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Cranbrook Herald Feb 2, 1923

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Melody Five Dance, Parish Hall, Fri., Feb. q,
n r m ii i: ii    i ii
Gents $1, Ladies 50c
Dancing 10 ■ 2
Big Bonspiei
Opens Monday
Larue Attendance  Looked  For
And lev Pnimlscs Oood
Encouraging Reports Are Pr
N^ntetl And Oftlwrn Are
Tho annual bonspiei ot tho Crow's
Nest braueh of the Royal Caledonian
Ourllng ciub win eoromonce on Monday next in this city.
"This gathering or curlers," said
tho Lethbrldge Herald recently, "has
grown from a spiel where 16 to 20
rinks giitherud and were easily ac
commodated on four sheets of Ice, to
a really representative congress running as many as forty rinks, representing 15 different towns and cltiee
along tho Crow's Nest Pusb. They
now require nine sheets of ice to run
through tbe program of five open and
two closed events within the week.
"Cranbrook has made great preparations for the accommodation and entertainment of tbe visitors. Thoy will
have eight sheets of ice in readiness
and the hospitality of the British Columbia cities, Fernie and Cranbrook,
Is so well known It need hardly be
commented upon.
"The district bonspiei has become
an institution, and take It from the
old curlers, the winning of any of the
events in tbe big spiel means Honie-
"The prairie towns are or have been
up against It this season for Ice, but
they have been hard at It for the past
ten days, and will be ablo to give a
fair account of themselves when they
bump up against tlie Mountaineers.
"The bonspiei secretary has Information that the following clubs wilt
be represented: Cranbrook. Fernie,
Coleman, Blairmore, Plncher Creek,
Madeod. Lethbrldge. Tuber. Carman-
gay. Claresholm, Xanton. Stnvely, and
"The open events are the Grand
Challenge, supported by Cranbrook
Club; the Trltes Wood, supported by
Pernio; the Macleod, supported by
Maeleod and Tuber clubs; the Mag-
rath, supported by Lethbrldge. f
"The Walker Trophy completed Its
ten years of existence last year and
Penile and Lethbrldge had a battle
royal to annex for the fourth time,
which happened to menu perpetual
ownership. Milt K.isiner for Pernie,
defeated Donga I McNabb In thin big
game, and tbe Walker now reposes in
tbe archives ol the Pernie Club. It Is
to be replaced liy another trophy, donated by Mayor \v\ p. Cameron of
"Tho closed events are inter-club or
inier-ctty, for tlie International Coal
and Coke Co. cup. One rink from each
club represented m the spiel play-
"Then tbe inter-provincial. Alberta
vs. Rrltlsh Columbia, for the Lip-
hard! cup.   Winning rinks play down.
"The grand aggregate, willi individual cups, goes to the rink that wins
tbe mOSl games in the open events.
"TIlO Lethbrldge club have sent forward the prizes for the Y.aginth trv
phy. and without question they are
ihe boil prises e?ei pul up for ram-
petition In tbe history ot the spiel.
P. Hums & Co., font  silver Individual
cups, iirst.  Lethbrldge Herald   (qui
rut   Khis*   »ater   lots  nf   jup   and  hIi
glasses, second;  l<ethbrtdge Browing
ami Molting CO., tDUr Club hags third.
ihe HI I (son Milling and Blevatof Co,
four Mackinaw curling ooats, fourih
"The curlers will leave Bunday
morning, Pen -i The skips are trying
hard to line up tbe big league phiy-
OfS, and It ts Imped that at least four
Strong rinks will represent the Lethbrldge furling i hib "
Tbe draws for tbe first days games
Will probably he made on Sunday, and
the llrst games will probably start
about nine on Monday morning. Tups-
day and Wednesday there will probably be six or seven draws a day, depending on the number of rinks finally putting in an appearance. Some
of the cups and supporting prizes
have been on display this week lu the
window of Delsny A Sinclair, and the
remainder will probably be settled
upon this week.
Following is a list of tho rinks
which have been entered from tbo
Crnubrook Curling Club In the big
'spiel next week, the first named being
the skip und the playing order to be
decided Inter.
F. M. MacPherson, c. J. Little, P. Pas-
eu«o, W. J. Barber.
K. II. McPhee. P. M. Morrison. I>. R.
(larnham, M, McCrlndle.
W. F. Cameron, J. P. McLaren, W. D.
Qllroy, N. A. Walllnger.
0.   Hogarth,   A.   K.   Leltch,   W.   It.
Grubbe, M, A. Beale,
The Annual Vestry Meeting of
Christ Church was held Monday evening, January 2\ti\i at S.3U o'clock, in
tlie Parish Hull. There was rather a
small attendance,
The usual business of receiving and
accepting the various reports was
transacted, followed by the election
of officers tor the year.
Ono of the most successful branches
of ihe Church work wus shown to be
the Sunday School, with a greatly in
creased attendance, and healthy finances; great credit for this being due
to Mr. P. G. Morris, the superintendent and his willing helpers.
Various committees were then elected as follows:
Church Committee: Nine members
were duly elected on this committee,
viz., Mrs. F. B. Miles, Mr. H. Collier,
Mr. W. It. Grubb, Judge G. H. Thompson, Dr. Fergle, Major Hicks, Mr. H.
L. Harrison, Mr. R. W. Willis, Mr. M.
A. Beale.
The following were appointed lay
delegates to the Synod: Judge G. H.
Thompson, Mr. N. A- Walllnger, Mr,
C. A. Cock.
Substitute delegates to the Synod
appointed were: Mr. W. R. Grubb,
Mr. M. A. Beale, Major Hicks.
Rev. P. V. Harrison then appointed
Mr. N. A. Walllnger as Rector's Warden and Mr. C. A. Cock was appointed
Peoplo's Warden for the coming year.
The Hall Committee appointed consists of the Rector, two Church Wardens, Mrs. F. W. Green, Mrs. T. H.
Gill, Mr. Cyril Shaw, Major Hicks,
Mr. II. L. Harrison.
The following members were then
appointed on the Rectory Committee:
Mrs. F. B. Miles, Mrs. HartneU, Mrs.
Hogarth, Mrs. MacKinnon, Mrs. F. V.
Harrison, Mrs. Fergle, Mr. C. Staples,
Dr. Fergle. Judge Thompson, Mr. M.
A. Beale, Mr. W. R. Grubb, Mrs. Hall
Was also elected in place of Mlsa Alt- J
ken. 1
The financial report! submitted to'
the meeting showed tbe various
branches of the Church to be on a arm
tooting. The general fund showed re-1
eipts from all sources to be $4,491.26,
with expenditures practically tbe
same. The assets and liabilities of
the Church show an excess ot $7,150
of assets over the liabilities. The
ladles' Guild showed receipts of
|1,845,88 from all sources, and payments including substantial Items for,
mortgage Interest and discharge of
$1,170.70. The Sunday School statement showed nn income from the year
of $846.88, with a small credit balance still In bund at the clote of the
yea r
Old Timers of
District Pass Out
The pool, which has heeu closed fur
several weeks owing lo repairs being
made In the In. Hug plant, is again
opened in members, and many are enjoying the water again. The Board of
Directors wish It to be known that ull
paid up memberships win be extended for two mouths lo cover the time
when the pool was noi available.
The hockey match of (he season will
bo played on the Club Kink Sunday
afternoon at ;t o'clock, when the Club
team will meet the Concentrator team
of Kimberley. So fur in tbo season's
games the Cranbrook players have
carried all before them, and as the
Concentrator players stand second,
and are out to improve their standing
with some fast players, an exciting
game may be looked for. Be there to
boost for your favorites. Admission
by ticket only. Tickets on sale at
the Cranbrook Book and Drug Co. and
the Beattle-Noble Drug Store.
Immediately after the close of the
Club year in January, a membership
drive will be inaugurated. A new and
attractive scale of prices has been
dratted, making it possible tor every
child in the vicinity lo enjoy the privileges of tbe Club. In order to make
it. possible to carry ou at the reduced
rates It will be necessary to have a
large membership enrolled, so it is
hoped that there will be a ready response for the beginning of the next
year. Following is given the new
scale of membership fees:
Children up to 14 years, 75c. a
month; 14 to 19 years (inclusive), $1
a month; 20 years and over, $1.60 a
These fees to be paid monthly In advance, to the director of the Club.
For those wishing to pay annually
the rates will be:
Up to 14 years, $5.00; 14 tu 19 years
(Inclusive), $10.00; 20 years and over,
$15.00. All out of town members.
These rates include tennis privileges, but the rink will henceforth be
run separately. Under the new schedule there will be no family member
Capt* Armstrong 'Vend Follow'
Iiik- Beeent Accident! Nori-
gated Kootenay ic Columbia
Word came to the city the und of
last week of the death at Vancouver
[on Friday last of Capt. Frank P. Arm
strong, brother of J. F. Armstrong, at
June time government agent here, aud
an uncle of Mrs. M A. Beule of this
city. The Injury he suffered to his
leg last December in an accident at
Kaslo was loo much even tor his robust constitution, and the broken bones did not knit. Nvertheless, it was
not expected that there was any Immediate danger of a complete collapse when he was taken to the Coast
for specialist treatment.
He spent the best years of his younger life In this district, coming into
tlie Kootennys in the early eighties.
The lust occasion on which he was
here was last summer when he attended the opening of tbe memorial fort
ut Windermere.
By a coincidence Capt. Bacon, who
wan ror many years associated with
Capt. Armstrong In the river navigation of those early times, also passed
away ut Vancouver last week.
The funeral of Capt. Armstrong
took place on Tuesday at Victoria.
c. H Hoblnson, fisheries inspector
and overseer, of lierrard, was a visitor to the district on official buslnetis
early thi- week, visiting Cranbrook
and Kimberley. While here he conducted a case ugutust an offender who
wns found guilty of fishing through
a bide in the ice, which in against the
Fisheries itegniuttons.
A nomlntl due wns Imposed tu this
rase, and the tlsb eelted- This has
been going on ut Pish Lake and Monro
Lake, lbe Inspector states, and It is
to the Interest ot all sportsmen to discourage the practice, since It would
soon lead to the serious depletion of
tbe streams and likes of lhe district.   |
J. L. Palmer left on Tuesday after-
mum tor Calgary to atteud a confer-1
ence of Imperial Oil salesmen, nt'
which most of the salesmen In the Jurisdiction of the Calgary office usually
attend. He expect* to return on Friday.
L. Clapp. (!. It. Willis, R. Burteh, O.l
Sinclair. '
It. Eakin, D. Burton. T. M. R. Stewart,
J. Taylor.
A. W. Hodgson, T. Brown, D. Sutherland. H. Fyles.
,\. S. Ward, W. M. Harris, Dr. MacKinnon, J. Milne.
tl. Leltch, Jnn. Martin, W. Soden, A.
C Bowness.
I). Hnlerow. P.. T. Cooper, D. Ftnnls,
W. Whiting.
W. F. Doran, C. R. Ward, O. F. Marsh,
F. W. Burgess.
Extra players—W. Barton, J. J. De-
lany, W. Guthrie. C. A. Towrlss, R. P.
Preparations have been made for
the concert to be held at the Auditorium on February lfith. and the committee have made the popular prices
TS cents, rchTved scats only. Notice
of the opening of the box office for
reserved'seats will be stated on tick-
eta, which may be had from any member of tbe Musical Society. It Is very
important that all the different
branches of the Society that are taking part in the concert shall attend
practices regularly.
All members and ex-members are
requested to return all music the property of the Musical Society on Monday next. This Is very necessary, as
an Inventory is to. be taken by the
It Is very necessary that all mem-
tH'i -. keep I heir dues paid up to date
At preienl there are many who are In
arrears. Money can be paid to tbe
treasurer nl regular practices, or by
Tlie Band Concert has been arranged to take place ou Sunday, February
18th. One of the itoms to be rendered by the Band will be a selection of
Gems from Sullivan's Operas. The
Band will also accompany the audience in the rendering of three of the
most popular hymns.
(Special to the Herald)
lnvcrmere, B.C., Jan. 31,—Last week
there died at the hospital at Vancouver two river navigators), who for
many years of their active lives had
been closely associated with each.
other In Bteamboatlng on the upper
reaches of the Columbia River from;
(•olden to the southern end of the
lakes. These were Captain Francis
Patrick Armstrong, born In Sorrel,
Quebec, on the 14th March, 1861, and
Captain Francis Hugh Bacon, born In
the city of Montreal on the 3rd of that
month In the same year.
Captain Armstrong came out Into
tbe Kootenay country In 1882 as a
member of an exploring party tor tbe
0. P R„ looking over1 nhe western
stretches of the Kicking Horse Pass.
Later he took up farming for a few
years on what Is now known as Armstrong Range, on the eastern side of
Columbia Lake. From there he used
to freight the produce to Golden and
Donald by Hot bottomed boats of his
own make, and so he progressed Into
steamboat Ing.
In 1886 he launched the S.S. Duchess on the Columbia Itiver. and from
that time on until 1914 was more or
less closely connected with the river
In 1915 he joined the service of the
Department of Public Works, Canada,
and only left them to go across and
serve for King and Country during
tbe world's great war. He saw service on the Tigris.
On his return he again joined his
old employers. In October of last year
ho had tho misfortune through the
breaking of a plank to full fifteen feet
off a pile driver and break his leg and
injure himself Internally. From this
ho never fully recovered, and though
be received every possible attention,
he failed until taken by death on the
26th of this month.
Captain Bacon came west to Golden
In 1886 to join Captain Armstrong in
his steamer navigation, and ran crafts
on the river until 1903, when he took
up other lines ot employment In Golden, leaving there about 1917 to reside at the Coast. He also saw service
on the Tigris with his late chief.
Hits.  AN Ml: .UIIXKIt
After an Illness of aboin five weeks
death ended the Bufferings Of Mrs. Annie Edith Miller, wife of lOImct A.
Miller, C. P. it. engineer, on Tuesday
evening last, January BOth. Since tlie
birth of her youngest daughter, on
December 24th last, Mrs. Miller bad
been lu precarious health, though al
lime,'* it seemed as If every hope
might well be entertained for a recovery. She suffered a relapse a few days
ago, and succumbed to pneumonia about s.-if, on Tuesday evening.
The late Mrs. Miller was born In
Lngtand almost thirty-six years ago,
where her father and two sisters still
reside. She had been In this country
tor about twelve years, and was married ten years ago. One of the pathetic features of her passing is the
family of four little girls who are
left motherless, Violet, the eldest, seven, Muriel, five. Christine, three and
Gladys, aged live weeks. Au uncle,
Mr. Wm. Bradley, resides in tbis city,
and a sister, Mrs. Jas. Bradley, of
Grand Forks, and an aunt, Mrs. Thomas Wardman, of Lethbrldge, linve
been in tho city, und were present al
the end.
The lute Mrs. Miller was a woman
of modest and unassuming character, who "looked well to the ways of
her household," and taught her children tbe way of right. She knew no
gossip, and spoke only the language
of kindliness. Her last Illness wns
borne with a degree of patience and
fortitude as to arouse the wonder and
itmlrutlon of those who watched lu
constant endeavor to alleviate the lot
of the sufferer. Sho was never heard
tu complain though suffering greatly
during the weeks of her Illness, and
with her last strength gave messages
of cheer and comfort to the sorrowing
husband and children.
