taxable express money order, la not
main  concern,   and   being the mailer In  which  the Hen- public Is taxable as a receipt.
source of imposition with Which greatly Interested.   Som : the news-:
.. .   , ,   paper hoys  "bite."    -Musi  of litem do
the taxpayers come into must         .
.   ..     , , ,      ,  I not. They think the profit In the boozo     yht.  following amendment   lo Tho
intimate contact, it is natural- luon„,,„ly ,„ BUfTtclenl to warrant the special War Revenue Acl, 1916, is inly that  in which it is thought|Liquor Board paying for lis advertls-sorted In ihe said Acl as section four-
there is most latitude.    Doinin- Ing.   Wo ore one ot them. teen:—
ion and provincial laxes, being                     —Okanagan Commoner,
sometimes levied indirectly, arc:,.,..,. ,(,|.. „., ~
usuully looked upon as more or ,V1»VEBTIS1XG
less irrevocable, and therefore J   This is tho age of advertising,   lie
only to be endured.     But as alwlio bloweth   nol his own horn, the
matter of fact there is a mini-jsame " :J''1" "'" '"' w"w"-   " i"<>'*
mum of taxation that musl lie1"",'
raised in the cily, and the public may rest assured that DlOSt! azinos.   Merc's a secret.   It costs ex-1
wondered what j
id' the big ads. cobI in the mag-
-■tor ot Customs
-KM Ki.'T."
it. ui War the purposes uf tbla aec-
licui tiio expression "receipt" Includes
any note, memorandum or writing
whereby any money amounting to ten
dollars or upwards, or any bill oi ex-
Tlmt The Herald had lis ear well
io »lit? ground lu regard to the probabilities for the civic elections was evidenced when nomination day, Monday
last, brought oui almost all tho candidates mentioned In lust week's paper
us probabilities. The three candidates
iv>r mayor all materialized us expected, and of the nine nindtdiites for the
six Beats on the City Council, alghl
wore those mentioned last week us
having beon appronchod, or aa having
decided to come out; while ror tlie
School Board, of the six who were in
thu running, live were predicted In
The Horald article lasl week,
An efforl wus mndo on Monday
morning lo have B\ M. MacPheraon nc-
cepl the nomination for the mayoralty,
but with no result, and several other
names wero canvassed to accept nora-
atlon   for   other   positions,   among
i in a number of ladles,
Tho nominations finally placed in
tin- bands of T. M. Floborts, returning
officer, by ihe specified lime on Mon-
ilay, with their proposer and seconder,
wore the following:
William P. Cameron, proposed by T.
t-I. Bronsdon, seconded by Lester
Joseph Jackson, proposed by J. H.
Wulkley, seconded by B. H. McPhee.
W. s. Santo, proposed by J. P, Deacon, seconded by 13. H. McPhee,
Jus. A- Arnold, proposed by J. P.
rink, seconded by W. A. Nlsbet.
A. J. Balment, proposed by Lester
i.'lapp, seconded by J, II. Walkley.
Thos. H. Bronsdon, proposed by
J. M. Clark, seconded.by G. F. Bond.
J. li. Cameron, proposed by A. J,
Halraent, seconded, by O. R Bond.
W. J. Flowers, proposed by A. ('.
3hankland, seconded by T. N, Parrett.
A. 13. Jones, proposed by J. A. Ar-
i.old, seconded by W. H. Wilson.
W. \V. Kilhy, proposed by M, A.
Beale, seconded by R H. McPhee.
(i. It. Lettflk, proposed by Lester
Clapp, seconded by C. H. Ward.
(i. T. Molr. propost'd by J. c. Mer-
rington, seconded by J. F. (Juimont.   .
fob school tiu sra:
F. H. Dezall, propoy*! by A. Ru-
worth, seconded by (1. J. Spreull.
Mrs. Caroline M. QUI, proposed by
Mrs. Helen JackBon, seconded by F. M.
Wm. Henderson, proposed by W. O,
Morton, seconded by David Halcrow.
t'. J. Little, proposed by Lester
Clapp, seconded by V7. t'. Marshall.
W. a. Nlsbet, proposed by J. A, Arnold, seconded by L. P. Sullivun.
W. Arthur Wilson, proposed by Jnu.
Martin, seconded by R. P, Moffatt.
J. A. Geiiest, proposed by A. O.
Shankland, seconded by W. J. Flowers
W, I'. Doran, proposed by C. R.
Ward, seconded by W. P. Ratcllffe.
change or promtsi
note for mo tie;
amounting to ten dollars or upwards
is acknowledged or expressed to have
councils are only too anxious to actly   WOO for s tnll-paso ad. In P?" y"'v[VK'1 ,";!1",si""' or re|,;""' '"
,   ,. , ,,    L„i„,.B „„ ,,,„ I,,,,.,, „.,.,„ „, ,,„. i v.ne.eliy any ilehi ut ilemunil or any
Set   the   tax     at     down   tO      ^V.^^-;;;;^^/^ 'V^i;"',;  ,«n of u debt or demand „ni,e am-
minimum, II. seems, as ^IZv-'^oZ^ ""' "," ^ " °«nt of ten dollars or upwards Is ac-
years come and go, that fresh.I y^ (!link |t madneaa to pay that know,ed,ed '" lmve bee" K","L"i'Bflt-
needs arise, so thai the tenden-fnmount or mony. People used to ,sne'1 or d,8char8ed or wllIch Bisnffifl8
vy generally is for taxes to In-1 think w. Fifty years ago there wasn't 101
crease, not decrease
of any iicr
.ent, und whether the same is or is
. ... ,, ,'■.■'..■■ ■!,. -:   ■ ■      .    chair  l; i ",l1 i,'!41"'li wl,n "!
Alter all, what the taxpayer .   .   , , ,   , .,-,.„„ f    son.
1   '      i he had been asked hi pay $15,000 t<"-'
objects to iH nol  BO much the mie udverllaemenl    Vet
high tax rale, bUl that Often he now to secure in advance tht
seen no quid pro quo for his m.0-1positions at these high prices
ney.    If the city gets real htm
dred per cent, value for the lax
* — ► No person shall give a receipt
Business men have leaned that It  unless there is affixed thereto an ad-
to spend money iu advertising bestve stamp or unless there is lm-
 so that, in the long run. Is the pressed thereon by means of a die o
68, no  one  should  object,   but Bl offecttve and leaet expensive way stamp of the value of two cents, which
where objection can  be raised io sell goods,   Vnucouver World.        |fs lo be cancelled by the person by
in giving my Impressions of a session in the B.C. Legislature, the in-
dulgonce of the readers is asked, and
If anything is luctuded that Is nol as
it should be, Inexperience must plead
At   the opening Of the House, alter
ihe representative of the Lieutenant-
Governor had entered, tlie Provincial
Secretary stated that, there being no
Speaker (the late Speaker, Mr. John
Kean of Kaslo, having died), tlie reasons Tor calling the House would nol
be given until after a Speaker had
been elected. The representative then
left the Chamber, and W. A. Pauline,
Esq., member lor Saanlch, was elected to tlie chair; being moved by the
Hon. the Premier and seconded by the
Hon. the Minister of Finance, He at
once took the chair and the mace was
tnid on the table by the Sergeant at
The representative, being recalled,
reud the Speech from the Throne,
which did not lake long, and did nol
contain any announcement of importance.
The representative then left tho
House, and the Premier announced
the appointment of W.il. Litugley, as
Clerk of the House.
PoIIowIiib Mns Hk' certificates of the
I Deputy Provincial Secretary, con firm
Ing the results of the tour by-elections
in Omlneca, Hevelstoko, Nelson and
k'ronbrook. were read and the several
membors Introduced to Hi*' Speaker,
'and   after  having  been  duly  sworn.
took ii elr places.
The i elei t Standing Committee was
then appointed and after various reports ha.i been presented by the Attorney-General and Minister of Finance the House adjourned ut Il.-iO,
bringing ihe llrst day ol the Session
lo a close.
On the second day, Immediately the
address of thanks to ihe Lieutenant-
Governor lor the Speech from the
Throne was moved und seconded, an
amendment to it was Introduced,
which led io the llrst division; this
was detealed by 1M to 10. Another
amendment was moved, but on a
point of order being raised as to its
legality, the debate was adjourned till
the Speaker decided. Various reports
wero presented, and two hills introduced, the Summary Convictions Act
Amendment Act to establish an uniform tariff ol' fees, and the Act to provide for the maintenance of children
nf unmarried parents,
j Tlie next day the debate on the Address was continued, ami the adjourn
' tl iiinoudmcnl was ruled nul of ordei
by the Speaker's decision, but  al   till
pleasure nf tho [louse wus considered
and was defeated on division, The debate was resumoil until 0 o'clock, the
usual time for adjournment, and as
j I was next iu order to Bpea1.:, l moved
tlie adjournment. This was al once
opposed by the Premier, although it
was pasl the UnJfl for adjournment.
and on division the Premier was sustained 1M to III. This had the elTe-l of
depriving me of further speaking during Hie debate on the Address, us a
member can only speak once; but am
perfectly sure II did not enhance the
Premier's reputation for playing the
At the next sitting the Premier
moved "Thai Hie Indulgence of the
House be extended to the member for
Cranbrook, and thai lie he heard on
tho motion now before tlie House."
This, presumably, to offset the effect
of his mistake, but I could see no reason why 1 should subnitl my acl Ions
to his convenience nor nwo him any
favours, after the diucourteoiiH treatment meted out to me by him.
L. K. Armstrong, manager of the
Spokane and Alberta  Coal  and Coke
ompany, ot Crow's Xest, was in Hie
i Ity on husiness yesterday. Mr. Armstrong said that the branch Hue into
lie properly is being rushed to com
p lei Ion and they soon would be pro
luclng coal.—Fernie Free Press.
whom the receipt is given before he
delivers ii oui of his hands. Cancellation shall lie effected liy tlie person
who cancels the stamp writing or Impressing Ills name or initials on or
across Ihe stamp together with the
true date of such writing or impressing.
(3) Any person who violates any of
the provisions of this section, or who
refuses Io give a receipt, duly stamp
ed, or who, upon a payment to the
amount of ten dollars or upwards
gives a receipt for a sum not amount
ing to ten dollars or separates or divides (he amount paid with Intent to
evade the duly, shall he liable lo a
penally noi exceeding one hundred
Hi The stamp duties Imposed by
this socllon shall not apply lo Hie following case.;
uu A receipt for any money deposited iu any bank us delined iu
section twelve ot ibis Act to be
accounted  for to the person  to
whose credit ihe money is deposited.
tbi A receipt or document in the
nature ot a receipt which is tux-
able  under any other  seotlotl of
iii An acknowledgment by a bank
of ihe receipt of a hill of exchange
or promissory note for the i ur-
posc ot' being presented for tic-
eeptance or payment.
(d) A receipt for or upon the payment of money paid for any purpose to or by His Majesty for or
mil of (he Consolidated Revenue
Fund of Canada or for or out ot
the Consolidated or General Revenue Fund of any Province of Canada.
