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Cranbrook Herald Jun 15, 1923

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Apr. 1-1»M
M'MliEK 1«
Teachers Urge
Mailer  Presented At Meeting
Of School Itonrtlf Consider
On Friday evening last, or to be
mure correct, on Friday evening aud
Baturduy morning, the School Board
held its regular monthly meeting,
When a lurge volume of routine business was transacted and other mat-
Lore of more than ordinary importance
dealt with. The most Important
features of the meeting weru the consideration of tlie resignations of several members of the Inching staff of
hotll the Public and High schools and
the appointment or others to tbo positions iiiiuiii vacant,
lu uocordatico with a notice Bent by
the Teachers Institute of Cranbrook
to tho board, principals Miss Wood-
hind of tho Public and W. 0. Wilson
of the High schools weru in attendance
to present for tlio consideration of
the board thu request thai a schedule
of salaries be adopted by them.
Miss Woodland in her remarks to
tho board pointed out that no allowance had been mndo tlrls year for any
increase in salaries ot tho staff, whereas the cost of living was still very
high. Site also drew attention to the
very unsatisfactory teaching condition
at the central school due to tho congestion and the abnormally Urge
classes, and pointed out the disadvantage that she as principal would
havo to contend with owiag to the
number of teachers who were most
i likely resigning. The advantages of
a minimum salary aud a graded salary
schedule allowance were also shown
by Miss Woodlands.
Mr. W. C. Wilson of the high school
spoke along the same lines, but dealt
particularly with conditions regarding
the high school. He stated that since
there were only a limited number of
divisions in the high school it was
possibly not so important there.
Trustee Dezall felt that the matter
wus one for serious consideration, i
Tlie question ot the expense of the
operation of the schools was getting
more and more a difficult one on account of the increasing costs, and no
matter what might be their own optn-,
ions as to the value ot the service of
the teachers, they were merely representing the people whom he thought
might be adverse to any further Increase in the appropriations. He drew
attention to what he thought might be
one disadvantage of the schedule system in that it would practically preclude the board from offering a good
teacher additional (salary Ito retain
bis or her services.
Chairman \v. H. Wilson thanked the
representatives ot the teachers for
tlie presentation of their views and
was of the opinion that tt would be ot
mutual advantage to the teachers, the
scholars and the board If consideration of other matters in a similar
manner wero more frequent. He
extended a cordial welcome to the
teachers or their representatives to
meet the board in tbis manner at any
time, in reply. Principal Wilson
thanked tbe board for the receptive
bearing given their request aud for
the consideration of Ibis matter.
Tho following letter from the Parent -Teacher association wns read to
the board: I
Cranbrook, 11. C.
.luue Tub 1923
Mincbers School Hoard
lily of Crauhrook.
Dear Sirs und Miidntn:—
We understand that Mr. Wilson,
Prlnclp&l of the High school, has hindered his resignation. Wo do not
know the reason for this action on
bis part.
Mr. Wilson has undoubnlly been the
mosl efficient principal ot ihe Oran*
brook high school wlio bus ever held
lhal position. He is a splendid teacher and a proilcieiit and profound scholar; above all other things he has the
contdence of the pupils, and there.
Tore, of the parents.
Wo would urge upon your honorable body thai every effort should be
made by you to retain bis services. If
possible, as wo feel Hint It In lu the
be»i Interests of the high school and
the pupils to do bo.
We may say tliat al the meeting at
which this matter was discussed none
of tho touchers wero present, and
thai this letter wus written with the
unanimous approval or the members
of the executive present, who are parents of pupils or prospective pupils of
tho high hcliool.
Wa trust this will receive your most
earnest consideration uml thut If possible, >\.u will moke every effort to
retain tho services of Mr. Wilson,
Wo havo tho honor to he,
Yours very sincerely,
The Parent-Teachers Association
Helen Jackson. Pre*.
Q. H. Thompson, Vice Pros,
J. Morrison Clark, Acting Sen,
After a consideration of the l-vier
lu which tho regrets- of tho Hovrnl
members if tho board nt the loss of
Mr Wilson twin tho prlnclpalship of
Iho high school were voiced, a motion
wns adopted that an answer be sent
Mrs. Lang, of Weslbunk, B.C., was
an Interesting^ tourist who passed
through Cranbrook ou Monday last.
Mrs. Long Is making a trip from Car-
bou, Alberta, to her home in Westbank
r.nd ia using for her conveyance Iwo
pack horses. She left Carbon on May
24th and has come by way of Calgary.
I bin IT and the new Windermere road.
Sho reports tbe roads west of Bunff
to bo now In fair shape, The govern
ment road gang being bard at work
to remedy the damage cauaud by Un
recont ruins. Between Castlo and
Canal Flats there aro six road gangs
at work. At various points along lhe
route there are to be seen tourist camp
sites ln^ course of erection. One which
will apparently he commodious is be
Ing built by Mr. Orr of tho King Edward Hotel at Banff, nl Marble Can
yon, Mrs. Lang reports an Interesting
experience when camped for the night
in a shack In the mountains, about 2
a.m. she was awakened by a noise in
a near-by shack; she got up to find
that Mr. Bear was her noar-by neighbor. Being a believer In the theory
"let well enough alone" Mrs. Lang
left Mr. Bear undisturbed and by the
morning ho had left the camp. Mrs.
Lr.ng Is a correspondent for the Calgary Horald, In which paper a full
account of her trip through the mountains will appear.
SfSwe Regular Council
Session Long One
__.^^^^^    Wednesday
Evening Extend Well Into
Morning Hours
The Choir and Sunday school of
Christ Church combined en Friday
last In presenting a very successful
entertainment at tho parish hall.
Musical 'numbers of various kinds,
dances, recitations, and a couple of
short plays made a very complete and
satisfying ipjrogram which everyone
enjoyed, and there was a very good
attendance on hand for the event.
The Family Flurry." was an amusing playlet presented by six girls, tlie
Misses Alleyne Walllnger and Winnlfred Beale taking very effectively-tbe
parts of the husbands whose little
fallings were the cause of the "finery"
and they were ably supported by the
Misses Harriet Home and Owen Slye.
as tbe respective wives, and Audrey
Collier and Jean Home as the servants
of the two families. The audience
heartily 'enjoyed tbe nini^ing portrayal of grown up failings hy the
young acton.
The boy scout patrols of the church
also put o« a play, "Boy Wanted" in
which Mr, Grumblcnag, taken by
Cyril Shaw, scdut; master, was iso
hard to please ln the matter of an
office boy-*either a "lively hoy" as
acted by Gilbert Blumenauer, nor tho
"slow boy" as shown by Donald Burton, satisfying him. Scout Cyril Harrison ns the "demon king." then
brought to him- in n day dream the
"perfectly perfect hoy,"in tl.e person
dt scout Frank Hartnell. whose perfectly automatic behavior nearly
wrecked Mr. Grumblenag's prospects
present nnd future, and brought htm
to iho realization that What lie really
wuntod after all was the ordinary
Oranbrook boy. Scout Henry Ood-
deris also took the pari of Henry
Noah In the piny very well and scout
Evan Sterne made an exceedingly
good "Aunt Maria" who was going to
cut off her unfortunate nephew "with
a shilling."
The vocal soloists on the program
were Mrs. M, Forrest, Mrs. P. W. Willis, and Mrs. Hayman, whose contributions to tho program were fully appreciated, J. K. Chorlton rendered
a cello solo and encore which were
greatly enjoyed, and the full choir
rendered a southern lullaby as a part
song. The song "Smiling Through"
given by the Misses Vera Baxter, M-ir-
]orle Burton, Nora Homo, Isobel Parker, Ha Slye. Norma Wallinger, und
Jane Wolf, accompanied by Miss Evelyn Audertoii. wii'; a popular number.
nml the encore they gave also toil;
well. A gavotte by ihe MIsSOS Harriet
and Jean Home was a very pretty
dance, unit they were deceivingly re
called. Scout Cyril Harrison presented tbe first number on tin? program,
n humorous recitation, entitled "Tin
Perils" of Invlsablliiy." Inning lie
evening Mrs. A. K. Turner. Mrs. II. I'
Helmslng and Miss Evelyn Auderlon
act oil an accompanists,
At ihe conclusion nf the program
the floor was cleared for dancing urn'
to music provided by KdmomlsnnV
orchestra many young people enjoyed
a pleasant dancing kossIcii till mid
Tlie Herald lias been asked to give |
publicity to the following announce-1]>^UlieratIonS    On
ment, which Should be noted especially where radio receiving sets are
in use or are contemplated.
Ro: — Enforcement of Radio-
Telegraph Act
Attention is called to the fact that;
a license is necessary for anyone toi
operate a radio receiving equipment,|
These licenses may bo obtained in
tbis district from tho Royal Canadian
Mounted Police at Crnnbrook, and
may be issued  to anyone residing in
(.Special to The Herald)
lnvermere,  B.C„  June  9.—Charter
members cf the Wiudermere Golf club
gave the Corniaj opening of their new
course lasi  woefc!   II  is situated on
Wiudermere.   a   beautiful   spot,
Canada irrespective of nationality,
Mcnnsoa  automatically  expire
Iho it 1st of March each year.
I). WILSON. Corpl.
Crnnbrook 12:0:28.
regular  meeting
council was held in the council chamber on Wednesday evening when the
mayor and alt aldermen were present
\fter the adoption of Hie mln-j
j utes of the last regular and a special]  .
i meeting, re the oiling of the streets
| the council heard the representative
Dking t
of Hie International  Harvester Com-
I pany,   who   spoke   tj
I matter of the purchase i
hose and chemical trues
i He explained its various
i hem
tho |
a combined ;
for tho clly.1
and attrac-l
, It Is reported from Nakusp that during a severe windstorm Inst Saturday
a man named Thomas Woods was killed near West Demurs.     A pine tree
was snapped In two by lbe wind, and
the falling portion struck  tho man
causing Instant death.
It was found that ha held a card
from the loggers' union, Cranhrork
i_______^1^1^_^1^1^^_^^^^^__ H* •• thought to have balled original*
to tbo parent -teacher association wully from Ireland, and It la not known
What the Crauhrook
Troop Is Doing
The second game of the sooul buse-
bull league was played on Monday afternoon ou tbe grounds across the
track near the V. M. C. A.,"between
tha scouts of the Presbyterian church
and a combined team from tho Eagle,
Hound und Fox patrols resulting in a
walk away for the rresbyterlan patrol io the tune of 31 to 6.
The patrols representing the Presbyterian church arc the Bulldog and
Wolf and If they keep up the pace already set hy thorn there iis levery
reason to hellevo that the Schooley
Cup will b captured by them.of course
no person can tell. We all hope the
best team wins by merit ami not on
a fluke.
Tlie next game will be played on
the evening of Mondnf the 18th at 6.80
liet ween the English Church patrols
mil the palrolsthat wero trimmed on
Monday last, when a real good game
!s    expect ed.      Everybody    welcome.
Come and cheer the boys.
Tbe game by Innings
l 2 r, 4 r> u 7 8 a
Patrols Bulldog and Wolf
li 3 r I. s r, 4 1
Patrols. Eagle. Hcuiml and Fox
tiro features, but there was no action
taken, as tbe council bad the assurance that tho equipment tliat they
had ai present was satisfactory, until
such time as they could afford
better. Mr. Paulson, of (lie Kootenay Oarage representing the
Chevrolet interests, staled that the
c<|iiipmtuit tliat his company could
provide was quite the equal of tliat
presented by Mr. Brewer, with other
features besides.
The monthly accounts were passed
for payment only after they had been
thoroughly scrutinized by the finance
committee tii.d several of them
referred to the council for explanation.
were presented, all showing that the
city is keeping abreast or the building activities, and making many
uocossary street improvements. Space
will not permit giving lliese reports
in full.
The electrical department has
strung 16,000 teot of new street lighting circuit, and have placed the street
lights on a new circuit. Lights have
also been placed on tne tourist park.
The amount ot elect Heal energy
used wns 52,000 k.w.b. an increase of
4,11.0 over Inst month. The council
will have tho owners of trees on lhe
!St of water and or
;h, holng i.n tlie main htgh-
!i Windermere ami points
louth. The grounds have
in- hole course, making a
approximately one mile,
soma very good luizn'ds,
!n> one at the ninth hole.
ii ti about 84 hut baa not
fully determined. Over sixty
guests were present on the grounds
and were charmed with tlio doings of
the :iit'riiooii. Mrs. Chisholm and nor
sister, Miss Stoddart, of Windermere,
acted us hostosses.
Mr. Edi
2nd ANM Al, KE-l NION
54Hi Koole-
ho Napanee
last, about
•end annual
a da
t bee::
_^_. ,I::o of Winder-'
who owns ti'c grounds wus very,
complimented for tbo excellent
Ion Into which lio iuis bad them
nl the enterprise which he hnsl
vol. The rustle fence with --r.it-'
entrances which enclose* it
a feature that attracts attention]
an tho beautiful vlllago is approached
from tho east following the main chan-
liol of travel from the exit of tho
Banff-Winder more motor highway.
Former members of tli
nay Battalion gathered a
hcitel, Fernie, on Baturdi
sixty stroii-.;, when their Boccnd annual
reunion was held. The affair took
the form of a smoker ami according
to the Crnnbrook delegation, it wus a
mos,t successful function. On account
of the deranged train service the number in attendance from Cranbrook
and other points was not as greal as it
would othorwlso have bei i. Seven
members went from lie;.; by cars.
(The gathering ot such a largo number
| of Uu- old hoy:; of the 64th was the
source of much pleasure and the enthusiasm which was shown augers
well for tlie coifttnuod success ot
"tbo old brigade." They rfqw have
under consideration the formation nf
a society to take care of sick comrades
and   their  dependents     Those  in  Pt-
t'ii in
Major and Mrs. II. H. Hicks and family are out of the city, enjoying a
holiday in tho Windermere for two or
various  departmental  reports [three weeks.
and the spillway connected up with
tho present Irrigation flume. The
spillway of the smhll dam will have
to ffi» repaired.
Right new connections were made
to the sewers and the work of clean-
fhg the seplic tanks completed and
extensive improvements are being
made iu order Hint a more satisfactory purification might bo obtained.
A full report will be given next week.
The Engineer recommends the Installation nr slerjn or underground
relief water sewers.
tendance from Cranbn
Ashwnrih, J. George, Jai
J. Titrate), W. John.-.
and E. H. Wilkinson.
The chairman or the
John Price of Pernie. A
hers had drunk the toai
tniion n much appreclati
songs rcclin thins and J
given. The menu was niely gotten up
curds on which lbe following ever to
ho remembered names were to be Inscribed:—Ypres, Sommo, Vimy Ridge,
I,ens,   PaSBCbendaele,   Arras.   Amiens.
Bourbon Wood, Cambrel and Vallen-
were;   A.
n.  Pollen
program of
iruses  was
At a meeting
stituto,  held   mi
Mrs. Hennessy gn
f the Women'-, In-
Tuesday, June 6th
e an Interesting pa-
| per on "Child Welfare." Thore followed u dismission on the advisability
of obtaining a district nurse for local
work among tbe schools. A vote was
taken nud more will be done In the
future regarding this mutter.
west side of Armstrong avenue he-) Tho works department reported! Mrs. E.- Paterson read a paper upon
tween Lewis and Edward so trim them rubbish removed und street work.,1 "Artlhdal Feeding or iiuji..b" Th.ch
that, they will not interfere with the They complained about the damage was indeed very Instructive.
high tension wires. The water depart-j being tldilO lo lhe sidewalks by the] When the roll wan called every
ment laid 72 ft. of 2fn. main extension horses and cattle that are allowed to! member present responded by sngges-
on French avenue. Water was also run at large and asked that some j ting some local neighborhood need. If
laid on to the tourist park. Several! slops lie taken to have the police stop j the suggestions were all carried out
leaks lu mains were attended to. Wa-|iho sumo. They reported thnt the'Hits would certainly be a fair town,
ter wns turned on to tho cemetery buildings moved Into the second class) Mrs. Turner then favored tiie as-
nnd several  split  pipes found.    Thejfire limits by MirtJ. h Jaiksun nntt.Bfflilbfy^rfHW a vocal selection^tea?waa
031100010 reservoir  was  visited several  times j
(Continued on page two)
served and the meeting adjourned
Crows Nest Pass Towns Suffer From Flood Conditions
he ems Bwrltd sr slug It.
Wedding Unites
Old Families
Miss  Dorothy  Mnckey Is Popular June Bride ut St. Mary's
Church Tuesday Last
fc ruder particularly auspicious conditions, and with all the pleasant social eclat that a popular June wedding can command, the marriage was
solemnised on Tuesday last, June \2.
ot Miss Dorothy Blaine Muckey, the
ydungest daughter of Mr. ami Mrs.
J, s. .Muckey, and Mr.' Raymond Joseph Armstrong, eldest son of Mr. and
Mr- T t*. Armstrong. Both families are well known and highly res-
pected in ibe city through long residence In the district. Both the bride
ind groom may be said to have grown
up lu the city, the parents of tho former, boillhs originally from Arn-
prlor, (bit., having resided here for
aboul seventeen years, while the family of the groom crossed over to
Fort Steele from Montana almost
twenty-five years ago. Both have
made many friends during these
yours, which tended to surround the
wedding on Tuesday witli more than
usual interest, and to tbis was added
the tact that their daughter was married on the thirtieth anniversary of
he wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Mackey.
The ceremony took place at 10.80 in
ho sanctuary of st. Mary's Church,
Esther Murphy officiating tn the Impressive Service of the Catholic
"hunh. There were many interested friends present to witness tho ceremony, and the church was most
profusely decorated in the prevailing
greenery and blossoms of the month
>f June, a task undertaken by intimate iiirl friends of tho bride. As sho
entered Hit* church on the arm of her
father. Miss Mamie Mackey, a sister.
played the wedding march from "Lo-
Kfengrtn.** The bride's gown was an
xiri'iiiely becoming model in canton
rope, embroidered in Pilver beads, and
she wore a large white leghorn ami
taffeta hat trimmed with white dofs-
Sho carried a bouquet of bridal roses, while her bridesmaid,
g\m* Delia Greaves, who wore a dress
of orchid satin «:■■.■ hat to match, carried a bouquet of clir»£..$!.**^™e0f
brtde was given in marriage bymV
tether, Mr. Howard Armstrong slip- '
i-t.rjcd bis brother as best man. Oor-
•>n Atyntrpng. a»o*> <■■•*,. Woi her, served mass.