The funeral was held on Friday afternoon, Rev. W. T. Tapscott conducing service at the Baptist Church at
three o'clock. These last rites were
extremely Impressive, and there were
few dry eyes remaining among these
who filled the church. The pallbearers were all fellow members of
Mr. Miller In Ihe B. of L. F. ami B.,
Messrs. Roger and Ben Bartholomew,
A. W. Atkinson, J. A. Murray. II.
Gammon and J. A. McCullum. There
were many floral tributes In evidence
as mute testimony of the esteem In
which the late Mrs. Miller was held.
Friends of the family extend every
sympathy to the bereaved husband
aud family.
Annuol meeting Held tin Wed*
mcmIiiy Shows Health]
|    Day By Day In
Every Way
On Wednesda) evening the annual
meeting of Ku \ Presbyterian Church
was held In the school room, when a
large number of the congregation
were present. The work ot the Church
for 1922 was reviewed, and the reports
of the various organizations lu connection therewith presented, ail showing a very successful year.
Especially encouraging had been the
matter of the finances, which were
shown to be in a very good condition.
During ttiu year the Rev. B. W.
.MacKay had been inducted as the permanent pastor of the congregation
Many improvements had been made in
lhe Church, the most important being
the Installation of the new pipe organ
In the latter part of tbe year. Por this
the congregation felt much indebted
to the Ladles' Aid, which had been
particularly active, and had been most
successful in their efforts lo finance
this large undertaking, the funds for
Which all being in hand or provided
lu reviewing the financial affairs of
the Church Mr. G. J, Spreull showed
that there had been an increase ot
some $1,200 over hist year in tbe total amount of money given by the congregation tor all purposes through
lhe Church and Its various orgaulta-
tins, tlie total this yeur being $6,908.
Of this amount $1,365 had been given
for work thai might be considered outside of the local Church, such as Missions.
The election of officers resulted In
the appointment of Messrs. F. H. De-
zall. J. P. Fink and F, M MePherson
to the Hoard of Monagars for three
years. Mr. W. D. McLeod was appointed auditor for the Church and Its
several organizations.
At the conclusion of the meeting.
refreshments wore served by the ladies.
The receipts by the various Church
bodies was as follows;:
Board of  Managers   ...........    (,'..S45M
Ktlox ClUircb Ladle"' Aid • 2MJ..2
Knox church Sunday School 44S.97
Women's Missionary Society 265.46
Mission   Band   .. :'5« "
<•;>- ;;
C.P.R. Program of Betterment*
Includes Provision For      i
New  Building
Mr. II. O. Root, who tor the last
three years has been engaged with
Messrs. DeWolfe & Ham as a surveying and construction engineer, left on
Monday last for Long View, Washington, where Mr. and.Mrs. Root expect
to make their future home, Mr. Root
having accepted a position with the
Long-Bell Lumber Co. of that place.
Mr. Root at the outbreak of the war
was with the Forestry Department
of the C P. R. enlisting and serving
overseas with the Canadian Forestry
Corps. Mrs. Root, who before her
marriage was Miss Marlon Robertson,
will be staying In Cranbrook for a
while with her mother, Mrs. Margaret
Robertson, until Mr. Root gets things
settled In their new home.
On Wednesday evening a skating
party was held nt tbe Recreation Club
Rink. Twenty-eight members skated
from 8 o'clock until 9.30, wben sandwiches, cake and coffee were served
In the Parish Hall under the capable
management ot Miss Virginia Wolfe.
Mlsa Evelyn Anderton and Mr. Leonard Burton played for dancing until
11 o'clock, which concluded one of the
Club's most successful social evenings.
(Special to The Herald)
lnverroere, B.C., Jan. 27.—The announcement made by Vice President
I). C. Coleman last week from Winni-1
peg that an appropriation bad been
passed for the building of a depot at
Lake Windermere, confirms a rumor
that has been floating about periodically for many years. Lake Windermere Is a depot for the whole of Lake
Windermere district. It enjoys the
distinction of being the only station
on the Lake Windermere branch between (lolden and Fort Steele which
has enjoyed the benefit of nn agent
since December, 1914. A modest little
portable depot, viz. n box eur on the
ground has done duty nil these years,
but with the opening of the Banff-
Windermere road on the 30th of June
to come. It is no doubt though! that It
Is time the old box car took a move.
Taking into consideration the differences in ihe cash balances at the
beginning and end of 1822, tbe money
disbursed by all bodies amounted to
The matter of the Church formally
recognizing the work of the Boy
Scouts was considered, and a committee appointed to assist |n any way
possible those at present In charge ol
lhe Presbyterian Patrol. The Pastor
and Mr. W. Johnston were thanked for
tho Interest they had Uiken In this
While all the societies had done excellent work during the year, the effort that had been put into the work
of the Mission Band under the guidance of Mrs. it. A. McBurney and Mrs
II. L, Grady, was particularly mentioned,
E. McQoncgal, who at the first of the
year retired as superintendent of the
Paulson-Mason Limited lumber firm
at Kitchener, stated recently that
lumbering operations In that section
are the biggest on record, at least 150
men being employed in the camps and
mills In the Kitchener area. Poles,
posts, piling, ties and lumber moved
last year In tremendous quantities,
whilst the Cranbrook Bash and Door
Company  also found  a  market  at
Fourth Reader Jr.: Gladys Stone,
Evelyn Oartstde, Jack Atchison.
Third Reader Jr.: George Atchison,
Mary D'Hondt, Andrew D'Hondt.
Second Reader Sr.: Mary Richmond.
Eddie Gartslde, Frank Hern. James
Stone, Rose Noyce.
Second Reader Jr.: Charlie Atehi-j
son, Mary Richmond, George Noyce,!
Hlppolyte Ruault.
Second Primer: May Stone. John
Receiving Class: Ida Saknta, Ernesl
Fori William. "Tbe endeavour of
iho Company iu 1928 will be to maintain the property generally at its pre*
senl standard, to improve on that
Standard where possible, and lo make
due provision tor the Increased traffic
resulting from the gradual return to
prosperity, which has now passed the
stage of prediction." said P. <'. Oo1e>
man. vice pretldeni in (barge of Western Lines of the Canadian Pacific. In
announcing the programme of betterments and Improvement! for the year
A considerable amount of work is to
be done on British Columbia lines, ln-
cludiiiR ihe following:
Provision Is made for the continuance of the work of lining the Con-
naught Tunnel, aud also for the re-
llning of the Loop Tunnel ou the
Crow's Nest  line.
A new station will be built at UOtti
Automatic signal system will be installed through the Kicking Horse
fanyon btween Golden and Field,
To provide for the Increase In westbound traffic certain revisions of
t;rade will be undertaken in tbe vicinity of Golden.
Einlle Cone, a Uttes Prenefc drue-
ulst of Nancy. Is In tbe V. 8, to tench
auto-suggestion. "Day ly day, In
every way I am getting letter and
Petter." cure* slfknc*s l( said repeatedly ""
Scotch Dinner and Program In
Maple Hall thursdaj By-
enlng o! Last Week
The members o( tbe Ancient Order of Foresters marked Hums' Nicht,
■ - lay algbt last, with i very successful celebration, the principle tenures of which were s ■•upper ot
Scotch dishes, and a program aftor-
arards featuring entirely 5 otcb selections.
Handworked menus In pen and ink.
locorated with appropriate Burns'
remembrance*, were ;ireyareil
.hrongh tbe untiring efforts of Mr.
Wm. Henderson, and mace souvenirs
■•' tho occasion that * U be hlg .ly prized. These were drawn out in black
m\A white, photographed, aud prints
okOQ from tbe negative, each one having on U • ' program ot the
entertainment which followed tbe dinger, also written In by Mr. Henderson.
At the head of the menu was a reproduction of a picture of the poet.
■iiken from one of the editions of his
poems, and on either side wore pic-
mres of ihe humble cottage wherein
the poet was born, and the memorial
erected to his memory in the city of
Edinburgh. In the lower corners
were two figures which one had no
difficulty in recognizing as two well
known Burns characters. Tarn o'Shan-
ter and his old crony. Souter Johnny.
The wording of the menu was as
Jan. 25. 1T69 July list, 17*8
Burns   Anniversary  Supper  B
lent  Ordtr of For- -*«---
Some hue meat and e&nns >:.;.
Some wad eat whs wrnnl
We tuts meat, and *e can eat,
And may the Ix>rd be thanklt.
Kidney Soup
Haggil nud Chamnft Tatties
Roost]    - ■ .   Apple .SaUCc
R . -'it Nowl wi' Gravy
Tomalty Sassidges
Cabbages       Neepi       Beetroot
Btewad Aipples  feoUes ;,:id sic
Like Trash
Shortbread   B ope   Oai ofcee,
Plain Buttered Bread
Tea. Coffee or —- •
o lioni. since we has tented thus
Which we sae little merit.
Let Usg boo take seta the I :
Ami Jock, bring
The pr< . teatl fullow-
ipM • : .:i.-:it neons
There was a lad wai born ,:. K   ,
The Company7, Brief bntorj at iturm
Mr Henderwfl Bong fe Bunks
mi flraoe Mrs fas UaoDoemM i'i-
ano and Saxophone. Scotch Selections
--Messrs. Wood nnd Frost Song:
fJreon Grow the EUsvhei Mr MacDonald. Song: Braw Lads o" Gala Water
Mr- Horden, Song: Gae Drlnjt tae
Me a Pint o' Wine-Mr Henderson.
Piano and Violin. Scotch Selections—
Messrs. Wood and MacDonald. Highland Sehottische and Quadrilles—The
Company. Song: Selected—Mr. I.uuii
Recitation: Tarn o' Shantor—Mr. Isao*
Bonald. Song: The Star o' Robbie
' irns~Mr. Henderson, with Chorus
by 'ihe Company.
Auld lj.ng  Syne
"Oh Robin Robin I  proudly dear.
Thy Spirit still is with us here;
And glory's halo round thy head
Shines a*» we laud our mighty dead."
•   Bliza Cook.
Cranbrook for a considerable quantity
of slab wood, about 26 cars being shipped during the year.
Mr. V. Glllts. of Invermerc. has been
a patient. ;it the hospital here for tbe
I last few dayH.
Geo. Watson, C. P. R. fireman of
this city, was operated on for appendicitis at the hospital thlR week, and
is now doing well.
C.R.C. ICE CARNIVAL, feb. 13, Don't Forget PAGE   TWO
Friday, February 2, 1928
though all of them cannot return with tangible evidence of
their prowesb In the shape of
trophies and prizes, it is hoped
that the memories of the treatment they received in the city
will be something well worth
Welcome    to    the    curlers!
Come and bring your permit!
'&.'",: ■ '-"■■"-.   '2^.-----■-■■■-'-Jf,*
Matte enQUlrlu and ba convinced
Watch Mukers
u ml
Ut Cranbrook herald
Published Every Friday
■>, A. WIM.IAMS It.   rOTTEH
Bubserlptloll Price .... 4±m per jeur
i'ci lulled Slates W.M l>»r year
"WHIl   »   UlMlOlai   Without   a   Hoaslo"
Printed  by   , ..lo..   Lnbor
Ailvortuttni; Kalea on AUP"'.'»'I°'>;
Changes fur Advertising MUST be In
una uilicu Wednesday noon Hie currant
nreok to aaeure attention.
12 3
4 5 6 7 8 910
1819 20 2122 2;5 24
Not being particularly inter-.
i estetl in the growth of the city,
oi'Spokane or Edmonton, but
I preferring to advance In what-:
ever way is possible the interests of the city where our live-;
1 llhooil lies, and believing alsol
;that the buy-at-home principle,;
If it is worth anything at all,;
should apply to dentistry and
| harness as well as dry goods
and groceries, the Herald at
least maintains its consistency,
though at the cost of real money. Neither have we sufficient
! faith in the Indian formula of
■"Trilok Bejoy" to want to take
any chance on such business.
jThe Hindu fakirs— or fakers--
'have, got to heed our magic
i formula of "Please Remit" before we are willing to take any
| chances with "Trilok Mejoy."
Hocai J>eto0 ♦
twenty yeaks ago
QxtraotB from The Cranbrook
Herald of this date,  1003.
"There draw    a   shot;    there lay a
And here beside him He, man!
There fill the port, and block the Ice,
Wo Bit uncm the tee, man!
Now take tills hiring eliurp and neat.
And make this winner flee, man!
Scotch   Curling   Poem.
Cranbrook will Cling wide
its doors next week to welcome
the host of knights of the bee-
Bom and stune who will invade
the city on plunderous intent
after the bonspiei prizes. Curlers are proverbially good fellows, and the city has a good
opportunity to show itself off
well to the friendly invaders.
Just at this lime it might
cause a near riot among the
thoroughbred Scots to say that
there is some little doubt as to
whether curling really did originate lu the land of the heather. It is tolerably certain that
before tbe time of Bruce and
JJannockburn they were curling
in Scotland with rocks that
would seem crude lo some skips
of today. But before that it is
believed that the game was Imported from the Flemish countries by merchants who migrated
to Scotland, though the history
Of BUCh an episode, if it did occur, is extremely hazy.
Whether this was so or not,
Cranbrook Will extend a royal
welcome   to   tbe   curlers,  and
Russian Bolshevism has learned
nothing from history, nor will ii
while so wise in its own conceit. Perhaps they do not know the facts nor
want to know. But surely their leaders might know, If they were not
loaders or the blind, They might know
Hint Ihe Christianity at which tliey
scoff was the real source anl Inspiration of the civilization that, with all
Us laulirt and defects, has been such n
boon to Immunity,- -Owen Sound Sun-
It Is too early to comment upon or
to criticise the policy of the Provincial Party. There will be time enough
lor this when that policy Ik expressed
fu acl ion. If adverse.
Until then, the new party will undoubtedly be sympathetically received, If not whole-heartedly endorsed,
by a large number of citizens who are
tired (Af Oliver nnd his siiunndefmad
ministry, nnd at the same time lack
confidence in the policy of the Leader
of the Opposition.
Up lo the present, the Provincial
Party offers little of a practical nature, and leaders arc lacking either iu
experience or ability. Men may yet
come forward who are willing and
have the ability, lo formulate a practical policy of retrenchment. The opportunity Is now. The man maybe,
okanagau Commoner.
If rural education is ever to be what
it ought to be, tbe first essential is to
increase the salaries of rural teachers
to a point which will give them confidence. Inspire them with hope, enable them to live at least in comfort,
place them beyond the need of patronage from their pupils' parents, and
Inst, but by no menus least, enable
rural school boards to Insist upon and
be In a position to procure the best
leaching material.—Montreal Star.
The <<• mill wit Ion
Alfred is ho "ery fat.
Alice:, so very lean,
So, you see, between them both
They fill a l-'ord machine.
Fire on Thursday destroyed the big
two storey warehouse of (!. tl. Gilpin,
near bib store on Armstrong Avenue,
involving a loss to building und contents of about $15,000.
A weekly stage bus been arranged
for between Wllmer aud Cranbrook,
via Port Steele, and its establishment
is going to be a great stimulus for
business between tho two sections.
A post office is to be established
shortly at the North Star Mine, Kimberley, It fs announced.
Dr. J. II. King is leaving tbe first
og next week for a visit in the East
at his former home, and will then go
on to New York lo lake a two months'
special course in one of the hospitals
there. Drs. Green and Harvle will
take charge of Dr. King's practice in
his absence.
