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Cranbrook Herald Apr 21, 1927

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VOLUME    29
Apr. lists
City Engineer
Eassie Resigns
City Council Passes on Grants
at Long Regular
Thursday ovonlnn Isis-i tho rogulnr
mooting oi the city council was held,
thoro bolng proBonl Mayor Roborta
ami Aldormen Arnold, Bnlmont,
Cameron, Flowors, Jackson «i»l Mae-
Following tho ronding anil adop.
tis.it i.f tho minutes of the lnst regular meeting, dalogatoi from tho C.
A.A.A., tho lacrosso club and tho
city hand wore hoard,
To Assist Athletics
Mr. li. T, Molr, secretary of thc
Amateur Athlettc Association, in addressing the council, read a letter
requesting tho consideration of the
city fathers lu the building of an ex-
tension, BO x IH feet, to the Arena
Rink, on the Burwell Avenue side.
This oxtonslon would provide for ad.
ditional waiting room accomodation,
and would be a much appreciated
improvement to tbe building. After
consideration of the matter, it was
moved by Alderman Balment and seconded by Alderman Flowers that the
decision' of the council bc deferred
pending the submitting of an estimate of cost of same.
Mr. Art Wallace, representing the
Lacrosse Club, made a request for the
use of the eity roller for use ot the
Athletic Grounds. He also asked that
the water be tinned on, and pointed
to the fact that the hose ut present
available was not sufficient to reach
certain parts of the field where water was very much needed. It was
tbe opinion 'of the council, however,
that the matter of hose equipment
win one that came under the jurisdiction of the leasees of the grounds,
and that the application for the water
should come from the Cranbrook
Amateur Atldetic Association. On
motion of Aldermen Jackson ond
Flowers, it was decided that the request for the use of the roller on the
grounds be granted.
Assisting   the  Band
Mr. \V. H. Ford, representing the
city band, in addressing the council,
gave a comprehensive outline of the
regulations for thc formation and
controlling of a city band. He went
fully ini.i the result of his efforts
up to the present time with respect
to the formation of the band, and
gave an illuminating report on the
condition of the city instruments, intimating the new ones that were
neccssaiy. as well as those requiring
repairs tueh as mouthpieces ond lyres.
He asked that the city give consideration to his request for a grant of
approximate!) $;.,0.(H* for repairs to
certain instruments required. He also
intimated that his fee for three
months for his time in organizing
and tutoring lhe members of the
hand would be $60.00 per month,
ln making litis request, he gave an
undertaking that the band would give
its services free of charge to all the
civic celebrations and would ploy on
the streets of the city or in such
other places as may be appointed
once n week during the summer
months, weather permitting.
Later in the evening the matter
was dealt with by the council, and
it was unanimously decided to comply wilh Mr. Ford's request wilh regard I., tbe appropriations asked.
On the request of Chief Halcrow,
secretary "t Uu* Cranbrouk llislricl
Rod anil Cun Cluh, mi agreement
with respect to the wooden pipe loaned to tile club b.*-l year was extended
for a period of another year from the
date of the former expiration.
Mny   Open   Rrci-r-lstiois  Club
A letter from T. S. GUI signifying
his Intention to open the Old Recreation Club to the public, and asking
for a concession In water rates, was
rend. Mr, Gill's request was for free
water, or In lhe alternative, a special
rate of $1.00 per month. On motion
of Aldermen Jackson and liniment.
Mr, liill was notified that if be would
submit a financial statement of his
oporations al the close of tbe season,
ami they disclosed a loss, the matter
Ol his application WOUld receive further consideration, it was after-
wiinls mined bv Alderman MacPherson and seconded by Alderman Cameron tbat in the meantime Mr. llill
in- charged a rate for water equivalent t.. a ten-roomed house with bath
ami toilet, subject to the previous
A letter of the secretary of the
Cranbrook Retail Merchants Association, 11. It. Hinton, asking if something i-.'iild nol be don.- io abate the
dull nuisance In the business section.
Wai lead.    This nuttier was referred
t„ the works committee with power to
A lelter from llu- assistant comptroller of water lights, returning
tracings of lbe Gold Creek ditch for
alterations covering Ihe diversions
from lhe original plan, was read nnd
hold ovor for further action, when an
engineer is aide to make thc necessary survey.
The eity received a letter from the
secretary of the Hoyal Canadian Air
Force, advising tlmt the ofllcer commanding lite High River air station
is sending an experienced officer to
Crnnbrook, who would inspect sites
under consideration.
Grant. Considered
The council then took up the matter of the various requests for grants
which were before them, these being
dealt with as follows:
Solvation Army — A grant of
$72.00, equivalent to thc 1027 taxes
on lots 12 nnd lil, block 00. An application from Vancouver for an additional grant was not considered.
A grant of $25.00 per month, effective January 1st, was made to the
Cranbrook Board of Trade for secretary's salary.
A grant equivalent to tho light and
water accounts against the C.A.A.A.
for the season 11120-27 wbb made,
and a grant $85,00, equivalent to the
account for repairs for the Arena
Itink, wiih made to the same association. Thc Amateur Athletic Association will bc advised that in future aU
(Continued ou Page Two)
Thia week will see n number of
the Crnnbrook Rotary Club, lenve for
Tacoma, Washington, where the international convention is to be held.
Rotarians Wilson antl Fink leave by
car on Friday, accompanied by Mr.
nnd Mrs. W. F. Attridge, while Ro*
turinns Jacobson nnd Scott leave on
Saturday. Those travelling liy train
will join a special train which is leaving Spokane for the convention city.
of City Meet!
Election  oi  Officers Takes
Place, Followed By
District Meeting
Following are the results of the
Kaster examinations held at the high
school. In connection with these results, the principal wishes to warn
the parents of all children whose
averages are low that the need of
more home study is imperative.
DIVISION   I— Grade   12
Graham Dale, G5.6; Ethel Speers,
(14.fi; iMalcolm Harris, 64; Jean
Ward, 56.1; Philomene Belanger,
DIVISION  U—-Grade 11
Phyllis Thompson, 63.4; A. McKowan and M. Kummer, 63; H.
Heise, 61.3; F. Trussler, 60.5; A.
Richardson,  57.9;  M.  Powell,  57.4;
New books — "Wild Animals,"
Hiking and Canoeing," "Animals
and Birds," "Earth antl Sky." "Indian
Craft," "Woodcraft."Tha above are
by E. Thompson Baton. "Birds
Worth Knowing," "Butterflies Worth
Knowing," "Flowers Worth Knowing." "Trees Worth Knowing."
"Found Money," l>y Birmingham;
"Koilin's Corner," by .Merrinian."
The following magazines are on
i the table. Reading room free:
At the annual meeting of the Cran- "Tit Bits," "Mjning and Metal-
brook Men's Conservative Assoda- l»Wi "Railroad rrainman," "Cana-
tion, he'd on Monday evening at the dmn Home Journal.' "Punch," "Rod
K. P. Hall, J. M. Young took thei»nd Gun," "Literary Digest." "Mac-
hair, and H. W. Herchmer was in his ! k'un «•" "rnrum." "Public Opinion."
Situation is
Made Clear
usunl position as secretary. It was
a lively meeting, proving that the
member!) are not Willing to let matters affecting the future of the party
lie settled without discussing them
from all angles.
After the usual reading of the
minutes, a letter from the provincial
headquarters nt the Coast was read,
suggesting n uniform constitution for j **************************
the  local  bodies,  and  steps will  be
taken to obtain a copy of that advo-
'Daily Mirror," "Popular Mechanics
"Family Heruld nnd Star," "Scientific American," "Ladies' Home Journal."
cated by the parent association, so as
to see what modifcations, if any, are
necessary to suit locnl conditions.
A proposal had beon advanced to
unite the men's nnd women's associa-
D. Spence, 67.3; A. Moore, 53.3; M. tions in the city into one body, but
Miles, 52.8; M. McClure, 52.3; M. Iu WHS apparent in the discussion
Mclnnis, 51.3; E. Miller, 50.7; J. t,iat tnere nre lllan.v wno wou,(1 Pre"
Barber, 48.8; M. Williams, 48.6; i fer to see a separate ladies' organizn-
H. Campbell, 45.2; C. Harrison, 43.3; I tit") kept going, though not objecting
W. Elmes, 42.8; E. Ward, 42.2; E. ;to them having membership also in the
Carlyle   36.2. general association.    A motion was
Parti'als-llvy    Dezall,    72.3;    B. I finally passed appointing a committee
Haynes, 64.1^ M. Garden, C0.6; H     " "
Clark, 54.2; D. Large, 45.
DIVISION Ul—Grade 10
A. Sakagulchl, 80.5; M. Willis,
76.4; L. Paterson, 72.1; J. Henderson, 70.5; F. Jostad, 69.2; D. Evans,
67.2; D. Mackenrot, 63.1; C. McBurney, 56.1; S. Dixon, 55.7; N.
Miller and A. Collier, 54.3; E. Stend-
50.8; W. Taylor, 50.2; C. Harris-
of five to interview the ladies' exeeu
tive, and coine to some decision on
(he matter, those being named to act
on the committee being Messrs. A.
A. Robertson, A. J. Balment, H. W.
Herchmer. Dr. J. W. Rutledpe and
J. A. Arnold.
H. W. Herchmer, secretary, reported on the work accomplished in
ihe past year, the principal activity
on, 50; N. Surtees, 48.6; H. Williams, being in connection with the revision
47.6; R. Moffatt and D. Turner, 42.2.  of the voters' lists, both in the city
DIVISION   IV—Grade  10 I and in other pnits of the riding.   He
Ernest Worden, 83.8; Arthur Nie- urged the election of a good working
ol, 77.7; Helen Heise, 75.7; Mildred. executive which could be relied upon
Bridges, 75.44; Nora Miles, 74; Dav-, to get down to work when there was
id Weston, 71.6; Paul Harrison, 66.7; the need, as it wns uncertain when
Ida McGregor, 65.3; Jessie Brown,
63; Laura Hall, 60.4; Kathleen Henderson, 58.66; Lillian Lewis, 58.3;
Nancy Nisbet, 57.4; Jean Home, 54;
Mary Huchcroft, 49.3; Harriet Home,
48.8; Birthel Benson, 48.33; Pauline
Rosen, 45.7; Marian Carr, 45.5; Mabel Clark, 32.
M. Henderson, 89; I. Bakken, 79.2;tweie then elected as follows:
D. Bridges, 73.1; F. McClure, 72.1;
R.   Challender,   70.1;  W.   Harrison,
68.2; J.  McPhee,  67.1; J. Warren,
66.8;  I.  Mclnnis,   66.4;  K.   Dezall,
the province might be fnced with an
Officer*  Elected
Passing to the election of officers.
J. A. Young announced thnt he wished to be relieved of office for the
coming yenr in nny way, though his
support could stilt be relied upon.
Officers for the men's eity association
Golfing got away to a good start
last Saturday when tlie first tea of
the season was presided over by the
house committee; the links were well
The house committee are arranging
a bridge party at the K.P. Hall on
Wednesday evening, April 27th, at H
o'clock. Admission fee will be 50c.
It is hoped that every member will
attend and bring their friends with
them. Fall in line and remember the
Long   and   Brave   Struggle
Terminates on Tuesday
Bringing to an untimely close a
life whieh at one time was rosy with
the brightest promise, death on Tuesday morning brought in an end the
sufferings of Miss Lenoto Hill, only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Hii.
of this city. Still in the brightest
yenrs of youth, she had for about fivt
years fought againsl the inro-ids oi
tuberculosis, nnd everything had been
done for her, the undoubted elV et of
which was to preserve the thr. ad oi
life for some years.
The   late   Miss   Hill   was   twenty
Hon. President A. C. Bowness'      .    .
Vice-Presidents .     A. J. Balment.     \ nad th<Mr
Dr. J. W. Rutledge
Secretary H. W. Herchmer |
I three years of age, and was born a*
i Moyie, where the family at that time
home.     Later  when   they
moved   to   Crnnbmi!.   she   attended
the   schools  here   nml   was   about   to
66.1; H. McClure, 63.4; W. McQuaid, I T«.n«ii'l«    "'   P* H^niS Igraduate from high school when taken
63.3; G. McClure,  63.2; M. Peder-! ^"rer g-f^fc^^; JIJ1    <- *      * .-.=
Attridge. A. A. Roboi-tfiop, J. A,
Arnold. D. Ferguson, Vi. F. Campion. .1. Norgrove, C. B. Garrett,
F. A. Williams. I. Baxter. Vi.
Stewart. -Ino. Martin. A. Murdoch,
M. Gillis.
In  lu'reptinR  the  presidency.   Mr.
son, 62; B. Beale, 60.2; K. Haley,
.V.I.G; J. Huchcro't and G. Patmore,
59.4; E. Gartside, 58; R. Bond, 57.3;
,1. Farreli. 54; I. Lancaster, 53.5;
M. Neily, 62.3; E. Bartle, 51; I..
Lister, 47.8; A. Jostad, 47; G. Flett,
4C.7; S. Randall, 44.8; E. Wood,
39.1; E. Shankland, 38.8.
G. Futa, 80.9; M. Robertson. 79.5;
I.. Laithivaite and S. Frost. 72; O.
Johnson. 69.8;  R.'Willis.  68.3;  O.
Such was her reputation
j ait exceedingly proficient student,
. th«st nn effort was made to have her
awarded her passing certificate.
Her   natural   attractiveness   nnd
j pleasant   disposition   m a d e   many
friends   foi   her.  who   now   feel   the
I keenest pangs of sorrow at the ruthless work of the grim reaper. While in
Xelson nnd O! Ljunquist, 65.8; M. I ".f delegate
Gill, 65.3; L. Moore, 63.4; L. Barber,
62.1; F. Martin. 61.4; H. Holdener,
60.7: M. McDonald, 60.1; T. Chis.
holm, 69.1; N. Park, 57.6; R. Bur.
ton. 56.4; H. McGill. 54.1; W. Hall-
innnn, 61.6; F. Fisher, 45; H. Fanning. 42.6 M. Genest, 42.5; B. Parker. 42.3; B. Hill. 42.1; L. Kuhnert,
41.7; C Allen. 40.5; G. Rankins,
■10.2; E. Parker, 32.
DIVISION   VII—Gr.de   9
C. Haynes, 67.S; P. Saunders, 66;
Robertson.   65.6;    H
Bowness   made   a    vigorous   speech I ■££ mi,!.u.cnS, her condition gave rise
pronusinp his best energy for tb- office, and frequent executive sessions.
In the matter of thc appointment
the  district n:
'o some anxiety, and changes of climate were tried to invigorate her, so
as to give all possible resistance to
,, .      he inroads of the disease.   She spent
lion meeting to follow, it was finally  :, wi„ter in California with her mo-
deeded to elect only five, leaving the i ,hl,r  „„,, ,„,„ th,v ma<k, lheir hom(,
remaining four to he named by the. „ Sl.k     ,„ ,hl. h    , thul thl,   „der
ladles at a later date.    The five rep-  cljmate the,e would bc beneficial. At
resenting the men s association were. tinu,s  theri.  wm  hopM lh.„  theSe
measures and constant care would be
of much avail, but in recent months
she hml been confined to her bed,
At the district meeting which foi-1 and last week-end  her condition be-
lowed, F. II.  Detail  was the chair-: came  quite  serious,   indicating that
man. and W. Steward acted as secre-1 anv  eventuality  might  be  expected.
.  tary.     All  tho  outside  points were ;    Throughout her long illness she re-
Campbell, ] not represented, anil  it  was decided  tained her happy nnd winsome wnvs,
A.  Harbin-1 tn lenve over the election of officers | though  deprived of the activities in
Messrs. K. 11.
A. C. Bownes
A. Robertson.
Detail, .1. A.
. Dr. Rutledge
and A. >
lil.6; S.  Paterson.  64.5.  ..
■On,  64.4;  K.  MacFarlane,  63.6;  K.! till  a  Inter  meeting,   when  u  fuller j which no doubt she would have been
Martin.    62.4;    P.    Ford,    61.1;   1. i quota of delegates from the vnrious j taking an active part had her health
Frame, 57.3; J.   Atchison,   56;   M. polnta could be mustered,     Wilh the ; permitted.
Johnston, 55.8; W. Pocock. 48.1; M.   approval of the Kimberley delegates,     Much sympathy is extended to Mr,
CoXj 47; J. Little, 46; F. Large, 44.6  '  ..... ...           	
B. Flett. 43.1; N
Mucdonald,  37.11; .1
M. Ford, 30.7.
Marsh, 39.1; R.
