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Cranbrook Herald Oct 12, 1923

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N II11
REGULAR PRICES — 35** and 15c
Notes On A
Long Saddle Ride
I.U.I} ou irip from iMIiertn to
OkUimgan Uncords Impressions of l-ruulirotik IHsl.
Mrs. Rosa Lalng, of Wcstbnnk, who
lual Juno passed through the olty on
horseback ou her way from Alberta
io Weslbank, lu tlio Okanagan, has
been writing o£ her trip In tho Calgary
Herald. A recent Instalment told ot
that part of hor Journey trom tlio
lower ond ot tho Banff-Winderineri
rdad to as. far along tlio road uh Moy
lo, ami some of tho impressions alio
records do not seem altogether of tho
pleasantest, A number of local nllu-
slons made to things and people will
eaBily be recognized and Mrs. Lalng's
story makes Interesting reading since
it notes Incidents lu a long journey
thut might otherwise go unmarked.
Hev Btory seems more like seeing the
district us others see it, and not
through our own accustomed eyes.
Mrs. Lalng writes as follows, her
description commencing at a few
miles beyond Sinclair Springs:
Along tbo sides of the road there
were evidences of forest fire. Miles
of trees .standing stark and bare,
charred and blackened. It Is a sad
sight of desolation and should do more
than tbe many notices to make tbe
tourist careful of his camp fire.
Reaching tWe summit there is a
beautiful little lake on tbe left ot the
road, full of fish. Someone was telling me that these fish wore placed ln
the lake a while ago, and don't seem
to get natural food, they are so ravenous for halt of any kind that It Is
really not sport catching them. The
mountains bore as one descends are
simply glorious—a tour like mine,
absolutely aloije -brings you up
against fundamentals. "I will lift up
mini- eyes unto the hills, from whence
Cometh my help," Qod always seems
near iu the mountains, they are so
vast and untrammelled.
Hut Water Springs
Descending this mountain pass, 1
saw some mountain sheep, quite near,
on the bill side, just beforo I reached
Sinclair Hot Springs, Here I had a
lovely swim In the uattrral hot water.
It was quite the hottest out-of-door
bath I ever tried, after wliich I rode
down through Sinclair Canyon, a
really wonderful place, tbe great
rocks forming arches, washed out by
tbo wuier, through wliich runs the
road, on one sidtx uiml llio water
rushing down below on the right, The
rocks are a glorious red stone, which
glowed beautifully in the setting sun.
Down at the foot of ihe canyon
Ihoro is a real inn, or rest bouse for
travelers, Here ii was a [real to net
fresh mill, nfeatn, after a few days of
the   canned   variety        Here     1     slept
splendidly, nnd early Tuesday morning started for Windermere, The road
runs through iuq valley of the Kootenay until ii reaches Lake Windermere ami the little town so prettily
Bl Ilia toil op tlie side of ibe lake.
THE   Y. 31. C. A. IS
It en sons Why AU Should lie In-
forested in im- Membership
Drive ('uiiih)tr This Month
Very re
ntly, I
m> the
Deserted Houm*
Aboul n mile out. away on the lefl
ni in.-. I lw<a what looked like a
beautiful farm bouse,
COUld   get   a   bed   there,
n< in    n couple of field
Tho Railway v. M. c. a, is a
asset to Cranbrook, It siaiub
things that aro hest - [or self
provement along Social, Physical,
Kducutionul and Mural lines, ami for
iho promotion of community welfare
it co-operates wllh all the Churches
Schools, Parent-Teacher Association
I.otary, Board of Trad- and wit.
every organization or individual
whose aim is to make CranbrooK u
busier and potior city, lis rooms are
open to any organization that bus for
its object tlu best interests of Crun-
Liook and ivcr a hundred meet lag'
were held by such clubs and organ)■
/.htioiiB last year tn tlie building Ireo
of charge.
Tbe aetlri:-;*: ol tbe 'Y' for the pnfct
year have been many, and It will i»e.
Impossible to enumerate them all hi
the space u,:ot.od. There aro labors
thut can never be estimated because
there is always a quiet constructive
work going on nnd its employee*) arc
eier ready to j.ve service wlU' called upon or when opportunity affords
However, tne following condensed
outline will give a fair idea of llitngi-
Visits to rooms, 52750; Baths taken,
20111; Beds used per duy, HO; Visits to
sick by Secretary,1.4; Letters written
on correspondence paper provided
free, 1820; Committee meetings, 28;
Meetings held In rooms by outside
organizations, 121; Lectures and entertainments, 2; Religious meetings,
2. Secretary Clark took charge of 7
religious meetings outside of Y.M.C.A.
building. He also took an active pari
In scout work In tho following way.
By passing 208 Seoul tests Including
First Aid, Fire Lighting, Cooking.
Swimming. Scout Pace, Tying Knots,
Map Reading, etc., as well as assisting in passing boys for proficiency
badges. He accompanied 1(18 Scouts
on nine hikes, attended camp at Mor-
rissey with twenty-seven for two
weeks, and went on a bike lo Fairmont Hot Springe ihis summer wllli
A scout howling league was conducted at the "Y" with forty scouts
taking part. Tbis was most Inter
sting and resulted in a victory for
the English Church boys.
Secretary Clark conducted gymnasium classes every Saturday night during the winter ai the Recreation
ClUO with an average of 34 boys In
attendance, ns well as supervising nnd
instructing tlie boys in swimming.
He also assisted at tlie school athletic
meet as a judge, and In the collection
inn! distribution of prises, He also hail
several private talks with boys on
clean living, and was always ready
to assist In other ways.
The Y. M C A with its gospel of
"Body, Mind and Spirit," and its program of clean living, dean thinking,
nnd unselfish service, has an opportunity which It must not fail to
POO and grasp. II Will require Iho
CO-Operatlon of men of faith, courage
ami means to do litis. Are yon prepared to play your part? Conic let
everyone have a band in ihis great
game of b I plug others The Y, M.
C A. is not n thing of wood and stone,
thai is only what it lives in. ti is the
Thinking     Cl linking  together or earnest   men  and
l struck off I pul the welfare of our boys and of
but   no dog   Heir   fellow   men   ahead   of  self sat-
Coming Events
The oventB noted below are those
Tor which paid advertising appears In
this issue, or for which printing work
has heen done lu this office,
Council Agrees
to put By-Law
Petition for Vv> Rink Presented at Iteifulm Meeting on
YYeiliH'Kilny   Lust
•iday,  Oct,   12:   Banff  Orchestra  at
ihe Auditorium.
Frl.    &    Sat    Oct. 12-
Womeii" at the Star.
Sunday. Oct. J4: Special Musical Service at the Presbyterian Church at
7.30 p.m.
Monday & Tuesday, Oct. l'.-lti: Big
cast, in "Vanity Fair" at the Star
Wednesday, Oct, 17: First of season's
Parish Hall Card Parties and Dan-
Wed. &.. Thurs., Oct. 17-1S: "Soul
the Beast" at the Star.
Yiday, October 1(1: A.O.F. Whist
Drive and Dance, K.P. Hall. Bd-
inondsou's orchestra. Admission,
$1,25 a couple. Extra lady rifle
'rlday & Saturday, Oct. 19-20: Colleen Moore iu "Broken Chains" at
the Star.
October 2\ to SI: Y.M.C.A. Membership Drive.
October 31: Benoflt Masquerade dance
B. of H. T. In the Auditorium.
Wednesday, November 21: Christ
Church annual bazaar und sale of
*,i again,
i of Ma
lted IhoWsf.'i. lion,    and    are  willing  to work
empty,] with others al tbo groni tusk of bringing Up n race or men worlhy lo bo
Called Ciiil'itliaiiii.      If Is u great name
lei's all gol Into it.
Mr   and Mrs   Q, Sinclair returned
ran out  lo greet me as 1 r
liable yard    The place v
dOBertOd,     Dust   everywhere   a  greal
bus of pictures, old photograplis and
pniiers   lay   strewn   ahotii.     What   a
•lory it suggested.   My horses were
enjoying lhe fresh grass and l decided in resl tnr
was tli all   a boy
fields toward ihe house,   Ho Idokod
nt me wiih suspicion. "Where aro (be|    ThON will be special ntUslo at tl
owners of ihis bouse?'1 said I  "done Prcabytorlan Church on Btindny ovei
years ago," he replied,   Ra sal Mt to*.    All are cordially Invited,
hone and stared at me moodily, evidently walling for mo to go.   Slowly
I dragged my unwilling horses from
tills good pasture and rode away, followed uf a dlstanco by the boy until
we readied the main road, where I
turned south while bo took the road
to Windermere.
Several Indian bouses aro situated
along tbis way, hut very few white
Wlk. It was six o'clock when I
leached Fairmont post ollleo, and I
was dismayed to learn that there wus
n   Hour,  but  what j,mSnhirdny hml from n holiday trip to
riding  across  the] Southern Alberta points by motor.
In the report ot the reception and
social tendered Hev. and Mrs. R. W.
MacKay on tbo occasion of their
twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, an
omission was made which is regretted
lu rot mentioning that the presentation of the purse from tho Ladles' Aid
was made by tho vice-president of the
society, Mrs. A, A. MacKinnon.
no slopping house here. However,
seeing bow weary I wan they kindly
gave mo a bed, and oared for my
My host and hostess made mo feel
quite at home, and I stayed with Ihem
u couple of days mil II I fell rested up.
It wus a Jolly visit. We bulbed iu Ibe
hot springs there. This Ih quite an
idenl camping ground, nnd certainly a
place I would chome for a summer
holiday. Fairmont post office is also
(Continued uu Page 4)
Ii i.s reported that a mill from one
of the milling properties near Kaslo
will bo shipped to Kimlierley aud Installed at Lhe Stcmwiiiiler group, to
be operated with power from the
Hast Kootenay Power Co., at Kimberley.
W. II   Town ley, assistant manager
of .Miller Ai Richards. Winnipeg, well
known printers' supply house, was In
ihe city this week, calling on the Herald. Equipment is being added lu
various departments of tbe Herald
which are necessary to keep pace
with the growing volume of business,
and of which Other mention will be
made ut a later dale. Indicative of the
genornl pulse ol business in the west
is ihe fact that Mr. Townley is on his
way to Vancover where a new branch
or his firm will he established.
About half a dozen responded to the
call  made tor a  public meeting for
ihe   formation   of   a   Japanese   Relief
Committee In ihis city, including two
members  of  the   Women's   Institute.
After n shori discussion by those presenl  it  was decided that in the absence of any branch Of the Red Cross
society  here,  the    Women's  Institute
In- asked i<> take in band tbe raising
any money in Crnnbrook.     It was
roposed tliat the cily council be ask-
l permission io bold a tag day.
Mrs. E. A. Beech and son Norman
loft hist week for Nelson where the
bitter has entered the Nolson Business
College. Mrs. Beech returned on
Wednesday after spending a Tew days
with friends al Nelson aud Dnclt
Mr. a. J. Spreull roturned on Thursday from Fernio where he was hi at-
tombneo at the assizes. Mr. Spreull
was acting with Mr. A. I. Fisher In
defence of one of tho defendants In
the rase of Pry vs. McGlndry and Mar-
slmm. The decision of the judge was
reserved. Mr. 8. Herchmer was the
attune? tor 1km ilatatllt
The regulur meeting of the
council wus held In the council chamber on Wednesday evening, alderman
Bronsdon   being the  only absentee. ■
After the reading m the reports of
tho various civic departments the Jotnl
delegation of representatives from th
various local organizations who hav
had the matter of providing accommo
datfon for skating and hockey tinder
consideration for some time wer
heard. Mr. Beale, speaking for Hi
Recreation Club, said that lie wished lo
correct some erroneous impression:
that were being circulated that tin
Club had made money out of the hock
ey during the last two seasons, thi
hest that could be said being it had
about broken even ou lhe two yei
balance. Tbe club through the gen
osity of the Messrs. Staples, who hud
given tbe lumber for the making o
the skating rink, were aide In provld
lee for the past two seasons. Mr.
Beale was of the opinion that if thore
was any money to spend in the erection of a new rink, that the claim of tho
Club that their premises he used
should receive consideration. By
arrangements with Towrlss & Adams
lots adjoining their rink could be
secured for rink purposes by a transfer of lots within the city. He suggested that this matter be seriously
considered before any definite action
were taken.
Mr. Harris introduced the delegation who wore lo propose the submission of a bylaw to the people for
the raising of money for an addition
to the present rink.
Mr. G. T. Molr related briefly the
circumstances loading up to the proposed presentation of tbo pel it ion
which was signed by fifty-two ratepayers, representing over ten per cent
of tbe valuation of the taxable property In the cily. While be admitted
that the curlers had been responsible
for helping In a large measure to
finance the cost of Ibe purchase made
by the city of the rink, he felt sure
thnt thoso citizens who were now he-
hind the local skating and hockey
enthusiasts wore men who by the
support they had given amateur baseball last season had shown their
ublllty to look after affairs of this
kind. Ho fell thai the building of
the addition could be financed so that
no additional burden would ho placed
on the tax payer. He claimed thai
the encouragement of sport was essential to the development of a
vigorous and prosperous manhood.
E. H. McPhee, in speaking tor tbe
curlers, said so far as they were
concerned they were willing uml anxious to co-operate with lhe skaters.
He referred ulso to tlie lack of support given skating and hockey in past
F. M, MacPherson, representing lhe
Board of Trade, snid that bo had boon
lu sympathy with the plan first advanced by Mr. Grubbe which had just
been outlined. Since hearing Mr.
Beale wllh respect to tho Recreation
ciub however, bo felt it was worthy
of consideration.
Miss Patterson made a suggestion
that met with favor by many present,
that the site or the Recreation Club
rink be utilized for lhe erection of a
rink for the curlers which could be
readily constructed.
Walter Sodon wus present to ask
why the light near hi* residence had
not been kept iu operation. The engineer promised that this should be
attended to.
yAlderman Kllby said ho hud a petition signed by about tweuly-five
ratepayers relative to a nuisance said
to be created by the dump the city
was making on Van Home Street
near the Western Grocers.   Dead cuts
(Fernie Fi
adding which
•rest locally,
lust Suiiinhij
of the bride*!
e Press)
treated Bome-live-
as quietly solera-
afteruoon, at the
parents, iu Cran
brook, B.C., when Miss Helen Jones,
only daughtor of Mr and Mrs. B. W.
Junes, of ihat clly, was united In mar-
Huge to Mr, li. A. Bryant, of Fertile,
B.C..   Rev.   13,   W.   MacKay  officiating.
