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Cranbrook Herald Mar 9, 1923

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Array nap** **"%?■
MM in: It   9
Golf Club Looks
for Good Season
Those who were unable to attend
the presentation of the delightful play
"The Trystlng Place" which waa put
on  by  The  Wycliffe  Players  nt  the
| Auditorium   ou   Friday  evening  last,
Duett lurmiNt'ii .aud .Member-
ship May Re Enlarged to
Meet Deficit Rosultng ^	
— 1 missed u rcul  treat.    The play  was
the Cran- retl"jr something worth while.    The
clever acting of all of the players was
Tho annual meeting of
brook Obit Club, and the Cranbrook
Golf ami Country Club wns held at
thu city hull at Monday evening, nnd
resulted in a very well attended meet'
lug. Mr. <l. J. Spreull, chairman of
the board of directors last year, pro
sidoil, and M. A. Bottle recorded Ihe
Mr. BealO read thu annual state'
me tit, which showed a deficit of
$821,44, This was noi due to any spe.
cfal conditions, no money practically
having been spent on tlie course last
yeur for Improvements. This was
urged as a reason for increasing the
membership dues. These wero finally fixed for next year nt $20 for gentlemen anil $15 for ladles, after an
amendment to Increase the men's fee
lo only $17.60 had been lost.
The election of directors for the
coming year resulted In the following
being named: .Messrs. G. J. Spreull,
\V. H. Grubbe, W. H. Wilson, C. J.
Little and Mrs. Hogarth. P. A. Small
was re-elected auditor.
Mrs. C. 0. Staples was elected the
ladies' captain and E. H. McPhee the
gentlemen's captain. Messrs. C 0.
Staples and A. Graham were named
as the official delegates to the annual
meeting of the Crow's Nest Golf Association.
At a subsequent meeting of the directors, Mr. Spreull was re-elected
chairman and M. A. Beale secretary-
treasurer; Mrs. Hogartli chairman of!
tho house committee; Mr. W. R.
Grubbe chairman of the greens committee; Mr. W. H. Wilson chairman of
the tournament committee; Mr. C. O.
Staples chairman of the handicap
committee; these selecting their own
members to complete the committees,
The outlook Is considered quite promising for the season, there being already applications coming in for new
A r,lc.'.r,ir.-; incident t:ol: plttw on
Monday evening at the regular meet
Ing ot* the Odd Fellows' Lodge, when
Itro. John Manning, one of the oldest
Pust Noble Grands in point of standing with tin1 Lodge, was presented
with a veteran's Jewel, which marks
nn unbroken connection of a quarter
of n century with the Order. The
jewel is a silver modal, with enamel
centre, and is suitably engraved.
The presentation was made on he-
half of the present Noble Grand, K. 0.
Dlngley, by Past Grand Master H.
White, who expressed the desire that
Bro, Mantling might yet he spared to
receivo bis fifty year jewel.
Iu acknowledging the presentation,
Bro. Manning recalled the early days
of the Lodge, when it was difficult to
carry on In the face of n small membership. He hnil the satisfaction of
watching the Lodge grow to its present nourishing condition, and has had
tho distinction Of hnving held office
for every one of the years he has lichen
q member here. He also spoke of the
pleasure litS connection with the
lodge here had brought to him.
Hro. .Manning was one of those who
helped to organise the local Lodge,
and very BOOH afterwards transferred
from his home lodge In Winnipeg. Ho
Is also an esteemed and faithful member of the Rebekuh Lodge and lhe Encampment. Iu honor of lhe event on
Monday evening, a social time was Indulged in at the close Of the regular
lodge proceedings.
Coming Even*
Friday and Saturday, March 9 nnd 10:
"Dr. Jack" at The Star Theatre.
Monday and Tuesday, Mar. 12 aud 13:
"Chain Lightning" at The Star.
Wednosduy und Thursday, March 14
and 15: "Ileadin' West," at the Star.
Friday, March 1G: G. W. V. A. annual masquerade dance at Auditorium.
Saturday. March 17 —St. Patrick's
Day: "My Wild Irish Rose," at the
Star Theatre.
Saturday, March 17: Ten and Sale by
Uflies' Guild of St. Mary's Church.
Monday, April 2: Easter Monday Ball
at Auditorium, In aid ot Hospital.
quite above thut which is ordinarily
expected from amateurs.
It was an "all stnr" cust, lo choose
between whom would be Impossible.
Thu play opens with Mr. Deri Johnson
as "Lancelot Briggs" typifying the
love sick youth unburdening his soul
to tho charming young widow, Mrs.
Curtis. The manner In which this
part was taken by Miss Agnes Reekie
was enough to cause palpitation of
tho heart to any admirer who might
be fearing the fuflure of bis suit
Poor tancelot who had Just stammered along to the happy discovery
that Mrs. Curtis's husband had tie
parted this life, and thnt she was an
eligible widow, was just renewing the
attack, when who should appear in
the oiling but his spiteful mother and
sister, who took strong exception to
his attentions to Mrs. Curtis. Fearing discovery he took refuge under
the sofa, which formed one of many
hiding places tn this fatal hotel parlor.
Mrs. C. 0. Staples, taking the part
ot Lancelot's sister "Jessie," then appeared with her widowed mother "Mrs.
Briggs" (Mrs E. L. Staples), and falling to find Lancelot, Jessie remained
behind while the mother went in
search of her youthful son. It was
not long before Rupert, Jessie's lover
appeared on the scene, and after a
few words of appreciation ot the advantages ot hotel parlors as the Ideal
places for lovers, did not let the grass
grow under his feet In the matter ot
telling the old, old story to Miss Jessie. Jimmle Jones as "Rupert" mado
an Ideal lover. Mrs. C. 0. Staples
took the part of tlie amorous "Jessie"
to perfection.
This second love episode met the
same fate as the first, "'MrB. Briggs"
this time being the Intruder. Lancelot remained In fearful hiding under
the sofa, and heard all sorts of things
about himself as viewed from the mother's and Bister's standpoint. Mrs.
Elmore   Staples   as   Jessie's   Mother
On Thursday there passed away at] Rod and (Juil C hill's    8tatl(IIUg|rlok
■  •*•••••  •(attendance and c      . 5   ri  ■
is Live Body
us Live Sportsmen's Hotly
Shown iu Business \'\,
Preparations for the big St. Pat-
Eve Veterans' Masquerade
are going well ahead, and the
the St. Eugene Hospital Mrs. Matilda
Jane Stevens, wife of Mr. H. J. Stev
ens.   The late Mrs. Stevens was wel 	
and favorably known to many friends *~*
In Cranbrook, having como here from!    With an attendance of about thirty
tho Old Country about 13 years ago,!0** more- -he annual 'meeting of the
and since spending most of the time Cranbrook District Rod and Gun Club
in II, C. was  l,e*d  on  Thursday  evening, and  the move, and ull interested should be j Spiers   71.06.    Mabel    Slender   71.06,
Besides her husband who is left to|lI,u customary live meeting resulted, j on hand ou Sunday next al 8.30 p.m.! Pearl Pritchanl 69.81, Alleyne Wal-
Tho session was a long one, lasting Ul tlio club Rooms. linger   09.56,    Wllhelmlne   Woodman
from about eight till close   on    mid-, — I (19,50, Marlon Miles 68, Ronald Haynes
67.10.   Marguerite  Cuveu  66.62,  John
First Class, 75'. i- and over: Jessie
Dance are going well ahead, and thejMcInnis 80'6*-< Enn Davey 80.43, So-
event promises well. Seats will be1-'1'1* Mu,,or 7S-0I)- Jflck Cumminga
reserved ror spectators, and no one 77,31' peter ^•""•n H-18, Ray Beech
will lie allowed on the floor without I'7, Ivv Deza11 "5-43-
a mask. '    Second Class, 60'/.  to 76%: Wlnnt-
— fret)  Beale 73.68,  Billie Taylor 73.43.
The G.W.V.A. Concert Parly Is on|Margarel     MacDonald     72.81,     Ethel
Annual   Report   Shows   Many
Mntters oi Moment Came
I'll During  Year
mourn, Mrs. W. Hcwson of Cranbrook
and 11. J. Stevens of Xakusp will miss
their mother.
The funeral which will be of a private nature, will take place on Sunday ut 4 o'clock, Rev. F. V. Harrison
night, and a great deal or ground was' The Annual Memorial Service to
covered. Among the visitors or the! our fallen comrades will be held In
evening were a delegation    of   four the Auditorium on Sunday. April 8th.
from the Port Steele Rod A; Gun C
Helmslng 115.31, Ediih Johnson
Graham  Dale 65.86,  Cleland   Parkin
to hack up some reconimendaiions in
ub.JThe Cranbrook Musical Society have; 61.87.   Loran   Jordan   61.62,   Harland
The late Mrs. Stevens had not en-|r«W*'    t0    -•>• onen s«as(,n  for bl6
Joyed good health for some time, the
Immediate cause of death being pneu
monia. Mr, Stevens has also been far
from robust of late.
The homes of two well-known local
residents were saddened to-day by the
death of tfrs. Mary MacLeod, wife of
Mr. John MacLeod, and mother of Mrs,
J. W. Rutledge and Miss MacLeod.
The deceased, who was nearing her
82ml birthday, was taken with cold
at the beginning of the week, which
following an attack of bronchitis early in the year, developed into pneumonia. Despite all that medical aid
could do she was unable to rally, and
though bright until the last, she lapsed Into unconsciousness on Thursday,
passing peacefully away to-day.
Left to mourn the loss of a kind
helpmate and loving mother Is the
sorrowing husband, and besides the
daughters mentioned above, the following of a family of eight daughters
and one son survive: Mrs. Zllly of
Tacoma, Wash., Mrs. McKay of Seattle, Mrs. Lot Crocker of Hyaniss,
Mass., Mrs. W. H. Crooks ot Van CleekJ
Hill, Out., and Mrs. Manielly of Portland, Oregon.
Born In 1841, the only daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald McKlilop, of
Finch, Berwick, One. the late Mrs.
McLeod was married in 1870, and in
1907, with her husband, came west
and settled in Kaslo, where in  1020
game; Dominion Fisheries Inspector
Robinson, Gregory Thomas, of Moyle,
game warden, und four Interested Indians. B. T. Cooper was in the
chair, and J. F. Gulmont was lu his
accustomed place as secretary-treasurer.
After the minutes of previous meetings had been dealt with, the secretary reported progress 'on business
which had been before the Club before. The most Important item In
this regard was the proposed establishment of a hatchery fur the cut -
throat trout in this district. This is
something that the club has been asking for from the dominion government. Mr. Guimont showed voluminous correspondence in regard to the
hatchery with Dr. King, the miniate:
and deputy minister of fisheries, the
chief inspector, and others, but ut
present the project seems to be held
in abeyance pending the report to be
presented to the government by the
recently appointed fisheries commission. All possible* effort, will still be
expended in this direction. The action taken hy the secretary in regard
to this correspondence was formally
Mr. Gulmont also reported that another vexed question had been more
successfully tackled, that or defining
fully the boundaries ot the Elk River Game Reserve. This had been established by crder-ln-council primarily at his suggestion, and the reserve
now contained about a Hundred square
| miles more than previously, and tho
kindly   promised   lo   provide   suitable Clark 01,52.
music, and we hope that the members1    Third Class, liu' -  to urt',
of all the Church Choirs will lead the   Parkin 58, Elbe t'harboneau
singing as was done last year.   Fur- Sanderson 50.12.
ther particulars will he given later.        Fourth   Class,   below   50
«- Leask   49.7")   (missed   some
Don't  forget  the  Masquerade Ball, tlons  through sickness).
Friday, March 10th In the Auditorium.' A. WOODLAND,
It promises to be the Lest yet. j DIVISION II.
The 24th May Celebration committee stato arrangements are well under way, and we hope to produce the
best 24th yet. Any suggestions will
be welcomed. Yes, I hoar you say
"Dust," but that will be taken care of.
We'll probably pick It all up and put
lt in Moyle Luke, or ration it out to
housewives who haven't enough dust
Ing to do.
they   celebrated   their   golden   wed-
i ding.    Since  then they  have made  , ,
I their home here with their daughter, I confines of tho reserve would be quite
| played the part oMhe designing wl*|MrB# j   w   RUt.edge. (clearly  marked  for  tlie guidance  ol
|*..c'.y sirtonftfcHrr tnd Attn .Ir.a.ly p..; ,   -*jihe   late  \|r8, 'MacLeod   bad  the (ail hunters.    Mr.  Gulmont reported
suadlng her daughter to retire to her
own room was au unwary party lo the
third episode in this chamber of eaves-
dropplngs. Here, not knowing that
under thu sofa was her son Lancelot
and behind another chair was her
daughter's lover Rupert, she entertained her girlhood sweetheart, Mr.
Ingoldsby, lu a manner that had all
tho earmarks of one, who if the proposition to partake iu a second mutri
monia) adventure, was put up in the
proper manner, would not take long
to decide.
Had her suitor not lost so much
time reproaching his old love for failing him, he might have arrived nt a
happy conclusion before H. S. Young
as "Tho Mysterious Voice" upset
things by Insisting on quietness In
tlie hotel parlor, where he had been
sitting from the start of the courting.
Mr. C. O. Staples as "Ingoldsby" was
also very good, setting oft the foibles
of the middle aged bachelor to perfection.
The "Trystfug Place" Is a humorous
play, and well acted. It was bo much
enjoyed that everyone was dlsappolnt-
iid when Ihe end came so soon. "Guld
gulds are done up In small parcels,"
Dancing until after mid-night con-
luded tho pleasant evening's enter-
talnmont. the music being given by the
Melody Five.
L. A. TO B. OF R. T. SI R-
After the last regular meeting of
Queen Alexander Lodge, No. 424, LA.
to B. of R. T., a surprise party waa
tendered to one of the members, Mrs.
W. H. Wilson (nee Ruby Finley) on
tho occasion ot her recent marriage.
Cards and music were the order of
entertainment. At 11 p.m. delicious
refreshments were sewed, after which
prizes were handed to tlie following,
recipients: Mrs. J. MacNelll, Mrs. S.
Fyles, and Messrs. R. Leonard and C.
Mrs. P. C. Hartmll, the president,
on behalf of the members, In a few
well chosen words then presented
Mrs. Wilson with a gift of cut glass,
A speech was called for, lo which Ihe
bride very ably responded. Those present were delighted to have the pleasure of the bride's sister, Mrs. V. S.
Llddlcoat of Lister with Ibem on this
occasion, which terminated nt midnight.
It Is understood thnt the popular
entertainment put on by lhe Rebekah
Lodge last week at the Auditorium,
will be repeated towards the end of
he month, to give those who did not
see Iho first performance an opportunity of being present. The program
will be varied slightly from the original one, which will tend to enhance
tho Interest aroused In the concert.
pleasure of living to see the children
of her fourth generation,
Mrs. Manielly of Portland Is on her
way here to attend the funeral, which
Is to take place Sunday from the residence of Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Rutledge.
The Herald Joins with many friends
In extending lo the bereaved husband
and sorrowing children sincere sympathy.
The Cranbrook hockey team Journeyed to Fernie Friday night to try
conclusions with an all-star aggregation in the coal city. Tbe team will
be without the services of Batchelor
and H. Blumenauer. Bert Grady is
going along as extra spare.
Flash: Fernie was victorious, win
ning by 6 to 2.
Angus Hay, district horticulturist,
returned this week from Kamloops,
attending while there the meeting of
the Co-Operatlve Wool Growers' Association. He feels that the outlook
for the wool growers is bright, and reports that in tho Komuoops district
the new co-operative movement for
the marketing ot the products of the
Okanagan and adjoining districts Is
making wonderful headway, even the
Chinese and Ihe Hindus, quite a big
factor In the vegetable production of
that district, are falling in line and
signing the contract whereby they agree to market co-operatively. Mr.