Fontaine. 33.8;
Funeral service was held on Wednesday of this week at the undertaking parlors for the late Edward Richards, of Waldo, who passed away on
Sunday last at the hospital. "The deceased was a well known nnd old
time resident of the Waldo district,
nnd a numher of friends from that
district were in the city on Wednesday attending the fimernl services
whicli were held at the undertaking
parlors, conducted hy the Rev. Bryce
Wallace of the United Church. Deceased was horn nt Cobdcn, Ontario,
>ixty-five yenrs ago. The remains
were shipped to Kim Creek, Nebraska,
where a brother is residing.
present, it was proposed to held this I and Mrs. Hill and son. Rav, in their
adjourned meeting in Kimherley on joss, and among those who are sor-
April 27th, the night of thc annual ■ rowing also are manv school friends
meeting of the Kimherley association. Und others who hnve known the de-
Outside points will he so ndviaed, nnd ceased from her childhood days,
trnnsportntion ai ranged for any who The funeral is to he held on Fri-
wish it from this place to Kimberley day afternoon from the home of the
nnd return at that time. | family,  when  services will  be  con-
At this meeting. N. A. Wallinger, ducted by Rev. Bryre Wnllnce, of the
local   member,  Rave  an  illuminating; United Church,
address  on   the  accomplishments  of
lhe recent session of the legislature,;
which is referred to elsewhere in this j
Rrcovrring Slowly
Friends of Constable H. McRae, of
tho city police force, are plcnsed to
know that he is grndunlly recovering
from the painful attack of inflnmn-
tory rheumatism with which he became afflicted following an attack of
the flu. It will be a little time yet,
however, hefore he will bc able to
resume his duties on the force.
The Easter dance on Monday last,
in aid of the St. Eugene Hospital,
nnd put on under the auspices of the
Hospital Ladies' Aid, was voted a
complete success in every way.
though the weather and the condition
of the roads was such that it was not
expected there would be quite such
a large attendance from the outside
points as in former years. It is computed there were -upwards of five
hundred people in attendance at the
hall, which, as the first big event
nfter the conclusion of Lent, is al*
ways looked on as one of the big
dances of the season. When all the
ticket returns are in, it is expected
that thc returns will be between five
and six hundred dollars, though it
will be a few days yet before the
■•.mount is definitely known. Mrs. E.
II. Small, president of thc Hospital
Ladies' Aid, was in charge of thc
ticket sales, and on the refreshment
committee, Mrs. F. W. Green and
Mrs. M. McCreery wm assisted by
Returm From Old Country
The  friends of   Mr.  W.  Ratcliffe
were pleased to welcome him home
after his somewhat extended trip to terest was shown in nil the proceed
(Specal to the Heruld)
lnvermere, B.C., April 20.—The
members of the Windermere District
Rod nnd Gun Club, which wns organized in 1018 and has been carrying on good work ever since in introducing game fish nnd game birds
into the district and looking nfter the
interests of sportsmen in general, held
their nnnual meeting on Wednesday
evening of this week. The utten-
dnnce was very large and keen in-
the  Old  Country.     Bill  left  Cran
brook on the ftth of December last,
nnd while nwny spent most of the
time visiting all  parts of England,
Coventry    and    Devonshire    heing
among the points nt which his holiday
was spent.    At the former place he
had  the pleasure  of inspecting the
large Humber Auto Works, which he
states  are  workin- day  und  night.
There was a general activity in all
building lines.    The trip waB made
on the Metagama, on the return jour.
ney rough weather bcing encountered.
Mr. Ratcliffe states that while he hod
a thoroughly enjoyable time, he was .    .
also glnd to return to Crnnbrook and | executive  member
East Kootenay.
for the dance wns provided by the
McKay orchestra from Kimherley,
who fulfilled every expectation entertained in rcgnrd to their music.
CnrH weie lined up very thickly in
the city on thc night of the dnnce,
indicating that in spite of none too
favorable conditions most of the
nearby points in the district were
represented ut the big event.
Taking into consideration ull the thc Fernie  II
ings. The retiring officers were highly complimented on the work which
they hnd done in the past, while their
successors were given u keen fillip for
the start of 1027. Mr. Malcolm II.
Craik, the mnyor of the communtt"
who is an old und anient sportsman,
was unanimously elected Honorary
President, while Mr. A. M. Chisholm,
of Windermere, Mr. W. L. Kelley, of
Athalmer; Mr. W. H. Cleland, of lnvermere, were re-elected to the res-
sponsiblc offices of President, Vice-
President und Secretary-treasurer
respectively. On n close ballot the
following persons were elected the
of the committee: F. C. Stockdale, Dr. F. E. Coy,
W./W. Taynton, J. C. Pitts, E. Tunnacliffe, W, J. McKay nnd W. J. Nixon. Thc full report of the executive for last year will be published
next week.
School Board Will Put Two
Proposals Before
Wednesday evening; lnst the f'rnn-
lirook School Board held a joint conference with the city council, at which
tlu* matter of providing increased
accomodation at the high schnol was
taken up. During the evening the
opinions of the trustees and councillors were expressed. Il was not possible, however, to arrive nt any conclusion, it being felt that additional
information should be had before
they would like to definitely state
what course to suggest.
Following the specinl meeting, the
regular meeting of the board took
plftCO, at which the following matter*.; were denlt with:
The secretary was asked to give
notice for a by-law for raising money
for increased high school accomodation be introduced at a special
meeting of the council to be called
for that  purpose.
On request of the secretary of the
Cranbrook branch of the Canadian
Legion, permission wns granted to a
committee from thnt body to nddress
the school children on Mny 23rd on
the subject "What Empire Day means
to Canada," and the various schools
to compete in writing an essay on
this subject, the essay to he in the
hands  of  the  judges  on   May   14th.
The secretnry wus asked to wire
the Superintendent of Education to
ascertain whether or not there was
any regulation to prohibit the erection of a frame ten-room new school
or a frame addition to the present
This week the request Of the School
Hoard for by-laws to go to the ratepayers was put in a concrete form,
and |n this ssuc is published the explanation of the situation made by
the School Bourd. The intention is
o pui both proposals to the ratepayers, and the trustees will give effect to whichever of the proposals
eceivis the largest vote. Polling
late for the hv-lnws will be unnounc-
d later.
On Tuesday evening a number uf
Cranbrook members of the Native
Sons faced the unseasonably cold
weather to go to Kimberley for a
meeting called there for the purpose
of installing the officers recently
elected. All who went up are unnni-
nious in expressing the opinion that
the warmth of the welcome they received from the Kimberley members
more thnn mude up for the chilliness of the elements, nnd the meeting
was a good one, despite the fnct thut
some who hud intended going from
here were prevented.
Mr. V. Z, Manning conducted the
installation ceremony, and the following offieers who were present were
installed in proper course into their
respective  chairs:
President .
1st Vice-Pres. ...
2nd Vice-Pres.
Inner Guurd ...
E. S. Shannon
  M. Gillis
. . J. W. Brault
. F. S. Ryckman
. J. E. Kennedy
L. P. Sullivan
  S. Moffatt
..«J. Cardinal
Other officers who were not able
to be present will be given installation at the next meeting.
A social time with refreshments
was enjoyed beforc the meeting broke
up, which wus not the leost enjoyable
part of the meeting.
The Beaver Brotherhood is boom-
Ing. Cranbrook joined the movement
some time apo, and on the first of the
month Mr. Norton P. Brand, of Ker-
nle, organized the third chapter at
Creston. This is an excellent show-
.ng for this time of the year, for fall
is the proper time for organization of
every description. With this start the
Brotherhood should easily number a
dozen chapters by the close of the fall
campuicn, which will begin ahout
September 1st. Inquiries regarding
the new movement are coming in
from all parts of Canada.
On Tuesday evening, April 26th,
the men of Fernie will entertain thc
Crnnbrook chapter of the Brotherhood at a bnnquet to be held in thc
basement of the United Church. The
Ladies' Aid will cuter, and the in-
lention is to show the people of Crnnbrook that Fernie knows how to do
the proper thing.
Leader Brand will open the pro.
gram with a few well chosen remarks,
after which Mayor Irvine, of Fernie,
is expected to welcome the visiting
brehtren. Rev. Bryce Wallace will
respond. Then, with plenty of lit-
spiring songs between, Mr. G. T. Moir,
of Cranbrook chapter, and Mr. A. I.
Fisher, of Fernie chapter, will speak
on the objectives of the Brotherhood.
Other speakers will follow, and the
program will close with an address by |
Vi. R. Wilson, president of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company.
At a meeting of the Rotary Club
directors this week, the election of
the officers for the ensuing year took
place, the list of those who will take
Office on July  1st  being as follows:
President   O. N. Jacobson
Vice-President W. H. WiUon
Secretary .1.   P.   Fink
Treasurer A. Chisholm
The remaining directors ure as given last week.
Thursday last the pupils and teach
era of the Central school were ut
home tu their friends, when for several hours in the afternoon the work
of the school for the past year was
examined by a large number of those
interested in the welfare of the children.
H&ving passed through the many
rooms, one could not help but be impressed with the excellent work thai
is being done, as evinced by the fine
exhibitions hunj,' on tlie walls of
the several cluss room-i. One thing
that was particularly noticable was
the beauty and artistic nature of tht*
displays, each room resembling an
art gallery, while muny hnd exhibit*
of more than ordinary interest.
Among the latter was the representation of a .scene from "The Lady of
the Lake," Kilena Isle. Loch Katrine.
This was very cleverly done by pupils
of Miss Woodland's clnss. Gurnet
Blaine and Gordon Dezall.
One has only to make a visit to
tho school on an occasion of this
kind to realize the amount of worK
that the tenchers have to accomplish,
and to become convinced that trying
to implant the three "R" in the
risinn nenerution is no sinecure bj
any means. In this regard it was nf
interest to note that some of the
pupils hnve a proper conception of
Uie none too enviable position of
Iheir teacher, as may be judged from
a few of the verses written by some
of the pupils of Miss McDonald'--
loom at the Central school, which
were on exhibition.
If I were a teacher for just one day
I'd let the children laugh and play;
I'd give thi* big ones lots of work
And  see  that  none  of  them did
I'd give the little ones lots of books
With pictures of hears nnd running
But   I   would  only   last one day
If I'd let the work go on that way.
If 1 were a teacher for jwst one day
I'd make the pupils work away;
I'd give them spellings they had never
So that they would think me mean;
And I wouid be so strict a creature
That they wmld long for their own
teacher, Q      .
Many also took the opportunity to
visit the manual training school,
where they got a good idea of the
fxcellent work being done by Mr. F.
G. Morris in the training of the boy-.
An interesting program of music
wus put on during the afternoon by
the clnss rooms, Miss Kathleen Edmondson being responsible for its
eudership in the ubsence of Miss Me-
Dermot, who had trained them in
the work, but who was compelled to
enve earlier in the afternoon.
Miss Woodland and her staff have
every renson to fee! gratified with
the  showing made.
On Monday of lust week the South
Wnrd School held their visitors' day.
prior to closing for the holidays.
(Specal to the Herald)
lnvermere, B.C.. April 18th —
Karly lnst week there passed away
nt her home in Golden, B.C., Emily
Louisn Kurezyn, relict of the late
James Brady, the well known survivor of the early days of the East Kootenay district. Mrs. Brady had
reached n ripe age, having passed her
eighty-third birthday on the twentieth of last month. Not only was
her life long in years but it was one
filled w-ith events nnd adventure. It
was characterized by a spirit of rare
charity nnd natural goodness such as
leaves its mark on those with whom
the person comes into contact. Mrs,
Brady is survived hy one son, Mr.
Campbell Brady, of Cranbrook,
B.C.I.S., nnd district engineer for
Kast Kootenay for the Public Works
Oepnrtment of the province; two
daughters. Mrs. Owen Meredith
Jones, widow nf the late Dr. Jones,
of Victoria, and Mrs. Shaw, of
Along with her late husband Mrs.
Brady came into thc East Kootenay
on one of the first train* of the
C.P.R. to enter the mountains and
practically spent thc balance of her
long life in these ports. Before
coming to British Columbia her husband had done much pioneer work
with her in California, Gustamala,
and other mining camps of the west
Interment took place at Golden
Thursday, the 14th, being eon-
ducted by Rev. R. G. Thatcher, present incumbent of this pariah.
Dies Aftar MUh.p
Mrs,   Hornsby,   of  Gallowny,   who
was injured a couple of weeks ago bv
falling und  striking  her  head  on   a
teel rail, died from her injuries in
pitnl  on  Sundny  of
funeral took plnce in
„         encountered,   the   ladies last week.   Thi ...
othar number* af the MtcutWe. aad feel quite gratified at tbe lureesa of Fernie on Tursday.   Deceased ia sur
naay atktr wUltef kalpcn.    Unite tk* tUaea. vivtd by a husband and dauthtar.
Handtome SouY«nir of B.C.
A hnndsome cabinet made from ten
commercial woods found in British |
Columbin and containing specimens
of twenty.four minerals from B.C.
mines nnd smeltetB, making u vcrit-
able natural resources cabinet, very
attractively prepared, was pre.
son ted to Viscount Wiilingdon, Governor-General of Cnnndn, by the 11.
C. Chamber of Mines. The mineral
samples were taken from all over the
province, and among the samples were
silver, lead, xinc from the Sullivan
mine, Kimberley, and lead cathode
frum tho 'frail
On Holiday
Mr. and Mrs, A.   C.   Blaine   and
duughter left on Saturday last for
a six-weeks' holiday in the Kast.
During their stay nway they will visit
ut all the lurger points in the States
nnd Canada, Montreal being the Eastern limit of their journey.
Sitter Die* In Calgary
On Snturday morning last Mrs.
Bottrell received the sad intelligence
that her sister, Mrs. Geo. Fisher, of
Calgary, had pnssed away the previous evening from nn attack of heart
failure. Mrs. Bottrell left on tht
evening trnin Saturday to nttend thel
funeral, which was to have taken
place on Tuesday. The deceased
woman is survived by her husbnn '
and three children, the younmt of
wham io only throo aiotifW eU.
Relates Work
of Session
Local Member Tells of Record
of Government at
At thc meeting of the district Conservative Association on Mondny evening, N. A. Wnllinger. the local
member of the legislature, guve an
interesting resume of the session recently closed, and his own particular
activities during the session. He had
served on two committees, municipal
and mining, the latter being the more
important, many more meetings having been held. The government majority wns preponderant on nil the
committees, making it impossible to
<ret nny measure through, unless the
government agreed, and among the
things which he had tried to get approved was the opening of a government ore testing plant for the
'nterlor district, where small ore shipments could be sent, subject to the
approval of the district mining en-
rlneers, for proper valuation. This
■■"ns one thing he contended would be
in the interests of the mining indus-
try in this section, ns there wns at
present only one testing plant at
oresent available, which wns the property of the Consolidated Company.
Their   L* fit] at ire   Record
Mr. Wallinger showed how the
membership of the legislature is divided into the various committees,
*n whom are placed the men most
versed on the matters concerned, nnd
o them nre detailed thc matters renting to thnt subject, so thnt members are not led to tnlk on subjects
in which they arc not well informed.
Mr. Wallinger showed how sixty*
h'ee of the ninety-eight measures
which the government had advanced
n the session were amendments to
heir own previous enactments, which
ndicated n good den! of ill-digested
'eglslation hnd been brought up.
When it was considered thnt there
A*ere ulso a number ef private bills,
t meant that the actual new legislative program of the government
ould have been put through in a
very  short  time.
In connection with the devflop-
ii»,nt of mining. Mr. Wallinger point-
d to the recent announcement that
he dividends of thc four largest min-
ntr companies for last year exceeded
■hat of all the chartered banks in
•he ccuatry—one of the mining com-
oanies being the Consolidated. He
'urther believed that the future of
B.C. as a mining province was still
n the making, and that it would become the premier province in this respect.
**     -     '    Jk    *VU    +*mmp».nf1   .
Passing to the record of the gov-
?rnment, he pointed to the enormous
growth of the provincial debt, show-
nv how the government was responsible  for saddling   the   people  with
-uch a tremendous burden.
190.1   (beginning of McBride government)     . 112,000,000
1918 (end of McBrid? regime and beginning of
Liberal government)      19,000,000'
1927 (aftf-r eleven vears
of Liberal rule)     91,000,000
This meant a net debt of {85,000,-
000 for a population of 700,000 people, many times higher than any oth-
ar province. The Minister of Finance had stated that there was a
wave of prosperity in the province,
but four tax sales the government
had held of $8,000,000 worth of taxes
ha? realized them only {50,000 over
the expenses of the sales. To give
i still better showing on paper as
to the finances, the valuation of gov-
ernment assets had been greatly in-
Teased in the last two years, and
about seventeen millions of debt, carried along a* "revenue producing,"
and expected to pay for itself, was
known to be worth not half that.
