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Cranbrook Herald Jul 16, 1914

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u •
Happy  Wedding o( (ranbrook luumi
People im  WcdntMlu)
Manitoba Returns Itobllu by Narrow
Margin lYitk Four Seals Mill
lu Doubt
Lust Keporl of Election
Conservatives   fleeted     23
Liberals elected   81
Incomplete   returns     2
Deferred elections  3
Winnipeg, July 10.—Tho result of
tho Maiiltulm election yesterday Ih
Htlll not definitely known. At oue
o'clock Hits morning the Liberals conceded t,\ seats io the government,
claimed L'l tiiuitst for the opposition
and placed St. Qodrge and Ste. Hose In
the doubtful column.
Tbe Conservative* claimed ihe two
seats ht question) muklng tbe tally,
Conservatives 26. Liberals 81.
There are still three deferred elec-
There nro several scuts of very
close vote, Midi au Klldonun, where
Dr. Montague hns but a majority of
toreo votes. The Liberals believe
that tn this and some other ridings a
recount wlll change the result and
the Roblln government may be In tho
South—A.   B.    Hudson,
Under tho happiest of auspices with  wm:K  twrii~BBEKTl-'RE
brilliant sunshine and In tlie presence LAV)'
of many  friends and  well   wishers,,
Miss  Edith   Isabel   Stephens,  eldest
Winnipeg,   South—W.   U   Parrish,
Km Working Majority
In commenting un the result of the i
election, tbe Telegram (Conservative) i
places tbo responsibility for the reduction in (he government') majority
on the education question and the
Orange vote, while tbe Free Press refers to tho passing of "machine politics."
Klltorlally tho Telegram Hays:
"The government has been Hustaln- j u JJJVJJi. . .
1    Thu   bride,   tastefully    attired    ln
white silk, with EldelwolsB lace trim*
With reference to the above bylaw
which  will  be voted  upon  Thursday
daughter  of   Hev.   und   Mrs.   W.   E hext, the 23rd tost, #o, beg to publish
Stephens  was united in  marriage to  a copy of tiie contract entered Into
Mr.   J.   F.   Broughton.   who  is  well ifur ihe construction of the dam and
for laying pipe, between the City and
known around town, and especially
In certain fraternal order circles.
The ceremony took place at Knox
church at a,8o p.m. on Wednesday.
July Kith, the Kev. \V. K. Thomson
The church wus very prettily decorated for the oocaslou.the many flow-
Popular   Vole   Ik   Strongly   Liberal) j
Many Liberal Candidates tiet
Rig Majorities
The popular vote was decidedly
Liberal. In Winnipeg two Liberals
had majorities of over 1500 each, and
two others of" nearly 1,000 each.
Leader Norrfo had a majority of over
440, and tiiere wcre several majorities of over 200. The Conservative
candidates elected on thc other hand
had small majorities.
-Tho contest was very keenly
fought. Thc three Manitoba cabinet
ministers, Hon. Messrs. Rogers, Dr.
Roche and Arthur Meighen, taking
active part in the battle.
It will probably be some weeks before thc Roblin government Is quite
certain of its fate.
The results of the election were
followed by quite an extraordinary
concourse of excited citizens outside
the various newspaper offices aud as
news of Liberal gains spread, It Is estimated that ubout 10,000 people assembled around the Free Press building on Carlton street.
Candidate* Elected
Following Is a list of candidates
Arthur—J. Williams, Liberal.
Assiniboia—J. T. Haig, Conservative
Beautiful Plalns—Hon. J. H. How-
den, Conservative.
Birtle—J. G. H. Malcolm, Liberal.
Brandon City—Hon. G. R. Coldwell.
Carillon—T. B. Mulloy, Liberal.
Cypress—George Steele, Conservative.
Dauphin- w. Buchanan, Conservative.
Deloralnc—Dr. H. S. Thornton, Liberal.
pufferln-r-Slr R, P. Roblin, Conservative.
D.  MoWhlrtw, Con-
H.    1),    McFnddcn,
• Sauuil      Hughes,
Elmwood  -H.
Gilbert     Plaint
Gamii- s,   Thorvaldson
Gladstone   nr.   ,i.   it.
Glenwood- James Hrnkcy. Liberal.
HamlOtn- J   B. McConnell. Liberal.
Iberville   a. Bernard, Conservative
Klldonuti-St. Andrews—Hon. W. 11.
Montague, Conservative.
Kllliirney-   Hon, George   Uiwrencc,
Lakeside- j, j. Onrlnnd. Conserve*!
Lansdowno  t. o. Morris, Liberal.
Laverundrye-J.   n.   l*uuzon .Conservative.
Manitou   .1.   Morris.  Conservative.
Mlnuodosn   George     A.    Orlcrson,
Mordenllhiiielaiid   Valentine Winkler, Liberal.
Morris   Jacques parent. Conservative.
Mountain   J,  11.  llalril. Liberal.
Norfolk- John Graham, Liberal.
Portage lu Prairie- K. A. Mcpherson, Liberal.
Roblin   F.   Y.   Newton,  Conservative.
Rockwood- Isaac Rellly, Conscrva-
Russell   D  lv McDonald, Liberal.
St. llonlfaci'—Hon. Joseph Hernler,
St. Clements—Donald A. Robs, Liberal.
St. Gorge—B. L. Taylor, Conservative.
St. Rose- Joseph Hamlin, Conservative.
Swan River—W. H. Slmfj, Liberal.
Vrurtle   Mountain—Joseph   Johnson,
Vlrden—-Dr,  George Cllngan,  Liberal.
Winnipeg, North—D. McLean, Conservative.
Winnipeg, North—Joseph F. Foley,
Winnipeg,  Center■  T.   11.  Johnson,
Winnipeg, Center—F. L. Dixon, Liberal.
ed but by a considerably reduced mu-
jorlty In tbe legislature. The returns j
are still Incomplete bul not sufficient'
to afTect the total result. Ono minister was defeated and la live or six
seats It Is said a re-count wlll be demanded. Tho government has a
working majority.
"in the final analysis lt Is obvious
that the educational question was the
Issue on which the government's majority has been substantially reduced.
All the fads and follies of the opposition were swept aside by the electors
aa unworthy of consideration, but the
appeal to religious differences center-
I lug around the school question was
thc deciding Issue.
Says Orangemen Deceived
"The Orangemen have been deceived by tlie very tactics which kept this
province In a turmoil from 1890 to
1900. This was especially noticeable
In Dufferin, where, for thirty years tlie
premier has possessed the confidence
of the men who on this issue cast
their ballots against him. Thc
Orangemen have been the victims of
men who have used them to advance
their own selfish interests without a
thought of attempting to improve tlie
conditions which they have convinced
the Orangemen they are suffering
"Now that the government has been
sustained, these same Orangemen will
see that their fears, played upon with
such success by political adventurers,
wcre not grounded on fact.
The campaign of villiflcatlon and
misrepresentation conducted against
the movement was never so bitter as
during this contest, but the people
measured this at Its true value. An
analysis of the returns show that in
those district* where Uio Orange
strength is greatest the government
lost In proportion.
"Tbe three deferred elections tn the
north will not prove deciding factors,
unless final returns should change
the present standing, which appears
fairly definite."
Calls tt Defeat for Roblln
The Free Press (Liberal says:
"The Free Press will not say that
yesterday's election was a Liberal
victory In the sense that the Liberals
can walk into office and take possession
"But it was a defeat for Robllnlsm
and the machine. The arrogance has
been pretty well knocked out of our
boastful premier. Yesterday's result
creates a new set of political conditions in this province—conditions
that cannot be met by the methods
which, tn the past, have seemed sufficient to Sir Rodmond Roblln.
"With so many narrow majorities
and the certainty ot recounts In seven
or eight seats. It ls not possible at this
moment to estimate the political com-
Armstrong.; plMio|| of |ht, npjU |f|ti,*,iRturc. If the
, machine will kindly refrain from tnm-
■ perlug with thc ballot boxes until the
| recounts take place, It may well hap-
j pen tbat there will bc no majority al :
1 alt for the Roblln government. In any
! event, the Roblln majority In the leg- '■
j lstature will bc small and It will re-
j present a minority popular vote.
I Upon the strength of this backing,
i Sir Rodmond Roblln will not go far.
Laid* Literal Member*
! "The Liberals came out of the campaign In splendid fighting shape.
Though some good men have fallen
by the wayside, the Liberal party In
the next legislature will, In character
and talent, far outrank the men opposed to them. Mr. Norrls wlll have
behind him In the legislature a band
of able men and the progressive policies of the party wlll come Into their
own at no distant dny.
"The day of machine politics, of
liquor domination, of boss rule, of
contemptuous disregard for progressive movements Is about over. When
he studies the election returns and
notes the constituencies which have
defeated his candidates, Sir Rodmond, if be has not completely lost
his political sense, will recognise
that his methods and his policies
have been condemned by the people
of Manitoba."
the Contractors,
In this contract, in view of possibly
some misunderstanding, we wish tu
draw particular notice to the clause
dealing with employment of labor, txe
follows: |:u.
(8).   Thi*   said   Company   further .
agrees to employ as far us possible! '""•
und practical, white ilabor and resid-j    In
, londlag tholr beaut, add fr,lBr.,,o I &£&jfi& SJS'BSS [
r of the summer's   the contractors and thc city In refer-1
| once to the same, tlie same shall be i
referred to the Engineer in charge uf'
the   work,   whoso  decision   shall  be
mlngs, and wearing a pretty white | u therefore follows that no man ;
hut to match, wus supported by her ' employed on the works can he dls-
futlu-r, Rev. w. B. Stephens, und her missed without due cause, except by
Outplay   Visiters at Lacrosse ,
.its! floudu)  Evening
The Fernie lacrosse team last Monday evening wus badly crippled on ac-
count of the absence of a number of j
tlieir   regular   players   and   several ; Two Lodges From Fernie and Visitors
members   of   the   intermediate, team      From Other Points Enjoy Annlver-
were supplemented to fill out, with the        sgry Festivities In Cranbrook
result   thut   Craubrook   walked   off
with tho game 10-3.
The lirst score was made by Clade
tor Fernie In three minutes after thej
gunu*   started,    Craubrook   securing j
. to  Uie  delightful  .
i in rotation on goals by McMil-
Matthows and Crowe.
tiie   second   period   Crnnbrook
made   four and  Ferule one.    Those
Bcorlng for Cranbrook were Matthews
two, Crowe and Chambers; MeDougall
scoring for Forale.
Crowe secured the only gun I    for
Orangemen from various parts of
the district gathered in Cranbrook
last Monday for the celebration of the
224th anniversary of the Battle of the
Boyne. Notwithstanding adverse
weather conditions the celebration and
eutei'talnment furnished the visitors
by the local lodge was a success.
fernie lodge was here en masse und
other members of the order were here
from Athalmer, Fort Steele, llanbury,
Juffray, Kimberley and other points.
Monday   morning   a   steady  down
consent   ol'  the
tm> sisters, Miss Grace and Miss
Ruth Stephens were in attendance as
bridesmaids, botii of whom were
charmingly dressed lu white silk
At the conclusion or the beautiful
and simple ceremony, the bride and
bridegroom preceded the family and
guests iii an automobile to the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stephens,
eldest brother of the bride.
Soon after live o'clock, the guests,
ta thc number of twenty-two. after
having been photographed, sat down
to u delightfully dainty wedding
breakfast, served at an artistically decorated table, and for nearly an hour, I
appreciative tributes was paid to
tlie many delicacies prepared.
Mr. R. Roberts, of the C.P.R. Cal-!
gary ofllce staff, who had. travelled
from   Calgury  to  uct as  tlie  bride-1
groom's best man. started a round of j WHEREAS \ho sutd Contractors
ttttDtmhA-* hv ,.nin„o iv.-. „ uia».n«n I have tendered for certain work in con-
speeches  1»   calling  for a  standing, nectirm Mth  the  Cnuipro0*K   Wator
toast to tlie health and happiness of i Works, which Includes all tho labor
Mr, nnd Mrs. J. F. Broughton. required In  laying the certain  stool
permission   und  the
Engineer in charge.