(e) A receipt endorsed or otherwise
written upon or contained In any
Instrument liable to stamp duty
and duly slumped acknowledging
tho receipt of the consideration
money therein expressed.
Packages 15*
Of Interest to Poultry Keepers
Edited by The Brown Poultry Hunch  Fort Steele, B.C.
If satisfactory results are to he se-
ured from feeding ror egg production
the hens must be properly housed,
have sufficient exercise, be healthful
aud vigorous, and posses an inborn
tendency to lay. The feeding problem then becomes one of selecting tlie
right feeds, proportioning them correctly and exercising Judgment and
common sense in carrying out the
feeding operations.
* •   *   *
Food is consumed by fowls to build
up body tissues and to furnish energy.
About seventy-five per ceut. of the
feed of a laying hen is required for
body maintenance, in feeding for egg
production il is Imperative that the
lien be given enough feed lo supply
her body needs and have ;: surplus or
proper food elements lo use in the
production of eggs. It Is expensive
to feed sparingly, thus giving the hen
no surplus above body maintenance.
4       *       *       *
No phase of poultry keeping requires better judgment or closer observation than thai of feeding poultry for
profit. Better results are secured
when when the fowls are fed according to their appeliies Ihan when they
are fed according to rules. There is
no best poullry feed, or ration, other
than tlie one which suppltee most
economically the necessary food elements. When food value is considered some poultry feed at 93.00 per hundred pounds may be more expensive
than other feeds at $5,00 per hundred
* *   *   *
Hens cannot do well ou a whole
grain ration. No grain ration supplies tlie various elements of food necessary in producing eggs. The continued use of a straight grain ration
not only results In poor egg production, but also results In digestive disorders, A ration should consist of
grain and ground feed. Poultrymen
usually refer to the whole or cracked
grains as "scratch food," and to tlie
combination of ground feeds as
* «   •   *
Hens being fed for egg production
should be fed liberally on foods having tlie food elements found in (he
egg. An analysis of the egg shows
that It is composed of ash 12.2 per
cent.; water 05.7 per cent.; protein
11.4 per cent.; and fat 8.0 per cent.
The hen must be supplied With the
necessary materials or she cannot
manufacture the finished produce. The
hen cannot counterfeit her product
Tho egg only varies iu flavour.
Ash produces bone und shell. Protein produces muscle, tendons, blood,
feathers and whites of eggs. Carbohydrates produce fat, heat, energy,
and yolks of eggs.
• »   #   •
Fals produce same as carbohydrates
but are two and one quarter times as
efficient. Crude fibre is only slightly
digestible, and has practically no nutritive value. It adds only hulk to the
ration, and without it the concentrated feeds would form in a compact
mass, thus preventing the digestive
juices from functioning efficiently.  A
"Pape's     Diupcpsin"     for
Gas, Indigestion or
Sour Stomach
i Instantly! stomach corrected! You
[never feel ihe slightest distress from
[indigestion or a sour, add, gassy stomach, after you eat a tablet of "Pape's
j Diapepsin." The moment it reaches
; the stomach nil sourness, flatulence,
! heartburn, gassefl, palpitation and pain
[disappear. Druggists guarantee each
j package to i*orrect digestion at once,
find your stomach trouble for few
ration having more than five or six
per cent, of crude fibre is not relished
by poultry.
Siudy your birds; study your millions; study your methods of feeding,
if fowls are worth keeping they are
worth taking care of. It Is more advisable to sell the flock than to neglect It.
AM,   CITY    DAIKHIS   AHE       ■Cranbrook was getting a good quality
IN   GOOD   SHAPE,   SAYS      of milk, the butter fat tesl being as
REPORT   OF   INSPECTOR,follows:    Playle,   4   per  cent.    Mc-
  Crindle, 3.8 per cent.   Austin, 3.8 per
Suggests   That   Intervals   Bo- cent.  Godderis, 3.6 per cent.  Lancas-
twecn Visits ol Dominion       tor, 3.H per cent
Inspector Too l.ohir
At the lasl meeting of tho old
council Dr. ,1. \V. ltutledge, City Hairy
Inspector, presented his annual report.
The doclor stated he was pleased (o report thai he found all the dairies supplying Ihe city with milk were
now in a perfectly sanllary and satisfactory condition. Since Iho last test
made by the Government Inspector,
about sixty cows hud been added to
the herds that were supplying the city
Willi milk. A test had been made by
the Inspector on Ihe occasion of his
lust visit, when eight animals hud
beon ordered dcsiroyed. Dr. Hut-
ledge poinled out thai the slxly new
ones had nol been tested, and tills
could nol he done till tlie nexl annual vlsll nf the Inspector. This, ho
poinled out, allowed a long period
during which infected cows mighl ho
running With Ihe mlltttng herds.
lie suggested Hint action should he
taken to have nrrangeiuenls made
whereby some local authority would
be empowered to make the lest, so
that Cranbrook could boasl of a practically continuous clean bill of health
no far as the hovlnes were concerned.
The  tesl  of the milk  showed  that
The Children
all   want   good   things   of  our
Our Dreads, cakes and Pastry
are wholesome, delicious, and
made of as pure, unadulterated
and nutritious Ingredients as
"Mother used to use," so it's safe
to give Hie children dainties from
P. Woods Meat Market
NOltlllltY   AVENUE   (Ol"P«»0« 01tl l,lnk)
I'lnost llci'i' in the I'll).  ■ •  MHk Fed Veal and I'm*
Now Laid Errs
Pay!  Have You Tried Them?   Many are telling us how
nice (hey are.   THY THEM YOURSELF.
who have once bad Zam-Buk applied
never forget how it soothes and heals
tlien iiuits. Wise mothers never use anything else, A uuich ot herbal Zam-Buk
--a bandage made of almost any clean
rag-no inure tears or worry. Zam-Uuk
i> so pure and so rerir.ed that it provides
the ideal healer for every sort of wound,
abrasion or soreness,
Ask For
Mrs. J. E. Blerwlrth, of Carnduff,
Sasli. writes:—"My little boy cut off
the tml ot his linger and il seemed a
case for a doctor, However, 1 applied
Z;itn-Buk lo stop ihe pain and bleeding
and it gave ihe child such relief that 1
continued the treatment jt'sing nothing
but Zam-Uuk, 1 dressed the finger each
day, and the wound healed perfectly."
■:j, All Store and Ch*.
35c"Danderme" Saves Your
Hair—Ends Dandruff I
Delightful Tonic
Onlj fools lot hair full out und ihm-
driit'f stay. Noglecl moans n huld spot
liortly. A Mule "Danderlne" now
will hiivo your hair. This delightful
tonic clonus the sculp nf every particle of dandruff, tightens the huir-root
pores, bo the llflir stops coming out,
and so the vitalizing oils, which nre
tho very life and strength or the hair,
can not ooze away,
Dnnderine is not sticky or greusy.
It bus made weak, sick, neglected hair
strong and henithy for millions of men
aud women. Your comb or brush is
warning you. Hurry to any drug
store and get a bottle now. Don't wait I Friday, January 12, 1923
Heard Across The line
"How about that five I loaned you
laBt month?   You promised lo pay It
in a week."
"Yes, but i'ye been away.   I just got
buck from Canada to-day."
"Fine.   I'll take a bottle Instead."
* *   *   *
Little Diplomat
"What are you doing, Mary?"
"I is writing a letter to Lily Stnlf.!'
"But, darling, you don't know how
to write."
"That's   no  difference,  mama,  Lily
don't know how to rend."
• *   *   *
What makes Chicago 111?
rrartkiil Commercial Count III
Shorthand, Typewriting
BookitoplDf,  Commercial   Law
Coatntrrlal KiiKllnh and
lor I'nrtlciihm A|i'ilj to
C. W. TYLKII, l'rlnclpal
P. 0. Hoi, 14, Nulxnu, B.C
Seventy Mills in Local Forestry District
frame's Bread In uiiOli Bread
Hie I'Ioh, Cakes and Pcstry art
made In a tasty manner which
invites tlio most exacting person to nail again, at
Phono 67      •      Morbury Are.
Every Garment sent to us to he
Cleaned or Dyed Is given
Our Utmost Care.
Our knowledge ot the business
Is your assurance ot satisfaction
here.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring us your work.
We Clean and Dye Everything.
PHONE  157
Montana Restaurant
Cigars, Cigarettes and CaadJ
Meals at All Horn
Opposite the Bank ot Commerce
J. K. Chorlton
Terms Reasonable
144 Hanson Ave.       Phone MO
L.K.A.M., A.K.I..N.,
Musical Director
Cranbrook Musical Society
Teacher ot Singing, Violin and
Preparation for Musical Examinations
Phone 460
Cranbrook, R.C.
Jan. 1, 1028 to Dec. 81, lfcK
Douglas Fir    26,436.534
Red Cedar      1,616,878
Spruce     26,830,814
Hemlock            19,363
Balsam        2,600,848
Yellow Pine    11,491,221
White Pine     7,921,314
Jack Pino       9,484.606
Until     31,866,804
Cottonwood           271,337
Birch      7,672
Spei-loH Not Given       1,484,260
Jan. 1,MM to Dot. SI, 1MI
Fir      1,426,920
Tamarac   2,368,221
Yellow Pine    260,870
Spruce     123.949
Cedar     26.000
Balsam     19,780
Total Estimated Ft. B.M. 4,908,740
Licenced  Seniors    112,411,263
Ulillitalicorl Scalers      6,033,937
Returns      1,404,266
Poles and piles, 268,647 lineal feet.
Mlno props, 12,370.4 cords. Cordwood,
2,306 cords. Fence pobIs, 7,666.3 cords.
Mine ties, 64 cords. Il.R. ties, 1.019,-
919 cords.
Fence POBts       160 cords
Mine Props         900 cords
Cordwood     2.950 cords
Cogwood        300 cords
Railway Ties  17.029 cords
Cranbrook Forest District, IK!!
Number of Inspections   108
Acreage Under Cultivation, 236 acres
Crown Grants Applied For    8
Value of Improvements 161,920.00
Capacity 40m and Over
Adolph Lumber Co     Baynes Lake   (0,000
Baker Lumber Company     Waldo     80,000
C. N. P. Lumber Company      Wardner   160,000
• East Kootenay Lumber Co     Jnlfray     60,000
Otis Staples Lumber Co     Wycliffe    110,000
• Elk Valley Lumber Co.      Fernie    60,000
Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co     Waldo     76,000
C.P.R., Yahk      Yank     70,000
C. P. R., Bull River      Bull River   60,000
White Spruce Lumber Co     Fernie    60,000
B. C. Spruce Mills     Wattabnrg    160,000
• White Sulphur Lumber Co    White Sulphur   60,000
Over 30m and Under 141m
Canyon City Lumber Co     Creston    80,000
J. B. Winlaw      Duck Creek   30,000
• Rock Creek Lumber Co     Crow's Nest   26,000
Lovertng Lumber Co     Wasa    26,000
Cranbrook Saw Mills      Fort Steele   26,000
Jewell Lumber Co     Calthnesa     26,000
.A. MacDonald & Co    Galloway   26,000
• Bentley Lumber Co     Rushmere   86,000
• Kitchener Lumber Co     Kitchener   86,000
Paulson-Mason Ltd    McDonnell     86,000
20m and Under
Parkin & Mark      Wattsburg     16,000
Leask & Boyter      Wasa    80,000
Cranbrook Sash and Door Co.....    Kltchentr   80,000
M. Wlgen     Wynndel    16,000
• F. M. Smith      Dorr   16,000
Nolan Lumber Co	
Jewell Lumber Co	
E. Mallandains  	
C. N. P. Coal Co	
International Lumber Co. .