Continues Victorious Career on
Sunday Last Al Expense
Of Wycliffe
Cranbrook continued its winning
streak by defeating Wycliffe 4-8 on
Sunday last in a slow drawn-out game
that displayed good hockey only in the
dosing moments. Two sleigh loads
of t'rnnbrookltes accompanied the
lenm and au enjoyable time was bad.
The line-up was as follows:
Bl nine nnc lull uff man
Dr. Huffman
E, Hogarth
II Brldgos
P. Bamford
Won Lost For Agst. Pts.
Cranbrook   ,".      0     20     18     10
Concentrator ,.2      2     IS     M      -l
Tunnel   8     2    h    M     4
Wycliffe       0       4     L0     81       0
The Cranbrook management have
investigated the standing of Umla
(Buck) Grant, recently imported by
tlie Kimberley Concentrator Club, the
following wire explaining itself:
Vancouver,   B.C.,
Feb. 1, 1023,
Dr. c. W. Huffman,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Informed    Kimberley     last    wees
Grant is pro.    No card issued for him
li. C. Macken.
Seoy., B. C. A. Hockey Assoc.
Miss V. Keer of Marysvllle visited
cranbrook on Wednesday.
Samuel  Fawceit  of Nelson   was  a
visitor here on Monday last.
E. Middlekm of the Liquor Control
Board stuff, was in Cranbrook this
MrVlf. Greenwood and MraV J. S.
Huberts ot Canal Flats were in the
city this week..
George Sinclair, of Wardner, was
a patient at the St. Eugene Hospital
during tbe week.
BORN— Op Saturday, January 27th,
to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Holany, nt the
Collage Hospital, a sou.
T. J. \V. Hicks of Victoria, auditor
for tho Liquor Control Board, was reg-
islered at the Cranbrook on Tuesday.
Born. — On Thursday, Februury 1st.
.it tho St. Kugene Hospital, to Mr. und
Mrs. John Taylor, Cranbrook, a son.
C. A. Weiss and Guy Shields of Spokane, together with H. Junge of St.
Paul, are In the city and district purchasing lumber.
Mrs. Hales Boss aud daughter of
Waldo were visitors lu the city attending tho hockey game between Waldo
and Cranbrook.
W, H. Stevens of Kamloops, superintendent of the Government Telephone Lines for B.C., is in Cranbrook
for a few days.
W. Shaw of Lethbrldge, travelling
Inspector of branches for the P. Burns
"o„ nnd G. V. Wilson, auditor for the
same firm, are In the city.
Miss Aileen McCarthy, of McNab,
arrived In the city on Wednesday to
take ui) her duties as teacher of the
Junior Second division of the Public
Fred G. Perry of Fernie, who went
o Ottawa two weeks ago to try final
Hansard examination, has been successful, and Is now listed on Hansard's
'larliameutary staff.
Mrs. L. Loucks accompanied by her
hlster, Miss Hilda Robinson, went as
far as Fernie on Wednesday to meet
another sister, Mrs. Johnston, who
with her husband and two children
have just arrived from Stockport,
[England, and Intend to make Cranbrook their home.
I hereby submit tlie following as my composition:
k :	
Grade   School.
NentuuHH nnd Originality Count
Thai Cranbrook has a hockey team
of which all should  be justly  proud,
was demonstrated on Wednesday afternoon when the local team won
from the fast Waldo aggregation by
tho score of Ti to B,
The night previous the visitors bad
beaten the Fernie puck chasers by a
score of d to B, making Ihe llfth win
out of six games that Ihcy bad played,
the other game being a tie \fllh Baynes. While it was evident ihat the visitors were playing under a handicap,
four games In live days being a rather
strenuous program, one would be safe
hi placing their money ou (he home
team, even under conditions equally
favorable to both.
Tho RosslteB are a heavy organization, particularly strong in the defence ond. In the game here Ward
at point and Ayres on tbe forward
lino gave a good account of themselves, and the work of the defence In intercepting centre passes was very effective. From the spectators' standpoint tho game was quite spectacular,
and replete with fast plays from start
to finish.
Tho Cranbrook boys were the star
performers. Time and time again b <h
by Individual and combination plays
the local team would lake the puck
from their own goal and pass the entire Waldo team and score.
Cranbrook drew llrst blood when
Blumenauer scored In two minules.
At six minutes Buster Huffman scored a nice goal, followed closely by n
goal by Ayres of Waldo. About two
minutes before the end of the llrst period B. Huffman by u clever piece of
individual work went through the
whole team and scored the third goal
for his team. This wan followed immediately by another piece of spectacular work by Batchelor, when he went
from end to end but failed to score.
Miss Ruth E. Turner recently ap-
, ointed to the staff or the public school arrived in the city on Tuesday lost, Miss Turner Is accompanied by her mother, Mrs. L. A.
Turner of Vancouver, und tliey are registered at the Cranbrook Hotel. It
fs their intention to take up housekeeping ic; soon as suitable accomodation can be obtained.
The new term of school commencing
i ,i Thursday of this week has neces-
Bitated some changes at the Central
School owing to the Increased enrolment and the lock of rooms to care
for them. There were twenty-two beginners enrolled and about eighteen
i ew comers to other classes. There
i re practically no classes now In
which more than one grade Is being
taught, the lwb additional teachers
engaged allowing or the duplicating
of the grades. There are now two
senior fourths, two junior fourths, two
I niur thirds, three junior thirds, one
senior second, one junior second and
first render, one first reader and second primer, one first and second primer, and one first primer nnd receiving class.
Tho llrst period ended 3 to 1 In Cran-
brook's fnvor.
Five minutes niter the start of the
lecond period Ayres made It two for
Waldo with n nice shot. In two minutes Batchelor scored again as a result of a beautiful piece of combination work with B. Huffman, they again
going practically the whole length of
tho Ice. The second period ended
I lo li In favor of Cranbrook.
Five minutes after tbe start of (he
third period another nice piece of
work by the Huffmans resulted In the
Doctor scoring the last goal of the
game, making It 5 to 2.
In the Inst period Cranbrook played
n defence game, apparently being
content wiib the lend they had. The
game was called with three minutes
to play, to allow the Waldo team to
catch tbe east bound train for home.
Referee Gougb handled the game in
an efficient manner.
It was particularly clean and good
hockey all tho lime. The line-up wns
as follows;
Goal:   Hovan.    Defence:   Ross nnd
Wild.     Forwards:    Muldoon,   Ayrca,
Trenouth, Peterson, Beattie, Sharp.
Goal: T. Hogarth. Defence: Bnt-
•belor, Blumenauer. Forwards: Bridges, E. Hogarth, Dr. Huffman. B. Huffman.
For n Wednesday afternoon the attendance was very disappointing.
With Cranbrook playing the class of
hockey that they are doing, they are
deserving of more liberal patronage.
Born. — On Saturday, January 27.
at the St. Eugene Hospital, to Mr. and
Mrs. W. 8. Murphy, of Corb.n, B C, o
Born. — On Monday, January 29 u
to Mr. and Mis. F. Uynne, of Wardner,  at the  St.  Eugene Hospital,  a j
The local ludge of the Kulghta ot
Pythias ure celebrating the 69th anniversary of their Order on Monday,
the 19th of February. All members
are being communicuted with, and the
Annual Roll Call meeting Is to be held
followed by a social program and later
a dance.
Boys and Glflfll Will you be among (ho lucky ones to share In tl.e
$25 prize money to be given away by
Ihe Kootenay Garage In their competition? Read the particulars In this
issue, and then get busy and enter, It
costs you nothing, und you may win
ono of the twolvo prizes. Get to it
right away.
There wore few absentees Monday
night when Praetor Woodman called
tho Tuxis Boya to order at the Baptist
Church meeting room. The orders for
the day called for u bean sniper, and
the way the boys reduced the supply
of Ibis well known article of diet was
simply alarming. All report a very
enjoyable evening.
Mayor Cameron, in his laBt trip
from the east before the big bonspiei
brought word that there would likely
be rinks lu attendance next week
from Coleman, Lethbrldge, Pincher
Creek, Bow Island, Taber, Medicine
Hat, Maoleod. Blatrmore, Fernie, Car-
mangay, Michel and Claresholm. Including the eleven which are expected
to enter from Cranbrook, there are
possibilities for forty-three rinks entering the bonspiei, which would make
It the biggest event yet hold In the
The proprietor of tho Venezia Bowling Alley was fined $25 tbis week for
breaking ono of the city by-laws re.
minors frequenting bowling alleys, the
particular case being one of a girl
thirteen years of age who was In the
premises from time to time. The defence stated the girl was accompanied
by her mother, and that this freed
them from any responsibility. It appears that competitions for both ladies and gentlemen have been In progress tor some time, nnd many ladleB
have been enjoying themselves at the
Mr. W. A. Nlsbet of Nlsbet & Graham, returned to the city from Kaalo,
where he has been for several days
representing the Crown at the sittings
of the Court of Revision which have
just been concluded there. The Court
hourd many cases of appeal from the
findings of the new assessor, principally those of mining companies.
Most of these had as their council
Mr. C. It. Hamilton, K.C. of Vancouver. Mr. Jus. O'Shea, K.C, of Nelson
acted as Judge of the Court. It fs understood that all the cases heard,
whether won or lost, will be appealed
to tho Court nt Victoria, either by the
Crown or by the appellants.
Coming Events
The Canadian. acific Railway
Farm Help for
Western Farmers
to Western Oanadtan Farmers
wear' ijr conv "tent
.!■   ,   i.-, prepared
m to' pcuv.de such
and help In   ..cut their needs
farm  ' '.  -.- .Uin; ..„,■   i ao], .
to u.., id i    wide; iread orgn
help ti'uiiv a iiu. .. .,  (,.
The CANADIAN PACIFIC 4Wlwa"y will now receive
and arrange to fill n -pilot ..».s lor male and /c.nalo
farm help to be supplied Eton. Great Britain, Belgium.
Holland, Denmark, .Switzerland find Norway, iu nil of
which countries the Company has representatives whd
hoVB farmed in and are fumiiiur with Western Canadian conditions and who ate now in touch with such
men and women ready and anxious to come to Canada.
THE GOVERNMENTS of the countries above mentioned have expressed their willingness to aid the
emigration of this cltlsn of their peoples. In order to
fill such applications satisfactorily nnd bring the holp
to ibo  farmer at  the  proper time  and  with  u  clear
understanding of the reaulrenjents and obligations of
ouch, a printed "Application for Help" form has been
prepared vhich ecu be obtained from any C.P.R. Station Agent or offices listed below.
Tho Cnmnnny will ffltlca tio chnrro to tlio farmer fop thin ner-
vlH ikt will ilie former Lo m mi red tn inn Iiu nny ciixli nilvunr*
vhiiisui'UT lowimlR llio tiuvt-lliiii: WDOMN nf hi* help in tl.o
n.-jucBl railway uttition. Tin.1 in i' Hilt lion iiivi'h^irilv Htikcd for In
these nppllcnllnn forms, which wi'l In hc'il In irtrjricM confidence,
covert) tlif> following i> tints:—the klr.il of help rei|iiireit—mnle or
female—marrleil or nn .mi iriod j (laic re<iulrcil nml for hnw Ionic;
nalionulhy desired; monthly waeca ottered; kind of work offered,
WINNIPEG.—T. S. Acheum, General Airicultural Agtnl. C.P.K.
WINNIPEG.—John  Sweeting,  Industrial Agent. C.P.R,
SASKATOON—W. J. Gcrow,  Und Agent, C.P.R.
EHMONTON.-J. Miller,  Land  Agent,  C.P.R.
CALGARY.—M.  E.  Thornton,  Supt.  Colonization, C.P.R.
VANCOUVER.—E.  J.   Semmens.  Trav.   Industrial  Agent,   C.P.R.
Department of Colonization and Development
Canadian Pacific Railway
J. S. DENNIS, Chftf Commissioner, Montreal.
Friday,   Feb.   2:   C.R.C.   Re-Opening
Dance at the Club House.
— *
Tonight and Saturday, Feb. 2 and &•
"Sonny" ut the Star — Richard Da--
tliolmeRH and Duster Keatou.
Sunday, Feb. 4: League Hockoy game,
0. R. C. Rink, Cranbrook vs. Concentrator.
Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 5 and f>.
"Brawn of the North" at tho Star.
Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 7 and
8, "The Outcast," with Elsie Ferguson at the Star.
Friday, Feb. 9: Dance given by Melody Five Orchestra at tho Parish
Friday ahd Saturday, Feb. 9 and 10.
"Ebb Tide," a Paramount Special, nt
the Star.
Wednesday,   Feb.   H:    Odd  (Fellows'
dance at the Auditorium.
Friday, Feb. IK; Musical Society Concert nt the Auditorium.
Kondny, Feb. 19: AnntvorBary of
Crescent Lodge, K. P., Roll Call
meeting, followed by programme
nnd dance.
Friday. Feb. 28: Ice Carnival at the
C.R.C. Rink.
Toronto, Ont. —There will be between 900 and 1,000 logging camps In
Ontario this winter, owing to Increased operations, according to A. R.
White, senior Inspector of the Provincial Department ot Health. The recent activity In tbe pulp and paper
Industry, as well as building activities
all over the Dominion, Is responsible
tor the Increase In logging camps.
(Louise Driscoll In Garden
of the West)
Tlie sorry prayers go up to God
Day after weary day,
Whimpering through the eternal blue
And down the milky way.
Deaf to the music of the stars.
The children of desire,
Beggars before the Throne of God
They wait for God to tire.
The proletariat of heaven
Swarmed In the Golden Street .
One day when Michael's host came by
Up to the Judgment Seat,
Above the heavenly mansions
Bright,  streaming  banners  flowed,
While Cherubim end Seraphim
Were crowding In the road.
And then a little laughing prayer
Came running from the sky,
Along the golden gutters where
The sorry prayers go by.
It had no fear cf anything,
But In that holy place
It found the very throne of God
And smiled up In His face.
Then Michael waited In the road,
For Michael understood,
White God  looked  on the  laughing
And tound It sweet and good.
So God was comforted. He said,
"There still Is hope for men.
One man prays happily." And so
He turned to care again.
Charlbttetown, P. E. I. —During the
year 1922 the value of field crops In
Prince Edward Island was over eleven
million dollars, and or live stock fourteen millions. The sale of live foxes
and tlie pelts will total about a million
and a quarter dollars. The total value of the fisheries was a million and
a half dollars, an Increase of one
hundred thousand.
Kentvllle,  Nova   Scotia. —Approximately $5,000,000 Is spent annually In
the Province of Nova Scotia by tourist.", according (o an estimate by Mr.
George  K   Graham,  mnnngnr of t'-e
Dominion Atlantic Railway.    Of this
amount over half's left in the Annap-
n'is \     e-- "      Wes e n "ova    c t a
'Vans  aro  uow    n er  cons d ration
i~   • o »rr 'er en"Oura"Bment cf t'ie
, ...F     r„ p »... (,. n .i r  t e     ay
n*H o' No/a S-oMn  to t'-e at-
f co   e o      e United
' in« an ' Canada, a
ApnlotrleR to Cone
pav by day In every way
I'm setting sicker and sicker,
1 It T do 'b rave and crave
Her. light wine nnd lie'eer.
