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Cranbrook Herald May 25, 1923

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N I! M 11 Kli     l»
Inspector Speaks
on Restocking
Rod nud dun Club Short On
Funds Itt-qnired To Carry
lish llntchery Through
Misct'llniK-ous Program Presented Sunday ^veiling LiihI
At Auditorium
No greater proof of the keen Interest taken in thu affairs or tho Bod
mul Quu Clnb by its members could be
furnished than the attendance ot busU
iu)hh man nnd others at u hurriedly
Called meeting of iho club ut 10.15
u. iu. Saturday. Ait thlB busy hour
about twenty wero prosonl to hour tho
report on the affairs ot tbo now batch*
ory und to listen io a short adtlrese hy
Mr, ('. w. Harrison, Chief Fishery In*
snooto tor British Columbia, Mr. J.
F. (Julimmi before Introducing lim
speaker gave a detailed report of tho
financial affairs of tho pluh. This
report showed that there had been expended OH the hutchery to dale $300.18,
with accounts duo of $249.84, while
tho estimated expenses to cover tho
balance of the season wan $405.00 making a total of $1,044.37. There had
been paid other than on the hatchery
$33.05, nml there were other expenses
of $78.15, to meet making a grand total of $1,155.57 against which there
was ut present total receipts of $ti00.i!5
leaving a deficit to be met of $549.32
This deficit the club would have to
meet. Tliey were well satisfied with
the success that their efforts had attained, the hatchery being in actual
operation, with every sign of the hatch
being successful. Already there nre
about 400,000 trout eggs In troughs in
the hatchery, and more are being added daily. There Ih now no doubt that
the objective of 500,000 will he exceed,
ed. The club are also Iu negotiation
for tiOO.OOO Kamloops trout eggs und
this would make nearly three quarters of a million fry to be turned loose
In tlie local lakes, providing a fair
day's catch for some local anglers.
Mr. Gulmont pointed out thai while I
ho wus under the impression that Mr.
Harrisons report would be so favorable to the government, und that they
doubtless would take over the hutchery, still it was up to the club to meet
the expenses that had been Incurred
and to go ahead with the work as planned. This he thought could he done
thiough iiddilionul membership nnd
the solicitation of some larger contributions, lt was felt that if the Importance of tho work that they were, doing
was more generally known the necessary funds would he available.
Mr. tiuimout then Introduced Mr.
Harrison who said in part thnt he
had been Instructed by the department
of Marine and Fisheries to make an
examination ot the district to enable
tho department to decide what steps
should bo taken towards the restock,
ing of the lakes and streams of
Ihis part of tlie province, thai througl
■ numerous
On Sunday evening lust thi
Olub orchestra presented their las
concert of the season before a mod
©rule though appreciative audience
Thin city la fortunate In possessing
so many capable musicians and it
seems surprising thai their
aro not rewarded by
The whole program, consisting of
orchestral, vocal anl instrumental so-
loelions, was exceptionally well rendered anl demonstrated the versatility
if tho organization lo a very marked
degree. The outstanding orchestral
number was the sacred overture
Madonna" The individual numbers
Included a concerto iu 'it' major on
the cello by Mr. J. K. Chorlton und a
vocal solo by Mrs. F. (J. Novak that
would havo heen difficult to surpass,
Miss ivy Bidder, as accompanist to
tbeso two numbers atiuitted herself
Altogether tlie program constituted
musical treat of no mean order and
it is hoped that the organization will
remain intact ho that next season tho
music loving public of the city may
again have the benefit of their talent.
The program wan as follows:
Overture, "Madonna"! Vocal solo,
"Tho Garden of Your Heart", Mrs.
Novak; Cornet Duet, "The Pals", Mr.
Novak and Mr. Bevan; Selection, "Ma-
cushla", Orchestra; "Concerto in D
major", Mr. Chorlton; Saxophone
Quartet, "The Heavens Are Telling
Messrs. Novak, Kay, Hurtch ami
Burton; Trio, Selected. Mr. and Mrs.
Novak and Mr. Chorlton; Character
Intermezzo,   "Wedding  of   the   Hose"
The program was concluded witli
the singing of the National  Anthem
Victoria. iVkafr golden memories hallow
' C?Ke vera mention of tKot queenly name;
tin myriad hearts it is as deeply graven,
i/ls on the marble of a hall ofjame.
Soldiers and statesmenjHissandarejbrgotten
Swept to oMivion as by resistless Jlood.
13ut ever brighter shines the deep auction.
llor her the j>eoj>le call Victoria the Cood
Judge   Thompson   Speaks   At
|   Gatherlug Monday Evening
Parent Teacher Assoe'n
To Put on B.C.
Products Week
^ctoTTa Da
After au   absence   of  about four Popular Event To Increase Lo-
years. In Ireland, Mrs. T. H. Browu'     CUl AquaiutUUCe WHIl New
and family arrived back in Cranbrookj Thirst QueM'lu-r
ou Friday lust.   Mrs. Brown was one ! ———.
of the passengers ou the Canadian' On Saturday afternoon the Bowness
Pacific liner Marvale, formerly the ] Export Company wore at home to
Corslcan, which after an uneventful their friends when a good number
trip across the Atlantic readied the'.took advantage of the hospitality of
mouth of the St. Lawrence river and j Mr. Bowness to enjoy u treat. Mr.
Bowness has heen most energetic in
Tlie westbound train one day last
week had two extra cars with a parly of two dozen McOlll University
mining students who nre on their annual pilgrimage to the various mining
centres throughout tho Dominion. The
pflrty left Montreal on May 3rd, and
have since then visited mines at Sudbury, Lethbridge, Frank and Coleman.
They are spending the present week
at Kimberley, the guests of tlie Consolidated Mining and .smelling Company, From here the party leave for
Trail and Itossland and other Weal
Kootenay points. Tiie tour is under
the supervision of Prof. J. W. Bell of
McClill assisted by Mr. U. Sproule and
Mr. W. Eurlenborn. Tho student
are those who have just completed
their third year mining, who previous
to entering their fourth year take thi
was held In the ice zone for about a
week.   The ico waa particularly dense'
ami it was Impossible to make any!
headway out of the floes.   Finally the
wind shifted and the vessel was freed..
Tiie passengers, numbering about 676 ] the new beverage.
were principally Irish and Scotch, and
took tho delay philosophically.   There
was a Tutankhamen Oravo Playlet
presented with considerable talent
and which waa very well received.
"Toot Toot Mar, Toot Toot Vale" was
the catchword of the piece that seemed to make the hit.   This trip wus the
maiden one of tlio ship under her new
inmo Marvale.   Apparently the choice
of name has not been a particularly
happy one as It is learned thut on the
return trip Monday last when three
days out  from Montreal  she struck
Cape  Freels  Hock  on iho  southern
coast of Newfoundland at 4.30 p. m.
iu a dense fog,     The vessel hacked
clear of tho rock hut n great hole had
heen torn In the hull and her holds
tilled rapidly.    An attempt was made
to beach  her  but she sank in  sevenj
fathoms Of water, ull the passengers
and crew being saved.
Mrs. Brown who was accompanied hy
her young family nf two hoys and one
girl are taking up their residence in
the Archie Cameron house on Burwell
Avenue.    Tho many friends of Mrs.
Brown  In  Cranbrook  are pleased  to
see her bnck and are extending to her
a very cordial welcome.
excessive fishing had been so sadly trip, during the flrat two weeks of tl
depleted.    He pointed oui  that as a midsummer vacation, after which tht
public official he could not divulge Ih
contents of his report before submit-;
ling same to the department, He fell
freo to any that he was sure tho department appreciated the work that
lhe Cranbrook club had already done
In the attempt to make Fust Kootenny
an angler's paradise, and lie was confident that when the proper representation was made ot the Condition that
tlie necessary assistance would be
forthcoming, lie totaled [authority
had, been already given hy the chief
Inspector. Major Motherwell, for the
climlng of Fish and Koelt hikes, same
to lie reserved us a Source CrOm whlcl
other lakes and streams might he re-
stocked. This though temporarily a
hardship would menu a greal iraprov
ment lu sporl over the entire district,
Monroe Luke in bin opinion would
ulso ho benellled by a partial closure;
that la angling not to tie allowed until,
nay June lsl. or until spawning was
completed,  and  a   chance  given   the
troul to recover their condition. This
lu conjunction with the Introduction
of a small amount of seed from other
waters where an overabundance existed would make It equal to its besl
Having examined (he many streams
111 the district nol directly connected
with a hike system he considered It
select a location at some mine visited
where they work the balance of their
holidays. The trip is a distinct advantage to the coming mi ing engineers, who through it pain practical
experience which is invaluable to
them. While the Students taking tlie
trip are obliged to ivy q certain fee
il does not in any way cover the expenses of ihe same. Therein lies a
itory of the other side of that corporation which some are prone to consider "a great octopus'- the C. P, ll.
The  generosity     of    the  company   In
connection with assistance   cf   this
character ia enly one Instance of many
that evidences their Interest and willingness to co-operate iu anything
that is of a national benefit Auotl
evidence nearer home Is the Interest
taken by (his company In the work of
the local Tourist Association. This
yeur they are contributing $700,00 to'
Ihe work of the association and while
it will be argued lhal the henetll they
will derive from a greal influx Of poo*
pie iu Banff ns a result of this publicity Will more    Hum    repj»y them, it
should  be remembered that  the auto
Is a direct competitor of the railroad 'st. Mary*
ami ao far as the hotel is concerned it  turning t
la more than likely   that the bulk of n mission at  Kimberley
the tourists will stay at the camp sites or at some less pretentious place
Introducing his popular drink In the
Cranbrook district, aud that ho has
been successful Is evidenced by the
increased sales that he hus hud for
He hus worked up
n trade that many a larger place
would be envious of. Last week u
carload was shipped to Fernie and
tally shipments are being made to
other paints.
It was unfortunate thut the weather
was not more propitious as doubtless
it deterred some from attending the
"open house"' at the factory. Mr,
Bowness bad spared no expense lu
making the place attractive for Ills
guests, and u row uf evergreens were
brought lu and planted to make an
enclosure In which the guests were
served with the drink which bids fair
(o make Cranbrook famous. The
'grounds around the factory were literally transformed with tlie trees and
other decorations. On a counter in the
backgrounds were arranged bottles
of "Whistle" behind which was a large
mirror, tho stacked bottles covered
with green smllax, tho whole presenting a very pretty effect.
Many took advantage of the opportunity to examine the process by which
tbedrluks made hy this company ar
manufactured. The bottling machim
a Baltimore junior Automatic, was In
use turning out the bottles at a fast
rate. Another interesting machine is
the World lonelier. This machine In
the drinks made by this company are
on the bottles perfectly and as fast as
one can feed them into the machine.
Mr. Van Brainm took some views of
the kiddies and tlie pictures can be
seen at his studio.
Tom Marinuk and Charles Matou-
sek the pair found guilty last Friday
hy Judge Thompson on a charge of
highway robbery and resisting arrest
in connection with the Lumberton
hold-up were taken to New Westminster hy constables Duncan of Cranbrook and Congdon cf Michel on
Saturday last.
Marinuk will serve ten years aud
Matousek seven, and each will rc-
cleve twelve lashes on entering tlie
prison and twelve more ou the anniversary of the committing of tlie
Judge Thompson In passing sentence pointed out tlie seriousness of
the offence and emphasised the determination of the court to stamp out
such lawlessness whether committed
by foreigners or others. The speedy
. , . , ,„„ , l apprehension of the prisoners by
recently com need a mission ut1  '' r      • •
' ,.,,... constables Duncan. Lard, Thomaeand
Church hi this city, Is re- , ...   «     ,    . . ., i	
Ness of the Provincial Police, Corp I
A meeting of the Retail Merchants
Association was held last week
at the city hall when a good representation of the business men waa
In attendance, Many matters of
Importance-were dealt with.
A committee was appointed to confer with the city authorities in regard
to the matter of pedlars, lt was felt
that the fee paid by these transient
tradesmen waa Tar too small.