Following the ceremony the gather-
lug partook of a buffet luncheon.
afler which Ihe young couple left for
Pernio where ihey will make their
(in arriving here iho bride and
groom were given a groat welcome by
their local friends and members of the
Ureal War Veteran's Association, ot
wliich Mr. Bryant is n past president
On stepping rrom tho train Mr, Bryant was promptly "shanghaied by hie
former comrades, who after seeing
Mrs. Bryant safely iu a waiting automobile, escorted the bridegroom tc
.loe Longden's waiting 'Rolls-Royce*
and gave him a ride through the bus
inoss seel Ion of the city, loudly announcing that ho had been newly
married, before taking him to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Biggs,
wlmro the bride and groom were the
gnosis of honor at n reception dinner.
Later In tbe evening it large party
of relumed men. headed by ihe brass
and pipe bands, formed a torchlight
procession and marched to MePherson
Avenue wliero Ihey serenaded Ihe
nowlyweds until nearly midnight.
The lourisl season is not yet over
pparenlly, to Judge by the cars from
distant points seen on the streets recently. Cars have been noted from
Los Angeles, Michigan, Quebec and
Saskatchewan in the lost few days In
this vicinity.
Tho charge against the foreigner,
'iscuro, charged with uu attempt to
murder Miss Jean Blakey or Fort
Steel, bus heen reduced to shooting
mllh intent to do grevlous bodily harm.
The accused comes up for eloclion and
trial on Monday.
The people of Wynndel watched
wilb Interest the development of a
romance which has had its culmination In Nelson, when Cecil Moore,
whoso foot  was torn off by a belt at
he J. B. Wlnlaw sawmill at Duck
Creek some months ago. and Miss
Borghlld Hagon were united In wedlock.   The young man Is of English
lock, while his bride Is of Norwegian
ancestry.     Pate   decreed    that    the
young man should stop ou tho helt
that tore off his foot and smashed
his ankle. The train being un hour
late thai day, it. was possible to get
him Immediately aboard it, anil off
Ibo Cranbrook hospital under
favorable circumstances. One month
later his fiancee assisted in bringing
him    hack    to    recuperate.        Then
he accompanied him to his mother's
homo in Nelson, us being ou crutches
lid still needed care. Under the
Workmen's Compensation uet "Cecil,"
s he Is known to everyone here gets
$2000 for his injury, ami now the wed-
Hug hells are to ring. Mr. and Mrs.
Malt Hagon. the bride's parents ure
ed for their family of fourteen.
Presentation Mode To  Mr. mul
Mrs. A. Aslnvorth from (lit*
Congregation uml Board
Monday ovenlng last the Method
schoolroom  was tho scene of a ve
pleasant   social   f unci ion.     when
members of Ire cotigregatldn gather*
ed to celebrate the twenty-fourth anniversary of the founding of their place
of worship. A musical program was
rendered, among those contributing
heing ihe following: vocal solo, Miss
Grace MoParlane; piano solo, Master
Prank Hoy; vocal solo. Mr. a Shankland, The occasion also afforded an
opportunity of Baying goodbye to Mrs,
A. Ash worth, who is leaving shortly
Winners in Golf
Club Events
Consolation   Competition   For
l.inlics mid Gentlemen tu
He Played Xexl Week
was  concluded  this  week  In
ma!  competitions  of tbe  Qolf
Some of the games were ex-
I n ter as ting, und the winners
ouiiced as follows:
>!ct'HKKKY C0P
*' Competition, Match May
Xlne  Holes  Handicap
ulnar?:        Mrs   Grubbe  beat
■Ih'ii:   Mrs.   Ward  boat   Mrs.
io join her lined lhe mt'Li'v
Ur.k at In; •;i"ie.
feature of tho evcnlt
iddresses   o!   f. vq\
worth from church i
Mr.   W.   II.   Wilson
Quarterly Board   of
veyed to Mrs. Ashwortl
priato  address  au  exp
sense of loss that they
ho has
' the   In
I to Mr*., .w
I city societies
behalf or the
be church con-
h in an appro-
ission of tlie
ml the congregation felt at their departurefrom
Iho olty. As a Blight token of their
remembrance the board presented
thorn with a sterling silver deposit
brown belly lea set, with tray.
Mrs. J. T. Sarvis, speaking for the
Lai lea' Aid. told of Mrs. Aahworth's
connection with that branch of the
church's endeavor, and reminded her
of ibe difficulty ihut would he experienced In filling her place. A beautiful silver relish dish will remind
Mrs. Ashworth of hor many friends in
tho Methodist Ladies' Aid of this city.
On Mr. A. Shankland devolved the
duty of telling how the Musical Society would mlsa the valued assistance
Of herself and Mr. Ashworth. and he
presented thorn on behalf of that body with a silver vane, as a mark of
the esteem in wliich they are held.
Mrs.   I\:
Rrsl Kound:-    M
kill-on: .Mrs l.iitle
by default Mrs B.
Marshal]    Mra   Bee
rest:   Miss li reaves
beat  Mrs. Wil-
■;ii  Mrs   Spreull
taplea bent Mrs.
beat  Mrs. Format  Mrs. C. Sta
Miss Noble
bj default;
by default; Mrs. Ho-
Mrs  Ward beat Mrs.
Second Round. — Mrs. Pym by d«f-
ault; Mrs Boole beat Mrs K. Staples:
Miss Greaves by default; Mrs. Hogarth beat Mrs. Ward.
Semi-finals. - Mrs. Heale boat Mrs.
Pym; Miss Greaves beat Mrs. Hogarth.
Final. —
Q reaves.
Mrs   Heale     bent    Mist
hr. KiN<; err
18 Holes, Hatch I'lay, Men'* Com.
pet I Hor.
Preliminary, — Grubbe by default;
Robertson beat  Marthall.
First Round. —Roberts beat Jack-
Bon; Leltch beat McPhee; Klinestlver
beat Noble; Judge Thompson by de-
fsult; A. A. MarKinnon beat Home;
Pennock by default; Graham heat
Beale;  Grubbe beat  Robertson.
Second Round. — twitch beat Roberts; Kl inert her beat Judge Thompson; Pennock beat MacKinnon;
Grubbe beat Graham.
Semi  Finals. —    Kllneativer    beat
leltch: Grubbe beat Pennock.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stirling of Dnr-     F1naL ~" KHnestlwr beat Grubbe.
vel, Ayrshire, lefl on Monday for Van I JOHNSON   CUP
rouvrr en rtftte-ifl  :-...   ■,:~ .*. , .... : Ud,,v <'«n«l*tlHoii. 18 H.I+ HtJUttMf
New   York   previous  to   returning  to ■*shiJ Way
Scotland.   Mrs. Stirling is a sister of
Mrs.  Spreull.  with   whom   they have
heen visiting for the last three weeks.
Brule,    handicap    30,
Winner, Mrs
nel score 76.
I*   lilies  Ladies'  (bsmplonihlp
On Information received from the su-1 Scratch
perintendent of state penetentiaries, at j Fir.-t Round. — Mrs. C. O. Staples
Walla Walla, Wash., S. V. Rollins, who!by default; Mrs. E. L. Staples beat
has been posing as S. It Brown, andlMrs. Marshall; Mrs. Hogarth beat
was employed at Wycliffe, was thisiMr.-. Wilkinson; Mrs. Beale beat Miss
week brought into the city by Chief j Greaves.
E I.. Staples
Mrs. Hogarth
Constable Mortimer of the provincial ^^ Finals. — Mrs
police. The prisoner Is wanted as a I boat Mrs. C. O. Siaples
convict who has broken parole. He is b-.r Mr- Heal**,
being held hero pending the arrival of Final — Mrs. H'.garth beat Mrs. E.
the authorities from Washington to|L. Staples, winning the trophy for
take him back. |the second time, which now becomes
' her prop- rty.
In  the approach and  putt compel-
in mistake for iho lots upon which
his hotel is now hnili. Mr. Clausen
has now no claim whatever on tbe
federal building, the mistake having
beon rectified,
According to the report of the city
engineer it will be necessary to discontinue the use of the primary and! lhat was new arisen In ti
posal m
pense 0
lim   lhe
y filters at the sewage dis-:
irks on account of the ex-
keeptng them running dur-
cold weather.     The results
would  mil   warrant the expenditure.
Thfl   fire   chief   reported   six   calls,
all nf a minor nature, with tho exception uf the call    lo   the old laundry
building.       Twelve   Nre   drills   were
being offensive.'held nl tbo school, one being witues-
Mrs. w .1. Slpprell, wife of Dr. SIp-
prell. of ihe Metropolitan Church,
Victoria, addressed a meeting in the
Methodist Church on Wednesday evening on missionary work. She
dealt with lhe earthquake In Japan
and the extent of Die catastrophe on
church properly there. While in the
elty, Mrs. Blpproll was a guest of Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Hodgson.
Sunday last special ser vices were
held in the Methodist church, marking the Iweniy-iourlh anniversary of
he denomination In cranbrook. Both
lorvlcoa were well attended. Iu the
morning special music was given by
the children's choir, while In the evening a mule Quartette sung. The
paslor, Rev. 11. C. Freeman, delivered
i addresses which were very helpful and full of strong Ideas nn really christianizing tho mission of tbe
Imreli, so that It could bo said to
xpress properly the mind of Christ.
Much Interns) is being displayed hy
local baseball enthusiasts In the
world's series being played in New
York. The names so fnr stand a draw
one all, Iho game ou Wednesday being purchase the fair grounds alto he pro-
won by the Giants ri-4. With the sented to the people for consideration.
Rcore a tie Stengal hit a home run It was pointed out by alderman Cam-
when hist man up lu tbo ninth, while eron that such a procedure was out
to-day's game Thursday) went to the of order without a petition of rnte-
Vankoes 4-2, fn this same Ruth ia payors asking for same. Mr. Cron
credited wiih iwo homo runs und a Is to be sn notified.
Giants player also scored a homer. Bylaws were Introduced nuthoriz-
Voiiug, for tho losers was hurl during Ing tho transfer and sale of a couple
Iho game, but continued. For the news of lots by the city.
of tho Wednesday game tbo Herald is Some amusement was caused by n
indebted io Mr, K. II. McPhee and for bylaw lo amend another bylaw which
Thursday's gamu to Mr. 10. T. Cooper, had been passed last year whereby
both of whom got the news over Ibeir Ihe lots on which tbe post office now! be rospomiihlo   for    turning on the
G.    ('.    Mortimer, provincial    chief
instable for this district, has been
spending some time since his return
to Crnnbrook visiting the big territory
nder his charge.    He spent most of!
last week at Creston and other points)
st.   Cranbrook will now have two,
representatives or the provincial force j
itatloned  hero when constable  Dunlin returns from his visit to the Old |
! Mr. J. F. Armstrong, formerly of
this city and Fort Steele, when he was
in the service of the provincial government, fs paying another visit to tbe
Olty, the guest at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. M. A. Heale. He has
just returned from a visit to Montreal
and his native province of Quebec,
wliere he hud not visited for close on
thirty years, and where he found much
three de-
and dogs, besides
were not, to his mind tbe stuff that! sod by A. A. McDonald, deputy fire
roads should be made of. Alderman j warden, who complimented the tea-
Balment claimed the clly teamsters! ohing staff. Baying ho was very well
had disobeyed Instructions   If   they'satisfied.
had dumped SUCh refuse thoro. May-! The trades license by-law was fl-
or Cameron said that people coming; milly read and adopted. Tills is a
In on the trains "sensed" it too and consolidation by-law with certain am-
he felt that It should be attended to. lendments. Wholesalers will pay $25
Alderman Raiment attempted In every six mouths, and banks will pay
Introduce a bylaw iu keeping with af$126 every six months.   Outside firms
promise to Mr. Uren that a bylaw to
doing a retail business in the city will
pay $26 each six months.
The dairy Inspector reported alt
tbo dairies tn good condition, Tbo
milk tests were as follows: McCrlndle
4.*J; Playle 4.2; Austin :..t; dodder-
Is 3.4;  Lamonl  11,4;    Lancaster 8.4.
Accounts  amounting  to  $hi.!is:,tt
were ordered paid.
' Alderman
thnt at the
cades of bis absence.
Arthur Gill of the Royal Rank in
ihis olty baa been transferred to the
newly opened Fernie branch of the
hank, which has been commenced
since the OlOsing of the Home Hank
there, under the managership of Mr.
A. Watson, who was formerly niami-
ner of the Homo Rank. Many friends
here are glad to learn of Mr. Watson's
nppointment. realizing that the failure
of the bank for which he labored so
Indefatlgobly oame as a severe blow
Io him, after he had built up. as tho
figures given out show, the biggest
branch of iho Homo Rank west of
Winnipeg, wiih deposits totalling
close to n million dollars.
Following warnings given, Iho pol-
Iso have this week lodged several prosecutions under the motor vehicle acl.
.Among tbe offences were the following: driving without lights, parking
within fifteen foot of a hydranl, and
turning Iho corner on Iho wrong side
of tho street. II is rumored that oases nre pending against other local
motorists for fast driving. Despite
Cameron gave notice!lhe fact that Hafety Blgns have heen
next regular meeting ho'placed on Cranbrook Street  warning
vould Introduce a by-law making lhe
dub license $200.00.
Tho flro department will In future
motorists with regard to the school
children, there are still some who
seem to have no regard for tho sufo-
Itlon held on Wednesday of this week,
Mrs. M. A. Beale won with a score of
It is announced lhat tbe secretary
of the club. Mr. M. A. Beale, is presenting consolation prizes for lad-
les* and t-ontlernen' events, 18 hole
handicaps mods] contests, to be played next Wednesday. October 17th, and
tho following Saturday.
J M Mein of Toronto, deputy president of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, was a visitor to the city for
a short lime the end of last meek.
Accompanying him were Messrs. J. P.
Guimont and J, O. Kemorling. of Nelson, and with O. T Moir ihe Iocs)
president, ihey held a conference
pertaining to the work of the ordM*
In this district.
Examinations In connection with
the Faculty of Music, HOCMll University, may be writ tin in Cranbrook
next year by those who are looking to
obtain a definite standing In their
musical .studies. The local secretary
is Mr 0 0. Rower, UR.A.M,, who ei-
pw-is there will he u good number In
this city trying the examinations next
May or June, The preliminary announcement as to the diplomas sod
degree courses these examinations
load ii)i to lr, to he found elsewhere
in this IsRue,
Engineer Bratten, who Is In charge
of the operations at Klko for the East
Kootenay Power Co., was the leading
speaker at the Rotary luncheon at
Fernie last week. He told of the work
in detail and Ihe difficult (OR encountered which had caused Ihe delay of
M-veral weekd In tho compleilon of the
undertaking. The tunnel, which Is
2200 feet long is within 4.10 feet ot
completion and this will probably be
finished in November. The present
power plant at Hull River Is taxed to
capacity to curry tbe present load
nnd the demand for further power Is
increasing every day. When the Elko
project is completed it will add 6000
horsepower io the output. A. complete dupllcatn lino is being built all
radio's (rom Calgary.
stoaOs hod been sold to Ur. Clausen' street light*.
ly of the children, and drive past the! over the system to he used In com ot
school as a dangerous rats ot spssd.    ! emergency. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Friday, October lath, 10311
witli a fifty dollar donation.
iiiy people feel tliat if no
ivenue is open the cily
should provide a rink according to tlie tentative plans now
lieing discussed, but not till
every other avenue toward the
same end by other means has
been tried.