Public   Work*   Volet
As to the treatm*nt of the district
by the public works department,
while it was difficult for an opposition member to accomplish very
much, he had gone into matters very
thoroughly with the minister of pubic works and the chief engineer, and
in addition to the |55,000 announced
for road maintenace in this riding, he
felt that from the loan measure other
■ urns would be available that would
take the appropriation of this riding
up to nbout $120,000.
Mr. Wallinger explained his views
on the question of extending the salo
of beer by the hottle to hotel keep-
rs, stating that to deprive them of
this privilege, so long as beer hought
at the stores could be consumed in
hotel rooms, was placing a handicap
on the hntelmen, and placing them
in an unfair position. Advantage wns
being taken of this at the coast, and
he recounted conditions he had personally seen that led him to believe
that the measure he had seconded
would better the conditions.
Wednesday evening a meeting of
thc Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club
was held, at which -several matters of
importance were discussed. Tha
treasurer was pleased to report contributions to the funds of the club
from the following:
Otis Staples Lumber Co    126.00
B.C. Spruce Mills      25.00
Crow's Nest Pass Lbr. Co. 26.00
A number of accounts were passed
for payment. The secretary was Instructed to write a letter to Mr. E.
S. Shannon, manager of the Bank of
Montreal, Ximberley, conveying to
him thc appreciation of thc Cranbrook Club for the valuable services
rendered liy him (mm time to time,
regretting also his appron-hlng departure from Ktakolqr. Th» MM-
tary was instructed to look into the
■utter of securing food far plaatiaf
alter or securing fi
tfca Uaals-UacW PAQE   TWO
Thursday, April 21st, 1927
m Cranbrook herald
F. A. WILLIAMS      -      -      -      -      R. TOTTER, B.Sc.
Subscription Price   $2.00 Per Year
To  United Statc«     |2.50 Per Year
Advertising Rates on Application. Changes of Copy
for Advertising should be handed in nut later than Wednesday noon io secure attention.
at Marysville, Cranbrook can congratulate the kind
fortune that placed il in such dose connection witli
THURSDAY, APRIL 21st,  1927
THK report of the annual statement of the Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., as given out
last week, always has an especial interest for
this district. Once again rising profits arc indicated, and what is of mure importance, complete satisfaction is recorded at the progress of operations at
tlu* Sullivan Mine, the Concentrator, and also at
Moyie, At the last named point it is also indicated
that there will lie new explorations carried on to
determine whether further development of the St.
Eugene will be worth while, in view of the advanced
practice in dealing with low grade ore. Kimberley,
it is satisfactory to note, remains the keystone,
it wen*, of t ht immense
Trail, supplying the steai
that forms the backbone
(e.-d. which lhc West Kt
in what is after all a sr
output from Kimberley.
eitv it i-- hard to estimate
operations carried ou at
ly stream of concentrates
of the supply of smelter
lotenay mines supplement
lall way compared to tht
What this means to this
but even if the establish
ment of well-equipped stores in that place has meant
in some cases less business for the stores here, the
city get-, benefit indirectly in many ways from
operations carried on in such an immense way. A
big program of new work has been carried on there
by the company, and indications are that there is
no apparent diminution of the ore supply there.
There arc also indications that other interests
at Kimberley are planning developments wliich will
mean further activity there, all of which will help
Cranbrook, and if as surmised, a few years more
will sec the establishment of another smelting plant
THE announcement that a measure iias been introduced into the British parliament to give
thc wgmtn the vote on the same terms as the
m»n, may not seem ul" particular importance in this
country, but it recalls many years of struggle and
importuning, even to the point of violence, whii
women in Britain have waged for this privileg
It is nut many years ago that the "suffragettes" had
the centre of the stage iu England, when women
who were called "extremists" carried on their campaign with what seemed extraordinary tactics to get
the subject uf female enfranchisement before the
public. "Votes for Women" was the cry, and all
maimer of unusual tactics, not excepting lhe hunger
strike in prison, were resorted to making the problem a pressing one for the British government. A
big section of the public at that time judged them
harshly, scotTed at the women who thus martyred
themselves for the cause, aud the women who advocated the suffrage were the butt of witticism all the
way from the not-too-choice jokes of the glitter to
the clever lampooning in Punch, That tliey labored
well, nevertheless, is now apparent, and the argument of the opposition to the movement now is not
against the principle of equal suffrage, but that the
women's vote in Britain will so far outnumber the
men that there is no knowing to what it may lead.
It is on this account that a proposal may be brought
forward to make the women's voting age twenty-fi
years instead of twenty-one.
mare, returning homo on Monday.
Miss Purkor, of tho teaching staff
in Kimberley, is upending the Easter
holidays in Crunbrook.
The sule of fancy work and home
cooking at thc United Church bazaar
on Saturduy last was well attended,
and a good sum of money was
realized, which will go toward the
debt on the church. The ladies are
tu be congratulated on the success
of the whole affair.
Kimberley hns heen in the grip of
u very cold wave for the past few
dnys, ruin, snow and sleet, with heavy
frosts. Wednesday morning broke
out with beautiful warm sunshine, for
which we are thankful.
The football mutch between the
Concentrator Sunduy resulted in a
Englishmetit und Scotsmen at the
score of 4-0 in favor of the English
Miss Burton, of the teaching staff,
is spending the holidays with friends
in Fernie.
Air. Flowers and party, uf Crunbrook, were visitors to town on Friday lust.
Mlsa M. Small wus a visitor lo town
this week from Crunbrook, the guest
of her sisters, Mrs, McGovern und
Miss Phyllis Small.
Mr. Jack Taylor, road superintendent, wus iii town on Tuesduy, ac
companled by his two sons, Elliott and
Messrs. E. A. Mines, J. Austin and
Duncan Morrison were visitors to
Creston on Wednesday last, intending
u meeting of the Masonic Order,
ITU the continued cold weather that brings
temperatures bordering on zero iu April, when
the days should be warm and the nights balmy,
there is no mure talk heard of the Japanese current
having gone astray. Whatever tiie reason is, the
men are fast losing any enthusiasm for gardening
and cleaning up they had. and instead thoughts are
going to fixing up the basement ready tor another
winter's supply of coal.
************************** the Euster holidays.
Mrs. M. J. Halpin entertained nt
a dinner party Tuesday evening in
honor nf Kev. und Mrs. Jus. Evans,
who aro leaving town in the neur future.
Dr. and Mrs. Duvis
spent flu* week-end in
mere district.
Mr. and Mis. Tom Caldwell spent
Goud  Friday at Premier Lake.
The cantata nt the United Church
wus thoroughly enjoyed   on   Friday
night and the audience wns given u
renl treut.   Sunday evening's service
wns well attended, the church being
full to the doors.    The sacrament of
the Lord's Supper was administered
and  the  presentation  of  a sterling
.,   ! silver communion set wus mude by
and   family | Mi„a Dorothy Nesbitt.
thc   Winder-] —
i     Mr. Jas. Munroe left on Thursday
j last for Medicine Hat to spend the
Mr. J. O'Brien and party, from the . holidays with his sister.
Sullivan  Hill, spent Sunday at Rock) —
Lake fishing and report  a splendid j     Mr. and  Mrs.   McKinnon, of the
catch, nlthoutfh tho Ice was not fill [ Canadian Cnfe, ure sporting a new
out uf the hike.
Mrs. Thomas Marsden entertnined
at a dinner parly Wednesday evening,
the guefltq of honor being1 Hev. and
Mrs. Ja8. Evans. A most pleasant
time waa spent.
Miss Molly Johnson left last Thurs-1
day for her home in Jtussland.
Mrs.   McKenzie  and  son  are  the
j Chrysler sedan.
Mrs. Halliday left last Thursday for
a visit in Spokane.
Mr. Doug. Campbell left un Tuesduy lust for Rossland, where he is
spending the Euster holiduys with
The Boy Scouts and Cubs, accompanied by their masters, took u hiking
guests of Dr. and Mrs. Dorniun over  trip to Marysville Good Friday and
30th day of APRIL, 1927, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m., at
the office of BEALE & ELWELL, in the Hanson Block,
Norbury Avenue, Cranbrook, B.C., I Will sell at Public
Auction the Innds in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons
in the said list hereinafter set out, for delinquent water assessments unpaid by said person on the 31st of January, 1927, and
for penalty, costs and expenses including the cost of advertising
said sale if thc total amount due id not sooner puid.
Name Detcription of Properly
Tax     Coats and
Arrears Expeiuvi
Elixabelh Subdivision numbered 40,
Charlotte 41, 55 and 56, of Diitriot
Cummings      Lot 3912, Plan 669
$250.75    * 15.00    $265.75
Subdivision numbered 63,
of District Lot No. 3912,
Plan 869.
$ 48.34    $15.00    $ 63.34
M. A. BEALE, Assessor.
had a good time.
Misses Eleanor and Mary Lindsay
are the guests of their grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Kennedy, in Cranbrook, over the Easter holidays.
Mr. Chas. Morrison is spending the
holiday week nt Calgary.
Mrs. (Dr.) Dorman, and Miss
Helen McKenzie were in Cranbrook
on Good Friday!
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fortier left on
Wednesday for a few days' holiday
iu Spokane.
Miss Helen Grigor left on Thursday
lust for her home in Rosslund to
spend thc Euster holidays.
Miss Blackwood, of the tenching
stuff, left lnst week for her home in
Mr. Geo. Hollund spent the weekend nt Premier Lake.
Mr. Olson, who has been employed
nt the tunnel workings for the past
yenr, left on Tuesday for his home in
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alexander spent
Sunduy nt Moyie the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Denn, returning home on
Messrs. Geoff. WnrreSi, Bert Jure,
Bill Aiteheson nnd G. Henderson
spent Sunday at Fairmont and the
Windermere country.
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Foote entertained nt three tables of bridge at
their home on Howard Street on
Tuesday evening, the winners of the
prizes beinjr Mrs. T. Alexander, firsl;
Mrs. Fortier, second; while Mr. Fur-
tier received gents' first prize and
Mr. Bill Aitehison second.
Mr. E. G. Montgomery returned
home from Nelson on Friday last.
Mrs. E. Marsden entertnined at
five tables of court whist on Thursday and u most enjoynble evening was
spent. Delicious refreshments were
Miss Campbell, of Hosmer, is the
guest of her aunt, Mrs. Poo, over the
Easter holidays.
Mr. Preston and D. McLeish nnd
pnrty spent the week-end ut Rock
Luke, coming horne with a good catch
of fish.
Mr. and Mrs. C, A. Foote and son
were Cranbrook visitors on Euster
Miss Jerome, of the Public School
staff, is spending the Euster holiduys
at her home in Nelson.
Mr. und Mrs. Douglas Thompson,
of McDougnll Heights, nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Shnnnon and pnrty, spent the
week-end at Sinclair and the Winder-
City Engineer Eassie Resigns
(Continued from Pnge One)
accounts for repairs will have to be
authorized  before  expenditures are
A grant of $2.r>.l)0 was mnde to the
Children's Aid Society, and a grant
effective January 1st was also made
in aid of the Cranbrook Library
The Cranbrook Agricultural Association will be asked to submit a statement of their financial position at
the close of the season, and if it is
found that a loss has been involved,
their application for a grant will be
further considered.
It was also decided that the Arena
Rink be rented to the Cranbrook
Amateur Athletic 'Association for
the season l!C>7-28 for $350.00.
-SlfiO.OO cash on or before December
Hist, 1927.
Department Reports
The following reports were submitted:
The report of the Electric Light
Department, submitted by City Electrician Hull, showed that seven wuter services were thawed out, nine
light services cut off for non-payment
of bills, seven of which were rc-con-
uected. Nineteen other services were
cut oil* and twelve connected up. A
new street light was put up opposite
the Star Theatre and other maintenance work attended to. The consumption for the month was 60,500
kilowatts, compared with 64,200 for
February, and 02,100 for the cor-
responding  month  last  year.     The
'■' ? ? for the month was
75.5, making an average for three
months of 85,5. It was pointed out
by the city electrician that the apparent luter effu-inecy wus due to
the fact thut the reudings extended
into Mnrch.
Fire chief Adams submitted his report for the month, which showed the
following culls attended to: March
1st, chimney fire ut residence of Mr.
Chester, Hunson Avenue, extinguished with chemical without loss; March
8th, chimney fire in Chinatown at
rear of restaurant, extinguished with
chemical, no dumuge; March 23rd,
cull to Stone's Greenhouse—owine to
bridges over streets having been taken up, department went only as far
is the cily limits, two men being
sent to render whatever assistance
wus needed; March 31st, received call
o fire between the Quong ('hong
nundry and Patmore Bros., no dam-
During the month regular inspection of tin- streets and lanes were
mude. Eight places, were cleaned up,
■dors being issued. It wus also reported thut contractors hnd commenced cleaning up winter's refuse
and ashes, and the work will be rush-
il just as soon as the frost is out of
the ground.
The report of Dairy Inspector J, VY.
Rutledge showed that the dairies and
farms in the vicinity, from which
milk is obtained for use in the city,
were in good shape. Next month all
the dairies will receive their usual
spring cleaning. The inspector referred to the improved appearance of
some of the local delivery rigs. The
result of the milk test was as follows:
Staples, 59! ; Playle, Ay ; Lancaster,
\'A ; McCrindle, 8.89J ; Austin, %.*$%.
This test report the Inspector considered very satisfactory.
Works Department Report
^ The report of City Superintendent
Eassie of the wuter, sewer and street
departments showed that work in
connection with the maintenance of
the water department wns being attended to, In regard to streets, he
intimated that the crushing plant had
been overhauled nnd parts replnced,
There's only
one quality
and that's
the hiqhest
Jiade in Canada
namely main cam shaft, nntl-frlctto
roller and jaws. The plant had bee
tunning from the 3rd to the lilth
inst., when work was discontinued
owing to bad wenthor. Playlo's re
which had been .damaged somewhat
through the use nf the city trucks,
had been repaired by the placing of
thirty-three loads of gravel thereon.
Twelve days' grading had been done
on Van Horne Street, Garden, Lum:
den, Clark, French. Durick, Armstrong and Norbury avenues. Fine
crushing** were applied to eleven hundred feet of sidewalk on Norblirj
Avenue and Cranbrook and Edwards
Street, and thirty-eight loads of the
same were placed on streets throughout the city. In all, 582 londs of
material had heen moved by the city
trucks. .
At the tourist pnrk the trees were
trimmed and dead timber piled and
The Finance committee presented
accounts amounting to .$11,42-1.-12.
und these accounts were ordered paid.
It was moved by Aldermun M
Pherson and seconded hy Alderman
Arnold that the purchase of twelve
hundred pounds of Canadian Northern
I984's nt SIM.-11 und accrued interest
be approved.
In connection with the report of
the woiks department it was moved
by Alderman Jackson and seconded by
Alderman Balment that no more
gravel be put on Dennis Street until
further orders and that the scarifier
and grader be used on the-streets in
the -tflntre of the city.    After a gen-
FOR SALE—Am- uf lend in Slater-
villo; chtnp. Apply Ii. E. McLean. 7-111
POR SALE—Residential property
close in corner Armstrong and
Dennis street, 0-room house, modem. For price nnd terms apply
Box 75!) or Herald ofllco. !>
FOR RENT—4 acres of land, under
irrigation—suitable for truck gar.
denlng; 1 mile from the eitv.   Ap-
ply at P. Burns Co. Oflk*
FOR SALE—$55 ('.CM. Bicycle, almost new. Will sell for $30. Apply to Beale & Elwoll. 11-10
REWARD IN' CASH, $10 to $25, to
whoever can give us information
as to who took a bicycle from back
of our store in the yard. Kootenay Trading Co. \i
FOR SALE—Bool; of Knowledge. 20
Volumes, Cyclopedia of Civil Engineering 7 Volumes. Carpentry
and Contracting 6 Volumes. Apply Box E, Herald. !l
Paleo Cleaners. Every home, office, garage, autoist vour prospects, Good commission. Exclusive territory. P, A. I.efebvrc Ji
Company, Dept. ('., Alexandria,
Ont. si
Sm3»e4 Everything
Comfort   I
■"■"THE iww Fisher-built Mies,
X    In the  n:.rt  modish
IiimIm of Duco
—the massive full-crown Mule is, the smut
buffet-typo lamps, ihr newly-designed
radiator—the hmt of median ici! refine-
■UOtlj including AC oii-fillrr and AC air-
dtanrr—the powerlut, smooth and
responsive Chevrolet engine—all of these
contribute to the deep, abiding aenie ol
satisfaction which the nwner of the Mott
Beautiful Chevrolet experiences.
