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Cranbrook Herald Aug 24, 1916

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Hlir Audience Gives Mood Atti'titioii to Their Grlcicisms ol' tlie
(government—Illume Conservatives for nil the l'luirtriiiir
broiul-ciist tree of charge. A voice in
tho audience suggested The Hun tis
woll, and Mr. Macdonald Included it.
thong.] ua The Hnnis ;i Liberal payer
ho did not tlw.n on Hint point aay
Mr, Macdonald went mi lo suy timi
in lin* province it watt not a question
of party bul ot good or bad administration of Un* laws, or biiBlncBs coiiBidoro
tlon. "Tlio government had exploited
tin* resources and damaged tho credll
nf the province" and getting carried
away with his own extravagant statements) ho stated there Imd been a
"saturnalia o( waste, extravagance um
graft," on tho part of the government
(.Continued on page 4)
A Rpii-ndlii audience which tilled the
Auditorium to the doorfl greeted thi'
Llboral loaders on Monthly night when
they prQBCUtod their ease to tlle Cnitl-
brook electorate, I3very speaker ro-
oolved an excellent hearing and while
the audlenca was made up of both Liberals am] Conservatives together with
u largo number of ladles, thoro was
no attempt to Interrupt or heckle any
•speaker.    A Word Ot praise ia due tho
audieiiee both at Moinhiy night's mooting, and tiui previous Conservative
mooting for their most exemplary behaviour t'l'Diii start lo finish. Another
pleasing feature of both meetings was
tbo good spirit existing between tbo
two local candidates ami the absence
nf personalities or mud-slinging as between tbo two candidates,
The platform was beautifully decorated with Hags ae'i and a profusion
of home grown flowers, ami made a
plonalng picture. The meeting wa;
somewhat lengthy but the audience, or
at least a good portion of it, had gone
there to hear the Liberal explanation
of the plugging operations at the
const, and as this was left for Mr.
Brewster, the last speaker, and even
he reserved it till the latter part of
his speech, the gathering was held
intact   till   tho   finish.
More than usual interest was attached to Mr, Macdonald's appearance in
Cranbrook on account of ids former
residence in this city, and the desire
and hope of so many of his old friends
thnt he would be able to elear himself
of the onus of being Implicated in the
notorious plugging conspiracy In thc
recent bye-election In Vancouver, In
whicli Mr. Macdonald won out over the
Minister of Public Works by a majority of over 4,000. Both liis and Mr.
Brewster's plea was that the whole
affair was a damnable Conservative
plot to ruin his career ami divert attention from the Government's own
shortcomings. The charges of graft
and corruption on tlie part of the
government's actions and the accompanying blue-ruin forecast for the
future unless the Saviours of the country, In other words the Liberal Party,
**'*etu-" bc returned ^a-power
It was unfortunate that Dr. King
was compelled to bc absent from the
meeting on account of   professional
duties, with the exception of a few (hour before the dance. Ttie price of
minutes. Conductor Genest occupied I admission will be $1 a couple, but It
the chair while a number of the lead- (a hoped that everybody will help the
Ing lights of the local Liberal party nmnd to the extent of a dollar, whether
were also on the platform. All tho they dance or not.
speakers wore given a good reception, j T|ie i*,and ]S desirous of obtaining
but particularly the two candidates, : additional players, and would be glad
Dr. King and Mr. Caven who received , to boar from nny willing to play,
almost an ovation nn their appearance.: Those who have played before are pre-
The  first   speaker  was  Mr.  A.    1.    ferred. but a welcome will be extend-
Fisher, Liberal candidate for Uie Per- K>d to any who  will  take up a horn.
The   band   practices   every   Tuesday
night  in   the  band  room  in  tlie  top
Will Give a Ilk Dance on Evening of Fall Fair, With a
Hand  Concert  In
Front of Hall
After the regular practice of th*3
Craubrook City Band on Tuesday night
a business meeting was held and
the following officers elected*
President: R. W. Russel.
Vice-Pres.: P. A. Parker.
Sec.-Treas.: T. H. Kay.
Committee of Management — The
foregoing officers with D. A. Kay and
R. Burch.
Band Leader—R. W. Russell.
Thc band have made no appeal to
the public for funds, but have had
to go In debt for music and other incidentals, and ways and means for
raisjijig money to defray expenses
were discussed. Although made up
almost entirely of beginners the band
have made creditable progress, and
on tho occasion of their several appearances In public made a very Tavor-
ahlo impression. It was felt by the
committee, that the public would be
glatl to show tlieir appreciation of tlie
efforts to give the city a baud if given
an opportunity to contribute in a small
way, and it was decided to give a
dance on thc evening of September
'th, tbe second night of the fair. A
good orchestra in charge of Mr. Percy
Parker -;i;nl n^de nr rhlcfly :>f members of the band will provide the music, while tlie band will give a band
concert in front of the hall for a half
Second Annual Event of Women's Institute Shows .Marked Improvement Over Last Vear.
A visit to the Flower Show ami
Exhibition of Women.b Work, given
lo-day by tin; Craubrook Womea'B
Institute, was lime well spent by any
one. Th,, I'aristi Hall was ;i bower of
beauty combined with a tempting display nr eatables and delicacies. The
bread, tin: cakes, ides, preserves and
pickles looked so inviting ami dell-
olous a dyspeptic millionaire would
want in exchange all his million! for
a good stomach sn that he might enjoy himself to his heart's content. The
display of sweet peas was particularly
Hue, tint collection nf house plants was
extra good, while the showing or embroidery ami fancy work bears silent
testimony to tlie industry ami skill of
tlie ladies.
A nuisiuiu of curios and objects- of
interest from all over occupied tlie
stage. Among these articles was some
old china and [lottery varying in age
from SO to 200 years, a good collection of Indian relics, family heirlooms
which have been In thc family for
four generations, souvenirs from all
over the globe, articles of curious
manufacture such tis spun glass, home
spun linen, etc.
Tlie excellent arrangement of the
exhibits is the result of much thought
and hard work on the part of tlie ladies of the Women's Institute, and
great credit is due them for their efforts to encourage better housekeeping and methods on the part of the
ladies of this district.
Following is the prize list:
Class 1
White bread, 1st Mrs. Clapp, 2nd,
Mrs. Morden; whole wheat bread, Mrs.
Chapman, Mrs. It. W. Russell; buns.
Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. II. Palmer; tea
biscuits—Mrs, Sarvis , Mrs. Clapp;
layer cake, white, iced—Mr. R. W.
Russel, Mrs. McFarlane; ginger cake
—Mrs. Clapp, Mrs. B. Palmer; fruit
cake- Mrs. R. \V. Russell, Mrs. John
Palmer; cookies--Mrs. Russel, Mrs.
Shaw; tarts^Mrs, Shaw, Mrs. Russell,
doughnuts- Mrs. W. II. MacFarlane,
Mrs. ,r. W. Spenco; lemon pic—Mrs,
R. W. Russell. Mrs. Chapman; pumpkin pie—Mrs. Russell; apple pie Mrs.
J. L. Palmer, Mrs. Shnw; collection of
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\n\   Patronage   Committee   Propose
lo Distribute Kondworb Among
Farmers, Irrespective of Politics Giving Harried Men
tin- Preference
Is Scheduled fur August 'JUih and :iuth
—Banquet te be Given on
Opening Day.
1VC  A-"1'
My. Mir.-1«
Tho Sixth Annual Fall Fair uf the
Windermere District Agricultural Association will be held on the grounds
of the Dominion Experimental Farm
for the Upper Columbia Valley, at
Invermere, on Tuesday and Wednesday, August -lith and 30th.
There is a good prize list, and the
condition of the crops of tiie district
gives promise that exhibits this year
will maintain tlie high standard which
has been set by the previous exhibitions.
A dinner on thc evening of thc oi>en
story of Clapp's Hall.
nie riding. He occupied most of his
time with an attack ou tlie government and the Workmen's Compensation Act, He charged tliat much suffering and hardship could have been
Obviated if the Conservatives had supported an amendment tn the existing
act proposetl in 1907 by Hie Liberals
ami which was supported by Or King
He suggested lhat tin* validity nf the
new art may be questioned at some
time in tlie future by a corporation after a bad accident on account of the
status of the extension nf tlte sessinu j
lie did imt think the money was safe
In the hands of the Bowser Govern-
ment bv reason nf tholr action in pay*
lug over trtiBl funds to tlie P, & ti. E.]
Mr. T, l' Caven, Conservative candidate fnr Cranbrook riding followed
and handed Mr. Fisher a mp Whieh
was appreciated by the audience when
ho stated thai  the workmen's Com-     Vftluator8 aro IUMV al vvm.k      n
iH'i.s'.tnu \ei ivmit i' Imlnnte a hit of ■'
Sowresiieclall) tn tho wny „f law- ft! tart™ n. tills dtBtrlct under tl"'
yor'8 toon. Under tlie old act a family Agricultural Credit* Act fur loans,
could nl,lulu aa much im tWOO com- only thoso who hnvo mude amplication
pctiMllon, but ho know » cane wliere ■,     , ,.„,,,,, ,„.,„„„,. „,,„ lwv„
u wl,!,,"  luul I,'in' chltdron were 11-
warded H800 compensation, bul atter I Uiolr farms appraised. Applications
paying lawyer's lees ami ,tiller legalImust be accompanied by the appraisal
oxiiensos they received only SI'," This (,,,.„ mu\ forwarded In llie Superintend-
 me,I  I,,  l,e  lhe lllll Objection  "llllll
llie lawyers took  I" Uie hill. Uml    11
out tail a lal nf former logal teos, Tb
Qovomment hod adopted a progressive given authority it, make the appraisal.
Iinlley   anil   lull   nil   the  statute   honks,     Mr    William    llllll, ii le   nl    lhe
some nl lhe innsi advanced lfP»">- commissioners, an,I Mr II. II Pitta,
ton of nny government on the contln-      .,„,.,.,,., , ,. ,
It was constructive   egls atlon appraiser fnr Bast Kootenay ami Col-
Appraiser uml Commission Under Uie
Agricultural Credits Art >nw nl
vtnik In this District tr-
riinirinit Loans tn
Show That They still Know How lo
l'l:i>  Tennis and Take the First
The first day of tin* Tennis Tournament between the members of the
Coif Club ami tlie Tennis Club shows
the Qolf (Tub one up, the score being
4-3. Some fine games wcre played
and tlie members of thc Golf Club
showed that they have not lost or for
gotten their old-time .skill with tlie
rackets. Perhaps tlie most interest
was shown In tlie game of mixed
doubles between Mr*, lv Staples ami
Mr. M. A. Heale for tin* Golf Club, ami
Miss Pye ami Mr. Mcllwalne for the
Tennis Clnb. Thc first set was won
by the Tenuis Club, but the Qolf Club
took the next two. Mr. Beale played a
steady and effective game throughout
while on the other hand Mr. Mcllwalne
started nut strong but was erratic in
liis play, sending too many into ttie
net or nut nf tlie court. Miss Pye and
Mrs. Staples were very evenly matched. Mr. Wallinger showed up in his
old-time form winning in two love
sets from Mr. C. O. Staples. Mr T.
Mecredy and Mr. Howard had two
hard fought sets. Mr. Mecredy having
a little the better of the argument,
Dr. Oreen, however, proved one nf tbe
tlark horses of the day and in the
longest set of the tournament took the
limp end of a '.*-" sett from his opponent, Mr. T. II. Kay. [»r. Green
also won tlie second 6-4. Miss (ireen
won from Mrs. Moth and Miss Barber
from Mrs. Fen nick. The tournament
is being continued today.
Following Is the score:
Golf Club
Miss Green ti-'i ..
Miss Barber 6-6 .
C. O. Staples 0 0
Dr. Green 9-6 ..