GOOD   WORK    GIVES    13
Cbt Cranbrook herald
Published Every Friday
fiubscrlptlun Price .
To United Nlates ..
*t.m per jear
. 42.61) ;n-r jnir
"With ■ HIhIoh Without • Hustle"
Printed by Union Labor
ASverilalns IUUs on Application.
Chassis for AdvtrtlilDg MUST ba In
IklS afflc* WadnearUy noun tbft ourrenf
wtett to tecure attention.
OCTOBER    1923
•UH   HON   Till   WED   THU   FRI   SAT
12 3 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 1112 S3
141516171819 20
2122 2324252627
FRIDAY,   OCTOBER   18th,   ill-':!
iriit of I lie law may
Burely be said to have tempered
justice wiili mercy in the disposition of some cases
came up lasl week. None realize more than those who administer the law tlie effects which
miglil arise from consigning
in jail some who are only
thoughtless or impulsive, to
mingle with those wlio must lie
termed habitual wrongdoers.
whose law-breaking It
and cold-blooded. To exercise
supervision without restraint
is one of the problems encountered in dealing with juvenile
delinquency, The law recognizes only two classes of people, the guilty and the innocent.
Its fundamental principle is
thai the guilty must be punished, and sentimental considerations can nol enter Into the
matter too strongly, or respect
of the law would soon be a
tiling of the past. In the final
analysis anyone proven to have
broken tlie law is a criminal
the degree lieing Ibe only debatable point. lt is this
that leads to different consideration being given a youthful
offender than an older person.
If by careful training, new associations or activities, erstwhile offenders can be brought
to see for themselves the folly
of former conduct, surely the
ends of justice have been served, and at the same time a service done lo society.
Severity for tlie sake of example has its place, but: there
is^ilso a lot to be said for a sensible tempering of the law to
French economists are able to
studied!show that this policy of the
Germans has cost ihem more
as a nation than the reparations they were asked to pay,
and from which the French refused to recede. In addition to
Ibis the German policy has
forced the mark down to such a
low point tliat some foreign
banks can sell them for waste
paper and realize more than as
With a membership of something like throe hundred, the
Recreation Club now rises iu
the estimation of those in Hie
community who appreciate its'meet tlie individual cases.
work to a position where it is a ——
big factor in the life of the ado-! Mil.  MEIGHEN STATES  11TS
lescents of the city and district, POSITION
aud many parents will receive 	
with satisfaction the statement During the recent western
that the Club is to retain the tour of lion. Arthur Meighen
service of Mr. Salter, when otb- which lias at all points brought
er institutions, perhaps not him into a favorable viewpoint
handicapped as the Club here in the eyes of the people, he
has been, are able to hold out has hit straight from the shoul-
the inducement of a compara- der in criticising the Mackenzie
lively long term contract. King administration at Ottawa
Through the persistent loyalty; In one of his speeches he set
of a few to the idea of column- forth very succinctly some of
nity service through the nied-jthe weaknesses which the gov-
ium of the Cluli, and a refusal eminent 1ms developed since
to be daunted by obstacles that!taking office. He said:
have arisen, it has come by the "What, we need is the slicing
aid of Mr. Salter's practical iby segments of our controllable
methods and through under- expenditure. We need defla-
standing of the young people:lion in our departmental per-
and their needs, to a place sonnel comparable with what
where organized amusenienl of I has been done in other Hritish
unquestionable nature is dcin- countries.   We ueed a definite
.Iiisi now when an effort Is twins
mndo to ralBO by more or less "popular" means a SJlOii.OOO publicity fund.
Hritish Columbia ia rocelvltig considerable free advertising in the Eastern
Canadian press.
Under the caption "The Shadow of
Death" some pertinent  facts or
rlous detriment are broadcasted.
As a sample take this:
Per capita increase in government
expenditure in the htsl three years,
shows ll.C. Ill the head nt Iho list.
British Columbia Increased 289 per
pnstrated, and physical development carried on "long with
There is quite a pronounc-
and final negation of all Impertinent demands for public
works of pre-war political nature. We waul tax rales pared
interests will know that our
fiscal policy rests on tlie solid
rock of principle and not on
the shifting Bands of dickering
for voles."
German policy
ed feeling in some quarters tbat|(1"wl1 '" ""' level of VilB,1V re"
hoekey   and   skating could be dl ' expenditures.   We want
handled belter under the aus- a clear and definite stand on
pices of a body of this nature,|«sca.l policy, so thaMmsiness
than by lelting it come directly
under the wing or the city
it would lie   if the   new rink
plans went through.   It was fell
lust year that the accommodu
Hon   at   the   Club   then   was
inadequate for hockey,  but   it
was not known what could In
done, if anything, for the enlargement   of   those   quarters
Acting apparently on the presumption   that   new   quarter;
would have to be found, a natural move was made   for   the
curling rink, which   has   now
been diverted to a plan for an
additional rink at tlie expense
of the ratepayers.   Before this
is gone into, the question as to
whether hockey   and   skating
could not be given better accommodation at the Club rink
by means   of   an enlargement
and a roof, should   be   finally
settled.    The financing would
be a big obtsacle, but it is now
learned that lumber is available to whatever extent is necessary, more space could be: had
by embracing two  other lots
and some well disposed citizens
nre willing to contribute to a
voluntary subscription list, one
alderman offering to head tho
Prince Edward Island Increased Hi
per cent.
The other provinces run botweeif.
Hritish Columbia has the highest
per capita taxation. She also has Ihe
highest per capita debt.
These are facts thai make prospective setllers hesitate and seek more
favorable conditions of successful
It is also pointed out lhat luxation
lias gone far beyond the danger point,
lhat "the shadow of dentil" Is an accomplished fact.
Another determining factor is the
restrictions placed on business—re-
stricttons tliat militate against title
smalt trader anil tend to develop lhe
group nr department store,
It would take more than a publicity
campaign to overcome these unpleasant facts.—Okanagan Commoner.
More than 50.000 residents of British Columbia are preparing to participate iu tlie great annual trek from
the cold belt to lbe sunny south, lt is
reported from Vancouver Tourist
headquarters. The exodus to the
BdUth will be the largest on record.
Tlio r.0.000 estimate from B.C.. does
not include dependents, pensioners
or people seeking work, but embraces
exclusively people of ample means In
search of climate and scenery, plus
entertainment ami happiness. This
,o.ooo northerners going south ts
only n fair exchange for the 100.000
or more south rners who went north
during the past summer and will
come again next summer. Uriltah
Columbia do-s nol complain: In fact,
it rather likes It.—bos Angeles Examiner.
si. Johns. Que.—Maximum production is being gradually attained at the
plant of tlie singer Sewing Machine
Company here. The plant Is turning
out npproxtmalely fiono machines a
week.   A large share of III
Extracts from 'I lie Cranbrook
Herald of this date, 1903.
In the first election held in the
province on strictly party lines, the
Conservatives captured twenty-two of
the forty-two" seats, lu a vote of
about a thousand the Cranbrook rid-,
Ing elected Dr. King witli a majority
ot 65.
A contract has been let fur au addition to the Royal Hotel on Cranbrook
Street, wliich will Increase lbe number
of rooms In the plure to iilnety-iine
iu ull.
Conductor J. J. Jackson was iu
Charge of a special train passing
through this week, carrying a party
from the Cunudlnii Manufacturers
It is announced Hint about $80,000
is required to complete iho smelter
at Marysvllle which is being raised
by means of a bond issue. ,-
.Mr. and Mra. Graf motored lo ('ranbrook on Tuesday. Mr. Graf opt-niles
u ranch near Wasa where he hns gathered a considerable crop thla hou-
Bon. He has a large crop of liny, and
expects to begin pressing soon.
Malcolm Horie, tho Wolf Creek logger, was doing ouslmiss here on Monday.
F. Manning, manager for the Lovering Lumber Co., ut this place, who
has been at his home in Calgary for
some time returned ot Thursday of
last week.
John Richardson and Harry Moore
wero down from Parkin's Mill on Saturday last.
Charlie Stevens of Stevensvllle Is
hauling hay from his ranch on Upper Wolf Creek to the Lovering Co.
plant at mill town.
Robert McBean, a familiar figure
ure nf Wasa and Yahk, left Wasa for
the coast on Thursday. He concluded his services hero on the completion of his work for Mr. Doyle ou
Wolf Creek, and was formerly on
employee of the levering Co., and
Mr. Mathieson of lhe Wasn Hotel.
Johnny Crowe it Is reported will
drive "fours up" the coming season,]
and is understood Io have taken four
of Mr. Doyle's prize horses to the'
Kootenay River plant to do the heavy
hauling for them in their forest operations.
The ruiliophoiie at mUltown which
was set up early In the summer, but
which wub never a real success owing to the Inefficiency of the assembling apparatus, is now being readjusted, and it is hoped under the able
guidance of Mr. Cloughly, chief eng
iueer at Ihis place, may prove a success.
Tom Leask, lumberman
Creek, was a ■ business
Wasa on Monday.
Mr. Al planning motored In Cranbrook ou Tuesday. (
Mrs. Ted SwanBon is making preparations to remove to Spokane in the
near future where Mr, Swanson is
employed ln one of the mills.
Stuart Jeffrey has taken a position
with the Kootenay River Lumber Co.
"ou top" as a log loader.
Wallace Crowe while at work for
tbe Kootenay River Co. had the misfortune lu cut his leg with an axe.
Mr. Dave Sutherland, lumberman nf
Calgary, was the guest of Mr. P,
Manning on   Tuesday.
Peter Mathieson of the Wasn Hotel
who also operate* a stock ranch here,
sold several head of beef cattle a few-
days ago to a Calgary buyer.
The annual B.C. Potato Show and
educational seed exhibit of grains,
vegetables, flowers, etc., will take
place at Victoria, ii is announced,
from November 12th, to 17lli. This
event is held under the auspices nf Hie
provincial department ot agriculture,
In co-operation With the Victoria Potato Grower's Association, and the
Chamber of Commerce. The oillcial
opening will take place at 2..M) on the
afternoon of November 1.4th, There
will be Hems of outertainmenl on tho
program, and practical lectures, Bu-
iries clone ou November 8th, and fur-
particulars are in be had from
eparinieiil oi agrtculturo ai Vie
or tho local tllntrlct agrlcullu-
Mr. A.  L.  Hay.
tho t
Official Thermometer .{t.Hlums
Mill, Mi
Octouor i   -.7     7^
October r.   ;::'.      Cf
October  0     '<'.2      0'
October  7     47
October S     .hi
October ii    31
oitober in  ::ri
McGill University
ai ovinia I,
Faculty oi
Deride  NOW  in  enter  for
Annual Loral KxtiinlnnUons
Through i hose examinations- -
open to tbe pupils of all teachers and held by competent and
Impartial examiners-the standing oi' a studenl may lie ascertained and progress tested. They,
are also preparatory it> tho
diploma and degree courses iu
music, wliich, taken from McGill,
the "National University of Canada", aro recognized everywhere
ns of the highest standing.
Theoretical Examinations will he
held on or about May 7th, and
Practical Examinations during
May and June at various centers throughout Canada.
preparation for Hie Examinations should In- commenced at
once, ami further Information
regarding Hie tit Keren I grades-,
music lo be prepared, fees, etc.,
application forms may be
obtained by applying direct to
the Secretary of the Fnoulty of
Music of McGill University, or
to the local Secretary, G,
BOWER, Esq. Uox -iss, ('.
brook, P.. C.
Saturday, October lit
mind bo tn you, which was also ln
Christ Jesus, Let nothing he done
through Btrife or vainglory; hut in
lowliness of mind let each esteem
other bettor  than  themselves.-—Phfl,
Sllllllay,   October
•hlcli th"
is  Hie
come to pirns in the day that the Lord
Shall give thee res*, from thy sorrow
mul from thy tear, mid from thy hard
bondagu wheein thou wast made to
serve.—Isaiah 14)3,
+ + +
Thursday, October IH
thou strong and very courageous,
that thou mayost observe to do according to all tho law, * * that thou
mayost prosper whithersoever thou
guest.—Joshua 1:7.
+    f    +
Krldj.y, October I!)
your light I'O shine boforo men that
they may nee your good works, and
hat is in y< ii. iii
world. 1 John M
BE   KIND   Ti)
Brethren, if a nr
glorify your Pe.tli
veil   Matthew  5:
whidi is iu hoi
.ull, ye
iich an (
mtpto I.
iti ho llial  Is In the
•I-    -1-
Ot'tulicr R|
•iti   THE   0RRTNO:—
a in- ■ bo overlakoti lu a
lch are i plrltual, restore
in the spirit of mooknoos:
hyself, lesl thou also be
latlans Oil.
+   -}■   +
emhiy, October 17
in..I her Viewpoint
tonist lu Arkansas was ill-
tr.-cicil to a native who Itopl driving
a lank, lean pig up one lane and down
another, Unable Lo control his curiosity longer, ho walked lo tlie fence.
"Say, neighbor, I know it is none of
my business, but why are you driving lhal pig u and down these lams -
il seems such a waste of lline?"
"Huh—a    pig*«   time   ain't   worth
THE WAY OF ESCAPE:—Tl shall! nothing.    Oltep."
Dance Orchestra
"The Music With The Pep"
HON 522
Modern- Yen, Miidrrn
Miitne: "What kind of eyes do ynu
like In man? Do you liko brown, ultlB,
output IsIblack or t;i"ny eyes?"
Western Cafe and Rooms
VAN HORNE STREET      —      Opposite C. P. Tt.-Depot
Newly Constructed Fireproof Building
fully modern and newly furnished rooms
—    must class cafe in connection    -
iim.v fireproof hotel in cranbrook
Now thai the usninui puuey lhlppei] ,„ Soutn American countries,!   Bade: "I don't cure what color
of passive resistance II the oc- wliero tlio c iinny baa devolopoil nn thoy  have—co  long  us  tiioy  in,
cuplcd Ruhr area has collapsed,  extensive tnnrket lur their product,    | "greenbacks,"
■\v<; are solo agents In Cranbrook lor Crystal Dairy, U'tii-
brldge, Ico Cream.
Your afternoon ton or runt
party will be the more enjoyed
ir our Ice Cream Is served.
mix chocolates
Tlie value of mill, aa a conservator %
of health in proven every day. \V!ie 5
ther us a means of maintaining proper physical balance, or as a material with which to repair wiistiil tin*
rue and restore Impaired vitality, milk
is without a substitute.
