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Cranbrook Herald Mar 25, 1915

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After   Many  Yearn  of  Hard   Work
Asked to he Uvlleved of KeHpoustble
It has been known for" Hcveral
yearn that Mr. Lund desired to be relieved ot the duties entailed In thc
direct nmiiiigetncnt or thl» bit; company, nnd now tlmt thc lumber business in Ihis country is temporarily nt
a standstill, owing to the Kuropean
war nnd other oaUflOB, Mr. Mind, ou his
recent trip to the oftst, hns been able
to perHiuule Ills iiiisuclutes that this
Ih an opportune (line to appoint a
new and perniinienl iminitK»r.
Mr. Lund nnd hli- old partner, Mr.
John llrtekenrldga,' organlred tlie
Crow's Nest Paint Lumber (Company,
Limited, about twelve yoara iiro, and
aetpilred large timber- holdings on the
Kootenay river and tributaries, and
ulso built their large mill at Wardner,
It. 0, At that time Mr. Lund also had
associated with him Mr. William Carlin and Mr. Alfred Doyle, of Fort
Steele, and Charles P. Lund, a brother
of Mr. Lund, residing In Spokane,
PreWy Wedding at Erirkaon Today—
'   tniilraelintr  I'ur W*  I'optllar
Cranbrook People
A quiet but very pretty wedding took
place today at the home of the bride's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Qeorge Cartwright. Krickson, when their daughter,
Lena, wus united in marriage to Mr.
J. Btanloy peek; city ticket agent of
the C. N. R. nt lOdmontoii. The ceremony wns perfoTirfsr by Rev. W. (J.
lllake,   pastor    of   tlle     Presbyterian
church ut Creston.
Promptly at the hour of 18.80
o'clock, to the strains of Milieu grin's
bridal Chord*; the bride entered the
parlor on the arm of her futher and
. .  „.  arch  of
I evergreen,    from    which
1 biiHliiuttiteu, a large portion of which
! in  turn gets Into the hands of the
i government in the shape of taxes and
I other charges.  Therefore, In my upin-
jlou, It ia the duty of the general pub-
I He or that of the government to pro-
| vide or to make adequate provisions
I for Its unfortunate citizens who may,
| through       the     ordinary       course
of     activity,       become       Injured,
About live yeara ago the -controlling  disabled or 1 ncapacitated   following
Interest in tho company waa acquir-1 their usual employment or vocation,
ed by American caplUIlata, the. ma, ,from wWch*ther havff derived their
Jorlty of whom   reside   at   Manistee,  livelihood.
Michigan. Since that time, about! "Another matter that should receive
$1,600,000 of new capital has been j tIl0 immediate attention ot the prbvfn-
put into the company and nboutlcifti government is Iba-qucstlon of
600,000,000 feet of standing timber \ flndIng a market for the lttmber fljjt
have been added to the company's (|6 manufactured In this province' in
holdings, and a large amount t)f capi-< 8Xce89 of that whlch.can be absorbed
tal has been invested in the develop- j by our own natural market, viz.; the
ment of the property, which ls now | provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan;
one of the largest producers of lum- -, Alberta, and British Columbia. There
ber in the province. ,    . *H an flnnua, accumulation-a* the coast
Mr. Lund is one of the largest stock-' mills of low-grade lumber, short
holders in his company and will con- • length and small piece stuff, that has
tlnue as a director. Mr. Lund owns | had to be dumped at some time or
many Interests ln Western Canada; Is other, each year, on the prairie mar-
president of, and owns the controlling | ket, regardless of price, which has re-
Interest in. the Western Canada Lum- j peatedly established a selling price
ber Company and -he Farmers' Lum-;In the provinces* of Manitoba,/Sas-
ber Company, with head offices at. katchewan and Alberta considerably
Lethbridge, Alberta. These concerns i below the average coat of production,
are operating retail yards at many * Owing to the long distances and ex-
points throughout Southern Alberta. ! pensive freight rate from the coast
Mr, Lund is president of the Lund | to prairie market this has resulted
Land -ft Development Company. This in loss to the coast mtlts themselves,
company owns about 8,000 acres of It has also been the means of de-
agricultural lands In East Kootenay, I moralising the natural market for the
a portion of which Is in high state of tnills located ln thc interior of Brit-
cultivation. On one tract of this ish Columbia, who would be entitled
land was located his beautiful resid- '*> a fair remuneration, and entitled
ence, at Wardner, which was totally, to prosper owing to tbeir favorable
destroyed by flre last month, during ; location and low freight rates into
Mr. Lund's absence Io the east. those prairie provinces.
Mr. Lund also owns a large farm I    "There Is no doubt ln my mind, now.
associates Or fellow-employees, and
rarely through the carelessness or indifference of the employer. There is
no one who has energy or 'brains
enough to employ labor on a large
scale that wishes to have men either
killed or ciippled. Minor accidents
can be settled by the employer or
through accident insurance associations or companies. There Is no association or company, however, that
will Insure against accidents to an
amount In excess of say $1,500 or $2*
000. IA the case Of a man who becomes crippled for life, and whose
earning power haa been eut off, who
has a wife and a family of children,
who all andear before •' jury that Is to
settle tho amount of damages, It Is
natural to Buftpotfe tbat the damages.
If the case 'Is considered or looked
upon from a humane standpoint, wilt.
I,, greater   Ui...   any'ono  Industry *0°k ""r »'«• *"m™,"' «"
ran bear.   TM money that W&«1_ZT*;       ."',,     «,    ,"'""   ?w
out for labor I- spent «n.MM*l%d I "ondcU " hvilv **"■    Ml»" 0»rtw*lfIrt
throughout tho country among other
Nominations   Tomorrow   With   Two
Pull Tickets In the Field-
Take Vonr Choice
April Ath Wlil be the Date of lhe
Cranbrook Event—A  Worthy
Cranbrook's leading pastime Is undoubtedly dancing,    Nearly thc whole
  (year round   there   is   two nr more
In addition to the ticket announced ; dances per week. There are farewell
lust week another ticket-has been j dances, benefit dances, social dances,
placed in the Held. This ticket an-[club dances uud during the past year
Dounces that tliey bellevr the taxes there have been patriotic dances.
of the city are high and. If elected, But there Is one event which has
they will use all their' energlea to- become a fixed institution in the Ms-
ward reducing the rate, as well as. tory of the city uud thut is the An-
protflCtlng the welfare of the pity Lual Hospital hall given iu aid of at.
as a whole. Tliey wish to be known | Eugene hospital on Kaster Monday,
us the solid b!x.   The candidates nam-  Tliat date is always keenly looked for-
made ii charming bride, being gowned
In a handsome dress of white
brocaded  silk,  with   lace  trimmings.
Tlie couple were unattended.
Immediately after the ceremony a
wedding breakfast was served, only ,
the Immediate family relatives and a
few friends being invited.
Followed by a host of congratula- I
ed are:
The Solid NU
\V.  it,  McFarlane
Frank Detail
Fred Qenest
.1. 1). Hull
Malcolm Horie
YV. S. Santo
Mr. .McFarlane, who Is heading tills
ticket ,waS responsible for tho resignation of the former council, .having    instituted    proceedings In    the
courts.    The following la a coin*, of
the judgment in part:
Eaoh of them having by -their ccun-
tlons, good wishes und confetti, thc
hrppy young couple left by tlie after- i
noon  train on    their wedd Ing trip,
which will be spent in coast cities,    j se!' *MW"Mtl and disavowed the of-
The bride's travelling suit was of  "*'" Htl(1 nriviIf*es or alderman of the
brown corded silk, with hut to match. t Corporation of the city of Cranbrook
Both' bWde and groom are very!'11 tllt! -Evince of British Columbia,
popular, as was evidenced by the large ■ H U a,,JU(,Bed lhat fte Bflld A!,re(l
collection of wedding gifts, which in-; Jan,PS Ba!mo,lt' LmieT c,aW' Qu?tove
eluded sliver, cut glass, china, furniture and other useful gifts.
The bride is a very pouplar Cranbrook young lady and a great favorite.
She has been a resident of this city
for a number of years, being a teacher in the Cranbrook Central school.
The groom Is an old Cranbrook resident being for years in the employ
of the C. P. Ft. as ticket agent and
later engaging fn business for himself
Tuesday at noon Mr. Peck was tendered a "shower" of rice at the station by a number of his Cranbrook
friends, a large number of C.P.R. employees contributing toward the downpour.
Among thc Cranbrook people who
attended the wedding were Mr. and
Mrs. H. A. McKowan und Mrs. (Dr).
F. B. Miles.
The  Herald Joins  with  tlie many
■Cricks on, Joseph Jackson, Oeorge
Robert LeaBk nnd George Frederick
Stevenson, and each of them do not
in any manner, intermeddle with or
concern themselves about the ofllce,
liberties, privileges and franchises of
alderman of the Corporation of1 the
City of Cranbrook aforesaid, but that
they and each of them be absolutely
forejudged and excluded from exercising or using thc same or any of
them for the future.
And that the said Walter Bruce McFarlane do recovor against thc-said
Alfred James Balment, Lester Clapp,
Gustave Erickson, Joseph Jackson,
George Robert Leask and George
Frederick Stevenson his costs' of
these proceedings to be taxed.
ward to by tlie younger set who ure
desirous ot having a splendidly good '
time and nn occasion hy which those
too old to enjoy this strenuous pas-
I time can participate in a small recognition of the work this institution
| is doing in this district by buying a
1 ticket and looking ou.
Easter Monday this year falls on
April 6th and In the evening ou that
date you will tlnd the young and old
all from far and near gathered at the
Auditorium where dreamy music will <
bo dispensed by the Cranbrook pr-1
chestra, where the floor will he waxed
and there will he smiling floor manag- i
ers and committees of Introduction
to sec that all enjoy themselves. Dancing wilt commence about 9.30 and the
commute have announced that it will
be continued until 2.30 In the wee
sum' hours which should he time
enough for every one to have danced
their till.
Supper wilt he served by tho ladles
of the St. John's Ambulance Corp at
Liberals, Attention!
Voters' List closes Monday, April 5th, 1915
Visit the Liberal committee rooms at Mathe-
son's Hall on Armstrong avenue and see that
your name is on.   If not put it on at once
ihe    Rebellion    ot   Mrs.   Barclay"
Greeted With a Good Houw at (he
Charles  Patmore ad-
arrled   this   diincuK
A large share of the t'ranbrook
people Were afforded two hours plea*
-.ant diversion at the Auditorium lust
Friday evening, when the Ladled Aid ably to tli
of the Methodist Church presented u
comedy on domestic life which held
the interest of the audience by tts
dramatic power coupled with eharac*
the nominal price of 26C. each. The | terlshUon of a highly artistic class as
delineated by the local I mpersona-
It Is generally recognized that the
theatre; through the dramatist and
tho actors. Is exercising a powerful
hold on the mind of the rising generation of our day and uge.     If ull plays
proceeds of the supper will be used to
buy hospital supplies for tho hoys at;
the front so that all who attend will
be patronizing two most worthy
The following ladles have promised
to act as patronesses: Mrs. (Dr). J.
II. King. Mrs. Geo. F. Steven sou, Mrs.
duction.     Mr:
Mr.**. Powell as Mrs. ilrown. a sister
of .Mr. Barclay, and Miss Kdith McBride. as hor Irresponsible daughter.
Cora, were character studies worthy
el real artists and added consider*
gaiety of the evening. It
was their criticisms Of the Barclay
household affairs which precipitated
the disappearance of Mrs. Barclay
at the close of Act I
Mr A Raworth, as Details O'Hara,
the mau of all work, guve several
imitation- of real Irish dialogue
coupled with some Irish love-making
with Miss O'Connor.
Mrs. McNabb a? Elsie Stuart proved
a friend in need to both Mrs. Barclay
and  her sister, and her friendly  in-
taught similar lessons to that of Frl*  terest in their affairs culminated in
(Dr.) F. W. Green, Mrs. G. Erickson. t -jay night much of the un happiness of  ** happy ending for all concerned. The
friends of the happy young couple lu \ ony in tho field Is supporting Mayor
Mrs.    A.   L.   McDermot,   Mrs.   Geo.
Hoggarth and Mrs. H. II. Bourne.
I * A splendid committee have the ar-
 ■ | rangements In charge and are plan-
Thc Howness Ticket I ning all the appointments of thc forth-
The opposing ticket and the'flrkt 1«MWl|j|'dance on a largo scale,   They
wishing them a life of wedded bliss.
adjoining the town of Barons, Alberta,
all of which Is In a high state of cultivation, and several hundred acres at
'hat the Panama Canal haa been completed and Is now In operation, markets can bc procured for this ae-
Lundbreck, on which are located his   cumulation or surplus* of cheap lum-
coal mine and the town of Lundbreck.
named after Mr. Lund and his late
partner, Mr. Breckenridge.