1 Soldiers' Settlement Board
Flagttone   80,000
Fort Steele   16,000
Creaton    10,000
Michel    80,000
Mission Creek   20.000
Creaton    16,000
Thos. Alton      Galtna     10,000
' O. A. Abbey     Flagatont   10,000
Mills marked • did not operate In 1)88
Cranbrook Hotel Cafe
The Only First Class Dining
Room In the City
Onr   Senlco   Will   Please   You
Open from 7.16 a.m. to 8.15 p.m.
Following is a statement of ore received at the Trail Smelter for the
period during December 22nd to 31st
Name of Mine and Locality
Black Rock. Norlhport, Wn	
Knob Hill, Republic. Wn	
Northport S. & R. Co	
Paradise, lnvermcre, B.C	
Republic. Republic, Wn	
j Rosobery Surprise. New Denver
I Silversmith. Sandon. B.C	
Standard. Sllverton, B.C	
Surprise, Republic. Wli	
Company Mines 	
. 10,161
Totul  11,343
Fashionable Ladles' and dents'
Merchant Tailor.
Chinese Fancy Goods and Silk
Van Home St., (ranliroek
Phtmt 416 P.O. Box 447
iiiiimiiifiiiiiitiiiiiiaTiTiBr^.'f «
P A It K E It   &  M 4' fl E E
Flour and Feed Merchants
Hay and Grain of All Kinds
lliiiisoti Avenue
Olttcc Phono 92    lies. Phono 310   |
auuui a ii' il i.j iwki .1.:::..i :e ,j in niM <u ..una;;«
43 Per
NO. 17 DAILY—To Nelson, Vancouver, Spokane, etc. Arrive 18.10 p.
m.; leave 12.80 p.m.
NO. 18 DAILI-To Fernie, Lett-
bridge), Medicine Hat, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.10 p.m.
Cranbrook, Wydlfle, Klmberler Bar*
Nt. 688—Leavt 7.06 a.m.   lto.8M—Arrive 8.10 p m.
Cranbrook, lake Windermere and
Oeldta Strife*!
Monday and Thursday, tack week
—HO. 811, leavt • a.m.    Wednesday
ul   ««turday-HO. 881 arrlvt   8.16
For farther partkmlara aptly M
any tfckat ajttA
J. ■. ntOONB,
Kuril can *>r Pacific Milk
Is 43 per cent, real (•renin,
anil ii Is due to two incin.
Tlie first Is that the iresh
milk com oh from some of the
boat dairy herds in Canada,
und through our Improved
procMi « higher cream per-
centftgt Ifl mnti.tnlned.
Tills good in UK is the bent
In Canada, ninl Is tlie only
one produced in nrittnii Columbia,
Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Head Ofltrr, Vancouver, B.C.
Factories at Akbolslord and Ladner.
Under the head of "Too Many
Cooke." Mlntni Truth ot Spokane recently printed the following trite editorial comments:
•Members of the minim fraternity
In Eastern British Columbia appear to
hart a problem on tbelr bands In the
shape ot too much government Inspection. At the last meeting of the
Mining Association of Interior British
Columbia, held at Nelson early In December, a most vigorous protest was
voiced at a proposal looking to the appointment of an electrical Inspector,
whose duties would be defined by what
Is known as Electrical Energy Inspection bill, provincial legislation now
pending. A long resolution waa passed objecting to this measure, and
pointing out Its connection with Federal legislation on the same subject.
"Jt la claimed that Industrial operations of all sorts, Including mines, are
called upon to satisfy the demands of
some twenty Inspectors of one kind
nnd another. Thus we are led to believe that the present mania for government Interference in private business Is by no means confined to bouiIi
of the 49th parallel. It seems to have
become an almost universal obsession.
The United states Is being damned by
loo much government. Canada, aa it
sometimes happens, follows suit in
these mutters, before waiting to observe the full reeult of experiments,
whether such results be good or evil."
Over The Border
Tittle—Well, I hear that you had
bad weather all the time on your trip
to Canada. The trip wet a dlaap-
polntment, I suppose?
Tattle—Oh, not by a jugful.
Living With Her Cranbrook's Fire
"™?*t±l]™      Loss Last Year
i-kt-ii mi nrcs by.
jC msU.       f
I'otftl Is $11,225.00, 01  Which
About Half Whs Covered
By Insurance
To His Worship Hie Mayor
uud City Council,
The following is tha Annual Report
of the Fire Department lor the year
I lie
Do] artment.
wore made
>y the truck.
ins oi' gasoiii
e were uaed.
of now hose
wore Installed.
Blren Eon truck w
us Installed,
was  Installed
Firemen's coats wore thought.
Fire Chief.
I    After Every,
Here is Princess Henrietta at
play on the grounds of her new
daddy's exiled retreat at Doom,
Holland, She is the youngest
daughter of the former kaiser's new
She—Aw, let's kiss aud make
Ho—You're made up enough.
During the year 20 alarms were responded to. and 10 wore water used
and ten dry. The causes of tbe Bres
were as follows:
stove poorly protected   i
Run fulling mi stove   l.
Sparks fell in wall   1
short olroulted wlrea   J
Wood piled on usiies    1
Btaamlalng gasoline lank with lighted mutch     1
Ashes in wood box   1
Hoy playing with matches   i
Soot and sparks against building .. 1
I'lgar or inalfli tin oily Hour  1 I be   BOl   under   way
Tramps     1 j Stated.
Chimney Pees   2
Smoka scare     1
Sparks from stove pipe   2
ciiiiniioy barling   l
Unknown raiisos    2
Total   20
Tlie classes of property affected
Dwellings     10
Oarages     ;i
Warehouse       1
Hotel    1
Wood   sheil      L
Fence      1
Wood on asli-pile   1
Automobile       1
Rubbish pile   i
Total  20
Of the above,  M  were disposed  Of
without loss of property or Insurance.
Of the other fi lires, losses occurring
wero as follows:
Total value of buildings   $11,400
Total value of contents     17,880
(From The Golden Star)
Thai the Provincial Government
will commence work on the Golden-
Leanoholl road early in the spring, [a
announced by J. A. Buokbam, M I. A
A survey will be made as soon as p -
Bible and the work will be done by
contract Tbe coal is estimated
$284,000, Thai portion of the road to
he constructed by the Parks Branch
of the Dominion Government will also
this  year,   ii   is
The completion of this road will
create a large amount of tourist truffle through Golden, and will also afford a loop whereby local cars may
travel to Calgary and points in Alberta, and return over tho newly completed Hanff-Winilermere road to Golden, i-asslng some of the most mag-
nitlceni natural scenery on the continent.
Top olf each meal
u-ith a bit of
sweet in tbe form
It satisfies the
sweet tooth and
aids digestion.
Pleasure and
L-:ncfil combined.
"Cascarets" 10c
Best Laxative
for Bowels
To  clean  out  your bowels without
cramping or overacting, take Cascarets.   Sick headache, biliousness, gas-
* *-*■ —— i es.  indigestion, sour,  upset   stomach.
Dumb Ihtu (.'nf-- Calling and all such distress gone by morning-.
She--Why don't you sit down? ; Nicest physic on earth for grown-ups
He—You're sitting on the only chair  and children.   10c. n box.   Taste like
She—Weil? candy.
All DquIiii-u   D  IO,
Thai  POPS  CO
Total     88,780
Loss to buildings   $8,626
Loss to contents      7,000
Total     11,2L'B
Total Insurance paid       6,575
Not   Loss     $5,050
Of the net loss of $5,050, losses to
the amount of $4,000 occurred outside
tho City proper, and $1,050 Inside tbe
City limits.
The total insurance paid Inside the
Corporation was $1,225.
Bruce Robinson
Teaolior of Music
Studio above Murdoch McLeod's. Phone
Write (or Booklet or Call st   I 111 Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
competition no. to eta. Fridsy                      B. c. VETERANS WEEKLY LTD.                   S5000 - First Prize
Midnight January lOtli                                                                                                                                                            -*t-^-—
.t ti» oboo ot m.                  CflATDAI 1     PnlUIDETITiniU         $3000 Second Prize
b. .. veteran weekly iiatw         rUU 1 DHLL   UUIlIlL III 1U 11         $2000 - Third Prize
Bar. Butts' and casVbio stieets            GAMES TO BE FLAYED SATURDAY, JAN. 20           cwptu m-.~ sits as ireottud it tar ot
the    •■DO.'.* 7   AHGtz '    STORES    by
vakcodveb. b. o.               TEN ESTIMATES WITH SI SUBSCRIPTION      e *""'" •* c" *"•
I enter Tbe B. C. Veterans Weekly Football Competition and agree to abldo by the rules published in The B. C Tstttaaa WseWy.   25e eEC'ose-i for fife weeks' snb-
ecrlptlen entitles eompsUtOt to one estimate; 60c for ten weeks and two estimates; 75c (or fifteen weeks and five eituaates; ,t Itr t-*.nty.CTe wfcs i.i tea estimal.s.    IN
8TBUOTIONS FOR FILLING IN COUPONS:   You elmply indicate whether the HOME TEAM will score MORE, LESa or the SAXE NUMEEE of soil; tian they ecored :a
lb* corresponding game last year, by placing an "X" in tbe column provided in tbe Coupon.
Figures nft.T cncli Unit, denote lost seoson'e score.                                               M is MOBE          L is LESS           S is SAME
4 ajj                             Last
1 J*             HOME             Yean
■ w                                Score
Amy          Years
Coupon Mo. 1
Coupon No. 2
Coupon No. 3
Cor.r=!i No. i
Coupon No. 6
BLACKBURN R.         1
CARDIFF CITY           S
1         1
1     !
|         j
CHELSEA                 1
NEWCASTLE U.         t
1        1
1     i
TOTTENHAM H.        0
1         1
1     1
SUNDERLAND          2
1        1
1     !