Kverythiiflc In tiie food line points
lo milk ns the one unrivalled sou red
of nutrition. Milk is a food that yon
can depend on as an absolutely H<ite,
rich, wholesome ■source of health
r. E. AUSTIN, Fropr.      ::      z:      :••      Phono 48»
Cranbrook and Fernie
Routet—Fort Steele., Hull River, Wardner nnd Klko.
Leaving CranbrooRi        Leaving Fernie:
Crauhrook Hotel! S a.m. KIiik Ldwnnl .lotoll » p.m.
Commencing Monday, October 1."
THACKERAY'S IMMORTAL    MASTERPIECE of Wellington. Napoleon nnd Waterloo
'Vanitr Fair"
I'lilhr Sewi — Comedy
A Picture Everyone Should See— Especially the Kiddies i
''Soul oi the Beast"
Willi MADGE BELLAMY, nnd A Distinguished Caste. ISeo siory Eluowlioro In This Pnner)
Broken Chains"
A SUPER-SPECIAL BY ALLAN I10LUP.AR. Uon'l  Miss Tills Good Picture
Special Clyde Cook Comedy, * LAZY HONES."
Prices to Fernie $6.00 and to other points according to
For <3ranbrpo1(, Phone Kootenay Garage H7
For Fernie, Phono Fernie Garage, IBS
Anybody-Wishing to Go Fishing or torn Picnic	
Arrangement* Will Gladly Be Made
Newlsr Opened
These We Serve Any Style-
Try a Stew or a Delicious Fry
Or On The Halt Shell Friday, October 12th, 1023
I       KIMBERLEY       f
I     NEWS NOTES     J
4++-K- * •.• *H* * * •>* * * -H- * •H»>**<M'
For those Sellout Shoes see A. Mel-
lor. Hu carries tlm Itliul thut hint   87-
Wiliiiini Cullln returnotl to Itons-
hiiitl mi Monday uttor huvlng boon
iitire toe tin- iumi two montlm.
Mr. nml Mrs. Kuhi'ii Crowr anil
children motorou lo Crnnbrook ou
Bat unlay evening accompanied by Mr.
anil Mrs, tleovgo i.ninth uml daugh-
Aiyone considering taking life Insurance should consult Martin Bros..
Cranbrook. They are District Agents
for Canada's largesl life company, and
have specialised in lhat business for
fifteen years. Mil
A. Hi Hopkins, electrical superintendent lor CoiiMilitliiU.it. wns here
last Friday irom Tadamic,
MIbb areen, who Is .mending high
BCbOOl at Crniibrnoli, spent lasl weekend at home here wllli her parents.
Misses Mildred nml Wlnnltrod Burdett spenl ibo wook-ond here from
Mrs. William  Lemon  nml two villi
ilreu linve returned lo Chapman camp em, ftt ,RM. ,„,..,„ lu c-tvuhrock, return
after spondlus a fow weeks at Mrs.
Lomon's liomo at lClngsgato,
Miss I'). Dromond Dpont last week-
lug Monday morning.
Messrs. Clarence Thorn, il. J. Stew-
lirt, ami E. C. Dobblo, of Wallace,
Idaho, were hore Inst week making a
vlsli in the now Sullivan concentrator. Mr. Dobblo, up to ii fow months
ago, wiih on ti.i! drafting department
nf Consolidated ,-at Tadanac. ,
ll. V. MacQougan, nates manager
for the Northern Electric Co., of Van'
couvor, was a buslneso visitor here
last week and left Friday ror Tada-
nuc, en route for tho ccast.
Mrs. Mark Brookes of Trail, who
tins been the guest of her sister at
Cranbrook, arrived here this week
ami with Mr. Brookes will make her
home ut Chapman cump.
It is u n tiers tend work will commence
Vf-y shortly on the new building to
be erected here for tlie P. Burns Co.
Before deciding on that new building or that repair worlo, see Geo. It.
i^eusk, the Pioneer Builder of Kim
berley and Cranbrook. IStf
Archie Petit of Rossland has arrived
A. Johnson
Mens' Furnisher
Suit ('uses and Trunks
Bunts nntl Shoes Nontly Hepsilrwl
hum     ' ' :v :yr " ': "".
Sainsbury & Ryan
R, Potter of lha Crnnbrodk Herald
was a business visitor in Kimberley
on Saturday.
W. C. Guillauine of the office staff
of Consolidated nl Tadanac, is In
Kimberley for a few weeks.
Mrs. \V. II. Hannay and two children, and mother Mrs. 1*. II. Moffatt.
of Tadanac, have arrived at. Crnnbrook to remain for a month, before
j coming here to reside in future.
Arthur Higglns, who tins been on a
holiday trip to Spokane returned to
town on Saturday evening.
Mrs. Hand ley was a visitor in Cranbrook on Saturday, and was accompanied back by her niece Miss
Robertson, who spent the week-ei.d
Mr. aud Mrs. Geo. T. Moir of Cranbrook, aud friends, motored up from
lhe hub on Saturday afternoon nnd
paid a visit to the concentrator.
R. W. Diamond, superintendent cf
concent ration for tbo Consolidated
company, whu line beon here for the
past two months in connection with
tbe Sullivan concentrator, returned to
Tadanac by motor lust week accompanied by Mrs. Diamond and children
who have alio been spehdlug several
weeks at Chapman camp. *Jf
List your properly with Martin
Bros. 15
Estimates Given and  Work     I
Telephone* 2,13 and 2I>3
■   (It.WHHOOk
■   IKAMIIiOOK      •      B.C. 1
V ;i.;,-T ■■•■:•■ 1
i     •     •
• •   •
• •   •
«*«»*••♦« ♦♦-♦-♦-♦->
A. Mellor
(ii-ncrsil Merchant
Staple ami Fainy Qrocorloa
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes
Kimberley Laundry
When Vim 'I'liluk ul' Insurants
— Call Up —
PliOllo SO      ::      Crnnbrook
*>i>t,. igtrtU for hlmlif-rlej Tiinnaite.
Dimor's Cafe
K 111 II I  II I  E V
— Open Daj nml Nlgln —
You mill Enjoy jour Mei.lt) it
tills I'ule
Onr Service Ib Prompt ami we
always try lu Lileaae.
- PRTJ1T S   suit DRINKS
Light RefreBlunenti
Kimberley Garage
Electrical Supplies
Agents fnr EMtson
llavii it I.m-nl Man ilo your work
J, F. LOONEY,   ::   Prop.
I'll meet yo*M tbatCtab Cite, Srau-1
brook. lltt
Ernest Mardseu ot- Trail, has arrl-i
ved hero and la managing the Mark I
Creek store (or the Consolidated Co-
Mr. Mardecn, before coming here waa
on the comp-Dy si ore staff at Trail. |
B, ('. Klngwell is eompletlng the!
work on his new five roomed cottage i
next to the Masonlr Hall, aod will be j
moving into tho new rosldtnce this I
Dr. Lome Ktce returned to Kimlierley on Tuesday night after being
ul Kaslo and Yahk. i
Wi J. Haiper, of the C.P.R, crew
which is now stationed at this point
paid a visit to Cranbrook on Sunday
utter noon.
A. A. Ward of tha Consoldated Co.,
0 enjoying a holiday of two weeks.
George- Dahlgren, who has been on
a month's holiday to Banff and U.S.
points iH expected back on the 15ih.
J. A. Milter, representing the Sul-
livan Drill Machinery Co., returned to
Victoria, Saturday, and en routo will
visit Rossland.
Mr. Bouchltr has moved his family
from Kimberley townslte, where they
are occupying the home recently vacated by E. E. Jackson, Mr. Jackson
Inking another residence on the hill.
Club Cafe, Cranbrook, commodious,
Clean, comfortable, IStf
Malcolm MacKay motdred Into
Cranbrook on Saturday evening ac*
companled by Arnold Palm and E.
A very enjoyable'dance was held In
the recreation hall at Chapman camp
on Friday evening last, a targe num-
bor attending from here.
The new restaurant now being built
by the Dlmor Bros. Is being constructed rapidly, the cement foundation
now being In and work on the frame
part of the structure has been commenced. When the new building is
finished and opened for business It
will be one ot the best equipped restaurants In this section of the Kootenay.
Daily shipments of concentrates
are now being made from the Sullivan
mill io the Trail smelter at Tadanac.
Mrs. O. C. Thompson was a visitor
io (Yanhrook on Saturday evening.
Miss Eileen Montgomery, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. E. Q. Montgomery,
hus been confined to her home for
ihe past week with illness hut Is now
progressing nicely.
Harry laOgan waa at Yahk last week
for a day,
Mian A. V. Stevenson of tbe public
school staff, has been off duty for the
lust few days suffering with tonsillar
wuiknii and Gerald Thomltnson
were in Cranbrnok Saturday night.
Walter Uwg of tlrand ftrks has
arrived in Kimberley.
F. H. Mylrea of Calgary, was a business visitor here last Friday.
M. c, Harmon of Tacoma. Wash.,
arrived here last week by motor, ac-
eoiupaiiied by hts mother, Mrs. 0. D.
Harmon en route to their home after
being at Banff.
Wm. H. Munde of the firm of McLennan aud MoFeeloy, Vancouver,
was here last week-end.
A. E. Green and Chas, H. Gloss of I
Vancouver, were here over the weekend)
Chester Bartoo, who lias been doiug
diamond drill work rere, left Saturday
for Drumheller, huvlug been transferred to that point. He was accompanied by his wile nnd little daughter
and M. Donahue. The party nre making the Journey by car over the new
Banff-Windermere road.
Miss Pearl Barclay who has been
visiting for several weeks In Bpo-
kane, has returned hore and is the
guest of her sister.
Mrs. John Morrison was operated
upon at the St. Eugene hospital lasi
week for appendicitis and reports are
that she ts doing nicely, which will tn*
encouraging news to her friends lien.'.
Thomas Oxley motored to Cranbrook
on Saturday evening accompanied by
John Morrison.
Mr. Robinson ts starting to build a
small cottage here, near tlie North
Star Hotel.
Several new homes are now under
construction at the concentrator, the
work being in tbe hands of Messrs.
Jones & Doris, the contractors of
Mr; Ryan was in Cranbrook ovor
the week-end.
J. S. Fisher and Mr. Finch expect lo
depart the coming week for Medicine
Hat, Alta., where they will enjoy n
hunting trip.
Norman Barr, of Crnnbrook. who
was here last week assisting at. tlie
C.P.R. office returned Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs H. J. Chomat aud children motored to Cranbrook on Saturday evening accompanied by James
Brown & Morley who conduct n
stage line between here and Crnnbrook, have opened up offices In this
Mr. and Mrs. Morley of Crnnb.rook
have moved to tbis city.
Kimberley is having a building
boom, a large number of homes ami
smalt stores aro being constructed,
Monday was pay day for the mines
and concentrator.
A large number of auto parties ure
lieing arranged to attend the Banff
Orchestra dance In Cranbrook on Frl-
Additional Kimberley News Notes
will be found on Page Five.
Morrison & Burke
Healers In ('mil anil Wood
Bruce Robinson
Teacher ot Music
Studio: Baker St., Cranbrook H"m» ««
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol Caul* Limited
omens, bmultino add refining department
Purchtieri of Gold, 8llt«r, Copper, Lead ft Zinc Orel
Prodaccri uf Gold, Sllter, Copper, Fig Lead and Zinc
tPorm F)
Certificate of ImproToneati
"Lane* Jsok," "Brut Hit," "Boom,"
nu»." Blighty," "Rsd Teos," "Stat,"
'lime." 'Ohservsr," "Pilot," "Duo Ft,"
■Tar," "Pop," "Lorry," "Doura,"
'(•nyus* Fr," "Ack A»*," "Act,"
I'tirachnte," "Yap," "Teniae," "Baa,'
Terrlan." "Blimp," "Spaa." "Para."
Too Much," "Rita Fr.," "Oil," "Boa
Fr," "Petit,"
Situate In tht FORT BTEBLB Hiatal
Mvtstam ot Kootenay Dlitrlct;
When local*. — Oa tha Sullrtaa
Hill, near Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICB that Tha Coaaoll-
dated Miami A Smiting Company.
ol Canada, Limited, Free Wear's Oar-
tincale No. ISMtthC, Intend, etaty daya
Irom the data hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder tor a Certificate ot
Improvementa, for tha purpoaa ot oh.
mining a Crown Grant of tha abore
And farther take notice that action,
under section II, nut be commenced
before the tiinance of aach Certlncate
of ImproTomenta,
Dated thU 23rd da; ot AnfMt,
A. D. 1121.
Mr. J. Cantarutti arrived trom Italy
thla week with hla family; Jimmle li
un old timer In Wyollffe and teems
Kind to be back again In Canada.
Pet K O. MniUnttiry. Ami
Following It a statement ot ore received at the Trait Smeller during thu
period during Sept. 22 lo :ti Inclusive.
Name ot Mine and Locality.        Tons
Alamo Mill, Alamo, B.C  r>8
Bholt Mining Co. Eholi, ll.C  :|
Granite. Taghum. B.C  S
Knob Hill, Republic, Woah., 174
Lone Pine Surprise, Republic, Wn. 1:14
Qullp. Republic, Wn ....
Silversmith. Sandon, B.c
Sally, Beaverdell.'B.C. .
Van Rol, Sandon, B.C. .
Company Mines 	
. 191
.. 93
.. 4T
..   M
..  28
Mather: "Tommy, why don't yon go
out and play with that new utile boy
next door?"
Tommy: "I don't think ho Is well
enough to be out yet. I played Willi
htm yesterday."
Vour injury may be just a simple
scratch.acut.bruise, burn or scald;
but it needs prompt treatment
with cam-bilk. Neglect and delay
leaves broken tissue* open to dauserou,
gem ialcctioa and ulceration, blood-
poiloa or even chronic eczema.
Keep iam-bak always lunik ! This
powerful herbal antiseptic applied to
broken, chapped, burnt or lacerated skin
isiattantlyeffective. Itendsall sinailint*
pain tad ianammatioa. makes tissues
gsrm fret«nd term proof and ensures
rapid perfect healing.
Mrs. Vatmor Savarja. Morean St.,
Montreal, writs*:—"I cut my fineer
to lb* bone while working an electric
machine Tlie wound went the wrong
way  aud   became badlv festered
"It waa surprising bow quickly/.in buk
stopped the pain. 1 persevered with the
bsltn, and tbe wound which tor werks
bad den*d all other treatment was
healed perfectly 1 shall never forget
bow tain buk savsd my finger."
la a hundred other emergencies of
tela ditaaae or lajury, you will Iind
em IWllatteatHa tlllhs.si.la fin 11 ■
From latest reports it is understood
lhal Jimmlo Jones, who loft Wycliffe
last week, Inis accepted n, position with
tha li.t'. Spruce .Mills, at Lumberton.