For the benefit and Information ot
the electors of the City of Cranbrook
the following copy of tlie contract
entered into between the City and
Hotson, Leader «fc Goode. of Lethbridge, for tlie work in connection
with the City Water Works, is published:
THIS   CONTRACT  made   in   duplicate this Tlli day of July. A.D. 10 H.
OF CRANBROOK, hereinafter
called the City
of tho FIRST part
• — and—
Lethbridge,  in  the   Province  of
Alberta,   hereinafter   called   the
of the SECOND part
Cranbrook in tbe third period lu six pour of rain prevented the work of:
decoration from being us profuse us |
the I'uiuuiittee hud Intended, but the
band   stand   ueur   the   goverument
In   tile   hist   period   Mutthews  and
Crowe scored for Cranbrook and Wil*
Mr. Broughton responded ln
equally felicitious form, and was
again followed hy ftev. W. K. Thom-
ater pipe, setting necesary hydrants,
valves, valve boxes and so forth, and
also for the construction of a certain
Reservoir Dam at-St. Joseph's Creek,
son, who offered splendid advice In a i near Cranbrook, for the sum of Thlr-
vein   of  quaintly   mixed   humor  and' •* Thousand Dollars  (930,000.00).
seriousness AND WHEREAS, the said Contrac-
serousiiLSs. k        ,^w ogr<;ed t,mt thu  B,,oclflca.
Congratulations, good wishes, and ; tjous „„,| plana hereto annexed mark-
still more advice followed from sev-! od with the letters "A" and "H" shall
eral  guests, the  speeches  being od- ,■* »nt* ft)>*m »*£« W* agreement.
AND WHEREAS, the said Contractors hnve further agreed to obtain a
guarantee to the amount of Twenty
Thousand Dollars (UE0,0Q0.0p) from a
son for Pernio,
The Pernie team apparently did not
have a chance on account of the poor
team work of tlieir forwards. Bert
Black ut point and Hoven ln goal
made a formidable defense and broke
up several combinations that looked
like scores.
The following  was the line-up of
tho teams:
Cranbrook Ferule
McKay,  Hoven
Scott Black
Cover point
Duffy   Greaves
First defense
McPhee Kirkputrick
. Second defense
Leitch    Bryan
Third defense
Hathie Wallace
Chambers Oatlaher
Third home
I Laden:
Rev.   W,   E.
mlrably   wound   up   by
The bride and bridegroom then essayed to cut the wedding cake, one of
those delicate tasks that as remarked
by Mr.. Stephens, everybody advises
on, and nobody seems capable of doing. The ancient and honored custom of wishing having been secretly
kept up, the guests gave themselves11 agree'uTfojioSa:
over for tiie rest of the day to house 1. The said Contractors shall do
party pleasures I and complete the work in connection
,.,„.  ._   s,.a  ovanina   tnav  wat,A\ with the Cranbrook Water Works pur-
Later in the  evening,  they  were- BMnt t0 the temUn. anu speclncationa
Joined by the young people of Knox [ iim.to annexed, In the manner und
Church Literary and Debating Soc-' within the times specified in the said
lety, and the augmented party carried I specifications.
Bonding Company satisfactory
the said Corporation that they will
fully complete the said work according to tender andvUie specifications
hereinbefore referred to,
NOW THIS AORl-IEMENT WITNESSETH that in consideration of
the premises the said parties hereto
The said Company further agrees
to employ as far as possible and practical, white labor and residents of tiie
said City of Cranbrook and should any
dispute ariBe between the Contractors and the City in reference to
sume. the same shall be referred to
the Engineer In charge of the work,
whose decision shall he. final.
3.   Tlie   said   Contractors   further
agreo to pay a minimum wage of Two
Dollars aud Fifty Cents  ($2.60)   per
[day of ten (10> hours work.
 — j    The   saW   contractors   further
sir I HIM I   UtltiHi uvt'TlMJ    Wee to produce, upon requiring any
HI HUUL BUAKD  MhhllM.   = pJyment| u receipted payroll showing
Committee Appointed lo Proceed „i(h i du'e payment to all laborers engaged
,.,.„.,       , „ .    .    .        iu the said work.
I.stablishing of new School at 6    Tjlt. Ctty agrees in consideration
kootenay Orchards 0f the due  performance of the said
  work according to the plans and spec-
Meeting of the school trustees was   ideations to pay to the said Contrac
held in the citv hall on last Friday I tors semi-monthly all sums of money
'      '     J...       *_'__     Sl. ...    ll.,,,.    „l„ Ilnv     tl,    (ill.
on the festivities to a late hour with !
music, instrumental and vocal, inter- j
spersed with many laughable games.
The regard lu which Mr. and Mrs.
Broughton are held In Cranbrook wos
evidenced by many gifts of beauty and
Tlie happy couple will reside In the j
city, and huve taken up residence on |
"ranbrook street.
evening. July 10th, at 8 o'clock, those
Sccoud home
First home
McMillan  MeDougall
Outside homo
Powers    Clode
In side borne
Mutthews   Dudley
Referee—Maurice Qualn.
Timekeepers—A.  L. MsDermot for
Cranbrook;  Roblchaud for Femle.
Penalties:' Bathle, '. minutes.
due from time to time according to tlie
' terms and times of payment mention'
present being Chairman White, Trus-: ed in the tend0r and specilleutlom
tees Quain, Wilson and Laurie. herein.
The chairman  appointed Trustees     IT   IS   FURTHED   UNDERSTOOD
,-.. ,      i«   i > i       __.*.     AND AGREED by the said Contrac-
Pink nnd Quito n» a upwlal committee I *i,"th«t "liould any default be mad.-
to make SrrangcmontB for the now I Dy u,ora |„ cumuli-tlnn tlio said work
hcIiooI fn tlu> Kootenay Orchards din- and performing this contract pnrisu-
lri,.t ant to the t'irnia of the tender and
,    ,,   ,.        , : Hnecillcatione tliat lhe said Company
Applications  for Janitor  were rt. JQ"™ to the city of Cranbrook
eelved and laid over to the next meet-1 BUC|, damaged as tlio City sustains by
Ing. j reason of any lapses on tlie part of
„   , ,      ., ui        ■ tho Contractors, or breach ot con-
Applications   for   the   position   ol tJtoCt
principal were received and laid over |    ^'p   jx   ]g  FURTHER  AGREED
for further consideration. I by the Company that the amount ol
The application of Janitor Log*.! ggn^^tarS. and to osUmnle
for authority to hire n team and neces- : 0[ tjie Engineer in charge as to any
sury help at tlie school grounds for a'damages sustained by reason of the
period not exceeding two days was re-' said breach shall be llnul and conferred to the bu..dlng and inwove- c>^^
ment committee with power to act.     tnat a|| matters under this contract
The finance committee reported thc  M W the due and proper Per'M^nhJ
...    i ,, , , of the worfc shal be subject to the ap-
followlni accounts which were passed ■ ™ "J^ "„« Engineer in charge of
and ordered paid: ti,t, m\,j work.
Teachers  salaries, June and j    ^ WITNESS WHEREOF the par-
i tics  hereto have hereunto  set their
J»ly    $2,666.00 \ hands and seul the duy and year flrai
Health ofDcer, June         41.C6 ! above written.
Secretary          26.00 i        HOTSON, LEADER & (lOODE
Janitors      126.001 P«r ,G- K  llotson
,-   '        C. D. LEADER
770 ,        II. J. QOODE
1*!i, Signed, Scaled and Delivered hy tlie
1M\       above named Hotson. Leader and
1.50 I       Ooode In the presence of
90.00 i D. Noble,
As to -signature of G. E, Hotson
building was decorated with the
Orange colors, a large Union Jack
spread In front of the speakers and
ensigns ln each of the four corners.
A large arch, 17 by L'O feet, was
erected and put iu place at one side
of the bandstand with Union Jacks.
Tlie front of the Orange headquarters
on Haker street was decorated with I
flags and lodge colors.
The first appearance of thc lodge
as a body was at 12.ao, when they
marched to tlie station In a body marshalled by James lloyce nnd accom-
panted by the city band, wliere they
met Fertile lodge and welcomed them j
to the city and escorted them to the [ ,, ..
lodge headquarters.
At 3 o'clock Director of Ceremonies Mr. Jus. Uoyee murshulled the
various lodges together for the parade. In the line of parnde were tirst.
Union Jack carried by Mr. Falconer I
and assisted by Boy Scout In nni- I
form, then King William on the
white horse. Five automobiles profusely decorated carried the members
of the Lady True Blue lodge of Fernie and they were followed by tlie
Femle bagpipers band, who led the
Pernie lodge.
The Cranbrook city band was next.
leading thc local Orange lodge. In the
center of the local procession were the
two life and drum bands. The parade
waa conducted through considerable
mud, but by the time the procesalon
had reached the bandstand the sun
was shining and the balance of the
lay whs bright and pleasant
Mr. R. S. Garrett, worshipful master of the local lodge, waa master of
ceremonies and announced tbe program, first calling on Rev. W. K
Thomson to open the meeting with
Mayor Taylor in his address of welcome said: "Ladies and Gentlemen of
the Orange Association: It affords me
much pleasure to welcome you to
Cranbrook on this, the 22«h anniversary of the Battle of tbe Boyne. I
trust you wlll enjoy yourselves and
have a pleasant time during your stay
In Cranbrook and that you may have
a kindly recollection of your visit.
which we hope may be frequently repeated. As there are other speaker**
to address you I will not further trespass on your time. I trust you may
have a happy recollection of this day
in Cranbrook."
A selection by the Fernie pipers
was rendered and the large crowd
gave them hearty applause.
Mr. J. F. Smith, of Loyal Orange
lodge, a member of the order for
nearly half a century, was the next
speaker and gave some historical
facts In connection with the events
whicli led to the founding of the or
ler and the principles for which the
order stood.
'* ** next number was a "election by
the Cranbrook city band.
This was followed by a selection from
the Cranbrook lodge nf** and drum
[ Rev. W. E. Dunham was the next
Speaker and dealt  largi-ly   with  the
THK  PASflftO- OF    »
Death Claims David Griffith—Resid-
ent of East Kootenay for Past
Fifty Years
Last Sunday David Griffiths died at
Fort   Steele.     In   the  death  of  Mr.
Griffith  East Kootenay Iobcb one of
the oldest pioneers, a man who has
been identified wltli the progress and
development of the country for the
pust fifty years, and who passed away
ut the ripe old age of 86 years.
A  special Invitation had been extended to him to attend the Chahko
Mika  celebration  at Nelson  for the
pioneers' reunion and lt Is significant
that   his   funeral occurred   on   the
opening day of the celebration.
David Griffith was born In Wales
In 1S34 and was among the early emigrants to California in the gold rush
of 1S60 and later years.   In 1866 he
started the first placer excitement of
the Wild Horse, having drifted from
California into  East Kootenay.    He
was n prominent and picturesque fig*
ure ln the great rush of those early
days and was a-pioneer long before
men,   who  now  consider themselves
oioneers.  had   arrived  In  thc  coun
In l.sli" he effected a sale of some
properties which netted him $60,000 In
cash, besides many thousand shares,
and he made a trip to the old country riding on a railroad train tor the
first  time,  In   fact  It  was the  first
time he had seen a railroad train, as
he came west around Cape Horn to | history of the rise of freedom In the
San Frnnctsco, and the railroad had   world nnd stated thut "Protcstanlsm"
not then penetrated the remote west. I stood for religious freedom, or was, »*-1Tai'''* *''■"'"
During the last few yearB he has |he said, "a protest against any limit-;
resided quietly at Fort Steele and on j ntlon of the word of Cod."
