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Cranbrook Herald Mar 14, 1907

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 Legislative Ulirary
April 1141
CKANItltOOK,   Mtmsn  COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,  MARCH   11.   1907
NUM.OCR   51
ISIitlllSllll> IUI
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
huh OFFICE, TcmiiNTO
B. I. WALKER, Frealdent
«..tX. LAIRD, Graeral Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent uf
Unwclies IhrouKhoul Canada, an'1J^J*,e Vallti SMt* »Bl BotlM*
savings hank department
DcpusilH ill $1 untl upward! received, und Inlereat allowed at
eurn.nl rales. The depnsllur is sub|«cl tu nu delay whatever ta
the wiihdrawul uf Uu- whole or unv porliuu uf the deposit,
Cranbrook Branch,     -      F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Knru period uf ;!il days only We have been uiven the exclusive stile of n tew
It is well-known that tbo 0, P, Ry. have made arrangements
tit sjifiid tlioiisuiKls of dollars ia Victoria.   The value of Real
Kutati* in that City has gone up in Imps and ltouinlt-j.
An opportunity is now given local investors to take advantage of a real live, paying proposition. For further particulars, see
Real Estate
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to our abllltv in correcting'eye
defects.   NogueHHWork here.
t W      U        IV I f    Q C\ 1\I Jeweler and
J   FT •    It •     IT  IL/OUllt    Graduate Optician
The Wilga
Under    the     Management   of
Mrs. E. Byrnes
The rooms have been refitted
and tbe house is now iu the
best of condition. Especial attention to the dining room.
Board without rooms ean to
To Represent the
The Ontario  Insurance Co.,
The Dominion Tire Insurance Co.,
1 he Accident and Guarantee Co.. of Canada,
The New York Plate (ilass Insurance Co.,
The Indemnity Advertising Co,
The above companies un1 all operating under Dominion clmr-
lora and tiro nol am Hated with any oombi nation, Thus they
are able lo quote the best and faireal  rates to insurers.
Make your application for territory at once stating your experience uml giving reloivi ti,    Write to
The  Insurance Agencies Ltd.
lii'iK'rul Agents,  Vancouver, D. C.
Selling this week at sue. down ; balance small payments
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act us >• Excellent Eye Openers," comprising
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assortment of. olieaper kimls.
il WM. F.TATE &S0N,°
JEWELERS    and   OPTICIAN!,    urdws Nii-ir pass division
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The Speech From the
A Number of Bills  Introduced
and House Now Ready for
Regular Grind.
Victoria, March 7,—Tin' opening of
the first session of tin* eleventh parliament   of   British   Columbia    this
fteruoon was prefaced by the formal
nnouneemen-t from Premier McBride
of liis decision to sit for Victoria
city, and the information lhat complete cabinet const met ion would be
deterred until after the session's
Hon. F. .?. Kulton, meanwhile,
takes upon his shoulders the dual
responsibility of the attorney general-
hip, ami the department of lands and)
works, it not being- deemed expedient to associate the
latter with that of the
finance ministry been use of the constant demands for public works expenditures from all constituencies.
The ire-arrangement of the departments with the possible division of
the lands and works portfolio, Is cited as a probability of the session amt
a further explanation of the delay
in the permanent allotment of cabinet honors.
Preliminary to the sessional open-
ng D. M. F.bcrts, K. C, member-
elect for Saanieh, was chosen as pre-
ilieted, in succession to Mr. Pooley,
to the speakership, the nomination
being made bv   Ellison oi Okanagtvn,
ml seconded by Mm.ro of Ghllliwnck.
both nominators, paying a tribute to
the fitness of the chosen member for
the position, in knowledge of parliamentary law and practice, in long
experience, in dignity and courtesy,
and in a disposition to do even justice to political friends or foe.
The opening ceremony seemed to
derive its vital interest rather from
the epoch making character of the
occasion than for any especial brilliancy of the event   itself,  the pomp
nd circumstances of past days yearly becoming less seriously regarded
by a public learning to look upon its
iflrllament8  as  business directorates
ettng for Ihe people. There was,
however, the usual pngentry nf the
litnrv guard, ihe customary gold
lace, glitter and dank of symbolic
sword as the staff took position in
the chamber to define his honor's
pathway to the throne; nnd all the
iistnmnry flower garden radiance of
feminine ' fashion, despite Ihe lenten
season, and over nil the clear March
sun flooded fn happy augury or, filtering tbroiigii tbe stained glass and
copybook mottoes, traced fantastic
patterns on walls ami floor. But the
general Interest was concentrated not
on the animated and vnrl-cnlored
picture of parliament's opening, but
rather on the changed composition
of the house itself, and the foreshadowed business which, as wisely
or ill-aid vised, is calculated to advance or retard the country's growth
and progress. This was the evident
keynote of the occasion.
The newly chosen statesmen, of
course, claimed prior consideration,
unfamiliar faces being noted and
many familiar figures being missed,
The leader of the opposition was absent through aggravated illness; so
was the whip of the party. Dr. Kin?;,
who is delayed in transit. The president of the council foreswore the
ceremonial day. On the whole the
collected wisdom of the country did
not appear to impress those present
ns showing merked improvement over
the tenth parliament, for such forceful perfooatittei an Patterson, CHI-
|lont Mi etfMM   ol tft* ntkrt. M
strength to any assembly. Some* ■
what to the surprise of many,
Kagleson, of Lillooet, was found iu
his place, although it is quite possible that he may refrain (nun taking any active part iu parliamentary
flairs until all question of his status
Is decided.
Hon. H. E. Young, also had his official seat with his fellow ministers
at the opening, although lie will not
tab* his place in the house deliberations pending formal ratification hy
his constituents on the 12th Instant,
this being the date set for nomination, with the probabilities strong
for u unanimous return. Tlie four
ministers present each wore a distinguishing red rose, the others of the
members sporting pink carnations,
with the single exception of the Socialist leader HawthornthwuHe, who
had demanded and secured a eabluct-
sanctifted rose of red, emblematic in
this instance not of ministerial distinction but of the advanced socialism, with which neither Liberals nor
Conservatives will this session have
Might in common.
His honor's entrance was at 3.at)
p. m. prompt, and the rryitAiiig of the
speech was a ceremony ol nuief duration, the sessional programme covering but a single short printed page,
ns follows:
.Mr. Speaker and   Gentlemen of   the
Legislative Assembly:—
Il affords me much pleasure to welcome you iu this lirst session of the
eleventh parliament of British Columbia.
Iu view of the general prosperity
which prevails throughout the province, 1 deem it my lirst duty to express a deep sense of gratitude and
thankfulness for the many blessings
bestowed upon the people ot British
I am pleased to congratulate you
on the satisfactory stale uf the provincial finances, which will show a
ubfctantial surplus, and on the steady
and continuous expansion of the Industries of the province as evidenced
hy the Increased production of the
mines, fisheries, forests, fields and
The .question of the financial relations existing between the province
and the Dominion will be submitted
for your consideration, together with
a report of the proceedings of the
inter-provincial conference held at
Ottawa, the most important point
in which is the acknowledgment hy
the Dominion government of the right,
of British Columbia to "hetter
A bill will lie submitted to you
a mending the assessment act, which
will provide for the decreasing of the
taxation on real and personal property.
The validity of coal and petroleum
licenses granted iu South East Koo-
lenay, under the terms of an oi-der-
in-council dated June 3rd, 1 .JOI. having been called in quest ton, a bill
will to brought down in order that
the situation may be dealt with.
A measure will be placed before you
for the purpose of making ret lain
amends to the British Columvln KM-
cries Act of l!HH, which II is prupos-
aii     early
you, to yout best consideration, relying upon )uui wisdom and prudence to ueal with them iu the man-
which, under Ulvinc Providence,
may prove most conducive lo the
best interest ul British Columbia.
it ivoulu .sei-ui a uisuueii) brief,
jm.alnul mm uoii-contenuous pru-
giaiuuiu, tuuicatltig a snott and imr-
iiioniv-iib subSiuii, i.unui legislation
oi all) soil is conspicuously igi.ui.cU,
a tact wm iii iiroiuiues to give liaw-
Uiorulhwailo exceptional aulivity,
lue withdrawal ui Ins honor ami
Ins stub was ioiiovsed in Lue piesciiL-
ulion ami pussugu oi tin- usual pro*
loriuu resolutions, thu introduction
ti) Atiuruey Uciicul Fulton, ul uie
lust bill oi Uiu session, to amend uie
legal iuterpretalions act, and the
i.niiihg by me respective minisicrs ui
Uiu puiiiu- accounts ami ol Uie report on puuuc schools, ihe distribution oi butu ut which stands ovei
until tu-iiiuiruw.
Tne customary adjournment until
Mommy is mis session dispensed with,
nit- legislature ineuting to-morrow iui
consiueittLion ui the speech, which
will be moved by Thomson, ol \ u>
loria, Willi Dr. MeUuiie, Vancouver
City, as the seconder.
Tiie balance sheet ol the province of
British Columbia, as contained in
uie public- accounts lop the lasl fiscal
year, presented to the legislature ai
Us opening to-day, shows a total ol
W.IM/^ilUil. as iigainsi all liabilities under all 1 leadings of Jlo.ioj,-
liyj.'/l; or a balance of liabilities
over assets of $8,lU«,lJ2.!)n. Tlu.
amount on deposit iu the Bank u!
Commerce on current account was at
llie ifiJlh June lasl $831,518.00,
while the only Item In the assets
statement, which at first glance, invites explanation, is lhat of tl*j,i>uu
charged as having been advanced to
the chief commissioner of lauds and
works. The couipa ra live s ta te-
ments of revenue and expenditure
show a total net revenue for the fiscal year of $3,Oil 142.41*, as against
$2,920,4111,71 for the preceding twelve
months, the net expenditure having
grown in corresponding ratio from
$2,302,117.84 in 11104-5 to $4,338.*
120.37 in l!»05-00.
d to bring into for
In order that the youth of the
province may be enabled to perfect
themselves iu the arts and sciences
without having to seek abroad the
facilities for higher education a measure will he submit ted for your consideration authorizing Ihe selling
apart of a sufficient portion of tho
crown lauds to create n fund for the
establishment, and maintenance ot
a provincial university.
You will he asked io place a sum
on the estimates for the purpose of
obtaining a full report on the subject of irrigation and the available
source^ water supply in the "dry
belt,"    ^
Steps have been taken by my
government to assert the rights of
the province in the lands set apart
as Indian reserves. Tbe correspondence ami orders In council in connection with this matter will he laid before you.
I am pleased to inform you that
negotiations are pending hetween the
government and certain transportation agencies through which it. is confidently hoped that n desirable class
of immigrants will be secured from
the United Kingdom.
The public accounts for the last
year and the estimates for the succeeding year will be laid before you
without delay.
I commit these matters, ami all
otbtifl whin* nay. be iubuiM«4    to
Victoria, Match 8.—The first working day of tbe session augured well
for businesslike legislation and au
early adjournment, for at the rising
this afternoon not only was the debate on the speech well underway, bun
no fewer than six government measures were formally before the assembly, Of tltese, several arc
of substantial Importance, particularly that providing for a decrease
of taxation iu the estimated total of
$126,000, Another new bill provides
for the collection of a special license
fee of WlM per annum, irom each
travel let for an extra provincial
liquor or cigar house not having a
resident distributing agent within the
province; and still another is for
licensing traders and others outside
of municipalities and the collection of
fees upon a graduated scolo from the
enumerated licenses.
The bill amending the assessment
act provides, as far as the tax on
realty, to amend section j iff the
ncl oi 1003 (as amended in 1000) bv
striking oul the words after "tlmbfir-
lamls" in the eighth line. The tax
On personal property is fixed al
8-5 of 1 per cent. (The reduction
being l-'i of 1 per cent). One thousand dollars is fixed as a minimum
income tax payable annually by all
hanks. The taxation of crown
granted mineral or placer claims is
i specified as applying to all such
claims whether within or without
[ municipalities and various alterations in the law are provided, to
i facilitate assessments and col lee tion
of taxes.
I At the outset, petitions were pre-
I Rented by Hay ward for the incorporation of the Portland Canal railway,
and hy Bowser for the Securities
Corporation of British Columbia.
Limited, asking for an amendment
so that trust funds in court may hf*
■ deposited with this company and
[also that it may act in estates under
j the official administrator acf.
, Somewhat to the surprise of many
i Eagleson (Lillooet) was in his sent,
having decided to risk the possibility of bis qualification being challenged.
I In moving the reply Thomson
| (Victoria) took pride in analyzing
l the turnabout result of the election
in Victoria, holding that the return
tif so   many   Conservatives     in the
(.CrttuuMd urn HI* «|M.)
Imperial Bank of Canada
The Imperial Bank of Canada
will hereafter, until further
Notice, pay Interest on Savings
Bank Accounts Quarterly,
instead of Semi-Annually, as
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t The Lumber Business
the Camilla
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦•>
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and Produce     **    **    -.*    <£
Indian Curios,   Specimen   Big   Game   Heads
Souvenirs of  the Great West.
man contains an Interesting
uul ofUritish Columbia's lumher-
aetlvities in 100C,     The articles |
The im.
dustrial a
in llie ye
iu Un* t>\
msis Li
miles oi i
the lands
phenomenal phase ol In-
ivlty iu British Columbia
pint) was that Involved
nsi-.ui nt   tbt-   lumber husi-
•nses cover!iik 4000 square
llit'i limits were issued by
ml works department, alas many ns during 1905,
lu per cent, ol the whole
i have been issued since
• was constituted,
iwhig statistics tor the
c.us eloquently tell    the
Licenses Issued. Covered
8.10 .'18'
PKl    -if     til
sued dm it
vhlfd    hi
ith iiu- In
 It'll 088,0*10
 2173 1,890,720
toon 3,560,000
the Cascailes each licensee
n mm I rental of $115. and
t Cascades $110. Those
f, tUOn weie almost evenly
'tween tho two classes,
ilnnco If any, in favor of
Tnking tho nvorage of the
ELKO,   ■
Tills Hotel has always licon the louder
iu its lino, und will ho kept up to tlie
standard. If' you want to meet tho
people, como to the Queen's Hotel.
|  Queen's Hotel, Calgary " rp™f    1
i Canadian Hotel
f I be two sums therefore, us a basis
($137,50), the revenue derived from
license fees alone was $510,000 derived by the government from timber
licenses last  year.
It bas been found impossible to obtain complete statistics of the total
production of lumber in British Columbia, hut bv one authority it has
been estimated at liUO.OOO.OOti feet or
135,000,000     feel more than in 1005.
This estimate In our opinion is too
low. A number of new mills were
completed early in the year, and every mill in the province was prnc-
Lilly glutted with orders for lumber.
The one great drawback to the year's
operations was the scarcity of logs
.mil labor. In other respects con-
lit inlis  were  ideal.
There was no interruption to the
steady advance in the price of logs.
Nearly every increase made was look-
■d upon as representing the top
notch, only tn be followed a few
weeks later hy another rise. Merchantable logs which in the early
spring were worth $7 per thousand,
bad advanced to $11 before the close
of the year. The price of the manufactured stock was likewise increased,
hill not to the full measure warranted hy the remarkable conditions.
The maximum price of rough lumber
was $17 which, considering the cost
of logs, higher wages, and the fact
thai the overage mill employee is n
much less efficient workman than formerly, cannot leave a large margin
of profit.
The shingle Industry also enjoyed a
moderate degree of prosperity, but
lhere were periods when the demand
was not brisk. The average price of
bhingle holts was $1.50, while thp
manufactured product sold in the
spring for Ontario delivery at $3.6(1
for XXXXX 5 to 3 inch, and $3.05
for XXX fi to 2 inch. This price
was twin* advanced, and when tbe
vear closed the quotations were
$3.80 and $3.35 respectively,
Foreign shipments of lumber front
British Columbia show an increase
of approximately 17,000,000 feet over
those of 1005 and 26,000,000 over
I DO*!. Tbe exports to South America and Australia increased nearly
one hundred per cent., while one
shipment was made to Egypt- The
Frnser river sawmills, " formerly
known as the Ross-McLaren mills,
resumed operations during the year,
and are now an important factor in
tho export business. Several other
mills are now being built for the
purpose of engaging in the cargo
trade, which promises in the near
future to show   n   wonderful cxpnn-
(Fernie Free Press.)
The Baker Lumber company
Waldo have completed their line mill
and are now busy erecting their planer. This mill will have a capacity
of at least 70,000 feet per day and is
(conceded by millmen to he one of the
instructed mills iu the country. It was built by Mr. Charles
Kendall, one of the most expert mill-
ghls In the province. The mill
provided with n resaw and a
double cutting hand saw. The mill
has been in operation for the purpose
of cutting lumber for the company's
own works and it gave perfect satisfaction.
The Boss-Saskatoon company is a
new organization formed by tin*
partnership of l». II. Telford, of
Saskatoon, wilh Boss Bros., who
have been operating a mill south of
Klkmoitth tm some time. The new
company have lately itctntlred a large
tract of timber on the west side of
the Kootenay river, nnd they are
now   busy erecting a new mill     at
Waldo, just a mile south of the Baker Lumbei company mill. This new
mill. the frame of which is now
about completed, will haven capacity
ol 511,0110 feet pet day. Jt will be a
double cutting hand saw mill.
The Mclnnes mill, situated at
Klkmouth, has been cutting all winter, this being a dry mill. A break
in the engine shaft this week has
necessitated a cessation of work for
some time.
The Adolph Lumber company nt
Baynes lake have a large stock of
logs ready and the season's cutting
will commence In a couple of weeks.
This is a vcrv complete rotary mill
with n capacity of at least 40,000
feel per day. Il is electric lighted
and has an up-to-date planer in connection. The company's timber lies
between Ihe Ii.Hi and the Kootenay
rivers. The Adolph company will
cut six million feet this year.
In addition there are two new mills
In the Klk-tr.ouih district. Recently
Messrs. Patterson & Wilmot secured
some timber limits at Dorr and having purchased the machinery from
Itoss Bros.' old mill proceeded to
build a mill at Borr. A few days
Mr. Clothier, a lumberman from
Ontario, purchased the property and
is now engaged in continuing the
w-iuk begun by bis predecessors. It
is estimated that the limits contain
about  twenty-five million feet.
Tbe other new- mill is owned by
Messrs. Pugh nnd Livingstone, two
lumhipi'men from Okotoks, Alta. They
have purchased a block of timber
from the C. P, It. and are putting iu
a Waterous mill about 6 miles south
of Klko. This mill will have a
capacity of 25.000 feet per day. They
have been getting out logs during the
winter and the mill will be ready for
operation as soon as the machinery to
These mills will not be cutting to
their lull capacity this rear owing
partly to the fact that their construction work has not permitted of
a full season's logging. Next year
the combined cut should amount to
about forty million feet. The mills
have good railway transportation
over the (i. X, It., spurs running into
most of the yards. At Waldo something li** if town is springing up
though  there is     no townsite. A
I'lf'sbyteriaii missionary has been
stationed there. At Klkmouth a
school has been organized.
There is sufficient timber in the
Knotennv and Elk valleys tributary
in the Klkmouth district to keep the
mills busy for many years and tlie
industry will put into circulation
large amount of money each year.
Fernie is the natural supply point
for this district and slowly but surely this fact is becoming manifest
both to the people of this city and
also to the millmen, who are looking
for the cheapest transportation rates
and the greatest convenience and
promptness in delivery.
Ottawa, March 8.—Hon .lames |
Bryce, British ambassador at Wash- i
ington, will arrive in Ottawa on ;
March 27, to remain a week, lie will
be the guest of Karl Orev during his*
visit and wilt give an address before
tbe Canadian club on April 1.
A large deputation of Ontario and
Quebec druggists waited on the minister of inland revenue to-day, protesting against the feature of the
patent medicine hill Imposing a government tax on all such preparations.
As a result of the representations,
the tax proposal will lie eliminated
from the bill. It is very questionable, in view nf the advanced stage
this- session has reached, whether the
whole measure will not now have lo
lay over until jest session.
Pius Michauil, Costigan's successor
iu the house, was presented to-day
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and received
with enthusiast to applause.
The premier announced the death nf
Kdwnnl Cochrane, M. P., of East
Cumberland, and joined with tlie
leader of the opposition in a tribute
to bis memory.
Mr. Bourassa renewed his demand
in the commons that parliament
should probe to the very bottom the
threat made hy Fowler that, if nc-
cusation weie laid at liis door, he
would carry the war into Africa, and
how up the connection of ministers
with   wine, women and graft.        Me
id it was not iu tbe public interest
tbat such language should be used
without the members being called
upon to substantiate or withdraw
their statements.
In substance the insurance report
is now before the house, and there is
occasion fnr further delay. Fowler was not present to-day, but the
premier pointed out that as yet no
hnrgo of any kind was before the
erdict. It was accordingly disbarred by .Indue Woods,
The jury for many hours stood at
fnr conviction and 5 for acquittal,
ami it was only upon the last ballul
that the jurymen stood evenly divided, six for conviction ami six for acquittal. Judge Woods thanked the
jury for their patience and diligence
in service after the foreman declared
positively that it was impossible to
reach a verdict and declared them
discharged. This means that the
case must be tried over again.
Artistic Picture
Prof Photo Sltidlo
W. It. limn-,, t-'ii
('iiiiitm-.il, II. 0,
Vancouver, March 8.—The British
Columbia Pharmaceutical association
met here tills afternoon and passed a
resolution asking the government
that the drug business lie included
nmongst those prohibited hy the Sunday closing act. Tbey will ask the
endorsement of druggists throughout
the province for ttic resolution.