Mr. Lund is tho largest Individual
shareholder In the Kootenny Telephone Lines, Ltd.. nt Cranbrook, operating telephone lines throughout
the south-eastern portion of British
Mr. Lnud wlll continue to reside
fn Western Cannda nnd will engage
In the active development of his large
land holdings in tlie Kootenays nnd
the province of Alherta.
In the course of a conversation with
Mr. Lund the flrst of the week In reference to the lumber Industry Mr.
Lund said:
Sncrambw. (o the Great White I'lague
at I'almry—Funeral Today
News of the death Tuesday morning
of Mike Durlck at Calgary, Alta.. will
her at points taking water-transportation, either on the Atlantic sea-ibe received with hearty sorrow—sor-
board or In Europe, la the thickly ! row of a peculiarly Intimate nnd per-
tmpulated centres or districts where ! soiial sort, for there are hundreds in
all the different industries, large and I thc city to whom this intimation of his
passing will mean that of the passing
ot a friend.
When the news of his death reached
the streets ninny and warm were the -**
tributes to his worth—no more popu-
-minlt, arc continually Reeking a
aheap grade of lumber that cannot be
nrocured by them from sources where
'ransportatlon by rail for long distances is Involved.
The government aro < fully familiar j lar young matt has ever lived in the
with all the different conditions which,city, nor one essentially simpler or
hnve led up to the present deplorable j |eBS pretentious. Mike Durlck was a
lepression surrounding Uie lumber In-1 true type of westerner and was goner-
lustry in this province. The govern- j ous and charitable to a degree,
ment have depended upon this Indus-
•ry. nnd kindred enterprises, for the
Bowness on a policy-of economy and
retrenchment.    In  fact, both tickets
seem  to be agreed ou economy1 and
. the lowering of the tax rate. The bone
i of contention simmered down to Its
last analysis seems to be the fS.OO
j vote.    Tliis Is something that should
I not enter Into civic matters at all but
should be immediately taken up 'with
the provincial government, which Is
responsible for a very rotten law on
: this mutter.   About the only question
' for the voter to decide In this election is whether he desires peace1 and
1 harmony in the city council or a continual  scrap.    An opposition council
; is not likely to work well with Mayor
I Bowness.   The tloket Supporting, him
us follows: •
A. J. Balment t
T. II. Banfield ,
Lester Clapp
ti. Erickson ,
Joseph F. Campbell |  ...
George W. Leask •.     .
greater portion of Its revenue. These
very desirable channels Trom which to
"I  hnve written  tlie  premier and I rather public revenue are now ser-
olher members of the government nt   lously threatened and the government
length, at different times, iu con nee- -must I mmediately   take   aggressive
tlon with these same matters. No one
has so far taken the trouble to formulate any definite plan, or even to
dosfgnnte tlie main features that
should be embodied In the Act.
"There ts no doubt that some provision will he mnde in tlie Land Act
ho that real, boun tide lumber manufacturer*, will be protected against
the loss of their tlmbor from their Inability, under conditions or this time.
to meet the annual charges Imposed
by the government. I think the Act
should be so amended that temporary
relief, whenever found absolutely ne-
A short tlmo ago he flrst showed
symptom? of the disease which ultimately proved fatal. Its seriousness
wns fully recognised from tiie flrst.
About the first of January he came
here from Cnlgary to consult his favored physician, Dr. King, who realized
tlu* seriousness of Ids case and had
hlm immediately placed in thc St.
Eugene hospital. Everything possible In the way of tender caring was
'done for hlni, but he gradually weak-
Whatever else you are compelled , oniM,. I>HrinR h|| mnnnemont
to give up during this period of m- thnt institution he was unable to leave
adjustment, den't give - uu your In-, llUt room n(1(* |hfl f(l(,t tm ,)p Wfl8
surnnee. it Is a hard-ttmc* proposl-, st(lljdl|y prow||1K W0Mfl Mfl ob d
Hon-thnt is, yon need it more when | ,vft„ -Kr(l,f ,)y „,, fr|)<m|H
business is below normal than you do j MrR <,|l(U(Ip Man|flflW) fl iMw of tllc
when things are coming your way.
measures towards solving thia great
problem nt whatever cost."
The usual fortnightly meeting1 was
held at Christ church rectory
Tuesday evening, A number of new
members wore enrolled and the1 following were elected to serve on the
program committee: Miss Woodland,
Miss A. Pye, Miss Mecredy, Mr. Rumsey nnd Mr. Hester.
The   Misses  Murgatroyd  and  Cus-
lil'e might be avoided.
The comedy presented was written
by May E. Countryman. Mrs. Ii.
Eakln, who pluyed the title role, was
truly an emotional actress. She
opened the scene as a harassed and
'bused wife, with repressed and subdued emotion over the irritating demands of her husband. She was fine
and sweet and almost too coramend-
bly putient wit the very trying Mr.
are: Dr. J. H. King. E. Patorson, W.
Halsall, C C. Connolly. A. L. McDermot, Maurice Qualn und Chus.
There are many people here who
know from actual experience of tlie. Barcluy, as portrayed by Mr. W.
splendid work which the St. Eugene | Wilson.
hospital is doing for this city and
district or more particularly for the
sick and unfortunate and there are a
great many people who do not know.
Hundreds of cases of charity every
year And the doors of this institution
opened for them in times of distress.
Thousands of meals are given every
year to hungry men who apply. No
one ls turned away.
The hospital ball is the annual oc*
This was Mr. Wilson's first appearance before the footlights and he
faithfully handled a very difficult role.
Ho was always plausible but always
finding fault. The climax of the first
act was "The Rebellion of Mrs. Barclay," a scene between these two players whicli drew tremendous applause.
The subdued wife was a flaming, scathing torch and the husband a very
surprised man.     He was tendered a
casion when the general public may   floral tribute for his very clever work.
contribute a small amount for the
support of this Institution. It is
worthy of your support. The hospital
Is having at this time more serious
financial difficulties than many of
Cranbrook's other Institutions, nnd
the good Sisters who hnve its management in hand wlll greatly appreciate a generous    patronage   of tin*
Wilson,   as .Mrs. Bar-
Ruth, was one of the Dennis O'Hara.
Mrs. W. H.
clay's sister,
strongest supports to the leading characters, and on the side capably handled an emotional love affair with
Roger "•Stuart, played by Mr. John
Venus. Mrs. Wilson was also the recipient of flowers.
Mary Ann O'Connor, the maid    at
attempts of Mr. Barclay, Cora and
Dennis to get supper after tlie departure of tho cook had several elements
of humor. The discharge of Mrs.
Brown and Cora aud the final return
of Mrs. Barrlay brought the play to a
happy conclusion.
The Cranbrook Juvenile orchestra
rendered selections during the evening and Mrs. Geo. F. Stevenson sang,
"The Kerry Dance."
There was a large audience present .the big hall being comfortably
filled and the society have netted a
neat sum through th*- proceeds.
Every memb-er of the cast is deserving of great credit for the good
work exhibited, which was much better than most amateurs and as good
as many professionals.
The following •was the complete
program and cast:
Cast  ot  ( haraefer-
Morton Barclay Mr. Wl H. Wilson
Roger Stuart ia neighbor)	
 Mr. J. Venus
dance and thc help it wlll afford them   tho Barclay's, "was a fOlne Irish girl
in their work of alleviating suffering
and caring for the needy sick of the
Mr. A Raworth
Ethel Barclay I.Morton's wife)	
  Mrs. R. Eakln
Ruth Tarter 'Ethel's sister)	
  Mrs. W. H. Wilson
Mrs. Brown 'Morton's sisterj 	
   Mrs. Powell
Cora (her daughter*. .Miss E. .McBride
Elsie Stuart (Roger's sister)	
Mrs   McNabb
The Knights of Pythias  held then
usual meeting in the Castle hall on
^       —    ,  „....(,„„„,„  „„„  •-'•»"■'j Tuesday evening, the meet't: - after-
j lake were elected to act as a vlaltlng j wflrd prove0 to be most unusual In
and look-out committee. :the nature of tno    discussion    that
■ Mr. Rumsey read an Interesting LroH0> it appears that at a meeting
paper on "The Philosophy of Buddah," |o| tne gUpreme lodge held iu Wlnnl-
and Mr. Fairbairn followed with an [m lai.t 8limmer u ru|a was passed
low   can   count    upon   In  adversity.
cesHsry, could be procured through an I other Investments may provo of no ac-
I deceased ,snd formerly a resident of
In this modern day of uncertainty, L1JH  <m-  nrr|V(lc|   ,|m  Mm  Umx(l
i..Miran.-,* Is ll... one thing that a fel-] w,)>kfl nR0 to ^ )n ,ittpn(illtlC0 llt h,8
| bedside.      Last Tuesday lt wns de-
nrder tn council; and. In my opinion,
whatever measures ure provided.
should apply only to the actual operators aud employers of labor.
"What  the  lumbermen   need,   perhaps as badly as timber legislation, is
count. Many u man has believed
himself to be In good financial condition, only to awaken in the morning
to find that he wasnt worth a cent.
But the man who in Insured Is absolutely certain that in the event ho Is
elded to remove him tn Calgary, where
he sun -limbed, one week later, to tlie
white man's plague—tuberculosis. His
i equally Instructive essay entitled ."The
j Place of Angels In Art." ,
:    Refreshments were then served by
, Misses A. Pye und Woodland,
i    Miss Woodland then sang "Crossing
j tho Rur" nnd Miss Cherrington "He
Shall FOod His Flock" (Messiah).
, . .        , ,  , , The programme committee are plan-
sincerity o  spirit and bright courage. „,„■  , w|)|„ drWo ,or Tue„d     J   „
ll'a.laaa      llllfalil    III. Iaa       liana,      aalala.      I.,      .all',,     I "
Manna' ailniiiiutii provision for tnklnu ralloil to lho droit Ilejrond those dc
care ot the men who snstoln personnl: dondent upon hlm will have some.
Injury, or who lieeomo disabled or thing to count upon,
crippled, either temporarily nr (or life. | Not only should one manage to
aa the result of tholr employment In keep up Ms tnaurunrc ut this time, but
the different manufacturing plants and 11,,. should take out more at It, If It
Industries of this province. There.Is
no man or company who can afford' to
borrow largo sums or capital with
which to create pay-rolls unless come
provision Is made by which hc will
know wliere he stands In connection
with the matter. A man may sustain
personal Injury or become disabled for
Is at oil possible. For the man unskilled In handling money there Is no
other investment any safer—and oven
the fellow who supposes he knows all
about handling money Is frequently
mistaken. If there had not been a
place In thc economy of things for the
Insurance companies they would long
were unfailing—he was able to nwait
the coming of the "King of Terrors"
without fear.
Mike Durlck was a sterling man, a
worthy, public-spirited, helpful citizen, a kind friend, a most lovable comrade—all mourn him who value these.
Ho has passed to that great land from I The following clipping from ah old
whence no traveller returns. May the country paper will be read with In-
Great Maker of all good rest his soul. ] terest by the many frlenda of Mr. h.
The funeral is being held today nt: s .Mackersy, formerly of this cRy:
life-and incapacitated   from further: ogo have been forced out of business.
earning power, i This man-will need I     *'"-     - |I-IM ■
nroiaatnnce.    He must, naturally, be-I.I   .   WJl¥  NOT IN B. Ct
come a charge upon the public; but '
there Is no single industry thnt should     Ottawa, .March' Mi—In view of pre.
be made to bear this burden, Tlm
man comes voluntarily and asks (or a
position In the sawmill or otlier manufacturing plant. Every person knows
that all who llve must die, either a
natural death or through nccidonMIthe
Utter sometimes happens from hi*'
own carelessness, and moro fre-
IMatly boa the caraleaaneaa al hla
Come and hrlng your friends. Notify any member of the committee of
your intention of being present.
vailing conditions due In a measure
to tho war, tlte holders of gold quarts
mining claims In northern Manitoba,
Alberta and Snakatchawnn, wlll be relieved for a ***ir of doing work on the
claimn to the'vftlUe of at least $100 as
provided In the mining regulations.
Annaordor-ln-council to this effect ban
JvMt'teat ****** *t th* HMual
His many friends will bo very sorry
to hear that Ihe Rev. E. P. Flewelling
la seriously 111 with heart affection,
and-is ordeied by liis doctor to keep
perfectly quiet for some time to como.
On Wednesday afternoon ho was removed to tho Cottage hospital. Tho
Uev. A. B. lane took the thrco services hero last Sunday nnd drove to I thc
Mr. Lindsay Stuart Mackersy, who
has been gazetted as a second lieutenant in the Royal Field Artillery, left
a good appointment ln British Columbia, and after travelling over' 7000
miles, occupying twenty-one days ,he
arrived In this country on Christmas
day, made application (or and1 waB
gazetted (or service. His brother similarly gave up n good appointment In
Canada, and Is at present serving
with the Second Canadian Contingent.
| His youngest brother is serving with
0th Royal Scots (Highlanders).