FULHAM                      1
1        1
1     1
1     1
j         j
FORT VALE              2
WEST HAM U.           1
1        1
1         1
1        1
1     1
WATFORD                 4
1        1
1     1
1          I
ASHTNGTON             2
WREXHAM                  2
!    1
I     |
j         I
!     1
1.   1
1     1
ABERDEEN               2
GREENOCK M.           2
1    1
1     1
Coupon Ko. 7
1         i
Coupon No. 3    1
M        L        S
DUNDEE                  2
HEARTS                       0
1    1
Coupon Ko. 8
1   Coupon No. 10
^ ■■                                 East
| 3      HOME               Year's
■ w                                  Score
Away            Year's
Coupon No. 6
BLACKBURN R.         1
CARDIFF CITY           3
1     1
;     1
!     I
1     1
!      1
CHELSEA                 1
NEWCASTLE tj.         1
1     1
i           1
TOTTENHAM n.         0
1     1
!    1
SUNDERLAND           2
1     1
1     1
FOLHA1I                  t
1     1
1      1
1     1
1 "" |
1    1
1    1
!      1
PORT VALE              2
WEST nAM U.           1
I     1
!   J
1     1
r i
i   1
WATFOnD                   4
1    !
!     1
ASHINGTON             2
WREXHAM                  2
1     1
1    i
ABERDEEN              2
GREENOCK M.          2
1    1
DUNDEE                  2
BEAUTS                   o
1     !
Friday, .Tniuwry 12, 1»2»
mctbodist Church
REV. It. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
Public Worship nt n it.m. ami 7.80 p.m.   Bible Class und Sunduy
Srltool ut 12.16 p.m.
m W. ?. Burns
ot Ferule I'nltrd Church, »ill preach ;.
Bert IceB
m.ii ihi". and Evsnlnn
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Cnnnilit Limited
THAU.,    llltlTISU    COIUMBU
Purchasersot Until. Sihcr, Copper, Lead \ Zlno OrSg
Producers of Gold, Surer, Copper, Pig Lead and Zlno
baptist dCijurci)
11 tun. - Morning Service.
12 noon—Sunday School.
7.110 p.m.—Evening service.
Mr. it. P. Rogers will 1'i'cuclt ut
both Morning ant] Evening
Thursday. S ii.ui.—Praynr mset-
lnt and »■ v. P. U.
President:   Mrs.
Meets   in   the
O.W.V.A.  Ball1
attornoon of the
first Tuesday ut
3 p.m.
All ladles ure
cortllully Invited
r. t'liiistantlne.
Mrs. H. Taylor.
Crnulirouk, 1I.C.
Meets every Tuesday ut 8 p.m.
In tlto Fratcrnlly Ball
W. A. Wilson, O.C,
II. I.. Harrison, K. Of R. S B.
,1. Walker, M, of F.
Visiting Brethren Cordially Invited To Attend.
0. F.
No. 42
night Ht
The Auditorium
Sojourning odi
are cor-
N, 0.
E. a.
Rec. Sec.     -
-     W. (
. Adlard
nin:ii m:\v UirUNG
Drug   IVil..l.irs   Mnj   Now   l$i»
Sent Oui Of The Country
Aftor Serving Sentence
Chew Yung, an onVmul living in
i iu* proximity of Craubroolt for lbs
past -■> years, who was found with
opium in Ills nosBQsslon by members
nf iii«' Royal Canadian Mounted Pol-
Ice, iin'i consequently sentenced to a
iin<> ol $200 and six months' Imprisonment, wns lust week taken t<> tiio
coast from tho Nelson Provincial Jail
ror deportation to china.
Drug addicts or poddlars of the
done, who hall from China, are now
liable, on being found will, tho drug
in their possession, for (Importation to
their native land, uo matter how long
Ihoy may have been in Canada.
1  of dealing  with   the
trafficker was only In*
Ihe paBt lew months, and
the Cranbrook celestial  is the first
it  Hi" Kootenays to be taken from
the district to the mast on the Aral
leg ot bis Journey back lo China. This
method is now adopted nil through
Canada, In order t<> check the pit-sent
drug epidemic.
;     This
(Continued  from Page  Oue)
und repaired during tbe year and 4
new street lights Installed.
32 single phase meters were bought,
ulso - power meters during Uie year.
We also bought a Graphic Recording
Voltmeter und placed same on our side
of the line ut the suhstutlon lu order
to get an accurate check ou the voltage coming in from the Hydro Company. A Government tost was made
mi tio of our meters,
The electric thawing machine whs
111 service  almost  continually during
the months of January* February and
March, and a total of 802 thftWB wore
made during the year.
owing to ihe necessity ot koeping
competent men on hum! to operate our
0WH electric liKhl plant In case of failure ou Uu- Hydro, it wus decided that
wo go Into the electric wiring Business. This brunch ot the service has
boon in operation for the lust four
months, and a considerable amount id'
irk has been done,
Yours respectfully,
it. c. bXkin,
SUCTION   169  (1)
TAKK NOTICE that the Consolidated Mining ami Smelting
Company of Canada, Limited, of
Kim hurley, B.C., has filed a copy
of the following Schedule of
Tolls, proposed to be charged to
water users in the town of Kimberley, B.C., with—
I. The Comptroller of Water
Rights, Victoria, B.C.
•1. The Water Recorder, at
Cranbrook, B.C.
The application for the approval of the Schedule will be
heard at a time and place to be
fixed by the Hoard.
Objections must be made in
writing and Bled with the Hoard
within thirty days after this
date,  DECEMBER 28th, 1922.
Consolidated  Mining and
Smelting Co., Ltd*.
"California Fig Syrup" is
Child's Best Laxative
■ Tlie'following la « "'sl '"' '"''' n
cellits al the Trail Smolter during On
period ondlng January 7th, 1023:
1 Nama or Mine und Locality Tons
Black Itmk c/.im') Northnort, W. 86
Knob Hill (dry ore) Republic, \V. 200
Molly Qlbaon (lead) Kltto'a I.dg. 44
Qullp (dry ore) Republic, Wash.     55
Sally lloW) Beavordoll, B.0     36
Silversmith (zinc) Sainton, B.C.
Silversmith (lead) Hanilnn, B.C.
Company Mines 	
Phono 410 P.O. lln 883
A.M.B.I.C., & B.C.L.S.
( l-nnliniok      -       "       ■      B.C.
loves tlu
Pig Syrup'
tbe bowels,
cold,  OOllo,  or   It  stonmrb   1b  sour,
tongue eouied, breath bad! ramonVber
a good cleansing ot Ihe Utile Imwels
Is oden all that Is necessary.
Ask your druggist tor genuine "California Fig Syrup" Which has directions for babies and children of all
ages printed on bottle.   Mother!   Von
must say "California" or you mny get!
nn imitation flg syrup.
(No liatb or t'lusli)  $1.50
BATH, each  r>0
URINALS, each  50
per family   1.50
STORES    1.60
OFFICES     1.60
BARBER SHOPS, 1st Chair  :
BATHS, each   50
HOTELS      .i.00
Laundries, (Steam)  10.00
llljI'llER SHOP using Motor .... 5.00
The old reliable remedy for rheumatism, neuralgia, sore throat una
Best Liniment Made
MB* II ,.I-.Jr»v KI..U ■ST:;s-.;*.:t;*:-
t».l uprnlned
e In
1 .
>'S    J.I Nl.
<„, It for tli
not   MIN*
una mil I., work ngniii.
' mink il 111. best Imminent made."
Miniinl's I.inimcnt
nlwuya KlvcN Hiilis-
factlon. l'or Ull.V
■ell. or i„iin. li
give. Initnnt mlict.
Mlnard's Liniment
Co., Limited
Vennouili,   - -   N.8,
Dfs. Green A MacKinnon
PliyilfilUI nml Snrgcons
Omce-  at   resident,   ArrostroDR
Portoooai   »oo to 10.00
Aftomooui   2.00 to 4.00
BrtDlDM  7.80 to s.ao
Sundays       J»0 to 4.80
DB, 1'. H. MILKS
9 to 12 a.m.     l to fi p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
F. M. A! A C Y II K R S <> N
riuiiu' a.vt
Norlmry An-., next to City Hall
Whon HQPATOLA removes gall
stones In 24 hours without pain and
relieves appendicitis, stomach and
liver troubles. Contain! no polion.
Not sold by druggist*.
Bole Manufacturer
230 Fourth Ave., 8o„ Saskatoon, Baak.
Prloo 161.0 Phons OM
HIutkIoi. and I'se
TAKE NOTICE that Tlie ConsoUdat
0(1 Milling ami Smelting Company of
latla, whose address Is Trull, B.(
will apply for a licence to take and
One  Million  GallOUfl per day of
water out ot Mark Creek, which Hows
terly and  drains  into St. Mary's
River about Matysvllle, B.C.
Pile water will be diverted from the
earn at a  point near the Power
! House on  the Mark  Creek Mineral
I Claim, and will be used for the pur-
i pose of Waterworks upon the land
desartbed as Kimberley, B.C. (in Lot
1858, O.I.,  Kootenay, B.C.), and the
territory within which the applicant's
powere In respect of tbe undertakliift
are   to  be  exercised   Is   within   Kim-
IhtIc.v,  IVC.
This notice wns posted on the
ground tile BOtll day of December,
1022. A oOpy of this notice and an
application pursuant thereto and to
tho "Water Act, 1914," will he tiled In
the office of the Water Recorder nt
Cranbrook, B.C.
Tho petition for approval of the undertaking aa per Section 72 of the Act
will bo heard hi tho office of the
Hoard of Investigation at a date to be,
fixed by tbe Comptroller, and any
Interested person may tile an objection
thereto in the office of the Comptroller
or of the said Water Recorder.
Objections to the application may
ho filed with the said Water Recorder
or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after the
first itppearance ot this notice In a
local newspaper.
The date ot tbe first publication of
this notice Is December 29th, 1922.
lT   was   new yea**?
FOR     SOAAE   FOtkP!
To His Worship The Mayor
and City Council.
Following  Is the Annual  Report of
the Works Department for the >•
During the year :t" sewer permits
were granted, all of which connection!
have been finished.
Four manholes were rebuilt, one on
the corner of Norbury Avenue und Edward Street, one ut Armstrong Av
ehue and Edward Street, one ut Han
son Avenue and Duriek, and one a
Clarke Avenue and French.
' The Hewer main was repaired where
it crosses the St. Joe Creek at I'ooley
Avenue and Edward Street. Another
break in the branch main was repaired at Clarke Lnue where the sewer
crosses Smith Creek.
The Hume lending from tbe Disposal
Works, to tbe filtering ground was re
paired and lined up. The septic tanks
were cleaned out from time to time
during the year aud kept in good
working condition.
An extension was made on the East
Norbury Lane sewer between Uils 87
und 80 on Block 810.
There wore 1.224 loads of refuse and
■127 loads of ashes hauled to the dump
during the year. 1 wish to draw your
attention to the fact that there were
a total or 651 loads more hauled
during 1022 than In the year 1921. and
yet lit my opinion our lanes were not
as tidy during the present year as
during the Inst. 1 attribute this to the
fact that during 1921 the people as a
whole co-operated, with the City more
in keeping their refuse off the lanes,
thereby saving considerable trouble iu
gathering up rubbish after it hud been
Bpread out all over te tunes.