\V. P. Edwards cf Creston Is In the
d Cream
• "i
i't i-'inni
IP Kutti
IMi.y Farm
M-,      III
Consolidated Mining & Smrliiiu
0<   ( Hlllllln   I "Mill'.|
omrKs stiEi.viKn and hi
Tlltll..    BHITIMi
n lui hits i   llulil, Silver, ('upper, I.iii I \ 'in
iVuili n. hi liuM. Silter. Copper, I'Ik I.cihI mill  '.lne
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked cut by
; hyslclans during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Pain, Pain
[Tamiy "Ilayer" bones of 12 Wilctu-Also botllw o( U and 100-DrajgUU.
a trad* mark (mtlatoretl In Canada) of Bar,, UanuUctur, ot Mono.
Whll. II i. w.ll hnuwouial AaaMrln m««M Dar.»
J|>1Sn la  - - „..
iLitkHuldoalur 01 Balloytlcacld   .._  ._..	
iTinniirot [iirx, to attaint th,. ptihllc nnlna, Imitation.. lh« Tnoloti ol noyat CoaaPM,
»Lil li« tilunipod with Ibeir Conors) trso). morn, (ko "" **	
aiota ol Ha
racoaMa.* Friday, February 2, 1923
They had heen dining in stale in the
dining cur. Husband, who la a teacher ot English, was glnd that little
daughter had behaved no perfectly.
Mother wus also In a happy frame of
mind. There were numerous other
(liners In tho car, and the parents were
proud of their child, Not a single
thing had happened to mar the serenity of the occasion.
Finally the meal was over, and they
started to leave lhe car. Their way
took thorn past ull of the other tables,
Suddenly the little girl felt Impelled
to ask a question. "Mother," she culled In u shrill voice, "uren't we going
to wash the dishes?"---Los Angeluti
Right Thinking
I'nirtlriil I'timiiH'rclnl Course In
NlNirllimiil, TyimwrllliiR
Hoonktwiilng.  Coniiiierilnl   Law
('iineirrrlal Kngllsh and
For rilHIcullll'H A|i|lly III
('. W. TYI.Klt, l'lllicliml
I'. 0. Run, 11, Nclsun, 11.(1
Iiiiiiii's lli'iiiil Is COOII Bri'ud
Ills rips, Cakes nml Pr.stry nre
made I" n tl"".v milliner wlilcli
Invllun thfl nioHt  exacting pel-
son to cull again, nt
.Mimic S7       -       Norbury Ave.
Every Garment sent to us to be
rieaned or Dyed is given
Our Utmost Care.
Our knowledge of the business
is your assurance of satisfaction
'acre.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring us your work.
We Clean and Dye Everything.
PHONE  157
Mntiiiim.  rit'ttiiiirniit
I'torn, ntmrHte* tod f»ndj
*en.» at All How
Opposite flu Bank of Conunarct
J. K. Chorlton
Terms Reasonable
144 Hanson Arc       Phone MO
L.R.A.N., A.R.C.M.,
Musical Director
Cranbrook Musical Society
Teacher of Singing, Violin and
Preparation for Musical Examinations
Phone 460 ('rniibrook, ll.C.
Cranbrook Hotel Cafe
Tlio Only Klrst Class DlnlliK
Boon In the City
Our   Sen lie   Will   PlSUl   Vou
Open troin 7.15 n.ni. lo 8.15 |i.ni.
tliliiiiiilile l.iiillis' nml
MeiTlinnt 'hillnr.
obtain i
n lit-
■ Hi
Oils   IIIKl
Vim II
1 niiilirouk
I'D  BtS tl*
r a it h i: ii .v B o (i I k
[■•lour nml VMS Mcn-liauis
liny mill drum i'l All Kliuls
Hanson ATonus
Oltlie I'hono 62    Res. I'ltono 310 f
. «7  ■mil—To Nelson,  Vsucou
ver, Spokane, etc.   Arrive 1210 p.
m.; leave 12.80 p.m.
•8 DAILY—To Fernie. Uth-
Drills*, Medicine Hat, Calgary, ate.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leavs 4.20 p.m.
The movement of to-day towards
helping men and women to see how
they can build within themselves a
condition of perfect health, and per
foot character can only accomplish dc
slrable results through personal of
fort. The words so glibly used, sometimes In a spirit of unbelief, or of
si'iJiTliiK, Hitch us M. Coue formula "I
am belter and bolter every day,"
ol hers similar, must be used with a
right attitude, to produce results.
We ure all ready lo acknowledge
movements which are useful, practical and benedoial, nud which produce
smile visible fruits In life and character, and (here Is an Increasing number
of people who admit that the newer
payoliolOgldnl teaching of to-duy Is
leading them to U8G a power of which
they hitherto have been unconscious,
whii-h is transforming their lives and
their homes. This movement, especially when the spiritual side Is not
lost sight of, Is bound to change many
lives. It teaches us all to look for
tho nobler side In human nature; Its
spirit ts full of hope; Its methods are
constructive and not destructive. It
Is not new teaching, It Is as old as the
itible, hut it Is being newly applied.
Through it we learn that all our
thoughts are living things, that our
circumstances—our environment—are
what we choose to make them. They
are the result of our thoughts. Every
effect has a cause at the back of it.
How few of us know how to think constructively. Most of us allow our
thoughts to dwell on selfish attainments, yet every selfish thought holds
the principle of defeat, for each Individual is a part of a whole, and the
happiness of each depends upon an
acknowledgment or the Interest of the
whole. We have not stopped to think
of the tremendous results of our
thoughts, yet we are frequently conscious of the fact that the condition of
our health is In a great measure dependent on the condition of our minds
or In other words, subject to the
thoughts we are thinking about our
health. I heard it said the other day.
Oh, So-nnd-So has such a pain in her
arm, but she rubs it every day, saying
all the time, 'I am better, I am better.'   Still she has the pain."
Now the word "Auto-suggestion" Is
on the lips of many, and they have an
Ideu that as if by magic their adverse
circumstances, be they relative to Ill-
health or money or any condition, will
be changed. So they may be, If they
apply themselves along right lines.
If we are In earnest and desire to
develop ourselves mentally, morally,
physically and spiritually along the
highest lines, we must be willing to
"California Fig Syrup* is
Child's Best Laxative
oi brock,  W j ell He,  Klnberle; gar-
. git-Leave 7.06 a.m.   H«4M-Ar»
rlva 1.10 p.m.
Crufcrook, Lake Windermere and
GaMei Seriiet*
Monday and Thuruay, each iraeh
NO. Ml* leava • am     Wednwdaj
oaturday-HO. Nl- arrive   I.M
Wot fttrtbw particular apply to
y ticket age*1.
«t. ■■ raooNR,
Brag t[ trOM, fevrrUh, bilious, con-
liiateil or full Ol cold, children love
the "fruity" taate of "Calliornln Kin
up' A IcAspontiTlll never falls to
• him the llvpr nml bowels In a few
Imiirs you can see for youm'If how
thoroughly It works ,,ll the HOiirhiK
food nml misty bile out of lhe stomach
and IkiwcIk, und you hav* n welt, playful child again.
Millions ot mothers keep "Cnllfor-
nii Fig Syrup" handy. They know a
teaspoonfu> to-day ■ ,\\w a sick child
to-morrow. Auk your druggist for
genuine "California Fig Syrup" which
has directions for babies and children
of nil bkoh printed on bottle. Mother!
You must Bay "California" or you may
get an imitation tig syrup.
give time to it, and acquire tlie power
of concentration.
"As a man Ihlnketh so Is he," Is as
true to-day as It was when written in
the Proverbs of Solomon, only we
have not realized the power of
thought. This wonderful power of
thought of which we are only begin-
lllng to be cunscious, ht'cotues effective
as I lie right Impulses, desires and
thoughts are passed mi from our conscious minds lo the subconscious.
Through Ihe conscious mind we transmit the suggestion to lhe sub-con-
BOlOUBi which is lhe highest form of
suggestion. Our 8Ub*oon80lous minds
or the minds at Lhe buck of us—"our
inner selves"- are like great More-
houses which we are ronsiuntly lilling
with material of ail sorts, storing up
thoughts, desires, or aspirations which
are making life and aharaeter. How
tremendously Important Is it then
that we see I hat only the right
thoughts and desires are allowed to
entor this deep reoese, from which
effects will ho produced surely and
unrelentingly, I hough it may be in
years long after. Every thought we
think, he it right or otherwise, noble
base, Is transferred by our subconscious minds Into our characters
for eternity, God—or as some prefer
to use the term—the 1'uiversal Mind,
lias bestowed on us this wonderful
power, and science Is proving that
which this newer teaching recognizes,
that we posses Qualities which prove
nol only through the old teaching of
the Bibbs, but through science itself,
that each one is "Made In the image
of God," and as we grow into the consciousness of our oneness with the
Universal Mind we shall become "perfect as He Is perfect."
We need lo learn how to use, how to
apply, the knowledge of this new
found power that has come into our
lives, aud as a first step I would suggest three methods:
First—There musl be a clear, definite idea of what we want to do, or be,
or shall I say attain?
Do we want to he more patient,
more loving? Or Is it a matter of
health, to be relieved of some suffering? Make a clear mental picture of
the end we desire to attain and hold
Second—Present to tho mind a series of suggestions, or mental pictures
fitting the end we have In view.
Third—There must be a regular
dally repetition of the mental picture
or the suggestion.
Take un attitude of silence, physical
stillness, and concentrate on the
thought of perfection, be It In spiritual or physical conditions, and patient, persistent effort rightly directed
cannot fall to produce desired results.
• iViNPKinmu: district ■
Mrs. Charles Roberta of Wllmer has
loft on a short trip to her old home In
The dance given here lu honor of
Hobble Hums' Nlcht wus a grand success.
On Wednesday last Mrs. ft M. San-
lilands and Mrs. A Q, Cuthhort gave
a very successful whist drive in aid
of the building fund of tlie new church
to be erected shortly In this parish.
Then* was u very gratifying turnout,
tho amount realized Mug $t&08, The
prizes were won by Miss Kittle (Ladles' Pint), with Mrs Krlekson as second
The Girls' Auxiliary held their annual meeting al the Viuirage on Saturday afternoon, when good progress
shown by tlieii reporK The old
otllceis were ull re elected for tbo
coming year, Miss Madeline A. Tur*
r as President, Mi-s Kltle Tumor
Secretary, und Miss Annie Frater
Treasurer Their finainIN are In
very thnirlHlitng iimdltlon, having
Mtniethlng over ISf. iu the treasury.
Montreal, Quebec. Considerable
growth Is shown by the latest Issue of
the telephone directory for Motrea!,
jusi off the press. The new volume
contains the names of more than
; 80,000 subscribers and Is the largest
| yet printed In Montreal for the Hell
|Telephono Company. Based on a population of 800,000. this Is approximately one telephone for every ton of
tho city's population.
jFrom $12 Checker to Preiident of Armours
'■■" ''      ,y"    " "^   — *
Two rinks from Cranbrook. skipped
by Cameron and McPhee, came to
Fernie on Wednesday evening to take
home with them the Fleishman Cup,
but as usual, the result was not sat-
iBfactory as far as they were concerned. McPhee lost to Kastuer by a
store uf 14 m C, and Mayor Cameron,
while   putting   up   a   more  strenuous
| fight, still suffered defeat by a score
of S to 11.   The Cranbrook boys sure-
I ly anticipated defeat as they brought
■ oil   undertaker   with   them   on   each
, team.—Ferule Free Press.
Brew■ cup of Celery Kin;
a "tea" of Nature'sown herbs and
roots,—the fluent laxative ami
blood purifier you can get. It gently cleanses tbe sysUm of nil im-
Surities, banivhes heudactus, t tc.
Dcand60cpackagei, atdruggisls.
A Croupy Cough
brings dread to the mother's hear!.
For safety's sake, keep a bottle
of Shiloh, the old time remedy, at
hand. A very few dro|is makes
tho cough easier at once, and taken
regularly gives complete i. rf
30c, 60c and IL20    Alltii"-
 ■■- -   ttmma A|ow PHeSlPEMTOP AEMOURi
Tut™ years ago, r. mison Wma, then « youth, left his home near
Peoria, III., and went (o (.'Mean where he round work as n checker In
the pens at Armour i, Co.. nt Jl'J pit wwk This month he was made
president, the first not a meniler of Hie  lrn»«n    r-.   -i. ■■ ■■.
The young people of Fort Steele are)
having a jolly time tobogganing these
moonlight evenings. On the i!4tb Mr.'
Attree took bis trucks loaded with
big and little ones, out lo the HUBt-
wick's ranch, where they had a high
tiood time with their bobs.
Quite a lew from Steele visited
Cranbrook lor tho Curlers' Dance on
the 25ttt, and report a good time.
Mrs. Richardson nnd Miss Cum-
mlngs visited Kimberley on Friday;
for the dance.
A serious accident at Six Mile Creek i
north of town (locally known as the;
B. 0, Government 2x4 bridge) on
Thursdny evening, when Mr. Norman
Moore and Mr. Geo. Watson were re-1
turning home. In some unaccountable:
way the car got out of control and
Jumped the railings of the bridge,
pinning both occupants beneath it.
They managed to extricate themsolvea
and reached Mr. Jolllffe's ranch. Ken-1
ueth Jolllffe immediately rode in and
got a car for them. We are glad to!
hear from latest reports both gentle-j
men are much better. This pleco of
road certainly needs looking to. It Is
quite a danger spot.
day lu the Presbyterian Churcn, conducted by the Uaptlst Pastor, Rev, W.
T. Tapscott. Mrs. H. Hlnton and Mr.
Palmer rendered a duet, which was
greatly appreciated.
Tho Basketball Committee held a
meeting iaBt week, and decided to hold
a hall on February 13th, to raise funds
for this season's games.
Two carloads from here visited
Wasa for the dance on Saturday evening.
Mr. BInmore, Miss Floury, Mrs. Gal-
liriilth and Mrs. Attree were among
the lively bunch disporting themselves
on the Ilnstwlck Hill, Wild Horse,
with their bob-sleighs on Sundny afternoon.
Following is ii statement of ore re-.
celpts at Trait Smelter for the period
during January 15th to 2lst Inclusive:
Name of Mine and Locality Tons i
Alamo Mill  (lead), Alamo. B.C.,    100
Alamo Mill   (zinc). Alamo, B.C..     9S '
I Bell, Beaverdell. B.C       44;
(Black Hock. Xorthport, Wn       S7
Isaac, Brlsco, B.C       r.O '
Knob Hill, Republic, Wn     105!
I Lone Pine, Republic, Wn     818
j Maestro,  Ainsworth.  B.C       26 >
■Paradise, Invormere, B.C       44 I
IquIIp. Republic, B.C     llf,!
Silversmith   (lead), Sandon, B.C.     85
I Silversmith  (zinc), Sandon. B.C.     !)fl
j Steel Group, Brlsco, B.C       28
Surprise, Republic. Wn     15s
Company   Mines    : 5,750
Bresslng For Tbe Hop
Jack be nimble
Jack be quick,
Jack go fetch me
My red lipstick.
James White visited Cranbrook for
a few days last week.
Tho usual service was hold on Sun-
According To Agreement
Father: Jimmle, I'm ashamed or
you. How can you be so selfish?
You've eaten your sister's sharo of
Jimmle: Well, didn't you always
tell mo in any argument to take Betty's part?
Not So Nice
"Your daughter! Is it possible?
Why, you look more llko twin sisters."
"No; I assure you she Is my only!
daughter," replied the pleased mother.