Marysville and back and took the ; They nre sons ot Mr. W. 11. Mackersy,
servlco thcro In tho afternoon. The | W.S., who was an officer (or sixteen
Venerable Archdeacon Beer will tuke ] years In the Quoen's, Kdlnburgh, and
tlio services hero neat Sunday, March | It is Interesting to note that all an
enjoining all subordinata- lodges io
display thc hag of their country at
the opening of the meeting and fa>r the
members tu salute tha' same ami repeat "l-ong May ll Reign."
In the case of Crosaont IoiIk'', No.
.ia, Cranbrook being under Hrltia.li
protection tin' I'nion Jm k Is alls-
played; hut at the suggestion o( boy-
eral members ll a!i-<'iis:;lon anise a."
to the right of such n procedure In
tlie ease of a membi-r nf the Knights
lof Pythias belonging to a lodge In
I Canada and asked If It would he right
I (or him to salute the Hag of another
country to thnt from which In
sworn allegiance?
Thc discussion entered Into wns'
both Intensely interesting nnd Instructive. .Many Instances were clta-d
where the Union Jack wns sainted
In the States and Old Glory In return upon the occasion of visits to the
several countries by officials of the
governments. The discussion wan
closed by the opinion being expressed
that a member residing in nnotha'r
country ond under another flag ami
receiving all of Its protective values
would salute the ting of that country,
| and bo proud In so doing, out of
courtesy lo those with whom he wns
Another member signed the Router
and another Interesting mooting Is
promised for next week to which
all members and visiting brothers are
reqmled to be present
but no slave." with a droll bit of humor for every situation and was the  Mary Ann O'Connor,
sinaneeat comedy character in the pro-        Mrs. Charles Patmore
Waltz—Tales of Hoffman (Barcanolle) by John Klrauss
Tuesday Morning
Scene—The Dining Room at the Barclays.
Knter Mr. nnd Mrs. Barclay, the former In an Irritable mood, which Is
further aggravated by the late arrival of the mall. Including letter announcing visit of Mrs. Brown (Mr. Barclay's sister) and laer daughter Cora.
Later the arrival, following which this good lady sets herself to generally
criticising Mrs. Barclay's administration of the household affairs, la-adlng
up to the "REBELLION OF MI1S. BARCLAY." and the curtain falls as
Mrs, Barclay ls putting Into effect the suggestion of her sister Ruth, to
loave home rather than endure the continual Interferences ot Mrs. Brown,
and the annoyances of her daughter.
-Thc Kerry Dance By Molloy
Mrs. (ieo. !•'. Stevenson
Under tiie Double Kagle Hy J. K. Wagner
Friday Afternoon
Scene—Kitchen of the Barclays.
We find Mrs. Brown glorying In the management nf her brother's
household uffalra much to the annoyance of Mary Ann O'Connor, the maid,
who opened the s'lcund act with her criticisms of Mrs Brown and In her
Irish brogue swears allegiance to ber old mistress. Mary Ann. however, Is
hail discharged, greatly to the annoyance nnd disapproval of Mr. Barclay, and
tha' climax of his good sister's doings Is reacha-d when Iaa- finds her about
to discharge the hired man Dennis. We are eventually relieved to tlnd peace
about to be restored, the return of Mrs. Barclay and a general re-unlon of
the other members of the family.
Orchestra     National Anthem
On Saturday, March 27th: Christie's Sodas, 2 lb. tins at
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Is. V. SuUlvaa, Editor
J. B. Thompson, Business Manager
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Ou   Tear    II.M
atm Months        l.N
three Months    60
Adiertlslni Betas
Display   Advertising,   If   cants   per
Column Inch.
Beading Notices or Classified Ada. 10
aaala par line.
Cruulirook, It. C-, March 2otli, 191.1
Thoro Ih a good deal of "rot" talked
about imlitirs and politicians, and tin*
terrible temptations and dangers of
tlie life of a politician. Hon. W. S.
Fielding and Sir John Thompson
could huve made millions when iu offlce. And yet no clergyman or college professor has won a more honorable or stainless nnmo than these
two men. And then are hundreds of
other Canadians who could be named
who might have made fortunes In
tlieir political offices, but who never
made a cent in a dishonorable way.
Some of the ablest and most honorable of our puhlic men today are poor
men and there would be very little
hope for our country if the views of
a certain few were well founded and
the poor man should keep out of political life because of its temptations.
The man who enters politics ready to
plunder the country as soon as elect-
ed to office is a common thief and ;
should be behind prison walls Instead of representing tho people.
We have consented to allow our names to go before
the people and respectfully solicit your support for
Aldermen for the City of Cranbrook. We rely on our
platform of economy and safe, sane, business government
as the most necessary requisite for the conduct of muncl-
pal affairs this year.
We are tied to no policy except our own best individual judgment in conserving the best interests of the city
as a whole. We realize that only by the strictest retrenchment can the city cope with the present financial situation and it will be our aim to save the ratepayers money
and keep the tax rate as low as possible.
If elected, we will give our time and attention to the
city's business and will endeavor to see that the city"s interests are in every way carefully safeguarded.
MR. W.
THURSDAY,   MARCH 25th, 1915
THE CANDIDATE AND effected an entrance Into the baby's]
THE DUST  Nl'ISAM'E  "llIk  1,ottle and ll(*d  destroyed the
                        j property of meek and lowly citizens.
Theie is a well rounded prejudice
against civil servants participating in
politics. Tlie men who are in the
government employ would do well to
let politics alone, if thy have any concern for tlieir job. The public know
that better service will be given when
government employees cut out poll-
Some of the government em-
l.utepajers Will (.ive I'nanimous Sup
port to the Man Who Ih Big Enough
lo Tackle This Matter
Having been approached
'from time to time by various
bodies of ratepayers and citizens of Cranbrook requesting
me to become a candidate for
alderman, I have decided to accept.
While I have no complaint
to put forth at this time against
past systems or government of
civic affairs ,1 do contend that
a great deal towards the success and building up of our city
depends greatly on the council
and whatever council be elected
requires the harmonious cooperation of the general citizen and ratepayer, and I further contend that one of the most
essential things is the support
and protection of the business
The reason for this failure to re-
I move the dust while it was removable I man and his interests towards
ployecs In this district could serve
the public ns well under Liberal rule
as Conservative. They havo their
minds on their jobs and they do not
persistently stick tlieir noses into
other people's business. On the other
hand we are possessed of a few civil
servants who are conspicuous because of the prominent part they try
to play In politics. At the recent Conservative nominating convention au
immigtatton inspector in full uniform
not only participated but addressed
tlie meeting. One other government
employer* assisted In getting delegates to attend and two men with government jobs are running their legs
off night and day for the local candidate. Another local government
employee abuses any Conservatl ve
whom he (inds giving work to tlie
Herald. Ho has persistently done
this and some of these days we will
publish his name with full details.
These are the kind of public officials
that are not only bringing the Conservative party into disrepute, but are
making nf British Columbia a by-word
In the outside world as a hide-bound
political autocracy ruled by politicians for the good of politicians only.
Good government and British Columbia are not synonymous these days.
It was Abraham Lincoln, the sage
of American politics, who said, "Yon
can fool all the people some of the
time and some of the people all of the
time, but you can't fool all the people
all the time." Sir Itichard McBride.
our astute premier, would do well to
-study the above saying. He has
footed all of British Columbia some
times by catch phrases such as "A
White British Columbia," etc., und he
has successfully fooled some of the
people for the past twelve years but
—by hand—Is not apparent to the ordinary citizen.   When he ls caught ln
a cloud of dust, his throat filled with
Here is an opportunity for candi-1 microbes and his clothing turned an-
lates for alderman lc honors.   This is- j other color It may strike him that the
me  will elect any man  big enough ' proper time to remove tho nuisance Is
md serious enough to tackle the pro- while lt Is removable and before It
osltlon, <*•"• set in Us deadly work.
A number of candidates-and there '    But if he makes enquiries he will he j know "thaTto give the'clty and
ire more to follow—aro sparring for i informed that the custom has always ■ - --.-•*.-
ipenlngs for civic honors, uldcrmanlc , DQen to |et the dust take care of lt-
ind otherwise.    In fact It would be a I gpu,    a number of reasons have been
rood live issue for the candidates for
ho provincial houoe.
Discussing the outcome of the ap'
proaching provincial election tho
Kaslo Kootenalan, among other observations, has this to say:
"The McBride government, despite
Its critics, wlll no doubt go back Into
j power witb the bands playing and tho
{flags flying. Sir Richard's govern-
, ment has Its faults and has Its weak
points; It has made some blunders
and Ib cordially hated by a bunch of
would-be spoilers, The fact, however,
remains that the opposition has only
so far developed a bunch of nincompoops for leaders."
It ls to be hoped that the Kootenalan did not wish to be taken seriously when giving publicity to tho
foregoing. If It really wus ln earnest
the Liberals should bu delighted to
have our contemporary continue the
good work.
Tho late Sir John A. Macdonald Is
authority for the statement that thero
Is nothing so uncertain as a horse race
or a general election—-and he might
truthfully have added to the latter
clause, particularly In hard times.
It Is too Boon ufter 1911 for the
electors to have forgotten the oft-repeated assertion of tlio federal Liberals that there was no cabinet material among the followers of It. L. Borden; yet the people of Canada returned
him and his party to power with a majority almost as large as tho Liberals
had prior to tho appeal to the people.
In Ontario in 1905 a similar cry was
heard concerning the Conservatives,
then headed by thc late Sir James P.
Whitney, but when the returns were i
atl In at the general election ln Janu- j
ary of that year It showed the Boss
government swept out of office and
Sir James In control of the legislature by a vote of almost four to one.
The Vancouver Province, about the
■...v upbuilding of our city.. _noBt «„„
Again it has come to my notice; ZTtaT' J"*!*" "■> the prov
that in some instances the fin-\_l* ™r car,<"ul *° w»™ 'he
party workers against being overconfident, remarking that "when there is
a general sentiment of this nature It
Is apt to lead a great many voters to
ancial   circumstances   of   the
men elected to govern the city
have heen such that they have
not had the time to pay atten-1 ,h„ „„„.„
tion to the affairs of the City\r)»°Z»_ extrfm8"
ieconomically and properly.   I a-™0 Pnyiace '» ™»M™t the Mc-
Before the next issue of this paper
ipppars we    will    bc reading of the
advanced as to why the dust is allowed to remain. Some say that with a
dust mulch the moisture Is conserved
and therefore helps to conserve mols-
Itiallflcatlons of the various candi- tuPe in tno ground. Others say the
iates In the field for honors innumer- dust haB never been removed and .there
ible—as view by themselves—their | ls no U8e introducing new systems of
ibillty to govern, to serve the people, j sanitation. No mayor or alderman
I'he ratepayers ot Cranbrook will hear ever thought of such a thing as re-
i( something marvelous. Wc will read i movlng the dust in the early spring.
if all the good things they are going , ,,ndi of courfie( no well ordatned mayor
.0 do-after they are elected. ■ or alderman Is going to depart from
We have gone through all that on j the weM Deftten path, election card or
-vernl and divers occasions and we : no eIectlon card. And for all these
till survive. nna> 8Undry reasons we have the dUBt
Now, we desire to point out an open- nu|MnCe today and we well have it
'ng for a smart man. If there is one unt„ September or October and peril the running who can rise to the oc- i ,mp8 for a longer perlod( U0*,eB8 flom,,
-union he will not jeopardize his nRplrant, wh0 ls In a position to say
u '""        rises to the occasion, takes the
ihances n the next world by using
ip lint air In his election cards. If he
s big enough nnd serious enough and
frank enough he has thc opportunity
of his life time.
The fact of the matter is the taxpayer of Cranhrook want a man and
they want him now and they want hlm
badly to deal with the dust nuisance.
We want a man to deal with the dust
nuisance while we have the duct nuls-
niee with us in all ito glory, In all Its
loath dealing glory. We have another
uulsance, but lt only comes to town
once In a while, and as luck wlll have
it, blows off In a public meeting and
seldom raises much dust. Let us return to the dust nuisance.
We have the dust nuisance tackled
now. A few years ago one of the
aldermen of the corporation Introduced the subject of oil sprinkling
tho main streets of the city, but he was
treated as a Joke.   The sentiment of
its affairs the needed attention
that at least a portion of the
elected body can spend four or
five hours daily in the office in
promoting and directing further industries towards the upbuilding of their city.
I hereby announce my candidacy for Alderman for the
City of Cranbrook and solicit
the support of my friends, voters and ratepayers, and if elected will do my utmost in directing my ability and attention to
Bride government wlll be returned
but no sweeping victory Is anticipated,
and It Is well that It should be so:
It is not good for any government to
be without a lively opposition.