Medicine Hat, March 8.—A liter Fennel-, section boss nt Bnwell, was arrested on Saturday, charged with
falsifying his stores account and
thereby defrauding the men working
under him. Some 20 complaints
were filed. Three were proven and
Found1 was sentenced to a month
the guard room at I-eth-bridge.
During Tuesday night he took sick in
the cell, and died yesterday. It was
though! he bad taken poison but a
post mortem examination showed
that death resulted from a hemorrhage of the stomach and the coroner's jury brought in a verdict in accordance with the facts in thp case.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made .new.   All kinds
ol repiirinn.   Uive me ■ call.
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrook. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
| Joseph Bravlf, Proprietor
Fire Brick        Fire Clays      |
Portland Cement ♦
All kinds of Barred Iron f
General Builder's Supplies       |
J. 0. McCALLUM C3.     j
********************** **********************
, Buy your larm produce direct from the producer. The
> Sec'ty ol tne Farmers Association Is prepared to uunlc
,      prices to any reliable party.
I A. H. QUNiN,
| Sec'y Treasurer Cowley, Alta.
The Railway World
Smith's Falls, March It—Pinned in
Ihe wreckage of their car, two express messengers were burned to
death, while passengers and the mem-
liers of two train crews chopped desperately to free them, following a
collision on the Canadian Pacific
about twenty-flight miles east of this
place early to-day.
Kasibound express No. 6 crashed
into the side ot a freight train that
should have been on a siding at
Mountain, while running, it is said,
fifty miles an hour at Mountain, a
(Ing station.
The Dead.
William Ilitchins, Cohourg.
.1. 0. Nicholson, -17 Laurier street,
Tin;  Injured.
A. Lespcrance, brakeman, M.on-
ire.il. face lacerated.
John llartliey, engineer, Montreal,
three lingers cut off.
(■ McQueen i passenger, Owen
Sound, chfcki laid open.
March ll—As eonsiderati
Miss A. I,. Hillain. lonelier of|
the piunaforte Terms moderate
-V r matron! Ave    Cr&nbr.io
Maternity Cases a Specialty.
AddroBS :'
General Delivery, Cranbrook £  C
ott ,     .
nf the labor bill was being concluded
tut Ihe day, and following tlie motion of Mr. Lemicux that tbe committee rise, W. F. Maclean said:
"Before you rise, and while we are
devoting a good ileal of at lent ion to
the railway question, there is another phase of it that ought to be taken
up. and that is the large number of
accidents thai are happening to-day
in Canada and all over the continent
of America.
"The matter has become sn serious
that I think it demands the Immediate attention of parliament.
"It seems to me that the great
railway corporations of this country
are devoting too much attention to
the expenses of their systems rather
than to the operation of their systems to the satisfaction of the public.
"I tttlao Hns occasion of calling the
attention of parliament to the matter by reason of another accident
that has occurred to-day very near
this city."
New York, March 11—A new and
remarkable aspect was given to-day
to the coroner's Investigation of the
disastrous wreck on the Harlem division of the New York Central railroad, February 16, when twenty-three
persons lost their lives and more
than too were injured.
President Wm. II. Newman brought
with him all the principal officers of
the company, who were connected in
any way with the construction and
operation of the line where the wreck
Mr. Newman told the coroner he
desired to make clear to the jury
upon whom the responsibility %t the
condition of the track and the opera
thru of trains rested. Among those
responsible, he mentioned himself as
Just before the reopening of the
hearing President Newman explained
tlint one of the front wheels nf the
truck ol tbe smoking car, which was
immediately behind the second loco
motive bad been found to bear deep
indentations, as if it had come in
contact with some object that might
have fallen from the rear locomotive,
The appearance of Mr. Newman and
liis subordinates was accomplished byi
if n remarkable experiment
lid to have been made by
ials on the Harlem division
According to the story
to the one wrecked,
al lest s.
Uie oflit
;i train simlh    _ .   	
and wjih all the principal officers
who had any part in the construction and operation of the tracks and
trains on the Harlem division
hoard, was sent over the line.
On the outward trijt, it is said,
schedule time was maintained, and
the train with its twn engines was
sent around the curve, where the
loaded train camp tn grief, at Q speed
■if 57.7 miles an hour, as called for
Ihe schedule. The train arrived at
the outward terminal exactly on time
without mishap.
The olliei.ils declare lhat, on the
inward (rip, the speed varied from
to K2 miles nn hour, and that the
highest speed—82 miles—was maintained as the train rounded the fatal
J curve.
Cornwall, March 8.—Charles Massnn
of tlie Ottawa hockey team, arrested
in connect inn with the death of
"Bud" McCr^ii^ nf Cornwall, was
taken before police magistrate Penis
to-day and charged with tlie murder.
A plea of uot guilty was entered and
Masson was remanded till Friday,
March 15. His father, cx-alderman
Masson of Ottawa, arrived here last
Nelson, B. C, March 7.—The
Strathcnna hotel, the oldest first-
class house in the interior, was snid
to-day fnr $10,000 cash, tn R. O.
Webb', formerly nf Petlh, Australia.
Mr. Webb takes possession Monday
ami will manage the property personally^ He will make a substantial addition to the present huilding
this spring.
Tlie house was built in 1801 and
leased to E. E. Phair, as the Hotel
Phair until 11MI3, when a new manager came in and the name was changed.
Take notice that thirty days after
date we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works at
Victoria, B. C, fur a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
ihe fallowing described lands situate
in S. E, Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east turner of lot 3.11,
thence east forty chains, thence
north forty chains, thence west forty
chains, thence south forty chains to
place of cotiiiiieiiceiiii-iil, containing
Hilt acres, more or less.
Mayook Lumber Co., Ltd.
Dated the 1-Ui day of Jauuaiy,
I9U7. 43-flt
When You
Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendurf
Opposite C.  P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
is now locatrd in its comlurt-
able and attractive new quarters in Ihe Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do iusl the best work in all j
branches ol the tonsorial art.
For jiartiiiiliirs call up 'phone  No.
lid lit-twc-n tlie hours ot U a.m. and •
Ii.in., or   'phone    No. till after ottlofj
tours.       All    orders   will   recelvs
prompt attention,
ai O.  .1. MANSFIELD.
Zam-Buk,, the favorite household
halm and salve, is now adopted as
••the doctor" by leading parties en-
Ka-ped in surveying various parts of
the Dominion lands.
Mr. Henry Hall, writing from Fort
William, says: "Having proved how
beneficial Zam-Buk is in cases of
cuts, skin injuries and diseases, I determined to keep a supply handy. Being engaged to go on a survey, I
thought it would be a most useful
thing to take along. I obtained a
supply in Fort William and very well
it was I did sn. 1 may say that
pretty nearly every day it was called
Into requisition by one or other of
the party for cuts, bruises, burns, or
some injury nr other. It is wonderful how quickly Zam-Buk takes the
soreness nut of cuts, hunts, bruises
and Injuries; and nn our survey It
earned golden opinions from all who
had occasion In try it. I have found
it very fine for skin disease, and 1
ean strongly recommend it as a
household balm."
Mr. Lascellcs Scott, nne of the
leading government analysts, says:
"I have nn hcHltntlon in certifying
the entire purity of Zam-Buk, which
in my opinion is evcellently adapted
Tor skin injuries and diseases." Zam'
Buk cures cuts, scalds, hums,
bruises, scalp sores, ringworm, ulcers, abscesses, chapped places,
Spring pimples, blood poison, chronic
abscesses, etc. As an embrocation
It relieves rheumatism, neuralgia and
sciatica. All druggists and stores
sell nt rifle, a box, or from the Zam-
Buk Co., Toronto, for price. (I
boxes sent for $2.r*n. Rend le.
stamp and we will mail you free
sample box
Spokane. Wash., March 7.-A Wallace. Idaho, special to the Spokesman-Review, says the jury in the
I rial ot Steve Adams fnr the murder
of Fred Tyler, after being in deliberation since 11 o'clock" yesterday forenoon, this evening at 7.10 announced,
through Foreman George Ellers, that
it was impossible to agree upon    »
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dale I intend making application tu the Honorable Chid
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works
tor permission Lo purchase the following described lauds;
Commencing witb a post planted
at the north-west corner of lot 7U0S,
Soutb East Kootenay, thence running north twenty chains, thence
running east twenty-tive chains,
south twenty chains, west twenty-live chains to place of commencement.
A. F. Kraptel, Elko, B.C
Dated January lath. 11107.    41 at
P.O. mix iik',1
H.*. *.*.*.****.*• it .t..».».» ■■_■
Cranbrook   Foundry and
|Machine   Shopf
McKiimon & Johnston
We nre prepared to
ilo all kinds nf repair work hi'iiv.v anil
lililit, iniike enstiii^s,
turn shafts, etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing   a
Notice is hrit'by given lhat. on
Monday, March 18th, 10117, thai llie
Court ol Itevision lor the Municipality ol the City ol Craubruok, 11. C,
will tie Iti'li! in llie Council Chambers
on the above date al Hi.ill! a. in.
(.locul time) lor Ihe purpose ol revising the assessment, roll ol the City
ol Craubrook. Those making complaints against their assessments arc
required to have their protests in Uiu
hands ol the City Clerk ten days
previous to the lirst silling ol ( the
Court of Itevision.
Dated at Cranbrook this 9th day
el February, 11)117.
Thos. M. Roberts,
17 C. M. O.
Any sTailabls Demuvka Lamia
wltfca tbs Hallway Brit ii Bnu.li
Columbia, may bs hooie.teaded by
any person who is tbe salt head ol a
tauilly, ur any malt over IU years ol
an*, to Un extent el one-euarier
seetion ol lull acres, men or nets.
Entry must be made personally at
the local land office lor the district
in which tbe laud ia situate.
Tbe homesteader Is required to per-
torui tne conditions connected thete-
wita under ens ol Uw lollowiiuj
ll) At least tit montba' residence
upon aud cultivation el tbs land In
each year lor three yean.
Ul It Uie 'sl«« (ur uielber, II Uie
lather ia deceased), ol the homesteader resides upoa a larm In tne vicinity ul the land entered ler, the requirements at tu residence may ha
satulied by sueb peisuu residing witb
ihe lather ur mother.
U) It Uie settler bus Ina neriua-
nent residence upon laiunnn land owned by bim in tbe vicinity ul bis
humealead, the requirements at lu
reaideuce may be sain-lied hy residence upuu tne said laud.
Sis mouths' notice In writing
should be given to tbe Comniiasionei
ol Douimiou Lands at Ottawa ol intention lu apply lur palest.
Coal lauds may be purchased at (111
per acre lur suit coal aud t^u lor
alillilucllt. Not mule iliim iiil
acres can be acquired hy one iuu-
viilual or company (loyalty at ihe
rale ul teu cents per ten ol i.0.10
pounds aball he collected en eke |N**J
Deputy ot tht Hlnltter ul tk. uwrfot
Ho doos niiiili.ni work
in a tiiiKli.rn manner
When you want puiul.
im- iliH-uratiiig, paper
I will  have my  winter supply
of Colli in n low (lays,  uml am
rawly to Ink-' onlurs.     I  will
Hunk lieu .1 Muni Coal $14.75
Soft Coal $0.75
Last winter 1 was out tt\' ('oul
part nf tllllO, This your I pru-
nouti to keep u good supply on
lifuitl. uimI will «i*ll
I hereby give notice that sixty
days alter dale I Intend to apply to
the Chlet Commissioner of Lands aud
Works for permission to purchase an
island in the Kootenay river, the
southern part being opposite the N.
W. corner of the Indian Reserve on
Hummer's Flat, thence up the river
lor about ball a mile, containing (10)
ten acres, more or less.
Geo. Qeary.
OavM U«a (ok, UM,        «.»,•
Cranbrook Sash
j and Door Factory
AU kiwis of finish work in
way of iliwra, whitlows, transoms, etc, Kiln|ilriiil liiinlmr
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory.    Hereon    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
nana a mini,,..... j^X tub chainintooK Herald
-T 11111II11111111111111 111 I til 1111111111II111
Try a   Case ol
Two Dozen Pints  $2.50
Ejail to Giiuum'   T1. fiimt  Iwvorage   on  tho marke
for family and table use.   Imports vigor aud
health, ami tonus up the body generally
Brewer, Cranbrook  B. C
♦nil 111111 i-i 1111 mm inn t i-i-t-t 1 in n 1 ti-i-t-f
mini 11 inn 11 h-i-h-i- H-i-iu 1 i-i 1111111111111
+t i-i n 111111111111111111111111111111111111
I The Cosmopolitan 1
The place where a |t
man will return after II
stopping once*
i-i hi-jllli-i-jj-j iiil i ir ui i ri 11
Rambling Reveries
".Scatter the germ*-, oi tbe beautiful!
By the wayside let  I hew fall.
Thai    the   rose   may bluuiu uy    the
cottage Kilt*:,
And the vine un the garden wall.
Cover   Uie    rough and   llie rude    ot
With a veil ot leaves and flowers,
And murk with Hit* opening uud and
The march of summer hours.
Scatter tlie germs uf the beautiful
lu the holy shrine ot burnt,
Let tbe pure, Uie lair ami the graceful there.
In their loveliest lustre come.
Leave not a truce of deformity
In the temple uf tbe licit t,
But g-atber   ,i i mi ltd    its heart     thai
■j, ems
Ol Nature und of Ait."
taking hope,    perhaps life with     It.
Tfo not choose a vocation lui your
<i.iuttlite.«.li> not insist ili.it she
smother hei ambitions .md become
only a lady, when she might in* ,t
f*enius. The talent which is repressed and strangled would electrify tin-
world. Give it free Bcope and ,t
hearty welcome.
"The hymning of strife is like tbe
letting out of water," says the wise
kins, and in no case is tbis truer
than in the case of family quarrels,
The little breach, no larger at first
than a chilli's finger, could stop, but
through which comes the continual
dropping, if not attended to in lime,
will widen and stretch, till one fine
day there is a waking up to find the
angry waters surging around, sweating in    and   overwhelming nil     tin*
weet peace and love and harmony of
borne. There is no greater fallacy
than to sti|)*>osr that  because   people
re relatives, there is le-,-. necessity
for the common courtesy that is
willingly accorded to a stranger.
Svory mot tier   lias  two
to guide and uue tu bless,
11 Mil 11 ill Hi iii iii i i i i i in
The girl who is the llower of
family ik tbe one who knows how tu
use the Hour uf the family.
Whatever happens don't become a
sour old mau or woman. Old age
should be a cheerful period ol lite,
when the lengthened shadows are
softened by the setting sun,
quiet twilight steals on apace,
to be followed by the long night of
rest which remains to all living,
!m*H 4444444&B :*-» M Bfl-3*-fr.
iSeven Years Ago f
.in Qanbrook & j* '
gratulatioiis. But Mr. Marpole received the oflei *.|,itli fixod feelings
and after carefully considering it.
asked to he excused, the honor.
The action is pr/rbaps uaprecedeut-*
ed in the history oj the company. Thej
fact s Mr. MarrioteVs heart is iu
British Columbia fend he cannot make
up ins mind to tear himsell away
irom it, lie ha*S been in British Columbia tor 21 ytails and he wants to
remain there. His wishes in that
respect will be gratified, and it is
possible that thv company will find
him a better billrt (.here, so that be
will be. promoted in spite of himself, j
*rl'"   company's Interests In Vancou-|
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
1  H  *
i Ml
< It 1
i Ml
• " '     —
vet  island  ,ire
tssuming gieat
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready |
made clothing just received.    All Union
J^n S*^.e"^e^^ei^,»^'"P»*iew^»J»jT    es^S^Wtl^nl ^^Sll^W^nW^^S eJ^BJP^BJP"^eI^eja"^eP^VVl^aJ Vs*ST%s"«,fl^K
Mannlacturera ot
Rough anoVdressed
LUrtBER and
Also all kinds ol
********** r ************
The first person to whom Christ appeared after the resurrection was a
woman. Uuring all the ages that
have come since that first Easter
morning, whenever there was a word
to be spoken for the Master, a tender
service to be performed in His name,
a cup of cold water to be given to
some wayfarer, or a prayer to be offered for some sin-sick soul, woman
has always been the first on the
Jesus called a little child to re-*
present who should be the greatest in
the Kingdom of Heaven. No long-
faced elder of the church was
brought, nor smHelens member of the
monastery, but a prattling child in
all its iunoceiiey and mirth; and unless we arc converted from our austere ways, and become in habits and
taste* like unto a child, it is declared the door will be barred against
lib. DAIRY ROLLS, 30c.
per lb.
per lb.
i,( C!
always un Inn.I     Also In
51b. and
10 lbs.
I'lll.   OlIlB
ill'l'lv „l llrsl-.-lass 1
per lb.;
per lb.
1111,1    MllV
Dominion   Meat   Co.,
Robinson ekenzic Lumber Co., Ltd.
On our criticisms of others, let us
remember that we have faults which
our friends have to excuse. How much-
would be left of us it all those who
see inconsistencies in tis should clip
away from our character and reputation? It is an invariable rule that
those who make the roughest work
with the names of others are those
who bave themselves the most imperfections. The larger the beam in
your own eye, the more anxious you
arc about the mote in somebody
else's eye. Instead of going about
town slashing this man's bad temper
and the other man's falsity, and this
woman's hypocrisy ami that one's
indiscretion, go home with the ten
commandments as a monitor and
make out a list of your own derelictions.
If young men wish to succeed in
business, they must not spend their
time and money in simply having a
good time. They must not be discontented wilh the little place in
which they are in because they think
they ate too big for it. The way to
get Into a large place is to outgrow
the one you are in, grow until it is
so small'that it will not hold you
any longer. A man who sits shrunk
up and worthless in a little place,
because he thinks it is not worth
while to grow enough to fill that,
has little prospect of getting into
larger ones, Fill the place that you
are in. Fit yourself for higher usefulness. | To do that you must do
something besides piny, though that
may be innocent in itself.
^fitfr §*«*>** e- -*-■ t ■ * --a ■ - -a 9 -x- fr £ &
.Some time ago, when tne Odd Fellows gave their dance in the Forrest
lull, they borrowed a large Canadian
(lag of K. H, Small, to decorate one
end of the hall with. When the
committee went to take down tbe
decorations it was discovered that
the Hag had been stolen and as a
cifiist-'fueiice the lodge has ordered
another Hag for Mr. Small. Of
course the man that got the Hag
knows that he got it from Die Odd
Fellows, ami a man that would tie
guilty of such a low, contemptible,
measly, yellow dog trick, would roll
his mother, malign bis sister, uml
lick Ins brother. Such individuals
aie errors of Ihe Almighty. They
have the form of men but the nature
and disposition of a coyote.
M. II. MeLeod, the civil engineer,
who had charge of the const met ton
on the Crows Nest branch and also
on the North Star branch, left last
Friday for the east. He will probably be given charge of some extensive and important work on the main
line near Golden this summer. Mr,
McLeod's departure is a source of
much regret lo the people ol Craubrook and he has formed iiianv strong
friendships, and has left behind him
in this community, golden opinions of
A. \V. McVittie, while coming hi
from the pay roll Inst week was
kicked by a horse. The calk on the
animal's shoe struck Mr. McVittie between the Shoulders, cutting through
"I   of    his   clothes.      Fortunately,
ide from a bad bruise, no damage
was done.
las. Kerrigan, the local grocer and
liquor dealer, is getting bis establishment in shape to embark iu the
bottling business on a more extensive
si ale.
W. T. Heid A Co. will move into
their new store   room next week.
They    will     have one   of llie finest
storerooms in the Koolenays.
parlance In view of the big coloni. ..
lion scheme which it bas entered
upon, and mi all probability Mr. Mar-
pole will to given charge of the company's lands and timber interests
there, with head-quarters In Victoria.
Blatant tn tlie second vice-presidont
Tins still leaves the position of as-
open, and an official announcement
both in regard lo this and to Mr.
Marpole is expected shortly.
Mi. Marpole is a great believer in
British Columibia. When In Montreal!
recently, be said: "There arc piles
of gold waiting in British Columbia
for young men with grit who are
prepared to hustle. Everything in
the province is thriving—the fisheries, mini's, lumber and fruit interests.
Tin- mines ne Rossland aud in the
Boundary districts are especially
prosperous. New mills, equipped
with the most modern machinery
and of large capacity, are being built
all over the province, but mote especially at the coast.
D.   C.   L.
Distillers Company, Limited
An mitici. nl will is worth ii pounil
if wish.
D. V. L. Scotch 12 Years Old
Tlie true  Christian 1
days a week.
as seven Sun-
Credit  is   the   grease on the runway to bankruptcy.
It Is a disgrace to be poor It it is
your own fault.
A  "fashionable church" is a vestibule to perdition.
Infidelity makes no converts at the
mouth of the tomb.
Profanity is the drum major ol the
whole parade of sin.
R. P. Rithet & Co., Limited
Victoria, British Columbia
.... - - . . ,- v v «- ^■wwwwwwrwwwww^vwww)ww4www444444444
A*\*\4t*t%*%4t*4l*\*\A%m\A\A**A\A**A%A**A9*A% a*kafe».e*ka*e*ae*ke*kefkA^ fcataAataataataataat^al
recording angel never has
a trial balance.
When    you   can   fully realize the
depth of a mother's love you are just
beginning to   realize   the depth ot
Cod's love.
makes a
to  bed and
short day.
late   to rise
Tom  Proctor, of
of as one of the ca
Nelson    riding for
elson, is talked
didates in      the
thu    provincial
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind, Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
Tbe New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out of the U
Infancy and innocency are synonymous. The tiny child does not
speak in vulgar or profane language,
does not drink rum or use tobacco,
does not cheat or wrong its companions,—it only grows into these
evils as it learns them from its'eld-
and the. teacher is not untre-
miently some member of the household, maybe a religious professor
with his mouth stained with narcotics and his breath stained with
alcohol, and his words unchase, nnd
his habits tricky and uncertain. What
a happy world "this world would be
it the innocency of childhood's tender
years could he carried through age.