All that you want in a modern I dy-priced
car. Chevrolet fives you al NEW. I.OWKR
PRICES, the loweti for which Chevrolet
li.i- evrr \»'i\ sol'l lo Canada . . . and no
other car at or near the prfcfl cm give
vou all Die advantage* which make the
.Mmt BeiUtlful Chevrolet the .,uu m-liui:
automobile  achievement   of  the  year.
Coach -
Sedan   ■
Roadster • $fiS5.00
Tourinr - fiSS.CO
Coupe -   -   780.00
Landau Sedan 	
Roadster Delivery - - •
Commercial ChasMs - - -
t'tllily Express CliuiU  -   •
BUM Chevrolet
HLb History
tf;4 •;■>
■ JVi'B'TwwsV/
KOOTENAY   GARAGE    -   Cranbrook
LOST—Saturday evening in front of
Beattie-Noble ston', a sterling silver cigarette ease, Initialled W. A.
P. Pinder will be rewarded nn
leaving same at Herald olllce.     11
WANTED—Hear from
Porta for sale. Cash j
lars. I). P. Hush,
owner good
rice, pnrtico-
li, ll, 18 15,
POR SALE—Strawberry plants, Ma'-
goons, Parson's Iteouty aad Progressive Everbearing. Also slips,
cuttings and transplants. Loganberry, Gooseberry, Red nnd Black
Currants, Raspberry canes, Roses
nnd Lilacs; Rhubarb and Asparagus roots. Alex Mennle, Box 408.
— for 5 to 7 people —
All kinds of Second-Hand
1 discussion as to street work, an
Understanding was arrived nt with the
works   committee   that   a   meeting
lid be called at an early date to
outline   a   different   program.   The
tion was therefore withdrawn.
Mnyor  Is On Committor*
\1 this time the mayor placed on
lord some correspondence with respect Jo the mayor's authority to vote
committee meetings. Telegrams
were read from the Inspector of B.C.
..Municipalities in connection with the
matter and court cases cited by His
Worship, which showed that after the
matter had boen passed upon it wns
hold that a member of a body ex-
officio is a full member of that*body
with power to vote.
The city clerk reported with regard
to property upon which tbe owners
had been delinquent in the payment
nf tuxes. The clerk was authorized
tu make arrangements in connection
In connection with the matter of
tin* nuisance grounds, Alderman .luck-
sou reported that the condition of the
place had been inspected by himself
nnd (hi* mnyor, and after consultation
with the chairman of the health committee it had been agreed that it
would be in the city's interest to pay
lhe contractor the additional mini o'f
$40.00 for tbe proper care of the
garbage at the grounds. Tbis action
wan endorsed by the council.
Alderman Cameron asked thut the
by-law regulation regarding the traffic on boulevards be looked into.
Willi regard to a reipiest from
the British Empire Service League,
Alderman Jackson asked if u letter
was on file from the Cranbtook Legion which he understood gave as-
BUranco that the organization would
not a.sk the council for further concessions in accordance with verbal assurance given the council by their
president, J, A. Young, when the option to purchase the old Roynl Hotel
property was given to them. The
city clerk was instructed to ask for
the said lelter.
Engineer Resigns
City Engineer Eassie before retiring from the meeting tendered His
worship Mayor Roberts a letter,
which on being read to the council,
nrovjd to bc bis resignation as city
engineer. On motion of Alderman
Jnckson and Alderman Balment the
resignation was accepted.
On motion of Alderman MacPherson and Balment the city clerk wa.*
authorized to advertise for a successor as superintendent
Alderman Arnold gave notice of
the special meeting of the council
called for that purpose, at which he
would introduce a by-law or by-laws
for the purpose of raising monies
to provide for additional high school
accommodation. This was in compliance with a request from the secretary of the School board.
The council adjourned nl 12.30 n.m.
An admirable proposition is open
to honest and ainbitiuuK man and
women with a will to achteva and a
desire to make more money. Darwin's Limited Home Service Department will furnish thc reputation and capital for you to build
m successful business and permanent income selling Darwin's Dresses
and Coats, at moderate prices; a
new, novel and complete sales out.
fit will be furnished to those whose
applications to represent us are ac.
cepted; write nt once and tell us
about yourself; you will bear from
us promptly; Darwin's merchandising and sales experts will trnin
those who have not had former ex-
perience selling ladies' dresses und
coats; Darwin's operate a chain of
large and successful retail ready*
to-wear stores and this is your
chance to become peruuinenlty connected with this vast organization
which was founded more Hum 20
years   ago.     Address,
Box 612, Montreal,  Que.
To   Plymouth-Cherbourg-London
Alaunia Apr. 29;      Ausonia May 6
To Belfast-Liverpool-Glasgow
Letitia May G; Athenia May 20
To Queenstown and Liverpool
Samaria Apr. 30;     Laconia May 7
To Cherbourg and Southampton
*Mauretania  May 4, 25, June 15
Aquitania      May 11, 31, June 22
Berengaria   May 17, June 8, 29
To Londonderry and Glasgow
Cameron la May 7; Caledonia May 21
To  Plymouth-Havre-London
Carmania Apr. 30; Tuscania May 14
To Queenstown and Liverpool
Samaria May 1;        Scythia May 15
*   Calls at Plymouth, castbound
Sailings from MONTREAL
To Belfast • Liverpool • Glasgow
Letitia .... May 6, June 3, July 1
Athenia.May 20, June 17, July 16
To Glasgow and Liverpool
Aurania June 24; Andania July 8
To Plymouth, Cherbourg, London
Ausonia June 10; Ascania June 24
Alaunia July 1, July 29, Aug. 26
Money orders, drafts and Travel-
lew' Cheques at lowest rates. Full
in formation from local agent or
Company's Offices, 622 Hastings St.
\\\, Vancouver, B.C.
******************** *** ****
CO-OP. !
Phone 104 - We Deliver j
Coffee Competition —
With every purchase of  I-lb. ot   t
MALKIN'S  COFFEE   wt  will I
give ass illustrated book, lor (lie •;•
coloring of which prizes ine of. J
fered.    Per tin                          75c *
With every purchase nl' (i pk-js. %
LUX for 75c  wo  will   ii*.(.   i *
coke of LUX SOAP—FREE ♦
Finest   Pure   STRAWBERRY *
JAM: .I's                           65c *
P«' pkK                       35c %
GINGER BEER: per doz. $1.90 *
1»>' tin                30c *
per gloss           35c *
TOES: per suck              $2.00 *
!1 doz. for          $1.00 %
11 doz. for          51.10 ♦
nlso 50c, 60,  75c, dnz.   t
FRl'lT: large ?. lor 35c *
ED HAM: per Hi. 55c  *
WINESAP APPLES: box 13.50 f
GANO APPLES: box       S2.50 1
OGILVIE'S FLOUR —fjnnada's *
Besl: iK-r sack '   SS.I5 |
BRAN: per saek $1.60   *
SHORTS: per suck SI.70 *
PHONE   104   FOR   SERVICE   ?
mMtmwmkwemmmitat,      imam
We take pleasure in j
announcing that we liave
this week installed the I
Frigid Air Ice Plant in
connection with the refrigerator  used  in   our ,
Cafe.    We feel lhat the
addition of this system '
will add materially to the c
service which we will he f
able to give, and trust j
that same will be appre- *
ciated by our patrons.
Geo. Anton.
UiMiuaua-a: :„„..!/*:,'
T« P. O. Boi 231
S-mos* Hm4 DosiUr
W« Buy, Sell u*l Exchant*   Q>4lf
Delivered Cranbrook
Coupe - -
2 Door Sedan
Landau Sedan
Fully Equipped—Bumpers Front and Rear, Tire and
Tube, Tire Cover.
The Hanson
H-V—*tV *"*%> *tr4\,im»M**fA' *t*t%   **\ Q Thursday, April 21st, 1927
with tho jlliro ol
fresh mint leaves
After Eetry -Meal «|
^.   „< rQ .* ?-
^0 <>•>♦•>*♦ <-^*+**++*♦*+*♦♦♦♦$
Miss Edith Johnson was a Cranbrook  visitor on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Val Anderson and
family motored down to Wardner on
Thursday, visiting with Mr. Anderson's brother.
The usual semi-monthly dance was
hold in the Recreation Hall on Wednesday evenine; last. The refreshments were daintily served by Miss
Kuin Dillon nml Miss Florence Me-
Dcarmld. This wilt probably be the
last of this scries of dances this winter. They linve been held fairly regularly during lhe past season, with the
Where You Got Qunlil-f and
Service  in
All Work Dono On
Goodyear Lockstitch Machinery
Satisfaction Guaranteed
P. O. BOX 154
A. Mus., L.C.M. ■ Gold Medal
Piano Expert,
Tunings and  Repairs
—  VOICE  —
Pianoforte   •    Harmony
Organist   and   Choirmaster
Knox Church.
225 Burwell Av. • Cranbrook
With and Without Coupons
For General
Admission Purposes
For Sale at
The forerunner of colds
and grippe.
Heat and inhale Minard's and rub it on the
throat and chest.
The great preventive.
^■' il'Hi' ■***>
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds      Headache      Neuritis        Lumbago
Pain       Neuralgia      Toothache     Rheumatism
exception of the period when so many
were victims of the flu epidemic.
and have been greatly enjoyed and
appreciated by all dancers.
With the coming of a few sprinc
days, the local tennis court waa the
scene of the first game." of the ncaa-
on during the week.
Service was held in the English
Church on Friday evening, Rev. F V.
Flnrrison conducting the service.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones, of Cranbrook.
were the guests of Mr, and Mrs..
Jones jnr. during the week.
Mr. Lilly, of Kimberley, was a Wycliffe  caller  on   Wednesday.
A ball practice was held on the
local diamond an Tuesday night.
Quite a number of the boys turned
out, petting Hmbineii up for the
coming season, which they anticipate
making a  .successful  one.
Mrs. Kenneth Greene was a Wycliffe visitor on Friday and Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. .Jones paid a visit
to Kimberley on Wednesday. They
wen* accompanied by Mr. and Mi's.
Jones sin*.
Shirley Trew was the little hostess
to a number of her young friends at
a party on Friday afternoon. A very
happv time was spent in different
games, and a dainty lunch was served
by Mth. Trew. The guests included
May leggett, Freddy Leggett, Gloria
Parker, Hazel Foster, Mary Foster,
1'eggy Cox, Pauline Cox and Peter
Holy Communion was celebrated
in the Anglican Church on Monday
morning at 10 a.m., by Rev. F. V.
Miss W. Lippitt left on Thursday
to spend the Easter vacation with
her parents at Kootenay  Orchards.
Pauline Crowe, of Kimberley,
spent a few days durinsr the week
visiting with Margaret Yager.
Mr. Norman McClure is the owner
of a ver- nice looking new Ford touring car, which he is using in his milk
What might have been a serious
accident occurred on Friday afternoon, when Fred's stage went over
the bank and turned completely upside down. Happily there were no
passengers, and the driver himself
was not injured. It seems almost incredible that a car could get such a
tumble and not a bit of glass get
broken, and only sustain very minor
injuries. It speaks well for the construction of the McLaughlin Buick
Six. The mishap occurred on the
first hill out of Wycliffe, on the
Cianbrook road.
Peggy and Pauline Cox spent a few
days during the week visiting with
Mrs. H. Edwards in Cranbrook.
Ruth Greene was the guest of Jean
McDonald on Monday.
Mr. Val Anderson left on Friday
for Oregon, U.S.A. Mrs. Anderson
and family will remain here for a
time before joining him.
Mr. H. Ireland left on Saturday's
train to spend the Easter week-end
visiting with his family at their home
in Creston.
Miss Frances Foster was in Wycliffe  on   Friday  afternoon.
I Mr. and Mrs. Chester 0. Staples
[and family renrned home on Sunday
! from Santa Barhara, California. Mrs.
! Staples took Kathleen, Gerard and
j Cynthia down last January on nc-
j count of the children's health, and
! they   no   doubt   have   derived   great
benefit and hove come home looking
, 100 per cent fit as the result of their
visit to the sunshine state.
Pat Harrison, of Cranbrook spent
' Monday   visiting  with   Otis   Staples.
Miss Suzanne Staples returned
home on Sunday after spending three
, months with her aunt. Mrs. (Dr.)
1 F. W. Green, white Mrs Staples was
:i»4'   from  home.
John   Hughes,   St.   Mary's   Prairie
I rancher,   was   a   business   visitor   to
Wycliffe on Thursday.
were  Messrs.  Chas.  Nelson,  Ed.  By-
lander, Jim Isbester and T. Carlson,
Mr. and Mrs. F. Dooling moved into their new home on Main .Street last
week. Mr. Dooling is employed here
at the saw mill.
Mr. Dawson, representative for the
London Life Insurance, of Vancouver, spent a few hours in town on
Mr.  and  Mrs. J. Schell,  Mrs.  L.
Leask,  Mrs.   Neily and Mr.  Martin,
f   Cranbrook.  spent   Wednesday   in
town   selling  tickets  fur  the   Kaster
ball,  on  Monday,_April   18th.
W. Lindberg spent Wednesday and
Thursday in Cranbrook on business,
also taking in the picture show at the
Star Theatre, showing the Dempsey-
Tunney fight, on Wednesday even*
M. Kary motored to Jaffray on
Thursday ta hring hack Oscar Prerson
and M.Magnuson, who have been
working at the Prince Charming mine
Mr, and Mrs. Johnson ami Pete
Moiris motored down from Kimlierley on Sunday, spending the afternoon visiting Mr. and Mrs. ('. Nelson.
Mr. Johnson is a brother of Mrs.
The Misses Florence and Agnes
Jostad. Margaret Neily, Oscar Johnson and Walter Hollmnn, all high
school pupils of Crnnbrook, are
spending their Kaster holidays here
visiting their parents.
Mrs. W. Lindberg and children left
on Friday for Wardner to spend a
week visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,  Mrs.  Lindberg's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Marsden and daughter motored to Cranbrook on Sunday, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. II.
Cockshutt, to visit Mrs. Cockshutt's
sister, Mrs. Cassells. Miss Margaret
Cassells made the return trip to Bull
River, to be the guest of Miss May
Marsden during the Easter holidays.
The Misses Fulton and Howard, of
Fort Steele, are spending a few days
here, the guests of Mrs. Kershaw.
Those who motored to Jaffray on
Saturday evening for the dnnce were
Angus McLellan, Jim Isbester, Ted
Langridge, Lee Davis and Mike Kary.
They later went on to Wasa, where
they spent a few hours dancing at
the Wasa Hotel, returning in the wee
sma' hours of the morning.
Those who attended the Easter ball
in Cranbrook from here wen? Mr.
Van Sucker, Melfoy, Batteisby and
W. Schad.
r.y* y^-toft!  only  "Buyer"  package
*^^r        wliich contains proven directions!
Handy 'ilnvi-r" l«ixi'» of 12 (shirti
Al«*> i-oltlrs'uf 21 an.l 101)— DniggilU.
Aspirin Is Ilir trsik- msrs (nitttrnd fn ("."nl*" r I'sv.t Uinnficton of Monose-HI.-
«t*.l.r or Snllrv!|,*s**M  (AMUI  Btllcyllc  ft-Std,   "A.  S.  A     i      Wlillr   ll  I. wrll  know.
thti Asi>iiin ni.-nti*. lu.ir minutsctun t.i ,—'.« tin- pnblle sgilnit ImlLttimi, to. TiM-nv
el Bvet Pomp-la, Kill Is* lUmNd wills  Osllr i*.*i* rsl trs.l. rusjk, tlie -Uver IJt%-*.'»
Consolidated Mining k Smelting Co.
of Cflimiln. Limited.
Purchasers of (told. Silver, Copper, Lead and Zinc Ore*
Producer* ot Gold, Silver, Copper, Pig Lead end Zinc
Castoria is especially prepared tn relieve Infants in
arms nnd Children all ages of
Constipntion, Flatulency, Wind
Colic ond Diarrhea; allaying
Teverishncss arising therefrom, mid, liy regulating the Stomach
and Bowels, aids thc assimilation uf Food; giving natural sleep.