Toronto Saturday Night, possibly the.
strongest Independent weekly paper
In all Canada, on more than one occasion remarked that "You can throw a
brick through any country law ofllce
window and hit a smarter man than
J. P. Whitney." Yet the lato James
turned out to be one of the best all-
round premiers Ontario has ever
W.  S.  SANTO.
affair In hand and compels an onslaught on the dust.
This does not seem like a very hard
proposition. The streets are supposed to be cleaned up once a year anyway. Why not do lt now? There are
men who would be glad to get to
work. And the work would do them
a lot ot good now. Why wait until the
summer months, when work Is more
plentiful and the laborer not so hard
A few years ago the Herald drew attention to this evil. At that time
people said we were "getting toney."
and other pleasant things. It was
generally conceded, however, that wc
were right, but the excuse given was
that there was no money available and
would not be until the new estimates
were passed. If this excuse stands
toduy we sec an excellent opportunity
he people has entirely changed today for some enterprising and abbltlous
md we believe this could be made   a young man.     That excuse should not
his latest stunt hus caused some of Illvo isKU0 in t,lc romhiK city election, be allowed to live ono hour.
them to sit up und take notice. W
have been told that there Is going to
be an election ln British Columbia.
This followed previous assertions
that there would be no election. The
date was set for April loth. It was
postponed, a new departure in Canadian elections. Every day the papers
said that the date would be announced shortly. Now Sir Itichard
Is going to Chicago and Ottawa, probably to borrow election funds and arrange for higher power to hetp hlm
fool thc people and keep hold of the
treasury funds. The election may b<
announced on his return nnd It may
not. Sir Itichard has surely outdone himself In fooling the people this
time. They like tn be kept guessing |
by our Dick. It vill ti«..u them to
forget they have no Jobs and that
business ls going to the how-wows
Sir Hick rules the roost and Is holding the attention of all British Columbia with his many little caprices In
Several of the city streets need tho .
tickling of a rake and birch broom. In
some coses years have passed Since IfMX SMASH THE MACHINE!
lie  city   passed   the    sweeper  over! 	
«me of our streets.       The winter:    What's the matter with the poor old
drought very Uttle snow and conse-1 machine?   Everybody's picking on It,
iiicntly there is very little or no Ice just as though It had done some harm,
on our strets,   But there Is lots of
lust and the wind is blowing It Into
he faces of the pedestrians, Into the
homes—flour barrels and pantries,
clothes presses and bed rooms. It Is
blowing the dust into the stores, dry
:oods  stores,  grocery  stores,  provi
sion   stores,  drug  stores  and  every
other kind of stores, and the dust is
I'ven  tucking Itself away In the bed
And from tlie very nature of that
We aro consumed with pity and with
rago at thc threats of the Liberal
party to smash the machine. The
poor, dear, decrepit old machine that
has been a friend of the government
for yearB and years and years. It Ib
cruol,    It Is unkind.
And now they want to smash It,
That's tho reward of faithful service.
But we have a plan and we foe) that
, The Conservatives fot Kaslo will
the promotion and upbuilding j do well to organize the strongest pos-
of the city of Cranbrook on the; sibie campaign both on offense and
most economical basis. i defense. More unlikely things than the
return of Brewster, Oliver, Macdonald et al have happened more than
once In Canadian political history.
We believe the electorate while appreciating tried leadership in a party,
places a great deal of reliance on the
personality of the candidates. Men
of broad and Independent views are
most valuable not only to the province but to their party.—Creston Review.
Saturday, March 27th, a bright gos-
iiel service at 8 p.m.
Sunday  afternoon  children's  company meeting at 3 p.m.
Evening, at 8 p.m. a gospel service
to which all are heartily Invited.
Meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays
it 8 p.m.
Capt. and MrB. Hustler.
Pastor, W. IC Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. Rev. C.
A. Myers, M.A., Associate Secretary
of Sabbath Schools and Young
People's Societies will preach.
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening subject, 7.30 p.m. Subject:
"Russia's, Temperance Sermon."
The pastor will preach.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, Pastor.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor.
Services, 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning topic: "Building   Eternal
AH   owners   of  dogs  are   hereby
notified that the license for thc year
must be paid before April flrst or
they will be summoned and fined.
Chief of Police
VOU SAM OB TO iElV-Tw» roomed
house on Armstrong avenue. Apply
Neal lastltntt. 62-tf
FOB SALE—Pair canaries, male and
female. Apply Mrs. Cory Dow,
Lumsden avenue. 10-2t
fomale.     Apply   Mrs. Cory   Dow,
Manslons-^-ChooBlng the LocsSon.""* \ TO ESS CRKAP   «.„^   *.
Evening topic: "The Revelation of! house     1»« .-Tr"?"*1*.'we' I
Jesus-A Momentous Silence In month £281 *5?d. f/l* *B Per
Heaven."                                                ! '
Bible class, 3.00 p.m.	
Sunday school. 3.00 p.m. j tor hatching", ILoTp'eV iTabSm!
"It is appointed unto man once to! P. Sullivan, CranbrZvjtregTv "
    dry,   T»   s^s
Apply W. J. Atchlawn, _
!      for haa.^M—   •' ■** —	
lust, Hi,, accumulation or the winter's ""> viMIc wl" J"1" heartily in the
I illtla, It mo»t likely contnlnn a large ] MlggMtlon, IM n» preserve the ma-
i aind assorted collection of gcrmB, I **l** »■*"* u" k<l<!I> " '" the muioum
I narniK of n large and varied assort- at Victoria and treasure It among
] ment of dlscasea. mr most sacred rollcs.
'    Tlmt dust can he gathered up any i    For this reason we would suggest
flirting with nn election     He Is linv-  llny ln ",G "***" t'xcel,t the days when j the Immediate formation of a atrong
Ing n nice time keeping everybody I"", wln<l ls drlvinR " °" "s Qm,s0 "'' "oc'c'i, whlch wmU l"*Te fij '*■ 0B
guessing and walling for the Blight- UeBtruotlon at the rate ot thirty   or Jeet the preservation for the people of
^^^^^ I the machine.   We will keep It out of
est whisper from  the lender of the
forty miles nn hour.     ^^^^^^^
That dust can be gathered up now.
■  There Is on earthly, sanitary, moral
FI,PfTIO\ I) VTF or Gnanclal reason why lt should not
' ; he guthercd up now.    The owner of
The Western Howl, being Ihe official j '">    automobile    who.   unknowingly,
organ of tho government, Is In a posl-. plasters    everything and   everybody
tlon to announce thnt the election will j <mm head to foot with this accumul-
tako place. ntlon ot the street, should approve of
the hands of the vandals wbo aeek Its
The Society for the Preservation for
the Pcoplo of the Tory Machine, or,
to put It briefly, the S. P. P. T. M„ is
hereby formed. We think It's Immense, :"   ""
The officers we suggest would be as
die; after that the judgment."
W. B. Dunham, Pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
At the morning service the fourth
address In thc scries of sermons on
'The Hellglon Kor Today." will be do-
llvercd, subject: "Thc Consciousness
of Sin."
Kvening subject: "Whiskey and
There will be a good musical program at each service undor tho direction of Mr. Chas. P. Nidd.
Tho public are cordially Invited.
iii»isi:.(i,i:,*m>(i TIME
Do you know that with our Vacuum
*. Cleaner you can clean all the car-
1aets In an eight-roomed house ln two
hours? You do It better than with
the old style carpet beater and do
not Injure the carpet—ln fact you
make It look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at 60c.
and $1.00 per bour and cartage.
Cranbrook  Electric Light Co, Ltd.
This news, wc know, will set at rest i having the precious powder removed..
all doubts to   the   contrary.     The ^ People will speak a little kinder of | pede),,
people hnve been asking. "When will j blm when be shoots down the road at | ( . , president
the election take plnca.." and we nre | the rate nf sixty miles au bour.
nble to say that It undoubtedly wlll.' Of course we know It has always
it will lake place almost Immediate- boon the practice to wait until this
ly after the data, of nomination nnd i dust has almost completed Its des-
wo have boen permitted to Inform the j Iroylng mission, until It had taken to
public that nomination wlll toko place i Itself wings und had worked Its way
two weeks beforo election day. [down the throats of the ciUtens, had [care to Join-Western Howl.
Hon. W. J. Bowser, Chief B. C.
Machinist, President.
Hon. Sir Richard McBride, Assist-
ent Machinist to B. C, Vice-President.
And all the little machlnlsta who
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To the Owners of I-ot 3912, O. 1„ Eaat
The Annual Meeting of the Owners
ot the above lot wlll bc held at tho
residence of F. H. Worthlngton on
Friday, April Oth at 2 p.m. to vote
irrigation maintenance assess-
mnet, elect officers, and transact ail
necessary business In connection
with tho management of tbe Irrigation ditch to the above lot during the
ensuing season.
J. O. Cummlngs
F. H. Worthlngton
Ony Russell U-U*
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let of small fruits; good house and
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cottage with bath, electric light,
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I.OST.-A bnnch of keys, either between Armstrong avenue or P. O.
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box key, trunk keys and several
smaller keys nn chair ring. Return to Herald ofllce and receive liberal reward. 12
Wall Paper
at Cost
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Wall Paper Stock and will slaughter it
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The Beattie-Murphy Co, Ltd.
Where It Pays to Deal
Wednesday, March 31 and Thursday, April I
I. David Reeso and Company Present
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Quite the Most Fluliorate and Gorgeous Act Seen In
Vaudeville This Season
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Do you know that with our Vacuum Cleaner you can
clean all the carpets in an eight-roomed house, in two
hours? You do it better than with the old style carpet
beater and do not injure the carpet—in (act you make it
look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners at 50c. and $1.00 per hour
and cartage.
Fruit Trees For Sale
A number of one and two-year-old Applo Trees; good
bardy acclimatized stock, budded in the Valley: Wealthy,
Mcintosh Red, Duchess, Yellow Transparent, Hyslop and
Transcendent Crabs.
Usual Nursery Prices.
whenever you aro troubled with minor ailments of the
digestive organs, that these may soon develop into
more serious sickness. Your future safety, as well
as your present comfort may depend on the
quickness with which you seek a corrective remedy.
Ey common consent of the legion who have tried them,
Beecham's Pills are tho most reliable of all family medicines. This standard family remedy tones the stomach,
stimulates the sluggish liver, regulates inactive bowels.
Improved digestion, sounder sleep, better looks,
brighter spirits and greater vitality come after the
system   has   been cleared and the blood purified by
Beecham's Pills
Wwtli a Qultwa a Box THTOOMC.   MARCH 25th, 1915
First Aid to the
watch, is to rush it to our
repair department. There
it will receive treatment,
and all the treatment it
needs. It will go back to
you as lit as a fiddle—ready
to be the faithful servant
it should be. Ready to
work 21 hours a day for
you without pay or attention. If you've un Injured
wntch let us put it right
for you. No one knows
how better,
W. H. Wilson
Local postcards for sale at Gwynne's
Dry wood for sale at Ira R. Manning, Ltd.
(Jwynne curries a nice line of tobaccos, cigars and pipes.
See Little & Atchison's special for
Monday and Tuesday.
Fresh roasted salted peanuts; extra
fancy stock at Gwynne's.
Next Sunday is Palm Sunday.
Hong Wrong, of Wattsburg, cams In
See the Cruubrook Agency Co. for
life insurance.
James Finlay returned Monday to
See the Cranbrook Agency Co .for
flre insurance.
Mrs. D. J. Speers will not receive
again this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lund returned
to Wardner Tuesday.
Toasted marshmallows at a snap
prlce.—At Gwynne's.
Get your Spokesman-Review at
Gwynne's on Sunday,
PHONE 8—For all kinds of
fresh killed meats and poultry.
Speery Phillips Is rusticating
around the beauty spots of Cranbrook.
Paul Handley, the Marysville hotel
keeper, was in the city the tlrst of the
Dry wood for sale at Ira R. Manning, Ltd,
Get Little & Atchison's price on
flour before buying elsewhere.
Heale & Klwell for life, fire and accident insurance and notarial work.
Flre Insurance ts a specialty with
thu Cranbrok Agency Co.   See them.
Horn—To Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Aw-
inack at Wycliffe on Wednesday,
Murch 24th, a son.
Mrs. W. J. Atchison will receive for
the lust time this season on thc flrst
Thursday In April.
Tho Masonic Social Club are holding their fifth dance of the series tonight in the Masonic hall.
Safety deposit boxes to rent. Apply
to Heale & Elwell. Absolute security
and privacy at nominal rates.
PHONE 8—Fresh caught fish
arriving from the coast every:
Wednesday at Cranbrook Meat
Market. _
The Ladles Aid of Knox Presbyter'
Ian church will hold a cookery sale
and tea on Saturday, April 3rd, in the
Sunday   school   room from   3 to 6
Surveyors are at work on the central school grounds. A fence wlll be
built around the school grounds and
plots for the various divisions wlll be
laid out for spring planting.