Rov, W. K. Thomson was the nett *
Veil J i r aad handed out a few i
fdralpht cm Jolts to the Orangemen]
and Protestanlfl as n whole, statlnir
that they were not always sincere. He
I'oint'd to the countries where the
1 Loiuan Catholic church had in year*-
his farm on the Wild Horse Creek.
where tlie oldest apple trees In British
Columbia, fifty yenrs of age, are still
bearing fruit. He was heavily interested in various mining properties
throughout the Kootenay valley and
ittlicr parts of the district.
Clean lumbering Is the only means
of safety, says tho Toronto Olobo.
While the dead tops and limbs arc left
to the woods, together with tho smaller trees crushed by the fall of heavy
timber and the refuse of side ronds,
skldways, and other Incidental works,
there will no a masB of Inflammable
material In the woods which will make
destructive conflagrations Inevitable.
Heattie-Murphy Co., Ltd	
Crnnbrook Steam Laundry ..
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.
Colonist Printing Co	
City of Cranbrook, water	
Cranbrook Sush & Door Co.,
Cranbrook Drug & Rook Co...
Patmore Bros	
Kootenay Telephone Lines ..
Manning, lra 	
McBride, J. I)	
Hell, Dr., supplies	
0. J. Batson,
As to slgnnture of C. D. Lender
N. B. McCaiisland
As to signature of H. J. Goode
S. Taylor, Mayor
.... i Witness Corporate Seal of tho above
lf,wu named City of Cranbrook nnd the
 !        Hand of the City Clerk.
12.8R0.101 '
David Newell, of Vancouver, a \ past held sway. Spain was in ruins;
nephew of the deceased, waB recently ' Rhine had fallen from power; Franc:
here visiting bis uncle. ; was drifting Into Atheism.   He ga* > u
Funeral services were held on I warning note that the battle must al
Monday evening at 7 o'clock conduct-! ways be fought with & fervent love f.»r
ed by Rev. E. P. Flewelling, rector of! Catholics. In the hope that they would
Christ church. jbe converted away from their rellg-
Undertaker W. R. Beatty had |lon- He *■"■""• that thp Prolestant*-
charge of the body !werp always as sincere as the Cattle*
"the lone piper" ami has headed many
Orange parades in Belfast.
Following the program the athletic
events were announced ami the results of the various races and sports
were as follows:
SO yards race, boys under 7—First,
Hector Herntman, 52.00 pair boots,
donated by F. M. Macpherson; second,
Walter Lee. $1,00 pair gloves, donated^
hy F. M. Macpherson; third, Frank
Oxworth, Tiie. pair running shoes, donated by F. M. Macpherson.
60 yards race, girls under "- Ffr.it,
Merle tar-ion, -tiiuu dosen ptcturopostj
cards donated by It. J, Blnntug; second, Marie Moure, $1.00 box cholu-
lates, donated hy Home Bakery; third,
Wllbemlno Woodman, 76c, box chocolates donated by John Manning,
60 yards race, boys undfer iu First,
Gordon Armstrong. IMD fishing pole,
donated by Cranhrook Drug * Hook
Co.; second, Eric MacKinnon, $:i.m)
No. 2 Brownie camera, donated by
Health -Murphy Co.; third, Itobert
Beaton, $1.00 box chocolates, donated
by Home Bakery.
60 yards race, strls under 10—First,
Christina Carson. $5.00 bottle perfume!
donattd by Cranbrook Drug a.- Hook
Co.; second, Margate! Leask. $2.00
No. 2 Brownie camera, donated by
Health-Murphy Co.; third. Isabel
Parker, $1.60 hand bag. donated by
Solomon Koury.
Potato race, boys under 12 First.
MacKinnon. (3.00 fishing pole
aud case, donated hy EL ti. Qwynne;
second. H. Smith. $2.00 dosen picture
i*ost cards, donated by it. J. Binning;
third, a. Dunlop. three neckties, value
$1.00. donated by Solomon Koury.
Potato race, girls under 12- First.
E. Moore. $3.00 box chocolates, donattd by Lester Clapp; second, g. Dotf
ildson, $1.00 be* chocolntrs. donated
by Lloyd Crowe; third. Annie Gibson,
$1.00 box chocolates, donated by Lloyd
75 yards race, boys under 16—-First,
E. Carson. fl'.OO pair shoes, donated
by McCreery Hro«; second, M. Drummond. $1.00 baseball glove, donated
by R. P. Moffatt; third. J. Patterson,
$1.00 Major League baseball, donated
by K. Kummer.
73 yards race, girls under 10—First.
M. St. Eloi. $3.00 pair shoes, donated
by McCreery Bros.; second. Note Kub-
lnson. $-.00 In merchandise, donated
by Ira Manning; third, Annie Orr,
$1.00 in merchandise, donated by Ira
75* yard.*- race, married ladies—
First. Mrs. Adamson, $5.00 in merchandise, donated by HalaaR *fc Co.; second.
Mrs. Kelly, ?3.00 nickel tea kettle, donated by Patmore Bros.: third, Mrs.
Schulthelfl, $150 string of beads, donated by Raworth Bros.
75 yards race, single ladies—First.
A. Hrown. $6,00 bedroom clock, do-
oat* d by W. H- Wilson; second, Vada
Boytt-r. $2.00 in merchandise, donated
by Cranbrook Trading Co.: third, P.
Orr. ?l'.by in merchandise, donated by
Ira Manning.
",'.> yard* race. Orange ladles-
First. Dolly Nicholson. $6.00 pair shoes
donated by Fink Mercantile Co.; second. Miss McOuire, $3.00 cut glass
dish, donated by Raworth Bros.;
third. Mrs. Corrfe, $2.00 pair chickens
donated by Joe Walkley.
loi) yards race, open—First, J.
-JkHlinc. $10.00 ($7 pipe. »3 cigar holder) donated by F. Carlson; second,
'ti. S Garrett, $&00 Olllette razor, donated by F Parks &. Co.;third, Lee
Sims. $3.50 box cigars, donated by A.
.'.'.   Howness.
100 yards race. Orangemen—First,
.1. Skilllng. $10.00 split bamboo fish
pole, donated by J. D. McBride; nee-
ond. R. S. Garrett. S6.00 pair shoes,
donated by E. A. Hill.        *
Tug-of-war. Orange lodges- First.
Cruubrook lodge', (IS.00 eas'; second,
Fernie lodge. $9,00 cash.
Rest fife and drum band- FirBt,
cranhrook. Poster and Campbell, $10
Just at six o'clock the athletic
rr and tbe lodge! rnur-
hed back to the hall, where a short
meeting was held. R. S. Garrett, of
Cranbrook, W. m> Crelghton. of Fertile, and Mistress Brooke, of tbe Fernie Lady True Blues madfl a few remarks. The local lodge passed resolutions of thanks for the strorit*
support of the visiting lodges, und
when Mistress Brooks replied for the
ladle;., the Uful brethren sang "For
They ure Jolly Good  Fellows."
The lodges nnd the music, topi ther
with the city bund, again marched to
the grounds In the evening, where a
lacrosse match was in progress between Femle and Cranbrook, which
the latter won.
One of the most enjoyable features
*)f the day was the bull in the evening, which was attended by at least
on** hundred couples, and was pronounced one of the biggest successes
of the season. During tho supper
hour Qharlle McCowan danced the
sword  dance  to  the   bagpipes;   Bro.
A meeting of the creditors of Leask [ T,lf' program was closed by Mr. W.
& Johnson, lumbermen, of Fort Steele,; •■'■ Sr»«* of Wycliffe, in full Scottish
was recently held In Cranbrook, over uniform, who rendered a medley of
96 per cent of the indebtednesa of the!alrft ot> tllP P-I''1"- He |R known as
firm being represented at the meet-1 - ■ ■        ' ■ ■'■' "■'"'":' *■ ■'-*-
ing.   A statement of the standing of      11.   A.  McKowan, manager of  the  Scott also rendered several Irish air;',
the firm was presented by the general j Cranbrook   Hash   &   Door  Company,' and   the   Highland   BchotUscbe   was
manager, Mr. T.  W. Leask.    Future  Limited, reports that orders are far  added to the program, to the uecom*
1    The Canadian Pacific Railway com- j operations of the company were plac-1 from being as plentiful as In past sea- j panimeut of the bagpipes from Fertile.
Duncan   MacFarhtne's   sawmill   at 'pany mills at Hull River, live miles |0,i tn the hands of Mr. Leask, who will  sons, yet he has managed to keep his Four sittings were  necesary a*  the
The warning was doubtless written for , Kimberley Is running steadily, the cut 1 from   Wardner, started  running two , proceed under supervision of a com-' plant operating steadily on a ten-hour | supper.   The hall had hern bountifully
tho benefit of eastern lumbermen, but t being 30,000 feet per day.   The output shifts early In the season, ties forming 1 mlttee appointed to act for the cred- schedule.    Most of the orders being decorated, and for the moonlight Wits
It applies with equal force to woods 1 |h being marketed by tho Otis Staples a considerable purt of tl- daily mit-Utors as follows: Messrs, Eyre, Joyce, 1 turned out cover Interior
operations In British Colombia. 1 Laatwr Company, Limited, Wyeltle.   ' put. * Bridges, StovnuHM and McBride.        ration* a-mt lo by prairie
the room was lit by the arch used In
the lodge room. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, JULY 16th, 1914
Howard St. and Trent Ave.
A New And
Modern Hotel
A   modern   equipped   Cafe   at
moderate   prices
Hut,... Il.no and up per day
Our iiu.i moots all trains
The Coeur d'Alene Co.
JACOB GOETZ, President
HAKRV   K.   BAER,   Ser.
IV. E. Horden, Prop.
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Hand and (travel Supplied
(llant Powder
Moving Planus a Specialty
Furniture   and   Baggage
J. MILNE, Manager
Tit* HoKott. Jam,
Tlie Store wltli a reputation
Kootenai'** Greatest Drug
and Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wlierl It p»y» Us dul
A. E. Jones
T. J. Doris
1'hone 101
Contractor* and  Builders
Let Vm Quote You Prices Before
You Build
Sec uh about your concrete aad
Basement work
Billiard Room and Cigar
For   a   Quiet   Game   of
Pocket Billiard* or
Knglish Billiards
0. F. NIDD
OrganlHt    ot    the    Methodist
Receives Pupils tor
Organ, Pianoforte.  Voice
Studio—Methodist Church
J. B. THOMPSON. Editor und Mummer
deputy     grand    mu9ter,ap9lsted    by
Arthur Pitman, district deputy grand j
marshal!, »od J. Norton, district de- [
Siipwrlption Kates .   <""y   l>'ru"d   Gordon;   noble   grand.
Ont  Year $2 00 Charles Nordman; vice-grand, Arthur
Six Mouths "    1.00 Pitman: secretary, \V. H. Laird; trcas-
Three Months    50 urer, Qeorge Garden;  warden, Jack
McKay;     Inside    guurdian,     James
Ad.erllsiuj Hates
Display   Advertising,   25   centH   per
Column Inch.
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 10
cents per line.     	
outside   guardian,
chaplain, J. Norton.
J.    A.|
I'runliniiik, II.C. July lotli,
" TAKK NOTICK that 1, Urinsley!
Sheridan Burchell, Intend to apply for
n license to prospect for coal and
petroleum over thu following described
 j lands;
1011      I    Commencing nt u post planted ubout
 I one und one hall (ly,) miles north of
I tlie boundary of 7280 fu block 4598;
CITV  KAMI CONCERT        nndiielng tho N. B. cornor post, thonco
  j soutli eighty ISO 1 chains; thenco west
The following program wlll bo ron- eighty   180)   chains;   thenco   north
Cranbrook  city  band olghty (80) chains; thence onst eighty
1801   chains   to   point  ul   commencement.
.mmenolng at
(Ladles and gentlemen's hats, any
style or material, renovated, remodelled or reblocked.
West of work and satisfaction guaranteed.
15 Fenwick Ave. Phone 204
If your suit does not look fresh
lend it to the new dry cleaning
department of the CHAN-
and we will make It look like
■aw. i*r*t
dereil   by   tin
next Sunday evening,
8.45 o'clock;
March-King ot tho Winds,...Taylor
Overttin Little  Duoli
Waltzes-To Tine  ..