B. B. Howard 4-2
Mrs K. Staples
& M. A. Heale -I - *»-
Miss Barber and
BJ, L, Staples 2-i
Tennis Club
  Mrs Motli 2-4
.. Miss Fennlck .1-4
N. A. Wallinger 0*6
  T. II. Kay 7-1
.... T. Mecredy «-G
Miss Pye and
i .. Mcllwalne 8-4-4
Miss McLeod and
.... T. Mecredy 6-6
ent, Agricultural Credit Commission,
Victoria, and Die valuator win then be
for Die benefit ami ndvnncemenl i>f tin
province, and all tho Liberals could do
was to critiel/e and tear down without
offering anything better in lis stead.
Despite tho most rigid Investigation of
the finances ami expenditures of the
govern mon t not one dollar lu any dopartmont had been misappropriated,
and Mr. Brewster ami Mr. Macdonald
had both taken part in this investigation, lie also referred to the ailvan
taK"" nf the Shipping, bill tn the lum
iiinbia, arrived in Craiibrunk yesterday
ami started nu the wm-k of appraising
farms of those who liave already up-
plied for a loan. Applications fnr tonus
are coining In all the time, and after
completing liis present list tin* appraiser will go to the Columbia ritlinp. He
will return this way and attend to any
applications which liave gone in later.
It must be distinctly remembered by
 ' "■"''' !", "';' 'gjj ;',;„!";; "."nrVm. »» *»° «i'« » loan tluit It ean only be
In vote, am  tn the rait Hint llve or tlie ' •
 secured by tilling out tho form described elsewhere In these columns ami forwarding It us stilted. The appraisers
huve no authority to make u valuation
unless tills Is done. The loans will be
made strictly on the merits of the application nnd the security offered, ami
nn imlltlenl considerations will enter
Conservative candidates in this campaign me iii uniform on active Bcrvlce,
tniir nf thorn now at lhe front and the
nrih ovpectlng soon to depart.
Mr M. A. Macdonald differentiated
between the "Conservative party" and
the "Conservative machine built up by
Hnwser. rile machine was not abovo
discrediting u political opponont by
hiuili nr by crook, chiofly hy crook,  By
the most dastardly tactics and scound-1 into tne mutter.
roily work It nttnckod my character In     A *,i,ooo loan nn the amortisation
order In divert attention trom Its own[plan f„r a ;u;i/, yonr term would oust
noi''dt,fnri:yr.^o„,iL,^u,KV'",;urr m,', jrrr ' it
glliK oporotlona lint blamed ovorytlilng monts to repay In full the loan nnd Inun tlm Conservatives who wanted tn terest. A. 80-ycar loan for $1,000 would
get even wlih IiIiii fm' boating the Mln- enst the fnriuer pti.it, In soml-annual
i:r,i;:;t|,ii't,,uv,:,s,.,,J"i,;»:r!:!,^ ~ •■><■»: —r^t
lu tlm Inst liye-eleellnn tn wuken tiie ' "U'lits to wlpn nut 11 $1,000 lunn In 20
(liivoriiineut u|i. The public were nut yenrs would be *,4!i, Mr. Duncan stilted,
getting the true flirts through   the   This Is at an Interest rule nf il'/j nor
KlfllSorTStlmilariyV^nKe »•* »• »«* »' ' "•»"»' l!"
Vancouver NowB-Advortlsor and tho Rovorntnont borrows will probably no
Nelson Ncwh, which were dhtiUnited nt it biwer rate of interest.
The t'ranbrook Auto Club propose
holding a basket picnic and dance at
Fori Steele on Wednesday afternoon
ami evening, August 30th next, to
which all owners nf cars and their
friends are Invited. A splendid progrnm of sports will be given In the
afternoon concluding with a dance tu
the hall lu the evening, It is expected that the band will be present for
the nfternoon ami Mrs. Wallinger's
orchestra will provide music for the
dan cd iu the evening. Messrs. Fenwick
and Attree of Fort Steel.* are a committee to arrange for Die grounds ami
hall, while Messrs. Hogarth and Clapp
nre thc Sports Committee to arrange
nn entertaining program of sports
such as they well know how to do.
(Special to the Herald)
Evan Adam (Jardner Mnlr age 1
year and 10 montlis tbe Infant sou of
James Muir of Bnynoo Lake died on
August 18th from the effects of being
scalded with some hot water. It appears that tlie mother placed a fruit
jar containing water on Ihe stove, and
the jar broke wltli the heat nr the
stove aud spilled the contents on the
Mr. J, H. Hunter, Inspector of
Schools of Cowansvlllo, Quoboo, nnd
■hla aged father, Mr. .Inines Hunter, nf
Calgary, Alberta, nre guests or Mr.
and Mra. Hurry While.
A meeting nf the newly appointed
patronage ttimmiui■:■ for this district
un- held Thursday evening hist with
iili tit.' members present bul two. As:
this wus the flrel meeting considerable!
time was Bpunl in organizing, but already it has been shown that thU committee will be able tn d<> much valuable work fm- the community, und
made up as ii is of eleven men from
different sections nf the dislrict will be
able to handle the work with a better knowledge and fuller understand- j ing day of the fair wlll be held at the
ing of llie situation than any one man Hotel, Invermere, when nn opportun-
coiild possibly do. jity will be given to those who desire
Tlie members of the committee are: !"■ to obtain ll1 digestible form food for
Messrs. M. A. Beale, chairman; X. W. [00th body ana* milul- u bfim*S (mly
Burdett, II. VV. Drew, X. Hanson, J. II. j necessary to soy in explanation that
Hall, W B. McFarlane. W. S. Santo, C. Mr* GeorS° A. Starke, will bo rcspou-
O. Staples, It, Palmer and 1'. Woods. sil,lft r°r tllc to™*** commodities and
It was decided to name the committee the visiting Judges giving addresses
the Conservative Administrative Hoard. lon  subjects arising out of the c.xhi-
The committee will have charge of I blt8' TI,C c,iarBe of samc ifi B0 cents'
appointments, road-work, etc/and any Tlie Dominion Qovernment Experl-
resldents or the district who have a mental Farms System will also liave
grievance are Invited to lay the matter !il» Exhibit of particular interest at
beforo tho committee, through com- !tllfJ Pair (" wiU luter vlHlt GoWen)
municatlon to thc chairman, and the the object of which Ih chiefly to bring
matter will be carefully Investigated. tll(1 furiuers and ranchers of the dist-
Thc committee put on record their In- r!ct hlt,) toucn with t,le worlt whi,;1' i:s
tentlon to distribute the roadwork In | being done on the experimental farms
thc district among thn farmers, ir- j'" their Interests. This year there wlll
respective of politics, giving the mar- to II" opportunity given to any who
ried men tho preference in all cases.
This Is a long step In advance of the
old patronage system, and without
flare of trumpets or long platform
speeches accomplishes more iu tho
way of eliminating tbo patronage evil
than even the Liberal policy promises.
desire it to havc their cow's milk test
ed for butter-fat without charge, so
that they may ascertain just what thoy
are or should bo doing.
Tho butter making contest, which
provetl such an Interesting feature of
last year's fair will be repeated,
Study tlio Application Form below for a loan under the Agricultural Credits' Act,
It is an exact copy of the Form-
The Government Aurnt at ('ranhrnnk will help you fill in
the answers correctly.
Seasonal, Short-Term, or Lon^-Term Loans were explained
lust week.
To be made in duplicate
Application is hereby mado to the Agricultural Credit Commission for a loan
of  dollars
i? i for tlie following purposes, giving details 	
The appraisal fee of $  Is herewith enclosed.
State whether seasonal, short-term, or long-term loan is desired, giving the
number of years 	
((All questions to be answered fully)
i. Name In fail and occupation 	
2. Poat-offlce address 	
Age and place of birth   	
4. Married or .-•ingle  ,	
.",. Number of children	
ii. How many are dependent on you for a living?	
7   If applicant is a married woman, give husband's full name 	
B. How long have you lived In British Columbia? 	
9. How long have you been engaged In farming? 	
10. What brancll of farming are you engaged in?	
11. Give brief description nf the property offered as security:— fa)  Number
of lots     ib) Block nr Bectlon      (c) District Lot	
12. Glvo name and address of holder of title papers	
i.i. The title of the property is now in the uame of	
14. What is the acreage of your farm? 	
16. How many acres under fence?   State nature and value of fence	
!»>. How many acres are cleared?	
17 How many acres are slashed, logged, and seeded down?	
18, How many acres are under cultivation? 	
111. How many acres are growing hay? 	
20. How many aires are in pasturage?	
21, How long liave ynu owned the property? 	
'S. Give value of Improvements made since coming Into possession 	
23. Kor bow much is ynur property assessed?	
24. What are the taxes on your property per annum?	
25. Is your farm rented?   If so, for how much?   And give name of tenant	
L'ti. Is your property encumbered in any way by mortgage; or otlier charges?
If so, what amount?   	
:!7. Give name and address of person or persons to whom said claims are
28. When are these charges due? 	
29. Have proceedings been taken under present mortgage? 	
30. What are tbe average gross returns from your farm per annum?	
32, How far is your property from the main trunk road?	
33. if tlte loan Is made for land-clearing purposes, give estimated cost per acre
of making ready for tin- plough 	
;t4 If the loan is fnr building purposes, state size and purpose of buildings
to  he
New Fall Dress
Goods And Silks
Some very pretty
Wool Dress Goods
Silk Poplins, Crepes
Georgette Crepes
And Ninons
the newest Shades for Afternoon and
Evening wear.
Nainsook And Tussor Gowns
A good assortment of nice fine Cloths
suitable for Ladies and Childrens underwear, Prices from 20c to 60c Yard
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods anJ Clothin'* Stores
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prices away below present value.
See our—
Iron Bedsteads
Plain. Fancy, Ornamental ami Useful. Nothing ls more
satisfactory than a good Iron or Brass Bed. We have
tln-iii ut all prices.
V. v. o«
36 (live name of and distance to nearest railway or shipping point 	
80, (live name of and distance to nearest post-uflhv	
::". (live brb-f description of present buildings and state of repair: —
(ai Dwelling-house      (b) Other buildings	
38. An* tho buildings insured?   If so, fnr what amount?
la) Dwelling-bouse       (hi Other buildings 	
30. In what company are ynur buildings Insured?   dive date of policy and I
expiration |
■to. Give number and description of stork kept:—(a) Horses 	
lb) Beef cattle     (c) Dairy cattlo      (d) Sheep	
lei Hogs        ill  Poultry 	
ll. If a fruit-grower, give ncreago of orchard, number and age of trees, n
iiainis of principal varieties	
The answers given to the foregoing questions an* strictly true, nnd are
made as a basis nf credit and to secure tlie loan applied for.
Tho undersigned agrees to furnish Uk* Agricultural Credit Commission
during the continuance of tho said loan with evldenoe that all insurance
premiums, taxes, and other assessments on the said property have been paid
inch year.
Dated at  II. ('., this   dav
of ID....
i Signature of Applicant)	
Witnessed by 	
Don't Keep Putting off Your Application
Tbe Registration I'ce for securing the Loan Is very small.
Up to $500, il costs you $2.50; from $!iM) to $l^.r,o you get for
$5.00; from $1260 to $2600 the fee is $7.50; from $1!5"0 to $10,000
you are charged $10.
II. II. Pitts of Nelson, Loan Valuator for this  District  Is
Write lor Application Forms lo the Superintendent, Agricultural Credll Commission, Victoria, II. ('.
Watch this Space Next Week
Important points In connection with Ibe Terms and Method
of Itepayincnl nf l.oaus will he dealt wilh.
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Vou* i'ur Caven, i
le Wor
Brewster versus 1
iu   othet
words Criticism v.'i
sns Co
Mr.  Plsher seem!
to   hi
manners ^iiut1 tlie
leettng at
Fori Steele where :
e was
«o uhhiui-
tous.   IU- .lid not i
once   on
Monday night.