So while we are training them in the
way they should walk, let us watch
our own" footsteps, and not cut off
their harmless mirth to suit our
t a sirs that have grown sombre with
age and care. Let us not mistake
gloom tor pity, or a broken spirit
for gentle submission to lawful
Never he ashamed ol your early
surrounding because you are living in
a more rellned place at present. Do
not to ashamed ol your old father
and mother when they come to your
city to visit you because their manners ale a little old-fashioned and
try to smuggle them in and out of
your house. ('all in your best
friends and say to them, "this Is my
father and my mother, if they had
lived in your day and had had tlie
advantage they would be as well up
as you." Have you forgotten what
a hard time your father and mother
hud in the early days of life, depriving, themselves of the necessities
of life In order to save and leave
something for their children when
tltcy are ready to lay off their earthly toll."
. It (s worse than useless to attempt
to repress a girl's natural impulses.
The society and companionship ot
the opposite sex is a perfectly
natural and healthful desire. Shut
her up and she elopes with a
coachman—cross her In love and she
may All a suicide's grave, while the
world wonders how it Is possible one
who "had alt that heart desired"
could wish to end existence. Many
of our young women readers are consumed with ambitious desires—they
[eel the divine spark, which might be
mimed Into a splendid flame, but
PJ^ntol authority decrees they shall
*2JM •Wrhawli and wait," wbile
tU apart toon* dim and goes out.
E. II. Small has a pair of line English pheasants in his window that nro
attracting a whole lot of attention.
Messrs, McFnrlnne and Dickinson
,ire busy getting their new bath
rooms and barber shop in shape.
W. F, Gurd, the solicitor, is having
handsome    office fitted up in   the
townsite building.
Nurse Hearle, formerly of this
city, but now assistant to Dr. La
Bad in Nelson, is ill, aud has been
sent to the detention bouse to await
the development of her symptoms.
As to the growth of the town and
the work of the Herald we will quote
just what wc said a year ago, which
fits now as well as then. Thus it
can be seen that Cranbrook has made
rapid and substantial strides forward:
At no time in its brief career has it
faltered, but to the surprise of its
most enthusiastic supporters it has
gone ahead throughout the entire
winter, aud now, at the opening of
another year, it has brighter prospects than ever before. And during
the past year, week after week, the
Herald has faithfully chornlcled tbe
events of the place and labored for
the advancement of the town nnd the
best interests of the people. It has
endeavored to be fair and impartial
at all times. No man has been permitted to use its columns for the
injury of his neighbor, and anything
that savored of petty spite or'meanness has never been countenanced.
The publishers have felt that tgey
have a responsibility. Indeed they
have never . failed to discharge that
responsibility for the good ol all according to their best judgment,
Ileal    sympathy is   always accom-
anied by tho helping hand.
The seed of duty well done produces the llower we call happiness.
The weigh of the transgressor:
Fourteen ounces to the pound.
It is awfully easy to be good
natured when tilings ate coming your
Tbe man who is doing his whole
dutv hns very little time for grumbling. '    __
The wife who really loves her husband will always hi ugh at his
A whole lot of husbands, have forgotten how they counted their
Manitoba Hotel
dan McDonald, proprietor,   cranbrook. b. c.
Headquarters for
41   nm * .     * l        ■ -   ■■■■■■■■ -   *
■Jy ' The Manitoba is centrally locate*! and hu one of the to«\ dlnlngrnoms    I «•
m     in tbe city.   The bar is supplied with the i-p-t of Liquors and Cigars    1 Jl
3- _ .      '. ly
Library Voting Contest
This elegant Library ami Hand**}me case will U
ii by
A man
brains by
cannot raise a    crop    of
irrigating his stomach with
The higher officials at the 0. P. It.
head offices have just received something like an electric shock, says the
Montreal Witness. Actually they
have found a man who declines to be
promoted, even though his promotion
would give him one of the most important posts in the gift of the executive. That man is Mr. R. Mar-
pole, who is at present the general
superintendent ol the company s Pacific division, \yjth headquarters at
When Mrl William Whyte was in
Montreal a week or two ngo conferring with Sir Thomas Shaiighnessy
In regard to reorganization of the
western staff, he was given practically -a free hand for the future in the
control of the whole of the company's western lines, from Kort William to the Pacific coast. It was
then decided that Mr. Marpole should
be offered tbe position of assistant
to Mr. Whyte, which would
placed him second in command
this vast territary.
Satan always keeps a large force
busv coining excuses for not doing
right.      ...
There is a great difference between
fast friends and friends that arc
When you meet a man who
Uie itch for ollice. it is a good
to scratch.
A lot of people give God promisory
notes in order to have cash on band
for Satan.
A lot of people . talk about their
neighbors in order to forget their
own shortcomings.
The man who seeks salvation with
his eyes closed usually bumps up
against something, else."
Satan is tpiite content with the religion that does not demand some
sacrifices from its followers.
The chief difference between the
teh for office and the seven year
itch is that the latter can he cured.
What a healthy world this    would
be if the young doctors really knew
i much as they think they do.
Funny they never thought of asking
some woman' to fix up ihe leak in
the Colorado river with a hairpin.
The Christian who does not pray
is like a steam engine with a brutaen
eccentric—likely to stop on a "dead
Some men are so good In their
own estimation they really believe that Cbtist died to save their
Many a life that is wasted by depending on luck could have been
made successful by the exercise of a
little pluck
A whole lot of men who never
weighed an anchor or unfurled a sail
are forever sitting around and waiting for their ships to come in.
A lot of men imagine that they
know all about the financial question because they happen to know a
man who lives' next door to a
The man who is always complaining that the world does not give him
half a show is the fellow who is always looking for a complimentary
tho Lodge, Society. Church orScboolJin Cranbrook ur Distrit securing
the largest number of votes in the folfowini* manner:
The merchants listed below will Jive with every ten cent purchase
one vote. The contest begins February 8th, 1907, and closes Jun--
21st. 11)07. A liallot box is placed ii Beattie Ac Atchison's drug store
where votes are to be deposited. »U the close of the conte
Church, School. Society or Lcli_-e having the largest number of
will lie awarded the Library. Current accounts when promnth
will be entitled to votes. t
Remember   votes  can   only  bei received by   trailing with tho
merchants listed below. j
Each week the Herald will annoi
"lie consants.
contest   tiie
promptly paid
oujnce the respective standing of
Flour and Feed
. Implements and
Harness .  .  .
Campbell & Manning
Will snmc student, ol human nature
llave  jilrasc arise anil tell us why the wo-
, over ,mi" w-ho walks    on her heels across
h„. yaUh.-~.ii i        ". y ''""»■»'• I H'e first mmlily rrosstaB will    walk
opportunity, aad ia earns le for eon- laroaak* «.««"j.
Groceries, Fruit, a
Confectionery and
Beattie & Atchison
P. Burns & Co McCALLUM & co
Wine and Spirit Merchant
Dezall Bros.
The B. C. Livery Stable
B. H. Short>& Co.
Painters and Decoraters
.Wall Papers
Cartage and Transfer Co.
(Warehousing. Coal
Agents . .
I Oil
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
J. T. LAIDLAW. M. k.
Drink Home Beer
It Is Pure
It It Healthy
It Is the Best
i Ft. Steele Brewing Co. THE  CRANBROOK  HERALD
12.00 A VKAIt
MAUCII 14, |i»07
Hy tlie Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
Tbe Herald is worth $1(1 a year. It
costs only I-I. No wan in Soutb
K.ist Kootenay can afiord to be without it, aud everyone living outside of
ibe district, who is in teres tail in the
progress ol this section, .should read
it. It publishfb the news while it is
news. It is controlled absolutely by
Ihe publishers. So clique, party ot
individual dictates Its policy. It
don't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publisb a newspaper that
will be a credit to tbe community.
St-nd iu your subscription aud you
will be thankful ever afterward,
Advertising rates it per inch per
month, no more and no less.
Heading matter 15 cents per line
to non-advertisers; in cents per line
In regular advertisers.
ll you desire to reach the people of
Soutb Kast Kootenay you must advertise iu Tbe Herald.
The Herald bas a first-class i job
plant, and its work is of the best.
The Herald don't want charity. It
wants a square deal on your job
work. If we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, and send your
work to some Cheap .John house in
the cist that never spends a cent in
4,500 at Month
Thin in the (-nit ran teed
i illation of the Herald
Press room and mibecrip-
tion lirtto open to investigation by -nlvet linen* at any
The Herald given a dollar
Iu value for a dollar iu money. The advertiser hart the
right to know what he in
receiving for bin money.
The Herald in one paper
thill courts i ii vent i ligation.
**4 tWf*499M##N4mvm#k\w «*
During a play iu St. Louis oue
night last week, when the Texas flag
was tlying, James K. AlacLeau, a
millionaire, threw cabbages on the
stage, and received a thrashing for
doing so. Any man who would
■sloop so low as to insult the flag of
iiui grand' lone star state, noted for
lynching, outlaws, cattle rustling, and
tbt- home of the late William Hrauu,
wight to be turned inside out.
The Lords Day Alliance Act went
into effect last Sunday, and the sun
shone hist as brightly iu the banana
belt. The draft artists of the bill
forgot tn put a clause in preventing
Old Sol from working overtime ou
We ate iu receipt of an inquiry as
to what will cure Ileus on a dog. We
have a dog and that dog lus (teas,
hut strange as it may seem we have
never worried a.s to the state of
health of those particular fleas, con-
suijucntly cannot answer the query.
15very man is entitled to a living
in this world, but he must work for
President Roosevelt has bend of
the big game iu South East Kootenay ;nu\ has expressed his desire to
indulge in a hunting trip in thu district at the expiration of his term.
Tlm president will find plenty nf game
here, the finest scenery on the
American continent and the best lot
of people In the world.-
Soulh East Kootenay has a wonderful history and it properly told
would make literature that would
live, since the tale would Interest
every individual who loves to read
of marvelous wealth, of danger and
daring, of prodigal pioneers and of
<-li.HiL-.fs from a pioneer life to oue
nf civilization. There is a man
livinn in this district who could furnish the data, since his life for forty
•."ears has been a part aud parcel of
the history of the countrv. tt'e refer
tn It. L. T. Oalbraith, of Fori
Steele, one of the pioneers of Kast
Kootenay,, and a mau who has been
in touch with every movement in the
district during all of these years, Il
would be a shame not to have this
history recorded, and Mr. Galbrnitli
is the man to do it.
Last Thursday Mayor Finhiy went
into the , toiler business; and commenced making the gamblers ''close"
Pilgrim, did H ever occur to vou
that fools are seldom baldheaded.
This is no reflection upon the many
brainy people in Cranhrook with
flowing locks.
Perhaps there has never been a re-
rord of rapid increase in railway
iransnortation to equal that of Canada the past few years, and yet It
Is impossible for railway capital,
railway energy and railway brains to
keep pare with the. marvelous growth
of this new nation that Is attracting
tbe attention ot the civilized world,
and exciting the admiration or every
land where progress is appreciated
and material results thoroughly
understood. In 1896 there were
31,353 miles of railway in operation
in Canada, .ill ol which, except 71
miles, arc laid with steel rails. On
June .101 h last 3,071 miles of railway
were under construction iu the Dominion. To operate this mileage
there were required 3,031 locomotives, 1,380 first-class cars, 710
second class cars and 01,03(1 cattle
and box cars, tbe tola) number of
cars in use uf all kinds was 00,87*1,
of which 01,01,*, were provided with
automatic couplers and BJi.fMfi witb
a:t brakes. The railways carried
37,080,783 passengers and M.Dt.0,718
tons ot freight, and they earned
$1315,333,805, The percentage nf
operating expense to earnings was
slightly over lift per cent. Tbe nol
earnings of tbe railways ate steadily
increasing. The nmotilil of capital
invested in Canadian railways is
tl 332,408, 701, of which the Dominion contributed j; 104,188,581. i he
provinces $43,378,032 and the municipalities $17.1:15,1(14. The number
-»f persons killed by accident on the
railways during the year was 3(11,-of
whom 10 were passengers ■ ■ ■ 130
employees, which is rather a remarkable thing, for more people were
killed by railways, when they were
not travelling, than were while actually upon trains. Only one pas*
-.•eager in 1,740,3(11 was fatally iu-
'ured. That is n fine record as eom-
"ared with the wholesale slaughter
>f railway men and passengers in the
Stoles Ihe past year.
The One Hundred Club is down In
business once more, aud held a
most   profitable  meeting  last    Friday
evening. A new general committee
was appointed ant) already they have
taken hold of the work iu a manner
hat  bespeaks  success.
There are lands around Cranbrook
that cm produce vegetables and
fruit with proper cultivation, and
these lands should be brought lo the
uotice of people in 15nstern Canada,
ihe Old Country and the Stales. The
development of the vast coal areas
of Crows Nest Pass and the rapid
md permanent growth of the lumber
industry insures a market right at
'land for all the friiil and vegetables
lhat can he raised in this district. 11
is up to the business men and property holders of Cranbrook to get- together and see that these lauds are
occupied, Publicity will do it.
Unity of action will" do it. Rlgh-tlj
applied energy will do it- The prize
is just ahead. It is up lo the people
>f Cranbrook to take advantage of
the opportunity presented, and that
means that the work should not be
left to a few. The whole people will
profit by the result, and tbe whole
ueople should equally share the
We were might ly pleased In learn
•hat the Alberta government has
recognized the ability of our former
Kirtner in the publication of the
Lethbridge Herald, W. A. Buchanan,
by appointing him provincial librarian. Perhaps there is not a man in
that province more peculiarly fitted
for that position than Mr. Buchanan.
He possesses a find literary mind.
He has excellent judgment coupled
with strong executive ability, and for
i position of that kind in a new
province, he possesses that which in
more valuable than all the rest, the
"know how," the "savey," nnd the
proper appreciation of the conditions. Nature abhors a vacuum.
Well, Mr. Buchanan has no use for
ruts. His eyes are ever on the
mountain top's, not in the valley.
He never would see n dime iu the
dust at his feet, but he would easily
discern a dollar four blocks ahead.
Progress, progress, progress, has always been his slogan. Not to-dny
md rest to-morrow, but a forward
movement all the time. He made
the Lethbridge Herald, a new paper,
one of the best known in the province within twelve months, lie has
made friends of every man he met,
by his winning personality, and his
(•very day life of fairness and honesty.
The Alberta government has made a
most excellent choice for librarian.
The appointment is a great compliment to a man who has lived in that
province only a little more than n
year, and the results of Mr.
Buchanan's woili in the future will
stand as a monument to the good
judgment of tlie Alberta government.
D. Maboney Was up before Judge
Wilson last Friday on six charges
of theft, ihe articles being stolen
from hotels and the C. P. It- waiting
room. Judge Wilson sentenced
Maboney to two years iu the penitentiary at New Westminster,
"■'Denny" has .. mania for taking tbat
which does nol belong to him. If
he had a million he would he a
kleptomaniac, but as he is n vagrant he goes into Ihe class of a common thief.
There is no place like home. Then
what is the matter with making lhat
home as attractive as possible?
There is a lot of Inn in running a
newspaper. It gives a great opportunity to study human nature.
The lire hall is painted at Inst.
Now for that depot platform.
Cranbrook can never be made a
larger and more prosperous city by
I«n cent ideas. All of the towns in
the west are awakening to this fact,
and in consequence they are out
rustling on a big scale. Those are
the towns that will win, and if
Cranbrook wants to keep up her record ns a progressive city, her people
must be up and doing.
The Herald is in possession of information that thousands of dollars
were ready for Investment in the
water works and electric light business of this city if the people had
seen fit to pass thi1 by-law presented
at the last municipal election. A
large dam ■ would have been put in
on the    St. Marys river, the   works
would have been vastly enlarged,
electricity for manufacturing purposes would have been available at
prices that would have warranted the
establishment of such institutions,
and increased prosperity would have
been noticeable on every hand. There
were small property owners who voted against the by-law, who would
have made money by the increase in
tin* value of their property. The
way tn make a town -.'row is to go
out after big things. There are
plenty of big things in store for
Cranhrook, hut they won't, come here
if the people propose to erect a wall
around the town to keep them out.
Suppose some people tin make money
mil of an increased plant. Thai is
'hat  wc want    them to do so that
iIn", will make it still larger. Tht
Hern Id's water, electric light and
telephone bills are pretty large, but
we know that they would have been
fnr less if that by-law had passed.
We are not holding any brief for the
water or electric light company, nor
do we get a cent from either unless
it is for wnrk iu the mechanical end
nf our business. But we do hold a
brief for the town nf Cranbrook, and
we have been working hard for our
client for eight years, hoping aud
irusting tn get our fee in the increased prosperity nf tbe town and
i be people. That is why we have
always advocated progress and that
is why we will continue to do sn as
long as we wield a pen in this town.
Let us wake up.
If you owe this paper auy money
pay It. We don't need it but we
can use it.
What about this Kootenay wcat-lt-
ur? Is it not about tbe proper
The Herald subscription list keeps
growing. We are glad of it. We
have the largest list iu this section
of the country, but we want to make
it larger. By so doing we will give
our advertisers a better run for their
Stand up for Craubrook.
If vou owe a dollar and have got a
dollar, pay it. That dollar will
keep going and pay a lot of debts,
ff you bold il you cannot pay your
debts and the man you owe cannot
nay his. Thus you can see what an
ictlve dollar will du.
Mrs. Eddy, head of the Christian
Science church, has amassed millions,
md now that she is getting old,
members of her family aud members
of the church arc arrayed against
each other in a fight for the money.
When was it ever otherwise'.'
The Thaw case is growing monotonous to the reading public.
Tht* people of the prosperous prairie
towns, nnd of Victoria and Vancouver, should bear in mind the experience of Winnipeg a number of
years ago when real estate went to
ihe skies and thpii dropped with a
lull, sickening thud. There is no
reason on earth why business lots
in Calgary or Victoria should be
valued as high as tots iu Toronto or
"Oct the habit," and both read and
subscribe for the Herald.
Victor Odium has associated himself with ,1. F. Deane iu the publica-
lion of the Daily News, of Nelson,
Mr. Deane and 'ihe readers of the
Sews are to be congratulated. We
have met Mr. Odium aud bave had au
opportunity of studying the man,
and know him to be a clean minded,
able journalist, possessing high ideals
for individuals, communities, governments and parties. Never radical,
never narrow-minded, never hide
hound In his political views, Mr, Odium is what might he termed in this
idv.ineed age, a "safe and sane man"
in the control nf the editorial utterances of a paper as Widely read as
the News. The Herald is pleased to
know that an individual of such
natural gentlemanly instincts is to
be in charge of the News during the
ibseuce of    Mr. Deane at the coast,
inn* it means that the high standard
of the paper will be fully maintained.
Dr. Rivers, of Raymond, Alberta,
a brother-in-law of W, D. Hill, of
this city, has hit the nail on the
head In commenting on the Mormon
question. The doctor very aptly
says: "The Mormons are a decent,
industrious peuple who attend to
I heir own business, and it might lie
well for those eastern iieople who
.ne criticising them tn do the same.''
Cranhrook is gaining distinction by
being a town with nn "Acting
Washington, D. (!., March ».— Last
bulletin forecasts disturbance to
cross continent 0 to 13, warm wove
8 lo 13, cool wave 11 tn 15. Next
disturbance will reach Pacific coast
about 13, cross west of Rockies
country hy close of 14, great central
valleys 15 io t7, eastern states 18.
Warm wave will cross west of Rockies about 13, great central valleys
15, eastern states 17. Cool wave
will cross west of Rockies lfi, great
central valleys 18, eastern states 30.
This will be ihe most severe disturbance of the month. It will follow a period of unusually low tem-
neratarcs, will inaugurate a week of
high tem|ieratures and severe if not
dangerous storms and following it
the trend of temperatures will be
downward lo end of month. There
will not be much rainfall Immediately preceding this disturbance hut following it rainfall will Increase to
close of March. Last half of March
will not bring good crop weather;
too cold and wet. Look out for
severe storms about March 14 and
15. I
Immediately following March 0 will
come a long 'cool wet spell not good
for crops south of latitude 40. Better
not plant corn In southern latitudes
till later as the cold wet weather
last part of March will not be favorable.
When to expect the great storms
can bo known In a large percentage
of cases as they are unmistakably
controlled by relative positions of
sun, moon, earth and other major
planets. Mark n.y predictions that
the most severe storms and most
radical wealhei of |illl< will oecui
nol far Irom June 13 and 20. July
10 and 21, Aug. 7 and 21. The
equinoctial storms will not be lar
from March 15 .md September 10
It is not sn certain as to where these
storms Will be mosl severe,
Tin- D.Mv Reduction Co., at lied-
ley, British Columbia, Feb. I!), 1007;
through its manager, F. A, Ross,
wrote me a highly commendatory
letter from which I quote Ihe following: "We think it right that ynu
know how valuable youi weather forecasts have been to us. They bave
saved us several thousand dollars
that, otherwise, would have been
lost. On receipt oi your nil vice we
shut down our works and laid In
supply of fuel, feed ami provisions
such ns has not been needed iu this
valley for fifteen years. It is well
tbat we did so as wc as wc could not
have operated at any time during the
past four weeks and the suddenness
with which the cold eamo upon us
would have leii us no time to prepare if we had delayed a week. So
long a time has elapsed since the
winters wen* anything but mild in
this vallev that farmers and merchants failed in provide and in consequence the $35,000 In general supplies of hay, oats and Hour which
wc rushed In ahead of ihe freezing up
have been hugely drawn on since
transportation closed. We appreciate your remarkable information
and wish you everlasting success."