Mrs. Mackey, mother of the bride.
rivers, Hie Nez Perce, theG.—Shows damage dime to small con-
t aud the Old Man. ull Of Crete railway bridge near crossing
vblch no through the town, over-at Bast f'oieman.
lowed their banks. It Is the Ilrslfi.—Bush Town east of Coleman, four
xpcrleme nf this nature that Cole-io five di.ys completely marooned,
uun bus hod In its 20 years of exis-7.-.Another picture of Bush Town,
,.i„v thousands   of   dollars damage   done
etomnn, looking west.       ,,ere-
/9s|  Coleman, taken from  hint!   Thft H,mvn P,6lwrM ■*  I,,l,,»*ll('«1
,   through tho courtesy Of lbe Coleman
r.l-.lt. track an.| looking norili.Jmlrnil| whnm mm})tiu ,„ „„,.„,„,,
the pictures ami having QUI  made so
       be  Italian Juarter, looking cast.that  tbo  pictures could bo published
Those pictures furnish the reader that the people of Coleman and dli- 4.—View taken near main entrance to In Inst week's issue wus appreciated
with aon* Ufa. of tha Inconvenience trlct were put to oa June 1st when tTummerfelt Park. by Its wdtra.
wore a dress of black and white canton crepe and henna hat, and Mrs.
Armstrong, mother of the groom was
attired    in    black satin with hat to
match.     Miss Loretta Armstrong, the
sister of tiie groom wore grey crepe
chine and a white hat. while Miss
j Mamie Ma< key's dress was of mauve
bile with btock picture hat.
During the offertory,    Miss   Fran's  Drummond  sang   very effectively
Tbpre is no Heart Like Thine," and
sigaln during th*? signing of ihe regis-
ijr. "Ave Maria. " At the close of the
ceremony Miss Mamie Mackey at the
irgan also rendered the well known
Mendelssohn wedding march.
A buffet luncheon was served at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Mackey
Garden Avenue, after tbe return of
ihe bridal parry from the church,
where again tasteful floral decora-
tions were in evidence. At the luncheon Mrs N, E. Ryckman poured
tea. Mrs. J. A. (Jenest poured the coffee, and Mrs. A. C. Blain* and the Hisses Delia am: France.! Drjinmond as-
-h;ed with the serving.
The   guests    Included    Miss    Del-
la Greaves, Mr. and Mrs. A. 8. Ward,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. flenes.!. tbe Misses
'Dells   and Trances  Drummond,     Mr.
tnd Mrs, A. C. Blaine, Mr. Chas. Mac-
key, Mrs. N. E. Ry-kman, Mr, J. Cros-
-.-. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Carr, Mr. P.
\dlard. Mrs. Donlan. Mr. and Mrs. J
J.  Jackson. Mr.  A.   Sopor.    Mr. and
Krs  .1. B, Kennedy and Father fcfur-
The happy COUDla left at>out  noon
n ibeir way to Spokane by car, pro-
'ending from thence    to    tho coast,
m a  ii neyraoon trip,  expecting also
'» visit  at   Pott  Falls.   Wash„  where
iere it it slater of the groom residing.
hey wen tho recipients of a won*
•■■/ii urray of wedding gifts, coatly,
ciiittiiii ami substantial, ll) Itself a
irfktng tribute   to   the   wealth of
"rlondehlp   to   which both the bride   .
ind groom can lay ctslm.     On their
return  to tho city,  when  tliov  will
make their home on Martin Avenue,
hoy will receive the warmest  con-
tratillations of u host of won wlsh-
rs, coupled with warm desires for a
long   a ml   happy   Jou rnoy   t oget her
down though the years.
The emergency srhedule of train
service which it was at first content*
plaied would last about two weeks
was cancelled nn Sunday lust when
the service both tn regard to freight
and passengers returned to norms).
The freight In lhe morning was routed
over tho southern line while the east-
bound passenger In the evening went
via the Crow Instead of Golden. The
various slides which took place on tho
southern division havo all been cleaned up and tha roadbed la now being
tuned up to Its proper pitch. PAGE  TWO
Friday, Juno 15th, lilL'.'t
Our Food and Service are Pleasing a Host or Friends.
Opposite C. P. R.
Established 1898 Phone 114
Geo. R. Leask
Cabinet Work.  Picture Framing
Estimates given on
ull classes of work
Olnce: Corner Norlmry Avenue
nnd Edwards .Street
(AM Pit KM,   *   RITCHIE
Fall Line of Wall Paper
In Stock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Phone 409 st sll hours
CBAXBBOOK     -     -     .     B.C.
Kwong Chong
11 Armstrong Avenue
Opposite w. D. Hill's
First  Class   Work  Guaranteed.
KlllllKltl.FV AMI rKHNU:
Clly Team still Maintains Lead
Over Rivals in tlie Local
Amateur League
With Kiiutierley idle in Ihe district
k'UKUo Sunday last, Fernie drew tip
tie for first place by getting the best
of Wyiilt'e, while Cranbrook bettered
lis percentage slightly by defeating
Lumberton. Tlio locale won out by
11 to 2, but I here Was a time when it
looked as if Lumberton might act the
game by a small score. Tbe visitors got tho first run iu the hist of
lhe initial round, and tills was all tlie
Scoring done till tlie sixth, when the
runs began to come freely when the
airtight brand of hall was relaxed.
Cranbrook scored five in lhe sixth
and Ihe same again lu (lie seventh
end one more for good measure In
the final frame. Lumberton were
only able In respond Willi a slnalc
Hilly lu lbe Inst nr the ninth..
Tlie game nt Wycliffe is dealt with
fully by the Herald correspondent in
the Wycliffe column.
On Sunday next Cranbrook goes lo
Fernie, Kimberley plays Wycliffe and
Lumbortdn is Idle.
iCimborley       '.'.
basis to walell II is nil impossible
mailer to watch all plays; from the
bnx ii is diilicuii in tell whether tho
catcher touches tlie player running
borne If tho catcher Is between umpire and playing when the lagging is
supposed to be done.
    r,   2   7H
    4   4   500
High School   .
Cranbrook       :s
; Lumberton     3
hvycUffo       I
I Ah a result of tlie games played
this week In the city league the standing of the clubs Is unchanged .   On
j l-'riilay lust lhe city took n game from
the 'V afier It seemed pone.   Coming
'from  behind With u score of 6 lo  1
[against thoro they won   by   9 to (I.
j On Tuesday the city suffered its
second defeat of the season losing to
' the high school by 11 tn 9. The game
wns most unfortunately marked by
much argument, which never i« or
benefit. The city hod an off night—
the High did some nice playlngj Jack
Voung Umpired anil had several (11.11-
cull divisions in make.   With all the
Telephone 88 P.O. Box 216
Towrlss & Adams
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal,. TMstlibutlon Cars a
Specialty..  Excellent Warehousing.
Mm. Houietoifei—TMs newspaper will
publish "Helpful Hints*' in this form
at regular intervals.    IIV ingest yon       \
clip this column and paste if on blank
panes in your recipe bank.
Peeling a Tomato.   To peel a
tomato easily and quickly stick a
fork in it and hold over a gas flame   j
a few seconds; the skin can then be   j
readily removed leaving the tomato
To clean tin-ware* a less expensive ami belter cleaner can not
he found than dry flour applied
wiih a newspaper. Rub hard and
yon will be surprised at the change.
If a .spot is ou your cooking utensils a piece of fine sand paper will
be of great help in removing it.
Perfume Stains. If one should
spill some perfume or cologne on
their white kid gloves, Instant rubbing of the spot will remove all
traces of the stain. A moments I
delay however, and the stain will
become fast.
* *   •
Bee sting or Spider Bite,  When
stung by a bee or bitten by a spider
some salt and soda mixed together   j
will be found very excellent. Cover
(he  part with a cloth and keep   |
damp with water.
* •   •
Mark your POISONS.    Tf one   j
will save a possible tragedy stick   I
a pin through the corks of bottles
containing   poisonous   medicines,
tiiis would teach a child what bottles   arc   not   to  be   touched  and   |
avoid mistakes when seeking medicines at night.
To Keep Cake Fresh. If the
housewife who has trouble in keeping her rake or sandwiches moist,
would put an apple In the cake
box, the difficulty would be removed.
Cut Flowers. If a little bit of
sugar is added to the water Used
for cut flowers you will find that
the   water   will   keep   sweet   ami
»   *   #
Cleaning Gloves. When washing
or cleaning gloves put uu the hand
first and they will not shrink,
Broken Glass. If you have a
piece of proken glass thai you wish
to repair, melt some aluin apply
io the broken parts, and place firmly  togctki r.    The  crack  will   nol
(Continued from Page Oaej
Loo Look, have nut boon brought up
io tiie regulations culled for in tbe
by-law, After dottblderobla discussion Ihe lutlowiug motion was adopted: 'Tlmt section 10 uf by-law ill be
nut enforced until said by-law was
The method adopted by the Engineer of ihe amalgamation of the various puy.u]itj and the distribution of
tlio amount thereof to the various departments wus questioned by some of
the aldermen, but after considerable!
discussion ii was allowed.
'1 lie cost of a suit of clothes pur-'
chased Crotu a .laical merchant, the
charge for which was considered excessive, caused considerable discussion, this resulting iu a motion Unit'
no purchases be made by the head of
any department without authorisation
of the committee.
Airs. Briggs wrote re what she considered an unfair assessment and the
city t lerk was instructed i'i> write]
saying that (his waa upnsldored equi-l
table. !
A letter from T. Clausen regarding
the cancellation of luxes for 1923 was'
ruceiyed and tbo clerk w.is Instructed]
led  lo reply stating  that the Council J
could not take any action along this
line without reference to the people.
A complaint was received from Mr.
Duff, superintendent, C. r. R. town-
site o.lice, re ihe dumping of refuse'
on their property near the Brewery.
No action could be taken as ihe property in ijutslion in uulshle the city
A letter wus rcceivod from Mrs. Agnes Taylor, of lhe Women's Institute,
regon Ing the care of ihe cemetery
.long tho same lines us adopted by
he cily last year. This matter is bong attended tu.
A letter from J. j. Jackuon was rend
anting that he considered u lot on
I'onwlok Avenue was over-.-.SBessed, It
was decided that il was now too hue
Tor any adjustment, arid ulso thnt the
assessment was ejuitublo.
Several applications were made for
the purchase of city lots.
The dairy inspector reported ns to
Ui3 condition of tbo various dairies,I
which he said was excellent. He also suggested that the council might j
accompany him on ono of Ids inspection trips in the near future. |
The Fire Chief, P. Adams, reported]
for tli' month Iwo alarms, cue at Ed,
Carson's residence hi Slatetivfllo, the'
value of ihe damage being %2XM, totally destroyed, with $1,500 Insurance.!
Tho other was at the V. Hyde Baker
property, aud proved to be a false
alarm. There were twenty visits to
Irsintss places, one drill r.t the Cen
tral School and ihe children wero
clear of film building iu 54 seconds,
Mr. Harry Hern claimed for half
the loss of $1100.00, damage to crops
lu'Jt season. The city is still of the
opinion (hat they are not liable.
The mutter of the compulsory installation of garbage cans was
brought up by tbe presentation of a
proposed by-law by alderman Bronsdon. Alter considerable discussion,
in which tlie question or the power
or the power «c-f the council to make
such a by-law was discussed, it was
decided lo postpone further consideration of the matter until advice had
been obtained from other places
where similar by-laws are reported to
be lu oepration, All the aldermen
wero in sympathy with tho objects
to be attained by the proposed by-law
hut considered hasty action should not
he taken.
Alderman Kllby, for the health and
teller committee, again reported a
clean bill.
Tho question of transferring Dlock
111! from tho second class to the first
class lire limits came up for consideration, nud a lengthy discussion ensued. Aldorraan Jones was strongly
against any such action, claiming
there wero several fairly respectable
buildings about to be constructed lu
this block of brick veneer, which
would not. he put up If any change
wus made in the requirements. It
wan pointed out that since Baker
Street hud been placed In the first
class limits no construction had taken
plate. It was moved that the passing
of (ho by-law bo laid over until the
Council get Intormntion as to tholr power lo restrict the class of building in
any Tiro limit.
Alderman Cameron gave notice of
motion that he would introduce a by-
luw to amend and consolidate By-Law
No, 64, being the Trades License By-
Alderman Bronsdon recommended
that modern improvements be placed
in the flrehall at un apprcxxlmate expense of $.!"">, considering it wan only
right that such conveniences should
he provided for thoso at the ball. On
motion by Aldermen Jones and Flowers, (ho recoinmenditlon was endorsed.
Tho rlocic In the steeple struck two
b* fere the adjournment motion waa
Calgary,   Alberto.—The Prince of
Wales, who owns nml operates a
slock ranch west of Calgary, Is still
taking an active interest in tho project although ho is forced to direct it
ut long range. He has just sanctioned the shipment of a consignment ot
purebred stock from his ranch to the
Uuiversily of Idaho, where it will be
used to Improve the local stock.
*    *    •    *
■ted to ship
eft     at (he
Mr. A. Doyle has conl
the balance of lumbo
Campbell & Myers mill.
The Glrla' basketball
liar (I battle OH Saturday al Inveriuerc.
It being the llrst lime the Fori Steele
learn hud played Indoors It was to
tholr disadvantage. Tho tnvorniore
team wero the victors the scire being
14 to 12.   Better luck next lime girls.
Mothor and dnughtor walking on tbe
boulevard seo young lady with unbuckled galoshes flapping in tho
breeze. Little daughter says, "Mamma, Is that ono of those buotloggers
thai papa talks about?"
•   «   *" *
British Columbians are showing a
marked preference for the Great West
life asiturance company according1 to
a preliminary report of tho Suporlti-
teudent of ltiii.uruiu/\ which allows
that of the ihlrly-live life companion
ropresouted hi tho const province,
nearly oiio-elghtli of the ordinary life
insurunco Issued lasl year was placed
lu the Ureal West Lire.
Eleven <>f the companies In British
Columbia Isuuod over a million dol-
llars each, while tiio Qroftl West Llfo
The Kootenay and Si. Mary's rlvora total ror   Iho   your   WHS   $4,115,080,
are in full flood, n few more warm bringing their net amount in foroo Up
nights and wo will be able to have to the tremtfiidims totnl of $86,602,787,
some boating on the Wostporl flat.      J lhe largest anior.it r.t' any company.
Calgary, Alberta.—Thai Alberta is
eminently suitable for the growing of
corn Is demonstrated by experiments
conducted by E. B, Doten of the Glel-
chi'ii district. Last year, he reported
having grown no acres of corn, harvesting more than a thousnnd bushels
of perfectly matured seed. This gave
him feed for his hogs nnd other stock
leaving him u surplus for sale as seed.
— r**-.   ,    ■ of the ordinary  life   insurance
OnE Eighth '■;R,R,(l in British Columbia last
yoar was placed in The Great-
West Life
Although .  . .
ti*   i.      T?* companies  are  represented in
Thirty   FlVe the Province.
PIpvPH of   f,le   tnirly"five issued over
Clcveil mle   miuion dollars each,   as
shown by the following figures
from the prellmarary reorl of
the Supt. of Insurance.
Premium, for Amount oi Policies >irl Amount
(ainimny                      llio year new a ml token n|> In force
A       $412,513 $1,008,120 •11.21T.412
H   '      328,117 1.014,877 10,480,866
lireal West     ilM),(l74 4,115,080 i',K«tia,Js;
I)         363,?74 11367,421 10.1S7.S02
B         110,810 1,081.043 3,56:1,540
p       281,810 1,042,812 6,006,228
(1        450.011 3,100,000 13.S0O.OOO
11         211.354 1.914,642 8,490,075
I         659.114 2.400,067 17.952.427
J         370,680 1.413,450 9.189.223
K       731.915 3,027,884 20.842,107
Tin1 roason Cor this nitsiatiding preference for The Great-West
Life is explained by low rates and exceptional prcrfits paid to
policyholders.      Would you like particulars?
The Great-West Life Assurance Company
.1. A. JOHNSON. Miuingcr, VANCOUVER, 1I.C. Friday, June 15th, 192.1
C  U  N A R   D
To   Plymouth, Cherbourg, London —
Andanla Jun. 23; Antonia July 7
To Glasgow—
Cassandra Jun. 22;    Atiionir, July 6
To Queenstonn and Liverpool —
Sythia, B'st'n. Jun. 23 I'aronla Jun. 30
Franconla Jul. 7 Samaria, B'st'n Jul.12
Cherbourg and Southampton—
Muuretania Jun. 19 Berengaria Jun 26
Atiuitaniu July 3; Mjureiunla July 10
Londonderry nnd Glasgow—
Caniei'oulu Jnn. 23; Columbia July 7
Plymoulli, Cherbourg,
Tyrrhoniu ,Hamburg, Juno 28
Saxuntu, London, Juno 30
Money Orders and Drafts at lowest
rates. Full Information from Agents
or Company's Ollleo, 622 Hastings St,
WcHt, Vancouver.   Phono Sey. 3648.
Newly Decorated   —   Clean and Coo'
Enjoy your meals lu comfort here
Service prompt and courteous
Food the best quality obtainable
Eight commodious booths (or parties
Served With Cream
— Phone 165
Greaieless Combing Cream Costs Only
Few Cents a Jar at any Drug Store
Even stubborn, unruly or shampooed
hair stays combed all day in any style
you like. "Hair-Groom" is a dignified
combing cream which gives that natural
ploss nnd well-groomed effect to your
hair—tjiat final touch to good dress both
in business and on social occasions.
Millions use greaseless, stainless
"Hair-Groom" because it does not show
on the hair. It is absorbed by the
scalp, therefore the hair remains so
soft and pliable and so natural that no
cne can possibly tell you use*', it. Not
ticVy or smelly.
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Ills Pies, fakes nnd Pastry   van   not  be  beaten.
■Phone 8?      ■      Horbarr Are.
Every Oarment sent to us to b.
Cleaned or Dyed Is given
Our Utmost Cars.
Our knowledge ot the business
is your assurance ot satisfaction
here.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring us your work.
We Clean aud Dy. Everything.
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M..
Musical Director
Uraobrook Musical 8ocl.tr
Teacher of Utnilui, Violin and
Preparation for Musical Examinations
Phone 508 Cranbrook, B.C.
11. IIARA, Photographer
Portraits * Amateur Finishing
Done by Expert Photographer
Leave us your Films to be De-
eloped — 24 -hour Service.
Over White Lunch       Bos Ul
nhotiji mi: so IHS( iiimnatiov
Juno 10, 1088.
