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Cranbrook Herald Oct 14, 1915

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■111    I
OCTOBER 14th, 1915
Officers'     Reports     Received     and
Encouraging Results Shown
at Meeting
The annual meeting of the Canadian
Patriotic Society was held at the city
hall on Thursday evening. Mr. Oeorge
F. Stevenson was In thc chair and
called tho meeting to order at 8.30
Secretary T. M. Roberts road the
minutes of tho last annual meeting.
Since that meeting two members ot
tho executive committee named at that
time huve gone, Hev. Flewelling has
iwssed to tlie (ireat Beyond uiul Mr.
Webster hns moved to Alberta. Their
places wero filled by the appointment
of J. M. Christie and W. K. Worden.
The report of the chairman wus then
read as follows:
"In opening this meeting It Is not my
Idea to take up your time In explanation of why this Society exists—the
reasons are well known to you. It Is
enough to say that the war is going
on In deadly earnest, and must go on
until the bitter end. Peace at tlie
present Juncture la out of the question.
We must all feel very proud of the fact
that In British Columbia we have sent
oae man for every thirty of her white
male population. Alberta leads us,
and all provinces with one In twenty-
flve of her population.
Speaking of the Canadian Patriotic
Society let me remind you, gentlemen
that the powers of the Society are
strictly limited by act of parliament.
Speaking from the addreas of the Honorary Secretary, Sir Herbert Ames, the
Fund Is based on three fundamental-
First:—That the Army, whether In
France, en route to the Front, or being
mobilized In Canada, was a national
contribution of men, and, as fur as the
Canadian Patriotic Fund was concerned, a national army. To every community from the Atlantic to tlie Pacific, the Society said: "Put Into the
common purse all that you can, and
from the common purse let every need
be filled Just as long as there Is a
penny left."
Second:-—The Society was glad ln
every community to be able to operate
through the Committee In that community. Local conditions are understood best by the local committee, for
instance, the cost of living In British
June 15, 1915. Received from
John Reid 	
July 21, 191fi, Received from	
proceeds races, etc     776.90
Sept 17, 1916, Received from	
Jaffray Patriotic Fund Com-	
mlttee        70.00
Total    $1,861.90
Nov. 23, 1914, from Provln-	
clal Branch   I  200.00
April 19, 1915, from Provto-	
clal Branch        200.00
June 5, 1915, from Provincial	
Branch        200.00
Sept. 20, 1915. from-Provln-	
clul Branch       764.60
, W. Supple,
('ranbrook Branch, Canadian Patriotic
Statement of receipts r.nd disbursements, September 1,1914 to September
»0. 1916.
Nov. 23, 1914, Received from
Provincial   Branch,   Canadian   Patriotic   Fur.d,   Victoria   1 200.00
April  19,  1915,  Received  from
Provincial    Branch,   Canadian   Patriotic   Fund.   Victoria        200.00
June 1, 1915, Rcceiv ■! from
Provincial Branch, Canadian Patriotic Fund, Victoria        200.00
S-*pt. 20, 1915, Received from
Provincial Branch, Canadian Patriotic Fund, Victoria       764.60
Bank Interest          2.60
September allowances   17.60
October allowances  17.60
November allowances   17.60
December allowances   39.60
January allowances   39.62
February allowances   39.50
March allowances    99.00
April allowances    136.60
May allowances    123.60
June allowances   224.80
July allowances  247.60
August allowances  269.60
Credit balance   96.18
(KAMIKOOK I iliumi:>
Board   Decides   Mutter   ut   KeiraUr
Meeting Held Friiluj Kvening
Kxeellenl Work by Ml» Alice I'je'i
At the MlBoulc Hall lar.t Friday
evening MIse Pyu's pupil", gave a
Pianoforte Recital of whicli tlie town
l)a*>'   Content   I'nder
Weather Conditions
Thfl Cranbrook scliool board held ;
ItH regular monthly session on Friday
evening last, wliSr. tlie following trust-     • - —
«» were preeent:    Trustees    White. ]    ^^ golf anitM belwM11 lh(1 Cran.
Wilson,    Henderson.    Manning    and , brook C\„\, mBi in,CTmere last week
Qualn.   City clerk Roberta reud the t^k w,ce „„,,„ ldM, weather con.
might be Justly proud.   Nearly 30 per- j minutes of previous meetings, whicli | „,,,„„,
formers took part and throughout tl.e w«™ W*°*f "f <>" *>"*■ j   s„  plw„, from Invermere corn-
programme excellent work was cvld- |    <><">"  »<' ■«"" of ™mn.lttee reports , fc_ tt, taBlliome lM,w   „,ent.
enced. i Trustee Qualn reported having a tend- ^      ^ CnBbt00* bill Club for the
.ml   tn   nil   nucnuunrv   it'nrli   niitriiutofl   tn
The  first  part  of the programme
was devoted to thu    Junior    pupils. |
Misses   Muriel   Baxter,   Marlcn   Mac- j
Kinnon and Edith Murgatroyd opening
The president then caled for tbe election of officers and declared the
officei vacant   Mr. Christie was named
,, .     ...   „.,..    .        ..        , „      , chairman pro tem, and T M. Roberts
Cohtmbi. I« 25% above tha, of Mon- j „„„„,„,, pr„ ^     g^, ^^
were then made In which It was the
Third:—That this Fund be distributed only to the wives and families
who absolutely needed it. Some people thought that the mere fact that
husband went to the Front entitled
them to an allowance from this Fund. {
This Is not so. According to the Act,
thi money was to be given to such
dependents only when their Income
web not sufficient for decent living.
unanimous verdict of those present
lhat the old officers had carried on the
-Work so well that they should be
The result of the election was as
Chairman, George P. Stevenson.
Hon. treasurer. H. W. Supple. \ ptBUC MEETISG
Hon. Secretary. T. M. Roberts.
Executive committee, W. E. Worden,
with a trio by Weber. Then followed
a great variety of musical compositions (waltzes, ducts, marches, Hungarian melodies, barcarolles, etc., etc.,
the works mainly of modern composers), ln which the following took part:
Warren Bowness, Marjorie Burton,
Keith and Norman Wasson, Marlon
Henderson, Eric MacKinnon, Otto Gill,
Margaret Morrison, Norval Caslake,
Rose Service, Frank Bridges, John
Woods, Mary Malcolm, Eunice Parrett,
Dora Pye.
The second part of the programme
was devoted to senior pupils. The
test pieces were excellently chosen
and included works by Gounod, Mendelssohn, Grieg and Moscowskl.
These advanced pupils gave signs
of splendid work both on their own
and on their teacher's part. Time,
touch and interpretive quality were
well developed and all the perform-
Under the head of committee reports
Trustee Quain reported having attended to all necessary work entrusted to
his care at the South Ward and Central schools.
Trustee White reported on the purchase of Indian clubs, which was approved by the board.
A letter was read from Miss Amy
Woodland, principal of the South Ward
school, thanking the board for a
wreath and expressions of sympathy
in her recent aad loss.
The list of bills was heavy, the finance committee taking a considerable
time in placing tlieir O.K. on bills,
which amounted to some 12,200, .The
winter's supply of coal was responsible for the heavy increase.
Hereafter teachers wlll be Instructed to exact written excuse from parents when children are absent. This
was moved by Trustee Henderson and
seconded by trustee Manning, after a
thorough discussion. '   -
The question of children not attending school was brought up by Trustee
Manning. It was Muted out that a
large number of children were absent
from school and a number were not
ances were a pleasure to listen to. The ■ regular attendants.      Trustee  Qualn
following took part
Misses B. and D. Pye, W. Fink, I.
Bidder, (Ivy Bidder's fingering was
exceptionally fine) Annette Brault,
Bertha Gill, Rita Cameron, Prances
Noble, Master V. Fink.
The following prizes were awarded.
Copy of Mendelssohn's "Songs Without
Words" to John Woods and Frank
Bridges for good practising and well
prepared lessons, also to Edith Murgatroyd and Marjorie Burton for good
practising; to Francis Noble, Marlon
MacKinnon and Eunice Parrett for
well prepared lessons.
On behalf of the senior pupils Ivy
Bidder presented Miss Pye with a
beautiful bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums, and on behalf of the junta
pupils Marjorie Burton presented a
The chair was taken by the Rev. W.
H. Bridge, who congratulated Miss
Pye and her pupils on the excellency
of the work and the high proficiency
Altogether the evening was a great
success and a revelation of the latent
musical talent of the town.
was of the opinion that a census of
the city should be taken and ascertain
the number of children In Cranbrook
of achool age. It would then be an
easy matter to enforce tlie law. The
board was of the opinion—and we believe they have good grounds for such
opinion that upwards of sixty children
within the municipality were not attending school. After thoroughly discussing the matter the board resolved
to get to the bottom of the matter.
Secretary Roberts was notified to have
Inserted In the local paper a notice
calling: attentlbn of the Cranbrook
parents to the^clauses In the school
A requisition from the manual training1 school for nails, hooks, screws',
Ink and print paper was referred to
the proper committee.
Council adjourned. ) '
British Ked Cross Nor Jet; and -Order
of S.'. John will Conduct
A collection at the door netted 113.60
for the Red Cross Fund.
His Honor the Lieutenant Governor
of the Province of British Columbia,
has   received  the  following  self-explanatory letter::
Dear Sir: I beg to Inform you that
TO DISCUSS BOY SCOUTS | the British Red Cross Society    and
- •— | the Order of St. John, In view of the
The Canadian Government, gentle- j C It. Ward, W. A. Nisbet, V. H. Baker,
men, are giving $20.00 separation al- J. M. Christie and J. P. Campbell. CMnm Interested In This Movement | freat demands upon  their  resources
lowance to the wife of every soldier.'    The chairman then asked for a dls-1        An Asked to Attend Meeting
whether that soldier was rich or poor., ousBlon of ways and means for raising j an October tith
If the government paid the patriotic; more money as the officers felt that
aid by this system, thousands would be U'ranbrook should make every effort
receiving aid who did not need it. I to raise the amount of their own needs
There are many funds open for con- land at the present rate of expenditure
trlbutlon of patriotic citizens, but the the money already raised would soon
•tone above all others to which it Is be exhausted. It was finally decided
the duty of every citizen to subscribe to canvass the whole district and ask
was the Canadian Patriotic Fund. We i for monthly subscriptions from every
All acknowledge the Red Cross and' one In amountH of 26c, SOc. and $1.00.
the Belgian Relief Funds nre doing I Small pledge curds wlll be issued and
magnificent work, but the Red Cross signatures asked for and then the
need one dollar when this Society: cards will be turned In to the com-
needs five, It is the duty of the gov-i mlttee which wlll look after collections
ernment to provide machine guns, etc ! This will Insure the committee a
The best way to get more men Is toj-U-'ady Income and eliminate the ne-
look after the wives and children. You I f'ci.slty of raising money by special
often hear some of the soldiers' wl?el I entertainments which mean a consid-
are bettor off than they were before | erabto amount of work. The subject
their husbands went to the war. Thai was well threshed out by the meeting
people of Canada have the right to j after which the meeting adjourned,
give his wife nt home an opportunity > leaving the matter In thn hands of the
to live.   In August, British Columbia ; officers!.
distributed through this fund WOO   |     M " 	
00.    Before Christmas. It Is estimated  ' KA^nKIWK  IIAf*
the allowances would amount to
$60,000.00. During the coming year.
$800,000.00 must be raised to carry on
thin work."
Mr. Worden, the chairman of the
relief committee, whose duties nre to
Investigate all applications for relief
read his report. The committee arc
now paying out an amount of $2)10.00
per montli.
The report of the treasurer, Mr. II.
W. Bupple, was then rend as follows:
Eleven families representing thirty-
seven people hnve benefited us above.
Payments are made In all cases for
month prcceedlng. The Committee
will be glad to furnish names of those
receiving allowances upon Inquiry.
H. W. Supple,
In account with Provincial Branch,
Victoria, B. C.
Statements receipts and remittances
Nov.  16, 1914, forwarded to
Victoria  $1,000.00
Sept. 27, 1916, forwarded to.
Victoria      861.90
Made up ss follows:
Aug.    1914,   Received    from
committee In charge of en-	
tertalnment   at   V.    Hyde	
Baker's residence   $1,000.00
.Aug. M. 191a. Received from	
Judge Peckham. New Yark      It.tt
! IVm. ¥. On ran Granted a Decree Absolute   William Gaersrd
j Doran vs Doran, William Guerard
I co-respondent. This case*, which was
a petition for divorce on the ground
of misconduct was heard here In May
In nt before the Honorable Mr. Justice
Mncdonald and adjourned for further
vide nee, came up again before His
Lordship at Vancouver, when a decree absolute was pronounced. Mr.