There wus also considerable old
building material and refuse from repair work left on the lanes that I
don't consider should he classed as
general refuse.
A new 4 foot sidewalk was run ou
the east side of Martin Ave., between
Edwards and Kane Streets. There
was also a 2 plank sidewalk built on
Kane Street from Walt Avenue west
a distance of 250 feet,
considerable repair work has been
done on the wooden sidewalks
throughout the City, owing to the fact
that in a lot of cases these sidewalks
ure practically done, thereby muklug
tbe maintenance very high. There has
also been a lot of breakage on wooden
sidewalks during the year owing to
at tie and horses running ut large.
The sidewalk on Norbury Avenue in
front of Mr. Wood's new butcher shop
was widened out and carried to tho
tot line.
The following streets were graded
during the year;
Garden Avenue between Kane and
Dennis, Fen wick Avenue between
Kane and Dennis, the lane between
Fcnwick Avenue and Norbury, b4so
the lane between Feu wick Avenue and
Garden Avenue, Armstrong Avenue between I'M wards and Dennis. Some
grading wus also done on French Avenue between Edwards Street und
Dennis. A little grading was also done
on Watt Avenue between liniie and Kd-
wurds, Dewnr Avenue between liM-
wards Street and Van Homo Street,
Norbury Avenue between Edwards und I
Kan. Streets, Edwards Blroal between
Felt Wick Avenue ami Norbury Avenue,
Fen wick Avenue between Edwards St.
ami Louis Street, Kilwunls Street between Martin and Lumsden. All the
above streets were gravelled n certain amount.   Some gravol ami top
dressing was put Oil Hurliit Avenue
between Van [ibriio and Louis Streets.
ulso on Van Home from Raker Street
to Dewar Avenue.
Raker Street front Van Home to
Norbury Avenue was levelled and given a top dressing of crushed rock, also
Norbury Avenue from Raker Street to
Louis was surfaced with crushed rock.
Also Cranbrook Street from Baker St.
to McKinnmi's foundry,
|A new bridge was built ou Van
Home Sti'eet.over Smith Creek by tbe
railway track. This enabled us to run
our refuse along through tbe marsh.
The bridge on Cranbrook Street between Hyde aud Angus Streets was
redecked, also the bridge on Van
Home between French and Dewar Avenues. Repair work was done on tbe
bridges on East Armstrong Lane, East
Hanson Lane, East Fenwlck Lane,
East Duriek Lane; also the bridge on
Louis Street at Garden Avenue.
Tbe brush was cut out on Angus St.
between Van Ikirne and Cranbrook
Streets, and part way between Cranbrook and Kootenay Streets.
Two sink boles were put In, one on
Lumsden Avenue between Harold and
Hyde, and one on Norbury r\venue between Edward and Louis Streets. Tbe
creek between Norbury Avenue and
Baker Street was lowered so as to give
better drainage to the Park grounds.
Several     culverts    were     repaired
throughout tbe City, aud considerable
patching up was done on all streets.
The cemetery wns weeded and the
walks  graded  and covered  with  cinders.   All graves in the cemetery were
trimmed up and left In good shape.
Owing to the extremely hard winter,
the frost went down during January
und February, causing the main on
Armstrong Avenue and Norbury Avenue between Raker Street and South
Baker Lane to freeze up. Also the
hydrant branches all along Baker St.
and within the inner und second class
tire molls froze up several times during the spring, and hud to be thawed
out with the steamer. When the
mains on Armstrong and Norbury
thawed out iu the spring, both the
valves connecting these mains to Baker Street burst and blow out. Also
tbe wooden main on Kane Street between French and Dewar Avenues and
the main on Kane Street between Garden and Fenwlck, and the wooden
mains in the new addition aud in Sla-
tervllle were out of commission for
aeverul weeks. The electric thawing
machine was made use of continually.
ulso the steamer ou hydrants and
mains wherever it could be used to "advantage.
During the summer the wood main
between Dewar and French Avenues
on Kane Street was cut out and re- [
placed with iron pipe. A new extension wus run up French Avenue between Kane und Dennis St: iets, a distance of 207 feet, five new service
connections being run into the lot
lines. The wooden main between Fen-
wick and Garden Avenues on Kane
Street wus also cut oir und u conuec
ttou made with lion pipe to the main
on Fenwlck Avenue to teed the new
During the your 12 new service connections were made.
All hydrants have been examined
Jointly by the Fire Chief and City
Foreman and have been kept iu first
class working order. Four hydrants
had to he dug up for repairs doling
the year, und two replaced with new
AH air valves on the 14 inch steel
main were examined and put In good
working condition.
Considerable work was done on the
Slaterville system during tbe year, and
a new 2% inch service was run to the
edge of the old school building on
Cranbrook Street to give service for
tbe new school.
During tbe first part of the yeur u
very serious water shortage occurred
at the reservoir, owing to the shortage
of water In St. Joe Creek. ,AlBO to the
fuet that the reservoir wus practically
frozen to the bottom, nud to the amount Of water seeping through the old
dam. During tbe summer, the lower
portion of the reservoir was cleaned
out and widened, thereby greatly increasing the water capacity. A temporary dam WB8 built 700 feet above
the old dam. iu order to allow of cleaning out the reservoir und repairing lbs
lower (Run.
A new cement spillway was built at
tile lower dr.ni, also two cement seep
age wnlls run across the old spillway
nud through the old dniu. This enabled us to raise tbe water level practically live feet higher (bun II was In
the old reservoir. Tlie work of clean
ing out all the upper etui of the reservoir COUld not be completed owing lo
the tact that the creek was so low thai
we were compelled to conserve all water available. When the gale ut the
new spillway was closed in order lo
IHI the reservoir, tbe creek below the
dam was completely dried up. This
caused quite a bit ol friction with water users below the reservoir, and on
that account the filling of the reservoir was naturally very slow, owing
to the gate having to be re-opened.
1 might mention that when going Into the matter with the Water Branch
Engineer, Major Hicks, we found that
apparently the City was using considerably more water than our licence
called for. A house to house check
was made on water consumers, In order to ascertain, if possible, tbe amount of leakage and waste that was
taking place.
I might say that while we found a
few cases of waste, they were practically Insignificant. We also checked
nil our mains for leaks as early us
possible, and while a few small leaks
were found and repaired, there Is apparently no excuse for tbe excessive
amount of water being consumed. 1
have endeavored to get information
on the amount of water consumption
lu other places, namely. Medicine Hat,
Calgary, Vancouver, Revelstoke, and
as near us I can understand, all these
cities are practically in the same condition us ourselves; their consumption
being greatly in excess of the recognized amount per capita,
I might also mention thai I understand the City of Vancouver is installing water meters on all their services us rapidly as possible.
Regarding the provision of a better
wnter supply for the future, considerable work has been done Investigating
the possibility of other storage reservoirs higher up the St. Joe, ulso the
feasibility of bringing in water from
Gold Creek. 1 am of the opinion that
the ouly reasonable way of Increasing
the quantity of our water supply would
be to bring in practically tlie whole of
Ihe North branch of Gobi Creek. This
would probably double the amount of
water that Is at present available in
the dry season, and would also provide
for a surplus of water for Irrigation
purposes below the reservoir.
Considerable duta as to the cost of
i his undertaking has already been
gathered, but lu my opinion this work
should be undertaken jointly between
the City and the Provincial Government, and that steps should be taken
as soon as possible to get it under
way; also to increase the amount of
our Water Licence.
During the year, 42 building permits
were issued, with an approximate valuation ot 111,081.50.
Respectfully submitted,
Supt. Public Works.
must come from nature. Celery
, King is a mixture of medicinal
herbs and roots that rids tbe system of impurities in a gentle,
natural way. An old und well tried
remedy- 30c and 00c package»
A Salesman's Cough
Irritates his customers—and makes
him Inefficient and miserable.
Bhiloh ia the ideal remedy—it is
not u bulky c»ugh mixture
but a special formula proven successful for many years. A few
drops brings immediate relief.
jrjti.BOo and $1.80   > I drugglsty.
HIGHWAY  01>  JUNE 88r«l
l.nst wool! at Ottuwn the date for
tlie official opening or llie hunlY Windermere motor highway through tho
Canadian RockloR was set tor June ,to.
1023, it was announced by tho Coin-
iiilBsioiioi' of Canadian National Parks.
Ou thai date the lust link iu tbe grout
six hundred mile scenic tour through
Western Ciinailu and the Mulled States
will he thrown open to tnitllc, malting
the national parks of the two countries accessible for motorists from
Mexico lo Western Canada.
The opening ceremonies will take
place nt Vermillion, the crossing
point on the road mid-wuy between
Banff, Alberta and Windermere, B.C.
The road is built through tbe heart
of the Rockies, 73 miles of it being
through virgin mountain and forest
country, and crossing two mountain
passes. The main range of the Rocky
Mountains is crossed via Vermillion
Pas?, 5,060 feet In height. The grades,
however, ure remarkably low, tbe average being three per cent., with the
maximum being four hundred feet, or
nine per cent.
The new highway Is 93 miles'long,
of which thirty miles lying In Rocky
Mountain Park previously *_'id been
constructed by the Parks Branch and
another ten miles by the British Columbia Government. The road gives a
standard wheel way of sixteen feet,
surfaced with screened gravel. The
average cost of the fifty-three miles
built by the Parks Branch was $7,700
a mile, though In tbe heaviest construction which included rock cuts
from 40 to 50 feel high. Ihe cost reached $27,000 per mile.
imm;mii:i{ gold mine
pays another huge
1>IYI!)1:M» OF #750,000
Declaration of another $750,000 dividend by the Premier Gold Mining
Company, Portland Canal District, was
made early this month. The dividend
amounts to 15c per dollar share of
the $5,000,000 capital, und was to be
disbursed about the third of the
mouth. The Premier started dividends this year, and this latest declaration will bring the total paid to tbe
stockholders to $:ur.o.ooo. Smelting
for the company is done nt Tacomu.
Messrs. Trites. Woods and Wilson, of
Fernie, are heavy shareholders in the
Can't Mil llnrrels
It was In the glorious days before It
went into effect. A colored preacher
wus exhorting his Hock to observe the
blessings of temperance.
"Brethren, always remember It Is
better to bend the knee 'stead of the
"Pawson," shouted a heckler, "since
when hub yon-all started drinking out
of a barrel?"
UN1.HSS you see the name "Buyer" on tablets, you
ure nut getting Aspirin at all
Htnland Woodford, owned by Sen. }. N. Camden, of Versailles, Ky.,
is the Grand Champion bull of America, winning his honors at the Amer.
ican Royal Livestock show in Kansas City this month, lie is the heaviest
bull ever sbown, wtighmf 3100 pounds.
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes ol 12 tablets—-Also bottles of 21 und 100—Druggists.