Hay predicts that In the future, when
the vegetable production of the district here warrants It, the movement
must become established here.
On March 2nd a case was heard before Magistrate Leask under the Narcotic Drugs Act, when Felix Barresse
was charged with trafficking In dope,
several vials of morphine being found
In his possession. The case was prosecuted by Corporal Wilson of the local R.C.M.P. detachment, resulting In
a conviction being obtained, and a fine
of $400 Imposed. Falling to pay the
fine the accused was taken to Nelson
to spend 12 mouths In Jail. Needless
to say the police arc always on tbe
watch for this traffic, but It Is difficult
to obtain absolutely conclusive evidence In many cases.
The Innovation of a combination of
a first class musical programme with
the moving pictures was tried out by
Ihe management of the Star Theatre
and the Clef Club last Friday and
Saturday, and judging from lhe crowded houses that greeted ench perform*
ance, nnd the applause accorded each
number, It certainly proved a greal
success. Besides a good feature picture and a comedy, the following programme was rendered: Solocllons
from H.MS. Pinafore; Sunny South;
Swanee Smiles (fox trot); Isle ot
Dreams; Mr. Trombooeology; Harry
Under Medley.
also having furnished Croft &. sens,
The first game In the Men's Basketball League at the C.R.C. was
played at the C. R. C. gym. Wednesday
night between Ihe High School and
Y.M.C.A., resulting in a win for the
former team, the score being 30 to 22,
The game throughout was roughly
contested. The Y.M.C.A. excelled In
combination work but tbe High School
boys had the edge In shooting and In
checking. F. Bamford proved a good
referee. H. McLean and C. Musser
starred for High School, while A. Gill
and V, Woodman showed up well for
the Y.M.C.A.
The games scheduled for the coming
,«..wk iii-.- us follows ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Friday, Match Uth—Y.M.C.A. vs. City.j Melnnls t-T.'lean Home
Wednesday, March 14th—City vs. High | Home 7.1, Sellua Dixon
The following is tlie annual report
presented to the meeting Of the Rod
and  Gun  Club   on   Thursday  by  ihe
secretary treasurer, J. F. Gulmont,
Cranbrook. B.C..
March 8th, 1923.
To the Officers and  Members of the
Cranbrook   District   Und   and   Gun
Fellow Sportsmen.
In presenting tbe fifth annual report
of the Cranbrook District Rod and
Leonard UU|1 (_']U|)i \ W(su (-irst l0 uiauk tlie
officers and members who assisted In
making our activities justify our existence for the year just past, speaking volumes for future possibilities.
The various subjects demanding our
attention during the year, received
generous publicity In the local papers,
and were thoroughly discussed at our
meetings. The correspondence tabled
shows what point our various nego-
Johnston 75.2, Evelyn Ward 71. EJnar nations have reached and your consideration ot the unfinished matters
will be appreciated.
The most Important item to be tol-
1.42, Ivv
:    Elvin
Total   enrolment
tendance 15.
Class A:   Tom Marshall 76, James
Erleksson 70.12, Malcolm Harris 68 H
Sherman Harris 67.S8, Jack Swan
66.22, Lillian Lewis 65.65, Aubrey McKowan 65.22, Murray Curd en 66, Jack
Genost 64.66, Ray Brown 68.66, Catherine Harrison 63.22, Bert Laurie
61.44, David Frame 60.77. Pat Taylor
60, Arnold Holdener 59, Jack Henderson 68.33, Edgar Sanderson 47.56.
Cluss B: Mac Horie 60.12, Tom Collings CO, Hllllard Simpson 56.44. Dorothy Shaw 55.25, Leslie Sainsbury 55.
Kenneth McNeil 63.33. Melville Reed
53.22. Billy MacDonald 51.S9. Donald
Burton 51.87, Jessie Brown 61,63. Willie Taylor 51.44, Harry Patterson
50.33, James McFarlone 4S.22. Netty
Johnston 47.33, Henry Kemball 46.77.
William Dargie 45.12.
Absent from exams: Mary Daniels,
James Dalziel, Pearl Gooderham.
F. E. MAQEE. Teacher
Junior Fourth: Frank Breunan S3.
Elsio Ericson 82.:;. Phyllis Thompson
SU. Margaret Willis BO-S, Solvelg Lund-
qulflt 80.4. Josephine PasCUXSO SO.
Marlon Kuinmer 79.8. Florence Finley
79.6, Fraser MacKay 79.5. Edith Car-
lyle 78, Jack Barber 76. Cyril Harrison
74.6. Hazel Campbell 71.4. Margaret
3 2.  Harriet
of Toronto, with much Information as School.
to varieties of fish found here, nnd the Friday, March 16th—High School vs.
baits that wero most desirable. Y.M.C.A.
The annual report, as published In —■—   •«•»•—	
another column was read by Mr. (Jul- ,   ,,    „    „ , , ,,    .         ...    I Frank  Malone
,   ,       ,        .               ,   „,, A big HI.  Patricks dance fs being
mont nnd given forma! approval. The ,    ..    ,,.,, „ ,.  ,, ,.         ..
..       , ,                       .        .    ,   . put on in the Mill Hall. Ynhk, on the
financial report was also adopted as1
.-_—.i    .- i     . . ,         , ,      . Irishmens Night,    Saturday of next
presented,  showing  total  receipts  of        ,     .,     .      „ ,
,„,«»»       ,          ,   ,  .           .        ,    week,   March ,17th.     Dancing    s   to
$342.08, and a cash balance of nearly j     '      t   onn.    __..   „ L,	
half that amount. Hearty approval,
was also giveu to the item Included in
the expenditures for a silver tea set,
u wedding present to Mr. and Mrs.
Gulmont from the club.
The election uf officers for the new
year resulted In the election of the
Hon. President   Hon. J. H. King
Hon. Vice-Pres. ... N. A. Walllnger.
M. L. A
President      E.  T. Cooper
Vice-Pres. ... Dr. O. E. L. MacKinnon
Executive   Messrs. H. Mott, F.
II. Dezull, Webster, Lester
Clapp, G. B. Willis, Corp. D.
Wilson and A.  Hurry.
Al the request ot Mr. Gulmont the
office of secretary-treasurer was left
to tho excutive lo see to, he again expressing a desire to retire, a proposal not taken very kindly to by the
club members, In view ot the able fashion In which he has handled the affairs of the club coming under his
When the matter of making the recommendations for the big game open seasons was taken up, recommendations by tho Fort Steele Club were
taken Into consideration, and in many cases endorsed. Mr. Guimont. Gregory Thomas and others tendered advice on these matters which helped In
the conclusions arrived at, and the
recommendations which will he made
are as follows:
Moose, closed season; elk, season
to be same as for sheep, bag limit one
male; bear, as last year; caribou, closed season; sheep, two months, from
15th September, bag limit two rams;
gont, same as for sheep, bag limit
throe; deer, all Kind.. as now.
In regard lo dm-ks and geese, It
was thought best to defer Ihe opening of the season from September 1st
to the 15th.
Tho closed season on trapping will
■tlso be recommended again.
Iu regard to membership, It was
pointed oue hy the secretary and others, thai with (he number ot tourists
expected iu Mils year, Iho co-operation
-if the hoard of trade should be sought
-to that Ihe two bodies could work together more. Although the Rod nnd
(inn Club membership has increased,
it was thought there should bo a
more general effort among tho members lo get others in. A membership
committee of Messrs. A. Hurry and O.
B. Willis was appointed, with power
(Continued on Page I)
ommeuce   at   £.30,   and   Robinson's
three piece orchestra will be lu at-
11 enda nee.
lowed closely, is cur request for a
local hatchery. Though the situation
in this connection is not us hopeless
as it appeared a short time ago, there
Is still reason to believe thnt If we
persist, success will crown our efforts.
Further progress is at present being
delayed awaiting the result of the report of tho Special Fishery Conunts-
sion. appointed last year by tbe Federal Government to Investigate British Columbia Fisheries.
Our recommendations to the Game
Conservation Board were given due
consideration and many of our suggestion.1, were Incorporated In the
Game Regulations for last season.
On August Sth twenty-five young
pheasants were received by the Fort
Steele Rod and Gun Club, from the
Game Conservation Board. They are
now being properly looked after by
that Club and are a valuable addition
to tiie bird life of the district.
On June 26th 50,000 Kamloops Trout
eyed eggs were received, in charge of
Mr. C. H. Robinson, Fishery Overseer
• i HelMfei and -pre hatched dy the
$ Bill Wolfe g'ltVe' method, with apparent success
Kennetl in I-am*> Creek, emptying into Upper
Moyle Lake. The total cost to the
Club was only $17.86.
Some of the lakes iu tbe district,
which were stocked for the first time
in   1921   with  Kamloops  Trout,   have
72.6,  Elizabeth  Miller ^^^^^^
Bassett 72, Harry Helse 69.1, Marion
Williams   69.   Birnie   Strachan   68.8
Etta  McOlll 68.2.  Robert  Taylor. 68,
        .   Dan   Brake   66.7.
Margaret Eye 66, Owen Slye 65. Nancy
Nlsbet 63. Pearl Saunders 62. Colrit: produced wonderful results, and your
McBumle 61, Allan Gill 59. Helen recommendation is requested regard-
Briggs 58, Marion Carr absent. 'nS the closing of these lakes for a
HAZEL M. TREMBATH.       suitable period.
When the Egg Pedlars of Kooten*
ay Orchard won    the   odd game In
On July 1st a successful trap shoot
wa? held. Creaton and Cranbrook competing. Tbe local club paid the cost
of shells for the visitors, amounting
Enrolment  34;   pupils  having  per
feet attendance 16. ^    ^^^^^^^^^^
Class standing: Ronald Moffatt 75. to $20. About four weeks later a
Evelyn Bowley 74. Madelfue Woodman Cranbrook team relumed the visit
73. John Metcalf 72, Fred Stojack 70.7. and took part in a competition in
Birthel Benson 70, Bertie MacDonald   Creston,
68. Jessie Tito C7, Ruth Kennedy 66. | The activities of your Club in con-
Kathleen Henderson 64.1. Elsie Willi* nection with trap shooting demand
three at the rink Saturday night, they! 64, Farnk Martin 63. Gordon Freeman your attention, and a program should
made themselves the guests of Mor- 62. Robert Willis 61, Grace McClure he outlined for the coming season,
rison's "Bareknees" at a chicken sup- and Mabel Clarke 60, Helen Collings The hatchery equipment owned by
per. The game on Saturday was a 56.4, Ruth Challender 59, Amy Ban the Club has been removed from the
most keenly contested ten-end affair,1 Quan 57, Billy Flett 56, Madeline De- old curling rink and suitably stored
"nd wasn't won till almost the lost] michel 55, George Fanning 53. Gcr- near Mr. W. J. Uimb's.
don Rsnkfns 52, Jean McPhee 61.8,
George Kemball 51, Walter Fanning
60, Allan Shaw 49, Isabel Frame 44.5.
Jessie Cassels 44, Mary Genest 42,
Jack Horie 40, Eva Slender 38. Pat
McDonald 30. Willie Spence absent
rock In the last end. The Kootenay
Orchards quartette were right up on
their toes, and were curling in great
form, and really deserved to win. D.
Garnham skipped a good game, with
fine support from Mc. Crindle, Gart-
slde und Ogden, the remainder of bis
rink. The Morrison rink was made
up of Jno. Martin, Bert Sang. P. A.
Williams and P. M. Morrison.
The aftermath came on Wednesday
night, when the L. D. Cafe certainly
did its utmost to put up a satisfactory
spread for the occasion. At this time
the mayor was also an invited guest,
and an extremely bountiful supper
was Indulged iu.
8o tho hatchet was burled for a
time, but not for lonp, for after they
got through an adjournment was
made to Iho rink, and Harry Ogden
skipped the Egg Pedlars against Bert
Sang for the losers. This time the
tables were turned ,but It was only
a friendly encounter. A great deal ot
Interest has leen nrouscd in these games, and lt Is predicted that next
winter, there will be at least ono new
rink in evidence from Kootenny Orchards In the running for the Jewelry.
Though little effort was put for-
■ ward for membership, ten more members than last year paid their annual
duo-, which shows that with a little
work a large and active organization
can be built up.   This phase of your
At a meeting of the committee on
Thursday evening of this week, It was
decided not to proceed with Iho proposed two-night henefil performance
for Ihe Boy Scouts, which was to
hovo been put on at the Star Theatre
ou the 19th and 20th of this month.
Utter announcement will he made
as to lhe date the performance la to
he put on, some changes In the program haviitfc become necessary,
S. D. WHITE. Teacher, 'work should be carefully considered
III VISION V. 'and definite action taken.
Enrolment 39.   Attendance 35.18. Your recommendation of last year
Senior Third: Mildred Bridges 87.2. concerning the trapping of fur bear-
Nora Miles 86.2, Dennie Turner 85.8. ing animals, should again be conBid-
Audrey   Collier   80,   Leltch   Paterson 'ered.
79.6, Ernest Worden 77.4, Rita Strach- j The regulations concerning trout
an 76.6, Helen Helse 75.8, Arthur Sa- ' fishing should be gone Into and any
kagulchl 75, Ida McGregor 74. Elsie . change* recommended to the Depart-
Wood 71, Melanle Lebeau 69. Garnet! meat.
Patmore 68.2. Nellie Miller 68. Mary rhe changes in game regulations
Huchcroft 67.8. Harry Roy 67.8. Nor- passed by the Fort Steele Rod and
ma Surtees 64.8. Billy Cameron 63.8,'Gun Club have been submitted for
Sophia McGregor 62.8, David Weston \ your approval and should be oonsld-
62.8, Hazel Williams 62.4, Paul Har- ered when dealing with these mat-
rlson   61,   Rose   Burton   60.2.   Simon  lore.
Frost 60.2, Nellie Sakagulchi 60, Ma-. During the past month, two cougar
ry Ranking 57.7, James Drew fi6.2f; hunters have covered a large section
Mnry Robertson 54.6. Winnie Haynian'of the district, and though they only
53.6, Hazel Simpson 62.6, Joe Llitle killed one animal, their work shows
51.6. Clifford Haynes 51.2, Elmer H»lm:!fc'ii the district is not badly overruu
61, May Cox 50.6. Kathleen Haley 60.1. V cougars as rumors would Indicate,
Jny Welkle 46.6, Hurry Funning 42.[«nil the $40 bounty has been a great
help In their extermination.
The thanks of this Club are due in
.i particular way to our supporters at
uii outside points, who assisted tu Increasing our membership and main-
tallied nn interest in our activities.
The abovo Is submitted for your approval and the same measure of cooperation Is requested for my successor as I received, and which I greal ly
George Pelton 40, Ethel  Pugsley absent.
H. D. DeCEW, Teacher.
Number enrolled 45; perfect attendance 14.
Georgo Futa  79.k,  Mae Gooderham i
77.  Katharine  Martin   73,   Irene  Mo-j
Innes   72.4,   Clarence   Hiholey   72.2,
(Continued on Page I)
 ~r~  |
The electrical de,)urtn»ent of lhe city desires to notify the public thnt the
power will be tiff on Sunitny morning  ^e>-.	
next, commencing nt S n.m., till «b-. Mr. J. P. DridiM had the mlafor-
out 11 a.m., to permit or work being tune to smash his thumb the other day
curried out on tho plant or lines tt when repairing a wagon wheel, the
Bull lllvor. Injury lielng eitremely painful. VAOK  TWO
Friday, rUnrcli 9, 1038
is a very precious tiling. Tt ,
should not be neglected If she
complains oE headaches. The
chances are they are caused by
defective eyesight. We can remedy all such troubles quickly by !
providing Jusl the right kind of
glasses that will enable her to
see better and to dispense with
the headaches. Our service Is
up-to-date and our charges ure
Jewelers ami upiirintu
m:xt to thi: post office
Ok Cranbrook Gerald
Published Ovary Friday
made him a BUCCessftll man or
law und bUBlnesB, and many
cases of extreme moment were
put into his hands. His amaz
ingly active mentality was up
parent in the conduct ot his
law husiness, the smallest details heing meticulously looked
into, but he was, nevertheless,
a man of old fashioned habits
which hound liini as with
His blunt and out spoken
manner won for him a certain
following, and sincerity was
wril large upon the man
A fighter to the last, lie lived
up to his popular nick-name.
even in his struggle against Hi
inroads of disease. Tlie world
loves a lighter, and that is why
Joe Martin, with all his habitual belligerency was popular
as a man, though noi in what
he deemed was his mission.