Tho Ladies Aid of Knox Presby
terian church will hold a Bpeclal meeting in the Sunday school room on
Monday afternoon, March 29th, at 4
o'clock. All members are requested
to be present.
Yesterday'* dispatches contained
among the IM of casualties the name
of I'rhate John Itrlgliind Twamley.
who was killed on Mtiirli "Mi. He-
ceased toluuteered with tlie first
contingent from < nuihrn.-k and is lhc
fourth man on Cranhrook** Roll of
Honor. He was with the Kith tint-
(allien, Canadian Expeditionary Forces.
Two sisters Mrs. A. K. Junes and
HhIm Twamlej, and u cousin; Mrs.
Ueorge Smthl, are residents of the
city. He worked at the eurpenfer
trade In Cranhrook for several years
before lemliiir for the front. His
father. Charles Tnumley, resides Ht
Vexall, Kiirloii-nii-Tieul, Cngland.
Day hy day the «ur is eonilnir closer home, as the CniiHdlan ra*imlty list
lengthens and the shadow of torrow
darkens the homes of lined ones,1
throughout the land. Canuilu Is to.
day paying lis highest price for the
I empire and sturdy young men arc of*
1 ferlng the noblest sacrifice possible
for country and for llher'y. Mar Uoi]
grant that we may soon see tin
dawn of the hope glimmering tl ...
the dark  sea of sorrow  which the
If  You   Expert  Cranbrook to Grow
Support the Farmers—Consider
» Few Facts in This Article
Cranbrook will have to ko some
to keen abreast Of the people of Nelson with regard to the question of the
public market.   A market committee
: somevdi&t tike the Cranbrook one
in constitution has charge of the Nelson market The chief point of difference i» fn the fact that while   tn
, Cranbrook few seem to realize the
ultimate good that an institution of
tin kind will bring to eonsumers and
producers fn Nelson everybody appears to take an active interest.
NeiBon producers liave had experience ot factory prices which have to
lie kept pretty fine if the factory ic
»io pay Its way, hence they have learned the less that It does not pay to
carry produce awuy from tlie market
unsold, cost of handling becomes too
gceat If such a spirit obtained in
Cranhrook there wuuld be au odd bar-
Kain or two going each week and
thut would mean greater attendance.
. .*. "t      ' ..    V "\\ " ' ! that would mean greater attendance.
J»waef the Mmi glimmeringjhrortft ,„„ or ,„„ lnoreMod Mm_ce ,„„„
(He dark .... of .arrow whicli tie wouU a|w     „, 8om„ who■um ,or ,
world's greatest    wnr  has   brought •
down upon Canada and Hn besl young
Tlie Ladles Aid Society of tbe Methodist church will have a special meeting at the home of Mrs. E. A. Hill,
Garden avenue on Wednesday afternoon, March 31st at 3 p.m. A full attendance Is requested.
Mr. E. D .Ireland, of the local C. P.
R. staff, today received the sad news
of the death of hla father, S. J. Ireland at Hamilton, Ont., at the age of
61 years. Mr. Ireland haa been HI
for the past three months.
Life insu.ance means sound busl-
ne.. end safe   protection.     See the,    ^ ft ^
Cranhrook Agency Co. . ,0 ,„ Eiirope8n ^    We ^ d|.
W. D. Gilroy, manager of the Koo- j rect from Cranbrook via Canadian or
tenay Telephone Lines, Ltd., was a J American   ports.    Special   excursion
Fernie visitor Tuesday. 1 rates to Panama exposition through
. ■ '■ the Panama Canal.    Apply to Beale
Mrs .W. O'Hearn was a visitor In j ft Elwell for ratee.	
town thc flrst of thc week, leaving
again on Wednesday. !    For Uie next tw0 weeks the Bel8|an
relief committee will open up a store
on   Armstrong avenue, next to  Kit-
Mr. T. D. Caven and Mr. A. J. Balment went east on Monday on a vote
gathcilng campaign.
by's barber shop, where they will revive goods for the relief ot the Bel
The Rector and Church Wardens of Christ Church, Cran-
bargain, but who ou seeing a good article at n fair price would scorn to
waft till tlie end of the market.  These
would help to clear out tbe stalls of
the best produce and only leave Inferior stuff for thc cut In price.
j    The store windows, too, speak elo-
j quently in favor of the market. When
' lias a buyer had the opportunity of a
splendid  choice  of  meats  at  prices
brook,   do   hereby -invite"thel ™ng'?s 'rom"0 CPfL *, "f .""'
,., . ,       , ' Vie Cranhrook market ha. Just enter-
eltlzens of Cranbrook to the      i „,, „,,„„ ,tB third Bnd roost ,rj1ng
MASONIC    HAM,   OX    WED- stage of development.
NESDAY    EVENING,    APRIL     The first stage showed a few en-
7TH, AT 8 O'CLOCK, to meet'' thuslasts who were convinced of the
the Right Reverend Andrew "^"f and. <"»«<"?*<»< •'««<* »
r. „ „ „ ,, r , institution, standing in public to sell
John Doull, D.D., the Lord Ul0 duco of U(e(r 8ea8on,8 work(
Bishop of the Diocese of Koo- and muny Inany who came to Bfi0
tenay, on His Lord&hip's first <f there was anything in it and
visit to the Parish. ! then-
El. P. FLEWELLING, Rector.   ;    Tlie second stage buw a crowded
C. A. COCK I n*arket place, with a number of sell-
Church Wardens
rs who, knowing they had only ..
Ifmfted amount to sell and meaning
to get the last cent, whether thoy killed the goose, etc., in advancing the
prices week after week till at last
buyers finding that they could get
hotter prices and longer credit at the
; stores left the market in disgust.
The third, now on, showe most of
these producers out of stock and a
much smaller amount of stuff forward, with a thinner crowd of buyers.
The next few weeks will be critical
' ones, as unless producers make an
Cranbrook Electric Light Co, Ud.jpffort and see t*latthere ,a a gupp,y
of produce forward, and the buyers
Beautiful Dinner Sets
We have eighteen dinner sets of the
very newest and most beautiful patterns
we have ever had the pleasure of showing.
The prices are exceptionally low at
what we ask for them in a regular way
but as we desire to close them out quickly we are placing the lot on sale at big
In order to appreciate the exquisite
beauty ot these sets and the great
pocket book satisfaction we invite
you to see them.
Do you know that with our Vacuum
Cleaner you can clean all the carpets In an eight-roomed house ln two |
hours? You do It better than with
the old style carpet beater and do
not injure the carpet—in fuct you
make it look like new.
We rent Vacuum Cleaners ut SOc.
and }1.00 per hour and cartage.
Life Insurance offers thc only family
protection today. See the Cranbrook
Agency Co.
The fancy work class in connection '.
■With the Women's Institute was held
at the home of Mrs. J. E. Sarvis on
by the hostess and before dispersing
a musical hour was much enjoyed.
J. Milroy. who volunteered In Cranbrook and left with the hrst contingent, was reported among the wounded
; em, was reported among the wounded
gians.    The .tore will open on Mon- L, thc S(,„nth Bimollon on Mo„dilv
dav. March 2<Mh *»nrf «nrl.n<* Anr*ll inth   !
day, March 29th and ending April loth.
The store wlll be open every day from
4 to 5 o'clock.
The first shipment of nursery stock
from the Grand Porks Nursery arrived in Crnnbrook yesterdny.        ^_% 	
., u    **    *    \    8*anl**F Peck arrived In Cranbrook
Unquestionable conservative tire In-  ^ fm  Kf*monton  for % d    .fl
■urmncc only written by the Cran- ].m wIft Cranhrook ^   morti
brook Agones * o*  j tllia Iiaper reaches lt8 many gubscrlb-
Mr. T. T. McVittie. Mr. A. B, Ken-i *'**a Stanley will  have departed this
wick and Mr. A. Doyle, of Port Steele, j single life of blessedness and Joined
were cfty visitors the Ilrst of the week. I tl>e benedicts.     During his stort stay ■ - - -   "•«•   *"-'"  •-'•*  °*«»u«j
 , in the city he was given a ton of ad-1 •"■'■ they returned home on Tuesday.
Lieut.  Hicks and  Capt George  1* 1 *ice by his many friends, especially f "       .....     ,
"I**************™* '    The Sunshine Society wish to thank
those who hnve so kindly contrlbut-
Ttsdale returned from the const Mon-1 those in the employ of the C. P. It
day, where they lmvo been the past
six weeks taking the ollicers course.
Hon. W. H. Hoss. minister of hinds
waB a visitor lu the city Friday. "Bill"
wns quite cheerful and chatted with a
number of the faithful who warmly
shook his hand.
A runaway yesterday afternoon at 4
i o'clock made things lively In the
j neighborhood of the Y.M.C.A. The
horse belonging to mack's Meat Market took fright as the east bound train
was pulling out, and travelling at thc
I rate of about sixty mites an hour
struck out for thc east lane on linker
A little girl, who said her father j |trMl( whprft **. ,onped the )oop fn
was behind with hi- subscription to j Uln n,nr of PnrkH. hardware store, do*
the Herald, brought us a pretty b«>n- ,nR mtIo dflm„K0 beyond the fact that
quct of wild crocuses this mornitiR ■ ,*,,,, (|UB||board became flattened out.
and said daddy would pay up soon. , ,
- •— - ,    The Liberal committee rooms, which
Uert llenttie Is a genuine farmer! are located on Armstrong avenue. In
Ho spent Inst week end out on the , the Motheson hall, are open and it
farm and worked from :■ fu the morn- ] will well repay Liberals of the Craning until 10 at night nnd never blinked hrook district to drop In and learn
an eye.     In three duys he harrowed | "how   things are   going"   politically
 ..».u,   ..uu    <,ii*j   uujt-r**
see that a fair amount ls taken up
there ls danger of the market closing
and then—well, it does not need much
experience to get at the results.
Wc all know how easy it is for the
sinner to have a relapse and how
i .   -a .""'«", "1"  much harder it Is to get him to make
^riday evening, March ISth. J>a nty I   8Mond e8Bay ^ mt ^^ fa„ed
k?^^!!^!/""*-,!        ^ "•»■■   I" the matter of a public mar-
^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^ granted that
should the, present one fall through
oue will need to llve a long time in
Crnnbrook before they see another
started. At this stage In the game
pioducers and consumers need look a
little further than the end of their
noses and get the prairie spirit. BB
The government Is providing the
fiirmer with seed o notes coming due
In the fall, so it ls up to the locality
to sec that the same farmer has at
least a sporting chance to make
good. Better buy a man's produce
even though you think he is putting
one over on you to the extent of a
few cents than have the same man
drawing relief through the Sunshine
The big farmers are all right, it is
the five-acre and ten-acre men who
need the market, and It ls during the
next two months that the big farmer
and tlie' city buyer can do a lot of
neighborly and kindly work, the one
by keeping up the supply and the
other by keeping It down.
Next public market—Saturday, 9.30.
Are you going?
time led 25—if..
During the game    an    altercation
arose, one pluycr of tlu* Athletics ruled off the lloor for refusing to obey
the referee's mandate, and the Ath-:
letics refused to play If he were re-!
moved.      The  referee  was  firm,  but
the Stags carried the point In dispute
u game continued.
Next  Monday   night   the   Athletics.
and Heavers meet fn the Dual game :
1 of the league, and as the Heavers are
looking forward to revenge their fop-1
mer defeat, this contest will be worth
going far to see.
The Macs and the Whirlwinds,    a
newly organized ladles team, engage i
1 In deadly conflict as a preliminary feature.
Line-up—Athletics, Wilson and S
I'hlUpps, forwards; Mcllwalne, center; Kuhnert and McEwin, guards.
Stags, Crowe   and    Wallinger,-   for
He had n gunshot wound in his loft
forearm nnd was admlted to the hospital at Dromley, Kent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thompson left
Saturday for Ritzvillc, Washington.
having received a telegram announcing the sudden death of Mr. Thompson's sister, Mrs. Paul L. Fowler. Funeral  services   were  held  on   Sunday
'The Harden of the Rajah" Will be
a Sight for Sore Eyes aad
Aching Heart**
Quit-* the handsomest ensemble that
has been seen on the Auditorium
stage in many months will furnish
the climax of the forthcoming Pantages bill at this theatre on Wednesday, March "1st. and Thursday, April
1st. The scene for which everyone
will wait will be the appearance of
the eminent singer. Mr. David Reese,
supported by quite the freshest and
handsomest bevy of girlish loveliness
that one can readily anticipate. In
an Oriental fantasy "The Garden of
the Rajah." "The Garden of the
Rajah" is a new Oriental musical tab-
which Mr. David Reese is featured
In the principal role. Miss Estelle
McNeal, a beautiful, talented girl, with
a remarkably good voice, who has
appeared as prima donna in some of
the best musical comedies In the
country. Besides the three principals
mentioned, the chorus includes:
Dorothy Hocking, Beth Merrill. Mar-
 —— •   — | Rajah" Is a new Oriental musical
wards, Dallas .center;    Brechin and i lold  direct  from lhe  producers
■McNabb, guards.