T, T. Mecredy, barrister, of this city,
was counsel for thc petitioner, Wm. F.
Doran.  The suit was undefended.
In accordance with the regulations,
a public meeting Is caled-for tbe 26th
October at 8 o'clock In the evening to
consider the best ways and means to
set this movement on a solid basis
and carry It on systematically.
For this purpose everyone who has
had any experience or takes any Interest ln the welfare of young boys are
earnestly Invited to bo present, particularly the ministers of the city, who
cau exert such a good Influence and
help In many ways.
For more than two years this movement has been practically moribund
locally, but with a good, live working
committee and officers there is no reason why the Boy Scouts should not do
In this town what It Is meant to do
and has done In many places by Improving the boys morally, mentally
and physically.
Ro remember   the   Scouts' motto:
Be Prepared," to give your hearty
support to this grand movement by
being present at the public meeting
to be held on   Monday,   October the
5th, at 8 p.m. In the council chamber,
city halt, Norbury avenuo.
A. C. Bowness,
A dance given by the Cranbrook
Orchestra will be held In Bt Mary's
hall on the 18th Inst, to whieh every
one is cordially invited. Refreshments
will be served, the price being 76c. per
couple, 2Bc. extra lady. Dancing to
commenco at 9.30 p.m. sharp.
It Is hoped that this dance wilt be
well patronised, as everything necessary for an enjoyable time wilt be
thero and the prico Is well within the
reach of all. The orchestra will constat of four pieces and the quality of
music, as usual, Is guaranteed.
Dost forget the date and tia*-
t.M p.m. na th* llth fast
team contest which was won by the
Cranbrook Club, 9 points to G.
Stevenson   0
Christie   1
Macdonald   8
Morris    0.
Staples   2
Supple   3
Lamour    o
Stringer     2
Wedd    2
Cuthbert  0
Barker   i
Macklnnon  0
[Some Brides Kven Keep Their Maiden i
i     .Name After .Carriage— Romantic
A feature of tho Lon.Ion marriage
season due to the war is the number
| Of secret marriages that have t;<ken
place between people whose nuptials
would, in Uie ordinary way, havo been
celebrated with elaborate and costly
When the whole history of the war
comes to bc written, these secret romances and marriage.; will fcrm by
no means the least interesting part of
it, In several Instances the ror.GOii
of there secret marriages has bt-et:
that without tliis secrecy they would
probably have been prevented by patents or other relatives.
\ registrar of marriages In Lorxcr.
informed thc writer that one girl, well
known in society, wat lately seer*. My
nun-It d at his office, though she ti
still passing under her niafdc-*. name.
The bridngroom was th*? son of u
Norfolk farmer, who enlisted on the
outbreak of thu war, won Ms commission three months later, anC gained his I). S. O. a few weeks later till
he was severely wounded.
Invermere carried off the honors tn
in tbe men's open handicap singles,
won by Mr. Barker (scratch) with a
score of 96. Runner up, S. Morris
\scratch ( 9tf.
Men's foursome was also won by
the Invermere Club, Macklnnon and
Cuthbert 1st, Johnson and Morris, 2nd.
Ladies' open-handicap singles was
won by Miss Johnson of Wycliffe.
Improvements to the golf house are
expected to start early next week, An
open brick fireplace Is to be constructed.
Several new members were secured
last week. There Is still room for
hi raw
(renin vs. King I.umber Mill" Orea-
pied a Considerable Portion of
Proceedings —|i(000 Damages
Against l>r. Weldon
both ln Prance and the Near East have
I decided to make an appeal throughout
thc empire by street and other collections upon the twenty-first day of October next, the money received from
this appeal will be devoted entirely to
relieving the sufferings of our wounded soldiers and sailors from home and
overseas at the various seats of war
from all parts of the King's Dominions we have already received generous assistance ln our work but with
the Increase of British und Overseas
forces at the front there Is a corresponding Increase In our expenditure
and we shall be truly grateful to you
If you will help us by organizing an
appeal and sending the proceeds to
us for the objects which 1 have named I shall be greatly obliged If you
wilt kindly communicate the foregoing to your government.
Their majesties the King and Queen
and Mer Majesty Queen Alexandria are
giving us their gracious patronage and
I trust that you will also be able to
see your way to help.
President of the   British   Red Cross
83 Pall Mall, London.
N.  A*  Wallinger  Receives Word  to
the Effect That Sen From O.her
I'nits Were Picked
The letter below has been received
by Mr. N. A. Wallinger, and as lt
speaks for Itself all those men who
gave ln their names will please take
Hastings Park,
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 7th, 1916
N. A. Wallinger,   Esq.,   Government
Agent's Offlce, Cranbrook, D. C:
My Dear Wallinger:
We And we are ordered out, sooner
than expected, and had to fill up from
other unite, so that we shall be finable
to tako on thn men you mention In
your list
Sorry to have put you to this
trouble, and thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
iaa. A. lfecdnne-ft
Another Drop in
Price of Flour
Snowdrift Flour,
now cwt	
Mother's Favorite and
Gold Seal, cwt. ... (8.50
5011)8 tl.N0
Pride of Alberta •■*...'...
B. & K. Purity cwt. $3.75
50lt>8 ..$1.90
Still same price on Mcintosh and Wealthy Apples
choice  tWO box
half box (Oo.
4 lbs for JSe,
Cranbrook Trading
The return bowling match between
the C. P. R. and Y. M. C. A. teams on
Saturday afternoon last, owing to an
unfortunate mishap was not finished.
Hie game started on time at 4 o'clock
with the regular teams In the line-up.
Owing to the manager ot the C.P.R.
team having a tam» back, he refrained
from bowling, assigning the leadership
of the team to Mr. Brake, well known
In bowling circles.
The Y.M.C.A. team immediately on
the opening of the match set the pace
with the result that at thc end ot the
ilrst.game-the Road Team found themselves behind to the extent of 142 pins.
At this point the manager left ln disgust, but the team still retaining their
courage wtth the exception of Ban.
and K. Y. B., whe were rather badly
wilted, the second game was commenced. At the third frame, however, the
V. M. aggregation still keeping up the
pace E. Y. B. suddenly called to mind
that hla uncle was very low at Moyie
necessitating his Immediately taking a
west-bound freight for that city. Ban.,
thinking he might also be useful at
the bedside of the dear old uncle, accompanied him, which Of course broke
up thc game.
It ls rumored that they were after*
ttjards seen among the box cars at the
west end of the yard, waiting for
Jarkoess and tbe warmth and comfort
of their own firesides, but one cannot
put much faltb In reports these duys.
On Wednesday evening thc Railroad
team again under the leadership of
Mr. Brake whose spirits by this time
had resumed their usual buoyancy,
lost In three straight games of Ten
Pins to the alt-star team from the
city, by a margin of 192 pins. The
Railroad line-up was Messrs. Brake,
Bancroft, Barnes, Hannah and Spence.
thd opposition being Messrs. Cowan,
Thompson, Martin Shanklund and
On the evening of Thanksgiving day
the Social given by tbe Udles' Auxiliary proved very successful, being
well attended, and heartily enjoyed by
Those taking part In the program
wore as follows:—Miss Wanda and
Master Vincent Pink, Instrumental
duet: Rev. Mr, Bridge, address; Mrs
J. Thomson, rong; Mrs. J. W. Spence,
reading: Mr. Hannah, song: Miss Orma McNabb, recitation; Mrs. McPher-
son, song; Rev. W. K. Thomson, address; Mr. A. Raworth, somr; Mrs.
Manning and Mrs. Mcpherson, Instrumental duet, Mr. Wm. S. McDonald,
recitation; Mrs. Paterson. song; Miss
Hickenbotham, recitation; Selection
by Cranbrook Orchestra; Mrs. King
and Mrs. Paterson, vocal duet. The
ebalr waa occupied by the Rev. Mr.
Brtdge.of the Anglican Church, whose
presence lent dignity to the occasion.
Following the program the guests
seated at prettily decorated tables and
partook of a dainty lunch served by
the ladles afteV which the Alleys were
opened, ond the bowling enjoyed by
a number of the ladles present.
The receipts from thn evenings entertainment amounted to 980.00.
At their regular monthly meeting on
Tuesday afternoon, the Ladles decided
to hold their bowling events on Tuesday evening each weak, It which all
■sseahtn are livftad In lake part
Cupid In the Hospitals
The girl he married was the younger daughtor of a wealthy peer, She
became a nurse nt a bnst* hospital,
where she helped to nurrc thr office!
in question, and became engaged to
hlm ere ho left It to go back to thr
firing line. A month tater the officer
wns Invalided home for three weeks
When the two were secretly married.
Many society girls, who were look-
lug forward to making their debut at
court this year with the Princess
Mary, have made it instead at field
or base hospital, and not in COJCtl)'
court gowns, but in the plain uniform
of a lied Cross nurse In these iios-
pltals engagement!-; of a matrimonial
kind havo been entered Into mon
freely, readily and naturally than they
ever would have bet?:, fn the mo-c ar-
tiflriai atmosphere of thr great London drawing-rooms.
In several cases thoao romance:. of!n"r,i'
the war have resulted in secret mar
rlages at Paris, Calais, or In Lo-don
The cuse of Cr:melius Crontn vs.
the King Lumber Mills was thc first
case before the assize court here Tuesday. Mr T. T. Moarcdy appeared for
the plaintiff, and C. R. Hamilton, of
Nelson, and W. A. Nisbfct for the de-
fendant company.
The case was fer compensation for
broken leg sustained while teaming
in the employ of the King Lumber
Company, The case occupied all of
Tuesday and Wednesday, going to thc
ju.y ;.t 2.:'0 Wednesday, A verdict
was returned Thursday morning at ll
o'clock. The complaint rested mainly
on lnck of :i certain chain on thn toad,
and secondly o*. bad road and poor
loading of lops on the loud, caurlng
the injuries.
Several wttnoscos wcre examined
on behalf of both parties to the com.
Expert lumbermen from all over tha
district were culled to the stand. After a very full and ciureful summing
up hy chief Justice Hunter, the case
went to a jury composed of G. K,
Stevenson, foreman. W. J, Atchison.
In Aldridge. R. j Binning, Bruce
Hrown. a A. MacKinnon, A. B Smith
and A. C. Smith, who after some noun
deliberation returned a verdict tor the
defendant company.
Vlncel Brandies. Natal, versus Dr.
Weldon, of .Michel, was thc second
ease Mr. A B Macdonald. of Cranbrook appeared for plaintiff and Alex.
MacNell, of Fernie. for defendant.
The case wns for damages for the
death of wife of plaintiff after sit*?
hnd. without uny knowledge of the
staff, left the hospital of Or. Weldon
on the night of May 23rd, last, having
been a patient tiiere for treatment.
After examination of plaintiff and
on*1 witness for bis side, the defence
placed Hr, .Nay. of Fernie, and the
In charge of the patient at tbe
time, in the boi Ur. Nay was questioned on usual care and caution used
In one caae the writer was informed IIn BBCh *>«P-W». dealing especially
of, by a lady who had heeo nursing at
a base hospital, the daughter of    a
wealthy banker became engaged tc   &
young man who, but a year ago. was a
cl?rk In a city offlce, but has eince
won an officers commission :nd thi
V. C.
Her Father <;eve Way
Word of ihe state of affairs between
his daughter and the young V.C. reached the banker's ears, and he promptly
took steps to bring Mr daughter horn*
st once. But the girl was determined
that nothing would stop her from becoming the wife of her hero, whom she
had helped to nurse through the dangerous Illness that resulted from a
shrapnel wound. She was married at
a registrar's office at Calais to the
penniless V. C.
When she returned home sh** said
to her father:
1 am your loving daughter still.
dad, but I am a V. C.'s wife".
And she was forgiven.
Another romantic wedding of which
the writer was informed, was that
which took place secretly In FTancc
between the eldest son and heir of a j
wealthy baronet and a Red Cross
nurse, the daughter of a poor civil
service clerk- The girl had no idea
who the officer with whom she fell In
love with waB. They became engaged.
and were married at a small villa**
near I a Bassee; the officer went
straight from the ceremony to the
trenches, and a couple of weeks later
was reported killed.