5s^in» N04Ji"'
The Liberal leaders havo nothing to —
offer but criticisms,   Any tool can url-Ln opposition whoso only apponl Is
th'lzu hut unless thero is Kiinetlilus I "Keturn us to power tor knocking tho
better to bo gained why lose Hi" sub- QOVor ,.m -   Tlioro wlll bo but oue
huii'v tor lho shadow. anBwor on tho 14th n( Soptorabor, uiul
 ■ Lhal will ho another sweeping oudor-
IIioho who cnrrlcil on tlio iicrsonntlon
cinisplrac) arc non lu illsiuito anil bc-
I'oii' llie courts, dues not nlsli ti ike
a liuillttu on unj <ii tlie ovidouco In
Ihis regard, preferring I" leave to lhc
coiiuli') final Judgnienl in ihis nuittor.
"Vour Committee, rccoi nils that
the Attonmy-Ueiiorul's Department
continue the Investigation carried on
hy tiie Committee tor the purpose of
bringing those primarily responsible
I'or tlit- frauds committed at tho suid
"A copy of tin- resolution passed by
tiie House appointing tlle Committee
is appended hereto, and u copy ot the
ovldenco taken before the Committee
is submitted herewith.
"All of whicli  is rspecttully snb-
A vote for Caven
means a vote In
tin, Bowser aovorni
nut. which stand
on its record of coi
striictlvo nml pro
gressivo legislation.
A voto for Km.
 nils a voto for Br
iwater, Macdonnb
und Criticism.
After list.nim; ti
III,'   s|i 'il.'K    11
Monday night's raei
tiiiB wo are mon
convinced than eve
Umi. Uio Bowse
Qovernment will rei
elvo Un' continiioi
ondorsatlon of the
iloctornto  ul  tin
polls on tlio 14th of
Septi tuber,
nl' III,'   liOWH
■ Qovornment,
Thus'* win) vveru at Monday iii^lit's
Liberal meeting could not rail to notice Hi'' difference in tbo reception
accorded Hit* local candidal
accorded th.- provincial Liberal leaders, Messrs. Macdonald and Iircwsler.
While hr. King .md Mr. Caven received almoBt im ovation mi tholr every
appearance, there was a very apparent lack nl' warmth and cntliualuBin in
tin, reception nccordod the Liberal
Dr. King would have us believe rrom
liis remarks Monday night that Uie labor organizations in Moyle and Marysville had advised him lo vol.- agaiiinl
tlio amendment to shorten the hours of
labor to eight. Dr. King did not say
that he had communicated with tne
labor organizations, Uie word used was
"constituents." If In* meant "labor
organizations" lie Bhould have made
tho meaning clear beyond a shadow
or doubt, because it is a difficult proposition i'or tin* majority to believe thai
a labor organization at any lime, now
or len years ago, would advise agalnsl
reducing tin; hours of labor.
AN   I \Tt.\N\Tinv   milt II   IMI)
vol' i:\ri,ti\
j    Though Mr. Brewst'Ji' . ok up much
{time Monday attempting to explain
t tho plugging conspiracy and exoner-
i- ate Mr. Macdonald of the charge, lu
r did not touch many of lho vital facts
il|ul all.    Ih* had much to say of Sullivan hut neglected to say that Sullivan threatened tiie pluggorfl with tail
if they  voted, and  repeatedly asked
thti pollco to take action.   Neither did
In- toll tin* audience that tlie Liberal6
took action against Anntince only nf-
! : at | ter tliey knew that a Conservative palter  had  possession of the  facta and
was about to expose ,l.    lie never
mentioned I!. II. Pearce or his hurried   motor  trip to Seattle  where  he
wjis  kept  lu  durance  vile, nor  who
paid for tlie motor, nor did lu* mention  that the detective employed by
Macdonald to investigate tho Consor-
viitive organization slated that he had
been able lo find nothing wrong.   Mis
explanation did not explain, it simply
ties   hlm   up   lo   tin*   machine   which
stops at nothing to attain its ends.
why nm hi: wait so long
(Nelson News)
John T. Scott asked tor Immunity it
o would go to Vlctoriu from Seattle
md testify on Un* morning of the last
day of llie session. That would have
heen very fine for Mr. Scott and tbe
Liberal party. 11.* could have mado
anv kind ol' a false statement In* de
ilred and there would havu been no
time to refute if as the committee's
powers ended  witli the dose ot the
lion.      Seott    had     weeks   nf   line
prior io that to testily ir lie ami die
Liberals, who concealed his secret
visit lo Mr. Macdonald and Mr. Brow-
Btor, had desired that he Bhould do so.
Instead ol' lhat lluy paid him money
to kecji liiiu iu Seattle.
si usiiuzr-h nu:ss inns not
i-xi st
(Hedloy Gazette)
Tlie flamboyant orator and other
platform parrots without either constructive or destructive ideas
blaming the "subsidized press' tor all
tlm political, economic and social ills
of tbe province. In 43 years of news-
puper experience, working in every department oi' a printing ofllco, wc have
Called to discover tho "subsidized
Now we want to make a plain state-
ment—tho man who stands on a public
platform and says thai any oi' the
printer-publishers of tlie interior of
British Columbia have heen induced to
hange, thu policy ot tlieir papers
through government patronage or subsidies, is a dellvernto liar. This requires no proof. Tiny have never
been discovered with ihe goods on
them; they don't show it in their cloth-
lug or mode oi' living.
A H,ATI 0101 01' 1 ltl'11< ISM OM.V
In many ways the Liberal meeting
Monday night was disappointing. True
there was a inagniliceiit audience, true
also every speaker was given a splendid hearing, Imt for what reason did
at least a great pari of thai audience
gather? Thero wen- Liberals, Conservatives and thoso "on tin* fence'-;
there were many there who did not
gather simply lo do honor lo the Liberal leaders. What then was their object In attending? We firmly believe
tbat a majority of that audience went
thero to hear tbo Liberal policy expounded and to listen io the Liberal
explanation of the plugging conspiracy, and to those al auy rate tbe meeting must have been disappointing Indeed.
Prom first to Inst what was the
theuio ot every speaker? Nothing but
criticism, Criticism, CRITICISM, together with further extravagant and
disproved charges of graft and corruption. They criticize and tear down
but offer nothing better iu tin* stead
of that which thoy seek in desroy.
Criticism of a constructive nature,
whicli points out and COIUUCCTS
weaknesses, is always welcome and
cannot fall to he beneficial, Imt criticism for tin* sake of criticism only.
criticism Wltll Lho one and only object of Injuring an opponent, does not
and will not appeal to tin* Intelligent
and fair-minded electorate of ihis
Tiie Liberals criticize tiie Labor policy of the Government but whnt is
tlieir policy on the same subject. No
uno seems in know, not even tliey
The financial policy of the government is critiei/.ed unit abused unmercifully but wllBt remedy Is oil. red'.'
We liave tailed lo 11 Oflr any betterment
suggested by the Liberals.
The hip-building policy and (he
lumber policy eome in lor a share of
tin.* knocks hut wh;il Is tin- solution
offered'.'    .Nobody knows.
The Soldiers' Voto Act and the Agricultural Loan Aet both conn* In for a
share of criticism without any suggested remedy.
Reprinted herewith Is a copy of the
report of the Select Commltteo which
investigated the plugging conspiracy,
as presented lo the House, by the
Committee, which included Mr. Brew
ntor and Mr, Parker Williams, neither
of whom took exception to the report
on tbe floor of the House nor present
ed a minority report. Mow many of
tlie salient points In this report did
Mr. Brewster attempt to explain Mon
day night?
The Committee's Report.
"Mr. Speaker:-—Vonr select Committee, appointed by resolution of the
House on tin* -.7th of April last, to Inquire into alleged frauds in connection with tin* by-election held lu Van
rnitver mi the L'tiih February last,
|begs to report as follows: —
"Vour Committee hold Its ilrst meeting on the 28th April last, and the lust
uniting was hold on the closing dny
ot this session, twenty-six meetings In
all beiug held. Fifty-five witnesses
in all were examined, a number of
them being Irom Seattle. From the
evidence adduced before tlie Committee, your Committee begs to submit
ihe following findings:*—
"di That in connection with the
said by-election In Vancouver a conspiracy to carry on personation ou an
xtonslve scale was entered Into with
the object of securing tiie election of
Un* Liberal candidate.
(2) That iu pursuance of this conspiracy a large number of men were
collected in Seattle and brought to
Vancouver iu separate groups aud luted to personate for Mr. M. A.
Macdonald, tin* Liberal candidate.
(II) That, In addition to Hie men
brought from Seattle, groups of men
wore collected frum Ibe mi t erf rout
nnd oilier places in Vancouver for the
same purpose.
"Mi That all the various groups
wero brought to certain rooming
houses in Vancouver during election
day, whence they were taken from
time to time (o various polls and Instructed to personate for the Liberal
"lal That the men brought from
Seattle were paid $10 and expenses
each, and those collected in Vancou
ver JI" each.
"nil Tlmt all these men employed
to personate were paid by J. T. Scott,
or by those acting in his behalf.
"17) That, prior to election day, lists
for tlie purpose of facilitating person
atioii were prepared by J. T. Scott
ami bis assistants,
"IM That, ror some time prior to
the election, ,1. T. Scott was employed
hy ilo* organization committee of tin
Provincial Liberal Association, said
committee being composed of Mr. M
A. Macdonald, Mr. .lames stables, Mr
J, W. tie It. Furrls, Mr. F. It. McD,
RllBBOl, and others
'(ill That the said John T. Scott
ami bis assistants were paid tlieir salary by lhe Provincial Liberal Assertion, of which Mr. M. A. Macdonald
is president and Mr. A. M. Pound b
"(10)   That, for the purpose of per-
...                           . . ,.,   souatlug, each man was handed a card
Tho question ol  Prohlbltl s lefl  boar(ngH,thfJ llllllI(, addro8fl lim, urnu.
severely alone. \ ,,.,,),,., 0f tl|(1 V()l(.r ■„ W|U)HI, namo t|,
A feeble attempt is made to offer a
policy on the land question. Tlie Liberals would make tin-* settlors take up
land   in  "community settlements" —
(all  same Duukhohor  villages)       and
porsonator was to vote
"Ml)    That several    thousands   of
theso cards wen* prepared    by    Mr,
Scott and Ids staff to carry out the
"(UD    That a  detective,  employed
. i ■, ■■ - ■ i ■ ntor    Verv hind-ible i b-v M* A' Ma-cdonald to Investigate the
"'' ' '"''"     *  '    ""1,l,le-methods of the ConBorvntive organhsa*-
as rar as It goes.
Tlo-y they would abolish the "patronage syslem". Flue, splendid, all
agreed, but wo are not told what is
tbo remedy.
Tin* railway policy aud the P, Q. K.
have to take som- hard knocks, but
no platform is offered Indicative of tho
Liberal Intentions.
tlon, appeared before the Committer
and stilted that lie had Investigated
saitl methods and had operators in the
Conservative organization, and, from
tho reports of his operators, lie cume
to tlie conclusion that no illegal practices had been carried on by tlie Conservatives.
"(131 That the witness H. H,
Pearce, oue of the employees In J. T,
Scott's ollice, who was active in eon
And i
i ou, ad naiiBoum, liko tho old voytng poraonatorB to tho   polls   on
mall   who was always "agin  the government."   On tbo one hand we have
a govornmcnl  which has glvoi I
will continue to give constructive am)
progressiva legislation  In   generous
measure.    On the other hand we have
lection day, was Induced to go tc
Seattle by motor car, wliere be was
kept for three weeks, practically mule*
duress, to provonl hlm from appearing
before Die Coi litre.
"Vonr Committee, in »U*w of lhc
fuel (bul some of (be personal rein-
Hon* of lin-  I iIm-iiiI caii.lhbile wltli
In the third lecture the lecturer said
mt the purpose of Cod, as revealed
in   the  Bible,  is  to   people   tiie  earth
with a race of beings who shall honor
liini as their Creator; this, therefore,
cccssilatcs llieir immortalization, ami
Iso tlie continuity of tlie earth  for
ver.   With a view to the accomplishment of tbe above Divine Purpose of
Jehovah,  a  kingdom  extending   from
Jerusalem unto the uttermost parts of
the earth, with Jesus the Anointed at
its head—King of Kings, and Lord of
Lords, will obtain,   it follows that tbe
earth, and uol "heaven above the skies'
is tlio Inheritance of the saints, and
the scene of Mod's work with the human race.