The gre.it northwest should make
nn effort lo collect the weather records made by the Hudson's Bay
company. These records would be
very useful in calculating the coming
severe ami mild winters of western
Canada and our northwestern states.
Ret ter compile these old records
rather than spend so much money
gazing nt the sun. Our earth re-
enrds arc now ripe for use.
An $8,Otill violin may be worth the
money, but It would hardly be classed as a good investment.
A good lawyer, backed by n client
with plenty of money, can do nearly
anything except, cheat death.
A boiler shop is about the only
place where tlie man who makes the
most noise does the most work.
A man can always boost his stock
with a girl by casually letting ber
know of another girl who wants
After a man has quit that sort of
thing for a few years he has a
mighty poor opinion of the champion
A man who is always trying something new never does very well, but,
he has a great deal to say about his
steady neighbor being in a rut.
A just complaint is an accommodation.
A thin man always likes to get
weighed with his overcoat on.
No man goes to a banquet for the
sake of the speeches he will hear.
Some people are always either feel
ing "pretty bad" or ""just u littl«
The most sincere person in the
world does not mean it when he
says:     ".' don't care."
A woman is certainly good looking
if she shows up looking well at the
breakfast table.
The average hoy's Idea nf a good
breakfast is an awful jolt to all the
rules of health.
There wouldn't he so many marriages if a man had an idpa his wife
would evil  resemble her mother.
Six months ago a man gave us an
item. Kver since, when we ask him
if there is anything new, be replies'
"No, nothing more."
While n man is still very young, he
finds that the people regard him as
old enough In find all his happiness
in giving happiness lo others.
Somehow it is hard to realize that,
the tired and worn out father was
once so young anil so audacious that
he dared io hope for happiness for
The churches arc full of storage
buttery Christians who have to lie
charged aboul twice a year with n
revival. The dynamo Christians
keep the machinery of civilization go-
'llg without a break.
Why does a rooster crow?
Talk happiness. People get tired
of hearing your woes.
A successful politician works ns
steadily as interest nn a note.
Most men are optimistic as long
as things are coming their way.
Students of the occult are usually
foolish about other things, too.
The well preserved woman Is not
il8tta.lv what would be called a
Kver think how foolish it is to bear
a grudge? Unkind feelings have no
market value.
Here tately, a man can't tell
whether    a   woman Is    carrying a
pocket book or a suit case, her pock-
ei book is so large.
If a woman spends more than ten
minutes- in arranging her hair, tbo
result is a coiffure.
Whenever a woman wants the powder, she says she always likes a
little for the end of her nose.
Kvery defeat develops a lot of new
When a letter jumps from Ihe lirst
to the fourth page and then back to
the second, it never says anything
very important.
It is a hard matter for a man who
believes as you do lo carry his ideas
to ihe extreme where you will call
him a fanatic.
,   A man never thinks justice is done
him when he loses a lawsuit.
Kver think how a good many smart
people arc "rim" hy some cheap per-
The things you don't say cause you
less grief in this life than almost
anything else.
The fact that some people believe
in themselves doesn't prove much but
their credulity.
What bus become nf the old-fashioned girl who wore her hair hanged to
hide her cowlick.
People who admire a man who
stands on his own feet. This is
particularly true iu a crowded car.
The only time a woman can see
any excuse for a mau to travel the
booze route is after she has turned
him down.
No woman's picture looks any ltet-
ter became she was trying to' look
through the s¥yfight when It was
The average boy considers nn overcoat so much excess baggage which
lie must wear to appease his mother's vanity.
Missionaries and college students
arc very similar in one respect: Both
are regular in writing home that they
need money.
When a man controls a woman,
people are not likely to know it, but
when a woman controls a man,
everyone in town knows it.
When a man remains throughout an
entertainment  with his overcoat- on,
it is one sign he doesn't attend such
an entertainment very often.
(Written for the Herald.)
Hatred is love at low tide.
Love can only find a home among
A real comradship is the place
where hearts come to know each
Don't slant) sponsor for the opinions of others.
If you've got a "thinker" work
The man who really does things
does them in his own way.
Somebody has said tbat hate is
love turned wrong side out.
Maintain us good an opinion of
yourself us the facts in the case allow.
"Mankind" is a term that embraces woman.
A determined thief usually gets
what he is after.
This world is entiehed by the good
more than hy the clever.
Who's the braver—he who stands
alone, or he who stands supported by
bis friends?
Don't he forever hounding and spying—they are alike detestable.
Many times it is hard to tell a
love-match from a firsts-class bluff.
Tbe lit survive—tbe unfit perish.
There are but few central suns—
ihe mosl of us are only satellites.
How long will the world continue
to oacttfice her saviors?
Over the bodies of her martyrs the
world has (Hepped to freedom.
Don't he kidnapped—that is lo say,
don't let somebody lug you off without a protest,
It is difficult to think of a greater
young man than tbe one Immersed in
riches and yet untouched hv Its
The difference between many a '■■
man's inner and outer life Is precisely like an immaculate shirt that
covers a filthy hide.
It's a real fact—you can't put a
sujbnrc peg in a round hole. Neither
cau ynu put a little man in a big
Just as long as society makes it to [
our interest to pretend to be   what
we are not, that long will we court
n hypocrisy that kills.
If the strength of a thing Is devel-,
oped by its use then some men's
brains are awfully shrunk up. j
What a paradise if every daughter
in the land were to determine: "I
want to do my part to make our
home the nicest, kindest a-nd prettiest home in tht world."    II  that
** **
. i..
. ii ,
20.000 ACRES
of tbe very pick nf tbe seleclitd IiuhIh in llie ttonutifiil Kootenay
Valley, East Kootenay, B. ('., extending from Citiuil Flat lo
Klko, are uttered for sule ut from $3 to $10 jut acre.
Ths Kootanay Valley Is of Unsurpaaaad Fertility
Matchlaig Climata and th* Most Pictursaqus Situ*
•tion Wsat of tha Reeky Mountains.
The I-iihIh prer-cut every feature of usefulness, including Mill*
lie red benches, brushy lints, iiutrsh, prairie mid meadow- The
brushy Hutu, timi-di ami moudow iionlr constat of deep, black
loam ( the bench land being u dandy loam, splendidly adapted
for fruii eiiitine. Where irrigation may in* necessary on tin-
beueliK-i. -Aitiei cau he had from the mountain erooka Mowing from
the Roektes Into tbe Kootenay river, Tbo html* are fully surveyed and some uf the hits have been sub-tlivhled iutofeiu-eil
liti me of about SO acres each.
The purtiliasti price will Include the Umber, which ean In* Hnbl
by the pui-chauer without, any liability to government or other
royalty. Thetimlier will in many eases more than realize the purchase price, and will iiiullcuHos materially recoup the in noun t Invested, Logs can be driven outhu Kootenay river, which touches every lot nave one. The main wagon roml through ihe valley
passes over oi eloHU lo each lot, and the ptrOIWBed Konteiniy Ceil
Hal railway will parallel llie wagon road.     The 0, P. It. if' iiufttf
convenient to the hunt-..
For further particulars apply to
Or to Joseph Ryan Cranbrook, B. C.
« M >
i M I
**-*-* **■*-*-* ■*>*> ******-*-*-*$'*y**** + o *+-+.+ +-*>*>
Hotel <& s
duetts Cornier) s Specially
Hood Slabllnf Is Connection
Neareat lo rallrn.il .ml depot.    Hun .crommoda-
lluua for llie public iitieuuitllnl  |„  Cranhrook.
Hei and Cold Baths
Moj-j-arth & tVollins
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers
M:Li ijjlin Girriajji ail 0::rirt;  Implements lor Sale
Slop Phone 50 P.O. Box 144 Barn Phone°0
were done our fathers and our sons
would boycott the club and linger always near the fireside.
It's a wise sou that knows he
knows less than his own father.
Keep your good eye on the lellow
that is over humble There will he
something doing.
Uy the lime you clean your own
back yard you will be tun tired to
talk about " sweeping the other fellow's.
Don't trade a morsel of love for a
whole wagon-load of garbage. Some
of us have already done that to our
Many a storm could be so easily
averted if we only watched the barometer that hangs on the wall of the
human heart.
That was a wise man who set a
rat trap in his pocket and caught
his dear wife by the finger.
The "ups and downs" arc only the
hills and valleys we cross In our
eternal ipiest for happiness.
One of the prime properties of
i nub is its resurrect Ive power, Crush
it und it will rise again.
That love is sweet that sweetly
loves when the skies iuc cloudless.
That love is great that greatly loves
amidst the raging storm.
Your dearest friend may utterly
destroy your niin il puicllunco he
touches your buw-stiing just when
Urn utj'ow is on ihe feather. It is a
crucial moment. And there are definite moments when every nun must
act solitary and alone.
Conscious a t-oiie-ness—1 hu t 's the
sublimest reach of peace. For this
the whole world is sighing. Afici
all Ihe poet's dreaming, heaven is no
more than a perfect adjustment to
our surroundings. Ami for that very
reason our highest heaven may bu
right here—and for the same reason
—our deepest hell.
) The Reaver youst to he yoused all
1 the time to make huts out of, but .
when peepel woi straw hats and other kinds the Cnnudinus took all thu ■
Heavers for tiler nalionol euiblum,
! thou Canada is not really yet u. nation I don't think.
I The Reaver is very yousftll lo cut
'down trees and holler them out for
ennoos for the Injuns with its teeth.
Beavers work very bard at that all
stimer and sleep in rivers under the
ice in the winter. I think that is
all thcr is to no about Beavers.—
Robert Elliot in Woman's Homo
Companion for February.
To cause prosperity to rlso
And poverty to sink
The knowing and the very wise
Who take the first, and largest prize
Use printers ink.
'    NOTICE.
Notice is hereby given (hat the
undersigned have submitted to the
Lieutenant-Governor iu Council a
proposal under Ihe provisions ol thu
It Ivors and St renins Act for clearing
ami removing)obstructions from the
Moyie River and fur the election ot
a dam therein and for the construction and improvements ul channels
connecting the Same wilh a lake aud
wilh Meadow Ciiti .md Im making
the said Rivet ami Channels (it for
holding ami driving lugs, timber,
lum-h-ci, rafts ami crafts, and for
erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, soiling, ami delivering logs
and limber b rough I down said It Ivor
and   for     al Inching    I ins lo     tho
shores     of Hie said    l.ivei   lot     said
The lauds to he effected bv tho
said work are Cinwu binds and Lots
I fill 2,  It, vi, 8674,     1897, Group One,
Koolenav di.sllit-t.
The rule ol tolls proposal to he
charged aie such as may he lived liy
ihc judge of tbe County Court of
East Kootenay.
Tbe King Lumber Mills, Limited.
Dated July 37th, Iftflfl. aunt
''What did I'oorman say when   his
rich fiance proposed a golf wedding'"-
'»aid it suited him to a tee "—El
.1.00   n.sn   t\M
J5i:      fl.llO   |1.25
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
Notice is ln.ri.by givt'ii llia't Uie
jiiirliii'islii|i heretofore existing between tlie undersigned, carrying oa
business ol blacksmith uml foundry-
men ut Cranhrook, B. C, under Mie
firm name and style ot MiKinnon *
Johnston is this day dissolved.
The business of the jiarlncrship
has been acquired hy A. A. McKin-
ii.iii,, who will carry on the same
ns heretofore and collect all debts
owing the partnership and assume
und pay all liabilities.
A. A. McKiniion,
E. D. Johnston.
Dated this 8th day ol March, A. P.
1907. SSJi       *» ** THIS   CKAM-.UOOK    HISIiAI.il
.p.     lii.llv Vardcn is coming.
W     11     N, Becker, Mie I alKarj   11 |in
Qj tentative of the i)ii-: Staulei  1 iiuilnn
r*, company,    wns in town   thi    isl ol
;~   1I1,' \vi-.'k.
w     .1   M.    SisMins, pattern maker  Im
"*j| ' Mi Kiiiiu.i,    ,\ Johnson,   bas gone to
O the iik.ni.,j,ii, ,,..inn v for an explm
:..ii,.n nil.
E3!   Bead Patmore    Bros, ad. on   this
B page.
M 0. S. Fruzcll, ol tin- 1 ..■ Smcli'
H Ilrewiug company, Fernie, was trans-
D acting Imsini-ss in Cranhrti'jk ..
H couple nf days this week.
pS Hlit S.M.i-iin.- i.'.ni ;ooe lor
n  • a   m   /-  ,    aa-ll* •    .1      tr    , j        wkireju     duving    ami    delivery     01
Reid & Co s Millinery is the Vogue and
Commands Attention
Millinery Opening
The Summer Millinery shown here is different in tone,
character, beauty and exctusiveness from that shown
and enthusiasm.   The prices arc especially low, quality and    (^
style considered.   We've anticipated the  wishes oi  thc*e    gjj
who want the best styles, and we therefore cordially Invite
the ladies to visit our Show Rooms on March 19th.
Display of Under-Musi in
As to the Styles, they're new, Ihe above goods having arrived this walk.   Particularly noticeable is Ihe daintiness of the styles and the beauty ol the material,
trimmed with French Valenciennes and Torchon laces.
Up to the present time
the trade has been favorably inclined to Net Waists.
The showing includes a
large number of Fancy
Muslin Blouses which are
beautiful in quality as well
as eifectivc in design.
I-.S — \V« ui'.' iili-intcl Ii, iiiEurin
ill,' lii.liHH ,.l llrmilirook tluil ivii
have t.f.-iii'i>>l llii' Htirrlowi nt Mi-h
llni-i-ili nan DnwHiiinkpr.   .1-11,1.
lady coniea to tn« liinlily r in-
llimuled, HiiliBfii.'li.in in Hi.' IJi-esn-
tilakilitf IJepiirtliicnl i, ii.Hliri.il.
sam \
Wf/ivS     \
1 fifoSE*'
K l.-*p>/
1   I
1 \
b. c.
.uul single Itarncss —G.  T    Hi
Francis McConnell, was i,p Ir. n
Waldo .» few hours Tue daj gicelitig
liis many friends        ) le ■ lu
leave in.1 lew days foi a ti ip ;o the
For tender little feet you want  soft little  shoes.
We have them.
Baby Hoccslaa, in tun uml white - -	
Baby Sell Sole Shoe, lure, in red, lihlckiillil tan, linen 1 I,. I	
Baby Soil Sole shoe. Iiuitoii, in white, red and tun, sixes 1 tn 4...
Baby Sell Sole Slipper, in tan and wliile. nines 1 In 4	
The neit stage, a 9i.lt lull tinner upper and "tile, in nines :l 1.1'
anil luu, lace und button.   Kant slip, price _ 	
Bos Call, laced, sines II In IS	
Ball, luce.I, sizes 1 to 5	
llralt, laceil, ,i/.'K I In 5  -	
..... 2150
G. T. Rogers
l-'iiiiuv uu.I Staple Ur	
iin.li roekerv. Mills.iil(
Hoots & Show. Crnnbr
AND  -
We Have Them-Just What You Want
The   Druggists
m advice m
Yo US Houl Dt Aket Hec
Ranb Roo Khe Ral Ditc Os
Tson Ly tw Odo Lla Rsaye
Imported Cigars
Btix Trade a Specially
William  Robinson,  »'' '    •       l"':'
laiil n|, wm.   iullamu
Usui ..II winter,  Is  Impi       !  nieelj
and uill soon bo laiil)
I., busiuesa.
Iiiil'iuu'i lam i timb. 1 land loi
Sale. A|i|ilj to lien lluckle, L'r.m
li..,.,'». II. U.
In. l.'nllin, who had been 1 Iiuil lo
St.   Eugene   hos|iltal    several   daya
uiili ear trouble, waa sullu n-nlly re-
covered 1.1 return to hi i r
Marysville Tuesday.
Craven cigarettes and  lohn 1
Migbtou's cigar Blore.
II 11. Gilmmir, the British ('..liini-
lii.i ii-|il't'si'iiiiilivi' ol ' the '.'..,' ■■ 111s
Engine company, hot been in l'rr.11-
li.nnk the past lew days looking ult-
L>r his interests in iliis vicinity.
.Ins liv.ui .mil V. A. Hulliiia have
been nllii-iiillv guwtted .... |iulici. com
irissii.ni'is 11I Hie city .,( 1'i.u.Iiiunk,
and J. P. Fink and .1 II llas-lnke
members nf Hie license commission.
It  is expecletl Ihal our new iIidss-
11,,t,r.   Mrs.   lllllTlll,   Mill   .'line     ;.
week Irom Nntnrdny, .it whicli time
she will he pleased lo nlleml lo the
mnny wonts ..I (ho Indies.—Held 4
Dune. .Mel.e.iii and Wallci Malheson
1. ft Tiiesdny Inr New IVestsnlnster
wilh ll. .Miiliiiiiev in their charge,
who will lie turned ovei lo the
millini'ilii's nf lhc penitentiary for .1
two years' visit.
Gturrlck Smoking Mixture- nl
Mighlon's I'ipu store.
.Ins.   tliiupill   was  in  town  .1  cilliplo
ni days this week mi liis way    1	
Moyie lo Pernio, Mr. Ooupill lias
disposeil nf his Interesl in the hotel
business nl. Moyie nml is now with
Ihe Pernio cigar [uctory.
I'.ilninli.' Bins, hi,vc nn exhibition it
Falilianlts-Morso Qnsoliue engine,
('.ill and sec it.
So well have our efforts io please
ynu been appreciated thai ii has
encouraged us lo do si ill greater
tilings and we hope lo give our many
customers hetter values this cnining
season than ever before.—Reid & ('..
Ed. Lyons, whn, ihlci. mouths ago,
iveeiii'il h nasty'cut on lhc fool from
an axe, wliile working in thu wnn.ii
.u Crothers camp, is gelling along
splendidly, and will soon he able I.,
reiurii in the woods and help slaughter the mammoth trees of (bat canip
Smoke Wcsltivcr liiz Plug at
Mighlon's cigar store.
Slime  Mike.
11,11 McKay lilt Wednesday Im ..
visil w iih friends in Idaho.
Sunday next is St. Patrick's 1>..\.
iii 1 oul your guru ribbon.
i,,-... i.iylni, ..I Wardner, was
transacting business 111 Cranbrook today.
II. .1. McSweyn returned yesterdaj
i 1   ..   (rip to     Bavues   Laki  aud
J P. Mcintosh was down Irom
hnntiellej a couple ..i days tills
Tu RENT—Rooms lurnlshed nnd
unlurnisbed. Apply 10 Mis. C111-
vinglu, Armstrong avenue.        iu-lt
11.  I-.  Tale,  (ne jeweler, is      1..1-,
lies .
id electroliers,
1 - >i .mi aa engineer
11   . .
.lolUUIg  1,.  c.
i..    11UWSIIIS,    t
, I
' Particular " Bousowife iiws the
lie.'iniH.' ii  hns im.. 1 n tII,,I QuulitieB for  baiting
Br I. Biscuits, Hulls, Pies and Cakes to suit tlif
uiste of iiu1 epicure.
!-'i.r tin* siiiin> i^ikh) rensnii every liousowife in
t'liiniilii should use the "KOOTENAY" RANGE.
If yi.11 can't dispute this argument, liettcr buy
0111* t'ur next liiikiny iluv.   For sule by
PATMORE BROS. plumbaB.^rn&rring
.rated 1
ince Hi
ned     t.
ell im
Mr. Me
M. McCarthy, who has
sie.iin shovel mi the Cruu
days   ut construction,  ret
1 innlirnnk   Monday lusl
proved in health, after hi
tlie winter in New Jersey
Carthy's family   expect in ri
Elizabeth,     N, .1 . lor nlioul
vents,  when' llie children .,11
Ing school.
A   letter    was   lee. iveil   fro.
McDonald, proprietor of the Muni
tuba hotel, who is now in Spokane,
slating thiii lie had consulted the
n.-stnn.iilis iii that city .nul placed
himsell iiniler limit treatment anil
t ml they had gunrnnleed a cure in
Luce months time. II (hey succeed
ii will please no one more than Mr.
McDonald's host ol Cranbrook
UY ASKING QUESTIONS OP p0R   SALE-A comlorUblo    cot
MANY  PEUPLE. tage, well   built ami in good condi
tion. Five minutes walk Irom
center ol city. Applv Arnold iV
Roberts. fill
The wrestling match last Thursday
night between .limine Ramsey, champion .,! Manitoba, nml IV. Addison,
champion ol Minnesota, : 'sullen* in ..
draw, one full each, li was .1 good
exhibition of' the calcli-as-calch-can
style, and a large crowd wlCucsscil
llie contest. Another match will be
•iillfil nil on March r.il! mi !-jii a
Bide and gate receipts. Ramsey
agrees in throw Addison three liinei
in Hi minutes or forlcil lie purse.
HAY    Full    SALE-1 have about
200  tuns uf hay for saiu  lhat  I   cm
ship 1111 shell notice.      Utile or Will'
, me fin'     prices.       Julin UiUun, II1..I1
l-.il   nine.     c.   P.   IL dcspatclicr, nivcr, Alia. 50-11
hns gone in Spokane loi a week oil.
■\   P   Slenlioason   ..I Crcslon    Ins1   Mr- Mm Nl'lls""' "' »t»»tr*«l, lias
lii-eil in  mwl! «'""al "laj-s! IM, ViTl l'*™,^™1  "    «*»»«■ 0l  ""     "*
All   llie   liewesl   BlllipCB   III   II.   It.   II.
Dolly Vardcn is coming.
Jns   Joyce was up Irom Baki
I In
li.-h ate
liisl ni the week
I.I1ST-A gold locket 111
Ihe initials "O. Ci. II
please leave at Herald oil
II.   McMillan, 0!     .Movie, w,,s     n
Cranbrook vlsltoi  this week-.