As a matter of fact, he had happily
only been wounded again, but this
time seriously. The girl, who was
now his wife, nursed him once more to
recovery. His wound, however,, necessitated the amputation of an arm
and his career as a soldier was over.
It was only a day before he was
discharged from hospital that his wife
discovered who he was, through seeing
paragraph about him ln the Tim<*s.
describing how he Imd won the covet-
d OS O.
And these seer**t and romantic marriages are not without their tragl<
side. There are some society girls
today, who. In the ordinary way. would
liave been among the most beautiful
of thin season's debutantes. Instead,
they are young widows, and ther** will
be many In their position before the
war is over.
Itfa the tendency of foreign patients
to attempt to leave the building. The
nurse was called to describe treatmen
and circumstances. After a short hut
very plain addre-rs from the Chief Jus*
Uce Hunter, the ca.se went to the Jury
| composed of samo members as the
jformpr Jury, with A. B. Smith foreman
i who returned a verdict of a thousand
■ lollars damages for plaintiff.
Brain,   the    Pig    later.   Has   Been
Brought Down After an Organised Part j Worked for Weeks
Fr*-d Ryekman, Indian constable,
told a tale last Friday night of a bear
hunt at Fort Steele, which should have
been taker, with a grain of salt, but
which war* digested by three of hla
friends, as Fred saw ht to dish it out.
He told how a monster bear, weighing
lomewhere In the neighborhood of five
hundred pounds, had visited his piggery and killed twenty of his honkers
For nights lie had watched, with
his faithful bulldog, for the return of
bruin, but each time the tricky bear
put one over on him and succeeded
in adding another of his squealers to
his prey. As a last resort a party
was organized to hand out lo this
prowler of the night his just desert
Qeorge Qeary, an old scout, called a
meeting at Ben Werden*s hotel, where
plans were laid and where a supply of
guns were gathered together from
••v»*ry available place In Steele. The
plan of attack wus all mapped out and
the attacking party ordered by. The
party left the hotel late at night, under
command of Mr. Geary, who was heard
living orders to the company, which
numbered twenty-two As they n*>ared
Fred Ryckman's homestead, which has
pel f**ar into every stout heart in Fort
Steels', pigs w,r«- squealing and the
Order to load rifles w-as given by the
■ ommander. The company adi*anced
on the piggery in a hoop-snake move-
mint, which wus rarried out In real
military faahloo As they ncared the
-t> out jumped brain, and bingo, down
he went from a volley of shot and
shell. Examination revealed the fact
that the bear was none other than
Prod Ryckman'i bulldog, This canine
had developed a taste for fresh killed
i*rk and was nightly helping himself
to his master's supply. .Last IMdjp
night the residents of Fort Steele slept
soundly, the first time In ten nights.
Wednesday evening the card party *
und   dance  at   St.   Mary's   hall   was i
again the scelne of a merry gathering, j
when a large number were present to
take  part  in  the programme.    Keen
interest was taken In the cards during |
the evening, several striving to capture the prises at thc conclusion of]
the first series, which will end next j
week.    Mrs. Cole, of Wattsburg, won
Ihe ladles' prize, a jewel box, while
Mi  W. M. Harris carried off the ren*!
tic-man's  prlzo,  a knife     Next  week' '
will conclude the Ilrst series of six Mrs A, O, Butterficld, of Vancouver,
games, when the winners of the t,pee* j flrand President of the Rebekah As-
lal prise will be announced. Thclsembly I.O.O.F. of It ('. paid her of-
prizes will be half a doien silver | flclal visit to the (oral lodg'1 on Wed-
spooni; for the ladhV prize and a nesday night. Mrs. Buttsrflold waa
watch fob for the gentleman. Dancing I here for several da,vn, thc guest ot
to the strains of a four piece orchestra 1 Mrs. 11. White. On Thursday after-
waa carried on until midnight, when I noon Mrs. White entertained In bar
rtfreshasfBts were served. | honor.
Albert Hall, an old timer from tbe
|lMarysville country, who has been engaged with the Schofleld surveying
I party this summer, paused through
the city today on his way home after
j several weeks spent In the Kootenay
" I LaTco country PAGE TWO
nil;   OKANHROOK   H1BAXB are sometimes allowed to accumulate
I,. P. Sullivan, Editor
J. IL Thompson, Business Manager
SupsertpUen Bates
One   Year     |l.0f
Six Mouths          l.W
Three Months     M
Adverttslnf Bates
Display   Advertising,   H   aanta   gar
Column iiich.
Reading Notleas or Oaaslled Ada U
eeuts per line.
Craubrook, B. V*. October   14th, 1915
The enquiiy into Sir Rlchard'B purchase of the two American submarines has come to end—or rather an
adjournment, because Sir Chas. Dav-d
idson has Intimated that he may return to Victoria if occasion should require. Whut the report of the commission will bc we have no moans of
knowing. Sir Richard and his friends
appeared to be intent on proving that
tlio people of Victoria were in a state
of panic at the time of the purchase,
and that Canada had to have the boats
r.t any price.
The Cranhrook school board will enforce the law, so far as the children
of tho city not attending school goes.
The matter came- up at the session on
Friday evening last, when It was
learned that a large percentage of the
children are not attending school. The
school hoard Ik to be congratulated on
this move, as it is well known that
some people who should know differ'
ent an* keeping their children away
from school on flimsy pretexts. In
some cases it Is true children cannot attend because of the fact that
tliey lmvo neither clothing nor shoes.
This Is true in n number of cases.
Just where nnd how the remedy will
como tu coses of this kind ls rather
perplexing. The outstanding feature
of the school hoard meeting was the
able manner in which this subject was
discussed. Tlie board felt tliat it
must,ait. The matter of educating
the children of Cranbrook lies pretty
well in the hnnds of the school trustees. It is tlicir duty to see that
every child in the city should receive
a common school education. An educated puhlic means a luw-nbldlng public. The hoard's action should be sustained by every property owner ln the
In basements of stores during summer
and similar Inflammable matter ls
often found tn basements of dwellings.
The furunce is started In a hurry
without cleanlug-up. Cleanlng-up
should be done in good time, before
the furnace Ib started, so that sparks
from tbe furnace or Jtiot cinders accidentally dropped may not start a
flre. All such Inflammable material
assists lire to spread rapidly.
Do not hang papers or clothes on
the wall behind the stove-pipe. See
that clothing which Ib being dried is
so placed that It cannot be Ignited.
PlreB caused by papers, clotheB or
firewood left too near stoves are frequent
Do not dry wood ln the stove. Keep
the wood-box where sparks cannot tall
Into It.
The fire loss In our municipalities
during last winter from causes above
referred to was about one-fifth ot
total loss reported.
Fhe and a Half Million Feet of Loss.
ber (ioes l'p In Smoke at Bock
Creek Saturday Night
mm   ■ i    , *__    -   -     ___**_
OCTOBER 14th, 1915
Flre Saturday night at Rock Creek
destroyed five and a half million feet
of lumber at the Joyce Bros- mill, located two miles west of Elko. Practically everything In the way of lumber was wiped out by the fiery
demon, which licked up pile after pile
of lumber on Its onward march. The
flre seems to have broken out In two
places simultaneously and gained
such headway that It became Impossible to check ft. Prom reports received lt would appear that the flre
was of Incendiary origin, as there was
no fire ln the mill at the time nor at
uny time during the past year. The
dcene ut Rock Creek today presents a
rather sad spectacle, charred lumber
and smouldering ruins mark the spot
where a hive of Industry once wbb located. Tbe fire loss ls partially covered by Insurance.
Only a short time ago the Forest
Mills near Kamloops were destroyed
by fire of an Incendiary origin, entailing a loss of many thousands of
dollars. The loss to Joyce Bros, will
be heavy and will disable the Arm foi
a long time.
Most good Intentions bloom about
bed time.
In Cranbrook they aro trying hard
to keep the wolf and the stork from
tbo door.
It Is whlBpered that a "dark lantern" brigade will soon be organized
In Cranbrook.
This ls a tough old world. Even the
man who is always on the level has
his ups and downs.
The ankle watch has made Its ap-
perance ln Cranbrook. And many men
are now watching the ankle.
Sometimes a woman can't help fooling that lho world Is full ot pikers
and that she met most of them.
If some mon would stay at home, let
other men's wives alone, lt would
make a change In business all around.
Black and white stripes are popular
with Cranbrook ladies, white black
and blue stripes cover the body of the
Cranbrook boy.
When a boy begin* to plaster down
his hair and borrow father's Sui-'iay
scarf pin, It's time tc look for the girl
In the case.
You win find relief In Zam-Buk I
tt Mies lhe burning, stinging
pain, atop* bleeding end brags
•ts*. Perseverance, with Zam-
Buk, means cure. Why not prove
th|| J   AU Drs/issU. end Sttsnsr.
am buk:
Wo   1K1V(;   now   entered   upon   the
Becoml year of tlio war, and the end
Booms as far off ua ovor. No one imagined, a yoar ago, tlmt by September of
1015, Canada would liave sent across
tho Atlantic nearly one hundred thou-
snmi men witli ns muny moro to follow If noocssury. This magnificent
enlistment, while primarily due to the
loyalty tit our people, has been, in n
largo measure, made possible by the
Canadian Patriotic Fund.
This greatest of nil thc national
benotuctlons' Is now. nsslstlng twenty
thousand 'amnios of mon who have
enlisted t,ir overseas service. These
mon have gone forward with the full
assurance thnt the people of Canadr.
will see to It thai during their ob-
Benco, their wives, widowed mothers
nnd little children are maintained in
comfolt, Wo hear that the drain
upon tlio fund Is assuming large proportions, tluit to moot the needs of
July and August $700,000 was expended, that the reserves aro being materially decreased and that tho national executive committee now flndB
It necessary to make a further appeal
to the Canadian public.
There nre many funds, most of them
worthy, but of them nil. thc Patriotic
Fund Is the ono wc cannot allow to
fail. It Is the duty of the government
to arm, equip and maintain thc troops.
Not u dollar do the Federal authorities give to the Patriotic Fund. This
work depends solely on the patriotism anil generosity of our own people.
Thousands of bravo men arc lighting
our battles, believing that we meant
what we raid when we told them as
thoy went forward: "Go and wc will
enre tor the wife and kiddles." It
would lie to our everlasting disgrace
if our pledgo wore broken.
Tlie national organisation, with
headquarters nt Ottawa and branches
or affiliated nssoclatlons In every part
of the Dominion, Is worthy of our
most generous support In the tremendous and over-growing task that it
has undertaken,
Father   Fhelu,   34,
Ecclesiastical Lawyer,
Passes Away
Louis, Oct. 13.—Rev. Father
David S. Phelan, priest, editor and
militant ecclesiastical lawyer, died
here recently. As a maker of famous
phrases of biting wit, the humble parish priest had gained national fame.
Horn 74 years ago In Nora Scotia
of Irish parentage, he waB ordained
In 1863, and started his paper, the
Western Watchman, 12 years later.
Authorities of the church were never
safe from Father Phelan's criticism,
and as a result be frequently was rebuked by them.
A recent rebuke was caused by his
defense of the tango, ln which he
made a daring defense of feminine
charms in dance, f aylng that the
young woman who advertised her attractiveness In the dance might form
family ties for herself and might be
serving Ood in this way aB loyalty ts
the priest at the altar.
Thirty years for warfare scheming,
WaB that haughty  war mad lord;
In a land with science teeming,
Armed he up a powerful horde;
Ships he built canallod to ocean,
I Knthralled his subjects, till thc notion
Thut the time was ripe for action,
But thus far, what stupefaction!
Vlnns he made of every sectica
Of the Universe he'd rule;
Built he up ln dread subjection,
Spies for clever men to fool;
Some made good by pluck and skill,
Helping more his brain to thrill;
Till, goaded on by Jealous hate,
He rushes on to meet his fate.
When treaties foul he would try to
He'd gone too far, he saw too late,
For quiet, the watch-dogs of honor
did wait,
it is Bald dentists at the front arc I    Watchlnfe whatevor road ho might
nnver afraid to dio.  Probably It is be- i take.
cause they have looked so often into j Back down he could not, for his people
the Jaws o* death. ; Had got the war fever too hard;
.  ■ And It now looks, straight as a steeple,
If you want to live ln Cranbrook        He'll be hoist with his own petard,
'without having enemies "say nothing,
bo nothing, do   nothing"   and   your 1 He tore treaties of honor asunder;
chances are excellent for succccs.
Unfortunately tho flre of g.uius
c.uinot always keep thc pot boiling.