And the polite old gentleman spoiled it all by remarking:
"Well, she certainly looks old enough to be your sister."
. 7.072
"Cascarets" 10c
For Bowels If
Clean your bowels!     Feel fine!
When you feel sick, dizzy, upset,
when your head is dull or aching, or
your stomach Is sour or gassy, just
take one or two Cascarets to relieve
constipation. No griping — nicest
catharalc-laxative on earth for grownups and children. 10c a box. Taste
like candy. *
Bruce Robinson
TrRcher uf Music
Studio above Murdock MeLeod's.
Phono MS
=# inui j co. phi
Write tor Booklet or Call it   4 III Baker Street, Selion, B.C.
Competition Mo. 18 Oloaas Friday
MidnlfM,  Fabroarr 9
ai tit.- Oflca of tfca
P. 0. Drawer 938
Cor.   Haatln's   and   Camilla   streets
I enter The B. C. Veterans Wscfcly Ton
t i in.mi .intttlsa . .nii-'Moc i., one estimate;
tt.a co
ball Competition and tftw to sold* '
dOc tor uu weeks und two •■tlnutii;
Tou limply lndlcite wtitnet till H<
teipo&dlBi gaico Utt year, by plicln
j tbe r
6c (or
n "1
VEEKLY LTD.                      $50OO • First Prize
UDCTITIslll        $3000 Second Prize
III TL1111 Ull        $2000 • Third Prize
fRDAY, FEBRUARY 10       ^^mjgjfmfijjgt -
1.00 SUBSCRIPTION            •*»»» •' « °" "•»
alaa published in The B. 0. Vetersna Week:,.   25c oscloeoA fee Ho weeks' eub-
llteen weeks and nea e.tunaui; tl fcr teenty-Bvo woau aa4 tea oouaaatea.   IS
All Ml scors MORE. LESS or Us SAMS KTOIEEB ol fooia Uu akoj aeotoel In
" la the column presided la las Coupon-
PUuroa efli-r cacti team denote ls-t it-a.on'a ,eore.
Is MORE       L la LESS       S la SAME
I O      HOME                Year'a
" w                                Scota
Awajr             Toss's
Coupon So. 1
M     L     i
Coupon Ho. 9
Coupea No. S
M       L       1
Coupes Ko. 1
K       L       1
Ooipoa la. 1
BLACKBURN R.         1
TOTTENHAM H.         1
1 1
1   J
1        1
1    1
CARDIFF CITY          1
NEWCASTLE C.        0
1 1
1    i
1    1
EVERTON                  2
CHELSEA                     •
1 1
1    1
1        1
1    i
SUNDERLAND           1
SHEFFIELD U.          1
1 1
1    1
i         1
I    1
MIDDLESBOHO           1
1 1
1    1
 1         1
1        i
1    1
BARNSLEY                2
1 1
1    1
!        1
HULL CITY              2
KOTIIEKHAM C.        0
1  i
1    1
1         i
1 1
1   !
fER CITY     0
1 1
!    1
|    !
LUTON TOWN           0
1 1
1    1
1    1
WATFORD                 1
BRIGHTON • II.        •
1   !
1    i
DARLINGTON            2
1   l
Coupon Ro. 1
1        1
•f C*                               last
1 O      HOME                Year'a
■ w                                Score
Away             Year'a
Coupon No. 6
Coupon Ko. 7
H       L       8
Ceo pei Ve. 1
It       L       1
Ooojpta ale   10
H       I       S
BLACKBURN R.         1
TOTTENHAM H.         1
i          1
1    i
1     1
1          1
CARDIFF CITY         1
NEWCASTLE  U.         0
1          1
1    1
1     1
i         I
EVERTON                  2
omiism            >
i    !
SH1TFIELD U.           1
1    1
1    1
MM1D1.E8B0R0           1
!    i
1    !
LtSDS   UNITED       1
!    i
1    i
1    i
ROTOERHAM C.         0
1    i
1    1
1.   '
HULL CITY                2
1    1
1      !
1   i
1    l
I   ;
1      1
LUTON TOWN          0
1    1
i   i
I    1
WATFORD                1
llRIOnTON IE.        0
1    1
I   i
!    I
DARLINGTON            2
I   i
Okv Stiffen
From Poor
l6A»e   NOKA   A    FEW
0»N« MO ABOUT (\I1YIM6    I   Y<=cj
$U*X OOIW, IT.^.,,, t^jf,!. PAGE FOUR
Friday. Feliruary 2, 1928
methodist Church
REV. B. C. FEEEMAN, Pastor
Five minute talk to children.   Junior Choir
  Sunday School.   Bible Class led by raster
given i» ii"' Church Immediately following tho oIobo ol t\\>
12.15 ....
7.30 tJ.ni
will t.  „.
evening service, with the following special lioni";
Solos by Mrs. Mcintosh, Mrs. Klnghorn, Mrs. Aillu.nl and Mr. Hou
Cornel solo by Mr Bevan, Am hem by The Choir
Favorite Hymns by the Congregation.   Oomo and enjoy the even
:>:*t;jj ~zm;Ms£ ism fes fefis
p;::;: ..;::.'
Meets In the
G.W.V.A. Hull
afternoon of the
first Tuesday at
3 p.m.
All ladles ure
cordially Invited
.'resident:    Mrs. F. Constantino.
Sec-Treasurer:  Mi's.  S. Taylor.
Ourilirtiuk, ll.C.
Meals every Tucsduy ut 8 p.m.
In tho Fraternltv Hall
W. A. Wilson, C.C.
II. I.. Harrison, K. of R. &s.
J. Walker, M. ot F.
Visiting llrt'llircn Cordially Invited To Attend.
I. 0. 0. F.
MeetB every
.Monday night ut
ITho Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows aro eor-
dlally Invited.
N.o.      -     -     E. o. Dinghy
Hoc. Sec.     -     -     W. C. Adlnrd
A perusal oi the February Issue ot
Hod nnd Gun iu Canada, the well-
hiuiivu Canadian outdoors magazine,
reveals a liberal supply of entertaining and instructive reading. One
thing Hint Iras always featured this
national sportsmen's journal is the
diversity of subjects it covers, and
like the preceding numbers, the February number has something of Interest ami ut value tor sportsmen,
from the Atlantic lo Hie PacilU'.
| Thore Is a feature article: "Hunting
Wild Horses In Southern Suskuielie-
I wan," by Hurry II. Moore; that Is well
'worih reading. There is lietlon, too,
1 of a high order, while such prominent
naturalists and students of wild life,
us Bonnycastle Dale and J- W. Win-
son    contribute   tine   articles.     The
■ Fishing Noies Department contains an
j article on (ho light luro that will be
read appreciatively by anglers, while
the Guns and Ammunition Department
I Is well up to Hs usual high stanilnrd,
■ and that means a great deal.
] lions, all combine to make up adogs
The other departments, the additional features, the many fine lllus-
I rations all combine to make up a
magazine that will meet with instant
Rod and Gun in Canada Is published
monthly at Woodstock, Ontario, by
W. J. Taylor, Limited.
Baptist Church
11  a.in.:
"The Church Worth While."
1'.' noon:   Sunday School
7.Ml li.ni ;
"A Great Qenoral lint -"
There Is but one need of the hour
and that Is Christ. There Is but
one thing the matter with as
and that Is Sill. There is but one
great program lor llio Church
to-day or any day. anil thnl Is
Hear Satisfactory Reports as to
Marketing, and ou Provincial Potato Fair
Lpads French Army
In Germany
Cranbrook Street
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Soft Drinks
Tobaccos, Cigars
Fruits in Season
Van Homo St, Opp. C.P.R.
P.O. Box titr,.       Rooms lo Rent
Montana Restaurant
Meals ut All Hours
Clears, Cigarettes und Candles
( riiiilirwik St. I'linne 801
opp. Bank of Commerce
"Pape's Dlapepsln" Corrects
Sour, Upset Stomachs
• at Once
Papo"u Diaiiepatu" is the quickest,
surest relief Tor in digest Ion, gases, lint
ulonce, heartburn, sourness, fermentation or Btoniacli distress caused by
acidity. A few tablets give almost
immediate stomach relief. Correct
your stomach and digestion now for a
few cents. Druggists sell millions of
I'honc 210 I'.O. Bffl 888
A.M.!''..I.e., & ll.C.L.S.
Crunhroek     -      -      .B.C.
Drs. Green K MacKinnon
rllyslcluns mill Silicons
Olllee at   residence, Armstrong
OPPICli nouns
Afternoons   2.00 to 4.00
Evenings   T.:io to 8.30
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
Ueu. Tiesouttc Is In Immediate
nuiiiiaud of the French troops now
u control of the Ruhr district of
Jenuany. At certain point-; In- lias
thrown bis troops beyond the biistn
luumlarles aud InvaiU.l neutral territory.
its Plain, Dear!
Hero Is a singular Incident sbcv.ini
how easy It Is to mistranslate an over
henril remark:
Said Mrs. A., ono of lhe overhear
ers: "Tliey must have been to tbe zoo,
because I beard her mention '11 Iralned
deer.' "
Said Mrs. II.-. "No. li"- They were
alklns about going away and she said
0 blm. 'Find out about Hie train,
Said Mrs. C: "I think you ure both
wrong. It seemed lo mo they were
discussing music, for she said 'a trained ear' very distinctly."
A few minutes later the lady herself appeared and tliey told tier of
their disagreement.
"Well," she laughed, "that's certainly funny. You are poor guessers, ail
of you. The fuel is, I'd been out to the
oilnlry overnight und 1 was askini-
ny husband If It rained here."
office nouns
9 to 12 am      1 int p.m.
Hanson Blk , CRANBROOK, B.C.
K. M. M A ( I' II V. II S 0 N
I'linne 850
Norbury lie., next lo I'M; Hall
"irellfl iiinrbunUIiip and received what
tlie doctor called n very
liiu! .{iruinril nnUlc. null
loldtna 1 niuetnot wnlk
onItforthreeveeka, I
pot MINAltD'8 I.INI-
Mlftsrd'l l.inlmrnt
iilwuy. iilveH amis-
f.cilon.   for any
aclio   or nun.    li
alvoa inattni relief.
Co., Limited
Yaraiouiti,   - -   N.s,
When HEPATOMA removes gall
atones In 24 hours without pain and
reiioves appendicitis, stomach and
liver troubles. Contains no poison.
'<nt sold by druggists.
Sole Manufacturer
:no Fourtb Ave., Bo., Saskatoon, Saak.
Price (6.60 Phoat MH
Into each can of Pacific
Milk goes more than a certain Quantity of pure milk.
First, of courHC, It Is the heat
milk procurable—13 per cent,
of the contents ia cream; but
aside from the material elements Is the facl that hero,
in British Columbia, is an industry that not only leads In
its field, but constantly strives lo do better still.
This is us Important as
good milk,
Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Head OMce, VaneoiTer, B.C.
factories at AbbeUford sad U4*cr.
Bronchitis Yields
to Vicks
A "Very Effective Rellof," Say*
This Toronto l.ndy
lt. K. Baiikln, 115 McQlll Si.,
Toronto, put, says: "Lui full 1 had
11 very had attack of bronchitis. 1
saw   Vicks   VapoRub advertised   and
tried  it  according to directions
tSpeclul to The Herald)
It' ihe vitality ul' an organization is
to bo Judged by the attendance aud
enthusiasm of its members, then The
Windermere District Potato Growers'
Association must be acknowledged to
be a real live factor in tbe Agricultural development of the Columbia
Valley, as judged from the large attendance of both members and others
who came tu their mooting on Saturday afternoon, the 27th IubI. held at
the Hotel Windermere. Mr. A. (i.
Culhbert, the President of Hie Association was In tbo chair with Mr, T.
W. Tumor, tbe Secretary Treasurer,
ably assisting.
Mr, Cuthberl in a short talk pointed
ihe aims and aspirations of th'
Association, the need tor closer co
poration on ihe pari of its members,
ml also the results of the trial ship
nituts of carload lots to the Crow's
Nest ami the Calgary markets.
Tlie shipments had turned out very
satisfactorily, more especially the one
so Fernie. in view of the shorter haul
and a more prompt return in selling.
Mr. It. Gladwin Newton wus then
called upon to give a review of tbe
Provincial Potato Fair bold at Orand
Forks November 27th to December
2nd last year. In his dual capacity
is Superintendent of the Government
Bxperimenlal Farm at lnvermere and
ts one of the Judges at the Potato
Fair, he stressed the importance of
■selection ol' seed, of html, of culture,
nf digging and handling of shipping,
and more especially tiie selection of
jxhibils for fairs. This was followed
by a .-holt talk by Mr. Heath, of the
.experimental Farm here, who had
also been at the Potato Fair, having
assisted in the judging. He also
pointed out the vital importance of
ihe careful handling of the potato,
urging the growers to treat potatoes
ts though they were handling eggs.
There were 270 exhibits at tbe Pro
irinclal Potato Fair held ut Grand
Porks recently, exactly tbe same nuni-
jcr as at the Spokane Potato Fair,
ind they drew exhibits from three
.states, whereas there was only a
small portion of B. C. represented at
ho Grand Forks Fair. Tlie Windermere District Potato Growers sent in
211 entries and took 21 prizes, scoring
the highest average of 96.4 per cent, in
the combined classes.
The names of the winners ami their
•cores were then called and Mr. Cuthberl had tho pleasing lask of pinning
mi the ribbons and presenting the
3peclal prizes. Tlie Vaiitreigbt Cup
'or the best sample of Commercial
Potatoes won by J. W. Morlaud, W'in-
lermere. Mr. Morland also won the
'anadlan    O. K.    Potato    Machinery
'o.'s Knapsack Sprayer for the best
.ample of Certified Pouitoes. The
tVimlermerc District won the Special
Prize offered by the Roggs Mnuutac-
uring < o. of a potato grader. Rlb-
tuhs were presented to the following:
I. w. Morland, A. ti. Cuthbert, H. L.
ruller, U. U. Bruce, Jack Walker, H.
I. Peters, Flank Jones. P. M. Similar!, Dr. F. E. Coy. J. S. Johnston and
R. Ballantyne.
This very Interesting meeting closed
vltb a social hour when Mrs. Cuth-
iert served afternoon tea. assisted by
i   number of  the  ladies.    Hveryone
>\ent away Arm iu the determination
o make potato growing the asset of
he Valley and lo send more and still
•letter exhibits to the next Provincial
Potato Fair, to  bo  held  towards  the
close of this year.
An exciting game of hocky was played at Waldo ou Sunday, January 118,
between The Northerns of tbe Fernie
City League and Waldo. The play
was fast and clean, ending In a score
of D to 0 lu favor of Waldo.
Tlie Waldo team will return tlie
game  In  Fernie.    On  the same trip
tliey   expe
■t  lo go to
■li nml
r W
lis    1
COUld nut exaggerate about your valuable medicine. It is a most pleasant
and effective relief for any kind ol
eolds. 1 will always keep it in UlC
Vicks VapoRub comes iu salve form
nnd for bead and chest colds, you just
apply ii over throat and chest and
cover with a warm llaimel cloth. The
body heal releases vapors that ure 111-
haled all night long Into the throat
ami lungs Menthol, Camphor, Thyme,
Eucalyptus and Turpentine. Vicks is
also absorbed through and stimulates
the skiu. aiding the vapors to relievo
congestion, Usually colds go iu one
nlglll and croup Is commonly relieved
in ill minutes.