Selection-  Mm tlm    .1
Cornet solo- The Lost Chord .
llanilsnian   Win.  Nelson
Maroh—The White Horse '
Ood Save tlie King
James   Austin,   lianilma
Dated June 10th, 1014.
II. S. Hurchcll.     |
20-5t !
That Almost Run Themtelvei
Priced from
Get One From
forthwith be cancelled uud destroyed
aad no re-lssuo of debentures so repurchased shall be made In conscience of such re-purchase.
10. This Bylaw shall take effect on
and after the first day of August,
11. This Bylaw may beclted as tlie
"Water Works  Loan  Debenture Uy-
12. This Bylaw shall before the
final passing thereof receive the as-
Bent of the electors of the Municipality.
Head a first time this 9th day of
July, 1814.
Read a second time tliis 9th duy of
July. 1914.
Read a third time und passed the
9th day of July. 1914.
Reconsidered and finally pnsBOd
this..' duy of July,  1914.
rIccIub Witness; Sutherland Mutton
(Special correspondence).
on Saturday the annual meeting
for election of school trustees, etc, was
held In the Adolph halt. There wns
somo difficulty in finding people will-
TAKE NOTICE that I, Brlnaloy
Sheridan Buroholl, Intend to apply for
:i license to prospect for coal and I
petroleum over tin* following described I
lun ils:
Commencing at a post planted about'
ono and one half (Iti) miles north of
Lhe nortli boundary of 7380 in block
151)3; uud being the N, \V. corner
post; thence east eighty (SO) chains;
thence smith eighty (80) chains;
thence west eighty (SO) chuina; thence
north eighty (SO) chains to point of
Dated June 19th. 1914.
II. S. Burchell.
Witness: O. A. Benson. U9-iit
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Furniture
ing to serve as trustees. However. W.
H. (Iriffln. John Radford and George
Bart rum were elected. Mr. J. Little
was again appointed auditor. It was
decided ut the meeting ttiat the
amount required in addition to the
government grant for tho next eighteen montlis was $1500.00.    Tlie gov-
niment is about to build a new school
house. Not before it is needed, however.
On Friday lust the Uev. A. IC. Bruce
puid u round of farewell culls
umimgst his parishioners, He und
Mrs. Bruce leave shortly for the old
country. During his visit to Baynes
he christened three local babies.
Monday u Welcome rain fell, lasting
some three hours, freshening tilings
up nicely.
It is rumored that all three local
mills will shut down shortly.    This
will be hard on ull tlie employees.
(Special correspondence)
(Jeorge Roiith left Monday for Nelson, where he Intends to reside ia future.
Mrs. C, A. Foote was taken to the
.'ranbrook hospital Wednesday.
A party of four families passed
through iu caravans Thursday evening on Us way from the prairies to
Mr. Corley, the post ofllce Inspector, mude his annual visit to Moyie
Eric Spence left for his home Saturday, after a pleasant visit with Ills
friend, Homer Dlmock,
The ladies of the Catholic church
had an Ice cream sale in the Farrell
building Saturday.
Miss Turner, of Blalrmore, Altn., ls
visiting friends und relatives here.
W. I'. Seott, manager of the I'orto
Rico mill, left Sunday for the
prairies, where he bus accepted another position with the Heaver Lumber company.
Mrs. J. W. Fitch und Mrs. IC. Hillier
visited friends in Cranhrook this
h). Ilutt arrived home Irom Alns-
wortli Tuesday.
The Informal dance held fu tlu* International hall Friday evening was
well attended. Professor Sadler, of
Bostport, supplied the music.
The following Moyleites attended
the 12th of July celebration in Cranbrook: Misses Mary McKay. Agnus
Lutner, Lily Conrad. Ninu Attwood,
Mrs. O. Horrlett, Mrs. IC. Ilutt, Mrs. A.
Cameron, Mrs. J. Taylor, Frank Conrad, Charles Nordman, John Blackburn, Arthur Blackburn and Roy
Qeorge Stevenson, manager of the
cranbrook Jobbers, motored to Moyie
Tuesday and returned the same
Miss Rod path i of Eastport, returned
homo Monday after a short visit with ]
friends In Moyie.
The huckleberry harvest started
this week In Moyie.
Motorists ou the government roud
within u few miles of Moyie have seen
.is muny as eight deer grazing on the
side of the mountain.
John Blackburn and son left Tuesday to attend the Chahko Mika at Nelson,
James   Wright   returned   to  Ains-
worth Wednesday
Tuesday evening the following offl-
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Brlnsley
Sheridan Burchell, intend to apply for
a license to prospect tor coal and
petroleum over the following described
Commencing at a post planted about
three and one half (MM*) miles north of
Uie north boundary of 7280 tn block
ir.*);'.; and being the S. W. corner post;
thence east eighty (80) chains; thence
north eighty (SO) chains; thence
west eighty (80) ehdns; thence
south eighty (80) chains to point of
com ni en cement.
Dated June 20th. 1914.
II. S. Buchell.
Witness: O. A. Benson. 29-5
TAKK NOTICK that I. Oza Abuid
Benson, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal und petroleum
aver the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
one and one half (IH) miles north of
the nortli boundary of 7280 in block
159.1; and being the S. W. corner post;
thence east eighty (80) chains;
thence nortli eighty (80) chains;
thence west eighty (80) chains; thence
south eighty (SO) chains to point of
Dated June 19th, 1914.
O. A. Benson.
Witness: B. S. Burchell. 29-5t
TAKK NOTICK that I. Oza Abuid
Benson, intend to apply for a license
,o prospect for coal and petroleum
over the following described lunds:
Commencing at a post planted about
three and one half (3% I miles nortb
of the north boundary of 7280 In
block 4593; aud being the N. W. corner
post; thence east eighty (80) chains;
Jience south eighty (80) chains;
thence west eighty (SO) chains; thence
north eighty (80) chains to point of
Dated June 20th, 1914.
O. A. Benson.
Witness:   B. S.  Burchell. 29-Bt
Notice ol Application for Approval of
Plans af Works
TAKK NOTICK that the Crow's
Nest Pass Electric Light and Power
Company, Limited, wlll apply to the
Comptroller of Water Rights for the
approval of tlie plans of the works
to he constructed tor the utilization
of the water from Elk River, which
the applicant is, by Board Order No.
95:: authorized to take, store and use
for the generation of electrical
The plans and particulars required
by Section 79, and subsections thereof, of the Water Act have been filed
with thc Comptroller of Wator Rlghs
ut Victoria, with copies thereof for
filing with tlie Water Recorders of
every district affected.
The territory within which the Company desires to exercise the powers
conferred by the Bald Board Order as
in the Fernie and Cranbrook Water
Objections to thc application may be
filed with thc Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Dated at Fernie, B.C., this 27th day
of May, 1914.
COMPANY, Limited.
I R. M. Young, Secretary.
A Bylaw to provide for borrowing
One Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars for the purpose of Improving the
Water Works System of the City of
WHICRKAS, it Is necessary to Improve the Municipal Wuter Works
ftor a few days in i System by replacing the present wood
pipi* with steel pipe und building a
new dum aud reservoir and purchasing any lauds or real estate required
cers of the Wlldoy lodge, No. 44, hi- < for Improving llie Wuter Works Sys-
itependent Order of Odd Fellows, were ■ tein;
installed by Jamea  Roberts, district'    AND    WHEREAS,   tho   estimated
 i cost  of   the   said   improvements   is
1 $110,000.00 and    it Is expedient    to
' borrow the sum of One Hundred and
I Ten Thousand Dollars for the pur-
. pose aforesaid und  lo Issue  deben-
. tores thcrefor.payablc within twenty
years,  and   bearing  Interest  at  thc
rate of six per centum per annum,
which is the amount of the debt Intended lo be created under this By-
i law;
AND WHEREAS. It will be necessary to mis.' annually $4,093.72 to
form u sinking fund for thc payment
of the debt, and $i;,noo.oo for thu payment of the interest thereon, muklng
In all $10,698,72 to ho raised annually
for thc payment of the dell and inter*
> est;
A   Rartl   Lavar   BlmuUCIon
A utm'i'itloriv'.ril MMTMH
t-iTir I rum .ni ntabli-licil
firm ivi, ni" RMtlf away
Vi.ulif. u, ihmun'i nt
poi-iM all    (Jtcr   thn
Um  otlm.     at* an*et   >in   h
•btiUl    IM   Wl<1   ■>.!>«    t>»>»    tl»
D-ml Ihl'.h ihi* vtin Wo und i<
St line lo ilir •<•'■ win. ■
will I* am*'-      WI Mil* MM  .•
ji--*1l**ill'.iil I'. ). NJ, CmiiWklii
AM) WHKRKAS, thc estimated
amount of the water rates or charges
chargeable for the year 1914, being
the year In which this Bylaw is passed, Is the sum of Seventeen Thousand
Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Dol
lars and Twenty Cents (17,225.20;
AND WHKRKAS , there Is nt
amount of money already charged
upon the suld water rates or charges
AND WHEREAS, it ls estimated that
there will not be any deficiency in
the said water rates or charges rehired to make up the said amount ot
tlie annual interest und sinking fund
AND WHEREAS, thc said water
rates or charges have been by Bylaw
set aside und withdrawn from thc annual revenues of the Municipality;
AND WHEREAS, the said debt of
One Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars ($110,000.00) is created on the
security of the said water rates or
charges, and as additional security
the Municipality at large guarantees
the puyment of the principal and interest out of the annual revenues of
the Municipality.
NOW THEREFORE, the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook in Council
sembled, enacts as follows:
1. The said proposed expenditure
of On Hundred and Ten Thousand
Dollars ($110,000.00) Is hereby authorized.
2. It shall and may be lawful for
the Mayor of the Corporation of thc
City of Cranbrook to borrow upon the
security of the said water rates and
charges chargeable and payable to
the Municipality and the additional
security of the guarantee of the Municipality at large upon the debentures
hereinafter mentioned, from any person or persons, body, bodies corporate who may be willing to advance
the same as a loan, a sum not exceeding One Hundred and Ten Thousand
Dollars ($110,000.00) and to cause the
same to be paid Into the hands of the
Treasurer of the said Corporation for
the purpose hereinbefore recited.
3. It shall be lawful for the
Mayor of the said Corporation to
cause any number of debentures to be
made, executed and Issued upon the
security of the said water rates and
charges for such sum or sums as
may be required for the purpose and
objects aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum ot One Hundred and
Ten Thousand Dollars ($110,000.00)
each ot the said debentures being of
the denomination of One Thousand
Dollars ($1000.00) or such other sum
as the Council may by resolution direct and all such debentures shall be
sealed with the seol of the Corporation and signed by the Mayor and the
Treasurer thereof, aud as an addl
tlonul security the payment of the
principal and Interest of the said debentures shall be guaranteed by the
Municipality at large. Such guarantee may bo ln the following words or
to the like effect: "and as an additional security payment of the principal and interest ot this debenture
according to the terms thereof Is
hereby guaranteed by the Municipality at large."
4. The said debentures shall bear
date as of the day on which this Bylaw takes effect and shall be made
payable on the first day of August,
1934, In lawful money of Canada at
the City uf Cranbrook, British Columbia, or at Toronto, Ontario, or at
Montreal, Quebec, or at the Bank of
the Manhattan Company at New
York City, U.S.A., at the holder's option, and shall have attached to them
coupons for thc payment of Interest
and the signatures to thc said coupons may bc cither written, stamped,
printed, lithographed or engraved.
li. The suld debentures shall bear
Interest ut the rate of six per cent
(6fl \ per annum from the date there
of, payable semi-annually at said
utile.■« of the Imperial Bank of Canada
aforesaid and the Bank of the Manhattan Company, Ncw York City,
U.S.A., at the holder's option In lawful money uf Canada, ou the 1st day
of February and 1st day of August In
each vear during the currency thereof.
0. It shall be lawful for thu
Mayor or the suld Corporation to
negotiate and sell said debentures or
any of them.