..   (Christian   Science   Monitor)
Tlio minister of militia has dono
tilings. He lias done some wonderful
things, some unbelievable things, ln
the doing of them ho lias stepped on
many tender toes, lb* has not always
been considerate of individual feelings
It has appereiitly been Impossible for
him to attend to minor details. He bas
beeu obliged to trust others. Ho has
not always wisely placed his trust.
But ho has done lu the main what
Canada and tbo Empire wanted htm
to do.exjiectod him to do; and le* has
dono it well.
WHAT 1'ltH.MATl Iti: I'l.Ui: WOULD
mi: \n
[Fortnightly Review)
Tlie season I'or peace talk will only
arrive when the allied armies have
wrested from (iermany by force of
arms all that siie has seized, and have
forced tlieir way through her eastern
aud western boundaries. Then only
may it be permissible to listen to what
tin* Qerman Government has to say on
tbe subject of Rs future conduct, tlie
compensation it will offer for the
wrongs Inflicted on unoffending nelgh-
bora.arid the guarantees It will be able
to provide i'or tho fulfilment of its
promise. A premature and early peace
would mean then a second war; a war
lu  which  Britain  would stand alone.
A W0M.1I WllH. K.MPIlti:
Tills was the subject uf three lectures delivered in the Kdison Theatre
on August 7th. 8th and Oth by Mr. Sidney T. Batsford of Lethbridge. Tho
lecturer spoke lu the first lecture on
the Metallic Image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream showing tho uprise of four
universal empires represented iiy the
head of mold, breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of
iron ami toot part of iron and part of
day.   The lecturer explained thoso to
mean tlie Babylonian empire, tin* Medo
Persian Empire, the Qrecian Empire
and the Imperial Roman Dominion to
tin- end of the nineteenth century. He
showed that tlie image was a representation of the kingdoms of men, and
that shortly it would bo ground to
powder an.I smashed lo atoms by tbo
stem* from Heaven. The stone he said
was Christ and reforred to tbe lioth
Psalm where In* read "The Lord at thy
right hand shall strike through kings
In tho day of his wrath. Ho shall
judge among the heathen; ho shall illl
tho places with the dead hoilies." History lias verified the prophecy and we
liave seen the uprise aud downfall ol'
the lour empires mentioned whicli Is a
guarantee that tho rest of tin* droam
will also receive Its fulfillment by the
establishment of tho lifth universal
empire or the kingdom or God upon
earth, in which there will be no war
consequent on the disappearance of
national quarrels, social and political
strifes and parly anlinositi b. All
standing armies, navies, fortresBOS and
engines oi' destruction wilt then be
destroyed, or turned to lietter and
more profitable account iu the peace-
rul departments of husbandry.   The
song ol' tin- Angels would then be
realized "Glory to Cod In the Highest.
and on ISartll Peace ami (iood-will
among men."
In the second lecture Mr. Batsford
said that tlie present war was but n
step lurther in the unfolding of the
Divim- purpose, and showed thai it had
already fulfilled one prophecy iu relation to the gilt ol' the laml ol' Egypt
to Great  Britain.      He said  tliat   tin*
prophet Bzekiol in Its 88th chapter
spoke of two great powers whicli referred to Russsia and Great Britain
which In* Identified on the one hand
for Russia, Rush chotf, prince of Tubal, tin! old name for Russia, Muscovy,
and Tobolsk!, provinces of present
Russian empire; Great Britain ho
Identified as tho merchant of Tarnish !
while the young lions he explained to \
mean tin- colonies of Great Britain.!
Those two powers spoken of were to I
be antagonistic when tlie Lord Jesus!
returned to tbo earth,   Tiie land   of
Palestine Is to be the bono of contention. Tlie present war will place Britain in lhe position to ask the question ;
mentioned In Ezoklot (chap. :is, ver 111 j
The present conl'lict is leading to what I
tho prophet Joel predicted in liis 3rd
haptor and Jesus also In Lulu-, chap.
21, ver. 24, Tlie remedy I'or tin- earth's |
est Is Christ's return lo Uu- earth.
Th"se "demands' I spoke of latt
week as a free citizen may be considered merely  Impudent and  I  can
imagine   our     professional   executive
Inside    fellows    chewing    tbem    to
flatness wilh as much  Idea ol' swallowing   tliem  as   Bpoarment.      Well!
Inside   Johnlcs   are   not   tin*   only
cheeses   ou   tlio   political   counler.
Anyway    I    have    confidence    that
a ng  Uu-  political   readers  of  this
paper, nud tho citizen  readers (no
thero are many wltli a true scent for
the things that matter.
I come to my loiirlh plank. I want
some measure ol' religious Instruction
in tlm state schools. Difficult problem I know.   But wc don't want to see
any more or our boys scut orr to
Industrial schools. We dont want to
brood a non-moral gem-rat Ion and
morals like anything else need teaching. The only consistent set ol' morals
set forth as ycL Is that known as the
(iospcl ot Jesus Christ. If anyone can
find a better, let hlm and we will have
it iu our schools, Anyone but a donkey witb cock eyes can see now that a
nation cannot be reared—a nation with
ideals and ambitions—that is witiiout tbe Inspiration and discipline
nl' Religion. A secular education is a
contradiction in terms. Might as well
speak ol' an effecttonnte assassin or a
white nigger. Of course the churches
should take hold of this matter.
By means of voluntary friendly conference in each eity and district uo
doubt some workable plan could be
formulated whereby moral and scriptural instruction could he given by
ministers or qualified laymen as part
of tlie school curriculum, As a citizen
I want my M.P. to study the matter.
lh- might do well to learn something
about tiie experience of the Commonwealth of Australia lu secular education. I understand the Australian government lias already taken such steps
as I suggest should be taken In this
When I came, as a riftli plank in my
hyphothetlcal platform to the word
"land", 1 should touch a dangerous
word. The land question is about as old
as lho Garden of Eden, We've discovered a few tilings which Adam did not
quiz/,. It is coming to be understood
as a general principal tliat land, as
such cannot even be iu a strict sense,
private property: it is held by any
person or corporation only under certain conditions and for certain periods
Land is not properly; you can't
carry it away as you can your gold
teeth. Everything depends upon what
you do ou it. Xo degree of ownership
allows you to murder your uncle on it
Vour actions on it are controlled by
Law and while tbe land is there, you
are uuder the law. In a word, hind as
the ultimate and permanent source of
all wealth and as nn iudestructibl
asset is essentially (liferent from all
other property and demands different
Lund must always bo ultimately ro-
vortablo to tlie crown, i.e. to the Nation
It must always be granted conditionally nnd taken according to Rs profit
hearing value. All tliis sounds very
theoretical but it lias behind what I
want to say fu a definitely practical
line. Once more speaking as a voter
I am going to sen tliat my voto goes to
that government which will bind Itself
not to alienate tlie land, not to hand It
over in big tracts to speculators and
not to allow its own members to buy
up railway lands and mineral rights
wholesale. As we all know and deplore,
tills whole province has been discredited in the English money market
through the barefaced lying of a few
land grabbers and speculators, wild
cutters, oil busters etc etc. And we
who have the finest land, the greatest
mineral wealth the world can show,
are laughed at by our friends ut home
when  we dare mention  these thlngB
Why! Because of the shortsighted
policy of a few men too lazy to work
until no one believed we bad any mln
erals at all. Xow the "average Clti
zen" asks of his candidate and liis
government that this kind of tiling
shall bt- squashed: tliat straight settlers shall he able to obtain land
right from the government and that
tlm speculator who holds up land at
•fliiO.UO mi acre the which he obtained
originally i'or $2, shall be frozen ont.
It Is only sensible: R is good politics
Tlm speculator does nothing to develop tho land and tlie money lie
makes is fleeced out of people who
would otherwise liave sunk it in de
I set these things out as being
matters whicli I believe the majority
ol' our citizens will consider practical
politics. 1 challenge anyone to say
they an* matters whicli don't count or
which   we   can   afford   to   let  alone.
Like a good many others, I am
looking for better things, cleaner,
nolder, truer tilings after the war than
we had before and I am convinced that
any political party which can show an
honest and intelligent appreciation of
these questions to mention no others
would win tin- confidence of the elec
Pecular Features Of
The Prohibition Act
To the man of means, who is accustomed to buy bis liquors by the
bottle or case from tiie wholesale store
or retail shop, lhe Prohibition Act
means absolutely nothing, as lie can
still order his supply from a neighboring province or tin.- States, just as
easily as in lho past, tlm only differ*
onco bolng that lie will have to pay a
higher cost, on account of transportation charges.
To tlio working man, who Is accustomed to buy his liquor by the bottle
or gluss, tin* Act means, however,
something entirely different. Tlie ordinary working man is not given lhc
opportunity lo lay by money BU (Helen t
to provide for his sending uwry for a
case of liquor, hence be is under a
handicap which does not interfere witli
tlio rich man. Then, again, tin* working man's usual beverage la beer, and
on shipments of this class the freight
rates an- so high as to make the price
almost prohibitive i'or him.
Again, while some working men unfortunate enough to occupy homes of
their own, a greut majority occupy
bouses jointly with others. A large
proportion would come under the term
of lodgers. Many others also take
boarders la order to help out the family income. All of this class would
find tliat tho Prohibition Act was a
distinct barrier to tlieir enjoying their
personal right to partake of a glass of
beer in their own homes, The Act provides tliat a many may import liquor
freely for use in liis own private
dwelling. It so defines tlie word
"dwelling," however, that householders who occupy premises jointly are
not allowed the privilege of having
liquor for their own private use. Tlie
same Is true of lodgers personally, and j
the families of those who keep lodgers
whore more than three room in a
house. As far ns homes wliere board-
ers are kept, the Act is explicit In >
stating that the house is not c dwell- ■
lng, and that liquor for beverage pur-
poses may not bo brought Into it.
The above points cover phases ofj
tiie Prohibition Act which are distinct- j
ly to the disadvantage of the working man, although they moan nothing
to the rich man.
A reading of tlie Act will show many j
similar features of class legislation of
so open a character as to lead the or-;
gani/.ed bodies of labor, whicli have al-
ready considered the Prohibition Bill,
to unanimously condemn the Act.
lu some parts of the province the
''. P. It. are taking steps to impound
all cuttle round on their right-of-way.
For Injuries received through railing on an icy sidewalk last winter,
John Smith will sue the city of Nelson ror $1600 damages.
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Neal Ins'itute
Cranbrook, B. C.
—♦*-♦—♦   ♦ ■'♦"♦'"
What The
Prohibition Act *
Means To Housewives
The Prohibition Act lias a meaning
for women as well as men and there
aro features of tlie measure which
every housewife and mother should
take into account. Nearly every family has in its cupboard or medicine
chest a supply of brandy, port wine
or other liquor, for medical use In
case of emergency. Tills Is a well
established custom In all civilized
countries and tlmo nfter time this
preventative measure meets conditions
of urgent necessity.
As the traffic in liquor Is now handled, a person may go to licensed premises und secure n flask of brandy at
a cost of 50 cents or less. Under the
terms of the Prohibition Act, it will
still be possible to secure brandy within tho Province for sueh purposes. It
means, however, that Instead of going
to the licensed premises for the supply
tlie head of the household must first go
to the doctor for the prescription [fee
$2.00 to $U.r.O) then go to the drug
store und secure the lliiuor ut drug
store rates, which for tlie same iiuuntlty, would cost from $2.50 to $8.00,
The comparison Is striking, especially
from a financial standpoint,
Nearly every housewife iiBoa brandy,
port, mndeira or other liquor tn con-
noctton wlih hor household cooking.
Especially is this so about Christmas
time when the plum pudding bf our
Old Country forefathers, tiie time honored Christmas fruit cake nnd the appetizing mince pie, all of which require liquor for proper preparation,
must bo provided. Under the Prohibition Law no provision is made for supplying liquor for household purposes,
hence the housewife must, some weeks
beforehand, send her good money out
of tlie Province to secure the supply
which she formerly secured locally
without difllculty. In addition to tin*
trouble and inconvenience of tills arrangement she will llnd that tlie prices
siie will pay will be considerably higher than those she was accustomed to,
on account of the transportation charges.