Tho Editor, V
Dour Sit*!
1 would liUi to call your notice lo
tho following rami ot gross Injustice
lo a hardworking ami honest man.
.ant winter this man called person.
silly on tlio road superintendent uml
applied tor woi-lt this Bprfng on tlie
International road consl ruction; ho
Wis ufwured thut work would he found
for him us hoou as the construction
commenced, tun! (hat he would La notified as to when he could start
Counting ou tills dcfinlto assurance
of work, he urrutigcd for the purchase
of what ge;ir he lacked by placing a
mortgage ou wlsat ho already owned,
Some weeks elapsed, and he again
called to remind the superintendent
of his promise, aud wus again assured
that he would bu engaged us soon as
the work started. Another monil
pt ssed> and hearing that the construction gangs had already heen nt
work for somo weeks, ho again "Tip-
piled In person and was tr Id that he
ought to have uppllcd to the foreman
for work and that he could expect no
assistance from the superintendent's
office. If he had only heen told this
before, he certainly could have keen
at work some weeks earlier, as it was
he just managed to get In with the
last gang to go out, with which lie
only remained for only n month, at
the end of which time the gang was
bid off. I know this man to be one
of the cleverest teamsters mul one of
the hardcit working won hi the country, which opinion is also shared by
others who know him und can vouch
for his capabilities, and so 1 feel sure
that lt was not on account of his lack
of capability that he was dismissed.
It may or may not be a coincidence
that he and one or two of his comrades that were also dismissed, and
find It impossible to obtain further
work, do not vote for the Liberal
party; indeed the man in question
has no politics, his one aim in life
being to clear his debts, which he
only contracted on the assurance of
work all summer, and to make si
bare living for his wife and family,
Surely a man's daily bread should
not depend on the sacrifice of hie
political conscience?
Indeed, if 1 know this man, he
would rather face abject poverty
(which is a likely contingency) than
(Special to The Horald)
Invcnneie. II. ('., Juno 9. — The
weather conditions us far as agricultural Interest* are concerned" have
this yeur been us nearly perfect us
omtltl he wished for. Dining the month
of May thore wan a bu (Helen! quantity of rain to give nil planted seeds
a lino stun und good rooting and to
make tlie grass upon the ranges nourish In a way that refreshes the eye
and delights the stock. Now warmer
weather is following tip, the hay crop
should he ii good one If present evidences mean anything. The crop of
tree fruits will possibly lie lighter
than last yeur.
One noied departure In agriculture
reported being tlml the proprietors
of the 15,000 acre tract at Edgewater,
to the north of hero, are contemplating
arrangements for the introduction of
an innumerable herd of beef cattle and
sheep, for Iho handling of which duo
preparations were made last year.
ComiiilssloiH-r  Itt'lVrs  To  Ol'li*
Hul   Opening   of   Itanft-
IV i ml (-micro Komi
(From the Vancouver Sun)
A recent visitor to the headquarters
of the Vancouver automobile club. J.
Fred Spauldlng, Commissioner of the
Tourists' association of South-east.
British Columbia and southern Alberta in very enthusiastic over the
opening of the Banff-Windermere road.
This road Mr. Spauldlng says will be
opened to the motoring world on June
30th. The opening ceremonies will
taqe place at Vermilion crossing al
noon on June 30th
The opening ceremony will 1>> one
of the most impressive services ever
held in the Dominion, and all p«r*wns
present will be the guests of the Dominion government at luncheon.
The largest gathering of Indians* Work is progressing very favorably
ever assembled in Canada will form on the East Kootenay Power Od's.
one of the principal items. i plant,   the  preliminary work at  the
It Is expected that the governor- dam site being well under way and
general will formally open the rood. I will shortly bo Vtady for the concrete.
All the notable personages in Canada I Tho tunnel is being driven from both
have been invited to take part. The tends and is In over a hundred feet at
lieutenant governors from all the the north end. There : re at presenl
provinces have accepted invitations.) .-.round a hundred men employed, the
as well as the governors of each of j tunnel working day and night shifts.
the western states. ' ~~
This road  will bring tourists' Into!    A miail,,'r of E,ko V**].]* took in
;Canada from all over the world, and!,he ,lam'° at ****& on Friday ev*"-
Mr, P. Smith of Flagstone motored
to Cranbrook, Saturday and returned
Sunday accompanied by his wife, tliey
intend residing al Flagstone.
Mr.   O.   E.
(pent Sunday
ncior,  of  crnnbrook
One would have thought (hot a circus hud arrived in Klko, Friday evening when seven car loads or gypsies
and their effects drove in under police
escort. It appears that two of the
travellers were suspected of robbing
a fellow of $40 hul upon being searched tho supposed money hud done the
vanishing trick much to the delight of
tlio whole band, whereupon they proceeded to points in Alberta.
Liquor agents havo been very active
during the past week in Elko and district und made several clean-ups,
even to government sealed liquor.
Mr. J. F. Meyers and family motored in Trom Gresham, Oregon, on their
t to Cnmroiit. Alberta.
Dr. Christie, accompanied by Mrs,
Pope, district nurse of Waldo, was in
town a couple of days examining the
school children. Both doctor and
nurse gave splendid reports regarding tho childrens' health*
Mr. J. c. Caritthers. better known
as "Cap." of Victoria, was In Elko and
district for a couple of days looking
fcr orders.
Mrs. T . Duncan and daughter Isabella mctorod to Cranbrook on Tuesday.
lhe Tourist   association  of southeast
sacrifice  his   pride,    aud    grovel   ...
those who have been sn unfair to him, I BrUlBh  Columbia, through  Its  infer
in order to keep himself ami his.
This treatment of a man in whom I
have no other interest  than a great
j ing.
Mr. F. Plowman met with a nasty
ImaUon bureau,  will  distribute these (nec|rient  Tuesday, when ho fell and
visitors  throughout  western   Canada. &pTsllim] hiH i,acl-t   He *g at prege,lt
confined to his home.
respect for his capabilities of good
work, has aroused my Indignation to
such an extent, that I bog to submit
the facts of his case to you. with (lie
observation thut, if this is a question
of politics, then such political actions
can Inspire nothing but imllgn.ition
und disgust In those wlio are loveis
of fair play and justice.
1 am, Sir,
The road itself crosses the summit
of the Rooky mountains twice. The
average grade Is three per cent., anil
the highest grade between Windermere and Banff, one short strip of 4M|w«s a business visitor on Thursday,
[feet, rises to a nine per cent, grade,
and is the steepest part oil the route.
In other words a 1 rip from Windermere to Ban IT can bo mode on high
gear nil the way. The road is surfaced wllh fine rook and well rolled.
Along this road throughout* (Van-
brook  to Crnnbrook, the whole dls-
Is Surprised to Find
She is Alive
Mm, (.orniun Sajs She l.\|ii'c!s
To Survive  ll«-r TronlilcN.
Praises limine
"Three years ago, before I got Tan-
luc, If anyone had told me 1 would ho
alive now 1 COUldU'l have believed ft,"
said Mrs, Hannah (lorman, 414 Arthur
St., Windsor, Ont.
1 hud suffered from stomach trouble for seventeen years.   Many u time
was In such agony I didn't think I
■onId live thit>U(-li tho day. I hud aw-
ful smothering spells, terrible headaches, and was so nervous I was almost frantic and sleep was practically
out of the question. Why, I wus so
weak I could hardly dress the children
to say nothing of taking enro of the
household duties.
However, Tanlae gave me hack my
strength, and I have enjoyed perfect
health ever since. I gained ten pounds
ln weight, have a wonderful appetite
and sleep eight or ten hours every Th|- par|t (g the Dominion
(Too late for last week)
Mr.  C.   II.  Itoblnson,  of Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Simons of the T.
S. ranch. Longview, Alta., spent a few
days in Klko during the week while
en route to Victoria where they Intend
spending the summer.
The Elk river wns running wild for
a few days during the week and came
fence of 567 miles, n splendid surface j tt- a climax Saturday afternoon when
will be found, with camp sites at eon-[it registered 14 feet of water at the
vonlent spots every few miles. In ad-J government bridge, and was within a
dlllon  lo these sites, camps will be few marks of the 1916 high water re-
nlght and feel so well life Is a pleas-'
ure, Tanlac was a god-send to me.
No medicine In the world can equal it.
Tanlac Is for sale by all good druggists. Accept no substitute. Over 37
million bottles Bold. ,
provided near Ihe principal towns en
route.   These camps will be up to date
iu every way ami free to tourists.
Tho O.P.R, hns a large bungalow
camp in operation at Lulto Windermere, and is building another one at
Radltltn Hoi Springs. These will bo
ready for occupation ut Hie opening of
the road. The company has also two
camps In prep-uialon at Vermilion
crossing and storm mountain.
Tourists Intending to muko the
King's circle tour, coming In from
YcLend on Ihe enst. side, nr Cran-
bnook on tho west side, will find the
scenery nlong the Crow's Nest pass
almost equal in magnificence to thai
of tho Banff-Windermere road, especially between Cranbrmk and tie
Frank slide, near Blalrmoro. Tourists
aro also strongly recommended lo allow themselves sufficient tlmo to
Include a sido trip to the Waterton
Lakes Spa. which Is 34 miles southwest of the town of Pincher Creek,
Mrs. T. H, Duncan and runrfly accompanied by Mrs. E. Langley spent
Friday evening and Saturday in Fernie and attended the performance of
tbo Calgary Kiddies at the Chautauqua
which was reported a groat success,
Voting Bob lluliersty, of Fernie,
spent tho hjplldoya wllh his parents
In Elko.
Miss Wilson, lot Wahid, was the
guest of Mrs. Fred .Miller (or a few
days during thu week.
Miss Edith Cartlidgo returned to
Pernio .Tuesday, and expects to spend
the summer J lyre with her parents.
Mr. Frank Ingham was a Fernie
visitor Friday.
.Mr. Alex McMillan returned from
Fernie to spend Sunday in Elko.
Mrs. James Thompson returned to
Cranbrook, Tuesday after spending
a rew days with her daughters in
Elko, «
Mrs Lncey and daughter Sadie
spent. Monday In Fernie.
Mr. Webster, Swift's man, was In
looking for orders, Monday.
Mrs. T. H, Duncan nnd daughter Isa
mjotored to Fertile, Tuesday.
A surprise party was held at the
home of Mr. und Mrs. A. Bimie on
Saturday iu honor of Mrs. Lacey and
daughter who ure leaving, Wednesday,
for Spokane, Wash., where they Intend to reside. During the evening
Mrs. Thompson presented Mrs. Lacey
with an umbrella nnd Sadie with
gloves us a token of esteem from a
few of the ladies of Elko. The evening was spent in singing and dancing,
Alex giving an exhibition of Highland
schottlsche dancing. Lunch was served at midnight end the evening ended with the singing of 'she's' a Jolly
good fellow.
Mr. St Elmo Pierce and Mr. Bebb
Hpent Sunday in Fernie.
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache        Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes cf 12 tablet**-
-Aho bottle* of 24 and 100—Druggists.
£K..-!?J?J!,%t7i'r.?,ar.k ,TZgi-\:T ■' in CsmasUi at Barer Itatmfaettira of Mono,
ar-rtfcarlilwar- <,r .-..;•<:>lic-ulrL v.-i . .: ;• veil know., itai [spirit! muni Barer
manufacture, toaaalit th* public afatBal Imitations th» TaU-ta of Bin-r Ct/mp*\ti)'
■ Cross."
will b« fltampcJ '
■ir tenerii trade mark, the "Barm
did man evolve from the peaceful, in- now on.
nbeent monkey,  but. rather, did  the|jar .pot in Scotlat<!
monkey evolve from man?
park and most beautiful, and should
not on any account be missed. The
main throughout tho district are excellent, and anyone malting tho trip
from Vancouver to Spokane will find
the only bud road during the entire
trip Is on the opposite line between
TanUc Vegetable Pills are Nature's Bonneri Ferry and Rnotport, which Is
own remedy tor coaitlpatlon.
' pOlt •MlfWfcfM.
For the only port of entry Into Canada.
Thta part 1* ml hat
cord. The sudden swell was due to
Ihe heavy rains enst and through tlie
Crow's Nest pass. With the weather
turning warm nil previous records
are oioected to ho broken as very lit-
tlo of the high snow In the mountnlns
Is gone and lt is getUng late In Ihe
season lo neo these indications.
Tho work ou the East Kootenny
Power Company's tunnel was discontinued owing to some three feet of
water flowing In, but since the wnter
has again lowered work has been resumed.
The chinaman's ranch situated on
the old Polly place on the flats just
above Klko was completely ruined by
the floods and on Saturday the chinaman was busy teaching his pigs to
A rock slide occurred on the O. N.
track about half a mile east of Klko
on Saturday which carried the track
away some fifteen feet stopping all
traffic until n special train arrived
from Ferule to transfer all passengers.
Although tains are running work Is
still continued lo clear away the slide.
Several men were Rent to Coleman
and district by the East Kootenay
Power Company to replace poles on
tho high Ufhalon line which had been
wnshnd away hy the flood
■  W. ColUdoy ot Ferula-spent Toot-l
this is the -riMe o' veAR,
5wats   Swat!
Howdy friends] ('an you bent the
boob who Inquires If they sell cowl «n
the stork market?
• •   •   •
\ lot of people expert to tprnnt
tvingi became ,tbey have (heir
mimes on (he ily.leiii* of llit-HIble.
• •   •   •
Whenever we look at the crowd of
young fellows who spend all afternoon
in front of the score board we can't
help wondering how many of their
mothers are taking In washings to
give their amis the leisure to waste
In places like that
A  num.  never .realises how
many tilings ho disapproves of
until lils daughter renches IS. ..
•   ■   *   •
Boiler 1'iiy Snlnrles
During the war It was common to
enllHl for a dollar a year. Now the
Department of Justice has fix of these
Indicted for steeling as many millions
Ii Shows the government had better
paid tho Iosb patriotic.
»   •   •' •
Von LOw It
Tho retl question Is. wo toiak, aoti
Nobody ever added up
The value of a smile
We know how much a dollar's worth
And how much Is a mile;
We knc#* the distance to the sun.
The size and weight of earth
But no one here can tell us just
How much a smile Is worth.
• •   t   •
Memoirs now being ill the go,
a t£ok entitled "My Twenty
Years Among the Poles," is Imv
ing written by a telephone lineman.
• •   •   •
EARN more, SAVE more, RE mora.
This is named after a simf-
wliich Is eulog
ized by Robert Burns. We are going
to endeavor to nave the name of the
river changed, as it seems too bad
that one of the most beautiful streams
in British Columbia should have such
a poor name as Bull River."
(Fernie Free Press)
The East Kootenny power Company
writes us as follows: "in order to
prevent confusion between our Bull
River plant aud Bull River town, we
have named ihe plan! 'Aherfeldle.' by
which nnme lt   will  he known  from
*.-- '.-.* tn: :hr tvKittt kr.oii Uu wtltjl* uh*
M ■; ■ Itrblnf if.it of !'..'> and now I. :-i. ■■•
ft ettne to try for relief Ja oi'iunenu, lnjcitluu*
»:.j dUaam, -
Gtr.Iii  j*';J-.ro
Internal Pile Remedy
Tn I- DM ptetnMMtm tf ■ ***ll ltr.o-rn I'tivilrlin
Md  Lu   |*-,f«J   i'jcpMifol   in   iimtdr.'d*  uf   rim.
i :■'   ll   Internal  dlttloct  from  m utlirr  <itat-
HM      Ai;:i at,.: .   *!  u   tilt   (MUld*   ar*   futlla
V.   (.mratT.u.   Injs-rtloin  or dllaian   tt*   Men
■ in    i:.i u (;!.;.*■•■ «• i u ■ V'ft-aUt r-sfMdjr,
"i.ulna  no  dron  ot  i\f,U<A
11   )ou   hare   :.■•'   !..■'  .■  .■   found   relief   du   imf
.."fair,   p!ai**>   jour  filih  In  Paa
);i.'**rt   In   li-.u'aallj tiulUrfa cain  t,im  Un   I,
ufitltj  »u*Bii*r.t.
OV1 "PAX" frf.ro r«ir Drufdn or If h*- rjjBUt
■BMtr jon irad On* Dollar and "PAX" will >■.
Mat *ou In a i/Iaii. farkia*
rmosvcTi or Canada
1015 OomlaloB BaUdls*
MMIIHSHIMIIflUfilllllHIIIfllllllHlll 1
Pills,, j
you fit/Z
For Dates Apply
LPhone 374
Cranbrook B.C.
Our Trier. And" Tsrms Mate II Possible   Kor Anyone To Own On,
III   These    Wonderful
Writ, for Booklet or toll st 410 Baker Street, Nelson. B.C. rAG« rora
Friday, June lath, l»2il
Cbe Cranbrook Herald
Published Every Friday
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To United SUtes f&fiO per year
"WIIH a Hlaalau Wltaout m lull"
Prlatcd ttj Ualva Lakar
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Chaagta (or Advartlalna; MUST be la
this offloa Wadnaaday ouon tba ourrant
araak to aacura attantloa.
sin hon -vt w» wv mi $Ar
1 2
345 67 89
171819 20 21*2 23
FRIDAY, JUNE loth, 192:!
The provincial election now
pending in Ontario provides a
unique spectacle, though it is
not the first time that three
parties, fully organized, have
fought out the issues in that
political hotbed. The Farmer
party, the Liberal" and the
Conservatives are in the midst
of the fray with banners unfurled, each making strong bids
for power.
lt is difficult at a distance to
pass an opinion on what might
happen, but the campaign has
already brought forth some
surprises. Hicks, the Farmer
member whose revolt against
the party caucus led ultimately
to forcing the election on this
summer, did not get the noni
intion from his party in his
own riding. Hartley Dewart,
erstwhile Liberal leader was
rejected by one of the Toronto
constituencies in favor of an
unknown figure. Sir Adam
Beck, Conservative warhorse of
former days, and the father of
hydro-electric, has accepted a
nomination from his party in
There is quite a pronounced
feeling of distrust in the Druv
ry government on all sides, based on tlie suspicion that there
is some secret rapproachment
between the Farmers and the
Liberals, which though strenuously denied is heightened by
the reciprocal arrangement in
regard to some constituencies,
where three cornered contests
are being avoided. The Ontario Temperance act enforcement
is coming into the limelight
the attorney-general staging in
his own riding u debate with
the Conservative leader on the
merits of the government policy.