Agricultural Association   Will  Mart
Move Badly .Needed in This
At the meeting of the Agricultural' *wu*ui nuv-ung, new »emu, Mar-
Assoclatlon held last evening tlie sec-' Knl*et Portia, Bessie Craig, Margaret
retary reported that the doors of the, Bcnford, Viola Service, Margaret Nor-
exhibltion buildings had again been :man and Bessie •*€"•«•
broken open and that he hud put the \ in Mr. Reese, the sketch unques-
police on the lookout for the delin-1 tlonably boasts of one of the best
quents. Several young people in this j tenors in the musical world of today,
olty who are either about to leave j He has sung In London, Berlin, Paris
school or have just left, think that!and New York. The New York Globe's
the only way to show that tliey are'mu8|cal critic recently wrote of Mr.
growing Is to open buildings that are!Reese: "He is the best tenor voice
tenantless and set to work to knock | heard In the United States In many
the glass out of all the windows fn j years.'1
tbe place.
We are prepared to supply your needs in any variety of flower or vegetable
seeds. We have the famous Simmers' Seeds. They
are guaranteed.
For your flower garden
you may want sweet peas
in variegated colors or separate colors, nasturtiums,
migonette. zinnia, pansy,
morning glory, poppy, aster, or many others. We
have them.
For the vegetable garden we have a variety of
carrots, beets, onions,
squash, spinach, radish,
peas, beans, corn, tomato,
turnip, mustard, watermelon, lettuce, parsley, or
a hundred and one other
kinds which we now have
to show you.
Free Day Means That All
the Groceries ordered on
That Day Will be Free of
lra  R. Manning,
ed towards that worthy cause. The
thanks of the association are due the I
P. Burns Co. for the contributions j
of meat which have been ns follows
for the months of December to March
inclusive: December, $42.28; January, $1*5.76; February. $46.25; March,
$27,84. Donations are also acknowledged from Mr. Supple, $15.95; Mr.
Woods. |14.88.
one hundred acres.    ^^^^^^^^
Lieut Htcks, of Cranhrook, water
rights engineer at that point, who on
his way from Victoria, where he has
been taking nn ollicers' training
course spent the week end with W.
J ,K. Biker, water rights engineer In
Nelson, returned to Cranhrook yesterday morning.—Nelson  News.
Miss Morlo Taylor, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Simon Taylor, wns taken to
Kamloops Sanitarium Tuesday for
treatment. She has been a victim of
that dread disease, consumption, and
Is ln a serious condition. It ls hoped
by removing her to Kamloops, where
specialists ln this line of treatment
nro located, that her life may be spared.
Bruce Brown is In receipt ot a letter
from his pardnor, Mr. James Milne.
The letter contained many Items of
Interest to Craubrook people, but as
these two are sworn chums, even
though they be thousands of miles
apart, Bruce says the letter Is not for
publication, as it contains something
that only frlenda should know—and
The  third  annual  meeting of the
Graduate Nurses Association of B>*lt-1 mimaww
Ish Columbia will bo held In the Roynl j y™*"1 , „%?--«-
Columbian   Hospital,   New   Westmin- ^^^^^^^^
ster, B. C, on Monday, April 6th.   It I 	
will be purely business meeting this ■ Tn the weekly tussle at the Young
year, with morning and afternoon ses-; Men's Club on Monday night the
slons. Business and election of oil,- Athletics triumphed over the Stags
cers at 10.80 a.m. and at 2.30 p.m.'j In   the  last   meeting of these   two
to put the kibosh on Dick whi'ihi |J??™e( totore,ttaB ■»<["■ *!" ** *lven-1tenms by »• "J™" of 25-16'   The
..la.a.tf.aa,  .ia.*«  i.  ........a   ..a  i. 'Thi*. Is an o|»oii meeting and oil nurHpn i gnme won like the previous, ones, well
who are lntercHtcd are Invited. 'attended, and kept the ciowd ln a state
—— ["' excitement from beginning to end.
On next Monday evening Mr. II. | Tlio'Junior game resulted In a win
White, Grand Master ot the Independ- j for the Night Hawks who, after sul-
ent Order ot Odd Fellows, wlll pay i fcri„g ti,ree reverses, came through1'
his home lodge an official visit.    Ho | W|t|V j, wln, ,ne More atondln, 13_18
It Is all figured out Just how we Intend
election dato Is announced, and lt
really does one's heart good to aee
the number of the old stand patters
who have found out the error of their
way nnd are throwing In their lot
with Dr. King.
By using barnyard manure on
your lawn and garden you sow
a crop of bothersome and unsightly weeds.
Try Instead a sack of Burns'
Complete Animal Fertilizer
and cut out weeding.
It contains all tbe elements
essential to the formation of
garden plants In readily available form.
$56 per ton lot, Sx lot delivered $3.75.
P. BURRS a ctx, un
will bo accompanied by Mr. J. H.
Glass. Grand Treasurer. Cranbrook
Odd Fellows have been highly honored
ln having one ot their number chosen
as the head of their most charitable
and benevolent order. It proves conclusively that the Cranbrook order Is
wide awake and well up In Its work.
===== -
2   tins   choice
peaches for 25c.
By the case, $2.86
See Window
The Teachers and the "Macs" again
met and this time the girls were victors, winning by one. point, the deciding goal being scored Just as the
whistle blew for the end of this game.
The win was apopular one, as the
"Macs'"  played n hard,  determined
game, and although tbeir opponents
had hard luck In shooting still the
victory rested where lt waa deserved.
Bdltli Macdonald was top scorer for
tlm winners and Miss Pye for the
The main game started with the
StngH taking the lead, but ther soon
wero overhauled by their rivals who
thereafter were leading    throughout
Use..game.     Tho Bcore at half time
was 12—f, In the Athletics favor.
Thn second    half saw the    Stags
|i)«yli>K u fuster game and tbey be- 	
[through several good ehota tlw *^|imnu.mMn,TI,. vinTJ
'letics again drew away and at UD'ATCWSOITB POULTBY FARM
Height, 5 ftet 8 I nches. chest 36
Inches, other qualifications as required by the    militia    department.
The directs of the Agr,cuUUra, ^ _"wTo^ZsTlV^^^^'^^
Association with tr. draw  the atten- ™„ ^1™! .^Ljl  ^ '     *•*»«*■    <•'»•<"•»    «"■*-"**«    *>«
tion of parents to the fact that any  CU" '"' se'"»'"""ns. months ^  ^ ^
one caught In such acts will be prose-1    n° ^ »*««« '» «W» delightful   ,„ ,„„ CODStructlon corp, but w,„ Kive
cuted to the full extent of tlio law. I 3°-m"'ute "X*1** »™ »»u«ully pretty ,„(tcad separmt|on ,Uowance of froB
The fair grounds belong to the city mi tl"i   c0»tumlng Is very elaborate  .„,. .. .... ... ..  ... ...	
and two or throe times a year tho
buildings are broken into ua obove.
They do not think It fair that while
one portion of the community sup-'
ports thc upkeep of the buildings an-
|  , ,—.  instead separation allowance or from
and the costuming Is very elaborate ,20 to w5 ^ month tor tne „„,.
I The dancing throughout Is of high , rlpd men who r0 The p,, o( tne
quality and there are many sur-1 meti ,„ ,„,, corp w(n s^ regulated ae-
prlses In store for the Auditorium cording to rank. Regimental pay
audiences from this source alone. | |liM to s_ p., day, working pay,
^...o ..... uvaatata,, o. me ouiiaiiigs an- Florence Madena and Company wlll (i.oo to 12.50 per day and a Held al-
othcr should be allowed to come along Present a comedy sketch entitled "Bar- a lowance of from 15 to 20 cents per
and destroy them. RHin Mad," which Is an effective take- {day.
In this connection it might be well I ?».. <"> »t"!. e|K"*-   °'c'°<*    *»*'W° I    Tlic following numbers of the various classes of construction foremen
for the Incoming"council To niaitean I lod|,-'» »• a departmental store.    It is
effort to sUmp out this  wilful ,jc,. j a very amusing travesty
tructlon of -property. Wo have ro
peatedly witnessed boys Jostroying
city residences and othefwfse doing
damage to buildings. There seems
to be a disease among tlie boys of
Cranbrook in this particular line of
destruction and we believe there are
about twenty who should have been
in Jail years ago.
snd  men  are  required:
l'osltion Rank
Jane  llarber  and  Joe  Jackson.   _
well and favorably known vaudeville
team, will hold what la perhaps the f'M''1 clt'rk   8'*'
second place of Importance on the bill  1)rl" in'tructor   Maj
In  their  skit of musical  nonsense. Sl "*<*'"-•' ««"•«"■ Snrt
They aro very entertaining and wlll no Track^ '°_f™^n_ J«j
doubt come Jn for a lot of applause.
Alkln, Figg and Duffy In comblna-
: tlon sing quite agreeably.   This Is a
very  pleasing number and  will  no
; doubt  be  much  appreciated.      They
■ | coll   themselves   the   "Three   Jolly
We beg to adviBe our many; So"B",tr*"
Trestle foremen    Hrgt.
Steel bridge foremen ..Srgt
tirade  foremen Srgt.
Trainmaster    Corp.
Masonry foremen  Corp.
Telegraph foremen   .. .Corp.
Rook foremen  Corp.
Track foremen  Corp.
friends and customers that we i    The Three   Hhcntons singers   nml 1 urade foremen  Corp.
are now occupying new quar- -t novelty clog dancers are very clever TreBUe [or(!raen     , .Corp.
  and help make up one of the best bills , gtMl brlaf() (mmtB _„
going over the TanUges circuit    In ! shovcl  enf,new,   ..cn),
ma"''m001"*- j Conductor.  Corp.
         Firemen    Corp
ters in
Little & Atchison's Old Store
This move to larger quarters i
will enable us to serve you
better. Thanking you for past
favors, and soliciting your
continued support.
IV. B. Black
S.C. W. laeghorn Hatching Eggs,
good laying strain, from our best
■lock, $1.50 per setting, (7.00 per
S.C. R. I. R. Hatching Eggs, from the
best winter layers, 11.50 per setting,
18.00 per 100.
B*ky Chicks
12.60 per doien, $18.00 per loo.
Five Hundred Meg to I'oBpose This
Coithgtlta—List of Sea
The Canadian Pacific Railway company have been authorised to organise
a railway construction corp for overseas service. Five hundred are to compose this contingent which wlll bo attached to the militia department. Applications from this district by any
employee of the company may be sent
to the general superintendent at
Calgary where full particulars will
to given.
The physical oualUlcattiraa will be:
Master mechanic   . .Corp.
(Cooks  Corp.
l.oco. engineer  Sapper
Trainmen  Sapper
Holstmen  Sapper
Blacksmith    Sapper
Firemen   Sapper
Mechanics   Sapper
Blacksmith    Sapper
Firemen   Sapper
Cook    Sapper
Clerks  Sapper
Rodman    Sapper
Chalnman    Sapper
Carpenter    Sapper
Brldgemen    Sapper
Teamsters   Rapper
Track and gradmen Sapper
Batmen    Sapper
Buglers    flapper
I tk«m FOUR
THURSDAY, MARCH 25th, 1915
Loyal Oraafe
No.   1171
Meets flrst aad tklrd
,   .       Thursday! at • pas.
! -'•. "'ss» ln Royal Blaek
Knights of Ireland Hall, Baker
R. s. Oarrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Rcc. Sec.
Barristers, Solicitors aid
Money to Loan
Imperial Bank Building
^heftft. Meet, every
ffiJrsmW&m Monday night
1005S*W at Fraternity
Ball. Sojourning Oddfellow,
cordially Invited.
R. A. Racklyeft J. F. Broughton
N.G. Fin. gee.
W. M. Harris, Ree. Secretary.
(Successor lo W. F. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   aad
P. 0. Box 859
Cranbrook. B.C.
Masts every Tuesday at I p.m. la
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, CC.
F. M. Christian, K. R. k S.
P. 0. Box HI
Visiting brethren eordlally ia-
vlted to attend.
Physicians and  Surgeons
Ofllee ut residence, Armstrong
Forenoons    9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  3.00 to   4.00
Evenings    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.30 to   4.10
Cranbrook,  B.C.
Meeta every aeeond and tturtk
Wednesday at rrateralty Rail
Sojourning Rebekaka eorMal-
ly Invited.
Sis. A. E. Jones, N.O.
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham. Ree. See
1)11. F. R. MILES
Office lu Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 te   I p.m.
Meeti In Maple Hall •••aid
aad tourUi  Tuesday  ef every
month at 6 P.m.
Membership area ta BrlMak
t. Y. Braks. J. F. lew,
President Seereaary
Visiting    members    cardbaUy
kileioih and General Nnrslag
(tardea Ave.