Atplrln In thf trwln tnnrl:  fferjlaifrei] In OfinnCnl nf Payor Minuf-irturi> <if Hono-
fuirtk&clileiter ol Sulliylumul.    While It 1* wi>ii knmvii n.ut /M>lrlri tin-urn ifavi-r   ,
mfuiuf-u-tur*. •• awUt the public mt ilnirt tmlutlnni, tho Tnb|t>ta »f llnyt-r Ci>m|>any
Will **> BCfunpML will, thalr B'titTaVl iruu.- Mark, Ihn "Llayer Cruu," Friday, January 12, 1923
Trapper Finds
Vicks Handy For
a Host of Ills
H. C.
Ontario Man Just  Hubs It Ou
For Must Aiiytliinsr
 . i
Mr, 0. Phoenix, of 7B6 Urey Street,
London. Out., writes: "1 am very.
pleased to recommend Vicks VapoRub,
1 urn a hunter, trailer mid trapper,
ulso a fisherman, i ubo Vicks Vapo-[
Uuii in place of liniments because it
Is very bandy lo curry und always j
gives mch quit k relief lor small tint-
mill and Insect bltOB, and tor chapped
bauds nml lips. My boots would blister my feet and I rubbed it on thorn
-iii*i ii made ibeui just right. When
1 go trapping uoxl toll I will nave,
pletilj or Vlclts VapoRub in my kit.!
i call ii ihe Trappor's Friend.' I have I
not Und a cold all winter and I go out |
nil ihe time and somollmos stay out j
nil night witii my traps." ;
Vlck - VapoRub. tl-" tliscovory or a I
Bouthorn druggist, Im r combination
in snlve Form of Camphor, Menthol,
Kuniiypius, Tliyme, Turpentine, etc,    |
(Absorbed tlirougll tho skill and at.
the same time lubaled us a vapor, i
Vicks reaches immediately Inflamed, |
congosted air passages.
The modern direct treatment (or all
cold troubles. The successor to gooHe
grease, camphorated oil, liniments,
poultices, and plasters,
Used for croup and children's colds,
Vicks gives remarkably quick results
a ml also avoids nauseating Internal
dosing, .lust as good for adults and
tor skin Inflammations, bucIi as cuts,
burns, bruises, bites, stings.
Al ail drug stores, 50c. a jar. For
a free tost size package, write Vlck
Chemical Co., 844 St. Paul St., \\\,
Montreal. P.Q.
Though Vicks is new In Canada, It
enjoys a remarkable sale. . Over 17
million jars used yearly.
Major 1.1. II. Harrison, of (lie firm
oil Talt Pipe and Foundry Company,
Vancouver, lias been In the city this
week on u business: trip.
This firm lias been operated lor tho
past two years by Lieut. Col. J. S.
Talt oE tbe 89th Batt., and is manufacturing Ihe Crown school desks and
soil pipe aud fillings, using B.C. raw
materials aud giving employment to
about 35 B.C cltlzenB, white men, and
mostly returned soldiers.
Major Harrison  lias been visiting
here and has done so oil two previous
occasions with a view to securing the
support ol the Cranbrook Hoard ot'
School Trustees In the matter ot
school desks, which have been previously bought In Hie Kasl or iu Al
Major Harrison points oui Unit only
a short time ago a high price was
being paid for school desks brought
iu from outside ihe province, but owing to compel 11 fon these have come
down Very considerably, und it is only
reasonable to suppose that should Ihe
B.C. firm have |<> go out of business
owing to lack of support these prices
will again go up, mi industry will be
lost to the province, and more money
will .be spent outside B.C., never to
C, M, Pennock of Wardner was a
Cranbrook visitor on Saturday last,
Miss S. Symos oE tlie Fink Mercantile Co. staff, has been u patient nt
the hospital during the week.
A. S. F, Rankin of Calgary, representing the Colpitis Bros, of Salsbury,
N.B. fs iu the city soliciting business
for his firm. At Salsbury the Colpitis
operate a silver fox farm, where at
the present time they have 1,500 bead.
Recently they have shipped 180 pair
to Calgary, where they have established a farm on the Elbow River,
0 few miles east of the clly. Mr. Rankin is of the opinion that the bills to
the east of Cranbrook would be ideal
for fox farming. Tlie revenue being
derived from fox farming in the eastern provinces Is increasing year by
year. Last year Prince Edward Island alone bad u revenue Of one and
a quarter million dollars.
It Can*
it's Made
in One Piece
Phone 9.
We pay the best prices going for all
kinds   of   furniture.     Wo buy anything from a mouse trap to an automobile.
W. W. Kilby, Auctioneer and Valuer
FOUND—Plain walking stick. May be
had at Herald Offlco on payment or
advertisement. 46
LOST—Brown purse, containing gold
chain and pendant, with name engraved, in Post Office last week.
Finder please leave at The Herald
Office. 40
— The RoxnllStoro —
CRANBROOK     -     - B.C.
Where It pnys lo deal
FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE — Registered Shorthorn Bull, rising three
years. Price $150. A prize winner
and good getter. Cost $350 at six
months old, Will accept sheep or
White Leghorns. Q, C 11. Coleman.
Windermere. B.C. 45-6
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by PTOV. Oovt.)
Maternity ami General Nursing
Terms Moderate
IIus.  v. CRAWFORD,  Matron,
Garden Avenue       -   I'lioue 258
CAMI'BKLli   &   lliTl'IIIK
Full Uno of Wall Paper
lu Stock.
store Hanson Avenue
Phone 401) al nil hours
CRANBROOK    -    -    -    B.C.
Kwong  Chong
It Armstrong Avenue
Opposite W. D. Hill's
First   Class  Work  Guaranteed.
FOR SALK—One Savage 803, and one
Lee Enfield rifle,   B. Weston.
*0 RUNT Three rooms furnished
or unfurnished, Suitable tor light
housekeeping. Apply to Box 758,
Cranbrook. 45-6
,OST .
J a una
rainmen's Dance on 1st
diamond and pearl shirt
j stud.   Please return to
N. A- Wallinger. P.O. Hex 746, Cran
brook.   Reward, li
FOK SALE—-Bronze Mammoth Turkeys for breeding purposes, one Tom
and two liens, conic from good slock
Price for three $15. Apply Mrs.
A. II, Fenwlck, Bull River. B.C, 4^1 C
The regular monthly meeting of the
lub Executive wus held Thursday,
January 4th, with Mrs. E. L. Staples
u the chair. The programme (or
January was mapped out und the following Bvouli   arranged for:
A supper is iu be given all the children ot Bohool age In Wycliffe and
district on Friday, January lliih, cornicing at 0 p.m. A programme ami
st list will be giveu entlrelj b) tbe
s mid girls .Mrs Lyman Taylor
charge ot ihe details of the sup-
mid programme
a skating party, rollowed .
■>■ a bean
■upper Ii lo be given on Wi
January 24th.
Ice sports tor  the boy;- t
md girl
are lo be held on Wednesday,
17lh.    There kit to hi
for boya
ami girls, relay races, obBtai
It' races,
etc    Mr,   Lloyd   Crowe   1
with this.
STHAYKI)    A steer.    For aboul seven
months there has been a while and
blurb steer running with the daltlo
on my ranch. No brand. Owner
can have same by paying for keep
ami this notice. Owner Is requested
lo gel Bomo SB BOOn as possible.
T. Futa. 45tC
On Friday, January 19th a debate
itween Lbc A.Y.P.A. of Cranbrook
ul Wycliffe on the subject of cancel-
tlon or Inter-allies war debts fs to
lie hold. The resolution reads as follows: "Resolved, that the cam filiation ot' inter-allied war debts would
he beneficial to Ihe world at large."
Messrs. E. L. staples and H. s. Young
represent Wycliffe, the Cranbrook debaters are nol known at this writing.
This Is a very timely subject and the
lebate should prove Interesting. The
'runbrook people are coming out by
sleigh and refreshments will lie served after the debate.
A local senior basket ball league
has been arranged for. We have only
two teams, but the team winning the
best four out of seven games will bo
presented with watch fobs.
The younger boya have started (heir
baskel ball league. These games arc
played Tuesday afternoons. The boys
so playing off a hockey league.
Last Thursday they bad I heir first
bailie, the "Hustlers" under the captaincy of Lawrence Foster proving
victorious. Next Saturday (he following hockey team will proceed lo Kimberley to compete in the recently organized hockey league for boys;
Goal: Frank Johnson. Defense:
George Tanner, Ernest Clark, Harold
Johnson. Forwards: Lawrence Foster, John Pederson, Thomas Clark.
Spares: Jim Tanner, George Quick.
Mr. Wilson, jeweler of Cranbrook.
lias kindly donated a silver cup for
the winners of this league.
Miss Elinor Curley returned from
Calgary on Sunday, when' she spent
the Christinas holidays.
Mr, Harry Kieruan returned on
Sunday from Calgary, where he went
on a week's vacation.
Miss Agues Iteekie returned Sunday from Vancouver, where she spent
(lie Christmas holidays with her parents.
Bill Cox has bought a new alarm
clock. We hope Hill will be able to
put on bis tie and eat bis breakfast
before he comes Co work now,
Mr. and Mrs. R, E. H. Trew entertained al a very pleasant card party
at  their home  Monday night.    Those
present were: Mesdanies Cox. Crowe,
Chomat, aud Fredrickson, and Misses
1). Staples and A. Iteekie, and Messrs.
II. Comery, E. Taylor and J. Jones.
The hockey game which was to
have been played on (he local rink on
Sunday with the Concentrator team
had to be postponed owing lo the soft
condition of the ieo.
A knock-out blow In the fourth
round sent Had ling Johnson to bis defeat before Rougbouse Jones in the
niosl thrilling sporting event of the
week before an excited crowd of lumberjacks and slab beavers ill the Dry
Shed Stadium on Monday afternoon.
Thrills by tlie millions chased each
other up and down the spinal columm
of the enthusiastic onlookers nnd at
the situation was bo Intenst
Referee Hawkes found it neces<
to keep back the maddening
throng will) a substantial '2 x \ Ni
Mi;i:n.Ni; oi   a.y.iu.
Klectiou oi' Officers Also Held
Wednesday Evening ut the
Parish Hull
At a largely attended meeting or the .
Anglican Young People's Association I
mi Wednesday evening ut the Parish !
Hall, Mr. J. G. Cuxnmings gave s verj
Uiterestlng aud Instructive addre a ou
the us,- and operation ol Uia transil
in surveying.
Mr. CummlngB, with the aid ol ins
transit, gave a practical demon a (ration of" bow the work ol the survey r
iu tbe use of tbe transit was a* i onv
plished. lie explained bow Ihe trani El
was bin a telescope which could be bo
ai Ju ted and regulated that   li
be used in a case where it was i ■
Bory to produce a given Btraighl line |
oi to run another line at an augle to
s givi n line, tut- tele ■ ope In thi ■ In
stance being limited to revolve in a
vertical plane.
(Also where it was found necessary
to obtain accurate horizontal distances iu u country where the topography made (lie holding of Ihe chain 111
a horizontal position Impracticable he
showed how the result could be ob
(ained by taking a measurement ol
the slope distance, and by taking also
measurement of the angle between
the horizontal and the other point
chained to, the slope, distance could
by simple calculation ho reduced to
the horizontal distance.