By invitation of the manufacturers,
tlfteeti thousand families iu Canada
tried Vicks lust winter for cold troubles.   The only condition being that
they would report results,   The above
U just one of these enthusiastic reports received.
At ull drug stores, 50c. a jar. Pol
a free test size package, wrile Vlck
Chemical Co., 844 St. Paul Street w„
Montreal, P.Q.
Though Vicks is new iu Canada, It
injoys a remarkable sale. Over 17
million jars used yearly.
TAKE NOTICE that Dung Sen and
Dong Toug have purchased the business of T. Fujiyama, known as Ins
Canadian Cafe. Van Home Street
Cranbrook. and that all persons huv
ing claims against the said T. Fuji
yaiiia are reiiucsied lo render same
by February 25th next,
Dated at Cranbrook, B.C., January
29th, 1S28.
Mr. and Mrs
tained u party
Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Brooks ol Baynes
c-uiortnlucil a small party al their
homo on Friday evening, Jan. 30,
A party of young folks from Baynes
and Waldo motored lo McNah Camp
lust Saturday night, where they spoilt
the evening iu dancing. Tliey all report u good time and lots of good
things io eat.
Miss Pearl Piper of Baynes left on
January 20th for Poison, Montana,
where she is visiting friends.
Sinco tho cold snap has come
the operations at the Adolph Mill have
been resumed. The logs are being
hauied by motor trucks from the
North Star Camp eight miles northwest of Baynes.
Mrs. Harry Fowler left Baynes Inst
week to join her husband, who is
working in the Stales.
A dance is to be held at Baynes
Lake in Adolph's Hall on February
JtIt under tbe auspices of the Hockey
Club. Arrangements are being made
to procure Edmundson's Orchestra
from Cranbrook.
Tho dame given by the Waldo Hockey Club on January 19th al Waldo
was a buge success. Over $60 was
realized for the Hockey boys.
Miss Florence Kutledge is visiting
at Dr, Christie's for a week before going to her home in Trail.
[Undo  iu   Dressing  Bird
Loads To A  Wild
i From
Alining and Engineering Record)
The now concentrating mill under
nslructicn at the Sullivan Mine for
the preliminary treatment of sllver-
lead-zine ores, and tbe separation of
tbe load and zinc concentrates for subsequent treatment at Trail Smelter,
Is expected to be completed by* mi
summer, and will mark a new era in
tiie progress of a company that lias
been one of the foremost on the continent in the march of progress.
The new mill will result iu a large
increase in the production of silver,
lead and zinc by tlie Company, whose
operations are again in a prosperous
condition financially. The profits on
tbis year's operations are estimated at
$2,500,000, and after paying a dividend
the balance will be expended in further Improvements.
The Company has bad a good demand from tbe Orient tor its lend and
zinc, and tho high prices of those
metals during recent months have added materially to lbe Company's earn
Vancouver, B.C.—-Last year 11.1.12,-
(19S bushels of grain were shipped
through ibis port, according to figures
issued   by   tbe   Vancouver   Merchants'
Exchange, of tbis amount T.sr.L'.TOfl
bushels were taken lo the I'nltcd
Kingdom and tlie rest io tbe Orient,
December was tin- biggest month, with
H.ilOO.OOO bushels shipped, A larger
quantity could have been Bhlppetl had
Fort William, Out.- The first run of
newsprint made at the Fort William
Paper Company's mill here, was turned out on the last day of 1022. This
is the first paper ever made In Fort line elevator facilities at tbis port been
William. The run was n trial of the adequate. However, there is a move
machinery, which was being turnedImenl on toot at tho present time to
over for the first time, and was satis- Interest various grain companies in
factory, it is expected that from this constructing additional oh Hots here,
•hue forward the paper mill will be In ami one or two companies have an-
continuous operation, and Unit It will nounced their intention of i
produce 160 tons of newsprint n day.    construction enrly  in tbe flprl
Says Business Rivals Urged Murder Charge
(Special lo Tho Herald)
lnvermere, B.C., Jan. 27.—A mild
ripple of excitement in lhe prospect
mg world lias occurred In this vlein
iiy of late by tbe fact that a good
housewife In dressing u domestl
goone which bad been In residence
near Brady Creek, on the western
shore of Windermere Lake, had taken
out enough free gold lo pay for the
Humor says Unit all the other birds
in the Hock have since been bought up,
but lhe results of tbe examinations
nave not been made public. Tlie good
news is spreading rapidly. When
.'trst reported it wag as above. By
toon the next day It was reported on
Ihe streets that the good lady had
taken $12.00 away from the goose, and
by six o'clock the same night tlie urn-
jiiut had risen to $22.00. It is still
Be the rumor us it may, some ex-
citemenl has been raised, and I am
creditably informed that no less than
hlrty-tive placer claims have been
Stayed, taking up practically all the
Available ground. It is said that no
prospecting bad ever been done on
.bis creek before. Other creeks flowing out of tho Solklrks have been ox-
plotted In the past, and though considerable money has been put into
hem. hut little lias ever been taken
nit, either In placer gold or quartz,
Those who are Interested are awaiting auxiously for the return of spring
o be able to carry on. At present the
snow prevents all work beyond thai
of ^taking.
I'oinis tu Administration Fig.
ure:, ot* Other Provinces
In Comparison
Calgary, Jan. 2.I.—"If there Is.any-
Lhlng that prevents tiie movement of
;rai,i from Alberta via Vancouver, It
s the paucity of handling facilities at
hat port, and I entirely concur will
•bose who are endeavoring to reined)
this condition." remarked W. B. Laul-
:an. of Montreal, ireneral freight traf-
.ic  manager  uf  tlie  Canadian   Paolfll
Railway, who. accompanied by George
.lopheiis. of Winnipeg, assistani
trelghi trn'Rc mdnager. was in Cul
jary nn a business visit last week,
Mr. Laplgah said there was uu dls
criminal ion between east and wesi
bound rales nn grain. The only question so far as west bound rates wen
concerned was one as to whether the)
wero reasonable in view of the character of ihe country through which
the iraitic wns hauled.
"The contention of Premier Oliver is
that il is just as cheap one way as the
other," said Mr. Lanlgan, "bill be falls.
however, lo  explain  in  his own case.
why tho provincial railway, tlie P.O.H
llinla it necessary m charge rates running  fn in   50  to   1011  per  cent,  lllghei
than the Canadian National or tin
Canadian Paetflc, and the physical
nndiiloiM mi the P.G.tt. are vory
much the same as ou tho other two
lilies.     Nor   does   he   explain,   to   (like
Mother stand, why the cosl of logts
iiiturc in B.C. should be $0.70 per cap
Ita as against $8.40 In Alberta, $1.76
n Saskatchewan, or $2.IN in Manitoba,
ir liovi tho general administration of
bit province should cosl $211.74 per
inplta lu Britisli Columbia as DgaltlBl
14,00 In Alberta, $14,30 In Saskatchewan, and $13.70 iu Manitoba."
77io OVMl Canadian Bwtttmtai
provides pleasant action
lor your Icctii, nlso
penetrat!it» lhe crevices
and I'lcuad..,; .;,-.ni.
Then, loo. It olds
Use WRIGLEY'9 «|t«r
every meal —see how
much Keller you will
The Flavor Lasts £&*L
"\ ^aaWaWK'r vt'i!.'' ■"■•■ S
How To Sleep
7ES, it CAN be done—but not
L like this.
The trouble is, most people go
to bed with "something" on the
The answer is, no matter what
the day has brought forth to upset your mind and digestive organs, take Beecham's Pills when
you retire.
Though in no sense a "sleeping
potion," this 80-years-famous
household medicine so harmonizes the system that you can sleep
in quiet and perfect rest, even in
two feet of bed space.
Beecham's Pills are as efficient
and harmless for children as for
adults—sweetening tbe stomach,
invigorating digestion and stirring
liver and bowels to natural activity.
At All Druggists—25c and 50c
Mrs. Hiram Knox, of Hemphill. Tex., who actively and successfully
managed her husband's husiness of building railroads, running iaw-
mills and bossing lumber crews, claims business rivals urged murder
charge now against her In mysterious killing of her husbands All of
the west is Interested as she was known u "Ladv Bountiful" let
•enerous gifts to poor children of Texas.   Pboto lo «f Ura Knox ot*
We make, clean or press Ladles'
Dresses. Fit thin guaranteed.
We make to order Ladles' under-
wear and Men's shirts, ah kinds
China and Japanese Silk floods.
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
phone 201.   I'.o. Box 588
L. D. Cafe
(Utile OntNiiHirt)
When you wish Bomethtng good
to eat go to the "L,D."
"IH h«d known of Zam-Euli
five yurt ago, it would hav«
saved Indescribable misery;
sAya Mr. F. Astrldge.of a, St. Paul St-
St. CathMines, Oni.  " The inlense palaj
often earned me tocryoul sloud in Rgonj
"During my years of suffering I trie
just about everything timi 1 heard **
good for piles, It was quite uselesr
however, and 1 despaired until one da;
after using a sample box ol /ain-Bu
that a friend happened to hi me, along
1 felt such pronounced ease that 1 wl
encouraged to persevere with ihe ("»
mem I got through three boxes i
ZanvBuk in all ami by that time to irt
great Joy, all evidence of the piles hn
completely gone "
ir. piles, sbscesies, ulcers, etc, nom
should ever submit to an Operatic
before living Znui Buk     TillsronOWlU
herbal balm with lu unlqne sootbti
healing and grrniii Idal properties I <oin
be equalled (or dealing with pain, s»i|
nam, swelling or Inflammation
Zam-Bui in alio splendid in eci
poisoned wounds, chaps, cold-i
ringworm ami scalp tores, burns, leali I
cutl.i old on the ■ belt, ibraiuatism a ]
"dim winter (U QSl und pains
of all druggists 50c, box, a lor ti I
or Zam Buk Co , Toronto, send M|
THAI SAMPLE on recaiit of post t
"Safety Firs,1
Four generations ol bab
have been kept clean, fre'
fragrant, and free from si
troubles by the use of
SOAP Friday, February S, 111811
PA (IE   II vi:
Lnsy Lnrry Bays—
'lirlB'meB I'lRars I gill rruti .I'm,
n •■ in"   I sent to Iilm.
.w  vvdiil ii': il sti'ii both worry a:nl
Organizes Women of
"Invisible Empire"
Mrs. II. H. Dovls. of Portland,
Ore.i In now In Louisiana where n
flu»» of 1,000 women arc to be Initiated into tlie Kill Klux Klnn Auxiliary. The women claim to liatt
tiriinchcs In '■'>:'. stiitcs.
Official Thermometer Readings
At Cranbrook
Max. Mln.
Thursday, January 25   17      4
Friday, January 26   20   - :!
Saturday. January 27   25   —2
Sunday, January 28   31    IB
Monday, January 29   17      li
Tuesday, January 30     6 —16
Wednesday, January 31 — 11 —11
Fust, Faster, Fastest
Judge:   Ten dollars.
Motorist: Can you chaiiRe a $20
Judge: No, but I can change the
fine.   Twenty dollars.
."I rady, those who see this hcad-
o read about some "baby
_.... American multi-millionaire,
. iid tliey will he surprised to learn that
'■ ■■ description applies to a scientific
x      hea preventative, tooth and mcuth
.:a'.!on. and they will doubtless
' •- l-ow such a product ever came
n of as a "million dollar
u the story must he told.
efl years apo,  tho Research
■ of the Rexall Company,
I chemical specialists,
.austivQ investigation into
■ Pyorrhea,: and its proper
tnd in their characteristi-
i o gh  way spent  over two
noy perfected a compound
i .1 --very test, according
. i standards, Suclmremark-
• 11 has been created that they
'  it "the Million   Dollar
ibly no preparation that
■ ■ ;\s :■. jerm comuatter
licacious in preventing
diseases that enter the
u g\\ lhe mouth and nose as
ji<I AnHsepIie.    Especially
thai users nf it completely
■tacks of the Uu uhen so
. year.  This Rexatl nrod*
be purchased in 3?e. and ouo.
toilet bottles at
'•■•\TT.rc xom E  UK DO CO
• Tho Roxa!l Store —
KAXMROOK      -      -  BC.
" hero It niaji In deal
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
ihe Postmaster General, will be re
calved at Ottawa until noon, on Friday, the 9th day of March, 1923, for the
conveyance of HIb Majesty's Malls, on
a proposed Contract for four years,
twelve times per week on the route
Kimberley anil Railway Station (Can.
Pac) from the Postmaster General's
pi ensure.
Printed notices containing further
Information as to conditions of proposed Contract may bo seen, and
hlanlc forms of Tender may be obtain-
lod at tiie Posl Office of Kimberley,
B.C., and at the office of the Posl
Office inspector, Post Office Inspector's OhlCe. Calgary, Alia.
Post Office Inspector.
Jan.   B6tb,  1923. 49-51
Mr. ba.ilbom. manager o. at.
Kootenay Power i ompauj     f :   mi .
was a business visitor on Moauay.
Mr. Lunn and son HorCord. were in
Cranbrook on the 29th,
Mr. J. MeCabe was in from M Ni b
Siding on Monday.
Mr. Todliunter, from Ml I el   w s
Elko Sunday.
Mr. anil Mrs. Longley are op o h ,,
a few days lu Cranbrook, al the
ot   I heir   parents,   .Mr.   and   .Mrs.   J
Mr. T. Duncan was a business ...
,>r to Fernie on Friday.
Mr,   W.   Duncan   spent   Frhlay  an
.Saturday In Cranbrook.
Jong Fong, general store keeper
left for China last week, owing lo bai
tealth. His brother from Feme is
expecting lo take over llio business.
Miss C. Duncan spent the week end
in Cranbrook.
Miss N. Ingham of Fernie and Mist
I. Lunelle of Kaslo were Elko visitors
during the week.
Owing to so many children attending the Elko School, an addition has
hi en built for the juniors, with Mrs.
Todliunter as teacher.
Elko experienced a bad stoim on
Sunday evening, hut it fs hoped this
will be the last this winter.
Further preparations are being
made to supply the town with water,
it is expected that tlie pipe line leading from the lake will ho lowered.
This will give Elko first class water
Mrs. R. Hirtz and little C. Miiler
were the guests of Mrs. J. Ingham at
Cranbrook during the week.
Mr. J. Miller of Cranbrook spent his
usual week-end In Elko.
The new restaurant known as tlie
"Bean Pot" is nearly completed, and
will shortly he opened for business.
Mr. Smith, Provincial Constable, is
building an addition to the jail.
The poles for the electric lights
have arrived. This looks like business, and it is iioped before long Die
Juice will be turned on.
Mr, Sly and Mr. Gray, well-known
commercial travellers, were in looking for orders during the week.
An agent from the Montana oil fields
was busy here selling shares lately,
and 11 things work out right some of
us will soon be millionaires.
The advertisements in a newspaper are more full of knowledge in respect to
or community than the editorial columns are,—Htmy Ward BteeJW.
that Is going on in a state
xmt Buy at Bagdad
EDUCATION' is a matter of experience not of observation.
Thirty years ago a professior of economics in one of our
leading universities made the statement that 90% oi all the
money invested in advertising was lost, and attempted to prove
his observation by the statistics of commercial failures.