7. During the currency of the said
debentures tho sum of Six Thousand
Six Hundred Dollars ($0,600.00) shall
be set aside annually for the payment
of the Interest and the sum of Four
Thousand aud Ninety-Three Dollars
aad Seventy-Two Cents ($4093.72)
shall be set aside annually to form
a sinking fund for the payment of tlie
debt, making In all the sum of $10,-
693.72, which said sum Is hereby
charged upon the suld water rates and
■hurges ot the City of Cranbrook and
shall bc set aside by being kept In a
pedal account both ln the books of
the City Treasurer and In a separate
bank account for the payment of said
debt and also for tho payment of Interest thereon during the currency
of the suld debentures.
5. Any moneys which may have to
be advanced or paid by the Municipality under thc said guarantee shall be
paid out of tho annual revenue or thc
0. It shall be lawful tor the suld
'Municipal Council to repurchase uny
of  the  said  debentures   upon   such
TAKE NOTICK that the above Is a
true copy of the proposed Bylaw upon which the vote of the Municipality,
will be taken ut the Municipal offices,'
Norbnry Avenue, Cranbrook, B. C,
on tho 2.trd day of July, 1914, between the hours or 9 o'clock p.m. and
i o'clock p.m. by Thos. M. Roberts,
who has been appointed Rot urn Ing
Officer to take the votes.
City Clerk
powers contained in u ceratin mortgage which will be produced at tho
time or sale there wlll be offered for
sale by public auction ou thc 21st day
or July, 1914, at the hour or twelve
tn the forenoon, nt the ofllce of the
undersigned, in the (City of Cranbrook, by Thomas M. Roberts, Auctioneer, the following property, namely: ALL AND SINGULAR that certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate lying und being in the
City of Cranbrook, Province of British Columbia, and more particularly
known and described as Lots numbered Seventeen (17) und Eighteen (18)
In Block Ninety-Eight (98) according
to a plan of subdivision of parts of
Lots Four (4), Five (6) Twenty-Two
(22). Twenty-Nine (29) and Thirty
(30) in Croup One (1) Kootenay District, deposited in tlie Land Registry
Ollice at Victoria us Number Six Hundred und Sixty-Nine (609).
UPON the said property there is
said to be erected a frame dwelling
house with modern conveniences
Terms of sale: Twenty per cent of
thc purchase money to be paid down
at thc time of the sale and the balance to bc paid iu monthly Instalments to bc arranged.
For further particulars und conditions of sale apply to the undersigned.
Dated nt Cranbrook, this 7th day
or July, A.D. 1914.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
Solicitors for Vendors. 28-2t
powers contained In a certain mortgage which will be produced at the
time of sule, there will be offered for
sale by public auction on the 21st day
of July, 1914, at the hour of eleven
in the forenoon, nt the ollice of Beale
& Elwell, In the City of Cranbrook, by
Thomas M. Roberts, Auctioneer, the
following property, namely: ALL
AND SINGULAR that certain parcel
or tract ot land and premises situate
lying and being in the City of Can-
brook, In the Province of British Columbia, and more particularly known
and described as Ix>t Thirty-One (31)
and the northerly ten feet of Lot
Thirty-Two CI2) in Block Twenty-
Eight (28) according to a map filed in
the Land Registry Office at Nelson,
B.C.. as number 669-E.
UPON the said property there Is
said to be erected a one story frame
dwelling house with all modern conveniences.
Terms of sale: Ten per cent of the
purchase money to be paid down at
the time of thc sale and the balance
to be puid in reasonable monthly instalments to be arranged.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to thc undersigned.
Dated at Cranbrook this 7th day of
July, A.D., 1914.
Harvey, McCarter, Macdonald & Nisbet
Solicitors for Vendors.        28-2t
Under und by virtue of the powers
contained   In   a   certain   mortgage,
which will be produced at the time ot
sale there wlll be offered for sale by
public auction on Monday, the 20th
day of July, A.D., 1914, at the hour of:
10.30 o'clock In the forenoon at the >
offices of Thomas T. Mecredy, Baker i
St., Cranbrook, by Joseph Ryan, Esq.,
Auctioneer,  the   following   property,
namely, in the City of Cranbrook, in !
the Province of British Columbia, more
particularly known and described ns
Lots Eight  (8 und Nine  (9), Block
Twenty-Three (23) according to a plan
filed In thc Und Registry Ollice ut
Nelson as No. 609 D.
For further particulars and conditions of sale upply to Thomas T.,
Mecredy, Solicitor, Hazel Block, linker
Street, Cranbrook, B.C.
Dated at Crnnbrook, B.C., this silt
day of July, A.D. 1914.
Thomas T. Mecredy,
Solicitor for the Mortgagee
The Canadian   Mortgage   Investment;
Co. 28-21
AND WHEREAS, lhe water rates or i terms as may be agreed upon with tho
•hurgcH In (he Municipal!ty of thc
city of Cranbrook ure enforceable
under the provisions or the Municipal
legal i older thereof, or any part
thereof .tin r at the time of sate or
any aubMuueni time or times, and all
debenture!    ao    iitptrchsMd    shall
on the
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We have 0 complete stock of English, Scotch and Irish
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Ladies' and Gent's Suits from $20.00 up
Special Attention Given to Cleaning, Pressing § Repairing ladies' and Gent's Goods.
Parisian Cleaning Works
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1 ;    ■"''*'.                                  .\                ; f': ''
is the Latest, Most
Three Day
Drink Habit
In tlie world to-day.
It ii Superior
to All Othera
CRANBROOK       •                BRITISH COLUMBIA
In Quick Action and
Permanency of
Imperial Bank o! Canada
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000.00
Capital l'ald Up     7,000,000.00
Reserve uiul 1'ndhlded Profits     8,266,000.00
D. R. WILK1E, President
HON.  ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Fanners and Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available In any
part of the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Special attention given to
Savings Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
(Formerly of Cranbrook,  Kamloops and
General Broker
References:  People who know ine.
Address: Calgary, Alberta.  Qileen's  Hotel
I would be pleased to handle any commissions for my friendB and others who desire to transact business in the OU Fields
of Alberta. The chances are good for legitimate speculative profit, but every well will
not be a gusher. We aim to handle stocks
of only the best companies. We will do
everything we can to ascertain the facts. THURSDAY, JULY 10th, 1914
We mean the real thing.
Tlie kind witli the brilliancy of diamonds ami
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we nre so sure that you
wouldn't want to, that
we did not put anything
bul standard values iu
■took, We'll lie glad to
have your opinion ou it
any day.
W. li. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
To Tempt
Tbe Appetite
Special Cash Cut-Price for
the Week
Brooklield butter, 35c.
lb., 3 lbs. for ....»1.00
Cheese. Ib	
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J   M. Doyle cami
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1 his family.
e in from Creston j
i*k for u visit with j
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lave their monev hy
buying diamonde net
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auri, alaa ami weight tu auil all
Nut in ilie t'o-ti nttk*.
0RANM00K, B. C.
Fresh fruit arriving dally ut Ward
ft Harris.
Mrs. Qoo, Hoggarth is visiting her
sister. Mrs. R, II. Small, at Canal
Mrs. Hliuoro staples, of Wycliffe, Ib
vlBitlng in the cily the guest of Mrs.
P. W. Groen.
H. L T. lialhralth, of Fort Steele,
canto over via automobile on Tuesday
on a hurried business trip.
J. Lamb, one of tho expert nlmrods
of the eity. returned last Monday from
a WOOk'fl nulling trip With a line oatCh.
MrH. \v Haisaii. accompanied by
her mother. Mrs. Fiedler, left Tuesday for Nelson [0 visit the Chahko
Horn. On Monday, July 13th, nt
the Cottage hospital, Qarden avenue,
In this eity. to Mr. and Mrs. <\ H.
Ward, a son.
Mr. n. oordon Mecredy and Miss
Mecredy were among the visitors who
left the eity Tuesdny en route to
Chahko Mika.
Nurse Appleton left on Saturday,
July llth. for Proctor, having finished
her course of training and graduating from St. Eugene hospital.
Chief of Police Adams left Wednesday for New Westminster with A.
Grenior, who has been adjudged Insane and committed to the Insane
It. E. Beattie returned Wednesday
from Calgary, where 'ho has been
spending several weeks in the Interests of '.he Locomotive Gas ft OU
Mr. W. H. Greaves and family wish
to thank tlieir friends and people of
Cranbrook for the kindness shown
thorn at the time or tholr sad bereavement and tliey ulso thank tho people
wh* scut (towers and wreaths.
W. U. McFarlane returned today
from a busines trip to Ferule.
Any bicycle In our store at cost for
the next ten days.—Patnmre llros.
Try a pound of Haxawa tea, 36c.,
50c. and 60c. per pound.—Ward &
Grant repairs harness. Phone ltiti.-—
Cranbrook Exchange. -iii-.it
WagatahVs grape juice, Montserrat
lime juice, and Eiffel Tower lemonade at Ward & Harris.
MIhb Ornia and WUma McNabb leave
today to spend their holidays with
friends ln Winnipeg and Fort William.
A lawn social will be given on thc
Catholic church lawn on Tuesday
evening, July 21st, in aid of the piano
fund for St. Mary's hall. 29-lt
The W.C.T.U. will hold a parlor
meeting at the home of Mrs. W. B.
McFarlane, Garden avenue, Wednesday, July 22nd, at 3.30 p.m. Ladies
are Invited to attend.
The annual Sunday school picnic
of the Methodist church will be held
the last Wednesday afternoon in
July (29th) at the usual grounds on
the prairie.
W. J. Smith, who was arrested on
a charge of non-support brought hy
his wife, appeared for hearing this
morning and thc case was thrown out
of court hy Magistrate Arnold.
Grant repairs harness. Phone 166.—
Cranbrook Exchange. 25-3t
A. K. Watts and A. Carney passed
through tlie city today from Fernie.
where they were endeavoring to secure the endorsenieut of the Fernie
Conservatives for Mr. Watts" candidacy for the federal house, which was
launched by Cranbrook Conservatives
last week.
Members ot the Craubrook Civilian I
Rifle association   participating iu the !
shoot at Chahko Mika this week are:
Messrs. F. Uryans, Q, P. Tisdale. W.
J. Atchison, W. Mackenzie, J. Milne,
and C. Olll.   In the tlrst event, which !
was tho Tyro shoot G. P. Tisdale was j
third, W. J. Atchison, W. Mackenzie
and J. Milne being also among tlie)
prlge winners.   Atchison, Uryans and
MUne were among the prize winners
In the Ladles' Mutch and for tlie Head- ■
quarters'   Association   cup   Messrs,
Mltne, Mackenzie and   Tisdale   were
among the prize winners.
The St. Eugene mine at Moyle, IV
i'.. which was located in 18911 by an
Indian, Father Coccola, a priest and \
James  Cronln   has   produced  up  to'
date over  112.000,000  In  silver and'
lead,    For several years ft produced
three-fourths of the lend output   of'
Canada.   Then the ore bodies uppar-'
ently diminished, nnd the property was
practically   shut  down.    Again   new
Ore slmots have been found nnd some
thirty-five men are employed, and the
camp, which waa at one time amongst
the richest nnd most prosperous In the
west, gives promise of again coming
back to Its former state.—The Victoria
Hev. W. K. Thomson, pastor of the
Presbyterian church, gave a stirring
address to the members nf l>oyal
Orange lodge last Sunday evening.
He said that above everything else a
man should be firm In his convlc- i
tlons and should stand ut all times
tor what he believes to be right. A
man who ts ashamed of his belief ls
neither a good man or a good citizen.
People should.not bo In a hurry to
speak til of their neighbors or attempt to Injure them ln anyway. More
good could be accomplished through
friendship and love of our followmen.
William of Orange stood tor liberty
tor alt and that principle people
should always continue to advocate,
and fight for.
Ceo. K. Henderson, of Bull Hiver.:
wns ii business visitor in tho city I
last Tuesday.