Millinery  opening March   10th  nml
following day —Reid .v Co,
Miss M     Norlbey, ol Wu-liiT,-, was
shopping in Cranbrook Monday.
WANTED—By     Mts.    den.    lloi;-
R.nili. .1 riiI hn  general housework,
11   P, Cooke, of   Fort Steele, wns
in Cranbrook u few days (his week.
u.c bnii-,11 Loin will give yuu
uouual Btuobe. -lu-i^
Hi Untie, ..I Culguiy, brother 01
'    II     .11 llllile    w.,3   Vlslilllg  II,  11.11,
1 1. Uie llrsl 01 the week.
til'O       1.    Ill 11U1 1, in,.   u|   ; ..,■     1: ...
itlvi i    Powei     company,   ...... Uaus
busiue -..     in 1 laubiook    una
i-.ni.ei  (oieol.i     is ,n St. Eugene
:..e next tew ,l.,)'s.
••sALc. -    I'lioioughbred Ply-
Ituei, Cockerels, ->x.ou  10 .0.
ue iv. .Sunn,, iliurysvllle, li. c.
s. «. llj-ekm
t' ol lllelius ,11
oiling 111 1,1,11,
m  U.ilhi  Walla
■1  .,1
Lady Caramels
Peanut Brittle
Maple Cream
Turkish Nouget
Assorted Nuts
Salted Peanuts
I Central li
j Hotel
III     Marysville::
j::T.Cole,Manager   j|
!', We give the ln-st toourpu- ]'
. > trims in thu St. Marys valley. <.
pes i.l   Might
11  c  Can leii  \i
nml, where lie will
■ tm flreon-
.1111 lor   Uie
ollire of lhc Cm.1.li.ni Pacific
Telegraph company. Mr. Neilsuu is
a courteous gentleman, thoroughly
conversant with the requirements uf
lis calling null proposes 10 give the
I ('i.iiibrtmk citizens Ilrnt-clnss service
I'.'! 1 v I i.ii.l  I'lniii    the     milliner   in      which
.■ena-ihe has taken In.hi nl affairs lioro Micro
Is no .I'.iihi if.,1 !«' will make good.
iitneil   llr   Nollson is the Inlliei  ol Jlis.  ,1.
.  ,,.w 1 Mi.e, whose hnshiiiul is station ngenl
it this point.
See the Fairbanks Morsfl Ci.isoliuc
engines lor sawing wood, pumping
water, running crcur. scpurators, in
fact anything where power is need
ed.—Palmare Urns., sol
II Schilling .'..me down In
Creek Mnndn) foi .1 few du]
Hon in ihe metropolis.
li   I'illin I ('. McDonald,
in Crnnbrook  yeslenlny nil
.lays  lisil   .11   i.elhlniilge,
(I T. Itngeis ii'Liineil Monday
from liis trip lo lhc const, whore he
li.nl been called mi business.
WANTEii-iiiil fur general housework.     Apply lo S. II. l-loskins.
.Lis.   Balfour,    the   irrepressible  C,      People  who    were
P. R.   insurance    ngent, is in town when the   train
again on his regular round-up. east   Monday   morning wen; treated
Every effort hns been made to give lo all exliibiliun ol horsemanship
everybody the lullest measure ol seldom equalled and never excelled
satisfaction possililo.—ncld & .Co.      I!'.'    this neck pi   the woods.    .1.1;
Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Mansfield
Marysville. Good prices made in
the string. Crows Nest Pass .Lumbal company. M
up Irom Hosir.cr Tuesday evening for
a short visil Willi Cranhrook fiicids.
FOR SALE-dne glay hmse, about
II years old; weight ahnul 1100; well
broke Apply to E. Corhitt, Cranbrook, near North Star mill.      46
Iron Bed. Sprint* and
♦ ll.7Beasli
— c. c. s.
Fulton, 0110 of tlit! di Ive
Kink Mercantile coin|in»j
iitK tlirou^li the alley Im
Cranbrook blntk wilh a
when the horse, a partic
mouthed    brute,    bee
for the
was ilriv-
k 0! the
single iis
l.irly hard
ami started to run. The wagon
collided with an electric light pule
ami Mr. Fulton was thrown lo the
ground. He hung ou to the lines,
however, and regaining liis feet endeavored to stop tho now thoroughly
maddened animal, but finding lit1 was
unable to do so on Uie ground he
took the lines in one hand and made
a running jump onto the wagon and
bracing his feet against stakes at
the front succeeded in Btonpln-g tho
runaway within a few rons, with
Islight, damage to harness and shafts,
I Had Mr. Fulton lost, presence of mind
for a moment the runaway mi^bt
bave bad serious results.
..uie, Uie Jeweler, has .. nice us-
-.iti ,nk',ii. ul biuusu sets, bruueiiL-s uuu
mil puis, Miiiuiilu for it. fairii'K's
■i-iy .iii.i l-la-iUi, m jii-> wm,low ihih
■ 1. Harris leaves foi Alberlu tliiu
iveek tu uirangc (ui unciiing up Lity
.nuiiiKT biihiness us ileal-riiie.i in Uicbti
L-uluinns tas-l weeh. MU, iiartis rtili
rciiiaiii in Urunbrooli foi somu lime
yet. A jiurtj was giu-a in meir
tiouoi at the home ul .Mrs. s. w
ityoumsiii lasi evening,
The siamiartl of the british l.iun
cigar is uevur lowcreil. That is
wny il ifiu.uus tin* general lavor
"■«• -i'J-12
lli'v. Koberl Held, who has been
visiting Ins bfoiliers, \\. T. aud ('.
i-... the pusl week, ruiuriietl in his
home in Walla Wulla. Wash., Tuesday lust.
Nelsu Kohorlsun, ni Fori Steele,
was .1 visiiot in the metroiills tins
>V. CI, Chester, of Winnipeg, gun
oral, chairman ol the O. It. (',, foi
Cuiuidu HucIIle liins, has turn In
town Uie past few days conferring
with the local grlevaueu eoiumitie.
m rugard i<« aflalrs on the Crow.
Mr. Cheslei leaves Lu-day im
Kev. W. I.. Hall, B.A., B.D., of Feruie, will pt-each iu the Methodist
church nexl Sunday, moriiitig and
livening. Mr.'Hall ib nne ta Uu*
nest platform speakers m Uu* lliiiisii
Columbin conference, and is nne ni
Hie closes! students in Hit* province
II   will   lie a  pleasure lo heal him mi
WANTED—Competent steuographei
■iail typewriter-) Salary sjii.no pel
liluntli and expuusL's when away from
icuiii-uaricrs. It. V. Hm-kcr, Ke.si-
t«iit   Kiiginucr.  Cranbrook. 4D-3t
Joseph Jackson, chairman ot tlie
' rairbrook division nf iiu- o. R, c.,
leaves Monday next fur Chicago,
where the representatives of ihe
employees uf the torly-iwo railways
represented iii ihe recent conference
•■ill ca-nvass the vole and announee
Uu- result nf the reft.-ieii.lum regarding ihe strike proposition submitted
lo them, The further action nf the
conference will to controlled bv the
result uf this vote.
Pure Bred Mammoth Buff Plymouth Rocks, a beautiful Golden
Hun, heavy winter layers, eggs for
sale, $2.0U per sel'tin-*, ol 13.—
Muv'ks x Jackson, Crcston, B. C.
Tiie public is again reminded ut
the Oratorio Emmanuel to tm given
"ii ihe evening uf Good Friday. The
committee have secured the Presbyterian church fur ihe occasion and
arrangements .tie being completed.
I'Il' proceeds will he devoted tu the
interest uf the Children's Aid So-
eiety uf ihe province, and all should
lake an interest in tills most important a Hair. Tne admission tee
is fixed at in cents.     Reraembei tbe
late—Ihe plaet—and enme.
A lienesi, a C. i\ li. conductor is
confined to the hospital with an attack uf the rheumatism.
Constable     A.    A. Waul  brought
Muses Haiidry from Kimborley Tuc-.-
lay evening and the latter is being
I'Samlned hv   the   lunacy commission
d.iv  and will  probably be sent tu
w Westminster.     Mr, Bnudry     is
years nf    ago  and   hails " from
Glengarry, but has been employed at
Kimberley fur some time, and of late
has been labniini*, under the lulluci-
iiation that  the trees in tbe vicinity
oi Kimberley had become experts   iii
the use nf the Englisli language and
thej    (Iin- tni's)    persisted   in   ac-
niHliig him nf theft.
W.  II    WltsOII,   Hie jrweh-r, has ni.ee
mure shown his interest in recreation nml sport  bv    presenting     the
Haslet   Ball  league  wilh a  very h.mtl-
»ome challenge tup Jhis is now
nn exhibition in bis window nnd the
very sigh! nf i! is putting fresh vigor
Into Uu* teams. The cup is nf beau*
;ifii! design ami stands about sixieen
inches- high, supportcil hy a handsome
ebony base. It measures nine Inches
icross the top antl Is a credit tn
the donor in limb shape and quality.
The league games nre well under way
md are attracting good audiences.
nu Friday evening 1 ho Banks and
"Gym" Irams meet and nn Tuesday
ne\t Hio famous genie between the
"Ovm" and the Fire Brigade teams
will he played. This will end half
the series. Games everv Tufsday
and Friday evenings.
Tl.- demand* ■ im men at the null*-
is increasing,
i ..-■ ; j   .;,■ mi- m llaiiv   Ban  ii,
l.ua           ..in learn ■•van regret
1 <  tne   ui ;     his cliilu,      v, mui
■ ■ ■ .. ;>-.i aatuiuaj  lusl .ti iiasa.
liuu     Hiju     imiiuit-i      au*  iiUlin.-lull*>
ui  U  duj*>.        iuc     Ea»i   ivu-jiiitrtj
c-jititiigem reueivtn ibeiis luis \uv"-.
uiu a tuples Luiii..a comimti)     are
iduurg a iaigu auu) engiuu tut teen
;liiB   LUUU.       Ulia   wm   nuibu   Uuee
aunt eitgiucs     tuai una cumpaii)
iiau-, uuu men railroad is uuu
il uu-Ht* links, lung.
lflCK3 ailU KH.HULIO
Palmute Bros, nave been appointee
...-ins   ml    Willi   HIS Hid   lul    ti.e   Cv-lC-
.ii.-.i uuLavul v ream bepaiulots,
at) aie uuviiig a saiiiplu piuceu li,
uni, unti win ne pievthi.nl lo show
.me .uni give Hiiuiuuuon iu all interested.
LICENSE L'u.u.vussiu.SKUS.
Iiu-     following appointiueuls,     re*
leeilllg   iueiiii-       tt-iiiiiilssiui.ua      lui
until   r,.i.-,L   Kuuliu.l),   n.i,L   a-ipiMlu.
i  Uie lasl  lsiiiie ul   IUC LiateUc
I t.iutuuuli U15LH. l.  A.  L)u)k,  E.  A
I.ill,  l».     Speeis.      iiispculol,  i-.  R
i-cuiie ilisiim-K, .1. Cole, -I   Car-
iieiiael, l-.. i..   \\riggleswortii.    in*
iiceior, .1. li. Mi Muinu.
—    * -   —
The contest im ua* library uu ex-
ibition al llill ii; Co. s i- urouvtug
uisiderable inleresl anu the Ballot
jx at Beattie -.v Atebicon's was
idled yesteitla) and lite lesuli an-
umiced as lollows:
.  ui  P.   ii  1 ii ii F	
•ne  HospiU
blie  School  	
esbytei ian    Sumj
; 150
..    It-
The ballots aftei
etc placed iu a seal
r. Beam.- suggest!
it lee compoi
■i counted
elupe and
a cum-
omposed ul une leptesmu-
t'.ieh contestant be appuinu*']
purpose ui making ^ reeouot
i'K aud certifying lo '..■■ * or*
rceluess ui ihe ^iw', as ::-';!. ;.,..-.
till Uie close of the contest on Juia-
ilst     Ihe      huliuli.      wiil   he counted
every Wednesday.
For particulars as *u how and
where to secure these hai..-:.- ..or.sult
the advertisement un pa-ie > of ttn>
A meeting of the foot-ball assoeia-
t.oi, will be held in the "Gym" Friday iunrht at 8 o'clock, for'the purpose of electini; oflicers for tbe ensuing year.
Upon the polished marble shaft-,
Are writ the simple annals
of those who were too previous
In dulling winter tlannels— Er.
Craven Booze—"Mum, will youst*
;^ive a terribly destitute man a
Mrs. SoHteigh—"Certainly 1 will,
my poor man. Bui you do not look
Craven Bootc—"But I is, mum. I
ain't hud nothin1 on me stomach tot
tree days exceptm'  food "—Et.
Small Willie was playing with two
-..cged urchins in front' nl the house,
when his iiinthei called bim in
• Willie.'' she said. "don't you
roow that those buys are bad associates for you'"
"Ye**, mamma." replied tbe little
philosopher, "but I'm a-good as-
snetate' for them."—Ex.
50 Tieni.t-kers wanted at once.
Vppl) in person to the Crows Nest
^^ls^   Ltiniber  company.   Marysville.
A- 1 am leaving town next week,
all parties having work in my shop
must call and -ret same on ot betore
Saturday. All bills nwmg for woik
mast be sciiled bv  that date.
:I. M. Detr.
All kinds of l..du*s snd gentlemen's
•ieanir.g, pressing and repairing, at
the Cratifcruok Dye Works, Armstrong
•.venue,  opposite Imperial hotel.
' A com(urubl« bouse with seven
rooms and a batb room; bot and
cold water; fireplace; S150U. Ad-
dtt*->»: Herald. Cranbrook, B C.     47
The partnership heretofore carried
The C. P. It. station staff wc-e'0B bv :ne undersigned under the firm
busy nn Wednesday aiiernuon greet-|name of MW- F. Tare it Son" is dis-
ing Mi. G. .1. BuVv, Assistanf Geu-,,>olvpd from t*tns dat<-
eral Manager nf ttt-sterii lines of thej w *■' Tat€ *H1 carry on the busi-
company, whn is making his riis-l1**5-* o{ •** firm ul Cranbrook as
official tour of inspection since mY,!1*^^F*;I^fCl al! deb,s awi P"*1/
recent appointment tu ihat position.
The following gentlemen, ollicia!-, of]
the company, acrunipanu-d  Mr.  Buiv i    . t   „     L
K. R.  Jamie-     nite<1   •"•* -*1"*1   rtar o(   March, A.
| all liabilities.
Wm   F. Tate,
C. Ross Tate.
far as Cranbrook
son, general superintendent. Calgary,
W. I-;. Wood-house, master mecharii'c.
Calgary; II. E. McDonnell, -ieneral
freighl a-gent, Nelson; .1. A. Mac-
Grqjor, car servite agent, and T.
Martin,  resident engineer,  Calgary.
The parly proceeded at an early
hour this inurning to Sirdar, where
Mr. Burv will he met hv uHa-ials uf
the Pacific  division,   whn  will      ac-
cnnipanv    him
the line.
Mi.   Burv ha
nf   the   good   O
< i ion of
fi., ;%:.
ui. tn f.-el proud
in which he is
. iyces at Cran-
l.iouk, many nf whom worked with
: im while he was stationed here a
few years ago as superintendent, and
whn ai>- gf-nernus in ihe prai1-*^ of
iiis ahilihes a> a railway man. and
fur his pei sonal popularity.
fine and one half storey frame,
shingle roofed dwelling; t moms and
Michel,, waier; 2 tots, fenced; tl'iOtt
only.     Arnold & Roberts 61
The Kimberley Miners union have
ilcoted officers for ihe ensuing vear
s follows:
President—Opo,  Pnw.lt
Vice-President—Chas.  Taylor.
Financial Secretary—John Mcintosh
Recording Secretary—Wm   Williams
Treasurer—Joseph  Massey.
Conductor— Joseph Parent.
Warden—I-'red Parent.
The business man who had been unable tn see the benefits of advertis-
ini: refused to subscribe for a local
paper because it was prinied from
previer type.
"I cannot read it," be said.
"Brevier type retails bitter memories."
"Why, how is thai'.'" queried the
"Ah. it is the size of type the
sheriff used when he advertised my
slock for sale."
Corporation of the City of Cranbrook
Attention is drawn to Section 6
of By-Law No. 5, being the Trades
License By-Law;
"No person shall use, practice,
carry on or exercise, within the City
nf Cranbrook, any trade, occupation,
profession or business described or
named in this By-Law, or sub-sections thereof without havinc taken
out and granted to him a license in
tbat behalf, under a penaltv dpon
--ummary conviction, not exceeding
the sum of two hundred and fifty
uollars ($250)
On and after Uie 1st of April Hie
..hove will be strictly enforced.
Thos. M. Roberts,
City Clerlr.
March  |4,  1*07. 51
Tti* l>ji|in([ fruit Btort , (
' I Easter Flowers and Ferns i >
arritdngns utb mm.  Cfaoica       ! .
ranatlM    Onler mrlv.
pftKsu LirrrucK, kamsbkh.
Pliune 76
AruislroiiK Ave,
"Tommy," said the teacher kindly,
"do ynu rememher what I read about
disarmament  tbe other day?"
"Y'es'm," answered the boy, holding his hand behind him.
I    "And about  the peace conference?"
"Well", this Is a little peace conference, and if you do not drop lhat
snowball I fear that as a superior
power 1 shall bave to intervtot."
I   lift   News of the District   Mm   \
Written by Bright Correspondents and'Gleaned Irom Newspapers I
I        CO PLAINS
Ob!  Paddy, dear, anil did yuu beu;
Tbe news that's going aiouud.
it Is predicted by
_ itrologers thai
si. Patrick's Day in the morning
will again he beard about thrcu a.m
Marchsnth, iu Elko.
K II. Andiews, oi Waiduei, B. C,
\x spending a few days in Elko tin
* cck.
The man whu Da*-, nothing to los
can afford to gamhlo with uusUuy,
W. l). Candlish, who is spending .
Very pleasant time hemic going east
liiieuus to return this uutumoi     am
hiulil a line residence in Klko.
Erin Go Bragii!
Tho Elko opera    house ha
ojit'ii   dates     this     month.
managers     wishing  t
should apply at once
vera I
make a     hit
plays aie'u'  K. with a dance alter,
Murphy's uu  the half-shell.
The beautiful scenery around Elko
would bring hope lo tht- heart of u
single woman who had been trying
In catch a husband lur thu lasl ten
Parnell sandwiches witb ShUlelnhs,
The lumber jacks from the hush
camps south ui Elko have been tlnck-
ei than couns at a cake walk this
last week.
Cups ol giayiii* tea.
Never give a man turkey when he's
only looking for coined beef.
■Bills -if Shannon ice cream."
\\. li. Boss, ul Keinie, was in
Elko, JaRlay, Prince Edward Island, Elkmoutb and Baylies Lake
this week.
Teacher—"What did St.. Patrick do
lur Ireland?"
Pupil—"lie made all lhc people
temperance su they wouldn't sei
snakes any more."
"Weather forecast" for the coming
week- fur Elko and district by Fred
/.elloih, the meteorological observer,
Pine Tree observatory: Elkmoutb:
Monday, warm; Tuesday, warmer;
Wednesday, hot; Thursday, hotter;
Friday, red hot; Saturday, please
don't mention It, Sunday,  uu lishing.
Bench and Dorais.
An elocutionary "at home was given by Miss .Mary Ann Tragedy at
Hoosville, B. C, ihe big red apple
country," Monday at tlie residence
nf .Mrs. Talkemdowu. The ballroom
was decorated with bluebells auu
apple blossoms. The programme included recitations, dramatic and
humorous, with musical accompaniment, physical culture exercises,
grace culture and high jinks. A
baby's letter by four little tots was
worth the price of admission and
then some. The humorous numbers
were given by tbe Iowa Corn Field
Sailors quartette. A dramatic recitation with musical accompaniment
was rendered by Miss Itosy Hoseleaf,
Idzzie Romance, Bridget C/'Shane,
Nellie lligiikicks, Flossie Gumdrop,
Sarah Bankyard and Sally Sauerkraut. A humorous selection was
given hy Miss Evergreen, Sally Slid-
out and Fanny Freezem. Tbe programme closed with the patriotic
pantomime, "The Wind That Shakes
the Bailey," with Miss Hattie Hailstorm as soloist and Miss Tlllie
Typewriter at the piano. Miss
Sadie Stockup gave several dialect
selections and how to dress at other
people's expense.
Blarney stones.
Mrs. C. Burgess arrived from Winnipeg to join her husband who ii
chief accountant for tbe North Stai
Lumber compauy. They have rented
it palatial residence in North Slat
On with llie dance! Let joy be
We'd like lo know what this Lord's
Hay Alliance fellow's got to do wilh
salmon lishing on Sundays in Elko,
provided we own mir can openers.
Irish Medley cakes.
!•'. B. Hawthorne, of Nelson, was
in town this week pushing the sales
fur the Hudson's Bay company of the
'Md Smuggler, a famous Gaelic
wliisl.iey. It is not sold as a horse
medicine but has been known to effect some wonderful cures in cases of
Botis and Spavins.
Fred Moore, of Calgary, was in
Elko ibis week lor the lirst lime.
He was wearing a vest that loud
il made conversation difficult in the
Immediate vicinity.
V. A. Beierson, of Royal Blue
Biscuit fame, made his second call
here, with a line range of angel fond
and Sunday Observance ciackers.
Sam Childs, the J affray pumpkin
raiser, was in Elko buying some
Clydpsdale stock for his ranch.
A bad beginning may make a good
ending, but its no encouragement to
them that's too lazy to make a
W. Paired!, the well known engineer, was in town shakiiiR hands
with his many friends after his tour
through the United States and the
Sunday Observance provinces of Canada.