It Is not only In the greater things,
on which strong utterances are being
made In the discussion of the Prohibition Act, that tho Measure plays n
part, but even in minor details sueh
as are noted above it will he found to
directly Inconvenience nml discommode.
—ON ti    N 10 II T   ON LV-
White   Star   Dominion   Line
Tlllllli CLASS IWIiY
§ AiigiiHt 251II-N. S. "CiiinUliiiiiiii"
•| Sciitemlier Bill—S.8, "Nortlilmiil"
§ September lilli S.S. "iVelalimun"
•I Sejitemlior 2!lnl - S.S. "Southland"
Sillllnirs nf S.S. "Cn la" nlll In	
iioiincftl Inter.
JCablll $56.00,   Tlilril OIobb J38.7B.   tfalgo only.
Tor further Information apply to Company's oilier, 610 Second Ave,,
Scuttle, A. I'l. Disney. Agent, nr llenln li Hhvell; J. W. Slioneo, Agent,
0. P. l'.-, Cranbrook,
AUDITORIUM,   Cranbrook
Saturday, Aug 25
IV. II.  Slicriiniii presents
•I.UIKStli V-i Sllllt  AMI  COMPANY
A Melodramatic Comedy i>) Aiiuiistin .lie lluirli.
This is nol tl picture slum
loiler sume nniiingeiiiciit us Hie While Feather.
Prices $1.00 75c. 50c. Children 25c.
Seats now on sale at Beattie-Murphy Drug Store. THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, lillfi
In Purchasing
A Watch
insist on tlie hest. We carry all
the very hest grades of watches
nml will guarantee you satisfaction or refund tho purchase
price. It Is on this basis we
ask for anil expect yonr watch
trade, If you've a watch in mind
call in anil look ovor our assortment. We are ready any day to
ilo our part.
■ll Will It
The   tine  big  hotel  at  Sliawnlguti [
Luke, a favorite resort of tlie summer !
tourists, was burned to tlie ground j
Sunday moriiiiiK-   It was owned Iiy Mr.
Jas Finlay, a former Cranhrook cttl-
Correct style and finish in calHug
cards at the Herald Office.
Private W. Soden Is lu the City ou !
leave from Vernon, and Is taking ap- j
plications for recruits to the 225th.
8     PHONE     8
Choose Your Dinner
I'l-iui, llltr Stuck nl' t'rcli Killcil
Titmtnr, wrist clovkk'
COOKED HAM,   110 A ST ,'OltK
SIIOI'I.IIKKS uml iilllrr
l.Altli and "OIKCO"
Only Ibc Ileal Qualities.
Cranbrook Meat
Kilby frames Pictures,
Miss Madge Robertson in spending
her vacation at Vancouver.
Miss Lillian Hewitt hag left for her
home iu Kngland.
Try Mother's Favorite Flour ?4.2G
per cwt or $2.15 for 50 lbs.— Cranhrook Trailing Co.
Kilby repairs umbrellas and sunshades.
Fruit Jars, see our prices:   rubber
rings, :: dozen for 26c.  Cranbrook
Trading Co,
Mrs. Harshaw was taken ill again
this week and is now in St. Eugene
Mr. W. J. Manley, chief despatches
Mrs, Manley uiul children are holidaying at Nan ton, Alta.
Mr. T. J. Hrown, resident engineer
C. P, It., with Mrs. Brown and family,
Is spending a vacation at Nelson.
Intending recruits for tho 226th
should see Prlvnte W. Soden or Dr
Stove wood for sale, quick delivery, j
- Craubrook Trading Co.
Mrs a .1 Balmonl lins len for an
extended vlsll lo her old home In
Beuvorton, out
Prlvnte Llonol Lnak, nl tbo 826th
ni Vernon,   is vlsltlug   at   his   homo
Tho monthly meeting of the local
brancii ot the W. C. T V will bo held
on tho afternoon of Aug, 1st. at tho
homo of Mis ,i  P  Bridget)
tl a so lino ami Oil al the Kootenny
Mr, w s Sunt.i received a telegram
advising hlm nf the death of a brother
in-law. It n. I,ogg, a wholesale grocer
of Jackson. Mich, who died on Friday
Mr and Mrs. W. ll. Wilson, Mr and
Mrs W P Attridge, ami Mrs D. Sutherland left yesterday Tor St Marys
Lake where tliey will spend a couple
of weeks camping.
Second liiiiul buggy for Balo cheap.
Cranhrook Trailing Co,
About $7,000 has been realized from
Ihe sale of laud for taxes advertised
by the city. The balance <>f the land
offered Is in the hands of tlie city,
Mrs. P. J. Harrison of this eity has
received word of tlie death of her second son, Archibald Douglas, who died
In Fresno, Cal., on tho 20th, aged .'12
Mr. Ivor Bassett left tliis morning
tor Revelstoke where he has taken a
position as prinelpa).
The Herald wants all the news and I
WOUld be glad to publish tlie fact when .
yuu have visitors or go away on a vis- j
it, hut we often do not hear of It until!
loo late. Scud or plume us in ynur
personal items aud tliey will gladly
lie published.
Sanitary drinking cups, in tor 15c
at Cranbrook Drug nnd Book Co.
The sole and only police court case
of the week was a lady or easy virtue
wiio was up on Monday charged with
street-walking and soliciting. She was
given the option or a |20 MUO or 00
days lu Nelson, and chose tn pay her
A very generous donation was seat
in this week from anonymous friends
lu the shape of $50, halt of which Is to
be used  for  Ked Cross purposes and
half for Belgian Relief, Tlie money
was donated "From Friends of the
Cause, Sullivan Htll."
Mr. Arthur Burch was taken suddenly HI Tuesday morning while at work
and removed to the Hospital wliere
an operation for appendicitis was performed. Arthur came through the
operation very nicely and is now doing
Sanitary drinking cups, 10 for 15c
at Craubrook Drug and Book Co.
The larger part of the red light or
segregated district was cleaned out by
flro Monday night. The flre started
late fn tlie evening before mid-night
and made quite a spectacular blaze,
visible from all parts of the city. Five
or six of the houses wore destroyed.
Deale & Elwell have been Instructed to sell a large modern residence—
4 bedrooms, furnace, bathroom, and
all modern conveniences; large lot,
situated In tlie best residential locality; property cost $4000, sale price
•52000. Apply to Deale & Elwell for full
Women Know
that they cannot affon/ to be
ill. They must keep themselves
in the best of health at all
times. Most of all, the digestive system must be kept in
good working order. Knowing
tlie importance of this, many
women have derived help Irom
These safe, sure, vegetable pills
quickly right tlie conditions
that cause headache, languor,
constipation and biliousness.
They are free from habit-forming drugs. They do not irritate or weaken the bowels.
Women find that relieving the
small ills promptly, prevents
the development of big ones.
They depend on Beecham's
Pills to tone, strengthen and
Keep Them Well
D.rM.itir.- v.iiS Evtry Doi of Special Valuta Worur.
SlIJUcm-.'Sa.'    Ia Unwi. 2S eiDtl,
Wo are carrying a full line of boots
ami shoes.-- Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave,
So school wlll start on August 28th
ns usual. Too had, hoys! The Department at the Coast has advised
that tlie report about several weeks
extra holidays was premature,
Mr. I). 0. Corbln, ['resident of the
Spokane International, passed through
yesterday lu his private ear Moyle,
going lo the Corbln Mine, at
Bandsmen A. E, Parker and Geo.
Elliott of the 226th came In on thc
afternoon train yesterday from Vernon. Camp life certainly agrees with
Pte. Parker else lie would not liave
had to change his tunic for one two
sizes larger. We do not know whether
It is the tea witli no sugar or tho
physical jerks.
We are carrying a full line of hoots
and shoes.—- Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Johnson anil
family or Cranbrook arrived in tlio
•Ity on Saturday night and aro the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. \V, A. Heron.
They will spend the week in tlie city,
leaving on Saturday for coast points,
going west by way of the Arrow Lakes
and returning over tho Kettle Valley
route.- Nelson News,
e   is   a   steady   exodus   of  men
from all points in li. C, lor the prairie
harvest fields, It is making labor very
scare in this district and seriously Inconveniencing tl-c lumbor mills and
ither industries. Almost every train
going East is t'illeil witli men on their
way to tin* prairie to assist In   the
Store yon." valuables in Beale St
Elwell's suMy deposit vault.
Starf Captain Peacock or the Salvation Army, Winnipeg, the Young People's Secretary ror Canada West, will
be visiting Cranbrook on Wednesday,
August BOth and will give an addrCBB
iii ihe S. A Hall, Hanson Ave, at 8
ii in Everybody welcome, especially
the young people.
Private R. T. Williams ot (he 196th
Western Universities Battalion is in
in- ottj on a month's furlough Ho
Ikes the HTe at Camp Hughes ami lhe
ion genial class nr men in his Company. Theri* are a number ol vacancies iu llie Company, and Mr Williams
win he glad to receive applications
from any who would like to enlist.
Sanitary Drinking Cups, io for lfic
at Cranbrook Drug .**  Hook Cn.
Cranhrook public and high schools
will open for the fall term on Monday
morning, August 28th, at 9 o'clock. It
Is absolutely necessary that all pupils
bn In attendance the first day for enrollment and to receive their proper
place as regards promotions. Pupils
for tho beginners class must positively
be tiiere on tlie first day or thoy will
not be allowed to enter during tlie
Complaints nre made evory year by
orchard owners of loss nf apples and
damage to trees by boys and others
stealing apples, it is not alone the
value of the apples stolen, hut branches aro broken off and trees ruined.
This yoar vigorous steps are going to
be taken to detect the culprits and nu
example will bo mado of any one
caught, A word to the wise ought to
lm sufficient.
Stove wood for sale, quick delivery.
—Cranbrook Trailfug Co.
Beale & CI well—Steamship Agont.-.
According to an item in the Herald
last week a largo modern residence
was offered Tor $200, full particulars
from Beale & Elwell. This of course
was in error for $2000, but it at least
demonstrated that the public reads the
Herald, for Heaje a Elwell were kept
busy the balance of the week explaining to would-be buyers that thre was
a mistake in the amount, and tliat it
should have read $2,000.
Mr. J. E. Miller of Victoria, Inspector of Inland Revenue was in tlio city
on Wednesday making his semi-annual
Insoectton of tlie local excise, bonded
warehouses and the records of tlio Inland Revenue Ollice. Mr. Harvy Hrown
of Pernie, acting Deputy Collector of
Inland Revenue for Cranbrook, arrived in the city Tuesday to moot Mr.
Miller and assisted In the inspection.
Safety Deposit Boxes to rout; at
Beale & Klwollb.
dames Askey 25c, Card 25c, Sainsbury,
16c, AtklnBon 10c, Haley 10c, Johns 15,
: Ingham 25c, Jackson 50c, Jimmy Taylor 10c, Billy Taylor 10c, Uny Hrown
10c, Ed. White 10c, Miss White 50c.
Total $17.G0.
Also Donations to the Prlsone
Bread Fund: Mrs. Scot! Macdonald 50c
Mrs, A. A. McKinnon $1, Mrs. T. J.
Brown 25c; total $1.75.
THK 11171b Ll.NK.lP
Tbe following is the line-up for the
local compony or the 107th:
; No, 1 Platoon—-Lieut. Staples in
Command, Sergt. Nisbet, Corp. Hunt.
, Lance, Corp, Campbell, Prlvutes Dan.
Burton, A. C Smith, (i. F. Pownall,
Win. Steward, \\ E Marshall, G. C.
Brown, li. H, Llnnell, s (j Bassett,
Geo. Niblock, .1. E. Myers, J, Allen, F
W Foley, Geo, Rickey, 11 McOill, J.
; Laurie, A. Raworth, A. A. Ward, A
Duff, Tlio-. Sorth, !■:. Stephens, H. S.