Possibly the country would
come lo no greal harm if there
were more Joe Marlins in tho
Aiilinrrlpllnn I'rlrti .
To United Mule* ..
. X2.U0 per year
. tiM per year
"Wile,   a   Mlaeloti   Without   a   Mnaala"
Printed by tlnloa Labor
Ad.ertl.ltiK natea nn Application.
ClianKea for Advertlatnc MUST be In
thle office Wednesday noon the ourrant
week to eectira attention.
MARCH       1923
•W MM TU« wm  1MU FRI   JAT
12 3
4 5 6 7 8 910
1819 20 2122 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
FRIDAY, MARCH  0, 1923
Au outstanding figure in. the
life of tbe Province a generation ago passetl out last week
in the person of "Fighting Joe"
His name was almost a
household word in the West,
particularly in Manitoba and
British Columbia, where his lot
was principally cast. Possessed of a remarkable vigor lie
was in bis younger days a masterful leader aud a fearsome opponent, and his record shows
lii 111 to have been a veritable
stormy petrel in politics,
His first political experience
was in Manitoba, where he was
attorney general and minister
of education for three years, retiring over one of his characteristic disagreements with his
chief. Next turning his atten-
lion to federal politics, he sat
al Ottawa for a term, and was
then defeated by another redoubtable, Hugh John McDonald.
In 1917 he made his advent
into this province, and at once
entered upon a meteoric career In politics. lie came to be
leader of the opposition to the
government of .1. II. Turner. It
was somewhat later that the
historic incident occurred
whereby "Fighting Joe" contested with McBride the right
to occupy the seat as premier
of the province, a dispute which
the House settled in favor of
(he latter.
In the Semlin Government
Mr. Martin became attorney-
general, but breaking with his
leader again, he went into opposition, and was himself called upon to form a government
In succession. He held office
for about three months, and
was not sustained at Ihe polls.
Incidentally It is worth noting
that lie was lhe first public man
to advocate the uniting of the
Coasl and the Kootenay by rail,
which he lived to see completed
under other regimes.
In later years he was at-
Iracted to Hritish politics, and
lirst won a seat in the Imperial
Parliament in 11109 for Strat-
ford-on-Avon, gaining one of
lhe London seals at the next
election. He then came back to
Ibis province, and sought to enter ihe political arena once again, Inn his record had made
him fenred by friend and foe
alike, and be never got back In -
lo public life again.
The forcefulness that roughened his road as a politician
Warm tribute to tlie colonization work carried on in the
past by the Salvation Army in
this country, made by no less a
personage than Sir John W'illi-
son, of Toronto, iu a recent
speech on immigration matters
as affecting the future of the
country. He staled thai lie believed the Immigration policy
of the future could quite safely
be left in tlie hands of the
Army, whose colonists had iu
the past made a conspicuous
success of their new venture,
due to a sympathetic system of
oversight; and more than thai.
their policy of selection was
stringent, and left room for
very few failures.
*   a   a   .
At last the election has been
fought to please everybody. In
the North Essex seat, where a
vacancy was made hy the untimely demise of the late minister of railways, a lasl minute
Conservative opposition candidate was brought forward. In
Ihe voting the late minister's
majority of over seven thousand was reduced lo aboul fifteen hundred, Belleville and
Brampton, two of the largest
urban centres going strongly
opposition, and the rural vote
clinging to the government. It
is stated that the Liberals were
satisfied with tbe majority, and
the opposition look upon it as
a moral victory to reduce a minister's majority thus.
e    e    *    e
J. E. Arniisbaw, of Vancouver Island, is reported to have
broken away from the newly
organized provincial parly, of
which he has been one of the
leaders since its inception, lie
Is reported lo be convinced thai
even In a movement not yel oui
of its swaddling clothes there
are "sinister motives" opening through the heads of the
movement against the ultimate
interests of the fanners. The
likelihood is that il will be
found that the so-called old -
line parlies are not per se rot-
ton to Ihe core, but may have
been debased by the ambitions
of individual', and slill represent the logical line for the division of opinon politically.
e    e    e    e
Had it not been for the exceptionally severe weather conditions last winter, necessitating a great deal of exlra maintenance work at the reservoir.
the city water system would
have shown a healthy surplus
instead of a small deficit, nnd
the tables would have been turned lu the city receipts ami disbursements, which would also
in turn have shown a surplus for the first lime lu the city's history for a while hack.
r\ .:'       MADE IN CANADA
Eke The  importance of &
I I Vila.nines in food Is
being recognized at
i the  present  time to a
1 I'realcr extent than ever
I before.   It has been con-
l clusively demonstrated
I that yeast is rich in this
j ull important element.
,   Many  people have re-
f, ceivod  (t.-t-nt   benefit
\ physically simply by tak-   (
\ iini  one.  two  or three
i  Royal Yeast Cnkcs aday.
Send ..cime mid address
^ for tree copy "Royt.1 Yeait
| C&ttes for Better Health,"
History bIiowb a rather remarkable
precedent In which similar fiction on
the pari ot Prance worked nut quite
contrary to expectation.
Under Napoleon the Rhineland,
Itulir and more besides were established as tributary state to France.
For a tew years Napoleon's brother
Jerome controlled the Kingdom of
Westphalia, while niarshalls controlled the Confederation of the Rhine.
But when the War of Liberation came
In 1813 il was found that French aggression instead of weakening fler-
maii political unity had strengthened
It, And thai chapter of history ended
viih Blucher being acclaimed'In Paris
by Frenchmen to whom the imperialism of Napoleon bad become a nlglit-
nare.- Baltimore Sun.
uoonswoimrs motion
Very few people In Canada will be
moved by Mr. J. S. Woodworth's de-
atre to forego Germany her debts to
this country. His motion now before
the lionise of Commons at Ottawa will
furnish him ami some who share his
opinions with an opportunity to affront the mothers and sweethearts
md wives and fathers of those who
went to France iu order that men like
i lie Labor member for "Winnipeg Centre might continue to live in comfort
On this side of tbe Atlantic.-—Nauaimo
Tho Women's Institute held their
regular monthly meeting ou Tuesday,
March tith, and owing to the illness
of Mrs. F. Ii. ConHtantine, the vice-
president, Mrs, W. Wolfer took the
The attendance was exceptionally
large. During the usual business session It was decided to accept Ihe offer
kindly mode hy Mrs. Walker and .Mrs.
! Dunk or Nelson, and that n class in
'lace making bo started by the Institute.   Any lady in Grahbrook doslrlng
I to receive those lessons can do so hy
Joining tbe Women's Institute,
1    After tha eoueliMlmi of the- bunluetn.
you vax van this.
Regardless of political bias, the
every day citizen feels Ihe pinch of
provincial taxes. When he seeks tbe
why and wherefore, lie does nol get
very far. Aboul all lie can learn is
that each department of the Government is costing so much more than It
did a few years ago. Whether these
increased costs are warranted by the
results. Is a matter of opinion, but the
bold figures as contained in the public
accounts, certainly question lbe progress and husiness management of the
department of Hritish Columbia, If
i lie expenditures ami results in other
departments are in the same ratio,
then tlie tsix payer need not wonder
(hat "every day. In every way" his
InXes are getting bigger and bigger.
A close scrutiny of public accounts
for the years 1**11* io 1010 Inclusive
shows the administration of the Department or Mines to have cost $350,-
iiOO, with the mineral production of
the province during the same period
valued ai $101,000,000. For lhe period
between 1017 and l<-21 inclusive, the
cost of administration for the Department of Mines was $1,075,000, with a
mineral product ion valued at $17fi,-
000,000. Thus the cost for the Inst
live years was three times what it
was In Ihe previous live years, and Hie
mineral production was only $15,000,-
000 more.
And then, too, It must not he forgotten thnt tiie price of metals during
the past five years waa higher hy fnr
Mian iu the previous live years. Hut
this Is tun all. Of the $176,000,000 production, nearly $20,000,000 wns rep
seated by zinc and lend hi zinc ores
Which were treated nud recovered
through methods solved by the Consolidated .Mining and smelting Company of Troll, and in which Ihe De-
uartmeiit of Mines had no part what'
ever.     Therefore,   in   reality,   it   musl
he admitted that 11 cosl three times
OS much In (lie lust live years to administer a department responsible for
a mineral production nf five millions
less than lhe previous five year period.
Do you wonder at the increase In
your taxes?—Rosslaud Miner.
Saturday, March  10
WITHHOLD  NOT  GOOD:—  Withhold not good from them to whom lt
Is due, when it is in the power of
thine hand to do It.—Proverbs 3: 27,
Sunday, March 11
that keepeth his mouth keepeth his
life; but he that openeth wide his lips
shall have destruction.—Prov. 13: 3.
Monday, March 13
SELF PRAISE:—Let another man
praise thee, and not thine own mouth;
a stranger, and not thine own lips.
—Proverbs 27:  2.
Tuesday, March 13
burden upon the I-ord, nnd He shall
sustain thee:   Ho shall  never suiter
the righteous to be moved.—Ps. 55:22.
Wednesday, March 14
rati, If a mnn be overtaken in a fault,
yo which nre spiritual, restore such
an one in tho spirit of meekness; considering  thyself,   h-t-i   thou   also  be
tempted.*-Galatians C: 1,
Thursday, March l.*>
Glory be to God In the highest, and on
earth peace, good will toward men
—Luke 2: 14
Friday, March 10
God Is a sun and shield, the Lord will
give grace and glory; no good thing
will He withhold from them that walk
uprightly.—Psalm 84: 11.
Perfect Attendance: Josle Bleiare,
Wlnnlfred Harper, Louis Holm, Dolly
John, John Magro, Rosle Magro, Nora
Malone, Angelo Marapodl, Murray
Rombough, Edythe Wells, Ada Gammon.
Senior Second Header
RoHalyne   Weston,   Francis   Curie,
Dorothy Worthington.
Flrat Reader
Dolly Johns, Barbara Worthington,
Angelo Marapodl.
Second Primer
Ethel  Mugee, Joey Berkin, Edythe
E. N. SING, Teacher.
Perfect Attendance: John Brontsky,
Frank Blefare, Lee Gammon, James
Haley, Agnes Moore, Stanley Weston.
Honour Roll
A Class: Harry Sollnsky, James
Haley, Eileen Pantling, Tony Costello.
First Primer: Bud Sullivan, Annie
Ilerkin, Harold Curie, Lee Gammon.
Second Primer: John Bronsky, Hubert Lionel], Doris Eley, Marguerite
Marapodl, Victoria Pascuzzo.
I. M. PLEURY, Teacher.
Perfect Attendance, 13.
Junior Fourth
Gladys Stone, Evelyn Gartslde, Jack
Third Reader A
George   Atchison,   Mary   D'Hondt,
Andrew D'Hondt.
Third Reader I*
Mary Richmond, Jim Stone, Eddie
Gartslde, Frank Hern.
Second Reader Jr.
Marlon Richmond, Charlie Atchison,
Rose Noyce, George Noyce, Hlppolyle
Second Primer
Mary Stone, John Richmond.
First Primer
Ida Sakata, Ernest Ruault.
MAE S. JOHNSON. Teacher.
The Brunswick Lumber Company,
Ltd., a Vancouver concern, the head
of which Is Messrs. King and Jardlne,
lias acquired the lumber interests of
the late J. S. Deschamps at Birch-
bank, und will resume operations at
the plant utmost Immediately. The
price paid for the mill la not stated.
Victoria, ll.C—During last week
the district foresters of the Provincial
Forestry Branch were in session at
the Legislative Buildings, the object
being, explains Hon. T. 1). Pattulto,
Minister of Lands, to promote efficiency and secure uniformity of policy.
The duties of the foresters are many
and varied. They are required to act
aa responsible agents of the Government In un emergency, to appraise
timber at sales and to classify lands
needed for settlement.
Hon. Mr. Pattullo points out that
no matter hpw efficient the forestry
staff may tie, the final force and power
aro the people themselves. Only
through education, supplemented by
practice, can the vast timber resume
es of the province be preserved. He
gives out the Information that some
of the disastrous tires of Inst yeur
were of incendiary origin, In some
cases the tires being fanned Into life
deliberately. Instead of being extinguished.
"Hanging is too good for anyone
responsible for such a course," slates
the Minister, who says that Increased
protective measures are being pro
vhled for the coming season.
Norman Moore, district forester for
the Cranbrook Forestry District, has
been In attendance at the conference
Extracts from The Cranbrook
Herald of this date, 1903.
R. Woods and A. B. Trites have purchased the stores ot the Crows' Nest
Pass Coal Co. at Morrlssey, Michel
aud Coal Creek.
Improvements are planned to the
big lumber plant at Jaffray, according to Geo. Leitch, of this concern,
including a possible move of the entire plant to a point more advantageous about one mile to the west.
Aj Jollffe arrived ou Tuesday from
tho Old Country, accompanied by bis
The contract for the erection of the
addition to the new school has been
awarded to Jas. Greer.
Ed. Hill, tbe Moyle merchant, was
a visitor to the city on Monday.
Constipation? .BRemedy
must come from nature. Celery
King is a mixture of medicinal
herbs and roots that rids the system of impurities in a gentle,
natural way. An old and well tried
remedy—SOc and 60c packages.
A Salesman's Cough
irritatei hU customers—and makes
him inefficient and miserable.
Shiioh is the ideal remedy—it. is
not a bulky caugh mixture
but a special formula proven sue-
cessful for mai.y years. A few
drops brines immediate relief.
30.\ B0u and $1.20. AU druggists.
The Chief of Police has been in receipt of the following communication:
City of Winnipeg Police Dept.
March 2nd, 1923
Dear Sir,
The Dominion of Canada amateur
boxing and wrestling championships
for llt2:i are being held in the City of
Winnipeg on March 23rd and 20th, at
the Board of Trade Building, under
tho auspices and direction of tlie City
of Winnipeg Police A. A. Entries for
the same close on March 19th. Any
amateur registered with a branch of
the A. A. V. of Canada may participate.
In order to encourage athletes from
distant points to compete, 2fi per cent,
of their expenses will be paid on presentation of a duly eerililed expense
Entry forms may he obtained from
the secretary of any branch of the
A. A. Union of Canada, whit have been
supplied with them.
I would respectfully request your
co-operation and supporl in boosting
the noble nrl of self defense from nn
amateur standpoint.
We stand for clean amateur sporl,
uiitrammelod by obstructive condl
Would you be good enough to have
your local press use the information
herewith forwarded lu their news
Items, so that the public al large may
be advised us lo the date aud conditions of the championship competitions.
Yours fraternally,
Chief Constable.
Official Thermometer Readings
At Cranbrook
Min. Max.
Thursday. March 1    34     42
Friday, March 2   21     30
Saturday, March 3       5     28
Sunday, March 4      2     31
Monday, March .">   IB     34
Tuesday, March G   22     2S
Wednesday. March 7   23     35
Solociei . Hardy,
Produui eiii's Cor
Field, (;..,..v.. ..n,l Lawn
Write for Illustrated Catalogue
SEED CO., Limited
"///are uM
nnd know well its great value,"
writes Mr. Alfred E, Kesler, of
1,786, Fifth Avenue, Oaklond.Cal.