In the meantime the west is
only slightly less interested in
the outcome than the east
the oldest established agrarian
government being tried at the
bar of public opinion. It is even hinted that redistribution is
being stayed at Ottawa to await the verdict of Ontario.
People exist who still ask fn feigned
astonishment how one can possibly
pretend that golf ts the finest game In
the world. They talk of the divlns
fury of rugger, of the swift and lissome abandon of tennis , nf cricket,
the game ot gentlemen, of billiards,
that great game, proficiency in which
was once tactlessly said to betoken a
misspent youth. Let thorn talk. We
will believe thorn each In turn. But
today it Is golf's turn.—London Dally
When the premier of this province
spoke recently In Salmon Arm. his
masterly presentation ot the freight
rates question won him the admiration
of political friends and opponents
alike. When he spent a half-hour
denouncing General McRae and Ihe
party ot which that gentleman Is the
head, tlie earnest way in which he
condemned the activities ot the new
party und its leaders carried weight.
When he openly challenged the General to debate at any place and lime
the misdemeanors charged against
the government, many were convinced
Hint the premier felt secure ln his
position. General McRae, however
copied lhe challenge us soon us il was
made known to hint. Now the Hon.
John says he hns no time tor barbecues, being loo busy with llio business
of the province. Ho also says that lie
docs not consider lhe General seriously us un opponent. Immedluiely after
making these statements Hie premier
started off on another tour of tlie interior to speak ou the freight rules
question. At these meetings he continues to devote considerable time to
attacking the General, whom he professes not lo consider seriously. What
is the answer? Is he afraid, or does
ho not care what impression people
get from his refusal to make his word
good'/—Salmon Arm Observer.
John, young son of Mr. and Mrs.
N'. Parker, was operated on this
morning for appendicitis and it reported doing well. His brother lias
ulso just returned from Iho hospital
ufler a similar operation.
Extracts from The Cranbrook
Herald of thlB date, 1903.
Over lion people of Cranbrook, Port
Steele. Marysvlllo and Ihe surrounding
district look advantage of tlio due day
lo witness lhe observance ot Corpus
t'hrlstl day at the Mission, Sunday
A ineellng to form a Conservative
association called nt lhe ofilce or G.
H. Thompson on Monday, wus so well
attended It wus necessary to adjourn
to larger quarters. Thos. Caven has
been chosen us the candidate.
Dr. Donnell was in the city from
Ferule, Friday, assisting DrB. King
and Green at a surgical operation al
tho hospital.
Two special Iralnloads of piles have
been sent from the East Kootenay
Lumber CD's., mill to llio scene ot the
recent disaster ou the main line at
Rat Portage, where a train went
through a bridge as a result of Bood
P. E. Simpson of tho Herald has
been elected grand treasurer of (he
I. O. O. P. at the grand lodge sessions
in Vancouver.
Thirty-live liquor licenses of all
kinds were granted by tho license
commissioners in the East Kootenay
riding ut their meeting on Monday
Ten others were refused.
Preach, saying. The kingdom of hen
vcu is nt hand, Heal the sick, cleanse
the lepers, raise the dead, cast out
devils: freely ye huve received, free
lv five—Matthew 10:7,8.
+   +   ♦
Sunday, June 17
FORSAKE  EVIL:—Thus  salth   the
Lord ot hosts;Turn ye now from your
evil ways, and from your evil doings.
—Kechnriah 1:4.
♦   +   +
Monday, June 18
WISDOM PRESERVES:—When wisdom enteiclh  Into thine heart, and
knowledge Is pleasant unto thy soul
discretion shall preservu thee, under-
stundlug  shall  keep iliee.—Proverbs
11:10, 11.
+ + +
Tuesday, June ID
A GOOD NAME IS THK BEST ASSET:—A gocd name Is rather lo be
chosen thnn great riches, nnd loving
favor rather llian sliver and gold.—
Proverbs 22:1
*> + +
Wednesday, June SO
WHY WILL YE DIE:-,As I live,
saith the Lord God. I have no pleasure In tho death of the wicked. Turn
ye from your evil ways for why will
ye die, O house of Israel?—Ezeklel
+   +   +
Thursday, June 21
not to be rich: cease from thine own
wisdom.    Por riches certainly make
themselves wings;  they fly away.
Proverbs 23:4,5.
+   +   +
Friday, June ii
tlie sun was setting, all thoy thnt had
any sick with divers diseases brought
them unto him: and he laid his liande
on every one ol them and healed lliem.
Lulu 4:4*.
oclatlon, tho Women's Institute, the
1,. A. to B. or H. T., ,the G. I. A. to the
it. of Ii. F. und E., tho Retail Merchants association and any other organization or ratepayers who would care
id attend, to discuss tho mutter at the
next regular meeting of tho board on
July Oth.
Heavyweights of Rotary   Club
Excell Over Their Slimmer
Brethreu In Ball Game
ti:a< units utui:
(Continued from Pane One)
prooBtiig rogrot thai tlie ions or Mr.
Wilson's Bomcoa would causo the
board, alod to Inform thorn that atrice
they hail ben advised thai Mr. Wilson
was severing his oouneclion with the
teaching staff here in order that he
might take advantage ot opportunities
for the advancement In his profession
that were not passible tn the Interior
:ities. and since tho matter of Insufficient remuneration had hot arisen,
there seemed little ground for hope of
retaining his services. They would
however be pleased to consider any
proposition Mr. Wilson might care to
make for remaining another term.
In reply to a letter from tho Crnnbrook Teachers Institute asking that
if possible a date be arranged for a
meeting of representatives from the Institute with the school board, the following letter, which also conveyed to
the Institute the consideration ot the
board to the requests made by their
■eprosentatlves, has been sent.
Miss F. 13. Magee,
Sec'y of the Teachers Institute
Cranbrook, 11. C
Dear Madam:—
With   further   reference   io   the
matter mentioned iu your letter of
May lilst and the various problems of
the teachers as set forth by Miss
Woodland and Mr. W. C. Wilson at
the School Board meeting held last
•It is regrettable that the fact that
tbe estimates were brought down some
months ago precludes our giving further consideration to the matter of
salary advances or a salary schedule
at this time.
It is doubtless unnecessary to say
that it is the desire of the board to
at all times conduct the school affairs
in such a manner that the highest possible degree of efficiency in the torching staff shall be maintained.
Wo regret as much as do the par
cuts, and perhaps more so, seeing
touchers of excellent ability leave us
to go to neighboring towns, nnd It
certainly does not seem right that they
should be obliged to, or thut it should
be possible for them to do so.
We purpose keeping in closer touch
with Ihe school boards of Fernie and
Nelson ami it would seem that we
might hope that a basis may be arrived at by which teachers of merit will
huve an Inducement to remain with us.
I huve been Instructed to state to
you dial the board appreciates the
able manner In which the position of
the teachers was placed before them
by Miss Woodland aud Mr Wilson last
evening nnd that they realize and ap
precfute the advisability of further
Intercommunication on matters of importance und interest to all concerned.
Yours very truly
Seoretury School Hoard.
The resignations of lbe following
teachers were received and accepted
with regret. From the High School
ntaft; principal W. C, Wilson; L. T.
Buker; H. W. McLean. From the
public school, Misses DeCeW* Gibson,
Johnston, Sutherland nnd Trembatb
Applications were received from Miss
Floury of the smith ward school for
transfer to the central school. Miss
Mae Johnston made » similar request
The matter of rilling the positions
mudu vacant wus taken up uml sev
eral offers mrde to various applicants
nothing definite being done.
The police commissioners are to be
asked what their position Is with regard lo a truant officer* anil the council us to what has been done re the
speed regulation und Ihe speed signs
ut the sohlols, Tbe monthly accounts
to the amount of J4.ii7ii.lt were passed
and Ihe meeting adjourned ut 12.20.
Tbe board decided to place nn additional $20,000 ins n ran co on the Central school building, same to be allocated pro rala among the companies
carrying the risk at Ihe present time.
The department of education is to
be asked lo udvlse tbo board as to any
changes In (he text books to be used.
In regard to the matter or engaging
a school nurse which has been under
consideration by tbe Women's Institute
and tbe Rotary Club for some lime, n
letter was received from tbe ltoiarians
stating thnt while they were fn sympathy with tlie idea, they were of the
opinion that some responsible body
such as the ucliool board should he
sponsor for it. It was decided by the
board to Invite representatives from
tlu Rotary Ulub, the Parent-Teacher
Coming events
Friday, June lfi: Famous Qoorgla
Minstrels at the Auditorium
Friday, June 22: Hard Times Dance
by Kimberley tl. W. V. A. at llanl-
leya Mall.
Saturday, Juno ni: Special genets I
meeting and smoker, (1. W. V. \„ ul
S p.m.
Thursday, August 2!ft Women's Institute Flower Show and Exhibition of Fancy Work and Cookery,
a. W. V. A. Hall.
On Thursday evening a most enjoyable gathering was hold at the home
ot Mr. and Mrs, F. M. MacPherson,
when many friends of Mr. and Mrs. D.
11. McKenzle and Mr and Mrs. W. C.
Wilson met to spend a social evening
li- fore these popular families left this
city to make their homes elsewhere.
Tlie chief, feature of the evening
was a musical program, every number
of which was thoroughly enjoyed, the
spacious drawing room lending itself
well to a function of this kind. Those
contrfbuttnb to the musical program
wore Mrs. F, M. MacPherson, Mrs.
Duncan, Mrs. J. Norgrcve, Mrs. R.
Potter, Mrs J. Thompson, Mr. O, B.
Bower and Master Tom Marshall.
After tho program refreshments
were served, Mrs. R. P. Moffatt and
Mrs. E. Paterson presiding ut the tables, assisted by Mrs. W. J. Barber,
Mrs. tl. D. Carlyle, Mrs. C. J. Little
Miss Brock, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. W.
C. Marshall.
In saying farewell to tho friends
that ure leaving, many expressions of
regret were heard at the less the city
is sustaining. According to present
plans Mrs. McKenzle and family will
leuve about the first week tn July to
"God of battles, was ever a battle
like this in the world before?" So
said the poet years ago. The question Is still applcable after the riot
thut took place at the Veterans park
ou Wednesday evening, when the ltoiarians staged a conflict to decide
whether the henpecked, undernourished, one dimensioned members of
their tribe were the equals of their
corpulent, porridge eating, space mo-
uopulizing brethreu In the grand and
glorious game of baseball. The contesting aggregation repaired to the
to e ended by the band but so anxious
were they for jthe fray tliat, itlioy
could not wait so left the bund to
find Its way later on. During the
evening lbe musical numbers were
much appreciated especially on account of the appropriateness of the
airs, which Included "Humoresque,"
"Asleep lu the Deep," "Attor the
Ball," and "Will he no como Home
Again," That they mint be prepared
tor any eventuality the munugers
spared no effort in seeing thut every
precaution was taken to guard against the loss of life and limb. The city,
provincial, and dominion police were
also in attendance to quell any disjoin Mr. McKenzle, who Is stilt with
the C.P.R. at their new home In Vancouver. Miss McKenzle purposes taking up nursing iu the hospital
at Victoria, Mr. Wilson is in receipt
of tempting offers from Vattbouvr and
Vernon to join the teaching staffs of
those cities.
The party broke up about midnight
after profuse thanks to the hostess ror
tho pleasant evening provided.
On Monday lust while engaged ln
fixing a guard on a suw in the mill at
Lumberton, Eric. MacKinnon of this
city, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon, had the misfortune to meet
with an accident which has laid him
up for a short time. Shortly after
one o'clock while working at the machine the suw was accidently started,
inflicting eight cuts oa the right leg
between the knee and the hip. First
aid was rendered at the mill after
which he wns brought to this city
where ft was found necessary to put
thirty-six stitcher, in the wounds. He
Is now getting along nicely at home,
no complications being apparent.
turbance that 'Bill' Attridge and his
gang were likely to start. The fire
chiof was on hand to apply a cooling
stream to any over-zealous admirer
who might get hot undor the collar
at the referee's decisions. The Boy
scouts first aid party wore there as
weil us the umbului.ee from St. Eugene hospital, while Dr. Green was
also on the Held to render any assistance that might be required.
Umpire Barber called "Play Ball,"
and many were of the opinion that
he should have specified what kind
of bull, as, for example, some are in
doubt still as to whether it was cricket, Toot ball or lacrosse. Detltng on
tho game was restricted to the dyed-
in-the-wool gamblers, the uncertainties of the affair being too numerous
lo even dare hazarding a herring on
the result. Some or Ihe Thins thinking that perhaps a fellow-relllng on
tbo part ol' the umpire might lead
him to give them the benefit of any
doubt that might arise, wero seen
here and there brandishing a nickel
lu tho air.
Things looked bright for the Tlilua
In the first inning, when M. A. Beale,
the first man up, g"at to second, but
their stock fell when Ihe next three
up went out in order. The rats starter tho fireworks fn their half of the
first when Bill Attridge drove out a
home run, scoring Messrs. Wilson
and Clark, and before lhe spasm was
over 'Doc' Croon, Juke Fink and
Charlie Little hud crossed the plate.
This seemed to put a kink fn the aspirations and respirations ot the
Slims, us only three of their side faced the pitcher in their half ot tbe
second. Henry Wilson and Frank
Marsh scored for the heavies In their
Innings. Dad Worden In the third
started his side to possible victory
lu Ihe third by a lilt and stcul to second, getting home on. Bert Jones'
hit which also scored Beale. In
the fifth they added another when
Ed. MacKay circled the buses. In
the sixth Messrs. Jones and MacPherson added three more. In the
fourth Messrs. Marshy Schell, Fink
and 'Doc' Green had again scored,
nnd In the fifth Henry Wilson and
Frank Marsh had counted, bringing
their score to Fourteen against the
Sllm's six.
In the rifth Inning Iter MacKay wns
so overcome with surprise nt hitting
tho ball and reaching first that he
fell headlong on the sack—the softest part. Dr. Green rushed across
tlio field and after a brief examination pronounced tbe patient suffering from "Fakeorum Wlndls Ejectis."
The Boy ScrtlHg were there like a
Hash, und soon bud the victim on a
stretcher and away to the ambulance.
The game proceeded and soon tho casualty was seen appearing thiough
the crowd drinking a bottle of Whistle, to which he says he owes Ids life.
(lone are the days when the attic got all of the old, bro-
ken, torn and damaged articles about the house. .Today
the thrifty housewife, the rich and poor alike, visit the repair shops. This repair directory has been arranged to
help you find reliable workmen. Give them your patronage.
To Hare Your Watch Repaired
:       Reasonable Charges
Excellent  Workmanship.
Good Materials Used
A. Strange - Armstrong Ave.
Cleaning & Dyeing
Everything from
Cleaned and Dyed.
— PHONE 157 —
Breeze In
Let us fix that old Electric Pan o show
you our new ones.
Phone 4»
Electric Supply Shop
Phone 49
Jack Delany played a wonderful
game. The only bull thai did not
gd by him was one thut struck him
on the toe and bounced to second
base. After his fifty-seventh error
we lost count.
* »   »   *
A representative of tho New York
Giants Is after bad Worden as a
pinch hitter and Ed. MrcKay as utility man. Messrs. Beale and Jlunes
were reul nifty with tho bat Tor the
• *   *   *
Nearly all ihe pvorgrowns got ono
or two hits off Uurnhnm. The crowd
la indebted to both butteries for tbo
noble service they rOtUloVod. It's
Koine Job.
* *   •   *
Fred Scot! had lo wire lo Cftlgnry
for nn additional supply of Ml mini's
Mntmcnt, as iho boys oxhitttBlotl his
supply lu training.
• •   •   •
Tho collection taken up by tbe liny
Scouts for tholr summer cump nmoit-
nted to aboul $50,00, wblch will net
them about. $40.00.
NO 07 DAILY—-To Nelson. Vancouver,
Spokane etc. Arrive lli.10 p.m. leave
12.20 p.m.
NO. (W nAILY~To Pernio, Lethbridge,
Medicine Hat, Cal&ry, etc. Arrive
4.10 p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
Cranbrook, WyclliTe,  Klmberlej   Service:
No. 828—Leave 7.05 a.m. No. S24—Arrive 2.10 p.m.
Crnnbrook, Luke Wiudermere and
Golden Service
Monday and Thursday, each week
—NO. 891, leave 9 a.in.     Wednesday
| and Saturday—NO. Sir! arrive $.30 p.m.
Tor further particulars apply fn any
ticket agent
District Passenger Agent; Calgary,
Have Opened Their
Drop  In  And  Try  Sone
or a DRINK from the
Cranbrook Collage Hospital
(Licensed by Pro*. Govt.)
Maternity ami General Nursing
Term. Moderatw
Garden Avenue      -   Phone 268
DItiOHTFUL Face Powder
Jonteel in handy akf
form. So much easier to carry
—doesn't spill-so there's no
waste. Fragrant, velvety powder that goes on smoothly an J
stic^j-not easily brushed or
blown off. Tints that match
all complexions. In chic box,
como'ete with puff.
— The Rexall Store —
CRANBROOK     -     - B.C.
Wkff* R **•■ to JmI
The Cninlirook Herald renews from time tn time n considerable number of Subscriptions for Ibe
Family Herald & Weekly Star
of Montreal.
Clubbing Combination
In conjunction wllh The Cranbrook Herald,
for Ihe hnUr.ce of Ihe year.
The Family Herald and    )       till
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The Cranbrook Herald $1.50
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Strictly On New Subscribers To Roth Papers
— Leave yonr Orders with —
The Cranbrook Herald
Phone 18       it       u       tt      Craabroek, B.C. Friday, June 15th, 1033
PAGE   KlVfi
'peal Happenings
Mlsa Nellie Phillips lias returned
from u visit or a tew days to Spokane.
Special trips arranged to any place
any time, by Brown und Morley.
Fhone  681. tt
Mauler Robert Parker, returned to
his homo in tbis city from lite hospital on Monday ot this week.
Mlsa Myrtle Morllu nnd Miss Helen
Decew spent hud. week-end at l.um-
tiorton* the gliosis nf Mr. and Mrs,
Dr. uml Mrs. W. A. Ferglo lefl nl
ihe beginning of the week mi n three
eeks motor tour to lhe const.   They
intended to go by way or Spokane and
Morning   ami   aflernoiin   trips   to on to ViulcoAm'  island, reluming hy
Kimberley  from  Drown & Moray'sI way   of   the CuscndivRatilutd mute
Hta«o office opposite Ktinieiiiiy Oarage(and Nelson,    ur. rvrfta win resume
PIlOHO 681. If I practice here on Tuesday, July tut.