With tho approach of cold weather
some fellows in Cranbrook hiiv.i i:
buy wood.
A few Cranbrook people an flying
pretty high since tho war commenced.
Somo of them are figuring on Joining
the aviation corps and trying themselves out as real (h)elrshtp.i.
Owing to hard times In Cranbrook
people aro compelled to live on yojng
roast spring chicken and green peas,
while the less fortunate are taking
rides ln the country ta their automobiles.
When a man asks a girl for her
photograph he's satisfied lt he gets
one of those thrce-for-a-quarter,
made-whllc-you-walt things. But
when a girl asks a man for Ms picture she's disappointed It he doesn't
come through with "a twenty-five dollar platinum, sepia print, as large as a
Craabrook Limerick
A lady as proud as old Lucifer
Is tired ot her husband's abuci'er.
She says she will see
If she ever gets free
Love doesn't again make a gruclftr.
A young wife complained to the governor,
Her husband was rude and kept slior-
Though but recently wed
He had changed, so she said,
And had quite given cp lovey dovener.
Ashes [ilnccd against wood or In
woollen boxes or barrels, defective
chimneys, (iroplaces, stoves, furnaces,
or pi lies, overheated stoves, furnaces,
or tdiies flgurq prominently in thc Hat
of causes of fnll and winter Ares.
Such Ores nre. In the majority of
cases, caused In reality by some one's
carelessness. Furnaces nnd stovea are
put Into use witiiout proper protection.
No provision Is made for ashes or for
the removal of rubbish In whicli
spirits may nlleht and catiBe flreB.
Ashes should not bo placed against
wooden walls or in wooden receptacles—metal receptacles should bo clear
of nil wood.
Before the cold weather sets in see
that chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, fur-
nnces, nnd pipes are In good order,
nml that the latter nre properly supported. See thnt floors, walls, and
colllnss nro properly protected so that
overheating of stoves or pIpcB cannot
start n [Ire. a sound stove properly
placed nnd protected cannot burn a
honso hy being overheated.
Boxes, crates,   cartons, and paper
Invermere, B. C, Oct. 13.—There
arrived here today by private car a
party of big game hunters Including
It. O, Hill, Important financial man of
Xew York, and II. T. Davidson, of the
Arm of J. P. Morgan ft Co., also of
New York. They were accompanied
by Superintcdnent McKay of Revelstoke, representing the Canadian Pacilic railway. This morning they were
taken by motor car to the end of the
Banff-Windermere road at the summit
of the Rockies, where they were to be
met by guides with pack train and
taken north to the headwaters ot the
Kootenay river to hunt for the big
mime which abounds there.
Messrs. Russell, Fyles and Robin
son, of Cranbrook, spent Saturday
afternoon motor boating on Moyle
Misses Snider and Cartwright visited
friends In Creston from Saturday to
Arthur SCrowe. of Cranbrook, was a
Moyle visitor on Thanksgiving.
3. L. Palmer, C. O. Bancroft, A. H.
Webb, R. s. Shields. W. D. Rllroy, B.
Y, Brake, H. White, E. H. McPhee and
W. Spence, of Cranbrook, were Moyle
visitors Saturday.
Thomas Bates returned home Sun-
Hay from St. Eugene hospital.
Members of Wlldey lodge, No. 44,
I. O. O. F„ entertained at a local
evening here members of Key City
lodge, I. O. O. F„ Cranbrook Satur
Invermere, B. C, Oct. 13.—While
out hunting this week In company
with W. A. Ormlston, James Anderson was attacked by a female grliily
boar, which they had wounded. His
leg was badly lacerated and he Is
now In the hospital. The bear, along
with two cube, wee secured.
By Lieut Col.   Mackay, 0. C. 107th
There will be parade ot all ranks
C. and D. companies for extended order drill on Wednesday afternoon,
October 20th. Fall In at city ball at
4 p.m. Parade Thursday evening for
rifle exercises.   Fall In at 7.30.
Wm. Harris. Lieut.
Children's Day.
8.00 a.m. Corporate Communion of
Sunday school teachers and A.Y.P.A.
11.00 a.m. Matins ud Holy Communion. Subject of address: "The
Church and tbe Children".
7.30   p. m.    Evensong.      Subject:
"Youth and Religion".
Preacher Rer. W. H. Bridge, B.A., L.th
ikox riimmui ciraci
Pastor, W. K. Thaauoa
Morning service 11.00 a.m.
A Children's Service with tbe monthly service for children, 8.S. and Bible
class, 3.00 p.m.'
Evening service 7.30 p.m. Subject:
The first of a aeries of sermons on the
Ten Commandments—"The Flrat Commandment".
Anthem at Morning and Evening
And to his undying shame,
Laid waste with tire and thunder,
A country fair and famed;
His fell acts there have Ailed thc
With disgust and a bitter taste;
And hopes that his flag will soon bc
With him to the Flro in hr.s'.c.
The bluff he threw, to Britons true,
Was one he yet will rue;
For the bull-dog   breed on   land or
Wlll never turn to flee.
One battle they will always win,
It might be at the last;
But the fighting line, which seemed bo
Will come with a mighty blast.
For the Bulldog's pups and the Lion's
Has come from over thc seas;
With map and snarl, until he flees,
They'll prove thc best of helps.
Tliey have thu old flag,   tho1 dissensions arise
And for thc old "Motherland" strive
S'lll over tho Empire the Union Jack
And will lead in the front on the
And at the day ot settling,
They will stand by the "Mother's"
The place of wise men getting,
For the honors to divide.
Then, may they   prove   their utmost
And boldly hold, that on this earth;
That fiend foul, shall reign no more,
But exiled to a distant shore.
For the lives of womon anti of child,
Sent forth to death by treacherous
No mercy shewn, but taunting cries,
From  the  devils ot  the  sea and
At that dread   day   when   all   shall
For the sentence meet of Hlc right
May the God of all, ln Judgment say,
Vengeance is mine; I will repay.
—J. W. Weston.
Hanbury, B. C,
October 4th, 1916.
(Section 80)
on the first day of December next application will bo made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale license No. 08, tor
the sale of liquor by wholesale In and
upon the premises known aa the
Cranbrook Brewery, situate near
Cranbrook, upon Um lands described
as Lot 28, Oroup 1, South Eaat Kootenay.
Dated this 16th day of Oetober, ISIS.
Cranbrook Brewing Co., Ltd,
A True Tonic
is one that assists Nature.
Regular and natural action of
the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels will keep you well and
71, Una* tela el Am Ml*, la *, Wesl*.
Stlel iNrraaaia,   lit boaee. IS ce.t»
The Amsterdam Handclsblad writes
as follows:
On the morning of August 4th, 1914,
Qermany declared war on Belgium and
It was not until the 28th ot that month
Austria did the same, ln the moaul-
tlmo tho Austrian Ambassador had remained at Brussels. When the Belgian Government ordered special
measures to be taken with regard to
OermonB in Belgium and many of
them were deported by the military
authorities, the Austrian Ambassador
Count Clary und Atdrlngen, called upon
the Belgian Minister of War for protection of Austrian subjects in Bel-
glum. The Belgian government compiled with his request nnd notices to
the effect were Issued In all papers
drawing attention to the difference
between Austrlans and Germans and
stating that there existed no state of
war between Belgium and Austria.
At the same time the Austrian ambassador at Brussels, thus securing
protection for himself nnd his subjects
In a country that had been attacked
by Germany, had a conference with
Mr. Davlgnon, Belgian Foreign Minister, and asked for tho right to communicate with his Government at
Vienna In cipher messages. Thk enabled him to Inform Vienna that the
Belgian Government intended to transfer their seat from Brussels to Antwerp, which Information was of sufficient interest for a country at war
with Belgium.
While keeping this friendly attitude
the big Austrian Howitzers were being concentrated oa the Belgian fortresses, and what, is more, these guns
had already finished their work on
Belgian soil by destroying the Namur
fortresses, before the declaration ot
war by Austria wob handed over to
the Belgian government.
This statement was substantiated
by the following communication from
the Commander of the Austrian Motor
Howitzer Batteries, Colonel Albert
Unger in the Vienna Neue Frele
Presse of February 18th, 1916, No.
181.10, page 13.
"Our motor howitzers were concentrated at Cologne on Auguat 16th.
There I received the order to Vervlers
where the guns were unloaded. From
Verviers we were seat to Namur on
August 21st, where we started our
work. Two days later at one o'clock
in the afternoon, we captured the flrst
fortress, called Cognelle, and an hour
aftcrwnrdB, the second fell Into our
hnnds. Against the fortress of Cognelle we have been using the 30.6
c. m. mortar, and against the other
fortresses the 42 c. m. On August 26,
we captured Namur and the next day
we were ordered to Maubeuge In
On the night of the 16th, tho commander of the heavy Austrian artillery was ordered to Invade Belgium
and on she 26th he had demolished the
fortresses of Namur, and not until
the 28th, Count Clary und Aldrir-gcn
Informs the Belgian government:
"That from that moment the monarchy considers Itself to be tn a state
of war with Belgium, and" that ho Is
leaving the country with the othor
members of the embassy."
Poor Belgium, how badly those pow-j
erfut nations have treated you!
Even if one may believe that the
ambassador has been bona fide, how
is the Austrian government able to
explain their attitude?
As soon as Germany declared war
on Belgium the Austrian government
had decided to Join their ally, and during tho time that secret preparations
are being made thc ambassador remains at Brussels, Is frco to study the
details of Belgian defence, and report
by letter on this subject to Vienna via
his colleague at tho Hague, at the
same time requesting protection for
himself and his subjects in Belgium.
He even remains a guest of tbe Belgian government taking advantage of
the hospitality tendered to diplomats
of befriended nations. Atter tho removal of the Belgian government to
Antwerp, Count Clary und Aldrlngen
remains at Brussels aad Is still thore j
when the Allies of liis country enter |
the city.
It would be premature to Judge
these facts now, but thc time wlll come
when history will give a JiiBt and unprejudiced opinion of these four weeks
of ambiguous policy, protected by
hospitality, played by a mighty empire at the expense of a small nation,
which is honestly observing the rules
of International courtesy towards a
disguised enemy.
(Section 42)
on the first day of December next application wlll be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
llqnor by retail In the hotel known
aa the Tourist Hotel, situate at Bull
River, In tho Province of British Columbia. -***t
Dated thia 7th day of October, 1916.
40-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
onl tbe first day ot December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Yahk hotel, sttuato at Yahk, in
the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 7th day of October, 1916.
The Pepf woy of treating
coughi, coldi, bronchitis ind lung
and throat troublei. How? Well,
up to now people with theie chest
and throat troubles have swallowed cough mixtures, sickly
syrups and the like, Into their
ttomaeiS*. Sore lungs and throat
get no good by dosing the stomach.   Peps work differently.
Peps are tablets made up of Pine
extracts and medicinal essences,
which when put Into the month
turn Into healing vapors. These
are breathed down direct to the
' lungs, throat and bronchial tubes
—not swallowed down to the
stomach, which is not ailing. Try
a SOc. box of Peps for your cold,
your cough, bronchitis or asthma.
All druggists and stores or Pepa
Co., Toronto, will supply
Did it ever strike you how careful a druggist
has to be in all his operations if he is to be a
successful aid to your physician? His prescription scales must be just right, his drugs must be
pure, his knowledge must be accurate and, above
all. his mind musl be on his work.
If you watch a conscientious druggist like wc pride ourBcives on being
compounding a prescription, you will see an object lesson on n serious
phase of life—the fight with illnessand death. Bring your prescriptions here today.
The Beattie Murphy Go, Ltd.
TA* ___ Strsr,
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in
the West—Government inspected—approved by careful
housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THB SEAL OF
SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter,
Eggs, Sausage—wherever lt appears.
P.  BURNS & CO.,  Ltd.
Are You House Cleaning?
How about your Paints, Stains and Varnishes ?
A little touch of Paint or Stain will brighten up the
house wonderfully. We have thirty six different colors to
select from.
Our Price on Electric LampB on Saturday Is 35c each
J. D. McBride
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Plumbing   Heating Tlnsniithing
To England Under Neutral Flag
•UMRVf  ** *"*> I-*""""—-
American Line (New York—Liverpool)
Large, Fast American Steamers, Under the American Flag
S.S. ST. PAUL OCT. 80th
S.8. NEW YORK NOV. 6th
8.S. ST. LOUIS.... NOV. 80th
First Class, $»5.00t Second Class, »85.00; Third Class, 840.