It's    that   quiet in     Elko now on
Money is u
nl rvervUiing.
llu!   il
will buy iiu-
There wns
ii liuiirli ol |.iki
i-itns [mm
UIi.iiis.iw   |u
issc-il through
Elko    ..ii
tlielr way i„
Sunny Alberto
li lhc
einvs   il.iu'l i
-.il    sonic ni
them bc-
tin-en now .11
ul »|iiilig Ihcy
uilg-ht gel
through .ill i
These warm iluys aro beginning tc
make iiu- bnckynrds smell worse Uuu
.i Hottentot Sunday school.
The dancing contest held ..t      Hit
I loll inn ii I sc TIiiiisiI.iv, March 71b
between H'lllluni Hyiin, ... S|uikinic,
ami William Shurley, ,.i Ohio, »..-
w.iii after n hard struggle In Urn
C. A. Dow, iiu- nopulai |."li.-.- ..i-
lleer nf ibis district, was Ibo recipient ul' n li.-.niiiiiil |.i.-uiu- from .i
United Stules millionaire .nl connoisseur. Tin- siibjecl is "Keening
Uu- Young," uml It's enough in make
.i live iiinii lake i.. tire woods.
Saint Patrick was a gentleman
Who through slratcgy nml stealth
Drove all the snakes trom Ireland
Here's n bumper lo bis health.
Itul nut I.a. 111.1111- bumpers
l.i-si wc lose ourselves ami then
Forget the good Saint  Patrick
Anil sec llu- snakes again.
|      BAYNES LAKE      ♦
t *
i lhc I
.Mi. Downing,
•iiiiMli-ii  conipanj
ui Monday.
The llnpiil Tim
linlshctl i-iiititiii ii
Lumber comitnny.
>  Ink.
Tin- (
I I cliipi-lnl   is
at llu- lake In   [In
'     ha vi
expected li
lirsl trl|i i,
the KMki .lulic.'^B^^^^^^^
IV, II Irvine, ni Calgary, rcprc-
iimllng lhc Muiii.il I.if.- Insurance
'Olnpiiliy, ui Uaniida, was nl lluyncs
in lhc (lib ami Ttli insuring huskies
,ii the install nl  plan.
Fl-Mlk Nnsli was U|. lu Ci.iulir,,..1,
ilowlng liiinsi'll lu a tin.- assortment
if 'Mill dollies." Flank has ac
icptcd a posilion in tin- nit!,'.- ol lhc
Vfh.lpli Lumber company.
■     look   n  trip
mi lhc lib inst.
".luck" McSweyu
was a visitor al til
lay anil Sunday.
..[ Cranhrook,
nke un S.iiur-
lleorgc McKec, ol Klko, was .-.1111111;
111 liis many friends at llu- lake, nml
idling us' all kinds ol "hunch
;rnss" nnd "Hoviil sliirics."
Mr.  ll.   C. Ilnyc
<n Saturday,
was ii
The      AitIiiI.-.ii     was  ki-|.l   quite
husv dining his siav hero being also
called mi m iiiiii-i.ni' at tin- bnpllsm
of our wnllliy Inwiismnili Mr- A.
Sheppard. The godparents wore
Mrs. Unhurt. Mis Sutherland and
Mr. fleorge A. Wilson.
On Mommy evening the Venerable
.Ari'hilcarnn Hccr held n Church of
England service in the Library hall,
when there wns a large nnd gratifying attendance. The object uf the
Archdeacon's visit was tn make arrangements fur regular services being held in Wardner, and jinking
from the face of his recoption this
movement will men) witii tin- hearty
support of the numerous Episcopalians in town.
An interesting wedding took place
hen- on Tuesday when Mr. George
Custer was married tn Miss May
Anderson, daughter of Mi. Edward
Anderson, ol the Valley ranch. The
Venerable Al'chdeainn fleer otliciateil
Sunday's     that    when   a   stranger,'at tho   ceremony, which was of     a
F. W. Adolph returned from Cran-
irook ..11 Mondnv accompanied hv his
irothcr, II. I.. 'Ailolph, whn is reluming from the coast.
II. Hullndoy, uf Cranbrook, is at
Hie hike this week inhaling the fragrance ul the ornngc groves.
I". McCuniiel, nf 1'. E. 1., hail three
head ul cattle killed hy a (I. N
freight train.
More cheap incut fnr the bachelors
Harry Urquhnrt, who lias been
working fur the Adnlph Lumber
company fur the past seven months,
is taking a two wicks vacation ami
is rusticnting in Spokane, Wash.
Frank Dorosicr, nf .Inffrny, Hn
local butcher and Bovril peddler, is
it the lube erecting anil filling nu Ice
bouse. Later he is going in build a
slaughter bniisc here in order tn
supply their district with beef.
Mr. Brock E. Marble, assistant
storekeeper at the company's store,
has been appointed, scrnlaiy anil
treasurer nf the Sunday school.
Mr. Kendall, ('. A., uf Vancouver,
was in town at the end nf Inst week
collecting Information in connection
wilh the lumber combine investigation tu which lie has been siimm I
to give expert evidence.
Visit   tu
■ I. siiiiu-il i |,„|d a Hying
Fernie un Sunday.
Mr. Darker, nf the firm
A- Short, lelt lur the east
retuiii  will  in- acrompnnli
nf  I',
and oi
.1   In
ivatc nature. In lhc evening Mini Mis Cusler hospitably enter-
lined u number of friemls ami re
■ivnl [heir hearty congratulation!
ul good wishes.
The -.now has practically gum' and
ii,,- luuii.h roads aie being dried up
.lively In Ihe Ala rch winds.
I'rople an* continually coming in,
.Wail-.  MAOU worth of laud was sold
within  ihe period  ol  a   week.
The new   wiui; lo llie Creston hotel,
uiit.io.iiig ten bedrooms, is nu thu
xi\)  in L'omplcllon.
A Bach.lots hall is to be held in
thu Creston ball un ihe 1Mb.
Ui- an- pleased to bear that the
Meckel I family nre making progress
if ter nu attiicl-. nf bronchnl
mammilla. Six uf ihe children have
Hen ill, two Inning a serious attack, What renders Ihe ease pathc-
le Ml'. Beckett is only a new comer.
Hay is in --rcn
city nil
as'VC- a
Creston is snugly situated, be
■neompassed hy mountains which
irolccl nml give il a picluresqui
ppciii'iiiice. The cliir.ato is delight
.il and llu* soil rich and productive
niMirpassiihle   I'm   fruit   growing,  al
hoiish   a      plan ly    in  the  bud,
vliich   will evenliiiilly bloom, it  h
nine ulil   timers.
Tlie mayor is very genial and   ean
Todnce ihe plan of 'ihe townsite fl
iis riglil coat pocket foi  someone to
uive ;i     conception nf   the sit wit!
The   town     clerk is   well rend and
ocular,  he  takes his surveying
ipeclioii   accompanied   bv a   walking
lick anil whiltii.fi his "lady
liculii.e," limb recall in our minds
he case of Buswell and Johnstone.
Wiyonc in search of land could nol
lo heller than consult   the above.
* MOYIE 1 t
t t
{From  the Movie Lender.)
A vote is being taken at tbe St.
'lugeim on the land's Day Alliance
Vet. This vole is taken at the re-
piesl of a committee of mine work-
is uud snielieinu ii who recently held
i meeting at Nelson for tbe purpose
<t going into the question thorough-
y. The blank circulated is in Un
urm of ii pel il inn and is addressed
o Premier McBride. Of the men
unking in und    around the St. Eli*
.cue mill, al have voted against the
nfoicemciil of the act and 14 for its
■nforcemeut. The vote among the
iiineis is not yet complete, hut at
ueseiil it stands with a majority of
in iigainsi the enforcement of 'the
id. A similar vote is belli* taken at all of of the
nines and smelters in the Koote-
liiys, ami (he result of this vote will
:e summed up at a meeting of tlie
imimgers of the mines, smelters ami
lawmills which will be held in Nel-
.nii ou Thursday, Mth of March,
11)07, for the purpose of taking such
steps as may be deemed necessary ii
cgal'd to this most  important mat
. W. I). Hill was up from Cranhrook
Miss Lily Ua ml ii rand was married
n Rossland last Saturday morning
io A, Bruuelle, of Prince' Albert
-iii ska I chewa u. A rlbur Ba ndura nd
.vent over to Kossland to attend the
ivcddhig. Miss Dnndurand lived in
Moyie for some time with her
liirenls, and was well and favorably
mown here. Mr. Brunolle and hi
nide passeti through Moyie Monday
■n route lo their home at Prince Albert.
Sunday falling on the 10th of the
month, lhc men working at the St,
Ktu-ene will receive their cheques to-
ilny. Tin* amount paid out for
ivnges will he $30,000.
Mrs. Philip Conrad is lying crlll-
ally ill at her home with a. seven-
• itat-k of Inflammntory rheumatism,
Several times this week her life was
despaired of, but she is reported i
! r resting easier to-day.
Torn Cameron, Ceo. Parker, Montv
Howe and Turn Union air all now at
Copjiertipolls, Cnlifonihi. They
...i k■ i■ _ in the mill at the mine ul
ivhlrh fleo. Clothier Is super! at end
Itev. -I P Wi-stmaii was up from
I'r.inhiunk vestcrdnv to attend a
'i.eelinu of the lluslees of tilt
.lelhndisl  church.
Mrs, Walls came over from Mis-
Miula, Mont., Ihis week to see her
ilsler, Mrs. Conrad, who is danger*
ously ill.
laist Tuesday evening flrntid Master
Sinipsmi of ihe British Columbia
I. O. 0, E,, |iiiid the Movie Indue an
uihciiil visit. With him were U. E.
Beatlie, Chas. Smith and W. T
Mavues, members of Ihe Cranbrook
ln,iU'e. Refreshments were served
-md several short talks were made.
The grand master complimented the
members of Wlldey lodge very highly
-ui their good membership, their ex-
ri'tlenl fliiiincinl standing and on the
way in which they conducted their
They were married hy a justice of
llie peace.
That doesn't seem harmonious to
Why not?
Well, marriage is the end of peace.
(From The Fernie Ledger.)
John Marsh was elected ebeek-
weinhiiiau last week at .Michel by a
cr\ large majority. Jack is a
popular old boy who deserves well ol
Ills associates.
A. N. Wilmot, late of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce staff here, is buck
gain doing relief duty. Nobody
Would kick if he were again made it
permanent fixture iu bis uld place.
Alt.  and    Alts    U.      T.   White     left
yesterday morning bound for Skag-
way, Alaska, where Mr. White will
issuine the duties of manager of the
local branch ol the Canadian Hank nf
Commerce. Mi. While has been ac-
■oiiiitnnt in Ihe Fi-inie branch of the
same hank ho n loHfl lime, and leavrs
many friends behind him.   Mrs. While
ii.is iml been su lung a resident nt
nit town, but has made many friends
.hiring her short sojourn with us.
I'lieii many friends will wish them
well in their new home.
(From The Frank Paper.)
The appeiirance of the Frank rnil-
ia-d yards the past few days has
flirnlsheil evidence of lhc effect that
Ihe recent freight embargo has had
ou ihe lumber business. The railroad resumed the hauling of lumber
luring lhc week and since that lime
the local yards have been congested
with cars'uf lumber. Nearly whole
I rains of lumber have gone through
anil at limes there have been as many
■is thirty or forty cars standing on
the sidings.
Manager Moore, of ihe Coal com-
liiny, returned yesterday afternoon
from Calgary, where be had been to
tttentl ilu* meeting of operators and
miners. Mr. Moore stated that the
neetlng had been ndjotirncd till the
IStb, owing to the fad Unit the re-
aresentiilives of the miners had not
•nine authorized to sign agreements
md as nothing definite could he accomplished until such authority was
ihtaitifd the adjournment was taken
io afford Ihe miners' representatives
'ppoi iiiulv to get such 'iiithority
The plans uf the merchants of
Frank, Blairmore, Lille and Bellevue
iu inaugurate the cash system have
matured nnd the system will he put
into operation the 11th. All the
merchants in the towns named entered into the agreement with the
•xci'ptiun uf Mar On and the Italians
whn have small  businesses at    Blair-
W. J. Mcflownn, manager of the
daily hardware store, surprised his
friends when he returned Sunday
morning from a brief trip to Cal-
iiiiv, with a bride. Mr. McCowan
md Miss Minnie A. Hondrcn, of Albert, N. B., were united in marriage
it Calgary Saturday evening last
it fl.30, 11*10 ceremony being performed by the Rev. Longe at the resi-
lence of Air. and Mrs. Murchy, friends
d ihe contracting parlies. ' Mr. and
Mrs. AfcOownn are at present staying iii Ihe Imperial, but will later
reside over the Grady store.
The experience of a well known
msiness man of Hie Pass furnishes a
iood Illustration uf ihe lack of wisdom in sending away to buy supplies
intt can be had of'home merchants,
simply because they can he bought
cheaper, The man in ipiestinn
loughl iin order of S'mO worth of
groceries nf a Winnipeg house or al-
leged house. The goods were sbip-
ied and Ihe bill of lading sent to tbe
'tank, therefore, in order to get tbem,
tlie consignee had to put up the
money, When he got bis goods he
found he wns about JlnO shy.
R. II. Selioenlebcr. one of the most
popular and capable young men em-
uloyed hy the Canadian-American
Coal & Cuke company, in its mi'
'icre, met a violent death while working in the mine Friday night last.
He Wiis caught in a coul chute and
was crushed and smothered to death,
Sehoi'iilehii was employed as a driver and loader and was engaged in
loading coal into Inrry cars from No.
Ifi chute at the time of the accident.
lie was working alone and for that
reason it will- never be known exactly how he came to his death, but tbe
circumstances surrounding the sad
occurrence seem to leave little doubt
,is tn what happened. The accident
is supposed to have occurred about
fl.30 Friday evening, but he was not
missed until two hours later when
tlm pi< boss came along and noticed
lhat he was absent from his post.
Assistance was immediately summoned, and a search started. If was
thought he had gotten into the main
chute, nml the coal was all drawn oft
Iiuil chute in the search. Then
ittcnlinu was turned to an angle
Millie Into lhc main chute, When
'he chule wns opened the hoilv was
round at the foot of It, crushed
ngnliiRt Ihe door by an Immense
weight of coal from above. The cir-
I'UinRtnncpfi would seem to indicate
■ bat the coal stuck; in the angle
chule and ihat tbe victim of the
accident crawled up in il, but that
the coal suddenly started and caught
him before he could get out. Dr.
Mnlcolmson, who had been called,
Wiis mi hand when the body was
found, but his services were not, required, fl is stated that the pit
boss on duty at tbe time, informed
Sclinrnh'ber that the chute some-
limes gave trouble and for that reason warned him particularly ngninst
going into it, as he had once before
been known to go into a chute. The
'uueral was held Monday afternoon
from the Miners* hall, and was under
tbe auspices of the union. In ter menu
was al Blairmore cemetery. The
deceased was twenty-three years old!
and single. All It has been possible,
to learn as to relations is that he'
has a sister living at Minneapolis.
She has been communicated with.
The deeeasi'd Is said to have had a
ranch near Stnveley. and that it was
his intention to soon leave for there.
Mr. Kemp was leaving the employ of
tbe Coal company Friday evening
and had intended taking the night
train io Lethbridge to join bis wife
and Iwu children, but became ill and
was persuaded to stay until Saturday. Dr. Aikeiis was with him bite
in -the evening. As he appeared to
be much hetter the doctor left him.
On re-entering the room at five
o'clock in the morning the doctor
found the patient dead. His wife j
. wired for and Saturday evening
took the body lo Lethbridge".
tNelson Canadian.)
The highest wages ever paid in the
history of Ihe logging Industry
now being drawn "at the camps and
even tbe incentive of extra pay has
failed to draw forth tho number of
men required lo efficiently operate
ihe camps now running and about to
commence operations.
Statements in respect to the ens'
of producing lumber in this provinci
will he submitted to the parllnineut
ai) committee charged with the In
vestlgntlon uf ihe reports regarding
the alleged combine among the luui
ber producers, This Inquiry
open iu OMaw.i mi March l.'-th.
among the data submitted by
lumbermen will be iu forma tion
gnrdilig the amount paid for labor,
for logs when bought in the open
market and for labor at logging
camps operated hv mills. Freight
rates will also enter hugely into the
explanation of ihe millmen lo ac
nt fnr the present high prices de*
ma in In! for lumber.
The Wiiges of all elnssp.s of employees at lodging camps have in-
eased during ihe past year and a
half. Skidtoad men, who were formerly paid $2.00 to SS.fiO are now
drawing all cents a day mure; fellers,
who weie getting $'. a day, now
command from $! to $*l.5fl; beekets
who used to get X.'t now secure from
$3.50 to $■!; hooktemlers, who were
content Iwo years ago lo work for
*■' are now bard to get at $5: rig*
Ring stingers are drawing from $1
lo $l.f*0, where they were formerly
paid ss'.'t.ad, and the wages of swampers have been advanced from $2.7*i to
$3.50. Engineers were formerly paid
by Ihe day and they averiified $50 per
month and board, but now they draw
$S0 per month and board, and are
paid by tbe month, so that they
lose no pay if they arc unable to
work on account of adverse weather
"What is Ihe most famous saying
ever matin'by man.''' an editor asked.
Some thought that Caesar, somi
thought that. Socrates, some that
Lincoln, some that Nelson, had sail
the mosl im-morahle thing; but final
ly the palm was awarded to Euclid
Euclid went to Alexandria to
teach Ptolemy Soler, the king of
Egypt mathematics. Ptolemy plod
tied at his problems a week or two.
and then asked Euclid impatiently if
there was not some special, shorter
way h;,   which he could he taught
"She," Euel d answered,  "then
no royal road tn learning."
Two gentlemen were travelling in
one of the hill countries of Kentucky
nol long ago, bound on exploration
for pitch pine. They had been driving fur two hours without encountering a human being, when they came
in sight of a cabin in a clearing. It
was very still. The hogs lay where
they had fallen, the thin claybank
mule grazed round and round iu
neat circle, to save the trouble of
walking, and one lean, lank man,
whose garments were the color of the
claybank mule, leaned against a tree
and let them roll by.
''Wonder if be ean speak?" said one
traveler to the other.
"Try him," said his companion.
The two approached the man, whose
yellowish eyes regarded them without
apparent curiosity.
"How do you do?" said the
"Howdy?" remarked the Soiilhern-
cr languidly.
"Pleasant country."
"Fur them thet likes it."
"Lived here all your life?"
The Southerner spat pensively in
the dust.
"Nul yit," lie said.—Et.
The wag spoke truly when he said
that a man ought to take all the
law allows bim, give the other fellow all tlie law allows him, keep a
stiff upper lip, and let the old world
E. Kemn, late book-keeper for tho
Breekenriilgc & Lund company here,
died    suddenly   Saturday    morning.
Work without worry usually lends to
prolunj- lite. Un the other hand, worry,
with or without work, is fatal, because
it uses up what the Doctors cull the
"Lecithin," a phosphoiuetl fut which
is the chief constituent ol the main and
nervous system—a waste which, If not
stayed in time, means compleir nervous wreck. The evident moral it
"don't worry "—advice easy to j-ive,
and in these days of stress and strain
practically impossible to take. The
alternative is: find some way of re-
placiiie tlie wanted Lecithin—ihe
phosphori-cd fat. This absolutely
essential element will be found in
its most perfect, palatable and assimilable form in
an emulsion of Cod Liver Oil and
with Iron, the reccij^iii/eti blood builder
—making FERROL the ideal nutrient it
claims to be.
For the prevention or treatment ofl
nervous prostration FliRROL Is absolutely unequalled—-it is safe, sure and
The formula of FERROL is freely exposed, consequently
•'You Know
what you take"
Druggists • Cranbrook, B. C
An old negro who had been doing
odd jobs at an Institution iu a large
city, for some reason unknown lo the
lady in charge had disappeared for a
number of weeks.
One day another old darky came in
his place and the matron asked tbe
reason of the absence of the negro
formerly employed by her.
"His" wif air. sick," was the
"Wife?" said the matron, "I did
not know be had a wife!"
"Yas'-m, he's got a vt\V but do
rcas'n you henvah henh him say
nothiu' 'bout it is kase he's a pusson
whul don'l liilk ve'y much 'bout his
t rubbles.—Ex.
Murphy & Fisher,
Parliamentary,    Departmental   and)
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before Railway Commission
; Charles Murphy. Harold Eisner.
If you want WORK, see me.
If yon want MEN, semi to me.
If you want to null yum- REAL
ESTATE, list it with me.
Easter Flowers
mi. inirtluzen
80.-. per ilozcn
Will. |ll-|- .1,17.1-11
tl.0Operil nun
WuhIiiiII proliiilily liuvo
I'lirrs nu lipplll'tltioii.
Wi> i-iiiiiHit   iiiii-ept' onlera t
iiMur I'lnwers niter the LHIIh,
The j
Phone 1" *
A comfortable home,
with 7 rooms nil,], ii
jjlmtli  rooiiij hot  luiiHj
I'oltl wnti-r; fire-place.
Address,* " Herald,"
Cranbrook. U. C.
From nil I'oinls
ST. l'.\l'l.,-l)HIC,\(i(l,H~"*
-   *
BO-HI OE A I'll 11,
s.'u.l Im- ymir frleiiila while, tho
niti.s iireljlow. l-'iill piii-iii-iilin-H un
application to lotisl itgeiila ur writ,..
E. J. COVI.E      J. 5. CARTER
Ml.*'.'., 111. P. A.,' -
V.WVIHIVKIl       rNW,SO.V, ll ft.
Cueslknt Lodge No. Hi!