Mr. Thomas. Bates of Kiusgule
wus In the cily Dor a Bhorl Unit,', a
guest at the home of Mrs. and Mrs,
H. E. Jecks.
Mr. H, Howard Sutherland, Of Moose
Jaw, Bask., and formerly of Now Cla!;-
gow, N.S., has accepted a position
with Mr. a. Raworth, jeweller and optician,
Roads East Still Impassable
{Advised To Hold Tourists Here
Following is a copy of a wire received in the city during the week, which needs no explanation:
Fernie ,B.C, June 12th.   Mr. W, II. Wilson,
Secretary, Auto Club, Cranbrook, B.C.
Bridges and roads washed out. Hold tourists until 30th, and send them by Windermere road. Some ot
the roads to Calgary are under ten feet of water and will
lie Ihroe or four weeks before passable.
A letter has also been received from Mr. J. P. Spalding, dated Fernie June 10th , in which he staled that the
approach to the bridge at Natal from the west side had
gone out.   He hoped for the   construction of a temporary
approach.    This would take at least  least ten davs.
■*--♦- ....♦»..-
Guarantee qf Service
HP HE oldest service to motorists in the world—the
A most liberal service policy to-day—is a definite
part of your purchase of a Prest-O-Lite Storage
Battery. More than eight hundred efficient Pres-O-
Lite Service Stations in Canada will redeem the
Prist - 0 - Lite pledge of service. Anywhere on the
continent, from Mexico to Alaska, you will find a
Prest-O-Lite Service man near at hand to help you.
Your Prest-O-Lite Battery is the only introduction
you will need.
Montr.nl Toronto Winnipeg
Storage Battery
y    -right for every car
East Kootenay Battery Service
Ted Cooper  Cranbrook B.C
Mr». W, li. Qllroy nnd little dau»ht-,
er  Helen loft  on  Thursday ror Loij
•Jteolon. California, wliero   she   will
i siieiiil ii holiday, expecting to be away
ror about   toil weeks.
limiiertDr \V. lt. Dtmwoodle, ot lhe1
provincial police, lius heen transferred
Cmni Kornle to Nelson, from which I
nolnt ho will dlroct tlie activities of
lhe force In tho soiillieaslcrn portion
of ihe province.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Beech announce
lhe engagement of their only daughter
Irene Victoria, to Stanley 0., son ot
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. D. Hill, tho wedding
In lako pluco the latter part ot this
month at tho home ot Mr. nnd Mrs.
James Choppy, convicted on four
charges of theft of money from the
men's hoarding house at Lumberton.
wns apprehended through the use of
marked bills. Constable Duncan of
the provliiolul police was working on
iho case.
Sllil another store Is due (o open on
Norbury Avenue shortly It is stated, a
deal having been closed this week for
renting Hie scuth halt of the McBride
hnibling rocontly vacated by the Western Canada Wholesale Co., the purpose being to use It ns a dry goods
more, It Is slated.
Ono million sheep In B. C. In 1830,
is the goal aimed at by the Hon. T. D.
I'nltullo, minister of lands, who states
I hat the government Is undertaking
an educational campaign to increase
the number of sheep raised In the
province. At present, he says, there
aro only no.OOO sheep in B. C, on
llio 111.000 farms of the province.
There is room for 100,000 farms, but
If only '20 h\ad of sheep were carried
on each ot Ihe 16,000 farms there
would he a total of :',20,000. The minister points out that every farmer
should carry u few sheep. The cost of
their keep Is small, while the profits
nre targe. Furthermore, there is a
splendid home market for mutton,
lamb nnd wool. At present British
Columbia brings In 50,000 sheep annually for home consumption, as well
as 3.000,000 pounds of dressed mutton
nnd products. British Columbia Is an
ideal sheep country and the farmer
litis been passing up a sure thing.
Built for Hard Work
As Well as for Comfort
The "Matter Four" Touring Model, 23-35 Special
>"|"**HE McLaughlin-Buick "Master Four" Touring is the ideal
J^ car for everyday use. It is strongly constructed to "stand
up" under the most strenuous service, over all kinds of
roads, in any kind of weather. It is ready with abundant power
for any emergency. It is low in cost of operation and upkeep,
end it is backed by such widespread and efficient service that
it need never be "laid up" when wanted.
Yet it is a handsome car—one you will be proud to own. It is
big enough to accommodate the family on its pleasure trips and
on visits to friends and relations. It is a comfortable car—smooth
riding, a real means of relaxation after a hard day's work. As to
price, a close inspection will convince you of its outstanding value.
Standard equipment includes massive crown fenders,
drum type ncad and cowl lamps, transmission-driven
speedometer, bumper, combination tall and atop light,
acuS plates, dumb-bell radiator cap, etc. - *
There are 15 McLaughlin-Buick Models to Choose from
Cranbrook Dealers
A number of teachers in tha local
schools have received tempting offers
(o take positions elsewhere fn the
Wast Kootenny, hut huve not ncceplod,
preferring to remain liore.
A wiir.iK.iii on the niitfn line or (hr>
('. P. H. at a point nml ot Golden, in
no.-fissllatlni the routelng ol' Hit* east
In>uml main line trains via the Kootenay Central and the Crow's Noel
Friday, June 22nd Is visiting day at
the schools und the public are cordially invited to see the work that the
children are doing, By this date the
new addition to the Central school
wilt probubly be open for inspection.
Mr. P. G. Morris, of the manual training school also extends u special invitation to all to visit his manual
training clnss room, where the embryo artisans may he seen at work.
On Tuesday, June 26th, tho home of
Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle will he the scene
of a garden party to be held hy the
Ladles' Aid of Knox Presbyterian
church. The party will sturt at 8 p.m.
and a cordial invitation Is extended to
all and a good time is assured. The
already beautiful grounds will be decorate d for the occasion, so what with
tempting refreshments, Ice cream, and
a splendid musical program the event
will ho one that you can't afford to
The cool intermission lu the spell
of hot woather has tended to relieve
tho situation as to floods in these
parts, holding the rivers In check and
allowing time for subsidence when
overflowing seemed Inevitable. Taken from all considerations the excessive rains havo been of Immense benefit to tbo agricultural Interests, and
prospects generally were never brighter for the crop outlook, though there
has heen havoc wrought In other directions.
Damage to the extent of about two
thousand dollars was caused to tbe
upper storey of the Hume school at
Kelson, on Tuesday evening, when a
bolt of lightning struck the building.
The upper room was badly wrecked,
and bad tbe school been in session at
the time there is no question but that
there would have been loss of life
among the children. The occurrence
was witnessed by Miss Eva Moir, of
tbis city, who is attending the business college in Nelson, and who stays
at the home of her uncle. J. A, Stobo,
near the school.
On Saturday evening lust a number
ot the ladles of the parish of St,
Mary's gathered at the home of Mrs.
G. A. Genest in honor of Miss Dorothy
Mackey's approaching wedding. A social evening van participated in which
all enjoyed nnd during the evening
Miss Mackey was made the recipient
of a beautiful chair, the gift of .'ome
of the ladles of tbe congregation, In
sincere appreciation of her faithful
services to the choir of the church, an
address being also read by Mrs. J. H.
McQuald. Tempting refreshments
were served late ln the evening.
On Tuesday what might have proved
a serious accident took place on Baker Street at tho corner of Cranbrook
Street, when a young lad riding a bicycle came Into collision with the
Cranbrook Meat Market's Ford 'ruck.
It would seem that tho hoy, Hayward
McCoy, did not see the truck approaching, and there was HtMe chance for
cither to avoid the accident. Tho boy
was knocked down but on examination
It was found that fortunately no bones were broken, though it wus feared
hy onlookers that ho might have bud
serious Injuries. He was rushed to
tho doctors' olDce, and from there taken to tho hospital, h isre he Is recovering from his bruises. The *ruck
was driven by Edgar Davis.
A very enjoyable prc-nnptlal luncheon was given on Saturday afternoon
last at 1.30 by Mrs. A. C. Bowness at
her spacious home, In honor of Miss
Dorothy Mackay, whose wedding on
the Tuesday following has been the
Modal evont of the week. Luncheon
wns served nt 1.30, and a dozen guests
sat down at a pretty table, festooned
with mauve streamers, and decorated
with lilac blossoms. In the centre of
tho table a kewple In a chair occupied
a central place tn the decorative
scheme. At tho conclusion of the
luncheon, the guests adjourned to the
bridge tables. The ladies present
were Miss Dorothy Mackey, the bride-
to-be, and her slater, MIbs Mamie Mac-
key, Miss Delia Greaves, Mrs. T.en
Clark, Miss Delia Drummond, Miss
Prances Drummond, Mrs. Guy Kahaf-
f*y, Mrs. Bins, Hiss I<oretU Arms
traag. Ufa. Halloa, Mrs Jos. 8chell.
Mrs. A. Smith, <>r Lethbridge, is visiting al "HaMldene," tho home ot Mr.
anil Mrs. It   E, Jock*.
,v ii Carter, Underwood typewriter
nub' man aud service man. has been
in the city ihis week on bis regular
bualnesB round.
The Misses Lucy and Alice Allen
arrived hi the city on Thursday's train
from the west, haying come from Nan-
almo for a holiday visit with their
sister Airs. I). A. Kay.
Tbe regular meeting of ihe Knights
of Pythias lodge will be held In the
hall on Tuesday next.. Ii is important thai every member should be [ire-
sent, us the election of officers takes
Dr, ii C Perrln, dean or the faculty
of music of Hie McOtll university was
a visitor In tbe olty visiting Mr. ii,
E, Bower While In the city Mr. Per-
I'in arranged for the appointment of
a secretary for a local branch of the
A request has been made to the Herald by an Irate resident to rentiest
the owner df a black ami white calf
thai runs al large nol to let It out
without u comfort at its side, so th-.t
it would nol need to sooth its desires
on the clean clolhestlnos of the neighborhood,
W, s. Santo, liquor vendor in this
ity. was superintending at tlie beginning of this week, the shipment of
aboul $10,000 worth of liquor and boer
tu Kimberley tor the opening cf the
new stoia there. Mr. Phil Gougeon,
who has been assistant in the store
here, has been named :!.ii vender to
open tho Kimberley store. His suc-
osaor as assistant here has not yet
been permanently named,
Mr. TlKM. W, Pattinson and family
desire to thank those who no kindly
have shown their sympathy during lim
time of their b ereuvemetit In any
y. ami especially lo the Olty Transfer Co.j for Iho kindly consideration
■how n.
England's New Premier Knows Our War Debt Views
Head Steamships
On Atlantic and
Pacific Oceans
Waller MaUghun Fills New Post
Made Necessary by Growth
of the Canadian Pacific
Steamship Husiness
Waller Mauxhan, newly appall*.*;*! St*a*a.
ahip r*-witter Manager of the Canadian
Pacific  Railway.
THE appointment of Mr. Walter
Maughan as Steamship Passenger Manager of the Canadian
Pacific Railway has been officially
announced at the Company's headquarters. The appointment includes
the managership of the Company's
fiassenger business on both the At-
antic and Pacific Oceans. Mr.
Maughan was born in Toronto in
1870, and joined the Canadian Pacific forces in 1892. In 1897 he was
made City Passenger Agent at Toronto, and in 1913 District Passenger Agent. In the same year he
was moved to Montreul as Assistant
General Passenger Agent, and in
December, 1922, became Assistant to
the General Passenger Traffic Manager. He has risen to his present
high position by outstanding ability
as much as by long service.
During the war Mr. Maughan did
valuable work as Chairman of the
Demobilization Committee of the
Canadian Railway War Board representing the Minister of Militia, and
was made a Lieutenant-Colonel in
recognition of his work in transporting troops from Canada and
China to France.
Mr. Maughan's appointment results from recent remarkable growth
of the Canadian Pacific Steamship
fleets on both oceans, and those
especially equipped for West Indies,
Mediterranean and around the world
cruises that nre planned.
At present in regular service on
the Atlantic Ocean between St. John.
N.B. (winter season) and Montreal
and Quebec (summer season) and
Southampton, Liverpool, Belfast,
Glasgow, Cherbourg, Antwerp, and
Hamburg the Canadian Pacific have
eighteen passenger steamships with
an aggregate displacement tonnage
of 360,800 tons. During the coming
summer season the Company will
have 100 passenger steamship sailings from Montreal and Quebec.
These exclusive of the fleet of
freight steamships.
In the Oriental trade four of tha
largest and fastest ships on the Pacific Ocean operate between Vancouver and Victoria and Japan and
In the year 1924 the Canadian
Pacific will operate their own cruises
to the West Indies, Mediterranean,
Egypt, the Holy Land, and also
around the world. Three of their
finest oil burning ships have been
allotted to these services.
One result of these cruises is that
the great Canadian Company not
only bridges two oceans and links
four continents but actually encircles
the globe with its own ships and
railways without being dependent os
designation of
Itnmir l.nw, due
to physical breakdown, resulted In
tbe selection of
Stanley Baldwin,
Chancellor of tbe
K x t! h e q u e r in
Law's Cabinet, to
tttcceed bis chief
ns premier. Baldwin recently visited tlie United
States and hus a
most tborougli
understanding   of
our   views on  our
war IrMHS to Rng*
•*•*••*••••,    Everything is again normal In res-
• • . peel to the tratllc on the r. P. R, By
OK1TUAKY •.building a detour round the big slide
• •between Field and Hector, mum litiu
••••••#•••   •(trains are runnlug aa usual.
On .Monday evening of thia week' ''"be eases against tho Cosmopolitan
at M6, at tho family home on Frem-ii I hotel, iho Wentworlh, the Queens ami
Avenue, death ended the sufferings of the Italia hotel aud a hotel at Moyle,
Mrs. Elizabeth Pattinson, wife of Mr. were brought before judge Lea.sk on
Thomas w. Pattinson, The deceased Thursday end adjourned tor a week,
lady bad been lu poor health for three»These were charges of selling or bee-
fir four years past, ami for the laatl Plus for sale liquor contrary to the
three months or so had been in nlu<-''. The Information was laid by op-
more or lose constantly critical con- oratlves of the lljuor control board,
dltlon. Nevertheless, its IneYltabtl-lwho alto descended upon the hotels
ity did not lessen the shock, with [at Fernie aud elsewhere in tbe East
which friends Of the family learned of {Kootenay district,
her death. _
On tho 33rd of July next deceased | Mr. A. H. Playle announces that he
would have celebrated her fifty-eighthI has taken over part of the McLeod
birthday, aud she had resided in ibis, block on Baker Street, where it is his
city for the past eighteen years. In i intention to open au up-to-date toe
addition to tbo husband loft to mourn. I cream parlor and tea rooms. The
the members ot the family are well services of .Miss Elbe! Dow. formerly
kndwn lu the cily, the three sons be-, of the Patricia, have been engaged by
ing Messrs. John, Thomas and Jo- Mr. Playle, and under her capable
septl, and one daughter. Mrs. CliffordI management the best service nnd sat-
Slssons, also of this city. There arc' Isfactlon is guaranteed to patrons. As
also ten grandchildren, or her seven'to tho quality of his product, Mr.
brothers who survive her, two reoldejPlayle slates that his ice cream will
in B.C., two In Alberta, two In EBng-tbe made of ihe purest of cream, and
land, ami pile In It Uu, U. S. A
Bister alHO resides iu England.
The funeral took ptaco on Wednesday aftornopri from the home of the
deceased, Fronch Avenue, Mr. C. a.
Cock, lay reader    of   Christ Church,
One I that  all  goods  used  will  bo of the
' best  quality obtainable.
Porcy Wetberall, spray; Mr. and Mr*.
Bardgett and family, wrcotb; Mr and'
Mrs.  T. South, spray:   Mr. and  Mrs.
conducting the services in the abseiie'Wm. Wilson, spray;  Mr. aud Mr*, J.
from the city of the rector, Rev. F. V-fAldrldge, Kimberley,   cross;   Miss P.
Harrison.       Interment  was  made  in; Barclay, spray; Mr. and Mrs. I*. Cos-
tho Anglican cemetery. The pallbearers were Messrs. J. Lancaster, M.
GIllls. F. Bradley. J. Atch^on, H.
Coleman and L. Cbstellc.
There were many beautiful floral
tributes in evidence at tlie funeral, to
testify to the respect in Which the de-
con-     iady wa;
tello,   spray;    Mrs. J. J. Fennessey,
cross:;  Mrs. iXjohue. spray.
The friends of Mr. Joe Falvo who
has for some time been operating a
shoe repair shop on Cranbrook St. for
held.    These wete as! Mr. Maripodi. will regret to leum ot
fc*      «: | his death at the St. Eugene Hospital
1. mlly, pillow; Mr. and Mrs. Joel on Monday last, from heart failure.
Taylor and family. Calgary, wreath;; Seme time ago he spent a month in
City Transfer Co. and employees, ga-! hospital and came out feeling much
tcs ajar; Mr. J. E. McDonald, wreath: ' better. Recently he had in return
Mr. and Mrs. Pasamore, wreath: Mr. there again, and survived for only
and Mrs. H. W. White, spray; Mr. ant! two weeks. He was forty years of
Mrs. J. Walkley, spray; Mr, and Mrs. I ago.
Lancaster, spray; Fred and Herbert Besides a brother in Fernie he lea-
Brndley and Frank Sherman, cross; ; vea io mourn his loss a mother in
Messrs A. and K. Burch. wreath; Mr.j Italy. The body is being sent to
and Mrs. C. J. Little, spray; Mrs. Ro-1 Fernie for interment on Sunday.
bcrtson und Mr. Clark, spray; Mr. and:' Mr. and Mrs. Maripodi. and Messrs.
Mrs. B. Hainan, wreath; P. Burns & Frank and Felix Prorenzano and oth-
Cd. staff, stray; Mrs. R. D. Finley. Ma-i prs of his compatriots will leave for
be! and Norn, wreath; Mr and Mrs. J.' Fernie by car Sunday to be present
Bardgett, spray;Mr. aud Mrs. F. Rus- at the funeral. Floral tributes for
sell, spray; Mr. and Mrs. MeCrindle. the funeral have been sent from the
spray; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Atkin.-wn. above named friends, as well as from
spray;  Mr. and  Mrs. W. Soden and  Messrs. iBggitini and Chas. Knocke.
Notice to all Ex-Service Men
will be held In Vancouver, July 3rd to 7th, also the big
Re-Union of all Ex-Servlee men.
Special railway rates   will be available.
Secretary of the G.W.V.A- for particulars.