Haynes, Bowley, T. L. Caven, Quarter
i Barnes, 11. J, Reed, G Russel, G.
Master Sergt .1. F. Smith.
No, 2 Platoon Lieut Thompson in
Command, Sergt. Brake, Corp, Cummings, L. Corp. Whltehouso, Privates
lit. E. 11. Mooro, John Reid, .1. A. Macdonald, J. M. Coutts, G. R Leask, I. R.
Manning, Ivor Bassutt, .1 Kerr, A. ll.
Pigott. w, Hopkins, C. M. Dafldson, J.
■II Kennedy, E. ti. Llppett, <i. F. E,
[Rumsey, J Whittaker, Wm. F. Johnson, Win. II. i.ihb, D E. Lewis, S. L.
Rumsey, A. Bent, Geo, Richards.
No. :: Platoon Lieut Santo in
Command, Sergt. Pearson, t'orii. How
ant. I.. Corp. Khunart, Pripates J. T.
Scanlon, C. M, Ormston, C. A. Cock,
E E Rodgers, M. A. Beale, Henry Ogden, T. II. Kay. E. II. Leaman, Q. 11.
Lunn, Ceo. w. .Muir, ("lias Parker, Win,
Poster, I*1. 1-:. Robertson, 10. S. Disney,
B.  H. Seaman, Oeo, Reece,  Lemuel
nitre question of chance,
Tin- Cranhrook Herald supplies advertisers wltll any Information they
can reasonably ask for concerning
iis circulation figures, but advertisers
will find lull particulars of every publication in Canada presented in a most
comprehensive form in the 1910-17
Desbarats "All Canada" .Newspaper
Directory which has just been Issued,
It is the sixth edition of this work
which has come to bc considered as a
standard book of reference, and is to
be found on tlie desks ot the largest
advertisers throughout Canada.
Those of our readers who spend money in newspaper advertising will surely find much tu interest them in tliis
work whieh sells ror $5.00. We understood however, that the Desbarats Advertising Agency, Limited, Unity
Building, Montreal, makes a special
proposition concerning Bame, exclusively   to   advertisers   ami   advertising
managers. We recommend such to
write to the publishers requesting
Bi - boj IT yrs. and under. 100 yd thc 7th Inst, of n draff for (59.60 being
ila S2, .*i. 60c; mens LOO yd dash, ., further contribution to our Work
$3, $2, $1; boya 17 yrs. and under, rrom tho Belgian Relief Committee
running high Jump $2, $i. 60c; mens of Cranbrook, B. C, We enclose la-re-
runnlng high jump *:., $2. $1; men-- with our ollicial receipt
half mile race $6. |8,   $2. [    In tbe name of   littering Belgians,
we beg you to convey to each member
BELGIAN RELIEF of your committee, as well as to all
 — the generous donators, our very sln-
The following letter has been re- cere thanks. We greatly appreciate
celved from the Central Committee for their kind Interest in the welfare of
Belglon Relief Work: this   brave nation,    victim    of    her
"We beg to acknowledge receipt on  loyalty."
Tlio crops on St. Mary's prairie are
ripening fast and a number of tho
farmers are busy cutting. Ou the
farm of A. C. Howness is a field of
wheat which has grown to a height of
six feet and will yield -10 bushels to
the acre. Mr. Howness is busily engaged excavating a basement for a
new barn. The building will be :t0 by
90 foot wltll underground stabling.
Messrs. Ira Manning. Lester Clapp
and George Tisdale returned yesterday from Midge Hay, Kootenay Lake,
with a load of fish that would make an
Orangeman turn green with envy.
The big prize of tlie lot however was a
beautiful six-pound salmon which tlpp-
>d the scales at G ihs.. 7 ounces. It fell
to Mr. Clapp's luck to hook it. There
was also a lug char nearly as large and
numerous ranbow trout of splendid
size. They report the best two day's
sport nf their lives.
Gasoline and Oil at tho Kootenay
The sporting public should note the
fact that it is Illegal to kill Prairie
Chicken and al.-o Mule Deer Does this
season. People who liave beeu in the
habit nf buying their game in tin*
past should bear in mind tliat it is
now an offence to either buyer or sell j
venison, ducks, geese or grouse at any
time, that there is a heavy penalty
for violations of the Game Act in this
respect and that lhe same will be rigidly enforced. The local Game Wardens will gladly supply any Information on the subject either personally
or by mail. Open seasons and also
tho prohibitions I'or this year will bo
found posted in public places throughout the dislrict.
A copy or Hie Rainy River Gazette
i Ontario) is to hand containing an nc-
count or the Induction of Ree. C. L.
('owan, late Presbyterian minister at
Waldo. B. C. The Gazette says "On
Sunday the Uev. c. L Cowan preached
his Ilrst sermons In tho church as minister and fully maintained the Impressions lie made on his previous visit.
At nlghl lhe Methodist Church gave
up their service In honor or the occasion, and the now minister preached
to a large congregation, basing his remarks on the "Second Mile" from
Christ's sermon on the Mount. The
audience listened with rapt attention
to his Inspiring sermon,"
A very common mistake is tliat of
placing au "r" in khaki; witli such
persistence, in fact, that "kar-koe" is
now almost as much tlie usage as
"kha-keo"— tin- correct pronunciation.
We give to our readers tlie benol'it of
a recent discussion in a sister city,
where an authority explains that the
word khaki, pronounced "kha-kce,"
conies from au ITrdish root "kliah,"
meaning dust and was originally a
lust-colored fabrlcl. or lin* character
of drill or canvas. IiiISIS it funned the
now campaign uniform of that famous
Indian rcglmcnt-tho Guides, So successful was Its use that khaki became
subsequently the uniform of tin* Indian
army and later nu the service dress uf
tlie Hritish army. The British section
of tlie Indian army, accustomed to In
troduce provincialism into all words
uf Indian origin having a broad "a",
called it "kharki," aud thus a slang
term was manufactured.
Bishop Harlan, of Montreal, anys
the word "khaki" was transferred
bodily from the Hindustani, and the
spelling fu English was intended to
represent exactly tho pronunciation
of the original Hindu word for "dusty"
or "earthly." "We can ho sure" adds
lhe bishop, "that the scholars connected with the British administration in
India caught the correct pronunciation
of the Hindu word.'
So hero endeth thc kahkl lesson.
Drop the "r' and save extra trouble,
particularly during (his hot spell.—
Calgary News-Telegram.
Tiie Warrington. Lng, "Guardian"
has the following about a rranbrook
soldier together witli his photo!
Mrs (i. Maddock, uf It Willis St.,
Warrington, lias received ollicial Intimation that her nephew, Pte. Philip
Cahill, a member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, died on June 27th.
at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, from
j wounds received in action on June Hi.
A sister at the hospital wrote tn
Mrs. Maddock, as follows:—"! expect
you have already heard the sad news
my letter contains. Vour nephew passed away this afternoon. Tin* end was
rather sudden, as you saw him so recently, and know how ill he was.
Tin-re is no need for me to tell you
how patiently ho bore his suffering
and what a dear good boy he was. 1
have written a few lines to his pool
ilein* mother, but 1 know you will write
a full account of him to her. It will
ho such a comfort tu her tu know you
were with him and saw him so recent- :
ly. Please accept my deepest sympathy. .
Private Cahill, whu was fu his 25th I
year, was born iu Warrington. He
went to Hritish Columbia about six
years ago, and luul been in the Army ■
(or about .twelve months. His parents
aro In Canada, and his brother WiK
Ham, wiio Is also fu the Army, was ilis-
patched to the rront this week.
New Prices August 1,1916
Tlie following prices (or Ford rur. »ill
Im> effective on nm! nfter Aiiir. l-l. WW
Chassis   .   .
Touring Car
Town Car  .
Sedan    .    .
f. o. b. Ford, Ontario
Thi.y.i'. prices ure iioslth.ly guaranteed against any reduc
tion before August 1st. [917, but there is no guarnntei
ngatnst nn advance in price at any time.
The Hanson Garage
Cranbrook, B. C.
I. 0. ii. v..
Kuskaiioolt Chapter, I. O. 1). R, beg
to acknowledge the following snb-
seriptions to the Supply Fund, July
attth, to August 19th:
Mrs. Christie *!, Mrs. A. H. Macdonald $1; Per Mrs. Puters;nn—SSie, Mrs,
Miles 26c, Mrs. Macpherson "20c, Mrs.
W. J. Manley 50c, Dr. Miles 26c, Mrs,
Attridge 25c, Mrs. Burgess 2fic, Miss
P. Clarke 10c; Per Mrs. King—25c, Dr.
MacKinnon 2Bc, Mrs. Reg, P. Johnson
50c, J. Haslam 10c, P. Murphy 10c, W.
Xohle 10c, a friend $1, H. 10, Howard
$2; por Mrs. Shackieton—WlH. Horlo
75c, Mrs. (len. Johnson 50e, Mrs. M.
Gillis 50c, Mrs. McBrldo BOo, MIbb
Dowar $1; per Mrs. Sarvis-Mm. J. K.
Hoy 10c, Mrs. .1. ll. Argue 10cj Mrs. (1.
H. Willis 10e. (1. W. Johnson 2Gc, Han
Campbell 25c, Mrs. W. WcKonzIo 50c,
Mrs. tl. M. Dnrnoy 25c, Mrs! A. A.
Cameron 25c; per Mrs. Whlto— Mm.
tleo.  Muir 25c, Mrs. Malum* $1, Men-
Victoria, B. C, August 2:..— Tho
timber returns for June, issued by the
Department of Lands, show that the
total scab- of sawlogs for the Province
amounted to 120,023,809 feet board
measure, iu addition to 375,905 Hn, ft.
of poles anil piles, and 27,840 cords nf
ties, shingle holts, etc.
The. sawlogs scaled iu the various
Forest Districts include Vancouver,
78,439,270 ft.. Cranbrook 12.744.414 ft.,
Island 11,333,874 ft.. Vernon 7,3:. 9,It!) 7
rt., Kamloops 4,!t:.S.(l7l rt.. Nelson 4,-
2SS,ti47 rt., Prince Rupert i.2!t.7.:u rt.
100,201! lin. ft. of poles and piles were
scaled in the Nelson district; 70.HHI
lin, ft. Prlnct Rupert; 50,178 Hn. ft.
Hazelton; and 55,080 lin. ft. In tho
Vancouver district.
Of the ties, bolts, etc.. 20.1HO cords
were staled in the Vancouver district,
5,226 cords lu rranbrook, and 2,2S!t
cords iu tlie -Nelson Division.
Timber sales recorded during June
cover nu estimated total of 6,195,600
ft, sawlogs; 19,800 lin. ft. poles and
piles, and 300 cords of bolts, etc., to
produce an estimated revenue of
In advertising, as in other Holds of
effort, success is more often the result
of knowledge properly applied than
that of accident, and when it Ib a
question of advertising in newspapers
and other publications, knowledge nf
circulations ts essential to success.
Without  this  knowledge a  proper
Choice   nf   publications   to   be   used   Is
most dltllcult ami success becomes a
2c per word for first week, nnd lc per
word fnr each week after.
FOB  SALE- One   llcerlim   Hinder,
S-ft cut; hnrse $10; Magnet cream
separator, several nillch cows.—Roy
Myers, Cherry Creek. 30-4t
WANTED   lliiili.-!  prices paid fur
gout's cast-off clothing. Plione l."7..t04t
WANTED-Mnlo Toucher i'or W>n.
ndol School District, second or third
class certificate, duties to commence
Aug. 28 th, salary $,S0 per mnnth. Apply, stating experience to J. Hathie,
Secy. Wynndel School Board, Wynndel
B. C. 31-31
11 addition to the race program as
published last week tin- following pro- J
gram of sports  will  be given  at  tie
Kast Kootenay Fall Fair ou Sept 0 ami
7th next: —
Children's Races -Hnys, S yrs and
under, 50 yds dash $1.00, 50c, 25c;
girls, 8 years and under, 40 yd. dash,
$1, 50c, 25c; buys, 14 yrs. and under,
70 yds. dash, $1.60, 75c, 50c; girls, 14
yrs. and under. 00 yd. dash, $1,50, 75c,'
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
nt' Canada, Limited
Ollice, Smelting and Refining Pepartnunt
H JI i: I. T E II S   A N 11   K E F I N K it S
Purchasers of Hold. Silver, Copped nnd Lead Ores
Doyou know why
is the largest
selling   gum   in
the   world ?