Company's Offlce, A. E. Disney, Passenger Agent,
619 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash.
Local Agents i
i. W. Spence, Ci P. R. Station
Beale* Elwell THURSDAY,
OCTOBER 14th, 1915
Silver wedding gifts
should bc chosen with due
regard for permanent
wearing qualities. Better
give high class plated
ware than cheap sterling
of light quality. We can
supply the beat in both
sterling and plate and wlll
be glad to suggest desirable pieces or sets at
whatever price you want
to pay.
W. H. Wilson
TOWg Tonct
The "Crisis In B. C." for sale at thc
Herald ollice.   Price 6c.
T. J. Slmmona wan a Nelton visitor
thls week.
Buggy, $25.00, democrat 140.00, for
sale.   Apply Box 905.
Masquerade Costumes to rent. Orders taken at Model Variety store.
Boys' knitted sweater suits all sizes
and colors at $3.00 and $3.25. Model
Variety store.
Mr. Harry Edwards, the Wycliffe
hotel proprietor, was a visitor In the
city yesterday.
Miss Olive H. White left Wednesday
to train for a nurse in the Kootenay
Lake General Hospital, Nelson.
All our complete line of fall. and
winter wear now on display at lowest
prices.  Model Variety store.
Roy C. Proctor went to the Windermere country this week and wlll remain there for about a week.
Mrs. Cherrington and the staff of
King Edward's School "At Home" on
Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 8.30 p.m.
The engagement of Miss Dora Russell and Mr. Dan Bell is announced..
The wedding will take place shortly.
Mr. J. Shaw Parker, of.Skookumchuck, was a Cranbrook visitor today
and paid the Herald a pleasant call.
Acting as agent for a Spokane costumier 1 will accept orders for ladies
and gent's costumes after 17th Oct.,
at Model Variety store.
Alex and Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. C. C.
Snowden, Mrs. Prescott Lewis and
John Macdonald of Kimberley motored into tiie clly yesterday.
Otis Staples Lumber Co., of Wycliffe, have shipped in several cars of
steel railway rails for the purpose of
extending their logging operations.
Robert J. Taylor of the Baker Lumber Company of Waldo came Into town
today to make arrangements for the
winter logging operations of his company.
Mrs. Jack Burton, of Kimborley,
wis a visitor In town Thursday and
Friday. Mrs. Burton Ib now comfortably Bottled in hor now homo at the
mining town.
The Rod Cross Society wish to.
thank the people of Wardner fer their
splendid donation of $56.00, proceeds
of the patriotic dance recently glvon
tiiere by them.
On account of tlie absence of a
quorum, there was no meeting nf the
city council last Monduy, and a special meeting has been called for next
.Monday afternoon.
Although war Is still on we will
have a large stock of Xmas fancy
goods, dolls and toys on display after
Nov. 1st at Santa Clans' headquarters
Model Variety store.
Mr. Ed. Culllon, formerly bush foreman with the King Lumber Mills, was
called from Vernon as a WttnoBl in
the suit or Cronln vs. King. Mr. Cullln
ls a member of thc 54th.
A party was given in honor of Eddie
Doolan at the home of Thomas
Herron last Thursday night.
Mr. Doolan wos home on a
furlough from camp and left ror
Vernon Monday morning.
Among tho witnesses summoned for
the assize court In Oranbrook were
Archie Leitch, of Jaffray; C. D. McNabb, of Wnldo; J. Mackey, of Wycliffe; Chester Staples, of Wycliffe;
WI Barter, of Wycliffe; luanc Burch.
Fred Rider, timekeeper ln the C.P.R.
shops, leaves on Friday for Vernon
enmn, where he has Joined the 54th.
At the station a number of the fair
box were on hand to bid Mr. Rider
A. B. Horsman left on Sunday tor
I Glenllly after a two weeks visit In the
George Watson, of Fort Steele, chief
flre warden, Is very ill at his home
with typhoid fever.
Mrs. F. J. Harrison Is moving this
week Into the Ed, Johnson residence
on Burwell avenue.
Frank Lawe, of the firm of lawyers
of Lawe and Fisher, was In attendance
at the assize court here this week.
The friends of Mr. Roy Wadmnn will
I>j glad to learn thnt he lu convalcbe
ing after his recent Severn shaking
Mrs. Tom Herron and Miss Belie
Miller are spending tbe week ln the
Skookumchuck country on a hunting
If children are feverish glvo a I!g.u
laxative like Roxall Orderlies whicli
often removes the cause. Sold only by
The Beattio-Murphy Co., The Ratal)
Store, 10c, 25*3. & 50c. boxen.
Itolpli Palmer, who has been residing at Vancouver for the past two
years, has returned to Cranbrook being now employed by the C. P. It,
Conetlpated women find Rcxr.ll Orderlies a gentle, natural laxative. Sold
only by The Beattie-Murphy Co., The
Roxall Store, 10c, 26c. & 50c. box**.
Pte. Cullen and Pte. Turnley of the
64th Kootenay Battalion arc In the
city this week from Vernon. They are
former residents and are being greeted by many old friends.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McKnlght, of the
McKnlght Construction Co., Ltd., Toronto, Ont., were week-end visitors
wltli Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Williams,
leaving on Sunday for Vancouver and
other coast cities.
The death of Ruth Evelyn, Infant
daughter of George Lesselyoung, of
Wardner, occurred on Wednesday.
Funeral Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m
Irom the residence of Mr. F. W. Burgess. Burwell avenue.
Thc Mountain Lumbermen's association Will hold a business meeting at
Calgary on the 20th, when the advisability of making an advance In the
prices of some grades of material will
bu given consideration. A report of
the proceedings'will be given later.
Mrs. T. T. Mecredy has Just received the sad hews of the death of her
mother, Mrs. Ganley. Mrs. Gantey
was the relic of the late Andrew Ganley, the famous rifleman who helped
to win the Elcho Shield ho often 'for
Mr. R. E. Beattie, of the Beattie-
Murphy Drug company, ls at Creston
this week looking after-the business
■iid of affairs. Mr. Beattie trill remain there until the appointment of a
new man to that branch, Mr. McBean
having resigned his position.
On Tuesday evening, October 19th,
Llie Ladies Auxiliary of the Railroad
Y. M. C. A. will hold their first bowling
match this season, commencing at 8
o'clock sharp. Miss Ada Hickcnbotham and Miss Edith McBride are appointed captains for the evening and
an interesting time Is expected.
That there is wealth stilt In the old
diggings at Wild Horse Creek was
again demonstrated tills week, when
a Chinaman, who has been going over
the old washings, brought into town
$11,000 In gold. For years Chinamen
have been at work at the creek, where,
in their own fashion, they pan out the
precious metal.
Tuesday evening the Knights of Columbus gave an Informal dance at St.
Mary's hall to commemorate Columbus
day. Tbe evening was most enjoyable
there being a good attendance. The
Cranbrook Orchestra wns In attendance and discoursed a lively program
of dance music, which was as usual
enjoyed by the dancers.
Sinee the establishment of the Internment camp at Morrlsey, Creston
is about depopulated, according to
word received here today. There has
been an Influx of Creston people to
the camp. It 1s not known whether
they wilt be detained there as alien
enemies or not, but Judging by the
way In which they were hustling towards Morrissey It would lead one to
believe that there was "something"
In it.
Fourteen Italians are leaving Friday
afternoon for the front The men are
from the district towns, coming In
yesterday and are Baying goodbye to
their friends. Today a large crowd
'passed through en route to New York,
from which port they will sail In ten
days time for the scene of battle. In
the next ten days two hundred and
fifty men will go from East and West
Kootenay, a large number coming
from Trail and Rossland.
Mrs. Alex. Taylor and Mrs. C. C.     How is bear moat selling lu Fort
Snowdon, of Kimberley, left   Monday'Steele?
for Calgary. 	
  E. H. L. Attree, of Kort Steelo, was
Miss Jessie Kennedy, school teacher ' In the city yesterday.
at Kimberley, spent Thanksgiving day
here with her parents.
Thomas Martin, who has been visiting his brothers, John and James
Martin, returned to Calgary Tuesday.
J. B. Davis, George M. Davis, Damon
H. Foster and Duncan McFarlane, of
Wycliffe. spent the holiday in the
Harry Storer is in the hospital and
Is reported as progressing favorably
enough to return to Wycliffe this
week. x
Fred G, Perry, court stenographer
from Fernie, came in to the city to
attend the sitting of the supreme
G, U. Jewell, president of the Jewell
Lumber company, of Hanbury, passed
through tho city on Sunday en route
Mrs. Wolf, a former resident of this
city, but now residing at Fort Steele,
was a visitor In the city the flrst of the
Joe Kennedy spent the Thanksgiving holidays at Eureka, Mont., with
his uncle, who ls improving since his
last visit there.
Mrs. D. C. Ryan Is seriously 111 and
has been removed to the hospital for
treatment. Mr. Ryan came home from
Rossland Monday.
A deputation from the local Conservative association met and conversed with Col. J. A. Mackay Tuesday
with regard to having soldiers billeted here for thc winter.
Mrs. Sankey and Mrs William F.
Attridge left Tuesday for Spokane.
Mrs. Sankey has spent three months
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Attridge,
and Is returning to her home In
Pittsburg. Mrs. Attridge Is accompanying her as far as Spokane and
will return here in a few days.
At the Methodist church choir picnic
Thanksgiving day at St. Mary":; lake.
Mr, J. D. McBride was successful In
landing a fish which, fn our opinion.
Is the largest trout taken out of the
St. Mary's. The fi»h weighed four
pounds and was a handsome specimen
of the finny tribe. This ls no fish
story gentte reader, but an actual fact.
Thanksgiving day the choir of the
Methodist church held a picnic at St.
Mary's lake, whither they were conveyed In five automobiles. Thirty-
two were in the party. They were
driven to the picnic grounds by Messrs
J. D. McBride, Lester Clapp, K. A. Hill
W. S. Santo and W. H. Wilson. Tlie
day was Ideal for plcnfclng and the
party enjoyed themselves In a genuine
fashion. The day was spent flBhlng
and viewing the many scenic spots of
the famous resort.
T. T. McVittie, of Fort Steele, was
over on business Tuesday.
Miss Macdonald, school teacher at
Loco, haB returned from Coleman.
Mr. Ole Holmes, of Wardner, was a
business visitor in the city Tuesday.
Born—At Cranbrook, Brltlsii Columbia, on Monday, October 12th, 1915, to
Mr. and Mrs. D. Mann, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. ('hlvers, of Invermere, were in attendance at the
golf club competition.
Wlttrld Bterrett wu kicked by    a
horse at Warden's stables ou Thursday
evening, being severely Injured.
The regular monthly meeting of the
•".anbrook Poultry association wilt be
held Friday evening In the city hall
.Miss Lillie Conrad, who haB been
visiting Mrs. Alex. Cameron at Kimberley, returned to her homo in Moyie
A wireless message from Shorncliffe late tonight reports that Jim
Milne will be married at that place
on November 1st.
C. G. Bennett was up from Creston
to spend Thanksgiving with his wife
and children, who are guests at the
home of her parents, Mr. and MrB. G.
B. D. Ireland, foimerly connected
with thc engineering department of
the C. P. It, has recently taken a six
months' contract for constructive engineering with the Russian army.
The engagement Is announced of
Mr. O. E. Barber of thc Cranbrook
Drug and Book Co., and Miss Gertie
Wade, of Vancouver. Tlie wedding
will take place on the -titli at Vancouver.
James Baldwin, a member of thc
56th battalion, Calgary, Alta., arrived
in the city Friday to spend a few days
with his mother and brothers. Mr.
Baldwin reports soldiering at Calgary
a bit slow since the departure of the
12th ror the front.
The dance In the Auditorium
theatre Friday night will be for a
defence fund for Hugh McGlll. The
Kootenay orchestra will furnish the
music. The dance is being given by
the Ancient Order of Foresters, of
which order Mr. McGlll is a member,
One hundred and fifty Italians will
pass through Cranbrook Friday afternoon en route to New York, from
which point they will nail for Italy
tn enter the strive now being waged In
Europe. They will be Joined by the
fourteen men who are going from
Mrs. J. F. Huchcroft and children
left Monday for Niagara Falls, Ont.,
  I where Bhe waa called by the illness of
Miss Pownall, of Fish Lakes, daugh-1 Iier father. whoHe condition has taken
ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Pownall, is \ a tlirn for the woim Recently Mrs
seriously ill at St. Eugene hospital, j Huchcroft's brother was severely
where  she is  suffering  from    blood i burned In a power plant at Niagara.
poisoning.   The lastfew days her condition has become serious, several operations being found necessary.    At
this  writing she 1b  In  a precarious I
Conductor Greaves came into Cran-
brook today with the story of a brutal
murder which    occurred at    Burmis
east of Frank.   Philip Burais, a ranch- j
er, shot and killed his wife and then
attempted suicide but was found un-!
conscious beside the body of his wife, j
His wound proved only slight and he
was taken Into Maeleod by the officers |
on a charge of murder.     It Is thought:
that hc Ib Insane.