Ask the
A Special General Meeting and Smoker will be
held in the Club Rooms on Saturday, June Kith, at S.oO
p.m.     Head this twice and flon'l forgei lt.
BUSINESS:   Election of llelegate In Convention.
Singer Sewing Machines
Have (alien nil the Gold Medals ln the Country       Why
pay more money for a machine that can't get a place al
any fair?
SIMihllS are sold for $90.00 and up on payments of $3.00
a Month.
We also have some Good Duys In Second Hand Singers on
$ti.00 a month payments.    Also Machines to Rent.
piiom: »u
•0   J
SmtteJ • m-.nu    s\\'*.j*m
Kim BJ15 jfiyi)si^Bt!!iauitii:
11 a. m —"Fair Words or Pair Deeds"
metbodist Church
UEV. B. C. FREEMAN, Pastor
12.15 Sunday School    and Adult Bible Class.
ADULT CHOIR and Congnuer Special Numbers
Mr. and Mrs. Novak will re rogation
Let us Worship with Gladness
Fhone ill) P.O. Boi MS
A.M.E.I.C, & B.C.L.S.
Cranbrook     •      ■      .B.C.
J  Campbell-Maunlng Block
I       1'luine »;.    Ofllfe Houri
J I to 18,1 to i p.m.  Nuts. » to
tol. I
lirs. Green & MacKinnon
riijsiclaiiH and Surgeons
OHlco   ul   residence,   Armstrong
Afternoons    2.00 to 4.00
Uveninga    7.30 to 8.110
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
9 to 13 a.m.     1 to S p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Phone 860
Norbarj ire*, next to CKj Hall
Following is a statement of ore re.
celved at the Trail Smelter ror the
period during June 1st to Juue 7th
Name ot Mine aud Locality, Tons
Amino Mill, Alamo, RO 44
Emerald* Salmo, B.O  33
Knob Hill, Republic, Wash. 273
Silversmith, (lead) Sandon, B.C. . 121)
Silversmith, (zinc) Sandon, B.C. .. 47
Standard, Silverton, B.C	
Company Mines  0
Meets ln the
G.W.V.A. Hall
afternoon of the
first Tuesday at
8 p.m.
All ladlii are
cordially Invited
President t   Mri. F. Conitentloe.
Her.-Treasurer:  Mri. 0. Taykit.
*H**H"H"I"1 I'M l'HI'H-11 I'M'■'■"■■
lion. Dr. W. H, Sutherland, mtntfltor
of public works for the province, arrived hen' by automobile from Victoria yesterday evening, and spenl most
of twenty-four hours iu tills part.
While here he wns watted upon liy
a commiltoe of the district board of
trade who urgoil for thu Improvement
of the main roads lending from this
point to Cranbrook and the north.
Together with a large party of Officials
wlio had gathered here to meet him
the minister continued on his way on
Tuesday afternoon.
All iraius easl and west for Crows
Nest points havo for lhe past week
heen routed by way of the Lake Windermere .sub-division on accounts of
washouts east, of Fernie,
Mr. Charles D. Ellis who spent the
winter In California and Mexico hus
returned to Windermere for the sea
Dr. and Mrs. P. W. Turner, wlio with
their son have been away on a month's
visit to the coast aud points in the
interior are hack home once more.
The pnoprlotcrB of Hotel lnvermere are making extensive alterations to their hoetolry. The huge
ballroom is being converted Into a
dining room while tho present dining
room will he couvorttjd Into additional
bed rooms.
Dr. ■ ('. D. Walcott, secretary of tlie
Smithsonian Institute of Washington,
D.C., is here again to spend the Bummer. He Is accompanied by Mrs. Walcott Together they will spend the
summer months in the mountains of
the ueighbortiood, The doctor, during
ihis period will carry ou research in
geology, while Mrs. Walcott will pursue the work of classifying the flora on
which sho Is an advanced authority,
having ror many years r.at'ie n specialty of depicting the various plants
and flowers in their natural colors.
The marriage of Mr. J. E. Cornwall
of Swift Current, to Ml™ Florence
Moody of lhal place was duly solemnized last month iu SI Stephen's church
Swift Current The presents received
were both numerous and costly. The
honeymoon was spent in Banff. On
the return home the bridal couple took
up their residence at 430 Second street
of that city. Before going to Swift
Current Mr. Cornwall was for mrny
years manager of thu- local hrancl.es
of the Bank of Montreal in tlieee
parts. Mrs. Cornwall came to Swift
Current from Terrebonne, Quebec,
Friday, June Uth, 1923
.Baptist Ctmrci)
11 a.m.—Morning Service.
7.30 p.m.—Evening Service.
Prayer Meeting Thursday, 8 p.m.
Acting   PuHlor,
Mr. A. K. Leltch, president of the
[Oust. Kootenay Lumber Co., passed
llil-cugh here en-route from Crunhrnok
to Wolf Creek.
I. O. O. F.
^Ssmj^sA. Meets every
nJE^KMonday night at
VHFTOrW rbe Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially Invited.
N. O. - - E. O. Dlngley
Rec. Sec.    -    -    W. C. Adlard
The walfil line is to be moved again.
ICCOrdlng to the latest fashion notes
'When It domes to changing places of
abode, a Methodist preacher has nothing on that elusive equator."
Fresh Milk & Whipping Cream
ffllc. HALF PINT
If not satisfied will return the
C. OOnilEKIS    -    -    Nul» Tel
L. D. Cafe
(Little Davenport)
When you wish something good
to eat go to the "L.D."
00B    PBICEa    ABE    BIGHT
'  H. C. LONG
fashionable Ladles' tnd Gents'
Merchant Tailor.
Chinese Fancy Goods and Silk.
Tan Horn* St, Cranbrook
Phone 416 PA Box 447
Montana Restaurant
Heals at AU Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candlas
Cranbrook St,     -     Phone Sill
Opp. Bank of Commerce
-as dainty
as its name
■thf north-west biscuit company [td
Mr. Laraercon, or St, Peter* Minn.,
a former rancher of the middle west
is registered at tho hotel Wasa.
The hauling of logs has heen resumed by the lowering Lumber Co., on
Tuesday of this week. Several more
trucks are to he put on soon It is ox-
Mr. Eddie Bickford returned to
Wasa lasi Monday after an absence of
ton days during which time he has
been omployod as teamster for the
hovering Lumber Co., at the camps,
Mr. Bickford has made a careful survey of the "metropolis," and finds
Crnubnibk one of the host ever as u
latf-ablding community as well as
being public spirited for those wlio
may chance to visit its environs. Of
course Crnnbrook lias always been
considerate with her floating population and the police are to he congratulated for the good judgment exercised with regard to questionable
characters and others who favor her
with their presence,
Mr, Harry Bnrr is making good
progress witli his work of graveling
the truck road for tlie Lovering Company. At presenl Mr, Burr has in hi
employ several men and twp teams
on the job, as well ns a kitchen
established for tho boarders near the
gravel pit.
Mr, Curley Davidson nnd Robert Mc
Bean were assigned to get ont the
spur-trees for the radiophone equip,
ment for the Lovering Amusement
Club on Saturday last.
Hurry Munroe of the Wasa hotel,
was a visitor to the Lovering camps
on Wednesday of Inst week.
Considerable rain has fallen during
the last two weeks causing some damage to the highways nnd by-ways of
the Kootenay valley district nnd as
il consequence the Lovering Company
was obliged to discontinue hauling
logs for an Indefinite period.
A dance under the management ojf
the Lovering amusement club wns
held at the hotel Wasa on Saturday
evening lasi and a good time was
The membership of the Club includes some of the managing staff of
the Lovering Company and others.
The aims of its memlieis will be carried nut. by a series of entertainments
during the coming season. At presenl
a radiophone Is being Installed us a
means of keeping lu touch with tlie
outside world as to the Important
events. So much for the progressives
of the Lovering amusement club al
Mr. Tom Boyter, of tho firm of
Leask & Boyter, Wolf creek, and Mr.
Itlley also of the creek, wero visitors
to tho camps en-route from Crnnbrook
Sunday last. Mr. Jack Taylor
foreman for the Lovering people* and
Phil Cyr wero also in the motor party
The radio station of tho Lovering
amusement club at \Vn»a Is in operation and rndlo messages are being received by thoso who are In attendance
at certain times. On Saturday of lost
week it is said that a concert at San
Krunslst'o   wns   quite  audible   lo   Us
hearers at Wasa, and ii is hoped by
those religiously Inclined, to bo favored on tho sabbath with church mush;
and sermons by the great exponents
of the gospel throughout the continent. ,
Mr. Billy Floyd is chief enginee: for
iho Kootenay River Lumber Company
mill at Wolf Creole. At present the
mill is not being run to full capacity,
only lumber which hi being utilized
for building purposes ou the inillsile
Is being sawed, A larger holler, it is
said, will he added before much sawing for the markets is undertaken by
the company.
Cranbrook Women's Institute
H>rt3e Xtst
Flower Show & Exhibition
Thursday, August 23rd,
At the G. W. V.A.HALL
I Embroidery <m while, linen, solid  75 .CO
'1   Embroidery mi white linen, eyelet  75 ,50
:!   I',iir Embroidered  Towels   75 .50
4 Bmbroldoroil Afternoon Teaclotli  75 .50
5 Aftornoon Teneioth wllli cut laeu wurk   .75 .50
(I   Pair Embroldorod Pillow Cases 75 .50
7   NlgbtdreBs or Corset Voko 75 .50
s   Fancy Bag, any variety 75 .00.
II Tatting  75 .50
10 Homo Made Ruge  75 .50
11 lialilos' Dress  76 .50
12 Table Rimuer or Tea Cloth In applique   .75 .50
18   Article lit Crosa Stltoli  75 .50
11   Uomlolr Cup, any variety 75 .so
15   Plain Morning Dress  75 .50
in   Apron, any variety  75 .50
17 Handknllled Sweater   1.00 .75
18 Uesi articlu lu Cotton, machine work   .75 .60
19 Host article In Cotton, hand made 75 ,60
20 SHU Embroidered on Llnoii 75 .50
21 Patchwork Quilt  75 .50
22 Ladles' Shirt Waist  75 .50
NOTE.—Entries during previously won a prize will
be disqualified and ull exhibits lu Clnsses 1 nnd 3
must be work of exhibitor.
Sec. .
1 Sweet Peas, 12 spikes. 0 colors  75 .60
2 Pansios, best collection  75 .50
:t   Cut Flowers, host collection   1.00 .75
4 Hoses, best collection  75 .50
5 Asters. 3 colors 75 .50
fi   House Plants, best collection   1.00 .75
7   Geraniums, one or more 75 .50
H   Fuchius, one or more  75 .50
9   Begonias, ono or more 75 .60
10 Foliage Plants, one or more 75 .50
11 Hest  Fern  75 .50
12 Cnrrols, live  75 .50
13 Halt Dozen Potatoes  75 .50
14 Plate Peas, one dozen pods  75 .50
15 Cabbages, iwo 75 ,50
ll!   Parsnips, live  75 ,50
17 Meets, round  75 .50
18 Cauliflowers,  two  75 .50
19 Six Stocks ot Rhubarb  75 .50
20 One Pumpkin  75 .50
21 Pluto of strawberries  76 .50
22 Best Collection of Vegetables   1.00 .75
NOTE.—Books donated hy tbe Department ot Agriculture will be given us Specials for Flowers.
1 White Bread, two loaves  75 .60
2 Brown Bread, two loaves  75 .50
3 Fancy Bread, two loaves  75 .50
4 Doughnuts, six  76 ,50
5 Buns, plain, six  75 .50
li   Buns, fancy, six  75 .50
7 Iced Layer Cake  75 .50
8 Jelly Roll  '"   ,75 ,50
9 Fruit  Cake   75 ,50
10 Shortbread    75 ,r,0
11 Jam Tans, six, plain pastry  75 .60
12 Apple  Pie   75 .60
•13   Pineapple Pie ... ' ?*, ,jn
14 Lemon   Pie   75 50.
15 Collection Presorvou Frull  In  Syrup,
not Iuhm man 4 variolles 75 .50
10   Collection   of   Jams   and   Miinnniinles.
not less then 4 variation 76 ,60
17 Collection  of Jellies,  nol   less   than   I
varieties    75 ,cq
18 Collection of Pickles,  nol   less Hum   I
varieties   75 ,r,n
19 Candy,   3   varlelles  76 ,50
NOTE.—All competitors Is Ihe above three classes
must  be  members   ol  Iho   Institute   before  June
301 h, 1923.
1 Loaf Cake  ' 75 .50
2 Fancy liread  75 .50
3 Cookies  75 .60
4 Drop Cukes  75 .60
5 Tea Hlsculls  75 .50
0   Candy    75 ,50
.7   Article In applique 75 .50
8 Hand Made Article  75 .50
9 Machine Made Article 75 .50
10 Apron  75 .50
11 Woo] Work, any variety  75 .50
12 Table Mais  76 .50
Best Bouqnel of Wild Flowers—open lo  hoys and
girls—Rook prizes donated by tho Department
of Agriculture.
NOTE.—In order to he eligible tor competing, girl's
must  be associates or daughtots  of  members of
lbe Institute.
c. Knox rtrotliors,
reported ns ImvitlB
ill  Ihe HOrlh shore
Vancouver,   11
of Montreal, ar
purchased 11 site 	
of llurrunl lulel nnd will
bleotrlonlly oporntod lumber mill employing at least 200 bands when o| orating, Construction will emmnonce
; for CONSUME!;'
Cufiomers  for  VO-i •
Advertise and seli 'em
If ywVe somotArnj /iov
After Every Meal
All town exhibits must be In plnoe by 11 a.m, of tho
day of the Exhibition. Rural members will be
given a short extension of time.
(Ferule Free Press)
On Mondny morning Juno 4th,
the Catholic Church al Creston, was
the scene of n quiet hut pretty wedding when Miss Jennie Bellinger was
united iu lmirrtuge to Clarence Nohels
of Snokune. Rev. Father BlBSett officiating.
The Initio entered the church on the
arm of her father and looked charming in a frock of flame canton crepe
and white picture haft carrying a
bouquet of snowballs and lilacs. The
bride wns hssisjtod by Miss I.ydia
Johnson, who wus charmingly attired,
and the groom was Supported by Mr.
Wm. Bellinger, brother of the bride.
Tlie happy couple motored lo the
home of Mr. and Mrs. McQonlgal, at
Kitchener, where a wedding breakfast was served, only Intimate friends
being present, after which the young
couple left on the noon train, amid
showers ot rice and confetti, for Spokane where they will make llicir
On Saturday evening, at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. B. McQonlgal, u
ihower waa given in honor of Miss
Jennie Bclanger Miss Belanger was
the recipient of many beautiful aud
valuable presents. The home wus
tastily decorated for the occasion
and (lie latter part of the evening was
spent in dancing.
night was just six Incite
over tho hank.
from being
"Pother, what is a monologue?"
"Oh, a conversation between your
mother and me."
Mr. H. Jordan, contraclor, end Mr.
J. Duncan, constable, wero business
visitors to the district last week.
Mr. Harry Barr, rancher, logging
contractor and road builder, who has
Tough luck consists or dodging an
Ultomobdlb and being run over by nn
•   •   *   •
Franco and England still stand In a
■lose embrace, Neither one dares to
let go,
Several Baynes Lake parties spent
Sunday at Rock creek. There were
also a few Fernie cars present.
Tills district has been enjoying very
heavy rains lately, usually accompanied by a great deal of thunder and |
lightning. j
The swimming peason wus opened ■
here by several of the youns folks indulging iu water sports both in Baynes
aud Surveyor lakes.
Dr. Christie and Mrs. Pope, the" red ,
cross nurse have been busy all week i
Inspecting the school children of the
district from the boundary to Wurdueri
and Bull River.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Stirling and son
Kenneth motored to Ward tier on Sunday last.
The Adolph Lumber Co., planing
mill is working full force and indications point to a clean up ot the yard
by early fall.
A large boom of logs arrived Sun
duy evening at the Baker Lbr> Co.,
mill at Wuldnfhavlng come from the
Wardner camp.
Mr. D, Mowat, In charge of the
Adolph Lumber Co., has the Mc
Luughlin car on the go again. Better
luck this time Dave.
Several curs from Baynes and Waldo motored to the big dance at Jaffray
hist Friday und all report a splendid
The Kootenay river has been rising
steadily nil  week  und   on   Tuesday
Celebrated Minstrels to Appear Here
Pacific Milk does make nicer
desfiortH, for it retains ull the
milk solids. Including the cream.
Which, said In another w.iy, Is
that the whole of the fond elements of rich milk with tin added quantity of butter fat Is retained, and theso aro what make
smooth, line grained cakes.
And it keeps well ln hot weather.
In work or
play, it gives
the poise and
steadiness that
mean success.
It helps digestion,
•Hays thirst, keeping the month cool
and moist, the throat
muscles relaxed
aad pliant and the
nerves at ease.
Lift Off with Fingers
Doun't hurt a bit! Drop • tittle
"Preflzone" on an aching corn, In-
•tantlj that corn sloin hurilug, Him
shortly you lift lt right oil with flng-
•n.   Truly!
Tour druggist sells a tiny Mile of
Parifir MSIlr Ci\    I it,  I "*'r*»0I»>" for a few cants, sutflclsnt
mil III l-lllli VU., LIU. to ,4b,,,,, 6rery hMd corn ,oft r
Hud Office, Vancouver, B.C,
Factories at Abbotslord asd Ladner.
or corn between the toes and tho eel-
without soreness or Irrltstloo,
■Vs Itirssinntjlir
No company before the public sti-.nds
the wenr and tear of time us well as
iloes ti'.o Famous Georgia Mlnstrols
soon to appear in this elty. In the
hearts of the theatre going public it
Is   always   popular.     The   sub-title
been doing repairs on the truck road "Georgia" has been copied by many
of the Lovering Lumber Company hns "10 <"*Jo<rt being to misload tho public
discontinued his work here and ll Is "•" lllls aggregation bag never beon
reported will take up some work noarwllhllrawn Iron- the American stage
Kimberley ia the near future.
for a single season, nnd during the
thirty-three years ot Its existence it.
hns been kept up to a high standard
and this year tho management has
eclipsed all previous efforts. The announcement that they will appear at
the Auditorium, Friday, June 15th
will bo wolcor-o news to the minstrel
Canadian Pacific Railway
Either ALL HAIL, <>r via tilt- GREAT LAKES,
On Sale mm, RETURN LIMIT Oof. Bill
in \<aunv camps
In old clothes and eoniforl. Camps n Uike Waplii. Mke O'lliiin.