"Tho very Ural time I tried this
great bnltu it proved so excellent
that a box has always been kept
available in Oltr home ever since.
I myself, found ZanvBuk
"Friends who hnvfluaed /am-Unit on
my recommendation for sores and
wounds, have also derived ihe greatest
benefns from iis use. Zam-BUK is ao
handy and so thoroughly reliable that nu
family can ever afford to lie without it.
You may gladly make use of my opinion
for it is founded upon 18 years experience
of this great skit) remedy,"
Zam-Buk is Nature's own wonderful,
antiseptic healer fnr all wounds and sores.
It is equally valuable in eczema, ulcers,
ringworm, boils, abscesses, and poisoned
wounds, also for cats, burns, scalds
and piles.   COc. box, all druggists.
The Herbal Ba/m
of Long Reputation
(Over White l.unch)
Portraits & Amateur Finishing Done by Expert Photographer
Watch (or Later Announcement
6,0»0 KEN
to try our mealt at the new oat*.
All white help.   Oppoelte depot.
Fill Mine aeili lie.
A trial will convince you.
Under the management ot
Olre a Returned Mai t Trill.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Farm Help for
Western. Farmers
TO BE OF SERVICE to Western Canadian Farmers
and help to meet their needs in securing- competent
farm help, the Canadian Pacific Railway is prepared
to utilize its widespread organization to provide such
help from a number of countries.
The CANADIAN PACIFIC Railway will now receive
and arrange to fill applications for male and female
farm help to be supplied from Great Britain, Belgium,
Holland, Denmark, Switzerland ami Norway, in all of
which countries the Company lias representatives who
have farmed in and are familiar with Western Canadian conditions and who are now in touch with such
men and women ready und anxious to come to Canada.
TIIE GOVERNMENTS of the countries ubove mentioned have expressed their willingness to aid the
emigration of this class uf their peoples. In order to
fill such applications satisfactorily and bring the help
to the farmer at the proper time and with a clear
understanding of the requirements and obligations of
each, a printed "Application for Help" form has been
prepared which can be obtained from any C.P.R. Station Agent or offices listed below.
Tha Company will mule no charge to the farmer for this service nor »ill lhe finmer bo required to make any cash atl.-aure
whatsoever mwHiila the travelling txpeniea of hit help lo tlie
1 areit iiiUwsiy Minimi. The information necenarlly aiketl fnr In
trine api lieiitioii forma, which will be held In itrirwit conflili-nre.
rovers thr folruwlnir points:—the kind of help io<viiireii—male or
.ate- married or munarrletl; date required and  for how  f
lonallly desiredt monthly wages offered; kind of work offered.
WINNIPEG.-?. S. Arhuon, General Af-.cultural A sen I, C.P.R.
WINNIPEG.—John Sweeting, Industrial Agent. C.P.R.
SASKATOON—W. J. Genw. Und Agent, C.P.R.
EDMONTON—J. Miller, Und Agent. C.P.B.
CALGARY—M.  E.  Thornton,  Supt. Celanlutlon. C.P.R.
VANCOUVER—E.  J.   Semnens,  Trar.   Indu.trlal   Agent,   C.P.R.
Department of Colonization and Development
Canadian Pacific Railway
J. 8. DENNIS, Chief Ceraralttlenir, Manlrtal.
session a splendid paper on "The
ilnnso-wiro's Time, Energy and Hon
oy," wns read by Mrs. R 11. Miles, A
hearty vote of thonUs wns oxtendetl to
Mrs. MllOB, after which Mrs. J. Nnr-
grove and Mrs. II. Doris favored with
solos In their usual pleasing manner.
Tim wnn then served hy thu committee.
Buy NOW Pay Later
No louRpr do you have to wait for your FORD until you can hand
us a cheque for the full amount. A payment of one-Uilrd down puts
you behind the steering wheel of any model. The balance you pay
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You really only pay the Initial payment. Your FORD will more than
enrn the rest.
Omiilflr Slock oi New nnd I'miI I'OKII Van.     Her What We Hate.
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Randy "Ilnycr" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottle, of 2i and 100—Druggists.
Aeplrln te tlie trade mark (rrnietered In Csnsda) ot Bayer Manafacturo of lfono-
e, nil, a, 1,1, .Irr of HnllryllraMd. Willi.- It la wall knows that Aeplrln meana Haver
■.anaraclure, to aeelet the public aaalaat aallalloaa, the Tablet, ol Uayer Conaaay
•111 ao efaei with tnrlr saaerai Haas, SiaSal^lk.	 Friday, Starcli II, 1»23
Edison At 76
Thomas A. Edison, one of tlfli
treiilest of American Inrentors, eele.
Iiralwl Ills seventy-slxlli lilrtbilny In
the laboratory at •Veal orange, N.
J., February IS, by tvorklni as usual
must of the day,
Of Interest to Poultry Keepers
Edited by The Brown Poultry Ranch Fort Stetle, B.C.
FALLEN AIR CASTLES 'your time five minutes a day until
Some one has said. "Easy to become your lighting time meets daylight,
a millionaire; work u million days at Turning the lights off suddenly will
a dollar a day and Have your money." throw the flock all out ©I condition
There is jtidt us much common sense and your egg production will be lost
In this millionaire theory nn there is i until along In May.   Artificial lights
In tho way some prospective poultry-
men tlgurc (lie profits they are going
to make out or tlie business.
» • * •
11' you are goit.R to succeed with
poultry you must, commence In a
small way and gradually grow into
a thorough practical knowledge of the
•   •   *   •
You will be building mi a safe foundation if you start with the purchase
of, Bfty, three or four dozen standard
bred fowlB, early In the spring. Place
thorn in good iiunrteis and try to get
From them tho best results, Keep a
oaretul record of everything you do
for (hem, and the result Hitch treatment or handling brings. Hear lu
inllld ihis fact, and It Is na true a
Stntemont an ever wiih made, the money fs lu the hen but its up to you to
attain bucccbs through feed and treatment.
have proven to be the greatest single
thing you can do tor poultry, but the
Improper handling of it turns the advantages into disaster.
• #   *   •
Hens that have been under artificial
light since November 1st and properly
handled ure usually In better condition now than those forced to sit on
tho roost seventeen hours a day waiting for seven hours of daylight In
which to scratch for feed sufficient to
sustain them twenty-four hours.
• *   •   •
If you have not been feeding corn
during tho winter It will be a good
plan to feed a little now in the dally
menu. Building up the body after
winter's laying Ih getting the hen
ready for her spring and summer's
Tbe llrst warm day thai conies get
out aud make a careful examination
of your poultry house. Examine sev-
Wo read much about the 200 and .100 'er*-* oI >'our lie,la for 1Ice- and »8e
egg hen, but every experienced poul- fl°a-um florit,e freely on them if *»*
trvmnu knows that such hens areJ ""> are tound. Look closely (or mites
freaks, and not the average (lock hlr I: l'n,,or the r00Bt boards' Paint tnen>
that  puts  the  profit  figures on the Wl-il f*hfle-J dlP &** for luck and to
Prompt Service at
yearly balance sheet. Think of It: a
flock of 2,000 liens maintaining a yearly average of 200 eggs per bird, with
the hen worth around a dollar after
she has performed this wonderful feat
for you. You can't feed above $3.00
per head per year, which means an
annual profit of over ¥8,000. Nonsense! It can't be done and don't you
be fooled into thinking lt can or
spending your money trying it. You
need your cash for better purposes
than spending it for advertised two
and three hundred egg hens.
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Frame's llreiid Is HOOD Bread
His Pies, Cakes and Pcatry an
made In a tasty manner which
Invites tlio most exacting person to call again, at
I'honc SJ      •     Korbary Ate.
Every Garment sent to us to be
Cleaned or Dyed is given
Our Ulmost Cere.
Our knowledge of the buslnesi
le your assurance of satisfaction
here.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring us your work.
Wo Clean and Dye Everything.
nioxF. ist
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M..
Musical Director
Cranbrook Mualcal Society
Teacher ot Sinning. Violin and
Preparation for Musical Euro-
Phone .Mi- rranbriink, IU'.
Flour and Feed Merchants
Hay and Grain of All Klnda
Hhiimiu Avenue
Offtco Phone 112   Res. Pbone 310
■lUlu.SV.I- IS :■!';  MM!.,,.;,'! ,,.,tB.!!I!S
niAMiiuooK train ting
NO. I, DAILY -To Neleon, Vancouver, Spokane, etc Arrive ll.lt p.
m.i leave 12.20 p.m.
HO. 18 DAILI-To Pernie, Leth-
orid*«, Medicine Bat, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 pa.; leave «... p.m.
Cranbrook, Wjellfle, Ilaikerley ger.
Be. Sit-Leave 7,06 a.m.  HaJM-Ar-
. lira 1.10 Mfc
Cranbrook, Lake rVlaeemere ul
floMti Strive*!
Monday and Tbureday, each week
—HO. Ml, leave • a.m.    Wedneedai
and   aatvraay-HO. 8H- arrlT*   I.N
For further jaivjealan apMr M
any Uekat agea'
J. *. PfaOOlOB,
he on the safe side.
*   •
Do not force your hens to drink
from dirty pools ot melting snow, but
rather provide clean water in clean
a    a    a    a
Give the biddy the same fair treat-
ment you would expect and appreciate
if you were a hen, and she will give
you good returns.
You can't buy hens from us that will
average two hundred egRa.   It hurts
BometlmeB to tell the truth—we haven't them.   But if you purchase hens Ontario Lady Adopts The New
from us you will get a good vigorous.     Vaporising Salve, Vicks.
bird that will lay you about 150 eggs, ,
under fair treatment, and that num-     MifJ3 Margaret Hooley of 96 Chesley
ber will make you a pood profit for a'Avenue,  London, Ont, Bays:   "I  an
small amount of labor expended.        1 |iieased  to say Vicks   VapoRub  has
*   *   *   * [done me a lot of good as I am aub-
If you have been using artirloial jMt to colds In winter. I also found
lights on your poultry, now is the | j, a gredt relief to my throat when I
time to commence turning them on had. tonsllltls. Also my mother finds
a little later in the morning. Reduce |H good for headaches. I would not be
without it."
They used to treat colds externally
with tallow, goose grease and camphor. Recently Internal dosing has
been the habit and people naturally
doubt the value of a salve.
For tills reason, Canada druggists
introduced VapoRub, the vaporizing
salve for all cold troubles, last winter by giving away dozens of jars to
responsible families and ever}' jnr sold
was on 30 day trial.
The above report Is just one of a
greal many received from enthusiastic Canada families. With such en*
lUicvemeiit and a positive money-buck
guaranty, every household ought to
give Vicks a thorough trial as the
home remedy for croup, colds, sore
throat, bronchitis, catarrh, neuralgia,
cuts. hums, bruises and sores.
At all drug stores, 50c. a Jar. For
n free (est size packitge. write Vlck
Chemical Co.. 344 St. Paul St.. W.,
Montreal, P.Q.
Though Vicks is new In Canada, It
enjoys n remarkable sale. Over 17
million jars used yearly.
"California Fig Syrup" is
Child's Best Laxative
Hurry mother!   Kvcn n cross, sick
child loves the "fruHy" taste of "Call-
furiilii Fig Syrup" and It never fails
to open tho bowels A teaspoonful today may prevent a sick Child tomorrow If constipated, bilious, feverish,
fretflUi luis ooldi colic, or If stomach
fs sour, tongue coated, breath bad, remember a good cleansing of the little
bowels In often nil thai Is necessary,
sit your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions for baliles and children of all
ages printed on bottle. Mother! You
must say "California" or you may get
nn Imitation fig syrup.
•   ••••••••
To the Editor,
Cranbrook Herald.
Dear Sir,
I was pleased to see an extract
from an excellent article In the D. C.
Veterans' Weekly on the above subject quoted In your issue of February
23rd, and I will ask your permission
to re-quote the last paragraph which
ran as follows: "What B.C. wants at
the present time, more than a new
party, is new men, better educated,
with higher Ideals and more self-
sacrificing spirit, to conduct Its affairs. Too many men ure In the Legislature at the present time, on both
sides of the House, who have less
than the full qualifications legislators
ought to have. But, after all, It is the
electorate who have put them there
What, then, is to be done?"
Is not the answer to this, that we
must abandon our present insane methods of choosing our parliamentary
representatives and use a little common sense In this important matter
If an employer of labour chose his
staff in the same way as an electoral
district chooses Its parliamentary representative, business generally
would not be in a very flourishing con
dltiuu; yet we grumble ut the poor
results we get front our governing
bodies 1
I noticed that the Provincial Party
made haste to publish their "platform." This seemed to me to be comparatively unimportant, more especially as, with the exception of the abolition of the patronage system
(which Is certainly an Important exception, a great waste of public money being directly attributable to this
detestable and very un-Brltlsh institution), I should say that both of the
two older parties would probably
claim most, If not all, of the "planks"
for their own stands.
If, instead, they had made public
the principles on which they would
choose candldatees for the various
districts, they would have attracted
much more attention, because, after
all, It is by its representatives, and
more especially its leaders, that
party will stand or fall.
There Is no room for a third party
on the lines of the two present ones,
of which, though there are some good
members on both sides, the leaders
Itave failed dismally to gain the trust
of the general electorate. But there
is a great future for n new party
which chooses as Its representatives
men "with high Ideals and self-sacrificing spirit," who will always put
what is right before what Is expedient.
Would it be too Utopian, Mr. Editor,
to suggest to those who are organizing the new party that they should
search each electoral district for men
who are universally trusted and respected (they will not have too large
haul!) and make their selections
from these? Men of this type would
probably need some persuasion before
they could be induced to take up parliamentary duties, but this. In Itself,
Is surely an additional reason for their
election, as the candidate anxious for
parliamentary honors has too often
some axe to grind, the said weapon
not being labelled "Public Welfare."
Too much stress can, 1 think, be laid
on education, though a fair amount Is
ertalnly necessary.   For instance, I
oppose that lawyers form one of the
most highly educated classes, and yet
fancy that most people are agreed
that, with a few honorable exceptions,
they have not been au Influence tor
good in parliament. After all, has
not one of our greatest authors.
through the mouthpiece of one of his
■haracters given as Ills opinion that
'The Law Is a liass?" Why, then,
should we expect too much common
sense from the disciples of that profession ?
To sum up, then, absolute honesty,
Concealing their plans from all but a good supply of common sense and a
close relatives and one or two lntl- fair education should, in my opinion,
mate friends, Anna Q. Nllsson, fain
ous film star who was here last summer appearing In the production of
the picture "Timber," and John M.
(■unerson, Junior member of the Gun*
erson Shoe Company, were married
The marriage came as a complete
mirprlse to the Aim colony. It followed a brier courtship and was kept
secret to avoid publicity. Miss Rhea
Mitchell, the star's secretary, said
that Immediately following the marriage the couple left on a honeymoon
trip. No one cognizant of their destination would reveal their plans.
be the requisites. Who will suggest
that we ensure any one of these by
our present system of choosing parliamentary representatives? To judge
by what I have heard in my own district, the Provincial Party Is sure of
a fair number of votes (Including that
of your humble servant) at the next
election. Whether It will add to—or
even retain— these votes afterwards,
depends, I think, on the attention It
gives to the wants of B.C. as voiced
by the Veterans' Weekly, and quoted
at the commencement of this somewhat lengthy epistle.
(Continued from Page 1)
Sheila Paterson 09,6, George Hayman
60, Helen ..Campbell 08, Omnia Connolly 07.S. Florence Pattinson 67,
Kathleen McFarlnne 86.0, Molly Johnston 66, Grace Prltchard 05. Jessie
Musser 65, Douglas Patton 64.8, Dorothy Bridges 64, Beulah Hill 63.6,
Harold Holdener 68.1, Lowell McCoy
62.4, Grace Flett 61!, Nellie Owen 61.6,
Leslie Kuhncrt 61.6, George George 60,
Chrlssie Chnrboneau 59.8, Ida Lancaster 59.6, Doble MacDonald 58. Kathleen Dezall 58, Stephen Magro 57.6,
George Roberts 57.4, Lorua Barber
57.2, Jack Parrel. 57, Joseph Genest
56.8, Enid S.iuiil.l..ml 56.4, Thomas
Moore 55.6, Helen McGlll 55.4. Bud
Parker 55. Elsie Parker 55.