Terms on Application
MM. A. SALMON, Matron
Pkaae IU P. O. Box 845
Meets   In    the   Maple    Hall
flrst Tuesday afternoon of every
month at 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Iloi 442
All ladles cordially lavlud.
Phone 346 P. 0. Box 681
Funeral Director and Erabalmer
Building Contractor
Dealer In Real Estate, Mining
Stocks nnd Mineral Claims
Cl.il and Mining Engineer!
II. ('. Land Surveyors
President    A.  B.  Smith
Secretary-Alb. H. Webb
For Information regarding
lauds and agriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting- -Tlie Seconal Saturday at 2.30 o'clock.
Bay Phone 233 Night Phone li
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
O R (' II E 8 T R A
is open for engagement
Dances, Socials Etc.
Apply to
Mrs. Arnold Wallinger
('ranbrook, B.C.
Phone 105 P. O. Box II
Organist Methodist Church
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice,
Studio: 23 Norbury Ave
Hal Renovator
Remodelling Ladies Hals
a Specialty
15 Fenwick Avenue
Phone 204
ousting I'l.) lor U'uDlbll, i.a aa MX or Itsrmtas
till. gi>iit tal I'll laraiic Shores, or aaa.lled to say
aalalreaaaiaiiia'avii.tnf |arlaaO. TlIK gfo.SLl. PSOO
''al .St. L'iitliliralaa>a. lliata'rlii.
Vitality: tor Nerve end llraalia; lal.raMM, "grey
Matter':n TonIciailUaiitlat vaan lira. Uataoi.ft,
two faar J'., ait Urns alaara>H. air la, mail on newt
Beattie-Murphy Co.. Ltd.. Agent,
Public Stenographer
Phone 485
Cranbrook -   -   -
If you want satisfaction
with your washing
send lt to
Special prices for family
tieneral Merchant
Employment* Agent,
r. O. Box 108 Phone 144
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent fur
Lethbridge  Coal
XMie Powder
Imperial Oil Co,
•rating and Transferring
Olren prompt attention
Phone 43
Hobt Frame, Prep.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
and Pastry
Phone 17
Narbury Ave.      Opp. City Hall
Headquarters for all kinds of
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoo Specialist
J. Taylor, Proprietor
Has Just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and cream twice dally
Battermllk twice a week
The only clarified milk In
Wa gaaraatee to Fleas*
(From tbe Fernla Its* Praia)
Born—On March loth, to Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Blyth. a son.
Dr. King, of Cranbrook, waa in the
city on Tuesday atendlng the meeting of tho local Liberals.
A marriage license was Issued on
March 15th to' John Perry and! Lucia,
Toquinta, bothief Fernie.
J. W. Bennett, grand chancellor of
the Knights of rythlae, Is making his
official tour ot the province.
The copper cent has arrived In Fertile. It represents a cash equivalent for many things, Including some
A local hunter is baVIng a white suit
made and he proposes to stalk the unsuspecting goat and sheep on hla native snow bank.
A memorial aervice for the late
Private David Logan, of the Princess
Patricia regiment, will be Md lft
Knox church on Sunday evening next
Aa we seem to have sufficient calls
upon our patriotism to exhaust the visible supply, In some cases, I) 'would
seem tbat to try to ' work that sentiment from the stage, for the purpose
'iof, boosting a poor imitation song,
_ j would be almost a hopeless case.'
Edward Boyce, O.N. station agent
ut BaynoB Lake, was charged by Constable Dryden, of Waldo, with killing
a deer out of season. The case was
tried before A. J. Joule on March 5th
at Baynes Lake. The defendant was
found gttllay and contributed $25.00
to the provincial exchequer.
In Judge Thompson's court on
Wednesday and Thursday, Leon De-
Gray and Henry Gustave pleaded guilty to the theft of several articles, from
C.P.R. cars .chicken coops and elsewhere. The court room waB loaded
with a bunch of Junk which was taken
from the house occupied by the men.
and thc pollco had taken care to
prepare perfect casos against the men
In case,they choose.to plead not
guilty. The men were not represented
by counsel,  They got two years each.
On Wednesday In Judge Thompson's court, Tony Ratio sued the Italian Society, for sick benefits. The
society had chopped, him off when his
habits Indicated that he was no longer
entitled to benefits. During the trial
of tbe case an Interesting incident occurred. There were several hens and
their husbands''confined in crates ln
the court room as exhibits In a case
about to be tried. An Italian named
Peter Uttle was giving evidence. He
made a statement which he waB asked
by counsel to repeat. He repeated the
statement, "and hmnetMately, while he
yet spake; the oock crew" three times.
Tbe weight given-to Peter's evidence
i may be Imagined. Judgment on the
1 case was reserved.
(From the Creston Review.)
Mrs. C. A. Loaaby, of Sirdar, spent
die week-end in Creston, the guest of
Mrs. J. w. Dow.
Mrs. C. U. Bennett returned on Saturday (rom a month's visit witb her
parents at cranbrook.
,   Mr. and Mrs. McKay, of Moyle, were
visitors tills week with tbe letter's
mother, Mrs, Ed, Lupton.
I   Death—in Creston, on March 17th,
; .'uiinollu   .Josephine,    daughter  of
Charles Romano, aged t months.
I    Four extra section men were put to
i work tills week—to help out on tbe
a mud slides between here and Kitchener.
Although the one-cent pieces bare
aeon available since the flrat ot tha
month there is said to be less than
100 of tbem taken out of stock.
i W. u. Robb, of Kaslo, waa a visitor here on Tuesday and Wednesday
-on an Important political mission it
is Suld. a
E. Cartwright waa busy a Jew daya
last week hauling wood for :A. B.
Stanley to Ull hla contract with the
Bank of Commerce.
1 Mrs. Q, F. Bales left yesterday for
McUillivray, B.C., where ahe wilt spend
thc summer, Mr. Bales having a .position there with the Sereth Lumber
Milt Beam haa put away hla bunting and trapping paraphernalia (or
tho season, He holds tho provincial
record for tbo season's cougar catch
He killed eight of them this year.
Home pretty fair specimens of full-
, bloom dandelions wore gathered near
the C.I'.R. tracks north of town on
Wednesday. Aa soon as the bock beer
gets here spring may surely be said
lo huve arrived.
Jas .Wilson, one ot the men who
was badly burned In the Haro lire at
West Creston the latter part Of November, and who haa since been in
tbo Nelson hospital, will be well
enough to leave that lastltntlon tbis
montli. His recovery la considered
somewhat remarkable. ■ In moat
cases where one-third of a man's body
Is burned he seldom pulls through. In
Wilson's case more than forty per
cent of his body was In contact .with
the flames yet he la now out of danger. Alex .Nclml, the other fire victim, left the hospital some time ago.
Christ church waa hardly large en-
ougli to accommodate tha congregations at both the morning and evening
services on Sunday laat, the occasion
being the first visit from tbe new head
I of the Kootenay. diocese. Bishop
Doull. At matins the church was consecrated by his lordship and at the
close there was a celebration of holy
communion. In the evening the rite
of confirmation waa conferred so four
eudldatM;    At   both    strvtcts.be
; MAGIC r^the;
!    BAKING1*"1!
bishop delivered able addresses making an exceptionally favorable impression an all who were fortunate
enough to hear him. ,    ' •
" On Saturday Mra. Cherrington gave
an afternoon whist in 'honor of Miss
Lena Cartwright. The punch, cards
were In the shape of wedding, bells,
daintily painted In water colore, and
the prlae score was made by'Mrs. Mallandaine. Alter cards all sat down to
lunch. The favors were hidden under,
tbe centerpiece, and aa each one pulled a white ribbon they drew a snapshot picture of the guest of honor on
white ribbon. Mhnr- Cartwrlght'a own
favor had a long-erring attached, and
she was told to follow- It. Her little
trip took her pretty much all over the
house,-here and there encountering
one of the little bells, which were nil
Inscribed with somo motto or a IHtle
advice. She finally arrived at the "kit-
chen'and' was-agreeably surprised-to
finish at a table covered with firs
containing all kinds of lovely things,
and no two alike. Then It dawned on
her It was a Jam shdwer. Although
taken completely by surprise Bbe waa
finally able to thank them all,
for their kindness and after the, usual
felicitations the party dispersed.
(Special correspondence).
William G. Carlin came In on the
K. C. R. Friday from Victoria, Just as
thin aa ever.
Oeorge Geary and his four-legged
partner motored to Bull River Tuesday in search sf hidden treasure.
. A.. B. .Macdanald and party from
Cranbrook were visitors this, week tn
search of pleasure and fresh air.
Politics I collector, passed   away on   Wcdnos-
: day, February loth, at Winnipeg.  Tho
a irjttt ■ <Bf IM Um.)
Fred Roo, accompanied Mrs. Roo
down to RoosviUe aSaturday and Is
spending several. , days ,ea ■ Tobacco
Jim Thistlebeak says the Labor-
Liberal candidate that opposes; the
Hon. W. R. Ross in the Elko-Fernie
district will have a Uphill fight."''
G. F. Stalker, S. M. government
agent, Fernie, was In Elko thia week
lolng the Solomon Act to a 17th of
Ireland tragedy that took place In the
opera house.
Tho Hou. W. Ri- Ross, minister of
lands, arrived- in Elko from.Victoria
and waa tendered a tdg reception by
the cltlsens of the towOa Jim Thistlebeak read the address of welcome in
the opera house.
Mrs. C. E. Ayre, first avenue, North
Star Park, is entertaining guests from
1'lncher Creek and Baynes. - Mlaa
Hilda Joule from Baynes and Private
Height from Pincher. gave a. large
whist party In their.honor Thursday
night at which the elite of tha town
No, Mr. Editor, I didn't go to the : the death of his sister, MSs. Robert
war. .Only having one suit of clothes Mulvey.
to wear I had to wait till the snow j    The following account is taken from
disappeared. the Porth (Ont.) Courier:
Messrs.   McVittie .Galbraith,   Fen-'    Scott—As announced ln our last Is-
wick and Doyle went to Fernie Mon-1 suu, Col. Thomas Scott,   ox-customs
-day-and returned Tuesday.
in the air no doubt.
Joseph Walsh left this week for I following particulars of his life aro
Victoria. No doubt he has gono to i furnished by ono who was intimate
find out tho why and where of tills Jwllh lllra dUr,I,B llls residence in
election and probably arrest McBride I Forth:  Colonel Scolt was born    In
The first arrivals In Steele since I! f»*h «bout aeventy-tour years ago. of
took up the pen onco more, wore■**"•*'*' ''rosbyterlan lineage, and
Finlay Robson from Fernie. with a full j '•*«»•* *»•*•* ° pr, ut""< ,'" "!
line of cut books and poavlcs, and °ld ,British Standard oflee, under the
,U Morrtsh. of Cranbrook. with a line I *ull>lu8" ot Wl mtim i:"""'bel1' a
ot screen doors for teepees. 'n0""* "I,""or of """>' ymr" '"IO' Mi
ufterwurd, and it most vigorous writer
i The llth of March was celebrated ! ln the old-fashioned style. A fow
In style here by a dance under the years afterward, about 1800, lie and a
auspices of the Curling club. Evory-1 brother typo, the late Mr. Thomas
body was.In the shape of the green,oolrns, who canto here from Kingston,
apple tree and had a swell time. Un-! started the Perth Expositor, and when
fortunately St. Patrick himself was the latter was appointed posttnnstor of
amlsslng. - He didn't get in from the i pcrth, his palmer continued In until
Six Mile Sanitarium till the day after 1872, wi,en he Joined the throng of out-
and gave aB an excuae tbat he went gocrs from Ontario to Fort Garry, or
fishing for his Friday's dinner. Winnipeg,  whero hc lived  until he
Married vs. Single—Such was the i died. In the meantime, Mr. Scott,
headliuer in Steele on Sunday when ! who had taken to military affairs,
the above experts of basebell met for ! Joined the Perth Infantry Company
the flrat time and not the last either, ! (">e late Mr. W. J. Morris, captain),
for vengeance la sweet In time of war. j passed through the military school in
The married stilts got licked to the' Toronto, becamo captain of the com-
tune of 24 to IC (and what's worse I'nny here ,und in 1856 headed Ills
their wives were there and seen it).. company, which went to tlio "front"
Some sensational ball was witnessed, where he and his men remained four
BUI Myers from Saloonvllle, who months on duty, ln the Riel Rebel-
swings the bat like a rusty gate, made illon in 1870 lie had a high command
a awing, so far, as the ball has fall- under general afterward Lord Wolse-
ed to return. The acting constable '>'• tbe eminent British general, In the
bas a detachment of Austrlans out' expedition to Fort Garry, with the
searching for It.
was Invited.
I •
The cltlsens of EUto turned out en
masse to do honor to Capt. H. J. Pake
of Company F., 107th Regiment,' Elko,
who is leaving for active service In
the army medical .corps this month.