Iu regard to tho matter of the 24th
It was decided that the merchants
should remain open on Wednesday
tho 23rd till 0 p. m. and ln regard to
Iho 24th while the mot toil read that
the stores would close all day several
of the merchants felt that in justice
to the large numbers of visitors that
would he iu the city, some wanting to
lake the opportunity to make purchases, It would only be right for them
to remain open in the morning till \2
o'clock. Several merchants Indicated
their intention of remaining open iu
the morning.
In regard to the matter of delinquent accounts the association is meeting with success. Many who have been
allowing their accounts to run, are
now taking advantage of arranging
through the association to get clear of
their liabilities. The association is
determined to obtain for its members
more that Is due them. Every case
Is thoroughly considered and where lt
la relt that the party owing lhe merchant la in a position to pay the case
h being taken to tbe court where the
party does not comply with a request
to clean up their account.
The association on account of lack
Of funds will lint send a delegate to
the convention at Kamloops on 2Sth
to :io of May.
A letter was read from Hie strike
committee of the loggers and lumber
workers asking for the financial assistance of the Retail Merchants Association In support of their cause,
claiming tliat in the event of the demands being acceeded to lhe larger
payroll would mean more money to
the local tradesmen. The secretary
was instructed to write the men that
owing to the Impossibility of getting
even tlio money that they were already pledged to give to various local
causes It would not be possible for
them to contribute to this cause.
The Parent - Teacher Association
whist drive and dance on Monday evening at the ii. W. V. A. Hall was not
as well patronized as those responsible for it would have liked. It was
the first social tu action of ihis young
body, and it Is to lie regretted that
more were not presenl.
The first part of the evening was
spent playing whist, the prize winners
being as follows: high score, ladies.
Miss B. Paterson; gentlemen, Mr.
Kemball; consolation, ladies. Mrs
Briggs; gentlemen, J. H, Cameron.
Following the whist drive his honor
Judge Thompson gave an Interesting
address on the aims of the Parent-Teacher Association, aud the benefit to
he derived therefrom. tn regard to
the formation ot associations generally, he said lie was not always in favor of It, as it seemed to him there
was a multiplicity of associations,
which appeared to he the main object
of many people's lives. To some ll
was looked upon as the only means by
Which any given objective could be
attained, and tlie result was au association for this, and an association for
that. Often the time spent and tlie
interest taken could be used to better
advantage along  some other line.
Tho Judge thought that one's time
could bo more profitably employed in
taking a greater interest In tho home
and the children, as lhe only things
that make life worth living. The
children are what wo leave, as It
were, to represent via. In respect lo
lhe Parent-Teacher Association, he
felt that iu aligning himself with il
he was doing u duty to his children,
and for this reason had consented to
take an ollleo.
Referring to the duties of members
of the association, he showed how the
parents could be of assistance by explaining work to the child at home,
ll was also their duty to get to know
the children's teachers. The children should also he trained to help
each other. The difference in the
temperament of children was also to
ho studied. There are those whoj We are
would tuk
Vancouver Hoard  of  Trade Is
Seeking Co-Operation In
Dig Momentous Question
The following is a copy of a letter received from the R. 0. Products Bureau of ihe Vancouver Hoard
of Trade, in ihe Interests of a "P. c.
Products Week", which it is hoped
will be held all through the province.
Vancouver, May 14, 1923.
The Secretary,
Cranbrook Board of Trade,
CranbVook,   B.C.
Dear   Sir:
The two essentials necessary for
a return of prosperity in British Columbia are additional capital and
greater  population. A prosperous
country has no difficulty iu attracting either; especially if the capital
and  labor already in the country are
fully and advantageously employed.
We want these conditions iu British Columbia, and the flrsl step towards obtaining them is to create a
st rong and loya I home market tor
the products "f her Boll and factories.
lu   organizing  the   B.   C   Products
Week, from 2Sth May to 2nd June, it
is hoped to create the momentum ne-
•ssaiy to accomplish this In 1988.
We   need   your  co-operation,  ener-
I and action  to make li a success.
The   producers,   wholesalers  and   retailers are   behind   It.       We  want   to
see every  store in  British Columbia
featuring B. C. products.     Will you
Interest  your  merchants In  making
displays, and during this  week     generally focus the attention ot the resident In your district on what  British Columbia can produce.
During the next few months many
millions of dollars will he expended
on new development. We want it
spent in B.C.. for Ihe benefit of B. C.
producers am! workets, so that it will
keep circulation within the province,
leaving in its wake some benefit to
every individual citizen ' through
whose hands ft passes.
minting on your assistance
everything  with a  laugh \ and co-operation.
Yours very truly, 1
(Signed)  W. li. FORSTER,
and a smile.   To propeily understand I
them   we  should   bring  ourselves   to'
the level of the child, taking an inter-!
est lu Its aspirations, and coming in ' ■ ■ ,
contact with the (etchers affords us   ll'lllinMllVS  sTKlkl
an opportunity of studying them from ;   '   i^ ..'. .'. pn nvp y \ ni y
a  different  angle.      Should there  boi '      *    J  -riiic   l *sT  IVKFIf
any criticism to offer In respect to the
studies of a child, the matter could; ""
well he discussed with the teachers, j Settlements  Will  Be Left  Willi
It waa our duty to provide the best i       Individual Companies To
course for our children, our own fir-i Make With .Men
lure being   all   wrapped up In   the -<   ——
future of our children.   It was there-     As a result of a meeting held on
fore incumbent upon all. and it should' Sunday, the strike of lumbermen cal-
tie a pride, to see that the children, led by tlie loggers union, in sympathy
ere properly prepared for their life's   with the I. W. w. «trike in some parts
work. (of the States, came to an end.     Many
At the conclusion of the address the i of the logging camps in this district
Mr. and Mrs. S. E, Whiteside passed
through Cranbrook on Tuesday en
route to Spokane and California
where they are going to spend
holiday. Mr. Whiteside is Medical
health officer of Medicine Hat.
judge waa tendered a vote of thanks.
The strains of Robinson's orchestra
brought those present to their feet,
and dancing was continued for several hours.    At midnight an excellent
had   been  shut   down   on   account   of
the strike, though some concerns had
been able to keep the mill*; going with
plenty of logs on hand.
The main  demands  of the strikers
supper   was   served   which   everyone   were for an eight hour day from camp
Mr. nnd Mrs Geo. Lekey of Medicine Hat passed through Cranbrook
ou Tuesday en route to California.
Mr, Lakey is a postal worker In the
gas city.
to camp, at St.00 per day. There were
also other demands made. It ii stated officially hy leaders of the unions
that the strike had not been entirely
successful, and It was to he left to
the men to settle individually with
the different ronipanles.
Father Morlarty, of Tacoma,
he district, and will hold
starting on
j Wilson  of  the  Mounted
Police  nnd
Monday next, at tho Church of thej.^ aJg0 the nmtmer ln w|,|ch the
poor policy to make collections from [at Banff.     These nre some of the uc-
Boatlerod creeks, when SUCh places as  livllba of the C. IV ll. which they do
(Continued on page two) not. advertise.
Sacred it
he assisted
ot tlio
Cranbrook Conservative Association
will lie held in the A..C. BOWNESS SIOHIO,
SATURDAY, JIAYiMlth, nt 8.011 Mil.
All Conmirvatlves Are Urged tn Attend
Constable Johnson of the City force
,,   ,      ,,,.,. ,ii i nnd also the manner In  which tho
Father Morlarty will I ■ .
«... *-......_ ,.;„..,,„ [prisoners were dealt with by the oourl
makes a notable <
of the local court
.^___       by   Itev. Father Blsette.i'"" "~
who has  charge ot the parishes of .makes a notable master In the an
Kimberley and Creston.   The mission
will continue throughout tho week.
Mr. ii. T. Molr is away on a short
visit, lo Yiiurouver.
The Archie Cameron houso on Bur-
well Avenue changed hands tills week
and will hereafter be iu tbe possession
of the city engineer, T. J. Brown. Mrs.
Last Symbol of Frontier Passes Into History
Tlie Wldenbach property, formerl
the Nelson properly, on French Avenue was purchased this week by Mrs.
Duncan of this city, through the office
of Martin Bros. Mrs. Duncan will
take possession nf the property at the
end of the month.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 Mrs. James Moore loft lo join her
Cameron luts shipped her furniture, husband ln Idaho on Saturday last,'
and left on Wednesday to join her | and on the way expects to spend a
husband who is lu tho employ of the. short time with her mother, who al-
Cauadian Pacific Railway at Vnncou-1 so lives In Idaho. Her home, near
ver as locomotive engineer, being tor-, the Central School, liaa beon sold to
mcrly here ln tbe sumo capacity for Mr, Luther Chase, who will take posit long period of years. The deal session about tlie middle of Juno. Tbe
wns put through hy Martin Bros.        ] deal was put through by Martin Bros.
%:v <fo,*&e&ir>£ -~'V jpr*3
The old-time stagecoaches, used for years over the historic Cariboo Trail in British Columbia, were recently
replnced hy Studebaker cars. These cars now make the 220-mile trip north, from Aahcroft to Quesnel, In
about a quarter of the time required by the horse-drawn coaches, and the fare Is only one-fourth of what
•♦ wn« when the nntsen?ers depended upon old Dobbin.
Cranbrook s Victoria Day Celebration May 24th
maim auspices o. w. v. a. PAGE TWO
Friday, May 85th, W2.\
Is a very precious thing. It
should not be neglected If she
complains of headaches. The
chances are they are caused by
defective eyesight. We can remedy all such troubles quickly by
providing just the right k'nd ot
glasses that will enable her to
see better and to dispense with
the headaches. Our service is
up-to-date und our charges are
Jewelers und Opticians
Cne Cranbrook Herald
Published Every Friday
Subscription Trice .
To United Stales ..
.. tfjS.Utl per yeur
.. (2.M per year
"With a MIniiIii.ii Witaout • HhiiIi"
Printed hf Union Lnlx.r
Advertising Ralci on AppUcnllon.
Chusti (or Advil'Using must b« in
this offlu* Wednesday noon tha ourrenr
ffssk to secure attention.
SVN  HON   TUl  VED   THU   TK!   5AT
12 3 4 3
6 7 8 9 10 1112
131415161V 18 13
20 2122 Z3 24 25 26
thing that thoy cannot account
tor. Against them is the testimony of those .whom Buffering has tempered so that they
open their anus t» welcome
any means which may bring
relief to loved ones and friends
whether they be natural means
or supernatural. So it will always lie; the scoffer who will
not submit to a close contact,
and those wlio believe blindly,
not understanding, and not
wanting to — just wanting lo
see healing done In their circle.
Hritish scientists havo compiled a list of needs which
would fill a very definite place
in the general scheme of
tilings, but which Inventive genius has hitherto not been able
to produce. It includes such
things as synthetic rubber, a
light and inexpensive aeroplane - - a sort of aerial Ford
ear—a machine to make use of
tidal energy, unshrinkable
flannel, and other things. But
several additions could be made
to such a list that the scientific mind could hot conceive,
such as a bill that will collect
itself, a flexible excuse wherewith a man could at all times
cover himself, the baby that
will do all its crying between
S a.m. and (I p.m., the letter
hat will answer Itself, a use
or hot air of the human spok-
m variety, and a substitute for
bad language   in the presence
lis scientifically made
land has never Failed
li'o give tbe r»sxirnuro|
lleavenir^ efficiency*
I •<Becau5e of this
jand the uniformly
j satisfactory results
I obtained by its use
I we recommend it
las Canadas perfect
[baking' powder ♦
Extracts from TIte Cranbrook
Herali! of this date, 1903.
of ladies. Achievements of
this nature would certainly be
received with popular acclaim
FRIDAY, WAV 26th, 1923
There is un amazingly long
list of articles manufactured in
B.O. that the average person is
not aware of. In the matter
of food products alone, tbe buying of the average family has
so become a matter of habit,
that the eastern or American
goods are taken as a matter of
course, when B.C. goods could
just as well supply the needs.