Flavor and the
Sealed Package
are three big reasons. And the Value it
gives in long-lasting, beneficial enjoyment
is a point that people appreciate. The
air-tight package keeps the flavor and
quality as fine as when made in the
wonderful   Wrigley   factories.
l.llll. tv.wmi i'ur (■ ml house.
work.—Phono iw. 84-lt
tv.ivmi   A nialil, tn looh niter	
child and all up-Btntrs work.   Apply
Mrs. M. McCroery,
Hilt SAI.i:   lliirsr, liuirit) ami liar.
lions, tli, takes tho Int.   Apply P. o.
llox (112, illy.
Mill SAI.i: II acres Oal. nml lie
acres Marquis, Wheat la prime condition, honvy growth, near rlpo, j.
laivi'll, Mission Road.
Write for Ihe Sprightly Spearmen'* funny
Mother Goose book. Adilresn Wm. Wrigley
Jr. Co., Ltd., Wrigley Building, Toronto, Ont.
Chew it
Made in
Sealed tight-Kept righi
C42 fAfilO POUR
L*. A. 1
of Violin
ea for
OOK,  B.C.
ISuccesscr tu W. F. Gurd)
Barrister, Solicitor and
P. O. ltox S5II
Physicians anil Surgoons
Olllo at  re Id
nee,  Armstrong
A v.
. '.i Illl to Willi
,, 2 00 'ii   1.00
....? 80 In   8.30
CRANBROOK, 11. ('.
lilt. I-. II. MILES
Olll™ In Hanson Block
ll to 12 a.m.
1 to   Ei p.m.
Mulenillj and Oeneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Terms na Application
MRS. A. SALMON', Matron
I'lione 259 I'. O. Box 846
1.(1. (I.E.
Meets every
Monday night
ut Fraternity
Hall.      Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
VV. M. Harris,
S. Fyles,
I'runlirook, 11. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in
Hie Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. ile V.io Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box 522
Visiting brethren eordlully Invited to uttend.
Metis ill Maple Hall second
Tuesday of every month at 8
|i  in.
Membership open to British
Waiting members cordially
E. V. Brake,        J. F, Lower,
Prosident. Secretary
I'lione 310 P. O. Box 686
Funeral Director anil Emliuliuer
Undertaking Parlors
Fenwick Ave, near Baker St.
Civil nml Mining Knglncora
11. I'. I.ami Surveyors
CRANBROOK, 11. ('..
Day I'lione 288, Nlglit Phono 86
Norbnry Ave, next to Clly Hall
Phone 105 P. 0. Box 33
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio: 211 Norbury Ave.
General Mordwnl
Employment Agent
P. 0. Box 108 I'lione 241
F..T Meets in  the
■*&    T?3 Maple     Hall
S£ jrask #3        first   Tuesday
afternoon    of
every   mouth
nt 3 p.m.
l'rcs., Mrs. W.
B.  McFarlane.
v. Mrs. John Shaw, I". 0. Box 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
t\ ti.no
Mr. Lye. Weed Inspector from Wycliffe visited Waldo on Tueaday.
Mrs. 11. H. Robs gave a Wliiet Party
to a large number of friends on Friday afternoon last iu honor of her
guest, Mrs. W. II. Barton of Moosomin,
Mrs. c. L'. Kline returned home t'uis
week from Spokane where she had
been holidaying for several weeks.
l'tes. Tom and Harry Parker are
home from Vernon Camp on a month's
Mr. and Mrs. Gorman of Klko visited Mrs. A. Dryden last week end.
Mr. W. Lindsay, Surveyor ut lhe
Sullivan .Mine, Kimberley, B. C., motored1 through in Waldo last Sunday.
Ur. Rutledge and Mr, T. L>. Caven
of Cranbrook are paying tlte burg an
attended visit ihis week.
A lame number ot well hlled auto-
nohiles Journeyed to Ferule on Tuesdav ovonlng lo hear the Liberal leader.
Mr. Brewster, and the Llboral cumulate, Mr. A. I. Fisher, speak in thel
Grand Theatre.
John Melialrmiil. who has been
teaching school hero for the past year.
unlisted this weok lu the ii3th Klltloa
Ball, at Sacroo Camp, Calgary.
Cecil Boss had tlie misfortune lo
full off a wagon which lie was driving
on Wednesday morning, tho hack
wheel passing over his abdomen.
Luckily, however, outside of a general '
shaking up and a fow bruises, he escaped will I being seriously hurt,    j
Mr. Charles Dojardos and Miss lv 1
Schinna, both of Haynes Lake were ;
joined In the holy hands of matrimony
III Kalispel on Friday lasl.
000 foot tunnel and report a splendid
showing of galena ore.
0. M. Keep passed through town on
his way to Windermere wliere he will
employ a number of men in developing
Ids numerous mineral claims.
E. T. Johnson, an old tinier of Finley Greek passed through town on
\V. G. Tannhauser and E. A. Attree
motored to Fcrnie Tuesday with a load
of passengers I'or the Liberal meeting.
H. C. Brewster, the Liberal leader,
and M. A. Macdonald passed through
town to day en route for Fernie.
After spending a most enjoyable vis-
It of two weeks with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Jos Tannliouser of Fort
Steele. Mrs. Staples left oil the 22nd
for her home in Vancouver.
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent (or
Lethbridge Coal
Xl-Hc Ponder
lni]it*riiil (Hi Co.
Untying nml Transferring
Given prompt attention
i'lione M
i" "iHitinih-ii in mi page i)
III I.I.    liIYI.lt
The Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters far all kinds ol
Ladles and tluntlomen's Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
PIlOHd 204
nn: iioMi: bakery
ltolit. Frame, Prop.
l'rcs ii ItrciHl, Cukes, Pies
ami Pastry
Phono 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp. City HaU
Ed, Benedict and wife arrived In
Bull Itivor on Friday ntght for ji short
stay, having motored ovor from Spokane, whore they liave been living Eor
tin1 past year.
An accident occurred at Hammer's
Camp nii river on Friday last, a man
named Larson getting severely crush-J
id by a rolling lon. Larson was removed to Cranbrook hospital after being attended to by Dr. Lnwton.
A large crowd attended the dance
at tin* Tourist Motel on Friday nlghl
ami o thorough good time was had by
all. Quite a number of those present
came ovor trom Wardner.
A fishing party from Bull Illver nnd
Wardner hit tho trail on Saturday
night for ap river points und had
quite a time making the grade over
the .Narrow Gange owing to tho slides
caused by the heavy rains of last
week, but after considerable rock
rolling and other strong nrm stunts
tliey managed to get there and had
some  real   good   fishing.
Frank Matkooak caught n 13 lb.
char in the Kootenay rivr on Monday
last. This is the biggest fish brought
into town so for this year.
A letter from Lieut, Governor F. S
Barnard has been received by Air.
Robt, King requesting thai a committee be organized in Hull Illver for
the purpose of raising funds for thc
British Red Cross Society. A public
meeting will lie held iu the near future to elect, officers.
Mrs. A. Grunt and children liave
gone to Kimberley for a few weeks on
a visit.
Peter Sanville, tiie versatile Frenchman, is in town this week helping to
harvest tho rye.
Mr. J. P. Fink and wife und family
motored over from Cranbrook on Wednesday.
Jack Kennedy has quite a time
these days trying to convince some of
the hovs tliat the Liberals arc going
to win on September 14th, but Jack
ts some politician at thnt.
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washing
send ii to
Sriocial prices for family
Spokane, Washington
Tin: HOTEL  .vim A
This house Una Uie
happy distinction of being tho favorite stopping place lu Bpokane
for the people of British
Columbia We appreciate
this patronage and do
everything in our power
to make .vou comfortable,
Our location Is excellent —■
close to Groat Northern Station
and 0 W. it. & N Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from Uie principal husiness
bouses ami places of amusement,
J —MB ■, r,*jjjg■!■___..    -****i*s
See  Stciinisliii)   nn   Roof
Mr. ond Airs. F. Al. Young left on
Thursday last for Toronto.
Air. A. D. Logg entertained a tew
friends to a social evening iust Thursday.
Geo. Hoggarth. Al. il. King anil AI.
Yates motored from Cranhrook Friday
Pte. 'P. Chisholm of tho 225th Battn.
Vernon, arrived home Friday to visit
his parents here.
It. u T. Galbraith returned Friday
evening from the Windermere district.
hy tho K. ('. It.
Sam Cadeaux was in town from his
Sheep Creek ranch Saturday.
Mr. Ban ford und Bob Crowe spent
last week end at their home here.
Alex. 1, Fisher, Ferule, was in town
Mr. and Mrs. IT. H. Hoss and Miss
Koss of Waldo were Fort Steele visitors Sunday.
Mrs. Lhily (i. Clarke ami Miss Doris
Kershaw left Monday morning to vis-
It friends In Wilmer, Athalmer and
Mr. A. B. Fenwick motored to Jaffray Sunday returning wltli Miss Ella
und Captain "Boy" Fenwick who have
been spending their school vacation at
It. Atierncthy, B. A. Traband, C. H.
Traband came in from the Victor mine
Monday.   They have now completed a
Macdouald's entire speech was
a criticism of the Government without
anything being offered In place of it.
lie attacked tho financial standing of
the province, which ho staled hud been
changed from an eight million surplus
lu I.U.! to u present deficiL of $24,000,-
000; the Agricultural Loan Act was
simply a "bait for votes, a mere bagatelle among 20,000 pre-emptors"; the
government could cut tbo salary list lu
two and still get increased eillclency;
the soldier's vote was being "manipulated"; the 1*. H G. B. had heen glVOtl
$7,000,000 illegally; Ilowser wus solicitor for the P. &. G. B, uud looked
after the interests of his clients and
not of the public; the Government
was not enforcing tlie law; and eon-
eluded with a diatribe against the
"machine organization."
Or. King appeared on the platform
at this juncture and was enthusiastically received, lie spoke very briefly,
occupying his timo with replying to
Air. Bowser's statement ut the Conservative meeting that he wasn't a friend
of labor and hud voted against the
eight hour amendment. Dr. King claimed that he hud communicated with his
constituents ut Marysville and Moyie
and hud been advised hy them to oppose the bill. The hill was up In 1904
and as he was returned for the riding
iu 1007 he thought this wus eudorsa-
tion of his action.
Air. Brewster opened his speech by
complimenting the women on their attendance. The wttr had converted
many doubters into tlie belief that the
women should receive the vote, whieh
too long had been kept from them, lie
It seemed to him that Premier Bowser had readied down from the bigger
things and dealt In personalities. AI
Brewster said that when a man hit
him on tlie cheek ho felt Inclined to
hit him abovo the waist, He offered
to bet hlm 550 that A, Al, Johnson had
not sent him a wire. He claimed that
it was not the lirst time the premier
had "treated the truth with discourtesy". He wanted to bet Air. Bowser
$100 if it could be proved he hud said
the lands to he given the soldiers was
nt no value. It was the Bowser policy
and not the hind thut was rotten, said
Air. Brewster. Air. Brewster criticized
tiie Government for buying certain
lands at 40 cents per aero; criticized
tlie finances of the province; criticized
different items of expenditure in tho
Public Accounts.
Defends Liberals hi Plugging.
Tho Liberal leader proceeded to
make the Liberal defense of the Vancouver plugging. The unforgivable
'crime of Al. A. Macdonald, he said, was
| to have beaten the minister of public
! works.
j He snld he believed tiiere were election irregularities because some Liberals had noticed suspicious circumstances and ufter they had tiie evidence Peter Annance was arrested and
About that time a committee wus
appointed by the legislature to investigate the plugging. He said the Liberals were not allowed to have a lawyer
although the Conservatives had two
lawvers ou the committee. He crtlclz-
ed the immunity offered to witnesses
aud said it was passed to enable John
L Sullivan to get thugs to swear to.