.lim will l>c u valuable iidilltion toj-j.
linn town's proposed hockey team
.mil it likewise leaves n gup lu the
ranks of the local puck cli
ihe coming Beaton,
Aubrey Ken
irip to his home nt Cresti
has been superintending
packlllg operations mure
rs tor I *
son. U
li lias returned from n ; *
**************************if*********************eeee ■
I  Otis Staples Lumber Co.,
I Limited
Manufacturers all Kinds of Lumber
Pint, Fir, and Larch
i, where he
the tipple
r lens,
Those who attended the Lumberton
Club dance last Friday iiiRlit are loud
in praiBe nt' the good time accorded
ihem. Messrs. Freusen, Pennington
andJohnson represented ihis lumber
town in tlio other.
The present mild epidemic ot bluck
eyes ami swollen noses does not indicate n stale of war between tho ranks;
lui ji lit- known Hint local leather
pushers are getting Into trim (or tlie
winter months when boxing may
again come into its own in Wycltfto,
Much has been said, pro and eon,
about a dance in connection witli the
presentation of tlio Dally News cup.
in view of ibis, we have it on good
authority, that, as booh ns the world's
series cornea to un end the matter will
be decided upon.
Concerning sunflowers] it  may he   But 'midst all the din ami confusti
that Marysvllle takes the palm, but     or struggles tor riches Rnd Joy,
the club garden lias some dlstiiictton | tuivo you heard tho new note that
as the flowoi-H iis.- to an estimatedi      sounding?
height of thirteen  feet,  requiring a     Have you heard tbe call of the bo:
certain amount, of  rubbernecking to j
catch a glimpse of tho top. I Louder and louder we hear it.
— A cry (rom the homes that we vie-
Elmoro and Chester Staples are at A ca„ from thll mi,n i(.
present in the north country op a big
game hunt. They expect to be away
for three or four weeks.
Enquiries Promptly Dealt With
Wycliffe, B.C.
Tin-: cam. or Tin: m>\
illy Charles Keith)
Wo liitvi' heard uVjoul the tarllt ai
Ami problems ol ruling* and stall
Wo know nil aboul oartlea tnul pit
Ami politics llltle anil great.
We would like to get detailed Information ot the local married gent
who stayed out Into one night last
week, tbo' noi on that account, for
the tale is yet to be told: at breakfast
the following morning he sat down,
rolled up his sleeves, shuffled three
pieces of toast, dealt himself five
slices of ham, and discarded two
small eggs. His wife Bald "Well" In
three different tones, and silent treatment followed, hut that's all we know
about it.
Market Gardener
CrAiimantllng attention trom you;
It tells of the training ot' leaden
Aiiil HiiM is the call we enjoy;
It tells of tloteai at the ounet;
'Tin n  pretty  grim call  (rom  the
The scene of onr story hag ahlfted;
It Is night ami a boy Ims left home;
He meets lhe gautr down at the corner.;
Where evils anspeaUabte roam        I
Then anion,', tuk'- place thai arc tra-;
I'or wild, rechleaa pleasure decoys,
Anil souls that were white hav,- beer,
'T!s a pitiful call from onr boys.
l And we who are grown must remember.
When    tempted    to    srsli h    ti.-m
! That mosl  boys who t-o wrong
iThe natural food
for babies when
mother's milk
..fails is
:-■ a chance to make coral lu the
Atviiil all the strif.' and the noise,
ley are plccdlng for this.   Will you
grant it"
Will   you  Bnawer the call of the
Clean Child's Bowels with
"California Fig SyruD"
not vicious.
And all that they ask U
Hansen Has Thrown
His Crutches Away!
"Tanlac is the only tiling I can give! "My case was so stubborn that
any credit for helping me," fs the pre-hook a long, hard pull, Imi Tan
else statement made, recently, by C finally brought me around tn t
B. Hansen, a well known carpenter,1 shape. U gave me a fIne sp|
12395 linst Street, West Edmonton.(such complete relief from the rtaet
Alberta. latlsm that I pat my crutches a*
"For three years I had rheumatism'ami went back to work.   It lucre;,
io bad in my right hip and foot that  my  weight  twenty-five   pounds
I couldn't bit a lick i«r work.   In fact left me feeling like a new man."
DUldn't get around at all without my     Tanlac Is for sale by a!
rutclies.   My pain was almost
unbearable.   1 couldn't Bleep and got  million bottles
down to a mere shadow of my old
■ept no substitute.   Over
Take Tanlac  Vegetable  Tills.
Hurry  Mother      Even  constipated,
feverish, or sick, colic Babies
and   Children   love  to  take  genuine
"California [Fig   Syrup."    So  other
! xatlve   regulates   ti.'-  (ender  little
so  nicely.      It sweetens the
stomach and starts the liver and bow-
.- griping   i Contains no nar-
cotlo   or soothing drugs.   Bay "California" to your  druggist  and avoid
counterfeit*.     Insist    upon   genuine
"California  Fig  Syrup" which  con-
u ins directions.
i'll *5it oovtN ano ekplmn it
A6A.N. HE WOut-P HAVE   BEt* t
But these was a MAaaitP
THEY    OOULCVJ'T   •x*v
Vriiliij, October 12th, IDSil
A visit to the power plant here is
most interesting and instructive.
Mrs, Hubbersty has gone to reside
In Fernie for a time.
Mrs. Graham ami family are contemplating a change til' residence for
tlio winter montlm.
Mr. and Mrs, Beaumont entertained
a number of friends, celebrating a
wedding anniversary. All report an
enjoyable time.
Everyone Is pleased with our new
school teacher.    That'- the Stuff.
There is lo lie a world's fair in
Klko next summer. This is the spot,
we have the right scenery all sol here
for a fair.
Fuji Tea Rooms
Next Futa Grocery
GOOD MEAIS      ::
.Mr. .Miii.tt has harvested n lino
nop of apples nnd other truits.
.Mr. Swopo's gnrilen hns made a
very lino Bhowlng ulso. Klko apples
ai.- BOtiOnt] to nolo-.
Mr. Whipple antl Mr Warner aro
i.m ii again anil have gone to work ut I
the power plunl utter a nip to Nolson
and other paints. Elko is alright after
all.   There uro worso places,
Klko ntuy li.' classed as a hunters
or artist's paraillso      The variety or
■uiiuVry   ami   ahundnnco   or   gi	
including a Inrge nuinbor ot door lhat
huve been Keen rocently in ihe vlcln-
iiy mil,.- tin. district aa Ideal one
for the pttrBitll ot either plcusttrc.
Tho now bridge Is rapidly Hearing
I XI tn VIII li 111 IIHItS
ai a padded nil Is a v. I place
vi ii   disturbed   hy    lurnnl
or a hell atfocti
lhal. lhal.
LEARN   T 0   E A It N
Iiitllviillilil Tuition
Commence All)  lime
liny and Night Classes
Complete, Practice] commercial
Course in Shorthand, Typewriting,     Bookkeeping,     Spoiling,
Commercial   English,   Commercial  I.UW, Penmanship, Rapid
Calculation, Filing und General
omc? Procedure,
For Particulars:
Apply P.O. Box 14, Nelson, B.C.
Thai a Sherlock Hoi a could nol
find ...ii   who broke  Into Iho tvnro-
Tlml she did havo a IIcoiiho lo shoot
Thai Mr, Hubbersty fed the pumpkin  Bpokeu  ot in  Iho "Courtor" on
Thai   Klko will In- lil  lip Willi OtOC-
Irlcily to oqunl Rrouilwny within the
n.-M   Iwo weeks.
Thai Waltor has litem henteti a mil.'
wiicii il ciiiiM'S lo throwing horse
Thai   a   pup   is   nol   :i  pup,   it's  it
Thai another lilt lo drink wouldn't
do us any harm.
Thai il' thero is any oilier thing
tho "Courier" wants to know in
"Things Wi- Waal lo Know" Ihi'
Herald is "Johnnie ou iho Spot" lo
ii sick, mums,
Put Stomach in
Order at Once
'Tape's DJapepsln" Tor Gases,
Indigestion, or Sour. Dpsol
Instantly Stomach Corrected! You
never feel the slightest dlBlress from
indigestion or a eour, acid, gassy
stomach, alter you ont a tablet of
"Pape's Dlapepslu." Tho moment it
roaches the fltomaoh all Boumoss,
flatulence, heartburn, gases, palpitation and pain disappear. Druggists
guarantee each package to correct
digestion at once. End your Btomoch
trouble for a fow cents.
"Tliey Work While Von Sleep."
When yon foel sick, dizzy, upaet.j
when your head la dull or aching, or
your stomach Is sour or gassy, just
lake one or two pleasant "Cascarets"
in relievo constipation or biliousness,
No griping nlcesl cathartic-laxative
nn earth for Men, Women and Children. Hi.- boxes, also 25c and r.Oc
sizes   any drug store.
The old reliable remedy for rlieil-
inatisiu, neuralgia, .sore throat and
Best Liniment Made
the doctor called a »<•>■
bad ■prolan'
i-t i
got   MINARD'S   I.
StRNTandinsIxdaji i
wns fHtt to work ngnln.
'. lliitik it Hie hest l.ini-
IDclll .unite."
Minimi's Liniment
nlwaya gives iutii*
faction.   For any
iii'lti*   or   |i,nn.     ll
Bives Instant relief.
Minard's Liniment
Co., Limited
Yimiiiiiiili,    -   •    N.S,
Naturally, those wlio see this heading expect to read about some "baby
heir" of an American multimillionaire,
and they will be surprised to learn that
such a description applies to a scientific
pyorrhea preventative, tooth and mouth
preparation, and they will doubtless
wonder how such a product ever came
lo be tpoken of as a "million dollar
baby." So the story must be told.
Over three years ago, the Research
Department of the Rexall Company,
in consultation with chemical specialists,
began an exhaustive Investigation into
the disease Pyorrhea, and it3 proper
treatment, and in their characteristically thorough way spent over two
years before they perfected a compound
wliich answered every test, according
to their high standards. Such a remarkable demand has heen created that they
have named it "the Million Dollar
Baby." Probably no preparation that
Is devised for use as a '*crm combatter
was found so efficacious in preventing
all contagious diseases that enter the
system through the mouth and nose as
Klenzo Liquid Antiseptic. Especially
wasit proved thai users of it completely
escaped all attacks of the tin when so
prevalent last year. This Rexall product can be purchased in 35c. and uUu.
Hjiccial toilet bottles at
Sold by
— The Rexall Store —
CRANBROOK      -    -      B.C.
Where It pays to <Uiil
Ite Perils sf Neglect
Digestive ailments are frequently neglected.
People say "It's only a touch of indigestion-
it will go away." What begins as simple
discomfort is allowed to become a serious-
chronic ailment. Never neglect the treatment of digestive derangement. To relieve
disorders of stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels, Beecham's Pills act promptly and
usually overcome the difficulty.   Take
7pr Sold everywhere in Canada.
Largest Sale of any Medicine in the World
(Continued from Page One)
a goneral store, nnd has a wonderful
supply ot foot! nntl clothing and In
fact anything one might fancy, from
brlghf colored heads td a frying pan.
While staying here I was present at
the first
filling nl' the new swimming
has a splendid view from
Nosijiiftos Plentiful
' morning I hit the trail
oachlng Canal Flats that eve-
"his was a short day's ride,
ayed two nightB here. The
is beautiful, the fishing is
ii Iho mosquitoes—well, they
■lainly were a lively hunch, Sun-
n morning when I pulled out, was
ghtfully hot, After riding about
i miles I gol ti soaking, tint a house
hor, anywhere along this piece of
I saw only one house that day
and 1
t Slu
t was abandon-
ns were camping on
tiver   I   crossed, and
le my solitary Biipper
little gem of a lake,
■lily )
i horn
0   1   1
ui is
■ |lll
ed. some I ml
ilu> Bide ot a
about six. i mi
by i tu- stdo of
Premier like.
1 did nni waste much lime us clouds
were Ihreateplng, nnd ft was growing
ik when ai  last  I  came to a farm
use.    Eagerly iho horses made tor
Wolf ('reek, it proved to bo, and
gladly dl Bin out) ted and stayed the
night there. The pack rats did not
bother  mo  although   l.  ijwird them
long  Mix  wnlIs,    Next morning  I
fun ml the pi ni t* hud dragged a shoe
In the stable.   My host was equal
tht* occasion, however, and It was
I nn again.    Off I sturt-
ml   readied   Wasa   soon.
Here I came across a travelling plio-
Tho    chief    industry of
Wasa is lumbering,   It is a pictures-
with a small lake.
Blacksmith "Busy"
I reached Port Steele soon after
iimn. Here I tunelieil, then hunted
nr a blacksmith, but was informed
hat he wus nn a "toot" so could uot
•el. anything done, I walked around.
tii rl was chiefly I titer or ted in the
forget-me-nots, Never have I seen a
place carpeted with this little flower
bofore. it must be a native of the
ioil, surely. There seemed no other
■egetatlon. Thai nl'ghl a terrlfflc
bunderstorm raged, the lightning
playing up and down the mountains—
vivid tongue of violet light. It was
n Impressive sight. 1 lefl Port Steele
arly Tuesday morning and travelled ovor some very pretty country j
into Crauhrook. One tiling that rather began to mar my joy was the
motors along the road. All through
the mountains i had not heen bothered with one cloud of dust, and believe
me, it is never pleasant to bite the
dust, however necessary. The highway not being open made It like a
private rond for me, which though
lonesome was glorious, From now
on, however, l was fairly pestered by
these demons of lhe road, for a ear
is, you know, the hated rival of every
Belf-rcspecting horse.
Only lew Hollars Lett
Killing up ihe main street of Cranbrook, I lied my horse to a post and
went to the post office. No letter
from borne. I started with fifty-five
dollars, hut my visit to Calgary, Banff
and Lake Louise, with the horses and
myself to care for had eaten mosl of
that small sum and I only had fifteen
odd dollars left. I therefore decided
I could nol afford lunch in Cranbrook.
I bought some oats, a loaf of bread
and a bottle of milk, and made some
enquiries aboul the road atiead, nt a
jeweler's store. This man evidently
called up a reporter, for just ns I
was about to leave, tbe jeweler beck*
e hiirs.
Sal in
ouod me over mul Introduced me to
a man, who began asking mc questions. 1 answered him jokingly as
one often does. The result was the
wonderful bear story which, to my
astonishment, appeared as authentic
three weeks later In the Vancouver
paper, und about which many of my
friends chaffed me. Just as we were
talking I beard a sickening crash
and turned to see a little hoy and a
bicycle lying underneath a motor
delivery wagon. The boy started to
scream, and a tall man ran across
the road and picked the boy up, This
happened only a few yards away, and
1 was standing waiting for news of
the boy when ■. man walked up .
was the same man who had picked
tho boy.