Volio Vallcy.Kmcnih! Uike Chalet, Moraine Lake anil Lake Windermere.   These Camps are open Juno 15th to September  Will
Tlie I'liiiiniis "TRAXS-CANADA LIMITED" Ih MOW run-
nluir airuin wllh iiiTi'lcnilnl Bt'lierililc.
Infoi'iimllon as fo fares, ami every naelstntice In making your
plans-will he cheerfully given hy any Ticket Aaenl of lliu
King of Pain
The tid tfluibtt remedy fur Fheumatiim nml Neuratiia, Sort Ureal, Sprains, Strains,
.S\.;lli>i£ of any set! and Brniwi
Mist Rmli Tarklnilon, 12 Trafa&itf St., St Thomas, Ont. "My irmilmcither wai
kuliji-cl iiiiliiumjii.'-maiiiluscjuiijlliiielroriiriiy playmate* tu ru to the drug*
litis lop* MUnrd'l Linirurm.   I *i* blicn unwillini and iltcUm! I hatcH that uW iturT,
but I **jnluural..utln-si(i«.lit*j.. I «,it nrtirjliiij. l.tindma taint with (he UMmniand
Minard's Liniment Company
% Friday, .Tune 15th, 11)2:1
(Ponticton Herald)
Tho wedding ot Mlea Alice Duwten-
liolmer, eldest daughter oE Mr. und
Mrs, J. P. Bawtenhetmor- Victoria
Drive, to Mr. \V. F. Dickenson, of Kimberley, limit place on Tuesday oventng
at (ho homo of tho bride's parents,
only u lew inlliiiiile frlenda being
Ui'v. ,)■ ForguBson Millar officiated.
Miss BeBBte Ifoug, or Kelowna, attended iho bride, who waB given away by
her rather, Mr, Marry Pawtonbolmor,'
brother oE iho bride wiih host man,      I
After tho wedding suppor iho lmppy|
couple reoolvod tho congratulations of
a number of young frlondB, and wore
drlvon to the hunt hi an auto to whlol
wus attached n regular battery of tin
onus. Thoy left this morning for Vernon and othor lake points, where the
lioiicyiiKJ.u will ho spout, :it tho conclusion <>r which thoy will take up
l heir residence In Ktmboi'ley.
Early this week tbe work was begun of stocking up tho government
liquor store ut Kimberley ready for
business. Under the direction of Mr.
W. 8. Santo, liquor vendor at Cranbrook, about $10,000 worth ol' goods
wore Hunt up in provide the initii
stock for tho store and this will bo
Increased us the buBluoBB warrants
The liquor storo Ih opening in
tho building recently erected by Jones
&. DorlH and leased hy them (o the
government it is announced Jron,
Victoria 'hat v. J, Q.ougeon of Cranbrook, who bus been the assistant tn
tho liquor store there will ho lhe vendor in the Klnihorley attire.
At Cranbrook. on Thursday of Inst
week Mr, Atcheson Luey of Kimberley
was united iu marriage to Miss Lillian
Juno Nihioi also of Kimberley and formerly of Cranbrook. Tho ceremony,
which wns performed at Christ Church
tho Rev. F. V. Harrison officiating,
was attended only by the immediate
friends ot the contracting parties. A
-wedding luncheon was served at the
Cranbrook hotel after tho ceremony.
The bride wns a member of the nursing staff of the Kimberley hospital,
and the groom Is employed by the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
company. Their friends in Kimberley
and Cranbrook will extend to them
every good wish.
When Vim Think of Insurance
— Call Up —
Flume 20      ::      Crnnbrook
Sole Agents lor Kinilierlev Tim unite.
Dimor's Cafe
K I M 11 E R L E Y
— Open Day and Night —
Vim will I'libiy your Meals At.
this Cnfo
Our Service Is Prompt and we
always try to please.
Light Refreshments
Dry Cleaning        Pressing
l.ppjilrint- X I.iiiimln Work
— See —
Ho\ 97 : KIMBERLEY .
Wo call fur and deliver ponds
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
K. S. Davys of Kaslo, formerly general manager of tbe Silver King mine,
near there, has gone to the East
Kootenay country In tho vicinity of
Kimberley, to look over the Stem
Winder group of mines which linve
heen standing idle for some years.
The Stem Winder is a law grade
property with a large tonnage, which
with the present prices for zinc
should be made to go at u profit.
O. C. Thompson, a recent lessee of
tho Utica, above Kaslo, will he associated with Mr Davys lu the new
property. Mr. Thompson Is well
known as having been working the
North Star mine at Kimberley, adjoining which tho Stem Winder claims
nro situated.
Orovllle. — A tremendously large
east iron bull wheel, weighing 8,800
tbs, billed to the Nlckle Plato mine,
at Hedley.was unloaded here Saturday and forwarded to Hedloy, Monday.
The monster chunk of Iron came
through from Chicago by express, and
it must have heen an indlspeuslblo
part of the mine machinery to require
this rush act as the express charges
were $458, while the article itseir
could not have cost more than ?U00.
Opposite Dopol
ltonn.s hi Utty or WeCfc     Unlit Lunch
Meals - I mil - 8otl Drinks • i nml)
darns and Tobaccos
CHARLIE WING   -   Minlierlcy
JoneB & Doris, Cranbrook contractors, will.be pleased to estimate on
that new building. 16
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Fortier of Sullivan bill, left Cranbrook early on
Sunday morning to motor to the coast.
While away they will tour Vancouver
Island; they expfecL to he gone n
Tho Chevrolet   fs   well equipped—
easy riding—easy to drive, nnd emu-
mod ions.
On Sunday, Ave Kimberley cars had
narrow escapes from serious accident.
Ono landed In a ditch, another knocked down a pedestrian, a third ran Into
a wagon while two others Just avoided
collisions. Luckily no one was injured.
Morning and afternoon trips to
Kimberley from Brown & Mbrley's
Stupe office opposite Kootenay Qarage
Phone 581 if
 ........' KIMRBKXfil
Laundry Work Wanted
Apply —
|       KIMBERLEY       f
!     NEWS NOTES     !
+ ♦
List your property with Martin
Bros, 15
Special trips arrange to any place,
any time,    hy    Brown    and    Morley.
Mr, Cochrane; Bunk of Montreal Inspector spent Thursday and Friday
Inspecting the local branch.
Iu order to prevent accidents, use
of the hell line route between Kimberley mid tho townslte Is being enforced.
Trattle to tho hill must go up the
trout road and use the buck one for
Mm return trip; tho outer road Is being repaired,
('has. Walker of the Nelson Daily
News staff was in town on business
hist week.
More teams arrived this week to
help with the construction work on
iho dam at the concentrator.
Mrs, Wm. Lindsay and family spent
lhe week-end in Cranbrook, the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy.
Miss Joan Philips spent Saturday
visiting er numerous friends iu Kimberley. Although they are not likely
io see her again they are iu possession
or some very good snapshots which
will help keep her in mind,
Mrs. E. O, Montgomery entertained
five tables of bridge ou Thursday evening. The prize winners were Miss
M. Smyth and Mr. Hjiuny.
Pntmore Bros., have installed an
up-to-date bathroom for Frank Carl-
iii at KEmborley and have another
under way for (!, A. Foote.
The upkeep und operating cost of
iho Chevrolet Is less than any other
car made.
Mr, Hugh Bostock, one of the party
of McGtll students, here a few weeks
ago, returned on Saturday; he will
fill Mr. Berry's place at the mine for
the present.
Tiie local branch of the C. G. I. T.,
which, under tbe leadership of Miss
Bessie Cnpern, has heen organized
for some months, held a very successful social evening last Friday. Nineteen members and two guests were
present. There was a short program
followed by games and refreshments.
The girls are very enthusiastic over
ibeir club and hope to carry it on
through ihe summer. Thoy plan to
have four meetings a month, one for
religious study, one for education,
one for physical culture nnd one for
social purposes. As a club of this sort
means ft lot to the young girls we
wish It every success.
Brown's Stage will take Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, etc., for repair to
LBIOH, the JEWELLER, Cranbrook.
Leave work at Dimor's Cafe. 15tf
Next year will likely see Kimberley
nernin with tent caterpillars unless
idmo steps are taken to exterminate
these pests. Even now the trees and
iambs In many parts of the district
ire rapidly being destroyed.
Sunday was, in spite of a short
.bunder shower, an Ideal day and. a
number of car owners look advantage
•t the weather to seek more distant
ielils. At least eight ears left Kimberley for St. Mary's hike, where the
troon fields, bright flowers and won
Jarful scenery arc n delight to nil.
Don't Throw Away Those Old Tires
Send Hum down liy llio KIbro for our limpi'i-lltm.     tf
iln'y ore mil worth repairing, wi will Advise yon.
Wo guarantee nil our work and pay charges one way.
Wilson's Vulcanizing Works
OPPOSITE) i.iijl'nit STORM
(Form K)
Corllflcato of Improvements
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of Mule
Studio! Baker Si., Cranbrook
Plan* M.1
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada Limited
Purchasers of Gold, Silver. Copper, Lead ft Zinc Ores     ij
Producers of Gold, SlWer, Copper, PI* Lead and Zinc       I
"Prune," "Jam," "Hasp," "straw;
'Onion," "Plum," "Apple," "Orch-
ml," "Harvey," "Acme," "Apex,1
'Slum." "Zenith," "Spider Pr.," "Out
Pr.," "Anothdr Fr.," "Wren," "V. A.
D,  Fr.," "Polios," Tailor," "Wolf,
llutnx," "Pebeeco," "Snap," "Uold
l>ii:i," "Hcrgeuul," Lieut.," "Corpor
nl," "Batman," "Captain," "Supper/
M. O. Fr.." "W, A. A. C."
Situate In (he FoltT STEELE Mining
Division of Kootenay District;
Where located— On Sullivan Hill,
near Kimberley,
TAKE NOTICE (hat The Coniolldat
ed Mining & Smelting Company, or
Canada, Mm lied, Free Miner's Certl
flcute No. 40194-C, Intend, sixty days
from tho date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate o.
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown limit of the above
And further tnke notice that action,
iimlor seel Inn 8fi, mint, be commenced
before lbe Issuance of such certlfl-
I'ntit »f Improvements.
Dated tills 24th day of April, A.n.
l'ir H. 0. Mootgoawry, Ages*.
On Tuesday a car collided with a
speeder at the railway crossing The
men on the speeder wer badly shaken
up. The car is still in the ditch, minus a front wheel.
Percy Andrews, of Cranbrook, Is
spending a few days with his brother.
Let Brown's Stage bring us that
watch or clock for repair. We'll do
tho rest. LEIGH, the JEWELLER,
Cranbrook. lBtl
Mrs. N. W. Burdett returned home
on Saturday from Cranbrook where
she lias been confined for some weeks
in St. Eugene hospital,
Anyone considering taking life insurance should consult Martin Bros.,
Cranbrook. They are District Agents
for Canada's largest life company, and
have specialized In that business for
fifteen years. 16tf
George McMahoii arrived homo on
Sunday from Spokane to spend Ills
summer vacation with his mother Mrs.
O. C. Thompson,
When we sell yon a car we also are
prepared to give you service.
Mr, L. Daniels of the Consolidated,
left on Saturday for Victoria and coast
points on a, holiday.
,At Cranbrook, on Tuesday, before
Judge Leask, James B. Fraser of Kimberley was fined ¥10.00 or fourteen
days fn jail for the theft of a suitcase
from Sidney Boudreu at the concentrator camp.
The Rev. Father Blssette wilt hold
service at tho Catholic church on Sunday next.
Mr. S. O. Blaylock, general manager
of the Consolidated Mining & Smelt-
fug Company, of Trail, spent the week
end In Kimberley, leaving on Monday
for Calgary.
Members of the Knights of Columbus or Kimberley are cordially Invited
to attend a meeting of tbe Council to
be held In Cranbrook on Sunday) cvon-
Ing June 17th.
The Chevrolet Is the logical car for
this district.
Jack Taylor, government road superintendent for the district made a
short visit to Kimberley on Monday.
The dance under the ausplcos of
the Catholic Club was a great success.
A fair sized crowd attended and about
sixty dotlars was realized. The "Happy Five" orchestra mado Its first appearance In Kimberley and by its new
and peppy music scored a considerable hit.
Miss Barr, of Wasa, was ths guest
of Mrs Frank Carlson on Monday.
Jones tt Doris' new building beside
the Catholic church has been leased
to the government to be used for the
liquor store. It was opened for business on Wednesday.
Work dn tbe new jail is to be start,
ed immediately.
Vrs. 0, A. Foote and son Chrissic
left to-day for Vancouver, via Spokane. While In Vancouver they
will be the guests of Mrs. Foote'd sis-
tor. Mrs. Norman Clark. They will
return In about n, month via the Arrow
Kimberley 91.50 single, tii.'ift return
from the Brown and Morley atage
office. Panels called for uml dellv
ered lu Kimberley     Phone &.£t.      tf
On Wednesday, June 20th. Klmber
ley will be given a chance to bear tbe
platform of the new provincial party
The meetng will be addressed by Dr.
J. W. Mcintosh, ex M. L. A., and others.
Jack McKay's new residence Is al'
most completed und he hopes to move
iu very shortly.
All Kimberley is looking forward
with Interest to tlie "Hard Times"
dance which Is being given by the O.
W. V. A., on Friday, June 22nd.
Archie Robertson, principal of Ibe
public school, lias accepted n position
on the Nelson teaching staff.
I'll meet you nt tbe Club Cafe, Cranbrook. lfitf
J. Noblo and family, of Pleasant
Valley, have left Kimberley for Creston.
Tuesday evening, a severe windstorm blow several tree* across the
electric wires, putting the town lights
out of commission; the company, how-
over, was able with its own power to
supply the deficiency.
Brown's Stage leaves Kimberley
morning and afternoon Tor Cranbrook.
Enquire nt Dimor's Cofe. lBlf
Miss Thompson, of Red Deer. Alta.,
Is spending a few weeks visit with
Mr. and Mrs, Poore.
Imagine two handful!; of cigars,
with more in reserve, backed up with
a wide grin, ami a voice merrily warbling "I'm a Daddy," and you have your
old friend Steve Clark informing the
boys of the arrival of a baby girl on
Monday morning last.
Old man jinx settled down once
mure mi tlie Wycliffe nine, last Sunday afternoon, when they dropped the
home game to Fernie by r. score of
8 to ■). However it can be s;:id of the
battle that it was a real one and the
issue was In doubt from tho llrst man
up In the first Inning till the swan
sang a mournful song, In the last.
Both Pennington and Ault pitched
good ball though both were hit hard.
Fernie managed to bunch their hits
iu the second, third and ninth innings
while Wycliffe only worked the safe
wallers In tho fourth and eighth. The
game was featured by a snappy double ploy; nifty Holding by Trimble
wlio also turned In a good batting
record, getting two long two-baggers
and a long sneriice, out of three times
up; the third time up he filed out lo
the center fielder who got the catch
In deep field; wllh a man on third,
who passed up what .should have been
a perfect sacrifice. Ruscfin! was tho
shining light for the visitor;*, having
a perfect day at hat, five safe lifts out
of as many times up.
Box Score:
Wycliffe— AH il RPOA E
Crowe       2b   f.   0   0   :i  I  2
Whitehead       ss   6   1   0   0 0 1
Oldenjack       cf   6   1    2   2  0  0
Rogers       o    4   2   2 10  0  0
Clark      lb   4   0   0   8  I 0
Trimble       3b   .12   0   2 4  1
Hunter       If   4   2   0   010 1
Chase       rf   4   0   0   1   0  0
Pennington       p   4   0   0   150
Houle & Staples sp
We regret to report another accident this week, though not of such n
a serious nature as last week's mishap, Pete Frcnzen, on Monday
evening, had the misfortune to badly
mangle a toe, and Is now iu St. Eugene, hospital. The logging train waa
I backing a load down from the C.P.R.
line and Pete was getting aboard In
the usual manner at the switch, when
his foot slipped and went under ono
of the wheels. While unfortunate In
the sense of being hurt, he was lucky
Indeed that his entire foot did not go'
j under; we predict thai they wonl be]
|able to keep Pete in hospital very!
Latest reports from the hospital aro J
|to the effect that J. E. Bennett is getting along as well as can be expeciod,
considering the extent oX his injuries.
He is keeping up excellent spirits and
that alone Is a great aid to recovery,
Total enrollment 22
Pdplls names In order of merit.
Senior Fourth.—Warren Keer. Leslie Rerriwief, Hazel Herchmer. Jimmy I emmon, Donald Tlbbetta,
Senior Third. -Eva Ttbbetts, Bessie
Watkins, Alvln Ash. Donald Lemrnou,
Asell Pighin, NIrvlna Plghlu.
Junior Third -Leona Bidder, Leonard Glanvltle.
Fur' Reader Muriel Herchmer. Edna Hoi-cloy, Mildred Watkins, Max
Bidder, Victor Pighin.
Primers.- Kenneth Ash, Jimmy Bid-
ler, Zoe Pighin, Verns Wstklns,
v. M. McGREGOR, Teacher.
During these rainy June days you
can tell the St. Mary's prairie tanner
by the grin. We met Happy Hughea
the other day and we quite hut track
of the smile, it disappeared behind
Ills ears somewhere.
(in Saturday lasl ihe first car of ore
from ths'  Evana  mine at  Marysvllle
tbe smelter for a test.
Club Cafe, Cranbrook, commodious,
Clean, comfortable, l.'iif
Mr. E. C. Blair, of Bull River, photographer, passed through Cranbrook
on his way to Kimberley.
For printing requirements, and Stationery of all kinds.—Try the Herald
.,    Alberta.—Over    fifteen
mda    i butter were manu-
; rovince of Alberta
pas   year, an Increase of a
a quarter pounds ovor the
ar.     The selling value of
■  yew was 5r>,023.0OO,
14.54 ' 007 in 1921,   Au Idea
weed value ot the butter
tbe province is shown by
il In 1931 there was (23,600
manufactured as com*
1,625  for    tho   year
Auditorium, Friday, June 15
38 8 4 2711   5
Penile—                      ABH H l'O A E |
Hovan       If 4 0 0   100
Wilson       SB r, 1 0   1 0 2
Bishop       21) 5 2 1   2   3   1
MtTeer       c 6 1 1   7 0 0
Barger      lb 4 2 3   9  0  0
Ruscihal       cf 5 f, 1   2  0  0
Shand       3b 4 113  2  0
Collon       if 4 2 0   0  0  0
Ault       p 3 0 0   1   4-0
Blair & Dunlap .. sp
Callahan       sp 1 0 1   10  0
40 14 8 27 9 3
Callahan replaced Hovan In ninth.