B. GIBSON, Teacher.
Junior Third, Second Term: Margaret Henderson 78.6, Josephine Marapodl 60.2. Wlunified MacQuald 67.S,
Marion Gill 65.2. John McKay 62.2
Marion Cuthbert 61.2, William Harrl
son 60.4. Willie Cox 50.4. Hoy Llnnell
58.8, Eveartl Lewis 57.4, Margaret Ltts-
comhe 56,8, Jean Nlblock 56.2, Lillian
Dale 50, Rupert Porter 55,8. Archie
Leltch 55.8, Barbara Untie 55.2, Wilfred Pocock 55,2, Dorothy Stewnrd 54,
Carmela Naso 58.6, Margaret Johnston
53.2, Until Bond 5::, Pauline Bowness
52.8, May Russell 61.8, Henry Taylor
50.C, Ernest Kennedy 40.6, El Ib worth
Ryan 49.4, Tony Frost 47.4, Malcolm
McPhee 42.2, Glenn Leltner 33.4.
Missed exams, on account of Illness:
Alec. Dnlzlel, Kathleen Edmondson,
Margaret Parrel 1, Mary MacDonald,
Kathleen Worthington, James Brookes, Annie Harblnson, Stanley Porter.
Junior Third: Donald MacDonald
77, Nancy McCrlndle 73, Eddie Leonard 73, Holmer Et'ickson 72, Jimmy
Dixon 69, Harold White 68, Madeline
Wise 66, Jean Rutledge 64, Horace
Mullin 62, Robena Mil lor 59, Hazel
Clapp 57, Paulino Wise 57, Bertram
McLean 56, Jim Atchison 55, Elva
Turner 53, Marshall MacPherson 52.
Alberta Jones 51, Allan Leltner 51,
Dorothy Leltner 50. Ben Walkley 60,
Wright Speers 50, Patrick Harrison
49.6, Vivian Kemp 49.3, Reginald Shaw
49, Mike Frost 49, William Price 48,
Muriel Collings 46, Hilda Robinson 41,
Frank Campbell 39, Richard Clmrle
Ban Quan 28.
Absent for the examinations: Ruth
Fanning, Emily Taylor, Arthur Lodge,
Hazel Bowley, Ruth McKowan, Bertie
Pelton, Josephine Demichel, Raymond
PILLS      '
•t a:
id Best
Try This!    A (.Iramy Muss of
Soft, Luxuriant Hair
Miss Nllsson will continue her work Baynes Lake, B.C.
hi pictures. March 3rd, 1923.
In a few moments you can transform even plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have It abundant, soft, glossy and
full of life. Just get a 35 cent bottle
of "Danderlne" at any drug store.
Then moisten a soft cloth with tbe
Danderlne" and draw this through
your hair, taking one small strand at
time. Instantly, yes, Immediately,
you have doubled the beauty of your
hair. It will be a mass, so soft, lustrous and so easy to do up. All dust
and excessive oil is removed.
Let "Danderlne" put new life, vigor
and brightness in your hair. This
stimulating tonic will freshen your
scalp, check dandruff nnd falling hair,
and help your hair to grow long, thick,
strong and beautiful.
Luaconihe, Wlnnlo Steward.
[   Number enrolled 89; perfocl attend*
ance G.
p, H, u. C. MaoDONALD, Teacher.
Number enrolled 52; porfect attendance IS.
Margaret Cullen, Olive Norgrove,
Dorotliy Klett, Malt Ken, Melva Parpen, Dong Van, Willie Cullen, Bever-
I ley Collier, Chow Nam, Eunice Moore
and Edwin Haley equal. Willie Steve-
ly, Cyril Harrison, tleno Blgattini,
Chow Hing, Lily Matson, Florence
Johnston, Lily Polio, Donald Cameron.
Mali Chung, Edna Baxter. Lucy Andrews, Helen Gilroy, Jessie South,
Mary Fyfe ami .Mary Roberts equal,
Edna Collier, Marie Collins, Frank
McClure and Sadie Qibba equal, Leona
Small, Edna Taylor. Betty Genest.
Yvonne Williams, Mary Lamont. Norman Blaine and Gordon Dezall equal,
Mary Prltohard, Boy .lame.. Thomas
Davles, Allen Pattnore, Harvey Molr.
Florence Steward, Jessie Cassidy, Bl-
llot Harris. Illlla Polio, Gladys Bur
ion, Robert MacQregor, Allen Downey
Harry Walkley, Husk Randall.
Number enrolled Iti; perfect attendance II.
Class A: Catherine Henrahan, Geo
Laugton, Kllcen Moore, Angelo Prov-
enzano, Klohi Morgowa, Robert Boil.
Donalcla Walker. Rudlc Kosak, liar
bnro Patton, Frank Morro, Jack Rob
oris, Stanley Helse, Doris Haley
Chester Smith, Kenneth Haynes, joe
Ward, Jack Parkin, Esther Leonard.
Leonard Porter. Harold Porter. Joe
Welsh, Kathleen Haynes. EMith Faulkner, Robert Cox, Hannos Polio, Gladys
llatcllffe, Cecil  Morrison.
Absent from examinations: Donald
OUI, Tliomns Miller, Eyleen Thomas.
Class B: Grace Sternburg, Annie
Frost, Joe Wong, Ethel Lewis, Faith
Ryan, Pearl Walkley, Hunter McClure.
Byron Kemp, Pearl Steward, Albln
Brlckson, John Nlblock. Irma Taylor,
Roller! Lllscoinbe, Robert White. Bernard Nlblock.
Number enrolled 44.
Perfect attendance: Mabel Atkinson, Roberta Collins, Elliott Dale, Edward Romanulk. Charlie Wilson. Betty Brown, Marjorle Keyes. Raymond
Burgess, Oeorgo Faulkner, Edith
Johnson, William McLeod, Marie Row-
ell, Frances Slye, William White. Agnes Gray.
SARA V. McCALLUM. Teacher.
Number enrolled 40; perfect attendance 11.
Ella Blgattini, David Miller. Archie
Roberts, Stephen Lnfleur, Florence
MacDonald, Douglas Paterson. Joseph
Provemano, James Thomson. Phyllis
Wallls, Mnh Len Gee. Mali Strong
L. C. HENDERSON, Teacher
Intermediate tirade
A Class, Second Term, Junior Third:
James Huchcroft 6S.5. Annie Moore 63,
May Strachan 60.7. Alex. Dargle 55.:.
Harjy Christian 55.1. Alice Harper
54.S, Gerald Eye 52.S, Garnet Blaine
52.5, Vincent Llnqulst 52.5. Walter
Barrett   52.   Donald   Mackenzie   61,
Alexander Williams 48.2, Maurice (loilderls 48. Graydon Richardson
41, Juck Parker 4G.8, Lillian Webster
44, Job Walkley 36, Claude Miller 34.2.
David Harvey 34, Kathleen Nlsbet 33.3,
Hilly Crawford 31, Walter Agland 50.2
(absent for several examinations).
B Class. First Term. Junior Third:
Hobby Mufrliead, 67. June Collins 58.7,
.lean MacDonald 57, Lloyd Burgess 53.
Margaret Malone 52. Donald Melnnls.
36.7, Jean Ingham 32.7, Willie McCoy
RUTH E. TURNER, Teacher.
Junior Second: Hildu Cillis and
Evelyn Holdener equal. Jessie McKay,
Buaye Kuta. Kathleen MacDonald,
Herbert Potter. Billie Whiting, Norah
Simpson, Jane Nisbet. Theo Laurie.
Jack Pattinson. James Halcrowe, Marlon Thomas, James Lunn, Joyce
Campbell anil Owen Haley equal. Dorothy MacDonald, Billy Burton, Harvey Blrce. Godfrey Helmslnff, Robert
Steve!/, Christine Williams. Gordon
Speers and Carl Mullin equal. Edith
Walker, Richard Slye. Marguerite
Walkley. Margaret Rutledge. Ednn
Shaw, Margaret Leltch, Violet Moore,
Lizzie Godilerls, Edgar Offln, lllldn
Absent for all exams.: Ellen Stewart. Elisabeth Stewart.
Flrsl Header: Sidney Moore. Harold
George. Qeorge Moore. Cameron Mae-
Donald, Carrie Spence, Florence Jordan. Mary Lee. Joseph Quan, Thelma
Enrolment 45.
One 25c packet
Sweet Peas
Tt*m Sen** Pw h*«t saw! mw.y
|oU -nrtali and fWi! prim — their
[*puuue-i   n   »orM   »**      Take
icMr.-ap al that tttt Ostt, ,c(e!h-T
-m* "RtTCHIM ■ in* SntTCM-r,
tofw ud QsWtm QmtU.
Send for yow- -Mcket NOW!
Endear Ik to m-cr ctMrie*-**
*■ *■*»-• ***■ ow I«J Cataloru(
•rt FREE Padm of S-m Pt.
S-td. S*rJ toU U* Ht.pt* SMd
PtKktt •»* rm.
Ant  or***. MX «m
Send Now!
PtuHcal CmantU Coarse la
Skerliaui, TnewrttiMf
BaaUeemt, CaueareM  Law
C«—ltd ladUi •*!
Far PutMart Apply to
C. W. mil, Prlidpal
P. 0. Bag, u, HeUen, B.C
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of Maale
Studio above Murdock McLeod's,
Phone Mt
mni i co. piu
Write tor Booklet or Call at 410 Baker Street, Nelion, B.C.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Parehaierf of Gold, Sliver, Copper, Lead t Zinc Ore*
Producers of Gold, Silver,  Copper, Pig Lead and Zinc
Otcar Knew
Tlie Car
/ rr*Bf t**v. t
OH OS0A9    MM.
ei66<M% AiexT OOOH
Hityi  OALL60 A/IP
/AIN/IT6P   Ut   FOR
Friday, March I), 1098
metbodist Cburch
i.±.\. II. C. FBEEMAN, Pastoi
11  a.m.—"THE OPEN DOOK."    (Junior Choir)
12.16.—SUNDAY SCHOOL.   Bible Cla.s led by the Pastor.
7.110 p.m.—"COMPENSATION."    (Senior Choir).
a gajl tftfjl "SI t£gii£'"a* *>ni. uitv
Nelson. B.C.- A decided Inereaae in
fruit production m Kootenay-Boundary territory over previous yeprs Is
recorded in the yeur just pnsscd. llo-
turns from fruit alone during 1922 on
lhe basis ol' price ut (he point of shipment will he considerably over $ho<i,-
000. Returns estimated for nil claus-
es of Hull shipped from Hie district,
nol Including shipments io jam fao-
lorioa, win total roughly *r.ss.4tio.
Fruit shipped to lain factories will
come lo about $800,000. Practically
ail varieties ol' fruits produced ill 1022
exceed previous years in Lomtnge.
Meets lu the
O. W.V.A. Hall
afternoon of the
first Tuesday at
3 p.m.
All ladles are
cordially Invited
President:    Mrs. F. Constantino.
Sec-Treasurer:   Mrs. 8. Taylor.
1 *
Mr. w. Wimlsuu lias beau busy moving otie of the housen off tlie old
North Stiir Lumber Company grounds,
Tho liotiHo Is now tlie property of Mr.
Carter, nml lu placou* at the rear of
bis premises,
.Mr. T II. Duncan was :i Ferule visitor between trniim on Thursday.
Constahlp Smith has tnovotl Into his
new house adjacent to thi- provincial!
lock-up hniMlnt;*.
Baptist Cijurrl)
11 a.m.:
vi noon: Sunday School
7.30 p.m.;
Illustrated by a noted example.
"Tbe real miracle of Christ's
lite, behinil all His mighty
works, is that this ono man,
without name, wealth or intlu-
ence, so changed the life of the
world, Unit history is not un-
ikTstamhible If Christ is left out
in it. Vim nml l could be dropped oui. but without Him civilisation  is unlntolllgtble."
-Maud Hoyden.
Right Thinking
llnch JohnyJash
k nights oe pyrin AS
fraiilironk, B.€.
Meets evory Tuesday at 8 p.m.
ia tlio Fraternity Hall
\V. A. Wilson, C. C.
II. 1„ Harrison, K. of 11. & S.
J. Walker, M. of F.
Vlalllng Brethren Cordially Invited Tu Attend.
Meete every
.Monday night at
.The Auditorium
Sojourning Odd FellowB are cordially Invited.
N. Q,      -      -      B, Q. Dlngley
Ilcc. Sec.     -     -     W, O. Adlard
Mr. J. A, Cltonler led on Thitrsd
for Banff, to take. In tho dog races.
Mr. w. u Lloyd of Cnlgary was n
business visitor during the week.
Mr. \v. ti. Scull of Vancouver was in
Elko looking for husiness alter a
lapse of twelve years. He met minis
of the old timers.
Mr. J. Lancaster and II. Blakoly of
Flagstoue wero visitors during the
; week.
Mr. .1. Oleiiwood of Waldo is spending a few days In town.
Mr. W. C. Soiners of Spokane wus a
husiness visitor in Elkn and district
nn the 1st.
The Elkft hoys' hockey team are
planning u return game at Haynes
Lake. They have endeavored twice
to make tlie trip,' but failed on account of their star player, Young Ui-
Bolie, being unable to be present.
Another very  pleasant and profit-
able lime was 9|ient at tha Methodist
Church on Sunday last after the regular ovenlng service, when h must enjoyable musical programme was given
by tlie choir, The vocal and iuatrti-
inontal numbers were iutorspei'sed
wiih tho singing of some ,.t' the old
laminar hymns, in which the congregation heartily Joined.
Tlie following was the programme:
Violin Solo, "Mliuiel  In  Q"  (Mozart|
Mr, tl. 12, Bower
Vm'oI Sob. .    . "Sunshine and Rain"
.Mrs. W, C. Adlard
Vocal Solo   "Angels'-Serenade"
All's. O. S. Mcintosh
Mullein "O Worship the King"
The Choir
Vocal Solo . .. "The Plains of Peace"
Mrs. H. C. Klnghorn
Violin Solo   "Melody Vleuxtemps"
Mr. a. E. Bower
H. C. LONG *"3
fashionable Ladles' and Ucnts'
Merchant Taller.
Chinese Fancy Goods and Silk.
Van Home St., I'ranbroiik
Phone 410 I'O. Boi 447
(riuilirook Sired
Opposite the Hank of Commerce.
Lethbrldge was oleantng house last
week and 111 consequence Fernie and
oilier Pass towns have been flooded wltii undesirables from the l.etli-
brldgo underworld. — Fernie Free
Phone 21(1 P.O. Bci 338
B. A. M00RH0USE ,
A.M.E.I.C, & B.C-L.S.
< rniilmink     -      •      -     B. C*
(Harden crops such as tomatoes,
cabbage, lettuce ami celery, can be
greatly advanced In the spring by the
use nl' iiot beils. On the farm the
making of such a bed is a simple mat-
ter because of the presence of manure
ol a suitable kind. Whereas the
greenhouse lias to depend on steam
healing for the necessary warmth,
tho heat for a hot bed Is secured from
thai arising from fresh munure.
The hot hud may be placed on top
of the ground or In un excavation.
Whichever plan is decided upon, the
site chosen should drain so as not to
permit water to stand. If the below
ground plan is adopted, the soil should
be taken out to a depth of about 18
inches aud for about three feet wider
than the frame, so that there may be
room for banking up outside the
frame. The banking is very important as It conserves the heat. Horse
manure is the best. It should be
turned once or twice, and should be
quite hot and ready for use In five or
six days.