"Where are you going?" he
"On to Nelson,"  I   replied,
"Surely I caught Hint saddl
of yours iu Canal Kbits Inst
day?" he said.
"Very likely," I answered.   IP
stray hi spite of ills hobbles
"Will you cntne and lunch with mo?"
he went ou.
".No thank you," 1 answered.
As soon us 1 had said il 1 regretted
it. Me was the only person in Cranbrook wlio offered ine hospitality and
he was not a Cranbrook man.
Well. I rode about two miles out.
and then got off and fed my horses,
1 drank tlie milk hut could not swallow tiie dry bread. A few miles further I came to Lumberton, a mushroom town well named, being only
created and carried ou for the sake
of the 'lumber they are butchering
there. A fow more miles and I found
another road camp pitched Iu a marsh
and swarming with mosquitos.
More IHtlirultj
Hero I was glad of a cup of coffee
aud a piece of cuke, then on again.
Motors wero pretty thick on this road.
1 passed one iu trouble and spoke to
the people. Later they caught me up
ami told me my pack was loose and
Hint they had picked up a shoe on the
road. They had seen its fellow further back, also a skirt, but had not
stopped. This was indeed bad news.
I hud only one pair of shoes aud one
skirt with me. It was growing late, a
storm was threatening, aud added to
this my horses were very tired, we
bad come nearly 40 miles that day.
"Won't you go back a few miles and
get them for me? 1 will gladly pay
you," I said.
"No," they answered, "we want tn
get ou."
What 'was 1 to do? Had I ever
learnt the value of tears I would certainly have wept. Instead, 1 am
afraid I cursed angrily to myself. It
does help to get angry when one Is
dog tired; it seems to release a new
supply of energy. I turned hack,
therefore, and began to watch tbe road
carefully. Srton I met a car of workmen coming from Lumberton. They
Iliad not seen anything ou the road,
.they said. .hist nfter this another
i car with n Indy and gentleman came
Up, "Yes, tliey hud picked up a skirt
about eight miles hack." So I recovered my skirt and only lost my shoe
Cinderella still has Hie neighbor. Sir
Prince, nnd would be awfully glad
have the other again, if you read this
send It to Westbank. B.C.
Once more I turned wcsl and met a
i real horrid storm of sleet und rain in
my face, It began lo grow dark. also.
At length 1 begun to puss some deserted bouses, and found it was Hie town
of Moyle, nn tbe lake of its name.
Here seemed lo mo the height of
desolation, windows boarded up. bouses falling to pieces. Preserve me
from a (own like this. Still. 1 did
■find u stable here and accommodation
of sorts, so I bad supper and stayed
the night. «,.•.£
twonty-olglil  riiiiih'i
roll mil
ulny Si I I  lu-lfl
on s Iny Inst.
. MMWorliig   Hi"
nits Is Inking n Imll-
il;iy In Spolmm
Messrs. Doi'mn'n anil Oumeron cnine
in mi Friday null ni'O now acltlcil in
llio Roboctaon c-nliln nl Wostport.
.Mr. II. Richardson ms. n business
visitor in Crtinbroolt on "I'linrsdiiy
Me Jcte <jbsk
our bankbrS   slogan
14 -* nobody   loves
a  flat   mam*.1   *
Fiuurc This Out
Customer:   "Have   you  that   piece
Accidents seem   to  be the order ol
the day on  the road  north of here.
another car came to grist about three 'Yes, Wo Hav- No BananaaT
miles from town last week.    Mr. Joe     .Music   Clerk: "No,   we   have   no
Walkley was coming from Wasa on yes, wo have no bananas."
Thursday   when  the  steering  rod  ofj •   *    *   #
his   ear  broke  with   the  result   that
tho car piled in the ditch.
News came io the town on Saturday
of the death of another old-timer,
Jack Smith, who was well known
among the lumber**jacks of twenty or
more years ago.
and bus registered its astonishing
growth since April 7, 11)17 -or thereabouts. It is Known as "hopping
attgutBh." "le- ping disaster." "spotted caramels," or rolling bankrupt ay."
ll comes hi Hotu, and If presented
Jcllltly to n'ter strangers, will havo
Ihem so well acquainted in fifteen
minutes tliey will he fighting like old
friends.    II "
Mrs. S. : "Mini, what are you Inllt-
ing about?"
Smlthson; "I'm talking about the
greal American game 'craps,' that
wharf ping-pong which started iu
Alabain', nud has now spreail, to all
parts of tin world."
Jimmy Writes
Jimmy Green wrote to his mother
who was visiting In the next county.!
"Hear Mom: I'm well and hop you i
ore the same, Van know archie mets-
gar's neck, well we was fishing in
the pond Balurday and ho fell in up io ■
it. I hurto my hand thuradiiy because
the teeth billie joijes used to havo]
was etui tharpo. 1 saw a man in a
untumobll turn turtle the other day
rlgbl near the aquarium. The pas
was leaking In the kitchen the other
day bni it's all right now. 1 pul a
pan iniiier it, Jimmy.
*   *   •   * \
Established ISPS Phone IU
Geo. R. Leask
Cabinet Work,   Picture Framing
Estimates given on
all classes of work
Offlce: Corner Norbury Avenue
aud Edwards Street
Girls Hair Grows
Thick and Beautiful
One of the most notable photoplay
casts of the year will be seen In this
city on Monday ami Tuesday, when
Huso  Ratlin's production" of "Vanity
Pair" comes to the Star theatre fori An Educator nl 11,on
two days.   This production was made'    Smlthson:     "The    Universal    Inn-i
ai tho Goldwyn studios for distrlbu- guage, now    npoken    in twenty-three
Hon by that company and Mr. Ballln  (1;fferel,|   tongues,  has  been  accepted
had at his disposal all the besi resour-
of the tjoblwyu organization. The)
115c. "Dnwlernlc" Hoes Wonders
for Lifeless, Neuleclnl Hair
A gleamy mass
of luxuriant   hair
K full of gloss, lustre and life shortly     follows      a
^ Genuine toning up
\ GOLDWVN mum-*
Th* CHICAGO DAILY NEWS Pr..» Wihmim S'my
an ALLEN HOLUBAR production
Malcolm McGregor, ernest torrence
At The atar next weak Friday A Saturday, October Uth and 20th.
] "Hair-Groom"   Keeps  Hair
picture is one of the film achievements   JljUQ     V \ '1\/C
of  tbe year  and  ^iv.-s   tbe  story  of   ||0BP|     .\ j 1*1,1
Tbaeaeray's   masterpiece as he wrote | illml      US I I I W
it In his novel,
Mabel Ballln, tlu- wife of tbe pro-   PflR/inrp
rtticer Is starred as Becky Sharp,  she' | |||l/IKr||
is conceded to be one of the most   UUlituLU
charming nf tbe popular film stars of
the day and has constantly beon ad-'
ding to  her reputation as u  screen
player of exceptional ability.
Technically there are four leading
men iu this production, At the head
of these, on account of bi*. long years
silent drama, cornea Hohart Dosworth.
The Qeorge Osborne of lbe east is
Harrison Pord, a screen recruit from j
the legitimate stage who made bis!
first picture appearance wiih Fanny
Ward, iu    The Crystal Gazers",
Qeorgo Walsh, brother of it. A.1
Walfih, the director, pays tlie part of!
Rawdon Crawley,    In   bis   previous
screen appearances he luis been east'
for roles that called for athletic prowess and daring feats. His Hawdou
Crawiey in "Vanity Pair" is one of
the high lights of Ihe east.
Captain William Dobbin Is played;
by Kurle Foxe, the young actor who
made his screen debut with QrlOttll
and has since acted Important roles
with every big producer iu lhe Industry. The Joseph Sedley of the east
is played hy Willard Louis. His stage
sister. Amelia Sedley, is played hy
Eleanor Hoardman. the young woman
recently selected hy Goldwyn out of
two thousand applicants in New York
city. Miss Hoardman made such a
big hit In Marshall Neilan's "The
Strangers' Banquet*' that she was gi
veil tlie present role in "Vanity Fair"
aud nt lbe conclusion of that was
selected to act the Ingenue lead in
"Souls for Sale."
ei of        neglected
)  scalps     witli   de
pendable    "Dwn-
Falling      hair,
reeled  Immediately,
Thin. dry. wtflpy, or fading hair is
quickly invigorated, taking on new
strength, color nnd youthful beauty.
"Danderlne" is delightful ou tbe hair;
a refreshing, stimulating tonic—not
sticky or greasy!    Any drugstore.
Millions   Use   It—Fine  for   Halrl
—Not Sticky, Creasy or Smelly
SEALED TENDERS, addressed to
tbe Postmaster General, will be received nt Ottawa, until noon ou Friday, tbe 2)1(1 day of November, 1988,
for the conveyance of His Majesty's
Mails, on ii proposed contract for four
years, fourteen limes per week on u
route Pernio uml Railway Station
(Can. Pac.) from the Postmaster (Ihi-
eral's pleasure.
Printed notices containing further
information as to conditions of proposed Contract may he seen und blank
forms of Tender may be obtained at
Ihe Post Dtli.es of Ferule, ll.C. and
at the ofllce of tbe Poll Office inspector; Calgary,
Post Ollleo Inspector's Ofllce, calory,
A  few cent., buys a jar of "Halr-(A11,,,rta-
Groom"   ul   nay   drugstore,   which] "■ A' BRUOH
makes    even   etubboni,    unruly   or ,'4IH| on-Cfl •"■ pwlor,
shampooed hair stay combed all day Calgary, Alia
In any style you like. Seplemher flOllt, 1088. Bl-88
Nerer Noticed Before
Judge! "Aren't you ashamed to be
seen  in  this court  room—a man tf
your seeming ability  to appreciate
belter things?" I
Prisoner:   "Now thai you ask  mo, |
judge,  I  believe this  blooming pine
does need a little paint and fixing up.
Effective Sunday Seplemher .'10, l!iL':i
Ml, (IT DAILY --Medicine Hat, Koote-
imy Landing.   Arrive 18.10 p.m. leave
18.80 p.m.
No, Naill   Leave 7.06 a.m. Dally except
Sunday, No. 8S-1—Arrives 1.10 p.m.
Triins'l'iiiiiiilii Limited. Nos. 7 & 8 he*
tweeu Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver will he withdrawn. Last trnin
leaves eneb of those polnls on Soph
89, 1888,
The Miiunli.lniM'r, Trains Nor. lit & U
between Chicago and Vancouver have
been withdrawn went of Moosejaw
(Connections nt Moosejaw from and tu
tH. Paul with trains Noa. 1 A 2.
Order from Any Government Vendor
M. ,'1,<'l|rr' <'lt'ar, amber-colored
** beverage, as refreshing and
appetizing us the finest beer
slmiiltl be. Its consistent purity Is assured by scrupulous
cure given to the method of
This advertisement is not
published or displayed hy
the Liquor Control Hoard
or by llio Government of
Brittell  Columbia.
*m Friday, Ootolior 12lli, 1»2!»
metbodist Church
KEV. B. C. FREEMAN, l'astor
I, us o( old, man by lilrasol" is priced;
■ thirty pieces Judas sold himself, not Christ.—Selected.
11 a.m. "Would We See Jesus"
i Junior Choir will render the Special aumhor omitted lasl Sunday
12,16 Sunday School.
7.Hi) p.m. "M'BBBagbs From Tho Hymns"
(V hearty service of congregational singing of lamlliur hymns,
1'huiie HIO I'.O. Ilr.i Ut
A.M.B.J.O., it ll.O.L.B.
Utlleo - Armstrong Ave.
Cranbrook     .      .      -B.C.
Drs. Green & MacKinnon
I'hvsiclans uml Surgeons
Otllce  at  residence, Armstrong
Afternoons    2.00 to 4.00
Evenings   7.30 to 8.30
Sundays   2.00 to 4.00
I to 11 a.m.     1 to I p.m.
Hanson Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
r he ne 850
Norlmry i.e., nut to City Hall
Meets ln tha
O.W.V.A. Hall
afternoon ot tha
first Tuesday at
3 p.m.
All ladles are
cordially IntlUd
I'resident:    Mrs. F. Constantuw.
Bec-Treasnreri  H*s. 8. Ta*»»i.
I. O. O. F.
Meets a.ery
.Monday night at
ll'lie Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Fellows are cordially invited,
fj. O.      -      -       R. I-. Burtch
Rec. Sec.     K. O. Dinplcy, P.O.
il Knights of Columbus*
******* ******* ** * **♦♦♦*♦♦
— Thi t
1111(11.IS, A ui: A\t\, IN
»sori, (ii-1 i in: iikaht
Thoy'ro nil thoro; tho living skeleton wlin eats enough I'm' thrao ordinary people; the tut lady to whom
Imiiortlnonl by-ataudors suggest dtot-
Ing; the wild woman. Blolon trom a
cannibal mother in Africa, and the
tatiiiifil man. The llrst reel of Thos,
II. luce's "Soul of Lhe Boast.", the
Metro picture playing nt iho Star
HiL'iiiru next week, is bettor than a
day ut the circus for tho sights are
all there without tin; attendant discomforts of hunt and dust. The surging crowds; tho loud-mouthed peanut,
popcorn and lemonade ,yendors, tho
"hick" with staring eyes, taking In
all the Bide shows, aro real as life for
a real circus was used to mako this
part of the film.
The picture gives u satisfying suggestion of the glamor of tho sawdust
ring ami tli on shifts lite scene to tlie
tawdry life behind, where a close-
fisted grasping old rltitan begrudges
even the food they oal to tho people
who work for him. Utile wonder
that, when the top of the tent Mows
off In a terrlfflc storm that "Oscar,"
the big elephant, who is the troupe's
star performer, pulls away from
captivity, taking his small mistress
with him.
Romance comes into tlio life of
"Ruth" when she meets a boy music-
Ian at a quaint trapper's town. "Oscar," pouting in elephant fashion-
whatever that is—when his mistress
forgets him, turns his buck and wanders off into the woods where be has
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.,
Musicsl Dlr-vtor
Cranbrook Huslcsl Society
Teacher of Singing, Violin and
Preparation for llualcal Bxam-
Phona 5118 Criinlironk. B.C.
The quantity ot croam in
every can ol Pacific Milk Is so
great that to gel tho beat results in cooking vim must not
spare tlio water. Unless a
111 meet In iho J reclpo calls for cream, always
"   KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  i a** ■■-' much water .is you do
;; haijIj x      Paclflc-
ii   ■»»« "J"srMUY'   I Pacific Milk Co., Ltd.
Hl * ,,'°1, 11       Head OMw, Vannio.fr, H.C.
Sllllsiiiolloli (liiiinnili'fil
C. IIOIIIIKIIIS    -    -    »«* T»l
(little Ihaienpon.)