That professor is today one of the most famous educators
in the count./. He is famous- because he grew by experience
to repudiate his youthful observation. He now reverses the
faulty findings of his youth and today declares that <X)';'o of
the commercial failures are due either to the failure to advertise
or to false or faulty advertising.
If your advertisement says you have all wool goods and
you've only 68* wool, the time will come when you will be
found out.' When that time comes all the advertising in the
world won't save you. The public will call your middle name
"Fake" and view you with mistrust.
The streets of Bagdad arc lined with beggars, men who
tried to live by trick and failed. Back of these beggars who
Ctowd the curb are long lines of little stalls where tricksters
ply all the ails of trade. Everyone views the other with suspicion and every customer looks upon the tradesman with suspicion. There is no such thing as a stabilized commodity
among them. There are no great department stores in Bagdad,
no great clothing merchants, no hardware houses that carry
the trademark stamp that assures you that what you get is all
it is claimed to be.
Mere in this country, our manufacturers, men of character,
put integrity into their product. They advertise the product
fur just what it is—that, no less and no more. So you go into a
-tore here or a thousand miles from here and ask for the commodity that YOU KNOW. You know about it. You don't
t\ en have to have it unwrapped ; you are willing to take it in
iis original package with the seal unbroken; trade unsight,
1 Unseen.   This you do because it has been advertised.
Every merchant who does not advertise or who cannot advertise honestly will always conduct a business of Bagdad-
booth proportions.   He will always be a little shop keeper,
doing a dinky little business. He's the fellow who always
offers you "something ju.t as good."
Just as the local merchant will always remain tbe little
merchant, if he does not advertise honestly, so does the manufacturer remain a little manufacturer, conducting a little business, if he attempts lo distribute a commodity without advertising. Advertising will build his business in proportion to the
public need which lie meets and the reliability of his own statement about that which he has to sell. No business can grow
great without advertising and it will grow great only in proportion to the amount and character of the advertising which it
does.   No business can grow great without honest advertising.
Y'OU—you and me, just average buyers. What shall we
buy? Shall we buy of the Bagdad merchant and take the stuff
without the sterling stamp?
The intelligent purchaser buys through his merchant the
commodities that arc NATIONALLY ADVERTISED because he knows that experience has taught the business
builders that a false statement about their goods means death
to their business.
Your Bagdad merchant will size you up and charge you
what he thinks he can get. You can dicker and barter with him.
He's a many priced man. He begins on a high price and
reluctantly comes down step by step to meet you.
That's what your little shop keeper who does not advertise
will do. He is not a fixed price man. That is what he does
with the substitute, the "just as good" article.
Go to the reputable merchant, ask for the nationally advertised commodity, the manufacturer has stamped the^ price
where you can see it, and there you get PROTECTION.
If you are an intelligent buyer you will buy of the local
merchant that advertises because he is the fellow who is
willing to stand or fall by the public printed statement he
Be WISE and buv the nationally advertised commodity
from the local advertising merchant and leave it to the foolish
to buy at Bagdad.-
rnnbrooK  ottage Hospltil
• Licensed by Pro*. Govt.)
\i,ii riilly  mid  General  Nursing
rormi ModertU
Hits   \   < inn mint,  Motion.
ten v.pime Phone 169
IMI'III'I.I     I     II Till IK
hum mi-\Tii. ro.
i    is ii s R I)
'     ' : "I v \jQI-l?
Full   Line  ol   Wall   Taper
In   Stock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
I'll, in- inli 111  nil hours
IIKOIIH     ■     .     .     IU'.
< "
! <iun
Kwong   Chong
11  Armstrong Avenue
Opposito W. D. Hill's
First   Class   Work   Guaranteed.
TAKE NOTICE that LeBoy H. Han-
i'V. Whose address Is Wanlner, B.C.,
will apply for » licence for lhe storage
Ot 150 acre feet of water out of Ha Ha
Creek, also known us Lund Lake,
raise the level about 5 feet, which
'lows easterly nnd drains Into sfnkB
nn S.L. C of IxH BIB, about tho centre
of tbo lot (SJj, 6).
The storage dam will he locnted at
tho natural outlet or Ha Ha Creek
from Lund Ijike. The capacity of the
reservoir to be created Is about 150
wre fee', and It will flood about 30
'(■res of land. The water will be ill-
rerted from the stream at a point
about S.L. 6. see Con. L, No. 39t0. and
Will he used for irrigation purposes
upon tho land described as Paris of
S. Lots 2 and 3 of Ixtl 320. Kootenay
Tho llconce applied for is to supplement a right to take and use water as
per Conditional Licence No. 3940.
This notice wbb posted on the
ground on the 26th day of January,
A copy of thin notice and an appll
cation pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act. Wfi," will be filed In tbe
olllce of the Water Recorder at Cran
Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with tho Comptroller ot Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,
within thirty days after tbe flret ap-
poaranco of this notice In a local
The date of the first publication of
this notice is January 26th, 1923.
49-52 Applicant
THE EGG AM) TIIK CHICK ■ tlie egg. They are separate und iu
The yolk it; the pari of u lien's egg ihe largo end of the egg thoy are apart
which in produced In the ovary. As from ono another. Thus the air eel.
ihe yolks begin to ripen and enlarge, Us formed. The older the egg tbe
the abdomen of the hen becomes larg- larger the air cell, for tho greater bus
er and softer, for the IntestlneB are be- been the evaporation ot the egg coti-
cotming more active und are getting tent.
Digger, intestinal development is no-j After three hours spent in the form-
cessary fur the digestion and assim- lation of the white and three hours in
nation of tlie larger amounts "f food [the formation of the shell membrane,
necessary for egg production. The j twelve to twenty-four hours more are
rent ulso becomes larger and the pel-1 now required for the secretion of the
vie bones spread apart. Wide pelvic lime substance which is to harden ana
ooncs, enlarged ami moist vent with I form the shell, and for the laying oi
a four linger keel expansion is a sure]tlie egg. This time element condemns
indication that btddio is giving a good the two-eggs-a-doy theory, except at
account of herself. Un unusual and extraordinary aceom-
There is only ono ovary.   Although pllshment,
a right ovary Is formed In embryo ut *   *   *   *
ihe same time that the left is formed, Herds a fact very Important to
it degenerates more or less complete- everyone who keeps poultry. Ever}
ly as there would not be room for j yolk that enters into tbe oviduct does
two eggs to form side by side in lhe]not necessarily have to go through
hen's body. Sometimes double yolk- all the stages of this process. If the
ed eggs form, but these are due to'temperature drops suddenly and tht
two yolks being almost simultaneous- maintenance of tho hen's body makes
ly liberated by the ovary. extra  demands  upon   her  system, a
The ovary of a laying hen contains'partly manufactured egg can be taken
Ottawa. Out.—With the object of investigating tiie feasibility of adapting
Canadian soft coal to furnace use.
Hon. Charles Stewart. Minister of the
Interior, Is organizing a committee of
coal and mining experts under the
chairmanship ot Dr. Charles Cameell,
Deputy Minister of Mines. In addition
to other duties the committee will also
give considerable attention to educating the public with regard to the best
means of using coal.
Heglna, Sask. — Saskatchewan now
has ono motor voriile for every twelve
of the population of the province,
which places it first in the list ot the
Provinces of Canada In tho number of
cars per population. Altogether there
are 61.175 motor vehicles registered
In Saskatchewan. In the past ten
yenrs Saskatchewan has received
$4,281,842 as revenue from motor 11-
rense fees, anil la the same period has
spent $t'«.91S,lfi7 on improving roads
In the province.
Lift Off with Fingers
Trlrpbiinf til P.O. Bin tl«
TowrlM & Adam*
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Cars a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing.
yolks of different sizes, some as small
as a pin head, and others graduated
up to one fully formed and ready to
burst from its capsule, Prom S00 to
2.000 minute yolks have beon counted
in ono hen, Indicating a tremendous
ogg production.
When the yolk hursts the flue skin
sack that holds it to the ovury. it is
then free for its passage down tho
oviduct, where it is to ho coated with
albumen and finally covered with
shell. If the hen is being stimulated,
for egg production and the yolks are
breaking away from the ovary in constant succession, blood spots in the
eggs may appear. They are due to a
drop of blood from tiie ruptured yolk
sack passing into the oviduct With tho
The oviduct is a white skin coiled
tube. The ripe yolk is deposited in
the entrance to tho oviduct. It is
gulokly fertilized, for the spermatozoa
of the male traverses the entire length
of the oviduct. These spermatozoa
are elongated cells which have a head
neck and tall, and are capable of locomotion. The period of life of the
spermatozoa within the oviduct is considerable, for. after the male Is removed from a breeding yard the fertility of the eggs laid duos not begin
to diminish perceptibly until about
the ninth day, and some fertility can
bo secured for a period of tWO weeks.
Por this reason, there is no certainty
about tiie purity of their eggs for a
period of at least two weeks. After
a male is placed In n pen, some fertility  will  show on  the  second  day
UESCKU'TION OF BOOKS:—(1) The New Farmer's
manual (enlarged edition)—a condensed encyclopaedia of practical information for the general
farmer, stockman, dairyman, poultrytuan. fruit
grower, etc. 250 page;. (2) The Family Herald
Cook Book—-Scientific but non-technical. (?) 100 of
the ilt'sl Songs—A rare collection of o'.d favorites.
i4) Singing Games- Indispensable for children's
parti- s. iOi Niiiiihi) Allium of Sacred Song—
\ com] ens!1 IU in of popular and classical
sacred songs.
Extraordinary Clubbing Cffcr
By special  arrangement we are  offering The
;  a  d   .      . ly  .S'ar of  Montreal  and
Lerald a: a money saving club rate,
inducement of a valuable book, cost
i he Cratti:
with the e:
ilic    aniily ueruid and Weekly Star Is a com-
let    '   .  :. ml Ining as it does a Farm
Pa] -r. .      . Children's Magazine and a
Weekly Newspaper.
hack up the oviduct aud enter into tht
body cavity, where It may be absort
ed by the body as food. Ti:us ti
poultry man says: "No dogs, no c .
no frightened birds." Fright and ne
vousnoss will cause body absor^i^
of partly formed eggs.
•   *   •   *
Sometimes tbe egg making making
machinery of a ben gets out of order,
and the yolks pass directly Into tho
body cavity. In case they are no:
then absorbed by the body, they may
pack and harden In the abdomen.
This answers the question asked,
"What makes tho presence of hard
yolks of eggs, as though th|>* were
cooked inside of a hen surrounded by
a  watery substance?"
When you find a hen with full, hard
abdomen, cull her out of the t!o.>k.
Such internal layers may have the
bright comb and the faded shanks and
beak of a good layer, but their hard
abdomen Indicates a wrong fnternol
VJV_ l-i\
The cga incubates, that is, the embryo chick develops, by means of cell
division. Two centuries ago It was
assumed that the fertile germ wbb a
miniature udult, and that the process
of embryonic development consisted
of enlargement. It Is established that
an ovum ami spermatozon of the two
sexes unite. This celt divides dnd
forms two; eacli of these two daughter colls divides, making four; and the
progression proceeds rapidly, outrunning tho possibilities of mathematics.
il is ono of the miracles of life how
This Offer ;v8^ N oi I ?uf I on
0.a., „_d i .Ul    II -   ■       .   No.  -.
All Order   inn .        cni to  the (raulirook Herald,
( ranbrook, II.C.
DmidI hurt a bit! Drop a little
'FrMiona" on ao aching corn, blatantly that corn atopi hurting, then
ihortly yon lift It right off with (Ing.
ara.   Truly!
Tour dragglit itlla a tiny bottla ol
Trewona" (or a (aw oanti, lufflctunt
to ramora anrr bard oorn, aoft com,
er eon Mwaan tha ton, ant tha cal-
wtlkaat mimi ot UrrrlaUaaa
and It will be running lilgli nricr tbe each function ot the chick la ilevel-
seventh day. I ojied.   There Is the eye with all Its
Tho germ ot the male floats on the] marvellous narts, the beak, the Bhanks
blnBtoilevm. This Is n small whitish j covereil with little scoles, the wings,
dine. II Is on top of the yolk, anil If j tlie internal organs, the skin anil the
(lie egg is turned over tlie blastoderm down. All of theso things aro form-
iissunies its upper position, owing to ed during the process of Incubation
llio slightly lower speclllc ginvlty ot; from tho material In tho egg.
that part ot the yolk which contains. The last thing before the chick
this disc. The blastoderm holds (he leaves the shell, Its Intestines absorb
living part of the egg, from which the the remaining yolk, which serves as
embryo chick and all Its blood vessels the chick's first food. It should not
aro Id slurt, but It Is wrong to assume he given other food until nt least for-
that an egg Is fertile bocnuse It shows ly-olgbt hours have elapsed.
this little wblllsh deposit, for all nor-1 H Is plain that tho yolk nnd nlbu-
mal eggs luivo a blastoderm, nnd the j men contained In an egg, being inpa-
gonn of llio Itself Is Invisible to tlie|blo or contributing all the elements of
naked eye. I food necessary for the growth and do*
About three hours arc required for vulopment of llio little chick, are com
Tu   Hon • Sabiertberj   of   Tbe
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Family Herald and Weekly Star
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tho fortnntlon of tho white cr alhu
raon. ThiH substance is secreted In
tbe upper two-tlilrds of tbe oviduct,
Tlie egg is now pushed along by muscular contraction of the oviduct for
the next process, which la the secretion of the slii'll membrane. Two thin
llklftcn ot ■wabnaa u» put wooad
lei mixtures which ore capable of
making a highly nutritious addition
to iijiinV ration.
Mrs. a. H. U MacKinnon and little
dauKhter are spending some time at
Kaalo, visiting at tha borne ot Mr*.
To Present Subscriber! ot The
Family Herald .*  Weekly Star
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Bach renewal must he accompanied
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All Orders must be sen! to The Cranbrook Herald
Yon Save
Cranbrook, B.C. PAGE   SIX
Friday, February 3, 11)23
City Items of interest
Insure with Beale: & Elwell.
Women's   InatltutQ  will   hold!    Inaure with Beale & Elwell,
Hook your seats early tor llio ilriiml
Concert to be held on Friday. February 18th. 49
+    +   +
We repair hot water bottles, rubber
footwear, in fact anything made ot
rubber.—Wilson's Vulcanizing Works,
Uaker Street. :)6tt
their regular monthly meeting on
Tuesday, February 6th, at tho O. W.
V. A., when nil members art' requested in in- present, aa a special social
lure will be Included In the program.
table and compare it with
Ask   lor
Two sleigh louds ot Rebekulls and
Odd Fellows enjoyed nn outing ou
Wednesday evening, when, despite tlie
somewhat chilly atmospheric conditions, n very iileasnni time was nnd,
the sleighs inking Ihe direction of the
Wntisliui'B rood. After the drive the
parly  adjourned  to tin' Auditorium,
A sacred concert will be given in
the Mcthoillst Church Immediately tol-
Inwing the close of the evening ser-
vlco on Sunday next, with lhe following special items: Solos by Mrs. J. S.
Mcintosh, Mrs. H. Klughorii, Mrs. W.
C. Adlard. and Mr. U. E. Bower; cornet solo by Mr. W. H. Bevan; Ar.them
by the Choir; favorite hymns by the
Congregation. Everyone is cordially
Invited to attend.