Al the conclusion of the address,
Rev. F. V. Harrison proposed a vote
of thanks be giveu (he speaker tor his
address. This was carried with o
hearty round of applause.
[following the address of Mr. Cum-
mlngs, new olllcers for the Association were eleeled as follows:
Hon, President The Rector
President   Miss Muriel Baxter
Vice President...Mr. Win. Derbyshire
Rec. Sec Mr. Barry MacDonald
Cor. and Press Sec. Miss D. Kershaw
Treasurer   Mr. Phil. Brlggs
Mr, Stan. Fyles was appointed the
chairman of the Show and Play Committee.
Miss Baxter has held office as President since the organization of the
Cranbrook branch of the Club In October lasl, ami has proven herself so
efficient in that capacity during this
time that she was unanimously reelected for the ensuing year.
There will be no meeting on Wednesday next as arrangements are being made for a sleighing parly to Wy-
liffe ou Friday, the Ifilli Inst., to ac-
ompnny the debating team, In order
that our representatives may have
loyal and hourly support.
Sleighs  will   leave  the  Parish   Hall
$       ♦
For Trunks, Suit Casus und       ELECT  OFFICERS   AT
Bags go to flic BIO 2*. ANNUAL   MEETING
2S YEARS TO PAY—The Soldier Settlement Board of Canada have several FARMS r<ir sale to soldiers or
ctvlltattB at ten per cent down and
the bnliuK'e hi 25 iinnunl payments
at six per cent. Several to rent for
j 1923. For particulars write to the
I District Superintendent, Soldier Settlement Board, Vernon, B.C.     44-7
WANTED TO BUY—We buy tnrs.   B.
Weston, Baker Street. 42t(
Telephone lilt P.O. 11(11 2111
Towrlss & Adams
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
Mr. T. Henderson ol the Mi i ib
townslte was In the cltj this week.
We repair hot water bottles, rubber
Footwear, in fact anything made of
i abber.- -Wilson's Vulcanizing Works.
Baiu r Street. B6t(
Miss Hi Ii ii  El i       in   efl Foi
lay,  ■> li :     the will resume
Ing,  after  an  extended   boll a)
spent la Ban n.,   h., o, California.
[to     iv. F.  Bun tbe 1
Pernie, an It
dii Sunday in Kt,
li you are contemplating a trip
home in England, nee l;. ala & Elwell,
Stoamship Agent t. ■Hit'
Jan, 11. Cameron returned this week
from the ('nasi, and on Thursday left
for Winnipeg as a repretu ntatlyo o
the If. of R.T. in attend the Annua
Western Lines Conference between,
the C. P.R. and tbe employees' organ-
Mi Loughtun and her Utile son
David,  who have been  vlBltlng  Mrs.
u it n'g slater Mrs. Blrce through
the Christmas holidays, left for their
home in Nelson on Sunday last,
Arthur   Ham   of   DeWolf  <k   Ham,
nbi -ok, contractors for the Vmir
terday morning on the
■   .-■ Bo il for ins home In Cranbrook.
..i m temp bates a trip to I'iii-
■ tter pat; ol this week.
Nelson   News
ighti r was born on November
| ICtli, In thi   ■ ild Country, to Mr. and
loodson,of this city. Mrs.
. on I      been on the ot
it months,
id I       ■■.,■'     id will be 1
. this -; ring.
In tbe Police Court on Monday last
Smith, alias Georjz Smlthou-
ged with supplying In
lo  Indians contrary to tbe
li r]        Act.     Accused,   through   bis
,    el. W. A   Nlsbet, tendered a plea
.' ■    After i onslderable evidence heard the Court adjourned
ul! the following day. when aci used
altei   i   his   plea  to that   ot guilty;
Miles Gibson, formerly assistant toaster here, and who recently return-
id from u visit to the East, received
o the position of district forester In
he Fori George district, ami left on'
ntencc remarked that were it
the Btrong plea for leulencj
or by counsel and the clrcum*
ol the case, that he would be
The annual meeting ol Ihe Retail
Merchants' Association ot I ranbroofc
was held at the City Hull on Wednesday evening, when a good number ot
the local merchants met,
Matters of Interest lo the \ Ocla-
li-ni were discussed, the most important nt which being that of i ilits
The meeting was unanimous In concluding this was a matter which af-
fected the people generally as well
as die members of the Asso lation,
it was Btated by several of those pre-
senl thai If the people only knew tbe
burden that the retailer bad to carry
way ol unpaid a<   i ere
be far less credit asked [or and
i *e bills paid when flue.
The election of officers ol tl    a bo-
resulted as follows:
President   Mr. Fret! Scott
.    ■   r ■ sldents ... Mr  W  H  Wilson
Mr  C  il. Little
  Mr. G  :■    lair
per   Mr. H   H  Hi:,ton
IV!i 1 k and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Sill) Gusslng
Dumb  Dan's grand-daddy "blowed"
ut the gas.   Now Dun just steps on it. [
Sunday for the northern town to takeldtsposed to Inflict a more severe pen-
over the office. No appointment Is ally. The frequency with which this
likely i>> be made to tlie position helclass of offence was coming before
leaves vacant t'll the spring, when tho blm was alarming, and severe penal*
field work of the forestry officials op-l ties wounl be meted out to offenders
ens up. i in tbe future.
J Ww-ty*-**tta-*^yv-,-*t-.- vjjpi •^^-*<^w-ww,^-<%*«r*-^ft n ■. Hflr*—i wfllWffi
Fresh Egs*. per doz  65c.
Brooklield KggK, per dozen ■  50c.
Cooking Eggs, per dozen   25c.
Presli Roasted Juliibo Peanuts, per pound  35c.
Brazil Nuts, Now Stock, per pound   80c
.Pure Raspberry unci Strawberry Jams, per -I lb. tin $1.00
Fresh Ground Coffee, al per pound Jlic. nml 60c.
Oranges, nl per dozen  50c, 60c and H'c
1 .eninns. per dozen    60c
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little
"Fre«zone" on an aching corn, in-
itantiy that corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right ott with fingers.   Truly'.
Yo-jr druggist sells a tiny bottle ol
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard core, soft com,
or corn between the toes, and the cal-
iusse". without soraiws or Irritation,
"Rabbie Burns' Nicht"
ern Plna
dull in
In keep n
s io to
1 till' III
iroca i
if llio day
in ne
rform.   A
. Iioarso
I'f Of Rtlll-
I'll    OXCll
oraenl   i
ft'lllll     till!
• throng,
ns In tin
■ open
Ing Btagoa
c set to,
ion, sturt-
Ing i
(lilt    111   vi
oleut ei
liimlcil a
neat uppereut on tbo jaw of Rough-
house Jones, who responded with enthusiasm and interest. For many
tense momenta the battle swayed in
tbe balance until Houpliouse planted
bis left list In a vital part of the anatomy of Battling jfohnson, and sent him
Into dreamland "Where the stars
shone brightly and all was peace."
Say. Bert, we'd all like to learn that
little hour you're siiiKiiiR these days,
"There's many a black, black eye, they
say, but none ko blurlt as mine."
How's chances?
We wish people wouldn't ask personal iiucstions about tlie swollen
condition nf Jlmmlo's under lip. Ho
got bit with tho puck ot course. Why
ask foolish questions?
Thursday, January 25th, 1923
"I second tho motion," cried he, aa
she started to shimmy around the
dance hall.
THIRD ANNUAL EVENT, and will continue to be THE
Dancing Event of the Season as long as George Hogarth is
with us.
Friday, January IS, 1028
All Day FRIDAY, January 12th
to Arrange for the Big Seven Days' Sale which Starts Saturday /Worning, the 13th, at nine o'clock
The Money Saving Event of the Year
Deep Curved
Toric Lenses
The wonderful range ol'
vision   in  our  optically   cor-
able mention  from everyone
we lit.
Pitting the eyes properly
is only half a service. We
complete the process by
grinding the lenses correctly
—right in our own workshop
ami under our own personal
Try our toric fjlusscs ami
you will never wear any
other— no other just like
"To Have and To Hold" at The Star Doale & Elwoll will pay canh tor
tonight and Saturday, January 12th Victory Bonda nt current market rateB.
and iltli.   It's wondortul. 40 —
I    Jim, j. I'\ White nl' Port Sloole wns
I    Inauro Willi Bonle IS Elwoll. In C'rnnbrook on Saturday, where her
_ I husbnml la n patient m the SI. Eugene
"Paid Baclr," n story o( tlie tropics, Hospital.
ut Tho star Theatre Wednesday and —
Thursday, January 17th and 18th    46     Jackie Coognn In "Tronblo" at The
_ Slur, Monday and Tuesday, January
liiih and ltith.   Special matinee at 4
"Lorna Doone" at The Star Theatre, I    It. B. Itaiiito.   Vancouver   llnrlii
Friday  and  Saturday,  January   10th I Commissioner, la li nsl al prei
mil SOth. 40
:    Wo liavo In u Full Line
i Rubhors, and—
Our lnw  prices win every lime.
W. 1-'. DORAN.
The regular meeting nl the Women's Liberal Association will lie held
in the rimins above Grady ti Eye's
storo on Tuesday, January llltli at S
[o'clock. 40
clock Tuesday.    Children  10c.
, Mrs. Rog. Johnson ol Ktngsgato, accompanied her mother to Cranbrook,
! where she is now u patient at the SI.
Eugene Hospital; a sui't'erer from paralysis.
hi, looking Into the harbor rucjlltle,
. lot eastern ports, and taking up mat-
Mrs. S. Taylor unit daughter Mallei !
ten to-day tor tbe Coast, where they""'8 '"' '"' '' wlUl   Dominion do-
will visit torn tew months. Mr. Tay- vorntnont, us especially affecting tho
lor will accompany them as far us Vancouver harbor. .Mr. Boattlo Ira-
Kelson. veiled east part of tlie journey with
_ ! I>r.   King,   tallowing  the  recent  visit
25 per cent, nit nil Tunic Cloths, ot the minister hero. While in Win-
liable centre bullet runners, and alt nlpog Dr. King was reported to have
I linen prices. given   out   a   statement   to  the  effect
MOPKATT'S VARIETY STORE.' fun" the Dominion Cm-eminent elevnt-
ir at Vancouver was to lie increased
in capacity from one milium bushels
is ut present lo 2,250.000 bushels. Ld-
'any   di-lluile   licju'cs.   und   that   this ceasl for mole grain Micro wnnlil be n
I would bo n matter for the Oovernmoul heavy Incronso lu grnln curs ntovtng
lo   lake   up.       II   is   oxpocted   thai   il over I lie Crow line west ward, anil Hiv-
ihe storage capacity is provided at tin- or the Kootonay Central.