It is to offset this tendency that
the B. C- Products Campaign
is being put under way. 11 is
a sort of get-acquainted meeting with the province in which
we live, and of whose resources but few have an adequate
idea. But the demand for the
B. C. goods will never be what
it should till there is a definite ask-for-it policy adopted on
Ihe part of the housewives, or
whoever does the buying. No
amount of advertising will do
It, unless there is the willingness on the part of the public
to come half way.
•  •  *  *
A faith healer is at work al
the coast, and as usual his|
work Is being subjected to all
manner of tests, and tried out
In the white heat of publicity,
cold and materialistic criticism
comes from those whose calm
and detached reasoning will
not allow them to accept any-
:;.:':..i "-un &$f(i&jEa
Niihinhy,  Mjij  SO
FERVENT IN LOVE:— Above   all
tilings lieiiiK  Fervent in lovo among
Ives, for love covereth a mnl-
tltutle ..r Hins.—1 Peter 4:8 (It. V.)
Smull!y, Miij 2J
THE   MUNCH  Off  PEACE:-- For
unto us ii chilil Is Ixirir. and the government, shall be unon bin shoulder:
nud Ills iiaiiit; Hhttll be cnUi'd, Tbe
Prince at Peuco.—Isainli 11:0
• *   •   *
Holiday, May Ss
ransomed of the Lord shall return,
and come to Zlon with songs and everlasting Joy upon their heads: they
shall obtain joy and gladness, and
sorrow and sighing shall flee away.
- Isaiah 36:10
• •   •   •
Tuesday, May SO
the condemnation, that light is come
Into the world, and men loved darkness rather than Unlit, becauae their
deeds were evil.—John 3:19
• a    *    *
Wednesday, May .Mi
WAV TO LIFE:—He hath showed
thee, O man, what Is good; and what
doth the Lord require of thee, but to
do justly, nnd to love mercy, and to
walk humbly witli thy God.—Mlcatl 6:
• •   *   *
Thursday, May III
thyself of tomorrow; for thou know
est not what a day may bring forth.—
Proverbs 27:3
»   *   *   •
rrldny, June I
hi: kiihi.ms ami crowns:
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget
not all his benefits: who redeemeth
thy life from destruction: who crown
eth thee witli loving kindness and
lender mercies. -Psalm 103:  1,4.
Tho C, P. K. are running a special
excursion to Frank to view the scene
of the big slide there recently.
Ovor half a million feet of logs piled near the track at Wardner were recently destroyed hy fire, entailing a
loss of about five thousand dollars.
Mr. .Inline has purchased nn interest in tlie moat market, aud the
new firm has combined with it a feed
ami produce business.
T. M. Roberts of tlie electric light
compa ny bus purcliesed t he Palmer
Interest In tho firm of Arnold & Palmer, and the new combination will
now be known us Arnold & Roberts.
Steps nre to be taken this senson to
prevent the wholesale slaughter of
fish by dynamite as in the past.
$1.00 DOWN
Out of Town Customers
We sell the famous
on very easy terniR.
Brunswick Phonograph Club
$1.(10 DOWN Kites you I lie opportunity t<> gel n
.lliirliiiif In your Inline.
HASLAM the Druggist
I'iiom: io
we abe prompt we are carepiti*
roMJirrm: draft fob
Rev. J. P. Westman. of Nelson, was
appointed chairman of the B, 0, Methodist Conference, in session last week
al. New Westminster. Mr. Westman
wus chosen by the stationing committee to go to Centennial Methodist
Church, Victoria, for the next term,
hut that congregation has petitioned
tlie Conference to reconsider its de-
Islon not to admit its interim pastor,
Dr. C. Davis, into conference member-
Following is tbe East Kootenay
draft drawn up by the stationing committee covering the fields in this district: Cranbrook, B. C. Freeman;
Crnnbrook, Chinese, to be supplied
from Nelson; Moyle, to be supplied;
Yahk, A. M. Lancaster; Kimberley,
Prank Bushfleld; Fernie, \V. F. Burns,
United Church; Michel and Hnsmer,
to be supplied, cooperative; Coat
Creek, to be supplied; Creston, Geo.
Knox: Lister, to be supplied cooperative; Elko and Baynes Lake, to be
supplied; Stanley V. Redman to attend college; Lorne N. Richardson
left without station at his own request.
Rev. B. 0. Freeman of this city has
been attending the conference session
Official Thermometer Reading*
At Cranbrook
Min. Max.
May 10    28 *B
May 11   4fi 61
May 12   4G (17
May 13   43 06
May  14       117 M
May 1ft  U!> 00
May 10    ;to fift
the popular juvenile of tho Old Dumbells revue "Full o* Pep", In his
greatest masterpiece "Song of Songs",
at lim Auditorium next Monday even,
lug, May 28th, for on* night only.
(Continued from Page 1)
Fish and Munroe lakes could be built
up and made a source of supply, with
little expense ami in u shorter time. In
time, when a competent fish cult mist
Is stationed hero permanently, all
such streams will receive individual
study and could then become addition-
sources of supply. He staled that
it was impossible upon such examination as he had been iu a position to
make to estimate the number of eggs
thai could be collected. In connection
with the Introduction of Kamloops or
Kootenay salmon he considered that
It was poor policy to fish out the original stock beforo they had roproduc-
I. This apparently had been done
nl Premier lake. Although this specie
of sporting fish had been introduced lu
1916, he did not think that any reproduction hud taken place, probably one
reiiHou for that regrotlehle state or
affairs being tliat certain adverse con-
litiuns prevailed, which, when the
trout now iu lite lake reach maturity
he was confident could be overcome,
Having thoroughly examined all the
possible spawning areas at. Premier
lake, he was of the opinion that at a
small expenditure :i limited area of
natural spawning grounds could be
made available. He recommended the
serious consideration of ihe quest lam
of making this district self supporting
in connection with the propagation of
Kamloops trout. Hitherto the supply
of eggs has been taken from other districts, and in time the residents of
these districts will be almost sure ta
raise an objection to such transfers
From now an some of the lakes stocked should certainly be reserved for a
certain period to allow for a reproduction, lhat being one reason why
the recommendation has been made
that fishing bo prohibited at Rock-
lake. He pointed out tlie necessity for
the Introduction of nrllflclal methods
oiNjpuwning as there appeared to be
no natural spawning areas on most of
the lakes stocked with the Kootenay
salmon. He felt sure that such methods would meet with success if properly conducted. He also pointed out
that It would noi he reasonable to expect such large returns from distributions from lakes already stocked, as
had been fn the past. When fry were
placed therein, no other fish were in
these lakes; now there are larger fish
All Set For The
Big Crowds
Fuil List of Attractions for VI
sitors  to  the City on
Victoria Day
From reports received all is In
readiness for tlio big day lo-niorrow
May 24th. This afternoon, "Wednesday, tho school sports wore held, aud
a largo attendance or scholars from
nil the schools helped to make them
a success. This evening there nre
the boxing bouts at the Alldjtorltim,
and iho soccer football enth.UB.asts
are also being catered to tn the game
this evening between Kimborloy and
The morning program for the 24th
is scheduled to open nl I) :uu„ with
a parade, starling from Llio govern
ment. building, at Llio conclusion of
which Mr. ti. K. Bower will lead (he
school children in lhe singing of patriotic Bongs at the new park site.
Several speeches will also ho made
by prominent citizens. Baseball between Wycliffe and Kiinheiie.v commences at 10 o'clock at the C, \V. V
A. grounds. At 1.30 p.m. the racing at the old exhibition grounds 1
to commence, ami an Interesting pr<
gram of heats has been arranged. Tn
the evening the second ball ganio Is
to be staged between the winners of
the morning game and Cranbrooli
Later on tho usual dance will be glv
en at the Auditorium, Robinson's orchestra being engaged to provide tin
A nnrmw mind is ono lhal has nol
had wide experience
If you think your work is bard,
how about the bank clerks who count
other people's money all day.
and it was reasonable to suppose that
there would be a certain loss due t
j tlie nature of those fish. Another thing
to be borne lu mind was that tlie
lakes should not he over slocked. The
natural food necessary for the well
being of fry would not be so common
as when fry were first Introduced.
In concluding ho recommended that
until more definite proof of satisfactory results hi Moyle lake were obtained thai no Kamloops trout should he
introduced there.
Begs lo aiinoime Hint having acquired the Ileal
Estate and Insurance Husiness of V. Hyde Maker
as well as that of (he I'ranhriiiik Agency, he will
commence to operate tbe business of those Aran
on June 1st, nt the
Singer Sewing Machines
J   Have taken all the Gold Medals in Ihe Country.       Why  ,
pay more money for a machine that can't gel a place at
any fair?
HINDERS are sold for $90.00 and up on payments of $:!.no
a Month.
We also have acme flood Buys in Second Hand Singers on
$5.00 a month payments.    Also Machines lo Kent.
"Win the front line"' %&
WJ^A     AND GReAT cast iW
« Prices $1.10, |1.65 „"
Tax included.     Scat
ut tho Cranbrook Drug
Coming Events
inirsday, May 24: G.W.V.A. Annua.
Empire Day Celebration. Horse
races nnd a good program of field
Saturday. May 26: "You Never ("an
Toll," presented by U. B. ('. Players nl   Auditorium.
Monday.  May 88;—Old Dumbells in
'Full  ()■  Pop/' Auditorium.
Saturday, May nil: Annual mooting or
Crnnbrook Conservative AbsooIr-
tliui, A. a Bownoss Store, at 8 p.m.
Friday, June 1st: Marlon Oliver Mission Hand Concert, Presbytorlnn
Schoolroom, at 7.80 p.m.
ivori.i> like TO LIVE
In connection with tbe services ut
Lhe Presbyterian Church on Sunday
morning, an amusing incident look
pluee, when the pastor, Kev. E. W.
MacKay was tolling t'io children a
story about, a king and queen who
lived in a enstle. In answer to a
question as to whether any of the
children would like to live in a castle
there was Quito a chorus in the affirmative. However when asked If they
wtomld like to have a king and queen
for their parents, there was a most
decided chorus of "no". No more conclusive proof Mian ibis was required
lo show tbo supreme place that mother
(and incidentally father) had won In
the hearts of children, when tnis
bunch of little youngsters would so
Ice Cream
YeB. we have it, Take
some home and hear tin*
expressions of delight,
After lhe show make the
Patricia your rendezvous.
Try Our Fresh  Hand  Rolled
Chocolates, Thoy Aro Good.
Wo are now prepared to put up
Light Lunettes.     Try our
service to-morrow.
ItKNIIKZVIM S ON Till; '21th
Phone 47
disdain royalty.   ..
We come 'nentb azure skies of May
And 'Mother' we would honor,
May blessings bright, may joy's fair
For ever rest upon iier;
And for our mothers we would prtllse
The King who reigns above;
For sweetest, dearest of bis gifts.
Our .mother's love.
For Dates Apply
Phone 374
Cranbrook KC.
All Meats Fresh Killed
Fridajr <®> Saturday
Prime Pot llonst      ISe Hi.
Prime Hlb Hoast  8(lo III.
Prime Rib, Boned ami Knlleu   25c Hi.
KiewliiK Beet   *<• Mi,
T-Bone and l.t.ins Steak   8»c III.
Leg ot Port   Mr Hi.
Shoulders uf Pork   25c III.
Loins of Port     IKe Mi.
Side  Port       M"  III.
Leg ot Veal    Ur Mi.
Ixilna ot Veal   Ur III.
Pot lioosl     Mi' Mi.
Prime Roaal   Mc M>.
Stewing Veal      10c III.
SAUSAGE AM) COOKED MEATS — Our (Inn .'lnl.ii
Tomato ami Pork Huunage   Uv lit.
Mixe.l Sausage    IftC III.
Heaii Cheese  Ehle Hi.
Potted  Keats    Hie  III.
Potteil Tongues    tor III.
No. I Fresh Killed Fowl     HOC M
For Prompt nml Quirk Service — PHONE (21
Tlio Cranbrook llernltl renews from tlmo lo Unit' 11 con
aldernulo nmuttor of KiilmcripiioiiH fur Lite
Family Herald & Weekly Slar
, of Montreal.