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets evrry Tuesday at 8 p. m. at
New Fratanltf Hall.
A   ('. Bownoss, r. C.
V. A. Small, K. nl It. &.S
Visiting   brethren  cordially lavi.es
to_ attend.	
I.O.II.N. Key Cliy LMajt
No. 11. Meets evtrjt
^^^^^^^ Monday niKht at
Ni-w Fraternity Mall. Sojoura.
Im; Odiltiillowa cordially invited.
I'lias. Smith, p. II. Mi-Kay,;
N. U. Sec'y.
tranbruok l.iidjc. Ha.it
A. P. *.A. M.
Ui-Kiilar meetings OS
the third Thursday,
ol every month.
Visiting iireti. ell welcomed.
\V. P. Atridge, Sec'y.
.11. A. beale, W. M.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every  Wednesday evening   *\
: p.m. in II. ol L. P. Hall.
Ur, Collin Aerie Physician
P. O. lloi 28.
Chas. Smith, W.I*.
ill. U. Hillings, Secretary.
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Meet at B. ol L. P. Hall 2nd  snd
1th Saturday each month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
T. Huyu-r, Jas. li. Larrigas,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
:       C. H, DUNBAR
J   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
» Public, Etc
»   Cranbrook,    •    •    II. C.   *
Physicians and Surgeons.
OfUc. at Residence, Armstrong A.s,
Forenoons ... - 1.30 to   11
Afternoons - ■ . • 1.30 to 1.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
B. O,
• to 12 a.m.
1 to t p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ollice snd residence on Armstrong a..
• to 12 a.m.
1 to • p.m.
I to  I s.m.
Ollice Is sew Reid block
Dominion and Provincial
Land Surveyor
Rosidenco,  Cecil iVsl's
Kuruicr Home
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Livery &
Teams and driven tarnished for »n,
point In tbe district.
A. DOVLB. Manager
our work i» ..in- niWertls m, imi We
put this nil in III,- lleriil,l;io
emphaslKO it.
N.'iu Lower Armstrong Avenue.
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provincial Land Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
********************** THE   CRANBROOK   IIBHALl.
! said the cook;
•'Al I go 'by the book*.
I said
The Cranbrook Herald
Winnipeg Daily Free Press
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known, and so is the Free Press, as the
leading Papers in their respective fields.
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thoroughly posted on the local news of
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There is One Condition
To take advantage of this extraordinary offer, you must be a new subscriber, with subscription paid; or an
old subscriber with your subscription
paid one year in advance.
Time is Extended
Owing to tin- general demand fur farther time to lake
advantage of the combination of the "Free Press" and
" Herald." the time has been extended to APRIL 25th,
by special arrnngemrml with tl»' " Free Press." After
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FOR       (£2   ^C       A
ONLY    *pO*LU    YEAR
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager Herald
Tbe Rochford (Essex) board ot
guardians have passed a resolution
limiting the speeches of members  to
tli ret* minutes.
Judge Jeffries' chair, which has
been stored for many years in the
county surveyor's office at the Shire-*
ball, Dorcnester, is to be loaned to
the Dorset county museum.
The Witham (Essex) Sparrow club
lias closed the season with a record
ot 35,541 sparrows killed, This is
claimed as a record, Three members contributed 3,000 birds each.
A wooden theatre which has been
erected on a plot ot land al Dranke-
some (Dorset) is being rented by the
vicar for gos|iel mission services on
Sunday nights alter the usual services.
Yarmouth board of guardians have
purchased a revolting shelter to plan-
in the workhouse grounds tor tbe
purpose ot treating any consumptive
Inmates by means of tbe open air
In January, Mr. Baxter, the East
London coroner, beld 170 Inquests,
Ills greatest number in one month for
seven years. The severe weather
was responsible for a large number of
the deaths.
Tlie rector of West Rasen, whose
death is announced, held for filty-one
years the comfortable living, in
which his sons succeeds him. The
population is only 200, and the living
is worth £500 per annum.
Ilford Urban District council have
issued u notice prohibiting drivers
and conductors of the electric tram
ears from entering a public house
while wearing the uniform of the
council, even though tbey arc off
The chairman of the Tunbrldge
Wells bench congratulated tho town
upon the fact that, with a population
of 35,000, only thirty-two residents
were proceedeil against for drunkenness during the past twelve months.
While removing a heap of stones,
Mr. .). Fry, of Trevilla Farm, St.
.luliot (Cornwall), came across a nest
of five snakes, which he immediately
killed. The reptiles measured from
2 ft. 0 in. in length to 1 ft. 0 in.
The F.xe Conservators have offered
reward for herons killed in the
estuary of the Exe. Much damage is
done to the fishery by these birds,
and a heron killed recently was found
to have forty-two young trout in its
Lord Strathcona, High Commissioner for Canada, who arrived in
Liverpool recently by the Campania,
declared that before tbe end of the
enturv Canada will have a population twice that of Great Britain at
The Duke of Wellington was sitting
as a magistrate when the Kingsclere
bench renewed the license of the Wellington Arms to Thomas Thomas for
tbe 154th time. The license has
been in the family for more than a
Sergeant Major Moore of the Innis-
killing Dragoons, who was found guilty at Cork last week of desertion,
has been reduced to the rank of corporal, and bis war medals have been
forfeited. He had been recommended for a commission.
At Hulphan, Essex, a police constable has discovered that the floor
of a cottage (occupied by a woman)
was like a mudpond, and ducks were
swimming about in tbe water inside
the hut.     A closing order is to  be
ppUed for by the Ongas guardians.
Tbe Old Berkeley Hunt (West) possesses the oldest "runner up" in
England, viz., Jack Westup of High
Wycombe. He is the proud possessor of a silk bat which belonged to
Lord Beaconsfleld, and which he de
lights to wear on special occasions.
Tbe strikie of the 550 miners at the
Vauihflll colliery, at Ruabon, which
has lasted for nine weeks, was settled
last week bv a victory for tbe strikers. Tbe principal point at issue
was a demand by the men for an increase in wages of a farthing a
At the annual licensing meeting at
,'anmmth tbe chairman, Mr. J. W.
de Oaux, said that, taking the number of visitors during the summer at
5011,000, tin* usually accepted figure,
ihe convictions for drunkenness had
■forked out at one to everv 5H.179
The local government board has re
fused to sanction a proposal by the
Deal Corporation to acquire tbe
local "rink," at a cost of £0,500, for
the purpose of municipal entertainments. At the official inquiry the
opposition complained that the proposed charge for admission would lie
A fierce fight hetween an otter and
pike occurred recently in tbe river
at Rarham, Suffolk. The otter was
eventually driven off. A river keener, who captured the fish, found it
was three feet, in length and weighed
16 pounds. It was just alive, but
was badly mauled. The otter was
Councillor Solomon, of Swansea,
declared at a housing conference at
Cardiff that In some colliery districts the houses were so overcrowded that men slept in the beds
day and night, the night workingmen
taking the place of the day men when
they went to work.
The Rev. Father Bernard Vaughan,
who opened a bazaar in aid of the
Liverpool Food and Betterment Society, ridiculed the assertion that all
poverty was caused by drink. "It
is all fudge and nonsense and blithering idiocy," he said. "The real reason that drink upsets the poor is because they bave no food to take with
Two boys who were oharged ;it the
East Ham police court with being de
serters from the barracks ship
Ganges at Hartwlch, were captured
by the trick of a policeman, who suspected that tbey wen* deserters, .uul
suddenly shouted " 'Tshun." Tho
boys stood at attention at once, and
they were then arrested. They were
scut back to the ship.
A remarkable record ot sale 'tube"
railway working was mentioned re
cently. Sir Charles Scottcr, at the
final meeting of the Waterloo and
City Railway company, which has
been taken over by the London iV
Southwestern Railway company, The
railway was completed in 18DK, and
since then it has carried 41,000,000
passengers without accident.
Complaint was mrrde at a recent
meeting ol the North Wales Temperance association that too much Welsh)
was spoken at the annual conference.
At a sab* of old Chinese porcelain
at Christie's a large famllle-verte
dish, enamelled with a tournament
scene of the Kntig-Ilo period felohed
BiXty-eight guineas.
During a run with Hit* Quorn hound',
a tine fox which was being haul
piessed     was   Intercepted by     two
.shepherd dogs ami killed  before    Die
arrival of the pack.
A talking bear is the most re
markable of the animal performers at
Hengler's circus. It greatly amuses
the audience by saying to its trainer,
(live me a drop of rum."
A carpet factory at Rechenberg, Bohemia, has placed carpels made of
paper on the market. Tbey are
washable, harbor little or no dust,
and can be produced in the same
patterns and colors as ordinary carpets.
A man named Lane was at work
recently at Exluill colliery, near
Nuneaton, Warwickshire, when the
roof began to fall. Turning a tub
on its side he crept beneath it, and
six hours later he was dug out uninjured.
An inmate of Broadmoor criminal
lunatic asylum, named Thomas Catll
Wheeler, has just died there at the
age of eighty-three, lie wim charged with the murder of bis mother in
1852 and found insane.
Rothesay Royal Aquarium, erected
at a cost of £10,000, has been acquired by Lord Bute, who proposes
to carry it on as a museum nnd
possibly winter gardens. The building for years litis been used us ti
music hall.
A witch doctor and four nn lives of
charge of murder, Tbey forced a
northern Natal are in custody on a
native lunatic into a pit containing
fire in an effort to cure him, and the
man was burned to death.
Mr. Prescott, the borough engineer
nf Eastbourne, told the Royal Commission on Coast Erosion that cliffs
were ruined not so much by the action of the sea as hy the action of
heat and cold, which caused them to
split, crumble and fall.
It was reported al the hist meeting
nf the Shoredltch board nf guardians
that the number of Inmates in the
workhouse is 114 more than the certified accommodation, and tbat
seventy-eight men ami women have lo
sleep on the floor.
While a man was being shaved in a
Nottingham barber's simp he sneezed
suddenly and violently, and the razor
cut the end of his nose clean off. A
loctor was summoned, and the unlucky victim's face bandaged. He
will be disfigured for life.
A gift of £100 has been received by
the treasurer of the Dorset county
hospital, with a letter explaining
that it was a gilt under tho will oi
tbe late Mr. Henry Keech, of Swyre
(Dorset) who, when a youth was an
in-patient of the county hospital.
On his name being called to answer
lo a summons for cruelly beating a
bullock with a stick, a defendant at
Tunbridge's police comt recently
burst into tears. The chairman endeavoring     to    comfort   him,   said:
Never mind, don't civ, think of the
It might be thought that the name
of Newmarket was well enough
known, but at the meeting of its urban council the chairman announced
that a public meeting was to be [-.tiled with a view lo advertising the
town. It is hoped to make it more
of a residential center.
Excavation of the Elizabethan and
Edwardian walls ot Berwick hy the
Historic Monuments committee have
revealed, underneath the s.iluting battery, near the mouth of the Tweed,
an underground passage and strong
vaulted chamber, with walls eight
feet thick. It bas the appearance of
a prison.
The two disused lighthouses on
Portland Bill were offered for sale
by auction recently. The auctioneer
described them as eminently suited
for summer bungalows. The higher
of the two was sold t-i Mr. W.
Sparkman of Broughton Olflonl,
Wiltshire, for £405.
A doctor who stated at an inquest
at Warninglid, Sussex, tbat he-
motored at fifty-two mil.-; an hour,
to attend a patient who bad a bail
heart attack, was Informed by the
coroner that if he had killed some
one it would have been no excuse
that he was hurrying to save
another person's life.
The Hare and Hounds Inn, AIcps-
ter, which is 400 years old, is to be
given into the hands of the house
breakers. This is one of the few
inns that retain relics of the time
when petty sessions were held in
hostelries. Behind the large room
ot the inn are several cells which
were used to hold prisoners brought
up for trial.
A solicitor who appeared at the
Stratford police court to defend Edward Plowman on a charge of intoxication, said that Plowman was an
excessive tea drinker. Tea had
destroyed his nerves, the solicitor
said, and he was forced to seek relief
in brandy. Plowman was remanded
until arrangements could lie made to
stud him to aa inebriates' home.
When Mr. John Troutbcck was empanelling a jury at Haltersea, one of
tin- gentlemen Bald be was ihe first
coruct at a theater, and having a
matinee to attend, it would be very
Inconvenient for bim to serve, as be
could nol find a substitute. Tto
coroner: "But you are not in the
public service, and no doubt ii is Inconvenient for everybody to attend.
I cannot excuse you."
On a poplar being felled at the
farm of Mr. tieorge Dard, al Ty-id
Fen, a colony of wasps was discovered hibernating within its hollow
trunk, and a mugful of plump queens
was destroyed. Each ijueen is held
irsp.ui-.ible fur some twenty to thirty thousand wasps, and this, liig
"kill" may well have saved the fruit
from at least a million of these winged depredators.
On a proposal at Itamsgntc town
council In sell an old tiie escape,
\ld. Bradley voiced his opposition in
iuch a m ier ib.il Aid. Hart, drawing attention to ihe (act that rate
payers were present, appealed to bim
noi to let llie public fet tin- impression "that thev conducted business in
lhat sort of way." Aid. Bradley
persisted that he "would bave his
say." whereupon llie mayor retorted
iliai "he was not going to be
menaced," and the council abruptly
adjourned, although there was a long
agenda  lo he discussed.
Tin* case of Margaret Xavit-r White
caiije before the bankruptcy judge in
Dublin for the purpose of having a
creditors' assignee appointed. The
bankrupt's husband during his life
lime conducted a private bank in
which small dealers deposiied their
savings, and-after his death bis
widow, witb the assistance of her
sons, continued the business. Counsel appeared for creditors whose
claims amounted to £12,700. Mr.
.Justice Boyd appointed Mr. Bentley,
who was himself intercsled to the
extent of £550.
The Recorder of Londonderry re-
cenlly sat to decide the question of
Ihe ownership of £3(10 claimed by
Mrs, Dickson, Newcastle, County
Down. The money belonged to Mr.
Robert Henry, of Londonderry, who
on bis deathbed, got a table containing it brought over to his bed
and handed Ihe kev to his sister Hannah.      Williess said   the  table drawer
was piled with sovereigns. Hannah
gave the money to David Moore,
draper, Londonderry, who invested it
in their joint names. The plaintiff,
as Hannah's administratrix, sought
declaration that the money was
ber's. Judge Overend gave declaration as sought, holding that Moore
was only a trustee iu the mailer.
The retirement of General Sir
Thos. Kelly-Kenny, will take eflecl
this month, and one of our most
capable military leaders will pass out
of the service.' Sir Thomas Kelly-
Kenny is an Irishman by birth, arid
entered the army the year after the
Indian Mutiny. He has seen a good
deal of war servioj, in Abyssinia, iu
China, and in South Africa. He wan
governor of Hloemfontein for some
lime during the campaign of lftOO,
ami he subsequently became udjutant-
general to the forces. In his vast
reform which Mr, II. O. Arnold-Foster sought to bring about, General
Kelly-Kenny was unceremoniously relieved of his duties. Sir Thomas
Kelly-Kenny is highly respected by
the King, who has frequently sought
and acted upon his advice in'military
In connection with the proposed
parliamentary bill to establish a
mail service from Blacksod Bay to
Canada ami the Far East, it is stated, a project has been mooted to run
it large ferry boat from Stranraer
to Lame or Belfast. Passengers ar-
rlvllig from Scottish and English centres would not require to leave their
seats on arriving at Stranraer, the
mail vans and carriages being run ou
to the ferry steamer, After landing
al Lame or Belfast, the trains would
continue the journey by way of Bal-
lina lo the new harbor in Blacksod
Bay, where passengers and mails
would be shipped on board the liners
en route for Canada, China or Japan.
The scheme in tbe event of its being
tarried out, would do much to popularize the route to Ireland by way of
Stranraer, while it would also reduce
the time occupied in the journey be
tweon Britain and the Far East.
At the close of service one Sunday
morning in a Washington church, the
pastor went down the aisle, as is his
custom, to greet tbe strangers in the
congregation. With one such he entered Into conversation, during the
course of which he asked:
"May I ask sir, to what denomination you belong?"
"Well," was the reply. "I am
what you might call a submerged
"I beg you pardon," said the
puzzled divine.
"I was brought up a Presbyterian,"
continued tbo stranger, "My wife is
a Baptist; my oldest daughter is a
Methodist; my son is the organist at
a Universalis) church, my second
daughter sings in an Episcopal choir,
and my youngest attends a Congre
gntioiHilist Sunday school."
"But you contribute, doubtless, to
some one church'.'" suggested the
"I contribute to all of them," said
the stranger. "That is partly what
submerges rr.e."
H is easier to u-ll tbe truth ttuu
lo tell a  lie,  pai ticularly  a   plauMhle
There is one breach of etiquette
no woman ever commits: Failure to
express admiration (or the baby.
As we understand it, when an
rticle of   furniture is rather    fierce
i<-o-4ug and tun down il is called   an
The man who returns home empty
Iraiwed iietfueiitly carries     a larger
load   titan  UIS  mure   provident   lieigQ-
Look- into the past of the uuu who
likes io go visiting, ami somewhere
away liaci. yuu will nnd liiui a tm*)
in a pliuto-^upb album wuu long
curls uowu ihe back.
The only thing people always haw
ready is au excuse.
Almost anyone can be induced tu lull you ask enough questions.
Slate your views on any subject,
ami u your listener ^a)*> hv hasu't
A thoroughly competent agent i>
one who can sell mining stock io a
Too many men Imagine they can't
nave a good time without gelling into trouble.
A husband's conscience never boib-
r.s htm much until bis wife begins to
find out.
When some men make a palpable
mistake, bow quicklv ihcy Invent a
ridiculous excuse!
We don't believe we could fall in
love wiib a school teacher. School
teachers are too matter-of-fact io be
.-.ood lovers.
If you    must    bo frank, be frank
witb yourself,
The mam street uf a small town
on a half holiday can make the sad*
made up his mind, it means he disagrees wiib you ami bates to say
The belter you behave the betiei
you get along. It's old but it*,
Some people an* so stubborn ami
■■o contrary, lhat you can only eon-
t'inec tbem thev arc wrong by agreeing with   them.
There Is such a thing as being too
original; people might call yuu
desl funeral procession look like a
fulu affair when u comes to cheerfulness.
Money you find looks a good deal
bigger Uuu   an   etiual amount   earn-
Mr.   Frank    Daniels,    tbe popular
'median, while playing a recent engagement in Baltimore gave a dinner
to some friends after the show one
vening. Broiled live lobster was on
ihe menu, and one was brought in
minus a cluw.
Calling the waiter, Mr. Daniels
said: "What do you mean by serving me with an imperfect lobster?"
"Excuse me, sun, hut Ah didn't
t'ing you'd mind a little ting like
dat sab. These lobsters got to
lighting in the basket and this one
lost his claw," said the waiter.
"Take this lobster out immediate
ly," replied Mr. Daniels, "and bring
me tbe winner."—Ex.
Notice is hereby -iiven that sixty
days alter date 1 'intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissi om*i      of        Lands        and        Works
Victoria      for        permission
purchase the following
described lands in the Elk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing    at   a post adjoining
ihe south-west corner    of .1    R,  Ed*
Dtxlson's    application   to purchase
and        marked      IL        Q O's
luuth-east corner, thence eighty
•hains west, thence eighty chains
north, thence eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains south to point
d commencement, the whole containing t;.u acres.
Henry Gerald Green, Locator.
Per S. E   Oliver, Agent.
February 23rd.  IM?. 51-9t
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dale 1 iiUt-nti to applv to
the Honorable the chief Commis-
-.louer oi Lauds ami Works for permission to purchase the following
described land In the Elk Rivet Valley, iu East Kpoteuay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the north-east vomer uf J.
D. Pratt's application iu purchase
and       marked        J.       R. E's
south-east corner, theme eight v
.haliis north, thence eighty chain-,
west, thence eighty chains soulh,
theme eighty chains east to point
of   commencement,   and    con lamina
lilll acres.
J. U. Edmondson. Locator
February 23rd, lauT. 51-9;
Notice is hereby given that sixty-
days after dale 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable the thief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase tbe follow 114
described land.-, in ibe Elk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a pust planted adjoining W. F. Hull's S. E. corner,
one mile north of S. E. Oliver's application to purchase and mark**d N.
E. O's north-east corner, thence
eighty chains suulh 10 the northeast corner uf S. E. Oliver's application lo purchase, thence eighty cnains
west, thence eighty chains north,
thence eighty chains east to point of
commencement, the whole containing
040 acres.
N. E. Oliver, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 11*07. 51-<n
Notice is hereby given that sixty-
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following
described lands in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining N. East corner of N.
E. Olivers application to purchase,
and marked E. E. O's northwest comer, thence eighty chains
south to tbe north line of J. R. Edmondsoii s application to purchas**,
thence eighty chains east to the west
bank of the Elk river, thence eighty
chains north along said river, thence
eighty chains west to point of commencement, the whole containing (>40
E. E. Ooodwyn, Locator,
Per J. IL Edmondson, Agent.
February 23rd, 1907. 5l-9t
"Why do you, think Philadelphia
would be such a cheap place to live?"
"Because we'd have no running expenses."—-Henry Miller in Woman's
Home Companion lot Ftbriary.
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
at Victoria for permission
to purchase the following
described lands in tbe Elk River Valley, East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the south-west corner d Lot
2316 aud marked S. C's
north-east corner, thence eighty
chains west, thence eighty chains
south, thence eighty chains east,
thence eighty chains north to point
of commencement, the whole containing 640 acres.
Sydney Clarke, Locator,
Per J. R. Edmondson, Agent.