Waldo   citizens   were   shocked   on
Xew   Year's  morning  when  Ihe  body
♦ 2Ucal jBtetus
Tho drawing on  the  Ferris wheel
given by MolTatt's Variety Store took
place Tuesday evening, January iilh.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid will bold  |jU(..(V numher S2 was  held by .Mrs.
a sale oi home cooking on Saturday, John Johns.
January 27th at .'! o'clock in the Obi 	
tlym. There will be a candy stall, George Stevenson, formerly of t'er-
aml afternoon tea will be served. „;,. an(] Cranbrook, and   recently of
— Winnipeg, bus been appointed general
A meeting of local shareholders or sales malinger lor the Dominion Can-
the   Cnrbondale  Coal   Company   was, hits. Ltd.
held in the Maple Hall on Wednesday, j —
when Ihe main business was the ap-i The Odd Fellows are holding ano-
polntmonl of a Cranbrook director to titer of their popular public dances on
act wiib the other two directors at Friday of next week, January Ifilh, al
Calgary, who are the president and The Auditorium. Admission, Oontle-
secretnry of the company. There Is J men $1.00; Ladies 50c. Robinson's
now upwards of $12,000 of local cap I- four piece orchestra. 40
lal invested in the company, which Is I —
now producing coal on a commorclul Wntcli Our Windows for Specials
Wo have lu atock a full lino of | basis, and with the installation of up-1 42 Piece While and Clold Line Tea
Women's, Men's, dirta', Boys' and to-date machinery is is expected will; Sets, regular price $18.25, special
soon be largely increasing its output. [ $17.00. 22 piece White and Gold Line
Mr. Harry White was named as the Ten Seis. regular price $12.00. spec-
dlrector to ropreBenl the Cranbrook I lal $10.76.
shareholders. '-in      MOPPATT'S VARIETY STOttB.
'of Pred Bergoln, a lumberjack, was
fotind with bis throat cut, Coroner
Or. Cbristie held an investigation anil
ihe jury brought In a verdict of suicide. It appears that the deceased
iiad been drinking heavily recently,
and was iu a desperate condition. He
bad only $1.50 in his clothes when he
was found.—Pernie Free Press,
[ tor, or arriving ul Ottawa, Or. King
tated   that   he  bad   never  given  out
A. MeL. Fletcher Nelson, Dominion
Fruit Inspector, was in Ibo city ou
Monday last.
Children's Shoes.    Our Block Ib complete and—
Our low  prices win every tin
Two fascinating stories of adventure and romance will commence this,
month in The Family Herald anil |
Weekly Star of Montreal. "The King's'
\rrow." by II. A. Cody, takes one back <
to stirring times In the picturesque
.lays of the Acadians ami ihe I'nited
Empire Loyalists; "The Yellow Flaw-
er," by Thompson Cross, is a thrilling
tale of adventure in the Far Fast.
These two stories alone arc worth
double the subscription price of The'
Family Herald nml Weekly Star of
.Montreal for a full year. Subscriptions sent  in  Immediately will catch
the opening instalments,
Piano Co.
wish   to   announce   thai   their
Inner   -
Mr. George Wigg
will be in Cranbrook next week.
For Information apply to
air. Bruce Robinson, Teacher of
.Music, phone 205.
Cranbrook, H. C,
January 12th, 1023.
To The Electorate ot Cranbrook.
1 wish to thank the Electorate who supported me
at the polls yesterday, Although defeated I wish to
say that the best of feeling prevailed over tlie result.
Am sure when a statement of last year's finances
is placed before you, which should have been done prior
to the election, you will agree thai business has been
conducted in a creditable maimer.
Thanking you again, and in Ihe besl interests of
our fair City let us make for progress.
Boys and Girls of Cranbrook & District
Watch this space in next week's
Herald for full information regarding this Startling Offer.
•wt\ft moolff, m .•^ftt0ff^mit/\f»H.'of\ftm^ct^f»m ..r|ft aa—rf|fr m—Ufi \i   yp-   -yu-   -^fir-   \ —<jfrt»«»<tfl»«*—<||Wt ittffimoatlffimm «<^««i«»j<y*»«,1r«-»/iiy\(»%.«<y»»w«rfyt»»««^lftw.</>/\i w oAp*».ifU*t**oAp*m**tiftmiinfrJQ
Watch Next Week's Papers for Good Values
on Jan. 20th, the Last Day of Sale.
A Great Number ot Oilier Good Values not
listed here will also be on sale.
January 13th to January 20th, Saturday to Saturday
All Sale Goods will be sold for Cash Only.   No Refunds.   No Exchanges.   No Goods on Approval
Out of town customers are requested to mail all orders by registered post to
HASLAM the Druggist.   P.O. Box 787
$1.00 TABLE
On This Bargain Table you will And values
from $1.00 upwards in price. It will be your .
loss if you miss this lable.
We have mo Reprints by popular authors.
Regular value $1.26 each, Hale Price 85c.
SIX   I'llII   $5.00
All  Sizes.  All   Prices.    One Good  Quality
Any piece In the store 33',4'i  off.
We have a few pieces which must be moved.
Pick while the picking is good. Your choice
of any article at   25     OFF
Lavorls Mouth Wash, Sale Price, bottle 26c
Mulsifled Cocoanut Oil, reg. 35c, Sale 25c
Ditto, reg. 50c, Sale Price  85c
Shaving Soap, reg. 20c each, Sale 2 for 25c
Woodbury's Shaving Stick 3 for $1.0(1
Colgate's Shaving Slick 3 for $1.00
Nerveline    I I'm- $1.00
Baby Cough Syrup, reg. 40c, Sale    25c
Cathartic Pills, large size, reg. 50c, Sale 30c
small size, reg. 25c, Sale Price .... 15c
Johnson & Johnson's Shaving
Cream, reg. 50c, Sale Price 35c
Milk Magnesia, reg. 35c, Sale Price .... 25c
Fluid Magnesia,reg. 35c, Sale Price ... 25c
Large Linen Pails, reg. 50c Sale Price 30c
Large Linen Pads, rog. 40c Sale Price 25c
Large Linen Pads, reg. 35c Sale Price 20c
Small Linen Pads. reg. 80c Sale Price 20c
Small Linen Pads, reg. 25c Sale Price 15c
.Vole Size Linen Patls al 50c Sale Price 30c
Note Size Linen Pads al 400 Sale Price 25c
Correspondence Cards, reg. $1.25 Sale 85c
Correspondent!! Cards reg, $1.00 Sale 85c
Correspondence Cards, reg. 75c.. Sale 60c
Box Stationery, reg. 60c box.. .Special 25c
Box Stationery, reg. 75c box.. Special 50c
Box Stationery, reg. $1.25 box Special 85c
And many other assorted sizes, all reduced
to  inventory sale  prices.
Linen Finish, reg. 25c package. .  3 for 15c
Only a limited amount left
We have a few otitis and ends left over from
the Christmas rush. These articles are not
shop worn, as we have nothing in our Btore
thai is old Sale Price 50',; Oft'
WE  1,0915 Tl) GIVE YOF GAIN
Extra Special
The First Ten Ladies making purchases of
$1,00 or over will receive   FREE—
January  I5lh
Every Lady coming into our store anil making a purchase of $2.00 or over will receive
FREE a Fresh Ilex of Delirious Cliocolntes.
Extra Special
ii Cans of Johnson & Johnson's
Baby Talcum Powder for $1.00
li Cans of I!. & H. Baby Talcum
Powder for $1.00
To every little girl who buys 75c worth of
goods, we will give a doll FREE. Every
little girl should gel her Mother to send
her to IIASLAM'S for their purchases,
so they can  GET  A   1IOI.I,  FREE
", only Carriages, reg. $-1.50. special $1.75
1 only Carriage, reg. $10.00, special...  5.115
I only Carriage, reg. $8,60, special  -1.(10
Your Gain Our Lonh in Tlu-sc Carriages
We've Everything
that Baby Needs
toward IrmIiIi or comforb-anil you
may foil sure tlmt no matter how
small Mil- purchase, there is always
reliable quality.
Zam-Bllk, reg. 60c, Salt- Price	
Mentholated Cough Balsam, small size,
reg. 60c, Sale Price	
■I lie
Regular Values $1.50 oz  Special $1.00
Regular Values $1.00 Perfume In  Fancy
Bottles   Special 115c
Regular Values $1.50 each ... Special $1.00
Regular Values $1.00 each .... Special 75c
Regular Values $1.00 and $1.25 Special 75c
All   Face  Powders  arc  On   Sale.    Colours
flesh, brunette and while.
Combination  Powder Pull's nml Face Powder al Special Prices.
A8SOI'tetl Cold Creams, reg. 50c Special.35c
Regular Value $1.00 each .... Special 75c
Regular Value 35c each     Special 25c
-and   Don't   Forget
Johnson's Baby Powder
has s.i many uses In the miner)-.
I Ins |iowiler is the very heat fur
tender ikllls—ant! is niaile ill a wnrhl
famous laboratory,
Sheet Music
Lots of popular numbers, reg.
40c und 50c copy  3 for JIOc
('nine curly and gel your choice
Large Size, reg. $1.00, Sale Price
Peroxide, small size, reg. 25c, Sale  ...
Large Size. reg. 75c, Sale Price .... 55c
I'l'lils Is nol the clioap Peroxide Hint yon buy
in  (In- lOe Sinn-, lint a  lliinrillilecil  Product
hy n well known rit-m i
Millard's Liniment, reg. 35c, Sale 25c
Beecham's Pills, reg. 35c, Sale Price . . . 25c
Fellow's Syrup rrypophosphltes,
reg. $1.75, Sale Price $1.45
Reef, Iron and Wine. reg. $1.25. Sale   $1.00
Cod Liver Oil Emulsion, reg. $1.25, Sale 115c
.leps, Cold Lozenges, reg. 50c, Sale 40c
Frtlil Saline, reg. 75c, Sale Price 50c
Fruit Sails, effervescing, reg. 75c, Sale 50c
Regular Value $1.00 ..
Regular Value 50c ...
Special 75c
Special 35c
We have so many different kinds, ii is hard
lo enumerate  them.    Come  iu  and  look
them over. From 15c a can to $1.(10 in price.
All Have Been  ileihiccil In  Price
Large liars Cast lie Soap, Special .. 25c ea.
Palm Oil Soap  12 Cakes for 25c
Cream Oil Soap  12 CakeH for 25c
Cucumber Soap 3 Cakes for 25c
Lemon Soai 3 Cakes for 25c
Baby Soap Dolls  2 for 25c
Baby Bear Soap   2 for 35c
Baby Soap   II Cakes for Wlc
These tire (iciinliic Simp lltirgaliis. ami we
only have a limited amount on hand,
so purchase early.
nAjn m*\t\>i nnl\t> wifo mnlh> wiofi)! mVfci wirffr iintV m*Hf i  ■■</!<   »VI>  nifl)  mtV mW' witV "W  mnUr "W   "VI   "W   »W   "W   itVi ■qtV mtUp woV mnV wuft  mA" «"A" »^fl


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