\vi: aim: now ai tiiohi/hd to make a special
Clubbing Combination
The Family Herald and    )
Weekly Star, of Montreal '
In  jiiiielloii wllli The Crnnbrook Herald,
fur Hie liultinci' of the year.
JANUARY I, llllil
nnd \ «*•« b/\
The Cranbrnok Herald $1.50
This Offer In For a Limited Period Only aud .Must A|i|ily
Sir lolly On New Subscribers To llolh Papers
— Leave your Orders with —
The Cra.nbrook HereJd
Phone IH       11       it       II       Cranbrook, ll.C. Friday, May 95tli; 10211
Banish Biliousness, Constipation
and other dyspeptic disorders by a
short course of Beecham's Pills—the
unfailing remedy for all irregularities
of the digestive organs. For eliminating waste products from the system,
improving the appetite, strengthening
the stomach, and in other respects
keeping the bodily health in a sound
in boxes
IHMV  Till: "OM> PITH-
Tim s lory ol' I lie Old ItimiliellH In an
OflMBey ot tlie groat war and of Canada lift'si'ir aa tlio war revealed her
lo the world, Out' can scarcely speak
of thin unique organization ot Canadian soldier boys without remlnls-
cenco uf many happy hours with
"Hud" iNewmaii, Arthur Holland and
tho rest, or these merry funmakera.
Tor to recall the Old Dumbells la to
recall ihe early days al St. Biol, In a
Y. M. C. A. hut where the party was
first brought into existence. It is to
see through tho haze of memory, as
ono used to peer through clouds of
Newly Decorated   —   Clean and Cool
Enjoy your meals in comfort here
Service prompt and courteous
Food the best quality obtainable
Eight commodious booths for parties
Nerved With Cream
—* Phone 1C5 —
tobacco amoko, the long low hut Ut
with dim lamps, the Hcrried ranks of
muddy, dirty, brown clad men crowd-
oil together ou the low benches, the
flushing of white teeth In tired, drawn
faceH. It Ih toJ hear once more the approving roar of the fighting men, as
the witticisms and the drolleries of
tho Diumbells Hashed out over the
flickering candles that formed the
footlights Into the warm heavy atmosphere beyond. It Is to recall the thrill
that the first Incomplete efforts towards beauty brought into your tired,
drab existence. It Is to bring bnck
perhaps, the memory of a chum whose
elbow dug itself Into your ribs, who
laughed his low chuckle of happiness i
into your ear, and who, tomorrow J
laughed no more.
Arthur (Jock) Holland, The noted Female Impersonator of the
Old Dumbells coming lo the Auditorium next Monday evening
in their latest revue "Full o' Pep".
Langley  rehearsed   new  songs  with
Jack Ayre accompanying them on an
old piano which they salvaged from a
It was outside one of these  l|utB'shell shattered Estamlnet: and where
Where. Ted Charter, sitting on an emp- »R6d" Newman aud Charlie McLean
ty Bully Beef box, wrote his famous WOrked out their new stuff for their
"Kit Inspection",    where Allan Mur-'own concert party, then known os the
ray worked out his new dancer, and y Emmas. It was in one of these huts.
tried on   his   new wlgo:    where Bill
too, that Jack McLaren, crouched bo-
Following is a statement of ore receipts at Trail Smelter for the period
during May 8th to 14th inclusive.
Alamo Mill (Lead) Alamo, B.C 57
Tennant, Jerry Brayford aud Bertram s)(le two or tlireB ,iim candles, wrote Galena.Farm (Lead) Kilverton, B.C
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
To   Plymouth. Cherbourg,  London —
Antonla June 2   Ausonla June 16
To Glasgow—
Athenla June 8   Saturnia June 15
To Queenstown mid Liverpool —
Caronia Jun. 2 Samaria, Boston Jun.'J
t'armania Juno it; Scytbla June 23
Cherbourg and Southampton -
Berengaria Jim 5,   Aquttunta Jan. 12
Mauretanta Jun. 19 Uerengaria Jun. 20
Londonderry nnd Glasgow—
Columbia June 9   Assyria June IK
Ply month* Cherbourg—
Albania (to London) June 2
Laconla (to Hamburg) June 7
Money Orders and Drafts at lowest
rates.   Full information from Agents
or Company's Office, fi22 Hastings St.
West, Vancouver.   Phone Soy. 3ft48.
Ills Plea, Cakos nnd Paltry   can   not bo  beaten.
l'hime 67      .      Norlrary Ate.
Every Garment sent to u. to b.
Cleaned or Dyed 1» glvm
Our inmost Care.
Our knowledgo ol tlio builneal
Is your assuralico of satisfaction
here.   Phone, and we will call,
or bring us your work.
We Clean and Dy* Everything.
piiom; is;
"Prune," "Jinn,
Onion." "Plum:
anl," "Harvey."
"Sims," "Zenith,"
Pr," "Another Pr.," "Wren
n.  Pr.," "Pollox,"  "Castor,"
L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M.,
Musical Dlrertor
Cranbrook Musical Society
Teacher of Singing, Violin and
Preparation for Musical Biam-
Phone SUM I'rnuhroiil, ll.C.
NO. •; DAILY—To Nelaon, Vancouver, Suokane, Mo.   Antra ll.lt ».
m.; u»w li.it pjn.
HO.   18   DAILT-To   ItoaJt,
brldt*, IMUcta Hat, Cdtwr, ttc
ArrtT. 4.10 BJn.l seen I.M f Jn.
WjeuB*, KUrtwl** »«•
ie. m-lM.ee Ml em. IMM-Ar-
. tin 1.111**-
Craakiort, Uk* Wlafanui* ut
GtMei Serltee:
Monday utt Thnnoay,
-HO. Ml, loom I ».m.
and   ««turd*j—HO. Ml. grrtw
(Form P)
Certiorate ol Improvement*
the famous comedy sketch "The Duc-
| liess Entertains," while Leonard
'Young sat working on costumes etc:
,111111 Fred Fenwlck spent hours sewing
and mending to hove his gowns looking fresh and new. At this time Arthur Holland was with a famous
: Imperial concert troupe known os tfie
{Bow Ui'lls und later Joined the Dumbells and became ono of tho old 'gang*.
I To Jack Ayre, who never missed Mb
place at the piano as musical director
since the first performance behind the
lines, fell tho work cf trying out the
old and new musical numbers on a
piano that hud heen burled in an old
French Estamlnet under the reign of
German artillery for many months:
It wus here, also, where that agile
and altogether unique bounty chorus
camo into being, which for three years
danced to und fro In the Y. M. C. A
Huts In France, later In Mono, Brussels and London; and for tho past
three nnd a half years. Its freshness
and vigor unimpaired, in every city
and town throughout Canada, first iu
"Biff, Bing. Bang", later in the "Dum
bells Revue of 1922" and this season
in their own new revue "Full o' Pep"
which will he the attraction at the
Cranbrook Auditorium next Monday
evening, May 28th. at S.15 p, m. The
Seat Sale is now open at the Cran
brook Drug A Book Co., and patrons
are advised to make their reservations
"Hasp," "Straw.'
"Apple," "Oreh-
"Acmc," "Apex,
Spider Fr." "One
V. A.
BHMgood *'(>ry
"Htitiix." "Pebeceo," "Snap," "Gold
Dust." "Sergeant," Lieut.." 'Torpor
al," "Batman." "Captain," "Supper,"
"M, 0. Fr.," "W. A. A. C."
Situate In the PORT STEELE Mining
Division of Kootenay District;
Where  located —On   Sullivan
near Kimberley.
TAKE NOTICE thut The Coosolldftl
ed Mining * Smelting Company, of
Canada, Limited, Free Miner's Certi
flcate No. 40194-C, Intend, sixty dnysl,)pi. Iimi t]m.e ftro olhor features,
from (ho date htteof, l<> apply t<> -he Thpnt ls „ yg( K(,„crou* Qum and
Mining Recorder for a Certificate Ot Ammunition department, W. C Mot-
Improvements, for the purpoie of ob- pvV m,w HQutdoor Talk" department,
talning a Crown Grant of the above L„ W(,u l)H ,ho 0,i,rr regular depart,
Intnl. incuts,    and    a     large  collection   of
And further tnke notice that nation. mlseollaneouB material that rounds
under soctlon 85, must bo commenced ,„,. „ ,„,, notcj, magaglno.
IS special M'flBKIl
The brotherhood of anglers ought to
he particularly pleased with the June
issue of "Rod and Gun In Canada", because it is the Fishing Number, and
because it features that splendid sport
generously, in fact, lhe Jane issue,
which is now on sale, Ia so chock full
of attractive material thil It Is certain to be an absolute treat for fish
erinen all over Canada. "Fishing on
tht) Great Slave l^ike" is a milling
id illustrated profusely,
Devil Fish" fs a yarn
thnt Is different, while there are many
others, equally as good. But non-fish-
irmen are nol forgotten In ibis ntrni-
before  the  Issuance  of  such   renin
cute of Improvements,
Dated this 24th day or April, A.D.
Per E. O, Montgomery, Agent.
"Rod and Gun in Canuda Is published monthly at Woodstock, Ontario,
by \V. J. Taylor, Limited.
Applications for clemency on behalf
of persons convicted for Infractions
of tbo liquor act have been numerous
lately, but ore receiving little consideration from the Attorney-General.
,,        „     (Zinc)
Knobhlll     Republic, Wesll	
Lone Pine, Surprise,
Last Chance     Republic, Wash.
Octagon, Okanagan, B, C	
Quilp Republic, Wash	
Sally Beaverdell, B.C. ...
.... 1
.. 33
Silversmith (Lead)   Sandon, B.C. ...78
„               (Zinc)        „ 47
Company Mines   9009
At End of Record
Non-stop Flight
From New York to San Diego, Ca|_
In 20 lire., 60 mln., 48 2/0 etc., Is
the history making achievement of
these two army fliers, Lieut. John
s. MacReedy. (top) and Lieut Oafc
ley Kelly. It la the longest non-stop
(light on record. It Is hinted thai
the big monoplane was equal to
many more hours, if army officials
had oared to disclose ths pOsdbU*
Ities of tbe huge Utcrty motor til
this time.      * ™^ ™
- Canada's Best Buy -
H lb-NOW 80$ (Also Procurable-to Ib. Package 15*)
DOAl'T    JUPGE    A.   MAN'S
I'lnjlnir Siifc
B|)hi  "What ynu (Id, Sam, If you
set !i letter from the Ku Klux Kluu?"
S:im: "I'd read -t on tlie train."
Wisdom of Methusaleh
"Like unto tbo will power of
the w.k. boy on the burning
deck, hath a man who letteth
his wire drive the car and thru-
nut llio Journey, murmureth not
one suggestion.'
I'nuTiitciul Cur
"1 shot my dog lost night."
"Was ho mud?"
'Well, be wasn't very well
Yea Verily
Fatbor: "Arc you saving your money for a rainy day7"
Sou: "Man, It's raining right now."
In Texas
Tourist: "Say, friend, why is that
high chimney standing alone lu that
Native: "Stranger, that ain't a chimney. You see we have quite a few
cyclones here iu the summer und the
lost one turned that well wrong side
• *   •   •
still Learning
Sheriff: "Have you anything to say
before you die?"
Condemned (on gallows): "Yes, I
want to tell you men and women that
Ills Is going to be an awful lesson to
• •   •   •
oi'iK ori\t:s
Thi* is ibe season <»•' (he year
when llsh cun'l see ne fishermen's,.
proposition from liny angle.
• •   •   •
In London they were discussing advertising. "Great stuff, these electric
ii'ii:- on Broadway." said the Yankee.
'They've goi one advertising Wrlgley'a
gum, runs a whole block, -.'lO.ooo
electric bulbs."
"How many?" cried the astonished
"Two hundred and fifty thousand.'
answered the Yankee.
The Londoner observed, "But I say,
old chap, isn't lhal a bit OOUBpIcUOUS?"
The Kan-Sun.
• •   *   •
Stepped (hi
Coffee lo coffee,
Tea to tea,
A shoe-maker's daughter
Made a heel outta me.