To avoid imitations, always look Tor the signature of 6^-^/7/ft^W/
AbeotahJy Harmless-No Cfo'itirs    Phyaldatu everywhere rei s«—< it
' At thc home of Mrs. M. B. Luck,
on Thursday evening a recital was
given by Mrs. I.uck's pupils, the pro-
jRTam as follows! duet, "Wild Flow-
i cr* Waltz," Misses \gnc» and Edith
Undbcrtr; solo, "Sonata," Freddie
Luck; solo, "Merry Peasant," Stein
Cassidy; solo, "Silver Medal," Miss
Mollie Sale; solo, "Moon Winks," Miss
Phyllis RutTle; solo, "Merry Peas
ant," Miss Phyllis Ruffle; solo, "Valac
Sanford," Miss Agnes Lindberg.
solo, "Spanish Dance," Miss Margaret
Hollmnn; solo, "Nun's Prayer," .Miss
Lenore Cassidy; solo, "Fifth Nocturne," Miss May Marsden; solo
"Study Czerny," Miss Mny Marsden;
solo, "Mary's Pet Waltz," "Yankee
Doodle," Miss Edith Lindberg; duct,
"Merry Springtime." Miss Lenora
j nnd Stein Cassidy; solo. Selected.
i Dalton Murphy. Each pupil rendered
I their numbers very well indeed.
! After thc recital, dninty refreshments
I were served hy the hostess. Those
I present, including pupils, were Mesdames Lindberg, Mailman, Stanhope,
Cooper, Ruffle, Marsden, Murphy,
Cassidy,  and  Mrs.  Luck.
Chief Greenwood, of Fernie, and
Constable Graham Donahoe, o f
Wardner, were in town last week
inspecting the beer parlor.
Mr. Oscar Jostad motored to Cran
brook on Thursday, accompanied by
his daughters, Florence and Agnes,
who are attending high school there,
to spend the Easter holidays at home.
Mrs. Murphy and son, Brunnel,
motored to Jaffray on Sunday, to
visit friends,
Mr. J. Hornby returned to town
on Wednesday from the funeral of
hia wife who passed away last Sun
day at the Fernie hospital. Mr.
Hornby has our deepest sympathy In
the loss of his wife.
Messrs. Bjorkman, Cockshutt, Marsden and Kennedy attended the Odd
Fellows' Lodge in Cranbrook on
Monday evening.
Mr. Schad brought home a new car
last week from Cranbrook for Mr.
Murdoch—a 1027  new model Ford.
Those who motored to Cranbrook
on Wednesday to sec the film show-
1b( •!   Um   Dmmpmajtmmaay   flight
good funds, a resolution was passed
to pay all the transportation and
travelling expenses of the delegate.
The officers appointed for tbe enduing year for the citizens' committee
nf management are: President, Miss
K. M. Brookes; Vice-President, Mrs.
F. E. Coy; Secretary-Treasurer, Mr.
Wilfrid 11. Tompkins; Committee—
Mrs. Harry H. Pet its, Mr. Thomas
M. Frater, Mrs. Wilfrid H. Tomp-
kins. Mrs. Walter .1. N'ixon, Mrs.
William Pye, Mrs, James McN. Scott,
Mrs. E. M. Sandilands. Miss Dora
K. Bodecker remains Captain in
charge. It was decided to hold the
annual public entertainment, with
sale of home cooking and work, on
the afternoon of the Saturday after
the  24th of May.
lnvermere, B.C., April 20th.—Mr. |
Arthur Murray Chisholm of Windermere, the all-Canadian popular writer, has just received from his Enp-
lish publishers, Messrs. Hodder and
Stoughten, a specially bound presentation copy nf his story, "The Red
Heads," and one nf his story. "Yellow
Horse," Each volume is bound in red
This same firm has published one of ,
Morroco, hand-tooled with gilt edges.
Mr. Chishnlm's earlier stories, "The
Land of Big Rivers," in a two shilling edition, a copp of which accompanied the others mentioned.
Telegraphic advice has just been
received from Rev. T. E. Rowe, of
Victoria, B.C!., that he has completed
arrangements so that he will be able
to 'ake charge of the Church of Eng-
land work for the parish of Windermere for the next two months, holding his first service here on Sunday.
the 1st of May.
M iss Brookes is enjoying her
Easter holidays visiting in Calgary
and Sicamous.
Miss Smith, who was last year in
charge of the Wilmer school, is back
again visiting her old time friends.
Mr. William Hillier, one of the district transfer agents, is the recent
purchaser of a new truck, which he
put into commission on Easter Ston- i
Mr. E. G. Erickson, the veteran
railroader, is reported seriously ill
In a hospital in Vancouver suffering
from an attack of pneumonia. Mrs.
Erickson and Miss Erickson nre in]
attendance at his bedside.
Jo be 'As Good as
a car would need to have
A Six-Cylinder Vilvr-in-Hfad Engine;
A Vttrtrionlm Engine—with all mounting* of rerilient silencing
A Triple-Sealed Engine;
A Vacuum-Cleaned Crankcaac;
Automatic Heat Control;
Thermostatic Control of water circulation |
Scaled Cbaaaii.
TorqufrTube Drive;
utic Lubrication of engine, universal joint And fan hub;
One piece, Lbeam Front Aile,
Cantilever Rear Spnngi;
Fuher Body with VV Wmdahield;
Duco Finiah;
Ten-Plate Multiple Due Clutch,
Controllable-Beam Headlighti!
Mechanical 4-Wheel Brake* i
Balanced Wheeli.
lnvermere, B.C., April 16th.—The
Lake Windermere Co-Operative
Creamery Association, successors to
the Lake Windermere Creamery, in
a circular just issued to the puiato
shippers who disposed of their products through the Creamery, advise
uf tho settlement of shipments made
last fall. In this circular it is pointed
out thut much of the delay and
.arge expense was entailed through
the shipments not having heen harvested and graded uccorumg to modern standards. In spite of it all,
however, the Creamery Association
paid to the shippers Jj-Uii.UU for Netted Gems and $23.00 lot* whites. Mr.
A. U. t hristensen, the manager, advises that his fiim shipped out nine
carina us ah luid, tor which they re-
eiveu ;>6,J20.uu, f.o.b. at Lake Windermere.
The funeral of Mrs. E. Dupont
took place last week from White
Lodge, Windermere, the home of
her brothers, Mr. Rufus A. Kimpton, to the local cemetery. It waB
largely attended by sorrowing
friends, the late Mrs. Dupont being
well known here. The pull hearers
were chosen from amongst the very
old time residents. Besides her son.
Mr. Ashton Powers, who had accompanied the body from Mrs. Dupont's
iate home in Cranbrook, her brother,
Mr. Fred Kimpton. from Golden, was
alto amongst the mourners from dis- j
tant points.
Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan huve
returned to the home ranch after an
extended visit to the United States.
Mr. A. Ashworth is making an extensive addition to his charming bungalow on  McBride Avenue.
Mrs. W. G. Wainwright und her!
young family of five leave shortly
tor the Atlantic seaboard, from j
whence they will sail for England to.
take up residence near the home of
the   late   Mr.   Wainwright.
A very successful bridge drive was j
held recently under the direction
of Mrs. Chisholm, in Winder-,
mere, the proceeds being towards a'
fund for the improvement of their I
church building.
Mr. Herb Chester, B.S.A., assist-
ant superintendent of the Dominion I
Government Experimental Stations,!
moved last week, to take up residence
at Windermere.
Other of the feathered carrollers
of spring huve lately come ubout in
the meadow larks, with their varied
notes, some of whieh, au they are |
heuru frum distant fields, may almost |
be interpreted into words set to music, one singing "Oh! Crazy, Crazy
Bolshevik," while another seems to j
reply in bird language "Pretty Paul
Kul Peter." Still another starts off
with the first bur of the air of the
well known hymn, "As With Gladness Men of Old." "Sweet Spring"
(the Phoebe bird) haa long since
come and gone, but the notes of
other warblers have taken the place
of this harbinger.
The annual meeting of the Lake
Windermere branch of the Girl
Guides' Association of Canada was
held lost week, and was presided over
by Mrs. F. E, Coy. The report of
the treasurer showed the organization
to be sound financially, and every
branch of thc work in order. One
of the chief items discussed in general business was thc question of
sending u representutive to the Dominion of Cunada Jubilee Camp ot
Girl Guides, which convenes on tho
grounds of the University School at
I Victoria, B.C., in July of this year,
Miss Susie Owena Nixion waa the fortunate officer chosen to uphold the
honor mt Uf local bedy.    Being ia
Lake Windermere, which forms a
source of the head waters of the Columbia River, freed itself from ice the
night of the Mth for the first time
this year. This is about an average
season. Ducks, geese and white
swans disported themselves upon the
wuter of the lake that day opposite
Easter Day was celebrated in ull
churches by special services. Mowers sent in by His Honor R. Randolph
Bruce from Victoria, B.C., Miss
Thatcher from Vancouver, und procured locally weie used to decorate
the Interiors. Rev. E. G. Thatcher
and Mrs. Thatcher returned on Tues.
day's train to their home in Spillama-
cheen, B.C.
Amongst those spending Easter
Day out of town were Commander J.
C. 1 nwles. Mr. and Mrs. A. Ashworth, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hiller and
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Diehl, who were
at Cranbrook.
Mrs. Arthur Teggart is moving her
WHIM   I1ITH   AI/rCMOl I ll 1   aHI   ,.
IMU^In<M«r7<s>M LMTM
home from Windermere to reside on . man, left on Friday
a ranch near Brisco. ! together with Mr. Ju
i tomobile  for  Denve
Captain and Mrs. A. II. MacCarthy,   Cranbrook.
Homing by au*
in Allan Penni-
Colorado,  via
There are many oinfmi^m
_but ONLY ONE.   £
Sam Buk
0/   upu Xij}j*yf KJtri   txJutfjijdL   v*ud   i^p   *<-&u>
oliLe RjiHrir^    l/a,cau/vu Yiamjchjui  tXfjrtt
Utrvi    l*4*»t Oa.   hjcejh   iu MWli  jifn   h&K *
UtxJch    lltTi   ItU,   did   &* ,   uyjfU   tint.  oJttotdajid.
50 miles per hour
5*25 miles in 8 seconds
30 m i les to the ga I Ion
Ihe only full-sized car in the world $IQi ^
that gives these values at this low price-l^'wia/
FulUSized, Sturdy Con-struction Wilh Ample
Seating Capacity For 5 Adult Passengers. Mohair
ptuih upholitery. Chryiler smartness and beauty
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bodies. Special spring front engine mounting.
Touriii|C«$lCmiCoup.$104-S:Roidil-tr $ 1045 <«»•«» 1. s..i bsnl
CM-ch $1080iS«d«n SlUOs Irabu Stien $1220;
|. .. k (Isisi OMStsK (/rssjkl nlroo aoadiU). At-OT M» Issslsils all uot.
awaeat* hat* and teat, atttt swss WW earn mat Mss» *ssll a, puSssfc
,   ,       Kim •. Iss itettta s. etsetuT tk. MssNsOsMS W SSSH MMM, At* sssl
,*\**'af CkramW, qntttalo. tlaa.
why CMrrtlcr Im Um
Anm mSmifiam tfa\
Hefd at Ans faaaa,
Wilson's Service Garage PAOR     FOUR
Thursday, April 21st, 1927
The United Church
11 a.m.—HORNING SERVICE   Junior Choir
7.30 p.m.—EVENING SERVICE   Senior Choir
REV. E. LESLIE BEST, B.D., will preach at both services.
Hanson Avenue
10.30—Directory   Class   for
11.00—Public   Holiness
3.00—Company    Meeting.
7.30—1' u h I i c   Salvation
4.00—Children's    Meeting.
8,00—Public   Meeting.
2.30—Home    League    (lor
Services at Kimherley.
7.30—Boy  Scouts.
•Baptist Church
11 a.m.—Morning Worship.
Subject:—"The  Proportions  ol
12.00 noon—Sunday   School
and Brotherhood.
7.30 p.m.—Evening Service
A very cordial invitation is ex.
tended to all members and
friends of the Order.
DENTIST    — -.:—    X-RAY
Opposite  Kootenny Garage
Phone 97 Office Hours—
9 to 12;     1 to S p.m.    Sat. 9 to 1
>i     * - -■■
Drs.   fireen   &   AlacKinnon
Physician.   4   Surgeons
Office pt Residence, Armstrong
Afternoons   2 to 4
E-reninge   7.30 to 8.30
Sundays 2.00 to 4.00
DR.   F.   B.   MILES
9 to 12 a.m.       1 to 6 p.m.
Hanson   Blk.,   Cranbrook.   B.C.
aTfVT.- siE" T~Lrr^r"jT3aB3a'n i HiBr
ttt: lea Think ol luiurauw
— Call Ve -
Cranbrouk &  Kimberley
8«le AffnU for   hlmhnrl«j Towonlte.
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
noin it
B. C. R 0 0 M S    I
Clean aad Comfortable Rooms {
Hot and Cold Water
SOc per Night
Durick Ave., opp CP.R. depot
Next  F. H. Dezall Qarage
Cranbrook, B. C. — Box 68
Phona 360
N.rb.r,  Ave.,  Neil City  Hall
H. W. Herchmer
— PHONE 61 -
Barristers, Solicitors, &c.
Offices: Imperial Bank Bldg.
IN K. of P. HALL
Open Every Thursday from
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
i. o. o. r.
Meeta every
I Monday night at
' The Auditorium
Sojourning Oddfellows are cordially invited
Rec. Sec. E. G. Dingley, P.G.
:^a******^***** I *********
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Victoria Cafe
Special parties catered
to by arrangement.
GEO. ANTON ■ Prop.
Pacific Milk has nude
friends because It gave
what they wanted. It is
the best in the Dominion.
Our part is to receive with
care, and preserve with
scrupulous attention i t s
richness and purity undiminished. The large and
growing patronage Indicates how well this has
heen done.
Head OSUa   •   Vasnaw
Faetorlne at Laaaae St /Mental*
sei i
od lho
The usual monthly meeting of tho
Wnrdner PareirtTeacher Association
wns held in the school on Thursday
afternoon of lnst jyeek. About fifteen members und officevs were present, und the meeting* opened at 3.80
p.m. with tiie president in the chair.
Minutes of the post meeting were
rend, approved and pnssed. The
treasurer's report was also given, and
one or two outstanding bills were
voted to be paid. The social
convenor, Mrs. Frank Thompson, read
a report on the afternoon tea held
at her home, under the auspices of
tlie association, on March 1 Tth.
Thirty of the townsladies wen* present, und the total sum of $9.70 was
taken during the afternoon, $7.80
being the proceeds of the tea, and
$'■2.4U from the rending of the tea
cups, Mrs. Fred Kershaw kindly
volunteering her services for the latter entertainment. This report was
accepted by tiie members.
Wi Birch, convenor of ti
visiting committee, rend he
stilting that her committee V
schools ns per instructions from thc
president. In the report was stated
the need of various equipment,
especially for the junior school, the
principal need being, in the opinion
of the committee, u fence placed
around the playground, in order to
protect the smaller kiddles In the
mutter of cars heing driven ul a fust
rate of speed immediately in front
of the schools. Clothes pegs fur the
cloakrooms, und hooks for use among
the junior pupils, ure ulso badly
needed. In the matter of scliool
work, this was found to be progressing very satisfactorily, it wus stated. This report cume before Hit
members for general discussion, regarding the purchase of the necessary
items, ln .the mutter of the fence
for the playground, it was decided
that this, calling for a large expenditure wns really n matter for the
school board to provide, as is usually
done. In consequence tho school
committee of the association, working in co-operation with the board
were instructed by the president tt
wait upon thc board with u view to
having the fence erected if possible.
The pegs and other minor ite
ordered purchased Immediately, lte-
gnrding the books ulso listed as essential, since the school department
furnishes hooks for use in the schooh
each year for thc new term, it was
decided to allow the matter to rest
for the present. Upon the receipt
of the new books from the -department, however, these Will be inspect-
ed by the teachers and committee,
and those required, but not Included
in the shipment, will be furnished by
the association, a list of which will
be given the treasurer by the teachers
for purchase. These matters ot
business were passed and the school
visiting convenor's report accepted.
New business wns the next order oi
business at the meeting. Under this
order several items came up for discussion. The matter of playground
equipment was thoroughly discussed,
the erecting of swings and seesaws
comprising these activities for tlu
present. A book containing plans
fotr the erection and purchase of
these articles was inspected, and t
committee comprising Mrs. Ci. V
Sinclair, Miss Hopkins and Mr. Ii. 0.