Februarv 23rd, 1907. 51-9t
Notice is    hereby given that sixty
days attti date 1 Intend to applj to
the    Honorable the    Chief Coromis-
Victoria       lor        permission
purchase the following
iibed lands iu the Elk Rivei Val-
. in East  KtHiteiiay:
'ommenclng at a post planted ad-
iing the   south-west    corner     nt
2310     and     marked     11.    L's
;b    - east        coinei, thence
ly chains     west, thence     eighty
ns north,     thence eighty   chains
...  thence eighty chains suulh     to
int   of commencement,   the whole
itailiing 6 IU acres.
Horace Littleproud, Locator,
Per J. K. Edmondson, Agent.
"ebruarv 23rd, 19i'7. 5i-9t
the    Honorable the
toner ol   Lands unit
.sston 10    purchase
Notice is hereby given lli.,t sixty
lays alter .late I intern! to apply i»»
ihe Honorable Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works
it Victoria lot permission
to purchase Uie Following
described land in tlie Klk Itivci Valley, East Kootenay:
Commencing at ., post marked E.
P's north - <-..st corner ad-
Ining Uie north-west corner of N.
K, Oliver's application to purchase,
tlieiu-e eighty chains south, Uienco
'itrhty chains west, thence eighty
hams north, thence eighty chains
■ast to point of commencemenl, the
chole containing 610 acres.
Ernest Pollard, Locator,
Per s   1-:   Oliver,  agenl
February 23rd. 1907. :.i Dt
I. \\',. NOTICE
Notice is    hrteliy given  that sixty
Jail, after date I intend to apply to
Chlel Commls-
W'otks for per-
Uie    lollowlng
described land* in
v. East Kootenay:
Commencing at a   post marked 11.
E's     south-east     corner      ad-
loinlng  the north-west  corner of  N.
E. Oliver's application    to  purchase,
thence eighty    chains north,    thence.
eighty  chains    west,  thence    eighty
chains south,    thence eighty    chains
cast to point of commencement,   the
whole containint 610 acres.
II. S. Edwards. Locator,
Per S   E. Oliver. Agent.
Kehruary   i3rd.  1907 al-9t
Notice is herein given lhat sixty
tavs after daw I blend to apply to
■he Honorable Chief I'ommis-
lioner oi Lands and Works ior permission to purchase the following
described l-ai.d In the Klk River Vallev, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked E.
II. B's south - west corner and
adjoining tlie north-west corner ot
E. E. Goodwyn's application to purchase, thence 80 chains north, thence
M ,i:ai=s east to the west hank of
the Elk river, thei.ee id chains south
alou2 said river, thence 8d chains
west to point of commencement, the
whole tontainipg 610 acres.
E. II. ilovle, Locator.
Per S. B. Oliver. Agent.
February 23td, I9M. M-9t
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty-
lays after date 1 intend to -apply to
:he Honorable Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and Works lor permission to purchase the following
described land in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining .1. II. OMBcld'B north-west
cornel and marked S. E. O's
ioulh-»P>t corner; ihence SO chains
north, thence 80 chains east, thence
(ll chains south along the Ell: river
0 the north line ol J. H. Oldlield s
-pphcation to purchase, thence HO
chains west to point ol comnii-niu-
rccnt,     the     whole   containing   lilll
S.  E. Oliver,  Locator.
February 2ird, 1907. 51-91
Notice is hereby given that sixty
.lavs after date I intend to apply to
the Honorable the Oblel Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission io purchase the lollowlng
described land in the Elk Rivet Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing ten miles north ol
Sparwooil at ., post planted one mile
north ol the north line ol Foss A:
MeDonell'a purchase, Lot 2311), and
one mile weal ot tbe Elk river, and
marked I II O's N W. corner, thence eighty chains east to
the west bank ol the Elk MM,
thence eighty cliains south along saldi
river to the north-tosl cornel ol
Foss k McDotieH's land, ihence
eight, chains "est, thence eighty
chains north to point ol commencement, the whole containing t; lu
J. II. Oldlield, Locator,
Per .1. R, Edmondson, Agent.
Hated   February   S3rd,   1907.    M-»t
Notice is hereby given lhat silly
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works lor permission to purchase the following
described lands in the Elk River Valley, in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted adjoining the N. W. corner ol .1. H.
Oldfieid's application to purchase,
and marked .1. D. P's N. E.
corner, thence eighty cliains south
to Ihe north line ol Foss A Mc-
Donell's land, Lot 2.(10, thence
eighty chains west, thrnce eighty
chains north, thence eighty chains
east to point of commencement, tbe
whole containing 640 acres.
J. D. Pratt, Locator,
Per .1. R. Edmondson, Agent.
Dated February 23r4, mi.    il-H THK CRANBROOK HICHAM)
The Brand of Style
and Quality
«|W1.3i ,
WE sell what is good, and we ask you to buy our Shoes
because they are good. It isn't price that sells our
Shoes, for Shoes can be made to sell at any price. It's good=
ness, merit, worth and value that sells them.
EttURto. fcasto. «M
Incomparably the most artistic and highest grade on the Cana=
dian market to=day. They are the result of the best shoe=
making thought obtainable, applied to the   best mechanical
process, a nd worked
out in leathers as
excellent as the
world's tanneries
afford. Too many
shoes spoil the feet.
That's because they
have wrong shape;
they cause corns,
bunions, ingrowing
nails and flat arch.
Nine times out of ten your feet tire and ache because of ill-fitting
shoes. Put your feet in a refreshing "Ache-Proof" pair of
Invictus.   They relax the feet and relieve the mind.   Come in
and let us show
you some nifty
" up = to ■ date "
Wc have all
the new lasts in
all leathers.
Our Goods are
Next Sunday is Pass-ion Sunday.
Corey How spent Sunday in  Crnn-
E. Home paid a business visit to
l.etliliiiiliic last week.
II. li. N. Smoking Mixture at
Migh'ton's cigar store.
0|  season lur catching the festive trout commences March 25th.
Queens Navy Chowlng Tobacco,
uni null-, ut Mighlon's cigar store.
I. II. ll.illiriiith, the well known
sawyer ul Walls mill, spent Sunday
in town.
Then- me nunc British Lion cigars
smoked iu British Columbia llinn nu
..in- In I made,     Why 10-1
Mis. Neil Mi-l.eod Curriiii relume,
Thursday Irom an oxtemlod visit iu
T il
A complete line ol Meerschaum ami
Amber   goods   nl   Mighlon's   olgnr
Saturday w.is the cily pay day
•'".I many i pie were madr happy hi-
the receipt  of the city .-keels.
Alderman lli.ui wns nlllrinlly appointed us noting mayor for two
weeks. What will he ilonr alter thnl
is not known
Tin- crocuses, poijd lillics uml
huti,-n-u|ts will soon In- hloomitig in
the hunuiiu hell ii Hn- present line
weather keeps up.
The wrestling match Inst Thursday
evening between Jimmy Ramsey and
William Addison (or a purse ol'nam
resulted in n draw.
I>r. King uml wile led lust Friday
for Victoria where (Tie doctor will
attend the session ol parliament as
member from Cranhrook,
II. II. Iiepeiv, who has charge ol
Uu- electric light business of Ferule
was in town lust week conferring
wilh that electric wizard, Maurice
Ilussel Stewart, of Creston, was
in town over Sunday. Mr. Stewarl
uml his partner, .Mr. Levcque, ur
making a great success in tin- moa
Smoke the British Lion and he
nappy. 40-l2t
P. Navin, of Moose Jaw, spent
several ilnys in town lusl week on his
return from the const. Mrs. Navin
will remain wilh her daughter, Mrs.
J. II. Seolt. for a short time.
Mrs. A. Jardliii! desires the Herald
to tli.inli ihe many friemls who   .lid
so much for her in hei  late bereavement    ami    trouble,  anrl      to asstir
them Hut she will nlwnys have tlu-i
in grnlcftil remembrance.
The Palm is preparing lo meet ihe
demand nl spring Irnilc in so.nl
shape nml is carrying u hetter stock
than    ever     before. Their freshly
made candies nre growing in popularity nil over the district.
Miss Mi-I.eoil bus gone to ihe coast
cities io nttend ihe millinery openings, she will return in (wo weeks
with n large stork ol the Litest creations and asks the people of Cranlirook to wnit for the best.
Gambling- bus not been entirely
closed iu Ornnbrnok. Last Saturday, a big game was indulged in. ami
Ihe police shut their eyes io il
Armstrong avenue. II  was    Rome
dozen small boys plnvlng marbles
for "keeps."
Mi Irving, of Brandon, a friend
of Charles Yeaiulle, stopped oh' a lew
days ibis week on his way to the
const. Mr. Irving is largely inler-
CSlcd in real estate in Vuneouv
und Victoria anil cxpH'ts to make o
of those towns his luture home.
The city of Paris, Prance, was in
darkness last Saturday night, due to
a strike of employees. And just to
be in the swim with the city ol
frogs, niushroons and fashion, the
enKine al tile lornl power house
went on strike und Cranbrook was iu
Ho you need some more   "power?
Get a Fairbanks-Morse gasoline    engine from Patmore Bros.
Cecil I'rest returned last Friday
from his trip to Manitoba. Mr.
Prest has decided lo engage in the
hardware business ag Virden
Man., uud will leave for there in a
short time. The Herald regrets
thnt such a good citizen as Mr,
I'rest is leaving Cranbrook. ns lie is
one of the pioneers ol the place, hut
joins Willi the people in wishing him
every success.
Tlie One Hundred club held a good
meeting last Friduv evening and took
up the work] nl publicity in a manner
tliui will mean success. A new committee was appointed consisting of
M. A. Beale, president ol the hoard
1 trade, C. II. Diinhnr, secretary,
and Messrs. Cock, Macdonald arid
George Lvusk.     The committee   are
I work and will have results tu
show in a few days.
Ynu can always get Westover's
plug tobacco at Mighlon's cigar
Last, S lay some miscreant threw
hokey pokey on M. II. King's valuable
Newfoundland dog, Tlie dose was
large Hint the dug fairly went
mud. nnd it wns believed nl mie lime
would die. Anv tii.in who would
pill tills drug nn a I,mil, hrule Is n
lit subject for New Westminster A
few years ago the lute Justice lion-
leiiu, ol Calgary, sent two men up
lor six months lur pulling the same
sluff on Indian ponies uud it would
be n  gum!  thing if  the same killil ul
iusiiee   ild  he    administered    in
The Canadian Pacific Railway company annom  n new feature I'm the
convenience of second-class passengers travelling via the new Em-
lirrsses' from St. John, on March
21st, April HIi, 18th and Miiy 2nd.
Tourist, sleeper will lie run' from
Montreal direct to the steamer ut,
St. John.     Berth rate $1,25.    Thu
For all disorder.! of stomtch and liver, Bileans are a
sound, safe and sure remedy. They strengthen the bodily |
functions in Nature's own way, being compounded
from Nature's own herbal extracts. Women the world
over And them a boon. Finest household remedy.
.frajwi /.i.»-,...ev.,,/.„-,,„■/,..„, HilmnCo., Tannin. t;/or$!.o".
(Continued from pace one.)
nlwnys ns n Cntintll  ami ii was in
ibis manner tins question musl      to
pressed to finnl eqbltablo settlement,
Upon ihe conclusion ol the seconders address, the debute was ail i-
lod In  Oliver,
ppoitunitles    iu tbe population vru j    IIIIIn wire prosenled bj mctraga to
i-cis for   watching the    snUstnclorv .amend in,- Assessment Act, to license
•our.se of ibe government, wliile un    naii-resldeiil   IHpioi  and clgni  I ravel-
linl cilics was "due to Ibe sii|>ciiu
position   members    ciiuic principal!)
from  tlie fanning and othel   outlying '
districts whore tbe people were mora
likely to be inleeled    bv the yellow  j
journalism  which    was  Hie chief   de- j
pendency id ihe opposition enmpnign
of  scandals."      Tbe   IIIOVCI   then   pi'0
ceeded io each paragraph of Ins
honor's speech, holding thai prevnil-
lug provincial prosperity was largely
due to noii-interforeiice with ibe mm '
Ing laws, under which stable comli-
tlous, produciiiiu bad Increased hy |
ghl 'millions during foin y
nrs, tn provide foi  hade nml   other
lieeieis mil side municipal Iniiitii1.il-
ii-s. .in,I iu amend and consullilntO the
Succession   IHiUes   Act,  e.irb nl   lhe.se
being considered in committee With
ileputj speaker ICIIIson as rhutrmnn.
The minislei ol agl i. ultuie also Introduced a hill to Incorporate tin;
British Columbia Vetcrinnrles Association, and standing committees were
named fnr lhc session.
The Socialist delegation in the
provincial house intend in pursue tho
l.ictics nf Inst  session   in Ibe cliiil.it
of ,
permuiient  appellate courl    has
been regarded as necessary    by
irofcssion, and this Is understood
c iu   that     direction, exclusive
diction  in appeal affairs.     Ask-
or     advance    information in re
in  the  forcslmdowcd  measure,
rnej  General Fulton courteously
..! that  he could nol at   present
nnvthing   In regard to the   new
' The' notice had in fact    been
.itiin-lv   placed upon the orders,
without his knowledge.
■torln, Mareb 12.—The debate on
nthlress in   rcplj to    the speech
the   throne  was closed    this
gives   for     the    first     time   direct   'fli
while the substantial increase iu the tor of legislation emanating witb
number of placer leases argued them. Ilawhtornthwailc having al-
agnlnsl the suggested necessity for i ready given notice of Ihe revival ol
chairge in tbe laws in this direction. ! liis shops regulation act, a bill to re-
The growth uf provincial treatment 'gulale Ihe hours nf labor in certain
uf minerals and the establishment at industries, anil his workmen's coin-
Trail of the only lend refining plant pensation act, while Parker Williams
in Canada, Were also cited as Imllca- "ill re-introducc bis bill respecting
lions of government wisdom, also the payment of workmen's wages,
ihe increased timber product arising I The notice paper contains prellmln-
froni legislative restriction of tin- an reference to an attorney gen-
exportntion of logs. Farming and mil's measure, which promises th
fruit growing received attention en to of wide Importance. It is a bill
passant, and in respect to belter respecting a court of appeal for Bril-
terms, the member iirg.nl continued i^li Columbia, 'and lo amend the su-
iinaiiiniity uf action in pressing con- Hie profession, and this is understood
siileration of ihe provincial caso,
eliminated from all association with
federal political issues. "Wc are
ail British Columbians," said Mr.
Thomson, "and wi1 should push these
claims constitutionally to the limit,
earrvlug our just cause if need be to
the foot of the thr ." lie complimented Premier McBride and disagreed with the justice of Sir Wilfrid
Liiiirier's position in passimr. over a
direcl question of business as between British Columbia and the
Dominion, tn consideration bv any
conference of provincial premiers.
Although the provincial premier had
not secured what be sought, he beld
tbat he had accomplished more than
had any predecessor in forcing the
admission that British Columbia is
entitled to special consideration.
Under the promised legislation is set
at rest tbe matter nf the Smith Kast;
Konteu.iv coal and oil licenses, and
he felt that capital would obtain desirable security and prospecting and J-J-j,!,^ '■',.
development be vastly stimulated.
Tbe history nf the fisheries negotiations was briefly traced and the
necessity emphasized nf sonic practical action to save the decadent salmon industry. Tbe federal regulations were in the rlghl direction hut
Insufficiently implemented by appropriations for enforcement. " While
contributing -ix per cent, of the fish-
cries revenue too, liritisb Columbia
bad received only about - 1-- per
cent nf tin* expenditure out of this
venue. Touching university establishment, while it wns well, 'perhaps,
to set aside endowment lauds al the
present juncture, hv Imped the university question would not he rushed,
that the province might obtain
the best results by studying the experience of the older provinces. He
Irongly advocated investigation nf
tbe irrigation possibilities fur the
dry belt and cited facts' as to the
superlative success of Alberta, showing that in Washington, between
Seattle and Spolsine. land rated
rhlfss only a few years ago, is
now In demand as high as $3000 an
The     re-adjust men I of     the
Indian   reserves   was  also  held   to  he
imperatively demanded, particularly
having gone far from  Ihe rule of   20
teres for each Indian family of five
units, In British Columbia the
age was 10<1 acres fur everv five
Indians, while in the Tsimpscan reserve there were 7fl acres fur every
man. woman and child. The member closed with brief reference tu
the necessity of encouraging Anglo-
Saxon Immigration in preference lo
the Asiatic inflow happilv terminated
by the federal head tax now in force
and effect.
Br.   McGuire  (Vancouver)  seconder
>f the reply, proved aa eloquent   ami
uVctlve extemporaneous tlcbotcf.
Prefacing his remarks with a mace
ful expression uf regret al the teiec
lion of Charles Wilson .m\ a gtovvlnn
[lanngyrlc upon British Col bin   and
vast and varied riches, In-    lii-.t
lunched    upon      the    matin  ur      thr
peech bv snylng thnl  while no    cv
ravngnnl claim ns to the prevailing
fovinclnl  prosperity being of    rov
riimeni     creation should |»- suggest-
d.   il   could   at   hast   be  lUgl'll      that
through  the  wisdom  id  the     present
Imliilstnillon fewer nhslnclos   were
placed iii Ihe way ol inveslors      of
a pita I   and        men lei   nicninarctiinil
illOWIi lu those who came Info Hut
ish Colunnhln to assist iu its develop
As to (limiiclal   t lilions
1'ho bugbear of    the   constantly    re
lining deficit had disappeared and in
its place the minister world this
vear announce a surplus of met
jaOO.OOfl,       Taxation     would  be de
Teased   this  session   by   5125,000 and
bat without curtailment nf expenditures nn works ut'ccssllnti'd In es
pa its ion    throughout    ihe   p
afternoon alter it clever and rather
amusing speech hv Parker Williams,
nf Ladysmitb. tt'illinms dealt with
two puinls iu the recent administrative aeis uf ihe government. He
look .strong     exception  tu the      em-
ployment uf Pinkertun detectives by
the government in ihe C. I'. It. train
coiitemling that the introduction of private detectives from
tlie American side would still further
place Ihe pi an ai a disadvantage iu securing redress in the courts,
lie claimed tbat in the United States
the employment of pinkerton men
had placed the enforcement nf tbe
criminal law largely iu the bauds of
the wealthy class, and that Uicse
I'inker inns wen* notoriously worse
men than the criminals thev hunted
His second objection was to Finance Minister Tallow's plan In im-
i)iui labor through the agency nf the
Salvation Army. Williams contended that in ihis move the government
dearly proved its desire to servo
capitalist interests at the expense ut
labor, ih- pointed nut that the government had made no effort tn ascertain through recognized sun ices of
Information the condition of the
labor market, hut upon the representations of a few employers, anxious in secure cheap labor, bad entered Into an agreement with the
Salvation Army to import a large
number of workmen, whose arrival
British Columbia would be follow tit
by a slump in wanes. lie asked
that ihe agreement with the Salvation Armj he cancelled and thai no
attempt be made bv ihe government
tu interfere in the labor market at a
time when it seemed possible that
labor might receive hotter remuneration.
The government offered no response
io Williams' complaints, and the resolution moving the adoption nf the
nddress   was carried without a divi-
llawthomthwnitc Introduced a hill
i amend the Workmen's Compciuffl-
on Act of 1003, the amendment idled by him being lo DXpungo lion:
ihseclion  ('   of  Rcellmi  2  Ihe  words
ni  serious    neglei t"  in  the second
ne lhc bill     was  ic.itl     a     first
through tourist sleeper service for
passengers milking the Atlantic trip.
For reservations or further particulars write .1. S. Carter, P.P.A.,
Nelson. B. 0.
Furnish Your House
lo    -
= c. c. s. ===
wisdom   of   providing   higher
educational facilities would be p...
vided for those whn aspire lu distinguish themselves ns superior uiiisitns
und i-rnllsnien, these being i|tiilc ns
much loouireil us members nf the
learned professions. He personally
had bulled tu see the government
propound some plan for providing
trusted ihut this question would he
text bnuks at cost, and he still
adequately dealt wilh. Willi re-
speci tu better terms he had lelt
pride in Hie course ol the premier,
and while lie had not got. yvhnt. he
.sought, ho had al, all events not. followed in the reprehensible lead of
others and threatened secession ol
the province. He had spoken strongly as a British Columbian first, but
i,lill.-.l the
men lull."
,.l   lleliuies
in.,    i I
niivi-t Introduced n I..II .
Miches  I     Wain   t'ni
which wns read  si  II
In reply  i,. .. qur-sllnii
HIi I     Porks) I In-    pi.-i
Uml     ih.-    iiiiinliei     nl aeeldrlila III
inei..Mil.-i..us mines iu imiti h i
Hills   I    I      I.   ll..<   Illlelpleliillnil
lei amend nl, .md .. lull  icnd
ibe    Amnwinenl     \c| ol 111114, worn
leud j, second lime   .,    » loo lull
i>    iirpnrnlr Ihe ll   ('   Veil	
un    Meilleul us.... I. II        llie   In.use
...In. -.1 .it   I o'clock.
I iii,- ram uu- i.'.-.-lie.I ihe- niter
u i iiuil-. nflh-ei  lluiiine,
.; mini,,,   lli.il       Ml     II     10    Voling
hud been  leeleeli'd     hv  .... I iinuliiili
lui   lllin
poll sai.i:.
Hi c. R. Brown Leghorn Cockerels,
fIulll llluve Mill I'millry Viinls.
Wnliliniii. Mii.iK., und A. ll. Williams'
strain Plum Park Poultry Yards.
Rochester, Minn , mid S llluudiil
Plyir.oulli IliH'k Cookorcls.
47-51'     W. Telford, Kiteheliei, ll. 0.
Iron Bed, Sprint;. am'
f 11.TO eusli
== c. c. s. —


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