Captain E. Landy, Commander of tbe Canadian Pacific liner "Mellfca"
was at some pains to explain to one of his passengers tht mysteries
of the compass. Dick Anderson, the favoured traveller, wa« the youngest
member of a party of boy immigrants from Dr. Barnado's Homes. He
Vm18 been received into the North Toronto Home and is in the "process of
% ing turned into a first class Canadian citizen and worker.
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of .Music
Studio above Murdock McLeod's. P'  -■* 2*s
Studio:     Armstrong Avenue
Near Telephone Building
Phone 374
Our Prices And Terms Make H Possible  For Anyone To Own One
01   These   Wonderful
Write for Booklet or Cell st  410 Baker Street, NelSOD, It.C.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol Canada Limited
Purrhaaen of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead ii line Ore*
Producers of Hold, Sliver, Copper, Pig Lend and Zinc
»j* f.Ajl .mm -&?$'£[-' ngi™ E:'f feffl ^Mfi H^' <™5:>niOG«^*Jjjfl*
methodic Churcl)
HEV. B. ('. FitEEMAK, Pastor
■ s<!S$\\;%&i;
...       , /■■.:■
7.80 p. in. EVK"#IS<i SERVICE
Where Chinese Bandits Captured "Americans
AMi-Mi. Mstpr-ln-lnw nf John~I>.
was uiio <»f tho women carried
iiditi.when tin' 1'uklnj Express
... u.ii nml mote (him Milrly prisoner^
;.;il lor rao'som. ' insert shows Chinese
nlimu rnilnnd iVhci'C'tiie Express wit,
!.   Ml.* Alilrlcli *•«* re.-rneii .     I
Rich It
■^ in vital
food elements
which the
human body
H5oHtM& \ i
Pit IS .1SODTR JO-HI I. tb< hurt
.iili.ll UHAPE STOCK
<i     .smi. HEINU BROKJHT
Jidcifitifl   (rf   Eliiniiialini,' The
. Serial. Seems To He
Tutting Hold
Friday, May 251 li, 1924
Baptist Church
11 u.iu.—Moriimg1" Service.
"TltB Titt^is OP LIFE"
\%. .iiooiit-S'tinila}' School.
,7.30 p.iu—Evening Service.
■■•ctiitisT 'nit: rest civeh"
Prayer Meeting Tlnirsiluy Even-
,   . lug at 8 o'clock
Slrnlimrs   Ccriiluily VHioiiicil
"(Special to Tlie Heralil)
I luvoriuoro, B. ('., May Iti,—dbndl-
jiliins on the Dominion Governjment
jKxpcrlnientul Stniion for the Cojlum-
J Lla-kboteiiays valley arc uelngi mn-
itorlally changed this year over jwlial
lias been tlm case I'm- some tlmo post.
Most marked Imprcivenients have!been
made under the superintendence of
It^ Oludwyfi Newton, B. S. A., Inking
-   .H
ihe form oi^\\_ Kiuull greenhouse und
iho planting nut<o[ many shuile trees
I'oiMiruuibeiii innlvWiudllireakH. A now
p^iierioiMiuiT "prVhaH Ih ubatit to be
ulauiul an wyll and miirked lultlil inns
fiiivo-btjuit- luudti along The Tines oflive
sunk, Lust weclji Mr. Newton attended tlio snle of purelireif Ayrehii'es of
the WoUa. .Furm ut Sarrila. B.C. and
picked iii> Tour ol the highest priced
"females which were offered. They
pit] not be shipped here until they
have been again bred Gut when they
oonio they mflflt likely will be used us
tfart oE lhe foundation Of u herd to be
put on the dairy branch of the station
wjik'h will be opened at Wiudermere
is year. -/Another -one of "the best"
was purchased fnr use In the East
Kootenay "district being-knocked down
lo Mr. Angus Hay, of Crauhrook, the
District Agriculturist who secured it
on fiehalf of a dairyman «f that neighborhood.
Tor many years now the dairymen
and stockbreeders have urged doing
away with scrub animals entirely and
lhe building up of breeds along given
linos, (lip ilolsteius and Ayrshires
being specially urged for dairy purposes aud the Shorthorn. Uei'efords
and Polled Angus for Reef purpose's!
The efforts along these line are now
producing tho desired results.
ere an
For coughs take half a teaspoon of MinanJ's internally
in molasses. For Pore 'throat
und ciiest heat and rub well
into affected parts. For cold
in head heat and inhale.    |
eHlmarJ'i givei tjukk ttlitf
Drs. Or con & MacKinnon
.       PliTsiciiins and Surgeons    )
,'OIIico  at   resiilerice,  Armstronfe
KMOn OFFiCK  HOURS:        I
Afternoons     2.00 to 4.00
—Evenings   7.30 to
Siindavs ,  2.00 to 4.1
'■ ciuNimnoK, B.C.
nn. r. b. mifEs
' BESTISf " '"■ ---;
9 to 11 a.m.     1 to 5 p.m. I
Raiuan Blk., CRANBROOK, B.C.
Ussflii Haiti ever, fl
dHjEWjElMonda* rilglit at
^Rp5>a»tlTli.> Auditorium
Sojourning Odd Follows aro cordially Invited.
K.G.      -      -      D. O. Dlncloy
Roe. Sec.    •    -    W. C. Adlaril
F. Jl. M A C PII E B 8 O I
is      CndcrtBker
Phone 840
Norbury Aie„ nut to City 11*11
Fresh Milk & Whipping Cream
20c. HALF (TOT
It not satisfied will return tlio
C. GODIIEBIS    -    -    SubTol.
Fashionable Ladles' and Cents'
Merchant Tailor.
Chinese Fancy Goods and Silk-
Tan Home St, Cranbrook
Phone 416 P.O. Box 4«
Montana Restaurant
Heals at All Hours
Cigars, Cigarette* and Candles
Cranbrook St,    -     Phono £lll
Opp. Bank ot Commerce
t'liiuiui'iiiliitiiin from u woman wlio speat  most of Her
' Hfo iu Bin country la pi'iilee
indei'ii. ror io such oooks,
croon) lias not been a luxtvpy.
lint a neofsHiiy. '■' -■
AIM. EleTIoT Rue "wmj-rulB=
oil" on a farm in Pennsylvania.    Sim iiiirrleil a Cmadlan
"anil clinic to British Columbia.
Cream ti'as such'n price tliey
■f'oi'iltl not afford II, like w1tc;r.
sl|e lived iu I lie counfr'iv  ■ '' '
-"* "We. trial different camieV"
nilllis uiilil we fouiitl Paclllc
. and I reaily like It bettor than
oraaiu now.' I never made
fluch cakes before."
..The exlicrlenco of Mrs. line
Is com moil la many nlliei'M,
Pacltlc 9111k dotvi mirk belter
In conliiiiir. iar It Is nlnuys itf
Hie same richness, i   ";
Pacific Milk; C6.iitd.
tlead Ofilo*. V«ncou»4r».ILC.	
Factories it ibbotifort ni UiMr.
Nova Scotia has adopted th*
"drive to the right" rule of the road,
the bill providing the change having
received Lhe assent of the administrator of -the! province,
The year 1022 was a banner yeat
for Montreal in the number and
tonnage of ships which came to the
port, a total of 0,983 shipa of 13,-
089,609 tons arriving, as compared
with 5,541 ships of 11,735,450 tons in
1921. (Hi  ' « i
Canada led the world in 1922 in
the export of raw furs to the United
States. The total fur catch for that
year was over 4,000,000 pelts, valued
at $16,000,000.!! While the general
price of furs shows a downward
trend, the total catch shows a remarkable increase.
Four of the Canadian Pacific
"Empress" liners, the Britain, the
France, 'he Scotland and the India,
are to Load grain at Quebec during
the 1923 geasomj and new berths
have been provided for these vessels
near the grain conveyors, at a cost
of $3)10,000.
When she was alighting from a
street car in Vancouver, Mrs. Rose
McLaren received injuries which prevented her from concentrating and
temporarily did away with her earning power as a spiritualist or psychic
reader. She was awarded $1,250
against the railway company.
The addition of , the 17,000-ton
"Montlaurier1' to the Canadian Pacific "Mono Class" fleet marks an
important development. Not only is
she the largest one-class-cabin ship
sailing to and from Canadian ports,
but she is the largest in her class on
the Atlantic. Hei- length is G13 feet
and breadth 68 feet. Because of her
size she will sail to and from Quebec.
Approximately 8,000 tons of silver
ore are waiting shipment from tlie
Keno Hill, Yukon, mines. This
quantity represents the winter haul.
Allother 2,000 tons may bo moved
this summer, making the total silver
shipments ten thousand tons for
1023. Such an output is worth about
$2,000,000, high grade ore running
from $200 to $300 per ton.
"The greatest feat of steam transportation to my knowledge," said C.
K. Stockdill, of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, recently, "was the movement of the grain crop of 1022."
From Sept. 1 to Nov. 31, a period
of 01 days, the Canadian Pacific
Railway loaded and shipped an average of 1,265 cars per day. This requiring the dispatching of a train
every 45 minutes during that entire
period, carrying .more, than 1,000,000
bushels daily. This movement exceeded even thatof the bumper crop
year of 1915.
One of the many instances of the
splendid, work carried out at the
Liverpool docka'Ms afforded by the
Canadian Pacific liner "Metagama."
iOn-a-reeeh"r"arrival at that port she
started the discharge of her cargo
and coaling at 6 o'clock in the morning. Allowing for th,e usual dinner
hour, she took on board in her side
bunkers 1,000 tons''tif coal, which
was completed, by ,2.45 the same
afternoon. At the., same time she
discharged .li700 tons' of cargo, the
great© par^jrf '.which consisted of
Jnckafe fretebti completing this
i-fttion .by 7*16 the seme evening.
rKl       W-j'H'Siiy So
. ''I'aiigttftUJg.ft 'good deal out of
iUis,"-*ni* the gunbler picking up
four aces.     ■*»
VV/ HO has not heard of the thou-
W sand isles of the Gulf of
Georgia? This Gulf is a ramification of the great strait of Juan de
Fuca famed in legend and history,
through which the Spanish navi.
gators sailed hundreds of years ago,
aud which ii now one of tho '
portant trade routes of the world.
ItwoparateB Vancouver [stand from
the mainland of British Columbia
and the State of Washington, arid
is one of the moat beautiful waterways known to man.
The city of Victoria, nt the extreme south end of Vancouver la-
land, has several ferry lines connecting it with the mainland, but us
the steamship services in the past
have proved Inadequate for the large
crowds of summer visitors and motor
tourists, the Canadian Pacific Railway Company has put Into servieo"a
fast-going vessel which operates
twice daily between Victoria' land
Uellingham, Washington,, Th« tff/tJV
is an important addition to the Canadian Pacific fleet and-its tiAnieJ
"Motor Princess," is appwpr..atuUn.
that it is the first vessel of the
company, operating '6h: the PUdi!fict
to be equipped with, internal com-
bustion engines., These engines give
the boat a speed oi about fourteen
knots. On the two main decks there
is parking apace for fifty automobile*, and there is well appointed
accommodation for two hundred and
fifty passengers, saloon, restaurant,
An   Inspiring   vlita   of   th« writ coaat  ArrhlprUgt.
spending the winter hi California wit
her Bister Mrs. Percy Luke is lion
once more.
Some excitement in movie clrch
has been caused by the announcomei
in dispatches from New York to tl
effect that Mr. Laurence Barrymo)
who was lu here starring with a mi
vie company that were filming 'Sno
Blind' Is shortly to wed Miss Irei
Fenwlck, who appeared with him i
'The Olaw". Mr. Barrymore afti
seventeen years of a perfect niarrle
life wao divorced last December b
Fenwlck was divorced several wees
ago from Jus. F. O'Brien,.
Srctlotml nitvi of the "Motor Princef
smoking room and deck spaces for
The route travelled by the ferry
II marked by islands, some of them
many miles in extent, others gem-
..ke little islets which make the
waterway a succession of magnificent    pictures.     The   traveller   is
."  lllOVlns   mtlhod  of •torlni  can,
further entranced by the magnificent
view of Mount Baker standing garbed in its everlasting mantle of snow
among its satellites the foothills.