To support the glass sash, a simple
frame should be made of two-inch
planks, li should bo so constructed
it ii may be raised if (he plants gel
Right thinking builds Ufa upon
right lines, whereas thoughts concentrated along wrong lines can have the *
most sinister results, for when thinking, the mental processes are cast in
such a groove that after a time wo
almost entirely cease to control the
mind; it continues to run In those
grooves, or lines of thought, without
effort, sometimes even contrary to our
mood for the moment, or our will.
Knch thought which we pass on to
our sub-coitBcious minds is bound to
produce Its effect. Think thoughts of
kindly feeling und love towards others, the same will come hack. It is
emphatically true —"Your own will
come to you."
The conscious mind is Impressed
with what It sees and feels. It can
choose for itself aud curries with it
iho responsibility of Its choice. It is
that which directs the will and all tho
powers with ft; not only can we Influence others, but we can direct lhe sub
onsclouB mind. Thus our conscious
minds are responsible for the subconscious, and it is this power which
can change our conditions In life.
rberefore we should exercise the
greatest vigilance over our conscious
minds, lor when wo become careless
in the drift of our thoughts, then it is
that impressions of unwholesome ami
deprecatory conditions intrude, which
produce effects which may disturb the
entire system.
The sub-conscious mind is always
very much awuke, and it has been
proved that by suggesting plainly certain actions to be done, powers are
set in motion that lead to the accomplishment thereof. This is a fundamental truth which we do well to look
into und put Into working, and we
shall And that we have endless power
at our command with extruordinury
harmohious solutions.
The sub-conscious mind takes every
thing for granted. If it has accepted
wrong suggestions, the only way to
counteract them is by using counter
suggestions. Thus when Mr. Coue
tells his hearers to repeat u formula,
It is that by frequent repetition the
mind must accept it, and so form a
new and healthier line of thought and
life. That which is frequently repeat
ed becomes a habit—which Is perfect
ly alt right If the habit is good, but If
harmful then the only thing is to
recognize the power of the sub-conscious mind and present wholeness and
It may be asked, "Why ts this? And
can it be proved?" The answer is that
the sub-conscious mind ts an actual
part of the Universal Mind, or God—-
the name Is not what matters. What
does matter is that we become conscious of the REALITY of our oneness with Him. The "Universal Mind,"
"Universal Substance," the "Soul of
the Universe," are merely terms used
tn the scientific or philosophical world
for the familiar name of "God," giving
a content and deeper meaning which
comes to us through the different lines
of thought to-day.
So. us the sub-conscious mind is a
pari of the Universal Mind, which is
creative, und thought Is the power
which mind possesses, thought must
bo creative also. We need to control
and direct our thoughts consciously
along constructive and systematic lines, so as to co-operate with the Universal Mind; then use the power of
thought to creute our environments.
We must think only nlong the line ot
thought we wish to attain, forbtd entrance to all other thoughts, and learn
to control nil our thoughts.
The bruin Is the centre which receives our impressions from tho five
senses, and is that which the nerves
are intricately bound up with.
Through the brain conies the reasoning power, and when the brain has
reasoned out the thought It sends It
on to the sub-conscious, which acts,
bringing forth the fruit and going
forth into the world of reality, the expression of our "Inner selves" or our
truo selves.
What we 1)0 Is a result of what we
A UK. Life consists tu "being" rather
thsn tn- "doing." Kach of us has a
"self" the growth of which Is checked
and si tinted by nil unworthy thoughts.
No one realizing the perfection of
self-development which he Is intended
to attain but will work out physically,
menially, morally und spiritually his
own salvation. The nature of the
thought which controls the conscious
mind will control the nature of the
thought to which the sub-conscious
mind gives expression, and determines the results.
Each of us who desires to advance
tits menial development must conform
to certain general principles in order
to be able to draw upon his inner power. And first it Is absolutely necessary to realize the fact of our union
with the Infinite and Universal Energy or Life from Whom, all life and
energy comes. There Is no limit to
the possibilities which each one of us
may accomplish, for it is this union
or point of contact with all life tn
which lies the power of the conscious
mind, und the sub-conscious mind
WILL perform those things which are
suggested to It by the conscious mind-
It is the sume energy that shows itself everywhere In the life of trees
and flowers, animals and man. Human beings are merely the channels
through which God. or the Universal
Energy, works. An elaborate piece of
machinery may be built, but is power
less until electricity ts applied. So
man, or human beings—man or woman—is the servant, the instrument
through whom this wonderful energy
Is transmitted. We may misuse or
misdirect this power, but our chief
concern should be to keep ourselves
in tune with the Infinite, that the
noblest expression of this energy may
flow In and through us uninterruptedly.
Then, secondly, we need to recognize that it IS possible for each one of
us to attain the highest and best In
mental as well us in physical conditions.    It is often said that all the
Montana Restaurant
Mollis nl All Hours
Clinirs, Clgnreltes nnd Caudles
Cranbrook St.    -    I'honc Sill
Onn. Bnnk of Commerce
His. I.itiii  A  Milchinnmi
riiislt'lnns und Siirueuils
oniee ni  resldonco, Armstrong
Arternoonn     2.00 to 4.00
Evening"   7.30 to 8.M
Sunday!)   2.00 In 1.110
Stiffness vft
quickly Mined'. Ui*
men!   relieve, .till,
n, . jnj UmeneM.
Gives Great i
nr UK il !i» iheum*.
n »M I'll m* lint
{h*M|Ml l*1i*l ■"
d a
Mr. I"r<-I J'*n«ton. [lo-. IJJ. TtwoM. Ont.—
"I iurTt't.1 "n mu(h *nh riru'ilfu in my lircUil
■ miff. »» ilviml n try MniH . Linimtnt. ind
•it rtlicip. Immnliiiel)' ill-' n'M .ppticalicn.
I [tfrtitt-i in uimg it ,i: 1 it hat tntntly |om.
T> , muter I nn .oui tiihout t\in{ up my lite
lad ,-.■.• tht aclii io MiMrf'i Lir.imtnt. H*v»
lUO xs-i.l [■-.;:<  .' ■ i' Minsrd't. ir. i cihtn tn
King ol Pain
1)11. F. II. MILES
> to li a.m.      1 to d p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Unearthing $15.000.000 Treasure
.   To provide to
tlie buck ot lb
x  Indies  lilghe
F. M. N A C P H E IIS 0 N
Phone M0
Sorter. Ate, nil «e Clly 11*11
When HBPATOLA rtnoVM 1*11
■tones In 24 hours without p*ln «-*
relieves appendicitis, stomach sad
liver troubles. Contains do poison.
Not sold by druggist*.
Bole Manufacturer
1180 Fourth At*,, Bo.. BukatCN
Pile* tl M PhOM OM
Milk produced by tlie
splendid herds In the Krnser
Valley Is unusually rich—
which accounts for the high
quality of Pacific Milk. This
good British Columbia product leads all Canada.
The natural fresli cream
flavor Is tbe result of our Improved profess, for nothing
Is added, nothing but water
Is removed front tho sweet,
pure milk fresh from tbe
Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Hem* OBce, Vancouver, IU'.
Factorial at AftbtfafeN aid Miter.
lie gins*
Un- shedding of rain
frame should lie si
than tin' front.
Win n building Un- Ind, tho manure
should be shaken un thai the hum and
shoi'l particles are well mixed. Tramp
will as each layer Is added, until n
depth of two lo Lwo and a half feet
is secured. The frame is then put In
position, nnd live or six Inches more
manure is shaken in. Good garden
soil to ihe depth or six inches should
now be placed over the manure, and
th*1 Bash put on. In live or six days
the hot bed will he ready fnr the seed.
A thermometer should he used and
tin* temporal urn of the soil should not
oxceed so degrees, The seeding should
bo done iu rows about, four inches
apart, as It would In the open ground
later In lhe season.
More complete instruct Ions for
handling the cold frame and the
plains themselves nre contained in
Exhibition Circular No. lti, obtainable
I'loni the Publications Hranch. Department of Agriculture) Ottawa.
■  -       m k
°<° ■■ '%'
$0    '            "'^
Em v    i* *"'
* *jJ|Eplf
S ■'
\      .
nft                 riiF^i
m    %
[Wm                w
wm ^* \
"i      0
W"       \
Ta.   *f
W£"    TLM
feits'.A.  '-"teKtUi
k  *N
* n H
W ^^s\
*%%■ ".:■■'
*      #**-
TT% .
Following is a -fnffint-iit of ore received at the Trail Smelter for Ihe j
period during February 32nd lo 88th
Niiine uf .Mltiv und Locality. Tons
Hunker Hill, Kellogg, Iduho... 40
Henderson   Group,  Hmlthers. - ■       2T,
Knob Hill, Republic, Wn     309
Lone Pine Surprise Last Chnnce
Republic, Wn      jog
L.T., Slocan, B.C         4
Molly Hughes, New Denver, II.C.       2»|
Monitor. Three Forks, ll.C        2:(
Meteor, Slocan City, B.C         8l
Paradise, Lk. Windermere, B.C     133
Qullp, Republic, Wn        641
Silversmith (zinc), Sandon, B.C. 175
Silversmith (lend) Sandon, B.C. 44!
Steel   Group,   Windermere,   B.C,        33
Surprise, ltopubllc, Wn      166
Tariff, Alnsworth, B.C         9
Victor, Three Forks, B.C ,      31
White Water, Retallack, B.C.. 33
Company Mines  10,860
Total  13,231
World wide Interest Is focused ou the valley of the kings nlong the
N'le In rgj-pt—where Howard Garter, an American, discovered the tomb
of King Tutankhamen for Lord Carnarvon of l-.iigluud. This Is last
or the tombs of Egyptian kings who ruled four thousand years ago.
The treasure ts valued at $10,000,000. Native troops are on guard night
un.I day. Upper photo shorts natives emerging from the outer tomb
with a large blue cabinet containing valuable fabrics. On It were
uiuies of klag uA «mw Ittrand Iu gold. I«wer photo shows wouder*
ful chair Mac wiM tmmm* lomb vnder guard AIM
flER\.E  TO   HIT   THE
world over human nature Is the same.
So It Is. lu every one of us there Is
the Inborn capacity for possibilities—
all have the powers—different only lu
degree. When wo leiirn to think or
ourselves as one with the greatest and
best, it is a good way towards realising the possibilities in our own life.
But how iit'ten we ure tearful or ourselves and tall because we have not
faith In our power to do thu tiling better than anyone else. We must WILL
to work out our own salvation through
confidence, because he believe we have
the power anil ability to reach the
highest and best.
And thirdly, we must know ourselves. What are our strong nnd what
are our weak points? Where we
stand, do we live in un atmosphere of
lesires ami plans never attained, never worked out? The only remedy Is
MENTAL concentration. There is nothing that means more to the full perfection of our lives, mentally, morally
or physically, than being able to con
centrate our thoughts upon those
heights we wish to reach. Live constantly in the thoughts, or in other
words, control and direct the thoughts
ilong and in those lines we earnestly
desire to sec develop in ourselves.
Lift the conscious mind Into the highest and noblest and best, that the sun-
conscious mind may become impress
ad only with the best, for most unfailingly will the sub-conscious mind
give ont both in quantity and Quality
that which it has received.
Our "Self" — what we have made
tt—-we take into the great Beyond.
Shall we not try to develop to the full
those wondrous powers of possibilities of which il is said "ALL things
tro yours."
The Girls' Basketball committee
have called u novelty dance for Friday, March Uth. Here's hoping tliey
will have a good time socially and financially,
Mildred Howard ami Margaret Cooper have returned to school after a
month's sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. Moore entertained the
Itev. Atkinson oi Wilmer for a few
days last week.
Tho blue-birds arrived hero on the
27th February, but the snow hangs
He-organization of the Provincial
Police by Attorney General A. M,
Mans,hi luis resulted in the superannuation of Colin Campbell, warden at
Okalla Prison, aud the appointment
ii his place of T. G. M. Mynn, former
head of the Provincial Police. Col.
J. II. McMullen, Uovomment Agent at
Prince Rupert, becomes the new head
of the Provincial Police.
1 and 2 nf Block "IV of Lol
4.r)9->, Group I, Map 1117. Koo-
leuuy   District,    iSco  llefor*
ni e Plans Kris. 24072-A and
24073-A respectively.
PROOF having been filed in my of-
ice or ihe loss of Certificates of Title
<os. 24072-A and 24073-A to the above
lientlotted lands lu (he name of B.C.
.pruce   Mills,   Limited) and   bearing
■lute the 11th August, 1921, I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of my intention at
the expiration of one calendar month
from tiie llrst  publication hereof to
issue to the said It C Spruce Mills,
Limited,   provisional   Certificates   of
ritlo in lieu of such lost Certificates.
Any person  having any  information
with  reference to such  lost  Certificates or Title is requested tn communicate with the undersigned.
DATED nt the Und Registry Office,
Kelson, B.C., thlH r.lh day ot February,
A.D., 1083.
Date of first publication, February
Uth, 1923. 50-2
(NR('TIO\ Iflfl)
and  2, Block 30, Cranbrook
Clly,   Map   lii.'.i-K,   Kootenay
PROOF  having   been   llled   In  my
office of the loss of Certificate of Title
No.  3413-A  to  the above mentioned
lauds In the name of Qeorge P. TIs-
dale, and bearing date tho 12th May,
Intention at the expiration of one calendar month from the first publication hereof to Issue to the said Qeorge
P. Tlsdale a provisional Certificate of
Title In lieu ot such lost certificate.
Any person having any Information
with reference to such lost Certificate
ot Title Is requested to communicate
with the undersigned.
DATED at the Land Registry Office,
Nelson, B.C., this 6th day ot February,
A.D. 1923.
Data ot first publication, February
Mk, un. m-s
Afttr Every Meal
Chew your loud
well, then use
aid digestion.
It also keeps
the teeth clean,
breath sweet,
appetite keen.
Tht Great Canadian
Sweetmeat      ^tA
"Cascarets" 10c
Best Laxative
for Bowels
To clean out your bowels without
cramping or overacting, take Cascarets. Sick headache, biliousness, gases, Indigestion, sour, upset stomach,
and all such distress gone by morning.
Nicest physic on earth for grown-ups
and children. 10c. a box. Taste like
Lift Off with Fingers
Doeint hurt a bit! Drop a little
"FrMione" on an achl;ig corn, ln-
•tantly that corn stoim hurling, then
•hortly you lift It right off with fingers.   Truly!
Tour druggist sells a tiny bottle of
Trewone" for a few cents, sufficient
Ul remove nary hard corn, soft corn,
or corn between the toes, and tha cal-
i, without sorenen or Irritation,
"Safety First"
Four generations of bubies
have been kept clenn, fresh,
fragrant, and free from skin
troubles by the use of
ALII.T  IO»,S  LIMITED       -      mum HI ai
We make, clean or proea Uullen'
Dresses. Fitting guaranteed.
We make tn order I.oi1Ich' undor-
wear and Men's shirts. All klnde
China and Japaneso Silk tloods,
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Phone 201.   P.O. Box 533
L. D. Cafe
(Llltlii Davenport)
When you wish something good
to eat go to the "L.D."
Out   niCU   ABE    BIBBT Friday, March », 11123
Appetising and
Nourishing   -
(Cuullnued from Page One)
to udil tu their numbers.
The president reported what hud
been done hist yeur In regard to trap-
shooting, and a committee consisting
of Messrs. Cooper, Dr. MacKinnon ami
0. tlruy was named iu look after this
lino ol the club's activity for the coming year, with discretionary powers.