Whan you wish something good
to eul go to the "L.D."
Will    I'UICK*    IKK    KlUHC
VAN ii hum: ST. Opp, Bullion
Now lluttiltng
Nicely Furnished
Wlien In Town Slop Here
Kwong Chong
11 Armstrong Avenue
Opnonlts W. D. Hill's
Klrst  Class Work Guaranteed.
Montana Restaurant
Heals at All Hours
Cigars, Cigarettes and Candle.
Cranbrook 8b    •    Pksns Ml
Opp. Bank ol Common*
Baptist Cfmrcft
11 u.ni. "Two Great Empires; Two Great Wars"
Snniliij School 12 noon
7.30 i>.ui. "Doing Our liest"
liuth services will be conducted by i lie pastor
in the basement of
tin' church
"If a lithe nf what we spent
in conquering Germany had
boett pen) In converting Germany, thoro would havo boen no
Roger Babeon
i iiiij; Hunt ronewlng old woodland ac-
[ualntancoe. He can't forget the
leaire for human affection, however,
tin! finally wanders bach to the uet-
tlemenl In tlmo lo save the girl from
dire peril   Madge Bellamy, u screen
light ever since her lil^; success 111
luce's "Hall The Woman," and Oullen
Lnndls, head the cast, with "Oscar"
sharing honors, "Oscar" is only ten
years old—a mote child for an elephant -hut with eight years training
in captivity to his credit ho shows an
intelligence that, would pul some
hool children lo blush. The children nnd the grown-ups, too, will get
many thrills ami laughs from this
delightful picture.
The elephants performance is absolutely unique and in addition the
lory Is intensely human nud full of
iramnlic action which works up to
me of Iho blggesi climaxes ever
shown ou the screen when "Oscar"
nearly lulls a big liully who lias tormented hts mistress nnd tortured the
man she lovefl,
"Soul of the Boast" furnishes the
best evening*!] entertainment of any
picture lhat has been Bltown for some
time, It is absolutely novel und
carries all appeal for every screen fan
young or old.
(Continued from Page Four)
day evening. Ou Monday night the
same orchestra Will play for a dance
at ihis place.
Owing to tlie large amount of business being conducted here, the C.P.R.
have found it necessary to put a permanent switch engine on here.
David Jones who has been here for
some months lefl for Rossland on
Mrs. Frank Jordan nf Trail, arrived
hore Monday to reside with Mr. Jordan who is on the ofllce staff nt the
concentrator. They will lake up tholr
residence at Chapman camp where
Mr. Jordan has built a residence.
Mr. Walker, representing tlie Not-
sou Daily News, was here Monday
and Tuesday on business tor bis paper.
W, l). Hill, of Cranbrook, motored
to tiie city on Monday morning,
Captain McBride who arrived here
recently and is ou the ofllce staff at
the concentrator, lias purchased the
residence recently vacated by Thomas
Ally ami family.
A. T. Hull, who was. up to a month
ago, teller at tbe local branch of the
Bank of Montreal, and who has been
on a vacation to bis home in Vancouver, has been transferred to Duncan,
Oeorge R. I.ensk, tho Cranbrook
contractor bus opened an ollleo here.
Robert. McQllOQll was in I'ranbrook
Harry Stone has returned from
1'rall. where be spenl several duys
wiih   his   family.
Mr. Phillips, tho insurance man
from Cranbrook was u husiness caller
to Kimberley ou Monday.
By C, Gardner Sullivan
Directed by John Griffith Wray
Coder tin1 prrnnal supervision
of I bus. UL kce
Star    next  Wed.  ft  Thurs
October 17 ft 18
being served from 5 to B. A large
number attended and enjoyed the delightful supper pul up by Hie ladies
of the church. After the supper ul
public dance waa held at which al
good number oi local people as well
as a large contingent from Cranbrook
were   in   attendance.    Tbe   decoration
scheme  was  carried out   In   autumn:
leaves.    Misses Delia Greaves, Delia |
and  Frames  Drummond  had charge
of the Cindy booth, while lbe supper;
was In charge of Mrs. Holland. Mrs.!
Summers, Mrs. Louie, Miss B. Druni-
tnoud and MeBsers.D. Burke,   P. Holland,   11.   Pierce aud   M.   Muddyman. I
Those attending from Cranbrook Included Father Murphy.  Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Collins, Mr. and Mrs. P, Smith.
Mrs.   Farreli.     Mrs.     Mahafl'y.     Miss
Robertson, .Miss Delhi Qreaves, Misses
Delia    and     Frances   Drummond and
Mr. Greaves.
Ami patronage bul given him pain.
Tread  lightly,  friends,  let    no    rude
Disturb  his  solitude  profound:
Here let him live in calm repose
UnSOU.glt1  except  hy men he OWOS,
And when ho dies, go plant him deep,
That naught may break his dreamless
Wherein  no clamor may dispel
The unlet that he loves so well;
And that the world may know its loss.
Place on his grave a wreath of moss
And on a slone above. ■Here lies
A chump who wouldn't advertise."
—"Direct Reflections."
Session  .of . I.cuislutur**  .May
Chango Conditions of
•Sfumpiigo Payments
With the winter months approaching, the picture show is opening two
nights a week,
John Harkiss or Rossland. arrived
here on Sunday and is the guest of
John anil George Dlmor. Mr, Harkiss
has been on a visit lo Winnipeg ami
eastern cities.
The electric lights were off for a
few minutes on Monday evening at
about 7,:i0.
Kimlierley was visited by a heavy
rain storm which lasted through most
of Saturday night.
The Utile daughter of Mr. nud Mrs.
Boitchler, who has been III with pneumonia is reported to be recovering
T. Anderson, oil salesman of Calgary, was u business visitor here on
A chicken supper wns given In
Hand ley's Hall, Thursday evening
last by  the  Catholic  church,  supper
Victoria.—Reports that the Prov-
clul government proposed to reduce
uber royalties at the next session of
the Legislature aie denied.
There is no intention to reduce
(lie royalties," a high oillcial of the
lauds department lias said. "On the
'outrary. there is almost, sure to be
in increase. The government, bow-
ever, will probably take action at the
next session of the Legislature to
remedy the present condition under
which Umber royalties are paid. These
conditions undoubtedly are working
a hardship on the lumber Industry.
The department of laud otllctals nud
representatives of lhe limber Industry are trying to work out a fair basis for lbe payment of royalty
charges and we hope to reach it
settlement before tho tension opens.
The royalty situation, however, is
iiibstaniially the same as II. was throe
uonltis ago."
Under the original arrangement
tgreed upon hy the government and
he timber holders alike, the government was lo collect in the form of
royalties a certain fixed proportion of
the amounts received for lumber sold
wholesale    for    more  than    eighteen
dollars a thousand. This seemed a
fair enough arrangement al first, because tin one expected the wholesale
price of lumber to go much higher
than ?1S,
Improvement in market conditions
increased cost of logs and labor, fluctuations in currency and oilier factors
resulted lu making $18 a thousand a
decidedly low average figure, arid tlie
operation of the original formula
obliged the timber men to pay an Increasingly high royalty to the government.
Strangers to
West of tlie Cross Keys Hotel
on the main street you will find
n nice clean restaurant. Look
for the sigu above tlie door
Club Cafe
This cafe is open day and night.
There are many features about
this cafe which make It homelike, but why mention one without nil?
Xille for your; elf the general
atmosphere of the place. We
are prepared to please tlie inns'
'I s
Our Food and Service are Pleasing a Heat of Friends.
Opposite C. P. R.
•AV *.'. *.*.•.' ,*l ".V.'eVeVAVeV.V
Have Your    .•
Ills Pies, Cakes and Pastry   ean   not   be   beaten.
Phone *7      ■      >orburj' Are.
Excellent Workmanship
Good  Material Used
before buying New Shoes
— ski: III It STUCK —
We Can Save Yon Money
aWWWAV.V.WaW.V.V.V.'.V, i
Full Line of Wall Paper
In Stock.
Store, Hanson Avenue
Phone 409 st all hours
CRANBROOK     .     .     .     B.C.
their  S
C. Joe Bros, 1
Reg   to   announce
many former lady patrons that
they nre attain making a B'pec-
lalty ot
Your Patronage Is Invited
Gentlemen'* Suits
Hade To Order
The Very Latest Styles
| :   Cleaning * Pressing   :
Opposite   Dank  ot  Commerce
imi. lim mil
Breathes  there a  man   with   soul  no
Who never to himself hath Bald—
"My trade of late ts getting had.
I'll try another ten-inch ail.'
If there be, go   mark lilm well.
For him no hank account shall swell;
No ttllgel watch the golden stair
To welcome home a millionaire.
The man who never asks for trade
Hy local line or ml displayed
Cares more for rest than worldly
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Here Once Were "Happy Homes    •
Lfulesa you see the name "Bayer" on
package or on tablets you aro nol
getting the genuine Bayer product
safe by millions and prescribed by
physicians over twenty three years for
Colds Headacho
Toothache Lumbago
Ka ruche Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Buyer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Kuril unbroken package contains proper directions. Handy boxes
of twelve tablets cost a few cents.
Druggists also soil bottles of 24 nnd
100. Aspirin is the trade murk (registered In Canada) of Buyer Manufacture of MonoaoetloftcldoBtor of
Sallcyllcaold, While it Is well known
thnt Aspirin means Bayer •manufacture, to assist the public, against Imitations, tho Tablets of Bayer Company
will be stumped with their general
Ltnulu mark, tha "Bayer Cross."
Towrlss & Ada ins
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.    Distribution Cars a
Specialty.    Excellent Warehousing.
Telephone tilt
. ,j, ■.-.wa
You Will 'lake So Mistake
in Ordering that
— From —
The Tailor
Van Horne Street C1UXBB00K TRAIN TIMKS
Opposite G. P. R. Depot SO UT DAII.V-To Nelson, Vancouver,
Plione 110      ::      Phone 416    Spotane etc. Arrive 1210 p.m. lesv.
 112.20 p.m.
=ES=^==Ss=«=S=== SO. lis DADiT—Io Fernie, Lethbrliits,
Mediiine Itn:. Calpjiry, etc- AJTlvs
4.In p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
Cranbrook, Mjcllne, Kimberley  8»r.
.No. 62J—Leare 7.05 a.m. No. 824—Arrive 2.10 p.m.
(ranbrook. Lake Hlndtrmere sol
(ioltlea Seriice
Monday and Thursday, each week
—NO. Ml, leave 9 a.m.     WadntatUf
and Satunlay-NO. S22 arrive J.30 pm.
I'.O. Ilo\ '.Mil
■      ■      a I  I " "
t ......_..v55
These photographs amongst
the flrat from Japan, show
more plainly than words the
destruction wrought by Hu
great eartbiiueke there, fol
lowed by lire mid tidal wave,
tipper picture shown the
rutna of the town of Ito, a
typical icene of devastation.
In the lower picture, crying
refugees are walking aloaig
the Yokohama-Tokyo road,
wanderer*, not ItuowUv
wban to tun or gov
accept this
"Cascade" invites you to experience the
joy ot drinking the finest beer brewed In
the west—to partake ol the concentrated
nutriment ol Canada's choicest barley
and hops, brewed to pcrlection—to gtl
that line feeling that comes from drink-
ing real eood beer.
/mill on "Catced." and set th. perfection of .atitfaction. AU Government
Liquor Store, tupply it.
For further particulars apply to any
ticket agent
District Puitnger Agent, O.lnrr.
James T. Uldlaw, Mining llngl-
neor and ll.C. Land Surveyor
has authorized Allan II. IleWolf
to handle Ills practice during hla
presenl absence from the elty.
Mil Aug. 22nd, 1923
CranbrooK Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Pro.. Oort.)
Maternity and Oeneral Nurelng
Terms Moderatw
Hits. A. CRAWFORD,  M«tr»».
Harden Avenue      -  Phone 262
This iiilvertinciiieiit. is not published or displayed by tho l,iqiim-
I 'nutnil lluurd or by the Uovemiueut ol British Colombia.
Every Garment lent to u* to be
Cleaned or Dyed la glvan
Our Utmost Oara.
Our knowledge ol tha buifntai
la your assurance of satisfaction
hare.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring ui your work.
Wa Clean and Dy* Bverythln*.
raoitc in FAGE SIX
Friday, October 12th, 1923
:: j
ii 26 Piece Tea Service    $24.00 I
Watchmaker & Jeweller       Norbury Ave.   Nexl Door Star Theatre   I
AArfealiA AA A A A,'..'..'..'.A,'..*..*.>*,.*. .J. .*..*.."..*. .*,.*.,*..'.."..". ■;« ■'••'■ •'*■*. 'I"!*-i"**"I"^*I*^*I'*(**I'*I*
City Items of hums,
We carry a full lino of Lifebuoy
Running Shoes.
Our low prices win every lime.
+    +    +
Splendid progress is being madoi
by the Junior Choral Society, which
is being euniiueted by Mi1 0. li. Bower among the senior classes at the
public school. About u hundred are
now attending thu rehearsals on Monday afternoon, and this week the orchestra in connection witli the junior
ehoral was started with fifteen Instruments, and a probability of more
a little later. A concert by ihe children will probably be put ou during
the Christinas holidays.
+   +   +
Special! Special! Tungsten Lamps
at bargain prices, 25, 40, anil 50 wal t
for 35c.
Our low prices win every time.
+   +   +
Phil, Sheffield, representing the B.
0. University, is malting an Investigation Into the Ufa ot the lato Mlcliaol
Phillips, the first white pioneer ot tlie
Tobacco Plains contry. On Monday,
Mr. Sheffield visited the homo of Mrs.
W. Parnell, daughter of lhe lato Mr.
Phillips, und unearthed severnl valuable documents and writings which
will greatly i.ssist the University authorities lu compiling n history of
Mr. Phillips and his pioneer work iu
Southern British Columbia,—Fernie
Free Press.
Kstnte of J. T. l.AlliLAH, iiicciiMii
You'll   he  surprised. "MERRY  00
+ + +
Master Harry Swope, ol Bllto, was
brought lo tire hospital here n lew
days ago in care m' hi* mother, suf-
tering inmi a broken leg. Ho Is dome as well as can he expected.
+    +    +
Membership Drive, v.ii.c.A., October -llh lo 3l8t. '■'•'■I
+ + +
P. CI. Morris was couflnod to lhe
house fir a few days lliis week, sut-
fi line from a badly sprained knee
which lie Bustainod at ihe Central
School ar.minis. lie was able to resume his work al the Manual Trulii-
ii e School on Thursday, though lie
will feol Ur' affects of his mishap for
n good while yet.
+    +    +
Membership   Drive,   Y.M.C.A.,  October 24th lo 31st. 38
+    +    +
Mr.  V. B. Forrester who has been
running mil of Nelson Willi the C. P.