This lordly mountain is on the mainland near Uellingham, and, beautiful
and inspiring, it is seen at its best
when travelling to or from Victoria.
himit my i
To iho Editor
"Cranbrook Herald"
I flml myself in hearty agreement
with the editorial "All prone to error"
lm your current issue—indeed, it is
very rarely that your editorials do not
express my own feelings, though I am
hardly egotist enough to consider that
this Is a compliment to you!—particularly with two statements contained
therein, which, with your permission,
I will quote; "A parly will ho judged,
not. by the altruism of its leaders, but
by the impression their followers
mako" and "If there Is anything a-
miss with the old parties, ii is preferable to get to the core of things and
cut rather than try to hammer from
tho outside with a club". i
I should, however^like :to suggest.
with some difiiilente, thai ygtt-did w-1
carry the second statement fo iis log-
leal conclusion, ii was up to the
Conservative party, at their recent
conference, to make the "cut" by adopting entirely new leadership and a
few new principles (notably ihe abolition of that horribly un-Britlsh
institution, political patronage). 1ml
they refused to do so. The Liberal
party, as represented by tlie present
Government, have shown themselves
oppfcBcd to "cuts" of any sort, hence
our rapidly increasing debt and taxes.
What wonder, then, If a hearly welcome ie extended to "the man with a
club?" Though distance is commonly
supposed to tend enchantment to the
view, I fancy that very few non-party
men—and, after all, am I wrong In
(tnsldering that the bulk of the electorate comes under this bonding?—
will consider thnt the present Government is much worse than the Conservative government before the war.
Most of those who read "The Crisis in
B. C," must have agreed that, even
allowing tor Its being, as It undoubtedly was, an exaggerated and partizaii
publication, there was enough truth
+ In il to show tlie existence of u state
♦ 'of things which was, to put it mildly,
exceedingly discreditable lo tho then
Government. A good deal has been
I made—and rightly—of tbo case of Mr.
'Walllnger, but It should not be forgotten that "The Crisis In B. 0." gave
■rmipler and verse for at) attempted
case of (he same or even worse character by that government, of which
My. Bowser was, I believe, second -in
command; l say, attempted, becaiuto,
according to the account given, u
threat of publicity In Ihis case saved
the victim. 1 called public attention to
this at the time, and urged thnt, as alt
Ihe name:-, had been given, it was Ihe
duty of those accused to take the matter Into the libel court; but. Lhougu 1
had a letter frcm the then Minister of
Lands saying that there was no truth
ln the account, nothing was done to
refute it. publicly and one van only
draw a natural conclusion.
So much for the necessity of, but
failure to make a "cut",   Willi regard
to iho first quoted statement, ft will be
for the organizers of the new party to
put before  us   candidates who  have
shown by their private Hfo that there
is reason to hope that they may be
strong enough  lo resist'"the lure of!
I Lhe flesh pots" of public life.   If the
'organizers fail in this duty, ihen the1
'new parly will have no Justification j
1 for Its birth, and will undoubtedly go
the way of the two older parties.   A
few weeks ago, you were good enough :
to print a letter of mine In which I
outlined  a  doubtless  somewhat   Utopian system for choosing these caiull-!
dales; although    It    would   probably'
have lo be modified in actual practice,!
j I still think that some system based
on tho lines I suggested will have to
ho adopted  if we aro successfully to
clean out our super-Augean stables.
One more word, Mr. fcdltoj-, before
concluding Ihis somewhat lengthy diatribe, A people generally gets the
government il deserves. If we refuse
to exercise our franchise, either because we nre of the opinion (how
often one hears it expressed just now)
that both parties are utterly corrupt
(even if there had been seme excuse
for this attitude there is none now
when a third party with a elean slate
has presented itself), or because we
arc Indifferent and will not take tlie
trouble to go to the poll, our Government can only go fnem bad to worse
and wo shall only have ourselves to
Baynes Lake;
May 10th, 1923,
Sticdi Is Fate
With Nan's cash Pa lit out for Mlatn
But In Jail he remurked, "Nov
where am 1?"
Nan Buld with a Jeor,
'You're ll) Jail, pa, I fear."
And Pa sadly replied, "Oh, Miami."
/jZZKi and give your
f-%y stomach a lift
ri-ovUca "the Ut of
■W«ctM la hstn-ficimi
Helps   lo clean**
Ike teela and keep
tkcm healthy.,
H-h-H-1-H-MH-M'M III I I Mil
i-l-M 11 1 III II I 1 I I M 111 I II 1 I
(Special lo The Herald)
lnvermere, U. 0., May 19,—After
spending tho winter in' travelling
through England, Scotland and the delightful winter resorts of southern
Europe, Mr. It. Randolph Bruce has
returned to his home here.
Word has been received thnt Mr. J.
E. Com wall; manager of the Bank of
Montreal at Swift, urrent, Sask., will
this mouth be married to Miss Murray
of that place. For many years Mr.
Cornwall was manager uf the local
branches of this-bank lu this part and
won high esteem as a man cl sound
business and a good all round man on
athletic sports.
Mr. Morton of the firm of B. D.
Griffin Company, Ltd., of Vancouver,
who wero recently awarded a contract ror $45,000.00 for the construction of a portion of the new main
highway south from Cana Plat was
here this week in connection with tho
work. This will he pushed with speed
us that portion of the road forms one
of the links connecting up tlieBanff.
Windermere motor highway with the
main trunk roads further south.
Mrs. Charles Roberts of Wilmer,
who ban been In Scotland for a short
visit has returned home. She Is accompanied by her sister Miss Grieves.
Mrs. James Uuncun who has been
Spring Cartoonettes
Practical Commercial Count la
Skortkiut, Typewriting
toctteeplif,  Commercial   Un
Commercial EagUah and
For Particular* Auiil' to
C. tt. T1LEH, Prlaclual
P. 0. Box, li, Helton, B.C
Lift Off with Fingers
Doom't Hurt a bltl Drop a little
Freetont" on an aching corn, blatantly that corn atopi hurling, tlw
■hortl* jou lift It right off with ring
era.  Truly!
Tour druggist aella a tiny bottle ol
Troeaone" for a few centa, autti. Hut
to remote OTory hard corn, ioft corn,
or corn between the toot, and tlie ral-
i, without eoreneea or Irritation,
»«i.-vt.i>\tTmo«i s*iw
H. iiaiia. Photogr»|»fier
Portrait*. * Amateur HiiMiIiib
Done by Kiiiort Puologn plior
—  PIIOOKB   PlIltNlSIIKI)   -
LiiuvH um your KIIiiih to hit DO*
eloiiud — 2,-hnnr Borvloo.
Over Whllo Lunch        lloi 301
Lee Ging
{Tailoring,   Dry  Cleaning,
Pressing, Repairing.
j We alio clean While Fura aud
[ Gloves of all kinds. High Cloaa
work at loweat prices.
114 Armstrong Ave., Cranbrook
P.O. Box
L. D. Cafe
(tittle Daieaport)
When you wlah something good
to eat co to tbo "L.D."
ODB   PBICIS   ABE    BIGHT Friday, May 95th, 1023
The funeral of the late John Russell
of Port Steele who died in St. Eugene
Hospital on Saturday, wn;; held on
Tuesday, Rev. 0, W. McKay ot Knox
1'rosbytcrlan Church conducting the
service. One brother from theCoast
was tlie only mourner.
Effective SUNDAY, MAY L'Otli,
Times fur Trains at
CHANAHOOK will ttei
Westbound       —Dally--       Easl boll lid
No. 67 ur 13.10 No. 1)8 nr 4.10
lv 12.20 lv 4.20
Moll anil Tbura Wed and Sal
No. S21 lv II a.m.    No. 822 ar 8.30 p.m.
No 823 lv 7,06 am    No 824 nr 2.10 pin
I Hilly except Siuuliiy
and 8, i.ll standard sleeping cam
between Montreat, Toron.lo and
Vancouver will be resumed, first
train leaves each of these points
ou May 20th, 1923.
THK MOUNTAIN Win, TrnlnB Nos. 13
anil 14, between St. Paul aud Vancouver will he resumed, first
through trait! passing Calgary west-
hound Juno 13th and eastbond June
Fnr further particulars apply I" liny
Ticket Agent.
District Passenger Agent.
11-13 . CALQARY.
Very efficacious tor sore throats
and head colds-leaves such a
Cool, clean feeling. Use it to pre
wnt the Flu1 Throats sprayed with
Klenzo resist all disease germs.
Take home a bottle today.
— The Ilr-xHll Store —
CRANBROOK      -      -  B.C.
Where It ncyi to deal
Cranbrook CotUgt Hospital
(l.lecused by Prof, tlovl I
Maternity and llcneral Nuritii*.
Terms Moderate
»R.S. K. I lUVVHIRli,  Matron.
(Ii.riliMi Avenue      -  Plione 23*
Full Mm- of Wall Paper
In Stoek.
Store, Hanson Avenue
l'hon* 409 it ill bourt
CIUNHROOK     •    -     -    B.C.
Kwong Chong
11 ArniHtrong Avenue
Opposite W. I). Mil's
First CIuhh  Work  Guaranteed.
Peter Morris, of Bull River ia reported from the hospital to be recovering nicely.
Muster Itobert Parker, of this city.
In recovering nicely at the hospital after recently undergoing an operation
for appendicitis.
Miss Olive Lungton, public school
teacher at Iuvenuere, la ttpending the
holidays at the home of Mr. ami Mrs.
A. A. MacKinnon.
Miss  Marion   MacKinnon  returned
home today, Wednesday, from Toronto after tint completion of her soi
ond yeur ut Varsity.
Mr. Harold Ungas, proprietor of
the Particle, wan a patient at the hon-
pltal for a couple or days with uu Injured knee he .sustained iu an accident
last Sundny.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Patrick Smith expect
to take up residence at Flagstone
Mils week, where Mr. Smith Is employed at the mill. Mr. Smith was
In the city over last week-end and
took possession of a fully equipped
Ford touring car.
It has been definitely decided that
a Dokkle celebration will be held in
('ratibrook on June 23rd. Over one
hundred Dokkies will be In attendance. The Nelson degree team will
be here and also teams from Fertile
and other places.
Mrs. O. D. Carlyle is expecting the
arrival of her sister, Mrs. T. Hunna,
of Vancouver, to spend a few weeks
with her. Mrs. N. A| Beach, another
sister, and a friend, Mrs. Urquahart,
of Vancouver, have been visiting at
the home of Mrs. Carlyle for a short
In connection with the strike among the lumber workers recently,
which enme to a close officially last
week-end, it was a matter of comment
that there was absolutely no disorder,
nor any hint of unrullness on the
part of the strikers, for which it Is
fett the strike committee should be given commendation. Special steps
were taken to guard against illicit liquor purveyors from working In the
ranks of the strikers by n workers'
"You Never Can Toll" ((.. B. Shaw)
is the play chosen  by  the  Players'
Mrs. Philpot left on .Sunday last on CIub of the ™verslty ■* B. C to be
a visit to the Old roumry to eitend' produced  at  ,he Auditorium.   Cranbrook, on Saturday evening next.
The plot is briefly us follows: Mrs
Lungfrey Clandou, a strong-minded
woman and her three children have'
returned recently   to   England from
over some time.
Not Sick Once in
Four Years Now
Mrs. Smith Declares Health Has
Heen Perfect since Tanlac
Kn<le«l Stomach Trouhle
"For ten years, hardly a day passed
that I didn't suffer from stomach
trouble, hut I took Tanlac four years
ago and haven't had a sick day since."
is the remarkable statement made re-
ently by Mrs. Tlmnmr Smith, SS Me
t)eo St., Toronto, Ontario.
The little I managed to ent simply
tortured me with pains In the pit of
my stomach, and gas pressed around
my heart causing it to skip beats until
I thought it would stop altogether. I
wus as nervous as a witch, and lost so
much sleep that 1 was dark aud swollen under my eyes. I was so weak
and run down I could hardly walk a
block or do my housework, nnd was
almost in despair.