Inspector Robinson wus called upon for u tew remarks, and gave un
outline of his activities in regard to
tho hatchery, as ordered hy tlie department. Further reports will be required, mul he advised pntlenco, pointing out Hint li took time lo bring a
movement of this kind about. He
thought possibly thai some satisfaction might bo-forll.con.h.8 later in the
year. He ndvlsed lhe clllh to get
early application In Tor their supply
of Kamloops iroul fry. and tills was
Inter authorized in a motion request-
log lhe dcpiirimciii in furnish Ono
hundred thousand. Ill regard to the
question of tho fish supply in premier Ukc, Mr. Robinson Blntod li
was noi fens I lilo for tin- Department
io mtiko special regulation a for individual lakOB. lie nlBO made the itnp-
orlitnl Bttggostlou thai iho hunt fishing opening ho sol for tho 16th ot May.
and net the flrat, to which there was
goneri. 1 agreement. Al lhe suggestion
of A. Hurry he will also look into lbe
matter of fish coming up from the St.
Mary's Iu St. Joseph's Creek to spawn
wllh the result that as the creek dries
up Hie fry are stranded.
The hikes will be loft open ns now
for fishing purposes, it wus dec Id Oil
[o recommend.
The sum of $20 will be expended for
il bushel of wild rice seed, which in to
he planted at the most suitable places
to provide feed for the water fowl.
Game Warden Thomas will be re-
Imbtirsed $20 towards the expenses he
has personally put up iu connection
with tho visit of the two cougar hunters to the district.
A suggestion was also made to put
u good bounty on link, which in the
opinion of Borne was thought to be
the worst predatory animal now exis-
ting in any numbers in the district.
It wns decided that li would be
wise to hold more frequent meetings,
a motion was passed to hold regular
monthly meetings, the dates to be decided hy the executive.
School Population
Shows Increase
Kootenay Inspectorate Now Includes 65 Srliools and
139 Teachers
This inspectorate was reduced in
size somewhat during tbe sunmer of
1921, and now extends from Sandon
ami Willow Point on the east to the
lnter-provlncfal boundary, and from
Cooper Creek at the northern end of
Kootenay Lake and Larohwood School
at Skoukumchuek southward to the
International  boundary.
During the year ti5 schools employing 120 teachers were in operation;
those consisted ol the following:
Schools Teachers
City municipalities  (8)     f. KW
Rural Schools 22 46
Assisted schools 38 40    ,
All schools were visited once during
i he year nml most of tbe rural schools
Ived a second inspection, the total
number of visits being 201.
Owing to the increase in school
population It has been necessary lo
open several new schools, and In the
[ties .School Hoards have had to face
tbe difficulty of providing additional
accommodation. Plans for un eight
room addition to the Central School
iu Cranbrook are being prepared, and
Mils will take care of the increased
enrolment there for some time.
In Fernie, after making use of all
the temporary accommodation available, it has been necessary to put
classes on the "double-shift" system.
lt Is to bo hoped that a by-law soon
to he submitted to the ratepayers
will remedy (his unfortunate state of
New assisted schools opened during
the year wero Queen's Bay and Johnson's Landing, ou Kootenay Lake;
Sullivan Hill, near Kimberley
and already over ;t00 slides have oeen
made, covering geography, history,
nature and literature. These are supplemented by Blldes obtained ut a
very low rentul from tbe Extension
Department of the University of Alberta.
The present movement towurils visual education has had a remarkably
rapid growth. The picture is coming
to he considered and demanded as a
mental stimulus of unequalled value
In schools and colleges, in social centres and Industrial organizations.
There was a time When text hooks
were viewed with skepticism aud apprehension. Strange as this period
In the history of text books now appears, we are in exactly the same period in the history of "text-films'" and
''text-slides," Warnings aro still
heard occasionally ugalttSl "making
education   easy,"   hut   we   see   more
ideally every day that pictures, and
above   all   Hie  motion   picture,  will
I make education easy only in lhe
sense that we can now achieve more
quickly all that has previously been
achieved In education, and thus open
tlie way to a richer, deeper, and
broader training for the nation without Die expenditure of any more time
than before.
Inspector of Schools.
DbliqhtfUL Face Powder
Jontecl in handy aike
form. So much easier to carry
—doesn't spill-so there's no
waste. Fragrant, velvety pow
der that goes oiT smoothly and
sticl;s-iiot easily brushed or
blown off. Tints that match
all complexions. In cln'c box,
comp etc with pulf.
— The Roxall Store —
CUANUROOK      -      -  B.C.
Wlnre It ptj. to deal
School,   near   Skookumchuck;
Wuttsburg,    near    Cranbrook;
Last week-end saw the formal organization of what promises to be a
community asset, "The Clef Club,"
consisting of a number of versatile
and talented local musicians who for
Hie last month or so have been per
forming under the leadership of Mr.
V. G. Novak, of the Slur Theatre staff.
The lineup of officers includes W. A.
Burton as president, Mr, J. K. Chorlton, secretary treasurer, and Mr. !•
Larch- (j, Novak, musical director.
Packages 15*
a box social. This is to be a money
raising event staged by tho Baseball
("lub in aid of their hinds,
■ 4th.
Rob Quinn Of McCabe's crew went
io Cranbrook al the week-end lo see
Mr. Murray, au old-time member of
tho crew, who Is very sick iu Cran-; -
brook hospital with pneumonia.   Mr.     An Indoor fair Is to be hold Ma
Murray Is about the oldest B & B man This promises io bo an  inter.
on the ('row, and was pensioned off and amusing event.    A  strong com-
lust summer and ever since has lived  mlttee has been appointed ami there
at  the divisional  city.    Mr.   Murray] will be side stows, stunts, etc,   The
was  with the MeCabe crew for overi
twenty years and a great friend with
all who knew him, and all are hoping
he will come safely through his very
severe Illness.—Creston Review.
proceeds from this event are to go t
wards the swimming pool fund.
splendid start lias been made on rei
ing this fund and the executive bo
io raise enough at this fair to col
plete the fund. The play "The Try*
ing Place" given at Wycliffe ai
Cranbrook helped very materially
t financial way.
M* '■^■■■<^si.i^ee.i-4frse».Wy*»i>ii^ft>s» n^ft — "-V**
while the Mirror Lake School, near
Hieroglyphics -xxx* Convince
Wlifskologlsts That Specimen Wns ni' lleiini"-
sy   Ihnaslv
Cranbrook Collage Hospl.il
(Licensed hy Prov. Govt)
Maternity und General Nursing
Terms Moderate
MKS. A. CRAWFORD,   Matron.
(.t.rdeu Avenue      -   Phone 25J
1AM1-HI.I.I.   ft   KITCHIB
(Pittsburg Gazette Times)
New York, Feb. 17,—A genuine relic
or the year 1 B.P, (before prohibition)
knocked from (he bands of a wealthy
whiskologist when he collided with
another pedestrian in the street be-
fore the Hudson tube terminal to-day,
was viewed with as much interest a*
If it had been the mummy of the Pha
rnoh Tutciikbamun.
lt was o genuine sample. Unclosed
lu 13 glass containers, or tbe oil in
which tlie carcass or the Foro Bar-]
Ley-Corn wm saturated before being
I placed in the tomb. The hieroglyphics
"XXX" on one or ihe containers,
several learned Dion in the crowd said
revealed thai the relic was of the
j Hennessy  dynasty,
The conlnlners wero encased in a.
| leather   bag-.     When   the   bag   was
[dropped, one or the containers broke.
jits contents trickling to ibe cobblestones. Hundreds of curious persons
gathered, but  none would touch (he
\ hag.   Finally prohibition ngonta come
! and took it away.
I    The  crowd   sighed.     Many
into nearby soda fountaina
Kaslo, which had been closed for
some time, was re-opened. Additional
divisions were added to the Cranbrook, Creston. Erlckson, Wynndel.
and Waldo SchoolB. The Roosville
and Wunklyn Sehools and 2nd Division, Wardner School, did not re-open
in September last and the Caithness
School was closed at Christmas,
Owing to the shortage of qualified
teachers it was necessary to issue fifteen temporary certificates to teachers in this inspectorate. Some of
them did very good work, while others
were very much handicapped through
lack of training.
The frequent change of teachers has
been dealt with in many previous reports. Several School Boards In this
area have now provided teachers' residences, and It Is gratifying to note
that Is almost every instance where
this has been tried the teachers have
remained for a second yetfr or longer.
A marked improvement was apparent in the pupils' writing. This I attribute to the introduction of the Mac-
Lean System of Writing, which has I
been a very helpful guide even to
those teachers who have not yet qualified. As more teachers become proficient a greater Improvement can he
Generally speaking, the results ol"
the Entrance Examinations were sat-
Amongst the objects ot the club, the
following will be of chief interest to
the   public:   "The   presentation   and
production of better music of all
lasses in the highest artistic manner," and to Judge by past performances, this object will be maintained.
It is the Intention of the Clef Club
to present from time to time concerts
of varied nature,, and musical and
oilier entertainments of the very high
est order, and under the leadership of
Mr. Novak the Clef Club is able to
promise even greater pleasures in the
musical and entertainment line.
In order that the organization shall
not become of unwieldy proportions,
the membership is strictly limited In
numbers, and open only to performers
of recognized ability. It Is the purpose of the Club, positively, to pay its
own way in all undertakings, giving
full value for money received, and tho
next official undertaking will be In
the form of a miscellaneous concert
ami entertainment for the entire even
ing of Thursday, April liih. Arrangements have been made with the Star
Theatre management for their house
Mining cxperis state (hut Premier
Mine will go into second place in;
192.1 to Uollinger, the largest gold I
producing mine in Canada. I*ast year;
the Premier stood fifth In production.j
—Fernie Free Press.
Pete SSelth, former White Spruce |
third baseman, was in Wycliffe between irains on Friday.
Miss Horace Staples spent the week
end lu Cranbrook, the guest of Miss
Muriel Baxter.
The regular monthly meeting of tho
Club executive was held in the Club
building Monday night, March iith.
with tbe president, Mrs. E. L. Staples
in the chair. The programme for the
months of March and April was planned and the following events arranged for.
On Saturday, March 17th, a children's St. Patrick's party Is to be given, commencing at 2.30 in the after-
(iii that date.
Although   the  previous  high  class noon.   This Is In the capable hands
performances or tbe Club have met' of Mrs. Lymon Taylor, and the young-
wlth tbe heartiest approval of Cran-jsters are assured of a good time,
brook  audiences, this  full  evening's. _
entertainment will be of a still more'    On March 21st a mock trial Is to he
in the penmanship of thejamhaious nature, and will no doubt given followed by an open discussion
j secure the'support of the public lo'on the French invasion of the Ruhr
the fullest extent. valley
The list of members as at present
tBfactory. the candidates of Cran-| organised, consists of the following:
brook. Fernie. Kaslo. and Sandon Director, P. O. Novak, violin, cornet,
Schools doing particularly well.   The soprano and tenor saxophone.    Mrs
Fresh Milk & Whippinii Cream
ir noi lathtflod win return the
C. I.OIHH HIS Mill Tel.
Full Lino of Wall  Paper
In Stork.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Phone 409 nt all hours
1KAISHH00K     -     •     -     H.C.
"Pape'a    Dlapepsln11
G;is, Indigestion or
Sum Stomach
Governor General's medal for the district went to Willie Duncan, of the
Pernie Public School. This boy has
also the distinction of being highest
In the province.
1 regret that more teachers did not
enter their classes in the physical
drill competition. I believe It wns not
clearly understood that the Strath-
conn Trust Committee had established
a most equitable basis ot competition.
Tlie prizes for excellence in physical
training were awarded as follows:
f*arge graded schools—Miss M. M.
Illachenbach, 2nd Division, Cranbrook
Small graded schools—-Mr. S. (O.
Harries, 1st Division. Coal Creek.
Tngraded schools Miss M. S. Balfour, Argenta School.
A forward step was made by the
Pernie Public School In the direction
or visual Instruction. The staff and
pupils of (his school have purchased
Victor   high-powered   stereoptlcon,
Kwong  Chong
11 Armstrong Avenue
Opposite W. D. Hill's
First  Class  Work Guaranteed.
Instantly I   Btpni&eli cor rooted I You
never feel ibe slightest distress from
indigestion or a sour, acid, gassy stomach, after you eal a tuhlet of "I'npe's
Dlapepsln." The moment It reaches
the Stomach all sourness, flatulence,
heartburn, passes, palpitation nnd pain
disappear. Druggists guarantee each
package to correct digestion nt once.
ISud your stomach trouble for few
Telephone 68 1**0. Box 016
Towrlss & Adam*
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
F. ti. Novak, soprano vocalist and
piaulstc. Mr. W. T. Thompson. 2nd
violin. Mr. J. K. Chorlton. 'cello.
Mr. A. Burch, melody saxophone. Mr.
11. Bovan, cornet. Mr. D. A. Kay
trombonn ami melody saxophone. Mr.
W. A. Burton, bass, tenor nnd soprano
saxophones, tenor vocalist. Miss Ivy
Bidder, piano accompanists, Mr. C.
Heude. drums ami bells.
It Is io be regretted (hat owing to
the nature of his duties Mr. Alexander, 1st violin, was compelled to withdraw from the Club so soon after Its
inception, but it is expected that his
position will soon be suitably filled.
More complete announcements as to
the forthcoming concert will appear
nt a later date.
The mock trial promises to be'
interesting, and amusing. The Club
secretary intends to arrange tlie stage;
as nearly liltc a courl room ns possible wilb prisoner's box, judge's raised dins, witness box, etc. A collection;
will be taken in aid ot the Club funds, j
The-date for the annual banquet I
was set for April Oth, This event is
always looked forward to with a great
deal of pleasure by tbe people of Wycliffe and district. Last year one'
hundred and twenty sat down to the
bountifully spread tables. An interesting programme of music, (oasts,
etc., will be arranged.
On March liSth an illustrated lecture Is to be given, subject to be announced later.
Friday, April 18th, Is to be known
as "Hoodoo Night." The evening's
entertainment fs to take the form of
DE8CRUT10N OF Bunk-..   (I) The Neil Firmer'*
Mumi.il (enlarged edition)—-e condensed encyclopaedia of practical information for the central
farmer, stockman, dairyman, noultryman. fruit
grower, etc. 266 pages. (2) The tastily Herald
Took Book—Scientific but non-technical. (8) 100 of
the Best Songs—A rare collection of old favorites.
(4) Singing Games—Indispensable for children's
parties. (5) Sunday \lbum of Sacred Sobk—
A comprehensive collection of popular and classical
sacred songs.
Extraordinary Clubbing Offer
Hy special arrangement we are ottering The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal and
The Cranbrook Herald ai a money saving club rate,
with the extra Inducement of a valuable book, cost
The Family Herald and Weekly Star is a complete library in itself, combining as It does a Farm
Paper, a Home Journal, a Children's Magazine and a
Weekly Newspaper.
This Offer flay Not Last Long
If you are not a subscriber to The Family Herald
and Weekly Star, read Clubbing Offer No. 1. If you
are a subscriber to The Family Herald and Weekly
Star, read Clubbing Offer No, 2.
All Orders hum lie sent In Thr Cranhronk Herald,
Cranbrook, B.C.
(Golden Star)
Engineer It. tavelt In dead and Fireman K. A. llcckwltli Ilea In the ftev-
claloke Hospital In a critical rendition, us the result of a flrennti blowing out on t'.P.It. train No. 4, ut 2.30
Saturday morning, while passing
through the Laurie Tunnel about 35
miles from Revelstoke. E. Bongard
of Kamloops was the conductor on
the train.
The train became stalled, and finding he was getting no assistance from
tho engine behind, the engineer sent
back to Investigate. The tlremao waa
found in a dated condition on the
floor of the cab, and the engineer lying on the ground where it Is sup
posed he was blown by the force of
the explosion.
The Injured men were taken to the
Itovelstoko Hospital, where every aid
was given, but Lovett died about 6.1li,
while Beckwlth lingers on In a precarious condition,
l/ivett la well known In Ooldon,
where ho worked for tome line run-
■lag erne of Ik*
To   Xon.Subscriber!   of   The
Family Herald k Weekly Star
One NEW subscription to The
Family Herald and Weekly Star
(Regular price $2.00 per year).