Iverson instructed to obtain tht
necessary data regarding their erection, etc., which will be given at the
May monthly meeting of the Association, The raising of the necessary
funds, ways antl means of doing
same, in order to enable the local
association to purchase these various
items for the improvement of the
local schools, was next brought forward. Since many requests for a
whist drive, conducted by the association as on former occasions, have
been received, this matter was
broached by the social convenor.
Meeting with the entire approval of
the members it was decided that a
whist drive with an alternative of
bridge, if desired, would be held in
the Club Hall on Friday evening,
April 2i»th. Prizes will be awarded,
refreshments served, and following
cards it is probable thnt a short
period of dancing will also be arranged. Another form of entertainment was brought forward by the
president for general discussion, this
being a tentative .suggestion in the
form of a play to be given by the as-
sociation' in June. One of the members, Mrs. Heifer, has had much experience in training and directing the
presentation of various sketches or
plays, and at present hns n number
of comedy plays on hand from which
a suitable production might be
chosen. This also being approved, a
committee was chosen to read over
antl choose u comedy for presentation by members of the association.
and ulsu allot characters as talent
prescribed. Mrs. Heffer was named
convenor, and her committee, con
posed of Mesdames Ci. W. Donnho
Paul Storey, Frank Thompson, A. ,
II.  Donuhoe,  Miss Hopkins, and M
We have a list of lovely, new. a
fine glndioli. We do not handle
grow poor and inferior kinds. 60 in
ed colors und kinds from 1 Inch
size to .1 inches, postpaid, 92.00;
named and not less than 1(1 varieti
separately labelled, only $3.50. P
ONIESi«'»labelled, color your choi
$2.50; 12 labelled, our selection, v
ue $7.2.1 for $0.00, and u few glu
olus for good measure. Send for o
M. St O. DODDS, Sorrento, DC
WMisittMuu;^...:!...:.:::     .       ^ ,r
j Sainsbury & Ryan
Estimates (iiven and Work
Telephone. 233 and 293
§  CRANBROOK    -    ■    B.C.
L. D. Cafe
SaaiUry EUclric Refrigeration
I'.. O. Iverson, will convene at an
arly date for this purpose. The
ichool principal, Mr. B. O. Iverson,
loxt broached the idea of holding a
i hool picnic this year, asking the conn-ration of the association in the
matter. Assuring Mr. Iverson of
iheir efforts, Mrs. A. J. H. Donahoe,
the president, placed the matter before the members for general discussion, finally culminating In a plan to
hold the picnic on Saturday, May
28th, the plaee for holding the picnic
to be decided upon and announced
ater. Tlie program for the afternoon included an interesting p6m-
phlet upon several books to be chosen
for the kiddies, and older boys nnd
girls, reading material, in order to
■ ncourago them in the love of good
books. These pamphlets were read
to the members by Miss Hopkins nnd
Mr. II. 0. Iverson. The meeting
then closed with the singing of God
Save the King, nfter which refreshments were served and a social hour
■njoyetl by the association. Will
.be members of the social committee
tnko notiee that a meeting will be
held nt the home of Mrs. Frank
Thompson, social convenor, to make
urrnngomenta for the whist drive, on
Monday nfternoon next, April 25th,
nt 8.80 p.m.
Miss .lennie Hopkins, of the local
teaching staff, is spending the Kaster
holidays ut her home in Wasa, and
also visiting friends for n few days
in Cranbrook.
Mr. nud Mrs. Al Kievill returned
on Fridny from Calgary, where Mrs,
Kievill has been spending the past
month visiting with relatives, Mr.
Kievill journeying to the prairie city
.ast week and joining Mrs. Kievill for
i few days' holiduy before returning
in Wnrdner.
The baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. Appell was scalded badly on Thursday lust, when u cup of very hot
ten was accidentally spilled, badly
buringing the thighs nnd limbs of
the child. Mrs. Wm. Oversby was
■ailed and rendered first-aid to the
baby. __
Mrs. Geo. Renick returned to
Wardner on Thursday last from Vul-
■an. Alta, where she has been spending the past few weeks nt the bed-
dde of her mother, Mrs. James East-
voo'd, who bus been critically ill. At
iresent Mrs. Eastwood is reported to
be resting more easily than for some
ime past, although little hope for
her complete recovery is held.
Messrs Hacker und Miggins, of the
Western Garage here, report two
-ales in the used car line this week,
Ur. Charlie Hamrin hns purchased a
practically new Ford touring car,
while George Rawson hns purchased
he Gray Dort touring car recently
turned in on a new machine by Paul
Storey. On Snturday Mr. Miggins
journeyed to Cranbrook, returning
with anew Ford sedan, for which he
has a prospective buyer in view.
Corsan and Harold Anderson motor
•d to Kimherley on Saturday afternoon, bringing back their brother,
Morris, to spend the week-end at his
home here, Morris Anderson is
C.P.R. operator at present stationed
in  Kimlierley.
On Friday evening next, April 22,
Lhe Wardner C.G.l.T. group will hold
a social evening in the Club Hall, to
wliich everybody is cordially invited.
Games, etc, will be furnished, while
cards will also be arranged for those
nlcrested. A short program will be
presented during the evening. Re-
freshmen ts will be served by the
girls. While no admission will be
charged, a silver collection will be
taken, this to be put towards the
lunds used by the group for their
summer sports. Everybody will be
welcomed, and a good time assured.
Messrs. Ed. Renstrom, Jack Dow,
Jack Matter, Harry, Sam and Rollie
Thompson, Andy Powell, L. Miggins,
Andy Granberg Tom Fitzsimmons,
Corsan, Harold and Morris Ander-
son, motored to Jaffray on Saturday
v ning to attend the dance held by
he Farmeis' Institute.
Messrs. Harry Moore and James
Gordon motored to Wasa on .Saturday afternoon, to spend the week-end
with friends, returning to Wardner
on Sunday evening.
Mrs. Wm. Holtom nnd daughter,
Maui ine, journeyed to Waldo on
Thursday evening to spend a few
hours visiting at the home uf her
sis Led, Mrs. Harry Nash, and other
Misa N'itu Heifer left on Sunday
evening for Regina, where she will
spt ml the next month or two holiday.
ng witli friends.
Adolph Anderson, of Waldo, spent
tlu week-end visiting his parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs, A. Anderson.
Mr. I. A. Poole, secretury of the
Mountain Lumbermen's Association,
arrived in Wardner on Snturday,
pending u few days here ou business,
being the guBst of Mr. C. M. Pennock.
The Wnrdner Pierott Troupe have
a busy week ahead of them this week.
On Thursday the troupe will motor
to Lumberton, where thev will pro-
diwv their concert thnt evening,
while on Saturday evening the show
will be staged at Waldo. By the
way, in an error in printing in last
week's edition, It was stated that the
Mini of |32.00 was taken at the local
Btngtng of the concert. This should
have rend $132.00^
I.oen) basketball teams plan on
commencing their season's work In
the next couple of weeks. This
week the junior teams plan on getting into uction, while thc senior
(ladles') teams will start on Thursday evening next. It is also expect-
ed that a senior men's team will
shortly be organized also. Speaking
ni sport circles, Frank Thompson is
in receipt of a letter this week from
Mr. J. McFarlane, secretary-treasurer nf the Cranbrook Lacrosse Club,
in which it was stuted that a rumor of
a lacrosse team in Wardner had been
heard) wishing to know of thc truth
of the rumor, and offering any pos-
sible help from the Cranbrook club
if il i.s desired to form such a team.
While no preparation for such a team
is going on nt present, the letter will
ln> handed to the Wardner Athletic
Association for general discussion at
the coming meeting.
Mrs. Wm. Holtom left on Friday
i veiling for Crnnbrook to take over
n cuse in her capacity of graduate
Miss Winnie Macintosh, of Vancouver, arrived in Wnrdner on Saturday last, on nn extended visit. Miss
Macintosh, who is it graduate of
Vnncouver -General Hospital, is st
present  professiewdly  suploytj at
the home of Mrs. Alec. Daye, and is
a sister of Mrs. August Daye, of
Mr. C. M. Pennock returned to
Wardner on Saturday, after tuking
a business trip to Edmonton...
Mr. and Mrs. Alec. Daye are .receiving the congratulations of tlieir i
many friends on the birth of a baby '.
daughter, bern at the family home in
Wardner on Wednesday evening last,
April 18th . _
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and family, of Wycliffe, motored to Wnrdner
on Tuesday to visit relatives,
Mr. B. O. Iverson, Billy Sinclair
nnd Mervyn Heifer left on Monday
morning for No. 2 Lake, where tliey
will spend a few duys on n camping
Mr. Chns. Simpson, of Skookumchuck, spent the week-end in Wardner, with his family.
John Moore has been confined to
his home this week with an attack
of rheumatism.
It is understood thut lhe locul post-
office will be moved the latter purl
of the presenl week, lo its new lorn-
ion at the residence of Mr. Al Kievill, the newly appointed postmastor.
Wrong shaving harms
ana ages the skin
IflfH !
Once again Enstertide is here nnd
we are entering upon whal is to us
a New Vcnr. We have arisen to newness of life, also lo new attainments
in secular things. It is said thut this
year is to be one of the most prosperous, and as it is the Dominion's
jubilee year it is but fitting und right
that it should be so.
The Evans boys nre down from
their claims above St. Mary's Lake,
and they nre in residence on Main
Mr. H. Bidder, of Chapman, visited his brother, Mr. Harold Bidder,'
on Wednesday.
Mr. Andrew D'Hondt and Miss
Mary D'Hondt left for Cranbrook
on Friday, and they will be their
uncle's (Mr. Godderis) guests for a
few days. |
School closed Thursdny for the
Easter holidays.
Mr.  Allan  Keer  was down from
his trapping  lines   with   some fine
pelts  recently,   but   hns   now gone
back again.
The usual semi-monthly dance was
held by the Club in the old Mellor
store. Mr, James' one-man bund
played for the dance. There was
quite a crowd present. Refreshments were served at midnigrt, and
the dance ended in the early hours
of the morning.
Messrs. Alfred Bidder und Herb.
Roberts jnr. were through getting up
wood Saturday.
Mrs. Bell, of the Townsite, visited
her sisters, Mesdames Crane und
Stuart, last week.
Mrs. Stuart has again been tnken
to the Kimberley Hospital.
The "Club" held their business
meeting in the old Mellor store Sunday evening.,
Mr. Crane jnr., we regret to say,
has met with an accident to his hand.
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ALREADY you see on the highways the evidence of the
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csrx Thursday, April 21st, 1927
P A 0 P.    FIVE
%** **** * ** * ****■:•*** **********************************
Easter Services al lho United Church
Tire Easter season was marked by
a church whicli was literally packed
to th« doors. At the morning service
the junior choir was assisted by the
, Sunday school orchestra and Mr. Vin
cent Fink. The choir rendered ill a
most creditable manner two excellent
anthems, "The Lilies' Message," and
"The   Saviour  Lives."   Eev.  Bryce
now open  for  business on Norbury Avenue,  two
doors from Star Theatre, with a complete line of
Tobaccos, Ice Cream and Confectionery;
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The proceeds of this issue will be used to build a
new and improved plant for dehydrating sodium sulphate from the Company's Immense deposits at Fusilier, Sask. It is conservatively estimated that the net
profts will be $60,000 per annum, or over twenty
times the Preferred Stock Dividends.
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this line  CONSULT  US.
I'hone 101          T. J. DORIS                 Box 708
Wallace gave an appropriate Kaster
addrOBS on thr "Easter Dawn.'* At
thifl service forty new member's were
welcomed into fellowship, twenty-two
by profession of faith, and eighteen
j by certificates, and one hundred and
sixty persons partook of the Sacrament. It was estimated that close
on three hundred people were present
at the morning service. Every available inch of apace waa utilized, the
vestry also bein^ crowded. It was
made evident to all th.it a new church
is an Imperative need. The evening
service was entirely choral, the pro-
(Tram being arranged by Mrs. F. M.
MacPherson. The building was again
crowded. The deathless songs of
Kaster were presented by the senior
choir in two beautiful anthems,
"Jesua is Risen/' and "The Resurrection Morn," the sulo parts being taken by Mrs. W. Nlsbet, Mrs. J. Norgrove, Mrs. G. S. Mcintosh, Mrs. F.
M. MacPherson nnd Mr. Coleman.
Mr. Vincent Kink rendered, in his
own muster y style, a violin solo,
while Mrs. N. R. Park was heard to
advantage In the solo, "1 Know That j
My   Redeemer   Llveth,"   from   the
"Messiah." The large congregation!
joined heartily in the singing of thel
welt known Kaster hymns. Tbe ser-1
vices were in every way memorable j
and inspiring. The church was tastefully decorated by Mr. Willis, of
Cranbrook Greenhouses.
The children of the Sunday School
met In the main body of the church
after the moi ning service and the
junior choir sang acceptably. Mr. G.
J. Spreull conducted a special Kaster
service for the children, the praise
being led by Mr. J. M. Clark.
For the week preceding Easter
special services were conducted by
the minister, Rev. J. Evans and Rev.
V. H. McNeil assisting. All these
meetings were well attended and a
fine spiritual tone pervaded them.
On Friday evening, at the Reception
and Preparatory service a large congregation witnessed the coming into
fellowship, and heard the profession
of faith, from a goodly number of
the senior Sundny school and Young
People's Society members. It was
the largest reception service in the
history of the church, which speaks
well for the future success of the
United Church in Cranbrook.
Next Sunday Rev. E. Leslie Best,
B.D., of Fernie, will exchange pulpits with Rev. Bryce Wallace. Mr.
Best is one of the outstanding young
preachers of thc United Church.
Eastertide at St. Mary's Church
The Holy Week services, so impressive and devotional, were attended in
great numbers at St. Mary's Church. '
On  Easter morning   for   the   com-
munipn mass the attendance was the '
largest ever, children and adults all I
receiving Holy Communion.    For the '
High mass, the church was filled, the
altar being beautifully decorated, and |
the choir rendered Leonard's Mass in
master   fashion.    The   pastor,   Rev. J
Father J. P. Ehmann, preached on the
resurrection of Christ. j
Presbyterian Church
Like most other churches, our
Easter services were largely attended. The morning service, which was
given over to the dispensation of the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, was
one of the largest in years. A gratifying phase of the service was the reception, or the announcement of the
reception, of a number of new members, most of these being young
people, and on profession of faith. It
is very encouraging indeed to see the
young people of our church respond
so readily to the call of the Master.
In spite of the inclemency of the
weather, there was a large congregation nt. thc evening service. Special
Easier music was rendered by the
choir, thc anthems being. "1 Am He
That Llveth," and "This Is The Day."
Knox Church Notes
The Women's Missionary Society
will hold their annual Thanksgiving
Offering on Wednesday. April 20th,.
Mr. Morley, of Kimherley. will he the
speaker of the evening. A musical
program is being arranged by Mrs.
J. L, Walker, and everyone is asked
to be there. The meeting begins at
8 o'clock in the evening.
Rev. R. G. MacBeth has just returned from thc Assembly's committees antl has reported that from the
Atlantic to the Pacific the greatest
enthusiasm prevails. Since 19-25 the
membership, which was then about
150.000, has increased to 175,000.
The two colleges, in Toronto and
Montreal, report a large increase in
the number of students, and the walls
of denominationajism, which were
thought to be crumbling, are being
rebuilt. We are thankful that we are
in n position to make our appeal to a
certain temperament everywhere.
Baptist Church
The Kaster season is the season of
triumph for the Christian church
since it represents the triumphal
cilmas to the life of our Lord, the
risen Christ, Our religion centres
not in a dead man, but in a living
lAtrd.    A  very sincere nnd reverent
congregation gathered in the Baptist
Church on Easier Sunday morning lo
take part in the worship "of II ini
who was dead, and is alive again,"
The Kaster anthem presented by the
choir was much appreciated. In tiie
evening the choir had charge of the
service, at whicli time tliey presented
iheir Kaster cantata, the rendition of
which occupied just about one hour.
The «olo5, duets nnd trios, as well as
the choruses, were very well presented indeed, wliich reflects much credit
not only upon the Blngers, but also
upon the choir leader, Mr. J. L.
Calmer, and th.* organist. Miss
Thelma Bartle. This is the second
musical festival given by the choir in
the course of a few months besides
their regular work each Sunday.
It is now almost seven months
since I arrived in Cranbrook to take
over the work laid down by Rev. W.
T. Tapscott. The foundation had
been "well and truly laid" under his
ministry, so that it was not al all
difficult to tuke up the work where
he had left off. We feel that we
have made some pt ogress, ami that
our efforts are being rewarded in
seeing men and women, boys and
girls, heing brought into louch with
the living Christ.