Cranbrook may be successful In securing a number of soldiers for tho
winter. The wires are being worked
in the right way this time, according
to Information given out An effort
is being made to have one thousand
men billeted here, although those tn
charge will be well satisfied If five
hundred can be quartered here. .Favorable replies 'have been received by
wire from Major General Sam Hughes
and others Interested In the militia
department. T. D. Caven, M.P., Ib
also Interesting himself In the matter.
when In the discharge of his duties as
Dr. Jaeger's
Sanitary Woolens
From either a health point of view or wearing qualities. They
are not only ALL WOOL but the VERY BEST wool procurable in the WORLD, the garments arc not thrown together
but made by experts who know how and do make them fit.
Every article is guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or will be
replaced or your money refunded and they are sold at one price
in all parts of Canada, the same here as in Montreal, they are
pleasant to wear and while the first cost is a little more than
for the average garments, they are cheaper in the end because
they wear so much better.
Mens, womens and children.s underwear, sweaters, hosiery, floras, slippers, men's caps and shirts, child's knitted suits, jackets, shawls, bootees
and many other articles. It is not a habit but a pleasure, not extravagant,
but economical to buy and wear Dr Jaeger's Woolens.
Brault Peek • Boo Curtain Roils I
Regular 10c. j
SPECIAL 5 for 25c. I
Hardware  and   Mill   Supplies
Cranbrook     •   •   •   B.C.
Skin Sufferers—Read
Beale & Blwell for Ore, life und accident Insurance.
Safety dcpOBlt vault—safety deposit boxes to rent. Apply to Beale
& Klwell.
We want alt skin HutTcr-.rs who
have Buffered for many y>rrs the tor-;
turoa of disease and who have sought
medical aid In vain, tJ read this.
We, as old established druggists of
llii;, community, wish to recjxmend
to you a product that has given rr.any
relief and may mean the* end of your;
agony. The product is a mild, simple
wash, not a patent r.ifdicine concocted of various worthless drugs, but a
scientific compound mr.de of well
known antiseptic ingredients. It Ii
called the IL It. I). Prescription tor
This is a doctor's special pr."»crlp-
tion—one ttir.t bas etfectud many won-
dorful cures.
Thc effect ot D. D. I), is to s> the
Instantly, as so^n as dpplkd; then it
penetrates tbe ports, denl:*cys and
taiiows all dlneasc giTma imd leave"
the skin clean and healU.y. Wo sfll
D. D. D., 35c. and $1.
We are so confident of the marvellous power ef D. D. D. that wu liave
taken advantage of the manufacturers' guarantee to effi-r yuu a full-site
bottle, fl.M, on trial, You alec tan*
to judge. If lt doesn't help you, your
money refunded.
D. D. D.   Soap   keops     your skin
iValthy.   Ask us about lt.
D. D. D. la Made in Canad:
Miss Margaret Kennedy, of Fernie,
was a visitor fn the city over Saturday!
Beale *\ Klwell are offering a property worth $15M for $760.00 on easy
terms;   two  storied residence.    This
snap will not be on the market fort1''11-1 SumVy. spending the time with
long, If you want it act quickly and I1"* brother Joe. Miss Kennedy ia
see Beale ft Klwell.     I
i now In the employ of the local govern-
, ment offlce at Fernie.
Cash for Coal
Owing to the (act that
all coal being shipped has
bill of lading attached,
which means we must pay
(or same before opening
the car, we are therefore
obliged to ask our customers for CASH on all coal
orders In future. There
will be no exemptions.
We are sole agents as
usual for Oalt, Bankhead
and Steam Coals.
Prices on application.
W. E. WOBDGN, Prop.
Tbe Montreal   Witness   has situs
specimen Ten*, (rom * collection of
rejected poems, probably tbe tecum-
aIjetion ot years.   Oae rends:
Arrangements bnre been completed I    Roy Wadman met with a serious ac-1 Go see wbnt 1 bate sawn,
whereby tbe   syndicate   of Sprague,  cldent Saturday evening while driving i    Go feel whnt I ban felt;
Wash., mining men will take hold of a : to Kimberley. sustaining a broken leg  Walk in the fields at early dawn
number of expired mining leases   on ' and other injuries, the result of a run- j   And smell what 1 nave smelt.
Perry Creek.   Tho Sprague men arc  away.    Mr. Wadman was brought Into,
expected here tbe flrst of tbe Week to the St. Eugene hospital, where be la ; One wonders Jnst why the editor, in
make arrangements to start opera-1 now resting easy and doing as well aa i his discretion, rejected tbe poem, If
tlons. I circumstances will permit. the other verses are op to the stand-
' ■ „    i ...   .   ,        . „   .    .       .. lard of the one printed.   Possibly tbe
Constable. Collins loft  Wedne.day     < °"»**•"« Arden. of Moyie. brought „_,     „nn„ at_ihl,
for Nelson to brim the four Cran- "> 'hrM <•«»<"> Prisoners, who were \ rf (jfa_ Anothe, re.„,:
brook men. who wlll (ace criminal' ""•K"1* thclr wav «*> Un<:l« Sams fair
charges at Pernio on Monday next, to \ iom^"- vn"" the «en were arrested
that city. They are Hugh McOill, "">" prwonted a sad spectacle, being
charged with murder; A. A. Johnaon '""'OT •ni1 »'lthollt m»"W- They were
barged with Indecent assault on a f00t «°" »"" «««*'• '• '■ ^oatltt the
young girl; Charles UDuko charged m,!" w»lkfl1 M tilfi W '"»* S"""*1-
wlth escaping from the city Jail; and cl""'»» *T*« «" »«» «>°»ned '«
James Ellis charged with obtaining I '"eProvincial gaol, where ther are he-
money under (also pretences. Con-. '"K furnished with food and being pro-
stable McDonald will assist   in the  tr»' c«r<"> '°r
The thunder.; roll from pole to pole,
Tbe lightnings flash across the sky,
The cattle lift their tails and run.
And so do I
The soulfol quality of this stansa
marks the bora poet, albeit a tyro ln
tbe technique ot the art of versifying.
The measure ia faulty, and (or that
reason, no doubt, tbe poem waa rejected by the stern Clitic of The Wit-
work of conveying the prisoners io Mr. M. A. Macdonald. brother of Mr.'ness. But genius can no more be kept
Pernie. During the absence of th,- A . n MacaonaM, arr|Ved |n the city down than can the tails of the cattle
city and provincial police at the as-1 Saturday on a snort visit. "Mac" la : in a thunderstorm, and .the writer of
sites Constable Arden, of Moyle, wlll, (|u|le a frequent visitor to Cranbrook I the verse wUl be heard from again,
police the Cranbrook district. iatP|y.   cranbrook lias some charms j It Is said tbe last verse   came from
^ ' for this gentleman still.    Years ago,  t'ranbrook and was signed fi. O. It.,
A series of lectures on "Practical I whim a resident of this city, he was  which probably means Bard of Rockies
.Nursing," "First Aid In Small Accid-: one of Cranbrook's best boosters and; — Orillla Packet
enta   and   Serloua,"   "Emergencies," j today, as in the days of yore, he still j _____^_____^___
etc., to be given under the auspices | has a good word to say for the old
of  the  Women's    Institutes   in   the ! >"'rg.   He expects to return to Cran- j
Maple hall at i p.m. on the afternoons brook In thc spring when he will figure
(Section 42).
Mr. Rush Adamson, superintendent
of the Kootenay Telephone Lines, who
mot with a mishap last week when hla
oar overturned on him sustaining
three fractured rigs, Is able to move
around. Mr. Adamson Is Improving
nicely and la already attending to bus-
Sewing Pone at Home or
lit Haaioa Aveaue
of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
October 21st, 22nd and 23rd. These
demonstrations and lectures will bu
given by Mlsa Steed, of Victoria, who
has been appointed by the department
of agriculture to visit the different
institutes In East and West Kootenay. As announced, these lectures
are (ree to members, but ladles can
become members and attend them on u
payment of 600, on  application   to
In a celebrated case which wlll come i
up.    He left for Vancouver Tuesday. I
A quiet wedding was solemnised at
on th* Ilrst day of December next application wlll be mado to the Superintendent of Provincial Police (or re-
.i    , ....... ,    newal of the  hotel   license to   sell
the home of thc bride s parents this ! n,nor aJ rMjJ| ta ej,, boM blown
(Thursday)  evening when  Miss Oer- . a*   the   Kootenay Hotel,   situate   at
tie Macdonald. daughter of Mr. and ' Moyie, la the Provlnc* of British Cn-
Mrs. Samuel  Macdonald   became the "»fo „„, m^    Q_m]t>mi
bride of Mr. Frank Abbott, a member ■ -*y  j  BREM.VER.
or tin* 5*>th battalion. Calgary', Alta.. 141-41 Applicant
but formerly a resident of Cranbrook. ■ ■***' ■»■ ■   —m
Housewives, Attention!
Our fresh and high-grade Groceries and Provisions are
on sale for one week (rom-lBth at such low prices that
has never been known in Cranbrook.
Now is your opportunity to buy your week's or month's
The following are a few of our numerous bargains:
1 98 lb. Five Roses Flour, regular $3.60 For $3.35
1 98 Ib. Prairie Pride    "  regular $3.60 For $3.26
10 to 12 lb.' ham, regular     21  For     20
8 to 10 Ib. bacon, regular      24." For      23
20 Ib. sugar, regular  $1.66 For $1.60
100 lbs. sugar, regular $8.26 For $7.96
Butter, regular 36c, 8 for $1.00
Peas ar.d Corn, regular 2 for 25c, $ for     35c
Large tin St. Charles milk, regular 25c. (or     20c.
Tip Top Salmon, regular 2 for 26., 3 for     35c.
Climax Jam, regular 60c, for  60c.
2 lb. tin Christie's Sodas, regular 35c, for     SOc
Blue Ribbon Tea, regular 46c, for     40c
Telephone til Prompt Delivery
The ceremony wns jjrrfarmed by the
Mrs. John Shaw, secretary-treasurer. [ „„,. T|)on)u K(.yil.(irtl,  pasU,r „f ,h(. |
Methodist church. Th»* wedding wai
The opening social of the women's i riuletly celebrated, only the very close ;
relatives and friends of the contracting parties beln« present. Mr. and
Mrs. Abbott wlll leave on the Flyer
Friday morning for Calgary.
11«. per word for (Irat week, aad le. par
word (or «*ch week after
auxiliary to tbe Railway Young Men':
Christian association was held ln the
Y. M. C. A. building Monday night and
Was attended by a large crowd. Th.'
social was In aid of the work of the
auxiliary and the proceeds from the
sale of candy and the collection wlll
be used In carrying on the work of
that body.     The programme:   Mlsi
WA *.Tt:D   general
cooking essential
it, good plain
Pbone 67.
(Rectlon 42).
on the first day of December neit ap-
...    j       . ,„ .„ ,   ,   . plication wlll be made to tbe Super-
Wanda and Vincent Fink, Instrumcn-1 |„tendent of Provincial Police for ra
tal : Rev. W. H. Bridge, chairman's
'address; Mrs. John Thomson, song:
Mrs. J. W. Spence, reading: I. Hanna, song; Mlsa Orma McNabb, recitation; Mra. Frank M. MacPherson,
song; Rev. Mr. Keyworth, address;
Archie Raworth, song; Prank Mac-
Pheraon, Instrumental duet; W. S.
Macdonald, recitation; Mn. Edward
Paterson, song; Rev. W. K. Thomson,
address; Miss Ada M. Hickenbotham,
recitation; selection by the Cranbrook
orchestra; Mrs J. H. Kink and Mrs.
Ed. Paterson, vocal duet
newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Windsor Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, In the Province of Brlt-
I Ish Columbia.
Dated this 14th ilny of Octoher. 1916
41-41 Applicant.