Mr. Pake has been in charge pf the
Bklo Drug company's business here
and one ot the leading sports of the
town In baseball and hockey, and the
citizens farewell took the. form it a
concert, supper and danco. and from
every point of view was the best .attended and most successful ever;hild
In Elko. Jim Thistlebeak waa' M. O.
C. and Toastmaster, aad ths festivities
started when the cuckoo clock waa
striking nine with railroad promptness, but without prayer. Tho White
House String Bean Band from; Fernie
supplied the music, sad have everything beat in (heir line In the has. tt
being SL Patrick's day and the programme proved an excellent 'one;
All the old Irish songs and airs were
presented snd tbey were heartily applauded.. Jim Thistlebeak In his opening remarks spoke on Ireland and the
part she is playing in the present
war. Tbere were many beautiful numbers on Uie program. Opening chorus
by the audience, Tlpperary; song,
"Take Off Your Hat. to Princess Pat
for the Wearing of the Green," by Billy
Kvans. Address, 8L Patrick; J. Hockley; the Elko Ladles Quartette, In
"Eileen Allanab"; song, "The Hat Me
Father Wore," Percy Brewer; march,
"Tho Dear Little Shamrock," the band;
recitation, 'The' Irish Philosopher," J.
Guest; song, "On the Rocky Road to
Dublin," Harry Leckton; song, 'The
Song Thst Reached My Heart," Mrs.
Knifton. This was one of tbe strongest features on the programme. March
"The Irish citizen," the Elko String
Bean band; song, "Old Black Joe," J.
Webster (In character); song, "My
Wild Irish Rose," Private J. Roberta:
selection, "The Fighting Fifth," by
the squad, Company . F; Highland
Fling and Jigs, A. Blrnle; song, '.The
Strains From Klllarney Tore the Tall
From My Coat," Frank Gallagher;
march, "A Wee Drop o' Crulskeen
Uwn," the band; song, "When Irish
Eyes Are Smiling," .J...Bedford.
Votes of thanks were tendered.tho
ladles for decorations and the .excellent aupper provided, aad tbo dtlaans
committee who bad charge of tbe affairs. On the platform seatkd on
the right of the. chairman .was Capt.
Pake, on the left Privates Ayre, Roberts, Hockley,. Sheridan aad Height
In uniform who bad. been granted
leave to attend tbe celebration from
the p. C. regiment at Pincher Creek.
After the supper tbe dance commenced
and wbb kept up till 4 a.m. the morn-
big after the night before. Before
supper Mr. Pako waB presented with
a purse of gold showing the, appreciation In which he Is held hy the citizens of the town. There was several
visitors from outside points, snd was
the biggest social success ever bold la
Uncle of Robert Kellock of This City
Bios iu Winnipeg— Well known
in the Kootenays
The death of Col. Thomas Scott at
Winnipeg will be rocelved In ilita city
with profound regret. The Col. was
well known In tho Kootenays und was
an uncle of Mr. Robert Kellock of this
city.    A short time ago we announced
What   Doctors i Use
for Eczema
A soothing combination of oil of
Wintorgreen, Thymol, and other healing Ingredients called D. D. D. Prescription is now a favorite remedy of
skin specialists for alt skin diseases.
It penetrates tho pores, gives Instant
relief from the most distressing Itch.
Its soothing oils quickly heal the inflamed tissues.
Test Its soothing effect. - We have a
generous trial bottle for only 25c.
Come and let us tell you.about our
money back guarantee offer to free you
from your distress. Ask also about D.
D. D. Soap.
D. 1). D. Is Made In Canada
the reserve established by a notice
published iu tlie British Columbia
Gazette on tho 27th of December, 1907,
Is cancelled in so far as it rolutos to
Lots 117(12, Il7ll:l, 117(14. 11757, 11765,
1170(1, 11708, 1171111, 11770, 11771, 11773,
11774, 11776, 117711, 11777, 11778, 11779,
11780, 11825, 11820, 11827, 11828, 11829,
118114. 11805, 11866, 11871, 11889, 11881,
11882, 11883,11884, 11885, 11886, 11887,
11888, 11889, 11891, 11892, 11893, 11894.
11895, 11896, 11897, 12138, 1X139, 12140,
12141, 12142, 13*48,12H4, 12145, 121411,
12147, 12148, 12140, 12150, 12156, 121511,
12157, 12168, 12169, 12100, 12161, 12162,
12103, 12164, 12165, 12166, 12167, 12239,
12240, 12241, 12242, 12243, 12244, 12245,
12246 and 12247, Kootenay District.
The said lots will bo open to entry by
pre-emption on Tuesday, the 18th day
of May, 1915, at nine o'clock In tho
forenoon. No Pre-emption Record
will be Issued to include more than
one surveyed Lot and all applications
must be made at the ollice of the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Deputy Minister, of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.,
March 12th, 1915. 12-8t
Frank Carrier le/t for Xingsgaate
on Saturday.
! Mr. and Mrs. J. McKay have left to
make their home In Creston.
1 Ttai.st Patrick's dance held    in
Misers' Union ball on Wednesday was
.well attended, and most enjoyable.
Mr. A. Raworth, tho Cranbrook Jeweler, was s visitor to Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Browning on Sunday.
* On Friday the newly appointed
teacher of the junior department, Mrs.
Jennie Cunningham Baker, of Nelson,
received Mrs. Roberta, Mrs. James
Wright and Mrs. Pitman as visitors
title of colonel. Afterward lie moved
to Winnipeg, before the first boom
there, and with his brother David,
opened a furniture store. He was
elected member of the young city, to
the house of commons, defa-nting Mr.
Donald A. Smith, afterward Lord
Strathcona, and finally wns given the
office of collector of customs In that
city. About 1S98 he was superannuated. He was last seen here a few
years ago, when his eroct martial figure, his white moustache and his
Imperial bearing gave him a distinguished appearance, and on liis way
through Toronto attracted the notice
of the Globe reporter, who referred
to his "picturesque figure," with suggestive aptness. Col. Scott was married about 1864 to Miss Margaret
Kellock, gaoler, who and one son pre-
Certificate of Improvements
Victor Mineral Claim, .situate in
the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kootenay District, located oa
Wild Horse Creek at Old Town or
TAKE NOTICE that I, Oee. M. Judd,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 67313b. Intend, sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining .Recorder for a
I Certificate of Improvements, for the
1 purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under sect'on 85, must be commenced
before tlio issuance of such .Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd day ot March, A.D.
1916. |.|t
to the school,
-Two. picks and four shovels arrived deceased her husband many years,
in Moyle last week. The residents Thtee 80nB mi tw0 daughters sus-
can understand why the two picks and vlvc ,K,,h Parents: Froderlck Robert,
two shovels should srrlve, as there are now ** colonel ln the Imperial army,
'only two mon on the road gang so far. \mi stationed In London; John, in
One man has It figured oul that the I Winnipeg! May (Mrs. Nash), of Wlnnl-
roed gang will have to work with both! ne*> 8nd Mabel (MrB- Durroll) of Cal-
Certificate of laprovesieati
Wliere   Located—On   Sullivan   Hill,
Kimberley, B.C.
.bands .this year.
., On Tuesday a meeting of the local
Conservative association was held to
receive the report of the delegates
concerning the central executive meeting at Oranbrook. T. Bates was appointed to accompany the president,
M. Bonner, aa delegate to the nominating convention at Cranbrook.
On Thursday a well attended meeting waa held to meet Dr. J. H. King,
tho Liberal candidate for Cranbrook,
and Charles R. Ward, president of the 1 200 egg incubator, Peerless.
Craabrook Liberal association, when \ 1 120 egg Incubotor, Chat-
tho local, association was re-organls-1 ham.
ed In readiness for the election cam- j    1  Pen  Brown  Leghorns,  1
pelgn.   • The   gentlemen    were en- male and 3 females,
thuslastically received and on all aides j
were heartily welcomed to the mining |
gary. Colonel Scott hail many elements In bis character to make him
popular with the people among whom
he dwelt, and had vigor. ;force and
peralatencc in his Individuality. There
are very few in Pcrtll who were his
contemporaries here, and they wlll
sorrow at his death as the passing of
ono who wns popular and prominent
in his day.
; TAKE NOTICE that the Consolldat-
: ed Mining & Smelting Co. of Canada,
Limited .Free Miner's Certificate No.
(75935B, Intend, sixty days-from the
; date hereof, to apply to tha Mining
Recorder for a Certificate - ot Improvements, for the purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notlco that action,
under section 85, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of February,
A.D. 1915. ax      7-St
Capital Authorised  ....|10/MX)/M*vM
Capital Paid Up    1#0t>M*M
'Reserve  and   Undivided
1   Prodis   	
S. Macdonald.
.     CONVERTS AND 151,000
Phlledclnhiai Mneeh •>» mn„ o... °IVBN to the electors of the Muni-
pniiaaelphla, March 22.—Billy Sun- clpallty of the Corporation of the city
oar ended hla religious campaign ' of Cranhrook that pursuant to a war-
here In a blase of glory. Four times i r""' l"»ued by His Honour the Lieut,
during the day the evangelist preach-' ?a,T,a°'' d,ateJ. "'e 6th day of March,
edte audience, tha, oJertlow'cd g. ttaT&XTl^ar
tabernacle. The total number of his bury Avenue, Cranbrook, B. C„ nn the
hearers was sixty thousand. Four -'''"' dBy "' March, 1915, at 12 o'clock
times be called for converts ami «•„!  n.00n (1 °'clot'k I'm. local time) for
«« Z.Z.T.. Z ,I,r,Z    , **• "ur,""e °» elect"1« "»r"0"» 'o re-
an aggrogate sf 1,826 for the day. present them In tho Municipal Council
The number of converts  for the "* Aldermen.
■He*** weeks of the campaign Is M.-LTi".?.0,?'..01! nom,!l",tlon„"' '■'"""-
Its- », sssss ..i. k... nan „ d"te" "lm" bo ** followa: The candi-
7lt It aot only beats Billy Sun- dates shall bo nominated In writing;
day a record, but probably surpasses | the writing shall be siihsirlbed by
the record of every modern cvnngo- lwo voters of the municipality us pro-
list. '  ' 	
Before he left the city, however, the
committee turned over to the cvango-
list a draft for $61,136, the lesult of
the free will offering which Philadelphia gave to him. It In the largest
offering he haa received in any city.
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities .Merchants, Farmers aad
Private Individuals Invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued
available In any part of the world.
j attention given to Savings Bank Ao
counts. Deposits sf $1.00 and upwards received and Interest allowed
I from date ot deposit.
A branch la Also established at
Athalmer, B.C., under tbo management of Irving C, Wodd.
Craabrook Branch
H. W. NCPPI.E, Manager
Thirty days after date I Intend to
apply to the Society Olrl Mining Com-
poay. Limited, for a duplicate certificate covering Certificate No. 808, dated
January loth, 1116, for 6052 shares
ot stock In said company.
: Ihe original certificate has been
Signed Allan M. McLeod.
Dated Stanford, Mont., U.S.A.    l-4t
February «rd. 1916.
Numerous complaints having been
made recently In reference to chickens
running at large and doing damage
to gardens, etc., notice Is hereby given
all residents to. coop or otherwise confine all fowl or proceedings will be
Instituted against them.
Chief of Police. I B.C., this 16th day ot March, IMS,
•I Ibe ChM of Police , T. M. ROBERTS.
OwisiHa mr, Msreh letb, IM,
poser ond seconder, nnd shall be delivered to tho Returning Offlcor nt uny
time between the dale nf lhe notlco
and 2 p.m. (3 p.m. locul llmei of the
dny of tlie nomination; the wild writing may bo In the form numbered 5'
In tho Schedule of this Act, uml shall
stato the names, residence, mid oc-
OUPation or description of I'lloh |aolstin
proposed, in such manner us sufficiently to Identify such candidate; and
In the event of a mall being necessary,
such poll wlll be opened on the 30th
dny of March, 1915, at the Municipal!
offices ul'orosaid of which everV per-
boo Ib hereby required to take notice j
and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nomlnat-:
ed for and elected as Aldermen ot a
city shall be such persona aB are male j
British subjects of the full age of
twenty-one years, and who are not dls-
qualified under any law, and have been
for the six months next preceding the
day of nomination the registered
owners, ln the Land Registry Office,
or land or real property In tho city ot,
tho assessed value, on the last municipal asscBsment roll, ot five hundred
dollars or more ovor and above any
registered Judgment or charge, and
who aro otherwise duly qualified aa
municipal voters.
Olvcn under my hand at Cranbrook,
Spokane, Washington
We believe wa
have more regular patrons (rom
British Columbia
than any other
Hotel in Spokane
On your next trip
to this city, let ua
ahow you why
this la true.
Opposite new Union Station. Close to all places ot
Interest. Rooms elegantly
furnished. Rates as low
aa at the more ordinary


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