J. 1*', M. Pinithain. formerly manager']
Of the Imperial bank here, has been!
appinted manager of the Quebec
bank, Victoria. B.C.
We nre clearing out the balance ofj
onr bicycles at cost Prices from
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into your child's blood!    Z.n
Buk is purely herb:
otious coloring.   Use i
50c. Box at Alt Dmgghti
^_ USE     ONUW"-'""'■'
The roctpr being called to creston.
tlien* will be no celebrations of holy
common! u Christ church on Sun*] dealt with by
day next, the 19th Inst   other
vices as usual.
Tin* inurning subject ut the Methodist church next Sunday will be
"Hope."     For   the   evening   topic
Following    Blind    Heroes"    will    he
the pastor.
The new sawmill erected In tbe
. spring hy Roberts & Windsor, of
Elko, has been cuttlug steadily for a !
couple oi' months past. The location ls
about one mile west of Elko, where
some good timber Is close at hand. The !
mill eats ubout 20.000 feet per day.
The plant of the Jewell Lumber
Company, Limited, about u mile and
om -halt east of Jaffray station, on the i
Crow's Nest, wns started up early in
April. The firm's limits were cleaned
up three years ago, since which time
the supply of logs bus been picked up
at various points along the railway
for a distance of ten or twelve miles
«ust aud west. Mr. Jewell is now
negotiating for n block of timber
within a few miles of his plant.
it is understood the present season
will wind up the North Star Lumber
Company's tenure ut Elko, where a
large planing mill handles the output,
of several santwIllB In Cranbrook dls-
trlct, The plant may he removed to |
some other operating point.
Any person having uny w
old cast-off clothing which the)
donate to a worthy cause will
a favor If they will cull Salvation
Army headquarters nnd notify Captain Hustler, who will hi* glud to call
for sume.
Tlie Knox church Sunday school
picnic will take pluce on Wednesday
afternoon, July 22nd. The scholars,
parents and friends will meet at the
school at 1,80 p.m. and will be conveyed in automobiles to tlie picnic
It. T. Bruce, of Harrowgat
I laud, has lii-eu visiting friends In tie
arable I city the past week, being on bis un
would i until holiday. He will visit Vancou
confer I ver before returning home.
Tlie S.S. picnic of thu Baptist
church which took pine, on Wednesday, July 15th; was u great success.
Tlie pleasant sunny weather helped to
buoy up the spirits of those present
und also resulted in a large and representative turnout. Tlie afternoon
was spent lu various games and
amusements, such us football, baseball, etc.. while after supper the
children's races, etc., took place and i
proved full of interest to all present t,,r0 ,lruum ot tllP Present conflict bo-
All report tho picnic as most success- tween capital und labor, wus shown
ful one for several years, and it wan at tlu' Hex lest Tuesday. Another
i happy party which finally left for feature production will be given on
town In rigs ubout 9,30 p.m. The i m*xt Monday and Tuesday entitled
picnic was held near the shooting "l'ost ln MM Ocean." This thrilling
range   and   the   npot   proved   most 1 drama   ls   a   Vttugraph   masterpiece
According to an eight-page circular
recently Issued by the American Forestry association, tho lumber Industry
if Uio I'nited States is said to employ
780,000 people, to whom are puid un-'
mi all) $807,000,000 In wages, the value
Dt products being $1,250,000,000. The,
forests of the country are said to cov-1
er f>r-u,000,000 acres. An average of
seventy human lives are sacrificed annually in forest tires, which destroy
126,000,000 worth of timber, while the
damage caused by insects and tree dla-
■uses, which follow tires, ts placed ut
'countless millions." The statement
is also made that by planting forests
it would be possible to derive an annual income of $06,000,000. and by em-
, ploying a preservative treatment upon
timber each year $100,000,000 could bo
Frenchie Valse, ol Ronton, Wash., wived.   These arc weighty figures.
formerly   lightweight   champion   of
Canada, easily won the decision cvoi
Chorllo Lucca, the Italian lightweight,     Harold   Ilaslam   White   and   Miss!
John Stinnett, caretaker ni the
Masonic temple building, who lias
been very ill for the pust throe,
.eeks, ts icpurted very low thia |
evening and not expected to live more
than a few hours.
Nurse Sambels, having finished her j
course of training aud graduating
trom St. Eugene hospital, left on
Thursday for North Buttloford, where
-ihe lias obtained a permanent position as graduate nurse at tiie Notro
Dame hospital.
in u fust 20-rouud hexing
the skating rink, Nelson,
nesday evening.
"Germinal." u strong moving  plo
iontest atj Mary Ethel Parkin
mltable  for picnic  purposes
Ladles   should   huv  rndlnnt   hair.
Tiiere are thousands of women  with
married ut |
the residence of the bride's brother
it Moyle at 11.30 p.m. on Thursday,
July 10th, 1914, by Rev. W. E. Dunham, pastor tif the Methodist church.
Cruubrook, Mr. and Mrs. PotttgreW
.nu) a few or the other immediate
iriends of the young couple were present at the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. White leave on tonight's train for Brantford. Ontario,
whore they will make their future
home. The groom has resided In the
district for several years.
harsh, faded, characterless hair, who | school on  Moyie lake.    All  of the
do not try to Improve it. speakers   announced   have   signified
priS^stirb^Si^r^ fe* "rr * »*« rrnt,,,nd
Canadian woman can have lustrous |tliere wlU be no disappointments on
and luxuriant hair by using SALVIA, |tm? ounonnced program. .Anyone de-
tlie Groat American Sage Hair Tonic, i siring to attend should register with
SAL\ Ia  is a  beautiful,   pleasant, | Hev
and tlie three reels are thrillers wltli
-tome of the most spectacular scenes \
ever shown.
Preparations are  being  made  forPTEB*AjK^&T1   irir|iril
the  accommodation  of  a   large  at-j pAomAJjIj iUAllll
tendance at tho Methodist Summer | Canadians Once Again Assert Their
non-sticky Huir Tonic.    r>0c. a buttle.
2c. per word for first week, and lc. per
word for each week after
FOR RENT—Good the room plastered cottage. Ed. Shackieton. phone
318.        l's-u* '
I Bit    NAM:—Twenty-five    thousand
potnto sucks. Cranbrook Jobbers,
Limited.    2S-2t
private board It desired; centrally
located.     Phone   441, 24-tf
AGENTS WANTED to sell our Fruit
tree stock. Apply Hoyal Nurseries,
Ltd.. 207 Hustings St. W.. Vancou-,
ver. B.C.      ;!U-2t,
In excellent condition; cheap to im-
mediate purchasers. Apply X.Y.Z.,
Herald. 2fi-tf j
PIANO, but  slightly  used; beau Iful! jured man Nurse Sambels, of St. Eu*
rich   mahogany   finish,   Excellent
tone.    Will sell ut low  price. Box
P.Q.. Herald office, 2ti-4t
W.  E.  Dunham at as early a
I Jute as possible.
A delightful social wus held tn
Maple hall on Tuesday night by tlie
local branch of the Overseas club,
consisting of a whist drive, songs,
etc. During the evening refreshments were served hy Several or the
ladies. Mrs. It Taylor won the
ladies prize for tlie whist drive and
Mr. Proudfoot won tlit* gents' prize.
Mr. K. Y. Brake and Mrs. C. A. Cock
aad charge of the evening.
Grant repairs harness. Phone 166.—
Cranbrook Exchange. 25-3t
While unloading some logging cars
for the King Lumber Co. at Yahk
last Saturday a man named Merrill
got crushed betweeu some logB, and
upon examination a leg was found to
be broken.    Fortunately for the in-
WANTFD   Agents to handle a first-
cluss oil stock proposition. Apply
The Albion Oils. Ltd., Boom 40,
BlTOB BloCk, Calgary. Altn.     2B-.lt*! ferlng on his journey to the St. Eu-
ortng—Ladles   suits   cleuned   and1    »«.     *.,. , ,,     n. • •
pressed; Chicago experience-| MIm ^Iphlne Drummond is repre-
Mlss Baker, near Leask's store, Utf \ anting Cranbrook as princess at the
ui.i, a, • d    ,  ,        .  ,      .    „        ; Chahko  Mika at  Nelson  tills   week.
FOR SALE- A few choice family or!...    .„      .    .       ....
dairy cows; Minnehaha Ranch, one j Mlw Uora Jovdm> ot Nul8on> is (lllCL'n
mile south of Benedict's Siding.— I(l( the carnival and thc otlier prin-
C. H, Fleetwood, Wardner, P.O.,! cesses are Miss Irene Nash, of Fer-
*lt 28-2tt ni0t mIhh Clara Stanton, of Rossland;
Miss Clara Lelnss, of Trail; and Mtss
Ellen Sloan, of Grand Forks. Tlie
queen and princesses were the guests
of the Nelson Mandolin Social club at
FOR SALE—Yearling hens fattened/
12Vjc. per Ib. alive f.o.b. Moyie;
freight paid ou five or over. 18c. per
lb. dressed f.o.b. Moyle.—W. C. Bllc-
fU'ld. Moyie. B.C. 28-4t» (u dunce ln tiielr ilonor nt Eagie lmU
RANCH     FOB    RENT-Comfortable | on Wednesday night
house, btable for six horses, about
ten   acres   broken;   good   grazing
land, plenty wood and water.   Apply Herald office.
'Canadians, 22; Americans, 9.
i    The much talked of baseball match
between the Canadian and American
employees  ot the  Canadian .Pacific
Railway company which was schedul
ed to  take  place on  July 4th,  but
which hud to be postponed on account
of rain, was pulled off on July llth at
Mountain View park, and resulted In
a decisive win for the Canucks, the
score ut the close of the game being
22 to !>.   The championship now rests
i witli  the Canadian  team, and  they
i have demonstrated that in baseball as
I in muny other events they lead the
j world.
The score fairly well represents the
playing abilities of the two teams as,
j with possibly the exception ot the
I pitching, the Canadians outplayed
tlieir opponents In every part of the
game. At no time after the first inning was the result In doubt although
through considerable boneheaded
work on the part of the Canucks In
the second spasm the Yanks were able
to chalk up four runs. Errors were
numerous on both sides, Spence,
Laurie and Howard being the heaviest
contributors In this respect
The pitchers were pretty evenly
matched, Phillips having a shade on
Dell In the matter of control, but the
work of Laurie as catcher for the
Yanks was weak, compared with the
sterling work of Connolly, who wore
the mask for the Maple Leaf team.
There was not a great deal to
choose between the outfield of both
teams, the poorest exhibition being
given by Burgoine, the American center fielder, who played considerably
■ ii the grand stand and who will have
to steud down u good deal before he
may hope to he allowed to sign a contract with any of the big leagues. The
Canadian Infield was far superior to
thut of the Americans, Kay at second
Predictions that the next national   l,,i,,« tllc' Blnr Informer, with Hall at
gene hospital, who was visiting
friends at Yahk, was called and with
the aid of willing helpers put the Injured limb in splints, thereby relieving the Injured man of a lot of suf-
FOIt  RENT—Nicely  furnished front
rooms, fully modem house, homelike conditions; In private family;
two minutes walk from pust office.
Apply Box 83H, city. 28
political   campaign   In   the   United
States would be fought out on a "wet"
and "dry" Issue nnd that the year 1020
would see a nominee of tlu* Prohibition
party In the White House, were made
by P. P. Farrls, of Clinton, treasurer ;
of the National Prohibition committee,
FOR SALE--Ice cream parley| good 11„ welcoming delegates to the Nation-
location for lunch counter; In thel  , „   , „..    ,,   lltlil     ,,   .
best part of the city.    Apply or *> Conference of the Prohibition Party
write P. O. Box 296, Fernie, B.C. j »t Clinton, Mo., last week.   He also de-
Good reason for selling.          26-411 elared that It was also hopeless to expect to get prohibition through the
plan of an amendment to the federul
AGENTS WANTED for Windsor Oil
Field Limited, an Oil Company
with splendid holdings of 11180 acres
In the approved oil area. Apply to
Windsor Oils Limited, .126 8th Ave.