(Section 421
I'anlakH men t* real, breakfast If
desired, modern conveniences. Ap-
ply P.O. Boi tW.
riMT • CLASS    DtlOCRAT    OB
light wagon for tale cheap.   Apnlj
Joe Balaeiw. ctur,    ■ ll-U
! COTTAdl FOB BIHT-M.. mat,
n*wly papered aad palatod; lll.M
per month, IncladUg viator. Apply
1.. P. Sulllvaa. I      ■  -
orr the first day of December neit application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
, newal of   the hotel  license to    sell
Miss He-1 liquor by retail In the hotel   known
wltt, song; D. M. Cowan, addresn and, as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate at Wy.
announcement; I.. Vaa Stavern, Instrumental nolo. Refreshments wero
earn*, altor watak kawllag waa In-
<ml|*a to by to* w*****.
cllffe. In the Province of British Co- j
Dated this 14th day of Oetober, Illl.,
MUTATIOJUL^ An opp.rtsait.wtH
be gives to lean rltha* shorthand
or teletrepky la retara lor assist*
ante ll spied practice, *j romaiai-
eaUaa witb I- I.. IL, Herald ottke.
ftTAUI TO BINT, fer feu k*rm,
electric light, vara, well venlllatod .
with larg* hay loft aad   oat   bin.
II.M   par   month,   apply   Herald
otic*. tf*
ranleM keen te neb-Peer ******
with bath; (Meed: close In; aawly
papered aid palatod; piano II <*•
•Ind: ia tblldraa
iklMna aratamd; «ar»-
•at*; |U a* tottStk, la- PACK FOUR
OCTOBER 14th. 1915
r ''i
Loyal Oram*
No. nn
WiJbV**?! Meets first aad tklrd
^ VV, Thursdays at I p.aa.
1 SUB In Royal Bleak
Kuiciiis ol Inlaad Ball, Bakar
11. S. Garrett, W.M.
T. 0. Horsman, Roc. Sec.
Mill,    •V*TT
Monday a!gh«
at Fraternity
Sojourning Oddfeilawi
ly Invited.
Harris, R. W. Russell,
c. N.G.
Baniiters, Helleltorg  aa<
Money to Loan
trapertal Bank BaUdlif
('riinhronk. B.C.
Heels every Tuesday at I *M. he
the Fraternity Hall
It. C. Carr, CC.
F. JI. Christian, K. R. t S.
V. 0. Box III
Visiting brethren aaralallr to-
vltei. to attend.
M.i I' every second aad .
Wednesday at Frataralty
Sojourning Rtbekaha *s
ly Invited.
iSia, C. ncimot, N. G.
Sis. A. Hickenbotham! Sec
(Successor to W. P. Ourd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   aa*
P. 0. Box III
B.  C.
Phpilelaai and Sarfeeas
aavi* at realdaaet. Armstrong
Paraaooaa   I.M to ll.M
iittrso.ua  I.M to   I.M
•vealagi    7.11 to   I.M
Sudan   I.JO to   I.M
Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeta In Mapl* Ball mead
and  fourth  Tuesday ef *****
montli nt a p.m.
Membership **** to M**a*a
E. Y. Ilrake, J. P. lew,
J'rrsident ***g*ss\sTt
Visiting    fflanbin    tardlaAP
Meota In the MapU Hull
(lrpt Tuenday aftarnoon af wntry
iiiuiitii ut 3 p.m.
President, Mrs. W. B. McFarlane
Secretary, Mrs. John Shaw
P. 0. Box 441
All Indies cordially terltoaV
Presldont—A. B. Smith
Secret£iry*-Alb. H. WtM
For Information regarding
lands nnd ugriculture apply to
the Secretary, Cranbrook, B.C.
Meeting—The Second Saturday at 2.,iO o'clock.
•ate* is Sanson Block
offici hours
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
T to   I p.m.
BaMntty ul fltaaral larslng
aardsa Ar*.
farms oa Application
MM. A. SALMON, llatroa
Pknat IM P. O. Boi III
IM P. 0. Box Ml
Funeral Director aad Emealner
Undertaking Parlora
Fenwick Avenue
Near Baker St,
•vB ud Vlnlng Ei|ia**rs
B. C. Lui Suve/en
<i II I'll E STB A
Ik ojien for engagement
Dunces, Socials Etc
Apply to
'Irs. Arnold Walliaier
I'lioJiE 131
Cranbrook, B.C.
Forwarding    and    Distributing
Agent (or
l.i'llihrldge  Coal
\l-lte Powder
Imperial Oil Ce.
Draylng and Traniferrlag
Ulveu prompt attention
Phone M
in   open   Tor  engagement
for dances; socials, etc
For (onus apply to
. t'rnnlirook, II. C.
Bar ***** Ml Night Pkaa* M
a*m*rsn Ave, aaxt to City Ball
Phon* 105 P. 0. Box M
Organist ifathodlst Chunk
■toeelvee Paplla ler
Orgaa, Pianoforte, Tolas,
Studio: II Norbury Ava
If you want satisfactlea
with your waahlag
sand lt to
Special prices for family
Heailiiunrters for all kinds ol
Satisfaction  Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
r ^*Wk
'   'i!!6{'.SqtS,|HWil
.!..■ —I-lMlTfiO- •
*«*fe.   '
oa Ike
ffeaenl Merekaal
■apltjawla Afttlt
P. a. Bni IM Phoae Ml
BeM. Prams, Prep.
Freak Bread, Cakes, Flos
aad Faitry
Pkaa* II
jjjrtBfP Are.      Opp. OU Ball
L.   HI.   SMITH
Ladles   and   Gentlemen's   Hats
Cleaned and Blocked
Phone 204
J. Taylor, FropritUr
Hu juit purchaitd a car of
(AU Tuberculin Totted)
Milk ail croon twice UWf
BittermlU twice a woek
Tho only clarified milk la
Wo ffiarantoo to Ploaoo
(Br rttA nee.:
MUs Belle Thomson left for Cal*
Kary this week.
Miss Irene McKee returned via Cal-
Kiiry after spending a month at the
coast cities.
Fred Koo is spendinK a week around
the Tobacco Plains chasing Mallard
ducks and blue grouse.
Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Tom Prentice, of Kernie, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. 0. J. Lewis this week.
Bob Duthte, of Ferule, the champion
wing shot, was down at tho Waldo
marshes after white swans.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Letcher and sen
Frank drove ln from the Roonville
valley on their way to Fernlo.
Coroner Sergeant H. W. Wilkes,
107th regiment, Fernie, was out to
Waldo and camp 7 In his official capacity this week.
C. E. Elveth, of the Great Northern
Purchasing Department, St. Paul,
Minn., was In Elko this week contracting for ties.
J. 1). McHride and party motored
from Cranbrook to the Tobacco Plains
country visiting the Roosville Falls
en route Sunday.
Messrs. Dobuon and Wllllngham,
Fernie, wholesale men, passed
through Elko Sunday tor tbe Sunkist
Orchard, Roosville Valley.
The Ladles Guild is giving a harvest
festival In the old Trading Post, and a
whist drive, Thanksgiving day for the
benefit of the English church.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Trites, of Fernie,
gave a motor party to Elko this week
to the Rev. Mr. Perley and wife and
D. M. Mott and wife, of Fernie.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Stewart & Son
und Mrs. Fred Johnson, ot Ferule,
motored from Fernie and were the
guests of J. A. Broley, Roosville, Sunday.
School Inspector Dove was ln Elko
this week and left for the south to
Inspect the schools at McGu'.re'.i,
Roosville, Hurlingham, Waldo, Baynes
and Flagstone.
A recherche supper was served by
the ladies in the Valley, the Sunkist
Orchard supplying the fruit. It was
a brilliant success, everybody had
good time and promised to come a-
Several Roosville nightingales gave
songs which filled up the programme.
The danco proved a great attraction
for the whole valley and was greatly
enjoyed, such dancing and prancing,
and a merry crowd hesitated, lame-
ducked, waltzed, flagstoned and two-
stepped, square-danced and round-
danced. .
(From tht Creston Rerltw.)
(With apologies to John Cholditeh)
I was set for the drive,
Aud my stance was correct;
I was sure ot a "Ave,"
Twas the most to expect,
But I dubbed it, because
As I started my stroke.
Behind me there was
A rude fellow who spoke.
r> a hoi or llirent
"es, nr mailed to say
The S'.'ohsli. Dsus
VitnTlty,! r .Wu- nnd Itmln; tiicrcuM"jfif
inatlf*" "Toni'' .*. ■ ■ = hi.i y.... up. It sbos.«f
lw<> ftr l>. ntdniB rtnrss, or in mail nar**»tpi
Of prl'-'    in- BOOBILL DstJfl Co., St. <"Wh«itai*
JtaaUlr*, Murphy C*- Ul, **■*
(Section 42)
on) the first day of December next application will be mnde to the Superintendent of Provinclnl Police for renewal of the hotol license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as tlio Perry Creek Hotel, situate at
Perry Creek, In the Pri>vinco of British Columbia,
Dated this 7th day of Octobor, 191 iV
•10 « Auulkaut
The Thanksgiving social and dance
at Roosville was a great success in
every way, visitors trom Fcrnie, Elko
and Flagstone helped to make the
merry crowd merrier. Miss Beatrice
Holllnghead, late of Toronto, now of
Flagstone, gave some splendid selections on the piano. Miss E. Patterson
who. is In charge of RooevIUc's
temple of learning, read a paper on
Rural Education which was greatly
appreciated by all present. John Livingstone gave a splendid exhibition of
sand jig dancing. Joe Solaska of Fernie won great applause with his
selections on several reed Instruments.
Mrs. Joe Watson and Miss Ferguson
danced the Highland Fling and Sword
In rural district,*, the edlton. of thc
Village Fireside Weekly often got
little presents from the formers. Last
week tlie editor of thc Roosville Valley
Snorter received a big yellow pumpkin
and wrote an item acknowledging tlie
gift, but the office boy got lt mixed up
with an Item announcing the birth of
baby in the family of another
subscriber. It appeared as
follows: "Our old friend Bill Kerr
Is celebrating the arrival ot a flne boy
at his house. The ncw comer Is the
very Image of Its father. It Is one of
thc large cornfield variety with huge
lumps all over It and weighs 66
pounds. There Isn't a flaw In It anywhere, except a dent made by our
fool office boy and that doesn't matter, as Mary Jane Is going to cut up
and make plea of It for the harvest
The Elko Literary and Social league held a concert ln the Presbyterian
church Thursday evening, which wus
well attended.
Speech—Entitled  "Unexpected"....
   Fred Roo
Musical Selection-"The Midway"..
  Mrs. C. E. Ayre
Sung- "Rule Brittanla" 	
Mr. RuBhton, MrB. Prentice, Miss Mc*
Kee, Miss Nicholson
Recitation—Thc Boys at the Front..
  Muriel Ayre
Sobg—Selected   Mrs. Prentice
Reading—The British Navy	
  Mrs. Ross
Song. The Boys Are Marching
Masters Blrnie,  Thomson,  Alliens,
Story—Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Clancy
■ ■ ■. i- Fred Roo
Recitation—A Big Red Apple From
Roosville Leda Boss
Song—Selected Mrs. T. Prentice
Musical selection—Popular Airs....
  Mrs. T. Hardman
Literary Paper—100 Popular Hymns
  By the Rev. Mr. Lane
General Discussion ...By the League
The features of the programme wns
Mrs. Tom Prentice, of Femle, and
Rev. Mr. l*ane, of Cranbrook.
A hearty vote of thanks was tendered the visitors, Mrs. Prentice and Mr.
Lane, also to Jim Thistlebeak, who
acted as chairman, and Mrs. Watt, who
hnd charge of the programme.
Uod Rave tt* King
Rirth—In Creston, on October 1st,
to Mr. and Mrs. Judson Fulmer, a son.
Birth—In Creston, on October 4th,
to Mr. and Mrs. A. N, Coiiltng, a son.
Dr. Henderson spent a couple of
days at Cranhrook tho early part of
the week.
The records for September show
that Creston school had u total enroll-
..ni*i.t df HI piwllsa with an average
daily attendance for the month of 124.
A. B, Stanley Is going to keep the
Medley Gazette strictly up-to-date. He
is going to have a slcial page In his
paper and announces thut Mrs. Stanley will be society editress,
Roy Stocks went west on Tuesduy
en route for Vernon, where he will
join tho 54th battalion nnd hopes to
go overseas witli the regiment this
month. He only returned from the
prairies on Sunday.