One new (or renewal) subscription lo The Cranbrook Herald
(Regular price $2.00 per year).
One Valuable Book, as described above. Sot for sale at any
Th Save
All Orders musl lie sent lo The Cranbrook Herald
Until 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, March 13th, bids
will be received in writing at the City Clerk's Office.
City Hall, for Ihe old window sash taken out of Ihe
Curling Rink.
Thirty-nine of these sash are 12 light sash 4in _. ins.
by 44V4 ins. outside.
Three sash are complete with glass. The others
contain from two lights up to eleven.
There are also six 2 light Bash 3(> Ins by 35 ins. Size
of glass 16 ins. by 32 ins. Two of these sash ure complete with glass; four containing one light each.
There are also ten sash 66 ins. by 66 ins. Size of
glass 20 Ins. by 30 ins. Six of these are complete with
glass; two with one glass cracked; one minus two
lights; and one minus three lights.
Bids will also be received for all the old INCH lumber and refuse from the Old Rink.
For further information apply at City Hall.
Sttpl. City Works.
1 I,! HIIIMi   OFFER   SO. 2
To Present 8uli9cr|b«ri of The
Family Herald ,V Weekly Star
One NEW subscription with
your own renewal to The Family Herald and Weekly Star
(Regular price $4.00 for the
One new (or renewal) subscription to The Cranbrook Herald
(Regular price $2.on per year).
One Valuable Hook witli boili lhe new
and renewal subscriptions to Tbe
Family Herald and Weekly Star.
VOTFt A renewal subscription alone
cannot be accepted under this offer.
Kacii renewal must be accompanied
by one NEW subscription to The
Family Herald in order that each
may finality for a bonk.
All Orders must he sent to The Cranbrook Herald
Tot Save
Cranbrook, B.C.
famittllisms^^ m A PAGE  SIX
Friday, March 9, 1923
Arrivals -
Direct from England
'Tea Cups    50c up
Assorted Pieces
Cream and Sugars    -    Salt k
Peppers ■ Kerry llMies • ic.
D 1 N N B 14    S E T
»* Pieces "I Genuine Ware
Specially Priced
H will pay you (o cotne in nml
,  look our China Uept. over.
i i'i c it; )
City Items of Interest
Insure with llealc & Elwell.
+    +    +
One  Speelal   Six  studebaker;   one
five  passenger  McLaughlin,  in  perfect condition,   A real good buy.
+   +   +
We have in a Full Line of Winter
Rubbers, and—
Our  low  prices win every time.
+    +    +
The Methodist Ladles' Aid will meet
nt the homo of Mrs. li. A. Moorhouse,
Lumsden Avenue, ou Tuesday, March
13th, at 3 o'clock.
+    +    +
The Baptist  Women's Mission  Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. W.
D. Gilroy, Fenwlck Avenue, on Tuesday, March 13th, at 3 p.m.
+    +    +
The Venozln Hotel dining room is
now under new management, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Knocke having taken
over the place. As tliey have had considerable experience, In this line it is
felt that they will make tlie venture
a success.
+   +   +
Mr. Gordon Johnson of Fernie paid
Hie office a visit when in tlie city on
business this week. Mr. Johnson, who
1b an engineer, is connected with tho
Wigwam Pulp and Paper Co.
• Cocal news.
The big Ten Heel Joy Show. Star
tonight. 2
Hemstitching.— Mrs. Surtees, Garden Avenue. -*tf
Mrs. G. E. Freiake of Marysvllle is
In the city confined lo the hospital,
BORN—-At the Cottage Hospital, on
Thursday, March Stli, to Mr. and Mrs.
J. II. McMeekin, of Wasa. a daughter.
A safety deposit box with Beale &.
Elwell means absolute security for a
j nominal individual fee.
j Mrs. Jack Thompson, ol this city,
was a patient ut the hospital for a few
flays this week.
! We have iu stock a full line of
I Women's, Men's, Girls', Boys' and
I Children's Shoes. Our stock is com-
Iplete and—-
j    Our low prices Win every time.
Mrs L. McKOtlZlO returned to her
' homo on Wednesday of this week, feeling much better after her slay at the
Wo repair hot water bottles, rubber
footwear, in fact anything made of
rubber,—Wilson's Vulcanizing Works,
\ Baker Street. 36tf
] Miss Mabel Finley and Miss Winnie
Malone aro patients at the hospital,
recovering from operations for appendicitis. Miss Ethel Clapp is ulso continuing her good progress towards recovery after her recent operation.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Novak have rented the C. B. Garrett house on Armstrong Avenue, and will be moving
into it in due course.
Norman Moore, district forester,
who returned last week from a departmental conference at Victoria, is
leaving for Nelson early next. week,
and will confer there witli the Chief
Forester on the policies in regard to
this district for the coming forestry
[season. Tlio Cranbrook forestry district is one of the biggest producers
of products under that general classification iu Hie province, totalling about safio.ooo.uno annually.
Mrs. and Mrs. Guy Muhaffey, who
recently returned from their honeymoon trip to California points, and
have been visiting at Mrs. Hundley's,
Kimberley, will take up residence in
this city shortly.    .
■ John  Gard  is  wearing  a  straighl
■ jacket these days, It was fitted on
j him lately hy Drs. Green and Mnc-
' Kinnon, when it was discovered that
he had a rib or two broken as the result of a fall from a low scaffold on
which he was working.
Smart Spring
In Style, Color and Fabric
the Now Suits and Frocks) ensure an interesting season.
Pleates and Pleated Drapes
play an important part in the
design of the Spring Frocks.
I Remember - Our Sale Still
Latest Styles in Dresses
Botany Serges, Tricotines,
Silks & Canton Crepes
A tow of the bargains:
$10.50 Dress for $J.IM)
A $12.50 Dress for  $9,411
A $20.00 Dress for $15.00
A $34.50 Dress for $85.90
Combine the practical with the
beautiful—scud a gift of silver
—it will Iil' admired by the
guosts and bo pui into practical
liso from Ihe llrst day tile l.rlile
cotnmeticoB housekeeping.
Our large nud complete silver
stork quickly suggests the precise gift you want, whether you
plan lo siicnil much or little.
The Jeweler
Lloyd   ill   "Dr.   Jack"
\V. Bell, ol Wilmer, in a patient confined  to the hospital here this week.
General Clean-up in Monarch Down, j
All colors going next two weoks at j
36c. n ball or :. bulls for $1.00. The
Hand Knitting Book No. 11 just, in,
25e. each. Come in now anil get yours.
Mrs. D. Stewart, of the Mission, waa
able to return home on Monday after
a severe attack of pneumonia. Her
husband, who was also 11), was able
to return home the previous week.
Dr. Wilson Herald, ear, nose and
throat specialist, will be in Cranbrook
March 1st, 2nd und 3rd, and can be
consulted nt the Hospital. 52tf
Sam Wormlngton of Lumherton returned the new mill town on Monday
after being compelled to stay at the
hospital for u few days.
"Chain Lightning," a real racing
story nt the Star Monday and Tuesday. 2
Joe Porri, proprietor of the Central
Hotel. Fernie, drew a fine of $225
this week, when he was convicted of
having in his possession liquor not
bearing the government seal. The
seizure oi the liniior complained of
took phue recently al Perrl'a home.
Now is the time to have your Rugs
and Carpets dry cleaned. 24 hour
service, it x 10 $1.50; 10 x 12 $2.00.
Phone Willis, 167, Cranbrook Cleaners
and Dyers. 1-4
"Headin* West" a western picture
full of comedy, Wednesday and Thursday at the Star. 2
the undersigned up till noon, April
15th, 192:1, for the following works:
1. Cleaning up the Agency property
nud burning and removing all rub
hlsh. ashes, etc.
2. Repairing the fence around the
3. Ploughing, levelling and preparing the two front lots to receive grass
The lowest or any tender not neccs
sarlly accepted.
Indian Agent
Cranbrook, B.C. 1
Saturday, March 17th
Ladies' Middles, $1.60 and $2.00, for $1.00
Chllds' Middies:, $1.25 and $1.45, for  1.011
Chlldg' Rompers, $1.50 to $2.45, for  1.0(1
Women's Silk Hose, white, grey and nude  1.00
Shetland Floss, 7 skeins for  1.00
Boys' Heavy Rubbers with buckles  1.00
Bed Room Slippers   1.00
Small lot of Corsets  1.00
Little Darling Hose, 4 pairs for  1.00
Jaeger's Socks for Children, 4 pairs   1.00
Tan Cotton Hose, children's, 4 pairs  1.00
Penman's Cashmere Hose, Women's, per pair.. 1.00
Remnants of Print, 4 yards for 1.00
Neck Wear, $1.50 to $2.35   1.00
Ladies' Hand Bags, $2.25 and $2.75, for  1.00
Two pairs Hose, regular 65c $1.00
Three pairs Cotton Hose     1.00
Five Laundered Collars  1.00
Blue Striped Jumpers   1.00
Small quantity Wool Undershirts   1.00
Boys' Blouses, regular $1.35   1.00
Boys' Shirts, regular $1.35  1.00
Ties, regular $1.25 and $1.50    1.00
Belts, regular $1.25   1.00
Kant Krease Collars     II for 1.00
Del Park Collars   8 for 1.00
Braces, regular $1.25  1.00
Boys' Gauntlets, regular $1.25    1.00
Engineers' Caps 5 for 1.00
St. Patrick's Day,
Hose,'' at the Star.
"My Wild Irish
There's strength in Our Bread
nn well iib flavor. Our Model
Bakery turns out tho Very Best
Bread, Cakes and Pies that you
can buy anywhere. Wo ask
only a fair price for any of our
output. Try iib, and seo how
good our baking is.
phone ,vi
BIG 22
Armstrong Avenue
When   In   need   of   Furniture.
Stoves, or Kitchen  Utensils
GIVE   US   A   CAU-
See Our
4 piece Library Suite
8 piece Dining Room Suite
Wicker Chairs and Rockers
Trunks and Suit Cases
PHONE   522
Beale & Elwell, steamship agents
for the best lines to Europe.
Watch for our Clearing Sale—Three
days only, commencing on Thursday.
March 15th to Saturday, March 17th.
Wonderful values offered in China
and Crockery.
Mrs. A. Webster was able to leave
the hospital to return home on Thursday of this week.
Fied Archer returned on Thursday
to Canal Flats, after a short slay In
ihe city. He received some medical
attention for u little trouble with one
."not, and Is strongly optimistic, as always in regard to developments In the
'olumbia and Windermere Valleys.
Shamrock tea, cookery sale and
program by St. Mary's Ladles' Aid, at
the home ot Mrs. J. A. Genest, on Saturday, March 17th. Everybody welcome. 2
Watch our windows for Saturday
Specials. Corned Beef, Head Cheese,
Choice, Beef, Lamb, Veal and Pork.
Phone 624.    P. Woods Meat Market.
R. E. Beattie is a visitor In the city
this week-end, and has been kept busy shaking hands with his many
Wednesday night Chinatown was
the scene of a small Are, when the
chimney In the home ot Mrs. Lee How
became overheated and caused a lot
of excitement among the colony
of trans-Pacific citizens.
Mrs. H. O. Root left on Saturday
last for Kelso, Wash., where she has
gone to join her husband, now located
At the regular meeting of tho City
Council to be held Wednesday even
ing of next week, the new by-law will
bo Introduced designed to regulate
public dance halls In the city. It Is
expected there will be a number of
Interested ratepayers and residents
In attendance to discuss the provisions of the proposed measure.
Geo. Powell hns commenced to Rev. Ceo. Knox, pastor of the Cres-
make alterations in the McDonald li- t(m Methodist Church, is visiting in
very barn on Cranbrook, ono end of
which he Is converting Into better1
quarters for his Sluger Sewing Machine agency.
  i home lasi, week, when through n fall
The Provincial Police have received.'*- tllP >'nr,i ll0 sustained a double
Instructions from Victoria that no; fracture of tho jnw. The accident
further time can be allowed for the; happened on Friday hint, and he was
the city for a lime with Rev. and Mrs.
B. C. Freeman, taking treatment for
the painful injuries he suffered at hi:
procuring of 1923 motor licences, and
that prosecutions will have to be Instituted against anyone found operating n. motor vehicle without the
necessary 1923 licence.
immediately given medical attention
by Dr. Henderson of that place, but
it will naturally be some little time
before he is able to take up his work
Ladies Suits, Coats and
This Is an opportunity for lhe Ladies to see the latest
in Spring Designs.   No two garments alike.   A deposit on Special Designs is necessary.    Immediate
delivery from samples if desired.
The School Board are meeting this
evening, Friday, to finally consider
their estimates (or the coming year.
Inspite of carefully watching every
possible expenditure for the coming
year, it is stated that the school rate
will of necessity have to be about 4%
mills more than lust year, making the
school rate a little over 20 mills. The
increased teaching staff necessary la
the big item In the extra requirements
and u further payment of $400 la also
likely to be provided for towards the
purchase of the block in the townsite
addition made last year.
If you would enjoy u good mil
Try Moore's Cafe
Only White Help Employed
Baker Street     Phone 520
Opposite P. Burns & Co.
W. R Doran carries a full line of
boots and shoeB and general goods.
See him for that new Congoleum Rug,
and one of those Simmons Beds, Dor-
an's low prices draw the crowd.     2tf
To reduce our laying stock to the
number our summer quarters will accommodate we will sell any number
of standard bred White Leghorn pullets up to 000 birds. These birds are
laying now and in first class condition. Will consider exchanging tor
fresh milk cow or one coming fresh
within two weeks.- The Brown PniiW
toy Ineftb Bra 7W, CiMbrook.    M
Extra Special In Apples
Just Arrived and in Splendid Condition
Wagner Apples, No. 1 quality, per box  12.00
Jonathans, domestic pack, per box     1.50
Buy a box of nature's medicine and give the
doctors a chance to rest.
Regular 4flc. per dot., nt 115c. per don. or II do*, for #1
Larger Sizes al   50e., (Hie., nnd J5e.
Nice Dry Mealy Potatoes, por owl (1,85
We have Cabbage, Turnips, Carrots, Hoots, Parsnips.
Fresh Rhubarb, Lettuc.0, Celery nnd lladlslies
all Ihe time,
Try some of our Fresh Roasted Peanuts al 25c. lb.
See Oi»r Went Window lor something new In Uluss-
wnre, at prices that will make you feel good, und the
best value we have had for n long time.
John Manning
W* pay tn* beat prices going tor til
Modi   oi   furniture.     Wa buy any-
thlni from • motu* trap to an automobile.
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valvar
WANTED—Work liy tlio
Leltner, phono 104.
WANTED — ('oniforinblo   room
bonnl.   Box j. Herald Ollleo.
work for awlmmlng pool ut Wy-
ellffo. Those Interested aeo or write
ii. s. Voting, Wyollfto, B.0,        211
POR BALE—Block Wyandotte ihiIIoIh,
puro bred, uino c-kkh for letting.
Mrs. It. Ilenbow. 2:1
TO RENT—Two Hlnitle rooms. Apply
I'liulwiii House, Mre. A. tanner,
Armetrong Avenue. I'lione 104.   r.'.Mf
I'linne 114.
room   for
WANTED-We wish to purchaae for
spot cueh at market price two good
milk cows, freeh within past thirty
days. Brown Poultry Hunch, P.O.
Box 703, Cranbrook. 61tt
FOR SALE—One Savage 303, and on*
Lee Enfield rifle.  B. Weston.
Studio:  8J Armstrong Avenue
Opposite Telephone Building
Phone 142
TO RENT—Three rooms,
for housekeeping. 201
Can be nsed
Dewar Av-
k WANTaTO 1)0 BUT—Wa buy fun.
Witter Btttw Statu.


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