West. Calgary, Alta. 29-lt
FOR KENT—On shares or for cash.
Ranch nt Marysville, 150 acres cultivated and fenced. Good buildings.
Excellent opportunity for competent und energefic party who has
some work horses and understands farming. Apply to P. Lnud,
Wardner, B.C. 28-2t
*i..M POWDER ,
WANTED—Man to attend stork and
do chores on farm. Must be competent to take responsibility of keeping tho premises in llrst-cluss condition. Good home and steudy employment for right party. Wages
|;t5.00 per month und hoard. Apply
lo P. Lund, Wardner* B.C.       28-2t
A True Tonic
is one that assists Nature.
Regular and natural action of
the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels will keep you well and
n-u-T^fcbdAarHyfctehtW*«r  t
a*-ia mwrwha***. u Uim, aa «•*
short showing up well. Brown, who
played second for the Americans, was
without doubt tlu* strongest man In
their line-up.
The batting of both teams was
about on a pur, Brown, Topham and
Phillips being the heavy hitters, although Thompson, Get?,, Connolly and
Doner received credit for a few good
At base running the Yanks had a
little tlie better of the argument, Bancroft und Doner being particularly
aggreslve, while Boyes and Hall, of
the Canadians had at all times to be
eckonod with, and Beaton who played for Boyes after the sixth Inning,
had too much speed for a small diamond, and was unable to stop when tie
arrived at any of the sacks, being
easily caught out on this account.
Mcintosh at first and Barker at
third played a good steady game, except in the second Inning, when they
both took a trip to thc clouds and
allowed the Yauks to mark up three
runs ou their errors.
The Une-up of the teams:
Americans Cunudlans
Dell    PhllUps
These are suitable for dust coats or
for a lightweight coat to wear in the
evenings. The styles are good and
no two are alike. We have only a
limited number.
Regular $9.50 and $8.50
Regular $6 00
Children's Wash Dresses
A big variety of styles in wash dresses suitable for girls from two to eight
years will also be put on sale. They
will be marked for quick clearance
On Sale Friday Morning
Boys' Wash Snits
We want to clear out every Boy's
Wash Suit in stock. We have only
a few left, sizes up to seven years
On Sale Friday Morning at Bii; Reductions
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
The Household Remedy
Al.W AYS kr**p * Utile of Eno'i in
die houte in TPaditiftt fot a» emergency.
1 '-te it nol the IrASt  danger  ol   any   ill
effect »r Improper u»e in any cate, a» it» action
i< entirely in ftccord with Natuie.
('.no'-,   "Fruit   Salt"   contain*   the    valuable
conttituenl* ol npe fruit in a portable, agreeable
•nd  Mmple   form,  and le  in  every   reapect  aa
harmless •■ the juices of the fniita from which
it is obtained.
Sold in   ell the principal   Iwm  end   cilies   of
Prmpa-tJ oil* by
I C tHO, Ui, "Fmt Salt" t.rki.Lseese. Eaf*
AmtbM lor Ca-M-ia i
U r. lUcfcia * C... United
.MsCftilll. TORONTO
A Good Home
is what is dear to every man. A home
is where Peace, Comfort. Contentment
and Plenty is found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranhrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
Go to tlie
Opposite   CP.lt.   Station
Open Night and  Day for
Short Orders
Service the  Best
Food tlie Hest
Rooms in
Laurie   Connolly
Flrht hahp
Bancroft   Mclntoah
Second base
Brown   Kuy
Third bant*
OeU   Parker
Short Ktop
Spence   Hull
l-.'ft field
Howard   Thompson
Center Held
Bnrgolne Boyes and Beaton
Right hold
Doner Topham;
Nate* of the IJame
The Yankees attribute their defect
to tin* f'unadiuii umpire.
Commercial quantities of Msl)
prude oil in a proven field and
tremendous derelopment now
under way. makes Calgary the
next Kr**at fortune making center. Bankers and business men
from all quarters nf the world
are sending capital here, to
take advantage Cf the ponder-
ful opportunities.
We are not promoters lied to
one proposition, and blinded by
prejudice, but are free and in-
denendent to recommend or condemn the various stocks, according to our best judgment.
Because of our large experience, and thorough knowledge
of condition a, our recommendations are eagerly nought after.
The Oil Huron4 of today are
the early investors in new oil
fields. The opportunity Is hare
right now, during the development period, for l>otl> miiiiiII and
targe Investors.
WHITE TODAY for map of the
district, and our .market letter*-
the authority on Calgary stocks
III It A I.It III 11,DIM.,
< Hhrur) Mherlu
■d, wa« an Interested   | i ts
Tin- imx of cigars donated by
; Manager Collins, of the Canadians, for
th** llr-t home run was won by Phillips, by a clean drive to left field. It
wns sure some swat.
M. K. Collins acted as umpire and
w. Chambers as otiicial scorer und
very little fault was found wilh tin-
work of these two officials.
A return match might tell a differ-
■nt story, but not unless the Yankee
aggregation is strengthened consider-
Altogether it was a great gnme and ably,
possibly had It been played on the     All offers to the Americans lo accept
Yanks national  holiday they   might ■ positions in tlu* big leagues has linen
have won, but we doubt tt. ' withdrawn,  and   it   is   rumored   that
It wuk proved beyond a doubt that
In the America's national game the
Canadians have to be reckoned with,
Tin* large crowd which overflowed
the grand stand and filled the bleachers got the worth of their money and
apparently enjoyed every minute of the
Mr. A. Ci Ilarshaw, the superintendent, under whom all tin* players are
Manager Doner has released several
of his players unconditionally.
U't us say this. The Yanks are
good sporty losers. Let us have another gnme soon, the exercise, the
spirit of rivalry and the good fellow-
I ship which these games bring to the
surface nre worth while, regardless of
the result on tin* score board,
The Maple i.t-af forever. PAGE POUR
THURSDAY. JULY 16th, 1914
No. 34
l_ f. * A. JL
Regular meetings    oa    the
third Thursday of every moath.
Vlsltlug brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham. W.M.
J.    L.    Cranston,    Sec.
loyal Orangf
No.   1871
Meets tint and third
Thursdays at s p.m.
 __> in     Royal     Black
Knights at Ireland Hall, Baker
R. s. Garrett, W.M.
W. C. Dunstan, Ree. Sec.
Meets every
Monday nlgln
at    Fraternity
Hall.   " Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially Invited,
J. II. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N.O. 8«c.
NO. 11 I.O.O.E.
Meets lirst and third Wednesdays in each mouth.
A cordial invitation extended
to visiting brothers.
R. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe
Cranlirook, B.C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
0. Donahue, C. C.
F. M. Christian, K. of R. ts S.
P. 0. Boi 522
Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Meets every second and fourth
Wednesday  at   Fraternity  Hall
Sojourning Rebekuhs cordially invited.
Sis. Ida Baxter, N.G.
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. Sec
Court Cranbrook. 8943
Meets In Maple Hall second
and fourth Thursdays of each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
J. Bird, C.R.
Is.  Pearron, Sec, Box 818
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets ln Maple Hall second
and fourth Tuesday of every
month at 8 p.m.
Membership open to British
B. Y, Brake,        1. F. Ixiwer,
President      • Secretary
Visiting members cordially
Meets in the Carmen's Hall
first Tuesday afternoon of every
month at 8 p.m. and the fancy
'work class meets on third Friday evening lu the same place at
8 p.m.
Mrs. K. H. Leaman, Pres.
Mrs. J. Shaw, Sec.-Treas
P. 0. Box 442
All ladles cordially Invited.
President:  A. B. Smith
Meets regularly the first Friday
evening each month
Information on poultry matters
Address the Secretary
W. W. McOregor,
P. 0. Drawer 499
President—A. B. Smith
Secretary—Alb. H. Webb
For    Information    regarding
lands and agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—Thc third Thursday
of each month, at old Oym, at 8
Barrister,   Solicitor)
369 Richards St
. Cranbrook Lodge
No. 1049
I Meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m.
In   Royal   Black
K n I g h ts' II u 11
Baker Street.
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank  Carlson,  Sec,   Box   "66
(Successor to W. F. Curd)
Barrister,   Solicitor
P. 0. Box 8511
Pride of Cranbrook Circle, Ho.lM
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st and
3rd    Wednesday   of   each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, 0,0,
Mra. A. Guthrie, Sec.
P. O. Box 662
Visiting Companions ccrdlally
Barristers, Solicitors uiul
Money to l.osn
Imperial   Hank   lliillilliii;
nits, kim; & green
Physicians ami Surgeons
ofllce at roBldonce, Armsirong
Forenoons    3.011 to 1(1.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Evenings    7.:'.0 lo   8.80
Sundays    2,30 to   4.80
Cranbrook.   It.v.
lilt. F. II. MILES
Ofllce  In   Hanson   Hlock
il to 12 a.m.
1 to   li p.m.
7 tn   S p.m.
Maternity und lletieml Niirsing
Curden Ave.
Terms on Application
MRS. A. SALMON. Matron
Phone 269 1'. 0. Box Sir,
Irrigation Knglneer
Dominion und Provincial Laml
P. O. Box 218      Telephone 143
Civil and Mliiiiii; Engineers
II. ('. Laud Surveyors
Funcrul   Director
Phone 34G P. 0. t)<« 686
Day I'lione 211:1 Night Phone 36
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
General Merchant
Kmploynicnis Agent*.
P. 0. Box 108 Phono 214
Forwardlog    uml    Distributing
Agent tor
Lfthliridtrc   Coal
Xl-lle Ponder
Imperial Oil Co,
Untying anil 'Iran .iVrrinir
Given prompt attention
I'lione (i:l
*     STAR     •
Goods culled lor anil delivered.
Prompt Service
!'. 0. llox 711:1
Works: Armstrong Ave.
Kohl. Frame, Prop.
Fresh  Breud, Cukes, I'les
nnd Pastry
Phone S7
Norbnry Ave.       Opp. City Hull
Headquarters   lor  all  kinds  of
Satisfaction  (luuninteed
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,   Stenography,
King Edward's School
Cranbrook, B.C,
' week
2 Till
1 SS
Commercial course.
High School course.
School course	
Private li itsoiis 	
Miss V. M Cliorrlngtou
Phone 290
A,   U.   Macdonald   Appointed   Clly
Solicitor, P. I. Wilson Resign-
Ing— Report Dairies Improving
Council mooting wus held at the
city hall on Monday evening, there being present Mayor Taylor, Aldermen
llurln, Campbell, Genest, Leusk and
Hickenbotham,   City   Clerk   Roberts
' and City Engineer Glenday.
Minutes of previous meeting were
read and approved.
f   The finance committee reported the
1 following accounts, which were passed
1 nnd ordered puid:
Bqattle-Murphy Co., Ltd I
i Binning, it. J	
I'ussels.   H	
I Crnnbrook   steam 'Laundry..
ic.c.S. Ltd	
! CP.Il. Telegraph  	
Crnnbrook Cartage & Transfer 219.80
' City Transfer CO    402.00
Crnnbrook Electric Light Co.
Cranbrook Sash &  Door Co.
ICanadian Mils Cliulmers ...
Cranbrook Foundry 	
City Livery	
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.,
Ueoall, F	
12 00
25 SO
Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd. .
Herald Publishing Co. ...
Hanson Garage  	
Herald   Publishing   Co.,   Calgary          8.28
Kootenay Telephone Lines 24.45
Lujoie,  Medley        10.26
Lethbridge llerald         5.60
Manning, lra       14.25
McNeil. 11. S    166.60
McBrldo, J. 1)      23.26
Nelson Dally News         4.20
Parrett, T. N     13.00
Turks. F. & Co     22.10
City engineer's pay roll  1,137.20
Sower        20.65
I School   board   (teachers  June
nnd July)   2,555.00
1 Scliaol hoaril, general    334.10
il'nllcc      366.00
I Fire department     276.00
jOltlclnls       360.00
I Prospector Publishing Co        7.75
I Perfection Supply Co      2.00
Provincial government, Nelson    15.50
Ryekman. F. S     27.00
Quuln  Electric Co       2.00
Turncy, J. B. & Co       1.75
Ward ii Harris      24.66
The city engineer's report was received und filed, being In part as foi
1 have pleasure in submitting for
your consideration progress report of
work carried out by the city engineer's
department for month ending June
".Mil, 1914.