Hlls ort Pennlnclon. 14 off Aull 8;
Skrnck out by Pennington fl, by Ault
7? bases on balls, Pennington 1, Ault
0;Stolen base, shand: 2 base bits, Rogers, Trimble  (21. Barger (2), Rush-
cal: sacrifice lilts. Trimble, Ault;!
double play. Pteiinlngton to Crowe toj
Clark; flrat baee on errors, Wycliffe
3. Pernio 4. i
Umpires, Trew and Jones. |
id and
PRICES tax INCMJDBD &1.86, il.lo and Sic
Fishing in Canada
"Well, you see, sir." rcnlled the,
foreman, "It wan this way. Dill went
Into the powder mixing room, ;>rib-
ably thinking of ttomethtiif; else, and
struck  n  r.intrh  In  mistake.    He—"
"Struck a match!" exclaimed the
proprietor In amazement. "I should
have thought that would hare been.
the last (hbg oa aaxth fcV4 to"
FOR those who like fish and fishing tln'i* Is no count!*)' like our
own. By reason of tbe accessibility
•of Its fishing Krounds from tbe railways* Canada i.» becoming the Mecca
of tbe real anglers of tblfl and tbe
European Continent, and although
they come In Increasing numbers
and with each year carry off more
spoils, they do not seriously affect
the numbers oi their prey; this
partly because nf tbe protective
policy of licencing adopted In various
provinces, and because most of the
provincial governments have established fish hatcheries from which
lakes and stream.-' are replenished a*
the stock becomes depleted.
Prom Montreal the Canadian
Paclflo Rail way runs through a veritable fisherman* paradise in the
' Lnurentlans, and In a couple of hours
after leaving that clly one can arrive
at a fruitful stand; but If a fishing
trip without thr trimmings Is desired,
tbe waters of Northern Ontario, tbe
Niplgou district, and parts of New
Vnuswlck art equalled, en ttto cssa-
tlneot only by those of British
Columbia. Prise Bass have put
Tlmaganil on the map, Vancouver Island too has produced
some fine bass and trout, and
Ihe salmon struck ln that part
of tbe Dominion are famous all
over tbe World for their size
and fighting proclivities. Then
there's tbe Gaspe coast and
Bale des Chatetirs In Quebec.
Cains River and the Little
Trocadle of New Brunswick
are also famous for their
sporting fish. Tuna make?
good fishing almost anywhere
off the coast of Nova Scotia but
very few are taken a* j-pcclal
tackle )■ required for Oih
Now Ik the lime to ol) the rod
and look up the tarkle In ■cause
trout bite not only on tbe first ot
May—If the Ice Is out. Stephen Lea*
cock ssys that he has coma to tlu
conclusion that black bass bite onlj
it mldalgbt He baa never fished
    Ml ba be* cone to
he Catch ot ttic N'lplgpn Senson,
t|i - com lu Ion bi i suss he was never
very successful before that hour, but,
Bi lie also says, tin bass is cunning,
and one cunning bass Is worth twenty of n more tame**variety of the
completely acijiiatlo, tauter breathing,
nta&t«ta vertebrates. TttflF*     EIGHT
Friday, June 15th, 1023
. -   - *
Have your Old Jcwelery Remodeled
Your old-fashioned wed.
new-style Tiffany r
Your oid-styif diamond
Hllgreed ring ahowl
Your old-time earrlngB
modelled Into tl
ing ring can ne made Into  a   handsome,
UK ;vl small expense,
engagement ring can lie made over into n
ig the diamond to greater advantage,
broast-ptn, linger rings, etc., can be re-
ewer styles oi' jewelry, and the low cost
of the work will surprise you.
|    NORBURY AVENUE, Next to the Star Theatre   %
%   Plums 808. Res. 215. AM. WORK GUARANTEED     %
June 16th Only
Talcum Powder
Violet Odor, large tins.
2 Tins tor -•"'
Straw Hat Dye
the kind that gives satisfaction.
Large Bottlo  85c
Empty Glass Bottles
The   ideal   container for
Fruit and Pickles, will
hold from 5 to ii pints.
Special ....   86c en.
IQ23 Bathing Caps
will make a hit.    Come In
While   the    selection is
large   and  set the one
you like.
Prices range
from 86c ii|i t<> #1.00
The Druggist
City Uem$ of Interest
road m
I lender
Mrs. N. \V, Burdette returned to her
home nt Kimberley from tbe hospital
on Saturday last,
Archie Blair, ear Inspector al Kings-
gate, is at present :i patient In the
hospital  here ami doing fairly well.
U  Leigh en
throw it away.
repair  your  watch.
We ore
Wo are
Tho output of butler from the local
creamery for tlio month or May was
h.siog pounds, an increase of exactly
1.000 pounds over the previous month.
This dispels the rumor which hns heen
current to the effect that a decrease
in tlio amount of buttet'fat received
from Its patrons had token place.—
Golden Star.
Mrs. V. J. Smith left on Sunday with
her husband for Flagstone, where
they are malting their home.
Miss A, Parnnby of the hospital
nlaff waa a recent weekend visitor
with frftflulte at BoewolL Kootenay
Insure with Beale and Elwell
+   +   +
I LOST—Sunday afternoon, oi
Green Day.Glrl'a sweater. \V
son.   Phono 'M\2,
-h   +   +
Hemstitching.—Mrs.  Surteos,
den Avenue.
+   +   ■*•
.lust received a cur load of Simmons
Beds, Mattresses und Springs.   These
will be on sale for one week starling
Juno 1st at the Cranbrook Kxehungr.
uiirli for the bund bills.     Our low
rices win every time,
W, F. IlOKAN. Ulf
+    +    +
Just, arrived— a new shipment of
! Lifebuoy    Running    Shoes.    All sizes
Men    Women    and    Children ut
I Cranbrook Exohange,
Our  low  prices  win  every time
+ + +
Mrs, W. A. Patterson, who has been
on a visit to her parents at Cranbrook,
relumed io Golden on Friday.—Golden
+ + +
Who will get there first, we or the
lire department, to convince you Hint
ynu need Insurance protection? Call up
Bealo & Elwell.—Phone HO. IC
+   +   +
Fred Spauldlng arrived in town last
evening after driving over 2,000 miles,
lie says tliat every where he went
lie found great interest being taken in
tho Banff-Windermere Road und lie
believes thai the estimate of the numbers who will go over it this year
to be away low of the number who do
o.    He  says  lhal   the  Sportsmen
nd Tourists' Pair at. Spokane was n
great success, being visited by about
130,000 people during the six days ll
was open. His booth of pictures of
tlie B.-W. Rood and the Crow's Nest
Pass created a great deal of attention
and during tbe entire time he was
answering enquiries about motoring
to these parts.—Pernio Free Press.
+ + +
A straight car of Simmons Beds,
Springs and Mattresses have just arrived. See these beforo you buy. W.
P. Doran. Our low prices win every
time., 13tf
Mr. and Mrs. A. C, Bowness left on
Monday by auto tor Spokane for a
short trip. They nre expected lo rotum
on Friday.
New ilcslims In Itedslends ran be
seen at the I1HJ 22. See IIiIh stock
belli re buying tlml new bed* 10
Mrs. Walter Walsh of this city is
stated to be doing well nt ihe hospital where she is at present confined
as a pat lent.
We havo In stock a full line of
Women's, Men's, Girls', Boys' and
Children's Shoes. Our stock Ib com
plete and—
Our low  prices win every time.
Jas. Bennett, of Nelson, who suffor-
etl had Injuries near Wycliffe in an accident ou the logging railway, b reported from the hospital to he doing
as well as can be expected.
Your house was not built. In a day.
or a week. It was not bought with
tbe savings of a day, or a week. One
dny your bouse may be a pile of ruin
Is It insured? Bealo & Elwoll can protect you. 10
After almost n year's ctay at the
hospital, as a result of severe injuries
Which he suffered at Kilchouer, Major
J. A. Crowe Is now able to go about
tho hospital grounds in a wheel chair.
See our window tllsphiy of Kettles,
Pans and other Kitchen I 'tonsils. The
UK. 22, 16
Huve yon ever considered what It
would cost you to have your title
deeds and other valuable docments
destroyed by lire? Keep in a safe in
a deposit box with Bealo nud Elwell
Only |3 per annum. 10
Selecting Fine
hero Is an easy tr.sk, so tar
as quality Is concerned. As
we keep only tho reliable
kind, you cannot go wrong
ill that direction. But ns to
thu particular article to
choose, thai is different. Wc
have audi a big variety of
brooches, lockets, rings,
bracelet!;, pins, etc,, thai the
choice is sometimes difficult,
So give yoursoie plenty of
time when ynu come lo select. ^
J E W E I. I. H 1!
FOR SAI.K-  Sqcoml bund bicycle
Jack .MoiTnti.
Word has been received by Mrs. II
L. Harrison that her father, Mr. Stephen Hembry left England on his return journey to tbis city ou the !Hh of
this month, sailing on the C, P, R.
stoamor Mellta. By a coincidence,
the captain of the Mellta is a friend of
ihe family, having heen best man nt
'the wedding of Mr. und Mrs. Harrison
ill England.
B. CI. Hnniillon of lnvermere passed
through Golden on Tuesday on his
return home from d walking tour of
the BanflVWfndermere road.'— Golden
Maple Syrup and Sugar
MAPLE SYRUP, in gallon tins only nl  W.78 gal.
MAPLE SUGAR, first run   B0c Hi.
WAGNER APPLES, at  $1.80 por box
STRAWBERRIES, at       2(1* lier box
ASPARAGUS       30c lit.
.■'«r your summer vacation, buy
nen   SullCJIfiC, ul  (he  Ull. 22,  ,.Wel
have » minM selection. IU [
Attention Ih being railed by tlio 1
government to the regulation* governing tho keeping ol' dogs. In abeep
protection illslrlels all dogn mual be
HeeuHed ami anyone may kilt u dog
which is found worrying sheep. The |
owner of tlie dog is also Hablo to a
line of fifty dollars on summary conviction. Hon. T. D. Pattllllo atates
tliut he is determined to increase the
number of sheep iu tbe province, so
thnt it will not he necessary to Import millions of dollars worth of mutton annually,
A striking indication of the healthy
condition of industry iu British Columbia was the Incorporation of $11,-
000,000 worth of new companies last
week. Hon. John Hart, minister of
finance, declares I hat In practically
every department of industrial development British Columbia is making
great strides. Labor is at a premium
iu some industries, and the government labor bureaus are lining positions by the hundred every week.
So far this season M0 forest fires
have been reported to the government,
and while none have assumed alarming proportions, si ill Hon. T I).
Pattullo, minister of lauds, is sending
out fresh warnings all over the province for citizens and official? to he
more careful. If the magnificent
forests of Hritish Columbia are to be
conserved tbe public must co-operate
to the fullest extent.
W. P. Iloran carries a full line of
both Bonis nnd Shoes, and Generul
Hoods. Sec him for that new Co lgo-
leum line,, or a Simmons' Bed. —Do
rail's Low Prices Win l-.very Time.
Mr. W. J. Dodge has sold his chicken ranch to Mr. Harry Shapka. and
contemplates taking a short holiday
to Spokane.
One of the beauty spots on Bur well
avenue is always the home of Mr. .1
J. Jackson, surrounded as it is by ;.
beautiful growth icf green foliage am
lawn. Local horticulturists are particularly interested lu it at the present time on account of a shrub which
Mr. Jackson has now in bloom and
which   ft   is understood  is tbe only
,   i specimen  of Its kind  in these parts.
BI*AINE.—In loving memory of LHu  „,       ,    ,     .. , , . ,,
..    . .,   , The plum  which may be seen in the
center  of  Mr.   Jackson's   lawn   Is   a
Ithodoilcndron (Hose tree! and for lis
first year in bUmm has a large mini-
Saturdajr June 16th
Last Day ol Our
Stock Reducing;
Dresses, Dry-Goods, Boots & Shoes
Our AsN.irlni.nl  nf
and at Very Reason able Prices.
Shoes For The Whole Family
So llial il will |>ii) ynu lo lie   ut (lie Store on Saturday.
Baker Maine,  who was accidentally
drowned in St. Mary's river B. ('. on
June 20th 1920.
Only thoso who have lost are able
to tell
Tbo sorrow of parting and not say.
Ing farewell.
Kver remembered by   her   mother
and family.
Saturday 16th
Monday 18th
Your pick Of nil (lie Suils in Hie Store Excepting
Socle!.)' iirniiil. ai ihe remarkably low price of
These Suils are regularly priced at
$27.50 to $45.00
and arc good value, and cannot lie replaced for less. They are all OOOI) STYLE,
Hearing Ihe end of tlie Spring Season, so we arc desirous of reducing the Stock.
This is the reason'of this extraordinary attractive price on perfectly dependable
No Free Alterations excepting length of ('out Sleeves anil Pants.
POSITIVKI.Y no Suit returnable   alter alteration lias been inuile.
15 percent Discount
on Society Brand and Bays Suits for Two Days
Buy Dad a Tie
TH 15
This Is
Oxford Time
in Cranbrook
ber of flowers,
Mr. and Mrs. I^ifleur of l,ong Beach,
California, passed through Cranbrook
on Monday lust. Mr. Laftour speaks
highly of the roads on this side of the
border, but suggests that If there Is
anything within local power which
can be done to Improve tho fifteen
mile section south thereof it should
certainly bo done.
O, T, Moir returned on Friday lasl
from Winnipeg) where he was attending meetings In connection with the
Order or Ua 11 road Telea.rupliers. He
reports conditions In Manitoba seem
quite bright, the excellent crop conditions prevailing at this time uiukfng
for a more optimistic feeling than has
been encountered for some time,
II, .1. l-oughran of the miturnl rc-
MioricH department nf the Canadian
Pacific Railway, pnaseil through Golden ou Friday lost wllh a Britisher from
Kant Africa who Is negotiating for lbe
purchase or 0,000 acres for stockrals-
Ing The deal Is to be consummated
at t ii Ikiii y. On Tuesday Mr. Lough-
ran made aiiotbcr trip up tlio valley.
Il« will return to Vancouver to moel
an Englishman who Is arriving from
Hongkong lo settlo on 1MH) acres in
Columpla valley.-(lolden star.
BORN.—Ob Saturday, Juno Oth, at
tho St. Kugene Hospital, to Mr, and
Mrs. S, U. Clarke, of Wycliffe, a
That all the improvements In tbe
•Ity noticeable this spring are not
going on in the most conspicuous
places, bm ale distributed all over the
olty, is apparent In passing along
some of tlie less frequented residential streets. Martin Avenue, between
Kane and Edwards streets provides
au example of this. On the north
side where tlie clly laid a new sidewalk last full a new cottage Ib being
erected by J. L. Ramsey, Major H. B.
Hicks Is lidding a porch extension to
bis residence and W. It. Gibus, nfter
having erected a garage aud workshop
la enlarging and carrying out Improvements to his home. Ou the opposite side of Hie same block the Hay
Armstrong house has undergone very
extensive Improvements and A. B, Turner Is also having a porch udded to
the rear und side of his house.
Mrs. H. B. Kirklnnd. of tills city 111 THE    WEATHER   HUl.I.KTllf
a patient  at lbe hospital at present, j . .
and reported lining well
Fuji Tea Rooms
Van Home St.
Frcah MILK *  MFflflUHnMf
Among the unique iiineraiit visitors
Cranbrook  has had of bite is J. M.
Gardner, who has quite, literally writ-! June 7
ten his way into lame, being an ex- June S .
pert penman,   lie has hHd positions .lunu n
as commercial teacher inn prefers to-Juno io
make  his   living   travelling over  lhe June 11
country  ami  selling  lhe  product   of June IL'
Oniciul TliLTinomctcr landings
at Craubruok
Mln. Max
84 ■
his pen with which be has produced
some boautlful and unique work. He
spent some time In the city this week
and went ou lo Kimberley and will
rottim again the end of lhe week.
Applications will be received ll|< Id tho illMll lust...
tin1 tiie position of manager of lim Crnnbrook District Co-OperaUve Association. Applicants muni
Ktuli! experience nnd salary desired,
Hon I   -   Criiiihroiik, ll.C.
Al I'. Howls' tali' Stand,
Nrnr R. tl. I'nrrN Shop.
in Klcctrlcnl Work.
J. miBOIS   . W. A. BURTON
— PImm (U —
inn Tin:
June Bride
nml all lbe Oilier Brides—
Start Right
McClarj's    "KOOTENAY"
(lit A
and Multe Your iv.uklni;
Cull on ns for n llrnionstrnllon.
Pat more Bros.
Sanitary and Healing
Jlllll!   1.1
Pkou t.
W« par tho b«t prlcM (olng for ill
kinds   of   furniture.     Wo buy an*,
thing from a mou*a trap to ao aut<v
W   W.  Kllby, Auctloueor and  Vnluar
M(i.Mil) AND HOOMS   ::: .UniKlrifiiK
Avctnto.   Phone inn w-iio
I'Oll RUNT For July mill Allgllal
fully modorn, hIx room immih,.. fur.
nlshoil, pirngo, apply ii«x A Hor
aid, llll
liiioxin Por linn   Abovo li. Wi'ihm
|    itutrr.   Apiily at Un' iiloro, liiif
WANTIOD:  Boll ir oorrlnuo rlilor
Hirady tuiipioyuii'iti yonr nrotinil lo
rlflil puny. Wlr,. or writ*, llio Oila
Slnplei Lumber Co.,  Lid, Wyollffo,
II. 0. II! 17
WANTKI)  (llrl   fur   gonornl housework. Apply H. Weston Store.     H
wantkd. — Clean cotton rage, five
from lint.     Nn woollen*..   Herald
oill.n. 10
rYllt RKNT. — Three rnoins, turnlBh-
ed, Hiiiiable for IIkIu houflokeeplng,
alio Dewar Ave. ir,u
40 ACRE FArtM OHBAP—for iiulck
Rule,   (haul bulliliiiKH. Hprlng creek,
I onto rond lo door, fine bottom land
wllh part already nndJr cultivation.
Bin Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, ,io»o
by, la ready market right at,door,
Apply to Martin IirnH., Cranbrook,
BR. »tt
FOR BALE—On* Bavage MI, aad on*
Urn AOaU itte  & Weatoa.


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