Ho said the Sulltvans in Seattle, with
Clancy, were bosses of the underworld.
Sullivan received a letter from Tom
I Carroll in Seattle Baying that pluggers
: were being brought to Vancouver to
vote for Macdonald, Sullivan said he
gave the letter to Welch, who said lie
had destroyed it. if it contained anything about voting for Macdonald
Welch would have kept it and it would
have been circulated, said Mr. Brewster.
Then Sullivan wont, to Seuttle.   On
Thursday before election  he returned
to  Vancouver  hy steamer, continued
thc Liberal leader in liis defense.  On
the same boat were a number of men
of   disreputable   character.     Purser
Bird's impressions were tliat Sullivan
when lie said the men were pluggers
> nnd he wanted to stop them was mak-
' lng a stage play.    Some of the men
stayed at Sullivan's hotel; others were
; imt   iiji   at  a   rooming   house   above
Latest Fashioned Skirt
We have just received a big
Shipment of the very Newest
and most Stylish Skirts we
have ever seen. The Prices
are very Low, and the grade
of Material is Excellent.
Vour Money llmk
If (•onds urc mil as
Welch's store. Welch denied he knew i
they were there until the following
Week. The owner gave evidence that
on the dav before elected ho warned
Welch that men were in the Albany
rooms and ho believed they were from
Beattie and for election  purposes.
From the steamer Sullivan sent two
wireless messages to Welch. The Liberal leader suid these were notifying
the host to be ready for his guests.
Welch swore those messages were j
on his desk at il o'clock. This was Kri- '■
day morning. If Welch suspected the,
Liberals wen* bringing In pluggers
would not Welch huve notified the po-
lice und tiie newspapers? Then Sullivan was notified by liis brother that
a second gang was coining in hy train
and went to meet them. Tliis was Carroll's gang nnd Sullivan took it to liis1
. hotel.
. About 3 o'clock that afternoon Sullivan warned the police, but the police explained they did not take Sullivan or his warning seriously. '
Sullivan secured witnesses for the
Inquiry. Tho Ilrst gave the name of
J. G. Kelly, which in* admitted was
not his real name. Sullivan found
Kelly in jail and paid his fine for
whicli Sullivan was reimbursed by the
I government. Air. Brewster said much
evidence could he bought hy anyone
who had the money.
Mr, Brewster suid R. R. Gosdeii. who
was employed by Seott to make up
lists of names to be plugged, was
brought in to hurt AI. A. Macdonald.
Air. Brewster asserted that the jury
ill tlie Gosden cuse divided 11 to I.
i Macdonald never Imported Scott
from Alberta, said Air. Brewster. Scott
was hired by a committee to do legitimate work. The Liberal lender said
that Scott was in the parliament buildings and actually walked past the man
who had a subpoena iu his pocket for
blm. Scott was then working to get
evidence, suid Air. Brewster.
Excuses Scott's r'liirlil.
When the warrant wns issued Seott
feared perjured witnesses would be
brought against him and he would
have to be bailed out, said Mr. Brewster. The night before the house rose
Scott offered to return If promised
Immunity but tho attorney-general refused.
Liberals hnd since been trying to
get Scott buck but Air. Bowser had
not assisted,
He read a copy of a letter from W.
H. Price, secretary of the Victoria
Conservative association asking for
$10 a head expenses from tlie Vancouver association for Vancouver voters
whose expenses from Vancouver to
Victoria were paid.
Ho claimed that tlie Liberals had
sturted the plugging investigation and
I would complete it.
| Air. Brewster concluded liis remarks
I with a brf.t" attempt to defend his
I action lu issuing his whit to tie mi tile
\ affairs of the province, He made a
I lame attempt to fasten the onus on
I Air. Bowser hut unsuccessfully.
Come In And See Our
Pic-nic Baskets
All sizes, priced from 35c up to $2. 50
The Kootenay Garage
wishes to inform the public   thiil   they  can   now
Gasoline and Oil
having Installed an I'p-
tn-lliitc Nliii'iiui' Syslem.
The   Kootenay   (tarage
giiiutiiiK hli lot Wm    y.n lioi "i- lliroofof
liu. Soiil ni mi Im.) ■ -i   ■ -. ot nulled t« nny
fc.iiinwien rocclplol price   Tin Bcotmii Dmm
Phosphonol for men. \ji_i
Vitality)fnt N.r, I Bruin* locmuoi"mf
mMUr'iATqflta   will build van up. t:i n box,of
two/of (. ni m m -i in ■ -r i.v mull onr i*>t
III ]>rl-'i>       till.    " 'JIM  i 1.  I'l " , M   '   ■all.,, L, !,■;•,
(We ilo not linlil ourselves responsible for opinions expressed by correspondents.)
Mr, Editor:—Tho amount of Can-
iithi Thistle about Iniriek Avenue lias
become a disgrace to the road man- ■
ngoment of tbis district and Is un outstanding nuisance to those who try i
to bee]) their liunls properly tilled in
lhe vicinity. . There ure within about;
300 yards along the roadway I mention |
sufficient of these thistles to make a
bo]Id rldgo mn* hundred yards long
uud I ft wide on em-h side of the!
wheel tnieb uud thoso nre now begin-,
Inlng to sentter their goods.   I have
complained tu nil  the authorities  I
[know, Including    Provinclnl    Police. !
I Government Agont und H«)crctary of j
Farmers Institute, but ho fur to no
piirpn*-!'.   Yours wilh n grouch. .
■ A   II, SMITH.
(Continued from page 1)
fruits, Mrs, Tom Christian, Mrs. Clapp
collection of jelly—Mrs. Clapp; collection of pickles—Mrs. \v. B. MacFarlane, Mrs. Clapp; butter—Mrs. B, Palmer, Mrs. Norman McClure; eggs-
Mrs. B. Palmer, Mrs. J. P, Smith.
Collection of vegetables—Mrs. N.
McClure; sweet peas, VA blooms of b'
varieties—Mrs. Joe Hall, Mrs. J. L.
Palmer; pansles, best collection-
Mrs. Joe Hall; Collection of cut flowers—Mrs. Fyles, Mrs. J. B. .Kennedy;
collection of house plants—Mrs. \V.
H, Brown, Mrs Russell; fern, 1 or
more—Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Russell; foliage
plant, 1 or more—Mrs. Fyles, Mrs. B,
Palmer; Begonia, 1 or more—Mrs.
Spence, Mrs. J. Hall; Geranium, not
less than 3—Mrs. J. L, Palmer, Mrs
Russell; wild flowers gathered and arranged by children of members of the
Institute—John and Curry Clark, Margaret McClure, Dan Brake.
Judges—Mrs. J. D. McBride, Mrs.
(Dr.) Miles.
Cluss 2—Fancy Work
Kjnbroitlery on white linen, solid-
Mrs. Coutts, Mrs. A. A. Johnson; embroidery on white linen, eyelet—Mrs.
Shaw, Mrs. Sarvis; embroidered towels (two towels)—Mrs. Tisdale, Mrs.
Jack Thomson; drawn thread work-
Mrs. Tisdale, Mrs Tisdale; silk embroidery on linen—Mrs. MacFarlane;
tea cloth, embroidered—Mrs. Tisdale;
pillow cases, embroidered (two)—
Mrs. Jack Thomson, Mrs. MacFarlane;
display of crochet work (cotton I—
Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Jack Thomson; display of knitting in wool—Miss Maystre
pointing on material—Mrs, J. F.
Smith; tatting (cotton) Mrs. Shaw
pincushion, embroidered—Mrs. Sbaw,
Mrs. Sarvis) tea cosy embroidered -
Mrs. Shaw; crochet In wool— Miss
Judges, Mrs. M. A. Macdonald ami
Mrs. Q, H. Sadler.
All boys trespassing nn my place
nill he prosecuted regardless of whu
the j   um)-   he.
IN Till*: MATTER of the "Land Registry Act" and In the Matter of Lot
5, Block lit of lot 132, Group 1,
Kootenay District. Province of Brltlsii  Columbia,    Map  1181,
TAKK NOTICK that au Application
.No. Jjys5-I has been made to register
Frederick William Irving Adolph as
owner In fee simple of the above lot
I under conveyances from Haynes Lake
I Lund Coinpuny Limited et al to the
Adolph Lumber Company and from
! said lastly mentioned Company to Unsaid Frederick William Irving Adolph
and that unless within :,U days from
■ the date of the Ilrst publicntion hereof
you file in this ofllce u caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens I shall register
the said Frederick William Irving
Adolph as owner in fee.
Dated at tlie Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, this 21st day of January, 1916,
District Registrar.
Seat of Land Registry
I Ollice of British Columbia,    Kootenay District.
I   To ull to whom it may concern,
Date of first publication this 17th
day of August,  1010, 33-41
Tin, iiiirtk'K wlm have taken ladder
Irom rear nl Ilex Theatre wltlioul tin1
1'oriuullly of permission, wlll a,aid
Iroulilr li) replacing tlinii wllliln 'il
hours of iMilillriitlon of Hi!* not!,-,',
which will not ii|i|ii'ut amiin.
Al thr Auditorium Snturdnv, Auk. Sfflli
(diversion und I'scl
TAKK NOTICK Hull P. Henry Pearson wltOBO address Ih linker, P. ().. will
apply lor li liceuce to lnko anil UH0 HUH
iioro foot ot watnr out of llpiior Ha tin,
alHii known uh lliizli' crook, wllldl flown
eastorly und tlralnu Into Ha Ua Uiko
about 814 mllcH from lot lHIMl. Tho
wator will tic diverted from the Htream
at a point about 250 feet eaat of H. W.
corner iiiiat uf lot 12241 anil will be
used for Irrlfrjtlon purpose uikiii the
lota dOBOrlbetf ,to No. 11 and No. 12,
block 831, Tblfl notice wan posted oa
thi' ground on the 17lli day of AukiihI,
llllll. A copy of lliis notice and an
application pursuant thereto and to
tlio "Water Act, 1914" will be filed in
the ollice of tlie Wnter Recorder at
Cranbrook, B. 0. Objections to the
application may bo lllcd with tin, snld
Water Hecorder or with the Comptroller of Water ItlRhts, Parliament Hnlld-
Iiirh, Victoria. 11. ('., within thirty days
nfter tlio first appearance of this notice
In u local newspaper.
The date of the tlrst publication ot
this notice Ib August 24th, llllll.    11441
Sealed t lers will bo r Ived hv
lhe Mlnlstor of Uiuli nni lalor than
noon on lhe 88rd day of August, mill.
fm- tiie purchase of Liconso X 060 in
out l.noo.oiio foot of Codnr, Uroh, Kir
uiul While pine, 1,000,000 feel Cattail
wood, and .'..iiini cards of posts, uu an
area ailjoiniiiK ho lin. uonl Illver,
Kootenny Ulstrlct.
line  ill  year  will  I Ilowoil  for
removal of timber.
Portlier nnrlleiilnrs of Hie chief
forester, Victoria, li c, or District
Koresier. Cranbrook, ii c :u-4i
TIMIIMt Stl.l: No. 703.
Boated tenders will ho received by
the Minister of l.nnils not Inter than
noon nu the llth day of October, llllti,
for the purchase of 1,1 ise No. 703,
to cut 10,0011,000 feet of Douglas Plr,
Cedar, Ijirch, Yellow I'lne, White Pine,
Cottonwood nnd llisid and Down Timber; also 14,000 Cedar Poles nud Hll,-
000 Itullway Tics, covering tliat portion of Lot 274, Kootenay District,
situated south or the Goat Illver.
Two years will be allowed for removal or timber.
further particulars of tho chief Forester, B. C, or District Porester,
Cranbrook, B. C, !14-8t.
The ton of Jam which Kaslo Ited
CroHH workers sent overseas Inst full
is reported to have arrived In unusable


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