It., has heen transferred to Crauhrook.
Mr. Forrester is a brother of Mrs. 13.
+    +   +
Membership  Drive, Y.M.C.A., October 24111 lo 31st. 33
-I-   -r   +
Cyril Shaw, formerly of the City
Transfer Co., has taken u position at
lhe Raworth Bros, store.
+   +   +
Propare for llio winter by ordering
your tire chains , hood covors, etc.,
Cranbrook. 3111 f
+    +    +
Here soon. "MERRY 110 ROUND",
Notice Is hereby given lhal all persons Indebted to the Into .las. T. Laid
law, deceased nro required lo pay ihi
amount of such debt lo lhe undersign,
ed nt the Imperial Hank, Crnnbrook,
mid nil persons having accounts
against the said lute J. T. Lni.llaw are
required lo present, their accounts he-
Tore October 31st, 192:1.
Imperial Hank. Crnnbrook, B.C.
Oelober 10th, 1923 33-35
Mrs. Mill. hi. of   Halloy, Idaho
announces thai she is opening a
Beauty Parlor in ihe city at Room 70.
iu lhe Vcnozla Holol, nexl lo Dr.
Fersle's olllce. Mrs. McDonald will
curry mil manicuring, shampooing,
marcelling, sculp treatments, facial
massages nml oilier treatments. She
opened tor husiness on Wednesday of
Ibis week, nml in a few days will be
ready with her full equipment for
anything in lhe way of beauty aids.
It was reported last week that we had disposed nf our
interest in our Stage Line between Cranbrook and Kimberley. We wish to state thai, this is positively untrue,
that we are the original and only operators ot the
Kimberley Stage Line between the above named towns.
We Drive Dodge Cars Only
We have endeavored to give Ihe people lhe hest service
possible regardless of our own convenience and in return
Ihey have given us a patronage we are justly proud of and
fully appreciate.
To show our appreciation ,we hereby announce that,
beginning October 10th, 1923. our passenger faro between
Cranbrook and Kimberley  will lie
75c ONE WAY       $1.50 RETURN TRIP
Cranbrook, B.C.
Membership Drive Oct. 24 - 31 1923
Ex-President  Wilson  Says:
"Yon can test tbe modern community hy lhe degree of lis Interest
In the Young Men's  Christian  Association."
The Cranbrook V. .11. ('. A. Is 11 Clean Place lor Men
uml Boys.
Slogan:— Watch lite Crnnbrook Hallway V. SI. C. A.
Membership (in Tn '200.
-♦—♦—♦-♦—♦-♦—♦--♦-♦ ♦-♦- ♦ ♦ -♦ -♦—♦-♦—♦ * ,—*-
BIG   22
Yiv now have a full line of the following:
Insure with Beale & Elwell.
Miss DeCew, of Fernie, motored to
Cranbrook for the week-end,
Boost tho Y.M.C.A. membership to
200. October 34th to 31st, 33
Percy Aiilunl Bpent Sunday lust ln
Pernio, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W, 0. Adlard.
The Parish Hull Card Purtles aud
Dances will be held on the following
dates; Oct. IT; Nov. 7; Dec. 6.      31lt
Russell Walkor of the Nelson News
Is a business visitor to th city this
A Benefit masquerade dance will be
held on Hallowe'en, October Slat ut
iho Auditorium. B. of K, T. 28
Airs. F. A. Fortier, nf Sullivan Hill
was a visitor at the home of Dr. and
Mrs. W. A. Fergle for a few days the
latter port ol7 last week.
Quigley Knitted Sweaters and Coats
at Qrady & Eye's, the Tailors, Baker
Street. 23tt
Mr. and Mrs, R. P. Johnson of
Klngsgato, were visitors this week at
Hit; home of Mr. and Mrs, H. 13. Jecks.
We carry a full line of Men's Woman's ami Misses' Shoes.
Our low prices win every time.
BORN. — At the St. Eugene Hospl-
iiil, on Saturday, October Bth, to Mr.
aud Mrs. Lewis Cox, of this city, a
This is open season for "Calories."
Have yon got yours yet? Better see
Patmore Bros,
Boost the Y.M.C.A. membership to
200. October 24th to 31st. 33
Miss Kathleen Uttlejohn of Erlckson, who recently underwent an operation nt the hospital here, was able
tcV return home on Saturday last.
Orady & Eye are now located ln
their new store on Baker Street, opposite McCreery Bros. 23tf
Mrs. Jas. Coen, of Kimberley, is
convalescing at the hospital after an
operation for appendicitis which she
underwent on Tuesday last.
Just Arrived —An express shipment
nipnt of Afternoon and Seini-Kvening
Dresses. Beautiful Shades and Styles.
Patmore Bros, have just shipped a
"Caloric" system to ICimberley, which
will be installed lu the new Dlmor
Restaurant building shortly.
The Knights of Pythias will commence their popular monthly winter
dances on October 24th. Invitations
can he had from the following committee: J. Taylor, chairman. E. A. Hilt and
H. J. Collier.     Melody Five Orchestra.
What's the latest in record sunflowers? Here's another. R. W. Edmond-
son found some sunflowers growing on
his lawn from seed self-sown in some
way, aud allowed them to grow up.
There are now some Iver 11 feet in
height, and while this may not be
anything exceptional, there are flow
era on them thai seem something out
of the ordinary. There is one flower
measuring fifteen Inches across, and
two or three others twelve inches In
diameter. One of these in the Her
aid window measures seventeen inch
es across the face.
Our best ad. is a proper fitting Suit
23tr Grady & Eye, Tailors, Baker St.
ou a satisfied customer.
Is well exemplified in the
many choice pieces we have
just received in a large shipment, consisting of Berry
Bowls, Water Sets, Vol
Comports, Butters, Etc. The
quality Is back to the prewar standard.
The newer styles in Cut
Glass are exceedingly attractive. Some of the beautiful
designs we are now showing
are unique and very desirable for wedding gifts or for
the home.
Come In and see this new
The Jeweler
Cranbrook Taxidermist
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Fenwlck an-
noiiricp tlio engagement of their
daughter Prlscllla Edith to Mr. John
Erie Sowerby, son of Mr. and Mra. J.
h, Sowerby, of Lewis Creek. B.C.
Tlie Christ Church Bazaar will he
held on Nov. 21, in the Parish Hull.
Jus, Millie, formerly accountant at
the City Trnnsrer office, resumed his
former position there last week.
T. M. R. Stewart, of tlie llateiiffe
& Stewart garage, left the ond ot inst
week for a shurt business visit to
Wo still have a number of repaired
tires and tubes on hand, at reasonable prices.
Cranbrook. SOU
Gilbert Blumenauer hns taken a position in the Royal Bank here vaealed
by Arthur Gill, who has been transferred to Ferule.
Heating Stoves: McClary's Oaks,
and Hot Blasts, Powerful heaters,
See Patinort Bros.
BORN. — At the" Cottage Hospital,
on Thursday, October 11th, to Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Wilson, of this city, a daughter.
Our stock of Seasonable Materials
for Men's Clothing is of highest ipial-
ity.     A perfect fit and rompleto s.U-i
Isfactlon guaranteed.     Grady tt
Tailors, Baker Street. 23tf
E. Blggatini is having a "Caloric"
heating system Installed and Intends
to be comfortable during the cold
BEALE & Elwell havo a furnished
cottage and two lots for sale. Price
$1.(150. A snap for someone. Call us
up about It.
Fred Small has just had a "Caloric"
heating system installed In his residence on Burwell Avenue and will he
able to ont down the dimensions uf
his coal bin anil Incidentally his coal
bill this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. o. B. Garrett relumed
lust week from Oliver. In the Southern
Okanagan, where Mr. Gnrretl has had
his headquarters during his summer's
entomological work for the dominion
government They have again taken
up residence in their home on Armstrong Avenue.
Boost the Y.M.C.A. membership to
200. October 24th to 31st. 38
Owing to unforseen circumstnnce*.
having arisen, Mr. B. A. MnorliouBo,
provincial land surveyor, will not be
leaving Tor the Coast next month ns
previously expected, hut will be remaining In the city as usual.
There have been several motor accidents recently, by collision and fire.
Why run the risk when yon can protect yourself against loss and damage
to your car? Dont put It off, but
call up BEALE & ELWELL. 33tf
The Ancient Order ot Foresters'
Whist Drive and Dance In the K.P.
ball. Friday, October 19th. Dances to
suit everybody. Come and have a good
time. Edmondson's orchestra. Admission Jl,2r, a couple. Extrn lady COc.
— Enquire at —
The Herald Office
,Just arrived -
of Afternoon and Seml-Evenlng Dresses.        Beautiful    Shades and Styles,
Mr. mid Mrs. A- C. Bowness and
Mr. and Mrs. l). H. Qnrnhnui of Crnnbrook, passed 111 rough Rossland on
Thursday lasi eu route lor the Coast.
While away tho party will visit .Seattle and Portland. They paid a visit
in Baling Park, having hoard so much
regarding the beauty spot, and were
delighted with the place.—RoBSlnnd
Send your Hemstitching and Pico!
Edging to ihe Singer Store. Phone
BO.   We have a tlrst class operator.
B. 0. Hayman left lor iho Coast
last Friday, and may a Utile later
trnnsrer to Vancouver, if expectations
iu regard to the new position he fs
taking wiih the C.P.H. materialize.
Mr. and Mrs. Hayman have boon very
active in connection with the Parent-
Teacher Association formed last year,
and would be much missed in that
connection and in Anglican church
"The Frost is on the Pumpkin, tin1
Fodder in the Shock." Soleet your
heater early while il is iu slock.
Patmore Bros.
G, \V. Russell has come to lhe city
with the Dominion Express Co., und
assumed tiis new position on Ihe delivery service on Monday. In the
Weluskiwin district whero he hails
from, phenomenal yields are being
reported from tho threshing opera-
Mous now in prouress there. On ono
farm whore he was last week, n field
of forty-seven acres pave a yield of
sixty bushels lo Hie acre of good even
rhkIo wheal, and Ihis is only one or
many Instances, excellent crops lu
that sect ion being the general rule
this year.
Select your hoiiliup sieve NOW, See
our lino of "Quebec's" "Ottks" and
"Hot Blnrls." Patmore Brow.
■'mine I.
We nay tlie best prlcta going tor all
; tinds   of   turolture.      Wa buy anything Iiuu, a mouse tr i lo au auu*
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
PQR SALE. — Used Holntzmnn Piano,
tor sale Apply llox II., Herald Ofllce. 33-34
TOH SALE.      Barber Clinlr,    Crenm
Separator, and ltll'le.        Apply    II.
Weston, I'ranbrook. 33tf
Buy your Shoes tor the whole family at P.. WESTON'S. 3311
Vmir Choice Should Be A
Our Prices ami Terms make It
possible for anyone to own one
of these wonderful Instruments, Write for Booklet or
call at—
FOUND—Ladles' Wrist Watch.     Ow-
|    ner   may have   same   hy   proving
property and paying cost of uilver-
j    Using.      Herald  Offlce. 33tf
j    Heuislftchlng.— Mrs.   Surtees,  tlar-
I den Avenue. 2t(
Harry Liddicoalt of Fort Steele ls
a patient nt the hospital at present
What is It? MERRY lit) ROUND"
Mrs. Carl Quick and little one left
the hospital to return home io Wy-
eliee on Sunday last.
Mrs, Jin). Mitchell of Cagnry is a
visitor nt the home or Mr. and Mrs.
Emerson Walter.
Oraily & Eye are up-tn-dnto caterers to the dress requirements of progressive men, 23tf
•'Oil SAI.K. — 12 roomed house. For
particulars apply Mrs. A. Crawford,
204 Garden Avenue. 33tf
MAN WANTED, immediately, to canvass Cronbrodk, either whole or
part time. Previous experience
not Strictly essential, but must be
person possessing energy and character.    A course of Instruction will
be given tt) suitable man. This is
au unusual opportunity io Increase
present income In spare lime, or to
work full time in an occupation witli
greater possibilities, Apply immediately to Box \V.( care Herald Office. :i:t
♦--■>-♦—♦ ■ »-♦--»-
Our Mr. Walker   will   bo in    '
Cranbrook    for    lhe  next  few
days,     heave word at Wortlen'S   "
Transfer Olllce if you  wish to
set- designs and prices.
Campbell & Ritchie
MllllllMK'lllllI CO..
NK1.S0X, ll.C.
Now is the time for you lo c.onsi tier placing your
order for STORM SASH and DOORS, which will add
greatly to ihe comfort of your home during Hie winter
months, anil also reduce your FUEL 1III.I.. Let us
have your order, wliich we can fill promptly,
Remember, we carry a full line of Building Materials which consisl of strictly STANDARD tSKADKS.
We can fill your order promptly whether il he one
piece or a carload.
P. ii- BOS •_-'.
FOR SALE—One new Mason & RfflCll
piano. $l!a.()0 down and $10 per
month. Apply Mrs. It. W. Edmonil-
soti, Box 622, Crunbrook, ll.C.    33tf
FOR 8ALE—One Willis piano. Cost
$f!r>0. This piano can bit bnughl at
u low price for cash. Apply Mr.
R. W. Edmomlsou, llox a22 Cran-
brook, B.C. mt
rO-LET — Front   Bedroom.    Apply
BOS Dewar Avenue. 8111
FOR SAM*. — Seven roomed house.
garage, fully modern ami In first-
class condition, at very reasonable
figure! Apply Herald. .utr
FOR BALE - Do luxe baby carriage,
full size sleeper in while wicker,
wiih white corduroy upholstery, artillery wheels. As good an new,
for half price.    Rhone 888.       'Mt
FOR SAI.K-Cider Cooler, liar Coiiu-
ler,   uml   Ribbon   Case    Cheap   for
Cash. Charles Morrison, Kimlierley.
FOR SAI.I'..- Oo< i healer, hoi blind.
Hi inch firepol, brick lined. Also
sink, while eiiauiel, ll x '.'.:'. Inches,
Phone is. ;ttif
I'D RENT. — Huilalile ofllce or store
ou Armstrong Avenue, nexl to W.
F. Doriuru. Apply to \V. V.r. Kllby. :'2lf
\H)\l SAKE -Registered llolsteln  Bull
Calf,two mouths old, from five gallon row, price $1!5 Would exchange
for hogs. M. Oathcarl Scott, New-
RiUe, Hi. 88-84
FOR RENT—Olflco to rent two doore
from Venei'.la Hotel, apply to John
Qard. 22 tf
40 ACRE FARM CHEAP—for quick
■ale. Coot) buildings, spring creek,
auto road to door, fins bottom land
with part already undor cultlfatloa
Big Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, elo»
by, It ready market right at door
Apply to Martla Bra., Craaaraok,


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