+ + 1-
l>o you subscribe for the Funiily
Herald und Weekly Slur, of Montreal!
where dancing wus engaged In by u i Yol| ra„ s„vc money by cmbblns J'onr
good crowd, and aboul midnight a rollQWni lvltli the Cranbrook Herald.
subsiiiiiiiiil beau supper was provided. {[ ym| ]m, „„, yet „ su|)B<,,.tbor of the
liultlng Ihe lliilshlug touih on the en-jMonm,a| Herli]ll sei, the onerous
joymenl ol ihe evening. i |ireiniums  offered   to  new  subscrlb
+   +   -t- | era clubbing with the Cranbrook He-
contemplating  a   trip nM
+   +   +
homo to England, see Beale .ti Elwoll, i
Steamship Agents. 4ltt
We have In a Full Line of Winter
Rubbers, aud—
Our low  prices win every time.
+    +    +
li   wus   announced   from   Victoria
I ibis week that a Vancouver contractor, William Cireenlees, was the sltc-
icessful bidder for the construction of
lhe two bridges    which will be built
jover the Kootenay river this spring,
l|n this district.   That near Waldo is
|to cost some $30,000, while tho oilier
north of Wusa has been let at a figure ot $19,000.    Eventually tlie bridge
near Wasa is expected to carry a heavy volume of traffic flowing uver the
' completed Banff-Windermere rood.
+   +   +
Beale & Elwell will pay cosh for
j Victory Bonds al current market rates.
Ten Day
Clearing Sale
Hundreds of Articles to be Cleared at this Sale
The Store That Sells For Less
. Local news,
P. Woods Meat Market
NORBURY  AVENUE   (Opposite Old Rink)
-   Jlilk Fed Venl nnd Fork
ill ill Eirifs
Finest Reef in the lily.
Say!   Have You Tried Them?   Many are telling us how
nice they are.   TRY  THEM  YOURSELF,
ow     f
just a reminder   - Richard Barthol
csb lu "Sonny" nml Busier Kentuu
ul tlie St:>.f today..
+    +    +
The   Odd   Fellows   are   holding
dance on the evening ot Valentine's
Day,  Wednesday.  February   Hth, nt
tho Auditorium. 49
+ + -t
The many friends of Constable
Johnston are pleased to see htm on
duty again after a sojourn of two
months in the St. Eugene Hospital, at
Which place lie has beer, since his
unfortunate shooting experience ou
November 28th last.
-I- -f +
Keep Friday. February Kith open,
so that you may support tlie Cranbrook Musical Society in their endeavour lo put good music before Ihe
public, 49
-r -t- +
Tho "wets" are making another effort to have a Government liquor store
established nt Creston, and at the end
Of the week had completed tlie circulation of a petition In this connection
that was quite largely signed, and has
gone on to Victoria to tlie Liquor Control Hoard. Just aboul a year ago the
"drya" headed off a store by the petition process, und the action of the
Liquor Control officials on lhe latest
petition ift awaited with interest. So
far there linve been numerous applications made for the position of storekeeper.—Creston Review.
+ + +
Mrs, Flnlayson, holder of Senior
Certificates from the Royal Academy
of Music, London. England, will give
lessons on pianoforte and violin at
pupils" homes.   Sub plume. 40-51
+    +   +
New York interests are very active
tu   connection   with   Portland   Canal
properties, bonding and financing .several groups with a view to active development during the coming summer.
The spectacular  results obtained  at
the Premier have drawn attention to
the  possibilities  of  that section
nothing else could.   Tiie Wilson and
Trites-Wood   interests   have   bonded
several properties on whicb tliey are
making  payments,  and  either  doing
or planning development.    The Premier Gold Mining Company has also
been  active  In  the   investigation   of
other properties, with a view to (
tending its holdings iu that district
—Fernie Free Press
+   +   +
We have In  stock a full  line  of
Wamen'B,   Men's,   Girls',   Boys'   and
Children's Shoes.   Our stock Is com
plete and—
Our low prices win every time.
$25.00   IN   PRIZES
Boys and Girls of Cranbrook and District
Kootenay Garage,
Open day and night,
Oldsmobile, and
Jhe Superior Chevrolet—
Everybody's talking about them.   Order
Now, or let us demonstrate
Your convenience.
Qlve our Repair Department
A   trial.
Repairs Our Specialty,
Guaranteed workmanship assureB you ot
Entire Satisfaction.
Tills copy cannot be used, but you may make use ot the words by changing them
around.   Each Hoy or Girl may submit as many coupons as they wish,
t iiiipmis Must lie tut From Tlie Cranbrook Herald
Ut 1'lliy.E fllMM).    •.•mi   I'ltlZi; *».•)<>.    10 FKlZKH OF $1.00 EACH.
Fernie has evidently caught the "oil
fever," aud oil offices are said to be
opening up ull over the town.
"Brawn of the North," at the Stur
Monday and Tuesday. February G and
(i.    Special matinee Tuesday at 4.
Mr. und Mrs. B. Longley of Elko are
spending a few days in the city on a
visit  io  Mrs.   Longley's parents, Mr,
and Mrs. J. Thompson. But-well Ave.
— ►
Elsie Ferguson In "The Outcast,"
Wednesday and Thursday, February
7 and s. at the star.
C. \V. Buake of Nelson was n visitor
In the city for a lime at the beginning
of the week, in connection with the
Anglican Church Forward Movement.
Friday and Saturday, February 9
aud 10, "Ebb Tide," a big Paramount
Special, at the Star.
The MeCabe bridge crew are busy
re-decking Ibo trestle at the Landing,
nd we hear another 1,500 feet of till
will be made there as soon as weather
ill permit operations io commence.
—Creston Review.
The Great Northern Railway are
converting a large number of loeonio
lives from coal lo oil burning. We
understand this work will be com
pleted early this summer, and will
have the effect of curtailing the pro
dnctfon of coal from the local mines.
—Fernie Free Press.
A commercial failure of considerable magnitude is reported from the
Creston district recently, in the as
slgnment of W. V. Jackson, rancher
u a largo way in that district. The
irst meeting of creditors took place
ast Saturday afternoon, when it was
shown that tiie liabilities of the assignor amounted io about $35,000.
Jackson has been the owner of forty
acres of fruit and farm laud there,
ind alter mortgages on each twenty
acre piece have been satisfied, It is
felt that there will not be very much
left for the benefit ol the remainder
of the claims, made up largely of wages for labor incurred during the past
four or five years.
On Tuesday last the home of Mrs.
F. M. MePherson on Fenwlck Avenue
was the scene of a delightful afternoon lea when Mrs. MePherson and
Mrs. C. J, Little were joint hostesses
lo a large number of visitors. The
tea was given lu aid of the organ fund
of Knox Church, and proved a most
enjoyable and successful event, the
funds being enhanced to tbe extent of
thirty dollars thereby. Mrs. E. W.
.MacKay was assisting in tlie reception of the guests. The tea tables,
which had been very prettily prepare:!
were centred with beautiful carnations. Mrs. E. Paterson und Mrs. G.
1). Carlyle poured tea, while Mrs. R.
P. Moffatt, Mrs. J. F. Scott and Mrs.
\V. C. Wilson assisted in serving.
That (be inclination uf the young
folks of Cranbrook Is for things musical was evidenced Wednesday afternoon, when as a result of a notice iu
lhe Herald a large number of children assembled at the Star Theatre
for the first meeting of the Cranbrook
Juveniles, a new musical organization being formed by Messrs. T. H.
Bailey and F. O. Novak of the Star.
About twenty Galliccurcis and Caru-
sns were selected and preliminary arrangements made for tlie work which
will he undertaken this season. Next
week the classes will get right down
to work and it is hoped that such
good progress will be made that It
will not be long before a public performance is given.
at any
That the people of Craubrook are
appreciative of good music wan again
demonstrated on Sunday evening last
when at a service of song giveu by tho
Choir of lhe Presbyterian Church, as-
sis ted by local talent, the church was
crowded by au attentive audience.
The program for the evening con
sljsted of three groups of sacred songs,
one In each by the choir alone, one by
tho congregation and choir, and the
third by the congregation alone; these
groups being interspersed by anthems
and vocal, cello, and organ solos.
The nature und arrangement of tbe
programme made it appeal lo all.
Those contributing lo the programme
are well known to Cranbrook audiences, and their selections wero much ap
predated. Mr. Bower, who made his
first appearance as a vocalist, gave
line rendering of the baritone solo
"It Is Enough," from Mendelssohn's
"Elijah," a difficult concert number
which was accompanied by Mr. J. K
Cliorlton ou the cello, and Mrs, P. G.
Novak on the organ.
Another particularly appealing number was the anthem "Hear My Prayer. (Mendelssohn), This was finely
rendered by the choir, and set off
extremely   well  by lhe  exacting solo
$18 Set of
Fuller Brushes
Set on Display at F. Parka
& Co. Hardware Store
Information will lie given lit tlie
uliove store or by representative wlien  he  culls.
Mrs. H. F. Helinsiug left on Wed
nesdny noon's train for Duncan, Van
couver Island, having received word
from there of the serious illness of
.ior mother and sister, lhe former with
iHieumoniu and the latter with Influ
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clapp returned
on Wednesday from a few days' visit
in Spokane. Mr. Clapp states that
things are very quiet in the Inland
Empire City. The fruit farmers of the
Poulouso country realized practically
nothing for their crop.
Capt. Carruthers, a well known Nel
sou traveller, had his sample room tu
tbe old King George Hotel building
broken into on Monday night and
considerable quantity of his samples
of sweaters, bathing {suits, hosiery
etc., stolen. Entrance was gained
through a window at the rear of the
sample room, and the goods at that
end of the room completely made off
with. Provincial police McLaren has
tho case In baud, but beyond the rub'
tier footmark left by the thief, there
are absolutely no clues to work on
—Creston  Review
E, Walker, C.P.R. Roadniaster, and
Mrs. Walker returned on Tuesday
from a visit of about six weeks to
points in the East. They visited with
relatives of Mr. Walker near Brampton, Out., and other relatives at Quebec and Montreal, as well as other
points. Tliey left Cranbrook lu the
coldest weather of the winter, and ex
perieuced cold weather on the trip,
Whitehall, Ont.. maintaining its reputation as the coldest spot in Ontario
by registering a temperature of HO
below zero when they were passing
through, hut the extreme cold modi
fled very soon utter their arrival it
the East.
The death occurred at the St. En
gene Hospital hist week of George
Bentley, Canyon City Lumber Com
pany leamsler. who never recovered
from Hie effects of au accident which
he sustained last December. While
tightening up a load of lumber, the
I chain holding lhe binding pole slipped
[and the pole flying back struck him
!across Ihe forehead, felling him to the
I road. Inflicting injuries to his back
I from tho frozen ground from which he
could not recover, nol withstanding the
heat of treatment. A sou arrived from
Manitoba a short time after his father had passed away, and took charge
of tho funeral arrangements, interment being made here.
Studio t  37 Armstrong Avenue
Opposite Telephone Building Phone 142
Is Now Complete
Watch Our
Bargain Tables
From Day to Day
Are Arriving, of which Full
Announcement will be
Made in this Space
which Mrs. B. Paterson sang so well,
rbe other anthem by the choir was
Gounod's "Send Out Thy Light."
Mr. ChorMon's two aoloa wero "Mel-
idle" by Massenet and "Cantalena" by
■iolterman, and were both thoroughly
n joyed,
Tho programme was as follows:
Organ solo—Mr. G. Bower. Anthem
and Solo: "Hear My Prayer"—Choir
and Mrs. E. Paterson. Cello aolo:
■ Melodic"—Mr. J. K. Cliorlton. Vocal
solo: "It Is Enough"—Mr. G. B. Bower, accompanied by Mr. J. K. Cliorlton,
cello, and Mrs. R G. Novak, organ.
Cello solo: "Cantalena" —Mr. J. K.
It is hoped that other services of
this nature will be given periodically
in the various churches.
The bunting party composed of Mr.
Gregory Thomas, game warden, Mr.
C. E, Ordish and Mr. Robert Tulloch,
profeshtonal cougar and wolf hunters,
to whom reference was made in last
week's Issue, returned from their trip
Into Hie Kitchener district on Tuesday
with one cougar to their credit.
After covering a good deal of ter-
iltory, going up Hazel Creek and
t rossing the divide into Lost Creek
and Kid Creek, on Monday afternoon
they ran across the trail of the deer
killer about one mile from the Government road.
As il was seen Unit il was a fresh
track tlie dogs wore let go, and they
chased Ihe cougar right up to the top
Of Kitchener Mountain, where it was
treed und roped by Mr. Ordish. The
Lroo was located practically over the
edge of tlie bluff, and realizing the
danger thai the party holding the
rope would be In if the quarry drop-
pod over the side, It was decided to
lei it go with tlie iioohc on it, and allow the dogs to tree It again. Unfortunately the cougar caught In another
noose accidentally made hy the rope
getting wound around a tree. Before
fl could be released, the cougar wbh
dead. I lie tlogs pulling one way and
the rope the other causing the animal
to be choked. The party were disappointed, as It was their desire to
bring one home alive. The captured
mountain Hon weighed about 125 lbs.
If you would enjoy a good meal
Try Moore'a Cafe
Only White Help Employed
Raker Street     Phone 529
Opposite P. Burns ft Co.
and was a beautiful female specimen.
Besides the bounty, which is $40, the
hide Is worth about $20, whereas by
getting one alive and shipping same
to Kansas City $100 would have been
received, besides the bounty.
The party have a fresh trail reported in the Bull River country, and left
on the K.C.R. on Thursday for that
vicinity. Mr. Ordish promises us that
he will bring back a live one this
time, in which event Cranbrook will
have the unique experience of seeing
moving pictures taken of the capturing of a cougar right near the city,
Mr. Nelson of the Beattle-Noble Drug
Co. having consented to do this.
Phone I.
We pay the beat prtcea going tor all
kinds   ot   furniture.     Wo buy anything from a mouae trap to an automobile.
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
FOR SALE—Two COWS, one 6 years
old. due to freshen unth February,
and ono 7 years, due L'Rth February.
T. B. tested last December, Apply
\V. ('. Uarr, Jaffray. (P.O. address
Hanbury). tu
WANTED- Comptent lllnh Bcliool iilrl
or woman to cure for baby afternoons or eveulngs aH desired.
Phono 18. lOtf
TO RENT—Throe rooms. Can be used
for housekeeping. 200 Hewar Avenue. 4Htf
LOST—On Wild Horse Crook. Sunday
IllRt, 111! Airedale pup. black nnd lull,
wearing studded brass collar. Finder notify E. Keller. Cranbrook.   48-fl
FOR SALE—Chlckmlng tlruiid Piano
of medium Hlr.e, In art mnhogiiuy.
A striking example of this minder
builder's achievement, Miignlllcent
tone. Reasonable prlco nud terms.
Write for details. Willis Piano
Stores, Ltd., Nelson, D.C. 47-0
TO RENT—Three rooms furnished
or unfurnished. Suitable for light
housekeeping. Apply to Box 763,
Cranbrook. 45-6
FOR SALE—One Savage 303, and one
Lee Enfield rifle.   II. Weston.
STRAYED—A steer. For about seven
months there has been a white and
black ateer running with the cattle
on my ranch. No brand. Owner
can have same by paying tor keep
and this notice. Owner la requested
to get same aa soon aa possible.
T. Fut». 45tf
WANTED ip BOY—We »ny htt.   ■.


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