"Tanlac certainly was a godsend iu
restoring nu> to such perfect health,
and I think it's the greatest medicine
ever made. Nearly everybody else on
McGes Street seems to have used lhc
treatment and are praising it too.'*
F oimnc In form
Tanlac Is for sale liy all kihkI
Druggists. Accept no siilwtitnte. Over
87 million bottles sold.
Mrs. Jas. Duncan, who lias been at
Lhe hospital as a patient for some little lime back, returned to her home
on .Monday of ihis week much improved,
Members ot the Women's Institute
are again notified tliat the classes
for iiit lace work will be held ut the
V. M, a A. on Friday, May 25th, at
In rogafil to the report in last
week's Herald of the false alarm of
flro recorded, ll appears tliat a few
havo the Impression that a suggestion wus made that the call original
ed with central. This was not the
case, und if any ambiguity would
give out this Impression, the Hrald
hastens to apologize. Apart from
this the facts were as stated, and
there Is no question but that the proper thing was done by central, when
a call bad been left to raise the alarm. Needless to say the Information on which the Herald story was
based was drawn from official quarters.
Previous to the departure of Mrs.
A. A. Cameron from tho city this
week for Vancouver, a farewell was
held by the members of the c. I. A.
lo the B. of Ii. E., al a gathering held
at the home of Mrs. tl. I). Carlyle,
On behalf of the lodge, the president,
Mrs. T. S. Gill expressed regret at
the departure of Mrs. Cameron and
family from the city, and presented
her with a cut glass vase as a remembrance from friends in Cranbrook.
A presentation was also made to
Mrs. Cameron before leaving the city
by Mrs. F, V. Harrison, on behalf of
the W. A. or Christ Church, in the
form of a fountain pen. Ou Monday
the Cubs iu connection with the Anglican Seoul Patrol held a farewell
for Donald Cameron, one of their
members, which took the form of a
bean feed, with songs and games.
If the number of huilillngs in the
course of construction is any criterion,
Cranbrook is going ahead, No less
Ihau fen new buildings or alterations
to buildings are under way. Several
contracts have boon awarded for others. The Clatison building is just
beginning lo rise from the street level
and a llrst class quality of face brick
is being used . The H. C. Long
building on Van Home street is nearly completed and will soon be opened
as a first class rooming house. The
Sam Vfck building on the same street
has also progressed as far as the
basement and foundation. Alterations ure being made to the premises
on Armstrong Ave., opposite W. W.
Kilby's store which when completed
will bouse the offices or the Board of
Trade and will be the publicity head-
i|iiurters for the tourist association
branch here. The new Walkley
building is hearing completion, and
the new Jackson building Js starting
to climb.
Madeira, where she had taken bar
family in infancy to remove them from
the husband sho loathes,
The first scene Introduces ns to the
twins—Dolly and Philip—and to Val-
entine, a "five shilling" demist who,
the moment before has extracted
Dolly's tooth Without gas. The twin;
are an odd mixture of sophistication
und Innocence, They speedily muke
Valentine's aqualntauce and are In the
midst of repealing Uielr family skeleton when Mrs. Clnndon and her daughter enter. Valentino Immediately
falls In love with the beautiful Gloria
and is prevailed upon to join the family ut luncheon.
Matters now move rapidly, Mrs.
Clandou and her husband meet. They
attempt to come to some agreement,
but nre hampered hy their mutual antagonism. Meanwhile, Gloria and
Valentine are having their difficulties.;
for if Valentine has fallen iu love more
rapidly, Gloria, after some deliberation
does so more thoroughly, Valentino
Is more in love with being in love..
They quarrel and dm outcome Is
doubtful. There is a period of hub-
pense und we wonder how ibese two
problems will be solved. However,
before the curtain falls for the last
time, tolerance and love conquer, and
we glimpse a "happy ever after" future.
In connection witli the production
by University Players or thoir comedy, "You Never Can Tell', at Kamloops on Monday the 14th, insl, which
was one of the Initial appearances of
the company on their present trip,
tbe Kamloops Standard Sentinel says
In part, "It was the best production
which the players have been responsible for. That they are greatly
improved In acting, aud enunciation
was the immediate opinion or those
who have followed their fortunes iu
before performances"
The mechanical refinements of a
high-priced car—yet
it sells for $1375
LibIii-Sit velvet ore Inclined at a 20-dfgr« angle,
winch poiiti'ni inmaiei power und rontritmtr* un.
umijI ijuirtiieii of oprrfition.
Vibration in jirsciicully eliminated in tlie Unlit -Si* due
Wthe perfect engine balance it-cured through machin-
inn iti-criii ikiltufi und luiniei-ting rodi on oil surface*.
The nest cur in price to do tlm iclh for nearly $-1000
THE Studebaker Light-Six offers you fine
car design and construction at a medium
price. Its mechanical refinements insure superior performance, fewer repairs and longer life.
Great demand, with consequent large scale
production; and complete manufacture in
Studebaker factories, resulting in the elimination of parts-makers' profits—are responsible
for savings that make it possible for Studebaker to incorporate quality features of design
in the Light-Six and still be able to offer it to
you for $1375.
See the Light-Six before you buy—ride in
it—and you will agree that it is the most remarkable automobile value in Canada.
MODELS AND PR1CBS-* o fc VMkerHtlk.Ont -fltc/ui
5-Pmtt.lirW. B.
4011 P.
Touring... 11375
Roaditer (J-Pau.j 1375
(3-P«M.) -....1775
Sedan 221S
5 Pete., lir W. B
SO tl. P.
Touring      J17QS
Roa.Ut-f (i Pan ) .17oO
Coupe (-t-Pan.)  275J
Se*hn  3950
Speedtten* Pa,
Coupe (4-p.iM )
Vancouver B.C.—The trumpeter
»wan. believed to be extinct aa it litis
not been seen for nearly ten years,
haa lately been reported as wintering'
In the lower Okanogan. The Parka
Branch of tbe Department ot the Interior wbb notified that a little riuek
of nineteen had been aeen there and
the lake vicinity waa at once declared a sanctuary and a warden appointed to patrol ft.
A life ul chain, running in n constant apray of oil, lukra
the place or i he uttml timing ||eeri, and thereby COB*
tribute! lu the quietne*.*. of tlio Li|[ht   Sil motor.
Terms to Meet Your Convenience.
MtAMtltOOK. IU'.
Editor: "What la that man ao mud
Boy: "Ho cays that he sent you a
poem about bis little boy which started, 'My son, my pigmy counterpart-—'"
Editor: "Well, well,we ran ft, what'a
he got to "
Boy: "Yea, but look," and he handed
the boss a copy of the edition In which
the poem waa printed and he read:
Sunday Services:
HoliucHtf meeting at 11 a.m.
Sunday school at :i p.m.
Salvation meeting at 7,80 p.m.
Weitneaduy evening, public meeting at 8 p.m., May 30. Brigndler
i'numbs, divialonul commamler for
U.C, will conduct the meeting.
We Invito you to these services.
America's Healthiest Girl *
established 1SIIS
IMinne 114
Geo. R. Leask
I iiMiii'I Work.   Picture Framing
F.stliiuiics given on
nil dosses of work
Offlrn Corner Jiorlinrr Avenue
anil Ednurds Slrrel
Our Food anil Service are Pleasing a Host of Friends.
Opposite C, P. R.
Telephone M
P.O. Rat tit
Towrlss A Adam*.
Agents for Hard and Soft Coal.   Distribution Can a
Specialty.   Excellent Warehousing,
ddnco, however.
i.iimberlon       y
Frank  Crooks  left  Tor
last week.
The girls' basketball committee re-
l-ort u very pleasant and sociable time' Fernie     2
el tholr dallco lam Wednesday, Coun- Cranbrook    1
ler attractions deteriorated tlie atten-; Wycliffe |  1
i    The game, played in the Amateur
_^ .League thi*  week  boosted  the uver-
Tho Kootenay and St. .Mary's rivers age of the city team, Ur. Huffman's
ure still rising, but not fast enough; aggregation    of   purely homo talent
to prevent a big flood, with the cold winning both their game*.      The V.
nights we are having. , jr. c. A.  went down    to    rlefeat  lo
 ..*..  .them en Friday, and tiie high school
MTV TEAM  I.KAItS AJIA-        hoys this week look Iho short end of
TECH  LEAGUE)    EOT-        !a  •*—U *W»tf*Jt      The games are
HKHI.KV  THE DISTRICTItm  becoming more Interesting, and
  I lots ot talent Is showing up.
Standing of tlie league teams: —
W,      L
city       ■:       I
High   School       2        2
V. Jt.C.  A    1 3
Kimberley    2        0
[ The dls'.ri'l league gane- on Sun-
PC day laat resulted in a win for Kim-
.750 berley o\'er the fast Fernie aggre-
.:",U0'gallon, score •"• 0, while the Wycliffe'
,2",0 nine defeated Lumberton ar WyCIIffe
by t—X.
.666 On Sunday neit Wyi llffe plays fn
.alW) Cranbrook. Kimberley at Lumberton
.000 with Fernie Idle.
Right efbr
Even* Car
VU^HEN buying a battery, remember
'" that it is not the sole aim of Prest-
O-Lite to sell you a storage battery,
but rather to insure the constant, efficient operation of your car's electrical
system. This demands not only the
long life and greater power of Prest-
O-Plates, but the wide-spread organization of Presto-O-Lite Service.
fimtOMte Storage Battery
-right lor every car
wrm nbmh SMenno.-runH.
Mamutrltt Martin, Mortar-old IbspeM, T«n., won the luiutoa'
decision for lbs title of America's bsalthlset eblld tt tht First Nn.
Ilonel Box and Olrl Clab Ooofrate ktld la Cklctfo recently.   Mar.
-    i       -T" -**"T* TV" T*^ Tf JT-^R^ m eWfWLW ****** •■ W^t »W
East Kootenay Battery Service
Ted Cooper Cranbrook B.C.
Friday, Mar 85th, 1923
Ice  Cre^m
We ulso have a new stock of—
The Druggist
Insure with Beule and Elwell.
See our window display ol Kettles,
! Pans und other Kitchen Utensils. The
| Blfi 22. 12
On Thursday last, May the 17th, Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Bardgett welcomed a
young daughter lo their home.
Local Fresh Dairy Butter 35c and
40c a pound.   Guaranteed Local Fresh
Eggs marked 35c a dozen.   Cranbrook
..Trading Co. 18
On Sunday afternoon while return
j ing from the ball gome at Kimberley,
Mr. Auton of the Club Cute met with
I au unfortunate accident.   It appears
I] I thnt   whllo   overtaking   n   car   he
j was following Mi'. Anton applied the
brakes which refused lo work nnd rather than foul the cur ahead he turned Into u hunk with the consequence
I that his car overturned,      However
|| neither ho nor Mr. Hnrper who was
also in the car received any Injury.
The car was brought Into town and
is In process of repulr at Ihe Hanson
New designs In Bedsteads .can bo
seen at the Bill 28. . See this slack
before. Imyliii; Unit new lied. .12
Mrs. Constable and son Evorurd,
left on Sunday for Crnnbrook. where
the boy Ib undergoing trcatmont In St.
Eugene hospital and so far us we can
learn Ib doing as well us can be expected.—Creston Kevlew.
We havo In stock a full line ot
Women's, Men's, Girls', Boys' and
Children's Shoes. Our Block is com*
plete and—
Our low prices win every time.
W. P. DORaN.
Vim will lie pleaset
tho Slur Studio does
Try them   next time.
with tlie work
on your films.
may he au unmitigated blessing. You may hare had
them too long, but bated to
thro* then away It jou
have wars your present
glasses mors than two years
you probably need another
pair. Step In and see anyway. It doesn't cost anything to hat* your eyes examined.
Airs. D. Macdonald and young son
of Cranbrook, are visitors here this
week-end, the guest «f Mr. and Mrs.
Geo.  Cartwrlfilit. —Creston  Review.
Const. W. H. Laird, nr Yahk, visited tho city last week as n witness
lu connection wttii the hold-up case
in. Lumberton.