V. II. MacNEILL, Pastor.
Anglican ILaiW-r Services
The congregation.*- ;ii Christ Church
for ihe Kaster services were the best
for Kaster during tin- last len years,
except that the evening numbers were
smaller, owing to weather conditions,
which were more like Christmas than
Easter. The special Kaster music was
much enjoyed and the Chora! Eucharist at 11 a.m. was attended by an
overflowing congregation. Mrs. J. S.
Anderton was the recipient of much
prnise for her rendering of the solo
in the Easter anthem, "Christ Is
Risen." The Easter offertory, whicli
i.s a gift to the rector, was over $100.
26th to .*10th. Mr. Melrose was
called upon to address the meeting
and dwelt at some length with the
great devastation which hns nnd is
taking place from year to year in tin*
depletion of the forests by fire. He
pointed out that nt least 75',; of the
'forest fires were caused by human
agencies and asked the various organizations to co-opcrato in the <*t'-
forts being mnde by the various governments to educate the people along
the lines of preventing forest fires.
i     Representatives of the Retail Mer-
| chants and the Board of Trude will
consider the  matter of bringing the
, attention uf this subject to the minds
of the public in their regular adver-
; Liainp next  week and  by displaying
! cards in their windows and on their
i delivery  trucks or wagons.
It   was   suggested   that   the   Boy
! Scouts nnd (Iirl Guides organizations
might put on a free tag day to furnish
all with a tag bringing the matter to
their attention.
It was arranged that Mr. Melrose,
or one of his representatives, arrange
to address the schools on Monday afternoon. Rev, Bryce Wallace undertook to have the matter brought to
tbe attention of the Young People's
Society at a meeting to be held on
Thursday night.
E. T. Cooper, of the Cranbrook Rod
arid Gun Cluh, undertook to co-operate wilh the Bourd of Trade and He-
tail Merchants' Association in canvassing the merchants handling fishing luckle, campers' supplies, etc.
Mr. Melrose or a representative will
arrange to address as many of the
service clubs ami other organizations
as possible between now and the
early part of next week.
The late .Mr-. NV|J(., wu well and
favorably known, having lived here
for some time previous to 1912, Mr.
Nisbel ai thai time being engaged in
the ci ntracting and building business
in the city.
Hind Sight
Oculist    (handling    sight - testing
ard):   "I   want   vou   to   rend   this.
Old Lady: "Would you be so kind
:is  to read it  for me?     My sight is
.Besides  the  husband  there are left j not  ver>' (rood."
to mourn her los3 a family of 3even,       D„.    A D    . . ,
• ive girls and two boys, besides four;     Pnt: ArP you a Scotchman?
brothers, James, Harry, Vincent and'     MjkP-  v„   u-hv''
Sidney Llddicoat, and   Mrs.   George' '     D> '
Leask.    It   is  anticipated    that   the!     Pat:  Well,  everything vou  sav  Ls
burial will be made in Kelowna. .lt  Iny  cxpense,     '
Miss McLennan, of Xelson, and
formerly of Cranbrook, is spending
her Easter vacation visiting with Mrs.
W. E. Haslam, of ihis city.
Miss Dorothv Gilchrist nnd Miss
Zilln M. Manning, both of the staff
of the Nelson schools, are visitors for
the Euster holidays at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. V. 7,  Manning.
Monduy afternoon the fire department were called to the residence of
Mrs. G. D. Garden on Burwell Ave.,
where it wus discovered that an overheated furnace pipe had caused some
anxiety as to the safely of the house.
No damage was done,  however.
A stage car known as "Ered's
Stage," running between Cranbrook
and Kimberley, met with a mishap on
Friday last this side of thc Wycliffe
bridge, when it went off the road al
a turn just ufter leaving the bridge
and turned over down the ban'.. Fortunately, the drop there is not very
precipitate, and the car came io rest
upturned, but little damage being
done. No one was hurt in the mis-
In spite of the backwardness of
the spring season, some of the g.iruges
are reporting car sales as being quite
brisk. The Hanson Garage has been
moving cars quite briskly this week,
especially Pontiacs ami McLaughlins.
Mel-nughlin closed models hnve been
old io Messrs, (J. .1. Spreull and O.
A. Foote of K'mberley, and Percy
Bolfey. of Creston. took possession of
a new Pontine while another Pontiac
wus sent to Windermere to a dealer.
A public meeting was held in the
council chamber on Thursday morning nt eleven o'clock, in connection
with Forest Week.
Those present were: His Worshop
Mnyor Roberts, in the chair; F. II.
Buck, principal High School; A, D.
Bridges, Retail Merchants' Association; .1. M. Clnrk. Y.M.C.A.; A. D,
Cooper, Cranbrook District Rod and
Gun (Tub; Miss Woodland, Principal,
Central School; F. IL Pym, Cranbrook Forest Branch; W. II. Wilson,
Board of Trade; Rev. Bryce Wallace.
Ministerial Association; Mr. Melrose,
of tbe Provincial Forest Branch, Nelson.
His Worship the Mayor called thej
meeting to order and pointed out thuti
the meeting had been called for the J
purpose of endeavoring to get thej
various organizations and the citizens
generally interested in the observance i
of Canadian Forest Week during the j
week set aside for that purpose by
Dominion proclamation, namely, April i
The annual meeting of the Railway
Y.M.C.A. was held this week when
very gratifying reports of conditions at tho institution foi* the past
year wero received, While tho
revenue from the room rentals is
slirhtly lower than in tho past, the
Y.M.C.A, membership is now at tht
highest level it has boon for many
years, bointr now 186 adults and 17
Itovs. Reports were presented which
will be given more fully noxt week.
Tito following directors wore appointed for a three-year torm: Messrs,
(1. I). Carlyle, W. I). Oiiroy, fl. Sin-
flair, A. Raworth, who will not nlong
with tho othor dirootors whoso terms
huve not vet expired, thos,. being
Messrs. M. T. Harris, W. M. Harris.
VV. A. Fergie, W. J. Harbor. G. T.
Moir, J. I.. Palmer, T. R. Flett, I-'.
VVooliey and I. McNaughton.
The   financial  statement  for tho
fast yoar is as follows!
Ofllco Supplies 	
National Council	
Retirement Fund 	
Rending Room 	
Cash on hand March .'11.
Total  !	
C.P.R. Appropriation 	
Other Sources 	
Cash on Hand March 111,
C.P.R. Appropriation 	
Cash on hand	
123. I.I
* 823.
$ 200.00
Total       $1038.311
Salaries  $ 390.00
Unpaid Bills      228.24
Total   $ 018.24
Mrs. George Lensk. of this city, received a wire yesterday conveying to
her the sad intelligence that her sister, Mrs. A. H. Nisbet, had passed
away at her home in Kelowna on
Tuesday evening. Information was
lacking with regard to the immediate
cause of her death, it having been
le    arned hut a week ago that she
npHK ikmonKtrntcd quality of the Olds-
J[ mobile Six extends to the smallest hidden
part. In every detail, Oldsmobile Six is precision built . . . a startling assertion in connection with a car so low-priced.
In Oldsmobile Six tin* highest standards of
craftsmanship nnd mntcrials are rigidly maintained. In every operation in its manufacture*
in every phase of its inspection, split-hair
measurements mark the Oldsmobile code of
standards. «
Aud the -worth of these exacting methods is verified
on the famous General Motors Proving Grounds,
where every condition of use is anticipated md
duplicatcd—whcrc assurance is obtained that Oldi-
mobilu Six will merit, and more than merit, tht
fullest owner confidence.
Oldsmobile Six beauty, performance, endurance and
comfort are firmly founded upon the strictest itand-
ards, rigidly maintained.
There are a lew good territoriea ttill available lor responsible italttt.
Write Olds Motor Works ol Canadl, Limitld, Otbtwt, Otltatio.
Star   Car
THLRt:   la   no   automobile   at
■ny price that can be regarded as a safer investment than
the New Star Car.
There is no automobile at any
price that can offer more quality
per dollar.
There is no automobile at any
price that has a proportionately
higher re. sale value.
Call lor demonstration and inspect and compare the Best StarCar ever built.
Distributors for Hupmobile Sixes and Eights.
li,,* Ratepayers -aill be given an opportunity early in
.May to vote on By-Laws authorizing the issue of debentures
for providing monies for additional High School accommodation.
In order thai il payers may have a thorough un
derstanding ol tht need for additional accommodation, the
iollnwing details as to present conditions at the High School
and information a- to the proposed Debenture issue i- respectfully  submitted for consideration.
The attendance at the High School during the past three
year.- has been .-,- follows
l''-'-*--'? 132 Student*,
1925-26 158
1920-27 KO
The number of students cleared irom the High School
last year (Graduated or left 1 was 6? -.indents.
The number of new students entering High School lasl
year was 69 and the number expected to be advanced from
Central to 1 10I this year is around 70 students.    Thc
enrollment in tlte -
thai a similar
imally for tl
being taK, 11 t
in (irade 9. t*
one class in (
being reipiirei
The pi
structed as a
torittm has i
tional classi -
i- practically
present build
toriuut ar< ;i
to the heatiiu
proposal f"
classes at Central School indicates
I* .1 Ivanced to the High School an-
years at least.
resent tune a total of --even classes
High School building; three classes
Gradi   10, one class in Grade 11. and
dications point to on additional class
-    ' uiidjyg was originally con-
- hool wit!-, auditorium; the audi-
I off to accommodate the four addi-
II g accommodated on the stage. It
• ■ n vide an additional class in the
avet board partitions in the audi-
*•    arrangement on account of the
' ■ room to another aud owing
having been modified to suit the re-
on must Ik1 met no matter which
ommodation is proceeded with.   The
proposed construction in no way affects the number of teachers
llu* Schi oi Board ' as had preliminary plans and an estimated cost prepared for a new ten-room High School with
auditorium, two laboratories, etc.. of fire proof construction;
walls lo be oi brick and tile, floors of reinforced concrete, and
incombustible roofing; also for a five-room addition to the
present High School building, the addition to be oi brick and
tile Construction and thc estimated cost of the addition includes
brick veneering the old portion of the building, as well as the
installation of a ne« heating system. The brick veneering
of the old ; ortion vi ii! not only give it an appearance conforming ui-.!, the ni additii n but will effect a considerable saving
in fuel, and H ;- felt that with tiie-e additions and alterations
a very habitable school will be provided.
We give hel..v. particulars of Debenture issue*- in connection witli both of the above proposals;
A neu High School building will require a Debenture
issue oi $70,000.00, a- follows;
Estimated cost of school ...
Loss ou -ale of Debentures
Architect'- fee-      	
Government proportion
Furniture and extras
Debenture issue
S 95.CIXI.00
S 70.000.00
A-brick and tile five-room addition to the present building with alterations to the old portion as outlined above will
require a Dcbenmre issue of $35,000.00, as follow-:
Estimated cost of building
Estimated loss on Debentures
Architect's fees
Governmenl proportion
Furniture and extras
Debenture issue
$ 45.000.00
tin the basis oi twenty year term Debentures at 5% in
the case of tlie new building, lhc annual Sinking Fund and interest will amount to $5,851.00, or approximately three and
one-third mill-- on thi- year'- assessment! in the case of a
five-rnotned addition, the annual Sinking Fund and interest
amount- to $2,923.50, or 17 mill-.
There i- a Debenture issue maturing in 1929, being the
loan covering tin- Central School building, whicli will reduce
the mill rate approximately one and one-half mills commencing
with the year 1930.
The School Board wishes to point out that the figures
given as to costs have been prepared by a certified architect,
and in their opinion are outside figures. Tenders for the construction and lor all materials used in the construction will be
called for in the usual way. and all things being eeptal, local
contractor- will be given preference in the placing of the
Should both By-Laws receive the a-scut of the Electors,
the proposal receiving the greatest number of votes will bc
proceeded with, and tin- School Hoard wishes to urge upon the
Ratepayers the importance of turning out and voting for the%
proposal which lhey are iu favor of. It is felt that every
Ratepayer who will familiarize himself with conditions existing
at the High School will agree that something must bc done
immediately toward- providing additional accomodation, and
it is only by your vote that the School Hoard ran determine
whicb proposal meets with your favor.
!•'. II. DEZALL,
Chairman, PAQE
Thuraday. April 21st, 1927
Watclimnker  &   Jeweler
Anything ynu wt;tit welded, take it
to tho Service Qarage. Work guaranteed. "
For prompt repnirs and latlsfac
non go to Ratcliffe & Stewart'r gar
age. 20t<
Mr. Geo. Thrasher, of (lull River,
is announcing a dance for Friday
evening next to celebrate the opening of the neve Tourist Hotel nt Bull
River. Those who have seen the new-
hostelry nre agreeably surprised with
the style and appointment of the
building, it being clean, comfortable
and spacious.
The Anglican Church ladies held
an afternoon sale of home cooking,
candv nnd nfternoon ten nt the Parish
Hell" on Wednesday nfternoon, and
the nffnir wns continued in the even-
ing in the form of a whist nnd bridge
party. The returns were very satisfactory, over $100.00 heing realized.
In the' evening there were fifteen or
sixteen tnbles of whist nnd bridge in
play, tiie prizes being won by Mrs. J.
B. Hall and Dr, W. A. Fergie for the
bridge, and Mrs. Watson and Mr,
Buchanan for the whist.
On Tuesday evening a joint meeting of committees comprising members of the Gyro nnd Agricultural
eillbs wns held vvllell plans for the big
ado this yoar—Cranbrook's Fnll Fair
—were further matured. From present Indications the fair will be one of
tbe most successful held in this city,
tbe amusement side of whieh will be
even better than anything of its nature yet attempted nt our fall fuirs.
As a motto for thoir work the committee have adopted the slogan,
"Digger and Better," nnd it is to be
hoped that every encouragement will
be given them hy the citizens generally to make it ll reiUity.
Members of Key City bodge, 1. O.
O. F., will attend church service on
Sunday evening next, April 24th, nt
the Biiptist Church, to commemorate
the 108th anniversary of the founding of the Order. Members of Maple
Leaf Rebekah Lodge nre nlso joining in tbe observance of the unniver-
sury. Members of these lodges, ns
well ns sojourning members, nre eurn-
estly requested to nttend. and will
meet nt the Auditorium nt 7 o'clock.
Wherefore hnve nations assembled in tumult, or should people
mutter an empty thing'.' The kings of earth tuke their station,
and grave men have met by appointment together.—Psalm '1: I, I.
Why Do The Nations Rage?
Despite the utmost efforts
of the world's greatest
statesmen — through the
League of Nations, the Locarno Pact and World Conference—to bring about a condition of universal peace in
the earth, we find a spirit of
distrust, envy and hatred.
Strong men's hearts fail them
for fear when they contemplate the possibilities of the
immediate future. WHY DO
A logical, reasonable and
spiritual answer will be
given by —
Of the Lecture Staff
Bible Students Assoc.
In   The  —
Tuesday, April 26th
At 8 p.m.
\      - furs -
I want your Furs; liberal grading, prompt remittance. Furs will be kept separately for 8 days if
at Catalogue
and Eastern
Our prices are, without a doubt, the lowest
possible in this district.
We Lead Others Follow!
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
FRED SCOn, Mgr. Dir.
Insure wiih Ucule & Elwell.        •
Mr. A. Raworth loft on Tuesday
for a short visit to Lmhbriiige.
Mis. B. Keilogg, ui' Waldo, i3 a
patient at the hospital ac present.
Mr. ami Mrs. Home and family
left un Monday to spend a lew day:;
at Proctor.
Mis. J. I,. Rumsey ami Jlrs. C, Van
Brnnm left un Monday lur a short
visit tu Spokane.
.Special, Saturday—Jiffy Aprons.
Kink Mercantile Co., Saturday,        it
Mr. A. MutSS, uf Vulcan, was a
visitor in the city on Friday and Saturday uf last week.
Miss Hazel Hupp l<'l*l Friday last
tu spend the Kaster holiduys with hor
sister, Mrs. J. Crosby, uf Roseberry.
Miss Lillian Knhury, of Beresford,
Manitoba, is a visitor at the homo oi
her sister, Mrs, S. W. Wilson, of
this   city.
Special — Cotton Crepe House
Dresses, $1.2fi and $1.50, at Kink's.
.Snturday. <J
BOBN—At thc St. Eujrene Hos
pital, on Tuesday, April 10th, to Mr
nnd Mrs. Jack Hamilton, of Vahk, a
Cl. DeCecco, of Wycliffe, was operated on this week for appendicitis at
the hospital, and is now making fl
good recovery.