Streets and Alleys
During the month of June a considerable amount of work was accomplished. E. Durlck lane, E. Han-
SOh lane, E. Armstrong lane. E. Van
Home lane, E. Cranbrook lane and E.
Burwell lune were graded and rolled
North  und  south  Baker  lanes  were
spread with cinders a-.il rolled. Garden avenue trom Hyde street to
Louis street wos widened, graded and
gravelled. Edward street from Lutus-
deli avenue to Garden avenue was cut
down to grade. Kains street was
trimmed up and rolled. A quantity ot
rock was placed on Norbury avenue
for fill and Norbury avenue aud Armstrong avenue from Edwards to
Kalns were trimmed 1111 and rock
hauled away. Fill was made on Fenwick avenue, between Louis and Edwards, with spoil from Edwards
street. Weeds were cut down ou
Louis street, Norbury avenue and
Armstrong avenue.
New sidewalks was placed on
Cranbrook street lu blocks 146 and
100, 720 feet of 1. loot walk being laid.
260 feet of 6 lout walk was laid on the
soutli side of Edwards street between
liiriieu und Harwell. 260 feet of old
1 foot walk was placed on the north
side of Edwards street between Garden and Harwell In block 42. Sidewalks in general were regularly maintained.
Bridges on Hanson avenue, Fenwick
avenue and Louis street wero repaired during the month.
Herewith yon wlll tlnd tabulation
of cost of work done.
Kalns street  t   76.30
Norbury uvenue         34.80
Burwell avenue        1.60
Louis street         35.10
Cranbrook street       47.15
Angus street       21.20
Leitch street       17.00
Vun Home street       4.70
Edwards street       420.00
Fenwick avenue     126.00
Garden avenue      891.75
Armstrong avenue      13.00
Crossings          7.55
If you  want  satisfaction
with your washing
send it to
Special prices for family
J. Taylor, Proprietor
lias just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
M ilk and cream twice dally
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
We   guarantee   to   Please
Gentleman who hns resided
abroad and is thoroughly conversant with the above languages,    desires   a    few    private
pupils.   Preparation for exams,
etc.   For imrtleulars upply Box
7, Herald ollice.
E. Durlck lane  I 41.65
E. Hanson lane  41.65
B. Armstrong lane   37.70
South Baker lane    56.40
North Baker lane  47.30
E. Van Home lane  79.35
E. Cranbrook lane   37.70
E. Burwell lane   30.60
E. Clark lane   1.55
sidewalk repairs  ? 59.37
Replacing old walk, block 42.. 9 19
New walk, hlock 145  88.36
New walk, block 300  95.15
New walk, block 23  60.98
Hanson avenue	
Garden avenue	
Fenwick avenue	
I 3.05
Opposite C.P.R. Station
Tlie Plnre tn (Jet 11 Quick Meal
and a (loud Meal
Rooms to Rent
Butter & Cream
Deliveries Made Promptly When
You Order
McPhee's Ranch
iniiiitini: I'd (or Women. *', & hot ot ttireftior
flu. .--.iii nt nd Iti.,: Mnn'». or nuilfil to nay [
«.lilr''i-..i>ii tocii.iI ..( pTIOO. Inc. ScuiiKLI. OftUU |
(.'ii , St, I'.itlmriiii'i,Out tflo.  I
Vitality; (or Nerve nml Hrnlri: Ihckm-m"ftay
iiiiittiT":nT(intr ■ .villi.ullil jim up. flft boi, or
two for |... nt tiniK aimi-a. or by null mrtMtot
uf liriif Tn k NUUhki.i. Inu:u Co.. II. CMtoltlM.
Grand total  »1798.68
Six plumbing and sewer connection
permits were issued during the
Seven leaks on the distributary system were repaired at a cost of $20.00,
averaging 82.86 per leak.
Five leaks on thc  supply  mains
were' repaired at a cost of $15.35,
averaging $3.07 per leak.
One uew service was Installed. for
Dr. Miles In block 309.
Connection was made for E. A. Lcz-
Nuisance Ground
Nuisance grnund wac cleaned and
burned up, this being necessary on account of some person starting a Ure
In the dump.  Cost $35.00.
Fence around old cemetery was repaired and put in shape, 47 new posts
being set and 60 now pickets placed.
Cost $55.92.
J. C. Olenday,
City Engineer.
Dr. Rutledge, assistant sanitary inspector, was present and gave the following report of his work with thc
Your Worship and Gentlemen of tbe
In connection with the dairies of
our district, I am pleased to say they
Improving considerably, and are
trying us quickly as possible to comply with the repulrements of our city
hyluw, and generally ore In a very
sunltary condition.
Tlie premises tliat were somewhat
deficient at tho commencement aro
now very much Improved. By renovating and rebuilding they will soon
be nn a par with their neighboring
The milk has Improved In quality
which Is shown In tho following
Mr. Atchison is the highest with
Mr. Pringle Is next with 4,8%.
Mr. Taylor next with 4.1%.
Mr. Austin comes next with 3.6%.
Mr. McDonald and Mr. Bardgett are
equal with 3%.
I am convinced that ln handling
the milk In cans the customers cannot
be treated equal, or ls Is Impossible
for them all to receive the same quality of milk, as the customers served
off the top ot the can get the cream,
and those receiving It further down
get practically skim milk. In Mr.
McDonald's case, I took the sample
from a can about halt full, with tho
result that It was a law tost and much
fhe same with Mr. Bardgett's, and
'ille I don't think those men are try-
to- deceive the people, they are
ing the milk lo eani and it Is
Saturday Special!
Large Assortment Ladies'
Seperate Skirts, Newest Styles, Best Qualities,
Price up to $8.50.
Saturday Special Price
impossible to give tlie people the
same quality of milk, and lt is also
Impossible to get a fair sample of
Tills,   In   my   opinion,   Is   another
reason why the cans should bc con-
(Special correspondence)
arrived  Tuesday from  Fernie  for  a
visit of several weeks.
Tho Udles Aid Society of the Meth-
Mtflfl Bailie Albertson left Thursday | odlst church met at the home of Mrs.
for a visit wltli friends in Klko. j Fred Davis on Thursday, with a full
Frank Wright, whom it was thought attendance present.   Work has been
demned, besides being the most un-   was almost completely recovered from I commenced  on articles  for a fancy
sanitary mode of handling milk. hiH recent serious illness, took a turn  Boods sale to be held some time before
Iu collecting a sample from the for tlie worse last week, and upon ln-
bottles I pour half of it into another j structtons from liis people tn Illinois,
bottle and shake both of them, and j was taken as far as Moose Jaw by
then mix them ao I am sure of getting | Bert Cascaden, wliere tie was met by '
Mr. Wells, *>astor nf St. Andrews
church, spci.L part of last week at
Ynhk, where he was called in the In-
which  Is  impossible , liis sister,  wiio accompanied him to i terests of the church.
I his old home. |    Mr John Bennett, who was operat
ion—To Mr. ami Mrs. Gus Seder-  ed on at the St. Eugene hospital In
holm, on Saturday, July 4th, a son.      < Cranbrook a copule of weeks ago, has
Mike  Palmer  and  Our  Gustafaon, ■80 "early recovered from his Illness
with their families, left last week to;tlmt n« was token out to the ranch iu
a  fair  sample,
from the cans.
I am pleased to know that thn
neighboring city of Nelson have now
taken up thc question of milk regulation, and are now putting through   a
very stringent bylaw, saying that milk | live on their homesteads.   The former i an al,t0 Tuesday, and is rapidly recov-
is located near the uld No. 4 camp of j erin8  froIU  *■•<■  effects of his  sick*
the Staples Lumber company and the I ne8R*
Word has been received from Rev.
A. 11. Lane that he will sail from England on August 15th, and also that he
must be handled In sealed bottles, In
any quantity of one quart or  less,
and   I am   sure   they   wlll   find   it j latter at the seven mile post on the
will  improve tho dairy milk  Iu  the iCranbrook-Wycliffe road.
cii?- t    Miss Dora 10. Fitch, of Lethbridge,
I have Invited the council to come. arrived Thursday for a ten days' visit' hflB secured tne chaplalnBhlp for tho
around with me some evening and 11 at thc home of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. ■roturn trio'
will drive them to the different dairies, | Heath,
and they can then see for themselves i Mra Fred navls left a,mday for g
the condition of the same, and I hope tl|re(J moIltllR. vls)t ut her 0ia |lome
they will be at liberty to accompany I •„ Mu!ne#   sho wlu apend part of tUe
me* 1 time in Auburn nnd Calais, Maine.
Since I appeared before you last
montli I have made ten visits to the
different dairies, and made six tests
of milk.
J. W. Rutledge,
Dairy Inspector.
The city clerk was Instructed to
write to the provincial agricultural
department asking for a report upon
the cattle in this district, according to
the recent Inspection made.
The special water commute was au-
thorlzed to purchase four water
cranes to be Installed at the time that!
the new water system is being re-
The mayor and city clerk were in- j
structed to enter into contract with
Mr. A. E. McCullough as supervising
engineer of the new water system. .
The resignation of Mr. P. E. Wilson
ns city solicitor was received stating
that he had left the city and could not
act In the capacity further and was accepted,
Mr. A. B. Macdonald was appointed
city solicitor and the mayor and clerk
were authorized to enter Into agree-1
ment with him dating from July first
at a salary of $75.00 per month.
Alderman Leask was authorized
to secure window shades for tlio city
The city clerk was intructed to
huvo tbe necessary forms of debentures ordered to be on band when
The services of Dr. Rutledge wf.ro
continued for one month, thc city
clerk being Instructed to so notify
Motion by Hickenbotham and Genest that bylaw No. 48, entitled Road
Tax Hyluw bo repealed from this
date, Thc mover of this motion ex-
plained that this bylaw had been tho
cause of considerable trouble nt
election time In the past and he
thought tt wise to repeal it.
An  amendment was  proposed  by |
Aldermen Campbell and Leask that.
the chief of police be Instructed   to j
proceed to collect the $2.00 road tax.
In Introducing the amendment Al-1
derman Campbell pointed out that tho
repeal of the bylaw meant the disfranchisement of a number of good
citizens.   He also knew that the bylaw provided for a nice sum of money
every year for the city, which was badly needed.   In his contention he was
upheld  by  Alderman  Leask.      The,,
amendment was lost and the original
motion was carried, Aldermen Campbell and Leask voting against tt.
Bylaw No. 139 was finally reconsidered, passed and adopted.
Council adjourned.
| Miss Tuit, a former teacher here,
passed through Cruubrook Saturday
on her way home to Vancouver. She
had heen teaching the past year at
Monarch, Alberta.
Mrs. Chas. McDonald's two brothers
Our section of the country was favored by a downpour from Old Pluvlus'
waterspout ou Monday, which was
much appreciated, owing to the exceedingly hot weather we have been
experiencing recently.
The Cranbrook Lacrosse team left
Wednesday for Nelson and wlll play
today, Friday and Saturday at the'
Chahko Mika with teams from Nelson,
Rossland and Trail.
A Brass Bed
We have three
Brass Beds, size
3-6x6, Regular
Price $20.00, now
offered at $8.50
We have a splendid line ol Semi-Cut,
Pressed Glass, very heavy, and it looks
as good as some lines of cut glass that
sell at ten times the price.
The entire shipment will be sold at
half price.
There are three Water Sets, Bowls,
Plates, Cream Jugs, Sugar Bowls, Spoon
Holders. Trays, Pickle Dishes, in fact,
everything that may be needed in Glassware. The assortment is complete and
must go at Half Price.
Cranbrook Co-operative
Stores Ltd.


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