Capt. W. Kerr, of the Salvation
Army forces at Cranbrook, was here
on Tuesday and Wednesday gathering
up cash and contributions of fruit and
vegetables—the latter for the Army's
winter relief work in tbat city.
The Sisters of St. Eugene hospital,
Cranbrook, wish through The Review
to extend their thanks to the people
of the Valley for their liberal donations of money, fruit and vegetables
for the hospital. The response this
year was the most generous ever.
Monrad Wlgen, owner of tho sawmill and box factory at Duck Creek,
was In town Tuesday. Although he
did not get his box factory running
until the strawberry season was al
most over he had an output of 24,000
fruit boxes and crates for the year,
ind Is preparing to double those
figures at least In 1910.
Mrs. J. M. Barton this weak pre-
■tented us with a Clapp's Favorite pear
thut will keep our Duck Creek correspondent busy to equal. It has a
chest measurement of 11 Inches,
weighs 151-2 ounces, and trom bottom to top and on round shows 13
inches precisely. It is a wee bit over
ripe, otherwise we would have some
pear julep for all our Wilson avenue
friends at least.
In commenting on the passing of
David McCreatii (father of H. S. Mc-
I'reath) whose death we noted last
week, the Kincardine Review1 points
jut that he, was one of thirteen prominent Scots, ten of whom have now
passed away. In connection with the
tnnual St. Andrew's dinner that
paper sayB: "Thoy were 'A Scotch
Thegither,' but on festive occasions
they used to Invite such good Irish
■ioitls as Bob Walker and Joe Lang.
David McCreath was one of those who
■njoyed the gatherings of his fellow-
Scota; how could it be other, wise
when he came from thc land of Burns.
With the brassle I'm fair,
All who know me admit.
And the ball lying there
I'd have certainly hit,
But I missed it because
When my club came aloft
In tliat tense second's pause
Some one, back of me, coughed!
I'm not one to complain
Of the luck of the gtuno,
For the troubles that rain
I am often to blame,
But 1 had number ten
ln a four, If you plonnc,
Had not someone just then
Thrown me off by u ij.lioe.ve,
The rough and the fair
I am willing tu tuke,
And men's laughter I'll bear
For the bud nhoti; I make.
But It isn't a joke
Wiien you're net on your toes
And you've started your stroke,
And a chap blows his nose!
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of tlie hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Windsor Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, In the Province ot British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October. 1915.
41-4t Applicant.
LIQrOB ACT, 1110
"(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December noxt application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to Bell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the International Hotel, situate at
Moyle, In the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
41-4t Applicant.
1m4u6k act, lite
(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December next application will be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Wasa Hotel, situate at Wasa,
near Cranbrook, ln the Province of
British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day ot Ootcber, 1915.
The Unionist Investment Co., Ltd.
J. H. Quartly, General Manugei  for
the Company.
41-4t Applicant
(Section 42)
out the flrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In. the hotel known
as the Wycliffe Hotel, situate at Wycliffe. in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
41-4t Applicant
(Section 42)
om the first day of December next application wlll ibe made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Imperial Hotel, situate at
Fort Steele, In tho Province of British
Dated this 15th day of October, 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on) the flrst day of December next ap*
plication wlll he made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re*
newal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In tbe hotel known
as the Canal Flats Hotel, situate at
Canal Flats, in the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1915.
william j. McFarlane,
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 42)
on the flrst day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the Central Hotel, situate at
Marysville, in the Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, 1916.
4l-4t Applicant.
(Section 20)
on the Ilrst day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale license No. 92, for
tiie sale of liquor by wholesale In and
upon the premises known as U)e
Cranbrook Brewery, situate near
Cranbrook, upon the lands described
as Lot 29, Group 1, South East Kootenay.
Dated this 16th day of October, 1915.
Cranbrook Brewing Co., Ltd.
41-4t Applicant.
Always Ready—
the moat convenient and the dainti-
eat form oi Aum
ever produced.
(Section 42)
od the Ilrst day of Ueoomber noxt application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to i sell
liquor by retail In tho hotel known
aa the International Hotel, nltuate at
KlnatsRate, Iii the l-rovlnco of British
Hated this 7th day of October, Kit.
11. I.. SAWYKR,
40-41 Applicant
on Wednesday, the 8th day of December next, application wlll be made to
tlie License Commissioners tor the
Municipality ot Cranbrook, B. C, for
the sale ot liquor by retail ln and upon
the premises known as the Queen's
Hotel, situate at Cranbrook, British
Columbia, from Elizabeth Johnson to
Frank Carlson, of Cranbrook, British
Dated this 2nd day ot October, A.
D. 1915.
Elisabeth Johnson
by Lena Andeen, her attorney
Holder of License.
Frank Carlson
Applicant for Transfer.     40-4t
[Section 42)
onl the Ilrst day of December next application wlll be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
as the North Star Hotel, altuate at
Kimberley, In tbe Province of British
Dated this 14th day of October, IMS.
H. ft* DREW.
41-4t Applicant.
(Section 20)
on .the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of wholesale liquor license, No.
107, for the sale of liquor by wholesale In and upon the premises known
as Bowness' Wholesale Liquor Store,
situate on Baker Street, In the City of
Cranbrook, II.. C.
Dated this 14th day or October, 1914.
41-4t Applicant
ITtam tha Ferula Frte Prase)
Geo. Cody, of the 54th at Vernon,
has transferred to a pioneer corps at
Miss Sutherland,' deaconess of the
Kootenays, leaves for Nelson to continue her work there.
Count Rlzzuto ran down o line big
coyote with his car on Monday last.
Hc is having it mounted as a souvenir of the chase.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Llphardt returned from their honeymoon on Saturday. They are residing ln the
Fisher residence on Victoria avenue.
Married: At the Manse, Fcrnie, oo
October 6, by Rev. W. J. MacQuarrie,
David L. Nelson and Lillian R. Radford, both of Baynca Lake. The
young couple ore planning to take a
honeymoon trip across the ocean to
| visit home scenes.
Married: At tho home of the bride's
parents, Dalton avenue on Friday, October 1, Donato Iannuccl and Agnes
Inglls Wilson. The couple were supported by Matthew Turnbull and
Mina L. Turnbull, Rev. W. J. MacQuarrie officiating.
The death took place of Rodney
McKenzie at the homo of George
Simpson on Saturday evening. The
deceased whs well known as on old
timer in thia canjp and news of his
death was received with a shock by
thoce acquainted with him. Thu funeral took place on Wednesday.
A very pretty wedding took place in
the It. C. church at Coal Creek on
Wednesday morning, the contracting
parties benlg Jamea Owen Corrlgan
and Josephine Nee. The nuptial knot
was tied by Rev. Father O'NcIl, of Fernie. The duties of beat man were performed by Pete Johnson, whilst the
bride was attended by her sister, Mrs.
J. Flood. After the ceremony the
many friends sat dirwn to a sumptuous
breakfast ot the home of the bride. The
loving couple were the recipients of
many valuable and useful presents.
The festivities were carried on until
the wee sma' hours, all agreeing to a
very happy time. We wish them a
happy and prosperous career.
(Section 42).
on the first day of December next application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Kootenay Hotel, situate at
Moyie, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 14th day of October, 1916.
41-4t Applicant.
Tenders are called for the construe-
tlontlon of a parish hall. Terms, details and speclilcations to be obtained
from the Rev. W. H. Bridge, Christ
Church Rectory, Cranbrook, B. C.
A personal vielt to Itev. WH. Bridge
la accessary.
Registry Act" and ln the matter of
Lot 4, Block 68, and Lot 2, Block
76 of Lot 132, Oroup 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No, 2956-1) has been made to register Frederick James Gavin, of Waldo,
B. C, aB owner lv fee simple of the
abovo lots under a Conveyance to
him from Baynes Lake Land Company,
Limited, et al, dated 30th September,
1914, and that unless within 30 daya
from the date of the flrat publication
hereof you file in thia office a caveat or
Certificate of Lis Pendens I shall register the said Frederick James Gavin
as owner in fee.
Dated at the Land Registry Offlce,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of first publication 7th day of
October, 1916. 40-4t
ISectlon 42)
on the flrst day of December next application wlll be made to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal of the hotol license to aell
liquor by retail In the hotel known
aa the Central Hotel, situate at Moyle,
In the Province of British Columbia,
Dated this 7th day of October, 1916.
40-41 Applicant.
IN THE MATTER OF the "Land Registry Act" and Iu the matter of
the north Mi of Lot 6, Block 4, of
Lot 132, Oroup 1.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2889-1) has been made to register William Freeman Wright as owner
In fee simple of the above land under
a Conveyance to him from Baynes
Lake Land Company, Limited, et al,
dated 23rd day of October, 1914, and
that unless within 30 days from the
date of the first publication hereof you
file In this office a caveat or Certificate
of Lis Pendens I shall register the
said William Freeman Wright as owner In fee.
Dated at the Und Registry Office,
Nelson, this 30th day of September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom it may concern.
Data of lint publication Kb day *l
OcUbtr, Illl. 44
the reserve existing on Lots Nos.
10355, 10368 and 11661, Kootenay Dietriet, hy reason of a notice published
In the British Columbia Gazette on
the 27th ot December, 1907, ia can'
celled, and that the aaid lands wlll be
opened to entry by pre-emption at *
o'clock ln the forenoon, on Monday,
the 6th day ot December, 1116, all ap
plications to be made at the office ot
the Government Agent at Cranbrook.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B. C,
September 34th,  1116.    39-10
IN THE MATTER OF tbe "Land Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 1, Block 18, ot Lot 132 Group
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE'that an application
(26681) haa been made to mister
Arthur Edward Blunden. of Valetta,
Malta, aa owner ln te* simple of the
above lota under * conveyance to him
from the Baynea Uke Land Company, Limited, dated the 3rd day of
December, MIS, aad that unless within
30 daya from the .'ate ot the Irat publication hereof you Die In this office a
caveat or Certificate of Us Pendens I
shall register tho said Arthur Edward
Blunden aa owner in tee.
Dated at tho Land Registry Ofllce,
Nelson, thia llth day of September,
Samuol R. Roe,
District Register.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of flrat publication 23rd day ot
September, Illl. 31-41
IN THE MATTER OF the "Und Registry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 2. Block II, of Lot 111, Oroup
1. l
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(26691) haa boen made to register
Thomas Lowndes Washington, of The
Marsa. Malta, ai owner ln fee staple
of the above lota under a conveyance
to him trom Baynea Uke Uod Company, Umlted, dated tht Ird day ot
December, 1913, um that unless within
30 days trom the data ot the flrat publication hereof you Die In thia offlce a
caveat or Certilieate of Ut Pendent I
thai) register the laid Thomas Lowndes Washington aa owner In fee.
Dated at the Und Roglttry Office,
Nelton, thia llth day ot September,
Samuel R. Roe,
Dlitrlct Register.
To til to whoa Itjany concern.
tl **** pvjMMaf****. **** sa* tdl
kt*.iaia ua*!
ReglBtry Act" and In the matter of
Lot 1, Block 21, of Lot 132.
Map 1181
TAKE NOTICE that an application
(No. 2987-1) has been made to register
Uda Harriet Putnam, aa owner in
fee simple of the above lots under *
Conveyance to her from Baynes Uke
Und Company, Limited, et al, dated
17th October, 1914, and that unless
within 30 days from the date of the
first publication hereof you Die ln thit
office a caveat or Certificate of Ut
Pendens I shall register the said Uda
Harriet Putnam as owner in fee.
Dated at the Und Registry Office,
Nelson, this 23rd day ot September,
District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of firBt publication 7th day of
October, 1916. 40-4t
Capital Authorised  ... M*A**At*m
Capital FaH Up    I^MJMuW
nd   Utdlvldtd
Accounts   of   Corporations,
clpalltlei   .Merchants,   lamtra   and
Prlvatt Individuals Invltad.
, Drtftt and Uttert ot Ortdit Issued
available In any part ot tht world.
attention given to Savings Buk A*
counts. Deposits ot ll.M aad np-
wardt received and inttrttt allowed
trom date of deposit
A branch la alto established tt
Athalmer, B.C., under tht
ment ot Irving C. Wtdd.
Craabrook Branch
Bpokana, Waahlagtoa
Wa ballava wa
hava mora regular patrons trom
British Columbia
, than any othar
Hotsl in Bpokana
On vour natt trip
to this olty, lat ns
show jrou why
this la trua.
Opposite naw Union Itation. Close to all places ot
laterest Rooms elagaatiy
furnished. Rates aa low
aa at tha mora ordinary
.vee SUe-aaalpea the Beat


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