Mr. Chas. Sang, manager of the
Crystal Dairy, was a Lethbridge visitor over the week-end, returning on
Mondav and proceeding to Kimherley
Ihe same day.
Tho cooking sale held in the K.P,
Hall on April 10th by the ladies of
the St. Mary's Church wn- well at
tended, with the result that a nice
um wns netted fur their funds.
Order a tub of Crnnhrnok's Velvet
Ice Cream for your picnic, or party.
The Bitf Butte Dairy will supply you.
" ' 9tf
W. MneKlhetiney. of Vahk, who
sustained an injured leg when he was
struck by a tie,* was brought to the
hospital here for treatment this week,
and is getting nlnn^ nicely.
Mr. Morris Mindlin left on Tuesday
waning for Coast points, it being his
intention to visit Prince Rupert and
Prince George in connection with his
business. It will possibly be n few
weeks before he returns.
Specinl, Saturday--.! illy Apruns.
Fink Mercantile Co., .Saturday.        V
Cranbrook friends of Mrs. W. W.
Wolfer were pleased to welcome her
bnek to the city on Sunday last, when
she arrived for a two-days' visit on
business. She returned uu Tuesday
to her home in Calgary.
Mr. W. Atchison, who fur the past
nine months has been employed at
Lethbridge with the P. Burns Company, returned this week to take up
a position with the same company in
the Crauhrook branch.
The weekly contribution of J. F.
Smith, published in the Herald under
the heading of "Recollections nf an
Octogenarian," is this week held over
owing to pressure on the space available by other material.
Special, Saturday—J illy Apruns.
Fink Mercantile Co.. Saturday.        V
The University Players Club from
the University of B.C. will make tlieir
nnnual appearance here un Mondny
evening, May 23rd. in the course of
their tour. The play they are presenting this year is "Tlie Romantic
Young Lady."
Miss Phyllis Creighton, formerly
teacher at Creston, but now on the
staff of the Regina schools, passed
through the city un Saturday last on
her wny to Spokane, and is expected
to visit in Cranbrook on her retu
the latter part of this week.
Word has been received from Vancouver to the effect that Mr. (Jus Er-
ickson, for many yenrs Kootenay Central roadmnster here, and recently
living in retirement nt lnvermere, te
seriously ill nt the Coast, suffering
from pneumonia. Mrs. Erickson nnd
daughter have joined him there
A card party and dance will be
given by tbe Native Daughters 01
Fridny night, April 20th, in the K.P
Hall. Keep this date open. Music
by Bluebird Orchestra. Cards S-10.
dancing 10-1.    Admission 50c.    0*10
Miss Alma Sarvis, who for a number of years has been occupying the
position of assistant to the city clerk,
has tendered her resignation, same to
take effect on June 1st. Well defined
reports nre in circulation with regard
to ber future plans. Mr. Roy
Robichnud is nssisting at present.
Full line of crockerywure, Bel-
ginn cut-glass, and china lea sets;
reasonable prices, at Kilby Stnr Second-Hand store. Otf
The Herald nnd other newspapers
throughout Cnnndn were doubtless
pleased to receive notice from Ottawa regarding n reduction in the
postal rate on newspapers. This
means thnt while the saving effected
is not large, still every item tending
to reduce expenses in nny business
these days is much npprecinted.
Wearproof—The hurd twist given
to the two-ply yams, tlie qunlity of
the wool used, and the careful finish,
combine to make Foxhound Tweeds
the ideal cloth for wenr. The spring
range is the best ever. Yes! We
hnve them in stock. P. W. Willis,
Custom Tnilor,' Norbury Ave., next
Stnr Theatre. 7tf
Word hns been received by Mrs.
Wm. G. Marshall uf the sudden death
of her brother, Mr. J. E. Turner, of
London, England. Old timers will re-
memlier Mr. Turner, whu resided here
with his family from 1010 until 1015.
While here ho wns accountant for
Mr. A. C. Bowness, nnd made many
friends whu wilt regret his sudden
Martin Bros. P«y for Athaa.      tl
Mr. Jack Brown left on Friday for
Calgary on business.
Mr. J. A. Broley, of Fernie, was
in the city between trains on Monday last.
Try the Big Butte Ice Cream.
You'll ask for it again. Otf
Mrs. H. S. Harrison and Mrs. S.
Smith were visitors at Yahk on Priday last.
Morris Daily, of Bull River, is a
patient at the St. Eugene Hospital
this week.
Miss Pntterson, of the Central
school staff left on Saturday for
Fernie to spend the Easter holidays
with her sister there.
Miss Jenn Pnget, sister uf Mrs. W.
It. Grubbe, returned to the city after
n somewhat extended sojourn in Cnl-
Mrs. Mury Smith, who is n patient
it the St. Eugene Hospital, where
he recently underwent an operation,
is now doing nicely.
I'or first class automobile repajrn
ei; Ratcliffe & Stewart. 83tf
Sherman Harris, after a two
weeks' stay at the St. Eugene Hospital, is again home, feeing much
Improved in health after his recent
Tuesday evening a meeting of the
llrectors of the Crnnbrook Brewery
ook place, Mr. Ben Ryley, of Ynhk,
being among the non-resident directors present.
Specinl, Saturday—Jiffy Aprons.
Kink Mercnntile Co., Saturday.       0
The roads west of Elko arc all in
Muy at least before cars will be able
good shape, but it will be the first of
o go from F«rnie to Elko. One ambitious driver attempted to make Mi-
hel from Fernie on Tuesday, but was
unable to get through ns there is a
big ice bank about two miles this side
of Natal which will take quite a time
:o remove.
Special — Cotton Crepe House
Dresses, $1.25 nnd $1.50, nt Fink's,
Saturday. 9
Nels Jepson, well known wrestler,
has returned to this district, nnd has
been spending a few days in the city
He has a match at Yahk on Monday
-f next week, when he meets George
Johnson, of Spokane, to whom he is
conceding thirty pounds in weight,
Jepson is a born wrestler, and Yahk
ports nre predicting n great battle
un the mat in the match on Monday
All kinds of new nnd second-hand
furniture at Kilby Star Second-Hand
store. '   6tf,
Citizens of Cranbrook who have
been visiting the Const were pleased
:o see while attending the picture
hows there the news reel showing
he Pontiacs disporting themselves in
be snow at Banff. Playing leap frog
n their bathing suits was one of the
scenes depicted. It is understood
hat Miss B. Woodmnn nnd Miss M.
Burton were prominent in the photo.
See thii special. Simmons* two*
rich continuous posl bad, coil spring
tnd cotton mattress at $26.50. At
W. F. Doran's. Our low prices win
■very tlmo. tt
Mrs. Dave Sutherlund and child-
en left on Fridny for Calgary, where
he went to consult a specalist with
regard to her daughter, Helen, who
sustained a compound fracture of the
jvri&t while playing in the children's
ilnyground there last year, and has
lot yet regained the use of the hand
is was expected. The injury was
aused by a playmate pushing here on
he slide.
Specinl — Cotton Crepe "House
Dresses, $1.25 nnd $1.50, at Fink's,
Saturday, 9
Cranbrookites are getting the
benefit this week of the purchases
recently made by P. Burns & Co..
it the Calgary Stock Show, as they
uive sent to Crnnbrook some of the
•hoicest of their selection. This is
mow on sale at their market, and
loubtless the teeth of a large num-
ber of citizens will find their way
justly through mnny a prize stenk or
Call and see tha new designs In
Simmonds' Beds, Mattresses and
Springs in the car load of tamo juil
received at W. F. Doran's. Our low
prices win every time. W. F. Doran.
The Big Butte Dairy having added
mother installment of up-to-date
machinery to their already well-
-quipped ice cream plant, have now
'ummenced operations for the sens-
>n. Mr. Playle states the prospects
for Cranbrook's Velvet Ice Cream
ire better than ever, and the Big
Butte plant will undoubtedly be
running to capacity as soon as the
IVfthn weather arrives.
Put your fnith in Foxhound Tweeds
ind yuu will never bc disappointed.
These good-looking, hard-wearing,
ill-wool Scotch fabrics are breaking
ill records for stiles. Yes! We have
ihem in stock. P. W. Willis, Cub-
torn Tnilor, Norbury Avenue, next
Stnr Theatre. 7tf
Ruilrond and fraternal circles regretted to learn last week of the
leath at Lethbridge of J. H. Fairly,
C.P.R. chief clerk there. Mr. Fairly
wns forty-two years of age, and had
undergone an operation for appendicitis which seemingly was successful.
He hnd completed twenty years' service with the C.P.R., joining the service nt Calgary as a junior. He was
nlso widely known in Alberta Odd
Fellow circles.
Special — Cotton Crepe House
Dresses, $1.25 and $1.60, at Fink's,
Saturday. 0
The Palm Tobaccos and Confectionery, opened for business this
week. Crnnbrook's newest business
house is located on Norbury Avenue,
next to the Stnr Theatre, in the store
formerly occupied by the Electric
Supply Shop, Thc proprietor, W.
H. McCosham, has fitted his new
premises up very nicely, and states
thnt it is his Intention nt all times to
give the best of service, and that the
qunlity uf goudi will be the best that
the market affords.
Special 18-K white gold, diamond-
set Engagement Rings at. $50 and
$75.    Wilson the Jeweler. !Uf
Mrs. A. A. MacKinnon returned on
Friday from a short visit to Calgary.
Mr. Ray Beech, of Yahk, wus u
visitor in the city for the big Easter
Special, Saturday—Jiffy Aprons.
Fink Mercantile Co., Saturday.       9
Mr. Angus Hay arrived homo on
Friday from Kamloops, where he has
been for a short time.
Paul Seguin, of Lumherton, is nt
the hoapitnl receiving treatment for
an injured knee.
Mrs. J. L. Gates und son, John, uf
Fernie, were visitors at the home of
Dr. and Mrs. Rutledge over the Easter holiday.
BORN—At the St. Eugene Hospital, on Tuesday, April 10th, to Mr,
and Mrs. L. Moberg, of Wardner, a
A, Cameron, of Duck Creek, is
among the out-of-town patients being
treated at the hospital just now for
a severe case uf bronchitis.
Mrs. G. D. Carlyle, Mrs. A. W.
Hodgson aud Mrs. B. Wallace lefl on
Tuesday for Nelson, to attend a meeting of the Kootenay Presbyterial of
the United Church of Canada.
Chester Roberts lefl on Sunday tu
resume his studies in Victoria following an Easter visit with his parents. I
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Roberts, of this
clty- _ i
Crnnbrook's Velvet Ice Cream,!
put up by the Big Butte Dairy, is;
absolutely pure. Texture nnd flavor
unexcelled. 9tf j
On  Wednesday  nfternoon  uf  lnst
week the  funeral  was held  of  the
late J. J. Miller, of Rampart, whose'
death recently took place at his home
on the Wardner rond.   Services were
held at the Anglican church hy Rev. '
F. V, Harrison, and nlso nt the grave- '
side, interment taking place in the |
Anglican plot.    Members of the Odd
Fellows' Lodge acted as pall bearers,
deceused hnving been a member of j
the order in former yenrs.
I will positively pay the highest
market price for beaver nnd musk-
rat skins, after March 15th. B. Wes-
ton. 3
Mr, J. Broughton llnll, formerly
chief of police at Fernie, pnssed
through the city on Saturday lnst on
his way to Seattle. Mr. Hull is now I
a special agent of the National Board
of Fire Underwriters with offices at
San Francisco. Since leaving the
Fernie force, Mr. Hall hns risen
rapidly in the investigation department of the fire underwriters'
association, having special charge of
cases of alleged incendiarism.
The Bottrell Battery Service is installing whnt is considered the very
latest in vulcanizing equipment, by
the installation of the new moulding
machine manufactured by the Safety
Vulcanizer Company, of Chicago.
The principle involved is the use of
an acid for the obtaining of the heat
instead of the steam, the acid being
capable of being raised to a temperature of two hundred and eighty degrees without vaporizing, gasoline
being used to heat the acid.
Special — Cotton Crepe House
Dresses, $1.25 and §1.50, at Fink's.
Saturday. ___ 'J
Commander Powles, uf lnvermere,
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. A. Ashworth, were Cranbrook visitors over
the week-end, Mr. and Mrs. Ashworth
being guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. IL
Dezall. Commander Powles is the
owner of the Britannia Fur Farm,
north of Wilmer, where, in nddition
to foxes, muskrats and beaver nre bcing raised, amid conditions which are
considered almost ideal for fur farming. No effort has been made yet to
market much fur, but n good many
muskrats have been sold readily at
good prices. Other large land-owners
in thnt section are nlso looking into
the possibility of the industry, nnd
may establish fur farms also.
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. O'Brien, of
Kimberley, passed through the city
the end of inst week on their wny to
Vancouver, where they will make
their home in the future, Mr. O'Brien
having been transferred to tuke up
work on some of the coast properties
of the C.M. & S. Co. He hns been
assistant superintendent nt the Sullivan Mine, nnd was previously at
Chapman Camp, at the time of the
construction of the Concentrator.
Both Mr. nnd Mrs. O'Brien will be
much missed ut Kimberley. Chapman friends presented them with a
handsome desk set prior to their leaving Kimberley, as a token of friendship. Mrs. O'Brien was until last
summer n member of the Kimberluy
teaching staff.     '
Dnn E. Gushing, mining editor of
the Financial Post, To: onto, was a
visitor to Cranbrook and Kimberley
last week, in the interests of his journal, and gave out the information that
it is the Post's intention to give considerable publicity to the mining undertakings of this territory in the
nenr future. He looked over the
operations of the Consolidated at
Kimberley, nnd wns much mpressed
with the magnitude <>f the work going on there. Accompanying him was
Mr. Blackstock, a well known mining
engineer, who nt one time wns at
Moyie representing n Belgiun con*
cern at that time interested in tlu*
output of thc St. Eugene.
— Use Our Cash Discount Bonds and Save Money -
-       . ■     P BISCUITS      BISCUITS
2>peCiaIS    For These are fresh in this week:
Friday and Saturday
PEARS—Royal City Brand-
large size tins '40c
BROOMS—6 strings —
Elk Brand  50c
Best: 7 pkts for 60c
lurge tins: each 20c
MILK—Carnation —
tall tins: 3 for 40c
H tins 35c
Prince.* Sandwich: per lb.   35c
Jamaica Snap.: pet- lb 20c
Lemon Cookies: pcr Ib  30c
London Mixed: per lb  25c
Fig Bant per lb 20c
Freih Roasted Peanuts: lb. 20c
For Sardines, try Cross &
Turkey and Tongue Paste
in jars 30c
Libby's White Onion Pickles
12 oz. jars ..
Fresh Spinach: 2 lbs	
Cauliflower: etteli	
Asparagus: per lb	
Tomatoes: per lb	
Rhubarb: 'I lbs	
Bunch Carrots: 2-for 	
Strawberries: per box   	
New Potatoes: per Ib,
15c lb.  —  SATURDAY
If you have bottles to sell and wish
them taken away, phone 500.     47tf.
\ J. W. HING
Opp. Kummer's Bakery
Cleaning and Pressing
j:       - $1.75 -
S   Hanson Ave,   -    Cranbrook
|      at any time of the day
I Etc., Nicely Served.
3    We are fully prepared lor
Weather, which will soon be
The Patricia
jj — Phone 47 —
****++* * ***** ************
No oiling-—shorts impossible.
Hottest and surest spark in*
vented.     Sole aRcnt —
|   Box 411   •   Cranbrook, B.C.
**************** ****** **o.
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
Applications will be received until April 27th for
the position of Superintendent of Works of the City
of Cranbrook. Applicants
must be capable of taking
active control of Water
Works, Streets, Sewers, etc.
Duties to commence as soon
as possible after May 1st.
Applicants should state experience and salary expected.
City Clerk.
************** **********************************
Office Hours—
9 to 12; 1 to 5 JO.
Evenings by Appointment
McCreery Bldg.,
Cranbrook, B.C.
All persons having
claims against the estate
of the late W.W. KILBY,
of this city, are requested to file same immediately, with full particulars, to Box 446, Cranbrook, B.C.
h. Mcdonald,
w. c. marshall,
(tt) Executors.
24 Hanson Avenue, Cranbrook.        Telephone 194
Estimates if Required.
All Work Quaranteed.
COATS    .
We are making great reductions to clear a
nice line of coats which must be told. They are all
new and up-to-date.
Another new shipment-of dresses at very
reasonable prices.
Anything made to order in our workroom.
Special range of large size heads.


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