Earl Bwaiiflon went through to
Cranbrook Sunday, wliero lie is taking third shirt in the despatcher'a office at that point—Creston Review,
Sale Now On
We are going In reduce our Stock, nml do It snappy.  Come
to the Store und see for yourself.
CUl'S AND SCAUCBHS, white or blue, Sule prlco « for 411.10
GINGHAMS, perfectly fust In color, pretty cheeks, reg 46c yd.
sulo prlco -' yds. Me
BRITISH MADE PIUNTS, 32 Ins. ill width    2 yds, .i6c
MOLESKIN (II.OVES, sule price   85c
MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS, sulo price  • •. *1.IK)
TABLE OILCLOTH, sule price   45c yd.
CHILDREN'S SHOES, sizes 3 and 7, sale price   *I.IKI
WINDOW BLINDS, sulo price   95c
lien's Dress und Working Shoes; Ladles' Canvas und Leather Slippers on sule ut Trices never heard ol* before.
OCT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS) — You can liny by mail.
Your money returned If you are not satisfied.   Write
for our Sale Bulletin
Hills for lhe Whole Family       On Sule
The Lhlire Stock of IIKKSSIS — e jusl
ill this week  On Sale
Morning und atternoon trips to
Kimberley from Drown & Morley's
Stage office opposite Kootenuy Garage
Phono 631. 13
J. S. Herity of Red Deer, Alto., is
opening up u gents furnishing store
ou Baker Street In the store In ths
McLeod block recently occupied by
Monro's.  Cnfe.
See "Jiggs," the world's funniest
comic, every day In Ihe Nelson News.
Subscription CO cents month 13 six
months. 12-15
Mrs, Eleanor lilussforil, mother of
Mr. liniment of this city left on Tuesday for her homo In Beaverton, Ont.,
nfter an absence of about a year. Mrs.
(Ilassford Intends to stop over for
short visits at Calgary and Reglna.
All the worth while news of tlio ln
terlor of British Columbia   every day
In Iho Nelson Dally News.    Subscrlp.
lion 110 cents month, $3 six months.
Safety deposit boxes are the only
safe deposilory tor Title Deeds, Victory Bonds, etc. A box in Beale ft
Elwcll's vuult only cosls $3.00 per
annum. 13
Ceo. Hogarth, well known Cranbrook hotclmun was here over the
week-end the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
ISmull. While In town he tried out
lbe buss fishing In the Kootenay River.—-Creston  Review.
Mr. D. Morley, of Jurbrtdge, Neva
iln bus--joined Mr. Jack Brown In the
Slage und Transfer Business. Mr.
Brown's business lias reached a stage
where assistance wus required and he
has consequently taken Into partnership Mr. Morley with whom he had
heen formerly associated.
Anglers' Contest Now On
Du not forget to bring your bis
trout in to he weighed and entered lu
contest. Remember we are putting
nil a prize ot $04 to the fisherman
bringing in the largest trout during
the season. Moffutt's Variety Store,
Tho largest Fishing Tackle House in
Knst Kootenay.
Fresh Strawberries 30c. Fresh
Cream 20c half pint, Asparagus 25c
Ih. Cucumbers 35c. Cranbrook Trading Co. 13
Hemstitching.—Mrs.  Suttees, G
den Avsnus.
If you ar* looking (or a house, call
on Beale ft Elwell. 13
Special trips arranged to any place,
any time, by Brown and Morley.
Phone 531. 13
D. S. R Wins, R. W Fulton and Dr.
J. Lay, ot the Workmen's Compensation Board, were In tbe city last weekend.
W. F. Doran carries a full Uu ot
both Boots and Shoes, ana General
Goods. See htm tor that new Congo-
leura Rug, sr a Simmons' Bed. —Do-
ran's Low Prices Win Every Tin*.
Saturday liar it—Keep this date
open for   the University   playara   In
You Never Can Tell". lOtf
Dr. W. A. Fergle announces that he
will be absent from the city commencing Monday, June 11, and until tha
2nd. July. Those having dentistry In
view are asked to arrange appointments accordingly. 11-15
Mrs. R, W. Farrier of Vancouver,
and Mrs. W. A. Patterson and young
son of Golden are visiting at the home
of  Mr. and Mis. W. F. Cameron.
Just arrived —a new shipment of
Lifebuoy Running Shoes. All slses
for Men Women and Children at
Cranbrook Exchange.
Our low prices win every time
There is a real treat In store for
the people ot Cranbrook, Saturday.
May 26th, when th* University Play,
era pressnt "You Never Can Tell." At
the Auditorium. This ia a bright comedy. 11
Chlldreas' Hats and Caps
Come in st once and look over our
offerings In Children's Hats and Caps.
We have a large stock to choose from,
from 35c up to 12.25 each at Moffstl
Variety Store
Recently waa recorded the poor
sportsmanship of some party In
moving ths fish tram th* traps at
Fish Lake. Last week the same par.
ty, apparently, committed further
illegal acts. The hatchery superintendent Is keeping busy these days,
and It Is understood some 400,005 eggs
hare heen collected to data.
We are selling new 30x3* tires tar
$11.50 each. Cord* IM.50 each. Repaired Urea W to W each- Wilson's
Vulcanising Works, opposite Ltquor
Store. 13
Mr. W. Lloyd and wife of Kelowna,
arrived iu the city last Thursday by
motor. Mr. Lloyd left Kelowna on
the 12th. Inst., coming via Anarchist
Mountain, Rosslsnd and Northport.
They report the roads in good condition from Northport to Rosslaud,
but from Creston to Yahk the road Is
in very poor shape. Mr. Lloyd Is a
representative of the Aehdown Hardware Co., of Calgary, but makes his
home in the orchard city.
Charming New Billie Burke
$6.50 to $11.00
Sizes 10 to 42
Insure your auto witli Beale
& El-     Book    y
18 through n
■ passage
fi  dwell.
Miss Helen C. Worden returned to
Cranbrook on Wednesday thi
from Toronto wher* ah* ha»
attendance at th* university.
Worden successfully psind her first
year ana examination, and alia won
her A. T. c. M. at th* Toronto Conservatory of Music.
The Marlon Oliver Mission Band ot
Knox Church will give s Outset in
th* Schoolroom on Frldajt, Jun* lit,
at 7.35 p.m. Adrnlist**, adult* lie.
children 20c i*
8. 8. Phillips ha* *rrtv*d for a visit
of Inspection to hi* ranch which wn*
planted out to fniH tr*en tht* spring.
Mr. Phillip* recently attended convocation of the University ot B.C.,
received th* mall* colored hood ot a
bachelor ot sclenc* in agriculture
Speery baa Just been appointed a dominion fruit Inspector tor tha dkaaa-
gan, and wilt comma*** work short-
ly.—Creston Review.
For Fitktaf TMMa
Com* In now while our stack I* complete and get your aupply ot Fishing
Tackle. We carry th* mast complete
stock ot tackle tn Eaat KooUnay at
Moffait's Variety Stor*.
Last week a party conflating at Mrs.
Huffman, Miss D*ll» Greaves aad Mr.
W. H. Greaves motored to Spoken*
leaving about LIM Tuesday
and arrived in Spokane at 1 p,
(Spokane time). Th* return trip w*s
made Thursday. Just halo
Spokane one ot th* party met with a
painful accident The car was; going
at a fairly good rata when a small
cross ditch wa* struck, and Ml*. Huf -
man who wa* nt th* thus turned to on*
aid* watching a passing car, was
thrown upwards, her head coming In
contact with th* framework of the
top, a *mall cut over the left eye being
Inflicted, as a result of which she Is
now carrying around a bruised eye.
Apart from this marfortua* th* trip
was very pleasant, teal Nad*, haaalt-
ful scenery aad seeing th* hug* «lty.
Saturday Special
Special! Saturday only, in Aluminum ware. Everything in our window
at 16c. Regular price 2r,c. Moffatt's
Variety Store.
Try the Star Studio with your next
roll of films. Baker Street opposite
Frank Parks & Co. 13
A straight car of Simmons Neils.
Springs und Mattresses have Jusl arrived. See these before you buy. W.
F. Doran. Our low prices win every
time., 18tt
Kimberley 11.50 single, f.'.r.O return
from the Brown & Morley slage. Par-
cols called for and delivered in Kimberley. 18
Far yeur summer vacation, liny »
new Suitcase, at the lilt. Ss. We
have a good selection 12
B. G. Hamilton, of lnvermere, paid
one of his occasional husiness visits
to ths city over lost week-end, during which time he was a welcome culler at the Herald. He returned lo
lnvermere on Monday.
Th* Veneila Hotel is undergoing a
thorough renovation by painting and
kalaomlntng. The entire building Is
being redecorated. Mr. John c.nnl Is
the contractor.
Th* ladlea' baseball club got away
to a good start one evening lust
weak when practises commenced.
In future first aid kits will be In
readiness. One Isdy star triod In
atop th* ball with her foot, resulting
in a badly bruised ankle. The ruth-
in which they wield Iho
hickory would he an eye-opener lo
the Bah* himself.
Europe ,    World news, district news, the best
13   features, all In the Nelson Dally News.
i|!0 cents month.     »3.00 six mouths.
Mr. II. K, McLean of Calgary, re-1 12-10
presenting tho Imports) on Co. Ltd.,' —
hns been a business visitor for tho Mrs. Geo. A. Anion, wife of mine
past week. Mr. McLean is taking upmost at the Club cafe returned lo
the matter cf the oiling of the main Cranbrook today (Wednesday i from
thoroughfares Willi representatives of ?»"<»<<»*■ Alla-.wher* she has been
Iho city. From Information obtained enjoying a hollday_at her home there,
the cost ot oiling the streets would' prf,,,,!,, 1)f former O P. 11. agent
not bo ns heavy a bunion us had been j 0oo,|man „„ „ol uke to hear thai duo
previously estimated.. It Is expected; (0 trouble „,ln nUl ieg he Iuib hud to
take a couple of months' leave from
work at Lumberton In order to take
medical treatment ut Cranbrook. —
Creaton  Review.
thnt some decision will be arrived ut
before long.
Wo invite out of town visitors to
make our store Ibeir Headquarters
on May 24th ns our Ice cream Parlor
will lie open all (lay,
Drop In And Try Some
or a DRINK from the
MMMMWMMl ii.*!**,*. *•*•»
_ Amm
.. Prices Bused ou n Low
See I's (ur All Kinds nf Wiring
W. A. Burton
(Temporary headquarters)
New Ice Cream Parlor
We   are   now   settled   In   our
brand new store on Van Home
We   can   now   serve you   with
Fa*a* a.
W* pay tn* best pita* going for all
kinds   ot   furniture.     Wo buy any-
thing from a nuns* trap to an automobile.
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
WANTED. — Clean cotton rags, free
from lint. No woollens. Herald
Ofac*. I"
LOST—On Friday last Marten fnr
neck piece, Finder please phone 452
or leave with Mlas Woodland ut
Central School. 13
WANTED—Girl for general housework. Apply to Mrs., Fred Ailolpli.
Baynes Lake. 12—13
FOR SALK— Pure bred Holsleln Hull
Calf, nix weeks old, from good nillh-
sr, 1411.00. O. G. Barber, New,; lie.
B.C. II    13
FOR RENT—Three rooms, furnished,
with or without board. 20!i Dewar
Avenue. lilt
FOR SALK- Good milking cow, duo lo
freshen end of April, Apply Ben-
bow Ranch, or P.O. Box 275.       tit
FOR BALE. — A Bluebird cream separator.     Apply B. Weston HI ore.
40 ACRE FARM CHEAP—tor quick
sale. Good buildings, spring creek,
auto road to door, fine bottom land
with part already und.tr cultivation.
Big Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, close
by, Is rsady marks t right at door.
Apply to Martin Bros., Cranbrook,
ao. »tf
WANTED—We wish to purchase for
spot cash at markst pries two good
milk cows, trash within pent thirty
days. Brown Poultry Ranch. P.O.
Box 70S, Cranbrook. Iltt
KU BAUs-OM aavage Ml. sad oa*


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